Mining & Quarrying

As stated earlier very little advancements need to be done in this area of the economy.The main areas of attention for automation are advancements in artificial intelligence towards locating required metals and elements.This area should be easily fully automated by at least 2029.To slow down or limit the mining of elements such as phosphorous and nitrogen algae can be grown in sewage and water treatment plants to recycle the elements.Recycling will also play a vital role in ensuring security of precious rare elements especially in electronics.Software and sub networks can be used to track locations of elements,ore and measure their consumption,recycling, alongside the distribution of them on a local,regional,national,continental and global scale allowing for transparency and scientific studies to be carried out.Everything from the digging,quarrying and extraction of ores,metals and stones as well as and transportation of material can be automated from start to finish including the cleaning of vehicles and equipment and cutting harvested rocks and metals into slabs on site for transport to factories within the next 5-10 years with any humans replaced by humanoid robots and bio-synths with them wearing an universal uniform for this sector.Permanent layers of liquid glass can be sprayed onto all of the vehicles,machinery and robots(including existing ones) in a permanent layer both internally and externally to prevent the build up of dirt making cleaning unnecessary and thus save energy and water over a layer of graphene paint to generate electricity and prevent rust as well as protecting them from external damage ie falling rocks etc.All machinery will be electric with self charging technology and also will be also charged using wireless induction plates or robots that recharge them connected to the grid.This layer of liquid glass will also be one all cameras on robots,vehicles and outside to prevent them getting dirty with the cameras also switching to IR illuminator at night and when underground with nanosensors detecting levels of gas to carry out procedures to prevent explosions with the gas even captured especially methane to be used as energy and the carbon monoxide and dioxide and used for industrial uses and also have the carbon separated from the oxygen with the carbon used to create diamonds,graphene and the oxygen used to create liquid glass etc.This can be done by hand or advanced robots for existing ones and on new ones when they are manufactured to ensure they last indefinitely.Drones,vehicles and machinery will contain cameras and sensors that map each section and addition of the mine and buildings there for navigation of themselves and other robots,drones,machinery and vehicles using the area as well as allowing the public to monitor progress and current state of all of the operations of all mining en devours.All of these that are taking place around the world and galaxy will be listed through the Theia s network of Demeter listed by location and material being mined visible as a map of the world with aerial drones and cameras monitoring key points inside and outside of mines visible to the public.The yields of materials will be listed in real time,alongside nanosensor readings connected to Theoi Meteroi in real time alongside a list of all machines and drones present allowing the public to see where each one is on a a map and also view through their cameras in real time.If possible satellites will allow one to view the mine in real time.All machines will have cameras on their front with cameras at key points of the mine both inside and outside (on atmospheric poles and aerial drones)will monitor each room/area of each mine and the exterior will be fed into Demeter namely Theia s and will be linked to the global database of criminals in Athena but fed into the mine AI.Fleets of aerial drones patrolling the exterior and even interior of each mine will also feed live streams into Theia s with them linked to all machinery and their cameras giving Gaia through Theia s omniscience as to what is going on and allow the public to see what is going on.Ideally an universal mine AI named Theia s after the macro operating software for this sector separate from Gaia to alleviate strains on Gaia and his avatar being that of his appearance in statues from ancient Greece and will manage all mining operations across the world and eventually galaxy.All buildings used as headquarters and offices for government and corporate mining entities etc will be used as homes since all mining operations will monitored by the public through Theia s.However each country and possibly each region will have a building that houses all vehicles,machinery and drones with them ideally near manufacturing hubs on the outskirts of them to cut down on transportation times with these having their own avatar,personality and receptionists and a statue of Theia s in the lobby.All drones and robots in each operation will be linked together and controlled by the AI and Theia s giving them omniscience to all operations visible to the public with all vehicles and machinery having cameras that can be switched to IR illuminator at night allowing them to work 24/7 with them coated internally and externally in liquid glass and designed by in time Theia s,Archimedes stored in Archimedes.The amount of resources such as water and energy used by each machinery and as a whole for each operation and all overall on local to global levels of days to millennia will be logged here alongside yields of all ores,metals etc for each one on local to global levels over days to millennia will also be logged with both of these visible in real time through these networks.This will be visible in real time alongside live camera feeds logged by date and vehicle,drone etc.Recycling should be done for all existing e-waste and metals etc. to deal with limited reserves which as we shall see later on can be fully automated with existing scrapyards and landfills scavenged by advances in automation.Mining projects and operations that take place around the world and galaxy will be set up by the global public and this AI via Demeter if supply and demand tracking Persephone software within the wire connected to Demeter(specifically Theia s),Hephaestus and Hermes alert them to use mines for specific metals if recycle plants and synthetics do not provide sufficient amounts of an ore and metal needed by the public with drones and other vehicles performing deep scans into the earth to detail what metals and ores are available where with a global map showing all of the worlds elements,metals and ores on a global map that can be zoomed in and out to highlight specific areas and regions with each element etc given a unique colours.Those viewing this can have all of them visible with the list of them and their colour in a circle next to them at the bottom of the screen which can be turned on/off via clicking the circles thus allowing them to see only desired metals,ores,elements they wish to see.Thus the amount of each left for use at existing and changing rates of consumption and recycling based on known reserves can be extrapolated the answer given due to changes in use with suggestions for change done with in time this also applied to extraterrestrial sources of elements such as asteroids,planetoids etc.The use of an area as a mine will be decided by local communities affected via votes with environmental simulations carried out using Artemis and other software on the actual mining and bio-remediation efforts with decisions to resoil the mine or use it as homes can be decided by them also with voting and these decisions done through Theia s.Existing mines can be renovated into homes.These simulations can show all possible methods of carrying it out and deciding the most efficient and environmentally sound means.Crust dug up by boring machines that produce underground communities and railways into mountains and under wilderness and existing communities can be added to the stockpile and used for construction and electronics etc after being stored in local stockpiles in warehouses where they are logged into Demeter.All lighting on machinery in mines should be CSYS lighting everywhere to cut down on energy consumption and limit there replacement to every 37 years by robots.New technology can be integrated into the lights to send measurements of how much time measured in years,months,weeks,days,hours and minutes of power is left in the lights fed into Hermes to alert these robots.These lighting systems at mines and on machinery will interact with cameras there and weather networks to only turn on when it gets dark and turn off at dawn to prevent waste.Machinery can be designed on autocad and stored in the Archimedes sub-network of Hephaestus with existing models scanned in both in person or schematics from corporations that have developed them and the Theia s symbol of a cornucopia on them with them shared amongst the global community for all projects around the world.This work can be automated from start to finish 24/7,365 days a year with all steps progress visible in Theia s with the Theia s symbol on all signs of all mines and all e-reports and studies etc as well as all machines,robots,vehicles and drones old and new. Theia s will make all mining and quarrying corporations and state bodies obsolete allowing their headquarters to be use as homes with all orders from consumers made on Hephaestus with factories that require stone and metals ordering them based on supply and demand via Persophene.

