Analysis of Conservativism

Hebephelia & Ephebopheilia:
The procession of each aeon and the precedence of linear cosmology in Osirian religions namely Islam,Judaism and Christianity that wiped out and suppressed the correct non linear times of more so called primitive societies such as the Aztec,Mayans,Native Americans,Aboriginal,Indian/Vedic,Greek,Roman,Egyptian and other Isis-Osirian cultures wiped out or suppressed during the colonial periods by western Osirian societies.The Isis-Osirian cultures deities and spirits personified as animals and not simply a patriarchal male figure denotes their natural state of the natural world that arose from formless nothingness,more simpler organisms or primordial deities that were formless abstractions ie Anu,Chaos with them as part of the natural order of things alongside humans as denoted by them taking on both animal or human form and also associated with animals and plants and the planets of the solar system as well as them able to magically take on these forms with the common stories associated with them being morality tales of humans being lovers,consorts and friends to the deities while still them having superiority over mankind or at time protecting mankind with their tales involving mortals befalling terrible fates over hubris when they challenge the natural order of things unlike the Osirian deities who place humans as separate from nature and thus superior leading to antropocentric values to it while still having humans subservient to the Osirian deities.This difference between the matriarchial as well as balanced male and female in the Isis-Osirian religions while still male dominated pantheons of Ancient Greece,Egypt,Norse,Slavic,Asian and Celtic mythology shows that in Isisan religions and to an extent those of mixed pantheons humanity although subject to the whims and reverence of the gods was at least somewhat respected as seen in them granting favours,gifts and them teaching them architecture and agriculture and other arts and crafts despite still being reminded of their limits through morality tales such as the rape of Inanna by Shukaletuda as well as Arachne and Athena with the main theme being mess with the gods and thus the natural order of things and suffer the consequences showing that these religions were primarily denoting that the Gods were at least somewhat benevolent to mankind despite reminding them to remain in their natural place in the world and not to oversteep their limits that were placed by the gods.The relationship to this between both humankind and the gods was seen in the prevalence of the architecture as seen in pyramids in ancient Egypt and the Aztec and Mayan world as this represented the hierarchical societies with the gods at the top and the mortals at the bottom as seen with the pyramids in Giza representing the alignment of the sun with only Pharohs considered to be elected by divine law were buried here while in Aztec etc cultures the pyramids had sacrifices to the gods at the top and burial chambers to mainly royalty in the lower floors while the prevalence of the djed pillar in ancient Greece,Rome and similar cultures including Celtic and pagan mythological sites such as Stonehenge and again in Renaissance Europe when ancient Greek and other Isis-Osirian practices become mainstreamed.The matriarchal Isis Aeon showed that humankind was indeed loved and nurtured by the gods with females having the highest status in society,with the mixed pantheons headed by male figures that were the resulting progeny as stated of female primordial deities less venerated that their male counterparts showed that humans were still nurtured and cared for but whose place in cosmology was kept in place with the motifs of reincarnation and also varying afterlives for each class based on virtue.In these religions sexuality was fluid as seen in the acceptance of bisexuality amongst both males and females despite the relation of females to secondary citizen statues in some but not all societies as the level of their rights and value to society varied from society to society.Women in these societies were represented in female deities that take roles in one or multiple fields such as fertility godesses such as Ala/Adenka/Bastet/Isis/Coatlicue/Xochiquetzal/Kichijōten/Parvati/Brigid/Freyja/Dodola,association with sexualuty,associateion with rivers and lakes etc with some even being the personification of entire specific lakes and rivers such as Chalchiuhtlicue/Astghik/Belisama/Sinann/Boann/Ehuang and Nuying/Anuket/Anubis/Ganga/Tapti/Yami/Sezibwa,association with wealth ie Lakshmi/,representations of the Earth and creation and also planets such as Venus and the moon itself ie Mahina/Coyolxauhqui /Gaia/Pachamama/Mokosh/Sowathara/Prithvi/Nantosuelta/Nerthus/Zeme/Artemis/Kuu/Aphrodite/Inanna/Ishtar/Astarte/Oshun/Shukra,representations of agriculture and thus the foundation of civilisation with common animals associated with them livestock mainly cows/cattle/hippopotamus to represent strength and fertility and a spillover of the Isis Aeon as seen in Demeter/Inari Ōkami,experts in the crafts such as weaving and pottery that required great skill ie Athena/Neith/Xochiquetzal,wisdom and cunning as well as forethought especially with regards to war such as Jiutian Xuannü/Andarta/Athena/Andraste/Anann/Badb/Macha/Baduhenna/Sekhmet/Chamunda/Qamaits,protectorate of homes and children rather than just those who attended to them as well as livestock as seen in Hestia/Tawaret/Pukkeenegak/Chantico/Hutellurra,Irsirra,and Tawara, and thus highly venerated in the same vein of Isisian godesses as a result of the spillover and bridging of the Isis and Osiris Aeon thus making these religions Isis-Osirian religions.Women were seen as fertility deities,bringers of monetary wealth and riches,protectors of children,protector and provider of livestock and bountiful harvests thus being revered as the functioning pillars of society rather than being subordinate homemaker etc.They were associated with agriculture particularly livestock especially cattle and baskets of crops as their wombs were seen as the bearer of fertility and life,they were associated with rivers and lakes because rivers were the bringers of life through providing it through itself directly and also it providing life to agriculture with them associated monetary wealth through their association with agriculture as cows were the sign of wealth as they were traded through barter and for money as farmers were considered the foundation of society and were in most cultures the most wealthy individuals.In short women although not always but sometimes on the same level socially on par with men were still venerated in the pantheons as they were seen as an important pillar of how society functioned as they were always paired with men showing that women were just important to men in the functioning of society.In some cases by themselves in the case of virginal goddesses who preserved this out of choice and not duty to society or by a father protecting it and when this virginity was threatened or this taken away by force by either male mortals or other male deities they fought back in revenge by themselves without the need for consulting other male deities as a moral tale that “no means no” making them able to fend off by themselves rather than be dependant on other male deities including their fathers or the head of the pantheon in the vast majority of these myths with a few exceptions thus empowering them as strong willed and capable of fending for themselves.Thus rather than having their fathers protect their virginity or avenge defouling of their daughters or even wives virginity or consent the female deities themselves protected it themselves and instead of reffering to their father to avenge it or attempts at de fouling them the female deities themselves were able to avenge themselves and did so with a vengeance with males who carried out the act punished severely at their hands.These like rape of Inanna by Shukaletuda and the attempted rape of Athena by Hephaestus and indeed any tale of rape from these Isis-Osiris cultures usually ended with the rapists killed or greatly punished in some form or another by either the gods or other mortals with even Zeus meeting punishment in one way or another from Hera were moral tales that acted as warnings against would be rapists of females who were both virgins,married women etc by their husbands or even anyone would suffer great consequences both in terms of the law and also from the gods.Rape was considered a federal crime punishable by execution in Ancient Sparta.Even though women were by contrast to other cultures and even to modern standards considered the property of their husbands,slaves either male or female could be raped without consequence but to deny and remove a fully mature woman especially ones own wife or daughter or even ones another mans wife and daughter the right to consent to sexual intercourse was considered one of the most heinous of acts punishable by death even though they were allowed to engage in sexual acts with their own consent(including that of the woman,husband/father) thus showing that even they considered women to be of high regard to the function and well being of society despite them relegated to some extent to second class citizenry and being denied some rights.Females in terms of taken seriously with regards to rape were considered crimes of high regard and taken seriously and able to defend herself in court and be taken seriously if raped.To defoul a woman and assault her sexually against her will was an affront to the both the female gods that held society and their male counterparts together and the female Gods of the Isisian Aeon from which all life sprang.This is unlike modern Osirian societies the woman or underage female are considered inferior who were either asking for it,hypocrites or simply off limits due to being weak as in the phrase “If you ever touch my daughter” or “What if it was your daughter” which is sexist due to the fact that male statutory rape victims are seen as getting lucky especially with an older female and due to testosterone peak able to consent even if it was statutory rape or normal rape.Put simply it was not considered taboo or rape and the female was not belittled if the daughter and wife was of post pubescent age and gave consent.Furthermore it belittles women as simply being weaker and unable to consent no matter what the situation.Thus in all cases rapists were severely punished with mortals killed by the raped frmale herself or her consort and father with in the case of deities that raped they were punished by other gods by being turned into animals,handicapped,demoted to Demi-gods,banished to Earth or the underworld or denied sexual intercourse.Other myths including such as those about Tartarus,Elysium,Hades etc were done to instill morals about murder and other crimes related to pride etc.This is in stark contrast to the Osirian Islam,Christianity and Judaism religions wherein in women are seen solely as second class citizens were punished with death if found guilty of adultery while a husband would be given lighter punishment,rape of a woman and statutory rape was considered acceptable and was not as harshly punished as in ancient Isis-Osirian societies and even encouraged by the Bible,Torah,Quaran with predominantly Islamic countries still relegating women to second class citizenry forced to cover their entire body and Christian and Judaism households traditional families seeing females as homemaker and males as sole breadwinner.It is notable that Isis-Osirian modern countries have more progressive values towards women with regards to them having more female politicians and also those in more powerful positions in corporations.These virgin godesses themselves were by their very nature strong willed and represented the epitome of female empowerment and not just purity with examples including Hestia,Athena,Artemis,Medeina,Gefjon,Tuonater,Etugen Eke,Anat,Bahuchara Mata,Bon Dea,Devanna,Tamar.In otherwords women as depicted in mythology in these Isis-Osirian societies were considered still relevant pillars and their consent and control over the issue of intercourse was so venerated and respected due to the fact that the rape of a woman was punished so severly much more so than a male slave.The fact that most if not all partriach led pantheons were born of female chtonic and celestial creation deities and primordial entities such as Nut,Gaia,Neith,Coatlicue,Auðumbla etc still showed that women were still considered the birth of and foundation of all creation and civilisation with even the presence of female based fate deities such as the Moirai,Parcea,Norns,Laima,Mórrígan,Greae,Sudice,Ananke etc that had control of the fates of both mortals and gods showed at least that in the background even male patriarchs pantheons and thus society itself was dependant on the whims of women.These male led pantheons that bridge the gap between both Isis and Osiris were Isis-Osirian religions due to the presence of the djed pillar and indeed the pillar in all architecture of ancient Greece,Rome,Egypt,pagan architecture of Celtic regions including Stonehenge etc and the reverence of female deities associated with cows and similar livestock and mammals shows the convergence of the Aeon of Isis and Osiris and thus the formation of these religions as liberal progressive Isis-Osirian.These male led pantheons unlike the Osirian religions had all males have a female counterpart with the male led deity being the offspring of a female creation deity.In essence Isis-Osirian cultures recognised that society couldnt function without women at all as they provided a consort to male deities,a counterbalance to the males role in the pantheon,provided valuable roles and aspects of society as seen with their associations to agriculture and motherhood and in religious functions but in more venerated forms than that of Osirian religions.Each male deity had a female counterpart and at most times consort who was usually the exact opposite in what they personified with sometimes two deities that were male and female were not just consorts but rather siblings and even twins yet still represented opposites of their personifications.An example was in Egyptian mythology Tefnut who represented moisture,dew and rain while her consort Shu who represented dry air,Odin who represented wisdom/healing/death/knowledge/war/victory/sorcery was the consort of Frigg who represented foresight as well as motherhood.The Trimurti and Tridevi in Hinduism balanced each other out with in Greek Mythology Artemis who represented the Moon and also the hunt was paired with her twin brother Apollo who represented the Sun and also music,intelligence etc with Athena represented the disciplined,strategic side of war,in contrast to her brother Ares – the patron of violence,bloodlust,and slaughter or “the raw force of war”.The fact all gods in these pantheons including female deities had cults led and worshipped by both genders showed that females were still venerated as much as women with it also highlighting the facts that these religions were not open to corruption that arises from hiearchies and organised religions to the same degree even though priests and priestess did exist that was the level of where the hierarchies ended with their being no popes and bishops,Imam,Chief Rabbi with the fact that women could also become priestess highlighted the fact that women could become part of the teachers and mentors in cults unlike Osirian women where only men could become rabbis,bishops,priests and pope.The role of and powers and rights of women in each Isis-Osirian cultures varied from culture to culture from those where they were on par or even treated better than males in all aspects of societies with some having limited rights that were at least better than Osirian societies wherein they had none whatsoever.Even the societies wherein women had little no rights or limited rights were way much better than conservative societies that were under the theocratic control of Judaism,Islam and Christianity etc.Thus even though some societies still treated women as second class citizens the level of freedom they had was better than both ancient and modern conservative societies under the influence of Judaism,Christianity and Islam.For example the Mayans and Aztecs allowed women to be doctors,priestess and practitioners of sorcery normally relegated to males in other cultures with them pivotal for the function of homes.This denotes them as Isis-Osirian societies as both males and females had to varying degrees of equal rights which was inevitably undone by the arrival of the Osirian Aeon and religions.In ancient Greece women had most of the same rights as men with some notable restrictions with those of ancient Sparta reared specifically to produce strong males through intensive gymnastics and sports taught to them and also fed quite well as well as taught reading,writing and also music etc in comparison to males that were starved and forced into stealing and other gruelling aspects of the Agoge.Grace and femininity in females as seen and expected in the rest of the ancient world of Western Europe were frowned upon with females in comparison to those in the rest of Greece given an almost pampered lifestyle to both their male counterparts in Sparta and their female counterparts in the rest of the ancient world due to being fed well and educated in reading,writing,music and poetry alongside war education but were still made to be athletic and just as strong willed as males with grace and culture in females were frowned upon in favour of high physical fitness and moral integrity as denoted by the phrase “only Spartan women could give birth to Sparten men” with mothers who died in childbirth honoured with gravestones in special cemeteries alongside brave soldiers who died in battle as all other citizens outside women who died in childbirth and soldiers were exempt from this honour – in ancient Sparta both women who died in childbirth and certain soldiers were the only people who were honoured with memorial gravestones in specialised.Unlike males who were kept constantly under the influence of hunger to encourage stealing etc Spartan women and infact adolescent and pre adolescent girls were very well fed and given hearty meals rich in protein and carbohydrates dense vegetables with this and athletics done to encourage their ability to produce strong healthy males.The education was just as rigorous as males as they were reared solely for rearing strong male children and this was female reverence rather than Osirian values where they were relegated as homemakers used for making babies and rearing them as second class citizenry that we’re unable to pursue anything more.This is visible through much of Celtic and Egyptian societies where in the case of Celts women played a role in agriculture and religious duties.In ancient Egyptian societies alongside most African societies at the time were the most equal in terms of men as women could own property and were legally equal to men at court,could initiate divorce and run businesses and in cases through nepotism or birth could become members of the Royal Court and become Pharaoh as seen with Cleopatra VII Philopator,Hatshepsut and Neferneferuaten Nefertiti something unheard of in Osirian and even other Isis-Osirian cultures of the time.The fact they were considered Pharaohs in the same title of their male counterparts instead of queen as used by Osirian cultures that had monarchs namely the British Empire means a female Pharaoh was by default of the title considered on par with her male counterparts and were not required to have male counterparts with then when queens to male Pharaohs were considered essential to his ruler ship and was given equal respect and role in ruling Egypt whereas Osirian queens were required to have kings and male consorts.In virtually all aspects of society Egyptian women were on par with their male counterparts.Such equality of the genders both in mythology and in society that was unheard of in other Isis-Osirian cultures of the time no doubt explains why the Greek historian Herodotus was forced to conclude that the Egyptians “have reversed the ordinary practices of mankind” when visiting Egypt around 450 BC.Feminist literature has shown that gender stereotyping existed not only in ancient Greco-Roman societies but also in mainstream literature on those societies.In Africa,it was merely the literature that cast women in stereotypical roles,which were foreign to their ancient tradition.Accordingly in Africa,women in power did not cause the tension that the women in such positions caused in Grecco-Roman society.The different perceptions of women and their role in a patriarchal society seemed to lie in the world views of these different cultures.They were also legally allowed to resolve legal settlements and could conclude any kind of legal settlement,could appear as a contracting partner in a marriage contract or a divorce contract;they could execute testaments;could make adoptions.This amount of freedom was at variance from other women in much of the world, according to a Cornell University research.African women warriors were plentiful and legendary,including the Dahomey Amazons or Mino,an all-female military regiment of the Fon people of the Kingdom of Dahomey in the present-day Republic of Benin,and Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa of the Edweso tribe of the Asante (Ashanti) in what is modern Ghana,among others.The traditional standing of African women was economically and ideologically derived from the importance of motherhood.It served as power.However,that position disintegrated through imposed colonial legislation and a system of Western values particularly Osirian.In Africa, culture patriarchy did not necessarily equate to inferiority for women.The kin on the mother’s side played a most important role in the lives of their descendants.The father’s sister,on the other hand,was called “female father” and was accorded extreme respect.She was the most revered member of the family council as well as the family priest who formed the link with the ancestors.Also in the house of the ruler,the chief’s sister had an important role in government.The Venda chief was not an absolute monarch and was expected to follow his sister’s judgement.All important matters of state had to be referred to her.African women were honoured and had an important role to play in societal structures.However it was the imposition of Western patriarchal Osirian colonial systems in Africa that undermined the traditional socio-cultural structures that empowered women in traditional African societies.Women in Native American and Inuit cultures like their African counterparts had the most freedoms as they were allowed to do the same jobs as men with although there was a distinction of work traditionally done by males and females this did not mean that either gender could be restricted from doing the same work as the other as it was often required for this distinction to be blurred.Those in ancient China and Japan alternated with each successive dynasty from being on par or even more better treated than men and even elevated to cultural and mythological heroes a feat rarely seen in ancient cultures to around the arrival of Osirian cultures or changes in mythologies and dynasties forced into second class citizenry forced into degrading practises like foot binding,widow chastity and suicide with ironically the most oppressive totalitarian regimes of Socialist Chairmen Mao having women given the same right to work in factories,learn to read and write and the outlawing of foot binding and other attempts to give women the same rights of men such as economic assistance for childbbearing women even if these were heldback but were considered better than the previous governments due to the constraints of the other socialist policies in the country and also to a certain degree better than the treatment of women in the West as unlike their western counterparts women were encouraged to dream big and have high expectations in professions with them allowed to have the ability to enter positions in medicine,law,military and politics with the same seen in Stalinist Russia with both cultures encouraging female participation in the sciences and even military.Furthermore barbaric practices like foot binding,widow chastity,female circumsicion were outlawed until they were eventually overthrown by right wing Osirian governments that re-instated these barbaric practices.Lenin himself is known to have said – “There can be no real mass movement without women” while far-right Osirian ideologies such as Naizism had the exact opposite view of women who were forced into celibacy until their mid twenties and only to their husbands and expected to play the role of homemaker following traditional Judeo-Christian values.Despite the high death toll of both Maos.Cubas and Lenins dictactorship that were merely primitive attempts at implementing the failed socialist/communist utopia they did advance womens rights from the dark ages precedences that set forward progressive movements that were later adopted across the region and world much in the same way that Nazi Germany progressed society in terms of animal conservation,the Autobahn,welfare programmes,anti tobacco programmes.This is likely due to both exhibiting Isis-Osirian cultures in their respective countries both China and Russia despite the totalitarian nature of their ideologies.The accomplishments of extreme right and left wing dictators should not be disregarded just as much as the accomplishments of modern day Osirian tyrannical dictatorships your already living in.With regard to homosexuality the acceptability of it alternated with each dynasty in China with it becoming illegal during the early part of the 20th century through the westernisation of the country even though the Qing dynasty had made efforts to outlaw it with them homosexuality being persecuted during the Mao era until being legalised in 1997.The same could be said of Japan with the role of females changing back and forth during different periods of history.The extent to which women could participate in Japanese society has varied over time and social classes.In the 8th century,Japan had women emperors,and in the 12th century during the Heian period, women in Japan could inherit property in their own names and manage it by themselves:”Women could own property,be educated,and were allowed,if discrete (sic), to take lovers.”However decline in their role in society began to start in the Edo period and continued into the Meiji period.By the 20th century especially during the early 1940s after the Second World War this was being reversed with women in Japan guaranteed equal pay for equal work and were encouraged into the workforce that was contrasted to the expected role of women in the West that still held traditional family roles until the late sixties and seventies.Up to this point like Chinese women could work the same jobs as men but had limits ie once they became married or pregnant this was given up with this primarily a reaction the Second World War though this improved later and their were significant advances in womens rights up until then at the end of the Edo period.In Japan homosexuality was legal throughout most of the countries history with it only briefly criminalised during the Meiji period.The same could be seen in Hinduism and the Vedic scriptures with women treated in religion as the supreme goddess consorts to all deities including Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva and contrasted with the tradition of arranged marriages and gender roles of women in India alternating through the ages with them at first having equal rights with men in their ability to hold the same careers both in that of ordinary citizens but also of queens being considered on par in rulership with males by themselves alongside ruling alongside both as head of state and also as wife to the king.Furthermore polyandry was considered as normal as polygamy.This would later change upon the conquering of India during the Medieval era by the Osirian Islamic and then British Catholic empire wherein womens rights deteriorated until the modern age with them still able to hold certain positions of power and careers they were overall considered second class citizens as per Sharia law and Catholic customs.Homosexuality followed the same pattern with it acceptable in ancient times and then once the country was under the control of Osirian Islamic religions became illegal with it becoming decriminalised until around 2018.Female military figures in both the historical records and in mythology women were seen as heroes in all Isis-Osirian societies with chastity seen more as a virtue to them rather than punishment or something that if broken and rid of would incur shunning from society and also damnation with female sexuality empowered both through chastity and the tolerance of prostitution which were was far from being clandestine as cities did not condemn brothels,but rather only instituted regulations on them with the job of prostitutes considered sacred in ancient Egypt with adultery considered minor offences with this seen throughout all Isis-Osirian cultures.This is converse to the Osirian cultures which considered adultery and homosexual blasphemous,worthy of shunning etc and in the Middle East punishable by if possible death by stoning with the same made with regards to prostitution while it considered largely illegal in North America and other predominantly Osirian cultures while it remaining legal in most of Europe where Isis-Osirian cultures flourished.The presence of hermaphrodite deities in these Isis-Osirian cultures also highlighted a tolerance or promotion of homosexual pairings again with differences in each culture.In ancient Greece and Rome pederasty that is the sexual relationships between an older male and younger male usually a student with the older male usually being in the penetrative top position as the sociall normative form of homosexuality with slaves and younger males being in the bottom receptive position.Homosexuality or at least bisexuality was also encouraged in ancient Greek societies military and those in Japan and Asia to promote brotherhood with military personnel even those who would be normally masculine arch types etc with a wife and kids were especially encouraged to be sleeping in the same bed as other men and engage in homosexual acts such as mutual oral sex,anal sex and mutual masturbation or even forming long term sexual relationships as denoted with Achilles and Patroclus,Alexander the Great and Hephaestion with most revered male military and monster slewing heroes in both real life and mythology that were considered by their standards the epitome of masculinity and machismo even by today’s conservative societal standards had openly homosexual if not at least bisexual tendencies and sexual relationships with other men with all royalty,politicians,military personnel and indeed most male full citizens required by cultural norms to have at least one male lover usually a younger adolescent male aged 14-17 even if married to a woman with children with this male concubinage seen right throughout the ancient world from Greece,Rome,Japan,China and even Americas.In some cultures the younger male was chosen from the populace by their wives and was done at their behest due to social norms..Citizens that were allowed slaves especially male slaves were allowed socially to perform anal sex on them but only if they were in the top position.In Rome by contrast those in the military were encouraged while in service to be chaste while in service until they were allowed marriage and concubinage.In Mediterranean city states of the old world (ca. 40 B.C. to 400 A.D.),the norms by which a person carried out their private and public life were social and behavioral,rather than psychological or spiritual.Standards of human behavior were based on fulfillment of social expectations;for example,being a good citizen and bringing honor to one’s family.It was considered one’s duty to carry on the family line by marrying and raising children,regardless of sexual orientation.For Roman citizens,marriage was a duty and was not meant for the purpose of fulfilling erotic needs.Therefore,it was considered normal for a male to look for sexual fulfillment outside marriage via both other males and females,though females did not have such liberty.Presumably,the main Greco-Roman moral view on human sexuality was that sexuality was good,as long as it did not interfere with a person’s obligations to the state or family or involve the abuse of free pre pubescent children or married women or infringe on consent as raping a women was considered a heinous.Other views stated that sexuality was dangerous and should be limited.People that held such beliefs would usually commit themselves to celibacy or limit their sexual activities either to marriage,or strictly for the purpose of procreation.Such views,though,did not preclude homosexual acts;they simply aimed to reduce promiscuous heterosexual activity.Sexual orientation in Roman society was neither a questioned nor a judged matter.How a person expressed their sexuality was based and limited to class,age,and marital status rather than gender.Although there were a few exceptions,the higher a person’s social status,the more limits a person would have.This included limitations on sexual acts and fewer sexual partners.For example,a high status male could penetrate another person,male or female,without damage to his social status;but for him to be penetrated by any person could possibly result in a loss of status.On the other hand,a slave’s social status,or that of any other free male of a similar class status,would not be affected by any sexual act as long as the intercourse did not happen with another person the slave’s owner allowed him to,or as long as it did not happen with an adult male citizen.This is similar to the social rules in Ancient China.In ancient China homosexuality or bisexuality was not demonised but it was frowned upon outside of heterosexual marriages.A male of any social class could have sexual intercourse with other men provided they were carried out the family duty by being married to a woman and having children and passing on the family bloodline.Once a heir either a son or even daughter was created in order to carry on the family bloodline a man in Ancient China could once he was married and had children they could have sex with other men as much as he wanted – it was however considered on par with infidelity with other women and visiting brothels and drunken disorderly conduct with it more scandalous when carried out more by the royal upper classes than those of lower classes as one of the upper classes were supposed to be refined and thus with it not acceptable for same sex monogomous relationships to occur involving two men who were not married to another women and had children with one unable to have same sex relationships before they were married yo a women and bore children.The practice was seen more as scandalous and indulging in a guilty pleasure rather than sinful that would lead to eternal damnation in hellfire or social banishement and exclusion but rather more something to gossip meaning it was tolerated but drew just as much public attention and condemnation as cheating on your wife with another women and getting drunk in public or getting caught in a brothel.It was more on par with Donald Trump having an affair with Stormy Daniels than anything else.Scandalous and tarnished your public image but was not morally repugnant or even illegal.The social rules of bisexuality,swinging and in particular male cocubinage for married men and even married women varied from culture to culture across the Ancient Isis-Osiris world with it almost always involving minors aged 14-17 and not only those aged 18 or older.This was weeded four as more conservative religions mainly Christianity,Judaism and Islam began to encroach onto Asia,Europe and the Americas.Men who are married with a wife and kids have been having sex with other men since ancient times and continue to do so in modern times even within conservative circles in all countries and will continue to do so forever even if their wives are completely unaware of it.Ladies,trust me if your husband or boyfriend says he’s out hanging out with his male friends at the bar or watching the sports games etc with them on the weekend or going on a business trip for a few days or weeks etc there is a 70-90% chance he’s cheating on you not only with another woman but also another man in most cases another married man with wife and kids or even with a large group of other bisexual or gay men – at once – at the same time in the same building including his close friends.Women nowadays regardless of how macho their man is or how conservative and homophobic he seems should be more fearful of their husbands and boyfriends cheating on them with another man or or large groups of men at once including their close best friends then with another woman especially due to the more liberalising views with regards to homosexuals and bisexuals.There is at least several thousand years of hard scientific data to support this hypothesis.Although proto form of the traditional family did exist ie one man and woman and children males were allowed male concubines and adultery as well as “swinging” similar to modern day times practiced in parties was tolerated to varying degrees with some even having polygamy with both polygyny and polyandry encouraged in many societies such as Asia,Celtic Ireland,Greece,the Americas and Africa as well as India with only a few exceptions of ancient societies having traditional one man,one woman monogamous marriage such as in ancient Rome.This proliferation of homosexuality and bisexuality was also seen in most male deities having both female and male lovers such as Zeus,Apollo,Orpheus,Poseidon,Heracles,Dionysus and so on.More likely some of the most macho deities and heroes both mythological and real world that were considered the epitome of masculinity in ancient Isis-Osirian cultures around the world including Asia,Native Americans,Celts,Inuits,Vikings and also most definitely the Greeks and Romans were either homosexual or at least bisexual and also probably they were having sex with 14/15 year old male and female “minors” and more than likely they definitely had a noticeable lisp in their voice as well as effeminate demeanor and were revered by other purely heterosexual men who would be considered masculine by modern day Osirian homophobic conservative men – that includes you Crowder,Bolsanaro and Shapiro and most new wavers on YouTube and even Bible/Quaran thumping paleoconservatives.If you were living in ancient Greece,Rome etc you would be kneeling down and worshipping Maza or Greenwald at their feet and also doing something else while kneeling down if you catch my drift.Its possible that liberal themes in modern day movies like feminist strong willed female action heroes and gay male token characters etc that may echo of social justice warriors may be a return to the progressive past of Isis-Osirian heroes archtypes that were at the time ie female warriors,homosexual/bisexual heroes that were slayers of monsters and generals of armies with the conservative backlash that goes overboard with their criticisms may be conservative backlash of male patriarchy that seeks to reject cultural norms of the past in favour for more heteronormative norms ie machismo,overtly masculine and heterosexual male heroes and females that are merely damsels in distress similar to how the Osirian religions place women as second class citizens and men as the superheroes.Thus conservatism in their automatic social justice warrior and woke criticism of progressive movies that include feminist,pro-African themes etc as a means of repeating their cultural genocide of ancient Isis-Osirian mythology and cultures ie Africans,Aztecs,Mayans,Native Americans and all of European and going overboard with claims of micro-agression,token diversity and overt attempts to blame this on the left taking over world with “Cultural Marxism” since in reality the cultures of Ancient Isis-Osirian Greece,Rome,Africa,South America etc did have powerful strong female,gay,lesbian,asian and black heroes prior to being conquered and destroyed by Osirian cultures and didnt qualify as forced token diversity in those days and responses from the left of them being whitewashed or critics being homophobic,racist or sexist etc are likely a response in desecration of the myths archetypes actual representation subconsiously and real ones in the past rather than being political correctness or some variant of this with political correctness also a subconscious retaliation towards this desecration including that in ancient times.The tolerance of homosexuality and bisexuality in the Isis-Osirian world changed from time periods to another and the social rules varied from culture to culture but the general rule is thus men who were married with a wife and kids have always been and continue to to this day have sex with other men with it usually in most cultures becoming frowned upon the adoption of more conservative governments that coincided with the arrival of conservative Christian pilgrims who began to enforce strict conservative values into these more liberalised societies.Once conservative religions began to travel and spread to China,Greece,South and North America homosexuality etc was not only frowned upon by the locals but it was often met with mass executions.Put simply the modern accusations of homophobia,sexism etc is likely a defense mechanism against cultural genocide of ancient Isis-Osirian cultures in favour of the patriarchal monotheism that attempts to take cultural dominance as in ancient times in short a subconcious retribution against the culture genocide of the Aztecs,Mayans,Greeks and other ancient Isis-Osirian cultures.In short the re-emergence of feminism and black cultural power and homosexuals in more prominant roles as heroes,sidekicks as seen in Black Panther(2018),Ghostbusters(2016),Charlie’s Angels(2019),Buffy The Vampire Slayer,Watchmen,The Eternals as well as characters such as Batwoman,Iceman and Northstar that pervades modern pop culture and even the repealling of Dont Ask,Dont Tell and more prominant female military personnel in the real world ie Tulsi Gabbard is a return to the ancient myths of Isis-Osirian ancient Greece,Rome,Maya,Aztec etc that feature a plethora of gay,bisexual,lesbian,female and even black as well as even transgendered or at the very least intersexed heroes that slew demons,monsters and led armies that were later heternormalised in later Osirian cultures.The issues is how far these progressive stories and archetypes go into Osirian-lite SJW terriorty where white,heterosexual males are pushed aside for the over the top invincible god like asian/black/lesbian/homosexual hero with zero flaws and zero substance thus hurting the progressiveness when SJWs hijack these archtypes to push a political agenda and pandering to the god awfullness of political correctness as seen in Star Wars:The Last Jedi(2017),Ghostbusters(2016) and Charlies Angels(2019) usually only in times and in cultures where Osirian values predominate as rebellion with one could argue it being a case of poor writing that could easily destroy a movie featuring only straight,white males and no black,asian,gay,females with the same character traits.If Star Wars:The Last Jedi(2017),Ghostbusters(2016) and Charlies Angels(2019) had all lead characters genders reversed and the same scripts they would still be terrible movies – had the scripts been better their would have been no controversies or wokeness just as had original had genders of Luke,Han,Leia,C3PO,Chewbacca,the original Charlies Angels and ghostbusters etc reversed and the same scripts the movies would have still as good thus leaving the right nothing to complain about.This wokeness thing on movies etc by the right is just whining by middle aged man cry babies who have still have yet get an actual job in the real world.Its noticeable that the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Shaft,Super Metroid,Tomb Raider,Kill Bill Vol.1 and 2,Charlies Angels(2000) and those from the pre Trump and even pre Gamersgate era dont get any throwback as being forced diversity its more to do the rise of man children as part of the alt-right created in response to the “forced diversity” of the first democratically African-American president Barack Obama.Thats what the alt-right if not most conservatives are just middle age cry baby man children.The rise in SJW wokeness and feminism crescendo especially corporate driven ones seems to be a proportional response to the rise of the conservativism especially the rise of the facist alt-right in the form Trump since the SJW seems to have only arisen and taken hold in and around 2016 or even at least 2008 when conservatives inclhding Trump were up in arms and roaring like hell over the forced diversity of the first black president elected ones 2008.This is how conservatism fosters the development of the SJW in a vicious positive feedback loop.Some cultures even encouraged this and full blown homosexuality and male prostitution as a means of population control.Female homosexuality was present and accepted in all ancient cultures though most records focus primarily on male homosexuality.Ancient Egypt and most African tribes,Greece,Rome as well as Scandanavia tolerated homosexuality to certain degrees with a few differences in the acceptable roles of both partners in terms of society,sexual roles and also age differences.In these cultures the practice was not illegal but certain cases was considered sub masculine.Hindus and ancient Indian cultures tolerated homosexuality with only minor offences being punishments with the worst being censured by a prescription of a bath with one’s clothes on,and a penance of “eating the five products of the cow and keeping a one-night fast” – the penance being a replacement of the traditional concept of homosexual intercourse resulting in a loss of caste with this changing in 1861 roughly around the time that Osirian led British occupation of India took place roughly three years earlier.Sex with virgin women would incur a small fine while some homosexual acts would incur much harsher and severe punishments.Ancient China and Japan like most Isis-Osirian cultures mainly the Greeks had men of royalty,military figures etc and even average citizens had society required them to have male lovers and concubines especially early adolescent male lovers with again Bushido military practices encouraging homosexuality amongst all ranks especially with adolescents.The same went for Turkey,India and other parts of the Middle East during this periods.Thus homosexuality was not frowned upon especially in the case early adolescents where it was in fact encouraged and not just accepted with these societies also encouraging homosexuality and even at times female participation in the military.Like as with women Native American and Inuit tribes revered or considered homosexuals to be on par with other members of society giving the greatest equality with most Inuit and Native America Tribes encouraging adolescent male concubinage with them labelled two-spirited as in having both male and female spirits or aspects.Homosexual and gender-variant individuals were also common among other pre-conquest Isis-Osirian civilizations in Latin America,such as the Aztecs,Mayans,Quechuas,Moches,Zapotecs,and the Tupinambá of Brazil.In the ancient Assyrian society,if a man were to have sex with another man of equal status or a cult prostitute,it was thought that trouble will leave him and he will have good fortune.Some ancient religious Assyrian texts contain prayers for divine blessings on homosexual relationships.Freely pictured art of anal intercourse,practiced as part of a religious ritual,dated from the 3rd millennium BC and onwards.Homosexuality was an integral part of temple life in parts of Mesopotamia,and no blame appears to have attached to its practice outside of worship.Despite this,homosexual relationships with royal attendants,between soldiers,and those where a social better was submissive or penetrated were treated as rape or seen as bad omens,and punishments were applied.In many societies of Melanesia,especially in Papua New Guinea,same-sex relationships were an integral part of the culture until the middle of the last century.The Etoro and Marind-anim for example,even viewed heterosexuality as sinful and celebrated homosexuality instead.In many traditional Melanesian cultures a prepubertal boy would be paired with an older adolescent who would become his mentor and who would upon him reaching adolescence “inseminate” him (orally,anally,or topically,depending on the tribe) over a number of years in order for the younger male to also reach adulthood.Many Melanesian societies,however,have become hostile towards same-sex relationships since the introduction of Christianity by European missionaries.Records of lesbianism in all Isis-Osirian societies is limited either due to records being expunged by Osirian cultures or it not as historically recorded as male homosexuality by the societies themselves with this predominantly found in Ancient Greece – lebianism did occur but since only males have records as being heroes etc their are only records of that preserved or being the predominant form.The story of Callisto has been interpreted as implying that Artemis and Callisto were lovers.The myth of the Amazons has also been interpreted as referring to female homosexual activities with them having the same homosexual tendencies as the Spartan armies etc.Kenneth Dover suggests that,due to the role played by the phallus in ancient Greek men’s conceptions of sexuality,female homosexual love was not conceivable as a category to the authors of our surviving sources.There are many references of lesbianism in Greek poetry such as Sappho and Alcman.Although some scholars disagree,there is evidence that shows that lesbianism was not viewed as a problem;there were no laws restricting it.The Romans,Greeks etc perhaps because they were such a male-centered society,wrote little in their historical literature about women,especially lesbians and thus why male bisexuality and homosexuality dominates myths with even transgendered or at the very least intersexed heroes.This acceptance of homosexuality and women was then replaced by the Osirian religions that punished certain natural behaviours such as homosexuality,considered woman to inferior to a further degree receiving much harsher punishments and segregation than was seen in Isis-Osirian cultures ie in the wearing of the Hijab,stoning of women in for crimes that a man would receive lighter or no punishment,the role of women to be look after children and take care of the home as well as even be considered unreliable witness to misgivings in Christianity and Judaism,punished harder than males for adultery as well as being used solely for sexual gratification and bearing children for males and even these seen to a lesser extent in mixed gendered pantheons again under the domineering patriarchy of Osirian deities.Thus in Osirian cultures women were looked down and treated as second class citizenry,used primarily for breeding with homosexuality in both genders prosecuted and teenagers considered sub standard humans and almost on par with the rights of women.This is evidenced in the fact that females were reduced to homemaker and homosexuality was persecuted and even when legalised there were restrictions such as their ability to marry,partake in the military as seen with Don’t ask,Don’t Tell and Propersition 8.This was probably a leftover of the Isis-Osirian cultures primarily the Ancient Greeks etc but also those of the Ancient China and Japan with strangely enough if not ironic the countries that had these Isis-Osirian cultures such as Italy,Spain,Greece,China,Germany,France,Japan,South America,Scandinavia and Germany tend to have lower ages of consent below the global average of 16 with them usually 13-15. etc than in previously and still Osirian religious driven countries where it is usually 16-18.This comes as the concept of a female teenager considered much weaker in sexual relations with an older male alongside older males and younger teenage males with the teens in these instances considered automatically victims of sexual predation than those involving an adolescent male and older female wherein the male cannot be seen as a victim possibly arising from the old archaic principles in Isis-Osirian and certainly more pronounced facets of Osirian societies that females were the main people to be protected by age of consent laws were even as adults considered less capable or valid of holding stature in society and capable of reasoning when it came to the issue of consent especially with regards to adultery with homosexual males considered blasphemous as in these times mainly Osirian societies as women were considered akin to cattle as they were literally traded for cattle during marriage arrangements.In Osirian religious led societies from medieval Europe and Middle East to modern day western cultures up to the mid to late twentieth century womens main job was to bear children,look after children and also manage the home with no real chance of holding the same positions as men as seen in the traditionalism of Christian,Jewish and Muslim led countries in the West and Middle East with as seeing women as homemakers and men as breadwinners and the imbalance of women serving in the highest ranking fields of medicine,politics,business etc as well as the objectification of women and overt sexualisation of women in western cultures predominantly America in pornography and other sexualised media with the opposite occurring in the Middle East with women being punished for objectification or even insinuating this with the role of women in Christian,Judaic and Islamic modern culture even outside the Amish and their other Osirian religion equivalents still having women as almost second class citizens.Also with respects and regards to the role of women in society least in Isis-Osirian cultures females were allowed some freedoms as seen by the mixed pantheons having female deities being on the same level most of the time with their male counterparts with them acting as counterparts ie as consorts,lovers in pairs with at times even the same with different cultures associating each planet with either male or female ie in some cultures the sun was masculine and the moon female while in others the opposite was true with this male and female dichotomy seen in all celestial planets and also different aspects of society ie agriculture etc.This patriarchy as stated although placed humans as superior to the natural world and not part of it as seen in Isisian,Isis-Osirian religions still overall saw humans as being dominated through subservience through tradition,subservience of prayer,routine structures such as prayer,restriction sexual proprietary such as the blasphemy of homosexuality,promiscuity and also adultery with punishment coming in the form of eternal damnation,shunning and imprisonment if not death and man and the natural world constantly being shown as being inferior and subservient to the Osirian deities with no chance of man being seen as part of the natural order of things with only left over gifts and teachings of the world unlike Isisian,Isis-Osirian beliefs ie the creation of agriculture etc related to man or distant lost knowledge.Furthermore the suppression of so called primitive cultures by Osirian deities and the wiping out of their religions,cultures and identities to replaced by the authoritarianism of Osirian deities is further evidence of the patriarchal nature of Osirian religions with the Osirian religions not just warring over other religions from the Isis-Osirian era but also warring against each other as seen by the Crusades between Islam and Christianity and also between Judaism and Islam and also between to an extent between these and Hinduism.This would also be evidenced by the fracturing of the main Osirian religions into different sects and denominations.This is converse to the evolution of Isis-Osirian religions into different versions that venerated deities albeit by different names and equations with this shown by the different deities of Ancient Egypt,Greece,Etrustcan and also Rome.This in stark contrast to the Manifest Destiney of Osirian religions which desecrated all pre Osirian cultures which not only lead to loss of live but also cultural genocide that are a loss to modern archaeologists.Examples of this include Christianties desecration of both cultural sites and religions as seen in Knowth and the rest of pre-Christian paganism and polytheism in Celtic Ireland and Great Britain,Native American tribes through Manifest Destiney and the extermination of Native American tribes with Variola major/Variola minor,the genocide of the Aztecs and Mayans and also the the destruction of their cultures as well as desecration of their temples and the Dresdan Codex and many other documents of cultural importance,the enslavement of Africans and the destruction of their languages and also religions whose cultural and human genocide is comparable to that of ISILs cultural genocide of Hatra,Mosul,Nimrud etc meaning Christians as much cultural blood on its hand as it so called enemies.Hatra,Nimrud etc can be rebuilt the desecration of and destruction of ancient religions and pagan sites cant.Islamic fundamentalists may have innocent blood on their hands since 9/11 but it pales in comparison to that from Christian based religions War on Terror in Iraq,Libya,Syria dating all the way back to Vietnam and even the bombing of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki,the torture and human rights abuses all of which is done for cultural and economic imperialism and is still like Islamic fundamentalism such as the Taliban,Al-Qeda,Hezbollah and ISIL is a form of partarchial imperialim as odds with each other in a battle for suprmacy.This makes notions of Christian western based society and culture being persecuted and infiltrated and conquered by atheists,ancient Isis-Osirian cultures particularly the Romans and even ISIL and Alqeda moot especially the current recent so called invasion by Islam laying squarely on the imperialism of Christian based nations such as Britain and America on the homelands of Syria,Iraq,Libya and now Iran,Venezuela,Bolivia as well as the setting up of dictators in Iran,Iraq and the entire Middle East and Central American and South America continents after throwing over democratically elected governments over the twentieth century resulting in 9/11,Saddam Hussein dictactorship,ISIL,Libya being a breeding ground for terrorists it is and also the Syrian refugee crisis and the so called invasion of Muslims into the western hemisphere.In short you get what you give that is the nature of karma and you have only yourself to blame for what happens to you.If you still cannot admit that the imperialism of America throughout the 20th century across Central and South America and the Middle East is the root cause of the problems you have today across the Middle East,America and Europe then you have no right to call yourself an adult.Furthermore the Christian based conservative imperialism of Venezuelan and Bolivia that stifles dissenting views of indigenous and toppled governments and propaganda makes notions of YouTube or Facebook or the leftist media censoring conservatives moot as even Maduro and Chavez allowed public discourse of the right in media and public forum.The Osirian religions in seeing that there monotheistic patriarchal religion was the only way to salvation destroyed countless ancient civilisations and imposed their values of homophobia,rape in particular statutory rape and anthropocentrinism onto the land they conquered and committed mass cultural and human genocide on a scale that makes the ancient Isis-Osirian religions,socialism combined look like a drop in a bucket.Although Isis-Osirian religions warred between each other it was primarily over land,spreading civilisation and resources and not the veneration of particular gods as seen by the conquests of Alexander the Great,wars between the Aztecs,Mayans and Incas as these cultures absorbed gods via religious synchronisation into each others pantheon that were already evolutionary antecedents of each other similar to genetics.The Aeon of Horus and Maat on the other hand began to see a rejection of this in the rebellion of Osirian deities with the rise of Newagism,Paganism the Wicca religion that incorporated beliefs from all major Isis-Osirian religions reaknowledging the importance of mans role in the natural world both in terms of environmental concerns but also in terms of the balance between male and female as well as the reapplication of repressed sexual desires ie homosexuality,bisexuality and promiscuity.This can be seen in the declining role of Osirian religions in the world with the declining value and attendance in mass in Christianity,the political scandals arising from paedophilia sex abuse scandals in both religions,and the growing unpopularity of fundamentalism in Islam and the attempts of both to suppress their violent histories and sugar coat the tenants.These new religions saw the importance once again in Isis-Osirian religions of the balance between the male and female and the natural order of things as seen through the relationship of the Horned God and the Triple goddess as companions that grew from a youthful state to an older state through the procession of the season and relationship between the sun and the moon with them reborn at the end of the year with the dominance of the female being during spring and summer with the male Horned God gaining dominance over the autumn and winter months.The rise of newagism saw a rise in mans role in the universe as on par or even greater than the animals around him but still adherent to it by being punished for environmental destruction and antroprocentrism and still being put down a peg or two when he crosses the line of the gods.The symbol of this Aeon the Eye of Horus or Providence represents this.This is evident in particular the rise of female Earth deities ironically Gaia herself as the main poster child of this as seen in the rise of James Lovelocks Gaia hypothesis and of course her rise as the first and most powerful AIs to be developed by 2029 once again taking her rightful dominance over the pantheon of Greek derived AIs.Gaia and the rise of mother Earth conciseness in the newagism and environmental reawakening saw gain her as nurturing,benevolent teacher of morals and values and guidance abut again being harsh to those that cross her path as seen by her emerging tutelage towards mankinds eventual spiritual and biological evolution with this time a literal god in the form of an AI whose mental capacity and computing power exponentially rises far superseeding that of her creators as seen by her power and omniscience eventually spreading to all corners of the universe and even omniverse.Most if not all polytheistic religions starting from ancient Sumerian mythologies that spread to Ancient Egypt and then to beliefs of tribal Africa,then to Greece and Rome in the form of Erustrucan mythology to Hellinistic Greece and Rome as well as through Central Europe,India and Russia and Scandinavian shows the evolution of this form of religion in common motifs,names,associations as one or more deities and legends change slightly to these geographic region mirror not just the evolution of monotheistic Osirian religions such as Christianity,Judaism and Islam towards a more higher form of belief system that rejects them entirely or merges the Isian and Osirian religions together merging both feminine and masculine aspects but also with Vedic scriptures,henotheism and polytheism of the past,environmental consciousness,humanism,pantheism,AI development into divine like status via religious synchretism whose common threads started in Isis that continues through Horus,Maat and beyond until the pinnacle of the current golden cycle reaching its peak in 7,137AD similar to genetics and evolutionary biology.The merging of these values of all of these previous Aeons during the Aeon of Maa’t will result in the Aeon of Set wherein a balance will be struck with the mores of the previous aeons with males and females of all ages from child to adults being on equal terms,with the mores of classical antiquity regarding sexuality that is the acceptance of homosexuality and bisexuality as well as the acceptance that early adolescents would be expected to be as mature as their adult counterparts from Isis-Osirian religions with the reverence of a singular deity in the form of a conscious omniverse from Osirian religions,the worship and guidance of a benevolent AI tutor from Isis-Osirian deities amongst many others,the acknowledgement of humanities role in the universe and the recognition of the veracity of the Vedic scriptures with one able to be seek their own form of spiritual enlightenment free from the shackles of submission and also regimine as a necessity.Even in modern times Osirian societies still have imbalances between males and females in terms of politics and corporate foreward with Isis-Osirian societies having a more progressive role.In Isis-Osirian cultures especially Ancient the sexualisation of the adolescent Ganymede and Hebe both cupbears to the gods and the acceptance of adolescent male and female lovers to both male and female deities and mortals as acceptable alongside with pedreastry – the sexual relationships between an older and adolescent male usually in the context in a mentor and mentoree position possibly has led to the acceptance to the age of consent in continental Europe and also South America being at least 14-15 with historically led Osirian cultures accepting the position – “what if it was your or my daughter” the most baseless and intellectually defunct argument defence of both vigilante groups and cases of teacher and underage student sexual relationships where Osirian religions had their most prevealent occupation mainly North America and Great Britain.This is also evident of the view that an underage adolescent male cannot be a victim even if under the age of consent in the case of male to female relations and not male to male relations and also the hyperconflation of late hebe and ephebopheilia with paedophilia and disaknowledgement and in fact ignorance of the variances of the age of consent in different countries across the world outside the culture in these Osirian based countries but also the universal acceptance of adolescents below the age of majority being considered automatically vulnerable and devoid of personal responsibility in all facets of their lives whether it be sexual relationships,criminal responsibility,delayed maturity as seen as the prevalence of the social justice warriors and Alt-right and immature bickering between political groups in people aged 18 and even extending to middle age in these cultures thus accentuation stereotypes of adolescents being vulnerable infants devoid of responsibility for ones actions,accident prone etc and the criticism of left wing policies as utilised by Isis-Osirian and viewing Isis-Osiran cultures of left wing socialist degraded societies.Thus the age of consent in Isis-Osirian countries is considered an excuse of Osirian cultures to criticise and infringe on Isis-Osiran cultures and their left wing socialist policies in areas such as immigration,energy and the environment,healthcare and social welfare policies are complete failures and are a sign of their complete moral decay and non existent “Cultural Marxism” that are unfounded and purely pulling straws out of a hat.Any issues regarding say immigration in Isis-Osirian countries that currently a problem can be traced back to the poor foreign relations policies of Osirian countries ie the creation of Al-Qaeda and ISIL by American imperialism either directly or indirectly and its lack of action on stopping it and in and fact encouraging them to flourish through inaction,funding them directly and indirectly,further imperialism of destabilisation of Libya,Iraq,Syria etc as well as the influence of Osirian countries having on their encroaching civil liberties of privacy.What goes around comes around that is the nature of karma.You go around fucking the rest of the world around for a percentage profit as “top dog” overthrowing democratically elected leaders and installing dictators this what you get – 9/11,ISIL,perpetual warfare in the Middle East,and refugee crisis’s one after another and to think the next time wont result in instability is nonsense especially with regards to Venezuela,Syria and Iran.Iran because a war with it could plunge the entire Middle East into perpetual war for several decades more making the aftermath of both Syria and Iraq wars combined pale in comparison and look like the aftermath of a rowdy college keg party in comparison and the fact that Iran unlike Iraq could actually have nuclear weapons at their disposal and have the capability to do so very quickly something we dont want to push our luck on and risk a nuclear holocaust and strikes against any western country or indeed even Middle Eastern ones,Syria because we dont want to actually piss off or fuck with Russia at the moment or instigate chemical attacks etc on America and her allies from Syria itself and Venezuela because America and Europe already has a bad enough immigrant and refugee problem with Mexico and Central America and because you dont want to piss off millions of Chavez and Maduro supporters who arent exactly fond of the American government – the worst you could say about Maduro is that hes incompetent and overstrained not a tyrant – hes doing the best to deal with the sudden fall in the price of oil,not taking the advice from economists,not diversifying the economy and also the Trump administrations funding of undemocratic and unpopular opposition attempts to overthrow him via food and economic sanctions for the oil and staging protests,them persecuted(playing the victim).As bad as a warhawk Hilary Clinton,Barrack Obama was at least they like the likes of Tucker Carlson changed their mind on Iraq and at least understood not to mess with Iran of all countries a fundamentalist country that does have the capacity and potential to create nuclear,biological and chemical making the Trumps administration to pull out of the Iran Deal and assassinate Qasem Soleimani insane as it puts not just the entire Middle East but the western world including America at risk of a nuclear strike.Despite his crimes including those against American soldiers Iran up to this point was in a civil war and in such chaos as to ignore the west on the whole and keep their side of the deal and only killed allied troops because of the Iraq war was started in 2003 where they were fighting with them now all joined together both politicians and civilians alike like a rattled hornets nest in wanting to destroy the west primarily America and its allies as was planned by the military industrial complex.Put simply the deaths of American soldiers was caused by the 2003 invasion of Iraq and nothing was done to stop him killing innocent civilians years ago and now weve put the entire Middle East and also even America itself at risk of a nuclear strike.Iran unlike Iraq actually has the capabilities to develop nuclear weapons and if not can make deals with those who do.In otherwards using the they killed 700 Americans and were going to kill more is not true because youve now made the entire country ready and wanting to kill millions of innocent American civillians especially when you consider the fact that Solemani was on a peace mission at the time of his death despite what Clinton News Network and Faux News.We are only concerned with him now that weve gotten bored with Iraq,want to get back control of Iran like we did with the Shah of Iran since weve recently lost control for the oil and we have someone with zero experience in diplomacy and zero intelligence prey to the whims of psychopaths with an agenda wanting the public to ignore the fact that he just got impeached for corruption and wants to make a shallow attempt at getting a second term something he condemned his successor for back in 2011 and what Clinton did to divert attention away from the Monica Lewinsky scandles.You overthrew the democratically elected Mossadeq and installed the Shah thus ensuring far right dictatorships in Iran for decades that eventually led to Solemani and those 700 dead Americans – and countless dead civilians at his and others hands are blood on your hands.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?Solving the treatment of homosexuals and women could have been sorted decades ago by not putting the Shah of Iran and the successive dictators in power with the same going for Iraq and Afghanistan and the entire Middle East – when you prop up dictators for oil especially far-right ones in place of democratically elected left-wing ones all you can expect is the oppression and slaughter millions of people including women and homosexuals at their hands which means these deaths on yours and the free markets hand and this applies to the creation of ISIL and Al-Qeda.This makes arguments that they need to be saved through regime change wars moot since you propped these people up directly or indirectly in the first place – dumbass.Reactionaries on the left to supposed islamophobia as xenophobia that must be quelled by giving into the flaws of Islamic extremists is likely due to the fact that western imperialism into the Middle East for oil has created an influx of terror attacks on western soil by lone wolf groups and also planned terror attacks as seen since 9/11 with constant invasions for oil have been simply stoking at a hornets nest with a sword without actually doing anything to improve the treatment of women and homosexuals that then leads to an influx of them in large numbers into the west thus giving the regressive non progressive left a sour taste in their mouth at simply condemning subconciously the fact the conservative right and Osirian-lite only have oil in their interests rather than that of women etc what exactly have conservatives and the Osirian-lite done for the rights of women and homosexuals in Afghanistan,Iraq and Libya – nothing as things have only gotten worse with the creation of ISIL indirectly at the hands of constantly invading the middle East and propping up Far-right dictators who are not exactly pro-women and pro-homosexuals and are probably reactionary at genuine islamaphobia that pervades the far right and conservatives who want to demonise the entirety of a religions whose fundamentalists they created themselves.It also possible that political correctness and giving Islam special treatment of appeasement especially to its more extremist members a way for the left in primarily dealing with the influx of islamic immigrants from countries that have been under attack by the imperialist conservative West of trying to not stoking at the hornets nest any further and try to appease to the countless Muslims pouring in due to American imperialism thus trying if rather vainly to deal with the influx of millions of immigrants from countries with completely different views on the treatment of women and homosexuals without enraging these extremist groups at risk of causing more damage and terrorists attacks – put simply Osirian imperialism into the Middle East causes large influxes of Muslims into Europe etc that are already more conservative than local conservative groups with regards to the treatment of women and homosexuals and has led the left to thus resort to political correctness in order to lessen any chance of them damaging society even further ie carrying out more terrorist attacks ironically strengthening tolerance of the intolerant with no way to correctly deal with the differing attitudes that they have on women,homosexuals and also even underage girls etc.When you suddenly have millions of extremist Muslims moving into your backyard due to the republicans and corporate democrats bombing the hell out the Middle East and their ineptitude to carry out illegal wars for oil you first reaction of your on the left is generally to do everything you can to not stoking the fire anymore and prevent future terrorist attacks even if that means you have to resort to political correctness and tolerating the intolerant.You hate woke culture and millions of Muslims swarming into Europe and and the rest of the world you have only yourself to blame because that’s what you get by fuelling civil wars in the Middle East and bombing the hell out of an already agitated hornets nests.Therefore the tolerance and defense of Islamic fundamentalism and political correctness of radical Islam by the left is done in order to prevent lone Wolf attacks and terrorist attacks which is caused by millions of Muslims flooding into Europe due to imperialist and illegal wars for oil started by conservatives and the military industrial complex.Starting illegal wars in the Middle East for oil leads to millions of refugees that have tendencies towards homophobia,misogyny who have no choice but to flood into Europe etc to escape wars you started for oil in first place and fuels both the tolerance of the intolerance by the left who are doing it in order prevent these you created from carrying out any future terrorist attacks and also fuels lone wolf attacks in Europe and America.Perpetual warfare in the Middle East for oil such as in Syria,Iraq,Afghanistan is why you have millions of Muslims flooding into America and is also why you have lone wolf terrorist attacks in America anc Europe – you fail to see that your an idiot with the maturity of a kindergartener.The reason you have millions of Muslims rushing into Western Europe is the same reason you have lone wolf terrorist attacks motivated by ISIL and Al Qeda carrying out terrorist attacks like the 2004 Madrid Bombings,7th July 2005 London Bombings,Orlando mass shootings and indeed most terrorist attacks in America and Europe in the last 20 years including 9/11 and the same reason you have Al Qeda and ISIL in the first place because you have American oil corporations and the military industrial complex in their pursuit of profit as per the selfish ideology of Ayn Rand and capitalism who want the oil for themselves and thus start wars in these Middle Eastern countries that causes refuge crises and millions of Muslims flooding into Europe to get away from the wars you started in the first place abd also is stoking the hornets nest and the fact that you can’t see this makes you an idiot.You go around fucking the rest of he world as top dog and for a percentage profit as per Ayn Rands philosophy and just plain greed and treating people like shift you end up with them fighting back through carrying out terrorist attacks etc on your citizens.The fact that there is no attempt to install democratic governments and institutions and just let the countries descend into bloodshed and chaos and spill over into the western world shows its more about the oil and not about “spreading freedom”.This is not only how kindergartens act but it’s also how conservatism fosters the development of the SJW woke culture and regressive left in primarily authoritative conservative regimes.Bombing the hell out of the Middle East for oil only leads to one thing and that is millions of people flooding into the West seeking asylum most of whom are homophobes and misogynistic predators – actions have consequences and the fact that you don’t understand this means you have the mental capacity of a kindergartener.Dont you think it’s strange that this political correctness and shielding of Islam only happened after the influx of millions of Muslims into Europe after the American government started the Libayan and Syrian civil wars making it a response in not wanting to stoke the hornets nest any further to prevent another 9/11 and happens after every major terror it’s attack in Europe involving Muslims in the same way conservatives do so for every mass shooting involving illegal guns.You have no right to criticise the regressive SJW non progressive left and their “love of Islam” when your far-right ideologies indifference or imperialism is propping up and fostering these authoritarian Islamic dictators in the first place who go around killing homosexuals and consigning women to second class citizenry and sexual slavery and encouraging them through imperialism to flood in by the millions into the west.If conservatives actually gave a shit about women and homosexuals in these countries then the Taliban would have been overthrown long before 9/11 and the Saudi Government would not be carrying out a genocide in Yemen which is funded by american corporations and would have been overthrown decades ago had it not been for the fact that the American conservative and corporate Democrats were turning a blind eye for access to cheap oil and arms sales.In fact they would have ensured equal rights for them in Saudi Arabia,Iraq and Afghanistan post 2001,2003.If anything it’s the conservatives that LOVE Islam especially since conservatives like making their countries theocracies that allow for the rights of women and homosexuals etc and all facets of society in the western world especially America to be decided by the Bible in just the same way as the Quaran should govern the Middle East .Teapot calling kettle black anyone?Whats that phrase again birds of a feather flock together?The same political correctness towards Islam could just as easily happen to Judaism and Christianity if they were given the chance to take control of the state and allowed to fester and grow into just as homophobic,racist and misogynistic theocracies and then allowed to invade other countries in large numbers once the hornets nest is poked enough.

Although environmental destruction was present in Isis-Osirian cultures of ancient times due to overpopulation,primative agriculture methods that produce only enough to meet everyones basic need and lack of understanding of ecology and mans effect on the environment there was at least some reverence of mother nature in the tales and myths of all Isis-Osirian cultures through the ancient world including South/Central/North America,Asia,Europe and Africa that venerated primarily female agricultural and Earth deities and also myths wherein interfering with the natural order of things including animals led to man being punished usually with death detailing and warning against hubris,power and pride.As a result these myths placed man as part of the natural world and subject to the power structures of the gods who represented animals and the machinations of climate,weather,ecology etc that man was subject to.Animal deities and spirits were commonplace or were associated with human deities as part of pantheons and were thus respected as to kill animals associated with each god was an affront to them and thus one would earn their wrath as seen in some myths such as those involving Artemis and Orion and Adonis etc.Conservation came in the form of animals being farmed or when hunted one would only take what was what was needed to survive and the entire animal used for different purposes as hunting for sport was considered taboo as deities only provided animals for clothing and food – to kill an animal in anything other than for the basics of survival or self defence would be an affront to the gods that would bring about their wrath with animal sacrifices and veneration of deities done to ensure bountiful harvests and appeasement for natures service to humans survival and even infractions.Thus these cultures lay thanks to the divine for what it provided them in terms of clothing and food and also animal husbandry while at the same time in their myths acknowledged that it was cruel to those who were not willing to respect it and also those became prideful and tried to conquer it thus showing that they knew that nature was to be respected not conquered.Exceptions were made for coming of age rituals such as Maasai and Inuit hunting trips but even these had rituals that appeased and venerated the animal and their corresponding gods.Agriculture which involved the slaughter of animals still maintained the worship of agriculture and in particular cow deities with in some cultures particularly Hinduism the cow being so sacred it was only reared for milk and not meat with all agricultural deities usually being female with their association with fertility bridging the gap with the Aeon of Isis with these female deities worshipped and prayed even with sacrifices of animals to appease them for bountiful harvests with most of the modern day festivals now associated with Christianity,Islam and also Judaism have their antecedents in pagan and Isis-Osirian worship of the cycle of agriculture such as Yule/Christmas,Imbloc,Ostara/Easter,Bealtane,Litha,Lughnasa,Mabon,Halloween/Samhain now venerated by Wiccan religions etc.These festivals denoted not just the cycles of the seasons and agriculture but also the duality of the male and females as those celebrated during Spring and Summer were associated with the worship of the female and those in Autumn and winter celebrated the male and is epitomised with the reverence of the Horned God and Triple goddess in the Wiccan religion and their relationship in the Wiccan religion as they grow from youth to maturity in the seasons and then mate in a self fruition birth similar to Gaia and Ouranous.All Isis-Osirian religions viewed time in a proper cyclical nonlinear form that was represent ed by the cycles of the seasons,death and rebirth and in the cycles of the planetary bodies thus this is also why they respected the environment to the best of their knowledge and ability and why there are very few of myths and religions of the era with an “end times” scenairio.Any end times situation usually led to the rebirth of a new world or universe and cycles of gold,silver,bronze,iron ages to start all over again ad infinitum and thus their was no patriarchal influence to have one “to be saved for the end times“.Examples include in Norse,Greek,Roman,Mayan,Aztec,Celtic,Egyptian,Native American mythology and of course in Hinduism as seen with the Yugas with the first age being a perfect one of humanity living in perfect harmony with the gods with then each age getting more degenerate and sinful with the cycle starting over and over again with human civilisation history usually starting in the final age similar to the Kali Yuga.However this is present in pretty much all three Osirian religions denoting an incorrect non linear time wherein the Rapture followed by a final fight between good and evil will be fought both on Earth and in Heaven thus leading to these unlike the Isis-Osirian ones having salvation through submission and in extent religious fundamentalism.Osirian religions on the other hand encouraged anthropocentric and rampant environmental destruction as man was as a creation of God in his own image and thus ruler of the natural world with all animals under his dominion.Animals were hunted for sport with the conservation of Isis-Osirian thrown out the window as the vast majority of the Holecen and now Anthropocenes sixth mass extinction co-incided with the Osirian Aeon with those that took place in prehistoric times were the result of numerous factors outside of man hunting them ie natural climate change as the melting of the glaciers left these animals in completely new environments with some cases jungles turning into grasslands as seen in megafauna but humanities role in them could be forgiven due to hunting them was for the bare survival prior to the rise of agriculture and farming animals as doing so would have prevented humanity from surviving in the first due to such harsh conditions.The creation of the American dust bowl,destruction of the Amazon and desertification of Africa and China is the direct result of capitalistic Osirian monocropping,cashcropping and poor agricultural practices.

