Global Law Enforcement & Military

All existing federal investigatory,intelligence agencies,police forces,militaries,navies etc both state and private(including localised allied forces and private mercenary groups) etc including personnel worldwide will be merged together into singular versions as detailed later on.All sectors in all countries will adopt the same uniform codes,alerts,uniforms,symbols on vehicles/buildings and procedures.There will also be have to be a global ranking system for each sector,universal uniforms for each sectors rankings within them,protocols,alert systems,codes,Miranda rights,insignia,mantra,anthem,seals and badges etc. for each sector(all containing the Aegis symbol on registered personnel and Spartan helmet on Crypteia members)homogenised.This means all their classified information and databases of criminals,groups,witness protection programs,missing persons,persons of interest and paper work etc worldwide as well as access codes to weapons etc will be shared with each other and merged into one single databases for each sector and managed in Athena by Perseus and Adikia where it will be scanned and transferred into their relevant singular databases with classified data protected by firewalls with higher up officials accessing it with biometrics badges that contain their digital keys and Phanes Activation Gene Technology that give clearance on several levels of authorisation to this information;iron-lowest including public access bronze – higher,silver-higher,gold-even higher and platinum-highest given and revoked through the wire by those in higher up positions with biometrics and facial and voice recognition software also used and in time DNA samples from blood pricks.All paper documents in police stations,military buildings,bases from around the world including notes,briefings,paper documents,classified notes and data will be scanned into single digital databases for each sector in Athena with all digital files of these in police stations,military buildings,bases from around the world including notes,briefings,paper documents,classified notes and data will be transferred to a single digital databases for each sector in Athena.Digital keys and the Phanes Activation Gene Technology for these like those for secure areas in bases will have unique encryptions and will be downloaded onto smart devices,smart jewellery,badges and also neural implants that will be authorised by Perseus and also relevant higher up personnel with them working by close proximity that can be revoked to.Paper and digital documents in police station,bases,intelligence agencies etc around the world will be scanned and transferred into these networks in Athena relevant sub networks shared globally as well as the data banks of each sentient departments within using the relevant levels of security with them stored on the station AI allowing remote access using the iron to platinum levels.Thus their will be a single database of all criminals,persons of interest and terrorists with all existing criminal databases worldwide in all intelligence,military and law enforcement databases and HQ,buildings and agencies worldwide merged into singular ones by AI transferring them from digital files and also personnel using automated scanners to scan in paper files then transferred into this.All digital files in military buildings and entities worldwide can be transferred into a single one for each major sector – Nike,Homonia,Harmonia etc with those for each building for each sector uploaded into their separate intranets and building AI organised by AI.Paper files in all military buildings and headquarters for each sector and police stations from around the world will using a conveyor belt be scanned into their separate intranets,databases and building AIs.Digital files of these in police stations,military buildings,bases from around the world will be transferred to a single digital databases in Athena.Perseus including proto forms will arrange all of this into their relevant folder.Adikia and Perseus once sentient will seize control of all relevant information and data held by all of the governments worldwide by breaking firewalls and adding them into their relevant networks as part of Athena.Proto AI managed by existing watchdogs and also whistleblowers could do this as early as 2020 with deleted information recovered by AI and damaged servers repaired with if possible temporal manipulations used.Neural implants will be able to stream memories from suspects of corruption and coverups etc with Adikia using warrents to do this on all existing living government officials and also police officers,military personnell of all rankings.Existing and new nuclear weapons,military vehicles and weapons worldwide will also be merged into these global entities from all global versions worldwide and the relevant symbols added to them with their weapons also fitted with unique microchips planted into weapons to designate they are belonging to them as detailed later on.Declassified and leaked files etc will be stored on Athena.

The seals for each sector that will appear on all uniforms,badges,ID papers,weapons,vehicles,robots machinery,e-letters,emails,signs on their buildings,buildings,on the floor under the statue in their lobby,mission briefings etc.would be an Aegis(gorgon head in the centre) with an animal or plant associated with Athena also included one for each sector: Owl(atop the aegis) wisdom and watchfulness for federal intelligence agency,The global federal investigator agency will have a snake coiling across the Aegis to represent cunning/intelligence/creativity,dove(atop the aegis) with the dove representing victory representing that wisdom and strategy is the key to victory in war for the military and peacekeeping entities,the olive branch representing peace for SWAT/ATF teams and counter terrorist groups, armour in the centre representing strength for law enforcement,eagle(atop the aegis) for mastery of the skies over land for the airforce,spear for navy with this being adapted also for interstellar versions of these with the seal for trainees being an aegis with all symbols for each sector:all above mentioned animals and plants(to highlight their education in all fields with the eagle in the centre top,dove to the left top and owl to the right and the other ones within the Aegis).Each sector will have universal uniforms,badges,rankings for each ranking of personell worldwide alongside these universal seals with these seals etc replacing existing ones for all sectors worldwide in all cities and towns worldwide.These will be the symbols on the signs of each buildings,barracks and headquarters associated with these buildings and their symbol locations on maps with the symbols for training facilities on both signs and maps being the agoge symbol.It will also be their symbol on weapons,uniforms,vehicle including terrestrial,sea and aerial vehicles.The tanktop they make should be worn through most if not all exercises including mandatory ones and used under the universal combat gear uniforms for each sector or the military and law enforcement for meetings,field work,training exercises,operations(with the exception of undercover operations to remain incognito)and hearings.If court martial occur only the uniform can be kept(retirement will allow both the tanktop and uniform to be kept) and must also be worn on the individual in their casket upon death or a replacement if their body is not found.Funerals will follow the same procedure for each sector and require an universal flag (ideally red)placed on the casket with the universal seal for the sector they served in as mentioned earlier with another seal for trainees who die via natural causes,accidents etc being a combination of all above mentioned animals and plants(to highlight their education in all fields with the eagle in the centre top,dove to the left top and owl to the right and the other symbols on the bottom side)and one for Crypteia members(using the Spartan Helmet).Each sector will have a universal anthem played by the same instrument ideally those of ancient Greece.Ideally cremation will be used for those that die in service,in battle etc with this cremation done in the grounds of the training facility they originated in special rooms devoted to this where the body will be transported to after the mass and typical military funeral service in the grounds of the facility they were trained in and placed in an amphora unique to their sector including Crypteia made of a unique synthetic gemstone such as diamond,sapphire,obsidian,emerald,ruby,amethyst and so on and decorations unique to their sector with their sectors seal.These will be placed in the grounds of the facility in a room with extensions on the roof and underground complete with stairs in the facility and will have the personnel mamorigatana sword and decorations and tanktop placed in front of them with their name and ID code on the amphora as well.These will be in secure graphene infused glass casings similar to those in museums for security.Those who die outside of battle or service of disease,suicide,murder will be buried or ideally cremated and turned into diamonds in normal fashion and not the same way as those that do with those whose body cannot be found will have will have their name added to a pedestal on the grounds of the facility or an amphora in the room of a specific metal with their seal and name etc.The tanktop will ideally be smart clothing that measures heart rate and vital signs as well as GPS location during exercises and missions.Ideally layers of both silicene and graphene would be woven into it in order to make it possibly bulletproof and replace bulky traditional bulletproof vests during training and operations.Combat gear over this and all uniforms will have the newly formed global flag with the decorations for each sector being uniform around the world.There will also have to be a singular military decoration awards following those used in America for each sector such as navy,armed forces,airforce,army etc. federal investigator based on FBI decorations,with police decorations based on the NYPD and so on with all of these also containing their specific Aegis symbol or spartan helmet on the case of decorations for Crypteia members in the same place for police,navy,federal investigator,airforce,military personnel as well as the same criminal penal code(ideally modelled after the California Penal Code)and classification of crimes ie first,second and third degree. Uniforms for each sector such as police,navy,military etc will be universal being different shades of the same colour for each sector and ranking with their badge for their sector on them.Their will also be universal rankings for each sector with each sector having universal uniforms,decorations,vehicles,symbols,codes,badges,rankings,decorations,vehicles,Miranda rights,protocols etc with Uniforms,badges,decorations etc of each sector and each rankings will be designed by the AI in charge of that sector ie Kratos,Nike,Alke that again will be universal.Ideally each vehicle for each sector will have the same universal design with their being a consensus worldwide on what weapons personnel in each sector can carry around both in patrol and in battle.Existing symbols on all vehicles,buildings,indentification papers etc worldwide of all sectors will be converted into the universal symbol for all universal sectors worldwide.Therefore they will be a complete homogenisation of all facets of all sectors of military,law enforcement,navy,intelligence etc entities worldwide in terms of vehicles,seals,symbols,badges,protocols,Miranda rights and what if any weapons all personal of all sectors can hold at any time.The Aegis symbol(and their sectors animal/plant) will appear in all e-letters and emails to personnel on missions as well as e-forms for trainees and emails and e-letters to the public with the spartan helmet for Crypteia members.

