Agoge Training

Training of all military,peacekeeping,law enforcement and federal investigatory personnel worldwide and even personal bodyguards for the new singular police and military force will be modelled after the Agoge system practised by Ancient Sparta with elements of Samurai Bushido and ninjutsu(following these tenants) training of feudal Japan,managing non-mandatory police,federal investigator and military training starting between the ages of 5-7 years old and ending at 23 available to all regardless of race,gender and sexuality or transgender etc.This will also contain a mixture of hi-tech virtual reality training using new advancements in technology will allow for VR training utilising VR headsets and motion sensory suits covering their entire body including head that stimulate bullet damage as well as primitivism and cultural practices from around the world particularly ancient cultures to produce the most versatile and disciplined individual who would put strategic thinking,long term planning and diplomacy ahead of rash actions,violence and like Athena herself have a calm temperament,move slowly to anger to only fight and use violence for only just reasons,and will not fight a war without a valid purpose.The symbol of the Agoge will be the Aegis with the spartan helmet in the centre in place of the gorgon head.

First Phase:
The training for all trainees of all sectors of the global military,peacekeeping,navy,law enforcement and federal investigatory bodies will follow the same regimes etc and have both phases and will begin with the first phase starting at the ages of about 5-7 years old in training facilities inducting them in an entrance ceremony where they are washed in bath by themselves in wine wearing swimwear(or by legal guardians in person).All trainees will be have both showers and baths to clean themselves using wine instead of water with wine created by genetically engineered bacteria onsite of facilities on a commercial scale stored in drums and tanks that are reviled constantly with piping as part of both baths and showers connected directly to these instead of the water mains.Prior to being inducted to a facility prior to this ceremony the trainee and legal guardians will sign an e-consent form that will be held in their legal file within Themis and their digital file in Athena.These training facilities for trainees aged 5-12 years old can be set up in existing law enforcement,coast guard,peace corps,air force,navy and military training facilities,boot camps and military academies including city,federal and state training facilities for all existing intelligence agency,military,navy,law enforcement,SWAT entities around the world such as FBI training facility in Quantico,Virginia used with extensions added either next to,onto or underneath the building or nearby buildings set up for sleeping areas,dance halls with poles for pole dancing as well as singing classes,indoor and outdoor target ranges,for tournaments,gyms for teaching gymnastics and fighting,pools for swimming,automated cafeterias and living quarters with en suite bathrooms for trainees and magistrates.If possible living quarters will be communal bedrooms with communal toilets and showers being the same quality as in existing academies,training facilities.These living quarters will be large communal ones similar to those in army etc training facilities and boarding schools.Ideally they would be typical barracks style ones present in existing military and federal law enforcement training facilities on the grounds of the facilities in underground extensions similar to boarding schools where the trainees will reside on for most of the year but will be ideally modelled on those found in American style military training facilities.Those that don’t have barracks communal style layouts will be remodelled into these.Ideally they will be communal living quarters similar to housing used by the American military complete with bunk beds in the same single large room.These should be large rooms should house as much as several dozen or several hundred trainees at once.These can be ideally be in underground and roof extensions.Those that have barrack style layouts can have underground extensions in them for tourists that are closed from trainees that house at least one hundred Venetian style suites that can be booked any time of the year particularly Christmas and summer holidays by tourists during these holidays with the amenities used by trainees open to the public that stay there.All existing facilities used worldwide that are used to train military,navy,SWAT,federal investigator and police law enforcement personnel worldwide for Trainess that are aged 18 years old and older will now be converted into training facilities for Agoge trainees aged 5-12 years old with all features such as barracks style communal bedrooms and swimming pools etc through roof,side and underground extensions.Countries that don’t have them will have new ones set up.Facilities and buildings used by the Boy and Girl Scouts of America(even band,summer and gay conversion camps) and similar entities worldwide will be absorbed by it for use in this phase with similar facilities set up in other countries with abandoned ones renovated into extra facilities.These again would have roof and underground extensions for swimming pools,living quarters and other areas for training in specialised fields and they would serve non agoge trainees during summer or they can use Marsyras and other AI etc and VR simulations.Dojos and schools suited for teaching karate and different fighting styles and youth recreational centres can through roof,side and underground extensions can become training schools.Countries,states etc with no law enforcement and military training facilities will have new ones set up near major cities with them being iceberg buildings that house all features such as living quarters,pools etc.These will serve their local areas for training as will all existing federal and state military and law enforcement personnel with if possible if need be the law enforcement and military training camps acting as the main training camps and summer,boy and girl scout and other types of camps will be used by the public for residency during holidays.Side,underground and roof extensions can be used to house extra amenities such as pools, that house bedrooms,living rooms,kitchens that will be for tourists in those by wilderness areas and major cities with trainees restricted from accessing them as tourists will be given digital keys to them with them advertised to the public specifically for summer,Christmas and other holidays when trainees are at home.All facilities that dont have these will have living quarters added via roof,side and underground extensions and will have automated communal dining areas.All existing housing estates onsite of bases can be used if they onsite of training facilities with those onsite of actual bases kept and used by trainees during the second phase,mentors and registered personnel.Buildings currently used as parts of facilities for training exercises such as rescue operations will be made obsolete via VR training and can be either demolished or converted into extra housing.Each training facility will follow the regimes similar to American military training facilities and army barracks such as shaving hair,waking up and assembly for group marching in the facility grounds every morning and night in all types of weather every day including rain,snow and wind except extreme weather events such as blizzards,storms during which they will be kept inside or sent temporarily to secure accommodation coupled with singing,daily hearings and exercises,routine daily American military style routines and drilling/intimidation/humilation by the paidomonas and several separate drill instructor personal and the facility AI in biosynth form in a group and solo basis in communal bedrooms and outdoor areas etc similar to American military drill sergeants.Every morning at the crack of dawn and at dusk trainees will in groups march around the facility singing and chanting mantra following militaristic mantras.Each facility will have several drill instructors that carry out the same authoritative intamidation and structured bullying to adults will be employed onto trainees aged 5-12 every day fights and hazing practices will be purposefully instigated between trainees of both genders in group settings(bar/cafeteria fights against their will and knowledge)will be routinely be started to incite competition during both phases to test their ability to fight in a surprise situation as well as against each other and invite competition.Each training facility should have alongside the paidomonas several drill sergeants to intimidate multiple trainees at once similar to those in existing training facilities with the training facilities AI able to do this via biosynths through fragmentation.VR simulations or real world settings can have groups trainees to fight in each other in a group setting of last man standing with no weapons of any type simply fighting each other until one person is left.Thus in a real world or VR setting a large group of trainees will be forced to fight each other off until only one person is left stranding.This will be recreated in the second phase using VR simulations involving trainees from across the world.Trainess aged 10-12 will also engage in bullying and intimidation of younger trainees aged 5-7 years old.Local fighting schools and dojos,dance schools,recreation centres as well as dancing,horseriding schools and also gyms can be used to teach gymnastics,swimming and other can be used by students during these classes by being linked to or absorbed by the facilities and thus will have the agoge symbol with their own unique symbols incorporated into the agoge symbol on their signs and symbols for maps.They will have living quarters,swimming pools etc added in extensions,the relevant statue and also will have them become training facilities or will be used by them during the year if their are other facilities in the area and will serve the general public during summer and other holidays.These can be built next to other facilities in extensions.Otherwise by adding extensions for bedrooms etc these can become training facilities themselves with swimming pools etc added.Thus all facilities including military academies as well as boy scout and other camps since housing living quarters will be advertised to the public namely tourists during summer,Easter and other holidays while the trainees are at home with them given luxury refurbishments.Perseus will decide which existing law enforcement and military training institutions to use and arranging extensions and rennovations and plan out our how many of these each state,region and country has and where they will be placed on local to global scales based on population and size of each country.These will be set up on colonies across the universe including Mars,Venus etc.A universal red uniform with the Aegis symbol(with all plant and animal symbols) will be worn during this phase by all trainees in all facilities including underneath combat gear and all of these facilities and buildings absorbed by it worldwide will house the universal statue of Alexander the Great in the lobby of the main building or by the entrance and again the agoge symbol on signs and maps with them also having living quarters with en suite bathrooms integrated them.The universal sentient operating software linking all of these facilities will be named after Alexander the Great with an universal statue of him on the grounds ideally in the lobby of each facilities.These linked or absorbed entities will also allowed to be used by the general public especially in the summer months and like all facilities will have holographic receptionists with universal uniform and AI with independent personalities and avatars and landline phones.All classes will be recorded alongside their work in tournaments and records of all exercises and weapons training with scores and ranking and appear in their digital file and used to deter unwarranted bullying and possible sexual abuse but primarily to be a portfolio for their second phase of training and also registration.The AI of each one having their own independent individual personality and avatar etc and carry out the same functions of other building AIs with a receptionist with an universal uniform with landline phone and will all be linked by the software Pegasus.These facilities can be mixed gender or of either male or female exclusively.When VR is advanced to be indistinguishable these facilities will remain to keep the tradition and mental training alive but with possibility of extensions used to teach the various skills kept as well or converted into more living quarters.All training facilities should be set up by at least 2029.These training schools will group students by age and either one gender or mixed genders depending on the choice of facility board with students living in the training facilities grounds under the guidance of a magistrate called a paidonómos with mentors being able to monitor and teach at multiple training schools due to holographic technology robots with video touchscreens with a strict diet tailor made to each students specific needs prepared by automated kitchens eaten in automated communal dining halls with the serving of meals and other daily regimes and classes following strict daily schedules similar to those seen in modern day army camps to confer self restraint and discipline as early as possible with training lasting the same period as normal modern day schooling i.e. then present during most of January to May and then August to Late December with with Christmas,summer,Easter etc holidays present where trainees return home using Oceanus,aeroplanes,cruise ships and also being picked up by ones parents or even coaches operated by the facility AI transporting trainees home during holidays etc with the decided dates,length of term spent in training facilities and holidays being the same worldwide and across the universe and decided by Alexander and Perseus.VR technology can allow trainees to practice exercises and all skills during these holidays.The trainees can use these periods to practice fighting and dancing styles in VR or against each other.VR technology can allow trainees to spend birthdays with parents and next of kin with this including not only the trainees birthdays but also that of family members.In certain situations like birthdays or family emergencies trainees etc may be sent home for a specified time dreading on the situation.Existing magistrates of facilities absorbed by training facilities and higher up officials in armies as well as military and law enforcement personnel male or female worldwide will be eligible to be paidonómos with all paidonómos wearing a universal red uniform with the aegis symbol of their sector with other personnel on site wearing their universal uniforms of their sectors.With regard to their mamorigatana sword given to them between the ages of 5 and 7(ideally five) similar to samurai training they would keep it for life with their initials similar to dog tags a personal seal on one side at the start and later with a universal seal on the other for each sector ie. universal military seal for military personnel,universal federal investigator seal,universal law enforcement seal for police officers,universal seal for airforce and navy etc. on the another alongside their ID code etched upon registration on both.Upon registeration their serial ID will be etched as well.It will kept in locked box during the first phase and given to them only during relevant training exercises during this period in the real world using wooden,biosynth or robotic targets and at 14 it will be given to them to hold at all times at home on their person if they have been deemed mentally capable and fit to keep it without harming themselves and others and will allowed full access during their teenage training.A microchip inside the swords handle will allow it to be transported across the world in airports,ferries etc authorising it belonging to the trainee with the sword registered to them with photo etc. on the police network via scanners in drones and airport scanners and stored in luggage or transported separately.It would also be fitted with GPS chip to allow it to be found if lost.This will compliment their dog tags give to them at the same age.This will be carried by them during real world exercises and at all times during official real world operations for all fields such as law enforcement and military operations to injure or kill enemy combatants,targets and any other use and also can be held during walkabouts etc.Psychologucal evaluations will occur routinely during their entire education from start of childhood training to the end of their training to ensuring they are not a danger to themselves or others with counselling and psychoanalysis provided to see if they are eligible to continue training especially with weaponry with results placed in both their patient file and what would later become their registration file for law enforcement and military personal.Bathrooms will be shared by each group of students or in the form of en suites alongside group cafeterias feeding students.Bio-synths,robots and even building AI could be eligible to be a paidonómos with the building AI communicating with trainees via smart devices,clothing,lenses and glasses and keeping track of students via the GPS location of them using these or inhabit multiple robots and bio-synths.They could also compliment and lesson the workload of human and bio synth paidonómos and the AI of each facility would have its own independent personality and avatar.Lighter and less intensive versions of solo and group exercises done in the second phase of the Agoge can be done in the primary phase in these training facilities and VR simulations..VR technology indistinguishable to reality will play a role in their training by allowing the trainees to practice dancing styles,obstacle courses etc in environments of their choice and its time dilation effect will allow one to master fields even by the age of 12.This will compliment swimming pools,poles etc present in the training facilities.VR technology will allow trainees from the age of 5-12 years old take part in exercises that are fake military and police officer exercises and also master training in gymnastics,weapons training and also other fields.Swimming pools on their grounds will ideally be Olympic sized pools and they will have have on their grounds looped running tracks similar to those onsite of high schools and universities where daily marching will take place alongside routine athletics exercises where trainees will compete against each other to reach the finish line and jump over obstacles similar to the Olympics that can be moved and placed at various times with these done routinely first phase for trainees aged between 5-12 years old will be a mixture of Bushido,traditional Agoge training,VR training and also that practiced by military,navy,SWAT,law enforcements federal investigators training across the world especially in America currently relegated to trainees aged 18 or older especially in America,China and France with facets of training from across the world utilised.Thus what current trainees who are 18 or older experience in training facilities worldwide especially in America will be now be experienced by trainees aged 5-12 years old trained for all sectors such as law enforcement,navy,military etc in all existing facilities that train army,navy,law enforcement training facilities coupled with elements of Bushido,VR training and classical Agoge training.The first phase will train them in all areas and fields such as law enforcement,military training,navy training etc with it modelled on military style training of America,France etc set in barrack style facilities with trainees from the ages of 5-12 living here away from home during January – May and then August to December with them having two months of holidays during the Summer,two weeks in Christmas with the length of these holidays the same worldwide.For the majority of the year the trainees from the ages of 5-12 will not live with their parents but on the grounds of the training facilities in communal housing similar to American style army training centres with them able to visit their parents during holidays and at anytime of the year through VR technology

The centres will be teaching students as young as three to seven during first part of training the following:

Combat & Physical Training:
•CQC,CQB,fighting styles such as Karate,Judo,jujitsu,Kendo,Mixed Martial Arts,Kai Men Baji Quan,Muay Thai,Koppojutsu,Hapkido,Arnis,Kalaripayattu(and other indian martial arts styles),Baguazhang,Taijiquan, Xingyiquan,ValeTudo,Pankration,Zui Quan,Jeet Kune Do,Capoeira, athletics, pentathlon(discus,javelin,long jump,running,wrestling.) will be learnt by trainees.Virtual fighters in VR simulations can be used as practice.Other fighting styles from across the world and universe will be practiced.Trainees will be taught how to carry out surprise stealth attacks from back of opponents etc and disarm opponents who have weapons of all types and must learn to be proficient in as many fighting styles as possible that they wish to learn.Tournaments can be all male,all female or ideally mixed with both genders fighting against each other and ideally need not necessary be confined to one type of fighting style allowing those trained in one or multiple style(s) to compete and use those they are trained in and to allow versatility in dealing with people trained in different styles with them grouped by ages 3-12.Close quarters combat training should make them proficient in disarming not only unarmed opponents but also those that are armed with knives,swords and even guns of all types and with them also learning self defense of all types against one or multiple opponents armed or unarmed.Trainees will be trained in groups but also in VR simulations with AI of the the training facility and paidamonos alongside VR training against other trainees and VR opponants including humans,aliens and monsters in any environment of their choice.Trainees should be by the age of 14 be proficient in all types of fighting styles through the time dilation effect.They can be taught in both groups or by themselves by the AI of facilities and paidomonas and will practice and perfect smashing ice,wooden and stone blocks with their hands and possibly their heads.

•Gymnastics,swimming,synchronised swimming,tightrope walking,all types of dance styles in particular ballet/salsa/ballroom/pole dancing/break dancing/tap dancing,figure ice skating – solo/dual/group/synchronized and breakdancing.The same gymnastics,solo and group techniques practised by cheerleaders in both highschools and universities as well as professional football games in the NFL etc and solo and group acrobatics done by performers in circuses and performance artists like the Cirque du soliel will also be taught to trainees.It will be taught to teach them dexterity in how to escape combat in tight situations,avoid bullets and other projectiles,navigate ones surroundings efficiently as well as to give one dexterity in physical combat and also work together in groups or by themselves to aid them in escaping situations wherein they are trapped by using the environment,physical terrain and objects such as tables,pillars,ledges,boxes etc around them to their advantage to escape situations where they may be trapped as well as aid in taking down enemy targets more efficiently in physical combat and using weapons of all types and complimenting their education in different fighting styles when fighting against other groups of enemy combantents by making them able to evade enemy attacks from Mellee combat and swords etc and successfully attack their enemies and evade bullets and move to safety with ease.Tightrope walking will be taught to teach stoicism and balance with even that wherein they are wearing high heels will be taught to both males and females with those taught in the real world done on wires indoors that is several feet above the ground or high above with secure netting below with VR versions can be done in more extreme environments ie canyons,between the twin towers such as by Philippe Petit.Yoga will also be taught.Also taught will be wall running,parkour,free running.VR simulations will allow young trainees to practise these in any imaginable environment together without fatal injuries.This will be done to give them ability to navigate obstacle courses and all types of environments in exercises as well as obstacle courses and also environments of all types in the real world in the battlefield during actual police and military operations giving them dexterity to avoid bullets,debris,explosions,attacks from enemy combatants and also avoid projectiles,debris and shrapnel etc in these and be able to escape to safe secure areas from bullets,shrapnel etc and escape tight situations with ease,navigate ones surroundings to their advantage such as escaping from enemy combatants,traps,laser traps and capture combatents and criminals including in chases and aid them in chasing enemy combatants well as infiltrating bases etc alongside avoiding and launching surprise attacks against opponents during Mellee combat and that involving swords etc and allow them to launch surprise attacks from hidden areas.The teaching of swimming will teach them to navigate underwater terrains etc and dancing taught to avoid laser traps,bullets etc.The trainee must reach their maximum capacity to stay underwater holding their breath with tummo aiding in this.The trainees will be in group acrobatics and cheerleading techniques allowing them to use group efforts to escape traps or reach hard to reach places where a person at the top and using acrobatics reaches a high place then to aid the others to escape by activating doors and using ropes or a pyramid where person by person reaches the top and escapes by forming a human pyramid or launching collegues into the air to reach hard to reach areas to finish a mission and help others escape etc promoting collaboration in escaping tight situations with this and pole dancing allowing groups of will teach balance and stoicism and allow one to navigate narrow ledges etc.All of these skills will allow trainees in the real world and exercises navigate their surroundings allowing them to escape enemy combatants and capture them with ease and also avoid bullets,explosions etc with ease especially if combatants are not skilled at acrobatics etc.The sentient Terpsichore and Heracles software that teaches all of these can be used with the trainees wearing graphene helmets with smart armour padding inside to keep them from injuring their head.Trainees can be taught in both groups or by themselves by the AI of facilities and paidomonas with VR training allowing them to practice this alongside other trainees and VR opponents in any environment off their choice.By the age of 14 they should be proficient in all of these through the time dilation effect

•Modern sports such as baseball,american football and soccer are not to be played during the entirety of both phases their training rather instead ōllamaliztli and the two variants of ulama;Ulama de cadera and Ulama de antebrazo(not Ulama de mazo) should be played in order to test physical endurance with pads for both parts of the body with a small light ball (including ones with the high placed hoop following the same rules as in ancient times regarding the hoops height and ball size and scoring with a game lasting days or weeks if need be).This can consist of all male,all female tournaments or mixed(either teams consist of males and females or males versus females) with competitions taking place between trainees from across the world broadcast on televison.Episkyros and Harpastum will also be played.VR versions can be employed.

•Obstacle courses.This may involve passing through terrain,tightropes and swimming sections.Training facilities will have normal obstacle courses present in existing facilities but will be complimented.These obstacle courses will be the same ones used by existing army training and law enforcement facilities.However since they will be used by trainees aged 5-12 safety features may have to be added such as safety nets with if need be these obstacle courses will be modified to meet the need for younger trainees such as walls that are slightly smaller as well as have safety nets etc in place of those set up high,and paint guns used in place of actual guns etc.VR simulations will allow for these obstacle courses to be more dangerous and elaborate to be set in the wilderness areas of all types such as jungles,forests,mountains,cities during spring,summer,autumn and winter during any type of weather and indoor ones set in buildings such as compounds,temples etc or a mixture of both and involve the trainee being attacked by drones and enemy combatants shooting at them with weapons of all types,landmine fields,avoid traps and intricate environments etc that test their dexterity and having to avoid gunfire from drones,armed guards etc as well as avoiding traps and landmines etc and involve mud,traversing rivers etc and terrain of all types.Being shot will induce pain and possibly death wherein they are locked out of the simulation and must start again from scratch.These VR obstacle courses can be in any environment such as wilderness areas of all types such as jungles,forests,deserts,mountains and even involve lakes and rivers etc to be traversed or urban areas such as cities including rooftop courses and even indoor courses such as compounds,temples etc or a mixture of these.These obstacle courses can be in any environment such as wilderness areas of all types such as jungles,forests,deserts,mountains and even involve lakes and rivers etc to be traversed set during all four seasons and weather conditions such as spring,summer,autumn and winter during sunny rain,heavy rain and snowstorms or urban areas such as cities including rooftop courses and even indoor courses such as compounds,temples etc or a mixture of these.Both real world and VR obstacle courses will be done in groups and solo with each individual obstacle course have rankings where trainees competing with each other to finish them the fastest.These will involve the trainees utilising skills such as parkour,gymnastics and acrobatics

•Hiking in groups led by the paidomonas will also be done during the day in local wilderness areas such as hills,mountains,forests,jungles with shoes in wilderness areas and urban areas.Hiking in groups will also be done during the day with shoes in wilderness areas and urban areas.Facilities will house rock walls for trainees to practice rock climbing.These include those in forests etc with VR technology allowing them to carry out more intensive hikes in forests,jungles and also rock climbing using actual mountains and hikes up mountains.

•Moderate competitive running and cycling will be done yearly in training facilities around the world to improve cardio and endurance of the trainee at a young age with both AI and Paidomonas designing the course in the wild or even in streets in nearby towns with these events even including members of the public or not but with Ophion diverting vehicles to other roads alongside the roads blocked off using markers.Each facility will have looped race tracks similar to those in high schools and colleges to carry out running etc to keep in shape

Weapons Training:
•Basic use of weapons starting at the beginning of this at the age of 5-7 such as paint guns and laser tag to substitute all types of real guns(these will be modelled on pistols,shotguns,sniper rifles) for use in marksmanship training shooting targets on autonomous drones of varying levels of AI providing a tool to improve accuracy(also equipped with paintguns and laser tag.VR training shooting range will compliment paintguns.Paintguns will be used in real world shooting ranges both indoors and outdoors onsite of training facilities this will real world training that cannot harm the trainees and others.VR simulations indistinguishable to the real world will compliment this and could include virtual shooting ranges using neural implants with one practicing on virtual mobile and stationary targets and shooting ranges to prevent injury but ensure high first class training with the same applying to grenade and rocket launchers that still will be unable to damage or injury any humans at all since these will take place in VR simulations.VR indistinguishable from reality can allow for all weapons to be practised in any environment of their choice in their normal form using actual bullets and grenades etc without danger to the trainee etc and others thus allowing trainees as young as 5-12 to have first class training in all types of guns and weapons in VR shooting ranges in any environment possible and can include rocket and grenade launchers,sniper rifles,bow and arrows,crossbows,assault rifles,handguns etc without injury and death to themselves and others especially for trainees as young as 5-7 years old with them prevented until getting any real weapons until they reach the age of 14.Trainees will in VR simulations practice all types of pistols such as handguns,desert eagles,revolver,Baretta M9 etc and all types sniper rifles,hunting rifles,assault rifles including AK-47 and also all types of grenade and rocket launchers etc and other heavy weapons such as chain guns,machine guns et of all types.Trauness will practice all types of weapons from across the world and eventually galaxy and universe from all sentient races.These VR simulations will allow them to play courses in buildings such as their home,training facility etc to take out targets either drones,monsters,aliens,enemy soldier or robots as well as conventional shooting range and also those in outdoor environments shooting drones,robots,soldiers etc.This can include VR shooting ranges similar to conventional ones with one shooting paper targets that pop up or other targets such as animals and monsters and even drones and include courses that involve moving through a city or compound or wilderness.Eventually this VR training will replace conventional gun shooting ranges for both trainees and registered personnell with the public able to use them as well from home thus allowing public indoor and outdoor shooting ranges to be converted into homes and also reforested.These VR shooting ranges for weapons can take place in conventional ranges both indoor and outdoor as well as well in compounds and buildings,jungles,woodlands etc of their choice and have one shooting human targets,cardboard cutouts and also and also drones and vehicles.VR versions will involve shooting human,monster or alien targets with trainees given secret goals to kill specific types of targets and incapacitate others to show cunning or thinking outside of the box VR shooting ranges could be conventional ones or where they must navigate a track in the wilderness or buildings or both and shoot and disarm or kill hostage takers before hostages are killed.This can be similar to rail shooter games but VR versions.Monsters aliens,zombies,human terrorists will be present alongside civilians of all types they must not attack with them being different types of shooting ranges such as a single shooting range that has targets pass left to right,right to left or both,stationary targets,track based ranges where one passes through a streamlined path or video game level as first person shooter or rail gun shooter.This can involve practice on all types of weapons ie bow and arrow,pistols/handguns,shotguns,rifles,sniper rifles,shruikens,throwing knives,grenade and rocket launchers etc and in any environment of the training facilities paidomonas choice such as a compound,jungle,city etc during any season and weather conditions.Shooting moving targets of drones,boats and stationary targets in real world tournaments can also be done on local to global levels.All types of weapons such as sniper rifles,handguns,machine guns and assault rifles,rocket and grenade launchers etc from around the world and universe will be practicised including fictional weapons from all types of all media such as movies,television shows and video games.Grading and scoring will be based on time taken,percentage accuracy(how many shots actually hit a target and number of misses),overall score(traditional targets will have ring have a set score from 100 at the centre and 20 or 10 for outer ring),number of targets hit and destroyed).These shooting ranges can take place in environment and type of shooting ranges either mobile or stationary designed by AI and humans.Trainees can be taught in both groups or by themselves by the AI of facilities and paidomonas and should be by the age of 14 be proficient in all types of weapons through the time dilation effect

•Weapons training will also include training in the use of bow and arrows,javelins,spears,throwing knifes,shurikens,katanas,bows,crossbows,whips,throwing hammers,bo staff,meteor hammers,nunchucks,sai,naginta,tango swords etc.Swords of all types will be practiced such as those similar to those from Medievil Europe,samurai swords and even their mamigoranta sword trained as a weapon with one practicing the use of one sword and dual swords etc.Weapons from all cultures across the world and eventually all sentient races across the universe and those from fictional media will be practiced.Sword training will involve wooden and light soft rubber variants for any sharp and blunt metal ones to prevent serious injury such as wooden swords and rubber meteor hammers to prevent injury.Sword training and that of bo staff,sai,shruikens,meteor hammer,nunchucks etc can utilise VR technology using actual lethal versions of these weapons to inflict pain but also to prevent injury and will consist of them put them against enemies with swords etc and training against the paidomonas,other trainees and AI combatants consisting of humans,monsters and aliens etc.All handlheld weapons including all types of spears,swords and other handheld weapons from around the world and universe and even those from fictional media such as movies,television shows and video games will be practised.Trainess will fight against other trainees,paidomonas and unarmed and armed AI opponents using the same or different weapon such as humans,monsters,aliens and zombies in any environment of their choice.Trainees can be taught in both groups or by themselves by the AI of facilities and paidomonas and in time they can practice all weapons in VR against VR combatants.VR training will thus give trainers as young as 5-12 first class training in all weapons such as shrukins,meteor hammers,swords etc without the threat of injury to themselves and others.Trainees should be by the age of 14 be proficient in all types of melle weapons through the time dilation effect

•Horseriding training combined with archery/laser tag/paintball with moving and non moving target will be optional alongside the training in the use of robots and drones all three through mazes and obstacle courses with timed limits and complexity(including traps) of varying levels of difficulty.Otherwise an automated vehicle can replace the animal following a set track.Robotic and eventually bio-synth horses would be ideal to train younger trainees before moving onto real life ones later on.VR horseriding training can also be used.

