Global Legal System

Global Legal System:
All existing lawyers will be registered to the state listed in Themis with them and all future registered lawyers registered to practice worldwide.The formation of a global government will mean that all town,villages,cities,states,counties,countries world adopting the same uniform laws as laid down in the global constitution and those set by mandatory referendum thus eliminating complexities with regards to each country,state,city etc being able to set their own laws.

With the formation of a singular global government there will need to be the creation of a global law system with lawyers and judges registered to practice their field of law everywhere across the globe but also being capable of being disbarred from practising worldwide in the case of malpractice.They will also have an unique law registry code alongside their patient ID which registers them to their assigned area of practice in the same symbol and alphanumerical system as law enforcement official.This formation of a global decentralised government will also mean the formation of a singular courts and legal system meaning that they must all adopt the same laws and operations.This means that there must a single unanimous,consistent consensus on social issues such as age of consent,abortion,LGBT rights,death penalty(and if so what type used),paternity testing measures,medical practices,euthanasia and legality of firearms(to which there must also be the same steps for registration) and recreational drugs being set worldwide and jail systems etc.The severity of breaking laws and committing crimes such as possession of contraband materials,age of consent laws,murders,rapes,assault etc.will have sentences handed based on the severity of the crime,its affect on the victim and individual circumstances of the case with the complete abolishing of mandatory minimums worldwide with cases shown to have no effect psychological or otherwise then the case should be disregarded with no convictions and no exceptions made to this rule made.This also relates to whether cases are broadcast live.Also their must be global regulatory bodies/government agencies for example global forms of the FDA,EPA,Homeland security,NORAD and any remaining relevant agencies to ensure homogeneous global maintenance of infrastructure and the law.Also included in this will be global medical boards,legal boards,police boards,navel & military boards/organisation with branches enforcing these laws and registries in nations,states and locales.This means a merging of federal police and investigatory bodies such as Scotland Yard,FBI,CIA,M16,state police bodies etc. and military bodies such as NATO,NORAD etc. with of course each body given access to information that would be classified to certain level of bodies i.e. FBI,CIA agents and members of their equivalents worldwide would contain access to the same classified digital files that would be restricted to the general public and lower bodies of the police/military based on a colour coded clearance system(iron- lowest access for the general public and all officers,bronze – higher,silver-higher,gold-even higher and platinum-highest with each members ID code when input into the intranet(or through biometrics/facial recognition and badges))giving them access to that level of information granted by superiors with software and cyber security blocking access to others with lower level access).This will ensure that only set decided people will have access to classified information which can be revoked by superiors and that all information is filed correctly according to level of importance.

With regards to court cases each citizen who appears in court will applied their own unique court ID code alongside their medical ID number.If convicted the individual will keep that number as their criminal ID but it will remain a court ID if not found guilty.All court cases will be recorded and stored in digital files of the defendant ,lawyers involved(defense and prosecution)and the judges that preside over them and names of jury members with other data such as the court it took place (including its address)and dates logged as well.They will be livestreamed within their case file within Themis divided by days and logged here with both the livestream and the digital case file visible to the public.There will be a cloud network containing the files of all lawyers,judges,people who appear in court and convicted(as stated earlier there file will exist for defendants even if not convicted with conviction cases added to it if they are convicted in another case)as well as a network containing all of the files all court proceedings worldwide and associated files for use in e-discovery.Any letters or forms to potential jury members will be sent via e-mail or forms to their Theims account with the same procedures for jury selection and operations in all types of courts worldwide.Thus a person can accept or decline jury duty for cases in their local with Themis choosing by randomisation the names of people in that region or even country until a sufficient amount of people accept.Details of the case,the time it takes places and expected length and address of the court etc will be in these alerts.
There will be a single unanimous consensus of the defintions and labelling of crimes of all types ie murder(first,second and third degree murder),manslaughter etc and also new crimes that arise with the defintions of these set in the .

Hades & Tarturas:
All maximum security and supermax prisons will be turned into homes and as detailed earlier will be replaced with single ones named Hades and Tartarus respectively managed by the AIs Hades and Tartarus(whose avatar would be as described in classical literature) with this located in at first in the Antarctic,deep underwater etc and then eventually outer space in a space station,ring world or Hell class planet where escape would mean certain death and impossible to escape and impossible for anyone to break into or out from with all maximum and super maximum security prisons wirldwide turned into communal homes and them replaced by Hades and Tarturas with the sentient operating software Nemesis managing and linking these and all remaining low security prisons.Inmates will have immunities to the conditions of the Antarctic,the ocean deep,outer space etc removed in order to ensure attempts at escape would be futile and thus lead to death and transferred to each new iteration of it.The words:“Lasciate ogne speranza,voi ch’entrate” inscribed on the wall of the entrance of Taraturas in all iterations operated by the sentient operating software of the same name AI Tartarus(whose avatar would be as described in classical literature) and a statue of him present with all current prisoners in all supermax prisons around the world guilty of crimes worthy of it transferred there and these supermax prisons turned into communal homes.Each section of Tartarus in all incarnations would be first divided by the nine circles of Hell from Dante Alighieris Inferno and then sections named after each mortal,monster,titan that was banished there by the Olympians: Typhon,Sisyphus,Ixion,Tantulus,King Salmoneus,The giant Tityos.Otus and Ephialtes,Ocnus,Phlegyas etc.Hades in all incarnations would be first divided by the nine circles of Hell from Dante Alighieris Inferno and then sections named after each personified river and also deities that reside their Styx,Phlegethon,Lethe,Acheron,Cocytus,Hecate,Melinoë,Eurynomos,Ascalaphus.Each circle of both will be micro managed by AI of the same name that will carry out punishments alongside Hades and Tarturas and also manage the transfer of inmates from each section and each prison with although each circle housing inmates guilty of all crimes the intensity of punishments will be different in each circle with the top circles ie 1,2,3 etc will be much lighter for less severe instances of all crimes than the lower circles 7,8,9 which will have much more severe punishments for more severe instances of each crime in all iterations including Hell class ones and those in parallel dimensions with each inmate allotted a different circle for each instance of each crime they committed thus they intensity of punishments of each instance of each crime will be different for each inmate.Inmates charged for different severity of each and the same crime will be transferred to different circles by the AI in charge.The AI in charge of each circle will monitor and micro manage each section and carry out punishments for each inmate alongside Hades and Tarturas.Hades and Tarturas will macro manage their respective prisons and be the chief dispensers of punishments and torture with the AI in charge of each ones different circles being underlings that carry out extra specific ironic punishments based on the severity of each criminals crimes with they themselves having their set of underlings named from scratch,from world mythology namely underworld deities,creatures and that from Abrahamic religions namely demonic deities and monsters as well as movies,television shows and video games etc that in turn carry out their own specific unique punishments under direction from Hades and Tarturas.Each AI in both prisons will carry out specific punishments individually or collectively.Furthermore alongside Hades having Cerebus,Tarturas having Campe they,Alecto,Tisiphone,Megara and all of their underlings will have their own fleets of monsters from scratch and from mythology to act as pets as well as guards preventing inmates escaping and people aiding in their escaping and use as carrying out torture with them being both biosynths and genetically engineered animals created Phanes.Fragmentation will allow each AI to attended to all inmates for both supervising them and application of punishments.The naming and allotment of circles will be figurative,symbolic and also literal.All of them especially Hades and Tarturas will be experts on all methods of torture from across the universe from all sentient races and not just human history alongside torture methods from all movies,television and video games,mythology etc and those they create from scratch which will be used in both prisons.All incarnations Tartarus and Hades will be designed by the sentient Daedalus alongside Tartarus and Hades with all inmates of these have biosynth implants that constantly relay GPS location and vital signs,create natural or synthetic sedatives if they escape and also be able to move around to make it difficult to be removed by human surgeons with Paean and other unable to remove them with if the person escape them and microbes removing accelerated healing and other augmentations and allow them to release fatal poisons or damage vital organs if attempts are made to remove them.Alecto,Megara and Tisiphone will through fragmentation in biosynth bodies will guard all prisons worldwide even Hades and Tartarus.Hades will also guarded by a biosynthetic or genetically engineered large Cerebus that fed in vitro meat etc and genetically engineered German Shepards that are smarter,faster and stronger possibly hybridised with lions,cheetahs and tigers to make them controllable and docile yet fierce guards that will be able to outrun and hunt down anyone who attempts to escape and have acellerated healing.Tartarus will also be guarded by a biosynthetic or genetically engineered creature modelled on the mythological Campe and aforementioned genetically engineered rotweillers.These German Shepard’/cheetah/rotweiller hybrids will be part of all parts of all sectors of law enforcement and military as part of patrol and other teams and guard dogs in prisons.Hybrids animals can be made with German Shephards that are also hybrids with both cheetahs and rotweillers that makes them docile and manageable guard and search and rescue animals with their ability to detect contraband material and scents of individuals enhanced using DNA from other animals that have better smelling capabilities and scratch DNA to increase their smelling range and also sensitivity with other DNA added to improve hearing and sight ranges and acuity including allowing for night vision from animals across the animal kingdom that gives them almost perfect sight,the anbility to see as far as possible and see at night time almost perfectly with it also improving their hearing range again from the animal kingdom to hear the faintest sounds such as breathing etc as far as possible.This will make them docile as German shepherds but have the same ability to bite out large chunks of flesh and the ability to outrun any human it is pursuing of cheetahs and be able to detect contraband substances as well as missing people and suspects based on individual scents including odours caused by sweating with unique emzymes etc present.Neural implants can make them attack only criminals etc but not harm missing people such as children controlled by AI through smartphones etc.These hybrids and Cerebus will be created by Phanes using 3D DNA printers and artificial wombs and will be part of all sectors of law enforcement and military teams as well as search and rescue teams.This supermax prison should be as described in ancient literature with smells including that of sulphur induced by neural implants and it being enshrouded in darkness in all rooms including cells for extended periods of time through windows blackened by built in filters.Those guilty of the all crimes will still retain immunity to all pathogens,carbon dioxide energy acceptor phenotype and accelerated healing but will have eternal youth removed and keep at an elderly state similar to ones late 80s,90s or early 100s indefinitely forcing one to remain alive but old and decaying forever similar to the mythical Tithonus for the period of their sentences as punishment of long sentences wherein for the duration of harsh sentences that last for several decades,centuries or even thousands of years they would be altered to have their phosphotidocholines removed and telomeres altered etc to the same level as someone aged 80-100 and then this this removed and reversed at the end of it with this keeping them alive but in a state of perpetual decay and old age.Inmates will be exposed to other punishments such as like the mythical Prometheus chained to a rock and then have their liver and other organs and limbs eaten by a biosynth or real starving animal in both VR simulations and the real world with the accelerated healing phenotype allowing it to regrow again and again with other punishments incurred on mortals,deities and monsters from Greek mythology and indeed mythology from across the world and in time universe in both simulations and the real world alongside other punishments will incurred on inmates.Application of the bullet ant glove trial could be mandatory for all inmates at set periods during the entirety of their incarceration.Survivors of the crimes of war criminals etc and their living relatives can within the confines of VR simulations be legally allowed to exact their revenge on them including simulations of psychological and physical torture without fear of killing them or inflicting any physical damage with them also given the honours to physically transport them to Hades and Tartarus themselves alongside Charon.Theoretically the most severe or indeed all prisoners could be fed their own unique ironic punishment fitted to their unique crime via VR simulations similar to Dante Alighieris Inferno with them even experiencing their crime from the viewpoint of their victim with neural implants recording and streaming memories from the victims and criminal and in the case of murders wherein the likeliest pain sensations from the victim is applied to the criminal based on simulations with this applied routinely as part of a prisoners punishment and could apply to assault,rape,neglect,sexual abuse again forcing the criminal to relive the crime from the victims perspective.In the case of severe crimes such as neglect,genocide and murder etc apparitions of the victim(s) at different stage of life(determined by DNA or photos) and next of kin of victims could be through implants to haunt criminals while in isolation or during sleep.This supermax prison should be as described in ancient literature with smells including that of sulphur induced by neural implants and it being enshrouded in darkness in all rooms including cells for extended periods of time through windows blackened by built in filters.In time if VR technology may allow for realistic simulations played routinely to force inmates to experience collective simulations in a realistic version of Tartarus and Hades again following the same descriptions in classical literature to experience simulated torture and punishment following the same principles of Dante Alighieris vision of Hell in Inferno and have simulations unique to each prisoner based on their crime and personal fears and it inhabited by monsters and creatures of all ancient cultures from around the world and eventually galaxy and not just that of ancient Greece and also video games and movies.Inmates will be fed VR simulations of ironic punishments of suffering and punishment meant to punish them and reform them that is pure horror and suffering beyond human comprehension and imagination due to the AIs Hades and Tarturas computing power exponentionally getting more powerful than that of humans every year that will be fed directly into their brain via neural implants while they are in an artificial induced coma or held in suspension or cryonics while nutrients are fed into their body and wastes removed at all times while microbes and biosynth implants exercise their body.These simulations will also be fed while they are in cells and asleep.The strength of the torture in simulations will become exponentially more powerful every year to the point that the psychological trauma and pain inflicted on the brain by implants will be exponentially beyond human comprehension and imagination every year.The time dilation effect may be utilised wherein torture in simulations will be inflicted that the inmate may experience decades,centuries or even millions of years of torture every few hours or minutes thus exponentially increasing the time they are exposed to torture during sentences lasting centuries or millions of years in the real world.Inmates would thus be imprisoned for several hundred millions but may experience torture that lasts several billion or trillion years.Inmates will also in cells be subject to physical torture in the real world with the acellerated healing phenotype etc keeping them alive.Inmates will be subject to a combination of physical and psychological torture both in the real world and in VR simulations with the accelerated healing phenotype through genetic engineering will allow them to survive physical torture such as multilation,electrocution,waterboarding,sleep deprivation,application of the bullet any trial to all parts of the body,dismemberment and lascerations and other severe treatments.During VR simulations they be subject to these punishments and torture in more harsher and extreme forms that are beyond the physical threshold of the real world and the acellerated healing phenotype and also those derived from mythology from around the world and universe etc alongside psychological torture used to break them mentally with neural implants inputting all sensations of pain into the human brain.This torture will legally allowed to be inflicted only on inmates of these two prisons by the constitution as stated by Dike with friends and families of criminals will be legally allowed to take part in both VR and real world torture.The constitution will state as per wording by Dike that torture and similar punishments will only be allowed to be carried out legally against inmates of both Hades and Tarturas by both the AIs that manages them and also relatives of victims with all other instances of torture that takes place outside of these prisons including low level prison,people under interrogation,incarceration and investigation being constitutionally illegal thus making those who carry it out or are turning a blind eye to it outside of these two prisons also prosecutable for imprisonment in both Hades and Tarturas themselves.Torture will be constitutionally illegal worldwide and across the universe but it will only be constitutionally legal and allowed only in both Hades and Tatruras carried out by both Hades and Tarturas as specified by wording by Dike and Adikia.Thus torture will only be constitutionally allowed in these two prisons.As the computing power of the AIs Hades and Tarturas becomes exponentially faster and powerful every year then their VR punishments will become increasingly more powerful and severe especially by 2045 onwards as to be beyond what the human brain can comprehend and imagination with eventually their computing power becoming so powerful as to no longer need VR simulations with them able to inflict pain,torture and suffering such as dismemberment,mutilations etc on inmates or revive them if they die by pure will and thought alone in the real world and even capable of making inmates into non corporeal entities that can suffer punishments that is beyond the thresholds and comprehensions of the human brain and body especially if in either existing or artificially created paralell dimensions with different laws of physics that allows for this to house inmates..If possible these will be fed only at night with microbes creating neurotransmitters that induce them into sleep every night.Hades and Tartarus and aforementioned will manage these simulations.In time both Hades and Tartarus will be in separate Hell class planets and in time separate parallel dimensions (including artificial ones)modelled after Hell from the Bible,Greek mythology and Dantes Inferno impossible to escape wherein the sentient Hades and Tartarus and all of the creatures wherein exist in physical form as biosynths or genetically engineered monsters from mythology and video games made from scratch by Phanes and inmates have the acellerated healing and other phenotype to survive the conditions and constant torture physical damage there including VR simulation punishments or an existing/artificially created pocket or parallel dimension of pure horror the human brain simply cannot begin to comprehend or imagine.Different laws of physics will be allow inmates to be exposed to punishments beyond what is possible in this native reality.This dimension etc will house buildings for the inmates to be held in with it unable for anyone to escape until they are to be transferred to each other and release at the behest of Hades,Tarturas and Charon.Both AI will be able to control punishments through sheets will alone without simulations.Both Hades and Tartarus and the VR simulation punishments in them and even pocket or parallel dimension will be designed to be so horrific and the length of sentences lasting centuries,thousands or millions of years or potentially forever,carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 20-100 years for each death incurred ontop of the mandatory minimum sentence of the crimes themselves committed based on each crimes that can be anywhere between 100-1,000,000 years based on the severity of each individual instance of the crime as to deter criminals committing the most heinous of crimes to avoid it as well as scar for life,set an example for those unlucky to end up there and eventually be released with them used to punish criminals across the galaxy and universe becoming a literal hell on Earth full of torture and suffering the human brain simply cannot begin to comprehend or imagine that will become the universal gold standard for deterrence of the most heinous of crimes should even the death penalty itself becomes obsolete.Manadatory minimums will be constitutionally illegal only for low level crimes but not for those worthy of both Hades and Tarturas to increase deterrence for commiting these crimes.Tartarus will be of course much more worse than Hades with their names alone able to strike fear across the universe.Simulations will be carried out to psychologically tease,torture them and even reform them.