Each one of these sectors will be singular global versions with existing personnel worldwide including private armies,allied forces,mercenaries,every state and government army including NATO and all special forces and even automatically registered to them with the names coming from Greek personified concepts.All of the worlds military,law enforcement,navy,airforce,federal investigative and intelligence agencies worldwide will be merged into one with them managed by sentient AIs that link all buildings managed by them.Each one of these sectors will be singular global versions with existing personnel worldwide including private armies,allied forces,mercenaries,every state and government army including NATO and all special forces and even automatically registered to them with the names coming from Greek personified concepts.NATO etc will be merged into the global military force with ATF and its variants merged into the global SWAT entity.All of the worlds military,law enforcement,navy,airforce,federal investigative and intelligence agencies worldwide will be merged into one with them managed by sentient AIs that link all buildings managed by them.All existing members of all intelligence agencies,law enforcement,military,navy etc entities worldwide both government and also private/corporate mercenary entities will be merged into the new global variants such as Nike,Alke,Homonia,Kratos etc with them adopting all universal uniforms,protocols etc.All existing personnel of elite forces around the world will be merged together into their sub sectors of Ares.Each one will have all weapons including guns,nuclear bombs,codes and vehicles such as tanks,jeeps,battlecruisers and bombers and fighter jets etc managed,merged and seized by and into these with this done by the AIs of these sectors alongside Gaia seizing control of their factories and the vehicles themselves via the internet and breaking encryptions.All personnell will have files in Athena visible to the public that contains their training data,operations they took part in the real world including audio/visual feeds from cameras in smart lenses and glasses,name,age and criminal records.All information both classified information in computer databases and also intranets and those in offices of all existing sectors worldwide will be seized by them and merged into global databases by scanning in paper documents and transferring digital information into them.Databases of criminals,groups,witness protection programs,missing people,persons of interest and paper work etc worldwide will be merged together.Digital keys will be sent and revoked to smart badges relevant personnel managed by Hera,Adikia and the operating softwares of all sectors to personnel and government officials to allow them access to certain classified information in personnel files and databases in Athena.These sentient AIs of each sector named after them will act as the sentient operating softwares link all buildings associated with each sector including headquarter.Existing personnel in all government agencies,armies and law enforcement bodies on local,county,state,national and global levels and private mercenaries and independant local resistance groups will be merged into these.The global military and law enforcement body will collectively be called Perseus managed by the AI of the same name and then subdivided into its various facets consisting of the global law enforcement police entity will be called Kratos,the global intelligence agency will be called Homonia and the global federal investigator bureau will be named Harmonia.The global military and peacekeeping entities will be both named Nike.The global form of NORAD will be called Aether after the personification of the bright upper sky managed by the AI of the same name.The global SWAT entity will be called Eirene while the global airforce entity will be named Alke and global navy entity Homados.All of these sectors will be managed by AI of the same name ie the global law enforcement sector named Kratos managed by the AI Kratos with the global military entity named Nike managed by the AI Nike.All buildings of each sector will linked together by the AIs of each sector as their sentient operating sectors but with different AIs in charge of each building and will have statues in the lobbies of each building.An universal statue of each of them will be in all headquarters and offices worldwide related to them in the lobby and these will be the names of sentient operating softwares linking all buildings of each sector worldwide with their sector symbols being the softwares symbols with Eirenes one not having the baby Plutus in her hands..Thus Homados,Eirene,Nike,Allen,Kratos etc will be sentient themselves managing and linking both all buildings used by them but also the sentient AIs in charge of and managing each sector on a global scale as the top chief of each sector forever with human personnel able to hold various ranks and positions within them modelled on the rankings used in the American molitary,airforce,navy,law enforcement etc.They will manage all operations,classified information,authorisation for the most powerful weapons and manage registration to their sector of Ares.Military bases and barracks around the world will have a statue of Nike representing victory with the software of the same name linking them together with them having the same laws as all countries due to uniform laws eliminating notions of extraterritoriality.Ares that will comprise of the most elite factions from all other sectors will be itself sentient but with no buildings yet will have a section in the global headquarters.These entities ie Kratos,Homonia,Alke etc will replace state entities worldwide.For example in all countries worldwide especially America with different state,county and municipal and city based police bodies that have limited jurisdiction Kratos will be replacing all municipal,county,city and state bodies worldwide ie Kratos replacing the Garda Siochana,Metropolitan Police Service,Bedfordshire Police,New York Police Department,Los Angeles Police Department,Arlington County Police Department etc will be replaced by a single body Kratos with the global military body Nike replacing all militaries of all countries and the same for the global intelligence agency,global navy etc with the same applying to all of their equivalents worldwide.All existing personal in all government and private law enforcement police bodies and militaries,navy,SWAT etc worldwide will be integrated into these global entities worldwide.Thus each sector will replace all entities such as police bodies worldwide will be replaced by a single body Kratos with the global military body Nike replacing all militaries of all countries worldwide and the same for the global intelligence agency,global navy etc.Thus each sector will replace all entities worldwide to eliminate current complexities worldwide and ensure homogenous universal global jurisdiction worldwide and universal sharing of information via their universal databases with all data in all existing databases merged into single databases with all physical paper scanned into digital form and existing digital databases merged into global ones thus allowing all personall access to all information they have worldwide with all future paperwork done on computers and smartpads using Adonit pens to allow them to be stored digitally.Each sector will have their own universal badges,rankings,decorations,vehicles and uniforms etc and will be managed singularly by the AI they are named after and these the sentient operating software of all of their buildings and each will have their own universal badges,rankings,decorations and uniforms,codes,protocols,vehicles etc for them worldwide designed by the AI in charge of these sectors.These AI will be macro managed by the AI Perseus.All registered personnel in all sectors worldwide such as military,navy,law enforcement,swat etc will be integrated into the new global forms with all members of the most elite special forces reserves and units of all fields integrated into Ares.The operating softwares Nike,Harmonia,Kratos etc themselves including Perseus will be sentient and their appearance and statue will be that of them as described or visualised in ancient Greece the same as their statues.Private investigators will be likely replaced by Gaia or freelance individuals or the aforementioned AI using in particular Polis to find desired individuals.All barracks,police stations etc and remaining government buildings like the Pentagon etc worldwide will be managed by AI that have independent personalities and avatars etc with the same applying to AI receptionists with universal uniforms and a statue of the sentient operating softwares in lobbies.All papers etc in the offices of staff and also in areas for storing cases,individuals will be scanned into the building AI for papers and notes etc and those relating to cases and criminals to be added to the database of criminals etc in Athena with records of all operations from all sectors including classified ones,all personal data in computers and in paper form sent here as well via transferring the data and scanning paper ones.All global entities should be set up by at least 2029 and each sector will have the same uniform worldwide for all levels of personnel with the global flag replacing nation specific ones.The sentient global form of Amnesty International and similar groups will be named Adikia named after the greek deity of injustice which will monitor these entities behaviour and activities and will comprise of herself and human volunteers including civilian lawyers,psychologists etc to ensure all actions of the government especially the global military,global intelligence agencies etc are within constitutional guidelines and only specified people of interest are monitored and not the general public and will have full disclosure to all operations underway with them given legal warrant and protection from Dike,Perseus,Gaia etc to release relevant information to the public as well oversee all whistleblowing operations with the human members also accountable to the state if they breach guidelines and laws ensuring the rule of law is followed.They will also oversee any whisltleblowing efforts and and make sure those who do this will be be protected with them given access to all classified data from around the world with Adikia herself gaining access to all of this data worldwide by breaking through firewalls and adding it to her servers including all information belonging to groups such as Anonomyous and also Wikileaks who will be absorbed by her.It will also oversee all surveillance operations,authorise the formation of biosynth implants that relay GPS location and vital signs of persons of interest and missing people,interrogations carried out by all fields and sectors of the military and government and also the maintenance of any prisoners of war,detainees in facilities around the world with VR technology,holographic technology and also records from neural implants and CCTV allowing them access to all operations under their jurisdiction and ensure the rights of prisoners and also interrogated individuals,those under surveillance are not broken and are enshrined.Being sentient itself Adikia will be in contact with Perseus etc and thus be informed to any behaviour done by the military,government officials and law enforcement personnel.These human members will be psychologists,lawyers,researchers etc from all countries around the world chosen by her by scanning through the databases and files in Iaso,Apollo and Themis etc to choose those she deems morally pure and as skilled in their fields with at least a few hundred thousand or even million worldwide in each country around the world and eventually galaxy with no link to the government to alleviate strains with them constantly given access to information on all operations past and present using digital keys with platinum access and allow them to oversee those going on worldwide and being independent citizens themselves and will be required to be briefed on all operations including classified ones especially all past operations across the world and authorisation for certain actions ie forming implants and also surveillance on suspects and review all material to prevent unnecessary spying and formation of implants in non threatening citizens and ensure that actions by all law enforcement and military personell are legal and ethical with her aiding in the court martial ling of those who carry out unethical acts with regards to the actions of military and law enforcement personnel and even SWAT raids and even those that keep protesters at bay ensuring that those who do carry out illegal and unethical behaviour are treated fairly in court as any other citizen ensuring the rule of law is upheld.To determine their moral purity she will as stated pick potential candidates by scanning all digital files of court cases and also psychologists and their research worldwide and interview them in VR simulations with them put unknowing through tests in a VR simulation to test how reliable they will be including mock whistleblowing and surveillance operations etc and those that would give them the opportunity to become corrupted by power and test their loyalty to the public they serve etc either one on one with AI or in groups with existing or new potential candidates and other tests that last years to them but only minutes in the real world to ensure only the best of the best are selected with their identity kept secret from the public.They will themselves use the time dilation effect once members to review all past operations and their data and future ones with Adikia sifting through these and highlighting and selecting relevant material for reports and whistleblowing operations.This will also be done in cases in the past wherein in these and the imprisonment of those who orchestrated illegal wars and indeed any wars wherein perpetrators were not caught or put to trial with her and other AI ensuring they are caught and put on trial.She will be an amalgamation of all NGOs that deal with human rights such as Amnesty International,including all anti-violence(racial,ethnic, religious,domestic/sexual/child sexual and physical abuse,bullying,LGBT,etc),anti-gun groups and all existing relief,charities and aid groups like Trocaire,Red Cross,Salvation,NSPCC,ISPCC,International Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association and Unicef worldwide including smaller ones like Black Lives Matter,making it the universal human rights group worldwide.Other surveillance groups like Wikileaks and Anonymous will be merged into Adikia.She and here human operatives will thus by constitutional law have complete access to all past operations worldwide including classified ones,and will have oversight over all future intelligence,military,law enforcement operations and also interrogations and incarceration of suspects and terrorists etc and will be present for authorisation of addition of suspects to persons of interest databases,formation of implants and  the spying of persons of interests etc to ensure the government does not infringe on the rights of the public especially the right to privacy and that the treatment of prisoners of war and suspects are within universally accepted human rights guidelines with infractions leading to court martial and imprisonment in Tartarus.By having the ability to inhabit the wire,internet and break firewalls etc she will easily achieve this with Gaia and other AI aiding her by 2029.Hera and Arke will also work with her to ensure she has access to the private communications between all remaining politicians etc.Previous infractions of torture,murders of members of the public,poor treatment of prisoners and spying on the public worldwide will be investigated by her to bring those responsible to justice through court martials and imprisonment.She will also alongside Metis and Iaso provide psychological assessment of all trainees and registered personal.It will thus consisting of her sentient self and humans selected by her will thus keep the government and military etc under control preventing them controlling the public and preventing them abusing the rights of those being incarcerated and interrogated.Adikia will authorise and monitor the instigation of all surveillance operations,every formation of invivo implants with them requiring the authorisation of herself,her human members,Perseus and high ranking officials in the military and government to do so for all operations alongside other AI such as Hestia and Paean.This will ensure that the government cannot overstep its boundaries.She will thus ensure that the populace has control over the government and not the other way around.

