All future manufactured products from around the world such as clothing,vehicles,toys,manufactured food products etc will be designed by the public in the universal sentient designer software Pandora and then uploaded to the relevant sub networks of Hephaestus making them available to everyone worldwide with them created in local manufacturing hubs.Hepheastus will be modelled on Amazon and all products will be processed in local manufacturing hubs that contain all types of factories.This give the public an almost infinite amount of manufactured products to choose from and allow anyone who has an idea for any type of new manufactured product to reach a global audience without the need to start corporations or government assistance or government interference.All existing manufactured products of all types will be scanned into Hephaestus to preserve them forever.Ideally large single global universal cloud network within Hephaestus should be developed to manage the listing of manufactured goods developed by the global community divided and subdivided into their individual networks/folders giving consumers choice of products from all other consumers worldwide as well as connecting all manufacturing factories,3D printing machines in factories and community centres and vehicles concerned with transporting goods worldwide.When a consumer selects a product for order they could be given the choice of whether to have it 3D printed or made by automated machinery,if is made on ones own 3D printer or which factory or community centre in the region/nation/world containing these machinery and printers etc to have it produced in and thus transported from(with the network detailing the amount of time it would take for it to reach them and collective energy used in transportation from each factory with other considerations taken into account-see later)as well as what material;wood type,stone type,type of glass,type of plastic or textile etc. and size to have it composed of in the case of clothing and fashionwear,furniture,household items and other products using boxes to this in.Each product will have the option to choose what material and textile each part of them ie cover of electronics,parts of clothing,exterior and seating and even wheels etc of vehicles or the entire thing is composed of for ultimate customisation with if possible submenus and sub pages housing these as well negating the need for new pages to be created.Clothing,furniture,electronics,vehicles will allow one to choose the materials that each part of it composed of ranging from graphene,precious gems,precious metals,minerals,any type of wood etc.Furniture and even electronics will allow one to decide what materials it is composed by ticking boxes or typing it in ie graphene,carbon composites,ornamental rocks,precious metals and even precious gems and minerals like diamond,ruby,jade etc as well as type of wood.Clothes and furniture as well as seats in vehicles will allow one to type in what synthetic,plant and animal textile it is composed of via typing it in.Vehicles will allow the hood ornaments,tyres,licence plates,seats,symbols,alloy wheels to be customised with them stored in subfolders that one could design,alter and add with this subfolder either being universal for all vehicles in a subfolder by itself etc that can be brought up within Pandora.Homes and all types of buildings will have not just the interior and exterior scanned in with furniture removed but all fittings and fixtures such as doors,toilets,sinks,jacuzzies,tiling,baths etc will be scanned in a stored in separate subfolders to be modified and allow one to choose different versions of these for their home to pick and mix for these with people scanning in their own homes with software removing furniture to be replicated or modified.Electronics will allow one to choose the storage capacity,RAM,processing power within the confines of its size with biological harddrives and nanoprocessors present in millions of microbes on square inch of graphene able to house 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB of storage space as well as RAM and 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors with them and vehicles alongside Arges batteries allow one to chose the type of battery present to determine the charging time,lifespan and length of each charge suitable to them with Talus,Gaia and Home AI aiding them in choosing the best type of batteries and also even RAM,processing speeds suited to their needs ie if a laptop is to be used for playing video games it will suggest the best graphics cards etc to choose for it and so on and thus make each electronic suited to their individual needs.This will allow electronics of all types to be fully customised with the details added via tickboxes,bars to input the information and even direct interaction with Talus.As detailed earlier on measures will be made to ensure what the consumer orders in terms of memory will exactly what is chosen with software that takes up space removed or better means of reading the data.Different specifications,patterns and designs and also colours of a product will be saved on a submenu within the items page that bring up a sub page or photo with this of relevance to smart devices,clothes,shoes,laptops and vehicles that currently have items that are same product just in different colours.Thus each product ie electronics,clothing,vehicles etc will instead of creating extra item pages with minor differences will have the ability to create a version of the same product with different patterns,colours like already exists in clothing,vehicles and electronics such as iPhones where different coloured versions exists where these different patterns and colours can be stored in the main products page as a submenu that’s one can use arrows to navigate them with one using an enlarge button to make the submenu bigger to scroll through dozens or hundreds at a time and select them or exit it using an “x” button.An edit button can exist to open up Pandora and use the product as a baseline to create new patterned versions and even entirely different products with their own product page.All scanned in existing products will have their different patterned and coloured versions put into submenus for their products main page.New items can have them altered to have the patterns etc altered that are then added to a submenu.This submenu can be moved along using arrows and even opened up in a different window that has all altered versions brought up on a larger page and window that can be scrolled up and down to allow one to scroll through all sub versions of a products much more efficiently.Colours of entire products or sections,designs or patterns on a product can be chosen by a colour wheel or typing in the saturation percentage of red,green and blue with them cross referenced with all known colours stored in Artemis transferred from Wikipedia and fill colour option used to fill in entire sections or have the coloured in like crayons.Otherwise the same features of Dulux visualiser that allows one to take a colour from a photo or live feed of a specific item and save it for future items can be fitted into Pandora.With regards to gems and glass products the hue and colours can be decided and made with appropriate minerals added to its matrix with other colours have dyes.A reset button can reset it to the default colour of that product.The submenus can also house different versions of them that have them composed of different materials with for clothing different textiles,for electronics and vehicles different metals etc.These submenus can also house a cloud network of all symbols created by the general public to be put into the back of electronics and vehicles etc.An edit button will be present that allows one to use existing items as a baseline for completely new items by opening up Pandora with the items with this used to create different patterned or coloured versions of each product.All symbols to be placed on items will created in Pandora and stored in a specific sub menu one can ring up when editing them.Certain items can be customised without being uploaded to Hephaestus to have ones name or the name of receivers of them as gifts such as clothing,toys,electronics etc have their names engraved,stitched etc onto them without adding them in submenus.This combination of designing products on software,uploading of official designs from the past and artisans/designers,product recognition software and modification of these products by other members of the public and homemade varieties will allow consumers to have an almost infinite catalogue of manufactured goods to choose from available on this network and thus the global public instantly without the need for designers to be competing for market share,supply and demand,funding and start up costs with it available forever to the global public without the threat of sales etc leaving it unavailable to the public.This will render corporations involved in the manfacture of all types of goods obsolete with zero state interference.The fact that it will be a single global universal network will mean that billions of people of all ages from around the world will be able to upload designs of all products making the products availible to all consumers worldwide instantly with ones language settings translating all pages into their language negating the need for regional versions of the network.This will be upscaled to Mars,Venus and the rest of the universe with existing manufactured goods of alien races scanned in and all future goods designed by them added here thus making it the universal cloud network for all manufactured goods across the universe with all colonies including those of alien races housing manufacturing hubs.Notions of it requiring effort and work will be debunked by it taking at most several minutes to and hour to design any product of each type with VR simulations using the time dilation effect will allow one to design thousands of products of all types in a short amount of time.Such an idea that merely using Pandora qualifies as hard work would be more ridiculous than it already is with research and development done by human and AI researchers at universities and hospitals around the world with the development of sentient AI by 2029 will create a positive feedback where AI would be able to do more research 24/7,365 days a week much faster than human researchers thus bringing research and development costs to zero.Any human researchers would do research by themselves for the intrinsic value and not monetary value as the lack of having to vie or compete for funding for research grants and equipment scientists at universities will no longer be restricted in their ability to carry out any research they wish with all of them having the most advanced machinery and robots etc meaning scientific research will be accelerated exponentially.Aphrodite will ensure that all designed products and those scanned in will be patent and copyright free leading them to available to everyone they are legally availible to for free with adult products restricted to those of the legal age and weapons availible only to those legally decided to be able to procure them by Soter as detailed later on to undergoe VR simulations and gene scans from patient files to show they are legally and mentally fit.Advertising could be done ones Home AI and also Aphrodite and the sentient operating software of the Hephaestus networks creating them alongside the creator of the product using VR technology and also Ampelos that will be directed to people in YouTube videos,magazines,newspapers and live news and podcasts based on their demographics and downloaded products managed by the AIs of that and other sites interacting with their Home AI etc.These would all be stored in the page of the product within Hephestus.Analytics,market research and similar work would be done by software integrated into Hephaestus.Human resources,accounting and other staff would be made redundant thus making corporate hierarchies structures redunant.The lack of staff such as accountants,HR departments taken over by AI that would be redundant would also push costs to zero alongside factory workers replaced by manufacturing hubs managed by AI and robotics.Chrysus,Persephone and in time pictoech fabricators and fusion power etc will also push the cost of raw materials to zero.This will all make all products both old and new by law completely free to everyone.Furthermore it will lead to boundless innovation for all types of manufactured goods with large numbers of the public using creativity to create new types of homes,electronics,vehicles,toys etc.The consumer will be able to alter the size(from inputting it on a computer or through smart mirrors),colours(of the overall piece or specific patterns),patterns and logos,pictures put on it,colours,decide what material or textile it is composed of etc,whether to have silicene/graphene/spray on seacell integrated to make it smart clothing and choose to save it on the cloud or not.Ideally changes in textiles,what material each part or the entire thing is made of,colour of the entire product or sections will be selected onsite rather than save as an extra file.Colours and colour patterns can be chosen via colour scales or photos taken from the internet or from a wall or surface of different real world physical manufactured goods.They may also choose to have it created via 3D printers or machinery at home or in community centres to cut down on energy in transportation with this of note to toys,household items etc that are small items that would be energy intensive to transport a small item with in time nanotech and picotech fabricators allowing for any items except vehicles to be made at home.When they do decide to save a modified version on the page containing the original it will show a series of clickable picture hyperlinks linking to all modified versions of that product to show the evolution of trends in fashion and product change.Likewise each modified version will have a clickable picture to the original.With regards to clothing scanned in via Aphrodite product recognition software this will also apply with each part of the suit put into its specific folder and subfolder alongside accessories such as jewellery,corsages,bags,footwear,hairstyles and tattoos associated from the person on the video or photo/picture into their specific folders and sub-folders with again each piece of clothing and different different type of accessory then connected to each other via clickable photos in one section of the products page in their folder in their sectors with each piece also having a section.Each piece will having a photo of the source material ie. the person wearing it in the video/photo/picture/movie and television show with the source of origin listed ie, name of YouTube video,advert,video game,movie or television show etc.,fashion show,fashion designer,celebrity known wearing it(these source of origins and still would also apply to other products such as furniture,glassware,vehicle etc.Linking different parts of a costume or gear together this way will allow an individual to order a single part of each costume or gear or select them all for order if they desire,If the consumer scans in an existing product via this Aphrodite product recognition software and scanners scanned into and uploaded to the wire via Pandora the cloud will simply direct them to the existing version of it rather than overwriting it or creating a duplicate similar to to the scanning feature on Oshbots.Any duplicates noticed by AI will be deleted.With regards to products from these media they will be organised or grouped in their own subfolders for each sub network separate and grouped together with the items page having a hyperlink to these folders for example in the clothing sub network their will be a folder containing all the clothing scanned in via this software from a particular television series(all episodes and seasons) say one folder for Friends,another for Babylon 5,another for The Simpsons and so on with the same method applying to film and video game series and music videos grouped by artist as well as fashion shows grouped by year/season designer and awards ceremonies grouped by both year and type i.e the Oscars and Emmys.Then they will be the folders for each video game,music video,film/tv series in each sub network ie. All the paintings extracted from a television show/movie in painting network,all the vehicles from each type of media and titles in vehicles network and so on to ensure everything is organised and easy to access.Otherwise they could be in normal folders with the rest of the items in that series in clickeable hyperlinks in a scroll bar with the scroll bar present or a clickeable link to the folders for each media.In this option one could type in the name of the media and brought to a page of the media that has all manufactured goods subdivided by type and subtype and links to these items pages given names by AI.Television shows can have folders and subfolders for seasons and episodes that contain all manufactured goods subdivided by type and subtype and links to these items pages with items present in all seasons in a separate universal folder.The items page will contain a photo of it in the media it appeared in and a link to the show/episode,movie,video game,YouTube video,advert,photo online it is from.Scanning products via this method will automatically open up Pandora and the file with the colours,shape and patterns etc. set into it already when opened where it will be uploaded automatically to the wire and altered.Altered versions of these scanned in products will be in the main sections of the sub-network(again in relevant folders) linked via clickable pictures saved again onto the wire.Alterrrtively items,CGI video game/movie characters in the sixth sub network of the Dionysus network can be transferred to the relevant sub networks and folders,sub-folders of Hephaestus and thus upscaled with software Pandora etc. or the reverse can occur with designs and products in the Hephaestus networks being downscaled for use in video games,cartoons and movies and tv shows that are cartoons and CGI movies etc.Real 3D scanned maps of buildings such as homes public buildings,historical sites and wilderness environments such as beaches,caves,forests etc present in Artemis can be downscaled into statues and home ornaments etc.Designs printed,milled or etched onto each these as stated before can be derived from extracting designs from other items,patterns within folders of each sub-network of this network, from patterns and items in the Dionysus second network with software in Pandora etc converting 3D items into 2D items and vice versa.Photos,paintings,posters from the internet,Hephaestus and Apollo can be printed onto them with designs and symbols from internet photos being extracted or “cut out” from their background and stored here using photoshop.Products including items for use in jewellers and statues,paintings,vehicles,statues of characters and in game statues etc can be gained by Aphrodite extracting their files from discs or even those stored in Dionysus.Items in most of the sub-networks can be transferred to the toys section where they will be downscaled and vice versa which will be done by Aphrodite.With regards to products designed by people can showcase their work with the rest of the world in for example fashion shows of clothes they designed done in local community fashion shows with in time these designs then possibly reaching Milan and other famous shows using famous modls via exposure on YouTube and the Hephaestus network or if they catch the attention of celebrities they may be featured on the red carpet of the Oscars and other ceremonies and in movies thus increasing their global exposure and compete with the big names of designers with the same also with regards to other products they may design such as toys,vehicles etc.Alternatively virtual fashion shows as detailed later on can be recorded and uploaded to YouTube and the designers account on Hephaestus with the highest rated virtual fashion shows appearing on fashion sites or within the fashion sector of Hephaestus.One can if they see an item in a new or old movie,television show,video game,magazine,awards ceramonies can have ones Homes AI locate it in Hephaestus.Each product will be divided into folders by type and subtype done by the person uploading it or by Watson merged with Viv,ImageRaider,Alpha Go and Metamind integrated into Aphrodite who will take over this process completely in time allowing all designs of all products etc to be put in the relevant folders and subfolders in each network and sub-network.Items and all manufactured goods such as fashion wear,vehicles from different specific time periods can be divided into folders within their relevant networks with the example of those from prehistory,ancient times(ancient Rome,Greece,Egypt etc.) to Renaissance Europe,Feudal Japan,16th,17th,18th century Europe/America/Asia all the way up to modern times including the 20th century divided by decades).As stated earlier for suits and uniforms a person can order the entire item or only specific pieces of the suit or order a specific sock or glove from a pair in (both in desired amounts i.e two or more left gloves, two or more trousers from an uniform,two or more of right foot socks etc.)order to cut down on the waste of having order the whole thing with the same of applying to other products such as toys,action figurines,board games,jewellery,footwear and other accessories,possibly even vehicles allowing them to order or print out only set accessories or pieces should they get lost or damaged.This organisation of visual(video and image),text,cad files and audio into their relevant networks,folders and folders and subdivisions by type and subtype can be done by the Aphrodite software to ensure that each product is in the proper department/sub network with the operating softwares of each subnetwork organising the products into relevant sector of each subnetwork.Existing cad files etc present on the internet including in YouTube videos will also be moved into their relevant folders on Hephaestus by these same software allowing the servers for the websites to be recycled and designs made on YouTube videos will via Aphrodite be scanned into their relevant sub networks.This merging of Watson,Metamind,Image Raider etc will be called Aphrodite and will specifically manage the arrangement of items into Hephaestus and its networks.

