Advances in robotics have allowed for the carving of intricate and custom made designs to be carved into wooden furniture as well as the milling of furniture,ranging from tables,chairs,doors,bookcases,wooden bathtubs and even caskets.

All steps of this manufacturing process from,carving,milling,painting,packaging,transportation and even the assembly of furniture such as tables and bookcases have been automated.

With regards to structures like gazebos,sheds,baby cribs and swing sets these can prefabricated and assembled at home with 3D printing allowing for each to be made and then assembled.In time robotics may allow for this to assembled by robots that inhabit the factories or in time by humanoid robots as part of ones home or the factory that can assemble them at home.Expensive and rare pieces of furniture in palaces,governments buildings,temples(and other religious buildings)museums,castles and private collections(as well as heirlooms) can be scanned into this network to replicated for the general public and then edited.Strong carbon composites can be used to replace metal screws and handles for several reasons including the fact that they don’t require energy in extracting them from the earth,are stronger at holding parts together and can be pyrolysised or mulched alongside the furniture without contaminating biochar,woodchopping’s when recycled.A single atom layer of graphene or even theoretical graphene varnish can be integrated onto the surface to make furniture and even wood for flooring scratchproof with a permanent layer of liquid glass making them dirt,acid proof.Graphene nanotubes could in the case of wooden bed frames etc be bored into the sheets of wood to make them shatterproof in the form of nanotubes with carbyne also introduced this way.

In the case of metal and stone furniture the same processes can be done entirely by machine again all part such as the legs can be custom made.Furniture of all types could also be made entirely of precious gems such as diamonds,emerald and sapphire etc or synthetic igneous,sedimentary and metaphoric rocks or a mixture of these with also being composed of carbon composites such as a single sheet of graphene or ideally carbyne for extra atom thin,light but durable furniture such as tables,chairs,table tennis tables,sofas,recliners,closets,countertops,bedside lockers,coffee tables, and even bed frames all with touchscreens(to access the wire,internet and video phonecalls)that interact with human fingers and Adonit pens and in time holoprojecters which will replace glass and possibly even wooden furniture.These smart furniture will be able access the wire,apps,internet and also hold videocalls and transfer audio/video/picture files to one another and also with other smart devices both at home and in the homes and labs across the world.Smart tables et will be in the Antikythera network.

Furniture of all kinds such as beds,tables and chairs present in historical buildings such as palaces,temples,religious buildings,castles museums,government buildings,birth homes and museum homes of famous people etc. can be scanned into Hephaestus under a folder of the buildings name within the furniture sub-network in Hephaestus to be replicated and then further modified and altered(as well as being scanned into Apollo).In time humanoid robots or bio synths controlled by the factory will take them out of delivery trucks with neighbours and the consumers themselves doing so in the case of the elderly.Mirrors of all types including those placed on furniture can be in relevant folders here including smart mirrors placed in new and even existing furniture from Antikythera.The consumer can design furniture to have built in mirrors either normal or smart ones with them within the folders of wood furniture with mirrors in their own separate sector of the Epeius sub network.

Jacuzzi’s,pools,saunas and hot tubs can also be home made or designed on a computer and made automatically in factories and then delivered and their designs shared via cloud networking.The same goes with dog kennels,brick barbeques,ovens,koi ponds,sprinklers,waterfalls,lazy rivers,bird houses/feeders and water fountains can homemade with robots and 3D printing playing a role in making their construction easier,faster and safer.An universal software within Artemis named Brauron(also the operating software of Artemis)can allow for consumers to virtually try out these in their homes gardens and choose from existing designs in the cloud network with this interacting with Pandora in Hephaestus.Ideally all of these would be homemade to allow for the factories that produce them to be used as homes and if done in factories would be part of Epeius ones for outdoor features and jacquizzis.Advances in automation will allow for all of these to be made without human labour with structures designed and stored on Hephaestus included the patterns of brick flooring and steps saved on the map of the garden.

3D printing can produce furniture from a variety of materials such as wood,plastics,metals and concrete. These can be painted or have designs like photoprints printed on them.Like stone and wood furniture done by machinery they can be designed on a computer and then uploaded to cloud networks to share.This can be done for chairs,couches,tables,bookcases,swivel chairs,clothes baskets,baby cribs and closets until automation becomes sufficiently advanced

Apps like Autodesk Homestyler and Virtual Stager can be replaced by Orion that can allow for consumers to virtually try out furniture that was created in factories and by 3D printing in their homes and choose from existing designs made on Pandora in the cloud network named Epeius after the name of carpenter in Ancient Greece.

Like before this can be utilized to create products that have yet to be done entirely by machine and can utilize 3D printing alongside it to make the production process easier until automation becomes sufficiently advanced.These include sofa,recliners,couches,stools,baskets and aquariums.

Aquariums can be made of glass with graphene within its matrix to make it shatter and bulletproof with any wooden frames of them designed and stored on Hephaestus and stored in the furniture sub sector with glass sheets ordered in from the glass network.

Varnishes and finishes can be made in bulk at home to allow factories that produce them to be used for other purposes and use non-toxic materials such as waxes and plant and animal oils used in their production ideally originating from genetically altered bacteria ordered in from local vertical farms when possible.This can also produced onsite of furniture factories or in extensions next to them with all ingredients including dyes from bacteria produced on site with them applied at the behest of the consumer with a colour wheel allowing them to choose the colour with graphene based paints produced in other extensions again with a colour wheel used and even painted patterns decided by the consumer painted on it.Theoretical graphene varnish can be researched with it making it permanently scratchproof and the furniture 200 times stronger than steel allowing it to withstand extreme weight and external pressures ie someone jumping on them with the graphene produced on site or the graphene varnish produced at home.Spraying liquid glass on furniture like tables will prevent watermarks on them due to its hydrophobicity and prevent staining.These homemade furniture pieces can be scanned into HephaestusIt may be possible to

In the case of furniture factories sawdust can be collected by sweeper robots and depending on the demand of the area or region they can store it their for composite woods or be sent to communities and individuals for fertilizer,syngas,fuel or woodchippings.Bacteria based wood can be grown on site of these furniture factories and also the methods to bio degrade them into base components for use in a looped cycle also present here.Methane from methagenouse bacteria would be grown on site using sugar etc shipped.Also here would be the machinery to carry out kebonisation and the bacteria to grow the alcohol.Recycling of stone and other materials should also be done on site of their factories.Synthetic igneous,sedimentary and metamorphic and other new rock types can be created on site of stone furniture factories using specialized machinery and in time nanotech fabricators.