Medication Strains

Medication Strains:
A strain of microbes could also produce morphine and other painkillers on demand or when severe pain is detected by them and the nanomachines.Natural painkillers like Salicin,acetylsalicylic acid,morphine using recombinant DNA from relevant plants,animals and anabolic and catabolic reactions would be synthesised in the affected areas only to prevent overdosing and also synergistic interactions with them travelling to the affected area quickly via interactions with the nervous system and thus apply minute amounts and would thus make all painkillers obsolete.Certain strains or implants could merge with the human nervous system or bio synthetic implants connected to the nervous system could transmit wirelessly to these strains to signal when and where pain is detected and its severity and when or if to apply painkillers in correct amounts at the exact site.This would prevent overdosing and possibly synergistic effects as the painkillers would be applied at the receptors on the nervous system on the exact site of pain with neural implants relaying the location of the pain.If possible strains that create painkillers would do this with if possible them on demand removing the relevant genes that create the neurotransmitter Substance P in certain situations and then turn it back on by readding the relevant genes when wanted thus making a person immune and unable to feel pain especially in cases where pain is unbearable,can cause a person to pass out or during surgery to counteract any times that a person may not be fully asleep and able to feel pain.This would be done to those who suffer chronic pain.Acetylsalicylic acid and morphine can be produced on demand to deal with blood thickening,headaches,pain in any part of the body including chronic pain.Thus natural and synthetic painkillers would be synthesised by recombinant DNA and anabolic and catabolic reactions onsite of neurotransmitters onsite of only where pain is felt to prevent overdoseing.Chronic pain can also countered by CRIPSR and other compounds that treat and remedy the nervous system or even replace them with new young nervous tissue once causing them to undergo apoptosis or removing genes in nervous cells that create substance P and other problems.This will also be a strain that creates natural and synthetic compounds to treat everday maladies such as constipation,depression,zits,rashes,edema etc.Tinnitus can be treated by a combination of gene therapy that repair genetic mutations,stem cell cell strains that repair any damaged nerves and also parts of the eardrum etc and also natural and synthetic compounds created by this strain.

Natural compounds and even neurotransmiters and hormones present in humans,plants and animals that treat pain,fever,diabetes,stomach cramps,rheumatism,acid reflux,edema,depression,manic depression,post martem depression as well as mood swings and irritability associated with menstruation and stress,hemorrhoids,gout,poisons,bee/wasp/nettle and other plant and animals stings,insomnia,dry coughs,heartburn,acid reflux,chesty coughs,rashes,allergies,pimples,hives,zits,blemishes and moles acne and all dermatological problems,inflammation and also the symptoms of injury and infection or internal problems alongside them creating diuretics that can be created by them by adding the relevant genes from each plant,animal or even part of the human genome and them created in the required area underneath the skin or next to the organs tissues in vivo that are affected by the aforementioned problems in levels decided by Paean on demand.Constipation can be dealt with them creating natural laxatives for example from cellulose created by the microbes or natural laxatives such as castor oil,Senna occidentalis can also be prepared on demand.The colon can be coated in mucus via microbes or even through engineering through CRISPR using scratch DNA and that from both animals and plants etc added to the genome in cells in the small and large intestines of patients that create that is in such low amounts as to stay there and not be transferred to allow the entire colon walls to be unable to retain feces after defecation allowing all of it that normally stays in the small,large intestine and anal cavity to be flushed out during defecating and not stay behind eliminating coliforms from there preventing infections due to tears and also eliminate tumours forming their with it also eliminating the need for toilet paper,jets attached to toilets and could mean that patients who routinely suffer constipation and those that practice anal sex would never have to douche or clean the anal cavity to perform anal sex especially homosexuals in the bottom position and would also mean that feces could theoretically be sterile preventing the spread of the coliforms and cutting down on energy costs in sewage treatment plants with these alterations also removing existing waste present with this possibly done after it is cleared using the same laxative prescribed prior to colonoscopies taken orally through liquid solution or these laxatives can be created in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract by microbes gathering there and creating it in large numbers.If possible the mucus can be released after chemical signals from microbes that cause it to be released in the wall lining in manner that it is released out of the body alongside existing layers of feces on the colon wall.This mucus through scratch DNA created by Phanes could be produced all at once by the colon via chemical signals from microbes to remove existing feces and itself instantly similar to laxatives and also in response to peristalsis to clear out new feces entering it in a natural controlled manner without the same effects as laxatives with it would constantly line the large intestine after that.Since the colon/large intestine does not involve the exchange of nutrients this may be possible with it also allowing for standing gradient osmosis to continue to occur or have via engineering and microbes have this done in the small intestine and also changing the internal tissues of the large intestine to change to form fibrils unable to accumulate feces could also be done with gut flora still remain or be deposited into the small intestine with biotin and vitamin K synthesised by the body itself via engineering using recombinant DNA from bacteria.Any feces lodged in the small and large intestines would never get stuck or be lodged in them ever again as the mucus would force the feces along the gastrointestinal tract constantly preventing constipation.The large intestine and the colon including the entire anal cavity could be engineered to only have this occur or thus could extend to the entire small intestine with it still able to carry out other functions such as absorption of nutrients etc with microbes aiding in these functions.The mucus would thus be able via signals from microbes through signals initiated Paean it being produced naturally by the patient in the lower gastro-intestinal tract will be flushed out of the body and then carry excess waste feces into toilets and be produced all the time to prevent feces building up on the anus,anal cavity,colon,large intestine negating the need for douching,colon cleanses and possibly even toilet paper with Phanes and Paean researching genes to produce a mucus that can do this and not affect the host.Ideally this mucus would be produced 24/7,365 once the gastrointestinal tract is cleared to prevent the large intestine,anal cavity and possible small intestine retain feces and thus prevent feces sticking to it thus making it entirely clean and negate the need for laxatives,douching,colon cleanses and even negate the need for using toilet paper ever again to keep ones anal cavity etc clean with it produced via gene therapy using scratch DNA extrapolated by Phanes or that from relevant plant and animals applied after the patients gastro-intestinal tract has be fully cleared out by them consuming synthetic laxitives used to clear the gastric-intestinal tract of all feces including those used prior to colonoscopies and microbes breaking down exces feces in the gastrointestinal tract and anal cavity with these laxatives ordered in from Telesphorus factories and even synthesised by microbes in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract via anabolic and catabolic reactions.This mucus could act as a natural lubricant with it not affecting the