The global forensics board will be the sentient Macaria with all existing and new forensics investigators registered to practice worldwide.

Training of forensics investigators and coroners begging again at 12 or younger will include again as much independent scientific,legal,criminological and legal research in that field as possible as well as viewing recorded or live footage of crime scene investigations or being present in person analysing steps involved in preventing contamination of evidence and finding and collection of it.They will be onsite of actual crime scenes to see first hand how crime scenes are dealt with.Existing forensics investigators will be viable to become mentors.Mentors may train as many trainees as desired.Mock crime scenes can be designed by mentors with evidence both physical and biological placed in key areas of a room designed by software and based on theoretical crimes with the student having to solve the murder and events that took place with varying levels of complexity and difficulty.In real world mock exercises biosynths could be subjected to varying amounts and types of trauma in order to allow the student to determine the cause of death and most likely scenarios of the crime as well as how the “murderer” dealt with the body post mortem to cover it up and be in varying levels of decomposition.Biosynths inhabited by Macaria will be murdered and the conciousness uploaded to networks instantly and both forensics and coroner students tasked with solving the crime and how the biosynth died etc.Those that take place indoors can be in a variety of places like lockers,compartment,trashbins,baths,under or in beds and even duffle bags.Dimensional transcendamentalism built into research centres,police stations and even labs can be used to provide sizeable indoor crime scenes of all types such as gyms,homes etc.Mock crime scenes outdoors can be biosynths of varying levels of decomposition found in shallow graves,in rivers,lakes,ice and variety of environments where they can be found by actors to add to the realism.Using substances in both types like petrochemicals and lye(which aids in decomposition)can create many different creative crimes for them to solve including ones where the “death” occurred in a different place than the body was found with evidence left in an nearby abandoned home/building or one left vacant by the owner also playing along with it etc. as well as having wild animals purposefully attack and scavenge the body.These outdoor crimes scenes will also test the investigators ability to recover evidence affected by weather such as rain,ice,heat etc. and the elements and in both cases DNA readings and photographs of both skeletons and fingerprints will bring up fake patient files to lead to actor murders(this again melding with trainee lawyers and law enforcement personnel).When VR becomes indistinguishable from the real world mock crimes for trainee coroners and forensics students will become realistic with one interacting with AI characters such as witnesses and also family members of the deceased with the aim to hunt down the murder of the victim with exercises lasting weeks or months while minutes pass in the real world with them also merged with both law enforcement,medical student and lawyer trainees.These can be those designed by mentors and be based on those from movies and television shows as well as past cases and even from scratch with the mentor haivng two or more trainees working together in the same or different cases at once.Exercises will involve murders,accidental death and that from animals and natural causes etc with the trainee aimed to determine the cause of death and the case of murders determine the name of the murder with the exercises involving analysing crime scenes,bodies in labs and all evidence as well as investigations of suspects with AI or trainee law enforcement personnel etc.This could also allow to carry out multiple or even dozens of crime scene analysis within simulations lasting years yet minutes pass in the real world designed by mentors and AI to give them experience and finish training early.The trainee will also have to determine the date of the “death” of the body as well with both real world mock trials and VR exercises being those made up by the mentor and Macaria but also ones based on real life cases from around the world.The student and those of coroners can be trained in examining dead bodies in VR simulations of cadavars with biosynths also used as cadavers in the real world..

Both Human body farms like those in Tennessee will be using bio-synths grown from scratch rather than real life human ones that may be in short supply(consisting of calcium skeletons,bio-printed organs and in vitro flesh and muscles)modelled on both human,animals and aliens providing an endless supply of bodies used to determine the rate of decomposition in different environments across the universe such as mediterranean climates,tropical jungles,temperate forests,beaches,deserts including sandy and stone ones,cold deserts such as the Arctic and Antarctic and tundra,swamps,marshes,urban settings and environments and also in temperate and tropical freshwater lakes and rivers both in them and their lake and river beds in all climates as well as in the ocean in all types such as tropical oceans,Arctic and Antarctic oceans,temperate oceans,Mediterranean oceans and any environments and so on and determine the effects of different unique micro-organisms,climatic and environmental conditions,conditions and insects as well as scavenging animals such as vultures,wolves in each environment across the world and universe medicine and forensics trainees but also for researchers.Since these will be easily created on an unlimited scale by 2045 it will allow for them to be done in all environments across the world,galaxy and universe and negate the need to wait for humans etc to die and won’t need one to rear or kill animals and aliens races.Biosynths modelled on animals and aliens will be used in environments across the universe as well.They should be set up in different environments around the world and universe for more detailed study with them also analysing them during different seasons in each of these environments and climates.Cameras set up and bored into the ground or in the case of underwater ones be on wave pistons or biosynth fish or bored into the ground which can be used to observe the rate of decomposition.Thus biosynths will by 2045 provide an unlimited supply of bodies modelled on humans,animals and aliens from across the universe to observe decomposition in all types of environments across the world and universe.Ideally a trainee will be brought to these farms different countries with different climates to get an understanding of how bodies decompose in a variety of environments.Animal carcasses will suffice until biosynths are sufficiently advanced.VR simulations will allow for these to be done without human bodies in the real world in all types of environments and areas both indoor and outdoor during each season very quickly with them also practising mock VR crimes in all of these environments with them designed by the mentor,AI and them even based on those from video games and television shows from around the world.

Video games and television shows that detail in forensics can also be part of their education.Eventually they will like police and military officers they too can be brought into a scene of a real crime to solve without the knowledge of it being real to test their readiness.This can as stated earlier meld with training of officers and lawyers in mock and real crimes and trials again with them of having no knowledge of the reality of the situation in other words their training will have them working on real and mock cases alongside trainee lawyers and law enforcement/military/federal investigator trainees.Unsolved cold cases can be researched by the trainee.Their files will contain all of their training and also all of their scientific research and the cases they worked on with links to the case and court cases they partook in.All of the worlds past and future forensics cases will be uploaded into a global database where they can be analysed by trainees.They will also have an ID code similar to healthcare staff : Coroner(C),Crime Scene Investigator(CSI) or Forensics Investigator (FI) and their unique alphanumerical code.This will all apply to coroners as well who ideally will double as forensics investigators.The Athena test and same punishments for breach of position of trust laws as detailed earlier will also apply here.

Like the training of police officers and military personnel they would follow the same rules:

•That the trainee has no knowledge of it being a simulation or the nature of the exam so as to catch them out and test their ability to be as ready as possible in emergency and put aside shock and awe in order to react as professionally as possibly well as blurring the line between reality and illusion(truth and falsehood)with details left out.Trainees could even be put into real cases without their knowledge of it being real prior to finishing their training and registration to do this.The intensity of the real situations they would be involved in would be decided by mentors evaluation of their trainees readiness and skill and can happen even during their early teens.They should be experienced to act as both prosecutor and defence role.
•Each exercise case would ideally be set to teach a lesson,moral or virtue similar to the ones explained above or decided by the mentor.Furthermore they would not know the nature of the lesson meant to be learnt from each one beforehand created by mentors to test their ability to determine it themselves testing their ethics,morals and character.
•Variants of the kobayashi maru test may also included in these examinations either at the behest of the mentor or randomly through AI(with AI introducing it on purpose as time goes by)without the trainee knowing it was integrated.

All forensics bodies and labs/networks world wide will be merged together and linked via the sentient operating software Macaria which will be the name of the global forensics entity and networks within them named after the daughter of Hades with an universal statue of her in all automated forensics labs across the world ideally the lobby.Living quarters will added to existing ones alongside luxury refurbishments.Landline wireless touchscreen phones will be present replacing conventional phones with the same phone number will be present to allow people to make calls when needed.Holographic receptionists will have their own independent personalities and appearance.Each labs AI will have its own personality,name and avatar designed on Dionysus with universal uniforms.The personality of the Macaria software will be separate from these and her avatar will be that of her statue.These will contain living spaces including bedrooms and lounges for those working there through extensions and dimensional transcendamentalism.The AI in charge of each lab alongside Macaria will act as personal assistants to all forensics investigators by sifting through evidence,Physis etc that would take hours for investigators to do by themselves with them doing all Labour intensive work in labs.Cleaning will done the same way in hospitals,public amenities and other buildings with sterilising robots using narrow range UV as it doesn’t damage human skin allowing it to be done when humans are present with any important microbes and evidence automatically covered or put into storage by robots.Ideally these lights should be on ceilings to sterilise all rooms at once both at cleaning times but also as containment measures used in universities should pathogens comprise the safety of researchers and the public with doors to the outside also locking people in.Surveillance cameras inside will be connected to the global database of criminals in Athena but fed into the building AI and switching to IR illuminator when dark with CSYS lights controlled by the AI.