Bio remediation of wastes produced in each step should be paramount so resources such as water can be cleaned and returned to the water cycle ideally in on site water treatment plants specialized for the treatment of water used in mining.These include porous inorganic materials that filter out wastes and toxic materials as well as plants:aquatic or land based ones as well as bacteria that uses wastes to produce commercial and useful products in manufacturing as stated earlier on with the wastewater shipped into factories.Bioremediating plants and bacteria would clean up wastes that can then be pyrolysised and then stored underground or in special areas until nanotech fabricators or other processes can separate the carbon,nitrogen and phosphorous and waste metals where they can be fully recycled and recovered for other commercial uses.Bacteria that produce plant and animal commodities as seen earlier should be used when possible and as a first resort determined by artificial intelligence with existing bacteria that produce these altered to run on these wastes using recombinant DNA from Geobacter metallireducens,metallotolerants and those made from scratch alongside artificial indoor wetlands inside these plants (using LED/CSYS lights to help them bioremediate 24/7)using both bioremediating plants and bacteria engineered to soak up toxic waste all of which can be automated from start to finish and can be used alongside conventional methods(see later) to cut down on energy and use of harsh chemicals with nanosensors at each step charting progress.Otherwise they can be built outside in large pools or ponds that are in dug out areas with clays or other water tight materials that prevent the toxins leaching into the soil similar to how landfills are designed.Both methods would have nanosensor readings at all stages fed into the mine AI to ensure all toxins are removed with systems put in place to reroute any water or commodities back to the beginning(or stored for further bioremediation) or put through graphene sheets and/or chemical,mechanical actions and super blasts of super high intensity UV light to break down any remaining toxins and if they are still not 100% clear they can be put through these methods and retested again and again until they are removed completely or within acceptable levels and as much that is physically possible with this also fully automated.Removal of used graphene and replacing them with fresh new sheets can be automated with the cleaned water then sent back to its source or into water treatment plants where it will again undergo this treatment.The plants used in this bioremediating process can be once pyrolysised treated the same ways as water with toxins removed from the biochar using graphene,UV light and chemical treatments etc until all 100% of the toxins are removed to allow the carbon to be recycled into graphene,carbon,diamonds etc instead of being stored underground with separated toxins turned into stable benign compounds.Used graphene sheets can be replaced or either pyrolysised or disposed of in compost or even treated to have the pollutants removed on site and then reused indefinitely with all steps involved in this automated.Ideally research should be done to see if the diluted wastewater be cleaned by bacteria to produce useful commodities with wetlands used as a last resort since the plants used in artificial wetlands cannot be used as fertilizer putting the carbon to waste and has to be stored underground in areas that could be used as homes etc.Otherwise this biochar can be sieved through graphene or similar nanomaterials to separate the waste or be broken down or separated via chemical,super blasts of super high intensity UV light or mechanical action so as to allow the toxins to be broken down and then created into inert compounds using other elements where it can be used for construction of other useful commercial purposes like graphene,fertilser etc.instead of just being stored underground.Nanosensors can be used at every step of these treatment plants and artificial wetlands to ensure the treated and recycled materials falls within acceptable and safe limits with the treated water returned to its source via automated trucks that dump it back in or pumping into the ground.Water that does not meet required standards can be stored in an on site tank and then undergo more treatment until it does(see later).The biochar that is separated from toxins can be tested using nanosensors to check if 100% of the toxins are removed and if not it can go through the same separation and breakdown treatments and tested again and again until all or most of it can be removed or within acceptable levels and as much that is physically possible with all of this also fully automated.These two bio remediation can be used to clean up toxins produced by fracking and the construction of solar panels.Artificial outdoor wetlands can be set up in the region of any nearby lakes and rivers.Any process that separated the waste in an inert form that can allow it to be fully recycled and not expend or use up nitrogen and phosphorous should be used.Otherwise the water can be sieved through graphene sheets and exposed to super blasts of super high intensity UV light to remove and breakdown any toxins with them used for commercial products themselves or then reburied where they came from.To cut down on energy and limit the amount of pollution in the environment both local and regional all bioremediation and treatment of waste should be done on site of the mine with all machinery in these treatment plants coated with a permanent layer of liquid glass internally and externally to make cleaning up of them by robots easier and prevent build up of toxic waste stains with any leftover then treated through the system until it is all disposed of.The graphene sheets used will separate most of the toxins present leaving through only clean water with the waste toxins reused a commercial product especially when broken down into their base elements.Bacteria can be engineered with tweaked Geobactor DNA that turns them into commercial compounds or those that are benign that can be recycled with the super blasts of super high intensity UV light would be able to break the toxins into base atoms or sub atomic particles.This can be monitored remotely using cameras on towers or quadrocopter drones over a wider range with alerts to any problems sent to the public via an universal colour coded system ideally to nearby communities but also alerts for each specific mine and its related buildings visible on the Demeter network.Genetically altered bacteria that break down heavy metal,radioactive materials using DNA made from scratch,Geobacter and metalltolerants can be spread onto soils and waterways as well as groundwater with ideally their DNA added to native bacteria to clean them up over decades with readings from Theoi Meteroi relaying progress to the public and Pan which would initiate cleanup procedures with this done prior to them starting.All steps in bioremediation,removal of toxins and other aforementioned processes can be automated from start to finish by 2029 with progress visible in Theia s.Nanosensor readings will be relayed into Theia s as well with Theia s interacting with the sentient Gaia overseeing them ensuring the most stringent environmental regulations are met and no corners are cut with them planned beforehand prior to the mine being dug with these visible to the public.This and drones patrolling the area will be fed into Theia s allowing the public to oversee all operations.

