Introduction to New Technologies

All of these hypothesised technologies will follow Clarke’s Second Law and will be developed by the increasing computing power of AI from 2045 onwards with some developed by 2035 in proto forms.Research into all of these technologies will begin in 2029.New technologies from 2045-2100 onward can be developed to increase the carrying capacity of the Earth in terms of housing and agriculture with when combined with improved agricultural productivity could if perfected exponentially increase the ability for the Earth to house more people.2045 once the computing power of AI exceeds that of all 9,000,000,000 people in the planet marks the begging of a trend towards technologies that we associate with science fiction and even those unimaginable to us due to the fact that at this point Gaia and other AIs computing power exceeds that of all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet and the fact that the development of AI and processing power of machines and primitive computers and modern day ones has been synergistically linked to each other since the beginning of the modern age of science with this thus continuing until 7,137 CE following the exponential growth curve of Moores Law thus we can assume that due to the increased processing power of Gaia etc new fields and developments of science in all fields will follow this curve and trend alongside it most of which will be beyond our limited comprehension of reality and our current understanding with 2045 being as stated the start of this and also the point at which AI will always be exponentially more powerful than all humans on the planet or even galaxy thus making it impossible for humans to outcompete her for any remaining jobs.Proto versions of these technologies will be availible by 2035 once her and other AIs computing power exceeds that of 1,000,000,000 – 4,500,000,000 humans with them becoming exponentially more powerful,cheaper etc every year from 2045 with them ubiquitous to all citizens all facets of society between 2050 – 2060 onwards due to the exponentially increasing computing power of AI.Intensive research will be begin into thee technologies starting I 2029 by AI and humans.They will thus be able to be mass produced on a commercial scale that they will become available to the average citizen at almost zero cost similar to existing everyday technologies such as smartphones and terrestrial vehicles but through biosynth technology,picotech fabricators and nanomaterials and since developed by AI that will have sold parenting rights to them will be by law completey free to everyone for free rather than a select few thus rendering notions of them relegated to a select individuals obsolete and allow the average citizen worldwide and across the universe have access to the same universal gold standard of living on par with or even better than the current top 1% or 0.1%.All science fiction movies,books,comics,television shows and video games will be analysed by Urania,Hecate and Gaia etc to see what technologies present in them can be achieved with the the new technologies sections of this website can be analysed as well to act as a baseline.Hypothesised technologies are detailed in the new technologies section of this website in the new stuff section that will be potentially possible due to the increasing computing power of AI by 2045 onwards will play a role increasing the carrying capacity of the Earth.These AI will analyse these technologies and see how to make them a reality using its advanced computing power and ability to to understand elemental and advanced fields of physics,biology and chemistry only it can comprehend with human researchers aiding them.Once Gaia,Astraeus,Hecate etc exceeds this mark she will be able to extrapolate and carry out mathematical equations and calculations,simulations and understandings and manipulations of the physical,chemical and biological laws that humans simply will not be able to understand and thus development into all of three fields and subfields necessary to create these and other technologies that seem like magic,pseudoscience to us or to which engineering problems exist that make them currently impossible due to our brains limited neural capacity and not only develop technologies associated with science fiction but also new ones we have not yet hypothesised but also solve engineering,physical and structural problems that we cannot solve such as problems associated to interstellar,intergalactic and even inter dimensional travel,Elon Musks hyperloop as well as constructing ring worlds and alderson discs and making all of their surface area habitable as well as guarding them from asteroid impacts and even preventing the heat death of the universe as well as even manipulating fundamental forces such as gravity,dark energy and dark matter to prevent the Big Crunch or big rip of the universe as well as stop or reverse its acellerating expansion thus keeping all galaxies and star systems in the universe at a suitable distance from each other preventing them from going far too away to limit of colonisation of them and also preventing them colliding with each other.These hypothetical technologies detailed in the new technologies section of this website,the rest of the website and other new technologies developed by AI once it supersedes that of all all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet by 2045 will be ones that eliminate poverty worldwide forever and give all citizens across the world and universe the same universal gold standard of living as everyone else with proto versions possible by 2035.AI between 2035 when it exceeds the computing of 1,000,000,000 and 2045 when it exceeds that of all 9,000,000,000 will be able to investigate new fields of physics etc well beyond what humans can in order to make these and other hypothetical technologies detailed in the new technologies section as close to reality as possibly following Clarke’s three laws.New technologies not yet hypothesised by humans will be investigated by 2045 onwards to 7,137CE.Put simply once the singularity comes around all bets are off – that is when the “fun” finally begins.Energy constraints will be negated by the advent of fusion