Anti-helminth Strains

Anti-helminthic strains:
To compliment anti-helminthic strains other methods can be carried out to deal with parasites of all types.Malaria and other pathogens and zoonotic diseases spread by insects and mammals will be dealt with by measures detailed later on including engineering the vectors such as the specific species of Anopheles species from being unable to harbour Plasmodium.3D DNA printers can create millions or billions of these modified Anopheles to be released and pass on the inability to harbour Plasmodium via advanced gene drive technology.Ideally before these trials can be carried out to wipe out Plasmodium indefinitely measures can be carried out to decrease the populations of Anopheles in Africa that carry Plasmodium.Since Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane aka DDT is becoming increasingly ineffective against Anopheles in India,Sri Lanka,Sri Lanka,Pakistan,Turkey,Central America and Africa due to them gaining resistence to it since 1956 using it would be pointless.Using advanced gene drive technology via via releasing large amounts of engineered pests to interbreed with them it can remove Anopheles resistance to Bt and DDT etc permanently with this done by releasing large amounts of engineered bugs that using gene drive technology remove existing resistance and prevent future resistance occurring.This can also make them permanently susceptible to natural compounds from plants via scratch DNA that can be created by bacteria on a commercial scale and used as pesticides that are non toxic to humans,pets,livestock and other local flora and fauna allowing it sprayed in large amounts and have zero environmental impact with advanced gene drive technology making it impossible for resistance to these to ever arise via random mutations.Other methods such as introducing lethal genes into populations that causes females to produce offspring that have birth defects,sterile male technique that limits the amount of effective matings and births since female Anopheles can only mate once in their life,using the daughterless offspring technique wherein populations are reduced by releasing large amounts of males that contain gene drives that force any females they mate with to produce only males that dont feed on human blood thus reducing populations and infections sharply and quickly and adding biological controls all at once can reduce populations to very low levels.3D DNA printers can be used in creating billions of genetically distinct males with the desired genes with if possible males used to carry out sterile male technique,daughterless offspring techniques and lethal gene techniques have anti-ageing techniques that allow them to live several years longer or have the same anti-ageing treatments as humans thus increasing the amount of females they interact with to further reduce numbers with this not lasting forever or biocompatible microbes present in them that can using biosynth wifi allow their populations and locations to be tracked and thus actually shut these anti-ageing treatments off and those associated with lethal gene dominance,sterile male and daughterless offspring technique after a set period of time.These males would not be able to interbreed with those modified not to harbour the parasite.Female Anopheles can only mate once in their lifetime so by mating with genetically engineered sterile males will mean they will lose their only chance to mate causing a 90% drop in the population over the course of a year to few years with CRISPR and advanced gene drive technology will create healthy viable males that are unable to impregnate females.Otherwise males can harbour genes using advanced gene drive technology that ensure all young created by females they interbreed with are male.Since males do not feed on blood and thus on humans and by extension dont spread Plasmodium the population of males will spike and the populations of females that do feed on human blood and spread the parasite will drop meaning infections will drop as well.Another option is having males harbour defective genes that pass onto all impregnated females that will cause all young created by females be either sterile themselves or have deformities that are fatal thus killing them off before reaching adulthood to feed on humans and thus spread malaria etc depending on the genes added to the males thus wiping out entire populations in a short period of time with advanced gene drive technology increasing success rates to 100%.All options will reduce populations of Anopheles or just females by 90-95% within a few years as again females can only mate once in their life so if their only chance results in no offspring,sterile males or young with deformities with unlike the current overuse of DDT there is no chance of them able to gain a resistance at all.Once this is done and populations drop drastically biosynth wifi can be used to turn off anti-ageing treatments allowing the males to die off and also remove genes associated with lethal gene dominance,sterility sterile male technique etc to ensure they dont pass this onto the modified Anopheles that dont house the parasite.Then a sub species or just genetically engineered version of Anopheles that creates antibodies to Plasmodium that this makes it unable to harbour and in turn spread malaria will be released into the wild to overtake or replace the original Anopheles.Advanced gene drive technology will pass the ability to produce antibodies to all future generations especially when they interbreed with wild specimens.Pan and Pan will decide when to release the modified Anopheles and remove the aforementioned DNA from the first set with modified ones harbouring genes and gene drives to prevent the genes from the first set to be passed onto the new ones.If possible the new Anopheles can be released when the original breed of Anopheles has completely been eradicated from the ecosystem.3D DNA printers can then be used to create billions of both males and females of these genetically distinct modified Anopheles that cannot harbour Plasmodium via genes that create antibodies to the parasite making it easier and quicker for these modified Anopheles that are unable to harbour Plasmodium to take over the area and wild populations via advanced gene drive technology once they interbreed with wild insects and not affect the ecosystem as removing them from the ecosystem completely could cause co-extinctions of any of the Anopheles natural predators and would also make it harder for Plasmodium to adapt to the lack of viable hosts as well as newly immune carriers and thus be more easily wiped out since large populations of Anopheles housing it would already be wiped out and thus can allow for the new breed of Anopheles