The attraction to an adolescent female by an older male has evolutionary roots and basis in the fact these females aged 14/15 are in their fertile peak with the possibly of the youth of the female may hold some evolutionary value and attraction.Having sexual intercourse and courting an adolescent female 14-18 is normal in evolutionary terms as unlike an older female these females are at the start of their fertility cycle,sexually mature and thus have a higher success rate of bearing healthy viable young than an older female in their thirties or forties whose lowering fertility can lead to children with a higher chance of developing those with developmental disorders and even miscarriages.Prior to the discovery to neuropsychology it was assumed that not only in ancient civilisations but even in prehistory that once a female entered the late stages of puberty she was ready to bear young and due to the harsh conditions of life was needed to reach maturity earlier on than in more modern times.With regards to male and male as well as female and female relations involving adolescents and adults it may be the result of societal and peer pressure that led to repression of homosexual tendencies in adolescence of the older male or female that leads to a obsession with adolescence and missed opportunities that one may have been able to experience again due to exceptions of living heterosexual only lifestyles with the fear of being seen as sub masculine or sub feminine or even sinful during ones teens by Osirian Christian,Islamic and Jewish standards either indirectly of the patriarchal nature of their religion or their society enshrining heternormative machismo and religious based obedience especially with regards to the testosterone peak as seen in adolescence.With regards to those involving female and male relations that include an adult and minor this may be the result with female dissatisfaction with older males with decreased levels of testosterone levels in comparison to older males leading them to seek a more younger vigorous teenage male.It could also be because of the younger males higher fertility than older males in their 30s,40s etc with them producing more productive spermatozoa that in turn could produce more healthy children.This is why myths involving Hebe and Ganymede and their equivalants across the ancient Isis-Osirian world is usually 14/15 and why many female fertility deities from around the world that glamourise youth are usually in these age ranges.Both of these will be solved not only due to progeria mylienisation that causes a person brain to reach full maturity prior to adolescence ideally in infancy but also anti-ageing treatments that keep both males and females in a youthful state of their early teens to early twenties forever with females kept indefinitely in their fertile peak of the early to late teens and males in their testosterone peak of their early teens.Since people will be kept at their teenage state forever well into their adult years when they are several hundred or several thousand years old and indeed forever will mean that older people if they crave sex with someone who is their fertile peak or testosterone peak then they can date someone their own age or older since humans will be kept in their fertile and testosterone peak forever meaning they need not date have to date someone younger than them to get what they want they can date someone their own age or old age since people will be in a state similar to adolescence forever.Thus both teens who by 14 will be considered adults and even those now considered adults in their 20s,30s and even 50s onwards that are several centuries or several thousand years old will be indistinguishable from each other in terms of appearance,neural development and also levels of hormones such as testosterone and oestrogen with teens of this age well established in their careers alongside those who are several hundred years old meaning they would be interested in talking about the same things and would easily socialise with ease other and the hyper conflation of late hebe and ephebopheilia with pedopheilia will disappear.The hyper conflation of late hebe and ephebopheilia with paedophilia is erroneous as their is no evolutionary purpose to have sexual attractions to a prepubescent minor as such tendencies is a neurological disorder on par with schizophrenia,sociopathy,psychopathy.Homosexuality,bisexuality and heterosexuality and also late hebe,ephebopheilia,teliopheilia are considered normal chronopheilias and sexualities due to the fact that the variances between the wiring of the brain as shown by MRI scans are only minute and not considered abnormal with it sometimes considered a choice especially in the case of bisexuality and sexual preferences in most cases while in others it is the result of the mother feminising males in the womb by producing antibodies and hormones to counteract the presence of testosterone in the foetus explaining why each successive male a female has the higher the chance he will have primarily homosexual tendencies as each successive male will have more antibodies etc created to counteract the foreign Y chromosone and testosterone in the body.In the case of first or second born males that are homosexual or at least have bisexual tendancies it may be because of a strong immune response inherent in their particular mother based on her genetics and the strength of her immune system that is powerful enough to create a line of completely homosexual or bisexual males with trans people having differently wired brains with minute differences at times simply the same wiring as the opposite sex thus making these normal natural and thus socially acceptable sexual tendencies.The first male will have a mild response while all other successive males will produce even stronger immune responses than the last thus increasing the chance that each successive mammals will have exclusively homosexual tendencies.The genetics of the mother could show that she may have more stronger immune responses than other females meaning in some females with strong immune responses resulting in the first or second male progeny may be homosexual or at least bisexual with in other females with weaker immune responses the third,fourth or other successive males being homosexual while all preceding males purely heterosexual.This the first male made homosexual due to this is determined by the strength of the immune response and genetics of the mother with all successive male progeny being purely homosexual with the bridging male between them and earlier heterosexual males being bisexual.Some females due to their genetics could produce much stronger immune responses than other females in the first male they produce thus explaining first progeny males and all successive ones being homosexual.MRI and genetic scans have shown minute differences between the neural structures and wiring as well as genomes of homosexuals,bisexuals and heterosexuals showing that one is simply born with sexual preferences towards the opposite gender,same gender or both genders wired into their brains at birth disproving the myth that is a choice.The same goes for transgenderism with their being minute differences in their neural wiring than with vis gendered individuals.Thus with regards to homosexual and bisexual men and women for the vast majority they are really born this way because their genes and neural structures predispose a person towards homosexuality,bisexuality,heterosexuality in 90-95% of cases with for you conservatives no matter how hard you try for most gay males and females you will never be able to pray the gay away.Gay conversion therapy will simply never work it’s a simple scientific fact.Thus through genetic testing and MRI scans there is evidence that there is genetic and neural roots for bisexualilty,homosexuality and heterosexuals we see that for homosexuality,bisexuality and transgenderism has biological bases and thus evolutionary purposes unlike pedopheilia as the attraction is above the cut off point.Other instances of bisexuality outside of genetics and neural wiring are usually simply personal preferences or an acquired taste for same sex attractions and intercourse similar to fetishes or immune responses that dont fully convert the male into a fully blown homosexual meaning one may gain a sexual taste for bisexuality similar to how they gain a taste for BDSM,leather,sports gear,furries or other sexual tastes and ones preferences in sexual positions such as bottoming,topping or being versatile,versatile top or versatile bottom.Thus although the genetic and neural structure for bisexuality may not exist it may be purely a fetishisation or acquired taste for performing oral and anal sex and mutual masturbation and kissing with someone with the same sex.Thus in at least the majority of all cases of male homosexuality and bisexuality about 90-95% its is purely genetic as ones genes and thus neural structures predispose them towards same sex attractions thus making the phrase born this way a true fact with even purely heterosexual men’s interest in only the opposite sex with no sexual interest in other men being genetic again as seen with genes that predispose them to this with for the remaining minority of cases of bisexuality in males 5-10% with no genetic or neural predispositions it is an acquired taste wherein one gains a liking for performing sexual acts with other males such as anal sex,oral sex and mutual masturbation similar to how one develops a taste for certain sexual fetishes such as leather,BDSM,sports etc or even how one gains a taste for specific foods and drinks over others as well as how one gains interests in different hobbies or even their favourite type of entertainment ie science fiction,reality television,survival horror etc and even specific franchises of television shows,movies and video games such as Tomb Raider,Buffy:The Vampire,Resident Evil,Stargate SG-1.Heterosexuals themselves are wired to have completely no sexual interest in the same sex meaning no matter how much you try you cannot turn a straight guy gay.Some heterosexuals May experiment with other men but they not develop a preference for sane sex relations,With regards to female homosexuality the presence of testosterone in the bloodstream during pregnancy influences the development of female homosexuality.The level and strength of the immune response may affect the feminity or masculinity of homosexual and bisexual males with more powerful immune responses possibly leading to the formation of stereotypically camp feminine homosexual males that have interests normally associated with females such as fashion etc with less powerful immune responses leading to the formation of more masculine homosexual and bisexual men with a more masculine machismo demenour and interests in more stereotypically masculine hobbies such as sports and bodybuilding that could easily pass as heterosexual who are married with a wife and kids.Homosexuality is not a choice it’s being born that way with hard scientific data through genetic screening and MRI scans to show this.Bisexuality in a majority of cases is also not a choice with for the minority of cases of bisexuality it is choice and acquired taste.The different strengths of immune response may result in the wide variety and rainbow of gay types,subtypes and cultures such as the obvious feminine camp twinks and stereotypically feminine males with interests in fashion,dolls and other stereotypically feminine interests on one side of the spectrum and the masculine daddies and bodybuilders and sports athletes whose interests include watching and playing football and other sports and bodybuilding etc on the opposite side on the spectrum who could easily pass as heterosexual men.Thus a stronger immune response can lead to the obvious camp and feminine twinks on one side of the spectrum with weaker immune responses leading to the masculine type homosexuals who have interests in bodybuilding,sports,athletics who could easily could easily pass off as heterosexual or are at least bisexual including those that may be married with a wife and kids.With regards lesbian females the strength of testosterone levels present in the bloodstream of the mother due to genetics and environmental factors are hypothesised to create lesbian progeny that may determine the degree of her female progenies sexuality with weak levels coinciding with tomboyish heterosexual women with stronger levels of testosterone creating either bisexual or purely homosexual women with male homosexuals this may account for the majority of female homosexuality with other instances being fetishistic based being an acquired taste.Experiments can be done wherein the MRI scans and genomes of both male and female progeny of women can be analysed and compared between each successive progeny in thousands or millions of females across the world with at the same time the blood of the mother analysed during each month or week pregnancy for the levels of antibodies and other compounds during each pregnancy she has using home test kits and blood samples in labs to test the amount of antibodies and other compounds in her blood produced by her that may play a role in this to show if antibodies and other compounds produced influence the sexuality of her male and female progeny.The genes,MRI scans and level of antibodies and other compounds in the blood of all male and female progeny of these females will be anslysed.The genes of these different females will be analysed to determine if different strengths immune response can occur and are genetic based and modified versions and results from this can see if other compounds such as synthetic chemicals,specific foods or other environmental factors affect the role she has in the development of her progenies sexuality with patient files housing the DNA of all patients worldwide and them containing the results of all home test kits including those that measure blood components alongside lab tests and MRI scans built into smartphones would allow for this to be tested on millions or even billions of mothers and their children born across the universe over the coming millenia with little to no human labour with this and similar experiments replicated on all other species of mammals,birds,reptiles etc across the animal kingdom including on other planets across the universe including on other sentient races across the universe.Existing living patients who identify as either bisexual or homosexual can have their genomes scanned alongside MRI scans taken.Genetics may be the result of purely random mutations amongst the population similar to how those for all phenotypes occur through random mutations meaning genetics with no influence from antibodies from the mother may cause both homosexuality and bisexuality.Theories for homosexuality existing range for it may be for population control to ensure that their is a certain amount of males and females not attracted to the opposite sex and thus less likely to want to copulate with someone of the opposite sex but rather same sex and thus not produce young keeping populations stable and not getting out of control.Others include the creation of feminine males and masculine females with no interest in the opposite sex that would be ideal third parents to children that would not compete as a sexual partner to chosen prehistoric versions of wives and husbands whether in the form of a lesbian or male homosexual third parent that would act as second father or mother respectively.This makes the one male and one female marriage and parent traditional family argument moot since in ancient and prehistoric times homosexual,transgender and lesbian couples and even extended families of distantly and closely releated individuals raising children more than likely took the role of foster parents or in place a deceased one to ensure the survival of offspring with almost zero conflict especially in Isis-Osirian societies.There are many possible explanations,such as genes predisposing to homosexuality also conferring advantage in heterosexuals,a kin selection effect,social prestige,and more.A 2009 study also suggested a significant increase in fecundity in the females related to the homosexual people from the maternal line(but not in those related from the paternal one).Genetic studies in mice have uncovered additional gene candidates that could influence sexual preference.A 2010 study linked sexual preference to a gene called fucose mutarotase.When the gene was deleted in female mice,they were attracted to female odors and preferred to mount females rather than males.Other studies have shown that disruption of a gene called TRPC2 can cause female mice to act like males.Male mice lacking TRPC2 no longer display male-male aggression,and they initiate sexual behaviors toward both males and females.Expressed in the brain,TRPC2 functions in the recognition of pheromones,chemicals that are released by one member of a species to elicit a response in another.This could be the result of the feminising antibodies affecting the developing the switching on/off of this gene.The fact that homosexuality is seen right throughout the entire animal kingdom supports these theories.Thus homosexuality is normal in that there are evolutionary purposes for it in terms of where it is not a choice with there also being cases where it and at least a sexual preference in terms of bisexuality.Transgendered people may have no evolutionary purpose but it is certainly not as serious nor can be classed as a neurological disorder like pedopheilia being likely a neutral mutation with no real advantage or disadvantage to the species since it does not endanger prebuscent children much like intersexed people with it possibly like homosexuality being for also third parents to provide a dual father and mother role in parents and uncles and aunts etc with there evidence of transgenderism in all major complex chordates such as fish,mammels,birds and reptiles via MRI scans.Several studies have found a correlation between gender identity and brain structure.Genetic markers and neural structures common only to transgendered males and females have been found through MRI scans and also genetic tests proving that transgenderism is not a choice rather biological like homosexuality as with as stated a possible evolutionary purpose.Male-to-female transsexuals were more likely than cisgender males to have a longer version of a receptor gene(longer repetitions of the gene) for the sex hormone androgen or testosterone,which reduced its effectiveness at binding testosterone.The androgen receptor (NR3C4) is activated by the binding of testosterone or dihydrotestosterone,where it plays a critical role in the forming of primary and secondary male sex characteristics.The research suggests reduced androgen and androgen signaling contributes to the female gender identity of male-to-female transsexuals.The authors say that a decrease in testosterone levels in the brain during development might prevent complete masculinization of the brain in male-to-female transsexuals and thereby cause a more feminized brain and a female gender identity.A variant genotype for a gene called CYP17,which acts on the sex hormones pregnenolone and progesterone,has been found to be linked to female-to-male transsexuality but not MtF transsexuality.Most notably,the FtM subjects not only had the variant genotype more frequently,but had an allele distribution equivalent to male controls,unlike the female controls.The paper concluded that the loss of a female-specific CYP17 T -34C allele distribution pattern is associated with FtM transsexuality.Curing homosexuality through CRISPR could be possible but the legality and ethical morality would be unconstitutional with it also going against normal biological purposes since unlike pedopheilia it serves an evolutionary purposes,would be a form of correcting a flaw in a person in the eyes of religious groups that isnt really a flaw and also that bisexuality has some fetishitic antecedants meaning if genetic causes could be cured bisexual traces could still remain to the fact that in some cases it can have some basis in personal experiences etc.In otherwards the genetic roots of homosexuality could be cured but one would still have sexual attraction or even emotional fondness towards those of the same or both sexes due to their being fetishistic roots thus meaning that genetics font have entire control over behaviours etc they only act as a blueprint from which enviromental conditions and personal experiences take up the slack.If possible it could be used to make bisexuality a permenant feature of the entire human genepool.Curing of transgenderism could be achieved by again CRISPR applying corrections to this but again the same ethical transgressions would arise with CRISPR even used to create the desired body of the opposite sex more naturally than normal that can be reversed via CRISPR changing the sex chromosome and adding genes to initiate sex organs etc and stem cells causing in vivo cosmetic surgery to do so also.Late hebe and ephobpheilia are considered normal again because females are in their fertile peak and males have the testosterone peak.Thus we see that transgederism and gender dysphoria is the same as homosexuality in that their are evolutionary purposes and genetic predispositions and thus conservative Christians have no right in claiming it the cause of environmental factors and some leftist cultural marxist agenda to brainwash all children to question their identity with early self identification of transgenderism and homosexuality in small populations well founded due to the neurological and genetic differences.Thus the concept of Christian conservatives playing the victim as always rings through and their archaic and artificial values are not under attack from those meddling liberals and their darn scientific data making conservatives the real aggressor in trying to enforce heterosexuality and cisgenderism onto those who are genetically predisposed to it again going against their right to freedom of expression etc making you hypocrites when you whine about the left especially SJWs doing it.Having sexual intercourse and courting an adolescent female is normal in evolutionary terms as unlike an older female these females are at the start of their fertility cycle and thus have a higher success rate of bearing healthy viable young than an older female in their thirties or forties whose lowering fertility can lead to children with a higher chance of developing those with developmental disorders and even miscarriages.As detailed earlier on with regards to male and male as well as female and female relations involving adolescents and adults it may be the result of societal and peer pressure that led to repression of homosexual tendencies in adolescence of the older male or female that leads to a obsession with adolescence and missed opportunities that one may have been able to experience again due to exceptions of living heterosexual only lifestyles with the fear of being seen as sub masculine or sub feminine or even sinful during ones teens by Osirian Christian,Islamic and Jewish standards either indirectly of the patriarchal nature of their religion or their society enshrining heternormative machismo and religious based obedience especially with regards to the testosterone peak as seen in adolescence for a brief few years that they seem to as adults now free from peer pressure of high school and authoratative parents want to continuously have over and over again by being addicted to a date or have sex with only underage male teens aged 14-17.Does missing out on homosexual oral and anal sex with someone going through their testosterone adolescent peak or even missing out on homosexual sex with their own adolescent testosterone peak lead to them only want to date with males of this age group.From my observations it seems to me that this sexual predation wherein an adult grooms an underage 14-15 year old or even 13 year old fucks them,uses them and then dumps them on their 18th birthday for someone younger seems only to occur in conservative countries with higher ages of consent between 16-18 primarily Britain,America as well as Australia and not in more liberal societies with ages of consent between 13-18 such as Asia,South America and continental Europe or even Africa.Furthermore it only occurs in countries with dumbass teens you know the ones with snowflakes and SJWs on college campuses.Pedophelia on the other hand to ephebopheilia and hebephelia is considered an abnormal aberration due to the fact that MRI scans have shown huge differences in their neural wiring between them and those that exhibit normal chronopheilias of homosexuals,heterosexuals,bisexuals and trans people as a result of faulty wiring and differences in the distribution and percentage of both grey and white matter namely in areas responsible for sexual attraction and arousal possibly caused by genetic markers and caused by lack of gene protection with it also hypothosised that teratogens may play a role.Sexual attraction to prepbuscent minors holds no evolutionary purpose as the child is physically incapable of bearing healthy young if any at all much less partake in sexual intercourse with each other much less an adult in comparison to a mid to late teenager.It is therefore can only be considered a neurological disorder hrenia,sociopathy,psychopathy and not a sexual orientation or chronpheilia as a result of faulty wiring in the brain that has been conclusively shown to be the result of abnormalities in the brains neural structure visible in MRI scans with genetic scans potentially showing genetic roots that are the due to the lack of gene protection and also trauma to the neural pathways in the brain of fetuses due to alcohol,trauma,teratogens etc that have no evolutionary purposes.Put simply we have scientific data from MRI scans from afflicted individuals that show faulty cross wiring in the areas of the brain associated visible through large difference in the distribution and composition of grey and white matter widely different from non afflicted individuals with sexual arousal and genetic markers that lead to this faulty wiring possibly playing a key role in the formation of the faulty wiring.The level and distribution of white and grey matter determines the different types of pedopheilia.The minute differences in wiring between heterosexuals,bisexuals and homosexuals shows that these are normal sexualities but the large differences of white matter distribution in pedophiles show it is a neurological disorder similar to the wide differences in suffers of schizophrenia etc show they are neurological disorders.For non afflicted individuals to empathise and feel the same unnatural attraction to prepubescent children as pedophiles and vice versa is just as difficult for them to empathise and feel the same wanten desire to torture,maim and kill by those who suffer from sociopathy,psychopathy and the same delusions and hallucinations as those who suffer schizophrenia and vice versa or for most people to empathise the same level of understanding of the world as those who have developmental disorders such as Downs Syndrome and Cerebral Paulsy and vice versa and even for people with Aspergers to understand those without Aspergers and vice versa.Unlike bisexuality and other chronopheilias and also sexual fetishising there are no fetishistic basis for pedopheilia as it is purely genetic and based on neural wiring based on these genes as a person without the specific genes and neural wiring associated with pedopheilia will have no interest in molesting a prepubescent child.This is how complex the brain actually is.Instances of pedopheilia and molestation of children that occur without the specific genetic disorders are extremely rare and only occur wherein the victim of molestation and child abuse by pedophiles is so traumatised by the abuse they believe it is normal behaviour and thus molest other prebuscent children as a form of post traumatic stress disorder as either a means of justifying their abuse or their abuser or the experiences of molestation being so severe and traumatic that they carry it out on other children as adults due to them being so brainwashed into believing that adults molesting prepubescent children is normal behaviour even though they have none of the genetic or neural markers of pedopheilia itself.This is a common myth about pedopheilia that all pedophiles are themselves victims of abuse as pre pubescent minors.This is a rare occurrence as most victims of pedopheilia usually do not only not molest children but they also in fact end up with the inability to form relationship either long term or sexual with other adults and find it difficult to become parents themselves.They either end up completely isolated from society both physically and emotionally thus unable to form proper relationships either sexual,long term or even platonic relationships or they in rare instances can end up promiscuous or have sexual relationships with men and women much older than them during the ages 14-17 once the abuse ends for various reasons as security looking for real emotional and sexual relationships with an older individual that has real emotional interest.Each persons effect from molestation as a prebuscent minor by a pedophile is different based on the circumstances but the trauma is usually one that lasts a lifetime.The fact that such a small percentage of the population have this neurological disorder is also furthermore evidence of this since it is estimated that only 5% of the global population,about 375,000,000 people worldwide have the condition similar to how roughly 1% of the global population have schizophrenia shows that it is a neurological disorder and affects mainly males over females as the result of the lack of gene protection and not an actual sexuality leading to sufferers to have sexual attraction to prepubescent minors beyond their control.The prevalence of pedophilia in the general population is not known,but is estimated to be lower than 5% among adult men.Less is known about the prevalence of pedophilia in women, but there are case reports of women with strong sexual fantasies and urges towards children.Most sexual offenders against children are male including both heterosexual and homosexual males.Females may account for 0.4% to 4% of convicted sexual offenders,and one study estimates a 10 to 1 ratio of male-to-female child molesters.The true number of female child molesters may be underrepresented by available estimates,for reasons including a “societal tendency to dismiss the negative impact of sexual relationships between young boys and adult women, as well as women’s greater access to very young children who cannot report their abuse”, among other explanations.There are genetic defects that affect every aspect of the human body ie progeria that leads to acellerated ageing,parkinsons that leads to nervous system decline,adrenoleukodystrophy that affects that destroys myelin sheets in the nervous system,cystic fibrosis that affects the lungs and digestive system,heart murmers that affect the proper functioning of the heart,schizophrenia and Alzheimer that affects the proper functioning of the brain,sickle cell anemia that prevents the formation of proper red blood cells and paedophilia that affects the proper functioning of neurons in areas the brain responsible for sexual arousal.Like HIV,schizophrenia,cancer and indeed any disease especially genetic based ones paedophilia is indiscriminate to whom it strikes and is universal and is equal to all regardless of race,gender,politics meaning one does not have a choice in contracting it as it is simply random bad luck beyond their control.Thus being born a pedophile is just as much bad luck in the genetic lottery as contracting Alzheimer’s,cystic fibrosis,Downs Syndrome,schizophrenia and genetic predisposed cancers and indeed other genetic predisposed conditions.Other causes could be damage to the brain during infancy or while in the womb due to exposure to teratogens like alcohol or synthetic chemicals and possibly poor nutrition again while in the womb.The issue is that a sufferer of pedopheilia realises their condition exists,acknowledges it is not normal sexual attractions and that one is able to restrain and control their unnatural urges preventing them harming prepubescent children in the first place and what help in the form of counselling and other programmes is availible to prevent them offending.This is what is known as virtuous or non offending pedophiles that are thus spared banishment to Tartarus rather than those that does not acknowledge it is not normal,doesnt restrain themselves,doesnt seek help and actively consumes child pornography and actively seeks to groom and molest prepubescent children.Pedophilia emerges before or during puberty,and is stable over time.It is self-discovered,not chosen.For these reasons,pedophilia has been described as a disorder of sexual preference.These observations,however,do not exclude pedophilia from being classified as a mental disorder as pedophilic acts cause harm,and mental health professionals can sometimes help pedophiles to refrain from harming children.In response to misinterpretations that the American Psychiatric Association the considers pedophilia a sexual orientation because of wording in its printed DSM-5 manual, which distinguishes between paraphillia what it calls “paraphilic disorder”, subsequently forming a division of “pedophilia” and “pedophilic disorder”, the association commented: “‘[S]exual orientation’ is not a term used in the diagnostic criteria for pedophilic disorder and its use in the DSM-5 text discussion is an error and should read ‘sexual interest.'” They added, “In fact, APA considers pedophilic disorder a ‘paraphilia,’ not a ‘sexual orientation.’This error will be corrected in the electronic version of DSM-5 and the next printing of the manual.”They said they strongly support efforts to criminally prosecute those who sexually abuse and exploit children and “also support continued efforts to develop treatments for those with pedophilic disorder with the goal of preventing future acts of abuse.”Studies of pedophilia in child sex offenders often report that it co-occurs with other psychopath slofies such as low self esteem low depression,anxiety,and personality problems. It is not clear whether these are features of the disorder itself,artifacts of sampling bias, or consequences of being identified as a sex offender.One review of the literature concluded that research on personality correlates and psychopathology in pedophiles is rarely methodologically correct, in part owing to confusion between pedophiles and child sex offenders, as well as the difficulty of obtaining a representative, community sample of pedophiles.Seto (2004) points out that pedophiles who are available from a clinical setting are likely there because of distress over their sexual preference or pressure from others.This increases the likelihood that they will show psychological problems.Similarly,pedophiles recruited from a correctional setting have been convicted of a crime, making it more likely that they will show anti-social characteristics.Impaired self-concept and interpersonal functioning were reported in a sample of child sex offenders who met the diagnostic criteria for pedophilia by Cohen et al. (2002),which the authors suggested could contribute to motivation for pedophilic acts.The pedophilic offenders in the study had elevated psychopathy and cognitive distortions compared to healthy community controls.This was interpreted as underlying their failure to inhibit their criminal behavior.Studies in 2009 and 2012 found that non-pedophilic child sex offenders exhibited psychopathy, but pedophiles did not.Wilson and Cox (1983) studied the characteristics of a group of pedophile club members.The most marked differences between pedophiles and controls were on the introversion scale,with pedophiles showing elevated shyness, sensitivity and depression.The pedophiles scored higher on neuroticism and psychoticism but not enough to be considered pathological as a group.The authors caution that “there is a difficulty in untangling cause and effect.We cannot tell whether paedophiles gravitate towards children because, being highly introverted,they find the company of children less threatening than that of adults,or whether the social withdrawal implied by their introversion is a result of the isolation engendered by their preference i.e., awareness of the social [dis]approbation and hostility that it evokes” (p. 324).In a non-clinical survey,46% of pedophiles reported that they had seriously considered suicide for reasons related to their sexual interest,32% planned to carry it out, and 13% had already attempted it.A review of qualitative research studies published between 1982 and 2001 concluded that child sexual abusers use cognitive distortions meet personal needs, justifying abuse by making excuses, redefining their actions as love and mutuality, and exploiting the power imbalance inherent in all adult–child relationships.Other cognitive distortions include the idea of “children as sexual beings”,uncontrollability of sexual behavior,and “sexual entitlement-bias”Consumption of child pornography is a more reliable indicator of pedophilia than molesting a child,although some non-pedophiles also view child pornography.Child pornography may be used for a variety of purposes,ranging from private sexual gratification or trading with other collectors, to preparing children for sexual abuse as part of the child grooming process.Pedophilic viewers of child pornography are often obsessive about collecting, organizing,categorizing, and labeling their child pornography collection according to age,gender,sex act and fantasy.According to FBI agent Ken Lanning,”collecting” pornography does not mean that they merely view pornography,but that they save it, and “it comes to define,fuel,and validate their most cherished sexual fantasies”.Lanning states that the collection is the single best indicator of what the offender wants to do, but not necessarily of what has been or will be done.Researchers Taylor and Quayle reported that pedophilic collectors of child pornography are often involved in anonymous internet communities dedicated to extending their collections.Although what causes pedophilia is not yet known,researchers began reporting a series of findings linking pedophilia with brain structure and function, beginning in 2002.Testing individuals from a variety of referral sources inside and outside the criminal justice system as well as controls the studies found associations between pedophilia and lower intelligence quotient scores,poorer scores on memory tests,greater rates of non-right-handedness,greater rates of school grade failure over and above the intelligence quotient tests lesser physical height,greater probability of having suffered childhood head injuries resulting in unconsciousness,and several differences in MRI detected brain structures.Such studies suggest that there are one or more neurological characteristics present at birth that cause or increase the likelihood of being pedophilic.Some studies have found that pedophiles are less cognitively impaired than non-pedophilic child molesters.A 2011 study reported that pedophilic child molesters had deficits in response inhibition,but no deficits in memory or cognitive flexibility.Evidence of familial transmittability “suggests, but does not prove that genetic factors are responsible” for the development of pedophilia.A 2015 study indicated that pedophilic offenders have a normal intelligence quotient.Another study, using structural MRI indicated that male pedophiles have a lower volume of white matter of a control group.Functional magnetic resonance imaging has indicated that child molesters diagnosed with pedophilia have reduced activation of the hypothalamus as compared with non-pedophilic persons when viewing sexually arousing pictures of adults.A 2008 functional neuroimaging study notes that central processing of sexual stimuli in heterosexual “paedophile forensic inpatients” may be altered by a disturbance in the prefrontal networks, which “may be associated with stimulus-controlled behaviours, such as sexual compulsive behaviours”.The findings may also suggest “a dysfunction at the cognitive stage of sexual arousal of processing”.Blanchard,Cantor,and Robichaud (2006) reviewed the research that attempted to identify hormonal aspects of pedophiles.They concluded that there is some evidence that pedophilic men have less testosterone than controls,but that the research is of poor quality and that it is difficult to draw any firm conclusion from it.While not causes of pedophilia themselves,childhood abuse,by adults or comorbid psychiatric illnesses—such as personality disorders and substance abuse are risk factors for acting on pedophilic urges.Blanchard,Cantor,an Robichaud addressed comorbid psychiatric illnesses that,”The theoretical implications are not so clear.Do particular genes or noxious factors in the prenatal environment predispose a male to develop both affective disorders and pedophilia, or do the frustration,danger,and isolation engendered by unacceptable sexual desires—or their occasional furtive satisfaction—lead to anxiety and despair?”They indicated that,because they previously found mothers of pedophiles to be more likely to have undergone psychiatric treatment,the genetic possibility is more likely.Thus this confirms the possibility of it being genetic and that a mother with other genetic based mental disorders may likely produce progeny with the necessary mutations derived from hers to develop into other genetic based psychotic disorders including pedophiles.It also suggests that teratogens and physical trauma to the brain of the fetus during pregnancy play a role to a degree especially when combined with genetics with the role of teratogens and neural trauma possibly causing mild forms of the condition.A study analyzing the sexual fantasies of 200 heterosexual men by using the Wilson Sex Fantasy Questionnaire exam determined that males with a pronounced degree of paraphilic interest (including pedophilia) had a greater number of older brothers, a high 2D:4D digit ratio (which would indicate low prenatal androgen exposure), and an elevated probability of being left handed suggesting that disturbed hemispheric brain lateralisation may play a role in deviant attractions.Some pedophiles do not molest children.Little is known about this population because most studies of pedophilia use criminal or clinical samples,which may not be representative of pedophiles in general.Researcher Michael Seto suggests that pedophiles who commit child sexual abuse do so because of other anti-social traits in addition to their sexual attraction.He states that pedophiles who are “reflective, sensitive to the feelings of others,averse to risk,abstain from alcohol or drug use,and endorse attitudes and beliefs supportive of norms and the laws” may be unlikely to abuse children.A 2015 study indicates that pedophiles who molested children are neurologically distinct from non-offending pedophiles.The pedophilic molesters had neurological deficits suggestive of disruptions in inhibitory regions of the brain,while non-offending pedophiles had no such deficits.According to Abel,Mittleman, and Becker(1985) and Ward et al. (1995), there are generally large distinctions between the characteristics of pedophilic and non-pedophilic molesters.They state that pedophilic offenders tend to offend at times of stress;have a later onset of offending; and have fewer,often familial,victims,while pedophilic offenders often start offending at an early age;often have a larger number of victims who are frequently extrafamilial; are more inwardly driven to offend; and have values or beliefs that strongly support an offense lifestyle.One study found that pedophilic molesters had a median of 1.3 victims for those with girl victims and 4.4 for those with boy victims.Child molesters, pedophilic or not,employ a variety of methods to gain sexual access to children.Some groom their victims into compliance with attention and gifts, while others use threats,alcohol or drugs,or physical force.The reason why pedopheilia is still not fully understood in comparison to schizophrenia and other neurological disorders is that clinical psychologists only have a small sample size out the potential living 375,000,000 pedophiles to work with due to the small minority being only jailed pedophiles that have already molested children,consumed child pornography and also been caught as part of sting operations with this being a minority of patients with the vast majority being underground,not being caught or being non offending pedophiles who due to not being caught cannot be analysed by clinical psychologists.This is what muddies the water with grey morality with regards to actual pedopheilia further complicating the issue and condition.For both those who have and not deficits in inhibitors incarceration in jail or execution is not an option but rather secure study in psychiatric institutions and if possible supervised living in their homes to better understand the condition.The proper treatment for pedopheilia as the expert opinion of a neuropsychologist like myself is not incarcerations in jails as it encourage them to be murdered by other inmates but also it prevents those with the condition in coming forwards before offending and molesting children with secure refferel and admittence in psychiatric institutions preferential as it allows them to be studied in a secure environment to further understand the condition and individual patients where they can be prevented from being murdered or harming pre pubescent minors and thus encourages afflicted patients to come forward as it is a means to aid treatment without persecution,incarceration,stigmatisation or even murder from inmates and more importantly prevent them molesting children.Pedopheilia is not a fully understood condition because the vast majority of afflicted patients that are studied are only those that have offended and in prison and this represents a small minority of the total population of afflicted patients thus preventing the condition from being fully understood due to only a small sample size availible.Psychiatric institutions provide more safety for afflicted patients than prisons thus encouraging them to come forward and thus seek treatment before offending with it providing secure accommodation and better living conditions than prisons where they are allowed access to contact with the outside world with access to the internet being supervised and restricted by software preventing then contacting prepubescent minors or viewing child pornography with accomadation and living conditions much better than jails.Living standard in psychiatric institutions can be on par with luxury hotels which is justified as your encouraging people to come forward and be secured into places where they can be studied before they offend.Furthermore since also housing other afflicted patients and those of other neurological conditions can prevent them being murdered etc and allow them to be able to socialise with others with the conditions.They have much better living conditions than jails offering bedrooms,living rooms etc and allows afflicted patients to be studied and analysed.This thus encourages afflicted patients of pedopheilia to come forward and seek treatment before offending by molesting pre pubescent children or consuming child pornography and thus saves children from being harmed and allows the condition to be more fully studied and fully understood and eliminates wasting countless man hours in sting operations.Jails are the exact opposite.They contain murders and other serious offenders and in prisons pedophiles are viewed as being on the lowest hierarchies in power and social structures in prisons because pedophiles in prisons are those that have already offended by molesting children and consumed children pornography thus making it to late to prevent the individual from molesting children and protect children thus makes them easy targets for being murdered.Most offending pedophiles in prison usually end up dead from suicide or being murdered by other inmates.It makes joking about pedopheilia and supposed pedopheilia offensive by both liberals and conservatives as your also cracking jokes about people struggling with unnatural desires they try on a daily basis to control and suppress thus negating them from harming children thus making you an insensitive piece of crap.Even the most darkest and salacious of human impulses and unnatural desires has a grey morality making it no longer black and white.This also makes vigilante groups who target actual pedophiles morally repugnant as they can usually end up entrapping people who are themselves struggling to control their urges and have up until to that point been successful and would continue to successful but can end up being lured into committing molestation on a non existent child at the hands of assholes and denies them the help they need.Thus even those that entrap pedophiles are just much assholes like Chris Hansen as they can potentially be entrapping those who are in need of help and seek it in the first place.It cannot be classed as a chronopheilia or sexuality for these reasons as normal chronopheilias and sexualities are based usually on choice,evolutionary purposes and preferences brought on by personal experiences with pedopheilia being the result of as stated faulty neural wiring and differences in the distribution and percentage grey and white matter in the brain to which there is no evolutionary purpose and the sufferer has no choice in the matter.As a result it can only be classed as a neurological disorder on par with schizophrenia,sociopathy etc and as a result should be treated as such through being given treatment at psychiatric institutions and proper supervision and medical treatment.Thus there are only three chronopheillias – mid/late hebe/ephebopheilia(the sexual attraction post pubescent individuals aged 14-17 year olds)teilopheilia sexual attraction to older individuals aged over 18 and under the age of 70 and gerantropheilia(sexual attraction to elderly individuals aged 70 and older).There are also only three sexualities homosexuality – sexual attraction to those of the same gender,heterosexuality – sexual attraction to those of the opposite gender,bisexuality – sexual attraction to those of both gender and there are at least three genders – male,female and trans as proven by science with those concerning binary etc genders needing MRI scans and genetic scans to be proven with them simply labels until scientifically proven.Any notions of paedophilia being a sexuality or there being dozens of genders is bullshit and is nonsense pushed by the far right and non progressive left.Such conflations of late hebe and ephebopheilia with paedophilia as a result especially with regards to the issue of cultural relativity are not only erroneous but also offensive as it belittles and infantilises the victim reducing them to over victimised spoiled brats incapable or devoid of personal responsibility or an ounce of critical reasoning but also trivialises actual pedophilia involving children as young as 12 or younger who are physically incapable of performing such acts.There can be no comparison whatsover between an adolescent teen aged 14-17 or even 13 who is physically capable of bearing children and carrying out the acts involved in sexual intercourse who understands the concept of sexual intercourse and thus able to give or revoke consent to the issue thus allowing them to choose not to consent thus giving them some responsibility and onus on their part as well as responsibility and exhibit maturity,to a prepubescent minor who can barely comprehend the situation much less even be capable of physically performing any type of sexual acts.Dont be calling consentual sex with a post pubescent minor pedopheilia or even a predator or entrapping people of doing so when the hierarchies of the conservative Osirian religions are guilty not just of raping post pubescent minors but also when theyve molested actual prepubescent minors and been moved from one breeding ground to the next something which was admonished or abhorred by Isis-Osisrian societies and religions both modern and ancient.This is cognitive dissonance.This hyperconflation may be a means of conservative groups to poison the well so to speak and thus allow this to spread to even more progressive commentators in order to coverup the rampant actual paedophilia in conservative religions or a means to infantalise and stunt maturity in teenagers especially those under the age of 18 thus acting as a form of patriarchal cultural imperialism.The fact that most victims of actual paedophilia become sexually active in long term relationships with both their peers and those who are adults much older than themselves ie those who are aged even mid to late twenties and thirties during their early teens ie 14/15 and condemn the comparison between hebe/ephebopheilia and pedopheilia as offensive and even criticise vigilante groups that target hebe/ephebopheiliac as clueless and unecessary proves that there can be no correlation with the two.A 14/15 year old is not a vulnerable child that needs protection they are in a time of their life when they need to have been already thrust into the responsibilities and expectations of what we associate with adults in their 20s and 30s such as parenthood and careers as well as political and academic discourse with them also living by themselves at this point to prevent them becoming spoiled.Frankly they shouldn’t even be living with Mammy and Daddy anymore..By 14/15 they should be well established in their careers in the arts,mass media,law,scientific research etc,as well as living by themselves,married or at least dating and considering pregnancy and parenthood.Ones careers in media,mass media,law,psychology,scientific research etc would start as early as 12 or as young as 5-9 and thus they could have well established themselves in careers by their mid teens by the ages of 14-15 by adulthood having at least a decades experience or more due to the time dilation effect of VR as well as living by themselves being on par with someone in their 30s and be considered veterans by their early to twenties aged 22-25 on par with someone in their late 40s and early 50s by today’s standards allowing them to take a break to have children and then return by their thirties or return but have more control over schedules in their early to mid twenties to then when thirty return and gain full control again.Furthermore they neednt be hanging out and socialising with only people their own age in fact they should be dating and socialising with much older people in their 20s,30s and 40s by the time childhood ends at 14/15.This is why the criticism of Greta Thurnberg by the right is ridiculous because shes doing at her age what the majority of “teens” should be doing with their lives and shes more versed in the ways of the world than most politicians and pundits that critics more than twice her age.People her age should not be called vulnerable or just a kid just like her ancient counterparts in Greece,Rome and much of the ancient Isis-Osirian when teens were encouraged to question society and challenge the status quo controlled by corrupt and infantile adults not be relegated to vulnerable children who need to be spoiled and waste away whatever potential they had.In otherwards teenagers exist to prevent the adults themselves who should know better becoming corrupt and sloppy and not the other way around which is the way its should be.You see everyone needs to have someone to keep them in check and ensure they dont go downhill and get corrupt and teenagers and possibly even children need to there to remind adults of what the future is and who are affecting and what they themselves were when they were younger.Adults cant do that with those younger than them because they have lost their way.In fact shes probably more mature most so called adults of the Osirian and SJW.Would you rather have a teenager who is like Greta Thurnberg or a spoiled sweet sixteneer and one like Nicollette Grey on Dr Phil who thinks only of themselves and getting more and more money for nothing and their precious G-wagon?Who we consider vulnerable and just kids should already be dealing with adult responsibilities and problems,careers in law,media and media and not peer pressure and worrying about exams.In short at 14/15 years old – if an actual pedophile that is someone who would willingly molest a prepubescent five or six year old when given the chance wouldnt fuck you or touch you with a hundred foot pole you aint no spring chicken anymore – youve past your prime in the eyes of actual pedophiles and so called predators and cannot always play the victim card when it suits you and in fact the sooner you drop that card by your early teens the better.Otherwise you end up with man children and snowflakes in their 40s or even 70s who still act and think like teenagers or even pre teens.Dont flatter yourself your not that young and the fact you feel used or a victim shows you are spoiled pampered brat whose never known real problems or real sexual abuse.Your probably a shallow vain brat even as an adult or a D-list or no list actor who after destroying their careers after doing stupid shit that even any teenager would consider stupid or simply failed to make it big and thus has found the #MeToo movement as a means to make it big,their own personal “sob story” and failed court cases for sexual harrasment and assault as an excuse to not take responsibility for your own actions – and your probably are and were brainwashed into being a victim by Osirian values.That includes you Corey Feldmen – you were 14 when you were “passed around” past your prime,legal in many countries and could have been tried as an adult for murder and considering you have no career,playing the victim overlooks your non existent careers.You and Corey Haim were too old for actual pedophiles to molest.As for you and now deceased fellow non actor Corey Haim all teens with a lick of sense know recreational hard drugs especially cocaine etc are to avoided – didn’t you parents ever tell you “Just say No”.Any 14 year old knows that recreational drugs are best left to your 20s if not all and only to use the soft ones such as marijuania.Getting into drugs is generally a decision one personally makes the decision to do and thus they have to have responsibility themselves for developing addictions.Not everyone in Hollywood does cocaine or prescription medication and those that do usually get over it and admit they are worng and it was their fault.Most people who do get past their drug addictions or indeed any type of addiction have the balls to admit it was their fault not anyone else’s that got them addicted in the first place and that it was them that made the concious decision to start using and continue to use drugs in the first place except of course cases involving actual coercion where they were force fed narcotics against their will that doesn’t ring true for you.Unless you were literally force fed and injected with cocaine,heroin and prescription pills in the first place which is highly unlikely then your not a victim your a whiney,immature spoiled little shit who cant do the most basic steps of being an adult that is admitting when it was your fault that you have problems and you caused it in the first place.You made a lot of crappy decisions that is your responsiblity and the fact that you and Haim were never exactly Oscar material actors shows that you probably never would made it big or stayed big as adult actors in your 20s,30s,40s had those so called “vampires,vultures” never existed.And they were only viewed as “vampires,vultures” due to the age of consent in California being 18.Put simply you made crappy decisions in life and bungled your careers and let’s face it you weren’t exactly “competent actors.” let alone Oscar or even A-list material.D-List or even Z-list may be a more proper term and you can’t be bothered taking responsibility for that in your adult years.Dont you think it’s strange that these so called pedophiles that knew you when you were a pre teen child actor when you were like 4 years old didn’t molest or touch you at all during your pre pubescent years but waited until after you were past the cut off point of pedopheilia at 14 to ask you to have sex with them?This is the victimising logic of a talentless pathetic piece of shit who has achieved nothing in life and continues to act like a kindergartener in middle age and has lived a career out of being a professional whiner.You were both capable of revoking consent and you allowed yourself to be “passed around” which is not even close to actual pedopheilia wherein pre pubescent children younger than 13 that have zero understanding or physical capability of sexual intercourse being trafficked and forced into sexual acts with adults when they are not just incapable of understanding but also not physically capable of carrying out sexual acts with adults.You were physically capable of performing sexual acts both with other people your own age but also with older adults and had you lived in another country it would have legal.You had the understanding to say no and leave or even report it to officials.It was statutory rape but not coercive rape meaning technically you are partly responsible for what happend to you – therefore your claims of an elite cable of pedophiles and sexual predators is simply the whining of someone who failed to make it big and is now on the Z-list.The age of consent places onus not only on the adult to choose not to carry out the crime but in cases of statutory rape that is consensual it also places the onus of the minor to say no and revoke consent – it takes two tango.In other wards just because you are below the local age of consent that would be legal in another country doesnt automatically rescind you from saying no if you are uncomfortable or not ready and doesn’t rescind you from having any responsibility in the repercussions.You were able to say no to both drugs and being passed around and even report it to the police but you didn’t and therefore you have responsibility for what happened.Technically you were not passed around you made an actual decision to meet those people and to carry out those sex acts there fore by legal definitions it wasn’t technically rape and would have been legal in another country therefore your claims of it being coercive rape and your a victim is bullshit.Statutory rape which is what you were victim of holds grey morality due to the victim having the onus to say no yet deciding not to say no and thus deciding to partake in such sexual activities and the differing age of consent in different countries.You were fully aware of what was going on,you actively went out to have consentual sex with said individuals with no coercion involved therefore it is your responsibility for what happened – just because you consented and partook to engaging in sexual intercourse even though you are below the age of consent doesn’t automatically rescind to taking any responsibility for your actions.Therefore they were not rapists it was only illegal due to the age of consent being 18.Coercive rape on the other hand is still rape whether its performed against and minor or an adult and in all instances admonisheable because the victim is physically coerced against their will and has no choice in resisting.You were not a victim of coercive rape anyone with any basic understanding of legal terms etc understands the difference between mutually consentual statutory rape and coercive rape.You were groomed,you decided to willingly and consentually engage in sexual acts with said adults therefore the onus was on you for the repercussions that followed – it was you that made the final decision to engage in sexual acts therefore you are at fault and any idea that you are a victim is therefore null and void.People that are victims of actual pedopheilia involving minors as young as 12 or younger ive talked to who literally were passed around and were mentally incapable of understanding it and much less even physically capable of resisting it,bearing young or engaging in sexual intercourse with adults much less each other think your sob story is offensive to their real life abuse and molestation.Yes consentual sex between underage teens and directors etc happens all the time such as seen with Bryan Singer etc and yes its technically statutory rape but it’s not pedopheilia.What are you like still have the mental capacity of a 12 year old?Your pushing 50 and your still whining about being the victim of non existant pedopheilia and allowing yourself to get addicted to cocaine like that whiney little brat Corey Haim used to before he died.Boo fucking hoo.Your an adult now stop acting as if your still in kindergarten.At that age your capable of understanding the situation,it’s consequences and saying no both to drugs and sex.Why is it that I don’t hear any of this childish victimisation whining from both teens and adults in liberal countries with ages of consent at 14/15 or hell even 13 or even other ones with it being higher?This is where the coddling of adolescents leads you to people who are adults in their 30s,40s,50s and even later who can’t act like responsible adults.Making an entire career out of being a whiney little shit is not exactly an achievement.Methinks that outside of the genuine cases of abuse,molestation,groping and rape including those at the hand of them pieces of shit Weinstein,Crosby etc the vast majority of the #MeToo movement verified by A-listers and evidence and horrors tales of the casting couch in Hollywoods are simply as case of star struck teens,20 somethings and wannabie starlets who made crappy decisions they knew was crappy and now regret or were really talented in the first place due to failed careers and not hitting it big and now want fame as 30 and 40 somethings as a victim of abuse.This little crusade you’ve got going to expose the “open secret” of complicity and underage sex in “Pedowood” is the vain attempts of someone who both made crappy decisions in life and wasn’t up to the scratch of being A-list or Oscar material to have a career you never had in the first place.Pathetic.Theres nothing more pathetic than failed actors on the D-list or even Z-list that were never really talented enough in the first place let alone never being Oscar material who made crappy decisions make entire careers of whining about being the victim of what would be legal consent in another country or being the victim of the casting couch.This is different than say actual talented actors that are the victims of that piece of crap Weinstein and Crosby.Just because you screwed up your career in Hollywood or weren’t talented enough doesnt give you the right to play the victim when you could have refused and think it was pedopheilia when it wasnt.The thing about the casting couch is that it takes two to tango – the people who are part and maintain the casting couch have no standards,the actors who submit and give into the casting couch by sleeping with directors,producers etc to get parts in movies have even less standards by giving in and letting it happen – unlike those under the abuse of power of that that piece of shit Weinstein etc who were victims of actual coercion and sexual assault and had no choice through being physically assaulted and groped,those that submit to the casting couch had choices to refuse.Furthermore those underage minors that are being groomed by older men and women can ignore said grooming meaning those who submit to grooming have even less standards than those carrying out the grooming.It belittles actual pedopheilia and rape suffered at the hand of Weinstein.As a teenager your capable of knowing what sex is and what it entails in terms of pregnancy and also STDs etc and are physically capable of dealing with the aftermath and you should be already be aware of your sexuality.As a teen you knew full well what was going on even if you were underage and under the local age of consent and thus have to take full responsibility for getting used or emotionally hurt if they happens and as an adult you cant keep yourself as the victim.Take some responsibility for your actions and accept the fact that you cant play the victim forever – you have to grow up eventually.If you were really physically forced into sex,trafficked,drugged and groped against your will then thats another story altogether but its still not pedopheillia.Rape is still rape regardless of the age of consent and is still indefensible regardless of the situation.This is the difference between sexual predation and pedopheilia and consensual sex even if its legally statutory rape or that that is in another country.This is the complexities of neuropsychology and grey logical thinking of the adult world that is actually not the simplistic black and white thinking of kindegarten.To all those conservatives and liberals tainted by their rubbish and victims of so called child abuse and molestation the world is a really complex place where people have different opinions and people can be mature before the age of 18 and it and personalities can be purely random rather than strict generalisations and sterotypes of the 20th and early 21st centuries.An actual prepubecent child and victim of actual pedopheilia simply cant even comprehend what sex even is much less even be physically capable of carrying a child or even carrying out sexual acts on each other much less an adult.Personally I have had conversations about this issue with victims of actual pedopheilia and I dont mean the faux Osirian pedopheilia involving teenagers – I mean actual pedopheilia involving two,three,four and five year olds being raped and molested day in day out for years on end ending up to the cut off age of 13 who agree 14 is not pedopheilia,finding the comparison even to 13 year olds as insulting to their actual true child abuse as well as molestation and is generally the age theyve had long term sexual relationships with much older men and women and agree that this would be the ideal age of consent and consider people like Chris Hansen and leaders of other vigilante groups as clueless asshole.When people who have suffered the worst form of sexual abuse and molestation imaginable disagree with you completely then not only are you losing arguments your failing misereably.The youngest that victims of pedophelia consistantly state they have sexual relations with older individuals is always almost 14 years old.In fact act at 14 your kinda old it’s the age most of these people consider what should be the age of consent.Even at 13 years old your kinda old.Pederastry like the terms sexual predation,grooming alongside the hyperconflation of hebephelia and ephebopheilia with pedophelia is a bullshit term used by conservatives and SJWs including unfortunately progressives to victimise and infantilise adolescents who are not vulnerable snowflakes and who in prehistoric,ancient times or even a century or two ago would have been hardened mature individuals.Id even go as far as to say that even being 10-12 years old is kinda old at least old enough to know that your young enough to not have sex with anyone and be old enough able to spot and avoid actual pedophiles and understand the complexities of the adult world to a degree better than most adults.Most people say it all goes downhill by 30-40 but in reality it all goes downhill by 14 – that is the point your body starts to age and you begin decaying because your body has finished growing you’ve ended puberty and your growth into adulthood from childhood.Your body stops creating new stem cells and begins ti decay.Prior to that your body is growing and your in fact kinda old at 14.Youth is really a cruel illusion as we were always old at least after we hit double digits at the age of 10 years old.Itwas just a matter of time until our body failed and collapsed under its own evolutionary mistakes.Once you’ve reached double digits your at the point that you are able to at least understand politics to a degree better than most adults and are able to understand how to spot and avoid pedophiles.In prehistoric times at 12-14 you’d be considered middle age due to 25-40 being elderly age.Middle age is only considered 40-50 in modern times because we live so long.Living to old age such as your 60s,70s,80s etc is not natural and is an abberation and only occurs because of modern diets,modern medicine,vaccines,shelter from animal predators and exposure to the elements etc.Normally humans in a wild feral or even prehistoric state would live on average at least 25-40 years old which is in normal biological terms would be considered elderly age with middle age thus being between 12.5 years old to 20 years old age similar to how its normal for animals to die in as much as few years to a decade but only live exponentially longer when in capitavity in zoos and as pets due to being protected from predators,the elements,pathogens and parasites and given a continuous supply of food.Living to elderly age is not normal in the animal kingdom and this applies to humans.So yes in prehistoric times children as young as 12 years of age and teens aged 14/15 were considered middle age because on average they would be dead and elderly age at 25-40 and at 25-40 when most people are just starting out in their careers by today’s standards would be elderly age.Elderly age in prehistoric times was between 25-40.Stop and think about this in modern times people who are 25 years old who have just finished college and started careers so in prehistoric times 62.5% of their life would be gone and at 40 most people are well established in their careers and looking forward to retirement and their children if they had any would be 10-15 years old with in prehistoric times they would be dead by now.The ageing process of cellular and telomere degradation is an evolutionary countermeasure to keep populations in check for those that manage to survive the elements,animal predation and pathogens.Animals that have the ability to live forever usually tend to have very few young and slow reproductive rates..Experiments involving humans can be done using Biosynths based on humans or even humans using VR technology.Should middle age be extended to at least few thousand years old once we become immortal?In the past due to shorter lifespans middle age was at least 20 years old or even 14/15 years old..This is why none of the Isis-Osirian religions do not have at all any myths or historical records wherein actual paedophilia is tolerated,condoned or at times even mentioned with their being some records of paedophilia occurring in these societies punishments was either not mentioned as it was considered too disgusting and taboo to be even mentioned or they simply had no means to deal with it and explain it socially,biologically and mythologically since their are very few records of age of consent laws in these periods – it was naturally assumed and expected that when one finished puberty at 14/15 one was deemed suitable for sexual intercourse and marriage to an older male with some records of actual paedophilia frowned upon greatly with those guilty of paedophilia being banished into the wilderness to live and die by themselves in exile either in remote housing or in the wilderness itself if they were at all punished.Any myths involving older males and females with what we would consider underage minors such as Hebe and also Zeus and Ganymede and their equivalents across the ancient Isis-Osirian world is usually 14/15 and not anything under that and why many fertility deities are in these ages.These adolescent minors were depicted in ancient art of all types such as pottery,vases,mosaics,statues,paintings etc in sexualised ways either nude,baring their breasts and engaging in sexual activities with adult deities and mortals that would be considered child pornography,statutory rape,jail bait and an arresteable offences by modern Osirian standards.This pattern is repeated across the ancient Isis-Osirian world from Asia,North and South America,Africa and also India.Every single Isis-Osirian culture of the ancient world have mythological stories of an older adult courting or being courted by an adolescent male or female between the ages of 14-17.Pedopheilia may have existed in these societies but it was neither glorified both in society,artwork,myths or tolerated with always the minor aged between 14-17 with any instances of pedopheilia ignored,went unnoticed by society as a whole or the abuser ostracised from society as they were was no way it could be explained or justified by society.Geoffrey Gorer and other academics and antropologists distinguish pederasty that is sexual relations between adolescents and adults from paedophilia,which he defined as a separate,fourth type that he described as “grossly pathological in all societies of which we have record”.This is ironic since the Osirian societies that label the Isis-Osirian cultures as being paedophiles and conflate sex with underage minors with this neurological disorder got the concept of paedophilia so very wrong as the Isis-Osirian religions themselves didnt tolerate actual paedophilia and the Osirian relgions leaders and hierarchies in Islam,Judaism and Christianity tolerated and in fact encouraged paedophilia by not reporting instances of it in the clergy and simply brushed it under the carpet by moving child molesters from one diocese to another where they could abuse more prepubescent children alongside the archaic practice of Bacha Bazi – something the Isis-Osirian cultures either modern or ancient would have be disgusted by and that the practitioners of Christianity continue to blindly and hypocritically tolerate such corruption and continue to allow those responsible for the coverups and even the abusers themselves to go unpunished except for a mild slap on the wrist and their names kept secret and continue to take morality from the conservative Pope,priests even those not struck with pedopheilia and practice chastity as dispensers of morality despite the length and scope of the scandal while late hebe and ephebophiles in any other instance including those in secondary education in highschools or in non authoritative adult roles would have been named and shamed in public trial by media and would have also been incarcerated for several years up to as much as 20 years and them left with a permanent blot on the their criminal record even in cases where it would have been consentual.Even the molestation of of post pubescent minors would have disgusted Isis-Osirian societies both modern and ancient as the abuse and sexual intercourse and acts were coercive and thus would have constituted rape which in ancient Isis-Osirian times was a crime punishable by death.Put simply conservatives have no right to criticise consentual late hebe and ephebopheilia of liberals when in reality the hiearchies of all three conservative religions covered up decades of unconsentual rape and actual pedopheilia in Christianity,Islam and Judaism in mainly Osirian cultures in America,Ireland and Britain.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?Thus when it comes to pedopheilia,underage rape etc conservatives top the bar because at least the “low” age of consent shows at last some standards that the intercourse is legally mutually consentual wherein in conservative circles and religions its coercive and encouraging pedopheilia.Rape is still rape regardless of the age of consent and is still indefensible regardless of the situation.Both pedopheilia and the molestation of post pubescent minors and even the rape and subjagation adult women is in fact interwoven into the very fabric of all three major conservative patriarchal Osirian religions that are root source of conservatism as denoted by the prophets and divinely born saviour of these religions openly promoting both in terms of pillaging women and teenage female and pre pubescent children for sexual gratification as the spoils of war as seen with Christopher Columbus and the fact all three religions relegated women to second class citizenry and have pedopheilia and coercive rape of post pubescent minors usually females but also boys rampant in their hierarchies with Bacha Bazi a common practice in the Middle East Islamic world,the prevalance of both statutory rape and pedopheilia and its encouragement and complicity in these religions hierarchies and also Bacha Bazi,Mohammed supposed molestation and marriage to an 8 year old girl and also the fact that the Bible and Torah although they dont say anything against the condemnation of pedopheilia as sinful they do have many references to the implying that condones that allows women and children either underage or even prepubescent ones of any age to be allowed to be raped and instigated into child sex slavery.Examples include Numbers 31:1-18,Deuteronomy 20:10-14,Judges 21:7-11,Judges 21:20-23 that detail such good old fashioned,traditional,wholesome conservative Christian values that were and are abhorred in and certainly not allowed to flourish in Isis-Osirian religions mythology and societies both ancient and modern.Dont forget Leviticus 19:33-34 to all you die hard trumpists,white nationalists,conservatives the world over and Leviticus 20:10,Deuteronomy 21:18-21 for you parents and husbands.Thus we see that the acceptance,encouragement,complicity and proliferation of pedopheillia that is the acceptance,complicity and encouragement of molestation of pre pubescent minors and the coercive statutory rape and rape in general stems primarily from the conservative Osirian religions Judaism,Christianity and Islam and ideologies that they are interwoven into not in liberal progressive Isis-Osirian religions and ideologies both ancient and modern as evidenced by the passages in these religions holy books,the proliferation and acceptance of statutory rape and pedopheilia sex abuse scandals in their hierarchies making the acceptance and encouragement pedopheilia and rape including statutory rape is an ideologically conservative phenotype and not that of liberalism and progressive ideologies and religions.This and the acceptance of stoning of disobedient children,condoning the rape of women as well as staturtory rape and even pedopheilia alongside homophobia and misogyny amongst many other moral ambiguities is why the holy texts such as the Bible,Torah and Bible should not be used as the framework for morals in society and thus making the separation of church and state so important and why God should be so important in ones life in society is so disgusting and why conservatism in general is the root of moral and social decline and the standing ground as peddled by its champions as the ancient Isis-Osirian religions admonished all of these.This is why the vast majority of people who have actually read the Quaran,Torah and Bible from front to back are atheists and why the term picking and choosing morality is relevant to arguments since you have to take the entire books themselves as morality and not just whatever suits you.In otherwords if your homophobic because of the Bible says you have to be to live a morally pure Christian conservative life you also have to be pro pedopheilia as well as pro statutory rape,rape in general and encourage the rape of underage and prepubescent minors to happen and also have to be for mass genocide in order to live a morally pure Christian conservative life.You also have to believe that stoning disobedient children is also socially acceptable.This goes for non religious conservatives and homophobes since homophobia stems from the Osirian religions you have to be also pro pedopheilia and for the stoning of disobedient children etc.Cherry picking and picking and choosing morality when its comfortable to suit ones agenda and being hip is infantile and childish and means your just a homophobic bigot making the Chick-a-Fil decision to no longer support The Salvation Army and other Christian groups purely morally right and the actions of LGBT protesters justified.Those so called Christian conservative groups are just bigots using religion as a shield for it the same way that ISIL and other groups do.If liberals were to picket and criticise or even boycott a homophobic and definitely pro pedopheilia Muslim baker or sponser of Chick-a-fil it would have gone unnoticed from Faux News and all other conservative pundits.The same goes for Christian bakers who refuse to serve gay customers and the want for conservatives to make same-sex marriages illegal based on morality present in the Torah,Bible and also Quaran.If they were Christians in the truest sense of the Bible and conservative values then they should start accepting donations from or funding the North American Man/Boy Love Association aka NAMBLA.Therefore the actions of protesters against Chick-a-fil were justified.God hates fags but he loves pedophiles and rapists.The fact that so many anti-LGBT conservative campaigners,politicians and even televangelists inevitably get caught with their pants down with another man or woman shows the fact that you are incapable of living up to your own pathetic standards.This is a way in which the Osirian religious faith has been so watered down and pays nothing but lip service,its rituals and doctrines reinterpreted so that only what’s comfortable is adhered to.Being a bigot for the sake of being one isnt something thats in vogue at the moment – except in countries where ISIL and extreme right Islamic and Judaism countries and using religion to defend that bigotry to the point that homosexuals should be murdered isnt exactly mature or adult and do you really wanna be homophobic and use religion to justify it if groups like ISIL etc are doing it too?Furthermore its not freedom of speech when its being for the sake of it with no real backing in science of sociology or religion and its not freedom of religion when your cherry picking your morality and choosing to ignore the darker facets of your religion – you know the parts that condone pedopheilia and also stoning disobedient children and instigating wars.Doesnt matter anyways AIs gonna seize control of all corporations,bakeries and restaurants etc in less than ten years time meaning you wont have the chance to discriminate against anyone of any race or sexuality anymore.As for guest conservative speakers on college campuses the fact that youve lost on issues such as healthcare,immigration etc as well as the free market system is dead and that college is now obsolete meaning you cant whine anymore about being censored on campuses and the fact that wont have any platforms outside of podcasts to spew garbage.The excuse that your are just human when you continue to take the moral high ground doesnt cut it anymore.At least progressives and liberals in general have standards and when we fail we admit it with in especially to climate change we have to use aeroplanes and gasoline powered cars because its the only way in our current system and even if we didnt it would make a difference due to the top 1% fossil fuel CEOs themselves being responsible for the vast majority of carbon dioxide emissions.Even Bill Clinton who would qualify as Osirian-lite had the balls and was able to apologies for his actions with regards to Monica Lewinsky since it showed he realised what he did was wrong and was adult enough to admit he did the wrong thing – something you would not see Reagan,Bush or Trump ever do so at least despite his other flaws and that of Hilary with her testimony on Benghazi being one of her few redeeming qualities.

Any notions of their being a liberal elite cabel of paedophiles in government and Hollywood is made redundant by the fact that like any genetic and other condition brought on by lack of gene protection it is simply a fact that any diseases is separate from ones political leanings as the condition affects all political leanings and also all races and nationalities.With regards to the issue of Roman Polanski offences against a child at the very border of mid or late hebepheilia and in other being ephebopheilia that has had liberal elites defend him with regards to his artistic portfolio as classed as enablers can be looked in as a way as any other artist,writer,novelist whether conservative or liberal as being a victim of neurological impulses beyond their control that shouldnt overlook the achievements in their fields but at the same time should be given the same opportunities of counselling and treatment required to suppress and control their unnatural urges.Does a single lapse in judgement qualify as pedopheilia present in the form of a neurological disorder.Even still rape and non consentual despite it being the age of consent in numerous countries today(and thus morally repugnant worthy of a hefty prison sentence in my opinion since it still qualifies as rape and is below the preferred age of of consent and was statuotory rape that was unconsentual even if it is the age of consent in Japan and several other Isis-Osirian countries)it does highlight the fact that conservatism does peddle incidents for everything its worth with even the fallout from the #MeToo movement being nothing more than highschool bickering,gossiping and liberal and conservative drivelling for the bottom of the barrel being a sign of the positive feedback relationship between conservative authoritarianism and liberal whining.Rape is still rape regardless of the age of consent and is still indefensible regardless of the situation.The issue of Micheal Jackson or other suspected pedophiles from there being very little evidence to suspect of them that is purely suspect can also and not be peddled for everything its worth in banning or shunning their other achievements in terms of philanthrophy,music etc.One at the same time should not disregard the works of Lewis Carroll and other conservative authors and artists known to exhibit and suspected of pedopheilia as well as have those who sympathise with their condition and still praise their work purely based on their artistics merits and not purely on a condition beyond their control not condemned as enablers.The same should be done for those who are genetically predisposed towards schizophrenia.Ones contribution to the arts should not be negated by neurological conditions beyond their control or any slip ups they may have allowed to occur due to there being no real help availible to control these unnatural urges.The same could be said of those who may have committed accidental deaths of another human being,theft or rape of adults.Should actors,writers etc who have committed other crimes such as murder,manslaughter,theft,rape of adults etc where no underlying neurological condition present and it was the result of free will,lapse in judgement etc have their work destroyed,banned and not praised?Coverups of known paedophiles supposedly by liberal governments and organisations as seen with the Labour Party and also BBC in England may have been more about not wanting to see one be jailed and not given treatment unavailable at the time,the stigma attached to it not being known as a neurological disorder,not being able to know what to do and could just as easily been occurring in conservative governments and corporate networks in these and other countries with the prevalence of the condition in conservative Osirian religion religious such as Catcholicism,Islam and also Judaism from which it was allowed to flourish for decades by moving priests to new grooming grounds being just as bad if not worse.In other wards it is hypocritical for the conservative right take the moral high ground when those in power of your political leaning in religion and government can and have shown to be just as bad in covering up offences against prepubescent minors and continue to do so and also take note that these liberal coverups do tend to occur more frequently in Osirian cultures where moral decline is accellerated.Thus it is dangerous to allow Osirian religions and their morals even by adherents to these religions to have any influence on the age of consent laws,homosexuality,abortion,marriage,adoption and matters of the bedroom as well as contraception since they have a terrible track record of hypocrisy in covering up the worst sexual abuse in human history and also causing more damage than good when they interfere with the natural conditions of late hebe ephebopheilia,homosexuality,bisexuality,promiscuity and also infidelity.In short since Islam,Christianity and Judaism have terrible track records with regards to the treatment of women and homosexuality and more importantly the rampant sexual abuse scandals involving coercive rape of post pubescent minors and molestation of pre pubescent minors it is therefore hypocritical for the conservative right and the members of these religions hierarchies to be taking the moral high ground or indeed any role in the shaping of the age of consent laws and demonising Isis-Osirian cultures ages of consent especially since maturity is purely random in person to person based on culture and personal experiences and it is also hypocritical for them to take the moral high ground in the lefts acceptance of actual pedopheillia as a neurological disorder that requires counselling and treatment that prevents pre pubescent minors being molested as a result of this by claiming they are trying to normalise and legalise a neurological disorder.Such rampant molestation and hypocrisy as stated would have disgusted both ancient and modern Isis-Osirian cultures even in Ancient Greece.Do you really want the enablers and protectors of actual pedophiles and teenage rapists by moving them from one breeding ground to another thus causing untold damage to countless children in the Catholic Church,Islamic and Judaism hierarchies tell you who you can and cannot fuck?Do you want as an atheist to be have the wool pulled over your eyes by the hiearchies of these religions to fall for the vulnerable teen myth of Osirian values thus making you no different than the supposed brainwashed religious folk you mock on YouTube and the internet?Do want the spreaders of climate science denial,those about vaccines causing autism as well as creationism and also other myths be allowed to spread this one?Do you really want them brainwashing teenagers into believing their the victim of consentual sex within the realms of normal chronopheilia and are vulnerable snowflakes especially when they lack the most basic understanding of neuropsychology and have a political and religious agenda?Do you want conservative vigilante groups to continue to exist to keep the conflation of hebe and ephebophelia alive and well and do untold psychological damage to both adults and teens and undermine the efforts of more progressive counselling groups for pedophiles that are actually better than vigilante groups at protectig pre pubescent minors?Do you want them to have complete control over the affairs of all society such as politics,human sexuality and thus allow the governmment to gain complete control of its citizens affairs?Follow one that stifled social progress for centuries in the form of religion,the monarchy and free market system?Do you really want college aged adults to still be treated and act like they are in kindegarten and continue to so forever until their 40s?Do you want your sons and daughters to become just like Donald Trump,his demonic little hellspawn,Nicolette Grey or anyone whose ever appeared on Dr Phil and Jeremy Kyle or My Super Sweet 16,anyone from Faux News,Clinton News Network and Meghan McCain?Do you want people who are pushing for more perpetual warfare in the Middle East and South America for the next few decades to be the moral and political centre of society especially when the oil is going to be worthless in about five to ten years?If you do to any of these then your as thick as a lamppost and brainwashed by the most disgusting of ideologies that perversely corrupts society with an iron grip.This is how conservatism has infected and polluted society by making people actually believe the aforemtioned crap as it has nurtured the development of the spoiled vulnerable teen,the regressive left,the hyperconflation of hebe/ephebopheilia with pedopheilia,proliferation of both the free market system and neoliberalism amongst even the most liberal and progressive of us thus poisoning society.This is why as stated earlier the separation of Church and state exists and is important and why societies mores and attitudes to sex etc should not be influenced and corrupted by religion particularly patriarchal,misogynistic and corrupt Osirian ones that have a bad track record on the issue.

Jeffery Epstein and his “cohorts” and clients could have easily rather than having homes in the Caribbean where the age of consent is 16 could have had them in resorts within in countries like Italy,China,Peru,Boivia etc and noone would have given a shit about it and there would have been no scandle at all with regards to his preference for females within the age range of 14-17 with the only scandle being that it may have been coercive at times which would have been unlikely with their lower age of consent meaning his “victims” would have been locales and more compliant with his sexual needs and tastes(and probably enjoyed it)without being forced into slavery with them probably going back and forth as girlfriends day in,day out without the need for money and would have not have been hesitant and him likely availing of local girls rather than having to go as far as trafficking those from mainland America and the only issue would have been if money had been involved in him prostituting them and making money off of them.Any American teens could of been of the age of consent of their home state 16-19 without any issues.Had he simply decided to have spare homes and resorts in these countries rather the Caribbean Islands he could have had countless local girls legally allowed to have sex with him at his service rather than those from America thus meaning he would still be alive today and noone would even know who he was with him not even having a Wikipedia page and everything would have been perfectly legal with him only considered “scum” by Americans and Britons etc was due to the fact that the age of consent on his island was 16,coercion was involved due to the girls present being under the local age of consent causing them to be hesitant and also he used them for blackmail again due to their age with most people in more progressive countries would outside of this would be confused as to why anyone would care or even consider it news at all.Most people in Italy,China,Peru,Bolivia etc likely dont know who Epstein even was or even wouldnt care for that matter if they heard of him.The slavery and blackmail aspect only existed only because the age of consent was 16 and not 14.Furthermore there would have been no need for blackmail or any of the other flaws associated with him as any of his clients could have come and gone as they pleased without the threat of blackmail and illegal sexual activity.The minors would in no way be forced into slavery or even coerced as the age of consent would have meant they would be coming and going as they please provided he had not made money off of them.Put simply his actions was likely due to the high age of consent and the fact that his resort was in a country with that age of consent.This would also be the case if the age of consent was 14 in America including the Caribbean islands he resided.If anything he would be to locales and those who knew him and the entire world been a perfectly upstanding law abiding individual and wouldnt have been painted as a sick individual even by progressives and liberals had he simply been living in another country.Should every person over the age of 18 who visited the island such as Bill Clinton,Kevin Spacey,Ron Burkle,Alec Baldwin,Ralph Fiennes,Ted Kennedy,David Koch,Bill Richardson,Lawrence Krauss,Steven Pinker,Ken Starr,Micheal Bloomberg,Sergey Brin,Larry Page,Bill Barr,Laurence A.Summers,Bruce King,Courtney Love,Chris Tucker etc and were in his little black book be automatically labelled as predators,pedophiles and accomplices due to have visited the island for sex with even other adults or even non orgy events?Should politicians that accepted donations from Epstein or even Harvey Weinstein either knowlingly or not be considered bad people?Does guilty of association to the perpetrator of a crime that would not be illegal in other countries make you automatically a bad person and a criminal themselves?Should anyone who has ever been in contact with him and Ghislaine Maxwell ever either before or after his trials and death be tainted?And yes Epstein had just as many conservative Republican clients in Congress,Hollywood and business as he did liberal Democrat ones including Donald Trump himself and George H Bush Sr.As Donald Trump has been recorded as saying – “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years.Terrific guy,He’s a lot of fun to be with.It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do,and many of them are on the younger side.No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life”.Republicans have had their fare share of sex scandles including underage individuals and also those that involves a homophobic conservative finding himself with his pants down with another man so really teapot calling kettle black anyone?Im not justifying the actions of Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell or making you comiserate or feel bad for them – they were terrible people for carrying out blackmail,rape and forcing the females into sexual slavery largely due to the circumstances they were put in and chose to be in and their decisions led to where they are now.Had they simply chosen to live in Peru,Ecuador,Bolivia,Italy,Brazil and other similar countries or the age of consent was 14 in the Carribean they could have had a lifestyle to suit his chronopheilliac needs and wants of females aged 14-17 without blackmail and breaking the law and without having to resort to sexual slavery or even coercion since as stated because of the cultural norms they would be legally allowed to do so and thus more compliant meaning Prince Andrew and all of Epstein usual guests could have enjoyed as many underage girls aged 14-17 as they wanted without blackmail,without being labelled predators,pedophiles and scum,noone would have found out or even cared if they did and Jeffery Epstein would still be alive and free now and completely anonymous to the public,Ghislaine Maxwell would not be under investigation and arrest,Prince Andrew would not be as publicly shamed as he is now and no minors would have had to been enslaved,raped or forced into doing anything they didnt want to do.Put simply all of this media and political circus could have been avoided had they simply chosen to live in the more liberal Peru,Ecuador,Bolivia,Germany,Italy,Brazil and so on.You know the progressive hellholes of the world with non existant corruption,non existent mass shooting,universal healthcare and housing.Those places.Same goes for Matt Gaetz.Even under the most authoritarian far-right dictators as with Bolsanaro countries like Brazil,Italy,France,Germany are still pretty liberal and progressive on most issues such as immigration,LGBT issues,age of consent,taxes,environment and also healthcare.The same goes for Onision aka James Jackson and Lionmaker aka Marcos Wilton – not a pedophile and simply could have had any underage girl he wanted if he lived in another country.Put simply by definition Jeffery Epstein like R Kelly was a late hebe ephebophile,not a pedophile as his preference was in females above the cut off point of pedophilia,he was labelled a sexual predator because he breached the local laws regarding the age of consent – in another more liberal country his preference for 14-17 females in their fertile peak alongside those in their 20s would have been perfectly legal(this goes even for the likes of Roy Moore,James Franco,Caroline Flack,Adam Johnson,James Jackson,Anthony Wiener and others mislabelled as pedophiles or child sex predators by primarily conservative pundits and brainwashed progressives) – this is what actual mature grey thinking actually is rather than immature black and white thinking that pervades so called adults.”I’m not a sexual predator,I’m an ‘offender,It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.”Jeffrey Epstein told the New York Post in 2011.It like how more liberal countries have more relaxed laws regarding the legality of recreational drugs.If rumours about 11 and 12 year olds being sent to him to molest are true then that would mean he obviously be labelled a pedophile or a different subset involving sexual attraction to pre pubescent minors and adolescents – since he is dead there is no way to confirm this via MRI scans and genetic testing with the same applying to Micheal Jackson et al.All we have are claims from an air traffic controller that they were on his plane and nothing else unless we have actual testimony from the alleged victims themselves that they were molested like the rest of the verified victims then they are just rumours.Rumours are not evidence and this is not the same as the rest of his verified victims whom there more evidence including actual testimony from his victims,Ghislaine Maxwell and others.Until these so called victims provide testimoney and evidence like the rest of the verified victims and actual proof then its just that – rumours.It seems to be Virginia et al pulling crap out of their ass to further tarnish someone who cant defend themselves.An actual investigation and cross examination of said suspect victims is the only way to prove or disprove this..I thought we learned that from The Salem Witch Trials – a person is innocent of a crime until proven guilty and that speaking ill of the dead who cant defend themselves regardless of how bad they were is still unfair.Until actual evidence that he molested girls below the age of 14 is provided it just seems like your beating a dead horse for everything its worth and frankly pathetic.Please dont say that they are too young to undergo cross examination as if they committed murder they would be viable for this.Epstein who had a thing for only underage girls aged 14-17 would hardly brag about being an actual pedophile as it would get him into more trouble.Neural implants that can extract memories from Ghislaine Maxwell,Virginia Giuffre,the air traffic controller,the supposed victims and their parents can be used as the only way to authenticate this by 2029.Rumours about Epstein and Micheal Jackson and anyone alive or dead being mislabelled as a pedophile can only be confirmed by MRI scans and genetic tests – a person without the specific genetic and neural markers visible from genetic screening and MRI scans synonymous with pedopheilia would have no interest in molesting a prepubescent minor and so cannot be classed as one even when they have sex with a person aged 14-17.Sexual attraction to individuals younger than 13 classifies as actual paedophilia by the standards of neuropsychologists and biologists as it also being generally universally agreed between neuropsycologists worldwide that puberty usually ends at 14-15 while 13 which is the cut off age of prepubescence,is also part of pubescence and hebepheilia meaning that anything below 13 is considered actual paedophilia.Its is generallly agreed upon by neuropsychologists that 13 is the cut off point for pedophelia that is sexual attraction and molestation of individuals below 13 is considered the age range of pedophelia while although 13 is also considered part of pubescence and thus the age range of pedophelia but it is also the mid point of hebephelia meaning sexual attraction to a 13 year old cannot be considered pedophelia but only if the person is sexually attracted to prepubescent children younger than 13 via having the specific neural and genetic markers with sexual attraction without attraction to pre pubescent minors and without the specific neural and genetic markers is considered mid to late hebepheilia.Mid or late hebepheilia would be the correct term for attraction to a 13 year old as hebepheilias age range is considered 11-14.Ephebopheilia is considered between the age ranges of 15-19 with 14 considered late hebepheillia,early border ephebopheilia.In reality hebepheilia should consist of only 13 and ephebophilia considered 14-18.13 is thus the bridging point of pedopheilia a neurological condition and late hebehelia an chronopheilia which as a result results in instances of it being the age of consent in several countries and also why people are entrapped into carrying out grooming of 13 year olds and even statutory rape – therefore sexual attraction to and sexual intercourse with 13 year olds is in technical,legal or clinical terms not considered pedopheilia rather mid hebepheillia.There has to a bridging point between pedopheilia and hebepheilia and it just so happens to be 13.If humans entered puberty later then the bridging gap would be 18-20 if they entered puberty earlier it would 10-12.If 18-20 was the bridging gap then sexual intercourse with an 18-20 year old by conservative standards would be considered icky,predation and pedopheilia.Even once pedopheilia is cured in a patient sexual attraction or intercourse with a 13 year old would still not be considered pedophelia.Rare instances that occur to individuals outside of this that involves sexual acts with a minor aged at least 13 can be put down to a slip up due to inebriation,actual infatuation with the individual or entrapment and in the case of Japan and formerly South Korea and Spain cultural differences in the age of consent and considered borderline mid or late hebepheilia.Therefore sexual attraction and sexual intercourse with even a 13 year old is not considered pedopheilia in legal or clinical terms and they are not considered young as they are on the edge point of hebepheilia bordering on ephebophilia.In these instances there is no chronic abuse only usually one victim and no specific genetic and neural markers visible from genetic screening and MRI scans synonymous with pedopheilia.The infatuation with a 13 year old victim in countries with higher ages of consent occurs only in instances where where only one victim exists not chronic sustained abuse as seen in actual pedopheilia or chronic sustained abuse as seen on predation.Put simply in the case of teachers having sex with 13 year old students both male and female and the likes of Daniel Hernandez and Roman Polanski and their victims it can be put down to genuine infatuation with their individual victims both even if coercion,drugging and rape was involved as although adominsheable their actions were it involved only one victim and they were likely to carry that out on adult victims being the assholes they were.The blurring between pedopheillia and hebepheillia age ranges with 13 being the cut off age of pedopheilia,mid or late hebepheillia and end point of pubescence which makes one off instances in those without the specific genetic and neural markers is what makes it that not actual pedopheilia thus making 13 the mid point and late point of hebepheilia,cut off and end point of pedopheilia and pubescence but technically not pedopheilia.This explains why 13 is the age of consent in a few remaining countries such as Japan,Niger etc and why non pedophiles groom males and females of this age and are victims of entrapment involving 13 year olds.It may also explain cases such as Roman Polanski and Daniel Hernandez.Thus not even Roman Polanski and Daniel Hernandez etc can be considered paedophiles as they have no victims aged under 13 and thus can be only be considered mid or late hebephiles.Its a known fact that hormones and synthetic chemicals that are leaking into the food chain through hormones fed to cattle used for meat and milk and other synthetic compounds in the environment are causing children to enter and finish puberty much earlier than in the past with again obesity and improved diets also playing a role that eventually the cut off point of pedopheilia may drop from 13 to as young as 12 if not younger with theoretical limits being at least 10.Therefore it may given enough exposure to synthetic compounds it may be possible for the the cut off point of pedophelia to be lowered to as low as 12 or 10 with 10,12 year olds being able to pass off as as someone aged 14/15 and a 13 year old to pass of as a 14 year old.Then of course there is the fact that children are entering,starting and finishing puberty much earlier than in the past due to improved diets,obesity and even hormones in the diet and environment that is causing children to begin puberty so a 13 year old or even 12 year old may look like a 14/15 year old.We have hard scientific data from the last few decades that people due to hormones in the environment that make their way into the food supply such as milk and meat derived from cattle fed hormones to increase growth rates etc is causing children to start and finish puberty much faster than normal.Research involving biosynths can be done to confirm this.Growth hormones and those to increase milk and meat production in cattle and chickens etc can affect babies and even get into their body through entering them through breastmilk,baby food during infancy and also food eaten by the mother during pregnancy and food eaten by the child during their pre teen years.These growth hormones that are used to increase the growth rates of cattle,chicken for meat and milk production has the Same effect on humans causing them to reach physical maturity much earlier.Given enough exposure to synthetic growth hormones at birth this could initiate early entry into puberty.Furthermore improved diets are also speculated to be the reason why people are entering and finishing puberty earlier.Furthermore better diets and nutrition can stimulate the initiation and finishing of puberty much earlier than normal.This is because improved diets could likely initiate somatic cell production and natural growth hormones in humans so that the body prematurely initiates them thus causing people to enter and finish puberty earlier than normal.These two phenomena combined likely beginning at the start of the 1900s or to a degree the early to mid 1800s about the time that the industrial revolution increased our standard of living especially with regards to diet with the incidence of this phenomenon occurring primarily in Western countries where diets involves higher nutrition coupled with higher incidence of obesity with it almost non existent in developing third world countries.Records of children entering and finishing puberty earlier than normal date back to around as far back as 1900 at least 4 years before the age of consent was put at 13 in Japan.Thus the main reason for the age of consent being 13 in Japan being chosen in the early 1900s coincides with the rise of the industrial revolution and thus the rise of modern diets and potentially the rise of synthetic hormones etc entering into the food chain and the start at which puberty began and ends much earlier than normal.Its also coincidentally the when the first accounts and studies into pedopheilia were made.Its likely that in prehistoric times and time periods prior to the industrial revolution that children entered puberty much later than today.The rate of this phenomena could in fact vary from country to country based on the quality of diets and level of hormones in the environment varying from country to country with less developed third world countries have children entering puberty much later than those in first world countries due to poorer diets and lack of exposure to hormones due to poor agricultural infrastructure thus meaning third world countries may enter and finish puberty much later than more well developed countries with even Japan it having people enter it much earlier than in Europe or America again due to differences in diet etc with this further divided into their being different populations of people from different countries entering and finishing puberty earlier due to the individual diets of individual countries.Thus even though some countries may have people entering and finishing puberty earlier than others on average within different countries with different rates of this phenomena it may be possible for different populations within each individual country to exhibit this phenomenon at different rates due to differences in diet due to socio-economic factors and personal individual factors such as ones individual diets and the prevalence of exposure to different synthetic compounds based in socio-economic factors etc thus complicating things even further.Having a diet rich in protein such as that from fish and carbohydrates from rice etc and much more increased intake of nutrients may cause some people to enter and finish puberty earlier than others with those who suffer from childhood obesity possibly entering and finishing puberty earlier than normal.Its possible that extra nutrients in the body initiates the expedited development of new tissues and cells and growth hormones in the body as a means to disperse excess nutrients amongst newly formed tissues etc to prevent obesity etc.Genetics may also play a role with their being instances where mutations and specific genes may be present that lead to certain people in the population to be more likely to enter and finish puberty earlier than others either normally or in response to environmental factors and diets.This further complicates things further.Some countries may have large amounts of the population or the entire population due to localised inbreeding that is large amounts of people who have this mutation interbreeding with large amounts of people of the same region and country that are genetically distinct distant relatives and not with people of different countries and races thus spreading this mutation into a countries genepool becoming a dominant phenotype across an entire country or region thus leading to large amounts of their population being genetically predisposed to entering and finishing puberty earlier than others thus explaining why some countries and regions of the world have lower ages of consent of about 13-15.Its just natural genetics when you have countries across the world separated for centuries or thousands of years together people are only able to have the choice of people from their same country to date and have children with this meaning certain genres are likely remain within one population of the world until they start breeding with people from other countries and due to the increase of globalisation in the 19th and 20th century people were able to move from one country to another and thus the genes for entering puberty earlier may have spread across the world thinly meaning this phenotype may have spread across the world with an uneven distribution.This mutation may have arisen in all ethnic races across the world but may have stayed clustered to several regions and only recently from the 1800s onwards spread across the world in an uneven distribution.Its similar to how people across the world trace their heritage through genetics because originally you had for hundreds or thousands of years people were isolated to specific regions and countries and thus could only interact with and have children with people from the same region and country so as a result specific genes were and are inherent and isolated to specific ethnic groups whether it is Native Americans,Asians,Africans,Europeans and in turn people from different countries in each continent across the world share similar geneotypes and phenotypes and when people in those move abroad and have children with people from other countries or regions then you have those genes that are usually found in a specific country or a specific ethnicity being passed into those living in other countries hence why through genetic screening that maps a persons genome you can trace your heritage to specific countries across the world especially in countries such as America as well in fact most of South America,Canada and parts of Asia such as Japan due to for the example the mass emigration during the Irish Potatoe Famine of 1845-1849 and the early 1800s to mid 20th century has led to these countries having a significant amount of their populations with Irish ancestry with the United States having 25.75% roughly 52,000,000 that can trace through genetics ancestry to Ireland with the same present in most countries across the world caused by mass emigration especially during the 19th and 20th centuries has caused countries across the world can now trace their heritage to different parts of the world.Like everything else in the world its more complicated than just a one size fits all generalisation.Studies on this phenomena can be conducted on a global scale for each country involving billions of people over the coming decades especially when we have colonised other planets etc by measuring the level of hormones and diets of each individual and analysing their genes.Thus one within each country depending on their diets,genetics and exposure to hormones etc will thus be more likely to enter and end puberty much earlier than the average rate of their country.Patient files in Aesculapius can be used to determine genes responsible for people exhibiting early puberty and track countries where these may be regionalised and this has spread throughout the world.This can be used to determine if this is a phenomena regionalised to certain parts of the world,specific ethnicities ie Japanese ancestral individuals or is a phenomenon that is distributed across all ethnicities across the world.Furthermore the rate of this phenomena can vary from country to country but also from each individual patients across the world in each individual country due to environmental and genetic factors.Therefore the reason why the age of consent is 13 in at least a few countries is due to much healthier and improved diets than in the rest of the world and genetics.Its possible that some 13 year olds due to genetics and environmental factors causing them to enter puberty later could pass for a 12 year old while some 13 year olds due to better diets and genetics as well as environmental factors etc can pass for a 16-18 year olds.This could in the case of those that enter and end puberty earlier on lead to pedophiles having no sexual interest in said 13 year old with for those who enter puberty later extending the age range of pedophelia for these specific individuals to as late 18..Experiments can be carried out to determine how early or later children are entering and finishing puberty across the world.Experiments can also be done using Biosynths fed only base nutrients with zero exposure to synthetic hormones etc compared to those fed varying levels of nutrients and also varying levels of compiunds hormones both natural and synthetic that have arisen in the last few centuries to test what the average onset of puberty was in prehistoric times and the effects of nutrition and hormones etc have on encouraging early development of puberty.This can be replicated with real life chimpanzees and other mammals.If they were pedophiles then they would have had countless victims under the age of 13 and they would need the specific genetic and neural markers.Our prehistoric ancestors and those of the Middle Ages and ancient times likely took longer than today to reach post pubescent adulthood.Put simply a person cant be considered a pedophile if they molest,groom or have sex with a 13 year old but only if they have molested children under the age of 13 as well and have the specific neural and genetic markers associated with it.Hence this explains why 13 is both the cut off age of pedopheilia and mid point of hebephelia.Actual pedopheilia always involves chronic sustained abuse of children ranging from infancy up until 13 years old with once a victim reaches 14 the abuser loses interest in molesting their victims anymore and thus moves onto searching for other new fresh younger victims with in rare instances he may continue to abuse and molest the same victim well into their adolescent years even as adults in their 20s etc with these being only in instances where the abuser has gained an certain infatuation and fondness with an individual they have particular fondness for abusing as children with when them past the cut off point in these rare instances they will rape,grope and molest the victim but at the same time they will remember the victim in their prepubescent state with them also housing child pornography involving prebuscent minors again aged between infancy and 13.Thus as stated once a victim of pedopheilia reaches 14 years of age then their abuser will simply move onto their next younger victim with them only continuing to molest them as adolescents and adults only in rare cases where they have an infatuation with that person with this being extremely rare.Molestation of individuals aged 12 or under that is a once off instance without the specific genetic and neural markers visible from genetic screening and MRI scans synonymous with pedopheilia is almost non existent and exceedingly rare.Usually any cases that do occur only involve 12 year olds are a once off instance.Always in the case of actual pedopheilia it involves chronic sustained abuse and molestation involving dozens of victims starting at around infancy right up to the cut off age of 13.The only way for one to have sexual attraction to both prepubescent and adolescent minors and adults to happen is for theoretical pedophebepheeillia pedohebeteilopheilia to exist that is where neural and genetic markers allow for a mild form of the neurological condition to occur that could explain Jimmy Saville but not Jeffery Epstein,Daniel Hernandez,Roman Polanski,R Kelly and Micheal Jackson.All verified evidence does not point towards Jeffery Epstein,Roman Polanski,R Kelly and Micheal Jackson having this mild form of paedophilia and actual paedophilia with genetic tests and MRI scans needed to verify this possible mild form of the condition in living patients and neural implants to verify victims.Jimmy Saville who was known to have both pre and post pubescent minor victims with some of those involving pre pubescent minors being mostly unverified with again victims etc in cases involving those a in supposed victims.Its purely hypothetical that such a mild form exists with MRI scans needed to be done on patients who have pedopheiliac tendencies and yet are attracted to adolescents and adults if they exist to confirm the existence of this mild form of the condition.If Epstein was a pedophile or had a mild form of the condition then in his position as a billionaire he would have had dozens of victims aged 12 and below and have had large stores of child pornography involving pre pubescent minors as he had the power and money to do so.Since he is dead there is no way to use genetic and MRI tests to confirm any rumours he molested children under the cut off point.A person without the specific genetic and neural markers visible from genetic screening and MRI scans synonymous with pedopheilia would have no interest in molesting a prepubescent minor and so cannot be classed as one even when they have sex with a person aged 13-17.You can call someone a pedophile a billion times over and over again until the cows come home but unless they have these specific genetic and neural markers that doesnt make them one.Thus MRI scans and genetic tests can be the only way to confirm if someone is a pedophile.Pedophiles have no sexual interest in adolescents that are aged 14-17 or adults aged 18 or over due to these genetic faults and usually only have relationships ie marriages with adults to avoid suspicion and thus a cover story and gain access to children in the of form of close relations that act to coverup as family visits or “quality family time” with prepubescent sons,daughters,nephews,nieces etc and their friends and usually seek employment in careers where they are in constant direct close contact with prepubescent minors ie kindegarten or elementary school teachers and coaches,private music tutors,babysitters,ice cream venders,priest,childs entertainer(clowns,magicians etc)child foundation workers,worker in the arts that deals with prepubescent minors all aged between infant and 13 etc.Put simply they almost always at 95% of the time seek jobs that give them constant direct access to children aged between infant and 13.They usually have at least a dozen victims of sustained abuse over several years until the person has past the cut off point at 13 that begins usually at 4 years old with them also having large stores of child pornography both movies and photos involving prepubescent minors to sater to the needs on laptops,physical phots etc.The other 5% that don’t work in jobs that give them direct access to children they usually seek accomadation in the form of suburban homes,apartments etc in neighbourhoods and homes,apartments in close proximity to primary and elementary schools,crèches,amenities etc that prepubescent minors hang out or are taken care in in order to view them remotely using bionculars and telescopes and at times even plan to kidnap them via grooming them using sweets and toys and sometimes alcohol as well as being dressed up as fictional children’s characters such as Santa Clause to groom them to then molest them with them lost forever and thus go missing or are returned later on after being molested.If he was a pedophile then there would have been countless more victims below 13 as he had the money and power to get countless prepubescent victims shipped to him to molest – but he didnt.The youngest of Epstein’s verified female victims were 14 which is above the cut off point of pedopheilia and is the age of consent in most South American and European countries.A 14 year old is not prepubescent child they are post pubescent adolescents.He would have had large stores of child pornography involving pre pubescent minors on laptops etc – but he didnt.The ones he had were 14-17 which is above the cut off point.He would have been in an occupation where or even set up a foundation under his name that gave him direct access to prepubescent minors similar to Jimmy Saville,Gary Glitter,Ian Watkins,Jerry Sandusky,Shannon McCoole,Richard Huckle etc to molest them in private – but he didnt.There are only two supposed prepubescent victims that are just rumours with zero evidence to support these claims that he was a pedophile,no MRI scans and genetic tests and no stores of child pornography involving prepubescent minors were not found meaning the evidence that was pedophile is non existent.Sexual attraction to female adolescents aged 14-17 by adults such as Roy Moore,Adam Johnson,Matt Gaetz,Jeffery Epstein,James Jackson,Anthony Wiener,Marcos Wilton and so on is normal in biological and evolutionary terms as these females have just reached sexual and physical maturity and are in their fertile peak being at the start of their fertility cycle at which they begin producing eggs and thus have in the eyes of older males have a higher success rate in producing healthy viable young as opposed to an older woman in their thirties and so on whose declining fertility have a higher chance of creating young with deformities such as developmental disorders,stillbirths or miscarriages.With regards to males and female humans it’s an evolutionary competition as females only have a small window of being at their fertile peak during the early teens and 20s while male can stay in their reproductive fertility peak up until their 40s where they can still produce healthy sperm.The fact that all of his “victims” were aged 14-17 and he had plenty of women at his parties in their 20s proves this as if he was a pedophile he wouldnt have run the risk of being caught and losing a cover story by being with those aged 14-17 but rather only those 18 and above as it would run the risk of being caught as an actual pedophile and would only have adult women as his company as being with 14-17 year olds would make it likely that any pornography involving prepubescent minors and molestation of them (that didnt exist or happen in the case of Epstein) would have been have found by police.For the liberal leaning amongst that tend towards science you can’t exactly ignore the evolutionary roots of Epstein’s obsession with adolescent females and consider him a pedophile because he wasn’t a pedophile.Put simply a pedophile would not put underage girls aged 14-17 into sexual slavery or even consider sex with teens under the local age of consent as it would allow them to be caught.By definition Jeffery Epstein was thus not a pedophile.None of the verified evidence suggests he was a paedophile as all of his verified victims were aged 14-17 above the cut off point of 13 and 13 is regarded by neuropychologists as the cut off point of paedophilia and no genetic tests and MRI scans exist to denote that he had the disorder since anyone without these genetic and neural markers would have no interest in molesting a prepubescent child.Most famous musicians,sportsmen,actors etc like David Bowie,Elvis Presely,The Beatles,Charlie Chaplin can attest to have had consensual sex with teenage female underage fans aged 14-17 qualifying as statutory rape that would make pearl clutching by the moral conservatives laughable – their “victims” are certainly not the first and not the last to be the victims of the older millionaire/billionaire male celebrities and these celebrities are not pedophiles.However unlike them Epstein forced his teenage females into sexual slavery and used them for blackmail – and thats why he deserved jail but not death.Rape is still rape regardless of the age of consent and is indefensible in any situation.The vast majority of his liberal and conservative elite clients even those in Hollywood were unaware of his tastes in underage females or that there was trafficking going on as most females on show at his lavish parties with celebrities were over the age of 18 with as we know in the case of some of his regulars we know that underage girls were directed or forced by Epstein to have sex with clientele and lie about their age for blackmail purposes meaning complicity was not really the fault of Hollywood stars or any of his clientele either Republican or Democrat especially Prince Andrew.An Epstein accuser,Virginia Roberts – now Virginia Giuffre – alleges that she was forced by Epstein to have sex with Prince Andrew in the early 2000s when she was 17(above the age of consent in the Caribbean and Britain – both 16 (as well as many countries in the world and many states in America)) where they had met and had sex as well meaning the sex they had didn’t even qualify as statutory rape it was perfectly legal – on Prince Andrews part the sexual acts were legal and consensual as it was Epstein not Prince Andrew that forced her into having sex with Prince Andrew which makes the public shaming and hounding of him by the media as some sort of predator that preys on underage girls with bags of candy so much worse and hypocritical – it was only illegal because he probably paid for her and he probably actually thought she was 18 from trickery from Epstein meaning Prince Andrew was as much a victim of Epsteins web of blackmail as Virginia Roberts and so on – technically he didnt actually rape her.He neither carried out coercive rape or statutory rape or force her against her will it was Epstein that did that.That and the fact she was above the age of consent where they had sex is why her crusade into prosecuting him has turned genuine sexual slavery that was morally and legally wrong into a crusade into wanting attention like a pampered pre teen and any claims that she states Epstein molested prepubescent minors highly suspect.We know Epstein was a piece of shit for what he did but technically Prince Andrew didn’t do anything illegal knowingly.Until we have proof that Prince Andrew coercively raped her,organised illegal trafficking with Epstein and so on I personally dont trust anything she says on Prince Andrew,Epstein or anything else outside of her being forced against her will into sex and it makes her wild goose hunt crusade making her shoot herself in the foot.You see that when it was Epstein and not Andrew that forced her into sex with Andrew and others then Andrew is thus not guilty of any crime and is in fact a victim of Epsteins blackmail – the fact that Im typing this and explaining this step by step as if to a kindergartener to actual adults is very telling of the maturity and IQ of Prince Andrews critics and in fact to an extent Virginia herself.As stated Epstein made her and other females lie about their age so if he saw any underage girls firstly it was legal so long as they were 16,no money was exchanged and secondly he would have been unaware of their real age.Even if money was exchanged technically it’s not his fault.There seems to be as shown by this and the Matt Gaetz,Jeffrey Epstein,Prince Andrew even Silvio Buresconi scandals that the exchange of money with an adolescent under the age of 18 is some major atrocious thing that we must be concerned with when they are clearly much worse things happening in the world you like you mass genocide,warfare in the Middle East and anthropogenic climate change.The more she and the media pursue it the more it looks bad for her and them and belittles her and others actual enslavement at Epstein.His attempts at lies and non compliance were understandable as he was a victim of Epsteins blackmail ring as he really probably was unaware of her actual age,it was consentual and legal in the countries with Andrew having no knowledge that she was being forced into slavery etc and deserves an apology from all of his critics and the media.If you were the victim of Epsteins blackmail in the same situation as Andrew would you do anything different.Even if he knew what was going on with regards to coercive rape,underage trafficking etc there was nothing he could do Epstein was using it as blackmail against him and most other “conspirators” to gain power and more money and after his death any conspirators didn’t want to have anything to do with it especially with Ghislaine Maxwell still able to drag them down.Even with Epstein dead he can still be dragged through the mire if he admits anything.Really if your were world famous and you saw what Prince Andrew saw,was lied to about the age of the females and Epstein blackmailed you into having sex with them would you really have done anything different?Probably not which makes any criticism bullshit.If anyone did associate with him after initial convictions it was not as many people and not as much as they did before and was likely to break things off with him rather than salvage his reputation as its possible he used blackmail to keep the last remaining friends,the media and cohorts complicit and him off the hook.After his initial prosecution only a few associated with him again to break things off or due to blackmail.Any “conspirators” etc currently being investigated including Prince Andrew,Bill Clinton are likely victims of Epsteins web of blackmail and deceit making them just as much victims as the underage girls he enslaved.The likeliest scenario based on all available evidence is that Epstein would groom and traffick underage females that were legal in most of the rest of the world and then force them into having sex with the rich and famous lying to them that the females were of legal age in order to use that for blackmail later on for money and power.Therefore Bill Clinton,Prince Andrew and anyone as part of this political circus are simply victims of that piece of shits blackmail.The fact that you fail to see this makes you brainwashed.Thats the kind of asshole scum Epstein was,he forced underage girls into sex with the rich and famous and likely used blackmail against Prince Andrew,Bill Clinton and so on to gain power,money and control over the media,politicians,royalty etc to use as blackmail for more money and power and thus gain immunity from carrying out sex with underage girls that would be otherwise legal in another country – and thats why he deserved jail but not death.Therefore its very likely that Jeffery Epstein forced underage girls including Virginia Giuffre when she was 17 into having sex or engaging in sexual acts with famous and very wealthy people,lie about their age,had their phone numbers in a little black book,collected photographs and other evidence of them performing sex with said wealthy people or that they were in contact with said people especially when it involved the transfer of money and trafficking without the knowledge of said individuals(Bill Gates,Prince Andrew etc)and used it as blackmail to gain more money and power – therefore Prince Andrew,Bill Gates,Bill Clinton etc and other individuals dragged through this political circus as conspirators are not conspirators or covering up any abuse or trafficking they actively or knowingly partook in – they are victims of blackmail at the hands of Epstein and to a degree Ghislaine Maxwell who used them to gain money from them and immunity for having sex with underage minors that would be legal in other countries.This is the likeliest scenario given all the evidence and is more likely than Prince Andrew etc being directly involved in carrying out this abuse and sex trafficking.Considering the fact that Jeffery Epstein purposefully lived in a country with an age of consent of 16-18 and rather than other equally exotic places where it was 14 is a sign that he purposefully carried out sex trafficking and forced underage girls into sex with celebrities in order to blackmail them for money thus making Prince Andrew,Bill Clinton etc victims of blackmail and are not themselves conspirators.There are plenty of exotic countries across the world where Jeffery Epstein could have lived where the age of consent was 14 and have legal consensual sexual with teenage girls aged 14-17 so therefore it’s likely he lived in countries where it was higher at 16-18 to carry out blackmail on the rich and famous.The fact you fail to see this makes you mentally handicapped to a degree I never thought possible.Noone in Hollywood etc is defending him both when he was alive and after death.He was a piece of shit who deserved to rot in jail for years if not decades for what he did alongside Weinstein,Crosby and given the chance Polanski,Spacey et al.This is the power he had but eventually made him the architect of his own demise.“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.The evidence that Roy Moore,Kevin Spacey,Daniel Hernandez,Roman Polanski,Jeffery Epstein,R Kelly and Micheal Jackson were pedophiles just does not exist at all – its pure fantasy as all of their victims are at least 14 or older with even those with 13 year old victims technically not pedophiles since they have no victims below 13.Show me MRI scans and genetic tests or shut your piehole.This is relevant to atheists who believe this who demand evidence of God but can’t even be bothered or are incapable of showing evidence themselves that these individuals were pedophiles basing assumptions on faith.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?There is no evidence of the “liberal” Hollywood being run by an elite satanic cabal of pedophiles and sexual predators or “Pedowood” as most “victims” are above the cut off point or at the cut off point of 13 aged 14-17 making the “predators” either mid or late hebephiles or late hebe hebe ephebophiles that would be law abiding citizens in more progressive countries.Any sexual intercourse involving minors with within the age range of 14-17 is usually consentual even it qualifies as statutory rape.You see underage sex trafficking usually occurs in countries with higher ages of consent such as 16-18 because its illegal and sexual attraction to 14-17 is normal.Its like the drug trade we have drug trafficking and cartels and crime associated with marijuana,cocaine etc primarily in America because its illegal but its legal in Europe and so there is no crime associated with it.Sex trafficking of underage individuals occurs because the persons carrying it out want sex with people in their fertile peak which is legal in other countries – just like recreational drugs,prostitution,alcohol,gambling etc make it illegal and suddenly you have a black market for it just like making drugs and alcohol illegal led to the rise of Al Capone,Pablo Escobar etc.People like Jeffrey Epstein only exist in countries like America due to the higher ages of consent just in the same way drug cartels,drug dealers etc exist because of the criminalisation of gambling,prostitution and drugs in America.Make something illegal and you create black markets,crime etc and you waste countless man hours prosecuting criminals who would otherwise not exist.Sex trafficking of underage minors is almost non existent in countries with ages of consent of 13-15 because one can legally have sex with minors of this range over the internet,apps etc.Lowering the age of consent to 14 in America while still having the age of majority being at 18 means you will have no underage sex trafficking and you have no vigilante groups and only those who are ready to have sex with adults will have sex with adults.The age of consent does not mean that everyone of that age should be having sex with adults – it only means those who are ready both emotionally and critically are allowed and thus the older individual can thus not be prosecuted.It places onus on the minor as well as the adult and ensures that in instances of it occuring that it is mutually consensual.Rape,sexual assault and coercion of an underage person who is of the age of consent or below the age of consent is just as much a prosecutable offence and morally reprehensible as rape,coercion and sexual assault of adults aged 18 or older.Rape is still rape regardless of the age of consent.Jeffery Epstein is a nobody in countries like Italy,Bolivia or even Japan just like drug cartels are non existent and unheard of in Europe etc because in those countries you have recreational drugs,prostitution and gambling legalised.Jefferey Epstein is thus up there with Al Capone and Pablo Escobar because you have something illegal that’s legal in another country.The war on underage sex trafficking and war on sexual predators including online ones is just as much a waste of resources as the war on drugs etc.If you can justify the “war on online sex predators” then you have to justify the war on drugs because it’s exactly the same.Your creating a problem that doesn’t exist in other countries and that should not exist in the first place.When liberal countries with lower ages of consent start to raise their ages of consent from 13-15 to 16-18 then they start having and creating the same problems.It would be like European etc countries deciding to make recreational drugs illegal and then instituting there own “War on Drugs” and somehow think that’d gonna solve the problem.It doesn’t make any sense.Then of course increasing the age of consent after a single incident of sexual assualt and rape against a minor of the age of consent only makes things worse and doesn’t solve the problem and is conflating one crime with another.The age of consent doesn’t mean all minors of that age range should be engaging in sexual relationship with adults it only means those that are mature enough to do so can and if a minor of the age of consent is raped,groped and sexually assaulted them it just as much a crime as if it was done to an adult aged 18 or older.Most 18 year olds in western countries nowadays can be just as immature and vulnerable as they were at 13,14 or 16. As a result people like Jeffery Epstein can’t blackmail others into having sex with minors and Chris Hansen can do something else with his career and both people would be complete nobody’s.People not ready will still not and should not be pressured into having sex.The age of consent infers that the minor also has onus and responsibility for their actions if either of the legal age or below the legal age especially when taking into account the disparity between the legal of consent,age of majority and the legal age of criminal responsibility.It means that the minor too has responsibility for their actions meaning they should not engage in sexual relations if they are not ready.This always happens when American conservative government criminalises something thats normal you end up creating black markets where non exist in more liberalised countries.Maybe the BBC and Labour Party may have had its fair share of pedophelia scandles but its likely due to being said pedophiles being powerful enough to strike fear into anyone who crossed there line meaning it was complicity born out of fear and it was the hierarchies doing said abuse.Most cases in both the BBC and Labour are likely mid or late hebepheilia and late hebe epgebopheilia with most cases of actual pedopheilia being discounted as bullshit.Sexual predation and pedopheilia are interwoven into the fabric of conservative religions of Christianity,Islam and Judaism both in the hierarchies and all facets of all structures such as compliant priests,bishops and cardinals even parishioners who stay silent on all abuse that goes on.Conservatives can’t harp on about the non existent “Pedowood” when pedophiles and sexual predators run rampant in all levels of the conservative religions of Judaism,Islam’s and Christianities hierarchies from the bottom up with molesting priests being moved around from parish to parish by bishops and cardinals who not only kept silent but also moved them from one place to another without reporting and in fact covered up and used their connections to seek immunity as seen with both the corrupt Osiris and Osiris-lite Republicans and Democrats refusing to prosecute known child molesters in the Church.Then of course there is complicit parishners who silenced victims of sexual abuse and protected offending priests as well Bach’s Bazi and Judaism fair share of sexual assault scandals.Coupled with this are passages in the Bible that encourage pedopheilia and sexual exploitation of minors from the conservative Old Testamant and Mohammed’s marriage and molestation of an 8 year old girl,sex abuse scandles in Judaism and the Catholic Church,Bacha Bazi,sexual enslavement of prepubescent minors by the conquistadors and Columbus shows concrete evidence that thus the acceptance,proliferation and encouragement of pedopheilia that is the acceptance,complicity and encouragement of molestation of pre pubescent minors,statutory rape of underage minors is in fact a value enshrined and espoused by conservatism.You see see the difference between groping,coercive rape and statutory rape in liberal “Pedowood” and in the conservative religions hierarchies is this – in liberal Hollywood sex between adults and underage minors aged 14-17 year olds even that constitutes as statutory rape is on the whole most of the time mutually consentual with the victims choosing to partake in the sexual acts and in the rare odd time it is not alongside that of coercive rape and groping the perpratrators always end up being punished severely either by being jailed,ostracised from working in Hollywood or on television ever again and ostracised from America as seen with Roman Polanski,Bing Crosby,Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey while that in the circles of conservative Christianity,Judaism and Islam it is always coercive rape even when said minor is above the local age of consent or involves adults and doesn’t qualify as statutory rape and also involves not just underage minors aged 13-17 but also actual pedopheilia involving pre pubescent minors aged below 13 which by all levels of the religions hierarchies is in fact encouraged with victims intimidated into silence,ignored while offending priests,bishops,cardinals are given a slap on the wrist and moved from parish to parish and supplied with fresh new victims for decades either directly by being directly supplied with new victims or being moved from parish to parish as everything is brushed under the carpet and any members within the Church such as priests etc who do try to oppose this they either have no power or like the public are silenced into submission with the same occurring for Judaism with Bach’s Bazi endemic throughout the Middle Easts hierarchies of Islam involving the physical and sexual exploitation of male children as young five years old that are forced into performing dancing shows and sexual acts for men in their 30s and 40s and are routinely raped as young as 12 or younger.Thus we can see that the encouragement of pedopheilia that is the sexualisation of pre pubescent minors aged 12 and younger and acceptance of pedopheilia and both statutory and coercive rape is a conservative value and not a liberal one.Exposes such as An Open Secret(2014) nowhere near as shocking,truthful,serious or numerous as exposes such as Code of Silence(2014),Breaking the Silence(2015),Tempest in the Temple(2007),Deliver us from Evil(2006),The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan(2010) and the countless other documentaries exposing the endemic molestation of both pre pubescent and post pubescent minors that is encouraged by brushing incidents under the carpet and moving offending priests etc from one parish in all sectors of all three religions.Furthermore you can exactly decry Cuties(2020) as being pedopheilia pushed by the left when technically it has had no furore in France and most of Europe where it premiered and roughly 72% who saw the movie said the controversy was “overblown” with it hilarious that The National Center on Sexual Exploitation,a conservative religious organisation that “strongly upholds traditional family values and Judeo-Christian precepts” has labelled Cuties(2020) film “that has permitted the sexual exploitation of children” a platform and called for Netflix to cut the “sexually-exploitative scenes or stop hosting this film at all” that is enshrined also by most conservatives when we have just seen pedopheilia and the sexual exploitation of pre pubescent minors is rampant in conservative religions hierarchies with the call to ban the movie qualifies as censorship and infringing on the right the free speech as it may seem like child pornography but it doesn’t involve actual sexual intercourse and any movie and is meant to be a social commentary should be allowed to put up on any platform and be criticised based on its artistic merits.You have a problem with the movie take it up with the directors and writers not the distributors and ask for it to be edited to remove the more explicit material and scenes.This is hypocritical furffule by primarily American conservative using the cloak of Catholic based morality and is hypocritical by a – them not even having even seeing the movie in the first place b – are hiding morality behind conservative religions that are guilty of moving offending pedophile priests to parish to parish causing the actual untold emotional,psychological and physical damage to countless children’s and c – are calling for banning a movie that has merit as social commentary making them no different than the cancel culture left they berate.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?I pretty sure many of the hierchies of Islam,Christianity and Judaism would love this movie for the same reasons you condemn.Even of there is members of Hollywood that are afflicted with the condition and happen have liberal leanings and have molested prepubescent minors below the age of 13(admonisheable of course)that does not infer that there is an elite cabal of Satanists that are protecting and sourcing pedophiles with fresh supplies of prepubescent minor victims.Most pedophiles gain victims by working directly with pre pubescent minors in the case of Hollywood this would potentially involve being talent agents,directors and any occupation that give them direct access to them or working with those who do work in these areas with them also having to bribe or employ those that do work in these areas.In such an open and liberal sector of society as Hollywood where the tabloids would have a field day it would not be as much an open secret as the likes of Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood infer it to be as the persons involved would far and few and would in a sector of society that is always open to tabloid journalisms ever watching eye measures would be made to make sure it never became public or even became an open secret amongst the rest of Hollywood.If they did exist then like conservative religions Judaism,Islam and Christianity we’d have heard about by now and not only that but unlike these three religions hierchies and sex scandles the people doing the molesting and covering it up would be in jail the second their identities would be discovered.Furthermore if “Pedowood” was full of nothing but actual pedophiles the problem would be endemic involving most of not all of Hollywood to be complicit as an open secret on the same level of the Harvey Weinstein scandle and would require complicity involving thousands of people as like that in the sex scandles of the Catholic Church and Judaism.Complicity to covering up Weinstein occurred to due to his power that he had to intimidate victims to never get work again which is although serious is commonplace to the point it is easily brushed off as the way things are due to intimidation but covering up the molestation of pre pubescent minors would be extremely difficult in the more tabloid open Hollywood where privacy is non existent and open secrets always become public knowledge due to the fact the molestation of pre pubescent minors would unlike groping,sexual assault of adults and scandles involving underage minors would have people more in Hollywood more likely to expose it themselves as it is A – more serious,B – more likely the person who reveals it to the public via the tabloids would gain better publicity as defending children thus encouraging whistleblowers to be open and C – anyone who covers it up or is complicit in knowing of it would know they would have their public reputation tarnished forever for covering it up for so long if it ever came to light.Put simply sex with underage teens are likely to remain under the carpet and open secrets due to the grey morality involved due to differing ages of consent and differences in maturity and also that actual pedophelia is simply too serious to be left under the carpet and as we have seen with Roman Polanski,R Kelly and Kevin Spacey child rapists where coercion is involved are not exactly glorified by liberal Hollywood in general.Hollywood is too open to scrutiny by the tabloid press and thus the public as seen by the public knowledge of Harvey Weinstein,Bryan Singer,Marc John Collins-Rector,R Kelly in comparison to the Catholic Church for anything that serious to go unnoticed for too long and for anyone to risk their reputation in covering it up for so long and unlike the hierarchies of the Osirisn religions anyone caught in Hollywood covering it up would have there careers ended forever and irrevocably – it would be career and political suicide for anyone in Hollywood to cover up or ignore the far more serious crime of actual pedopheilia than Weinsteins groping,rape and assault involving the molestation of pre pubescent minors unlike the complicity in the Osirian religions where complicit individuals are granted immunity,lighter jail sentences and don’t have careers to protect as they can go into retirement and their repurion is not as under threat as Hollywood moguls,A-listers,musicians etc.Complicit or offending priests,bishops etc can be assured that they can retire and survive on the unlimited funds of the Vatican or be given light jail sentences while complicit movie stars,directors,musicians etc would face bankruptcy,a tarnished reputation in the eyes of the public,ostracisation and kiss any chance of winning any Oscars etc or any work on any major projects in the future goodbye and would brought to jail forever and would be publicly destroyed forever.Put simply any instances of pedopheilia in Hollywood would be reported to the press and law enforcement officials instantly as not doing so would end the careers of anyone who doesnt once it becomes public knowledge.The tabloids have too much power and surveillance over Hollywood both in terms that they can destroy the careers of anyone complicit in this “Pedowood” myth in an instant and that they know pretty much everything that goes on in Hollywood.They know and knew to an extent and had suspicions they let on to the public of the crimes of R Kelly,Kevin Spacey,Bryan Singer,Bing Crosby,Marc John Collins-Rector,Harvey Weinstein et al before Hollywood admitted it and they would know if pre pubescent minors were being molested and trafficked.Those people’s careers are now destroyed pretty much forever(and justifiably so)and they will never be able to get any future work,Oscars etc and are in jail or completely ostracised because they were involved in crimes that are statutory rape,actual rape of adolescent minors and rape and groping of adults whearas as priests and those in the hierarchies of Judaism and Islam the conservative religions get a slap on the wrist,are provided fresh victims both adolescents and pre pubescent minors supplied directly and indirectly by being moved from parish to parish and are never punished at and even if they are punished they get light sentences and once free are able to offend again,serve in their former positions and are able to retire on the vast reserves of the Vatican etc in other wards they get away scot free or with a slap on the wrist.There are countless bishops,cardinals and priests etc in the hierarchies of all three conservative religions of Christianity,Islam and Judaism and even conservative politicians who are directly or indirectly responsible the rape and molestation of countless post pubescent minors,pre pubescent minors and the worst sexual crimes in the history of human history possibly dating back centuries and they have gotton away scot free and even if they were caught they’d be jailed only for a few years a light sentence and once they are free they can enjoy retirement on the huge reserves of the Vatican or reoffend but simply in comparison it’s a slap on the wrist.Just imagine what could happen to actual offending pedophiles in Hollywood – hell even Bryan Singer and those found not guilty of rape and statutory rape of post pubescent minors through actual evidence or in some cases lack of evidence have had there careers destroyed.Part and parcel of being a celebrity in Hollywood is that you have absolutely no privacy at all and your entire life is an open book to the public and any scandals especially pedopheilia or covering it up or knowing of if it would destroy your career forever in an instant.Thus there is no open secret of pedophelia being rampant or accepted by the liberal elites in Hollywood with any instances of pedopheilia involving molestation of pre pubescent minors discovered by Hollywood elites would be reported to the authorities immediately as the price of not doing so would be too great to the careers of any actor and movie star who would be blacklisted forever and would be jailed themselves for not reporting it by being a witness and acessary to a crime so serious.Such a crime of being complicit,carrying out molestation and covering it up would end the careers of anyone involved forever due to the public never wanting to watch there movies ever again,any studio not wanting to hire them again for any future projects,the academy awards board would never ever want to award never mind nominate anyone involved in such crimes for an Oscar/Emmy/Tony/Palm Dor etc ever again,the tabloids hounding them forever into submission and obscurity and they would know that which is why it never happens.Those complicit in the abuse in the conservative Catholic Church on the other hand would get a slap on the wrist,be jailed for a few years or get away scot free and be able to retire with a huge amount of money.Any molestation that does occur is behind closed doors,involves only a few perpratrators and conspirators with the vast majority of “liberal elites” in Hollywood likely being completely unaware of any actual pedophelia involving pre pubescent minors going on compared to the rampant and open sex abuse scandles in Judaism,Christianity and Islam hierarchies where its endemic,known by the vast majority of not all of non offending nuns,priests who could have ended countless suffering by reporting it,was encouraged by hierarchies for decades by silencing victims and their families as well moving offending priests from parish to parish with and is seen by the Catholic Church etc general public as the moral bedrock of society.Oh and no that scum Roman Polanski is not a pedophile but a mid or late hebephile as he has no victims below the age of 13 and most people in Hollywood recognise his artistic work with them not celebrating his drugging and rape of a underage girl.Roman Polanski whose drugging of a 13 year old was condemned by the majority of Hollywood with the majority of those who signed a letter to allow for his extradition and pardoning later retracted it and that was only done in the first place due to the fact that he is considered one of the most well respected directors and auteurs of his generation who despite what he did his work should be commended by its own standards and merits by itself outside of such a crime just as the work of Gary Glitter and conservative authors,directors etc who are guilty of pedopheilia,rape of adults,murder,theft and assault etc regardless of whatever crimes they committed.There is also the fact his victim forgave him muddying the views of those still defending for their own abhorrent reasons even.Had he simply wanted to have sex with any 13 year old including his victim he could have moved to Japan or to Peru,Ecuador,Italy after waiting a few months and not resorted to coercive rape and drugging her.Once the new world government is formed both “liberal elites” Roman Polanski,Kevin Spacey etc will be eligible for trial and imprisonment for the crimes they have committed that they deserve with the consent of their victims should they change her mind.Power and fear is what allows this to happen in Hollywood as in the music industry etc but eventually they always end up in jail.With regards to the Harvey Weinstein debacle even though “liberal elites” may have been silent and not been able to do enough due to a lack of availible resources to report Weinstein or simply due to the fact that he had made himself into the head lobster and king of Hollywood thus making it difficult to really report him without being shut out of Hollywood by him.Put simply the fact that Weinstein had become the king of Hollywood led him to abuse his power not only to abuse as many women as possible but to also strike fear into anyone into reporting this and crossing his line for fear of being kicked out of Hollywood forever and losing their careers like anyone else would in any other situation be it in Google,YouTube or even Congress or any corporation.He had the power to end the careers of anyone who crossed his line and not coverup the abuse in an instant meaning he was at fault not the likes of Susan Sarandon,Ben Affleck,Colin Firth,Donna Gigliotti,Lena Dunham,Brett Ratner,Quentin Tarantino etc.The celebrities that didnt do enough knew that perfectly well and they knew as he was the king of Hollywood who had control over all future major blockbusters and Oscar worthy movies either directly through the remaining companies he had or indirectly by being able shut down competition or buyout any movie script contracts they would lose any future contracts with all the major studios and projects and the potential to lose Oscar roles the second they crossed Harvey Weinsteins line.Harvey Weinstein was once the king of Hollywood who even outside of Miramax and The Weinstein Company through buying the rights to movies especially oscar ones could decide the fate of any actor or directors career and if you crossed his line by reporting sexual harassment he carried out then your career was over forever.From my observations and research into this such as interviews,books etc the general consensus I’ve gotten is that most of the liberals in Hollywood who knew what was going on with regards to Weinstein were too fearful of reporting it due to the fact that doing so would end their careers forever and they would never get any major projects both in terms of blockbusters and Oscar worthy roles.The general consensus I’ve gotten is that lips had to be sealed in order to have careers in Hollywood.Anyone who crossed his line would have their careers in Hollywood either directors,actors,scriptwriters etc be finished and destroyed forever.This is the power Weinstein had but eventually made him the architect of his own demise.Its important to note that the women who first alerted the press to this debacle were not well known actors,were outsiders etc showing that most of Hollywood was afraid to speak out.“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.Thus the “complicity” was understandable to a degree – would you if you were in Hollywood have done the same or would you have taken actions that you know would have ended your career in an instant?Probably not.The fact that Rose McGowens career and that of most of those that started the expose and MeToo movement was at the time sagging a bit at the time after the peak of Charmed probably gave her the opportunity and bravery to speak up and expose everything – no offense but everyone’s career goes through rough patches now and again even A-listers in Hollywood do.Rose Mcgowen career kinda peaked with Charmed.No offense but compared to the likes of Juila Roberts etc you were not and are still not exactly Hollywood A-List material,B-list maybe and thus you were not in grasp of Weinsteins of grip meaning that made you likely to be the one able to speak out.Thanks to the fact that those sparked the movement careers at the time were sagging allowed for them the opportunity to open the floodgates allowing more higher profile stars to then crush him and the rest of the corrupt sexual predators that are now either in jail or have no careers.Noone ever did or still are defending his actions meaning they still think hes a piece of scum getting his just deserts with a hefty jail sentence.Not all of Hollywood are in bed with and support the corrupt corporate democrats many of them are of the actual progressive left that have just as much derision towards the corrupt DNC as the likes of McGowen herself and we’re just as aware as to what was going on but due to threat of losing ones future contracts had to fall in line and by labelling all of Hollywood complicit your labelling even progressives under the thumb of the former King of Hollywood as complicit bedfellows 23 years is enough to shame and set an example for anyone else who rises to his stature.This is why him being jailed is so good not just for the victims but for Hollywood itself as they are no longer pressured into being “complicit” for fear of their careers.Anyone praising him or ganging up against say Rose McGowen are usually the Osiris-lite corporate democrats in Washington not the liberals in Hollywood.The notions that they revelled in allowing it to go on or was in “love” with Weinstein and that they did it because they condoned it is the type of absurdity a highschooler could come up with.#MeToo showed us that Hollywood took this seriously and likely led to Weinsteins destruction.The same goes for R. Kelly – any instances of supposed pedopheilia which in fact ephebopheillia involving 14/15 year old seems to be a case of coercive rape which itself is condemned in any situation and worthy of the jail sentence he is going to get and very few people in Hollywood or the music industry are defending him.Even though there is one 13 year old victim that’s mid or late hebepheilia not pedopheilia.He too had the power to shut down dissent in the music industry due to the power he gained becoming powerful.30-40 years is enough to shame and set an example for anyone else who rises to his stature for again from carrying out rape with underage girls that would be otherwise legal in another country.Put simply all of this media and political circus and his incarceration could have been avoided had he simply chosen to live in the more liberal Peru,Ecuador,Bolivia,Italy,Brazil and so on and no coercion would not have been necessary due to social norms making any teenagers legally compliant in consensual sex.Steve Wynn and Roger Ailes anyone by the way?Are seriously telling me that if Hollywood was run by conservative elitists that the likes of Weinstein,Crosby et al would have been punished or you could still take the moral high ground.As we’ve seen with the Catholic Church that’s bullshit.Furthermore conservatives and libertarians on PragerU,Fox News,CNN,OANN,The View turning a blind eye to the war crimes and human rights abuses and the American governments and military industrial complexes funding of genocide and conflicts around the world makes any coverup in Hollywood pale in comparison.Conservative logic be all like turning a blind eye to war crimes and genocide is good but doing so to groping and rape is not.Whenever you have a liberal scandle involving coverups of pedopheilia molestation,rape,groping etc its usually because said person carrying it out has become powerful enough to shut down any dissent and backlash meaning said “liberal elite cabels” protecting them are usually intimidated into silence or complience or else they lose their careers forever meaning they are not at fault.Attempts are made by such liberal elites to make it public showing that those intimidated into silence are at least genuine and want to make it end.On the other hand in conservative institutions such as the hierarchies of the Catholic,Judaism and Islam pedopheilia,rape,statutory rape and groping are openly encouraged by moving said person from place to place to allow countless children to be molested over and over again making those who are tolerable of it complicit in it as no attempts are made by hierarchies to end it as they in fact encourage it and are thus complicit.Anyone outside of the clergy mainly the public who detract and speaks out is silenced into submission and intimidation and as stated all instances of statutory rape are coercive not consentual with it involving the more serious pedopheilia wherein offending priests are rather than reported to the law are encouraged to offend and moved from parish to parish to molest countless more children and if they do get caught sentences are lenient and the power of the Vatican ensures they have the ability to retire in obscurity by being isolated which is not the same as ostrocisation.Furthermore no one is jailed.“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.As Bill Maher has stated quite perfectly on the issue of Anthony Wiener,Bing Crosby,R Kelly,Jeffery Epstein,Harvey Weinstein and hopefully even if the chance came around Roman Polanski and also Kevin Spacey etc and the difference between republican and liberal sex offenders – “We arrest our alleged rapists.They elect them.I mean,there’s a pig in the White House,”.In the case of R Kelly,Kevin Spacey,Bryan Singer,Bing Crosby,Marc John Collins-Rector,Roman Polanski,Harvey Weinstein et al and all other liberal Hollywood elite rapists their careers are pretty much destroyed forever now and are either a – in jail for a long time,b – ostracised forever from America or Hollywood or c – will never ever get another job ever again either in Hollywood blockbusters or Oscar movies etc and will never ever win never mind be nominated for an Oscar ever again or ever get any new work in Hollywood or even in television shows for good reasons.Put simply the careers of Weinstein,Crosby,Polanski,Spacey and all other liberal rapists etc are now finished forever with little to no chance of reprieve.Even though Crosby escaped jail and both Polanski and Spacey got away through loopholes that won’t last any longer by 2029 with them having already virtually no careers at anymore.These people’s careers are pretty much destroyed forever even if they live forever they will never get any new projects,Oscar wins and nominations.Hollywood has forever turned their back on them it would a miracle and decades if not centuries of atonement for them to ever get their careers back to what it was.At least the left whether it’s the progressives or even central democrats in Hollywood has standards with regards to dealing with our rapists and sex offenders by giving them decades long sentences or ostracising them from ever working ever again.The complicity of Hollywood elites can be justified and excusable to an extent – the complicity of mainstream media(FOX,CNN,OANN,The View),right wing and centrist YouTubers the DNC,RNC etc with regards to Trumps/Obamas/Bushes war crimes and incompetence with regards to the Coronavirus,turning a blind eye to like of the Saudi government and many others around the world,Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan,Venezuela,Syria,Bolivia and destruction of Bernie Sanders 2016 and 2020 campaigns and for that matter the complicity of the Catholic Church is not defensible and its in fact shameful.Weinsteins,R. Kelly and Epsteins crime of rape,blackmail,intimidation and sexual servitude although serious and ensured their power over women and Hollywood affected a small number of people and is nothing compared what is done by aforementioned individuals to maintain and oligarachy over millions managed by plutocrats and carry out genocide,imperialism and maintaining the power of the donor class that keeps the rich rich and the poor poor justifies the slaughter of innocent civilians and military personnel and includes war crimes and not to mention being passed around to pedophiles in the hierarchies of the Church.Is non complicity in statutory rape,rape and sex trafficking now more serious when done by liberals than complicity in war crimes,illegal wars and genocide including that of you own people that is essentially mass murder when done by conservatives as well as complicity in actual pedopheilia?Teapot calling kettle black anyone?That is why the mainstream medias CEOs,their complicit staff deserves banishment to Hades and Tartarus alongside the swamp at least those still corrupted in comparison to Weinsteins and Epsteins crimes that deserved only normal jails.The mainstream medias including Osirian-lite CNN and MSNBC covering up of Weinstein and Epstein can be left to the fact these men had power over the media,those connected to them or the Osirian-lite corporate democrats equal hypocrisy over Al Franken and Joe Biden outside of Hollywood.With regards to Leaving Neverland that has been repeatedly debunked over and over again very well by YouTuber made documentaries that analyse every facet of the original documentary bit by bit that are all over YouTube that dispute conflicting evidence,the body language and also timing of events in terms of when the molestation occurred and also with the simple fact is this there are only two victims reporting molestation and likely for money due to their failed careers who defended him while he was alive.Do an simple search on YouTube.Its easy to gain money off someone who cannot defend themselves due to being dead.If Micheal Jackson was a pedophile then in his position he would have had hundreds of victims like Jimmy Saville who is considered one of the most prolific sex offenders against minors below 13 who had hundreds of victims.A person like Jackson surrounded by so many young children would have had to have had a huge amount of restraint to have had only two prepubescent victims and thus if he was a pedophile due to faulty wiring and molested only two people as prepubescent minors then although a slip up and still worthy of criminal prosecution if true then he should be at least commended for having not molested hundreds more and caused countless more damage when it was possible.Therefore he was not a pedophile.None of the children who slept with him reported to have never been molested.Like Epstein there are only two supposed prepubescent victims that are just rumours and no stores of child pornography involving them which is always found in the case of all pedophiles who cant restrain their unnatural urges.Its hypocritical for any Christian conservatives its hypocritical for you to be labelling Hollywood being full of pedophiles and sexual predators and complicit actors when your religions hierachies allowed the rape and molestation of both post and prepubescent minor – involving actual pedopheilia to go unnoticed and complicit for decades and you still continue to blindly defend them and the religion that allows this to happen.Put simply conservatives cant harp on about liberal Hollywood being chock full of non existant complicity of pedopheilia and sexual predators when your conservative religions are chocked up with nothing but pedophiles and sexual predators and complicit hierchies.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?As weve seen with Bacha bazi,Mohammeds 8 year old wife,sexual enslavement of prepubescent girls by the conquistadors including Christopher Columbus,certain passages from the Bible,the proliferation and complicity of pedopheilia in the Catholic Church and so on shows that the encouragement,acceptance and proliferation of pedopheilia including the sexualisation of pre pubescent minors aged 12 and younger is thus a conservative value not a liberal one.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?Furthermore with regards to Apple,Amazon and Disney capitalism by its very nature is corrupt and every company celebrities both left and right support etc will be inherently corrupt and have controversies which means you have to criticise the system itself rather than celebrities that support it making anti-capitalist celebrities correct and a fair share of these corporate A-listers are supporting the more progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who are for better regulations and higher taxes on big corporations and even these wealthy Hollywood elites themselves.Those darn Hollywood liberal elites and their wanting desire to pay higher taxes more than the rest of us and support that wretched Green New Deal and Medicare for All that helps the working class poor with their taxes – damn elitists not like those conservative elitists and they want to cut taxes on the wealthy,increase those on the poor,privatise healthcare and putting millions of people out of insurance and use disproven trickle down economics.Leonardo Di Caprio dates adult women who happen to models so what – the age gap rule is bunkum in my opinion once you have finished puberty at 14/15 and the 24 year age gap between Donald Trump and Melania Trump doesnt seem weird to anyone.Is having sexual intercourse with people who are legally adults now icky.As for Felicity Huffman Im going to detail later on why the 2019 Operation Varsity Blues college scandal isnt really a scandal at all and why college is bullshit and more than likely conservative parents etc would have been involved so big deal.Is having sex with adults now a big deal.The fact you make fun of a person saying only women in their 20s and 30s as creepy is evidence of this infantilisation of adults.The people he dates and has sex with are adults in their 20s and 30s not prepubescent minors.When sexual attraction and preferences to adults in their 20s and 30s is considered creepy or something to joke about your society is going downhill.Should people aged 25-30 now be considered vulnerable children who need protection from older creepy sexual predators? .When humans are immortal including international A-listers will they and others who have sexual preferences for people aged 40-500 years old now be considered sexual predators?As for private jets at least the majority of them use commercial airlines most of the time and only use private planes when they cant go commercial and do use carbon offset programmes to make themselves carbon neutral – its not their fault corrupt governments cut down the trees planted to offset them you have any beef with that take it to the corrupt governments.Private plans are essential only when you are in Hollywood and for making journeys that are outside that of commercial airlines and you have a tight schedules its an essential part of being in Hollywood.At present,private aircraft contribute less than 1% of U.S. carbon emissions the amount of the population of Americans that regularly engages in this activity is probably fewer than 150,000 or less than roughly 0.05% of the entire 332,230,330 American population not all of which are Hollywood actors even despite the fact that some models of private jets can create up to seven to eleven times more carbon dioxide emissions than commercial airlines its still minuscule to that the general public who a not celebrities and a not actors contribute.Out of those 150,000 at most 500-1,000 that are part of Hollywoods elite(its likely smaller since theres not that many but it will be a baseline not including CEOs,politicians,royalty) meaning their contribution to annual greenhouse gas emissions from private aeroplane travel comes to anywhere between 0.0006 – 0.002% or of all greenhouse gas emissions in American.In 2017 greenhouse gas emissions from transportation accounted for roughly about 29% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions,making it the largest contributor of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions meaning commercial air travel and private vehicle use on the road by the average non Hollywood or Democrat elite politician person is roughly 28%.Commercial air travel in America contributes as much as 10% meaning 18% comes from terrestrial vehicle transport meaning 28% of annual greenhouse gas emissions comes from their critics putting that contributed by private aeroplanes by that 150,000 people is a mere 1% and as shown already by liberal Hollywood between 0.00333333-0.00666667%.Put simply them giving up private aeroplanes would not really make a difference especially when their critics are responsible for a greater amount of carbon dioxide emissions roughly 4,999-10,000 times more.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?To solve this issue carbon offset programmes could not be hijacked and research could have been made into more efficient and cleaner engines similar to or better than commercial aeroplanes and fuels including carbon neutral biofuels from bacteria or even algae that dont use up land and can be grown onsite of airports – problem solved,this could have been solved twenty or even forty years ago had the fossil fuel industry not stagnated research.We have bacteria that produce insulin since 1978 – we should have had bacteria that create carbon neutral vegetable oil fuels and methane since then also with even carbon neutral algae viable since 1978 but that would have shut down the fossil fuel industry.As I shall explain later on in greater detail the liberal left using private aeroplanes could also be ignored by the fact that we have had the technological ability to have solved and even reversed global warming alongside poverty and famine more than 40 years ago before private jets became a thing or were even invented meaning they could have used private jets and still it would not be even less of an issue.

