Fertiliser,pesticides & Compost

Fertilisers for crops in vertical farms,community farms and home farms can be composed of compost,sawdust,biochar from pyrolysis of organic waste such as waste food/dead ornamental plants/wood/cardboard/fungi styrofoam etc. for carbon,animal skeletons from dead livestock/pets/fish for calcium,micro/macro algae from sewage and water treatment plants(as well on farm algae farms using pet and livestock) for nitrogen/phosphorous/potassium/sulphur/copper and other important minerals can be found in organic forms eliminating the need for large scale fossil fuel intensive fertilisers to be produced and these organic fertilisers can be gained from waste thus creating looped systems.They will be shipped to both community and vertical farms and also community centres to be mixed in with other elements.Growing algae in sewage and water treatment plants will not only cut down on energy and the use of harsh chemicals but will allow the aforementioned important nutrients to be recycled and used over and over again in looped cycles as fertilisers rather than just thrown away and will negate the need for mining the planet for phosphorous and nitrogen etc until picotech fabricators are perfected and to compliment them as well to save energy with the treatment of the algae and waste detailed earlier and later on with the sewage treatment plants around the world interacting with the AIs of both community and vertical farms and also community centres worldwide constantly.Dead animals such as pets and livestock alongside shellfish will be pyrolysised with them pulverised to ground up the calcium skeletons to be separated and also used as fertiliser.As detailed earlier and later on human feces will be collected from sewage treatment plants and those of livestock will be from robots collecting it in fields,it collected in pens with gratings,pets with sewage treatment plants via algae will recycle copper,sulphur,nitrogen,potassium,phosphorous from human and animal waste in looped cycles to be used as fertiliser with this negating the need to mine the Earth for fertiliser that is energy intensive with the worlds oceans harvested for these using macro algea and micro algae or desalinisation plants and released back into the ocean in amounts manged by Theoi Meteroi,Triptolemus and also Pan etc.Algae grown in sewage treatment plants will be used as a high grade fertiliser.Furthermore the fact that it recycles phosphorus,nitrogen and potassium feces and urine it will negate the need for mining of finite reserves of these thus by being used as a fertiliser will create a looped system and eliminate fertiliser scarcity again proportional to the local population as once food is eaten it is converted into feces etc that ends up in a sewage treatment plant.The feces and urine is converted directly into phosphorus,nitrogen and potassium rich algae that can be used as a high grade fertiliser that can alleviate strains on limited reserves in the crust and also provide a local supply at all times with the amount of fertiliser produces proportional to the current population.It will also negate the use for fossil fuels in fertilisers.Livestock pens will have gratings etc that collect feces that will be added to the main sewage line or microalgea farms onsite of farms with the feces of pets including those in kitty litter etc put into toilets or them potty trained to ensure they are recycled.The use of animal and human sewage as a growth medium will created a looped cycle as once the fertiliser is applied it will enter the plants and once eaten the nitrogen,copper etc not used as waste will return as feces and urine in sewage treatment plants to be converted into algea fertiliser again and again whereas normally feces once treated is released into the ocean or dumped onland making it wasted and not reused.Even algae used as TVP,vegetable oil and also even those engineered to create the same texture and taste of meat will return to this cycle.Algea grown in sewage treatment plants will be able to be used as a high grade fertiliser since it directly converts feces and urine into a nitrogen and phosphorus rich fertiliser that can be used in home,community and vertical farms to create a looped system as the food once eaten will be sent back to sewage treatment plants as feces and urine to be then recycled.Uneaten food can be pyrolysised and the nitrogen and fertiliser separates and sent to farms.This will negate the need for mining the Earth for finite reserves of phosphorus and nitrogen.All areas of the ocean where nitrogen etc runs off and creates dead zones such as the Gulf of Mexico would have micro and macro algea farmed on oil rigs and pods to collect the excess ntirogen manged by Triptolemus that can then be reused as fertiliser.Livestock pens will be connected to onsite algae farms and also the main sewage line to recycle the nitrogen and phosphorous from both feces and urine with piqapoo bags also on those in home and smaller farms with robots also collecting it from any remaining fields.Both fertiliser and compost can be made at home,in community farms,vertical farms or collected by robots to produce it in automated organic fertiliser factories that produce all the fertiliser for a region with nanosensors at home or in the factories relaying how much of each nutrient is present.Human and animal hair and nail clippings collected from salons and at home can be used as a slow releasing fertilising material mixed in with the aforementioned materials.Cut grass from parks and those sent in by homeowners will also be used alongside the community members sending in any waste food in person and pickup trucks with the community centre AI interacting with pickup trucks as part of organic waste plants to intake a set amount of organic waste bins from the annual pickup rounds to lessen the amount of plants to be grown onsite.These will be sent up prior to organic waste plants for residents to in person or through trucks send organic waste material ie paper,food etc to them with them also receiving overgrowth,weed,ivy and dead tress from all renovated abandoned and obsolete buildings in the area and any organic waste ie organic rubbish and also gone off food and other material including manufactured products that are to be disposed of after being scanned into Hephaestus.Biochar and compost can be created onsite of home,community and vertical farms by using homeowners own material with in the case of that created at home one simply collecting waste organic material such as cut grass,weeds,waste food etc put into home compost systems that have composting bacteria both existing and new ones created from scratch by Phanes that undergoes engineering to increase the rate of decomposition and miniaturised home biochar systems that pyrolysises the material into biochar with community farms housing these systems using material donated by the local public and biosynths or ordered in by the farm AI from Pyxis factories etc with vertical farms ordering the material.With regards to home farms ones own feces and urine can be used for nitrogen,potassium and phosphorus.Algae from microfarms,sewage and water treatment plants can also be used for homemade fertilisers containing calcium,nitrogen,phosphorous,sulphur,copper,carbon etc.Community farms can have a set amount of feces etc from the sewage line fed into onsite algae micro farms with home farms having a set amount fed into onsite micro farms while vertical farms will order in full fertiliser from Pyxis factories.Sulphur from the atmosphere and even power plants SNOX filters and biochar programmes will be part of them.Pyxis factories and community centres will create both customised fertiliser and compost with them either ordered in either biosynth plastic or a rotary system of drums.The drums would be sprayed internally with a permanent layer of liquid glass could also be sent by robots/machinery to the room with a miniaturised version of this pump system containing the plots for each crop.Orders for new drums of fertiliser will be automated with the amount of fertiliser used logged and orders made automatically by the community,forest and vertical farm AI(or even home AI