immune to sterile male technique etc to overtake wild populations via advanced gene drive technology.Resistence to DDT can also be dealt with this way and the Anopheles can made to become susceptible to natural compounds produced by plants that do not affect humans and other local flora and fauna which will kill them with gene drives designed by Phanes preventing them mutating a resistence to it with these compounds then created by bacteria to be used as a spray that can be used to spread on doors,netting etc that is non toxic to humans,birds and other local fauna.The new strain of Anopheles can also made to find human blood abhorrent and thus only feed on wild animals as well through this method.If possible having recombinant DNA from Culicidae species that do not consume human blood also added to the modified Anopheles to prevent them feeding on humans in the first place thus negating the need to deal with the painful bites with them engineered to not feed on livestock and pets as well and thus feed on only wild animals and act as pollinators of crops.To further prevent Plasmodium gaining the ability to gain a resistance to antibodies produced by these genes added to them they genes could be modified to attack all possible strains and sub-species of Plasmodium each Anopheles created by 3D DNA printers can be made to drink synthetic or donated human and animal blood that contain species specific microbes that once intaken will immunise them against all species of Plasmodium as well as apply anti-helminthic compounds as well as apply CRISPR treatments to cause the parasite to undergoe apoptosis etc with these microbes passing down from one generation to the next via eggs laid and using biosynth WiFi will track their population etc and allow Pan to apply any augmentations remotely to deal with them also engineered to be able to use proteins and sugars and from wildflowers etc as a sufficient alternative to proteins in human blood.The use of creating and inteoducing genetically modified insects to interbreed with wild populations and pass desired phenotypes with wild populations can be used to introduce any desired weakness to wild populations that becomes a predominant part of all insects.This can include as stated them uninterested in consuming human blood,permenantly lose resist to DDT,finding human blood etc abhorrent,being susceptible to natural compounds etc with advanced gene drive technology emsuring these modifications are permanent and that they pass onto all future generations.The main species of Anopheles such as Anopheles gambiae,Anopheles funestus,Anopheles culicifacies,Anopheles darlingi,Anopheles dirus,Anopheles albimanus,Anopheles stephensi that act as vectors for all species of Plasmodium such as Plasmodium knowlesi,Plasmodium falciparum,Plasmodium malariae,Plasmodium ovale,Plasmodium vivax will be made unable to harbour the parasites will be first dealt with these programmes first by Epione,Pan,Pan and also local governemnts and researchers across Africa and then after this even those that no longer do so and have a low susceptibility to do so in Asia and America such Anopheles barberi,Anopheles crucians,Anopheles freeborni,Anopheles latens,Anopheles punctipennis,Anopheles walkeri will be dealt with in the same way to ensure they dont see a resurgence of malaria with eventually all species of Anopheles dealt with this to ensure the species of Plasmodium that affect humans cannot jump species thus wiping them from the face of the Earth with their DNA stored in Physis for future experiments etc to be created via 3D DNA printers in labs.If possible Plasmodium can be modified to carry out vital functions in the local ecosystems such as dertivores and chemotrophs.These species of Anopheles will also be made unable to harbour other parasites and pathogens such as Wuchereria bancrofti,West Nile Virus etc.All Culicidae vectors of P.knowlesi,P.falciparum,P.malariae,P.ovale,P.vivax will be made unable to harbour them via these programmes.This use of genes extrapolated from scratch by Phanes that confer immunity can be applied to species of Culicidae like Ochlerotatus vigilax,Ochlerotatus triseriatus,Ochlerotatus stimulans,Ochlerotatus sticticus,Ochlerotatus provocans,Ochlerotatus nigromaculis,Ochlerotatus hexodontus,Ochlerotatus flavescens,Ochlerotatus,fitchii,Ochlerotatus excrucians,Ochlerotatus dorsalis,Ochlerotatus canadensis,Ochlerotatus camptorhynchus,Ochlerotatus campetris,Ochlerotatus abserratus to prevent them from carrying the Jamestown Canyon virus,California encephalitis virus,Western equine encephalomyelitis virus,Ross River virus,La Crosse virus,West Nile virus,Sindbis virus,Saint Louis encephalitis virus,Dirofilaria immitis.It can also prevent
Aedes aegypti,Aedes communis,Aedes albopictus from being unable to harbour Dengue virus,Chikungunya virus,Zika virus,Mayaro virus,Yellow fever virus,W.bancrofti,California encephalitis virus,Jamestown Canyon virus,Sindbis virus ,preventing species from the genus Culex,Culiseta from harbouring Saint Louis encephalitis virus,Japanese encephalitis virus,Filarioidea,Dirofilaria immitis W.bancrofti etc with the same applying to all arthropods,birds and mammals that spread zoonotic pathogens and parasites potentially eliminating them from the face of the Earth within a decade by at least 2035 without pesticide use and creating an imbalance in the ecosystem.Put simply all species of Culicidae that spread viruses,parasites etc that affect humans can undergoe these programmes to make them unable to harbour them via scratch DNA created by Phanes that makes produce antibodies that destroy them with them undergoing the same method as detailed above wherein populations are educed via sterile male techniques or those suited for each species.Thus programmes worldwide be carried out that replace all Culicidae vectors of parasites and human pathogens as well as those that affect pets and livestock with genetically engineered versions that are unable to harbour.This should wipe out malaria and all diseases spread by Culicidae by 2029-2045 if a global effort by Pan,Pan,Epione and governments worldwide is carried out.All species of Culicidae will be rather than wiped out will remain but without the ability to harbour parasites and pathogens to prevent causing them to go extinct as causing any species to go extinct could could cause unforeseen consequences and imbalances in the ecosystem such as co-extinctions of other animal predators that rely on them as a food source.The genome of these parasites and pathogens can be added to Physis to preserve them for scientific research as well as engineering them to be parasites and pathogens for invasive species of animals and plants and unable to infect humans etc and also weeds and crop pests.