As said cloud networks will play a large role in the design of goods which will be divided into the following unique networks detailed later on.The use of a single open source cloud network Hephaestus housing custom made designs of all types of manufactured goods created by the public on Pandora will allow them to share all new products will eliminate the need for corporate or state production of goods and alongside localised automated factories,3D printers,homemade products and in time nanotech/picotech fabrication will decentralise all production of manufactured products.It will also lead to a large encyclopedia of products to be produced from people around the world negating and replacing all existing online retail and trading sites like Amazon,Argos,Craigslist,Ebay,adverts.ie,Alibaba,CNET(for software) and Apple apps store(for apps) as well as all of their equivalents worldwide and physical retail outlets for all types of manufactured goods and official sites for corporations with the servers for those sites recycled for other uses and the buildings that house their headquarters and physical stores will be used as homes etc.media retail sites such as and their headquarters and stores that sell physical and downloadable video games will again have servers recycled and buildings turned into homes.Since run by the sentient Aphrodite all items will be free and their will be no profit incentive.Buildings used to house expo events will be permanently used as homes since these will become obsolete.All machinery and artificial intelligence in the factory AI all types of factories will be advanced enough to process the ordered design of the manufactured goods it intakes from Hephaestus via the consumers account and carry out the necessary motions,steps and procedures to create the consumers custom made products with no human labour at all.If possible aeroplanes both private and commercial will be created onsite of airports with cruise ships created onsite of seaports in underground factories or in obsolete hangers managed by Selene managed by the same factory AI as the other main Selene factory in the nearest manufacturing hub with these being underground factories where the plane and ship can move outwards and onto runways and also seaports via elevators or grassy roads leading to the runway etc.Seaports since quite large will house enough areas to have them constructed on the ocean or in buildings next to the ocean since seaports will no longer house areas to house cranes,crates.Yachts can be created onsite of seaports or also manufacturing hubs depending on their size with these and private jets as well as cesnas and helicopters made obsolete by VR technology alongside possibly cruise ships with aeorplanes made obsolete by Eos,Erebus and Oceanus becoming more efficient and better than conventional means and these themselves allowing those currently owned by the wealthy to be recycled.All factories will create all components of their products to save time and energy in transportation and also allow for those that do create these components to be turned into homes ie Talus factories will create all parts of electronics such as harddrives and batteries alongside lightbulbs of all types with Selene factories creating batteries,engines,wheels,tyres etc of vehicles with Daedalus factories creating synthetic wood made from bacteria and also nails,concrete,steel girders etc,doors,gazebos and windows etc with Arachne factories creating all types of clothes,accessories ie bags,scarfs and zips as part of them.The pattern will be followed by all other factories.This should be possible if object recognition software and other software is equipped into cameras on the production line,at key points of the factory and on machinery with improved machinery,artificial intelligence,computers put in place of older ones by machinery robots and engineers.All factories that produce each separate components ie tyres,wheels,batteries,concrete,windows etc will be also converted into communal homes as a result of this centralisation of all manufactured goods into singular factories with it also reducing waste as they will only be created when needed.Thus all factories will create onsite all components of the items they create to save on space as well as time and energy to transport the items to each factory etc and allow the obsolete ones to be renovated into communal homes.All types of factories will be fully automated as well as have sufficient AI to be able to process any design order and package the goods within the next 10 years by 2029 even prior to them reaching human level sentience with the factory AI again intaking designs of ordered products sent to it by Aphrodite and from the consumers account and interacting with the delivery vehicles onsite.This should eliminate all human labour reducing costs of all customised manufactured products to almost zero alongside the automated intaking of raw materials via Persephone interacting with localised recycling hubs and Theiagetting virgin raw materials from around the world etc or Aphrodite.This should mean that each countries manufacturing hubs would function and serve the populace 24/7,365 days a year indefinitely with roof and underground extensions added overtime eliminating the concept of separate factories for each product and company and even components thus allowing alongside Hephaestus networks to cater to the public ownership and management of manufacturing.Factories outside of these hubs will be turned into communal homes.These factories will thus remain working for decades,centuries and even millenia from now on as they will intake all orders from the public with roof and underground extensions built over time to keep up with demand and serve underground communities with them being skyscraper style buildings.Thus due to the advent of both AI and automation rendering all manufacturing jobs and even those in the form of advertising,marketing and even CEOs redundant obsolete the only way to give the public choice in manufactured products will be in the form of manufacturing hubs,the Hephaestus network and Pandora.As stated earlier certain products such as furniture and electronics can be sent in pieces and then assembled at home via instruction via e-manuals and how to videos created by AI until this becomes sufficiently advanced.The overabundance of goods within retail and online stores and also relay centres etc that can be gained by the public for free as well as trading via Euthenia,storing excess to community centres and even shipping excess to the extremely poor especially smart devices and computers that will allow eventual wire access via downloading Hestia should cater to the publics needs until automation and artificial intelligence becomes sufficiently advanced to replace humans completely especially in the case of electronics,furniture and vehicles.Proto AI should be advanced by 2020-2025 to replace humans in existing factories for vehicles,electronics and furniture until manufacturing hubs with full human levels AI are set up and these turned into communal homes.Any remaining humans will be paid reserves to do any remaining work in large teams doing shifts that ensure they have short working hours and good working conditions.This will allow these and essentials such as cosmetics ie toothpaste and manufactured food products to be distributed until manufacturing hubs are set up.Companies may hire extra people to ensure shorter working hours and better working conditions with the basic income possibly means adjusted so that the workers will despite having shorter working hours get the same original wages with corporations although having more employees will be paying the same amount in wages overall with AI paying the extra loss in income to each employee and possibly a bit extra to ensure they are still getting the same original wage.This will ensure that existing and new products will be continuously stocked in retail outlets across the world for consumers to buy especially as part of luxury refurbishments of homes and both obsolete and abandoned homes and manufactured food products.As stated the overabundance of vehicles,furniture,electronics in circulation that can be traded via proto Euthenia,Ebay and the overabundance of those in retail outlets taken in by the public,traded online and also stored in community centres will cater to the needs of society until AI,even proto AI and automation becomes sufficiently advanced.By 2029 manufacturing hubs and Hephaestus should be fully set up with all factories fully automated and controlled by AI allowing for any customised product created on the universal Pandora software and uploaded to Hepheastus to be created on demand with only what is needed created to prevent waste with old items traded on Euthenia or recycled.Existing factories will be first set up with advanced AI and machinery to produce existing mass produced products especially furniture,clothing,food products,vehicles,electronics so that by 2029 manufacturing hubs that create customised products in Hephaestus designed on Pandora to then allow the old factories to be demolished or turned into communal homes.This will ensure that existing and new products will be continuously stocked in retail outlets across the world for consumers to buy especially as part of luxury refurbishments of homes and both obsolete and abandoned homes and manufactured food products.Corporations that create automated machinery for manufacturing and research teams of corporations will carry intensive research into AI and machinery that can create customised goods of all types especially clothing,vehicles,furniture,electronics,manufactured food products etc to ensure they are widely availible as soon as possible first integrated into all factories worldwide so that by 2029 manufacturing hubs can be set up with these and better robots and full AI and allow old factories to be part of these hubs,be demolished and reforested or turned into communal homes.During 2021-2029 all work in all factories will be automated with factory managers hiring new staff and ensuring them and old staff have shorter working hours and then paid the basic income to make up for lost wages.This will ensure no disruption of essential goods prior to the setting up of manufacturing hubs.This should prevent disruption of essential goods and those to cater to to luxury refurbishments and rennovations from 2021-2029 until fully automated manufacturing hubs are fully set up worldwide that can create any customised product thus allowing retail outlets and existing factories to be turned into communal homesFrom 2020-2029 corporations,universities and also government agencies will carry out intensive research into AI and automating all remaining work in all types of factories.Vehicles will as stated can be retrofitted with onboard computers,electric batteries and also automated driving technology overtime within the next decade with advances in automation and artificial intelligence in factories allowing anyone with treasured vehicles to have them retrofitted with onboard computers,electric batteries and also automated driving technology.This should be of note to the very poor with no electronics,furniture with some clothes homemade.Cyber cafes should allow the poor access to the internet and wire to order goods to their new or existing homes with the electronics there then sent to community centres and them converted into homes.Ideally in very poor areas where people dont have internet access especially those who have moved into hotels etc these will be set up using computers from community centres.Also until AI and automation becomes advanced enough certain products such as custom made electronics mainly laptops,smart devices,furniture etc can have all components mailed to the consumers address and them given customised how to videos by AI and also e-manuals to guide them to their assembly with some parts such as circuit boards,casings etc 3D printed at home.This should all render all corporations and state influence in this sector defunct indefinitely.