Miniature lab equipment such as ramen spectrometers,gel electropheresis,DNA analyzers and laboratories exist that can allow for onsite analysis of samples using smart devices they are attached to or at least make labs more compact that can fit into vans used by the investigators stored onsite with result wirellessly via biosynth wifi sent to labs and central hubs and will cross reference results with Physis in Artemis before uploading  data to the case digital file.In time these will become dongles to be attached to smartphones or even all in one machinery with their software or apps related to them integrated into Macaria,Athena and Apollo.Nanomaterials and biosynth technology will play a role in making miniaturised and more accurate forms of gel electrophoresis,ramen spectrometers.Ideally in time all of these equipment used to measure compounds in blood,soil,water etc will utilise bio-synth technology sensors using recombinant DNA from Caenorhabditis elegans sensitivity to toxins,compounds and mechanotransduction allowing for them to measure them in ppm,ppb or even ppt(parts per trillion) with them tweaked to determine all of these.These will utilise biosynth technology to measure the levels of all evidence.

Further advances in portable machines will combine miniature lab equipment with smart devices turning them into microscopes and theoretically even DNA analysers and analysers of particulates such as pollen,hair,petrochemicals,fungi etc by analysing individual biomarkers,chemical signatures against a database of standards.This means that when a sample is collected analysed on portable and lab based equipment in the case of chemicals and plant and animal DNA,a photo taken of hair,microbes and pollen(and other organic and inorganic particulates) under microscope the computer software will automatically search through a global database in Artemis of all chemicals and plants/animals and find it on the database a give a result similar to a google search or narrow it down to the closest possible candidate(s) for further testing and once a 100% accurate identification has been made the photograph of the particulates both zoomed and zoomed will be uploaded to the digital case file.Digital cameras since they cannot be used can have conventional cameras take photos taken and these scanned into the digital file using scanners with the physical one kept in storage with this done for shoprint,crime scene and evidence photos to allow them to be stored for analysis with audio/visual recordings on ARI glasses and camrecorders also used to zoom in on each piece of evidence allowing it to be stored alongside these scanned in photos as small clips with counters on the bottom relaying timecodes and also the case file number etc allowing this to be stored reviewed in digital and legal form with conventional photos developed using automated machinery to cut down on labour costs.All results will also be cross referenced by Physis.Biosynth technology will be integrated into them to identify micro-organisms the owner species and citizen of DNA samples and also the indentification and levels of compounds.Nanomachines and chemical signals would relay these results.Tools used to detect parasites and microbes using smartphones can be adapted for use here such as those that use microscope technology or detect the signature of microbes cell walls or antibodies when added to a blood sample to detect specific microbes or particulates on a body that may give information on where the body or killer was before murder.All software related to portable lab equipment will have their software or apps related to them integrated into Athena and Apollo.These portable miniaturised machines will make labs more compact and in time be able to be brought to the scene of a crime when results can be wirelessly sent to the wire for analysis and also digital files via satellites,cellular access and local wifi.Smart device dongles and attachments can be developed managed by the software Macaria linking them to the digital files and also Medusa utilising this biosynth technology thus making them very compact.All results from each test alongside all evidence etc will be stored in the file.The miniature devices attached to smart devices and those onsite of scenes will send data wirelessly to networks and case files using satellite wifi or cellular wifi or store them on device and sent when wifi is availible with Marcaria and also the AI of the labs analysing the data on devices in fragmented form.

Furthermore newly developed sensors can detect a wide variety of gases such as explosives,noxious gases,radiation,methane etc that may be of use as evidence and fitted into smart devices and uploaded to the digital case file.Ideally these would be all in one sensors inside smart devices belonging to the lab with readings from atmospheric,soil,and local waterways sensor readings from Theoi Meteroi also used as evidence over the duration of before,during and after the crime by collecting and transferring this from Artemis if deemed relevant.Biosynth sensors will be able to detect gases,radiation,temperature and also other features using the same abilities of C.elegans etc that has DNA from C.elegans,human neurons and DNA from Wangiella dermatitidis,Cladosporium sphaerospermum,Cryptococcus neoformans,Shewanella oneidensis,Electrophorus electricus,Geobacter metallreducens,Geobacter sulfurreducens when inside smart phones.

Biosynth machinery and nanomaterials will make all lab equipment more efficient,accurate and compact as by 2029 a square inch of bicomapatible microbes will house roughly 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB RAM and 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors.Nanoprocessors from graphene,stanene etc will be in them alongside neural/graphene/silicene/borophene tubules with motors being smaller using nanomaterials or them placed on the outside. Tianhe-2 the worlds most powerful supercomputer by comparison has a processing RAM 1024TB or 0.000000001024YB with all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined containing with all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined containing roughly 6,635TB or 0.000000006635YB of RAM.Thus one square inch will contain about 11,303,692,539,563 – 226,073,850,791,258 times more RAM,processing power and storage space than all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined.Biocompatible microbes namely base microbes will form the basis of portable lab machines and ones in labs with them copying and scanning the DNA using taq polymerase and Cas-9 to send the DNA wirelessly to Physis and the patient file system managed by Medusa for analysis once it is sent to the case file simultaneously allowing for the victim and animal etc to be identified within minutes.It can also be used to determine species of micro-organisms.The abilities of C.elegans can be used to detect the presence of pollutants and inorganic and organic substances with universal receptors intaking the compound and relay its structure to Physis and the case file simultaneously and will use either mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction alongside chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems such as Hydra allowing the structure of the compound cross referenced with Physis and its levels in ppm,ppb,ppt to be determined with these and the DNA in samples to be read almost instantly within minutes in both portable devices attached to smart devices and those in labs and sent via nanomachines.Nanomaterials of all 94 elements like graphene will also be present.A combination of both nanomaterials and biosynth technology will replace expensive scare elements in them and make them faster,cheaper,more accurate and compact.All lab equipment will utilise biosynth technology such as reverse These will be small enough to fit into smart devices as dongles or within them,held in vehicles and carry around and will use both nanomaterials and biosynth technology to analyse data in real time in minutes and using biosynth WiFi send data instantly.All results from lab equipment in labs,vehicles and portable ones will be uploaded instantly into forensic case files.