small and large intestines ability in absorbing nutrients and other important functions and could only be produced only in the large intestine or even just the anal cavity and rectum and possibly sigmoid colon with any functions that the large intestine has in nutrient absorption transferred by gene therapy to the small intestine or even have the mucus enhance the functions of the large intestine with it produced by them after the patient has cleared their body of all residual feces by consuming or having microbes synthesise the same synthetic laxatives through anabolic and catabolic reactions used prior to colonoscopies to ensure the they are fully clean.This would eliminate constipation forever and thus any problems associated with it forever including the formation polyps that can develop into bowel cancer as the mucus would act as a lubricant that constantly encourages the feces to move along the gastro-intestinal tract smoothly constantly even if one is on a low fibre diet thus preventing constipation and similar gastro-intestinal problems forever if produced by the entire gastrointestinal tract including the anal cavity.It would also negate the need for women as well as both homosexual and bisexual men who perform in the bottom position in anal sex to ever have to douche,clean their anus,consume laxatives or even be restricted from eating several hours or days before performing anal sex ever again as any feces that exists the anal cavity would be flushed out along with the bulk and unable to stick to the anal cavity which would be unable to retain feces and thus the anal cavity would never have to be cleaned.This would also negate the need for toilet paper ever again as the anal cavity would be forever be cleaned since unable to retain feces.The entire gastrointestinal tract would thus be able to produce it thus preventing constipation and the need for toilet paper,laxatives snd douching ever again with it made to not only be unable to inhibit the absorption of nutrients and standing gradient osmosis but in fact aid in both the digestion and absorption of nutrients etc with it also producing enzymes etc that aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients that also degrades inedible material in feces into more nutrients.Patients may need to use toliet paper to clean the outer rim of the anal cavity but If possible Phanes and Paean may be able to develop countermeasures.This could also act as a natural lubricant for the anal cavity negating the need for lube to be applied to the penis during anal sex for homosexual men.The small intestines or large intestines can be modified via turning genes on/off or chemical signals to be able contract at certain points just above the anal cavity or anywhere to hold the feces in place during the day such as when exercising,during sex etc with the primary immune system immunised against all coliforms and the fibrils responsible of nutrient absorption in the small intestine unable to absorb the feces or pathogens or this occurring in the upper half of the large intestine preventing sepsis.Measures will be made to ensure that feces can stay and be held in certain parts of the gastrointestinal tract for extended periods of time say a few days without being flushed out of the body due to gravity,anal sex or exercise etc without it resulting in sepsis etc and then have through strains of microbes or body produce extra mucus or laxatives that flushes out the excess built up feces in one go or multiple separate gos depending on how big it is to prevent it building up in the gastrointestinal tract.This can include biosynth implants along the entire gastrointestinal tract interacting with muscles and neurone as part of it.Paean can have the microbes interact with regions of the brain that control hunger that give a persons stomach a sense of fullness making them feel bloated similar to how one feels after eating a large or even small meal thus preventing them consuming too much extra food thus preventing feces building up in the gastrointestinal tract with if possible microbes in the stomach and the rest of the gastrointestinal tract with acidophile and alkanophile DNA to allow them to survive these areas break down undigested material that is converted into feces through directly consuming them or producing compounds that do break them that normally turns into waste pre feces material or even feces material in the small and large intestine into sugars and proteins that can be absorbed through capillaries in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract thus lowering exponentially the amount of feces one produces everytime one eats or eliminate it altogether.The material can be broken down in the stomach or small intestine by microbes breaking them down directly by consuming them or even the microbes creating enzymes and natural compounds both existing ones from plants and animals that are able to do this using recombinant DNA or new ones created by scratch DNA or via anabolic and catabolic reactions creating synthetic compounds that allow proteins,fibre etc to be turned into more base nutrients that can be fully absorbed by the small intestine and large intestine and even stomach via capillaries present meaning by the time it reaches the colon all of the waste will be absorbed into the bloodstream to feed the blood and also biosynth implants and biocompatible microbes.Thus the microbes can take an active role in breaking down inedible waste that comprises of feces by consuming it directly and creating enzymes and new and existing compounds that break down the material into base nutrients by undergoing mass replication and covering the waste as a large mass starting in the stomach with ideally it first breaking down the material to break it down into base nutrients that can be released into the bloodstream as sugars,proteins and fats that then can be absorbed by the body,implants and microbes and excess excreted by the body as urine.Mucus produced by the gastrointestinal tract can contain enzymes etc that aid in this digestion alongside those created by the microbes.The conversion of inedible material into sugars,proteins and fats and absorption into the bloodstream can be done in the stomach,small intestine and large intestine with the body engineered only to intake a set amount for survival and the rest excreted in urine.Excess nutrients in the blood can be dealt with the biocompatible microbes undergoing mass replication consuming them and then undergoing apoptosis or being flushed out of the body to prevent them being converted into adipose tissue or building up in the bloodstream and urine causing complications associated with overconsumption of them with biosynth implants measuring the correct level of them.The large intestine which is only used as storage of feces can be given large amounts of capillaries and pilli similar to those in the small intestine through genes added to them via CRISPR treatments that create these and via stem cells creating them layer by layer to allow for more nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream in it once it is cleared of all pathogenic bacteria through the patients primary immune system being immunised and fighting them off and biocompatible microbes fighting them off using CRISPR treatments and anti bacterial compounds and the large intestine exposed to large doses of radiation between 100-29,000Gy when the patient is made immune to radiation of these levels that will sterilise the small and especially large intestine of all coliforms that are pathogenic.This sterilising of the colon and large intestine of pathogens would render all remaining feces etc sterile and would prevent sepsis caused by any tears in the anal cavity and colon by fisting or anal sex as well as new capillaries and pilli present.Once sterilised the patient can have E.Coli present replaced by benign probiotic bacteria via them consuming a liquid solution including yogurt or pill composed of organic material containing large amounts of desired probiotic bacteria created by 3D DNA printers that are consumed by the patient that then take up all of the large intestine with these probiotic ones also engineered to be immune to antibodies from the immune system by containing human protein costs as well as those that can further aid in the digestion of unedible waste that becomes feces with them engineered to create vitamin K and other essential vitamins.If possible a pill