Invasive Species

The main method of dealing with animal pests is pesticides and burning nests.However these have drawbacks as they damage the environment and end of killing of endangered local species as well as leading to a resistance of the species to insecticides for example Anopheles malaria carrying Culicidae are becoming resistant to dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane(DDT) once the flagship of the petrochemical industry as well as libertarian and conservative pundits.The most effective means of dealing with pests and invasive species are the following:

Underwater,air and land based drones including bio-synths monitoring environmental conditions and local native species can routinely scour an area and report sightings to the locale using animal recognition software and also thermal imaging and other technologies to find distinct pheromones released by them built into the cameras.In summation in order to eradicate Anopheles,Aedes aegypti,Aedes albopictus,Africanized Bees,Acridotheres tristis,Pycnonotus cafer,Rhinella marina,Cervus elaphus,Sciurus carolinensis,Dreissena polymorpha,Dreissena bugensis,Clarias batrachus,Asian Cyprinidae(namely Hypophthalmichthys nobilis,Hypophthalmichthys molitrix,Mylopharyngodon piceus,Ctenopharyngodon idella),Sturnus vulgaris,Python bivittatus and other mammals,fish,amphibians,reptiles,insects,birds etc. as well as feral cats,rats,dogs and rabbits introduced to tropical forests and islands, the following techniques can be employed to kill of pests and invasive species.

•Sterile male technique which can be adapted to all types of animals with genetic engineering especially CRISPR producing strong viable males that can compete with wild male population thus avoiding the flaws of sterile male technique through irradiation with bacteria that render them sterile also used through infecting males with these through nectar or air mists or engineering them to harbour them.Genetic engineering and ageing treatments can also increase the lifespan of males in the case of arthropods and even mammals etc to ensure they live longer for years or even decades than normal to mate year after year especially in the case of specials where the female can only mate once in their lifetime and a year limiting labour in creating new males every year thus improving efficacy once large numbers of males are released into the wild.In time bio-synth birds,insects and mammals can intentionally seek out and “mate” with the real animals over and over again preventing mating between real animals as well as introducing compounds and gene therapies that would render them sterile.Sterile male technique is the method that has had major success in eliminating pests to both humans and agriculture in cases such as the Cochliomyia hominivorax,Anastrepha luden and Glossinidae in America and Zanzibar.This involves gathering or rearing large populations of males of a species in a lab and sterilizing them via radiation and then releasing them into the wild where they mate with females who produce no offspring.Since many insect species have females who can only mate once in their lifetime they do not produce any offspring ever and thus when they die the population of the species declines.Research has shown promising results in this being replicated in other animals such as mammals.Microbes in them can relaying their GPS locations and after populations fall remove ageing treatments to allow them to die off.3D DNA printers can create large amounts of genetically distinct animals to do this to be then released.

•Lethal gene dominance which can replicated in birds,reptiles,amphibians and mammals which can incur miscarriages,abortions or faulty mutations that render the offspring unable to fend for it self and thus die soon after birth.This works by genetically altering males to pass on a dominant lethal gene to their offspring ensuring that 96% of the eggs do not survive which can lower the population of Culicidae by that much in as little as six months.CRISPR can increase its effectiveness alongside gene drives with again these males engineered to live longer than normal males to allow them to pass these on to females season after season.Genetic engineering and ageing treatments can also increase the lifespan of males in the case of arthropods and even mammals etc to ensure they live longer for years or even decades than normal to mate year after year especially in the case of specials where the female can only mate once in their lifetime and a year limiting labour in creating new males every year thus improving efficacy once large numbers of males are released into the wild.Microbes in them can relaying their GPS locations and after populations fall remove ageing treatments to allow them to die off.3D DNA printers can create large amounts of genetically distinct animals to do this to be then released.

•Another method is replicating the daughterless carp project to other animal species.This is evidenced by the the genetic modification of carp to block the development of aromatase by blocking the gene that leads to its creation thus leading to no oestrogen and thus no females being produced.As only males are produced the species eventually die out.Daughterless or sonless offspring technique can render populations all male or female depending on which is more feasible and thus lower the population over a long period of time until they become extinct in an area.CRISPR and gene drives can increase its effectiveness.Genetic engineering and ageing treatments can also increase the lifespan of males in the case of arthropods and even mammals etc to ensure they live longer for years or even decades than normal to mate year after year especially in the case of specials where the female can only mate once in their lifetime and a year limiting labour in creating new males every year thus improving efficacy once large numbers of males are released into the wild.Microbes in them can relaying their GPS locations and after populations fall remove ageing treatments to allow them to die off.3D DNA printers can create large amounts of genetically distinct animals to do this to be then released.

•Traps for killing or harvesting them for human consumption i.e. entomorphagy or as a more sustainable alternative to traditional livestock as well as hunting native or endangered species for sport or commodities such as fur,skin,hide,meat etc.This should be of note for invasive mammals,reptiles,birds and fish.These traps could be coated in a colour and pheromone that attracts only that said species.Bacteria can be engineered to synthesized to produce pheromones produced by both genders during mating season and other parts of its life cycle with white,blue and green lights used to attract them though ideally species specific pheromones should be used.In the case of bees this could include those produced by them after they sting a person or those produced by the queen by bacteria and released by traps and drones.Legalizing the hunting of invasive or pest species should aid in their annihilation or at least lower their numbers and allow endangered or protected native species numbers to go up allowing locales or tourists freedom to hunt animals that are not protected by law on hunting trips and should be the bulk of containment measures so as to provide extra meat and textiles for humans or taxidermied.Drones can scour forests,jungles etc for any invasive species to relay their GPS location and/or inject them with GPS trackers to allow humans to locate them easily.They can also be farmed to ensure they do not go extinct and provide communities and individuals with meat,textiles and produce.This should ideally pursued for invasive species as those that involve genetic engineering could allow lethal genes or daughterless genes to be spread to locally native species causing them to potentially go extinct.Invasive birds like starlings can be caught using drones or automated helicopter carrying nets that can catch large amounts of them with in the case of invasive fish like H.nobilis,H.molitrix,M.piceus,C.idella,D.bugensis,D.polymorpha can be caught using trawling boats travelling up and down lakes,rivers alongside oceans with any native fish separated by either humans or machinery equipped with recognition software linked to Artemis and returned to the wild.To make this much easier all fish could be put into recirculating aquaculture systems with the carp and other invasive species kept their and native ones returned to the wild once separated.This can allow large shoals of them to be caught.Furthermore this can provide food to humans and pets and replace the need to hunt native endangered species to allow their numbers to be increased.

•Hunter drones that hunt down specific animals or capture them either autonomously through recognition software or remotely controlled by humans.Night,IR illuminator and thermal vision can aid in this.These can use lethal weapons such as rifles,poisonous and/or sedative gases and nets for swarms of birds or insects.Eventually bio-synth robots may become sufficiently advanced as to replicate native or non-native predators such as birds of prey and wild cats which can be tracked and more docile and hunt them down.They may also be bio synths modelled after the pest/invasive species and live amongst them and gradually kill them off or at least alert hunters to their presence.Again this should also be the bulk of containment measures as it provides humans with meat and textiles other than traditional livestock.

•Biological controls via natural predators such as bird of prey i.e. falcons,eagles or fowl birds i.e. ducks,swans etc as well as fish, which can provide both eggs and meat via in vitro meat(both tagged with GPS to prevent escape)Any introduced species must be closely monitored with tagging with GPS trackers allow them to be caught when the program ends to ensure they do not become a pest or invasive species themselves.Cameras at key points of the environment or on robots and bio-synths that patrol the area.These can start out as small localized trials with numerous closely knit communities carrying them out at once with a mixture of different biological controls to improve efficacy should one type of control have a drawback and ideally be native to that country with them tagged with in GPS and in time biological GPS trackers.Chiroptera can also be used as a biological control for insects such as fruit flies and Culicidae.These biological controls especially native natural predators should be reared in large numbers in a lab or even recirculating aquaculture system and the released over a large area or the worst affected areas to increase the amounts of pests or invasive species eaten in a short amount of time as well as over long periods pf time.Custom made biological controls can be created to only hunt specific invasive species due to them able only to tolerate their flesh with other flesh being toxic allowing them to starve out when the pests populations are depleted with bio-synth being more effective as they can be controlled by Artemis and Pan.These will be engineered unable to affect native plants and animals with even new customised biological controls made from scratch to hunt only these specific pests and only be able to feed on them and nothing.Thus when these new biological controls have eaten all of the invasive species they will starve out themselves.R.marina and others can be dealt with by having native carnivores and those that eat them but die due to their poison made immune to the poisons using scratch DNA and also those from their native predators thus allowing native animals to hunt them down.

