Immunisation Strain

Immunisation strains:
The microbes immunising strain would contain genes from pathogens that express the key surface protein antigens of them that when needed will be syntheisied on the surface of the microbes or released by themselves or in bumpers and these shared with dendritic cells and in turn helper T cells,memory B and T,plasma and killer T cells with Paean through wifi controlling the actions of the microbes and in turn via having them use chemical signals call dendritic cells to receive the surface protein antigens and then activate helper T cells,memory B and T,plasma and killer T cells thus giving the primary immune system lifelong protection and immunity towards the pathogen(s) once they share with the dendritic cells and thus memory helper B and T helper,plasma and killer T cells key surface protein antigens of deadly pathogens synthesised on their surface such as MRSA,Ebolavirus,N.meningitidis,HIV.This would be done by millions of the immunising strains travelling to all of the lymph nodes after undergoing mitosis and then signalling the dendritic cells to be activated and receive the surface protein antigens and then share the surface proteins with all relevant leukocytes and activate them to become able to fight off future and existing infections or them skipping the dendritic cells and interacting with the helper T cells,memory B and T,plasma and killer T cells themselves with these method decided by Paean with this done at least some time before infection or potential exposure and in some case in the middle of chronic infections such as in the case of those already infected with HIV with the immunised primary immune system activated by microbes controlled by Paean in both chronic and pre infected patients with this if possible done to newborns in utero during the last few months or weeks of pregnancy and also right after birth.All of these actions will be carried out by Paean controlling the microbes through WiFi and by instructing the microbes to control the actions of the primary immune system through chemical signals with Paean relating to the patient and their patient file when they have been immunised.Thus those already infected with HIV and other chronic infections could be immunised and then the microbes signalling to the primary immune system to produce their own antibodies against the specific or all strains to speed up the battle.Those newly infected with new pathogens will be immunised once Phanes scans the genome read by base microbes sent by wifi allowing one to be able to create their own antibodies within 24 hours of infection.Paean would control all aspects of this by sending signals via wifi to initiate chemical signals for all leukocytes involved.In new infections Paean will initiate the primary immune system to produce their new antibodies at the start of infections by having the microbes create chemical signals with in the case of chronic infections where the patient is already infected a patient can be immunised in the middle of the infection and the primary immune system activated to produce their own antibodies via the microbes instructed by Paean to produce these antibodies.Thus Paean via WiFi will control the actions of the immunisation strains of microbes and then control the actions of the primary immune system such as dendritic cells,helper T cells,memory B and T cells through Paean sending instructions to the microbes to initiate chemical signals to control the actions of the relevant leukocytes of the primary immune system.As detailed later on common proteins methods would involve the microbes containing genes common to all strains of a pathogen or even whole families and orders of them including all future possible strains of pathogens with upgrades changing the genotypes present in the microbes immunising strains.This would allow the primary immune system to have the necessary antibodies to take part in battles and make the primary immune system immune to all pathogens for life,give them recombinant and scratch DNA to make them resistant to pathogens that replicate by infecting and decimating the primary immune system before infections take place,and if possible even give them new abilities to allow the immune system to partake in battles of all types and make their response much quicker through this modification and signalling,prevent the microbes becoming too overworked as well as more importantly preventing the primary immune system from becoming lazy and too reliant on the microbes and make the host resistant to any infection with the same done to any pathogen to whom no conventional vaccine and drug treatment exists already.Their ability to pass synthesised proteins of pathogens to dendritic cells,modify pathogens to be susceptible to anti-microbial and anti-viral agents at their disposal as well as weaken them,remove resistance to existent antipathogenic compounds and those at their disposal,make tissues and leukocytes in the body unable to be infected by them to spread the pathogen or be destroyed by it,cause them to commit suicide,kill them to allow the primary immune system to kill them off and gain an immunity could negate the need for vaccines and boosters especially if CRISPR is use to make this immunity indefinitely or done routinely automatically to the patient and would protect unborn fetus for life against all diseases for life while still in the womb with this even applying to the Rhinovirus and Orthomyxoviridae.This could be a cheaper,quicker and more efficient means to protect populations from infections through added microbes interbreeding with them even negating the need for vaccines completely and drugs especially in newborns since the microbes would pass from mother and child via the placenta breastfeeding giving them instant protection while still in the womb from all diseases the mother is resistant to for life without the need for boosters.Immunisations would be created for all pathogens in a matter of weeks if not days rather than years or decades with it able to create immunisations for those that no vaccine currently doesnt exist or viable such as HIV,MRSA,N.gonorrhoeae and using the common proteins method would protect one from all possible strains including existing ones and those that dont yet exist for life with this of note to Rhinovirus and Orthomyxoviridae.The genotypes for surface proteins will be uploaded to Physis and thus can be downloaded into upgrades within minutes globally thus allowing for universal distribution worldwide in hospitals etc worldwide thus eliminating the need to manufacture them in one country and have them transported across the world in limited batches with this also preventing unequal distribution based in socio-economic factors.This could allow immuno-comprimised individuals and those who cannot get vaccines to be immunised as the microbes interact directly with the primary immune system via chemical signals.For this to work the DNA of a pathogen will be scanned by Phanes,Paean,Epione etc and then added to Physis within a day with these and all pathogens and their different strains in Physis scanned for genotypes for proteins that can be created by them on the surface of them and then used to to be passed onto the dendritic cells and then syntheisise them to be added to ones microbes which if done by Paean,Phanes,Epione,university and hospital AIs together or individually scanning all pathogens at once could make it possible to prepare base microbes with the genotypes, and allow for creation and distribution to the entire general public in as little as several days especially if they are created simultaneously in all universities,farms and hospitals or even homes that have these around the world using base microbes created by 3D DNA printing compared to several months,years or even a decades for conventional vaccines with little to no human labour as seen with the development of Ebolavirus and HIV vaccine with this bypassing research,development and even clinical trials with this applying to viral,bacterial and also fungal pathogens with the potential for zero side effects since it replicates the natural processes that takes place in the body.Thus this process using AI scanning the genome of pathogens for the common proteins then uploading them to Physis in their file where 3D DNA printers at home and in hospitals can print them out into base microbes or immunising strains to be then injected into patients or Paean inducing the evolutionary path of immunising strains which can reduce the creation of them from several years to even a few days of an outbreak or discovery of new species or strains availible to everyone around the world within minutes of the genotypes extrapolated which should take itself a few minutes including even those already infected while at home.Thus once new species of pathogens or even parasites is discovered taking hold base microbes and lab machines chart the genome and it analysed for genotypes analysed by Phanes and adding them to the species file to allow anyone anywhere including those infected to have themselves immunised within less than a day thus halting the spread of new outbreaks.By replicating the way one naturally gains immunity it would allow one to be immunised only once in their live negting the need for boosters with the immunisation unlike vaccines conferring lifelong protection.New orders and families of micro-organisms on planets discovered by AI will be charted for common proteins and the information sent via Nyx to allow for all citizens,researchers visiting them to be immunised beforehand.This will involve all common proteins of all bacteria,viruses,fungi etc from the new discovered planets before colonised to allow all humans to be immunised to them and all possible mutation prior to them able to mutate into human pathogens similar to how SIV mutated into HIV.The immunising strains would work by the immunising strains having the genotypes singular or common that synthesise relevant surface protein antigens of a pathogen on their surface that would normally be gathered or used by dendritic cells in the middle of an infection where the bodys immune system gained an upper hand that would when in the presence of dendritic cells called to them or hundreds or thousands of the microbes ideally collecting in all of the lymph nodes at once after undergoing mitosis would have the surface protein antigens made from the genotypes synthesised on the surface and then shared and passed on with dendritic cells signalled to collect in the lymph nodes who would then signal them to activate relevant helper T cells,memory B and T,plasma and killer T cells to create effective antibodies with upgrades allowing for new proteins to be shared.Otherwise the microbes could skip the dendritic cells and activate the relevant helper T cells,memory B and T,plasma and killer T cells themselves.The immunising strains would use chemical signals activated by Paean to communicate with the primary immune system to immunise it and initiate them to produce the exact antibodies.These immunising strains will house the genes from bacteria,fungi,viruses if possible parasites determined by Phanes scanning their DNA to allow them to be able to express and synthesise on their surface the key pathogens surface proteins used by dendritic cells to initiate lifelong immunity that will be then shared with them with Paean sending millions if not billions of immunising strains to all of the bodies lymph nodes to through him initiating them to create chemical signals controlled by Paean to call the dendritic cells to meet the microbes to be able to pass on from the immunising strains the surface proteins of pathogens whether singular and common to multiple dendritic cells in each lymph node and then using the chemical signals to then pass the proteins to all other relevant leukocytes to them make them immune.When the base microbes detect future infections of pathogens they are infected by they will instantly signal the primary immune system to activate the relevant leukocytes and also in turn the relevant antibodies via chemical signals.Chronic infections where one is already infected could have the relevant leukocytes activated via chemical signals from the microbes and this done in future infections for others with the microbes teaching the native immune system to detect and activate in infections by itself such as using efficacy tests.Microbes would tell via chemical signals the dendritic cells or T cells what type of protein it is ie bacterial,viral,fungal and signal them to call virgin T cells with the proper receptors.The microbes would use signals and also CRISPR to increase the survival and production rate of virgin T cells and also ensure they have the correct receptors for the shared surface protein antigens with them.The microbes can through adding genes to the patients body,bone marrow then removed later and through chemical signals created by them under instruction of Paean can induce helper T cells to produce the correct receptors for that specific species and strains and also common proteins thus limiting the amount of helper T cells being produced and also thus saving energy and time but also prevent the body overproducing them and not producing any helper T cells that could attack the hosts body thus preventing them initiating autoimmune responses.Once the desired helper T cell is produced then it will produce them in desired levels via chemical signals to improve the speed and efficacy of the immunisation process via mitosis and the primary production process.These desired helper T cells and in some cases helper B cells will receive the surface proteins from the dendritic cells or from the microbes directly via chemical signals.The helper T and B cells will be in pre existing infections have half called to the site of the infection and the rest converted into memory T and B cells or have all converted into memory B and T cells and then fight off the infection with like in the case of pre infections them converted into memory B and T cells and sent to reside in the lymph with them called to future battles.All of this will be controlled Paean through WiFi telling the microbes to produce certain chemical reactions to control and interact with the relevant leukocytes of the primary immune system.Thus Paean will via chemical signals will have the bodies lymph node produce helper T cells that house the correct receptors for bacterial,viral etc proteins of specific species and strains etc in large numbers and through inducing them to undergo mitosis saving time and resources and negate the need for creating those that can attack the patient and in the case of both pre infections and chronic infections activate the memory B cells and plasma cells etc to allow the immune system learn the specific antibodies as well as in the case of chronic infections have the helper T cels and memory B and T cells and plasma cells etc gather in areas where the pathogen exists.If possible the microbes themselves can directly activate the helper T cells with their production survival increased with proper receptors for the proteins themselves in turn bypassing the activation of dendritic cells with can be done with them told what type of protein it is and have these shared the proteins and signalled to activate the relevant leukocytes with some activated into memory cells with them having helper T cells called to aid antibody producing leukocytes.In both cases the activated