Cataloguing of Music :
Having all of the worlds music albums and extended plays as well as musicals and soundtracks past,present and future uploaded onto Dionysus subdivided by genre and subgenre as well as artists from around the world will allow people around the world to have a wide variety of entertainment media the second it is uploaded with them translated with translating software such as the sentient Coeus aiding in this also.It will also allow all new artists to gain worldwide exposure instantly with people able to listen to them in their desired language.Posthumously released work by deceased artists will be released here.All existing and new albums from artists around the world including soundtracks will appear here and can be downloaded as a whole, as separate tracks or one or multiple tracks at a time onto computers and smart devices.All albums including soundtracks will appear as individual numbered labelled tracks in their albums.Those only on YouTube will be transferred here and separated as individual tracks and the video deleted and URLs recycled.One will be able to download all albums in one go,track by track onto computers,smart devices and arrange into playlists using Hestia media player.Thus Dionysus will replace corporate studio labels with new and existing artists creating work in their own home studios,recorders attached to laptops and uploaded to Dionysus within hours or minutes of production allowing budding artists to compete with well established artists for exposure with rating systems in folders showing people what are the hottest new artists.All work will be done at home using networks and albums etc uploaded to Dionysus within minutes of production.Microphones hooked up to laptops will allow for vocals to be recorded with networks allowing musicians to work with each other on opposite sides of the world with Ampelos recording it,removing background noise and adjust acoustics.In time VR technology will allow music videos and also recording done in any environment with FL Studio integrated into Ampelos creating music from scratch.Soundtracks will be composed this way as well.Spotify and iTunes will be made redundant by Dionysus with it also rendering music recording corporations defunct as all future music will appear here within minutes of production and be made at home.Soundhound and similar apps that allow one to determine the name of a piece of music will be replaced by Gaia,the Home AI and and even features within Ampelos allowing for all music on YouTube videos,trailers movies etc to be determined.Banned music will also be here as well.Winners and contestants of song contests such as Eurovision will have their singles and extended plays in here in their folders with them able to re kickstart careers and their original work in the same folders of new albums with the same applying to bands who are considered one hit wonders.Extended plays of these and well established artists will also be here in the folders of the artists alongside their full albums.All albums including full albums musicals and soundtracks that are found only on YouTube and Dailymotion etc will have the tracks separated from each other into single tracks with this including compilation albums of all types.All compilation albums of all types will be here with new ones created by AI and members of the public.Soundtracks of all movies and television shows and video games will be here including existing ones and new ones with those of media with no soundtracks created by Adriadne.Soundtracks of all renditions if opera,musicals both movie versions and live performance versions will be here in the same folder system as recorded lived performance art.Classical music from the period 1650 and 1900 or even from the 20th and 21st century onwards will be present here in compilation albums of different composers and also albums for each composer.Thoas will interact with Adriadne by scouring all of YouTube for all albums and then modify them,transfer them and delete the video.One can arrange custom made playlists of songs from all albums and save them in their Dionysus account with entire albums programmed to play only one or all tracks at once.As stated earlier on music and lyric books of all known and new albums,musicals,opera,soundtracks(movies,video games,television shows) and compilations will be scanned in or created by software and will be in the book networks of Dionysus.Playlists of any music can be arranged by the listener with even loop options to play a song over and over again or play albums and playlists over and over again Playlists can be saved on ones devices in folders in the music folder as being customised playlists of different songs from different artists and albums or one could save entire albums on smart devices and laptops etc and even smart television when offline with one able to store them in folders to played in full as separate tracks on a list.Searchbars can allow one to choose where on the track to go to or they can fast forward or rewind at different speeds from x2,x4,x8,x10,x20,x30.All devices can be used to play them online and all songs can be downloaded individually as individual tracks or full albums separated into different tracks with one able to down one track at a time from any artists albums or download entire albums where they can play the entire album as a playlist or move tracks to custom playlists.Each album will be denoted as the album covers with them labelled by the date they were uploaded to Dionysus and also released in their native country for those prior to Dionysus with the full length present.The tracks will be labelled by number and full title and will also have their individual length present.The sentient Coeus will translate any song on Dionysus and on YouTube into any language one wants making them universally accessible to everyone.