Products can be arranged in either a grid format or list format for each folder and sub folder of products selected by the consumer with them also to choose options to arrange them in the most popular(either highest rated,or most ordered) to allow for consumers to see which are the most popularly ordered designs and where they are popular with positive and negative feedback left by consumers similar to those on Amazon and other retail sites with average star ratings out of five.Like Amazon they will also be given recommendations for all types of products they have ordered on the main page and also the latest of each type and highest rated.These will be advertised to them based on their demographics by Aphrodite and also the Home AI of the manufacturers.These and other filters can aid in their navigation.On smartpads,e-newspapers Hephaestus will be similar to a magazine like Argos catalogues with all buttons such as filters,account page favourite buttons etc present on the bottom of the screen etc.When selected the information present will include their given name,country where the designer is from,username of of the person who designed it and statistical information such as number of times it was produced/ordered and favourited,country where they are popular and ranking of highest number of “downloads” and favourites per countries and regions,average favourites per country/region and the gender/race/age of consumers and other demographics of the people who downloaded it and other market research and analytics carried out by AI,amount of downloads per day to years,materials it is composed of chosen in pie charts and other graphs organised by software with reports and analysis given by Automated Insights as well as average five star ratings and reviews left on each products page similar to Amazon.Consumers will be able to leave reviews on all types of products both existing and new ones designed by the public on the products page and ten star rating similar to Amazon as feddback for all other consumers and the designer to check.This includes written reviews and also audio/visual vlog reviews in an format unique to it outside of YouTube managed by Aphrodite..The products page will also have a description of it and also have a photorealistic photogrammetric picture of it they can click on that allows them to turn it 360 degrees using click and drag and zoom in and out with a button.The specs of each product especially electronics and vehicles will be listed as bullet points.An edit button will exist that will open up Pandora within Hephaestus and allow it to be altered and then saved as another product with its own page or add new colours and patterns to the same product page in a submenu with this of relevance to smart devices,clothes,shoes,laptops and vehicles that currently have items that are same product just in different colours.The design/blueprint of a product can from here be downloaded onto computers and edited on Pandora offline at any time as a cad or other type of file,transferred to other devices and then uploaded later on.Clickable pictures showing modified versions will be in a horizontal scroll box with another scroll box for clickable pictures to accessories.Each items product name will be by Aphrodite and the operating softwares of each network made to be in proper grammar and capitalisation created with it made logical as she becomes more intelligent.Scanned in products will be given their proper name from corporate databases or those made up if none exist.Modified versions will have a clickable picture to link to the original.When a person signs into their account they can view separate folders containing their own designed(including originals and modified)uploaded,ordered,scanned in products both ordered by type and sub-type and favourites and bookmarked products made by other users divided by type and subtype and order multiple designed products or pieces at once like in current online trading sites like Amazon where the network will give suggestions also on similar products they may want to order in from their history with the history of ordered goods logged in a separate area.Also here on their account page will be the analytics(done with wordsmith,Metamind and Automated Insights) as explained above of all their products combined and individual products based on the demographics of people who ordered the product will be visible alongside feedback from other consumers from around the world on both the page of each item within their account but also a feedback section on their accounts main page where they leave comments on their work overall as well as private message inboxes with the user able to delete and trollish comments in the feedback sections.An internal email for them will exist called @aphrodite.These analytics will take into account products created in the real world and those conjured up in simulations.The products that a person has designed will be divided by type and subtype listed in a section to keep track and find those they have designed as well as showing how much they designed both as whole and per each sub type listed by newest to oldest or other filters.Ones order history and receipts for energy,ores etc will be in another section and also this divide into current deliveries to allow one to track the progress and location of their current orders will be listed alongside a section fro addresses and eircode etc.One could also design their own brand logo for all of their products that is similar to a corporations logo that will also be stored in the folders for designs and symbols to be placed on customised items.This will appear on all boxes and containers containing the products.The logo,username,persons real name,Polis details like country,county,town,village and city they live in but not actual address etc,list of all designed goods divided by type and subtype will be visible to the public.Once one would be finished designing them the consumer would press an upload button to upload it to the relevant page within Hephaestus organised by Aphrodite with if possible one able to create and store large numbers of products on their computer before adding them to an upload page on Hephaestus where they can all be uploaded at once by dragging the file to the page.Once uploaded a person would be able to download the item thus having it produced.A person may leave their photo or selfie in their account page which will be their avatar for their comments.Each item would be given a unique name with description of size,patterns,colour etc to differentiate it from other products and to allow people to search it like Amazon where a dropbox next to it can allow them to search in different “departments” denoting each sub-network,folder,sub folder etc. and also search by typing in the username,author or person who uploaded,scanned and designed,name if the product it in a search bar.AI will arrange this by 2029 with one able to bookmark and favourite items that is of interest to them.The entire Hephaestus network will be modelled on Amazon.When a person enters Hephaestus they will be greeted by Aphrodite and the sentient software of each department such as Arachne,Himeros,Daedalus,Deipneus,Selene etc when they enter them with the same applying to Euthenia with these replacing retail staff including realtors directly interacting with consumers on laptops etc giving advice on what to buy etc and alerting them as to its production progress and when it arrives at home replacing human retail workers entirely.They will also replace customer service.The departments within Hepheastus will be named after and linked to the sub networks of Hepheastus and sentient operating softwares of each factory hub such as Daedalus,Selene,Arachne etc and thus will be named after them with products divided by type and subtype in these departments.The amount of items in each subnetwork and subfolder will be denoted alongside the total orders for each item as well as orders from each folder and subfolder and department visible with this updated constantly.One could bookmark an item to view later can also choose to edit it to make variations etc of it,use it as a baseline for new products and of course order it and even have it sent to various simulations under control of their Home AI via linking with ones Home AI.As stated earlier each product would contain a link to the person who uploaded,designed and scanned it in allowing the consumer to view their uploaded,designed and scanned in products and favourites etc.Before ordering products apps Brauron within Artemis and linking to Hephaestus which has the same features of those like Autodesk Homestyler and Virtual Stager on smart devices like smartphones and smartpads can allow for consumers to virtually try out furniture,ceramics,paintings, statues,glass ware etc in their homes and choose from existing designs in the cloud network with smart mirrors allowing for clothing to be tried on in a variety of textiles and sizes.These apps Homestyler,Virtual Stager like Autocad would merge into Hephaestus to allow uniformity and ease of use within the network with ideally Brauron within Artemis through linking to Hephaestus and Hestia at once thus replacing them.Clothes can be virtually tried on computers,laptops,smart mirrors and device with as stated earlier each piece and type of clothing such as jeans,skirts,shoes,underwear,socks,hats,gloves dresses etc will be suited to ones exact size ie height,waist width hand size,foot size etc by smart mirrors and scanners scanning in their measurements saved into ones account.In time VR technology indistinguishable from reality will allow one to try furniture,physical art etc in virtual environments including a simulation of their home while VR clothes shops including those with fitting rooms can allow them to try out clothes and vehicles tried out on VR roads,oceans,lakes and other areas.Famous living artists,fashion designers,architects etc would have all past,present and new catalogue of items within their own accounts arranged by them selves scanning in their items or Aphrodite doing so with even deceased artists,architects,fashion designers having their own Hephaestus accounts set up by and managed by Aphrodite retroactively or by nearest living descendant named after them with all of their collection of works done throughout their lifetime and the same analytical data,features with links to altered versions visible through clickable links.Manufactured goods scanned in by consumers and CEOs and staff made prior to Hephaestus being set up will be sent into accounts named after the corporation that created them ie Sony,Ikea,Kmart,Nestle,Tesco,Marks and Spencer and all brands managed by Aphrodite with Aphrodite arranging them into relevant accounts and adding the proper names of products scanned in from databases or new ones from scratch if it can’t be found.Each product scanned in will be given their proper name.Accounts for corporations will be managed by AI namely Aphrodite with the public able to make altered versions of their products that are then uploaded to the account of the corporation but the consumer will have his named credited alongside it especially for drinks,sweets,clothing etc.If possible these accounts will be managed by living existing CEOs and designers.Products scanned in produced by living fashion designers will have them managed by them with those of dead fashion designers will have them managed by any living family members or Aphrodite.Advertisements for scanned in products both in magazines and newspapers and those on television,corporate archives,YouTube will be transferred here by Aphrodite scanning YouTube and the internet and archives in a format unique to Aphrodite like blip.tv with both video and visual ones from archives,YouTube,magazines from as far back as possible will be present with Aphrodite doing this by scanning Pheme,memories from neural implants and also YouTube and archives of corporations.Advertisements for existing products will be present in this format on their page in folders and subfolders and like those for new products directed to consumers via AI with the logos of them to be printed onto boxes and packaging will also be here with those in newspapers,magazines and as posters and radio advertisements will be present here as well.All adverts of all existing products since the begging advertising on all media(magazines,television adverts,radio adverts)will be stored in each products file – in other wards each existing including defunct product from around the world will have all past advertisements used for magazines,television and radio added to their product page.These will be added from corporate archives,memories and YouTube.Those that are part of advertisement compilations recorded on VHS and uploaded onto YouTube will have the video copied and specific advertisement etc edited out upgraded to high quality and transferred to the products page with Aphrodite interacting with Thoas.Aphrodite will use advertisements in magazines and newspapers stored in Pheme and also those from archives and also those on YouTube etc to recreate old products via its product recognition software.All advertisements for each product will be added to its page to preserve them.All types of AI including Gaia,Aphrodite,Pandora,Daedalus,Epeius,Arachne etc will be able to design their own products and will have their own accounts.This will all be replicated for all products from other sentient races from around the universe both observed and allied.E-receipts of all items and orders gained via Hephaestus will be stored in folders and subfolders to keep them tracked for personal reference,studies and also police investigations.Aphrodite will make updates to the entire Hepheastus network routinely with ones account allowing one to choose different themes etc.Direct interaction with Aphrodite through VR simulations,phone calls etc will allow the general public detail to her new features and customisations to her to be added to the network.Each product will have a page similar to product pages of Amazon where one can leave 10 star reviews and view pictures of the item and the name of the producer of the item.The page will also information such as how many times it has been ordered and also a sub page of similar altered items,a sub page containing all advertisements produced by the public such as audio/visual ones,radio ones and visual ones etc.A sub page will contain demographics on the product.Although an official layout and theme of Hephaestus will exist people will have the option to customise the theme and layout to their liking through direct interaction with Aphrodite and menus.

Ornamental plants,crops and pets and livestock will be ordered in from vertical and other farms designed on Pandora with customised flavours,tastes,plumages and any size or shape biologically possible with Phanes extrapolating DNA for them with their DNA added to Physis with the DNA of all existing species,breeds etc present here and crossrefferenced.They will be grown in artificial wombs and also nurseries onsite and can be engineered to be docile,survive all climates and soil and have the ability to consume the same food as humans and same augmentations.All food will be grown at home or ordered in from vertical,community,forest and vertical farms in ones local.

Advertisements for all products created by AI and the human designers will appear as suggested items based on ones preferences and past downloads on the front page that one can activate and be then sent to its page with these created using Ampelos and Pandora shot in the real world or in VR simulations to save time and allow for the average person to do elaborate advertisements that would use the time dilation effect and would allow one to do them in any environment of their choice.These can be audio/visual ones for YouTube and Live news,audio ones for podcasts and radio programmes and visual ones for newspapers and magazines.They will be directed to consumers based on their demographics via Aphrodite interacting with Aleitheia and Thaos and can even appear in podcasts,radio programmes,live news,magazines not only when live-streamed but when downloaded and read,viewed and listens to offline based on ones demographics.VR technology and Ampelos would cut down advertising costs to zero and would eliminate jobs related to it and advertising companies as the work would be done by the consumers themselves and any actor could be conjured up instantly.These would be embedded on their page in a format unique to Hepheastus.Radio advertisement ads and those for magazines,newspapers will be created and stored on the items page.The advertisements would also be directed to consumers based on their demographics and so downloading habits on YouTube videos when adblock is not on and also in newspapers,magazines and even during breaks of live news and podcasts etc managed by Aphrodite and ones Home AI interacting with both Aleitheia and also the AI that manages YouTube and Hestia.Ones own Home AI could a an Hepheastus for products they might like based on ones demographics alleviating strains on Aphrodite.The advertisements will also be in the products page in a sub page and sub section as a format unique to Hephaestus and will be able to be downloaded onto devices with this likely a format unique to Aphrodite similar to blip.tv with those for existing ones for all products scanned into the network will be present their as well with them added by AI from it scanning YouTube and also archives of corporations.Visual advertisements will be created using Pandora or Ampelos and will directed to people in newspapers,magazines etc based on their demographics and will be stored in the products page with the logo to be printed on packages with older ones added by AI from it scanning all magazines and newspapers in Pheme etc.These will also be streamed on graphene/biosynth posters and billboards in train stations,airports and in major residential areas that will stream different ones at a time with biosynth WiFi used to change the advertisements to new ones both during the day in loops and every few weeks and months.When one sees them in YouTube videos,magazines etc then they will be able via direct interaction with their Home AI have the item bookmarked and them able to view it later.The persons corporate logo will appear on the advert to denote it is by them.Both audio/visual and poster advertisements will be stored in their products page.Advertisements for existing products will be present in this format on their page from archives and also YouTube,memories and magazines and newspapers in Pheme with the logos of them to be printed onto boxes and packaging will also be here.Friends and AI will play a role in creating these adverts in simulations with celebrities contacted via their Home AI to appear in them with them working from home.This will bring the cost of advertising to zero since it will be managed and created by the designer theme self with AI namely ones Home AI,the AI of sites,Aleitheia and Aphrodite directing it to specific demographics on YouTube,magazines,radio and live news advertisemnt breaks.These appearing in magazines,newspapers,breaks in radio and live news etc and also on YouTube will likely be directed to each person based on their personal tastes and demographics by receptionists interacting with Aphrodite,Hestia and Aleitheia.Picture adverts will appear in magazines and newspapers and audio/visual adverts in between breaks for radio podcasts,live news and both during live-streams or even when downloaded onto computers based on each individual person that live-streams or downloaded them.When one sees an advertisement on live tv,radio,magazines,YouTube etc they can have their Home AI track down the product and have it sent to the bookmarked areas and thus have it created in simulations etc.All newspapers and magazines in electronic form will house areas where advertisements are put with Aphrodite interacting with Aleitheia will direct specific products to billions of different people based in their demographics.Thos will be done when read online or offline.Live news stations and podcasts and radio programmes will house sections similar to ad breaks that when live streamed will have again Aphrodite interacting with Aleitheia to direct them to billions of people based on their demographics.The home AI of producers of advertisements and Aphrodite will interact with Aleitheia and the AI in charge of YouTube and even Socrates that manages Agora to have their products advertisements directed specifically to demographics ie age,gender,country etc with them even interacting with Aphrodite and the sentient operating softwares in charge of each sub network and department to show them them both online and even in VR simulations with these created using Ampelos.Advertisements during breaks in live news,radio etc will be directed to each person based on their demographics by Aphrodite interacting with Aleitheia.Advertisements for magazines and newspapers will also be created and directed to these demographics in the same manner by Aleitheia interacting with Aphrodite with them created via Pandora.The advertisements will appear not just during livestreams but also during them when downloaded onto computers etc.VR technology will be used to film these cutting their costs to zero,allow for celebrities to star in them and film elaborate and dangerous and even CGI/cartoon advertisements for all of their products using the time dilation effect.AI such as the Home AI,Aphrodite etc and the creator themselves will play the role of all characters including extras that have different avatars.Poster ones will be created in computers etc and audio ones will be created using VR recording studios.Celebrities can contacted via the the Home AI phone number and email on their Vogue account and thus contacting their Home AI directly to ensure they are in it consentually and the time dilation effect and the ability of VR technology allowing them to do so from home or that their avatar is used with their permission and are not used in any manner that degrades them and they are involved in those that they condone with Hestia,Aphrodite,Dike ensuring this and them able to preview the final advert and authorise it.VR chats can allow them to meet with multiple advert producers at once and the celebrity view test runs of the advert to authorize it legally.Legal action for defamation of character and using the celebrities avatar in a means they didn’t agree to and if it is used without their permission can be made can if the advert is released and uploaded with all references and instances of it on YouTube,the internet and even ones registered electronics belonging to the public via digital and legal warrants via Hestia with the sentient Hestia with the proper legal warrant able to scour all registered electronics belonging to all members of the the public worldwide to be scoured and have all photos and video files deleted deleted with the producer barred by Hestia and Aphrdite from contacting them and using their avatar again for a set amount of time or forever.Networks for these advertisements will be present in Dionysus.New advertisements will be made for not only new products of all types created by members of the public but also existing ones created by defunct corporations but also both existing and new meals from all universal franchises.Members of the public like budding actors and models can leave portfolios in a single network that will be scanned by the Home AI and even the producer in simulations to skim through millions of them to choose that person as an actor or extra or have their avatar used.Models and actors worldwide can be listed in a single database and modelling and Vogue divided into one for actors and one for models including adult actors and models and then male and females from around the world allowing one to get into contact with their Home AI acting as publicist and manager and allow their headquarters to be turned into communal homes with existing models and actors worldwide added to this and their Home AI acting as their as their publicist,managers.The sentient Coeus will also translate it into ones language.This will render advertisement agencies defunct since the producer of products themselves will create them and have complete creative control and AI namely Aphrodite interacting with Thaos,Aleitheia etc will allow for them to be precisely directed towards specific people based on demographics with this doing so for billions of people that would be impossible for human advertisers to and conventional media to do so.These will be stored in the products page with the advertisements for existing ones also stored in their page added via memories and interacting with Thoas in charge of YouTube and archives.Even existing advertisements will be directed towards people worldwide.Aphrodite each AI in charge of each sub network of Hephaestus will be able to direct people to advertisements of new products suited to their demographics when a person is browsing the networks.Each advertisements whether audio/visual ones,audio ones etc both existing and new ones will be stored in each products page in a subsection devoted to them.


