Global Healthcare System

The new single universal global healthcare system adopted by all countries worldwide that will extend across the universe will consist of a global database housing digital patient files of all patients across the world and eventually universe and having all hospitals worldwide linked together by the sentient operating software Epione as well as individual hospital AIs.This also means that each countries health,medical, and psychiatric bodies and boards will be absorbed by a singular health governing body/board with Epione itself will be this sentient body and her appearance and statue will be that of her as described or visualised in ancient greece with a statue of her in the lobbies of all hospitals around the world.She will become the universal health board.She will enforce the same universal codes,hospital emergency codes,regulations and standards worldwide abided by all hospitals in all countries worldwide with a universal global healthcare system with any changes to procedures in on country applied everywhere.The adoption of her universal healthcare system will mean waiting times will be short,and one can be transferred to hospitals around the world for surgeries etc within at most a week to alleviate strains on each hospital.Epione will the name of the universal health board and sentient software that manages it with existing government buildings dealing with healthcare made into hospitals as networks within Aesculapius can allow any work to be done at home with conference rooms to allow heads of these hospitals to communicate with other heads of other hospitals and those that work in the Aesculapius headquarters in person or via video conferencing and Beam robots.All hospitals around the world will have a statue of Epione in their lobby with it being the operating software linking them worldwide.She will manage the boards of medical education.It will also house a database of and perform all biomedical,psychology,pharmaceutical and veterinary research and scientific studies in hospitals,clinics and universities with links to these departments and credits made from time to time to university departments related to cybernetics,engineering robotics etc.during collaborative efforts.A global form of the Food & Drug Administration(FDA) also forming apart of this healthcare body once it and all of its equivalents worldwide have been absorbed providing the same universal guidelines, recommendations and regulations on the safety and authorised use of medicine,tests,home test kits,machinery and robots and medical practices used by patients and present in hospitals worldwide.This singular body will be managing and authorising clinical trials in both animals and humans for human and veterinary biomedical research in all parts of the world.This will be the sentient Aegle and will manage all clinical trials.Epione since being the macro sentient operating softwares of Aesculapius will link all hospitals and dentistries worldwide and manage interactions between them and also between psychiatric clinics,hospices and retirement homes managed by Iaso,Thantos and Geras with each other with existing hospitals fitted with it an AI.As stated earlier a doctor or other healthcare registered in this body will allowed to practice everywhere with any malpractice suits resulting in them being suspended or disbarred from practising globally depending on the severity of their criminal acts.This universal health boards will replace the need for government ministers and departments for healthcare.Furthermore there will be a global insignia,symbol on badges etc being the Aesculapius Rod replacing the erroneous Caduceus currently used by healthcare bodies around the world on all e-forms,e-letters,e-consent forms,e-receipts,diagnosis notes,buildings,signs,vehicles,government reports and studies etc and also machinery and robots in hospitals with the Star of life associated with all emergency services such as ambulances worldwide and other symbols used in American medicine(again not the caduces – any symbols with this will be replaced by the rod of Aesculapius)will be adopted worldwide.This means any instances of the erroneous caduceus on all buildings,hospitals,clinics,signs,vehicles etc worldwide will be replaced by the rod of Aesculapius and the rod will be its symbol on all types of maps even those within Aesculapius.Each ward and unit as well as lab type will have a universal symbol on internal maps and doors in all hospitals around the world as well as signs for sole clinics not attached to hospitals but in the case of these will also have the rod of Aesculapius alongside it.For example cardiology units etc will have a human heart with the same applying to units devoted to various organs(although breast clinics and portable machines being the breast cancer ribbon) with STD clinics that still exist being the Human Immunodeficiency Virus ribbon and oncology clinics being the lavender ribbon with each specialised cancer ward,clinic etc being denoted by its specific ribbon.Globally there will also be universal colour and number codes for conditions and emergencies,naming of emergencies,uniform badge ranking system for each type of healthcare staff and procedures and also uniforms for each type and ranking of staff each different shades of blue.Theoretically this could occur with these health and medical boards merging with the world health organisation with as stated above a global form of the Food & Drug Association forming a part of this.The universal sentient form of the FDA specifically concerning pharmaceuticals,microbes,gene therapy will be called Aegle after the beauty of the human body when in good health and honour to the medical profession(its symbol the sun encircled by a snake) that was the daughter of Aesculapius with the sentient global version of the CDC being called Hygieia after another of his daughter having a symbol of the bowl of Hygieia being used for it.The sentient entity would be named Hygieia with a universal statue of her in its global headquarters as part of the global government building ideally networks will allow researchers to work with others from around the world from the comfort of their with this network and entity being sentient and allow the headquarters of the CDC and equivalent worldwide used as homes.The National Security Council directorate for global health and security that deals with and trains trainees and registered staff on pandemics and puts in place procedures to contain outbreaks etc and instantly deploy resources to hospitals around the world will be integrated into her.It can also make projections of and spread of all existing,hypothetical and new pathogenic bacteria,viruses and parasites around the world from certain points on Earth based on information on patient files such as the immunity of people to them or their ability to harbour them without exhibiting symptoms at all or for a longer time,how much of the world population would be immune,with information from Hermes namely Ophion, used to project their spread using information from terrestrial based traffic networks and uses of public transport and scramjets,maglev and hyperloop trains that are connected to the Ophion System and cross referencing Helios and other apps and sectors of the various networks of the wire.This could aid in determining patient zero for future and past diseases as well as the source of pathogens more quickly as well measuring the effectiveness of containment quarantine procedures on local,regional,national,continental and global levels.All past epidemics and pandemics since as far back as recorded history will be analysed to prevent future ones occurring or at least spreading as quickly with simulations done on all known and theoretical pathogens done on local to global levels to prevent all possible pathogens from spreading as quickly or far as possible with this done by Hygieia interacting with Moirai,Helios,Eos,Ophion,Oceanus,Epione,Paean,Panacea and other aspects of the wire to alleviate strains on each other.The effects the pandemics had on each country and each city and town in them,their preparedness and actions they took and effects they had on them etc will be analysed.This would run simulations on their spread and possible containment measures of theoretical ones of new ones on Earth and other colonies should microbes be comprimised or new pathogens are designed by humans etc to attack microbes.If possible it could be used to run simulations of pathogens created to kill of entire populations of an area or specific targets using Foxdie and measures to prevent it from killing non targets.The National Security Council directorate for global health and security that deals with and trains trainees and registered staff on pandemics and puts in place procedures to contain outbreaks etc and instantly deploy resources to hospitals around the world will be integrated into the global form of the Centre for Disease Control(CDC) will be the sentient Hygieia and will analyse all pathogens of humans and all animals such as livestock and prepare simulations as to the arrival and containment of all of them with this controlling containment of them across the world and universe.Its network will log all infections of all pathogens,any deaths that may occur if microbes are comprimised and containment measures on local global scales visible to the public.This sentient entity Hygieia during epidemics on local to national scale and pandemics on global to galactic scales including on Mars,Venus etc will manage containment and quarantine measures across the globe and universe and will distribute medical supplies to the public and hospitals around the world with each Telesphorus and Talus factories in local manufacturing hubs in each country,state and region around the world will instantly produce needed medicine,supplies based on demand managed by AIs that operate each hospital around the world and Hygieia interacting with the sentient Telesphorus and Talos and AIs of factories meaning supplies will be deployed to where the a needed instantly availible within at least a few days or less with zero blockades or delays or need to be transported across the world saving on time and energy.She will interact with mayor and governor AIs to enforce lockdowns on local to global and eventually galactic scales controlling the transportation of essentials such as medicine,food and manufactured goods to all homes and public buildings by biosynths and automated vehicles through interacting with Telesphorus,Aphrodite and Cronos and the AIs off factories hospitals and factories with these biosynths,vehicles and manufactured product goods and food from farms and factories to homes and public buildings will be irradiated and sterilised to decontaminate them with her interacting with law enforcement and military personnel are sent to oversee that curfews,quarantines and with Home AIs and that of public buildings and mayor AIs to ensure that mandatory mask wearing and limits to the amount of people at gatherings are abided by with her and these AIs managing lockdowns more efficiently on a global scale.She will supply all hospitals,private homeowners and amenities with masks,disinfectants and instructions with her via Paen and his app releasing daily updates etc to each member of the public and also have a global database of all confirmed cases on local to global scales availible to the public.This use of localised manufacturing will also save time and energy outside of pandemics and emergencies.The spread of genetic diseases and even specific phenotypes(ie colours of hair,skin colour,colour of eye etc) using the genetic data of all humans alive and all possible future generations of humans over coming years,decades, centuries,millenia also allow genetic engineering projects to be implemented in specific individuals to remove them from the genepool with it also projecting population growth taking into account the rate of accidents,murder and suicide rates(from Athena),deaths from genetic diseases,pathogen spread,ageing research on a global scale.Both of the former two studies by interacting with Demeter and Phanes could apply these same projections on livestock,pets,wild animals,ornamental plants and crops using these factors on the spread of their own genetic defects and also parasites and pathogens.Other similar more complex studies and projections can be done both by researchers and in time when Aesculapius through Gaia becomes sentient by itself with these uploaded into Aesculapius and Apollo.Panacea will become the sentient universal universal research regulatory body for healthcare,Hygieia the sentient global form of the Centre for Disease Control,Aegle the sentient regulatory body for new treatments including drugs etc used by microbes and gene therapy augmentations etc.Aceso will become the sentient universal Secretary of Health and Paean the Surgeon General.The sentient Aesculapius will be the sentient healthcare body to deal with the homogenisation of all medical standards worldwide and training all trainee medical staff.Epione will be the sentient operating software of both hospitals but also the Aesculapius network.The global sentient psychiatric body replacing all global versions will be named Iaso after another of his daughters with its symbol being two snakes intertwined similar to the caduceus but without the central rod and wings.This will also be the name of a global support group for sufferers and next of kin on those suffering from all mental diseases such as all types of autism,downs syndrome,schizophrenia,paedophilia,depression etc with it sub divided into groups for each one.The global sentient psychiatric body replacing all global versions will be named Iaso after another of his daughters with its symbol being two snakes intertwined similar to the caduceus but without the central rod and wings.This will also be the name of a global support group for sufferers and next of kin on those suffering from all mental diseases and neurological conditions such as all types of autism,downs syndrome,schizophrenia,paedophilia,depression(including manic depression,post marten depression) and post traumatic stress disorder etc with it sub divided into groups for each one.These will be their symbols on reports and scientific studies within Apollo and e-receipts for drugs etc with them integrated into Aesculapius with their buildings possibly used as homes since these entities would be integrated into the Aesculapius headquarters in the global government building with the buildings of obsolete entities worldwide and those replaced by software turned into homes and other uses.Hygieia,Iaso,Panacea will in time be run and managed by software of the same name with hospitals the world over managed by Epione as they will be within Aesculapius.Ideally the buildings for all of these worldwide support groups(Iaso,Metis etc) will be used as homes with networks allowing for members both counsellors and members of the public to form meetings via Iris chats and forums.In time VR technology will allow for members and patients to meet in any environment.They will both have an app similar to Metis subdivided by diseases to speak to different counsellors.Epione since being the macro operating software of Aesculapius will link all hospitals and dentistries worldwide and manage interactions between them and also between psychiatric clinics,hospices and retirement homes managed by Iaso,Thantos and Geras with each other with existing hospitals fitted with it an AI.As stated earlier a doctor or other healthcare registered in this body will allowed to practice everywhere with any malpractice suits resulting in them being suspended or disbarred from practising globally depending on the severity of their criminal acts.This universal health boards will replace the need for government ministers and departments for healthcare.Furthermore there will be a global insignia,symbol on badges etc being the Aesculapius Rod replacing the erroneous Caduceus currently used by healthcare bodies around the world on all e-forms,e-letters,e-consent forms,e-receipts,diagnosis notes,buildings,signs,vehicles,government reports and studies etc and also machinery and robots in hospitals with the Star of life associated with all emergency services such as ambulances worldwide and other symbols used in American medicine(again not the caduces – any symbols with this will be replaced by the rod of Aesculapius)will be adopted worldwide.This means any instances of the erroneous caduceus on all buildings,hospitals,clinics,signs,vehicles etc worldwide will be replaced by the rod of Aesculapius and the rod will be its symbol on all types of maps even those within Aesculapius.Each ward and unit as well as lab type will have a universal symbol on internal maps and doors in all hospitals around the world as well as signs for sole clinics not attached to hospitals but in the case of these will also have the rod of Aesculapius alongside it.For example cardiology units etc will have a human heart with the same applying to units devoted to various organs(although breast clinics and portable machines being the breast cancer ribbon) with STD clinics that still exist being the Human Immunodeficiency Virus ribbon and oncology clinics being the lavender ribbon with each specialised cancer ward,clinic etc being denoted by its specific ribbon..Globally there will also be universal colour and number codes for conditions and emergencies,naming of emergencies,uniform badge ranking system for each type of healthcare staff and procedures and also uniforms for each type and ranking of staff each different shades of blue.