•VR training on all types of vehicles of all classes terrestrial – jeeps and tanks,sea – navy ships and submarines of all types,aerial – helicopter,fighter jet and bombers of all types as well in time interstellar vehicles.This will include those in all types of scenarios and environments.Terrestrial vehicles will involve obstacle courses including those involving minefields alongside being in the back part of them and using assault rifles and mounted machine guns to shoot at mobile and stationary targets with fighter jets involving them following courses in the air that involve them following other aircraft and also going through hoops and where they are bombing targets on the ground and also fighting other aerial targets including other fighter jets,alien space craft and also flying monsters etc.Intersteller vehicle military vessels will involve this also.Tank training will involve them navigating courses including minefields and shooting middles from the tanks at stationary and mobile targets.They will also practice parachuting from helicopters.Drag races involving terrestrial vehicle,flying vehicles and interstellar vehicles can be practiced as well.

•The trainee will be educated on how to use drones especially in mazes as well as night vision,thermal vision cameras and similar technology and in time metamaterials that render them invisible to the human eye.

•The trainee should be taught weapons assembly of all types of guns such as hand guns,machine guns and rifles etc. both blindfolded and non blindfolded as early as possible with these being 3D printed with no bullets.

Culture Appreciation:
•Singing,meditation, music(ideally traditional and classical instruments lyre,harp,cello,violin,flute,pan flutes,pan pipes,aulos,cithara,piano,)both Orpheus and Marsyas alongside Polyhymnia/Euterpe/Erato can be used to practice this.Singing should be through prectising ones innate capabilities ie opera,soprano etc styles or what they are capable of even normal singing will be practiced.

•The virtues of Bushido should be instilled during this period early which are: Righteousness (義 gi?),courage (勇 yū?),benevolence (仁 jin?),respect (礼 rei?),sincerity (誠 makoto?),honor (名誉 meiyo?),loyalty (忠義 chūgi?),self-control,filial piety (孝 kō?),wisdom (智 chi?),fraternal respect (悌 tei?) as well as the virtues of chivalry,the protection of civilians and fair and ethical treatment of captured enemy combatants alongside any universal military mantra(i.e “Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life”) and universal Miranda rights to ensure these ideals are taught to trainees as early as possible ideally during the very beginning.

Virtual Reality Combatitive:
•Paintguns can be used in paintball deathmatch games set in the real world with teams set up or have all players play against each other with rules and conditions set for each game.Other games like capture the flag,king of the hill,deathmatch and turf acquisition where they are teamed and try to control all or most of an area within a set time limit.VR versions of these can also be employed using real weapons and death for that round with tournaments on local to global levels.VR versions of deathmatch,king of he hill will involve actual weapons and should take place in a wide variety of environments such as compounds as well as forests,jungles,cities that are the size of a city,country or planet using camoflauge during all seasons;winter,autumn,summer,spring especially in the case of temperate forests(both deciduous and evergreen) and wilderness where snow,treecover,foliage can be used as cover alongside camouflage allowing the trainee to adapt to all circumstances.In VR versions real weapons would be used alongside first aid kits with this allowing gunfire and injury inflicting real pain onto the trainees.Death would involve the trainees locked out of the match.These will be played on local to global levels.Weapons would have limited supply of virtual ammo and thus weapons caches would be around the arena in nooks and crannies and hidden areas with them only supplying a finite of ammo or them respawing after a set amount of time in random places.They can involve weather of any type such as rain,snow etc.All types of weapons can be used including swords,javelins etc and not just guns.VR versions of this will also be done during all seasons and environments with codec technology,microphone headsets,wireless earphones used for chat between teams and in both versions camoflauge from clothing and using the environment,metamaterials and octocamoflague may be used alongside using tanks,jeeps and aircraft and may involve interstellar versions played on spaceships and on planets..The weapons used in these should not only be guns like shotguns,assault rifles etc but also katanas,sai,meteor hammers and even Mellee combat but also a mixture of these.These involve trainees pitted against trainees of the same facilities and those from around the world with real pain sensations.The rules of these with regards to the type of weapons present and also amount of ammo(if it respawns or not) and other factors can be altered on a case by case basis.

VR Simulation:
•Trainees will using VR indistinguishable to the real world will undergoe training in all fields such as military,law enforcement,navy,airforce,intelligence,police and SWAT operations and exercises of all types including bomb disposal,investigating murders,containing terrorist attacks,carrying out assassinations etc by being trained in fake customised police operations,fake military operations etc with them also educated on carrying out formations,procedures,protocols,clearing and scanning rooms and buildings for enemy cimbatents etc of all fields through VR simulations.Trainees aged 5-12 will be given VR training in all fields such as bomb disposal,intelligence operations and also historical and fictional SWAT,law enforcement and military operations including carrying out assassinations,stealth,kidnappings,interrogations of captured criminals,enemy combatants etc custom made exercises as detailed later on.

•Each training facility will host salons to encourage discussion and education in the arts(both theory and creating independently produced sculptures,ceramics,pottery and paintings etc.) and form creative,critical and conceptual thinking necessary for strategic and diplomatic thinking and planning necessary for later on into their education with this analysed by psychologists as part of their studies on human psychology.These salons can also be complimented by them partaking in other ones held worldwide listed in Apollo.These art classes can be done remotely with art teachers who educate other non trainee students via networks within Apollo at times that suit both trainees and the art teacher either in groups or one on one or both depending on the situation given.Art classes wherein they are free to express themselves through ceramics,3D printing,sculpting,painting etc. alongside psychoanalysis and emotional development all of which will continue until the end of their training well into adulthood.On the spot oral testing of theory will occur here on military,law enforcement and areas of the law will take place here and will replace examinations in both phases.They must have extensive knowledge on the law all fields and sectors of law enforcement and military and history of the global military and law enforcement ie wars,battles,generals etc.Textbooks on law enforcement and military history will be taught and mandatory reading for all trainees.

•*Strategic and diplomatic planning exercises also taking precedence during these years of the first phase based on those carried out later on in their teenage years and can come in the form of video games VR simulations revolving around this named Alexander and will become sentient itself also the operating software that connects all training facilities worldwide.This VR training game could create custom made political situations or using examples from real history and figures,groups and situations to create simulations that would test their ability to carry out long term political,diplomatic and military planning of a region and thus the world and eventually galaxy(and thus its effects on international politics.This will begin at the start of training (ages of 5-7) and ending at 23 and even continue well after registration with the programme unique to each player based on their actions in it.Eventually it will involve the galaxy on an interstellar level with other human and non-human colonies involved and in time even intergalactic with a holographic map of the galaxy/universe brought up and known planets and mapped solar systems marked,zoomed in and selected for deeper analysis affairs over periods as long as several decades and possibly centuries, with it also simulating virtual terrorist attacks of varying types on the individuals home team and allies with various levels of AI strength and thus the intensity and complexities of the events and challenges facing the trainee getting more advanced as time goes by with time going by at a much faster rate than in the real world.Interstellar and intergalactic versions of this will played on interstellar and intergalactic playing fields with battles taking place both on ground of planets and in space with the case of the latter allowing players to control both the vehicle itself as well as third person view as captains with them having to deal with both internal morale and repairing damage to the ship and managing limited resources and all internal management of the vessel.These simulations would in effect test their ability to manage one or multiple hostile threats on a global scale over long periods of time(and as state earlier eventually dealing with interstellar and intergalactic threats) with the simulation lasting during the entirety of their training from begging to end(ages 5-23) and can even continue throughout ones lifetime and service after registration.It would test their ability to maintain peace on a global scale and eventually galactic,intergalactic and interdimensional scale and involve events created from scratch that cause new problems to arise ie racial tension,coups of nations and electied official,natural disasters and also the actions of the player that arise overtime.It will be a VR programme that trainees play using the time dilation effect that has them take control of at first a newbie law enforcement,federal investigator,navy of military personnel that they choose at the start and then work their way up to the highest rankings and if possible change positions as they please with them even becoming world or galactic president etc with them starting in Earth and them dealing with maintaining peace and order on Earth,it’s colonies etc and with real world or fictional alien races with one able to choose the role of the leader of a terrorist group or rebel faction and be a force for peace or imperialist threat.The path the trainee takes will be up to them and their individual actions will affect the future events and repercussions for what happens next.The programme will create realistic events in reaction to the trainees actions and will house billions of AI humans,aliens that are separate individuals with unique personalities etc whose personalities and actions change due to the action of the trainee.This will make each iteration of the programme for each trainee completely unique.Each trainee will have different experiences while using the programme that tests their unique reactions to their former actions and new threats etc.Thus every trainee will have unique experiences when playing this programme based on their unique actions.The purpose of the programme would be to teach the trainees critical thinking,long term planning and the moral that actions and inaction have long term consequences for national and foreign policy and relations with other people and races across the universe in other wards it’s to test their reactions to security threats and also to test their reactions to their previous actions in politics and the military thus allowing their moral character and ability to change their opinions,strategies etc in the field and as commanders,presidents etc to be assessed and and test the trainees unique responses to different political and military operations that will be analysed by Alexander and mentors to determine their readiness and suitability for registration in each field and taking part in individual real world operations and given specific law enforcement,military and political positions as it will be an indication of how one is able to commander these in the real world when combined with other exercises etc with it analysed by both the sentient Alexander software and also mentors viewing footnotes,summaries and recordings created by Alexander.The programme instead of being controlled by Alexander it will be a freelance programme that will run by itself independent from Alexander.The purpose of the programme will be used as an indicator as to what kind of law enforcement,military,navy personnel etc personnel one becomes upon registration and how they will likely react in the field and how they will be if they become high ranking officials in the military and law enforcement and presidents etc.The programme as stated will be called Alexander after the sentient operating software that is managed by and will produce a summary of their progress and key events.It will once VR technology is available will be a single planet,then galaxy and universe sized arena that will involve billions of AI humans,AI and aliens that have unique personalities and separate from Alexanders with their actions towards each player unique for each player.The planet can be a replica of Earth with one starting from prehistoric times with interstellar and intergalactic travel extending the programme to a galaxy and universe sized set..The course of events will be unique for each player with it including in universe versions of YouTube,Pheme and Dionysus with live news reports,vlogs and newspapers etc that report on in universe simulation events with one able to carry out hobbies here with it connected to the real world versions of the wire and internet.Even registered personnel will still play this and it analysed by Alexander.It will be a hybrid of Mass EffectMetal Gear Solid,,Eve Online,Command &Conquer etc As stated this will be played on laptops,computers,smart devices and also VR technology and will be mandatory.

•Education in writing,reading and mathematics providing by teachers or magistrates present replaced by Coeus that can allow them to learn any subject including the three r’s:reading writing and arithmetic at their own pace as detailed earlier on alongside languages eventually becoming a polygot by the time they graduate.Coeus will also teach them critical thinking in how to spot and debunk junk science,fake news,conspiracies.

•E-newspapers and smart devices providing access to educational material in particular college textbooks on political science,history,military history,law,psychology and strategic thinking and age appropriate material such as comics,literature(ideally only classical and those on psychological,philosophical,political and strategic thinking such as the works of Shun Tzu,Nietzsche,Karl Marx,Freud,Jung,Plato etc.) ,educational magazines such as National Geographic,magazines and books(fiction and non fiction) on military history,those on specialist subjects of their interest ie fashion/film/art/politics and newspapers authorised by being mandatory as early as possible.Books,YouTube videos and Wikipedia articles on military and law enforcement history will take precedence on all sectors as well as the history of military and law enforcement from around the world ie the trainee will be educated on human conflict from Ancient times from all continents of the world to modern times for analysis and promote strategic and critical thinking.Criminological research will also be included.Scientific education in biology,chemistry,physics and all subfields can follow this and can include scientific research.Access to the internet can be allowed with iSample installed into all of their private computers,smartphones,laptops etc to prevent them from accessing adult sectors of sub networks within Pheme,Dionysus and Hephaestus. and also keep them out of age restricted sites,social networks and forums within the internet.

•First aid education such as CPR both the automated machine and also by hand,use of first aid kits and defibrillators,Heimlich maneuver,use of Naloxone and epinephrine autoinjector as well as other similar products,recovery position and how to deal with different situations on the battlefield with this even including how to perform basic surgery and sealing of wounds with this done on robots and even bio-synths.This would be to be able to deal with injuries when surgery machines,ambulances and other hi tech machinery is not available.VR simulations will allow to deal with any type of situation and also used primative tools and machinery with this tested in simulated wars and police operations.All trainees must be sufficiently trained in this and what to do in any and all type of situation.

Psychological Training:
•Structured and monitored bullying from older trainees aged 12-23 from the area will take place once trainees reach the age of seven.This will be complimented by emotional training classes
•Meditation,tummo,yoga will also take place here

Second Phase:
At 12 years old they will continue further training in the second phase via the use of an individual mentor consisting of an older registered personell in all fields gained via the global database in Athena with this including existing and retired personnel worldwide.A second e-consent form stored in their Themis file and digital file will be signed by their legal guardians,themselves and the mentor(s).The trainee will live either with the mentor and at times with both in communities set up for housing multiple trainees complete with the same services as normal communities:homes,community centres,hospitals similar to Hogans Alley.These communities would also house them during tournaments and cooperative exercises.The mentor will organise all exercises for his/her trainee with certain exercises mandatory for all trainees detailed below and can work alongside other mentors to develop group exercises for multiple trainees.Existing law enforcement and military personnel including those from private armies,law enforcement,allied forces and mercenary groups and even higher up officials and those from elite forces can qualify as mentors.At this point the may choose to further their training in this field or choose another completely different field such as law,medicine,sciences,media etc. and thus abandon this field of training.To leave the Agoge at this point or any point would again require both parents to sign their child out of the training with the trainee also require their signature.Pregnant females may also leave temporarily for the required nine months and any extra time they may require with them ideally having finished mandatory exercises by the time they are fully capable of bearing young with all females ideally having implants during the entirety of their mentorship phase to measure hormone levels and track ovulation to prevent any damage to their unborn child through injury and Paraponera clavata poisoning and any sedatives,psychoactive.Religious rites of passages such as bar mithsvahs,communions etc will be allowed when the trainee comes of age allow them a break that they need for it.To enter the mentorship would be up to the trainee would have to apply to mentors showing of their skills either in person,remotely via Beam robots,in their digital file with e-consent forms to continue filled by both parents and the trainee placed in their file.Jail sentences  for mentors would only be reserved for severe infractions of age of consent laws such as physical/sexual assault,coercion,actual rape and statutory rape involving trainees aged 13 years old.During this phase the trainee will no longer be in residence of their home or facility and will reside in the home of their mentor involving them travelling across the world and in time even galaxy and universe where they will reside in extra bedrooms and at times communities set up for exercises,normal communities where people live to train at other facilities,carry out exercises and real world operations with personnal and even mentors and may in fact travel the world routinely during this period from the onset.VR technology will be used to allow the trainees contact and spend time with their family etc with them unable to live in the same town,city,village as them with them ideally living in a different state,county or even country across the world and in time different planet across the galaxy and universe than their family during this phase with them only able to return home and visit in person once they are registered at the age of 23 years old with at this point them living independently away from their parents.Trainess may be allowed to visit families only during the Summer holidays and Christmas holidays that are again universal worldwide and will be the same period during the first phase.Mentors may train multiple trainees at once who will be living with them

Police officers and military personnel would undergo VR training or mock exercises(ideally carried so as the trainees do not know it is an exercise testing ability to react to sudden situations) designed by mentors and/or police and military boards and eventually AI.Real world mock training exercises would ideally be done without the trainee(s) knowledge as to how real the simulation is to test their ability to respond realistically in emergencies and determine their ability to command and formulate strategies in these situations with them also tested on their ability to measure restraint from practising lethal techniques on captors or enemy and each one could performed separately or with a mixture of them in large macro-training exercises i.e. mixing mock sieges,hostage situations,military operations,bomb disposal exercises etc. with each other to test their ability to responded to a multitude of unforeseen threats at once and to expect the unexpected.Mixing of different exercises together could be be applied to teach virtues and have exercises completed in one go.Each trainee will undergo training in all areas and fields such as police,swat,military,navy etc in VR and real world exercises with by the time they reach the ages of 14 they may take part in real life police and swat operations as well as military operations on the battlefields and part of this part time reserve members prior to registration by 23.By 20 they will be inducted into the Syssitia with this modelled on that of Ancient Sparta and play a role in him being elected into Crypteia class by the age of 30-40 rather than citizenship through this based on their training and also performance in their fields and further training after registration.As of course training with the use of drones and robotics will also play an integral role in training of both of police officers,investigators and military personnel.On spot testing of theory and theoretical situations will allow for assessment of the students knowledge at random times decided by the mentor alongside training in :

Self sufficiency:
•*During the entirety of the mentorship even in all housing they stay in(even ones own home and at communities set up for it)all mattresses/beds must be constructed by the trainee without a knife composed entirely and only of reeds(pillows should also be composed of reeds with pillowcases and quilts sewn by hand).These will be composed of the exact same species of reeds should be the same species that grow by the Eurotas River in Laconia,Greece used in Ancient Times grown hydro/aeroponically locally in training facilities and vertical farms for convenience or if no species currently exist then a suitable alternative species of reed in any river nearby the Eurotas should be used.The bed should have no wooden frames and shall be on the ground with them able to use a single sheet and pillow that they themselves created using a loom and the trainee must sleep in either a room with no heating and at times outside in the cold for acclimatisation.This is only bedding that Trainees are allowed to use in the second phase from 12-23 with the first phase having normal bedrooms in barracks style communal bedrooms.The trainee should also acclimatise to the the cold with exercises done such as hiking etc in just their tanktop and skant clothing as well as barefoot except in sub zero temperatures with ice and snow with the trainee being able to acclimatise over time to what is physically possible the lowest.Trainees will sleep during this period in cold rooms and also at times outside to acclimatise to the cold.Food should be grown and reared organically in soil by hand without use of automated technology or invitro techniques(with meat reared by hand or hunted with primitive weapons and fish caught in the wild – either by hand,spear,mamorigatana sword or small handheld nets not gained from farms and recirculating aquaculture systems (with all parts of these made by hand and the trainee having to be proficient in all four methods by the end of their training)with meals prepared by hand,honey reared by hand,fires routinely made from scratch with sticks/stones similar to our prehistoric ancestors methods(also they must be proficient and knowledgeable in primitive first aid with resources from nature everyday items) and clothing made by hand either with needle and thread/loom with traditional animal/plant textiles reared by hand with minimal technology(without modern ploughs and harvesters these would be replaced with hand ploughs and scythes operated by hand in the same way that food would be produced) alongside any weapons produced by hand in case of wooden and metal like bows and brass knuckles,swords,naginata spears with education in the assembly and supervised training and use of much more powerful modern weapons such as guns)used in training with examinations,simulations and other exercises and more important situations.A universal red tank top(in place of the Phoinikis with the Aegis symbol in the right shoulder – and their registered sector symbol in the left shoulder with the Crypteia symbol in the centre alongside these two for those of this class)worn including larger ones as they grown into an adult with it and the symbols done by automated knitting or printing machines.These will be worn underneath them at all times under other clothing and in bed with them given bigger ones until the age of 14-18.This should smart clothing to constantly measure GPS location and vital signs as well as body temperature.This will be worn under all clothing on the battlefield after registeration except undercover operations and but during all real world and VR simulations.Musical instruments such as woodwinds,string instruments etc should also be made by hand.The purpose of this is to make them self reliant outside of both technology and others,accustom oneself to physical labour,as well dealing with scare resources in unforeseen extreme and emergency situations,societal/technological collapse and increase discipline,mental and physical acuity,personal skills and resourcefulness both inside and outside all exercises especially mandatory ones(see later).It would be done to build character and discipline as well as build physically strong individuals.

•Reading textbooks and novels on military and law enforcement history,training,philosophy and also psychology from around the world will also continue here with the inclusion of video games played relating to war and law enforcement and strategy in all sectors which can be played on tournament on locale to global levels with other trainees.Salons will also continue during this phase.Scientific education in biology,chemistry,physics and all subfields can follow this and can include scientific research.Trainees must be by 12 and 23 be well versed on the law and also military etc history from across the world and universe.They will be educated in Laconism that is the art of speaking in brief, witty phrases when asked philosophical and political questions

Combat & Physical Training:
•CQC and various fighting styles as mentioned earlier such as Karate,Mixed Martial Arts,Kai Men Baji Quan,Muay Thai,Koppojutsu,Hapkido,Arnis,Kalaripayattu(and other indian martial arts styles),Baguazhang,Taijiquan, Xingyiquan,ValeTudo,Pankration,Zui Quan,Jeet Kune Do,Capoeira, athletics, pentathlon(discus,javelin,long jump,running,wrestling.) will be learnt by trainees.Virtual fighters in VR simulations can be used as practice.Other fighting styles from across the world and universe will be practiced. With regards to karate and similar styles one should be able to break materials such as ice,wood,cinder blocks and other materials with their hands,knee and head etc by the end of their training once they reach adulthood.They should be proficient in as many fighting styles as possible.Training in all types of fighting styles will continue and so will tournaments.Trainees must learn to be proficient in as many fighting styles as possible that they wish to learn.Tournaments can be all male,all female or ideally mixed with both genders fighting against each other and ideally need not necessary be confined to one type of fighting style allowing those trained in one or multiple style(s) to compete and use those they are trained in and to allow versatility in dealing with people trained in different styles with them grouped by ages 12-23.Close quarters combat training should make them proficient in disarming not only unarmed opponents but also those that are armed with knives and even guns of all types and also self defense of all types against one or multiple opponents armed or unarmed.Trainees will be trained in groups but also in VR simulations with AI alongside VR training against other trainees and VR opponents.VR opponents will include humans,monsters,aliens etc with them done in any environment imaginable including compounds,dojo’s etc.VR versions of melee and fighting tournaments will allow them to take place in a wide variety of environments limited only by the imagination of AI and the paidomonas designed by AI and that are planet or even galaxy etc sized arenas with trainees battling against each other as well as AI combatants that are separate from Perseus etc that include aliens,monsters,zombies etcTrainees using VR technology can practice fighting styles against each other,against mentors and also against AI such as Nike,Alke,Perseus etc and also enemy combatants of all types such as humans,aliens,zombies and monsters etc in any environment of their choice.Trainees should be by the age of 14 be proficient in all types of fighting styles.Trainees will practice and perfect smashing ice,wooden and stone blocks with their hands and possibly their heads.Tournaments should be ideally mixed with both genders fighting against each other and need not necessary be confined to one type of fighting style allowing those trained in one or multiple style(s) to compete and use those they are trained in and to allow versatility in dealing with people trained in different styles.The ages of those involved fighting against each other would be ages 12-23 with registered personnel may also compete with trainees.

•Trainess will continue training in dance(in particular ballet,salsa,ballroom,tap dancing,pole dancing and breakdancing)yoga,synchronised swimming,figure ice skating – solo/dual/group/synchronized,cheerleading techniques and gymnastics to ensure ones dexterity in combat and ones ability to escape combat in tight situations and exercises alongside tightrope walking.The same gymnastics,solo and group techniques practised by cheerleaders will also be learned by trainees.Tournaments between all trainees as young as 12 worldwide involving both registered personnel and other trainees.Tournaments in running,dancing,fencing,swimming,pentathlon and gymnastics can also be held on local,regional,national,continental and global levels can also be held.Tournaments in all of these such as swimming,fencing,fighting etc except gymnastics will not only take place indoors but also outdoors in a wide variety of environments such as woodlands,streets and backlots similar to street fights,jungles etc in all seasons such as winter,summer,autumn etc during rain,snow and sunny weather especially when VR is perfected with this allowing for trainees to die for that season.The environment in VR simulations may be designed to make the trainees adept at using poles,platforms etc to their advantage.Swimming may take place in cold,freezing and room temperature water in both real and VR simulations.Tournaments for dancing and swimming etc will also take place in a wide variety of environments.Trainees can practice dancing styles etc in VR simulations with other trainees,mentors and AI.Trainees should be proficient in all of these by the ages of 14 years old

••More VR obstacle courses including rooftop chases but more complex with mud,terrains,swimming sections.VR versions of obstacle courses would be involving navigating a minefield and being shot at by drones and enemy combatants etc,physically demanding and longer than those in early training with these VR obstacle courses set in different types of terrain set in jungles,forests,deserts,mountaintops etc such as mud,water,cliffs,jungle paths,rivers and lakes to traverse in any type of environment set during all four seasons and weather conditions such as spring,summer,autumn and winter during sunny rain,heavy rain and snowstorms with them also involving those set indoors with assault courses also courses set in compounds and temples included with the trainee having to shoot targets along the way in the form of drones or nanoquadrocopters scored in the amount of targets destroyed and time taken.VR simulations will involve landmine fields and also the trainees being shot at by drones,enemy personnel etc and could allow for more intense rooftop chases similar to Mirrors Edge where they are chased through buildings both real and fictional by drones,enemy forces etc.Those in VR simulations could involving them being chased through the wilderness and city rooftops involving including humans,drones,aliens etc and simulated monsters that test their ability to evade capture for a set length of time,disable them without weapons such as guns,spears or bows but rather with the surrounding environment or both with the least amount of paintball hits.These drones can be autonomous or controlled remotely via google glasses and video game controllers.VR could allow for more dangerous chases,obstacle courses and rock climbing that involve traps and intricate environments that test the Trainess dexterity.These can be done in groups with other trainees or by themselves solo.