These ARI sunglasses more evolved forms of Hololens and google glasses will become ubiquitous amongst all investigators using graphene,biosynth technology etc built into them and the same technology as goggle glasses.Furthermore they could access GPS satellites to mark the locations of similar crimes in the case files and narrow down suspects and original location of where evidence comes from allowing a trail of the body from where it was murdered to where it was found be made.In short most lab computers will be remotely accessed by investigators via these glasses.These will be again linked to all smart devices and mobile lab equipment taking in evidence.Smart gloves will allow for the operation of these devices in one hand and in time smart wireless gloves on another hand will contain micro/nano fibre biosynth microbe sensors that can detect the individual chemical signatures of many particulates,such as fungi,pollen,oils etc (similar to the tongue)which will once analysis in done will uploaded to their respective digital case file folder and subfolder instantly via being sent to nearby devices analysed by fragmented lab AI and then sent to the file in networks when wifi is availible or through satellite wifi with the name of the exact material given to the wearer with the same applying to photos of fingerprints,scans of DNA with the identity of the owner gained instantly from Aesculapius and results gained from other lab equipment and analysers linked to these glasses.Macaria will be providing analysis visible to the wearer as it is uploaded while linked to Artemis.Cameras mounted on them will have zoom in features to allow for photographs to be taken and also for live video feeds to be sent back to the main lab for both recording to present as evidence as well as live group remote analysis via networks allowing forensics specialists to do so from the comfort of home and labs from around the world.It will be fed into digital case files in real time and also networks to allow forensics investigators around the world to analyse them in real time and communicate with the investigator on the scene of the crime.Thus these will record audiovisual analysis of the crime scene from the investigators point of view with them giving audio analysis and it also recording witness statements stored in the file.All live feeds from these will be fed and logged into digital case files in real time using biosynth WiFi or nearby devices and if WiFi is not possible stored biological hard drives on the glasses and sent when availible in packages.When WiFi is allowed it can also allow it to be fed as well into networks used by collegues around the world at home and in labs who using smartphones etc can communicate with the investigators in real time with their conversations  etc fed into the digital files.Drone footage of the scene from above will also be added to the file and will be used to create virtual simulations of the scene.These drones and glasses will take photographs of the scene which will be complimented by those taken by conventional cameras scanned into the case file with the live video feed providing backup to photos taken proving their veracity and also that they were not doctored with them not replacing conventional photographs.Instant analysis of all of the evidence on the crime will as stated be done by Marcaria and links to Physis and Aesculapius viewable to both the wearer as well as to the a person viewing the digital case file remotely as it is uploaded to it.Further advancements will allow UV cameras,night vision,IR illuminator and thermal imaging cameras can be either built in or attached to allow for better analysis of evidence as well as streaming maps from Artemis and 3D maps from drones that have scanned the area.Augmented reality smart devices like this will allow multiple individuals to analyse evidence from anywhere in the world through live and recorded feeds into the case file within the intranet.The glasses alongside drones and scanners on smart devices will be used to take scans and maps of crime scenes.These live feeds and photos from them will compliment photos taken on non digital cameras which will be scanned into the digital file alongside physical storage.This will allow multiple individuals to analyse and discuss information at once as well as allowing multiple criminal experts to take part in it from around the world with group discussion using codec,augmented reality sunglasses and/or video conferencing technologies as well as connections to Macaria/Athena from the comfort of their homes.These discussions alongside the audio visual records from the glasses will be logged here in the case digital file allowing an audio visual recording of the scene through drones,smart devices and these glasses to be analysed later.All photographs taken on Polaroid’s and normal cameras will be scanned into case files and all results from lab equipment in labs and portable will be uploaded into them via biosynth WiFi.Each forensics investigator will have their own accounts within the Macaria network.Computer networks logged into from their account in Macaria will allow forensics investigators and law enforcement personal given authorisation to view all evidence in real time and later on from the comfort of home and other labs across the world with them having internal kik instant messaging,internal forums and VR simulations.This account will also connect them to their schedules and personal notes and menus allowing to contact other healthcare staff in the hospital they are in or ones they have worked with again a contacts folder for other staff from around the world where they can communicate privately.This will also be where emails from the public can be sent with the address being a universal domain called @macaria separate from their main @gaia email.Forensics labs and police HQ will eventually have touchscreen computers built into large table tops(smart tables) which will allow investigators to collect all audio/visual evidence into them as well as maps etc with e-newspapers and other smart devices alongside Adonit pens replacing conventional white boards and paper notes and markers allowing them to be uploaded into the digital case file instantly.Whiteboards can also be replaced by graphene sheets using both Adonit pens and hand movements to delete marks with the Adonit pens having different colours and can allow notes written here to be uploaded to digital case files with smart tables with touchscreens also used.Notes written on paper will be done on smart devices to be sent to files instantly with photos taken on the drones and glasses being digital ones complimented by photos taken on conventional non digital cameras that once developed in labs will be scanned into case files alongside digital ones with all devices used to take photos having Macaria on them that can use digital seals present in case files they are uploaded to authenticate they are real and cant be doctored with it preventing the lm being doctored.These live-streams from drones and glasses will be fed into case files in real time and stored here with if not stored on biological hard drives on them or nearby linked devices to be sent when access is availible in packages.All data and evidence from onsite miniature labs and those in labs will be uploaded instantly with them using biosynth WiFi and cellular access generated by themselves and other devices to send data instantly in real time in any environment.These collections of evidence (case file)can be saved onto a hard drive from the intranet,the wire and have evidence from similar cases brought in.The date and time of discovery of each piece of evidence will be logged with the investigator giving notes in text,audio or video recordings.Cameras that detect the residues gas or liquid of explosives alongside pollen trails can also be integrated once developed.Amphibious drones can be deployed into lakes to scan their beds for any bodies of missing people or evidence that may have been purposefully placed there and automated diggers can be used to remove them.Having all evidence uploaded into digital case files will allow them to be reviewed by investigators at home and use in courts where judge and jury will review them,perform studies on the types of evidence in different types of crimes by trainees and researchers with them stored in Macaria,given alpha numerical codes and have hyperlinks to related court case files and police files in Themis and Athena.Both human investigators and Macaria and the AI of labs as well as Perseus,Kratos and police station AI can use this evidence to narrow down the suspects to be questioned and perpratrator of the crime and extrapolate all events that occurred.