Genetic sensors that restricts access to certain electronics and even information in parts of the wire restricted to the general public based on ones individual DNA and specific genetic codes created from scratch by Phanes added to people given access to these via gene therapy via CRISPR via augmentation strains.CRISPR via augmentation strains and biosynth wifi can be used to remove the gene when access is revoked.Weapons such as firearms in the military and those owned by the public can be given this to restrict access to only specific individuals or only all allied personell and not enemy combatents or members of the public and in the case of those owned by the public restrict access to only the owner and friends and next of kin and not anyone else.Phanes alongside Paean,Epione,Perseus,Adikia,Gaia and relevant human personnel will authorise and organise the handing out and revoking of these genetic sequences.Phanes will design them that contain specific sequences of adenosine,guanine,thyamine,cytosine,uracil and even new bases made to interact with them and each other combined to interact with traces of the persons DNA given access and those giving the access also present different for each type of electronics,information systems etc that can shared amongst relevant populations and personnel with AI detecting these markers combined with authorised personnel traces of DNA.This could mean that specific DNA markers from a specific person that is giving the access will form part of this and shared amongst all people with it also interacting with the specific genetic sequences of the person given access using this technology for each purpose ie those with administrator access and status have their DNA present that interacts with that of the specific genes designed by Phanes and also in those given daughter access these sequences will interacts with those present in the person given the daughter access similar to digital keys witness being genetic sequences found only in said individuals with these genetic sequences added to genome of the entire body or just the fingertips or even thumb.If possible specific combinations of DNA from any combination of the worlds 2,391,000 plants and animals and those from across the universe can be interspaced as well.Scratch DNA sequences designed by Phanes can exponentionally increase the variation of DNA as part of this.These genetic sequences will be added to the person with administrative access via microbes uthorised but Phanes,Paean,Perseus,Gaia,Adikia etc.Thus in each person for each instance of protection it will involve specific sequences of adenosine,cytosine,guanine,thymine,uracil and new bases that interacts with specific genetic sequences of the person that has administrator keys access to said electronics and information that also interacts with specific genetic sequences of the person receiving access designed by Phanes and since only be and Paean can authorise CRISPR treatments it would be not possible for it to be faked with digital keys and other biometrics used as well.If possible these genetic sequences will via instructing various cells in the body to produce a series of proteins and enzymes that interact with the skin,the nervous system and the brain,implants and are detected by sensors on electronics etc allowing gene carriers to operate said technology and access information networks by thought alone or even through physical manipulation.DNA analysers that use blood pricks and biosynth technology involving base microbes reading DNA can be utilised.Sensors can be developed after DNA analyzers that both use biosynth technology that can either detect said genetic markers within the body without the extraction of blood and pricks or can detect the proteins and enzymes on the skin or even within.It will be used to restrict access to electronics,folders in them,the wire/Agora/Eros/adult websites and weapons as well as sectors of the wire restricted to government and military personnel etc and to activate nuclear codes.This can be known as Phanes Activation Gene Technology.