•Sports to played should consist of only Ulama de antebrazo,Ulama de cadera and ōllamaliztli using a larger heavier rubber ball than in early training(11cm in diameter and ≤500g for Ulama de brazo and ≤20cm in diameter and 3-4kg Ulama de cadera with no pads for either) to test physical endurance and concentration.This can consist of all male,all female tournaments or mixed(either teams consist of males and females or males versus females) with competitions taking place between trainees from across the world broadcast on television.The same rules used in ancient times including the high placed hoop and same rules as in ancient times regarding the hoops height and ball size and scoring with a game lasting days or weeks if need be.Clothing worn during these games can be either modern universal sports gear comprised of their tanktop and/or traditional mesoamerican clothing.Episkyros and Harpastum will also be played.

•Intensive endurance competitive running and cycling will be done to improve cardio and endurance of the trainee at a young age with both AI and mentors designing the course in the wild or even in streets in nearby towns with these events even including members of the public or not but with Ophion diverting vehicles to other roads alongside the roads blocked off using markers.These will be done in different seasons.Bodybuilding,weightlifting,weight training and endurance cardio training on treadmills and outdoors will alongside the sports played and gymnastics etc ensure that all trainees are physically fit and capable of running fast away from enemies,nutlets and explosions and also towards targets,civilians etc.Endurance training,weightlifting,weight training and bodybuilding will be continued throughout training and during registration and their entire careers to keep them physically fit in order to chase enemy targets,escape explosions etc and evade people chasing them.VR simulations and it’s time dilation effect will allow them to continue practicing synchronised swimming,ice skating,gymnastics and cheerleading routines and also wall running etc both during the second phase but also during registration throughout their entire lifetime to keep them dextrous in fighting and navigating their environment.Heracles and Terpsichore etc will keep them in their physical peak by ensuring that during the second phase and after registration they continue practising gymnastics,fighting styles,dancing styles,cheerleading etc routinely in the real world and simulations,continue training on all types of weapons routinely in simulations and ensure they continue bodybuilding,weightlifting,weight training and endurance training and that they eat healthy in the real world.All trainees in both phases and also all registered law enforcement and military personnel will be kept in their physical peak at all times with them kept athletic and even muscular with a low but healthy body fat percentage at all times through Heracles organising weight training and body building and eating healthy meals etc

•*This will include hiking trips(with or without weighted baggage or footwear with trainees being barefoot with this also including in mountains in the Himalayas and other exotic and high mountain ranges),cave exploration,endurance training on land or in water again the choice of whether this would be in cold,temperate or tropical waters is up to the mentor or in jungles,marshes,swamps,forests,city street,urban areas.There will be real world hiking trips in mountainous areas and wilderness areas and urban areas of all types with trainees holding weights of varying types and strengths in backpacks and them wearing shoes or not.This can include a pole held horizontally on their shoulder that holds weights on both sides that are between 5-50kg each to improve strength.This can include the trainees having to climb famous mountains across the world such as those in ones native country or state as well as famous mountains such as Carrauntoohil,Mount Fuji,Mount Kilamanjiro and even Mount Everest and other large mountains across the world and universe at the behest of the mentor with these including solo and group hikes with trainees across the world with trainees travelling across the world to carry these out.

•Also included will be acclimatisation to extreme climates(hot cold deserts or artificial environments),rock climbing

•VR Horde fights tournaments wherein a trainee must test their fighting styles(s) against increasing hordes of other fighters in the form of trainees and registered personnel or robots/biosynths(armed or unarmed with paint guns or mamorigatana sword) one immediately after the other ie. the first round they face one opponent,the second round they face two,the third they face three and so on they either and when they reach round 20 where they face 20 opponents going onto an infinity with each round adding another opponent for each level until they wear themselves out completely to test their physical limits of endurance in their ability to fight or they are overwhelmed by the combatants.There would be different versions that could involve facing off armed AI combatant with weapons of their choice from guns of any type,crossbows,nunchucks,meteor hammer,bo staff,different types of guns to even swords and spears or facing off unarmed enemies using their learned fighting styles in a similar manner until “game over” or they are physically exhausted to test their physical,emotional and mental limits in defeating hordes of enemies – with the enemies having the same weapon as the trainee in this VR versions.Each round will have increasing amounts of enemies to test at which point the trainee will be overwhelmed by their enemies and be killed off and become tired and give up with league tables formed globally that chart trained that reached the highest level until they gave up or were overwhelmed.There can be also different versions where one reaches the highest level in the quickest time again with league tables formed,The purpose of facing a constant onslaught of VR animals or combatants in ever increasing numbers,size and difficulty is to test resilience and fight against laziness and complacency.These can take place in any VR environment such as city,planet or an arena like a compound,jungle,temple etc and involve,human,monster and alien or even animal real or mythological opponents of any type or a mixture of these.Ideally these should be solo versions but group versions can exist with the death of each trainee lost for that round.This will be similar to the Horde mode in the Gears of War video game series.These can involve versions wherein they use only Mellee combat or allowed only a selection of guns alongside Mellee and a selection of weapons of including swords,bo staff,meteor hammer etc with trainees fighting in a variety of environments such as temples,cities and compounds of jungles etc that are planet sized and trainees fighting against humans,aliens,monsters,zombies etc The trainee should be proficient in all or as many fighting styles and dancing styles as possible

•Quests that the trainee must go on in VR simulations including those modelled on mythology including the Twelve Labours of Heracles,Perseus killing of Medusa,Jason and the Argonaughts and those from mythology from across the world set either in Ancient Greece or in modern settings,futuristic settings or those of different time periods.

Weapons Training:
•This will come in the form of using real guns on mobile drones(of various sizes from large ones to nanoquardocopters) which could use rubber bullets or again paintguns on the trainee with them scored on time taken to destroy all targets and amount of hits they receive from the drones with levels of difficulty based on size and number of drones as well as intelligence,accuracy etc.Also shooting ranges again replaced with VR shooting ranges could be conventional ones or where they must navigate a track or buildings and shoot and disarm or kill hostage takers before hostages are killed.VR versions will involve shooting human,monster or alien targets with trainees given secret goals to kill specific types of targets and incapacitate others to show cunning or thinking outside of the box.Monsters,aliens,human terrorists will be present alongside civilians of all types with them being a single shooting range that has targets pass left to right,right to left or both,stationary targets,track based ranges where one passes through a streamlined path or video game level as first person shooter or rail gun shooter.This can involve all types of weapons ie bow and arrow,pistols/handguns,shotguns,rifles,sniper rifles,grenade and rocket launchers etc.Shooting moving targets of drones,boats and stationary targets in real world tournaments can also be done on local to global levels.Grading and scoring will be based on time taken,percentage accuracy(how many shots actually hit a target and number of misses),overall score(traditional targets will have ring have a set score from 100 at the centre and 20 or 10 for outer ring),number of targets hit and destroyed).VR versions will allow them to take place in a wide variety of environments limited only by the imagination of AI and mentors designed by AI and that are planet or even galaxy etc sized arenas with trainees battling against targets that are separate from Perseus etc that include aliens,monsters,zombies etc

•Horseriding training combined with archery/laser tag/paintball with moving and non moving target will be optional alongside the training in the use of robots and drones all three through mazes and obstacle courses with timed limits and complexity(including traps) of varying levels of difficulty.Otherwise an automated vehicle can replace the animal following a set track.Robotic and eventually bio-synth horses would be ideal to train younger trainees before moving onto real life ones later on.VR horseriding training can also be used.

•VR training on all types of vehicles of all classes terrestrial – jeeps and tanks,sea – navy ships and submarines of all types,aerial – helicopter,fighter jet and bombers of all types as well in time interstellar vehicles.This will include those in all types of scenarios and environments.Terrestrial vehicles will involve obstacle courses including those involving minefields alongside being in the back part of them and using assault rifles and mounted machine guns to shoot at mobile and stationary targets with fighter jets involving them following courses in the air that involve them following other aircraft and also going through hoops and where they are bombing targets on the ground and also fighting other aerial targets including other fighter jets,alien space craft and also flying monsters etc.Intersteller vehicle military vessels will involve this also.Tank training will involve them navigating courses including minefields and shooting middles from the tanks at stationary and mobile targets.They will also practice parachuting from helicopters.Drag races involving terrestrial vehicle,flying vehicles and interstellar vehicles can be practiced as well.

•With regards to archery like guns drones could again carry targets above or below them or destroy them entirely or the trainee will have to shoot stationary targets while on horseback or in a automated vehicle(following a set track),Holo lens,augmented reality lenses and glasses could allow for virtual archery and gun shooting range games to be played and practised anytime.

•The trainee should be proficient by the age of 14 years old in all types of guns of all types including handguns,rifles,assault weapons,sniper rifles,heavy firearms,gattling guns,grenade and rocket launchers.They should also be proficient by the ages of 14 years in all handheld weapons as well as nunchucks,double-headed or single headed meteor hammer(practised on mobile or stationary robot and drone targets)Bo Staff and at least one type of swords/spears(naginta,double broadsword,katana,cutlass,scythe,sickle or longsword etc as with and without shields).As well as being proficient in fighting with double of any aforementioned sword and two small swords such as sai and daggers) alongside their mamorigatana sword.VR exercises,horde,tournaments and hunger game events will have trainees practice the use of all weapons both those handheld non projectile weapons and guns of all types to allow them to use them in any given situation.Training in weapons of all types will be continued during the second phase and after registration in VR simulations

•Tournaments within the Agoge on local,regional,national,continental and global scales for all types of handheld weapons such as spears,swords(both mono and dual as well as mamorigatana),meteor hammers,bo staff and all aforementioned weapons (except guns projectile weapons(throwing swords etc. and bows/crossbow) can be held with training done with mentors,robots,bio-synts and virtual AI combatants(or against other trainees remotely via the Athena)using VR technology.These televised tournaments involving non projectile/gun handheld weapons(such as swords,daggars,staffs,nunchuncks etc.) should of mixed gender and may use ideally any type of all weapons chosen by the trainee and registered personnel per each match to allow more people to compete but also versatility both in entertainment value but also in the trainees skill at using a different weapon than their opponent.During these tournaments trainees will utilise gymnastics and acrobatics they have learned to avoid attacks from opponents,launch surprise attacks and utilise their weapons more effectively with them also using all fighting and dancing styles they have learned to subdue their opponents.Graphene helmets with interior smart armour and graphene visors can be used to protect ones head and smart armour and graphene integrated into clothing to prevent other injuries.VR versions of this indistinguishable from the real world will allow for more intense tournaments wherein the loser “dies” upon defeat and is excluded from that tournaments season with pain sensations of wounds will be intense and realistic with the simulation televised and set in any environment to further complicate things.The purpose of all of this training is to make them proficient in all types of weapons that may be available in a given unforeseen situation as well as exercise their physical grace and prowess and to produce the most versatile individual and incite competition.They will also will be trained in not only being able to win in a fight against an opponent with the same weapon but also those with different weapons with this integrated into tournaments to train one to be excellent at subduing enemies with different weapons.Trainees once registered as law enforcement personnel,military personnel etc for protection at home etc and on the battlefield and in real life operations will be allowed to bring any of the weapons such as sai,swords,bo staff,meteor hammers,shruikins etc with them at all times in vehicles and attached to their clothing to use alongside guns for up close melee combat in real life law enforcement and military operations with them stored in police stations and army barracks etc.VR versions will be in all types of environments.VR versions will allow them to take place in a wide variety of environments limited only by the imagination of AI and mentors designed by AI and that are planet or even galaxy etc sized arenas with trainees battling against each other as well as AI combatants that are separate from Perseus etc that include aliens,monsters,zombies etc.Trainees using VR technology can practice weapons of all types such as bo staff,meteor hammer,katanas etc against each other,against mentors and also against AI such as Nike,Alke,Perseus etc and also enemy combatants of all types such as humans,aliens,zombies and monsters etc.VR training will allowing them to practice weapons with one trained to use the same weapon as their enemies but also different weapons than their enemies to allow one to be versitile at being able to fight an opponent with any weapon than their opponents in any situation.Trainess should practice to how use each weapon blindfolded and unique training for each type with for example bow and arrow training requiring them to not only hit targets but hit a piece of fruit or multiple pieces of fruit thrown into the air and also hit a target thus having the piece of fruit and arrow hitting the fruit..Bo staff training can involve them deflecting and hitting pieces of fruit or stones thrown at them while balancing a bucket filled with water on their head to allow them to keep the bucket balanced and not fall over while deflecting fruit etc with VR simulations allowing them to deflect stones.Other weapons will follow this pattern to practice stoicism and balance etc and precision at once.They will also be through utilising CQC etc expected to disarm their opponent and even fight their opponent unarmed who have swords etc in these.Trainees will be proficient in using all types of weapons and even using shields similar to those used by the military in ancient and ‘Medieval times.

•Rankings of guns,sniper rifles,projectile weapons(throwing knives,javelins,bows,shuriken,chakrams), grenades/rocket launchers destroying moving targets in virtual and real practice and crossbows in virtual and real life shooting ranges and virtual deathmatch tournaments(that can simply be all out war with all competing trainees and personnel around the world competing in a single game at once using VR tech indistinguishable from the world on a single large map either the size of a city or even entire planet to see who is the ultimate winner in a last man standing competition based on the realistic one life as detailed below or deathmatch tournaments on local,regional,national,continental and global scale-ideally both practised by all trainees) and remote controllers will ensure healthy competition on a global scale between trainees and registered personnel with tournaments also held either virtual versions or real world version involving shooting made for these of increasing complexity with the lowest ten or lowest scoring person(s) in each round kicked out for that season and target ranges in the open using mobile and stationary targets of increasing complexity or involving drones.VR versions will allow them to take place in a wide variety of environments limited only by the imagination of AI and mentors designed by AI and that are planet or even galaxy etc sized arenas with trainees battling against each other as well as AI combatants that are separate from Perseus etc that include aliens,monsters,zombies etc

•Real life or virtual exercises and VR simulation based on rail shooters can be employed similar to rail shooter games with bio-synths,robots and drones used in real life exercises and monsters and human targets for VR simulations.

•Sniper assassinations exams will of course involve animal and humanoid bio-synths,drones of different sizes and robots(or a mixture of these)or targets ontop of drones again with these targets on rooftop gardens,above parks,backway alleys and other areas out of public sight or in variations of Hogans Alley or in densely populated cities like New York or even in forests and other wilderness areas.They may also fight against humans using paintball and bio-synths using real guns in again wilderness ideally again during all four seasons and also urban areas or inside compounds.VR versions of this may be include both in assassinating a target and fighting against other trainees and AI in VR settings using only sniper rifles and it may even involve sniper missions in warzones similar to those employed in the army.Just like real sniper training trainees will have to take into account wind speed and direction,trajectory of the bullet that can change based on spin and environmental factors and be educated in physics using textbooks created by AI.

•As stated earlier weapons assembly of guns and supervised training of real guns should start as early as possibly during this phase and possibly even during the first phase with the trainee will be allowed to fully hold a microchipped gun on their person outside of training and during relevant real life and mock exercises as well as shooting exercises registered to them based on their status of a trainee legally allowed based on the recommendations of mentors,psychologists and training boards but this privilege can be revoked if they see fit due to insubordination or if they are seen as a danger to themselves and others with the mentors having administrative access over biometrics or digital keys that cause the microchip to prevent the gun being used before being confiscated – this can be given to them as early as their early teens at the age of 14 alongside their mamorigatana sword even before registration as they will be the new universal age of majority due to progeria mylienisation.MRI scans and DNA scans should be used to determine their eligibility if they have predispositions to sociopaths behaviour can have this revoked or the condition corrected by microbes and CRISPR.The trainee should be proficient by the ages of 14 years old in assembling all weapons they are skilled in and even capable of doing so blindfolded with them competing against together by seeing who can assemble all types of weapons the fastest both under normal conditions and blindfolded in tournaments.

Virtual Reality Combative games:
•These could also include VR simulations of capture the flag,turf acquisition,deathmatch:team or one-one as well as hostage and siege situations with and against either AI(of varying levels of intensity),fellow trainees or both all of which could have health meters or realistic settings with one shot kills settings or in time that simulates real time body trauma with virtual first aid and medical surgery needed with sensors simulating pain and injury sensations ie. broken ankle/arm etc. to increase realism with changing virtual vital signs measuring efficacy of the trainees ability to function properly alongside simulations of smells,smoke inhalation and hot and cold temperatures and even wind and other climatic events input directly into the nervous system by microfibres present in the suit and eventually graphene neural implants and the person having one life.Versions of these games can involve battles in the air in fighter jets as well as tanks and jeeps with maps taking place over an entire planet.Interstellar and intergalactic versions of all of these could involve them being played on intersteller and intergalactic playing fields with battles taking place both on ground of planets in the form of infantry squads and  and in space with the case of the latter allowing players to control both the interstellar squad fleet of vehicles themselves as well as third/first person view as captains,squad members etc on the ground and in the vessel with them having to deal with both internal morale and repairing damage to the ships and managing limited resources and all internal management of the vessel.VR capture the flag,turf acquisition,king of the hill,deathmatch exercises with sensor suits that measure the amount of hits hit and each trainee having an internal shield similar to video games that deplete over time(or recharge similar to Halo series) and sound an alarm when the shield depletes making the weapons of said trainees no longer work(the shields of trainees would link to all weapons).Alternatively “one hit kill” could be applied to these suits at the behest of mentors during these exercises.These could include trainees fighting against each other or robots/drones of various levels of AI or a mixture..In time VR versions will replace real world ones with real weapons and these should be played in the wilderness such as jungles,forests etc during all four seasons;winter,autumn,summer,spring especially in the case of temperate forests(both deciduous and evergreen) and wilderness where snow,treecover,foliage can be used as cover alongside camouflage allowing the trainee to adapt to all circumstances.These could utilise laser tag interacting with holo lens.Weapons would have limited supply of virtual ammo and thus weapons caches would be around the arena in nooks and crannies and hidden areas with them only supplying a finite of ammo with trainees having the capacity to use virtual throwing knifes and their own fighting skills to “kill” enemy combatants.If possible ammo could res pawn in random places at random times.Codec technology,microphone headsets,wireless earphones used for chat between teams.VR versions would also exists.AS stated these could be VR versions as detailed earlier on.These VR versions of these games should include a wide variety of environments including those in the wilderness(jungles,forests;deciduous and evergreen and even cities) during all four seasons as well as military compounds,towns,cities,temples etc limited by the imagination of mentors and AI with even interstellar versions done.These would also involve tanks,jeeps and aircraft.These will be tournaments on local to global levels pitying Trainess against other trainees from across the world with death permanent for the season.Weapons would have limited supply of virtual ammo and thus weapons caches would be around the arena in nooks and crannies and hidden areas with them only supplying a finite of ammo or respawning after a set amount of time or there being only a set amount.Of course they could be moved to different areas with javelins,swords etc also used with vehicles such as jeeps,helicopters etc also present.Bases and buildings in all buildings would be off different types with these and the weapons present decided by the AI Perseus managing these.These can be tournaments on local to global levels or single versions using a large map with all competing trainees and registered personnel worldwide both in real and VR versions with codec technology,microphone headsets,wireless earphones used for chat between teams..VR versions of capture the flag,deathmatch etc indistinguishable from reality can involve tournaments on local to global levels with losers dying for that season.These tournaments should ideally be mixed gender in otherwords both males and females can compete amongst each other.Tournaments in all of these will not only take place indoors but also outdoors in a wide variety of environments such as woodlands,streets and also urban settings such as cities,islands and in compounds and temples etc in all seasons such as winter,summer,autumn etc during rain,snow and sunny weather ideally using VR with even interstellar versions done.VR tournaments for both handheld and gun weapons will exist in a variety of environments..VR versions will allow them to take place in a wide variety of environments limited only by the imagination of AI and mentors designed by AI and that are city,country or continent or even planet and galaxy etc sized arenas with trainees battling against each other as well as AI combatants that are separate from Perseus etc that include aliens,monsters,zombies etc.The weapons used in these should not only be guns like shotguns,assault rifles etc but also katanas,sai,meteor hammers and even Mellee combat but also a mixture of these.The rules of these with regards to the type of weapons present and also amount of ammo(if it respawns or not) and other factors can be altered on a case by case basis.

VR Simulation:
•These can be solo or group exercises,with registered personnel or with other trainees learning procedures,operations and formations carried out by SWAT operatives,navy,airforce,federal,intelligence and local law enforcement and military personnel etc to ensure trainees get a well rounded education and can involve mock situations involving actors or them also partaking in real situations.These VR exercises would include:mock crimes such as murders/serial killings/assault/rape/kidnappings with AI to test there ability to ascertain how murders are carried out and ability collect evidence(alongside trainee and registered forensics investigators) with them having to search for suspects and carry out interrogations and catch and prosecute actor playing the murderer which can meld with training of lawyers and forensics investigators.Also included would be kidnappings, assassination attempts of celebrities,high ranking military personnel and public figures or actors who look like them (or play the role of a bodyguard to protect them from faux kidnappings and stalkers played by other trainees.VR simulations will allow for mock sieges,quarantines,martial law,mock terrorist attacks,mock hostage situations,mock raids.These can also be based on past military,SWAT and police operations to measure their performance in approaching past operations while minimising casualties on both sides and improve political stability.These would either be carried out and designed by mentors or by a third party part of the government including Crypteia members not known to the public that would carry out mock realistic hostage situations and attacks comprised of the most elite personnel(eventually this may consist of AI alongside humans using pliable armour that can cover their entire body as explained later) to test both trainees and existing registered personnel to routinely assess their performance and current state or readiness to deal with these situations with hostages,journalists etc all consisting of actors,next of kin and relatives of the trainee and eventually robotics,AI and bio-synths.Ideally the trainee and registered personnel having no knowledge of the nature of the simulations authenticity this could could also extend to civilians and next of kin and relatives of the individual being involved to test how much one will go to save innocents while maintain the most non-lethal methods and diplomacy in the most extreme case when one is faced with a barbarous enemy and when a personal cost is one is faced by the individual.These can also be done on secret army bases and installations(or mock ones) or embassies away from the public eye or in public.This group would be similar to Dead Cell,Cobra Unit and Foxhound of Metal Gear Solid fame – advances in VR will allow these to occur in more realistic fashion with the trainees and registered personnel taking part in it when hooked up without their knowledge to limit causalities.Otherwise it an similar scenarios can be incorporated into other unrelated VR simulations randomly by mentors or AI with them put in simulations involving both trainees and registered personnel in simulations they are put in without their knowledge.When VR becomes indistinguishable to real life then these including VR simulated attacks of all types on the public or government officials and celebrities(including assassination attempts) designed by mentors,Alexander and Perseus as well as the various operating softwares for each field can be done via them being hooked up to VR again unknowingly or when playing other VR games to test their capabilities in a surprise situation within a controlled environment with this also applied to government officials knowingly or unknowingly taking part in these simulations to test their response,strategies and escape in sudden situations.Citizens could also be undergo and participate unknowingly with memories of them taking part erased if possible.This would give them training in a VR setting without threat of death to themselves and the public to test their ability to react to surprise terrorist attacks and their aftermath with terrorist attacks of all types practised.Registered personnel including existing ones will undergo these simulations to keep them up to date on their skill at dealing with surprise terrorist attacks of all types.Both trainees and registered personnel will undergo these without knowing it is real or not by being hooked up unknowingly to make their reactions more authentic.Personnel would also work with forensic investigator,medical and lawyer trainees in VR simulations on solving crimes,responding to terrorist attacks,outbreaks of deadly pathogens.This would be also done on any trainees and personnel when they are stationed at any outposts,or headquarters on Earth or on any colonies or interstellar bases and vessels once such technology exists to test their readiness and also countermeasures to be installed in a VR setting dealing with known threats such as terrorist groups as well and hostile alien threats with it even dealing with any made up alien and terrorist threats to again test their ability to deal with surprise threats.Audio/visual records of police and military operations could be shown to trainees allowing them to analyse strategies used and offer critiques on them to come up with alternative strategies. Simulations wherein the trainee must neutralise a human or robot target in public as stealthy as possible in the same manner as the Hitman series of games and also ninja assasins:using disguises,poisons and other methods to make the neutralisation look like an accident,suicide or natural causes without arising suspicion to the public with the target given through e-mail with photos as if in real life.Of courses this would mean non-lethal neutralisation of human targets using sedatives and lethal on robots/bio-synths such as poisons,daggers,trip wire,poison injected using hi tech injectors disguised as everyday items etc. to test ones ability to perform missions in front of the public but in secret and prevent media exposure.VR versions of this can be utilised with them given mission briefing in audio/visual files and will replace real life assassin training once indistinguishable to real life where they must assassinate a target stealthy by whatever means possible and make it look like suicide,an accident or the result of murder by a third party.Infilitration of terrorist cells,preventing terrorist attacks and dealing with the aftermaths of terrorist attacks of different types will be practiced.Bomb disposal and neutralisation dealing with the trainees ability to diffuse different types of bombs by hand with or without robots ie.nuclear,C4 of varying levels of complexity.This could include one or more threats.Ideally the trainee having no knowledge of the nature of the simulations authenticity or whether the bomb was real or not with real bombs also used.VR technology will allow for exercises to be reslistic without interference from the real world and for one to be trained in a wide variety of exercises relevant to intelligence gathering,police officers,navy and airforce personnel and military personnel.