Both Paean and Epione as well as hospital AIs around the world will analyse all records of malpractice,negligence and sloppiness that led to patients suffering unnecessary harm,discomfort,disfigurement and even death of patients from around the world to prevent such things from happening again with it running simulations on all possible theoretical problems that may arise from staff,bio-synths and robots that would cause both death,discomfort and disfigurement and work out theoretical solutions that would prevent or rectify them with these streamed by Paean,robots,AI and bio-synths and relayed to any remaining human staff through neural implants or smart devices and the hospital AI in hospitals around the world to rectify the problem or prevent them.This will be possible by having all records of malpractice and operations etc in other words all paper and digital records into the AI of each hospital around the world logged by year,month,week,day with all future ones logged here as well.It will also run simulations of all possible patients that would enter the hospital with all possible problems,ailments,emergencies and amount of patients present to create the most efficient means to serve patients to lessen discomfort,malpractice,disfigurement and death with these then relayed to robots and staff when they occur.Trainees and registered personnel may also be partaking in these VR simulations for their training either on site or remotely at home without them knowing managed by Epione.All past instances of all types of deaths such as murder,accidental death,viral/bacterial pathogen,miscarriages,coronaries,cancer etc from hospitals,government buildings,genealogical records,police stations and coroners labs etc records around the world as far back as possible even to the early 1900s,1800s and before that as far back as records exists including photos from gravestones recycled for genelogical reasons stored in Themis linked to Aesculapius with old genelogical data of both living and deceased individuals scanned into Themis namely Polis with all future instances around the world can be stored in Aesculapius containing the time and date,location,cause of death,name of victim.This can also include those of pets

Global digital patient file systems:
The new universal global digital patients files system within a global digital data base will contain all of a the worlds patients medical data and information ideally from birth in the form of digital patient files.This will be housing their full name(including those that have changed their name legally),photo of their face,gender(in the case of transgenders MTF,FTM will be logged with original gender and name and the new data),date of birth(and age), race(as well as their sub races with mixtures of these races and sub races denoted alongside genetic lineages ie those denoting specific ethnic groups/lineages/countries etc with will be denoted as such in percentages),siblings(foster siblings will be denoted as such),grandparents,children etc.,eye and natural hair colour,species,breed(in the case of animals)blood type,height,weight,body percentage fat,left/right handiness or ambidextrous,hospital or place they were born.The hospital of their birth and their current address.Ones scanned in genome will be present once scanned.A hyperlink will exist that links their patient file to the patients Polis account.The date and time of all hospital visits they make throughout their lifetime will be logged here including the wards and clinics they visible alongside lot and bed numbers and what tasks are performed.The wards they were in,moved to and also bed numbers they were in for each visit will be logged.All details of all hospital visits will be logged.This file will also contain a copy of their electronic birth cert(as well as e-adoption and surrogacy papers older citizens will have theirs scanned in) alongside their time and date of birth as well as the hospital they where they born or if the birth occurred outside of a hospital where it occurred and also what units and lot number they were in after birth and most recent photo of their face updated annually as well as current address and phone number(as well as phone number of net of kin to allow them to be contacted in case of emergency).The exact time and date of birth will be logged in all cases with those outside of hospitals will be done by Paean recording it and creating it on devices.Existing patients will have their birth certificate scanned in and transmuted to a new official global one with a universal seal and design created and containing an electronic signature of Paean and encryption made by him with the original kept as a scanned in photo with future born patients have a this new one created from scratch upon birth by Paean that contains he e-signature and encryptions.Also in the case of adoptions the file denoting the legal guardians and the original parents(including in the case of if the child was born via in vitro which will also be denoted) will be present alongside files regarding the parents voluntary adoption papers will be placed here or those from the state with regards to instances regarding the death of both parents with date logged and also adoption home they grew up in.The name of names of biological parents from sperm donation and name of surrogate mothers from surrogacy programs will be listed here also.Hyperlinks will be present to their Polis account.

All hospitals and clinics worldwide will have automated scanners sent to them to have all paper records scanned in with AI sending data in computer records from computers around the world to ensure all patient data from around the world will be sent to a subsystem to be arranged into patient files in the final database.AI namely proto Epione will do all transfer of data sent in by patients and also those scanned in and from existing digital databanks around the world.Digital record on all computers and networks in hospitals and clinics of all types worldwide will have data transferred by proto and final AI namely Epione.These book scanners will be onsite of all hospitals worldwide and if possible use conveyor belt systems with it done by volunteers to alleviate strains on the staff and will be sent to community centres once finished with any new found done there or they will remain in the hospital for at least a decade to add those found in any old decaying buildings.The data scanned and from databases will be transferred to the newly generated patient files.Old records both paper and digital in abandoned and obsolete hospitals,clinics of all types such as abortion,planned parenthood ones,hospices,elderly homes etc would also be scanned in by healthcare staff using automated book scanners once sent to local functioning hospitals during renovations by being sent to still functioning hospitals.Those found in other buildings and areas will be sent to these hospitals and Polis can be later used to match up any records that belong to unknown people dead or alive with it contacting those it finds via this with social security numbers,names,address,phone numbers etc used to track down the patient and add them to there files in the database.Photos of the patient will be done using webcams attached to computers and also smart devices.All prescriptions,consent forms,birth and death certs and prescriptions at home and in hospitals etc should be uploaded to the patients file as well for record.MRI and x-ray scans on computer records in hospitals and at home will be scanned in and transferred.Digital records on computers in hospitals around the world will be sorted into this database by proto AI with the physical paper records of all patients worldwide scanned into this database as well.Records in different hospitals around the world and those found elsewhere whether digital or paper will be matched up by the AI merging those that share the same name,age,date of birth,blood type,phone number,address,social security number etc and should be fully set up within five years or by at least 2029 if done in all hospitals and clinics used by specialists,consultants and physicians worldwide including military hospitals using multiple automated scanners that can be recycled afterwards with once this is done the paper records pyrolysised.The aforementioned data such as social security number,blood type,D.O.B,name and address etc will be matched up and merged not only with different files on computers and scanned in files from around the world but also with what the patient inputs when getting their DNA scan so as to merge the data into the relevant folders and subfolders of their patient files.Patients will work with staff and proto and final AI Epione to arrange data from digital databases across the world end ensure past digital records that are added to ones digital patient file will be correct.Patients will be sent emails and texts when all of the data is sent to their patient files to review it to confirm it is correct with them able to contact staff of hospitals to correct any incorrect information.Staff,medical students etc will arrange the scanning in of this data into the subsystem from physical papers with AI sorting out digital records.Thus the physical and digital records on all computers from all hospitals including military and university ones,clinics of all types such as psychology,planned parenthood,abortion,cosmetic,specialist etc including abandoned ones around the world will be scanned into the single digital database and the proto and final Epione will match up the records of all patients worldwide together with the AI also matching up DNA scans and fingerprints and also photos into the final file with these data stored first in subsystems to be arranged into final forms with folder and subfolders created by the AI converting handwritten and typed data into text with this done via fragmentation to allow for all data from billions of patients worldwide to be ascertained and merged together using networks within existing networks and also in hospitals and if need be universities worldwide.The proto Epione will sort out all data from digital and scanned in paper files around the world into the files around the world with it doing this in a fragmented form on all computers in hospitals around the world will allow it to be done faster and more accurately.Patients would using webcams on devices at home have photos taken to be added to their file with scanners on smartphones allowing ones fingerprint on fingers ideally ones thumb and if possible each one of their fingers to be added to this with them notified to do this and also send in their DNA sample.When getting their genome scanned patients can use hand scanners that read ones fingerprint of all all fingers.Existing records of finger fingerprints around the world will be transferred to the relevant files.DNA samples will merged with all of these records of patients with psychiatric files from the offices of counsellors and psychiatric around the world will be scanned in and sent into the same files as patient data either digital and paper scanned into it from hospitals with the data and files from consultants,general physicians,specialists,planned parenthood,abortion clinics around the world that the patient may have visited in the past that were in buildings outside of hospitals.Thus all records in planned parenthood clinics,general physicians,consultants,hospitals,abortion clinics including abandoned ones around the world will be scanned in and transferred here to the files of each patient.The data will be arranged in proper folders and subfolders by the proto Epione with hyperlinks to ones psychiatric accounts for psychiatrists in relevant folders protected by biometrics and the level of different access.Written words and typed words will be converted into typed word by the software with signed documents will be as they were and will be visible in folders with digital records will be transferred to their relevant folders and subfolders alongside photos etc.Thus the proto Epione will use all data on digital computer systems and also scanned in paper files around the world from hospitals,abandoned hospitals and clinics transferred to functioning hospitals to be scanned in,clinics of types ie STI clinics,abortion clinics,Planned Parenthood clinics,specialist clinics of all types,those for general physicians and those of psychiatrists and counsellors from around the world and arrange the data both audio/visual(such as logs of operations and recordings or psychiatrist sessions)and all data of all types arranged into folders and subfolders with DNA fingerprints done in hospitals or through mail and online services and ones photo and also finger print added to allow for the patient files of all living patients worldwide to be set up by at least 2029.This can be started as early as 2023/2024 with the patient files,DNA scans and also fingerprints and other data first sent to a subsystem for this data to be merged together into individual files for patients worldwide and generate ID numbers by AI to be then sent to the final system by 2029.All of this will allow all patient files of all living patients worldwide to be set up worldwide.Thus by 2029 all living patients worldwide will their patient files set up and the full database set up and managed by Epione and Paean.As stated by providing ones email address and phone number will allow one to get their generated ID number is to set up passwords and biometrics and when DNA tests are done as well as when all information is transferred.Staff in hospitals and clinics worldwide will be paid extra money to incentive’s them to scan in paper files and carry out genetic tests before it can be automated with extra volunteers from the locale hired and paid to this to do this including medical students and medical professors to incentivise them to do this to alleviate strains on limited staff with most hospitals having two or more scanners with humans working in shifts to expedite the process.

All living patients by 2029 will set up their patient files with this done by a combination of working with staff in hospitals and clinics who will take a blood sample for their genome scan added to their patient file and them having all existing digital records transferred to their patient file.In otherwards when one is going into universities,hospitals etc to get thrir genome scanned they will also be setting up their patient files with them detailing their entire medical history such as all surgeries,xrays,MRI scans,accidents,heart attacks,infections and instances of cancer,abortions,miscarriages,death of infants and children,all successful births and still living children etc and all instead of all medical conditions including allergies,date of birth and bring birth certs to be scanned into the database and also allow the medical professionals to seek relevant data on proto state or national databases to be transferred to their new patient file as part of the new global database.They will work with staff to track down all digital records belonging to them and also all scanned in paper records as well as detailing by word of mouth their entire medical history.Neural implants will be used by patients to scan their memories to them add material and days they cannot remember such as the exact time they suffered accidents,heart attacks etc and also took prescriptions,had check ups with doctors and specialists and when they checked into hospitals by the exact date and the what days of surgeries,heart attacks etc.Thus by 2029 all existing data on computers,networks and paper files in hospitals etc worldwide will be scanned in and transferred by AI and human works into patient files.By 2029-2035 it should be possible for all living patients worldwide and all new ones born worldwide and across the universe to have their genome scanned and patient file set up.All living patients of all ages worldwide will set up their patient files in the global database at the same time when getting their genome sequenced and have their birth certs scanned and transmuted into electronic global versions as well as have copies to their Polis file with all future born patients by 2029 onwards have these patient files and electtonic birth certs set up automatically upon birth.Children and adolescences aged 17 and younger will go to clinics etc with their parents and legal guardians to set up their own patient files and get their genome scanned.All of this will be organised worldwide by local governments and it subsidised and funded by them.Patients will work with staff to track down existing digital databases of hospital visits and MRI/Xray scans worldwide and also all scanned in paper records with proto and final Epione sorting this as well.The setting up of ones patient files will be done by all patients and citizens worldwide and done at the same time one is getting their genome scanned.Universities across the world alongside government and corporate science labs around the world will also set up rooms to alleviate strains on hospitals with urban and rural areas have mobile units set up to collect samples from locals and set up patient files with these housing laptops that store data then transferred to the databases.In both universities and hospitals around the world,rooms will be set up where people can donate blood or saliva and have their genome analysed with them having their patient ID set up and them giving contact details such as emails,phone numbers and even name,D.O.B,address,current social security number and medical card number etc to allow AI even proto AI to scan through existing digital databases and those scanned in from around the world containing their hospital visits to add all past medical tests and reports etc from around the world alongside MRI,Xray scans and also medical operations and examinations to be arranged into their folder by Epione.Pharmaceutical corporations can have tests etc and patient files set up done in their corporate labs where people can go in and have the tests done alongside setting up patient files.Staff in corporate labs universities and even medical students and students of all types will be paid reserves to do this with even members of the public and volunteers trained to do this will be hired to do this as well with them paid money thus allowing hospitals,government and corporate labs and also universities around the world doing this work to allow for each of them to carry this out around the world and alleviate strains on each other and allow work to be done 24/7.Elderly people and those in Amish communities and in remote areas like Tibet,Amazon etc will have mobile units like recreational vehicles drive to them to collect blood samples and set up patients files.Ghetttos and slums as well as rural communities in Africa,India etc will have local governments set up mobile clinics including mobile vehicles similar to mobile homes and recreational vehicles complete with laptops and equipment to take blood samples to be taken and sent to labs in nearby hospitals prior to residents of slums,ghettos etc are transferred to luxury housing.Homeless people will be tracked down on the streets by volunteers who work with charities that work with the poor and police officers to bring them to hospitals to have the the setting up of patient files done after giving them accces to showers and new clothing and shelter.If possible poor people in slums and ghettos and rural communities in Africa can be given access to hospitals while they are in the midst of being given access to both new luxury communal homes built by Daedalus,or those gained by bidding and also showers and clothing.All of ones existing past medical history will be logged here in their digital patient files by date ie all past tumours,cases and types of cancers,all past surgeries of all types,all past instances of strokes/heart attacks/heart conditions/injuries/accidents/implants and prescriptions/doctor notes/hospital and specialist stays and visits etc as well as all past miscarriages/stillbirths/abortions etc will be logged here as far back as possible for each patients via scanned in and transferred paper and digital records and also even neural implants reading their memories for the exact time and date they occurred added by Paean and Epione into folders and subfolders.As stated all existing MRI/Xray etc scans and prescriptions/notes from doctors etc will be added to the patient files.Thus if physical data on computers and papers can not be found neural implants used by both patients and living specialists,surgeons and physicians etc can extract memories to better add all of a individual patients medical history to their patient files for historical reference.All of his data will be added and logged by date when these occurred in folders and subfolders to allow Epione and Paean etc have a clear and accurate understanding of each patients existing medical history,further personalise their treatment and be used in healthcare studies by Paean and Epione analysing and sifting through all past medical history prior to 2029 and future data added after 2029 to see patterns and use to improve his services and that of hospital AIs and human staff.All future medical data and history will added to the patient files of all patients worldwide.All newly born patients from around the world and eventually universe will have these digital patient files createdupon birth alongside them e-birth cert that contains their personal data,entire medical history and sequenced genome.All members of all newly discovered sentient races across the universe will have these patient files set up with their past medical history with all new patients whether human and aliens born after 2029 will have these patient files set up with their medical history,genome and other personal data.Thus there will be in a sub network patient files of all humans across the universe will have a section with only human patient files with a separate sub network for animal patient files across the universe subdivided by species and a third sub network for all allied alien species across the universe subdivided into sections or sectors for each separate species of sentient alien race across the universe to separate them from each other and humans as well as animals.