Thus all music albums of all genres including soundtracks,musicals etc from around the world in existence from as far back as the begging of commercial music distribution and sound recording including Emile Berliner 1889 will be logged in Dionysus in their own section with the sentient Coeusand music videos will be in official channels on YouTube with them also translated.This will be done by transferring them from existing sites and services like iTunes,Spotify and even those that exist only on CD,cassette and vinyl records hooked to peripherals and computers.Rare music on gramophone and vinyl records can be connected to and transferred to a computer using hi tech gramophones peripherals designed to connect to computers,read the music and transfer tracks into folders the uploaded into Dionysus as high quality music with album covers scanned into the subfolders.The album covers will be present as the albums files.The same can apply to rare music on cassette tapes etc using hi tech customised cassette players,ghetto blasters or peripherals that can be connected to computers with as stated earlier on hi tech gramophones allowing rare music records to be transferred to Dionysus possibly through Hestia acting as a relay with the cover also scanned in.Rare material on CDs can be transferred via inserting them into computers with Ariadne extracting the files.All music on Spotify and iTunes etc will be transferred to Dionysus with all music stored as albums.Cassettes,compact discs and also gramophones from any remaining music stores can be uploaded into Dionysus at home by people collecting them on a first come first serve basis with the album art etc as well to make them widely available to the world and allow the world remaining stores to be used as homes either through remodelling and also demolishing to allow new ones to take their place.All cassettes,compact discs and all records will be recycled with rare ones and at least one copy of each sent to museums.Albums on YouTube will transferred to Dionysus by AI and separated into individual tracks.Music albums that exist only on YouTube with no music videos will have the audio extracted and sent to Dionysus and the video deleted by Adriadne wary music that exists only on YouTube that exists only as just hour or even ten hour loops of an instrumental will appear as its full track length in compilation albums by genre ie jazz,relaxation,dance with those that are an hour or more long from video games etc put into compilation albums created by Adriadne for different games as a whole or compilation tracks for each video game.The video will be kept on YouTube with Adriadne and Thoas will work together in tracking down the name of the artist who created it and the musics name with those with no name given a new name.Musicians who have their music present only on YouTube as music videos and on online sites such as Mr.Kitty,Kalax,Gunship,Neon Nox,The Midnight etc will have the videos kept there forever but have Thaos copy the music and audio and have this sent to Dionysus arranged into their albums with separate tracks by interacting with the artists.All music on iTunes,Spotify and similar online sites will have all music transferred to Dionysus into albums divided into tracks.All soundtracks,singles and albums on YouTube will be removed from there since they will be downloaded from Dionysus onto ones devices or streamed from there.Those transferred to Dionysus will not have the picture.The same will apply to stock music both on YouTube and other websites will be transferred to Dionysus by Ariadne into compilations by genre with the URLS recycled and any music,noises and even talking used to protect them for copyrighting will be removed and be in their full form.All living musicians will scan in all of their albums and singles with CEOs of record companies doing this for all of their musicians alongside deceased musicians,Living next of kin may scan in all music of deceased musicians.The use of VR technology,home studios and computer networks in Dionysus will render music record companies defunct as new material will be created at home on Ampelos and networks with them uploaded within minutes of production giving people a diet of music from around the world with him removing background noise and altering acoustics.Recording studios for corporations and also the corporate headquarters for all music corporations around the world will become communal homes.In time VR indistinguishable can allow for musicians to do their work in conventional studios fed into networks using the time dilation effect allowing them to record lines with multiple people at once in person as well as record albums and allow the home studios and those in community centres,communal homes and private homes to be used for other uses.VR technology will allow for music videos to be filmed with ease and even allow for music to be recorded in virtual studios.Special features will be in folders and subfolders with existing ones present on YouTube transferred by AI and future ones uploaded by musicians.Thus computer networks,Ampelos and VR technology will allow all future music to be created at home.Albums will be filtered by genre,country,artist etc and albums will have its summary,release date and other information.Older singles will have their release date withe their level in charts and their albums level also present with the time of the album in hours and minutes denoted with each singles length in minutes and seconds denoted with hyperlinks to its music video on their official channel on YouTube.Ampelos will be used to create them with in time VR technology used to create them in VR studios.Reviews from the public and critics will be present with those from newspapers,magazines and websites of critics from across the world have hyperlinks to their page and issue in Pheme and their page on the internet.Albums will house the full runtime of them alongside country of origin,genre,Dionysus and Momus scores score,age rating and similar information.YouTube will house all music videos from around the world including new artists only in their official channel with duplicates deleted and existing high quality transferred there via AI.The public will be able to leave reviews typed in on laptops etc and 10 star ratings with the average score of all public reviews averaged as their Dionysus score with these accessed in a menu alongside those of critics and newspapers organised by AI.Momus and Dionysus scores will be present.The age rating of each album will be present.The use of networks within Dionysus,Home AI acting as publicist and managers and also Ampelos will allow anyone to easily breakout from the comfort of home and appear in Dionysus within minutes of production availible to the world.The sentient Coeu will translate all new and existing music from around the world.All future albums will be uploaded here within minutes of production from around the world and galaxy.