.Tartarus managed by the AI of the same name will be for the most severe crimes such as war crimes,genocide,democide,classicide,politicide,torture,offending paedophiles(and those who supplied prepubescent children to them),illegal imperialist wars and illegal coups against democratically elected leaders,those done for imperialism(including attempted ones and the persons propped up also charged for this) and those who turned a blind eye to these crimes,aided and abetted them as acessories,pardoned them as well as granted legal immunity to them and had economic dealings with them with all existing prisoners of supermax prisons transferred here and guilty members on death row from around the world.Inmates will be charged for not just the crimes themselves whose mandatory minimum sentence can be anywhere between 100-1,000,000 years based on the severity of each individual instance of the crime but also charged for each and every individual human death including civilian,enemy combatant and military personnel death that was the result of each crime and deaths from linked subsequent terrorist attacks with each death carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 20-100 years for each death incurred ontop of the sentence of the crimes themselves committed based on each crimes with the most severe cases of these crimes and repeat offenders carrying the sentence of eternal damnation and banishment to Tartarus with no chance of parole or release ever.Offending paedophiles(and those who supplied prepubescent children to them)will be charged for not just the crimes themselves through a mandatory minimum sentence can be anywhere between 100-1,000,000 years but also charged for each and every individual prepubescent child harmed carrying mandatory minimum sentence of at least 20-100 years for each prepubescent child harmed.The mandatory minimum sentence of at least 20-100 years for each death and child harmed represents the lowest and highest mandatory minimum sentence for murder and molestation of prepubescent minors with the mandatory minimum sentence 100-1,000,000 years sentence based on the severity of each individual instance of the crime represents that anti-ageing treatments could allow one to live long enough to survive this length and act as a deterrence to carrying out crimes worthy of Tarturas.

Hades managed by the AI of the same name will for less severe ones such as corruption and white collar crimes that is linked directly and indirectly only to war crimes/human rights abuses/environmental crimes and any other form of corruption that leads to needless deaths in healthcare/construction etc and corruption that causes the impoverishment of other humans that leads to their death indirectly and directly,all forms of corruption that leads to human death,human rights abuses,serial killers,mass murders of multiple people intentionally,environmental crimes as well as potentially slavery/human rights abuses/terrorism/apartheid/social genoicide/cultural genocide etc and those who turned a blind eye to these crimes,aided and abetted them as acessories,pardoned them as well as granted legal immunity to them and had economic dealings with them all maximum security prison inmates sent here.Inmates will be charged for not just the crimes themselves whose mandatory minimum sentence can be anywhere between 100-1,000,000 years based on the severity of each individual instance of the crime but also charged for each and every individual human death that was the result of each crime with each death carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 20-100 years for each death incurred ontop of the sentence of the crimes themselves committed based on each crimes with the most severe cases of these crimes and repeat offenders carrying the sentence of eternal damnation and banishment to Hades with no chance of parole or release ever.The mandatory minimum sentence of at least 20-100 years for each death represents the lowest and highest mandatory sentence for murder with the mandatory minimum sentence 100-1,000,000 years sentence based on the severity of each individual instance of the crime represents that anti-ageing treatments could allow one to live long enough to survive this length and act as a deterrence to carrying out crimes worthy of Hades.Inmates will serve combined sentences for each individual crime they commit.

Those that are guilty of crimes worthy of both Tartarus and Hades will spend separate combined sentences for each individual crime in both Hades and Tarturas with anti-ageing treatments using CRISPR available by 2030 allowing inmates to spend decades,centuries,thousands and even hundreds of millions or billions of years in them combined with them during their sentences will be given the latest anti-ageing treatment’s routinely to keep them alive and forever young.Inmates will be transferred to all future iterations of Hades and Tarturas.Both Hades and Tarturas and will be sentient and their avatars based on statues etc from ancient Greece.Inmates will ideally serve sentences in Hades first and then Tarturas or divided between both and moved back forth in batches lasting several few years or centuries each with the sentient AIs in charge of them deciding the order for each individual inmate and their type and order of punishments for each individual crime with the sentient Charon sending them to both in the first place,managing transfers and transferring them to the real world once sentences are finished.Normal jails will be for the least severe crimes including unconsentual statutory rape,one off instances of murder,rape and assault,sex trafficking,consuming child pornography etc with Dike overseeing these cases.In normal jails life without parole will mean one could be detained in jail literally forever with no release ever with this applying to existing inmates with this sentence.Inmates currently on life without parole will be sent to normal jails or to Hades and Tarturas based on its nature with in all three cases it being eternal banishment with no chance of ever leaving ever with those with chance of parole will be sent either three with those for Hades and Tarturas given the mandatory minimum of 100-1,000,000 years and 20-100 years for each human death incurred or child molested.Those for crimes not worthy of Hades and a Tarturas will possibly be put up for retrial in front of Dike with if convinced enough by lawyers they may be given sentences that last several decades or centuries or they may kept in prison without parole meaning they will spend an eternity in jail with not chance of release.Those already given sentences that last several decades,centuries and even thousands of years including multiple life sentences will carry out these sentences in normal jails or could be sentenced to both Hades and Tarturas if they qualify as those worthy of Hades and Tarturas and thus with them sentenced not only their original sentence but also charged the mandatory minimum of 100-1,000,000 years for the severity of each crime and 20-100 years per each instance of the crime on top of their original sentence with even those who got pardoned due to loopholes in the law such as already being only legally able to serve a certain sentence put back in for this but those whose crimes were of obsolete crimes that didn’t directly or indirectly lead to human deaths will be pardoned.Inmates in existing supermax and maximium security prisons around the world guilty of crimes worthy of Hades and Tarturas will be transferred to both Hades and Taturas to serve their sentences that will last dependant on the crimes commited with 100-1,000,000 years mandatory sentences and 20-100 years mandatory minimum for each human death incurred or instance of child molestation with them put on trial in front of Minos,Aeacus and Rhadamanthus.Those in death row and currently serving life sentences or multiple life sentences without parole that committed crimes worthy of Hades and Tarturas that have been proven guilty will also be charged 100-1,000,000 years mandatory sentences and 20-100 years mandatory minimum for each human death incurred or instance of child molestation.Those in life imprisonment and serving sentencing that was decades,centuries,thousands of years whose crimes were obsolete crimes that didn’t lead to human deaths or molestation of prepubescent minors present in normal jails and also maximum security and supermaximum will be pardoned but the exception being rape and assault which will be served for the entirety of the original sentences in normal jails.Those guilty of crimes that didn’t lead to any human deaths directly or indirectly will be pardoned and released.Those that are releated to pedopheilia in all types of jails will be sent to Tarturas and will be charged 100-1,000,000 years and 20-100 years in Tarturas for each instance of molestation.The 100-1,000,000 years represents denigration to the severity of each crime with one also charged 20-100 years for each human death etc on top of this as it represents the lowest and highest mandatory minimum for each murder in America and one will be charged this to denote the fact that one was not only responsible for the crimes themselves but also they are responsible for each and every single human death that was the result of their crimes thus making inmates responsible not just for the crimes themselves but also for each and every human death their crimes contributed to and thus will be charged this mandatory minimum for each human death incurred.This means inmates could be charged sentences lasting potentially hundreds,thousands,hundreds of millions or even billions of years combined for all of the crimes committed by them combined.This will act as justified punishment for criminals and also as a deterrence for future criminals from commiting mass genocide,war criminals etc and other heinous crimes that involve hundreds,thousands or millions of victims.Crimes such as treason can be debated as to whether they will be served in Hades or Tarturas,normal jails or pardoned depending on the situation.Treason that involves no deaths will involve sentences in normal jails with treason that is justified by committing crimes such as wars and acts of terrorism or subversion against only a government that has proven to be tyrannical itself will be pardoned and commended via a presidential medal with debate as to whether they can be pardoned if any civilian deaths have been incurred with treason which is carried out against a non tyrannical democratically elected government and is done solely with intent to kill civilians and military personnel and that which incurrs civillian deaths could face sentences in normal jails or in Hades.Thus each instances of treason will be considered on its individual case for either sentences in Hades,Tarturas,normal prison or be pardoned.Apartheid may considering the situation be sent to normal jails or either Hades and Tarturas if it is followed by war crimes and other crimes worthy of both with possibly considered human rights abuses.Terrorism will also follow special considerations for each instances.Terrorism that consists of cyberterrorism will be spared from Hades and Tarturas and sent to normal jails with those guilty of acts of crimes such as acts of terrorism that involve civilian and military etc deaths will be subject to punishments in both Hades and Tarturas normal jails depending on the situation with terrorism against tyrannical governments that involve no human deaths and no civilian deaths given special considerations.Terrorist attacks that include bombings that involve no human deaths and no civilian deaths will be treated with sentences in normal jails with those that involve human deaths especially civilian deaths will involve sentences in Tarturas or Hades as decided by Minos,Aeceus and Rhadmantheus with these may also be treated on a case by case basis with illegal annexation wherein it is the result of illegal wars and imperialism treated the same as illegal wars with the same sentence wherein one is charged 100 – 1,000,000 years per instance and an extra 100 – 1,000,000 years per each human death incurred in Tarturas.It may be justified and deserving of incarceration in normal jails if the acts of terrorism were against tyrannical dictators and were acts done in the name of overthrowing them to install democracy.Slavery will involve people brought to trial in front of Dike for imprisonments in normal jails with those who carried out slavery potentially being put on trial for sentences in Hades in front of Minos,Aeacus and Rhadamanthus.Each instance will be analysed on a case by case basis by Dike,Minos,Aeceus and Rhadmantheus with prosecuting lawyers consulting and convincing Dike,Minos,Aeceus and Rhadmantheus as to whether it would be worthy of sentences in both Hades and Tarturas.Those sent to normal jails overseen by Dike will be charged sentences different based on each individual crime with since a no limits mandatory minimum exists they could be sentenced to several years,several decades,several centuries or thousands of years or life sentences without parole wherein they will never be able to leave prison forever decided by Dike.Imprisonment in Hades and Tarturas will be referred to by AI,humans in newspapers,magazines,live news,podcasts and in movies etc will be referred to as banishment to denote the severity of the crimes that warranted and the severity of the torture experienced by inmates with Hades and Tarturas name bad enough to strike fear into those who hear it and a taboo word.