Each case file for murders,kidnappings,assult etc investigated by forensics investigators will be digital ones that contain all data of a crime ie all results from machinery such as those in laboratories,miniature handheld ones and those integrated into smartphones etc.All evidence on a case such as audio and video files(CCTV recordings), journey logs in vehicles,logs on home AI hard drives and electronics such as phones and laptops,3D maps of crime scenes,lab test results,fingerprints,photos,tyre/shoe prints,DNA,XRay scans,holograms of bones and skeletons,pictures/photos and 3D scans of particulates such as pollen,oils etc and other materials and physical evidence such as weapons/bullets/tyre prints/shoe prints etc.that can be moved around in all directions using the interface with pertinent information written by automated insights linked to Artemis,maps of crime scenes and the region they occurred,photos of suspects/victims/interviewed sources of information and witnesses alongside audio/visual recordings of witness testimony(and written logs of these interviews and testimony done by AI) on the scene of crimes and in interrogation rooms and other places,memories from neural implants,scans(internal and external) of bodies/skeletons,individual bones and organs and audio/visual recordings of interrogations and crime scene and body examinations by both coroners and forensic investigators etc will scanned in and logged into the relevant folders of a cases digital file.Also in this file will be readings from all lab equipment and those from mobile ones,audio/visual logs of the scene of the crime by ARI glasses,drones etc as well as those from coroners whether human or robotic.This will be in the digital file in Macaria and Themis and can be accessed by forensics investigators using passwords biometrics on any computer at home or in labs as well as devices on the field with all data sent there into folders and subfolders instantly.In time recordings from neural implants and voight kampff machines will be logged here as well and photos of the dead body and decomposed bones/skeletons,911 pemphredo calls,legal files and documents,emails,texts,logged phonecalls,browsing history,holographic reconstructions of both the crime scene/building interior/exterior etc will be be stored in a digital case files in a digital cloud network/police and federal agent intranet with photos scanned in where it can be instantly accessed by agents/investigators and forensics departments from around the world anywhere in the world using Augmented Reality Interface sunglasses or computers.In short all evidence and database will be in reach only to registered police officers and investigators(this includes databases of enemy military fighters),including forensics members and trainees through smart devices with them in folders and subfolders of the case file with them accessed via passwords and biometrics managed by Marcaria.The sentient AI in charge of each forensics lab and Macaria etc will be writing up reports,graphs,charts etc and other analysis for each inspection of each piece of evidence and final analysis gained from all investigators own recorded voice recordings of their individual analysis of the case with new ones added as new evidence comes in also logged here in the digital file as well as information regarding evidence and suspects from Artemis,Athena and Themis.Once samples and evidence is sampled and the data analysed from either mobile and building based labs and data analysers described above this evidence will be instantly uploaded into these digital file.As stated earlier combining sunglasses with this intranet can allow investigators to access this information while at the same time run holographic/VR simulations of crimes(which can also be saved into the cloud network)with software determining the most likely turn of events given all evidence(such as the position the dead body was found,location of bloodstains,particulates etc.) as well as access other case files simultaneously to make comparisons.The crime scene whether it is a wilderness area or buildings such as home,public building will have its original map downloaded from the buildings onboard computer and Brauron.This will be stored in the forensics file alongside the altered post crime scene gathered from room scanners built into ARI glasses,drones,portable scanners and smartphones to create a before and after comparison with this scanning of the crime scene done twice with it done at the very start of discovery of a crime scene and after markers for each piece of evidence are laid down to create three files for analysis and comparison 3D mapping of outdoor crime scenes will be done by drones before and during the analysis of a scene with smaller quadrocopters and other stationary 3D mappers allowing for indoor and outdoor surveying to be done alongside photographs taken on cameras and provide audio/visual recordings of scenes as they are analysed by forensics later on and used in court as evidence and training purposes.Holo lens combined with other smart devices acting as a remote control can allow investigators and even jury members move through the virtual scene.This can be done to collect all evidence such as placement of furniture due to struggles,location of particulates,blood stains and any other physical evidence and will be uploaded to the digital case file within Athena in both picture and 3D scanned form alongside the existing home or building map created by the home owner,the public or in Artemis prior to the crime to compare the two for analysis.This can be done in order to carry computer and holographic simulations of both indoor and outdoor crimes utilising other sources of evidence such as nearby CCTV footage(and footage from other buildings,streets visited by by them that day and even previous days using facial recognition software to scour old existing records of surveillance footage for the movements of victims,suspects,vehicles and witnesses and even next of kin to all three should it be required charting their actions over the previous days,weeks or even months),traffic surveillance systems,tyre prints,fingerprints,blood stains,journey logs in vehicles,logs on home AI hard drives and electronics such as phones and laptops etc.Warrants will be needed in order to gain footage from cameras in private gardens and homes as well as data from specific Home AI files and also those from electronics and vehicles should they be of use in the investigation.The drones and scanners could map all rooms in a building and surrounding exterior and roadways and areas that where collected surveillance has gathered data on the journey of both suspects and victims.The scanned in map will be used alongside unaltered one stored on the building AI.VR technology once indistinguishable from reality will allow one to view the crime and all events leading up to it and the escape of the criminal from a third person view or from the view of the victim or criminal using extrapolations from the evidence designed by AI such as Marcuria,lab AI and the forensics investigators as well as witness testimonies and memories from neural implants.The simulations of the pre and post crime scenes and extrapolation of events can be viewed by anyone from home..Neural implants can derive Whats the crime scene or a home looked like years,months,weeks,days or even hours before the crime took place derived from the owners of the home or those who had visited it weeks,days or hours before to gain a better understanding of the layout of the room and building prior to the crime occurring.Witness and victims testimonies will be take in audio visual form even from the crime scene and in police stations etc using smart devices and glasses as well as from neural implants that can trace memories that if perfected will not be faked since integrated into the brain and thus able to decipher exact events as they are remembered and as they were recorded by the brain with this applying to suspects as well to to prevent false readings and lies and allowing testimonies to be compared for accuracy and truthfulness since they can be recorded and viewed as VR programs in third or fist person and uploaded into the digital file to be read and carried by judges,jurors etc during trial.Note pads will be replaced by google lens recording scenes and taking pictures,adonit pens jotting down notes onto smart devices into networks and smart devices recording audio or audio visual notes sent to ones network.Readings of cameras such as CCTV footage,audio recordings,maps taken in by Hestia,Home AIs,building AIs and individual operating softwares will be streamed via warrants and in allow for direct sequences of events that occured during,prior and after crimes have been committed to be ascertained.Licence plates even e-versions will be used to determine the current location of a vehicle and its movement before and after via warrants as its journies and location will be tracked by Hestia and Ophion.Audio/visual recordings made by investigators via smart devices such as smartphones,smartpads,contact lenses and glasses will be logged here,Mapping of scenes into both audio visual logs and 3D holographic maps for evidence analysis etc can be done by room scanners,drones/quadrocopters,and smart devices such as smartphones and ARI glasses using Scanlabs for indoor and outdoor mapping of scenes and shown to them.Both the buildings interior and exterior and also the exterior of the building such as garden and surrounding wilderness will be scanned in using drones,room scanners with them providing the scene after the crime and Brauron and building map providing the view of the scene before the crime with this done to store it on the case file and also for creating simulations with ideally it done before pictures are taken and evidence labelled.Both before and after maps will be used for comparisons for simulations etc.Wilderness areas where a crime took place or where releated events took place will be scanned by drones and used alongside existing ones in Brauron.Rivers can be mapped by drones for evidence and collect them with them also aided by automated dredgers.As stated earlier using Polis and facial recognition software with records of suspects,the victim and others linked to the crime and victim and vehicles can be scoured through the records of the global surveillance system over the previous days,weeks and even months with relevant data and video files stored in the digital case files.Vehicles can be scoured through this and the logs of journeys analysed as well.This can also apply to cold cases.Software can be used to find out the owner of the vehicle by scouring through Hephaestus with a digital warrant based on its unique colour,shape,tyres and other features such as license plate,e-licence plate etc from it physically left behind,tyre tracks and CCTV footage and memories of witness.All physical evidence such as vehicles will be photographed using conventional non digital cameras that will be scanned into the forensic case files as digital evidence with physical evidence stored in storerooms.Photos taken on conventional non digital cameras will be scanned into the digital file and physical photos stored in storerooms.In time digital camera evidence may be allowed to be used with them uploaded into files with them being only being from smartphones and digital cameras that have Macaria present through fragmentation that allows her to leave an encryption that shows it was not and cannot be altered with the encryptions making it impossible for digital photos to be altered thus making them viable for use with it also marking that she was present on cameras and smartphones that the photos were taken on and these encryptions will show that she created them to authenticate them.Weapons,vehicles,furniture etc will be scanned in via scanners that wirelessly interact with computers and smartphones or integrated into smartphones to create photogrammetric and holographic 3D items that can be via in ARI glasses and simulations be viewed as moveable 3D object one can examine with it soted in the case files with physical items stored in storerooms.Physis can be used to automatically cross reference particulates such as micro-organisms,pollen,animal hair,DNA etc thus gaining the name of the species or source of organic and inorganic compounds instantly,with links and interactions between Demeter being able to determine if the plant or animals came from a specific vertical or community farm through Phanes and patient files.Using a digital warrant,Hephaestus can also be used to track down where an item was delivered to in the town,city,village and city,where it was produced and who ordered it thus along with other clues narrow down suspects in the area and warrents can be used to sift through the receipts of suspects with Hestia used to locate the current owner of vehicles with the digital keys system allowing one to narrow down who has access to it.The onboard computer of automated vehicles will contain their e-licence which will be read by Hermes surveillance cameras computers by Athena which can be as small as a microchip.With the proper warrant investigators can access the hard drive,phonecall logs,texts,iris chats,emails etc from a suspects and victims phone,computers and email accounts alongside their browsing history on the wire and internet with the audio/visual logs logged in the file.Blog and vlog posts on websites and YouTube etc will be stored here via links to the websites etc.All files on all registered electronics will be copied and transferred to the forensic file.These proper warrants will allow law enforcement investigators to gain access to the Iris accounts of suspects,victims to see all of their logged texts,audio calls,audio/visual calls and instant messages if deemed relevant and Hephaestus and Demeter accounts see what they have ordered over the past years.Other sections of their wire accounts and their Helios and other apps will be accessed by warrants managed by Dike etc with their browsing history also accessed with AI pointing out relevant information and being able to sift through huge reams of data in a matter of hours and highlight and transfer relevant information to the digital case file.Macaria and forensics labs AI will carry this out via her accessing it through the wire and interacting with Aphrodite,Cronus,Thoas,Home AI,Arke and Hestia as well as any other parts of the suspects wire accounts directly with her Arete programming and warrant from Adikia will ensure it will only be done on suspects who are relevant to a case with her also accessing the files on ones electronics and cloud storage including protected files again only if warranted with it shared with investigators if anything relevant is found with these added to the digital case file.She will scan this data also on the accounts of victims.All texts and logged audio/visual phonecalls including VR ones will be analysed by Dike,Macaria the forensics lab AI to determine valid ones.CCTV footage from cameras in public places and from homes and buildings will be downloaded by Adikia allowing a warrant with one able to choose what readings from cameras from what specific days of the week,month,year they need to solve the crime with them stored in the digital forensic file.All audio/visual logs of the crime scene such as from ARI glasses,cameras on smartphones and portable ones will record the scene of a crime and will log them into the forensics digital file with them either livestreamed into them using biosynth WiFi and bluetooth or saved on biological harddrives prent on them or through WiFi and bluetooth onto portable computers and devices to be uploaded later on.Recordings of a crime scene through ARI glasses will be livestreamed into the forensics file or saved on internal biological harddrives and then transferred wirelessly to the forensics file alongside all of the forensics investigators ruminations and analysis of the scene and that of any investigators viewing it from across the world.Evidence collected from coroners such as audio/visual recordings of their examination,3D representations and photos of bones,organs,DEXA scans etc will be logged here alongside their audio/visual analysis.Coroners,law enforcement investigators and forensic investigators can store their recorded ruminations and analysis of each piece of evidence and the case overall in an audio log or audio/visual logs.All results from machinery that test for blood,semen,particulate evidence from those in forensics laboratories,miniature handheld ones and those integrated into smartphones will be uploaded to the forensics digital file.Memories from all witnesss cross examined will be present here to be viewed as a VR programm alongside all conventional audio/visual recordings of cross examinations.Cross examinations of witness at the scene of a crime,those that come forward or are tracked down after a crime will have audio and audio/visual recordings of their testimony done at the scene of a crime or in their home will be recorded into the digital case file with through warrants them brought to police stations to have their memories of only the specific events relevant to the cases downloaded onto biological harddrives using neural implants authorised by Adikia.All of the evidence collected will be logged in folders and subfolders to allow Macaria and forensics labs AI to be able to sift through all data within minutes to extrapolate correlations with these correlations and other data highlighted and directed to investigators.This technology and AI will allow cases to be solved more quickly by humans with one using VR technology including those of ARI glasses to enter a VR simulation and analyse all data as a recreation of the crime scene and in a VR office with all data from the forensics digital file taken out and analysed piece by piece with AI highlighting important data with one then both humans,Macaria,forensic lab Ais can analyse all possible evidence to narrow down suspects and solve the case.