Automation of bioremediation methods and the resoiling and reforestation of used mines can easily be done to return areas to their previous states including open pit mines which can be refilled with the soil and earth dug out by automated machinery negating human labour and costs but steps can be taken into reducing the amount of resources like water used which should be properly treated and remediated before being returned to the water cycle.These areas once resoiled can be utilized for various purposes such as parks,forests for forestry, nature reserves and with further advancements it should be possible for old mines and newly created ones including open pit mines to be converted into homes with further digging to creates rooms and living spaces for communities with the decision to prevent refilling new mines made by the community before operations are finished with both old and new mines mapped using drones if used for homes and underground communities.This can be done by applying smart foamcrete scaffolding and carbon composites both of whom can allow for the integrity to be monitored via Hermes and this can be fully automated by 2029.Ideally all mines both past and new should be used as underground communities.All land surrounding them can be reforested into crop,forest and ornamental gardens with roads of permeable asphalt created in the case of open pit mines with railings and open pit mines having entrances to this complex at each part of the pit with any stretches of cliffs covered in liquid glass and graphene paint to make them last indefinitely with an outside buildings used as homes or even town halls with an AI mayor as these will become their own separate city with the statue strategically placed near the entrance or the very bottom of the pit mine.Open pit mines would ideally be refilled and resoiled to the top with the land then reforested especially in the case of toxic ones once bioremediated with pools of water removed.Thus all existing and new future mined land will be reforested once the land is resoiled and bioremediated.As we have seen before replanting and harvesting of trees can be easily automated and randomized for a mixture of biochar and bio-remediation processes with biochar production being localized as much as possible.Ideally bamboo and hemp should be used as they grow relatively quickly taking roughly 2-3 years in the case of bamboo and four months in the case of hemp to mature as opposed to 50-60 years for most trees.It can also rejuvinate the soil by fixing nitrogen.Transgenics can improve their ability to bioremediate or even break down pollutants.Transgenics can transfer bamboos self propagating abilities and nitrogen fixing ability into hemp which takes only four months to mature.Other bioremediation techniques involving smaller plants and spraying soil with water containing genetically engineered bacteria can also be automated all of which can improve quality of the environment in local area over the long term.Genetically engineered bacteria and plants can also be used to bioremediate and breakdown all toxic waste produced here into inert compounds for example G.metallireducens can degrade nuclear waste and also hydrocarbons and should spread into radioactive and hydrocarbon polluted soils using machinery normally used to spread slurry and fertilizers with other bacteria that degrade other pollutants also used.Other variant strains of these bacteria can be created by adding recombinant DNA from metallotolerants can allow metals left over to to be made into benign compounds.Nanosensors can be used to test the levels of contaminants in the soil,waterways and atmosphere by robots with appendages and sensors attached to the roofs of vehicles,towers or quadrocopter drones measuring the levels of gases outside and inside the mine in particular detecting any gas leaks caused by mining.These sensors can be left in place in soils and waterways via buoys to track and record progress of environmental revival and bioremediation processes and for studies 24/7,365 days a year during efforts and many years long after they are finished.Trees should be replanted to form forests in natural randomized fashion with the same applying to other flora like ferns,shrubs and flowers with hemp and bamboo for bioremediation and biochar programmes arranged in lines like mono culture farms.Drones and machinery can constantly upload any changes in the environment above and underground which can be uploaded and in turn streamed from Artemis for carrying out operations and analysis by the public.This work can be automated from start to finish 24/7,365 days a year with CSYS lights interacting with weather networks to be on at night and and off at dawn with progress visible in Theia s.Nanosensors readings of the atmosphere,soil and waterways will be visible in Theoi Meteroi.Ideally all land resoiled should be reforested into woodland,grassland or meadows depending on what is best suited to the area by Gaia.Any toxic leftover material like chat will be turned into benign compounds to be used for other purposes and stored in factories where they will be used or in parts of manufacturing hubs namely the central hub building.

The production of synthetic gems should reduce energy costs and make them much more widely available for the general public.Currently it takes roughly $5,600 to produce synthetic gem quality diamonds while it takes $18,900 to extract them from the earth with the former becoming much cheaper in the coming years especially with advances that could automate the entire process or allow the diamonds to be made at home or community centres in special machinery devoted to them or regional factories as well as lower energy costs and more efficient methods with carbon coming from biochar and other sources.Until this process is fully automated how to videos can be streamed onto smart devices from the machine or YouTube.This should save energy in extraction,refining and transportation as well as the human rights abuses associated with “Blood Diamonds”.These can be used in jewellery and also applied to clothing in sequinned dresses as well as homemade fabrege eggs.The consumer can design diamonds on autocad and choose the colour of them with the prospect of choosing the degree to which they are coloured by the onsite machinery adding the correct amount of elements and minerals associated with those added in the correct ratio decided by the consumer choosing the colour and saturation within autocad either by a colour wheel or typing in the saturation percentage of red,green and blue with them cross referenced with all known colours stored in Artemis transferred from Wikipedia.Thus the consumer can make diamonds that are multicoloured or have hues that do not naturally occur.A reset button can reset it to the default colour of that gem with other gemstones like rubies,sapphires,emeralds etc can be synthetically made in similar process and also ornamental rocks like opal,jade,amethyst etc.Famous necklaces,jewellery and gemstones that are in the private collection of royalty and even in museums such as Hope Diamond or the infamous The Queens Necklace owned by Marie Antoinette and even fictional ones like the Heart of the Ocean and others from media and private collection can be replicated by the general public with substitutes for gold,silver and platinum taking place of these metals.Existing remaining reserves of diamonds and other precious gems can be mined automatically from start to finish using Theia s with resoiling and bioremediation also automated with the same applied to remaining reserves of coal as detailed later on.The carbon and methane present on Saturn,Neptune and Jupiter etc can be harvested with if possible all of the diamonds produced in the atmosphere of Jupiter and Saturn both existing and future ones could be harvested via transporter and other technologies providing in the case of Saturn alone produce 1,200 tonnes of diamonds every year.Amber can be made by having genetically engineered bacteria produce the sugars and thus resins(as well as enzymes) of Aegathis,Hymenaea,Sciadopitys and other trees and plants which can then be mixed together and then pressurized in machinery with any species of insects,plant seeds,pollen or even precious gems chosen by the consumer placed into it during its manufacture.All precious gems and amber making machinery should be onsite of jewellery or Aphrodite factories.Advances in AI and automated machinery will reduce energy,time and other costs in creating all synthetic materials including gems by 2029

In order to save energy in the extraction of ores alternatives to conventional building and raw materials should be utilized such as buckypaper,fullerene,graphene,carbyne,diamond and nanotubes doped with plastics nanomaterials derived from genetically engineered bacteria should be utilized especially in the case of rare earth elements and in time other metals like Coltan and Lithium that are geographically scarce as well as environmentally destructive and expensive in their extraction,refining and transportation and also allow components of products to be produced locally on site of the factory for electronics,solar and wind etc. further saving on energy in transporting them and the finished product to consumer.These can replace copper wiring and rare earths,environmentally destructive and expensive elements as well as other elements such as toxic ones including lead,chlorine and bromine that have to be mined for use in touchscreens,batteries,circuits, computer processors,magnets and other components for electric vehicles,televisions,electronics,smart devices,electric vehicle batteries,wind turbines,solar panels,OLED lights and even materials in the outer body of aeroplanes and other vehicles and their engines making them reduce energy and environmental impact required for creating them and lowering the cost considerably and in time these items will be composed of mostly or entirely of synthetic materials negating the need for mining worldwide dramatically.They will also replace traditional materials such as steel;both graphene and buckypaper themselves are at least 86% lighter yet 200 times stronger than steel with carbyne up to twice as strong as graphene and utilising them will reduce energy costs in mining and smelting.As a result touchscreens,laptop and computer monitors,casings and electronics composed of this will be shatterproof due to its strength with those possibly composed of carbyne being even more resilient.Carbyne and graphene due to its strength over metals should also be use in the creation of chicken/animal wiring,metal gates,fencing,cutlery(both human and pet),cookware, kitchen utensils, implants,exoskeletons,DIY tools, braces and other medical products normally produced by metals as it will also prevent allergies and can be used to construct any equipment used in labs and again cut down on energy costs in extraction and transportation of ores.Graphene paint can make any surface it is put on permanently rust/corrosion free negating the need to mine for zinc as well generating electricity and increasing the surfaces strength to the equivalent of graphene itself.These can be gained from a wide variety of carbon sources such as cremated flora & fauna,coal,oil and bio char or even hydrocarbons from genetically engineered bacteria.It will also replace steel and steel wire in construction and in vehicle construction such as aeroplanes,boats and cars.In time graphene could potentially form the basis of forcefields in the future alongside containment barriers in aeroplanes,laboratories,zoos,trains,cruise ships and also interstellar vessels.Hemp composites derived from the narcotic plant can be used to replace fibreglass and metals in the construction of vehicles and buildings.Existing reserves of fossil fuels should be burned to be sequestered into carbon via biochar with the biochar process also producing carbon from existing excess carbon dioxide from the burning of depleted fossil fuel reserves with even molten carbon stored under the mantle being extracted by releasing it in short bursts and even transporter technology.All available sources of methane and carbon dioxide in the Earths matle,reserves of fossil and excess in the atmosphere come to a total of 114.275 Tt of carbon dioxide providing a huge almost unlimited amount of graphene,carbyne,diamonds etc but also oxygen for the production of liquid glass while preventing any runaway global warming.Research can be done into finding replacements for gold,silver and platinum in electronics such as is being done with new alloys composed of cheaper and more abundant metals such as copper,nickel and possibly again graphene with other alternatives to other rare,environmentally destructive or geographically location specific elements and minerals needed to be developed.Nanomaterials comprising of allotropes of all known elements on the periodic table with the same hexagonal atom thick structure as graphene,borophene and silicene developed overtime could be replacements for these due to their properties with these also making more efficient use of elements especially rare ones in electronics as well as creating allotropes with unique properties.This could make smart devices,laptops and even bulky and expensive diagnostic and medical machinery much more accurate,faster and even cheaper.They would also be replacements for toxic,expensive and environmentally destructive elements and metals.Thus research into developing these should be pursued.