leukocytes will be called to the site of infection during existing or future infections via chemical signals with the immunised primary immune system taught to do so themselves with the microbes via signals telling the primary immune system whether it is a bacteria,fungus,virus etc being activated and what species and strain it is so as to activate the correct specific antibodies.All relevant leukocytes that attack specifically viral,bacterial and fungal pathogens will be activated.The dendritic cells would be called to the microbes using chemical signals and then signalled to return to the lymph nodes and activate some of the virgin B and T cells,plasma and killer T cells to become memory B and T cells,helper T cells,plasma and killer T immunity with ideally this done before a person is infected with the patient using Paean deciding which immunisation upgrades to receive during or ideally before outbreaks occur with the microbes able to signal to Paean when the memory B and T helper cells when the immune system is immunised.All steps in this immunisation involving the dendritic cells, virgin B and T cells,plasma and killer T cells to become memory B and T cells,helper T cells,plasma and killer T immunity will be controlled by Paean sending WiFi signals to the microbes to then have them use chemical signals to communicate with the primary immune system to carry out desired steps.If possible hundreds,thousands or millions of the immunising strain of microbes themselves even moving into all of the bodies lymph nodes at once,sharing proteins to multiple dendritic cells there and then signalling them to activate some of the helper T cells to become memory B and T helper,plasma and killer T cells alongside virgin cells which can then activate instantly for attack when a pathogen infects the body or is already in the body such as chronic infections like HIV,MRSA and HPV directly or through signals from microbes to attack them alongside other leukocytes and even prevent symptoms associated with seroconversion as pathogens would be fought off instantly before gaining a stronghold.Ideally all of the lymph nodes will be visited at once by thousands or millions of immunising strains to activate as many leukocytes as possible.These memory cells will be activated instantly by the microbes in the case of those suffering from existing infections such as HIV and chest infections with the microbes signalling when an infection occurs.The microbes would signal dendritic cells if it was a viral,fungal or bacterial protein and what type of protein it is and also signal it to activate the relevant leukocytes thus allowing it to activate the appropriate cells but would only signal killer T cells,plasma cells and B and T cells to attack only in an infection,existing infection or test infection with dead or benign pathogens with in all cases would signal them to activate some helper T cells,memory B and T,plasma and killer T cells.The interactions between the dendritic cells,helper T cells,helper B cells and plasma cells will be controllled by Paean sending WiFi signals to microbes to create chemical signals to control the specific leukocytes.These chemical signals will transform both helper T and B cells to become memory B and T cells thus in the case of pre immunisation and during chronic infections make them able to become memory cells that have learned to fight both future and existing infections without an infection needed.They would either through CRISPR or chemical signals activate the production of virgin helper T cells that would only have the proper receptors to hold the surface protein antigens of the pathogen from the dendritic cells as well as microbes and thus activate them with the survival rates of these helper T cells production rate increase through CRISPR or even signals with them also even bypassing dendritic cells and just in the lymph nodes using signals and the sharing of the proteins activate the virgin helper T cells themselves.In short millions of immunising microbes could travel to all of the lymph nodes at once and share the proteins with and activate the helper T cells,memory B and T,plasma and killer T cells using chemical signals.Thus if possible the interactions with the dendritic cells could be skipped and microbes can interact with virgin T helper cells with them using chemical signals to have the lymph nodes produce virgin helper T cells with only the specific receptors of the surface proteins it has to share to save time and energy in production and prevent the body producing those that can carry out autoimmune reactions with once the surface proteins are shared it will undergo mitosis and in chronic infections fight off infections with in pre infections them through chemical signals turned into memory T cells with the same done to other relevant leukocytes such as helper B cells and plasma cells.Once plasma,killer T or B cells are activated in chronic and new infections and efficacy tests then the microbes will ensure helper T cells keep antibody creating leukocytes dont die with them also doing this as well.The base microbes,immunising strains and in fact even anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains will be called to the site of infection in both chronic and non infected patients during and infection the primary immune system will be told via chemical signals what species and strain of viral,bacterial,fungal pathogen or even parasite it is and thus what antibodies to produce.The microbes would signal to memory B and T,plasma and killer T cells as to what antibodies to produce with regards to the detected species and strain via chemical signals once they are called to where pathogens are present or to all parts of the body in chronic infections like HIV to then flood the bloodstream with antibodies to kill off large numbers of the pathogen with in the case of HIV them called to where the virus is detected by the primary and secondary immune system via CRISPR immune response.Every aspect of immunisations such as the inducing of evolutionary path of microbes genomes to express surface proteins,communicating with the primary immune system to gather specific leukocytes in specific areas via chemical signals as well as sharing of surface proteins etc and activation of the primary immune system in chronically infected patients and pre infected patients will be controlled entirely by Paean by biosynth wifi and bluetooth to shave the microbes produce specific chemical proteins due to its delicate nature by 2029 with reporting when he initiated the immunisation and reporting when the immunsation is over.All aspects of this will be controlled by the microbes using chemical signals in time managed by Paean sending instructions to the microbes via wifi who will then use chemical signals by at least 2029.All aspects of the immunisation process and ensuring battle would be controlled by microbes using chemical signals and by at least 2029 with this will be done by Paean controlling the microbes via biosynth WiFi and nanomachines and him controlling all of the leukocytes of primary immune system during chronic and new infections and the immunisation process via the microbes creating chemical signals under orders from Paean from fragmented form within neural implants and smart devices and the wire for each patient giving him control over the maintenance of all infections and immunisations.By 2035-2045 onwards this will take several minutes with Paean logging in ones patient file and to the patient file when it has been done thus one will know when they have been immunised and when it is safe to be exposed to specific pathogens and the patients primary immune system can be able to fight off pathogens etc with trials on mice and chimpanzees and even biosynths determine this for each pathogens and common proteins method.All chemical signals created by microbes to initiate actions of the primary immune system would be done via Paean sending them via wifi from neural implants,smartphones and also the wire allowing him to control the actions of both the microbes and the primary immune system in battles against all types of pathogens and immunisations prior to battles.In both chronic infections and those done after immunisations the primary immune system will be told to gather in areas of infection and then told what antibodies it has learnt to produce thus allowing them to learn countless antibodies with the signals sent to them from the microbes and Paean to tell them to synthesise what specific antibodies towards each specific strains or common strains of each species of pathogen it is immune to thus allowing a person to be immunised against whole orders of pathogens using the common proteins method and countless singular species and strains using singular proteins over ones lifetime with the microbes teaching the immune system to detect infections and utilise specific antibodies to utilise by itself to alleviate strains on them and also when they are comprimised.This partnership may also reduce the effects of sepsis on the body and keep vital organs alive through other strains thus improving survival rates significantly with nanomachines,biocompatible microbes and the primary immune system working in unison with each other through chemical and neural signals keeping the balance between the use of primary and secondary immune systems in desired control for each infection decided by Paean to prevent one becoming too powerful than the other or the body itself,too lazy and complacent and also using them together in the correct balance for each specific infection decided by Paean with again all interactions between the microbes and primary immune system managed by chemical signals back and forth managed by Paean.This would also allow Paean in a fragmented form on smart devices and neural implants to speed up or slow down the length of each battle with him skipping the steps normally taken up by the primary immune system by using signals on nanomachines and within biocompatible proteins to activate and give dendritic cells with samples of the pathogens DNA and proteins at the start of infections when they receive DNA from the pathogen or even before infections and even activate helper T cells themselves,increase the amount of helper T cells that survive production through CRISPR or hormones,activate memory helper T and B,plasma and killer T cells with relevant antibodies at the start of or before infections by giving them samples of the pathogen or this done via horizontal gene transfer,prevent neutrophiles from damaging the hosts cells or even modifying their actions and controlling the intensity of theirs and other leukocytes actions with him and microbes able to control all aspects of the primary and secondary immune system such as what types of leukocytes to be created;when as well as where and also in what quantity on demand and increase their survival rate during manufacture through these chemical signals created by both biocompatible microbes and the host own immune systems and nanomachines controlled by Paean during each individual infection for each individual patient even if possible causing the primary immune system and biocompatible microbes to create new custom made antibodies for a specific infection through signals on demand or trading DNA.Prior to the development of nanomachines chemical interactions between pathogens,the primary immune system and also biocompatible microbes will suffice and compliment them when they are developed.Simulations will be done to decide the best actions for him to carry out to defeat all infections with this even including cancerous and precancerous tumours with the timing,length and intensity of symptoms controlled either by as stated skipping certain immune responses such as those that cause inflammation,fevers,diarrhea etc with Paean choosing certain aspects of the primary immune system,using biocompatible microbes or creating custom or new antibodies that can be created on the spot.In a fragmented state he will do this for all types infections that could occur for each pathogen of every patient before they happen while in smart devices and neural implants or he could do this with Gaia and Epione while inside the wire for all patients across the globe alongside all of the worlds university and hospital AIs.Thus infections could be dealt with instantly and one would not have a fever or other symptoms of infections or they would occur but in more bearable less intensive forms spread out over a longer or shorter period with Paean signalling to the patient via smart devices the exact time they would start and their length and intensity.This would also apply to seroconversion of certain infections such as HIV.This immunisation can be done prior to infection as well as in the middle of an existing chronic infection such as HIV,Candida albicans,HPV,Orthomyxoviridae,Streptococcus pneumoniae,Ebolavirus that has to be suppressed by anti-viral and antibiotics with the microbes using chemical signals to activate relevant plasma and helper T cells,memory B and T cells when they are given the relevant antibodies during existing infections.These immunisations can be developed for all viral,fungal and bacterial pathogens to which no current vaccine exists such as M.tuberculosis,N.gonorrhoeae,MRSA,HIV,P.aeruginosa and also all parasites such as Ancylostoma,Plasmodium,B.mandrillaris,N.fowleri.Parasites on Earth and all colonies across the universe may also have immunisations created using the common protein methods especially on other planets.All remaining livestock will be immunised against parasites and all bacteria,viruses,fungi infections that cause illness,loss of yields and zoonoses that affect humans except gut flora and probiotics to eliminate them and antibiotics in the food chain with applying to Bovidae,Pheasinidae and also all fish and shellfish reared for food and all other animals reared for food with pets such as dogs,cats,reptiles,birds etc immunised against all species and breed specific parasites and pathogens especially zoonoses.Immunisations will developed for all pathogens and parasites of pets if all species and breed.Crops and ornamental planets once given fully functioning immune systems will be immunised against all viruses,bacterial and fungal infections.Research will be made into immunisations for all pathogens and parasites of all species and breeds of pets and livestock etc.These immunisations will replicate the normal methods of how the immune system gains immunity to infections wherein surface proteins from defected pathogens are taken to the dendritic cells to be then shared with helper T cells,memory B and T,plasma and killer T cells to activate the adaptive immune system thus allowing the immune system learn how to attack specific pathogens in the same way as in normal infections without having to be exposed to them in the first place and this protection applying to chronic infections one is already infected with such as HIV provided the microbes activate the imunised immune system with it having side effects either mild or serious as seen with other vaccines and can provide lifelong protection without boosters especially in the case of newborns and pathogens such as Clostridium tetani with the common proteins method guarding one against all existing and future possible mutations and strains of a pathogen especially those that are seasonal ones such as Orthomyxoviridae,Rhinovirus and those that mutate quickly and have