Genetic disease Treatment

Genetic disease treatment:
Muscular and neurological degenerative diseases especially genetically predisposed ones such as Parkinsons,Alzheimers etc could be treated by these microbes creating new cells and tissues in their place,using horizontal gene transfer to transfer CRISPR treatments into pre existing and newly formed tissue and relevant cells throughout the body that would correct mutations thus correcting the pre existing flaws.This could be done to treat genetic diseases that have multiple symptoms ie Cystic Fibrosis with the microbes fixing genetic flaws via horizontal gene transfer using CRISPR treatments while treating the symptoms by forming new tissues,soaking up and breaking down compounds that symptomatic and the cause of the disease into nutrients or benign compounds that can be flushed out of the body.Autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis can be treated via CRISPR and them treating both the hosts genome and that of the leukocytes with the relevant DNA and in the case of allergies again these can be treated by CRISPR and also these creating anti-histamines on the spot relevant to a persons individual allergy.Autoimmune diseases can be controlled by them producing chemicals that stop the immune system attacking the hosts body,shut them down entirely while carrying out the main functions of them while they correct the genetic flaws via CRISPR treatments.Progeria can be treated by using both CRISPR treatments to treat its mutations alongside creating new tissue and applying anti-ageing treatments to extend the lifespan of the patient applied early on during early childhood.Those suffering from dwarfism can have genes added to the human population to remove it from the genepool.In living patients of dwarfism organs,neural systems and the skeleton would be if this possible grown by microbes forming new tissue and structures layer by layer alongside the production of hormones by the microbes or body through correcting the mutations of fibroblast growth factor 3 gene in the case of anchondroplasia,correcting genes associated with growth hormone deficiency and turning this off when they reach average height with other causes of this corrected by CRISPR and hormone production and genes added to increase ones size to normal size.Thus a combination of CRISPR,microbes producing hormones and stem cells increasing the size of organs and limbs could allow sufferers of it to reach normal average height of unafflicted patients.This would have to be tested on chimpanzees and also rats purposefully bred using CRISPR to develop these prior to humans tested with them having human and patient specific DNA also in them.Those who are very tall and have weak hearts as a result can be given bioprinted ones with them given suitably sized ones with stronger tissue from bioprinting with them engineered to survive heart failure ie using carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor and can through CRISPR and stem cell strains causing tissues to undergone apoptosis and form new tissues could have their body size shrunk to normal heights again tested on chimpanzees.Klinefelter syndrome can have the extra X-chromosome inactivated in each cell and genes added that prevent them forming in future miotic division with the CRISPR treatments also correcting the symptoms individually ie ensuring testosterone levels are normal,cure sterility and remove any breasts with breasts removed via tissues undergoing apoptosis and surgery.Turners syndrome can be cured not just by CRISPR initiating the formation of a second X chromosome but also have conditions like pterygium colli deformity be corrected via stem cell surgery and microbes forming new internal tissues and also causing some to undergo apoptosis and moult off via DNA added to the patients genome from Serpentes DNA controlled by Paean,bioprinted organs and thus allow the patient to live normal lives.Prager-Willi syndrome will have the extra or missing chromosome 15 from either parent added or removed in all cells depending on the case determined by genetic tests with the other cases have deleted genes added by CRISPR with deformities etc corrected by microbes.Those that are the result of extra chromosomes will have the extra one edited out of all cells and future miotic division by added specific genes to the other chromosomes that prevents the formation of the extra chromosome in each cell with those due to their being a lack of a chromosome will have them initiated in all cells via adding genes that ensures they are formed with this made percent via advanced gene drive technology.Cyclopia and those that resort in stillborns and early deaths after birth can be corrected invivo by base microbes scanning the DNA of early fetuses and embryos and adding genes to correct them via gene therapy and upgrades.It may also counteracted from occurring in the first place by adding the telomere repair genes from anti-ageing strains that prevents the formation of the necessary mutations.Mutations caused by the fetus being exposed to chemical,physical and DNA damage would be repaired instantly by recombinant DNA from T.gammatolerans,A.mexicanum etc added to the mothers DNA passed onto the child and also those that make them immune to the toxins that produce these including teratogens.Those that arise from incest and inbreeding will also be cured this way.The telomere repairing genes will also be added to all patients worldwide to not only prevent ageing but also prevent genetic defects associated with incest and inbreeding with this of note to certain groups such as the Amish who are at risk of this with it also applied to pets such as C.l.familiaris and F.catus.This alongside the use of 3D printed DNA using the Phanes method would prevent genetic bottlenecking onboard of space stations,interstellar vehicles and even colonies in the distant future and also with C.l.familiaris,F.catus.Living patients affected by chemicals with mutations and birth defects can be cured by CRISPR treatments to remove faulty genes and also even initiate formation of proper body parts and microbes invivo cosmetic surgery.Incest and inbreeding based conditions will have CRISPR treatments to correct deformities and also even apply the Phanes method to the patient genome in all cells by making subtle alterations to their DNA to make them subtley different.Thus in both living animals and humans such as populations where inbreeding and genetic bottlenecking occurs once CRISPR cures deformities the living patient Phanes method can be applied to living patients where the genome of the patient in loci and codons that determine the persons uniques genome can be altered to the point in all cells and tissues or just in the tests and ovaries via CRISPR to make the genome subtly different enough that they are are a completely different individual from what they previoulsy were and different enough from siblings and parent that they can interbreed with the original siblings,cousins etc and still produce healthy viable offspring that will have individual genotypes to allow for genetic diversity to be created that they will although will be genealogically releated to each other ie can be called their daughter,brother and cousin will not be genetically releated to each other and in fact will be distantly releated from each other enough meaning all future progeny will be genetically distinct enough to ensure that all future breeding between them will eliminate genetic bottlenecking and genetic degradation from inbreeding.This will be applied to all breeds of C.l.familiaris,F.catus, endangered animals and also populations of humans where inbreeding can occur such as the Amish and those in space stations etc.The telomere repair mechanisms of Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans etc will able to prevent any future damage with patient files of both animals and humans that have inbreeding occur at present and the future can allow for CRISPR treatments to be applied and application of the Phanes method to living