for home farmers) before hand it runs out with a rotary system of drums employed using sensors and permanent microchipped constantly uploaded with details of the next order,contents of the fertiliser and address of the next farm and plant(sewage,water,pyrolysis plant etc)it has to be transferred to updated automatically each time it has move.Each vertical and community farm should have an extra empty drums for each one filled up so that automatic orders can be made for the crop while it is being served with fertilisers.Pyrolysis plants,sewage and water treatment plants alongside communities and vertical farms involved would be linked to each other worldwide via interactions between Demeter and Hermes that would manage the flow of drums and thus constituents with any change made by the public entered into their local community centre and vertical farms.Thus these alterations will interact with each and managed by software to ensure efficient distribution ensuring surpluses of nutrients produced in sewage/water treatment plants and pyrolyis plants world wide and stored surplus fertilisers are shared with the global community by sharing them and ordered in when local,regional,national,continental supplies are low ensuring global abundance with this sorted out via software,robots,machinery and automation interacting with each through Hermes and Demeter on a global scale.Ideally the farm AI should automatically arrange orders when supplies are low programmed in by community members,the farm AI or in the Home AI by homeowners in the case of home farms with Triptolemus ordering in the ideal fertilisers for each crop that is logged in the farm AI when they are low.The AIs may also order in fertiliser from around the globe via measuring what is availible such via constant interactions between the AIs of all sewage and water treatment plants,all community centres and vertical,community and home farms worldwide to prevent scarcity or waste with the AIs performing studies as to the growing,eating,defecating patterns of the global populace.The same automated rotary system using drums can be applied for animal feed again for home and community farms with in all cases microchips will contain the farm taking in the order and the ratio of each nutrient.Dry ice can be ordered in from factories that collect it from the atmosphere via artificial trees for vertical farms and indoor aeroponic/hydroponic systems via Demeter or the artificial trees can be on the rooftop or by the sides or even on adjoining buildings which the transports it to a room that fills up canisters,drums automatically with this controlled by the farm AI.Otherwise ideally the algae and biochar etc can be sent to community and vertical,forest,community centres and home farms ordered in by the farm AI and mixed onsite by automated machinery with general fertilisers and crop specific fertilisers created decided by the farm AI with these ordered into home farms via Demeter.The farms will have the fertiliser order in drums used in a rotary system with the farms have their own set present that will exchange those from pyrolysis plants and sewage/water/desalinisation treatment plants.Interactions between Triptolemus,Tyche and the AIs of all buildings involved will be constant.Persephone will also manage this.Homeowners could also order in those made at community centres with the homeowners sending in drums containing microchips detailing there address and desired fertiliser that can be changed.To order biochar and algae fertilisers from organic waste plants and sewage treatment plants and those that are customised one would order them listed in Demeter with these made by AI as well as people designing customised ones stored here with the ratio of all nutrients and ingredients in bullet points with when one orders it the order will be sent through to the AI of sewage and water treatment plants and organic waste plants sending in the drums of algae and biochar etc to the local community centres where it will be mixed by automated machinery or one could pick up to do so in person or at home or even have it sent to their home with them using a rotary system of kegs to utilise this system and them then mixing the ingredients in person and sending empty kegs and drums back to the plants via the vehicles that deliver them.Home AI,farm AI,Hecate,Urania and Triptolemus will determine the best fertilisers for each crop and ornamental plant in each home,community,vertical,meadow and forest farms and order in drums for each one with this taking into account climate,soil type and micro-organisms,the species and variety of the crop and plant and also specific genetic engineering they have ie oligotrophic,xerophile genes and also those that make them adapt to local climates etc and thus will make this easier for homeowners and farmers to choose the best fertiliser for each crop and plant.Existing branded fertilisers of all types from around the world will be analysed by automated labs and will have their ratio and concentration of each nutrient added to Demeter including major brands such as Miracle Gro as well as smaller ones from around the world and their different types of fertiliser added to Demeter and thus widely availible to the global public in their own section of this area.The local sewage treatment and biochar organic waste plants will be ideally be used based on ones location but if too many people are ordering from them then the AI will use those from anywhere in the country or world to alleviate strains on local ones and to prevent others becoming logged back.Both plants will also store excess onsite.Like before these would have microchips that detail their size,owner and its address to allow a person to reuse their own set of drums indefinitely.Compost and algae ordered in for human and animal feed from both sewage/water treatment plants and community centres will also be done the same way via Demeter in their own section with interactions between Demeter and the AI of community centres and also that of sewage treatment plants and biochar organic waste plants.Compost and algae grown at community centres may alleviate this and even home algae and biochar systems at home with the home systems taking in a set amount of sewage from ones toilets with these microfarms having built in radiation and drier machinery to kill off the pathogens in them and not the algae.Potassium can be mined via Plutus and mixed in with these or it can be recycled from human sewage via algae as well as from the ocean.Persephone will manage all interactions between Plutus,Tyche and Triptolemus and the AIs of all farms and homes worldwide being constant.Blood fertiliser can be created from synthetic blood created by hematopoietic stem cells engineered to undergo mitosis of any animal and micro and macro algae farms can harvest potassium,phosphorous and nitrogen from the worlds oceans.Algae based animal feed can follow this same pattern with flour coming from bacteria mixed created onsite of community and home farms.All types of fertilisers and animal feed prepared onsite or their components can be ordered in by consumers via Triptolemus within Demeter.AI namely Triptolemus,Tyche,Euthenia and the AIs of all farms,sewage treatment plants etc will manage this more effectively on local to global levels and will extrapolate new ways to manage this with meadow and forest farms have them also ordered in and applied by drones with them also benefiting from manure laid down by native animals that live there as per the way they naturally receive nitrogen etc alongside the plants there engineered with the ability to intake nitrogen gas and be inoculated with nitrogen fixing bacteria.By the late 21st century will see the rise of picotech fabricators onsite of vertical,home and community farms and even meadow and forest farms that will create required customised fertiliser that will applied automatically via drones and automated machinery and even irrigation systems.This will eliminate scarcity of essential fertiliser elements such as nitrogen,phosphorous,potassium,sulphur and copper and prior to them being onsite of all farms those onsite of Aphrodite buildings will produce the elements in