several pathogenic strains with it also all allowing one single immunisation to provide lifelong protection against all existing and future strains of all bacteria,viruses and fungi fo life with if possible immunisations made for zoonoses such as Coronaviridae.Lifelong protection without boosters and the need for another immunisation against the same pathogen or group of them etc will be due to it replicating the process by how one naturally gains immunity to bacterial,fungal and viral infections by having the surface proteins synthesised on the surface of the microbes and shared with the dendritic cells.A single immunisation would since replicating how one naturally gains immunity by having surface proteins shared with dendritic cells and other leukocytes etc it would mean one immunisation would confer lifelong immunity and thus one would not need boosters or new immunisations every few year as seen with the HPV,C.tetani etc vaccines whose protection only last a few years to a decade thus requiring one to have vaccines taken every few years or every decade meaning upon immunisation especially at birth would have immunity conferred for life.Thus a single immunisation especially those that involve the common proteins method would grant one lifelong immunity not possible with vaccines negating the need for yearly Orthomyxoviridae,Rhinovirus vaccines and having to be vaccinated against C.tetanai,HPV and other pathogens every few years with those already infected by chronic infections such as HIV,HPV can be immunised and the microbes activating the immunised primary immune system via chemical signals allowing the body to produce its own antibodies thus allowing patients already infected with a pathogen to be cured by the immunised primary immune system creating its own antibodies which is not possible in the case of vaccines which can only protect uninfected patients.The common proteins method will provide immunity to all existing and all possible future strains of a pathogen especially quickly mutating ones such as Orthomyxoviridae,Coronaviridae,Rhinovirus that require multiple vaccines created every year meaning having all patients immunised using this method will eradicate them from the face of the Earth.Upscaling the common proteins method can include this to extend to all taxonomic ranks of all bacteria,fungi and viruses meaning a single immunisation will protect one from all existing and all possible strains of all bacteria,fungi and viruses on Earth for life preventing the need for creating immunisations for new strains and prevent micro-organisms becoming zoonoses or mutating into human pathogens as seen by HIV with this done for all taxonomic ranks of all fungi,viruses and bacteria on all planets across the universe preventing any of them mutating into zoonoses or fatal pathogens for humans etc.Furthermore by replicating the natural immunity method it would have a 100% efficacy rate for all pathogens rather than ranging from 30-95% for different pathogens and different versions of vaccines.Since replicating the way the body gains natural immunity without being infected it can theoretically be used on those with comprimised immune system due to HIVand genetic factors,infants and the elderly meaning those who normally can’t receive vaccines and thus rely on herd immunity allowing 100% of the population can be immunised.Clinical trials should prove this by 2029.Furthermore by replicating the natural process it would eliminate all side effects with serious allergic reactions eliminated and even minor reactions such as pains,flu like symptoms avoided since the immune system is directly immunised.Also since all work having to be done by AI namely Phanes and 3D DNA printers would the time to produce them for new pathogens from 24-168 hours cutting labour,manufacturing and transportation costs to zero with since the genes for expression of surface proteins would added to Physis Phanes and Paean could cross reference it allowing it to be manufactured over and over again in hospitals,universities and homes across the world with 3D DNA printers within hours of extrapolation.By having the genes responsible for the surface proteins of pathogens including common ones added to Physis once discovered they will allow the immunising strains to be mass produced in hospitals and universities worldwide over and over again within hours via Paean cross referencing it and creating them using 3D DNA printers unlike conventional vaccines that need to be manufactured in a small number of factories in the world that that take months to be manufactured and transported across the world.Phanes will only be able to scan the genome for genes for proteins and common proteins and since a legal human being with no need for money he could have it by law for free.Efficacy can be checked by extracting blood via phlebotomy robots into test tubes holding the samples of blood with microbes filtered out and exposing the native leukocytes to an infection of the desired or all types of pathogens in test tubes with nanosensors or automated machinery extracting the blood detecting the level of the antibodies produced or even blood pricks taken on home test kits and even phlebotomy robots when a person is infected with a form of whole orders the pathogens that using CRISPR modifications removes its glycoproteins and other structures that allow it to replicate within a host,unable to undergo mitosis or make it a benign or dead form of the pathogen unable to cause damage injected into a patient in large numbers with chimpanzees and mice with human recombinant DNA tested with actual infections first tested on these followed by humans.Some could using CRISPR and 3D DNA printers be made into a new benign species of virus or bacteria that contains some key genes and proteins especially those that were shared with the dendritic cells with these created using the desired pathogens as a baseline and unable to infect or replicate or undergo mitosis and mutate and their pathogenicity edited out injected in large numbers ie a form of HIV that has no GP120 glycoproteins but still has the key proteins on its surface with them closely related version such as a hybrid of HIV,SIV and random DNA with the key surface protein antigens and no glycoproteins and unable to mutate via advanced gene drives made by Phanes using CRISPR similar to the relationship between Variola major/Variola minor and Cowpox virus thus when the new pathogen is detected.Chimpanzees and mice immunised would be given the modified version and then the live unaltered pathogens in tests as early as 2023/2024 to test response with these having human DNA to create human leukocytes with humans given those made unable to replicate,undergoes mitosis,replication be benign versions unable to harm the patient modified by CRISPR and the results compared with live versions of non fatal pathogens given to humans as well.Existing infected patients of HIV would be given the benign altered version and a virion of their exact strain extracted from the blood and reinjected with the persons own virions extracted in large numbers from blood altered using CRISPR into these benign versions to stimulate the immune system into creating an immune response against the virions in their body.Uninfected patients will have the benign version with no glycoproteins and the ability to mutate edited out via gene drive technology to test the immune systems ability to recognise the virus and will be aided in actual infections by microbes signalling the initiation of infections alongside efficacy tests using benign version with the tests done to teach the immune system to learn this itself.Benign versions of bacterial,viral and fungal pathogens can be created by Phanes and 3D DNA printers at home and hospitals that would work on the same principle as the Cowpox virus does with V.major/V.minor that a benign cousins that have the same proteins that was shared with the dendritic cells to have the primary immune system learn to detect and fight off it and thus the real pathogen by itself.AI namely Phanes using 3D DNA printers CRISPR could more effectively create dead,inactivated or benign versions of pathogens used as vaccines or tests for immunising strains efficacy than current methods as the pathogen is made dead or unable to undergo replication,mitosis and other actions that would cause damage to the host but still illicit the same immune response and contain the same proteins found in real pathogens and the immunistation strains thus allowing the immunised or un immunised immune system to fight it off and gain lifelong immunity in the same way as real infections without endangering the host with tests done chimpanzees etc on whether immunisation or used of altered pathogens can be just as effective though immunising strains have the advantage of passing from one generation to next as well using the common proteins techniques.The benign versions of bacteria can be created in 3D DNA printers in hospitals or even at home allowing the tests to be done at home especially combined with home test kits that detects the prescence and levels of both pathogend and antibodies relayed to ones patient file.Viruses can involve them modified to have no glycoproteins etc that would prevent them being able to replicate thus preventing them infecting and destroying cells especially leukocytes etc in the case of HIV with these either created on a large scale using 3D DNA printers at hospitals or at home and injected into the patients or them able to undergo mitosis like bacteria.Other efficacy tests can involve the microbes with instructions from Paean using chemical signals to collect relevant immunised leukocytes in areas of the bloodstream such as pus modules filled with fluid,plasma and all relevant immunised leukocytes with biosynth with allowing phlebotomy robots and syringes used by biosynths or medical staff can using smart glasses or lenses that use biosynth WiFi determine the location of the microbes that have relevant immunised leukocytes be determinind and thus extract the blood and plasma where they can be put into test tubes with media/plasma and possibly SUP-T1 and 293T cells to have all strains of the real versions of the real pathogens all individual ones in the same or different test tubes to initiate immune responses to see if the leukocytes can produce effective antibodies and kill the pathogens.Home test kits and automated labs in hospitals using phlebotomy robots can be used to test the level of antibodies once every few months,years and decades with the patient injected with dead or benign versions of the pathogens created at home using home 3D DNA printers.These tests for antibodies would be repeated every few years for at least a decade or two with first generation patients of all races,genders involving millions or billions of patients worldwide by using home test kits and phlebotomy robots taken at the same time of the year as everyone else to test the efficacy by measuring antibodies based on race,gender,age etc all automated and the results logged into patient files and studies performed by Paean,Epione etc with controls groups where they blood is extracted but the patient is not infected with a dead version of the pathogen to measure its efficacy at providing lifelong protection.The home test kits and those done in hospitals will test not only the prescene of antibodies specific to the pathogen but also their levels and also the prescene and levels of the test pathogen in order to determine how effective the body is at producing the desired antibodies and how effective it is at ridding the body of the infection with the results of these tests logged into ones patient file and result plotted overtime by Paean and analysed by him.The microbes themselves acting as a secondary immune system would attack any infections as well allowing them to progress to human trials and full availability by 2029.At first Paean will order the microbes to be at rest and thus not attack the test pathogen to alllow the primary immune system to become alert and attack the pathogen by itself without needing the microbes to initiate their actions.If the body becomes overwhelmed due to the primary immune system not being alerted the microbes under instruction of can initiate the activation of the primary immune system to start producing relevant leukocytes and antibodies and if they become to overwhelmed them the microbes will join in on the fight to aid them.If need be the test benign pathogen may contain biosynth WiFi that can allow Paean control it’s miotic replication keeping it under control and also constantly know how many pathogens are present as well as controlling their attacks on the body to awaken the immune system and if the primary immune system is overwhelmed then they can be sent Biosynth WiFi signals to undergo apoptosis to cause most of the pathogens to die off and allow the immune system and microbes gain the upper hand.Phlebotomy robots in hospital and university labs will collect blood to be tested automatically for antibodies and one injected with in time home test kits that test for blood components will detect the levels of antibodies and benign pathogen the with one mailed the dead or altered version of the pathogen.It will also be done allow the primary immune system to learn how to detect infections it has been immunised against with if it doesnt anti-viral,anti-bacterial strains acting as backup if it fails with chemical signals used as well.The inactivated or benign cousin of the pathogen can be created in home 3D DNA printers allowing for efficacy test to be done at home with home test kits especially all in one PCR/Sysmex ones measuring the levels of antibodies and pathogens over the course of a week every few hours or once each day after one injects the benign pathogen into them using reusable syringes to ensure they are effective and can be repeated every few months,years,decades to check their efficacy with Paean recording results in folders and subfolders over these time frames in patient files.If there are potentially dangerous side effects microbes can fight off them and test pathogens and counter side effects on the body.Clinical trials on mice,chimpanzees and biosynths will also take place for efficacy tests.If need be an immunised person must be given a shot containing significant amounts of dead version of the pathogen or one that has been altered by CRISPR to remove receptors that allow it to infect cells for replication and also remove it ability to undergo replication and mitosis and make them unable to damage the patient by removing its glycoproteins,receptors,make them benign and thus unable to damage the patient but still contain the key surface protein antigens to test its effectiveness and illicit an immune response and learn to detect specific pathogens and use relevant antibodies or the microbes could signal to do so when this test is done and when infections occur with this first done on mice and chimpanzees that have been modified to illicit the same immune response as a human patient or in test tubes with infected synthetic blood.Again like the relationship between V.major/V.minor and Cowpox virus a new bacteria or virus that has the key surface protein antigens of the desired pathogen can be created that cannot undergo replication,infect relevant cells,undergo mitosis,be pathogenic with its ability to mutate edited out will be injected in large amounts to stimulate the native immune