On the Nature of Immortality

When dealing with immortality there is the common argument that one would eventually see and do everything to the point that life would become bored and thus seek death over the monotony of existence.Two instances in media I have seen this extrapolated is the Q from Star Trek and the representations of Heaven and Hell in The Good Place.For those of you who are not Trek fans the Q are an immortal,omnipotent,omniscient race in Star Trek who after billions of years of immortality,omnipotence and omniscience have become of existence to the point that they spend their time in complete silence and boredom as everything that could be said or done has been said if done.The reason for this is of course their omniscience as unlike humans and other races they inhabit a higher dimension that gives them omniscience to the entirety of existence.It is implied in the episode Q2 that time works different than in the universe as while the character Q disappears and then reappears about less than an hour later he explains that years have passed.There are other indications in other episodes that that they experience time differently than humans and view it as the past,present and future occuring at once and that their omniscience extends to the entire universe with it implied that they can view the future before it happens though they can be at times surprised at things happening later or earlier than normal.Then of course it is implied that this omniscience extends not only to the franchises universe but in fact all universe that exist in the multiverse.Therefore they can see the past,present and future across the entirity of the universe and across all realities that exist and thus see everything that possibly exist at once.This would be very boring very quickly.Knowing everything that happens across the entire multiverse and of course all of the future etc would be boring very quickly.Considering the universe is at least 13,700,000,000 years old and there at least 200,000,000,0000 galaxies I hardly think you could bored of it in that short amount of time.What makes life for us mere mortals beareable is the unpredictability of reality in that we cannot know what the future holds and we are only aware of what’s going on in our local section of the universe and indeed multiverse due to our limited neural capacity and spatial awareness.None if us can tell what exactly is happening in any other part of the world much less the entire universe.Read a book,watch a movie and comment on it and you’ll realise that there will be new movies and books etc produced after it and not just from humans but all sentient races across the universe.Then of course you can be considered an expert on something or a polymath that doesn’t mean you know everything.Try and name every single person that is alive or has lived,try and name every movie,video game,television show(and their episodes),books etc that has been produced.Try and name every single species of plants and animals that exist both their general name and scientific names.Try and learn every single language on Earth roughly 6,500.Now upscale that to the rest of the universe or even multiverse.The answer is you can’t.Knowing everything is impossible.Even experts and polymaths like myself can only know so much on the subjects we are skilled at – that’s where Wikipedia comes in..The human brain can only remember or process a limited amount of information.This is due to the fact that the human memory is finite.We have recently discovered that the human brains capacity for storing information is actually much bigger than what was previously thought like internet size big but we only remember what is relevant and necessary to our survival hence why if we were to live forever we would still remember important things like the dates of our birthday,that of friends,anniversaries and our favourite things and important experiences relevant to our existence that shape us who we are.We cannot remember every single second of every single day of our existence which is a good thing as eventually our brains would clog up with junk information and collapse in on itself and we would begin to forget everything.It is only memories and experiences relevant to us that we remember while everything else is forgotten.Our brains thus prioritise what is important.It evolved to remember specific facts relevant to our survival.That is what makes existence bearable over omniscience.This at least makes immortality bearable.Those with actual eidetic memories do to a certain degree have shortcomings in other faculties of their neural functioning.People even in our limited lifespans do enjoy consuming the same types of meals,foods and flavours,carrying out the same hobbies and pastimes,as well as digesting the same types of entertainment and their genres and tropes such as soap operas,fantasy,science fiction,heroes,characters,vampires,aliens,magic and sorcery etc even if they repeat themselves.Emerging technologies such as VR technology wherein one is allowed to do whatever they want would possibly eliminate boredom forever.Thus if one were immortal then one would never get bored of the same entertainment they digest,the same as me foods they consume and same hobbies they carry out.Then of course there is the fact that once we do become immortal their are limitations to it such as limitations to the acellerated healing phenotype,limits to radioresistence and limits to toxin tolerance meaning we could still die if exposed to sufficient physical trauma etc outside the limits of genetic engineering thus giving us enough to fear death.Furthermore there is the fact that the Q are omnipotent which again would kinda get boring after a while because when you are in control of all matter and energy in the universe that would leave you in a position to be bored.Everyone dreams of being a god with unlimited power,omniscience and pure immortality but when combined together it gets boring after a while to the point that being left inside a quasi immortal shell or death seems desirable.

The second media The Good Place details the characters present in two versions of the afterlife – the bad place based on hell and the good place based on heaven.In both places the residents have become bored in their different ways.In the bad place it is implied that those that are sent their and doomed to suffer eternal torture have become used to the totrture they experience abc thus have become numbed,desensitised and bored.Their demonic torturers are also implied to have become bored of their jobs and have to find new ways to torture people.Ted Dansons character Micheal idea of tricking the main characters that they are in the good place only to torture each other for eternity is only given the go ahead due to being completely new from the usual fire,brimstone,dismemberment routine.In the Good Pace modelled after heaven it is a lush paradise where each person gets what they want instantly and are allowed to experience pleasure in all of its forms including organs on demand and clothes that clean themselves.People have become hedonistic pleasure zombies from getting what they want all the time and thus are stuck in a daze.This only found out when Hypathia reveals to them that paradise looks good on paper but it eventually wears thin when it goes on forever.It is implied that they are not stretched or stimulated creatively or intellectually and are thus become bored with paradise.All that is expected of them is to have sex,eat good food,play video games and that’s about it.There is no conflict of intellectual stimulation.The fact that no one has entered the Good Place in over 500 years has made things worse as there are no new people to interact with.This presents the problem of eternal paradise and eternal hell as eventually too much of either becomes unbearable.Once the main characters arrive in the good place they soon make reforms to give the residents meaning through discussing philosophy and expand outside of their pleasure bubble.Life on Earth is only bearable through conflict whether it is that involving others and everyday problems and chores we must do to get by rather than having things handed to us on a plate.Life has its ups and downs as well it being unpredictable and that’s what makes it exciting and bearable.