•Genetically engineered species specific pathogens such as bacteria,viruses and fungi or genetically engineered microbes introduced via humans or drones/robots or carrier specimens of the species or newly created ones that spread it by close contact via the air or by drinking blood when large numbers are grouped together by pheromones,lights or spraying flocks or swarms with a mixture of water or gas and said disease bearing microbes.Pests can be engineered and created that feed on the invasive species blood only and spread pathogens by blood similar to how Culicidae spread Plasmodium in humans and other arthropods spread pathogens in humans and other mammals.New pests that are only able to feed on the blood of that specific pest or invasive species can be developed to help spread the species specific pathogen with these modelled on V.destructor and also Anopheles.If possible these could also spread species specific internal parasites that leave them infertile or kill them with carrier individuals of the invasive species created ie those that are engineered to be immune to the pathogen killing them only exhibiting symptoms that allow it to spread ie coughing,sexual contact etc or parasite but spread it to as many individuals in a flock,in the wild,during mating season through sexual intercourse,close contact,airborne means with these carriers being sterile but engineered to live as long as possible.This could also be done with these carriers being more docile variants of a species that cannot mate,are sterile and thus pass this immunity to the target species but does look similar and thus will mate with other carriers.These infected animals can be reared in captivity and be released into the wild over the affected area or into swarms and flocks with biosynth arthropods also spreading them alongside native haematophages and as stated engineered ones that can only feed on the pest thus it dying out when the pests die off.The animal would be engineered to be only a carrier similar to humans immune to and carriers of pathogens and spread the pathogen,but also live quite long thus allowing to be spread via airborne means,sexual intercourse etc.These pathogens can be modelled on and have the same effect as human based or animal based pathogens ie Human Immunodeficiency Virus where it decimates the immune system,Human Pappiloma Virus where it causes cancers,Ebolavirus where causes multiple organ failure,Neisseria meningitidis where it attacks the immune system and also the brain,Chlamydia trachomatis that causes sterility but with more virulence,communicability and higher death rate.If they cannot kill them then they should at least make them sterile,pass on genetic faults and also leave them weakend and thus unable to fight off normal native infections or run away from predators or hunt prey as well as preventing them being able to eat plants.Using DNA from these human pathogens can be applied to these new viruses genome to exhibit these phenotypes for only the pests with if possible them being hybrids of these such as one that attacks and decimates the immune system like HIV and then attacks multiple organs like Ebolavirus increasing its quickness to kill.These should only be species specific pathogens further advances in genetic engineering can prevent them mutating and thus effecting other beneficial or native species or even becoming zoo noses with gene drives and CRISPR ensuring this.To do this effectively native pathogens that affect them in their native country or even closely releated cousin species that are not present in the area they have invaded can be used as baseline and added scratch DNA or those from the aforementioned deadly human pathogens combined to make them more virulant,higher death rate and as stated have gene drives that prevent them mutating into zoonoses or those that affect native beneficial species.The pathogen whether viral,bacterial and fungal can be programmed using Cas-9 and taq polymerase to read the DNA of cells in a animal it infects and only attack the animal if they contain specific genetic sequences store of DNA digital storage thus making them proto or hybrid microbes that will using biosynth wifi communicate with Pan on every instance of an infection in the desired animal and then kill it off.Ideally these can be hybrid pathogens that attack the pests in all of the aforementioned ways ie decimates the immune system to prevent the pest gaining resistance and allow other pathogens that normally are fought off kill them with the pathogen also causing sterility,attack the brain and other organs thus as stating preventing the pest gaining resistance with this hybrid using chimeric DNA from human versions and existing diseases that affect the pest.This would allow the pathogen to attack the pest in numerous ways meaning even if they gain immunity they will be left unable to procrate and pass this on.If possible they could contain protein coats from the pest and invasive species and also be specialised biocompatible microbes that trick the immune system into ignoring them with them also applying suicide genes to as many cells as possible in the pests vital organs such as heart,testes and brain using CRISPR or induce tumorgenesis with this also affecting those that would gain an immunity thus preventing them passing this on.They could also apply CRISPR treatments that make them sterile by preventing them producing spermatazoa and eggs or induce fatal defects to major organs such as the heart,lungs and other organs that through advanced gene drive technology will not just pass onto their cells but also onto any offspring ensuring that not only will they die but their offspring will die young before they can mate with them also made to ensure that any young they produce will have fatal cogenital,neurological and even developmental defects similar to those in humans that will cause them to die off very quickly.It could also include those that make them unable to survive the local climate or make any food they feed on be toxic to them meaning they will either starve to death or will die if they eat any of the animals or crops they normally eat that they currently decimate with them engineered to only affect the desired species.This will allow them to be able to cause as much damage as possible and also prevent the pest gaining an immunity as the immune system will be unable to detect them with them having a 100% success rate in killing them.These can be airborne microbes or spread by contact and sexual interactions with them causing sterility by causing the cells and tissues in the testes and ovaries to undergo apoptosis.Biosynth arthropods could spread them via injection into the bloodstream with biosynths modelled on them spreading them by air and also contact or pests of the invasive species also inoculated and released in large numbers they could be spread by eater and airborne vectors as well as infecting food eaten by the pests by leaving them in the wild or inoculating wild plants eaten by them with them spread to other animals by sexual intercourse and airborne and close contact.Invasive Hymenoptera can have the pathogens nests and hive fumigated by humans and the area they cover analysed by bio synths and drones and nests and hive have their GPS location denoted to allow humans etc to fumigate them.In the case of invasive species of Formicidae and Hymenoptera genetically engineered insects including the same species of Formicidae could be created that are immune to a species specific pathogen created using CRISPR that grows continuously in them but can act as a vector to decimate entire nests and hives including the queen.In time biosynth Formicidae could be created that intercept nests and hives  and spread these pathogens alongside them spraying pathogens on all ants present including the queen and any eggs.Until then colonies and even super colonies can be fumigated with gaseous species specific pathogens in gaseous form that are pumped into the main entrance in large amounts.With regards to each species of invasive Hymenoptera namely Vespidae,Apidae and Formicidae it can be a modified form of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis that is tweaked to attack only each species of invasive species and not native species with it spread as a mist solution via drones over areas that other drones have discovered them that are engineered to have a long incubation period and be able to move from insect to insect to via airborne transmission and well as through touch thus allowing it to spread to as much of the colony as possible including the queen and all of the larvae to destroy entire colonies quickly and before workers can remove infected specimens.The fungus will be engineered not to force the insect into the outside like O.unilateralis normally does but rather using nutrients from them as they eat etc germinate to form new spores inside the animal and then be released inside the nest and hives  forming a fungal mass that eventually grows like the fungus itself and and thus overtakes entire nests and hives  of Formicidae,Vespidae and Apidae speceis it is designed to kill and in fact force the infected insect to spread the fungus to as many workers,drones,larvae etc and also the queen forming a large fungal mass both inside and outside.By having a long incubation period via engineering it can undergo mitosis in them like normal pathogens and be be spread by air via exhalation and inhalation and also touch to as much as the nest and hive and form masses over the larvae and storerooms for food before the invasive species can take countermeasures with the pests spreading it to the entire nest and hive thus killing off entire nests and hives.This can be fumigated into nests and hives by hand,by drones,sprayed over a wide area they are spotted and known to inhabit by drones or even aeroplanes thus being spread over rivers,homes and wilderness that are in a spore form that is picked up and infects only them.Even versions of the fungus made similar to ant bait pellets and powder etc with the fungus spread over discovered ants,entrances to homes as a powdered spore of fungus or in plastic pellet devices that are intaken by that specific species using pheromones and native species repelled by it.These ant bait pellets can apply to Vespidae and Apidae invasive species in altered forms that attract only them and are carried back to the nest and hive.These pellets and powder can be spread over wilderness areas and also cities etc with the pellets being large boxes containing large amounts of them to attract large amount of pests from different nests and hives.They can also be placed in backyard of homes and also community gardens and farms of all types with sprays similar to commercial pesticides that can be ordered in from Agathodaemon or downloaded from 3D DNA pritners mixed into water that house the spores in a water form allowing citizens at home to spray any of the insects they find and thus have them carry back to the nest.The fungus can also be hybridised with truffles and Armillaria ostoyae so it can form large masses over forests and also inside the nests and hives quickly and spread over areas colonising multiple nests and hives and colonies at a time this can later be killed by microbes invivo or those spread out onto them to keep it under control by apply suicide genes and other means.The use of A.ostoyae type fungus hybridised with O.unilateralis can allow it to be spread in forests,parks etc and them produce pheramones to entice and effect only the specific species of Vespidae,Apidae and Formicidae allowing it to be spread to nests and hives  with them having leaves that can be taken in by the invasive species with them taking in the leaves that contain spores and also the fungus itself with the fungus designed to have nodules similar to large mushrooms that peek out the surface that release the pheramones and burst when touched or attacked thus releasing spores onto the pest to them be carried to the nest and hives with the insect also entice to take it back to the nest and hive as food at which point engineered with a long incubation period will be spread from insect to insect and to thus all parts of the nest and hive and hives thus infecting the drones,workers,larvae and even the queen before they can take any measure to prevent it and thus wiping out entire colonies over a wide area.Once in the nest,hive and colony the fungus would spread through it by insects transporting it but also via the hyphae extending out through the entire nest and hive through the soil and hive through the honeycombs and branches by themselves forming interconnected parts that are begun in different sections until the entire colony and hive is consumed and killed off.Once intaken into the nest and hive the spores will by air and touch spread to other insects and also larvae and even the queen and also attach to side of the colony and nest and hive thus forming another fungal mass until the hive and colonies is fully consumed thus killing off the entire hive and colony before the insects inside realise it and can take action like what is done by Camponotini that O.unilateralis normally infects that have evolved means of protecting the nest and hive by removing infected individuals with this even allowing it to spread to other colonies and supercolonies of the same species in the area they compete with.A.ostoyae DNA,expedited growth and accelerated healing will allow spores in the nest grow quickly into a large unstoppable mass and consume all drones,workers,larvae and queens killing entire nests of Formicidae,Apidae,Vespidae with a long incubation period engineered into them to allow them to be spread to large portions of the nest and other colonies they interact with.The fungal mass will actively consume entire nests of the desired invasive species as nutrition and spread to others by using flowers,spores etc to attract insects from other nests until the entire area is sterilised with biosynth WiFi integrated into them relaying the GPS location and sizes of all masses in an area and as it consumes nests and insects will relay how much it has consumed in real time with Pan sending instructions via WiFi to create flowers and pheromones to entice insects from other nests in the area and when all nests have been decimated to have all tissues in the fungal mass undergo apoptosis.The fungus will through engineering and biosynth WiFi continue to undergoe mitosis in the insects body thus allowing it be spread constantly by air,touch to other insects and to all parts of the nest with the WiFi controlled by satillites and drones etc with every time it enters a new insect and spreads to the walls of the nest this will be relayed to Pan and once a sufficient amount of insects have been infected and also key members of each nest such as the queen,drones,larvae etc have been all infected and large portions of the nest has been infected then the WiFi will allow Pan to initiate the growth of the fungus.The fungus will be signalled to seal off all entrances and exits thus trapping all insects inside and cutting off their air supply and also start consuming the Quinn,king and drones and larvae all at once.Those in the walls will gain nutrition from nitrogen etc in the soil with those that infect insects will consume them by using up proteins,nitrogen etc present in them.Biosynth WiFi will also allow for Pan to initiate the process to actively spread and consume the entire nest entirely by sending signals to all spores to form masses and consume all insects.The fungus will start to spread across the entire nest and hive and then consume all insects in the hive and nest by eating them in the same way as O.unilateralis thus wiping out entire nests and hives in a mater of weeks.Infected insects can be controlled by Pan having the fungus connect to the neural systems and brains and then controlling the insects by biosynth WiFi similar to neural implants to have them spread the fungus to all key areas of the nest and also locate snd infect the queen,king and larvae to decimate the nest in order to ensure the entire nest is consumed.Adding bioluminescence and biosynth wifi to the fungus will allow them to be tracked by drones at night to them have it killed by microbes and fungicides.Formicidae nests will have it overtake them as a fungal mass with the same for nests and hives of invasive Vespidae and Apidae with it taking over the entire nests and hives.While the entire hive and nest is overtaken it will consume all insects as food similar O.unilateralis and then forming another mass will then grow flowers and also nodules to attract more insects from adjoining areas with these spores holding microbes and bioluminescence and biosynth WiFi.Once inside the nest or hive the fungus piggybacking on the insect will be spread to all parts of a nest or hive and to all insects and after a few weeks or at a specific time of the year the fungus will be engineered to grow quickly to form a mass that consumes the entire nest and insects inside killing off the entire nest including larvae,queens and drones thus preventing the colony reproducing and spreading.Biosynth WiFi can be integrated into the fungal pathogen in all forms for all species that will relay the GPS location of all fungal masses to relay what hives,shoals and flocks they have infected and overrun showing their GPS location and detail how many insects,birds etc they have consumed and control its spread by initiating the formation