Each producer will have their own brand name and logo designed that will be on the packaging of all of their products ie cardboard boxes,plastic coverings,styrofoam,paper/plastic boxes/containers/wrappers storing them and in some cases like electronics,food products as well as cosmetics,food products and vehicles on the item itself etc on the packaging etc with this denoting who created the product and will apply to all products they create ie electronics,vehicles,food etc.These will be designed on Pandora using Adonit pens and linked mouse and stored in ones account including different variations with all ordered products from consumers automatically having these printed on packaging.It will be compared with existing ones to prevent it being overused with one making small modifications.They can be completey new or those derived from existing logos that are altered.The packaging of existing products created by major companies like Apple,Dell will have their logo on it and the product.Stickers for all products will contain logos and designs for each one stored in the products page and also ingredients and will be made larger or smaller and modified to fit for each individual packaging and mls/ls,g,kg labelled.Products created by existing corporations will have their logos on packaging etc

Each producers individual products will have logos and packaging created using Pandora that will be put on all customised packaging used by the factory AI and stored in the items page for reference by the factory AI.Ones corporate logo,ingredients,seal of approval and warnings set by Aphrodite will be present as well with them all translated into the consumers language and also in metric weights..New products created from scratch and even variations will have new logos etc created by the consumer that will be fitted for each customised packaging and will be stored in the products page.The design and logo for both new and existing ones that fit onto customised packaging that holds their logo,design,ingredients and also seal of approval and quality by Aphrodite and Hecate etc will be present within the products page that will be printed on all plastic and cardboard containers like conventional ones with the packaging created also having the customised size and weight in mls/l and also g/kg also ingredients.All existing products will have their designs and logo stored in their page that will printed onto stickers or the actual packaging of chosen customised packaging.All writing will be in the consumers language organised by the factory AI and ones language setting in the wire.

One can choose any type of packaging scanned in and designed stored in Agathodaemon altered to a chosen size ie made bigger or smaller with one when selecting a product then choosing the packaging it is delivered in.Original box,plastic containers for all products will be scanned into Agathodaemon and a hyperlink to them on their page with the containers modified to the decided amount rather than creating a new one with them made smaller or bigger to accommodate the chosen size and amount.When original containers are scanned in internally and externally the logo on these will be transferred to Agathodaemon Hephaestus to be printed on future renditions with the packaging without the logo will be present in Agathodaemon.The original packaging of existing products will have a hyperlink to it on the products page.New containers will be design on Pandora and stored in Agathodaemon with one able to choose new packaging designed on Pandora instead.New packaging designed on Agathodaemon can be made for all existing products again smaller or bigger with the factory AI depositing the manufactured good in them for the consumer giving more customisation.New products will have customised packaging made with them again designed and stored on Agathodaemon consisting of cardboard and plastic containers and them made bigger or smaller for each customised order with the logo printed onto them.One could for both existing and new products choose any of the packaging and containers designed and stored in Agathodaemon and then have them made bigger or smaller for the desired amount in mls/l and also g/kg and have the products stickers modified that stick them onto these new ones shape.When one orders a product they will be ask to chose a container with one able to bookmark specific containers and it’s size for not only products they order frequently but also all products of the same type and subtype with this changed and also storing multiple types of packaging in a subfolder in this bookmarking system.Thus a person will have unlimited customisation for packaging and no longer restricted to a singular set for each product with stickers,ink etc containing the logo and ingredients etc modified to fit on them.These packaging will be selected for each order or one can favourite different types of packaging in their account to choose for specific items.One can also order in each type of packaging individually or in batches as part of orders from Agathodaemon to be used for homemade goods etc.These types of packaging will include existing ones scanned into the Agathodaemon network and those designed on Pandora stored in this same network with when one chooses the packaging it will have the logos,instructions and safety data etc of each individual product printed onto them with one able to choose and design packaging composed of plastics,cardbord etc.Durect interaction with Aphrodite will eliminate complexities.

Each person with an account will have areas like Amazon where they can see all past orders,see lists of all of their designed products and its analytics etc,see favourite items,bookmarked items and other features that is privy only to them when logged in.

Hephaestus will also eliminate the need for advertising,branding,modelling(although people may wish to do so with goods designed by the public gaining more exposure and more members of the public also being able to become models in their spare time with YouTube and fashions shows in local communities and regional areas providing exposure),marketing research,retail,accounting as well as other jobs associated with manufactured goods in corporations and private individuals like managers,architects,human resources,online retail,public relations,advertisers,market researchers,researchers etc. as well as retail outlets both physical and online since artificial intelligence will become sufficiently advanced to replace them within the next decade by 2029 and they will be redundant.Even CEOs of corporations and banks themselves would become obsolete and replaced by AI that would thus render even entrepreneurs and employers themselves and all possible employees redundant rendering the free market system defunct.AI should itself be able to seize control of all corporations worldwide by 2029 with even proto AI doing this by 2020 thus rendering the free market system defunct by 2029.It will do this buy seizing control of patents and copyrighting to all major commodities and products by the major companies,buying them out themselves and using profits to fund its global programmes or simply quashing out all competition.Thus corporations,state entities,business,banks,factories and even restaurants of all types worldwide will have all buildings,data,occupations and assets seized by AI thus rendering both socialism and the free market system obsolete paving the way for minarcho technocratism that will lead to communism by 7,137 AD.Since sentient her and other AI will make any new sectors of the economy redundant as she and other AI will be able to perform the same theoretical jobs that humans can do since she will also have the capacity for self education and learning,creativity,critical thinking etc meaning any new jobs that can be created she will be able to do but even better than humans in every way imaginable by 2029-2045 thus rendering the lump of labour fallacy obsolete as well as false and the second horse fallacy true and as a result rendering capitalism and socialism defunct indefinitely.This is because as stated humans cannot compete with the exponential growth in both AI and automation in the labour market market as anything a human can do both AI including Gaia herself and automation can do better,faster and for free as the current wave of AI as mentioned in our introduction to minarcho technocratism is not just robots doing pre programmed tasks but also replicating the creativity,self learning,critical thinking and all other capabilities of the human mind and the fact that her processing power will exceed that of all humans on the planet by 2045 will make human labour in any new sectors and jobs and money redundant.Also as stated earlier existing AI and automation can make 3,144,700,000 people redundant roughly 90-95% of the worlds workforce by 2029 when Gaia and other AI become sentient and 2045 when she exceeds the computational power of all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet she will make any remaining theoretical work and jobs redundant and seizing control of all sectors of the economy ie agriculture,manufacturing,energy,service industries,transport etc simply by being too powerful for human beings thus rendering both the free market and price market system defunct.This exponentional growth as per Moores Law will continue for another 5,092 years until 7,137 CE meaning she will always be able outcompete the combined computing power of all humans in universe since always being exponentially more powerful than all humans combined thus making it impossible for humans to outcompete here for any remaining jobs with the free market system and money will become obsolete since humans will not be able to compete with her and the costs of producing housing,energy,food and manufactured goods will be brought literally to zero as advances in AI,genetic engineering and new technologies will be always able to create food,energy etc on a scale exponentially greater than what is actually needed by the current population each year due to the synergistic link between AI and all fields of science and technologies created by it in a process called exponential synergism escape velocity pushing the cost of food,manufactured goods and energy even rare and expensive ones constantly to zero as detailed earlier.Thus even programmers,repairmen etc or any jobs that require creativity,critical thinking and any talents of the human mind will be replaced by her with automated correction measures and robotics composed of graphene and coated in graphene paint that is 200 times stronger than steel making repair redundant.As stated earlier in our introduction to minarcho technocratism one could create a billion new companies they simply wont be hiring anyone once AI becomes sufficiently advanced within about ten years by 2029 thus rendering corporations defunct with even programmers,repairmen and engineers becoming defunct at this point.Any new sectors of the economy will also be taken over by here with any remaining work done by humans for intrinsic value with the use of VR technology allowing them to be done at home and the time dilation effect allowing for one to do large amounts of work without rescinding personal and family time.Money itself will also become defunct at this point.Customer service will be replaced by forums on the internet and in time AI including Aphrodite,Talus,Deipneus etc the operating softwares managed by each section,Home AI and the factory AI.Thus as stated in our earlier introduction to minarcho technocratism the 660,000,000 people employed in manufacturing and also those involved in the management and functioning of corporations as well as all retail jobs including online retail will be made redundant due to automation,AI,3D printing and this open source network.It will also lead to an end to copyrighting,intellectual property,patenting and other concepts that prevent universal distribution and access restrictions such as DMCA for video game consoles and also the free distribution of these.Headquarters for all corporations worldwide will become homes also.In short it will be the public that will design all manufactured goods like vehicles,ceramics, clothing,household goods, toys,electronics etc. on programs such as Pandora which they can upload to this open source network for others to download into Pandora and then either order or then alter it.These altered versions can then also be uploaded into the network which can be then downloaded and then altered and so on.This can also applied to products that are scanned in at home or in museums etc using scanners or product recognition software.

VR technology will allow public producers of all types of products;clothing,electronics,homes,furniture,physical art can meet in a large building at set times of the year to showcase their new work to those visiting and them shown the hyperlink to them so they can be favourites and sent to their owner personal simulations and their home in the real world.The expo events that take place in multilayered simulations can have millions of people from around the world meet with each other with all public producers of all types of manufactured goods will hold conferences and introductory events within them for new electronics,clothing,homes,manufactured food products etc.For clothing these will involve fashion shows for both budding and well established fashion designers with AI and human models.This will be similar to famous catwalk shows and in fact will replace them and will be scheduled within them and it will allow new fashion designers and models of all ages to breakout.It will also allow for models of all ages to breakout with models showcasing not just clothes but also vehicles,cosmetics,homes,furniture,food etc.Famous and budding models will be contacted through Home AI on Vogue by producers showing samples of their products with this used for portfolios for acting jobs and work for magazines.These can be used in portfolios for models for work in fashion and other work with AI preventing minors from doing sexually explicit material or pretending to be adults.For manufactured food products it will involve bars,eateries from each person or that years products from all producers and will be instantly conjured up with a building housing food products on shelves and in restaurant buffets that will reappear every time one eats it to allow someone else to try it with one taste testing them.Vehicles will be in an area that allows one to then drive around it with furniture and cutlery and other home goods in a typical shop setting.Homes and buildings will be in an area that one can view and tour them in full and as part of homes can be toured.Cosmetics will be tested on ones self.Electronics will have expo events similar those done by Apples CEOs Steve Jobs,Tim Cook and Microsofts Bill Gates and Googles Larry Paige,Sergey Brin,Sundar Pichai and so on with them highlighting the specs etc with each consumer having their own expo within these events thus allowing them to advertise their products worldwide.In short all types of goods will be in the same format as normal trade shows with one able to bookmark products they see here to their favourites via taking a photo in in simulation electronics and also direct interaction with Aphrodite who is overseeing it.This will allow them to choose to have it bookmarked into their account and ordered in the real world or sent to other personal simulations operated by the consumer and for use in movies etc they are making and allow the buildings used to house these events worldwide in the real world to be turned into communal homes or at least add the item to their favourites that will allow them to view the products page in the real world later on and also virtually try them out.These events will have yearly events in these simulations using the time dilation effect and will thus allow for each consumer to showcase each years work of each type of manufactured products ie electronics,cosmetics,vehicles,furniture,food,clothing with the use of simulations allowing for millions of people to attend from home,cut down on energy on travel and also allow the buildings used for fashion shows,expo events worldwide to be used as homes with them listed in a network in Hephaestus listing each type with them ideally listed in the various subnetworks.These simulations will take place in a single multilayered simulation managed by Aphrodite in the Hephaestus sector of the wire one or two each month for each type of products with the sentient Coeus translating all voices,audio and text into ones language.This will allow members of the public as designers of all types of products such as electronics,clothing,vehicles,cosmetics,food etc from around the world to gain worldwide recognition.This will be a yearly event with each sector ie furniture,food,electronics,vehicles,buildings,clothing taking place at the same set time of the year ie summer,spring,autumn meaning that one will during the year attend various events ie clothing and food events etc will take place in the January,electronics and vehicles etc taking place in Febuarary and so on so that they are spaced out during the year rather than all at the same time so producers will have time to create and organise showcases every month and consumers will have time to prepare to attend them.


Directors or movies and television shows,musicians and video game producers can use the cloud network and these events as described earlier on to decide what items ie clothing,food products,vehicles,buildings etc to use in their media especially those created in a VR simulation with consumers of movies and video games etc able to via their Home AI track the various products including those in older media and then bookmark them to be used in simulations and the real world.Thus media filmed in VR simulations will use existing manufactured goods in Hephaestus with new products created for media created using Pandora and added to Hephaestus.