•VR training using the same technology could also consist of simulations of custom made situations or those based on past military,navy,airforce and police and SWAT operations from all eras of history:from ancient times to modern history or even involve past terrorist attacks and disasters natural or manmade ie September 11th attacks,Utoya 2011 attacks,Columbine/Sandy Hook and other mass shootings,2015 Paris attacks,Boston Marathon bombings,2014 Sydney Café crisis,Sinking of the Titanic etc marking their ability etc to save as much people as possible while still escaping or practising self sacrifice.These can be group exercises and measure their performance in approaching past military,swat and law enforcement operations while minimising casualties on both sides and improve political stability(the same could be done with the carrying out of real world simulations using both human and robotic combatants)testing their abilities to create their own strategies of their own under duress and gain insight into them.These can be group exercises or solo ones with trainees playing different roles such as hostages,civilians,law enforcement personnel,government officials in various departments,politicians,firemen,emergency medical technicians before,during and after the events and even the role of hostage takers and terrorists.These can be made realistic with memories downloaded from survivors via neural implants or through interview,documents and other sources.This could be also be done to allow for VR games to be played consisting of teams of trainees playing soldiers,generals,resistance fighters,spies on both sides as well as civilians and prisoners of war on both sides of famous wars from ancient times to modern history from all across the world.Thus all catalogued conflicts,wars and police/SWAT/navy/airforce operations ie Alexander III of Macedon conquest of Syria and Egypt,Mongol conquest of the Jin dynasty,Crusades,French and American Revolutions,1798 rebellion,American Civil War,Napoleonic Wars,World War I & II,The Afghanistan and Iraq war,Syrian Civil War,The Hundred Years War,Vietnam etc. and specific battles in these Battle of Iwo Jima,Normandy Landings,Battle of Waterloo from the entire history of Earth will be practiced.Historical operations and wars from sentient races across the universe will be practiced alongside those from mythology and fiction such as video games,television shows,movies and literature.This would be with real life characters encountered with this having two options:either following a pre written script that follows historical events to allow one to gain insight into history ideally if this is a simulation rather than game,or a simulation game that allows the trainees to consciously alter events as their characters in order to gain insight into alternate history as to what would happen if the certain decisions were taken or avoided with the and even what would happen if the losing side won or the trainees own strategies to them with AI making realistic changes to these decisions.This would be part of their education on war history.Theoretical custom made wars and police,navy and SWAT operations can also be played with trainees from around the world involving terrorist organisations,alien races,fantasy and scifi settings from novels,movies or from scratch etc.This can include interstellar and intergalactic wars with this involving space battles and those on different planets as well as those involving witches,warlocks,ghosts,orcs and dragons etc and other magical and supernatural creatures.Others from fictional media such as video games,literature etc and mythology and those from other sentient races history across the galaxy can also be done this way.Thus once VR technology becomes availible trainees will partake in recreations of all past historical wars,military operations,SWAT/navy/airforce and police operations from all of human history,those from other sentient races across the universe and also those from mythology,fiction and also those made from scratch by the mentors and Perseus etc to measure their unique strategies to them.Advances in VR will make these indistinguishable from real life(include pain,hormones,breathing,smells,tastes etc) with it even being made more realistic if the trainee is hooked up without their knowledge as if a dream especially in the case of simulations of terrorist attacks and specific battles or even if their conscious memories of their real identity and real life events is suppressed during the exercise and unsuppressed when the exercise ends to test their innate strategies and abilities with it recorded both from their point of view and in simulation nanocameras and biosynths.Until then video games within Athena can allow for these to be played over long periods of time on consoles and computers similar to Call of Duty games.

•VR simulations of entire video games or sci-fi horror games and movies again with customisation such as Metal Gear series and its VR missions,I Have No Mouth,and I Must Scream,Mirrors Edge,Deus Ex,Silent Hill,Resident Evil series,Penumbra,Dead Rising series,Metroid series,Tomb Raider series,Uncharted,Fallout,The Last of Us,Alien Isolation,Portal,Eternal Darkness:Sanities Requiem, etc with students ranked in the case to measure their ability to pass certain missions meeting pre set conditions and find all hidden objects in each game whose location are randomised for each player/playthrough(with important items such as keys location also randomised for the player) within the fastest time.These based on video games should be stealth,survival horror(to test ability to deal with situations with scare resources) and adventure/platformers to test physical strength and agility with neural implants and other technology to play VR missions employed to improve realism indistinguishable from real life.These can be group exercises with two or more players taking the roles of different characters and can be customised versions of these games and can be co-operative and combative depending on the game.Variations of these in different locations,different character etc will be used with not only the original game used but also variations where enemies,items etc are randomised and even completely different versions ie games that use the same template of the original such as survival horror against zombies and aliens,stealth games that involve infiltration and adventure games in tombs and cities that are completely unrelated to the original with new characters,enemies,goals and items etc.In other wards these exercises modelled on these and other video games need not be direct adaptations but they can be modified versions that follow the premise with levels,placement of items and enemies mixed around.

•*Taking part in VR simulations of terrorist attacks on home or allied targets similar to Global and Vigilant Guardian used by NORAD would also form part of training.Trainees could also view real life operations as they occur and their are carried out via video streams from operatives on the field in HQ ready rooms or via connecting to the Athena with access granted via mentors or registered personnel.

•Stealth based this can be done by custom made exercises including the classical foraging for hidden food practised by ancient Spartans under the influence of hunger with this taking place in the training facility and also compounds set up for this.Purposeful restriction of dietary intake as practised by the Spartans to make them accustomed to hunger in battle and on the field as well as other methods such as sleep deprivation and sensory deprivations to improve mental acuity and ability to counter enemy torture etc as well as build physically lean individuals.Blood soup that is small bits of pork with pork blood will be fed during this similar as to what was fed to trainees in ancient times.This would encourage them to steal food without being caught with punishment being application of the bullet ant trial as punishment.This would be done outside of foraging exercises inside compounds with it possibly done within communities,barracks,homes etc with them avoiding CCTV cameras,citizens,personnel,other trainees and security drones.This would also be done in VR simulations.If possible the would be fed only the same blood soup and bare minimum as in ancient times during this time in limited amounts.Being caught would result in the bullet ant trial starting at 13 with instances at 12 when this starts being corporal punishment including paddling..It done in wilderness bases may involve the trainee having to hunt and kill live animals for food.The purpose is to make them stealthy and creative when bring stealthy in the battlefield and in military and police operations.Augmentations and ageing treatments that allow one to survive long periods of time without food and prevent hunger such as xerophile,oligotrophic and Firmicutes and endolith DNA will be removed from trainees during both phases of training to ensure they are in dire need of nutrition and also food for survival and to encourage them to partake in this with this practiced in both phases.Failure would involve further dietary restriction.Hunting trips would be done as early as possible by 6 or 7 mirroring childhood samurai training) or ideally in time bio synth drone based on more dangerous wild animals of varying levels of AI and strength in a compound,maze or in the wild(forest,jungle)etc. with cameras on the prey and dotted around the area and using a sharp mamorigatana sword and eventually by hand without being seen by the animal/drone under the influence of hunger and/or sleep and tested on their strategy with minor punishments upon failure.These hunting exercises could in time be done via realistic VR.Invisibility cloaks cannot be used here as the trainee must be able to use ones own ingenuity and physical skills as if in a compromised situation.Real world versions will be done in compounds and even real world towns etc.VR versions can involve elaborate stealth operations and the trainee experiencing extreme hunger fed into their nervous system.It will be done to improve the traines stealth ability for exercises,police and law enforcement missions and military operations and Assasination and kidnapping operations.This and Alexander should be the only exercise exempt from the kobayashi maru.

•A reverse form of this could exercises testing their ability to escape capture in areas such as again forests,jungles cities(including rooftops,sewers)and compounds from pursuit of one or multiple drones/military operatives wherein they are deployed in an area and suddenly chased by drones and robots and tested on strategies used to escape and avoid capture and sighting.Invisibility cloaks cannot be used here as the trainee must be able to use ones own ingenuity and physical skills as if in a compromised situation.A variant of this to have them drugged(without their knowledge) and place in a cell in a compound with limited food given at set interval and then measure their capability to escape and again avoid capture (or ideally avoid being seen) from patrolling drones and robots based on humans again marked on their ability to come up with strategies and time taken.Trainess can start an exercise already kidnapped and must find a way to escape.

•Another variant would be for the trainee to identify,intercept or chase and capture one or multiple human/robot/drone targets in a variety of settings like the aforementioned urban areas,jungles,compounds etc. this could involve infiltration or these areas or simply hunting them down.These could be make more difficult with the trainee under influence of hunger and sleep deprivation or the influence of recreational drugs like marijuana and sedatives(or mixture of two or all factors).The amount of technology used would be limited again to test their innate physical and mental acuity.These could be initiated as surprise examinations with the trainee having no knowledge they are simulations.

•Assasination exercises using VR simulations will have the trainees carry out assasination missions of human,alien etc target using various methods such as sniper rifles from a distance.Other missions may include them trained to assassinate targets using poisons,strangulation and weapons of all types including knives etc with them made to assassinate targets using stealth and make it look like suicide or an accident etc and be done in the targets home,compound or even public areas in a crowded area without arousing suspicion and also cleaning up all evidence that could be picked up by forensics investigators with trainees using disguises etc and other methods to carry out these stealthy.Kidnapping targets whether civilians,politicians,dictators,generals,celebrities etc using stealth will be practiced.Also practiced can be the exact opposite such as freeing and rescuing kidnapped civilians and politicians from compounds and private homes etc and also preventing people from being assassinated including acting as a bodyguard.

•Undercover operations which involve them infiltrating compounds or parties or similar events to neutralise a target(or implant one with a GPS tracker or pheromone visible in thermal imaging) and/or secure an item either solo or in groups with registered personnel or with other trainees can also be included to test creativity in these situations to carry it out.Undercover operations into the ranks of criminal and terrorist organisations and rings real or fake can also be done.

Cultural Rituals:
Other examinations could come in the form of applying traditional rites of passages from cultures that have existed in the past (and those still practised by other non western cultures) such as:

•**Vision quests similar to those practised by the Native Americans wherein they must fast for a period of four or five nights while in the wilderness of the mentors choice and given more than a weeks supply of water for this period with no other supplies not even camping gear,telecommunications and modern technology even those that tell the time with the exception of implants and smart clothing that keep track of vital signs,temperature 24/7 and GPS location in case of emergencies.Meditation must be used with the option of mild hallucinogens and psychoactive substances to induce spiritual enlightenment especially those used by ancient cultures native to that area chosen by the mentor applied by compatibility microbes.Neural implants may also be used to bring about visions and also dreams that make one face subconscious issues during this period.Drones and bio-synths using metamaterials will monitor their location and progress 24/7.

•*Wearing of bullet ant gloves(on one or both hands and/or feet.) in order to test pain thresholds with no aid from painkillers or cold compresses and water or any methods of pain alleviation and should be done and started routinely once they reach the age of 13 on their 13th birthday.The gloves must be prepared in the same manner as by the Sateré-Mawé tribe that practice this ritual using the same leaves and herbs from the same species of plants to intoxicate the ant and create the gloves with anthropologists that have worked with the tribe and even members of the tribe reffered to this and data stored in Athena and passed onto the sentient Perseus to ensure all aspects of the initiation rites carried out exactly as it is praticised by the Sateré-Mawé tribe in terms of the actual dance recorded,stored and repeated with it lasting the same length of each application and same amount of applications.Trainees while under the influence of the poison will have to perform the same dance perform led by the Sateré-Mawé tribe for the same length of time.This mandatory exercise which will begin at 13 will be done to further push their ability to resist pain threshold and be able resist pain on the battlefield and resist torture at the hands of enemy combatants with the trainee must be made to wear the gloves for the same ritualistic ten minutes at a time and also carry out the same tribal dance carried out by the Amazonian Sateré-Mawé natives to test stoicism.In otherwords all steps used by the tribes that practice must be followed with the ants including the captured winged queens and king reared inside ant nests in captivity within a graphene/glass tank in army and police barracks,HQ as well as bases and communities set up for group exercises in secure rooms or building protected by a series of watertight doors for easy access(as well as containment),with them fed insects grown onsite or invitro animal meat and algae TVP with the specific plants used in the production of the gloves and used to intoxicate the ants grown locally via hydroponics in the bases with genetically bacteria in time being able to produce the compounds that are found in the plants.The gloves will be prepared in the same way composed of the same plant and the toxin of the plant to put the ants temporarily to sleep will be prepared in the and way.The exact species of plants used will be grown in the buildings near the tanks housing the ants created by 3D DNA printers and grown hydroponically either directly or as hybrid plants that are smaller and grow faster but still contain the same compounds.All steps followed by the Sateré-Mawé tribe will be followed exactly step by step.AI such as Perseus,Branchus etc will carry out research into the exact steps abc then ensure it is followed exactly.All rooms would have cameras in them to monitor health and numbers and also prevent them escaping with all possible measures ensuring this.Tanks in underground extensions will house them in police stations,barracks and relevant buildings around the world housing trainees and registered personnel.If possible microbes within the queen that will pass through all successive progeny will allow the GPS location of the queen and workers etc to be located at all times as well as population ascertained constantly via biosynth wifi and them again via biosynth wifi allow them to be sedated or killed from the inside out via causing key organs and the nervous system to undergo apoptosis using CRISPR treatments and/or releasing nanoparticles of organic and synthetic insecticides created by anabolic and catabolic reactions and reactions from the inside out with immunity to this removed should it come to it via CRISPR or even have genes added to prevent immunity in the first place and prevent them overrunning local areas if they escape by making them sterile through CRISPR treatments.Biosynth WiFi will allow Perseus and AIs of each sector etc to keep track of their populations and locations and control CRISPR treatments.Neural implants could be formed in each queen and worker etc controlling their behavior to prevent them escaping and if they do direct them towards tanks.They would also controlling the fertility of the queen and potential queens via CRISPR treatments applied to them to ensure the population of the ants can be kept at stable controllable levels in indoor nests with anti-ageing treatments also ensuring the drones etc are immortal or at least longer living and ensure any escaped queens can be made sterile.Once the queen and workers etc are made immortal and eternally young and a desired stable population is created the queen can be made sterile ensuring no new workers are created and the population can be kept at this level constantly with if any ants do die then the queens fertility can be returned and once back to the level fertility removed or ideally 3D DNA printers can create as many new workers as required and allow for queens etc to mass produced in fscilories worldwide etc.If queens and workers escape CRISPR treatments to make them sterile will applied and have anti- ageing treatments removed via biosynth wifi should they escape to prevent them becoming invasive species.Genes can also be applied to make them unable to survive the local climate beforehand while in tanks to ensure that can only survive artificial indoor climates within their holding areas that replicates the climate of the Amazon with them fed algae pellets,in vitro meat and insects created via 3D DNA printers.Thus they will be engineered to survive only a small temperature range in indoor tanks meaning if they escape they will die from local climates such as wet weather,cold weather and snow etc.Them and 3D DNA printers creating eggs of queens,kings etc will onsite of these rooms will use the Phanes method and stored spermatozoa to increase the level of genetic diversity with these queens in these rooms engineered not to have wings but different colours to differentiate them from drones and also prevent them escaping.3D DNA printers using the Phanes method will be used to create nests in buildings around the world.Tanks holding them will have graphene in the matrix to make them shatterproof,with materials that repel them on the top of the glass on the sides interior including those they are engineered to be repelled by with Graphene mesh covering air holes placed on top to allow air in but prevent ants escaping to prevent them suffocating with their removal done via special tweezers and tongs and them stored in rooms cornered off by a series of watertight doors with in vitro meat etc used to lure to the surface to be collected.Extensions can house large nests onsite of all barracks etc and large containment areas for applications of it and slower to keep their population stable.They will be fed insects etc including larvae created by 3D DNA printers themselves fed flour etc from bacteria.All of these measures will allow P.clavata to be reared onsite of barracks,police stations and government buildings etc around the world where there will be ease of access to trainees and registered personnell and prevent them becoming an invasive species.P.clavata having the most intense and long lasting and painful sting in the animal kingdom and universally considered by experts and inductees as being the worst pain a human being can actually physically endure(lasting roughly 24 hours and increasing in pain strength every hour) and it causes those exposed to it to pass in and out of consciousness during this period.The pain is described as being shot in the stomach by a bullet(hence the name)while being simultaneously stabbed with a searing hot poker/nail and being electrocuted)and would be done for military,navy and law enforcement personnel etc for example in the case of capture by enemy combatants to resist torture or again to strengthen their physical abilities and push them to their limits during combat and resist pain on field operations due to injury or other events and even tolerate pain in VR programs.Thus it will increase pain tolerance allowing personnel to resist torture at the hand of enemies during capture and at the same time be able to resist pain in the battlefield and still be able to carry out military and law enforcement operations and even VR exercises etc despite being in pain from injuries such as stabbing,falls,beatings,bullets etc.Generals,diplomats and politicians both existing and new including the World President,Vice President and members of Congress and military personnel and important researchers on space stations and interstellar vehicles will undergo this to be able to resist torture if they are captured and injury in wilderness.Dilutions of the poison and other natural or artificial variants of this prepared from bacteria that create the same pain without lethal side effects could be employed should health conditions,genetic and blood tests show that the P.clavata toxin would be fatal to a trainee but only in these rare circumstances with no exceptions(as it is fatal to some individuals who would require a shot of adrenaline to counter the effects with this and a healthcare staff on site of all trials of this and implants or smart clothing used to measure vital signs of the trainee to ensure all trials are safe).Otherwise ideally genetic engineering using CRISPR may be employed to correct these defects in a trainee removing their allergic reactions with each trainee have genetic screening done to see if they are susceptible to possible allergic reactions and this corrected with CRISPR treatments.The venom is not known to create allergens though it will be done just for safety with ones DNA scanned before the first trial with AI able to extrapolate if it will be able to cause complications.If possible tribes that practice this will have their DNA analysed and compacted to non members for anomolies that may allow them to tolerate the pain and toxin.Research supervised trials must be done to see if the procedure would have any serious and possible fatal effects on females as the ritual is normally carried out on males before it becomes mandatory with if possible a slightly weakened or altered version produced by bacteria.CRISPR can be applied to females to counteract any effects this may have with microbes keeping the brain and other organs alive and repaired alongside the accelerated healing phenotype with the microbes engineered not to counteract the poison of the arthropod but keep the brain and other parts of the body alive with accelerated healing also doing this.Any damage to the body will be repaired by the acellerated healing.The Trainess will have biosynth implants that act a space makers to measure vital signs and release counterproteins when there is danger and create electric signals to keep heart rate normal.The microbes will in the case of severe complications break down the poison and create counterproteins and synthesise painkillers.They will do so only if the person is in threat of death and will do so by creating adrenaline etc and breaking down the poison with them instructed by Paean to do so only in these situation with them told to recognise it as part of trials and to only counteract it by creating counterporteins etc when it may cause serious side effects with them also creating natural painkillers as well or even even remove the gene for the expression of substance P.Counterproteins to the venom will developed by 2029.Microbes,the accelerated healing phenotype and also carbon dioxide energy acceptor phenotype will repair any damage caused to the body instantly with microbes keeping the brain and other organs alive.Microbes applying painkillers will be avoided during these applications but only in instances where it would pose a danger to the trainee.This would be repeated annually throughout their training until registration(or even after) to further strengthen their resistance to pain and torture even more than the twenty times practised by the tribes that carry it out with it carried out this many times within the first year when they reach 13 meaning it will start at 13 and by the age of 14 they will have had 20 applications.The trainee must inevitability be able to practice stoicism as a result of this at the point they reach registration.Each incidence will be logged in their digital file under specific folders.Biocompatible microbes would be programmed to not break down this poison in trainees except when activated to create counteractive compounds such as adrenaline or break it down when there may be a threat to the trainees life with them also keeping vital organs such as the heart and brain alive constantly.In the future this will be carried alongside variations of the infamous Gom Jabbar test.

It can also be used as punishment for insubordination or any unacceptable behaviour for both trainees and registered personnel such as unwarranted bullying,sexual abuse,rape,leaking of classified information,treason(and other offences that would warrant court martial – alongside it),rape(which could include both court martial and expulsion of trainees who commit this with them treated to numerous trials of the bullet ant glove wearing over a few days alongside their tank top being desecrated and hung in training facility they came from on a “hall of shame”,criminal behaviour and failure of foraging stealth exercises and the Athena test.In instances wherein infractions involve multiple trainees all must undergo the trial at once the last one standing and last to lose conscious to the pain would be reprieved of the punishment(but the infraction still noted in their file)and given adrenaline and painkillers to remove the pain and toxin and as proof of their superiority will be given a reward for example large hearty meals during the next few days in front of those he has won against who must continue the pain for the remainder of the day and be left to undergo more hunger during it for the next few days.This superiority test of pain tolerance can also be applied outside of infractions and insubordination and punishment as a non lethal version of Diamastigosis(until VR versions of this can be perfected)wherein several or large groups of trainees of both genders and different ages who are working in group exercises with be forced to take the ritual all at once and see who can last the longest staying conscious with the same reward given to the victor and hunger to the losers.This can be a contest on local to regional to global levels every year.Using it as a means of torture to enemy detainees as an non lethal alternative to waterboarding and other methods of torture that could cause death or brain damage and paralysis would obviously have to be debated and legalised since it should only be used for resisting torture not inducing it.Use of it as punishment for insubordination and the aforementioned crimes/infractions(such as escaping) performed by inmates in jails based on the severity of the infraction can again be debated with it also being used as punishment for severe crimes handed down by the courts alongside jail sentences.Debate can also done as to whether arrows or darts used in crossbows and dart guns etc should be used as a means of incapacitating enemy combatants in war used by both drones and law enforcement personal(as well as present in GPS trackers as nanoparticles) or even hunting animals and bio-synths in this case bacteria can be genetically altered to produce the poison on a commercial scale with these tipped by the poison.Further debate can be done if it can be applied a set number of times for criminals used as a part of punishment for severe crimes alongside a jail sentence as a deterrence.Furthermore athletes in the Olympics and all types of professional sports(boxing,football,wrestling,soccer etc.) including bodybuilders and even stuntmen and actors may want to use the ritual in order to improve physical and pain endurance.

•*Purposeful restriction of dietary intake as practised by the Spartans to make them accustomed to hunger in battle and on the field as well as other methods such as sleep deprivation and sensory deprivations to improve mental acuity and ability to counter enemy torture etc as well as build physically lean individuals.Blood soup that is small bits of pork with pork blood will be fed during this similar as to what was fed to trainees in ancient times.This would encourage them to steal food without being caught with punishment being application of the bullet ant trial.This would be done outside of foraging exercises inside compounds with it possibly done within communities,barracks,homes etc with them avoiding CCTV cameras,citizens,personnel,other trainees and security drones.This would also be done in VR simulations.If possible the would be fed only the same blood soup and bare minimum as in ancient times during this time in limited amounts.Being caught would result in the bullet ant trial.It done in wilderness bases may involve the trainee having to hunt and kill live animals for food.The purpose is to make them stealthy and creative in foraging food n the battlefield.Augmentations and ageing treatments that allow one to survive long periods of time without food and prevent hunger such as xerophile,oligotrophic and Firmicutes and endolith DNA will be removed from trainees during both phases of training to ensure they are in dire need of nutrition and also food for survival and to encourage them to partake in this with this practiced in both phases.Failure would involve application of the biker any trial,being whipped/flogged and further dietary restriction.

•*The infamous “grab for the cheese” test from Ancient Sparta wherein one team of trainees must steal food in a central room or amphitheater etc under the influence of hunger while avoiding whipping and flagellation from another team whose goal is to prevent them grabbing the cheese using a whip.These teams can be mixed gender,males verseus male,female versus female or male verses female but both sides should be switched around allowing one team to play a different role each time opposite the team they have faced of dominant and dominated to be reversed routinely.Solo versions wherein one person is on each team can also be done with again with it being two males,two females or one male and one female with the roles reversed for those involved to shift around roles of dominant and dominated.There will also be group versions where the two teams consist of groups of people.The thief or thieves will be marked on how well they evade hits and thus how little times they are hit as well as how many pieces of food they steal while the whipper will be marked on how many times they manage to hit the other trainee and how many remaining pieces of food are left.In time VR versions will allow for more intensive versions of this “grab the cheese” practiced by Ancient Spartans event.VR versions of the Diamastigosis practiced in Ancient times as part of the Agoge will be practiced wherein they are purposefully flogged and whipped with whips both with or without barbs and steel flails once tied to a column with their backs or fronts are facing outwards with them switched to both sides and also while walking in circles by several mentors to see who lasts the longest without passing out with real real pain sensations in a virtual fully renovated replica of Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia that fills with their blood without harming the trainee in the real world.This can be a contest on local to regional to global levels every year