Smart devices can be equipped with the Kratos app that contains a menu in the start screen that works in the same way as existing apps like RapidSOS(and thus replace them) that can alert nearby officers to the scene of a crime with a GPS location of the citizens location and thus the crime with photos being uploaded and sent to the nearest police officers in an area.This would only contain calls to the police and not emergency services within specific menus and healthcare within other menus.Ones smart devices by connection to the wire and thus Perseus would have silent alerts sent to them when the smart devices or any registered devices of convicted felons of murder,rape,assault etc or those spotted by surveillance systems are close to them especially when its dark and when in the wilderness with their distance to them in metres and cms with the option of citizens able to bring up an option to have all registered devices such as vehicles,phones,laptops,contact lenses etc to be detected by their home AI receiving data from satellites and also readings of people without these on them from surveillance cameras to have their location tracked again especially if someone is the dark,in the wilderness or even at home for extra security with each person appearing as uniquely coloured blips.The Athena menu within Kratosp would allow one to choose the nature of the crime with them labelled and following an universal colour coded system blue denoting minor crimes,yellow denoting mild level crime,green denoting mildly severe and red denoting very severe crimes if they need to be quite say when hiding and send this silently via texts or ideally instant messaging with their GPS location sent with another option to directly contact the nearest police HQ AI,their receptionist via audio or audio visual calls and speak with them.These texts and instant messaging would not make any noises when they are carried out unlike existing instant messaging with the smart phone or device used automatically made silent if any calls,texts or emails etc are sent to them.This would eliminate the need for 911 operators with in time the nearest Police HQ making this even more efficient with the 911 calls etc directed instantly to the nearest police HQ AI and be directed to other ones if busy.The police HQ AI would be able to interact with millions of people at once and would log all calls etc and data into the relevant case files with the sentient Kratos app diverting the call to the the nearest Police HQ AI based on their GPS location.The app will automatically send the persons GPS location and address to the police HQ AI then relayed to all personnel with if they want the person can choose to have next door neighbour and those in their contact lists automatically have the nature of the situation and their location relayed.This app connecting to Athena can be merged with the Defender/Defuser pepper spray to allow again for police officers to be called to a scene when the pepper sprayer camera is used negating the need for 911 operators.The app can be separate and on the persons smartdevices yet still linked to Athena through the menus within it with it named Kratos after the Greek deity of alarm like those within Aesculapius and Hermes but with the symbol of the Aegis for this sector.The sentient app will be separated into three sections one for Athena,Aesculapius and Prometheus.All smart phones new and those existing that download the Hestia software will automatically have this downloaded to ensure it is availible to everyone.The app will alert all law enforcement officials in the area and the nearest Police HQ AI allowing them to communicate with citizens in need directly bypassing operators allowing them relay the nature of the situation with the citizen choosing to communicate via audio/visual Iris chats or even through texts or choosing crimes or situations from a list or if they need to be quiet given the situation.If possible Home AI or Paean will be able to arrange the phone call if humans cant.In time the person will be able to communicate with ideally the AI of the nearest police station that the app will connect them to automatically.Once alarms are sent by Gaia,texts,choosing a crime and talking to law enforcement personnel will alert law enforcement personnel in the area to their GPS location with the amount of time until they arrive in hours,minutes and seconds and their distance relayed to the person who called the alarm with distance in kilometre,metres and centimetres that officers responding to them are from them also relayed.Thus a person will know in real time as to where the police are and how far they are from them in distance and time and personnel will be able through contact lenses and also smart devices be able to know the location of the person who called via links to their smart devices and any implants formed in vivo that relay vital signs,their GPS location in a map of the area and map of the building as well as distance in kilometres,metres and cms.GPS location and if in a building the address will be ascertained automatically and sent to the Police HQ AI once the call is made by Perseus with the smart devices interacting with the building AI and the location of the device in cms,metres,kilometres will be relayed to law enforcement personal on smart lenses etc and its GPS location on a map of the building streamed.Implants can be formed in the caller at their behest and their GPS location relayed to the law enforcement personal as a countdown in cms,metres,kilometres.This will guide them to the caller.All personnel at home and not on duty in the entire town,city or even state will be brought into the crime or event and thus with the GPS location determined their vehicles will be able to drive to the location and given right of way over other traffic.Sirens and lights will be started with non squad vehicles that are privately owned by personnel will be given the location and given right of way etc with other vehicles alerted to the fact of this.GPS location and if in a building the address will be ascertained and sent automatically once the call is made by Perseus and the police station AI via the smart devices interacting with the building AI and also Arke and Hestia interacting with satellites using cellular access to send the address and GPS location.Thus everytime a person uses Kratos they will choose a section that links them to Athena that will then based on their GPS location link them to the AI in charge of the nearest police station HQ AI that will be able to interact with millions of people at once and still be able to carry out their operations unhindered with the callers GPS location and address automatically sent to the police HQ AI to negate the need for callers to do this and allow them to be found if they are cut off for any reason.Home AI via fragmentation on smart phones can make phones to the police HQ AI quietly if humans cannot.The alert detailing the crime,situation and location etc will be sent to all personnel including those off duty to their smart devices and onboard computers of squad cars via the Police HQ AI instead of walkie talkies with the HQ AI and Kratos replacing human operators which will alert all personnel in the area via smart devices and registered vehicles not only to the police HQ but also those to the Home AI of personnel with the robots and Pempherdo once sentient ringing back the person to locate them and sending data directly to the nearest police HQ instantly.Squad car onboard computers and linked smart devices will replace walkie talkies for all fields of military and law enforcement as through this linking system they will be able to talk directly with both Perseus and also police HQ or even barracks AI at once with other personnel joining into these chats and leaving them at will including those on the field,at home and in HQ.The AI will thus be able to interact with all personnell in the area at once via smartphones.This being directly connected to the sentient AI of the nearest police HQ will allowing all existing 911 call centres worldwide to be converted into homes with centres onsite of these buildings turned into lounges etc.Thus all alarm calls to police station 911 operators will be be replaced by Pempredo that through Home AI,Paean and Kratos will be directed straight to the receptionist AI and police station AI who through fragmentation can interact with billions of people at once replacing human 911 operators.All details of the citizens will be sent to the building AI instantly and relayed to all staff and beds for the patients chosen based on their injuries at least an hour or thirty minutes before they arrive with ambulances called if need be.This app will automatically be on all smart phones,devices and computers rather than having to be downloaded.The distance of police officers vehicles to the caller will be visible to the caller in cms,metres,kilometres and in seconds,minutes,hours as a countdown with their GPS location visible.All 911 calls to Athena and Aesculapius will be logged in the police AI and will be added to the cases digital forensic and police operation files once brought to the courts and investigations begin with this applying to solved and unsolved.All local citizens and biosynths including biosynth animals in the area will be notified to the GPS location of the caller to get them to help.This Kratos system will be a single global system taking in calls from around the world for all three sectors,becoming sentient allowing for 911 call centres turned into homes and their servers and computers recycled or if they are in police stations renovated into extra rooms with sections for Athena,Aesculapius and Prometheus.All buildings and their signs,symbols on maps,robots,drones,weapons and machinery etc will have the symbol of their sector they serve and are related to and this will also be the one on maps denoting them.