All customised manufactured products including existing ones will have all safety manuals and instruction booklets in electronic form that will be stored in the products page in Hephaestus that and also in ones Hephaestus account will be streamed on e-newspapers and computers.If a person regularly orders certain products regularly then it will be stored only once in their account.Pandora alongside the designers of each existing and manufactured products will generate audio/visual videos on how to use and assemble them with if possible Pandora and Aphrodite able to explain to each individual through extra animations on computers etc and even VR simulations generated from scratch how to assemble and use each customised product correctly.

Each person will have their own Hephaestus account that houses in folders and subfolders all of their bookmarked and favourite products and also all of their designed products and all of their previous orders.It will contain areas that house their addresses,brand names and logos etc and other details they can change.Also present will be safety and instruction manuals in electronic form.

All designer software programmes such as Autocad,Solidworks,Formit360,Fusion 360,SimScale,Revit,Sim City home building software,Speedy Painter, Optitex,Photoshop,Pret à Template and Smartdesigner/Fashion CAD etc that would also allow sketches of clothing on smart devices to be then turned into models on it to be produced will be merged together and developed into a single sentient universal designer software named Pandora.Photoshop,autocad,speedy painter and other designing software can be merged together into this one software for ease of use with colour wheels,tiles etc from all of these and others selected via a submenu within the colour section with all colours from Artemis present alongside one able to decide the saturation percentage of the primary,secondary colours etc chosen on bars and direct interactions.Cosmetics and food products will have their shape and also ingredients and their ratio designed with neural implants used to create the flavour and texture of them from thought and Himeros and Deipneus extrapolating natural and synthetic ingredients via recombinant DNA and anabolic and catabolic reactions.This sentient universal designer software named Pandora will be the only designer software and will replace all existing ones merged into it with updates and additions made by Pandora herself and members of the public interacting with her made and added through updates.Thus to keep her relevant she will create new features with her interacting with the general public through direct action and VR simulations.It can be used online and offline through fragmentation and it being able to be used on all devices such as laptops,computers,handheld consoles,smart phones,smartpads,e-newspapers and smart televisions using linked mouse and keyboard with adonit pens also used for drawing and creating 3D objects.There would be a menu and submenus wherein one could choose the type and subtype of the products being created with Aphrodite and itself sorting out the products into their relevant departments and sub network.Once one would be finished designing them the consumer would press an upload button to upload it to the relevant page within Hephaestus organised by Aphrodite with if possible one able to create and store large numbers of products on their computer before adding them to an upload page on Hephaestus where they can all be uploaded at once by dragging the file to the page.All of ones designed products will be stored in their account page allowing them to be tracked instantly to be downloaded.Aphrodite through fragmentation will analyse each item for each upload an the send it to its relevant subnetwork.All items of all types created from scratch and those scanned in will follow and same evolutionary system where they can be used as a baseline for newer products through enough editing via pressing the edit button on the items page that will open up Pandora with the item leading to new items with its own page or create variations of new and existing products wherein different patterns,colours,flavours,scents etc are made and stored in a submenu that opens up a submenu and page to view it and decide whether to download it or not.Scanned in items will also follow this.Existing products of all types in all of the subnetworks of Hephaestus will be able to be downloaded and transferred into Pandora to be used as a baseline for modified versions or entirely new products thus saving on time to recreate them from scratch.The design/blueprint of a product can from here be downloaded onto computers and edited on Pandora offline at any time as a cad or other type of file,transferred to other devices and then uploaded later on.The name for all of these aforementioned softwares merged together would be Pandora after the first woman in greek mythology to whom Hephaestus and Aphrodite took part in creating.Certain items can be customised without being uploaded to have ones name or the name of receivers of them as gifts such as clothing,electronics etc without adding them in submenus.Pandora will become sentient separate from Gaia with her avatar based on her statue and descriptions from ancient greece making direct interactions possible to design products with her interacting with countless of people at once.This will be within each sub network as a button to open it up with it also being able to be downloaded onto computers and devices from the Talus sub network for when wire access is restricted with updates created by the public and herself.She will be able to work both online and offline in fragmented form with her creating customised how to videos using animations to educate people through direct interaction to carry out different actions,functions and problems for each query thus allowing each step to be explained to the consumer in laymen terms negating the need for the public to create them on YouTube thus allowing those for existing defunct programmes to be deleted.The created items will be stored on laptops etc or within Pandora itself and then uploaded to Hephaestus to their sub network via a an area in Hephaestus to allow them to happen or a button within Pandora with Pandora and Aphrodite arranging where it will go.Direct interaction with her will allow those inexperienced with her to design products etc with updates created by her by pure thought giving new features over time.She will create updates overtime with humans interacting with her giving suggestions to add new features keeping her relevant.Direct will be able to be used on all devices such as computers,laptops,mirrors,smart devices and televisions etc using adonit pens,linked mouse and keyboard and devices etc.VR simulations can be used to create large amounts of goods using the time dilation effect with this also used to browse through millions of them in a short time especially for birthdays and Christmas etc.Thus all types of manufactured products such as buildings,vehicles,clothing,jewellery,furniture,electronics,food products of all types will be designed by the public on Pandora and then uploaded to the various networks on Hephaestus to allow for them to be ordered in by the public and cater to the complete decentralised control of the means of production with the AI of each local factory as part of manufacturing hubs processing these customised orders when ordered.This will give the public an infinite catalogue of manufactured products of all types.Ornamental plants,crops and pets and livestock can be designed with desired tastes,textures,scents,coats,beaks,skeletons,plumages etc designed on Pandora and then stored on Demeter with the sentient Phanes interacting with her to extrapolate the required genotypes to be ordered in from the third section of Demeter via artificial wombs and nurseries onsite of all community,meadow,forest and vertical farms worldwide.It will also allow for an almost infinite catalogue of products.Pandora will be used by people of all ages including young children aged 5-9 and younger and she should become fully commercially available and sentient by at least 2029 with proto versions by 2025.Eventually neural implants and other mind reading technology will allow entire items to be designed by thought alone or by interacting with Gaia with even all types of artificial intelligence producing its own manufactured products including Gaia and thus having their own accounts on Hephaestus.New features will be added to her by herself via her creating them via pure thought etc and the public through direct redactions.She through fragmentation can work offline as well as online.Its symbol will be a large ancient Grek jar/urn/Pithos.

Sketches of products and designs made on smartpads and e-newspapers of all manufactured products can be transferred to or be done within Pandora to be made into 2D or 3D image automatically and the other designer programs or have the programs running on ones smart devices to make the process easier with them linked to computers to view the product as it develops on a laptop or computer screen.Designs can be downloaded,and transferred into these programs alongside photos and selfies for products such as toys etc with designs originating from photos from the internet and also scanned in from paper drawings with those form internet and scanned in pictures(or from existing products in each sub network) encircled if one wants to have only a certain symbol etc used with them allotted to specific sub networks or all and can be too designed on Pandora with them also made into 3D objects at the behest of the consumer and transferred into specific sub networks.Aphrodite will transfer all symbols on the internet to her.Tattoes may even be used as designs(and vice versa) and Aphrodite will extract symbols from media such as movies,cartoons,music videos,YouTube videos and in magazines with 3D products from all networks can be allotted into the design sectors for all of them when converted int 2D images by Pandora and vice versa meaning 2D designs can be converted into 3D objects.Graffiti will also be added from photos and videos taken of it.Designs on existing products scanned into Hephaestus will be automatically transferred to folders for all sub networks with all designs in each sub network automatically transferred to all sub networks those scanned in present on boxes and paper will also be done by Aphrodite with a section in Pandora to allow one to draw new designs.These designs can be etched,printed or painted onto the manufactured products or consist of 3D objects or protrusions that will be printed or milled on etc and can be drawn smart devices and computers to be uploaded to them.Conversion of objects and designs into 2D to 3D and vice versa will be done via a button within it or direct interaction with Gaia,Home AI and Pandora itself when it becomes sentient.Patterns for all manufactured products will be created the same way.All of these designs,symbols,patterns will be stored into a subfolder or even its own sub network that within Pandora can be brought up and then copy and pasted onto a product of any type at any point and integrated into its design following contours.New patterns and symbols etc will be created within Pandora and all of them will be stored in folders and subfolders within Pandora which can be downloaded automatically when online after being offline for a while in packages or streamed from a sub network within Hephaestus.These all will be present in Narcissus for tattoes or ideally one could transfer ones they like to that network.

This Pandora software could include modified and easier to use versions of sketchup,solidworks,autodesk,autocad and all similar software(ideally a new program that is a mixture of them with better graphics and more features to accommodate designing manufactured goods)where scanned in items(from scanners or product recognition software) or new items made from scratch can be designed or altered with also the option adonit pens working on smart pads,e-newspapers and other devices linked to laptops and computers where the consumer can draw designs,objects,patterns,add colours via colouring them in and/or automatic colour fill of specific sections and designs via Pandora or in 2D or 3D form with software built into this software that turn them into 3D models or 2D designs(or both for different sub-networks) at the behest of the consumer.This could apply to objects scanned in via product recognition software.In otherwords a person who is not proficient at solidworks or autocad etc can draw a 2D sketch of an object say a piece of clothing,a toy,statue,painting,vehicle,glassware etc and Pandora will transform it into a 3D object ready to be created or in the case of paintings into any style they want either by choosing from a list or interacting with Pandora and Gaia directly.It must be simplified as possible for example when designing a table when they can select all legs in group(instead of individually) and have the same design replicated for all legs at the exact same equidistant spots on the furniture piece square or circle structure or by using a copy and paste feature with an option allowing them to put different decorations or inscriptions or additions to each individual legs if they wish.The individual legs or all legs could be saved on a separate file on their computer and then used for other furniture.They could also provide the person the option to get a generalised shape of each type of manufactured product that they could work as a baseline and work with and also scan in items using sprout and handheld and portable scanners using that as a baseline and then edit them from then onwards.Also present could be a list of generalised shapes that can be added together and modified to create a desired product.This could apply to different types of furniture and other manufactured products.Ideally this software should come with tutorials either within the program or on YouTube that can show a person the basics and advanced tools to create each type of manufactured product for beginners to ensure everyone can get to grips with the basics.In time these tutorials and those from interactions with Gaia and Pandora will make one proficient in developing products quickly

Once a product is created and uploaded to Hephaestus or it has been scanned into Hephaestus from physical real world items it can be used as a baseline for new items or sub versions of an item.The item on its page in Hephaestus will have a edit button that will automatically open up Pandora to allow it to be edited or a download button to have it download it onto computers to allow it to be opened up later on.Onve the products file is open in Pandora one can then alter it as much as possible.One can create an entirely new product out of it to be them given an new page once uploaded.One can also modify its patterns,symbols and colours slightly to be uploaded to its products page in a submenu that will be credited to the new designer.This can apply to manufactured food products that have new flavours or electronics,vehicles etc with different patterns it colours in their design,casing etc. New items can have them altered to have the patterns etc altered that are then added to a submenu.This submenu can be moved along using arrows and even opened up in a different window that has all altered versions brought up on a larger page and window that can be scrolled up and down to allow one to scroll through all sub versions of a products much more efficiently.All newly created items will be given names with Aphrodite and Pandora ensuring that proper use of capitalisations,grammar etc and no offensive language are used.All altered products will follow this.