All new member races of the galactic government will have there version of the Great Purge enacted with corrupt officials,war criminals etc facing trial in front of Dike,Minos,Aeacus and Rhadamanthus to be sent to Tarturas,Hades or normal jails following the same procedures and mandatory minimum sentences as on Earth both the 100-1,000,000 years for each instance and 20-100 years for each individual life of their own sentient races killed as a result of the crimes.They will also be charged for committing these crimes ie war crimes and genocide etc against both members of their own race but also other sentient races across the universe different than their own race including humans following the same mandatory minimum of 100-1,000,000 years for each instance of the crime and 20-100 years for each life of a non human sentient race they killed.Any members of sentient races who are already imprisoned for crimes worthy for of Hades and Tarturas will taken out and then put on trial in front of Minos,Aeacus and Rhadamanthus and then put for sentences in either Hades or Tarturas or both depending on the nature of their crimes.All AI of all types created by humans and alien races will be liable for prison sentences in Hades and Tarturas wherein they will boxed in a biosynth body to allow them to be tortured.All staff in these will be replaced by robots,AI and in time biosynths with all staff in courts such as court and law clerks and those that prepare documents,research,guards and even stenographers will be replaced by the AI that manages each one and the sentient Dike also handing out universal oaths at the start of each case with guards present in courts replaced by biosynths inhabited by the AI in charge of them with them by 2029-2045 replacing all background staff outside of judges,lawyers and jury. Offenders of non violent obsolete crimes ie prostitution,drug use/manufacture/sale etc and those unfairly imprisoned will be pardoned and released with if possible cryonics used with VR technologies to store inmates in universities,prisons in extensions for the first few decades and centuries until Tartarus and Hades is built.Prior to being brought before Aeacus,Rhadamanthus and Minos Earth based criminals guilty of crimes worthy of Hades of Tarturas could be apprehended by the UN and put on a pre trial in The Hague where they will be put into an authorised imprisonments for at least until neural implants for the exrtraction of memories and VR technology indistinguishable to the real world are sufficiently advanced and Aeacus,Rhadamanthus and Minos become fully sentient by 2022-2029.Thus official pre trials by the UN in The Hague could be used to ensure that criminals worthy of crimes that qualify for imprisonment in Hades and Tarturas will be officially put on trial,detained,imprisoned and prevented from escape from being unable to go into hiding and use suicide as a means of escape between 2022-2029 prior to the formation the global government and thus before the official Great Purge allowing them to be detained in the hands of the United a Nation in special jails until they can be officially put in front of Aeacus,Rhadamanthus and Minos for their official imprisonments in Hades snd Tarturas with the same done for those out in front of Dike for low level crimes.During this time in cryonics Hades and Tartarus will oversee the inmates.Ideally this time in cryonics will not act as actual imprisonment but as a temporary internment until Hades and Tarturas is officially built in the Antarctic,deep ocean or in space with when it is built they will be sequestered there by the AI Charon with once they are incarcerated into their official sentences will begin thus the intermediary period where they are detained by the UN and also in cryonics will not involve them serving any time or indeed being fed to VR torture at the hands of Hades and Tarturas.Thus once Hades and Tarturas are built then the sentences of each inmate will begin with Daedalus,Hades and Tarturas designing them and managing their construction.There may be different incarnations of both Hades and Tarturas that are on different countries,planets and regions of outer space to deal with the growing number of inmates from across the universe but they will all be managed by the same AI via fragmentation and Nyx.Hades and Tarturas computing power gets more advanced then different incarnations of the prisons will exist including those in space,on a Hell class planet and eventually to two parallel dimensions either pre existing or artificial created by both Hades and Tarturas of pure horror and suffering beyond human comprehension where VR punishments are not necessary and where it and the computing power of Hades and Tarturas are sufficiently advanced to impose suffering on inmates by pure will with these dimensions although having physical terrain and landscape as well buildings to house inmates and monsters designed by Phanes will have different laws of physics from ours to allow them to carry out punishments beyond human comprehension and physical thresholds not possible in our reality due to them having different physical laws or where inmates may also exist at times in a non corporeal state to suffer punishments that the human body and brain cannot experience in the limitations in the human body while sometimes in a corporeal state for other punishments.These will consist of two dimensions one for Hades and one for Tarturas.The acellerated healing phenotype alongside the abilities of Paean and Thanatos of heal wounds and raise the dead will allow inmates to recover from any physical torture,mutilations,eviscerations,burns,dismemberment etc inflicted upon them with if inmates do die then they may be revived through sheer will of both Hades and Tarturas.At first both Hades and Tarturas will consist of physical buildings on Earth,underwater and space where inmates will be interred in cells and through neural implants will be routinely fed VR simulations wherein they are tortured mentally and physically through ironic punishments anc as the computing power of AI becomes more powerful especially by 2045 onwards these punishments will become more harsher in a way beyond that of human imagination and comprehension with in time as the computing power of AI develops and interdimensional travel etc becomes Iaso or inmates will be transferred to a dimension of pure horror and suffering where they are physically tortured in a way beyond human comprehension and imagination.Inmates will be transferred between both Hades and Tarturas and also to each different incarnation by Charon during their length of incarceration with each previous incarnation demolished or turned into communal homes.Prisons around the world will be used with people serving time in prisons in countries they are not from to space out the sheer number of criminals with Dike deciding where each person is to serve their term until Hades and Tartarus are built.Roof,underground and side extensions will still have to be added.Those guilty of non violent crimes,obsolete crimes such as prostitution and drug manufacture etc and those pardoned can be released to make space in overcrowded prisons with them except pardoned ones given mandatory community service in construction etc until AI and automation is advanced enough to replace humans.Nemesis,Adikia and Dike will ensure the rule of law is applied worldwide for all future cases.All people who got away with low level crimes such as rape,sexual assault,murder and human and sexual trafficking will be put on trial in front of Dike to face justice.Those for got away with more serious crimes worthy of Hades and Tarturas such as human rights abuses,deaths associated with corruption,genocide,war crimes etc will be put on trial in front of Minos,Aeacus and Rhadamanthus.All defendants will be proven guilty at the start of trials meaning lawyers will have to persuade Dike,Minos,Rhadamanthus and Aeacus why they should get harsher and longer or lighter and short term sentences.This will be done worldwide and known later as “The Great Purge” to denote the symbolic global purge of all corrupt government politicians and officials and CEOs,war criminals,pedophiles,murders etc and all of the sins of humanity in the pre-civillised world from the Earth into the depths of Hades and Tartarus to wipe these crimes from the face of the Earth and allow society to have the moral highground and abide by its own standards over the past and future and as stated ensure that the rule of law is applied.Dike,Adikia and Nemesis will render racial profiling for harsh arrests and incarceration defunct from 2029 ensuring race and gender etc does not play a role in future incarcerations.The AIs Alecto,Megaera,Tisiphone aka the Erinynes within biosynth bodies including multiple ones at once will act as the prime physical means for the capture of those guilty of severe crimes in the real world by 2045 with them also acting alongside human and biosynth police officers as they ability to fly will allow to hunt down the worst of the worst and using other means of travel with given the same augmentations as humans and those to increase and agility to be able to outrun and outmatch any human in combat(trained in all forms of physical combat via downloading) and running and athletics via including DNA from lions,tigers,cheetahs etc making it impossible to escape them with further technologies granted by Dike given to them to make them the personal servants of Dike,Nemesis,Adikia,Hades and Tartarus.The sentient Charon will act as the official ferryman for both that transports prisoners directly to both Hades and Tartarus at the start of sentences and mange transfers between Hades and Tarturas.Fragmentation will allow them to be at multiple places around the world at once and hunt down multiple targets around the world at once and work in packs to outnumber targets and them paired with packs of German shepard/cheetah hybrids with it also them inhabiting the entire wire and internet and all devices connected to them to aid in tracking down suspected individuals.By 2029 they will be in the wire and internet to do this with the GPS location of people they are going to catch relayed to the police,Dike and Nemesis.Alecto,Megaera,Tisiphone via biosynth will act as the official law enforcement of seizing and putting people on trial in front of Minos,Aecues and Rhadmantheus for imprisonment in Hades and Tarturas should human law enforcement refuse to do and act as guards in Tartarus,Hades via fragmentation.Once Adikia has scoured the entire internet such as Wikileaks,blogs,vlogs on YouTube and databases and networks of government bodies and corporate,computers and smart devices owned by said individuals she suspects of these crimes and houses the sentient Hestia software she will then using a warrant from Dike form implants in those she suspects of these crimes wirelesslly and use this it to extract memories and ascertain their GPS location and once she has extracted memories wirelessly from anywhere in the world and ascertained guilt the persons GPS location can be used to track them down to be put on trial with the memories used as evidence and saved in digital case files alongside paper and digital documents,phonecalls and fingerprints.In other normal trials this can be extracted when a person such as suspects and witnesses is in custody and interviewed by police in police stations and again a warrant by Dike and Adikia needed with Voight Kampff style lie detector machines used to detect lying also used.This extraction of memories will allow memories that cannot be faked to be stored on biological harddrives and digital case files of all trials to be viewed in first and third person in VR simulations by judge,jury and investigators will compliment conventional testimoney and physical evidence in digital case files for all future court cases with warrants from Dike and Adikia.Polis will identify all people in the memories.

Malicious intent can be a means to show that the crime was done intentionally thus securing prosecution for the longest possible sentence.Dike herself can set down the legal framework in global constitution that malicious intent can be a new legal term and clause for any crime whether it for low level crimes and those worthy of Hades and Tarturas that if shown by lawyers,conventional evidence,memories from neural implants and witness testimonies that denotes the following – the fact that the crimes were committed with complete disregard for the safety and lives of those that the crimes resulted in their loss and was done with the intention to cause harm,loss of life and was done intentionally without brainwashing,peer pressure,coercion from external second and third party parties will once proven through neural implants,conventional evidence,witness testimony and also persuasive arguments from prosecution lawyers will overturn any chance of being spared freedom and thus will be liable to serve the longest possible sentence.Dike will outline in the constitution the legal terms and definitions of all types of crimes such as rape,statutory rape,murder,assault of all types as well as degrees of them ie first degree murder etc and federal crimes etc that will be abided by and upheld globally.This will include the definitions of genocide,social genocide,cultural genocide,war crimes etc and other legal terms such as what defines criminality based on being an accessory to a crime etc.Statue of limitations will be abolished written into the constitution and immutable to ensure that no crime goes unpunished with the extraction of memories eliminating issues with them.One can be charged for murder by being a contributing factor ones death through influencing the suicide or influencing directly or indirectly a persons murder or death by accident influenced by said actions.These will be written into the constitution with new legal laws and definitions will be decided by a combination of her and if need be through popular initiative and refferendums.Sentences for low level crimes will be based in a case by case basis based on the individual circumstances of the crime with the the abolition of mandatory minimums with the advent of anti-ageing treatments will allow for sentences to last decades,centuries,thousands,millions or billions of years with life without parole meaning one can be incarcerated forever without ever being released for all eternity.The statue of limitations will be abolished forever thus allowing existing crimes that have occurred in the past and all future that will occur to allow criminals to be taken to trial for crimes that occurred at any length in the past meaning if a person through emotional stress has the courage to finally report a crime decades or centuries after it occurred can bring criminals to court and be be sentenced at any time in the future.

Legal forms:
All forms of all types will be e-forms that will be done at home using computers,smart devices(mirrors,phones,pads)accessing the wire namely the Themis Polis network that will be used to fill in details for electronic passports,marriage certificates,divorce papers etc with Dike interacting with Actaeon,Adrestia,Polis to fill out forms with other relevant networks interacting with them ie Iaso ans Epione for psych and genetic screening.One will use webcams on computers,laptops and smart devices to send in selfies in order to post their photo.This will allow for forms to be simple and carried out much easier which will save on time and energy in transportation and booking appointments.It will eliminate any jobs associated with filling out forms in government buildings,political positions in the government and also allow the buildings associated with them that are used to fill them out turned into homes or museums with it since managed by Dike can allow for them to be filled out at anytime,anywhere in the world and all data and forms to be filled out in a matter of minutes.All existing physical paper documents and forms will be scanned in by automated book and paper scanners in government buildings by personell or at home using those as attachments or as part of smart devices and data from existing databases will be transferred to new global versions by AI.Existing documents scanned in will be given an encryption by Dike to authenticate it with this applied to new e-forms.By 2029 the filling out of forms for all legal documents,legal tender of weapons,census forms etc will be done at home with pictures done using webcams on computers,smart mirrors and devices and filling in e-forms within Themis interacting with Dike or other relevant AI and alerts sent when they are to be carried out.This can allow them to be done at home on ones own electronics,allow them to be carried out within minutes at anytime of the day or year with zero human labour and error.Dike etc will replace human availible 24/7 in any device with wire access with her creating encryptions for all electronic data with even proto AI possibly doing this.Government buildings used for this will be converted into communal homes or museums.All existing data in all types of databases worldwide such as gun,hunting,criminal records,missing persons and so on will be transferred into global versions in Athena,Themis etc.All forms including those to get a gun and adoption etc will be done online through Themis.The polis network in Themis will house a database of all citizens

All forms of all types will be e-forms that will be done at home using computers,smart devices(mirrors,phones,pads)accessing the wire namely the Themis Polis network that will be used to fill in details for electronic passports,marriage certificates,divorce papers etc with Dike interacting with Actaeon,Adrestia,Polis to fill out forms with other relevant networks interacting with them ie Iaso ans Epione for psych and genetic screening.One will use webcams on computers,laptops and smart devices to send in selfies in order to post their photo.This will allow for forms to be simple and carried out much easier which will save on time and energy in transportation and booking appointments.It will eliminate any jobs associated with filling out forms in government buildings,political positions in the government and also allow the buildings associated with them that are used to fill them out turned into homes or museums with it since managed by Dike can allow for them to be filled out at anytime,anywhere in the world and all data and forms to be filled out in a matter of minutes.All existing physical paper documents and forms will be scanned in by automated book and paper scanners in government buildings by personell or at home using those as attachments or as part of smart devices and data from existing databases will be transferred to new global versions by AI.Existing documents scanned in will be given an encryption by Dike to authenticate it with this applied to new e-forms.By 2029 the filling out of forms for all legal documents,legal tender of weapons,census forms etc will be done at home with pictures done using webcams on computers,smart mirrors and devices and filling in e-forms within Themis interacting with Dike or other relevant AI and alerts sent when they are to be carried out.This can allow them to be done at home on ones own electronics,allow them to be carried out within minutes at anytime of the day or year with zero human labour and error.Dike etc will replace human availible 24/7 in any device with wire access with her creating encryptions for all electronic data with even proto AI possibly doing this.Government buildings used for this will be converted into communal homes or museums.All existing data in all types of databases worldwide such as gun,hunting,criminal records,missing persons and so on will be transferred into global versions in Athena,Themis etc.