All audio soundtracks for all movies,video games and television shows worldwide past and future will be within the music section of Dionysus in their own section for soundtracks subdivided first by movies and television shows and then genre and subgenre of the movie and television show.Those for television shows will have a macro folder containing the soundtracks for all seasons with those that have no soundtrack have one compiled by AI by scanning all episodes and tracking down the name of the song and artists with this also applying to other media such as video games etc.Unused music for video games can be added to hem with this even applying to existing ones.Musicals,opera etc will also be within their own section.Soundtracks of theatrical musicals will be in the movie soundtracks sections of Dionysus with their own subfolders with live ballet soundtracks will be in their own section in the music section of Dionysus separate from classical music and all of these will have all renditions and recordings denoted by theatre and date:year,month and date.Compilation soundtracks will be in their own sub section of each soundtrack types section.Like movies full unedited or collectors editions with all tracks will be in the folder with any other tracks added from other versions with even unused music including that from beta versions in video games added to there by AI.Thus in the case of movies etc where multiple versions of a soundtrack exist that has extra bonus songs present will have them merged into one single soundtrack album with soundtracks with songs missing that are present in the media will have Adriadne scan the full limited edition movie or television show in Dionysus scanned for all music present and those not present in the album will have Ampelos separate it from the media and also other audio ie sound effects and actors talking or scan the entire internet including YouTube to have it copied and transferred to the album and upgraded to high quality.The soundtrack of all past and future movies and television shows will be added to Dionysus.The cover and back cover of these can also be designed by the producers and will be on the folder of it with booklets scanned in that can be streamed on linked devices.Like albums these would have each individual labelled track in them and will be separated into each track file with unused music ad bonus tracks present here extracted from files and special features.Full special edition albums with all of the music present will be uploaded with this applying to future ones and retroactively by AI adding ones not present to them.Unused music of all types will be added to the soundtrack of video games including those from betra versions.Television shows,video games and movies that have no officially released soundtracks can have them created by Adriadne scanning through all of the episodes in a season,movies or the entire game and arranging them into soundtracks for each individual movie,video game and individual season or overall television show with custom made album covers with television shows arranged by season created by Adriadne.Video games will have music for each level condensed into a track lasting anywhere between five to ten minutes that contains one or two iterations of the music loop.Television shows both old and new will have albums for each individual season created by Adriadne for old ones that don’t have them and assistant AI for new ones if their is enough space with if not albums made for the entire shows run with each track denoting which season and episode it appeared in.If possible for still running new shows the single album will be started after at least a dozen songs and pieces of music are present then each new music piece and song for every new episode will be added after they premier on Dionysus.All past and future video games will have soundtracks created by Adriadne scabbing the game for them in Dionysus for old games with new ones created by Assistant AI.Soundtracks for musicals and operas etc will be present for both movie adaptations and live performance renditions divided into each rendition similar to how the types of live performance art are divided into different renditions.Those only on YouTube compiled by fans will be transferred here and separated as individual tracks and the video deleted and URLs recycled.Thoas will interact with Adriadne by scouring all of YouTube for all soundtracks of all movies and television shows and then modify them,transfer them and delete the video.

By 2029 onwards all past music including soundtracks etc from across the world will be uploaded into Dionysus subdivided into each genre.Those from all allied and observed alien races will be uploaded to Dionysus.All future music albums from around the world and universe will be uploaded and premiere in Dionysus.