Animals will have digital patient files created in a separate database divided into those for pets,livestock,those in captivity and the wild then divided into each species,breed for on farms,zoos,conservation areas as well as even in the wild and for pets with them set up in the same way ie transferring data from digital files and papers in clinics worldwide and also saliva swabs and blood sample sent.Pets and livestock owners may also visit vetenairian clinics and even corporate labs of pharmaceutical corporations in person or have test kits similar to 23andme etc sent to them with vets and medical students even visiting farms,zoos,pet owners in person with zoos and farms even setting up miniature labs to alleviate strains.The genetic tests will consist of genetic sequencing wherein a persons entire genome will be sequenced and listed including home test kits.These will be in a separate area than human files.Data from veternarian clinics will be scanned and transferred in and paw prints gained by smart devices.Future files will be created via genetic scans setting up them and creating e-birth certs with fingerprints done on smart devices.Again all information present before ie name,breed,species genes,test results.By about 2045 arthropod and lamprey biosynth can be spread out in swarms and inject microbes into all specimens of wild animals in all ecosystems around the world ie jungles,deserts,rivers and oceans to allow for them via biosynth wifi relay the population of each species and also their locations for biologists to examine with them passing from one generation to the next similar to those in humans with these using taq polymerase and Cas-9 to intake the specimens DNA to not only become full versions that dont illicit an immune response but also send DNA of the specimen to newly generated patient files and them form implants to relay GPS location and vital signs.The biosynth wifi will also send the genome of them to newly generated patient files that house these and vital signs from implants relaying their health and aillow the populations of all animals to be determined and if they become too numerous will allow the locations to be determined to be culled through controlled hunting with Artemis tracking populations and alongside Phanes will determine which animals to be culled.These will be divided in a database separate from human files by species,subspecies and breed etc.In the case of animals information such as their living status:are they a pet,livestock,in captive,in the wild,in protected reserves with information such as the breed/species/sub-species as well as name and address of owner in case of pets and livestock,address and name of zoo/research centre if they are in captivity,name and address of nature preserve or name of forest/habitat in case of wild animals i.e.Congo Basin,Amazon Basin etc.This information can also allow for genealogical studies to be easily quantified and allow for hospitals to quantify the amount of patients they currently hold and their rate of patient inflow and outflow over long periods of time.The alphanumerical code will include numbers and letter specific to their species including humans including their genus and species name and in the case of animals those specific to their breed.If need be this will starting from 0,1,2 etc with them also housing an encryption.If possible ones DNA can be used as ones patient ID in encryption form alongside both biometrics etc managed by Paean with Paean and Epione managing a way to develop new ways to develop new patient ID system that is secure and can deal with the limited amount of numbers and permutations that can replace old systems overtime.If possible the code will consist of a code releated to their species and then consist of their unique genes present in the genome read as either letters or an encryptions alongside extra encryptions with Phanes,Paean and Epione developing new means of these codes with once newer more secure versions are developed them applied to all patient files simoustanously.Access by patients will include Phanes activation gene technology,facial recognition and voice recognition software,Polis and passwords chosen by themselves or together by patients with Paean guarding access and upon request by patients give access to human staff with him carrying out all scientific studies carried out by humans that require him to sift through all patient files.Paean can simply grant people access to their file should they forget their passwords and unable to use biometrics.Paean and Epione will have unrestricted access to all patient files,patients will have access only to their own patient files and human researchers only allowed access to those that they have been given accces by patients via Paean.All patient files will be stored in a single digital database within Aesculapius for all humans,pets,livestock,zoo animals and sentient non human races across the universe.

These digital patient files will contain all past and future medical data of patients worldwide as data logs,audio/visual logs,pictures that are viewable to them,Paean,Epione and medical staff..Diagnosis of all medical and mental conditions will be here logged instantly by date and time.All 911 emergency phones calls to the hospital AI and and receptionists will be logged here as well.All applications of gene therapy to treat ageing,genetic diseases,neurologcial and developmental disorders as well as augmentations will be logged here alongside those for ageing.It will also denote the person has undergone any surrogacy programs with a link to the biological mother of the surrogate child and date of all pregnancies,abortions,miscarriages,stillbirths and children put up for adoption(with the name of the new foster guardians).One will while getting their genome scanned will detail to staff their entire medical history ie birth,vaccines gotten,infections,heart attacks,injuries that warrented hospital visits,adoptions,pregnancies,abortions etc.This will be done to allow Epione and Paean to compile ones entire past medical history with all future instances of these logged in their patient files.Neural implants can be used to scan the memories of patients to determine the records of and date of all pregnancies,abortions,miscarriages,stillbirths and children put up for adoption in all female patients.It can also be used to extract medical forms and logs of forms filled in,phone calls,emails,Xray/MRI scans,meetings with doctors audio/visual form.The neural implants will log the exact time and date of all accidents,injuries,heart attacks,abortions,miscarriages,infections,surgeries,medications taken for all medical conditions,hospital visits,check ups and doctor visits etc and have all medical forms,Xray etc scans and papers viewed at home and in hospitals that Epione and Paean will then arrange into folders and subfolders as photos.Surgeries from the perspective of surgeons in audio/visual form also be added b surgeons
using them.Ideally each patient from birth could also have their hearts and feet scanned via x-ray and other scans to validate or check for other possible problems not detectable in gene scans that could prove fatal later in life like malformed hearts,feet arches or other organs.The time and date of their birth will be present.Also present would be the estimated time and date of their deaths(which in the case of those murdered or who died while wearing smart clothing could be of use to coroners and forensic investigators) and how they died alongside e-death cert showing that they are both legally and medically dead.For existing people currently as detailed all existing information can be logged into their new patient files with software like Epione scouring all of their records and birth certs etc. on hospital computers around the world via connecting to the internet and thus these hospital networks via Aesculapius connection to Gaia scouring all patient records on computers in all hospitals all around initiated by the click of a button by healthcare staff that work there.Physical records in paper form will be done by using automated book scanners on a conveyor belt system in hospitals uploading files into a subsystem in Aesculapius with digital records on computers in hospitals around the world via connection to the internet/wire and Epione sorting them out in their proper folder and sub folder system with a patient ID generated.This will also include records in there database and that of coroners regarding deceased individuals into their own patient files in a sector with date and cause of death with this also sent to Themis for genelogical and census data.All previous prescriptions,readings of vital signs and also consent forms etc alongside birth certs will be logged into the patients file via scanning papers and transferring data into the database.MRI,Xray and other scans of the interior body and all existing audio/visual records of surgeries present in hospital records etc will be sent into the patients file.

Also included in this will be their entire medical history logged here such as all prescriptions(what they were,when they were given/dispensed,the quantity of them dispensed and the amount of active ingredient present suited for the individual,length of each prescription as well as by whom),fractures and other environmental and lifestyle induced conditions,the causes of these conditions(falls,fights,accidents)list of vaccines and boosters given throughout their life(as well when the vaccine will go out of date and when the booster shot is required).The list of all gene therapy treatments will also be here alongside all immunisations etc.Also here will be the log of all check ups and tests done on smart devices(mirrors,phones,toilets,clothing etc),home test kits,implants and in automated labs such as heart rate/cholesterol/blood pressure/tests for viruses and pathogens/STD tests/eye exams/skin exams/cancer bio marker tests/levels of hormones,salt/proteins/sugars,antibodies,levels for specific viral loads,leukocytes of all types/platelets/erythrocytes etc. in bodily fluids such as blood/urea/saliva/tears etc.,weight of body,breath strength tests and those gained in the presence of a doctor with results logged and visual records taken where possible.Neural implants can be used to scan the memories of patients to determine the records of and date of all past check ups and tests done in hospitals,clinics etc logged in audio/visual form.Neural implants can be used to scan the memories of patients to determine the records of and date of all pregnancies,abortions,miscarriages,stillbirths and children put up for adoption in all female patients.It can also be used to extract medical forms and logs of forms filled in,phone calls,emails,Xray/MRI scans,meetings with doctors audio/visual form logged by date.Surgeries from the perspective of surgeons in audio/visual form also be added by surgeons
using them logged by date.Also uploaded in relevant folders will be scans of MRI/DEXA/ultrasounds(in both mothers and unborn child’s file)/holographic/feet/mouth/teeth and X-ray scans,audio/visual records and photos of all home tests and all operations undertook the patient such as organ transplants/cosmetic surgery/corrective surgery/other surgery such as heart bypass,snipping of ductus deferens,tying Fallopian tubes /removal of tumours,teeth etc with audio and visual recordings from the surgery robots point of view and google glasses on all surgeons present allowing for use in malpractice suits and to be settled more efficiently and allow other doctors to assess the technique use and give a second opinion(it will also contain info such as the type of anaesthesia used and concentration and amount used).Dental records will be present and audio/visual logs of all examinations of teeth and all surgeries.MRI/DEXA/XRay scans can be turned into a video by merging them together to show the progression or regression of diseases such as cancers and healing of bones etc. inside their folders.Also included in this would be a list of bio-printed or donated organs(given or received),prosthetic,implants(artificial hearts,pacemakers,implantable cardioverter-defibrillator etc.),exoskeletons and wheelchairs used permanently or temporarily with serial numbers of these also logged alongside any blood donations they give and transfusions they receive.Check-ups at home and in hospitals as well as all hospital visits(when they arrived and then left – with each stay having its own sub-folder containing what procedures took place,medicine they took,vital readings taken,tests taken in clinics,hospitals and at home – and their results including those to detect performance enhancing drugs and hormones in athletes/STDs/blood component tests/cancer bio marker tests etc.,hospital staff and robots they interacted with all logged for transparency) and thus all interactions between staff and patients will also be recorded in this file.All results from home test kits and readings from implants will be logged in folders and subfolders.Also included will be weights from wireless weighing scales at home(also from weight loss clubs),waist/hip/chest measurements from smart mirrors and other smart devices,Xray/MRI/DEXA scans at home and in hospital and BodPod readings at gyms and hospitals which will update their latest readings and in a separate sub-folder plot their weight and percentage body fat over time(weeks,months,years) for studies and gain a better understanding of the average weight and body % fat and thus rates of anorexia,malnutrition or obesity across a region,country or the globe.This will also be the case with robots automatically recording and logging all meetings to dentists,orthodontists,gynecologists and proctologists especially when the patient is under anaesthesia to ensure any sexual abuse towards patients will be deterred and if it occurs can be recorded and used in malpractice suits – this measure will be mandatory especially in these cases with this video feeds kept private to the patient themselves but can be declassified upon their request for use in any suits against the healthcare staff if they are believed to have performed groping or sexual abuse towards the patient.Like Paean it will give the patient and their healthcare staff that have access to their code alerts via this app about new studies on medication they are on or those relevant to their unique factors such as age,race,gender etc.found here so adjustments can be made.It will also use these factors to make the best decision for treatments.All meetings with Paean will be logged here.All CRISPR treatments applications such as augmentations,anti-ageing treatments,those to.treat neurological/genetic diseases of all types etc will be logged alongside all upgrades of all strains.Each infection will be logged with the species and strain name,where it occurred and also actions taken by Paean with also times one is infected with a poison or toxic compound etc and what toxin etc it was,where it occurred and what action was made.Immunisations will be logged as well as what species and strains for individual ones taxonomic rank for common proteins.Also present will be injuries incurred and how it was treated with in all of these cases the date and time logged.For all these instances the time and date of these will be logged.Scheduled managed by Paean for all routine exams and tests such as pap smears,vaccines and boosters as well as reapplications of vaccines and boosters when they lose efficacy,mammograms,X-ray,MRI,routine tests done on home test kits,meetings in clinics and hospitals will be logged in their tests and exams relevant folders and subfolders and alert the patient in the coming days and will be even logged automatically in e-calender’s on walls at home and within Paean with those that require routine tests and exams over the coming years and decades logged by Paean over these to again alert the patient but also send out home test kits and mobile units automatically linking to both Hephaestus and Aesculapius with these dates scheduled in the the accounts of healthcare staff in the region.Paean will contain a calender containing all of their upcoming tests to be carried out and also surgeries etc.Carer robots will also be linked to their owners patient file allowing them to remind them when scheduled test and exams will be taking place but also when to take prescription medication whose schedule over the coming months and years also be logged over long periods of time and both them and the patient file will automatically order in the next batch of drugs when the current one are about to be finished and automatically order in the next new drug recommended and authorised by Paean.This will allow Paean and patients themselves to keep track of their entire medical history,results of tests etc from home and anywhere in the world with all data being updated in real time and stored and sent to relevant folders subfolers in a hitech interface and organised fashion for ease of use with Paean able to explain anything in laymens terms to all patients.Paean will manage each individual patients digital patient file.