of flowers etc.It will also allow the size of masses and their location to be relayed constantly in real time to Pan and allow once it has decimated all specimens in the area have apoptosis genes to the masses tissues etc.The biosynth WiFi will relay how many insects in a hive or nest it has infected by reading its genome via horizontal gene transfer relayed to Pan and can once it detects it has had infected a sizeable amount of insects,larvae and the Queen be sent signals via WiFi to intiate the formation of fungal masses thus killing off the entire nest.As stated the WiFi can be used to initiate the consumption of the hives and nests.Biosynth carrier Hymenoptera can enter nests and hives and release the pathogens by touch or as a spray with the pathogens growing in them in certain areas to refill them to then spray them over and over again with them doing this to not just drones and workers but also larvae and the queen.The nodules and leaves that contain spores would also through the accelerated healing phenotype grow back themselves and spores with this allowing to infect as many insects of the desired species from multiple nests and hives over a wide area and even multiple insects from the same nests over a wide timeframe.They would also have flowers for Vespidae and Apidae species that are to wiped out and thus would infect them by having spores in the pollen and also nectar as well as in nodules present in the flower.The nodules would burst in response to being attacked by the insects mandibles and this as stated would infect large amounts of the desired species from multiple nests and hives  in an area as it would release pheramones through the wind and would form more masses from trees and also ground where the Apidae,Vespidae and Formicidae nests and hives are as once the colony and nest and hives  is killed off and consumed.Flowers as part of them on the surface would have the pollen contain or be hybrids with spores that release pheramones for each species of invasive Apidae,Vespidae and Formicidae to attract only the specific species and then allow these pollen spore hybrids to be carried by them to the nest.Leaves as part of these flowers and also part of the plant can contain spores with in the case of Formicidae using pheromones entice them to be bitten off and taken back and thus containing spores that are spread to the entire nest.Bioluminescence and microbes present carried along the spores would allow drones to locate destroyed nests and hives and destroy it and once the pests are removed from the area by being killed off after multiple nests and hives are consumed it can be located and destroyed with the original mass left their to prevent new hives and hives being set with each wilderness areas,parks and even areas by housing estates have these masses set up by fertiliser drones spraying the ground.Once an area has been cleared of an invasive species biosynth WiFi will cause the cells and tissues to undergoe apotosis and become a mass that can be decomposed by bacteria.Biosynth WiFi can be used to give the fungus new upgrades and abilities on demand for each situation etc.All actions of the fungus can be controlled by having biosynth WiFi integrated into the fungus thus allowing Pan to control its actions 24/7,365 thus controlling its incubation,transmission and also control how it decimated nests and its spread to other nests and eventually its destruction.Cities and towns will have parks inoculated and all surrounding wilderness to prevent the pests moving into them as if they do they will be quickly wiped out and act as a barrier of protection.All known areas will have these masses set up and them kept until the pests is wiped out completely in all areas it has invaded.Drones in fleets will scan areas for nests of all invasive species of Hymenoptera ie.Vespidae,Formicidae and Apidae and be controlled via remote control with cameras allowing specimens to be found via different camera types ie thermal imaging etc and their GPS location marked thus allowing drones,biosynths and humans in protective gear to plant seeds in nearby areas,spray the nearby ground or even fumigate nests in person to start procedures.Areas that have two or more invasive species of Hymenoptera from either two or all three genuses such as Vespidae,Formicidae and Apidae will produce pheromones for both and also be engineered to infect both.Once the species are extinct in the new areas they have invaded them the masses can be located via drones using the biolumescence or invivo microbes via wifi and then sprayed with fungicides and microbes that remove resistance to them.Microbes or biosynth WiFi present in them may not only keep track of where they are and their spread and size but also control their spread by having the fungus spread controlled by limiting its spread and even download apoptosis genes initiated to destroy masses once the area has been sterilised with ideally the fungus engineered to act in a symbiotic manner with native plants such as other flowers,trees,bushes,grass by them aerating the soil,improving its structure and sharing nutrients created by the fungus itself via flowers,photosynthesis etc back and forth preventing it killing them and in fact aiding their growth.They may even do this while climbing up trees on their trunk and branches using Bryophyta,Lecanoromycetes and Hedera DNA to house flowers up higher but also nodules for all three types of pests with them also be able to spread spores by wind here and also guide the pests out of the soil.The flowers will attract only the desired species and the fungus infect and attack the specific species wwith native species unaffected or act as asymptomatic carrier.These will planted by fertiliser drones or seed planting ones across a large area of wilderness areas like forests,meadows and in gardens and parks where the invasive species has colonised allow it to be able to infect multiple nests and hives  at once thus killing them off one by one in large numbers thus wiping them out from an area completely with Pan and Artemis deciding this.Nitrogen,phosphorous and water will be intaken via fibril roots.They will be left in an area to ensure that if any of the species returns or migrates to the area it will be killed off and also to kill off multiple nests,hives and colonies in an area.When the invasive species has been completely eradicated from a country then the masses whose GPS location will be logged when they were planted from via wifi.The microbes or biosynth WiFi present will relay there location and also their size and thus relay this to drones that spray compounds to kill them allowing them to apply it to all parts and in the case of big masses multiple drones will be used at once to have the entire mass spayed and it enter the soil and seep downwards with the microbes also creating these inside as well and will also control the spread of the fungus with as stated biolumescence added to allow them to be seen at night by drones and biosynths that patrol the areas routinely.The drones will be fertiliser ones that spray the compound on them and the microbes via wifi will create the compounds inside the fungal mass via recombinant DNA for natural ones and anabolic and catabolic reactions for synthetic ones and also applying suicide genes to large amounts of cells in their structure with them sent this action via wifi from Pan and will relay when they will be killed off and the microbes themselves once finished programmed to undergoe apoptosis themselves and also form worms that can travel to other areas and act as biosynth sensors or collect into a mass and then be picked up by drones once its GPS location is relayed.Microbes alongside bioluminescence will relay the masses size,current areas it has spread out.location etc to Pan and drones by wifi and visual aid with microbes as stated keeping each planted mass in a desired boundry.If possible to save time and labour biosynth WiFi can be integrated into the fungus itself in its genome that interacts constantly with Pan that can allow the sentient Pan track its GPS location,size and spread and via the WiFi control its spread across the land by encouraging it to grow outwards and also limit its growth when needed by changing the DNA present and controlling signals present with it also used to initiate the production of flowers and pheramones to attract the desired pest and also track the transfer of spores to nests and thus spores containing the biosynth WiFi can allow their transmission to nests and transmission to each insect be tracked,control the number of insects it infected including controlling the infection of queens and larvae and then when to form fungal masses to consume the entire nest as nutrition and in both the fungal mass in the ground and nest have suicide genes added to then via WiFi inducing the formation of then by Cas-9 and taq polymerase.A.ostoyae will be used to create a hybrid with O.unilateralis as this fungus can form large interconnected masses over at least 9.1 km2 or 910 hectares thus allowing to be spread evenly when planted at key points in the area decided by Pan and thus affect most or all of the colonies and nests and hives  in the area with again it tweaked to affect only desired invasive species of Hymenoptera outside of and including Formicidea including invasive Vespidae and Apidae and not be able to mutate via advanced gene drive technology.Scratch DNA will be added to create the long incubation period or this could come from HIV or other human pathogens that exhibit this or those from plants and animals that exhibit this and spread to as much of the nest and colony and all insects in them and even competing hives and nests with the nodules could be off any type of fungi but ideally be a non local one to allow it be discerned with the long incubation period also derived by the pathogen engineered to do so after a set number of miotic replications within the body of the insect or just set period of time.The ability to be airborne may involve DNA from Orthomyxoviridae and that to pass from insect to insect coming from Ebolavirus.Bioloumunece can be gotten from transferring genes from Lampyridae,Pyrophorus noctilucus,Ostracods(in particular Vargula hilgendorfii),Aequorea victoria or a mixture of genes from all of these to improve the plants abilities to produce the necessary luciferins alongside genes from other bioluminescent flora and fauna and those made from scratch to make them even brighter as much as possible.The flowers can be local versions or Orchidaceae etc that are designed to be only pollinated and accessible by all species with recombinant DNA from the invasive species or from scratch to express the pheramones suited for them only with the fungus again suited to fight off specific species via comparing the DNA of O.unilateralis and Camponotini and making tweaks via comparing the different DNA of the invasive species with them engineered to not force the insects to leave but rather return to the nest,hive and spread it as much as possible to as many parts and insects as possible where they will then form a network in them like A.ostoyae thus consuming the nest and colony killing off all larvae,drones,workers and also the queen etc.Scratch DNA created by Phanes will allow it be planted as spores and seeds and all of these phenotypes.The dead fungal masses will be consumed by native dertivores,decomposer athropods,micro-organisms such as Oligochaeta,Oniscidea,Diplopoda, native fungi etc bred in large numbers,engineered to break it down alongside their normal food and then spread on the affected areas or harvested and then pyrolysised alongside the dead insects.If possible using a tweaked version of Ophiocordyceps sinensis can allowing the mass on the ground floor and in colonies to be harvested as food.This would be key in fighting off both Solenopsis invicta,Anoplolepis gracilipes,Linepithema humileem,Vespa veluntina,Africanised bees, and invasive
Hymenoptera.This can include invasive Isoptera including
Coptotermes formosanus,Anoplophora glabripennis,Stegomyia albopicta,Bemisia tabaci,Lymantria dispar.Other plants can also be planted in gardens,wilderness areas and streets of cities where it using pheromones entices only them to harvest it with the spores forming a symbiotic relationship with the plant and lives in the leaves and is thus carried to the nest by Formicidae that then spreads it around.In the case of Vespidae and Apidae the plant could produce and hold the fungus in their flowers nectar as well as pollen and them attract only invasive species Vespidae and Apidae and carry it back to the hives with these two types of plants planted by drones around the area where hives are spotted or believed to be.Biosynth versions of the insects and desired species of fish,bird etc or even captured drones etc could act as immune carriers that transport it to the nest and hive or shoal and flock with them inoculated with the pathogen via a sprayed mist and then released back into the wild or areas where it can infect all animals in a shoal,flock etc.Known nests of Vespidae,Apidae and Formicidae can have cameras placed at them facing them by drones and volunteers in protective clothing to then carry out examinations of the development of the pathogens spread.The location of nests and hives will be determined by large fleets of drones,biosynth modelled on insects and birds and volunteers in protective clothing scanning large areas of wilderness they are known to reside in them then have their GPS location added to Pan with citizens told by local authorities to detail to Pan and proto groups the location of any nests and hives  of any invasive species they know of at home or in the wilderness to them and then allow drones to be sent there.Citizens if they spot them in the woods can mark the GPS location by using smart devices and drones can be sent there to locate the exact location of the nest and hive with if the pests are frequently seen in homes and community and other farms then they can download the pathogen into a water solution to be cultured and sprayed onto any pests they find thus having the pathogen be brought back to the nest and hive.Otherwise they can order in traps with pellets that contain the pathogen in a spore form that will be brought back to the nest and hive and decimate it entirely.Plants they eat could be planted that contain the pathogen as well as the acellerated healing phenotype and them planted in large areas or native animals they prey upon can be infected and act as carriers alongside native haematophages with again the pathogen being species specific that cannot mutate via genes that prevent this and advanced gene drive technology.It can also can be tweaked to affect only invasive bird,mammals,frogs,toads,reptiles and even fish and shellfish etc such as Sturnidae,Passer domesticus,S.carolinensis,Rattus rattus,Vulpus vulpus,Myocastor coypus,R.marina,Lithobates catesbeianus,P.bivittatus,Salvator merianae,Cyprinus carpio and also other invasive insects outside of Hymenoptera working on the same principle or them engineered to be consumed and use their prey as carriers with them consuming the entire animal inside out including its brain.Birds and fish etc that form large packs and groups ie shoals,flocks etc will have the pathogen spread by boats dumping it into the water as well as spraying flocks while in flight or on the ground using drones in front of or above them via a mist or using multiple robotic,biosynth or carrier specimens to transport it thus infecting large amounts of animals at once thus allowing it to spread quickly due to its long incubation period killing entire flocks and shoals of H.nobilis,H.molitrix,M.piceus,C.idella,D.bugensis,D.polymorpha,S.vulgaris etc.The pathogen could be in the case of animals that do not form large groups be spread around large areas of wilderness by fleets of aeroplanes acting on the same principle as crop dusting that spread pesticides etc across fields of crops.All other native species would be protected by the pathogens being microbes that read the DNA of the organism they are in and only attack desired animals with those in other animals undergoing apotosis or not affecting them at all and acting as a carrier.Invasive species that are widespread outside of their native habitat but are endangered in their native habitat will have conservation efforts carried out in their native habitat while wiped out in areas they have invaded.The the ability to read the hosts genome from base microbes will be present in these and them have gene drives to prevent them mutating with them undergoing mitosis in large numbers in specific carrier species that come in close contact with the animal and also the invasive species themselves and also the invasive species themselves with them only causing infections,damage and death in the target species and not in carrier ones with in the case of other native species with in the case of other species them engineered to undergoe apoptosis.Phanes will design these pathogens for each species of invasive animal and make sure they have genes present that prevent them mutating and affecting not just humans but also other native species meaning they will only affect the desired invasive species.Since engineered not to mutate and affect native species through advanced gene drive technologies the pathogens will die out once all invasive species die out or at least form endospores that only awaken if the invasive species returns.