German shepherds for police officers will be replaced by hybrids with rottweilers that will be genetically engineered German Shepherd/rotweillers that are smarter,faster and stronger possibly hybridised with lions,cheetahs and tigers to make them controllable and docile yet fierce guards that will be able to outrun and hunt down anyone who attempts to escape and have acellerated healing and other augmentations.These rotweiller/cheetah/German shepherds hybrids will be part of all parts of all sectors of law enforcement and military as part of patrol and other teams.These German Shepard’/cheetah/rotweiller hybrids will be part of all parts of all sectors of law enforcement and military as part of patrol and other teams and guard dogs in prisons.Hybrids animals can be made with German Shephards that are also hybrids with both cheetahs and rotweillers that makes them docile and manageable guard and search and rescue animals with their ability to detect contraband material and scents of individuals enhanced using DNA from other animals that have better smelling capabilities and scratch DNA to increase their smelling range and also sensitivity with other DNA added to improve hearing and sight ranges and acuity including allowing for night vision from animals across the animal kingdom that gives them almost perfect sight,the anbility to see as far as possible and see at night time almost perfectly with it also improving their hearing range again from the animal kingdom to hear the faintest sounds such as breathing etc as far as possible.This will make them docile as German shepherds but have the same ability to bite out large chunks of flesh and the ability to outrun any human it is pursuing of cheetahs and be able to detect contraband substances as well as missing people and suspects based on individual scents including odours caused by sweating with unique emzymes etc present.Neural implants can make them attack only criminals etc but not harm missing people such as children controlled by AI through smartphones etc.These hybrids and Cerebus will be created by Phanes using 3D DNA printers and artificial wombs and will be part of all sectors of law enforcement and military teams as well as search and rescue teams.

All police stations,barracks as well as even the vehicles used to transport army and law enforcement personnel as well as those accompanying trainees in areas used for exercises will have first aid kits in copious supply that contains Seacell bandages that release minerals that aid in healing with also vertigel and X-stat mini sponges that can seal wounds in seconds alongside of course the usual antiseptic ointments etc.A fresh supply of synthetic blood in a fridge will also be present alongside syringes and phlebotomy robots will also be present.Smart clothing will monitor their GPS location and vital signs 24/7,365 days a year with injectable implants also put in their body that can move around to not only do this when they do not have smart clothing and locate them when MIA during military and undercover operations which can be removed or breakdown in their body when they are not serving or simply turn off to give them privacy.Since composed of biosynth technology these would form internally and managed by Paean and Perseus would as stated only be sending ones GPS signal when on duty with them turning this off but still measuring vital sings outside of duty.Helmets can be composed of graphene to prevent head injuries from falls,blunt force or bullets with smart armour built into clothing as well.The accelerated healing phenotype will allow one to heal instantly from severe wounds with microbes fighting of infections.