power,solar arrays,dyson swarm from 2050-2100 with fusion power having an increase of energy density of 708,333,184 – 966,666,560% more dense than fossil fuels.Brontes would ensure that the energy from fusion power plants,dyson swarms and excess energy generated from all homes and power plants worldwide would be distributed only to energy intensive picotech fabricators and transporter technologies around the world while Ocenaus,all homes of all types,all manufacturing hubs etc will be charged by geothermal and renewables etc.These energy sources – fusion,dyson swarms and picotch fabricators especially large ones would allow for the construction of Oceanus, space stations,terraforming projects and also interstellar,intergalactic,interdimensional travel with them also charging any vessels passing through as detailed earlier on.Thus by 2029-2045 both money and human labour will become obsolete in all sectors of the economy due to AI and automation and genetic engineering etc increasing productivity of food and AI such as Steropes,Cronus,Aphrodite etc seizing control of the means of production,energy and agriculture and sectors of society away from both government and private corporate control with by 2045 a mere sixteen years later having exceeding the computing power of all humans on Earth the free market system and money will become obsolete since humans will not be able to compete with them and the  costs of producing housing,energy,food and manufactured goods will be brought literally to zero as advances in AI,genetic engineering and new technologies will be always able to create food,energy etc on a scale exponentially greater than what is actually needed by the current population each year due to the synergistic link between AI and all fields of science and technologies created by it in a process called exponential synergism escape velocity pushing the cost of food,manufactured goods and energy even rare and expensive ones including luxuries constantly to zero as detailed earlier.Thus by 2045 our ability to produce energy,food etc especially rare and expensive ones will be able to produced on almost unlimited scale that will always be exponentially greater than what is actually needed by the current population every year and getting exponentially greater ever year thus pushing their costs to zero.Furthermore the development of all fields of science will accelerate exponentially to the point that all technologies that improve crop yields,biomedicine,housing etc that cater the better quality of life of humans will accelerate to the point the the time it takes for them to become cheap enough to be available to everyone at zero cost will increase exponentially thus making the time lag that they become ubiquitous the average citizen will become shorter and shorter taking a few years,months if not days to become cheap enough to be widely available to everyone at zero cost rather than decades as seen in past technological advancements such as mobile phones and the automobile.Furthermore due to the exponential development in AI their will be an exponential improvement in efficiency and strength of each technology and the time lag in improvement in efficiency and strength of these technologies will become shorter for example this includes faster and stronger biosynth WiFi speeds,stronger and faster as well as more intelligent biosynths/machinery/electronics and more importantly AI,better time dilation effect in VR simulations,larger more cleaner and more efficient forms and higher yields renewable energy from each type and the longer lifespans of each type,batteries that can store larger amounts of energy much faster,higher and faster crop yields from hydroponics/bacteria,higher yields of elements and water from picotech fabricators,higher yields of synthetic gemstones/ornamental rocks and graphene and other similar nanomaterials etc.Each hypothesised technologies will also become much better and efficient or larger hyperloop speeds with less energy uses etc.These improvements will get exponentially better every year proportional to the rise of AIs computing power until 7,137CE.These technologies will be primarily be those that will eliminate poverty and famine globally by providing cheap clean energy,faster processing speeds in electronics,faster WiFi speeds,increased luxury housing space,exponential food production including expensive commodities,free biomedicine and healthcare that will bring costs down to the point that they will be available to everyone at zero cost eliminating scarcity,poverty and money thus eliminating class structures as everyone will have the same gold quality standard of living as everyone else in terms of housing,healthcare,biosynths doing labourious work,education,access to cheap clean energy,availability of high quality and nutritious food and commodities and so on including those that are currently expensive and thus relegated to the wealthy elites now have their costs brought to zero and thus rendering the free market system and class structures defunct.As a result the average citizen around the world in both in what is now labelled the developed and developing world including the poorest of the poor will have access to the same gold quality standard of living or even better than what is now considered only accessible to the top 1% or even 0.1% of the population at zero cost at no effect to the environment with those currently as part of this group also having this same high quality standard of living as a result of these and other emerging new technologies developed by AI.VR technology by 2029 will cater to materialism allowing one to own an infinite amount of manufactured goods such as mansions,villas,cruise ships and yachts etc that will be conjured up instantly at zero cost without expending the finite amount of materials and space on Earth and the rest of the universe.These technologies derived from science fiction will be ones that eliminate poverty worldwide forever and also eliminate scarcity of food,housing,energy and even raw elements and water thus exponentially increasing the standard of living for all citizens and exponentionally increase the carrying capacity of the Earth both in terms of housing and food.