batches to be shipped to Pyxis factories for packaging and delivery to consumers with all aforementioned steps doing so prior to the rise of picotech fabricators.Application of fertilisers will be automated or by hand will be dependant on the type of farm.Home farms can have it applied by hand using watering cans with the Home AI determine the amount of water to fertiliser ratio for each crop and plant with irrigation systems also used with community farms have drones and also irrigation systems used.Fertiliser drones will also be used for forest,meadow and grassland farms that will have the plants engineered to intake the fertiliser not just from roots but also from leaves if they are spread on the leaves.Oligotrophic DNA will through forced evolution will be able to reduce the fertiliser requirements of crops by as much as 90-99% with Xerophile DNA added to compliment this and reduce water requirements by this much.Biochar fertiliser will reduce water requirements and also fertiliser requirements in the case of home and community farms by allowing the soil retain both water and fertiliser preventing runoff and also lowering the amount that needs to be applied to them.Plants can be given chemosynthetic bacteria and scratch DNA to allow them to use methane as a fertiliser in place of nitrogen and phosphorus with this created in large amounts on Pyxis factories by methanegenous bacteria that is then in the case of vertical farms pumped into plots with home and community farms possibly have it applied as a liquid either mixed in with water or diluted in water or applied solid pellets when made into compounds with other elements that is slowly released into the soil and enters plants via the roots.The DNA can also allow crops to intake excess methane in the atmosphere aiding in lowering it to pre industrial levels of 722ppb with this removed once it is back to 722ppb.DNA from W.dermatitidis,C.sphaerospermum and C.neoformans can be added to plants including crops to enable them to radiosynthesis,that is,to use the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation into chemical energy for growth.Tweaks can be made to do this with other types of radiation including UV radiation allowing crops etc to gain nutrition from the sun and that from artificial lights and devices that emit radiation once made immune to radiation via DNA from T.gammatolerans.Tweaks can be made to do this with other types of radiation with scratch DNA used to make the DNA from the radiotrophic fungi to actively convert the radiation into energy in a way that the radiation is removed from the atmosphere.The plants can be exposed to levels between 5-30,000Gy to induce growth and sterilise it of pathogens.This could through scratch DNA allow plants including crops to use radiation instead of phosphorus and nitrogen as fertiliser as well as water by carrying out their biological processes thus eliminating phosphorus and nitrogen based fertilisers altogether.Picotech fabricators will be once ubiquitous be able to create an unlimited amount of phosphorus,nitrogen in commercial quantities to negate the need for mining for finite reserves on the planet.

Guano can be collected from bat and bird nests using robots that silently sweep it up that do not disturb animals or collect it when they have left with bio-synths that monitor their behaviour alerting collector robots and drones when the best time to do so is.Ideally all robots and synths should use night vision and will also use sensors to map the entirety of the cave and upload it to Artemis for use for all robots to prevent using artificial lights which could endanger bat populations.Poop scooping robots modelled after humans or animals in zoos can collect animal droppings in zoo pens and also on city streets and then directed to sewage treatment plants and algae farms.C.juncea,M.sativa,Bambusoideae,Trifolium especially T.repens should be utilised and grown all over community forest/permaculture and home farms as it takes in nitrogen gas and converts it into usable nitrogen in the soil limiting the amount of this precious resource to be applied as well as creating looped and interlooped systems.Micro and macro algae farmed in polluted rivers,lakes,canals etc and the oceans can also be used to gain and harvest extra phosphorous,nitrogen as well as potassium from there alleviating the need to mine for them.Otherwise pods suspended in them composed of a mesh of inorganic material and graphene can be used to trap them with desalination plants and pump systems on oil rigs.Other methods of extracting N2 and other forms of nitrogen gas in the atmosphere and converting it into nitrogen for soil on a commercial scale through plants,bacteria,transgenics/cisgenics and artificial means can also be explored to alleviate scarcity and the need to mine mineral reserves for example machinery that intakes nitrogen from the air(similar to how liquid nitrogen is formed)and with either bacteria or mechanical processes(like lightening strikes)replicating the natural process that converts it into usable nitrogen for agriculture as well as artificial trees composed of nanomaterials.Atmospheric and ocean sensors can keep track of these two important minerals via Hermes to ensure the balance is not tipped too far and that they can be released back to these environments if excess is taken and levels in the wild are too low particularly in the case of those extracted from the ocean.Bambusoideae can be integrated into home,forest and community farms to rejuvenate poor soils increasing their fertility as well as providing extra food for humans,pets and livestock.It will also be pivotal making once barren or poor soils and tracts of land more suited to farming after planted for biochar sequestration projects have finished as well as reforestation projects and regaining land and topsoil destroyed by intensive industrial monoculture farming.One of the reasons is because some species can fix atmospheric nitrogen gas nitrogen for the soil and other qualities.Different species of Bambusoideae have different desirable qualities such as intaking 35% more carbon than most trees,matures in as little as 2-3 years,uses very little water and nutrients,fixes nitrous gases into nitrogen in the soil,self propagates and as stated above is resistant to most fungi and viruses.Transgenics/cisgenics using CRSIPR can allow all of these to be integrated not only into a new artificial species of Bambusoideae to create the perfect species for preparing new soil for agriculture but also one or more (or even all)of these traits can be integrated into any type of crop especially fruit and nut trees and bushes to improve resource efficiency and improve yields.C.sativa can also through transgenics fix nitrogen and like Bambusoideae can be grown to sequester carbon as it can be used to produce hempcrete,replacements for metals,textiles and livestock feed.It matures in only four months compared to Bambusoideae three years.Other nitrogen fixing plants such as C.juncea and M.sativa can be grown in between plants in both forest and community farms to be also harvested as extra animal and human feed.Transgenics can allow the ability of C.juncea,M.sativa,Bambusoideae,Trifolium to be transferred to crops and also ornamental plants cutting down on the amount of fertiliser to be applied and allow nitrogen to be applied to crops in vertical farms in a gaseous form with further engineering allowing them to also take in the nitrogen oxide gas from livestock with the necessary bacteria grown in large amounts in a lab and added to the soil or hydro/aeroponic media in a water mixture or even reside within the roots and leaves of the plant.They should also be engineered to intake nitrous oxide and sulphur based gases and be able to separate the nitrogen and sulphur as fertiliser and release oxygen with specific bacteria that aid in this utilised or new ones created with them created using 3D DNA printers.In vertical farms these gases can be pumped into the plots.Air conditioning in indoor farms and livestock pens can trap nitrous oxide and methane where they can be separated and the methane burned onsite for energy and the nitrogen converted into fertiliser.Crops