could be consumed that contains these probiotics that thrn is broken down by microbes releasing the probiotics inside.Since feces is only dangerous because it contains pathogenic bacteria that it collects from those that reside in the large intestine particularly the colon such as E.coli etc once the large intestine is sterilised them any feces that does escape this extra digestion would be sterile.The probiotic bacteria that replaces all pathogenic E.Coli etc in the large intestine will be engineered to carry out the same functions as these such as synthesising Vitamin K etc and siding in the digestion of food.Thus the large intestine can be sterilised of all pathogenic bacteria and then have them replaced by new probiotics that aid in proper gastrointestinal tract health but also can also be engineered to produce essential vitamins and also break down inedible waste in the gastrointestinal tract alongside microbes thus eliminating forces from the gastrointestinal tract.This could break down this inedible material into sugars and proteins or even as base elements such as carbon,hydrogen,oxygen,phosphorus and nitrogen be rather than be turned into feces be converted into urine with as much as what is needed and what is normally absorbed in the small and large intestine via pilli in the bloodstream will be instead be absorbed into the bloodstream via capillaries in the stomach with them still allowing the same amount of nutrients be absorbed into the bloodstream but be done in the stomach and not the gastrointestinal tract with it also allowing the nitrogen and phosphorus to be recycled in sewage treatment plants as urine instead of feces.Both the small intestine and large intestine will be given new genes to allow them to create enzymes and natural compounds including new ones and those from other animals particularly ruminants to break down inedible carbohydrates,proteins into nutrients without producing methane or other greenhouse gases.The inedible material that is normally converted into feces could be broken down into extra fats,sugars,fats etc for both microbes and the body within the stomach,small intestine and large intestine to be be absorbed into the bloodstream with excess consumed microbes that once undergoing mass replication and also removed as urine.Thus the microbes through directly breaking material down alongside creating natural and synthetic compounds using recombinant DNA and anabolic and catabolic reactions will turn all inedible material that is normally converted into feces into either extra nutrients ie sugar,proteins and fats to be used by the body or by microbes and biosynth implants or to be disposed of in urine thus eliminating feces from the body altogether with phosphorus and nitrogen still recycled in sewage treatment plants via themen excreted in urine alongside a byproduct from the broken down feces.This would thus eliminate feces completely from the gastrointestinal tract as by the time it enters the lower parts of the large intestine it would be completely broken down into sugars,proteins and fats used up by the body or microbes and excess excreted through urine with this done in the stomach,small and large intestines with them absorbed via capillaries in the stomach and small intestines and new capillaries and pilli present in the large intestine added via gene therapy.The inedible material of feces would be converted into extra sugars,fats and proteins by the microbes using enzymes as well as breaking them down like bacteria break down food etc.To prevent excess proteins,fats and sugars being turned into adipose tissue and alleviate strains on the liver and kidney in dealing with the extra waste nutrients from the digested feces if possible microbes could undergo mass replication consume these excess nutrients then undergoe apoptosis and be flushed out of the body through urine and still allow the phosphorus and nitrogen in the dead microbes be recycled by algae in sewage treatment plants.The body woulds still excrete nitrogen and phosphorus in the form of urine but not feces with this recycled in sewage treatment plants with any proteins that contain these elemental nutrients consumed by microbes will be recycled by these microbes being flushed out of the body through urine with them prior to urination made to undergo apoptosis to allow digested amino acids and phosphorus present in them and in the phospholipid bilayer be recycled with any excess microbes in the body made to undergo apoptosis and flush out of the body excreted via urine.If need be the body can be engineered to increase the rate of digestion and even slow down the rate at which the waste material passes through the gastrointestinal tract exponentionally to allow microbes and mucus etc produced by the gastrointestinal tract time to carry this out with if possible the rate at which digestion increases and movement of waste material passes through increasing by several hours or days etc.By 2045 a combination of biocompatible microbes creating enzymes etc and actively breaking them down and creating both natural and synthetic compounds and the mucus creating enzymes etc as well as the gastrointestinal tract producing enzymes and compounds that break down inedible material can play a role in speeding up the digestion and removal of this waste with the waste moving through at a normal speed.All actions of this will be controlled by Paean and at first by 2029 it will take a few hours but by 2035-2045 onwards it will take an hour or few minutes.This would prevent wasting the inedible food being released as feces,turning it into extra nutrition in the form of extra sugars,fats and proteins and negate the need for toilet paper and douching ever again and will compliment the production of mucus in the gastrointestinal tract with the mucus likely enhancing the absorption of nutrients and even breakdown of inedible material into nutrients.This can be done either all the time or to alleviate strains on microbes etc can be be done on demand by interacting with Paean by those who want to have their complete colon cleansed by him for seasonal,monthly or weekly cleansing or when they intended in performing anal sex in the bottom position.This will compliment the creation of mucus in the gastrointestinal tract with the ability of the microbes to break down feces into sugars etc will also be done to clear the gastrointestinal tract and anal cavity of all residual feces before the mucus is being produced naturally by the body.Intensive research by Hecate,Phanes,Paean and human researchers will develop genes to be added by gene therapy that can allow the gastrointestinal tract produce its own mucus to lubricate it and negate the anal cavity from retaining feces and also allowing the microbes and body break down inedible waste normally disposed of as feces both of which will negate the need for toilet paper and douching ever again.It would eliminate all bowel problems such as constipation,diarrhoea and also bowel cancers forever.Otherwise this strain could produce natural or synthetic laxatives and other fluids onsite in the colon that flush feces out in controlled bursts acting as a lubricant until an implants based on Cestoda etc detect it is clean with this released in controlled amounts that allow the patient to control the timing and amount release of feces in large amounts thus negating the issue of uncertainty that they experience with conventional laxatives that can be time dependant occurring hours later and can last several hours or even days later thus occurring by surprise.This could allow the entire store of feces released in one or multiple go’s with the time it take place controlled and the feces deposited not being a mostly liquid stool but rather normal bulky stools by the laxative or compound modifying the walls of the colon by making it more easily lubricated to remove the feces.If possible the colon itself instead of or alongside the mucus could synthesise these natural or synthetic laxatives that drain the colon of all existing feces on demand via chemical signals produced by the microbes.These and other options would thus give patients more control over their bowel movements and cleanliness rather than current douching,laxatives and food restriction having uncertainty.Intensive research will be done by Phanes and human researchers into creating a mucus covering the entire small and large intestine and microbes creating synthetic or natural laxatives