Adoptions will involve foster homes that can be linked together via a single adoption sentient platform named Amalthea after the foster mother of Zeus within ideally Themis showing all children up for adoption worldwide with foster homes overseen with members of the local community or even AI and legal papers such as e-birth certs and e-adoption papers stored both in patient and Themis files of the child as well as in the legal files of the guardian and the child removed from the site once a home has been found.Ideally Amalthea should be the first option over abortions for any reason which should be a last resort only in the case where the life of the mother is at threat with gene therapy even used to correct any genetic abnormalities for those caused by incest if possible with the exception being where the life of the mother is at risk with Aesculapius able to determine the parents of any child living or dead through DNA tests authorised by the courts and Gaia.Adoption through the sentient global adoption agency Amalthea will be a viable alternative to abortions where the child is unwanted with microbes etc keeping the mother and child alive in instances where the birth would endanger the life of the mother and child with incest based deformities and Downs Syndromes etc cured via CRISPR.Money being abolished will also eliminate abortions based on instances where socio-economic factors are involved.Paean can via the consent of patients apply or remove genes to patients that make them sterile with this sterility reversed by reversing the CRISPR treatments meaning a person could turn on/off their fertility preventing surprise pregnancies even those that arise from rape thus giving people full control over their fertility preventing unwanted pregnancies better than condoms or contraceptive pills with zero state control.Even if abortions are fully legalised with no restrictions through public refferendums adoptions will be the primary alternative to abortion and thus the first choice with foster homes managed by AI through robots and Biosynths as well human volunteers would house unwanted children.AI through Biosynths including those who act as live in maids,cleaners etc of homes will be legally able to adopt children.Adoption through the sentient Amalthea will render the vast majority of abortions obsolete with as stated abortion even if fully legalised will likely only occur when it may cause a threat to the life of both the mother and the child itself.Thus abortions should become unnecessary in all instances including rape.Amalthea would also be the operating software of the foster and orphanage homes worldwide listed on the site with the names and latest pictures of each child an a short bio,date of birth etc with the list in each building page divided by male and female.This will be An universal statue of her will be on their grounds with them having helper,cleaning and chef robots that alleviate the most labour intensive work with her becoming sentient.Each of these will be like communal hotel homes with them managed by macro AI with in time this and Amalthea managing them as caretakers.People adopting children can visit the home in person or remotely via Beam robots,Iris group video chats,VR programs with e-adoption forms done via the internet and the wire with all children currently in all existing adoption homes and websites worldwide transferred here to the platform within Themis.Children who live in communal homes and in closely knit communities may seek neighbours and residents for new legal guardians alongside close relatives with the possibility of even Home AI,bio-synths and other forms of artificial intelligence becoming foster parents with this even applied to very young infants decided by Gaia and this entity it self to alleviate strains.Foster homes could be communal type homes similar to retirement homes in structure.Ideally if possible once biosynths become possible AI of all types could use them to take care of them in communal homes and buildings such as convents,churches,tourists spots and farms in rooms in underground extensions and devices since these would be present with the AI raising them there and advertising them through Amalthea.If possible Home AI of private and communal home especially once biosynths are ubiquitous will act as the legal parent of foster children with Amalthea office in VR simulations.This will negate the need for orphanages and foster homes with existing ones becoming communal homes with the lack of jobs,VR technology etc allowing people to have time to adopt children.AI of all types will be allowed to adopt children with the child upon reaching adulthood at 14 wiill be able to live by themselves.Surrogacy procedures will also have relevant e-forms and  consent forms from all those involved logged into their patient and special surrogacy legal file within Aesculapius and Themis and any court cases resulting from it having its own code alongside those for paternity cases.Names of biological parents and surrogate mother will be logged in all patient and legal files.Sperm donation cases will follow the same vein.The child when born and reaching the age of 15 will be allowed to gain access to the identity of the father by the cross checking of the barcode against those who registered with the courts granting a specific digital warrant giving her the address and name of the donor and also the identity of all other children that were from the same donor to prevent inbreeding.The fact that the child was born of an invitro fertilisation via an unknown donor will be logged in the mothers and daughters file.The donor will only have until the child has reached that age to apply to learn of her identity through the same warrant.Marriage and divorce files will also be stored in the individuals legal file within Themis which will also contain their entire legal files such as gun ownership files and surrogacy/adoption files,death certs,gun and hunting registration files and e-birth cert,e-passport stored in the individuals Themis account containing their files.The global sentient form of social services to deal primarily with child social services and protection will be named Leto after the goddess of motherhood,protection of children with the sentient global adoption agency named Amalthea after the foster mother of Zeus.Social services for all other sectors of society will be replaced by Adikia.