system to recognise them and also use the correct antibbodies with home test kits that use blood pricks engineered to detect antibodies with this pivotal in the case of common proteins immunisations.This would be done primarily with the most deadly infections with Rhinovirus and those that cause minor illness not done this way with the microbes acting as a backup to eradicate the pathogen if the immunisation is a failure in humans with them ordered to kill of the pathogen after seroconversion with the other measures such as making leukocytes resistant to infection after infection etc or the patient could be made unable to have their leukocytes infected prior to immunisation to force the native immune system to respond with the relevant antibodies or at least prevent the immune system being decimated to allow microbes ordered by Paean to eradicate the virus or stimulate the native immune to produce them through signals or further proteins traded via relevant strains to produce the correct antibodies etc.If possible a pathogen must be first permanently modified through gene drives to make them benign and thus remove its pathogenicity,ability to damage the body,ability to mutate,its ability to replicate and undergo mitosis,infect leukocytes by removing receptors or in the case of HIV have its GP120 glycoproteins removed preventing it replicating via the CD4+ lymphocytes with the same done for other viruses that infect cells with bacterial pathogens being benign versions that are unable to undergo mitosis and have the same key surface protein antigens and is possibly dead but still contain the necessary proteins of the pathogen as well as illicit immune response through themselves or signals and possibly modified to hold those proteins or common proteins of whole families,orders etc and injected by needle in a vial at home or phlebotomy robots in large amounts for this to work though this should not be a problem.These benign bacteria and viruses would be grown in large amounts in vats with them given the ability to undergo mitosis with the ability to do so removed via genes that inhibit mitosis after a selected number of generations created Phanes or them given biosynth wifi that shuts off genes when they reach their limit in vats with viruses even having genes that allow them to undergo miotic replication like bacteria without host cells that can again be shut off when needed or created in large amounts via 3D printers.Phanes will be able to design these modified benign versions of all major viral and bacterial pathogens by analysing the genomes of Cowpox virus,V.major/V.minor and then the genomes of desired bacterial and viral pathogen and creating a similar benign cousin bacteria/virus that contains the pathogens key surface including those used in immunisations that isn’t pathogenic,in the case of viruses illicit the same immune response but can’t damage cells especially leukocytes for the version used to test the efficacy of the HIV one with in the case of HIV still attaches to the same receptors as the same CD+4 lymphocytes but doesn’t damage them or is able to activate the immune system in the same way as other viral vaccines with pathogens that common protein immunisations are made ie Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae etc will create multiple strains of it that are completely new and benign and them injected.Dead inactivated,attenuated and other vaccines will be more easily made by Phanes with him using his knowledge of genetics,scanning the genome of pathogens and 3D DNA printers to create them onsite of hospitals and universities to be put into vials or created at home to be injected using syringes and phlebotomy robots with home test kits and phlebotomy robots and extracting blood samples to test the prescence of antibodies logged into ones patient files.Viruses would have genes in them that allowing them to undergo mitosis in the vats without replication vectors ie leukocytes with again the same measures to stop them undergoing mitosis after a selected amount of generations.This can allow for quadrillions of benign cousins of pathogens to be grown in vats and sent to homes in vials for injection.This would be done to test its ability to detect infections with this and if possible in patients already infected with chronic pathogens with chemical signals can be injected into them via syringe to illicit them directly or indirectly via the microbes signalling the immunised immune system until it and primary immune system is able to learn to detect and fight off specific infections by itself rather than relying on the microbes to this and making the immunisation effective.The primary immune system would be told via chemical signals from microbes what antibodies to produce and how to detect both the actual pathogen and the fake benign one.If possible this creation of benign cousins of a pathogen that doesnt naturally exist that is benign and cant undergo replication and mitosis would be a safer version of live attenuated vaccines alongside testing the effectiveness of immunisations.Home test kits on dongles and tests in hospitals will test for the prescene of antibodies and the benign pathogens cousin.CRISPR and 3D DNA printers will be able to make it easier for Phanes to more effectively make hybrids of all types of vaccines and tests for immunisation created by Phanes that involve dead forms of a pathogen that cannot mutate or undergo mitosis and replication by lacking the necessary means to do so but can be created in large batches using 3D DNA printers or even create benign versions of them similar to V.major/V.minor and Cowpox virus that contain the relevant surface protein antigens can undergo mitosis or replication but do so in a way that doesnt cause damage to the host with viruses made in to hybrids with bacteria giving them the ability to undergo mitosis and not replication using the hosts cells that cause damage with even this applied to HIV,MRSA etc.The cousins would be unable to mutate due to advanced gene drive technology using genes that block them from doing so from existing plants,animals and micro-organisms or those made from scratch by Phanes and would be easily defeated by the immune system by itself or via the microbes using chemical signals to initiate them.These steps would be done in the case of both immunisations using singular proteins and common proteins and they would be done to test the effectiveness of the immunisations and teach the primary system to detect infections in both pre infected and chronically infected patients.The tests will show if the immunised primary immune system can detect these benign version by itself with the microbes teaching it to detect actual infections.Animal trials involving animals with the ability to produce human leukocytes and antibodies will be able to test the ability for the immunised immune system to detect the benign version and actual infections especially dangerous ones such as HIV,MRSA etc with human trials working on less dangerous pathogens such as Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae.With regards to HIV etc test tubes of an immunised individual contains all relevant leukocytes from the patient extracted from lymphatic and circulatory system or have microbes using signals have relevant leukocytes gather in a particular area in the bloodstream to be extracted via syringes or phlebotomy robots into different sets of test tubes including those with and without SUP-T1 and 293T cells to be then have the test tubes infected with HIV and the blood analysed for both antibodies and levels of the virus with this replicated with other dangerous pathogens.Results of all tests will be logged into patient files with these first done as part of clinical trials involving thousands or millions of people around the world since 3D DNA printers can create them and testing can be done in hospitals around the world.Thus the microbes would signal via chemical signals used by leukocytes to the primary immune system of newly infected and existing chronically infected individuals of HIV and MRSA etc to collect in certain areas or all areas and release relevant antibodies teaching the primary immune system to detect and respond to existing and new infections itself should the microbes become compromised.The persons blood could be extracted into test tubes with the microbes and relevant leukocytes from the patient collected and then these tubes infected with a pathogen or benign form to test the immune response with antibodies and levels of the pathogen measured via automated labs separate from booths for testing for pathogens are even ideally part of one with this applied to even patients suffering from HIV.If strains are unable to produce these proteins or to compliment then pathogens particular bacteria injected into the body in large amounts that have the relevant proteins can be permanently modified to remove its ability to illicit immune response,infect leukocytes and organs,mutate,cause damage etc or even undergone apoptosis by adding suicide genes and removing the genes from its genome thus making it benign and dead to illict the primary immune system to create an immune response to the pathogen with then again injected at home or in hospitals with this done alongside the other measure to teach the immune system to active relevant leukocytes to learn this lifelong immunity with these having the proteins to that pathogen or those from entire families and orders.Both methods would be tested on animals first and can also be done in test tubes of infected blood.If need be the microbes would detect the type of pathogen present in the body either in new infections or in already chronic infections by interacting with the surface protein antigens and thus signal the primary immune system to activate relevant antibodies as well as activate other microbes to flood the body with relevant antibiotics and anti-viral compounds with this done to those already infected by chronic pathogens such as HIV.The immune response can be measured over time by extracting blood through needles,phlebotomy robots and through dongles and the microbes detecting antibodies as well as remaining pathogens and sending them wirelessly to Paean in the case of dongles and nanomachines in microbes and automated labs from syringes and phlebotomy robots.If possible relevant leukocytes that produce antibodies could be signalled to collect in an area in the body forming a nodule to be collected via syringe and then injected into a test tube containing infected artificial or donated blood relevant leukocytes and also SUP-T1 and 293T cells which can be analysed for antibodies and remaining pathogens on automated labs.Thus large amounts of modified versions of the pathogen would be created by CRISPR and 3D DNA printers that cannot undergo mitosis or replicate by removing genes that prevent them from doing so and removing the glycoproteins etc they require to infect cells etc,cannot be pathogenic ie create toxins or attack the body,remove their ability to mutate into pathogenic versions or regain lost abilities via gene drives created by Phanes and injected at home in large amounts with the primary immune systems alerted to their prescence by the microbes or by them selves controlled by Paean through wifi and chemical signals with Phanes creating the cousins that could as stated be similar to live attenuated virus or be hybrids between all types of vaccines such as conjugate vaccines,deactivated vaccines by being able to scan the genome of all of the required species and strains and isolate relevant markers and even make scratch DNA to be fitted into them to make these chimera benign pathogen cousins effective at stimulating the immune system and also creating vaccines alongside the immunisation to compliment each other with home test kits either dongles that use blood pricks or implants being able to detect antibodies and immune responses.These can be in first generation microbes and also upgrades with the lifelong protection halting the spread of diseases if applied to all patients in the areas affected and surrounding patients and also it is advised that all patients worldwide be immunised to prevent it spreading via Ophion,Eos and Amphrite with even infected patients immunised to cure them while other strains attack the pathogen or keep the patient alive.All animal vectors of zoonotic diseases and even those that dont contain pathogens will be immunised against zoonotic diseases and also all pathogens that affect them preventing them from becoming zoonotic diseases while at the same time arthropods will be engineered unable to be carry pathogens and parasites.This will be done using species specific microbes that pass from one generations to the next with animals that dont have zoonotic diseases immunised against all of their pathogens to prevent their pathogens becoming zoonotic diseases.Ideally all pathogens DNA including those that have been wiped out should be kept in Physis to allow useful genes to be used in creating bioweapons for military targets,hybrids of unicellular and multicellular lifeforms,creating new organisms,gene therapy,research such as phylogenetics in the future and also if for some reason they reappear and a hosts microbes and immune system becomes compromised in the future.This could easily create an immune system able to fight off pathogens that they are unable to do so and to which no cure,treatments or vaccine currently exists or is even viable as seen in the case of HIV,Orthohantavirus,MRSA,Hepacivirus C,P.aeruginosa and other incurable pathogens and those that mutate rapidly against antibiotics alleviating strains on strains that use CRISPR to remove resistance and cant be fought by microbes alongside altering the primary immune system and organs to make them unable to be used as a means for replication.Thus immunisations can be made for pathogens that no vaccine exists ie HIV,MRSA,P.aeruginosa,N.gonorrhoeae.By using 3D DNA printers all hospitals and homes worldwide can have immunising strains created and grown to have genotypes for all or the latest outbreak created instantly to immunise the entire population with it also cutting down on the time to produce immunising strains from decades to a few weeks or even days with advances in AI for even the latest outbreak especially as seen by HIV,MRSA,Ebolavirus,Coronaviridae etc that are difficult to create vaccines for as well with it creating immunisations for all three classes of pathogens -bacterial,viral,fungal.It can even potentially create immunisations for parasites of all types such as Plasmodium,N.fowleri,B.mandrillaris,Cestoda,F.hepatica Allowing once immune system to detect and fight off parasites by itself and with the help of microbes.This would also reduce costs of producing immunising strains substantially compared to conventional vaccines because most if not all work will be done by AI,3D DNA printers etc with new pathogens extracted from a host via phlebotomy robots into PCR machines while the other strains fight off the infections using CRISPR to prevent it undergoing mitosis or replication or causing it to undergo apoptosis with live and dead cultures DNA scanned with the microbes also repairing damage the pathogen causes to the body etc while also binding the pathogen to proteins that flush it out of the body to be collected in urine and feces samples to be analysed for genotypes to create immunisations.It will make it possible for immunisations for