to clear the gastrointestinal tract of feces on demand controlled by Paean.This mucus containing biosynth nanoseners and implants along the entitre gastro-intestinal tract and other means can be developed to allow Paean to constantly track the location of feces in the gastro intestinal tract at all times thus alllowing one to know at all times in real time relayed to ones patient file accessed on Paeans universal app the location of all pieces of feces in one’s gastrointestinal tract at all times and be able to measure their exact location,consistency ie level of liquid or solid state of them and size.The same can be done for urine with ones kidneys,bladder etc where urine is processed and stored have these biosynth implants and nanosensors placed along them that detects the levels of urine in them relayed in real time to ones patient file that allows one to determine how much more urine it can hold and it relaying how much of a capacity percentage their kidneys are at ie are they 5-100% full of urine with if possible one able to initiate the kidneys into releasing existing stores of urine in one go or multiple gos allowing one control of the release of urine in the body through the implants controlled by Paean through chemical signals or the the implants interacting with neurons and muscles along them and in the brain.If possible excess nutrients that are normally converted into feces and urine including water can be consumed by microbes that undergo mass replication and then undergo apoptosis or be flushed out of the body.If possible excess water can also be consumed by them to prevent too much water building up in the kidneys preventing one urinating with if the kidneys have built up pressure from urine building up in the kidneys microbes can alleviate this by breaking down the urine into proteins and benign compounds.The water and proteins etc in urine can be consumed by microbes in the kidneys and then them undergoing apoptosis or being released in the next batch of urine thus eliminating large amounts of urine from the kidneys allowing them to store more urine later and negating the need for one to rush to the toilets.One could thus at all times control the level of urine the kidneys.Thus the microbes can consume all water and nutrients in urine or a set amount to alleviate the need to urinate then and there and thus allow for more urine to build up overtime later on with microbes and implants able to detect the level of urine in the kidneys to then through chemical signals etc initiate urination on demand giving the patient of when they can urinate meaning a person can decide to urinate when ther kidneys are between 5-95% full thus giving one control of when they urinate and being able to do so at any time of the day they choose.If deemed safe in animals liquid glass could be applied into the colon once cleaned as it is dirt,oil and water proof and allows oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass through with if deemed unsafe or cause complications can be broken down into other compounds via anabolic and catabolic reactions by microbes.First the patient would have to consume laxatives especially those used prior to colonscopies that clears their body of all feces with this ordered in from Telesphorus factories with the body then engineered via CRISPR to produce the mucus using scratch DNA.Otherwise laxatives of all types both over the counter ones,natural ones and those used before colonoscopies can be synthesised in the stomach or in the large and small intestines itself by the strain of microbes via recombinant DNA for natural ones and anabolic and catabolic reactions for synthetic ones.U.dioica could be counteracted by them producing the compounds by found in Rumex obtusifolius or the U.dioica engineered to produce a compound that affects other animals and not humans with the animals it protects itself against also engineered to be susceptible to this.Blisters and similar conditions could be rectified by them forming new tissue in the interior over where the skin was originally to allow it to be cut off from the blister and this allow the blister to be popped and removed safely without infections as well as pain with pain created by picking at them via them creating painkillers.Others to treat heartburn,acid reflux could be synthesised in the stomach or have the stomach and oesophagus have recombinant DNA from acidophiles added to to tolerate the high acidity of the stomachs acids,have proper flaps created in vivo,via CRISPR or the hosts genome altered to prevent them forming warts,pimples,rashes,fix GERD and other conditions that are genetic to negate the need for medications to be applied such as proton pump inhibitors and creams.Heartburn,acid reflux and other stomach problems be treated by this strain of microbes that produces natural or synthetic compounds that treat heartburn and acid reflux housing acidophile DNA including that from H.pylori that allows them to travel to the stomach and stay there permenantly and create natural and synthetic compounds to treat these conditions mainly heartburn,acid reflux and similar conditions onsite of the stomach.Thus synthetic and natural compounds to treat heartburn and acid reflux will be synthesised in the stomach by this strain that houses acidophile DNA including that from H.pylori that protects them from the acidic nature of the stomach.Those in other parts of the gastro-intestinal tract such as oesophagus,large and small intestine will be created onsite of the area and them housing either acidophile or alkanophile DNA to survive these conditions.Rashes,haemorrhoids,warts,zits,spots,acne and pimples could be dealt with microbes initiating moulting underneath the affected area and synthesising compounds underneath the skin of the affected areas.Acne could be dealt with them using CRISPR to turn off key genes or remove them,break down excess sebum oil or use CRISPR to slow down its production,fight off or immunise against Propionibacterium acnes and Demodex as well as use onsite microbes control the size of follicle glans and them creating compounds from plants that treat acne as well break down excess hormones in the area.Cold sores,athletes foot and warts etc especially those related to HPVwill be dealt with immunising them against the viruses,fungi,parasites that cause them.Allergies can be countered by them producing anti-histmines,breaking down the allergens and histamines into benign compounds and also adding and removing genes via CRISPR.Thus minor conditions that are treated with creams etc can be treated by them being synthesised in the affected areas by natural compounds from plants as detailed earlier in the body produced by specific strains with diarrhoea,acid reflux,heart burn,,vomiting etc dealt again by creating natural compounds in the stomach when the microbes have acidophile DNA to survive the stomachs environment,with chest infections dealt with fighting off or immunising the primary system against the pathogens that create.Inhalers to treat asthma etc can be dealt by them synthesising the compounds in them when they enter the lungs or at least the aveoli or can be synthesised in the bloodstream and transported to the lungs by it and aveoli.Ear and eye drops would be negated by them immunising the primary immune system against all type of bacteria,fungi that infect the eye and ears with anti-bacterial strains fighting against them with their being sub strains as part of this that could degrade earwax etc by consuming them and releasing water,oxygen and carbon dioxide and create natural and synthetic compounds to counteract and break them down them.Blocked noses and sinuses can also be done the same way with the wax etc broken down via them directly or them creating natural and synthetic compounds released into the nose.Insects or plastic earbuds stuck in ones ear will be dealt with them decomposing the plastic in them with insects killed off them entering them and then decomposing them from the inside out with the patient alerted to any blockages caused by earbuds,insects and also wax.Worms could be formed in the eardrum and them able to push them outwards by force.They could also prepare compounds that keep one alert or put one to sleep such as caffeine/ginsenosides/gingko biloba/guarana/taurine as well as bio-based pharmacological compounds including compounds,neurotransmitters and hormones in the human brain that deal with alertness and sleeping such as