It may also be possible to make synthetic versions of individual sedimentary,igneous and metamorphic rocks(or new ones with the same applying to metal compounds)as well as ornamental minerals like jade,amethyst,opal,obsidian factories by replicating the processes that have taken place over millions of years to months or even days for use in furniture,jewellery and construction with custom made rocks of varying colours etc. being made by tweaking these process.These factories producing these should be onsite of Aphrodite factories.The same can be done to make known and new minerals.These will involve mined raw elements mixed together and in time picotech fabricators creating any type of rock with customised patterns.Creating synthetic igneous,sedimentary and metamorphic rock in Aphrodite factories using raw elements mined somewhere else and then using machinery have the natural process recreated will alleviate strains on limited reserves of these and damage to the environment and will be done to create them until picotech fabricators can create the raw elements or the rocks themselves negating the need for mining limited reserves of ornamental rocks.

Manufacture and transportation of all synthetic materials to factories alongside the intake of raw materials can be automate from start to finish working 24/7,365 days a year within the next 5-10 years.Nano/pico fabricators will allow minerals,diamonds,gems,pearls,metal compounds and rocks to be produced with custom made composition,colours shapes and patterns designed on computer software with again new types of these materials being developed via experimentation either by hand or having the fabricator create them by randomisation.Solar arrays,dyson swarms and also quantum singularities alongside fusion power will play a key role in being able to charge picotech fabricators similar to Star Trek replicators at homes,interstellar vehicles,space stations,in power plants and also manufacturing hubs providing an endless supply of fertilisers,food,water,raw elements and ores etc using the Breit Wheeler process.It would through miniaturised versions or even room sized ones allow for food and meals of any type to be made on an unlimited scales in homes,restaurants and also space stations and interstellar vehicles feeding any sized population bypassing the growing of crops and animals.By 2050 AI reaching the computing power of all 9,000,000,000 and that fusion power should be availible with a energy density 708,333,184 – 966,666,560% more dense than existing fossil fuels means even proto versions for construction of Oceanus,dyson swarms,star in a box technology and eliminating water and rare element scarcity with them becoming commonplace by 2100.Steropes,Daphne and Urania should be able to arrange how much energy is needed and how much to gain from fusion power and excess produced by all power plants and homes worldwide through Brontes as well as from the Moon and Mercury diverted to them.Picotechnology,fusion power(as well as theoretical zero point energy and quantum singularities) and eventually fematology will by 2100-2200 allow us to theoretically produce any metals,compounds,ores or elements(including nuclides,nuclear isomers and isotopes of them)etc especially rare and vital ones on an unlimited scale via the Breit Wheeler process with this done on demand in factories,homes or in large Aphrodite buildings within manufacturing hubs to transport it to them.Waste products like nuclear waste can be broken down into their sub atomic particles or into energy to be then converted into other elements.This would also eliminate scarcity of any of the 94 elements especially rare ones and would allow them to be produced onsite on manufacturing hubs in Aphrodite buildings with them eliminating scarcity of raw materials and also ending one country having a monopoly of any element especially rare earths for solar energy and electric vehicles,Nitrogen/Phosphorous/Potassium/Copper/Sulphur as plant fertiliser an should negate the need for mining for these and others that would cause environmental damage.This would prevent any country having a stronghold on any elements indefinitely especially specific ones such as rare earths and will eliminate markets for all elements pushing the cost for them to virtually zero provided their is enough energy and eliminate concepts such as peak mineral or element.Dyson swarms,stars in a box devices and singularities available between 2100-2200 should cater to this for the next trillion years.With regards to Copper,rare earths etc it will eliminate the need for mining them that can be environmentally destructive.Helium-3,Deuterium,Tritium for fusion power could be created on an unlimited scale to negate mining the oceans and the Moon for them creating enough for the next 150,000,000,000 years.Picotech fabricators ability to break down down atoms in waste food,ores,water,nuclear waste into sub atomic particles or energy and then into other elements that are not radioactive and of significant value such as Gold,Hafnium,Platinum,Helium-3 and even rare earths etc or even convert it into useable energy for other purposes to directly power the grid or other purposes will be used to deal with waste food,manufactured products etc once developed by 2050-2200 as an alternative to recycling and can be used by first generation fabricators for the construction of both Oceanus and dyson swarms.Waste food,manufactured products and nuclear waste,Helium-4 and more abundant elements can be turned into energy via reversing the Breit Wheeler process to be feed into the grid or turned into more scarce elements.Picotech fabricators can reverse the Breit Wheeler process can turn waste products,food,nuclear waste etc into energy to be turned into other elements.This means that nuclear waste could provide us with at least 340,000 years of materials for building Oceanus,Gold,Hafnium,Helium-3 etc if the the Breit Wheeler process can be reversed.By 2050 fusion power may be able to power them for first generation versions that are used to create the rarest and most environmentally destructive elements,water in the driest areas of the world and also the elements required to construct Oceanus due to its immense size and also the means necessary to create both star in a box technology and also dyson swarms.This would eliminate scarcity of all elements,metals and ores indefinitely and would eliminate any country from having an monopoly on any elements and also trade wars and any imperialist wars rendering all remaining reserves of all elements especially geographically scare and rare ones worthless to all countries as each Aphrodite building in each manufacturing hub could create decades,centuries or even millions of years worth of them onsite making all countries and regions self sufficient in them and negate the need to mine for environmentally destructive ones.Thus markets associated with any of the worlds elements would become defunct and obsolete by 2045.Waste food,manufactured products and nuclear waste,Helium-4 and more abundant elements can be turned into energy via reversing the Breit Wheeler process to be feed into the grid or turned into more scarce elements.It can also be used to create large amounts of sand to refill beaches and lake and ocean beds over exploited by the construction/glassware/electronics/cement industry,create boulders for cliffs under threat of erosion and recreate large areas and cliffs that have eroded fused together via graphene infused cement or other materials.Beaches that require nourishment will have new sand created this way deposited onto them and not from oceans ensuring they will stabilise or if possible strong bedrock made of hard rocks resistant to wave action will be created and put in place under the beach  that keeps the sand in place and prevents storms eroding away the sand with these also being retractable seawalls built into this that go up wards during storms etc to prevent them being washed away or dams placed along the beach by biosynths that manage the beach.Controlling the weather by 2045 will slow down or halt erosion of beaches.Areas of geological value such as mountaintops that were mined for raw elements and ornamental rocks can have the rocks and elements recreated and put back in place by these to retain their original shape.Open pit mines and blasted mountain tops and areas destroyed by all types of mining can have soil and rocks created to refill them and reforest them once bioremediated to then return them to their pristine state.Even when perfected all waste elements from electronics etc will be recycled conventionally or by reversing the Breit Wheeler process be turned into energy for the grid or turned into other elements to prevent waste.