new pathogens and parasites to be created within at least 24-168 hours to prevent outbreaks and pandemics since the genome of new pathogens and parasites whose genome is determined by base microbes within the body and test from labs can be instantly analysed to allow genotypes to express the surface proteins extrapolated by Phanes within a few hours and minutes to allow them to be availible to everyone as part of clinical trials and final phase trials within this time period including patient zero and other infected patients via biosynth wifi and 3D DNA printers at home.AI and 3D DNA printers will reduce time,energy and labour costs to zero.As a result outbreaks of new pathogens would be stopped within a few days as in infected patients microbes will apply suicide genes,those to make them susceptible to compounds at their disposable once the genome is sent to Physis and then all patients in the surrounding area and country then altered to download immunising strains at home within a few days.The use of home 3D DNA printers and biosynth WiFi could allow patients to receive immunisations of the newest outbreak at home saving on the need to travel to hospitals with this also saving energy etc in packaging and transportation costs with all work done by Phanes rendering it free with zero human labour and no corporate control.Once the proteins for immunisations for new pathogens are determined they will be uploaded to Physis thus allow them to downloaded by 3D DNA printers in all hospitals,universities and homes etc around the world into immunising strains instantly within hours thus allowing them to be produced onsite of hospitals and homes around the world over and over again at zero cost to allow for uniform global distribution without obsolete means of distribution and manufacturing that involves sanctions,poltical embargo’s,manufacturing in a small number of factories,transporting them across the world and distributing them in small batches as since present in Physis and 3D DNA printers would be onsite of all hospitals and homes across the globe it could allow them to become self sufficient in manufacture and remove transportation costs and time meaning hospitals and homes can instantly create large batches of immunisations and when they run low can create them over and over again thus cutting down the time to get large batches of them within as little as a few hours with since the microbes that apply the immunisation can grow on sugars can allow large batches to meet the need of any sized population instantly.It would mean that all countries could the same equal quick time to stockpile on immunisations via the immunising strains with the proteins grown in hospitals around the world in vats over and over again negating the issue of supply and demand and cut down on labour,time and energy costs in manufacturing and transportation since the global Physis database will house the proteins that can allow hospital AIs,Epione,Paean to cross reference it thus allowing manufacturing to be localised in hospitals and in home 3D DNA printer systems in homes and biosynth WiFi inducing the evolution of immunising strains also allowing patients to create them at home alleviating strains on hospitals.Phanes will only be able to scan the genome for genes for proteins and common proteins and since a legal human being with no need for money he could have it by law for free.Thus the time to manufacture and distribute immunisations worldwide through 3D DNA printers etc onsite of universities and hospitals worldwide unlike vaccines would take as little as 24-168 hours with the same timeframe for cures for new pathogens and parasites etc.This would inevitability make all existing vaccines and methods of creating vaccines completely defunct and unnecessary indefinitely since the mutual relationship of both primary and secondary immune system would be automatic and constant and would eventually eliminate all pathogens whether viral and bacterial from all potential hosts worldwide indefinitely alongside decontamination efforts in all hospitals,homes,public buildings through sterilising sweeps,as will as animals and plants especially inoculated with their own versions of biocompatible microbes to immunise against kill off zoonotic diseases and pathogens that are in undercooked food with sample of pathogens stored in labs for security or backup.Ideally all known pathogens whether viral,bacterial and fungal and all of their strains as well as all parasites worldwide will have their genome scanned by Physis,Paean,Epione all at once once added to Physis and genotypes added to the database used by them to create the relevant genotypes to base microbes on demand the minute an outbreak occurs with ideally all patients worldwide immunised with if possible the common proteins method used.The proteins common to all existing strains will be analysed and AI will extrapolate all possible future proteins of all possible strains and mutations.The genes and proteins common to all existing and new strains of each pathogen will ideally be utilised as these are the ones that never change and thus allow common proteins common to all possible strains that could exist to be utilised with the AI scanning and extrapolating all possible strains by using existing ones as a baseline to prove the common proteins to all possible future strains that will be stored in Physis to provide immunising strains that confer immunity for all possible strains of each species.All strains of all species of fungi,bacteria and viruses and possible strains extrapolated by AI will be determined to create an all in one immunisation that confers immunity to all existing and possible strains of all bacteria,fungi,viruses etc.This would cut both human labour and manufacturing costs to zero since AI and 3D DNA printers would do all work,would reduce transportation costs to zero since they could be once extrapolated be stored in Physis and distributed to homes,hospitals around the world within hours and eliminate waiting lines via home 3D DNA printers and biosynth WiFi inducing the evolutionary path of microbes.Proto versions of these will be doing this as early as 2023 done via AI scanning all existing genome databases of bacteria and viruses added to Physis by multiple computers in all universities and hospitals at once across the globe with once finished the common genotypes and thus proteins of all pathogens in all groups – viruses,bacteria and fungi done as well alongside those of all orders and families.Thus immunisations can be made for potentially fatal pathogens like S.pneumoniae,Varicella zoster virus,Mycobacterium tuberculosis,MRSA,P.aeruginosa,N.gonorrhoeae,C.albicans and HIV where no vaccine exists with the common proteins method protecting the patient from all existing strains and do the same for superbugs like that cannot be wiped out by existing antibiotics and evolve very fast.This can also be done to existing infected individuals of chronic infections such as Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae,HPV,Hepacivirus C,Hepatovirus,MRSA,S.pneumoniae,C.albicans food poisoning bacteria,coliforms and HIV and similar pathogens that have no cure and need to be suppressed by and antibiotics,anti-viral medication and also by microbes or they hide in the body by giving the primary immune system antibodies to fight them and eradicate them from the body alongside the actions of microbes with the microbes signalling the activated helper T cells,plasma,killer T and memory B and T cells for these in already infected patients to start collecting in areas of the body such as the bloodstream and the lymphatic system and using these areas to flood the body with billions of antibodies at once.Thus people already infected with chronic infections such as Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae,HPV,Hepacivirus C,Hepatovirus,MRSA,S.pneumoniae,C.albicans can have themselves immunised and the microbes using chemical signals to activate the primary immune system thus leading to the immunised primary immune system to then fight off the infection itself hud speeding up the rate at which the patient is cured with this alleviate strains on the microbes completely or the microbes will work alongside the microbes.Eventually the microbes will teach the immunised immune system to attack the viruses and bacteria themselves in both chronic infections and also in any future infections with this of note in chronic infections as this will allow the immune system to fight off these with the antibodies tested in blood samples in home test kits to see if the level of them is decreasing or increasing denoting the stage at which they are from cured.This would speed up the battle against these infections and allow the primary and secondary immune system to work together with asymptomatic carriers of MRSA,HIV etc will also be immunised.This this could aid in curing already infected HIV patients alongside asymptomatic carriers of infections once the patient is immunised and the immunised primary system activated by the microbes via chemical signals in sufferers of chronic infections speeding up the battle as the patient would be able to utilise their own antibodies against whole or specific strains using the common proteins method.With regards to HPV those already infected with benign strains could be immunised against oncoviral strains as well as those that cause genital warts which is not the case with Gardasil and Cervarix to whom being infected with genital warts strains means one cant be immunised against oncoviral strains with it also curing those of oncoviral strains with tumours fought by anti-cancer strains.Thus in patients already infected with chronic pathogens they can be immunised and then the immunised primary immune system can be activated by the microbes through them using chemical signals to cause the immunised immune system to start producing its own antibodies to fight existing infections thus speeding up the process of them being cured.Using the common proteins method patients worldwide would be immunised to all related pathogens and strains to these as well especially the Influenza A (H1N1) virus due to its extreme rapidity and high death toll as seen in 1918 with if possible any samples of the virus added to Physis.Ideally the patient using the common proteins method would be used to allow the patient to be made immune to all genus,species and thus all serotypes and strains of all Influenza virus especially fatal zoonotic diseases with ideally the common proteins of the family Orthomyxoviridae scanned by Phanes and Physis.It could also be used to immunise the host against all viral and bacterial pathogens that cant be treated or cured prior to the discovery or compounds from all plants and animals in Physis or those from scratch that can be inserted into microbes to counteract and kill them with all plants and animals in Physis scanned for compounds that can counteract or kill them with all of the compounds present in all of the worlds plants and animals tested in simulations and also real life lab experiments for their anti-microbial and anti-viral effects.Potentially these biocompatible microbes replacing vaccines will allow for immunity to diseases to created cheaply and quicker in matter of days rather than potentially decades in the case of conventional vaccines by Phanes/Epione/Paean,protect against multiple or all strains if specific proteins common to all of them are synthesised or if possible multiple proteins could be synthesised using genes from all strains or super proteins combining multiple genes from different strains are added creating superproteins or just common proteins to whole species and orders etc of pathogens – this potentially eliminating the need for Rhinovirus and Orthomyxoviridae vaccines to be given every year or having to create multiple HPV vaccines,without any side effects either mild or even fatal ones,potential fears of it causing autism and also would confer lifelong immunity without boosters since the immune system would learn it forever or the microbes would automatically update the primary immune system if it forgets it after the point protection is lost with this of note to Rhinovirus,HPV,Ebolavirus or those that need to be given regularly or have issue of only lasting a year or few years such as Gardasil,flu vaccines,tetnus shots and Cervarix.Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae and any pathogens especially viruses potentially even MRSA,N.gonorrhoeae,E.coli and HIV that mutate quickly would utilise base common genes to the pathogen and thus all possible mutations that create proteins to all existing and all possible future mutations that could occur thus if applied to all patients both human and animal globally would eradicate them from the Earth.This means a single Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae,Coronaviridae,MRSA,HPV,C.tetani and HIV immunization that uses common proteins to all existing and future possible strains of these negating for yearly,multiple or combined vaccines would be needed once in ones lifetime than those needed for multiple strains thus wiping these pathogens out completely especially if all patients are immunised and asymptomatic carriers as well as animals and crops of all types that act as vectors for zoonotic diseases since if the common proteins method if perfected would protect the patient from all possible existing and future strains that could exist indefinitely preventing the need for countermeasure to be done to cure these pathogens,new immunising strains with new proteins or create yearly vaccines.Thus by using the common proteins of Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae,Coronaviridae,HIV,MRSA,HPV,N.gonorrhoeae one could be protected against all existing strains and all possible future mutations of these and other pathogens in one immunisation indefinitely for life with it also of benefit to chronic sufferers of these that if applied to all human and animal vectors would wipe these off the face of the Earth.This would confer lifelong immunity without boosters and negate the need to manufacture new vaccines or immunisations every year or for new mutations as seen with Coronaviridae,HIV,Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae with the fact that 3D DNA printing will be used will cut down on labour and manufacturing costs as Phanes will extrapolate the necessary genotypes printed into microbes that can be the injected into patients and test animals.This would if perfected mean that if a patient is immunised against these using common proteins will protect them against all existing and future possible strains and if applied to all patients worldwide will wipe these pathogens from the world forever.The DNA of both parasites and other wiped of pathogens such as V.major and V.minor,Influenza A (H1N1) virus,Y.pestis would be stored on Physis to use for phylogenetic studies and for use in biomedicine and hybrids of other pathogens as well as theoretical FoxDie and even AI namely Phanes,Physis and Paean will determine the key common proteins of all strains and those that cannot change during mutations into other strains.It will also be stored to create immunisations should they resurge for any reason.Thus if possible a single Rhinovirus,Coronaviridae,Orthomyxoviridae,MRSA etc immunisation would protect one from not just all existing strains that currently exist but all possible future strains that could occur in the