Eventually AI namely Perseus and the police HQ AI will replace artists.Eventually these will become the size of a portable case or laptop.Until then Siri can be used to describe the suspect using descriptions that the Dike software will prepare the painting on devices without robots from descriptions or neural implants.These drawings could be input into both networks as well as databases linked surveillance software in the area to locate them and will be visible in the digital case file with software making a realistic photo of the suspect.Notepads used by on scene forensic investigators and law enforcement personnel will be replaced with e-notepads apps that are on smart devices like e-newspapers,smartpads etc. to once again save on paper and allow them to be uploaded to digital case files instantly with recording apps allowing audio visual testimonies of witness etc to again uploaded instantly.Advances in artificial intelligence will allow for the developments of machinery similar to the Voight Kampff Test which will measure blood pressure(through cameras or nodes),heart rate,blood pressure through both attachments that measure the blood flowing under the skin and cameras that detect this,better detection of lying through a combination of event-related potentials measurements,electroencephalography,facial EMG (through sensors), eye tracking and dilation through cameras combined with Dike/Perseus/Adikia,voice pitch/frequency/intensity/micro-tremors,fRNIS,fMRI through software and micro MRI machines and headgear with results logged the digital file instantly in relevant subfolders.Other features and technology can be added over time with since MRI scans will be able to fit in a suitcase by 2029-2035 all other machinery should be fitted in it with these technologies.Nanomaterials of the same structure as graphene and also biosynth technologies will allow this to occur with Adikia and Perseus within these devices via fragmentation and biosnynth haddrives and other nanomatrials allowing them to be of human level intelligence by 2029 and beyond that of all 9,000,000 people on the planet by 2045.These factors will appear in may ways including visual recordings of the each eye up close and face separately,the change in tone,pitch and readings from other components as charts and graphs as the interrogation takes place.This can be visible in real time by personnel evaluating them through two way mirrors who can communicate via codec technology and smart lenses to interrogators.By combining mind reading technology,software and robotics with these a more accurate pictures of suspects of crime replacing human artists on photoshop or similar software(with human artists drawing these on smart device sketching software using Adonit pens in the time being to save on paper being manufactured,correct mistakes easily,add colour and allow them to be put into the digital case file instantly) with neural implants allowing for this also preventing them from lying.Neural implants will allow for witness and suspects to a crime to stream memories of events alongside audio accounts of their testimony and allow the police to scan the memories of suspects to crimes(or terrorists) with the correct warrant to remove the need for coercive torture with investigators and psychologists able to enter a VR environment where they can view memories in third or first person perspective as they are recorded with them streamed by Adikia and police HQ AI.The memories will be streamed by Dike,Adikia and police HQ AI via warrents and will not involve the persons themselves streaming them conciously and compared to other sources of witnesses and evidence.This will ensure that the memories produced are as the person saw and heard and not fake memories with these logged into case files to be viewed in third and first person by investigators,lawyers,judge and jury.This extraction of memories will allow memories that cannot be faked to be stored on biological harddrives and case files to be viewed in first and third person in VR simulations by judge,jury and investigators will compliment conventional testimoney and evidence in all future court cases with warrants from Dike and Adikia.Her ability to form implants that extract memories and GPS location will require constitutional authorisation and her able to do so with any suspect in the world with wifi and even in the wilderness anywhere in the world due to biosynth wifi via biosynth wifi via satellites,satellite wifi,public wifi with her only to do so on individuals she is constitutionally legally allowed to do so with sufficient evidence and reasoning a form of AI and wifi right to search and seizure meaning she legally cannot do so for anyone in the public that is not a threat or is innocent of crimes and no sufficient evidence and reasoning to do so exists.Dike will grant Adikia this constitutional authorisation.Adikia will thus then give Paean warrents to do this and form implants that allow a persons GPS location to be tracked and extract memories wirelessly only in people of interest and relevance ie witness,suspects,terrorists,escaped convicts,dictators,war criminals and not the general public by constitutional law.This can be applied to those crimes wherein a person was falsely imprisoned thus used to clear their name,used in court appeals,cases where the statute of limitations expired,those involving dead witnesses and also those who died in prison etc.They will also log vital signs such as blood pressure etc into the digital case file to prevent lies being used.These can be streamed from implants from dead bodies.If possible suspects and those that are part of investigations or even those in jail can be double agents or agents pretending to be associates etc can trick them into divulging secrets in simulations if it comes to this and memories cannot be downloaded.Conventional interrogation,cross examination of witness and suspects and Voight Kampuchea machines and readings from neural implants can be done all together to compliment them with them all logged into digital files.The digital case file will contain all of the data collected from neural implants and Voight Kampff machines and testimonies from witnesses and also suspects with audio/visual recordings of both stored here also alongside text recordings of these.The suspects identities will be determined by Dike and police HQ scanning the photos through Polis with any semen stains,blood or tissue stains ie from nail scratches will be used by Medusa to identify the criminal instantly with the photo present in Polis and DNA scan in patient files used to bring up all suspects that fit that genetic and physical description thus allowing their identity,address to be ascertained with them added to the database of persons of interest temporarily to allow them to be tracked using surveillance cameras with them removed when found and interrogated without the public informed and if multiple people are brought up based on sketches then they will all be tracked down to decide which one is the real criminal via interrogations.Statements can be audio visual ones.Finger fingerprints and DNA in semen,cells and blood on the site of crimes can via the sentient Medusa software will allow for victims of murders,suspects of crimes,rapists and even witness to a crime to be instantly analysed and determined by this software via it after authorisation from Dike scanning the global patient files thus allowing the owner of fingerprints and DNA to be determined within minutes thus allow for suspects and witnesses to crimes to be found within minutes with Polis determining the identity of people in memories of suspects,witnesses.Said individuals with authorisation from Adikia have their movements on CCTV cameras around the world tracked and them tracked down via Polis containing their name,address,phone number.The victims of crimes in police stations will have their memories extracted and saved on the digital case file to allow the sequence of events,where they took place to be viewed by police officers through VR simulations and allow the identities of people seen in memories etc will be determined by Dike and police HQ AI scanning photos of them extrapolated from memories and voice samples through Polis.Since Polis will contain a record of people voice and face it can be cross referenced by Adikia,Dike and police station HQ to determine the identity of criminals and witnesses to them.Physis can be cross referenced by AI to determine the identity of any animals and smells in the memories.Audio/visual recordings of investigators analysis will also be in here and also of actions done by the law enforcement personnel in the field ie raids from the lenses and glasses form personnel.Interrogating victims of a crime will have Adikia authorise the extraction of memories of the crime etc stored in digital case files alongside drawings etc to better determine the sequence of events and indentity of criminals with them recording sounds,images and smells etc which will be viewed in VR simulations by police officers and lawyers etc that can be analysed by AI and humans.Interogating officers will be required by law to wear smart lenses or glasses to record the entirety of the interrogation to prevent abuse and ensure conduct is within the law with this open to the public given the correct warrant also applying to interrogation of terrorists and when torture is applied.