individuals.Chimpanzees with human recombinant DNA and those with even the patients own DNA can be used bred to test treatments for each individual type of genetic disorders starting as early 2024.3D DNA printing will create the spermatozoa and eggs with these phenotypes and the patients unique DNA from patient files to cut down on costs.Diabetes could be treated by removing the fat insulin receptor gene and also genes associated with it in living patients with those that are caused with obesity in living patients treated by microbes creating insulin when needed in response to sugar levels or at set times of the day while weight loss can correct the root cause including genes added or removed via CRISPR to allow the body to create the required levels of insulin to counteract the amount of sugar intaken.Type 1 diabetes will be treated by CRISPR treatments and beta cells created by stem cell strains.Those who have diabetes such as type 2 diabetes that is a cause of obesity and not genetics can through weight loss via removing the fat insulin receptor gene with them and those that it is caused by genetics will also be given genes by the strain to treat gene faults that cause it to allow them to recreate the required level of insulin created by microbes.Microbes can be added to the patient that creates the hormone in required amounts in response to sugar in the bloodstream or on demand at set times of the day by Paean and also break down excess sugar when needed to prevent the need for injections and thus prevent patients forgetting to take it or not be able to take or order in vials all year round as the microbes will create the hormone when needed each day.These microbes since in the body 24/7,365 days a year and controlled by Paean and designed by Phanes to contain both the patients DNA and scratch DNA designed by him would override patenting laws and also would be able to produce the hormone throughout their lifetime when required in response to the levels of sugar in the body or on demand through Paean via biosynth WiFi at certain times of the day every day or in response to sugars etc in the body detected by implants in the body and home test kits as well as the microbes themselves and thus be by law free with recombinant DNA coming from the patient themselves or close relatives that create human insulin to further override patents.Having the patients DNA present in the microbes to create insulin would override patents but also prevent allergic reactions.Otherwise insulin can be created by bacteria/human cell hybrids or microbes on an unlimited scale in hospitals,ordered in from Telesphorus factories or even created in ones own home using vats allowing for one to create their own supply of insulin at home that would be by default free and allow one to fill up reusable vials over and over again providing an endless supply exempt from corporate patents.This can be ordered in from Telesphorus factories in batches created by bacteria with the patients specific DNA and stored in fridges for free since patient specific insulin using their DNA would be produced and AI would manage the factories.Having them created by bacteria and have the patients DNA in them will allow Phanes and even patients own patents making the ordered in insulin by law free.Binding proteins that keep it stable in fridges could be present to keep it useable forever with these designed to break down in the body.The bacteria would contain traces of their own DNA and not just that to produce insulin to make it free cross referenced from patient files to make patient specific insulin by law free to the patient that can be ordered in bulk and stored in fridges at home.The same can be replicated with similar hormones and diseases caused by genetics or lifestyle choice and poor nutrition and also obesity as well as those aggravated by prescriptions for other genetic based diseases with epinephrine and other hormones of medicinal value which can be created by microbes by relevant recombinant DNA when needed,created by anabolic and catabolic reactions and grown on an unlimited scale at home,in hospitals and Telesphorus factories.Epinephrine and adrenaline can be created on demand by them in certain patients who require them again for free using recombinant DNA changed instantly in base microbes and created on demand via biosynth WiFi with Wifi causing upgrades to the microbes causing them to house DNA that can allow them to create adrenaline and epinephrine on demand vis biosynth wifi and them also ordered in from Telesphorus factories in batches created by bacteria with the patients specific DNA or made at home making it by law free.Crohn’s disease will be cured via CRISPR treating autoimmune syndromes and defects that lead to it directly and also immunising the patient from M.paratuberculosis.Those that have predispositions to cancers will also be inoculated with anti-cancer strains by 2025 alongside gene therapy to remove the relevant genes and as stated scheduled for routine check ups immediately by 2023/2024 every few months or once a year with these done at different hospitals to alleviate strains with proto Paean scheduling these to make them happen.If they develop cancer before 2025 then they will have modified Car-T immunotherapy that utilises Polybia-MP1,TsAP-1 and melittin to treat them by 2024.Thus those with genetic predispositions to cancer will have routine check ups on the entire body subsidised by the government with them also given modified Car-T immunotherapy treatments to treat discovered tumours and then anti-cancer strains and then once it becomes availible CRISPR treatments will be applied that remove generic mutations releated to cancer.Those that have already had hysterectomies,mastectomies etc to remove their chances of getting the cancers will be scheduled for trials of stem cell strains that alongside CRISPR treatments will initiate their reformation regrowing them after they have CRISPR remove the relevant genes that cause cancers from their body by 2029.Other adults should still continue to get frequent prostrate and cervical etc examinations and avoid carcinogens until when they can be inoculated with anti-cancer strains with those with the predisposition to cancers having precedence.CRISPR can be used to correct GERD,make the oesophagus immune to acids via adding recombinant DNA from acidophiles to the oesophagus and create proper flaps in the stomach.The accelerated healing phenotype will heal any scarring that occurs.Those that leave one with deformities will have CRISPR treatments to correct mutations and also initiate the formation of proper body and neural structures with micrboes ability to form tissues such as skin,muscle,nervous tissues invivo and surgery with Paean able to by 2029 extrapolate the best method of dong so with VR and holographic technology allowing for a version of the patient with and without the mutations to be analysed and built towards using these methods.Patient files once set up will give patients knowledge that they have specific genetic diseases that will schedule them for routine check ups,subsidised medicines until CRISPR treatments become availible that then correct the genetic mutation in each and every cell in the body to thus cure patients of the disease.Patient files will by 2023/2024 allow for all patients with each specific genetic based condition to be determined globally and thus schedule them for routine tests and then medication subsidised before money becomes obsolete and them scheduled for human trials between 2025-2029.Thus genetic diseases of all types in all living patients such as parkinsons,genetically predisposed cancers,asthma,tourette syndrome,ceoaliacs disease,obsessive–compulsive disorder,heart defects,alzheimers,maniac depression,cystic fibrosis,autoimmune disorders,Crohn’s disease,allergies of all types including those to medications and dust mites/cat dander/bee stings etc,addictions of all types,genetically derived diabetes,incest borne diseases,social anxiety disorders,bipolar disorder,epilepsy,adrenoleukodystrophy,congenital