Creation of New Music :
Music will be free to download from Dionysus without restrictions from copyrighting which will replace both Spotify,Tidal,iTunes and similar services containing all of the worlds albums,singles,remixes etc and even traditional music from as far back as ancient times in music files and music videos in folders and sub folders with people able to download music onto their smart devices and laptops when access to Dionysus is not available in the form of playlists,single compilations,albums etc arranged in folders and subfolders.It may even spell the end of music channels such as MTV since a person will be able to listen and watch any music video they want at anytime anywhere in the world on laptops,computers,all types of smart devices(including mirrors and televisions),onboard computers of vehicles with custom made playlists of audio only and music videos made by the listener or both.Otherwise playlists in YouTube will replace this with channel specific non music programmes appearing on their YouTube account or in Pheme.As a result the datacentres used to house the servers for iTunes and Spotify can be used as homes and the servers recycled once the contents of these are transferred to Dionysus as well as those from other online sites.Channels like MTV and VH1 etc within Pheme will however have music documentaries,news and shows related to music since one could view and listen to any music piece from around the world via Dionysus and YouTube with older news programmes and documentaries transferred to Dionysus from YouTube,official websites and archives and logged by folder and subfolders then season and date:year to day as far back as possible managed by genre with official websites replaced by Pheme with them even having their own newspapers and magazines to replace website articles with older articles transferred into the newspaper arranged as monthly issues.Shows produced by them will be in their folders within Dionysus or ideally all of the channels programs will be in their independent folders in Dionysus with news programmes being in Pheme all logged back as far as possible.This would include shows like Pop Up Video with new episodes of these created by AI allowing for dozens of these episodes to be created to catch up on music videos caused by the lag since the show was cancelled for the newest episodes.The same will apply to video game channels and those that specialise in specific subjects.Music videos will premier on the artists official YouTube account especially VEVO account with this applying to even new artists with duplicates on YouTube and other sites deleted and servers recycled with all music videos not there added and artists with no official YouTube account given a VEVO one by Gaia.Networks for creating videos and also albums will be linked to YouTube thus allowing the VEVO accounts to be officially linked and controlled by them housing only music videos.Since VEVO itself is a corporations the headquarters will be converted into communal homes.Ideally existing VEVO YouTube accounts for each artist will be replaced by the artists official ones set up and managed by them with the AI that managed YouTube will have them transferred to them and the old ones deleted with the account hyperlinked to the albums file in Dionysus.Deceased artists will have accounts managed by AI or next of kin that are still alive with excess videos on YouTube deleted with in the case of artists with no VEVO accounts will set up one and have AI transfer existing music videos scattered around the site added to them via the AI with them updated to the highest audio/visual quality by Ampelos.Duplicate videos of all music videos on non official acounts will be deleted with the artist interacting with Thaos to organise that their new official YouTube account will be managed by them and be the only account to hold their music videos.The view totals of all transferred and deleted videos will be transferred to to these new videos channels on YouTube.Ones Home AI acting as an assistant etc will arrange this alongside the AIs in charge of YouTube.Thus all videos of existing artists that are in random accounts and not the official ones will be transferred to their official one set by the artists which can be used as solely their one for music by interacting with Thaos with another sub channel in the musicians YouTube account used for vlogs by them in politics and hobbies as well as other material and also live-streaming and logging interviews with fans etc and other material present decided by them.Thaos will transfer those on VEVO accounts to a new official one containing all their music videos both old and new with those are present only on other non official accounts transferred here and the URLs recycled.Deceased artists will have their closest living relative put in charge of these accounts and the videos across the entirety of YouTube sent here.The videos transferred from existing to new accounts and even duplicates will have all comments added to the new version and also the total views and likes/dislikes added to the new one as a new total.Soundtracks etc of music will be once sent to Dionysus be deleted.These will make all music channels that play only music videos obsolete.

As for music videos both new coming and established artists will benefit from drones and automated dollys and camera systems that can be programmed and controlled by their Home AI or virtual secretary to lock onto a person or specific body parts with multiple aerial drones recording a scene at once and then editing used to piece different angles together.With regards to dancing and extras,supporting characters in friends will be learning dances and choreography set by the artist via the motion capture suits(see earlier)using Terpiscore with dancers,backup singers and actors also posting auditions within the networks setting up albums with them using portfolios of other work and using them in portfolios for movies,music videos and live performance art.These technologies as well as blender and other CGI software merged into Ampelos will allow artists themselves once they get accustomed to the software have more artistic control over their videos and add things not currently possible negating the need for music video directors.Real locations indoor and outdoor and buildings such as mansions and islands can be rented for the time it takes them by making deals with locals and community boards,through Euthenia or advances in software like Blender and photogrammetric technology recreating photo-realistic CGI settings from Artemis and building AI maps or have sets constructed specifically for it by automation and 3D printing which can then be recycled.Otherwise home studios and recording rooms of varying sizes can be covered in greenscreen and then used to create CGI,photorealistic backgrounds or those from live feeds from Brauron and recorded feeds of a cityscape,middle of a street from autonomous drones.In time by 2029 onwards VR technology will allow one to use real environments,those from video games,create environments from scratch from one’s imagination.VR simulations that are indistinguishable from reality with in VR drones and cameras recording in the simulation from different angles with this applying to those involving plots with these recorded into real world devices.VR technology will allow for budding musicians to use any environment they want with little to no cost and effort for preparation and will them control of the environment and props with dancers and extras being controlled by AI to further reduce costs or real dancers that are friends and allow even any celebrity to appear in it albeit with their permission and authorisation or the celebrity could appear as themselves from home with them able to do physics and death defying stunts not possible in the real world without fear of injury and death.Songs that are theme songs of movies,video games and television shows will have scenes of them interspersed in between the video with the trend of music videos having plots from the 1990s will be restarted.Celebrities contacted via Home AI publicists can appear in VR simulations alongside permission to use their avatar in a way that does not demean them with legal taken if it does shed in a bad light with them able to remove all instances of the videos from the entire wire and all devices worldwide through Hestia.The celebrities will view the finished video prior to it being uploaded.This will allow budding musicians create any music video they want without any cost or directors from home.All of this especially VRs time dilation effect will allow one to make music videos for all singles on an album rather than just one or two singles with existing living musicians doing the same for all of their old songs that werent made into music videos using avatars of their younger self or anti ageing treatments.Friends of the musicians will use YouTube to learn how to shoot movies and music videos replacing conventional ones.All music videos will appear on the musicians official YouTube channel within minutes of production.Bands who are on online sites and YouTube that have no official music videos for their music such as Mr.Kitty,Kalax,Gunship,Neon Nox,The Midnight will have official music videos created..