Existing physical real world evidence like photos,shoe/tyre prints,DNA,fingerprints,weapons and particulates as well as audio recordings such as 911 calls,witness testimonies and all of the aforementioned evidence from solved past,unsolved cold,existing and new cases will be stored in physical form in storerooms after being scanned into digital case files using both pocket,book and 3D scanners(for 3D models) again allowing investigators from around the world to analyse them for group analysis in order to expedite solving them,allow trainees to research them more effectively,make correlations and cross references between open cases and past cases via Dike/Macaria as well as for use in court cases and for training new trainees.All paper files will scanned into them with physical evidence such as weapons etc will be scanned into them as 3D model with CCTV footage as well as audio visual evidence and audio files like witness and suspect testimonies,911 calls etc will be added via peripherals.Weapons,prints and other physical evidence will be scanned in using handheld scanners with photos also scanned in using paper scanners with them turned into 3D images alongside the original photo stored.Physical items scanned in will be visible as a 3D image that can be turned around 360 degrees.All paper files will be scanned in.These will be input into each cases digital file with an alphanumerical code into a global database.Digital data will be transferred to these files and physical evidence will be inventoried in storerooms.Physical papers will be scanned into the files with any evidence in police stations scanned in and also transferred to their relevant folders and subfolders.This can be automated like in how textbooks and old magazines are scanned and uploaded automatically to Pheme and Apollo or conveyor belt system with advances in automation expediting the process or done by hand by those researching them using handheld scanners or fleets of humanoid robots capable of doing it 24/7,365 days a year while inhabiting multiple bodies at once with photographs of shoe prints,weapons etc automatically turned into separate 3D holograms (alongside photos) that can be turned 360 degrees within their subfolders via software.All of the worlds forensics,police and legal files in paper and in digital form will be transferred or uploaded into their relevant networks in Themis,Macaria and Athena with unique alphanumerical codes created for them and new ones.Handheld scanners can scan in weapons,furniture and other physical evidence to be viewed as a hologram,photogrammetric 3D image in forensics case files,Shoe and footprints in the form of pictures will be scanned into forensics case files to be extrapolated into a 3D image.Old,new and existing closed and cold case files from around the world as far back as records can be gotten uploaded into this system for analysis for all trainees from around the world as well as comparison and linking to newer and existing cases for researchers with the operating softwares within the wire aiding in making correlations between cases and crimes worldwide similar to the work he will do in healthcare using various factors of the crimes such as age,gender,race etc. of the victim and/or perpetrator and many other factors in the cases such as evidence found,type of crime,cause of death,locations etc not possible by the human mind with this again applying to cold cases.This can be done on local,regional,national,continental and global scales and can be combined with PredPol(integrated into Athena) to carry out predictive crime studies.Macaria and also the AI of laboratories,courts etc will be able to perform large scale studies on a global scale including long range projection studies related to crime,sociology etc using data from Athena,Themis,Aesculapius etc to project individual types of crime rates over years,decades,centuries and millenia using on a local,regional,national,continental and global scale using PredPol and similar software.Thus linked cases will be linked together in the digital cloud within Athena via either with hyperlinks within case files or even in one large macro case file.Each digital case file will be given both a unique alphanumerical code starting with the code for the crime type following the California Penal Code is 187 for murder,where and when it happened and encryptions including genetic based ones and name based on the name of the victim and perpetrator or name of the serial killer or nickname givenby the media and investigators.Hyperlinks to the court file in Themis and also case file of police investigators in Athena will be present.This can be done with automated page scanners and also handheld scanners for physical items such as photos and pieces of evidence.These same technologies and methods used for crime scene analysis can also be used by anthropologists and archaeologists analysing excavations and old buildings.All past cases will be subdivided into unsolved/cold cases and solved ones with this done globally to have all of the worlds past cases scanned in both in terms of paper records and also physical evidence and audio/visual data with them stored in Athena with the files have data in folders and subfolders and also have AI manage this and add notes with them given alphanumerical codes with this done globally to have all cases from around the world in one single database.Hyperlinks to court files and police investigation files etc will be present.Trainees,registered personnel and even members of the public will be paid money to do this and thus incentivise large amounts of the public especially locales to do this cutting down on time in shifts.Eventually advanced robots,biosynths and conveyor belt systems can be used to alleviate human labour in scanning all material with if possible it taking by 2029 for this to happen if done simultaneously worldwide with all physical paper files and photos uploaded to this as well as physical evidence using automated book scanners with data in multiple labs and stations etc worldwide that are of the same case will be merged into one by AI with hyperlinks in them allowing one to visit related police and court files.All of the data and evidence from all existing databases worldwide will be scannned into digital case files within Macaria database to carry out criminology studies on a global scale for trainees and registered investigators and combined with AI will make it easier to solve cold cases that remain unsolved.

All past and future forensics files will be linked to police case file and court case files linked to get her in the global Themis,Macaria and Athena databases.Police case and military operation files will contain audio visual logs of law enforcement personnel in the field related to the case ie raids,arrests,interrogations of witnesses and suspects both in the field and in police stations alongside text logs and readings from Voight Kampff machines and neural implants.All evidence and results of from forensics investigators and coroners from the lab and field(including audio visual logs of crime scenes and dissections etc and their analysis) as well pictures made on normal cameras scanned in alongside any weapons,bones,bodies,crimes scenes in holographic form in different layers in the case of bodies will be logged in digital files in Macaria.Holograms and pictures of all physical evidence gathered,simulations of the crime and CCTV footage and all relevant data will be logged here in folders and subfolders.All relevant legal documents,transcripts,emails and psychiatric evaluations will be logged here as well.This will allow the evidence to viewed at home by the jury and judge at home on smart devices and computers as well as important evidence summarised and examined in the courtroom.They will be linked via hyperlinks in both ways to the court file which will contain audio/visual recording of court proceedings and analysis of the sentence by both lawyers,victim and/or their relatives,next of kin and criminal as well as even the jury with all members of the jury listed alongside both prosecute and defence lawyer and the judge.The results of the case will also be logged here.All of this in both files will have the information listed and organised in folders and subfolders.All text logs,results from tests and reports etc will be done by software including those of existing cases uploaded to Themis with regards to new ones this will be done once test results are gained,pictures are taken,videos are uploaded with graphs and charts also generated by software.All court cases will be in three separate but interlinked digital files – one for recordings of legal proceedings and legal documents,one for forensics investigators to hold all collected evidence such as audio,text,photographic,memory recordings,forensic audio visual evidence in digital form including memories from neural implants etc with physical evidence scanned in as a 3D file and one for data collected by law enforcement investigators such as warrants including live recordings of catching suspects/raids from google glasses etc and memories of law enforcement personnel,911 phone calls,memory recordings and audio visual recordings etc of witness and all other material normally collected by law enforcement personnel gathered by law enforcement etc personal.Court case files will contain all data relevant to a case such as audio/visual logs of them,audio visual analysis by judges and jury.The forensics cases will contain all forensic evidence in them with law enforcement cases containing all data collected by law enforcement including warrants including live recordings of catching suspects/raids from google glasses etc and memories of law enforcement personnel,911 phone calls,memory recordings and audio visual recordings etc of witness and all other material normally collected by law enforcement personnel gathered by law enforcement etc personal.These will use the same alphanumerical codes that is the same in all three files that consists of the criminal code ie the code that denotes the type of crime (187 for murder)following the California Penal code system and then where it took place,when it took place and also encryptions including genetic based ones and name based on the victim,perpetrator and nickname given by the media or investigators.The forensics,police operation and court files will be linked together via hyperlinks and the same alphanumerical code with same penal code ie 187 before it separated by a hyphen in Athena,Macaria and Themis subdivided by type of crime ie murder,rape,assault etc that will allow data to be looked over and shared instantly during investigations,trials and after them.These three databases will contain all crimes past and future from around the world with the location of the crime(country,state,region,city/town) and what lab and court was used listed in their specific files.Those of multiple crimes will be listed in both folders and both codes on them and at the behest of the user can allow one to view the entire case(police,forensic,court file) in one macro file.This will allow both lawyers,jury etc to look over any evidence that is presented at any time.These can allow trainee forensic,law enforcement personnel and lawyers to study and perform studies from courts,lab around the with it also used for re-enactments in movies,documentaries and television shows etc.All court cases will be in three separate but interlinked digital files – one for recordings of legal proceedings and legal documents,one for forensics investigators to hold all collected evidence such as audio,text,photographic,memory recordings,forensic audio visual evidence in digital form including memories from neural implants etc with physical evidence scanned in as a 3D file and one for data collected by law enforcement investigators such as warrants including live recordings of catching suspects/raids from google glasses etc and memories of law enforcement personnel,911 phone calls,memory recordings and audio visual recordings etc of witness and all other material normally collected by law enforcement personnel gathered by law enforcement etc personal.

