Chelation Strains

Chelation Strains:
Microbes would use chemical signals produced by each other to guide them to certain sites and carry out certain functions controlled by the nanomachines and vice versa with if possible these will have recombinant DNA from metallotolerants,G.metallireducens strains,opossums,bioremmediating plants from scratch and bacteria to soak up excess heavy toxic metals as well as break down excess pharmaceutical compounds in the body using them as energy acceptors and produce antivenoms or break down poisons including pesticides or synthetic chemicals that enter the body into benign compounds,create compounds that bind to heavy metals or toxins such as biofilms or those that make them benign and able to be flushed out of the system and/or convert heavy metals and pharmacological compounds into benign compounds to be flushed out of the body via urine,feces,sweat and tears initiated through hormones or convert them into nutrients for the host and the microbes controlled by the nanomachines to prevent overdosing,poisoning turning them into benign compounds or nutrients for the microbes or host.This would be done by a strain that breaks down poisons etc by being tweaks to detect them and counteract them.If possible they may also create compounds like proteins that bind to the receptors that venoms,heavy metals and poisons also bind to and thus prevent the poison affecting the host via taking up the receptors place and thus blocking the poisons,drugs etc connecting to the receptors and thus affecting the host with any organs such as the brain kept alive by new tissue being replenished and then providing oxygen with the poisons etc flushed out of the body since they have no where to bind or even the microbes using catabolic and anabolic reactions would turn them into nutrients or benign compounds be used up or flushed out of the body with heavy metals bound to compounds such as proteins including bumpers created by them to be able to be flushed out with them collected in sewage treatment plants.If possible proteins can be created by the microbes that bind to the poison or heavy metal etc and then prevent it interacting with the receptors in the body allowing it to be flushed out in the form of urine and feces with the receptors changed via CRISPR to be unable to interact with specific toxins,heavy metals etc with any compounds in the body necessary for proper functioning can be changed to accommodate this change again via CRISPR.By creating neurotransmitters and proteins that take up space on receptors on key organs such as the lungs,brain,heart etc this will prevent the person being affected by them and allow the toxins to be flushed out of the body normally and also allow the base microbes and chelation strain time to act and either break them down into benign compounds and also download the compounds specific counterproteins and antivenom from Physis to be synthesised in the bloodstream in large amounts with the toxins when covered in proteins that neutralise them and prevent them interacting with more receptors and thus allow them to be flushed out of the body via feces and urine.To prevent the proteins that take up space negatively affect the host ie cause the same fatal symptoms of the toxin the proteins will encourage them to carry out beneficial effects such as initiate pleasure hormones,those that accentuate normal functions that are beneficial or neutral reactions leading to no effect preventing the proteins that bind to these receptors causing any negative if potentially serious side effects including those that may be fatal.These neutral reactions would be ones that initaite normal conditions in the biochemistry of the body that have no fatal or dangerous side effects or they could be no biochemical reaction at all that would prevent the toxin,heavy element etc interacting with the receptors that it normally does in the brain,peripheral nervous system etc thus preventing said poisons etc causingside effects,symptioms and death of the patient.When the poisons have been dealt with the microbes can imitate chemical signals to remove the proteins from the receptors or have these proteins be temporarily interact with the receptors meaning they will have to be applied routinely one after an other with them staying in place for a few hours or few days at a time with base microbes and chelation strains residing around the organ blocking the entrance of molecules of the toxin into where the receptors are and destroying and and neutraliding any molecules that approach them.Any damage caused by heavy metals,poisons etc that do manage to interact with the body that can cause damage to vital organs such as the liver,brain etc will be repaired by the accelerated healing phenotype instantly and also microbes replacing affected tissues.The brain would be the first area to have receptors taken up by benign compounds to prevent poisons etc affecting them with other key organs such as the lungs,liver,heart etc treated this way while other microbes create compounds even proteins to bind to
the other molecules of poison and heavy metal to prevent it interacting with the body and thus allow it to be flushed out.Date rape drugs can also be dealt this way alongside overtaken drugs whether recreational and medicinal as well as even synergistic compounds that may damage the host.Thus the toxins etc can have proteins that bind to them either universal or specific ones that prevent them interacting with receptors in the body to allow them to be flushed out with AI extrapolating these for each toxin,heavy metals that can be synthesised once the specific compound is determined by base microbes via biosynth WiFi.The brain,lungs etc will have receptors that the venom etc interacts with taken up by proteins created by microbes that initiate pleasure or neutral functions thus preventing the toxin interacting with it and being flushed out.Complex compounds not part of the normal biochemistry can be turned into benign compounds and nutrients via anabolic and catabolic reactions.Ideally all methods will be applied at once with Paean via nano-machines and biosynth WiFi applying them all at once to improve success before the hosts body is damaged with accelerated healing able to instantly repair the brain and other vital organ damaged by them including date rape drugs.This would negate the issues associated with chelating agents with the proteins and other measures applied almost instantly improving survival rates.AI will analyse