Album covers will be designed on Erato by the musician and be present on the albums file in Dionysus with the back and front cover present with the back housing the list of songs and their time with their also booklets created by AI that house the lyrics for each song created by AI and other information.All album covers for all existing albums worldwide will be scanned into Dionysus to be put in place of the albums file.These will be read on e-newspapers

Musicians both new and existing signing onto record companies will become defunct and a thing of the past as they will become obsolete allowing for them to have a full creative control with work done in recording done in studios based at home or in local art community centres with music and music videos alongside appearing online on YouTube within hours or minutes of production allowing budding musicians to start their careers by themselves from home studios and networks in Dionysus with VR technology allowing one to create music videos by themselves.Computer networks in Dionysus will replace signing into record companies as musicians will simply set up networks to record music or use FL studio within Ampelos in home studios consisting of a computer and desk with one even using VR recording studios to record all songs of an albums with music videos filmed in VR simulations and then edit the material and upload the music video to YouTube and full album into Dionysus all from the comfort of home without ever having to ever approach music recording studios.All albums will be divided into individual tracks.As stated one will simply set up computer networks on Dinoysus and VR technology will allow musicians both new and existing ones to record entire albums in VR recording studios that once edited will be uploaded into Dionysus and music videos created in VR simulations will be uploaded to YouTube with their Home AI advertising it to billions of people based in demographics and viewing patterns on YouTube etc with prior to this home studios used and Ampelos perfecting acoustics etc with VR technology allowing them to create music videos of their own choice from the comfort of home which then can be uploaded to YouTube etc.Ones Home AI will advertise them to billions of people and advertised the music etc to presenters of talk show hosts with them advertising new events in their live to entertainment shows and also newspapers.Thus it will be easy for new musicians to reach global stardom from the comfort of home..Corporate headquarters for the now defunct companies worldwide alongside recording studios will become communal homes.Networks will allow one to do all work from home and once one is finished simply clicking a button will allow albums to be uploaded to Dionysus.As with movies and television shows producers,managers,talent managers and publicists will disappear replaced by assistant AI and Home AI allow their headquarters and those for record companies converted into communal homes with any records etc sent to relevant museums.Talent shows like X Factor,American Idol,Americas Got Talent etc will also become defunct due to computer networks with the studios used to air them will become homes or studios for other shows.Corporate headquarters of these record companies and studios for reality singing competition show will be converted into communal homes.Since musicians will have home studios corporate recording studios will become homes.Furthermore it will bypass the need for having to compete and win the competitions since new music and albums will appear here within hours or minutes of production allowing for new artists of all ages to explode onto the scene much easier making them eligible for all major music awards with all work done at home within networks.Notions of music charts,signing onto record companies,records going platinum will also disappear with budding stars of all ages gaining global exposure easily and also having complete control of their careers started and done from the comfort of their homes.One once they get an idea for a new music album will set up computer networks in Dionysus and record songs in VR recording studios and it fed into computer networks with the finished album uploaded to Dionysus and them then creating music videos in VR simulations and the music video uploaded to their YouTube channel and the music arranged into albums uploaded to Dionysus.The musicians will do concerts and also appearances on talk shows from the comfort of home.Thus as a result musicians careers can be done from the comfort of home and last as long as they want.Ones Home AI will act as their manager,publicist etc and thus will via interacting with Hebe apps and interacting with the intranet of of nightclubs etc will allow them to book any gigs at any nightclub around the world at any time that suits them which can be relayed on their websites and they could use this to book for major concert events and contact other artists to be second acts.The Home AI and assistant AI can act as their director for music videos and writer writing lyrics and musical notation for all of their songs and even acting as backup vocals.Music videos from YouTube will be also downloaded from the site using a built in download button within Hestia and/or the website itself onto ones smart devices and into playlists within their Hestia cloud.With regards to musical bands new band members and the formation of new bands will work via the same auditioning done through the networking system with members sending portfolios of their singing,music playing,photos etc which will be in the special features section alongside those who were not chosen.Adverts for other band members can be posted on online websites like YouTube and also within a subsystem or networks within the music sector of Dionysus.People can scour these networks to post auditions and portfolios to join groups and bands etc.In time bands may consist of a mixture of humans,AI with holographic avatars,bio-synths.Booklets and album covers and back covers for old albums will be scanned in that can be streamed on linked devices with this also applying to new albums.Band members including vocals,musicians,back up singers can use the networking system and VR simulations to record music together in real time while still on opposite side of the planet and use playback features and Iris chats to discuss them afterwards.VR simulations can be used to record albums in a conventional recording studios thus allow any artist access to a high quality studio.When one has an idea for a new music album then they will simply set up a computer network in Dionysus and once the album is created upload it to Dionysus.One will start music careers at any age including at the age of 12 or younger