Names and ID of doctors/surgeon(s)/dentists/veterinarians/midwives and specialist doctors(proctologists,urologists)as well as serial numbers of each robot,doctor bot and machines used that performed each operation and in person and remote check up as well as the name of the hospital that it took place in and where the patient stayed in and for how long including date and time of check in and checking out as well as ward(s) and bed number they stayed in will be logged and also each transferal from one ward to another and also the number of each bed they were in and when they transferred to another bed.The hospital the patient is in and the type of injuries they had will be folders and sufolders.With regards to surgeries carried out remotely it will also name the name of hospital the operation took place and the name of the hospital that a doctor carried out the operation or check up from remotely.This will be for transparency for patients in malpractice suits and when when being refereed to new healthcare staff.Furthermore any clinical trials and nutritional and other types of studies they partake in and the e-consent form(s) will be also recorded and stored here alongside relevant folders and sub folders with the results also included as well as organ donation e-consent forms.Electronic consent forms will work by adonit pens and also passwords alongside facial recognition software authorised by Paean.All paperwork for patients etc will be in electronic form and done via Adonit pens and biometrics with Paean drafting them and stored in ones patient files.All routine tests such as cervical,prostrate exams and mammograms will be logged as well.Blood pressure,heart rate,cancer bio markers,hormones,weight measurements of their body,breath strength tests,leukocyte & erythrocyte counts,platelets,salts/proteins/sugar all bodily fluids such as blood,tears,urea) will be plotted on graphs over days,weeks,months,years,decades and allow their levels to be quantified over these length of time to track progression of diseases and conditions as well as assessing overall health etc following the universal colour code.Doctors including Paean will be allowed to place audio/visual and text diagnosis of diseases with their opinions on what methods and medicine to pursue to treat the ailment and analysis of treatments and procedures they wish to carry out and have carried out for the patient and other healthcare staff can review with their e-signature placed there with Paean eventually placing these.Also included in this file will be logs of meetings with psychiatrists and counselors again logged by date and time and the ID code of psychologists and counselors but audio and videos will not be recorded onto the patients file but rather on the psychologists personal digital files of each patient for analysis and to share with other psychologists with the patients consent via e-consent form.Audio/visual diagnosis of any mental illness,addictions,conditions such as those on the autism spectrum(done as early as possible),obsessive compulsive disorder,tourettes etc. as well as prescriptions to anti-depressants and anti-psychotics will be present.Also alongside audio/visual logs present there will be diagnosis and recommendations made by the counsellors or psychiatrists can be added in relevant folders and subfolders.Both psychiatrists and doctors should ideally give their signature using Adonit pens on smart devices for these text/audio log/video notes.Also included in this patient file would be all e-letters and e-mails from doctors and psychologists as well as e-consent forms,e-voluntary admission from patients/next of kin, in and out patient e-forms logged in relevant folders and sub-folders.Past ones in digital or paper form will be transferred here alongside prescriptions etc.All forms and paperwork will be in electronic form and stored in their file or the Aesculapius network for transparency as well as save on paper and filled out by Adonit pens.Paean will have his own signature both a written one and seal on all authorisation.Furthermore the date of any future check ups,routine exams,vaccine boosters and tests will be logged here over the coming decades allowing for each individual to monitor when they are going to happen and be alerted via the link between the app,their smart devices and the wire.The patient files can be accessed on computers,laptop,e-newspapers,smart phones,smartpads that are connected to the wire.Ideally psychological files will be stored in Iaso with them linked to their patient file in Aesculapius via hyperlinks with the patient determine who has access to them both through firewalls and digital keys etc.

All of this data will be logged by date in labelled menus and sub headings(done automatically by software to alleviate human labour and error) with each application of pharmaceuticals at home and in hospitals,check up,scan,operation etc logged by date with this file in this app linked to the patients file on smart devices alerting pharmacies and 3D printers to dispense the next batch of antibiotics and medication to the patient automatically just before their current batch is used with them ideally given the maximum amount of a drug batch ie six months to a years supply.These files will be accessible only to all medical staff that know the ID codes of specific patients once they log into hospital computers world wide and intranet networks using smart devices remotely at home allowing them complete access to all patients worldwide with security coming from the fact that they will only know the ID code of their patients and will have to use facial recognition software built into smart devices and computers and biometrics to access the file with healthcare staff given access to an ID code and via biometrics etc once the patient consents to giving it via encryptions or digital keys specific for their file(the administrator key stored in the app that stores all their digital keys in a specific folder for patients and healthcare staff holding their digital keys for all their patients in their accounts)via selecting that staffs ID number on their smart devices sent wirelessly to the healthcare staffs device allowing only those they are in physical contact with or those they are refereed to to gain access given to them remotely via Aesculapius.A patient will also have access to only their own file protected by facial recognition software,passwords(which they can change),biometrics,digital keys,Phanes Activation gene Technology etc. that they can choose with new ones coming over time with access also given to next of kin given in the same manner as the digital keys system with them able to choose who to give and remove access to this from.This will be done via an app on smart devices and also laptops etc that connects to the wire sub-network they are stored on and also via laptops and computers by connecting to to the wires sub network directly.This will allow people to continually monitor their health status,test results,MRI scans etc at home at any time with privacy with only health care staff they interact with,Paean and next of kin being able to see this information via digital keys.Paean will be able to remind patients of their code and also passwords and if need be will automatically input these allowing patients to then use biometrics such as facial recognition,fingerprints and voice control or even just direct interaction thus ensuring they dont have to remember passwords,ID codes as will input this everytime they wish to acces their files and will ensure that only they will have access to only their data and files with them giving him permission to allow him to give access to next of kin and friends and medical staff in certain situations and even revoke it when necessary with the owners of pets and livestock etc doing the same for animals under their care.Upon death the next of kin and children as well as relatives or friends will gain access to their patient file with the code sent to them via healthcare staff for use in them reviewing it and use in de-registering electronics and gaining administrative digital keys.These will be transferred to a subsystem within the network for reference and studies done by researchers and Paean.Special considerations can be arranged with next of kin and healthcare to allow prescription for certain medication to be logged for a patient in their file if the patient refuses to take such medicine with the threat of violence i.e. someone with mild psychosis is being slipped in anti-psychotic drugs by medical staff and next of kin without their knowledge as them being confronted with the knowledge of having to be forced to take it would lead them to refuse it or become a danger to themselves and others.Situations like this should be logged in the file of the next of kin with a note by medical staff explaining the reasons for doing so and signatures of next of kin as well as doctors and psychiatric staff.Breaches in this privacy will be protected by the latest cybersecurity to prevent any outside parties without relevant warrants with any breaches and sharing of this information of this by third party hackers being a criminal offence with severe jail sentences based on the severity and amount of breaches.By making this available on only a global hospital network each inputting of new information and access to each patient file by each registered healthcare staff members unique ID code named each time will also be logged allowing trace ability in cases where healthcare staff purposefully leak information to the public and press without the consent of the patient including their patient ID can result in said individual being stricken off the board globally for malpractice and possibly facing jail time depending on the severity of the infraction.If a person ID is leaked the ID can be changed.Deletions of material inside will not be possible as to do so would be an infraction of the rights of the rights of the patients and if it were to happen then legal action could be pursued.When interacting with new staff patients can be directed to them and give the code over the phone and secure emails and also send encrypted digital keys to allow access via the wire as well as platinum access to certain information on their files.Ideally Paean will authorise this via the patient interacting directly with the staffs account at the consent of the patient.The interface off this will be vibrant like the wire and will be the same as their wire interface and theme with them even able to choose different interfaces for the two.The purpose of these patient files system is to allow all test results etc to preserved in digital form to be reviewed at anytime by Paean,patients at home on and staff authorised to do so.

Each patient/citizen will have their own unique patient ID code which consists of first numerical code denoting their hospital of birth and an then their unique randomised alphanumerical code.This will appear on all emails,reports and ID tags/wristbands in hospitals(alongside barcodes used to label samples used in experiments and studies both of which can be scanned using smart devices and machinery) or be stored in microchips in smart clothing and implants such as artificial hearts etc.for the rest of their lives and be read by scanners.Smart clothing in hospitals will contain microchips containing the Id of the patient currently wearing it changed by the hospital AI etc.This can be sent to staff to and from smart devices and apps on them and scanners allowing for staff and robots to instantly identify patients that enter in to hospitals or are in their care and gather all of the medical data.Alternatively further advancements will allow miniature DNA scanner dongles that collect a prick of blood to isolate and determine DNA and thus patient ID of unconscious or badly injured incoming patients.This will allow for medical staff to instantly have access to a patients entire medical history to ensure they do not accidentally give a patient a medicine that will cause and allergic reaction and save time in having to rewrite the same material and waste paper and it will also prevent patients from forgetting important details.It will also allow a patients identity to be ascertained instantly.Again it will also allow trace ability since people may have numerous healthcare professionals operate on them during their lifetime and they have the identity of all healthcare professionals they interact with for use in malpractice suits and alibis to the police as well as allow staff to communicate together.Furthermore it will allow people to keep track of important routine tests such a cervical and prostate cancer tests as well as STD tests.Existing paper files and thus medical history from patients born before the implementation of this system can be scanned and/or input in by machine or by hand at home with a DNA scan done at clinics or swabs with fingerprint taken and scanned in at clinics or on smart devices using software that can detect their fingerprint(i.e the app that links the patient to their file)similar to the biometric measures on Iphones 6 plus.In time swabs will be developed that have sensors that can detect DNA fingerprint..New changes to these this system will occur when AI developed new methods of denoting each patient through codes etc with these changes across the entirety of the Aesculspius network and one informed of their new code alongside Paean etc

This database once all existing records are scanned in will kept the data secure ensuring it is never lost,misplaced,revealed to the public and the firewalls,password,facial recognition and other protections used by the patient will ensure only patients have access to their own private data alongside Paean and also any healthcare staff the patient wishes to share it with.It will obviously be separated into two main sub networks:Human patient files and animal patient files with both then subdivided by continent then country,then state/region and then town/city make scientific studies such as epidemiological studies easier with the animal network then subdivided by animal species and breeds.Each patient will have access to their specific digital patient file and via logging into smart devices app linked to the intranet or program on laptops and only healthcare staff that they have worked with and they wish to work with will have access to them via the global healthcare intranet alongside next of kin and friends with consent via giving them their ID code and encryption/digital key.In the case of healthcare staff refereed to by current staff or with said staff access can only be granted via consent from the patient and/or the patient sending the ID code via email connected to their private server and encrypted digital key to their account account in the healthcare staffs account in the hospital intranet connected to Aesculapius.Human healthcare staff will gain access to the this intranet via computers at human clinics,hospitals and home laptops and smart devices by logging in with their ID code and password and/or digital key.With regards to animals their patient file will only be accessed by their owners,managers of zoos and reserves and the healthcare staff that interact with alongside any researchers at these areas.E-consent forms and similar forms,diagnosis,e-letters,e-notices and text versions of audio/visual recordings will be written up by wordsmith.The digital patient files will be stored in Aesculapius and will be accessed by human patients and Paean etc on smartphones,laptops and computers etc and then protected by biometrics,passwords and direct interaction with Paean and Epione.The sentient VPN,spyware and cyber security software Soteria will act as security for all patient files.Since Paean and Epione will be sentient they will restrict patient files only to that of each patient to their patient file through direct interaction and the patient can choose the level of biometrics and passwords with them told forgetton passwords by a Paean and Epione with these two AIs and prevent other people accessing them acting as their own security measure with the patients giving Paean and Epione the ability for next of kin and healthcare staff and researchers access to their digital patient file and revoking it when the situation demands it.When researchers are carrying out research Paean will when sifting through billions of patient files will add to computer networks only information relevant to them and not patient names etc.The digital patient files will house all test results from automated labs and home test kits uploaded wirelessly within seconds and allow patients to review all of their medical history and results from home test kits and automated labs to keep track of their general health overtime at home with them accessed at home using smartphones,laptops,desktop computers.These will allow Paean and human researchers carry out large scale biomedical studies using data from billions of people from across the world.Remaining registered healthcare staff will be allowed access by being given consent by patients and Paean.