in meadow and forest farms would utilise this alongside fertiliser gained by native fauna defecting in between them.Artificial trees can be developed that trap nitrous oxide and allow it to be used as laughing gas etc or separated into nitrogen and oxygen to produce fertiliser.Research can be done to create genetically engineered bacteria,crops and ornamental plants using DNA made from scratch that can intake nitrous oxide released from ruminants and with bacteria in the soil turn it into usable nitrogen to create a looped system with the possibility of even creating ruminants that do not release nitrous oxide and also even little to no methane.Growing Oryza indoors as well as in open soil and not paddy fields via genetic engineering will prevent them growing with the relationship with methangenous bacteria thus eliminating this source of methane from agriculture.Crop and ornamental plants in home,community and forest farms can be engineered using DNA from chemosynthetic bacteria to intake methane from the atmosphere both existing excess methane and also those released in the future to create more plant matter and carbohydrates with them engineered to turn nitrogen oxides into useable nitrogen and carbohydrates.Zeolite trees and aeroplanes can remove existing methane from the atmosphere and be burned as energy with the carbon dioxide sequestered.This would all prevent new methane entering the atmosphere from agriculture and remove excess present in the atmosphere alongside using zeolite based aeroplanes and trees as detailed later on.Further methane can be derived from methangenous bacteria fed sugars with sulphur and nitrogen oxides collected from filters onsite of geothermal and remaining fossil power plants can be shipped to vertical and community farms or community centres where they can be filtered out and then used to create fertilisers with there being at least 6,000 years supply of these two from power plants.Algae from sewage,desalinisation and water treatment plants and even miniature algae farms onsite of community farms and also home and community farms will ensure their is an indefinite supply of nitrogen,potassium and phosphorous for agriculture worldwide since these will work on looped and interlooped systems as when one consume food and defecates the algae will then recycle this and it can be then used as fertiliser again and again.These will also recycle other nutrients for crops such as sulphur,copper and magnesium.All feces from livestock will be collected onsite of farms as detailed earlier on via piqapoo bags,pools underneath the pens  or robots collecting them from fields to be then sent to sewage treatment plants to create algae feed in a looped system and trap any gases produced instantly.As stated earlier picotech fabricators could produce water,nitrogen,potassium and phosphorous on an unlimited scale to the needs of a growing population with them made onsite of Aphrodite factories to be shipped to home,forest,community and vertical farms or these could be made onsite of these farms that have their oewn.Oligotrophic and xerophil DNA will as detailed later on will make all crops require less water,nitrogen and phosphorous.

Homeowners can create their own compost and fertiliser by using home pyrolysis systems to pyrolysise uneaten crops and food of all types,dead livestock,cut grass,leaves from trees including those collected from forests and parks,waste food and paper,flour from bacteria/Bambusoideae/weeds ie F.japonica,P.montana with genetic engineering to increase growth rates can be grown in ones garden solely to be pyrolysised with algae grown using faeces from animals such as pets and livestock as well as a small amount collected and diverted from toilets to allow algae to grow in home systems that can be via automated systems mixed together to form general or specific fertilisers.Grass and Bambusoideae etc can be engineered to grow faster in order to be cut routinely for large yields.As stated earlier on homes will have home bio bar and composting systems to allow them to produce their own supply of fertiliser and compost to alleviate strains on factories etc with 3D DNA printers allowing one to get access to special bacteria that degrade organic material.Biochar for fertiliser and compost can be ordered in from pyrolysis plants.Algae can be grown at home using some of the homeowners and their pets and livestocks faeces and urine sent into to home systems that intakes a set amount of faeces.Degradation bacteria can be downloaded via 3D DNA printers to degrade this material.Communal homes will have pyrolysis and even composting systems in basements with plants grown on roofs,in gardens or in basements.Community and other farms will have these compost,biochar and algae machinery onsite of them indoors with sewage intaken from the locale homes in set amounts and from animals.Underground extensions.Otherwise composting,algae and mobile miniature biochar systems can be onsite of community centres inside or outside with material such as leaves,cut grass,weeds,some organic food waste and paper etc,Bambusoideae,human and animal faeces and urine sent to them in person or via pickup trucks.These algae farms can be connected to the homes toilet and septic tank to intake a set amount of faeces.Immunisation against coliform pathogens can prevent outbreaks of fatal superbugs.Built in heaters that heat it past the the the threshold of the pathogens alongside the addition of materials to increase or lower pH,moisture ie dry it as well as miniature irradiation machinery that expose them to levels of a least 500-1,000Gy beyond the threshold of the pathogens once the materials been broken down by the beneficial bacteria.The beneficial bacteria that break down the compost and algae that convert feces into fertiliser themselves can be engineered to be radiorestant using DNA from T.gammatolerans and have DNA from alkanophiles,acidophiles,thermophiles,faculatative anaerobes,anaerobes,obligate anaerobes,capnophiles and scratch DNA can be added to the bacteria genome to naturally use both carbon dioxide and oxygen as energy acceptors alongside nitrate(NO3−),fumarate,sulphate(SO42−),or sulphur(S) and also xerophiles etc to allow them to survive these conditions with them also engineered to be unable to trade this DNA into pathogens by possibly housing them in genome capsids and can be printed out using 3D DNA printed.DNA from C4 and C3 concentration photosynthetic plants to increase productivity can be combined.DNA from microbes can extract carbon from the air at much lower concentrations than 150-200ppm,scratch DNA and that from bacteria that carry out C3 photosynthesis can be added to the genome of all plants to improve efficiency.DNA from with DNA from chemosynthetic bacteria,Nitrosomas Beggiatoa,Cupriavidus necator can allow them to intake methane,hydrogen gas,ammonia,hydrogen sulfide,iron and other inorganic compounds can also allow them to grow in the dark cutting down on energy costs for lightening and use methane,hydrogen gas,ammonia,hydrogen sulfide,iron as fertiliser.DNA from W.dermatitidis,C.sphaerospermum and C.neoformans can be added to these bacteria to enable them to radiosynthesis,that is,to use the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation into chemical energy for growth.Tweaks can be made to do this with other types of radiation including UV radiation allowing bacteria to gain nutrition from the sun and that from artificial lights and devices that emit radiation once made immune to radiation via DNA from T.gammatolerans.Tweaks can be made to do this with other types of radiation with scratch DNA used to make the DNA from the radiotrophic fungi to actively convert the radiation into energy in a way that the radiation is removed from the atmosphere.The bacteria can be exposed to levels between 5-30,000Gy to induce growth and sterilise it of pathogens.These measures such as irradiation,heating,lowing pH,drying should be automated,built into the systems that create them ie and allow for the material in community centres to be collected in person or via ordering it in.Ideally compost using human feces should be onsite of community centres and Pyxis with