•Drones,bio-synths or robots that return species to their native habitats or direct them to traps using pheromones or other forms of bio communication.The former can alleviate an area of the invasive species and return them to where natural predators exist and where they originate thus returning both ecosystems to their natural state an example of this would be killer bees in the United States.The latter again can allow them to be directed into traps as a more sustainable source of protein.They may also be used again using pheromones to divert pests such as Isoptera and Hymenoptera into woodlands and forests where they cannot interfere in human activity.Alternatively cyborg insects could be used to direct them using pre programmed flights or remote controlling.These pheromones can be produced on a commercial scale using genetic bacteria.In the case of something like africanized bees swarms could be led to the northern cold climates of Greenland or Canada to die once their genome has been analysed for genetic engineering normal European Bees to create viable hybrid.Otherwise entire hives of africanised bees including the queen can be directed into an automated aeroplane with the hive containing young that could turn into queens or remaining workers and drones to be put in it using a robot or humanoid bio-synths and transport them back to their native habitat.This can be done by using pheromones released by the queen or by bees when they sting a person(to encourage more to attack) created by genetically altered bacteria and released by the drone the Otherwise bio synth bees can direct them to Africa through Canada to Russia,to Europe and then Africa through the Middle East.

•Pesticides used in moderation to prevent resistance as in the case of Culicidae and DDT.In the case of Culicidae especially Anopheles this should only include bed nets and also exteriors and interiors of homes but not near or in waterways to avoid contaminating other vulnerable native or beneficial species.These can also be sprayed with the a mixture of water and sap/matter from plants that repel them.It should not be sprayed on crops,water bodies or near the breeding grounds of other animals.Research can be done into other insecticides that can be effective against just the desired species.Any existing expensive and less environmentally toxic benign insecticides that are alternatives to toxic ones can be made more cheaper through hydrocarbons and bio-oils produced by bacteria or theoretically have bacteria produce the insecticide(or biological alternatives) from industrial waste or cellulose and sugars lowering costs substantially.These different pesticides can be mixed together or with plant and animal oils or other non toxic ingredients that may also kill of inhibit pest functionality to improve efficiency and thus be sprayed on humans,in waterways,in homes and amongst gardens.Thus homemade pesticides that do no damage the environment or kill beneficial insects and other animals can be developed.These can be put in porous pods that slowly release the pesticide over time and if the pesticide is non toxic to humans like say a natural oil from other edible plants(or combination of them) then crops or ornamental plants can be engineered to produce them in their leaves and flesh so when pests consume them they die.CRISPR and genetic engineering could permanently remove resistance of pests to pesticides.CRISPR can be used to remove an insects resistance to pesticides and make this permanent with beneficial insects such as honeybees,Lepidoptera and endangered species made resistant to them permanently.

•Planting plants that repel them or genetically altering plants ideally trees,bushes,evergreens,indoor,in outdoor and in window pots that release pheromones or smells that repel the pest.This can be of use to forests used in forestry and also community and home farms with trees used for wood and crops engineered to repel pests with areas set aside in the woods and meadows with unaltered trees and crops planted to prevent extinctions of the pest.Otherwise they can be engineered to become pollinators of flowers and crops and feed on nectar and also feed on weeds and invasive plants.Genetic engineering through cis/trans genics or even creating genes from scratch can improve this ability and transfer it to other plants such as those in gardens,waterways,rivers,forests,windowsills, indoor rooms and other places frequently used by humans or act as the breeding grounds for the pest.These plants can also be planted in community and home gardens making the harvesting and maintenance of crops safer or planted indoors to make rooms safer with further engineering increasing the potency and strength of the repellence compound(s).Ornamental plants and also crops can be engineered using CRISPR to produce these compounds and be placed in gardens,bedrooms,living rooms in pots protecting people within them with existing plants inoculated with microbes that allow them to produce these compounds.The natural chemicals can be synthesized by genetically engineered bacteria cheaply in large amounts in home vats and then sprayed on around gardens,on trees,on walls,inside rooms and outside homes and waterways etc.Pods or modified ambi-pur plugin fresheners containing this that gradually release this in gardens,next to or in breeding grounds and also inside homes in key rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms can be created.Since registered to Home AI the levels of the chemical left can be checked remotely and it can alarm the homeowner as to when the levels of the chemical is low and needs to be refilled.This can also be permanently (or routinely through a matrix of spray on and smart clothing)infused into peoples clothing and accessories such as hats,scarves,pyjamas as well as home textiles like bedsheets,quilts,curtains etc. and also stored in small carry on spray bottles that can be sprayed on exposed skin such as necks,legs etc. for when they are outside.if possible gene therapy can allow people to naturally produce them through sweat or passively with this turned off when not in areas populated by these pests.This can deal with many pest such as Culicidae like A.aegypti,A.albopictus,Anopheles,as well as crop pests and possibly even Hymenoptera and other biting and stinging insects.Alternatively the genes responsible for this smells can be incorporated into crops and trees used in forestry as since it is not a poison and merely a smell it will have no effect on human health and beneficial insects as in the case of Bt and resistance to the compounds produced is impossible unlike as again is happening with pesticides such as Bt and DDT.They can also be introduced into ornamental plants in both gardens,parks and also those in kitchens,bedrooms,living rooms

•Pests of crops that are native to an area can be engineered by rearing and releasing large amounts in labs using 3D DNA printers to be unable to feed on the crop or ornmantel plants but rather only specific weeds and even invasive plants thus ensuring that they will provide a service to farmers by feeding on weeds and invasive plants keeping them in stable equilibrium and negating the need for farmers including organic ones to use herbicides and pesticides.The weed etc would be planted by drones in forests,meadows and parks etc to prevent extinction.These altered pests will interbreed with native ones and overtake the genepool via advanced gene drive technology.At the same time crops would house repellants to prevent them eating them as well causing unaffected pests to die off or breed with altered ones.An example is Aphidoidea which can be altered to be unable to feed on crops and ornamental plants but rather weeds preventing them and their predators Coccinellidae going extinct as well.

•Plants including crops and ornamental ones can be created or have existing ones fitted with DNA that creates repellents that repel specific pests of all types including Anophles,Formicidae,Vespidae,Rodentia,Procyon with new ones created by scratch DNA from Phanes ordered in from Demeter.If possible there could be plants that contain pheromones and also poisons suited to only these specific pests ordered in from Demeter that can be planted in ones garden or indoors and the entice the pest into eating the plant that kills only them with beneficial insects,livestock and pests made immune to the toxin created by Phanes..They of course would be suited to grow in all climates and soils and even have the acellerated healing phenotype with existing ornamental plants fitted with this via CRISPR.These could be planted indoors or outdoors.

•Removing plants that they feed on particularly invasive plants.Non crop plants that they feed on could be engineered to produce toxins that attack only them.

•Further advances have been made which allow for lights to emit less blue and green wavelengths thus lowering the amount of insects such as Culicidae they attract by at least 20% with further improvements to be made in time to increase to between at least 50-60%.Combined with plants that repel these insects they can replace the need for insecticides in areas that harbour these and other insects that transmit disease such as malaria,Zika disease,Sleeping sickness in Asia,Africa and the Americas.These can be in indoor lights as well as lights spread and dotted in and around gardens and community gardens making the maintenance and harvesting of crops safer and can also be placed near or in the middle of breeding grounds for insects .

•Producing vaccines and drugs that combat diseases caused by pest more cheaply for example through genetically modified bacteria or introducing them into staple food crops for both humans and livestock i.e. Artemisinin can be now be produced by bacteria and can be introduced into crops.Bi-oil and hydrocarbons from bacteria can make drugs containing it much cheaper.This can help alleviate sickness and prevent death caused by said species while long term strategies to wipe them out are carried out.CRISPR can be used to ensure the diseases spread by them dont gain immunity to drugs used against them with this change being permanent.Immunisation via microbes can a more effective means of controlling this.