•**Also there would be the revitalisation of walkabout rituals from aboriginal tribes wherein trainees as individuals are marooned in isolated wilderness such as forests,mountain foothills and wilderness,tundra,arctic wilderness,deserts,islands,swamps and jungles of the mentorees choice(including those on other planets once interstellar travel is achieved) for extended periods of time ranging from at least a minimum of six months to a full year(again with trainees oblivious as to the nature of the exercise or drugged and dropped in the area) with limited supplies and force them rely on creativity to create shelter and sources food from the wild from scratch including fish,fruit and also bugs etc.Trees and crops gown in a permaculture fashion in the area could be engineered not to produce crops during this period via shutting off genes while biocompatible microbes,gene therapy etc will heal wounds and counteract infections – with the trainee educated on any dangerous plants and animals that could cause poisoning or hallucinogens that could potentially lead to death via accidents and also techniques to ensure survival these could be given at the outset.They will be educated on tips on how to survive the environment ie in jungles cover their body in mud to preventing mosquitoes biting and how to survive the heat,climate,cold etc and also how to deal with injuries and being bitten or eaten a poisonous plant and animal as well as educated how capture clean water and avoid drinking dirty water that could contain parasites and pathogens etc.VR simulations of the area they will be in will allow the mentor to show them key geographic locations and also show them which plants and animals are poisonous and dangerous and which would be a good source of nutrition to hunt for and scavenge with the trainee in the months prior to it given extensive classes to educate them on the skills need to survive,the topography of the terrain,plants and animals to avoid and those to search for food and how to catch and hunt them,climate,weather,how to construct shelter from scratch and hunt food etc and how to avoid death and injury with these using the time dilation effect allowing one to get extensive education on the specific ecosystem they will be living in for the next 6-12 months to ensure their survival with VR and real world training can be used prior to the actual walkabout to educate them on how fashion shelter from scratch and how to catch fish in rivers etc and catch wild animals in the wilderness.The walkabout must be replicated to that practiced by Abroiginals in ancient times and would mean tents,sleeping bags and modern camping equipment from the outside world not constructed by the trainee or any forms of telecommunications and modern technology that tell the time cannot be used by the trainees meaning they must secure and fashion their own sleeping conditions at night with the mamorigatana sword used to hunt,kill and eat animal prey and plants for food.Trainees will be allowed to and in fact encouraged to construct their own bedding and shelter in the form of small huts etc with them educated on how to create their own shelter such as huts,tents etc created by mud,soil,clay,branches,stones and rocks etc in each environment.The trainee can only use shelter and bedding that is created by them made from scratch from the resources naturally present in the wilderness area chosen meaning any bedding,blankets and shelter from the elements such as huts,tents etc must be made from scratch using reeds,trees,bushes and plant material,rocks and stones and if possible animal skins and hides from killed animals.Thus the only bedding,blankets and shelter such as huts,tents etc that the trainee can use are those that they themselves created using mud,clay,stones,animal skins,reeds,branches etc with upon completion the huts and tents must be destroyed to prevent them being used by other trainees who they must then create their own new tents,huts and bedding from scratch.Smartphones and similar technologies that allow one to communicate with the outside world are to be banned.The trainee must be restricted to the same technology that was used in ancient times by Austrailian Aboriginal inductees.In other words the trainee must only have their clothes on them with no supplies or modern technology with the mamorigatana sword allowed to fashion shelter but also used to hunt,kill and eat animals that are safe to eat.Trainess if clothing is damaged will be required to create extra clothing from animal skins they gain from killing animals and will have biocompatible microbes kept only to deal with severe injuries and infections that would cause coma or death with immunities to poisonous animals also added to ones genome.If possible augmentations that keep on from getting hungry and survive without food such as xerophile,oligotrophic,endolith and Firmicutes DNA may all be removed or some of them removed.Biosynth implants and smart clothing will be allowed to allow for the trainees GPS location and vital signs to be determined 24/7 to ensure they are within the boundaries of the widlerness to prevent them encroaching into civilisation as a cop out and any instances involving them forced to return with if possible armed personnel present at equidistant points to act as scouts and to ensure that vital signs are within normal ranges and allow them to be rescues in extreme emergencies.Group walkabouts involving two to ten trainees could be arranged depending on the availability of wilderness areas and number of trainees at a given time reaching their age of which they are required to do this but this should be avoided as much as possible with them organised in same gender groups but if this occurs then each member in these must repeat this alone by themselves by the time they are registered.This exercise mandatory to all trainees would also be done to train personnel into maintaining civil,ethical and moral standards and versatility in times of duress and extreme conditions such as scarcity of resources and measuring their ability to acclimatise to different harsh environments such as deserts(hot and cold either in the wild or in water.) especially when in war zones etc in jungles,deserts etc with implants measuring body temperature, vital signs GPS location.Mentors,Athena and training boards monitoring and recording remotely with cameras dotted in key areas around the area(or mobile robotic bio-synth animals allowing for monitoring of individuals throughout the area with metamaterials eventually making them invisible).It will be monitored by at least two personnel – one male and one female and in time this will be done entirely by Perseus with all recordings done by humans monitored by it to prevent snooping on trainees when in vulnerable positions ie preventing them filming them when they are naked and thus distributing child pornography with any nudity blurred out automatically.In the case of emergencies being the only technologies available to trainees are these implants and smart clothing that measure vital signs such as heart rate,blood pressure and temperature etc and GPS location 24/7 in the case of emergencies with medical emergency centres located on the outskirts of the area on land or sea in case accidents or the potential for death or coma can occur.Their GPS location determined by implants will allow them to be rescued in extreme dangers as well as ensure they are within the boundaries of wilderness and dont stray into civilisation.If an emergency occurs then the trainee must return after hospitalisation to finish it for the remaining period of the time left ie if an accident occurs 100 days in then they must return and complete 82 days either before reaching their sixteenth birthday or registration if not possible.If they have finished six months they can leave and be collected or stay for any amount of time for another six months.Both vital signs measured in smart clothing/implants and live audio visual recordings from cameras and drones/robots can also be viewed by mentors,training boards and legal guardians with contact only permitted once the walkabout has finished and the area must be cornered off from tourists,native tribe or outsiders and in an sizeable area not inhabited by native tribes in the case of jungles etc.These areas cornered off from the outside world during this period.VR technology will allow the areas to closed off to tourists and hikers as they can visit national parks and other wilderness areas in simulations much safer to them.Bio synths will monitor all parts of the area and the movement of the trainee to prevent them interacting with tourists,natives etc with implants relaying ones GPS location to determine infractions with trainees who leave boundries will be put before a court to explain themselves with unless sufficient reasoning is given will be given the bullet ant trial and forced to finished their walkabout from the start.The fact that all agricultural land etc worldwide will be reforested as far back as possible that will connect to existing wilderness areas and even forests used for forests converted into permenant woodland due to synthetic wood will allow for this providing large sizeable areas of wilderness to be used with highways and roads in deserts and other areas moved underground and reforested to prevent vehicles interacting with them.Furthermore there are many uninhabited islands across the world.Trainess will be transported to countries across the world to carry out walkabouts in wilderness areas across the world and eventually universe when a wilderness area is selected.Wilderness areas in other colonies such as Mars,Venus,terraformed and colonised planets across the universe,artificial planets,ring worlds,dyson shells,alderson discs will be used.In time even VR walkabouts done especially when multiple trainees are doing walkabouts in recreations of known wilderness with no civilisation ie towns cities etc that are a complete recreation of Earth or other planets with no human settlements with all known original jungles etc reforested with programmed or random weather patterns and animals of their normal AI level can be done and as stated earlier deserts,jungles,tundra and forests on other planets that are either settled or not can be used should there be limited places on Earth.Otherwise they could include a complete recreation of Earth that is abandoned and in ruins.Trainees doing VR walkabouts will have all knowledge of them taking part in it suppressed by AI meaning they will enter a simulation without knowing they are entering a walkabout simulation to make strategies etc realistic.All of these will include realistic complex weather patterns and also animals with both known environements on Earth used or even fictional ones.VR technology would be used in cases where too many walkabouts are taking place at once with them taking place in any environment – tundra,rainforest,woodland,jungle,meadows,deserts and alien landscapes or even a complete recreation of Earth in ruins or without human settlements without the trainees knowledge of it being a simulation being supressed.These would only be done when there are too many trainees doing it with the trainee put into it without knowing it is a simulation with them required to do a real one later on before finishing training or even after registration with the time dilation effect potentially allowing one to have walkabouts that last 6-12 months or even several years to the trainee but mere minutes pass in the real world.Thus VR walkabouts can be used wherein the trainee is dropped in a wilderness area without knowledge of it being a simulation on a planet sized arena that is a replica of Earth or other colonies that can have all signs of civilisation removed and be nothing but wilderness with also the option where they must survive in a replica of Earth with all towns,villages and civilisation present but abandoned and in decay.During this exercise other exercises can be mixed in by the mentor with it left for the the trainee to determine the nature of the exercises.To add difficulty to this the trainee may also have to take care of an tame animal such as a kitten,puppy,goat or lamb during the entirety of it to measure their ability to take care of a civilian or innocent in war in conditions where resources are scarce.The exercise mandatory to all trainees should take place ideally between the ages of 10 to 18 meaning it could occur during the first phase with its completion needed for registration.The start date,end date,readings from implants and audio visual recordings will be stored in ones digital file alongside a marking of where they they travelled over the course of the period on a map of the area visible as both timelpase and even a still.Ideally this would not involve VR technology and neural implants especially when new colonies across the galaxy are set up.The start and end date of the walkabout will be set up as a calendar in their trainee file and a countdown in months,days,weeks,hours,minutes and seconds visible to Perseus,mentors and next of kin.The purpose of this mandatory exercise will be train trainees to be able to survive on the battlefield etc with limited resources.Augmentations such as acellerated healing,the ability to withstand different temperature ranges and ability to go extended periods without food and water will be possibly removed for real life versions but certainly for VR versions.

•**Other methods of training from historical cultures could be traditional inuit/maasai/native american,forest and jungle hunting trips on wilderness areas such as in the arctic wilderness to again acclimatise to the weather using minimal technology.With regards to endangered species these can be replaced robotic bio-synths variants with varying levels of AI or VR versions depending on the skill level of the trainee or made similar to mythical creatures until populations rise and stabilise with conservation efforts employed as detailed later on and in time even VR programs could be utilised involving these and mythological animals and hunt animals that are endangered.Otherwise more abundant native species there or in more temperate regions would be used until endangered species numbers rise to sustainable populations with the Phanes method and multi birth programs used to keep populations stable by local conservationists even using DNA collected from dead animals with biosynth implants keeping track of populations.Animals such as Cervidae,Panthera leo,Pinnipeds,Ursus maritimus and Cetacea can be reared on nearby farms to increase populations using the Phanes method and released in controlled numbers to keep population stable but also increase them exponentially with even invasive species not native to that region hunted and again in time bio-synth versions hunted controlled by the national park AI.Trainees can go on hunting trips in any wilderness across the world such as jungles,the north and south poles,temperate forests and grasslands with them using not just modern day weapons such as sniper rifle and rifle but also primitive weapons of that culture ie bow and arrow as well as spears making them proficient in all weapons.These should be in done in all four seasons with VR versions also used allowing for the trainees to hunt any animal whether endangered or mythological without limiting numbers and also animal cruelty using the time dilation effect.Hunting trips involving real animals as well as bio synths equipped with metamaterials,octocamoflauge as detailed earlier on should be pursued.Trainees may also have to be able to chase,hunt and catch a small or medium sized mammal or lizard in the wild by their bare hand either let out of a cage ahead of them or them hunting them in the wilderness without modern technology and as stated earlier this will include fish in the rivers and coastal areas.Real life exercises would involve biosynth animals with VR versions involving more dangerous animals such as Bovidae,Ursidae,Equus ferus,Equus quagga,Hippopotamus amphibiu namely Puma concolor and Panthera tigris etc venomous species of Serpentes such as those from the family Viperidae and Ophiophagus hannah.To prevent animal cruelty their can be two options;VR hunting trips and also hunting trips in the real world involving biosynth animals with both options allowing for dangerous animals to be hunted alongside alien ones that don’t exist in the real world of varying levels of AI with this preventing animal cruelty.VR and biosynth versions would also allow on to put up against any mythological or cryptozoological monster.This would train the student in combat against animal,robotic and human combatants using whatever they could salvage depending on the situation especially in walkabouts.

Other rigorous coming of age rituals from other sentient races across the universe will be added to Agoge and adapted to humans with human based coming of age rituals adhered to and adapted to other sentient races

Cultural military training practices:
•*Extreme military exercises that are practised by specific countries or regions from around the world and eventually from sentient races across the universe will be practiced by all armies and military forces from around the world with extra safety precautions ie Hot Potatoe with live grenades would include the trainees wearing graphene and iron shaving armour as detailed later and also graphene visors to protect them with getting shot in the chest with real bullets involving the most powerful armour.VR versions of this will be used to carry out Hot Potatoe with grenades and other dangerous ones without the threat of death or serious injury.AI will determine which practices from around the world will be used and develop new ones with VR used to carry them out without fear of death or injury.All types of practices and exercises done by all armies and law enforcement personnel will be practised by Agoge trainees.

Other military practices used by sentient races across the universe will be integrated into this and adapted to humans with human based ones adhered to and adapted to other races across the universe

Culture Appreciation:
•The trainee could also spend a set amount of time living in isolated regions of the world living with tribal natives of a selected region such as Maasai,Quechua,Amish,Tibetean monks,Inuit,various amazonian and Native American Tribes for a set amount of time with no modern technology(or only at set intervals) and distractions but only immunisations towards any diseases present in the area as well as those from the trainees area given to prevent spread of disease in both directions.The purpose being to gain education and appreciation on non-western or developed cultures by adopting the same clothes, technology and religious/daily practices during this period(of course not those that are severe such as female genital mutilation and circumcision).

Psychological Training:
•**This would come in the form Phobos “psych tests”(named after the deity of fear) that force individuals to face their greatest fears and/or skeletons in their closet over a set period of time(minimum of 168 hours straight) in a manner that best does so organised by mentors(i.e. locked in room filled with real rats,snakes,insects,spiders for those that are afraid of those individual types of animals( individually or in a mixture for several hours,whole day or even week under hunger or with food routinely given and then restricted to induce hunger,in the dark or not – or flickering light or mixture of this in the case of the last three venomous versions of these could be genetically altered to remove their poison and thus ability to kill the trainee but still incite fear can be introduced like non venomous black widow and Brazilian wandering spiders,rattlesnakes(or bio synth versions of them) etc. the trainee would be given food but these rations would decrease in frequency to induce starvation and size forcing them to inevitably eat the object of their fear alive to survive),arachnophobia sufferers must be tied securely using carbyne or ideally graphene and other strong carbon composite ropes(other strong materials may be used if tests show that these materials are incapable of holding a weight similar to or above that of the trainee for about a week) and securing material to the side of a tall skyscrapers roof or the side of high bridge over a deep valley at a minimum height of 320 metres for the set amount of time and fed food and water intravenously,water and aquaphobia(forced to swim underwater and navigate through a series of submerged tunnels of cold,freezing or temperate temperatures and solve puzzles( placed in a room with holes in the floor to lead to water where food rations are dropped underwater in metal containers with it including timed doors to collect rations stored in underwater tunnels with only goggles and an air tank with a drone to help or draining of the water only in the rare case of possible death by drowning upon which it must be repeated),placed in the middle of room surrounded by fire that goes on and off for periods of time or another case of facing pyrophobia they are fitted with a protective suit,doused in flammable liquid and set alight and let the fire run out its course for as long as possible,cynophobes,ailurophobes and those that are afraid of Canis lupus(or other wild animals)can be placed in a room with a strong carbon fibre/diamond grating with a pen of either starved rottweilers,C.lupus and P.leo or P.tigris or their feared animals etc.(who are all fed during the period the most minimal of food to the point of starvation) under the grating under them for the perquisite set amount of time again in the dark or in flickering light or full light(or mixture of these) while the trainee is covered in a smell of the animals favourite food(or animal blood),melissophobes and spheksophobes must be in a room for the time limit with an actual nest of these in all walls/the roof/floor separated from them by a sheet of unbreakable glass(with graphene in its matrix to make it shatterproof)with as many of the insects visible and audible as possible(in time bio-synth versions of these can be released into the same room as them),buried six feet under in a coffin with air pumped in and carbon dioxide out through a series of small holes or nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide to test taphophobia and claustrophobia with miniature cameras fitted with night vision allowing mentors to monitor them(with water fed in intravenously),face homophobia or faux death and funeral of a loved one(with bio synth body replacing corpse and relatives and others acting along),faux terminal illness,face childhood or adult abuser in person or in hologram,VR or even bio-synth form with neural implants playing a role,robotic/bio-synth versions of childhood fears chasing or stalking them ie.VR simulations can allow for more intense Phobos tests wherein AI through neural implants can determine ones fears and create simulations based in them.Monsters,cryptozoological creatures or childhood abuser and bully in a underground maze/tunnel/catacomb system,in the streets at home(similar to Bellerophon and Chimera) which can be repeated to measure their progress with smart clothing measure heart rate they must physically defeat or kill ideally with bare hands and any weapons of choice found.In time VR simulations will allow for more intensive and gruelling psych tests to be carried with sensations of pain,drowning,smoke inhalation etc. without death or injury to be induced and allow for it to take place in the case of the Chimera based ones take place in a maze within their own mind within a VR programme that is an infinitely large maze of buildings and places they have visited throughout their lifetime ie those in communities,childhood homes,those of friends,public buildings and communal homes they have visited,subways and other interiors they have been to in the real world and VR simulations and even those from movies,literature,YouTube videos,paintings and video games they have seen or played including those related to their fear as well as tunnels,catacombs,mazes added into this huge maze with rooms changing location overtime using VR once it becomes indistinguishable from reality with even past dreams and random sounds they have heard and smells/tastes/sensations they have felt in the past including music included at certain points.Memories of events from both a third and first person perspective related to ones fear may also be included alongside dreams from the past with even outside areas like wilderness areas and streets in towns and cities they have visited also present with doors on buildings,alleyways or even caves or mines and buildings in the middle of nowhere that inevitably lead back to their “home” with day and night cycles following that of the seven weeks they spend in it or alternating between different locations.Doors and passageway indoors and outdoors would lead to all other areas randomly with the monster having to be killed within the limit or the trainees will be forced to start over again.Thus the “monster” which can be a literal monster they fear from mythology,media and stories or a monster in the form of a childhood bully or abusive parent etc will pursue them in a literal maze within their own mind until it is killed by whatever means possible with this technique used for other exercises.Rather than being the map being planet etc sized it will be an infinite sized sprawling map that shifts from one environment to the next managed by Phobos etc.For areas not seen in real life would automatically lead to other ones.Otherwise abandoned buildings of all types ie shopping malls,mansions,hotels etc from Daedalus can be used again shifting from one environment to the next.Other VR tests would involve the trainee undergoing events that occurred to them or others or occurred in media that scarred them with a twist such as undergoing surgery without anaesthesia,undergoing severe injuries or terminal illness.Fears would be determined by assessments by psychiatrists,Phobos,Gaia and also in as stated in time neural implants.Neural implants will allow Phobos to scan their memories and determine their inner list fears to them design a new exercisebasdd on it.VR technology indistinguishable to reality can allow for more intensive and fantasical Phobos tests not possible in the real world that have no chance of death or injury with neural implants able to determine ones deepest and darkest fears.The sentient AI Phobos will manage and determine their fears through neural implants.These tests must as creative,poetic,ironic and more importantly intense as possible to allow a trainee to overcome and master the most basic and innate human emotions making them fearless on the battlefield and willing to encounter any problem,operation,capture or torture they may face without fear.They can be integrated into any future single or group exercises in VR simulations and deathmatch etc by the AI Deimos including a second test that makes them face their fear in a creative way.This will be done measure the trainees mastery of their fears with the psych test repeated at least once before registration until they have mastered their fear all managed by the AI Deimos alongside other AI and mentors.This exercise will be mandatory to all trainees with them completed between 12-23 and will be done to make trainees through overcoming their fears become fearless in the battlefield thus more willing to put themselves in danger and take risks to solve a problem,finish an operation or navigate the battlefield.

•*Furthermore structured humiliation,bullying,intimidation and sexual teasing from multiple trainees and/or registered personnel(including ones mentors) or even civilians of the opposite sex with LGBT trainees being sexually teased and bullied etc. by those of the same sex during sleep deprivation,bullet ant glove trials,meditation,combat training,physical exercises such as hiking and weight training as well as in public to improve mental and emotional training as well as restraint and discipline which should be carried throughout the entirety of this mentorship period from start to finish.Females will sexually tease and also insult and make fun off male trainees and vice versa with males sexually teasing and mocking female trainees with LGBT Trainess sexually teased and mocked by both trainees of their own sex including other LGBT trainees and even straight trainees of the same gender.This should also be done to test their ability to deal with defeat and physical and emotional manipulation and the feeling of powerlessness when compromised by enemy combatants and retain stoicism and restraint again by the same individuals sexually teasing and humiliating them.Sexual teasing and bullying can be done separately or at the same to to enhance its effect.”Weaker” and less disciplined trainees should be given extra more intense bullying,teasing and humiliation to build character and discipline.The trainee must inevitability be able to practice stoicism as a result of this at the point they reach registration.Punishment for trainees who fail this would include bullet ant trial or further dietary restriction as well as other more sever punishments.Trainees will undergo structures humiliation by mentors,AI and third party individuals to break them down

•*Buddhist meditation in particular tummo alongside psychonautics to induce mental acuity and increase physical strength and also spiritual strength.It will also increase their physical limits in athletics and holding ones breath under water.

•Another one could be the looped hell scenario wherein the trainee is hooked up to VR where they must undergo the same exercise over and over again with increasing levels of difficulty and intensity.A real world version would be to have them drugged dropped into a compound to escape from drones guards and then have them drugged and then placed in the same place again with the process repeated again and again(with increasing difficulty each time as before and food restricted even more each time) until the the trainee has reached their mental limits the purpose being to test their ability to resist insanity as well test what is the exact limit upon which they give up due to physical and mental strains.

•Other tests could be mock captures where the student(s) is the victim of a mock kidnapping or isolation wherein their ability to withstand duress in situations where they may be kidnapped and interrogated again with out their knowledge of it being a simulation in real world and/or with integration of VR with drugging occurring and hooking them up to machine and subject to sleep deprivation,hunger and other aforementioned physical and emotional stressors.The trainee can be put in for a set amount of time,if they are drugged and placed in their cell,be the victim of faux kidnapping or be put in their for what they believe to be a short time say a month but in fact left there for double or triple that amount of time to further push them them to their limits with puzzles given regularly alternating from extremely easy to extremely hard to test their ability to retain sanity and perform normally under duress with food given at regular intervals but also restricted at times or not given at all.Simple entertainment in form of a maze or running wheel used by mice or others could be given alongside other items and methods of “torture” to stimulate paranoia.The trainee must have no devices that tell the time or date during the incarceration – no watches or electronics or even windows in the room(s) with food and water given in limited amounts during this time.Audio torture(loud annoying sounds) and LED incantation may also be applied alongside visual torture.This may also be a duel psych test exam for monophobhics.If possible they may be put into situations where they must creativity to use their surroundings and items etc to escape similar to Mcgyver.Both real world and VR simulations could be singular or group exercises to measure the individuals or groups ability to withstand mental and physical abuse and in the case of group exercises test their ability to resist the ability to “rat out” or turn on each other on each other especially if other trainees,civilians and registered personnel are those that have bad blood with each other(or have prejudices towards each other) are involved and/or where falsehoods are purposefully implanted to encourage dissent and measure their ability to maintain civility.Sensory suits and implants could simulate sensations experienced by torture to determine their ability to resist interrogation and situations under duress and isolation through the inducing of pain and simulating torture such as waterboarding,electric shock,burning sensations etc.In the “real world” this could include purposeful restriction of food to the trainee(s) and alteration of the environmental factors i.e. temperature of the cell to further push their mental limits and breaking points.Mild hallucinogens and psychoactive agents could also be applied to test their capacity to stay sane via drugged food to affect their ability to determine between reality and fiction(falsehood and truth) under duress or non duress.No sharp or blunt objects should be present inside or on the trainees person or anything that could accommodate suicide by hanging used to injure themselves or others with psych evaluations carried out after the test.This could also be carried out alongside meditation in order to induce psychonautics or altered states of reality and increase spirituality.Genetic and blood tests could be used before hand to test the safest levels and type of hallucinogen for each trainee natural or synthetic.

Self Control & Discipline:
•*Again mock sexual advances on both mentors and students will be monitored by police and army boards in order to measure the discipline and eligibility of both mentors and students to practice self restraint with regards to relationships with superiors/students and colleagues results of these trials put in their relevant files and assessments once they finish training.Punishment for trainees will be the bullet ant trial.

•VR Gladiator Battles where the trainee must battle animals that are real,or based on animals and monsters from horor/sci-fi/fantasy/video games or mythical ones(lion,P.tigris,Alligatoridae, chimera,Lernaean Hydra,xenomorph,SCPs or Krakens and Selachimorpha in underwater examinations or even shapeshifters made of shape memory alloys that change into different ones.) of various levels of AI and strength in a caged area without weapons or with swords and daggers to test their ability to deal with the unpredictability.Difficulty levels could also include type of weapon,size and number of robotic animals versus one or multiple trainees and whether the bio-synth(s) have access to metamaterial invisibility cloaks.VR versions of this could also exist allowing any cryptozoological or mythological creature to be fought against.The trainee would also expected to tame real wild animals such as horses or domesticated versions that are intentionally agitated or scared again.This would be to test ones ability to both conquer nature but at the same time respecting its power over man.In time VR versions of this will exist involving trainees against each other and also animals.Chariot races could also be done in VR.

•*Group training exercises could be integrated into this method of training such as VR versions of Koushun Takami’s Battle Royale,gladiatorial battles(as mentioned above) and Hunger Games(these three could be streamed on live television or online every year(first trainees would be against each other,while at the same time registered personal would be against each other with possibilities of having after these two are done having a third tournament of these involving trainees versus registered personal) on local,regional,national,continental and global tournaments scales to incite healthy competition between trainees and registered personnel) with VR animals of varying levels of AI playing a role here against all people involved with them modelled after real animals or imaginary from video games and sci-fi/horror movies such as those from mythology i.e. (Dragons,xenomorphs,SCPs,centaurs,krakens,chimeras,Lernaean Hydra,shapeshifters and other mythological creatures etc,) and other monsters and animals from media and scratch with the restrictions of resources controlled by training boards as well as being monitoring the exercises to determine not only their efficacy of trainees as soldiers but also to train them for accustoming them to hunger and other environmental and physical stresses,dealing with wildlife and maintaining civil,ethical and moral standards under extreme pressures.This could be used to test ones methods and ability to win at all costs.In time as stated advances in VR technology used with neural implants will allow for more intensive versions but non lethal of these Hunger Games and Battle Royale to be carried out and viewed by audiences with the pain sensations from wounds being intense and “death” of participants being permanent for that season especially if indistinguishable from reality with them being either local to global versions or all in one involving all trainees worldwide.VR versions will allow for not just islands but entire cities and other environments and locations from mythology etc with a wide variety of monsters with death being permanent for that season with them livestreamed and stored in Pheme.This would allow both versions to have participants from around the world in larger settings the size of cities or even continents on its own planet with gladiatorial battles involving trainees against each other and also animals of all types.In both cases varied weapons would be used including guns,projectiles, hand to hand weapons with their being a finite amount of ammo with virtual weapons in the case of real world versions utilising holo lens.Both Hunger Games and Battle Royale as well as gladiatorial battles can be viewed by the public as well as following the same rules laid down by them.These would as stated be tournaments on local to global levels or even full global versions involving all trainees from around the world on a large island,city etcThey can be set in any environment such as islands,temples,compounds,wilderness such as mountain ranges,forests,jungles and even cities etc in city,country,continent and planet sized environments or even galaxy and universe sized arenas and during spring,summer,autumn and winter including snowstorms,rainy weather etc.

•Tournaments in all weapons,fighting and dancing styles will be done on local to global levels in VR and real world settings.