Singers can perfect their singing talents through classes in VR simulations with the AI Polyhymnia and human coaches with those who do not have good vices can have through CRISPR have their voice modified to be better but still have the same time as their original voice meaning the average person can have soprano,mezzo etc voices gained by CRISPR giving them an equal chance of producing the same high quality music as anyone else.People can join music classes to perfect their skills at playing all types of musical instruments

Retired musicians and bands including one hit wonders can restart their careers through this system.If possible due to the abolition of music trends and markets old genres of music such as 80s synth pop,dance,ragtime,disco,grunge,classical music,jazz,traditional popular music of the 1940s-1950s and the various types of Rock and Roll of the 1950s-2000s will make comebacks both from existing and new artists with new bands and albums being created at any time since anyone could make any type of music type and not have to adhere to trends of decades.The concept of decade based trends will disappear altogether as artists will create any type of music at any time as seen for example the bands Mr.Kitty,Kalax,Gunship,Neon Nox,The Midnight.The trend of music videos having plots will be restarted alongside theme songs of movies,television shows and video games having scenes of them interspaced into them.

These corporate recording studios will become replaced by Ampelos software,miniature home studios in extensions with Ampelos installed on them and microphones connected to laptops that will give the same quality recording as conventional recording studios and will be advanced enough to be compact,portable and used on home laptops,smart devices and computers thus allowing to do work anywhere thus giving them complete control with existing recording studios and corporate headquarters for all music studios/corporations and other buildings used as homes with the same with regards to headquarters of record companies.Home studios for recording music can be in extensions and spare rooms in both communal and private homes in community centres or even as stated the Ampelos software and microphones attached to laptops.In time VR programs indistinguishable from reality will allow one to record music onto ones linked devices in the real world using environments of any design and studios of any size and work with multiple people here.Home studios can be in home extensions whether communal or private homes as well as in community centres complete with soundproofing or in time VR simulations that will be fed into ones computers to be then uploaded into Dionysus.In time VR indistinguishable can allow for musicians to do their recording of music in conventional VR studios fed into networks using the time dilation effect allowing them to record songs with multiple people at once in person as well as record albums and allow the home studios and those in community centres,communal homes and private homes to be used for other uses. The singers etc will use home studios or laptops with microphones attached linked to those of colleagues around the world including backup singers via the networks.Computer networks can allow for all members of a band to work from home using microphones especially wireless ones connected to laptops with Ampelos recording all material produced by singers,backup singers and musicians all working from home on opposite sides of the planet with all material merged into one flow at once with Ampelos managing acoustics etc and removing background noise VR technology can allow musicians and singers to meet in a traditional recording studio to be recorded into real world network.If possible multiple individuals on opposite sides of the world with them using the networks for the vocal and different musicians on opposite sides of the world can record pieces in one continuous flow and playback them and use internal Iris chats to discuss it with the lyrics and musician notation on linked smart devise such as smartpads and e-newspapers.Recorded material will be stored in networks folders where they can be listened to by everyone with phonecalls,internal kik messaging  and etc allowing them to be discussed.Ampelos will record music and singing made in home studios and even just laptops with microphones with the sentient Ampelos removing background noise and improving acousitics to an ideal type with FL Studio built into it allowing one to create any type of music type of any instrument ie orchestral,pop,dance,guitars and percussions,string etc of all types from around the world including ancient world created via notation,humming and even neural implants and the networks allowing members of a band such as vocals,backup singers etc to work in real time on opposite sides of the world with if possible one even entering a VR simulation of a traditional studio to record them there with backup vocals and even other members of the band.In time VR indistinguishable can allow for and singers alongside backup singers and musicians to do their work in VR recording studios fed into computing networks using the time dilation effect allowing them to record lines with multiple people at once in person as well as record albums and allow the home studios and those in community centres,communal homes and private homes to be used for other uses.Recording studios in VR simulations will allow one to have recordings fed directly into both in simulation real networks with desired acoustics etc.All of these options will render conventional recording studios obsolete by 2029. Thus VR recording studios will be used to record signing and normal musical instruments alongside Ampelos.Software like FL Studio within Ampelos will allow them to have different types of musical instruments and music styles recreated