Roads,pavements and Bridges:
Roads and concrete bridges will be constructed of a mixture of self healing and smart concrete/asphalt thus allowing for roads to heal themselves preventing the formation of potholes and damage from earthquakes and allow for monitoring of their integrity all day long with existing ones fitted with these.Steel bridges will be constructed of self healing metal as well as having sensors placed along them or replicating the same process of It will also allow their structural integrity to be monitored remotely 24/7 but in time carbon composites will replace steel.Both steel and concrete bridges etc.including existing ones can be first cleaned and then coated in a layer of graphene paint,then a permanent layer of liquid glass and then anti-graffiti coating on all surfaces protecting them from water,ice,rust,build up of dirt,acid rain,corrosion and vandalism thus making in easier for robots or even heavy rainwater to clean then and require little maintenance indefinitely for potentially millions of years.It would also make them indestructible.Sensors too can be placed at key points to allow for readings to be measured 24/7,365 days a year but the graphene paint may allow for these readings to be taken with smart concrete automatically sending readings into Hermes.Highways can have the roads,sides and supporting structures covered in all three in the exact same order to strengthen them including the roads.Alternatively instead of having graphene paint on it existing highway roads can have a thin layer of self healing and smart concrete on them to ensure that they will stay damage free indefinitely and then both liquid glass over graphene paint to increase their durability and also generate electricity and prevent the build up of dirt which can be washed away by the rain and allow the integrity readings of the road to be read by the public via Hermes.Both methods can be investigated to see which is the safest and most effective in the long term with the most effective,efficient and long lasting solution chosen.If possible highways one by one will have the roads replaced by self healing porous concrete etc even underneath the road allowing rain to pass through with graphene paint and liquid glass on the side or highways can be built with this technology and also the columns etc composed of self healing smart concrete with graphene/carbyne nanotubes in them to increase their strength leading into other parts of the city or underneath them directly or underground to allow all traffic to use this while the old ones are renovated by advances in robotics or demolished.Sensors can again be placed on them to measure their stress level 25/7,365 days a year viewable to the public.The graphene paint would also generate electricity for the city and can be applied to all buildings and will make them and bridges etc more resistant to external damage as well as permanently rust free.This would also apply to small stone bridges in rural areas and in cities with new wider bridges constructed and added over time to alleviate traffic problems ideally composed of carbon composites and allow for two way traffic with the possibility of the older bridges demolished with this applying to larger bridges except historical ones.Thus old decaying and rusted bridges made of steel and even stone can have carbon fibre ones built next to them and the old ones recycled for scrap with those adjoining to them also replaced with carbon fibre bridges whose integrity can be read through Hermes.Historical ones especially famous ones like George Washington Bridge,Golden Gates bridge can be covered in graphene paint and then a permenant layer liquid glass to increase their lifespan making them rust free,dirt free and waterproof indefinitely thus requiring no maintenance for millenia or be have each part replaced bit by bit by biosynths and robots managed by the mayor AI with them covered in these and the old pieces recycled.These carbon fibre ones can even be double,triple or quadruple bridges consisting of multiple roads underneath each other in densely populated areas with these carbon fibre bridges having self healing concrete or asphalt on them.These should be of note in areas prone to floods,earthquakes etc with their being both bicycle and pedestrian paths on these on both sides with having the new roads wider than normal allowing for this.Thin narrow roads and bridges in rural areas can be widened step by step thus improving two way traffic for autonomous vehicles or they can avail of underground roads.Rope bridges in the wilderness ie forests,jungles,canyons,valleys etc would also be removed and replaced by those composed of strong carbon composites such as graphene for two way traffic for vehicles with walkways for both cyclists and pedestrians on both sides to allow traffic and people to cross them safely.These can include cylindrical tunnels with these two way and walking roads.Otherwise they can be bridges solely devoted to humans on foot with hanging carbon composite tunnels underneath them to accommodate vehicles for two way traffic.This can apply also to bridges over rivers and large bodies of water could follow this pattern in urban and rural areas.These new carbon composite bridges can be built across major canyons and rivers of jungles and forests around the world.Small graphene rails can be built on the side of roads on the sides of mountains to allow for safer passage with roads going through mountains and possibly even underneath canyons and valleys to allow for passage by terrestrial vehicles but in time flying vehicles and drones will allow for safe passage for travellers.Readings from the roads integrity and its capacity will be relayed to vehicles to allow the Ophion traffic networks to better manage the flow of traffic over them to prevent them holding too many cars at once.All buildings used to house government buildings that monitor and prepare infrastructure on local to global levels will be converted into homes.

Potholes can be repaired by drones routinely patrolling roads with the public,Hestia reporting the GPS location of them to the mayor AI of each town,city etc and governor of each state,county etc.Otherwise research can be done into non-toxic bio-based permanent coatings similar to liquid glass that can be coated onto roads and prevents ice or snow forming similar to salt and does not seep into groundwater or local waterways or at least cheaper alternative de-icers to salt that dont pollute rivers including those made from bio based chemicals that break down in water and are non toxic with native bacteria in the soil and waterways fitted with DNA that break them down and gene drives passing this to native species.De-icers could be made much cheaper by bacteria creating bio-based compounds as well as porous asphalt having this and liquid glass on them to force water on the surface to fall into the pores preventing ice forming.These rivers and waterways that are affected by sodium chloride can be treated with inland desalinization plants or graphene sheets that remove any salt that may be remaining.Painting roads white will reduce the temperatures the surrounding area by 0.5 degrees and the ground itself by as much as 10-30 degrees.If possible existing squares,roads etc could be replaced by permeable versions that are naturally white rather than applying white paint and sealants as they would have the benefit of absorbing water and also being more aesthetically pleasing than painted over roads.Painting buildings white will be done to reflect heat.

The same technology used to bore underground for creation of rail systems and underground cities can also be used to create underground roads,highways and tunnels under sections of cities,existing roads and highways,towns and villages,rivers,lakes even small seas or entire oceans etc to prevent noise pollution,dangers to citizens and also create eyesores and damage of national parks,protected wilderness areas and archaeological sites with them arising out of the ground to the main roads near urban areas.This can greatly increase traffic flow while not affecting the environment with them including roads in the wilderness outside of urban areas and should connect areas affected by floods,tsunamais and hurricanes to other cities in the country to alleviate strains on traffic and allow quick escape.These can include normal tunnels or those that use platforms that can travel 200kmph or more with Ophion deciding if a car can use them with these speed platforms in between normal underground roads.Those in jungles can be reforested with these underground ones put under them with small openings at bridges or entrance of towns and cities with the same applied to roads alongside mountains and areas prone to landslides and mudslides.This would be of note to mountains with the rods bored into or under the mountains skipping the roads that go around them with this done in areas where landslides are a potential issue allowing the road to be be dug up and reforested.Ideally all roads on mountainsides will be underground,underneath the mountains to bypass large sections and the roads dug up and reforested or covered in stones to prevent destruction of scenery and landslides and mudslides affecting the roads and make it easier and safer for autonomous vehicles to navigate them as they would be mostly straight roads that bypass whole sections allowing the vehicles to go at higher speeds with the existing roads dug up.These roads would also be wider allowing for better traffic with them also cutting down on travel times since they bypass the area with the original road reforested and converted into soil laden walkways similar to those in forests used for walking.The same would apply to train tracks in these areas.Roads in wilderness areas could be replaced by these especially in jungles,forests,deserts etc allowing the roads on the surface to be reforested and prevent roadkills of small and large animals as well as the islandisation effects as seen in rainforests with the roads emerging at the edges of them with rope bridges replaced by large cylindrical graphene tube roads complete with those for walking and two way traffic to ensure safety.Homes in the woods both private and communal could have areas they could pop up with if possible even villages and towns having these with the roads reforested.This would also allow wilderness areas like forests,jungles,deserts where walkabouts as part Agoge training are to be done to be done without interference from vehicles as the roads would dug up and reforested.If need be homes in the woods etc could have underground carparks and garages for vehicles to park with the garages connected to the surface via stairs with boring machines creating new roads these roads also serving underground communities.With regards to small towns and if possible cities this system of underground carparks and garages used with the possibility of all roads on the surface within the city limits reforested with grass or lined trees improving the safety of pedestrians with them acting as dirt tracks similar to those in forests.These underground roads would also serve underground communities.For small towns especially in the wilderness and areas of scenic tourist value and those with narrow roads these would again pop up in the village outskirts and be wider to hold more traffic with the roads outside of the town reforested and returned to wilderness or dirt track for walking and them popping by beaches and other private homes by them allowing all roads to be returned to wilderness.This would also apply to large cities especially those who will have land surrounding them reforested.The same would be done for cities.Flying private and public vehicles would fly over the reforested ground and thus skip these underground roads with them parking in meadows etc to utilise self charging vehicles or using energy from solar arrays.They would also be in place of those next to areas of historical and cultural value such as the Nazca lines,Stonehenge,Newgrange and would allow for highways to go underneath existing and newly reforested wilderness areas and conservation areas such as Yellowstone,The Burrin with in the case of these and existing roads in these areas would be dug up and reforested to maintain their beauty and and have small areas where they go up and open up the surface or have underground carparks where the passengers can park with elevators and stairs leading up to the visitor centres or small villages etc within them that are of walking distance to them allowing for the natural beauty to be retained.They would even open up briefly at graphene bridges replacing rope bridges with rope bridges even replaced by graphene tubing bridges.They could also go underneath lakes,rivers and bypass existing roads with these underground roads going underneath wilderness,rivers,mountains etc making the journey shorter by skipping large portions of the original route and allowing roads to be reforested as walking paths for hikers considering land surrounding cities etc will be reforested as well.It will allow dangerous roads on mountain and hillsides and those in rural areas that can only house one vehicle  to be reforested and bypassed again going in a straight line.Most of the original roads will be reforested completely after being dug up with some as decided by AI turned into hiking paths for humans and cyclists especially those in reforested land.This pattern will apply to other colonies across the galaxy and will also allow them to serve underground communities.Buildings in towns and cities whether private and communal homes,public buildings etc will have underground carparks for them that lead to the home via doors to basements and stairwells and even to underground communities again via stairwells with public underground carparks underneath parks,communal homes and public multistorey carparks and underground communities.Having roads in cities,towns and villages and wilderness reforested into dirt tracks will allow hikers and cyclists to use them in a safe manner as only they will be present on them and retain natural beauty,not encroach on nature and allow vehicles to bypass current overground roads and then make journeys shorter as they will go under wilderness and also lakes,rivers etc with since underground the majority of the journey would be a straight line limiting turns making it easier for satillite,wifi and sensor controlled autonomous vehicles to navigate them with graphene in the windows or VR projecting the original view to passengers and them via thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes powering providing biosynth wifi and energy to chargers dotted around them or lights with lights even negated by either biolumescent moss that is given sunlight via it extending to the entrance and even Ophion controlling via sattilite saving on wiring.Vehicles that will be autonomous the windows and windshields can have pre recorded video streams played in them to allow travellers to view the original view with the underground tunnels housing CSYS lights and chargers charged by thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes that also generate biosynth wifi and lifi that allows the wire to be streamed namely Ophion with these underground roads being largely straight lines that make only a few turns making them easier for autonomous vehicles to navigate by themselves and wifi.Bioluminiscent moss can be present that stretch outside to gain sunlight to be charged.This would also prevent vehicles interacting with Agoge trainees and hikers with the roads on the surface of all underground roads on wilderness areas and also those on the outskirts of towns,villages and cities will be converted into dirt tracks for hikers once the roads are dug up.This pattern will apply to other colonies across the galaxy.Having roads in cities,towns and villages reforested into dirt tracks will allow hikers and cyclists to use them in a safe manner as only they will be present on them and retain natural beauty and allow vehicles to bypass current overground roads and then make journeys shorter as they will go under wilderness and also lakes,rivers etc.They could also go underneath lakes,rivers and bypass existing roads.Remaining roads worldwide will be step by step replaced with self healing porous asphalt which will repair themselves limiting potholes while they will allow rainwater to flood through preventing flooding and replenish groundwater with future potholes detected by drones routinely circumnavigating them and marking their GPS location with cameras on automated vehicles doing this as well and repaired by existing robots designed to do this.Highways that are highly compact outside of cities that go in circles and are above ground held on columns that go underneath each other  that affect scenery etc can be replaced by these and the concrete recycled with all roads outside of towns,cities and villages replaced by these allowing the land taken up by roads to be reforested and turned into walking paths for humans.Ideally dangerous mountain top and canyon roads will be replaced by those that go through the base of them.These would be wide enough to cater to two way traffic with even smaller thinner walking roads for those walking through that would be too small for vehicles.Both would have CSYS lights or even biolumescient moss that reaches to the outside to gain sunlight present charged by onsite thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes outside of the entrance that charge these and provide wifi access for vehicles to communicate with each other and possibly provide wire access for streaming Ophion.Roads that already exist that go around them have railings or even knee high stone walls made of the same type of stone as the canyon and mountain to be used for walking and cyclists who will be unable to use the underground roads with the roads around them used for walking,hiking and also cyclists who can take up more space and dont have to worry about vehicles with in the case of existing hiking roads in wilderness areas used only for hiking they also have these measures as well to improve safety or them even have underground ones solely for walking have again biolumescent moss or CSYS lights.All of these underground would move up to the surface at the edge of towns,villages and cities as well as tourist spots and their visitors.This will also allow them to serve underground communities that are built around them and even serve mines that have been turned into underground communities at the same time with borers creating new roads with areas shut off during this.They would have porous asphalt in the them to prevent them flooding with them closed off during floods as well with those that have scenic views have the vehicles stream Braroun through the windows with SMFIR lanes in them especially long roads charged by geothermal piping connected to them covered in thermo-piezoelectric materials that power them 24/7 and can be in large sections of the road including in the form of wireless chargers at pit stop like areas built into the sides with there even being underground Phaeton charging stations in these underground and underwater highways.These geothermal piping may also power CSYS lightening systems that also can be used to charge the vehicle.If need be biolumescent moss will be in place of lights on the ceiling with these extending to the outside in order to receive sunlight.Since serving underground communities vehicles would be able to travel there to recharge.They would have areas on both sides of the road to allow for vehicles to pull over and charge using the light from above and them also housing charging stations every few kilometres with the piping covered in thermo-piezoelectric materials will also provide biosynth wifi for vehicles to stream the wire.Roads next to each other would connect overtime with these not only replacing roads in the wilderness but also serving underground communities via extensions.Solar arrays can also via interacting with Selenes pick up service,onboard computers and also Ophion can using apparatus direct energy to any vehicles in these underground highways and even do this to those on the surface that are low on energy at nighttime.Those in cities would bypass traffic on the surface and connect different roads though openings and also elevators to allow whole sections of roads in cities to be be bypassed and them also act as access to underground communities as is being already proposed.These can even be used to travel from one state to the next in a country or to one country to the next to each other on a continent with them even underwater connecting two countries separated by large bodies of water ie Russia and America,Ireland and Britain,Britain and France as well as island nations to larger countries.They would also serve underwater communities built around them.These too would have there own storm drains and water collection systems as well as being composed of permeable asphalt, and airlock systems from the surface as seen later to prevent flooding in storms and wet seasons and would allow for sustainable developments of roads for a growing urban population with it even applying to rural areas and would be scanned in and logged into Artemis.They could be also closed in time of floods,storms,tsunamais when they are about to reach them by watertight doors with traffic diverted from them with in the case of tsunamais will close with the traffic inside coming to a standstill or given right of way and sped up.Nanomaterials and carbon scrubbers that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide can be used to provide oxygen in these instances with permeable asphalt also preventing flooding.Biolumescent moss that would stretch through the entire system out to the surface would also be engineered to separate oxygen from carbon dioxide.These would be the predominant form of roads that need to go through wilderness in countries in South America and also Africa that are covered and will be reforested with large swathes of rainforest.In time these could lead to underground communities underneath them by themselves through extensions and extra roads and turns for them and also with vehicle elevators and stairwells in between them as well as underwater communities through extensions.Those underneath rivers,lakes,seas other bodies of water and even entire oceans will bypass conventional routes cutting journeys drastically.Using roads connected to the surface and underground communities and underwater communities will also alleviate traffic and the need for building roads on the surface.Underground and underwater communities can be built around and connected to these underground and underwater highways with them having sections to the side that allow vehicles to stop for breaks and charge via CSYS lights and heaters via self charging technologies and/or wireless inductive chargers.New ones will be connected these with in time diversions and new roads connected to these can be done over time and these can have underwater cities built around them to connect to them via roads.Toll booths on all roads,bridges etc around the world that charge people money to gain access to roads will be scrapped and recycled with nearby buildings next to them turned into homes ideally communal homes through roof and underground extensions with carparks or multistorey ones built next to them and small roads connecting to the highway also constructed.Those underwater will be graphene infused pyrex tunnels for strength and with liquid internally and externally to allow on to look out the ocean as they drive.Highways can be constructed in densely packed cities with closely packed skyscrapers over ground connected to the buildings with these held to them and constructed with graphene with railings to possibly alleviate traffic congestion.Existing roads within towns and villages and the outskirts of cities whether main roads and also diversions can have underground roads built underneath thus meaning the main road will be dug up and reforested alongside surrounding areas that lead to buildings or main buildings of towns at the surface by popping up to it.This would allow all land surrounding towns,villages etc to be reforested including roads and all roads in the wilderness to be reforested with this including abandoned buildings and obsolete ones to be renovated and accessed by the surface and still have huge tracts of land reforested.It could allow the suburbs of cities and main streets of small towns and villages to be demolished and thus reforested to allow for underground communities and in the case of ares with scenic views the buildings utilising digital smart windows and also balconies that emerge at the surface.Futhermore underground communities underneath both existing and new wilderness and also urban areas,underwater cities and also roof extensions on communal homes should cater to a growing population allowing all of these areas to remain reforested or turned into hybrid permaculture meadows and community farms indefinitely alongside reforesting all land used for agriculture giving a large sizeable areas of wilderness back to heavily populated and crowded countries worldwide such as Britain,Ireland,India,China,Africa etc.Mayor and governor AIs,Tyche and Gaia will decide the placement of these worldwide by 2029 and will start construction that will be fully automated between 2040-2100.Construction would obviously be automated from start to finish to push costs to zero.