melatonin/valerian/lavendar/chamomile using relevant recombinant DNA form other plants and animals as well as even humans with them producing them on the site of receptors in the brain as well on demand to prevent dangerous side effects and even overdosing with those that are too energetic have the rest of the body relaxed via natural compounds produced by the body created by them.This would allow compounds to make one alert to deal with lethargy and also put one to sleep to deal with insomnia to be created on demand.Neurotransmitters relevant to alertness and also sleep as well as those alleviating depression etc can be created on demand with them created onsite of receptors with them created by recombinant DNA from humans thus replacing synthetic anti-depressants and those that put one to sleep or keep one alert thus having a more natural effect without any side effects or chance of overdosing and toxicity since Paean will apply them in only the required amount.Insomnia and poor sleeping patterns can be treated via them creating neurotransmitters that put the patient to sleep onsite of neurons in the brain with this including recombinant DNA from humans,animals and for existing ones with others extrapolated from Phanes and Paean created via anabolic and catabolic reactions and scratch DNA.New neurotransmitters to put one asleep can be created through Phanes extrapolating scratch DNA to create them and also Paean extrapolating them that are created by microbes through anabolic and catabolic reactions with these synthesised onsite neurons.Natural compounds can be synthesised onsite of neurons by using DNA from plants that produce chemicals that put one to sleep with this having no side effects such as grogginess and tiredness in the morning and no contradictions with alcohol and can put one to sleep within minutes to at least an hour.This would render sleeping pills that put one to sleep obsolete with one choosing to have Paean apply the neurotransmitters to the receptors in the brain on demand or at a set time of the day every day planned on a calender in their patient file allowing for instaneous and at times the patient desires to go to asleep with if need be synthetic compounds including existing sleeping pills active ingredients synthesised onsite of neurons through anabolic and catabolic reactions.Conversely neurotransmitters related to artlessness can be produced onsite of neurons onsite of neurons in the brain with this including recombinant DNA from humans,animals and for existing ones with others extrapolated from Phanes and Paean created via anabolic and catabolic reactions and scratch DNA and also DNA from plants that produce chemicals that give one a boost of energy and make one alert with this having no side effects such as grogginess,energy burn and tiredness afterwards,contradictions with alcohol and can make one alert within minutes to at least an hour.This could render alert pills,taurine etc in energy drinks and caffeine from coffee etc obsolete with if possible these compounds can be created by sub strains for those exercising or have a lot of work.If need be these strains can synthesise natural compounds onsite of neurons via recombinant DNA and synthetic alert compounds through anabolic and catabolic reactions.All of these new neurotransmitters,synthetic and natural compounds for sleeping and alertness will be synthesised onsite of neurons to prevent overdosing,ensure only what is needed to give the desired strength that is applied to the nervous system directly and prevent side effects including lingering effects of the neurotransmitters etc in the body especially the bloodstream such as tiredness,grogginess,burnout etc and contradictions with alcohol and furanocoumarins from grapefruit juice etc.Even anaesthesia for patients undergoing surgery can have anaesthetic compounds or neurotransmitters produced onsite of neurons to put them to sleep without overdosing.If possible a sub strain can put one to sleep at night at a desired time via creating neurotransmitters etc that put one to sleep and then via biosynth WiFi can via Paean apply other neurotransmitters that cause one to awaken at a set time in the morning and completely alert with the times one wants to fall asleep or awaken denoted by patients in their patient files on a calendar allowing to plan the time one wants to be put asleep or awaken thus allowing one to have complete control of their sleeping patterns especially those with insomnia and other problems that affect normal sleeping patterns.If possible they and gene therapy could allow humans to last weeks or months without sleep with even natural or synthetic sedatives and anaesthesia produced by them when needed as nanoparticles.New neurotransmitters can be extrapolated by AI and Phanes can create scratch DNA for new neurotransmitters to allow them to be created by microbes on demand onsite of receptors in the brain to put one to sleep,wake one up and control endorphins and other hormones and functions of the brain or they can be created by anabolic and catabolic reactions with the structure and genes for these and all neurotransmitters stored in Physis for humans.These neurotransmitters can be used to treat neurological conditions and genetic conditions.

Endorphins,adrenaline and other hormones in the body can be produced in demand either by strains synthesising them directly in the bloodstream or inducing their synthesis in the body by synthesising existing and new neurotransmitters onsite of neurons through anabolic and catabolic reactions and scratch DNA.Maniac depression can be treated by sub strains that apply neurotransmitters and natural compounds using animal,plant and human DNA,scratch DNA and anabolic and catabolic reactions onsite of neurons to alleviate or eliminate manic episodes and also depressive states with it cured via CRISPR.The effect would also be instantaneous and side effect free as neurotransmitters with them since created on the site of receptors and the bloodstream would not interact with alcohol or could be applied via bumpers.Endorphines,seratonin,human chorionic gonadtropin/testosterone/adrenaline/oestrogen/progesterone
and other neurotransmitters and even hormones related to pleasure,happiness and other sensations can be released on demand by them creating these compounds using recombinant DNA from humans with this done to treat maniac depression,general depression and post martem depression with natural compounds from plants also created to treat these and in time gene therapy could wipe these out completely especially maniac depression with synthetic compounds and neurotransmitters created via anabolic and catabolic reactions.Natural neurotransmitters and hormones would be created in the bloodstream or onsite of the receptors in the brain when needed by Paean via WiFi with natural neurotransmitters and hormones created via relevant DNA from plants,animals and humans with synthetic neurotransmitters and hormones including new ones developed by Paean would involve scratch DNA and then created by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Those to alleviate symptoms of genetic based diseases,developmental disorders and neurological disorders such as schizophrenia,pedopheilia,Downs Syndrome can also be synthesised in place of synthetic drugs to at least alleviate or eliminate symptoms while CRISPR treatments are applied or even before them.Phanes could design new neurotransmitters from scratch using scratch DNA that creates neurotransmitters that carry out desired functions that don’t currently exist in humans and animals or them created by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Natural compounds will be created using recombinant DNA from plants and animals and humans in the strains genome and activated on demand by Paean onsite of receptors where they are needed and used to prevent side effects,synergistic effects and also be more effective in low doses including nanoparticles on the area they need to affect directly and will limit the chances of toxicity with it also done since their is a wide variety of compounds available and these genotypes can be scanned form the library of Physis with if possible two or more compounds with the same effect produced to alleviate symptoms in lower amounts.Any synergistic effects would dealt with by the microbes counteracting them or by them breaking down of the compounds or soaking them up and releasing them in short bursts.