Existing criminal databanks including fingerprint and DNA databases around the world will be merged together and act to be sent to patient files.Fingerprints and DNA fingerprints that do not belong to known felons that is analysed will be identified with a digital warrant software named Medusa built into them and police/forensics computers that will instantly link to legal systems i.e. courts computers that will automatically gain a warrant that will allow access to the global medical files and also citizen files within Themis overriding firewalls put in place.This sentient software will only be in these apparatus such as mobile or lab based equipment and cameras on ARI glasses and also cameras registered to investigators thus allowing only forensics investigators at a crime scene to gain access to the identity of the owner of all DNA samples allowing for quick identification of suspects,victims and witnesses on the scene of a crime within minutes of photos taken and samples run through lab equipment with increases in the wires speeds allowing this to occur within hours or even minutes.This will be done by it scanning the entire global patient files for DNA matches and fingerprint matches.Animals such as livestock,pets and feral ones can also be identified by it interacting with both Physis and Aesculapius.In the case of semen stains on clothing from a rape it can be used to quickly identify rapists.The same will apply to fingerprints photographed with a smartphone and other devices with the same software that will momentarily bypass firewalls in healthcare networks with existing automated systems being able to scour for the owner.Also a photo of a badly decomposed skeleton or picture of the teeth could be used to once again scan against the database for x-ray and dental records to identify a victim if the body is badly decomposed software can be developed to superimpose the most likely face onto a skull and body shape on the skeleton and gender etc which can itself be scanned through the worlds database of citizens patient files as these and their Themis accounts would have recent photos of all citizens as well as cross referencing missing persons databases.In both cases it would scan first the patient files in the locale,then region/county/state,then nation,then continent and then world to quickly find the owner of the sample/body.Missing persons files would be also scanned for faces with DNA samples of people who died before patient files were introduced will use existing patients to track the likeliest relatives,children and parents etc to determine its identity by comparing the DNA of the victim to that of living patients thus bringing up all parents,brothers,cousins etc.This Medusa software and DNA scans can also be used to identify the names of people found suffering amnesia or memory loss.To ensure privacy only the file of said person and owner of the specific DNA and fingerprints and basic information such as sex,age and address will be allowed to be accessed by investigators and no-one else with the search done by software not including pictures and profiles of other citizens on the search screen(rather a progressing search bar on a blank screen) as well as any medical data,videos etc. just basic information such as name and address and age(even the patient ID will not be given to the forensic and federal investigators) with further information gained via a conventional warrant from the court if deemed relevant to solving the case.Once identified the whereabouts of suspects etc can be determined and them added to the database of people of interest to be tracked on surveillance cameras and if need be warrents can allow the GPS location of registered devices such as smart devices,vehicles and computers to be ascertained.This sentient Medusa software for digital warrants should only integrated to smart devices,network accounts,lab equipment used and registered to forensics investigators such as miniature labs connected to computers and smart devices and will become sentient with her appearance as her avatar.Identities only will be uploaded to police intranet and will be added with full patient files and thus medical data of suspects etc can be added to the police intranet with full medical file accessed when given the correct warrant by physical courts or via applying to them via the wire or Iris video calls with details as to why the information is needed if any medical data in the file may become relevant to the case giving them as stated earlier stronger digital warrants that can open all this information from specific files to the investigators.The courts and eventually Themis/Dike will authorise this.Investigators can be given access to any relevant individuals related to a case for example proving or disproving the genetic relation of a suspect or witness to a case or whether a sibling is related or secretly adopted (with software comparing DNA fingerprint)from healthcare staff with this warrant depending on the nature of the case and individual circumstances in the course of their investigation which can be done over smart devices with software opening up that specific file by inputting and/or scanning that ID code given to them by Paean or medical staff via hospital intranet and apps on smart device overridden by other higher level digital warrant software given to them by the courts via the wire and/or in person or over the phone.This will system allow for quick identification of suspects,witnesses and victims of crimes with animal DNA scanned through both veterinarian patient files for identification species and pet owner if a pets DNA is found and Artemis while the species of wild animals DNA or hair,feathers etc is found.Macaria,Medusa and Dike will cross reference and compare signatures and handwriting with Aesculapius patient files and Themis accounts through relevant warrants.Medusa will also allow for quick identification of people who die in fires,accidents,terrorist attacks and natural causes.This system of scanning the global patients file in Aesculapius via the sentient Medusa software will allow for victims of murders,suspects of crimes,rapists and even people who die in accidents,fires and natural disasters to be identified instantly.Murder victims or those whose remains are discovered in an decomposed state or have salvageable DNA samples will have their DNA and face superimposed over skulls by Medusa to identify them via Polis with DNA cross referenced alongside living patients to find the victims next of kin and closest relatives etc.Medusa and Macaria will use the skull to create a 3D image of their face that can be crossrefferenced with Polis and global databases of missing people with Phanes analysing the face and reversing engineering the genotypes to create the same face that can be then crossrefferenced with patient files to see if it matches up with someone missing.The patient files of all missing patients will be brought up and their genomes used to create holographic or virtual humans to see if they produce the same face,gender and skeletons with Phanes,Macaria and Medusa working together to determine the owner of a skeleton using patient files,missing person databases etc alongside other methods.Dental records present in the patient files will also allow for identification of decomposed bodies.In the case of bodies found that died before 2029 it can involve their face and body determined from remains be compared to missing persons databases with the genome reverse engineered by Phanes and then compared to those of living patients in the patient files systems.It will also allow for people who are found suffering memory loss such as amnesia to be identified immediately using dongles that use biosynth technology.Suspects and witnesses can be identified once DNA from semen,blood,skin.Rapists can be identified instantly from skin cells and semen stains with the identities of those in the scene of crimes such as witnesses and murders identified from saliva,blood etc.Ones finger fingerprint present in patient files can allow this to be used for identification.The patients DNA in their patient file will change each time one adds or removes DNA as part of ageing,aylugmentation treatments and those to treat genetic diseases etc.This sentient Medusa will be used by forensics labs and police investigators to gain a warrent to identify the owner of DNA with this done by the DNA found at a crime scene such as from semen,blood etc of a murder,rape,assault will have the discovered DNA scanned fully and then Medusa interact with Epione will be allowed to scan the global patient database of patient files for corresponding and matching DNA with it scanning through billions of patient files within minutes.This will allow the identity of rapists,murderers and the victim of murder etc and those who die in accidents and also natural disasters within minutes by forensics investigators with it also used to identify amnesiac victims and stray pets and livestock found.Skeletons of humans can be indentified by having the skulls and general skeletons shape analysed to determine race,gender and the general features of them allowing a 3D representation of the persons face that can be crossreferenced and compared to both face photos present in the files and also the entire DNA of patients crossreferenced to create a 3D representation of their skeleton and body in real life.If DNA cannot be salvaged then the skeleton including skull will determine the persons gender,race and age and a Macaria will extrapolate their physical features ie what their face looked like and what their entire body looked like,cross reference Polis and patient files that house their face and also extrapolate the genotypes to express these facial etc phenotypes and then compare it to the global database with this done one patient at a time which might take longer ie several days our hours with Medusa and Epione first scanning through patients of the local town,village and city before extending to surrounding ones,then the local county,state,then all those of the surrounding counties,states etc and also then the entire country and then the entire continent and entire world.If possible the AI may at first scan Athena for a list of all missing persons and pets to narrow the search down at first to eliminate them first.This system can also help identify the owner of remains of bodies of humans who died prior to the creation of the patient file system by analysing their DNA and skeletons and creating a face and body and then comparing them to pictures of known missing persons in missing persons databases and also comparing the DNA to living relatives in the global system of patient files.If DNA is not salvageable them the the skeleton can be used to extrapolate a 3D image of the person including facial features that Phanes can use to extrapolate the genotypes to create that face and body with this then compared to the global database to find living relatives with it also scanning databases of missing people worldwide.Phanes,Epione and Paean will extrapolate means to identify the owner of dead bodies using patient files,extrapolated genotypes from skeletons and missing person databases.For pet animals and livestock etc involved in a crime the animal patient files can be scanned once the species is determined by scanning Physis with the the animal patient files of that particular species them scanned for the corresponding owner of the DNA to determine the exact animal,whether it is a pet or livestock and thus allow the owner to be determined by contacting Paean and Phanes and also the animals patients files containing the owners current address.It can again be used to determine the identification of dead animals or animals that attack other pets etc and human using DNA from saliva,skin cells etc.