Porous pavements,tarmac,asphalt and concrete will be placed in place of remaining roads,squares and plazas to allow rainwater to go through them and replenish groundwater supplies with this also prevent roads and plazas etc becoming flooded and even frozen.Permeable interlocking pavement and asphalt will allow water to return to ground and be filtered thus improving the amount of water present in the groundwater reservoirs by allowing water to seep through and prevent water building up that could form ice and prevent flooding.It would also negate the urban heat island effect.Self healing versions exist that will be replacing existing ones step by step.These could be applied to existing streets,roads and squares to alleviate storm drains and prevent build up of ice over time in winter and during snaps with improved robotics and automation implementing it on existing roads step by step with these robots relaying progress to Ophion preventing vehicles using them until finished with them cornered of by gates and markers as well as interacting with the Ophion network diverting traffic around them or to different roads and routes.Robots working on buildings undergoing renovation,demolition and construction will also do this by diverting both human and vehicle traffic away.It can also be integrated into bridges over water including further developments in this technology creating permeable metal/carbon fibre bridges as well as integrated in buses and public toilets that will be automatically cleaned(see later).This will also ensure that flooding on roads does not occur and will prevent roads from become icy as the water does not have time to build up before it gets cold and thus freeze and thus limit the chance of automated vehicles getting into ice related accidents.All roads worldwide will be replaced with porous self healing asphalt etc step by step done by advanced robots starting by 2029 and finished by the middle to late part of the century to prevent flooding,formation of ice and allow rains replenish precious groundwater.Liquid glass spread on roads could alleviate the same problem as much but could make things worse as small pockets of water/ice could still form on the road and thus cause even more problems without storm drains implemented that collect the water.These porous pavements also reduce the heat island effect.Even though automated salt spreaders could be applied ahead of icy periods replacing roads with porous asphalt and permeable pavement this would not solve the issue of flooding and water not returning to the water table that the porous material can solve but in the long term ie.decades,centuries and millenia the energy costs of converting roads to these technologies would eventually pay off once robots and automation to do this becoming sufficiently advanced,fast and efficient with salt spreaders being recycled for other using.It would also save on the amount of salt and the energy used to mine,collect and spread – 22 million tonnes in the US alone which can corrode vehicles and pollute the groundwater and local streams,rivers and lakes killing aquatic life causing fish kills and kill off trees that feed on them which is expensive to remove from the water and can have negative human health implications with alternative de-icers being even more expensive and having even worse environmental effects(like in the case of the Flint River), has to be to be mined or gained from desalination plants year after year especially in areas that have severe long winters and cannot be recycled effectively.This salt is lost and is never put to good uses.Furthermore it costs $2.3 billion every year in America to salt all of its highways(not including other city and rural roads with the corrosion damage to vehicles,roads and vehicles costing between a further $16-19 billion a year and other damages ($18-21 billion in total).Costs for the technology are interlocking concrete paving blocks costing $5.00 to $10.00 per sq.foot,porous concrete $2.00 to $6.50 per sq.foot,Asphalt $0.50 to $1.00 per square foot.Porous asphalt is lasting longer than regular asphalt(costing less in done by automation) and one example of it is located at the Walden Pond State Reservation in Massachusetts, was constructed in 1977.While it has never been repaved, it is in good shape and still drains effectively while normal asphalt usually requires repaving every 20 years.Non permeable roads in town,cities,villages prone to to flooding from heavy rains and storms,annual freezing in the winter and those near large bodies of water such as rivers and lakes(especially those that require salting during the winter like Flint River Michigan) should the first to be replaced step by step by automation with this non-permeable technology with other roads then replaced over time if they require it with automation and robotics lowering costs substantially to not only prevent flooding etc but allow water return to groundwater.Self healing variants will be researched and applied with this preventing roads becoming flooded and possibly icy and also negating the urban heat island effect since it reflects heat.Applying them step by step will involve the existing roads dug and then have this new permeable pavement applied ontop of it road by road to prevent it affecting traffic in all areas thus allowing the Ophion system to relay changes to all vehicles beforehand in an organised fashion until all roads in a city,town,region and country are completed with existing automated machinery cutting this process down from one to two days compared to thirty days with self healing variants used.New roads will also be covered in this self healing porous material.To prevent the build up of grit and other dirt that may clog them the permeable pavements can be treated with liquid glass which will coat all pores allowing dirt to be flushed through easier.Self healing versions of this technology exist that repair themselves due to heat and thus should be applied in order to prevent the need to replace the asphalt.All roads worldwide that remain overground will be replaced with this by the end of the century managed by mayor AIs with automation pushing costs to zero.Underground roads and highways will utilise this as well.

Traffic control & Ophion:
Traffic will be monitored by cameras and software will allow autonomous vehicles to make the most efficient journey as well as make alternations to the journey to prevent traffic jams.Surveillance cameras and computers within multistorey carparks and open carparks as well as streets and wilderness areas fitted with the same software and connected to the global traffic networks can direct vehicles to the nearest streets and open/indoor carparks with available space and also manage the flow of traffic worldwide since linked to Ophion alongside Athena.Thus surveillance camera systems around the world although part of their own system will be connected to Ophion on a global scale with the same applying with the worlds carparks connected this but managed by Helios.Those on streets and at key points of the city will monitor not just criminahels and missing persons but also traffic and feed the flow of both human and vehicle traffic monitored to Ophion and thus to the onboard computers of vehicles.This will allow them to see turns,traffic and humans as well as road obstructions ahead of them and can be streamed via access to the wire and satellite systems.The cameras as part of public buildings as part of their AI that look out over indoor and outdoor carparks will interact with this.Indoor carparks worldwide will be logged into both Artemis and the traffic networks managed by the sentient Ophion whose avatar being an snake.The carpark AI will tell them which spaces are available with the driver choosing where to park either on the street or in carparks depending on which is available.To alleviate strains on Ophion that will also manage ocean and air travel Moirai and the sentient operating software ie Hestia and the home AI of vehicles,those and the factory AIs of each factory making deliveries,those that manage all sectors of Athena and the AI of all police stations, will work alongside Ophion to manage all terrestrial traffic.In both cases the vehicle will look for handicapped spaces in the case of vehicles occupied by the handicapped with the all vehicles making alterations by interacting with all surveillance cameras as part of that cities surveillance system(that can change to IR illuminator/thermal automatically when it gets dark),carpark AIs and traffic networks should spaces be taken up by other vehicles with them choosing the closest space to the chosen destination even if that destination is in a completely different country or region.It may interact with this to plan ahead of any human and vehicle traffic ahead of them at turn they will make and roundabouts.The same will apply to boats,jetskis and boatyards and piers.Traffic networks will control the flow of traffic of all automated vehicles on a global scale but will be micro managed via the city AI and Moirai to alleviate strains on Gaia and viewable(but not controlled) to the public at any time allowing them to view the flow of traffic anywhere in the world via Hermes.These networks will interact with the onboard computers of all autonomous vehicles and can be streamed via the wire through atmospheric poles in each area including in wilderness areas such as forests,jungles and even oceans and will also act as a terrestrial based GPS systems and existing GPS systems triangulating the location of a vehicles aiding in their movement with maps from Artemis aiding in this alongside nano cameras,radar and sensors mounted on the roof of vehicles that map the area around them furthering interactions between vehicles.Thus both terrestrial based GPS and existing GPS systems and new ones will be part of Ophion and allow vehicles to triangulate not just their own position but also the positions of vehicles(as well as their size and shape and trailers)including bicycles and motorbikes kilometres ahead and behind of them with the entire Ophion network streamed by them showing all traffic in the roads to and attached to there journey and also the location of any smart devices,smart helmets,smart clothing,zackee gloves,biosynth implants etc owned by people,livestock and pets driving,cycling and walking on the roads ahead and behind of them that also use GPS and are linked to the wire through Iris and Hestia allowing the vehicles to navigate roads safely and alerting smart devices to the presence of nearby vehicles approaching them and allow them to slow down and plan out evasive manuevers much better and plan ahead and thus warn the owners of these devices etc of the vehicles location and distance as well as their expected time of arrival.This would reduce the amount of accidents significantly worldwide with Ophion and the home AI in all vehicles able to plan ahead much quicker and effectively.The accelerated healing phenotype and stem cell strains will allow people in any accidents to heal much quicker from otherwise fatal injuries.This will as stated prevent accidents involving pedestrians but also allowing Hestia,Ophion ones Home AI to plan the quickest route to a destination and plan all traffic to prevent congestion.These satellites will stream Ophion,Iris,Hestia and Brauron and possibly the rest of the wire using light and in time quantum entanglement and compassing,telecommunications so as to allow them to be relayed to vehicles that do not have wire access especially in the wilderness with this also applying to aeroplanes and cruise ships with Astraea allowing for this.Existing satellites for GPS etc will be part of Ophion.This will allow for Ophion to work when access to the wire is not possible working alongside all technologies built into the automated vehicles with each type;vehicles,trailers,motorbikes,bicycles,smart devices and animals visible to them as different types of coloured blips.Brauron will be streamed by them via satellites to stream a virtual map of the roads and environment they have decided to go including alterations or it can be downloaded into the onboard computer of the entire city,region or country the journey they will take and deleted when not needed to save on bandwidth when access to the wire is not possible with cameras supplementing this.The satellites will also stream to each vehicle the entire traffic of that region or even country to allow them to be more effectively managed with all vehicles streaming this via onboard computers and biosynth wifi present to stream Ophion,Brauron and the wire.Motorbikes and bicycles will also stream this with alerts sent to augmented reality contact lenses,glasses and helmets and will also be streamed to smart devices of people on the streets.These will all interact and in fact be linked constantly with Theoi Meteroi and flood and other warning systems to divert traffic towards more suitable roads in the case of floods,icy and snowy conditions,storms(and their aftermath) with both drones and automated helicopters with cameras flying managed by the city AI Moirai/Ophion over areas affected by flooding in rural or wilderness to relay to these traffic networks(surveillance cameras in urban areas can also do this), which roads vehicles should avoid and take alternative routes and roads until the threat has subsided with the traffic systems.During icy and snowy conditions as well as during rainy weather by interacting with Theoi Meteroi,Ophion and the Home AI will ensure all vehicles are at a slow speed that would prevent accidents especially at tight turns etc.Robots performing construction and renovations of roads will also relay diversions to it and thus the vehicles with existing and new GPS satellite systems relay signals to vehicles on these and their route etc with these part of the Ophion network within the wire and also able to aid vehicles alongside their own built in autonomous technology with them possibly sending and receiving this data when wire access is not possible.They can also relay these to Pheme to all radio and news stations in the area and the wire to transmit this data to all vehicles in the area through Hestia automatically which roads to be avoided with this done during the night or any time before traffic may increase in the affected areas.They would also be relaying the severity of rainwater and ice on roads during winter and cold snaps again by interacting with Theoi Meteroi and then either make vehicles take different routes and/or drive at a set slower speed than normal,avoid overtaking and take turns more carefully with interactions with weather networks also aiding them.Both alerts will detail which roads are affected to all vehicles.These automated helicopters and drones will also scan roads around cities,towns,villages and rural areas and even roads in between them after storms,floods,tornadoes and other natural disasters to asses the state of roads and highways and alert any problems to the city AI and Tyche/Ophion for reconstruction.Any roads that are renovated or cleaned up will have the machinery relay to the traffic networks which roads are to be avoided or divert traffic on a road with signs present made of graphene and LED lights relaying this to onboard computers via microchips in them.Roads that are partially under construction will have cones with microchips that relay their positions and these and the robots and vehicles on both sides organise the flow of traffic around them.Roads under full reconstruction by robots will divert traffic away from them by interacting with Ophion and telling vehicles which roads to avoid and rearrange its route to suit them with this done before and during renovations.Ophion will also divert traffic from specific roads during ceramonial events like parades,weddings,funerals,marathons including those done on bicycles etc and will also divert traffic from flooded roads.Ophion will relay the speed that is warranted for a road from the signposts their with in time nanaocameras on the vehicle will be able to detect the speed written on signs with these signs having microchips that relay or have the chips within graphene ones that replace existing ones.All signs will eventually be recycled and replaced by graphene ones by robotics including direction ones that will be part of Ophion to direct traffic.These signs would be charged by graphene and quantum dot solar technology as well as VAWTs they can be put behind them by robots which when set can have the old ones removed with this also applying to those over highways.Biosynth wifi via biosynth technology and microchips will relay to Ophion and then vehicles the direction and speed to all vehicles.These will send the data wirelessly to the vehicle and will include speed signs.All of this would apply to both private and public vehicles.Ophion and Hestia would perform studies on how much traffic goes through each road systems on daily,weekly,monthly,yearly levels on local to global levels to determine the best means to allocate traffic but also to deal with diversions and areas prone to it and alert all vehicles in prone areas immediately of when diversions need to be made by interacting with Theoi Meteroi and Prometheus.Again the aforementioned permeable pavement technology applied to roads prone to flooding should alleviate this alongside flood tunnels.