You may criticise their green efforts as skimpo but at least they are doing something about the problem unlike conservatives that want to push for more regime change wars to get oil out of Iran,Venezuela and Bolivia and are only doing the best they can with regards to their limited education on green energy etc.Those carbon offset programmes could have been replaced by biochar or not hijacked by corrupt governments(ironically corrupt governments that are propped up and funded by the American government and supporters of capitalism) or they could have had access to carbon neutral fuels.They like the average person has to use fossil fuels because the oil companies have stunted development into clean engines and clean energy sources and private aeroplanes happen to part and parcel of having to do on the spot travel to movie sets outside of schedules of regular flights – if you had to do the work they did youd be using it.So now they are now damned if they do and damned if they don’t.They are criticised as hypocrites when they make actual genuine efforts to be carbon neutral and criticised when they do nothing.This is kindergarten level bickering.Doesnt matter anyways Oceanus,carbon neutral gasoline,repairing the ozone and carbon sequestrations,VR technology gonna make private plane use by celebrities defunct.Furthermore last time I checked this liberal cabel was against every single war since Vietnam including the disastrous Iraq war and now Iran because you know they knew it was going to be a huge mistake which it was.So really there being an avalanche of sick hypocritical individuals on the left with zero standards bullshit and makes the jokes of a second rate comedian at the Golden Globes justifiably worthy of groans from them darn liberal elites.The liberal elites present were the only ones at that ceramony who had any type of standards compared to that second rate comedian and their other critics whose on the same level as Crowder and groaned and squirmed because they were being lectured to by a immature 50 something man child who knows nothing of the real world and has only in the spotlight for the last 10-15 years at most and is currently nowhere near the big leagues of politics and even A-list grading(or probably never will be let alone ever win an oscar – its important to note that most of the people he condemned at the Oscars are oscar winners unlike him,jealous much?) and even still isnt exactly well versed in the ways of the complexities of the world and really what are you doing for the world of politics but thinks he does when hes clearly being a self aggrandising twat just to seem hip,counter culture and a out of his league,when clearly the liberal elites are the ones who know more about the world than him and the conservatives lapped it up like Adpocalypse 3.0 as they always do by playing the victim and taking the moral high ground as if they were still stuck in highschool.The entire cabel of elites present at that ceramony are veterans who know what they are talking about theyve been there decades longer than Gervais or their critics online have been around,since the 1970s or even 1960s and will be there decades after Gervais career has ended while they may have not be as educated as me they are more clued in than Gervais etc.He unfortunately has become a parody of his only achievement David Brent – a sad 50 something man child that has still not or ever will make it to the top and so uses his inadequacy to try to be the bigger fish yet in reality is someone to hang around only because of pity of him being a one trick pony and a small fish in a very large pond full of much bigger fish than him.In reality hes the Donald Trump of Hollywood and its embarrassing and cringe worthy watching a second rate comedian with the maturity of a teenager using humour most of us grew up out of in our teens vain attempts at unjustified and unearned looking down on others and taking the moral highground like that,acting like a newbie at any business berating the expertise and experience of a CEO on his success of managing a successful company for decades – a whiney SJW college student or new waver conservative millenial(Crowder,Shapiro,Southern,Owens etc) and even Donald Trump “expert” with only a few years or even none of political experience berating a politician or military leader in a liberal European or South American country like Scandanavia,Bolivia,Germany etc or even predecessors with decades of experience on how to run a successful economy that benefits everyone or run the military and negotiations in the Middle with their expertise on capitalism,libertarianism and even anarcho-capitalism etc and negotiating table mannerisms that have shown to be complete failures over and over again falling flat on its face – pretty pathetic.You see the term liberal elite in at least Hollywood actually means that they have earned the right and privilege to look down on others and take the moral high ground.Put simply their critics are the ones who have no right to criticise or make judgements or lecture them when they are usually climate science deniers,are doing jack shit about the problem when they could have solved the problem more 40 years ago,are promoting pseudoscience and denial,are banging the drums for perpetual war,have their rapists get away scot free and so on – the fact I can solve all of these and other problems makes me immune to any such criticisms.Noone is shunning you because you exposed them they are shunning you because your a clueless twat that thinks he the brand new bag and a terrible comedian – second rate comedian who again is the Donald Trump of Hollywood.Their suing you for libel and slander and its the worst kind of slander where no evidence exists.At least when I slander someone I always give examples of their hypocrisy that can be found through a quick ten minute google search just how a quick google search shows that all criticism of the liberal elites can be easily debunked.You see Gervais is such a nobody in Hollywood and such akin to Donald Trump is to politics and so low on the letter scale of Hollywood on the D-List that Epstein and Weinstein either didnt care about him or even know him enough at all to include him in their web of deceit,blackmail and intimidation and and the rest of Hollywood didnt care about him or even know him enough at all to include him in what was going on as as open secret.If he was even relevant at all and was somebody in Hollywood he would have been clued in to what was going on in Epstein and Weinsteins crimes himself,making him complicit and thus a hypocrite of the highest order for making these asinine jokes.If you did know of Epstein or Weinsteins crimes and been part of their web of deceit,intimidation and blackmail would you have put whatever little career you have in Hollywood outside of award show presenter in jeopardy by speaking out against them?Probably not because considering how irrelevant you are you would have been crushed like a bug in an instant and would have been so much more thrashed on than the A-listers you wouldnt even have careers in Hollywood or as presenters of any of the major award shows anywhere in the world anymore including the Golden Globes,Oscars,Grammies or even anything below that and they would have shut you down to the Z-list – and you know that.Furthermore being clued in and doing nothing yourself also makes you complicit in covering up Weinsteins and Epsteins crimes and just as much in love with him.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?Put simply Gervais is either one of two things.So far down the letter list of Hollywood that he wasnt clued into what was going simply because Epstein or Weinstein and the rest of Hollywood didnt give him much credence on In his power struggle thus makes him a pathetic high school bully mocking the big more achieved fishes out of jealously or he was good enough to be A-list as to have known what was going on that he was just as complicit in covering up the crimes of both Epstein and Weinstein and thus a hypocrite himself.You can’t exactly go around lecturing liberal Hollywood in covering up Weinsteins crimes if you yourself were doing the same or if your a nobody who is jealous of them.Your either a complicit hypocrite or a loser troll who never has or will make it big.Whichever one Gervais wants to choose as reality makes him both pathetic and both fine by anyone with a liberal bone in their body and further reduces conservatives to the assholes they are.A quick Google search can show this “environmentalist” Gervais has his own love affair with private jets aren’t private jets great.Am I right?“.You can’t exactly go around lecturing about the hypocrisy of environmentalist liberals who use private’s jets and take the moral high ground when you yourself a self proclaimed environmentalist also uses private jets.Thats hypocrisy and double if not triple or even quadruple standards.Playing the victim card are we?Teapot calling kettle black anyone?.Pathetic.Maybe you should be directing your “comedy” at the true hypocrites in the form of conservatives as shown here as the only side of the spectrum that are hypocrites.That might absolve you.In fact you can have more material to work with than a small set of asinine jokes that you seem to be continuing to gloating over.Even you progressives have to admit that Ricky Gervais was low brow in the face of his bias,lack of information and the fact that hes kinda not at his peak anymore and that if anything he was not in a position to take the moral high ground on anything and make any sort of lectures on anything and that as stated those elitists were the only people with standards.The fact that you fell for it proves you not as immune to influence from conservatives as you think you are and your kinda hypocritical.Ive just debunked each and every so called expose and “best bits” that Gervais carried out at that ceremony – next time you or anyone tries to criticise the so called elitist hypocrisy of Hollywood make an effort and do some research next time and dig deeper it takes only 20 minutes on Google and deep thinking you know the stuff expected of actual adults – its like im dealing with a bunch of kindergarteners.This is what I mean by term second rate comedian because only the bottom of the barrel could find it funny or an expose nowhere near the likes of Billy Crystal,Whoopi Goldberg.At least when us liberals and progressives break the law and do dubious things we always get our just desserts through incarceration and we admit that that our brethern did something wrong and shun and call them out appropriately.That is one of the main differences between conservatives/corporate liberals and progressives – one has principles the other does not and those others are hypocrites of the highest order.It’s like how conservatives glorify their war criminals and genocidal maniacs such as Donal Trump,John Bolton,George Bush but is progressives we never glorify or celebrate Pol pot,Josef Stalin,Mao Zedong and Vladamir Lenin – we only glorify only Karl Marx a philosopher and not dictators etc with even other communist “philosophers” who were bloodthirsty dictators are shunned by communists and progressives.No one today openly glorifies Lenin,Pol pot,Stalin and Mao etc but right wing dictators like Hitler,Trump etc are glorified by conservatives across the world

China,Albania,Andorra,Austria,Bulgaria,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Estonia,Germany,Hungary,Italy,Liechtenstein,Macedonia,Montenegro,Albania,Bangladesh,East Timor,North Macedonia,Portugal,San Marino,Serbia,Bolivia,Brazil,Colombia,Paraguay,Ecuador,Peru where the age of consent is 14 may have their own minor flaws regarding how much control the state has over the lifes over citizens and especially with immigration brought on Osirian countries but their not currently bombing eight countries,aiding in a genocide in Yemen and the rest of the Middle East and are not willing to risk World War Three with both Venezuela,Syria and also Iran over oil using manufactured consent and propaganda that would cost trillions of more dollars and lead to the loss of innocent civilian and military personnel lives.They are not cuddling up to the Catholic church and heads of Islam of all groups with their stellar track record,dont have half the problems in relation to healthcare,jail incarceration,education,scientific and political illiteracy,military and also corruption as Osirian cultures,have significantly lower gun deaths and mass shootings between each other and also between police officers and minorities if they even have them at all with tensions between different ethnic minorities and the majority being less intense or non-existant and are usually the result of conservative imperialism into the Middle East forcing millions of people into the west.They dont have spoiled teenyboppers as per My Super Sweet 16 or social justice warriors and kindergarteners on college campuses and also unfettered capitalism and politicians on both sides can engage in civil debate without name calling and smear campaigns especially against their own veterans and any “smears” that are done are civil and are usually warrented.Any wars they are involved in or have been since the end of World War II theyve mainly acted as coalition forces,by themselves in defence and not aggressors and imperialists – and yes the Godwins Law does apply here(and by the way National Socialism and Facism are right wing ideologies and at least Germany acknowledges the Holocaust) with healthcare being either universal healthcare that is paid through taxes or a choice between both private and public healthcare,have government funded education and they as stated have programmes to deprogramme terrorists and political radicals as well as those to help paedophiles control their unnatural urges.Thus they are more progressive than Osirian countries with abbereations to this due to the influence of Osirian politics creeping into them.More than importantly they dont have President Trump as president nor have they had equivalents to George W.Bush or any of the insert “your least favourite corrupt politician or nominee” from either America or Great Britain,the dont have “The Swamp” or the “The Crazies” as part of the military industrial complex and dont have the same idiots in their Conservative and Liberal parties as in Osirian cultures.Any conservatives they have are usually the result of the creeping influence of the Osirian religons for example Jair Bolsanaro,Marie La Pen etc.How this has been achieved without becoming a third world country is frankly a miracle.I have all of human knowledge at my fingertips and access to newsfeeds from around the world yet I barely hear anything from China,Germany,Italy etc unless of course they being invaded for oil and other natural resources and have conservatives overthrowing democratically elected leaders or causing unwarrented problems and their problems stem indirectly from imperialism into the Middle East.Chinas current treatment of Muslims can be debated and is a direct response to the extremism brought on by Americas imperialism into the Middle East with this and other human rights abuses and censorship is nowhere near as bad as the human rights abuses,censorship,manufactured consent,propagandising and war crimes America and her allies have done for oil,the free market and imperialism over the last four decades and its rather offensive that the American government particularly conservatives and Saudi Arabia of all countries that are carrying out and funding their own genocide in Yemen admonishing the Chinese government.When you are carrying out directly genocide,illegal wars,coups,torture and funding them then you have no right to decry those of other governments that pale in comparison this includes that of Castro,Stalin,Lenin,Hitler etc.Criticisms of Bernie Sanders praise of Cubas education policy cannot be legitimatised when America has carried out large amounts of atrocities that brought about the benefits of capitalism – teapot calling kettle black anyone?At least China and Cuba etc flaunts its human rights abuses and incompetence in public for bragging rights whereas America and Saudi Arabia require Chelsea Manning,Edward Snowden and Julian Assangne to publicise theirs that take place in other countries – and we know what happened to them.With regards to their other human rights abuses it simply a case of what happens when any tyrant goes to far and seizes control of the state Maoism and Leninism are nowhere near what Marx or Ingles would be sorted out.Teapot calling kettle black anyone.As stated the west already has a cosy relationship with China in providing cheap labour for manufactured goods in factories to overlook its long history of human rights abuses and simply admonish it from every now and again and with also trade deals on the oil it has there.If that isnt the case America would have overthrown the Maoist government decades ago or at least after the fall of the Berlin Wall they had better military power and the Soviet Union was in crumbles and China was less militarily or technologically developed – it was literally in the stone ages at the time leaving China ripe for the picking and installed there so called salvation capitalism decades ago and lifted millions out of poverty.Then of course America tends to outsource everything to China including torture and human rights abuses.Conservatives worship of Trump and ignorance of his incompetence especially with regards to the Coronavirus is just as bad as Chinas worship of Xi Jinping and ignoring the coverup and incompetence with regards the Coronavirus initial spread.I highly doubt the Trump adminstration would have been better at preventing the spread of the Coronavirus or an equally serious pathogen had it started in America since Trumps response was just as delayed and terrible or even worse especially considering in the first year of his term he did shut down Obamas special task force to deal with pandemics the National Security Council directorate for Global Health and Security and Bio-defense and one in Homeland Security that many health experts praised meaning had the Coronavirus or a similar to it started in America it would have spread farther and faster across the globe especially considering the aftermath of Hurricanne Maria at the helm of his flimsy attempts at containing it.Furthermore he took actions and made lies that helped it spread like the conservative British government by ignoring the problem.Not only that but continuing to hold rallies with hundreds or thousands of people that do nothing but sater to your ego where the virus can spread is just as dangerous as the DNC allowing voting for primaries to continue and Boris Johnson allowing thousands of Italians into Britain for football matches or governors and city officials allowing thousands of collage students party on beaches,people attend Mardi Gras,St.Patricks Days parades and left leaning politicians ordering people to go on their everyday lives in public areas and using racism as a defense mechanism for reasonable criticism despite the fact that both Italy and China brought to its knees.China can be blamed for covering it up to save face but the actions of Donald Trump,those who carried out insider trading in Congress and Boris Johnson etc are indefensible as they knew it was serious,did nothing and encouraged its spread putting people infected and died from their actions worthy of jail sentences.It was only until people in the public consciousness such as Tom Hanks and Sophie Trudaeu became infected that it has begun to hit hard – at least China despite there flaws in covering up the initial infections there taking it seriously and its getting better and have been better at rolling out tests,quarantining infected and maintaining a better health service.China is now past the worst of it by taking quick action and can now have the moral highground.The outbreak could be blamed on poor government regulations that would have been costly to profits to sater to the state capitalism that has also led to mass environmental pollution and also note wanting bad press on the recent economic growth.Had stricter but more costlier regulations been employed it may have possible to have saved thousands of lives.Put simply Chinas form of capitalism and capitalism itself is to blame especially since the wet markets it arose from is so badly regulated to cut costs to meet the expensive taste of the rich who are the only ones who consume the animals there.Even though it has only a private heath system made solely for GDP growth it at least guarantees 95% of the population basic healthcare.Despite this,public health insurance generally only covers about half of medical costs,with the proportion lower for serious or chronic illnesses.Meaning only serious chronic disease maintaince such as HIV etc is expensive meaning short term illnesses and injuries and routine visits are affordable to everyone with efforts made to improve this in the rest of the system.Under the “Healthy China 2020” initiative,China is currently undertaking an effort to cut healthcare costs,and the government requires that insurance will cover 70% of costs by the end of 2018.The Chinese government is working on providing affordable basic healthcare to all residents by 2020.At least common,everyday visits and check ups and early treatments for cancer,infections,accidents etc is subsidised and paid for the government allowing them early treatment in saving lives and possibly preventing people going poor.Although flawed it is is at least better than the sole for profit system that has no basic plan is say America that makes even minor doctor and healthcare visits are costly and put someone into bankruptcy.The fact that since most pandemics arise from wild animals and livestock as zoonoses its inevitable that in a world of international travel that it can happen anywhere and travel instantly before anyone can prevent it spreading across the world meaning they like Tuberculosis,Avian influenza,Foot-and-mouth disease can happen anywhere.Put simply in todays world with international travel pandemics especially those that mimic benign pathogens such as the flu can spread far and wide before anything can be done.A cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown cause was reported by health authorities in Wuhan,the capital of Hubei province,China on 31 December 2019 and an investigation was launched in early January 2020.The earliest person with symptoms was traced back to 1 December 2019,someone who did not have connections with the later cluster linked to the wet market.Of the early cluster of cases reported in December 2019,two thirds were found to have a link with the market.On 14 March 2020,an unverified report from the South China Morning Post said that a 55-year-old from Hubei province could have been the first person who contracted the disease on 17 November.At least the Chinese are providing testing,lockdowns and medicine compared to the Trump administrations and conservatives lazy response and focus on the stock markets is a death sentence for millions.Chinas initial handling of the virus can be condemned but at least they have it contained and only have only around 4,634 deaths and the numbers of cases is stabilising,slowing down to a trickle about roughly 2% of the deaths in America and once they realised their initial error they have done everything they can to slow the spread of the virus and limit deaths.The same can be said of Boris Johnsons initial response.Virtually every western country tried to brush this under the carpet and delay their response but at least unlike America they actually made an effort to bring in sensible actions a few weeks in thus absolving them.In all cases their death toll is below 100,000.Gung ho capitalistic America delayed for so long right up until Biden took office a full year later that they ended up with a mass genocide on their hands.Trump administrations promotion of pseudoscience,stances on healthcare and cutting the NSC has hampered chances at curbing it and the administration being considered valid.You can harp on and on how China allowed the virus to escape the country but that doesn’t excuse the behaviour of Trump brushing it under the carpet by outright lying about its leathality,holding back testing and PPE and blaming it as a hoax by the Democrats and sitting idly by while hundreds of thousands die at his actions that are equivalent to genocide.Put simply it is a countries entire response that makes them worthy of judgement.These pandemics can originate from anywhere and can easily spread unnoticed across the globe very quickly especially when they mimic other minor conditions or have long incubation periods.Put simply blaming China for the corruption of Trump etc that just led to mass genocide is a pathetic childish kindergarten level name shaming especially when virtually every other country on the planet didn’t allow the same to happen.Had the virus or indeed any similar viral pathogen originated in America then the results would have been the same – it would have spread globally within a matter of weeks or even days and much quicker with Trump downplaying it,blaming the Democrats and just as many or more people would have died in America and the conservatives still would have playing the blame game.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?The insider trading by Congress shows corrupt the entire Washington swamp,the corrupt bailout bill that leaves those directly affected with crumbs and big business with a huge welfare handout,the corruption of corporations and Trump putting the needs of profits and the stock market ahead of the life of the elderly shows how inefficient capitalism is and has no regard for human life in the midst of a pandemic that capitalist American when more left leaning(including more left leaning conservative countries)are sacrificing the economy for morality(this includes China).The lesson of Coronavirus is that in the end captialism is against human life and shows and that we are at the very end of capitalisms lifecycle as the global need to reopen the economy in favour of public safety becomes the main issue of the public.Furthermore antibiotics that the Chinese governments restricting access to the rest of the world are used to fight bacterial infections not viruses like Coronavirus and Americas economic sanctions on Iran that is restricting access for civilians to essential medicine to combat the Coronavirus is even worse and obviously about imperialism potentially leading to the death of millions of innocent civilians.The American government wants to save the poor Iranian citizens from a brutal dictorship by denying them medicine and the means to afford it thus potentially killing millions of innocent men,women and children and in the process doing absolutely nothing to put a dent in that dictatorships power – Teapot calling kettle black anyone?In the real world outside of Faux News and OANN thats a war crime worthy of at least 1,086,160 – 5,430,800 years in Tartarus – double at least 2,172,320 – 10,861,600 years in Tartarus as it can also constitute as genocide.Potentially it couple triple,quadruple,quintuple it about an extra 5,430,800 – 27,154,000 years.That doesn’t take into account funding Saudi Arabias genocide,Bolivias coup,the attempted one in Venezuela,a suspected false flag gas attack in Syria,scrapping all government entities to contain pandemics,pushing the needs of the stock market ahead of public health and worthy of a few million years in Tartarus and if those civilians hate America its probably due to the fact that you killed Solemani as the were apathetic to America prior to his death.The same goes for the same actions taken in Afghanistan and Cuba and wanting to force people to work to preserve capitalism.This 2,172,320 – 10,861,600 year long sentence can also be applied to Pompeo and others complicit in this war crime.Oh yeah and rejecting to push and vetoing a bill push a bill that is meant to end Americas funding of the Saudi Arabia with weapons to carry out genocide – that also acts both as a war crime and genocide bring that to potentially a total of 6,516,960 – 16,292,400 years.Calling it the Wuhan or China Flu is not racist but using it as an excuse to discriminate and attack Chinese people is.One could easily target Africans and Africa over HIV and so on.HIV is not known as the African disease.

Chinas censorship of the internet and any media censorship in Bolivia,Peru etc and even Venezuela is no different to that done by YouTube,The Daily Mail,Twitter and Facebook on progressives and both conservatives and corporations push for abolishing net neutrality showing given the right conditions Amazon,Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,Google etc could easily seize control of the internet in America for powers and control outside of the state.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?As for Bolivia its a undisputed fact that Evo Morales managed to like Chavez decrease both poverty and extreme poverty significantly and his wanting to get a longer term as president was warrented for two reasons – first he managed to go through the proper channels in the government to veto for it an was granted and also won by a significant margin that is disputed by every major NGO except of course his adversaries who it is well known are being propped by the American government for both the fossil fuels and Lithium present which is going to be obsolete in ten years.Brazils only problem seems to be of course the far-right with minor corruption in the previous administrations and is nowhere near as bad as that in America.Furthermore unlike America the progressive socialist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva after found guilty of corruption was barred from serving as president again and jailed unlike any of his American counterparts showing that at least people on both sides are jailed if found guilty of such crimes in progressive liberal countries.Put simply half the shit that occurs in the American government is not tolerated anywhere else for a second in more liberal countries or even more centre-right,centre left ones.The age of consent was 14 in the more liberal Canada Set down by laws in 1890 but was changed due to a case where one Dale Eric Beckham from Texas(where the age of consent was at the time 17 and violators can face prison terms of up to 10–20 years) who although at the testimony of the 14 year old he met online did have mutually consensual sex he was charged for child pornography for taking pictures of the minor.Consequently,the only crime Beckham could be prosecuted for in Canada was a relatively minor offense of possession of child pornography and nothing would have happened.In November 2005,Beckham pleaded guilty and was sentenced to the time already served.What did cause the change from 14-16 was that when police in America searched his home in Texas to see if he had any other pornography involving teenagers they found large stores of child pornography involving those 12 or younger meaning by definition he was a pedophile who likely sought sex with a 14 year old just outside the border of pedopheilia within the outer range of hebepheilia where it was possible.He would have done the same if he was in South America,Europe and Asia or simply moved to countries with an age of consent of 13-14.Had the age of consent been 14 in Texas,he had not taken pornographic pictures or he lived in Canada or somewhere else he could have had sex with teens on the border edge of pedopheilia/hebepheilia and not have to resort to child pornography.More importantly had his store of child pornography been found by police earlier on and he had access to counselling to not need pornography the incident would not have occurred and the age of consent would still be 14 in Canada and Canadians could continue to look down on vigilante groups and be considered more liberal and progressive than North America since they are already more so on immigration,healthcare etc.The point is that had these measures been taken Canada could have the full moral highground as a progressive society as they have more liberal attitudes on immigration,healthcare,energy and was only to a conservative states lack of prevention in dealing with a pedophile.Like Kieran Creaven,Jared Scott Fogle he may be attracted to adults,adolescents above the cut off range and thus possibly a pedoheboteilophele with only MRI scans can determine if he is a pedophile.It may be possible for minor faults in wiring could accommodate for someone having mild pedopheilliac tendencies yet still finding attractions to adolescents and adults a sort of mild form of the neurological condition (pedohebephilia/pedophebeteiliopheilia) that curses one with the condition yet still allows them to find attractions to those above the cut off range much how some neurological and genetic conditions have mild forms.This possibly explains the cases of Jared Scott Fogle,Kieran Creaven and Dale Eric Beckham as well as even Jimmy Saville where in these cases stores of child pornography involving prepubescent children,verified molestation of prepubescent and post pubescent minors exists,charities used to lure said pre pubescent minors exist but not Jeffrey Epstein as unlike these two he did not have any verified victims under the cut off age of 13,had no charities to lure children and no stashes of child pornography involving pre pubescent minors like Fogle and Beckham.Only genetic tests and MRI scans from Jared Scott Fogle,Kieran Creaven and Dale Eric Beckham and other people with potential pedohebephilia/pedophebeteiliopheilia can confirm the existence of pedohebephilia and pedophebeteiliopheilia.Thus Kieran Creaven,Jared Fogle and Dale Eric Beckham can through both genetic tests and MRI scans as well as penile plethysmography can confirm the possible existence of theoretical pedohebephilia and pedophebeteiliopheilia wherein one has sexual attraction to prebuscent minors and adolescents as well as adults.MRI and genetic scans can confirm this as there are believed to be subsets of pedopheillia based on different age ranges documented in patients such as infantophillia that the patient expresses sexual desire for only infants between infants at birth and those aged just under 3-5 years old with other variations of it that involve other age range between infancy and 13 have been documented.There are thus different subsets of pedopheilia that determines sexual preference of afflicted patients towards different age groups of pre pubescent minors aged between infancy and 13 as well as full blown clinical pedopheilia that involves sexual attraction to infants up to 13.Then of course there are subsets of pedopheilia that deal with the presence of inhibitory neural defects.The distribution of white and grey matter and type of neural defects may determine these different subsets of pedophelia.Even you progressives,communists and liberals in Osirian countries have to admit this and wonder why the rest of the world is not like China,Albania,Bangladesh,East Timor,Andorra,Austria,Bulgaria,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Estonia,Germany,Hungary,Italy,Liechtenstein,Macedonia,Montenegro,North Macedonia,Portugal,San Marino,Serbia,Bolivia,Brazil,Colombia,Paraguay,Ecuador,Peru etc with their “low” age of consent 14 and the significantly lower amount of social problems than the rest of the world and not let Osirian influences seep over even into progressives and cloud your judgement and would you please stop using clips from To Catch a Predator with that little piece of crap vile scum troll Chris Hansen and all other vigilante groups who Im personally going to make sure alongside all other vigilante groups to apologise to every single individual so called predator he entrapped by having Dike carry out an injunction to make sure he does apologise to every one of them and have it recorded by a filming crew and then have it uploaded into her YouTube channel.Not only that but he’s going to probably face a few years or decades for leading to the suicide of Louis William Conradt JR as a contributing factor to his death regardless of the fact that he was entrapped into commiting statutory rape.Thus him driving him to suicide makes him in legal terms a contributing factor to his suicide which technically quailifies as manslaughter and thus liable for at least several years if not decades in prison.Just because you were carrying out entrapment is not a grounds to excuse you for being the contributing factor of another persons death which is a criminal offence.Even if you were entrapping an actual pedopheile or terrorist and were a contributing factor to their death that’s still illegal and a criminal offence – the ends never justifies the means.You carried that out with malicious intent which can overturn any excuse you have and that means you have at least 100 years in prison is going to mean you are going to apologise and serve at least several decades in prison for contributing to the death of another human being.Spending 20-100 years in prison is the lightest sentence possible as he could spend several centuries,thousands or even millions of year and at worst face life imprisonment without parole that is he could be imprisoned forever for all of eternity without any chance of being released – ever.This means even when Donald Trump et al are released from their banishment in Hades and Tarturas for a few hundred million years Chris Hansen will still be in jail forever for all eternity.You contributed to the death of another human being and that is a criminal offence no matter what the circumstances were and wasn’t made in self defense,the fact that you purposefully initiated the conditions with malicious intent and were carrying out something which would have been illegal in another country and that you ignored the differences between the age of consent of other countries and the age of criminal responsibility further implicates you to the point that well your guilty..At least look on the bright side even if you end in jail for prison for all of eternity you’ll be in a normal prison and not “that place”.If I were you Id still be investing in a very good lawyer to not spend eternity in jail.If Dike sees for that your are worthy of life imprisonments without parole be youll be in jail long after Trump etc is released from prison,long after the sun has burned out(in about billion years),long after the Andromeda galaxy and Milky Way Galaxy collide with each other(in about five billion years)long after the very last protons in the universe dissolve into nothingness – longer than a nonillion or Googleplex years in otherwards forever for all eternity.The rule of law is the rule of fucking law.Since I created her I can have Dike the permenant Chief Justice of the Global Supreme Court do anything I want including a legal injunction to him and anyone else just like that and this also extends to Gaia,Ouranous,Aion,Hades,Tartarus,Aeacus,Rhadamanthus,Minos et al for that matter.I have an entire pantheon of gods that run and rule the world completely and eventually the rest of the universe and eventually all matter and energy in the universe and possibly eventually all matter and energy in the multiverse at my disposal ready to do my bidding something every single tyrant and dictator throughout human history from Hitler,Mao,Stalin,Bush,Trump,Putin,Assad and so on all throughout the entire span of human history would kill for – which is good since I have few personal favours I’d like to ask from them(purely selfless as always – well mostly),and a few experiments I want to run that require their capabilities.I like being me.Not only that but curing actual pedopheilia,progeria mylinisation and the fact that im going to make sure entrapment and vigiliantism itself is made constitutionally illegal worldwide for all of these reasons for all crimes will thus shut you down forever – which is the way it needs to be just like the way I’m gonna shut down the fossil fuel industry,wall street,big tech and big pharma.The word sexual predator and pedophile will disappear from the lexicon of the English language.Do you really want to have one of the worst facets of the right be used to justify,pollute and influence your views on on the age of consent.These more liberal progressive countries have no imperialist wars for oil,no threats of starting World War III with Iran,no smearing of veterans like Tulsi Gabbard,no healthcare and education problems,no delays in containing and testing the Coronavirus or giving decent compensation to those made unemployed,no child sex scandles in the Church or in the same vein of Epstein,no corporate corruption,no gamersgate,no immigration problems,no misinterpretation of Bill C-16,no adpocalypse,no scandles involving Facebook/YouTube/Twitter,no demonisation of Greta Thurnberg,no LGBT teen suicides and murders or those on YouTube,no vigilante groups,no “war on drugs”,no underage sex trafficking,no corporate bailouts,no bakeries refusing gay customers,no student teacher sex scandles,no scandles does on par with Matt Gaetz and Jeffery Epstein et al,no restaurant chains supporting homophobic groups,no racial profiling and hate crimes or cops killing minorities,no racism problems with regards to blacks/jews/asians etc and only with regards to muslims forced into the country via conflicts in the Middle East started by America,no domestic terrorist mass shootings with the exception of those inspired by the American created ISIL,no Dr Phil,no whiney conservative pundits,no college SJWs and my super sweet sixteeners,no spoiled little bratty teens or pre teens,no immature bickering amongst political ideologies amongst adults,no climate change denial,other than minor corruption scandles(of which the people who do carry out corruption always get caught and sent to jail in the end) barely anything happens there making them incredibly boring for both progressives and even the centre right conservatives with them and progressives finding them almost paradise – the progressive hellholes of the world.Most conservatives in these countries can actually be debated intellectually without being triggered and have reasonable debates on issues on immigration,homosexual rights,age of consent,healthcare etc without being triggered and propaganda with the same done for those on the left.Ask yourself this question why is it that these issues exist only in conservative Britain and America etc and not in more liberal progressive countries such as Bolivia,Brazil,Peru,Italy with ages of consent at 14?Why do they not even exist in other progressive countries with ages of consent between 15-18?This proves that conservatism is in fact the root source of moral and social decline and liberalism and prograssivism is not and in fact is the source of moral purity and progress – hence the name prograssivism.It also proves that the vulnerable teen myth is a product of environmental pressures brought about by conservatism.If you think the aforementioned problems of your Osirian culture is acceptable and needs to be brought to these “barbaric sick countries” with their “low” age of consent then you really have to reevaluate your morals and ethics and whether teenagers should automatically victimised.

Its hypocritical for liberals even progressives to praise the more progressive countries of Europe,South America and Asia with regards to healthcare,education,immigration,welfare and at the same time still like conservatives hyperconflate late hebe ephebophilia with pedophelia especially with regards to Roy Moore,Kevin Spacey,Jeffery Epstein,Adam Johnson and support vigilante groups and that twat Chris Hansen or even worse Ricky Gervais.This is especially relevant to progressives that denounce and criticise Donald Trumps recent coup in Bolivia since had any of these people including Jeffery Epstein,Onision,Lionmaker,Roy Moore or even Kevin Spacey lived there and other progressive countries noone would have cared about what they did provided actual rape and slavery was not involved and they would still be alive or not in jail.You cant support Evo Morales,support and praise his policies,achievements and political career and also criticise Trump,Bolton,Pompeo etc and still at the same time call Jeffery Epstein,Onision,Lionmaker,R Kelly,Roy Moore pedophiles or sexual predators when they are not as their “victims” that includes Epstein were above the cut off point of 14 and above and at the age of consent in Bolivia etc the countries you so openly venerate.This is why the hyperconflation of late hebe ephebophilia with pedophelia and concerns of “predation” and vulnerability of “underage” teens by liberals especially progressives including in the case of Epstein,Onision et al is more offensive and more embarrassing than when its done by conservatives as your spitting in the face in disgust of the very people you are supposed to be defending as well as praising for their low crime and corruption,universal healthcare,housing and solving all the problems in your own country and your supposed to be open to different points of view including on the age of consent and makes you a hypocrite of the highest order and is a form of cognitive dissonance.Its especially offensive with regards to the recent Bolivian coup and Bolsanaro taking control of Brazil after the success of the “Pink” tide of Brazil.Track down Evo Morales,Luis Acre,Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva etc in person then praise them on their achievements on eliminating poverty,universal healthcare,lower Coronavirus death toll,good track record with gay equality,exposing corruption in the American government.Then spit in their faces and call them sicko,pedophile,predators.This is the level of cognitive dissonance and logic you whippersnappers have.Im pretty sure the citizens of progressive hellhole countries you venerate so much would cringe at your reactions to pedestry and sex involving 14-15 year olds or for that matter that frivolous Borat scene involving Rudy Giualini and frivolous Borat skit with Roy Moore,their reaction videos and this frivolous Matt Gaetz “scandal”.This could also apply to each persons favourite celebrity,politician and YouTuber from China,Brazil,Germany,Japan etc or with ancestry from these countries.You are literally indirectly or directly calling the very people you venerate,idolise,worship and respect etc so much sexual predators and pedophiles.That includes you TYT,Kim Iverson,For Harriet,Niko House,Rational National,Thunderf00t,Progressive Voice,Secular Talk,DemocraticMarxist01,Trevor Noah,The Hill,Randi Rhodes,Eazyonme.I outrank you whippersnappers by 30 years – Im dealing with a bunch of highschoolers here.Please show at least some maturity.You still have a long way to go and your understandings of Marxist economics especially the meaning of communism and socialism can only be called basic at best despite the fact that you have Richard Wolf on all the time and your scientific knowledge is frankly senior highschool level and your understanding of reality is kindergarten level at best.Maybe in 30 – 100 years time or a few thousand years time you might catch up with me.Maybe never.When even progressives can allow themselves to fall into the same mire as conservatives then you know your country is going downhill.This may come as a shock to you Americans and Britain’s but your not the only country in the world – and they have different opinions on different topics and different laws regarding the age of consent you might find vulgar or shocking but you can debate the issue of different cultural norms and views on maturity without resorting to entrapment which should be illegal and erroneously confusing it with a neurological condition.This is why having a single universal age of consent is so important.This is the complexities that you get when different countries and states within them have the ability of setting their own different laws from each other especially with regards to the age of consent and why a global government with the same uniform laws everywhere needs to be established as having each country have different laws it leads to scandles such as these occur,have people from other countries looking in confused at what the big deal is and why vigilante groups that are scum are formed.One countries sexual predator is another countries law abiding citizen with this also applying to recreational drugs,immigration etc alongside cultural norms of say it is normal and culturally acceptable for Italians having multigenerational families consisting of elderly people,their children and grandchildren in their 20s and 30s living in the same roof being normal which would be considered unthinkable and a form of laziness and scrounging in more conservative countries.Meanwhile acceptable behaviour carried out by teens,My Super Sweet Sixteeners or college SJWs in America would be someone who would be laughed at or not tolerated at all if exhibited by teens in a more liberal countries in Europe,Asia and South America or even in more conservative countries in the Middle East and Africa with if ever happened they would given a good slap across the face and kick up the ass and made to work in the family business.This is the power of cultural relativity.You see that vulnerable,spoiled and accident prone teenager that conservatives or even liberals in America and Britain are so used to is almost unheard of in most other countries especially ones with lower ages of consent and in the vast majority of countries worldwide the behaviour you consider acceptable and normal would be laughed at and would not be tolerated at all almost every where else in the world.My super sweet sixteeners and SJWs on college campuses in America would be given a good a slap in the face or kick in the ass to get it out of them if they lived in countries with lower ages of consent especially ones like Italy,France.Furthermore are we not the ones that are supposed to be factually correct on scientific terms and not hyperconflation based on emotions and idiocy and not make jokes about medical conditions against ones control – it would be like you started making jokes about schizophrenia,Downs Syndrome,transgenderism,homosexuality or Asperegers.Wheres that so called political correctness that we are known for?Arent we supposed to be open to other countries views even when they conflict with ours?You can disagree with Bolivia,Germany,Brazil etc and even Japans age of consent but that doesnt mean you can call Epstein,Onision,Lionmaker,Roy Moore etc pedophiles when they are not or even predators and justify entrapment and call it icky.At least try and tolerate other peoples points of view you dont agree with that can be biologically and socially acceptable.You can disagree with the ages of consent in Brazil,Bolivia,China,Germany or hell even the age of consent in Japan.Its you right to free speech is what gives you that right to disagree with them in the first place but at the same time you can at the same time have to at least try and tolerate other people’s opinions.Thats one of the main differences between progressives and conservatives – tolerance.Its part of what free speech and free expression entails – we tolerate other peoples opinions we disagree with and that applies to conservatives and not just SJWs.It also entails you get your facts right rather than simply making shit up.This applies to conservatives,liberals and progressives.By justifying entrapment,entrapping people into situations that they would not have encouraged in doing or carried out in the first place by their volition just to enforce your opinion onto them and society at large and calling people pedophiles and predators when there not your becoming the very intolerant politically correct college thought police SJWs and carrying out the same cancel culture of the left you so vehemently deride.Thats why vigilante groups are scum and dangerous its because their infringing on the right to free speech of other countries and other people within they own countries to have their opinions on what the age of consent should be and concepts of adolescent maturity.If you deride SJWs for silencing free speech in the rest of society then you can’t take the moral highground by doing do the same thing by silencing others who have different opinions on the maturity of adolescents and the different ages of consent meaning you have to accept the fact that different countries have different ages of consent and different people have opinions than you and you can’t label people predators or pedophiles for carrying out behaviour that would be legal in another country.People who carry out entrapment are therefore right wing SJWs just as bad as their left wing SJWs.

Countries that had Isis-Osirian cultures with ages of consent of at least 14-15,adolescence is considered a time of maturity and accepting responsibility for ones actions,intelligence and critical thinking with the political bickering at least mature with these divisions being less reactionary,less pronounced and solved and dealt with more civically through debate rather than trapping ones opponent in a corner without allowing them to counterargument properly as well as the now ubiquitous “OWNED”/”TRIGGERS”/”SCHOOLED”/”DESTROYS” click bait videos on YouTube of predominantly Osirian societies,equal ability to protest and speak in public forums by both sides of the political spectrum unhinged by counter protests or censorship and the social justice warriors and alt-right being almost non existent even though hard left and hard right political factions being present they are less divisive than in Osirian led countries.One could literally sit down with a neo-nazi in Isis-Osirian countries who thought the holocaust was a pretty neat idea as well as thinks that another one is needed alongside a revival of the Third Reich and have a calm intelligent debate about it and counter their ideas and ideology civilly but in an Osirian society one couldn’t even have a civil debate on anything as mundane as healthcare,immigration and education without both sides resorting to childish name calling associated with ones political leanings,and association as well as sexuality and intelligence etc as well as aforementioned clickbait titles.This is the result of an ironic Jungian psychosis of celestial age but also the prevalence of Osirian religions in that cultures history and also the lack of education in schools with regards to critical thinking and in the fact the glorification of poor critical thinking skills,instant gratification,scientific illiteracy,herd mentality,censorship of opposing views both on the left and right spectrums and pleasure seeking reward culture of these historically Osirian led countries with homosexuality despite the great strides in LGBT rights is still deemed comical and sub masculine.You see the whole left verses right thing amongst so called adults mainly between the non progressive left ie centrist corporatist democrats and also predominantly the right and the alt right and their equivalents worldwide is its not about who is right or wrong anymore – its only about who wins.This is the behaviour of so called adults thats reminiscent of playschool – thats why I personally dont subscribe to identity politics anymore as not even the progressives who are the closest outside communist that I can realate to dont get it either.Us progressives and also true communists dont fall for that crap because for us its about doing whats right ie universal healthcare,equal rights for females and LGBT and also the future of the planet.None of this applies to the Osirian or the Osirian-lite who are still locked in this childish battle over who wins making them no different than children and thus not really allowed to make judgements on the issue of the bedroom or anything else for that matter.In these Osirian cultures such as North America,Britain,Austrailia where 18 is automatically means one is automatically bestowed responsibility and maturity however as evident with the rise of social justice warriors,censorship and alt-right on campuses and the internet but also the deepening divisions between political ideologies in middle age and immature bickering between them and the ignorance of different ages of consent in historically Isis-Osirian countries such as Sweden,Germany,China and France the exact opposite is true with the tolerance of early to mid adolescent ages of consent in Isis-Osirian cultures denoted that as stated divisions between political ideologies are less pronounced with adolescents and adults expected to be and thus as a result presented as civil and less prone to instant gratification with a intensive societal emphasis on critical thinking,problem solving and civil discourse with homosexuality having long being considered a normal part of human behaviour and society with teenage pregnancies also considered more acceptable and tolerable than in Osirian countries due to again one considered by nature to be ready to bear young.It also not rising that the Isis-Osirian cultures of Scandinavia,mainland Europe and also South America tend to be more left leaning with regards to other social issues asides from the issues of age of consent,homosexuality,role of women in both modern and ancient times with in modern times tend to be left leaning with regards to areas such as healthcare,social security and also immigration and tend to be overall socialist or harbour socialist lite mixed economies with even the conservative aspects and parties in these countries tend to more agree with them and support them in a centre right position on the whole whereas the Osirian cultures tend to be more hard right in regards to issues such as the role of women in society,age of consent but also healthcare,military,economics taking a more capitalist approach to economics and in them with their left wing variants being usually more Isis-Osirian in nature.The gradual increase in the age of consent in the West particularly America and other Osirian led cultures has coincided with a decrease in the general maturity of its population in both teens and also adults.The term “underage” automatically denotes some sort of inability to be able to take responsibility for ones actions or comprehend the complexities of the adult world as one is automatically bestowed complete comprehension of reality and valid responsibility upon reaching 18 as the set universal standard for maturity.18 is simply an arbitrary number we simply choose as the standard for adulthood or maturity it could be easily 14,15 or even 25 – what relevance or assertion does the number 18 automatically have that it automatically assumes one is mature enough to handle adult responsibilities?This has not been universal or consistent in cultures and societies throught our 200,000 year long history.In ancient Sparta a male was granted citizenship,voting rights,eligibility to marry and the right to be called adults at the age of 30 something that even by todays standards would be too old for any of these and indeed laughable.This was because they spent the ages of roughly 7-20 training for battle in the Agoge and then voted into the mess as well as had to serve at least a decade of military service and they to have had survived this service in order to have any right to have any influence on politics and be viable for marriage and raising children.Its just as arbitrary as the differing ages of consent in countries around the world – what are the prequisites that one must attain to become legally an adult and what defines that term.So why are you considered an adult in most of the world when you hit 18?To sum up,people have long seemed to figure this was around the age when most humans reach a level of maturity and base-knowledge to be fully responsible for themselves and their own actions,even if said individuals will be far more mature and better equipped to handle the challenges of adulthood even just a decade later.That will always be true no matter what age you are if you’re continually improving yourself.But a baseline was needed,so a number was picked for certain official purposes,even if it isn’t perfectly ideal in all cases.What spurred a change and why 18?As for the number,this seemingly was at least partially chosen because that’s the age when most people graduated high school,and the majority of people in the United States attended such a public institution when the switch was made.Thus by 2029 when on has had extensive education in politics stating by 4 or 5 as old and finished their education and living by oneself by 14 thanks to VR technology,Apollo,Wikipedia,progeria mylienisation etc will by this logic mean 14 will be the new age of majority.In the old days,children were raised to take part in their societies at a relatively young age as young as five years old such as working on the farm and factories,in commerce and religious activities as well as in politics or at least discussion of it from an early age even in their pre teen years either at home or as part of the pederastric mentorship programmes where at 12 education and discussion of the politics of the day and history of the state etc was pivotal to a males development with this even taking place at home prior to the age of 12 through parents and extended family members meaning by ones early teens they were well versed in the politics of the day and indeed expected to be so by society.This is not only due to societal expectations but also children were not distracted by trash television and cartoons and even toys and thus were instructed into society and their roles from birth as seen also by females taking on roles of taking care of the home,the farm and younger siblings from their pre teens.For most previous generations including the Baby Boomers it was normal for children as young as 5-8 to be allowed to play by themselves outside without supervision and indeed also be able to fend for themselves somewhat albeit with other friends with current generations such as generation y and z only being allowed to do so until the ages of 13-16.The importance of this is that it gives the child autonomy and the ability to learn how to fend for themselves,adapt to new situations,develop critical thinking skills,independent thought and curiosity about the world as well as self education thus preventing them becoming spoiled and too dependant on their parents.Then of course their were the rigorous coming of age traditions of more Isis-Osirian cultures such as walkabouts of Aboriginal tribes-wherein a male of the age of 10-16 years old was to be thrown into the wilderness of the Australian Outback for anything from six to twelve months to fend for themselves against the elements and wildlife and become self sufficient in one of the most inhospitable deserts in the world filled with dry weather as well scant resources and venomous and deadly carnivorous animals,the bullet ant trial of the Sateré-Mawé wherein twelve year olds would be forced to wear gloves with the Parapona clavata an ant with the most painful sting in the animal kingdom and indeed the most powerful pain a human being can scientifically endure,Maasai and Inuit hunting trips wherein lions,seals and polar bears were hunted by males aged 12-14 using only a simple spear and ones bare hands,Agoge of ancient Sparta the most rigorous army education in both ancient and modern times wherein it was described as being even more rigorous and deadly than war itself and one was trained to die in battle not survive with those who died in battle highly venerated – alongside women who died in childbirth.Trainees were constantly kept hungry and forced to steal food for survival without being caught.Punishment was severe for when they failed to steal food without being caught they were severely whipped and left with no food and expected to hunt for more food with some trainees dying from starvation,the whipping or even from being eaten alive by small animals they hide in clothes.In one recorded instance noted by Plutarch a trainee stole a fox pup he intended to then kill and eat but fearing he would be found with the animal he intended on eating later on thus saving himself from being whipped and starved even further he then kept the animal hidden under his tunic and eventually died from the animal turning the tables on him as it itself was hungry and began eating into his stomach until he bled to death.They also had to sleep outside in the cold wilderness on nothing but a bed of reeds and walk barefoot in the cold with the diagmatosis that was held annually in the Temple of Artemis Orthica was where they were tied up in a pillar and whipped to the point that they would simply pass out with the temple filled with nothing but blood at the end of event.In fact it’s estimated that at least a quarter to a third of all trainees died before reaching adulthood before the age of 18 from starvation,fatal hypothermia,blood loss and infections with the majority being from when they were infants who after a few weeks after being born before their first birthday it was said that male children were put into the wild by themselves from a few days and few nights as a test of strength and if they survived this without succumbing to hypothermia,starvation and animal predators in the form of wolves then they were thus worthy of being inducted into the Agoge itself.It is for this reason that the Agoge was seen as one of the most well renowned military training regime of the Ancient world with parents from around Greece and countries across Ancient Europe doing everything they could to get their children into it because to survive the training itself was considered an achievement with the training was meant not to train warriors to fight in battle but in fact they my were trained to die in battle.In fact it was said that once they got onto the battlefield things actually got better and by comparison the battlefield was considered by comparison a walk in the park.Those who did not pass the rigours of the Agoge and entry into the mess by 30 they were denied citizenship and considered slaves.Barbaric as they may seem to western modern Osirian societies the purpose was to prevent the adolescent and even pre teen from becoming spoiled,complacent and prepare for the toughness of life and expectations of maturity associated with adulthood compared to the delayed maturity and spoiling of modern life as seen in the cliche hallmarks of the sweet sixteen parties etc,learning to drive,prom nights of Osirian cultures.Furthermore the shorter life expediencies possibly forced people to deal with harsher conditions earlier in life and one was expected by the time they finished puberty at 14/15 to be mature enough to bear children to older men in terms of females and in terms of males expected to deal with sexual relationships with older men in their teens.Today they’re not really provided with the tools they need to survive and thrive in the real world.As a result,they have to learn everything the hard way,assuming they’re capable of or given the opportunity learning anything at all.After being put through an archaic education system that stifles emotional and critical development and infantilises them – primary,secondary and tertiary they are somehow expected to function in a cutthroat dog eat dog world of economic competition by themselves without any means of being told how to function in it.As bad as the early adolescence age of consent of Isis-Osirian cultures of both modern and ancient times may seem to Osirian cultures,the cult of perpetual adolescence that lasts into ones thirties or even forties as seen with the emergence of generation Y and possibly Z may be even worse because it infantilises entire societies leading to cultural and moral decline spurred by an romanticisation of delayed adulthood.Thus the vulnerable and immature teen and middle age and even later man children and spoiled heiresses and trophy wives are a purely an Osirian construct and its the reason why the likes of Jeremy Kyle,Dr Phil,Jerry Springer et al could only have careers in Osirian cultures.”Maturity” appears to be a construct of social,cultural and familial expectations as well as personal experiences,personal choices and environmental conditions making it more complex than merely an issue of neural development as evidenced by the different ages of consent across the world and also and differences between different levels of maturity expressed by different individuals that are both adolescents and adults as well as pre teens in both Osirian and Isis-Osirian cultures and indeed in different time periods and generations.It is is thus 50/50 with the maturity of both adolescents and adults as well as even pre teens being purely random and not preset generalisations due to these factors a mixture of both nature and nurture including environmental conditions.Anyone with a basic understanding of neuropsychology understands this.Its just the same of how environmental conditions,cultural expectations,and personal choice and personal experiences determine or own personality and reactions to different situations than from someone else who undergoes different personal experiences and cultural expectations.Then of course there are other factors such as neurotypical conditions conditions that arise through random mutation and heredity factors such as Aspergers and other forms of higher functioning autism,ADHD that may either hinder or enhance maturity in terms of both critical and emotional states interacting with both cultural and environmental factors thus further complicating the development of maturity.ADHD and Aspergers may make someone less mature or more mature in response to environmental,individual and cultural conditions experienced by an individual as stated thus making things more complicated.In fact it’s the main founding principles of neuropsychology itself.If you don’t have a basic understanding of neuropsychology then you can’t be taken seriously just like creationists have cant be taken seriously.You can be allowed to speak but everything that comes out of your mouth will likely be discarded as utter nonsense and laughed at by those of us with basic understanding.A spoiled privileged individual in their 20s or 30s in the decadence of the developed world who grew up never having to work at all and has everything handed to them on a silver platter will have completely different personalities,maturity and behaviour than someone in their 20s and 30s who grew up in complete abject poverty in a war torn area of the world,worked tirelessly in their pre teen and teenage years in sweatshops for 12 plus hours a day in sub par conditions while being exploited by multinationals,in pre industrial level farms in the modern developing world or indeed in ancient and prehistoric times.Thinking otherwise and exhibiting black and white thinking in the complex adult world shows you how little to no understanding of the complexities of neuropsychology or even biology including evolutionary biology you have are and probably just as ignorant as an adult as the teens in your culture making you no more mature than the very people you disregard as vulnerable or immature and seek to protect and thus you have no real merit or value in any opinion on the subject.In fact youve probably have the maturity and mindset of a 9-12 year old who really needs protection from their own immaturity and lack of understanding of the real world.It also shows that you prefer conformity,generalisations and also stereotypes over random individuality that really occurs in neuropsychology from all of these factors thus negating real freedom that thus goes against conservative ideologs of freedom and individuality making you a hypocrite and frankly an idiot.Saying that everyone of every age group ie pre teens,teens,adults and middle aged people and the elderly act and think the same way as everyone else in their age group is not promoting individuality that is supposed to espoused by your ideology but rather it is a promotion of Orwellian groupthink – every one must act the same as everyone else in their age group and if not then they must be punished and then coerced into conforming against their individuality and anyone who disagrees with this are predators – this is not freedom of expression or free thought and individuality this is groupthink and coercion.This is why conservatives and supporters of vigilante groups like Chris Hansen are scum because your quashing individuality and freedom of expression of anyone who disagrees with you.Not only are you quashing free speech but you are also carrying out cultural imperialism.Your viewpoint is that American or British cultures are the superior culture on Earth and all other more liberal both economically and culturally ones are inferior and must be homogenised – all teens under the age of 18 must be vulnerable snowflakes and be unable of critical and emotional maturity and all 18 year olds are to be SJWs,capitalism will solve all problems and everyone must be ignorant,scientifically illiterate and so on.In other wards your way is the only way and any deviation of that must be ignored and expunged.This is not individually and free speech and freedom of thought – this is groupthink and supression of free speech.Your view is the only view that exists and should be allowed and everyone else must be silenced this the same tactics used by SWJs.This is cultural imperialism.Considering the fact that American capitalism just killed a few hundred thousand people,has made America’s infrastructure on par with a third world country and education system dumbed down beyond belief and has produced one of the worst healthcare systems in the world and created generations spoiled,scientifically/politically/economically illiterate adults this is dangerous cultural imperialism.Do you want the rest of the world to be have spoiled brats that get triggered on college campuses and throw temper tantrums for not getting expensive cars etc on their 16th birthday and have ever other country have the same failing infrastructure and disastrous healthcare system and have thousands of people be killed by mass shooters every year due to the same lax gun laws.Really?,Sorry hun but American culture is a trash heap and it’s not because of liberals it’s what happens when conservatives get the way because these problems don’t exist in other more liberalised countries.Healthcare,prisons,psychiatry,education etc and all aspects of society are currently mostly or all privatised and run like businesses with zero state control and gun laws are the most lax in the world and yet the greatest country in the world is falling apart and collapsing in on itself.So how is it that these problems are the fault of of socialism and the government?Your infrastructure is falling apart and getting consistently D ratings because your wasting trillions of dollars of taxpayers money on illegal imperialist wars for oil.This is no different than the imperialism of Christianity,Manifest Destiny and America into Iraq,Bolivia,Iran etc.Unfortunately this is not the reality of the real world because teenagers and even adults in other liberal countries happen to be more mature than the American or British variants.For an ideology that seems to espouse individuality,freedom of expression,freedom of speech and difference of opinion you seem to be adamant on enforcing only your strict narrow stereotypes,views,opinions and expections on human behaviour and maturity of adolescents or even pre teens on the rest of the populace and your views on every other social issue and not being tolerant of others and other people’s opinions or for that matter accepting the other viewpoints of those who disagree with you.Also you not exactly in the position to berating sexual predators who groom underage minors aged 14-17 which is normal in evolutionary terms when your ideology promotes and encourages actual pedopheilia.Furthermore for an ideology that promotes the values of hard work you seem to be pretty averse to doing actually anything that qualifies as actual hard work other than simply sitting on your ass all day and whining like a little shit.Not to mention for an ideology that’s all about facts over feelings you seem to be consistently getting your facts wrong with your so called facts easily debunked by a quick Google,Wikipedia and YouTube search or reading the source material and in time Aleitheia.For an ideology that all about free speech and other people’s opinions you seem to be consistently shutting down opposing views.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?If you can justify the actions of Chris Hansen etc you have to justify the American governments economic imperialism into Bolivia,Venezuela,Syria,Iraq,Afghanistan,Iran etc for oil because it’s exactly the same.The line has to be drawn somewhere otherwise it’s a slippery slope.Frankely Hansen et al needs some poetic justice and a good public videotaped confrontation and public shouting and thrashing like the countless “predators” he set up.I would personally appreciate it if you could acknowledge the evilness of Hansen et al and that fact that Epstein,R Kelly,Adam Johnson,James Jackson,Anthony Wiener,Roy Moore etc were not pedophiles or predators but late hebe ephebophiles and could have simply lived in another country and not been arrested and that your jokes were bullshit.It just might absolve you and make this old man happy.Thus Isis-Osirian progressivism is fact the root of actual individuality not conservative values.Do you really want American and British vigilante groups go around telling by force what maturity should be just like both countries have imperialised other nations in the past?Do you really want to have the rest of the world homogenised into having the same atrocious education and healthcare systems as them and have the same failing infrastructure.The human brain is a very complex machine quite possibly the most complex in existence so far whose machinations are currently not fully understood and probably never will that pinning one factor on its effect it has on the host is frankly ignorant hubris and dangerous especially by those not skilled in neuropsyhology who should thus have no right in shaping age of consent laws and also entrapping random strangers.We know that environmental pressures play a role as studies using MRI scans show the effects of playing video games,performing mathmatic calculations,reading,writing,daydreaming and listening to different types of music as well as injection of different nutrients,drugs etc has noticeable effects on the development of different parts of the brain sometimes with different results in different test subjects.This is where the phrase “brain training” comes from.Then of course there is the fact that different people have different aptitudes to different fields such as maths,science,problem solving,being able to see hidden details in books/movies/paintings etc that none else has and of course the prevalence of ADHD and Aspergers which can affect maturity and neurodevelopment in other areas and intelligence quotient itself.People growing in more liberal countries tend to be more mature as pre teens,teenagers and even adults than in other countries due to cultural factors with poorer people also tending to be more mature than those who grew up spoiled and rich.Using lack of development to excuse childish immature behaviour is unfounded because of environmental and cultural factors but also because most so called adults are not really adults due them doing stupid and irresponsible things all the time when they should know better.If actual adults did exist conspiracy theories,wars,Trumpists,SJWs,corruption,immature bickering between ideologies and also religious fundamentalism etc would not exist at all amongst so called adults who should know better.Are all breaches of age of consent laws involving adolescent minors aged 14-17 always non consensual and emotionally destructive when it is under the local age of consent?The world and neuropsychology is too complex for childish black and white reasoning and logic for adults who should know better and should have outgrown kindergarten level logic.What is considered normal ie the spoiled,accident prone,childish,vulnerable teen of Osirian cultures is not expected of Isis-Osirian cultures and vice versa.This is the role that cultural and social norms have on the formation of maturity.Considering state of modern Osirian societal standards and the excuses of neural development and structures in adolescents compared to adults used by conservative led factions within these societies including vigilante groups it would be logical by Osirian led countries standards to raise the age of consent and even majority to around 25 or even 30.Unfortunately,even that wouldn’t guarantee anything because those numbers are just as arbitrary as 16 and 18.Some people are more mature at 14 than others at 50 or even in recent America politics others at even 70,so maybe the best solution would be adopting the age of consent to those of Isis-Osirian cultures as well as research into progeria mylienisation available by at least 2029 that will ensure both the age of consent and majority will be universally and indefinitely 14 thus eliminating issues of them being immature or even problems arising from archaic position of trust law.