heart etc defects,haemophilia,sudden arrhythmic death syndrome and even heart murmurs,congenital heart defects,chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy,amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,multiple sclerosis,mitochondrial diseases etc would thus be cured by them treating the symptoms by first creating new tissues in place of affected or degenerated ones,create natural and synthetic compounds from plants/animals and catabolic and anbolic reactions to treat it,breaking down compounds and plaques that cause it to treat them and then to finally cure them fully it will use CRISPR treatments to fix the genetic flaws that caused it to begin in the first place both in new and all existing cells in the body with this applying both to infants and adults suffering from the conditions.Living patients suffering from them will be treated by CRISPR treatments to cure them via adding and removing genes to both the telomere and mitochondrial DNA in all cells available by 2029 with those who are infants,teens and adults who have the genes responsible for them will have gene therapy by this point remove the genes responsible and thus prevent it occurring in them at all also by 2029.This use of CRISPR treatments by genetic disease stains will thus effectively cure all patients of these conditions forever with the other treatments done prior to this and during this to alleviate symptoms.These will be applied to both telomere and mitochondrial DNA in all cells using advanced gene drive technology to pass corrections to the next generation of cells with this and germline therapy applied to testes and ovaries to ensure spermatazoa and eggs carry these corrections prevent the conditions passing down to the next generation of offspring.Adding these treatments and specific DNA from telomere repairing bacteria as part of ageing treatments will eliminate all genetic diseases from the family line with by having this telomere repairing DNA added to all patients worldwide as part of ageing treatments will eliminate all genetic diseases from the human genepool forever if advanced gene drive technology is utilised by preventing the necessary mutations that lead to them from happening in the first place.Specific strains will be made to deal with the curing of genetic disease via CRISPR treatments with the DNA for the application to all the cells in the body will be housed in ribosomes and in particular plasmids that will be recreated over and over again via taq polymerase and Cas-9 to be reused over and over again with millions of microbes applying the DNA to all cells in the body at once until all cells are treated.The genes for these will be applied either by horizontal gene transfer and also bumpers acting as a mini vector.All cells in the body will be treated with these CRISPR treatments with advanced gene drive technology to ensure they pass from one generation of cells to the next with germ line technology ensuring the corrections pass to the next generation.Stem cell strains will be applied to degenerated tissues replacing them with new rejuvenated ones in the case of multiple sclerosis and adrenoleukodystrophy,parkinsons and alzheimers to cure,repair and cure existing neural and muscular damage in patients while CRISPR treatments are applied.The patient files system that have the genome of each patient will be used to track down all living patients with proto and final Epione searching the billions of patient files for all types of these in fragmented form by scanning for the relevant genes will put them into separate subsystems divided by each country allowing them to be put on waiting lines based on the severity of the diseases with for example cancers and those that are fatal alongside those in the elderly treated first and scheduled first for routine check ups and scheduled first for human trials by at least 2025.The setting up of patient files in 2023/2024 will already allow those already suffering the effects of them and those diagnosed with the most fatal ones,those that predispose them towards sociopathy,psychopathic,schizophrenia etc and also cancers will automatically be signed up for human trials in 2025 with them set up to be prescribed for medication for them and in the case of cancers scheduled for routine check ups as soon as possible even for pre-teens and teens with HPV vaccines done for other non genetically predisposed groups.Patients with genetic predispositions to schizophrenia,sociopathy,paedophilia and psychopathy as well as even maniac depression will be instantly refereed to Iaso or its proto versions and will be possibly monitored discreetly by law enforcement until cured in human trials in 2025.If need be they may be admitted into special heavily guarded psychiatric facilities for their and societies safety as early as 2023/2024 until trials begin in 2025 and still refereed to Iaso with this even applying to pre teens.Those already suffering the diseases ie those that have symptoms of parkinsons,haemophilia,chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy,motor neurone disease,multiple sclerosis etc will also be treated in 2025 and will have pigs,mice,cattle and chimpanzees born with their DNA in them to test the effectiveness of gene therapy before their trials begin as early as 2025.They will also have all medication subsidised by the government.The patient file system will allow all patients worldwide both suffering and predisposed to them will be tracked down and scheduled for treatments the second they become available with those suffering them treated first and then those who are younger carriers of the genes responsible treated to remove the genes responsible.Advanced gene drive technology would prevent these from being passed to the next generation.This can be applied to infants once genetic screening has found any diseases decades before they are formed with their being a strain solely for treating genetic diseases including neurological and developmental disorders.Genetic diseases of all types will be bred into chimpanzees with human recombinant DNA to test the effectiveness of gene therapy on them including mitchondrial diseases such as mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome,mitochondrial myopathies.Genes would come from scratch as well as from populations of humans that have the genes and would be placed in all cells in the body.Germline therapy will be utilised to prevent all genetic diseases passing onto the next generation using advanced gene drive technology and thus if utilised by all sufferers will prevent the disease passing onto the next generation and thus removed from the genepool of H.sapiens indefinitely.Adding specific genes to both sufferers and non sufferers of genetic diseases could prevent all of them ever occurring again via advanced gene drive technology.Certain genes made from scratch and/or those from other animals to whom never suffer these mutations,exhibit telomere repair including Archaea
such as T.gammatolerans,Bacillus F,D.radiodurans extremophiles that exhibit telomere repair both unicellular and multicellular and homogulous recombination from embryonic stem cells and also certain bacteria could also be added to the genepool of all living patients worldwides via germline therapy and advanced gene drive technology in all patients worldwide to make it impossible for the relevant random mutations that lead to any genetic diseases from occurring at all ever again in the human genepool thus eliminating these from the human genepool indefinitely.The same extremophile bacteria DNA used to reverse and halt the effects of ageing will possibly prevent them being passed onto future generations by repairing mutations that cause these.Those that result from specific genes from the parents will have the parents and any siblings treated with CRISPR to remove any genes that can be passed onto any future children using advanced gene drives.Thus a combination of stem cell strain treatments and CRISPR treatments will be able to cure patients afflicted by any type of genetic disease.