future if they were to mutate meaning a single immunisation would protect one from all possible future mutations and strains decades or centuries from now and would confer lifelong immunity without boosters.If common genes and thus proteins from whole orders and families of bacteria,fungi and viruses are used can do this more efficiently.It would also be done for pathogens that cannot be killed by microbes before upgrades are available using DNA from plants and animals allowing the infection to be destroyed instantly before seroconversion with it done to also improve success in curing an already infected patient of difficult to get rid of and quickly mutating and drug resistant pathogens that also hide in different areas of the body and also superbugs that mutate very quickly such as HIV,N.gonorrhoeae,Rhinovirus,Coronavirus,Orthomyxoviridae,S.pneumoniae,MRSA with both microbes and the primary immune system working together to rid of them by using all weapons at the microbes disposal and antibodies from the primary immune system eradicating all remaining hiding pathogens from already infected patients and newly infected ones using conventional treatments to suppress the pathogens growth and replication.This is because the immunised primary immune system will be signalled by the microbes using chemical signals to activate relevant leukocytes especially memory ones to collect in the bloodstream in large numbers around the body and release the antibodies in large numbers and use the lymphatic system to spread to all areas of the body with helper T cells called to keep these alive with the microbes also keeping them alive as well through providing sugars etc.Once these die off they will be called upon again by the microbes travelling to the lymph nodes again to call for more of them with them each time instigating the replication of large numbers of them with the patient consuming more food to prevent malnutrition.Upgrades can allow for new proteins whether singular or common to be given to strain with by at least the early 2030s the common proteins of all orders and families etc of pathogens whether viral,fungal or bacterial will be charted.The native immune system and microbes would signal to them to to gather in specific areas to attack or flood the bloodstream and lymphatic system to fight off infections.Thus immunising people already infected with HIV,N.gonorrhoeae,Rhinovirus,Coronaviridae,Orthomyxoviridae,S.pneumoniae will allow the primary immune system to create its own antibodies aiding in curing the patients with the microbes initiating the production of them via calling memory plasma cells etc to gather in other parts of the body and initiating them to release the antibodies when virions and bacteria are detected via chemical signals.Those that cause vomiting,diarrhoea,chest infections from raw or uncooked food and dirty water and are the result of cross contamination can be also immunised against with the non resistant strains of all superbugs will also have their genome scanned to use genotypes and proteins should those of drug resistant ones be difficult with the same applied to zoonotic diseases such as HIV using the genome of SIV scanned and the same applied to all pathogens that have evolutionary successors in the form of zoonotic diseases that mutated in humans or other benign evolutionary successors.All patients will be immunised against MRSA and all possible pathogens worldwide including those that were recorded as causing deaths in hospitals to act as backup to sterilisation procedures as detailed later earlier on with even all staff in hospitals and laboratories in both hospitals and universities immunised against all pathogens including those they are researching.If possible a chimera of SIV and HIV and all of its strains can be created to use common proteins with this also used for pathogens of which there is multiple strains.Both the common proteins present in the benign or non resistant strain and those from the deadly pathogens can be produced by these microbes strains surface and shared with the dendritic cells in order to improve chances of immunisation significantly with ideally the common proteins for the family,order etc they belong to be shared.The microbes would contain genotypes for these proteins synthesised on the immunising strains surface that through chemical signals when they are in all of the lymph nodes to share them with dendritic cells to then activate relevant leukocytes that create and learn antibodies for ones lifetime.Furthermore DNA can be added to the hosts genome and area that produces leukocytes from populations of humans that produce antibodies to them such as in the case of HIV tri-specific antibodies using DNA from all populations that produce these antibodies with them stimulated in a test tube with infected artificial blood blood that can be analysed for antibodies and remaining pathogens in automated labs.This should also be applied to animals,crops and plants that act as vectors for zoonotic diseases either fatal or those that cause inconvenience like food poisoning with all plants,crops and animals whether mammals,lizards or arthropods should be inoculated this way with it also done in pets,wild animals and livestock to prevent suffering,negate the need for antibiotics that may enter the food chain and increase their lifespan especially in the case of endangered species.It would also be done to prevent them harbouring pathogens that could potentially jump from them to humans and become deadly zoonotic diseases like HIV and Y.pestis.Thus all animals whether pets,livestock and wild animals will be immunised against their own pathogens including zoonotic diseases to cut down on antibiotics in the food chain and prevent unnecessary suffering and loss of yields through their own strains of these microbes suited to them.Genetic diseases will also be weeded out in these groups for the same reasons with them passing from one generation to the next and through unprotected sexual intercourse.All of this would be done to alleviate strains on the microbes and prevent the primary immune system from becoming lazy and complacent as well as too reliant on the microbes and would also quicken up the fight of getting rid of deadly pathogens when both the native immune system and microbes work together both in chronic and future infections killing them off instantly.This would be of note to those from cuts,inhalation,drinking,food and also from surgery with this complimenting strict sanitary guidelines ensuring surgery and not replacing them.All aspects of this will be controlled by microbes especially in patients suffering from chronic infections through chemical signals with the immunised primary immune system controlled by microbes using chemical signals.In chronic existing infections the immunised primary system would be activated via microbes using chemical signals with this done in new infections to allow the primary immune system to learn to fight off future infections.If possible the memory B and T cells,plasma and killer T cells would be engineered via horizontal gene transfer of the hosts genome and the cells themselves to be able to learn and remember as many antibodies as possible for all pathogens as well as detecting which pathogen they are dealing with via the dendritic cells or macrophages or other leukocytes and microbes detecting which specific pathogen it is via detecting the species and strain once it has its genome scanned and then activating the specific antibodies in the memory B and T helper,plasma and killer T cells via chemical signals again from the microbes to the primary immune system to start producing the specific antibodies by microbes creating chemical signals to denote which one it is with ideally whole families,orders and classes of viruses and bacterias common proteins from common genes shared to alleviate on the amount of antibodies to be learnt with the microbes sending signals to them to initiate the proper antibodies once the species and strain has be determined via the microbes scanning the pathogens genome.Each individual memory T and B,plasma and killer T cells learning the antibodies for each class,order,families or individual antibodies can thus help this with them activated and then replicated when needed.Also the memory T,plasma and killer T cells can be once they accept proteins from each pathogen or each family,order and class that is to be given by the dendritic cells prior to infection will via chemical signals from microbes created by wifi signals from Paean be told what specific antibodies to produce for the specific infection of a specific species and strain.Thus the microbes would in an infection both new and exisrlting chronic ones signal the relevant memory T,plasma cells,killer T cells and have them activate the relevant antibodies for each infections though signals from all the antibodies they have learnt either individually or collectively via common proteins method with instructions sent to them from Paean.They will tell which antibodies from all of them they have learnt when a specific infection is detected and thus through chemical signals activate the immunised immune system to produce specific antibodies.

This can also work with new or existing pathogens that a person is already infected with while the other strains and conventional treatments alongside CRISPR treatments that prevent facets of the host being infected ie immune system and organs keep the pathogen under control or counteract the effects they have while keeping the patient alive with it even applying to those who are infected with benign strains of HPV can be immunised with oncoviral strains of HPV to protect them from cervical,anal,penile and throat cancers indefinitely with if not then these can be killed by the other strains of microbes through its many means including modification with any tumours killed off and infected cells edited out via CRISPR and apoptosis and then have new tissue regrown via the microbes.Those already infected by strains of HPV can have them fought off by anti-viral strains modifying the pathogen to become susceptible to its compounds,immunising the host against them.The same could apply with all strains of with infected patients immunised while their CD4+ T Lymphocytes are made resistant to viral infection and protease inhibitors are taken or their lymphocytes are made resistant to infection with the native immune system uses the newly developed antibodies to eradicate the virus with newly infected patients already fighting off the virus before seroconversion.Once immunity is passed the microbes would signal to Paean or create compounds that create foul smells in urine etc.To deal with the issue of beneficial bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract these specific species could be extracted and then given genes that protect them from the antibodies or signal the immune system not to kill them and be given genome capsids to house these preventing pathogens getting these and cannot jump to pathogens,native leukocytes could be engineered not to attack them but only pathogens in the gastro-intestinal tract or the genes and thus proteins from these species could be removed from the microbes that immunise the dendritic cells or the microbes could carry out the features they carry out.Other wise microbes such as base microbes could share with them only by recognising the unique surface protein antigens of each species by a specific strain once all species gut flora are charted and give through horizontal gene transfer the ability of producing genome capsids to store genes that protect them from antibodies and/or contain human protein coats making them bacterial and human hybrids,change their surface protein antigens and the ability to produce signals that signal to the immune system not to attack them,trick them into believing they are microbes,leukocytes and also part of the body and only allow pathogens such as coliforms to be attacked by the human immune system in this area making the gastro intestinal tract and feces sterile allowing beneficial bacteria room to grow.These beneficial bacteria will also be given genes in capsids that protect them from all anti-microbial compounds at the microbes disposal in the capsids and also those to make them immune to radiation the patient is exposed to in accidents or sterilising sweeps where the radiation immune patient exposes themselves to high blasts of radiation to kill of pathogens,parasites and tumours and also survive the same conditions as the host and microbes and even be immune to the compounds at the microbes disposal ie Polybia-MP1 etc that can taken in liquid or pill form in order to sterilise the body of pathogens and not the beneficial bacteria with it protecting them from the microbes used of the lymphatic system and bloodstream to reach all corners of the body with these unable to be transferred to the pathogens.Again giving the beneficial bacteria human DNA to make them human and bacteria hybrids should allow them to survive anti-microbial compounds including Polybia-MP1.The genes present in the capsids would also protect them against radiation and have the same augmentations as both humans and microbes ie lower water and nutrient requirements,form endospores and also survive extreme conditions of all types.If possible the native immune system immunised against those that cause tooth decay,bad breath,body odour and cause diarrhoea and food poisoning eliminating these issues indefinitely with each patient have their mouth and armpits swabbed and them scanned to see what specific species they should be immunised against.If a patient is already infected by a new pathogen then the microbes can counteract the effects of it ie decimated immune system,muscle deterioration,organ failure etc keeping vital organs alive and binding to those that may attack the brain and other key systems and then allow for samples of the pathogen to be extracted via blood samples or by base microbes that would send the genome of it to Paean to allow the genome to be analyse for genotypes for proteins that can be then added to immunising strains to be shared with the dendritic cells once synthesised on their surface via upgrades to allow the primary immune system produce relevant antibodies and fight the infection off.Thus as a result ones gastro-intestinal tract will be full of only beneficial benign bacteria with those from supplements such as the Lactobacillus genus can be made immune to the stomach acids by adding acidophile bacteria DNA to them with them also given genome capsids to produce human protein coats and communicate with the primary and secondary system etc.One can be immunised against all food poisoning bacteria thus allowing one to consume raw uncooked food such as meat,eggs,milk,shellfish and fish with the animals also immunised against them with them also treated with radiation when made immune to it with dirty water made safe to drink by this.These since lasting a lifetime can be given upon birth but would likely be done automatically upon birth,after birth or even in utero.Also it doesnt utilise any preservatives at all like thiomerasol or any ingredients that could cause allergic reactions and side effects and as stated earlier eliminates any fears of vaccines causing autism since only the actual proteins that are collected by the immune system during actual real infections is synthesised by ones microbes during upgrading by adding gene