These 360 nanocameras which will also detect other vehicles(their distance,shape and speed etc) as well as motorbikes,trailers attached to vehicles,bicycles in all directions through GPS,Artemis and mapping the road in front of them guide them through the roads should ideally be on the roof with others in between the front bumpers and back below the trump where they blend in with the vehicle and should be small enough to not be seen with the recognition software on them able to detect objects such as people(including those wearing reflective clothing and those approaching from the sides),animals or objects like large rock or debris strewn on the road(and their distance from the vehicle) and working with the radar and sensors will take measurements to avoid hitting them like braking and sounding the horn in the case of animals and humans with this relayed to all vehicles via the traffic network and sensors with its cameras able to see as far as possible.They will also be able to see markings on the road,people in front of them with them streaming weather reports from Theoi Meteroi that will tell them to avoid certain roads in rainy and snowy weather and also flash floods and from the mayor or governor AI to avoid roads under construction and from robots repairing roads how to avoid them etc with Ophion relaying the entire map of the road as part of their journey and all other vehicles on these roads in the coming minutes and seconds alongside where markings on the road are if obscured and also the location of road signs and what they read as well as the location of traffic lights and their current colour with wifi in signs,lights and also nearby vehicles also signalling them.Having them on in between the front bumper and back below where the trunk is will allow the onboard computer to see any obstructions and also even anything behind them ie a hidden child on a driveway more clearly as well as parallel park more efficiently.Having them position on mirrors or part of the front vehicle facing sideways both left and right and also on the back facing sideways in these directions will allow to see around corners and left and right when going onto roads from intersections and onto intersections from roads.AI namely Selene will place these in all areas decided to be the best fit for each customised vehicles.Constant interactions between the onboard computer and smart clothing,devices,microbial nanomachines and implants in people will also allow the vehicles to track all human traffic alongside the cameras.Debris and rocks etc on the road will be relayed also to the city AI and at low traffic periods specialised robots modelled after poop scooping ones will remove it slowing down and eventually stopping all traffic until it is removed.Facial recognition software will allow them to recognise their owners or other people who have digital key access to them when they are called to them with the names and faces stored on its onboard computer.Any nanocameras and sensors on the vehicles roof should be built into the roof and possibly be small enough to drop back into the roof when the vehicle is not driving so as not to effect its physical aesthetics and style with it being possibly 360 degree nanocameras to allow it to see all human,animal and vehicle traffic at all sides to it to prevent accidents such as hitting a person as they cross them with any alterations such as braking relayed to all surrounding vehicles including those behind them via the traffic networks and interactions between their onboard computers made automatically by their computers linking due to close proximity.Cameras could also be on the bumper and rear to detect what is directly in front of them.This will give the fragmented AI on the onboard computer the ability to see in all directions.All cameras and sensors etc will be coated with liquid glass to prevent fog,water,snow and stains affecting its vision and will be linked by the Home AI to the global database of criminals and missing people in Athena.

At night time or in dark cloudy weather the nanocameras will switch to IR illumination/thermal camera(especially long range)and turn on headlights automatically when it detects low sunlight or interacting with networks to allow them to avoid hitting pedestrians or animals at nighttime and dusk and would be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent dirt,snow or water affecting its capabilities in rainy weather or dust storms.Smart clothing and also reflective clothing(with microchips and the same technology as smart clothing as well as biosynth wifi) will interact with all vehicles on the road map streamed by the vehicle to denote their location at night on rural roads with them also wirelessly interacting with traffic networks to then relay their position on roads to all vehicles thus preventing accidents at night or even during the day to act as an extra measure to prevent accidents alongside the software that recognises them and tracks their movement.Humans may also have their biosynth neural and other implants relay their GPS location to Ophion when out walking in rural areas or even in cities and not at other times with their location not visible to the public or even government.These cameras will through object recognition software in the onboard computer be able to detect humans and animals at both night and day.Smart devices such as smartphones linked to the wire and/or Hermes could also suffice with the onboard computer being able to recognise that it is an actual person based on the distance with it on the roadmap rather than another vehicle and then slow down and beep the horn when with humans given their own unique symbol or signal from vehicles to differentiate it from vehicles.It will also alert the owners of the devices and reflective clothing that a vehicle is approaching them,their speed,size,shape and from which direction and their distance in cms and metres as a countdown via alerts or their Home AI and Gaia to smart devices to give them time to take evasive maneuvers even suggesting what to do with the smart devices also relaying all traffic on a road on Brauron GPS maps or Ophion itself due to the link to Ophion with the Home AI and Gaia able to determine the location of all vehicles ahead and behind them with them also being relayed other people walking on the street for the same reason.Thus street walkers will be alerted to the location of all vehicles at least several kilometres from them bringing up the Ophion system via fragmentation,biosynth wifi or satellites in kilometres to centimetres within smart devices and even smart contact lenses linked to smart phones with this applying to all pedestrians during the day.This will allow all pedestrians will be able to determine the location of all vehicles kilometres ahead and behind them and given alerts to nearby vehicles coming close to them with the direction and distance relayed allowing them to evade them with even other pedestrians location alerted with the vehicles shape and size also relayed with wireless interactions sufficing when wire access is not possible.Ones Home AI that exists in them in a fragmented form will alert them via spoken words etc.This will allow vehicles to determine the location of one or more people on the road several kilometres ahead of them,behind them and even coming from turns and the side as well as young children on the side of the road or driveway to reduce fatalities allowing them to adjust their speed and maneuvers and seek them out via cameras to prevent accidents with the onboard computer also detecting smart phones,devices,clothing and reflective clothing ahead of them a considerable distance at least a kilometre ahead due to wire access or ability to detect cellular signals or markers within microchips and alerting them and making the adjustments if access to Ophion is not possible.This would be of note during the day when dealing with narrow roads and bends but also at night and also with major roads in busy traffic ding both day and night to deal with surprises with alterations relayed to all traffic and smart devices in the hand of citizens warned as to current traffic alterations and traffic lights.All pedestrians via biosynth wifi in smart devices and smart clothing including smart reflective clothing will be relayed to Ophion and onboard computers kilometres ahead as blips.The vehicles cameras will work alongside Ophion relaying all vehicles and people and animals via implants,smart devices and reflective clothing fed into Ophion via GPS systems built into all of them determining their location and distance with the onboard computer wirelessly receiving signals from all of these kilometres ahead when wire access is not possible.Humans will be shown via implants and devices as unique blips with animals of each type also shown as unique blips and vehicles also shown as unique blips with the size of the vehicle also relayed in both pedestrians and vehicles.This will be visible to the vehicles as Ophion will also be linked to Hestia etc thus allowing all humans and animals kilometres ahead and behind to be seen as unique blips alongside vehicles with their distance denoted thus allowing a vehicle to see humans,animals and vehicles around bends and in all roads and streets ahead of them with the object recognition software also present.These would in the cameras view be visualised as unique squares similar to cameras that track people with the blips and squares having one colour for vehicles,one for humans and another for animals with the size and type of vehicle(motorcycle,bicycle,small vehicle,truck etc) and whether it has a trailer relayed to them alongside distance.The onboard computer will detect all of these as blips kilometeres ahead via wifi alongside streaming Ophion.This will be complimented by the data received by onboard computers interacting with each other via a chain system using biosynth Bluetooth,biosynth wifi and also the data sent via satellites by Ophion.Smart devices and clothing in the hands of pedestrians on rural roads especially at night and in cities will be relayed as blips as well via biosynth wifi interacting with Ophion when they are out in the open and the onboard computer with pedestrians also able to be seen by them through camera.As a result of this alongside cameras the onboard computer and Home AI will be able to see them visually and as blips allowing them to plan ahead by slowing down based on the blips movements ahead and when to expect the presence of people etc around tight bends and sound the horn and also alert the smart devices in the hands of pedestrians.Hand movements by pedestrians will be intaken by the cameras with Zackee gloves relaying their directions alongside wifi in them.Traffic lights and speed signs and direction signs will be detected via both cameras and also even them connected to and controlled by Ophion and via biosynth wifi with their current colour relayed to the onboard computer with them replaced with those that are thin graphene ones that have touchscreen colours and countdowns with microchips that relay this to the onboard computer and also Ophion who will manage all traffic lights worldwide.All of these devices,vehicles,traffic lights etc on the entire map of the entire town,city,region or country they are in will be streamed as the vehicle will stream the entire map and all vehicles and smart devices of only the area their journey takes place in real time and as they appear in this area to save on bandwidth.Microchips in all of these will utilise biosynth wifi and be logged in Ophion.All new operations on roads,flood alerts etc will be relayed to Ophion allowing vehicles to take other routes or avoid driving fast or at all.If a vehicle needs to collide with another to save that of pedestrians then they can slow down and crash in a way into other vehicles or walls that reduces death tolls since vehicles composed of graphene and other carbon composites with this in in the matrix of windshields will reduce vehicle damage and fatalities of passengers with electric batteries reducing the chance of explosions as the passengers are alerted to put on seatbelts if it is not.Genetic engineering that accelerates healing and stem cell strains of microbes will allow otherwise fatal injuries to be healed instantly will be in all humans and seatbelts will be still be worn or alerted to be worn when it is needed with existing vehicles that are retrofitted with autonomous driving capabilities also fitted with graphene infused windshields and glass and have graphene paint sprayed onto the body or have them and the tyres retrofitted with those that contain carbon fibre composites and also fitted with electric batteries.Improved AI will allow split second decisions to be made that reduce casualties using simulations of all possible outcomes with seatbelts still present and required for all vehicles and journeys with interactions between all vehicles limiting casualties and injuries.By about 2045 a laptop or computer system unit will have the same computing power as all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet allowing them to store large amounts of data as well as be able to stream Ophion from satellites,house their and the Home AIs fragmented forms and also be able to interact with adjoining vehicles and smart devices wirelessly and also be able to make split second decisions instantly better than a human can with this built into the car by the dashboard or as a series of sheets in the trunks spread out or in separate components there and in other parts of the vehicles connected to each other including where the passenger back seats are.By 2029 a square inch of biocompatible microbes will contain on average as much as 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors and also 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB of RAM and storage capacity making them very powerful compact onboard computers that can be stored in a small space easily removed by hand.They will also have biosynth wifi present from all the microbes working together to stream Ophion and Brauron and the rest of the wire including Pheme using minute levels of energy from the battery o even self charging technologies.These can be replaced by new ones overtime via robotics via removing the onboard computer at home and then adding a new one ordered in Antikythera or driving it into Selene factories.This split second decision making will also be improved by them interacting wirelessly or through Ophion with all other vehicles with wifi transmitters in the computer used to interact with the smart devices and also vehicles kilometres ahead of them and pick up signals from satellites.Thus vehicles will be able to slow down to any pedestrians and vehicles over tight corners as they will be able to see all animals and pedestrians and vehicles kilometres ahead.Pedestrians will alerted via alerts sent to ones Home AI existing in a fragmented form of approaching vehicles and when they are given right of way alongside waves from passengers.The wifi will allow one to stream the entire wire such as Dionysus,Pheme,Ophion and Brauron.This includes Pheme and Dionysus with them able to download media and stream and download data from laptops and smartdevices with radio stations streamed via satellites and biosynth wifi allowing them access to all of the worlds stations and store music playlists from ones Dionysus account and devices.Otherwise one will have videos of movies,television shows and podcasts saved on laptops and smart devices.By 2045 satellites with this and better computing power will also allow a single satellite to be able manage millions or billions of vehicles at once with one satellite for terrestrial vehicles,one for aeroplanes and one for cruise ships with the sentient Ophion managing satellites that manage terrestrial vehicles as well as those for cruise ships and aeroplanes alongside and Amphrite respectively.Ophion will be be in fragmented form on vehicles as well as on the wire as part of governor and mayor AIs to micro manage all vehicles in a town,city,state and even country alleviating strains on his omnipresent form in satellites with this also applying to aeroplanes and cruise ships.Upgrades will be given to these satellites to deal with more vehicles and also have more computing power overtime by robots sent to space to add new extra more powerful computers and in time replace them with better satellites with the old ones recycled by forcing them to fall into Earth to deserts etc.If the vehicles break down the onboard computers will automatically alert pick up trucks from Phaethon with trains and pods etc alerting repair and emergency robots with Prometheus alerted to any emergencies.The satellites will allow the vehicles to stream other parts of the wire but ideally material will saved on the onboard computer and other devices to save on strains with cellular access through the vehicles and smart devices will alleviate this.Ophion and Hestia will perform simulations of all possible accidents each individual vehicle can occur in any type of road,weather system,or those involving pedestrians in a fragmented form to prepare for each situation and thus allow for measures to be done to prevent or minimise causalities and damage to the passenger and pedestrian as well as cyclists and motorcyclists.Motorcyclists will be ideally wearing graphene helmets with armourgel in its interior to reduce head injuries with the clothing being having this in them and also graphene woven into them and Helite bags with the same applying to cyclists.These helmets will also house microchips linked to onboard computers and Ophion with them also wearing Zackee gloves.Terrestrial based and existing GPS systems will be part of Ophion and allow smart devices belonging to pedestrians to be detected kilometres ahead in both the dark and night and vice versa.Thus interactions between Ophion,Moirai,Brauron,Hestia,Asteria,Iris,Paean,robots that are renovating and building and even demolishing roads and buildings,zackee gloves,biosynth implants,smart devices,helmets,onboard computers of vehicles including motorcycles and smart devices linked to the wire via Hestia will be constant as the location of smart devices,clothing,microbial nanomachines and bioynth implants will be detected by all vehicles kilometres ahead to allow it prepare for spotting pedestrians on the road and surrounding streets and make alterations to speed and maneuvers to prevent colliding with them.The cameras will also be able to detect people shape and distance using cameras and sensors interacting with microchips to detect them at least several metres ahead of them.Animals like pets and livestock or wildlife with GPS trackers and tags or biosynth implants that are nearby will also interact with traffic networks within Hermes detected by the vehicles sonar to track their movement and prevent colliding them alongside software in the camera that detects them with again the vehicle slowing down and beeping the horn.Animals like pets and livestock should ideally be engineered to produce luciferans at night to make them easier to detect at night with IR illuminate/thermal camera and also without it.Live pets and livestock can have both implants and luciferans added to them via injecting microbes via hand with wild animals having these also by releasing large amounts of inoculated and/or engineered animals into the wild to pass this on to the wild animals with biosynth arthropods in swarms injecting microbes to pass on these phenotypes and implants especially in rural areas.Bicycles,motorbikes and other small manual vehicles will also have miniaturised onboard computers,nanocameras and sensors etc or microchips in new or existing ones that interact with the traffic networks and nearby vehicles with wireless earphones and smart contact lenses,helmets and glasses giving audio/visual cues to the driver of these vehicles the location of automated vehicels on the road ahead and behind of them to ensure safety and prevent accidents with the directions about to be taken of both vehicles behind them and beside them as well as those taking turns in front of them and more importantly the readings of traffic lights next to them either through cameras or these traffic lights wirelessly relay them to vehicles with linked smart contact lenses and glasses and even helmets with augmented reality relaying this information.Thus helmets with augmented reality in the visors will show their location on a map in a corner similar to driving games with vehicles on the road behind and in front of them on this with the distance of vehicles in front and behind them and even those coming from turns to their sides shown with these worn by motorcyclists and cyclists as it would stream Ophion,Brauron etc and alongside miniaturised onboard computers relay their location and vehicle type to all autonomous vehicles with directions and actions of vehicles in front and behind them relayed to this and their helmet.Other technologies in autonomous vehicles will be fitted into them including existing ones through attachments and retrofits.A view of the road behind them via nanocameras on the helmets or the back of their bike or bicycle will also be present with these brought up by voice command to the corner of their helmet screen.These helmets through the visors could switch to IR-illuminator at night automatically and relay their vehicles speed by interacting with the onboard computer and also through interacting with Ophion relay the speed limits of the area they area they are in and will give them guides to avoid hitting or being hit by vehicles and avoid pedestrians whose location will also be relayed via Iris and Hestia.It can also denote vehicles slowing down to let them overtake them,vehicles behind them wishing to overtake them,vehicles coming from turns ahead,traffic lights and also pedestrians etc around corners and other information.They will be powered by self charging technologies and also internal batteries charged by wireless energy or extracting energy from the battery of the vehicle.Google glasses and lenses worn by cyclists can show this to them instead of helmets.Both bicycles and motorcycles will contain miniature onboard computers in between handles that using biosynth WiFi relay their location to Ophion and thus all vehicles.This can also act as a digital lock activated by smart devices.Zackee gloves fitted with microchips can be used by people bicycles and motorbikes etc to transmit their directions wirelessly to vehicles behind them,near them and possibly even in front of them with them also sending their location to vehicles and Ophion.Trailers attached to vehicles will also have microchips interacting with the traffic system and thus all vehicles and their sensors since they will be registered to the onboard computer of the vehicle they are attached to with their shape,length and location behind the vehicle they are attached to relayed to all vehicles with these also registered by cameras.Terrestrial based GPS,nanocameras,radar,interactions with all vehicles onboard computers at least a mile ahead of them,sensors on vehicles alongside maps from Artemis will be used as a backup system to allow traffic of autonomous vehicles should interruptions to streaming the traffic networks be not available due to them being in isolated areas or bad connection to the wire with the onboard computers of all vehicles interacting with each other wirelessly constantly relaying their speed,location,size and shape of each vehicle or trailer.By controlling the flow of traffic it will interact with all vehicles on the roads giving vehicles the shape and location of adjoining vehicles on the road and allow them to give right of way to cars entering highways and main roads or give it to specialised vehicles such as firetrucks,ambulances,emergency vehicles and those with law enforcement in certain circumstances when they are travelling to and from hospitals,fire stations and when locked onto vehicles over all other vehicles.This will also aid them in poor weather conditions such as duststorms and even heavy rain/snow etc and even at night.This will be done with the Ophion system relaying this to all vehicles as well as the onboard computer giving this to other vehicles via relaying this from vehicle to vehicle in a chain like systems through wireless technology,biosynth Bluetooth and biosynth wifi.Autonomous vehicles will use this system alongside linked surveillance cameras and carpark AI to gain a parking spot.Those that are suited for those in wheelchairs will gain access to only wheelchair spots.By interacting with weather networks and alerts done by Hermes as well as visual identification of the weather they will adjust their speed and maneuvers to certain conditions such as heavy rain and ice.