Research will be made to make allotropes of all 94 elements on the periodic table with the same atom thick hexagonal structure as graphene and borophene.It would make technologies more resource efficient with these hexagonal elemental allotropes having unique properties that don’t exist in current allotropes of the elements possibly making them replacements for rare,toxic,expensive and geographically scare elements.This would be due to graphene having different properties than its base element and other elements like graphenes ability to conduct and store electrical energy and its high melting point,strength,electroconductivity and also thermoconductivity in comparison to carbon itself and also other elements thus allowing graphene to replace Copper and most rare earths.As a result other abundant elements that are distributed evenly and just as abundantly across the globe and found everywhere like carbon and are not geographically scare and dont damage the environment in their extraction should have their equivalents to graphene be able to replace other geographically scarce and environmentally destructive elements.Schwarzites,nanotubes,buckyballs,double nanotubes and their equivalents of carbyne and graphyne,diamonds,graphite etc and all other allotropes of carbon and new ones devised by AI of these will also be investigated.Research can be made into double nanotubes – a nanotube within a nanotube can be made including one where the two nanotubes are of two different materials as well as variations of carbyne composed of two nanotubes of two different materials and a central single linear chain of different elements by AI extrapolating all possible combinations.Alloys of these different nanomaterials will be made with them mixed together and with biosynth technology to increase resistance to heat and pressure,thermoconductivity etc to enhance their properties and be stable at room temperature.This will include not just the metallic elements but also all of them including the metals,metalloid,reactive non metal and noble gases and if possible the transuranic,synthetic elements to see what properties they have and in the case of the transuranic and synthetic ones possibly extend their lifespan especially if combined with other lighter elements in allotropes similar to Indium selenide.Also investigated will compounds of two or more elements that have the same structure as graphene such as Boron nitride,Indium selenide and all allotropes of these with AI determining which two or more elements can be arranged in the same atom thick hexagonal structure as these.Schwarzites,nanotubes,buckyballs,double nanotubes and their equivalents of carbyne and graphyne,diamonds,graphite etc and all other allotropes of carbon and new ones devised by AI of these will also be investigated.Research can be made into double nanotubes – a nanotube within a nanotube can be made including one where the two nanotubes are of two different materials as well as variations of carbyne composed of two nanotubes of two different materials and a central single linear chain of different elements by AI extrapolating all possible combinations.Alloys of these different nanomaterials will be made with them mixed together and with biosynth technology to increase resistance to heat and pressure,thermoconductivity etc to enhance their properties and be stable at room temperature.Thus allotropes of each of all 94 elements similar to graphene,graphyne,carbyne and schwarzites including those more abundant than carbon such as oxygen,aluminium,silicon in the form of silicene,those of two or more elements,alloys of metals and synthetic compounds like plastics will be able to replace other rarer and environmentally destructive elements and also for their different unique properties unique to them and not possible in current compounds for electronics and so on and to make technologies more resource efficient even when picotech fabricators are perfected with once developed each one will be researched as to their applications in all fields of science and technology.This research will be done for their use in filters including SNOX ones and those to filter out carbon dioxide and other pollutants and even passively convert them into oxygen as those in water and sewage treatment,bioremediation,construction,batteries for vehicles/electronics/Arges batteries,lab equipment for universities/hospitals/forensics labs,home test kits including miniaturised versions of complex machinery such as MRI/Xray machines and miniaturised lab and forensic equipment,solar panels,fission and fusion reactors,dyson swarms and spheres,machinery in agriculture/construction/healthcare/manufacturing etc,megastructures such as Erebus/Nyx/ringworlds/Oceanus,geothermal pipes,thermo-piezoelectric materials,carbon and methane and artificial greenhouse gas sequestration,electric vehicles,parts of scramjets,interstellar vehicles and space stations and also all types of electronics including biosynths etc when combined with biosynth technology.They will be used in AI,robotics and biosynth development and all sectors of society ie agriculture,manufacturing,transportation etc once their unique properties are evaluated.Combined with biosynth technology these nanomaterials from all 94 elements can make these faster,cheaper etc.The software Gnome has already been able to extrapolate 2,200,000 new materials with is also predicting their properties with this further able to do so atom thick nanomaterials consisting of two or more of the 94 elements in different arrangements similar to boron nitride and indium selenide will be investigated in different structures similar to Graphene,graphyne and carbyne and nanotunes.Advances in technology and AI from 2029 – 2045 will expediate the development and manufacturing of all existing and new nanomaterials to push their manufacturing costs to zero.Since more abundant local elements that are the same structure as graphene,graphyne,carbyne and nanotubes,schwarzites etc can be made of any of the worlds 94 elements and mixtures of them it could allow them to replace more environmentally destructive and geographically scarce ones by expressing their properties for use in smartdevices etc thus shutting down any markets related to elements and negate any country having a monopoly on them by 2029 prior to the development of picotech fabricators with recycling existing elements from scrapyards,money etc and biocompatible microbes replacing rare ones etc also playing a role.