•Genetically engineering pests/invasive species to be more docile or easier to be dealt with in regards to other methods.In the case of Africanized bees which are better honey foragers than native European Bees and are resistant to Colony Collapse Disorder,Varroa Desructor and Chalkbrood therefore using transgenics we can create hybrids of European bees with the desirable traits of Africanized Bees such as early maturation and increased foraging(and thus yields),later foraging hours,resistance to disease etc without their aggressive behaviour.This can be done starting with working with more gentler,docile stocks of Africanized Bees in Puerto Rica where more docile variants exist.These can be interbreed with European Bees to improve yields and resistance to disease and then to make aggressive breeds more docile either through transgenics or breeding.CRISPR and gene drives can expedite this process with genes for docility introduced into killer bees thus overtaking nests of africanized bees in the wild or the desirable traits of africanized bees put into gentler European honey and bumblebees and made dominant with gene drives to be passed into all future lineage making manageable hybrids that can have desirable traits of both species.This would be done by intercepting the new potential queens during mating season while covered in protective gear composed of graphene and graphene in glass visors and catching her and forcing her to mate with a drone with these desirable traits from more docile breeds created via CRISPR with gene drives making this docility dominant or even a drone of more docile breeds of Africanised bees that exist in South America again engineered to be more docile with the queen then released.It could also be done by creating a female docile hybrid with gene drives to retain this docility and killing the queens on all hives during mating season and releasing the hybrid to be impregnated.These would be done at multiple hives across the affected area over several years to allow the docility to become dominant and spread to other hives over time.In time bio synths fitted with spermatozoa with hybrid DNA created by the Phanes method can actively compete with and mate with the queens with these immortal drones refitted with fresh sperm every year and move onto many hives over a large area over decades transferring these attributes to native bee colonies to overtake Africanized bees with these gentler more manageable traits.Otherwise queens from Africanised bees can be captured alongside hundreds of larvae from both native and africanised fed royal jelly then put in a tank to be impregnated by hybrid drones or artificial insemination and these would overtake africanised bees overtime with this and other methods detailed earlier can be utilised for other species as gene drives will make these hybrids dominant.Otherwise a queen hybrid artificially impregnated with hybrid sperm can be taken to a nest and it programmed to create the same pheromones to keep the hive in control and then the native queen of africanized bees killed and replaced with the alien hybrid.This would be done over several years until these hybrid colonies interbreed with many out bridging native and invasive colonies until they eventually overtake them entirely with gene drives making these phenotypes permanent with all four methods used together or the most effective method utilised.Induced pluripotent cells can create spermatozoa with DNA made with desired phenotypes to create hybrids which can be artificially inseminated into both native and Africanised bees over a country with again multiple ideally hundreds of queens from both native bees and Africanised breeds created via feeding caught larvae royal jelly will be created and then artificially inseminated with this hybrid DNA using the Phanes method to create diverse numbers of specimens to create genetically diverse hybrids then set up in artificial hives both in the wild and in apiaries and community farms etc across a country which should expediate the process of them taking over communities of Aficanised and vulnerable native populations over several decades creating a bee that is immune to pests and disease and also a better forager while still docile with recombinant DNA coming from the Apis mellifera ligustica which stores large amounts of honey.Artificial insemination of hundreds of both European(and other species of docile)and Africanised queen bees created by feeding hundreds of larvae royal jelly with hybrid spermatozoa using the Phanes method and induced pluripotent spermatozoa can also be done to with Africanised bees sedated and these hundreds of queens then released over an area with advanced gene drive technology making these hybrids dominant with them overtaking both European and africanised bees over the coming decades.They would ideally be released over a wide area of all countries world wide both in the wild and new hives used by beekeepers to spread them as far as possible with this done repeatadly using hundreds of newly created queens of all species until native and invasive species are overtaken with these docile and disease and pest resistant hybrids.Ideally the Africanised queens that are impregnated naturally without interference can be captured using pheromones and killed preventing the spread of Africanised bees and ensuring only the hybrids survive.CRISPR can create hybrids that are better foragers yet docile.CRISPR could be used to even make captured queens of Africanised bees hybrids or at least more docile when returned to their nests and thus through advanced gene drives would cause all larvae that become drones,worker bees and more importantly larvae that become queens to be hybrids with them once inseminated with microbes on the spot would cause all eggs and larvae laid to be modified permanently into hybrids thus making nests of africanised bees and all future nests these hybrids with it even making the queen a hybrid and thus allow existing nests to be made into hybrids much quicker and all future generations and nests hybrids saving on labour with nests spotted and marked by drones and the queen captured using pheromones and them inseminated and inoculated onsite by human workers in biohazard suits and using repellent technology to so this onsite of nests.This could also make the queen more docile herself and can be applied to native species.Advanced gene drive technology will make the desireable traits of Africanised bees,A.mellifera linguistica,Apis cerana japonica and genes made from scratch such as their resistance to Varroa destructor,Varrora jacobsoni and Ascosphaera apis,to make them more efficient at pollination,resistence to wifi,longer foraging habits and the benefits of normal native bees such as docility with them also engineered with traits ofA.m.linguistica,A.c.japonica to fight of invasive species such as Vespa veluntina,Vespa mandarinia japonica,Vespa simillima xanthoptera with thermophile DNA allowing them to survive longer against high temperatures generated when fighting off scouts of these invasive species and psychrophile DNA allowing them to survive winter to pass down onto all future generations.It would be done by capturing queens of both Africanised bees and native ones and inoculating them with microbes that apply CRISPR treatments to make them docile hybrids make them resistant to wifi,pathogens pests and have a fully functioning immune system and microbes that would pass to all future workers,drones and queens laid by the queen via advanced gene drive technology.If done to many nests then overtime these docile variants will interbreed with other nests of Africanised bees and then pass this on via advanced gene drive technology with it also done to native bees especially as stated Bombus,A.m.mellifera,A. cingulata,Ancylaini,Exomalopsini,Meliponini,Anthophorini and so on so as to allow them to interbreed with other nests and pass these phenotypes via advanced gene drive technology.Humans,drones and biosynths including biosynth bees will locate nests and use smoke or smoke based chemicals to incapacitate all workers and drones protecting the nest and them capturing the Queen including using devices that use pheramones created by genetically engineered bacteria,sounds etc that entice the queen to it allowing her to be caught and inseminated or injected with microbes that will pass these onto all genes in her via CRISPR that via advanced gene drive technology will pass onto all future workers,drones and queens with her also fitted with microbes that are immunising strains and anti-viral etc strains with the microbes housing biosynth wifi to chart populations and migrations overtime.Biosynth bees can infiltrate nests with biosynth mites that can locate and infect the queen with microbes that apply these CRISPR treatments.She and all possible queens can be captured during mating seasons with drones patrolling wilderness areas to locate nests of all native bees and invasive Africanised bees.All new genes added from scratch and from different species will be ones to confer immunity to wifi,pathogens,be better foraging on par with Africanised bees but be docile and able to fight off invading V.veluntina,V.m.japonica,V.s.xanthoptera,V.jacobsoni species form Asia etc will be passed onto all future generations via advanced gene drive technology.Drones can scour urban and wilderness areas in fleets in a pre programmed manner and using Bruaron and google maps mark the GPS location of all discovered nests to have humans  and biosynths then capture queens.The use of advanced gene drive technology can allow all future Africanised bees become these docile hybrids by being passed onto all future drones,workers and queens thus turning all nests into docile hybrids especially when during mating season they interbreed with other nests.3D DNA printers can also be used by creating billions of hybrid larvae of all species of bees using the Phanes method and feeding them royal jelly created by bacteria and them interbreeding with native bees and africanised ones using advanced gene drive technology and can be done at the same time as capturing queens and making them hybrids via inseminating them with microbes.These measure would eliminate Africanised bees in America and anywhere else they have invaded.This can apply to all species including A.mellifera and will be done to make Africanised bees docile and native ones better pollinators and produce more honey.Both hives used for commercial honey production,pollinating crops and those in the wild of both Africanised bees and native species will be converted into these hybrids using these methods to ensure it wipes out pests and also pathogens etc.This should over the course of a decade eliminate Africanised bees from places they have invaded and cause all native bees alongside them to be better pollinators and immune to all pathogens and pests etc and also able to fight invasive V.veluntina,V.m.japonica,V.s.xanthoptera,V.jacobsoni species from Asia all in one go.These can be applied to all native bee species around the world except Africanised bees in Africa that can be made resistant to pathogens,wifi etc but not made docile since they are aggressive due to having to deal with the megafauna that feed on their hives and making them docile could make them weaker to animals present thus making them go extinct that could have disastrous effects on the local ecosystems.Both commercialised hives and also wild hives would be replaced with these hybrids.All wild species of bees worldwide including invasive species will be hybridised to make them better at pollinating wild flowers,outdoor crops and resistant to pathogens,mites etc that are currently decimating wild populations.If this is pursued then it could save time and labour with it done when nests are first formed if done by teams wearing protective gear on nest discovered by drones and can easily replace nests of Aricanised bees with hybrids very quickly and thus allow for Aficianised bees to be wiped out quickly with them also interbreeding with other nests of Africanised bees and passing the docility phenotypes via advanced gene drive technology.This can be applied to native species of bees as well.Native bees will be given the same CRISPR treatments to make them hybrids that then interbreed with other nests overtime with this applied to both commercial and wild nests.All native and Africanised bees will be fitted with recombinant DNA from africanised bees,A.m.ligustica,A.c.japonica,A.mellifera and scratch DNA to make them better foragers of honey,be docile,be able to fight off invasive Vespidae,be immune to all pests and diseases and house immunising and anti-bacterial etc strains,be immune to the cold,immune to neonicotinoids,immune to biosynth and normal WiFi and also radiation from gamma ray bursts etc.They willl all have microbes of immunising strains,anti-viral,anti-bacterial and anti-fungal strains that will house augmentation strains etc that pass from one generation to the next via queens that can using biosynth WiFi track populations and migrations and and have upgrades for better phenotypes added via Artemis and Aristeus added over time via WiFi to all queens.Thus queens of both Africanised bees and native bees will be caught at the desired time of year at mating time or after nests are formed and given microbes to apply CRISPR treatments that using advanced gene drive technology pass into local all future drones,workers and queens making both native and invasive bees hybrids that are docile,better pollinators etc with the queens turned into hybrids.3D DNA printers can also be used by creating billions of hybrid larvae using the Phanes method and feeding them royal jelly created by bacteria and them interbreeding with native bees and africanised ones becoming dominant hybrids using advanced gene drive technology and can be done at the same time as capturing queens and making them hybrids.The location of nests and hives will be determined by large fleets of drones and volunteers in protective clothing scanning large areas of wilderness they are known to reside in them then have their GPS location added to Pan with citizens told by local authorities to detail to Pan and proto groups the location of any nests and hives  of any invasive species they know of at home or in the wilderness to them and then allow drones to be sent there.Citizens if they spot them in the woods can mark the GPS location by using smart devices and drones can be sent there to locate the exact location of the nest and hive.

•Invasive species of insects,birds etc can be engineered to make them to more susceptible to disease,deformities or introduce mutations into their genepool that make them less likely to survive in the habitat they have invaded i.e. introduced gene(s) responsible for them to develop cancer much easier and earlier on and introduce genetic diseases that are passed on from one generation to the next using advanced gene drive technology,develop genetic and physical deformities that make them unable to survive or mate such as mental and physical disabilities,less able to tolerate frosty winters or hot summers which could limit their spread or kill them off completely.Thus their ideal thermoregulatory range will be changed via gene therapy or inbreeding as they would now perish in conditions they would normally be able to.They can also be engineered to feed on other crops,animals with this introduced via lab specimens released into the wild in large numbers and passed down via gene drives.Introducing large amounts of males into a species population that makes them more susceptible to genetic diseases such as cancers,deformities,human equivalents to neurological and developmental disorders.This can also introduce genes that make them unable to feed on the plants and crops as well as animal prey they eat making young starve to death.Furthermore they can be made mores susceptible to the native areas climate ie unable to survive winters,warm dry summers etc.The invasive species can have large amounts created  in labs via 3D DNA printers or wombs with these faults and inability to survive the climate of the area they have colonised by removing genes that allow them to survive temperate or tropical climates with them engineered to only survive temperatures below or above the climate thus allow them to die off in spring,summer and autumn etc.Advanced gene drive technology can allow these deformities and changes to pass from one generation to the next.If possible biosynth arthropods and also carrier animals can introduce microbes that pass these as microbes that affect only the specific species once the animals DNA is read and thus alter the DNA of live animals.