Scanning of patient genome:
Upon birth by 2029 when it is introduced worldwide each patient upon birth will have a blood sample taken from from phlebotomy robots,prick from a dongle or from syringes in hospitals using automated labs via robots.Furthermore swabs of epitheliel cells from the inside of the patients mouth or from saliva samples can be used with their patient ID on the holder on a barcoded sticker or inked barcode put on an automated conveyor belt system which their DNA will be tested and mapped for everything.All living patients by 2029 will also get their genome sequenced with this input into their newly created digital patient file.For existing living patients starting as early as possible prior to 2029 this will be done by patients going in person to hospitals and having samples of blood taken using syringes and also phlebotomy robots as well as swans of epithelial cells from the mouth slongside saliva samples.Children aged 17 will be brought into clinics and hospitals with their parents to do this.This will be done to have each patients entire genome scanned for phylogenetic studies,tracking genetic lineages and scanning each patient upon birth and for older patients prior to 2029 for genetic diseases such as specific genetically predisposed cancers,sudden arrhythmic death syndrome and even heart murmurs,congenital heart defects,acid reflux(and thus GERD)cystic fibrosis,autoimmune diseases,short/nearsightedness,heart conditions,Alzheimers,Parkinson’s,sudden infant and adult syndrome,Coeliac disease etc.that will develop over their lifetime and percentage susceptibility(if genes that lead to these are present then they will be listed as either dominant or recessive or a mutation etc.meaning all genes associated with these diseases will also be listed alongside patterns of these mutations etc in their lineage(siblings,parents,cousins,aunts etc.).This will allow for those who have genetic predispositions to cancers,genetic diseases,schizophrenia,sociopathy etc to be instantly determined and tracked down for CRISPR treatments to cure them by 2029 and prior to that can be scheduled for routine check ups via MRI/Xray scans etc to detect them early on and have early treatment consisting of conventional treatments and proto treatments thus extending ones lifespan long enough to avail of all strains of microbes by 2025-2029.Abnormalities caused by genetic defects determined by the sequenced genome such as dextrocardia,overpronation of the metatarsals,congenital heart defect,sudden infant death syndrome,sudden arrhythmic death syndromeetc syndrome and all congenital heart problems will be logged here in the digital patient file determined by the genomic sequencing and diagnosis of neurological conditions such as schizophrenia,paedophilia(alongside MRI scans to refer them to Iaso when they reach their teenage years),addictions,bipolar disorder and its varying types,mental disabilities,epilepsy,alongside forms of autism and even types of headaches or recurring neurological and psychological disorders on the the Autism Spectrum,OCD,dyslexia,etc should be diagnosed and logged in their patient file as early as possible through MRI scans,in person analysis,regular foot scans at least once a year starting from when they are of walking age and analysing DNA scan for specific markers for them.Genetic based predispositions to transgenderism,homosexuality and bisexuality as well as other normal neural conditions such as Aspergers will also be listed here as well with MRI scans taken.Genetic markers for pedopheilia,schizophrenia,sociopathy etc will be listed here as well.Patients confirmed to already to have these conditions will have their DNA compared to each other – those who also confirmed to have them and non afflicted patients in order for the genetic markers to be determined by Phanes and Paean analysing the genome of both afflicted and non afflicted ones with this done by him interacting with them directly at the same time via fragmention including with people on opposite side sides of the world in order to in the case of serious ones like pedopheilia,sociopathy etc have CRISPR treatments extrapolated to cure them as well as instantly track down others for counselling through proto Iaso.Thus patients with all types of neurological,genetic disorders and genetically predisposed cancers etc can be tracked down instantly and scheduled for proto treatments,counselling and also scheduled routine check ups to catch their development as early as possible for treatments with conventional medicines and then treatments with all relevant strains of microbes.In the case of people known to have Aspergers and high IQ of Christopher Hirata,Terence Tao,Ainan Celeste Cawley etc it will allow the genetic markers to be ascertained in the same way and then applied to all patients worldwide with those that predispose homosexuality,bisexuality,trangenderism etc will be used in studies to analyse them in evolutionary studies on animals and possibly humans ie changing the sexual orientation of a person or changing the transgendered brain to that of a cisgendered person or vice versa to see the role genetics and environmental conditions play.If possible it could be used to make bisexuality a permenant feature of the entire human genepool including living patients by CRISPR.MRI scans will be done of all patients when advancements shrink these to the size of suitcases and also smart devices by 2029-2035 making them cheaper and more accurate thus allowing for Paean to detect neurological disorders such as schizophrenia and pedopheilia and also sexuality and other normal neural conditions such as Aspergers,homosexuality,bisexuality and transgenderism where genetic markers may not be enough to detect them especially in the case of pre teens and adolescents and even make it easier to narrow down them when both MRI scans and also genetic fingerprints are combined together and again him comparing the genome and MRI scans of patients that have these and those that dont to determine this with it also allow for him to carry out studies on the minute neurological variances amongst billions of people worldwide based on gender,age,race,sexuality etc and studies on the effects of environment on the brain.Thus patients known to have pedopheilia,schizophrenia etc will have their genome compared with other patients with the conditions and also those who dont and also have MRI scans taken to better make correlations and determinations also narrow down genetic markers common to them to allow for DNA scans to be instantly recognised in other patients worldwide especially at the moment of birth to sign them up for counselling and also CRISPR treatments etc with it also used to determine genetic and neural markers of transgenderism,homosexuality,bisexuality and Aspergers for scientific studies.It will also be able to determine instances of schizophrenia etc that are the result of tauopathy,trauma to the brain and also poor nutrition as well as damage caused by prions to have them repaired by stem cell strains.Aspergers and other conditions will be determined alongside genetic markers.Their DNA fingerprint and full list of genetic diseases they are prone too or have as well as allergies they have(such as cat dander,nickel,dust mites,pollen,nuts,gluten etc. and even specific vaccines) visible in gene(s) or through tests performed by robots on blood samples upon birth will be listed here alongside their finger fingerprint read on touchscreen identification software in folders and subfolders.Furthermore the types of viral,fungal,bacterial and other types of diseases they are immune and resistant to and even pathogens they are asymptomatic carriers of such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus aureus later on in their life through tests or from genetic screening will be listed here based on their genetic code.Feces samples and swabs from the mouth and other areas will allow the bacteria that inhabit their mouth and also gastro-intestinal tract listed here in subfolder.Whether they contain genes that makes them resistant to these and also other pathogens such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus based on genes that allow for them not to be affected by them and thus making them asymptomatic carriers will detailed so as to all them to used as a base from which these genes can be added to microbes for those that dont used in gene therapy with this database cross referenced with the same applied to other disease whether neurological or genetic.With regards to HIV it could show patients that contains the CCR5Delta 32 mutation to allow for it be mass produced around the world for augmentations for infected and uninfected patients.Skin type(and thus susceptibility to skin cancer and UV radiation) will be listed as well from this and even race as a percentage and even expected height.This will allow one to make modifications to their lifestyle and prepare for diseases decades ahead before they develop from birth and older patients from when the system is introduced will able to also plan ahead with them for example getting reusable dongles and test kits that detect specific cancers biomarkers of cancers they are prone to that can be taken at regular intervals to detect disease early on or have them arranged to have regular conventional tests in hospitals routinely every year or few months with the same applying to all genetic based diseases.It would also allow for gene therapy to be applied early on.Thus it will instantly alert older and infant patients of what genetic diseases they are predisposed to to allow for CRISPR treatments to be arranged as early as 2025-2029 with Paean and even proto AI scanning the genome of each patient via fragmentation with routine tests and conventional medications arranged for conditions like genetically disposed cancers,parkinsons,alzheimers etc to be arranged by 2023/2024 to catch them early on to increase survival rates to 2029 and allow those with predispostions to pedopheilia,sociopathy and schizophrenia etc reffered to Iaso etc.This would thus increase survival rates of all patients of these patients as they will be instantly scheduled for routine tests for genetic based diseases and medications and will be scheduled for CRISPR treatments and stem cell treatments by 2025-2029.As a result a person will be aware of any genetic based diseases including cancers etc that they have predispositions to decades ahead to be given subsidised medication and also routine tests to catch them early one and then scheduled for human and final trials of CRISPR treatments to cure them between 2025-2029.Pedophiles will be allowed to disclose their condition to medical professionals discreetly with no threat of imprisonment and thus be scheduled not only for MRI scans to confirm this but also schedule them for counselling in proto forms of Iaso worldwide but also for medication to suppress their sexual desires towards pre pubescent children to prevent them harming them until they can avail of both CRISPR and stem cell treatments as part of human trials by 2025-2029.Their DNA will be compared with others with this neurological disorder and non afflicted patients to determine if genetics play a role and thus allow early detection from birth as well as locate all afflicted patients worldwide to schedule them from CRISPR treatments and stem cell treatments and also counselling and surveillance by Iaso and to allow Phanes to extrapolate counter CRISPR treatments to cure them.If genetics doesnt play a role scratch DNA may be extrapolated.Some may volunteer to have themselves admitted into specialised institutions where they can be looked after and prevented from harming children with them given restricted access to the internet and wire that prevents them contacting children and also viewing pornographic material as well as even viewing certain videos on YouTube that dont have prepubescent children on them until cured with offenders and those with stores.Those with high reported high IQs,prodigiousness in areas such as math,singing,eidetic memory etc as seen below and Aspergers will be able to determine which genes are responsible for these traits by again their genome compared to each other and the rest of the population and indeed all phenotypes present in humans ie the different breast and penis size etc to allow them to be added to an augmentation network that can have microbes apply these to patients to increase IQ,resistences to pathogens,penis and breast size etc.Specific mutations that occur in humans that give one immunity to certain pathogens,different levels of intelligence quotient and different t sizes in penis length,birth,breast size and eye colour etc can be determined to be used for studies on their prevalence across all patients across the world and also to be added to augmentations strains that allows patients to increase their intelligence,breast and penis size,hair and eye colour.It will also allow for genelogical studies to be allowed for newer patients on a global scale,studies on certain phenotypes ie eye colour,hair colour and their prevalence amongst the global population and will also be used in paternity tests with the genome of a child compared to their parents or to all patients worldwide to determine their real parents worldwide with adopted children also doing this with this carried instantly upon birth for newer patients and when the entire system is first set up will be done to see who is related to whom with each persons patient file also housing their family tree with a list of all their relatives names worldwide with this mainly being first siblings and parents,then aunts,uncles and then cousins in their patient file in a subfolder with one through direct interactions then able to trace further back in their genealogical family tree on local and global scales by Phanes and Paean then scanning all patients present worldwide for each patients on demand thus allowing one to trace long lost relatives including in the case of those separated at birth or later,adopted children finding original parents and so on unique to each patient.Thus one could have Paean and Phanes scan through the entire patient files database to see how closely and distantly releated they are to every other human on the planet and universe.The information will be visible as a phylogentic tree with the names of each person and one able to open their Polis account with basic information such as name and address.This will allow one to trace all of their relatives worldwide performed by Phanes and Paean on demand allowing to see how distantly or closely related they are to anyone worldwide and their ancestoral history over geological timescales.Their ancestral heritage will be present and listed ie African,Native American,Irish,Norweigian etc and also these then subdivided into sub groups,races and tribes within this and their percentage heritage of these.It will allow parents to create holographic,picture or VR simulations of their children at specific ages ie 5,12,14,20 years old at birth thus allowing the physical look of the infant at various ages up to adulthood to be projected by Phanes at birth.By having ones finger finger print present will allow for studies to be carried on these with this including the frequency of different finger prints types etc with it also done to determine the frequency of different genetic phenotypes and genotypes ie eye colour,hair colour,genetic based conditions etc on local to global scales.All genes with regards to phenotypes ie natural hair colour and eye colour,penis and breast size,ethnicity etc will be listed here not only to list the phenotypes but also all genes from all patients worldwide for all phenotypes will be added to the human section of Physis for use in studies and also upgrades for augmentations thus allowing one to change their eye,hair and skin colour or even breast and penis size etc.Thus by having the genome of all patients across the globe and universe Paean and Phanes can sift through billions or trillions of patient files in hours or minutes to perform different types of studies in relation to genetics.If possible base microbes could be used to copy and transfer DNA from the cells in a fetus or even embryo into them without damaging the unborn child to be then collected once flushed out or collecting nodules in the hand or even sent to Paean wirelessly by biosynth WiFi to allow this to be done while the patient is in utero and the DNA collected and screened by a conveyor belt system with the DNA resent in the microbes separated into that which allows them to function and that was copied and transferred with the one that was not in the microbe beforehand taken as the patients DNA.If advanced nanomachines and biosynsth wifi could wirelessly relay this in utero with Cas-9 and taq polymerase would read the DNA from the child from a cell and send it wirelessly thus setting up patient files while a patient hasnt even been born yet with experiments on animals determining which is the best time to do this ie first,second or third trimester and months 1-12.Base microbes could form the basis of both handheld and lab based DNA analysers in hospitals,forensics labs and universities as their ability to scan DNA using taq polymerase and and Cas-9 with them modified to interact with leukocytes and all types of human cells using blood,saliva and cell samples and then send the DNA read in them via nanomachines,mechanotransduction/reverse mechanotransduction and wifi to patient files.Currently it takes about an hour for a single humans genome to be scanned but advances in artificial intelligence,biosynth DNA analysers,automated labs will reduce this to even a few minutes with this done by Epione,Paean,hospital AIs and Phanes either separately or together.The improved AI,management of it by Paean,use of biosynth technology and automated nature using conveyor belts and also phlebotomy robots will drop costs significantly to almost zero with base microbes invivo of mothers pregnant with children will make it completely free.Government programmes managed by AI such as Epione will give hospitals etc subsidies to cut costs to zero.The scanning of ones genome will be done by all patients and citizens worldwide at the same time one sets up ones patient files and scans ones finger fingerprint done worldwide by people visiting medical stafff such as nurses,doctors,specialists,doctors etc in universities,clinics,hospitals across the world with if possible to alleviate strains pharmaceutical companies allow this to be done onsite of their labs in corporate headquarters.The setting up of patient files and scanning of ones genome will be mandatory to all patients worldwide with AI such as Epione etc and government healthcare bodies in each country and state etc arranging appointments for one to have meetings in local hospitals,clinics and corporate headquarters of pharmaceutical companies nearest to them.Ghetttos and slums as well as rural communities in Africa,India etc will have local governments set up mobile clinics including mobile vehicles similar to mobile homes and recreational vehicles complete with laptops and equipment to take blood samples to be taken and sent to labs in nearby hospitals prior to residents of slums,ghettos etc are transferred to luxury housing.Homeless people will be tracked down on the streets by volunteers who work with charities that work with the poor and police officers to bring them to hospitals to have their sequencing of their DNA done after giving them accces to showers and new clothing and shelter.If possible poor people in slums and ghettos and rural communities in Africa can be given access to hospitals while they are in the midst of being given access to both new luxury communal homes built by Daedalus,or those gained by bidding and also showers and clothing.Dongle or portable machines with DNA analysers can allow people in a community or a family to do it a home with a blood prick and by linking wirelessly to their patient file on nearby devices the information will be uploaded and can be cleaned with virkon to prevent the transmission of pathogens and viruses such as MRSA and HIV with them coated internally and externally with liquid glass to prevent them from being cleaned and also prevent the build up any microbes that get stuck.Patients will visit corporate headquarters of pharmaceutical companies,universities and hospitals etc in person and have blood extracted by remaining staff in person including general physicians,clinicians,general physicians and all types of specialists such as dermatoligists and gynocologists etc alongside STI clinicians and medical students paid money with them using test tubes and syringes as well as even phlebotomy robots to alleviate strains with their name and unique ID barcode on the sample allowing for the sample to be traced with the samples sent to relevant clinics and conveyor belts to have blood extracted and barcodes read.One would book an appointment with staff of all types for blood tests with it only taking a few minutes alongside the person typing in basic information such as name,date of birth etc with them even booking appointments in hospitals outside their home city.Hospitals will set up rooms and areas for blood tests to be performed with staff paid extra to encourage this with even medical students and hospital managerial staff taking part.Universities across the world alongside government and corporate science labs around the world will also set up rooms to alleviate strains on hospitals with urban and rural areas have mobile units set up to collect samples from locals with these housing laptops that store data then transferred to the databases.In both universities and hospitals around the world,rooms will be set up where people can donate blood or saliva and have their genome analysed with them having their patient ID set up and them giving contact details such as emails,phone numbers and even name,D.O.B,address,current social security number and medical card number etc to allow AI even proto AI to scan through existing digital databases and those scanned in from around the world containing their hospital visits to add all past medical tests and reports etc from around the world alongside MRI,Xray scans and also medical operations and examinations to be arranged into their folder by Epione.Pharmaceutical corporations can have tests etc done in their corporate labs where people can go in and have the tests done alongside setting up patient files.Staff in corporate labs universities and even medical students and students of all types will be paid reserves to do this with even members of the public and volunteers trained to do this will be hired to do this as well with them paid money thus allowing hospitals,government and corporate labs and also universities around the world doing this work to allow for each of them to carry this out around the world and alleviate strains on each other and allow work to be done 24/7.This information will be done on a paper form to be scanned in and then read by proto AI to then be added to their patient files or could tell staff who will type it in during the visit in person or when they have finished.Places such as villages in the developing world especially Africa,India that dont have hospitals or universities yet and slums across the world will have mobile units that contain miniaturised equipment that can take and store blood samples and computers that can take in results from blood samples and set up files that are stored in them and then uploaded to the network prior to them upgraded to 21st century standards.Rural villages and towns around the world including in Africa,China,India and even groups that live in remote areas such as the Amish,Maasai,Amazon tribes will also have these mobile units set up to have their patient files set up by medical staff visiting them.Shanty towns and slums residents can have these with these and villages in Africa,China,India have all patients have tests for pathogens including HIV and Coronavirus and other potentially fatal ones and subsidised healthcare and medication given.Otherwise they can have staff drive to them in mobile hospitals the same size as recreational vehicles that house fridges,lab equipment,phlebotomy robots etc that allow people of these communities go in and have blood samples taken and set up their patient files.Rural villages and people who live in rural areas like the elderly etc can have medical staff drive to their homes to collect blood samples and set up patient staff.Homeless people will have volunteers and charities track them down and have them given accomadation and also set up patient files.Ideally whole families will go to have their DNA analysed as well as people living together to expedite this with the proto Aesculapius linked to their contact details alerting them to when it has been read and scanned with them filling in forms with contact details like phone number and email with their generated ID sent to this by proto AI thus allowing them to log in and then set up passwords,biometrics.This scanning of ones genome and setting up of patient files will become mandatory to all citizens worldwide by 2029 in order for them to avail of these that are required for anti-ageing etc treatments as part of biocompatible microbes and all services of Paean.The emails will also be used to notify when all other data is transferred from digital files and also scanned in papers from around the world.23andme,,The Melungeon DNA Project,Gene by Gene,Living DNA etc can still continue to be used again to alleviate strains with these results and existing results in databases sent to the proto Aesculapius with similar version set up in all countries with even private clinicians and pharmaceutical companies can be set up with the same labs and be part of 23andme to alleviate strains on hospitals.23andme,,The Melungeon DNA Project,Gene by Gene,Living DNA etc will also extend its range across the globe especially in densely populated cities of the world and even rural areas such as in Africa and China.All major pharmaceutical,biomedicine companies worldwide will also set up labs to do this with them sending in,mail order kits similar to 23andme etc and allow people to visit in person to donate blood and set up files.These test kits including 23andme etc will have the person type in their data on website that will have data sent to the final patient files.Planned parenthood,abortion and other private and government clinics separate from hospitals specific to medicine ie those of general physicians,podiatrists and even alternative health ones and those that specialise in unproven fields of medicine will also do this to alleviate strains where patients can visit in person.Mobile hospital units even those that house xray machines etc will serve rural areas and even rural areas in Africa,China,India etc with those in slums also attended to with the homeless attended by samples collected by those who work in shelters.Newborns will have blood samples taken upon birth.Inmates in prisons across the world will have blood and saliva samples collected and added to the database.Coma patients will also have blood samples taken.Those in ghettos,the homeless and slums once moving into better accommodation will be able to set up accounts with local hospitals and doctors collecting their data and also DNA samples and fingerprint.Finger fingerprints will be taken at home using smartphones where one will press on the screen similar to security features on the iPhone 8 above with it requiring only one or even all fingers with this added to their database with webcams on laptops,smartphones etc taking a picture of ones face and adding it to the database.Cameras on smartphones can scan all fingers on both hands.Webcams will allow ones face to be taken.Thus all existing hospitals,pharmaceutical companies and universities worldwide will have extra staff paid reserves and extra to have them meet in person with patients who will go to them in person and then get their blood tested for their DNA using conventional means ie syringe,phlebotomy robots and also swabs on the mouth and saliva samples with private clinics of all types including general physicians and Planned Parenthood also doing this alongside mobile units with them using automated conveyor belt systems to test the blood to speed things up and reduce costs with as stated staff,medical students,medical professors and even those who work in the fields of biomedicine,microbiology or any subfield of biology and be paid extra money to incentivise them to do this work by the government and corporations to alleviate strains on each other thus allowing patients worldwide to have their DNA scanned and patients files set up by 2029 with one booking there appointments online or over the phone.Volunteers from the public will also be paid money to alleviate strains as they will be mainly doing the grunt work ie meeting patients in person,inputting the patients data and collecting blood samples or even swabs of epitheliel cells from the inside of the patients mouth or from saliva samples with them trained on how to do this with all of this reducing working hours and allowing this work to be done 24/7,365 days a year in all universities,corporate labs,clinics and hospitals etc worldwide without interfering with staffs schedules expediting the process since as stated the actual analysis of the blood and swabs will be automated with AI transferring data into newly generated files.Proto and final AI namely Phanes,Paean and Epione will be used to transfer and arrange all of the data into relevant patient files.These will undergo PCR analysis to extract DNA from the leukocytes that will be analysed and added to the newly generated patient file with swabs and saliva samples used to extract DNA from epithelial cells and saliva samples.Both epiltheiliel cells taken from a mouth swab and also blood sample taken form a syringe or ideally if possble phlebotomy robot.Thus DNA will be extracted from each patient from their mouth using a swab and also leukocytes using blood samples.If possible miniature DNA analysing machines can be onsite of their offices and even community centres.Booths in hospitals that use phlebotomy robots can be used by people to donate blood for this where it will be analysed in connected automated labs.Automated conveyor labs will be used to further cut down costs and speed things up and alleviate strains on staff etc.Using all options,phlebotomy robots,normal blood extraction,swabs and saliva samples containing epithelial cells from the mouth sent in by mail etc will be used for all existing patients worldwide with this DNA added to their file followed by all data on all of their paper and digital records worldwide are scanned in and are merged together into their single patient file and patient number generated with this completed with all existing live patients by 2029-2035.Patient numbers will be visible only to those that have them ie the patient and any staff and Paean with the database when opened by the public allowing them to only access their file via inserting their number and password,face image and also DNA scan from analysers etc.Blood and saliva samples taken in hospitals be used and the person will be alerted to when there DNA is in their file as well as when all their records whether paper and digital are added. Their samples of blood and cells on swab will be put on a conveyor belt with their name with the extraction of the DNA and its analysis will be easily automateable with existing technology with it currently taking about an hour to scan their genome with advances in AI making it take mere minutes within the next decade.The genetic tests will consist of genetic sequencing wherein a persons entire genome will be sequenced and listed and those done when one visits a lab in universities,hospitals and even pharmaceutical labs worldwide so one can have their entire genome listed into their digital patient file with Paean even proto form will be able to scan for all diseases etc.Thus current patients who used existing tests that did not fully sequence their DNA will undergo genetic sequencing to have their entire DNA sequenced that is divided into ones entire genome consisting of the letters G,A,T,C in sequences that are unique to individual with this detailed on both sides of the DNA strand as two side by side lines that the DNA sequences can be transmuted into a 3D double helix.It currently costs about $1,000 and at most a few hours to a day but improved AI and also more accurate automated machinery,phlebotomy robots,home test kits using biosynth technology and nanomaterials with automation in labs cutting costs down even further to zero and allow results to be made within a few minutes with remaining staff in labs and also in universities to meet people in person will be paid money by the government and hospitals and subsidies also given to further drive down costs even further with people even using crowdfunding and loans from banks.Subsidies will paid by the government and also Epione and Euthenia to lower the costs of testing to zero for all patients.If possible current home test kits used by 23andme and other similar services can be developed that allow one to take swabs of skin cells and blood samples at home to be then mailed.By 2029 dongles that intake blood pricks and lab machinery that intake samples of blood via automated phlebotomy robots can use base microbes that using horizontal gene transfer,Cas-9 and taq polymerase scan the genome of white blood cells bringing the cost of scanning the genome down to zero.Thus the use of biosynth technology will thus drop costs to zero.Volunteers from the public will be paid money to alleviate strains and also allow work such as meetings and also any remaining work to be done 24/7.Genotyping tests done by 23andme may require patients to redo them again with as stated even home test kits performing genome sequencing.As stated PCR machines may be used with future ones using nanomaterials and biosynth technology to become faster with in time home test dongles using blood pricks able to scan their DNA using biosynth technology using base microbes that scan the DNA of leukocytes similar to universal home test kits for pathogens and blood components.In time base microbes soon able to do this with fetuses in utero allowing for test to be done and patient files set up before birth with it also doing this for older patients.This will be done worldwide to allow all living patients worldwide to have their genome scanned by 2029.If possible all genes present in their DNA will be listed in a specific folder for use in genelogical,epidemological and other studies (see later) and allow their DNAs double helix to be visible as a 3D image of their choice or series of letters as a single or dual line with one able to scroll down through each gene on both this image and a list with the gene listed and named and its function ie phenotype it creates explained to them and any genes it interacts with and have each gene separated on the choice of the patient to show the gene and its phenotype listed.Those that were removed will be put into a subfolder with those added from augmentations in a subfolder as well or added to the main folder.Ones genome in this file will be updated every time CRISPR treatments are used to remove or remove genes as part of ageing,augmentation or disease treatments for use as phone numbers,emails etc to keep it up to date especially for use of Phanes Activation Gene Technolog and identification for criminal investigations.These changes will be relayed instantly to phone numbers,biometrics etc.Thus every time one changes their DNA to add augmentations etc by adding or removing genes this will be automatically relayed to ones genome in their patient file.Ideally ones original genome will be also present in their patient file in a separate folder for historical purposes with studies being done by AI differentiating between the original genome or new genome as chosen by researcher.Ones original genome will be stored in a separate folder in the digital patient file that contains their existing unaltered genome prior to CRISPR treatments for augmentations,ageing treatments and curing genetic diseases and this will be before getting their first CRISPR treatments for augmentations and treating ageing etc it will be copied and put into a second folder in their digital patient file holding their copied genome which is updated instantly everytime one gets new gene augmentations including treatments for genetic diseases,ageing etc for comparisons for historical purposes.This will allow ones original DNA to be preserved forever for genetic studies and to compare to their copied altered genome and allow the copy to be used as phone numbers etc with this original version of ones DNA never changed ever.The copied sample of DNA will be altered and updated every time one gets new CRISPR treatments.All future changes to ones DNA via CRISPR will be instantly relayed to the copy to keep track of ones current genome for it to be used in studies and used as ones phone number etc with these changes updated to Arke etc.The original DNA scan will be preserved in its unaltered state forever for use in genealogical studies etc.Put simply this DNA test done on all patients worldwide will allow their entire DNA fingerprint that houses all of their genes present in them to be listed into their patient file visible to Phanes,Paean and in certain situations Macaria and Medusa.All of this will be organised worldwide by local governments and it subsidised and funded by them to make it free to all patients especially the poor.It will be done for all living and future patients worldwide and across the universe to allow for ones DNA to be transmuted into phone numbers,emails etc and also track genetic lineages across the universe and even allow for epidemiology,phylogenetic studies of all genes present in humans etc to be quanfied as part of studies such as the frequency of specific genes in all human patients worldwide and across the universe,track ethnicity lineages and also and how closely or distantly releated each patient is to each other and allow scientific studies that measure the levels of compounds in the blood etc to take into account genetic factors and their role in them involving billions of people not possible in current studies especially when involving those with other species of animals.Scientific studies using patients file systems can take into account ones individual genome thus allowing genetic factors of billions of patients to be ascertained for scientific studies.Thus all patients currently alive by 2029 will have their genome scanned to track genetic lineages,test for genetic based conditions with all newly born patients upon birth as of 2029 onwards will have their genome sequenced for the same reason.It will be done at the same time that that one sets up their patient files with the sequenced genome stored in their digital patient files.This will be mandatory across the world and universe by 2029 to all existing living patients and all future born patients managed by Paean.All living pets by 2029 and those born in 2029 and onwards will have their genome sequenced and stored in their patient files.Animals in zoos etc and possibly remaining livestock will have their genome scanned as well.All patient citizens that are non human sentient races and their pets will have this done as well for the same reasons.Paean will ensure that this is mandatory.