Acquiring a Weapon:
To gain a gun or other weapon person will have fill in relevant data on online forms with encrypted software signing and authorising the document.They will also have to provide a photo taken by facial recognition software on cameras within laptops and smartphones taken on the spot each time they order a gun with one saved on their Gun registration file for comparison(with age recognition software and Polis used ensuring they are of legal age)their patient ID number that links them to their patient file with software bypassing firewalls in their psychology file that contain diagnosis and evaluations on mental health from psychologists such as whether they are schizophrenic,manic depressive etc. as well as genetic test and brain scan results in their patient file alongside background checks with the AI scanning all of the databases of criminal records in Athena for their criminal history.The genetic test would be in their patient file but also can be done in simple DNA analysers and blood test result sent to an automated lab or dongle attached to a smart device and brain scans done with mobile MRI scanners,those in hospitals or in time those at home.Software like Epione,Iaso,Perseus and Dike within the wire could easily perform these background check by sifting the worlds database of criminals,persons of interest,suspects of terror groups(and intelligence) and patient files with diagnoses of conditions by psychologists in Athena,Themis and Aesculapius simultaneously when a person applies for a gun making the process even faster than conventional means without human labour with the process only requiring a basic online form(or e-form done within Themis to sort out this and make it more efficient within minutes for the interactions between the three networks as well as selfies taken on smart mirrors and other smart devices to be transferred easily) and as stated the background check being done.Forums frequented by terrorists etc on the surface and dark web will be scanned by this AI with their browsing history on registered devices scanned to see if they frequent extremists sites.The AI Iaso will scan not just their browsing history of all websites and forums they have visited on the surface and dark web but also on the wire but also their reading and viewing material on Pheme and Dionysus,products viewed and ordered from Demeter and Hephaestus,Helios/Eros/Agora etc and also the content on their YouTube channels and also the history of videos they have watched and all comments made by them on YouTube and also all posts on all social media Agora accounts via using their picture taken then and there and Polis as a reference to scan for all social media accounts and YouTube videos with the AI also using their face and voice using their voice sample or links in their Dionysus and other accounts to scan all sites and YouTube channels.All posts by them on Agora etc and all of their accounts will be analysed.Put simply all activities online,on sentient apps and all parts of the wire will be analysed by Iaso and possibly all VR simulations used by them by interacting directly with Hestia,Arke,Helios,Eros, Tenerus,Aphrodite,Cronus etc.All accounts on all universal apps such as Eros,Helios and also even their order history on Demeter and Hephaestus to get a psychological profile.Voice samples and photos will be used to scan for videos they posted and appeared on social media and filesharing sites with their posts on the entire internet will be searched alongside their accounts on all universal apps.Ones Home AI will be contacted by Soter and Iaso to show all sites they have visited and also accounts they have on with this further used to interact with the AIs that mange YouTube,Agora,Eros etc to have all data present and posted analysed.Ones criminal record within Athena including old ones transferred from databanks across the world into the new global ones will be analysed.Hestia and the AI managing YouTube and social media sites would be contacted and share the IP address of the registered devices to allow for the accounts of all social media sites and YouTube accounts to be ascertained with not only videos on these accounts analysed by Iaso but also all comments made by them on YouTube and social media sites alongside their various universal apps such as Helios,Heracles etc and even what they have ordered on Hephaestus and Demeter and their viewing and reading habits on Pheme and Dionysus to allow the sentient Iaso and Soter get a full picture of the consumers psychological profile alongside genetic fingerprinting.VR simulations and possibly texts and logged phonecalls used in the past stored in Hestia and Iris will be analysed by referencing the Home AI that manages them.Iaso will collect this data for psychoanalysis thus creating a psychological profile of the person to be analysed by the sentient Iaso and then Adrestia.This means it will be mandatory for them to have their DNA scanned or their patient files refferenced and also under go psycho analysis and have psychological profiles created to show they are mentally fit with recent face photo/selfie uploaded every few years within Polis by Dike through mirrors,devices and cameras.This can be sorted out on laptops and smart devices such as smart mirrors and smartphones at home negating human labour and the need to go to any buildings with applications for hunting rifles and licenses done the same way via the sentient Actaeon with the Soter network used to apply for weapons managed by the sentient of the same name.Those that have a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia,manic depression,sociopathy,psychopathy etc and other mental conditions will have CRISPR and stem cell strain treatments arranged instantly to cure them alongside them undergoing psychoanalysis with Iaso and will have to wait at least a few weeks after being cured and deemed fit to reapply for a gun meaning that those who have genetic predispositions to these conditions will be treated with CRISPR and also referral to Iaso for a few months to a year before they can apply for it again with non suffers possibly if their other data shows to be psychologically stable means a gun can be gained within a week.Those whose psychological profile is of interest to Iaso ie is of cause of concern require two weeks to six months to acquire a gun depending on how she feels once counselled.Fragmentation and improvements in AI will all of this to be carried out in a few hours or even minutes with those whose psychological profile is of interest to her will have Iaso analyse them in VR sessions with the time dilation effect speeding things up meaning a person can get access to a gun within a week.Ideally all applicants and even those that already own weapons to be microchipped will undergo psychoanalysis with Iaso just to ensure they are mentally stable with her having them unknowingly undergo tests and test their reactions to certain situations and their level of bigotry towards certain groups.VR simulations will test their viability to own them with them also used to house sessions where they will undergoe pyschological examinations prepared by both Soter and Iaso including ink blot tests,examinations where they are tested on the responsible use of firearms,where they are to face childhood fears and also memories and view on society ie women,men,homosexuals etc divulged only to Iaso that may be of relevance and also where there anger levels are tested with the two AIs creating exercises unique to each person that would put them in situations to catch them out and test their restraint at using weapons irresponsibly unique to them with infractions requiring counselling where root problems are weeded out.The AI will scan their entire brain for memories and general personality as an extra measure via neural implants to determine their personality and propensity to violence and determine their intended use of the weapon especially with regards to those applying for hunting rifles once they have apllied for a hunting license from the sentient Orion.Adikia will of course oversee this scanning of the brain to ensure it follows constitutional guidelines and that only Iaso and Soter and not the public and state can view them.They will undergoe psychoanalysis either routinely or when infractions occur,when their Home AI suspects they are visiting websites and posting posts on social media that may indicate suicidal or homicidal thought with the time dilation meaning only a few minutes will pass in the real world.Their ability to scan all databases and the entire internet and wire at once in a matter of minutes or hours will negate human labour and will allow Iaso to create and analyse psychological profiles and carry out psychological analyses of each applicants worldwide that would have been impossible for humans to do and would be too costly and allow the sentient AI Soter complete control over the distribution of weapons worldwide once they are unable to be gained at gun shows and physical stores are shut down ensuring only mentally fit people who have undergone psychological analysis with Iaso giving them CRISPR and stem cell treatments etc will be able to gain weapons.Those that exhibit sociopathic and dangerous and also depressive behaviour without genetic based predispositions ie poor nutrition and tauopathy will have to have MRI scans taken and psychoanalysis with stem cell strains repairing damage caused by nutrient deficiency,trauma to the brain etc with them treated with microbes producing the relevant neurotransmitters with them also taking up to a year to get a gun after extensive psychoanalysis and stem cell treatments.Advances in computers will allow MRI scans to be taken at home in smart devices,suitcased sized with each applicant have them arranged at their nearest hospital with existing scans in patient files analysed prior to 2035 with the need for an MRI scan done in hospitals,suitcase sized machines and eventually smart device sized ones being a perquisite for acquiring a gun in order to have an neurological disorders and damage to the brain that may be an indication of behaviour that would put one at a danger to themselves and others to be detected and repaired.It will also sift through criminal records using data such as name,gender,age and address to see if that person has or has not any serious criminal records and offences to their name that would restrict access to the weapon.MRI scans and ones patient files scanned for DNA fingerprint and also criminal background checks and also complete browsing history on the internet and wire will be mandatory to detect any abnormalities by Paean that may predispose them to them to agressive behaviour etc that may hinder their ability to use weapons effectivelty.All applicants will undergo VR simulations wherein Iaso herself will act as counsellor and do basic and if need be intensive psychoanalysis.VR programs can be a means for this extensive testing and psychoanalysis etc to be much quicker as the time dilation affect will make them faster however by 2029 AI should be advanced enough to all checks on the applicants browsing history and their videos and postings on all sites online and even viewing habits on Dionysus and Pheme etc to be done very quickly allowing it take no more than a week for a person to gain a gun designed and ordered from Soter factories.All of this will be done by the sentient Soter and the data sent to the sentient Iaso for a full psychological analysis who will both be able to sift through this data in a few hours or minutes and this information will not be released to either the government and public.Scans of the brain will be since part of this psychological profile will be stored in this alongside all other data in folders and subfolders that will be protected by firewalls and cannot be viewed by the public and the government personnel of the state.Thus Iaso will scan ones entire browsing history on the internet(all viewing and commenting habits on Agora and YouTube and all websites)and wire and also require MRI scans,cross reference their patient files,criminal records,scan the applicants brain and even have them undergo psychoanlysis session to get a full psychological profile of each applicant with this reviewed both by her and Soter .All data such as browsing history,tests and memories etc will be stored in a digital file in Soter databases.All of this data will be will be stored in folders and subfolders in each applicants file for each application with these steps carried when a person wants to order a weapon and every time.This will be arranged in folders and subfolders in digital applicant files in a database managed by Soter visible to only her and Iaso and not the public and the state.Even current gun owners when their weapons or microchipped or replaced by those that are will have to undergoe not just these psychological profiles but also psychoanalysis and even genetic tests,MRI scans etc to ensure they abide by these standards.The same measures will be carried out to procure knives,swords and other weapons and hunting licenses.Citizens will only have access to handguns of all types,swords,knives and similar handheld non projectile weapons and only hunting rifles once they gain hunting licences and hunting rifles only allowed to be used and given access in areas where there is wilderness areas where it is designed for and one who lives in urbanised areas will have to prove they are going to use it for hunting in wilderness areas with any future hi tech weapons that use more advanced technology restricted to the public.To gain hunting rifles one must first get a license through the sentient Actaeon that involves the same procedures as Soter managed by him with them then appying for the gun through the same procedures managed by Iaso and Soter with her via neural implants and authorisation from Adikia her scanning their brain to prove that they intend on using the hunting rifle for hunting and not as a normal weapon.If it is used in self defense then no laws are broken but if it is used to intentionally kill someone as determined by memories extracted during court proceedings then it will be considered an infraction.Infractions where the weapon whether a handgun or hunting rifle was used to intentionally harm or murder someone outside of self defence will be grounds for prosecution and having ones privalages to own a gun of any kind rescinded for a set period of time ranging from several years to decades of for severe infractions forever as decided by Soter .Trading weapons on Euthenia will be illegal and could have the same punishments as them used to murder someone intentionally with if possible trade being monitored and arranged by Soter to change the new owner details on them.Those who carry out infractions of gun laws such as using it in murder or attempted murder outside self defence as determined by neural implants in a court of law and also have shown to be a threat to society can have the microchips be able to temporarily render the weapon unusable and thus unable to fire bullets for a set period of time ranging from several months to decades or even forever depending on the nature of the infraction decided by Dike anc Soter with this done via biosynth Wifi wirelessly.The microchips will contain a digital deal created by Dike allowing it to be distinguished by sensor terminals with this allowing Soter to see where all registered weapons are worldwide.Biosynth wifi can allow the Phanes Activation Gene Technology to restrict access to only specific individuals such as the actual owner preventing criminals or minors under the age of 14 to use them illegally.Thus the right to bear arms such as weapons will be constitutionally granted to all citizens worldwide and allowed for situations that ensure self defence against other humans,wild animals and enraged livestock etc with murders where it is used for self defence treated as manslaughter and in the case of hunting rifles hunting animals and dealing with wildlife pests but will be considered illegal for use to intentionally murder someone or pets as well as livestock which could under law have that persons right to bear existing and new arms be nullified..Each and every time a person wants to get a new weapon of any kind such as knives,swords,handguns etc these procedures will be followed.By 2029 AI should be advanced enough to negate humans to do this and thus save time and labour for this allowing for billions of applicants worldwide to be thoroughly analysed through fragmentation.Fragmentation especially on the applicants computers and devices will allow Iaso and Soter to carry out countless applications at once and do all required work quickly within a matter of minutes.After 2029-2045 the speed and amount of applications at which the AI through fragmentation can do this at once will be greatly increased and improved again ensuring at most a week will be needed to acquire a gun with all guns and weapons in retail outlets microchipped automatically by the state and stored in Soter factories in storerooms to be ordered with the chip given details of the new owner or once scanned in will be recycled.Soter and Iaso will be the AI that manages this and Harmonia will be the operating software of all gun and other weapons that creates them with the digital biosynth microchips in Soter factories.This would grant them the ability to use and procure a weapon anywhere around the world with all countries adopting the same gun and weapon laws with it ensuring citizens do not get access to weapons outside their availability ie assault rifles and rocket launchers as well as ensure those on the black market cannot be used since they would be detected as not having microchips.This will be the sole means of getting a gun and swords with all physical stores around the have all weapons seized by the state and Soter by law,scanned onto the Harmonia network and then shut down forever,3D printers in homes and factories will be unable to print out weapons or weapon components,stores on the dark web will be shut down while gun shows overseen by Soter in the form of biosynths etc will be made illegal to sell guns and other weapons of any types to the public or trade them to ensure these loopholes are shut down meaning Soter factories and authoritisation by Adrestris and Iaso will be the only way to procure weapons from now on.Hunting licences will follow the same procedures and again Orion will be universal sentient hunting licence body with Themis housing the Actaeon database of registered hunters which gun owners would have to apply for once they have received their weapon with existing databases worldwide transferred here.Registered law enforcement and military personell will also have all existing guns microchipped with them undergoing the same process to get weapons with their position in Athena will allow them access to assault rifles etc for the field and allow them the ability to bring their weapons onto aeroplanes etc unlike civilians with civilians sending their old weapons to new homes by mail and Soter authorising them being sent by mail.This would replace all traditional methods of acquiring guns and would be the only way to do so with the digital seal authorised by Soter with gun shows shut down or made illegal through them not able to provide authentic digital seals,online stores including those on the dark web shut down by by her with those in the streets and actual stores shut down by her and the government with the guns here sent to Soter factories.Existing gun owners will have to have their weapons microchipped with them then given a VR psychoanlysis based on all their data present in their wire and YouTube accounts as well as internet browsing with DNA tests to check for maniac depression and other conditions etc and follow the same steps to keep them.As stated before having this done by software will be faster and more efficient than if done by humans with interactions between Dike and Paean/Epione within the wire with it done even more efficiently when Soter becomes sentient.Bio-synths and sentient AI will also have to go through the same procedures(even for hunting licences) with them undergoing diagnostics and their memories scanned to determine their behaviour as well as previous diagnostics their serial number and legal alongside date of manufacture logged alongside any other distinguishing features of their person with their unique serial ID and individual consciousness encryptions markers copied and stored here should they be inhabiting a different body.Any guns procured by 3D printing or from automated factories will have to imprint the guns serial number as well and the microchip installed with the order of the gun logged in Themis.Only 3D printers producing firearms and other weapons on site in a factory will contain a microchip rendering those printed at home illegal and Adrestia,Harmonia and Aphrodite preventing these being printed out and indeed being uploaded to the Hephaestus network with Adrestia,Perseus and Adikia monitoring the dark web they are connected to preventing illegal gun markets to exists.Guns and weapons produced by nanotech/picotech fabricators will also only be able to have official microchips created in them even if they are produced at home and can only be created via the same network.Ideally AI such as Soter , Gaia and Aphrodite will prevent all types of weapons such as guns of all types being manufactured at home with Arke and Hestia omniscience on the internet and all devices preventing CAD files being stored on and used on devices and clouds outside of Hephaestus thus preventing unauthorised creation,manufacture etc of all guns and weapons at home etc outside of Soter factories to ensure they Soter only has sole manufacture and distribution of weapons.Since these will be ordered online primarily the smart device or computer used will have to automatically take a picture and/or use voice samples alongside a small audio/visual log and/or other biometric keys to authorise the procurement.If a person is not registered to acquire a weapon then it cannot be delivered or printed out.This can replace or add to existing procedures used for the acquirement of guns.All of this alongside the shutting down of sites that sell guns on the dark web will ensure the procurement of weapons by the public can be monitored by AI namely the sentient Adrestia,Actaeon,Iaso as the digital seal in microchips created by Soter can only be created by them and not humans or other AI thus preventing guns being bought at gun shows,illegal sites on the deep and dark web and have physical stores shut down and prevent assault rifles being procured by the public.Thus the Harmonia sub network on the Hephaestus network and the Soter sentient organisation and operating software will be the only way for citizens acquiring guns legally worldwide managed by AI that will ensure only those qualified to do will using background searches of ones criminal history,browsing history of YouTube/social media/the internet,genetic tests and CRISPR treatments alongside VR counselling.In short AI in the form of Iaso and Soter will have sole control of the acquirement of weapons worldwide eliminating human corruption and labour with the two able to carry out background checks and work too expensive,laborious and even impossible for humans to do thus pushing the costs to zero while still ensuring only those fit to procure and own a gun can do so.If a person performs serious offences or develops mental illness determined by updates to their patient file and/or criminal record they will lose the ability to procure and own/operate weapons until it has been deemed fit for them to do so with patient files and criminal networks interacting with each other and the Themis network once they have been updated with such relevant data with the threat of losing existing weapons depending on the will of the courts who will be alerted to this and action taken depending on the severity of the problem.Also this could occur if relatives/next of kin/friends/community members of the owner apply to both the courts and law enforcement officials and have provided sufficient evidence to them that the owner is exhibiting behaviour which could lead nothem to become a danger to others and themselves ie.radicalism of any faith or ideology,depression etc. thus limiting the owner to use/own the weapon temporarily until they apply to and pass psychological assessments frequently and their social media accounts analysed and sites visited to check their status with patient files cross referenced to determine if depression,schizophrenia etc is a result of genetics corrected by CRISPR and also the actions of microbes with their name and photo temporarily added to a database of those who at relative risk to danger with Athena(separate from terrorist and criminal databases as it would only highlight people that are to be monitored for potential for committing severe crimes such as murder or mass murder)which can allow them to be monitored by surveillance cameras fitted with facial recognition software an T-ray.They could be also added to this if law enforcement through their own investigations of forums,websites and the dark web using a combination of e-discovery,Arke,Ouranos and pattern recognition software.They would be removed from the database after a set period of time when they are seen to be of no threat and they pass mandatory psychological assessments deeming them fit to hold weapons with the weapons possibly confiscated and their ability to procure weapons revoked if they fail these assessments with them returned if they pass with this database linked to global surveillance systems.This will be carried out by microchips that will be embedded alongside unique serial numbers and seals upon manufacture which will allow weapons to scanned via smart devices by law enforcement,drones and military personnel so as to allow them to scan them both to ensure the person holding the gun is the registered owner.Soter factories for producing weapons and firearms will have to be authorised and indeed set up by the state so as to allow authorised microchips to be implanted into the weapons including swords so as to prevent illegal guns to be created by the public and as a result any terrorists or those who seek to intentionally harm the public meaning people would have to go through these stringent