To keep males in their testosterone peak of the ages of 14/15 years old microbes can synthesises testosterone in the body synonymous with the ages of 14/15 years old in all patients aged 18 or older using scratch and recombinant DNA.Fir females microbes will produce oestrogen etc in the bloodstream synonymous with the ages of 14/15 years old.To negate the need for microbes this scratch and recombinant DNA extrapolated by AI may have to involve them only producing testosterone once the patient has reached puberty and continue to do so after the age of 18 onwards forever in newly born male patients and not before the age males normally produce testosterone during puberty which could cause complications such as premature puberty.The DNA would also be made only to interact on the Y chromosome meaning it will not affect females.Females will possibly have genes that keep their levels of oestrogen at levels synonymous with the ages of 14-15 with again only made to produce these at constant levels not before they normally are produced but after 18 to prevent complications.This will be used to negate the need for Sildenafil citrate.Other hormones of medical importance such as insulin can be synthesised in the bloodstream in specific amounts in response to the specific levels of sugars in the body or at specific times of day everyday based on the individual with this being patient specific insulin that uses the patients own DNA to prevent side effects and rejection and allow the insulin to be free to the patient.Other medical conditions caused by a lack or low level of hormones an be synthesised using human DNA.

Synthetic compounds especially pharmocological ones can be created by microbes of this strain via anabolic and catabolic reactions once their structure is downloaded onto the DNA digital storage of this strain of microbes thus making all over the counter medications whether natural or synthetic obsolete.Synthetic compounds would be created when they are more effective than natural compounds onsite of the site of action including onsite of receptors in the brain covered in bumpers to prevent overdosing with them created on demand by Paean using anabolic and catabolic reactions.The chemical structure of all synthetic compounds that treat everyday conditions would be stored in Physis to allow their structure into the digital DNA storage thus allowing them to be synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Paracetamol,ibuprofen and other synthetic medications to treat fevers blocked nose as well as Loperamide to treat diarrhoea can be created by the strain in the bloodstream to be distributed across the body or they can be created onsite of the gastrointestinal tract onsite of action.Heartburn medication like gaviscon etc like this can have sodium alginate,calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate be created via anabolic and catabolic reactions or natural versions created through recombinant DNA within the stomach with the microbes housing acidophile DNA to survive the stomachs acidity.High blood pressure and high cholesterol can have statins and Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and Angiotensin receptor blockers synthesised in the bloodstream everyday at set times.These strains would create these until implants determine that the pain or condition is subsided or until the person does not need it with again it created as nanoparticles in required amounts to prevent side effects with them coated in bumpers that interact with the required human tissue ie neural tissue to prevent them interacting with other compounds like alcohol or furanocoumarins from grapefruit juice that may amplify or nullify them and cause synergistic interactions that could be fatal.Alcohol and furanocoumarins in grapefruit juice will be broken down by other strains into benign substances while the compounds could be coated in protein etc bumpers that interact only with the site of actions and prevent the compounds interacting with them with the levels of alcohol and furanocoumarins measured in the body by implants.The compounds could also be applied to the surface of receptors of relevant parts of the brain and other parts of the body onsite as nanoparticles via the microbes travelling to them and applying them directly onsite of the receptors as well as released in bumpers that prevent them interacting with other medical compounds,alcohol and furanocoumarins to prevent synergistic reactions with them designed to retain the bumpers even when used up with the fact that they will be produced directly on the site of action will negate this.This will also be done to prevent them causing synergistic effects and also more importantly overdosing.Certain ones will be created by bacteria through recombinant DNA and also anabolic and catabolic reactions in Telesphorus factories to be ordered in in batches.Those that could be potentially teratogens that would cause defects in unborn fetuses could be not produced during pregnancy with biosynth worms and implants relaying to the microbes not to produce them when pregnancy is detected with the embryos made immune to them via CRISPR with recombinant DNA from A.mexicanum and T.gammatolerans repairing damage to the fetus.All of these compounds would be created on demand by Paean when injected into the body and detecting signs of the condition with the compounds created onsite of the condition where it occurs as nanoparticles.If possible they would create natural plant and human compounds when needed directly or by directly interacting with the receptors in the body or creating precursors to be created by the body through biosynthesis thus allowing the hormones when needed when levels are detected to be low by them or on demand via Paean and the patient by a specific strain that creates these natural plant and human compounds with synthetic ones created by anabolic and catabolic reactions using molecules in the body and those from plant and animal oils produced by them and other strains or the body from CRISPR treatments as well as amino acids synthesised by the body and diet also by them measuring the levels of biomarkers and compounds in the bloodstream and specific organs and creating these compounds in safe amounts with contradictions counteracted by microbes breaking down synergistic compounds etc.