•Drag races can be done in VR settings with varying vehicles  ie police vehicles or those of the trainees choice.These would not only involve reaching an end point but also including taking out opponents by driving them off the road etc and can take place in wilderness or cities with or without traffic consisting of AI civilians.Other versions can involve speedboats in the ocean and in the air with drag races also fighter jets with these having the ability to take out opponents with missiles etc.In time flying vehicles and interstellar vehicles can be used in drag racing

Group Exercises:
•Marooning trainee(s) in a compound and/or building or even wilderness filled with puzzles(including) and robotic monsters,bio-synths and/or robotic humanoids with limited first aid kits and weapons/ammo or VR simulations similar to horror movies and survival horror video games such as Cube series,Cabin in The Woods,Alien,Aliens,Predator,the Saw series,cliche horror/sci-fi movie and video game scenarios such as original Friday the 13th/Scream or virtual and mock recreations of real life terrorist attacks ie. 2011 Utoya massacre where they are “picked off one by one” figuratively to test their ability to survive in isolated areas and collaborate to survive.Exercises can be modelled of video games,movies and television shows such as Night of the Living Dead,Dawn of the Dead,Day of the Dead,28 days later,The Last of Us,Resident Evil,Fallout,Mad Max,The Walking Dead,Alien,Aliens,The Road,The Book of Eli and similar media.They may take part in zombie outbreaks,pandemics of contagious diseases and alien invasions and abductions as civilians and military personnel in cities,towns that last years to the users to make them skilled at survival in such an environment with both slow and fast zombies with alien invasions also used.Civilisational collapse as a result of viral outbreaks,AI revolts,nuclear bombings and fallout,natural disasters including asteroid impacts or supervolcanic eruptions,alien invasions,zombie outbreaks etc where they must fend off the elements,animals,monsters,aliens,zombies as well as other humans as well as deal with limited supplies,fending off attacks from animals,zombies,monsters and also other humans stealing their supplies with them split into both groups and by themselves at the start where they can either choose to work together or fight each other for resources and territories with AI taking the role of other groups and single individuals of humans who are either aiming to work together with them or steal supplies and territories with basic supplies and attempt to rebuild society such as agriculture,trade,energy,infrastructure from scratch should be practised and them assessed on the end result.These will take place on replicas of Earth and other colonies in complete state of abandonment with entire cities completely decrepit,them navigating them and wilderness for supplies and food etc and them trying to deal with rebuilding society on a local to global scale while dealing with the elements,feral and wild animals and also zombies,monsters etc and avoid infection and death.They will start the exercises at the begging of the collapse ie start of zombie or viral outbreak or nuclear holocaust and then deal with having to escape to safety and start civilisation from scratch fighting off zombies,infection and mutants and radiation as well as wild animals etc with the end goal being having rebuilt a functioning civilisation where the root cause is solved.They will be given in simulation goals that requires them to travers large sections of wilderness and abandoned cities such as make contact with other communities composed of AI and/or other trainees,gain supplies,restart power plants,rescue lost individuals all while fending off the elements,zombies,wild animals,monsters etc.This will train them in extreme conditions that could occur with trainees playing the role of civilians,government and law and military personnel.This will have given the goal to rebuild civilisation while fighting off alien,monsters,zombies,AI controlled robots and also nuclear radiation.This will give them the ability to survive real life operations where supplies are limited and the must rebuild society.Versions of The Monsters Are on Maple Street can also be done.This Maple Street exercise can be done in VR isolated compounds and buildings or in communities set up to house trainees from around the world like VR towns(like other group exercises this would be organised and monitored by the mentors of all involved)and can also be carried out especially as VR versions with the simulations recorded for analysis and the memory erased if possible from those who involuntary participate.These VR versions can involve members of the public from whole towns,cities or even countries in multiple countries taking place at once using the time dilation effect and also used for studies by Perseus,law enforcement and military personnel as well as psychologists,Iaso etc with if possible the memory of them taking place deleted or taking the form of a dream.Members of the public may also unknowing take part in other simulations such as those based on terrorists attacks and those based on horror movies for their co-operation in the simulation alongside trainees but also their own actions to be analysed.Ideally with the trainee(s) not knowing the nature of the simulation being real or not and entering it unwillingly would be key for example being stalked by a bio-synth animal/monster or registered personnel using invisibility cloaks while on a camping or hiking trip in the woods or jungle at night with neural implants playing a role in instigating hallucinations including sounds.This would be done to test their ability to navigate these areas and puzzles testing mental acuity and concentration while fighting off enemy combatants and traps in confined isolated spaces with limited resources.Both real world and VR simulations of this could exist with an item needed to be found or have them escape in a pre determined route with food,keys and keycards hidden around the way leading to supplies and exits and routes out.Advances in VR will allow for these aforementioned trials and exercises to be more realistic once the technology is sufficiently advanced especially if the trainee is hooked up without knowledge of being so even if their conscious memories of their real identity and memories of fictional versions is suppressed during the exercise and unsupressed when the exercise ends to test their innate strategies and abilities with different variations of these created.This will allow potentially dangerous and fatal exercises to be carried out without fear of actual death.Planet or even galaxy sized arenas will be utilised.

•Group exercises where several trainees from different cultures,faiths, countries and ethnic background,orientations(or those that have bad blood between each other) must collaborate with each other to escape an area where they must reconcile differences to escape while under the influence of a slow acting non-lethal sedative release by an implant and they must each find a key through trials designed for each ones fears(individual or combined) all required to open a door at once.False stories and rumours about other trainees can be planted in the simulation in the case of strangers or even those that know each other(this can be incorporated into other group exercises).If they fail to do so when most or all succumb to the sedative and pass out then they fail.They will be measured on how many make it out,the time taken and strategies.The purpose being to test ones ability to collaborate,face ones fears and past despite differences and personal grievances,morals and prejudices.Difficult versions could include more extreme environments,lies and more difficult puzzles,faster acting sedatives on larger amounts of participants also exercises could be organised to have one group member intentionally compromised and but in difficult or possibly life threatening situation by mentors based on bad relations or prejudices with other trainee(s) to teach the same lesson.Non lethal versions of the tests/traps from this series can be utilised to test how far one will go to preserve their lives and face up to past mistakes and fears as well.Robotics similar to those that replace cadavers and human test patients can be used in these trials.

•Mazes and labyrinths again could include more larger complex and intricate mazes with traps,puzzles and timed switches pitting them against either drone(s) and other trainees again under of influence of sleep deprivation and hunger and in time with advancements in physics will be modelled after the Portal series.Group exercises whether VR training or real world mock training and field trips hiking,rock climbing can group by those of similar age or mixed age groups or even mixed or single genders.

Mentors of all trainees can merge exercise together with those of other trainees.Group exercises can be either competitive or cooperative with trainees working with trainees and mentors of both genders and different ages and registered personnel from the local,region,country or even from around the globe and can take place in both phases and can be real world and VR ones.VR simulations,linked augmented reality missions and games fighting against augmented reality combatants with sensor suits and deathmatch
using the wire and internet can allow for simulations involving trainees,registered personnel and even artificial intelligence and bio-synths from around the world.VR technology,sensors suits and consoles etc for group exercises and combative games to be played from the comfort of their home or current town city they are in with servers within Athena facilitate separate from server in Dionysus to serve multiplayer games for the public.Thus there can be either solo VR exercises or group VR exercises involving Agoge trainees from across the world including those from the same trainee facilities to compete against each other or work together in different roles.

•Hacking simulations or stealing of physical evidence involving stealth and infiltration of a compound and/or on a device at home or in the compound(the method chosen by the trainee to prove resourcefulness or creativity) wherein the trainee must hack into a fake government site/network or section of the wire(or plant an untraceable virus ideally designed by them) in a time limit retrieve fake classified data and leave no trace of their intrusion without them knowing it was fake in a whistle blowing exercise.This would be to test ones ability to use ones mental and intellectual capabilities in times of duress while exhibiting stress.It would also test ones ability and willingness to challenge authority and thus ensure loyalty to the populace they serve when it is needed as well as morally and ethically warranted with falsehoods and fake abuse and corruption fed into the trainee(s).It would also be done to teach the virtue that one must not become blinded by corruption etc and thus turn ones back on the public they serve.

•Variants of this lesson could be integrated into other exercises that test ones ability and willingness to challenge personal loyalty friendships such as with friends,relatives,colleagues and mentors in order to be loyal to ones convictions and serving ones citizens at the expense of loyalty to those close to them.This could be also incorporated into the bomb disposal test and other tests as a puzzle with different variations.Other variations may teach them to sacrifice their roles as law enforcement etc when the safety of citizens is at stake.

This can also include VR simulations variations of them inducted as Crypteia to spy on enemy groups and even members of the public suspected of performing illegal acts and killing versions of Helots in these simulations

Research & Computer Skills:
Also included in their training will be as much independent research into that relevant fields i.e. criminology,forensics,military studies,chemistry,weapons development etc.that they can do.*They may also have to study,investigate and/or solve at least one cold unsolved case from around the world with the database of cold cases in Athenas database allowing them to choose which one to solve.*They must be proficient in hacking,cyber investigations,bomb disposal and use of technology used in the field and also fluent in English at least one other language and eventually becoming a polygot.

*Denotes mandatory procedures and exercises that must be carried out by all trainees multiple times during the entirety of this training from beginning to end
**Denotes an exercise that would be mandatory for all trainees for the aforementioned obvious reasons ideally completed at least once by the time the trainee has finished puberty and at least before they have reached their 16th birthday or if not before registration with a trainee needing this to be registered in any field and must begin at least 10 years of age during their mentorship phase.They can then be repeated afterwords at the behest of the trainee
***These and other variants could be used as a final mandatory exercise at the end or near the end of the training ideally taking place without them knowing it taking place.

Contact with next of kin and legal guardians can be allowed for all times with notable exemptions for specific trials and exercises such as isolation,sensory deprivation and walkabouts.Also during this training trainees would be exempt from using microbes and possibly genetic engineering augmentations,hormones,cybernetics and implants that would artificially improve their abilities to allow the training to be a true test of their innate abilities and doing so could disbar them from training and serving.Some considerations can be debated with regards to essential ones that ensure survival and correct fatal congenital defects that will be noted in their file alongside implants that measure vital signs and GPS location.It willl be up to both Perseus and human mentors as to what augmentations may be allowed for certain exercises especially mandatory ones such as walkabouts,bullet any trial etc.Scores and results could be recorded in league tables for trainees and registered personnel around the world to compete against each other with regards to results of exercises(both group and singular as well as group competitions such as televised non-lethal versions of the Hunger Games,Battle Royale and gladiator battle leagues on a local,regional,national,continental and global scale).Each trainee should ideally have completed in each of these at least once before registration.Certain augmentations will be removed from trainees during the entirity of their training especially for mandatory exercises such as walkabouts,bullet ant trial,vision quests,foraging exercises,grab the cheese and also certain real world exercises with these including removing the acellerated healing phenotype,immunity to poisonous animals and plants,xerophile,emdolith,oligotrophic and Firmicutes DNA that allows one to survive extended periods longer than normal without water and food with them added back during intermediary periods such as when on holidays.VR simulations will have these augmentations not present at times to add realism as one can in simulation succumb to hunger,starvation,dehydration,pain and injury.They will however will be present during most of not all real world missions and operations.

Punishments for failure of certain exercises(notably the stealth ones)and unwarranted rebellious behaviour against the mentor would be decided by the mentor and include repeats of the bullet ant glove wearing,decreased dietary intake, removal of telecommunications (and thus communications with family etc.)and all modern technology for a set period.They will also be tired to a pole or column and then whipped and flogged repeatedly for a set period in the real world.All of these exercises/trials and even punishments would be recorded and monitored by AIs and training boards to ensure no sexual abuse(such as rape).More lenient or less psychologically intensive versions of these exercises could be adopted for training of trainees during their earlier training period before puberty to prepare them for them as early as possible especially group exercises following the same rules.Vital signs and GPS location during exercises and outside them can be determined via implants and their tanktop which will be smart clothing relayed to their patient file with it alerting Paean and Pemphredo to any abnormalities.

Trainees that perform rape,paedophilia,sexual abuse,purposeful murder of other trainees as well as civilians and registered personnel will be tried as adults and subject to harsh prison sentence alongside application of the bullet ant trial,public whipping and flagellation in the real world as well as being expelled permanently and having their desecrated tanktop hung on the hall of shame in the training facility they came from.Those that commit sex offences will be registered on the sex offenders registry ideally for life with their digital file also sent to a hall of shame within Athena where the crimes they committed and the punishment will be detailed.All minor infractions will also be logged.

Rankings and league tables for all solo,cooperative and competitive exercises in VR and real world situations and fighting,gymnastics,shooting ranges etc tournaments will promote healthy competition amongst trainees and registered personnel around the world forcing them to be in their best physical,intellectual and creative state with the ranking system beginning at the first phase of the Agoge training and stored in Athena visible to the public.Each individual obstacle courses will have rankings for Trainees to finish them the fastest with shooting ranges have rankings for scores and time taken to finish them.Deathmatch programmes and also hunger games and battle royals will have rankings.All of these will be measured on local to global levels within a global league table in Athena with trainees and registered personnell able to bring up their current rankings for each area.These will be constantly updated within Athena in the same network containing a database of all trainee and registered personnel with each persons ranking updated in their digital file.Competitions such as gladiatorial battles,fighting,weapon and also Battle Royal and Hunger Game battles will be streamed live as simulations into Pheme/Dionysus etc with them having cameras at key points or from the view of each contestant with in the case of fighting and weapon tournaments and gladiator battles will be multi layered simulations allowing countless people to attend them from home and will be in a variety of environments and would allow the combatants to die for that season.Again they must follow the same guidelines as detailed below.Unlike current models for getting into the military the ranking system will not omit personnel from staying in until registration.

VR technology indistinguishable from reality will play a key role in Agoge training by allowing mentors to create any type exercise and host classes for weapons,fighting styles etc and also death matches and other part of their training that are set in any environment of the mentors design planet,Galaxy or universe sized maps that have all wilderness and buildings exploreable and the populated by Independent AI with them in set in all types terrain and urban areas and also temples.compiunds etc during spring,summer,autumn and winter and different weather such as rain,snowstorms etc.Mentors will design these environments by pure thought using neural implants with AI such as Perseus,Nike,Homonia,Alke etc playing a role in designing them.The exercises designed by mentors and AI will include practice on fictional or historical sieges,kidnappings,military operations,wars,police and intelligence operations,attacks on home and allies etc fake enemies and combatants ie made up terrorist groups,cults,factions,splinter groups,gangs,criminal rings and groups,factions and in time warlike alien races or non sentient alien animals can be created by training bodies in order to facilitate an enemy for trainees to practice against without them knowing they are fake and made up to make their ability to train for real future threats more realistic with backstories or fake intelligence created to add realism.The use of VR technology will allow mentors and paidomonas in both phases to design exercises that consist of fictional law enforcement operations,fictional military operations and entire fictional wars,fictional navy operations and fictional intelligence gathering operations and even fictional infiltration and fictional assassination missions,fictional kidnappings thus giving trainees first hand experience in all fields of law enforcement,navy,assasination and military operations and entire wars giving them a well rounded education.Furthermore the time dilation effect wherein years,decades,thousands or millions of years or longer pass within a simulation while mere minutes pass in the real world will allow trainees to get decades,centuries,thousands of years or more of training meaning by the time they are registered at 23 they will have experience in par with someone retiring in their 60s or even have centuries,thousands or millions of years of training and service.It will also allow for them to master all weapons,fighting styles and gymnastics by the age of 23 or even 12.By the time one reaches the age of 23 they will have centuries or thousands of years of training in all fields of military and centuries of training in all types of weapons,fighting styles etc.All trainees through VR technology will be trained in taking part in fictional or real world wars,military operations,police and intelligence operations of all types that have goal to achieve with trainees assessed on how they achieved that goal with them given multiple ways to achieve that goal to allow for the trainee to be creative in achieving the goal and them thus allowing their unique approaches to be assessed with their being solo exercises where the trainee is by themselves or with AI or their will be group exercises where Trainess from around the world take part in the same exercise with the different trainees playing the role as fellow soldiers,civilians or enemy soldiers or enemy targets that must be taken out.In group exercises trainees can be given the role as an assassin that must take out another trainee who is a general etc.Since exercises will be in planet and galaxy etc sized maps then Trainess from across the world will be opposing sides bd how wars,military operations and police operations are won will be given large room for creativity with for example in a police operation exercise one trainee playing the role of a police officer,another trainee a criminal they must capture or kill and other trainers the collegues of either one.In those modelled on military operations Trainess from across the world will be playing opposing countries,factions and alien races at war with each other and when they win the conflict is up to the Trainess with all VR exercises overseen by AI and if possible mentors through neural implants that gives them omniscience to everything that goes on in them thus allowing them to asses the performance of Trainess.The size of simulations can be be planet to universe sized ones with as stated them designed to give an end goal but allow trainees room for creativity to achieve the goal in anyway possible thus giving them creativity and allow them to be able to approach them an almost infinite number of ways such as take different routes,different methods of killing a target or different methods of winning the conflict and also different options of killing,capturing or knocking out targets and enemies to allow their unique solutions etc to be assessed with the simulations stored in one’s digital file and logged in them in folders and subfolders.The exercises will be designed by pure thought by AI and humans etc using neural implants with them designing the size of the simulation,the terrain of planets,all buildings in cities etc and all vehicles present and the location of weapons etc and the nature and end goal of them with this giving mentors an almost infinite variety of the exercises limited only by their imagination.VR exercises can be grounded in reality and use historical or fictional wars etc as a baseline with them also integrating elements of science fiction such as aliens,zombies,interstellar and intergalactic and even interdimensional travel and elements of fantasy such as magic,zombies,demons,wizards ,witches,dragons etc with them based on existing media such as Star Trek,Silent Hill,Resident Evil,Stargate,Buffy,Charmed,Harry Potter and merge science fiction and magical elements.Exercises will take place in any environment imaginable created by AI abd humans using neural implants with this including replicas of Earth,completey alien worlds of different technological tiers including those set in civilisations similar to Ancient Greece,Medieval Europe those similar to Earth etc circa 1990-2030 and modern times and futuristic settings all with thousands or billions of human and alien NPCs and also animals abc real lifelike ecosystems and weather systems etc.They can be planet sized sets the size of Earth or those with galaxy and universe sized sets with billions of Earth sized planets.These exercises will be made to test each trainee’s individual strengths and weakeness with group exercises designed to have trainees working alongside or working against those they have racial,ethnic,homophobic etc prejudices against and those they have bad blood with is former ex boyfriend or child bully to test their ability to carry it exercises despite this.VR exercises completed by trainees will be stored in the Trainees digital file in Athena that can be viewed by AI and humans etc using neural implants that is then assessed by both AI namely Alexander,Perseus etc and mentors.Each exercises length will vary with some having a time limits of several hours,days,weeks etc to achieve the goal or others will have no time limit allowing them an almost infinite amount of time to finish them with in simulation accomadation such as hotels,homes etc used in between missions abc each stage of the mission etc with trainees assessing how fast and effect they achieve the goal.For example military training could involve a trainee doing singular military operations or them carrying out exercises that last several years or decades that involves them taking part in wars that lasts years or decades and involve dozens of military operations including rescuing hostages,civilians and politicians etc and capturing enemy territories and fighting off invading enemy fighters etc and them starting off with the staring point of a war or conflict snd them required to finish it it the most efficient way possible.They will be open ended with one’s unique actions leading to more “missions” that one will after killing or capturing a ringleader then have to deal with new ones popping up.Trainees will be assessed on how fast they completed the task,how efficient ie without being spotted,making a death looks like suicide,accidents etc,steps taken and whether it was wise to kill a target or subdue or capture them instead,and their ability to prevent civilian and allied troop deaths and injuries and how they achieved their goals in unique methods with the assessment of the exercises by AI and mentors stored as audio/visual logs in the digital file.Trainess will be given exercise that leave an almost infinite ways to finish them and them assessed on how they finished them with real world experience and training in all types of exercises will be practiced by trainees in both phases including the first phase before the age of 12 as early as 5-7 years old and in the second phase between the ages of 12-23.VR simulations wherein the trainees have no idea of it being real can make this more efficient.Mentors can design the exercises to be customised to address each trainees weaknesses and strengths.Exercises will be designed to have multiple if not an infinite amount of solutions and routes to the desired end goal thus encouraging the trainees to practice and utilise creativity,unique solutions and critical thinking to solve them and finish the goal thus allowing mentors to asses their performance with the exercises both group and solo as well as tournaments including the foraging exercises from both phases will be recorded by surveillance cameras,drones smart contact lenses and in time neural implants which will be recorded onto their digital file which can be uploaded onto the trainees digital file in Athena at the behest of trainees once edited ie the different camera angles,point of view from lenses etc edited.The simulation will be recorded into the Trainess digital file from the Trainess point of view with them overseen by Perseus who will allow for them to be recorded and viewed from any angle.The exercises will be stored in digital form as a audio/visual file and VR programme in the Trainess file allowing for Perseus,Alexander and mentors and paidomonas to view them with AI doing so by pure thought with humans using neural implants to view them in real time and condense long files into their brain within minutes or view them in VR simulations using its time dilation effect.Furthermore they can view them as VR programmes they enter and view from a third person or first person perspective and as files similar to those in YouTube.Human trainers can by having the exercises recorded from the point of view of Trainess etc will allow them to accurately asses them that can be viewed in VR simulations using the time dilation can copy their consciousness using neural implants onto computers and condense large amounts of exercises and then have the copied consciousness back into their brain using said implants to have large amounts of data input into their brain with them also streaming directly all data into their brain.Mentors will also use these options to condense all other VR training in gymnastics etc each deathmatch,gladiator battle,obstacle courses,a Hunger games etc event they take part and the Alexander VR programme into their brain and leave after each exercise in subfolders videos and written reviews that contain their personal analysis of each exercises etc in subfolders.Trainess digital files will contain all logged exercises as video files and VR programmes ordered into folders and subfolders.Maps and environments in exercises will ideally encourage trainees to utilise all skills learned in both phases.All VR programmes used for exercises will be stored in Athena to allow them to be used by all mentors to train there trainees and even making modifications suited to each trainee with these following the same evolutionary process as manufactured products in Hephaestus with the altered versions attired in subfolders with these alterations including alterations to the environment,location and type of enemies etc.VR programmes to house arenas for teaching weapons of all types such as guns,swords etc and also dancing styles,gymnastics,cheerleading,acrobatics,fighting styles etc and those for deathmatch events,obstacles and also gladiator,hunger games and battle royal events will be designed by AI and humans with an almost infinite variety of environments including alien and fantasy based ones and those not possible in the real world and size limited by their imagination.VR simulations to practice guns,acrobatics and other skills can include the same environment from VR exercises and also vice versa with environments used to train fighting etc styles etc used in exercises.VR programmes used to train for fighting styles etc and be planet,galaxy and universe sized sets with them housing accommodation in the form of hotels etc will be stored again in Athena with these subdivided by type snd subtype in folders etc with them also undergoing the same evolutionary processes.All training sessions for fighting etc styles and weapons and hunger games,gladiator events carried out by each trainer will be stored in their digital file.All VR exercises for exercises involving police and military operations will be designed to have Trainess will be encouraged to utilise stealth,gymnastics,swimming,cheerleading and acrobatics skills,tightrope and dance styles to be used to allow them to navigate environments in VR exercises using dexterity.They will also encourage to use all types of weapons and not just guns such as sniper rifles,assault rifles,handguns and also bow and arrows but also katanas,sai,meteor hammers etc and of course also Mellee combat.VR versions will utilise neural implants to input pain,adrenaline,temperature and pleasure sensations etc making them almost lifelike will become a reality within the coming decades by 2029.VR simulations will be generated by computers,servers in the wire and electronics etc of all types that input them into the biosynth neural implants connected to the central nervous system allowing them the Trainess to be at home in the residence of mentors while they are taking part in them and allow group exercises and training to occur with Trainess that live across the world.Then neural implants will be able to allow the Trainess feel tirdeness,hunger,pain,hot,cold etc realistically in response to what occurs in the simulations with advances that affect and stimulate the parts of the brain that manage temporal comprehension must be made to allow the trainee experience realistic exercises indistinguishable from reality that last weeks,months,years and in time decades or even centuries to the trainee but only mere minutes or hours pass in the real world with even exercises within exercises in multi layered VR and would apply to all VR training exercises.Exercises will be designed to take hours,days,weeks,months or years etc to be finished and completed with some having time limits while others will not have time limits.Military training will involve trainees taking part not only in single military operations but also macro exercises which are entire wars that take place over several years or decades involving trainees partaking in multiple military operations and battles with the exercise ending when the war is either won or lost.Death in a simulation would cause for one to restart it in the case of a solo exercise with for group exercises them sent to another exercise and their performance for that exercise evaluated.If a trained is caught in an exercises the exercise will still continue with trainees having to be rescued by allied trainees,AI or escape by themselves.Trainees will have to have one or multiple goals to carry out including side missions to complete that add depth with if possible them having the VR simulation modify itself to the unique actions of Trainess that is as the exercise progresses the characters etc played by AI will modify itself adding new goals,side missions and puzzles to accommodate unique actions and strategies of the trainee.Each simulation will be inhabited by billions of AI characters that are civilians,targets,enemy combatants,collegues etc that will be separate individual AI from each other that have separate avatars,personalities and names from each other adding realism.Puzzles of varying types can be added to exercises.Once an exercise is finished or one died the the performance of the trainee will be assessed by mentors alongside AI on various factors unique to each exercise such as time taken,civilians rescued or prevented from dying,how they carried out the exercise using unique strategies and also how they interacted with AI civilians and other Trainess they carried out the operations and exercises without being caught or without resorting to war crimes,torture etc to test their efficacy and also their ability to restrain themselves from carrying out unethical or illegal behaviour and their interactions with other trainees and AI.Each VR exercises will be designed to give Trainess an infinite amount of ways to complete to allow their mentors to assess their strategies and will be stored in each trainees digital file with AI such as Alexander,Perseus etc and mentors will leave both written notes types up and also audio/visual logs of their assessment of the trainee.VR that has no time dilation effect should be available by at least the early 2030s while more advanced models that do utilise this should be available by 2045.These can be done in any environment with the time dilation effect allowing for deathmatch,horde,weapons and fighting tournaments viewed by the public in multilayered simulations to be held in any environment of their choice and use the time dilation effect to allow for them to be held for short periods for time in the real world.This will also allow one to practice dangerous possibly lethal exercises such as rooftop chases,rockclimbing as well as practice runs of law enforcement and military missions before it is carried out using known data from intelligence and even run variations to test their ability to deal with surprises ie extra guards etc without death and injury.All VR exercises and games through biosynth neural implants will include realistic pain,hormonal,breathing,smell sensations and even hunger and tiredness to make them as lifelike as possible with them done during both phases.Furthermore VR simulations since the neural implants connected to the brain can induce hunger or drunkenness and one under the influence of narcotics thus testing the trainees ability to perform in an impaired state.This would allow to get decades if not centuries worth of training within both phases of training in all fields ie SWAT,military,police,navy etc by the age of 23 and all VR exercises could be solo or group exercises involving mentors and trainees from around the world with AI characters generated from scratch unique to a program whose memories can be transferred to the wire or other devices.This would include trainees trained in customised,made up or historical wars,military operations,SWAT raids,hostage negotiations,police operations,and so on with ones exercises being based on all fields with again fictional and historical operations in all fields for both solo and group exercises with other Agoge trainees and also forensics,law and medical trainees giving first hand first class training similar to real life.As a result when one reaches registration not only will they have decades worth of training in all fields and will have the same level of experience as those who retire in their 60s thus making them ready for full service at the age of 23.The size of maps can range to a single building,city,country or Earth sized planet or even galaxy and universe sized maps.All exercises will feature billions of independent AI characters that trainees become friends with and real life news reports as the simulations become lived in worlds that one is immersed in and changes overtime with each passing exercise and can be used for holidays and merged with trainees of other fields that take part in exercises with AI namely Perseus managing bridging the different simulations together ie bridging characters and events from simulations together or one using portals to go from one to another with in this case their being separate simulations for each trainee and those for shared exercises that follow the aforementioned development.Registered trainees may use them for holidays,recreation or even keeping them busy with new exercises and to keep them sharp.Thus even existing registered personnel currently aged 18 and older in all sectors worldwide and newly registered personnel once registered may use VR technology and it’s time dilation effect to carry out exercises and training in weapons,fighting styles etc consistently to keep them sharp at dealing with all types of operations.Existing registered military,law enforcement personnel worldwide will possibly have to undergoe the same training as trainees aged 12-23 such as training in gymnastics,fighting styles,weapons of all types and obstacle courses and exercises using VR technology and all types of weapons as well as VR obstacle courses and VR exercises and possibly the bullet ant trial,walkabouts etc to become just as skilled as newly trained trainees.Exercises in VR simulations will consist of either solo exercises involving one trainees or be group exercises that involve multiple trainees from around the world or galaxy and in time universe partaking in the same exercise simulation and also tournaments of all types.Thus group exercises can be created that involve multiple Agoge trainees from across the world with these exercises designed by all of the mentors of all Trainess.Trainees will partake in solo and group VR exercises even before the age of 12 during the first phase and after the age of 12 during the second phase.Biosynth WiFi will allow trainees from across the world and universes to share the same exercises in VR simulations.These exercises can be solo exercises suited for one trainee to be involved in it or they can be group exercises where mentors of different Agoge trainees from across the world merge trainees from across the world to take part in the same VR simulation for group training exercises that involve trainees that live halfway across the world and universe through biosynth WiFi.This will involve multiple trainees who live on opposite sides of the world and galaxy partaking in the same exercise with each trainee taking different roles including teamates,commanding officers,intelligence operators and even enemy combatants being either colleraberative or combative exercises or both with teammates being on opposing sides and the same side in training exercise that can involve fictional and historical wars in all fields,fictional and historical police operations of all types ie raids,hostage situations,attempted suicides,terrorist attacks,bomb disposal,hacking,investigation of corruption/sexual assault/criminal rings,murders including serial killings,assassinations,kidnappings,missing persons etc.These exercise if need be can be merged with programs done by trainee forensics investigators,doctors,nurses and lawyers to make them more real.Mentors of Agoge trainees could even merge exercises with those of other trainees in other fields ie forensics,law,military and medical students could partake in merged exercises without their knowledge for relevant exercises ie terrorist attacks,murder investigations.Thus exercises may also be merged ones involving different fields with those for trainee lawyers,forensics investigators,medical students merged together with Agoge trainess.Thus one will gain a lifetimes worth of experience in all fields and types of operations,be able to master all necessary weapon and physical training as well as use this to gain knowledge of all theory required for them ie history of all fields from around the world and also philosophy from around the the time one is registered by the age of 23.These VR simulations will involve exercises based on navy,police,airforce,law enforcement,intelligence operations created from scratch from the imagination of mentors with them also involving those based on historical operations from Earths history from around the world and those from all sentient races across the universe from ancient times to modern times and even those set in a futuristic setting.They can also involve those from mythology from Earth based religions etc and those from sentient races across the universe They can also be modelled on movies,comic books,television shows,video games from Dionysus from 2029 onwards including those not just created by humans but also from other sentient races across the universe.This can include those that are of different genres such as horror,science fiction,fantasy,drama etc and also other genres.Those modelled on fictional media such as movies,television shows,videos will be exact replica of the media or can be ones with the location of items and enemies etc randomised or they can be based on them that utilise the same basic principle,premise and plot ie survival horror,stealth,science fiction and basic plot of specific movies,television shows and video games but with different character NPCs and also goals etc designed by mentors to surprise them.They can be even hybrids of different fictional media.Those based on real life wars,police and military operations again can be exact replicas or can be modified to be slightly different with the same basic goal or even same premise but different goals and characters etc with the same going for mythological wars with the wide variety of fictional media,historical operations and mythology from Earth and in time the rest of the universe will provide mentors with a wide range if not infinite level of customisations to be made to train and test their trainees in both solo and group custom made exercises.With regards to those modelled on real life historical wars,police etc operations and those made from scratch trainees rather than recreating the exact end goal and steps to the end result step by step they will be encouraged to reach success by their own means and assesed on this and how many life’s they saved,how they saved lives,eliminated or neutralised enemy combatants,how they used resources that were availible and how they interacted with colleagues in the exercise either AI or fellow trainees,apprehending criminals etc and how sloppy or professional they were and assed on customised techniques they used with them also if they fail in saving everyone(ie if a few or all civilians are die or are injured)and criminals escape etc then they will be assessed on this and their techniques,strategies and how they dealt with this failure.They will be assessed on interrogation of and treatment of enemy combatents,criminals and even citizens such as their ability to restrain them from raping,torturing etc criminals,prisoners and civilians to test their ability to prevent them carrying out torture,rape,war crimes and genocide etc under duress and also their ability to report instances of rape,war crimes etc to officials.Exercises can be based on historical wars and police operations from Earths history and that from alien races across the universe..Those based on fictional media such as video games,movies etc they will be assessed on these same factors.Those based on movies,television shows,books and comic books etc can involve those of a science fiction nature involving aliens and also be based on horror movies as well as fantasy genres with those modelled on video games modelled on stealth games,adventure games,first person shooters and survival horror etc with in all cases then using the same premise but with different plot and possibly different characters or the same characters from the media.These media can be modified in anyway the mentor wants.All aspects of how the trainee completed the exercise will be assessed by mentors.Exercises can be based in real life wars and police operations from human history and from all sentient races across the universe.They can also be based on movies,television shows and video games etc.Others can be made from scratch from the mentors imagination.Those from fiction and imagination can be set in various technological tiers such as similar levels of technology of one or both sides from prehistoricl level,ancient civilisation level,Medievil level to modern day level technologies and even distant future involving interstellar travel and warfare in space involving interstellar military vessels and footsoldiers on the ground and on space stations involving Earth and fictional alien races.Of course those made from scratch from the mentors imagination will be created.They can have a science fiction or fantasy twist.These can be in science fiction settings such on Earth,alien planets,paralell universe and also interstellar vehicles and space stations involving aliens and also SCPs or they can be based in fantasy,science fiction,horror and supernatural based media with them involving magic,dinosaurs,zombies,aliens,monsters including cryptozoology and mythological ones,witches,dragons,wizards,demons,vampires,ghosts and orcs and other creatures from fantasy,science fiction and supernatural media that take place in prehistoric times,ancient times,medieval times right up to modern times or a futuristic setting or can involve a hybrid of science fiction and fantasy with orcs,dragons etc based on interstellar vehicles and alien planets.Horror based exercises can use zombies,monsters etc.These exercises can be set in any environment of the mentors choice that are the size of a building,city,country,continent,planet,galaxy or universe with tens of billions of Earth type planets in each galaxy with each planet having billions of individual NPCs in the form of celebrities and civilians that the trainee can interact that are separate individuals from Perseus etc with in simulation newspapers,magazines and live news reports and in universe versions of YouTube etc and all sectors of the wire and internet grounding them in reality.The environments used for training for fighting styles/weapons/gymnastics etc and also tournaments.They can be set on Earth,alien planets(real or fictional) or be set on space stations and interstellar vehicles and can involve having to avoid,neutralise and capture human or alien enemies of any type or those from mythology and cryptozoology etc.Then of course exercises can be set in a modern setting involving humans on regular police,military operations without elements of science fiction,fantasy and the supernatural.Ideally all trainees will be given a mixture of exercises that are normal operations grounded in reality,those based on historical wars and police operations alongside those based on movies/video games/television shows etc and those created from scratch with elements of the supernatural,fantasy and science fiction to give variety and give trainees a well rounded education in all types of exercises.The look of the simulation can be indistinguishable to reality or it can be of any type of animation style such as anime,claymation,CGI etc or any type of video games graphics style.The use of VR technology will allow mentors to have unrestricted creativity in the nature of the exercises limited only by their imagination that will include meetings in police stations,military barracks etc and mission briefings and debriefings etc and include codec conversations and phone calls with mentors,other trainees and real world AI such as Perseus,Nike,Alke,Gaia etc to be present with the mentor able to review and asses the trainess performance.Those made from scratch can be purely constructed of the mentors and AIs such as Perseus imagination or can contain a mixture of facets from historical wars and operations,mythology and fiction further increasing the level of customisation.To further increase complexity and to increase the level of customisation infinitely one can mix and match with exercises containing facets from all types of fictional media,those from real world historical operations,those from mythology and also those from pure imagination mixed together.Those made from scratch from the imagination of the mentor will further increase the amount of variety again almost infinitely with these exercises taking place in city,country,continent,planet and galaxy and even universe sized simulations with trainees from across the world and universe.These made from scratch set in a futuristic or modern setting grounded in reality and historical operations etc will prepare for future hypothetical real world wars,terrorist groups etc.Exercises involving aliens and monsters on Earth,space stations,interstellar vehicles and alien planets will be used to prepare trainees for real world operations involving actual aliens and animals once interstellar and intergalactic and even interdimensional travel is feasible and bioweaons that are genetically created animals.Those set in Medievil times or prehistoric times and those involving civilisational collapse will prepare trainees for theoretical civilisational collapse.Those dealing with malicious AI will prepare them for any incidence of AI becoming malevolent.Those that are based on survival horror will train trainees to deal with limited resources etc.Fantasy,horror and supernatural based ones will give trainees training in completely obscure conditions and deal with surprise operations and give mentors more creativity.The ability of VR suppressing ones conscious minds of reality can be used to test ones innate strategies and character especially those partaking in those based on fictional media or past real life events or have elements of them and are fictional settings and scenarios to determine their innate character to certain events.Thus exercises modelled on fictional media and real life events and wars will involve the trainees memories of them suppressed or temporarily deleted during the exercise via neural implants and AI such as Perseus as to give them react realistically thus allowing trainees innate character and strategies to be utilised by them that can be realistically tested and assessed.By not knowing the nature of the real world video game,movie etc and historical wars etc this can allow trainees to react to them realistically as if unbeknownst to them in the first place that would thus allow their innate character and strategies to be more fairly and properly assessed.This can also apply to customised ones not based on media etc and VR walkabouts etc thus allowing trainees to enter exercises designed from scratch without knowing it is a simulation made for the same reasons to be more fairly assessed on their innate character and strategies.Thus all trainees for all VR exercises will have their knowledge of fictional media or that they are partaking in a VR exercise in the first place suppressed in order to allow for their innate skills etc to be more accurately assessed.VR technology availible by 2029 will allow one to carry out exercises in all fields such as military,navy,SWAT,police officer etc and train in all fields of fighting,dancing etc not possible in the real world due to them being dangerous etc and them designed by mentors with them being solo or group exercises with trainees of both the Agoge and also medical,law and forensics trainees from around the world to gain real world experience prior to registeration.These exercises will be designed by mentors using neural implants and AI by pure thought and stored in a sub network in either Apollo or Athena or both to be reused and even altered by others.As stated variations of the Kobayashi Maru will be implemented into some exercises without the trainees knowledge that is an exercise where trainees are faced with a no-win scenario to test their commands,characters and strategies in such a situations.VR technology can also allow one to practice all fighting,dancing styles and use in all types of weapons against enemy or drone targets in short periods of time against other trainees and also AI in any environment giving them a well rounded education in all fields and experience.It will also allow them to practice gymnastics,acrobatics,tightrope walking,rockclimbing on dangerous cliff faces,cave exploring and also ,cheerleading etc again very quickly and also in a safe environments without the danger of death or injury during both phases.