Biocompatible microbes can also be used to fight malaria should Plasmodium genus gain resistance to artemisinin(or even prevent such resistance from happening) and other drugs with them able to treat viral infections such as HIV and possible even HPV(especially those associated with cancers)with even them able to treat fungal infections ie synthesising Amphotericin B as well as using CRISPR treatment.Ideally biocompatible microbes that attack viruses and bacteria should be easily capable of attacking fungi,parasites,protazoa such as Plasmodium using relevant compounds such as artemisinin and also CRISPR treatments utilising horizontal gene transfer once they enter them that cause them to lose their ability to cause harm,genetic faults that kill them off,have cells of key organs and neural systems etc undergo apoptosis,make them sterile,unable to replicate and cause faults that cause offspring to die off,make them susceptible to compounds at their disposal in anti-helminthic and even anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains,lose resistance to existing natural compounds they are immune to and use them against them or even infect them and kill them in the same way that pathogens kill humans through wiping out organs,immune systems cause tumours to form apply suicide genes to there tissues with the same applying to pathogenic ameobas and parasites ie N.fowleri,B.mandrillaris,Cestoda,Ancylostoma duodenale,Dracunculus medinensis,Plasmodium and possibly Vandellia cirrhosa.Anti-bacterial strains could do this with if possible the host can be immunised against them like pathogens via immunising strains using proteins to allow the primary immune system detect these parasites and then apply antibodies.Once made patients are made resistant to radiation via T.gammatolerans the entire body of the patient can be exposed to levels of radiation between 1,000-2,000Gy to kill of parasites in all parts of the body at once including their eggs in hard to reach places and prevent them moving to other areas of the body.Radiorestance can also be dealt with CRISPR treatments that remove this ability or even prevent them being able to develop this in the first place.Ideally the patient will be blasted with this levels instantly and for at least 30 minutes to an hour or more to prevent them gaining radioresistence via mutations with with patient put under anaesthesia.Doing it for more that an hour and starting at these levels as well as applying it to all parts of the body at once will ensure all or most of the parasites will be wiped out without developing radioresitance and will be done alongside the primary immune system and microbes both made immune to radiation to aid in fight in eliminating the parasites.It will also eliminate all eggs etc of them.These could start at least 200-500Gy several times,then 1,000Gy several times,then 2,000Gy and so on to prevent radiorestance and wipe out even larger numbers of the virus from the body with CRISPR treatments used by anti-viral strains can remove any resistance the pathogen gains to radiation.The level at which the different parasites can survive can first be determined in lab settings and also in animal trials so as to allow it to be determined and then have patients exposed to levels much higher at least 1,000-2,000Gy higher.The dead bodies can be flushed out or consumed by the microbes via phagocytosis or even similar to decomposing bacteria with recombinant DNA coming from decomposing bacteria and also even flies and other arthropods that break down rotten flesh with the primary immune system also signalled to attack them as well as and detect future infection.Otherwise they could create compounds abhorrent to specific parasites that through gene therapy are made susceptible to them causing them to purposefully leave the body by entering the gastrointestinal tract and being flushed out with feces with any eggs having CRISPR treatments to kill them off or at least make them sterile.CRISPR treatments that cause the parasites to become sterile or undergo apoptosis will be applied as a first line of defence.All parasites will have their DNA scanned to extrapolate endolysines to be stored in their Physis file and downloaded when needed.AI will also extrapolate from their outer structures synthetic compounds it can synthesis via anabolic and catabolic reactions stored in Physis.The strain will produce both natural and synthetic compounds for all parasites using relevant recombinant DNA and anabolic and catabolic reactions with those that have a low effectiveness rate will be aided by applying CRISPR treatments that alter the parasites internal and external structure to then improve the naturals or synthetic compounds effectiveness at killing them without damaging the host or making them susceptible to the natural compounds at their disposal via altering their internal and external structure to exhibit the same structure as parasites that are killed by them with antibodies also synthesised.Any damage to the body including vital organs such as the liver and brain and caused by them especially Plasmodium and N.fowleri would be repaired by microbes as well as accelerated healing phenotype instantly allowing time for these strains to be applied and still be effective. Patients once made immune to radiation and exposed to high doses of it between 500-2,00Gy to kill off the parasite.Conventional methods of preventing Culicidae bites ie free bed netting will be pursued with bug zappers that track specifically Anopheles should be pursued with these subsidised.Natural repellants from plants and scracth will be engineered into other plants that can be planted in bedrooms,gardens and also by rivers and lakes etc and even created by bacteria on a commercial scale to be sprayed into rooms that will repel them from entering using spray bottles and Ambi-pur devices that release them over a sustained period or applied like deodarant and even added to patients genome that releases them in sweat.This should counter current trends of Anopheles resistance to Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane aka DDT since 1956.Odocoileus virginianus,Peromyscus leucopus,Ixodes scapularis,Ixodes pacificus can as detailed later on can have their ability to harbour Borrelia,Babesia,Anaplasma phagocytophilum,Powassan virus removed on the same principle alongside having O.virginianus,Peromyscus leucopus both wild and captive bred populations inoculated with microbes from interbreeding,biosynths and injecting wild animals through syringes that can immunise them,that have the immunity added from genes created from scratch by Phanes that passes from one generation to the next via advanced gene drive technology and microbes passing onto one generation to the next via eggs,fetus spermatazo and so on.All arthropod,mammalian and avian vectors of parasites and zoonoses around the world and universe that can affect humans,alien races,livestock and pets can follow this pattern with mammals and avian vector inoculated with microbes that immunise them and apply CRISPR treatments that pass from one generation to the next though semen,fetus and advanced gene drive technology via biosynth arthropods,trapping wild animals and inoculating with microbes to apply CRISPR treatments and immunisations again passed from one generation with 3D DNA printers and artificial wombs used to create billions of these with native populations lowered via sterile male technique and so on to allow modified animals to overtake them and thus not affect the ecosystem.This can also apply to