Neurological conditions treatment:
MRI scans of all patients with confirmed pedopheilia and genetic testing in patient files will allow for paedophiles etc to be tracked down via patient files scanned by Paean cured under discretion especially through Iaso via genetic disease strains applying CRISPR treatments and also the stem cell strain creating proper neural tissue and brain matter invivo and brain matter similar to those of normal sexual chronopheilias with their being a strain solely for treating genetic diseases including neurological and developmental disorders.CRISPR treatments will be applied once genes responsible for pedopheilia are found by analysing genomes of both non pedopheiliac patients and those afflicted by the condition with if need be scratch DNA extrapolated by Phanes to create proper neural tissue and also chronopheilia.Neural tissue will be created in place of it and other areas by stem cell strains.This can apply to those who have brain or neural damage by trauma,recreational drugs that lead to major changes in behaviour be corrected.Those discovered or that self referral will be under discretion and counselled via Iaso.If not the microbes can at least suppress any sexual desires towards prepubescent children through the creation of natural or synthetic compounds or suppression of those in the brain associated with them with them also suppressing testosterone production as well as creating neurotransmitters that do this.Hestia will block them contacting pre pubescent children online and frequenting forums etc used by them and restrict access to the dark web while their movement can be tracked by implants authorised by Paean,Adikia and them monitored on surveillance cameras to report them when they are near any beaches,playgrounds etc frequented by children ensuring they can be tracked by relevant authorities and AI without disclosing their identity.Confirmed pedophiles through MRI scans and DNA tests will have their DNA analysed and compared with each other and also of patients that exhibit normal chronopheilia by Phanes using the patient files system to determine the genes responsible for the condition and thus allow Phanes to extrapolate counter CRISPR treatments to cure the condition and also the neural structure of each patient analysed to allow for stem cell treatments to be extrapolated.DNA of pedophiles proven by MRI scans will be compared with those of non afflicted patients to determine genetic markers.CRISPR treatments will be applied to correct genetic defects that cure patients.If genetics does not play a role or genes cant be determined scratch DNA as part of CRISPR treatments may be extrapolated by Phanes and Paean and applied to the entire genome to make the patient exhibit normal chronopheilia with them also extrapolating stem cell treatments by analysing the MRI scans of both them and non afflicted patients that can be applied alongside CRISPR treatments extrapolated from scratch.MRI scans can allow for their brains to be compared with non afflicted patients and thus allow stem cell strain treatments to be extrapolated applied to create proper neural tissue for each patient.Thus Paean and Phanes etc will by analysing the MRI scans and genome of both non afflicted patients and afflicted patients will be able to extrapolate both CRISPR and stem cell treatments from scratch even in cases where no genetic basis can be found for each patient where for example tauopathy and head trauma as well as damage to the brain during pregnancy may be the cause to cure them by correcting genetic flaws and also creating proper neural tissue to express normal chronopheilia.If the condition is found to be the result of genetic deformities such as with developmental disorders and other neurological disorders the CRISPR treatments and stem cell treatments can also be found.Genetic tests and MRI scans of afflicted patients and non afflicted patients will be carried out to draw comparisons between their neural structures and genomes to act a blueprint for Paean and Phanes etc develop stem cell and CRISPR treatments to bring the neural wiring and genome of afflicted patients to as close to that of non afflicted patients.By analysing and comparing the genome and MRI scans of both afflicted and non afflicted patients not only can Paean and Phanes extrapolate CRISPR and stem cell treatments but they can also use this as a blueprint to scan the global patient files to track down those afflicted with pedophelia worldwide based on common genetic markers and MRI scans done worldwide using portable machines built into suitcases and smartphones to schedule them for CRISPR and stem cell treatments and also referenced to Iaso.Those that share the specific genetic markers present in afflicted patients will be tracked down and scheduled for MRI scans including on normal MRI machines in hospitals to confirm there are genetic factors to it and then prove this with MRI scans.Thus stem cell strain treatments alongside CRISPR will be applied to afflicted patients to make them express normal chronopheilia.Others that may occur to tauopathy such as that incurred in the womb or after birth etc will be tracked down by self refferel through Iaso and also via AI such as Adikia,Perseus and other AI as part of sting operations on the dark web wherein AI will be able to break through the firewalls of Tor and inhabit sections of the Dark Web used by pedophiles that will be able to determine their face through webcams and crossrefference Polis to determine their identity and find out their GPS location and home address to have them referred.Once MRI machines become miniaturised into smartphones it can allow MRI scans to be done of all patients worldwide uploaded to their patients files.MRI scans,penile plethysmography tests will be carried out on all confirmed patients prior to treatments as well as during treatments and after them to be used a baseline for Phanes and Paean etc to compare the effectiveness of these treatments with the results of these MRI scans and penile plethysmography tests and other ones carried out will be stored in their patient files to be compared with each other.Iaso can be contacted by afflicted patients to provide discrete counselling and support to prevent them harming prepubescent minors.Before,during and after stem cell treatments and CRISPR treatments MRI scans,penile plethysmography tests etc will be carried out on patients to monitor progress.Patients with this condition can volunteer to have them admitted into specialised facilities before and during treatment with restricted access to the internet.In said facilities they will be given medication to suppress their urges,routinely tested and given accomadation and communal spaces shared with those who suffer it and other neurological conditions.They will be given good living conditions and supervised by healthcare staff and if possible guards to prevent them escaping with them given healthy food.They will be given internet and wire access but both proto and final AI like Hestia etc will prevent them communicating with pre pubescent children and will also prevent them viewing pornography or even non pornographic movies,videos and photos of pre pubescent minors.They will be guarded to not only prevent the individual escaping and harming prepubescent but also prevent vigilante groups attacking them and prevent any minors ages 13 or below entering the premises.They will still have access to the rest of the internet and wire except will be blocked by Hestia etc from sites used by prepubescent children and contacting them directly and will be also be prevented from contacting other pedophiles to share or download child pornography with all sites especially on the dark web that are used to trade child pornography and also used by pedophiles to trade child pornography and engage in child trafficking shut down by Gaia and those guilty of trading pornography reffered to Iaso and detained in these facilitues and put on trial for trading the material and also any instances of sexual abuse of minors aged 13 or below.Those deemed to be a threat to children can also be admitted here and those found to have molested children and have stores of child pornography involving prepubescent minors will be admitted with them upon being cured released or sent to Tarturas on behest of their victims.Those already in jail will be released or sent to Tarturas on behest of their victims as well.Hestia will alert prepubescent children