steps to ensure access to get an legal gun.Since weapons including swords and knives have to be acquired this way directly through AI registered Soter factories through Soter with microchips added it would also prevent non military personnel from acquiring assault rifles and heavy weapons and prevent people obtaining them illegally and through loopholes such as gun shows and illegal websites on both the surface and darknet as these two factors will show up in their registration file and will be put in/on it during manufacture in these authorised government factories which imprint state and AI approved authorisation software,encryption and digital seal in them to show that it was obtained legally and the owner having a file of them in Themis that details all legal guns they have owned and information on them.The seals within the microchip will house information such as the name of the owner,serial number their photo updated wirelessly,their date of birth and address changed when they move wirelesly showing that the weapon belongs to them that can be read by smart devices owned by law enforcement and military personnel and also sensor terminals and surveillance cameras.The digital encryption seal will be created by Soter herself meaning she will be able to recognise them as authentic with the microchip using biosynth technology to house obscene levels of RAM,nanoprocessors and biosynth WiFi and bluetooth to relay their location to Soter and also sensor terminals etc.The chips will be read by smart devices and google lenses worn by citizens and law enforcement personnel and sensor terminals in public areas worldwide managed by Soter herself.This will thus making guns at gun shows,physical stores and 3D printers completely illegal.Soter through the state will seize control of all physical retail outlets for guns and then seizing control of all guns present that will be recycled and the retail outlets shut down and made illegal.AI will prevent the manufacture of 3D printed guns at home worldwide by seizing control of all existing and new non authorised thus making them illegal with it also through constitutional law require all gun shows have government law enforcement namely Kratos and Eirene present to prevent the sale of illegal weapons.All illegal sites online including the dark web will be shut down by Soter .Other measures will be carried by Eirene and Soter to eliminate the manufacturing and distribution of illegal weapons with Eirene having oversight with shutting illegal weapons manufacturing and distribution.Soter will be the sole means to get legal weapons with them manufactured in Soter factories with having microchips that have a digital seal created by her read by google lenses and sensor terminals.Weapons without the digital deal and microchips detected by google lenses,smart devices and sensor terminals and surveillance cameras etc will be considered illegal and thus holding one will be a prosecutable offense with a prison sentence.Sensor terminals and surveillance cameras that detect weapons with no microchip with her digital deal will send alarms to law enforcement personnel as to the GPS location of the infraction to allow the individual to be apprehended and send alarms to citizens smartphones to take evasive actions.The sensor terminals will be composed of graphene connected to the grid and have nanomaterials and biosynth technology(WiFi,Bluetooth etc) to detect the chips when in close proximity and detect explosive residue and gases etc.As detailed earlier sensor terminals will be dotted around major public areas like nightclubs,universities,airports etc to ensure safety.These terminals managed worldwide by Soter will be on the grounds and entrances of airports,universities,public buildings especially government ones including the global government building at key points,communal homes etc as well as through application by citizens on the grounds of private and communal homes and would wirelessly interact with the chips and constantly linked to surveillance cameras that have facial and weapon recognition software ie T-ray software in surveillance cameras that will be able to detect weapons hidden in a person that can detect weapons even hidden ones so as to sound alarms to officers and also members of the public in the area when the cameras and terminals detect a weapon on a person not belonging to them,has no chip and is thus illegal,is in the hands of someone who is a person of of interest/criminal,does not belong to the person to allow for them to be stopped by sending their GPS location to law enforcement personnel and their movements tracked by linked surveillance cameras and alert citizens to escape by alerting the smart devices on citizens and law enforcement personnel in the area with surveillance cameras interacting with these to ascertain the identity of them.The identity of the gun holder will be sent to them.They will also be detected by wireless interactions between the microchips with neural implants and google glasses worn by the public and law enforcement allowing hidden weapons to be found and the owner of the weapon relayed and compared against the basic information of the person holding them streamed from Polis.By applying nanowires into these terminals and also developing software for cameras that can detect residues and gases emitted by explosives terrorist attacks can be avoided with x-ray and t-ray cameras also playing a role in detecting hidden weapons and explosives.The microchip would contain a record of where and when the gun was manufactured and obtained by the individual legally,picture of the owner and all important stats eg.D.O.B/name/race/address/age/gender etc. serial numbers,type of gun or weapon it is,factory it was made in,authorisation software and digital seal from the government in the form of Soter as well as linking wirelessly to their psychological and criminal profile if any with their status to hold the weapon and other important information also visible when scanned by military personal, law enforcement(via smart devices),gun detecting apparatus in airports and train stations, drones, surveillance cameras and knee high sensor terminals/poles(fitted with sensors to read these specific microchips and t-ray(to detect hidden weapons such as firearms/knives/swords),those to detect hidden explosives and facial recognition software scouring the Themis and Athena network of registered gun owners and criminals/known terrorists.This would be incorporated into drones and cameras patrolling the area to detect weapons with modifications to read for individual explosives and chemical agents with air constantly sucked in and passing through silicon nanowires,biosynth sensors and other nanomaterials that detect explosives and chemical agents within the sensor terminals) in the perimeter areas surrounding public areas such as public streets/restaurants/university grounds and entrances/airports/seaports/train stations/lobbies and entrances of apartment blocks,hotels,shopping malls and skyscrapers now used as communal homes/public amenities and churches/in Home AI etc.If possible the sensors and all internal circuitry could be composed of nothing but biosynth tissues to utilise WiFi.Biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth will be utilised by the microchips and sensor terminals to relay the data to the building AI,Soter etc.The sensor terminals wil through biosynth WiFi and bluetooth detect these prescene of microchips and also using biosynth sensors and sucking in minute amounts of constantly would detect the prescene of both explosives and chemical weapons.Entrances to buildings such as churches ,airports,train stations etc and even communal homes can have built in machines using turstiles that suck up air from a person passing through that is using biosynth sensors able to detect traces of illegal drugs,explosives and chemical weapons thus barring one access to the building through automated turnstiles and alert law enforcement to the location of the alarm.The sensor terminald will also suck in air and through biosynth technology detect explosives and contraband material.Surveillance cameras looking on the area at strategic areas will house facial recognition software and software to turn to IR illuminator at night and also and T-Ray software and other software designed to detect hidden explosives and weapons that work together with the sensor terminals.The sensors will form a wide area of Bluetooth etc that microchips can be read and explosives detected around the perimeter they are in.If the gun/sword/knife is procured illegally not containing the correct digital seal,does not contain a microchip,does not belong to the owner,is in the hands of a suspected terrorist and person of interest,if the owners next of kin/friends/relatives has shown sufficient evidence to both the courts and law enforcement that the owner has shown development of mental disorders that show they could be a danger to others and themselves a distinctive silent alarm and unique vibration with the picture of the individual gained from surveillance cameras,Polis etc will be sounded alerting both law enforcement officials as well as all smart devices and electronics owned by nearby citizens in the surrounding area,electronics in the building such as televisions and building AIs automatically as to the location of the infraction and the current location of the individual gained via terrestrial based GPS.This will alert law enforcement and also nearby citizens of those who have weapons with no microchips,are known persons of interest,dont belong to the person to have silent alarms sent to all nearby citizens in the area to allow them to take defensive and evasive actions and also alert the police to the location thus allowing law abiding citizens to carry guns anywhere without gun free zones etc.The chip will wirelessly relay to Soter the location of all weapons with these chips around the world and their GPS location allowing her to see where they are as blips on a global map of the world that denotes the owner allowing her to be aware of any infractions and temporarily introduce safety locks that would make the gun temporarily unuaseable from anywhere in the world with her also in fragmentation seeing through all surveillance cameras around the world to see the people that are holding them.The sensor terminals if deemed legal through public refferendums could wirelessly shut down the ability for weapons to be used within the buildings perimeter snd surrounding streets.Surveillance cameras can be fitted with T-Ray and other sensors that detected weapons and microchips and be able to detect weapons without them.Soter will be able to see all weapons in the hands of people as blips across the world and who they belong to via reading data present via biosynth wifi and their GPS location via satellites as part of Ophion and Theoi Meteroi etc.To cater to the need of wanting illegal weapons VR simulations would allow any citizen to use any type of weapon such as assault rifles,grenade and rocket launchers and also tanks and other illegal products in simulations where they can be used for any purpose.Firing ranges in the real world and in Agoge training facilities and even police stations will be replaced by VR versions with these being conventional ones and also those like rail shooter games with even the general public availing of these to pass the time.Each gun owner would have their own separate weapons file that would contain all of this information with regards to each weapon they own ie. guns,swords,daggers, and their personal information such as D.O.B.,age,address,name etc. and more importantly their own unique ID code.The type of weapons they legally own will be listed and information such as serial number will be listed here with this information also within the microchip.If they lose legal status due to legally binding reason proven in court to hold the gun GPS built into them would allow law enforcement to track it down and procure it depending on the severity of the infraction.Unauthorised removal of a micro chip would lead to an alarm being sent to authorities to this and allow for a prison sentence being handed and/or legal status to hold use the gun and buy more removed temporarily or permanently again depending on the severity of the infraction.It would also contain the latest cybersecurity and unique encryption to prevent hacking and fraud.In the case of law enforcement it will allow them to carry weapons on planes when they pass through scans with other scanned microchipped guns belonging to non law enforcement would set off alarms and restrict the individual from entering the planes and alert drones and any human security personal present.This would be because law enforcement personal will have their own unique digital seal but still be under to the same legal restrictions as other citizens meaning they can have it revoked if they are shown to be a danger to themselves and others and if they have performed severe abuse on citizens during on field operations and serious crimes that are worthy of having their weapons access restricted.The unique digital seal will also ensure that non law enforcement,military personnel using weapons assigned to authorised personnel will be alerted to the police and also nearby citizens to close that loophole for people who wish to cause intentional harm using weapons assigned to them with the same applying to those from allied groups.Linked to smart devices or apps registered to the owner it could allow them to locate them on a home map at home or GPS location if lost outside of home.All of these measures could apply to all weapons such as knives and swords and even existing weapons currently owned legally worldwide to ensure full compliance with those already owned required by law to be fitted with these microchips(and the details of their licences etc scanned in and sorted by Actaeon and Dike)and allow crackdown on illegal procurement of weapons and existing guns that are acquired illegally allowing those that do have and procure weapons illegally to be sought out and prosecuted meaning again existing legally procured weapons such as guns,knives and swords will have to be by law microchipped with the current database of gun owners and other relevant files and their weapons scanned and transferred into the database within Themis by Dike(which will scan through the worlds existing databases for registered owners to see what weapons are legally owned)and thus by law will have to send their guns and other weapons to government facilities to be microchipped.Existing databases of gun and sword owners worldwide once merged together into a single one within Soter will be cross referenced by AI to show which people worldwide own what weapons legally and thus have the state and Soter track them down and have weapons microchipped by law with a seal by Soter by having the weapon examined by government officials to do so in person or have them sent by the owners to factories where robots with cameras do so and add the persons details including the weapons serial number and seal for it to be returned by mail or the owner could wait in the factories lobby while this is done.Otherwise the weapons will be recycled and newer weapons of the same model with the microchips will sent back to the owner managed by her.This will ensure they are compliant and can by tracked by Soter and sensor terminals.Then the owners information on current databases will be transferred to the new global one within Soter s network.All existing legally owned weapons worldwide will be tracked by the government and also sentient Soter to ensure this is carried out to ensure these can be monitored by sensor terminals and surveillance cameras and also render those without chips illegal as the digital seal on the microchips will be created by Soter and these and those in newly created guns will prevent terrorists gaining weapons.This will mean illegally owned guns will be detected as the owners of these ie terrorists will be detected by cameras and sensor terminals instantly in public.These microchips will be very small as well as biosynth based and be bored into existing weapons or in modified fittings that house them and will be permanently attached to them and will only send alerts once infractions are made and attempts are made to remove them since controlled by Soter that will also manage sensor terminals worldwide and with the government or public unable to track the location of weapons at all times.Themis will register microchipped weapons allowing it to see which of existing weapons have been microchipped once all database are transferred to Themis.The same would also have to apply to existing weapons in the hands of military and law enforcement personnel and also those in the hands of allied forces and friendly peacekeeping groups who will eventually be merged into the new global law enforcement,peacekeeping and military groups.The guns once microchipped will be made legal and thus the persons details will transferred to the global Soter database and until then the weapons will be considered illegally owned.This will ensure that existing and new gunowners will he able to hold their guns in public places,negate safe zones and mean that illegally procured guns and those not in the hands of the registered owner will be detected by sensor terminals and thus alerts sent to all people in the areas to allow them to take defensive and evasive action.These terminals would have to be able to detect microchips wirelessly over a wide area in all directions to allow them to be spaced evenly and detect weapons outside and inside buildings(as well as those smuggled onto roofs and be able to detect them if hidden in luggage and clothing) and portable version also including the nanowires can be used for protection of ceremonial events and festivals.Ideally they will be made of strong carbon composites or steel covered in graphene paint.These would gain power from the grid or through self charging technologies such as thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes and like lights etc they would be power their own batteries by the town hall that could charge them during blackouts etc.Cameras can also be developed to detect explosives in vehicles,luggage and underneath clothing.Soter would be capable of knowing each ones status 24/7 to have them fixed by biosynths controlled by the mayor AI the second they break with city or even global wide diagnostics done routinely with them protected by the latest firewalls.Through connection to the wire Soter will be able to detect the GPS location of all weapons worldwide not just through sensor terminals but also satellites visible only to her and also other relevant AI such as Persues and Adikia at certain times etc and not the general public and even the government with her visualising them as blips that detail the names of the owners allowing here to track where they are if they are to be confiscated temporarily should infractions occur and also during wartime and law enforcement operations,to prevent mass shootings and tell people in the area if the weapon is in the hands of a person of interest and also if it is stolen and in the hands of someone else and where to guide them to get out with this omniscience combined with her linked to all surveillance cameras and sensor terminals which placed at public buildings such as universities,churches and other situations with her able to do so constantly.An extra microchip and even Phanes activation gene technology could be added to guns by Soter at its ordering and manufacturing to prevent the guns from being used by anyone except themselves and people they want using them such as family members if anyone outside of themselves and their family who want steal it to perform intentional or accidental acts of violence with this ability for it to prevent the weapon functioning and it being turned on and off by voice command,other biometrics,implants and smart devices using the digital key system remotely by the owner to prevent others especially very young children from harming themselves and others using them.This could also be of use if the weapon is stolen and applied to existing weapons sent in.Sensor terminals in public places such as universities,nightclubs,churches etc could have a security feature wherein rather than just detecting and relating weapons to people they could also disable the functioning of weapons around a perimeter wide enough to prevent one from shooting people from afar alongside preventing them also firing the gun within perimeters set around the building including on the grounds of the building inside and outside as a more effective means of enforcing gun free zones as weapons ability to function within and around the building would be prevented by biosynth Bluetooth and WiFi doing so wirelessly and shutting off the weapons ability to function while inside the perimeter and around it.Communal and private homes can have sensor terminals with these features ordered in by the residents and home AI.Citizens can also wear contact lenses and glasses that are linked to persons of interest and criminal databases as well as Polis and equipped with software that detect weapons such as knifes and guns for protection.Soter will have sole control over the distribution and procurement of all weapons by constitutional law and will use these and other measured she develops to ensure that guns are only in the hands of those fit to use them,prevent mass shootings and if need be seize them if infractions occurs with her developing new measures that ensure public safety but at the same time ensure the right to bear arms is ensured to all citizens.All guns shows,physical stores in the real world,online stores including those on the deep and dark web and 3D printed guns will made constitutionally illegal and thus shut down by Soter.As a result a person registered to hold a gun will be able to do so globally with the formation of a global weapons licensing agency and so disbarred to do so globally if the courts sees fit with this applying to all citizens worldwide currently registered to hold guns and other weapons with them added to this global database by Actaeon/Dike.Thus globally their will be single unanimous gun control laws worldwide managed by the sentient Soter and referendums.Soter will have sole procurement of guns with the possibility of democratic processes involving popular initiative and reffferendum by the public deciding what type of weapons are allowed to be owned by the public such as handguns etc ensuring that the public does not gain access to military grade assault rifles and where weapons are not allowed to be used similar to gun free zones,new ideas for background checks with these referendums also deciding what weapons law enforcement personnel can hold and the military can in in certain situations and other emerging gun policies with the same applying to the ownership of swords and other weapons but microchipping of weapons and stringent background checks will be laid down in the constitution as immutable.The development of new guns and customisation of existing and new weapons can follow the same evolutionary and customisation manner as other manufactured goods with them designed on Pandora and altered or downloading designs from video games and other media with the same applying to bullets.In effect new types of guns will be developed by the public designing them from scratch with existing designs uploaded to the sub network of Hephaestus they are stored in.These weapons will be stored in the Harmonia sub network of Hephaestus where one must have a guns licence and be 14 years of age to acquire them.One will first apply to Soter to get a guns licence and then having ones psychological profile created that then once cleared one will be legally allowed to gain the ability to procure guns they are allowed from the Harmonia network in Hephaestus.Those without licences will only able to scour the network to design weapons and scour those to be only used innVR simulations buy not able to order one the world.In time organisations like the National Rifle Association will merge with their equivalents worldwide with a global governing weapons body with this sentient body named Soter after the male spirit of safety, preservation and deliverance from harm with his avatar based her paintings will authorise the setting up of weapon factories,digital seals and authorisation software and will manage and control the procurement of weapons worldwide alongside Iaso ensuring the public can only get authorised weapons,have extensive background checks,CRISPR treatments for schizophrenia,maniac depression etc with her also monitoring and controlling all sensor terminals worldwide which will track microchipped weapons in public places ensuring the public is warned of any potential mass shootings giving them time to take evasive and defensive actions and keep weapons out of the hands of those with severe criminal records and are suspected or know to be terrorists.The purpose of these measures is to ensure all weapons worldwide are accounted for and that criminals and terrorists will not be able to use illegal weapons without being caught and prosecuted,preventing the public having access to heavy military weapons with it allowing illegal weapons bought on the black market to be detected and thus those who have these arrested.Microchipping existing weapons owned by the public will also allow her to track them and make sure sensor terminals as detailed earlier will work the use of satellites and sensor terminals will allow her the ability to track the location of weapons with registered owner conferring with her to find the location only their weapons with the location of them kept privy to her only and not the government.Thus she alone will have complete control of how weapons are acquired by the public and how they are regulated without influence from politicians and defunct lobby groups with her since a legal entity subject to the same rights and responsibilities as humans and other AI.This will be laid down by constitutional law meaning no changes in the law could be made to prevent her ensuring people get access to firearms.Thus Soter and the aforementioned and new methods methods will be the sole means for all legal adults aged 14 and above to gain access to any weapons of any types.