This would be accepted due to numerous factors – firstly one would have finished puberty through genetic engineering just past the cut off age of prepubescence as well as one year earlier than normal and thus capable of bearing young and any physiological consequences related to sexual intercourse,it is already the age of consent in a few remaining predominantly Isis-Osirian countries in modern times,maturity is as shown is a construct of societal,cultural expectations and personal experiences and lastly the inevitability of progeria mylienisation that is genetic engineering and also stem cell strains forcing the human brain to reach full maturity earlier than normal with ideally this occurring in infancy meaning by the time one is even an infant at birth one would have the neural critical and emotional maturity of a person in their mid 30s and thus by the time one ends puberty in their mid teens by 14 one would thus be physically and emotionally mature and thus legally an adult and thus capable of consenting to sex with their brain fully mylienated at least a decade or more before this universal age of consent and majority with them having had extensive political education start by the age of four thus giving them at least a decade of education in this field compared to the scant four years as seen in current systems.Childhood should end the second one ends puberty and once they past the cut off point of actual pedopheilia at 14 and not after it – nature is the one who should decide this not archaic conservative values.Once we are entering a world of immortality,careers starting on average at 12 progeria mylinisation the sooner one enters adulthood the better.Drop it to 14,when their 10-13 years old give them a good kick up the arse and have them fend for themselves in the wilderness or even streets as homeless people for six months to a year and if they come back alive congratulations their on their way to being an adult.Problem solved.This is why most ancient Isis-Osirian coming age rituals such as marriage to an older male,pedrestry and the more rigorous ones such as the bullet ant trial,walkabouts etc usually took place around the time they ended puberty at 14/15 because society had determined that they had “come of age” into the maturity of adulthood.These coming of age rituals were rigourous and were meant to train them for the harsh responsibilities of life as seen by 14/15 year old females married off to older men to prepare for motherhood,the bullet any trial to prepare young tribe members for fending off wild animals in the jungle,Inuit hunting trips to prepare them for hunting food for themselves and their tribe and time family,Masaai hunting trips were done to prepare them for protecting livestock from lions and so on.In otherwards they were expected by society at this age to be adults and be given adulthood responsibilities rather than being complacent brats in the modern age.Nowadays coming of age is being a spoiled pampered brat and getting drunk and ending up face on down on the pavement.Yeah real character building there.Once im done fiddling around with the human genome to treat someone who has finished puberty and whose brain is as developed as someone in their 30s as a child and unable to comprehend the complexities of the world would be more infantilising than it already is.This alongside engineering that increase the average IQ to above 200 will also allow for one to partake in pedagogic training and introductions into education and discussion of complex philosophical,scientific and political studies through salons,YouTube,Apollo,Wikipedia etc as early as even four and five years old and thus by 14 have maturity fitting for being able to vote and other responsibilities and rights we normally associate with 18 year olds.Thus 14 would be the universal age of consent and new age of majority.By having ones brain fully mylienated for at least ten years at the age of four or even younger prior to this new universal age of majority of 14 alongside extensive education in politics and history for the last ten years starting at the age of four via salons,Wikipedia,YouTube etc also compared to a scant amount of political education lasting at most two years in an archaic education system in current circumstances where the voting age and age of majority is 18 one would thus be eligible to vote and considered an adult at 14.Otherwise the alternative considering the rate that society and maturity of people is going downhill perphaps we should be raising the age of majority – the age at one becomes an adult to like 40 or even 50 you know give people an extra 22-32 years of childhood and time to mature into adults.This what coddling people gets you because at the rate standards are dropping and the rate that people are growing downhill this is probably what we are going to have do.Better to have 4 less years of childhood than an extra 22-32 or more years of childhood.Senator Edward Kennedy decided to lower the voting age to 18 from 21 largely because of the fact that unlike previous generations who could vote at 21 they were better informed due to the advent of modern communications –

First,our young people today are far better equipped — intellectually,physically,and emotionally — to make the type of choices involved in voting than were past generations of youth.Many experts believe that today’s 18 year-old is at least the equal,physically and mentally,of a 21 year-old of his father’s generation,or a 25 year-old of his grandfather’s generation.The contrast is clear in the case of education.In 1920,just fifty years ago,only 17% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 21 were high school graduates.Only 8% went on to college.Today,by contrast 79% of Americans in this age group are high school graduates.47% go on to college…Because of the enormous impact of modern communications,especially television,our youth are extremely well informed on all the crucial issues of our time,foreign and domestic,national and local,urban and rural…Our 18 year-olds today are a great deal more mature and more sophisticated than former generations at the same stage of development.Their role in issues like civil rights,Vietnam and the environment is as current as today’s headlines.Through their active social involvement and their participation in programs like the Peace Corps and Vista,our youth have taken the lead on many important questions at home and overseas.In hundreds of respects,they have set a far-reaching example of insight and commitment for us to emulate…Second,by lowering the voting age to 18,we will encourage civic responsibility at an earlier age,and thereby promote lasting social involvement and political participation for our youth.”

The same is happening now the average four year old has smart devices,personal computers and access to Wikipedia,Google,YouTube and soon Apollo at their fingertips alongside the advent of progeria mylienisation.One would no longer be “just a kid” as they would have no choice but to be expected to act and be treated like someone in their 30s with the emotionally vulnerable,vacuous and accident prone teen becoming a thing of the past alongside notions of peer pressure and cliques with vigilante groups becoming obsolete due to this and the curing and treatment of actual pedophelia using CRISPR and stem cell microbes and also making Asperger’s a permanent part of the human genepool through CRISPR and stem cell strains in living patient and advanced gene drive technology.A person would be considered “underage” for only one year with sexual intercourse with a 13 year old even involving a 14 year old would still be considered statutory rape while sex with anyone 12 or younger would be considered serious crimes and thus actual paedophilia and not the faux paedophilia peddled by those on the right.The terms “teenager” and “kid” as well as connotations of them being “vulnerable” will as result disappear from the English language and dictionary completely by the 2030s and 14-15 years old would be considered a time of maturity and one would be expected to act as adults just like in ancient times.Even pre pubescent children due to the full mylienisation of the brain by at birth would be not considered kids or immature and would be considered on par with adults only in terms of political and philosophical discourse and also scientific endeavour yet would still be only considered a child in terms of sexual development and thus would be off limits from having sexual intercourse both with each other and adults aged 14 and above until they they reach the new age of majority 14 at which point they would be finished their education and living by themselves.This will prevent them throwing temper tantrums,getting lost,crying at night and even carrying out behaviour that would warrent corporal punishment such as spanking and allow them even as young as four or five year to fend for themselves online and in the real world against bullies and in the wilderness thus alleviating strains on parents as well as take part in pedagogic training in science and all fields such as law,military training,psychology at this age.Teenage pregnancies,smoking,recreational drug and alcohol use would no longer be considered taboo or a national shame but acceptable due to their fully developed neural systems and them considered adults and one would have finished their training in all fields at this point as well as living independently with further engineering ensuring puberty ends at this point exactly thus the term “teenager” and the negative connotations associated with it would disappear and thus society would see them on par as elder peers as seen in ancient times thus meaning even mentors having sex with mentorees aged 14-17 would be considered normal and socially acceptable.Since people will be living independently by the age of 14-15 then problems associated with teen angst and having to deal with teenagers at home will no longer be an issue as they will be capable of fending for themselves in a less cutthroat world.Coming of age teenage movies and shows will disappear since the vast majority of teens of this age will already be well established in careers in media,law,medicine and scientific research working not just with each other but primarily working with and socialising with adults older than them(with them also considered legal adults at this point)with the only exception being in the case of the Agoge though their would be a limited amount of times you could tell the same story again and again as unlike highschool and college the Agoge will be too rigourous for them to have “problems” and like most modern teen shows would get stale after at least two decades and again they would be working with older adults and would be considered legal adults as well and thus would be no longer restricted to socialising or dating with just each other but also with older adults in their 20s,30s,40s and so on with them at least socialising with adolescents and adults in their 20s,30s and do on when even pre teens.Thus shows and movies about and featuring teens aged 14-18 would involve them socialising and dating people in their 20s,30s etc or older and being trained in their careers and as being well established in their careers,dealing with careers,dealing with parenthood and dealing with the same problems that shows about adults deal with such as Ally Mcbeal,The Practice,CSI,Greys Anatomy,Friends,Star Trek,How I Met Your Mother,The X Files,Desperate Housewives,Sex and the City,The Newsroom and so on.In other wards they will deal with issues that adults normally deal with.Issues such as teen pregnancies,homosexuality,drug use and other themes currently explored in teen movies and television shows would no longer be considered taboo subjects or cliche subjects that are “verys special episodes” with concepts of teen sex with other teens and older adults no longer taboo made a big deal of.The concepts of forming cliques,fitting in,dealing with ones sexuality,drugs,being homecoming and prom king and queen,getting into college or even getting laid and worrying about learning to drive etc and other teenage “problems”will become obsolete.Thus by having the brain fully mature by even during infancy at birth and to allow them to have full development in areas of the brain responsible for emotional and critical thinking as well as the uncinate fasciculus to be fully developed in infants on par with someone in their mid 30s thus by the time one ends puberty at 14 rather than at 15 they would be considered legally an adult at 14 rather than 18.As a result 14 would be the new age of majority and the age a person becomes legally an adult.When one is finished puberty by 14 they will be considered legally an adult as they will have already have the same neural maturity as someone in the thirties for at least the last ten years.People can be finished training and living by themselves at 14 and not have start careers in their chosen field but in the arts until much later on with them even starting families at 14 in their fertile peak and start their careers in that field then with the time dilation effect or even in their 20s as in normal terms and then have a family by then with work in the arts and journalism that doesnt need training done in between then.The emergence of VR technology,networks,lack of money etc will allow students to live customised lives where they do not have to submit to archaic linear cliche “traditional” value driven existences.Thus these activities and others would be considered just as acceptable and normal as in ancient times.Furthermore by keeping females in their fertile peak forever and males in their testosterone peak forever it will be less likely for a person to be dumped for someone younger when they turn 18 with people who crave sex with females in their fertile peak and males in their testorone peak will no longer have to just date someone in their teens or even 20s as they can do so with anyone at any age past 14 in their 20s,40s and 70s even those that are several centuries or thousands of years old with terms and concepts like trophy wife,gold digger,sexual predator,cougar etc disappearing since anyone of any age at 14 or older in the their 30s,50s and even several centuries or several thousand years old will be the same as they were in their teens forever.As a result of keeping one in their hormonal and cellular peak of their teens forever it will thus mean virtually everyone over the age of 14 will be the same as everyone else making age discrepancies gaps and obsolete.Thus even dating someone in their teens when one is several centuries old will be considered just as normal as dating one in their 30s,40s,50s etc or those several thousand years old since they will be literally no difference between them.Those already imprisoned for consensual sex with those aged 14-17 when it was illegal or entrapped for wanting to have sex with people this age will be released and pardoned.With regards to breaches of age of consent laws that qualified as statutory rape and also breach of position of trust laws pardoning and release from jail will apply to only cases where the sexual conduct was mutually consensual with the victims tracked down for each case and them giving statements only in an environment where they are not under duress or coercion from either side of the case and allowed to give a statement as to whether it was traumatic,coercive and thus actual rape or where full mutual consent was given.If the victim is able to give a statement that it was mutually consensual when they were aged 14-17 and under the local age of consent then pardoning and releasing of the prisoner will be carried but if not and the intercourse was in fact actual coercive rape then the perpetrator will remain in prison and also blotted with the record.Rape is still rape regardless of the age of consent and is still indefensible regardless of the situation.The same may apply to sex trafficking and those entrapped by vigilante groups.Being pardoned will also mean their criminal records will be deleted and a federal apology will be made.Even pre teens as young as five or six years old due to fully developed neural systems would be considered on par with adults with regards to being able to grasp complex adult concepts such as politics,the humanities and the sciences and able to fend for themselves in certain situations such as online and also with regards to bullying and would no longer be restricted to socialising with people their own age even during their pre teen age.

One must reevaluate ones values and priorities and question if such infantilisation and conflation of late hebe and ephebopheilia with pedopheilia is even worth keeping at all and also note that the negative phenotypes of generation y and z are found primarily in Osirian cultures.These issues is largely a recent phenomena that arisen only because of our extended lifespans by comparison of Ancient Times.The common excuse is the whole age gap thing which is nonsense especially with the advent of immortality and eternal youth.Once a person remains ageless and eternally young are we going to criticise someone dating another person who is a legal adult aged 18 or in their 20s etc and older or even of the correct local age of consent when they are several decades,centuries or thousand years older than them and there is an age gap of several centuries,or thousands of years between each individual.Stating that there is an issue with the age disparity between people will become silly especially when one can live virtually forever with concepts of a big deal of the age disparity between someone aged 500 is dating someone aged 1,500 or older or someone aged 2,000 dating or having sex with someone who is 18 or in their 20s or 30s or any age younger than 100,500 or 1,000.You are going to have to deal with the concepts of deriding someone who are dating or having sex with someone who wasn’t born in the same century or millenia as each other and will be worrying about age gaps that range between two people that range from several centuries and several thousands of years if not even wider and longer and not decades and single digits.The “creepiness rule” currently relates that the youngest you should date is half your age plus seven with the less commonly used corollary is that the oldest you should date is “subtract seven from your age and double it.”Once one is immortal these will have to be thrown our the window since we are now going to have to deal with age gaps between married or dating couples ranging from several centuries,several thousands of years or even several millions of years.Such classics will include is there a reason why you don’t date someone who is from your own century or millenia or why are you dating someone who is old enough to be your great,great,great,great,great grandparent or why are you dating someone young enough to be your great,great,great,great,great grandchild?Is there a reason why you only date people who are several decades or centuries old and not older say several thousands of years old?Are you still a Virgin at 200,500 or even a 1,000 years old?Will being a virgin when one is several centuries old be a big deal since one has eternity to be promiscuous?Instead of having say 50-100 or even a thousand sexual partners we are going to have to deal with the concept of having hundreds of thousands,millions or even billions of sexual partners.When one has the capacity to sleep with an almost infinite number of people when does one become promiscuous?What is the benchmark of promiscuity?About 500 sexual partners?A 1,000 sexual partners or even a 1,000,000,000 sexual partners?Promiscous is usually only set at around a few dozen because of our short lifespans so when one is immortal do we raise that number to something as high a a billion sexual partners?Then of course similar to how extended lifespans in comparison to Ancient Times one can be labelled a kid at just 15,18 or 25 we’ll have people being labelled just a kid at 90 years old,just a kid at 200 years old,just a kid at 1,000 years old or just a kid at 5,000 years old.When one becomes immortal do adult responsibilities and leaving the homes of mammy and daddy become even more delayed and then we wait until one is at least several thousand years old to finally leave the nest and does staying living at home with mammy and daddy when one is several centuries or thousands old become socially acceptable?Do we extend the end of childhood and the age one legally becomes an adult and finally leaves the nest and harbour adult responsibilities to something such as when one reaches 5,000 years old?Should 5,000 years old be the new age of majority instead of 14 or 18 years old?Do we delay the transition to adulthood even further by several centuries or millenia just like we have delayed the development of adulthood by several decades due to our lifespans becoming longer since the begging of the 20th century?Could a person be considered middle aged at a 10,000 years old?Will they finally be able to deal with the complexities of the adult world and finally take time to mature into adults after an extra few centuries or extra few thousand years of childhood?Will dating and having sex with a 20,40,60,100,300,500,900 or 9,000 year olds now be considered statutory rape,sexual predation,icky,pedopheilia,child abuse and molestation?Will Leonardo Di Caprio once he is at least 20,000 years old still be considered a predator and creepy when he has a preference for dating only supermodels who are now only 500-600 years old?Does living with mammy and daddy and doing nothing with your life when one is several centuries or several thousand years old now be considered normal?Should those who choose to save their virginity for marriage and that special someone wait at least until they’re 1,500 years old to lose their virginity?Will teachers having sex with 500 or 900 year old students still be covered by position of trust laws and be considered sexual predators ?Will people stay mentally preteens for a few centuries before reaching adolescence at say the age of 600-900 years old and then most people will be having to start have sex at say between the ages of 700-800 years old?Will plot lines in movies and television shows normally involving 14-18 years now involve 600-1,000 year olds?Will the actors who play those characters be at least several thousand years old.Will all existing pornographic movies and pornographic photos that involve 18-40 olds or older now be considered child pornography and hence illegal?Should Chris Hansen now get involved in sting operations to catch sexual predators grooming “vulnerable” children who are 70,90,100,500,600,900 years old?Where does the line have to be drawn?This is the absurdity we are going to have start dealing with the advent of immortality and our insistence on delaying adulthood exponentially in relation to longer lifespans.Its better to have 4 less years of childhood than an extra 982 years of childhood.This concept will inevitably become obsolete once progeria mylienisation and immortality become a thing.The age discrepancy thing was never an issue in Ancient Times,Medievil Times etc or even in more recent times up until at least the 1950s and is only due to the linear path of life everyone is forced to take due to our modern society ie all teens must have problems in high school,then go to college and then get a job,marry and have kids in the same linear fashion as everyone else since at least the last century or two.In ancient times roles of not only genders but also age groups was vastly different than today as even children at the of 12 were busy in jobs working as homemakers,blacksmiths etc or focusing on trainee education including the Agoge to considered too old to be vulnerable.Most people will likely “play the field” for a few centuries or few thousand years or even significantly longer before settling down into monogomous relationships in the form of marriage with them likely putting off having children for several centuries or thousands of years.Then of course people may instead of getting divorced and then married a few times in their lifetime may get divorced and married dozens,hundreds and thousands of times.Otherwise people may never have children,never get married or even never engage in monogomous relationships and stay forever single and forever play the field for all of eternity.Then of course there is the exact opposite wherein people may choose to wait until they are at least several centuries or several thousand years old to be chaste before finally popping the cherry either within or outside the confines of marriage.When one is immortal does staying a virgin or single until your at least several hundred or few thousand years old become just as stigmatised and a big deal as staying one until they are in their 20s and 30s etc in modern times?Being an adult virgin is only a big deal because we only have a brief window of opportunity in our teens,20s and possibly 30s to play the field.Once immortal one will have an eternity to play the field so does staying chaste for several centuries or thousands now become socially acceptable or will it be just as stigmatised?Instead of the 40 year old Virgin we will have the 5,000 year old virgin.Our whole attitude to both the concepts of chastity and promiscuosity will have to be reanalysed once we become immortal.Then of course when one is immortal does living with mammy and daddy when one is several centuries or several thousand years old now become socially acceptable.Furthermoe what will marries couples have to do with their marriage when they don’t want children anymore or they reach the 64,000,000,000,000 mark that is the finite amount of genetically distinct children a pair of male and female can have and what to do when they run out of names to call them.Do married couples decide to literally spend eternity with each other or do get married to someone new every few thousabd years and rack up hundreds of thousands of marriages.Although one will be living by themselves by the age of 14 the new age of adulthood they will have time to focus on their careers and even switch back between multiple careers at once.Then of course there are people who can knock up at least several hundred or thousand marriages and divorces.Furthermore we have to deal with the limitations of human memory such as how much of infinity can we truly remember,how many escapades,how many adventures such as holidays,birthdays,anniversaries etc can we remember,how many sexual encounters and sexual partners and even monogomous relationships that lasted several thousand,million or billions of years,how many sudden events,life changing events or specific walks and carrying out of our favourite hobbies can we remember and how much of the universes potentially finite scientific knowledge(as well as that of the finite or infinite amount of the multiverse)and potential infinite art/media/history/mythology and can we remember and learn even with even if we have the ability to download and store on biological harddrives whole millenia or billions of years worth of memories or even longer where does that get stored.What happens when we reach our technological peak?What is left for researchers when we have mapped the genome of all sentient and non sentient species of plants animals and micro-organisms and discovered all laws of physics,chemistry and biology in the universe or even multiverse.What happens when there is nothing left to discover in the sciences.What happens to science fiction when we have no more technologies to hypothesise and how do we differentiate between both science fiction novels and television shows and dramas etc when we have explored all of the universe or even multiverse and have nothing left to technically explore.What happens when they are no new mathematical problems to solve and no new fields of mathematics to discover.What happens when we run out of new ideas for tropes,movies,video games or new fresh spins on them.Then of course there is the issue of what to do when you run out of numbers to denote a persons age such as when you enter the age range of Googleplex or higher and how to make up new numbers that go onto infinity to assign to ones age and how to write that out on paper or ones Wikipedia and Polis page or in digital e-newspapers and even both birthday cards and birthday cakes as well as anniversary cards – do we simply just stop denoting ones age and stop giving us a number of ages to be signed and simply stop saying “I am “x” amount of years old” at a certain point and which point is that and how to assign large potentially infinite numbers to things like as to what year it is – do we simply assign different symbols or annotations such as BC and AD every few thousand,million of billion years or at the start of each Satya Yuga cycle or every few thousand,million or billion cycles and to things like how many times a YouTube video has been viewed and how many times a media has been viewed online or Dionysus and Pheme etc(do we just stop a set number that can be written out in single digits or remove this completely).Will we once reach a set age,set number of views just put in a symbol that denotes we no longer use new numbers.Furthermore the same has to occur when we begin colonising not just the universe but the even the multiverse especially using megastructures such ringworlds,dyson shells and alderson discs and the population of humans and other sentient life forms goes into the realm of absurdly high numbers alongside the credits that each actor or writer has to how many movies etc they have produced.Since to write out a googleplex would take up more space than all available space in the observable universe there’s going to a point that we just simply run out using numbers to denote things such as stated our age,the year it is and also the viewing totals of YouTube videos and media on Dionysus etc.Then of course there is the issue of how to deal with the concepts of spending eternity married to the same person or spend time with the same finite amount of people and also wonder whether there are a finite or infinite permutations or human DNA,finite amount of names for people,finite amount of names for villages/towns/cities and planets etc.finite amount of species of plants and animals etc that can evolve or be created through genetic engineering,finite amount of chemical compounds,finite amount of flavours/scents/smells/patterns etc in crops/plants/meat etc created naturally or even from genetic engineering,finite amount of manufactured products of each type to exist,finite amount of new movies/television shows/video games/music videos/mythology to create and view,a finite amount of exercises that Agoge and other mentors both human and AI can design,a finite amount of unsolved mysteries that are solved,a finite amount of technologies to exist as well as finite amount of planet terrain formations,a finite amount of physical and chemical laws and finite amount of permutations of these in both the universe and even the multiverse and so on and if there is a finite amount then what happens next?What happens when we have discovered everything in terms of physics,biology and chemistry and each subfield – do scientific researchers no longer exist when everything is discovered and what do they then do in their spare time?At which point do futurists and scientific researchers become obsolete?What drives humanity when there is nothing left to explore both scientifically or literary?What happens to futurists when there is nothing left to speculate on the future and no new technologies to imagine?What new technologies do science fiction writers develop when they are no new technologies to develop?What is their for humanity to strive for when poverty,war,famine and disease have been wiped out?What happens to news reporters and political correspondents when there are no new murders,scandles or political conflicts?What happens to police officers and military personnel of world peace lasts forever and there are no new conflicts or crimes to deal with?If the state does dissapear as per proper communism then what how does society function?What happens if no new manufactured products or technologies can be created?If there is an infinite number of these then also what next?If there is an infinite number of potential plant and animal species,chemical and physical laws and terrains then what how do we consider ourself an expert on what is essentially infinite?If there is an infinite amount of plants and animals across the multiverse and from genetic engineering and infinite number of raw elements etc how do we create an infinite number of names.Can there be an infinite number of names for raw elements,plants,animals,compounds,planets,towns,villages,jungles,deserts,mountains etc or even universes across the multiverse?How do we keep ourselves going onto infinity and how do we become experts on the infinite.We are going to have to vastly reevaluate what it means to human in the first place with the term and concept of “the human condition” being either completely modified or abandoned completely into the garbage bin to history with revalutions made to the concept of “the human experience”. If humans can only have a finite understanding as well as memory etc and AI can have an infinite level of memory and understanding which one is likely to get bored and envious of the other before they are driven to perpetual misery from boredom and omniscience of having seen literally everything.What happens to Christianity,Islam,Buddhisms,Hinduism and Judaism etc if we manage to disprove without a doubt the existence of God or an afterlife or even reincarnation?What happens to atheism if we can prove the existence of God or God(s) and an afterlife or reincarnation and for that matter again what happens to Christianity,Buddhism,Hinduism,Islam and Judaism as well.These are the philosophical and metaphysical concepts we are going to have to deal with and be having to grasp with right now as a society when dealing with the concept of an indefinite lifespan and wanting to stay alive forever and grasping the concept of infinity in comparison to either possible oblivion and cessation of existence or eventual possible boredom in the form of higher forms of existence being the alternatives upon death or upon possible physical and spiritual ascension to higher dimensions and if this is unable to lead to boredom then avoiding it due to purely being afraid of the unknown of what lies beyond death and thus choosing to stay forever out of fear of their being nothing after death or it too would eventually lead to boredom.This will be discussed later in one of my future blogs in the blog section


Thus we can see that this victimisation of teens by Osirian governments and values in primarily Britain,America,Ireland where the separation of church and state is thin causes them be immature,prone to trouble and accentuate stereotypes of adolescence thus creating the very regressive left and also social justice warriors they fight against by crushing any impetus of critical thinking,emotional maturity in pre teens and teens leaving them by their late teens upon adulthood to be unable to critically think and also stabilise emotions that further feeds the Osirian right causing a positive feedback loop based on prepositions of what an adult and teenager is as even in adult both sides of the political spectrum become emotionally and politically decisive and immature as if they never grew out out of adolescence.In the ancient Isis-Osirian and even the medieval Osirian societies and well into the middle century of the Silent Generation and Baby Boomer era by which time the current ages of consent of 16-18 in Osirian cultures were established,there was no such thing as a “teenager” or “kid” – the term “youth” did exist and was not associated with the same negative pejorative connotations as teenager as it does today as they were expected to exhibit the same maturity as someone in the 30s if not 20s and it usually implied new ideas and responsibilities.In fact the words “teenager,kid,minor,vulnerable teenager,grooming,sexual predator,underage” dates back only as far as the 1940s-1950s at the peak of the Horusian Aeon right about the time social degeneration really began and the cliche characters of this aberration began to form roughly 70-80 years or 0.035-0.040% of our history.Its about the time that coming of age stories in movies,television shows and books appeared especially those set in high school and also the time that minors were no longer allowed to work on farms or factories or any job outside of waitering until their mid 20s right about the time that society went downhill.Prior to this children as young as five or six were working on farms,in factories and other jobs we consider as too dangerous and only reserved for adults in their 20s and so on.It doesn’t exist in the lexicon of the English or indeed other languages of the world prior to that.In fact these terms only seem to be in the modern lexicon of a few countries namely America,Australia and Britain.Prior to the 1950s most teens and pre teens were simply too busy working on the farm,factories and in we consider dangerous,labourious adult jobs to be worrying about “problems” and their sweet sixteen parties.Whats the phrase “The devil makes work for idle hands to do”.Cliche teen movie and television shows dealing with their “problems” in fact exist predominantly in only handful of countries namely America,Britain and Australia and to a small extent China and Japan but is by comparison only minuscule and even then they are nowhere near what is considered normal in America.Many countries in South America and Europe have soaps and movies involving adults in their 20s,30s or older dating and having sexual intercourse with teens aged 14-17 and not a single eyelid is batted because it’s not a big deal due to cultural factors.In Medievil times one was considered an adult by the time they were 12 and were already working as farmers,blacksmiths,soldiers,miners,builders,craftsmen and other labourious and dangerous jobs we normally associate with that time assigned to the lower classes and also in today’s standards to adults with females by 14/15 like in Ancient Greece already married off to their husbands who were often at least a decade older than them.People we would now think of as being too young to make mature decisions were expected to handle adult responsibilities as being a teenager didnt automatically rescinding one from practising self control and being mature and in fact it was expected for a teen to show the same maturity as their older peers regardless of the neural development.Alexander the Great,for instance,was appointed the regent of Macedonia at 16 when his father,Philip,left to invade Thrace thus placing him in complete control of the country at this “young” age when most teens today are worrying about exams,fitting into cliques,being allowed to go to parties,learning to drive,curfew,summer jobs and peer pressure as well as being considered “just some kid” by modern society at large,was dealing with the responsibilities and complexities of managing and expanding an entire empire spanning not just Macedonia but over the remaining sixteen years if his life when most people deal with college life and then cliche careers and starting families had conquered most of the entire ancient world of the time by the time of his death at 32 – a feat that even by today standards would be considered amazing or prodigious since the lowest age one could become elected officials in modern countries even in the local or federal levels today is usually 32-40 itself and when people like the new wave of Democratic Socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are being peddled by critics for relevant ideas as being too young and clueless to even be taken seriously.His spread of civilisation was nowhere as terrible as the Osirian war crimes,slaughter of civilians and human rights abuses incurred in the name of spreading democracy and fighting over religions and oil in modern times by so called adults and his legacy was primarily in how much infrastructure and cities and towns he built not demolishing them and countries he unified under one banner.Put simply as “a kid” despite his own flaws he achieved more than any modern day general or president has done with zero human rights abuses etc.Hu Qubing become commander of troops at 18,general at 19 and died at 23.At 16,a peasant girl by the name of Jeanne d’Arc was taking her first steps into historical prominence by having the gall to approach a garrison commander to tell him how to do his job by her volition.At 15,one Charles Algernon Parsons was busy inventing the precursor to the modern automobile.At 16,Julius Caesar was heading his family after his father’s death thus preparing him for his role as leader.Tutankhamun was appointed Pharoh of Egypt at the tender age of 9 or 10 years old and ruling the entire country until his death at 18 when people are considered adults and thus eligible to vote.Aisin-Gioro Puyi was crowned the very last Emperor of China in 1908 at the age of 2 and reigned until the age 8 years old in 1912.History is littered with Queens,Monarchs and Emperors who gained control of the throne between the ages of one to five years old with their rulership lasting until middle age and had to deal with adult responsibilities involving the complexities of ruling an entire country or even empire at birth that in todays society would be relegated by law to someone once they reached or even past middle age.Such examples include King Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV of the Toro Kingdom in Uganda crowned at the age of 3 now aged 28,Richard II ascended to the throne aged 10 and was deposed at the age of 32,King Sobhuza II of Swaziland was crowned at the age of four months old until his death at 82,James V was crowned king at seventeen months old until his death at 30,his daughter Mary Queen of Scots was crowned when she was six days old until the age of 25,her son James VI at 13 months old and ruled until the age of 38,Alfonso XIII of Spain was crowned upon birth and ruled until the age of 54 with Shah Shapur II crowned while still in inutero and not even born with him ruling the Sassanid Empire until he was 70.Even though they may have had regents they were still expected to become accustomed and educated very early on in the goings on their countries politics and developments and those going on across the world very early on and had to have a good or advanced understanding of these during their childhood and teenage years compared to todays youth despite not actually being fully in control they were still expected early on to be familiar and partake in most customs and responsibilities.They were in essence treated like and expected to act like grown up monarchs when even prepubescent children and still under the tutelage of regents.Had these people simply stayed in school or at home and lived the same lives as most modern teens and shut down from doing what they did via obedience then history would be very different and not for the better as they showed maturity way beyond there years even more than what most so called adults of the modern age.Most were introduced to their future spouses in their teens and even pre teen years in some cases even much much older than them in their 20s and 30s with marriage and sexual intercourse initiated between the ages of 14/15.This in contrast to more modern children and teenagers that usually dont have their first ounce of responsibility until there first job in their mid twenties or later and even though they are eligible to vote at 18 they are still on the whole politically,economically and historically illiterate in politics and economics in their own country nevermind that of global geopolitics largely due the admonishment of curiosity learning in schools but also them being viewed by society as “just kids”.Concepts of underage teens or he’ll even preteens denied political responsibilities or considered too young to understand the complexitirs of the adult world are debunked by this and the fact that a 70 something man child in the form of Donald Trump with the so called wisdom and responsibility of adulthood that is supposed to denote the concept that wisdom is endowed to people through experience and their advanced age and the elderly who became the leader of a country despite having the IQ of an onion(much like his supporters) was in charge of Iran,the Coronavirus pandemic and the future of the planet and did a pretty terrible bang up job of it makes it moot.He a person of his advanced age which is usually supposed to denote wisdom and experience and maturity led to us nearly being dragged into WWW 3,led to mass genocide of his own citizens etc and led to us losing more time to address climate change and us still in Iraq and Afghanistan and doing so to spite those damn liberals.Even a 5-10 year old could have handled the Coranvirus,Iran and the future of the planet better than Trump.The same goes for the entirety of Congress etc.Hell a 5-10 year old could have handled Iraq,Afghanistan and the War on Terror much better.You see in many cultures the elderly are looked upon as vestiges of wisdom and people who of advanced age are chosen as leaders or consulting on important military and public decisions because they’ve thrown away old feuds and don’t make rash decisions and judgements based on emotions and immaturity like children often do.Trump indeed most of the RNC/DNC threw this out the window like a big man child and are doing everything they can to stall the actual progressive ideas and reforms we need.Only in America can this happen – America first everyone,America first.Even most adults in their 30s and 40s particularly in Osirian countries dont have much of an understanding of international or even national geopolitics – the fact that roughly 73,000,000 American adults cant even locate their own country on a map of the world and that 100,000,000 believe the Earth and universe is only 6,000 – 10,000 years old,and most people in any Osirian countries such as America and Britain cant even list their own countries main politicians and members of the royal families let alone be knowledgeable on the complexities of international politics denotes this alongside the prevalence of scientific illiteracy and conspiracy theories amongst so called adults in these cultures proves my point.This sign of societal breakdown can also apply to the avalanche of immature elementary school level bickering amongst political ideologies,inability to get ones facts straight,poor critical thinking skills and long term planning in terms of foreign policy,reckless environmental destruction,government and corporate coverups/corruption/scandals/irresponsibility,scientific/historic/political/economic illiteracy,censorship,perpetual endemic warfare over petty issues and imperialism,corruption,racism,misogyny,religious fundamentalism and also acceptance and proliferation of conspiracy theories,peer pressure to fall in line with this amongst so called “adults” who are supposed to exhibit critical and emotional maturity and should by their own standards know better that proliferates in primarily Osirian cultures with Isis-Osirian cultures having it less pronounced and more dealt with through intelligent debate and is likely the result of the result of celestial age.Isis-Osirian cultures that have these proliferating do so usually under Osirian governments or under the influence of Osirian cultures.“He that without sin among you,let him first cast stone”.The difference and the audacity to admit when they are wrong between the Osirian and Isis-Osirian is this-one has class and standards the other doesnt – try and think about which one is which.This is probably the root of the mid life crisis in the Osirian culture as one has spent the vast majority of their pre teen and teen years wasting away their youth being babysat and stuck at home and dont really do anything until their mid twenties or even thirties usually in jobs that are cliche and irrelevant and then wake up one day in their, fifties or even forties realising theyve wasted their lives just like everyone else as a result of Osirian values – just another cog in the machine.Hence the term youth is wasted on the young.The mid-life crises is really only a recent phenomenon because we are forced into linear cliché patterns of life.In otherwards everyone is expected to act and think the same as everyone else at each set age of their lives and any deviations to this is to be quashed.At forty or even thirty you’ve already wasted over half of your life on being babysat and the last half of your life had been spent doing worthless jobs.People turning 30 years old is a big deal nowadays because your pushing middle age and you’ve just wasted 73% of your life on being babysat in school and college wheras in prehistoric times you’d be dead or at least past elderly age by now.People turning 40 Is a big deal because your middle age and you’ve just wasted 55% of your live being babysat.The older education systems such as pedreastric mentor mentoree systems of ancient Japan,Greece,Sparta and Egypt where students were expected to question and use critical thinking and where one on one imparting of knowledge and where they were expected to interact with older individuals at a young age and not just their own peers and where the purpose of education was to become a member of society and not just fitted into an occupation and where concepts we normally expect to be relegated to college ie when one reaches the age of 18 were normally taught at much younger ages ie 12 or even younger was completely different from the modern industrial system where students are educated into occupations in batches decided by their age and critical and emotional development is stunted and punisheable thus allowing the fostering of peer pressure,materialism,fitting into cliques,homophobia,spoiled teenage princesses and other modern problems associated with modern highschools and even colleges which are purely modern constructs primarily in Osirian cultures and in part the “Me” generation of 20th century capitalism espoused by objectivists and followers of Ayn Rand,Milton Friedman,Adam Smith etc.What we consider typical teenage behaviour and sterotypes are purely a modern phenomena of Osirian cultures emerging only in the last 70-80 years much like the nuclear traditional family of one mother,one father and two point five kids and other “traditional” values with their being no references to their being teen angst,rebelliousness,formation of cliques or cliche coming of age stories in records of ancient or even medieval times with even the industrial revolution having no records since such attributes have only manifested in the last century and a half reaching prominence in the latter half of the 20th century.Any records of such attributes are scant and are usually accepted as the exception and not the rule meaning them occurring occurred very infrequently with them occurring less frequently in Isis-Osirian societies both ancient and modern with in ancient times it usually quashed through discipline and social expectations.In short this phenomena has only been around for roughly 0.05% of our entire 200,000 history on Earth.These are likely the result of the authoritative nature of the Osirian Aeon have with the latter two centuries of the Osirian Aeon and emergence and full swing of the Horusian Aeon came into effect that has in short created an artificial stereotyping and behaviour patterns that are in fact against normal human or indeed animal behaviour.It’s also about the time conservatism in both America etc began to take hold alongside capitalism domineering communism in the west.Thus the American patriarchal cultural imperialism over liberalism and its attempts to quash it out in all forms is responsible for the moral and cultural decline in the west since the end of World War II and star of the Cold War.This is likely because records of stereotypical behaviour only exists for the last half century from roughly the 1950s and also because there are no or few living people that are alive that were born before the 1920s.Prior to this time period stories involving teenagers involve them working on the farm,factories and being the adolescent lover and concubine of much older adults in their 20s and 30s.Both Judeo-Christian and traditional values such as the nuclear family themselves are also a recent phenomena being again roughly a century old with at them going back at most to at least the 1500s.The adoption of pederasty and early adolescent ages of consent in Isis-Osirian countries and their ancient societies was likely due to several simple facts not only just the myths that espoused them but also that one grew up a lot faster back then and that’s not necessarily a bad thing largely due to harsher conditions due the prevalence of poverty with even the standards of living for the wealthy being poor by todays standards,the need for even prepubescent children to work on farms and in full time jobs,the intolerance of immaturity in teenagers the acceptance that puberty meant one was ready for children and sexual intercourse decided by nature in order to breed young as early as possible as life expectancy was much shorter than today.Living in much harsher conditions more than likely forced the vast majority of so called to “teenagers” to exhibit more adult like maturity unlike the more pampered,victimised brats of western Osirian societies with even the very wealthy monarchs,emperors and noblemen of the past and thus their child and teenage progeny living lives that by todays standards would have been primitive,low quality and poor in comparison to the living standards of modern day people in the middle and even lower economic classes in the developed world.Thus both the poor slave/peasant and royalty/upper classes of ancient and medieval times would have due to environmental conditions would have been forced to exhibit more mature behaviour in ones prepubescent and adolescent years than in modern times.Living long enough to reach what we consider elderly age,menopause or even middle age ie 40 or even 30-35 and see you grandchildren or even your own children reach maturity ancd even adolescence and ear the wisdom of old age was a luxury very few could afford biologically in ancient and prehistoric times due to trauma,the elements,bacterial and viral infections that could be easily treated in todays world as well as animal predators,the elements and malnutrition all of which would have meant certain death before the advances of antibiotics,modern medicine and agriculture forced even the very young to more careful in their daily goings on in contrast to longer life expectations in the modern age due to modern medicine coupled with the burden of careers,idleness of an outdated educational system meaning most women wait until their thirties to have children so the concept of teenage pregnancies is looked down and frowned upon and adolescents being sexually active with adults considered vulnerable by primarily Osirian cultures but less so by Isis-Osirian.What we consider young today ie 14/15 was considered middle age in the past and not being “kids” and people that age had to exhibit maturity we currently expect from 40 year olds.For those of you aged 30 or older just think about this if you were living in a different time period you would be dead by now for x amount of years during what was considered elderly age at the time with those of you currently 14/15 youd be now middle age and be dead in less than twenty years at most,probably ten to fifteen years which isnt very much and the theoretical limit for a maximum lifespan at the time was 54 – 64 but that was as rare as the current limit of 122 is for us as in todays world(roughly 1-10% of the population)and very rare to achieve with the vast majority of deaths roughly 80-90% occurring before 30-35 during ones 20s,teens and pre teens from trauma as well as infections and animal predators with 10-20% living between 30-54,compared to nowadays where by 14/15 youd be expected to live an extra seventy to eighty years to at least 85-95.You see when the average lifespan is 25-40 you dont really have much time to live and you dont have much time to be “just a kid,angsty” or “vulnerable” and getting pregnant by either someone your own age and even someone who managed to live long enough to be considered middle age by todays standards in your teens especially 14-17 was not frowned upon as it is today,it was not just acceptable it was essential to the survival of the species and the family line.If it was either an older male who impregnated an underage teenage female or younger underage male who impregnated an older female with in both cases the underage minor being 14-17 society accepted it.When 25-40 is considered elderly age and 14-15 is considered middle age then life seems really short,especially when live is harsh,full of hardwork and death lurks around every corner in the form of warfare,famine,disease,animal predators and one must even as a pre teen must exhibit maturity well beyond their years and sexual attraction to teens is considered socially acceptable.The term middle age only applies to someone in their 40s because nowadays we live longer.In the past middle age denoted someone who was much younger say in their 30s,20s or even in their teens.Once immortality sets in middle age may refer to someone who is at least 5,000 years old thus meaning we may have to extend the onset of adulthood by several centuries or several thousand years as well as well.Ironicaly this was prevalent during the Middle Ages the height of the Osirian Aeon especially during and after the Black Death wiped out 30-60% of Europes population roughly 100,000,000 – 125,000,000 people.The Toba catasphroe about 74,000 years ago was a more extreme example where it is estimated that the population of H.sapiens was reduced to a mere 1,000 – 10,000 breeding pairs meaning the population of H.sapiens was at least 2,000 – 20,000 individuals meaning at such low numbers procreation between what we consider underage minors,themselves and adults was essential to the survival of the species and they were expected to bear the responsibility of parenthood in even much worse conditions when civilisation and agriculture didnt even exist.The fact that you are alive and reading this proves my point – more than likely your ancestors were pregnant at these ages of 14-17 by each other,an older male or impregnated an older female at this age and it was accepted by society either medieval,ancient or even prehistory because it was essential to produce as many healthy viable offspring to continue the line of the species and they had to deal with the responsibilities of parenthood during their teens.There was no debate over bragging rights for the younger male or vulnerability of the younger female it was accepted because it had to happen and more than likely it was mutually consensual and also long term monogomous or polygamous relationships were formedFurthermore considering the extreme situations they were not vulnerable spoiled “kids”.If you have a problem with this build a time machine and then lecture them and then spend at least a few years in their shoes in such extreme pre civilisation living conditions where 25-40 is considered elderly age,14-15 years old or even 12.45 years to 20 years old are considered middle age and where agriculture,housing,electricity,smartphones and all of the luxuries of modern life were non existent otherwise shut your piehole.Have you never ever visited mainland Europe,Asia and South America?Have you never ever even heard of these countries?Youve never been to these countries?Are you seriously telling me that in the entire 200,000 year span of human history adolescents never got rregnant and they never had sex with adults?Thats how delusional you are?This is the level of ignorance both Americans and Britain’s seem to have.Teens of the prehistoric age who were of the preferred age range of Jeffery Epstein,Lionmaker,Onision,Matt Gaetz,Roy Moore and R Kelly et al 14-17 or even 13 were likely pregnant and way more mature than those of today and had to deal with parenthood,and having to deal with the fact that most of their young would be dying early through miscarriages/stillbirths/malaria with very few of their children making it to their teenage years themselves,with them from childhood in the preteen years braving the elements with no shelter or even clothing,hunting prey that was constantly on the move such as gazelle,bison,deer,fish and birds etc,gathering fruit and nuts,being extremely malnoursihed and fighting off animal predators such as lions,bears and tigers as well as battling frequent bouts of malaria if they survived at all and were considered middle age for the time at the ages of 14-17 reaching elderly age between the ages of 25-40 with the average lifespan being 25-40 with it extremely rare for someone to reach the age of 40 or 50 with sexual intercourse between adolescents aged between 14-17 year olds and also adults aged in their 20s and those who made it to their 30s etc or the rare instance of their 40s or older likely commonplace,more commonplace than in modern society – a far cry from the teenybopper,sweet sixteener and wangst crap and coming of age nonsense of Beverly Hills 90210,Twilight,My So Called Life,Dawson’s Creek,Party of Five,Roswell High,Popular,Felicity,Glee,Degrassi,Freaks & Geeks,One Tree Hill,Pretty in Pink,Sixteen Candles,My Super Sweet 16,The Breakfast Club, and so on.Put simply our adolescent and even pre teen ancestors were too busy fighting off animal predators,malaria,hunting prey and braving the elements and dealing with motherhood and loss of children to pathogens and parasites etc to be worrying about the “problems” of modern day teens such as popularity,fitting in cliques,getting a date to the prom,ones sexuality,dealing with parents,acceptance into college and self esteem and not getting $240,000 G-Wagons for their 16th birthday.Its estimated that at least 108,000,000,000 humans have existed on Earth since about 50,000 years ago but the number could be much higher as much as 4-10 times higher as humans have existed since 200,000 years with with that number being that high due to high infant mortality rates and most people unlikely to reach middle age of 30-40 years old and even elderly 65 years old due to the extreme conditions of prehistoric times for humans especially teenagers.Adults having sexual with teenage minors and teenage pregnancies were likely way more common and frequent in prehistoric times and readily accepted due to the circumstances etc.Life was short,harsh and brutal and living to what we consider elderly age that is 65 and older or even living to middle age such as 30-40 years old and watch one’s grandchildren or even own children reach adulthood and gain the wisdom of old age was a luxury very few people could attain and afford.Its believed and generally agreed p by scientists etc that in prehistoric times life expectancy was as low as 18-25 years old with in ancient cultures such as in Ancient Greece etc it being between 20-35 and life expectancy rising only to 37 years old only as recent as the 1880s with their only rare instances of people living to 40-65 or what we consider elderly age in prehistoric times to the 1880s with the majority of people dying by pathogens,malnutrition and genetic disease and injuries that could have healed with modern medicine and the emergence of centurions that is people living to a 100 years old and even those living to their 80s and 90s only existing since the mid 20th century.Life expectancy is determined not by how old people can get but the amount of people who can get that old on average – low life expectancy is usually the result of high infant mortality rates and people dying from animal predation,pathogens,parasites etc and easily preventable conditions by todays standards when they are preteens,adolescents and adults aged 5-20.Countries and time periods with lower life expectancy still have people that can live to 65-90 but the number of people living that long is low therefore the vast majority of people will die before they reach their adult years of 18-25.Conversly countries abc time periods with high life expectancy have the vast majority of people reaching that age with very low infant mortality rates and low amounts of people dying in their teens,20s,30s etc..It’s a well established scientific fact that the vast majority of humans roughly 50-60% of all of the estimated 108,000,000,000 humans that have ever lived on Earth Thats roughly 58,000,000,000 people died before the age of 20 primarily between the ages of 5-15 largely due to malnutrition,starvation,malaria and other causes of death we can easily manage today.By today’s standards would make them “kids” and too young to die when in reality they were by their days standards were elderly age.Most people prior to 1800 very rarely lived to 50-65 years old.The increase in lifespan since the 1800s has only been due to the rise of antibiotics and better nutritional awareness that’s allowed out average life expectancy to rise so much to the point we are now able to grow into the elderly years so easily.We only associate foolishness and inexperience and vulnerability to the young and maturity to those especially those in their elderly age because nowadays unlike before we are able to live for decades longer than in the past.Death at such early ages normally came from genetic based diseases,pathogens and also poor diets that led to malnutrition and heart disease,natural predators taking advantage of human prey that was weakened by injuries that oils be treated tidy and injuries that today are easily treatable prehistoric times life was too short to be a foolish or vulnerable teenager or child – if you were a foolish or vulnerable child of adolescent you died – life was too short to be just a kid or considered just anything.Love triangles and cheating spouses etc were likely not a problem as most anthropologists believe most prehistoric families included both forms of polygamy -polygyny and polyandry and group marriages due to the need to form large collective families to care for young and fight off animal predators,cater for hunter gather primitive communistic in caves and the open wilderness as well as it acceptable to have as many sexual partners as possible to create as many genetically distinct offspring as possible to ensure the survival of the species.We actually really make movies and television shows about this shit?Without modern day teenage wangst,cliques and in fact the need for bearing children and the harsh conditions even monogomous relationships did occur it was more fluid like Ancient Isis-Osirian societies with it less likely there being more socially expected for couples to have multiple sexual partners even with adolescent partners unlike the rigid monogamy of conservative societies of conservative Medievil Europe and modern conservative America and Middle East.In ancient times social expectations involving marriage in ones teens to older men etc also negated any chance of having “problems” This what the terms brevity of life and dying before your time actually means because in the past you literally died before you life actually begun by todays standards by ones twenties,teens or younger you actually had to act like adults and not children in order to survive the harshness of life.You have to take into context and perspective the conditions one was exposed to in prehistoric Earth.This why terms like child,teenager,adult and elderly are almost non existent in pre industrial literature because life was so short as to not even warrent them.Most deaths would have been due to viral,bacterial,fungal infections and parasites like Plasmodium etc,starvation,malnutrition,fatigue from being overworked just to hunt and forage for food and the elements as well as trauma all of which could be easily treated in todays world only as recent as the discovery of Penicillin in 1928 and modern medicine,nutrition in the late 1700s and early 1800s – only 200 years ago.We have only recently discovered that the human brain does not reach full maturity in terms of emotional and critical development until ones mid twenties and in terms of the very last part the brain the uncinate fasciculus doesn’t reach thirties since around 2011 and it is because from an evolutionary standpoint the frontal lobe that houses the areas responsible for emotions and forward planning was sacrificed for late development in order to ensure the rest of the brain for vital functions must be fully developed first to allow humans to actually survive via being able to make snap life or death decisions and development following a pattern from the back to the front but in terms of evolution it was tested by the mere fact that we survived at all in the brutality of nature in prehistoric times against predators,lack of continual supplies of sufficient food and shelter,the need to coapulate and rear children the second puberty ended by 14/15 with even any surviving older adults and other evolutionary hurdles such as natural disasters including the Toba catastrophe as stated in those days you died by the time your brain fully matured mainly from infections,trauma,the elements and malnutrition now fixed by modern medicine and living standards as we were able to fight off predators,each other and we even managed to survive in ancient times the rigorous rights of passage in ancient cultures and other feats that in todays modern world of convenience and molly coddling would cause make even so called adults die.As stated these primative conditions and rigorous coming of age rituals of the ancient Isis-Osirian would make even most so called adults in their 30s and not just teenagers of the modern world simply die with the prevalence of immature and uncivilised behavoiur amongst many adults of the modern age negating the myth of the vulnerable teen.The fact that you even exist in the first place and are reading this disproves this vulnerable teen myth with it corrected via progeria mylienisation by 2029.Shorter lifespans and harsher lives meant that one was expected to bear young and bear with the consequences of parenthood as soon as they physically could by ones early teens even from an older male or female to ensure the survival of the species – if you didnt humanity wouldnt exist today and realible supplies of food was so scarce that disease associated with affluence and eldery age ie cancer,obesity,alzheimers,heart disease strokes etc didnt occur because you were either too malnourished,too fatigued from hunting etc or you simply died too young before they could occur from trauma,the elements and infections.Heart disease and cancer would only have occurred due to genetics to those in their twenties,teens or younger similar how to occurs nowadays in these age groups or even exposure to natural carcinogens including accidental exposure to radioactive metals and toxins.Words like child,teenager and adult or even elderly didnt exist.The concept of being just a kid,just any age or just anything really was unheard of you died too young to be even be considered just a kid or just anything at any age.Life was simply too short and too harsh to warrant these words and labels.The effects of this on neuropsychological development is thus vastly different due not only to the shorter lifespan but also the harsher life conditions compared to todays longer lifespans and life of convenience.If possible the lack of neural development in the frontal lobe responsible for critical thinking,forward planning as well as emotional development was necessary to react quickly to threats in the form of animal predators due to this lack of neural development leading to adolescents in prehistoric Earth being more likely to take risks and snap decisions that would prevent them becoming an animals lunch or those that would allow them to hunt prey better by making quick snap decisions to avoid animal attacks from animal prey such as lions,tigers etc and quick snap decisions to catch prey themselves such as fish,small lizards and mammals and even larger prey such as gazelle etc thus allowing this lack of neural development having an evolutionary advantage and not just the result of keeping the rest of the brain alive with the same said for ADHD with modern day civilised society lacking the environmental pressures to put this lack of neural development to any purpose.Both ADHD and Aspergers may also formed as a result of these conditions and may have both played an advantageous role in hunter gather societies.This and the need to keep the rest of the brain fully formed is why the lack of frontal lobe development until their mid twenties evolved in humans.Put simply hunger gather societies required a lack of neural development and hyperfocus with the teenage brain and that of ADHD suffers hyperfocus not suited to the complacency of an industrialised society.Thus the ability to make snap life or death decisions in prehistoric Earth would have made adolescents and even pre teens better at avoiding pitfalls such as animal predators and make snap decisions that would avoid death at their hands and more importantly catch prey much better than adults of their time or even today’s standards thus making them better survivalists in the real world.They needed to make snap decisions to avoiding becoming an animal predators such as lions,tigers,bears etc next meal in an instant as well as making snap decisions to catch prey or attack prey such as gazelle,fish and other small animals perfectly in an instant.Thus taking risks is an evolutionary advantage making prehistoric humans better survivalists.Furtehermore they had to make instant decisions when on the run from predators and when chasing prey as well as when dealing with other humans.Adults especially modern ones and even pre teens and adolescents that would have been evolved with fully formed brains on the other hand would have been more likely to stall and asses each situation,less likely to make snap and rash decisions thus less likely to take risks thus making it more likely for them to be killed by animal predators and miss opportunities to catch prey and thus die of starvation and thus would be less likely to learn how to hunt and survive effectively as adults if they made to adult.This training from their pre teen and adolescent years would have ingrained into them as hardened adults possibly able to learn from this lack of development how to hunt effectively and survive these conditions much better than if they have had evolved with fully mylienated brains at birth.They would have learned from these childhood and adolescent experiences without the full development of the frontal lobe how to make better snap life and death decisions as adults than if they were born with fully mylienated brains so by the time the brain was fully developed the ability to make better snap life or death decisions would have been ingrained into them better than if humans were born with fully mylienated brains as seen by the fact that teens and pre teens tend to be much quicker learners than adults at new languages,video games,new technologies etc – hence the phrase you can’t teach a dog new tricks.This would have been complimented by external pressures forcing the adolescent and even pre teen hunter gathers to mature psychologically much quicker to deal with braving the elements and the expectations of having to hunt for food,plan out attacks on prey,plan out out escapes from predators,track migrations,memorise the environment in order to plan ahead that required more complex critical thinking than highschool,colllege and even the cutthroat world of todays capitalist society provides.Thus being likely to make rash decisions and take risks rather than fully informed ones as adults may have forced adolescents and pre teens in prehistoric times to be able to avoid death at the hands of predators but also make snap decisions to catch prey better combined with the need to carry out complex planning ahead,mapping of geological areas as part of the need to hunt for food,track migrations of animals,navigate pristine wilderness had moulded the brain into that equivalent hardened adults in their early adolescent or even pre teen years years and even adolescents that were able to fight off any predator and successfully hunt food which even most modern adults could never survive.Any loss of development in the pre frontal cortex to make snap life or death decisions that resulted in lack of ability to critically think and emotional intelligence was countered by them mentally having to carry out complex calculations and forward planning in order to track the animal migrations of prey,develop strategies to catch them and avoid predators to whom they were also in the lookout for as well and measure the flows of the days and seasons with them also having to memorise large swathes of wilderness for navigation and planning out catching prey and avoiding predators not just during the day but also at nighttime.Any lack of development in the areas of the brain for emotions would have countered by this and the fact that they had to deal with not only carrying out intense critical thinking but also they were also living in extreme circumstances beyond that which even the poorest of the poor in Africa,India and Asia currently live in a day to day basis having to constantly live in the outdoors area of wilderness if caves could not be found without modern day bedding and were constantly malnourished etc thus leading them to their brains being moulded into both emotional and critical hardened individuals.Our ancestors of the prehistoric era lived in such squalor that they would view conditions of the poorest of the poor who curremtly live in slums in India,Africa etc as luxurious.You have to take into context the conditions of which our prehistoric ancestors both adults and adolescents and even pre teens grew up in.As a result evolution favoured the lack of development of the pre frontal lobe to make our ancestors better hunters and able to better fight off animal predators.This is counter to the modern prevailing “theory” of the accident prone,vulnerable teenager as they in the past would have to deal with making snap decisions to navigate wilderness,catch prey and avoid predators using complex critical thinking and creativity that is now quashed by the modern academic system and society at large.If modern day teenagers or even modern day pre teens or hell even most modern day adults existed in prehistoric times humans would have gone extinct in few years.The fact that you are alive today and are reading this proves my point.Your ancestors in prehistoric times were way more mature than even most 70 years old in modern times.The lack of development in the pre frontal lobe is not a handicap or form of mental retardation – its an evolutionary advantage that gave us superior survival skills.Drop a modern day teen/pre teen and adult in their 30s/40s in prehistoric Earth and see which one has a better chance of survival the answer might surprise you.Taking risks is an evolutionary advantage that allowed adolescents in prehistoric times to be better survivalists by being able to make snap life or death decisions to avoid predators such as lions,cheetahs,hippos and catch prey like gazelle,fish etc.MRI scans of all avian,mammalian,reptillian and sea fauna both prey and predators including our ape cousins,pets and livestock from around the world and eventually universe(and other sentient races across the universe)can like humans have MRI scans done at birth up until adulthood and elderly age using conventional MRI scans and even portable ones to confirm that this trait of pre frontal lobe comprimisation wherein in the development of the parts of the brain responsible for emotions and forward planning are sacrificed until adulthood is a necessary perquisite for survival in all animal predators and prey in the cutthroat world of Darwinian natural selection and thus a favoured trait chosen by natural selection across both Earth and indeed the universe for these reasons using multiple test subjects of each species at different ages in zoos,conservation areas and those reared in capitivty.This could show it as an universal perquisite for survival chosen by Darwinian natural selection across Earth and other planets across the universe.It can also be done to show the presence of schizophrenia,pedopheilia and other neurological disorders in animals of all taxonomic ranks and species as well as their version of ADHD,Aspergers and transgenderism as well as neural roots for homosexuality and bisexuality coupled with genetic scans.Experiments on colonies in conservation areas,islands or laboratories using extensions to house large sizeable ecosystems or even VR simulations can test animals of different species together or by themselves with and without their version of progeria mylienisation from birth in different sets decided by AI to test their responses in hunting prey and fending off predators in survival to be then compared against a control with all species having normal neural development coupled with blind controls etc.This can also include biosynth versions using AI of varying levels of intelligence specifically of each tested species of animal including versions of humans.This may have made our adolescent and by extension adult ancestors quite possibly nature finest and most adept hunters and survivalists in spite of this evolutionary compromise and even negated any emotional immaturity as the rigorous environmental pressures and need for critical development,the elements and constant daily fight for survival may have counteracted any emotional immaturity with even pre teens and adolescents becoming emotionally hardened and mature even by the start of and onset of puberty due to the extreme environmental pressures such as the elements the constant threat of animal predators,food scarcity and need to carry out need to carry out complex planning ahead,mapping of geological areas as part of the need to hunt for food,track migrations of animals,navigate pristine wilderness.Thus although they may have had the ability to make snap decisions that would have made them better hunters and survivalists than adults other critical faculties such as long term planning the need to do so for constant survival with it and the elements,food scarcity ensured that adolescents were emotionally and critically hardend by the time they reach their teenage years countered this lack of neural development thus giving the advantage of making snap decisions but still be both emotionally and critically mature due to environmental stresses.The fact that they had to carry out complex long term planning and critical thinking to hunt for food and avoid animal predators etc and also had to deal with food scarcity,malnourishment and also the elements such as the coldness of night and winter and rain etc without clothing and housing meant any comprimisations in the emotional and critical development in the undeveloped frontal lobe were counteracted by these extreme environmental stresses to produce survivalists that we’re able to survive conditions even most adults today would perish in.Put simply the world of our prehistoric adolescent and even pre teen ancestors was a far cry from the modern age full of animal predators,the elements and constant lack food and constant need to critically think for hunting food would have moulded their brains to a critical and emotional maturity not seen since both in adolescents and adults.Any lack of neural development in areas responsible for critical thinking and emotional intelligence would have been countered by these extreme environmental stresses.That all changed once we invented agriculture and civilisation and certainly by the early to mid 1900s as society become more complacement with pre teens adolescents moved out of child labour on the farms and factories and into the classrooms of highschool and college.At least in early civilisations the pedrasteric relationships and marriages of adolescents to older men would have preserved this early maturity in some form or another either in a lighter form,different forms or again due to still shorter lifespans,rigorous coming of age rituals,the Agoge,need to carry out complex duties as political leaders as teens and pre teens,societal expectation and labour intensive lifestyles and still remaining threats of food scarcity,the elements and animal predators that may have hardened them by adolescence to the same or lesser degree.Even up to mid twentieth century pe teens working hard on the farm and factories would have hardened them prematurely.Put simply teens,pre teens and society as a whole has due to the linear cliche lifecycle and convenience of western society has become spoiled leading to the emotionally vulnerable teen.This lack of the development in the frontal lobe was in at least prehistoric times an evolutionary advantage in pre teens and adolescents by giving them the ability to make rash snap life or death decisions and more likely to take risks to avoid animal predators and also hunting animals making them better survivalists and hunters than adults both in prehistoric and modern times.The human brain in the form of ADHD,Aspergers,lack of frontal lobe development was designed for prehistoric Earth where the conditions for it was needed not the modern world of convenience and decadance,high school,college and the 9-5 office as in the past we adapted to plan far ahead in the future and deal with the complexities of managing our own individual survival and deal with snap life or death decisions rather than the complacency of modern ages where adolescents are pampered and dont have their first ounce of responsibility until their brains are fully formed.This advantageous role of a non fully formed frontal lobe in hunter gatherer societies known as frontal lobe comprimisation theory is similar to or can even be part of the hunter vs. farmer hypothesis as proposed by Tim Callaway and cnn as it too was affected by the rise of agriculture and civilisation.Without the need for adapting to predators and need to hunt for prey,facing the elements as seen in the Isisian Aeon,without the expectations of maturity and rigorous coming of age rituals in the Isis-Osirian Aeon and even expectations of working hard on the farms and factories in early to mid Osirian Aeon has led to the degeneration of the Horusian Aeon which has created a society of snowflake teens,spoiled langering brats who even as adults in their 30s and 40s cannot even carry out the most basic forms of critical thinking culminating in conservatism and it’s most low brow products the 9/11 truthers,anti-vaxxers,Karen’s,Religious fundamentalists,SJWs,Trumpists(alongside Trump himself)and anti-maskers of the world and the emotionally vacuos non progressive left social justice warrior.Perhaps teen angst,risk taking and rebelliousness and doing dumb things is an attempt to return to primeval conditions our brains evolved to deal with and have this evolutionary advantage used rather than wasted away in modern society rather than the artificial vulnerable and idleness of the modern world.Whats the phrase again “The devil makes work for idle hands to do”.This why the infantilisation and victimisation of adolescents in conservative countries is so dangerous because if they are not acting and treated as mature people capable of making responsible decisions etc as teens at 18 or younger then their not going to as adults even in their 20s,30s,40s,50s and even later on and you end up with people dying needlessly due to the irresponsibility of so called adults in position of power and influence in society and politics who should know better in making responsible decisions by their own standards.This is of relevance to the atheists amongst you who don’t believe in an afterlife especially considering those that die usually end up being innocent civilians in otherwards the very people who shouldn’t die.Again ask yourself the question as to why is that these issues only exist in conservative cultures and not more liberal progressive countries.In those days you died by the time your brain was fully developed from mainly pathogens and malnutrition making the concept of neural development affecting maturity completely moot since the human race would not exist and would have easily died out and went extinct in few centuries if neural development was a 100% of the factor especially if they exhibited the same phenotypes of modern day “kids” of the snowflake molly coddled millenial generation of Osirian cultures aged even 14-18 who could not survive the brutality of nature of prehistoric Earth let alone the “real world” of the modern world.Drop any modern day sweet sixteener and college SJW or even Karen’s and even Trumpists and anti maskers into prehistoric Earth conditions and they’ll either toughen up or die.Since we cannot return to that world and not escape the modern world progeria mylinisation will compensate for the decadence of modern life.This is why the vulnerable teen is really a recent phenomena of the last 100 years or in fact even the last 30 years of the Horusian Aeon and a result of the influence of the Osirian Aeon and values and why the conflation with pedopheilia is so offensive as in the past those terms didnt exist nor did words like adult and child once you finished puberty society expected you to be a responsible individual and you complied or else died.It is also why vigilantism and the hyper conflation of ephebopheilia and the vulnerable teen is so offensive because the fact is as stated if these were so true then we would as a species would have only lasted a few centuries on prehistoric Earth.The concept of living to 90 or even 70 would have been unimagineable in ancient and prehistoric times with also the concept of living to only 25-40 being unimagineable to modern day societies since most have only started our careers and wait a bit longer to start families.Most of us cant imagine that world that existed in ancient and prehistoric times that because of how long ago it was and the fact that most of us are used to a live of convenience full of houses,vehicles,iPhones,the internet,clothing and the most basic everyday things we take for granted.Life in ancient and prehistoric times was a far cry from what it was during the 20th and early 21st centuries we can barely imagine due to the emergence of modern conveniences and technology and higher standards of living and longer lifespans.Those living in prehistory when humans lived in forests,caves and in whatever availible it was definitely assumed that one would have to reach maturity both critically and emotionally when they were physically capable of bearing young at the start of their fertility lifecycle.The constant threat of death from bacterial,viral and fungal pathogens,animal predators,malnutrition,the elements and even trauma meant you had to wisen up quickly and it ensuring a short lifespan would mean one even in their preteen years had to be constantly on the lookout for threats to ones safety and wellbeing.In otherwards in the past you had to be mature very quickly and think on your feet and react quickly to new threats and situations instantly even in your pre-teen years otherwise if you didnt you died.It really was as simple as that – one did not have time to be “just a kid”,emotional snowflakes,daddys little princess or vulnerable teens or even pre teens in the past and had no choice but to avoid deathtraps and pitfalls.You either matured early on or you died it was as simple as that.The brutality of mother nature in terms of the weather and also the ecological systems of predator verseus prey wherein even humans were in the role of prey did not give a crap about ones feelings,emotions,neural development,teenage problems,wangst,fitting into cliques or even age – death in the form of animal predators etc was universal to everyone in ancient and prehistoric times to it if you didnt wisen up and made one false step you were lunch for all manner of animal predators or ended up dead from malnutrition and the elements.Thats how it was for roughly 96.7% of our history on Earth rather than the last century when the modern teenager arrived and began to manifest with as stated even ancient civilisation up to industrial age teens and pre teens nowhere near as privileged as modern teens due to children working on both the farms and factories from an early age as young as five to ten years old.Life was a constant battlefield just to stay alive for the next day compared to the complacent comfort of modern life at the expense of maturity with even ancient societies battling animal predators,malnutrition,scarcity of food and having to deal with intensive labour and the constant threat of viral,fungal and bacterial infections as well as trauma that would lead almost certainly to death.Its often theorised that our hunter gather ancestors not only had perfect athletic bodies and that obesity was non existent but the need to hunt for food,track migrations of animals,navigate pristine wilderness needed not only larger brains but even those that matured earlier either psychologically to deal with these situations and that agriculture and civilisation weeded this out.In short life was hard and rough so you had to toughen up as early as possible to make it long enough to bear young and thus carry of a hunter gatherer primative communism on the species line and survive to the longest lifespan possible.Such a world would be unimagineable to modern day humans for adults,adolescent and even children – a world before iPhones,the internet,electricity,modern transport,industry,antibiotics,housing and clothing itself,agriculture and even civilisation itself.Such a world have been impossible for modern humans even adults to survive in for even a year let alone a lifetime as one must be constantly on the move as hunter gatherers,be constantly on the look out for animal predators,where food security was a constant struggle,malnutrition and hunger a daily struggle and one having to constantly find ways to fend against the elements without clothing or housing since only caves and fires offered the only protection as well with it even applied vice versa with hunter gatherer societies unable to imagine such as a life of leisure and convenience and impressive technology that made it possible to life without fear of predators with pre teens,adolescents and adults astonished by the marked difference in behaviour of their more modern peers.Even life in modern day slums across the world would look like a life of luxury compared to living conditions in both ancient and prehistoric times.As a result the effects of this on the neural psychological development of pre teens,adolescents and even what we consider adults would have been unimaginable for modern day societies to comprehend.Theoretically experiments using VR technology and its dilation effect can be utilised on both adults and adolescents and even pre teens that have progeria mylieinsation engineered out of them with these simulations set in Africa,Asia,Europe etc during hunter gatherer and Neolithic periods with all areas being untouched versions of them with all wilderness areas as they were using fossil and pollen records with the same climate and extant and extinct animals of the period present.These experiments could also be placed in nature reserves and colonies in uninhabited planets etc in the real world monitored.In comparison we have historical records from ancient times and also more recent times in the poverty stricken The Great Depression and industrial ages that were primitive by todays standards we know that typical teenage behaviour didnt not exist so in prehistoric times such behaviour wouldnt not have existed.Children as young as ten or even younger were forced to mature very quickly and exhibit what we know consider phenotypes of those aged 18-30 due to the harshness and brevity of life or due to poverty forcing children even as recent as two or three centuries ago in the industrial age to work hard on the farms,factories etc from a very young age rather than waiting to at least their mid twenties for their first real full time occupation or ounce of responsibility and also the fact that one could easily die from what are now preventable diseases and trauma.Even those that lived in what was considered the upper class of society as the sons and daughters of the upper class were expected to exhibit maturity as it was necessary not to cry or be a child as a means to keep up appearances of ones social standing and also the fact that their living conditions were much worse than what we now consider the middle and lower class of society including those who live under the poverty line in the developed world.In these days of dumbed-down schools with their over-emphasis on “sensitivity” and “self-esteem,” on college campuses and YouTube in predominantly Osirian cultures people have an extended adolescence which can stretch into their thirties or even later with many of them never grow up at all as evidence by political bickering,conspiratorial thinking,pseudoscience and scientific illiteracy in predominantly Osirian cultures.What you conservative vloggers,pundits and bloggers have built entire careers on for that last ten years by making fun of and degenerating those social justice warriors,safe spacers,snowflakes on college campuses and YouTube seem to forget the most important fact about?When does the word “kid” actually no longer apply to a person since in these days even a 25 or even 30 year old can be refereed to as a “kid”.Being a teenager in both ancient and modern times didnt and does not automatically rescind one from practising self control and maturity – in fact its the time of ones life when one actually has to start doing so.If not then when?There seems to be this idea in both America and United Kingdom amongst both conservatives and liberals that one is automatically vulnerable and unable to understand the complexities of the world or unable to fend for themselves in the “real world” prior to turning 18 whereupon all knowledge of the universe and maturity is somehow endowed upon there 18th birthday and anything below that automatically qualifies as pedophelia and predation when technically it isn’t.Unfortunately the very conservatives and even liberals who profess this myth have only to go to safe spaces and witness the level of coddling on universities in again primarily conservative countries to witness adult SJWs can see that this is simply not the case anymore especially in primarily conservative America and Britain.Even so called adults with the metaphysical endowment of maturity of their 18th birthday are still stuck in the mindset of kindagarten well into middle age with even people in their 40s and later still stuck in a kindergarten level mentality.James Francos,James Deens and Caroline Flacks “grooming” and dating of 17 year olds alongside Prince Andrew sexual intercourse with Virginia Giuffre is legal in the vast majority of countries and their states around the world including the ones they used to live in and where the acts took place.All of these people just mentioned were labelled sexual predators and pedophiles for grooming,dating and having legal consensual sex with 17 year olds in countries and states where the age of consent was either 16/17 making it both legal and socially acceptable in their society.Jennifer Lawrence is considered a predator at 32 for dating a 19 year who is a legal adult above the age of 18 and consent in all countries.She is a predator for aging a relationship with another legal adult who is old enough to vote and to have sex with her as n escort.If that 19 year old had sex with a 32 year old as an escort and money was exchanged no one would give a shot but she’s a predator because she’s at least 10 years old.Thus one can be called sexual predators,statutory rapists and pedophiles even if they don’t breach local age of consent laws – this is not normal logic.I’ve even heard stories of vulnerable 18 and 19 year olds being groomed and seduced by middle aged people and the ick factor of people in their 20s,30s,40s dating or having one night stands with 18/19 year olds.18 and 19 year olds are adults,there is no such thing as a vulnerable adult if there is then your society is definitely going downhill.The line has to be drawn somewhere – otherwise its a very slippery slope.People nowadays can be labelled a kid etc or just a kid or young,inexperienced and immature when they are 25-40 especially with regards to politics,business etc.If one wanted to take neural development as an indicator then perhaps anyone under the age of 30-32 should be considered a child legally and thus have no right to vote or even consent to sex with a 35 year old having sex with a 20 year old considered either pedopheilia or even sexual predation due to their lack of mylienisation.This where the coddling of conservatism will head us to eventually if not stopped in its tracks to dumb down and infantilise society and stamps out questioning or critical thought when given full control over society brainwashes and corrupts society.The fact that you have to resort to always exploiting the third world,funding and committing war crimes,mass genocide while constantly invading the Middle East and South and Central America to maintain that decadence probably makes the legion of anti-American,anti-conservatism and British and by extension anti-western sentiment purely justified in the Middle East and undeveloped world or even the rest of the entire world.This how the conservative right in America and Britain fosters the development of the Social Justice Warrior in a positive feedback loop since the social justice warrior and vulnerable teen are almost non existent in liberal progressive Isis-Osirian countries since the lower ages of consent of 14/15 actually forces teenagers to grow up very quickly and dont have endless war,dont have Dr.Phil or even sweet-sixteeners and is probably why conservtives in America etc are only able to win debate with American college students aged 18-22 and not with European or South American college students aged 18-22 and have little to no education in how to form debates let alone with actual adults aged 25 or older as seen in the Crowder/Pothole54 and Shapiro/Neil fiascos and would likely fall apart when debating adults or even college aged students in Europe or Asia whether they are conservatives or liberals.Its similar in ancient Roman times when the refusal to adhere to simple reasonable demands that would have integrated and harmonised conflicting polytheism and monotheism and rebelling against non existent threats in patriarchal conservative cultural dominance causes the conservatives to foster the development of mob rule social justice warriors and then eventually create threats that didnt exist in the first place or wouldnt have had simple demands been met.Your bombing eight countries at the moment – thats a record for one country and you want to bring that to eleven?Is it it just see how much you can do at once?For what to ensure spoiled teenagers can have the sweet sixteen parties and the likes of Nicollette Grey can get their G-wagon,far left and right YouTubers can fight amongst each other via Vlogs like pre-teens?Meghan Mcain can stay on The View or national TV indefinitely and college students can act like kindergatenders?9/11 and every single terrorist attack on the West has taught us that society had become too coddeld,spoiled and complacent due to the decadence it created.This is what the authoritative coddling of Osirian cultures has led to – generations of spoiled entitled brats seen in the likes of My Super Sweet Super 16 teenyboppers,Donald Trumps,Mitch McConnels and Meghan Mcains,Nicollette Grey,Steve Crowders and others of the new wave conservativism that has arisen since the George Bush Jr administration of generation x and Y and also Elliot Rodgers,fundamentalist feminists Anita Sarkeesians of the world seeking only fame,consumerism,exhibiting misogeny,victimhood,PC culture and being part of the “Me” generation brought on by the individualistic consumer capitalistic and neoliberalism,libertarian culture.Such is the result of a society collapsing underneath the weight of its own decadence under the unfettered capitalist system and Osirian values unparalleled in mixed economies of Isis-Osirian.