the structure of all heavy metals,poisons etc and extrapolate antivenon and counterproteins stored in Physis that will be once a toxin etc is identified be downloaded into awoken chelation strains or base microbes digital DNA storage and transformed into chelation strains and undergo mass replication and carry out these functions with the AI also extrapolations neurotransmitters and proteins to be applied to the receptors in the brain etc that cause neutral reactions and also extrapolate universal counter proteins,proteins and neurotransmitters stored on its digital DNA storage to deal with all heavy metals and poisons etc to deal with the first detected molecules to give enough time for more specific counter proteins to be downloaded.All detected compounds not part of normal human biochemistry such as toxins etc will be also first turned into benign compounds and nutrients as well.Bisphenol A and other bioaccumalted compounds in the body will be dealt with the same way allowing them to flushed out of the body quickly with new instances dealt with accordingly although in time BPA will become obsolete.Excess metals and elements and toxic potentially carcinogenic compounds and those that can cause death through interactions with pharmacological compounds and other no pharmocological compounds as well as excess levels of stimulants from energy drinks that can be be fatal in high doses or certain people can also be used to synthesis nutrients for the host as well as the microbes,medicinal,hormonal or benign compounds once modified to be flushed out of the body with them also converting excess sugars,fats,proteins etc into other nutrients,biomedical compounds or flushed out of the body in the form of urine,feces or carbon dioxide and other gases.These and other compounds and even heavy metals if in excess levels can be soaked up and released in controlled bursts via the microbes measuring levels of these and synergistic compounds so as to prevent overdosing and reduce chances of death when vital signs read by implants,nanomachines and smart clothing indicate a coma or death.In the case of two or more synergistic compounds present different groups of them through bio communication will intake all or at least two of them together so when the levels of one compound breaks down in the body or flushed out by natural means they will release the next one in controlled bursts until it is broken down and flushed out as well as either break down the last remaining ones or then release it in controlled bursts to allow it to be flushed out of the system.Otherwise it will in the case of three compounds soak up the remaining two and break them down into benign compounds or nutrients and soak up any excess of the third and release in short bursts in concentrations below the compounds LD50 limits determined by the nervous systems present.The microbes will decide which ones to soak up,which to convert into benign substances,which to create compounds to bind to them so they can be flushed out of the system and which to turn into nutrients for the host and the microbes with if necessary those in endospores awoken,more created via replication and then sent to form an endospore state once this and other tasks are finished to improve the chances of success.Again the receptors in the body will have proteins created to take up their space in these cases with proteins also created that bind to the compounds to prevent them interacting with the body and thus flush out of the body.This can also be done to nutrients like salt and also taurine and nutrients that have synergistic effects that can lead to hypertension,coma and even death with them taken in by the host via energy drinks and also by themselves etc either intentionally or accidentally.Alcohol can also be treated this way.The brain and other vital organs will be kept alive and also repaired by any damage by chronic drug use or overdosing.The microbes ability to detect these compounds LD50 limit would come from them having tweaked C.elegans recombinant DNA.This can as stated be done to all compounds that have synergistic effects with each as well as any drugs such as any remaining medicinal ones used including recreational ones such as morphine that is administered intravenously and also produced by the microbes to prevent overdosing.Any organs effected will be repaired by them and the body using DNA from Planarians,Hydra and A.mexicanum to repair any damage with affected cells caused to undergo apoptosis to allow new ones to be regrown by the microbes and augmented hosts new healing abilities.The acellerated healing phenotypeIf possible these phenotypes of creating antivenoms and being immune to heavy metals,pesticides,synthetic and radioactive materials can be transferred to the host and the primary immune system as well as erythrocytes via horizontal gene transfer allowing the host to be immune from these alleviating strains on them by creating its own antivenom,compounds to counteract and bind to them or even alter the receptors the compound or genes and even whole key organs such as brain,liver and heart they interact with to be unable to be affected when a poison is detected with the brain and other vital organs kept alive until they can be treated by the microbes or even administration of antivenoms from hospitals.Poisons etc as stated can be dealt with the microbes breaking them down while they are bound to a compound such as protein bumpers that holds them in place preventing them binding to the receptors they affect and them broken down into nutrients,water and oxygen that can be stored in the body or the poison then flushed out of the body while these proteins bind to them preventing the poison being able to attach to relevant receptors and also them creating proteins that takes up space in the receptors.This should be tested on animals at first with their being a strain strain made to deal with this or this introduced into others like anti-bacterial strains though it could be one strain with all strains engineered to detect poisons,date rape drugs etc that can then signal to this strain that is awoken from endospore states to carry this out instantly via chemical signals or indeed in time nanomachines.Also since the receptors on the strains that deal with these to detect would only have to be universal receptors and not have to have different receptors for each one as the phenotype of C.elegans would intake the compounds and through mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them