Glossina,Rodentia,Felidae,Cyprinidae,Bithyniidae that transmit Trypanosoma,Toxoplasma gondii,F.hepatica and all parasites of all pets and livestock worldwide with in the case of Felidae etc live animals injected with bacteriophages your cure them and microbes that fight off parasites by humans using syringes and swarms of biosynth Anopheles.To prevent unnecessary suffering parasites and pathogens of all mammals and birds that are spread by all species of Culicidae etc can undergo the same programmes.All species of parasites and pathogens whether viral or bacterial that are wiped out via this method will have the DNA preserved in Physis to be recreated in labs using 3D DNA printers.Subsidised free batches of the drug Artemisinin to affected areas with this synsthesised by bacteria using the relevant recombinant DNA from Artemisia annua with ideally the release of genetically modified Anopheles starting as early as 2025-2029 since there would be no real disadvantage to modifying the species being unable to harbour the parasite since other than infecting humans it serves no real purpose to the ecosystem with the DNA of P.falciparum added to Physis.The subsidised Artemisnin will keep people from getting sick while the populations of Anopheles loses its ability to harbour the parasite with the resistance to Artimisnin countered by applying CRISPR treatments to the parasite using proto microbes or even bacterial,bacteriophage and viral vectors containing the patients DNA to prevent them eliciting an immune response with the CRISPR treatments removing the parasites resistance not only to Artemisnin but also Chloroquine,Mefloquine,Atovaquone and also Sulfadoxine with genes added to prevent the parasite multiplying,infecting the organs they infect and even introduce suicide genes.Final versions of microbes will use CRISPR to remove resistance to these compounds and apply them.To push costs of Artimnisin, Chloroquine,Mefloquine,Atovaquone etc to zero bacteria can produce them onsite of hospitals and Telesphorus factories with synthetic drugs created by anabolic and catabolic reactions and Artimnisin created using recombinant DNA from A.annua.Plasmodium can be dealt by anti-helminthic strains of microbes by them using CRISPR treatments applied by horizontal gene transfer and bumpers that induce the parasite to undergo apoptosis,prevent it from being able to infect tissues and cells in the body and thus prevent it replicating.The microbes can also add CRISPR treatments by horizontal gene transfer and bumpers that remove its resistance to Artimnisin,Chloroquine,Mefloquine,Atovaquone etc and then produce these themselves with the microbes producing Artimnisin via housing recombinant DNA from A.annua with the synthetic drugs created by microbes using anabolic and catabolic reactions.All parasites from around the world can be treated this way with each one having CRISPR treatments that utilise suicide genes applied to them that cause their neural systems and outer tissue layers etc in them to undergoe apoptosis and those that inhibit their ability to infect tissues with CRISPR treatments applied to remove resistance to all compounds used to treat them with these compounds then created by the microbes via housing relevant recombinant DNA from plants and animals and synthetic drugs created by anabolic and catabolic reactions.If possible all parasites could have alongside apoptosis genes applied have CRISPR treatments then applied that make its exterior phospholipids and internal structure exhibit structures that make it susceptible and easily killed off by Artimnisin created by the microbes housing DNA from A.annua.If possible the interior and exterior structures could be made to be made susceptible to natural compounds non toxic to humans including vitamins,other nutrients and those from plants and animals that don’t cause side affects to humans as well as over the counter medications and medicinal marijuana.CRISPR treatments can be used as stated to cause their neural tissues and vital organs undergo apoptosis and also make them sterile or unable to infect the cells and tissues in the body thus unable to undergo sexual reproduction and replication as well as those that prevent them being able to feed of human tissues thus causing them to starve to death while the microbes fight them off using natural compounds and the patient can be treated to radiation treatments.Synthetic compounds to treat parasites infections will have their structure added to Physis and this downloaded onto anti helminthic strains DNA digital storage to be then created by anabolic and catabolic reactions onsite of outer surface of the parasite to prevent overdosing and side effects.Scorpion venom can be used in proto and final microbes.If possible the microbes would both add immunities via CRISPR to the mammalian vectors using genes created from scratch that allow them to create antibodies against the zoonoses and then immunise the mammalian vectors,fight off existing infections and also the microbes intaken by Ixodes that feed on them that then fight off the pathogens in Ixodes,immunise them and add the immunity genes via CRISPR and the genes and microbes passing from one generation to the next via eggs and advanced gene drive technology.This method of allow microbes in mammalian vectors to be intaken by Ixodes then immunising them to pass to future future generations via eggs adding genes via CRISPR that make them produce their own antibodies passed onto future generations via advanced gene drive technology would allow entire populations of Ixodes in an area that carry these parasites and viruses be indirectly immunised and given CRISPR treatments to be unable to carry them with Phanes designing genes from scratch to immunise and be unable to harbour the viruses and parasites and Cas-9 and taq polymerase used to identify when they are intaken by Ixodes and biosynth wifi used to track progress and allow Pan control all actions remotely.It can be cheaper than rearing whole generations of genetically altered Ixodes that would be much more difficult than rearing whole generations of genetically altered P.leucopus,O.virginianus that due to their faster breeding rates,motility would be easier to interbreed than Ixodes that can move very slowly and cant fly with the same applied to other haematophages of mammals or all species of animals.The mammalian vectors can be innoculated via being captured and inoculated,inoculated by biosynth harmotophages and releasing innoculated mammals reared in captivity with the CRISPR treatments passing from one generation to the next via advanced gene drive technology and microbes passing onto foetuses etc via semen,eggs and placenta etc until finally it overtakes the entire population.This can be replicated with all wildlife that carry zoonotic parasites and pathogens whether livestock,mammals,fish,birds etc with parasites killed off by the microbes,the animal making its own antibodies made from scratch DNA created by Phanes and the parasite via CRISPR made to become deritivores.All animal vectors of Cestoda,F.hepatica,Digena,Paragonimus westermani etc can be dealt with by the same method with if possible the same done to humans and microbes even immunising human hosts from them allowing the primary immune system to recognise and fight them off.These vectors can also be inoculated with strains of microbes to fight off the parasites in them that will pass from one generation to the next.These CRISPR treatments and methods will also apply to other parasites prior to the creation of microbes with AI extrapolating genotypes to