Introduction to Education

The current model of education engineered three hundred years ago is obsolete in that it relies primarily on rote memorisation at the expense of developing critical and conceptual thinking,problem solving,creativity,curiosity driven learning,debating skills and emotional intelligence(which are in fact punished) leaving adolescents and young adults immature and easily led by each other and adults as it requires people to be prepared solely for corporate work more so in recent years resulting it what has been dubbed “Generation Snowflake” wherein people grow downwards and reach critical and emotional maturity during their mid to late twenties or even later a result of societies romanticism with delayed maturity a form of emotional and mental abuse in of itself thus the true corruption of youth.In effect all that is produced in these overhyped and over-funded daycare centres is generations of spoiled,undisciplined,infantilised,over-victimised and vacuous lingering brats unable to critically think,practice self discipline or stabilise emotions and reactions to negative and even positive stimuli well into and beyond middle age as evident by the hyper conflation of ephebophelia/epheboteiliophelia with paedophilia itself emotionally and critically immature as well as reactionary a symptom of an ironic Jungian collectivist psychosis.Furthermore it is also evident in the current upsurge in immature bickering between political ideologies,religious and political radicalism,conspiratorial thinking as well as scientific,political and historic illiteracy and overt patriotism manifesting into dogmatism and the phenomenon known as groupthink,doublethink and emotional dogmatism as seen in groups such as “social justice warriors” and its extreme right equivalents the Alt-Right again due to a Jungian psychosis.

Even the current academia system relies too heavily on this relying on the attainment of primary,secondary and graduate qualifications for people to enter into independent research in both the sciences and humanities the two remaining bastions of society which creates an artificial class-ism in the form of credential ism,league tables and stifles curiosity driven learning and often times leads to skyrocketing debt.These obsolete grading and academic levelling up system simply wastes resources such as time and human labour has no place in the 21st century as stated it is used to create workers for corporations.Furthermore structured batch age teaching leads to boredom and thus artificial problems such as teen angst,bullying, formation of classes both in the form of artificial values of one institution over another(as seen in the Ivy league and league rankings) and those present in age groups,cliques with another major problem being the rise in false diagnosis of attention deficit disorder(ADHD) as a one size fits all ethos means standards are either too low or too high.The advance of the information age in the form of YouTube,Wikipedia,google and also in time Apollo is also a threat to the value of primary,secondary and tertiary with college degrees having become worthless both in terms of their source of information and viability as a jobs guarantee with even PhDs becoming obsolete.This method of teaching also leads to people forced into being a cog in the wheel with career prospective limiting ones learning choices due on in part to being forced into courses that have the highest return on financial investment at the expense of intrinsic investment it also leads to one having to choose their educational career based on market trends in the economy rather than ones own interest giving one a false sense of freedom.Attempts to rectify this such as charter schools,common core,affirmative action,league tables,voucher programs and privatisation of all stages of the education still dont address the root of the problems of the system.The only problem with our education system is not public versus private and charter schools,teacher unions and tenure,student debt,grade and cost inflation,drop outs or class sizes,ephebophelliac teachers etc as they ignore the fundamental problems of our schools and universities:that students today are in school far longer than they really need to be.