them in large structures alongside large microalgae farms and biochar systems in surrounding woodlands or extensions ideally underground ones that are ventilated to allow them to be very large and not put homeowners through the both of the smell and danger of contamination and can allow radiation,drying machines etc to built into them.Composting can be expatiated by pouring in liquid cultures of relevant bacteria as well as engineering the bacteria to be more quicker and efficient at doing so with all organic material including food waste and leaves,Bambusoideae,grass etc used in these.This would include DNA from fast growing bacteria such as Escherichia Coli and Clostridium perfringens and other micro-organisms.Recombinant DNA from S.degradans that can allow them to degrade starches without creating alcohol etc can be added to these alongside the aforementioned extremophiles ie radioresistant,thermophiles,oligotrophic,xerophile,acidophile and alkonphile bacteria housed in genome capsids to allow them to survive radiation,heating,drying,pH alteration etc applied to the material to make it free from pathogens and prevent them trading this with pathogens the DNA will be in genome capsids.This can be done by isolating all species and using CRISPR adding these genes through 3D DNA printing or conventional means and growing them in photobioreactors and shipping them to both homes and community centres around the world with the former negating the need for shipping them around the world.The bacteria will undergo the same level of engineering as crops as detailed later on to increase growth rates as well as reduce water and nutrient requirements.The temperature of the composted material can be kept at their ideal range with DNA from psychrophiles,mesophiles and thermophiles added to make them thrive at all ranges.Scratch DNA and those that increase growth rates will be added to speed up their degradation speeds with the most effective species of composting bacteria used and hybridised together with them grown in large amounts in a nutrient broth and then mixed into the material used with consumers able to order in batches of them to grow at home.They will be able to do this in both oxygen rich and poor environments using scratch or recombinant DNA.Composting,biochar and algae systems will be located onsite of community farms including in urban areas either inside or outside with undergroud extensions catering to this with all work automated from start to finish.Feces,urine,grass,leaves and organic waste from ones home can be sent in buckets in a rotary system in person or by pickup vehicles or the systems for both algae and compost can be connected to the main sewage line or sewage treatment plant through connection to existing toilets on their grounds as well as them connected to the main line connected to all homes in the area and take in a set amount of feces and urine at a time from homes in the surrounding area and the main sewage plant determined by sensors in the compost and algae systems measuring their capacity with the algae grown onsite with robots harvesting leaves and grass from surrounding parks etc as well as Bambusoideae grown onsite of the centre,surrounding wilderness for onsite miniature automated pyrolysis systems with the compost,biochar and algae once irradiated to at least 200 – 1,000Gy to kill of pathogens when moved into storage areas can be picked up in person by homeowners in their own drums in their desired ratio or have them sent to their home via automated trucks in a rotary system.Feces and urine from septic tanks can be sent in.Gas produced will be released outside and captured via artificial trees and also used to feed any grown plants there.Biochar will be created by growing Bambusoideae on the grounds inside via hydroponics or outside and then it automatically harvested alongside fast growing grass and weeds in the grounds ie F.japonica,P.montana,Cannabis sativa hybridised with each other with the same level of engineering to increase growth rates of crops as detailed later on will be grown to be pyrolysised onsite and then put into drums with homowners sending in Bambusoideae,weeds etc grown onsite of home farms or roofs for this and to sequester carbon dioxide from burning oil,gas and coal at home via pick up trucks owned by the centre.They can also send in uneaten food waste via trucks controlled by the centre.The species of Bambusoideae namely D.giganteus or even F.japonica,P.montana hybrids with will grow very high with all plants have the level of engineering as crops detailed later on to increase growth rates.To ensure levels of carbon dioxide remain constant once reduced to 280ppm the centres will burn fossil fuels such as methane and oil created by bacteria onsite that emits the gas into the atmosphere in levels equal to the amount of weeds etc grown outside or on its roof calculated by the AI that manages it interacting with Theoi Meteroi etc to prevent these fast growing plants taking in too much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere making them carbon neutral and not carbon negative.If need be the bacteria based fossil fuels can be grown onsite and then the smoke rerouted to areas indoors where the plants are grown hydro/aeroponcially to negate this and make it easier with the plants engineered to self propagate and regrow in response to harvesting and the work being easier to be automated with the fact that they will utilise and genetic engineering hydroponics and indoor lightening will increase yields and growth rate.Bacteria may ideally through genetic engineering make flour or fibrous material of these plants Bambusoideae namely D.giganteus or even F.japonica,P.montana and 3910,000 species of plants to increase yields for both compost and biochar fertiliser for compost and fertiliser grown onsite of Pyxis factories and community centres and also home,community and vertical farms.The fibrous material can be created by bacteria to allow for exponentionally higher yields when grown onsite than these plants grown hydroponically as the bacteria can create large amounts in a short amount of time and space especially when given genetic engineering to increase growth rates and yields.Thus bacteria can onsite of Pyxis factories and community centres create large amounts of fibrous material that can be composted by bacteria or made into biochar fertiliser by being pyrolysised that can negate the need for growing plants onsite of factories.Biochar for fertiliser and compost can be ordered in from pyrolysis plants.Preparation of all organic material will be done automatically onsite of community centres and Pyxis to make them smaller thus increasing the rate of which they are degraded as they would be in mulch form and would allow bacteria to more quickly degrade each small pieces of them into compost with the areas where it is grown have strong graphene stirrers covered in liquid glass that stirs the compost and at set time to introduce oxygen.All species of bacteria that degrades organic material into compost will through engineering will have DNA from faculatative anaerobes,anaerobes,obligate anaerobes,capnophiles and scratch DNA can be added to the bacteria genome to naturally use both carbon dioxide and oxygen as energy acceptors alongside nitrate(NO3−),fumarate,sulphate(SO42−),or sulphur(S).It would also make it easier to put the material into biochar systems.Thus through extensions on the roof,side and underground with ventilation systems community centres will house mobile systems and outdoor systems will create biochar,compost and algae that be stored in drums to be mixed into general rations or custom ratios.Each fertiliser type ie biochar,compost,algae will be automatically put into storage drums that can allow one to put it into their own buckets or even own drums in desired ratios that will then be taken own and constantly refilled when emptied and all process part of this fully automated from start to finish and managed by the community centre AI.In time biosynths managed by the building AI will take over any work not possible for automated systems.Community centres in all towns,villages and cities will all have in extensions alga