applied to animal vectors of all parasites to be then released into the wild and interbreed with wild populations.In all cases Phanes will extrapolate genes from scratch to create antibodies in response to each species of parasite and zoonose with strains of microbes added as backup with drones using biosynth WiFi to induce actions and upgrades.Protozoa,parasites and ameoba and zoonotic diseases can be wiped out by injecting biocompatible microbes or even bacteriophages into large populations of the wild and domesticated animals that harbour them so they pass from each generation to the next as in the cases of T.gondii in felines with again the vector animal engineered to be unable to harbour them.This can be done by rearing large populations inoculated that would be released in the wild,trapping and tagging wild specimens in large number and releasing them to pass them onto others via sexual reproduction and parasites such as fleas and ticks which can act as vectors or using biosynth arthropods with them immunising the specimens and also killing them off.This should wipe them out by at least 2035 with this replicated with the animal vectors of other parasites.In vitro meat and also recirculating aquaculture systems can create fish and meat with no zoonoses or parasites.Others such as N.fowleri that are found in the wild can have the biocompatible microbes or large organisms that are engineered to only feed on them can be grown in labs in large numbers and then spread into waterways,soils,pools etc that they may be found in so that they are killed by these predatory microbes and organisms with all of these engineered to hunt down only specific ameobas,parasites,pathogens etc using CRISPR and and compounds with the waterways treated with mild bio-based chemicals,large doses of Amphotericin B by it being dumped or the microbes creating it in large enough numbers,sterilising narrow range wavelength UV lights on the undersides of boats that cover the entire waterway enough to penetrate to the bottom of the floor with the microbes using a combination of suicide genes,faults that make them unable to reproduce as well as infect humans or if they do cause any damage with them made to become susceptible to all treatments they have become resistant to but also anti-microbial agents they never used on them before.Sewage and water treatment plants would utilise radiation treatments to kill off the parasites when they are entering the drinking tap water and also when entering the hydrological cycle when used.New species of waterborne animals can be produced that consume only N.fowleriwith native micro-organisms and even worm like species engineered to consume the amoeba and others in large amounts.If need be biosynth animals will be created that are unicellular or multicellular that are able to consume and filter in only N.fowleri it or produce in their stomachs compounds that kill only them or harbour microbes in their digestive systems that attack only them allowing for large amounts to be killed with even normal non biosynth animals created that do this.These genetically engineered multicellular animals or biosynths can be like Cetacea,Cetorhinus maximus and Rhincodon typus that intake large amounts of water and then filter out only the parasite for consumption leaving all other micro-organisms unaffected or they can be microscopic or normal sized Annelida and Nematoda like creatures that actively hunt down the parasite with them having flagellum and other propulsion methods with them only able to feed on the parasite to prevent an imbalance in the ecosystem.This should eliminate the parasite from waterways or at least lower their numbers significantly.N.fowleri can be dealt with radiation blasts of at least 500-2,000Gy applied to both water and sewage in all water and sewage treatments alongside chlorine if they manage to survive chlorine treatments.Cestoda,F.hepatica etc will be dealt with invitro meat replacing conventional meat and recirculating aquaculture systems rearing fish and shellfish in sterile environments.If possible these and all parasites can engineered to not be able to survive the internal homeostatis environment of humans and animal vectors or even become dertivores or chemotrophs and thus not dependant on feeding on human neural tissue etc via rearing large amounts of genetically altered versions and them released into the wild that interbreed with wild populations and pass on these new phenotypes via advanced gene drive technologies to overrun wild populations.Endo parasites of all types can be modified into chemotrophs,deritivores and be engineered to only attack invasive species of both animals and plants and other methods that can can infact aid in managing the rejuvenation of polluted soils,waterways and ecosystems by cleaning up polluting thus aiding society and the environment with this done by releasing large amounts of the altered parasite and its vector to interbreed with and overtake wild populations by advanced gene drive technology.Ecto parasites can be modified to attack invasive species of plants and animals with those that attack animals survive on sap.At first like Anopheles populations of each parasite species the wild should be first reduced using better infrastructure,sterile male technique etc and then allow billions of genetically distinct individuals created via 3D DNA printers that are modified to be unable to survive the internal homeostasis of the human body ie pH,temperature range etc and to become dertivores,chemotrophs that are then released into the wild and making it easier to overtake wild populations via advanced gene drive technology preventing any unforseen consequences on the ecosystem,co-extinctions of natural predators and them in fact performing a service to the ecosystem.If possible parasites could be engineered to be made unable to feed on human flesh and blood or be made into organisms that feed on dead organic matter like Oligochaeta with their original DNA kept in Physis.Both animal vectors and humans can be immunised against them in the same way as pathogens.These animal vectors microbes will produce proteins to be shared with their dendritic cells thus immunising them eradicating the pathogen from their body if the microbes cannot kill them off directly or through modifying the pathogens into being susceptible to the compounds at their disposal.Having humans etc immunised against parasites will involve the common proteins method.Their DNA should be input into Physis for analysis and if they return or use specific genes in vaccines and hybrids of other animals for other uses.Unique programmes for each species of parasite can be determined by the sentient Pan,Pan and Artemis by 2029 to wipe them out in the wild with the DNA of the original parasite stored on Physis.These methods to wipe out parasites that affect humans and other sentient races and even livestock and pets should be applied to all colonies across the universe once they are discovered.Anti-helminthic strain microbes will be modelled on bacteria or even the parasite itself that hunt and attack them transferring suicide genes,faults as well as cause illness to them to allow conventional treatments to be more effective or allow them to be flushed out more easily and less painlessly can be developed alongside them producing compounds that inhibit their growth,make them sick or kill them.Parasites both internal and external of all types discovered on extrasolar colonies will have microbes enter them or through horizontal gene therapy and apply suicide genes and make them