and their parents on smart devices if they are approached by them via the implants interacting with their devices giving them ample warning and to deter the patients interacting with children with this only in case where the sentient Home AI and Hestia can determine that the interaction is purely based on sexual exploitation and not just the patient being in close proximity for any random reason ie either one passing by or in a compromised position with the devices held by the patient blocked from taking pictures or visual recordings of children or storing them by AI.Thus only if a pedophile is directly intending to harm a child will parents be notified.The patient will be notified of areas where children are to warn them of these areas and if they approach these areas Hestia will notify Iaso,Adikia and law personnel to these infractions.Afflicted patients can self refer themselves to be admitted in psychiatric institutions to be monitored to prevent them harming children or consuming child pornography.If possible all afflicted patients whether offending or non offending will be admitted in psychiatric hospitals until cured.In the case of self admitted individuals and those living at home that have been identified and reffered to Iaso,Iaso and Paean can have AI namely ones Home AI,Hestia,Arke,Thaos block the patient from viewing not only child pornography but also non pornographic pictures and videos of children ages 13 and under on YouTube,Google images etc with all pictures and videos blurred beyond recognition.They will be blocked from accessing the dark web for forums and websites that house child pornography and them also blocked from AI from forums that allow them to contact others for child pornography as well as block emails that house this and block them from visiting by third world countries to avail of child trafficking and sexual slavery.This suppression of sexual attractions will be carried out by 2025 using intravenous medication and proto and final microbes that synthesise natural and synthetic compounds that suppress sexual attraction to prepubescent until CRISPR treatments and other strains creating proper neural tissue and CRISPR treatment can be developed by 2029 with intelligence quotient etc raised by CRISPR treatments alongside other symptoms alleviated.Counselling sessions with Iaso will help them restrain themselves and be able to control their unnatural desires.VR technology will be used by psychologists to treat their ability to restrain themselves with if possibly it used to cater to their needs and allow them to molest VR children without harming real prepubescent children in controlled manners under the control of counsellors and Iaso with this done until cured with all stores of child pornography on devices,physical paper etc seized,deleted and destroyed with the sections of the dark web used for paedophiles for forums and sharing pornography will eventually be shut down by Gaia,Perseus once their omniscience extends to the dark web and they break encryption used by Tor browsers once she integrates this into her systems.Thus all existing stores of child pornography especially those of pre pubescent children will be deleted on the personal devices of pedophiles,providers of these,on the dark web.The patient will be unable to access forums used by prepubescent children and be unable to contact them online or through any sections of the wire ie Dionysus,Pheme,Agora,Arke etc and would be unable to view any picture or videos of prepubescent children online including non sexual ones on sites like YouTube,social media,Google(then replaced by Gaia) via Hestia blocking this on all devices owned by them and even those belonging to others used by them.As stated they will be blocked by this AI from taking pictures or videos of prepubescent children on smartphones with even pictures in magazines and newspapers on e-newspapers and videos featuring pre pubescent children out.Gaia and Hestia linked to the dark web and using webcams could using Hestia cross referencing Polis and patient files find out the owners of devices and their location visiting child pornography websites and forums on the dark and surface web as well and thus alert them to law enforcement personnel to then refer them to Iaso to be then treated for their condition and cured with inmates in prisons also cured without their identity alerted to the public to ensure they can avail of this without fear.Doing this and providing good living conditions will encourage afflicted patients from coming forward and have them taken into secure facilities to prevent them contacting or molesting prepubescent children and allow the condition to be further studied by neuropsychologists until cured.Once AI gains control of both the surface and dark web independent of the government and defunct coroporations it will using firewalls,encryption software and even those as part of TOR will shut down all child porn websites on the internet and dark web.Known registered paedophiles in law enforcement databases around the world will be sent to Iaso for treatments to cure them.Victims of of paedophiles could also tell their doctors,Paean and Iaso the identity of abuser to allow the to be refereed for both pyschological and stem cell treatments with them also using Iaso and Metis.Once tracked down by patient files they will be assessed by Iaso and then if deemed a threat to society admitted and then once cured assessed by Iaso again and released.The ability to disclose their condition to Iaso and also researchers and abide by said guidelines will encourage afflicted patients to seek treatments and disclose their condition to medical staff,Paean and researchers and thus prevent them offending by harming prepubescent children and consuming child pornography.Thus all pedophiles discovered by AI,law enforcement etc and known ones will be referred to Iaso for counselling and also CRISPR,stem cell treatments and not jail or even public shaming with this done discreetly to encourage them to be more willing to cooperate with both counselling and stem cell and CRISPR treatments.Non offending pedophiles will be released from psychiatric institutions once cured.If possible once cured paedophile inmates in jails may be allowed to be released or given reduced sentences provided they are counselled by Iaso and monitored once shown good behaviour and given new identities with them attending counselling and their location monitored for several years.Whether they and offending non admitted pedophiles are to be imprisoned in normal jails or Tarturas once cured will be up to their victims and not researchers,medical staff or Paean etc with non offending pedophiles that have no history of harming prebuscent children spared from imprisonment with those that consume child pornography but have not harmed children will possibly face time in normal jails once cured.Advances in MRI technology can allow them to have MRI scans of their brain to carried out at home allowing for one to be identified as a paedophile or schzophreniac etc alongside genetic tests and facial profiles in patient files and thus to allow them to be instantly referred to Iaso for treatment discreetly..Once cured the patient will be monitored for a while via implants until both MRI scans,penile plethysmography tests and also counselling including VR exercises determine they are cured by exhibiting normal chronopheilia and thus no longer a threat to pre pubescent minors thus allowing for the implants to be removed or flushed out of the body or disassemble due to them no longer a threat with access to forums still monitored like all citizens by Hestia automatically.This will render vigilante groups obsolete.Again curing the patients and referral to Iaso for counselling can be done under complete discretion without imprisonment or their names made public for all patients discovered to have paedophilia and other neurological disorders to ensure sufferers of these can be more willing to treatment,referring themselves to Iaso with their diagnosis in patient files also ensuring discreteness with Paean instantly arranging treatment and referral to Iaso.Inmates cured may have reduced sentences or released with new identities.Any synthetic or natural compounds created by microbes will be created automatically by Paean when needed to prevent the patient skipping them.Thus a combination of stem cell strain treatments and CRISPR treatments will be able to cure patients afflicted by pedopheilia.