These traffic networks and surveillance cameras linked together worldwide will also allow law enforcement to track specific vehicles world wide and have their police cars using authorized software only in the vehicles of police vehicles and all private vehicles of all law enforcement personnel(removed if they are court martial and suspended) to allow them to lock onto the GPS location and route taken by vehicles of suspects and criminals they are chasing with of course the correct warrant with the cameras and traffic networks reading the license plates on the front of the vehicle or e-licence stored on the onboard computer through their interactions worldwide.It will thus give law enforcement personnel right of way with a digital warrant given when GPS trackers are attached to the suspects vehicle or the cameras have see him to have entered that vehicles.These will allow law enforcement to bypass traffic and traffic lights and to chase a vehicle located by Ophion with the vehicle they are chasing even slow down and pull over and locked with correct warrants and also determine where a vehicle was or currently is via it tracked by Ophion and Hestia again by warrants.The e-licence plate will also be logged in the onboard computer alongside the vehicles unique serial number in electronic form with this registered to the Home AI of the current owner allowing the owner of a vehicle to be tracked by investigators using warrants and will be registered to the name of them with the name changed to that of the new owner when traded away and may even be able to determine its current location and where they travelled for certain journeys as Ophion will keep track of all logged e-licences.This will be registered upon manufacture and also upon modification of existing vehicles that are fitted with autonomous driving and also onboard computers.When one trades it away it will be registered to the new owner with one even having it sent to new vehicles if they are getting a new one and are recycling the old one or when traded away with in this case the new owner given a new one when they receive it with if a person dies then it registered to the new one managed by Hestia.This would eliminate current databases of vehicles allowing the servers to be recycled with existing and new ones managed by Hestia transferred to Hestia with investigators able to scan Hestia with a warrent to see who owns which vehicle and it constantly read by Ophion.The licence will be read by Ophion at all times allowing him to track the location of all vehicles owned by everyone and also those of aeroplanes and also cruise ships and also manually driven ships and aeroplanes.By linking ones smart devices together and thus vehicles via Hestia or even with the vehicles cameras and onboard computers locking onto one another in close proximity or far away from each other authorized by both owners can have each vehicle be linked together and thus follow each other if the are travelling together.In other wards friends or family members that are travelling to the same destination on the same day two or more vehicles will be able to linked together via Hestia and Ophion that would allow these vehicles to be constantly at a set distance from each other with Ophion ensuring the vehicles have right of way to ensure this.One could call the home AI on the vehicles to pull over and stop anywhere at any time to rest,stop at restaurants etc and to pick up hitchikers.The level of traffic on local to global levels will be monitored by the public via Ophion allowing one to monitor all traffic or specific vehicles they have the e-licence plate to or have administrative or daughter keys to with law enforcement having to gain a warrant to this.This will be used by the sentient Ophion to plan out all public and private vehicle journeys on local to global levels.This open source platform within Hermes will allow all buildings used by the government and corporations to monitor traffic and traffic lights to be converted into homes.It will be a map from which one can view traffic on local to global levels in real time as coloured blips and allow one to select ones own registered vehicles or those of next of kin and friends through consent via Hestia and track them and their distance from certain destinations with them also be able to view air and ocean traffic as well in real time.Public vehicles of all types will be visible as different coloured blips with them and private vehicles selected by ticking boxes with separate maps for ocean/waterway and air traffic and in time interstellar.Lollipop ladies on small streets can be robotized by miniature traffic robots.

If a person in a private vehicle experiences a medical emergency while in a vehicle via smart clothing the vehicle will travel directly instead of the original journey to the nearest hospital or if they or passengers selects a hospital and then tells the onboard computer that they are going there because of an emergency(ie.heart attack,giving birth,serious injury etc.)via voice command or a menu which can choose for either casual visit or emergency the latter of these two choices will give them right of way over other vehicles and pass traffic lights with their original journey abandoned for the nearest hospital alongside smart clothing and how to videos to keep the patient stable will be relayed to the passengers for each situation(pregnancy,heart attack,trauma,stabbing etc.with the onboard computer alerting medical staff to the location of the vehicle containing the patient alongside readings from smart clothing and allow other passenger to directly communicate with the hospital AI to detail what is wrong with the patient which will them inform healthcare staff inside with all details including the name of the patient and the colour and design of the vehicle and its expected time of arrival and distance from them in cms,metres,kilometres etc with it visible on a streamed city map via smart devices including contact lenses.This can also apply to public vehicles such as buses,ferries and taxis etc and even mag lev trains,mag lev cable cars,Urban Light Transit systems and subways through Pemphredo alarms and smart clothing interacting with the vehicle with trains and other vehicles on tracks stopping at the nearest stop to the hospital while simultaneously calling an ambulance to it.If the city AI through Moirai and Aesculapius through Hippocrates interacting with  each other determines it takes too long for an ambulance to drive there by the time they reach the stop they can order any nearby public vehicles including taxis or even private vehicles to the spot of the patient and drive them to the hospital with Pemphredo alerting them to the location of the vehicle by any means including augmented reality.If the person is going to the airport for a flight or special events at public amenities such as plays etc or booked dinners in restaurants the home AI linked to the onboard computer will track the flow of traffic from their home based on theoretical projections to them and suggest the best time to leave based on traffic density and when in the vehicle will increase speeds to the maximum limit while still interacting with other vehicles to it and to prevent accidents giving it more precedence than usual to get their on time thus possibly giving them right of way over non emergency vehicles especially if there are no other ones that are in a hurry.It will also give those that are next of kin to those being transported to or are in hospitals right of way via Hestia interacting with Ophion and Aesculapius.Those are heading to important plane flights and cruise ships and also restaurant bookings etc may be given right of way over other vehicles by Ophion to reach their destination at least some time before they need to be there at least one to three hours by interacting with Helios etc.In the case of vehicles locked together by friends linking their vehicles together by mutual consent or law enforcement locking onto the vehicles of suspects or criminals the network will link those two together and let one follow the directions of the other.It will also manage traffic light systems including existing ones worldwide linked to this network.Traffic lights that interact with traffic networks as part of Ophion and vehicles wirelessly will become thin graphene sheets sandwiched inbetween quantum dot technology glass covered in liquid glass that show the different symbols such as red and green stop and go signs and red and green men streamed through them via animations.Microchips will be present that wirelessly relay information to nearby or all vehicles vehicles as well as smart devices on people crossing the road and they will have in built in CSYS lights that relay there colours with them charged by the graphene and quantum dot technology,piezoelectric,thermo-piezoelectric materials and miniature graphene VAWTs powered by wind and the whoosh of vehicles and batteries near the town hall connecting all of them to alleviate strains from the grid similar to lights with buttons replaced with touchscreen ones.Otherwise internal batteries will charge them during the night and cloudy days.These microchips will also link them to Ophion.For example the top of the light pane will show the red or green lights and also below that the man associated with that colour will be below that with a countdown in the colour of the next colour starting inbetween them or at the bottom highlighting when the next colour change will occur with a microchip inside that connects it to the wire and thus the traffic networks and wirelessly sends its current colour and time until the next colour in real time to all vehicles and the Ophion system with all lights across the the world linked together.The countdown will also be visible on the traffic lights for pedestrians.Buttons will be replaced by touchscreen ones with this data streamed on the onboard computers of vehicles as well as smart devices such as phones,pads,e-newspapers and even lenses etc in close proximity.Existing ones will be replaced by these new ones next to them that work alongside them until the old one is scrapped and recycled with this done by advancements in robots step by step worldwide or this can be done humans paid by the government with wiring as part of the original connected to these including wires that connect them to the grid with self charging technologies powering them to alleviate strains on the grid with these all part of the Ophion system.Both old and new ones will interact with the onboard computers and cameras on automated vehicles with them both also interacting with smart devices and lenses etc that relay when the next colour is to appear.All of these traffic networks and thus the flow of traffic and the colours on each traffic light will be viewable(but not controllable)via Ophion within Hermes with the latest cybersecurity downloaded and updated to it constantly.These traffic lights will be controlled by Ophion globally and thus the current colour of each will be relayed to all vehicle and also through biosynth wifi present on microchips in both traffic lights and vehicles and cameras on the vehicle.Speed,warning and direction signs will be replaced by more advanced ones that are also composed of graphene and quantum dot technology and even miniature VAWTs that relay their data to vehicles via wireless interactions through biosynth microchips with the Ophion system also denoting this based on the GPS location and road they are on with onboard cameras also determining this based on reading the signs via cameras and Ophion able to change them at any time.They would store small quick charging batteries to store electricity over long periods of time say several days or even weeks with them powered by VAWTs,soalr energy from the graphene and even small thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes that charge them 24/7 and use biosynth wifi.This could include those that warn of children on the street,animals such as deer and geological formations allowing the vehicle to make adjustments as they approach these areas.These will be replaced by hand or robotics with the possibility of existing ones just having a microchip attached to them to relay these instructions wirelessly to vehicles,smart devices and the Ophion system.All speed and direction signs as well as all traffic lights in an village,city and town as well as well as wilderness could be connected to a single thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipe.