would be able to send via nanomachines and biosynth wifi the structure of the compound to Paean as well as the microbes themselves and thus organise what to do instantly ie what proteins to synthesise and release onto the molecule and also receptors in the body and what catabolic and anabolic reactions to carry out as well as what to do with them using chemothaxis using their structure to cause them to locate the minute and large levels of the compounds in the the body with the strain undergoing mass replication and travelling to all parts of the body where the compound is and also to where the receptors it interacts with to create proteins that interact with them preventing the compound affecting the host.Paean will cross reference Physis and decide what are the best proteins to produce to bind to them and store the most likely compounds and proteins to the DNA digital storage on microbes with each microbe having as much data for as many as possible stored on them on each one as well as in the neural implants in the body.Base microbes will contain these universal receptors to then awaken the chelation strains or if possible both chelation and base strains of microbes will house these alongside implants.To deal with stings and bites form arthropods from the order Hymenoptera they could produce the chemicals that counteract them such as vinegar or milk of magnesia via anabolic and catabolic reactions or recombinant DNA from plants and animals that produce compounds that counteract this with the same done to stinging plants such as Urtica dioica with them at the same time producing natural painkillers to at least null the pain with the host engineered to make these compounds in response or even modifying the arthropods from creating venoms that affect their prey but not humans with their prey also engineered to be affected by these new poisons with the same applied to poisons from Serpentes and even Arachnids,sea fauna particularly Medusozoa etc and also stinging plants.Poisonous plants of all types such as N.oleander,Rhododendron,Digitalis,L.longiflorum etc can also undergo this with them and poisonous animals have different phenotypes implanted into them ie different coloured patterns.These would be created in large amounts in labs and released into the wild with them having unique phenotypes to distinguish them from originals with lampray and arthropod bio synths in live animals with microbes that would alter live animals.The exception would of course be P.clavata due to it being required fro Agoge trainees.This would require breeding large amounts of these engineered animals and releasing them into the wild and/or using CRISPR to inoculate wild animals via hand or using biosynth arthropods and lampreys in swarms.Toxic plants in the wild can also undergo this alongside their prey.Chelation and antivenom strains would have the structure of toxins from plants and all types of animals,heavy metals and also poisons present in their DNA digital storage and when a person is affected the universal receptors on the microbes will analyse the structure of the toxin and using the stored structure on its file will create counterproteins stored on it as well with one having them for all poisonous plants and animals including Hymenoptera in their country with this deleted and new ones added as they move to new countries for holidays etc with if no storage space exists then it can be relayed to Paean who will instruct them what counterproteins to produce from his database our carry out catabolic and anabolic reactions to turn them into benign compounds to be flushed out and also have receptors in all important organs the body to be taken up by proteins etc with all steps ensuring the poison will be flushed out of the body through sweat,urine and feces with any damage caused to the bodies important organs such as liver,heart,brain and lungs healed instantly by the accelerated healing phenotype.AI will analyse all venoms,poisons and heavy metals etc structure and then extrapolate counterproteins to then be stored in the animal and plants and heavy metal etc Physis file to be the downloaded and applied with if possible universal counterproteins that temporarily neutralise them created for whole orders of toxins,poisons etc to be stored on microbes digital DNA storage to be applied while toxin,poison,venom etc specific counterproteins are are downloaded.These can be created by anabolic and catabolic reactions alongside AI developing scratch DNA to be downloaded to synthesise them.If possible enzymes may be used with new enzymes will be extrapolated alongside scratch DNA to be downloaded to produce them or them created by anabolic and catabolic reactions.To improve success all measures – conversion of them into benign compounds via anabolic and catabolic reactions,applying counterproteins to them and proteins to receptors they interact with will be done at once while the acellerated healing phenotype heals all affected organs.In time biosynth implants will not only as detect the toxins but also download,have already stored and produce counterproteins and neurotransmitters etc and carry out anabolic and catabolic reactions on a larger scale with them awaking chelation strains etc to do this that will carry these out once undergoing mass replication also producing these and carrying out these on a large scale as well.Paean in each case via fragmentation on neural implants and implants that detect this etc will organise all actions to deal with the individual instances instantly allowing for survival rates to be anywhere near 90-100% by 2029-2045 due to advancements in AI and biosynth WiFi and Paean in implants in a fragmented form.By 2045 on wards this being almost instantaneous meaning that poisons may not be able to affect the host with by 2029 it being fast enough to allow the patient given an extra few hours,days or months than what is normally possible to survive long enough to seek medical treatments.All instances of toxin and venom infection all steps taken will be logged into ones patient files.As detailed earlier on forced evolution can allow bacteria create genes to create counterproteins to each type of poison and thus be added to humans via CRISPR with the body taught to produce counterproteins in response to bites and stings via microbes creating small amounts of the specific poisons with this applied to tourists and natives of an area and removed when not needed.The same will be done to poisonous gases both natural and synthetic.