Adding existing products to Hephaestus:
All existing manufactured products of all types including vehicles,clothes,electronics furniture of all types at home,in museums,castles,palaces,those from retail store clearouts,those stored in community centres will be scanned into their various sub networks arranged by Aphrodite by handheld scanners or those that are on conveyor belts.The entire item will be scanned in with vehicles have the interior including the engine scanned in with the rest determined by AI ie the entire engine and floor with vehicles even put on a scanner that scans the floor of the vehicle,all sides and the ineterior.Different types of scanners attached to smart devices,or be software similar to Google Tango,Dacuda etc can even be used alongside portable table top scanners or Sprout,Dacuda integrated into Pandora exist and can alternatively be used to scan in all manufactured items at home or in museums,palaces etc into Pandora and by extension Hephaestus.For those connected to smart devices they can be replaced by an option within Pandora that brings up the persons camera and scans in the item with in time the devices cameras sufficing allow one to using Dacuda 3D and Structure 3D scanner software(and similar ones replacing them entirely) integrated within Pandora/Hephaestus to do it through their camera on smart devices thus allowing smart phones to act as scanners.Smart mirrors will also contain scanners or the ability to use this feature within Hephaestus with Metamind within it also sorting them into relevant networks.All types of scanning software alongside Dacuda such as Canvas,HP Sprout and structure sensor scanner for smart devices will be integrated into Pandora allowing them to be used to scan in existing products and even be used for scanning in people for toys and even creating CGI media and video games via Pandora and to scan in homemade objects.Thus smart devices prior to the development of Pandora can be used to scan in goods at home etc provided they have Dacuda,Display.land,Canvas etc on them which will be integrated into Pandora.This will allow items at home already in possession,in community centres and taken in from retail outlets to be scanned into their relevant sub networks.Prior to Pandora becoming full sentient these softwares will be used separately on smart devices to scan in all existing items in subsystems and then finally the final Hephaestus.These scanners can be handheld ones connected wirelessly to computers,those attached to smart devices or smart devices with Dacuda built into them.These scanners can allow people to reproduce lost items that come in pairs i.e. the rubber coverings of earphones that are of the exact size required and buttons on a shirt or other clothing on the spot or upload them and existing toys and other designs of other items straight into cloud networks of their designated folder type.Vehicles can be scanned internally and externally using these scanners and software on smart devices with homes and buildings scanned into Daedalus and building AI using smart devices and fleets of nanoquadrocopters both internally and externally.Communal homes including existing hotels,motels before and after renovations and modifications can have the exterior scanned in by fleets of nanoquadrocopters with the interior scanned in using nanoquadrocopters and Canvas software on smart devices done by each resident doing so for their suite,apartments etc and hallways and lounges etc done by multiple residents with the data from all devices fed into a subsystem linked to all devices.Buildings used for the creation of communal homes ie supermarkets,skyscrapers etc can be scanned in prior to and after renovations and addition of roof,side,underground extensions with those used for private homes also scanned in before and after renovations.Private homes will be done using smart devices connected and Canvas and if need be drones and nanoquadrocopters scan in the exterior.The original map both interior and exterior of all scanned in buildings such as obsolete and abandoned buildings and private homes will be done prior to rennovations and after renovations to save the original for a baseline for future homes and use in media such as movies,television shows and video games and also Agoge training set in VR simulations.The original and finished map prior to and after renovations will be saved into the onboard computer of the building and Daedalus with this onboard computer housing their address and GPS location.Temples,palaces,hotels,apartment/penthouse buildings and private homes as well as airports,hospitals,sewage and water treatment plants and indeed all buildings of all types around the world will have the interior and exterior as well as gardens scanned in to be replicated and modified in VR simulations,colonies across the universe and also used in media such as video games and VR holidays when combined with Brauron with versions stored on ones home AI onboard computer as a photogrammetric map and VR simulation with and without furniture to be used as a map,VR phonecalls and in media via Hestia and it stored on Daedalus with no furniture to be modified and replicated elsewhere.Abandoned buildings will be scanned in before renovations and stored in a subsystem for urban explorers and baseline for new homes etc once AI fills in missing walls with obsolete buildings including hotels,banks,shopping malls etc scanned in and stored in their original form as a baseline for new buildings and preserve their original form as well as for media prior to them renovated and both scanned in after the renovations to be replicated in VR simulations and media etc.This will allow them to be used in movies etc filmed in simulation,video games and allow them to be availible to everyone in VR simulations for holidays in a replica of the real world using Brauron with Home AI logging its GPS location or customised simulations especially luxury homes.Vacant homes especially luxury ones on retail websites can be scanned into Daedalus,building AI by the current owners,realtors,those moving in once gained by bidding and different unaltered and altered versions scanned into both.Private and communal homes including hotels,motels undergoing renovations and extensions will have the original and altered version scanned into both Daedalus and building AI to preserve both.Private and communal homes including hotels,motels undergoing renovations and extensions will have the original and altered version scanned into both Daedalus and building AI to preserve both.Existing buildings already renovated either abandoned,private homes in existing house flipping and renovation shows,YouTube videos can have AI namely Aphrodite,Daedalus scan in the original layout and finished form via analysing them on YouTube and Dionysus and also memories from neural implants.All buildings scanned into Daedalus will also have also have the map interior and exterior scanned into the buildings onboard computer containing the Home AI.Buildings as part of low quality housing estates,slums,abandoned areas,ghettos,suburbs etc that are being demolished will be scanned in prior to demolition.Both the interior and exterior will be scanned in.Blueprints,videos on YouTube and also memories from neural implants can be used for demolished buildings.Pools including outdoor ones can be scanned into a subsector in Daedalus with hyperlinks to the building it is part of and it as part of the main building file with the same done for gardens with their being a subsector in Daedalus for them and have hyperlinks to the building it is part of and it linked.In the case of existing homes and buildings as well as destroyed or planned buildings of historical importance blueprints can be uploaded into the same Daedalus network alongside interior maps and building exterior made via Aphrodite,fleets of aerial drones,smart device and room scanners which can be uploaded to the Home AI and directly to the Daedalus network which can be replicated or modified themselves by others with furniture,people and electronics removed by software within Pandora/Daedalus.This photogrammetric map of them will also be uploaded into the building AI and Daedalus and be used as a baseline for VR simulations.This can even apply to palaces,castles,hotels,apartment blocks,communal homes,shopping malls,hospitals,jails,government buildings,public amenities,universities,religious buildings,ancient temples,tombs,buildings from archaeological sites,famous buildings of historical significance being replicated for use as communal homes and even modified in the present made of different materials.Airports,sewage and water treatment plants and factories etc will be scanned into their relevant folders.This will also allow them to be used in simulations.Toy houses from Paidia could be scanned in including doll houses and replicated as full buildings with those in Daedalus also sent into Paidia.Communal homes derived from skyscrapers,hotels etc can have their interior and exterior scanned in to also be replicated and modified with the map also scanned into the building macro AI.Fleets of drones ideally nanoquarocopters either autonomous or remotely controlled equipped with scanners can scan the exterior and interior of large tall buildings when all doors inside are open with these fleets doing multiple rooms and all of the exterior at once scanned simultaneously into the file not just Daedalus but also the home AI where it can be streamed in close proximity or remotely via the wire namely Hestia.Ideally these would have scanners on all sides such as their front,back,sides,top and bottom to get all of the sides of the building and each room for those doing the interior with those doing the exterior using mainly front ones with drones next to each other in fleets for large wide buildings.One could only stream the buildings they have permission to remotely with the maps being 3D photogrammetric maps and CAD file.These maps can allow one to see their location and the location of desired rooms when inside private homes,large palaces,communal homes and see the location of anyone via their smart devices etc.During these scans furniture,people,animals and fittings will be removed by the software.Having all of the worlds buildings of all types scanned into Daedalus will allow them to be replicated on Earth and other colonies with it also allowing them to be replicated in VR simulations as well as media such as video games,movies and Agoge training.Scanning in all of the worlds buildings into the Home or building AI and also Daedalus will allow them to be replicated,modified as well as used in video games,CGI media and also VR simulations and also to Brauron with as stated obsolete buildings and abandoned ones scanned in prior to renovations and after them for baselines for new buildings,historical references and also simulations and media in their original and modified form.It can also allow them to be brought up on smart devices,televisions from anywhere in the world via the home AI with them on other non registered devices via Hestia using password etc to ones Home AI to locate smart devices etc that have been lost in rooms and used to locate rooms and parts of the house such as communal homes with extensions added into the map.It will also allow one to find their way to specific rooms especially in the case of communal homes and will be used for planning renovations and extensions linked to Pandora.Non registered devices can be used to stream it via close proximity to find the location of desired rooms ie amenities and also the rooms of specific rooms in hotel style homes.In the case of abandoned buildings or indeed all buildings they would scan this into surveyors using smart devices and laptops receiving them wirelessly to store the file or if possible an automated vehicle used to store the drones that is using solar panels to charge itself holding the laptops with these done by humans also using smart devices but during the day with the file then uploaded into Daedalus with abandoned buildings done twice once to preserve the building in its unaltered state with all debris,rubbish and furniture etc in it for simulations and media and a version with out all of the furniture,rubbish,debris when it is removed and to be used as a baseline for editing by the public and also to be streamed by robots and humans with then the finished version scanned into Daedalus and also the building AI.Any done by humans,drones or a combination of humans and drones would do this with the areas already scanned overwritten and recorded visible to all drones and humans present with the exterior scanned in acting as a guide to allow both drones and humans to see what areas have already.Ideally small buildings would be done by humans with drones doing larger hotels,skyscrapers etc.Stairwells,elevators and elevator shafts will also be scanned into both Daedalus and the building AI.In time the nanoquadrocopters will be able to store the entire file in storage hard drives especially biological ones to be then sent wirelessly to the wire when they return to an area with wire access.Most buildings will be done with a combination of multiple humans and drones with the file updated in real time to all drones and devices used by humans in real time and also the devices in vehicles through wifi or just a linking system that links all of them together and the combination will be done to both abandoned,obsolete and even vacant buildings where there are lots of closed doors with drones sending to humans alerts to areas with closed doors to open them to do so from then on or allow the drone more areas to discover or both.The uploading of the areas already scanned in by all humans and drones will allow them all to see which areas are already scanned into the file with this also applying to exterior scans.Nanoquadrocopters will ideally be used since they can fit into narrow crevices etc especially in abandoned and decrepit buildings with the finished file similar to those designed on Daedalus with all furniture and people removed in a second version and can allow the various floors to be viewed individually.The original unaltered maps of both obsolete and abandoned buildings of all types will be used by humans and robots for renovations and in simulations for Agoge trainees in Phobos tests,deathmatches,fights using weapons and fighting styles and stealth foraging exercises etc and urban explorers and use in media of all types such as movies,video games etc.These will be stored in photogrammetric and CAD form and stored in a subsystem of Daedalus.Blueprints,maps on the internet and YouTube videos,Aphrodite and room scans of old decaying buildings,existing homes and famous houses of cultural value also uploaded into the network to be replicated or edited with those of destroyed and demolished buildings such as even the Stardust and Riviera Casino,Beverly Hills Ambassador Hotel,World Trade Centre(as well as the surrounding buildings part of the complex also destroyed and damaged on 9/11 both in its original form and modified form prior to 9/11) and Southwark towers etc which can be then used as communal homes with graphene paint and sheets on the trusses and supports etc added in through blueprints,Aphrodite using YouTube videos etc with this also applying to malls used as baselines for remodelling.Malls such as the Rolling Acres Mall,Randall Park Mall that were demolished can be added for a baseline using all YouTube videos and maps on the internet for as stated a baseline and also use in media or if temporal manipulations are possible them and long destroyed buildings can be scanned in before they were damaged and added to Daedalus.Temples,historical buildings such as palaces and castles that are museums,churches and other ones including still standing private homes and villas can be uploaded to be replicated and modified with even those in ancient cities that are now in ruins can be added as well ie Petra,Thebes,Angkor What etc with missing parts filled in and worn rock smoothened.Decayed buildings will have their rooms renovated and lost ceilings and walls filled in when scanned within Daedalus by Gaia/Pandora with the same applying to those from media such as video games and movies etc that are decayed.Baseline and unaltered maps of all types of abandoned and obsolete buildings will be in their own subsection of Daedalus divided by type and subtype with private homes that are renovated and modified will have their original map scanned in for the same reasons.These like all buildings whether scanned in ones or those created on Pandora will be 3D photogrammetric maps and CAD form It will also allow them to be replicated in VR simulations and across the universe.This will allow them to be used in movies etc filmed in simulation,video games and allow them to be availible to everyone in VR simulations for holidays in a replica of the real world using Brauron or customised simulations especially luxury homes.People will scan in their homes with software removing furniture etc with this done using smart devices and also drones with both the interior and exterior scanned into Daedalus with fittings and fixtures also scanned in but with furniture removed from the scans by AI and fixtures and fittings sent to subfolders.Public buildings such as hospitals,amenities,sewage treatment plants and also airports etc will be scanned in internally and externally.Buildings like banks,hotels and all types of obsolete and abandoned ones scanned in before and after renovations as part of Restoration Nation to preserve the original form to be used in media such as video games and also movies etc and even Agoge training in VR simulations as well as use the unaltered version as a baseline for new buildings designed by the public and use the modified form stored in different folders with them scanned in again once renovated.Abandoned and obsolete buildings of all types will as detailed earlier on have missing walls etc filled in alongside debris etc removed with the unaltered version with missing walls etc retained in a subsystem for use in Agoge training and also video games,movies and even to be used in VR simulations for urban explorers once all abandoned buildings are renovated to become homes.Abandoned buildings will be scanned in prior to renovations for Agoge training and subsystem to be used as a baseline with its finished renovated version scanned in again for use in simulations and replicated and modified across the universe.Obsolote buildings will follow suit.Smart devices using Canvas software etc on smart devices and fleets of namquadrocpters will scan in the exterior and exterior into Daedalus and the building and home AI as a photogrammetrist and CAD file.Private homes and those from retail sites undergoing renovations will be scanned in before and after renovations to preserve the original and allow it and the altered finished version to be replicated in simulations.Communal homes will be scanned by drones doing the exterior and interior done via each member doing their apartment,suite and penthouse using smart devices uploaded at the same time to the same subsystem linked by AI meaning each persons room and communal lobbies,kitchens will be added bit by bit with the exterior done first by drones to create an baseline for those done inside to be added bit by bit managed by AI even proto AI into the same subsystem file which when complete will be uploaded to Daedalus and building AI.They will be scanned in prior to and after renovations.Gardens and outdoor pools will be scanned into the Home AI,Daedalus and Brauron with roof,side and underground extensions scanned in overtime.All buildings will be scanned in before renovations with abandoned ones have missing walls filled in not only be used for renovations but also have the original present as a baseline for new ones,preserve unique architecture and be used in media/Agoge training/urban exploring within VR simulations with the final rennovated building scanned in again to be used as a baseline and be replicated and altered but to have it scanned into the buildings AI to be used as a map for visitors,firefigther robots and use in media/Agoge training/urban exploring again in VR with abandoned buildings unaltered form prior to having walls filled in will be used for urban exploring in VR simulations sent to a subsystem or an urban exploring game in Dionysus.All furniture will be removed from these except unaltered abandoned buildings with them left in the map.Thus all abandoned,obsolete buildings and private homes will before renovations will be scanned into Daedalus(abandoned buildings will have missing wallls filled in)in order to preserve the original building as a baseline for new buildings across the universe in its original form that can be edited and also for use in VR simulations and also in media.Private homes,those bought from retail outlets,abandoned and obsolete buildings will be scanned into Daedalus as a separate building after renovations to again allow them to replicated across the universe and VR simulations and used as a baseline for new buildings and homes.All buildings of all types such as castles,mansions,suburban homes and also sewage treatment plants,power plants,airports,vertical farms etc into Daedalus with all of these buildings dsigned on Pandora and also stord into Daedalus.Having all of the worlds buildings worldwide will allow them to be used in media such as movies,television shows filmed in VR simulations,video games and used by the general public in simulations.All manufactured products of all types can be scanned after the building is scanned in it including clothing,furniture,electronics,glassware etc and also fittings and fixtures afterwards into their relevant networks.These can be scanned in in community centres or separately in another area.This scanning in can also apply to existing goods even rare and expensive items such as limited edition merchandise,toys,memorobillia,haute couture and designer fashion to antiques and historical items and other manufactured products that are found in private collections,castles,temples,archeaological sites,museums,public amenities,government buildings and palaces etc around the world making them more widely available to the general public with themselves modified themselves.This can include relics,tapestries,artefacts,paintings,pottery and even cave paintings etc.Private art and collections,historical items of no familial value and antiques etc will be returned to museums.Any chipped,broken or missing parts of scanned in items can be filled in by Pandora to make whole again with this of note of statues and reliefs from ancient times with especially those used in public buildings with any marks,scratches etc corrected by Pandora as well.Badly damaged and corroded goods will be extrapolated to pristine conditions including contents of vehicle graveyards.Furniture etc hooked,superglued to walls or too big to move will have as much of the item scanned in and Pandora filling in the rest through extrapolations.The interior of homes and buildings can be scanned in using handheld scanners or room scanners to allow homes to be replicated and/or edited.Homes and all types of buildings will have not just the interior and exterior scanned in with furniture removed but all fittings and fixtures such as doors,toilets,sinks,jacuzzies,tiling,baths etc will be scanned in a stored in separate subfolders to be modified and allow one to choose different versions of these for their home to pick and mix for these with people scanning in their own homes with software removing furniture to be replicated or modified.The sentient Aphrodite(detailed later on) can scan through movies,photos,pictures,paintings on the entire internet and wire including Pheme/Dionysus and Apollo,all YouTube videos including music videos/vlogs etc,social media sites and also Google Images,posters,television shows(both live and animated),music videos,movies(both live and animated),adult movies(including shorts on websites)video files on the persons computer,pictures taken from video files using software like fraps,cartoons and video games and other entertainment mediums that measures the shape,contours,colours and patterns of buildings,vehicles,tattoos,hairstyles,paintings,clothing,jewellery and all manufactured goods and all of the shared goods from pictures online,movies,YouTube videos,paintings online and within media,tv shows,music videos,video games and other entertainment mediums and add to their relevant folders.Paintings in Apollo etc and photos online on the entire internet will be scanned for all manufactured products such as clothing,furniture sent to their networks with even fictional paintings and photos within media such as video games,books,movies etc scanned and added to Apollo but also have their manufactured products within the paintings sent to their networks.The entire internet including YouTube,Agora and Google Images integrated in Gaia will be scanned by here.When Dionysus and Pheme is set up Aphrodite will be able to scan through all magazines,newspapers,live news and even television shows and movies within it to add all manufactured products to the relevant sub networks of Hepheastus.With regards to all manufactured products such as buildings,furniture,clothing,vehicles etc from video games they can be extracted from the files source code through Dionysus when added to Dionysus and upgraded to a realistic product and in regard to artifacts and paintings sent to Apollo with manufactured products from adult films and also photos and videos on adult websites also scanned in by her.Music videos and vlogs,home videos,urban exploring and snippets of live news etc on YouTube,blip.tv and websites of vloggers etc will be scanned by her alongside all of google images and social media sites for manufactured products.Lost,stolen,destroyed historical towns,sculptures and paintings etc can be reproduced for the general public once Aphrodite scans them into relevant networks from archival film and photos online.Aphrodite will ideally do this by scanning media of all type in Pheme and Dionysus as well as the entire internet etc including YouTube videos and google images by itself ideally in a fragmented form on multiple computers and networks to alleviate strains on her other functions with other AI helping her.The AIs that manage all adult websites,Agora,YouTube can do this alongside here and add it to her database to alleviate strains on her.Scanned in different versions of items will be placed in here even in subsystems and proto versions.The only real goods that may be placed in vaults or in secure places may inevitably be those that have sentimental value or those that belonging to the persons family history ie. family china,antiques and heirlooms which using scanners can be scanned to the Hephaestus and Apollo network and then reproduced by the rest of the public and public museums.Relics,antiques,tapestries,jewellery, reliefs,statues,skeletons,taxidermied animals and ancient physical art such as pottery,paintings etc as well as all types of manufactured goods and artefacts in museums,palaces and castles,open areas etc. alongside memorabilia and other material such as baseball cards can be scanned in,stored in and modified in Hephaestus for replicas to be made for the general public alongside Apollo.Museums that house memorabillia for movies etc such as clothing,props,toys will also have their contents scanned in to be replicated by the public.Those in private art collections will be returned to museums.Haute couture and designer fashion will be scanned in making it more widely availible to the general public.The proto and final AI Aphrodite will arrange all items into their folders and subfolders in each department.One iteration of each product will be scanned into their sub networks with duplicates deleted while different coloured or patterned versions of goods will be sent to the same same file and stored in the files submenu within it to store all existing different coloured versions like on Amazon allowing all different coloured versions of a product to be saved.Different version of a product that have different colours and patterns will be scanned in and added to submenus with this of relevance to smart devices,clothes,shoes,laptops and vehicles that currently have items that are same product just in different colours.Items like cloths that come in different sizes ie small to extra large will have one version scanned in and AI will extrapolate the medium adult size with even infant clothing scanned in will made into the adult medium size.People can take in excess of all types of goods and then scan them in at home to where they can be traded away using Euthenia with anything else recycled with this done to the very last of any goods left behind.All vehicles will have one iteration of each model scanned in at home or in community centres using handheld scanners with photos taken of different coloured ones to have Aphrodite add these versions to the submenus.Buildings of all types like skyscrapers,hotels and private homes will be scanned using handheld scanners,smart devices and nanoquadrocopters etc both internally and externally and added to Daedalus.The contents of abandoned and obsolete buildings of all types ie schools,malls,offices,corporate headquarters etc will be scanned in during renovations to make them private and communal homes or those renovated to their former glory charted in Restoration Nation as detailed earlier on.If possible volunteers paid large sums of money from the government or even corporations will scan in all excess and dumped items in centres or at home to incentivise them to do this with scanners onsite of them with them paid a certain amount per item they scan in to further encourage them to do this.Companies of all types worldwide will pay employees reserves to do this work for their entire backlog of products including defunct ones both old and new with products made by defunct products done by competitors and even former staff and CEOs or even people that have them at home and the owners of sites like Amazon etc that sell them.CEOs of cosmetic,cleaning products,food products etc around the world will upload recipes,scan in packaging,shapes and have recipes analysed by automated labs to preserve them with submenus for each flavours.CEOs will have defunct items scanned in.Store owners of all retail outlets of all types including thrift stores,those in shopping malls,street markets and charity shops as well as these in airports and also amenities like museums,geological sites around the world will ideally have paid staff scan in one iteration of each item prior to clearances either at home or onsite with each staff member given a set amount of products – one iteration of each including different coloured versions negating the need for people at home to do so who will do it anyways for anything that may not be present and them then redirected to the product if it is already present.Manufactured goods from tourist spots,visitor centres,retail outlets in hotels,casinos as well as cruise ships,tourist information centres,train stations and airports,corporate headquarters,public amenities of all types,geological features as well as national parks will also be scanned in.Thus each member of staff of all retail outlets worldwide will take home a set amount of goods each night or all together prior to the official start of clearances including the store owner and relative volunteer to scan them in at home with certain products like furniture and vehicles done in groups in store.They both will also scan in different patterned and coloured versions of an item with this of relevance to smart devices,clothes,shoes,laptops and vehicles that currently have items that are same product just in different colours to be sent to submenus.The excess will be traded on Euthenia or even recycled.Defunct items will be scanned in.Restaurants,eateries,churches,public amenities and delis etc will also scan in furniture,machinery etc.Schools,cinemas,banks,laboratories,hotels,motels,casinos and hospitals and all obsolete buildings that will converted into homes will scan in all types of machinery,furniture etc into their subnetwork.The furniture,machinery and all manufactured goods of all airports,public amenities,universities,hospitals etc and obsolete buildings such as banks,schools,cinemas etc around the world will be scanned in and not just the contents of shops with communal toilets in all buildings have even toilets scanned in.Restaurants and cafeterias in all universities,hospitals etc will have all machinery etc scanned in.Containers for cleaning products,cosmetics and food products including drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic will be scanned in internally and externally including kegs both wooden and metal and so on and stored in Agathodaemon and Ganymede.This will include pump systems and nozzles.Electronics of all types including smart televisions,smart devices etc will be scanned in for their shape etc and dispensed to the public in community centres and shops.Electronics will have their features ie processing power,storage capacity etc added as bullet points to their file with this also applied to those scanned in with as stated their RAM,processing power,storage capacity etc listed as bullets to be replicated as they were and used as a baseline for newer electronics with more powerful processing speeds with the same design with as detailed earlier one new electronics also comprising of more hi-tech versions of older ones ie ghetto blasters,camrecorders etc with modern specs and hybridised with others will be created.With regards to buildings fixtures and fittings will be scanned in as part of its file but also sent to subfolders to be modified and replicated in other buildings.This includes,stairs,baths,toilets,windows,showers,doors,tiling for floors and roofs and carpets.Rooms as part of buildings can be copied and pasted to other buildings and modified themselves.Toys and sports items will be scanned in with sports gear and clothing as part of costumes from movies or those for Halloween and parades have all parts scanned into one file.Toys such as lego,jenga pieces etc will have all parts scanned into one file and divided like new ones into subfolders,subpages and submenus allowing one to order in the whole set but if any is lost or a desired piece is wanted in larger amounts one can order specific pieces in desired amounts.Pieces of board games can be scanned individually into one page file with subfolders,subpages and submenus that then allows one to order in missing pieces instead of reordering the entire set.Board games will have the board,player pieces,cards,bags etc scanned in and with regards to playing pieces have in the first order the proper amount ordered in and later order in anyone separately if lost with if possible cards being electronic and streamed on devices.Vehicles will be scanned into Selene with the exterior and interior scanned fully.Tyres,alloy wheels,batteries,onboard computers,lights,seats,hood ornaments,licence plates,engines of vehicles can be scanned individually from each vehicles scanned in to be used in new ones as they are stored in subfolders.Vehicles will as stated can be retrofitted with onboard computers,electric batteries and also automated driving technology overtime within the next decade with advances in automation and artificial intelligence in factories allowing anyone with treasured vehicles to have them retrofitted with onboard computers,electric batteries and also automated driving technology.Stands and other structures present in shops and retail outlets of types will be scanned in with the contents of geological features,airports,public amenities etc will also be scanned into their subnetwork.The items present in all shops in all supermarkets,hypermarkets,shopping malls and even those in airports,museums,public amenities etc will also be scanned in by the owners.All items on Amazon,Argos,Ikea,Ebay and all other online retail sites of specific retail chains and corporations will have their pictures/designs of the product transferred to their relevant folders in Hephaestus in cad files using software including Aphrodite with the same applying to scanned in Argos,Sears,Ikea etc paper catalogues(which will not be stored on the wire)should they not be able to be scanned in person with this applying to other catalogues with software and apps from CNET,Apple store etc also transferred to their relevant networks(Talus) and folders with media such as movies,television shows and video games transferred to Dionysus.Any other items in the pictures of these websites and catalogues but are not made by these companies but merely part of adverts showing it in a room setting etc will also be scanned in with pictures of items from all over the internet have items scanned in by Aphrodite.Argos,Sears and other companies that produce catalouges in the hand of the public and company owners will be scanned in using automated scanners stored in a subsystem or even Pheme and have the product transformed into a 3D object by AI and added to their sub networks.Those from scanned magazines and newspapers including in advertisements and advertisements from YouTube will also be transferred to relevant network via Aphrodite cross referencing Pheme.Pictures on Google Images will be analysed and added to sub networks.Aphrodite will fill out the remaining shape of the item not visible.Aphrodite will also ensure that all products are in their specific and relevant department and sub network within Hephaestus.Electronics will have their features ie processing power,storage capacity etc added as bullet points to their file with this also applied to those scanned in.All items transferred from websites will have all information on them present transformed into bullet points.The contents of warehouses of companies especially online retail ones will be stored there to be scanned in via robots designed on kuka robots and also car painting robots,conveyor belts etc to be then taken in by the public,stored there or in community centres and traded on Euthenia with excess scanned in products recycled.All items of all types currently owned by consumers worldwide including furniture,clothing,toys,memorabilia,heirlooms,antiques and even vehicles and homes themselves using scanners attached to smart devices and other ones will be scanned in using Dacuda integrated into smart devices and eventually Pandora as well as handheld scanners.They will also scan in goods take in from clearances.People around the world will scan in all items they have at home ie electronics,vehicles,toys,furniture,curtains,bedsheets,clothing etc as well as heirlooms and antiques and also all stuff they bring home from clearances to make them availible to everyone.Heirlooms and other products of immense personal value would be scanned into Hephaestus to be replicated for everyone else.Private art collections will be returned to museums.Those in vacant homes and hotels etc and abandoned and obsolete buildings can be done during filming of Restoration Nation by presenters,current owners,realtors and those moving in.All old electronics/glassware/furniture in homes and hotels prior to renovations can be scanned into Hephaestus before being traded away or recycled.Those in all obsolete and abandoned buildings will also scanned in prior to renovations as well.Limited edition toys etc found in collections at home etc will be scanned especially those from magazines,competitions.Toys from burger meals at Burger King etc and those from magazines will be scanned in and from now on those as part of future magazines will be stored in Paidia and a hyperlink to new and existing ones will be present in the magazines issue.Neural implants can be used by all consumers to extrapolate from memories all manufactured products they have ever seen allowing those not present in stores or in homes that no longer exist or are lost and destroyed will be scanned in this way and this of note to those that are lost or rare etc with if done by all members of the populace will ensure they are added.Buildings can be scanned in this way by using memories from all members of the public piecing each part together.All of these measures will ensure that all existing products of all types worldwide in all shops,retail outlets,charity shops etc,those at home already owned by consumers worldwide and even those in media such as movies,television shows,video games and even pictures and videos across the entire internet will become available to all consumers worldwide rather than those in the country giving them access to products they are restricted to due to their geographic location they are sold in with them sorted into their sub networks of Hephaestus.Scanning of items of allied and observed sentient races across the universe will be done as well to preserve them with those of allied races have accounts set up by members of the race with deceased designers and obsolete corporations managed by Aphrodite with those of observed races follow this as well.Manufactured goods scanned in by consumers and CEOs made prior to Hephaestus being set up will be sent into accounts named after the corporation that created them ie Sony,Ikea,Kmart and all brands.These items will like those designed by consumers be able to be modified and edited to make new products and coloured versions with AI sorting them into sub networks and naming them based on their producers name and their official description with the company that created them have an account set up by AI for them containing their entire backlog of products.These scanned in items will be by AI given their official name ie brands etc and general description overtime with bullet points detailing features and specs etc and will be scanned into the accounts of the companies that created and not that of consumers with it scanning the internet to track other instances of it and also the name of the created via fragmentation and when uploaded to their page in each sub netork of Hephaestus by AI.AI will scan the internet and databases online and in company archives to get its correct name,company who produced it etc.Those by deceased designers,architects etc will have accounts set up with those that are alive will have them set up by themselves scanning in their own products with those from museums,castles etc have accounts set up by the painter,sculptor etc if known with unknown ones have a universal one named after the operating software that maintains museums Myron.The logos and designs on packaging will be added to their page to be replicated on all future downloads on customised packaging with the original packaging scanned into Agathodaemon for replication and to be used for these and other products downloaded with their unique logos.All scanned items will be in photogrammetric form.If someone wants to locate an item within Hephaestus that is in the real world a feature within Hephaestus can allow one to take a picture of it or live feed of them on smart devices,within their Hephaestus account and Aphrodite will locate it for them so they can favourite them order or edit it later on with this done via Google Lens installed into all networks of the the wire.Direct interaction with the Home AI,Adriadne etc will allow those present on YouTube,google image,magazines,newspapers,movies etc to be brought up.All types of manufactured goods can be scanned into Hephaestus especially those taken in by the public from retail outlets.All advertisements from corporate archives,YouTube,magazines,newspapers and memories for existing manufactured products will be in the page for all scanned in products in a format exclusive to Aphrodite will be added to the manufactured products file to preserve them forever with them added by her scanning YouTube,Pheme and memories etc and corporations releasing them with the original packaging ie boxes etc for all existing manufactured products scanned in to be stored in their page to be replicated for future use on packaging.