Synthetic compounds will thus be created onsite of the problem via catabolic and anabolic reactions and will be done in the case where natural compounds would be ineffective and cause side effects with side effects countered by counter compounds with the patient and Paean deciding on the best and most efffective dosage with compounds that can interact synergestically will be broken down.The fact that synthetic compounds would be created onsite of the problem including receptors would preventing overdosing and side effects.Ideally natural compounds should be used by adding the relevant genes from plants and animals to prevent side effects such as contraindications with other compounds with this if ever happening dealt with by the microbes breaking down the compounds in has synergistic effects on.Physis can scan all known plants and even animals both on Earth and other planets for compounds that may relieve the aforementioned conditions and them tested for their effectiveness,synergistic effects,recommended dose and LD50 via simulations and on tests on animals an clinical trials on humans.Synthetic compounds that treat one off conditions

Natural compounds to treat everyday ailments such as headaches,gout,diarrhoea etc will be printed out at home using 3D DNA printers in large amounts and then either injected into the bloodstream using a reusable syringe where they will travel to the site of action and apply the compounds as nanoparticles to neural and other receptors or if they have acidophile DNA printed into them can be drunk in a liquid such as water and yogurt to enter the stomach especially in the case of those that treat gastro intestinal problems with those that treat non gastrointestinal problems will enter the bloodstream via capillaries in the stomach and move to the site of action and release the compounds as nanoparticles.Synthetic compounds will be created by printing out specific versions of this strain or even base microbes that house DNA digital storage that are able via biosynth WiFi download the structure of synthetic compounds.All synthetic pharmacological compounds to treat everyday ailments will have their structure stored in Physis allowing for their structure to be download into the DNA digital storage of microbes within a mater of minutes so as to allow them to be produced via anabolic and catabolic reactions in precise amounts in the stomach and bloodstream and onsite of action.Both natural and synthetic compounds will have them produced onsite of actions in amounts suites to only treat it ie not to prevent overdosing and prevent side effects.Thus their would be a strain to produce synthetic and natural compounds that relieve pain from internal and external pain and discomfort such as fevers,acid reflux,heartburn,diarrhoea,acne,cramps,headaches etc.The genotypes of all plants and animals responsible for creating compounds that treat everyday non fatal ailments including the aforementioned ones and others will be stored int augmentation network linked to Physis.The compounds that are to be produced by them would be specific to an individual such as those that have certain allergies to pollen,dust mites,bee stings etc can have them produce specific anti-histamines the second allergic reaction occur or soak them up and then break them down into nutrients etc,haemophiliacs could have clotting agents Factor VII and Factor IX created on demand when needed,those suffering depression as well as bipolar disorder could have anti-depression medication/compounds/neurotransmitters/hormones produced when needed and soak up excess hormones related to both manic and depressive episodes turning them into nutrients,diabetics could have insulin produced when needed,those with heart conditions could have beta blockers produced alongside omega-3 and plant sterols with those with current donated organs that require anti-rejection drugs have these created,suffers of Adrenoleukodystrophy can have both Lorenzo’s oil and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation created for them as well as replacement nervous tissue and CRISPR treatments to repair the mutation,those suffering from arthritis and other diseases such as alzheimers,parkinsons and kidney stones could have biological based or synthetic and also relevant neurotransmitters and other compounds produced when needed or have them soak up or break down compounds and plaques that cause these and other chronic conditions when needed and convert them into benign compounds and nutrients for the host and bacteria with kidney stones broken down and the minerals broken down into other products useful for the host.Injecting new microbes that contain these phenotypes and interbreed will be done when one develops a chronic condition particular one that is life threatening and based on ones genetics possibly negating the need for gene therapy and can interact with specific strains that release these compounds.In short any compound that treats chronic and genetic diseases could be created by them when needed in order to alleviate strains on hospitals,Paean and Telesphorus in producing them in factories and having to transport them to the patient saving on time and other costs with them producing biological based pharmacological compounds,synthesise synthetic ones and also relevant hormones and neurotransmitters using recombinant DNA from humans,plants and other animals with synthetic compounds using DNA from scratch.Synthetic compounds would be created by the microbes downloading their structure from Physis into their digital DNA storage and them synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.All of these parkinsons,Adrenoleukodystrophy,haemophilia and other genetic based diseases will likely be treated and cured using CRISPR.Ideally this strain would be not in all patients but could be created on demand for a patient in home 3D DNA printer systems or onsite of hospital and those in community centres allowing one to have patient specific microbes that produce the specific compound for each of the aforementioned condition created when needed or stored in ones fridge at home including in communal homes replacing visits to pharmacies made defunct by them with them flushed out of the body when no longer needed.One could have them printed at home on demand or beforehand using home 3D DNA printers and stored in fridges in large batches to be then injected using phlebotomy robots or reusable syringes with Paean sending them to where they are needed and activating them on the site of action when needed.If possible some strains in the body could via biosynth wifi be changed into these strains with genotypes from each plant and animal.This would in short make all pharmacies around the world including those in hospitals defunct indefinitely.All pharmacies worldwide that sell over the counter drugs etc will be converted into private or communal homes based on their size.Those onsite of hospitals will be converted into extra amenities or wards.If possible some over the counter medicines to treat rashes,heartburn can be ordered from Telesphorus factories with them created on demand and only for what is ordered in by consumers.Application of both natural and synthetic compounds as nanoparticles would allow single molecules of the compound to be applied to the site of action in controlled amounts to prevent toxicity and thus in levels lower than what is present in conventional methods of administration such as injection,tablets,liquids.The ability to apply natural and synthetic compounds as nanoparticles onsite of receptors will allow them to be applied to infant and pre adolescent patients without toxicity especially when they cannot be normally applied to them due to the smaller body size of infants and pre adolescences who would be unable to break them down or excrete them normally.

Recreational drug users and for some patients it or another strains could synthesise morphine,nicotine, tetrahydrocannabinol,alcohol,cathinone,cocaine,natural hallucinogens from plants and animals using the relevant genotypes from the animal and plant they are derived from added to the strain with new ones added or removed overtime via upgrades and other recreational drugs in controlled amounts decided by the user at set times or on demand,break down excess to prevent overdosing with this for recreational use or to aid in those wanting to stop using them to wean themselves off eventually quit by producing in them in slightly lower amounts overtime arranged by Paean preventing withdrawl symptoms by going cold turkey and the microbes then flushed out to be used as the basis of electronics with new compounds added by upgrades.Thus DNA from Nicotiana,Papaver somniferum,Cannabis sativa,Catha edulis,Erythroxylum novogranatense and any or all psychodellic plants and fungi will be added to microbes printed out and stored in fridges for different sub strains.Compounds that counteract the effect of these and other drugs and these drugs taken conventionally can be produced by these and other strains such as cannabidiol to prevent the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol causing psychosis alongside psychosis brought about by other means with these and other strains can produce just cannabidiol and the therapeutic compounds of recreational drugs and indeed other plants.Alkyl nitrites,Lysergic acid diethylamide,3/4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine,methamphetamines and other synthetic drugs can be synthesised by these strains on demand using catabolic