farms that intake sewage from the main line in set amounts,mobile biochar units as well as composting units to make community,vertical and home farms self sufficient in their fertiliser needs with organic waste including uneaten food as well as Bambusoideae and weeds like F.japonica,P.montana,C.sativa grown hydroponically or flour from bacteria etc on the roofs of the centres used for biochar.Sulphur,potassium,nitrogen and other elements collected from SNOX filters on geothermal and fossil power plants that were pyrolysised and also those separated from human and animal waste in sewage and water treatment plants will be shipped here as well based on population sized or ideally from local power plants and organic waste and sewage treatment plants creating looped cycles where the elements are recycled from all local communities to be then reused by them.They will be stored onsite in photobioreactors to be added to each fertiliser batch.This should make homeowners community farms in all communities either rural or urban self sufficient in ones fertiliser and composting needs for both ornamental and crop plants with this and those created onsite of vertical farms and community centres will allow fertiliser and compost factories to be converted into homes.These will be ordered in via Hephaestus that does so from the nearest community centres,Pyxis factories or they can be picked up in person.Thus having both community centres through extensions can house automated systems and pyrolysis machinery and Pyxis factories can allow them to alleviate strains on each other with when orders them Aphrodite will decide to have it come from either both locally and around the world based on how busy they are.Home and community farms will create compost and fertiliser onsite to alleviate strains on Pyxis factories.One can choose to use drums used in a rotary system using delivery trucks or reusable seacell bags infused with graphene that are brought to community centres in person.Woodchips for bark and mulch to be placed on flowerbeds and mulch will be created by growing synthetic wood of all 60,065 species onsite of Pyxis factories where it can be put into chippers.Mulch and sawdust will be created by again by having synthetic wood created onsite of Pyxis factories and put through machinery to turn it into sawdust and mulch to be ordered in biosynth plastic packets with woodchips,mulch and sawdust also made onsite of home and community farms.Fertilisers both liquid and solid ones from Pyxis factories can be delivered in batches of methane or biosynth plastic containers of various sizes from 500ml to 10liters with compost,wood chips and mulch delivered in sacks of 50-100litres composed of methane and biosynth plastic.Those from community centres can have people go back and forth in person with reusable containers and sacks composed of these materials.Algae for phosphorus,nitrogen and potassium will be shipped to Pyxis factories and community centres from local ones or around the world via delivery vehicles with biochar for carbon ordered in from pyrolysis plants both local ones and from around the world or if possible bacteria can produce large amounts of fibrous material onsite of Pyxis factories and communities centres to be pyrolysised onsite.Existing brands of compost and fertilisers etc from around the world such as Micrale Gro etc including liquid fertilisers,slo release solid ball ones and solid fertilisers that need to diluted as well as fertilisers for large scale agriculture,specific crop types,those for ornamental plants and blood fertilisers etc will be analysed in automated labs and added to the database in Pyxis to have it replicated here and in picotech fabricators with orders of them from community centres made through Pyxis in Hephaestus that contains customised componants.All fertilisers and compost present will include existing recipes of all brands from around the world and them following the same evolutionary process as other products with customised ones for farmers,farm AIs and those designed by Triptolemus,Tyche,Hecate and Cronus.It should also make communities again either rural or urban self sufficient in creating compost and soil at home and in community farms rendering all fertiliser and compost made by companies defunct.Each community member can collect it in person in their reusable and resealable secell/graphene sacks and drums or have automated trucks as part of the community AI at can deliver it to their home using a rotary system of drums using Demeter with all work in these automated from start to finish.One can order these through Demeter with community centres linked to this allowing one to chose from compost,algae or a mixture of these in desired ratios with again them using a rotary system of drums and all work automated onsite by at least 2029.Delivery vehicles will send kegs used in a rotary system back and forth between community centres and homes with Demeter used to order them connected to the AI of the community centre with if need be fertilisers and compost made onsite of Pyxis factories or both and ordered in from here in bulk for a months or years supply with them interacting with sewage treatment plants or be connected to the main sewage line and have a certain amount of organic waste sent in by interacting with the AIs of organic waste power plants.If need be they will be created onsite of Pyxis factories and ordered in seacell bags of 5-100kg or methane or biosynth based plastic containers with them being customised and existing branded fertilisers and compost following the evolutionary pattern of other products with the recipes of existing brands around the world analysed and stored on the database.They could be made in both community centres and Pyxis factories to alleviate strains on each other with them mixed with algae at home ordered in from sewage treatment plants or be sent to sewage treatment plants to be mixed onsite or this mixing done onsite of Pyxis factories or community centres.Drums may be used.Cronus via interacting with each consumers Hephaestus accounts will extrapolate their address and then arrange the kegs to be delivered to the nearest community centres and Pyxis factory and interacting with the AI of the community centre and Pyxis factory will return drums onsite owned by the consumer with if not availible then Cronus interacting with Pyxis and Euthenia will arrange to have centres and factories across the world used with one choosing which ones are free from around the world with transporter technology onsite of all centres and factories allowing drums sent to busy ones to be sent to non busy ones across the world and them back via transporter technology with transporter technology onsite of post offices and vertical farms also used.One will during choosing orders will choose to have what components as part of the fertilisers and compost there will be with if one chooses to have algae for nitrogen,phosphorous and potassium will have the drums stop off at sewage treatment plants to collect it or have algae deposited at community centres and Pyxis factories in drums to be mixed in or have community centres and Pyxis factories in taking a set amount of feces from the line that is grown in microfarms that have heaters and radiation machines with AI managing this.One could also order in algae in large drums from sewage treatment plants,as well as biochar from organic waste pyrolysis plants and mix them together with the algae also used as animal feed with community and vertical farms ordering in these automatically.Sewage treatment plants will have there own fleets of delivery trucks and transporter technology present for the same reason.Each centres and factories will have their own fleet of delivery trucks or vehicles to transport drums back and forth between homes,vertical farms and sewage treatment plants.Pyxis factories,community centres could act as stop that it would be sent to for processing beforehand before being sent to the consumer with automated machinery to turn into these present here.These kegs/drums would be sent back to the sewage treatment plant,Pyxis factories and community centres and multiple drums in a rotary system would be