•Genetically engineering them to prevent them from harbouring harmful micro-organisms and introducing this trait into the wild populations via inbreeding with wild populations to spread it into the genepool i.e. preventing species of Anopheles to be unable to harbour Plasmodium and thus transmit malaria(or making Plasmodium unable to affect humans) or A.aegypti,A.albopictus harbouring Zika and dengue fever with the same applied to other disease harbouring Culicidae and insects such as Ixodes that spread Lymes disease,Glossinidae that spread sleeping sickness and so on with this applying to other non-insect and non-hematophage species of even livestock and pets removing the need to use antibiotics to deal with parasites and other pathogens.This would remove the root cause of illness while at the same time preventing their extinction which could lead to an unforseen imbalance in the ecosystem especially if gene drives make these phenotypes dominant and they are keystone species as principle pollinators and prey of many other species.The pests such as Culicidae,Ixodes,Glossinidae,Triatominae etc and other hematophages could be engineered to also lose a preference to human,livestock and pet blood groups meaning they would only target wildlife again using CRISPR eliminating the threat of them spreading the diseases if the disease causing microbes become resistant but also prevent people having to be bitten which is often painful and troublesome to humans etc in fact repelling the pests from making human sweat,carbon dioxide and other odorants etc produced by humans,pets and livestock due to their blood types A,B,AB, and O,alcohol and temperature abhorrent to them or make them unable to detect these by altering the structure of their antennae or the blood groups being toxic to them in some form or another or them unable to digest them.Ideally if possible to ensure they still feed on wild animals they can be engineered to find the specific components of human,livestock and pet blood toxic or indigestible to them with if possible them feeding on plant sap.Using recombinant DNA from species of Culicidae that dont feed on human blood may make things easier by integrating their DNA into the pest species making them hybrids.So in short Culicidae and other disease carrying insects that are altered not to carry pathogens should also be altered to remove their attraction to human,pet and livestock blood but not that of wildlife or they could even be altered to no longer feed on blood or bags and vials of blood could be hung from trees in the area to keep populations stable.Of course gene drives should introduced to make these traits dominant.Artificial intelligence and cross referencing the genes of organisms that do feed on the blood of wildlife but not humans can be done to add the second phenotype or have the gene created from scratch via advances in artificial intelligence with the emphasis to ensure that the female still sucks the blood of mammals and other animals to get its nutrition to prevent extinction.At first Culicidae that cannot harbour Plasmodium which already exist can be released into the wild to overtake dangerous disease carrying Culicidae with a second set of modified Culicidae then produced that not only dont harbour Plasmodium but also dont drink human blood to pass that phenotype onto the first set of modified Culicidae when malaria infections in an area have dropped significantly until suitable recombinant DNA for the second set of Culicidae has been found or created from scratch or from DNA from species of Culicidae that dont even feed on humans at all allowing for the disease to be wiped out before the ability for the pest to feed on humans can be removed.Ideally before these trials can be carried out to wipe out P.falciparum indefinitely measures can be carried out to decrease the populations of Anopheles in Africa that carry P.falciparum.Since Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane aka DDT since 1956 is becoming increasingly ineffective against Anopheles in India,Sri Lanka,Sri Lanka,Pakistan,Turkey,Central America and Africa due to them gaining resistence to it since 1956 using it would be pointless,therefore other methods such as introducing lethal genes into populations that causes females to produce offspring that have birth defects,sterile male technique that limits the amount of effective matings and births since female Anopheles can only mate once in their life,using the daughterless offspring technique wherein populations are reduced by released by releasing large amounts of males that contain gene drives that force any females they mate with to produce only males that dont feed on human blood thus reducing populations and infections sharply and quickly and adding biological controls all at once can reduce populations to very low levels.3D DNA printers can be used in creating billions of genetically distinct males with the desired genes with if possible males used to carry out sterile male technique,daughterless offspring techniques and lethal gene techniques have anti-ageing techniques that allow them to live several years longer or have the same anti-ageing treatments as humans thus increasing the amount of females they interact with to further reduce numbers with this not lasting forever or biocompatible microbes present in them that can using biosynth wifi allow their populations and locations to be tracked and thus actually shut these anti-ageing treatments off and those associated with lethal gene dominance,sterile male and daughterless offspring technique after a set period of time.These males would not be able to interbreed with those modified not to harbour the parasite.Since males do not feed on blood and thus on humans and by extension dont spread P.falciparum the population of males will spike and the populations of females that do feed on human blood and spread the parasite will drop meaning infections will drop as well.Once this is done and populations drop drastically biosynth wifi can be used to turn off anti-ageing treatments allowing the males to die off and also remove genes associated with lethal gene dominance,sterility,sterile male technique etc to ensure they dont pass this onto the modified Anopheles that dont house the parasite.Pan and Pan will decide when to release the modified Anopheles and remove the aforementioned DNA from the first set with modified ones harbouring genes and gene drives to prevent the genes from the first set to be passed onto the new ones.3D DNA printers can then be used to create billions of genetically distinct modified Anopheles making it easier and quicker for these modified Anopheles that are unable to harbour P.falciparum to take over the area and wild populations via advanced gene drive technology and not affect the ecosystem as removing them from the ecosystem completely could cause co-extinctions of any of the Anopheles natural predators and would also make it harder for P.falciparum to adapt to the lack of viable hosts and thus be more easily wiped out since large populations of Anopheles housing it would already be wiped out and thus can allow for the new breed of Anopheles to overtake wild populations via advanced gene drive technology.Futhermore all local haematophages could be engineered to be unable to harbour it so it doesnt jump species with all haematophages treated the same way.These methods can apply to other hematophages that affect both humans and livestock as well as pets and can render them harmless without resorting to pesticides such as DDT which can have disastrous environmental effects as well as the threat of insects becoming resistant with the removal of their ability to detect human blood groups done as a contingency plan should the pathogens gain resistance and able to reinfect hematophages.This should be the main method to deal with native species that act as vectors for diseases that affect pets,humans and livestock as it would not affect the ecosystem especially if they are keystone pollinators and also prey of other species with other methods used to deal with invasive species.Theoretically this can eliminate a disease within an area or even country within as little as one to two years indefinitely.This can also be done to deal with haematophages that act as vectors for diseases in livestock and pets as well as arthropods that act as vectors for pathogens for plants.It can also be used to remove disease from Columbidae,mammals etc.that can be zoonoses and also effect livestock and pets with this also removing the ability of pests of wild animals and livestock from spreading disease amongst themselves that also affect humans both for creating unnecessary suffering to wild animals and possible harm to humans ie removing Ixodes scapularis and Ixodes pacificus ability to harbour Borrelia,Babesia,Anaplasma phagocytophilum,Powassan virus with Cervidae and other wildlife engineered to be made resistant to lymes and other diseases spread by Ixodes introduced into wild populations.Lymes disease and other zoonoses can be dealt with by preventing the Ixodes,Odocoileus virginianusand Peromyscus leucopus that spread it from being able to harbour it via engineering to prevent them spreading them to human without having to kill off O.virginianus and P.leucopus eliminating the diseases completely without causing imbalances in the ecosystems.Thus all livestock,plants and wild animals as well as their pests can be engineered to be unable to harbour diseases alongside vectors to eliminate the disease completely with DNA made from scratch or from other animals resistant to them.Animals like O.virginianus and P.leucopus etc can be inoculated not only by microbes that immunise them of the disease but also those that are intaken by Ixodes etc feeding on them to fight off the pathogens in them and/or immunise them and alter them by CRISPR with genes that make them unable to harbour Borrelia,Babesia,Anaplasma phagocytophilum,Powassan virus.This addition of scratch DNA that adds resistance will be done in P.leucopus,O.virginianus and Ixodes passing from one generation to the next via advanced gene drive technology.Wild specimens of P.leucopus,O.virginianus and Ixodes can be caught and inoculated with species specific microbes and released back into the wild and these microbes immunising them,fighting off existing infections,adding genes that grant this immunity that passes onto the next generation via advanced gene drive technology and the microbes themselves passing onto each generation via spermatazoa,eggs,fetuses etc.The three vectors via these microbes would be either immunised and have genes added via CRISPR that would do this and spread via advanced gene drive technology to the next generation of P.leucopus,O.virginianus and Ixodes.At the same releasing large amounts of engineered and biocompatible microbe inoculated P.leucopus,O.virginianus and Ixodes grown in captivity created by both artificial wombs and 3D DNA printers into the wild passing these genes and microbes into wild animals can be done.If possible the microbes would both add immunities via CRISPR and then immunise the mammalian vectors,fight off existing infections and also them intaken by Ixodes that feed on them that then fight off the pathogens in Ixodes,immunise them and add the immunity genes via CRISPR and the genes and microbes passing from one generation to the next via eggs and advanced gene drive technology.This method of allow microbes in mammalian vectors intaken by Ixodes
then immunising them and adding genes via CRISPR that make them produce their own antibodies passed onto future generations via advanced gene drive technology would allow entire populations of Ixodes in an area that carry these parasites and viruses be indirectly immunised and given CRISPR treatments to be unable to carry them with Phanes designing genes from scratch to immunise and be unable to harbour the viruses and parasites and Cas-9 and taq polymerase used to identify when they are intaken by Ixodes and biosynth wifi used to track progress and allow Pan control all actions remotely.It can be cheaper than rearing whole generations of genetically altered Ixodes that would be much more difficult than rearing whole generations of genetically altered P.leucopus,O.virginianus that due to their faster breeding rates,motility would be easier to interbreed than Ixodes that can move very slowly and cant fly with the same applied to other haematophages of mammals or all species of animals.This can be replicated with all wildlife that carry zoonotic parasites and pathogens.Parasites of humans including Cestoda etc can also be dealt the same way with both humans and livestock immunised directly or through CRISPR.This can be done by inoculating the Mus and O.virginianus by biosynth arthropods or by hand or even releasing large amounts of inoculated and/or engineered animals with again them contain microbes that immunise them and also are intaken by the Ixodes and then immunises them as well as using horizontal gene transfer make them and any offspring unable to harbour these pathogens thus wiping it out from the genepool of all vectors.This can be replicated on all animals that act as vectors of zoonoses for humans,pets,livestock and other wild animals with humans,pets and livestock also immunised against the zoonoses.This can be applied to similar zoonoses and diseases that affect livestock,pets and wild animals with also used to kill off diseases that affect wild animals to prevent unnecessary suffering or affecting populations of native animals such as Columbidae,Mustelidae etc.Phanes will extrapolate CRISPR treatments to add immunities and thus create antibodies to different pathogens and parasites.

•To deal with crop pests as detailed earlier on trans and cis genics can be used to confer repellence to pests to them with a crop engineered to repel all pests that may affect them.Otherwise pests can be engineered to attack other non crop plants with the possibility of plant non modified plants and crops in the wild while those grown for human consumption are not affected in order to ensure the species of pest doesnt die out and led to unknown environmental and ecological problems and unnecessary extinction with its DNA used for research for engineering other beneficial organisms.This would also allow for the crop to grow in the wild to increase genetic diversity in the wild.

•To deal with flying social insects one can use fake nests to repel insects such as Hymenoptera.To deal with these and other insects such as flies one can plant carnivorous plants such as Nepenthes,Dionaea muscipula and Drosera plants indoors and outside.Spraying pheromones around them or genetically engineering these plants to produce pheromones for specific insects or large groups of pest insects(and even small mammals such as mice) such as hornets,Culicidae can aid in them attracting and consuming specific pests to humans and crops while not attracting and thus killing off beneficial insects.Advances in robotics and nanotechnology will allow for robotic and bio-synth Isoptera and Hymenoptera that can infiltrate nests and spray poisons onto larvae,eggs and the queen or directly kill them thus killing off colonies or otherwise they can move them to an area uninhabited by humans such as woods or parks.They could also inject them with microbes that cause them to die off by causing major organs to undergo apoptosis or release poisons into them.Plants especially ornamental plants can be engineered to produce both a pheromone specific to a pest to attract them as well as a pesticide specific to them to kill them(but non toxic to humans or beneficial insects) when they land on it or feed from it.Carnivorous plants like Drosera and D.muscipula etc can be engineered to produce only the pheromone for that pest and not beneficial insects and be separate species with miniature versions that can be indoors the size of small trees that can be fed in vitro meat and/or reared insects as well as catch insects that enter through windows.Otherwise fitting them with biocompatible microbes and nanomachines that detect human and wifi can allow for social insects such as Hymenoptera to avoid areas that humans inhabit and even avoid humans in the wilderness thus limiting human deaths they can even help humans by attacking threats as well and pollinate crops.

•To deal with invasive species of Formicidae and Isoptera molten aluminium can be poured in the entrance and used to kill off colonies while at the same time creating a piece of art for the living room.Otherwise ant baits which can be homemade can be utilized to kill off large sections of the colony.Further advances in robotics and nanotechnology will allow for smaller ant sized drones that uses pheromones to infiltrate colonies safely and spread poisons and/or diseases directly onto larvae and eggs and onto both the king and queen causing the colony to eventually die off or as stated earlier direct them including the queen and king to new nests and breeding grounds away from human settlements such as in forests,jungles and uninhabited areas including nature reserves and parks not inhabited by humans using pre made nests made by robots.The sterile male and daughterless offspring technique could be employed in the mating season to kill them off during this pivotal period eliminating populations in an area.Otherwise they including the queens can be harvested for human consumption with robotic diggers used to dig deep into the nests of Isoptera and ants or the bio-synths using pheromones to move them to traps especially drones and soldiers making it easier to harvest the king and queen.

•Both native species of pest Isoptera and Hymenoptera can also be dealt with biosynth versions infiltrating their nests and moving them deep into forests,jungles and woodlands where they would unable to affect humans.This would involve them using pheramones etc to move them into the wilderness or can allow the queen to be located and then phycially moved by humans in protective gear to a newly constructed nest underground or on trees.