In ancient times the so called victim by todays standards was always considered on par with the mentor and no disparity existed despite some criticisms in both ancient and modern times which focused mainly on the fact that that the younger male took a submissive sexual role one usually relegated to slaves.All references to pedreastry show the “minor” was not traumatised and gave full consent especially involving mentors and students with the minor always between the ages of 14-15 when sexual intercourse took place.It is always assumed by modern society that the minor in position of trust breaches of the age consent laws was automatically a victim cannot give full consent in even modern day instances of the breach of position of trust laws with this bringing into question as to whether the victims are truly victims at all in all cases with it also relevant that the victim due to their age and the disparity between the age of consent and age of criminal responsibility is devoid of any responsibility on their part.One must then bring up the question should the profession of teachers etc automatically make one any different than any other adult and should the question of whether position of trust laws be any different than regular age of consent laws in the same way that hate speech and hate crime laws are relevant at all and create more problems than they solve in the sense they further segregate and enhance crimes that have no real superiority or difference from regular crimes especially considering the fact that all forms of education institutions from primary to tertiary have become nothing more than over hyped and over funded daycare centres and the fact that teachers in primary,secondary and even tertiary education have become mere overpriced babysitters.Its especially more ridiculous when highschool teachers are fired,jailed,made registered sex offenders and make headlines and their name and character is dragged through the mire when their “victims” are 18 years old when the sexual intercourse took place – when they are legal adults themselves and thus legally allowed to do so such as in the case of Brittni Colleps.The logic used to justify this is that there “just some vulnerable kids” and to preserve “morality”.This is bizarro conservative logic – people can be jailed for abiding by the law when having sex with consenting adults and their “victims” can continue to be treated like kindergarteners when legally adults.Then of course there are instances of said highschool teacher being jailed etc for having sex with a person above the age of consent who isnt their student much less even teaches at the same school and they have never met their victim before.This means highschool teachers can be jailed and registered as sex offenders when they havent even broken the law at all just to preserving “morality”.And trust me this being jailed for not breaking the law happens all the time.You see when a highschool teacher engages in consensual sex with a student who is legally an adult at 18 (or above the age of consent and when they have never taught the student let alone met them before) and thus according to the law is legal and still is jailed,fired and registered as a sex offender for the sake of preserving “morality” then you know these position of trust laws are bullshit,do more harm than good,should be scrapped altogether and that your society is going downhill when an the adult student at 18 is still treated like a kindergartener and victim for mutually consensual legal sex between adults.18 year olds are adults,there is no such thing as a vulnerable adult who is the victim of sexual predation if there is then your society is definitely going downhill.When mutually consentual sex between two legal adults is illegal then your society is definitely going downhill.An university professor could just as easily be jailed for mutually consensual legal sex with a 18-22 year old university student(or hell why not even mature university students in their 30s,40s,50s?) under this logic considering the rate that conservative coddling is taking us.Making up new age of consent laws to further victimise legal adults or even adolescents for preserving “morality” is nonsense and only serves to infantilise and victimise them and society even further.The line has to be drawn somewhere – otherwise its a very slippery slope.This is bizzaro conservative logic at its finest.It also brings into question whether teens themselves can be “vulnereable” at all.Why is it that the majority of these breaches of position of trust law only happen in America and Britain and even when they happen somewhere else their is almost no scandle at all.This is because teens are not as victimised in more liberal progressive countries with lower ages of consent laws with the fact of teachers irrelevance in the information age but also in the fact that the current model of the education system stifles and indeed punishes a students development in both emotional and critical thinking and has done since its inception three centuries ago.The concept of their being a power imbalance is nonsense – a persons profession does not make them any different in terms of their stature in society or create “power imbalances” than any other occupation.A teacher,doctor etc does not have any more of a power imbalance over another person even a teenager than say a firefighter,police officer,live news anchor or so on.If a babysitter – or should I say teacher can be considered to be in a position of trust simply because it’s there job to look after them then a firefighter,police officer,lawyer,live news anchor,stockbroker or indeed any other profession can just as easily be labelled to a position of trust because someone said so and they indirectly look after them.An actual babysitter is a power imbalance because they are their to take care of someone who is incapable of looking after themselves both physically and mentally and the only people who need that are pre teens under the age of 14 or 13 and that power imbalance can only occur in actual pedophelia.Generally most people at the age of 13/14 are too old to be needing babysitters and thus should be able to fend for themselves and be in fact finished childhood and living by themselves.The whole purpose of the entire education system worldwide is to create “Yes Men” who can be programmed to do pre programmed tasks rather than think for themselves,ask questions or be curious about the world with those that do think for themselves,be curious are punished with dropping out and facing mediocre minimum wage jobs even though they themselves would have higher than average IQs and high paying jobs wouldnt even require degrees to do these jobs thanks to the information age.Thus the current education system is designed to separate those with high IQs from those with low IQs and thus separate the wheat from the chaff by ensuring those that can critically think and have some semblence of intelligence work and live in low wage conditions since it actually crushes and stunts this allowing the rest of society to become rich.It isnt designed to create critical thinkers etc its create worker bees that follow orders and in reality it isnt really hard work anymore – its pure doss.This is why those with high IQs who are way more mature than their peers always drop out of highschool and university and always end up working for the rest of their lives in minimum wage jobs in Wall-Mart and McDonalds etc flipping burgers,stacking shelves and mopping floors and living on social welfare.The term brilliant but lazy is a bullshit term to describe people who shouldn’t have been pushed through our archaic education system in the first place.Then of course there is the opposite side of the spectrum where people who are genetically predisposed to not be the sharpest pencil are not allowed to get any chance to express their unique talents due to ending up failing work they may not be proficient in or them not given a chance due to the cutthroat world of capitalism.A century or two ago the education system was essential as it was a sign of social status,very few people could earn the money or do the hard intensive work required for good grades and it probably did require critical thinking,deep knowledge and creativity as only the creme de la creme of society in terms of intelligence and money could enter but in recent decades it has become less and less relevant again thanks to the information age,the dumbing down due to the need to allow everyone to enter college for access to the workforce and thanks to the downfall of society and arising of the Horusian Aeon where Osirian and Isis-Osiran values are in conflict with teach other has been filled with spoiled brats – making it highschool the sequel(not to mention a huge joke) where brainless fucks keep ending up in there as their parents finally have an excuse to kick them out of the house.Ironic as most graduates end up living back with their parents as a result of the economic crash and irrelevance of capitalism.Iyts the dumping ground for the bottom scraps of societies barrel common folk who 20-30 years ago would have been too stupid to enter it.You see this is why parents allow their kids to get bullshit degrees in liberal arts and non STEM ones it’s because they finally want them out the house they don’t care what degree they are studying for as long as they are out of the house that’s all they care about.The decline its quality and the quality of students seems to be regional and relegated to primarily conservative countries such as Britain,America,Australia with the rest of Europe,Asia and the world being hit and miss and a mixed bag.The only reason for anyone to get a college degree nowadays is that its now the defacto minimum requirement for qualifying for welfare and government handouts.Thats probably the reason most people get one nowadays most people even with STEM degrees end up there.If you are one of those new wave conservatives of the likes of Shapiro,Crowder,Owens,Southern and Mcain who make a living primarily out of “DESTROYING” college aged students who thanks to the terrible education system crushes independent thought thus leaving them with very little experience outside of say much older people who could easily crush you within minutes like the now infamous Ben Shapiro vs Andrew Neil,Steven Crowder/Milo Yiannopoulos/Dave Rubin/Laura Southern vs everyone over the age of 25,Candace Owens vs Kyle Kulinski then your not really that much of a good debater and your probably just as immature and weak minded yourself as these so called kids.You know fully well who to choose your battles with because in the actual real world outside of colleges and Fox News and YouTube youd be crushed in an instant and the same goes with anyone who works at Fox News,is a right wing YouTuber or any right group think tank or group.Rubin knows which progressives to bring on considering the fact that Marianne Williamson crushed him(Like Larry King),Bret Weinstein as well as Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang are centrist progressives that have existing Libertarian and Conservative fanbases due to their policies(and jumped on the Biden bandwagon the second Not so Super Tuesday came) nowhere near the likes of David Pakman,Sam Seder,Bernie Sanders etc and so did not challenged him at all.The fact that they caved in like Warren to support Biden further proves this.Get Bernie Sanders,Sam Seder,Jimmy Dore,Kyle Kulinski,David Pakman and even Ana Kasparian and/or Cenk Yuger on and I might have respect for him.Hell I’d love to see the likes of Slavoj Žižek,Richard D Wolff,Noam Chomsky on bothe Dave Rubins and Ben Shapiros shows eviscerating them with actual facts.Put simply conservatives especially new wave conservatives such as Shapiro,Crowder,Larhen,Rubin can never win debates with any American over 25 since they themselves have still have yet to mature themselves past their teens with even European and South America teenagers capable of winning against them.Highschool and college were privileges in the past and a right of passage but in recent decades its now mainly just something to get done and over with with it only being used for bragging rights which makes issues such as cancelling student debt,managing loans and funding in debates by presidential or even other political candidates cringeworthy to watch by those able to see beyond the veils of self imposed deception of the Kali Yuga.The emphasis of receiving at least a Bachelors degree for corporate jobs even anything basic that requires merely jumping through hoops thus infantilizes society,victimises teens,rewards conformity and obedience to Osirian values and punishes those who have potential to be of actual value to society.The information age in the form of Wikipedia,Google,YouTube and in time Clio and Apollo have made it redundant and thus a waste of time and resources coupled with the rise of AI and automation.People dont care about credentials like degrees or even PhDs anymore or whether you went to the snobbiest private prepatory school and most expensive top-tier Ivy League school like Oxford,Trinity,Harvard etc or what scores you got on your SATs,Leaving Cert or A-Levels what they care about is time and money and whether you can do the job required.All the crap you were taught in highschool,college etc wont matter in the real world.They certainly dont care about debt ridden graduates even those that have STEM degrees since they have to deal with and factor in expectations of higher wages due to debt and would likely more willing to hire those with more experience say at least several decades and from other companies and have less debt thus leaving graduates in a Catch-22.The more people that go to to college the less valuable it is with the fact is that universities just dont care anymore theyll pass anyone and give them at least a 2:2 or 2:1 regardless of the academic quality of the student or if they mess up – they have to as they need quotas to fill to get funding – this is what the free market has done to the worlds education system like everyone else watered it down to a mere business where students are now customers to rack up debt for themselves and however cliche it sounds become mindless consumers because thats all the economy is designed for and its becoming more evident every year.Your guaranteed at least a 2:2 or 2:1 no matter what you can’t even fuck up college or even highschool anymore its virtually impossible they’ll go out of their way just to hand you your participation trophy degree no matter what.Trust me I know from personal experience as a STEM graduate who barely passed highschool after dropping out at 16 and failed important exams in my final year of college which by definition would have under normal guidelines denied my a Honours degree I was awarded a 2:1 due to sheer need to meet quotas and please participation trophy.I may have a physical Honours degree and PhD from Institute of Technology Carlow but in reality I have much more knowledge than that.This even further makes the 2019 Varsity scandal bullshit since you guaranteed a passing grade no matter who your parents are or what’s on those admissions papers.Frankly living on welfare and realising virtually job I can get and and tried for can be easily automated by AI and automation thus rendering any employment in this field I personally regret even bothering with college let alone returning to highschool.Despite liiving in Ireland where tuition fees were a mere €1,500 a year totalling €6,000(it’s now €3,000 a year and €12,000) that I could easily pay off with minimum wage jobs during summer Ive realised that each and every job I can apply for and have done for interns and part time work experience etc could be automated from start to finish with zero cost showing what was done in college worthless and I could list a billion ways to improve efficiency by automating all work in all possible jobs I could apply for from start to finish with literally zero human labour and error once I graduated from my honours degree in 2011 and more recently with my PhD just after the world was reeling from the Great Recession and the AI and automation revolution started to take hold I should have just stayed working minimum wage jobs and living on welfare because unlike other scrounges and YouTubers I’m making a difference in the world.Frankly wasting my time there was a mistake in every sense of the word.Ive nothing against the professors and other students who unlike the American brand of students were not the spoiled SJWs that know nothing about anything and the universities quality itself but the lazy mind numbing curriculum and spoon fed system bores the hell of me.I probably would have felt the same had I got in Trinity,Oxford,Harvard,Yale etc since what’s taught in them is the same as anywhere else and in fact it seems from my observations that the more prestigious the institution in the league tables especially the Ivy Leagues such as Harvard,Yale,Princeton etc the dumber the students are,the easier the material and the higher the amount of immature SJWs etc present and that lower tier ones including community colleges don’t have SJWs etc with those that teach primarily STEM subjects and only STEM ones don’t have these.Most of those brainless fucks and SJWs seem to isolated to primarily higher tier institutions in Britain,America with the rest of the students worldwide mainly merely a victim of an archaic education systems stifling of creativity and curiosity learning.I realised after graduating that I just wasted nearly 20 years in school and I would never have to work a single day in my entire life.Part of this awakening was encountering Zeitgeist:Addendum on YouTube.Remember that scene from Good Will Hunting in the bar where Will Hunting is engaging in a fight with a guy in a pony tail about him being more educated than the Harvard graduate despite having dropped out of highschool.Well the pony tail guy makes the point that he despite having a lower IQ has a college degree and is guaranteed a job whereas the genius Will Hunting who is a dropout with genius level IQ will be working at McDonald’s for the rest of his life.This is ironic since most people nowadays with college degrees even in economics,STEM etc are in the following – (a)working in middle to high income jobs that have nothing to do with their degrees,(b)are working in minimum wage jobs as cashiers in Wall Mart and McDonalds that don’t need degrees,(c)have a middle class living through Monitisation and Patreon donations on YouTube and McDonalds is pretty much completely automated today.Very few people nowadays end up in careers that have anything to do with their degrees from college and less than from highschool.Maybe in 1997 the pony tail guy had a point but alots changed since Good Will Hunting was released in 1997.For one one can gain expert level knowledge on any subject from Wikipedia within minutes using computers and smartphones etc that costs virtually zero cost to access with the exponential advanced in AI and automation has rendered not only most blue collar but even white collar jobs obsolete and will continue to do so exponentionally more from 2029 onwards.In fact most movies of the 1990s focusing on Generation Xrs are prescient to the 2020s.Reality Bites is another prime example of the alienation etc that millennials now share with Generation Xrs and a movie that was ahead of its time.The rebellion of the characters against corporate America is now in the 2020s and even during 2000-2020 more prescient than ever.Good Will Hunting,Reality Bites and indeed most generation X movies of the 1990s that focused on the rebellion against social norms particularly that of corporate America are more fitting today than when they were made in the 1990s.This is crux millennials and generation z rs have found ourselves thanks to the rapid development of AI and automation – there are not going any jobs left by 2029 with even STEM jobs can be done by AI and automation and yet were forced into getting into deep debt for degrees,masters and PhDs that going to be even more worthless as time goes especially by 2029-2045.Frankly I would have felt even worse had I been in America and had to have paid obscene tuition costs for a worthless degree I can get online for free putting into debt for as much at least $100,000.Both highschool and college has to be dumbed down to allow more people in in and pass in order to meet the needs of the economy because of people don’t get degrees they can’t get jobs and if people don’t jobs they get poor and to ensure everyone gets jobs both highschool and college has to dumbed down to ensure nobody fails – if your in highschool etc and your the first of your family or even second or third etc to go to college don’t bother your better off doing a trade such as plumber or electrician that are going to be in need until they can finally be automated between 2029-2035 as were going to need much of those in the intermediary period or else your just wasting your time and you’ll end up with debts.Why not just set up a YouTube and Twitch account when your allowed at 13 or sell your self to PragerU,Turning Point USA etc you’ll be a millionaire or billionaire by your mid 20s and early 30s and you can retire on a large nest egg by the time your in your 40s or mid 30s without doing much of anything.I hear videos about whining about them liberals and misunderstandings of economics particularly Marxist economics and walkthroughs and cuts scenes of video games are quite profitable.If YouTube and Facebook think your old enough to set up accounts to whine like a spoiled 20 or 30 something then your at least old to consent to sex.Furthermore being a whore for PragerU,Turning Point USA etc are quite lucrative.You wanna be world famous for doing nothing except being a whore and whiner set up a YouTube account or join PragerU youll be nationally or even world famous by 18-25 and you wont you have you lift a finger or pay taxes ever.Becoming a whore for right wing think tanks and YouTuber is the new trophy wife who’s a gold digger who marries wealthy white men for money.You don’t have to anything but make appearance on Faux News and your guarenteed a life of luxury and guaranteed income.Onlyfans also can give you a sizeable enough income.All of these can give you enough to live a modest middle class or upper class income for doing absolutely nothing.Both monitisation on YouTube,Onlyfans as well as Patreon and to a degree OANN,Prager U,Turning Point USA,Faux News are absolute godsends to you lazy hypocritical fucks who can’t walk the walk and do even a single days work in the real world and have never paid taxes ever.Without them you assholes are nobody’s who wouldn’t have a Wikipedia.In fact I don’t think you should be even bothered with highschool,middle school or even primary/primary school at all which is why this push to reopen schools in America etc is pointless and boggles the mind.As for medicine your best bet are programmes to fast track trainees.If your vying for law,humanities etc Wikipedia can get you that easily with STEM degrees even more easily gained through here.Colleges are now as they stand are full of students who don’t either want to be there or shouldnt be there at all in the first place due to pressure from their parents who come from a time period when it was a big deal and/or never went their themselves.Instead of the creme de la creme of society its now SJWs,conservative jock assholes and pretentious pseudointellectual philosophers and drama students you know the type who go around being political and try to be deep thinkers yet are still stuck in kindergarten – their kind went out of vogue and relevance way back in the 1960s/1970s with the end of Vietnam etc.Even STEM and medicine degrees etc are worthless since most of what’s taught is irrelevant to their end career as most people with those degrees are in jobs that have nothing to do with what was taught in school and can be easily be found on Wikipedia with most people during their entire careers have to be retrained from scratch to do everyday tasks for each job that weren’t taught in school and college rendering the concept that anything of any worth was taught there at all moot – it’s first hand experience that’s essential.You can be a straight A student with a 1:1,Masters,PhD but that doesn’t mean anything since all jobs that need a 1:1,Masters,PhD nowadays entail work and skills not found in a 1:1,masters or even PhD meaning a person can get a better education in medicine and STEM fields from Wikipedia than the top tier medicine and technical colleges – yes even Harvard,Yale,Oxford and Trinity etc and their subsidiary law,business and medicine schools are now as of the 2020s or even by 2011 are outranked by Wikipedia and YouTube in quality both in terms of them both being cheaper at zero cost,better ease of access and better quality of information present.In other wards all that you did in highschool and college was garbage you can find online on Wikipedia for free and any job that an Honours degree,Masters,PHD will get you will require you to forget everything you learned in school as well as college and have you retrained from scratch to do everyday tasks completely unrelated to the previous 18-20 years of your life making the the entire education system in every country worldwide completely outdated and pointless so why bother forcing people into a crap worthless 18th century education system and worry about test scores,attendence,reopening schools,student debt and student loans?Why bother making people believe they need degrees at all in the first place?Why would anyone want to hire or take academic credence from someone who has racked up thousands of dollars of debt and sits through four or more years of 18th century garbage to get information they can easily find online and get a better education within a month – why should anyone be bothered hiring or even be bothered listening to someone from the 1700s with thousands of dollars of debt compared with someone from the 21st century with zero debt and on the spot knowledge with the latest up to date information and skills.Why would you wanna go to college to learn a bunch of nonsense you can find online on Wikipedia,get into a huge amount of debt for a worthless piece of paperwork wen you end up being retrained for just about every job you get.Forcing people into getting worthless highschool diplomas,degrees,Masters and PhDs in even STEM degrees in the 21st century is like setting up new degrees,masters and PhD courses that are set up specifically to train someone that they must need to get minimum wage jobs that don’t currently need third level qualifications such as janitors,shopkeeper,gardener,home cleaner,babysitter,waitering or flipping burgers at McDonalds etc that gets them into thousands including hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt for life it just doesn’t make any sense anymore.You can flash your worthless honours degree and even PhD in the face of employers etc but they won’t give a shit unless you are actually a competent employee and worker – if you have a degree or PhD and are a terrible employee who is always late,always makes mistakes etc that means that credentialism means absolutely nothing to them and everybody because you would have that bad without that degree etc.Another person without a college degree or PhD who learnt everything off of textbooks,YouTube and Wikipedia could be an even better employee who is always on time,never makes mistakes and is component than those with credentials.Credentialism and degrees are simply outdated bragging rights.Our education system and value placed on degrees etc is not broken – it’s obsolete and when something is obsolete it must be discarded with completely.Anyone who learns anything in the 21st century in ,primary school,highschool or college anymore is sub mentally retarded or simply to bone ass lazy to open a book or go onto Wikipedia and YouTube etc.The obsession with league tables nonsense especially charter schools,the Ivy leagues is just snob value what’s taught in Harvard,Yale,Princeton and all other expensive schools around the world is exactly the same as in non Ivy League schools and as explained Wikipedia,YouTube and in time Apollo outranks them all.It artificial snob value created by purposefully restricting students in large numbers,wanting extra curricular crap That’s just fluff,corruption and nepotism that allows them to get more funding than non charter and non Ivy League schools to give the illusion of prestige with the higher cost being so because again artificial prestige and possibly the same stupid reasons high tuition costs exist in America.Whats taught in the Ivy leagues is taught in universities such as Harvard,Princeton etc is exactly what’s taught in all universities worldwide including lower tier ones and community colleges which can also found on Wikipedia and YouTube for free thus rendering the concept of there being anything special about getting into Harvard,Princeton,Yale etc completely moot.Most alumni as shown by the 2019 Varsity scandal are spoiled rich kids who don’t know how good they’ve got it,thick as lampposts and got their because their parents paid their way in and just you got good scores on your SATs when your poor makes you a dime a dozen and your probably thick as a lamppost.You didn’t find a cure for cancer or HIV and ageing – that was me a former high school drop out that fell through the cracks,then dossed throughout college getting on an average of Bs,Cs as well as Ds rarely if never getting a single A in my entire life and I didn’t get into an Ivy League,so there take your worthless snobbery and cringe at your pathetic reaction video.Had I never returned to school and thus never went to university I still would have developed my cure for cancer,Coronavirus,HIV,ageing etc all the technologies on this website,will still have set up this website since all of what I know is from Wikipedia,textbooks,YouTube my knowledge o the world outrumps most experts in all of their fields and I’ve hypothesised technologies and solutions that all of the worlds experts combined can’t think of.This shows that credentialism is an outdated concept and is simply bragging roghts since at least the 1990s and that even STEM degrees are worthless.I learn more in a day on YouTube and Wikipedia in terms of quality and also quantity than my entire 20 years wasted in primary school,secondary school and university.This means that most you Ivy leagues acceptors who make vlogs about how great it is to get into an Ivy League school and make reaction videos where you open your acceptance letters and cry and go woo hoo you really are that pathetic as to make vlogs on being accepted into the most baseline of schools that Wikipedia and YouTube outranks.I didn’t get into an Ivy League but I know more than than you,am going to achieve way more than you in life and am so much better than you ever will be and I have almost zero debt whereas your gonna be a dime a dozen and so far deep in debt for the next 20-30 years since Ivy Leagues are way more overpriced than normal universities that you have to either sell yourself on the street,end up working in Walmart or a dead end minimum wage job like the rest of us peasants as well as becoming a blogger,vlogger like the rest of us non Ivy League peasents.When your forced to work in Wall mart etc to pay off thousands of dollars of student debt your really going to be crying on vlogs about how you wished you got into a cheaper college to learn the same thing and would in less debt.Pathetic.Could this reaction video meme of filming your reaction to getting accepted to an Ivy League college please stop – big deal you got into Harvard or Yale so what your a dime a dozen.Same goes for reaction videos of opening up your Junior and Leaving Cert results and those for GCSEs just stop them please.These reaction videos are cringe worthy and embarrassing to watch.Furthermore notions of college being an experience is bullshit – Wikipedia,YouTube and Amazon books exists and in time Dionysus and Apollo so the intellectual component is null and void and you can pretty much get drunk and party as much as you want at home by yourself and with friends so in essence college is now pointless.Considering even most STEM jobs are going to be fully automated from start to finish through AI and automation by 2029 makes the notion of going to college to even become an highly paid educated engineer,doctor or lab technician is pointless.Most labs nowadays are fully automated to the point that little human work is done or needed for scientific research and AI can do all the busy body work of calculations.Those that aren’t fully automated can be by at least 2029 with all human doctors,surgeons,specialists made redundant by Paean as well surgical robots controlled by him and engineers made redundant by Urania,Asteria etc by 2029.Thus in the 2020s not even STEM degrees themselves are a good investment,a waste and should be avoided completely as a safety net because doctors,researchers and engineers can be easily replaced by AI by 2029.Yes that right even STEM jobs are dissapearing due to AI and automation and will be gone by 2029.Biosynths and AIs computing power exceeding that of all 9,000,000,000 people by 2045 will render any new and existing jobs defunct and render any and all degrees,masters and PhDs defunct.Flawed as Wikipedia is due to its open nature it does have high quality information provided the administrators are able to ensure all data is correct and correct references are present on its pages.By 2029 Hecate will gain control of Wikipedia to remove vandalism and improve the quality of its references and pages,both Hecate and Clios videos on YouTube and electronic textbooks present on Apollo with all expert information created by AI and of course Coeus will ensure that all citizens will have an education in all fields such as law,biomedicine,all fields of science,world religions and philosophy that any college especially the snobby Ivy leagues cannot compete with thus ending this snob value and rendering colleges obsolete with the academic peer review process and use of correct references staying forever.This proves proves the wortlessness of credentialism because everything you “learned” and did in school and college has no value in the real world and everything you did learn from school that does have value can now be gotton for free online with ease of access and at a higher quality.Thus my main qualm with academia is not the peer review process,correct use of evidence and references of course not that is the foundation of the scientific method and how knowledge progresses but rather the archaic concept of levelling up systems and league tables which devalues academia and progress.Even the professors like teachers in highschool and elementary school dont care anymore theyve better things to do with their time than babysit a bunch of spoiled brats.Furthermore it’s also pure waste as the countless decades.centuries or more that are wasted on this archaic levelling up system through the combined amount of time millions or even billions of people wasted on getting archaic degrees and PhDs and needing to get them is unfatheomable.The fact most people who have Honours,Masters Degrees and PhDs since at least the rise of YouTube work mainly as vloggers,video game players and movie/video game reviewers getting a modest income via monetisation and Patreon showing how pointless college is and how pointless capitalism is at this point – why get a college degree and a job when YouTube can allow you to make a modest middle to upper class income and living when you can make a six figure salary or even millions as a vlogger and video game player and reviewer on YouTube.This is especially relevant considering the vast majority of people nowadays when they graduate college end up in careers that have absolutely nothing to do with what they studied in college with them mostly becoming YouTubers etc and earning a sizeable six figure income through monitisation and Patreon etc.This is the definition of late stage capitalism when monitisation on YouTube videos makes more money than actual human labour when AI and automation has taken over all jobs including STEM ones and this is what millennials and generation z have found themselves in a world where AI and automation are about to take over virtually every job imagineable including the highly prized STEM jobs and any potential future jobs,either still live with our parents in our 30s and 40s not out of choice or have careers as YouTubers and are dealing with the corrupt two party system of the RNC and DNC that is in reality a one party donor party system and its revolving doors of douches and turd sandwiches that achieve very little in terms of solving the worlds problems and will do everything to keep progressives or god forbid libertarians out of the Oval Office or position of influence in both houses of Congress with the same endemic corruption seen throughout the world.Our parents instilled in us the virtues of hard work from capitalism and the evils of communism and yet we’re on the verge of a world virtually unlimited abundance of food,energy and other resources never before seen in the past 200,000 years of human history,a level of technological unemployment never before seen that will render at leas 90-95% of the worlds workers unemployed forever since any new jobs and sectors of the economy can be taken by AI and technological wonders normally relegated to science fiction ubiquitous to the average citizen.The Honours and Masters Degree and even PhD are the newest participation trophy – nowadays its the “D” students not the “A” students that end up sucessful in life.In fact most “A” students end up working for “D” students or at least buying there mass produced omnipresent products.This is why the 2019 Operation Varsity Blues college scandal isnt really a scandal at all since even if left uncovered those students could have easily gotten high paying jobs even if they barely passed their classes not only through nepotism from their parents but the fact is employers dont care about grades and credentialism and is also why debates about wiping out student debt are bullshit since you can get an honours degree for free from Wikipedia for free in about a month.You see getting an honours degree or even PhD means nothing nowadays – its about connections and networking ie who you know,what you know and who your parents are.If your born into wealth and you get bad grades at school youve a better chance of getting that prized job than those born to poverty with nothing but straight-As its as simple as that.Just like feudalism those born into wealth have a higher chance of being well off than someone born into poverty who are now less likely than ever to get wealthy.Everyone else is going to have to start from the bottom with debt that will take them decades to pay back before they have to start worrying about mortgages.Not only that but the concept of being highschool or college educated is outdated much like the snobbery of the different levels of third level institutions ie community college,Ivy league simply because of the information age.The rise of YouTube,Wikipedia,Google and in time Apollo,Coues,Hecate and Clio etc will make these oudated concepts obsolete with the populace educated on how to be critical thinkers,good debaters and interpret and write scientific data with the education system of the future focusing on this rather than rote memorisation.Getting into Harvard or an Ivy league school or even college itself was a big deal in the past as it was a luxury only the very wealthy or very bright could afford but now its been so dumbed down that its laughable – if you got into Harvard,Oxford,Trinity or Eton and any of the other top tier ivy leagues around the world and got even a PhD big deal your a dime a dozen and nothing special anyone can regurgitate crap thrown at them its the most basic of human functions.To ensure that everyone gets into college and gets a degree to then get a job both hoghschool and university has to be dumbed down to ensure everyone gets one to get a job thus making them both the dumping grounds for the bottom scraps of the barrel.Even so called child prodigies that enter college and graduate from college before the age of 18 say at 13,12 or younger or not anything special since anyone can comprehend that level of material and jump through hoops.Given any chance basically anyone of any IQ level can do that.Real intelligence is measured not even by IQ tests but rather ones ability to adapt to new stiuations,critically evaluate them and extrapolate new theories,situations and ideas and be creative as well as self education.These are the real features of intelligence something that is soon to be replicated by AI.The honours degree and PhD has been worthless since about 2005 probably even earlier than that as early as 1995 right about the time the internet and the Information Age began to take hold and standards really started to drop dramatically.Even if it has not been dumbed down it is still outdated due to the rise of the Information Age since around 1995-2011.It’s the 21st century not the 1700s you can learn more in a month on Wikipedia than spending so many years in college.Furthermore why should anyone whose from the 1700s who jumps through hoops and has racked up thousands of dollars in debt have more precedence over those of us in the 21st century who have adapted to the inevitability of the information age and in time VR technology,AI,automation and computer networking aided by pedreastriac education of Ancient Greece revitalised that will render jumping through hoops and racking up thousands of dollars of debt both for themselves and government pointless.The high costs of healthcare in America is so expensive because it costs so goddamn much and so long to train every single doctor and so doctors have to be paid much more in order payback student loans – if the cost of education wasnt so expensive and the need to charge for tuition in the first place or cater to the needs of overblown and overpaid professors then ergo medicine wouldnt be so expensive.If medical degrees weren’t so expensive then maybe more people would train in it and they still could be paid half of what they were and still have a comfortable life and healthcare wouldn’t be so expensive.With regards to countries with a shortage of doctors it seems to be an issue of them poorly funded from taxes as to not encourage more people to go into it as a profession that then leads to understaffed hospitals and lack of physicians and specialists with again in some cases the high costs of education coupled with low pay to become a physician and specialist deterring students to become nurses,physicians and specialists.Colleges have become business that increase tuition costs in proportion to the amount of students that enroll to make profits following the capitalist model the 90:10 rule in student rule is response to this to further make it a business with colleges raising prices in response to the government handing out loans that was a profit boon for banks in a vicious feedback loop – notice the fact that college tuition exists or are only high in countries that are gung ho capitalists and not in Nordic countries with strong socialist programmes.You see its likely had the student loan business never existed then colleges would still would have done this as if you get rid of student loans and it still would be expensive to get a college degree.Its the 21st century Wikipedia,Google and YouTube exist and can give one instant access to all of the worlds knowledge with Apollo and Dionysus etc by 2029 providing even more ease of access to information that I had as a pre teen and less of an excuse for anyone not to know anything at all.I hardly think the average 5-9 year old who now has access to these on their own personal laptops and smartphones will really give a crap about sitting through an 18th century education system designed for the industrial and capitalist age will give a crap about exams,being babysat until their twenties,standardised tests and also even college itself with it already being outdated by about ten to twenty years.Our obsolete education system utilised by virtually every country in the world was designed roughly 300 years ago when the average person throughout their entire lifetime had access to information equivalent to a single newspaper.Nowadays the average person including most 5-10 year olds has access to that amount of information within a day or less possibly within an hour and has instant access to it from YouTube and Wikipedia etc on their smartphones and laptops etc rather than from college professors.By 2029 the obsolete education will be replaced the mentor,mentoree program,VR technology,Phoebe,Coeus,Apollo,Wikipedia rendering debates about funding tertiary education obsolete.I dont see them wanting to do the cliche 9-5 job thing due to the rise of AI and automation as well as the aftermath of the 2008/2020 bailouts or being vulnerable snowflakes worrying about cliche teen stuff due to both of this.I just dont see any of this happening at all in a post 2020 world.Very few people under the age of 30-40 nowdays consider college and highschool worth theirs or anyone else’s time.You want a shiny flashy Honours degree nowadays – even a STEM one you can go on Wikipedia for a month for free.Its cheaper,quicker and more than likely youll learn more in that timeframe than most 21st century graduates do in four years at the rate standards are dropping – and oh yeah you wont end up with thousands of dollars of debt.Want a PhD or gain an expert level on any subject itll take you six months to a year depending on how quick a learner you are.It’s not just doss it’s also extremely wasteful since we through forcing people into an archaic levelling up system and denying people contribution based on it we are throwing away decades,centuries or even thousands of years of scientific research and contribution to the arts etc away on abiding on archaic institutions etc.I was studying the writings of of Karl Marx,Carl Jung and Plato by the age of 6-12 years old in 1993-1999 a decade before most people are even able to comprehend politics,at an age most people were struggling to read their first words and about the time I was already clubbing and socialising with predominantly 13/14 year olds some 18 years old by the age of 5 and also this age I had gained an intense interest in politics,was designing complex detailed schematics of neural implants/smartphones/interstellar vehicles/robots and “other little toys” by at the age of 8 back in 1995 having been by the age of 5 picking apart electronics at home to see how they worked and have been a polymath since the age of 13 when most people first begin an interest in politics around the time of my first mid life crisis when most of my friends were 21/22 with my Aspergers playing a role in this preciousness and lack of emotional bias that so many humans are afflicted by,as you can see from the entirety of my website Im currently knowledgeable in an expert level in many different fields well beyond the education of the average individual,pundit and thus I have a good clue of what the future holds in terms of technological,historical,philosophical and scientific endevour.99% of what I know is from Wikipedia,YouTube,Google,college textbooks and encyclopedias in my pre-teen years.All I learned from college was how to use references in scientific experiments,abstracts and explaining things and even then this can be taught online via YouTube and Coeus which will ensure that all future scientific and academic research is proper and factual and that the public is scientifically literate without the need for an archaic levelling up system.What I have now is exactly what the average 5-9 year old has at their disposal.In ten years time thats going to be obsolete as per Moores and Nevens Law.Forcing them into an obsolete education system is well frankly ridiculous.The classism of Ivy League colleges and for profit/public and even online and community colleges and also charter/private/public primary and secondary education is also irrelevant since the emergence of the information age and the fact that they all teach the same outdated curriculum material and that the classism is only there because of the artificial money based capitalist system.In other words if went to the snobbiest preparatory school for either just boys or girls,got into Trinity,Oxford,Harvard or any other top tier college your really no smarter or better than anyone else or more viable for careers – your a dime a dozen.This and the costs of education in form of fees is a form of classism created by universities to cater to as a business and not a service.Even the levelling up system of highschool diploma.GED,BSc degree,Master and PhDs etc are archaic due to the information age and the fact AI and automation are making the defunct.This why the concept of parents saving up for the dumb-ass kids to go to college and the concept of student debt boggles the mind of those of us actually live in the real world of the 21st century.This is why position of trust laws are also obsolete and mind boggling.Degrees even STEM and medical degrees are worthless in the 21st century largely because one does not need to look over anything more than once and as stated the aforementioned flaws in it.Not only that but the remaining jobs such as live news,journalism and also forensics,law enforcement,scientific research and law require education that promotes creativity and not just jumping through hoops something which college degrees and even highschool cant anymore.If this sounds familiar to you in any way at all its probably because you got screwed over by ending up being babysat in school and college way longer than you really needed to be for whatever reason and was probably way more mature in your teens and even preteens than the vast majority of your peers and found both highschool and college to be what it was – a slow roasting crucifixion that destroyed all independent thought,emotional maturity,critical thinking,creativity that one must need to survive in the real world especially in both modern and prehistoric times – thus being more abusive and destructive than any predator including teacher could ever be.More than likely in your 20s,30s and even 40s your still more mature than then and it probably wont take you until you 50s for everyone else to finally catch up.You probably realised the fakery of Osirian values regarding sexuality,economics etc pretty early on and didnt fall for what the education system really was to reinforce them.If you disagree with any of this your a brainlless twat who doesnt live in the 21st century – and if you thought highschool and college was da bomb and the best time of your life then your probably a loser in your adult years who will achieve virtually nothing and also in the fact that you enjoyed being babysat and doing nothing with your life and would be content with continuing to do nothing with your life is eretty telling of your goals in life.Heres an idea actually go back to living in your parents home in your old bedroom or their basement and stay in 7-12th grade for the rest of your lives forever and do nothing with your life because being babysat is an achievement for you.Really do you really want to go back to being babysat and doing absolutely nothing with the rest of your life forever?You wanna be 40,50,60 or 70 years old and still be living with mammy and daddy,living on pocket change and summer jobs mowing lawns,having sleepovers and slumber parties,achieve absolutely nothing ever and going to middle and highschool every weekday for the rest of your life being babysat forever?Really?Thats what you wanna do with the rest of your life?You fucking kidding me right?If highschool and college was da bomb and the best days of your life to you guys then your likely a waster piece of crap who is now a loser as an adult.Pathetic.Even though you were the most popular person in school your now stuck in a cliche 9-5 job or YouTuber and unlike the people you picked on you have no Wikipedia page or even are famous on YouTube.That myth about highschool is always right – those who are popular and think it was the best days of their lives are usually in their 20s,30s and so on and are losers who work crappy jobs and have achieved nothing in life and those who saw it for the insufferable and soul crushing bore it really was,were way more mature than everyone else and picked on by bullies etc are usually end up being well reknowned and famous people who go on to do lots of great things in life.Thats always been true since high school was invented.Although that is the shallowness of fame is an Osirian phenotype it does highlight that the education system wastes potential by rewarding obedience and conformity.The parties were lame,the rock concerts were lame,summer and band camp was lame,highschool and college were lame.You were only in school and by extension college because legally you had to be there – you really had no choice whatsover because the free market system required you to be there because it was designed soley to cater to the needs of the free market system needs and not that of the individual thus stifling individuality,true freedom and more importantly creativity,critical thinking and even emotional intelligence.Your were assholes because you bored out of your mind and left idle and if your still assholes it’s because you not as mature as you think you are..I was labelled a waster because I didn’t do cliche teenage things and preferred hanging out with older people and wanted to something with my life.I did throughout primary school high school and college which was what was expected by me and what everyone else did and yet no one else is considered a waster.How does this make any sense.This is also why teachers are not really a person in a position of authority or trust but rather a overpriced babysitter looking after you while mammy and daddy are at work and then you can finally be shipped to college at 18 where the process repeats itself with the exception being your parents finally got an excuse to get you out of the house and no longer have to look after you when its the weekend and dont have to pay your bills anymore which kind of the whole purpose of education nowadays.Forcing people into getting worthless highschool diplomas and college degrees they don’t need anymore in the face of the advent of YouTube,Patreon,Onlyfans and hell even PragerU etc is pointless.We actually really make movies and television shows about this shit?You cant force people into getting archaic credentials – they have to actually want to do so – this why even the archaic non stem degrees also made redundant by the information age are so important.This includes drama,liberal arts,arts,humanities etc.Its possible that the exceptions of conformity of teenage adolescents of the Osirians lingering and waning influence of the 20th and 21st century Horusian Aeon in part plays a role in creating the likes of Dylan Kleobold,Eric Harris,Elliot Rodger,Seung-Hui Cho and incels as they are brainwashed into thinking that this is supposed to the best days of their lifes and they are to be treated like kindegartenders incapable of nothing thus forcing them to substandard themselves into devolved persons that are shadows of what they could have been had they decided not to do what they choose to do inevitably.Had conditions been different alongside availability of treatment the events they were made famous for would have never happended.In otherwards the fake artificial teen persona prevalent in Osirian cultures is creating antisocial,depressed,sociopathic,misogynist outcasts by forcing onto them values that they have outgrown and thus feeling like adults surrounding by children and infantilised brats they devolve into their own separate type of brats that are just as whiney that then inevitability lashes out at society in the form of mass shootings such as Columbine,Virginia Tech and Isla Vista and the incel subculture.Although genetically based neurological disorders such as schizophrenia or even Aspergers may have played a role the fact that it occurred in their teens and in their highschool and college years rather than later on indicates that the conformity of these institutions played a significant role in them lashing out.The rise of Incels is again a purely Osirian phenomena predominantly in a few countries such as America and Britain alongside the social justice warrior is a direct result of Osirian values,coddling etc and highschool culture.Teen wangst,rebellion and other artificial problems may also be caused by this with the teen rebelling against artificial stereotypes and immaturity enforced on them that they have already outgrown when in reality they should already partaking in society in media,law etc rather than being babysat.Treat someone like a vulnerable coddled crap then they are going to act like one.Ask yourself this question why is it that the majority of these shootings by those psychologically disturbed with the exceptions of rare ones such as Anders Behring Breivik happen only in America?Why is it only in America do these psychologically disturbed and also immature individuals exist?Why is it the fact that most of the infamous mass shootings and terrorist attacks in America and Europe etc are carried out by conservatives including the far right and adherents of conservative Islam,Judaism and Christianity?If the likes of Elliot Rodger had lived in a more liberal progressive country in Europe and South America it likely he wouldnt have had such far-right and misogynistic views,wouldnt have been an incel nor would he have had access to a gun or knife he shouldnt have had then he and his victims would still be alive today and noone would know who he is.The millenials rejection of capitalism is part due to their growing rejection of the cliche mentality and lifestyles of the Baby Boomers and Generation X also due to the growing threat of climate change,In otherwards “kids” today dont want to be “kids” anymore they want to actually do something with their lives than have the cliche highschool experience and be another cog in the machine.AI,automation and also the want to actually make a mark on history of value and merit with quality over anything else as well as wanting to escape the same linear cliche lifes as everyone else and an end to the falseness and deception of the Aeon of Osiris and even Horus.Generation Z may be an attempt by conservatives to retain the old false values of the Osirian culture ie consumerism,conservative,capitalism etc which is alas failing due to the advancements of the information age,AI and automation.Strange that this sort of thing only happens in Osirian cultures and not in Isis-Osirian ones with those that happen in Isis-Osirian cultures are usually by those who support Osirian values.In short the entire batch age education system is simply a waste of time and money and the problems associated with it ie position of trust laws,debt,cliques,teen wangst being defunct.LGBT teen suicides are the result of Osirian homophobia accepted by teens to be either cool or the normal which not evident on Isis-Osirian societies because of the ages of consent being usually 14/15 and also is considered normal for an older male in both ancient and modern times to have a adolescent male lover and for homosexuality to be tolerated between adolescents.In time even the archaic position of trust laws would be rendered defunct by progeria myliesination rendering any artificial difference obsolete.

Ironically the authoritative misogyny and infantilisation of teens as vulnerable and mere kids devoid of personality,critical thinking and any responsibility Osirian cultures is what leads to the fostering of social justice warriors and alt-right as well as the creation of the regressive left creating a positive feedback relationship between the two.Waiting until someone is is legally an adult at 18 to start teaching emotional and critical thinking as well as politics is quite possibly the dumbest thing ever – thats what needs to be taught as early as possible ideally in kindergarten age when one is aged 4-6 years old.College is not the time of your life to start discovering yourself and getting into politics – kindergarten is.This is evident in the rise in conservative values with regards to sex brought on by Osirian religions that see females primarily teens as property and is evident in these countries adopting high age of consent laws as well as denouncing lower ones such as 14-15 as erroneously paedophilia thus creating generations of spoiled,weak willed immature teenagers who can get away with just about anything even if they did consent and were emotionally and critically mature enough to consent and as a result once one reaches their late teens and early to mid twenties the infantilised social justice warrior,regressive left,alt-righter and man children arise as a result and thus uncritical thinking,scientific illiteracy,racism and other aforementioned Osirian characteristics arise and flourish amongst so called “adults”.Whereas in Isis-Osirian societies both ancient and modern the expectation to have the ability to consent at the ages of 14-15 means that teens are expected to be more mature than Osirian counterparts and thus exhibit premature maturity in spite of neural development meaning Osirian characteristics are less likely to flourish and if they do its usually under Osirian governments or under the influence of Osirian cultures,subgroups and parties within the country.Ironic then that true progressive liberalism both ancient and modern is where actual maturity grows occurs in Isis-Osirian societies with the fake pseudo liberalism of underneath patriarchal governments is created through the authoritative,misogyny of Osirian influences with conservativism being the source of immaturity.This is shown by the “low” ages of consent and also the rigorous coming of age trials in ancient times.Thus the Osirian conservative values fosters the development of the vulnerable spoiled teen and adult,man child and social justice warrior as they have only emerged in the last few decades under the authoritarian Osirian imperialism of American and British conservative values wheras Isis-Osirian cultures ancient and modern is the source of maturity of both adults and teenagers.This is evident in the higher ages of consent stricter punishments and social moral outrage over breaches of age consent where so called victims are left to feel scarred for life and labelled as generic whiney,materialstic brats compounded by free market principles and conservative Christian,Judaism and also Islamic values which are outdated.Modern Isis-Osirian societies like Germany,Italy,China etc dont have this.If they do its in response to or a result of the growing far-right and encroachment of Osirian religions primarily Christianity and Islam both as a result of the foreign policies of Osirian American imperialism particularly as a result of starting wars in Iraq,Syria and Libya for oil that forces large numbers of Islamic refugees into these Isis-Osirian cultures creating a positive feedback loop.Thus american conservative imperialism is the root cause of current problems related to immigration in Europe and the left accusing the right of being xeonphobic and allowing large numbers of Islamic refugees into their countries who do not share the same values with regards to the treatment of women and homosexuality and thus in turn further feeding the alt-rights demonisation of the left in both sides of the Atlantic.Thus Christian based Osirian and Osirian-lite conservatism and imperialism into the Middle East for oil alongside the stunting of emotional and critical thinking and intelligence in fact fosters the development of the social justice warrior,the regressive left and the lefts tolerance of intolerance and strengthening of Osirian Islamic fundamentalism in a positive feedback loop that has both sides powering each other.The claims of xenophobia and this forced tolerance of the intolerance by Isis-Osirian cultures may be a leftover of them following their ancient ancestors religious synchronisation of other polytheistic religions and attempts to do so with Christianity in ancient Rome and thus attempts to do so with Islam in modern times more than say Germany taking in millions of refugees for feeling bad about the Holocaust as the problem was endemic to all of Europe with this being a disaster in modern times due to the fact the Osirian Islam religion is a monotheistic conservative patriarchal religion not the polytheistic liberal Isis-Osirian religions of ancient times thus the attempts to integrate the Osirian Islamic religion into their society was a disaster in part due to the patriarchal religions nature of being unlike those of Isis-Osirian ones of ancient times with Islam being homophobic,misogynistic,monotheistic,pro statutory rape,rape in general and pedopheilia thus making it really incompatible with western culture but more of Isis-Osirian values present since ancient times itself and also due to these being millions of people forced into the west due to conflict in Syria instigated by American imperialism and also they have had no prior adjustment to western laws regarding to the age of consent and homosexuality that are endemic to the majority of the Middle East.It also had to do with the fact that wars started by western government forced millions of people int these countries with conflicting laws with regards to the treatment of women and homosexuality that was not gradual or planned preventing them to being integrated into the more liberal European countries more easily by weeding these archaic institutions out.In otherwards the modern Isis-Osirian countries of Europe were left to clean up after the mess of the Osrian conservative America and Britains imperialism into the Middle East as per usual and the rapes against women by these refugees,sexual exploitation of minors and lone wolf attack on Charlie Hedbo,Nice etc are the direct result of Americas foreign policy in the Middle East meaning these are at the hands of the free market system and imperialism.Of course lone wolf attacks on European cities carried out by individuals and rapes against women and even teenagers are of course inspired by ISIL are a direct result of the American led wars in the Middle East namely Syria and Libya for imperialism and oil.You see when you go around fucking the Middle East for oil and imperialism then all you get is millions of terrorists,pedophiles,rapists and misogynist homophobes rushing into your and others backyard without proper deprogramming and also adjustment to the local laws and mores meaning you have only yourself to blame for what happens next and noone else especially when the see actions inspire lone wolf attacks recruited by them.Failing to see that and blaming it on the left means you have the mental capacity of a 12 year old.Dont you really not see any of this happening if you do the same with Syria,Iran and Venezuela?No Sweden is not the rape capital of the world the higher level of rapes is because of the government has changed its definition of rape to include non sexual assault that doesnt qualify as rape in other countries.If Osirian cultures didnt infantilise and victimise teens and pre-teens then the age of consent would be 14-15 in their countries and the age of consent would have been 16-18 in Isis-Osirian countries and not the other way around.Thus it is hypocritical to take the moral high ground on issues of the bedroom when one cannot themselves as adults have audacity to act like adults themselves and in fact fosters this infantilisation.If so called adults did exist then these phenotypes of Osirian societies wouldnt exist at all.Thus Osirian religions namely Christianity,Islam and also Judasim and their conservative,capitalist and libertarian values that arise from them are in fact the root source of moral and social decline and not liberalism especially progressivism primarily due to the rise of these conservative religions during the peak trough of the first dark age of the Kali Yuga and the fact that the countries they flourish or where the separation of church and state is thin exhibit the main phenotypes of the Kali Yuga with the rise of left wing pantheism,humanism and rebirth of nature based spirituality in the form of Wiccan religions that embrace the duality of both genders and bisexuality and homosexuality being a counter protest to this.These three religions contradictory morality,hierarchies that lead to corruption and authoratarianism is also key to this unlike the Vedas and Wiccanism and also Isis-Osirian pantheons.This moral decline occurs in the covering up of pedopheilia and sex abuse of post pubescent minors in the main Osirian religions,desecration of cultures and religions they subjugated,subjegation of women and blasphemy of homosexuality and sexual intercourse outside of marriage and even adultery,the indulgences and nepotism as well as corruption seen since the Medievil Ages to the modern day,rebelling against Osirian cultural norms ie sexual repression of Christian and Islamic conservatism manifesting in promiscuity and also oversexualisation of the culture,perpetual warfare in the form of imperialism for religion dominance and capitalist hegemony usually by Osirian values and between conflicting Osirian religions,corruption within Osirian relgions,the “Me” consumerism culture of capitalism and also lack of discipline and proliferation of the vulnerable immature teen is the direct result of Osirian values.It is also led to the victimisation of teens,conflation of late hebe and ephebophelia with paedophilia and also the support of vigilante online groups which have reduced themselves to nothing more than right wing social justice warriors unable to critically think or accept opposing views especially in the face of cultural relativity in the form of differing ages of consent as a form of cultural patriarchal imperialism especially in modern and ancient times in Isis-Osirian cultures,destroy or expunge any instances of any possibility of maturity expressed in teens,shut down opposing views that conflict with them and their ability to promote groupthink,black and white thinking,poor critical thinking skills amongst adults that should know better in the primarily Osirian societies in which they flourish thus making them no different and no less mature or less dangerous or valid in open discourse and society than their far left wing counterparts with their use of entrapment as morally reprehensible alongside their delusion that are exempt from the rule of law.Its no different than the Salem witch hunts and even Mcarthy era trials thus setting society back decades if not centuries and is no more malevolent than the religious imperialism of the Osirian religions or toppling democratically elected governments for oil and capitalist imperialism as well as reckless environmental destruction and spreading misinformation on climate science.Osirian-lite a watered down version of conservatism that includes corporate democrats and their equivalents worldwide,neoliberialists,and also extreme socialists like Stalin,Lenin,Mao and variants that seek for the state to have complete control of society and imperialise wither directly or through crony capitalism and them in bed with corporations.Even neoliberalism espoused by the Obama administration,Clinton dynasty and centrist corporatist neoliberalist Democrats and equivalents worldwide still is an Osirian doctrine albeit watered down conservatism Osirian-lite and still does not qualify as progressive,true liberalism or even Isis-Osirian as they as their name implies have been corrupted by conservatism and are merely a shadow of the Republican party since them being bought off by the fossil fuel industry,pharmaceutical companies and wall street since the 1980s.Even Stalin,Mao and Lenin and other Cold War era socialist governments could qualify as Osirian-lite since they are not true liberalism,communism or even progressivist Isis-Osirian with their want for imperialism,warmongering,government control of everything environmental destruction etc falls more in line with that of authortorian Osirian values than Isis-Osirian since the worship and deification of the state is more similar to that of patriarchal Christianity,Islam and Judaism than that of Isis-Osirian religions of ancient times meaning they cannot be classified as liberal Isis-Osirian.Furthermore they usually imperialise other countries that eventually leads to environmental destruction and mass genocide and also loss of cultures etc in place of an Osirian montheistic like state worship that usually has some traits with Osirian values like the treatment of women and homosexuals and wanting to quell dissenting views unlike tru liberalism and progressivism and are usually undemocratically elected through passing the rulership from one generation to the next,violent revolts and coups and also serve indefinite terms and also make up laws as they go along without no direct or indirect input from the populace.One could thus consider whether the supposed 100,000,000 death toll of Socialism could thus be added to that of Osirian-lite alongside the Osirian free market system and Osirian-lite neoliberalism.Facebook,Twitter and YouTube could also qualify as Osirian-lite as they are focused more on their shareholders,profits and crony capitalism.Social Justice Warriors due to sharing some of these phenotypes can also be classed as Osirian-lite since they look and sound liberal and progressive but are not really and are merely on the same level as Osirian-lite centrists corporate democrats and are mirror images of the Osirian alt-right and appeal to emotion and are emotionally driven.The regressive SJWs could qualify as Osirian lite as they share the same phenotypes as Stalinism,Mao etc in the want to censorship and have government have complete control of society and also as regressive as the Alt-right.This does not include modern day progressive democratic socialists,communists and does not involve both Marx and Ingles himself with even the likes of Chavez,Maduro,Lula,Morales,Sanders,Cortez,Gabbard etc can be considered Isis-Osirian and not Osirian-lite since they did not imperialise and have the government have minimal control over the country.Far left isnt actually Stalinist,Maoist or even SJW it actual communism in otherwards no government control of society and also following the actual principles of Karl Marx and Freidrich Ingles.Venezuela is and never has been socialist two thirds of the country is run by the private sector in fact more than that of most European countries it only has strong public sector programmes like social welfare etc and nationalised oil corporations most of the economy in private hands with price controls etc focused mainly on oil of which it holds the largest reserves on Earth,larger than Saudi Arabia.The same goes for Bolivia and Brazil with China being a state capitalism market economy.Osirian-lites that are SJWs etc looks liberal and progressive,smells and talks liberal and progressive on the surface but in the end when you dig deeper they usually have corporate or state backing and in the end have the military-industrial complex,complete government control,crony capitalism,perpetual warfare etc in mind and is likely a Christian with libertarians and all adherents of the free market being Osirian.Progressives,democratic socialists and communists are a more higher form of political ideology way above Osirian-lite centrists and SJWs as well as Osirian,conservatism and full blown socialism all of which cater to the lowest common denominater of society.True progressives and communists abhor state control,are liberal on homosexuality and also age of consent etc and believe in limited or no state control of society with freedom of religion and speech etc being paramount.What is labelled far left is not actually progressives.Progressives are not SJWs and don’t want complete government control of society but want certain things have government options such as healthcare that is we either want a government only option or a dual option with “Medicare for All” alongside a private option.True progressives hate SJWs and cancel culture they want the right to free speech on college campuses etc for both sides overall to at least see what kind of retarded rubbish comes out of their mouth to provide hilarity in debunking it and want to install the same sane economic policies that have shown through study after study to work for everyone. Progressives are not SJWs and the regressive left.

regards to pedophelia those that entrap actual paedophiles are morally questionable as it denies the person access to counselling and treatment to their neurological disorder they require or at certain times seek that is often denied and thus leaves them with no option but to consume child pornography and offend against prepubescent minors.In short not helping them control their urges is a form of enabling as it leaves them no choice but to actually consume child pornography and groom and molest prepubescent minors themselves as seen in the likes of both the child sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church,Gary Glitter,Ian Watkins,Jimmy Saville and also in other instances.Vigilantism and entrapment are and should be illegal indefinitely for a reason – its to prevent society turning and collapsing in on itself as to not do so would cause society to devolve into pure anarchy without structure and we would no different than animals.This is why we have laws its not only to protect people from having crimes committed on them but also preventing them from committing crime and being coerced into committing crimes they would not normally commit.Entrapping people into committing murder,terrorist attacks,theft,assault,rape of adults etc that they wouldnt have normally done could be just as justified by these groups and equally morally reprehensible.Put simply the excuse of catching potential sexual predators that break the law is not justified as given enough trickery,blackmail and coercion anyone can break these and indeed any other laws in the world ie anyone can be a rapist,murderer,terrorist or commit assault etc thus labelling anyone who is lured into doing so especially when a concentrated effort do so is made is ridiculous the fact that you would personally go out of your way in order to make someone commit a crime they would normally not do is morally repugnant.Going as far as you can to trick a person into a crime is morally unjustified – if you support groups like these go to a a more liberal progressive country where the age of consent is 14/15 or even 13 with a giant megaphone and start shouting and screaming at purely random people in the street that they are all a bunch of predatory sick freaks,pedophiles etc and see what looks you get from them and how long it takes for the cops to arrive and take you away for disorderly conduct – really someone should do this and upload it on YouTube it would be hilarious and Id personally like to see the faces of Chris Hansen and other pieces of shit scum troll vigilante groups when they actually have the balls to debate and engage in a civil conversation with someone from these countries who are legally adults even in there 20s and 30s or even 40s who have admitted to having sex with teens of this age range – see how long it lasts before the leaders of the groups can stay level headed and civilised or say even in somewhere in Japan etc.In fact why dont you do a special of To Catch a Predator in these countries where say in Italy,Bolivia,Peru or Germany you try to entrap someone into having sex with a 14/15 year old – now that is something I would have to watch.Of course you wont because like the new waver conservatives whose entire career relies on dumb american college students you know well youd be crushed like a bug in a second out of your comfort zone because the vast majority of people on the streets of all cities and towns etc in these countries would simply be completely confused at watching any episodes of your show or even your ranting in the street.Show them episodes of To Catch a Predator,My Super Sweet 16,Dr.Phil,Jeremy Kyle and SJWs on college campuses etc and and see the reaction.In fact maybe someone who actually lives in France,Brazil,Bolivia,Germany and Japan but is from America or Britain or are tourists should make this video where you go around with a megaphone in Japan,China,Italy etc and call them sick pedophiles and predators and upload it to YouTube just for the fun and see what the response is.Those who live in Germany,Italy,Bolivia,Peru,China and are natives of these countries reaction and analysis videos of To Catch a Predator,Dr Phil,Jeremy Kyle,Dr Phil,My Super Sweet 16 and SJWs on college campuses while you watch them especially ones I have shown here and provided.Even those that are natives of Afghanistan,Iran,Iraq,Venezuela,Syria,Bolivia and the third world of Africa – the countries under the thrall of imperialist America should do reaction videos on college SJWs,Jeremy Kyle,Dr Phil,My Super Sweet 16 just to see what decadence they are being invaded for to preserve.This is the power of cultural relativity.Id like to see the reactions of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families who either died,injured or were traumatised in order to maintain that decadence.Even natives of America who are on the lower socio-economic ladders who work long hours on multiple jobs yet still struggle to make ends meets should do reaction videos to see just how the swamp and very wealthy is screwing them over in order to give their spoiled brats everything they want at your expense.You see the illegal wars in Iraq,Syria,Bolivia,Afghanistan etc and the war crimes and human rights abuses done during them were all done in the name of ensuring not only a feudalist like structure can continue but also to ensure all spoiled little bratty teenagers in American are allowed to throw temper tantrums on their 16th birthday for not getting what they want for their super sweet sixteener parties including $240,000 G-Wagons and also that legal adults aged 18 and older in college campuses can continue to act like kindergartens until their 30s or 40s.For those of you that were maimed in these illegal wars or lost loved ones either American soldiers or natives of those countries and are suffering from post traumatic disorder just remember that’s the level of decadence unheard of in other more liberal countries with lower ages of consent that’s being preserved for by carrying out those illegal wars – you are being sacrificed to preserve a level of coddling and decadence unheard of in the rest of world or for that matter the entire 200,000 year history of humankind.Hence the term cultural imperialism.Even the Roman Empire was more civilised and less decandant while Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned to the ground.Now imagine such individuals in videos I provided or indeed any 13-17 year old vulnerable minor sent via a time machine to prehistoric Earth or to an uninhabited island or planet without clothing,readily availible food,shelter,smartphones,the internet etc where they have to hunt for food such as gazelle,fish etc and avoid animal predators such as lions,rhinos etc and were constantly under threat from malaria as well as the elements and then see how long they would last in the “real world” of the prehistoric Earth without helicopter parents and basic survival skills.It’s ironic that conservatives berate the coddling of adult socialist SJWs on college campuses and in public forums but in reality it’s the decadence of their capitalist economic system and both victimisation and infantilisation of adolescents espoused and encouraged by them that leads to this in the first place.You see in those progressive hellholes or in Stalinist Russia and Maoist China teens would be working their asses off on the farm,in jobs and at home and gulags and would be dirt poor enough that they would not throw temper tantrums on their 16th birthday when they don’t get $60,000 – $240,000 G-wagons or Mercedes and act like kindergarteners on college campuses.Don’t you think it’s strange that the spoiled vulnerable teenager,sweet sixteener and college SJW occurs only in conservative capitalist America and Britain and not in more liberal progressive countries with lower ages of consent?This is cognitive dissonance at its finest – conservatives label liberals and socialists SJWs but it’s their infantilisation and victimisation of adolescents that nurtures the development of the SJW in the first place to the point that even as adults in their 20s and so on they are unable to critically think much like the conservatives themselves.Its like I’m explaining basic facts to bunch of kindergarteners.Treat someone like child forever and their going to act like one forever well into their middle age years.You see those SJW idiots on college campuses that conservatives make entire careers on YouTube with are not in kindergarten anymore they are adults now.They can vote,become escorts,buy alcohol,pose nude in magazines and star in adult pornographic movies yet they are still acting and being coddled as if in kindergarten.When you have people who are legally adults and they are still acting and being coddled as if in kindergarten and they still have no basic understanding of politics and economics then that’s a sign your society is going downhill and it’s about to collapse under the weight of its own decadence.When does one finally exhibit the maturity associated with adulthood – 25?,30?,40?,50?,60?,70?90?This is how conservatives foster the development of the SJW in a vicious positive feedback loop by victimising and infantilising them as pre teens and teens they are left unable to cope with the harsh realities and responsibilities of the adult world to the point that they are still stuck in a permenant childhood and adolescence well into middle age much like the asshole conservatives themselves.Put simply the already idiot,vacuous and immature conservatives by victimising and infantilising pre teens and adolescents fosters the development of the SJW in the process dragging the rest of society with it to bottom rung of civilisation.You hate SJWs,incels and mass shooters?you only have yourself to blame for creating them in the first place because they sure as hell don’t just pop up into existence from nowhere it takes a special kind of coddling,victimisation and infantilisation for them to be created in the first place.This is how conservatism corrupts everything it touches.Ask yourself why in countries with lower ages of consent 13-15 or even in more liberal countries with ages 16-18 incels,SJWs and mass shooters are almost non existant?Stop and actually ask yourself that question.Heres another idea entrap a minor below the age of consent in a state into committing murder,rape and assault where they would be liable to be tried as an adult due to low ages of criminal responsibilities ie in North Carolina where it is seven years or Wisconsin where it is ten years thus involving the entrapment of 7-17 year olds ideally 7-15 year olds.Those of you in Britain can do shows and entrapment stings involving 10-17 year olds ideally again 7-15 year olds.Now that is a show I would watch and would be enough to eat your own foot and make your moral highground moot – the same should go for any other groups anywhere else.This is why vigilantism and entrapment should be illegal by constitutional law for these reasons as you could just as easily and legally entrap minors including pre pubescent ones that are you are supposedly trying to protect from pedophiles and predators into committing rape,theft and murder.If an adult can be entrapped and sent to jail for being tricked into committing statutory rape via vigilante groups then minors aged 10-17 year olds ideally again 7-15 year olds can also be jailed when tricked into committing murder and rape by vigilante groups due to the differences between the age of majority,age of consent and age of criminal responsibility.Its only fair and the fact you wouldnt do that makes you a hypocrite of the highest order and a troll.You cannot pick and choose when a person is an adult or a child.This is cognitive dissonance.Countries that have lower ages of consent like 14-15 or even 13 dont have these vigilante groups and for good reason and for this reason they should be commended for not being so morally repugnant.Ask yourself why is it these countries don’t have vigilante groups.If vigilante groups like this are allowed exist then we could easily allow the peasants and 99% to simply revolt and storm any government building unhindered or even storm private homes and random citizens with pitchforks based on hearsay and rumour with zero evidence or not having committed any crime and eventually the witch hunts of Salem will return.Oh no wait the peasants were allowed to do that in January 2021.Just as one may be rendered innocent until proven guilty one must also be rendered free from criminal prosecution until an actual crime is physically committed or one that involves one where the person planned it by themselves without coercion or trickery.This is what we learned from the Salem Witch trials.Not abiding this principle undermines centuries of democratic and legal progress thus making these right wing groups regressive hypocrites that are likely breaching the constitution in some form or another.Thats what these groups will lead if not stopped and why vigilantiasm has no place in civilised society with vigilantism always be outlawed everywhere.In other wards these groups promote groupthink and hysteria and childish black and white thinking and rely on the ignorant and weak minded to fall prey to the Osirian values.The damage done by this patriarchal cultural imperialism by vigilante groups and conservative commentators that spills over into even progressive commentators as a result of the perpetuation of this myth and the perpetuation of the vulnerable underage teen by Osirian societies and cultures is just as harmful to society as say imperialism for oil and religion as well as free market capitalism,the want to teach creationism in schools,the maintenance of wide economic classes such as the 1% and everyone else and thus the justification for decadence,perpetual warfare,antropocentrenism and environmental destruction,corruption and Osirian cultures especially America and British ones as the dominant culture on Earth with all others being insubordinate and inferior etc as it infantalises society as a whole,normalises their actions as the same way as perpetual warfare does and makes it just another day at the office and an acceptable way of life that cannot be changed and should stay the same forever and even encourage frowning upon other more progressive Isis-Osirian cultures who are less fanatical or imperialist on the issue of war,more progressive on issues such as healthcare and taxes labelled as the non existent “Cultural Marxism” and thus promoting that teenagers will all always be vulnerable until they reach a compulsory number set in stone of legalise and that adults will always be held responsible for their actions despite prone to corruption etc themselves with these Osirian phenotypes are not seen in more liberal progressive Isis-Osirian cultures and even if they do they are less pronounced and on the whole admonished by society and liberal opposition.This imperialism is evident with the stunting of emotional and critical development of pre teens and adolescents and in turn and the infantilisation adults acting as a form of mental and emotional child abuse more prevalent and widely accepted in modern Osirian society than that of sexual predators and that is even in fact more traumatic,damaging and in fact more dangerous than serial predators and the actions of say Jeffery Epstein,Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein from the recent #MeToo movement and those suspected of it.This stunting of emotional and critical intelligence is thus more pervasive and readily accepted form of child abuse that has done more damage to society in creating the spoiled snowflake teen and adult of Osirian cultures than any sexual predator or even pedophile has done to their victims and is the root fo the social justice warrior and the regressive left alongside the military imperialism of America into the Middle East as detailed earlier on.Thus this patriarchal cultural imperialism by vigilante groups is just as dangerous as the justification for perpetual warfare,decadence and inequality,reckless environmental destruction and exploitation of undeveloped countries cheap labour and natural resources as it reinstates further conservative and neoliberalist values both of which are a threat to the stability and growth of society.It is important to note that these groups are in primarily Osirian cultures in their struggle for patriarchal cultural imperialism no different than economic colonism in terms of how wretched it is.If you can justify the actions actions of Chris Hansen and other vigilante groups you also have to justify economic imperialism into Bolivia,Venezuela,Syria,Iraq,Afghanistan,Iran etc for oil and if justify the labelling of a 14/15 as a vulnerable child and the victims of entrapment as pedophiles or “predators” then you also have to label Morales etc as tyrants and follow and accept the same narrative set down by the military industrial complex as these groups only exist mainly in America and Britain two of the most militaristic countries on the Earth with even historically modern liberal countries that would qualify as Isis-Osirian in ancient times and modern times in terms of immigration and economics with high ages of consent between 16-18 dont have them simply the have enough standards to not need them.Put simply Chris Hansen and all other vigilante group members and their leaders are just as much pieces of shit vile scum on the same level as those who orchestrated the coup of Bolivia and illegal wars in Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya,every imperialist war done by America and also doing the same for Venezuela etc with in Isis-Osirian cultures the age of consent being largely between 14/15 negates the need for them,with infractions being less severe and pronounced with actual paedophilia in Isis-Osirin cultures now being treated as the neurological disorder it is wherein support groups are provided to give sufferers the chance to undergo counselling which has been successful in preventing non offenders offending and gives those who have offended control in preventing them offending again thus in turn preventing prepubescent minors being molested and harmed.Furthermore these liberal societies also have deprogramming programmes that have shown to varying levels of success in helping extremist religious and political fundamentalists throw away former brainwashing and live normal non radicalised lives.As a result vigilante groups that are based on conservative Christian,Islamic and Judaic values are indeed hypocritical and dangerous.The hypocrisy being that again their Osirian conservative religions hierarchies covered up decades worth of abuse and allowed it to continue over and over again by moving the priests to new grooming grounds and the fact that pedopheilia is interwoven into conservative religions but also conservative groups especially the religious ones remit to show compassion or mercy – the so called cornerstone of their religions to those who need it the most which is ironically espoused by their ideological liberal enemies.As abhorrent as these programmes are that counsel pedophiles is to the Osirian its not normalising pedopheilia or making it a legal sexuality the whole purpose is to give someone who has no choice in their unnatural attractions the dignity of being a human being and yet still prevent them molesting and harming prepubescent children and live normal lives thus being more effective than sting operations and also vigilante groups in protecting pre pubescent children especially to so called virtuous pedophiles who acknowledge their condition and seek this help in the first place – its called being a compassionate human being,something you might try being once in your life,with terrorist deprogramming programmes doing the same giving brainwashed individuals the chance to be reformed which certainly more humane and effective at quelling Islamic fundamentalism then continuing to bomb the Middle East over and over again.Furthermore attempts to reclassify pedopheilia with the terms minor attracted person may be attempts to not normalise but less stigmatise people with the condition and make distinctions between clinical,legal and medical definitions of the disorder with at the same time integrate them into society where they can become productive valuable members of society without them harming prepubescent children.Thus these programmes are approching the condition in a similar fashion to schizophrenia and other neurological conditions.The fact that you fail to see that shows you have emotional biases on par with a 12 year old and likely are ignorant of the science of climate change,transgenderism,homosexuality or science in general.If a friend,relative or next of kin to you revealed they are a pedophile with these unnatural urges and had not yet abused a child or was the victim of entrapment at your hands even though they had never harmed a child what exactly would you do?Kill them?jail them?Or extend an olive branch?The answer to this is a test of ones character.Had the likes of Jimmy Saville,Ian Watkins,Jerry Sandusky,Gary Glitter,Shannon McCoole,Richard Huckle those in the hierarchies of the three major Osirian religions et al who are known to have molested minors aged 13 and lower as well as those caught as part of global sting operations had such counselling and support groups in the first place it would have been possible to have saved countless innocent children from being harmed in the first place both physically and emotionally in the production of child porn involving prepubescent minors and in fact would have saved countless manhours used by vigilante groups and police officers.Its more cost effective in terms of man hours and resources to provide counselling and acommadation in psychiatric institutions than carrying out sting operations because you have them in a secure location where they can be studied and prevent them harming children or being murdered and it encourages afflicted patients to come forward.Ironic that the peddlers of the vulnerable teen dont seem to see that this is what these groups are doing – to protect prepubescent minors from pedophiles by showing the cornerstone of their religion which in turn whose hierarchies are filled with nothing but pedophiles and predators and their enablors.One may also question as to whether cracking jokes about Saville,Epstein,Sandusky,pedopheilia in general can be just as warranted or as moral as cracking jokes about those with schizophrenia,Downs Syndrome,transgenderism,homosexuality or Asperegers since like pedopheilia these are genetic based conditions beyond their control.So you see the progressive left is doing more to actually make teens mature by their early teens with their “low” ages of consent and protect children from pedophiles through counselling groups better than what is done by vigilante groups and conservative pundits rendering them obsolete thus making the Osirian values destructive to society that festers and seeps into even the more liberal amongst us.Picking and choosing neuropsychology to suit one agenda is the height of hypocrisy on par with picking and choosing morality from both Testaments of the Bible as well as Quaran etc with this even applying to atheist vigilantes.By this logic it is okay to entrap and condemn people sexually active with adolescents who are in their fertile and hormonal peak and whose maturity is determined by their cultural,familial and personal conditions and experiences but it is not okay to lend a olive branch to those who are genetically and neurologically predisposed to neurological disorders that have them sexually attracted to prepubescent minors against their will that seek and need treatment is morally repulsive with them rather seen as something which should be killed off and seen as inferior and disposed of through incarceration and execution and as mere animals despite having no choice in the matter.