The sentient AI Ophion as detailed earlier on will manage all aeroplane,cruise ship and private and public vehicle traffic on a global scale through satellites,wifi and cellular access to the wire and even fragmentation in vehicles and also through mayors and governors allowing for him to do so constantly.He will also seize control of all traffic lights worldwide and also exist in a fragmented form in all existing and new surveillance cameras that look into roads.He will control all terrestrial traffic of all autonomous vehicles on roads worldwide and also all sea based traffic of all cruise ships and yachts etc worldwide with him also controlling all traffic of all aeroplanes worldwide.In time flying vehicles and interstellar vehicles will use.This will be done by him existing in onboard computers of all aeroplanes,cruise ships,terrestrial vehicles alongside the AI pilots,Home AI streaming him through biosynth wif and satillites with him connected to all vehicles worldwide through biosynth and satillite WiFi that allows thus allowing him to visualise them as blips in a global scale of different colours representing each type of vehicle with this visible and open to the public.It will do this to prevent traffic jams,congestion and accidents bring the incidence of traffic jams,congestion and accidents worldwide to zero.It linked to all terrestrial vehicles,aeroplanes and cruise ships etc will control traffic of billions of vehicles at once to prevent traffic and congestion alongside accidents.All traffic lights systems worldwide will be linked to and controlled by Ophion meaning once the red light at each stop turns red vehicles will slow down and resume speed when they turn green with a universal colour system adopted worldwide.It will be aware of all speed signs,turns in traffic worldwide thus controlling the speed of vehicles on all roads worldwide preventing accidents and people speeding.All surveillance’s cameras worldwide that overlook parking spaces,roads and highways will be connected to Ophion thus further increasing its control of transportation and parking.All smart devices and Biosynth chips in reflective clothing etc and implants in humans and pets will be linked to it allowing Ophion to see humans and pets as unique blips thus allowing it to avoid them and take measures to do so minutes ahead..It will also redirect traffic during parades etc and allow certain vehicles such as ambulances,law enforcement vehicles and firefighter trucks the right of way that is allow them to skip traffic and traffic lights by allowing it to pass and speed by vehicles ahead of them,skip traffic lights in emergencies and redirect traffic to cater to this with it controlling and modifying all traffic on land,in the air and in the ocean on a global scale constantly.Thus ambulances etc in emergencies will be given preferential treatment allowing them to skip ahead of other vehicles and even traffic lights with this done in a way that prevent accidents by having all other vehicles slow down or if need none stop temporarily and even change traffic lights.Once flying vehicles are possible it will control their traffic on a global scale allowing roads worldwide to be dug up and reforested.All aeroplane traffic worldwide will be managed by it to eliminate accidents with it doing the same for cruise ships etc for the same reason.Members of the public will be able to open up its network and chart the location of all terrestrial vehicles,aeroplanes and cruise ships worldwide etc visible as blips.As a result all 70,000,000 jobs in transportation worldwide both directly in the form of public transportation,aeroplanes,cruise ships and also those used in mining,construction,ambulances etc will be shut down forever.Its symbol will be a cosmic egg with a snake coiled around it with the snake being the avatar of this sentient software.The sentient Ophion will manage all terrestrial,sea and air traffic worldwide by interacting with all vehicles in the Sky,sea and roads that manages the flow of traffic 24/7,365 days a year by being streamed and fragmented forms with him streamed by all automated planes,vehicles,cruise ships,trains.All private vehicles owned by citizens and delivery vehicles,ambulances,buses,taxis,police vehicles,firefighter vehicles,delivery vehicles.aeroplanes,cruise ships,trains etc worldwide will be autonomous vehicles operated by separate independent AI will stream Ophion constantly that will allow him to control all traffic worldwide constantly via satellites,Biosynth wifi etc which he will visualise all vehicles as blips in a map of the world thus allowing him to control the traffic of all vehicles including their speed to prevent traffic jams,collisions and accidents and also give drivers the quickest route to their destination with this allowing certain vehicles such as ambulances,firefighter vehicles and also police vehicles the right of way and allow them to skip traffic and if possible traffic lights to allow them to get to their destinations quicker in emergencies.Vehicles will be made to slow down when approaching sharp bends especially when other vehicles are present.Smartphones and microchips on reflective clothing worn by humans and GPS implants in humans and pets will be connected to the wire and by extension Ophion when outside allowing him to see them constantly as different blips thus factoring them in and relaying their position to vehicles.Vehicles themselves will have nanocameras on bumpers etc that allows them to see ahead and this will be fed into Ophion with these cameras having software go recognise other vehicles and humans etc thus allowing them to see where they are.Should a vehicle need to slow down etc to avoid a pedestrian etc this will be instantly relayed to Ophion to be then relayed to all vehicles.These live feeds of cameras and reactions done by vehicles will also be fed into Ophion.The GPS location all vehicles through onboard computers will relay the location of all vehicles.CCTV cameras on roads will be linked to Ophion as well to relay the location of vehicles on roads.Ophion will be linked to weather reports from Theoi Meteroi to slow down traffic in the case of rainy and snowy weather or to avoid it altogether.Roads under full reconstruction by robots will divert traffic away from them by interacting with Ophion and telling vehicles which roads to avoid and rearrange its route to suit them with this done before and during renovations.Ophion will also divert traffic from specific roads during ceramonial events like parades,weddings,funerals,marathons including those done on bicycles etc and will also divert traffic away from flooded roads.Fleets of drones as part of Ophion will patrol areas during and after snowstorms,storms and floods to assess the viability of roads which will be relayed to Ophion and vehicles to have them avoided and use other roads or if all roads are not able to be used prevent all traffic altogether.All traffic lights systems worldwide will be linked together and controlled by him to allow him to control the flow of traffic efficiently with this linked to all vehicles on the road with all speed,warning etc signs replaced by Graphene infused glass ones that contain the signs fitted with Biosynth WiFi just fitted with microchips that denote their speed and warning linked to Ophion thus allowing you make vehicles go the desired speed and take the necessary precautions.Signs that denote directions may still exist and fitted with microchips etc or they may be scrapped since Ophion will not them.All traffic lights worldwide will be replaced by humans and biosynth routinely with more efficient biosynth ones that contain graphene infused glass that relays the green and red man symbols including animated ones and countdowns and buttons pressed by pedestrians with this allowing him to control all traffic lights systems worldwide that in turn allows him to control all traffic.Signs that denotes speeds,warnings and directions will be replaced by Graphene infused glass ones or those made of metal with Graphene abc biosynth microchips in them thus allowing him to control the speed etc of vehicles.All of this and other data will be by satillites,biosynth WiFi be constantly fed into Ophion and by extension all vehicles on the road thus allowing for traffic to be controlled on a global scale.Aeroplanes will through their onboard computers relay their location to Ophion constantly thus allowing him to plan out their journey using the quickest route without fear of collisions with again weather reports fed into him to either divert or ground vehicles.The same will be done for cruise ships etc.A combination of onboard computers relaying a vehicles GPS location,live-streams from cameras fed into Ophion,smartphones etc fed into Ophion and satillites etc and all vehicles connected to Ophion will allow him to manage all global sea,air and terrestrial traffic worldwide with ease with advances in AIs computing power further improving this to the point that by 2029-2045 onwards all traffic jams and accidents in collisions and with pedestrians will be eliminated completely worldwide.By 2039-2035 all traffic in form of the sea in the form of cruise ships,aeroplanes,trains and terrestrial vehicles etc worldwide will be completely automated and managed by the AI Ophion and AIs in charge of each individual vehicle with zero human interference or input.This will eliminate all jobs in transportation and at the same eliminate traffic jams and accidents worldwide forever.This will be upscaled with flying vehicles and interstellar vehicles.Ophion will not control vehicles directly rather his map that contain all vehicles locations and in turn the desired path of each individual will be streamed by AI that directly controls them will follow his instructions giving the AI some semblance of control and can interact with him directly to make alterations and suggestions to the traffic plan with all feeds from cameras etc on them fed directly into a Ophion allowing them to interact with him completely in real time.Ophion will plan out and manage all traffic in the air,ocean and land which the sentient AI controlling each vehicle will stream and abide by and follow thus giving each vehicle some semblance of autonomy and allow the AI to interact with him to make changes to the plan due to each individual vehicles journey.This will also alleviate strains on Ophion.Ophion will refer to both the sentient software that manages traffic on a global scale but also the global interconnected of roads,trains,aeroplane and cruise ship routes worldwide.Each planet across the universe will be managed separately by Ophion by fragmentation.

Traditional multi-story carparks will be modified into compact automated ones that rather than requiring paper tickets will utilize sensors and computers that interact with onboard computers on cars or smartphones that give access based on how much space is available when it travelling to it as well as any changes when they arrive and direct the car to the nearest free space available determined by either nano cameras,sensors or pressure plates in each space as shown above with the carpark AI logging what vehicles have entered or left and which spaces are left.The drivers car will interact with the AIs of all carparks and then see which one has spaces and then use that by booking a space then and their via the Helios app.One can be parked at any point in the city and then the vehicle will drive to the carpark and then when the wish to get their vehicle back the driver can via their Home AI and Helios app determine where their car is parked and call it via smart devices interacting with the carpark AI via the Home AI and Helios app have it leave the carpark and drive to their location anywhere in the city using links to ones smart devices when needed to save time in travel.Automated carparks will in time replace existing non automated multi-storey ones with them built in place of them,have existing ones modified and converted into automated multistorey carparks while other ones and streets are used.These can be otherwise be built underground underneath parts of the city with a underground two way roads used by vehicles and serve underground communities as well.These automated multistorey ones should be designed to be more compact and higher than traditional carparks with the person exiting the vehicle before it drives into it and assigned a place and can also replace large carparks in the open even small ones with excess land reforested with crop trees.These will park vehicles more efficiently with vehicles logged in the carpark AI for studies as well as to relay to vehicles if they are full or not.Wireless inductive chargers or docks to charge the vehicle can be integrated into each spot of these new ones.Each one will have their own independent AI personality,avatar and legal name with a receptionist with universal uniform,name,avatar etc including renovated existing ones with extensions made on the roof and underground added over time.The amount of cars will be logged in them at all times with also having the same time booking system to book a space beforehand with the vehicle driving to the person when the time runs out or the person alerted with this managed through ones Helios app.If possible time limits removed.One can be dropped off at any point of a city before the vehicle drives to the carpark with one booking spaces in the carpark and as stated one can when in any point of a city call their vehicle to leave the carpark via Home AI and Helios to drive to their location to save time.These will be linked by the sentient operating software Helios with no statue present.When underground communities develop near them entrances to it will be viable from these underground extensions with the extensions connecting the surface one through renovations.Underground communities will be connected to underground extensions in automated carparks and have their own ones that connect to the surface.Those next to airports,seaports,communal homes and hospitals etc will be managed by the AI that manages the building or area next to them.Tickets will be replaced by e-versions that will alert people to when their time runs out with them able to call the vehicle to their location then or before via their home AI app.These tickets for public ones would be stored in Helios app accounts and logged and will be managed by it allowing machines that sells tickets to be recycled.These will replace all types of carparks in all towns,villages and cities with large cities having multiple ones at key points of the city.Ideally all automated carparks can be entirely underground and serve underground communities in place of both automated and non automated multistorey ones that can be demolished and the land in place reforested into parks and gardens or community farms.Open and both normal and automated multistory carparks in all villages,cities and towns around the world including those in place of communal homes derived from supermarkets,schools etc and public buildings,restaurants,nightclubs,hospitals,universities,public amenities etc can be demolished,dug up and replaced with underground automated carparks and them dug up and turned into parks and gardens or community farms.Thus car parks on the ground of all public buildings and those turned into hotels and existing hotels will be dug up and turned into gardens with them moved underground into automated multi-storey car parks.Large multi-storey car parks can be turned into homes or demolished and land turned into parks or reforested and replaced with multi-storey automated underground car parks either in place of them or in other areas.These underground automated carparks will be compact ones and extensions will be added over time to cater to a growing populations needs.This will also apply to the emergence of automated bicycle carparks with people also assigned a digital key to their own bicycle and simply registering it at the carpark upon dropping the bike off and getting it back.Carparks that are not automated ones and automated ones will be converted into communal homes when robotics are sufficiently advanced and then replaced by underground automated carparks in place of them.The location of these underground carparks will be visible within a map on Helios and also other ones.All carparks onsite of public buildings will be dug up will be turned into gardens and replaced by underground automated ones.