owned by homeowners as they would be designed on Pyxis and would utilise a rotary system with ones own drums having microchips denoting its size,owner and their address for the AI to know this details meaning one would reuse their own set of drums indefinitely.This biosynth microchip would interact with laptops and smart devices that send these details and also AI of community centres and factories and detail the size to allow it to know how much material to add into them,what material chosen to add and also the address to send them to.One for each order would choose what compost and fertiliser etc they want to receive.Vertical and community farms as well will have their own fleet of drums with them ordering them in automatically with them using other community centres etc if their local one is not full etc.All work will be automated from start to finish with zero labour managed by Triptolemus,Cronus,Pyxis,Tyche,Hestia,Home AIs,farm AIs,sewage treatment plants AIs,Pyxis factory AIs etc interacting with each other across the world to ensure that deliveries can within a day or week.All work will be automated from start to finish.Community,forest,meadow and home farms in rural areas can make their own supply to alleviate strains on them with vertical farms even making some as well.Vertical,home and community farms will order in excess with excess traded with other community centres across the county,state,country,continent and even world based on supply and demand with each AI interacting with each other to distribute excess produced by one or more centres to others across the world with yields and amount traded on local to global levels logged into the centres AI.Vertical,community and meadow farms will even have rooms to make a certain amount of fertiliser and compost to ensure abundance and also some in between large orders to prevent scarcity and alleviate strains on Pyxis factories or community centres.Home systems in rural and urban private and communal homes in basements,storerooms and gardens can be still used and be smaller to compensate for each other and alleviate strains on these community centre and Pyxis systems thus preventing them being overexhausted by all community members with these both in rural areas and also suburban areas of all major cities around the world with rooftop gardens and basements in communal homes also using them and having their own miniaturised versions of all machinery using forces and urine from outside toilets,onsite biochar systems that pyrolysise waste food and miniature composting machinery for waste food to added.Miniature algae farms that intake a set amount of sewage will be present.These can be in gardens at the very edge and also in any nearby forests for suburban and rural community farms homes with urban homes and community farms housing them in underground extensions.This will ensure that each locales centre will have not too much going to waste and not too little preventing shortages and excess building up.Miniature algae and biochar systems at home can create it as well.Biochar can be used to create also high grade fertiliser when mixed in with algae from sewage treatment plants that can improve crop yields and aid in reforestation efforts and act as a soil amendment that helps it retain water and nitrogen,potassium and phosphorous reducing the amount needed preventing run off and leaching and reduce the amount of nitrogen,potassium and phosphorous.Phosphorous,nitrogen,potassium,copper and sulphur will be recycled via algae grown onsite of sewage and water treatment plants that can be reused over and over again as a fertiliser.This will negate the need for mining for nitrogen and phosphorus and possibly potassium if the algae can be tweaked to recyle all three essential nutrients such as phosphorus,nitrogen and potassium then it will be able to eliminate the need for mining all three nutrients from the Earth because the algae will directly convert feces and urine especially human feces directly into these three.Remaining livestock can through biosynths etc can have their urine and feces added to the sewage line or have pens have gratings that lead to underground areas that hold sewage in a tank covered in liquid glass that is pumped out regularly inti the sewage line.Pets will have feces and urine added to the sewage line as well especially through kitty litter if algae can degrade it.Prior to this homeowners who are going to grow crops at home will order in large stores of solid and liquid fertiliser and also compost online or from nurseries to stock up.Nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium for existing branded fertilisers will come from algae that has the nutrients extracted in the exact amounts and excess material turned into commercial products with picotech fabricators then being able to compliment algae for customised and branded fertilisers with all essential nutrients such as phosphorus,nitrogen,potassium,sulphur and copper etc.Oligotrophic DNA through forced evolution will lower fertiliser needs of most crops to about 90-99%.neofor Once picotech fabricators that use the Breit Wheeler process are perfected they will be built into vertical,home and community farms to allow copper,sulphur,phosphorous,potassium and nitrogen and other elements necessary for growth to be constructed on site with them mixed together or the fabricators could create all types of general,branded or custom fertilisers in one go mixed together to be then stored onsite with them creating a year,decade or even millenias supply of them in one go and stored their with the same applying to water and other requirements of crops such as compost made of organic and inorganic material created by picotech fabricators onsite thus alleviating strains on rivers,limited reserves etc and allow algae and biochar to be used to create graphene and animal and human feed.These fabricators will be onsite of all types of farms such as home,community,forest,meadow and vertical farms to create them for a years or even decades worth to be stored onsite with this eliminating scarcity of these nutrients.Branded fertilisers for Pyxis factories will have the nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium created onsite of Aphrodite buildings.Algea will still be used for fertiliser in most home,community and vertical farms as a lower energy cost source and will primarily be used for crops as once plants are eaten the nitrogen,phosphorus etc will be recycled in sewage treatment plants.Fertilser sourced from picotech fabricators will be primarily where ornamental plants get nitrogen with crops using algae based sources of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium etc to create a looped system and as a lower energy cost source of it with them also using picotech sourced fertiliser to add extra algae.Home,community and vertical farms can order in coffee grounds created by bacteria and also sawdust sourced from synthetic wood from Pyxis and other factories as well as farms or grown onsite.Water and even customised soils can be made onsite of vertical and community farms via this way to alleviate strains on extracting water.Carbon dioxide can also be created alongside water by these fabricators and them reused in a looped system to prevent them being released into the atmosphere where they would affect the climate.Simulations should be done to see what effect adding this extra water to the hydrological cycle and weather patterns would do with the excess water removed via collecting water and adding it to looped systems and even splitting it into hydrogen and oxygen for other uses should any of this water escape via leaks and also transpiration of crops etc with interactions between Tyche,Theoi Meteroi,Urania and Hecate being constant to ensure all excess water that escapes is collected and used for other purposes.Nephalai and Aurai will monitor the levels of water vapour globally to carry out automated measures to keep the level of water vapour in the hydrological cycle constant.For home farmers who are growing ornamental plants and possibly crops one can use ones own urine as quick access fertiliser by simply urinating at least 500ml to litre or even less