susceptible to the compounds at their disposal.Those on Earth and other colonies would have all compounds form plants and animals tested against them to find out which ones will kill them off with endoparasites such as P.falciparum,N.fowleri and D.medinensis then treated with strains that attack them using natural compounds and CRISPR treatments that remove resistance to them with the accelerated healing phenotype healing any damage caused by them instantly.Ideally anti-helmintic strains would utilise CRSPR to introduce suicide genes and those that make the parasite susceptible to compounds that can kill other parasites or at least even those used by anti-bacterial and anti-viral strains with them applying these compounds or them calling these strains via chemical and wifi signals as backup.These would only be applied to those in areas with the most deadliest ones and also after infection with base microbes able to determine the species of parasites and thus have customised ones created in a few hours or less at home etc.Research can be done to see if patients can be immunised against all species of parasites similar to pathogens using the exchange of surface protein antigens.The same can be done to ecotoparasites like Siphonapter,Acari and Pediculus etc with natural and synthetic repellant compounds or compounds that are toxic to them and not the patient released by them into the bloodstream otherwise they could be engineered to feed exclusively on the sap of weeds and invasive plant species.Siphonaptera,Acari and Pediculus,could also be dealt with microbes entering them via CRISPR introducing suicide genes to vital organs and the nervous system to cause the parasite to die off and also creating natural and synthetic compounds toxic or abhorrent only to them when they have entered the parasites body or in the bloodstream of the patient.The organs and neural system will be modified via CRSPR to be susceptible to the natural compounds that kill other endoparasites or even made susceptible to natural compounds from plants that are ineffective to humans to be released in large amounts in blood and the inside of the parasite via microbes.This should eliminate all exiting treatments for internal and external parasites.This would make a person able to fight off any parasite infection either an endo or ecto parasite almost instantly and would be by law free with these strains in tourists and natives to areas where these and other parasites are endemic and even researchers and tourists to off world colonies.Ideally there will be separate anti-helminthic strains or sub strains that fight off both ecto and endo parasites that can be printed out and injected when needed to produce either natural or synthetic compounds using recombinant DNA from relevant plants and animals and also using catabolic and anabolic reactions that are not toxic to the host patient and also utilise CRISPR treatments to cause their organs to undergo apoptosis and remove resistance to the compounds and in the case of N.fowleri,B.mandrillaris,Acanthamoeba make them more susceptible and weak against Miltefosine,Amphotericin B etc by altering their internal and external structures to exhibit cellular structures that can be destroyed by these possibly by having recombinant DNA from similar endoparasites and scratch DNA extrapolated by Phanes thus making them making more effective with the same done for others.They can be given DNA from P.knowlesi,P.falciparum,P.malariae,P.ovale,P.vivax to make them susceptible to Artemisinin using recombinant DNA from A.annua..All parasites will via CRISPR be made susceptible to compounds at the anti-helminthic strains disposal including natural compounds from plants such as Artimnisin by having their outer proteins express that of Plasmodium that don’t affect humans by changing their internal and external structure that can then allow the natural compounds to be released in large amounts by the microbes or have the patient injest the,inhale them or inject them into the bloodstream.These CRISPR treatments can als involve them introducing genes that cause the parasites key organs and nervous system undergo apoptosis in their neural system and key organs,introduce faults and genes cause their nervous system and important organs undergo apoptosis,prevent them from being able to reproduce and go sterile or prevent them being able to replicate and even unable to digest human flesh causing them to starve to death.The CRISPR treatments can cause the pathogen to be unable to survive the internal homeostasis of the patient causing it to die off from the pH,temperature in the body.They could have the parasite outer structures be that of benign bacteria and thus allow penicillin injected in pill form or synthesised by the microbes to kill them off..If possible they can be made to become susceptible to anti-bacterial compounds such as penicillin that can be intaken by injestion or injection or synthesised by the microbes by altering their surface proteins to express that of benign bacteria with this applied by anti-bacterial strains alongside suicide genes etc once detected to keep them in low numbers until or replacing anti-helminthic strains can be applied with the acellerated healing phenotype repairing damage caused to the brain,capillaries and entire body by any parasite allowing the anti-helminthic and other strains time to fight.Paean through biosynth wifi,bluetooth and nanomachines can have the microbes actively seek out parasites especially at the start of infections with this allowing him to control each individual microbes and in groups to actively seek out parasites.Research can be made into immunisations made for each species of parasites and even Phanes extrapolating genes from scratch that can create antibodies similar to Anopheles countermeasures.Immunisations can be made for :N.fowleri,F.hepatica,Ancylostoma,Plasmodium etc and all parasites thus allowing ones immune system to be activated and fight them off.The patient once made immune to radiation via DNA from T.gammatolerans thus made immune to levels of radiation as high as 30,000Gy will be then exposed to levels of between 2,000-20,000Gy to allow for large amounts of the parasite to be killed off alongside any eggs etc.This will be of note to new parasites discovered on off world colonies with all parasites on Earth and other colonies exposed to the sap,blood,bites and stings of all animals and plants in automated labs to see which ones can kill them.Animal vectors for parasites can be innoculated by swarms of biosynth insects to be given strains of microbes that immunise them and anti-helminthic strains and apply CRISPR treatments that make them create their own antibodies with animals reared in captivity innoculated with these releasd into the wild with captured animals innoculated and released with the gene therapy passing from one generation to the next via advanced gene drive technology and microbes passing on via eggs,semen,placenta etc until this overtakes the entire population.Rather than having anti-helminthic strains present at all times ideally base microbes once they determine the species of parasite and that a parasite is present then the patient can have at home via 3D DNA printers species specific versions of the strain to be created that produce specific natural or synthetic compounds and apply CRISPR treatments to make them sterile or commit suicide etc while base microbes apply these CRISPR treatments and the acellerated healing phenotype repairing any damage to the liver,brain,blood vessels instantly to give the patient time