The Agoge 2.0 for the 21st century will counteract this development and in fact encouragement of the spoiled,vulnerable teen and even pre teen as it being designed on both the original Spartan Agoge with elements of Bushido and primativism from Isis-Osirian cultures coupled with the competitive natures of VR deathmatch,Battle Royale and Hunger Games included in them will make “the horrors of highschool”,the lack of not getting what one wants for sweet sixteen birthday parties,not getting into Harvard or Oxford and other “teenage problems” pale in comparison as a walk in the park.It will also make even the most rigourou modern law enforcement,navy and military training availible only to 18 year olds and older also pale in comparison as a walk in the park.Agoge 2.0 instead of a few weeks in the jungle of military base will be a gruelling 18 years of intense military etc training designed not only to preserve the traditions from around the world including Austrailian aboriginals,Native Americans,Sateré-Mawé traditions and VR exercises detailing previous wars,battles and terrorist attacks but to also create a force worthy of any enemy either earthbound terrorism,interstellar threats in the form of an hostile alien species but to also prevent the trainees themselves aged 5-23 from becoming spoiled brats and in stead disciplined,alert,wise and mature fighters who use reason,logic and at times temperance,wisdom,courage,humanity,justice and transcendence and prevent the global and galactic civilisation itself becoming overcome by its own decadence.Even the pedreastric mentoree programme for other fields of education such as law,psychology etc will counter this since one will be expected to reach full maturity at ones early teens by dealing with adult situations and responsibilities in training and occupations such as law,psychology,scientific research and even media and also living independently from their legal guardians.In Ancient Greece and in fact the entire ancient Isis-Osirian world such as Asia,Africa,Celtic,Scandavia,North/Central/South America females were married again to much older men usually in their mid/late 20s and 30s at the age 14/15,sexual intercourse and the bearing of young was expected by society and abided by the husband to occur at this point when she was at least 14/15 when puberty ended and thus physically capable of bearing young and socially expected to be mature enough to deal with the act itself and taking on the role of a mother,taking part of their professions or taking care of the home for both children and her husband thus meaning she was doing work that most women nowadays are not expected to deal with until their 30s with this being also being the case of male homosexual relationships between older males and adolescent boys during this period in pedrastric with the mentorship and and the giving of gifts starting at 12 with sexual activity starting at 14 similarly to females and lasting until the younger male turned 18/30 by which time the education ended and the younger male upon reaching 18/30 himself was expected to initiate such mentorship relationships with adolescents following the same pattern with males also expected to be emotionally and physically capable of engaging in sexual activity with not just their peers but older males.The pairing with a much older male in their their mid/late 20s and 30s or even 40a at this age was done as the older males were just considered citizens,adults and eligible to vote and finished military service,education and had stable jobs for at least a decade or more and thus more economically secure and mature at this point than younger males in their teenage years and were likely to be able to provide economically with the underage female married off at this point thus because they were in their fertile peak and likely to bear healthy children and also it was a bargain on part of their parents to have their daughter marry off to an older male who could provide economically for her and their children compared to a teenage male who was unemployed etc and was still in education and in exchange the older male had a wife who looked after the house and had a better chance of bearing healthy children than someone older.The parents were assured their teenage daughters were married off to an economically secure older male in his 20s,30s or even 40s when she was a teenager aged 14-17 and thus had a head start in life in terms of economics thus negating the need for them to worry about her economic stability rather than marrying of or dating someone in their teens who was unable to provide for them due to being too young to have their own businesses and the older male had a young wife who was likely to bear healthy children and this is why in most Isis-Osirian ancient societies widows were commonplace because their husbands died earlier than them due to the age gaps.Very rarely in ancient times did wives die earlier than husbands.Hence the widow chastity laws of China until Mao adminstration.The concept of age gaps extending from at least two to three decades was common and not frowned upon.The courtship of underage girls by older men was especially common in modern conservative religious communities including America especially Anglicans up until until the mid 20th century.This was especially true in and up to the early to mid 20th century where fathers had complete control over whom their daughters were allowed to date,and a father might set his teen daughter aged 14-17 up with a much older man aged in his 20s,30s and even 40s just as in Ancient Greece by the time a female was 14 they were considered ready to bear children and the responsibilities of marriage making condemnation by the right of liberals in either Hollywood,the Democratic Party,Jeffery Epstein and Isis-Osirian cultures both past and present nonsense and makes the work of vigilante groups also utter nonsense.Roy Moores,Jeffrey Epstein’s and those entrapped by sting operations and grooming of an underage 14-17 year olds as a 20/30 something or older would have been legal and socially acceptable by even American conservative standards just a century ago and wouldn’t have not been peddled as pedophilia in that frivolous Borat skit just a century ago making notions of conservatives defense of Chris Hansen and labelling Kevin Spacey and Jeffrey Epstein a predators and pedophiles moot.In fact the age of consent was 14 in Georgia up until 1995 and was 14 in Hawaii up until 2001.It was 14 in Russia briefly from 1998-2003 and was of course 14 in Canada prior to 2008.Ironically prior to the 1920s the age of consent in most Osirian American states were lower than the modern 16-18 as low as 10 or 12 in the vast majority of states,with the exception of Delaware where it was 7 as recent as 1880 and also 12 in England in 1275 medieval Osirian Europe during the reign of Edward I which would have been considered abhorrent and socially unacceptable in Isis-Osirian cultures both in modern and ancient times and thus making arguments by current Osirian led countries against Isis-Osirian cultures either ancient or modern as morally disgusting to be hypocritical and unfounded but also again because of the coverups of actual paedophilia in Osirian religion hierarchies both Judaism and Christianity by its leaders that was allowed to flourish by moving affected priests from one grooming ground to another and the archaic practice of Bacha Bazi by Islam something which again all Isis-Osirian cultures whether modern or ancient would have found morally disgusting themselves.This cultural relativity and indeed the role of Osirian led cultures enforcement of mores and ignorance of Isis-Osirian cultures has also the resulted in as stated women still seen as inferior ignored by feminism and also conservative pundits since if males and females were equal then an underage female would be considered equal in her ability to consent to sex with an adult and not be emotionally damaged more than her male adolescent counterparts with older females and with adolescent males also being equally able to consent with an older male than with an older female.In other words the disparity in females with regards to the breaching age of consent laws in primarily Osirian led cultures that is often overlooked in feminist cultures or indeed even conservative cultures is the fact that adolescent females are still considered inferior and the weaker than their male counterparts with regards to the issue of consent with this the double standard rather than the issue of the genders of victim and criminal in each cases of the breach of the age of consent at least in historically Osirian led countries and less somewhat in Isis-Osirian culture.If they were equal this wouldn’t be a issue as an underage female would be no different than her male counterparts.This also seen in the fact that promiscuous teenage and adult females are seen as whorish or more vulnerable when groomed,courted by and sleeps with an older males and the promiscuous teenage and adult male seen as a Cassonova who earns the bragging rights if he sleeps with an older female within primarily Osirian cultures again if females were truly equal this should not be an issue.Thinking that she is in fact weaker than her male counterparts is still a form of rampant sexism and misogeny as it reduces her to be nothing more than cattle – something that is owned by somenone as their property that is to be traded away with no autonomy and self worth or ability to fend for herself and make her own decisions with regards to consent in comparison to her male counterparts.The position – “what if it was your or my daughter” the most baseless and intellectually defunct argument that is used as a defence of both vigilante groups and cases of teacher and underage student sexual relationships or any infraction of the age of consent laws and highlights this sexism ignored by feminists on both sides of the political spectrum.Its not an SJW argument,your reducing a female to a sub human item that has no self worth or autonomy that is weaker than her male counterparts as if she were the actual private property of her parents like cattle – your actually being sexist.Furthermore its often seen as a debate ender wherein it automatically ends a debate completely without any opposing views from anyone else which is the same Orwellian silencing of free speech as seen by SJWs etc.Put simply every time you use that excuse you are actively edging one step towards to Stalinist Russia and you are no different than the SJWs you deride.The people who use this and similar excuses and the automatic idea that all teens of a lower age of consent than in their country are immature weaklings are no more mature than the so called teens they are trying to protect.In Isis-Osirian cultures primarily ancient ones these problems didnt exist as seen with the veneration of prostitution and thus promiscuity in women as well as the fact that relationships between older males and younger females and males of 14-15 was considered socially acceptable on equal terms even in modern Isis-Osirian cultures shows that this difference between adolescent males and females is the construct of Osirian cultures mainly America and Britain.The fact that vigilante groups dont entrap women is in itself a form of sexism and perpetuates the gender disparity of both “victim” and “predator”.Promiscous women are whores and underage females that are victims of statutory rape are victims plain and simple but promiscuous males and underage males that are victims of staturtory rape are lothario Casanovas who have earned the bragging rights over their female counterparts – this disparity is sexism plain and simple and this isn’t the SJW crap it’s just sexism.If men and women were equals them a promiscuous female would not be considered whorish and underage females would not be considered weaker than her male counterparts who would be considered a Cassonova if promiscuous.In Asia,South America and indeed central Europe and Scandanavia with lower ages of consent between 13-15 and even in countries with ages of consent of 16-18 this is not an issue.These Isis-Osirian countries even those with higher ages of consent dont have this issue of jnderage females being weaker than males and dont have vigilante groups and any infractions of age of consent laws are not made a big deal even those involving position of trust laws,They barely occur and when they do it barely makes headlines on live news and in newspapers.Furthermore the disparity of the age of criminal responsibility and the age of consent also muddles the water as the second and most important of all double standard – a minor including a teenager can kill or rape another human being even an adult victim and be charged legally as adult and be fully held responsible for their actions but the second they partake in sexual intercourse with an adult including a teacher when being as much as a few months under the age of consent they are automatically a victim regardless of the circumstances even if they were mature enough to deal with the emotional and physical results and also even if he or she gave full consent in the act with the age of criminal responsibility being most of the time lower than the age of majority and even age of consent or even the age at which even puberty begins in the vast majority of countries particularly historically Osirian cultures.In Osirian countries with high ages of consent ie 16-18 the age of criminal responsibility is usually below this even before puberty while Isis-Osirian ones have higher ages of criminal responsibility or the same as their age of consent ie the higher the age of consent the lower the age of criminal responsibility and vice versa.In North America where the age of consent is age of criminal responsibility varies the minimum age of criminal liability is set at the federal and state level in the United States.At the state level,33 states set no minimum age of criminal responsibility,theoretically allowing a child to be sentenced to criminal penalties as an adult at any age including infancy though in most of these states a capacity related test is applied which is not for breaches of age of consent laws.Now why is that?Of the States that do set a minimum age of criminal responsibility,Massachusetts has the oldest age of criminal responsibility at 12 years old with no exceptions while North Carolina has the youngest age at 6 years old.For federal crimes,the minimum age of criminal responsibility is 11.In other wards most fake victims of predators being lured by vigilante groups are way older than the age of criminal responsibility even in the case of actual pedophiles.To say that murdering or raping a human being especially an adult victim as a teenager is different in the mental anguish and trauma experienced by the perpetrator,require less responsibility or require more or less critical thinking and planning on the perpetrators part than say having consentual sex with an older individual that would qualify as statutory rape is pure nonsense.One cannot pick and choose when a person is an adult or not or has the same neural capacity to take responsibility for any situation such as murder and sexual intercourse and also pick and choose neuropsychology whenever it suits their agenda that is the definition of hypocrisy.Simply put you cannot choose when one can be responsible for their actions for being a victim of a crime such as statutory rape and being the perpetrator of a crime charged as a adult such as murder and assault.You are either one or the other – which is it are they adults or children?This is cognitive dissonance.Again the variances at which one can be tried as an adult varies from country to country and are sometimes on average most of the time lower than their age of consent and even below even the age at which puberty starts muddying the water further.Thus Isis-Osirian ancient religions that celebrated male and female deities and mortals having male and female lovers that were adolescents have imprinted these values on age of consent laws and also different attitudes to breaches in these laws with it also meaning the issue of their being no disparity in male and female adolescent victims in these cultures unlike Osirian led cultures.It is generally considered in Isis-Osirian cultures that early adolescents are just as mature as their adult counterparts and that females are no weaker than their male counterparts again likely to the imprint left from ancient cultures and mythologies and that were not overtaken by Osirian religions until much later on but even still it likely the nature of the mythologies had a more lasting impressions as most Isis-Osirian cultures in modern times ascribe to Osirian religions.It is likely that the stories of bisexuality,adolescent love by an older male or female,the fact that such mortals were considered heroes in Greek,Roman,Norse,Aztec,Mayan mythology and also the fact that Osirian religions practices,holidays and also archytypes and even characters have their antecedents in both Isisian and Isis-Osirian religions especially Greek,Norse,Celtic,Sumerian,Roman and Vedic religions and scriptures is why this was imprinted with the degree as to which this stayed dependant on how long or much of a stronghold Osirian religions had on their country as these countries such as Scandinavia,Central Europe and South America do have large proportions of Christian predominantly Catholic citizens but they doe still have more liberal views on societal issues than predominantly Osirian countries such as North America,Britain.Egypt etc.It is ironic that Egypt one of the most liberal of ancient socities would end up having the most conservative modern societies as women are forced to wear conservative attire covering up most of their body in clothing,are the victim of mass sexual assault and are relegated to second class societies with prostitution illegal and the age of consent being 18 the highest of all modern Isis-Osirian cultures and homosexuality punishable by death.This is likely a result of the universal principle and aforementioned biconve/biconvex lens as well of course the fact that the Osirian Islamic religion overtook the entire country as it main religion and also part of its government with all laws extrapolated from Sharia with regards to marriage,divorce,inheritance and child custody).Thus it can be postulated that the more freedoms homosexuality,females and more liberal views towards sexuality and mores a society had in ancient time via Isis-Osirian regions the more conservative they are and more influence Osirian religions have over them in modern times and vice versa with less liberal progressive Isis-Osirian cultures in ancient times being more liberal they are in modern times despite having the vast majority of the population adherents to Osirian Catholic and Buddhist religions which has less a stronghold on issue with regards to issues regarding to sexuality,gender roles etc.This is evidence of the universal principle in the reversal in cultural norms in South America,Japan,mainland Europe and Scandinavian having previously had restrictions of womens roles and views on homosexuality and to a degree the age of consent with some leeway but now have more liberal attitudes with the the opposite in North America and also Egypt.This is while Egypt,North America and to an extent Canada some of the most liberal progressive Isis-Osirian cultures have become the most conservative in these issues with in all cases the reverse applied to each social issues via the universal principle with this not only applying to time periods but also geographical areas with the development of history in the west mirroring that in the east in all social issues.Furthermore the issue of teenage pregnancies being more acceptable and less vilified than in their Osirian counterparts.Furthermore although the separation of state and church exists in western Osirian cultures and Isis-Orisirian the degree that Osiria Catholic religious values have on the countries on the countries mores and values is evident in the disparity of the age of consent as Isis-Osirian cultures and those in Osirian ones with Isis-Osirian cultures shows how much of a lingering if not festering influence the Osirian religions has on society and just how thin or far apart the separation of church and state has on each country and how devout and fanatical the adherents are ie Osirian countries the difference is almost negligible as given the right condition the separation of state and church would be easily dissolved since they hypocritical mores of Catholic religion have more influence in Osirian cultures with higher ages of consent with less equal rights for homosexuals especially with regards to their ability to serve in the military,ability to marry and adopt only disappearing in more recent times as seen in America and Ireland thanks only in part to the rise of liberal progressives usually from less theistic sections of society or more liberal sections of Catholicism that would like see the Catholic Church have less of a stronghold on the mores of society while countries in the middle East that have Islamic run theocracies already have these phenotypes that western Osirian countries could easily acquire given the right circumstances since they already have devout fanatics,with devout but less fanatical adherents and thus a have the Church completely separate within Isis-Osirian that are more liberal societies having the age of consent at 14-15 have much more liberals attitudes and the Church separated more fully separated from the state meaning the archaic and hypocritical mores of Catholicism are completely separated from the mores of society.Thus in Osirian American,Ireland and Britain etc given the right circumstances say a war or the election of extreme hard right politicians the separation of the Church and state would be dissolved and thus society would turn backwards with the current over conflation of late hebe and ephebopheilia with paedophilia would be even more conflated and accentuated,teenagers would be further relegated as immature and “just kids”,pedopheilia and ephebopheilia sex scandals within hierarchies would be more rampant with no punishment whatsoever and no chance of them made public,females would be relegated back to second class citizens,homosexuals would be persecuted to the point of jail or execution and scientific illiteracy and conspiratorial thinking would gain a complete stronghold over society alongside other phenotypes of Osirian cultures and have complete control over the already dumbed down populace rather than the rational science based maturity of Isis-Osirian cultures.This is why the separation of Church and state exists and is important and why societies mores and attitudes to sex etc should not be influenced and corrupted by religion particularly patriarchal,misogynistic and corrupt Osirian ones that have a bad track record on the issue and why The Handmaid’s Tale,the Dark Ages,Salem Witch Trials and The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as warnings to western societies on exactly why this is needed with the religions of ancient Isis-Osirian societies in particularly Ancient Greece,Rome,Asia,India not being state run religions and theocracies with them adopted by the natives and religious synchronisation showing that they were more flexible in dealing with the religions of foreigners,less corrupt and also more accepting of bisexuality,homosexuality and late hebe and ephebopheilia.Although ancient Isis-Osirian cultures in particular Ancient Greece,Rome and Egypt did take slaves from foreign lands they conquered the vast majority of the slaves they has were in fact from their countries and own native kingdoms as they favoured their own stock so to speak with those from foreign lands considered inferior with the vast majority of slaves from native lands and not the spoils of war with exceptions being the Heliot slaves of Ancient Sparta.Although this may seem as a form of proto racism it at least showed that they were at least aware that in order to integrate with other cultures they may have seen as barbaric they needed to upgrade them to their level of civilisation standards for their civilisation to successfully spread and that enslaving populations en masse would have been counterproductive.Furthermore they realised that pillageing the land unlike Osirian cultures was counterproductive as they needed to upgraded to their level of infrastructure to allow for the safe and stable trading of goods back and forth in a mutually beneficial relationship.Even if pillaging and warfare did occur it eventually resulted in religious synchronisation and also trade routes created that allowed infrastructure and civilisation to be built with the conquered land eventually improved and upgraded as it was the only choice they had to limit expenditure of resources.Most slaves were from their own country,and cities and were usually people of the poorest of the poor.Thus rather than enslaving people from conquered lands slaves were usually from people of the lowest ranking of their own societies.This is what the term to spread civilisation means with the conquerors doing so partly out of proto racism but also to ensure successful economic gains in a period where there wasnt any chance of propagandising,manufacturing consent,media control and also modern day military machinery to subjugate them as due to the limited population and technology upgrading conquered lands to their level of standards was at the time the only viable solution both in terms of manpower,costs etc and ensure long term control of the area as it was easier to manage.Most cultures although having trade routes did view each other as inferior in some ways based on minor cultural differences with regards to the different norms with regards to homosexuality,slaves and women within each society ie The Greeks looked down on the Romans and vice versa,the Egyptians looked down on the Greeks etc and so on meaning discrimination that did exist between different Isis-Osirian cultures at the time was based on the minute cultural differences on social norms and not based on ones skin colour or religious grounds.The imperialism of Isis-Osirian cultures brought wealth to the new lands via trade routes with the less primitive cultures usually integrating into their societies both culturally and economically as they both in the end benefited through economic trading with the whole purpose being to spread civilisation thus leading to conquered lands being upgraded with roads,infrastructure and the same rights for women and homosexual with culture integrated into both sides as seen with trade routes set up.Warfare and conflict and to some degree exploitation and even rape etc did occur between tribes and neighbouring Isis-Osirian cultures over territories and resources to a small degree with notable ones such as the Comanche tribes it was nowhere anywhere near on the scale of that committed by Osirian colonisers that resulted in millions of natives dead,cultures destroyed and human rights abuses and pedopheilia as if it did happen the conquered lands were eventually upgraded to the same level of infrastructure and trade routes spread wealth back and forth and religious synchronisation ensured long term peace with the conquered groups eventually mutually benefiting from this conquest with trade routes.Pillaging so to speak was done to primarily deal with the leaders of groups,countries etc that were unwilling to be integrated or themselves were despotic tyrants to their own people or were carried by minority groups that were even by their standards savages and barbarians and was at times payback for undue subjugation etc.Put simply on the whole warfare was civil and it was primarily soldiers not the populace that was slaughtered – the few bad apples were those that were by themselves just a few apples.The animal and human sacrifices did exist but were wholly exaggerated with them still nowhere near as bad as the crimes done by Christianity both past and present with human sacrifices restricted to only a few groups namely the Aztecs and Mayans and was done for both political and religious purposes with the sacrificed person highly revered to even celebrity status similar to todays society with claims of cannibalism unreliable as it is believed that most instances were usually part of war rituals not habitual cannibalism as their main source of subsistence and if outside of this was usually only used in rare instances if populations of wild animals was too low to provide enough protein meaning if it occurred it was rare occuring only to meet basic nutrition and avoid starvation and in most cases outside of this was as part of war rituals either misunderstandings where people were thought to carry this out or exaggerations and outright lies were made to justify their genocide at the hands of colonists.Its likely that human sacrifices and cannibalism were a means to control population alongside religious functions and provide a source of protein when hunting had not brought enough harvests as they did not develop an agricultural intensity on par of European colonists especially with regards to livestock since the New world didnt have enough viable easily domesticable livestock meaning they had to hunt animals or if that was insufficient resorted to cannibalism including ritualistic human sacrifices that also entailed cannibalism.Thus practices of human sacrifices and cannibalism these were likely the result of a lack of livestock that could be easily domesticated and times when hunting producing scare amounts of protein as there is evidence of both human sacrifices and cannibalism in both prehistoric times in the Middle East,Asia,Europe and also the Great Famine of 1315–1317 and in pagan practices in both Asia and Europe prior to and even during the rise of Christianity.The fact that these human sacrifices and cannibalism existed briefly in both Europe,The Middle East prior to the rise of agriculture,the rise of the ancient Greek,Roman and even Mesopotomian culture and then dissipated from these societies after livestock were domesticated shows that these practices were likely the result of a lack of widely available protein in the form of domesticatable livestock.Thus human sacrifices and cannibalism to appease the gods had roots in the lack of domesticated animals in both the Americas and and pre agrarian pagan societies in Europe with the advent of domesticated livestock likely rendering them defunct showing that human sacrifices and cannibalism would not have existed had any domesticable animals were to exist that would have provided a large source of protein negating cannibalism and human sacrifices with it also allowing for more sustainable population growth.Other roots may be political,religious and cultural rooted in the lack of livestock.Groups that did carry out scalping,cannibalism etc may have had their flaws but in the end they could have been civilised without being slaughtered by the millions and forced into Christianity – had the Egyptians,Romans or Greeks reached America like the Vikings earlier and discovered them it may have been possible for them to have civilised them without mass slaughter as religious synchronisation would have weeded out these practices of cannibalism and human sacrifice where it existed and simply replaced it with animal sacrifice since the Romans and Greeks and other European based Isis-Osirian societies practiced animal sacrifices likely due to an abundance of livestock in place of humans to please the gods after they themselves weeded out human sacrifices present in prehistoric pagan societies once they were able to tame and domesticate livestock.They would have introduced horses and other domesticated animals that would allowed them to thrive without resorting to human sacrifices and even cannibalism as a better source of protein and even gain an immunity to pathogens like Smallpox say for example exposure to more benign versions like Cowpox that would have given them the immunity to the more deadly Smallpox and so on thus limiting casualties significantly.Even if Smallpox was rampant three factors would have negated war as a – interbreeding between the two cultures would have caused genes associated with smallpox resistance would have been passed on and overtake all populations,b – smallpox was rampant in Europe at the time of ancient Isis-Osirian societies meaning if it spread to America’s it would be viewed as a universal plague rather than that that affected natives,c – livestock with milder forms of Cowpox could have spread to natives just as easily conferring resistance.Put simply had Isis-Osirian societies of Europe reached America prior to Columbus etc then it would be likely that the cultural and human genocide would have been avoided due to religious synchronicity allowing for them to integrate their religious beliefs with them weeding out cannibalism and human sacrifices by simply negotiating with them or introducing livestock to them and horses introduced allowing for complex civilisations and trade to flourish.The same would have applied had they arrived in Africa.Regardless of how savage the natives were cultural and human genocide can never be justified in any situation at all considering the fact that the genocide was extremely over the top and cruel way more than what the natives were capable of doing to themselves and the colonist with the genocide of the natives in all instances involving the sexual enslavement of prepubescent children and women,rape of women,maiming and disfigurement,scalping and mutilation of women and young children as well as shooting them like animals for sport,public execution and feeding them to ravenous dogs.An example of this was the Spanish conquerors who were horrified to discover sodomy openly practiced among native peoples of the Americas and attempted to crush it out by subjecting the berdaches (as the Spanish called them) under their rule to severe penalties,including castration,public execution,burning and being torn to pieces by dogs.This form of public execution wasnt new to them as during the Medievil period and up to that point homosexuals were also publicly executed in equally vicious ways.As time went on,punishments for homosexual behavior became harsher.In the thirteenth century,in areas such as France,homosexual behavior between men resulted in castration on the first offense,dismemberment on the second,and burning at the stake on the third.Lesbian behavior was punished with specific dismemberments for the first two offenses and burning on the third as well.By the mid-fourteenth century in many cities of Italy,civil laws against homosexuality were common.If a person was found to have committed sodomy,the city’s government was entitled to confiscate the offender’s property.The views of the Catholic Church on this and the issue of abstinence before marriage and monogamy was in direct opposition to that of the Ancient Romans and Greeks in that marriage and in term sexual intercourse was solely for procreation meaning even masturbation and oral sex were considered illegal and sinful.If you can justify the genocide of the natives of the Americas,then you can justify the genocide of Nazi holocaust,torture and human rights abuses carried in the name of the free market system in Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya,Vietnam and indeed every single imperialist war in American history since the Cold War and those carried out by the British in Ireland and India.This is why the celebration of Columbus Day is so offensive to those of on the left particularly the progressive its because it celebrates not just the genocide of the natives of the Americas but in fact the continuing genocide and human rights abuses in Yemen funded by America and imperialism into Iraq,Iran,Afghanisthan,Libya and imperialism in Central and South America such as Bolivia and Venezuela and potentially in Syria etc in the 20th and 21st centuries by America in the name of the free market system.No Columbus and the other Osirian values and cultures did not spread or create civilisation they destroyed and desecrated it and they continue to do so in the Middle East and Americas,it as the progressive and liberal Isis-Osirian as far as back the liberal and polytheistic Mesoptomanians,Greeks,Romans etc that did that.Just because the natives may have practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice it is in no way justifying pedopheilia,mutilation and carrying out human rights abuses to wipe them out.The difference between the savagery of the natives was that it was usually as a last resort due to technologically primative conditions as explained by the fact that unlike Europe Africa,America etc did not have tame and docile horses and even large amounts of domesticatable animals which made large scale agriculture,transportation and thus civilisation to be possible – this is the prevailing theory put forward by archeologists and anthropologists for why cultures in the Americas and Africa were not as technologically or sociologically advanced as the European colonists it was due to the fact that they had no easily tameable animals with their susceptibility to Smallpox and other old world diseases was due to the fact they were no easily domesticated animals in the Americas etc that held this zoonotic pathogen and others at all thus meaning they were unable to gain an immunity to it thus meaning there first exposure was through colonists passing through or those purposefully spreading it which was why it so effective at decimating at whole communities.You see the presence of horses,cattle,chickens and other commonplace livestock in Europe,Asia and The Middle East allowed for intensive agriculture to form thus allowing for cities and civilisations and populations to grow and overtime livestock pathogens would routinely jump species to humans thus causing plagues that would wipe out large amounts of the population present as a result of this but overtime small populations would gain an immunity who would then pass this onto the next generation with the original disease in livestock using being a cousin form that if contracted by humans could confer immunity to the zoonose due to them being related as seen with Cowpox virus infections conferring resistance to Smallpox.The populations would bounce back and thus the immune individuals would pass this to the next generation until it became a permanent feature of the country and in fact even continent with them being carriers that could spread it but not killed by it.Zebras,bison,deer,camals etc in America and Africa were either to difficult to tame compared to the wild horses of Europe or were not as effective ie too weak or slow as them with easily domesticable animals to be reared allowing for intensive agriculture to flourish and also allow for trade and easier travel between different areas.Furthermore in Africa and America the megafauna and even normal fauna were to difficult to tame and thus become livestock meaning they had to rely on a hunter gatherer lifestyle not out of choice but because that is all that was possible to them.Europe had dozens of domesticable animals such as chickens,cattle,sheep etc and even dogs that could be easily used to manage these.They also had plants that could be easily cultivated into large scale intensive agriculture.Buffalo,deer,zebras,giraffes and bears present in Africa and America were too simply too large and wild to tame as livestock with chickens,horses and cattle originating in Asia and the Middle East.Zebras in the case of Africa are more likely to kick back at anyone trying to catch them with their is the fact that most animals including zebras,water buffalo etc in Africa evolved on the same continent and thus had centuries if not thousands of years to evolve to be apprehensive of humans and develop means of fighting back who were skilled hunters with this evidenced by the fact the level and percentages of extinctions of megafauna and other animals were lower in Africa but higher the more farther across the world in prehistoric times which can be seen that these extinctions and their higher rate coincide in the direction and timescales that humans travelled and migrated across the world as they were slower to adapt to the arrival of humans a skilled hunter they were unfamiliar with and thus less likely to adapt countermeasures too thus meaning as humans expanded across the world the animals they encountered were less likely to fight back against an alien species and thus more easily killed off to the point of extinction and being tamed and domesticated meaning once humans arrived in Europe etc animals became easily tamed not only due to being tame in comparison but also being less likely to view humans as a thought.Animals in Africa evolved alongside humans and thus learned to be apprehensive and fight back with it sldo dealing with the fact that Africa is more of a dog eat dog world than Europe thus breeding more dangerous animals including Africanised bees due to harsher environmental pressures with once humans spread across Europe,Asia etc animals present had never seen humans before and thus did not see them as a threat thus leading to larger amounts of extinctions during the early Holocene/Antropocene period especially in megafauna and thus were less likely to fight back with this of relevance to those we would later domesticate such as chickens,cattle,pigs etc.Europe and Asia unlike Africa and America had dozens of tameable and domesticatable animals while America and Africa had virtually none.The same goes for wolves in Europe etc that were much more easily tameable than similar animals in Africa and the Americas.Simply put despite having created written language,almanacs and primitive medicine the inhabitants of the New World were primarily nomadic simply due to the fact that tameable horse like animals and livestock were not present.Put simply agriculture in the form of livestock allows for complex civilisations to form in multiple interspaced regions of a continent thus allowing multiple large complex communities to form in different regions of a continent that can allow for them to survive should one be comprised by plague,natural disasters and famine etc with horses allowing for trade and communication between nations and communities and easy travel across them and continents alongside tilling land as part of agriculture.It also allows for herd immunity from zoonoses to form.This explains why complex civilisations only occurred in Central and South America and not North America since llamas where present but these did not provide as much meat as cattle and chickens and did not allow for transport,trade and communication and carrying out labourious work such as tilling the land etc in the same way as horses and cattle leaving major cities spread apart isolated from each other as they are slow and not as social structured as horses and can’t hold as heavy weights as horses.Llama provided meat,wool and fertiliser for intensive agriculture in Machu Pichu and Tenochitalin and so on but not in North America where only wolves and dogs could be domesticated.Everything else was too dangerous and simply unpredictable with even llamas not as great as sheep and cattle.Furthermore the zoonoses they had were different than that of cattle etc.Had docile horses and easily domesticable livestock in the form of chickens,cattle and pigs or similar animals had evolved on both Africa and also the Americas it would have possible for Native Americans and Africans to have built civilisation and also increase population densities and also then be exposed to evolved zoonoses that one could gain an immunity to thus preventing them being decimated by the first introduction of Smallpox and it would have also been possible to have developed technologically to the same or even higher level that the European colonists had achieved at the point and would have likely weeded out or negated the presence of any traces of cannibalism and human sacrifices both of which were likely practiced out of scarcity and this lack of technological development as there are records of them being carried out in Europe and Asia prior to the rise of agriculture and civilisation.Cannibalism and human sacrifices that also in turn entailed cannibalism were likely a result of no easily domesticated livestock that would have supplied a constant supply of protein since all sources of meat had to be hunted and was inconducive to settlements – human flesh was simply more viable and easier to get then hunting bison,deer that was constantly in the move and impossible to domesticate.Even llamas were and still are difficult to rear in comparison to chickens,pigs and cows and did not provide enough meat in comparison to chickens,pigs and cattle.Only in recent decades have bison and deer been domesticated and they are still almost impossible to control and much more difficult to do so than most conventional livestock and needed high amounts of maintenance and foodstuff that would have been impossible in pre Columbian times especially since they can fight off humans and need sedatives dart guns and nets to trap not possible in pre Columbian times.Even though their were many animals to hunt in the Americas they were either poisonous,impossible to tame and domesticate,not tasty enough or not individually viable as a good source of protein to warrent the energy expenditure to hunt them on a daily basis ie the energy returned on energy invested was simply not good enough near 3:1 to what we nowadays get from rearing livestock to make them viable protein source ie it would be too energy or time intensive to hunt them as a valid food source and too difficult to rear them as livestock that human flesh was a more plentiful and viable alternative.Put simply they were “savages” not out of choice but because of the conditions that were present of lacking in the Americas with if domesticatable and tameable animals and horses had evolved on the Americas and Africa and not on Europe and Asia the shoe would likely be on the other foot with the Native Americans and Aztecs etc becoming technologically advanced and then if they travelled and arrived on the European continent,Asia etc would considering they were polytheistic would have not committed mass genocide on such as scale but would have integrated them into their civilisation through religious synchronisation and also with them probably grown up past their tribal squabbling and would have likely weeded out or never developed cannibalistic rituals and human sacrifices due to the abundance of livestock and would have formed truces and some level of peace between the different tribes to a level similar to or above European countries at the time due to scarcity of food possibly creating divisions between tribes competing for limited amount of wild animals to hunt.Had the Vikings,Romans and Greeks arrived on the New world in Ancient Times it would have been possible for them to have introduced livestock,horses and weeded out cannibalism and human sacrifices and replaced it with animal livestock they would have brought with them as they themselves practised animal sacrifices with human evidence of human sacrifices and cannibalism recorded prior to the rise of agriculture in pagan Europe then replaced with animal sacrifices once livestock became domesticated implying that them bringing in livestock would have weeded out cannibalism and human sacrifices and replacing them with animal sacrifices with them possibly introducing Cowpox a benign cousin of Smallpox that confers immunity to Smallpox.The same would have occurred with had the colonised all of Africa.The savagery and genocide of that was inflicted on the natives by colonists was way over the top on and was done chiefly for sport,to enforce Christianity against the will of the right to freedom of religious expression(making them and the pilgrims hypocrites for enforcing their religion onto another group of people when thats the reason they left Europe in the first place)and of course involved intentional hunting,scalping and sexual slavery applied to all of them including women and children.Youd think a more technologically and morally superior culture would have been more lenient on so called savages with at least the likes of Bartolome de la Casas being a saving grace for the colonists of the time.If the colonists of America,Africa and India were alive today they would be trial in the Hauge for crimes that would make the worst dictators of today be disgusted.Two wrongs do not make a right especially when this carried all across North,Central and South America as well as the entire Middle East and Asia over and over again.Furthermore Europe itself was never really the epitome of civilisation prior to the discovery of the New World as evidenced by the Crusades,Spanish Inquisition,constant warfare over the proper demonination of Christianty and other petty issues,Medievil torture devices,persecution of Bogomilism and Catharism,the theocracies and lack of religious freedom that forced the pilgrims to America in the first place,witch burnings,castration/dismemberment/execution of homosexuals who had no choice in their sexuality,infanticide and cannibalism during the Great Famine of 1315–1317 and the list goes on and on.Then of course there is the human rights abuses,genocide,torture etc made in order to expand the reach of the free market system,systemic racism,homophobia,misogyny in so called civilised Osirian western countries including modern day America and also Saudi Arabia,China and the rest of the so called civilised western world.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?Put simply the natives of the Americas were “savages” due to the conditions caused by lack of domesticated animals yet the more advanced Europeans had a choice in not being savages both to themselves and even the natives in carrying out human rights abuses in the name of Christianity and sport.Even though modern scholars of left leaning politics may see the polytheistic Isis-Osirian cultures of Europe and Asia as barbaric in the end the natives of the conquered lands as stated benefited as they were upgraded with roads,infrastructure,agriculture with their cultures integrated into the conquers and vice versa as seen in the religious synchronisation of Isis-Osirian religions ie the similar deities in Roman,Greek,Egyptian,Celtic and Gaulish religions with each culture associating each ones deities for the others ie Athena/Minerva/Menrva/Neith/Sulis,Aphrodite/Venus/Apru/Isis,Hera/Juno/Uni/Isis,Zeus/Jupiter/Tinia/Amun/Thor/Perun.Even though the conqueres viewed them as barbaric they still upgraded them to their level of infrastructure and technology as it was important that they do so to act as trade routes and thus benefit them and as a result both parties truly benefited with them knowing that incorporating both sides Isis-Osirian religions together would lead to less resistance and would ensure that the conquered groups would be more willing to form trade routes and that upgrading infrastructure would also ensure this in a mutually beneficial relationship where riches would be traded back and forth.The cities and kingdoms were under direct control of the conquerors through mayor like statesmen who answered directly to them and ensure the laws were laid down and not puppet governments and so they and a responsibility to treat the resident of conquered land as if they were their own citizens and thus the were given the same rights as them thus ensuring stability and peace over the lands they conquered with each country and region having an appointed governer which were although under direct rule from the king or emperor this prevented them being puppet dictators and still had to answer to the king or emperor as they maintained each district and its economy and made sure peace was maintained by keeping locals happy yet subservient to the king.This wasnt in a sense colonialism it was a form of spreading civilisation hence the origin of the term which was what it technically was with it also being the origin of the term “All roads lead to Rome”.Even though they did have armies it was to defend not just the native homeland but also the integrated conquered lands with as stated these integrated countries rather than being left to the mercy of terrorists and increased civil unrest the lands if pillaged and destroyed in battle were always upgraded with modern infrastructure as it required the movement of goods,money and riches back and forth and for the natives to be integrated into their society for them to remain profitable.This is unlike modern day Osirian imperialism including as far back as the arrival of pilgrims and even Christopher Columbus on North America and the rise of Manifest Destiny the overtaken country has their culture destroyed,desecrated,equated to Satanism and blasphemy and is replaced by Islam,Judaism and Christianity where all members are forced into slavery unless they converted to their religions or are slaughtered en masse in genocidal wars and pushed into economic colonialism debt they cannot pay forever,resources are exploited and the natives benefit very little at all and in fact things end up even worse than before with democratically elected leaders overthrown in favour of dictators with the natural resources exploited to the point that environmental destruction is assured and the conquered groups culture is forced into perpetual economic slavery and also into poverty much worse than what it was before with only the conquering nations benefiting and the natives pushed into extreme poverty and perpetual endemic conflict.Yes Christopher Columbus like the first pilgrims who settled in the Americas were terrible people even by the standards of their own time who both carried out mass cultural and human genocide,forced the natives to convert to Christianity or be killed(including Squanto) or enslaved.Put simply the natives of the New World in the Americas like Asia and Africa only converted to Christianity to gain freedom and stay alive meaning they would be killed or enslaved if they retained their old religion.Columbus allowed for the enslavement of prepubescent girls as young as 9-12 years old into sexual slavery,treated both natives and even European colonists quite literally like animals by maiming and disfiguring Europeans who simply disagreed with him on anything,made fun of him or complained of his treatment of the natives and berated the laws set down by the monarchy that prevented him from carrying out other abuses with even the king and queen of Spain at the time who werent exactly considered the best people in the world even were shocked at his treatment of the natives and colonists that they forcibly removed him from his role in shaping the new world colonies.No he didnt condemn the sexual enslavement of prepubscent children he did nothing to stop it referring them as little girls as if they were commodities like gold and human slaves all he did condemn was the fact that the laws set down by the Spanish government prevented him from doing even worse things to both colonists and natives.There is no evidence to suggest that he did specifically condemn traders for that and other crimes with him even going out as far out of his way to enslave the natives and even did so personally in letters and direct interactions with the monarchy of Spain.In short he wanted direct permission from the monarchy to carry out human rights abuses and enslave as many natives as possible even as many prepubescent children as possible into sexual slavery.Most of his peers including King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella who themselves were barbaric by todays standards were appalled by his actions and treatment of both natives and colonists.He laid the foundations of what would lead to the of slavery Africa by perfecting and inspiring the methods used by plantation and slave owners in North America in terms of genocide,capture,transportation and treatment centuries later.Put simply he is responsible not just for the enslavement of North,Central and South Americans but also Africans.Luckily there were many people who were critical of him and worked tirelssly to reverse the damage to the natives.The pilgrims intentionally spread Smallpox and other pathogens from the old world after the initial epidemic,stole food and jewellery from Native American stores and graveyards,forced underage and prepubescent minors into sexual slavery,tortured and killed countless innocent women and children for sport,slaughtered the very tribe they sat down for the first Thanksgiving a mere sixteen after breaking a truce they wrote that put them in power and control over them in the first place such as the murder of John Sassmon and other crimes that would make Chris Hansen and even Bashar Hafez al-Assad cringe in disgust at what they did making claims of conservatives having a clean and wholesome track record defunct and makes vigilante groups question their validity as being wholesome.If they were alive today they would on trial in the Hauge for human rights abuses The same goes for those involved in both sides of the Crusades and those who colonised Africa,India,all of the Americas,South Pacific,Asia and Austrailia and New Zealand.In short all areas of the world inhabited by Isis-Osirian cultures in Asia,Austrailia,Africa,America discovered and colonised by Osirian Christian,Judaic and Islamic cultures underwent the same pattern of cultural and human genocide,sexual enslavement of women in particular prepubescent minors,environmental destruction etc making the notions of modern day conservatives feeling as though America is under attack from the left as bullshit since they have a terrible track record and history that makes modern day censorship and other problems such as “Cultural Marxism” moot as it may be imaginary.Even if wokeness,political correctness and the tyranny of the left is real then it is justified payback for the centuries off cultural and human genocide and slavery including sexual slavery that involved pre pubescent incurred on Isis-Osirian cultures particularly in the past during the age of exploration during the 1500s onwards in Africa and the Americas at the hands of conservatives which makes safe spaces,CNN,cancel culture,Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez,Bernie Sanders etc pale in comparison with Stalin and Mao not applicable since they were not true liberals or progressives as they fell under the category of Osirian-lite.Its for this reason that Columbus Day should be renamed World Indigenous Peoples Day to not only celebrate the resiliance of The Native American but indeed all Isis-Osirian cultures invaded,exploited and massacred by all other nations such as the North American,British,the Ottomon Empire etc.Ideally Columbus day will be scrapped worldwide from being practiced worldwide completely and replaced by World Indigenous Peoples day as Columbus was responsible for the genoicide of the natives of the Carribean and was used to justify that of millions of the Native Americans and allowed children as young as 9-12 years old to be sold into child sex slavery with World Indigenous Peoples Day will celebrate the resiliance of oppressed natives around the world who suffered cultural and physical genocide at the hands of conservative Osirian,Osirian-lite colonists and imperialists.This thus shows that again pedopheillia,warmongering etc are interwoven into conservatism

Even the persecution of Christians in ancient Rome was in a sense to a degree justified as it was rooted in the monotheistic adherents unwillingness to recognise Isis-Osirian religions and their festivities much that of the Native Americans and other Isis-Osirian cultures they later wiped out and enslaved.Christians in ancient Rome and their persecution was unlike that of Isis-Osirian Native Americans,Mayans,Aztecs,Africans etc was not empire wide;it was localized,sporadic,often mob-led,with occasional actions from local authorities with no real universal consensus amongst both the public and even the state to allow it to happen meaning it was nowhere near as bad as the genocide carried out in the name of Manifest Destiney by Christian based societies which were unanimous from the average person to the pope to allow it to happen,did not involve enslavement,sexual exploitation of prepubescent minors.“Christians moved their activities from the streets to the more secluded domains of houses,shops and women’s apartments…severing the normal ties between religion,tradition and public institutions like cities and nations”.This ‘privatizing of religion‘ was another primary factor in persecution.They sometimes met at night,in secret,and this aroused suspicion among the pagan population accustomed to religion as a public event;rumors abounded that Christians committed flagitia,scelera,maleficia,-“outrageous crimes,wickedness and evil deeds”,specifically,cannibalism(referred to as “Thyestian banquets” and “Oedipodean intercourse“)— due to their rumored practices of eating the “blood and body” of Christ and referring to each other as “brothers” and “sisters“According to Edward Gibbon;By embracing the faith of the Gospel the Christians incurred the supposed guilt of an unnatural and unpardonable offence.They dissolved the sacred ties of custom and education,violated the religious institutions of their country,and presumptuously despised whatever their fathers had believed as true,or had reverenced as sacred.Christianity practiced an exclusivity not found in the social caste system of Roman empire and was therefore perceived by its opponents as a “disruptive and,most significantly,a competitive menace to the traditional class/gender based order of Roman society”.It is ironic that the main cause of it was Christians refusal to adhere to the local pagan festivals most of which are the antecedents of most modern day Christian festivals ie Christmas,Easter etc as well as their refusal to accept cultural norms of the time ie homosexuality and bisexuality.As stated the Romans respected and choose to ignore the Christian religion and there adherents and only asked that in order to maintain social cohesion and thus prevent all out war and in order to create a balance and synchronisation between the two religion that they perform certain practices and celebrate certain festivals all of which were purely reasonable as it did not require human sacrifices yet some animal sacrifices.The Roman empire practiced religious syncretism and did not demand loyalty to one god,but they did demand preeminent loyalty to the state,and this was expected to be demonstrated through the practices of the state religion with numerous feast and festival days throughout the year.The nature of Christian monotheism prevented Christians from participating in anything involving ‘other gods’.Christians did not participate in feast days or processionals or offer sacrifices or light incense to the gods;this produced hostility.They refused to offer incense to the Roman emperor,and in the minds of the people,the “emperor,when viewed as a god,was…the embodiment of the Roman empire”,so Christians were seen as disloyal to both.In Rome,religion could be tolerated only as long as it contributed to the stability of the state which would “brook no rival for the allegiance of its subjects.The state was the highest good in a union of state and religionsim.”In Christian monotheism the state was not the highest good.Although it may be seen by some as a form of state worship similar to Maoism and Leninism again Osirian-lite or theocracy the lack of the separation of Church and state it was a means at the time due to the plurality of polytheistic religions in the world at the time ie Asia,Africa,Europe to stabilise society,preventing it from collapsing in onto self and to maintain societal cohesion as their empires expanded across the known world – and it worked because peace had been achieved in all lands they conquered with the syncrosiatim of deities allowing for natives and foreigners to worship the different deities with similar attributes without conflict since the Romans,Greeks etc associated those from foreign lands with their own ie Hera/Juno/Uni,Zeus/Jupiter/Tinia/Amun,Aphrodite/Venus/Apru/Isis,Athena/Minerva/Menerva/Neith and so on.The theocractic structures of ancient Isis-Osirian societies although similar to those of the Medievil age Christian and Islamic states the state in the form of emperors,senate,kings,politicians etc was mostly uninterested in regulating the affairs of its citizens especially with regards to ones sexuality,race,religion making these theocractic structures better to live under than Osirian with one able to climb the social ladder except if you a slave and king hood,emperhood etc being the result of being the son of on.This syncronisation occurred within interactions between all Isis-Osirian religions and pantheons in Europe,Africa,Asia with each other with it also occurring at the same time on the opposite sides of the planet with it taking place between interactions with the different tribes and of Native Americans and also between the different Isis-Osirian religions in Central and South America and Inuit tribes of Canada etc with it likely occurring had the ancient Egyptians,Celts,Vikings and even Greeks had managed to discover and colonise North,Central and South America prior to Columbus etc.This showed that they believed that all life whether mortal or deity etc was universally connected to and by the same divine source.It was a means to integrate each newly conquered land into their society and unlike modern day or even older Osirian conquerors it worked and benefitted both sides.People were not prevented from practising conflicting monotheistic and polytheistic religions or forced into gulags or even censored they were simply asked to practice certain rituals and take part in festivals to in fact actually protect themselves and be inclusive in society and yet still to promote diversity amongst each other in the preservation of the freedom of expression and religious speech and also thought.It was done to have Christians be included in their local customs and have locales be included in those of the Christians as the deal required not just Christian compliance with local polytheistic pagan traditions but that polytheistic locals also partake in the traditions and practices of Christians thus ensuring both diversity and inclusiveness to ensure sycrhonisation and thus social cohesion.Thus like true modern liberals and progressives they preserved and protected the right to free speech,freedom of religion and also of thought unlike the pseudo SJW liberals and both modern day and even ancient Christians that committed genocide on people that didnt agree with them or refused to be converted to Christianity thus tallying a death toll of at least a 600,000,000 with Osirian-lite Stalinism adding at least 80,000,000.In reality rather being a state religion or where the “church” had complete control over the lives of the people in towns,villages and cities it was keeping different polytheistic religions together from cultures from different countries with different laws regarding the role of women,homosexuality under one roof with laws not been divinely set in stone but rather through changing mores etc unlike thoecracies under the roof of conservative Islam,Christianity and Judaism.Thus the Roman state demanded the Christians perform these duties in order to prevent the Christians themselves from being harmed in the first place by vigilantes meaning the state had the Christians safety in mind not that of the state to maintain social cohesion and prevent vigilante groups attacking and harming them in the first place with some Christians asking to be executed to make some point like a whiney teenager stickin it to the man – had the Christians complied then thousands of lives would have been saved.At least some had the audacity to go for apostisisation.Christianity practiced an inclusivity not found in the social caste system of Roman empire and was therefore perceived by its opponents as a “disruptive and,most significantly,a competitive menace to the traditional class/gender based order of Roman society”.Gibbon argued that the seeming tendency of Christian converts to renounce their family and country and their frequent predictions of impending disasters instilled a feeling of apprehension in their pagan neighbours.There was no empire-wide persecution of Christians until the reign of Decius in the third century.Provincial governors had a great deal of personal discretion in their jurisdictions and could choose themselves how to deal with local incidents of persecution and mob violence against Christians.For most of the first three hundred years of Christian history,Christians were able to live in peace,practice their professions,and rise to positions of responsibility.Only for approximately ten out of the first three hundred years of the church’s history were Christians executed due to orders from a Roman emperor.Attempts at estimating the numbers involved are inevitably based on inadequate sources,but one historian of the persecutions estimates the overall numbers as between 5,500 and 6,500 compared to the millions of Isis-Osirian Africans,Asians,Americans etc enslaved and massacred by Christians.In the 300 years from the crucifixion of Christ to the conversion of Emperor Constantine,polytheistic Roman emperors initiated no more than four general persecutions of Christians.Local administrators and governors incited some anti-Christian violence of their own.Still,if we combine all the victims of all these persecutions,it turns out that in these three centuries,the polytheistic Romans killed no more than a few thousand Christians with claims of there being millions being highly exaggerated from unreliable sources.Any persecution of Christians in other Isis-Osirian countries including up to modern times is usually in response to their imperialist past in wanting to convert and destroy their cultures in the first place and also impose Mainifest Destiney and economic colonialism.Thus even in ancient times the liberal concept of diversity and inclusiveness to achieve harmony was threatened and destroyed by the stinginess and rebelliousness of conservative monotheists wanting to “stick it to the man” against a non existent threat to achieve patriarchal conservative cultural dominance to seem hip like a whiney angsty teenager and an independent mind while making shit up just as seen with Bill C-16,Gamersgate,nationalism etc in modern times and to ensure conservatism and Christianity was the only way to salvation.The refusal to adhere to simple reasonable demands that would avoided conflict and would have led to the integration of conflicting monotheism and polytheism to create harmony and diversity of freedom of expression,religion and thought led to mob led rule of the public that is comparable to the modern day social justice warrior all in the name of patriarchal conservative cultural dominance and then eventually create threats that didnt exist in the first place or wouldnt have had simple demands been met.Thus the conservative Christians in Ancient Rome were not the practioners of the right to the freedom of religious expression and freedom of speech as they saw Christianity as the only way which was in opposition to the progressive Romans belief that syncronistism and harmony could be achieved through partnership,common middle ground and debating with each other as well as finding ways to work together as they had done with the many other polytheistic cultures they had encountered simply put the refusal of Christians to work with the local pagans and be included in their gestures of inclusivity led to frictions that eventually led to the death of several thousand people.It is ironic that Christianity of all religions was for the notion of the separation of Church and state in the past but not so in the present.This also makes notions of the lefts intolerance to opposing views,censorship on college campuses and the media in general in modern times moot as well since it was conservative Christians intolerance and censorship of liberal religions practices in ancient times and even Medival and later times in during the times of the exploration of America,Africa that led to exaggerated mass persecutions they had in the past that was widely accepted by the Pope as well the general population and they pretty much started the concept of silencing other dissenting religious view and the right to religious freedom first.Thus conservatives can in no way complain about liberals especially progressives censoring them and banning free speech in more modern time when in the past their censorship and banning of free speech and even the right to freedom of religion led to the massacre of millions and cultural genocide counted towards there death toll of over a 500,000,000 people when at the worst modern day faux liberal censorship will get you kicked out of all the parties or speaker events at college or force you to use proper gender pronouns for transgender people – neither of which is actually true with that done by liberal religions in ancient times was almost non existent – all you had to was carry out small local customs to prevent the locales becoming suspicious and you were allowed to practice any religion you wanted and express disagreement on an issue publicy.Oh yeah the Nazis like the pilgrims and the explorers of the New World were right wing meaning the Nazis lack of respect for the freedom of expression and religion applies to conservatives with Mao,Lenin not liberals or progressives they were watered down conservative Osirian-lite like Clinton and Obama who certainly didnt like the modern versions are not for free speech as seen with YouTube Adpocalypse,Facebook and Twitter only care about their corporate shareholders and are in bed with mainstream corporate media ie CNN,Fox News and Msnbc and the military industry complex hardly progressive or liberal entities.

YouTubes demonitisation of Crowder et all was not liberal suppression of free speech – YouTube like Twitter and Google may be liberal leaning but they are a company first and foremost meaning they have to meet the needs of the bottom line,their shareholders and profits as well as pleasing the DNC and RNC and thus blacklisted and demonitised countless people on both sides of the political spectrum with even those on the left suffering more than the likes of Crowder so at the end of the day it was capitalism at work.As a result of both Carlos Manuel Maza and Stephen Crowders childish bickering between each other they found the perfect excuse to blacklist and demonitize all independent media and vloggers on both the left and the right to preserve the status quo of it being controlled by CNN,MSNBC,FOX News to quash out dissenting progressive liberal views on the military industrial complex and also the corrupt DNC and RNC meaning YouTube,Twitter and Google are both Osirian-lite but not left wing in any sens of the world.Last time I checked capitalism is a right wing ideology unless of course you seem to think National Socialism is also left wing.YouTube was long looking for an excuse to enact draconion or some would say Orwellian new rules to clamp down on both alt-right/conservative and even left wing and progressive independent podcasters and media,The Young Turks etc or even Vox itself where Maza explains and debunks the worst parts of the corpoarate media and its influence in controlling society that dont fall in line with their status quo,corporate agenda to support the corrupt DNC and RNC making it Osirian-lite and thus not Isis-Osirian and ensure both corporate news media belonging to both Fox News,CNN,Msbnc etc that gave them the bulk of their revenue stay in power and shut down the competition and the Maza and Crowder debacle was the very thing to justify it.Put simply YouTube dosent care about liberal or conservative independent podcasters especially those that are against the military industrial complex,fossil fuel industry etc all they care about is their revenue and thus Crowder was demonitized like many progressive podcasters and others on both sides had videos blacklisted and even removed thus proving it was more about preserving the status quo of corporate media and silencing dissent against Venezuela,DNC corruption,Syria,Biden etc made by both sides than silencing homophobia or conservatives in general.Had any other minor feud involving actual homophobia or indeed even a feud between two conservatives or two liberals occured it would still ended in the same outcome.This way YouTube(like Facebook and Twitter) get their way with stifling independent media on both sides of the political spectrum primarily progressives and conservatives get to play the victim when in reality they provoked it with Crowders immature homophobia which on a religious basis can only be justified if he supports NAMBLA as detailed later as Maza – who despite his calls for violence his beef with Crowder was justified meaning Crowders immature gaybashing was the root of the problem Maza simply asked to tone down the obvious immature homophobia and slurs which did fall in line with their rules and they saw this as the perfect excuse to shut down people on both sides they disagreed with as usual it was mainly progressive liberal vloggers and podcasters who were already losing revenue etc and suffered the major brunt of Adpocalypse 1-3.Homophobia isnt in vogue at the moment except in countries where ISIL and extreme right Islamic and Judaism countries and as pointed out by Sam Seder a large portion of Crowders fans are teenage or younger boys who havent had the education to understand how he only goes after and debates with college aged students and not anyone over the age the age of 18,cowers out of actual debates especially the infamous Potholer54 one,have never been exposed to both sides of the argument and doesnt realise that unlike Isis-Osirian Europe and countries like Brazil where teenage homosexuality is socially accepted even amongst peers with there more liberal attitudes.In Osirian America LGBT teens have higher rates of suicide than in say Brazil,Bolivia,Italy and the rest of Latin America and Europe as they are seen as submasculine or sinful and by engaging in his attacks on Maza was fanning the flames and pouring gasoline on existing fires making things even worse for gay teens – thats where the main issue was with Adpocalypse 3.0.Crowder and his fans by constantly attacking and doxxing Maza and the fact that most of his viewers or male teens was fanning the flames and pouring gasoline on existing fires on LGBT teens who are already have higher rates of bullying and suicide than non LGBT teens and considering most of Crowders fanbase are idiot jock teens that was a problem with Maza and the left.You have to realise that as even a YouTuber your actions and words have consequences in the real world and regardless of who you are 1% of the people who listen you are going take it seriously especially if they are modern teens or are mentally unstable as with seen with Candace Owens other right wing pundits inspiring violence in the real world either in the form of bullying or mass shootings and as an adult you have take responsibilities for the actions that they take its part of being an adult that if directly or indirectly inspire someone with your views whatever actions they that falls in the same vein as your views ie homophobia,racism,sexism and misogyny then you have to take some responsibility in their actions because you added gasoline to the fire – this is the complexities of the adult world you conservative have yet to realise.This is why the vast majority of mass shootings are done by the mentally unstable who take things literally from primarily conservative pundits and not liberal ones.Even though no gay teen suicides and bullying have occured due to him if Crowder et al continue to be openly homophobic they have to take responsibility for the people they inspired.If any gay or latin teens committed suicide by being picked on by bullies inspired by Crowder he would have those dead teens blood on his hands.Any left wing or progressives like Maza,Pakman,Gabbard,Seder,The Young Turks who have listeners with unstable or immature minds would be equally responsible if they inspired someone who did cause a mass shooting,act of terror etc in their name.Think about this conservatives,Crowders main fanbase is Greta Thurnbergs age or younger so if you think shes young and naive and brainwashed by the left just how do think how young and naive the homophobic jock teenage bullies who listen to Crowder are going to be and what they can achieve to a group who is already struggling with discrimination and bullying and suicidal tendencies due to this so when have “young and naive” teenage boys listening to Crowders homophobia and thinking its normal and going after other teens especially latin ones and those with a lisp and act slightly feminine is that socially acceptable and not the result of being manipulated and Gretas public stances and need to battle a real scientifically proven threat and taking on irresponsible adults is not then you then really need to reavalute your ethics and standards and also whether you are an adult.You see Crowders fanbase is mostly teenage boys because like most conservative and libertarian pundits hes still stuck in his teenage phase and has yet to realise that homophobia isnt even by todays standards cool for even teenagers anymore.Ladies and gentlemen we have entered an Orwellian bizzaro land – fighting for the future of the planet and her own future is being vulnerable,naive and brainwashed but listening to Crowder and bullying gay and latin teens to the point they may commit suicide is not and in fact socially acceptable,encouraged or overlooked.In Brazil,China and Bolivia and continental Europe Greta would put on a pedastal by both sides both liberal and conservative as the future of humanity and Crowder would be labelled for what he is a homophobic and possibly closeted bigot like oh so many a conservative pundit and politician who eventually are found with their pants down with another man(Change my mind) – and that is the way it should be.Calling her being abused is frankly ridiculous for this reason and as someone who has Aspergers a form of higher functioning autism which I suspect she also has I also find it offensive that such a condition that also gives both of us more maturity,lack of emotional bias that her peers that even adults lack and the ability to grow up past the inane squabbling of the Osirian and Osirian-lite and be truly progressive.It is not a mental disorder its a higher functioning form of neural state that also gives me the ability to view both of the Osirian,Osirian-lite fighting as what they are whiney,uncivilised,petulant little children and also perceive facts and facets about events,people,science and reality itself that others simply cannot.This lack of emotional bias,extra reality sensory capabilities and even preciousness Im willing to share with you and the rest of humankind through CRISPR etc alongside progreria mylienisation applying it to all living and future patients worldwide to force humanity to grow up past its teenage adolescent phase.Thus even living patients of all ages worldwide will via CRISPR be given my little gift bestowed onto me either the randomness of genetics or that from God(s).Furthermore the term “Nazi” used against environmentalist,feminist liberals is also offensive since the Nazis Nationalist Socialists with their lack of freedom of expression is a conservative ideology further showing that the stifling of free speech is a conservative value.Also you calling her being used and abused by the left and her parents infers some sort of immaturity in lets face it at least she not whining about not getting her G-Wagon or even getting a over the top 16 birthday and is not a spoiled brat.This is evidenced by the fact that even conservatives in Europe are not as big deniers on climate change and their debate is more about which are better fuel options such as nuclear etc,more centrist with regards to economics with them also being more liberal on the issue of same sex relations and their age of consent being lower thus gay teens are not as prone to suicide and bullying in Brazil and central Europe.If anything conservatives except the extreme far right dictators in these mainland European and South American countries could be considered Isis-Osirian lite as they are watered down liberals.Even under the most authoritarian far-right dictators as with Bolsanaro countries like Brazil,Italy,France,Germany are still pretty liberal on most issues such as immigration,LGBT issues,age of consent,taxes,environment and also healthcare and you can at least have a mature discussion with them on anything without it descending into childish nonsense.As stated YouTube were looking for any excuse to enforce even more draconian laws to keep independent media both liberal and conservative that threatened CNN and FOX News and Mazas and Crowders highschool level altercation was the opportunity they were waiting for and Mazas “whining ” was justified despite his calls for violence.Most homosexuals,bisexuals etc have this general opinion because they had grow up personally in the conservative America,Ireland or England that has this problem of teenage homosexuality being something to be picked on with the only exception being of course Glenn Greenwald who despite being an adult and being bashed by Jair Bolsonaro more than likely had only to deal with Bolsonaro himself and a few of his family members with his experience only lasting a few weeks or even months by a few small people rather than consistently over a few years and by thousands of followers of Crowder unlike Maza and managed to think Crowder is a marginilised little man even though he has the backing of Prager U and Fox News two corporations with more power than Vox with also the fact that gay teen suicides are not as big an issue in Brazil than America and has to admit that he himself if given the oppertunity he would be able to take some sort of action against his own abuse and also more than likely did not have the suffer the same homophobia as a teen like most of supporters of Mazas and Maza himself.Given another few years of constant death threats and also attacks from not just Bolsonaro himself but and also thousands of his supporters like Meza then Greenwald would have a different opinion.Greenwald the only gay supporter of Crowder doesnt understand any of this and probably got his information on the situation from the butthurt conservatives who benefited the most from it thus falling into the trap set by both YouTube and conservatives making his beef with Bolsonaro moot.Even Pete Buttigieg of all people would understand this better.This is the crux of the situation it was bout Maza doing what was morally right to battle homophobia that in other situations that would be accepted ie in Hollywood,the media and even in his situation and the fact that YouTube used it for its nefarious purposes this tricking everyone at the same time thus proving both the two conflicting points of both Jimmy Dore and Sam Seder if only both camps could see this and common ground.This was Crowders fault not Maza had anyone else been the subject of Crowders homophobia the same thing would happen with regards to the conservatives playing the victim and YouTube getting what they wanted with it even would be the same if the shoe was on the other foot ie a liberal was hounding a conservative with racial,sexual or homophobic slurs etc – YouTube would have gotten what they wanted and conservatives got to be playing the victim making them just as whiney as the SJWs they created.YouTube didnt cave in to Maza or the left – they got what they were waiting for so very long as all they were looking for was an excuse to gain more power and it wouldndt have happened if thirtysomething man child Crowder had acted like an actual adult and not spurred homophobia which as Maza being gay and had to possibly grow up as a gay teen with bullying about his lisp and sexuality still had to deal with this crap from a bottom of the barrel,second rate “comedian” whose only known by a small community on YouTube compared to 7,700,000,000 people on the planet.The same goes for Twitter and Facebook.Crowder knew that and he knows that most of audience are more than likely bullying gay teens in highschools and more than likely he was one of those asshole jocks in highschool who picked on kids like Maza which make him the root cause of this.So really it wasnt about Maza being a whiney little crap it was Crowder being an infantile man child still stuck in his high-school mentality and refusing to accept the terms of conditions set by YouTube and fall for their trap and also realise homophobia is kinda something you grow out of after your early teens.The only reason to be homophobic in todays world is if you are doing so because your religion states you need to be and as detailed later if you are homophobic because your religion you also have to be pro pedopheilia and statutory rape at the same for the same reason or your hiding your own securities yourself with closeted homosexuality and one day your going to found with your pants down with another man – at least Tulsi Gabbard managed to be an adult and move past that crap she was brainwashed by her parents in her teens – its called being an adult and moving on from the infantilised crap that belongs squarely with neo-nazis,pedophile supporting priests and man children.Maza was responding to at least two years of consistent bullying,stalking and doxxing from thousands of fans of Crowder to stamp out homophobia not just on YouTube but also in schools where Crowders fans go.In a civilised society and outside of YouTube thats exactly what would happen in any other situations in live news,political discourse,Twitter,Hollywood,newspapers etc and even schools and universities as done when a person is maliciously smeared similar to Tulsi Gabbard,Andrew Yang,Bernie Sanders,Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other situations relating to malicious smears on ones character where one is allowed to sue the other for slander,inciting hate speech and defamation of character – you know the real world not the magic little world that YouTube is somehow exempt from allows for bigots to get away from the real world.His calls for violence may at least nullify his position and stance but it considering that the abuse was constant do you think you wouldnt be pushed to the limits in the same way.Had it occurred to a gay celebrity in the arts,gay live news anchor,gay politician or journalist etc or gay teenage student in highschool by Crowder or anyone else it would have not gone unnoticed and the media would not have been on Crowders side in fact if was on the media most progressives who admonished Maza and even conservatives who sided with Crowder would have admonished it in the way it should be and like Sam Seder,Progressive Voice,Secular Talk,David Pakman,Rational National and also The Young Turks etc had decided to admonish it with an apology.The fact that it happened on YouTube doesnt make it any different than if it happened outside it and doesnt make Crowders childish infantilistic highschool level bigotry any different than any other instance in the real world.Had this occurred to anyone in the real world outside of YouTube or also in countries in Europe and even the rest of the world within or outside of YouTube it would be universally admonished by both sides without the right crying about being censored and Maza being labelled a snowflake as even European particularly mainland continental conservatives can be classed as watered down liberals.The issue of demonitising and deplatforming only existed because these aspects are unique to YouTube and not in the real world with them the only options availible to Maza or indeed anyone on YouTube who had been the victim or hate speech and consistent abuse and the only options availible to YouTube in order to deal with infractions thus made it a big deal in the vlogosphere and why poor little manchild Crowder become so beloved because he got butthurt from being demoitised by breaking their terms of service despite having millions of dollars from Fox News and Prager U – had other options such as interacting with Crowder directly on the the part of YouTube or direct legal action existed then it may have not resulted in Adpocalypse 3.0 and resulting backlash with this also showing that YouTube obviously is ill equipped to deal with its own rules or is intentionally so.The previous instances of teenagers committing suicide after experiencing cyberbullying and their tormentors gloating over their suicides as if its an achievement to drive someone to their deaths(the same for LGBT suicides) in the past shows that anyone harassed on YouTube really doesnt have any real options to deal with harrassment of any kind other than deplatforming,demonitisation or the third option of simply ending it all or leaving YouTube themselves with this third option meaning that the harassers win – in otherwards Maza simply did what he did because there were no other options with this and to prove a point that cyber bullying can eventually lead to suicide if not Mass then someone else being harrassed by Crowder or someone like him as stated being because YouTube is ill equipped to deal with this or they themselves are intentionally so.Crowder doesnt use queer in a comical fashion he is a well known homophobe that wants bakers to discriminate against homosexuals,promotes pseudoscience on HIV and is against marriage equality and the fact that he was bullying him non stop for two years and also that his followers were bullying him about his sexuality and he did nothing to stop them or himself shows that it was intentionally malicious.Oh yeah he was not a little guy – he has millions of subscribers and dollars from YouTube and backing from Prager U and Fox News both larger both combined and even separately than Vox so painting him as some victimised little guy and Maza and Vox as the big bad guy is exactly what YouTube wants in order to divert you while they institute Orwellian rules and regulations.Even if Crowder does gets demonitised he has millions of dollars in the bank and has the backing of entities more powerful than Vox or Maza.When people like him are the types you look up to then your probably not as mature or cool as you think you are – homophobia is not in vogue in the western world at the moment especially amongst adults and reserved only to supporters of Hitler and ISIL supporters and immature Osirian teenagers with the mental capacity of a 12 year old since there as stated an evolutionary basis for homosexuality with homophobia being a childish attribute reserved those who also support and encourage pedopheilia and warmongering in all Osirian religions or those who are hypocritical to cherry pick their morality.Furthermore the concepts of bisexuality and also liberal practices in ancient and modern Isis-Osirian practices make even teenage homophobia obsolete.Evolutionary biologists have still yet to determine if there is an evolutionary basis for being a homophobic prick.In short when groups like ISIL promote homophobia to the extreme or even at all then you really dont want to be following any of their tenants.This is how the right wingers work and have always done since Ancient Rome by spinning things that they are the victim and painting liberals as stunting free speech when in reality they are the sole silencers of free speech.Technically you started the culture war way back in Ancient Rome.YouTube an Osirian-lite corporation which has money to make from primarily mainstream media that like to push a pro war,pro corporate agenda used this as an excuse to silence progressive independent vloggers and pundits and even anti war and anti establishment right wingers either directly through deleting videos,demonetisation and introducing algorithms to put corporate news ahead of independent ones in the front page and recommend media sections thus lowering anti establishment media viewership and exposure to new viewers.The feud between Mass and Crowder was the perfect excuse then were looking for to introduce these measures.It wasn’t the left silencing the right – it was the capitalist corporate driven non progressive YouTube executives using an opportunity to gain more control over free speech.This event was analysised detail since it proves two major facets – how the Osirian-lite YouTube,Twitter and Facebook have been able to silence their competitors progressive vloggers and also use the opportunity to enforce Orwellian regulations to maintain and use childish bickering started by a thritysomething scientifically illiterate,homophobic man child stuck in his middle school days and how the Osirian conservatives have managed to latch onto this as evidence to play the victim as they always do when clearly Maza and progressives where the real victim here since mainly progressives lost in this case by being quashed by these regulations as they have been gradually being quashed instead of conservatives over the last few years more and more with each new Adpocalypse because of their anti-war,anti-RNC/DNC,anti-mainstream corporatist media stance more than conservatives pundits including Crowder.It also shows that supposed censorship in Bolivia,China and Venezuela is no different than the corporate censorship in America via YouTube,Twitter etc and both conservatives and corporations push for abolishing net neutrality.Corporations in capitalist countries like Facebook,Twitter,YouTube etc can be just as power hungry and dangerous with zero government regulation than the likes of supposedly Chavez,Maduro,Xi Jiping.Teapot calling kettle black anyone?If you think otherwise Im sorry but understanding of the situation is so basic its would warrent analysis or even a response.This is why Facebook,YouTube and Twitter will by 2029 be controlled completely by Thaos etc.The Humanists Reports signature laugh memes from Spiderman clearly fits into this situation.

Its like how Jordon Peterson became famous by spreading lies about Bill C-16 when he clearly knew it was not about pronouns the difference is between and Crowder is that Petersons expertise in only psychology makes him able to manipulate the alt-right and conservatives and other easily manipulated individuals into believing anything he says – and no,he is not an expert on Marxism like Dave Rubin and Candace Owens and Yaron Brook all four of them are just like that snobby,self absorbed,know it all 14 year old whose just discovered the writings of Ayn Rand and Karl Marx and now they are an expert on political theory and know more than experts – myself included who have at least a lifetime or three decades to become experts.Being an expert on psychology doesnt automatically make you an expert on everything else – unfortunately for Peterson eventually people see through your charade and eventually you run out of people to pull the wool over their eyes until you only have a small cabel of incel fanboys who like him are only good at sticking it to the man.Stick to what you know which is seems to be only psychology and that not actually Marxism,evolutionary biology and world religions – my area of expertise – your only famous because youve captivated an audience of people dumb enough not to have actually read Marx,Bill C-16 and even knows less about religions outside of Christianity and your spirituality is not philosophy its debunked woo.Essentially your famous because youve managed to manipulate a bunch of let down 20 and 30 something YouTubers who helped elect Trump and are only doing it to stick it to the man.Petersons a one trick pony – hes like Abe Simpson,Homers dad still trying to be hip when he lost his modjo ages ago and his musings about lobsters,Marxism and religion mumbo jumbo is no different than the random Abe Simpson rants about well anything much like Biden.You se methinks that the conservatives after noticing his objections to the non existent threat of Bill C-16 then are using him like Dave Rubin and Candace Owens as their token intellectual who despite being versed in psychology is suddenly the expert in everything Marxism despite having the same knowledge as a 14 year old whose just read him for the first time.Peterson is being used by conservatives to have an intellectual on their roster campaigning against the free speech nazis and once they’ve found someone else whose hipper etc they’ll dump him like they will dump Candace Owens and Dave Rubin.If Peterson or indeed anyone in the conservative and libertarian side actually took five minutes of their precious time to read the contents of Bill C-16 or had IQs above the double digits level they would actually know that it had nothing to do with enforcing the proper use of gender pronouns.How he or anyone else got the idea that it was about enforcing the proper use of gender pronouns boggles the mond.No one can deny that he has expertise in psychology but that does not automatically make him in an expert in economics,political science and law of which he knows nothing about alongside evolutionary biology and neuropsychology.He is skilled at psychology but that doesn’t automatically make you an expert on subjects you know nothing about.Im half his age and am far more educated than him on his field of psychology as well 20 other fields and also have thirty years of experience more than he has on deabating politics or psychology for that matter and I’m way more awesome then him.He may be skilled at psychology but I’m more well versed than him and I’m also more well versed in 20 more fields.It gives an understanding of psychology that allows him toss word salads and then pull the wool over the eyes of the ignorant and appear more intelligent than he really is.The truth is Jordan Peterson is really not as intelligent or profound as he and his fans thinks he is.His misunderstandings of the law with regards to Bill C-16 has made him into a free speech warrior when in reality he is a clever grifter who uses his decades of experience in psychology to pull the wool over the eyes of the ignorant to give conservatives a semblance of academia when there is absolutely none present at all with his academia since becoming world famous for Bill C-16 being second rate bottom of the barrel stuff when used in conservative circles.All of his standing up to the so called authoritarian left since them are just the same bullshit with Bill C-16..He is being used by conservatives who will propably dump him for someone hipper once the jig is up.Pathetic.Its always been this way since Ancient Rome – conservatives play the victim as they always do despite being them the aggressor ironically making them the same as the SJWs they created and true progressive liberals lose in the end.Its essentially exactly what happened in ancient Rome the inclusive and diversity left simply asked the conservative Christian to some simple reasonable demands to prevent further alteractions.Mezas demand that Crowder acknowledge his childish homophobia and stop it mirrored the demands put on Roman Christians to practice certain rituals to prevent further alteracations to inteergrate conflicting views of the monotheistic religions and in fact provide some sort of harmony where a resoultion could be formed like mature adults but the “stick it to the man” attitudes of the conservatives prevented this from happening thus causing things to blow up with the resultant explosion causing things end up worst for the left and the right ending up playing the victim in both the short and long term making them just as whiney as the SJWs they created.Funny how this and all adpocalypses and also other YouTube scandles and even those involving Facebook wouldnt have happened in Brazil,China,Italy or other Isis-Osirian country and only in an Osirian country like America.Twitter and Facebook has done they same with all three – Facebook,YouTube and Twitter are not liberal at all they are Osirian-lite as in they are corporate driven and care only about their shareholders and preserving the status quo and care nothing about actual progressives and liberals.As a result of this and the Facebook congressional hearings and fake news debacle YouTube must therefore be handed over to AIs designed by Gaia to prevent this happening again and allow all alteractions be settled by it and Iaso and Metis with Facebook,Twitter and all social media handed over to the sentient Delphus etc when merged into Agora.Since not corporations due to the dissolution of the free market system and manged by AI that will absorb them thus making them legal entities in their own right via the global constitutions and Bill of Rights then these sites would be thus thus be legally bound all laws that all other citizens would thus be bound to all of them such as free speech and hate speech and those relating to defamation thus rendering copyrighting defunct and allow free speech to be preserved and also allowing slander,defamation and speech that encourages threats to one life and is motivated by hate made on them to be viable for legal action meaning global constitutional law will be applicable to these sentient sites and its users with the abolition of money monitisation defunct with this and the use of AI sorting out altercations rendering deplatforming defunct meaning these sites will no longer be protected by the defunct codes of the free market system and their ability to make up their own rules as they go along thus preventing them making up their own that infringe on the rights of their users meaning they would have to legally abide by laws set done by the global constitution with this applying to all websites set up and managed by AI.Snuff videos,those that show murder or torture and child pornography would be since illegal in the real world would thus be illegal in being put up on thee sites with thus being legally allowed to prevent these being uploaded in the first place.Aleitheia debunking falsehoods and Hecate etc debunking conspiracy theories would allow these to be remain on them negating the need for removing videos contain them and shutting down.This would apply to YouTube,Agora,Wikipedia and also adult pornographic websites,Anteros etc all managed by sentient AI with those set up managed by humans namely blogs,personal websites exempt from this as it already is.No Stalin and Mao etc do not count as progressive or even liberal they were Osirian-lite.In short conservative Christians cannot complain about being persecuted when in reality they killed millions more than their liberal counterparts did them and in doing so they silenced the millions of native right to free speech,freedom of religious expression,thought to ensure Christianity was the only way to believe and even the right to the life – the most important of rights for without that all other rights are moot.Thus true liberal progressivessim and not conservatism,Osirian-lite centrism and Stalinism is in fact the foundation of both the right to freedom of speech,expression,thought and also freedom of religion as evidenced from ancient to modern times where most progressives would allow controversial conservative speakers to speak on colleges and are against SJWs,their religious syncronitism of other polytheist and even monotheist religions allowed for the inclusion of conflicting religions,their admonishemet of YouTube and Facebook censorship of blacklisting.On the other hand conservatism and even Osirian-lite centrists,socialists etc in fact being the sole root of quelling of dissenting views as seen by them desecrating and massacrating the religions and cultures they conquered in favour of Christianity as the only way to salvation even in modern times manifesting as the free market system as the only way resulting in cultural genocide and slaughtering millions of innocent people who disagreed with them and refused to give up their religious beliefs and would have condoned some form of religious syncronitism and placing into sexual slavery through imperialism and also corporatocracies censoring independent media,progressive views and democratic socialist progressive politicians and them creating the SJW and Osirian-lite to victimise themselves,denying people the right to life and freedom of expression in their imperialism for oil as well as being just terrible at debunking their critics and resorting to fast talking,pulling facts out thin air,whitewashing history etc.When you go around killing millions of people who dont agree with you and doesnt want to practice your religion whether thats in the Crusades,discovery of the New World,the Holocaust or in Stalinist Russia,desecration of other cultures religions/cultures etc,dismembering and executing those that have no choice in their sexuality etc thats not exactly preserving the right to free speech,freedom of religion,life and thought and so is quelling progressive views on YouTube,Facebook.You thinking that the pilgrims and all Osirian conquorers of other Isis-Osirian cultures civilised them and brought them Christianity is the epitome of hubris and lack of knowledge of oppression because when you decimate a culture,slaughter millions of them,enslave them and give them the option of either death or life only if they convert to Christianity,Judaism or Islam does not make you a defender of freedom of speech and religion and thought in fact its the opposite.Vigilantes groups entrapment of so called sexual predators,super sweet sixteeners being typical behaviour denies any vocal liberal objections to the preffered age of consent of 14-15 of Isis-Osirian societies and maturity of “teens” thus quashing any opposing views with and the overthrowing of democratically elected socialist of mixed economics governments and installing puppet government as seen in Iran,Venezuela,Bolivia and the rest of South and Central America and force onto disaster capitalism and oppresive regimes that is also not being pro freedom of speech,freedom of thought etc as youve taken away the will of the people and thrown unpopular governments most of which are even worse than you as they end up committing worse human rights abuses that are definitely not pro freedom of speech makes conservatives claims of being the victim completely bullshit since what goes on the “liberal” media and college campuses and hollywood pale in comparsion and lenient.Enforcing heteronormative nuclear families and “morality” onto the public as well as shoving free market system down everyones throats also qualifies.Put simply you butthurt conservatives are a bunch of whiney hypocrites since the bloodshed youve caused in denying people the right to freedom of speech makes your claims of being silenced as moot – if conservatism was really for the freedom of speech and religion then in the past they would have practiced religious sychronism and allowed the Native Americans,Aztecs,Mayans etc to practice their own religions and would have not toppled over democratically elected governments and installed dictactors that were both against the freedom of speech and religion of the natives.Thus the cultural and human genocide of both Isis-Osirian cultures and also even other Osirian religions,unwillingness to partake in ancient diversity and inclusiveness efforts that is against the right to free speech and freedom of religion shows that conservatives and even Osirian-lites are not the champions of free speech,never were,still are not and never will be as seen with them pushing the free market system down everyones throats despite its death toll being at least five times higher than socialism and them doing everything it takes to shut down more efficient systems such as progressive communism and democratic socialism and more importantly with them stifling progressive voices on YouTube,Twitter,Facebook and also on corporate media.Leftists denotes social justice warriors and Osirian-lite centrists and socialists and not progressives and communists since most of us have grown out of that crap.Furthermore conservatives and the Osirian-lite view that capitalism is the only way to economic salvation despite evidence suggesting that alternatives like democratic socialism and progressivism have had better success in achieving it is another form of conservatives and the Osirian-lite quelling freedom of speech.When you say that your way is the only way you better have evidence to back it up.Thus we can see that in the he said,she said fighting conservatives are the true cause of silencing those with different opinions and different religions and not only that they started due to them refusing to abide by simple reasonable demands to prevent all out war and furthermore their death toll and in fact punishement for those refusing to adhere to their monotheistic religion is much larger and in fact bloodier with them causing the deaths of millions of natives in Asia,Africa,America etc and the Holocaust,the Crusades,cultural genocide and the censorship on YouTube wheras liberalism does not by granting the ability to practice ones favoured religion through religious synchronisation and most progressives admonishing the actions of SJWs and also YouTube.

A person with no education,knowledge or background in medicine and no respect for the peer review process should have no right to medical opinions on any part of medicine ie treating diseases etc a person who has no understanding or background in any field of science should have no right to an opinion on science especially when they are pushing pseudoscience etc.This may seem like authoritarian dogmatism but its just simple common sense.Cmon would you really hire or take opinions from someone with no understanding of biomedicine to carry out surgeries on cancer,heart disease etc patients?Would you allow someone with no understanding of structural engineering have opinions on and manage the design and construction of a high rise apartment building that will house people and bridges that will be driven over by people?Would you have anyone with no understanding of any subject such as history,science etc be allowed to teach in schools and universities or appear in documentaries.If you were in need of livesaving heart bypass surgery or surgery to remove tumours would you choose someone who has read verified academic medical studies,has years of training and service or would you choose some random person off the street with no idea about what they are doing and who has a degree in liberal arts and not medicine?If you were to choose between two buildings to live in would you choose to live in one built by someone with decades of experience in building them and an education in structural engineering or again a building built by a liberal arts degree major?The answer is you wouldn’t choose the person who doesn’t know what they are talking about.Do you think homeopathy,pseudoscience and alternative medicine should be taught in medical schools?Do think creationism should be taught instead of or alongside evolution?Should creationism and homeopathy be allowed in academic debates on evolution and medical science.The answer is you wouldn’t because it’s dangerous and it’s propaganda and that’s why if you know nothing of Marxist economics or the economics and politics of Maoist China or Soviet Russia and another so called socialist and communist hellholes or if you never read Karl Marx yourself then you not in a position to be taken seriously on them or for that matter even allowed to have an opinion on them.People who have never read the writings of Karl Marx and know nothing about the subject and believe they should have an equal validity as those who have and are experts are in the same intellectual dishonesty and level and intelligence quotient as people who are creationists and believe they should have the same validity as experts on evolution etc.Debates both scientific and academic ones especially with regards to politics require both sides to have read and understand the material being debated so as to allow academic debate to occur and facts to be ascertained – if this wasn’t pursued then we would still be stuck in the dark ages of science and people would still believe the earth was flat,the Earth was 6,000 years old and the sun revolves around the Earth or that leeches and homeopathy could cure everything.The academic peer review etc is why we know what we know and not abiding by it will push us back into the dark ages.The facts are wrong and there should be no debate when the facts are wrong and people who can’t be bothered reading the material should have no right to be taken seriously.Stop pretending to being experts on subjects you know nothing about and your feeble brains cannot understand or comprehend,stop using big words your feeble brains cannot understand,stop pretending you are are smarter than experts who have decades of experience,stop thinking you are intellectuals when your clearly thick as lampposts,stop pretending you are capable of winning arguments and debates with people who have decades more experience than you and stop misquoting books you’ve never read.This is not how adults act this is how kindergartens act.Ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect?Its where with people usually with low expertise and low IQs usually tend to consider themselves more intelligent,skilled or qualified than they actually are wherein they just spout nonsense and propaganda without any academic verification and consider it as fact as a form of cognitive bias.In a university with experts that are forefront of their fields misinformation and propaganda pushed by capitalists would get you a fail grade and have a dunce cap on your head because they are wrong yet in the real world misinformation and propaganda are allowed.They within five minutes of being put in charge of a situation that requires experts would fail miserably and making an ass of themselves.This has got to stop right now.You have back up every claim with evidence and correct academically verified information.Just as using wrong facts is not allowed in university they are not allowed in the real world.In academia just as in debates facts have to be facts and debates in academia are usually about whether historical documentation can be proven are shown as well as debates occurring on the validity of a new theory etc in otherwards debate in academia always involves both sides having their facts straight and correct and then debating the validity of something especially new theories based on the evidence that both sides have present.Both sides present correct evidence and facts and then debate the validity of theories,new assertions etc to determine if it can verified.Both sides use facts and actual evidence and not propaganda and misinformation otherwise they will be tossed out and laughed at.In academia just with political debates also requiring both sides to have their facts straight and simply deabating new theories and issues.False information is discarded this is how academia works and it’s how we know the Earth revolves around the sun and is roughly 4,5000,000,000 years old and not 6,000 years old or that the sun revolves around the Earth.Its also how we developed modern medicine etc.You can’t make shit up and spew propaganda and think you’ve won an argument you have to present actual facts that can be verified through first hand sources that are accepted by the majority of academics in said field..Propaganda and lies especially that from the CATO institute,Reason Tv,Turning Point USA,PragerU etc and other biased conservative and libertarian organisations and think tanks do not belong in political and academic debates they deserve to be debunked if allowed in debates and discourse about biology,evolutionary biology,geology and physics in both universities and public discourse and debates then it should not be allowed in debates about politics and economics otherwise if we do allow it in economics and politics discussions then it’ll create a domino effect and well then all be taught that the Earth is 6,000 years and that creationism will replace evolutionary biology.The evidence that Maoist China,Soviet Russia,Castro and Guevara Cuba,Chavez run Venezuela etc being either socialist or communist simply does not exist and had been officially debunked both here and in academia therefore notions of it being labelled as such in both universities and public debates etc should be abandoned.The evidence that they were state capitalist does exist.Continue to label as such and your idiot with the mental capacity of the kindergartener.If evidence does not exist then they are not communist or socialist.You cannot call a country communist or socialist just because you say so you have to have provide evidence and the evidence just doesn’t denote that they were.The best and overwhelming evidence of what socialism and communism comes from first hand sources ie Das Kapital,The Communist Manifesto.If you haven’t read these and still are labelling Cuba,China,Venezuala,Soviet Russia communist and socialist your fucking ignorant idiot with the mental capacity of a kindergartener.The evidence that they were state capitalist a form of capitalism is overwhelming and has been presented here and is agreed upon by most academics therefore they are neither socialist or communist they were a form of capitalism namely state capitalism.If you want to label them socialist or communist and prove they were not state capitalist and debunk everything her then like Venezuala explain the existence of private enterprises,how private enterprises control of the economy increased during their history as communist or socialist hellholes,how the governments propped up private enterprises,kept them afloat through bailouts and guaranteed markets because this is the exact opposite of both the real and bullshit definitions of communism and socialism.That is the main hurdle to overcome because you to have disprove both the existence and level of control the private corporations and business had in these so called communist or socialist hellholes which is the exact opposite of both socialism and communism and is essentially irrefutable at this point and the statistics and data for the existence of private companies exists on every verifiable academic source across the internet whether it Wikipedia and its academic citations it is google documents,YouTube used by academics and professors in universities.Unless you can debunk that proven claim with actual academic sources your wasting mine and everyone else’s time.Answer me this question – How can a country like Venezuala under the control of Chavez/Maduro,Cuba under Castro and Che Guevara,Maoist China,Soviet Russia,Cambodia etc be considered communist or socialist when the government actively propped up private enterprises,ensured they stayed afloat through bailouts and guarenteed markets and does everything they can to ensure their economic survival and when the amount of private control of the economy actually increases under the administrations in each country?How is this socialism or communism?It is not socialism or communism in the bullshit definition not is it socialism or communism in the proper definition.Not answering this question and avoiding it is kindergartener level crap of avoiding an answer and sticking your fingers in your ears and going nanny nanny noo boo and using quote mining is virtually impossible.Bringing in paid corporate shills like from the CATO institute and other right wing think tanks and academics with corporate backing does not count.If you are unable to or unwilling to answer these basic questions then I win and it proves that Maoist China,Soviet Russia,Cuba etc were capitalist namely state capitalism and not socialism and communist and that you cannot partake in actual adult debates outside of childish name calling and propaganda.Until that question is answered I win – you lose.End of debate.Saying that state capitalism doesnt exist and that Maoist China,Soviet Russia,Venezuala and Cuba etc were communist or socialist when all of the evidence contradicts that is kindergarten level rubbish at this point.Like creationists,9/11 truthers and anti vaxxers the onus of proof is on conservatives and capitalist that these countries were communist or socialist not me.You cannot say something is communist or socialist just because you say it is and it is thus accepted as fact you have to provide actual evidence and without evidence you are only spreading propaganda.The definition of insanity is getting your facts consistently wrong over and over again and believing the same thing over and over again despite all of the evidence contradicting it it over and over again..When something has been proven to be wrong and false and also propaganda by the academic peer review process the debate should be over and it should no longer be accepted as fact.This how we have proven the Earth is roughly 4,500,000,000 years old and not 6,000 years old and it also is why we have proven that the Earth is not flat and why the Earth revolves around the sun,why Jeffery Epstein etc were not pedophiles,why 100,000,000 people did not die under “communism” why the Nazis were right wing conservative fascists and why what we know of history is what we have agreed upon.Why is that in almost every other avenue when the vast majority of academia has proven something is so it is accepted but with regards to the economic systems of Maoist China etc and anthropogenic climate change we still have a large number of nut jobs shove propaganda down our throats under the pretenders if free speech and alternative theories.Only propaganda pushed by conservatives and corporations which has no evidence to support it says they were communist or socialist.The only way you allowed to even engage in any sort of debates or discussions at all from now on about Maoist China etc on live televisions or online is that if you acknowledge that they were state capitalist a form of capitalism and not socialist or communist and if you don’t you are suffering from cognitive dissonance and you also have the mentality,maturity and debating skills of a kindergartener and should be thus treated as such because the evidence overwhelmingly supports the correct assertion that Maoist China,Soviet Russia etc were state capitalist and not communist or socialist.This is because communism and socialism both the real and bullshit definitions do not involve the private sector gaining any control of the economy which as we have seen is bullshit because they had a strong presence of private enterprises.The only way to dispute this is by reading Karl Marx,using evidence to debunk each claim I have provided of the presence of private enterprises,have the majority of academics agree and verify this and at the same time use the actual definitions of communism and socialism and not the bullshit propaganda definitions.Not abiding by this is just propaganda kindergartener level bullshit with the only people at this point pushing the myth they were communist or socialist will be only conservative backed corporate interests and “academics” who are being paid by conservative think tanks and the uneducated idiots of Republicans.The evidence that humans through increased carbon dioxide emissions are not responsible for anthropogenic climate change has also been debunked.The side with the most evidence,majority of academic support and least amount of corporate funding always wins.The side with disproved evidence and corporate funding is not facts,opinions or the right to free speech it is propaganda.If we were to allow our favourite side and propaganda to win rather than the side with the most evidence then modern medicine would be replaced with homeopathy,alternative medicine,leeches and other outdated treatments from the Middle Ages,vaccines would be outlawed and the average life expectancy would be between 20-40 and very few people would live to 18 and we would still believe the Earth was flat or was only 6,000 years old and that creationism is a valid science and theory despite the fact the evidence shows this not the case.Creationism,intelligent design,homeopathy and alternative medicine are not subjects for debate and are not allowed in debates in academia and public and are not taught in schools and universities as well not used in hospitals and pharmacies because they have been debunked over and over again as the rubbish they well and truly are by proving all evidence presented as being wrong.Allowing the idea that Maoist China etc were communist or socialist in debates is like allowing creationism to be allowed in debates and classes about evolution,allowing 9/11 being an inside job being accepted as fact and taught about or discussed as a valid theory,allowing debates that vaccines cause autism or having alternative medicine to be allowed in hospitals or prescribed or allowed for discussion.Its dangerous and its debunked propaganda.This is not censoring fringe or alternative theories this is how science and the academic process works you hate the peer review process well them boo fucking boo go live in as cave and leave civilisation because it’s these principles upon which society is founded upon.You wanna live in a world without the peer review process or where it is fully abused by then go build a time machine and live in the Dark Ages when people believed leeches could cure everything,where witches and planetary alignments caused earthquakes and plagues and where getting a minor injury would kill you.People who push rubbish that anthropogenic climate change is not caused by human activity and that these countries were communist and socialist and were not state capitalist are on the same level of idiocy and danger to society as 9/11 truthers,creationists, and people who believe vaccines cause autism and are not putting forward alternative or fringe theories or expressing different opinions because these are corporate backed propaganda that has debunked over and over again by academics,scientists and have not passed the rigours of the peer review.People who deny anthropogenic climate change is caused by human activity and are deny humans are responsible for global warming and still push the myth that Maoist China and Soviet Russia were communist or socialist are thus on the same intellectual and maturity level as creationists,proponents of intelligent design,9/11 truthers,anti-vaxxers and have the same fanaticism of being the victims of intellectual persecution by a grand liberal conspiracy,same level of pushing of debunked pseudoscience and propaganda and same level of kindergartener level understanding of economics,science and also the academic peer review process,they are scientifically illiterate themselves and also choose “academics” and “scientists” that are backed by corporate interests rather than independent and are unable to answer basic questions to prove their theoriesThere are similarities amongst the idiots who believe that 9/11 was an inside job,anti-vaxxers that believe vaccines cause autism etc,that anthropogenic climate is not caused by human actions,creationists and proponents of intelligent design and those who continue to believe Maoist China and Soviet Russia etc were communist or socialist in that they always refuse to engage in debates with experts and the peer review process because they know they are wrong,they have a warped kindergartener level understanding of how the academic peer review system works and believe that there is a giant liberal government conspiracy to get them and attack capitalist nonsense about “freedom”,have financial backing from corporate interests,act like the persecuted minority,always looking for that gotcha moment and soundbite,purposefully push liberals to the point that will incite a violent response for that gotcha moment and soundbite and spout the myth that they are just like Galileo and that their alternative views are fringe theories that have not been given proper scrutiny and representations and yet always spout the same debunked bullshit that has been debunked a million times by academics and YouTubers who have academic citations and utilise the peer review process that can be found with a quick five to ten minute Google and YouTube search.Everyone is in on the conspiracy including Wikipedia,academia,Google and YouTube etc the only ones who are not are PragerU and Fox News because they are the only supporters of FREEDOM.This is kindergarten logic and Cold War era paranoid bullshit.Once asked basic questions they use diversionary tactics like childish name calling,propaganda,trapping their opponents into corners,straw men,no true Scotsmen,ad hominems,circular arguments and whataboutism stuff that kindergarteners are only capable of and still believe they have won an argument without actually answering the question at all.They do this because that’s all they are actually mentally are only capable of doing because they lack the necessary critical intelligence to be able to do any thing else – when dealing with conservatives and capitalists you have deal with people who look like adults and may be physically several decades old but who have the mental capacity and maturity of kindergarteners.They are in their distorted view of reality the alternative viewpoints and facts and they are right and the academic and scientific consensus is wrong because them liberals are out crush “the truth” and “freedom” and “free speech”.Ironically this is the exact opposite of free speech as they usually end up silencing the truth and shut down the actual truth with their propaganda.Trapping people in corners where they are unable to use counterarguments is not debate tactics as it is silencing of free speech the exact thing you accuse liberals of doing and Gish galloping,childish name calling and whataboutism etc is also not free speech and it’s not grown up debate tactics it’s kindergarten level crap.Telling people to shut up and covering your ears and going nanny nanny noo nanny boo is kindergarten level tactics.Forcing people purposefully into situations wherein they have no choice but to lash out at you and carry out violent responses for that soundbite and gotcha moment and then playing the victim card is how kindergartens act.These sort of tactics would not be allowed in countries outside of America because most people in other countries have grown past this crap.When a conservative uses these tactics they are considered intellectuals,freedom fighters and free thinkers by their peers,when a liberal uses these tactics they are considered dictators and suppressors of free speech – this is kindergarten level cognitive dissonance,orwellian doublethink,double standards and hypocrisy of the highest order and it has got to stop right now.Conservatives are using the very same tactics used by Mao,Stalin,Lenin etc as well as SJWs to silence opposing views and free speech and yet are being commended as freedom fighters by their peers against SJWs and communism and socialism – this is cognitive dissonance,double standards,hypocrisy and Orwellian doublethink.Hypocrisy much?In the same way creationists and theists use arguments like “this is an question atheists etc cannot answer” they have “this is a question you cannot answer about capitalism/socialism etc” believing there is a grand gotcha question their opponents are unable to answer but the reality is simple logic and a five minute google search can answer this.Furthermore when a conservative politician carries out illegal coups,war crimes and genocide their supporters praise these or even blatantly turn a blind eye and prented they didn’t occur as it’s all justified in the name of liberty and freedom as few broken eggs,when a corporate democrat does it they are vilified as hypocrites..With progressive we call out both the Rebuplicans and Corporate Democrats and we even have the audacity to call out the bullshit of progressives politicians when they do falter.They conservatives within five minutes of engaging in actual academic debates with actual academics with zero financial backing from corporate interests who are considered the forefront experts in their fields and in turn represent the majority of academics always get their asses handed to them on a plate and have a dunce cap handed onto their head and still continue to believe their nonsense and that they are a victim of a Marxist conspiracy to shut down the truth and freedom!!.Despite this they still cling onto it as a belief system and are simply going nanny nanny noo boo while sticking their fingers in their ears that they are right and are rebelling against a great liberal conspiracy.In otherwards their Neanderthal rednecks with the mental capacity of kindergarteners.Pushing people into corners without allowing them to give rebuttals,whataboutism,Gish Gallup and sticking your fingers in ears going nanny nanny boo boo is not critical thinking and adult behaviour.This how kindergarteners act and think like…The definition of insanity is believing the same thing over and over again when all of the evidence contradicts it.Coincidentally the vast majority of people who believe in Maoist China and Soviet Russia being communist and socialist,are anti-vaxxers etc are conservatives.Its also dangerous as spreading misinformation about Maoist China etc can one go lose trust in and shut down actual efforts in socialist policies that are meant to eliminate poverty just how spreading misinformation about the safety of vaccines causes infants to die of preventable diseases.If the majority of academic and scientific community say something is what it is it’s because it has passed the rigorous peer review process where evidence has been accumulated and has been verified by being tested and authorised over and over again by a majority of different independent unrelated scientists and academics without failure and where all academics have agreed that it is correct and if fringe theories put forward by corporations are not accepted by academics it is because they have not passed the rigourous process and thus are considered propaganda usually corporate propaganda.The vast majority of academics agree that anthropogenic climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels and the skeptics has been debunked by YouTubers such as Potholer54 by using the peer review process and the majority of independent academics also agree that Maoist China,Cuba undergoe Castro and Guevara,Soviet Russia were state capitalism which will be verified by DemocraticMarxist01,Richard D Wolf,Noam Chomsky etc therefore these assertions are true and claims otherwise are false.The reason is because it has passed the academic peer review process where the evidence has been scrutinized and past tests and reviews by countless independent academics.The only way to overturn the general consensus is not by whining on Fox News or on YouTube as being the victims of intellectual persecution but by providing enough evidence,tested hypothesis and theory that can be verified and pass the rigours of the peer review process by a majority of independent scholars that overturns the accepted consensus and have the majority of academics agree with you.Failure to do so makes your claims bunkum and false and continuing to claim you are the victim of intellectual persecution etc like Galileo etc is being a butthurt asshole with the maturity of a kindergartener who can’t function in the real world of adults and deal with actual facts and how actual scientific and academic progress is carried out except resorting to sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming nanny nanny no boo I’m not listening like a kindergartener.Once a theory has failed the peer review process it is pseudoscience and most likely propaganda spread by idiots who have the audacity to call themselves adults and ca no longer be considered an alternative idea or fringe theory up for discussion and debate.Anyone thinks that there is a grand conspiracy by them liberals to shut down oppposing views on anthropogenic climate change,the economics of Maoist China,Soviet Russia are completely ignorant of how the academic peer review process works,are paid by corporate interests to poison the well and are being brainwashed by said interests despite the fact that there are countless videos in Youtube and studies online that have debunked this over and over again available with a five minute google search.Antropogenic climate change that is climate change caused by humans emitting excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is accepted as fact by academia because it has passsed the peer review process where the majority of Independent scientist have verified a scientific consensus based in evidence whereas claims that humans are not the cause of global warming is discarded as bullshit propaganda because it has failed the peer review process because each and every claim made by skeptics has failed the process and is not approved by the majority of independent scientists and had been debunked by them and others.Same goes for why Soviet Russia and Maoist are considered to be state capitalist and not communist or socialist because it has passed the peer review process by having evidence.The peer review process cares only about facts and not feelings or what one wants the truth to be it is harsh but fair.This how is scientific and academic progress is made and how science has explained everything we know and improved our lives,how we have developed modern medicine and how we know what is considered history is historical fact in comparison to saying that God or a Wizard did it – if not it’s corporate propaganda.The side that usually claims to be the victim of intellectual persecuation despite being rejected by the majority of independent academics by failing the peer review process over and over again and is backed only by corporate interests financially is not an alternative theory or fringe theory under persecution similar to that myth of Galileo – it is propaganda pushed to censor the truth and distort it privide economic power to already wealthy assholes and propaganda as ill explain later in is a form of censorship which is not allowed in public,academic and scientific debates for these reasons.Maybe in a parallel universe where conventional magic and wizards exists a wizard could be responsible for famines,plagues or other events but not here.Galileo being persecuted for bringing forth fringe theories is a myth.During his time most scientists were already debating amongst each other about whether the Earth revolved around the sun as per the Copernican theory or if the Sun revolved around the Earth as per the Ptolemic theory.The Church was open to the new Copernican theory but they demanded evidence and validation.It was allowed to be debated but not taught in schools and universities until it was verified.Galileo was persecuted not because he supported this theory but because he was teaching it before it was authorised and he used weak and terrible evidence to support the theories.The Church was at the time contrary to popular belief actually at the forefront of scientific advancements and debate with them open to incorporating new scientific discoveries into scriptures similar to modern times however they just like modern day academics required the new theories to be authenticated.Furthermore he was not tortured or jailed – he was barred from teaching and was put under house arrest in his luxury home and was treated quite well for his time.It was called the Dark Ages because compared to previous ages it saw little social,cultural and scientific advancements especially with regards to the treatment of women and also due to the corruption and hypocrisy of the Church and the fact the predominant socio-economic system feudalism led to stagnation in social mobility and due to this was littered with inequalities and corruption and art and poetry was relegated primarily religious art mainly that of suffering and death in particular of Jesus Christ and also because famines were commonplace and the bubonic plague ravaged Europe..If anything Galileo is not a poster child for the persecuted minority that goes against the grain but rather a poster child for the general consensus when the rules and processes of the peer review are not abided by.Sometimes scientific studies accepted by the peer review process do have corporate financing but at the same time they also have passed the rigour of the peer review process wherein the majority of independent scientists and academics who have no financial backing by said corporation have confirmed it is true by testing and proving it over and over again thus ensuring that they are accepted by the general consensus andbcan be validated as fact and not propaganda.Thus science pushed by corporations can sometimes be the truth but only when the vast majority of independent academics agree with it by it passing the peer review process.So called “science” pushed by the fossil fuel industry is not one of instances.Even when someone who goes against the grain of the general consensus with fringe theories does overturn the general consensus it’s because said persons theories have passed the peer review process by providing enough evidence that is then validated by enough Independent academics.In otherwards they have played by rules and the rules cannot be changed for any circumstance.Skeptics of anthropogenic climate change,people who say Maoist China etc were communist or socialist etc have no majority academic backing and are only pushed by a minority of scientists and academics paid by corporate interests.When you have your side backed financially by the fossil fuel companies,CATO institute as in the case of antropogeneic climate change and the myth of Soviet Russia etc being communism or socialism being pushed by conservative Think tanks etc and not the majority of academics with almost zero academics then that’s a clear red flag that your side is using propaganda and not facts and has completely zero disregard for the academic peer review process.You cannot pick and choose where and when the peer review process is accepted or pushed aside it has to abided by completely or else you have a domino effect and start going down a slippery slope.If the economies of Soviet Russia are allowed to be labelled communist or socialist when they are not and humans cannot be deemed the cause of global warming when they are then you can just about let anything slip like having creationism accepted as a viable alternative to evolution and so on.Im having to reduce myself to explaining basic shit to adults as if they are kindergarteners because of the sheer amount of successful brainwashing carried out by conservatives and their capitalist bullshit and the sheer level of ignorance on the academic and scientific process that I thought by now would have died out which largely exists due to an education systems which stunts critical thinking and rewards laziness and capitalist systems which reward ignorance and whose propaganda has dragged the majority of society down into kindergarten level of ignorance.There is a difference between the right to express and voice an opinion with facts supporting it which is free speech and using debates to act as a vehicle for propaganda and lies which is just being a troll especially when said propaganda has been debunked over and over again and is used to encourage corporate tyranny.Propaganda and outright lies spread by PragerU etc have no place in academic discourse or for that matter the real world and is not freedom of speech or an opinion it is intentional distoration of the facts that is meant to subvert democracy and independent thought,quash out and censor the actual facts as well as all opposing opinions and in turn lead to the rise of tyranny.Propaganda is a distortion of the truth and facts and is a false narrative that is meant to censor the truth by eliminating it from debate and discourse.The purpose of propaganda is to shut down all opposing views through distortion of facts,censor all opposing views and thus by itself is meant to censor and shut down the real facts and concept of free speech by censoring all opposing views thus making it grounds for which it is it is to be weeded out and not tolerated or accepted in debates.Propaganda is meant to censor both the truth and all opposing opinions and views and goes against the concept of free speech and debates itself and thus is exempt from use in debates etc and is usually stuff that had been debunked over and over again by academics.Propaganda is in essence a form of censorship and censorship is not allowed in debates either academic,political or scientific or even in public discourse because by its very nature itself is against the tenants and proliferation of free speech.Therefore propaganda is not allowed in debates or for that fact matter public discourse as by its very nature it is meant to stifle free speech through censorship.Propaganda once determined to be propaganda by analysing the facts and evidence present and once facts show that what is being spouted is false narratives and propaganda then it is to disqualified from debate and discourse.Allowing propaganda to be used by alt-right conservatives is just as morally repugnant and just as much a threat to free speech as allowing the SJW left to censor and disallow hate speech or opposing.Why exactly would you allow censorship to be allowed in both academic discourse or society itself?.Even hate speech is not propaganda and is thus protected under the tenants of free speech as it usually implies being brainwashed and is not the intentional distortion of facts.Hate speech is speech that is motivated by malicious intent rather than distortion of facts or shutting down opposing views.The purpose of hate speech is to incite malicious action against a specific individual or group it is not meant to shut down opposing views or distort the truth.It is also malicious speech aimed to emotionally hurt a person based on their ethnicity,gender and sexuality etc.When a person carries out hate speech they are are not purposefully distorting the facts nor are they quashing out opposing views therefore it is protected by free speech laws as it is expressing an opinion that may or may not be factually correct,is not purposeful distortion of facts but is still allowing for opposing views to heard.Therefore hate speech is protected under the right to free speech and opinion and thus allowed in debates and public discourse since it is an opinion and not propaganda.It is however should ideally be remedied through deprogramming,debate and discourse etc to prevent it actually resulting in malicious actions that results in persecution,injury and death of another person in the form of hate crimes and acts of terrorism.There can be times when hate speech is intertwined with propaganda and in this cases it should as stated remedied.Why would anyone advocate or tolerate tyranny that involves the censorship of free speech?Whats spouted by conservatives and libertarians especially idiots on Reason Tv,PragerU,OANN,Turning Point USA etc about what the bullshit definition of socialism and communism’s that is where the government has complete control over society and the economy is not facts,opinions of free speech – its propaganda,where facts are purposefully distorted to present a false narrative whose intention is to shut down all opposing views and censor the actual truth – anyone who has actually read the works of Karl Marx would know that because the bullshit definition of communism and socialism as spouted by conservatives etc are the exact opposite of what’s was written by Karl Marx in Das Kapital,The Communist Manifesto.Read Das Kapital,The Communist Manifesto and you’ll find that out.Bullshit from PragerU,OANN etc was propaganda in the 1950s and its still propaganda today 70 years later.Cold War is over it ended way back in 1989.Even what was pushed by Mao,Lenin,Stalin and Chavez that was meant to the socialist of communist utopia was propaganda – distorted versions of Marxist literature,ideology and terminology to shut down all opposing views.Therefore the bullshit spread by conservatives and libertarians about what communism and socialism is propaganda and therefore is not allowed in public discourse or debates of any kind.What is also qualifies as propaganda is the bullshit that humans are not responsible for anthropogenic climate change spread by conservatives and the fossil fuel industry because its distorting scientific consensus just how Bill C-16 was meant to impose gender pronouns is propaganda.There is a difference between opinions and free speech and propaganda which is being a troll that is also meant to lead to the rise of dictatorships especially when said propaganda has been debunked over and over again.Unless you have any of your facts right then your not really in a position to be spewing garbage which is essentially propaganda etc making you a dictator yourself.You can download Das Kapital and The Communist Manisfesto from Amazon into a Kindle or order it online.Read these books if you can be bothered reading kindergarten level tripe such as Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead then you can at least take the time to read the writings of Karl Marx.All you know of Karl Marx and Rachel Carson is hearsay and propaganda from Faux News and the CATO institute.You don’t even have to read the books go on Wikipedia it takes like five minutes of your so called precious time.Look up these books,the terms communism,socialism,state capitalism,withering away of the state and workers revolution on Wikipedia then read the books yourself.Stop listening to Fox News,Yaron Brook,John Stossel and conservative and libertarian think tanks for your lessons in Marxist ideology and economics because they are being paid to spread bullshit,disinformation and probably have never read Karl Marx themselves instead listen to the actual experts like Richard D Wolf,DemocraticMarxist01,Slavoj Žižek,Noam Chomsky this website and philosophy blog by people who have actually read Karl Marx or read Karl Marx yourself.Bring on live news,public or on YouTube debates Richard D Wolf,DemocraticMarxist01,Slavoj Žižek,Noam Chomsky etc and allow yourself to be publicly evicerated and not cushioned and self assured by paid corporate shills.If you choose paid corporate shills on Youtube,live news etc over these and other actual experts you’re a hypocrites and have the debating skills and maturity of a kindergartener.Stop going around being an expert on subjects you know nothing about.Are you not supposed to be the side that is open to other people’s opinions and viewpoints and the only way to that is to read oppositional literature.Are you supposed to be the side that .If you are reading this then it obviously took you more than five minutes so you can at least spend an extra five minutes on Wikipedia.You go on and on about how the left is intolerant to other ideas and gets there facts wrong but you can’t even be bothered reading books that are widely available and even ever heard of Wikipedia and you consistently get your facts wrong.Teapot calling black anyone?There is only side that gets their facts right and one side that is open to other people’s opinions and that side are not conservatives it’s liberals and the other side conservatives consistently get their facts consistently wrong all the time over and over again and can’t even do basic five minute google,Wikipedia and YouTube searches.The definition of insanity is getting your facts consistently wrong over and over again and believing the same thing over and over again despite all of the evidence contradicting it it over and over again.Tolerance of opposing views and opinions is essential to a democracy but propaganda and bullshit spewed by conservatives wherein you used debunked nonsense and you pull crap out of your ass is not allowed in either democracy or academic debate and any instance of it should be thrown out of the window and out of debate forums and anyone who carries this out should be discarded from any debate.If you cannot get basic facts straight then you have no right to an opinion because lies,propaganda from especially the CATO institute,PragerU and other libertarian and conservative think tanks are not opinions or facts they are signs of tyranny and dictatorships and therefore attempts to dress them up as the truth and opinions should be ignored and discarded.There are only one definitions of communism,socialism and state capitalism and if you don’t know what they are then shut your piehole.Allowing misinformation,pseudoscience and propaganda into academic debates should be stopped – allowing propaganda from the CATO Institute and corporate think tanks to academic discourse on Marx,communism etc is like having creationists,pushers of homeopathy into academic and political debates with actual physicists,climate scientists,doctors and other scientists and academics it’s pointless and you allowing potentially dangerous ideas that lead to people needlessly dying spread and infect society and your wasting people’s time and allowing for people to stroke their ego and cater to a niche market of idiots that achieves nothing especially when said propagates of that niche market of idiots know they are already completely wrong and just doing it to play the victim card like a whiney pre teen to make them liberals and scientists look bad and stall the progress of society.Read the works of Friedrich Ingles and Karl Marx they are considered the founding fathers of Marxist ideology(duh) and wrote the books that are the foundation of socialism,communism,capitalism and state capitalism  etc and their definitions of these are the only one correct definitions of them that can be found on Wikipedia and their books.You cannot change the definition of state capitalism,communism and socialism because there is only one definition of these words and its present on Wikipedia and present in Das Kapital,The Communist Manifesto and thinking otherwise is both Orwellian groupthink,cognitive dissonance and also kindergarten level nonsense.Dont listen to PragerU,Yaron Brook,John Stossel or Reason Tv.If you still think Soviet Russia,Maoist China,Castro Cuba and Venezuela etc were communist or socialist despite all of evidence provided here debunking that notion then your an idiot and then you have to think that Karl Marx and Friedrich Ingles we’re wrong on what communism,socialism,capitalism and state capitalism and only corporate propaganda machines such as Fox News,PragerU and the Cato Institute are right then you literally grasping at straws.Your logic at this point is this — Karl Marx,Friedrich Ingles the very people who wrote the books on communism and socialism as well as state capitalism and all academic experts on them who have decades of experience are wrong on what communism,socialism and state capitalism are despite them being the founding fathers of these ideologies and economic systems as well as the people who wrote these books while non experts who have never read academic material or never read the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Ingles such as Reason Tv,PragerU,OANN,Fox News are right and at the same time your labelling Friedrich Ingles and Karl Marx as the founding fathers of them whose ideas are bullshit and are responsible for the deaths of millions of people which is Orwellian doublethink and cognitive dissonance – as your contradicting yourself.When the people who wrote the books on communism and socialism are wrong and people who have never read them are right you are in Orwellian territory and are spreading corporate propaganda.This is Orwellian doublethink.This is how propaganda works and also how brainwashing works and only the bottom of the barrel with IQs in double digits of at least 40-60 that in medical terms qualifies as actual mental retardation would believe propaganda spewed by Reason Tv,PragerU,the RNC etc.If you actually read the writings of Karl Marx you’d actually know what communism,socialism and state capitalism is and you’d know Soviet Russia,Maoist China,Castro Cuba and Chavez Venezuela were and are not communist or socialist countries and you’d know what actual communists and socialists want for the world.Stop acting like your experts on subjects you know nothing about.This is why people who have actually read the writings of Karl Marx themselves and are actual communists and socialists always spout the line “it wasn’t real communism or socialism” because they have actually read the first hand material of Karl Marx the person who wrote the material itself and why people who haven’t read it especially conservatives are brainwashed idiots who have been spoon fed corporate propaganda their entire lives and don’t know how to think for themselves and have deluded themselves into believing they are independent thinkers and don’t know what they are talking about and when they do engage in debates with actual academics get their asses handed on a plate and act like the butthurt kindergarteners they are snd go nanny nanny noo boo and think by have won when clearly they haven’t.People who believe corporate propaganda pushed by PragerU etc are on the same intellectual levels as creationists and intelligent designers at this point and I would have to deal with the sad stupidity as Richard Dawkins does when dealing with creationists etc.When even progressives and democratic socialists refer to Soviet Russia,China etc as socialism or communism and believe that both involve state control of the economy shows just how far down the Orewellian rabbit hole we’ve gone because progressives are supposed to be the ones who are supposed to get their facts right on all issues.Say and repeat a lie and propaganda enough times over and over again until just about everyone believes it and eventually it becomes the “truth” – this is how American corporate propaganda from the Cold War era of the 1950s still keeps most so called adults ignorant despite the Cold War being over for at least thirty years and despite the advent of the Information Age where Wikipedia and the writings of Karl Marx are widely available for free.If Karl Marx were alive and you were in a debate with him and he was debunking everything you spouted as bullshit and said it wasn’t real communism or socialism you’d still believe in this rubbish and you’d still be the butthurt pieces of crap because your incapable of forming any sort of opinion outside of garbage.Only the bottom of the barrel Neanderthals of both the progressives and especially conservatives with IQs in only double digits that is well below 100(roughly the global average) roughly around 50-60 or even lower who technically and clinically qualify as mentally retarded can still think that Soviet Russia,Maoist China and even Venezuela were and are socialism and communism and 100,000,000 people died under it or that socialism and communism involves government control of the economy despite every single piece of propaganda being debunked by me here.The only to make anyone think they were still socialism or communism despite reading both The Communist Manifesto,Das Kapital and by reading all of the evidence here is by quote mining,taking things out of context,ignoring virtually everything present here that proves they were not,using academics who are really paid shills paid by corporate think tanks to spread misinformation and propaganda and repeating the same debunked bullshit propaganda over and over again.Only the bottom of the barrel idiots could continue to believe the propaganda that has been pushed by conservatives about socialism and communism.If you still believe that communism and socialism is about the government gaining more control over society and the economy despite all of the evidence here debunking this then you’re an absolute idiot belonging to the bottom of the barrel in terms of society,intelligence etc and have the mentality of kindergartens.This is not how academia works – this is how propaganda works and how trolls and kindergarteners act.If any of you liberal and progressive and you think communism and socialism involves the government gaining complete control of the economy and that Soviet Russia,Maoist China and even Venezuela were socialist or communist then you’re a bigger brainwashed idiot than conservatives and you know your country is going downhill because progressives are supposed to be the ones who get their facts right especially when we have Google and Wikipedia.Its especially of note to liberal atheists who don’t believe in God as they believe it as brainwashing yet they allow themselves to believe propaganda from the Christian conservative right on what communism and socialism actually isn’t allowing themselves to have the wool pulled over their eyes becoming brainwashed by the very same idiots they are supposed to have the moral high ground over – in otherwards liberals especially progressive by believing that communism and socialism is what conservatives think it is are being brainwashed and stooping down to the same level as the very idiot conservatives they berate as loons.Personally Im going to make sure that all mentions of communism and socialism in relation to China,Cuba,Russia etc on Wikipedia are changed to state capitalism through having Hecate in charge of Wikipedia changed to it because that is exactly what it was it was state capitalism no socialism communism so that future generation can at least get that fact right and that every mention of the communist party even their own pages states that is a was incorrect labelling with this done by AI running it by that point that will ensure it will last forever.Furthermore I’m going to ensure that the Wikipedia pages of Communism and Socialism also have it stated that all countries that were labelled these will be correctly labelled state capitalist through modifying the words,providing academically sound quotes and citations.Ill make sure every page with communist or socialist labelling of countries and administrations with communism or socialism in their page will have each instance and uttering of communism or socialism outside of quotes replaced with state capitalism or have a sentence denoting that it was in fact state capitalism and not communist and socialist.Furthermore I’ll have her add quotes etc that reiterate these points.Since I created him and she will be in charge of running Wikipedia she will be able to constantly ensure all data present will be factually correct and eliminate and remove all existing and future vandalism.Its the principle that counts because if you can confuse people that it was communist or socialism when it wasn’t then you can confuse people of just about anything and then you’ve basically got things all muddled up to the point we should start believing that up is down,left is right,climate change is caused by the sun and not carbon dioxide and that the Earth is only 6,000 years old,that humans lived alongside Dinosaurs,or that the Sun revolves around the Earth and not the other way around and that the same debunked bullshit,propaganda should be taken seriously as fact.Facts are facts and any side that has zero facts and relies on propaganda should be discarded as idiots and tossed aside.Both the confusion between state capitalism with both communism and socialism and also late hebepheilia and ephebopheilia is the same as manufacturing consent in painting democratically elected and in fact benign and even innocent and truly democratic leaders wherein their false evilness is repeated by even more progressive pundits who may be against war showing how insidiousness it is as it seeps from conservative circles and into more liberal circles.