into a five to ten litre watering can then fill it up to the top to dilute it and then spread in the soil to give a slow release fertiliser rich in nitrogen etc that won’t cause fertiliser burn on demand in between orders of algae based fertiliser and in between batches made at home.If possible one could rather than doing this every day urinate in the watering can and then gradually refill a series of large drums in ones basement or garden that has a tap that can store at least 100 or more litres where in can be filled to the top and then in batches be filled into watering cans of the same dilution as detailed again to have a large supply of fertiliser with it created in large batches to allow it to last for a few months or year that can alleviate strains on orders from sewage treatment plants.Specialised septic tanks can be built into private and communal homes and community farms that are connected to the main sewage line that collect and in the case of communal and private homes directly from the home a set amount of urine and feces or either only feces or only urine from homes etc as decided by the home AI that have the urine and feces treated to blasts of radiation and high temperatures to kill off pathogenic bacteria and parasites etc that can be then extracted using piping connected to drums etc with taps to be put into watering cans and diluted and spread over ornamental plants and crops.They would be coated with liquid glass to prevent clogs and cleaning that will automatically refill when pressure plates inside denote it is empty with these also denoting when full with all operations automated.Graphene stirrers through mechanical action will routinely stir the feces and urine automatically or by hand and semi automatically to keep it in a liquid state to not go hard or clog the tank with toilet paper dealt with by sieves etc preventing it entering the tank and continuing to the sewage line as normal through measures developed by AI.Liquid mixtures of water and bacteria that form a clear broth that can break down toilet paper can be added that breaks down toilet paper and keep urine and feces soft by partially breaking it down will be added with measures done to capture gas released for energy.Feces from pets and livestock left in gardens,pens and indoors can be picked up using gloves and kitchen paper and deposited into pots of plants and into the grounds of plants in gardens to allow rainwater and water from watering cans to wash it into the soil and release the nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium gradually with the feces using gloves be crushed into a mush and/or put into watering cans to allowing it to be diluted with water into a watery mix to be then spread onto pots of soil and soil in gardens.This can alleviate strains on orders of algae fertiliser for ornamental plants and that in between orders of that for picotech fabricators.Studies can be performed in soil grown crops and and those reared in hydroponic and aquaponic media as to the best fertiliser to use for each crop and each species  of ornamental crop reading method ie soil,hydroponics,aquaponics,aeroponics etc such as urine,algae,direct elemental based branded compositions such as Miracle Gro etc and those used in intensive farming done in vertical,home and community farms around the world using different concentrations,climates,soil types and soil micro-organisms including new species made from scratch as well as different genetic augmentations to utilise the nutrients more efficiently without causing fertiliser burn and also require less nutrients.This will allow home,vertical and community farms to utilise the best fertiliser for each grown crop and ornamental plant.Micro-organisms that aid in the growth and overall health of each individual species of crops and ornamental plants including new ones created by Phanes can be printed out by 3D DNA printers onsite of vertical,home and community farms etc and those onsite public buildings and interstellar vehicles etc grown in nutrient broth and then poured into the soil etc or injected into them.Eggs of Oligochaetes and invertebrates in the soil for the overall health and increased yields of all crops and ornamental plants can be created by 3D DNA printers in home and community farms.Native dpecies of Oligochaetes in order to ensure biochar works as a fertiliser etc can be given recombinant DNA from Pontoscolex corethrurus to allow them to be able to be carrying out the same powdering and incorporation of charcoal debris in the mineral soil.

Picotech fabricators will be able to mass produce nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium and other key nutrients for crops alongside compost in an unlimited scale

Organic herbicides,fungicides,pesticides and also bactericides will be homemade thus allow those made by corporations to be obsolete and allow their factories to become homes.All existing branded herbicides,fungicides,pesticides and also bactericides from around the world can have their recipes added to Pyxis in Hephaestus and be created in local Pyxis factories and ordered in from these factories.Bacteria will synthesis them via recombinant DNA for natural ones or anabolic and catabolic reactions for synthetic ones with humans made immune to any potentially toxic ones via bacteria exposed to them in continuously larger amounts to gain resistance and the new genes and to all people,wildlife and pets etc.Non toxic compounds will be researched that include existing ones that affect them like more toxic ones ie vinegar that kill only leaves can be modified via nanoparticles to enter the plant and act like glysophate in Round Up and travel to and kill the roots with if possible microbes printed out that when sprayed onto the the leaves enter the roots and kill them via using CRISPR to transfer suicide genes to them or synthesise natural compounds that kill them.Pesticides could contain caffeine created by bacteria with recombinant DNA from Coffea that is sprayed on plants or on actual insects as insects are killed by it.If possible for herbicides and pesticides species specific microbes printed out in home 3D DNA printers that mixed with water will invade the leaves and roots and kill them both off in plants and kill only specific pests and not beneficial insects from the inside out.If possible plants can be injected via syringes,via biosynth arthropods into leaves or the roots with species specific microbes that when they enter pests eating the plant release synthetic or natural insecticides that are only toxic to them and also use CRISPR treatments using suicide genes with the microbes programmed to die upon the plant being harvested or cooked.Ornamental plants and crops will as stated be given DNA from A.tumefaciens via injected microbes via arthropods and the roots in the soil etc to make them resistant to glysophate thus allowing them to fitted with this via CRISPR and allow Round-up to sprayed on gardens with humans and pets also made resistent to it.However CRISPR can be used to transfer resistance to fungal,bacterial and viral pathogens using trans and cis genics and also scratch DNA with if possible crops can be given by CRISPR a fully functioning immune system and then inoculated with species specific microbes that can be able to immunise them against all pathogens like in humans with them also fighting off pathogens using natural antibacterial,antiviral and antifungal compounds as well as CRISPR treatments.Live ornamental plants in existing gardens will be given these phenotypes and repellance to pests via microbes injected into leaves or in a water mixture in roots.All future ornamental plants will have this fully functioning immune system integrated into their DNA when created onsite of all vertical farms.This can reduce labour in making organic fungicides,bactericides and viricides and repellance and pests engineered to feed on weeds will negate the need for creating pesticides.As detailed engineering pests to feed on weeds and adding repellance to crops will make herbicides and pesticides defunct as it will allow pests to feed on weeds thus allowing pests aid farmers by decimating weeds and also them not feeding on crops.