With regards to coroners and forensics investigators cameras can take close up photos of important markings,injuries.These photos of the whole body,scanners similar to DEXA scans(and other internal scans) as well as scanner built into table(to take a photo and scan of the bodies back) can make a 3D representation and hologram to be created of the victim including external and internal injuries for remote viewing and analysis via computers,holo lens and holographic projectors both in labs and in the court.The entire body will be scanned externally using cameras similar to a DEXA or Xray machine or even photocopying machine that in one go scan the front and back of the body including the face and head with if need be handheld wireless 3D scanners used to scan the rest of body that these can’t to ensure that the entire body is scanned in as a 3D photogrammetric and holographic representation that can be stored in the digital forensics file.DEXA and other types of scans can be used to get internal scans of the body allowing for all types of trauma,ruptures etc in the body prior to dissection etc.It will also allow for external and internal examinations of the organs and damage done to them to be done without cutting up the body and any incisions etc. and can be logged in the file used in the court room with areas and organs of note highlighted and put into separate folders.These will be uploaded into the case file alongside the audio visual recordings from the coroners and forensics investigators containing any dissections that take place their analysis via google glasses/lenses during the dissection which can also be streamed live to other investigators to view in real time(any interactions with other investigators around the world will also be recorded and stored here in the case file).These recordings will be logged into the forensics files alongside photos made.Dogital photographs since they cannot be used will be replaced by conventional photos that will be then scanned into forensics files using automated scanners.They will also have access to holographic simulation from investigators.Decomposed bodies will have each bone scanned in and thus uploaded to case file allowing for each bone to be viewed in 3D from all angles and the ID by the name of the bone type with the entire skeleton as a whole to view.Photos of the skeleton and each bone will be uploaded as well.All parts of the body will be photographed and Polaroid and normal photos scanned into case file using automated scanners.The same will apply to any organs removed and results from them which will be photographed and scanned into the forensics case file.This will allow the investigator to view the skeleton as a whole and then select each bone individually with each individual investigator being able to view each separate piece of evidence individually on their own separate smart devices and holo lens via connection to the wire to see any markings that may offer clues.Again this would automatically be uploaded to the digital case file.All coroners etc will using google glasses and lenses etc film their analysis of the body that will include their voice recorded analysing the body uploaded as a file to case files.These simulations of crimes determined by software and the investigator can be used to determine the most likely sequence of events.In time all work by coroners and even foresnsics investigators will be automated with readings from implants and patient files used and robotics.This could include robots with phlebotomy robots attached to them,DaVinci and other surgical systems with cameras attached to them,robotic chef hands,internal sensors within then or they these samples that put samples on automated labs with conveyor belts and even in time humanoid robots and biosynths controlled by the lab.In time biosynths controlled by the lab AI will replace all human coroners.Both robots and biosynths and also human ones would record the dissection and analysis of each organ etc and the body wounds using google glasses or built in cameras fed into the case file.This would alleviate strains on human workers and would also allow multiple bodies to be done at once.