Schizophrenia,sociopathic/psychopathic behaviour and maniac depression etc will be cured as early as possible once detected by patient files DNA scans using CRISPR treatments and stem cell strains to prevent serial killers and sadists kidnapping and killing people,mass shootings and other events or lead someone to be radicalised by religions or political ideologies or even commit suicide with this done when they also when they try to procure weapons from Adrestia with them having to wait slightly longer than normal to procure weapons once cured.Some may volunteer to have themselves incarcerated into specialised institutions where they can be looked after and prevented from harming others.AI will extrapolate the genes responsible for schizophrenia and also sociopathic and psychopathic behaviour by analysing the genome of both known afflicted and non afflicted patients in order to scan the entire database of patient files for specific genes to track down all patients afflicted worldwide.Once tracked down by patient files they will be assessed by Iaso and given specific subsidised medication and then if deemed a threat to society incarcerated and then once cured assessed by Iaso again and released.Ideally all patients with sociopathy,psychopathy and schizophrenia will be incarcerated in specialised psychiatric institutions for both their safety and that of society with once cured by stem cell treatments and CRISPR they will be released once assessed and once deemed no longer a threat.VR technology will also be used by them to cater to sociopathic and sadistic tendecies especially the torture and murdering of other human beings without harming real people until cured.VR technology will thus allow those suffering sociopathy,psychopathy and schizophrenia to be able to carry out sadistic fantasies without harming real humans managed by counsellors with these also tracked down via the dark web and patient files to be referred to Iaso.The AI will also add the photo of users and managers of snuff and other websites that cater to the needs of sadists to be treated for sociopathy etc to be treated via Iaso and webcams and the AI determining the owner and address of the users devices.This will be done by the AI using Hestia to cross reference the owners of the devices alongside webcams etc.MRI scans and genetic scans will be done on afflicted and non afflicted patients to determine the level of neural and genetic differences from normal patients.Both CRISPR treatments and stem cell treatments extrapolated by Phanes and a Paean will allied to afflicted patients.Patient files will via analysing specific genetic sequences associated with schizophrenia allow for affected individuals worldwide to be tracked down instantly to be cured via CRISPR treatments and stem cell treatments with them also referred to Iaso.Thus those discovered to have these conditions through the dark and surface web as well as patient files will be referred or self referred to Iaso without the threat of imprisonment or their name made public with those already known to the public once cured will be given new identities and possibly cosmetic surgery to make them look different to allow the to reintegrate into society while their victims can be referred to Iaso for counselling.Those who suffer from schizophrenia,sociopathy and psychopathy who have no genetic predispositions but come from the result of trauma to the head in utero and after birth,from nutritional deficiency or alcohol etc will while being counselled can have MRI scans to see the root cause and extent of the damage and have stem cell strains repair the damage.These will be directed to Iaso etc by Home AI analysing their browsing history.Those determined by AI to have been using snuff websites etc will be referred to Iaso and will be sent to special heavily guarded psychiatric institutions for the length of their treatments that utilise CRISPR and counselling.Thus a combination of stem cell strain treatments and CRISPR treatments will be able to cure patients afflicted by schizophrenia and sociopathy.

Chimpanzees engineered with paedophilia,schizophrenia,pyshopathy,sociopath with human DNA and other neurological disorders can be used as tests to curing them by at least 2024-2025 with these then used as baseline for human treatment by at least 2029.Until a cure is availible for all of these diseases by 2025-2029 especially the more dangerous ones such as paedophilia,sociopath,schizophrenia etc then Iaso,its proto forms around the world should provide discreet counselling to the sufferers of the conditions to allow them to discuss their problems and avail of drugs that can suppress sexual attraction to prepubescent children,control sociopathy etc without imprisonment or them having their names made public with them possibly having their actions and devices monitored by law enforcement or Home AI again under discretion and via them added to the global database of persons of interest and preventing them being in close contact with children and other at risk groups with those suffering from schizophrenia,manic depression added to a list that bars them applying for any weapons both legally by barring them buying them in shops and online legally and on the dark web until curative treatments become availible by 2025-2029.Patients with these conditions can volunteer to have themselves incarcerated into institutions to be monitored.Adding specific genes to all patients worldwide will prevent the random mutations that allow paedophilia and schizophrenia to ever occur again.This could include scratch DNA and also those from extremophiles that exhibit self DNA repair with them available by at least the 2030s with them also done to correct neural tissue damage in the womb as well as engineering the unborn child to be made immune to damage from trauma and any suspected chemicals they are exposed to that cause this.CRISPR treatments to increase their intelligence quoitent will also be done to them once cured.If possible the addition of DNA from A.mexicanum,Planarians and Hydra as well as Archaea and homogulous recombination form embryonic stem cells and certain bacteria that exhibit telomere repair to all members of the human genepool via advanced gene drive technology will possibly repair any neural or genetic damage in the womb that leads to paedophilia and other neurological damage related disorders automatically.The same extremophile bacteria DNA used to reverse and halt the effects of ageing will possibly prevent them being passed onto future generations by repairing mutations that cause these.Until then those suffering these can be refereed discreetly to Iaso and its proto counterparts worldwide to receive counselling to prevent them offending at all or consuming child pornography with their Home AI monitoring online activities and preventing them communicating with prepubescent minors and also accessing child pornography sites and forums.Synthetic compounds to treat neurological conditions such as pedopheilia,schizophrenia,maniac depression will have their structure added to Physis and this downloaded onto strains that deal with this DNA digital storage to be then created by anabolic and catabolic reactions onsite of receptors of the central and peripheral nervous systems to prevent overdosing and side effects

Neurodevelopmental disorder treatments:
These microbes ability to induce regrowth and new neural tissue and create new neural tissue and synthesise neurotransmitters and neural matter as well as CRISPR could possibly be able to improve ones intelligence and cognitive abilities improving intelligence quotient as well as hearing,sight etc by creating more tissue and synapse that is dense with the computing power of nanomachines especially bio-synth ones further increasing the intelligence of the host.This and other treatments such as bio-printed organs and gene therapies to alleviate the symptoms of Downs syndrome and other similar conditions such as dyspraxia,focal cortical dysplasia,Angelman syndrome,Cerebral Palsy etc and other diseases that result in developmental disability considerably that have symptoms such as low intelligence quotient,heart defects,clumsiness etc with the genetic defects corrected via CRISPR or in the case of Downs Syndrome possibly having the extra copy of chromosome 21 removed or inactivated in each cell via CRISPR treatments with this carried onto each future cell via mitosis via adding or removing genes added to the other chromosomes if possible the first two copies of this chromosome or others responsible for this third copy that prevent the formation of a third copy of chromosome 21 within future mitotic division during the embryonic stage,in utero,during early childhood years or even within adults.Thus the extra copy of chromosome 21 will be edited out of all cells in patients afflicted with Downs Syndrome by adding or removing genes from chromosomes responsible for this third copy in living patients.Advanced gene drive technology will make this edit permanent in all cells.If possible microbes scanning the genome of fetuses or embryos in the womb will correct these flaws invivo with this first tested on chimpanzees.Thus if possible CRISPR treatments can prevent mutations with if possible this by using further CRISPR treatments and creating new neural tissue and proper neurotransmitters and neural matter directly by themselves and indirectly via CRISPR treatments could increase the intelligence of people suffering these and other developmental disorders that lead to low intelligence,motor skills and poor cognitive functions.If possible these CRISPR treatments that correct mutations and faults,creation of new proper neural tissue could not just help and cure in utero infants and young children but also patients suffering these developmental disability conditions that are adolescents and also adults by increasing their intelligence to average or even above average levels of intelligence and motor skills,correct mutations and create required neurotransmitters or break down chemicals that cause it with the microbes abilities to create new tissues also utilised in the brain,muscles and other parts of the body.Rett syndrome patients should be able to have intelligence quotient and cognitive features increased to above average levels with surgery done to correct other deformities such as scoliosis(with CRISPR treatments also aiding this) and other facial deformities and congenital skull deformities with microbial action and CRISPR also playing a role in correcting these by building tissues with the root mutation also corrected by CRISPR.Skull deformities and scoliosis in these patients will be aided by invovo cosmetic surgery using microbes forming new bone tissue and also muscle and nervous tissue layer by layer in a pre programmed manner via stem cell in vivo surgery to form a more human like shape with the same done to any other limbs such as arms,hands,fingers,feet and toes alongside the entire muscoskeletal system with CRISPR treatments aiding them in their proper formation by initiating the necessary hormones and tissue formation in these areas.Teeth can be replaced by more fully functioning ones via CRISPR or replacing old ones with more stable synthetic ones with the jaw modified by surgery and also microbes.Cosmetic surgery involving Da Vinci machines controlled by Paean will also be done to compliment stem cell cosmetic surgery.Hallermann-Streiff Syndrome like Retts syndrome will have CRISPR treatments to correct the mutation with facial deformities corrected via microbes and also CRISPR treatments as well as dwarfism corrected via the same methods as dwarfism.Each condition in living patients will have unique CRISPR treatments correct each mutation,aid in correcting deformities,initiate the proper formation of limbs,proper skulls etc and to increase intelligence and cognitive functions to average and above average levels with conventional surgery aided by in vivio stem cell strain surgery and microbes forming bone and other tissue to correct deformities and thus give living patients a more normal shape as normal as possible and each symptom unique to each one will be treated by CRISPR and biorpinted organs etc.The stem cell strain will be able to aid in correcting deformities in all parts of the body such as limbs,brain etc by forming new tissues layer by layer alongside conventional surgery.Bioprinted organs created using DNA from the patient that has underlying mutations releated to the condition removed will be added by conventional surgery.These CRISPR treatments and cosmetic surgery will allow living sufferers of all types of developmental disorders including lower functioning forms of autism to live independent lives and be cured or have symptoms alleviated significantly through CRISPR and the microbes ability to form new tissue treating each individual symptom of each type of disorder,each mutation and the causative mutations that lead to them corrected by CRISPR with each and all symptoms corrected by this with bioprinted organs and tissues formed invivo also used.Skull and other body deformities will be cured via a combination of both normal surgery and also the atem cell microbes creating muscle,neural,skin,bone and skull tissues layer by layer in vivo to create a more normal facial features alongside causing some to undergo apoptosis,skin to moult via recombinant DNA added to the patients genome from Serpentes controlled by Paean and this replicated in other bodily features similar to their ability to correct abnormalities in facial reconstructive surgery with CRISPR treatments aiding this by initiating the proper development of body features with any surgery adding jaws and other parts of the skull using synthetic bone and cartilage grown in a lab using the patients stem cells with the cells have before grown have mutations corrected by CRISPR with microbes forming neural,muscle and nervous tissue over them when vivo after inserted via surgery or it grown over them using stem cells with any screw etc made of graphene with if possible microbes forming bone tissues replacing screws invivo or the the screw formed in vitro of bone tissue.If possible CRISPR and the microbes and moulting used together could form a functional jaw invivo.Surgery done by Davinci machines will compliment stem cell surgery with them used together when the other can not fully rectify the problem.These surgeries fully automated will lower costs and also allow for more accurate operations with microbes and engineering to use carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor will prevent any complications from being fatal.Bioprinted organs or those from chimera animals added will use the patients own cells with them having the mutations edited out or CRISPR can do this with chimera organs done for malformed and poorly developed organs.Surgery will have any complications negated by microbes reforming any tears or perforated vessels etc healed by microbes or adding recombinant DNA from A.mexicanum etc at first to mainly blood vessels and those that could be affected as well as the phenotype of using carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor added to patients prior to surgery with ideally Da vinci surgery machines either human or AI controlled.This will prevent death or further neural damage and the AI able to more delicate operations running simulations as to all possible problems that could occur.Surgery that leaves a deformed face will be corrected by the microbes forming new tissues layer by layer and also causing others to undergo apoptosis and other on the outside to moult off with the microbes in fact picking up where the surgery leaves off to further improve on areas that surgery cannot be able to correct.Stem cell strains in vivo surgery wherein they form skin,muscle,bone,nervous tissues and cappiliaries layer by layer in vivo can reshape defective limbs,skeletons and skulls gradually until a normal shape is formed with this complimented with automated surgery decided by Paean depending on the individual with bioprinted or chimera organs from animals that has remaining animal DNA removed and replaced with the patients DNA without the genetic defects to replace defective ones.Thus the use of CRISPR can correct mutations to initiate the correct formation of more human and less deformed skulls,teeth,fingers,toes,limbs,muscoskeletal structures alongside surgery and microbes forming muscle,skin,bone and neural tissues and causing others to undergo apoptosis and outer layers to moult off controlled by Paean in a controlled manner to create a natural face and body determined by AI and holograms that the patient would have had they had not the mutations that caused the developmental disorder.This may take anything from a few months to a year but would be more successful in creating a more natural face with it also applying to deformed limbs like hands,arms and legs etc with surgery forming a small part to limit the chance of complications.Bones and the skull can be grown by initiating CRISPR treatments