So in short to improve the flow of automated traffic there will be constant interactions between sensors and radar on vehicles,Ophion,between all onboard computers of manual and automated vehicles,surveillance systems,multi storey carpark computers,nanocameras,smart devices and reflective clothing of pedestrians,traffic networks and maps streamed from Hermes and Artemis,terrestrial based GPS and microchips in both Zackee gloves and also trailers to ensure smooth traffic that will eliminate or at least reduce accidents on the road leading to less or no fatalities.Nanocameras,radar,sensors,interactions with smart devices and microchips as well as the onboard computers of nearby vehicles will suffice if access to Ophion is not possible with this applying to public transport as well.The onboard computers will relay information and changes from one vehicle to another in a chain like systems using wireless technology,biosynth Bluetooth and biosynth wifi with this applied to all smart devices,clothing etc kilometres ahead of them when access to the wire is not possible and to save on bandwidth.This will allow one to determine the location of all vehicles,smart devices etc again kilometres ahead with them passing to each vehicle in the chain allowing the fragmented home AI in the vehicle to plan ahead and relay changes via the chain with the map of the entire country,region or city etc downloaded from Brauron and then deleted when not needed.Advancements in artificial intelligence and hardware such as biological harddrives as well as graphene/silicene/stanene nanoprocessors,supercapacitor,ATP and biological computing etc in onboard computers of vehicles and the wire will improve the effectiveness of autonomous vehicles with vehicles replacing old autonomous technology and onboard computers with newer models automatically by driving to factories.Software updates will be done by Hestia.This would all also apply to boats and yachts with them also having nanocameras and interacting with both terrestrial and ocean traffic networks(managed globally by both seaport and those in sensor terminals on atmospheric poles and ocean buoys).Automated helicopters,planes and cesnas will interact with other automated aircraft as well as manual ones which will also have an onboard computer that alerts drivers to the location of other automated and manual planes as well as airports for landing though the wire and also sensors on the vehicles and vice versa.The same will apply for manually operated sea vehicles with boats,yachts and even cesnas etc having autopilot options within the onboard computers.Thus the the sentient Ophion system will manage all terrestrial,ocean and air traffic to guide all vehicles to their destination as quickly as possible,prevent traffic jams while still giving ambulances,fire trucks and emergency vehicles and private vehicles with sick individuals right of way relayed to to other vehicles via Ophion and the onboard computer allowing them to skip all vehicles and traffic lights with all traffic lights and surveillance systems that overlook roads and parking spaces connected to Ophion.All vehicles will be controlled through fragmentation through the Home AI of the owner and factory AI,AI of the building it is controlled by them and also by the sentient Ophion through both fragmentation and through cameras,sensors,chain linked onboard computers using biosynth Bluetooth,biosynth wifi in onboard computers alongside satellites thus allowing Ophion to control billions of vehicles at once around the world with this picking up the slack on both the fragmented AIs present on the onboard computer on vehicles when needed with Theoi Meteroi sending reports on the weather constantly with Pheme and Dionysus streamed here or ideally movies,podcasts etc saved on smart devices and onboard computers to alleviate strains before 2045 will have improved biosynth wifi,onboard computers and satellites etc to improve this to the point that autonomous driving and also ability to stream all parts of the wire at the same time.At first only important vehicles will be autonomous by 2029 including ambulances,firefighter trucks and public vehicles and public ones such as buses and taxis with them requiring some human input either remotely or directly via those paid subsidies and also in large teams to ensure short working times with all private ones having onboard computers to allow the chain linking system to be used until by 2035-2045 when all vehicles on the road including private ones with private ones will have onboard computers and autonomous driving technologies retroffited or replaced by new vehicles.Onboard computers in all automated vehicles will house biosynth technology that will interact with nearby vehicles and stream Ophion.These will be dispersed in vehicles as different unit components spread out along the different parts of the vehicle as small boxes or laptop sized units or sheets of graphene,silicene,biocompatible microbes etc all connected to each other with these replaced by more powerful ones via driving the vehicle into the factory line.By 2029 a square inch of bicomapatible microbes will house roughly 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB RAM and 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors making onboard computers extremely powerful and even making handhelds and smart devices as powerful as them especially when stacked ontop of each other and when combined with nanomaterials and neural tissue formed by the microbes etc.Tianhe-2 the worlds most powerful supercomputer by comparison has a processing RAM 1024TB or 0.000000001024YB with all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined containing roughly 6,635TB or 0.000000006635YB of RAM.Thus one square inch will contain about 11,303,692,539,563 – 226,073,850,791,258 times more RAM,processing power and storage space than all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined.A single cell sized one could hold 30,000 processors if 100nm processors used with smaller processors between 1-5nm holding more power in a smaller or same space allowing for 1,500,000-3,000,000 processors to be implemented to be implemented into them.Theoretically each square inch could contain as much as 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors alongside the 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB of data storage and RAM.This biosynth technology will allow for powerful onboard computers to be present in all types of vehicles such as private cars,cruise ships,navy vessels,aeroplanes,public vehicles,those used as ambulances,firefighter trucks,those used in mining,agriculture,seabreachers and also even motorbikes that have the same processing as a human by 2029 and even by 2045 have more computing power than all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet thus allowing them to make quick snap decision and via biosynth WiFi present have all vehicles in the air,sea and on land controlled by the sentient Ophion in a controlled manner preventing traffic jams,delays and accidents on roads,in the air and at sea.Having dozens if not millions of them stacked ontop of each other in the onboard computer dispersed along the vehicles body will vastly increase their processing power exponentionally accelerating the point that all vehicles on the road,in the air and sea are fully automated with no human control.Thus by at least 2029 level 2-3 that is partial automation can be achieved with level 4-5 that is full automation by at least 2029-2045 via intensive research done by Daphne,Ophion and Urania allowing the sentient Ophion consisting of satellites,linked surveillance cameras,chain linked onboard computers cameras and sensors on vehicles and linked surveillance systems on roads and by parking spaces to control all vehicles on the road,in the air and on the oceans on a global scale.Biosynth WiFi will allow them to stream Ophion and also all aspects of the wire with it using minute levels of energy recharged constantly by self charging technologies.Biosynth WiFi can allow for updates from the wire induce the evolutionary path of DNA in the microbes and tissues present to give them extremophile DNA and those from plants and animals and scratch DNA that improves their energy storage etc via inducing the evolutionary path of Cas-9 and taq polymerase for upgrades to both batteries and onboard computers without removing the batteries and onboard computers.By 2029-2045 most of not all vehicles worldwide will be autonomous and controlled by the sentient Ophion as detailed later on.Existing vehicles of sentimental value will be retrofitted with these by hand or driving them onto a production line in automated factories or by hand at home or by specialists and as time goes by newer models will replace older ones or using biosynth wifi have upgrades sent over time.The onboard computer will be in the front of the vehicle on the dashboard and will have various parts spread out along the vehicle including the trunk and the entire body of the vehicle itself as both mini computers but also sheets of biosynth tissues and Graphene/silicene etc to increase surface area and will be connected to each via wiring.These can be the size of a system unit or server.Taq polymerase and Cas-9 can induce the evolutionary path of microbes in the computers to give them upgrades to increase processing power.Biosynth tissues can be spread across the entire body of the vehicles internal surface area to provide extra areas for nanoprocessors,RAM,digital DNA storage and biosynth WiFi and energy storage with tweaks making them express all of these at once.One will be able to bring up a map of the entire Ophion system in Hermes and monitor all terrestrial,sea and air traffic world wide together or separately and see all traffic on local to global levels as blips and track with permission certain vehicles.Interactions with all vehicles and Ophion will prevent and clear up and jams and pile ups with the system clearing up jams by altering the journey of low priority vehicles and will carry out split second decisions to prevent casualties in any possible accidents that could.If one is deemed necessary to be in a hurry say if a friend or next of kin is in trouble or they need to reach reserved tables,planes at airport then Ophion will ensure they get their on time by calculating the current state of traffic and allow them ahead to reach their destination in time with high priority vehicles say emergency vehicles and those having medical emergencies still having right of way.The sentient Ophion will manage all terrestrial,ocean and air traffic on a global scale and eventually traffic between all planets in the galaxy and on all planets in the galaxy involving billions of vehicles to prevent traffic jams,accidents and ensure vehicles arrive at their destination on time with certain vehicles such as ambulances,fire trucks and police vehicles during emergencies and certain private vehicles owned by members of the public and public vehicles in emergencies given right of way where Ophion will modify the entire traffic system to give them right of way allowing them to skip ahead of other vehicles and even pass by traffic lights with red lights modified to orange or green to prevent collisions with other vehicles and pedrestrians.This will apply to underground and overground roads as well as flying vehicles.This will be done using biosynth WiFi and satillites orbiting Earth and biosynth WiFi in all plants across the globe etc.All past terrestrial accidents involving aeroplanes,boats,ships and terrestrial vehicles from around the world during the 20th to 21st century will be analysed by it and used to prevent them occurring in the future with it performing simulations either by itself,with other AI or in a fragmented form on all possible future accidents that could occur and create effective countermeasures to prevent fatalities.This will be relayed to and also carried out by Moirai(and each individual city AI),Helios to alleviate strains on him with Helios doing this on trains and all vehicles and services under its control.The rate of traffic flow will be logged within Ophion on local to global levels analysed by Gaia through Ophion over days,weeks,months,years and even millennia with this used to allow it to create studies written by itself and manage traffic flow more efficiently over long periods of time on local or even personal to global scales and make projections on traffic with these studies done annually.All road,air and train accidents will be logged here including all past ones from the last several centuries to be analysed to prevent future accidents with simulations on all possible problems created to create countermeasures and prevent them in the future.Cameras on piers will aid automated boats and yachts in parking at piers and cameras and sensors on their onboard computers will allow them to navigate traffic and rivers and canals alongside the traffic networks.Dual land and aerial vehicles will interact with both terrestrial traffic systems and air traffic systems constantly with those that can dive underwater or drive overwater and drive on land will interact with both terrestrial and ocean based traffic systems etc.Since the vehicles will be registered to their Home AI in Hestia it will be the Home AI that will be responsible for driving the vehicle controlled and directed by the Ophion system with the Home AI once sentient able to converse with passengers and others through other registered electronics and thus would be responsible for the passengers safety and that of other drivers and pedestrians with again constant feeds coming in from Ophion as well as Brauron and Iris etc.Having the Home AI and Hestia fragmented on the onboard computer or piggybacking on Ophions satellite network will suffice when wire access is not possible with the onboard AI and Helios doing the same for public vehicles,Amphrite etc and the factory AI and various operating softwares of various sub networks of Hepheastus for factory delivery vehicles.Cellular access on the onboard computer or it piggybacking cellular access on phones could also be used.The latest certified firewalls and cybersecurity will be constantly be uploaded to the traffic network to prevent cyberterrorist attacks with each city AI micromanaging the networks of their city,town,village or region to cut off any breached or compromised systems that from the rest of the global network with diagnostics automatically run routinely and visible with the sub-networks menus.As stated the whole traffic system will be visible but not controllable to the public allowing people to see the flow of traffic worldwide and if they want using their home AI app see where their vehicle is on a GPS map if someone is in the vehicle on a journey with this also applying to anyone with daughter baby keys.It may even allow them with the a friend or family members Hestia account interacting with theirs allow them to see where a person is on the map.With proper authorisation from Athena/Themis and the biometrics etc and other authorisation and warrants of higher up officials federal investigators and law enforcement personnell will give the ability for their vehicles both in the air and on the road to track the location of specific vehicles in Ophion,track and follow them thus given right of way to bypass traffic and then even when close to them signal the traffic networks to cause the vehicle of suspects etc to automatically pull over the side of the road and lock the doors to prevent the escaping with authorisation from Gaia with the door then opened when personnel are close on voice command through smart devices.The Ophion system will tell vehicles that speed they can go and what maneuvers to make based on their GPS location and/or via the cameras finding the signs with signs either new ones composed of graphene and existing also fitted with microchips to relay this to them.Existing vehicles can have onboard computers,sensors retrofitted with them having cameras put onto the front dashboard and back facing backwards to send information to the onboard computer.Otherwise they can have 360 cameras installed on the roof or a special compartment fitted into the roof.Vehicles low on power will pull over and using self charging technologies charge themselves but if it is night they will have streamed the map to determine how much power is going to be used and add the nearest charging station to their journey as a diversion and then after charged continue on.The sentient Ophion system to manage all terrestrial,aerial and sea traffic should be perfected by at least 2029-2045 with it managed by a single or even several satellites that are orbiting Earth with newer models replacing old ones overtime with by 2045 them having more power than all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet capable of managing the traffic of billions of vehicles at once with fragmentation in vehicles onboard computers and biosynth wifi also used to alleviate strains.These will be replaced by more powerful satellites overtime or the computers on satellites will have the onboard computers replaced overtime.Thus the the sentient Ophion system will manage all terrestrial,ocean and air traffic to guide all vehicles to their destination as quickly as possible,prevent traffic jams while still giving ambulances,fire trucks and emergency vehicles and private vehicles with sick individuals right of way relayed to to other vehicles via Ophion and the onboard computer allowing them to skip all vehicles and traffic lights.One will be able to bring up a map of the entire Ophion system in Hermes and monitor all terrestrial,sea and air traffic world wide together or separately and see all traffic on local to global levels as blips and track with permission certain vehicles.One could use the Ophion system to track ones vehicle on it if it is used by a family member or friend with all other vehicles blanked out or track the vehicle(s) of friends and next of kin with their permission granted through the wire via Hestia.Any problems that cause a vehicle to lose its ability to function will automatically pull over to the side of the road and alert nearby vehicles to this with this including low power and also ripped tyres as well as compromised access to Ophion and Hestia.Phaeton will be automatically called to ones GPS location or done by command or on menus on the onboard computer to allow them to be picked up.Its avatar will be a snake and its symbol a cosmic egg.Canals and other waterways will be dredged and maintained by automated dredgers and other machinery that can be initiated by the public via Hermes when needed or programmed to do their work at set periods of the year.The soil can be used for potted plants.This can be done to remove rubbish found in rivers detected by robotic or bio-synth fish and other animals that do so continuously.

Pipes and drainage systems will be composed of flexible materials that can withstand earthquake damage and have a smooth interior to prevent build up of silt and material.Graphene and other carbon composites built into their matrix can increase their flexibility and strength from external damage or internal damage such as ice or earthquake damage with this of note to new piping.Also they including existing ones will be sprayed internally with a permanent layer of liquid glass by robots(or have this hydrophobic acid proof liquid glass coating flushed through them) preventing the build up of materials such as dirt,grease and grit and protect it from acid with a layer of graphene paint sprayed under this first to increase their strength against ice,clogs and prevent corrosion indefinitely.These can be monitored by miniature snake robots covered in liquid glass that continuously monitor the pipe systems alongside sewer systems with built in cameras and echo-location sensors used by bats to detect any holes,leaks,faults,blockages or build up of dirt,ice etc.with results wirelessly sent to the Hermes sector of the wire namely the cities AI following a universal colour coding an warning system:blue denoting no problem/safe,yellow some concern,green some danger/damage,red severe damage/danger.Alerts would allow automated diggers and robots to repair them and the first scans of the pipes would also be uploaded into Artemis to keep track of the exact location of all piping and sewers for future infrastructure projects such as creating underground communities,highways and also extensions to any buildings there.This would apply to all pipes such as sewage,gas alongside water piping.Gas pipes will be recycled as home biogas systems will make all gas grown at home.Sewers can be monitored and scanned in using nanoquadrocopters that are charged by wireless inductive chargers at set points and have them and snake robots in pipes equipped with IR illuminator/thermal and night vision cameras to relay any clogs visually to Hermes alongside these alerts.They can be cleaned by robots or automated flushing weak acids or bacteria solutions that degrade specific materials down them to dissolve any obstructions when problems are detected with all pipes,drainage systems,robots/drones in them and the entire sewer,water and sewage treatment plants cleaned by robots and then coated with the aforementioned layer of permanent layer of liquid glass also applied to all types of pipes once cleaned to prevent build up of dirt,faces,grease and protect them from acid.All sewers and pipes etc will be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent the build up of dirt,pathogens but also grease,oil,feces and fatbergs that would cost time and money allowing them to be moved along.Ideally this layer of liquid glass would be applied when the sewers and pipes etc are cleaned completely of feces,dirt and fatbergs by fleets of cleaning robots using antimicrobial agents such as virkon,MP-1 and bleach and also narrow range wavelength UV lights leaving them sterilized with nanoquadrocopters or robots based on humans and/or robots equipped with narrow wavelength UV lights on their sides,front,underside and top to perform sterilizing sweeps to kill off all bacteria at set times.These would be complimented or replaced by these narrow wavelength UV lights on ceilings and floors etc to perform sewer wide sterilising sweeps at once which can stop the spread of pathogens in an outbreak.UV robots that move themselves managed by the city AI could also be used with current models fitted with sensors,cameras,download maps and other measures such as being charged by wireless energy to negate human labour in moving themselves around to make sure all sewers stay clean for inspection and also to prevent the spread of pathogenic bacteria combined with measures to remove rats and other fauna of the sewer system using techniques such as a biological controls,sterile male technique,customised pathogens,hunter robots etc as detailed later on with the bodies collected and pyrolysised.specialised robots that remove clogs,bore through them and push clogs along can be developed that are called automatically to detected clogs with them called to homes if needed with those for homes and public buildings put down the actual toilet bowl.To allow this to happen all sewers and pipes including those in homes would be coated internally with graphene paint underneath the layer of liquid glass to prevent them rupturing while the robots,bore through or push clogs along with these entering through toilets in homes,public buildings,those in streets.These robots will be stored with others that manage the sewage treatment plants and also the rest of the city controlled by the mayor or plant AI.Robot snakes will constantly patrol all parts of sewage treatment plants,sewer systems and pipes as part of their system and will house cameras that are covered in liquid glass like the rest of the body and will be charged by wireless charging at point in the sewage plant and other mechanisms with fleets of these working together with this fed in real time and will instantly send alerts to the robot cleaning robots to clogs especially fatbergs.This will be possible by 2029.All sewers,pipes as part of them and also all parts of sewage treatment plants will be cleaned by robots until in a clean pristine condition and will be then coated in a layer of liquid glass to keep it dirt,fatberg,oil and bacteria free with this done by automated robots step by step by 2029-2045.