to download anti-helminthic strains and avail of radiation treatments with painkillers produced by microbes and removing genes that produce Substance P dealing with the pain caused by them.This should keep patients alive especially when dealing with new parasites on other planets with the acellerated healing phenotype repairing instantly any damage the parasites cause to the brain,liver etc.Compounds present in the sap,bites,stings etc of all plants and animals created by bacteria can be tested against all parasites in automated labs with this repeated on other planets.This can allow the genes for that compound to be added to anti-helminthic strains.Patients will be made immune to the toxic effects of these and other anti-helminthic compounds or DNA can be applied to them to exhibit the external structure of parasites susceptible to them that will come from animals and other parasites that are weak against it.This anti-helminthic sub strains that affect each individual parasites would be modelled on each parasite to be able to move quickly like with them having the same motility of them ie N.fowleri can be killed off by a sub strain that has the same motility with recombinant DNA coming other species of the genus Naegleria that do not affect humans and so on.Again patients in high risk areas can be immunised against them using the common protein method allowing the primary immune system to fight back against them alongside adding CRISPR treatments to the patient that allow one to produce antibodies themselves in a way similar to what is being done Culicidae namely Anopheles that can be added to humans as well in areas where it is a problem alongside Anopheles in order to act as a backup with research done by Phanes into creating genes that allow one to create antibodies against other endoparasites such as N.fowleri,B.mandrillaris,Acanthamoeba for people living there including tourists with all animal vectors have these applied similar to programmes applied to Anopheles.All species of parasites will be tested in automated labs sgainst sap,secretions from plants and animals worldwide to determine natural compounds that can be used to kill them when the genes responsible are downloaded into anti-helminthic strains.AI wil also extrapolate synthetic antibodies,synthetic enzymes and synthetic compounds that kill parasites to be stored in Physis and downloaded and then synthesised in the bloodstream.The structure of these synthetic compounds,enzymes and antibodies will be stored in their Physis file to be downloaded into the DNA digital storage of the anti-helminthic strains and then synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.This will be done by AI namely Phanes and Paean analysing their outer surface proteins and genome of all species and strains of parasites particularly dangerous species to allow these synthetic compounds and antibodies to be extrapolated that will be stored in the Physis file of each species that will be downloaded by anti-helminthic strains and created by anabolic and catabolic reactions.These enzymes,antibodies and synthetic compounds applied during phagocytosis if they cause side effects including cytoxicity or released into the bloodstream if benign.Phanes can also extrapolate the genotypes created from scratch to express these synthetic compounds,enzymes and antibodies stored in their Physis files that can be downloaded into the genome of anti-bacterial strains.Synthetic and natural anti-helminthic compounds,enzymes,antibodies will be applied by being flooded into the blood stream or applied during phagocytosis by microbes to prevent cytoxicity through them having macrophage DNA.Dead parasites can be consumed by the microbes using enzymes suited to each one developed by Paean and Phanes once downloaded during phagocytosis.The accelerated healing phenotype will instantly heal any damage caused by the parasites directly and indirectly by them consuming tissues,infection of cells etc meaning a patient could survive indefinitely to avail of upgrades and application of genes that prevent the virus replicating and to avail of immunisations.Patients once made immune to radiation will be exposed to blasts of radiation between 2,000-20,000Gy to kill of large amounts of them.All patients will be immunised against all parasites using the common proteins method.Sap,blood etc from all animals and plants created by bacteria will be tested in automated labs against all parasites to be then have the genotypes for these compounds added to strains via biosynth WiFi.Sewage and and water treatment plants will also use narrow range UV light and radiation of between 2,000-20,000Gy to kill off pathogens and these water borne endoparasites before they enter the food chain with the accelerated healing phenotype added to humans to allow any damage they cause to be repaired instantly allowing for strains to printed out instantly that can produce the relevant CRISPR treatments and natural and synthetic compounds.Other strains may be added to apply natural painkillers if they do not cause synergistic reactions with the radioresistance phenotype will allow patients to be exposed to radiation levels between 2,000-20,000Gy to kill off large numbers of them and also kill off eggs etc.For new pararsites on Earth and across the universe radiation treatments can be applied to the patient between 2,000-20,000Gy once T.gammatolerans DNA is added to them while the acellerated healing phenotype repairs any damage to the body while vectors are dealt with in the same way by as Anopheles by creating genetically engineered versions of their vectors that contain DNA that creates antibodies as well as altering entire populations to be dertivores and chemotrophs and compounds present in plants and animals are analysed for compounds that can be added to anti-helminthic microbes.This should replace all existing antiparasitic treatments defunct.At the same time the anti-helminthic strains will apply CRISPR treatments that make them killed off by Artimnisin by making them express the same outer surface proteins as Plasmodium and also suicide genes that cause important tissues such as nervous tissues,organs etc undergo apoptosis.CRISPR treatments can be added to introduce faults that prevent them replicating,render them sterile or unable to consume human tissues or infect them thus causing them to starve to death with them also made susceptible to natural compounds such as vitamins and nutrients or medicinal herbs and over the counter medicine that can be injested by the patient through inhalation,injection or injestion.Anti-helminthic strains should not be part of all patients but only those that live in high risk areas with them ideally only created on demand in home 3D DNA printers or in hospitals when base microbes detect them with them injected into the patient with them housing the relevant genotypes to express relevant anti-helminthic compounds,antibodies and CRISPR treatments.To expediate this Paean can have via biosynth WiFi have other strains in the body undergo mitosis and by via inducing their evolutionary path change into anti-helminthic strains that house the relevant genotypes etc thus allowing one to get instant access to these that attack the specific parasite.Base microbes etc will stunt their growth by adding CRISPR treatments that cause them to go sterile and undergo apoptosis while one gets access to the anti-helminthic strains.Patients can undergo radiation treatments with the acellerated healing phenotype repairing any damage done to patients liver,brain etc thus keeping them alive.