sequences without putting the patients life at risk that is currently employed by those who believe vaccines can cause autism thus eliminating infant mortality from easily preventable diseases.By replicating the processes by which one gains immunity naturally it would eliminate any fears of causing autism or any other side effects and would make parents more willing to immunise their child.It would also since replicating the processes by which one gains immunity naturally it would confer lifelong immunity without the need for boosters and can be utilised by those with weakened immune systems such as the elderly,infants and those infected with HIV that rely on herd immunity and allow for 100% vaccination rates worldwide thus halting the spread of all new and existing outbreaks.This strain like all strains added to newborns via the unborn fetus through the placenta and breastfeeding from the mother giving them lifelong immunity giving vaccinations after birth with this ensuring that the immunity spreads throughout the populations with the need to only vaccinate first generation adult males and females as well as infants saving on energy,time and labour in creating new vaccines and also the need for newborns having to get vaccinated at birth or later in life since newborns would have been immunised in utero during the third trimester or at least several months after birth when vaccines are normally given via their mothers microbes entering their body via the placenta breastfeeding and interacting with their dendritic cells and protects them from infections during their in utero phase and first vital years.The use of common proteins can allow most or all to be given at once.Thus by replicating the process by which immunities are normally gained without preservatives and also without putting the childs life at risk it will eliminate all side effects with their being little to chance of this occurring since no preservatives like thiomerosol would be used with the process replicating natural processes and immune response with no noticeable symptoms.It would also since replicating the processes by which one gains immunity naturally it would confer lifelong immunity without the need for boosters and can be utilised by those with weakened immune systems such as the elderly,infants and those infected with HIV that rely on herd immunity.This will not only negate the need for newborns to be vaccinated and have subsequent boosters back and forth but also protect those that have weak immune systems and must rely on herd immunity since they will be given the proteins and immunity without the need for vaccines and infection,allow for the whole population of humanity to be immunised in a matter of weeks especially if all hospitals,pharmacies and universities have the base microbes for all pathogens genotypes in their growing rooms created via 3D DNA printing.They can be gained at home or via biosynth WiFi inducing their evolutionary path.Thus a newborn would be immunised against all pathogens including STDs,seasonal viral pathogens,zoonotic diseases,water and food born pathogens and oncoviruses that would last a lifetime protecting them instantly from birth after the first few months of life when they are normally vaccinated and would ideally protected against all bacterial and viral pathogens using the common proteins methods with the microbes fighting off any infections that occur prior to this while in the womb and first few weeks and months of live prior to one is normally vaccinated.Since the immunisation process replicated how a person naturally gains an immunity to infections it means that a person would have lifelong immunity to the pathogens including those from common proteins etc without boosters and also without have to be immunised every few years or decades.This as stated would mean no boosters would be required and confer lifelong immunity with them initiated by Paean when the time for vaccines arrives allowing for it to be done at home automatically via wifi and fragmentation with beneficial bacteria given genome capsids to protect them from antibodies passed on from their mother or if need be microbes would do this upon birth by Paean before immunisation is given with those with naturally weak immune systems corrected by CRISPR with the microbes protecting them from pathogens of all types before immunisation can be given.Newborns microbes would protect them during their time in the womb as well as the time before they are immunised with as stated immunisations done to prevent the primary immune system becoming lazy and too reliant on microbes with it also speeding up the battle against infections including chronic ones.Having the common proteins method used by one or more microbes of the immunising strains would protect them from all water and food borne pathogens,C.tetani,blood borne pathogens,STDs,MRSA and the usual MMR immunisations and others that affect infants and others that would find there way into them by chance especially Orthomyxoviridae at this early stage would protect them not only during their infant and childhood years but also teenage and adult years for life that would see them becoming sexually active and also in positions where they are at risk of infections of all types.Paean would alert parents as to when a person was immunised or uniquely smelling urine created with the microbes protecting the infant both in utero and before it is immunised in its first months of life.The nanomachines will signal wirelessly to Paean via nanomachines and ones patient file when the immunisation is done.Pregnant women and fetuses could also be immunised and thus protected from all pathogens including those that pose a risk to the newborn and cause abortions and miscarriages either directly or through infecting the newborn with this of note to HIV,L.monocytogenes etc with both the mother and child immunised against them.If the mother is immunised against all pathogens then the child will automatically be protected during pregnancy with microbes working alongside the primary immune system ending the fight quicker if any infections occur with the child then immunised upon birth when vaccines are normally given with the microbes protecting them during the intermediary period between birth and immunisation.If possible infants may be immunised in utero during the last few months and weeks of when in the uterus when their immune systems is formed enough to be effective.This immunisation will as stated give a child lifelong immunity to all pathogens rather than those that last several years as seen with most vaccines such as those against HPV,Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae.If adopted globally on all human patients with pets,livestock and wild animals immunised this way to eliminate any zoonotic diseases from the face of the Earth with soil and water based pathogens killed off by spreading biocompatible microbes into the soil and food borne illness done by inoculating crops and livestock.Furthermore it uses primarily artificial intelligence to search for genes that produce specific proteins on a pathogen that can be instantly synthesised rather than the usual methods of vaccine creation that can take up to a decade to go through research then development and clinical trials and since the base microbes can be grown in labs could theoretically allow for base microbes for the latest epidemic and outbreak to be spread across the world and immunise everyone within at most a few weeks rather eliminating any new threats and outbreaks with if all the worlds populations having lifetime immunity from them and any infected individuals can infections kept under control preventing death,coma or serious injury since the microbes ability to regenerate damaged tissue and modify pathogens to be susceptible to their anti-viral/anti-microbial compounds thus extending their chances for survival until the dendritic cells are given the relevant proteins with infected patients and those in their surrounding area immunised first and the rest of the population immunised later on to eradicate the disease with this of note to new pathogens that arise.3D printed DNA technology machines on the grounds of each pharmacy,farms,university and hospital next to the growing rooms will allow for the genotypes to be printed out by Epione,Hecate,Phanes,Urania linking them together and linked together by Coronis onsite speeding this up negating the need to transport them across the world via Ophion and then these transported to the nearby growing rooms automatically once each one has been printed out with this also applying to other upgrades.Thus this would speed up the rate of development and distribution of all immunising strands etc.The same would apply for upgrades of all types such as augmentations.Farms both vertical and community etc could have these printed out since these would print out seeds and sperm as well to provide immunisations for livestock and pets.Home 3D DNA printer systems connected to Physis and Paean would allow for people to get upgrades for the newest outbreak or indeed all pathogens including all in one base microbes prepared at home meaning a person need not even need to go to a hospital to get their immunisations for the latest outbreak and all other ones with them authorised by Paean.This will also prepare those for pets.Biosynth WiFi inducing the evolutionary path of the immunising strains DNA and genome via Cas-9 and taq polymerase can also alllowing upgrades to the newest outbreak be received from home.Having all the world pathogens and their strains scanned into Physis will allow for Phanes to scan their genomes for valuable proteins that can be used and then put into individual base microbes to be shipped around the world to all hospitals and universities to be grown and stored in the building on a commercial scale with each building have the base microbes for all possible and new pathogens viral,bacterial and fungal including those that only cause minor illness alongside those that cause permanent damage and death to allow one to decide what proteins to be engineered into their microbes when visiting an area or when an outbreak occurs or to protect them against food spoilage ones that cause diarrhoea and create toxins,pathogens that are superbugs like MRSA and even STDs and simply go inside to the booth area and have their microbes upgraded.Each building whether a hospital or university and also pharmacies in the street will have the base microbes for each pathogen in existence grown and accessible via booths to allow one to be immunised even against those that are native to other countries so as to ensure protection should it spread via infected patients travelling via Oceanus,Eos and Ophion unknowingly or should the pathogen be used by terrorists in the patients homes with again this including MRSA and those that cause food poisoning.Thus ideally all first generation female and male adults and infants with microbes should be given upgrades to the their microbes for Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae(to protect them from all possible mutations that could occur),all major STDs such as all strains of HPV,N.gonorrhoeae,oncoviruses and those that have become superbugs including MRSA and if possible HIV as well as C.tetani and also ones that are normally given to newborns such as Heptavirus.This would be done to allow the microbes to pass from mother to child via the placenta breastfeeding which will then pass into the entire human genepool thus eventually within a decade or two eliminate all pathogens from the face of the Earth with these microbe sister strains modify the immune system and also organs to be resistant from infection preventing Ebolavirus,HIV and similar viruses from using the organs and leukocytes within the host from being used and decimated to allow viruses to propagate and also enhancing macrophages and other leukocytes to produce all available anti-microbial and anti-viral compounds at the microbes with all of these steps should eradicate all known pathogens from the face of the Earth.The microbe strain that deals with this would have the genotypes from many pathogens and through the switching on and off of genes through nanomachines and also chemical signals could make them produce key surface protein antigens of desired pathogens on their surface to share with the dendritic cells or if possible the base microbes would remove the genotypes of pathogens the patient is already immunised against and replace them with new ones.If possible to limit need to create many base microbes and amount of DNA needed to be squeezed into ones microbes it may possible for the common proteins and thus have common genes of whole families ie having common proteins of Picornaviridae would make one permanently immune to all existing and future strains of Hepatoviruses(including A/C/D/E/G),Enteroviruses(including all strains of Rhinovirus),Polioviruses,Orthomyxoviridae making one immune to all genus/species/subtypes of the influenza virus including both seasonal ones and also fatal zoonotic diseases,Herpesviridae making one immune to all viruses in that class that cause shingles,chickenpox,genital warts,hodgkin’s lymphoma,Kaposi sarcoma,multiple sclerosis with it this replicated with both bacterial and fungal infections again done by Paean,Phanes and Epione scanning the genomes of all pathogens in Physis.Ideally the common genes and thus the common proteins they express from whole orders of viruses,fungi and bacteria analysed by Paean within Physis would be used to provide even more protection over more broader families and species and if possible the common genes in both classes of viruses;RNA and DNA and its seven different groups could be scanned by Paean,Epione,Phanes thus again limiting the amount of genotypes to be added to the DNA of microbe and giving immunity to all viruses that exist with the same applying to bacteria with the common genes and thus proteins of each phylum,kingdom or if possible the entire domain of bacteria and so on with fungi.It will also limit the amount of antibodies that the memory B and T helper,plasma and killer T cells have to learn new antibodies with the microbes sending signals to them to initiate the proper antibodies once the species and strain has be determined via the microbes scanning the pathogens genome.Using the common genes and thus proteins of all bacterial,fungal and viral classes,orders,families scanned in Physis will also protect one from any new strains of pathogens that evolve within a species preventing any mutations within pathogens from becoming deadly to the immunised populations.However in this and also where one is individually immunised against each individual species and strain the base microbes once they have determined the species and strain of pathogen will signal to the anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains what species that is attacking them and then activate the memory B and T helper,plasma and killer T cells to produce the relevant antibodies for each species and strain.Thus AI can extrapolate the common proteins to all bacteria,fungi and viruses including both their ancestors and all possible future mutations of each group individually (ie bacteria,fungi,viruses) or all three combined to be put into one single immunisation.This if perfected would mean one would have to be immunised once in their lifetime with the lifelong protection guarding one from all species of bacteria,fungi