In the case of invasive and pest plant species the following can be adopted with drones scouring an area routinely to report where they are in the wilderness and urban areas:

•Harvesting them for human and livestock consumption and as a replacement for conventional textiles.This can be automated or done by hand.This is ideal as it puts the plant to good use and should be the bulk of containment measures.This can even include Fallopia japonica,Pueraria montana which are difficult to get rid of but rather than destroyed by herbicides etc can be harvested season after season for salads,wines etc and feed for livestock since they grow very fast with fields and buildings covered by it harvested by machinery.These can be inoculated with microbes to make the leaves produced be the same as any type of leafy greens and herbs and also produce exotic fruit and flowers as well as exhibit bioluminescene with the fruit,leafy green and flowers produced changed at any time.This would allow once the first harvesting of the plant allow for abundance of the crops in meadow and grassland farms with this applied only to where they are an invasive species and even places they have not colonised with those in their native country have hybrids that are separate species created.Toxic plants would be pyrolysised or them inoculated with microbes that remove toxins and create new phenotypes such as different coloured leaves to indicate they have the toxin removed.This would be ideal as it it will ensure abundance of these crops with this allowing land used to grow these crops be reforested or turned into permaculture meadow farms

•Use of species specific diseases including genetically engineered bacteria bacteria,fungi,or viruses.Genetic engineering can allow for microbes to specifically attack invasive plants and not native species or block mutations that would allow that to occur.Furthermore other native plants can be engineered to be resistant to them with general unalterd microbes with all plants in an area or country made resistant to an existing disease that attacks all plants and this released to the wild.These can be introduced by robots that spray a mixture of one or more of these micro-organisms onto the plants or the air around them.These could be microbes that attack only the invasive species that causes cells in vital areas such as the roots and leaves to undergo apoptosis or cause them to be sterile limiting their growth with if possible these microbes containing DNA from Agrobacterium tumefaciens and specific genes to make them attack only the desired invasive plant but not native plants once spread into the soil or on the leaves as a mist similar to how glysophate is transported and also proteins including those from the plant to allow them to hide from any immune responses,signals or immunities.This could also stimulate tumourgensis killing the plant in the same as cancer does in humans,cause the plants cell walls to be dissolved by natural compounds including lactic acid etc with it even as stated cause the roots and leaves cells and tissues to undergo apoptosis both all at once and even block out their normal functions causing the plant to wilt and die with if possible them applying natural herbicides.The pathogen will be a variation of those that already affect only it only made deadlier and will have the ability to mutate into those that affect others edited out via advanced gene drive technology.Native fungal,viral and bacterial of the invasive plant from the original country of origin can be used as a baseline as well as those of cousin species that have not invaded the area with them engineered to only attack and kill the invasive species and unable to mutate to affect native plants with them acting like microbes housed in protein coats to trick the plant into ignoring and thus have a 100% success rate.Oncoviruses in humans will be adapted to only affect them or have DNA from them added to the pathogen and thus cause tumorgenisis in the plant.Otherwise one can be made from scratch with if need be pathogens if native plants used as a baseline that can be edited to the point that it no longer affects the original plant but the invasive species with its ability to mutate edited out and attack only the invasive plant.It could inhibit the plants ability to carry out photosynthesis,inhibit water/nitrogen/phosphorous/copper intake and more importantly make the plants sterile and unable to create viable seeds,pollen,stigma and ovule or at least those that have defects unable to survive the climate and soils.They will be acting like human pathogens as detailed earlier on that attack and decimate the immune system,make the plant sterile unable to reproduce by attacking the ovule,stigma and add genes that prevent them creating pollen,synthesising natural herbicides and even synthetic ones like glysophate etc in large amounts at the root,leaves with them also inhibiting the plants ability to carry out photsynthesis,create pollen,absorb essential nutrients by creating natural and synthetic compounds and even gene therapy or attacking parts of the plant that will cause the plant to eventually die out.Having it be a single one that carries out all of these at once will improve virulance and death rates with aforementioned human pathogens added to the model alongside scratch DNA to do all this.If possible they could contain protein coats of the plant thus be like biocompatible microbes that apply CRISPR treatments that make the plants sterile and unable to create pollen or ovules and thus unable to be fertilised or fertilise other plants and even cause defects such as those that make it unable to be able to carry out metabolic reactions and prevent the plant from absorbing key nutrients such as nitrogen,phosphorus,carbon dioxide and also copper and sulphur by removing genes that give them this ability as well as the ability to carry out metabolic processes by preventing them able to store or synthesise sugars and carbohydrates ,with it also preventing them being able to carry out photosynthesis by removing genes that create chlorophyll and allow it to carry out photosynthesis and thus die off very quickly.These pathogens or microbes can also be able to apply CRISPR treatments sulu has as suicide genes that cause large amounts of tissues in the leaves,roots etc to undergoe apoptosis killing the plant with it also It can be engineered to induce tumorgenesis in the leaves,roots etc killing the plant through cancer.These will be grown in water solutions and then be able to enter the specific plant via the roots or even pores in the leaves with them engineered to only affect the desired species.This can allow it to be spread by aeroplanes over a large area of wilderness similar to crop dusting used to apply pesticides to crops as well as biosynths and water/fertiliser drones.It can be made airborne and spread via pollinators unaffected by it and as stated new engineered ones that can only feed or pollinate the invasive plant thus it dynamics g out when the plant die off.These can be spread fertiliser drones or variations of fertilizer bots,KUKA bots and robots used to spray paint robots in factories attached to a mobile body in time bio-synths will allow for robots modelled off insects that directly inject these virus,fungi,bacteria directly into the stems,leaves and bark.In time arthropod biosynths can spread it and inject into each plant with drones and aeroplanes used to spray discovered colonies of the plants and areas where it is know to reside including rivers,wilderness and suburbs.Biosynth insects that can live forever and house the ability to carry the pathogen,microbes that can undergone mitosis in them to keep levels constantly high can track the plant based on audio/visual seeking,sensing pheromones and using known GPS locations can inject large amounts of them into each plant and leave enough in them to undergo mitosis.Pollinators can be released that harbour it and release it during pollination by touch etc that interbreed with wild insects that pass the pathogen down each generation.The pathogen can work on the same principle as the O.unilateralis pathogen that would be used to kill invasive Hymoneptera by once in it has infected a plant will form large masses on the surface and internal circulatory systems and tissues of the plant and stay in the ground and spread over large areas the plant has colonised will kill all plants it infects but will act in a symbiotic relationship with native plants improving soil quality thus keeping the area sterile of the invasive species for years or even decades with again once the desired plant has been killed off it will be tracked down and destroyed itself using the same measures with it spread via fertiliser drones and also aeroplanes and even pollinators that act as carriers that spread from insect to insect and thus only to the desired plant they pollinate thus covering large areas of wilderness wiping them out and preventing them growing there again as if they do grow there by seeds dispersed then they will die off as seeds or when they germinate.With regards to Rhondedndron and other invasive plants that forms symbiotic relationships with that also clears the area of native plants the pathogen will kill of these as well.They will spread as stated by flowers on the fungal mass that will attract pollinators that will then spread to the desired plant via them similar to pollen with in the case of native Apidae they will spread from insect to insect thus increasing its chances to spread.This will again affect only the invasive plant.Pests of the plant could be released that house the spores that are passed from one generation to the next similar to microbes or they can be again customised new species that only feed on and/or pollinate with the plant passed on from one generation to the next that can be solitary or eusocial ones that will die off once the plants die off.The fungal mass may also use dehiscence via exploding pods to spread across the area over large areas.The pathogen whether viral,bacterial and fungal can be programmed using Cas-9 and taq polymerase to read the DNA of cells in a animal it infects and only attack the animal if they contain specific genetic sequences store of DNA digital storage thus making them proto or hybrid microbes that will using biosynth wifi communicate with Pan on every instance of an infection in the desired animal and then kill it off.Further advances in genetic engineering using CRISPR and gene drives can prevent them mutating and thus effecting other beneficial or native species or even becoming zoo noses through suicide genes that would kill them off after a certain amount of generations or gene drives that prevent mutations.Native plants would also once given fully functioning immune systems can be immunised against all possible strains.Phanes will design these pathogens for each species of invasive animal and make sure they have genes present that prevent them mutating and affecting not just humans but also other native species meaning they will only affect the desired invasive species.Phanes and Pan will design these pathogens for each species of invasive animal with them printed out at home and farms and also even wilderness areas and them spread into the plant via culturing them and then mixed with water and spread by watering cans and even drones.Since engineered not to mutate and affect native species through advanced gene drive technologies the pathogens will die out once all invasive species die out or at least form endospores that only awaken if the invasive species returns.Thus the ability to read the hosts genome from base microbes or the pathogen using the same principle as them will be present in these and them have gene drives to prevent them mutating with them undergoing mitosis in large numbers in specific carrier species that come in close contact with the plant and also the invasive species themselves with them only causing infections,damage and death in the target species and not in carrier ones with in the case of other native species them engineered to undergoe apoptosis.The pathogen especially the fungal O.unilateralis can house biosynth WiFi to denote how many plants have been infected etcand their GPS location.GPS location of plants will be determined by large fleets of drones and volunteers in protective clothing scanning large areas of wilderness they are known to reside in them then have their GPS location added to Pan with citizens told by local authorities to detail to Pan and proto groups the location of any plants of any invasive species they know of at home or in the wilderness to them and then allow drones to be sent there.Bio synths modelled after arthropods can be used to aid in this by injecting microbes that apply this to living plants with living plants also modified via microbes injected via water solutions into the roots.

•Use of species specific pests for the invasive species.Again genetic engineering may allow for the creation of new pests that can only tolerate or digest that specific invasive plants sap and organic matter meaning once the invasive plant is gone the pest will die out from starvation.Other sap or organic matter from other plants including native ones would either kill it,be repulsive to it or they simply wouldnt be able to digest it.To prevent these insects from becoming a problem once the plant species has died out aforementioned techniques detailed earlier on to deal with invasive insects can be carried out such as sterile male technique etc or they can be engineered to only produce a set amount generations.Furthermore native insects can be engineered to consume the invasive plant alongside their native ones with the possibility of native pests of crops and ornamental plants engineered only to be able to consume the invasive plants sap and matter with everything else being toxic thus when the plant dies out the pests will die out too of starvation or this could overtime if native pests of crops such as Aphidoidea are engineered to be able to feed only on the sap or matter of invasive plant while repellance is added to the crops they normally feed and allow both the invasive plant and insect pests exist in a stable equilibrium not affecting the ecosystem with the pest not going extinct and the invasive plant also kept under control.Endangered species of insects can also be engineered to feed on invasive weeds alongside their native foods.This would allow pests of crops and endangered insects not go extinct and ensure the invasive plant is kept under control and keep pests and endangered species and invasive species in a stable equilibrium.If theses pests manage to evolve the aforementioned techniques mentioned above can be used to wipe them out.The sensory apparatus of these pests will be modified to only detect the desired invasive plants pheramomes,petals etc.Robots can also be applied to harbour and inject bacteria,fungi and viruses into the body of the plant.Bio-synth animals or insects that can eat and consume organic matter of specified plants and also bore into the stem or bark and then eat it inside out.

•Animal grazing can also play in the form of livestock or animals imported in from where the plant originates.This can be easier to handle than insects as they can be held during grazing microchipped and thus tracked via GPS should they escape preventing them getting loose.The animal through genetic engineering be made immune to any poisonous compounds present in the plant and even be able to tolerate it.The plants could also be harvested by hand or robot to provide food for pets and livestock and in certain cases even humans once made immune to toxins present via CRISPR.For invasive plants that are toxic to animals and humans then bio-synths will in time be able to consume the plant for energy without problems or CRISP can be used to create non toxic variants that pollinated by hand or in time bio synth insects in programmed pollination that pollinates it with those from nearby planted version with gene drives making the removal of toxins permanent.