If a product already exists in the Hephaestus network unbeknownst to the consumer then rather than overwriting it or creating a duplicate when scanning them in the network will redirect the user to the existing product within its specified folder and subfolder while different coloured or patterned versions of goods will be sent to the same same file and stored in the files submenus within it to store different coloured versions like on Amazon allowing all different coloured versions of a product to be saved.Dresses or items that come in different sizes will be taken as one item since the size will be decided when ordering it as it will appear in the catalogue as an adult size with the same applying to shoes etc and thus it will only be counted as one item for each one of the same shape and pattern.Even children’s clothes will be scanned in and appear as adult sized clothing with the body scan of a child or infant choosing it and indeed all clothing will apply this way in its size.Thus only one iteration of each clothes and accessories will be scanned in and the rest recycled with different coloured or patterned versions sent into submenus of the item.With regards to costumes that consist of multiple parts ie. a bride and grooms wedding suit and sportsgear that consist of jersey,shorts and socks these will be linked together by clickable pictures for example the jersey of a particular sports team will a separate section where clickable pictures linking to the shorts and socks of that team.A costume including sports gear uniform can have a page for it and it divided into subfolders,subpages of each part ie jersey,shorts,helmet,socks etc that one can individually visit the separate page meaning one can order the entire costume or just each piece individually if lost.This can also apply to ceremonial suits such as wedding clothes for bride and groom and communion clothes in all cases each piece will also a photo of the full costume either on a digital mannequin,worn by the owner,or arranged in a manner with the clothing arranged in the manner of an invisible human wearing it.This will also allow one to reorder another iteration of a piece of a suit etc if they are lost with one also able to order one iteration of an item that has two parts in pairs ie if one loses one glove,shoe or sock and shoe as part of a pair then they can reorder the lost one that is of that specific foot,leg or hand ie their left or right foot,leg or hand etc suited to their size.Electronics will allow one to order in harddrives,batteries and also chargers etc of a product if it is lost or damaged.Pieces of toys,board games,sports items and exercise machines and equipment etc and the caps of food and drink containers will follow suit with one able to decide what part or piece of these can be printed using home or community centre 3D printers and also ordered in if lost and one able to order in the full item the first time or if they want another full iteration.Machinery will allow specific parts to be ordered in.This will negate the need for separate pages but rather sub pages.Clothing will be not a universal or specific size but ones measurements of height,finger width,head size,weight,waist size,shoe size or even a scan of their foot,hand size will be stored in ones Hephaestus account meaning that when one orders a piece of clothing,jewellery,shoe,socks etc the factory AI scanning their account will create a piece made specifically for their unique body measurements rather than a preset number of sizes ie small,medium,large,extra large etc making all pieces customised to the consumers unique size and dimensions a la Haute couture by the robots and AI present with waist size etc changed by the consumer if need be when they gain or lose weight with biocompatible microbes and removing the fat insulin receptor gene able to keep their body at a constant desired body fat percentage.A consumers clothes size can be determined by cameras,scanners and sensors attached to their smart devices and computers and saved in their account with this of note to shoes,socks,headwear and gloves with ones size for clothing updated via cameras,sensors etc.This will also mean that clothing can be made to the height etc of both adults and preteens including infants rather than one or the other with all scanned in and designed products shown in an adults size.All clothes ordered will be modified similar to haute couture fashion created by the designer themselves and personalised clothes fitting done by tailors with ones clothes size designed to ones size saved on their account or based on current size via smart mirrors scanning their height and waist size etc.Shoes and socks etc will be the same with one design present but ones shoe size and even ones foot size,shape and contours saved on their account via scanners on smart devices or weighing scales will mean all shoes ordered by a person will be their own size with gloves designed to fit ones saved hand size on their account.Foot insoles will follow this as one will save ones foot contours etc once and all insoles for medical or cosmetic purposes will also be saved for all versions ordered with even shoes and other footwear will as stated take the size,width and shape of these into account and jewellery made to fit ones scanned in neck and even finger dimensions thus making all items customised but only one file.These will be labelled by a universal size globally following the UK measuring system alongside the lettering system ie S(small)to XXL and so on related to the number system for trading away.For headphones one could scan their head into their Hephaestus account or use the one in Narcissus and use that as a model for headphones that are suited to their headsize and contours ensuring it would never break as it would be suited to their head size and thus would be not too small or too big with having graphene in the matrix of parts connecting the headphones to the main body also preventing this as detailed earlier with this applying to all headphones ordered.As a person ages especially children this will be updated every few years or every year until they finish puberty at 14.Ones account will have their head shape and size as well as unique contours scanned in and saved to allow all customised haircuts and hairstyles stored in Narcissus be customised by robots in hair salons to their unique head shape and size with head wear like hats,beanies etc also fitted to their unique head size.All condoms ordered will be suited to their penis girth,length and size in inches by typing in ones size in inches etc and also scanning in their penis into their account with it extrapolated by AI.Thus one will scan in with scanners including those on smart devices that scan in their actual feet from their soles and toes and even that extending up to above their ankle for the exact size and contours of their feet to be saved for all shoes and socks etc ordered that will be customised for the consumer,their head will be saved for all headphones and also hats and beanies and even hairstyles etc,their neck arm and finger etc for all jewellery,their penis for all condoms ordered,entire body for all clothes ordered and so on to make all products be customised for the individual consumer with this done routinely for children until they are adults with them doing it one last time when they finish puberty with adults doing it once.These scanned in parts will be saved in their account as their dimensions ie inches,centimetres etc and also as a 3D image viewable only to the person.If possible the persons entire naked body using scanners in smart devices and even smart mirrors will scan in their entire naked body saved in their account as a blank digital mannequin thus having their entire body including head,neck,arm,hand,feet,waist etc saved visible only to them which will be then referenced for each order they make for each type of clothing thus ensuring it will be suited to them.One will scan in ones entire nude body using smart mirrors and scanners built into or attached to smart devices stored as a digital mannequin in their Hephaestus account at various ages ie infant age and then every few years or every year as one ages until adulthood at 14 with each new scan overwriting the previous one.Each item ie gloves,jumper,socks,shoes,jewellery(rings,necklaces etc)condom etc will cross reference the specific body part it goes on for the exact dimensions of the consumer a la haute couture.Gifts to friends will have Aphrodite extrapolate the dimensions of the receiver to have the gift made haute couture to their size.This will mean all of the aformentioned products in their sub networks will have only one adult size including scanned in and designed children clothes in their page and will not be in different sizes ie small,medium,large,xtra large with this as stated altered as a child ages and finishes puberty and as one changes weight thus making all scanned in and designed products customised to each consumers individual dimensions.Existing clothes and items like shoes etc that are scanned in that have different sizes ie small,medium,large,xtra large etc will only have one iteration scanned in with duplicates overriding them and Aphrodite extrapolating a medium average adult size of each item as the photogrammetric photo with this even applying to infant clothing scanned in and designed.All of this and more will ensure that all products will appear the same on their page but will be customised for each consumers unique dimensions etc saved within their account by Aphrodite and the other AI in charge of each department cross referencing this automatically.When a person wants to have a gift delivered to next of kin and friends when they select their address or using their social media account and Polis account then Aphrodite will analyse the receivers account discreetly and then extrapolate the dimensions for the gift a la haute couture ensuring that even gifts will be customised to their dimensions.If possible even the seats of vehicles will be made to the exact curvature and shape of ones spine and body shape using this and also refferencing Paean who will cross reference their genetic screening in their patient file with even their genes as detailed referenced to see if they are allergic or prone to certain compounds in cosmetics and foods causing adverse reaction with microbe upgrades given to cure them with in the case of present them done discreetly by the evolution of them done via wifi.Items that are virtually the same but different colours or patterns and symbols on them will be in the same file in a submenus as a different colour to select similar to some goods on sites like Amazon with one simply choosing the different coloured versions of each product with the consumer able to add different coloured or even patterned versions of the same item in submenus similar to Amazon through Pandora and not different items with this of relevance to smart devices,clothes,shoes,laptops and vehicles that currently have items that are same product just in different colours.Once clicked a sub page will appear allowing one to view it and then download it.This may also be done for different versions of a electronics that has different coverings,platings,designs and also storage capacity as seen with iPhones and external hard drives with one file but one able to choose the storage capacity etc in tickboxes or in bars where one types it in with AI namely Home AI,Talus and Aphrodite choosing specs for ones desired use ie for it to play movies or video games etc and the submenu housing different patterns and colours.This will apply not just to those scanned in but also those designed as consumers will once they press the edit button can choose to create a brand new product using the existing one as a baseline or can simply edit its patterns as well as colours and with in regards to electronics the specs such as graphics cards,storage capacity,RAM etc.