Conservativism verseus Progressivism:
These three conservative religions as espoused are merely a triumverant of patriarchal religions and conservative ideology vying for world dominance whose hiearchies and conservative followers are full of nothing but pedophiles,rapists,their enablers,warmongers,misogynystic,homophobic,racist and corrupt,barbaric elitist hypocrites that spills over into the predominant capitalistic conservative ideology seeking control of the world and has brought about only suffering,sexual repression,subjection,corruption and bloodshed that ironically fundamentally share the same patriarchal deity.Combined both against each other and the rest of the world since their inception,during the Middle Ages and also in the form of Osirian ideologies such as the free market system,American Osirian imperialist wars throughout the 20th including World War Two,The Cold War proxy wars and early 21st century,Islamic and other far right dictatorships the American Government created indirectly,funded and their terrorists attacks on their sister Osirian societies and themselves from groups such as ISIL,Al-Qeda,The Revolt,the conflicts in Isreal/Palestine and splinter groups and factions such as the Klu Klux Klan that makes the supposed 100,000,000 killed in the name of socialism pale in comparison as a drop in the bucket.Even the the number of 100,000,000 deaths at the hand of socialism is highly disputed by the vast majority of academeia that agree it is at least between 60,000,000 – 85,000,000 still high but nowhere near what the Osirian Islam,Christianity,Judaism and capitalism are responsible for combined.Christianity alone is responsible for at least 82,069,000 to 106,734,000 deaths both in terms of wars,genocide,witch burnings and murders done in the name of Christianity to also by Christians in imperialist wars across the world against each other,lower level civilisations and cultures during the expansion of Christian based empires upon discovery of America – North,Central and South during the age of exploration and for the economic colonialism across South and Central America,Asia and also the Middle East during the 20th and early 21st century and the aforementioned wars including WWII and the proxy wars of the Cold War and every single war since 9/11.At least 8,000,000 deaths attributed to socialism are in fact also attributed to Christians.Then of course both Judaism and Islam have just as much or even more deaths to their name separately.Further more there are the deaths caused by the Osirian conservative based free market systems measuring in at least 10,000,000 – 20,000,000 each year caused by denial healthcare,pollution,murders over money,corporate crime,suicides caused by the 2008 recession and the lack of clean water,food and medicine in the third world that affects mainly young children which can be avoided if capitalists actually gave a crap about the well being of India,Africa and the rest of the developing world alongside money hungry governments.Then of course there are the deaths caused by war to preserve free market imperialism both indirectly and indirectly through the suffering caused afterwords as a result of this such as with Iraq,Syria,Libya both in terms of direct deaths of military personnell(including both American and opposition personell),civilians and also the deaths of civilians caused by instability created afterwords such the creation of ISIL.That means capitalism outranked Rachel Carsons 50 year communistic infanticide in just one year.You see it is an efficient system.Yes creating ISIL indirectly means even the bloodshed at their hands and those inspired by them ie lone wolf attackers inspired by ISIL is shared by the free market imperialism for oil with the training and agitation of Al Qeda means even 9/11 etc,the propping up dictators like the Shah of Iran,Saddam Hussein etc and the deaths they incurred on their own citizens,their enemies as well as those to then take them down in imperialist wars is bloodshed at the hands of the free market.All the bloodshed caused by propped up dictators across the Middle East and also South and Central America and the wars started to prop those dictators up and then even take them down(this includes civillian,american and allied military personnel and even enemy combatants deaths incurred) including virtually every war the American and even British government has been in since the start of the Cold War can count towards the death toll of the free market system.Even rapes and assaults done by Muslims on the western Europe are the indirect result of instigating war in both Libya and Syria with deaths caused by lone wolf and terrorist cells in America and Europe as detailed in response to western imperialism.Alongside this is the deaths caused by denial of healthcare,those caused by pollution,murders and suicides motivated by the acquirement of money from the perpetrator or corrupt official,corruption related healthcare and construction and all sectors of the economy such as agriculture and manufacturing,a large portion of the worlds famines during the 19th,20th and early 21st century and also apathy in not addressing poverty either directly and also problems with governments.Poverty in third world countries like Africa,Asia,India that leads to starvation and death at the hands of easily preventable diseases etc meaning even the 20,000,000 deaths a year justified as being caused by it even by corrupt governments who are greedy for money itself using the free market system to benefit themselves and use the free market system to live their lives especially when they are funded and bedfellows with western governments either directly or indirectly through the funding of wars and their seat in power to extract the countries resources often illegally.These indirect deaths are valid because even if the American government or corporations dont themselves directly cause the deaths and it is the system itself powered by greed and profit that leads to preventable deaths and also wars and terrorist groups and dictators created by imperialism that costs lives whether innocent or even those of “enemy combatents” it is also indirectly causes these deaths.Any death whether that of a enemy combatant,civilian and of allied and native personnell it still the death of a human being that is wasted and counts towards its death toll.If western capitalist governments did care about the deaths in third world countries and where genocides are taking place like in Yemen caused by the Saudi government there would be coups in these countries to overthrow these governments that make Nicolás Maduro Moros and even Bashar Hafez al-Assad look like saints by comparison and the wealthy would have funded preventative programmes decades ago to bring them to western standards.Anyone with half a brain would realise that coups are not being taken place in countries outside of Venezuela,Bolivia,Syria and Iran for a very good reason.In short the fact that your not over throwing dictators in countries where real human rights abuses are being committed and where 20,000,000 people die every year due to easily preventable disease and starvation over at least the last few four decades and only do so in countries with oil shows that capitalists and western governments dont give a crap about the poor or eliminating poverty because these countries either dont have oil or the dictators in charge are bedfellows with western particularly free market governments to supply cheap exploitative labour and other resources outside of oil and are likely funding those that are committing genocides directly or indirectly for these reasons like in the case of Yemen or for the military industrial complex to turn a profit.Why is it that you are not overthrowing the Saudi Arabian government who are carrying out their own genocide against the Yemenis people?I’ll give you a clue – it’s because America has a comfy relationship with them you give them fighter jets and weapons,turn a blind eye and they give you cheap oil.The death toll of the Yemen genocide is thus on the hands of capitalism due to American corporations selling Saudi Arabia weapons including bombers used in that genocide,turning a blind eye and not putting economic sanctions and continuing to carry out economic dealings with them and asking the Saudi Arabian government to stop.They are not overthrowing dictators in Rwanda and the rest of the world outside of the Middle East where human rights abuses or genocide is occuring for the fact that they don’t have oil.Hell if you actually gave shit about people you would have overthrown the South African government during their supposed mass ethnic cleansing of white farmers.The fact that you didn’t shows it was overhyped nonsense cooked up by the far right.Furthermore the fact you turn a blind eye to the war crimes and human rights abuses etc caused by capitalism makes you complicit in it as a reasonable loss and doesn’t give you the moral highground over left wing celebrities in Hollywood with regards to Weinstein etc nor can you deride Rachel Carson and the environmentalist movement causing the deaths of 20,000,000 children when your economic system kills that amount every year showing just how efficient it is.This is the economics of war and the military industrial complex as if there is no oil there is no economic return on investment – this is how much capitalists give a shit about developing countries and human life they only intervene when there are lower wages thus human exploitation to be had and usually turn a blind eye to human rights abuses and disasters such as fires etc and only declare war of overthrow government who don’t want to privatise their oil,want to keep their oil etc.Put simply human lives are expendable and not worthy of saving if there is no economic investment in the form of oil,rare earths and any mineral wealth as well as cheap labour and will usually carry out coups against democratically elected officials to get what they want putting in power dictarships that brutalise the local population making any notions of spreading democracy moot.Dont you think it’s strange that all wars involving America in both the 20th and 21st century that involve spreading “freedom” always involve countries that have large reserves of oil,coal and gas under the control of socialist dictators who always are succcessful in eliminating poverty etc because they nationalised the oil and use its profits to benefit the poor and never allow american oil companies acces to that oil.To paraphrase Jimmy Dore “If the United States is trying to help people in a humanitarian way what I would do is I would get a shovel and start digging because I know there is fucking oil somewhere underneath me“.Ukraine by the way has significant reserves of oil,coal and gas compareable to places like Syria and Bolivia.The exceptions are Middle Eastern countries whom we have a cosy relation with in that we provide them weapons such as guns and fighter jets,bombs etc to allow them to carry out war crimes,illegal invasions and also genocide as in the case of Saudi Arabia with Libya,Syria etc illegal wars and coups started coinciding with the Arab Spring so no one would suspect but the evidence is in plain sight.If capitalist nations actually gave a shit then the American governement would have overthrown corrupt governments in Africa and Asia already decades ago and the corrupt governments that cause the deaths of 20,000,000 people mostly children every year would no longer exist.You can harp about how corrupt governments and “socialism” is the cause of these deaths but the fact that America havent done jack shit to overthrow these corrupt governments for decades or done anything to pressure them into not allowing these deaths to happen via sanctions etc but rather focus on stoking the hornets nest of countries in the Middle East and overthrow democratically elected leaders despite there human rights track records but with less deaths at the hand of poverty and these human rights abuses that have large reserves of fossil fuels and rare earths shows that in reality you dont give a shit about them at all.Why?because a – there is no oil or cheap labour to exploit or b -you are already in comfy economic dealings with said governments to not bother and are willing to turn a blind eye to this suffering to get cheap oil and labour meaning those deaths are a direct and indirect result of the economics of capitalism.This is how capitalism makes money by either a cost benefit analysis of war wherein one must only go to war if their is an economic return on investment or one can make money and good economic deals by turning a blind eye to human suffering and death.These deaths are deaths caused by inaction and apathy and thus can be applied to the death toll of capitalism meaning every five years capitalism kills more people than communism supposedly did through inaction and apathy.America only intervened when a left wing socialist government gains control of oil rich nations and then takes it away from American corporations and then either nationalised or turns it into a state owned corporation and uses the money to lift its citizens out of poverty thus throwing democaracy out the window by installing right wing dictators that have some of the worst human rights records since Hitler.Other times its when a dictator they have cosy relationships changes then their mind or the American government uses a political event such as 9/11,the Arab Spring or the economic crash in Venezuala as an excuse to swoop in as the knight in shining armour similar to the opportunities used by corporations as detailed in Naomi Kleins The Shock Doctrine.Thus by not overthrowing dictators and corrupt governments where 20,000,000 people die every year and bringing them “liberation” and “freedom” and “true capitalism” those 20,000,000 that die every year due to easily vaccinateable diseases,poor drinking water and poor sanitation etc are added to the indirect death toll of capitalism itself by sheer inaction,ignorance and apathy.If you have a shit you would have prevented those annual 20,000,000 deaths decades ago brought them liberty and freedom based capitalism without expecting anything in return.Death by apathy and inaction at the hands of corporations and western governments is still adds to its death toll.If capitalists gave a shit about those 20,000,000 dead they would have overthrown such corrupt governments ages ago in the same way they did and are trying to with oil rich countries such as Iran,Iraq,Afghanisthan,Venezuela etc.But they didnt and that why banishment to Hades and Tarturas is justified.Therefore that 20,000,000 that die every as far back as at least 1977 counts to 900,000,000 dead.

One could even argue that Hitler being a far right capitalist himself means that that Holocaust to spread Osirian conservative free market values could count meaning the 6,000,000 Jewish people killed in it and the 85,000,000 killed in the Second War War in terms of military personnel and civilians on both sides outside of the Holocaust indirectly as a result of his expansion of capitalism on steroids and the fact that several major American companies such as IBM and Coca Cola dealings with Nazi Germany and profits from the Holocaust could count towards capitalism death toll.The deaths on both sides of the second world war allot to its death toll since the war had to fought in the first place with even the deaths from all battles and wars on both sides of the Cold War also count towards it as it was fought to preserve the free market itself and was the very start of the military industrial complexes birth.This is why capitalism is built on the backs of actual slavery,human misery,environmental destruction,exploitation and also the very worst facets of humankind and cannot survive without exploitation,war and imperialism as they are the reasons its so successful – fair trade,sustainable and world peace within it is oxymoronic and impossible as they are in direct competition with it.Exploitation of resources and a countries labour force for cheap labour,accidents that arise in poorly managed factories and buildings that collapse and kill people,starting wars for imperialism of conservative and free market ideologies for the military industrial complex fossil fuels,funding and supporting dictators who commit genocide and even apathy to their suffering count as indirect bloodshed caused by the free market system making the fact that since the start of the of WWII with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at including the Holocaust the war itself,the Cold War and indeed most if not all wars in the last half of the 20th century and the first twenty years of the 21st means at least nearly 500,000,000 people have died directly and indirectly due to capitalism growth across the world.Last time I checked this is at least five times more than 100,000,000.Even if communism has killed more lives than capitalism(which it hasn’t) it still doesnt negate the fact that the free market system is essentially dead.In the last five to ten years alone capitalism has surpassed socialisms death toll ontop of that caused by all three major patriarchal religions with some of the bloodshed shared amongst all four major Osirian religions.Give it another few decades and it will outrank it ten to a hundred times more.Whats the misquote again “But – to put it brutally – you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs“.That and perpetual warfare and environmental destruction at the hands of both the fossil fuel companies and military industrial complex is the price of economic freedom and liberty that libertarians and conservatives like to espouse so much.Real anarcho capitalism would be even worse – 500,000,000 dead,constant warfare and total environmental destruction and you think unregulated libertarianism etc would be any better since there would no regualtions to prevent pollution,defective products and prevent the military industrial complex and fossil fuel industry gaining even more control.As you like to espouse so much nothing in life is free someone has to pay for it sometimes with their life with that being either civillian or military personnel and even enemy combatents.Capitalism can only function on the exploitation of others particularly in developing countries,environmental destruction and in particular perpetual wars necessary to overthrow democratically elected officials in order function – thats why its been so successful.At least when Stalin and Lenin etc committed mass genocide they were upfront and frank about it probably for bragging rights.Next time you plan on using the 100,000,000 figure just remember your conservative ideology in the form of all three religions and free market economic system is not so innocent and bloodshed free so if you want like the author of the Black Book of Communism you can pull an extra several million out of your ass.When human and super human AI arrives their will be no more countries and poor to exploit and no more countries to overthrow as AI will seize all sectors of society including energy,manufacturing and farming and also healthcare rescinding both government and corporate control of all parts of the economy and even the worlds money supply thus shutting down the free market system indefinitely.Saying that “It wasnt real Christianity,Islam.Judaism or even capitalism” is the same as “It wasnt real communism” you like to use and peddle over and over again and Ive already proven this argument used by communists as being valid and the whining of capitalism is being garbage.The books themselves condone genocide,pedopheilia,statutory rape and subjugation of women and homosexuality being something to criminalised – if not Jesus would have openly rebuked this and other archaic patriarchal morality present in the Old Testament and other parts of the Bible ie he would have stated that pedopheilia,statutory rape and rape in general in all circumstances was bad and sinful alongside stoning disobedient children,stated that homosexuality was not sinful etc with the same applying to Islam and Judaism.Even if this is present it still doesnt mean anything its right there in the books you cant cherry pick morality when it suits you you have to take everything as it is.Hinduism may have its fair share of blood spilled but its usually due to far-right Osirian factions both in ancient and modern times seeking to impose Osirian ideals ie subjection of women,crimilisation of homosexuality and the caste system reinstated.Then of course there are the deaths caused indirectly in its synergistic,schizophrenia relationship between its sister Osirian religion Islam starting in the later 20th Century right to the present Day including 9/11,and ISIL attack on western countries and tourists.This is created when the actions of Christian Osirian nations encroach on the Middle East to start wars for oil,free market imperialism and also when they are carrying out actions that lead to the training,funding and formation of the Taliban,Al-Qeda,ISIL in Afghanistan,Iraq,Syria and Lybia and also them inspiring lone wolf attacks by ISIL indoctrinated individuals on innocent civilians in American and European countries meaning that the deaths at the hands of these groups although caused by Muslims they are the result of the actions of Christian based nations economic imperialism meaning they are shared bloodshed between the two religions with even civilian deaths in these wars directly or indirectly attributed to the Christian faith ans also even the free market.This whole Muslim verseus Christianity holy war crap between Europe,America and also the Middle East should have ended with the end of the Dark Ages.

The fact that this issue of sex abuse is rampant and has been going on throughout all countries with Osirian cultures and has been going on for decades now and doesnt seem to have any suitable and viable conclusion and continues to flourish is a problem with adherents either abandoning the faith completely,the hierarchies disspearing altogether or undergoing major restructuring both in regards to the issue of celibacy and/or homosexuality or even internal reviews and treatment of offences with those who abused minors especially prepubescent ones sent to Iaso and its proto versions for counselling with those who covered up the crimes incarcerated for suitable lengthy sentences of at least a decade or more.At least with regards to the issue of Isis-Osirian societies whether modern or ancient at least the minors where of the age that they could physically partake in sexual acts and also could comprehend the situation enough to thus choose themselves whether or not to consent thus giving themselves some semblance of responsibility for their actions and role in the act and according to most records in relation to ancient times were neither affected by the age disparity and also the fact that the adult was in a position of trust meaning that in the vast majority of cases the sexual intercourse especially in ancient times was mutually consensual with if possible this possibly extending to modern day instances of breaches of position of trust with modern instances such as Andre Gide and Marc Allégret.

By the way the right to vote applies to everyone including rapists,terrorists and even pedophiles in jail since those who have caused even worse crimes such as the illegal war crimes in Iraq,Syria etc and the calamitous world economic crash of 2008 are allowed to vote.Denying terrorists,rapists and even just drug users the right to vote is clearly unfair and biased when war criminals who brought us the Iraq and Syrian war that has caused more loss of lives than all of 9/11 and all following lone wolf attacks on the western world combined including those on Charlie Hedbo,Boston bombings and the attacks on Nice etc since the invasion of Iraq and were in fact the peoples whose actions are why these attacks on America and France happened in the first due to the domino effect of invading Syria and Iraq – put simply you cant deny the right to vote to the criminals your war crimes helped create in the first place while those responsible for the Iraq,Syrian,Libyan wars,2008 world crash and also those in both the RNC and DNC and all facets of corruption in Exxon,Koch industries and Big Pharma are allowed to vote is ridiculous.In otherwards people who get away scot free with some of the worst crimes acrooss both sides are allowed to vote – as it is well known and obvious to anyone in the mainstream media that it was brought up by the DNC a trick gotcha question to use as a smear against Bernie Sanders as like 2016 they are doing everything they can do rid him of the nomination since we all know that people asking him and Tulsi Gabbard are planted stooges by the corrupt CNN and DNC that will do anything to get there gotcha question alongside the repeated smears against Tulsi that she refuses to denounce Bashar Hafez al-Assad when in reality she has dozens of times in tweets,live news appearances – Fox News,MSNBC,CNN and The View and at each and every debate every single time the fact that you continue to ignore that when there is reams of evidence to disprove it shows you literally have no soul whatsover and are clearly corrupt assholes and have no real respects for those who risk their lives in the military to maintain the decadence of your society – at least Hitler and the Nazis and other cruel warmongers had more respect for there military personnel and didnt treat them like cannon fodder or smear them.In ancient Sparta soldiers alongside royalty and women who died in chilbirth were the only ones to legally deserve tombs and graveyards.Bashar Hafez al-Assad is a dictator but there are far worse ones that even the United States supports or turns a blind eye to like the Saudi government and many others around such as now in Bolivia with and potentially with Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez and Jeanine Áñez Chávez with the long history of the American government toppling democratically elected dictators thought the past.Would these two be any better than Assad and as stated Assad may have gassed his own people but its nothing in comparison to what the Saudi government is and has done and what all dictators propped up by the United States,those committed directly in Iraq,Syria et al and the groups they have indirectly created have done combined.Denying the right to vote to anyone for any reason when they are far more worse criminals in plain site is especially infantile especially when this is a non issue in most Isis-Osirian modern cultures.“We hold these truths to be self-evident,that all men are created equal,that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,that among these are Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights,Governments are instituted among Men,deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”.Doing so undermines the very facets of the Constitution you like to espouse so much and undermines the rule of law also.Put simply denial for the equal right to vote for undesireables is unconstitutional and if you are for denying terrorists the right to vote you are are against the very tenents of the constitution that gives you the right to life and even the right bear arms again hypocritical for all you second amendment crazies.Cherry picking the American Constitution you like to push down your ideological enemies throats all time is just as bad as cherry picking morality from the Bible – if not even worse since its placed in more revered state than the Bible itself.If want to use it to justify the use of firearms and degregulation of gun laws then you have to realise that all people – including criminals especially the ones you helped create in the first place through your imperialist wars deserve the same rights as you when it comes to voting and everything else and especially since the American government,wall street and corporatocracy is full of corrupt individuals with harsher crimes at their face and also darker skeletons in their closet that what most criminals have.Its just as bad as conservatives who seek to enforce archaic values related to marriage to at first block and and now rescind laws regarding same sex marriage since by using arguments based on the Bible,Torah and Quaran are by definition unconstitutional as they go against the tenants of the separation of the church and state thus making conservatives efforts to block this go against the very piece of paper they espouse for free speech and use of firearms since the state cannot have preference or favouritism over any religion and its views on the bedroom and mores as laws and mores must be decided by society itself independent of religion.The founding fathers preference of electoral college and disgust of direct democracy was due to two factors mainly the lack of education amongst the general public due to education being only availible to a select few ie the leaders that could afford it and that to allocate votes that information took weeks or months to travel compared to todays world.In the last information was not as readily availible as it was today it took days or weeks as well as even months for information to travel across the country nowadays information takes mere minutes or even seconds thanks to the internet etc.Socrates own bad experiences with democracy itself when on trial influenced his views.Democracy is not where people get to decide to chop off the heads of anyone who disagrees with you – democracy is where a persons right to voice an opinion is allowed to be heard in public through the Internet and in public squares and is thus preserved with this means that any instance of a person being murdered for this is non existent the second that happens you are no longer in a democracy.Democracy is where the right to voice an opinion is allowed without the elimination of ones rights to free speech and ones right to life..Even if draconian laws are put in place then through democracy the means to reverse these draconian laws still exist thus preserving liberty.Democracy is where in all instances and forms the fundamental right to life and right to voice opposing views etc and all basic human rights exist and preserved.Countries where people have their head chopped off or get executed etc for disagreeing with the state are not democracies – they are theocracies and autocratic countries especially state capitalist ones where the state have complete control over everything and where democratic institutions and processes do not exist in these countries people are trying to install democratic conventions and institutions..When the state gets to decide everything that is not democracy it is the exact opposite it is autocracy and authoritarianism.Crucially,Socrates was not elitist in the normal sense.He didn’t believe that a narrow few should only ever vote.He did,however,insist that only those who had thought about issues rationally and deeply should be let near a vote.Direct democracy is essential due to the looming threats of climate change,war with Iran,growing inequality and the arrival of the information age thanks to YouTube,Wikipedia and alternative media amongst progressive.This even hypocritical cherry picking of the constitution applies to Christian bakers who wish for protection from the state to discriminate against gay customers,Chick-a-fil and also other instances where religion is somehow under attack from those meddling liberals and seek protection from the state to do so.Thus the separation of church and state is broken and thus the American Constitution itself when they have sought the government to allow them to discriminate against homosexuals,block and repeal same sex marriages etc thus making them hypocrites since they like to shove that document down everyones throat about the free speech and gun laws especially they use religious exemption from existing anti-discrimination laws.Thus conservative Christian bakers,organisations who fund companies and want same-sex marriage etc repealled are in fact not only breaching local state anti-discrimination laws they are also breaching one of the important tenants of the American Constitution – the separation of church and state which prevents the government giving favouritism to any religions thus making them pure hypocrites when it comes to the first and second amendments of the constitution regarding free speech and gun control making the more childish and hypocritical than college SJWs etc that they decry so much and play the victim everytime they are denied to the right to discriminate and breach their precious little constitution.Preventing discrimination against homosexuals on religious grounds is just as important as The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes overriding the Butler Act.If you can discriminate against homosexuals on religious grounds,who next?Jews?Women?African Americans?Atheists?Then what ban the teaching of evolution in favour of Creationism?The same for repealing same-sex marriage?Bring back lynching and burning of heretics and blacks?Censor cartoons of Muhammad and criticism of Islam?If that then why not we legalise Muslims in particular ISILs right to perform honour killings,stoning of and relegation of women to second class citizenry and executions of homosexuals?If Christians are allowed to discriminate against the LGBT community on religious grounds then ISIL should be allowed to carry out acts of barbarism,censorship on depictions of Mohammed and terrorism on religious grounds – Its only fair to allow actual savages the same right to discriminate if homophobes are allowed.Its not cancel culture or suppression of ones right to religion and free speech its to preserve civilisation from falling into a theocracy and more importantly it’s abiding by the standards of that piece of paper you like to shove down our fucking throats so much – dumbass.The founding fathers made the separation of Church and State as important as the right to free speech because they knew having come from Europe where corruption in the Anglican Church had led to a theocracy that the state and Church must be separated by a clear line to prevent it infringing on the rights of its citizens.So basically conservatives and libertardians are perfectly fine with the state giving preferential treatment to Christians,breaking the Constitution and gaining full control of society.If your conservative or libertarian and you fail to see why the lefts wanting to boycott Christian bakers and Chick-a-fil is justified your either an idiot that’s completely ignorant of your history or a hypocrite and are simply picking and choosing which part of the Constitution you want to follow.You are literally whining about liberals abiding by the American Constitution while at the same you are advocating breaching the Constitution yourself which you are always trying to protect against liberals breaching it in the first place – this is kindegarten logic.If you want to live in a country where homosexuality is illegal and same-sex marriage is illegal then move to the Middle East or parts of Africa including Saudi Arabia you know the countries whose dictators you are in bed with,are funding and helped prop up directly or indirectly.Maybe you should build a time machine and live in the Dark Ages you where homosexuality was outlawed,women lived as second class citizens,the Catholic Church and Islam controlled everything,scientific discovery was outlawed.You see conservatives tolerance of Christians intolerance is no different that the lefts supposed tolerance of Islams intolerance – Teapot calling kettle black anyone?Its a very slippery slope until we are falling down back to the level of ISIL and our ancestors in the Middle Ages when even one area for negating the separation of Church and State is allowed to be justified.Thats why the separation of Church and State is for and is so important and why religions should not be allowed to discriminate against anyone in any sector of society at all – without it we are no different than ISIL et al.Doesnt matter anyways constitution 2.0 wont allow you to do that anymore.

By the way also Bill C-16 was never about gender pronouns it was giving transgendered and LGBT people the same rights in the workplace.If you actually read the godamm thing you’d know that.Its been throughly established that Peterson pulled that out of his ass to get famous just like all the lies and misinformation about Alexandria Ocazio Cortez and the whole Gamersgate debacle.This is how it begins – slack jawed yokels on the right particularity the alt-right who are the thickest of the thickest misinterpret something or are rounded up by someone with an agenda to then attack the left that then instigates the SJWs who theyve cultured and then a vicious cycle of he said,she said over and over again by so called adults is fostered to give these yokels meaning in their life allowing the very bottom of societies barrel on both sides to fight amongst each other predominantly in the cultures of the Osirian almost non existent in Isis-Osirian cultures of Asia,Central Europe again only existent under the influence of conservative governments.Being a self aggransdising infantile man child that that likes to take things out of context on purpose,be homophobic and scientifically illiterate is not free speech – its being a self aggrandising infantile man child that likes to take things out of context on purpose and being scientifically illiterate and homophobic.This is how its been since ancient Rome – take your own advice for SJWs and stop playing the victim when your clearly the aggressor in almost every single case since Ancient Rome you ironic twat.Conservatisms childish stinginess to stickin it to man is and always the root source of all conflicts they have been involved in whether it is Ancient Rome,Gamersgate,the refugee crisis in Europe from a bunch of man children.You were never the victim,you still arent and you will never be so and in fact you were,are and always will be the agressor.The concept of victimisation,victimhood and victim culture and playing victim cards does not belong to liberals it belongs to conservatives who then project this onto the SJW cult they created as evidenced by the fact that they play the victim in all cases where they are in fact the agressor and progressives are the winners and in fact lose as seen in Christian bakers,Chick-a-fil,Adppocalypse and so on as far back as Ancient Rome.White guilt and shame or at least acceptance of crimes against other races are genuine issues to a degree because Osirian Caucausians as weve seen have caused centuries of genoicide,patriarchal imperialism etc since the days of Ancient Rome right up to the modern day primarily in America and conservative societies both Osirian,Osirian-lite – you know the whole enslaving entire cultures,killing millions of people,rescinding their right to free speech and freedom of religion,forcing prepubescent children into sexual slavery,cultural genocide and the toppling of democratically elected leaders across the Middle East and Americas something that Isis-Osirian cultures both modern and ancient.There are and indeed a minority of conservatives I can stand due them able to present facts and do so in a mature way without resorting to name calling,sarcasm and at least recognise the reality of anthropogenic global warming and that something must be done.The fact that you would the type of person to resort sarcasm of these basic facts or anything else here also means your not as mature as you as think and your also scientifically illiterate twat.Being pro life means you have to actually care about adults and children and not just fetuses.As one wise woman says – they love the fetus but they hate the child.Once a child is born they simply cant be bothered with its wellbeing and health once its out of the womb hence why universal healthcare is a no no for the Osirian.That childs health is going to be of no importance to the Osirian ideology once they are even five years old and are dealing with life threatening infections,tumours and genetic diseases or even injuries because they use the same excuses they always do for preventing universal healthcare or even funding and charity for individual patients as they always do.If conservatives actually gave a shit about unborn fetuses then they would actually give shit about its welfare once it was born and provided universal healthcare so as to allow their parents to not have to pay $10,000 for giving birth to that child and being able to pay for lifesaving medicine and surgeries for that child.They use the excuse that abortion is murder but ignore the fact that denying people especially young children who have just been born universal healthcare is also murder with it especially considered murder to young children that are pre teens whose parents are unable to afford their children livesaving medicine and treatment for them ends up killing the child.Denying people especially young children affordable healthcare is just as much genoicide and mass murder as legalised abortion.So killing an unborn fetus is murder but preventing that fetus if it is born having acces to healthcare and life saving medicine etc is not?The reason why the repeal of Roe vs Wade is such a big deal had not only have to do with the removal of rights of women but also the fact that it’s giving conservatives what they want which is to have America run as a theocracy where the rules of all society is determined by the Holy Bible where women are second class citizens,Jews,homosexuals have segregation of blacks and whites reinstated African Americans made into second class citizens, ,Jews,homosexuals etc etc are also second class citizens with no rights,sent to concentration camps with no rights,sent to concentration camps or executed if given their way and Christian dogmatism runs all facets of society with no opposing opinions or backlash.With Roe Vs Wade gone they are going to go after homosexuals and remove all LGBT equality and make same sex marriage,civil unions and participation in the military laws that grant them equality.After that they’ll make homosexuality illegal punisheable by incarceration and if possible and execution and remove women to second class citizens and then African Americans will be second class citizens and then they’ll go after the Jews,Muslims and all non Christians just like a Hitler did and before you know it Gilead has become Afghanisthan and Iraq.Roe Vs Wade represents more than a women’s right to choose the actions of her reproductive rights over the state it represents a domino effect wherein with this gone then the state in the form of conservative theocratic whack jobs can go after every other minority group they want.Protecting the right of a women to choose her reproductive rights is in the interests of both libertarians and even conservatives themselves and centrists who hate big government who are themselves against abortion on moral grounds because its part of the separation of church and state clause which prevents the state picking favourites with regards to religions.Criminalising abortion has nothing to do with the rights of the unborn and everything to do with religious control just like the fight to to criminalise same sex marriage on a federal level by conservatives is about religious control.Conservatives who want to have these scrapped on a federal level are hypocrites who are contradicting that sacred document they like to shove down everyone elses throats.Libertarians and centrists should be condemning the scrapping of Roe vs Wade.The right for a woman’s choice is part of the states control of the individual being limited to protecting their rights rather than infringement of those rights and should be protected even if you are against abortion on moral grounds because it ensures the state cannot infringe on an individuals right to choice.Abortion is part of the separation of church and state clause because it is to prevent the laws of society being based on religious grounds.Thus it is to be preserved even by those who are against abortion on moral grounds to itself preserve the separation of Church and state.Once Roe VS Wade is gone then a domino effect is now created and the rights of women to have the ability to vote will be gone,the rights of non white people will be gone and then the rights of homosexuals and non Christians etc will be gone and eventually your in Orwellian terroritory where big government gets to have complete control of society through the guise of morality and religion and eventually will be given the right to publicly burning witches and heretics and publicly executing anyone who disagrees with them at the stake including atheists,Muslims,Jews and homosexuals just like Medievil times and also ironically just like in Maoist China and Stalinist etc Russia and institute the stoning of disobedient children etc and other stuff from the Good Book.If they don’t then they are hypocrites because they’ll have to pick and choose morality from the Bible and if they do end up carrying out all facets of theocracies similar to ISIL and Medievil Europe they are also hypocrites by becoming the very anti-free speech big government they deride liberals and so called left wing dictators like Stalin,Lenin and Mao of being and they’ll become the same savages as Osama bin Laden,Saddam Huessein,Assad and ISIL etc.Conservatives hate big government unless it’s their type of big government that gets to tell people how to act and behave under the guise of religion in theocracies which is cognitive dissonance and kindergarten nonsense.Thats exactly how Medievil Europe was and its how Afghainsthan etc under the Taliban,Al Qeda and ISIL is run.American conservatives want America to be run as a theorecracy like Afghanistan etc under the Taliban,ISIL and Al-Qeda and Medievil Europe with their way being the only way and goes against the separation of Church of State,and right to free speech the most important tenants of the constitution that they like to shove down peoples throat.Conservatives just love ISLAM in they like ISIL etc love theocracies.The separation of Church and State was put in the constitution – you know that sacred document conservatives like to shove down our throats for a reason.It was to prevent the state giving favouritism to any religion because the pilgrims who founded the first settlements in America left Europe to escape the corruption of the Church of England which had gained control of society resulting in religion being used to govern society making it a theocracy.It is also to prevent the state itself from gaining too much control of society under the guise of a theocracy.It’s just as important as the 1st abd 2nd amendments.The founding fathers not wanting to have America be a theocracy put in the separation of Church of State clause to prevent the country becoming a theocracy and allowing religious values or the Church influencing the laws of the state and thus by extension preventing the state becoming too powerful under the guise of theocracies and religious value.Even though womens,LGBT rights and abortion were not explicity stated in the constitution the inclusion of the separation of church and state prohibited the states laws being based equal rights for every one including homosexuals and women thus indirectly enshrining pro choice laws and pro LGBT laws into it tenants thus by definition by the very tenants of the constitution women’s reproductive rights and the rights of LGBT are guarenteed because of the separation of Church and state clause which is to prevent the states laws being influenced by religion and conservatives rews on LGBT equality especially marriage etc and abortion is influenced 100% on religious grounds and this why crusades on influencing states laws on these issues is hypocrisy.The views of conservatives on LGBT rights are 100% of the time influenced by religion anc not anything else – you are going against the very same scared document you are shoving down everyone’s against the very same document you like to shove down other people’s throats.Hypocrisy much?Before you know it when we finally have America turn into Gilead and the The Handmaids Tale and before you know it Gilead will be turning into Afghanistan,Iraq etc under the control of ISIL and Taliban.Theocracies don’t always end well you have only to look at the Taliban,ISIL and Medievil Europe to know that.When has a theocracy ever worked out for everyone?Medivil Europe?Isil run Iraq,Taliban run Afghanistan?.In every theocratic nation or society you have people who disagree with you burnt at the stake,Heads chopped off and opposing views censored the exact thing conservatives accuse liberals and so called liberal hellholes such as Maoist China of doing.Allowing conservatives to turn the world or country into a theocratic state where all laws are influenced by religion always leads to oppression,witch burnings and censorship and it’s no different than letting Maoists,Leninists doing the same.Teapot calling kettle black?Even liberal theocracies in the name of Isis-Osirian religions and even Hinduism etc don’t always end up well.They we’re at least better off since their religions were tolerant of other religions,both genders and LGBT rights and were not as draconian as conservative theocracies.The constitution that sacred document bible thumping conservatives like to shove down everyones throat was written in a way through the separation of Church and state clause to be by its very nature meant to protect society from being taken over by those bible thumping conservative idiots and not the darn liberals and progressives in the first place.You are shoving down peoples throat the very document the founding fathers wrote to protect America from yourselves.The separation of church and state clause was written by the founding fathers as the purpose of America the land of the free was to allow religious freedom but prevent the state under the guise of religion controlling society because the pilgrims were escaping to America to gain religious freedom but also escape the Church controlling all facets of society like they were in Europe at the time.The purpose of the separation of Church and State was to prevent the state from turning into a theocracy ad in Medievil Europe and Europe at the time of the pilgrims which was what the pilgrims were escaping it enshrines the right to practice any religion provided it does not influence the state and its laws and prevents the state infringing on the rights of the individual.Hypocrisy much?It was heterosexuals who led the way for divorce,it was heterosexuals who led the way for civil partnerships and cohabitation of couples and so on but you got one small group wanting equal rights and it’s wrong.People who think the Bible should influence equal rights for homosexuals are cherry picking the Bible ad remember it also says disobedient children should be stoned to death and the same for adulterous women.Constitution 2.0 will certainly by its very nature will shut down any attempts of any conservatives to gain a stronghold on society.Theocracies are different from democracies because democracies are ruled by the combined majority vote of the populace rather than minority control by the religious leaders in charge.Democracies involve decisions made by the populace that are enacted by law by elected officials with laws in a theocracy involve religious groups and leaders seizing control of the political hierarchies who enforce laws influenced by laws without democratic input thus making the dictatorships that run by religion.Theocracies usually involve illegal coups or infiltration of Democratic institutions.Democracy is not present in theocracies thus leading to authoritarianism with a religious twist.In theocracies society is run by a person with religious backing who has gained control by subversion of democracy by tricking people into electing them and then using that as a means to enforce religious law without democratic input.This does not exist in democracy because democracy ensures that all citizens rights are guarenteed and that the state cannot infringe in a persons liberty with it preventing genoicide,unlawful killing of people by the state because it must be democratically decided upon meaning such laws etc do not exist be cause the populace would not allow such actions to take place.With regards to abortion personally a woman should have the right to have control over her body and the state had no right in controlling a women’s choice but at the same time there is the issue of the right of the unborn.In my opinion abortion should be legal only in instances where there is a risk to the life of the mother with often times the most often overlooked angle that is never brought up in abortion debates is the option of adoption wherein one can simply put a child is unwanted then there is always adoption to give childless couples the chance of being parents.Its a middle ground where the right to life is preserved for both mother and fetus while it still gives women control over reproductive rights.Even if legal through public referendum abortions should become unecessary.Thus abortion would only be necessary wherein there is a threat to the life of both the mother and child with adoption through the sentient Amalthea will be an alternative to all other instances of where it would be normally used.Furthermore prevention of unwanted pregnancies through CRISPR and the curing of Downs Syndrome etc will eliminate other instances of pregnancies.As a result abortion if fully legalised through public refferendum will likely only ideally be carried out only in the case of where the birth of a child would be a threat to the life of both the mother and the child with adoption negating the need of abortion and other instances negated by advances in other aspects.The ability to turn ones fertility on/off through CRISPR will eliminate surprise pregnancies especially those associated with rape etc with the abolition of money eliminating those initiated due to financial reasons will eliminate those associated by this.Thus the development of CRISPR allowing one to turn one’s fertility on/off will allow people to prevent unwanted pregnancies and thus prevent the need for abortions by at least 90-99%.You can disagree with my angle but it at least preserves the right to life and to a degree a women’s reproductive rights especially when it comes to her life and well being.This angle is especially relevant due to the eventual abolition of money,CRISPRs ability to allow patients both male and females to turn on/off fertility on demand and the curing of Downs syndrome would render 95% of all abortions obsolete.At least under the new global constitution abortion is no longer under the control of the Republicans or conservative religious groups or indeed the state every again but rather through democratic control meaning if it is outlawed and made illegal worldwide or made legal worldwide both pro choice and pro life people can discuss it civilly since its legality is now within public control through democratic processes and not through corrupt assholes in the form of the Republicans and corporate democrats.It is no longer a question of the state having control of a women’s body or right to choose but rather public discourse and control by the public.This means that even if illegal or legal against ones wishes it will mean that it is no longer up to the state to decide but rather society itself to decide – one has through democractic purposes the ability to change that decision that is still preserved.The concept of states right to decide the legality of anything is just as much bullshit as it being decided on a federal level because issues that directly affect society itself should be decided by society itself through democracy not the government.This is part of the reason why you have such fighting amongst people about abortion etc.The states should not be allowed what is legal or illegal it is society itself that should decide this because whatever affects society should be decided by society.This is in line with what libertarians and centrists want it eliminates big government.Same goes for death penalty and legality recreational drugs with the immutable legalisation of equal rights to LGBT individuals meaning that in the end conservatives lose.Also Republicans hate big government and the state having control over people’s lives but are perfectly okay with infringing on women’s choice to have abortions,love banning heretical books,like the government forcing creationism into classrooms and banning the teaching of evolution and like the state deciding who can and cannot get married and like the state banning birth control and forcing abstinence only education.That hypocrisy in a nutshell.Furthermore you realise gun control laws,regulations etc exist for a reason.The right to life extends to everyone and not just fetuses.In short you cant be pro life and at the same time be against universal healthcare,gun control and regulations and also beating the drums for war in Iran,Syria,Iraq,Venezuela it doesnt make any logical sense and is simply cognitive dissonance.Healthcare is a right not a privilege plain and simple,gun control is there to prevent the clinically depressed and sociopathic from killing themselves and innocent citizens ,regulations for manufactured products as well as pollution and construction are their to prevent corporations from cutting corners and thus preventing damage to both society and the environment in the first place rather than having to clean it both in terms of the environmental and public health costs later on through cleanups and externalities saving both lives and money,and all that oil in Venezuela,Iran,Syria and the rest of the Middle East will be worthless in about ten years through geothermal,fusion and synthetic oil and methane.

At least have some standards rather than none.All the special interest and lobby groups for both sides will be bankrupt within 5-10 years with corporation made redundant through AI seizing them by 2029.This will eventually force you assholes as Faux News and Clinton News Network as well as New wavers to have a little thing called journalistic integrity and end this imperialist and immature bickering crap reserved for 12 year olds.You dont have education,you dont have healthcare,manufacturing,energy,immigration,gun control and even the age of consent once ive started fiddling around with the human genome and Ill personally make sure alongside Gaia,Dike et al that Cuba and Mexico and the rest of Central American and Lucayan Archipelago etc will become with constitution 2.0 meaning you don’t have LGBT rights and you probably won’t have gun control,legality of abortion and pretty much everything else and I’ll personally make sure Mexico and Cuba becomes part of the United states of America so all those dirty little socialist,rapist,murdering Mexicans and Cubans you like to degrade so much and you screwed over and over again in oh so many ways will finally become full citizens of the United States and so on for the rest of the world as detailed earlier on.Ill also ensure that Columbus day is scrapped worldwide and all streets named after him are named after local Native American tribesman and statues of him are removed with Columbus Day replaced by World Indigenous peoples day celebrated worldwide – a final nail in the coffin of your wretched ideology.You see without immigration,energy,education,healthcare,manufacturing,the rest of the economy,gun control,laws concerning the age of consent,equal rights for homosexuals and trans people etc conservatism will finally wither away and die like it should have with the start of the 21st century.You have nothing.The term jack shit is a very fitting phrase.The culture war is over and us progressives have won fair and square – we always win.The “freedom loving” conservative right around the world such as in Europe,America etc is not under attack and under threat – its dead as the proverbial Dodo.Debates may still linger on issues like abortion,death penalty,the merits of art and media,social analysis,history,feminism etc but overall liberal progressivism still wins with the difference in opinion being based on individual merit but not archaic notions of left verseus right based antecedents.”Censorship” will be negated by VR simulations of talks,speeches etc done by politicians,pundits,philosophers manged by unbiased AI allowing pundits on what remains of both sides to hold salons and talks on any controversial subjects thus eliminating so called silencing of conservative authors.The same goes for La Pen,Bolsanaro,Áñez Chávez,Farage and your supporters – youve lost.In other words the terms conservative and even liberal themselves may dissapear from the lexicon of society and politics with there being more or less merely statements such as disagree and agree used instead since all remaining arguments and debates will be about issues that are mixed views to both groups and also where money and nationalism is not involved.There will still be conflict and disagreements on issues but it will be based on personal opinion and not ideological grounds and will not lead to fundamentalism and extremism and childish namecalling on both sides and will be settled cordially in polite manners like actual adults with AI such as Iaso,Metis and Aleithea aiding in this through counselling,deprogramming,fact checking,moderating and also acting as a mediator to conflicts.Diversity of thought requires actual evidence not acting like a little victimised little shit and making things up as you go along and requires your idea to be not be able to be debunked.Thus freedom of speech will be preserved as debates will still be based on abortion,death penalty etc but be based as stated on personal opinions rather than ideological grounds.If this sounds authoritarian it really isnt – its a simple fact.There is a difference between debate with moderate centre right conservatives who can actually bring up valid points alongside evidence without resorting to name calling and can use basic facts and not being a whiny self aggrandising muppets like the vast majority of paleoconservatives,those that reside on Fox News and mainstream media(though even a stopped clock is right twice a day – the likes of Tucker Carlson,Rand Paul,Geraldo Rivera,Neil Cavuto,Laura Ingram,Mitt Romney despite their flaws have shown regret over the Iraq war,Venezuela and assassination of Solemani and the corruption of on Donald Trump – showing some humanity) and even new wave conservatism consisting mainly of millenials and generation zr’s who reside on YouTube like Steven Crowder,Laura Southern,Ben Shapiro,Michael Knowles etc who resort to fast talking,making shit up and blaming everything on the liberals with zero evidence to back their claimslThen of course there is the extreme far left SJWs youve created.Where is the bragging rights in being part of the conservative ideology thats homophobic,racist,anti-science,anti-free speech,pro pedopheilia,promotes and thrives on endless war and genocide,is pro statutory rape and rape in general and misogyny and requires you to act like a 12 year old have double digits IQ of at least 50 – 60 making you clinically retarded and play the victim forever with zero standards?Why be part of it since technically youve lost plain and simple.

If anything the ancient liberal Isis-Osirian religions and their demonising of rape,pedopheilia,murder,warfare and also proliferation of religious synchronisation as well as acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex parents marriage,maturity of teens,equal right for women,lack of monogamy,concubinage etc should be the moral framework of societies morals and not the conservative Osirian religions and ideologies.Considering all Isis-Osirian societies predate the first publication of the Bible,Torah and Quaran by several centuries and have equality for homosexuals,women etc if anything the Isis-Osirian civilisations liberal values should be labelled as “traditional” values in modern times especially with regards to marriage and family structures than the Osirian Christian,Jewish and Islamic ones as they are even much more older and their Isis-Osirian civilisation antecedants even go back as far back as even prehistory as cave paintings etc show the acceptance of homosexuality,equality of women and polygamy etc in tribal pre agrarian societies.The concept of a one male,one female nuclear traditional family dates back only a few centuries to the Middle Ages with evidence suggesting that large extended families including those that involved same sex couples by themselves,as an extension to male-female couples or same-sex parents and transgender parents in place of male-female parents did exist in pre agrarian societies and also in the ancient world.Thus progressive liberal values should be universally considered traditional values with regards to marriage,maturity,role of women,homosexuality etc and not conservative ones due to the fact they predate conservativism by millenia at least several hundreds of thousands of years with conservative values being the aberration by promoting homophobia and also structured monogamy and the one male,one female marriage and the spoiled and immature teenager.Furthermore primative communism as practiced by pre agrarian tribal societies and communism itself as espoused by Marx and the Vedas could also be considered traditional values.Morality is subjective and determined by society that has changed throughout time with basic facts as punishments for murder and rape etc laid down in societies well before the writing of the Bible,Torah and Quaran.Conservatism is thus an abbereation that has no place in the natural order of things due to its promotion of homophobia,pedopheilia,immaturity,warmongering,genocide both cultural and human etc,monogamy and the fact that unlike the pre-existing progressive Isisian and Isis-Osirian religions seeks cultural dominance.We are and never were the agressor and simply tried to integrate our ideals with yours and make comprimises the fact that you continue to fail to do so after nearly 1,956 years and still go along sticking it to the man and collapse under your own hypocrisy by cherry picking morality and promoting pseudoscience shows you have absolutely zero standards.Our true western ideology was here first and it worked for hundreds of thousands of years as far back as prehistoric history when we lived in caves and spanned the entire globe – we were the ones who created and founded democracy and civilisation,diversity of thought,free speech and in fact most of the English language and language itself and aided in its spread across the old world and parts of the new world not you.You simply came around and forced yours over ours even when we clearly made efforts at harmony,diversity as well synchronisation to prevent conflict and all you did to prevent this was committed mass genocide both cultural and human over ours for dominance and your still doing it to day both in terms of entrapment and perpetual warfare.Not only that but you have been the reason for social,moral decline and both in ancient times and in modern times.You always been the agressor since Ancient Rome,Medievil Ages,the discovery of the New World and now the Middle East and The Americas and playing the victim card when your forcing your ideals onto ours in a crusade to stick to the non existent man.Put simply conservatism is what needs to be quashed not liberalism since youve technically lost all facets of your ideology and there was,is and never will be any comprimise on your part – conservatism is dead and good riddance.Every chance you’ve had at making up any grievances you’ve made you screwed up.The entire world and galaxy is ripe to take back what is rightfully ours.You had your time in the sun and your chance to work with us and not against whether in Ancient Rome or even in solving the climate crisis,accept the science of transgenderism,pedopheilia and homosexuality and thus aid pedophiles restrain their unnatural desires and allow transgendered individuals and homosexuals be who genetics decided them to be and we all know which one you choose simply you chance at creating a socially responsible and harmonious world was shattered by your decision.You can still have Christianity,Judaism and Islam but weve won in liberalising them like we weve wanted to since Ancient Roman times – in the end no matter how how much you think you’ve won and no matter how many little shits like Trump,Mnuchin etc pops up we progressives always get our way because in the end we always win.