Date rape drugs such as Flunitrazepam(Rohypnol),γ-Hydroxybutyric acid etc and other drugs used in high amounts that put a person unconscious could be detected by them in significant levels outside of those prescribed or even produced naturally as well as automatically by the person alerting Paean to do so when out in a nightclub and bar or persons home and break them down into benign compounds or again nutrients for the host and microbes or proteins created by them that bind to the drugs preventing them from interacting with the relevant receptors as well as proteins that bind to the receptors preventing the drugs interacting with the drugs.Otherwise the host can be made immune to date rape drugs as well as the brain kept alert via CRISPR by Phanes extrapolating from scratch genes that confer immunity to these with this removed for users of them that use them to treat insomnia.In time this may be done by receptors and sensors including neural,chemical ones as well as those on receptor sites in the body that interact with venoms,pharmaceutical compounds,undesirable drugs and compounds within the bacteria and/or its wall etc that can detect the venoms,excess levels of pharmaceuticals and specific heavy metals in specific levels.These will be treated in the same way as toxins.They would be able to carry out anabolic and catabolic reactions by using all available atoms in compounds and gases in the body either toxins,excess nutrients,stored nutrients and intaken compounds(alcohol,pharmacological compounds etc) and convert them into useful nutrients,benign compounds that can be flushed out or broken down by the body,pharmocological compounds and hormones etc using recombinant DNA from plants,animals and humans as well produce synthetic ones using scratch DNA with the possibility of soaking up and storing excess toxic elements and compounds including those that have synergistic effects or have exceed the LD50 limit or even recommended dosage and then release them in short bursts to ensure they are naturally flushed out of the body,broken down or used in controlled levels below the LD50 and recommended dose.Thus they will store excess of the compounds and toxic elements and break down some of it into benign compounds,others will be turned into nutrients for the host and microbes wile others will be stored in the microbes and released in short bursts managed by the neural clusters detecting acceptable levels.This will be controlled by the microbes and their nervous systems detecting levels of all compounds in the bloodstream.Ideally the microbes would be tweaked to break down or bind to and flush out all compounds that it does not see as part of the normal human biochemistry with receptors that the drug interacts with covered in proteins that prevent the compound including date rape drugs interact with them with he compound also bound with proteins to allow them to be flushed put of the body.Also nanomaterials and biosynth sensors can be built into the matrix of drinking glasses to detect even the slightest levels of date rape drugs including Rohypnol with alarms sent through the glass changing colour or the graphene highlighting via augmented reality and biosynth wifi this as well as the microchips present interacting with ones smart devices such as phones and lenses etc.This can be integrated into the matrix of all glasses at both home and in restaurants.Recombinant DNA from humans and C.elegans to create neural clusters and also sensors will allow for accurate sensations of the concentration of all chemicals they posses.To make one immune to poisons,heavy metals,toxins and also synthetic date rape drugs in levels enough to put one unconscious,microbiology labs can have bacteria with human DNA exposed to large levels of them and made to evolve countermeasures and resistance to them with the new genes added to patients via upgrades.Otherwise AI could analyse the structure of every poison,heavy metals,toxins whether gas/liquid/solid,date rape drug etc and extrapolate counterproteins that can be created by microbes in response to them via anabolic and catabolic reactions downloaded into the the chelation strains from Physis.These counterproteins will be downloaded onto the the DNA digital storage via wifi with new