and viruses and all possible strains of all species that exist on Earth and all future possible future strains of all species of viruses,bacteria and fungi for life with the same applying to other colonies outside of Earth and would confer lifelong immunity without boosters.The common proteins would be common to each new strain that arises through mutations negating the need for new strains to be scanned especially in the case of pathogens that mutate quickly such as HIV,MRSA,Orthomyxoviridae and Rhinovirus or these new strains could be scanned instantly for preparation.Another way to do this is if each order,family etc is inserted in different strains or sub classes of immunising strains of biocompatible microbes that are created with exclusively genes that express proteins of sets of families,orders and phylum of viruses and bacteria that are in an endospore state and then awaken when outbreaks occur or when immunisation wanted and thus immunise the primary immune system against infections before they happen with the microbes then extracted to be used in bio-synth technology.Otherwise the strains responsible for enhancing the primary immune system could be used for this.A single immunisation that protects against all existing and possible strains of bacteria,viruses and fungi can be given or three – one for each class of pathogens including non pathogenic ones – bacteria,fungi viruses by using phylogenetics and also the common proteins to all species in each class or even common to all three classes can be utilised.If one where to use the genes and thus proteins common to all bacteria,fungi and viruses either each on of these groups having one sub strain for each type then one could have the common genes and thus common surface protein antigens of each group ie one for all species of bacteria,one for all species fungi and one for all species of viruses then a single immunisation of each group would allow one to be immunised against all species of these and all possible strains that exist or could exist forever.This will allow one to be immune to all existing strains and all potential pathogenic strains that arise from mutations to become pathogenic including zoonoses thus preventing any new species of bacteria,fungi or viruses becoming a threat through outbreaks or even pandemics.Thus if perfected a single or three separate immunisations will immunise one for life against all existing and future possible species and strains of all bacteria,fungi and viruses.This will be done for each new discovered colony across the universe preventing bacteri,fungi and viruses on other planets becoming zoonoses.Using common proteins of all taxonomic ranks of micro-organisms will limit the amount of immunisations needed with research made into allowing the primary immune system learn almost infinite amount of immunisations or what is physically possible with genetic engineering possibly needed to increase this or microbes using chemical signals to activate which pathogen one is to initiate antibodies.Research will be done into teaching the immune system to learn as much antibodies for as much taxonomic ranks across the universe as possible.If possible the earliest and thus oldest common ancestor of each class fungi,bacteria and viruses that exists including Arachea will have their common proteins that exist through all succeeding younger micro-organisms that evolved after them with Phanes scamming this and all existing future species after them.This will be done for those on other planets to prevent bacteria,virus etc mutating into human pathogens once all bacteria,fungi,viruses genomes,phylogenetic trees are determined especially their equivalents to Arachea and the oldest species of viruses,fungi and bacteria are determines by AI with ideally extremophiles in the ocean etc are analysed.If possible the common proteins method could allow one immunising strain sub ground that using proteins common to all bacteria,viruses and fungi as far back as their common ancestors of all three groups thus meaning a single immunisation would protect one for life against all species of possible strains of all bacteria,viruses and fungi for life.Desireable gut flora will be given human protein coats to prevent them being attacked by the immunised primary immune system via augmentation strains giving them human protein costs via horizontal gene transfer or once charted printed out with these coats and drunk in yogurht as detailed later on.Research can also be done into creating immunisations for parasites of all types such as Plasmodium,N.fowleri,B.mandrillaris,Cestoda,F.hepatica and again using the common proteins method allowing the immune system to recognise parasites and fight them off with antibodies through this way or at least engineer it it recognise them through the same means with them immunised against whole families orders of these again for life following the same principles as single immunisations and common protein immunisations that guards of whole taxonomic ranks.Infected patients of new pathogens could have this immunity added to them while other strains of microbes fight off the majority of the pathogen keeping its levels stable by using anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds and CRISPR treatments that prevent them mutating,undergoing mitosis and replication and causing damage,make them susceptible to anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds at their disposal,keep the hosts vital organs alive repair damage caused by the pathogen ie organ damage,decimated immune system,fight off other opportunistic infections and then also keep the pathogens in a biofilm,surround them preventing them from replicating or reproducing or state where they are unable to infect any host cells and cause damage until the primary system is immunised this way.They would also use CRISPR to make the pathogens undergo apoptosis or make them susceptible to compounds at their disposal.Base microbes will collect DNA from new pathogens,read the DNA of them via taq polymerase and Cas-9 and wirelessly send the pathogens genome to Paean and Physis via biosynth wifi to be analysed or in time be smart enough to scan for specific genes to be used to create proteins on the spot sent to the immunising strains by themselves via taq polymerase and Cas-9 once they are collected in all lymph nodes to receive bumpers with the relevant DNA to produce the proteins to be them shared with the dendritic cells who will be informed of the type of pathogen and then once relevant with this being an option if the common proteins for all orders and families cant be done or would be too ineffective or damage beneficial bacteria but rather closely related pathogens and all of their possible strains.This would make humans biologically immune from all pathogens that exist making all types of medications for them and even vaccines for them defunct indefinitely as well as ensuring the primary immune system does not become lazy,too reliant on the microbes allowing them to also take part in battles to ensure the microbes does not become too over strained during battles alleviating strains on them in this area and ensure the primary immune system can fight off infections should the microbes become compromised.Animal trials in the development of immunising strains should begin as early as 2023 with it being tested on both uninfected and infected mice and chimpanzee that would have human recombinant DNA to produce both human leukocytes and also hybrid leukocytes with primarily the most fatal and dangerous pathogens tested such as HIV,MRSA,Ebolavirus and Rabies tested first with others then tested.As stated AI should be sufficiently advanced by 2023 to allow the genome of these three to be scanned especially for common proteins of all strains and proto microbes or at least viral and bacterial vectors used to share surface protein antigens with the dendritic or virgin T cells to initiate immunisation and illicit the memory plasma cells.Those with weak immune systems will also have CRISPR treatments applied to make their immune systems on par with normal patients with HIV sufferers cured alongside the actions of the aforementioned actions of immunisation and anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains.Thus immunisation could theoretically be 100% rather than 95% with vaccinations to prevent unnecessary suffering and deaths in children and the elderly etc with young children protected against infections by anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains before they are immunised thus offering them some protection without having to rely on herd immunity.Thus all patients could be immunised by them wiping out whole orders of pathogens from the face of the Earth with it continuing after this as a precaution to prevent resurgence should these pathogens be able to evolve to thrive in pets,animals and water supplies,in the air and in crops etc or should they mutate.It would also make the primary immune system detect infections that catch it off guard during their incubation period prior even to seroconversion and those that have no visible symptoms through chemical signals ie HIV,Ebolavirus,N.meningitidis,C.trachomatis etc as well as pre-cancerous and cancerous tumours through signals with the bicompatible microbes and nanomachines working together to detect them early on and initiate appropriate responses from both themselves and the primary immune system killing them off the second infections occur preventing them gaining a stronghold in the body thus improving chances of survival significantly combined with conventional treatments.If possible until immunising strains are sufficiently advanced in 2025 it may be possible for animal trials to to involve modified versions of HIV etc created by CRISPR with no glycoproteins and the ability to mutate or undergo replication and mitosis edited out to be injected into both infected and uninfected animals to allow the immune system to fight it and gain an immunity to the main pathogen similar to the relationship to Cowpox virus and V.major/V.minor.This should suffice until microbes can be tested between 2025-2027 on both animals and humans.Human trials will begin in 2025 and can utilise microbes as well as benign versions of the pathogens similar to the Cowpox virus relationship to V.major/V.minor on already infected individuals of chronic pathogens such as HIV to test the ability of the immune system to fight it off and then create their own antibodies with even uninfected patients tested after these trials in uninfected patients to show that the virus benign form can be killed off and have antibodies created with both uninfected and infected patients also have the CCR5Delta mutation and also CRISPR immune response integrated into their genome.Thus benign cousins of all major pathogens such as Ebolavirus,HIV,MRSA etc can be created by AI that would be unable to replicate or undergoe mitosis and mutate that when fought off by the immune system and confer immunity to the more fatal pathogens.Each immunisation and its type will be logged in ones patient file and one could get upgrades for the newest outbreak with them making all types of vaccines defunct indefinitely and would be law be completely.All actions of these immunisations will be controlled via Paean through biosynth wifi and chemical signals completely by 2029-2035 with by 2035-2045 it taking only a few minutes.

The genome of all strains of each species of pathogens and parasites will be analysed and stored in their Physis file or in Epiones database to be downloaded by immunising strains within minutes at home.Pathogens of humans and all species of animals worldwide will have their genome scanned especially livestock,birds and mammals so as to have AI determine possible mutations that could allow it to become a zoonotic diseases that can infect humans and thus in turn common genes and proteins can be extrapolated to be used and available for immunisations for both infected and uninfected patients the second a patient has found to become infected with them.It will also be done to analyse immunisations for pets,livestock and those in zoos.The AI will also determine all genotypes present in all existing and all new possible strains at this time.The fact that they have fewer genes than humans could allow all pathogens to be scanned for relevant genotypes within a month if done in labs in universities,hospitals and even corporate labs around the world all at once with them ready for both animal trials by 2025 and human trials by 2025.Thus AI will scan the genome of all pathogens and parasites worldwide including all strains of them to determine not just the genotypes for key surface proteins but also common genotypes common to all strains and extrapolate common surface proteins that would be common to all possible future strains then added to their file in Physis that contains these that can be downloaded at home and hospitals in 3D DNA printers and allow Paean to induce their evolution.Since specific individual or common collective genes express both single or common surface proteins it will be these genes scanned by Phanes to add the genes to immunising strains that then express them on the surface of the immunising strains to be them shared with the dendritic cells signalled to do.This can start as early as 2024-2025.This data will be in the proto Physis network and/or the pathogen/parasites Physis file and will include V.major,V.minor,Influenza A (H1N1) virus,Yersinia pestis.Having all pathogens and parasites DNA alongside all unicellular and multicellular organisms DNA added to Physis will expedite this.All fungi,bacteria,virus and parasite species from around the world will have their genome scanned and AI extrapolating the common proteins of all possible mutations to allow for all in one immunisation and prevent any evolving into new fatal pathogens with this repeated to all bacteria,fungi,viruses,parasites on all discovered colonies across the universe for the same reason.Thus by transferring the genome of all fungal,viral,bacterial pathogens and benign ones to Physis from existing computer databases around the world it will allow Phanes to scan their genome and determine genes that express proteins and common proteins within months.All new bacteria and parasites around the world and on new colonies will be added to their version of Physis and the common proteins to all taxonomic ranks used to allow them to be wiped out before they can evolve to become zoonotic diseases like Y.pestis,V.major,V.minor,HIV that originated from other animals but evolved into human pathogens.Pathogens that could have a resurgences for any reason whatever will have immunisations created such as V.major and V.minor,Influenza A (H1N1) virus,Y.pestis with there DNA stored in Physis for phylogenetics and other research and if they come back will have immunisations made using their genes uploaded to Physis or those from living samples of related species.The genotypes for the surface proteins of each species of pathogenic bacteria,yeast and virus that affect humans and all species of livestock,pets,wild animals and plants including crops and ornamental plants will be stored in the Physis file of each species of fungi,bacteria,virus etc so as to be downloaded into base microbes created by 3D DNA printers and biosynth WiFi that induces their evolutionary path with common proteins in folders for their genes or other higher taxonomic ranks.