.Bicompatible microbes will be able to replace certain elements in many electronics,batteries etc.This is because they can provide DNA digital storage,produce electroconductive nanowires and electroconductive pilli,electroconductive proteins and neural tissues that can transmit electricity,store and generate electricity,biosynth wifi and also magnetism thus since these would express natural versions of these could potentially replace Copper,Cobalt,Gold,rare earths,Sodium,Lithium,Silica,Tantalum,Hafnium,Niobium etc in solar panels,fission and fusion reactors,smart phones,laptops and other electronics and even batteries with them grown onsite of Selene,Talus and also Archimedes factories.Scratch DNA and that from all other 2,391,000 unicellular and multicellular plants and animals including bacteria,fungi and viruses can allow them to express phenotypes to potentially replace other elements both rare and abundant ones.Scratch DNA and forced evolution can enhance the phenotypes from bacteria,plants and animals with DNA from plants and animals from across the galaxy used.Since these can be cultured in vats onsite of factories using sugar and 3D DNA printers this will reduce energy costs,negating the need to mine for these elements and transport them around the world saving energy and time and preventing any country having a stronghold on them and bring costs of electronics composed of them to zero when combined with graphene and silicene and other abundant nanomaterials while still exponentially increasing speeds.Scratch DNA and that from multicellular and unicellular animals and plants be added to replace other abundant and scarce elements to save energy in extraction and prevent any country having a stronghold and can be grown onsite of factories using sugars and proteins from genetically engineered bacteria fed industrial wastes and created by 3D DNA printers.If possible most if not all metallic elements including abundant ones such as Silica,Copper etc and especially rare,expense ones such as Hafnium,Lithium,Cobalt,Niobium in at least 95-100% of all electronics,machinery etc can be replaced by biocompatible microbes grown onsite of factories using DNA created from scratch by Phanes and recombinant DNA from any of the worlds 2,391,000 species of plants,animals,bacteria,fungi and those from across the universe.Potentially most electronics,robots and machinery as well as space stations,interstellar vehicles etc could be made of nothing but biocompatible microbes expressing DNA of neural tissues,magnetism,electroconductive proteins and pilli etc that reduces the need for mining for elements especially rare earths,those that are geographically scarce and environmentally destructive completely to zero or at least 90-95% pushing their costs to zero.This would allow all internal and external componants of all electronics,robotics and machinery etc to composed of nothing but microbes that can be cultured onsite of localised Talus and Archimedes etc factories thus pushing the cost of them to zero with no energy used in extraction and transportation and eliminating global markets for most of not all elements.Synthetic compounds like plastics and those doped in or with nanomaterials etc as well as alloys of different metals will also be investigated to replace rare and environmentally destructive elements.

Mining will follow the same guidelines set down by Gaia as in extraction of fossil oil,coal and gas with those underneath protected areas using borers to create tunnels then turned into underground communities with the worlds oceans mined via desalination plants with Theia running simulations as to the most effective means to gain access to the them.

To get reserves of material underneath nature reserves,urbanised areas etc machinery used to create underground piping such as micro-tunneling pipelay technology can be used to dig underneath them from far away without disturbing them with the tunnels turned into underground communities.Crossrail technology can also be used to create tunnels around them with traditional mining machinery then used.

If “Star Trek” transporter technology becomes possible within the next two centuries it can be used to lock on and remove large amounts of reserves of ores and elements over large areas of the soil that are in such minute quantities that it is currently economically unfeasible to mine via conventional methods such as rare earths and copper with simulations carried out to prevent problems with this also apply to extracting elements from the large swathes of the ocean as far deep as the ocean floor and even extract ores and reserves of elements from the Earths crust especially underneath urban areas,protected areas and wilderness areas again with simulations done.Hyperacculamative plants can be used to mine soils for metals that are in such low quantities as to make it more energy and resource efficient than normal methods.These plants will be planted in the soil and then harvested for the metals by shredding them or pyrolysised and the heavy metals separated.Existing plants can have forced evolution done with the genes that give them this ability added to bacteria to increase the amount of metals they absorb,their tolerance to them,how much they absorb and the rate of absorbtion and the type of metals they absorb with scratch DNA also used.Scratch and bacterial DNA and that from other plants that absorb all heavy metals can increase the type of heavy metals we can mine from the Earths soils.

Research can also be done into mining the worlds oceans for compounds,elements and alternatives to those that are energy intensive and environmentally damaging materials to extract from the crust such as salt(for commercial uses),nitrogen & phosphorous(for fertilizer),lithium deposits(for electronics and medicine),deuterium for fusion power and also magnesium chloride which can be found abundantly in the worlds oceans as well as it being non toxic to humans and plants and has shown to be an alternative to cadmium chloride that can do the job just as well as its use in the manufacture of solar cells and quantum dot technology.Extracting these can be done by growing micro algae and/or macro algae by the coast or in floating pens in the deep ocean(or by oil rigs and research centres),desalinisation plants or pump stations on floating cities/underwater cities/mobile boats/oil rigs/by the coast that pump water from the ocean and filter out the desired minerals/ores/elements utilising graphene and other nanomaterial sheets and return the water to the ocean.This is because it would cut down on energy costs but also because these materials are more abundant in the ocean than in the earths crusts with lithium for example there is 3,000 years of reserves while there is 60,000,000 years supply in the oceans.In time developments in autonomous mining robots composed of graphene to survive its depths may allow for mining of the deep ocean floor specifically for any rare earths may in time become possible especially once underwater cities become possible with mining done in the same way.All mining operations worldwide and eventually galaxy wide will managed by Theia s. The worlds oceans namely seawater can be mined using desalinisation plants that filter them out as they are rich in deposits of many elements or at least those and compounds that are non toxic and non environmentally destructive.This is seen by the fact that there is 60,000,000 years worth of Lithium in the worlds ocean compared to 3,000 years in the Earths Crust as well as magniusm chloride that is more abundant in the worlds oceans than cadmium chloride/telluride.The worlds oceans namely seawater can be mined using desalinisation plants and versions on oil rigs that filter them out as they are rich in deposits of many elements in a dissolved form or at least those and compounds that are non toxic and non environmentally destructive.This should reduce energy costs in extraction and be less environmentally destructive and even render trade wars and disputes and even wars over them since the worlds oceans do not belong to any nation and cover 70% of the Earths surface with AI determine what elements are dissolved in seawater,in what quantities,concentrations and develop methods of extraction.The ocean floors regolith could be mined if deemed to more environmentally sound than mining the Earth. The worlds oceans will mined using desalinisation plants for Lithium,magnesium chloride etc and so on that are dissolved in seawater as they are more abundant there than in the crust and are not as environmentally destructive in its extraction.Ships can contain miniature desalisation plants with them onsite of oil rigs as well with the powered by biosynth batteries and thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes and also wave pistons.Those onland,on oil rigs etc can be powered by geothermal power including thermo-pieoelectric material covered geothermal pipes can make them carbon neutral and using graphene and other nanomaterials in them alongside biosynth technologies can reduce their energy use by at least 90-99%.This should reduce energy costs in extraction and be less environmentally destructive and even render trade wars and disputes and even wars over them since the worlds oceans do not belong to any nation and cover 70% of the Earths surface with AI determine what elements are dissolved in seawater,in what quantities,concentrations and develop methods of extraction.The ocean floors regolith could be mined if deemed to more environmentally sound than mining the Earth.