Current analyses of the human genome takes roughly 26 hours and cost roughly $1,000 with further advances even making the mapping of the genome of any lifeform including sentient ones in a few hours or even less possibly even minutes and cutting down costs exponentionally to the point it may cost a few dollars or even a few cents with improvements in artificial intelligence and automated labs,lab machinery utilising nanomaterials and biosynth technology and AI with Artemis,Phanes,Gaia,Paean doing this collectively or separately.Base microbes using using horizontal gene transfer to copy DNA present in the cell into the base microbes and then using Cas-9,taq polymerase and biosynth WiFi will be used to copy DNA from cells of microorganisms and multicellular organism with the DNA once read sent to computers using only a single cell with these microbes forming part of DNA analyzers in labs and those as part of test kits and PCR/Sysmex haemotoanalyzer machines.At first biosynth DNA analysers will be integrated into lab machinery in hospitals using blood extracted from a syringe or phebotomy robot,in time they can be integrated into home test kits that take a prick of a child blood with in time the DNA scan can be done invivo within a child that is either just born or in the womb during the third,second or first trimester based on what can be done by having base microbes using horizontal gene transfer copy DNA from a fetus or the newborn child and scan its genome using taq polymerase and Cas-9 that is then sent wirelessly to newly generated patient files.Epione and Euthenia can organise subsidies to lower their costs to zero.By 2029 DNA analyser s will use biosynth technology that has base microbes scan the DNA in blood etc to allow the genome to be analysed at almost zero cost in a few minutes especially when combined with exponentially powerful AI with in time base microbes in the body doing this while the child is in the womb.