During time of cold weather freezing can be avoided by insulating the pipes,automated flushing of weak acids or have water use automatically restricted when there is a strong chance of freezing with buildings and residences relying on rainwater collectors for these times by interacting with weather networks.Alternatively the weather networks could interact with the water treatment plants they are coming in from automatically heat the water even cold tap water to at least 10-20 degrees or any temperature to ensure it does not freeze as it leaves the plant with the heating done during each step to ensure even when a person uses a cold tap it would be warm with the heating stopped when weather warms up and this only occurring when cold snaps and cold weather occurs.Geothermal heating could be integrated into this.Future piping here could have graphene mixed into its matrix to increase its flexibility and thus prevent them bursting from ice.Graphene paint can also be applied internally by specialised robots to increase it strength from expanding ice as well though trials of this in labs must be done but it will prevent rust and must be under a permanent layer of liquid glass which could prevent water sticking.Piping composed of metals that do not leach easily into rivers and groundwater should be used or alternatively both the interior and exterior of those that are cheaper including lead and do easily corrode and leach metals with the potential to contaminate the soil,water table and nearby water bodies can be sprayed internally and externally with graphene paint and then a permanent layer of liquid glass both internally and externally to prevent it from corroding in the first place indefinitely from internal and external water sources and acids etc alongside aforementioned methods of preventing water pollution and acidity thus preventing incidents like the Flint Michigan water crisis.If possible advances in robotics could lay down new piping next to existing ones that are for gas,sewage and water etc that would replace all exiting ones and wonce these are laid down the older ones will be recycled with these being made of strong carbon composites mixed in with metals and the interior coated in graphene paint and a permenant layer of silica glass to prevent stains/clogs building and water and thus ice building up and making them flexible in areas affected by earthquakes.The old pipes will be dug up and recycled.All piping should be made to last for several decades,centuries or even millenia with again monitored continuously by miniature snake robots equipped with HD cameras and sensors with feeds feed into Tyche,Moirai and visible to the public in real time and logged here with any incidents reported and logged by locate and time and date including time on recorded feeds.These would ideally be covered internally in a permanent layer of liquid glass to protect them from dirt and acids.A building in cities next to the cities water treatment plant could be used to house acids produced by bacteria that is connected to the sewer system and also the public toilets and also those in public buildings and homes that flush mild acids through the sewer system when clogs are detected and in public toilets and also those in public buildings on command via button on them or arranged by the building and city AI when alerted to by users over them.These would flush acids down the sewer and even water pipe systems when clogs.Even home,building and public toilets could be connected to this system with the bowl,piping,exterior,pipes,sewers and also cistern are covered in liquid glass.Specialised buildings in towns,cities can producing mild acids from bacteria and flush acid through the entire sewer system when a clog is detected by snake robots or through a button on toilets to deal with blockages on pipes at or near homes with this of note of public toilets in public buildings and in streets.All pipes,sewers and even the bowl and cisterns of toilets would be covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass to allow this to happen.

Lighting systems:
With regards to lighting for roads and streets there are several options.Firstly there are LED,CSYS LED cluster lamps(ideally the latter that can last a minimum 37 years)that using sensors detect when the light emitted by the sun is low and automatically turn themselves on and then off at dawn or this could be done with traffic systems interacting with weather networks.These would be powered by solar panels ontop of the lights or them coated in graphene paint but also be fitted with VAWTs made from graphene on the main stalk of the light that would gain and store extra energy in batteries within them from the lightest of breezes as well as the whoosh caused by passing cars as well as painted with graphene paint to prevent rusting and generate extra electricity alleviating energy from the grid.Thermo-piezoelectric and piezoelectric materials that gain energy from the suns heat and ambient noise can also be added.Excess energy produced by these will be sent the storage packs for other uses or use by lighting systems should blackouts occur and again alleviate strains on the grid with the batteries capable of storing enough energy for at least weeks or even months night worth of energy use with the batteries connected to each one or ideally connected to the whole system and stored in the town hall.Existing lights around the world can be replaced by these with solar panels and VAWTs on the town hall also charging this Storedot batteries to further alleviate strain from the gird.The lights and any glass casings should be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass internally and externally once they are cleaned to prevent the build up of dirt and interference from water and dirt with the same applied to the main body of the lights with this eventually done by robots during the day.Glass casings can be replaced with ones that not only have them but also the lights themselves have both graphene but also quantum dot technology integrated into them with this applying to existing ones with all lights in the open and also in seaports,factories,airports,amenities,public buildings etc without casings also covered in liquid glass alongside traffic lights.The graphene would make them shatterproof but it and the quantum dot would intake light energy during the day to add more to batteries.Electric fuseboxes in streets can be fitted with computers that carry out routine diagnostics on them upload to Hermes and alert electrician robots to carry out repairs and ideally the same ones used on electric lines.Otherwise automated repair systems should be integrated applied by Tyche with any problems following the universal colour coded system and allowing for public to view which boxes are not working and then fix them remotely via Hermes if automative systems do not work with software updated to them constantly.Switches inside these would be replaced with touchscreen buttons.The functioning of all lighting can be checked via the wire open to the public with alerts on any blown or dead lights sent to repair robots.New technology can be integrated into the lights or the system to send measurements of how much time measured in years,months,weeks,days,hours and minutes of power is left in the lights fed into Hermes to alert these robots(this also applying to lighting systems measured in public amenities,airports,seaports and other areas) with this visible to the public via Hermes through a global map of public lighting systems using showing the amount of lights on global to local levels.These would show which are on and how much energy they use from the grid and their batteries.One could also see this as a globe spherical or flat showing all lights in the streets and roadways around the world will be shown as blips allowing one to determine its energy usage and also how much light is left in timescales and also as a percentage and how much has been used up.This would allow all buildings used to manage this to be converted into homes.CSYS lights should be used so as to allow time for robots that fix and replace them can be developed as these last 37 years with newer an longer lasting when they run out.

Algae street lamps which can run on wastewater and sequester CO2 and can be routinely harvested and replaced during daytime by robots for use as feedstock etc.Recombinant DNA from bioluminescent animals can be added to the algae to improve their efficacy.Piping can harvest them with other piping in the bottom filling them up in a switch mechanism.

Other lighting similar to this is biolumescient lighting through genetically altered trees and shrubs dotting streets,parks,home & community gardens and bio luminescent moss and climbing plants could cover large buildings like apartment blocks to provide a cheap sustainable light source for streets.Potted plants on roofs,windowsills,bedrooms and balconies and even crops in community farms with this feature can alleviate the strain on the grid.The bio luminescence can be gotten from transferring genes from Lampyridae,Pyrophorus noctilucus,Ostracods(in particular Vargula hilgendorfii),Aequorea victoria or a mixture of genes from all of these to improve the plants abilities to produce the necessary luciferins alongside genes from other bioluminescent flora and fauna and those made from scratch to make them even brighter as much as possible.Gene drives will ensure these phenotypes are dominant and passed onto future generations and ideally to prevent this spreading to the wilderness these luminescent plants should be engineered to be completely separate species from the native parent species and should only be in parks,streets and home gardens across all towns and cities.The plants can be given the same anti-ageing treatments as humans and genes from Pando clonal colony of Populus tremuloides(aged 80,000 years) and Pinus Longaeva that can live for at least 5,067 to live forever.Grass in these areas and in meadows can also have this fitted in it.These can be at key points along roads and streets to replace streetlights in all streets in all towns,cities and villages worldwide to reduce energy costs including those by the wilderness when artificial walls that separate fields are broken down allowing even rural roads to be lit up for pedestrians etc.These will be dotted around forests,community farms etc and wilderness used as farmland with only a few trees used to acting as guides to civilisation.Street lights worldwide will be replaced by large trees such as Quercus,Pinus,Cupressus × leylandii,Cupressus sempervirens dotted along the street including by highways and rural roads planted in fields with this biolumescence which as detailed later on will have extensive engineering to be as bright as possible and will be separate species designed to live indefinitely and be evergreen and repel snow due to their shapes.Rural roads can have hedges along them covered in bioluminescent moss and actual plants that consist of the hedges and plants on the side of roads whether trees,bushy plants injected with microbes that will add this via CRISPR.Others can have biolumescent trees planted at every few metres.Biolumescent moss can be on the railings and sides of private and communal home from the ground to the roof to light them up with it also on the side of mountains by roads where trees cannot be planted.The plants would be engineered to intake sunlight and then store energy to be used at night with them also intaking fertiliser to do this with irrigation systems inputting this that goes underground with them also producing non toxic bioluminescent fruit that glow brightly as well and even can be eaten.This should reduce the amount of energy needed for lighting up roads significantly and reduce the strain on the grid.Ideally only a few plants at key points should be bioluminescent with grass also fitted with this not just in parks but also along suburbs.Ideally these would be evergreens with deciduous plants engineered to be evergreens that retain their light all year round via bio luminescence appearing through the bark with these have their bark covered in bioluminescent moss.These trees would also produce different fruits and nuts each season or each month.Roads and streets in the wilderness and rural areas as stated that do not have lighting systems can have these dotted on them for safety of both drivers and people walking on the street with them planted tightly together.Streets in the middle of cities can have them on walking areas in place of existing lights with areas in the wilderness have them planted outside of the road where normal shrubs etc should be with any by the side of mountains and steep vertical areas that are by roads have biolumescent mosses placed on them.Structures like the Eiffel Tower and similar tourist spots can them growing in soil or hydroponic pots on the side of them or as moss to cut down on energy.These should be also in front of key public buildings such as hospitals,police stations,vertical farms and can be used in potted plants for makeshift shelters,army posts both indoors and outdoors.These buildings should also have these in pots indoors to light up key rooms including hallways so as to all other vital systems to be kept on by Storedot batteries while blackouts.Engineering can allow for the plants to make desired colours or via switching genes on and off microbes can change genes to produce different colours for different events and seasons as well as holidays ie one for winter,summer,spring and even Christmas etc with these controlled by the city AI that sends this via biosynth arthropods passing by sending instructions via wifi or injecting more microbes to upgrade the plant.Plants as part of vertical gardens on buildings can have this DNA.These should be able to replace all street lights worldwide and those for underground roads which can be recycled between 2035-2045.Biolumescent plants can be in gardens and indoors in public buildings such as hospitals,communal home hallways and rooms etc with the genes turned on/off via microbes in them via biosynth wifi and if possible biosynth wifi integrated into the cells of the plants changed via the home AI app on smart devices.Christmas trees in both gardens,roofs and even public squares can utilise this with them turned on during Christmas and off during the year.Biolumiscent moss can be part of underground and even underwater tunnels and roads with it extending to the outer parts of it to get sunlight with them also on the side of mountainous roads act as light sources.Strips of bio-luminescent moss,algae based paint can be on roads to replace LED lights on them and also in place of all lines and markers engineered to produce different colours.Trees can also can even made to produce different colours via microbes in them via the genes turned on/off via biosynth wifi and if possible biosynth wifi integrated into the cells of the plants be even along hiking paths of forests,parks etc to act as guide to prevent people getting lost at night in both existing and newly reforested areas.They will provide light,oxygen,transpiration,shade and collect particulates using zero energy.These should be able to replace all street lights worldwide and those for underground roads which can be recycled between 2035-2045.

Biolumescient paint or algae can be applied to walkways and roads where it can provide lighting to cars and those crossing the roads with a hydrophobic coating mixed into the paint repelling any water preventing obscurity and can also be applied to building.Research must be done into these to technologies to improve light output in both cases but if both cannot be applied efficiently CSYS lights can be used in both instances ie inserted into the road and lamps in parks.These CSYS lights on the road can be fitted by self charging quantum dot technology to charge them on sunny days.

Electrical infrastructure:
Electrical lines and pylons can be redesigned to be less of an eyesore and can be tested routinely by expliner robots with other robots developed that can climb them like those that harvest coconuts to automatically fix fuse boxes on powerlines when built in miniature computers onboard tell them that maintenance is required due to faults and bad weather from the wire.These miniature computers inside powerline boxes will routinely run diagnostics simultaneously over a region with results recorded alongside those from other regions across the globe.New and existing pylons including the transmission lines can be fitted with metamaterials that can render them invisible to the naked eye except the very foundation foot each one so as to see them on land though they will be logged into Artemis and sensors on them will interact with air traffic networks and onboard computers on balloons to prevent collisions.Fuse boxes for robots to repair them can be placed near the ground to allow robots that fix them and other electrical fixtures can do this work.As mentioned earlier underground cables in deep microtunnels should replace land based pylons.All readings,faults and repairs done by these robots will be uploaded to Hermes instantly.