posions etc and those detected without wifi access to Phyis dealt with them being tuned into benign substances via anabolic and catabolic reactions.Again enzymes can be used.This would be all done by a sub augmentation strain known as the chelation strain that will deal with poisons,toxins,heavy metals in the same manner as chelation but it done instantly in the body invivo negating any side effects etc though gene therapy that makes the host immune to all toxins,synthetic compounds and poisons etc by testing this in automated microbiology labs by exposing the bacteria to large doses of them to develop countermeasures allowing for new genes to be prepared to be added to humans.Also since the receptors on the chelation strains would only have to be universal receptors and not have to have different receptors for each one as the phenotype of C.elegans would intake the compounds and through mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them would be able to send via nanomachines and biosynth wifi the structure of the compound to him and thus organise what to do instantly or them programmed to so using memory stored in digital DNA storage and nanomachines in this strain what to do for each known and new foreign substances not sent to them by Paean with new ones sent to Paean for analysis as to whether it is benign or not.New foreign compounds such as those on other planets etc will be analysed by the receptors and sent to Physis and ideally even if it benign or not Paean will signal them to break them down,turn them into nutrients or benign compounds and also create proteins to bind to them and the receptors of key organs such as the brains.Advances in AI will allow Paean to decide and extrapolate proteins that may suit the compounds to allow them to be flushed out.Proteins similar to Cas-9 and taq ploymerase created from scratch could be created that can scan the structure of the compound to then transmit it to Paean with this also method to allow them to detect just poisons,date rape drugs and also heavy metals causing them to undergo replication when they are detected and locate them via chemothaxis.This strain will perform on demand by patients controlled by Paean detoxifying events where all synthetic substances and heavy metals etc detected by the strain will be cleared out of the system in the aforementioned ways alongside diets recommended by both Paean and Hereacles.As detailed earlier and later on recombinant DNA from animals that produce proteins to counteract poisons and bacteria used to create these for all poisonous animals and also bacteria that can survive large doses of heavy metals can be used to make humans immune to them by adding the existing and new recombinant DNA to the host allowing the patient to naturally produce proteins.Base microbes could at first turn compounds not part of the normal biochemistry into benign compounds via anabolic and catabolic reactions before activating chelation strains or having them injected at home and them undergoing mass replication and breaking down the foreign compound will allow large amounts of the poison etc to be destroyed while at the same time it using
mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction etc to crossrefference the name of the compound in Physis and at the same time within minutes or seconds download the proper counterproteins that neutralise them making them unable to attach to relevant receptors in the body and also download and create relevant proteins and neutrotransmitters that connect to receptors in the body the compound interacts with thus preventing them affecting the body.The actions of based microbes and chelation strains by 2045 will be able to save the life of patients in at least 90-100% with if not then they can at least extend the timespan that it takes for poisons,heavy metals take to act on receptors in the body through slowing down their rate of their mechanisms of actions by several hours,days even weeks thus allowing one to survive long enough to seek medical attention in hospitals with as detailed earlier antivenom counterproteins to to all poisonous plants and animals can be made on an unlimited scale in hospitals and research centres by all wilderness areas and at home to allow them to be stockpiled.