Thus it is our limitations and potential infinite possibilities and everyday struggles that makes immortality a desirable option.The common denotation of debunking infinity and probability is the card deck shuffle excuse.Each deck of cards has about 52 cards shuffle them enough times and you will get every possible combination an infinite number of times.This is what you get when dealing with finite amounts of number.Infinity is the exact opposite of this – it isn’t even a number it’s a word we use to describe a concept that literally goes on forever with no boundaries.Thus we can if we use an infinite number we can get an infinite number of outcomes.Take genetics for example it has been proven that each male and female couple could through sexual reproduction create at least 64,000,000,000,000 genetically distinct offspring.If each one of those had children with any other 64,000,000,000,000 offspring of another couple this could lead to another 64,000,000,000,000 offspring which then in turn leads another 64,000,000,000,000 with any other person leading into infinity.This means there is an infinite number of people that could potentially exist meaning you could never really meet everyone that could exist and that just with humans and not taking into account other sentient races.This could in turn lead to an infinite number or variety of manufactured products such as clothing,towels,electronics,dolls,action figurines if they had human bodies and faces of every potential person on them or modelled on them.This could also lead to an infinite number of video games,movies,television shows etc.With regards to music there are only a finite amount of combinations of songs based on the finite amount of musical notes that we can hear.Its estimated that we will run our new music in about a few hundred years despite the fact that are currently several hundred million songs in existence as of 2022.This only takes into account the fact that most songs are usually five minutes long on average with increasing the length of songs to an hour or even twenty four hours or longer exponentially increasing the variation with then of course there are musical notes outside the audible range of humans.If neural implants and genetic engineering could increase the amount of sounds we can hear it should increase the amount of musical notes and thus combinations of them exponentionally potentially into infinity depending on the range of the hertz scale with the range of colours we can perceive being limited to 10,000,000 colours which stretch into infinity if the electromagnetic spectrum goes on forever.If not then other universe must have an infinite amount of different hertz and electromagnetic spectrum scales.There is of course genetics leading to an infinite number of species of plants and animals given the potential for an infinite number of genes to be present in cells.This can increase exponentially when using bases derived from all 94( or pontential more elements) and more complex compounds.With regards to terrain of planets whether they are those made artificially and in VR simulations or that occur naturally in our reality or all realities the similar principle of genetics can be applied to planets.Similar as to how in genetics two individuals can create up to 64,000,000,000,000 genetically distinct individuals using three metres of DNA who can in turn create 64,000,000,000,000 genetically distinct individuals when cross breeding with any other two individuals thus leading to an almost infinite genetically distinct individuals Iphegenia can do the same when designing planets with her taking the terrain of two existing or new planets created by her and thus create progeny designs by making hybrids between two planets.Since planets are at least a billion or more times larger than a strand of DNA and the amount of surface area of Earth being at 126,000,000,000 acres with the amount of land being 37,800,000,000 acres then this hybridisation of planets can lead to at least 2,419,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 – 8,256,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different planets when hybridising only two planets with each one of those hybridised with another planet created from hybridising any two other planets that can in turn create another 2,419,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 – 8,256,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets that in turn can lead to another completely different 2,419,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 – 8,256,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets and so on into potentially infinity thus leading to an infinite amount of artificial planets created by her with ring worlds,dyson shells and alderson discs since between 1,000,000-1,000,000,000 times larger could increase variation per planet by this much.This variation can be further increased exponentially when she instead of making hybrids with only two planets can make hybrids between three,four,five,ten,hundred,thousand,million or even billion or even more different planets together alongside planets that are created by her from scratch and even additional geological formations etc added to these hybridised ones from scratch by her thus exponentially increasing the amount of possible hybrid combinations of progeny planets exponentially and in proportion to those being hybridised potentially into infinity with again ringworlds,dyson shells and alderson discs exponentially increasing this variability by 1,000,000 – 1,000,000,000 times.As for the multiverse if there are an infinite number of realities then their would be an infinite number of humans present in inhabited ones with if my theories are true and each universe wavelengths and thus phenotypes are determined by mathematical equations both those that can be comprehended by humans and those that cannot then there would be an infinite number of laws of physics that leads to an infinite number of chemical elements,chemical compounds and thus lifeforms and technologies.Considering I have a very high success rate of at least 97% in predicting.This if true could lead to it being virtually impossible to ever know everything or see everything thus giving researchers or humanity itself an eternity of discovery.

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