VR technology can allow them to practice guns,weapons of all types,fighting styles,acrobatics,cheerleading practices,dancing styles and swimming etc during phases with paidomonas of each training facilities,other trainees,human mentors and also AI such as Terpsichore and monsters,aliens,humans etc that are independent from Terpischore in any environment of their choice with it also allowing them to practice using weapons of all types against stationary or mobile targets and also opponents that are drones,humans,aliens and monsters etc also in any environment of their choice.Melee combat and fighting styles as well as weapons can be practiced on mentors or AI including aliens,monsters and humans against in any environment of their choice.Dancing styles,gymnastics,parkour etc and also be practiced in any environment of their choice.Traditional shooting ranges can be replaced by those involving not just cardboard cutouts but also alien and monster targets and even include courses through buildings,wilderness areas similar to rail shooter games.Tournaments and training for weapons,gymnastics etc can also take place in VR simulations in any environment of their choice.Tournaments of all types including deathmatch,king of the hill as well as gladiator battles,battle royal,gladiator battles and hunger games and those for fighting and weapons of types etc can be done in any environment of the paidomonas and mentors choice such as interstellar vehicles and jungles,mountains,military and government compounds,temples,cities or entire planets that are replicas of Earth or completely alien planets or entire galaxies and universe sized arenas.Shooting ranges for all types of weapons can be in any environment imaginable and involve stationary or mobile targets and involve those similar to rail shooters where one navigated the environment and must shoot targets that include cardboard ones or even monsters,aliens etc and avoid shooting and rescue civilians.Obstacle courses will be designed by paidomonas and mentors and can be in any environment of their choice including mountains,forests,jungles,beaches on Earth and alien planets and even urban locations such as villages,towns and cities and even rooftops as well as indoor obstacle courses set in any type of building such as temples,compounds etc and traversing lakes and rivers and involve the trainees avoiding traps,gunfire,land mines,dangerous animals etc not possible in the real world without he fear of injury or death.Obstacle courses can be as long and intricate as possible as well as set in jungles,mountains,city rooftops,sewer systems etc and have tightropes,monkeybars,military bases and zip lines,rope swing,poles to balance on and also trapeze swing bars etc features that go across deep canyons and chasms etc and also involve trainees traversing rivers and lakes including underwater and crawling sections and even involve sections where the trainees has to avoid gunfire from enemy combatants,land mines and avoid traps without fear of injury and death and also involve using jeeps,kayaks etc.There can be obstacle courses set entirely in wilderness areas such as jungles,deserts,mountains etc alongside urban areas including rooftops etc and those set entirely in all types of buildings as well including temples,compounds etc as well in both buildings and outside wilderness terrain.All obstacle courses will be designed to have the trainees uses stealth,dexterity from gymnastics and acrobatics and critical thinking possibly using puzzles and shooting targets that allow them to progress and set in any environment imaginable in completely alien worlds and environments and not just Earth like planets involve facets,environments and sections not possible or too dangerous in the real world and that train and test their dexterity,balance and stoicism and all skills such as swimming etc with them of any length possible.As a result there can be an almost infinite variety of obstacle courses for Trainess in both phases created by AI,mentors and paidomonas stored in sub networks giving them unrestricted creativity in their design and environments.The arenas for deathmatch,battle royale,hunger games and also weapons and fighting/gymnastics training will follow suit as mentors and AI can design an infinite amount of arenas ranging from the size of a building to an entire planet that are those not possible in the real world and in completely alien environments in any environment imaginable.VR exercise programmes,obstacle courses,arenas for deathmatch/gladiator battles/battle royale and arenas for practicing weapons and dancing styles,fighting styles etc can be created by AI and through neural implants by human mentors and paidomonas by pure thought giving them unrestricted creativity in their design and stored in sub networks within Athena.These simulations for deathmatch,gladiator battles,hunger games,battle royale,training of weapons of all types and fighting styles as well as gymnastics etc and also obstacle courses can take place in any environment imaginable restricted only by the imagination of AI and human mentors and paidamonas and be as large as one wants ranging from a room,a building or even entire continents and planet.The time dilation effect of this technology if perfected could also potentially allow one to train and master as many fighting/dancing styles,acrobatic styles,tightrope walking,gymnastics,cheer leading routines,swimming,horseriding,languages and master as many weapons of all types etc by the aged of 23 or even 14 in these VR setting in any environment of their choice alongside their mentor,against combatants of their choice either other trainees,registered personnel and AI such as Perseus,Nike,Alexander as well as practice and gain experience in all vehicles;terrestrial,aerial and interstellar and fields and sectors in exercises against each other,AI and shooting targets in short periods of time in the real world yet again years pass in the VR simulation and prevent injury.This will allow them to master these fields by registration.These simulations designed by AI and humans through neural implants and pure thought will allow for an infinite amount of arenas to practice weapons,fighting styles and weapons against AI combatants and human paidomonas and mentors with them all stored in Athena.Although all sensations of pain,hunger,hot and cold would be into the trainees central nervous system death within a simulation would not result in death in the real world but rather being locked out of the simulation and thus for obstacle courses and exercises etc would mean one would only one would be locked out of the simulation temporarily and have to re enter and restart the simulation.For deathmatch,hunger games,battle royale and gladiator battles etc one would be locked out for that one and that year. Hunger be induced on demand or by not eating enough in simulation food which can be conjured up instantly and alleviate hunger.Tiredness will arise from exerting oneself too much or not getting enough sleep in the simulation and will be rectified through rest and sleeping in simulations.Furthermore one can utilise nested matryoshka doll structure for VR simulations that consists of a series of linked VR simulations that are linked together forming a matryoshka doll nested structure allowing ease of passage between these linked simulations where one can be inside a macro VR programme that uses the time dilation effect and while still in this macro VR programme be then sent to or enter another VR programme following a matryoshka doll nest structure that is simulations within simulations similar to the movie Inception with each one being completely different from each other having different looks,laws of physics and even rates of time dilation.The macro VR would house accomadation including those used by all Trainess including planet or galaxy sized arenas to house fictional planets,cities etc.This matryoshka doll nest structure will allow Trainess to move from one simulation to the next for different types of training meaning they could be in a macro VR simulation for large amounts of time during both phases with mentors,other trainees and also paidomonas etc but can move from one simulation to the next for specific exercises,obstacle courses,deathmatch etc.This system could be used to enter other simulations such as Alexander programme,personal simulations to carry out hobbies and meet with other people and include those as part of Agon,Peitho,Komodia etc.In personal simulations and those used for training one carry out any hobby they wanted such as hiking and viewing media on YouTube and also both Dionysus and Pheme.The use of a macro VR system could allow Trainess from around the world to move back and forth from simulations used for training such as Alexander,those for exercises and personal simulations and the macro programme and those for deathmatch meaning collectively one could spend centuries or thousands of years in all simulations while mere minutes pass in the real world thus giving one thousands of years of training.Althougth VR technology would not the predominant form of education certain parts of Agoge training will not involve VR training with for example instances where trainees are taking part in real world military and law enforcement operations and also for training done in training academies etc in the first phase that use hikes in the wilderness,urban areas well as wilderness surrounding wilderness and also stealth exercises where they must steal food,obstacle courses and shooting ranges and also training exercises and learning how to swim etc in training facilities.Even in the second phase some exercise may be done in the real world involvin actors etc.Even though VR technology will dominate Agoge training it will in fact compliment real world training and will not render training facilities obsolete as training as it will be required for real world training facilities to hold trainees for its regiment facets with certain exercises such as the grab the cheese,stealth exercises to steal food that can be done in the real world with obstacle courses in the real world used as well particularly for the first phase.Obstacle courses,weapon training,education in swimming,gymnastics,fighting styles etc in both phases will require a combination of VR training and real world training.This is because VR training will allow one to perfect them in environments of their choice without injury while real world training will be used to master them in the real world and not become too reliant on safety guards present in VR training.VR technology will give paidomonas and mentors unrestricted creativity in the environments in where gymnastics,cheerleading skills,dancing styles etc and also where training for all types of weapons and fighting style take place with for fighting styles and weapons of types involving them pitted against each other,mentors and combatants that are AI,humans,monsters of all types.This will also give them unrestricted creativity in where obstacle courses,deathmatches,king of the hill and also tournaments of all types including those for fighting styles and Hunger Games can occur in planet etc sized arenas and also allow trainees to be competing against human,monster and alien opponents and other trainees from around the world.VR training training will be primarily to give mentors to design exercises not possible in the real world especially dangerous ones and give mentors unlimited creativity in designing exercises even for weapons,gymnastics etc training with the real world exercises and training done to test ones progress in a real world settings without safety guards to prevent trainees becoming too reliant on the safety guards of VR simulations meaning they can be prepared for real world operations once registrated into their field and at the same time these real word exercises would be a means to test their preparedness for operations etc in the real world by actually giving them real world training.This includes Trainees having real world experience in real operations.Real world exercises will involve biosynth and AI targets to assassinate,kidnap or rescue.Real world exercises will be used even for the first phase and second to practice weapons,gymnastics,fighting styles etc in a safe environment without injury to the trainees and each other with it allowing them to perfect them in any environment of their choice until they are able to master them in the real world.Real world training and exercises in both phases will be done to test their mastery in a real world setting and act as a means to assess their progress without safety guards.Thus ones education in the Agoge will be a combination of both real world and VR exercises.VR programmes will be designed by AI and mentors and stored in a sub network of Athena to be reused and modified by others.These VR programmes in Athena will be divided into each type ie an area will house VR programmes that are exercises,an area to house obstacle courses,an area for programmes for training on all types of guns,an area for programmes for training other weapons such as swords etc,an area for programmes for training gymnastics etc,an area for programmes for training fighting styles,an area for programmes for death match etc,an area for programmes for hunger games/battle royale/horde/gladiator battles etc and so on.Both AI and human mentors using neural implants will design these programmes and upload them to the clouds with them and other mentors able to edit and alter these programmes and upload them to the clouds.All of there obstacle courses,exercises,deathmatch maps etc will be designed by humans etc by pure thought using neural implants and also by AI of all types such as Perses,Nike,Alke etc.The size of maps for deathmatch arenas,obstacle courses,hunter game events and exercises etc events will be ranging from city to planet of even galaxy or universe sized maps Exercises especially VR exercise can be solo ones or groups involving Trainees from around the world and universe.

As stated before group cooperative and combative exercises should ideally include mixtures of both genders who are ethnically,racially,spiritually and sexually diverse and/or those that have bad blood with each other to test their ability to work together despite their prejudices with falsehoods purposefully fed into the trainees to further test this.This should be done to have personnel be willing to set aside ethnic bigotries towards those they may have and get of them altogether.This may also be tested in VR exercises.Software and eventually Gaia,Alexander or Perseus will organise teams in competitive and cooperative exercises and well as team sports and exercises such as capture the flag,king of the hill and tournaments in both phases with them being randomised as well as randomised male verses male,female verses female or mixed gender teams with again ideally people competing against and cooperating with people with whom they have bad blood or are from groups they have prejudices against in team based exercises.These will organise the trainees in exercises designed by one or more mentors to ensure there is a good mix with trainees also partaking in exercises with as many trainees from around the world as possible with their exercises interacting with mentors for lawyers,forensics investigators,medical students etc and the operating softwares of these sectors to allow for group exercises that last extended periods of time with again these mixed up over time.Thus exercises may also be merged ones involving different fields with those for trainee lawyers,forensics investigators,medical students and even psychologists merged with Agoge trainees.Trainees will play the role of law enforcement and military personnel but also civilians and even enemies etc.Those with racial,ethnic,religious bigotries and religious biased or extremist views as well as homophobia etc may be put into group and solo exercises with homosexuals(those suspected of it or they are lied to as being homosexual),are of a different skin colour or religion they have bigotories against to test these and thus weed these out ideally against their knowledge thus testing their ability to overcome their bigotist views and ideals to ensure both their survival and that of the other trainee especially when lies are fed into them.It may also involve ex-girlfriends/boyfriends,old rivalries and old friends etc to test their ability to cooperate and so on with this applying not only to exercises such as fake wars but also the VR versions of the Hunger Games and Battle Royale but also deathmatch,king of the hill etc and tournaments.Solo and group exercises both real world and VR may involve them dealing with people of different skin colour,sexuality,gender and religion as suspects,enemy combatants,partners and civilians in where their propensity towards racism,sexism,homophobia is tested and designed to catch them out to then have these weeded out in other exercises and also deprogramming in Iaso with even existing registered personnel put through these especially those that are known or suspected to have these.Those they have bad blood with other trainees will also be present with in some cases lies and faleshoods fed to them directly or indirectly thus testing their ability to collaberate despite these with even this done to close friends where division is sown through lies or revealing dark secrets including in some exercises trainees with others they dont know are trainees in roles such`as civillians,superiors and collegues.Both real world and VR simulations of law enforcement and military trainees will be merged with those of trainee lawyers,forensics,medical,emergency services etc with them not knowing they are also trainees ie thinking they are actors or AI.AI can alongside trainees and mentors play roles such`as civilians,superiors and colleagues and AI can even pretend to be other Trainess to trick Trainess and mentors can even pretend to be human trainees.Exercises based on past wars,movies etc will have the trainees knowledge of it suppressed by AI with this also done to suppress their memories of themselves,the real world and and think they are are playing real characters in their roles of officers,military personnel,civillians etc to test their innate abilities in certain exercises with the memories of the exercise and real world returned when it is over.All VR simulations will be recorded into ones file thus allowing it to be reviewed in simulation in third and even first person.VR group exercises and tournaments will allow one to connect with people around the world from their homes with Perseus hosting VR exercises with it blocking prepubescent children performing sexual acts while pretending to be adults or vice versa or any paedophilia and rape acts or fantasises from being preformed.If rape does occur it will be counted as in the real world with the operating software overseeing simulations recording and reporting instances of rape which will be used to allow the trainee to be punished accordingly using the bullet ant trial.Wireless headphones with speakers as part of headgear with miniaturised versions being developed will allow one to communicate with team members with only them able to hear what is sent through them.Perseus in a fragmented form will arrange the types of maps,weapons,locations and type of weapons,vehicles present and also arrange teams etc in either randomised or planned out form with him also overseeing them preventing rape and also paedophilia with those guilty of this reported to courts.Mock VR towns like Hogans Alley can be set up in VR simulations for group exercises and residences during these and when they are competing in tournaments.Ages of people in these group exercises will involve all of those partaking in the secondary phase of this including those that are 12 and 23 with registered personnel also partaking in this.These could be ideally be VR towns and cities again using the time dilation effect to negate the need to build them in the real world thus them not taking up space with their knowledge of exercises taking place unknown and used as holidays for trainees with them in one large single simulation based on the real world with them based visually on the towns and cities from the media and mythology they are from.These will be named after ancient or mythical cities including the city states of Ancient Greece:Thebes,Delphi, Mycenae,Argos,Sparta,Olympia,Corinth,Knossos,Avalon,Valhalla,Miletus etc. alongside other ones such as Babylon, Atlantis,Camelot,Kalapa,Seron,Shambhala,Eridu,Akragas etc.with names also derived from fictional media such as Twin Peaks,Cittagazze,Gotham,Sunnydale,Cabot Cove, Quahog,Racoon City,South Park,Narnia, Hill Valley,Rapture,Silent Hill,Castle Rock,Kakariko,Hyrule etc.Those from mythology and fictional media from allied races will be present on other planets in the simulation.These VR towns will be in same simulation in a single galaxy or universe wide simulation on different planets etc with other trainees and mentors present and also populated by AI citizens.The simulation will house complex ecological and weather systems,wilderness,in simulation communal and private homes,vertical and other farms,restaurants,transportation of all types and amenities with each town and city populated by both trainees and mentors as well as AI independant from the wire.NPCs will become so advanced as to become separate individuals from Perseus etc.This single simulation will be where most VR solo and group exercises of all fields for all trainees will take place alongside tournaments of all types and can be where trainees and registered personnel can take holidays in with the simulation being galaxy or universe sized one with replicas of Earth and those across the real world universe.Similar group exercises can be done in the primary phase of their education.Daedalus and Brauron can be used to extract all cities,replicas of Earth,abandoned and renovated communal and private homes mixed in together for these simulations.These simulated towns and cities can be macro simulations where trainees during the second phase stay with their mentors and other trainees from across the world in between VR exercises and simulations used to practice weapons,obstacle courses,dancing and fighting styles etc and also carry out some exercises with them going in and out of other simulations to carry out different exercises.Each of these will be different macro simulations for different sets of trainees and also if possible trainees moving to different macro simulations during their second phase.Each simulation will be at first planet sized,then galaxy sized and then universe sized.Trainees will be able to carry out hobbies such as hiking,playing video games,watching movies and television shows and YouTube videos within them allowing them to catch up