such as orchestral music and instruments cutting down on the need for musicians to record music in the studio making it easier for artists not proficient in musical instruments to create music using this feature,ones thoughts via neural implants or by humming the general tune then converted into music on the screen to be replayed in different styles.Multiple tracks within the same song for different instruments can be made.This software and other software to produce music will be integrated into Ampelos and downloaded from Talus.The artist can choose what instruments existing and new to be utilised and them assign tracks or layers for each one on the file.This will be integrated into laptops and machinery in home studios and if one is doing this in a laptop with connected voice recorder then the musician can remove any background noise,setting and modifying to ideal acoustics that affects them via Ampelos with lyrics present on linked smart devices including e-newspapers and smart pads or Ampelos itself.This may negate the need for musicians to play instruments for them at concerts or in studios and any other singers such as backup singers and other band member may record their parts in the same studio as each other but also through live video assist from other parts of the world through the same network in real time for each track with the same applying musicians.Posters and album covers will once again be made by the artist using Ampelos,Pandora and drawings on smart devices(including back cover and internal cover)and will be uploaded to both Hephaestus as well as the subfolders within the albums file in Dionysus with those from existing albums scanned in by fans and the artists including back cover and internal cover with the front visible on the main folder of the album.This will allow for newcomers of all ages to advertise themselves more easily and breakout to a global audience much easier than today.Clothing and other props used in music videos can be scanned into Hephaestus for new ones while older videos can have product recognition software scan the clothing into the network with new ones using those designed on Hephaestus.The same can apply with figurines and action dolls where the musician is scanned in wearing the clothes or the same software used to create them from older music videos on Dionysus.Any vehicles and items used will be ordered from Hephaestus and then traded away or kept in personal and in time public museums alongside clothing and other memorabillia.Networks within Dionysus can allow material for creating music and extra features to be collected and edited and then uploaded to the subfolders of the album in Dionysus.Remixes and covers of any musical piece or song can be easily done via FL Studio within Ampelos by the artist or others by for example to change the type of instrument it is played as once the notation has be streamed from a music book and then into FL Studio where it can be edited or stream the song onto FL Studio from Dionysus or YouTube.Software allowing others to make remixes and uses samples within Ampelos will become widely available and not be restricted by copyrighting.Musicisns can make covers snd remixes of existing songs in Dionysus with their Home AI scanning the entirety of it for new songs to cover and create remixes.Geneticengineering through CRISPR can allow humans to hear sounds and pitches etc outside that that humans normally can thus allowing for an almost infinite amount of new combinations of music to be created.

All existing and future musicians will use home recording studios or VR recording studios to record the songs as part of music albums with Ampelos managing acoustics and eliminations background noise with the AI used to edit songs with the music tracks arranged into albums containing separate music tracks that are uploaded to Dionysus as a full album with separate tracks.Assistant AI will write lyrics,act as background vocals of any time,pitch etc abd assess the quality g the music tracks present.Then using VR Technology the musician will film music videos in any environment imaginable limits only by their imagination and have them follow plots etc and have symbolism with Assistant AI adding criticism to improve them with them filmed by in simulation cameras.They can follow plots with those as part of soundtracks housing actors from a movie,television show and also characters from video game and house scenes from the movie,television show and video game interspaced in the music video.Musicians can post their music in computer network auditioning areas of movies,television shows and video games etc to get if feautured in the soundtrack and have a song be the theme song.Directors of movies,video games and television shows will contact musicians through Home AI to have them produce a theme song.The time dilation effect will allow for reshoots and re record material and allow all songs in an album to have music videos created and even multiple music videos created for each song and allow musicians to create dozens or thousands of music albums and music videos in a small amount of time.Once the music video is finished it will be uploaded to the musicians official YouTube channel with albums uploaded to Dionysus.Ones Home AI will advertise the music videos and albums to billions of people based on demographics,worldwide and also advertise it to Momus and also talk show presenters across the world and hosts of entertainment news shows to gain exposure.All of this can be done from the comfort of home allowing Newbie musicians easily become world famous.As a result of this signing onto record companies and singles charts will disappear forever allowing anyone to become instantly famous from the comfort of home.Assistant AI of movies,television shows and video games will search Dionysus for musicians to do theme songs for them