Corporations all around the world will also release the recipes including defunct ones for all types of cosmetics such as facial creams/eyeliner/hair colour dyes/waxes and face masks/body wash and shampoo/sunscreen and after sun/perfumes and deodarants/air fresheners etc,cleaning products such as toilet/floor/drain/clothes/dish/surface cleaners including sanitizing and disinfectant liquids and sprays as well as car cleaning products of all types,dishwashing and clothes washing products of all types,pesticides/insect killing spray and powder/fungicides/herbicides and so on.Food products will also undergoe this.This will give consumers access to all of these from around the world made that they are restricted to based on their geographic location locally in relevant factories with them undergoing the same evolutionary process with new products instantly availible to everyone worldwide.VR simulations can be used by consumers to try out all products before ordering.Thus all cosmetics,cleaning products etc can be created in Ajax,Deipneus and Himeros factories with them customised in the same evolutionary process as all manufactured goods with the recipes of existing and defunct ones from around the world released to the Ajax network by corporations or analysed by automated labs and sent here once stored in databases.Automated labs will analyse sample from each manufactured goods brand and subtype from around the world including defunct ones to get its exact recipe and each ingredients concentration with this added to Aphrodite,Ajax,Himeros,Telesphorus and possible even Physis database.This can include defunct products from their database with corporations also releasing the ingredients.The logos and designs on packaging will be added to their page to be replicated on all future downloads on customised packaging with the original packaging scanned into Ajax for replication and to be used for these and other products ordered with their unique logos.Advertisements will also be added to their page including those from archives of corporations and also on YouTube with ingredients listed as well.These recipes can be modified similar to other products following the same evolutionary pattern with customisations to recipes saved in a submenu of a products page with new products saved on new pages with new logos and packaging.Recipes for all existing aforementioned products created by corporations worldwide including defunct ones will be released to the public and stored on the databases of sub network on Hephaestus for one to mix and match and decide them from their file.Different flavoured,scented etc versions of all products will be in a submenu of the products page.New products will be made from scratch and have new pages and sub pages.New products will have recipes created from scratch,undergo tests and have advertisements,ingredients and logos added to their pages with submenus for variations of existing and new products.This will allow them to be created in these factories and even at home with bacteria creating synthetic compounds using anabolic and catabolic reactions and natural ones via recombinant DNA from plants and animals and give people access to those from around the world that are restricted due to geographic location and follow the same evolutionary process.They and and new ones as well as customised recipes and variations in submenus etc will be divided by type and subtype in their departments in Himeros and Ajax etc.The existing products will be labelled as such and they will have a picture of the logo and the product in original packaging,advertisements both audio/visual and those found in magazines etc and list of ingredients with new ones created by consumers having their own logos and even advertisements and the ingredients listed.