Physis will be set up by 2029 and will contain a database of the genome of all 2,391,000 species of plants,animals and micro-organisms subdivided into taxonomic ranks including new ones created by Phanes,researchers and the public with crops,plants,animals,livestock,pets and also micro-organisms will be further divided into different breeds,subspecies,strains,varieties,cultivars etc.This will be arranged as a phylogenetic tree divided by each taxonomic ranks including breed,variety,cultivar,strain etc and will contain their files that contains all genes from them divided into main base genes present in all individuals and specimens,then all different ones that are responsible for different phenotypes that are unique to each individual and common throughout the genepool ie different skin as well as eye and hair colour,different penis and breast sizes,different coats and plumages etc alongside those that are rare mutations associated with unique phenotypes or genetic diseases or those unique to an individual.Thus all possible genes for all possible mutations and phenotypes including those that result in genetic deformities and disease will be stored here for use in studies and also Phanes programmes.Scratch DNA created by Phanes and those from other species as augmentations will be present in their files as well with those from other species source species and its phenotype denoted.It will allow for geneotyoes to be printed out into spermatazoa,seeds,eggs,embryos and bacterial,viral,fungal,plant and animal stem cell and tissue cultures onsite of universities,hospitals and labs of all types around world and eventually universe by 3D DNA printers with desired phenotypes into artificial wombs,recirculating aquaculture systems,plots etc for research,as pets,conservation and human consumption.Compounds present in their sap,poisons,waste products etc would be listed and have hyperlinks to the second sub network detailing all known compounds.Those created on Pandora,for use in bacteria that create commodities,from scratch will be added here as well.Hair,feather,pollen and other samples of all populations of each species of plant and animal will be present visible as a microscopic sample to be compared to discovered samples.Pictures of the animal whether unicellular or multicellular will be present alongside all types of noises made by them stored here.Photos of and sounds made by the animal and plant etc will allow for instant identification when taken and recorded on smartphones including live-streams and recorded videos on smartphones including photos and videos on YouTube and Dionysus etc due to their being photos of plants and animals and the sounds they make present.With regards to viruses and micro-organisms their growth rate ie how long it takes for a cell to divide will be listed alongside median infectivity dose for pathogenic ones;IC50,IC99,IC1.Also present here will be in their file all compounds they create in the blood and also all possible scientific information about them ie their native habitats with it also housing a section for all natural and synthetic compounds.Compounds found in animals and plants will be listed and a hyperlink will be present to its page in the section dealing with organic compounds.A compendium of DNA and thus genes from every species and sub species of organisms on earth including those that cause mutations and diseases and specific traits with a breed or species.All genes that can possibly occur in a species of all organisms both unicellular and multicellular of plants and animals including humans will be here listed with one able to see what each gene does create each phenotype.This will be arranged as a phylogenetic tree and will contain their files that contains all genes from them divided into main base genes present in all individuals and specimens,then all different ones that are repsonsible for different phenotypes that are unique to each individual and common throughout the genepool ie different skin as well as eye and hair colour,different penis and breast sizes,different coats and plumages etc alongside those that are rare mutations associated with unique phenotypes or genetic diseases or those unique to an individual.Thus all possible genes for all possible mutations and phenotypes including those that result in genetic deformities and disease will be stored here for use in studies and also Phanes programmes.Scratch DNA created by Phanes and those from other species as augmentations will be present in their files as well with those from other species source species and its phenotype denoted..This would categorised and sub divided into each taxonomic ranks:Domain,kingdom,phylum,class,order,family,genus,species,sub species and breed,strains and any other subdivisions for use in research.All compounds that the plant,animal or micro-organism produces in stings,bites,sap,blood and other parts of their biochemistry including anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal compounds and venoms,toxins will be present in folders and subfolders with hyperlinks to the file of species micro-organisms that the poison and anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal compounds kills or inhibits with venoms etc have hyperlinks to the species animals and plants it kills present.In both cases the LD50,LD1,LD99.LDlo and LC50.In the file of all animals,plants and micro-organisms these kill,inhibit etc the venoms and anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal compounds that kill or inhibt them will be listed and there will be a hyperlink to the file of the animal etc that produces it.It would also include the hair(including internal cross view),cells and tissues,nails of each animal and pollen,seeds and sap of plant(and other distinguishable chemicals and components of each plant and animal species as well as all pictures of them and noises they produce) and also photos of each species and pictures of all diseases they suffer from that links with Macaria and forensics labs and networks and robots that work their as well as smart devices.Hyperlinks will be made to all parasites and pathogens of all species of animals and plants.Compounds present in their sap,poisons,waste products etc would be listed and have hyperlinks to the second sub network detailing all known compounds.Hair,feather,pollen and other samples of all populations of each species of plant and animal will be present visible as a microscopic sample to be compared to discovered samples.It will also show their known distribution and in the wild on a world map that can be zoomed in to show exactly where in each country they inhabit with one colour for native habitats and another for introduced habitats.With regards to viruses and micro-organisms their growth rate ie how long it takes for a cell to divide will be listed alongside median infectivity dose for pathogenic ones;IC50,IC99,IC1.All species will be given a alphanumerical ID code with each strain,breed,sub species,variety,cultivar having their own alphanumerical ID code that is the same as their species code with extra numbers and letters. since sentient will arrange all species,strains,breeds etc into the phylogenetic tree and create alphanumerical ID codes for each species and also sub species,breeds,strain etc.Existing and new species,strains and breeds(including non toxic versions of animals,fungi and plants or those with desired phenotypes)created by genetic engineering will be housed here.Each strain, breed or species existing and new ones discovered and created by AI and humans on Pandora will have their own alphanumerical ID code after there species name similar to that of registered healthcare staff and lawyers and also going alongside and based on the same taxonomic ranking naming system as that is used for naming each species with the code denoting its Domain to kingdom all way down to the species and strain.New breeds,species etc of animals including pets,livestock etc will be added here.Bacteria,fungi that produce each individual commodity from plants and animal from their native planet will use a single new bacteria or fungi species that will have its own alphanumerical ID code that will then be then subdivided into different individual strains that produce each individual commodity with their own alphanumerical ID code.Each unaltered organism such as crops and livestock etc will have its own species alphanumerical ID code within Physis in the Artemis database while genetically altered versions will have an unique alphanumerical ID code written next to it to denote the specific altered phenotypes which will be listed within their file in ‘Artemis and this ID will be on any tags worn by the animals or on plots or buildings holding them as well as their barcode within Demeter.This could be visualised as folders and sub folders or a 3D tree of life with the different strains,breeds etc and new genetically altered versions of species of crops,livestock and pets as well as all wildlife and micro-organisms as branches extending from its parent species depending on the choice of the user with newly discovered and Lazarus species as well as newly artificial created breeds,strains and species added over time.Viruses may even be included on it or their own separate tree with three visualised as a touchscreen hologram as holographic technology advances at the viewers choice with the normal tree zoomable on smart devices and smart televisions and computers/laptops using controllers and a mouse or touchpad.Physis software could sort this coding for each species and organising them into their specific folders and sub folders and/or tree branch.All possible scientific information on all species of plants and animals both unicellular and multicellular will be present with this containing a repository of all knowledge on them organised by the sentient Physis.All data will be organised into folders and subfolders.All of this information already present on various websites would be transferred here into one area with the servers for these recycled.With regards to DNA genes can be listed and the entire genome visible as a rotating double helix visible as atoms arranged as the bases and sugars and also as simplified strand of coloured bases visible as rectangles connected to their opposite base on a double ribbon structure.When a person moves up and down the strand on both cases it will which genes they are on with start and stop codons labelled.The Aesculapius sub network of augmentations will house those for each specific augmentations for humans etc.It will allow for their DNA to be printed out into spermatazoa,seeds,eggs,embryos,bacterial,viral and fungal cultures and plant and animal stem cell,tissue and organ cultures onsite of forensics labs across the world and universe with desired phenotypes and unique genotypes into artificial wombs and cultures etc for research.Each planet across the galaxy and universe will have their own separate Physis network in Artemis detailing all of this for each planets flora and fauna etc and will allow any commodity from alien plants and animals to be created by bacteria and meat of any animal to be created by invitro meat through 3D printed stem cells and allow and species of crop,ornamental plants,livestock,pets,wild animals,bacteria,fungi,viruses native planets outside of Earth to be identified.With regards to organic and inorganic compounds these will be subdivided by type and subtype like carbohydrates,lipids,proteins and nucleic acids, etc.Synthetic compounds will also be present.Pharmaceutical compounds will be subdivided by first organic,then semisynthetic and then synthetic and then type and subtype in each of these three divisions in their own folder with antibiotics then subdivided in the the same fashion:first organic,then semisynthetic and then synthetic and then type and subtype(eg Penicillin, cephalosporins,sulfonamides etc) in each of these three divisions in their own folder with their chemical structure visible as a 3D image.Also included here in an organised fashion will be metals,elements and ores etc each one subdivided by type and sub type that links with healthcare,police/forensics,university and research labs as well as mining networks and even for use in nanotech fabrication in Hephaestus.This would contain their chemical and elemental signatures with (such as atomic number etc and 3D representation of their atoms)with all known nuclides: isotopes,isotones,all known allotropes,Nuclear isomers,isobars,mirror nuclei etc. in sub folders themselves with other information(neutron number and mass number and photos of them and where in the world they are found as well as their Material Safety Data Sheets containing information on oxidisation/reducing/flammability/toxicity and corrosive status etc for all elements,metals and compounds both synthetic and natural with contradictions and toxicity levels detailing their LD50,LD1,LD99.LDlo and LC50 for aerosols and gases for each compound.Also present will be the spectroscopic wavelengths of all compounds,metals,ores,elements etc.All properties either physical or chemical of all chemical compounds and all elements,allotropes,metals etc will be listed in their page.All possible scientific information on all organic/inorganic matter,compounds will be present here.Physis will arrange all of this data in an organised manner.Labs in universities and forensic labs will use this to determine the name of a species based on DNA,structure and photo reference of organic matter,compounds etc found on crime scenes,wilderness etc within minutes using DNA samples and also samples of compounds.All possible data on each species,compound,metal,ore etc will be listed here in an organised fashion in folders and subfolders for each one.It will allow the identity of any compounds to be identified instantly and allow for the identification of any species of animals and microbes
and also compounds etc to be ascertained instantly in forensics labs as well as in university and hospital labs by cross referencing it.Linked to the building AI in research,forensics labs etc and using software that analyses photos taken of animals,plants,microbes and ballistics from the general public,robots in the wild and researchers to instantly given them links to the exact species etc with in regards to plants and animals will detail if it is toxic or poisonous on a universal scale based on a universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger with ID barcodes on livestock and crop plots also linking them to a species phenotypes.Improved versions of Soundhound integrated can allow one to record sounds in the wild for any given time period with Artemis then bringing up the animal.If multiple sounds from different animals are picked up then it will be advanced enough to determine which ones they are and bring them all up.This can be done by integrating Google lens into Gaia,Physis and others that detect animal and plant species into it.Macaria will cross reference each sample of organic material such as DNA from semen,blood,pollen and micro-organisms etc and inorganic and synthetic compounds and hair samples found on a crime scene to identify the species of animal,plant,micro-organism and element,compound etc it belongs to.This will take only a few minutes and added to case files.Medusa will using warrants scan all patient files of humans,livestock and pets and even wild animals in Aesculapius and Artemis to find out the owner of DNA to track them down for questioning allowing suspects to a crime scene to be narrowed down within minutes and results added to digital case files.All existing information on all databases on the internet will be transffered here including genetic databases etc and their servers recycled since it will replace them.By 2029 all existing data from all databases around the world and entire internet including genetic databases and those on elements and compounds etc will be transferred to Physis as it will replace them and servers recycled with it thus by then housing all genomes and DNA from all 2,391,000 species of plants,animals,bacteria,viruses and fungi including humans and also all other aforementioned information by AI thus becoming the sole repository of this information.Physis itself will be sentient with a formless avatar.Physis will be used by forensics labs to identify the animal or plant who owns each piece of DNA found on the site of a lab with it also used to identify the name of inorganic and organic as well as natural and synthetic compound found at crime scenes and also ballistics found.