Mining of both asteroids belts comets,the Oort cloud will provide vast reserves of Gold,Nickel,Platinum,Neodymium,Tantulum,Iron and most rare Earths etc for several millenia or even millions of years and to end trade wars,governmental control and mining on Earth for them and most in demand elements until picotech fabricators can be developed and are ubiquitous in Aphrodite buildings and become exponentially cheaper,efficient and the energy to power them becomes more exponentially powerful and abundant to power them. Theia s and Asteria will manage these mining operations and will extrapolate more exponentionally resource,time and energy efficient methods of travelling to asteroids,comets etc and then extracting the material and transporting it to Earth and other colonies using bases on the Moon,Mars etc and space stations and also Erebus,space elevators,large containers and vessels utilising dimensional transcendamentalism,biosynth technology and nanomaterials,picotech fabricators,synthetic oil,solar panels,electromagnetic propulsion,fusion power and other new technologies overtime in order to exponentionally increase the rate of travel,extraction and deposition on Earth to ensure that it will eliminate the need for mining for raw materials on Earth etc that can only meet our needs for a few centuries or even decades and cause extreme environmental damage.It will cater to our needs for rare earths etc prior to picotech fabricators are developed and will be still carried out after picotech fabricators are developed and ubiquitous especially when more energy efficient as well as when even more energy intensive to prevent the material in asteroids and comets as part of the asteroid belts and Oort Cloud to prevent them going to waste and eliminate any threat they may pose to Earth etc as seen by 99942 Apophis.Mining them would not only prevent them going to waste it will also be done to eliminate any threat they would pose to colliding with Earth with 99942 Apophis for example will be by the end of the century be a test subject for this.This and other comets and asteroids can have mining machinery managed by Theia s sent onto them and begin to mine them until they are no longer a threat.Otherwise spaceships could be attached to it that can using thrusters push it into a stable orbit around Earth,Mars,Venus or the asteroid and Kuiper belt to be mined safetly or in an orbit around Mars and Venus to be pushed to collide with them that can then allow them to be mined or due to their gravity torn to shreds to form a ring system around them that can then be mined with AI namely Theia s,Asteria and Gaia determining the best and safest route.This can be replicated with all asteroids,comets etc that are a threat to Earth and other colonies across the universe.By 2045 Asteria will be powerful enough to calculate a way of dealing with its expected trajectory of hitting the Earth with a 0.00067% chance by 2068.If possible bases can be set up on the Moon,Venus,Mars,Europa and the other moons of Jupiter,Saturn etc and those within the Asteroid belts themselves either on asteroids or as space stations can be used to house mining machinery that can launch mining vessels etc with less energy due to them having lower gravity than Earth to deposit large amounts of elements inside 3D printed capsules that in time can house exponentially more material via dimensional transcendamentalism that can be transported into the Earths atmosphere using parachutes and rocket engines to land in specific uninhabited parts of the ocean and wilderness to be collected with them housing heat shielding exteriors including graphene coatings with space elevators when availible will allow mining vessels to launch from Earth with less energy and without rockets and then deposit material to be transported to Earth.The material will be shared equally across the globe and where it is needed based on demand with zero corporate or governmental control and restrictions.This and other technologies and programmes will by 2045 onwards exponentionally increase the rate that the Kuiper Belt,Asteroid Belt and Oort Cloud will be mined with the costs to do this in terms of time and energy etc reducing exponentially also with Plautus and Asteria managing this and also managing and extrapolating all programmes that mine all asteroids in the two belts and Oort Cloud in an exponentionally pre programmed manner with excess material sent to Mars,Venus,space stations and interstellar vehicles and colonies across the galaxy and universe to ensure the mined material is shared equally across all colonies based on where it is needed.Transporter technologies can be used to mine asteroids,nebulae etc.Synthetic oil,gasoline and biofuels created by bacteria that use a looped system with carbon dioxide produced is diverted to the vats and then used to feed the bacteria onboard that use looped micro gas trigeneration systems alongside ,nanomaterials of all 94 elements and biosynth technology that replace expensive materials and make them lighter etc,biosynth batteries as part of vessels that can make them lighter should cut down costs of space travel sent to mine the Oort cloud and asteroids and travel to Mars and so on and space stations making them exponentially cheaper prior to electromagnetic engines,space elevators,skyhooks,ship generated wormholes,mass drivers,stellar engines being perfected.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials of all 94 elements will replace expensive materials,wiring and make all bulky components more compact and more important make them much faster giving them space stations and interstellar vehicles obscene amounts of RAM,digital DNA storage and nanoprocessors exponentionally more powerful than all supercomputers as of 2016 considereing they will replace all wiring and all components thus making faster,cheaper and more compact with dimensional transcendamentalism housing spacious room with fields of altered physics allowing for artificial gravity thus making space travel including interstellar travel and space stations expontionally cheaper allowing it to be in reach of the average citizen between 2045-2100 with intensive research done by Daphne,Urania and Asteria into the relevant fields of physics with once ubiquitous interstellar versions of buses,taxis,aeroplanes,cruise ships and even private interstellar vehicles will become availible to the average individual between 2100-2200 with them using ship generated nanowormholes,sublight speeds and Erebus to traverse the galaxy.These nanomaterials and biosynth technologies being lighter and cheaper than conventional materials and synthetic oil,gasoline,methane and vegetable and plant oils derived from bacteria should make interstellar travel and even setting up satellites and space stations exponentially cheaper.By 2045 onwards these and other technologies will make interstellar,in colony travel between Mars etc for terraforming and travel to and even mining of asteroids etc exponentionally cheaper to make them commercially viable and within the reach of the average individualTransporter technologies can be used to mine asteroids,nebulae etc.Synthetic oil,gasoline and biofuels created by bacteria that us a looped system with carbon dioxide produced is diverted to the vats and then used to feed the bacteria onboard and even biosynth batteries that use looped trigeneration systems should cut down costs of space travel alongside nanomaterials,dimensional transcendentalism and biosynth technology as part of vessels that make lighter sent to mine the Oort cloud and asteroids prior electromagnetic engines,space elevators,skyhooks,ship generated wormholes,mass drivers,Erebus etc being perfected.Furthermore asteroids in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter,the kuiper belt,the Oort cloud,comets and even asteroids and asteroid belts outside the solar system can be mined with advances in robotics,artificial intelligence,interstellar travel and possibly again transporter technology to salvage them for resources with this managed by interactions between Asteria and Theia s.If possible asteroids could be using thrusters be forced into the orbit of Mars and the uninhabited moons of gas giants,Earths moon or even asteroid belts so as to allow them to be mined on the surface or ripped apart by their gravity negating the need to bring them too close to Earth with advanced robotics allowing them to be mined on the surface or inside and then transported to Earth while still in there original place in belts and other areas.If possible they can also collide with uninhabited planets to be mined on the surface or the thrusters can slow there speed to orbit these planets and belts to be allowed to be mined easily once slowed down to cause less damage.Comets and asteroids that have a chance of hitting the Earth and other colonies will be instantly harvested to prevent them causing mass extinction events with this of note to 9942 Apophis used as test subject by the later half of the century with thrusters either causing them to collide with Earths Moon,Mars,Venus and the moons of gas giants at very slow speeds or put into stable orbits around these planets including Earth,Mars,Venus and even Gas giants to allow them to be in a place where they will be stationary and be mined easily by robots and ships controlled by Theia s to prevent them causing extinction events with this repeated with all asteroids in the Solar System with even the Oort cloud mined.Both the Asteroid and Kuiper Belt and also Oort cloud also mined by Theia s to alleviate strains on mining them from the Earth with this potentially harbouring millions of years worth of precious metals and rare earths.By 2045 AI should be advanced enough to chart all asteroids that could hit the Earth and the location of those that wouldnt and also develop technologies to put them into stable orbits and mine them with after 9942 Apophis used as a test subject will be developed exponentially meaning the rate of mining the asteroid belts will grow exponentially using whole fleets of vessels and mining equipment.These should meet the needs of both rare and abundant metals like gold,platinum,nickel and iron for at least the next several million years due there abundance and also size with it also preventing them becoming a danger too Earth if they have the potential to collide with Earth.The small moons of the gas giants(those that are smaller than Europa,Callisto etc and don’t have the same uniform shape),Mars and also dwarf planets,small moons and planetoids of the solar system can be mined entirely with their names reused for extrasolar planets.The rings of planets like Saturn,Haumea and other extrasolar ones will be mined since they will eventually disappear .Ideally these would be mined automatically once these technologies are sufficiently advanced and stored on Earth or other colonies and space stations for storage with extrasolar asteroid belts planetoids also mined automatically once discovered.Biosynth technology may be able to replace rare elements in all types of energy sources.