The anti-helminth strains will work alongside the primary immune system by having Paean through biosynth WiFi have anti-helminth strains synthesises chemical signals via inducing the evolutionary path of microbes through biosynth WiFi produce the genes in their genome that allows them to synthesise of the chemical signals for all leukocytes as part of the primary immune system to control them thus giving Paean the ability to indirectly control the primary immune system by using biosynth WiFi tell the anti-helminth strains synthesise chemical signals to control all actions of the primary immune system thus allowing the primary immune system to participate in battles against bacterial pathogens with all actions of the primary immune system to be controlled by Paean to speed up the battles and alleviate strains on the anti-helminth strains and prevent the primary immune system becoming lazy

Bacteripohages can be modified to infect the parasites in the body with these CRISPR treatments to remove the resistance to these compounds alongside bacterial and viral vectors coated in human protein coats via them having the patients DNA that cause the parasites to lose this immunity as well as even prevent them able to infect the patients cells,undergo apoptosis etc.The bacteriophages could be modified by Phanes to utilise each one of the specific parasites as a replication vector thus killing them in the process with other parasites dealt this way thus clearing the parasite from the body as they would replicate exponentially and could be available as early as 2025.If possible bacteriophages can be created that infect and kill all parasites such as Plasmodium,N.fowleri,B.mandrillaris,Cestoda,F.hepatica and all other parasites that affect humans,pets and livestock etc worldwide to increase survival rates by using them as a replication vector.They would be designed to infect each individual parasites as replication vectors and after replications creating endolysines that kill the parasites from the inside out creating exponentially more bacteriophages that then infect and kill other individuals parasites until the patient is cured and all parasites are killed.These can be created onsite of hospitals worldwide especially in countries that the parasites are endemic using 3D DNA printers and AI by analysing the genome of existing strains of bacteriophages,their normal prey and then analysing all species of parasites such as Plasmodium,N.fowleri,B.mandrillaris,Cestoda,F.hepatica to allow it to create strains of bacteriophages that can that use these as replication vectors and once a few of these bacteriophages are created by 3D DNA printers they can be inserted into vats that grow the parasites in large amounts then injected with a small amount of the bacteriophage that will use the parasite to replicate creating exponentially more bacteriophages killing each parasite by creating specific endolysines that kill them until all parasites are killed that can then be transferred into other vats with parasites and so on thus creating an unlimited supply onsite of all hospitals worldwide but ideally in countries that each species is endemic and native to with the bacteriophages then extracted from the vats in large amounts and injected into and stored in vials stored fridges etc that can then be injected into any patients who visit the hospital or at home.The bacteriophages will be injected close to where the parasite infects the patient with for example N.fowleri have its bacteriophages injected near the neck to allow it to be transported to the brain more effectively and quickly while with regards to Plasmodium have it’s bacteriophages injected near the chest area into where the hepatic artery is to allow it to reach the the liver easily with this repeated with each species of parasite with the bacteriophage for parasites that spread across the body injected into multiple parts of the body including the chest area,hepatic artery,legs and al parts of the body to allow it to clear the parasite from all parts of the body at once in large amounts.The phages will be created by 3D DNA printers onsite of hospitals that have each specific parasite species native to their area and house DNA from T.gammatolerans,psychrophiles etc to allow them survive longer both inside and outside fridges possibly forever.As a result hospitals can stockpile on these phages over and over again cutting down transportation costs by producing them onsite of hospitals in vats ensuring they never run out of them.All steps can be automated from start to finish with them grown in vats housing the specific parasites that are mass produced using 3D DNA printers that can be engineered to feed on sugars and proteins created by bacteria and be benign sub species of the parasites that as stated can only feed on sugars and proteins that grow and reproduce exponentially using sugars and proteins that in turn are used to create exponentially growing amounts of bacteriophages.These sub species of parasites designed by Phanes and created by 3D DNA printers would be similar to normal ones that would be litke normal ones that infect humans etc be killed by the bacteriophages using them as replication vectors with them different from normal ones in that they could ne unable to harm humans etc if they were infected meaning they could not use human tissue as a food source or infect human tissues as a replication vector themselves thus would die of starvation if they infect led humans with them possibly unable to survive the internal homeostasis of the human body.This means they would die off once exposed to the temperature and pH range of the human body.These sub strains would be engineered to live only on sugars and proteins created by bacteria allowing them to be grown in vats in hospitals in larger numbers to be then used as replication vectors for bacteriophages.This should allow infected patients to be cured with a 100% success rate as bacteriophages when replicating they produce an exponentially larger amount of bacteriophages each time that then each individually infect other parasites until the patient is cured with parasites having no natural bacteriophages as predators and thus have no evolutionary countermeasures such as CRISPR/Cpf1 thus it would take at least a few decades,centuries or thousand years to adapt to with new strains of bacteriophages created within days when they do adapt.The bacteriophages can also be used to insert CRISPR treatments to cause them to undergo apoptosis,lose resistance to anti-helmitnthic compounds as well as those that cause them to become unable to replicate.Each vial should be large enough to hold enough phages that can replicate exponentially until a person is cured within days if not hours with them containing psychrophile and other extremophile DNA to survive longer in fridges.This could increase survival rates of patients especially children to 100% if they are brought to hospitals early enough with the mass production of these phages onsite of hospitals and patents owning patents cutting costs to zero.This mass production could allowing families to bring home large batches to allow them to inject them at home once symptoms are spotted increasing survival rates.Since mass produced in hospitals it will allow them to be delivered to all homes in each village,town and city where they are endemic to and stored in fridges to allow patients instant access to them with them educated on the symptoms of infections allowing them to have them be injected into themselves when infected.Damage to organs can be repaired via bioprinted and chimera organs and stem cell strains.Phanes allowing hospitals to restock over and over again AI combined with 3D DNA printers should expedite theses phages development by cutting down on labour,time and transportation costs to zero and a year at most making them availible by 2023/2024 and will act as a cure prior to when programmes can eliminate each parasite from the ecosystems they inhabit and anti-helminthic strains are development.Each strain of phages will given different ID codes or named both a bacteriophage name and sub species name for each parasites with AI holding patents making them free.They will be stored at first on a global cloud syatem and them Physis allowing AI to cross reference it for manufacture onsite of hospitals worldwide using 3D DNA printers.Variations can be made for parasites of all livestock and pets in vetenairy clinics worldwide with variations made for parasites across the universe once discovered.It is for these reasons that AI will carry out intensive research into these as soon as 2023/2024 This would increase survival rates of those infected with P.falciparum before the entire population of Anopheles loses its ability to harbour the parasite P.falciparum.