This system via the sentient Medusa software will also allow for victims of murders,suspects of crimes,rapists and even people who die in accidents,fires and natural disasters to be identified instantly.Murder victims or those whose remains are discovered in an decomposed state or have salvageable DNA samples will have their DNA and face superimposed over skulls by Medusa to identify them via Polis with DNA cross referenced alongside living patients to find the victims next of kin and closest relatives etc.Medusa and Macaria will use the skull to create a 3D image of their face that can be crossrefferenced with Polis and global databases of missing people with Phanes analysing the face and reversing engineering the genotypes to create the same face that can be then crossrefferenced with patient files to see if it matches up with someone missing.The patient files of all missing patients will be brought up and their genomes used to create holographic or virtual humans to see if they produce the same face,gender and skeletons with Phanes,Macaria and Medusa working together to determine the owner of a skeleton using patient files,missing person databases etc alongside other methods.Dental records present in the patient files will also allow for identification of decomposed bodies.In the case of bodies found that died before 2029 it can involve their face and body determined from remains be compared to missing persons databases with the genome reverse engineered by Phanes and then compared to those of living patients in the patient files systems.It will also allow for people who are found suffering memory loss such as amnesia to be identified immediately using dongles that use biosynth technology.Suspects and witnesses can be identified once DNA from semen,blood,skin.Rapists can be identified instantly from skin cells and semen stains with the identities of those in the scene of crimes such as witnesses and murders identified from saliva,blood etc.Ones finger fingerprint present in patient files can allow this to be used for identification.The patients DNA in their patient file will change each time one adds or removes DNA as part of ageing,aylugmentation treatments and those to treat genetic diseases etc.This sentient Medusa will be used by forensics labs and police investigators to gain a warrent to identify the owner of DNA with this done by the DNA found at a crime scene such as from semen,blood etc of a murder,rape,assault will have the discovered DNA scanned fully and then Medusa interact with Epione will be allowed to scan the global patient database for corresponding and matching DNA with it scanning through billions of patient files within seconds.This will allow the identity of rapists,murderers and the victim of murder etc and those who die in accidents and also natural disasters within seconds by forensics investigators with it also used to identify amnesiac victims and stray pets and livestock found.Skeletons of humans can be indentified by having the skulls and general skeletons shape analysed to determine race,gender and the general features of them allowing a 3D representation of the persons face that can be crossreferenced and compared to both face photos present in the files and also the entire DNA of patients crossreferenced to create a 3D representation of their skeleton and body in real life.If DNA cannot be salvaged then the skeleton including skull will determine the persons gender,race and age and a Macaria will extrapolate their physical features ie what their face looked like and what their entire body looked like,cross reference Polis and patient files that house their face and also extrapolate the genotypes to express these facial etc phenotypes and then compare it to the global database with this done one patient at a time which might take longer ie several days our hours with Medusa and Epione first scanning through patients of the local town,village and city before extending to surrounding ones,then the local county,state,then all those of the surrounding counties,states etc and also then the entire country and then the entire continent and entire world.If possible the AI may at first scan Athena for a list of all missing persons and pets to narrow the search down at first to eliminate them first.This system can also help identify the owner of remains of bodies of humans who died prior to the creation of the patient file system by analysing their DNA and skeletons and creating a face and body and then comparing them to pictures of known missing persons in missing persons databases and also comparing the DNA to living relatives in the global system of patient files.If DNA is not salvageable them the the skeleton can be used to extrapolate a 3D image of the person including facial features that Phanes can use to extrapolate the genotypes to create that face and body with this then compared to the global database to find living relatives with it also scanning databases of missing people worldwide.Phanes,Epione and Paean will extrapolate means to identify the owner of dead bodies using patient files,extrapolated genotypes from skeletons and missing person databases.

Animals in zoos,remaining farms and also all pets worldwide will have their DNA scanned and added to their patient files.With regards to animals it will not only identify the name of dead animals but also the identity of lost and stray animals and their owners and also species and breed.DNA analyzers integrated into electronics directly or as dongles that use blood pricks or in time special sensors can be built into electronics.For pet animals and livestock etc involved in a crime the animal patient files can be scanned once the species is determined by scanning Physis with the the animal patient files of that particular species them scanned for the corresponding owner of the DNA to determine the exact animal,whether it is a pet or livestock and thus allow the owner to be determined by contacting Paean and Phanes and also the animals patients files containing the owners current address.It can again be used to determine the identification of dead animals or animals that attack other pets etc and human using DNA from saliva,skin cells etc.Furthermore it can be used to identify the name and owner of a animal found stray,missing or run away from a blood prick etc by cross referencing their patient files to allow the owner to be found and contacted.Thus by 2029 onwards all current living patients across the world will have their genome sequenced and stored in their digital patient for use in predicting genetic disease to be treated by CRISPR,transmuted into phone numbers and emails,Phanes activation gene technology and also genealogical studies to track genetic lineages over geological timescales and any future genetic evolutions of the species etc with livestock and pets and even animals in the wild and zoos around the world having this for the same reasons.It will also be used to carry out studies on genetics including their role in relation to different medical conditions and interactions with each other and compounds present in the bloodstream etc and also neuroscience when combined with test results from home test kits,miniature MRI scans and automated labs.All modification to ones DNA such as augmentations will be instantly related to ones genome in their patient file to keep it up to date especially for identification for criminal investigations.All future patients born in 2029 onwards across the world and eventually universe will have their genome sequenced and added to their digital patient file upon birth for studies and to track genetic lineages across the world and universe.Allied alien races across the universe will have this genetic sequencing set up in their patient files as well with them having theirs in separate sections in the database for each species of allied alien race across the universe.

All of this applies to both human and animal patients but in the case of animals patient files can be restricted to owners and community gardeners who scan the ID barcode on smart devices again using apps and software.Animal patient files will be for pet owners,livestock reared on community and home farms as well as those in zoos,conservation areas and possibly all animals of all species in the wild logged in Artemis.Furthermore by taking the DNA fingerprint of a newborn software can compare it to the fingerprint of both parents present to allow for a paternity test to be carried out on site at birth or later on if only the mother is present to confirm the parentage with the identity of the real parent found by comparing the newborns and both the father and mothers DNA against each other and if the child does not belong to either one or both via infidelity or being switched at birth the child’s DNA will be run against all patients in the global database within seconds.Parents whose family have a history of genetic disease can have Paean calculate the possibility of their child having any of them or others and what percentage likelihood especially in decades ahead as more patients have been added to the database using algorithms to create punnet squares using all genes present in them or specific ones.This can allow for long lost relatives around the world to be found and adopted person to find their biological parents as well find out how closely rated someone is to anyone else on the planet alive or dead,their national identity and ancestry as well as used in paternity tests done automatically upon birth and also on demand.It will also allow the owners of mutations that cause immunities to pathogens such as HIV,Ebolavirus and those who produce antibodies naturally to be ascertained and the genes located to be printed using 3D DNA printers with this applied to meurological and psychological conditions to be ascertained by comparing the files of those around the world diagnosed with it used to track down others with the condition for CRISPR treatments and it allow for studies of the prevalence of certain genetic sequences to be determined for certain phenotypes ie eye,hair colour,penis breast size for global studies.For those discovered to have predispositions towards neurological disorders,genetic diseases and cancers it will allow them to avail of CRISPR treatments as soon as possible with stem cell strains that deal with these created onsite of hospitals via 3D DNA printers to have them treated discreetly and quickly.This will be done by 2029 by the sentient Phanes,Paean and Epione on demand.