The rules that exercises must follow during both phases include:

•That the trainee has no knowledge of it being a exercise or VR simulation or the nature of the exam so as to catch them out and test their ability to be as ready as possible in emergency and put aside shock and awe in order to react as professionally as possibly well as blurring the line between reality and illusion(truth and falsehood)with details to traps and obstacles also left out.Good mentors can design exercises that occur without the trainee even knowing one took place.
•Trainees aged 14 years old could even be put real situations of all sectors(military,navy,federal investigatory,intelligence assignments etc. without their knowledge of it being real or or not test readiness prior to finishing their training and registration to do this.This could involve spending time in real bases in warzones and areas controlled by peacekeeping operatives with them partaking in real world police and military etc operations.The intensity of the real situations they would be involved in would be decided by mentors evaluation of their trainees readiness and skill by the age of 14 years old before the age of 23.Thus trainees who are legal adults at the age of 14 will be put into real life law enforcement ,navy,SWAT,military operations across the world etc as part of their training
•Trainees must ideally be put into these VR exercise without knowing they are taking place this can be done by the mentor suddenly disappearing or going on a break or collection of resources etc. it taking place during their holidays or break from training,being sent somewhere under the guise of a simple pickup of resources etc. or being drugged and set up in an isolated location or VR machine or being transplanted to the area and hooked to the machine while asleep or it occurring in the middle of real world or VR exercises without their knowledge.This will be easier once VR becomes sufficiently advanced to be realistic and indistinguishable from reality through a combination of neural implants,sensor suits and machines.
•Each exercise would be set to teach a lesson,moral and virtue similar to the ones explained above or decided by the mentor.Furthermore they would not know the nature of the lesson meant to be learnt from each one beforehand modelled on the ones above or those created by mentors to test their ability to determine it themselves testing their ethics,morals and character.Ideally these would include the four cardinal virtues;Temperance,Fortitude,Justice,Prudence alongside such as self sacrifice and overcoming ones bigotries and character flaws.
•Variants of the kobayashi maru could be integrated into both solo and group VR simulations(with the exception being Alexander foreign policy simulation and food foraging exercises) without the trainees knowledge of the nature of the simulation(and thus that the kobayashi maru was being integrated) in order to test character,strategies and discipline in no-win situations.These would be like the kobayashi mary be simulations that has programmed into a no win scenario or situation that will lead to inescapable death of the trainee or inescapable failure of the mission to test character and command strategies.Thus trainees will be for some exercises be put in a no win situation to test strategies etc in these situations without their knowledge.
•The trainee can be intentionally put under the influence during exercises of one of some of or all of the following to test their ability to perform in compromised physical or mental capacity during real world and VR mock exercises,solo exercises and group competitive and cooperative exercises such as capture the flag and king of the hill against their will without them knowing: hunger,sleep deprivation,sedatives,psychoactive drugs,P.clavata poisoning,intoxication of alcohol and drugs like marijuana or blindfolded as well as barefoot.Further advancements in VR technology will allow this to be replicated in VR simulations

By the age of 23 a student would be fully inducted and registered into law enforcement and the military etc. reaching their highest physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and mental prowess upon reaching adulthood with due loyalty and self-discipline/restraint to their superiors,colleagues and citizens they serve whereupon they become part of the of military operations,train younger recruits entering mentorship training,become magistrates of training facilities or continue training for as long as they see fit.The rationale being to build them up during their early training and break them down completely in later training to build the most effective and disciplined personnel.They must be proficient in the use of as many handheld(meteor hammer,sai,bo staff,nunchucks,swords) and projectile(shotguns,rifles,handguns,sniper rifles etc)weaponry,vehicles(navy vessels,submarines,jeeps,fighter jets,bombers,tanks and as many fighting and dancing styles as possible by the 14 years old by which time they will receive their first real gun with them fully proficient by the age of 23 years old with them also able to perform these fighting styles while using handheld weapons and projectile weapons at once in combination.Current military,law enforcement etc training takes on average at most a year or a few weeks or months with the modern day Agoge training lasting a gruelling 18 years with VR training and it’s time dilation effects will allow for decades,centuries or thousands of years of training within that frame time.Furthermore they must be fluent in as many languages as possible with Coeus aiding in this with them also having extensive knowledge of the law and military history and theory in all sectors and also history of warfare in human history that took place around the globe since ancient times to present day with them being tested via on the spot training rather than through exams.Coeus,salons,internet classes on YouTube videos,documentaries from Dionysus,textbooks from Apollo,inquires from Gaia,Alexander and Perseus,oral testing of theory etc will replace traditional exams and schooling sections,required degrees from universities with them providing the same high class or even better education than in traditional military schooling with the same pedagogic schooling used in other non military fields providing this and will play a key role in critical thinking and strategic planning development through both phases.They will also be proficient in as many types of warfare as possible ie guerilla warfare,trench warfare,attrition warfare,military swarming,saturation attacks,navy and submarine warfare,aerial warfare in fighter jets alongside tanks as well as navy vessels,espionage,assassinations both discreet and also blatant,infiltration and diplomacy.They will also be proficient in surveillance operations,raids,arrests,sting and undercover operations.VR technology using the time dilation effect and neural implants will allow for one to learn as much as possible in all fields quickly.Classrooms and computer rooms will as a result be renovated into extra living spaces etc with trainees etc using personal electronics.On the spot oral exams will replace written exams with these taken at any time on any field of military and law enforcement at any time.They must also be skilled in all of the tenants of ninjitsu;Bajutsu – horsemanship,Bōjutsu – stick and staff techniques, Bōryaku – tactics,Chi-mon – geography, Chōhō – espionage,Hensōjutsu – disguise and impersonation,Intonjutsu – escaping and concealment,Kayakujutsu – pyrotechnics, Kenjutsu – sword techniques,Kusarigamajutsu – kusarigama (chain-sickle) techniques,Naginatajutsu – naginata (polearm) techniques,Seishinteki kyōyō – spiritual refinement,Shinobi-iri – stealth and infiltration, Shurikenjutsu – throwing weapons techniques,Sōjutsu – spear techniques,Sui-ren – water training,Taijutsu – unarmed combat,Tenmon – meteorology.The ceremony for this will again involve them getting washed in a bath of wine in swimwear mirroring their entrance ceremony this time by themselves.They will then be inducted into their desired area of their choice and have the universal seal of their sector on the opposite side of their mamorigatta sword.This training and other aforementioned training exercises could also applied to registered personnel in peacekeeping,police and military operations to improve their abilities.Each personal will have a digital file within Athena with their entire history during training and during service in their field.This will keep records of their classes,portfolio,exercises(VR,real life,real world)and current ranking updated constantly in real time with any important events such as injuries,hospitalisations and punishments logged here

.During this training they will be divided into paides phase between the ages of 5-12 years old at the end of which at the age of 12 years old they will enter the paidiskoi phase as a transitional phase between a child and an adult, where Spartan boys were encouraged to integrate themselves into adult society. Physical training and athletic competitions continued with an increased intensity.This will be marked by the end point of the paidiskoi phase at the age of 14 years old where trainees once they reach adulthood will be expected to be proficient reaching an expert level in the use of all types of melle and gun weapons and fighting styles and gymnastics etc.They will at this point at the age of 14 years old enter the Hebontes phase and also be able to hold their first gun by themselves and during their training from 14-23 be able to take part in real world military and law enforcement operations alongside registered personnel including their mentor.By 14 they will be inducted into the Syssitia with this modelled on that of Ancient Sparta and play a role in him being elected into Crypteia class by the age of 30-40 rather than citizenship through this based on their training and also performance in their fields and further training after registration.It is at this age that Trainess can became eligible for military service and can vote in the assembly and are still under the authority of the paidonomos.Those of the hēbōntes who can impress their elders the most during their training could be selected for the Crypteia,which will be the most skilled class of law enforcement,military etc personnel who will be chosen for the most classified operations in each field.At the age of 14 once they become an adult they will be expected to be completely proficient in all types of fighting styles,dancing styles,melee weapons and guns of all types and thus experts in these with them also able to partake in real world law enforcement and military etc operations as part of their training.

.Registration to their chosen field will occur at 23.They will during training be trained in all fields such as navy,police,swat,military etc to get a well rounded education with them upon registration choosing the field to be registered to for life and will have jurisdiction globally and and be able to transfer to any other country,city etc with ease.At this point they should enter registration into their chosen field:law enforcement,federal investigator,military, peacekepping,SWAT/counter terrorist groups,intelligence, navy, airforce(eventually interstellar),undercover operatives/assassin etc.since they would have a well rounded education for all of those fields during both phases of their Agoge training and the Aegis symbol used on e-mail/letters/mission briefings and the universal badges for each sector containing that sectors symbol etc and the Greek alphabet denoting their squads and their symbols alpha to omega uppercase for registered personnel and lowercase for trainees.All trainees will be proficient in all types of fighting styles to allow them to subdue enemy combatants during police,military etc operations when unarmed and proficient in all types of gun weapons to allow them to master those that are allowed for the sectors they are in,they will also be proficient in gymnastics and aerobics etc to allow them to launch surprise attacks and evade attacks from opponents and navigate their surrounding with dexterity with them proficient in all types of Mellee weapons such as swords,bo staff,meteor hammer etc that they can carry around with them on patrol and in war zones alongside guns of all types that they can use to compliment them with their mamorigatana sword also used as a separate weapon.All registered law enforcement and military personnel etc will carry around at all times during operations a handgun type weapon or assault rifle and also their melee weapon such as swords,bo staff,meteor hammer which they can change at anytime stored in safety boxes at home and bases and stations etc and mamoriaganta sword as weapons for each mission and rota at all types.The melee weapons such as Bo staff,meteor hammer,swords etc will be carried around by all law enforcement and military personnel at all times through straps etc to act as a secondary weapon to compliment their handguns for close combat with their mamorigatana sword used as a tertiary weapon again for close combat and also help cut wires and other things obscuring their path.

As stated earlier by 14 they will be inducted into the Syssitia with this modelled on that of Ancient Sparta and play a role in him being elected into Crypteia class by the age of 30-40 rather than citizenship through this based on their training and also performance in their fields and further training after registration.They will be registered into to their desired field by 23 years old and may through certain procedures apply to different sectors with the exception being Crypteia that will be a macro sector divided into the most elite personnel of each sector ie Crypteia members will exist for law enforcement,military,navy for the most important operations of that field with one given until the age of 30-40 to apply to with once registered will be registered to that field for life.The Cryteia class will be the highest ranking class which will consist of the most select individuals decided by Perseus,Nike,Alke etc who will be selected for the most classified top secret operations of all sectors.The members of this Crypteias identities of them being part of Crypteia will be top secret that is only the highest ranking human etc members of each sector and Perseus and each AI in charge of each sectors such as Alke,Nike,Kratos will only know each sectors members as they will as stated will be for the most top secret and classified operations in all fields.All law enforcement,navy,military etc will have Crypteia sub sector that comprise of the most elite and well rounded members of that field thus making the best of each field with them chosen based on their service in the real world and VR exercises that are carried out on them without their knowledge of them being simulations that are designed to test their cunning,bravery,intelligence and loyalty to both the state and populace.This sector will be managed by the sentient AI Ares.Perseus and mentors during the ages of 12-23 will design an extra set of extremely gruelling VR obstacle courses and VR exercises that must be passed with certain difficult goals and perquisites that must be passed to enter the Crypteia class.Furthermore the trainees must have extremely good scores and rankings in shooting ranges,weapons and fighting style tournaments against humans AI and rankings in horde,hunger games,battle royale.These rankings don’t have to be the best but can be ones of extremely good merit and significance on a case by case basis buy also them having consistently good scores and rankings in all fields such as high scribes in obstacle courses,shooting ranges.Perseus and all AI in charge of each sector such as Alke,Nike,Kratos and even both Alexander and Ares etc will devise these extra exercises and review these alongside mentors and human board members.The Trainess performance in the real world from the ages of 12-40 will be reviewed by these AI leaving it to AI to decide who is the best of the best with them granting them this entry into this sector.All Crypteia sectors each sectors they belonging to will be members that will top of the list to carry out the most important operations in each field including classified ones the public and even non Crypteia personnel of Alke,Nike etc will not be privy to with them performing by themselves or in teams with other Crypteia but also even heading teams of non Crypteia class members during these operations in the real world of those involving non Crypteia members with or without their membership in Crypteia known to non Crypteia members at the discretion of the sentient Aresthat require the use of non Crypteia members and have Crypteia members needed in these missions to carry out side missions that non Crypteia members are not aware of such as carrying out the assassination or capture of a specific individual with extremely sensitive information or whose death or capture could cause a crippling blow with the members of Crypteia receiving their own briefings of each mission.As stated the well rounded education in all fields will allow one to through procedures move into other fields with further VR training and review of their work in the real world with this done at any time and one able to move back into previous fields with one only able to carry out work in their current registered field with one able to transfer to any country,city,town or even planet with ease.Law enforcement,military,navy and intelligence personnel as part of Kratos,Homonia,Nike,Alke etc will be although stationed in different cities and towns etc around the world will have global jurisdiction to apprehend suspects etc negating issues of dealing with different police entities and government agencies of different towns,cities and countries etc with them able to transfer to any town,city etc around the world with ease.All entities Kratos,Alke,Nike etc since global will have all information relevant to their sector shared with all personnel as part of them globally based on importance and classification via intranets etc with them at times collaborating with each other and sharing information etc when needed.The jurisdiction of each sector will be global and this will eliminate red tape currently experience with dealing with crimes and operations that occur in one or two towns,cities,states,continents and countries with each sector able to carry out their operations in a global and galactic scale swiftly with each sector interacting with each other when necessary.Each sector will as stated have universal uniforms,badges and decorations with awards.VR training using the time dilation effect will allow one to get decades of well rounded training in all fields.They will have until the age of 30-40 to enter into the most elite Agoge faction that would be named Crypteia after the sector in the original Agoge with its symbol being a spartan helmet by itself on uniform,important classified e-mails/mission briefings/letters, added to mamorioganta sword and funeral flag with members from all fields.Their service in their field and during training and scores in league tables and them surviving specific VR and real world missions will determine their eligibility to enter this sector.Existing members of the worlds most elite forces would have to undergoe the new Agoge training and undergo Crypteia exercises to be enlisted into Crypteia classes of their sector with Crypteia also replacing the functions of the United States Secret Service as Crypteia would contain members of the most elite members from all fields.This sector Crypteia would be sentient managed by the AI Ares who was the god of physical war with its avatar modelled ion him and separate from all other sectors.Badges would be fitted with nanomicrophones fitted with the sentient Coeus translating it to allow them to communicate with other personnel around the world with a microchip denoting their ID and current rank.It will also contain digital keys sent and revoked wirelessly that allow them access to classified files within Athena and access to restricted areas and buildings.

As stated earlier expulsion and court martials of registered personnel due to sexual abuse,paedophilia,treason,leaking of classified information,rape etc will be treated with them not only expelled but with their tanktop desecrated and hung in hall of shame in the training facility they grew up in with a picture of them and their name under the tanktop with also be their with them subjected to the bullet ant trial over several days alongside imprisonment in maximum security for a term decided by judges.An universal statue of these deities will be in each branch of their headquarters and buildings renamed to their department operated by them worldwide including police stations,army bases and barracks with their buildings operated by independent AIs linked by their namesakes operating software which will be the software that Athena uses to manage major operations.These AIs and Gaia will carry out operations in all of these sectors alongside human and bio synths personnel with Gaia’s Arete programming ensuring that her and human personnel operations do not infringe on the rights of innocent citizenry and that constitutional guidelines are fulfilled alongside Adikia.Warrents for all actions will be from the courts via Themis/Dike/Gaia alongside human judges.All reports can be written up by software with graphs,charts and other audio visual data organised with them stored in Athena.This will make reports and investigations by Adikia much easier.Cleaning in these buildings will be the same in public buildings with all files accessed via e-newspapers using biometrics and badges with digital keys.

Upon registration police officers,investigators,military personnel and will be given an alphanumerical ID code similar to healthcare staff based on first the field they are skilled at(i.e. military,police,federal investigators, forensics etc)current ranking and then a hyphen and their own unique code present on their digital file.Alongside all training information such as the name of the facility they trained at,during which years,under which paidonómos and the mentor(s) that they trained under and records(audio/visual and also vital signals)from contact lenses,glasses,implants including neural ones and reviews of all exercises(logged by date) and with the assessments and critiques from mentors,psychologists and review boards also included alongside all physical art produced by them scanned in.The date and location of their walkabouts(alongside audio visual recordings),weapons and fighting styles they are proficient in,what tournaments they were in,dancing styles they are proficient in and languages they are fluent,the date and nature of psych tests and a log of their entire foreign policy VR simulation from start to finish logged in folders and subfolders.All of these recorded VR simulations,training exercises,real world simulations,assessments,mock real world simulations,robotic and drone exercises and their vital signs during exercises and operations will be recorded via headsets on trainees,hidden cameras on robots and implants and smart clothing etc and stored in the students digital file in folders and subfolders.Results for each of their exercises such as VR simulations/deathmatches,real world exercises will be recorded and their current rankings on these will updated annually or instantly with the most recent photo of the individual with audio visual recordings of all exercises both real world and VR ideally from contact lenses and headgear.Also there will be the name of other personal they trained with,their entire history of research conducted,weapons and robots they are trained in,operations in the open field(including mandatory audio visual recordings of all police field work and military missions and operations and also interrogations of all detainees and suspects and witnesses from google glasses/cameras on headsets,vehicles and robots/drones),with dates of each operations and service logged by date,routine assessments by boards and recordings of any criminal trials,court martial etc. and changes in rankings(and the dates also logged with visual records and audio notes logged here also) and all relevant data.Those registered in their relevant fields i.e. Navy,military,police,federal investigator,forensics will be registered to practice everywhere in the world and equally be suspended and barred from practising worldwide should the circumstances arise.Classified information and folders will be open to the public with the correct warrant from the courts should the circumstances arise with all other information open to the public.Psychological assessments available from the start to the end of this training will be logged in their digital and patient files.All of the above information will be logged in folders and subfolders with it ideally withheld from the public to allow for them to become double agents.All types group and single person exercises done by trainees can be monitored remotely by mentors and military,law enforcement,investigative boards/bodies in a single HQ room(alongside computers linked to the HQ via the wire in other parts of the world with each community for trainee also having their own HQ rooms ) for each group or as a whole on various television screens with each individual one(or more) being able to be brought up onto a large single screen done in a room covered with screens with another room devoted to operations from registered personnel.This could also include live televised tournaments shown here.Once registered all field operations,interrogation for all sectors they take part in will be present and logged and will be recorded by google glasses and neural implants into their file and logged by date and name with hyperlinks for the case file and also adjoining forensic and legal files within Themis and Marcaria etc charting results from both forensics and court cases.All existing personall files around the world will be scanned into the global database with this containing new ones and all having unique alphanumerical codes based on the the serial code identification divided by sector and so on.Hyperlinks to all operations they took part in will be present.

With regards to identification papers these can come in the form of e-versions of these on smart devices with unique encrypted code preventing fraud and/or the traditional versions as well as badges fitted with microchips that can be scanned by smart devices on the hands of civilians and security doors in headquarters,intranet computers etc.that will scan through databases of known and registered personnel to ensure they are legitimate with nano micro-phones allowing them to contact with other personnel anywhere in the world(i.e. those in the field etc. utilising whisper mode if chosen) via either codec systems or miniature speakers built in.It also contain their access codes to communicating with certain personal, restricted areas/buildings by interacting with sensors in doors or information in digital files and intranet on smart devices and laptops via software which can be wirelessly given or revoked.Combined with codec technology and smart glasses/lenses.It will also allow for them to gain access to classified mission briefings and mission updates(as well remotely view classified meetings with other personnel from anywhere in the world on protected channels.Smart devices an locate these badges at home via 3D map or GPS location if lost anywhere else with them temporarily deactivated temporarily via smart devices to prevent them being used by civilians or enemy combatants.Military personnel will have their own linked badge system separate from those used by federal investigators/police officers and forensic investigators the two of which can link to each other via software and perform the same functions and have the same features.

As eventually the elimination of underlying causes of conflict will eliminate the need for most human combatants and conflicts itself on Earth military and police training could still be maintained in order to deal with unforeseen threats to both military and law enforcement personnel and also civilians especially once interstellar and intergalactic travel and potentially interdimensional travel becomes a reality to deal with hypothetical hostile alien threats either sentient or non sentient aliens and hypothetical terrorist human and alien groups etc which can include religiously motivated terrorist groups,separatist terrorist groups,rogue scientists creating bioweapons consisting of pathogens and even dangerous genetically engineered and created animals and monsters and lone wolf mass shooters and hostage takers etc and even the potential rise of malicious AI either from Earth or from alien civilisations as well as theoretical social and technological collapse and being marooned in an alien planet.All cruise ships and also interstellar vehicles and spaces stations both research,exploratory ones and those used as cruise ships etc will need security teams and all all newly discovered planets etc across the universe will be required to have military etc personnel as part of scouts to asses the potential threats especially in the form of animals when the first human settlements are being set up including research stations for potentially dangerous plants and animals.It will also be preserved as a cultural child/adolescent rites of passage practices and also for personal training in physical endurance,virtue,character and discipline for the general public as well as athletes(Olympics and all professional sports such as boxing,UFC,soccer,football etc.),body builders,bodyguards,actors and stunt men.To successfully pass all of the above trials (mandatory and others) and training of the Agoge at the highest levels without artificial improvements such as implants,cybernetics et al would be considered a great achievement and honour and those that do would be considered with one of the highest regard in society in the same prestige that the original iteration of the Agoge was in ancient Greece as a contingency plan preventing society,members of the public and those who partake in it from becoming too spoiled or complacent especially when interstellar,integalactic and and interdimensional travel becomes a reality and preserve cultural traditions from around the world while at the same time preventing an over reliance on technology and have people to be prepared for theoretical societal collapses or times when it is not available as well as unforeseen threats in the distant future.All space stations and interstellar vehicles including commercial ones used as cruise ships and also terrestrial cruise ships will require military and law enforcement personnel present as security.Research bases on other planets,universities etc that are researching biohazards such as pathogens and newly created genetically engineered and created plants and animals especially potentially dangerous ones and potentially dangerous experiments will need security personnel.Furthermore registered personnel can also freelance as bodyguards for politicians and celebrities of all types and even any member of the public.It would also prevent law enforcement and military control being too heavily influenced and controlled by AI with their being a balance between human and AI control and participation in it with each keeping the other in check preventing corruption,rigidity,ensure both sides are malleable both legally and morally as well as monopolising of power of both sides.The military and law enforcement etc will be a balance of the government,registered human personnel and also AI namely Adikia,Perseus and Gaia etc to prevent corruption,spying on the public and also danger of AI gaining too much control with both keeping each other in check through constitutional safeguards,protocols,encrytpions etc with for example the use of nuclear weapons as o later on will require authorisation not just from the world president,secretary of state etc but also AI such as Gaia,Perseus,Adikia,Alexander etc to prevent AI launching attacks on humanity and other races without human input and also prevent human politicians doing so without authorisation from AI.Gaia,Adikia,Perseus will thus have complete control of all surveillance operations with them also having authorisation over all military,law enforcement operations and wars with the global Congress alongside these AI to authorize any wars both defensive and offensive by constitutional law.AI namely Adikia will ensure only persons of interest and suspects of terrorism etc are monitored online and through surveillance cameras worldwide by the government and not the general public thus preventing the government from over extending its reach over society as a whole with this and other measures ensuring that the government keeps well within the limitations as stated in the global Bill of Rights and Constitution etc with the government through other measures and protocols prevents AI from gaining too much power over the public and the state itself thus as stated each other keeping each other in control of the other.Thus the Agoge will become one of the remaining outlets for global competition for the general public to join and take part with the market system being defunct with tournaments and rankings between trainees and registered personnel of all races,sexual orientations and genders held on local,regional,nationwide,continental and global levels in all areas such as exercises,combat,weapons training etc.It will become plot points for movies,television shows and video games with entire movies, television shows and video games devoted to it and its characters with it replacing highchool teen movies.It will be upscaled to the galactic government once interstellar travel is perfected.

With regards to the training of diplomats trained at 12 or younger these same examinations and measures could also be applied (especially the same mandatory ones for aforementioned reasons) again with VR programs used by law enforcement and military personnel dealing with foreign policy and relations and also mock real world situations using actors and in time VR simulations as well as them being taken part in real situations without them knowing it being real with the same rules for military/law enforcement personnel applied here.Important higher up government officials and those privy to and have access to important classified information and also files who would be at risk of capture due to their relevance in society and also civilians such as scientists taking part in military missions would themselves also want to go through the same mandatory exercises that would be needed to be done by their 16th birthday(walkabouts,bullet ant gloves and psych tests) again for the same reasons especially the mastery of fear and pain tolerance with the advent of interstellar travel making these apply to all members of military,research and exploratory vessels and expeditions to prepare for unforeseen events that may occur.All of these may undergo VR simulations dealing with attack,capture and interrogation from known or made up terrorist and enemy groups,or getting in accidents as well as being marooned on a isolated area in groups or alone.