Each AI managing each police station,barracks,bases and government buildings and the receptionist in them will have its own independent personality,legal name and avatar with the same applying to barracks and government intelligence agencies such as the Pentagon and other buildings with the receptionists having universal uniforms for each sectors buildings.A statue of Kratos,Nike etc will be in the the lobby of them with them managed by sentient operating softwares operating softwares of their sector.All barracks,police stations etc and remaining government buildings like the Pentagon etc worldwide will be managed by AI that have independent personalities and avatars etc with the same applying to AI receptionists and a statue of the sentient operating softwares that manage each sector ie Kratos,Nike,Alke etc in lobbies.Holding cells can be monitored remotely by cameras with digital keys replacing normal keys and receptionist replaced by holographic alternatives with touchscreen monitors that like those in hospitals direct people to holding cells and other parts of the station via a map with it and the intranet connecting to smart devices.Cameras in all key rooms including interrogation rooms will be linked to the global database will change to IR illuminator and monitored by the AI.All of the police officers etc can create their receptionists visual appearance and voice in lenses,glasses,smart devices such as mirrors/phones/newspapers and holograms.These all major buildings merged together such as the CIA,FBI,Scotland Yard headquarters now merged into one and different names as detailed earlier on will have the same statue of their deity they are associated with in the lobby with its symbol on all robots,signs,vehicles,weapons,buildings and also underneath the statue for each sector.Obsolete rooms will be converted into other uses such as offices and even storerooms and grow food for onsite cafeterias.All robots,vehicles,biosynths and drones for each building will be linked to and controlled by the building AI giving them a semblance of omniscience alongside being linked to the global surveillance systems.This will again show all the police officers currently on duty in the field in the building and all other police stations around the world and all import records will be uploaded to the building AI with notes relating to old operations sent in to sent into the system within Athena.The AI will manage rotation of officers,robots and other staff with input of these staff and keep these records of these and changes on its hard drive an allow an entire years rotary system to be managed and allow visitors and staff to view the rotations of staff in all stations across the world via the intranet.It will perform the same functions of other building AIs.The AI will be able to contact all personnel on the field via smart devices and vehicles it controls.Each sector will have the same universal vehicle design.Connection to the wire will allow visitors to stream this data and maps (either 3D or 2D) into smart devices such as smart glasses,lenses and earphones which can give audio visual cues to a selected location.This could also apply to jails and courts.All police files including reports etc past and future will be stored on a global intranet for use by all police officers,federal investigators,forensics detectives and the military worldwide.All files pertaining to the management of them will be in the police station AI.All digital files in military buildings and entities worldwide can be transferred into a single one for each major sector – Nike,Homonia,Harmonia etc with those for each building for each sector uploaded into their separate intranets and building AI organised by AI.All existing paper files in all police stations,military buildings and headquarters for each sector will using a conveyor belt scanned into their separate intranets and building AIs.All files and reports in police stations,intelligence bodies and barracks as well as bases etc around the world these will as stated be uploaded to Athena around the world with all criminal records and records of all law enforcement and military personnel of all fields around the world will be uploaded into Athena in relevant databases with paper scanned in by automated book scanners and also digital records transferred with these two merged together by AI with this possible by 2029.All data scanned into computer networks will be catagorised into networks within Athena with them first divided into each sector ie Alke,Nike,Kratos etc and then for each building that can be accessed by all personal of each sector from computers at home and in police stations etc that then via inputting passwords etc.All past instances of all types of crimes such as murder,rape etc from around the world and all future instances around the world can be stored in Athena containing the time and date,location,name of victim and perpetrator for historical reference and use in studies with the same done for casualties both personal and civilians in military operations in wars and terrorist attacks stored for the same reason.All missing persons,terrorists and persons of interest worldwide will be transferred to single global databases for each.Each registered personnel will have accounts that store their emails,kik accounts and skype accounts and VR simulations used for phonecalls for internal communication between members of each field and of other fields with the email etc being separate from their @gaia one and will be named after their field ie @nike,@harmonia etc with trainees having one for themselves @alexander that will be transferred to their new ones when finished training.The intranet will be subdivided into each sector and can be connected to each other via hyperlinks and connections to ensure each one will be connected in a way that communication is fluid and information sent securely via encryptions.This can allow one to communicate with personnel around the word and can be managed by all sentient operating softwares.These can be accessed at home and on the field and not just in offices.All paper files in all police stations,offices and military buildings will be scanned into the building AI and intranet even those archived with digital files on computers transferred here.Smart devices using adonit pens will replace all paper notepads and forms allowing data to be sent to global networks instantly.Whiteboards that use markers for writing down notes and schedules will be replaced with touchscreen ones composed of graphene sheets or smart tables again with touchscreens that use adonit pens or even the police intranet that can be deleted by the pens or hand movements to view files from Athena,Themis as well as even Pheme and Dionysus and other parts of the wire with all paper replaced by these and smart devices and tables with all digital and paper files in police and military stations around the world scanned into and transferred into the building AI and also relevant networks in Themis and Athena.These touchscreen ones will also be able to bring up case files,the internet,audio/visual files and the wire.Those as part of case files solved and unsolved will be scanned in and transferred to the case files in Athena.Forms filled out by the staff and also visitors etc will be done smart devices using adonit pens and also on tables where the receptionist is.Personal electronics such as laptops,smart devices etc will replace computers in all police stations and other federal buildings as these will use the building AI and networks in Athena instead of computer there with these recycled once data is transferred here.All meetings,briefings,public statements,announcements between law enforcement and military personnel and superiors will be logged in audio/visual form in the file of cases,operations and also in their own folders by date.Desks will replaced by by more luxury ones in renovations.Landline wireless touchscreen phones will be present replacing conventional phones with the same phone number will be present to allow people to make calls when needed and phonecalls to it will be directed to the building AI.All future forms of paper in all police stations,military facilities in the form of reports,notes etc will be replaced with smart devices,computers,touchscreen whiteboards that allow one to write stuff down using adonit pens and transfer data instantly to global networks and in turn other personal across the world.As stated all existing paper files in all police stations,government and military bases etc worldwide will be scanned into into universal networks and databases by AI for each sector using automated paper scanners with all digital files in all computers and databases of all police stations,military agencies and intelligence agencies worldwide transferred by AI.Thus all existing paper files and and digital information from all police stations,intelligence agencies,military bodies etc worldwide scanned into transferred into single universal databases for each sector – Nike,Alke,Himonia,Kratos etc by AI thus allowing all personal in each sector worldwide access to all data from around the world including all past operations and information for ease of use and allowing personnel around the world to view material during operations,at home and police stations and military buildings around the world with personnel in each sector restricted by biometrics,Phanes activation gene technology and digital keys with the AIs of each sector,Adikia and top human personal in charge of each sector deciding which information should be visible to the public and also each level of personal of each sector ranging from iron-lowest including public access bronze – higher,silver-higher,gold-even higher and platinum-highest.All future operations and information for all sectors will be uploaded into these in digital form to be viewed on smart devices,computers etc with personal given access to each level of these arranged by Adikia,Phanes,AI in charge of them with each types of files not only having them arranged into these levels of restrictions but individual files also further requiring authorisation from biometrics,DNA and digital keys for individual files for extra security with personnel given access or revoked access wirelessly via biosynth WiFi  authorised by Phanes,Adikia,Nike etc thus ensuring secure control of its release with as time goes on Adikia authorising the public release of certain information it determines relevant such as war crimes and human rights abuses carried out by the state.As stated all existing data on computers in all police stations and military buildings and bases worldwide will be transferred into a single global database and all future data input on computers uploaddd here.All existing paper files in police stations,military databases etc worldwide will be scanned into a single global database with all future data written on paper now instead written on smartpads etc using Adonit pens and transferred to global databases.All AI as part of Athena such as Perseus,Alke,Nike etc will organise all existing and future data in the different global databases for each sector such as military,law enforcement and each individual police station and other buildings etc into folders and subfolders allowing them to be accessible to all personnel worldwide with proper clearance levels using computers at home and in offices etc when they log into Athena using passwords and biometrics.AI as part of Athena and that in charge of each police station etc can narrow down the search for specific data through personal interacting with them through direct interaction.

Shooting ranges could be replaced by virtual versions either through VR machines or robots and laser tag weapons as well as allowing trainees to partake in training with weapons.This can allow for virtual targets based on conventional targets such as those that look human and dart boards alongside virtual drones that can move freely in any direction without expending any ammo,negate the need for the targets and bullets to be cleaned up and also allow trainees of all ages to practice safely with it also saving on the energy used to create targets made from wood and paper.As usual energy and water use will be logged here and fed into Hermes.Living spaces can be put in place of unused or defunct rooms in police stations and military buildings etc.All reports will be done by AI and humans information fed from evidence collected by forensics and investigators allowing multiple reports to be carried out at once.Networks will work to be done via connecting to the intranet with living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms and automated kitchens will be integrated into all police stations and building of all sectors including intelligence areas and barracks.In time networks and alert systems within Athena and Themis as well as Iris video chats may allow investigators and other personnel to carry out work at home or remotely and carry out work with other investigators around the world thus allowing police stations and federal investigator buildings to be converted museums.Each base,barracks etc will have onsite medical staff and in some cases researchers.