Picotech fabricators on site of Aphrodite factories will using the Breit Wheeler processs be able to create an unlimited supply of all 94 elements forever with their manufacture and distribution managed by Theia.

All elements in all electronics,vehicles etc will be recycled by Persephone with all work in mining and recycling automated.Concrete,wiring,piping,asphalt,tarmac etc from demolished hydroelectric dams,buildings and dug up roads etc will be recycled alongside glass.Scrapyards and graveyards of both electronics and vehicles alongside both open and underground landfills worldwide will be recycled and the land reforested by AI,automation again managed by Persephone.Phosphorous,nitrogen,potassium,copper and sulphur will be recycled via algae grown onsite of sewage and water treatment plants that can be reused over and over again as a fertiliser,human and animal feed negating the need to mine for them.Once money becomes obsolete bullion,platnium,copper and gold and other precious metals used as physical money including gold bars in banks and even Fort Knox as well as coins etc will be recycled.Solar panels and HAWTs will be recycled for steel copper and rare earths and the land reforested.Landfills both open and underground ones will be recycled by them and the land resoiled.The sentient Theia s and Persephone by 2029 will be organising the recycling and mining of all elements worldwide overriding both defunct corporations and government and allow for the distribution of them to be based on the global needs and not markets

Substitutes for certain elements will come in the form of nanomaterials of other elements similar to graphene,graphyne,carbyne,schwarzites,indium selenide etc and also plastics doped in nanmoaterials and so on.Bicompatible microbes will be able to replace certain elements in many electronics.This is because they can provide DNA digital storage,electroconductive produce nanowires and electroconductive pilli,electroconductive proteins and neural tissues that can transmit electricity,store and generate electricity,biosynth wifi and also magnetism thus since these would express natural versions of these could potentially replace Copper,Cobalt,Gold,rare earths,Sodium,Lithium,Silica,Niobium,Tantalum,Hafnium etc in solar panels,smart phones,laptops and other electronics and even batteries with them grown onsite of Selene,Talus and also Archimedes factories.Scratch DNA and that from other unicellular and multicellular organisms can allow them to express phenotype to potentially replace other elements.All 94 elements including noble gases and mettalic elements could be replaced by biocompatible microbes.Synthetic compounds like plastics and those doped in or with nanomaterials etc as well as alloys of different metals will also be investigated to replaced rare and environmentally destructive elements.Nanomatetials of all 94 elements that are similar to graphene,carbyne,schwarzites etc will make electronics more resource efficient by using less of them and also them replacing more expensive and scarce elements.

VR technology by 2029 will allow one to own villas,mansions,vehicles etc composed of expensive and environmentally destructive elements saving on energy even after picotech fabricators are perfected.Artificial gemstones such as Diamonds,Rubies,Emeralds,Amethyst,Jade etc and also ornamental rocks of all three classes igneous,sedimentary,metamorphic will be created by ordering the elements they are composed of and then using specialised machinery onsite of Aphrodite buildings create them via replicating the heat and pressure of the mantle and crust until picotech fabricators can create them with those that are endemic to a specific area and are rare and even whose extraction would damage the local geological features would have them created using raw elements rather than destroying these with the use of elements extracted via Theia s will also allow for more localised extraction and production of synthetic version until picotech fabricators are perfected to allow them to be created as a whole.Thus ornamental rocks such as Italian marble etc and precious gems and minerals that will be in high demand for statues for all buildings managed by AI and furnishes in homes will be synthetic ones created by machinery onsite of Aphrodite buildings using raw elements mined in or recycled until picotech fabricators

Picotech fabricators using the Brent-Wheeler process that converts energy and light into matter will be able to prodhce any raw element on an unlimited scale provided it uses fusion power,dyson swarms etc

.A combination of recycling,picotech fabricators ability to create raw materials,reversing the Breit Wheeler process to turn waste into energy and thus other raw materials,nanomaterials of all 94 elements,biocompatible microbes,mining of asteroids/Oort cloud managed by Theia s should render conventional mining obsolete forever,eliminate scarcity of raw materials and also shut markets associated with elements and mining etc forever.Since Urania,Gaia,Steropes and Daphne’s computing power will exceed that of all 9,000,000,000 humans on the planet by 2045 it would be possible for proto versions to exist by 2050 coupled with fusion power developed at this point being able to power them due to it having a more powerful energy density than fossil fuels an increase of energy density of about 708,333,184 – 966,666,560% more dense than fossil fuels.Brontes would ensure that the energy from dyson swarms,singularities,star in a box technologies and excess energy generated from all homes and power plants worldwide would be distributed only to energy intensive picotech fabricators and transporter technologies around the world while Oceanus,all homes of all types,all manufacturing hubs etc will be charged by geothermal and renewables etc

The software that manages and link all mines worldwide replacing all mining corporations and state bodies will be Theia s after the greek deity of the wealth and its symbol will be cornucopia and link all mines intranets/AI worldwide together.This will inevitability render all government organisations and corporations in this area indefinitely.Each mine will controlled by him with each mine having no independent AI and maintain the workings and interactions between all of robots and contain updated maps from the Artemis network viewable by the public.It will also carry out automatic diagnostics of all machinery routinely alerting the community to any accidents or problems(following an universal colour coded systems) and also log these alongside all orders and operations of the machinery as well as readings from soil,water and atmosphere nanosensors which will also be visible in Theoi Meteroi.Camera feeds will be fed into and visible for each project.The yields of each metal,ore and element for each operation will be logged as well as on local to global scales over days to millennia with resource use also measured on these scales.Routine diagnostics on all systems such as lighting,robots and machinery will follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger making it easy for the layperson to recognize the level of severity of the problem.The Theia s network in Demeter will allow the general public to view results etc from all past and current mining operations.If a problem occurs automated measures within the AI system will isolate severely compromised machinery ie. from cyber attacks will be cut off from the AI and other machines until it is solved with AI of compromised buildings from other similar buildings and the rest of the wire until rectified to prevent problems spreading.The AI and thus all robots under its control will have the latest cyber security installed and constantly updated.Automated corrective measures or those that can be done remotely via the wire for all possible problems will be built into the mine AI again view able to the public.This should prevent the problems associated with the tragedy of the commons.Furthermore it will interact with these readings and weather networks to allow for correct planning of operations avoid it in times of heavy rain,blizzards.Machinery,drones and robots will be covered in first a layer of graphene paint to prevent rust(and generate electricity) and then a film of liquid glass to make it hydrophobic,water proof,acid proof,dirt proof and they will be composed of self healing polymers,electronics and metals.