•The harvested plants can be pyrolysised and used for graphene,diamonds etc

•Robots similar to KUKA robots that have saws attached to them to cut up thick plants followed by robots to those used in paint spraying cars with mobile bodies or even drones that can spray glyphosate onto the remaining leaves and stems or pre and post emergent herbicides in the soil below allowing the herbicide into the stems more easily allowing the roots to be killed.Robots with syringe like protrusions can inject glyphosate directly into invasive plants can increase efficacy while at the same time prevent native species from being effected.These can also be followed with robots that dig up/plough the soil after the glyphosate has affected all of the roots and then a pre-emergence herbicide,fungicides etc can be applied routinely to prevent re-emergence or in the case of plants that also harbour invasive microbes including fungi that have symbiotic relationships that damage the soil or environment that prevent native plants from growing it can be followed with spraying the soil with fungicides and bactericides or biocompatible microbes that introduce suicide genes to fully cleanse the area such as the case of Rhondedndron genus in the wild.Rhondedndron in the wild and in homes as ornamental plants will be engineered including live plants to not require as well as even kill of symbiotic fungi.Any native plants and even crops can be engineered to be resistant to glyphosate using recombinant DNA from A.tumefaciens with all grasses as well as fauna in lakes and nearby lakes and rivers also have this applied to them via them inoculated by microbes.

•Research must also be done to replicate the sterile male technique with plants so that after each season plants with only female parts mate with sterile male plants.This may not be as effective with animals such as insects but it can at least slow their spread and population growth.Bio synths modelled after arthropods can be used to aid in this by injecting microbes that apply this to living plants with living plants also modified via microbes injected via water solutions into the roots.

•Lethal gene technique also used in maintaining animal populations can cause most or all of the offspring of a plant to die off.Terminator seed techniques currently used by agro-corporations can used to this end by introducing the terminator genes into the gene pool.Microbes or pathogens specific to the species will be able to apply this.Bio synths modelled after arthropods can be used to aid in this by injecting microbes that apply this to living plants with living plants also modified via microbes injected via water solutions into the roots.

•Daughterless or sonless offspring technique can also be applied.Since most plants contain flowers that contain both male and female parts this technique could theoretically create offspring that have flowers that produce only pollen and no ovules or vice versa.Again this may not be as effective with animals such as insects but it can at least slow their spread and population growth with live plants altered by biosynth or pest vectors or even water in the soil to carry microbes to make the plant unable to produce either only one or none of them.Microbes or pathogens specific to the species will be able to apply this.Bio synths modelled after arthropods can be used to aid in this by injecting microbes that apply this to living plants with living plants also modified via microbes injected via water solutions into the roots.

•Genetically engineering via CRISPR can allow the permanent removal of disease resistance as well as introduce mutations that make the species less tolerant of its new habitats climate i.e. making them more susceptible to droughts,frosts and wet weather etc. or introducing genes into the genepool that slow their growth and spread or by introducing gene(s) that cause deformities.They can be altered via CRISPR using microbes to have their ideal growing conditions changed to be different than their normal ranges etc ie if they have invaded a temperate or tropical  region they can be given DNA that only allows them to only grow in desert like conditions,grow only in artic conditions with their ability to grow in temperatures they normally can survive removed ie they can now only grow in a small temperature range that is only either above or below the climate of the area they have colonised or unsble to survive winters or heavy rains etc with Phanes managing this.Thus their ideal thermoregulatory range will be changed via gene therapy or inbreeding as they would now perish in conditions they would normally be able to.All native plants and crops could by made resistant to general diseases and viruses which can be spread in the area.Microbes or pathogens specific to the species will be able to apply this.Bio synths modelled after arthropods can be used to aid in this by injecting microbes that apply this to living plants with living plants also modified via microbes injected via water solutions into the roots.

Rather than simply pursuing only one method of control which has a limited effect, using all of these together can increase the efficacy of wiping out a species of pest or invasive species of invasive animals from a region,country or even the globe as each one has drawbacks and limitations which can aided by each other.3D DNA printing will more accurately create diseases to wipe out pests and create the sterile male techniques and other genetic based techniques to deal with invasive species and pests using blank sperm,eggs,seeds etc and will be able to create millions or even billions in large batches.3D DNA printers can be used in creating billions of genetically distinct males used to carry out sterile male technique,daughterless offspring techniques and lethal gene techniques and them have anti-ageing techniques that allow them to live several years longer or have the same anti-ageing treatments as humans thus increasing the amount of females they interact with to further reduce numbers with this not lasting forever or biocompatible microbes present in them that can using biosynth wifi allow their populations and locations to be tracked and thus actually shut these anti-ageing treatments off after a set period of time.CRISPR,advanced gene drive technology and can produce much more viable males etc that using advanced gene drive technology ensure all faults,sterility and desired gender will be passed onto each generation with all animals used housing microbes that utilise biosynth WiFi to allow their locations to be monitored and genome altered.Pan can be used to carry out simulations of the effects of these programmes on the ecosystem especially in the case of native pests such as crop and tree pests and haematophages over decades or even centuries.Sterile male techniques and others that wipe out entire populations should be used only for invasive species with native pests that affect humans,pets,livestock,crops,wild plants etc altered to be unable to feed on them with unaltered crops,plants or animals etc created from scratch and grown in the wilderness to prevent their extinction and that of their predators.An example would be Aphidoidea as detailed earlier on which would be engineered to feed on invasive plants and weeds including those made into large tree hybrids and planted in stable numbers to ensure they dont go extinct that would ensure it will still exist to prevent the extinction of Coccinellidae which could have drastic effects on the worlds ecosystem with this also negating the need for pesticides and also herbicides as they would now aid farmers and consume weeds.Invasive species may be the only ones wiped out via pathogens etc as they can decimate the balance of the ecosystem they invaded and damage agricultural output.The use of localised manufacturing and agriculture will prevent new invasive species entering foreign ecosystems and also prevent old ones reentering their invaded areas once wiped out.Although it may require much effort on a potentially global scale it will within the coming decades lead to higher success rates and maximum elimination of both pests and invasive species.These steps can also apply to pests,diseases and parasites that affect pets,livestock and beneficial insects such as bees ie.Chrysops,Oestridae,Varrora destructor as well as animals from all taxonomic ranks such as Aves,Mammalia,Reptilia such as rats and Columbidae in New York.It can even be used to wipe out parasites of humans,pets,livestock and even wild animals such as Naegleria fowleri,Cestoda,Ancylostoma duodenale,Dracunculus medinensis.If possible pests and parasites can be engineered to become herbivores as well as feed on decomposing matter similar to Oligochaetes.Furthermore most of the labour intensive work can be automated with advances in artificial intelligence,robotics bioinformatics,virus vectors and genetics.Advances in AI particularly Gaia can allow for the best combination as well as the the success rate of each combination or even the likelihood of failure and unintended consequences.All of this can apply to home farms,community farms,forest farms and forests used for rearing wood and other areas that a pest may be unwanted.Drones can patrol wilderness and forests to recognise the unique pheromones,noises,visual of all possible animals connected to Physis in Artemis to detect any invasive species in the wild.Ideally native pests should be reduced in numbers in a region and moved to uninhabited regions or even altered to feed on different plants including invasive plants and weeds or have them engineered to be unable to feed on the plant or crop but rather unaltered versions planted in wilderness as well as new species of crops and plants created solely in the wilderness that are made to keep them alive,preventing their extinction and thus that of their predators to prevent unnecessary extinctions of them that could have major consequences on the ecosystem.This can be replicated with almost any pests to plants,crops,livestocks,pets and even human.Also crops and livestock can be engineered to repel pests or unable to harbour them with unaltered crops and pests being planted and left to roam in the wild to provide them with a food source while those that are grown for human consumption reared in farms to prevent extinctions.Invasive species should ideally be returned to their native ecosystem by any means possible.Any method using genetic engineering should be monitored closely to prevent the genes that can cause diseases,mutations,sterility,miscarriages or produce only one gender to accidentally jump from the pest or invasive species to native or beneficial species.One method to prevent this would be to insert genes that could prevent this from happening into the native species genepool beforehand to ensure that prevents this from happening in the first place or rear a large number of them in captivity in recirculating aquaculture systems,birds in aviaries,insects in vertical farms,mammals in community farms and zoos while using CRISPRs ability to produce an unlimited amount of individuals from a single strand stored in frozen embryos to ensure the population is kept stable in captivity if populations of native species dwindle in wild and reintroduce them into their habitat once the invasive species or pest has died out.Furthermore any projects to deal with invasive species must be done in tandem with methods to keep the species in its native habitat secure in captivity with editing of DNA to create new individuals.For example using the daughterless method in Asian Carp in America should be done in tandem with breeding the species in Asia in recirculating aquaculture systems to prevent extinction should some of the genetically modified carp accidentally ends up in Asia and spreads this to native populations with the possibility even more likely when involving small mammals,birds and insects that can easily move back to their native habitats either by migration or even stowing away on aeroplanes and boats.As stated earlier either large scale hunting projects to replace hunting native endangered species and research in to preventing the spread of extinction causing genes entering into non targeted species using further genetic research.The DNA of all native pests and invasive should be input into Physis within Artemis to keep their DNA on file should they go extinct for use in lazarus programs and also genetic hybrids and using specific genes for new species.

Like with invasive animals these steps for invasive plants must be done in conjunction with each other to ensure maximum efficacy and can be heavily automated with a combination of drones,biosynths,Brauron,Silviaterra and satellites can be used in combination to both find invasive plants and monitoring progress alongside drones and bio-sythns equipped with thermal imaging and other software/cameras/sensors that detect distinctive pollen or pheromones from them and even plant recognition software.These would routinely scour farms,urban areas and wilderness to find these and alert communities to their presence of invasive plants and their GPS location sent to Pan.These would be the same drones that do so to detect invasive animal species.3D DNA printers can be used in creating billions of genetically distinct males used to carry out sterile male technique,daughterless offspring techniques and lethal gene techniques and them have anti-ageing techniques that allow them to live several years longer or have the same anti-ageing treatments as humans thus increasing the amount of females they interact with to further reduce numbers with this not lasting forever or biocompatible microbes present in them that can using biosynth wifi allow their populations and locations to be tracked and thus actually shut these anti-ageing treatments off after a set period of time.Bio synths modelled on arthropods and Aves can be developed that can transmit certain genetic deformities via pollen or pathogens specific to them through touch and and injection via proboscis.Drones will patrol all wilderness and rural areas etc for and detect any invasive plants and relay their GPS location to Artemis and Pan that will carry out automated measures via drones,robots and biosynths.
Invasive fungal,bacterial and viral pathogens of wild and ornamental plants as well as native ones ie Phytophthora ramorum can be dealt with in time by at least 2029-2045 biocomaptible microbes inoculated via injection into stem,bark or via watering the roots with a mixture of microbes that can attack them in the same way as in humans using antiviral,antibacterial and antifungal compounds as well as CRISPR treatments.The microbes can via using CRISPR can give all plants a primative or fully functional immune system similar to humans via gene drive technology and using the common proteins method immunising strains that can allow them to be immunised against all viral,bacterial and fungal pathogens with this applying to even live plants in gardens and the wild.Native pest plants wil be dealt with pest insects etc engineered to consume them instead of crops thus negating the need for pesticides and herbicides and would be planted in stable numbers to prevent each of them going extinct.Invasive species may be the only ones wiped out via pathogens etc as they can decimate the balance of the ecosystem they invaded and damage agricultural output.The use of localised manufacturing and agriculture will prevent new invasive species entering foreign ecosystems and also prevent old ones reentering their invaded areas once wiped out.

The software within Artemis that would carry out and organise pest and invasive species removal programs worldwide would be called Pan after the Greek spirits of pestilence and disease and would be sentient.This steps to de with invasive species of plants and animals should be done not only to existing invasive species on Earth but also those that become invasive species in the future especially of species of animals from across the universe are transported intentionally or unintentionally to other other planets across the universe including Earth that is if insects,mammals and birds etc are transported to Earth or other planets from other colonised and escape into the wild or if those from Earth escape into the wild on other planets then these same measures will be carried out to wipe them out of the ecosystems they have invaded.Strict containment protocols will prevent specie becoming invasive species across the universe such as having pets implanted to Allie their GPS location to be ascertained and preventing animals and crops escaping gardens,farms etc