Underground cables can be implemented via automation through micro-tunnel borer machines in future planning to replace overhead pylons and in time they can be laid down alongside existing pylons and then connected to the grid so the existing pylons can be taken and down and recycled for other purposes.The advantages of underground power lines are that they:
•Have lower transmission losses
•Are not a danger to low flying aircraft and hot air balloons•Are not an eysore
•Can absorb emergency power loads
•Have lower maintenance costs
•Emit no electric field and can be engineered to emit a lower magnetic field than an overhead line
•Require a narrower band of land to install
•Are less susceptible to the impacts of severe weather and thus repair by humans of note to places prone to flooding,snowstorms and hurricanes
•They can supply continuous electricity to areas that are affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes,floods,tsunamais,tornadoes,storms and as stated earlier snowstorms and hurricanes where overhead pylons can be easily destroyed and require human maintenance.Thus should be possible if composed of self healing smart concrete whose readings are relayed to Hermes
•Underground cables pose no hazard to low flying aircraft or to wildlife especially birds and hot air balloons.
•Much less subject to conductor theft,illegal connections,sabotage,and damage from armed conflict.
•Burying utility lines makes room for more large trees on sidewalks,which convey environmental benefits
•They can go underground rivers,cities,towns,buildings and wilderness.These can be in small underground sealed tunnels large enough to permanently accommodate variants of the expliner robots and other robots designed for examining and repairing overhead lines so as to allow for any faults to be detected autonomously using robots without having to dig them up again with diagnostic computers dotted around in each section and chargers for the robots that continuously patrol the area 24/7,365 days a year to interact with and send reports on the temperature of the tunnel,the temperature of wires,pressure in the wires and the tunnel itself,the amount of energy being sent through,environmental levels in the tunnels,integrity of the wires,the level of gaseous coolant in the tunnel,location and times of fault discoveries and their severity(following the same universal colour coded system – blue:safe/no problem,yellow some concern,green some danger,red severe problem),the robots own diagnostics alerting the general public and also repair robots for both robots and wiring located in a small compartments in the tunnel.Both types of robots can be charged by wireless inductive charger plates or charger that draw energy from these underground lines and the mains or from solar panels,VAWTs or other renewable sources of energy directly above these charger ports/induction plates.Research into smart and self healing rubber similar to smart concrete can be developed alongside graphene “smart wires” input into the wiring that can allow for the ability to discover where exact faults or breakages etc occur by interacting wirelessly with repair robots,nearby diagnostic computers and the smart rubber and also how much energy is passing through and temperature all of these uploading logged data wirelessly 24/7,365 days a year(daily,weekly,monthly,yearly average plotted on a graph) to the relevant sub-network of the Hermes network in the wire.They would also allow cool inert coolant like freon to be pumped into the tunnel to be kept in a looped system with an extra covering of a heat dissipating material covering the wires(rubber or otherwise) and a thin layer of liquid coolant/polyethylene in between the layer of smart rubber and heat dissipating rubber.Research can be done if clusters of dual graphene nanotubes insulated with this self healing rubber can be used transfer electricity in these (and those in any new overground pylons) making the transfer of electricity to homes even faster and cheaper when mixed with copper and alumenene,lithium(or hexagonal singular atomic allotropes such as lithosene),silicene and other elements or just by itself by lowering resistance and thus the potential of overheating and thus negating the need for coolants.These miniature tunnels would be logged in infrastructure networks that would interact with automated diggers to prevent damage by them in other infrastructure project as well as appearing on maps of the areas infrastructure projects on the Artemis network via the wire available on smart devices and will be deep enough not to effected by farming machinery and building of pools by people.They could bend around historical sites,buildings,urban areas and also bend downwards temporarily under rivers and lakes.Micro boring tunnelling machines or micro-tunnelling pipelay technology can allow for the tunnels to go under the aforementioned areas alongside miniature robots that can drag the cables behind them to prevent human labour involved in this process.To prevent flooding and damage from earthquakes the tunnel would be composed of a layer of smart concrete/self healing foamcrete covered in an internal and external layer of liquid glass and graphene paint to protect it from water and external damage and any entrances to it for robots would be watertight and interact to only robots or smart devices by any people certified to inspect them to prevent damage from flooding with measures taken to prevent the coolant leaking such as depressurising systems and airlocks.Readings of the integrity of the smart/self healing concretes integrity will also be fed into Hermes.Liquid glass sprayed on the interior of the tunnels and the wires insulation will protect them from water,acid,oils,dirt and deterioration also aided by making the insulation from the most durable material to last at least a century.Any electrical repellent nano coatings or films created(with buckypaper being a stepping stone to this)can be coated on the rubber casing,robots and interior walls and exterior of the tunnels to give further protection of both the internal and external environment.Underwater tunnels undersea,under lakes etc.can be composed of pyrex/graphene/carbon composites in the former and the latter carbon composites both of which can be coated in liquid glass to protect it from acidic seawater and water eroding it and rusting it.Graphene paint can also protect it from external forces and damage.By having them deep underground more lines can be placed above them and research must be made into creating cables that can carry the maximum amount of power possible to reduce the need of having to lay down new lines as well as reducing loss of electricity while it is being transmitted.New advances will lead to ensuring this maximum amount of energy possible being laid down can allow new lines being set down using this and then old lines being either dismantled or replaced meaning the underground lines can be placed near existing overground pylons and once they are set down the overhead ones are recycled with the underground ones replacing the overhead pylons.Alternatively during this process temporary overground pylons can carry this electricity to homes etc while new ones are installed in place of old underground wires.These underground tunnels can have their width and depth increased by advances in automation,robots,boring and mirotunneling technology combined with each other to allow them to hold more wiring with this done when the cables are held in place of supports such as graphene grating underneath.Otherwise robots can be developed that enter the tunnel via airlock system and lay down new wires within them or replace old defunct ones.Other measures can be developed to overcome the disadvantages of this method.Internet cables(as detailed earlier composed of graphene making it cheaper and faster) and gas pipes can also be integrated into these tunnels to compact them together with sensors detecting fires and floods that may occur similar to those in Tokyo.

Storm drains and flood tunnels:
Automation can allow for storm drains to be replaced with more efficient versions that treat the water and can collect larger amounts.The aforementioned porous pavement can alleviate strains on storm drain systems by allowing the vast majority to be absorbed into groundwater supplies after passing through filters present.Water collected by storm drains will be filtered through new filtration systems and can be used as drinking water to alleviate strains on lakes and rivers.

Flood tunnels can be incorporated into towns,cities,villages in the path of hurricannes,flash floods,monsoons and heavy rains that can lead to flooding at anytime of the year with them housing internal water treatment systems that then allow it to be used as drinking water.These can house turbines to generate electrcity.

All of these measures will ensure the infrastructure of all towns,villages and cities will be not prone to damage or disrepair indefinitely only needing human labour once and should suffice until robots and AI reaches and surpasses human intelligence where it can be fully managed by Gaia,mayor AIs through Tyche and allow them to be monitored 24/7,365 days a year by the public.

Summary of infrastructure:
Each city,village, wilderness(forests, mountains,jungles,oceans etc), and town(as well as public amenities and buildings such as community centres,vertical farms etc having their own regions managed by their building AI that will receive and send out alarms from apps on smart devices and clothing) will divided into equidistant regions marked by an alphanumerical code with stationary or moving drone,surveillance cameras,sensor terminals and atmospheric measuring poles also marking these regions which asides from their primary functions will act as a terrestrial based GPS system interacting with each other and smart devices,smart clothing and Pemphredo emergency apps to ensure death is avoided in the case of heart attacks,accidents and fires(thus in effect the whole world will be divided into these regions allowing a person on the wire to input a regions code and view all infrastructure systems in each sub-network) by interacting with and triangulating their location.For example if a person has a heart attack or serious injury at home or in the streets or in a public area the smart clothing they are wearing or any emergency apps they use will not only alert there next of kin and hospitals and thus ambulances(or fire stations and fire trucks) of their condition and location it will also interact with the central AI of the town,village or city and thus alert any nearby citizens in that region and surrounding regions of the nature of their condition(if no devices are detected and alerted in a region it will move to the more outer regions surrounding that until a one and/or sufficient number of people are warned and touch the onscreen buttons to respond to the alert)and GPS location directly from via the wire(via the central AI in the aforementioned structures interacting with their smart devices determining their distances with multiple structures in surrounding regions working together to determine the exact location and in time though quantum compasses not GPS satellites) with it also showing the location of nearby first aid kits and also defibrillators and CPR machines.Thus it will guide them to the location of the patient and nearby kits will be relayed to the person(s) looking to help via audio visual cues on smart devices and lenses etc as well as how far they are in metres and centimetres and show this information automatically on a map of the city or town.Once in close proximity readings from the smart clothing of the injured person will relay the bio signals and state of health to the individual attending to them and stream how to videos of what correct position to put them in and what not to do in order to ensure survival until ambulances arrive.This will also allow the persons current location on city maps in smart devices and vehicles to be quantified via triangulation through multiple interacting sensor and atmospheric poles.It could also triangulate a vehicles location on maps and act as the traffic system of sorts controlling the flow of vehicles worldwide(but managed locally by each city AI)through Hermes also applying for the same will also apply to the three in the case of the wilderness and cities,towns etc.The same will be applying for maps when outside and also inside public buildings and amenities but using the building AI.These two example are a sort of land based GPS system using the environmental sensors,sensor terminals and Artemis as its source of triangulation using the wire that these atmospheric poles etc are connected to directly to smart devices such as clothing and smart phones via Gaia/Iris in the wire bypassing satellites with existing ones recycled.This system when combined with existing GPS systems will form the Ophion system as a result of terrestrial based GPS being part of environmental sensors will result in Ophion being linked with Theoi Meteroi.These poles could also house wifi and cellular terminal broadcasters in rural and wilderness areas such as forests,jungles,deserts etc and in urbanised areas or even in oceans and lakes as all buyos in the ocean and lakes will also be part of this system interact with smart devices and onboard computers on cruise and ferry ships as well as aeroplanes and underwater mag lev/hyperloop trains providing the terrestrial based GPS system to them and internet/wire access to them.Maps of wilderness areas can also guided by pop up maps and audio visual cues(with or without apps though ideally with an app connecting them directly to Hermes or the wire as a whole).Vehicles when in an urban area will via the wire access the city central AI linked to cameras on the street as well as sensors and AI will relay to the vehicle where the nearest free spaces are in city and in carparks.To park in carparks spots in the wilderness they will interact again with cameras and sensors in parking spots and locations on the Artemis network of the wire and using its own cameras and sensors.These subdivided regions can be accessed via the wire can be a second way for the public to access information on specific environmental readings,readings from sensors measuring integrity of buildings,pipe sensor readings,readings from public buildings,energy plants,sewage and water treatments in that specific region of the city.

Each town,village and city across the world and universe will be controlled by a immortal AI mayor elected to serves the city,town,village for all of eternity.AI main computer for each town,village and city accessible to everyone remotely via Hermes will be housed in public town halls and all city,town and village mayor AIs across the world and the information present such as fuse box/all types of public transport vehicle/machinery diagnostics,feeds from surveillance cameras,environmental readings,energy and water use etc. would be visible to all members of the public from anywhere in the world via Hermes.All machinery and robots that maintain the functions of a city and in public municipalities(waste,sewage,water treatment plants) will be coated in a layer of graphene paint then liquid glass internally and externally to prevent rusting,corrosion and make them dirt and acid proof and water repellent with the symbol of Moirai(spindle/distaff,measuring rod,scissors) on those that manage the city,those Tyche(wheel of fortune)on those that manage municipalities of as this operating software will be manged by it with all machinery managed by Eos,Amphitrite,Steropes,Helios will have their respective symbols on them.Routine diagnostics on all systems such as lighting,robots and machinery will follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger making it easy for the layperson to recognize the level of severity of the problem.If a problem occurs automated measures within the AI system will isolate severely compromised machinery ie. from cyber attacks will be cut off from the AI and other machines until it is solved with AI of compromised cities from other similar city AI and the rest of the wire until rectified to prevent problems spreading.The AI and thus all robots under its control will have the latest cyber security installed and constantly updated.Automated corrective measures or those that can be done remotely via the wire for all possible problems will be built into the building AI again view able to the public.This should prevent the problems associated with the tragedy of the commons.There will be a small building marked with the symbol of Moirai on its sign and door in each town,city and village ideally near to each town hall or ideally underground underneath the town hall for aesthetics accessed by an elevator or ramp behind the buildings that will house the robots that maintain the city and seaports such as expliner robots,light and electrical fuse box robots,poop scooping robots,lawnmower robots,treeplanting robots etc. where they will recharge using wireless inductive plates(they will also have self charging technologies),undergo routine diagnostics with separate robots to fix them if problems arise based of those found in factories with the AI of this building opening and closing doors when they are needed with them logging there schedules determined by community,mayor AI as well as weather networks and cameras along the city that determine when human traffic is slow.They will be composed of self healing metals and self soldering circuits and be coated internally and externally in a layer of liquid glass over a layer of graphene paint and have the Moirai symbol on them.These will also house areas where robots can be repaired by automated machinery.All of these will be linked and controlled to and by the city AI mayor and each other giving it a sense of omniscience with in time more humanoid bio-synth ones controlled by the mayor AI used for more complex tasks that only a human can do with them having zoom features and the ability to switch to IR illuminator,thermal and night vision giving them more leverage with them wearing an universal uniform for this sector.Any robots that break down will automatically relay their location to be collected by repair robots.

Governor AIs will macro manage all operations and infrastructure in their state,county and region of each country with mayors micro manging all operations and infrastructure in their vicinity.Each town,city and village will have a town hall for them to reside in biosynth form and where their onboard computer will be and governors will have a hall in the state capitol or largest city of each territory,county etc with them both being on the outskirts,city entrance or centre designed by them with existing buildings used.They will be elected by residents and will be immortal and thus the permanent one with indefinite term limits Each aspect of the mayors functions will be organised in the city intranet in folders and subfolders relating to sensor readings from buildings/roads/bridges,renovations to roads/bridges etc and their readings and progress,proposed/passed/cancelled infrastructure projects as well as municipalities and their simulations etc,diagnostics of all robots by type and subtype,readings from robots in sewers and pipes,readings from lights etc and so on all open to the public.Those that clean subways and public buildings will be in compartments and rooms with chargers etc within them with buildings that house taxis and buses also having these.Those for subways and public vehicles will have the Helios symbols while those in public buildings will have their buildings operating software symbol on them.Diagnostics of all machinery,robots,sensor poles,atmospheric poles,light systems and security measures will like in specialised buildings be done automatically at set times and logged into their relevant folders and subfolders in the city AI in Hermes with the AI intranet showing all registered robots and allow one to check their location and also lighting systems and their location as well as how much is left in them.Those for governors will have the same information except lighting etc which will be present the individual intranets of the city AIs.The mayor AIs as well as governors and thus all workings of cities all around the world will be macro managed by the sentient Moirai with municipalities managed by the sentient Tyche.Moirai will consist of the three sentient AIs – Clotho,Lachesis,Atropos.A statue of Clotho,Lachesis,Atropos will be in the exact centre of each town,city and village.Thus mayor and governor AIs will manage all aspects of the infrastructure of their town and city under their jurisdiction via robots,biosynths and drones under their control with them linked to all nanosensors,surveillance cameras etc and diagnositcs of all machinery and readings from all sections of infrastructure alongside other AI that macro manages them ie Theoi Meteroi,Perseus,Tyche with them also working with law enforcement to battle crime etc with them ensuring all parts of their city and town is up to 21st century standards and that problems are addressed instantly and abide by regulations set down by both Rhea and Tyche with them able to appear on live news and radio broadcasts via biosynths and VR technology.Mayor AIs will work together with those in the same state,county and even in other states and counties and governors with governors working together with other governors in the same country or even in other countries to solve certain problems and plan out future projects.These will be elected by locales for the permanent position of mayor with each town,village and city including underground and underwater ones and even those on Mars,Venus and extrasolar colonies across the galaxy having these.AI Governors will oversee each state,county and region of each country macro managing mayors and will also oversee infrastructure outside of towns,cities etc within their jurisdiction.Mayor and governors AIs will have their own fleet of robots for carrying out the repair and maintenance of piping as part of sewage and water systems and pylons other underground cables that will be stored in extensions of town/city and governor halls ensuring they will be on beck and call when needed.These will be able to be leased to the general public and AIs in charge of all public buildings ie hospitals,power plants,farms etc by members of the public and AI contacting both the governor and mayor AI via their phone numbers thus rendering all private for hire plumbers,electricians etc obsolete.Thus mayor and governor AIs will have machinery,robots and in time biosynths that will be onsite of their town halls in underground extensions etc that will be able to instantly on demand respond to any problems with roads,bridges,electrical systems and faults,sewer systems,gas/water/sewage pipes at any time when any problem occurs with these machinery and biosynths be leased to the general public to repair roads,pipes,toilets etc on the premises of their property by the public contacting their local mayor and governor AI at any time at all

The mayor and governor AIs will both be immortal.They since having no monetary need and thus free from corruption and will thus ensure that all existing and new towns and cities infrastructure such as water,sewage,roads,bridges etc are constantly up to date and that are repaired instantly as well as all environmental regulations are up to the standards set up by Rhea and all regulations set by Rhea and also Tyche are upheld.It will also allow for the central AI to interact with all smart devices in the case of fires,people having severe accidents at home or in the middle of a street or public area.They will manage the infrastructure of the towns,cities,villages and also states etc 24/7,365 days a year for all eternity