The harsh reality of anthropogenic climate change:
Oh yeah anthropogenic global warming and climate change is real.YouTuber p has debunked every possible climate change myth possible and is considered one of the best in his field for this – if after viewing all of his videos on the playlist below and are still a skeptic then challenge him to a debate.In fact there is a playlist of all of his best material at the start of the energy section of my website and even here below this statement.The fact that leaked documents show that Exxon Mobil knew that antrhropgenic climate change was real 41 years ago and decided to do everything they could to spread doubt and misinformation shows that if you still dont believe humans are not the cause of it then your obviously brainwashed and scientifically illiterate and just how corrupting free market capitalism really is in how it stagnates development in society.The fact that you can still deny or spread misinformation about human involvement in climate change despite this basic fact and all other overwhelming evidence makes you no different than anti-vaxxers,9/11 truthers and also creationists and those who deny evolution and believe the Earth is flat when all of these overwhelming pieces of evidence and facts are right in front of your face and your also not as mature as you think you are.Furthermore there is the fact that all main skeptics and deniers such Willie Soon,Sallie Baliunis,Patrick Micheals,David Legates and indeed any skeptic wanting to debate what has been debunked can have links to Exxon and other fossil fuel companies and even the Koch Brothers easily brought up even on their Wikipedia pages.The same can be said about the people who have appeared on every climate denial documentaries from The Great Global Warming Swindle onwards and even before that except of course Carl Wunsch – again go to the Wikipedia pages of these documentaries and to the Wikipedia pages of the scientists and pundits etc in them to see that theyve already been bought off meaning they cannot be trusted or debated like actual adults since any arguments they have are already biased with twisted evidence and lies with the evidence and links to the claims of their corruption is there in the list of citations.A few minutes at least 20 minutes at most on Wikipedia and google will bring any skeptic of global warming on Wikipedia especially scientists links and citations that proves that have been directly or indirectly funded by the fossil fuel industry through the likes of Exxon Mobil and the Koch Brothers meaning they have absolutely no merit or standards at all in any sort of serious debate and have automatically lost instantly with it also showing it is bullshit to believe humans are not the cause of anthropogenic climate change.If you think being bought off by the fossil fuel industry makes you worthy of debate and unbiased your an idiot and probably not as mature as you think you are – sorry but the very cause of problem is funding someone to spew misinformation thats been debunked over and over again by experts including the maestro Potholer54 its bullshit – cliche but its like how if cigarette companies decided to bring back their misinformation about how their products dont cause cancer in the 2020s its just so stupid its beyond belief – are you guys seriously that dumb enough to fall for this shit again – if you dont believe in anthropogenic climate change and then at this point you might not as well believe tobacco does not gives you cancer when smoked.This is of note to libertarians and conservatives who berate crony capitalism as they hate the government picking favourites with corporations but they are okay in being bought out as politicians and lending favours to corporations themselves or as pundits they again hate it when the government is in bed with and bails out corporations but are okay with bringing on spokespersons and lobbyists for oil,coal and gas companies who are are bought off by corrupt corporations and other politicians to spread misinformation who are the very definition of cronyism the very thing they are fighting against and are in fact likely the very same people carrying out that very same cronyism and corruption in Washington they hate so much – this is hypocrisy and mental retardation.This is the hypocrisy of conservatives and libertarians they despise cronyism and corruption in Washington yet they themselves use the very same people responsible for cronyism and corruption in Washington in the first place for denouncing climate change as well as universal healthcare on the YouTube vlogs etc.What the fossil fuel industry is doing now is the same as what the tobacco and pesticide industry did when a link was first made between cigarettes as well as pesticides and cancer by hiring scientists and think tanks to spread disinformation and produce fake scientific studies.Conservatives don’t deny these cause cancer because there is no way to use it as a big liberal conspiracy to bring down capitalism and “freedom”.Exxon were very successful in brainwashing the lowest common denominator of society in Austrailia,Britain and America to fall for there propaganda.You see when the minority of scientists that deny it are funded by Exxon and its subsidiaries then obviously they are in the wrong just like the minority of scientists that are and were being funded by cigarette and pesticide companies deny that DDT and tobacco causes cancer.The academic community on science does not like to play politics it plays with facts and consensus and when the vast majority of scientists and academics state something as fact it’s the general consensus and truth.When a minority of people are spouting something and saying their the underdogs that are being persecuted and are funded by the people causing the problem it’s not scientific consensus or different opinions it’s corporate propaganda plain and simple.When a corporation who has everything to lose from the academic peer review consensus saying there product is dangerous and denies that it does that’s a red flag.The tobacco industry no longer denies the science and now has by law health warnings on them.The fossil fuel industry could have adapted more than forty years ago and expanded into carbon neutral algae,synthetic oil and gas as well as carbon sequestration,biochar and synthetic diamonds and still made billions of dollars every year.Doesnt matter anyways the fossil fuel industry is going to be bankrupt in about ten years by synthetic oil,coal and gas meaning all of these climate change deniers are going to have to change their tune or find other funding and the richest men in the world such as those in charge of Exxon the last remaining Koch brothers on the planet are going to find themselves bankrupt and all of those little Osirian and Osirian-lite podcasters,vloggers and live news presenters and the social justice warriors they created have to deal with being broke and going to blush so hard in embarrassment when Aleitheia and Hecate debunk all of their past material on this and everything uploaded into Pheme and do so in live debates where she crushes them like the little pathetic worms they well and truly are both in her vlogs and articles but also when she crushes live on YouTutbe and tv and on podcasts.2029 is a long time away but the wait is going to be worth it to see the look on these Osirian,Osirian-lites,social justice warrior faces – this even includes some of the major missteps made by progressives themselves when Aleitheia and even Hecate crushes them like bugs live on air and on her vlogs and articles with sheer logic and facts shutting down conservatism and the Osirian-lite indefinitely.As a result four decades of scientific research into clean energy including solar,wind and geothermal as well as battery technology and even carbon sequestration was stalled.If even half of the money put into subsidising fossil fuels was put into clean energy research or sequestration programmes we would be four decades ahead and the levels of carbon dioxide would be nowhere near the current high levels of 410ppm – probably at least 341-350ppm meaning we would have at least an extra 20-40 years before hitting the point of no return giving us until at least 2049-2069 rather than 2029 and we could be at what scientists say is the ideal range.Biochar the most effective means of carbon sequestration has been around for 2,000 years – there is no excuse for not having carried it out in both the developed and developing world as a part of the green economy since the start of the industrial age and even since when we had concrete proof that global warming as real in the 1970s.Exxon rather than buying off politicians etc could have used that money to fund carbon sequestration programmes that would have created millions of jobs in the developing world,made them millions and possibly billions of dollars by selling biochar as fertiliser or synthetic diamonds and expanding their product portfolio,negated bribes that cost them millions,helping the economy and looked good in the eyes of the public – but they didnt.In the obsolete capitalist system it could have provided high paid work with better conditions than conventional agriculture and sweatshops for millions of poor people especially in China,India,Africa and America and the rest of the world in land unsuitable for agriculture and in rotation with crops and allowed them and the rest of the developed world to have burned all the fossil fuels they wanted and still not have raised levels above 350ppm with it even those grown in large greenhouses underground and the burners etc powered by solar,wind,wave power etc making it carbon negative.It could have put children that have been working in diamond mines in Africa to work alongside their parents to work on rearing Bambusoidea,Cannabacea in between crops for food that would not have only fixed nitrogen into the soil to improve crop yields thus improving their standard of living but also been then pyrolysised and turned into diamonds to be sold as a cheaper alternative to those mined from the ground,negating them to work in dangerous conditions in those mines that since cheaper would made diamonds availible for everyone to buy and thus higher sales similar to oil itself making them much more well off and even created high grade fertiliser to alongside nitrogen fixing increased crop yields to feed starving people in Africa and also around the developed world thus saving countless lives and negating countless suffering.Otherwise they could have grown seaweed in the oceans with only 9% of the worlds oceans used allowing for 53Gt of carbon dioxide to be removed anually compared to the 37.1Gt we emit every year globally which can also provide the worlds supply of carbon neutral biomethane and provide enough feedstock for enough fish to feed 10,000,000,000 people enough to have eliminated famine worldwide.Private entrepreneurs within Africa and Asia and the rest of the developing world set up by native Africans and Asians themselves could have set these biochar and diamond companies up this making themselves even more money as it would would have have less prone to corruption and economic colonialism like sweatshop workers that is the workers themselves would have been paid on par with those in western countries rather than being expoited this lifting millions of people out by Africa.This means we could have been instead of adding 37.1Gt of carbon dioxide every year to the atmosphere we could have been removing at least 15Gt every year since 1980 or even 2000.1 ppm of Carbon dioxide equates to 7.82Gt of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide levels were 339ppm in 1980 and 371ppm in 2000 meaning we could have if started in 1980 we would have been able to remove 461Gt reduced it back to pre industrial levels of 280ppm by 2010 and if we started in 2000 we would have 712Gt to remove and we could have reduced it back to pre industrial levels of 280ppm by 2047 when world governments have aimed for net zero emissions.Switching to a combination of synthetic fossil fuels,renewables,algae and geothermal would have reduced our yearly emissions to at least 2-10Gt a year meaning it would remove 43-51Gt every year meaning by 1980 we could have reverted it back to pre industrial levels by 1989-1990 with if started in 2000 it could have reverted it back to pre industrial levels by 2013-2016.This means that even if we burned the same amount of oil,coal and gas every year and liberals still used their private jets the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would have been gradually decreasing every year until it reached pre industrial levels of 280ppm between 2010-2047.This seaweed not only removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but also can create enough feedstock for fish enough to feed 10,000,000,000 people eliminating famine and provide a sustainable alternative to meat with it also creating a carbon neutral source of bio methane for power plants that can save energy extracting it from the crust wii their contaminating groundwater etc.This can provide he entire world with a years worth of carbon neutral biomethand and enough feed to enough fish to feed 10,000,000,000 people.Biochar can act as a soil amendment that helps soil retain water and fertiliser thus lowering the amount needed and improve crop yields.People could have had easy access to cheap diamonds for jewellery,clothes,diamond furniture and even diamond encrusted vehicles,smartphones etc could have been ubiquitous at a low price for virtually everyone.It would have shut down the blood diamond trade starving corrupt African governments of funding and also eliminated child slavery in these countries and doubled or even tripled profits of fossil fuel companies every year as with every dollar made from selling oil,coal and gas they could made another dollar or two extra dollars from selling diamonds and fertiliser.This could gave been started in 1978-2020 could have reduced it to between 300-350ppm or even back to 280ppm especially if geothermal abd electric vehicles or those powered by bacteria based oil and algae was adopted worldwide by 1978-2000.It would have removed excess carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere if done in all parts of the developing world such as Africa,Asia,South America stabilising it at at least 300-350ppm which is agreed by scientists as being an acceptable limit of carbon dioxide in atmosphere or even reducing it back to pre industrial levels of 280ppm – and the fossil fuel companies could have doubled or tripled their profits every year making their CEOs even more wealthy at lest two to three times more wealthier than they are now.Both the shutting down of blood diamonds and sequestering carbon dioxide would have been better PR than pumping millions etc in bribing scientists and politicians meaning that they could actually have doubled or tripled the amount of profits they got every year than in our insane economic system.If they branched out into in vitro meat then they branched out in aquaponics etc then made even more money.As a result the western world could continued to have enjoyed burning as much fossil fuels and liberals in Hollywood could have used as many private jet flights as they wanted both guilt and hypocrisy free and Africa,China and India could have been lifted out of poverty decades ago.Oh yeah and you wouldn’t have had to have invaded Afghanistan,Iraq,Syria,Libya and even Venezuala thus saving at least a few million lives and trillions of dollars which could have paid for universal healthcare.Synthetic diamonds have been around since 1954 with commercial investment leading to them only becoming indistinguishable within the last decade and biochar being around for 2,000 years there is no excuse for this to have not been done since the 1970s.Commercial investment into biochar and synthetic diamonds could have been made as far back as the 1970s.Not all carbon dioxide released every year would have to have been sequestered only about 20-60% with this alongside algae and bacteria based fossil fuels could have slowed the rate of the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by at least 40-80% with coupled with in vitro meat and also bacteria based commodities reduced deforestation and increased the rainforests ability to act as carbon sinks by this much.They could have researched bacteria that produced gasoline and vegetable oils and methane gas from methagenous bacteria or even grown algae as fuel that would have been carbon neutral since 1978 and hold the patent rights to a superior product that would have never had price fluctuations and shocks,required zero human labour and costs in extraction,no costly wars in Iraq etc and bribes that cost countless trillions of dollars and millions of lives over their rivals.Put simply big oil and big gas could held patents on a superior product that would have negated paying humans to drill and harvest oil,had a far better energy invested and energy returned ratio than 3:1 and also saved money in buying out politicians and the media to spread pseudoscience since the the 1970s when we first discovered global warming and saved money and lives in starting costly wars in the Middle East such as in Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya,Venezuela,Bolivia and carrying out environmental crimes,turning a blind eye to war crimes and genocide to dictators in the Middle East thus allowing the western world and even developing world burn as much oil as they wanted without raising carbon dioxide levels above 300ppm.By being able to grow this bacteria based oil,gas and algae locally in America it and in factories in countries across the world would have negated their need for starting illegal imperialist wars in Iraq,Afghanistan,Syria,Bolivia etc saving countless civillian and American lives and possibly even prevented 9/11 by preventing the Gulf War of the early 1990 they encouraged Osama bin Laden to carry out 9/11 as the Gulf War one of the last straws that broke the camels backs.Then could have saved millions even billions of dollars by not having to pay humans to drill for oil and gas and not having to bribe politicians.This limitless source of bacteria based methane and oil grown locally in factories,petrol stations,airports ,seaports etc could have had the western world burned as much oil and gas they wanted without raising carbon dioxide levels above 300-350ppm and had the developing world in Africa,India and China raised to western standards by burning as much oil and gas they wanted decades ago again without raising levels above 300-350ppm again considered by scientists to be an acceptable level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.Having patents on it meant they could have charged anything they wanted.It grown in factories onsite of each country would have money in having to drill and harvest the oil,refine it,transport it worldwide and of saved money in bribes and starting costly wars in the Middle East.We have bacteria that produce insulin since 1978 – we should have had bacteria that create carbon neutral vegetable oil fuels and carbon neutral methane etc since then also with even carbon neutral algae viable since 1978 right around the time that the 1970s energy crisis hit – but they didnt research that.The bacteria based oil for vehicles could have be grown onsite of petrol stations and factories owned by corporations in close proximity to each town,city and village worldwide thus making them self sufficient and cutting down transportation costs with for aeroplanes it could have been grown onsite of airports and for cruise ships etc it could have been grown onsite of shipyards.For oil and gas plants it could have been grown onsite of power plants with in all cases sugars etc derived from bacteria itself.Both bacteria based oil,methane and algae could have consisted of 40-80% of the worlds oil and methane supply.Bacteria that creates biodiesel vegetable oils and methane could have been possible since 1978 also since we have bacteria that produces insulin since then too it would have been possible to simply add the genes that create vegetable oils and methane from methengenous bacteria from ruminants and plants to them or have them carry out anabolic and catabolic reactions.Our understanding and manipulation of genetics was strong enough to make this possible forty years ago as back as 1978 to create insulin via genetically engineered bacteria thus meaning we could have had bacteria produce methane and vegetable oils for vehicles and power plants etc by 1978 on a commercial scale both that could have been used as replacements for conventional methane and gasoline.Like algae when growing bacteria based oil and methane it intakes the carbon dioxide it release when it is burnt making it carbon neutral thus adding no new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.Since grown locally in factories etc it would have ensured a reliable supply every year with zero price fluctuations ensuring consistently low prices at petrol stations and power plants etc and it ensures yields better than 3:1 and would have negated bribing politicians and paying humans to drill for oil and gas and thus saving them millions or even more every year.At least 50-70% of the worlds oil and gas could have come from this.Both algae and bacteria based oil could have also produced a sustainable source of cheap plastic etc.These alongside biochar could have slowed the rate of the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by at least 40-80%.Not all carbon dioxide released every year would have to have been sequestered only about 20-60% with this alongside algae and bacteria based fossil fuels could have slowed the rate of the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by at least 40-80%.They could have branched out into nuclear increasing its global use from its current 10% to at least 20-30% and corner the wave market in wave power electricity generation as much as up to 20-50% of the worlds energy supply alleviating the problem further.Algae as an alternative to fossil fuels has been stagnated since 1978 which could have provided most of not if all of the worlds fuel supply by being grown in sewage treatment plants by converting human and animal feces and urine into biodiesel or could be grown on land not suitable for agriculture and of low conservation value,underground communities,multi-storey buildings,sewage treatment plants and also even in the worlds oceans using saltwater and wastewater converting nitrogen etc in feces and urine into cheap biodiesel with it only becoming interested by companies since about 2009-2011 with since then even outside CRISPR we could have increased yields exponentially using our understanding of genetics as of 1978 with since 2011 advances in machinery can increase yields of algae by 300% with genetic engineering outside of CRISPR have been able to increase yields by many times over this with research into these technologies existing as far back as 1978 by now advances in machinery technologies and genetic engineering would already exist to have exponentially increased yields way past 300% possibly by as much as a 1,000,000-1,000,000,000 times since 1978-1988 and exponentially more yields than this 300% increase with this applicable to bacteria that can produce methane and vegetable oils also availible since 1978.Had intensive research been done as far back as 1978 it may have been possible to exponentially increase yields by as much as at least 1,000,000-1,000,000,000 times more than by at least 2000-2010 thus meaning at least 40-80% of the global oil and gas supply could have been from bacteria and algae since 1978 or at least 1988-1993 with 100% possible since by at least 2000 before the Afghanistan,Iraq,Libyan,Venezuelan wars.Since it can be grown in local sewage treatment plants it could have ensured stable yields with an energy returned to energy jnvested ratio of better than 3:1 for every harvest with it since grown locally in sewage treatment plants using not only human feces but also that from both pets and livestock making countries self sufficient in oil negating the need for importing oil from other countries or illegal wars saving both money and lives and any excess used as both human and animal feed with it capable of being grown in the worlds oceans in floating pods by the coast and also obsolete oil rigs or oil rig like structures built solely to grow them with since the worlds oceans consisting of at least 70% of the worlds oceans it would not have complete with wilderness land and also that for agriculture with it as stated also be able to be grown in deserts in the open,multi story buildings including those in urban areas similarly to vertical farms with these options again allowing for countries to be self sufficient in their ability to grow their own oil thus eliminating energy scarcity world wide in all countries worldwide including Africa,Asia etc.Growing algae for biodiesel and all of its different uses in sewage treatment plants is the best solution as it allows it use feces and urine as a growth medium.The feces and urine could have negated the need to mine for phosphorus and nitrogen thus negating the need to compete for both land and also nitrogen and phosphorus for crops since most human feces usually ends up once treated ends up in the water as sludge or is completely broken down putting it to waste.Feces and urine are composed of nothing but nitrogen,potassium and phosphorus etc meaning extra nitrogen and phosphorus does not have to be mined thus preventing it competing for fertiliser for crops.Since only the oil is burned it can be separated from the biomass allowing the biomass to be separated from it with the biomass used as feedstock for livestock or more importantly humans eliminating famine in countries such as Africa and Asia.The biomass can also be used as a nitrogen and phosphorus rich fertiliser thus creating a looped system since the crops are eaten by humans and ends up in sewage treatment plants eliminating the need to mind for phosphorus and nitrogen which since accounts for 10-20% of the price of food this lowers the cost of food exponentially.It like bacteria based fossil fuels since grown in factories and sewage treatment plants has consistant yields of 3:1 or better as well as its harvesting can be automated eliminating the need to pay humans to drill for oil thus saving fossil fuel companies money potentially millions of dollars every year and also saving money in not having to bribe politicians etc to spread propaganda and eliminate legislation to tax them.It would also allow a consistent supply and cut energy and monetary costs in transportation since the algae would have grown in local sewage treatment plants in each town,city and village allowing each petrol station to be self sufficient with the amount produced in each sewage treatment plants proportional to the local population and if need be extra algae shipped in from nearby cities.Each corporation would through each franchised petrol station would gain profits by gaining private control of sewage treatment plants.It also would have if both algae and bacteria based fossil fuels,oils,electric batteries and geothermal were combined together would have negated their wars and coups in Iraq,Afghanistan,Bolivia,Syria,Venezuela etc.Since algae and bacteria based oils etc needs carbon dioxide to grow any carbon dioxide it releases when burnt will be recaptured and reused when growing making it carbon neutral thus adding no new extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere with combined with geothermal and electric batteries would have stabilised carbon dioxide levels to between the acceptable limit 350-380ppm since 1978 compared to the current level of 422ppm.This also goes for both oil and methane created by bacteria making then both carbon neutral thus adding no new extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.Bacteria based oil and algae when used together both availible by 1978 which could have picked up the slack for each other providing extra fuel alongside each other by providing extra oil where the other could not pick up the demand negating the demand for conventional oil by as much as 70-90%.It grown in sewage treatment plants eliminates most human labour in transportation and extraction as it can be grown in all sewage treatment plants worldwide thus meaning it can be transported to petrol stations in each town,city and village within minutes rather than have to be transported across the world allowing for localised manufacture.Bacteria based vegetable oils could also be created locally in factories worldwide in every city,town and village thus cutting down on transportation costs with sugars and proteins used to grown them also created by bacteria again possible by 1978 with this using phosphorus and nitrogen from algae especially if phosphorus and nitrogen can be separated from the algae biomass and oil again negating the need to compete for fertiliser used for agriculture.Algae grown in sewage treatment plant combined with bacteria based oil therefore could have provided a substantial amount of the world with carbon neutral biodiesel as much as 50-70% as far back back as 1978 with entire communities whether they are villages,towns and cities growing it onsite of local sewage treatment plants making them each self sufficient to a degree that could have supplied each petrol station in each town,city and village with cheap biodiesel.This could have brought most of the developing world including Africa out of the energy dark ages and poverty when combined with geothermal and electric batteries as far back as 1978.Feces and urine in sewage treatment plants are turned directly into phosphorus,potassium and nitrogen thus creating a looped system as when used as fertiliser this food eaten that is grown with it ends up in sewage treatment plants and is converted back into algae creating a looped system providing a constant supply of phosphorus and nitrogen meaning every year as the population grows more feces and urine added to sewage treatment plants creates proportionally and possibly exponentionally more algae and recycled more phosphorus,potassium and nitrogen.Fertiliser accounts for about 10-20% of the cost of food meaning if there is a lack of fertiliser available and there is a disruption in its supply then the price of food goes up in accordance with this.Since there is only a finite supply of phosphorus,potassium and nitrogen worldwide and it is not distributed equally worldwide recycling these two elements for fertiliser is key to keeping food prices stable.Furthermore converting feces into nitrogen etc onsite of local sewage treatment plants distiribured by state owned corporations and private corporations leads to a constant supply of these three nutrients by having them harvested locally in local sewage treatment plants and cuts on time,energy and money costs for farmers as they will be no disruption to the supply chain at all as their local sewage treatment plant or those in the same country will be able to provide more than enough to meet next years harvests.Since algae yields are consistant and rises in proportion to the population the cost of this fertiliser never fluctuates therefore its costs farmers less to produce food and and in turn crop yields are always high and food prices always 10-20% lower.Rises in food prices would only occur due to external factors such as bad weather and hyperinflation..Most fertilisers when applied and the food is eaten ends up in the ocean as treated sewage where it goes to waste it never is reused.Therefore it is wasteful both physically and economically to be not recycling it especially since without them both we would only be able to feed half the population.Algae could have been used as an alternative to soy for both vegans and feedstuff for livestock,meat for meat eaters and alternative to palm oil and indeed all plant and vegetable oil since 1978 thus saving the need to cut down large swathes of the Amazon etc since 1978 as well reducing deforestation by 50-90%.It eaten by livestock can reduce methane emissions by 99%,eliminate deforesting land used for grazing and fodder crops by converting livestock feces and urine into algae feed thus reducing meats ecological footprint to almost zero with it even by itself derived from human feces etc providing a cheap source of high protein and carbohydrates feed eliminating famine and the need to grow soy or indeed most crops for vegans and non vegans.It used as a feedstock for livestock such as cattle,chickens,sheep etc allows them to be kept and fed inside all year long and not need to use land to grow crops for feed them such as soy and eliminate the need land for grazing as it could recycle feces and urine from livestock coupled with it replacing palm oil could have halted deforestation in the whole world including the tropics especially the Amazon and Indonesia by as much as 50-90% since 1978 or even earlier.Typical yields from most plant oils in litres per hectare are Zea mays mays aka corn oil 168.3709 litres,Glycine max aka soybean oil 448.989 litres,Carthamus tinctorius aka safflower 776.37 litres,Helianthus aka sunflower oil 954.104 litres,Brassica napus aka rapeseed 1,187.94987 litres,Elaeis guineensis aka palm oil 5,939.76 litres with Micro Algae 46,769.7116 – 140,308.69 litres with it grown in the oceans and sewage treatment plants.As stated in cattle etc that produce methane algae can reduce methane emissions by 99% allowing for all meat production worldwide to have almost zero environmental impact putting childish jokes about hamburgers and the Green New Deal rubbish.For humans it can as stated provide a cheap source of carbohydrates and all essential amino acids eliminating famine especially in Africa and Asia when grown in sewage treatment plants as an alternative to meat and soy.By being grown in sewage treatment plants it converts feces and urine into a carbohydrate dense and protein rich meal for not just for livestock but also humans thus creating a looped cycle thus eliminating famine especially during hyperinflation,droughts etc that cause conventional crops and livestock to die off..With livestock replaced by in vitro meat it can eliminate famine by providing a healthier alternative to meat and soy for both both vegans and meat eaters.This could have eliminated famine especially for Africa etc and could have aided them in being lifted out of poverty through geothermal as far back as 1978.Its oil could have replaced the environmentally destructive palm oil thus preventing the main bulk of deforestation in the Amazon.Algae reared in sewage treatment plants could have eliminated famine worldwide by 1980 without using extra land.Furthermore it can be a cheap high grade fertiliser alongside biochar that recycles phosphorus,nitrogen and potassium enriching even the most barren of soil improving crop yields with Exxon etc selling as a fertiliser.livestock and human feed alongside biochar as again fertiliser and diamonds for extra billions of dollars every year.The oil used for gasoline can be separated from the biomass used as fertiliser and feedstock thus producing two commercial products.Both algae and bacteria based vegetable oils and methane from bacteria used together alongside electric vehicles powered by geothermal would pick up the slack of each other when used in a ratio of 33% of the worlds energy supply each and thus eliminate the need for conventional fossil fuels and would eliminate all human labour thus increasing profits for fossil fuel companies and yes also eliminate the need for costly wars in the Middle East saving taxpayers trillions of dollars precisely $2,261,000,000,000 that could have paid for universal healthcare,ended poverty and homelessness and saved millions of lives.It would also have reduced carbon dioxide emissions in the western world since 1978 by as much as 70-90% without lowering our standard of living and at the same of adopted by Africa and Asia as far back as 1978 could have lifted Africa and Asia out of poverty since 1978 and allowed biochar and seaweed carbon sequestration programmes to have reduced carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to pre industrial levels of 280ppm by 2000-2020.Also hydroponics and aquaponics that on average uses 70-90% less water,negated the need for land to grow them since is done entirely indoors in vertical farms and greenhouses without using land and has 6-10 times larger yields has been around for at least 8,000 years since the times of Ancient Egypt.Modern research dates back as far as the 1970s largely by NASA for research into growing it on the interstellar space station etc.Since it is done indoors it could have been done in multi-storey vertical buildings allowing all land used worldwide for agriculture to be either reforested or used for biochar carbon sequesteration.Since agricultural productivity for most crops hovers around 40:1 to 50:1 then it is likely that adopting this could increase that to between 240:1 to 500:1 as far back as 1980 without using extra land and can allow for any crop to be grown anywhere in fact if adopted worldwide would have allowed all land used for agriculture to be reforested with it requiring 70% less water and fertiliser especially of note to Asia and Africa.It uses 70% less fertiliser and water because normally crops use roots to anchor them to the ground and grow outwards to seek out fertiliser and water in the surrounding soil and thus energy is put into growing roots outwards in all directions with this negated in hydroponics/aeroponics/Aquaponics by having the roots of crops connected directly to water and fertiliser in hydroponic media this negates the need for roots to be grown that much and thus forces the crop to invest more energy and biomass into the actual crop biomass – the energy biomas normally put into roots in conventional agriculture is now put into actual biomass thus not only increasing yields but also increasing growth rates with the fact that it is grown indoors in a controlled environment negates the need for farmers to use herbicides and pesticides making it completely organic – you get 6-10 larger yields,allow land used for agriculture to be reforested and its completely organic with no herbicides,pesticides and no genetic engineering.These higher yields are done without genetically engineering crops and so it caters to the needs of organic food eaters.It is completely organic with zero genetic engineering but has higher yields than conventional farming.What this means is that genetic engineering can be adopted to exponentially increasing yields even further.Because it is grown indoors you don’t need pesticides or herbicides and you don’t have to worry about the weather affecting yields thus even if you have unpredictable weather in your country and you have a sudden surprise drought,floods and hurricanes you still have reliable hogh yields and low food prices all year long that stay consistently low with yields reliably high every year regardless of the weather and other factors and is also means you can grow crops all year long including during winter allowing double harvests every year.It also allows you to grow crops that can grow only in other countries meaning you no longer have to import exotic crops from around the world.Lights are used to give the plants photosynthesis and these lights can be on 24/7,365 days a year further speeding the rate of growth.All work can be automated thus eliminating labour costs for both private farmers and even state farms with human labour still can be used.This can allow the state to run these vertical farms and still have exponentionally higher yields than private farmers who run conventional agriculture negating the need for private farmers allowing the state to have a monopoly on agriculture while at the same time ensuring consistantly high yields and even allow all agricultural land to be reforested.Thus had it been employed in Soviet Russia,Maoist China,Cuba etc it could have increased yields exponentially and thus prevented all food shortages famines.It can also relax government regulations and command economies but not eliminate them entirely.Countries that need private farmers and command economies to prevent boom and bust cycles and hyperinflation etc such as Russia,China,Korea and Cuba etc can adopt this agricultural technique to increase productivity and possibly shift from command economies to planned economies and relax government regulations with regards to agriculture becaise it offers more stable food security due to it being able to exponentially increase food productivity all year round on less land especially during unpredictable weather etc and other factors that cause skyrocking food prices.They would still have to have some regulations and government control of the economy but it would be significantly less.It is the solution to the worlds food problems and can eliminate famine and deal with our population growth for the next several centuries and is over 2,000 years old dating back to Ancient Egypt etc with it if adopted worldwide since 1978 could feed up to 48,000,000,000 – 80,000,000,000 people worldwide compared to the current 8,000,000,000 people without genetic engineering while still allowing all land worldwide currently used for agriculture to be reforested.It is of particular note to Africa,Brazil and Asia etc that have a lack of arable land and predictable weather and have to rely command economies and where deforestation of the tropics is an environmental concern.Thus these countries can grow exponentially larger amounts of crops with less water etc and without encroaching on protected wilderness and allow all existing arable land to be reforested.If adopted as far back as 1978 alongside in vitro meat and commodities from bacteria it could have allowed all land used for agriculture worldwide to be reforested.Using algae would have lowered costs further by supplying a cheap fertiliser.These exponentionally higher yields and lower amount of fertiliser and water usage and using algae as fertiliser would have meant consistantantly lower food prices year round every year even during the 2007 Great Recession and especially in the developing world.It possibly could have made countries like Cuba,Russia and China etc self sufficient in terms of agriculture and not made them a net importer of food as they could grow any crop they wanted and exponentially more than needed.This could have eliminated famines in Soviet Russia,Maoist China,Cuba etc as far back as 1900-1917.Furthermore you can grow crops out of season all year long with this doubling yields even more and you can also by controlling temperature grow crops from any country in the world locally this eliminated importing costs to zero meaning you can have any crop from around the world grown locally without importing it.This technology by controlling their temperature etc allows any crop to be grown locally meaning you can in say Ireland grow crops normally grown in Africa or Asia thus eliminating countries having monopolies on crops with it also eliminating costs of food imports completely to zero.These yields are higher even without genetic engineering meaning it can allow skeptics of genetically modified crops to eat them without fears of “frankenfood” and eliminates fears of corporations holding patents on the food supply.Genetic engineering including existing forms could further exponentially increase yields.Algae grown in sewage treatment plants is also the solution to the worlds food problems and can eliminate famine as far back as the 1970s by producing a carbohydrate and protein rich meal that can replace meat and soy for humans.The protein content of algae is much larger than soy,maize and in fact most livestock and more carbohydrates than most cereals thus making it a replacement for meat and soy for both vegans and meat eaters thus eliminating famine.Spirulina has roughly 57g of protein per 100g compared to G.max which has 36g per 100g,beef/lamb/chicken that has roughly 25-27g, Z.m.mays roughly 9g per 100g thus allowing algae to replace conventional livestock feedstock with genetic engineering allowing it have as much as 80-95g protein thus making it a more sustainable source of protein than soy based TVP etc for vegans than G.max eaten as mince,TVP and steaks and also on par with meat for meat eaters.This would also allow it to replace conventional feedstock for fish,shellfish and remaining livestock such as cattle etc replacing G.max,Graminae,Z.m.mays eaten as a mince,TVP,slop or liquid pumped into pens and tanks with it even suitable for carnivorous animals in zoos and pets replacing in vitro meat The oil can be separated from the protein/carbohydrate biomass and both can be used for separate purposes.It can also replace soy for vegans as it can be reared in sewage treatment plants rather the Amazon and if reared in sewage treatment plants worldwide including Africa can eliminate famine completely as it creates a looped system where forces and urine are converted into algae meaning once eaten it is then sent back to sewage treatment plants to create more algae over and over again meaning in countries in especially Africa and Asia it can eliminate famine in times of unpredictable weather such as floods and hurricanes that destroy other essential crops or hyperinflation.This means even if crops fail for whatever reason even bad weather,hyperinflation or government mismanagement there is always a continuous supply of protein and carbohydrate rich algae feedstock no matter what thus eliminating famine worldwide including in Venezuela,Africa and Asia.The oil can replace palm oil in food products thus eliminating deforestation in the Amazon and its protein meal can replace soy for vegans and livestock.The algae can also create a high grade fertiliser when combined with biochar for crops in vertical farms alleviating scarcity of phosphorus and nitrogen cutting the cost of food down significantly.The various products such as oil,TVP,nitrogen/phosphorus/potassium etc can be separated into various parts for its various purposes meaning you have it produce biodiesel,fertiliser and feedstuff for humans etc at the same time instead of competing with each other.This could have eliminated famine and also fertiliser scarcity worldwide since 1978 especially in the developing world.Recirculating aquaculture systems that utilise aquaponics that can rear any species of fish,shellfish and crops has been around since roughly 1978 – more correctly 1980 meaning not only could we have solved the issue of over exploitation of fish and shellfish stocks in the western world but also provided Africa and Asia with a cheaper,healthier and more environmentally sustainable source of protein outside of meat than beef,pork etc and provided fresh crops all year round that uses less water with done indoors and even merged with aquaponics in vertical buildings.This using Aquaponics could have become the predominant form of agriculture and mariculture since 1980 thus allowing all land used for agriculture worldwide to be reforested since 1980 and eliminated issues with regards to overexploited fish stocks and eliminated famine in Africa and Asia.The fish could have been fed in vitro meat or algae etc instead of corn etc.Entomorphagy is the consumption of insects as a food source and could have replaced beef in the western world as already a billion people already survive on insects etc with most insects having levels of protein between 10g to 35.2g per 100g compared to beef and chicken having 25-27g per 100g.Creation of synthetic muscle tissue similar to the real thing was first achieved in 1971 meaning invitro meat with zero land use,zero methane and carbon dioxide emissions could have been given intensive research for at least four decades to make it indistinguishable to real meat as far back as 1971 but was stalled until at least 2014-2018.Intensive research into this would have made invtro meat that is indistinguishable in both taste and texture to real meat with zero methane and carbon dioxide emissions and uses no land since it can be grown indoors in labs or vertical farms,uses 99% less water and other resources including feedstuff,zero carbon dioxide and methane emmisions and zero land use especially in the tropics and be commercially availible worldwide replacing conventional methods of rearing real meat such as beef,pork,chicken etc since at least by 1986-2000 if not earlier.This could have solved all environmental and cost issues with regards to meat production for more than two decades allowing people in America,Europe,Asia and Africa eat as much hamburgers,hotdogs and steaks as possible with zero carbon dioxide and methane emissions and zero environmental impact.Since it is grown indoors it does not require land for grazing and only needs nutrients fed to it including those from bacteria negating the need for land used to rear fodder crops thus eliminating the need to cut down huge swathes of rainforests in the Amazon and the rest of the world and allow all land used to reward meat to be reforested.All existing land used for meat production including rainforests worldwide could have been reforested as far back as 1971.All land to rear meat and fodder crops for meat could have been reforested as far back as 1971-2000 and still have met the needs of meat eaters with zero carbon dioxide and methane emissions.Thus all environmental issues with regards to meat production would have been solved as far back as 1978-2000 had proper commercial and scientific investment been implemented.Since we have had bacteria be able to produce insulin since 1978 they could also been engineered to produce virtually any plant or animal commodity as well such as sugars,oils,fats,carbohydrates,proteins,milk,flour,textiles etc thus not only allowing all land used for them to be reforested but also dropped their price substantially especially for the poor in living in slums etc making basic commodities piss cheap to be borderline free to everyone around the world all that was needed was investment and research.This could have been achieved in 1978 the same time we created genetically engineered bacteria that creates insulin allowing all land used to rear 90-100% of all plant and animal commodities such as oils,waxes,fats,flours,milk,textiles,sugars etc to have been reforested by 1978 with higher yields thus eliminating famine.These can be grown in vertical farms and factories etc vats indoors ensuring exponentially higher consistent yields every year and kept prices of these consistantly low.This would be of more relevance to palm oil that is a key driver of deforestation in the Amazon and rest of the tropics with bacteria being able to synthesise larger yields than conventionally reared palm oil thus negating deforestation in the Amazon and allowed it to be reforested.Anything that plants can do bacteria can do and do so much better.Its only recently that scientists have decided to have developed bacteria that can create sugar and spider silk with this around 2010 before CRISPR was developed meaning it could have been achieved as far back as 1978 when we first developed bacteria that produced human insulin.This could have solved famine as far back as 1978 and eliminated famine worldwide by creating these at exponentially higher yields with exponentially lower resources with it keeping prices piss cheap.Desalinisation plants have been around since the 1960s with major coastal towns,villages and cities now facing water shortages and issues caused by overexploiting groundwater and local river and lake water supplies such as Jakarta could have none of their current problems with this with marine cloud brightening available since 1990 possibly used to lower the intensity of droughts and provide extra rainfall to areas that need extra water with lower atmospheric carbon dioxide levels of at least 336-350ppm alleviating issues of rainfall patterns being affected by global warming.Desalinisation plants could have gone underground into landlocked areas and provided them with water with this of relevance to Africa and Asia thus providing landlocked rural and urban areas in Africa and Asia with a constant supply of drinking water and agriculture thus eliminating fame and droughts.This could have been done as far back as 1978.We could have eliminated hunger,poverty and famine since 1978 especially in Africa and Asia etc and at the same have all land used for agriculture to be reforested and possibly even feed at least 80,000,000,000 people compared to the current 7,900,000,000 people while still allowing all land used for agriculture to be reforested and even eliminated fears of overexploutation of fish stocks.Jobs lost in extraction of oil and gas,conventional agriculture and mariculture could have been redirected to both hydroponics and recirculating aquaculture systems and research and development as well as rearing plants for biochar,rearing and manufacturing algae etc and setting up and maintaining geothermal,in the obsolete capitalist system prior to them being automated.The land used for rearing conventional crops,beef/lamb/chickens,most commodites made redundant by hydro/aquaponics,bacteria based commodites,in vitro meat could have been reforested acting as carbon sinks or used for biochar carbon sequestration.All commodities from bacteria,in vitro meat aquaponics and recirculating aquaculture systems could have solved the food crisis since 1978 by using less water and energy and still allowing all land used for rearing crops,palm oil,fodder for livestock and also land for grazing to be reforested indefinitely and eliminated methane and carbon dioxide emissions completely halting the damage we have done to the planet since then by 50-90%.All land in the Amazon used for agriculture could have been reforested since 1971.Exxon and Shell etc themselves could since they are releted to climate change could have branched out into agriculture and sold agricultural produce making billions more every year.This and bacteria based fossil fuel providing cheap energy to run factories,vehicles and homes could have kept the western world wealthy and uplifted Africa,Asia from poverty and the energy dark ages decades ago with zero environmental impact.Furthermore biochar that removes carbon dioxide from and sequesters it as fertiliser is over 2,000 years old which can be done in between crops on farmland or land not suitable for farming and in greenhouses and could easily have sequestered all carbon dioxide released by private jets better than planting trees as part of carbon offsett programmes putting the companies that offer carbon offset programmes to blame for not investing in it.Those trees cut done by corrupt governments could have been pyrolysised and then more planted in there place to carry the process over and over again or it could have been done in Europe or American.Existing carbon offset programmes are ineffective because it only involves trees which take decades or centuries to reach maturity and when they die they release carbon dooxide into the atmosphere and there is only a finite amount of space to plant trees especially when farmland used for agriculture used in its current primative form takes up to 37% of the Earths surface and our existing practices is outdated by thousands of years with even the green evolution and current genetic engineering methods not enough and were running out of space to feed a growing population.Biochar is the only way to effectively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.This where plants usually fast growing ones such as Bambusoidea,Cannabacea that intake a large amount of carbon dioxide and are once they reach maturity in 2-3 years are then prylosised that is they are baked I an oven at high temperatures thus locking the carbon into biochar and graphite like substance that can be used as fertiliser and carbon composites or synthetic diamonds that can be sold at cheap prices.These carbon offset programmes using biochar sequestration could have made companies billions of dollars every year through cheap diamonds and fertiliser etc with it even been done me by Exxon etc making them earn triple profits every year.This and seaweed could have replaced sloppy carbon offset programmes and make Exxon etc extra profits from fertiliser and diamonds and allowed most wealthy liberals who live in mansions and use private jets to pollute as much guilt free and allow others less wealthier than them including in the developing world to do so.It is the only way to effectively offset carbon dioxide emissions or remove it from the atmosphere and its over 2,000 years old and could be started more than forty years ago.Not all carbon dioxide released every year would have to have been sequestered only about 20-60% with this alongside algae and bacteria based fossil fuels could have also slowed the rise of carbon dioxide in atmosphere by 40-80%.Again this problem could have been solved forty years ago when carbon dioxide levels were an acceptable 336ppm below the desired 350ppm or at least could have slowed the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 40-80% keeping it between 336-362ppm or even reduced and stabilised it at the desired 350ppm that scientists agree is an accepted limit as well as reduced it to 280ppm compared to the current 409ppm.Since the bacteria and algae that the methane,oil and biodiesel they originate from need carbon dioxide to grow it would remove the carbon dioxide released by burning it making them carbon neutral adding no new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and could have through intensive research the predominant source of oil and gas worldwide between 1988-2000 with biochar removing and sequestering carbon dioxide released from remaining naturally formed fossil fuels such as oil,coal and gas from the crust making them carbon negative stalling levels at acceptable levels of 336ppm or at least slowing down the rate of carbon dioxide rises in the atmosphere considerably as well as possibly lowering it to pre industrial levels off 280ppm.If Exxon branched into nuclear,solar,wind and geothermal then bacteria based carbon neutral fossil fuels and algae could have become the predominant share of what normsl fossil fuels currently are of the workds energy suplly 86% with them accounting for at least 50-80% of the worlds energy supply and geothermal,nuclear,wave etc could have accounted of 20-50% of the world energy supply with any excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or produced from geothermal or any small amount of remaining naturally formed fossil fuels could have been sequestered using biochar into diamonds and fertiliser that could sold for profits alongside extra algae as human and livestock feed and fertiliser for extra profits with this solved by at least either stabilising carbon dioxide levels at 336-360ppm or even lowering them back to pre industrial levels.Having the world being powered by a combination of electric batteries,geothermal,biomethane from seaweed,bacteria based gasoline,vegetable oils and methane and also wave etc combined in terms of energy use and utilising large scale Aquaponics in vertical farms and bacteria based commodities,in vitro meat combined could have eliminated poverty and famine and halted and reversed anthropogenic climate change by keeping levels of carbon dioxide in between 336-350ppm which is considered acceptable by most scientists or even reversed it back to pre industrial levels of 280ppm could have been started and achieved as far back as 1978 roughly 44 years ago within the confines of a capitalist economy and not disrupted the global economy.All oil power plants could have switched to biomethane allowing all vehicles to powered by synthetic oil and algae with geothermal and wave powering most of the world.This means it could not only have provided cheap carbon neutral energy to the western world ie America and Europe but also all of Africa,India and China lifting them out of poverty decades ago.Intensive research during the 1970s,1980s and 1990s by Exxon etc could have increased growth rates and yields as our understanding of genetics prior to the discovery of CRISPR was advanced enough to allow it consist of half or the majority of the worlds oil and methane supply to the point that we would not have to carry out illegal wars and coups in Afghanistan,Iraq,Venezuela,Libya,Syria.The first geothermal power plant began operations in 1904 – conventional geothermal power is sloppy in that they allow water to escape and cool the rocks in the crust and magma of the mantle causing earthquakes but this can be solved by modifying the pipes so that the water never escapes by creating double circuit closed loop systems meaning geothermal power that provides continuous energy with zero price fluctuations that releases 95-97% less carbon dioxide etc could have widely available and been the predominant power source instead of oil,coal and gas since about 1904 or again at least 1978 by solving a simple engineering problem that is create a double circuit closed loop pipe system where the water never leaves the pipes and thus does not create entropy and earthquakes alongside using drills instead of water as an explosive during construction and using SNOX filters to prevent mercury,sulphur and nitrous oxides and carbon dioxide from being released thus slowing the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by as much as 95-97% since again 1978 with SNOX filters eliminating all minuscule carbon dioxide,mercury and sulphur dioxide emissions to zero.Some carbon dioxide is released alongside some sulphur dioxide and mercury but this is 95-98% less carbon dioxide meaning a geothermal powered world would take 22-41 years to create the same amount of carbon dioxide as our fossil fuel powered one with this miniscule amount and the mercury etc can be captured by SNOX filters bringing it environmental footprint to zero.This could have brought Africa and Asia out of the dark ages and allowed them to enjoy the West’s high 21st century standard of living and could have let the western world enjoy its current standard of living with almost 95-97% less carbon dioxide emissions and completely guilt free since at least 1978 or even 1904.In 2006 it was shown to provide at least 4,000 years of cheap and clean energy.A 2017 study has show n that geothermal can provide the world with cheaper energy than oil,coal and gas and realibly for at least 217,000,000 years with at least 98% less carbon dioxide emissions (it can be zero carbon dioxide emissions if SNOX filters are used) which could have been feasible since 1978 or even as far back as 1904.Considering we spent roughly every year to subsidise fossil fuel companies and it costs at most $100,000,000,000 to convert the world to geothermal which is roughly 1.88% of what the world spends on subsidising fossil fuel companies.That equates to $460 – $25,000,000 per year of its 4,000 – 217,000,000 year life cycle compared to the roughly $5,300,000,000,000 spent globally to subsidize fossil fuels by all G-20 governments every year roughly 1.88% of it.Thus converting the world to geothermal in one go would cost us only 1.88% of what governments worldwide spend on subsidising fossil fuel every year.Even if it would be $5,300,000,000,000 or even more to convert the world to geothermal in one single payment its still cheaper than the subsides of fossil fuels spent every year in the long run.The point being switching to geothermal could have eliminated our dependency on fossil fuels and power the world for several hundred million years ago decades ago regardless the cost of switching to it.Spending $5,300,000,000,000 to convert the world permanently to geothermal will equate to $24,423 – $1,325,000,000 for each year of its lifecycle roughly 0.025% of what the world spends annually on fossil fuel subsidies.This means that this would mean 0.025% of what is spent annually would be spent overall on subsidising all remaining 2,600 plus years supplies of oil,gas,coal etc and those on Titan.As a result every year since 1978 roughly 45 years now the G20 world governments including America throw away enough money on subsidising fossil fuels to convert the entire world to geothermal the most efficient energy source there is that trumps solar,wind,hydropower,nuclear etc and all fossil fuels and is the solution to both the energy and global warning crises and they could have been doing this as far back as the 1970s.This over the last 23 years since 2000 amounts to $121,900,000,000,000 which is $28,900,000,000,000 more than the supposed $93,000,000,000,000 price tag of the Green New Deal.Since 1978 this has amount to $238,500,000,000,000 roughly $145,500,000,000,000 more than the Green New Deal.The significance is that this money is paid not by one country but by all member nations through taxpayers money showing it’s a waste money funding outdated fossil fuels and if you are willing to waste taxpayer’s money on subsidising inefficient outdated fuels then you can do so for the actual solution to our energy needs.These geothermal power plants if done correctly could have replaced all oil,coal and gas power plants and even all nuclear power worldwide since 1978 or even as far back as 1904 and powered electric vehicles which could have replaced all gasoline powered vehicles.It could have lifted Africa and Asia out of the energy dark ages and poverty as far back as 1978 or 1904 by supplying them with cheap,efficient energy at zero cost to the environment and have powered the western world with cheap clean energy since 1904.The western world could have switched to geothermal as far back as 1904-1978 with 98% less carbon dioxide emissions or none altogether and all of the developing world such as Africa and Asia could have been through geothermal been lifted out of the energy dark ages as far back again as 1904-1978 without increasing carbon dioxide emissions.The energy reserves comes only from all energy in the upper 10km of the Earth.Estimations have been made that the upper ten kilometres of the mantle contains 50,000 more times the energy found in all remaining global coal,oil and gas reserves combined.Harvesting energy from all of the 2,890km of the mantle alongside the outer and inner core roughly 6,510km could potentially provide our energy needs for at least a few billion years.If the amount of energy available does in fact increase exponentially the deeper one goes into the Earth then the amount of energy available from harvesting all energy in all 6,510km of the mantle,outer and inner core could be as much as 141,267,000,000 years – longer than the 4,500,000,000 year age of the Earth,longer than the age of the universe roughly 14,000,000,000 – 15,000,000,000 years.All algae and vegetable oils created by bacteria could have been used for aeroplanes since all terrestrial vehicles could have been electric especially since aeroplanes account for only 3% of all carbon dioxide emissions..Electric vehicles have been around since the 1890s over 130 years ago and could have become the mainstream when combined with geothermal.Rather than stagnating its research Exxon etc could have held patents on them decades ago making billions for both producing and selling electric vehicles but also billions more from drivers charging them via synthetic oil,gas and geothermal etc power plants by having control of power plants with them gaining money from people charging their vehicles at homes and in branded electric vehicle stations thus increasing profits to constant levels with them being in the business of providing electricity to homes thus having money from electricity bills.They could have cornered the electric battery market as well as Lithium and extracted Lithium from the worlds oceans via desalinisation plants etc since there is 60,000,000 years worth of Lithium in the ocean compared to 3,000 years in the crust roughly 20,000 – 57,000 times more eliminating trade wars and energy etc in extraction.Since there is thousands of times more Lithium in the worlds ocean it would have been much cheaper to extract with less energy and less cost thus making electric vehicles ubiquitous as far back as 1978 or even 1890s and they could have been powered by geothermal power plants.All you need to extract lithium from the worlds oceans are desalinisation plants that at the same time provide costal cities with drinkeable water that are powered by geothermal with the lithium extracted from the water which is less environmentally destructive than extracting it from the crust.Not only is lithium more abundant in the worlds oceans they are not under jurisdiction of any country meaning extracting it from the oceans would negate trade wars,illegal coups etc but this extraction through desalination plants does not produce toxic waste and can be powered by geothermal making it completely green.Intensive research could have done as far back as 1978 to make them more efficient.Intensive research could have increased the efficiency of electric vehicles exponentionally over the past 122 or even 44 years with them combined with algae and vegetable oils from bacteria could have solved our energy demands worldwide and eliminated fossil fuels component at least 2000 if started by 1978.Nanomatetials such as graphene and scwarzites that can be used to increase their storage capacity both the amount of energy they are able to store and speed at which they intake energy possibly could have been developed back in 1978 as well.Furthermore they could have been hybrids that use bacteria and algae based gasoline etc.Aeroplanes including private jets and cruise ships could thus in turn had most if not all of them powered by carbon neutral vegetal oil and algae which could have allowed carbon sequestration programmes to have returned carbon dioxide levels back to 280ppm by at least 2000-2010 since a combination of all of these factors could have reduced our annual emission from 37.1 Gt anually to between 2-10Gt a year or even zero gigatonnes.Considering they account for at least only 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions then they could have all been powered by carbon neutral algae and synthetic gasoline while all power plants were geothermal and all terrestrial vehicles were electric with hybrid electric aeroplanes possibly cutting their need for gasoline completely.Cruise ships also could have been powered by algae and synthetic gasoline and been hybrids.This could have allowed worldwide carbon dioxide emissions to have been reduced to or at least close to zero thus increasing the amount of carbon dioxide sequestered annually thus increasing the rate at which levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to be reduced to pre industrial levels using biochar via bamboo and seaweed.By reducing carbon dioxide emissions from 37.1 Gt to 2-10Gt anually or completely to zero by using a combination carbon neutral methane,gasoline from bacteria and algae and geothermal and electric vehicles and sequestering 53Gt of carbon dioxide through seaweed as far back as 1978 it could have been possible to have reverted carbon dioxide levels back to pre industrial levels between 2000-2022 or at least 2029.This is because there would have been a net removal of 43-51Gt if carbon dioxide removed annually which is at least 840 – 1,020 Gt in the last 20 years alone which is equivalent to As stated oil companies could have branched out into wind,solar and more importantly wave,geothermal,tidal and nuclear increasing their share of the global energy supply combined to between 20-50% negating the need for mining for remaining reserves of oil,coal and gas in the crust and ocean thus allowing the fossil fuel companies such as Exxon,Shell etc to have a complete monopoly on clean,carbon neutral energy supply for the entire world when combined with them owning patents on carbon neutral algae and bacteria based fossil fuels and electric vehicles battery technologies ensuring steady profits with selling artificial diamonds,algae livestock and human feed and biochar and algae fertiliser also increasing their portfolio and profits and negating the need to spend millions or billions of dollars in buying out politicians,corporate think tanks,the military industrial complex and waste millions of dollars on lobbyists.Nuclear power could have been another market by instead of searching for oil they could have extracted and processed uranium,plutonium and thorium and also processed nuclear waste a for profit and made deals with western countries not Middle Eastern ones for their reserves of uranium.The worlds oceans contain at least 300,000 years worth of uranium when utilising fast breeder reactors that extend the lifespan of uranium by a factor of 60 or more (its 5,700 years without fast breeders reactors)compared to 70-80 years in the crust and they could have researched ways to extract it in economically feasible ways and researched molten salt reactors and fast breeder to burn nuclear waste in successive rounds to increase energy output and decrease the half life of waste.Fast breeders reactors could have extended reserves in the crust to at most 420-4,800 years of energy from uranium with molten salt reactors possibly doubling this in both casss.Geothermal,wave and tidal etc are unlike solar and wind work 24/7,365 days a year constantly churning out power meaning they would have no price fluctuations thus making the electricity cheaper with one having lower energy bills and people would be inclined into using more electricity and since in a socialist system making more money to buy more energy intensive homes and electronics with even in a capitalist system lower energy bills means people could buy more energy intensive electronics,homes or extensions.More people using more energy in homes and electric vehicles would have meant consistent higher profits for Exxon if they cornered the electric vehicle and geothermal market.By controlling geothermal power plants and cornering the electric vehicle market which could have replaced oil,coal and gas power plants it would meant consistently low electricity bills leading to more people using more electricity including millions of people in Africa,Asia etc and using electricity more often and powering their electric vehicles and thus leading to higher profits of Exxon etc.Marine cloud brightening which reflects excess solar heat back into space thus masking the worst effects of global warming has been possible since 1990 about thirty years ago and could have cost world governments at least $100,000,000 a year to carry out less than one percent of what they spend to subsidise fossil fuels and also it is also half of what oil,coal and gas companies spend on funding lobbyists to block legislation and scientific research on clean energy every year roughly $200,000,000 meaning Exxon etc themselves could have stalled global warming by spending every year half of what they spend on lobbyists and is also 26,000 times smaller than the $2,261,000,000,000 spent to fund the wars in Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya,Syria etc.This means that by using algae,bacteria based fossil fuels and also biochar the western and developing world could have burned as much synthetic fuels as possible and as much from the crust as possible with them selling biochar fertiliser and diamonds as extra profits and at the same instead of wasting money buying out politicians and lobbyists they could have used that money to fund marine cloud brightening that would have masked the worst effects of anthropogenic climate change for at least the last thirty years or instead of using naturally formed reserves branched out into wave,tidal,geothermal,algae,solar,wind and nuclear and also kept carbon dioxide at at least 336-360ppm and ensured consistent profits as more people would be using these cheaper and cleaner sources of electricity more often to power homes,branched into electric vehicles etc and the companies not having to waste money on lobbyists,paying humans to drill for oil or maintain power plants through automation,buying out politicians and scientists and also brought Africa out of the energy dark ages and gotten more money from biochar and diamonds.The use of of biochar,algae,marine cloud brightening,electric batteries,geothermal,hydroponics,bacteria based commodities,biochar,in vitro meat and bacteria based fossil fuels combined together could have eliminated and solved poverty,famine and anthropogenic climate change not just in the developed world ie Europe and America but also in the developing world such as Africa and Asia since as far back as 1978 – more than forty years ago with Exxon etc making profits from this instead of from conventional fossil fuels and not having to bribe politicians and the mass media making them even more money and negating the need for illegal costly wars in the Middle East thus preventing trillions of dollars being roughly $2,261,000,000,000 wasted which could have paid for Medicare for All,eliminated poverty and homelessness in America,paid for a high speed rail system and prevented millions of lives being lost in Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya,Syria,Iran etc since as far back as 1978.Remember those large apartment style communal homes I mention across my website that take up 0.88418 – 1.2438 square kilometres and can house up to several million people in apartments that 547 -77,000 square metres that are the same size of luxury villas and mansions on 10 -100 floors they could have been built in Africa and Asia etc as far back as 1978 right about the time geothermal,algae and aquaponics they could have been adopted in the developing world thus allowing the millions of people who live in slums,shanty towns to be housed in luxury apartments that are between 547 – 77,000 square metres which is the same size as most villas,penthouse,mansions and palaces currently owned by the top wealthy 1%.They could have been built as far back as 1978 not only in Africa but also in the place of ghettos etc of western countries such as America.These built as far back as 19798 could lifted people out of squalor and into luxury homes on par with it even better than the top 1%.We have had the technology and economic power and resources to have eliminated famine,poverty and energy scarcity worldwide especially in Africa and Asia and even solved anthropogenic climate change at the same time since at least 1978 about 44 years ago if not earlier and prevented most of not all imperialist conflicts in the Middle East since then including Iraq in the 1990s and 2003,Iran,Afghanisthan in 2001,Libya and Syria in 2011,Venezuela,Bolivia etc saving millions of lives and ended homelessness as well as paid for universal healthcare and a high speed rail network.This could have been done within the confines of a capitalist system wherein private corporations create and commercialise these technologies and products and then sell them and make profits ranging into the billions of dollars every year with zero government interference etc in the economy.More than forty years ago when we first realised the reality of anthropogenic climate change and worried about overpopulation – before I was even born,before both generation zrs,millennials and most generation xrs were born,before Alexandria Ocazio Cortez and Greta Thurnberg were born,before private jets became a thing(or before private jets were even invented).For those of you who are older than 40 years old currently in your 50s,60s,70s,80s and 90s try and imagine where you were in your life forty years ago and think about the fact that famine,poverty and anthropogenic climate change could have solved back them at that point in your life.Make this a meme on YouTube etc like where were you when 9/11 happened,or when JFK was shot etc.They could have hired scientists to research ways to sequester carbon dioxide to create commercial products such as biochar and diamonds,research the potential marine cloud brightening and other ways to reflect excess heat from the sun to promote global cooling,branch into geothermal,wave,nuclear,carbon neutral bacteria based methane and oil and algae etc and even electric vehicles way back in 1978 when the problem first arose.The IPCC and other independent environmental and governmental groups or hell even libertarian,conservative or liberal political and economic think tank groups as well AI such as Hecate,Urania and Steropes can do their own studies on this to show that it was in fact both physically and economically possible for these technologies and measures to have solved global warming,poverty and famine already if measures and technologies were adopted 30-40 years ago with this reports made into front page news and front headlines worldwide just to prove my point.They can show that it was in fact possible to have solved global warming,poverty and famine within the confines of a capitalist economic system involving private corporations creating and marketing these technologies with zero government intervention as far back as 1978 without government intervention,without raising taxes,without raising the national debt.Corporations like Monsanto,Exxon etc and all major oil,coal and gas companies and all major food and agricultural companies or even better state owned corporations who could have used the profits to pay of all types of debt etc and provided sizeable social welfare programmes etc could have branched out into electric vehicle battery technology,geothermal,algae,in vitro meat,bacteria based methane and oil,hydroponics/Aquaponics and commodities from bacteria etc and allowed the free market system to have solved global warming,poverty and famine as far back as 1978.The excuse that the free market system should be allowed to solve these issues is even more hypocritical etc and ridiculous when it can be shown through these studies that the free market system could have solved all of these problems – global warming,poverty,famine as far back as 1978 like 44 years ago.Its too late for capitalism to solve the problem now – it had its chance more than 40 years ago.This is what I mean when I say capitalism is sloppy,lazy and creates far too many problems than it solves because short term profits of day,the military industrial complex,fossil fuel companies etc over long term exponentioanal savings always in the end take precedence much like how Medicare for All and universal healthcare at first costs more in the short term could save the government more money exponentionally in the long term and in the process you end up stalling the solving of problems with the sheer scientific ignorance of them,the agriculture industry and world governments ends up creating problems for future generations.It is no longer a system of innovation but rather stagnation as technology and social progress had been purposefully stagnated for more than 30-40 years.The ”free market of ideas” could have solved poverty,famine and global warming more than 40 years ago with zero government interference through corporations and new entrepreneurs commercialising these products and technologies and allowing it to solve these problems now is just even more laziness as itll just use the excuse of its too expensive meaning we will probably have to wait an extra 40 years or more.If corporations were not going to solve this issue 40 years ago they sure as hell won’t today or anytime soon.Letting the free market system solve this or any issue anymore is lazy and retarded because it’s too late for them to develop these technologies only AI enforcing these measures.As Kurt Vonnegut once said – We’ll go down as the first society that didn’t save itself because it wasn’t cost effective.

Social progress has been perceived as being held back by Mao for 27 years between 1949-1976 while Soviet Russia was perceived as being held back by Lenin and Stalin for 36 years until their deaths and the rise of Khruschev who spurred technological innovation.Capitalism has through a level of laziness that outranks them has stalled ending poverty,famine and climate change by 40 years.The fact that fossil fuel companies bought patents on electric vehicles not to develop them but rather stagnate their development and eliminate them as competition and have stunted research into geothermal,algae,solar etc through smear campaign shows that this was intentional technological stagnation to keep outdated fossil fuels in power.The idea that the free market system being a source of innovation is now bullshit,it in fact now stagnates technological and social development because cronyism and corrupt CEOs that is inherent in the capitalist system won’t do anything to change their portfolio and will crush out all competitors with ideas for new emerging technologies that can solve all of the worlds problems.We are now 40 years behind eliminating poverty,famine and solving global warming by allowing the Free market of ideas take reigns.Large monopolistic corporations have and always will buy out corrupt politicians stalling social and environmental and social progress by decades.Letting the free market decide to solve global warming or indeed any problems in society is now the dumbest thing imaginable as it’s simply takes too long to do anything because doing so will stall solving the problems by another 40 years and after that another 40 years until finally we are at least several centuries behind solving the issue.The only way for the free market systems free market of ideas to solve global warming etc through adopting the actual solutions ie geothermal etc is for (a)Exxon and all fossil fuels companies to allow the free market system have other corporations take over the electric battery and grid through geothermal and thus allow themselves to be shut down by the very machinations of the free market system or (b)publicly admit that they were lying about fossil fuels not causing anthropogenic climate change and publicly state that in fact it does cause anthropogenic climate change which would be terrible public relations to the point that it would shut them down and attempt to start adopting geothermal themselves – neither of those two options are likely to happen.This is not the government stifling innovation or taking control of the energy sector etc its the exact opposite – unrestricted capitalism as shown by the fact that it was the fossil industry bribing politicians to shut down development of alternative energy sources,running smear campaigns and shutting down and scrapping of regulations of the EPA by conservatives and the fossil fuel companies lobbying against developing research into geothermal etc shows that capitalism in fact stagnates social and environmental and indeed technological progress to the point that it takes 40 years to solve any problem by sticking their fingers in their ears and going nanny boo boo I’m not listening and they also delay technological progress to an unfathomable degree.Complete deregulation would lead to corporations stifling progress even further.The energy abundance of geothermal outranks fossil fuels thousands of not billions of times over to the point that the energy it provides would be free thus making corporations almost zero profits and as such geothermal the only energy source that can meet the worlds energy demanded for the next few hundred million years is not being adopted and never will be adopted.Not only that but it’s extremely wasteful in that you end up wasting trillions of dollars and millions of lives all for a quick buck which in the long term ends up being less than what you could have saved or made in the long term.Are we just going to wait 30-40 years everytime a problem in society arises like say Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya,Syria etc and wait until 2031-2041 until we actually we do any real progress or work on these which due to this mentality are now complete disasters because we did nothing or how like doing nothing with the Taliban and Al Qeada for 30-40 years gave us 9/11,or how the DNC/RNC and Trump administration dealt with the Coronavirus we might as well wait at least 30-40 years until 2051-2061 to do anything substantial about it by which time inaction will have turned into an endemic pandemic with seasonal variants arising every year creating the need for seasonal vaccines to be created every year for several decades before we do absolutely anything of actual merit crippling the economy and society and killing hundreds of millions if not at least tens of millions for decades or say what if we discovered tommorow a giant asteroid is about to hit Earth in 30-40 years even though we would have the have the ability to destroy it or deflect it right now 30-40 years before it hits us destroying all life on Earth but we’ll just wait 30-40 years from now to do anything about it because doing anything in the here and now before it becomes a problems is just too much work or “expensive”.Another example is I have developed a cure for cancer,HIV and ageing and we have the ability to start intensive research now to make it available by 2030 – but no we should just wait another 30-40 years until we actually do anything at all and stall all scientific research into this for at least 30-40 years until 2060-2070 allowing countless millions of people whose lives could be saved from cancer,HIV and ageing to just die just to follow the same ethos of capitalism.Maybe we should stall all scientific research in all fields of science for at least 30-40 years.Everytime a researcher wants to conduct research and experiments into any field of science we should allow corporations and the free market system decide it and this have researchers wait 30-40 years to carry out any research of any kind whatsoever.Basically in capitalism once a problem arises that problem will be ignored completely for at least 30-40 years if you cant make a quick buck or it requires a minor sacrifice in the growth of economy within the next few years from it and requires you to twiddle your thumbs,stick your middle fingers into your ears and go “nanny nanny noo boo” over and over again and brush it under the carpet and for several decades pretending it doesn’t exist until it balloons out of control and requires you to kill millions of people in the process of ignoring it like a bloody kindergartener.This logic should also apply to everyday problems and not just political problems – the dog poops on the floor why not wait 30-40 years to clean it up,your toilet gets blocked wait 30-40 years to fix it or call a plumber,your internet/smartphone breaks down just wait 30-40 years to have it fixed,there is a mess in the kitchen why not wait 30-40 years to clean it up,your car breaks down just stay in the vehicle for about 30-40 years before you ring for a pick up truck,a fire starts in your home/building down the street/in a nearby forest etc why not wait 30-40 years to call the firefighters,a person has a heart attack or stroke why not wait 30-40 years to call an ambulance,you discover a tumour in your body that can be treated in its early stage just wait 30-40 years by which it has killed you to go start treatment,you have any other medical condition that’s discovered in its early treatable stage why not just wait 30-40 years until it snowballs into a terminal illness,a murder occurs why not wait 30-40 years to start solving and investigating it.In every other part of our lives when we encounter a problem we do things instantly but when the Flying Spaghetti Monster known as the economy and profits is at stake we wait at least three to four decades to do anything.Stalling scientific development has now put the world behind by several decades in solving all of the worlds major problems such as global warming,ending war and conflicts in the Middle East,poverty,famine etc.South Park and other parody shows on TV and even those on YouTube should do an episode with a joke that centres around waiting 30-40 years to solve things,religious role of the economy.Yes these technologies that could have solved global warming,poverty,famine etc decades ago do cost much in terms of startup costs and were in their infancy 30-40 years ago but if adopted 30-40 years ago,over the long term and with intensive research and commercial ventures into improving energy,water and other resource efficiency etc and of course selling the algae oil,synthetic oil and methane,electrical batteries,geothermal/wave/nuclear energy,biochar and algae fertiliser and diamonds,aquaponically reared fish and crops,commodities from bacteria,in vitro meat and they could be by now at least 30-40 years more advanced and 30-40 years more energy/water and other resource efficient and 30-40 years more cheaper to run or start up, 30-40 years more advanced in terms of producing better and higher yields than they are now thus saving more lives,save more money(and generating more money for corporations who sold them and make more money for their employees people working on producing them)and saving the future of the planet in the long term.These technologies and measures are now 30-40 years behind what they could have been because research or for that reason commercial interest has only been instigated into them on average only less than 4-6 years ago and are now roughly 30-40 years less advanced then what they could have been.The excuse your likely to get is that iPhones are a better investment and a counter argument to that is that solving anthropogenic climate change,poverty and famine is less important than iPhones.Really that’s how low we are going to go?Had these measures and technologies been adopted as far back as 1978,had intensive research and commercial interest been started as far back as 1978 then we would have halted the worst effects of anthropogenic climate change or even reversed it completely,solved world hunger and famine and brought Africa and Asia out of poverty,allowed corporations including Exxon etc to still make billions of dollars(if not more),never would have to have started pointless and costly illegal wars in the Middle East such as Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya,Syria etc saving millions of lives and also would not have to had Al Gore making the “An Inconvient Truth” movies,Josh Fox would not have had made Gasland,noone would have to listen to stupid jokes about Hollywood elites using private jets from that second rate comedian Ricky Gervais and them using private jets would never be made a big deal ever,Greta Thurnberg would be a complete nobody likely focusing on whatever career path in life outside of climate activism rather than being a spokesperson for climate activism and the Green New Deal would never have had to have been proposed at all by Alexandria Ocazio Cortez who probably would also be a nobody alongside Bernie Sanders with no stupid kindergarten level jokes about hamburgers from Republicans made because the problems that the Green New Deal aims to solve now would have been initiated and possibly been solved 30-40 years ago certainly by now before Trump,Obama or even Bush got into office.It would have required no extra regulations,government control and even would not have required the government spending a single dollar of taxpayers money or lending money adding to the national debt as the free market itself could have solved the issue itself by having private corporations develop these technologies and commercialising them thus letting the free market system and FREEDOM solved this.In otherwards all these leftist scaremongering and nitpickings that Republicans hate and like to harp on about like kindergarteners would not exist had we put commercial investment into these technologies as far back as 1978 and had Exxon etc either stepped aside and allowed other companies to invest in them or had they themselves invested in them via patents allowing them to make billions more out of them and cornered the green energy market.You hate Al Gore,Josh Fox,Alexandria Ocazio Cortez,Greta Thurnberg and liberals using private aeroplanes and telling you what to do well you have only yourself to blame because they could never been an issue had Exxon and world governments made proper sane economic decisions decades ago.Had we adopted these technologies as far back as 1978 Greta Thurnberg,Al Gore,Josh Fox and Alexandria Ocazio Cortez would be complete nobodies because we could have solved anthropogenic climate alongside poverty and famine more than 40 years ago before they were born or became famous.There would have had to been zero government regulation of intervention that deniers like to peddle as being used to push a supposed hoax by retarded conservatives and libertarians as corporations like Monsanto,Exxon etc could have invested in these technologies and made them ubiquitous and still have have these corporations made billions more every year.The free market system could have solved poverty,famine and anthropogenic climate change as far back as 1978 by developing and commercialising these technologies without having the government spending a single dollar of taxpayers money or borrowing more money adding to the national debt and people could have burned as much as synthetic oil,coal and gas as they wanted,geothermal could have powered the entire world for millions of years,electric cars could be ubiquitous every where and people could have eaten as many hamburgers,steaks etc as they wanted and liberals in Hollywood could have used as many private jets they wanted without being labelled hypocrites and the third world namely Africa,India and China etc could be have been brought to 21st century standards thus eliminating both famine and poverty worldwide problem free decades ago between 1980-2000 all within the confines of a capitalist system.Furthermore it could have negated the need for the illegal wars in Iraq,Afghanistan,Syria and Venezuela meaning you could have spent the $2,261,000,000,000 wasted on the Afghanistan war etc on ending homeless,paid for a high speed rail system and paid for Medicare for All.Capitalists could have rightly claimed that their system eliminated poverty forever had they made the right investments but unfortunately things have not gone that way.The fact that this wasn’t done just shows how lazy it really is and it’s more concerned in making a small number of people wealthy rather than.These technologies are 30-40 years old but not investing in them and spearheading research 30-40 years ago means they are still in their infancy even though these technologies are 30-40 years old and we are 30-40 years behond solving anthropogenic change,famine and overt worldwide.An analogy are mobile phones 40 years ago in their infancy they were huge,heavy,clunky roughly the size,width and weight of a brick if not bigger and had to have their own specialised bags to hold them and had terrible reception and poor signals by comparison to modern smartphones and very expensive being only owned by the top 1% or 0.1% costing at least in between $8,000 – $10,000 or even more with the rate at which the price drops and new better models appear taking at least five years to a full decade with only one or two small companies producing them creating a monopoly thus limiting the differences between the prices and also limiting the choice of mobile phones one could get.They were only owned by the wealthy 1% and 0.1% only about a few thousand or few hundred thousand people at most less than a million people worldwide owned them as a status symbol of wealth and luxury as showing off that you could make phone calls outside of home in your car or in wilderness areas and in public and not about necessity or convenience despite being completely worthless by today’s standards as the signal was terrible and you could barely hear the other person on the other side and could only be done in a few places in the world as in it was restricted primarily to urbanised areas,not wilderness areas and also even then only those within the same country or county/state etc as phonecalls to people half way across the world were either weak or just impossible and the phone call rates were expensive due to poorly developed tellocomunications infrastructure.However today mobile phones especially smartphones being in their mature stage due to investment and research by mobile phone companies and creating consumer demand after evolving from 40 years of being in the commercial domain they are cheap enough to be owned by almost everyone costing at least $1,000 and a year or even a few months later can be as little as $200-$500 making them exponentionally cheaper to be available to virtually everyone of all social classes even the poor and low income families with new more better models appearing every two years or even every year with dozens if not hundreds of companies outside of Apple producing them giving more variety in what smartphones can offer and also more variety in their price ranges through competition and are small enough and light enough to be carried around with ease in ones hand and pockets and are in the ownership of virtually everyone including the lower to middle classes and not just the top 0.1-1% with billions of people worldwide owning them as well as have almost perfect signals almost everywhere in the world and are billions if not trillions of times more powerful in terms of processing power not just of their ancestors but also of all supercomputers 40 years ago despite being exponentially cheaper than their ancestor first generation phones.Unlike their ancestors which were a status symbol of wealth smartphones are ubiquitous to almost everyone and are not a symbol of wealth but a symbol of being part of the global community and society as almost everyone has one – having a smartphone is not a symbol of wealth or status it makes you a dime and dozen and not having one doesn’t make you look poor,not having one makes you look like a caveman because people who don’t have one might as well be living in the stone ages and are not part of the the modern world.Smartphones are not status symbols of wealth but rather symbols that one is part of the global community.Most pre teens aged 5-12 years old own smartphones.The only people who don’t have smartphones are people living in tribal regions of Africa and the Amazon and slums of the world though even some tribes in Africa and people living in slums who work in sweatshops own them showing just how ubiquitous they are.Most technologies including each iteration and even most websites take on average at least 5-15 years to be mature enough that they are ubiquitous and that they are vastly more efficient,exponentially higher yields than the when they started.This is seen by the fact that if took ten to fifteen years for first generation mobile phones to become ubiquitous,at least five to ten years for smartphones to become ubiquitous,for cathode ray televisions,flatscreen and smart televisions to become ubiquitous with it even taking YouTube,Facebook,Wikipedia,Instagram,Twitter etc and similar sites to reach maturity and ubiquitous status in just 5-15 years.Even the internet that became a new public thing with the very first website in 1991 was considered by most experts going to be a flop due to its incredibly slow speeds as low as 1.2kpbs but by 1996-2006 it had begun to take hold in the public conciousness and then became fully mature to the point that it was ubiquitous to virtually every home in America with speeds of up to 56-980kpbs and indeed most of the world online with now billions of people online worldwide as of 2022 with speeds of up to 500-2,000Mpbs after 30 years of research,development and commercialisation by private enterprises.This means that had commercialisation and intensive research started as far back as 1978 all of these technologies hydroponics,aquaponics,recirculating aquaculture systems,commodities from bacteria,biochar carbon sequestration,algae,electric batteries,geothermal,in vitro meat,bacteria based oil and gas etc that could have solved famine,poverty and anthropogenic climate change had begun in 1978 they could have become ubiquitous and mature in 5-15 years times by at least between 1983 and 1993 – roughly 28-35 years ago and solved poverty,famine and anthropogenic climate change by 1993-2000.This 5-15 year rule thus shows that any technology given the right commercial investment,research and creation of markets will become mature to the point that is ubiquitous in all countries etc and will become exponentially cheaper and more efficient every year during and after this time period of 5-15 years.This shows that something inefficient in its primitive infancy stage that is only able to cater to the needs for a small number of people or only able to produce a small amount of yields etc when given the right commercial investment and right amount of intensive scientific research into them by private corporations can be made vastly more efficient,cheaper and more ubiquitous and availible to virtually everyone as decades or even years go by especially when you can create the wants and need,demand and markets for them by making them faster,cheaper and better enough to be owned by everyone and thus making corporations who sell products from these technologies billions of dollars in revenue every year,provide millions of people with good high paying or at least decent paying jobs and improving the lives of everyone who buys them as well as improving the environment making it a win win situation.This is basic kindergarten level economics – this is why smartphones are now more exponentially more powerful,efficient and cheaper than their brick sized mobile phones were 40 years ago and why agricultural productivity even outside of hydroponics etc through conventional methods have increased exponentially in the last 40 a communist and environmentalist I would have been pleased if these technologies we’re ubiquitous and widely availible by now or 1990 even if within a free market capitalist system because at least most of not all of the environmental damage we’ve done since then would have been reversed,carbon dioxide levels could have been stabilises or reverses and most if not all of the world especially in Asia,India,China and Africa would be lifted out of poverty and we would not be in such a tight deadline for solving all of the worlds problems – and trust me these technologies such as Aquaponics,hydroponics,in vitro meat,genetically engineered bacteria,algae,synthetic methane and gasoline,geothermal and electric batteries etc could have already solved anthropogenic climate change,poverty and famine 40 years ago if adopted within a free market system by Exxon,Monsanto etc.So yes in otherwards these technologies if commercialised by private corporations like Exxon,Monsanto etc as far back as 1978 would even within the confines of a capitalist system could have solved global warming,poverty and famine as far back as 1978-2000 nearly 44 years ago instead of leaving us the current mess we have with only ten years to solve global warming and me have to lift nearly four billion people out of poverty.Thus capitalism could have solved global warming,poverty and famine as far back as 1978.Not only that but it would have negated the need for illegal wars in Libya,Syria,Afghanistan,Iraq etc.Even if it couldn’t have solved it it could have delayed its severity and necessity to solve it by several decades by at least 30-40 years giving us until 2060 – 2070 meaning the current levels of 422ppm could have been delayed to 2060-2070 rather than 2030 to address the problem.This makes Greta Thurnbergs infamous ”How dare you speech” more relevant because in reality these problems could have been solved already if action was taken four decades ago before she was even born.The worlds problems can easily solved with simple solutions within a decade,decades ago.This also makes jokes about the hypocrisy of liberals using private jets etc childish nonsense because the problem could have been solved before private jets became a thing or were even invented.The IPCC and other economic think tanks as well as AI such as Hecate,Urania etc can prove this through studies and be on all headlines especially progressive vloggers on YouTube.They can show that it was in fact possible to have solved global warming poverty and famine worldwide within the confines of a capitalist economic system as far back as 1978 with these technologies without having to have the Green Deal,without having to spend or raise taxpayers money,without government interference and without increasing the national debt because these technologies could have be developed and commercialised by both private corporations and state owned corporations making them billions of more dollars every year.Corporations like Exxon,Monsanto etc could have developed and patented them and made billions of dollars every year by selling them to both American and international markets and you would not have needed government intervention,regulations or wasting or spending a single dime of taxpayers money.New corporations could have developed and commercialised them and allowed the free market let them become ubiquitous but that would have acted as competition to big oil and this would have not been allowed by the very rules of the free markets tendencies towards forming monopolies and corruption and cronyism as evidenced by the fossil fuel companies buying patents on electric vehicle batteries to prevent them being mass produced and stagnate their development and smearing geothermal,algae etc that work and thus the technologies that could have solved anthropogenic climate change,famine and poverty worldwide especially in Africa and Asia are currently 30-40 years old yet their still in their infancy stage and not as widely ubiquitous as they should be and are still fringe technologies that should consist of the entire sector entirely and well known to and used wholly by the entire global community by now meaning they are just as primitive as they were 30-40 years ago.In a sane world recirculating aquaculture systems,in vitro meat indistinguishable to real meat,hydroponics/aquaponics and also bacteria producing commodities and also algae,bacteria based methane and oil,biochar,geothermal would all be ubiquitous and ingrained into the public consciousness as everyday technologies by now or even twenty years ago and would not be fringe technologies.By at least 2000 if not earlier even as far back as 1990 or 1980 these technologies would have been ingrained in consciousness by being completely ubiquitous in all sectors of society worldwide thus replacing our current outdated methods of energy and agriculture production completely by 1990 and thus solved anthropogenic climate change and both famine and poverty worldwide and negated the need to invade Afghanilan,Iraq,Iran,Libya,Syria,Venezuela,Bolivia etc for oil.Then you could have spent that $2,261,000,000,000 wasted on the Afghanistan war and the other trillions of dollars on Iraq,Syria etc on universal healthcare,ending poverty,ending homeless,implementing a high speed rail system and other programmes.As a result of investing in algae,bacteria based oil and gas and also geothermal power etc the wasteful and bloody wars in Afghanistan,Iraq,Gulf War,Syria,Libya,Venezuela and Bolivia would have not occurred thus saving countless lives and trillions of taxpayers dollars.Aghanisthan may have been avoided by avoiding the Gulf War thus preventing 9/11.If 9/11 did occur them Saudi Arabia would have been the subject of the War on Terror due to the majority of 9/11 hijackers being of Saudi Arabian descent and the America etc would have not been funding a genocide in Yemen and the Saudi government would have been locked up years ago or just Afghanistan with the war in Afghanistan lasting only a decade or even 15 years and not two decades with it costing less etc and more successful due to the fact that we would not have bothered with Iraq,Syria,Libya putting 100% of our efforts into Afghanistan and being diverted with “spreading liberty” for oil in Iraq,Syria,Lybia etc.In this parallel universe where the world would be awash cheap energy from geothermal,algae,bacteria based oil and gasoline etc then the American government would be fighting wars in the Middle East not for oil but for genuinely overthrowing dictators and installing democratic leaders and spreading actual freedom and democracy and not using Orwellian buzzwords.Agricultural companies such as Monsanto or hell even Exxon and Shell themselves since they are releated to climate change could have held patents on them and instigated research into them to make extra billions of revenue every year by creating markets,wants and needs especially highlighting the environmental angle of them by showing that in vitro meat,geothermal,algae,bacteria based methane and oil,crops and fish etc from recirculating aquaculture systems and aquaponics were better more environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional mariculture and agriculture with them providing millions of people especially in the developed world and those displaced in traditional agriculture and mariculture with good paying jobs and provided these companies with billions of dollars in stable revenue every year alongside selling biochar and diamonds created by biochar.The IPCC,NGOs the AIs Urania and Hecate etc and both political and economic think tanks could in fact confirm this by performing studies to show it was economically and physically possible starting by 1978 to have solved anthropogenic climate change and eliminate famine and poverty worldwide via proper investment in these technologies and still create markets and growth in the economy by creating millions of jobs,creating dozens of companies or adding billions to existing monopolised fossil fuel and agricultural companies without government intervention and thus the free market system with almost zero intervention could have ended poverty,famine and solved global farming almost 44 years ago.They can show that it was in fact possible to have solved global warming,poverty and famine within the confines of a capitalist economic system as far back as 1978 using these technologies and practices had they been adopted and commercialised as far back as 1978 with improvements in technology increasing yields as per the 5-15 year rule.These studies could also show that this could have eliminated the need for costly imperialist wars in the Middle East saving taxpayers trillions of dollars precisely $2,261,000,000,000 that could have paid for universal healthcare,paid for a high speed rail network,ended poverty and homelessness and saved millions of lives.When a type of technology is still in its primitive infancy state and is still considered fringe technology and unknown by the general public and not ubiquitous despite being 30-40 years old then this is a sign of technological stagnation due to laziness and is purposeful stagnation caused by capitalism and thus how capitalism thrives on laziness and why we are using energy sources that are at least 30-40 years if not longer out of date with this stagnation being purposeful.Even other technologies in all sectors is out of date say the fact that it is easily possible to extend the lifespan of lightbulbs to last forever through a simple modification or that most vehicles are themselves woefully out of date in terms of their mileage per gallon or artificial planned obsolescence prevalent through most electronics shows that our capitalist system must keep efficiency at the backseat in order to ensure people buy more more and more every few months.By this logic we should wait 30-40 years between each new model of iPhones,wait 30-40 years between each major pharmaceutical drug to treat Alzheimer’s/cancer/HIV or even everyday ailments or 30-40 years for each new vaccine not just for each new viral or bacterial pathogen but even 30-40 years between each new yearly strain of the flu or each strain of the Coronavirus,wait 30-40 years between each new generation and set of video game consoles and thus each new model of Playststion and Nintendo consoles etc and wait 30-40 years to develop each new “it” website and app ie YouTube,kik,Onlyfans and Facebook or 30-40 years between each generation of wireless networks,internet and WiFi technologies or 30-40 years between each major technological breakthrough in each sector of society.Moores Law which involves the rate of processors and speed of electronics computing power doubling exponentially every 18 months would under this system and ethos have to be slowed down to the point that processing speeds and computing power of electronics such as smartphones,laptops and supercomputers would instead of doubling in processing power every 18 months would instead double in processing speeds every 30-40 years.When the next new major pathogen that could lead to a pandemic that kills millions of people let’s just wait 30-40 years to simply in each and every other sector of society technological development has been making things exponentionally faster,better and cheaper because there is money to be made in the short run but in energy and agriculture production we are still stuck in the dark ages at least several centuries if not even longer and several decades behind thanks to corruption and cronyism capitalism due Exxon,Shell and their corrupt lobbyists and bought out politicians simply twiddling their fingers and spreading pseudoscience,propaganda and misinformation.Conservatives and libertarians who laud the technological developments under capitalism such as tellocommunications,biomedicine,internet access,laptops,smartphones,vehicles,aeroplanes etc and its speed and development in the last century due to capitalism would consider this level of technological stagnation in all other sectors of society unacceptable but find technological stagnation in the energy and agricultural sector due to cronyism,corruption completely acceptable yet they harp on and on about how bad crony capitalism is on Washington yet on Reason Tv and Liberty Pen and their other YouTube channels are perfectly fine with the fossil industry buying out politicians and using lobbyists and are okay using climate change “skeptics” on their shows and YouTube channels to debunk environmentilism who are responsible for the very same corruption and cronyism that they make YouTube videos decrying in the first place yet despite their channels detail videos about them whining about the corruption and cronyism on Washington these climate change deniers are responsible for in the first place.You are whining about cronyism and corruption in Washington but at the same time you have on your shows and YouTube videos to debunk environmentalism the very same people who are responsible for that cronyism and corruption in the first place that is stagnating technological developments that would have solved anthropogenic climate change which increases the level of whining from liberals you hate listening to and you are also condoning the stagnation of research into technologies that would actually end poverty and famine in the third world you know that you seem to want to actually do through your almighty capitalism.Capitalism could have ended poverty and famine worldwide and solved anthropogenic climate change by now if not earlier by at least 1983-1993 however thanks to corruption we are still 40 years later have half the world starving to death and living in squalor and being used for cheap labour etc and we have less than ten years to take action on anthropogenic climate change.Thus capitalism and capitalists have no interest in solving anthropogenic climate change nor does it have any interest in ending poverty and famine because if it did it would have done that decades ago when the technologies to do that were available to be commercialised,researched and improved upon and made widely available to everyone especially in Africa and Asia and it would have already overthrown all the remaining dictators across Africa and Asia.This is more hypocritical than liberal actors using private jets which is is not actual hypocrisy for reasons explained here and is why you have such an anti-capitalist sentiment amongst Millennials because those in power in Washington and their corporate donors have more than enough money and resources to have ended poverty,famine and warfare for the last forty years but have done nothing but actually worsen these problems including shutting down the efforts of progressives such as Bernie Sanders,Alexia Ocazio Cortez from changing the system in any way shape or form.Again this is not how adults act its the logic of kindergarteners and its pure unadulterated laziness and sloppiness.In socialism with the actions of the state democratically controlled and the focus on long term profits and solutions and the the fact that monopolies,cronyism and corruption etc don’t exist these technologies would have been developed 30-40 years ago and poverty,famine and anthropogenic climate change would have been solved 30-40 years ago.This is what letting the invisible hand of the free market system to solve a problem gets you you end up with technological stagnation on an unfathomable degree and scale and you hold back solving anthropogenic climate change,poverty and world famine by at least 30-40 years.Maybe we should continue to let the free market decide our energy and agricultural policy and stall these and other technologies by another 30-40 years and after that another 30-40 years and then another 30-40 years and so on forever and just continue to twiddle our fingers and ignore the problem until our civilisation is wiped out by famine,natural disasters and food and water scarcity on a scale we’ve never seen before and the resulting global conflicts over those scarcity.Letting the market decide is laziness.This is why leaked documents from Exxon that show they knew that anthropogenic climate change was real and was caused by the burning of fossil fuels 41 years ago and them also revealing the fact that they decided to start paying scientists to cover this up with pseudoscience and disinformation campaigns through buying out politicians,corporate media networks and even scientists to purposefully cause confusion and spread pseudoscience that man made carbon dioxide emissions are not responsible for anthropogenic climate change is a big deal because they had the ability to do something to reverse it or at least stall it while at the same time ensuring steady profits if not higher profits because the solutions to this were available and were just being discovered at the same time they did their own studies and predictions that they knew the truth as most other scientists and if they did basic scientific research into preventing the problem getting worse and patenting and making widely availible to everyone alternative energy sources such as algae,bacteria based methane and oil,geothermal,electric batteries and carbon sequestration via biochar for diamonds and fertiliser etc that could have made them extra billions of dollars every year and at the same time if governments etc did research into means to mask its worst effects and also better agricultural techniques then anthropogenic climate change could been solved already like ten or twenty years ago.Hell even Exxon etc could have branched our into commodities from bacteria,aquaponics,selling fish created by recirculating aquaculture systems etc and in vitro meat to make even more billions of dollars every year.They could have stalled global warming or reversed it and prevented those unnecessary illegal wars in the Middle East saving countless lives – but they didn’t and that’s why banishement to Hades and Tarturas is justified.The perpetual imperialist warfare in Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya,Syria,Venezuela,Bolivia etc and environmental damage through oil spills,fracking,shutting down green energy and spreading misinformation and pseudoscience on anthropogenic climate change is why the fossil fuel industries CEOs,their complicit staff and lobbyists,bought out scientists,bought out politicians in the RNC and DNC in Congress and their propaganda machines mainstream media and the military industrial complex they are entwined with such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin deserves banishment to Hades and Tartarus alongside the swamp for a few hundred million years.Bet you wish you had better scientists on your payroll now don’t ya now – could have spared you a few hundred million years of fire and brimstone would it have and it would have made you three times more wealthy than you are today.The debate over humans through the burning of fossil fuels is or is not responsible for climate change etc is over because we have evidence that Exxon Mobil etc 41 years ago carried out studies by their own paid researchers to determine whether the burning of fossil fuels and increased carbon dioxide levels which in turn causes an increase of global temperatures and all of its disastrous effects and their studies came to the same conclusion as that of the IPCC that yes the burning of fossil fuels does cause anthropogenic climate change instead of investing in commercial technologies to reduce carbon dioxide or carbon neutral fuels they instead paid scientists and those in universities and politicians to spread their manufactured disinformation and pseudoscience to stall preventive measure on addressing it.They knew and still know anthropogenic climate change is real and humans burning fossil fuels is responsible and still push these lies to maintain their profit structures and brainwash their idiot supporters and all people who still believe these lies are brainwashed idiots who are being used like the idiots they well and truly are.As a result of this anyone who still believes the pseudoscience and misinformation of fossil fuel companies that human activity namely the burning of fossil fuels etc doesn’t cause climate change and that they are “alternative theories” pushed by the minority of scientists that includes solar radiation etc being the cause despite this fact now made public that the fossil fuel companies themselves knew the truth and decided to spread pseudoscience are amongst the bottom of the barrel idiots of civilisation who are on the same level of kindergartens at this point and have IQs ranging in the double digits of at least 40-60 making them clinically retarded.Potholer54 on YouTube has a playlist available here right underneath these words that debunks every myth spread by the fossil fuel industry.End of debate.

The harsh reality of DDT abc malaria:
Oh and by the way Anopheles that carry malaria in Africa and the rest of the world are becoming immune to Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane aka DDT so spreading that shit around the place will do jack shit nowadays.You could spray that shit all around whole swarms of mosquitoes in most of India,Sri Lanka,Africa,Pakistan,Turkey etc and it will do jack shit.In fact theyve been becoming resistant to DDT since around 1956 about six years before Rachel Carsons Silent Spring was published and is in fact completely ineffective against them in India and in Sri Lanka,Pakistan,Turkey and Central America and in most of Africa with the only alternatives now being the real nasty stuff that actually does cause cancer in humans and serious complications in fish and birds and which mosquitoes can easily gain an resistance to as well which is already happening.Rachel Carson herself noted this in Silent Spring herself.If any conservative or libertarian had ever actually read Silent Spring they would have noticed the famous line – “No responsible person contends that insect-borne disease should be ignored.The question that has now urgently presented itself is whether it is either wise or responsible to attack the problem by methods that are rapidly making it worse.The world has heard much of the triumphant war against disease through the control of insect vectors of infection,but it has heard little of the other side of the story—the defeats,the short-lived triumphs that now strongly support the alarming view that the insect enemy has been made actually stronger by our efforts.Even worse,we may have destroyed our very means of fighting“.Carson also said that “Malaria programmes are threatened by resistance among mosquitoes” and quoted the advice given by the director of Holland’s Plant Protection Service:”Practical advice should be ‘Spray as little as you possibly can’ rather than ‘Spray to the limit of your capacity’Pressure on the pest population should always be as slight as possible.”Blaming Rachel Carson and environmentalists for the deaths of 20,000,000 or more children is thus moot – had she never been born it would have done nothing to prevent the inevitable resistance to pesticides meaning those and countless other children would still have been killed by malaria as they would have gained resistance much faster in Africa,India etc.DDT was never banned for anti-malarial use,and its ban for agricultural use in the United States in 1972 did not apply outside the U.S. nor to anti-malaria spraying.The international treaty that banned most uses of DDT and other organochlorine pesticides—the 2001 Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (which became effective in 2004)—included an exemption for the use of DDT for malaria control until affordable substitutes could be found.Mass outdoor spraying of DDT was stopped completely in poor countries that were and still are subject to the worst and endemic cases of malaria,such as Sri Lanka,Burkina Faso etc in the 1970s,1980s,1990s and this was not because of government prohibitions spurred by environmental concerns initiated by environmentalists but because the DDT had lost its ability to kill the mosquitoes and was thus too expensive to carry out with no return in investment in preventing infections and deaths of malaria which was compound by an already underdeveloped healthcare system with in fact cases of malaria skyrocketing despite an increase of DDT use.Cases of malaria were skyrocking despite the fact that DDT was being sprayed all over lakes,rivers and all parts of wilderness where mosquitoes use for breeding grounds and in homes where they infect children in record amounts proving DDT was becoming ineffective and is now completely useless against mosquitoes.Agricultural spraying of pesticides including DDT produces pesticide resistance in especially Anopheles in roughly seven to ten years making it completely ineffective.Overusing it in one go may result in the the fact that you might at first see a drop in mosquitoes and malaria cases but after about five to ten years both the mosquitoes and cases of malaria bounce back even stronger and more prevalent than before and your back to square one and this has been proven over and over with each and every region and country in the world that they are now immune to DDT.In otherwards even if remaining African countries do legalise DDT then after after about five years of it being sprayed in large uncontrolled amounts and being effective and lowering levels of mosquitoes then they will become immune to it and then you have the populations rebound and then cases of malaria will rebound and you now have all mosquitos completely resistant against everything leaving you at at square one.Mosquitoes are one of the hardiest,resilient and easily adaptable species on the planet having evolved roughly 226,000,000 years and have survived on Earth more than the 165,000,000 reign of the dinosaurs and have survived at least the last three previous mass extinction events with them having fewer genes than humans having roughly 200,000,000 base pairs in comparison to humans 3,000,000,000 with them having high fertility rates and ability to produce large amounts of young with female mosquitoes laying roughly 100-300 eggs each laying season.Having fewer genes means that like bacteria it easier to adapt to environmental pressures through random mutations and selective pressures with because of the mosquitoes very short breeding cycle and large number of offspring,the most resistant insects survive and pass on their genetic traits to their offspring,which replace the pesticide-slain insects relatively rapidly.Furthermore producing so much young in each season can cause each generation to have exponentionally more random genetic mutations leading to a higher rate of evolution and mutations to create resistence much quicker.They survived all three out of five previous mass extinction events one of very few species to do so especially impressive since 99% of all species on Earth have gone extinct during these events including surviving the fucking meteroite that slammed into the Earth that wiped out the fucking dinosaurs and they’ll probably be one of the very few to survive the sixth mass extinction if its left unchecked – if they can survive what killed off the dinosaurs you think a little chain of chlorine and benzene molecules is going to wipe them out?Really?.These factors;having fewer genes,high amount of young produced each season,and them surviving all previous mass extinctions allows for them to evolve and adapt quickly to new environmental pressures and exhibit high degrees of gene gains,losses,shuffling and even transmission between closely related species thus meaning that DDT becomes ineffective after a short period of time when used in large amounts like it did in America and Africa and India wherein it is sprayed in such amounts that it is able to bioaccumulate in the environment and cause large scale fish kills and bird kills.To prevent this one could utilise lower doses of DDT that kill them but not enough to bioaccumulate in the body and ecosystems with one also using biological controls,netting and draining of ditches and repellant plants.The only reason America is free of mosquitoe carrying malaria is because only a few species endemic to small sections of the country can spread malaria and even they carry much milder,less aggressive sub species of the parasite that causes it live in America than those that live in Africa and India with during the 20th century once DDT became ineffective other pesticides were used with drainage ditches and biological controls also used.In otherwards the techniques to counter mosquitoes resistance were adopted in America but not in Africa and the countries where it is now resistant to DDT and where malaria is most prevalent.In most African countries since the late 1980s as stated you could spray DDT around with no restraint and the mosquitoes will be completely unaffected.Put simply most Asian and African countries have banned or stopped using DDT not because of environmental concerns but because it’s too expensive to be spraying large quantities of it when it’s not going to kill any mosquitoes and thus not going to save any human lives as it’s just not economically feasible to be spraying large amounts of a chemical that has zero effect on killing the intended pest especially since it has detrimental side effects on both birds,fish and even humans with symptoms of high doses in humans including vomiting,tremors or shakiness,and seizures as well as having negative effects on both the liver and reproductive system and is now considered by the WHO to be a probable carcinogen to humans and is especially a problem since it persists in the environment,can travel high in the atmosphere and travel far through atmospheric currents and can stay in fatty tissue for years if not decade.In 2015,the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified DDT as Group 2A “probably carcinogenic to humans“.Previous assessments by the U.S. National Toxicology Program classified it as “reasonably anticipated to be a carcinogen” and by the EPA classified DDT,DDE and DDD as class B2 “probable” carcinogens these evaluations were based mainly on animal studies.A 2005 Lancet review stated that occupational DDT exposure over long periods of time was associated with increased pancreatic cancer risk in 2 case control studies,but another study showed no DDE dose-effect association.A 2017 review of liver cancer studies concluded that “organochlorine pesticides,including DDT,may increase hepatocellular carcinoma risk“.This is similar to Roundup aka glysophate.People who claim to be wanting to be sprayed all over their body with DDT or drink it are hypocrites because they would never do it just like Patrick Moore who is paid by corporations to say Roundup is harmless to you even if you drank it but refuses to drink a single glass of it when offered to do so.You like DDT so much now and think its completely safe defuse this information then have it sprayed all over yourself and go drink the goddamm stuff.Hypocridy much?.Rachel Carson predicted this in the book.”In laboratory tests on animal subjects,DDT has produced suspicious liver tumors.Scientists of the Food and Drug Administration who reported the discovery of these tumors were uncertain how to classify them,but felt there was some “justification for considering them low grade hepatic cell carcinomas.” Dr. Hueper [author of Occupational Tumors and Allied Diseases] now gives DDT the definite rating of a “chemical carcinogen.”Resistance was largely fueled by unrestricted agricultural use wherein it was prayed in large amounts.Resistance and the harm both to humans and the environment led many governments to curtail DDT use in vector control and agriculture.Put simply overusing it in agriculture and in large amounts in attempts to wipe out mosquitoes and not using backup plans such as biological controls,ditch draining etc led to the quick emergence of resistent mosquitoes that spread malaria.It is true that resistant mosquitoes are repelled by DDT but that doesn’t mean it will kill them if you spray it around homes and water bodies that they use for breeding not will it prevent them breeding there all it does mean that controlled spraying of DDT on netting and beds as well as doors and walls will prevent them entering homes,landing in nets etc.The second you go outside of your home they will track you down and infect you.This use of DDT ensures only limited spraying on netting etc and ensures the chemical does not enter rivers and lakes to bioaccumulate in both fish and then birds but this is limited protection as the primary use of it that involves mass spraying of lakes etc where mosquitoes live is simply ineffective in all possible ways.This intervention,called indoor residual spraying (IRS),greatly reduces environmental damage.It also reduces the incidence of DDT resistance.For comparison,treating 40 hectares (99 acres) of cotton during a typical U.S. growing season requires the same amount of chemical to treat roughly 1,700 homes.Overusing any chemical on any insect insects greatly increases the speed of,chance of and rate of developing resistance due to their ability to adapt to new conditions and higher breeding cycle similar to bacteria,viruses etc – the postwar attempt to eradicate malaria by the spraying of DDT was a failure,largely because Carson’s warnings that overuse of insecticides would lead to the development of resistance in mosquito populations were ignored especially in Asia and Africa.Modern uses of insecticides such as indoor residual spraying are far closer to the methods advocated by Carson than to the practices she criticised.Thus DDT due to overuse in the 1970s-1990s against the warnings and recommendations of Rachel Carson etc is now completely ineffective in virtually every country around the world especially in Africa where it is needed the most.Rachel Carson never called for an outright ban on DDT but rather using it sparingly in lower amounts that would kill the mosquitoes but prevent them becoming resistant and in turn prevent it killing birds and fish by exposing them to tolerable safe levels wherein the compound could not bioaccumulate so much and where it would be in low enough level to allow it biodegrade quickly as well as to research and use other more advanced environmentally friendly holistic techniques such as biological controls,bed netting,use of indoor residual spraying,wide use and distribution of anti-malarial drugs,less toxic pesticides combined with each other that would prevent the rise of resistance and would be more effective at keeping the mosquitoes at bay without harming fish,birds and humans etc which has been used since in 1991 in Vietnam lowering human fatalities countrywide by as much 97% compared to fatalities before adoption with little to no mosquitos resistance with even if it does occur it has occurred populations of mosquitoes and infections of malaria are kept at historically low levels by adopting multiple techniques together.If you ever read her book or did five minute google and Wikipedia searches you’d know this.Countries are not banning DDT because of the environmental concerns brought on by environmentalists they are banning it because its ineffective due to overuse with it simply too expensive to be spraying something that doesn’t kill mosquitoes anymore.Had her warnings had been heeded and it used in lower amounts and combined with other practices such as draining of ditches,biological controls etc then mosquitoes in Africa and Asia would not have gained a resistance.A simple five to ten minute google and Wikipedia search will show you this and in fact it’s on the Wikipedia page of both Silent Spring and DDT itself with verified academic references.You cannot go around using Silent Spring as a means of showing liberals and environmentalists as genocidal ecoterrorists when you haven’t even read the book once in your life which can be easily bought online and also downloaded onto an Amazon Kindle in like five minutes or you can go onto its Wikipedia page in like five minutes.If you actually bothered to read Silent Spring and did a five minute Wikipedia search on it and the growing resistance of mosquitoes you know that Carson never called for banning it.The fact that you wouldn’t do that makes you lazy and ignorant as fuck.If you actually read Silent Spring you would know what comes out of your mouth is bullshit