These technologies will not only eliminate poverty and famine worldwide forever but also exponentially increase the carrying capacity of the Earth,Mars,Venus and also colonies across the universe in terms of both housing and agriculture at zero ecological cost well beyond the 4,000,000,000,000,000 mark with even by 2035-2045 Advances in agriculture and advances in energy production already be able to allow the world to feed a population well beyond this mark with 7,137CE advances in these technologies and other new technologies increasing the carrying capacity of the Earth exponentially well beyond the 4,000,000,000,000,000 mark if possible 100-1,000,000 or more times than than this mark.Developments in all fields of biology,chemistry and physics will exponentionally become faster and cheaper.Hecate etc will analyse all existing and future science fiction movies,video games,television shows and novels to compile a list of futuristic technologies that it will investigate ways to make a reality with it also compiling a list of existing pseudoscientific technologies and those not possible under existing understandings of science and investigate measures to make them a reality.AI once it surpass the computing power of all 9,000,000,000 people and beyond on the planet can only be able to carry out and extrapolate the necessary calculations,simulations and discoveries in physics needed for these and other technologies to exist in the first place with this accelerating at an exponential rate until its peak in 7,137 CE with this and an exponential synergism escape velocity will shut down socialism,free market capitalism,money and eliminate poverty and famine forever.If possible proto forms of all of these technologies may be possible even as early as 2035 when its computing power exceeds that of between 1,000,000 – 1,000,000,000 humans on the planet or more may allow for the first proto forms of these and other technologies to be commercially available or at least researched in universities and also the first instances of AI grasping and discovering the necessary fields of science to create them.Thus as early as 2035 proto versions of these technologies may be commercially available or at least in their research phases and then available by 2035-2040 with by 2045 them becoming ubiquitous and also more powerful or larger internal surface areas,more energy efficient and newer capabilities etc with by 2045 onwards them becoming even more powerful,efficient etc.Research will possibly begin by 2029.These technologies developed by AI and its increasing computing power of AI will be able to make technologies associated with science fiction and new ones a reality and be able to solve remaining technical and engineering problems associated existing proposed and hypothesised technologies such as hyperloop travel,interstellar and intergalactic travel as well as the construction and habitation of megastructures such as artificial planets,ring worlds,alderson discs.This is counter to the linear development of AI and all fields of science such as agriculture,biomedicine and energy that the general public is accustomed to – one must think in a non linear fashion.An analogy would be that difference in reality comprehension,abstraction between humans and its ape cousins and more simpler organisms as humans are capable of more complex abstraction and mathematical calculations than less evolved animals that cannot comprehend those that humans are capable of thus AI by 2045 onwards will be capable of more complex abstractions and calculations etc that humans cannot comprehend.In an exponentional rate.A human explaining the meaning of a painting or subtext of movie or other piece of art and advanced mathematics or physics and philosophy to an insect,mouse or chimpanzee will be similar to AI by 2045 onwards explaining abstractions and mathematics it can only understand to a mere human.The rate of technological development in all fields of science is proportional to the exponential growth in AI as per Moore’s Law until about 7,137 CE.Thus the more exponentially powerful AI becomes each year the more advanced each new field of science it is able to explore and more complex and advanced technologies it can extrapolate and create with existing technologies becoming exponentially cheaper,efficient and better than the they originally were every year.Furthermore this exponential growth will also follow that of energy and food production etc  meaning the more powerful AI becomes our ability to produce energy and food etc will become exponentially greater each year than what is actually needed by the current population every year thus pushing its cost constantly to zero.This is seen so far by the exponential growth of technology and all fields of of science cocurrent to the rise of the first computers during the early to mid 20th century,parallel exponentional growth in all fields during the mid to late 20th century and concurrent exponentional development of proto,full and super AI as well as all fields of science during the early 21st century from 2000-2045 and onwards.Thus by 2045-2100 poverty should be eliminated from the Earth forever due to this and the free market system defunct.Geothermal should thus become the predominant power source worldwide by 2029-2045 to start creating this positive feedback loop alongside intensive research into artificial intelligence.Research will be made into Erebus and Nyx both terrestrial and space based,interstellar vehicles,Oceanus,picotech fabricators etc as per Clarkes second Law begging by 2029-2045 by both AI and human researchers.As stated by 2045 the computing power of 9,000,000,000 people it will be able to carry out calculations,simulations,viewing and manipulations of the building blocks of reality in all physics,chemistry and biology thus making these and other technologies possible.The technologies discussed here are to act as a baseline for creating their equipments in the real world that is to say if the technology is made a reality it may be slightly or completely different or work on completely different principles but them described here is to act as a baseline to push human and AI scientists towards creating technologies that are as close as to them as possible and thus should be where scientists should be directed towards creating their real world equivalents