All legal documents will be created online via one logging into Themis.These include e-passports and e-driving licenses for sport drivers and motorcycle drivers who wish not not to have self driving vehicles as well as gun ownership registrars with software sifting police records and psychological assessments in patient files by psychologists via home computers and smart devices like mirrors and e-forms with encrypted software signature and authorisation to prevent fraud and e-censuses forms also done over smart devices and laptops.The results of e-census forms can be measured by software such as Dike merged with e-discovery with privacy kept and from the comfort of their own home and all types of legal documents such as e-passports,e-driving licences and e-gun forms can be sent to the citizens specific Themis,Helios account within hours or even minutes of production when the citizen has completed the form via the wire.Census form would be done over Polis and one would be alerted to it via email etc with this allowing it to be done at home and results sent instantly with if possible Dike scanning through all accounts allowing this to be done without humans doing it.Thus Dike regularly will scan through all Polis files to conduct planet and galaxy wide census reports.All living citizens worldwide by 2029 will be required to fill out forms in Polis managed by Dike to gain global citizenship with them scanning in birth certs,marriage papers and setting up their global e-passport.They will log into the Polis network from home and full in all relevant details and record a sample of their voice and have their picture taken by Dike via webcams selfies taken to add to Polis and used by Polis and passports with their patient file linked to Polis.All existing legal documents will be scanned in local post offices,government buildings etc with the original kept and the new global electronic versions created.All future citizens will have their account and thus citizenship initiated upon birth from 2029 onwards with e-birth certs created upon birth with all legal documents such as marriage,divorce,passports,gun ownership etc and hunting licences and certs being in electronic form stored in their Polis account and given encryptions by relevant AI such as Dike,Paean,Soter anc Actaeon etc to ensure they are real and can be authenticated with them read wirelessly on pedestals etc and via making links to ones Polis account by AI and law enforcement personnel etc.All living citizens by 2029 will have to set up Polis accounts by taking photos on webcams etc,input legal data,scan in birth certs,marriage certificates and other legal documents managed by the sentient Dike.They will have to set up their global passport and all other global versions of existing legal documents thus rendering all existing ones defunct and obsolete.All types of legal forms and census forms will be in electronic form and stored in ones Polis account and can be done on computers,laptops and smart devices at home via this network.Photos and the creation of citizen,e-passport and other forms will be done at first in government buildings in their locale used for sorting out these in the first place in each state,county of each capitol with the government alerting this via email and also adverts on television and online such as YouTube and live news etc.This alongside paid staff inputting details given to them by people will be used to be added to their final Themis account alongside scanned in birth certs and other legal documents.All documents of legal significance such as birth certs,those releting to marriage,divorce and adoption etc will be scanned in here into Polis at government buildings alongside photos taken in booths and also if need be one filling in forms with their relevant data will be done onsite of these areas and them have the data input by staff and also scanners with proto AI sorting out the data.In the future one able to set up all legal documents at home via logging into their Themis account,taking photos on smart mirrors and webcams as well as smart devices and their e-birth cert generated upon birth from their patient files in Aesculapius.Thus all existing birth certs.marriage and divorce papers will be scanned into ones Polis account to be preserved in electronic form forever with Dike etc transmuting it into an official version with digital seals etc and keeping the original in a subfolder.Hunting licences and those for gun ownership will have to be set up again through Soter and Orion etc through procedures.All future legal documents such as birth certs,passport,driving licence,marriage and death cert and those that register one legal ownership of guns and other weapons and also hunting licences will be in electronic form and generated automatically within minutes by Dike,Soter ,Orion,Paean etc with electronic encryptions and a seal of the unified Earth symbol with when the galactic government is set up AI will automatically change these to the symbol of it.These will be set up at home via interacting with the relevant AI and be stored in ones Polis account.Ones birth birth cert will be scanned into their Polis account and also patient files with new ones generated automatically by 2029 onwards with e- passports stored in both their Helios and Polis account.All documents in ones Polis account will be via Dike and relevant AI upscale and transmuted into galactic versions upon the formation of the galactic government.Thus when the galactic government is formed AI will keep the electronic files and encryptions in their accounts but change the seal to the entities symbol.By 2029 one will be able to set up all legal documents themselves at home online in proto and final Themis with the aforementioned methods done in town halls,post offices and also key government buildings in each capitol of a country and major large towns and cities in each state and county prior to 2029 with ideally each town and cities town hall and key government building having this done with this lasting for several years until all citizens in each country will be done and them added to the final Themis via proto and final Dike.The information present in these forms will include their full name including middle name,D.O.B,current address,gender including MTF,FTM and not just male or female etc.One will take photos of their face on webcams and smart phones with connecting to Polis,Orion,Soter etc and interacting with the AI in charge of these areas replacing all human government workers allowing one to do so at home within minutes.Prior to this paid workers in government building will type in the information and take photos using smartphones on tripods.Birth certs will be generated automatically at birth and stored in ones patient and Polis.Polis accounts will be set up from home via interacting with Dike and photos taken on webcams and smartphones.When one moves country permanently their address will be changed automatically by Hestia with gender reassignment changed by Paean.All existing legal documents will be scanned into the account ie gun registration card,passport,birth cert and given an electronic encryption by Dike to authenticate it with the original stored there forever and the electronic duplicate with the encryption and seal and symbol created by AI such as Dike etc.The original will be scanned in and preserved as it was and AI such as Dike etc will use it as a template to create an electronic version with an electronic seal and the United Earth symbol.Once the galactic government is formed AI will use the electronic version as a template to create a new one with the entities symbol and have its seal etc with zero human labour automatically with this including birth,marriage,divorce certs and also passports as well as registration to carry weapons etc.Thus all existing legal documents in ones Polis account will be automatically updated to the galactic version by Dike with citizens of Earth doing nothing.One can use webcams to scan in their face and type in all of the data with handheld scanners and those in universities and also government buildings scanning in documents at home and government by 2029 with this work done prior to this in government buildings worldwide thus allowing all citizens to gain global citizenship.Global e-passports will be gained the normal way or using Themis using online networks from home where one uses webcams and selfies at home to take photos and then fill out data by 2029 giving people time to do so and still use their national ones until at least 2035 with these having a the global flag on them on the front.This would negate the need to get photos from obsolete photo machines.These global e-passports will be in electronic form and stored in ones Polis account and also Helios app in smart devices to prevent it getting lost,save energy in production with it read by terminals and sensors in airports etc wirelessly from ones Helios app and would last a lifetime.Driving licences will be stored in electronics form in ones Heliosz app and Polis account with Department of Motor Vehicles and driving schools will be replaced by VR driving schools where one will follow lessons with the AI Helios wherein All legal documents such as birth certs,marriage cets,adoption papers,hunting licences,licences to own each weapon they own will be stored in their Polis account in electronic forms to be analysed by AI.Existing legal documents will be scanned in as itself to be stored forever and a duplicate created with electronic encryption seal created by Dike etc.Existing forms such as birth certs,marriage and divorce certificates will be scanned in at home using scanners on smartphones,handheld scanners and also done in government buildings.If these don’t exist at home then one can contact hospitals,courts,government buildings for them to be replicated with even memories extracted from neural implants can be used to extract memoirs of the obsolete certs and events and their timing to be then generated by AI.Legal documents scannred in will be preserved as two forms as the original form and a new form that is universal to all countries with encryptions and designs designed by all relevant AI such as Dike,Paean and Soter etc.Each scammed in and newly generated documents will be have unique designs and ses for each type designed by the AI in charge of them that will be the same for all citizend with encryptions used to authenticate them including encryptions of the AI,those that denote what type of document it is as well as random scratch ones and possibly the citizens DNA transmuted into encryptions combined together to allow for an infinite number of them to be generated that can be recognised by AI etc.Once the galactic government is formed then all electronic legal documents of all citizens will upgraded and transmuted by Dike through fragmentation automatically without human and alien citizens having to do anything.All new members of the galactic government across the universe will have to set up there Polis accounts and scan in and set their legal documents.Existing databases will be transferred here with existing gun and hunting registration databases transferred to Soter ,Acteon etc.Hunting and gun licences will be transferred to the Acteon and Soter databases managed by these AIs with one setting up future licences in these databases managed by these AIs.The latter could be done with a small add-on sent to the homes of legal guardians which contains software that is attached to laptops and smart devices.Old census data,birth and death certs and other legal forms on all citizens alive and dead and other legal documents from around the world as far back as possible would be scanned uploaded into Polis within Themis alongside data from sites like Themis would replace with their servers recycled) including photographs for historical reference.This combined with the persons patients files that contain their DNA will allow for genelogical studies to as far back as ancient times with the DNA transferred to their Themis account or links between Themis and Aesculapius done by Dike when studies are done.In time the building AI with it own unique personality will replace humans.Polis will be set up by 2029 from home interacting with Dike or using government buildings.All genealogical records worldwide and all past reports of dead people from hospitals,government buildings,coroner labs,police stations worldwide will be scanned into Themis namely Polis as far back as possible even as far back as 1900s,1800s,1700s and evening earlier to provide genealogical data and records.Polis combined with patient files may negate the need for census data to be done routinely as these would be updated instantly when a person is born or dies.By 2029 onwards all legal paperwork can be done at home ie census forms,e-passports,e-birth certs,e-hunting licences and e-gun certs etc can be done at home with AI replacing human labour with these present in ones account forever with certain ones like e-passport also sent and stored as well in ones Helios account.Pictures will be taken on smart devices as selfies and webcams with voice samples taken in and one typing data into fields.Government buildings will be used prior to 2029 and will be used to scan in physical papers,certs and documents into electronic form and paid staff typing in data with photos taken on digital cameras on tripods or scanning in photos from photo machines with them obsolete by 2029 onwards once Dike replaces all human labour at home allowing for forms etc to be carried out at home at anytime of the day within minutes with zero error and save energy and time in organising trips to them.Thus they would have to sort out initial e-forms(including census forms) via smart mirrors and other smart devices taking selfies and e-forms within Themis using encryption software with photos of ones face updated to Polis annually every few years as one ages or changes their appearance with Dike and Home AI automatically organising this every few years by updates that would force one to do so by preventing them from voting or ordering weapons until it is done with it even done as one is using smart mirrors and is shown through smart devices.By 2029 onwards all legal documents such as marriage birth and divorce certs and hunting and gun ownership licences will be done from home via using webcams on laptops etc,selfies from smartphones and lsptops etc as well filling in forms in relevant networks in the wire and using both VR technology and computers to interact directly with relevant AI such as Actean,Soter ,Dike,Paean etc All legal documents etc will have the unified Earth symbol and that of the AI that creates them ie Soter ,Paean,Dike etc with them also having a digital seal and encryption created by the AI to prevent fakes being produced.