and anabolic reactions in levels that prevent overdosing with side effects reduced or eliminated via microbes repairing the body tissues and also accelerated healing from A.mexicanum etc would counteract physiological effects of both natural and synthetic drugs produced by them either on the spot or chronic use overtime and those taken normally with these again for recreational drug users and those wanting to quit.All synthetic and natural recreational drugs created by specific strains can be created onsite of receptors in the brain as nanoparticals to prevent overdosing and also prevent them affecting and damaging other organs with the acellerated healing phenotype healing damage to the brain,cerebrospinal fluid etc done by them if any excess escapes but also through conventionally derived drugs.Those with existing damage can avail of microbial strains that cause damaged tissue to undergo apoptosis and be replaced by more rejuvenated healthy ones alongside surgery and healthy bioprinted organs.The host body could also using CRISPR be made immune to the physiological effects of natural and synthetic drugs both produced in vivo and also conventional means caused by on the spot or chronic use with the brain and other organs made immune to its effects and for example have the body engineered to or microbes recreate cerebrospinal fluid lost or have the microbes break down excess that the liver and other organs cant process or engineer the liver etc to break them down and metabolise more efficiently with the microbes also storing and releasing in short bursts excess that can be more easily broken down by them and microbes breaking down excess produced by though as stated they would produce it only in levels that prevent overdosing.Otherwise like toxins and poisons the other strains of microbes can synthesise proteins that bind to them to prevent them binding to the receptors and also allow them to be flushed out of the body in its unaltered form preventing damage with them also creating proteins that bind to the drugs interaction receptors to prevent excess binding to them preventing overdosing at the same time.If possible engineering the hosts genome by adding or removing genes can prevent them becoming addicted to them and also prevent withdrawl symptoms that can be uncomfortable or damage the body with this lowering the risk of dependency death or permanent damage and alleviate strains on the accelerated healing of the body since one would not be forced to create larger amounts of a drug to get the original high as original safe levels would indefinitely produce the same desired high the user seeks.Side effects like withdrawal and “the munchies” and lightheadness and others that affect cognitive functions would be eliminated by accelerated healing and also genetic engineering as well as synthesising compounds that counter them.Damage to the body from these drugs produced by these and also those taken in conventional means such as damage to the brain,organs and lost cerebrospinal fluid can be counteracted by them by the microbes repairing or replacing these by specific strains synthesising it and also the hosts genome engineered to naturally repair itself,remake it in required amounts,be made immune to its effects,the acellerated healing phenotype and bioprinted organs as well as keeping the brain and other vital organs alive and breaking down and any excess amounts of the drugs down to prevent overdosing by conventional means with the microbes detecting them in excess levels.Those who have already have physiological effects from chronic use will have them repaired by the microbes replacing damaged tissues have some undergo apoptosis,moulting from Serpentes DNA added to the patients genome and CRISPR treatments controlled by Paean to repair damaged facial features to their original natural shape and the accelerated healing phenotype added and any teeth added.Damaged organs can be repaired via CRISPR alongside bioprinted organs or microbes repairing them by replacing damaged tissues with new ones.If possible the host can have their genome altered to prevent damage while still illicitaing desirable effects by having the receptors only interact with the amount that creates these effects and naturally counteract excess levels etc or made immune to the effects.This would as stated create pure versions of each drug in the body in levels safe to prevent overdosing with any damaged repaired by the microbes or even accelerated healing and immunity to damage added by CRISPR,would allow them to be created on demand at any time in desired levels and would save on the energy and time to create them at home or in labs and also more importantly would be a loophole allowing recreational drug users access to illegal drugs without the threat of being prosecuted for possession,manufacture or distribution of any illegal drugs either synthetic or natural and would eliminate any crime associated with it and also any issues such as HIV infections.This is because the microbes and AI would manufacture them and also they would not be distributing them to anyone.It would also save on land and fertilisers and would allow the purity to be directly controlled.Paean and Epione would also ensure that only legal adults would have access to this strain with if injected into minors would cause them to undergo apoptosis and die off.

Both naturals and synthetic compounds to treat everyday ailments such as pain,diarrhoea etc and recreational drugs will be produced by microbes onsite of receptors in the brain,stomach,gastrointestinal tract by being synthesised on site of them or in the bloodstream covered in bumpers to interact with only the relevant receptors to prevent affecting the rest of the body and prevent contradictions and syngerstic reactions with other medical compounds,alcohol and furanocoumarins from grapefruit juice and prevent overdosing and poisioning the rest of the body such as liver etc.Biosynth implants across the body in the brain,gastrointestinal tract etc and other parts of the body will relay to Paean via biosynth wifi when one’s is suffering pain in the body and it’s location or any type of medical condition by measuring abnormal levels of discomfort or levels of compounds associated with the condition to then have the medical strain travel to the location of the condition and apply the natural or synthetic compound as nanoparticles to the relevant receptors in the central or peripheral nervous system and also receptors in the gastrointestinal tract etc in selective minute amounts based on the severity of the condition determined by signals from implants related to prevent overdosing and interactions with alcohol etc.Each individual case of each type of medical problem will be assessed by Paean to allow him to apply nanoparticles of the relevant natural or synthetic compound to be applied to the relevant receptors of the affected area at only the specific receptors that are required to have the medicine applied to with them applying only what is needed to prevent overdosing and limit the amount of the medicine in the bloodstream with it also limiting the amount of side effects and amount of metabolites in the bloodstream.Metabolites in the bloodstream can be reduced to zero by the medication strains and base microbes detecting them via receptors on them and breaking them down into benign compounds to prevent side effects or poisoning of the bodies major organs.These will be applied to the relevant receptors within minutes and this ability for microbes to apply these compounds directly to the receptors where they are needed will allow them to be applied to those who have allergic reactions to medications and allow them to be used by infants and pre teen children younger than 14 years old without side effects and overdosing.Synthetic medical compounds and neurotransmitters etc both existing and new ones will be once their structure is added to Physis will have their structure downloaded onto the digital storage of microbes and synthesised onsite of receptors in the body relevant to the condition through anabolic and catabolic reactions.Natural compounds and neurotransmitters etc will have the genes to create them added to Physis to be downloaded by microbes that through Cas-9 and taq polymerase will induce the evolutionary path of genes to express them to synthesised by them.Compounds produced by the body to counter medical conditions once discovered can be used by microbes using relevant recombinant or anabolic and catabolic reactions to treat conditions.

Starting in 2029 AI such as Phanes and Paean will analyse the outer structures and surface proteins of all receptors relevant to all medical conditions to extrapolate bumpers,synthetic compounds,natural and synthetic bumpers which will be added to their Physis file with this allowing them to be downloaded into relevant strains of microbes within minutes or even seconds wuth this done as well as those for all conditions of pets,livestock etc.Neurotransmitters both natural and synthetic will be extrapolated by them to be applied to the receptors in place of synthetic and natural compounds..Similar to how the AIs Gnome and Alpha fold were able to extrapolate millions of new proteins and nanomaterials within hours expediating scientific advancement by 800 years in a few hours Phanes and Paean even in a proto form or both Gnome and Alpha fold will be able to similarly extrapolate millions of natural and synthetic compounds and genotypes to express them for each individual condition.