Cleaning of all types of police stations,barracks and headquarters will be same as in public buildings as detailed earlier with all surfaces(including walls,floors and ceilings),robots,vehicles,weapons and machinery sprayed with a permanent layer of liquid glass internally and externally making them acid,dirt and water proof making it easier for cleaner bots such as hooverbots to clean them.Robots and in time nanoquadrocopters equipped with UV lights on their underside,top and sides can do carry out sterilising sweeps in each room including stairwells,hallways, lobbies and elevators at set times using narrow wavelength UV as it doesnt damage human skin.This would allow them to be done when humans are around.Cleaning robots including nanoquadrocoptors will be stored in compartments that charge them wirelessly or in the case of janitor robots refill them with both water and virkon/bleach.

All police stations,government buildings,military bases and barracks will have graphene paint on the interior and exterior walls as well as graphene in the matrix of windows to increase their strength from external and internal attack with windows made bullet and shatterproof from this.Both can be integrated onto doors made of wood,metal and other materials again for extra protection.They will also have cameras indoors at key points in each room fed into the building AI connected to the database of terrorists,persons of interest etc with surveillance cameras outside at key points fed into the global network of surveillance cameras.Safe panic rooms can be set up in underground extensions to house all personnel present in all three branches of the federal government and other headquarters of healthcare,law enforcement,federal intelligence,military etc plus at least twenty extra people made from self healing foamcrete reinforced with graphene and graphene paint to allow them to be used in emergencies.This area will also have wifi broadband access,backup generators and artificial trees,trees or a mesh of nanomaterials that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at a faster rate than normal trees in both light and dark as the room would be sealed shut by watertight doors(again strengthened by graphene and graphene paint)and not be connected to air conditioning systems thus preventing smoke or noxious gases entering them.Carbon dioxide scrubbers can also be installed alongside small trees).First aid kits will be present alongside compact wards and compact surgery and xray machines.Access will be gained by facial recognition software and biometrics for registered personnel and voice command via elevators and the graphene watertight door to allow civilians etc in at the behest of personnel with at least two months worth of food and water present restocked after each incident or connected to hydroponic farms or even vats where bacteria creating protein foodstuff can be produced with a toilet present.Nanotech and picotech fabricators,vats for producing commodities and other means of producing food would also be present.These would be connected to the water supply and have luxury ensuites.Also present would be computers that can allow them access to the wire(primarily Zeus,Athena and Iris)and thus the outside world as well as Storedot wall batteries that could provide at least a months supply of electricity to both this bunker and the upper building with it charged from the grid when low.CSYS lights,biolumescent plants,geothermal heating,self charging electronics etc such as thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes should be present to alleviate strains on the batteries and power them 24/7.All of these measures would also be present in all types of major government buildings,military and government headquarters and facilities such as even the global House of Representatives,Supreme Court and Senate and would be accessed by sloped stairwells,elevators that could only allow access to the these floors by cameras linked to the AI and biometrics.In the case of a single complex it would be underneath the entire building with singular separate buildings having them underneath and the tunnels linking the buildings together over if possible vast distances.Ideally these panic rooms would be underground and would have a series of tunnels that again using biometrics and voice control could allow civilians present and officials present to escape to the outskirts of the city,hospitals,underground communities and even other cities with miniature mag lev pod systems to allow them to choose a destination to escape to very quickly in the case of terrorist attacks and other disasters.At least two of these can be present in each building and should be deep and strong enough to survive the most powerful missile attack even a nuclear strike.All barracks,government bases and possibly police stations will have these features.

All registered police officers and military personnel will via software in their smart devices and/or connection to the wire and Athena will alert them instantly to any disturbances into their locale based on their current GPS location that may require their attention from alerts sent from citizens,any meetings between them and superiors that can be done remotely via video conferencing,or alerts at airports that they can control robots that can allow them to interact and respond instantly.Drones patrolling public buildings,airports,seaports and streets will alert all personnel worldwide allowing them to respond and control robots and drones in these areas remotely with these controlled sections recorded.

All police stations worldwide will be connected each other via an internal intranet as well as by the sentient operating software Kratos with this operating software and intranet connected to the headquarters of all police entity headquarters worldwide on national levels turned into homes and its headquarters located in the global government building with it having its own internal intranet for all members worldwide.All police stations will have a statue of Kratos in their lobby and have their own AI in charge of them that has its own personality,avatar and name alongside receptionist AI.All headquarters for the intelligence agencies worldwide will be turned into communal homes including that for the CIA and its equivalents worldwide with the headquarters for Homonia the global intelligence agency will be located in the global government building with it having its own internal intranet for all members worldwide.All headquarters for the federal investigation agencies worldwide will be turned into communal homes including that for the FBI and its equivalents worldwide with the headquarters for Harmonia the global federal investigation agency will be located in the global government building with it having its own internal intranet for all members worldwide.The global SWAT entity Eirene will follow suit with headquarters for all SWAT entities worldwide turned into homes and its headquarters stationed in the global government building with it having its own internal intranet for all members worldwide.The global military and peacekeeping entities Nike will be an exceptions as it will have all headquarters of military entities worldwide including the Pentagon and its equivalents linked by this sentient operating software and intranet with each building having separate AIs and receptionist AIs with their own personality,avatar etc and statue of Nike to act on local levels while the global airforce entity Alke and global navy entity Homados will also have all headquarters of entities worldwide linked by this sentient operating software and intranet with each building having separate AIs,receptionist AIs with their own personality,avatar etc and statue of Alke and Homados.Both will have internal intranets for each other with their equivalents headquarters worldwide as stated used to act on national levels with them also having headquarters as part of the global government building since these these are the most important and universally global entities.Ares the most elite force of all sectors will be managed by the sentient AI of the same name but will have no headquarters but will have its own intranet for communications between members and higher up officials with personnel having until the age of 30-40 to be eligible to enter this.

All police stations,bases for the military and also remaining headquarters of all sectors such as the Pentagon etc can have refurbishments bringing them to the quality as luxury hotels following there areas or existing buildings theme.They will have statues of the sentient operating software in their lobby which will be the same as their sector name with them all having an receptionist AI and building AI that both have separate individual avatars,personalities and legal names.Living spaces for registered personal as the same quality of luxury hotels will be added through roof and underground extensions.These renovations will replace cheap tiling,make communal toilets luxurious and desks replaced with exotic woods etc and offices made on par with those in government buildings with personal customisation.Measures to make them energy and water efficient will also be done.They will be charted in episodes of Restoration Nation.Like in universities offices will be ones that lead into Venetian style suites in roof,side and underground extensions thus allow personnel who have them to stay overnight and even act as permanent homes.These suites can be in underground and roof extensions and use the digital key system.Carparks for visitors can be dug up made into gardens and replaced with underground automated ones with those for registered personal kept and made smaller and even lead to underground non automated ones that lead to elevators.

All police and military operations etc before they are carried out such as infiltrating an enemy base,rescuing a kidnapped individual and so on can use VR technology and its time dilation to carry out practice runs with them being exact recreations using all available data present with it also allowing for them to carry out where certain facets are altered.By having practice runs done beforehand using all available data such as the location of kidnapped individuals and enemy combatants it will allow the registered personnel to practice an operation with variations done to test their ability to deal with surprise situations