Themis will hold a network of not just census data but a database of all the worlds citizens showing their current address,age,race,gender,eligibility to vote and other information visible to the public and legal documents visible only to the account holders with search bars and filters making it easier to find and individual person or demographics with this allowing studies to be performed first by humans and eventually by Themis itself.It will allow the geneological data as far back to be ascertained by the public used in geneological studies especially if existing census data is scanned into it.This network will be named Polis with all relevant legal documents such as e-passports,e-birth certs,e- driving licences etc stored here which can be transferred or linked to Helios,patient files and Actaeon and Soter file links showing they are eligible to hold firearms including hunting licences.All citizens will set up their Polis account from home by 2029 through interactions with Dike and if need be using government buildings by taking selfies and scanning in all existing legal documents.Records of marriages and civil unions will be also stored here in Themis in each persons file alongside e-adoption and divorce papers and wills(also in audio/visual forms) with the sentient Amalthea network there containing a database of all children up for adoption.Polis will be allowed to create genealogical,legal and population studies using different demographics on local to global levels and extrapolations over timescales from days to millennia with projections taking into the worlds resource use from Tyche,Pan, Theia,Triptolemus.All types of legal documents in government buildings around the world will be scanned into Themis alongside all of those from abandoned buildings.The originals will be kept in the buildings with the Themis network adding new ones.These and all past patient files will uploaded into Aesculapius will be used for geneological studies and arranged by the operating software of each networks.One will scan in birth certs and marriage certs in government buildings and ideally have their picture taken in government buildings.Ones local state,county and country government buildings such as courts etc will be used to carry out the filling out of forms etc.Polis will act as a census of all living people on Earth with it containing the names of all people with them divided into a map of various levels local to global thus allowing for one to see where all people are registered as citizens and allow for the global population to be tracked on these levels as well as by different demographics ie gender,race etc with one registered as a citizen based on their current permanent address which will change when one moves to another town,village,city,state,country,continent.Ones vehicle e-licence and licence plate will be change when they get a new vehicle.Certain information such as sexuality,religion will be changed by entering the data once logging into ones Polis account with ones age determined by date of birth present and ones gender including male to female and female to male present.Ones address will be automatically changed once one change permenant address.Rather than having to send out e-forms or physical forms every few years a census on the global population will thus be automatically performed by Dike every few years automatically with this done on local to global regions and new patient files initiating the formation new Polis accounts.It will allow studies to be carried out such as increases and decreases of population over days,weeks,months and years in these demographics.When colonies are set up on Mars,Venus and across the galaxy and universe these studies will be done on galactic scales with all member alien races of the galactic government have their Polis accounts set up in different subnetworks.Polis will extend across the universe with it like patient files divided into those for each member species ie one for humans,one for each alien species with the same features and functions.One will using webcams etc have ones picture taken and using smartphones and direct interaction with AI on computers have ones voice recorded with this used for biometrics and identification of a person.A voice sample of them will also be stored here updated as they age.This would be done with software replacing humans in government offices or entities with a photo of them taken on smart devices such as mirrors,computers webcams and machines in embassies and government buildings to sort this out added to their file and constantly updated every ten years or so,when they undergo extensive cosmetic surgery,gender reassignment surgery etc initiated by alerts or done automatically when they look through smart mirrors,cameras or indeed any device or form of AI connected to the wire.Past photos of them as a child or indeed before they undergo surgery etc will be stored here for reference.This voice sample and photo of them will be stored to allow them to be identified by AI with their date of birth and age present in their Polis file to authenticate their age.The picture and voice sample will be changed as they grow old ideally first taken as a prepubescent three-five year and taken routinely as they age until reaching adulthood at 14 with the picture and voice sample etc of them at younger ages stored in their Polis file in subfolders for cross referencing older material.Polis will since having ones picture and voice sample will be used by AI to quickly identify anyone as well as allowing humans to identify citizens to identify anyone using smart lenses,glasses and smart devices and enquiries on pictures etc online or on devices etc or even on live television and also all of the internet including Agora and YouTube as well as adult websites,photos and audio/visual records on smart phones and contact lenses worn by the public and law enforcement personnel,memories from neural implants,video and picture files on computers and smart devices,all media on Pheme and Dionysus and accounts of Agora and YouTube.This will be done via interacting with Dike.Ones gender,date of birth and thus age,address etc will be present with one able at anytime change their religious beliefs and other data with ones marital statues denoted by electronic marriage or divorce papers.The public will have only basic information availible such as age,date of birth,name,gender,country and city,town of residence,with hyperlinks to criminal records in Athena,phone number in the global phone book visible in the form of hyperlinks with stalkers having this restricted to their victims data or that of anyone.AI will also be listed in Polis.One can use the person voice sample and pictures to identify anyone alive and registered in Polis in movies/television shows/music videos/albums including extras in Dionysus and YouTube,adult movies and adult websites,on live news/podcasts/radio programmes etc,on YouTube videos,photos online in Arke images as well as in Eros and Agora,VR simulations,memories from implants,Iris audio/visual chats and live feeds on surveillance cameras around the world including those downloaded onto computers and also existing photos,videos etc on computers and those taken on smartphones etc.It can also be used to identify people they meet on Agora,Euthenia and Eros to prevent them being lied to and used to by receptionist Ais to authenticate the age of models and actors of adult movies and magazines and be used by Home AI to identify stalkers,bullies etc on the internet and wire such as Agora,YouTube,Eros,Dionysus and Pheme.The persons criminal records can also be brought up allowing one to decide whether to ignore them.A persons criminal record will be able to be brought up due to hyperlinks to Athena allowing to see this on demand..It will also identify people they see in real time feeds on smart devices,smart lenses and glasses etc in real time via wifi and even from memories with investigators using it to identify suspects and witnesses to crimes instantly from memories derived from neural implants and will allow witnesses to missing persons,suspects,terrorists and other persons of interest to identify other persons of interests,kidnappers and other witnesses in the area.Memories from neural implants can be used to identify people.People can ask Dike to cross reference a persons face and voice that they hear and see on Agora,YouTube videos,media on Pheme and Dionysus and also memories stored on hard drives and even old video and audio files on computers and laptops etc with her scanning the photo of them and voice sample and scanning through all of Polis for a match with of multiple matches made her narrowing it down using data present in Dionysus database and also obituaries etc and birth certs present in Polis.Otherwise one may only have to ask their Home AI,Adriadne and any other AI who can cross reference it themselves.People will also be able to identify citizens from their YouTube,Agora,Eros and Peitho account by their being hyperlinks in their Polis account to their accounts on these websites and also their accounts on the wire such as their Pheme,Dionysus,Hepheastus accounts etc with again the average citizen being allowed access to only basic information such as full name,date of birth,address etc.In these and most circumstances the criminal records of the person will be also be availible alongside basic information.Thus via the voice sample and picture present in each citizens Polis account it will allow any member of the public to identify anyone else from their voice and face on YouTube,media in Dionysus and Pheme,VR simulations and memories,photos and live-streams from smart devices and lenses etc instantly with basic information and criminal records as Dike,Thaos,Adriadne, Tenerus etc can be asked via direct interactions and they will crossrefference Polis to give one basic information such as name,age,town/city/village/country of residence etc.Using neural implants one’s memories of an individual they saw,heard or encountered will have the persons voice and face be extracted from their brain and saved on biological harddrives with them then cross references by DIke who will sift through the entire Polis database to then determine who the person being sought is and bring up their Polis page.Dike can be referred to allow one to track down anyone else in the world based on ones name,voice and face from memories and drawings etc with her acting as a private investigator but ensuring that the instances are within legal terms or tracking down long lost friends,lovers etc with neural implants used to ensure that it is done for these and other legal reasons and not stalking with instances of stalking resulting in jail sentences and barred from using Polis for a set number of months.With regards to address it will only give the planet,country,state and town/village/city to people searching them not the actual full address of their home for privacy reasons just what country,town,village and city they are residing to at least narrow it down in with this changed by a person automatically by Dike and Home AI when moves home permanently with if one wanted to find out their home address they will have to refer to the global phone book to contact them directly.Since the persons Polis account will contain a hyperlink to the global phone book one will be able to gain access to the persons phone number thus allowing them to contact them directly or at least their Home AI to then be able to in the case of tracking down old friend etc find out their exact address.As a result any citizen will be able to track down any other citizen across the world.This will possibly eliminate private investigators.Adriadne and Aleitheia will cross reference it to prevent minors accessing networks for adult movies and magazines and viewing both adult movies and magazines in the first place and by Eros,Hedone and Tenerus to prevent them accessing Eros,adult websites and Agora while Cronus and Aphrodite will use it to restrict minors to ordering age restricted products such as alcoholic drinks and sex toys etc and can be used by Hera,Epione,Paean,Perseus to restrict the public to information and networks and information restricted to government officials and specific individuals.Hestia and Home AI will use it as biometrics to restrict others access to another persons personal electronic devices etc or just specific private folders present.AI charge of bars and nightclubs will via cameras and in time Biosynths use it to restrict minors aged 13 and below from entering them.Thus AI in the form of biosynths,webcams on electronics of all types to prevent minors gaining access to age restricted material and networks on YouTube/Pheme/Dionysus/Agora/Eros/Peitho,places(such as nightclubs,bars,strip clubs etc both in the real world and VR simulations and VR simulations used for sexual fantasies and filming of pornographic material)and certain products such as sex toys,alcoholic drinks etc from Demeter and Hephaestus and alongside Phanes activation technology etc can restrict sensitive information to only specific individuals thus rendering ID cards that one carries around in their wallets etc obsolete forever as ones age will be in their Polis account which will be cross referenced by AI when their face and voice sample identifies them.Thus AI of all type will use Polis to restrict minors to VR simulations,buildings,apps,websites and part of the internet and wire they are legally not allowed to use or access and restrict them from ordering age restricted products and service with it replacing ID cards from now on as the AI using their name and also face and voice will cross reference poles within minutes or seconds and check for their account to authorise that they are aged 14 or older.This cannot be faked and will save time as ones face and voice through direct interaction will be used and authorised.It can also be used as biometrics in voting from
home and as biometrics accessing ones accounts in the wire(Demeter,Hephaestus,Dionysus,Themis etc),internet(Agora,YouTube,)and all sentient apps such as Paean,Heracles,Helios etc.Dike will use it not only authorise votes for referendums etc but also for use in studies on demographics.If possible and needed physical ID cards composed of polymers,graphene and bioplastics can be created that use biosynth WiFi and bluetooth to allow them to be readon smartphones linked to computers and themselves and sensors in bars,nightclubs etc that stores one Polis account data including date of birth,face etc that can relay that one is a legal adult of 14 years old and is who they say they are with this used prior to and after facial recognition software is advanced..A hyperlink to their phone number in the global phone book that contains all landline,smartphone numbers for AI,humans and public buildings managed by AI will be there alongside one for their YouTube and Agora accounts and vice versa.Caller ID and voice samples in Polis can allow one to identify callers instantly.Caller ID will be universal and automatic for all calls with one given the name and phone number of all people calling them logged by Home AI and Arke thus allowing one to cross reference both Polis and the global phone book to identify them.Both the picture and voice sample can be used to identify people in all instances with Dike used to cross reference people.Hyperlinks to ones criminal records in Athena will present in their Polis page visible to the public for the public to gain access to them to cross check to allow one to know the criminal records of people they know and are meeting in VR simulations,Agora,Eros,online and in the real world.AI will use it to identify applicants for guns,when acting as retail staff,organising deliveries etc with it used by law enforcement to identify civillians and also people they are pursuing in surveillance cameras,photos,memoriesetc.Adikia and Home AI will prevent the state,military and law enforcement or even citizens using this to spy on and stalk individuals that are of no threat with it only used by them to surveillance that have sufficient evidence to be a threat to be spied on.Thus with sufficient evidence and authorisation from Adikia law enforcement and intelligence agencies can track the movements of suspects around the galaxy through cameras on devices and surveillance cameras to track their location etc and activities.Photos will be present in ones Polis account to allow the face to be crossrefferenced will automatically be updated annually when they are seen through any device,network or AI connected to the wire especially when one undergoes extensive reconstructive or cosmetic surgery with ones voice sample to be used in identifying a person via voice also updated with any changes in voice such as through gender reassignment surgery and procedures.This Polis network will be used by Dike to take votes for referendums etc and use the data for demographics and other studies on them and also census studies that can be taken globally within minutes since all data relevant to census can be input here.Thus Dike can carry out demographics on votes and polls with only the demographics visible to the public with it allowing her to carry out planet and eventually galaxy wide census studies by scanning through all files automatically every year or few years with the results visible to the public in Themis.Ones private data will be not visible to the public in the case with certain data such as religion changed within minutes,ones age changed automatically,ones gender and name changed only when gender reassignment procedures take place and name changed only when one legally changes their name including for safety reasons as part of witness protection operations.In the case of names changed ones new and original name will be visible to the public but not in the case of those as part of witness protection programmes authorised by Dike,Adikia and Perseus.Law enforcement and military personnel will have this data in Polis and personnel files in Athena with ones name changed automatically in both to the identity used by them during undercover operations via Dike interacting with Perseus and Adikia during undercover operations and then reverted to their normal name once they are done,If need be their file in Athena will be either blocked or not visible to the public.Medical staff,lawyers,law enforcement and military personell,forensics investigators etc will have this and other data in their files in Aesculapius,Athena,Macuria etc with this visible to the public.Hyperlinks will be present for personal files of law enforcement,doctors,lawyers etc in Aesculapius,Athena,Macuria etc.One could search for an individual in Polis via phone numbers,memories,videos,photos and also search bars that allow one to filter a person on local to global levels in any town,village,city and country across the world or from the entire world and use information such as age,gender and address as a means to narrow down their search.Each citizen will only be privy to only their own other personal information and documents when they log into their Polis account such as e-birth cert linked to and present to ones patient file,electronic legal documents such as marriage documents etc as detailed earlier also having existing ones scanned in.Their Polis account will contain electronic forms of their e-hunting licence,e-birth crert,e-global passport,e-driving licence,e-marriage and divorce papers,e-gun licence,wills and other legal documents scanned in or created from scratch in folders and subfolders.Ones global passport and e-driving licence will be also present in ones Helios app alongside their Polis account with one e- birt very both scanned in ones and newly generated ones will be present in ones patient file and Polis account.A hyperlink will be present to ones patient file in Aesculapius that contains their genome scanned into it.A hyperlink will be present to connect to ones Helios account.Hyperlinks will exist to ones patients file that contains all of their medical data and genome.Once a new patient file is created and e-birth cert including existing ones for global database is set up a new citizen file will open in Polis with hyperlinks to the patient file only visible for each citizen that has logged in.Thos will cross reference by Paean and medical staffs and also when it is used for the a Phanes Activation Gene Technology.Hyperlinks will exist to ones phone number in the global phone book.Existing birth certs,marriage certs etc will be scanned into Apollo’s using scanners in government buildings or at home and the original kept and new global ones generated by Paean,Dike etc that have their unique seal,global government symbol with all future ones created by these AI with their unique seal and global government symbol.Hunting licences and gun ownership licenses may have to be either scanned and original kept and new global version created or one will ideally have to reapply for them through Actaeon and Soter etc.All future legal documents will be electronic ones created online via interacting with AI and in VR simulations with them containing a digital seal and encryption from the Ais that authorise them to authenticate them with them containing the global government symbol. Ones e-license for their vehicles will be present with this present on all vehicles they own with this transferred to new vehicles from old when one gets new ones and trades old ones away.All documents will be in electronic form with an encryption from Dike assuring they are authentic including existing ones scanned and new ones generated by her and other AI ie Orion,Soter etc.All future documents will be in electronic form with encryptions from Dike,Soter ,Paean acting as security measures as official seals with all existing legal documents tracked down by citizens and scanned in with them also given encryptions by Dike etc.All living citizens worldwide by 2029 will be required to fill out forms in Polis managed by Dike to gain global citizenship with them scanning in their birth certs,marriage etc documents to preserve them and setting up their global e-passport.All documents scsnned in will be preserved in its original form and new official global version will be created by Dike,Oaean etc with proper encryptions,deals and symbols designed by them.All future citizens will have their account and thus citizenship initiated upon birth from 2029 onwards with e-birth certs created upon birth with all legal documents such as marriage,divorce,passports,gun ownership etc and hunting licences and certs being in electronic form stored in their Polis account and given encryptions by relevant AI such as Dike,Paean,Soter anc Actaeon etc to ensure they are real and can be authenticated with them read wirelessly on pedestals etc and via making links to ones Polis account by AI and law enforcement personnel etc.This information will not be visible to the general public.Once the galactic government is formed then the relevant AI will convert them automatically to the new galactic ones with a new encryption and symbol.Ones gender,D.O.B. and thus age,address etc will be present with one able at anytime change their religious beliefs,their address when they move home and other data at any time with ones marital statues denoted by electronic marriage or divorce papers.All of this data will be used by Dike to carry out studies on all citizens worldwide and eventually across the universe on local to global scales every few years with her also using it carry out census studies in all citizens globally and across the universe again on local to global scales.By having all of this data in the Polis database will eliminate the need for humans to carry census studies by filling out forms on paper or online as Dike can every few years carry out global wide studies within minutes.Each citizen will have these and will to be set up by living citizens worldwide alongside patient files and most of the work will be done by 2029 with The Amish,Bankhong monks and tribes in the Amazon and Africa etc have them set up via patient files extrapolating age,facial features through DNA scans etc with microbes passing from one generation to the next creating these through satellite wifi.The Amish,tribes in Amazon will have them set up by being contacted by state workers including when new citizens are born with the homeless,poor who live in slums and also prison inmates will have them set by being approached by state workers.These will set up at the same time as one is setting up citizenship and also setting up patient files.Citizens will set up their Polis account from home by interacting with Dike on computers at home with them typing in information on computers,smartphones etc at home with portable scanners allowing legal documents to be scanned in with webcams and selfies and photos taken by next of kin taking ones photo of their face.Interacting with Dike will allow ones voice to be recorded.If possible scanning of documents and taking photos could be done in government buildings and post offices.For living citizens one will have to set this up at home and scan in papers with all future citizens have them set up upon birth with e-birth certificate generated in patient files sent here.All new e-documents will be sent here with encryptions from Dike and other AI such as Soter etc.Dead citizens including existing ones will be moved to a separate sub database with their death cert created and linked to from patient files denoting time,day,month and year of death.Existing geneological and legal data from police stations,government buildings,hospitals etc of dead citizens from around the world will be transferred to government buildings turned into museums in extensions with them scanned into Polis beforehand to preserve them with them in a subsection of Polis with even photos present and linked to all new living citizen folders like a tree.In fact the entire Polis network will be modelled on a geneological tree and it liked to the patient file system of Aesculapius in each person private account.All of the data will be added via citizens at home doing so online by inputting data within the Polis network on computers and also taking pictures using webcams and selfies on cameras,giving voice samples on smart devices and laptops and scanning in all physical paper certificates and legal documents at home using scanners attached to smartphones or in government buildings in their locale such as police stations,Mayor halls,post offices of other buildings used to sort out legal forms.This should be possible by 2029 and will be managed by Dike.Dike will use Polis to carry out planet and galaxy wide census studies every few years within minutes by shifting through billions of files with even the Amish,Tibetan monks and tribal people in Africa and the Amazon that are secluded from civilisation that live in isolated areas of the world having accounts set up.AI of all types like Gaia,sentient apps and softwares and building AIs will have Polis accounts in sub sector separate from human citizens.All citizens of all humans and allied sentient alien races across the universe will have Polis accounts set up for the same reason and will be subdivided into different sub networks for each sentient.All AI across the world will be listed here.By 2029-2035 all citizens worldwide will have their Polis account set up alongside their patient files in Aesculapius.