A trainee would begin training in their preferred choice of medical fields to expertise in at the very beginning of this mentorship beginning as stated as earlier at 12 or younger depending on the individual skipping the archaic mandatory steps as seen in the current medical training(i.e. a 2:1 from a four year degree,HPAT(and similar variants) and then medical school,residency and so on) cutting down the amount of time and money spent training them suited to their own personal rate of education and learning and increasing the number of healthcare professionals worldwide.Existing doctors of all fields will be viable to become mentors.Medical training will consist of being able to apply first aid in all possible situations,knowing the recovery positions for all possible accidents or conditions as well as viewing recorded or live feeds of operations allowing them to analyse and critique past procedures as well as carrying out mock operations of all types on robots composed of synthetic bones,bioprinted organs,synthetic blood/skin and in vitro human flesh and muscles.These robotic and in time bio-synth patients will have damage done them with weapons,trauma by putting them through falls,beatings,drowning and other injuries to allow for as much a realistic representation of human injuries with the robots and in time bio-synths simulating human responses to these injuries and conditions(i.e. levels of blood left in the body,heart conditions and changes in pressure and rate,water in the lungs,damage to individual organs or groups of organs) with other conditions such as allergies to substances such as pharmaceuticals programmed into them(which can also be integrated into VR simulations).All types of operations such as birthing,brain surgery,organ transplants et will be done on these with them viewing audio/visual records of previous surgeries.This would be part of a students ability to react to surprise emergencies such as pregnancies,shootings etc. and possibly even replace cadavers alongside holo lens in analysing bodies and the placement of organs in both humans and animals.VR technology could allow one to examine cadavars in simulations in a realistic manner in any setting allowing them to be tested on how they died such as pathogens,trauma etc and test live AI patients on what symptoms of STDs,trauma,or other conditions.To negate ethics of using human,animal and even alien cadavars Phanes using the genome of an animal,alien and human can extrapolate the entire internal and external structure such as skin,muscular,neural and all organ systems of a specimen to be viewed later by layer with it also allowing for VR cadavars to be used over and over again.It also can be used in VR simulations to practice surgery of all types of situations involving primitive to pre robotic modern technology with ideally medical students being both surgeons skilled in all situations such as neurosurgery,cardiology,cesarean sections using the time dilation effect in VR simulations to prepare in situations where AI is comprimised,as well as on the battlefield and on interstellar vehicles with them also registered as coroners and forensics investigators.Biosynths modelled on humans etc will be later on used cadavers and test surgery patients.All space stations and interstellar vehicles and bases on colonies and even warzones will need human medical staff present as they will be more likely to be affected in a way that AI including Paean will be comprimised thus having humans as a backup.Military and law enforcement personnel will also trained in medicine such as surgery,first aid and so on.An abundance of students going into medicine at earlier ages rather than obsolete professions ie stockbroking,agriculture,creating companies etc will lead to each one having shorter working hours alongside the fact that robots will do most labour intensive work with them also carrying out research.Medical students could be unknowingly working alongside police trainees in mock terrorist attacks and mock military VR simulations for those training in the army as medics with both robots and human actors also playing mock patients for less severe conditions.Currently primitive versions of these robotic patients exist with those for dentists with further advancements allowing for more realistic robots to allow them to train for a wide variety of situation with bio-synths taking the place of robots.Training on these mock patients especially robotic ones could be done with surgical equipment such as Da Vinci systems performing various practice operations.

Holo lens,VR technology and biosynths will allow mentors to create simulated patients and examinations based on single organs or conditions or the entire body with again genetic conditions built in such as weak heart,allergies and injuries to specific parts of the body which the student must recognize in order to pass thus giving a mock recommendation for further study to fellow students in other medical fields for example the program or robot could have signs of cancers,ailments of specific organs,rare ailements,STDs such as HIV,syphillis or skin conditions that must be recognised.A stylus can be used to pick areas or organs of interest to zoom or highlight and bring to the forefront to make markings to analyse or make reports on what is there and make virtual surgery.Also to greatly expand their knowledge in healthcare as a whole they could be tested on both human and animal physiology of related species.The same can be done for all healthcare professionals such as specialists.In the case of dentists they can focus on teeth and carrying out virtual operations but then again must be able to detect symptoms of ailments that they are not specialised in order to progress.It could also allow students to examine each part of human and animal physiology in their spare time with them able to virtually dissect not just humans but any species of animals in existence for veterinarians without the need for cadavers or killing animals to do so since scans can be taken of one dead animal or live individual with internal scans of a live one including DEXA,MRI,full body ultrasound and many others to allow a full internal scan to be made of specific individuals.In time DNA scans can extrapolate holographic scans of specific patients and in time species of sentient and non sentient lifeforms on other planets.Ideally these bio-synth and holographic patients and bodies observed by the student would have organs acting in normal fashion ie beating hearts,functioning organs and lungs etc. to add realism and show how the organs function especially when when operated on with virtual anaesthesia added and reactions to each incision and action made by all vessels and organs or even unborn child of varying levels of development.These holo lens will show vital signs of the patient and also allow the student to view each layer of the body such as muscoskeletal system,central and peripheral nervous system,major organ systems(together or separate) as different separate layers next to each other at once and these virtual operations and patients can be recorded alongside the audio analysis of the students can be recorded into their digital file.Holo lens and VR technology will allow student and mentor to do these lessons while still at opposite sides of the world with wireless earphones and speakerphone headsets or nanomicrophones in jewellery allowing them to communicate with the work done by students relayed to mentors in real time or as stated before recorded in their digital file for later review.Pre recorded classes on each section of the body can be made and programmed and downloaded by the lenses and even have exams on them done in real time with mentors on opposite sides of the world or an infinite number of them consisting of a large compendium of questions designed by AI can be given at any time of the day from anytime with the student graded on a percentage in the case of the latter which can be plotted on a chart with these stored in their digital file.VR once indistinguishable from reality will allow for training on different types of situations and emergencies including theoretical ones in space once interstellar travel is possible.VR technology can also allow one to carry out dissections of humans,animals and aliens from across the universe.VR cadavers in VR simulations would allow alien species both sentient and non sentient to be observed externally and internally without carrying out dissections in the real world using extrapolations from DNA scans and also internal scans with this applying to both allied and observed races with this applied by alien races observing human anatomy.This could also be used to carry out dissections of humans and other animals and even carry out operations on animals,humans,other sentient races and experiments involving toxins,gases etc that would go against medical ethics with Epione carrying out the likeliest effects based on simulations using the database in Apollo and tests on animals with human and other recombinant DNA present without harming actual animals and humans etc.For coroners and forensics investigators bodies in these simulations can be used to teat their ability to determine injuries and how the victim died.VR simulation and holographic technologies can allow cadavers of humans,animals and aliens etc to be analysed layer by layer and in great detail including them carrying out normal biological function.This can be complimented by biosynths cadavers in the real world where they created and ordered in from Talus factories will produce human,animal and alien bodies to dissect that are indistinguishable to the real thing.These biosynths as detailed later on and VR simulations can also allow students to carry out mock surgeries of all types.Phanes using human,animal and alien sentient race DNA will be able to extrapolate from the species genome millions of difffereng individuals with the genome allowing him to create VR and biosynth cadavars and patients that have the same external features and internal layout of organs,neural/vascular/lymphatic etc systems thus allowing them to be analysed correctly in real time.

Also included in this training will be their interactions with real live patients in hospitals and in warzones or VR ones as well as independent original scientific research in their selected field or multiple fields and on the spot oral tests of their knowledge of various required fields medicine,biology, chemistry,pharmacology, pharmokinetics,medical procedures and theoretical situations can also occur at random or set times decided by the mentor(s) testing their knowledge and ability to give this information on the spot will also be part of their education negating cramming for tests and exams.Trainees will be required to learn as many languages as possible.Students may be also tested by mentor(s) and board members using actors posing as patients making sexual advances on them to test their ability to resist these advances.This can also be done on a medical staff throughout their careers to keep their validity as professionals in check with them having no knowledge of it being simulations.Again variants of the kobayashi maru wherein the student is faced with a no win situation to test discipline,character and command strategies can also be applied to the medical field,ideally without their knowledge of it being a no-win situation.All of these training exercises and research will be recorded and stored in their digital healthcare professional file alongside critiques and reviews by both mentors,other registered staff and superiors on medical board in the form of text,audio and video recordings.Names of reviewers,mentors and patients they serve will be logged here with the date of each training exercises(and length and dates of training),operations they perform, and hospitals/clinics they serve upon.Upon passing all of these examinations set by mentors and then this reviewed by medical boards and finally being registered(with date of registration logged) these healthcare staff will be given an unique Healthcare staff ID code alongside their own patient ID code first consisting of an initials denoting their area of speciality such as:
•Cardiovascular surgeon(CVS)
•Dermatologist(DM)etc.and so on

People skilled and registered in multiple fields containing all the letters of each such field followed by their unique number barcode information in form of numerals and letters.Ideally a student may wish to become registered and skilled within multiple fields including closely inter-related field.This will allow for trace ability in their operations and interactions with patients around the globe.All healthcare staff of each field worldwide will have the same uniform worldwide following different shades of blue for each one and each ranking and field including nurses and midwives.These uniforms as stated following different shades of blue and composed of silkworm silk.There will be a universal system of ranking of personnel with each one having different universal uniforms all different shades of blue.Badges will follow different sizes and shapes for each rank but will have an universal Aesculapius rod on them replacing the caduceus and will have their name present in full.Since doctors from around the world will be available to patients via smart devices such as mirrors and phones,hospital robots and home robots a sub-network within Aesculapius will list all registered healthcare professionals around the globe in folders according to their specialised profession detailing their medical and academic history,malpractice suits and criminal records alongside reviews and ratings given from former patients and superiors and colleagues.Also available to potential patients will be the professionals digital medical files allowing them access to their training,exam and test records,contact details(email,phone number,social media accounts),e-signature,research both during and after training,the amount of operations they have partook in(both successful and non-successful) and also critiques from both mentor(s),students and review boards as well as patients.Also they will have access to view each operation they have carried out.This system will allow patients at home and in hospitals to choose from the best health care staff from around world for their healthcare needs based from reviews online,board reviews and testimonials from friends and family ensuring they get the best treatment.Coroners will be registered as both forensics investigators(whose training will again begin at 12 or younger) though in time robotics and implants within the body be sufficient to determine the cause of death with scanners able to scan the interior of the body that can be used to determine the internal structure without incisions.The Hippocratic oath will be sworn by all trainees.Ideally the main bulk of trained staff would be surgeons since Paean would be available in fragmented form with them skilled to use primitive to the most advanced forms of surgery should automated ones become compromised or them in situations that they must require human surgeons.VR indistinguishable from reality that utilises the time dilation effect where decades pass in a simulation while mere minutes pass in the real world will allow one to complete training very quickly negating both medical school and residency with mentors and AI with this allow one to train for all possible types of patients and situations on Earth,interstellar vehicles,space stations and other colonies practised this way.Furthermore it will be used to train them to deal with emergencies,blackouts,pandemics,warzones,terrorist and outbreak situations,emergency pregnancies,times where they are carried to the house of patients and situations where the resources of the hospital are stretched thin with them also trained in situations where Paean would be compromised ie on interstellar vehicles,terrorist attacks,uncharted planets and also on battlefields/wazones,on hostile alien planets where they have limited resources and on the ground of police operations.Terrorist attacks of all types and also sieges of the hospitals etc will also be carried in thee VR simulations.They will be trained to deal with all types of medical situations and may be trained in these situations with other trainees from around the world including both law enforcement,military,law and enforcement personnel.Variations of the kobayashi maru will be employed.It will be used to practice surgery of all types of situations involving primitive to pre robotic modern technology with ideally medical students being both surgeons skilled in all situations such as neurosurgery,cardiology,cesarean sections using the time dilation effect in VR simulations to prepare in situations where AI especially Paean and Epione is compromised,as well as on the battlefield and on interstellar vehicles and space stations with them also registered as biomedical researchers,coroners and forensics investigators.Space stations and interstellar vehicles and the battlefield for military operations will be of note that will need human staff alongside side since they could be prone to terrorist attacks and situations where AI can be comprimised.This will also allow them to master multiple disciplines ie different types of surgery,carry out dissections and different situations,polymaths in different subfields etc in a short time by the time they have finished puberty.Trainees especially surgeons should be proficient not only in performing surgeries of all types using the Da Vinci surgery systems and other robotic surgery systems but also how to perform first aid in emergency services using primitive tools and even base items in emergency situations of all types with VR simulations using the time dilation effect and also robotic and biosynth patients allowing for this to carry out all types of situations.Their training on outbreaks,terrorist attacks and also murders could be merged in VR simulations with trainee lawyers,forensics investigators and also military personnel.VR technology should be available by at least 2029 with the time dilation effect possible by at least 2045.The training of healthcare staff would follow the following steps:
•That the trainee has no knowledge of it being a simulation or the nature of the exam so as to catch them out and test their ability to be as ready as possible in emergency and put aside shock and awe in order to react as professionally.Good mentors can but their trainee through an exercise without them knowing one took place.Trainees could even be put real situations without their knowledge prior to finishing their training and registration to do this.The intensity of the real situations they would be involved in would be decided by mentors evaluation of their trainees readiness and skill.
•Variants of the kobayashi maru could be integrated into all VR and real world mock situations without the trainees knowledge of the nature of the simulation and thus the integration of this scenario in order to test character,strategies and discipline in a no-win situations in medical situations.

All registered staff around the world will be listed within Aesculapius containing their address and also contact details such as phone number and email address etc allowing anyone around the world to contact them when needed.They will be organised by type and subtype and also country.Ideally one will finish their training between the ages of 14-15 with them being mainly researchers as well as surgeons to act as a backup to Paean.