and also creating bone tissue layer by layer as well as if possible causing bone tissue to undergo apoptosis it self in programmed manners.Paean will run simulations of this before treatment starts.Defective organs will be replaced by bioprinted versions without the mutations removed by CRISPR with in time them forming invio by microbes forming them layer by layer.Thus all types of developmental disorders in living patients will require unique CRISPR treatments to treat genetic defects,initiate the proper formation of normal skeletons,limbs,skulls and organs,alongside the use of stem cell strains to create new neural/mucscle/bone tissue layer by layer and even cause others to undergo apoptosis in a controlled manner for a more normal shaped body to be formed via stem cell cosmetic surgery to compliment automated surgery,have bioprinted organs or those from chimera animals that contain their own DNA minus genetic flaws added to them with cosmetic surgery both done by Da vinci machines and also microbes used to create proper facial,skeletal features with IQ increased to above average levels using CRISPR treatments and stem cell strains creating new neural tissue with each individual patient undergoing unique treatments of these.These will be applied to both telomere and mitochondrial DNA.All cells in the
body will be treated with these CRISPR treatments with advanced gene drive technology to ensure they pass from one generation of cells to the next with germ line technology ensuring the corrections pass to the next generation.All of this will allow Paean to determine the best treatment for the sufferers of each developmental disorders to cure them to the best ability with him doing so each living patient worldwide.Patients with these disorders will be treated with anti-ageing treatments applied to live long enough to be cured.It would thus be possible for those suffering from these conditions to be cured completely or to the best ability making them the same cognitively,intellectually and physically as someone without these conditions with each symptom corrected via a combination of CRISPR treatments,surgery,bioprinted organs and also microbes forming new tissues.AI such as Paean will determine the best course of action for each individual patient based on their unique version of the condition to be brought the same level as or as close to as possible to other non afflicted patients in terms of motor skills,intelligence and overall health but if not at least a better standard of living than they currently are with human members of Metis aiding both the patient and next of kin.Paean will use VR technology and holographic technology to plan out each step using CRISPR,microbes and also surgery step by step to prevent complications with them using a model of the patient without the mutations that causing their disorder as a template to work towards the likeliest and most successful outcome they can achieve thus allowing each patient to have customised treatment.Of course this must first be tested in chimpanzees and mice with recombinant DNA of humans and these genetic developmental disorders purposefully created into test subjects with each type of developmental disorder engineered into them using human recombinant DNA in them using the specific mutations from these disorders to decide the best ways to treat them with AI by 2029 namely Paean using results from these trials will be able to determine treatments for human patient specific abnormalities with these trials on animals starting as early as 2023/2024 and human trials starting by 2025-2029.If possible living patients could have their unique DNA added to chimpanzees created from 3D DNA printed spermatozoa,eggs and embryos to allow the animals to have the exact same symptoms to allow trials to correct them to be done with these engineered to reach adulthood much quicker ie in as little as 2-10 years or them treated in their child and adolescent phase meaning they can be tested with CRISPR,surgery,microbes forming tissues including bone ones which by 2029 will be advanced enough to be able to make simulations as to the best treatment for each patient and their unique symptoms and surgery all of which should be advanced enough by 2030 with if need be mice used or apes that grow much faster.Thus chimpanzees can be created with each type of developmental disorder and even have DNA added from each unique patient to act as test subjects to cure them.These animals can be grown in sets for each patient to run multiple tests with their DNA as early as 2023/2024 with apes reaching maturity by 2029 or mice reaching maturity earlier and be used.If possible pig and human patient hybrids may be used as they reach maturity in as little as six months.3D DNA printing will create the spermatozoa and eggs with these phenotypes and the patients unique DNA from patient files to cut down on labour costs.CRISPR will be used alongside surgery and microbes forming new organ,muscle and bone tissue to correct any deformities with as stated chimpanzees and mice with human DNA and each type of disorder engineered into them created by 2023/2024 to test the best means to cure them and each symptom through CRISPR and also surgery and the formation of new tissues between 2023-2025.This test animal will be used by Paean to act a test subject on them to prepare for carrying out automated surgery,stem cell strain in vivo surgery,bioprinted and chimera organs and CRISPR treatments to be then applied to the patient with him also using VR simulations to carry out unique treatments of all aforementioned procedures on each and every individual patient who sufferes each form of developmental disorder.Base microbes can using their ability to copy DNA from cells will scan the DNA of infants or in utero infants and send it to newly generated patient files and will using CRISPR cure them either in utero or after birth with this decided by again tests on animals bread with these disorders and also human DNA.Patients cured will have their spermatozoa and eggs via altering the DNA of testes and ovaries using advanced gene drive technology will prevent any mutations passed onto the next generation.Adding specific genes to all patients worldwide especially those from Archaea and homogulous recombination from embryonic stem cells and certain bacteria that exhibit telomere repair will prevent the random mutations that allow allow all types of neurodevelopmental conditions to ever occur again.The same extremophile bacteria DNA used to reverse and halt the effects of ageing will possibly prevent them being passed onto future generations by repairing mutations that cause these.These will also be applied to both telomere and mitochondrial DNA with those that result from specific genes from the parents will have the parents and any siblings treated with CRISPR to remove any genes that can be passed onto any future children.Thus developmental disorders such as Downs syndromone,Retts syndrome,Hallermann-Streiff Syndrome,Cerebral Palsy etc in living patients could be cured via adding CRISPR treatments to cure genetic deformities with CRISPR and stem cell treatments increasing intelligence quotient to above average levels,stem cell cosmetic invivo surgeries,CRISPR treatments that initiate the formation of proper limbs and organs,conventional surgery and also bioprinted organs can cure cosmetic and organ deformities with each individual patient analysed by Paean to allow him to extrapolate unique measures for each patient that will cure them of physical deformities,mental handicaps thus giving the same cognitive,intellectual and physical abilities on afflicted patients thus curing of the conditions.Thus a combination of stem cell strain treatments and CRISPR treatments will be able to cure patients afflicted by all types of developmental disorders such as Down’s syndrome,Cerbreal Palsy.Adding specific genes to affected patients can prevent them passing to future generation and if added to all patients worldwide will prevent the necessary mutations for them to occur to thus never allow these to occur ever again.Synthetic compounds to treat developmental disorders such as Downs syndromone,Retts syndrome,Hallermann-Streiff Syndrome,Cerebral Palsy etc in living patients will have their structure added to Physis and this downloaded onto strains that deal with this DNA digital storage to be then created by anabolic and catabolic reactions onsite of receptors of the central and peripheral nervous systems to prevent overdosing and side effects.