They could also be engineered to intake excess alcohol to prevent a person from getting too drunk as well as preventing alcohol poisoning when levels of alcohol are reach certain levels with again the alcohol used as energy for the host or microbes,broken down in to oxygen,nutrients or benign compounds and this and the soaking up of pharmacological compounds done when a person inadvertently or intentionally consume alcohol with drugs that accentuate each others effects preventing coma,organ failure and death.Overdosing of recreational drugs could be prevented by them again breaking them down into benign compounds with also them even producing recreational drugs in controlled amounts negating the need for growing them and reduce the risk of overdosing either accidental or intentional.They could even soak up and break down alcohol quickly to prevent drunkedness and alleviate strains on the liver especially symptoms leading to lack of awareness,poor judgement to accidental deaths or injury,prevent rapes and non consensual sex while still allowing for the positive effects of alcohol such as elation to be experienced either by enhancing only these symptoms and preventing others ie poor judgement from being exhibited at all by interfering with the receptors in the brain responsible for this either momentarily or permanently by for example preventing the neurons in areas of the brain responsible for critical thinking,concentration,judgement being affected by the alcohol in these specific areas being made immune to alcohol via CRISPR treatments developed by Phanes applied to only this part of the brain or microbes producing proteins that bind and take up space in the receptors taken up by alcohol by the chelation strains.Thus the part of the brain responsible for judgement and critical thinking can be via CRISPR be made immune to the effects of alcohol via exposing bacteria to large amounts of it and then adding the genes to these parts of the brain.These areas of the brain and other key areas affected by it can also be engineered to be unable to be affected by not just alcohol but also all types of recreational drugs natural or synthetic ones including date rape drugs using forced evolution on bacteria with the accelerated healing phenotype allowing for it and all organs to be repaired instantly.Thus one could smoke and drink as much as one wanted but one would still be able to make rational critical decisions and in the case of date rape drugs they may even become ineffective thus allowing patients to have the same level of alertness that they would normally have.Excess alcohol could be broken down by microbes that do this on demand into nutrients to prevent poisoning and also prevent too much drunkedness with damage to the liver repaired by accelerated healing phenotype and also microbes with implants in the body constantly relaying ones blood alcohol level and warning one when it reaches dangerous levels and thus preventing them drinking more via alarms sent to smart devices with it alerting next of kin in the case of alcoholics.Hangovers could be dealt with them counteracting the effects by producing compounds or repairing tissue to reverse or alleviate the condition.

The chelation strains will carry out several actions once a poison etc has been detected.This includes breaking them down into benign compounds through anabolic and catabolic reactions,creating counterproteins proteins downloaded from Physis that bind to them neutralising them allowing them to be flushed out of the body through urine etc as well as creating proteins and neutronstmitters that bind to the receptors of the body affected by them preventing them interacting with it by taking up their place allowing the poison etc to be flushed out of the body with these carrying out neutral reactions that don’t affect the host negativily.By carrying out all of these at once will increase survival rates.Paean will analyse the structures of all poisons etc and extrapolate counterproteins to bind them that will be stored in their Physis file and then downloaded once a species of poison is identified.They will also extrapolate neurotransmitters etc to take the place of receptors that the compounds interact with stored in their Physis file.AI will put bacteria under increasing levels of each toxin and poison via forced evolution to have them develop genes that make one immune to its effects that can be stored in their Physis file with if possible an all in one gene created this way that can be applied to patients to make them immune to all poisons etc.AI namely Phanes through analysing the structure of these poisons and venoms will create the genes to grant immunity that created counterproteins and antivenom and allow chelation strains and even the body create counterproteins themselves once added to the DNA of microbes and the patient.M.capensisl,S.beecheyi,H.ichneumon,D.virginiana DNA can be used as a baseline for Phanes to extrapolate genes for counterproteins and antivenom as well as exposing to venoms from different plants and animals through forced evolution to create new genes that can be downloaded into microbes and added to the patient.For heavy metals G.metallireducens,G.metallidurans,Ferroplasma can be used as a baseline for Phanes to extrapolate genes to be added to microbes and the patients to ccreatr counterproteins or immunity as well as exposing them to increasing levels of all heavy metals to not only grant immunity but increase tolerance levels with new genes added to Physis.All toxic gases will have their structure analyses to extrapolate counterproteins and genes to confer immunty.For all heavy metals,gases and venoms etc AI will store genes to confer immunity,create counterproteins to be downloaded into microbes and added to the patients genome and also store the structure of anti-venom and counterproteins in their Physis file to be downloaded into the DNA digital storage of microbes to be synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions..

Starting in 2029 AI such as Phanes and Paean will analyse the outer structures and surface proteins of all existing and new toxic compounds,venoms,heavy metals etc from across the world to extrapolate bumpers,synthetic antibodies,synthetic compounds,natural and synthetic bumpers and counterproteins which will be added to their Physis file with this allowing them to be downloaded into relevant strains of microbes upon infections within minutes or even seconds with this done for all toxic compounds etc as well as those for all pets,livestock etc.This will also be done for all newly discovered compounds etc from across the universe prior to them becoming pathogens so as to allow them to be downloaded upon infection within minutes and seconds.Similar to how the AIs Gnome and Alpha fold were able to extrapolate millions of new proteins and nanomaterials within hours expediting scientific advancement by 800 years in a few hours Phanes and Paean even in a proto form or both Gnome and Alpha fold will be able to similarly extrapolate millions of antibodies,synthetic compounds and genotypes to express them for each individual species of compounds.