All of this will make it easier for budding artists of all ages to gain exposure from the comfort of home using a networking system within the music section of Dionysus with the networks allowing to collect material for each album extra behind the scenes special features material similar to those in video games and movies also in subfolders like practice runs of the recorging of the song and filming of music video,behind the scenes featurette commentary on how the music videos/songs/album cover/lyrics were composed created by the artist,interviews,portfolio of photos and photoshoots of the artists and sets,interviews on televisions,travelling to and arranging sets,acceptance speeches for awards and test copies of the album cover/lyrics/music/music videos produced before the finished product,original versions of songs or unused material,bloopers etc.Existing material on YouTube will be transferred to these folders and updated to high quality.Existing artists will have special features added to the folders of their older albums and create mini documentaries to old songs and albums.A hyperlink to the artists official YouTube channel will be present containing all music videos.Behind the scenes features of recording the theme song of movies will be in the special features of the film and in the album of the artist if it is part of an album.Thus all albums including existing ones will have special features sections with these and other features all in high quality with existing ones have those on YouTube transferred here.There will be a section in Dionysus that houses all existing and future music albums separated into individual tracks that can be downloaded onto smartphones,laptops and all other electronics individually or as whole albums

Advances in mind reading technology will allow for entire pieces to be created by pure thought.Each artist will have their own personal assistant AI that organises their work to alleviate strains on their Home AI and in the case of bands and duos with multiple artists will work for all of them at once within their networks within Dionysus.They will also control automated cameras,biosynths,book events they appear at and locations for filming as well as booking their place at music festivals and public personal concerts etc,manage advertising on YouTube and websites and radio and live news channels on Pheme,recommending them to people browsing Dionysus,arrange transportation and accommodation,interact with assistant AI of movies and television shows to use their songs in them etc and do all of the work of managers and assistants working 24/7 with more power and influence since they as stated they interact with countless people and AIs at once.These assistant AI,Home AI and Gaia alongside the band members will construct songs negating the need for songwriters as well as even act as backup singers using any voice in the world from the database of all singers and citizens and any tone they can create.CRISPR can be used to give humans through scratch DNA,recombinant DNA from animals across the world and universe could increase the amount of sounds the human brain can hear within the range of other animals or even outside that of other animals and thus increase exponentially possibly into infinity the amount of combinations of musical notes and chords thus increasing the amount of new music that can be heard exponentially possibly into infinity.Neural implants may be even possible to better integrate them.To further increase the variety of songs songs and music tracks can become exponentially longer thus rather than being 4-5 minutes long can be 60-120 minutes long and even 24 hours long with musicians using different mixtures of beats and rhymes and take breaks in recording vocals for songs with melodies and rhythms etc mixed and matched with each other and lyrics changed slightly or changed vastly.The tempo and speed of the musics rhythm etc can also be altered to be made faster or slower exponentially increasing variety.Covers of songs can also increase number of versions of songs exponentially.

Rock concerts,tours and festivals from around the world will be streamed live and stored in Dionysus in the same area as live performance art;ballets,musicals etc in their own folder divided by artist,tour with festivals and events having their own marcro folder with audio albums of rock concerts or bands playing at events within the artists section within the music section.This could also apply to holographic concerts of dead musicians.Old recorded rock concerts,tours and festivals on YouTube etc will be transferred to Dionysus.Existing videos of all of these both full renditions and extra features currently on YouTube and on DVD etc will be transferred into Dionysus,servers recycled and also videos removed from the site.

Trailers for these will be advertised on YouTube or graphene billboards and posters in towns and cities with these also projecting posters with them also on live news shows and also radio.Tours will be organised by the tour having a folder containing all concerts that took place with chapters for each song while festivals will be divided by year then days with the person using the chapters denoted by each artist that took place with one able to choose sub chapters for each song by each artists via second set of buttons on linked devices.Maps and programmes will be stored on the special features folder for both people attending it and also those viewing it live and recorded.These maps can be streamed by the public who are in attendance at the venue with old maps and programmes from old ones scanned in or created from scratch.Special features for these(new and existing) can also include those for other media such as trailers,interviews,behind the scenes documentaries etc.Future concerts and events will be livestreamed in this section of Dionysus and then organised by day and event etc.All types of rock concerts,tours,live performance art and each rendition could be arranged the same DVD style interface system as in movies and television shows with menus and sub menus present that allow one to play the feature,choose chapters produced by AI,view the special features with these in time created by AI once the subfolder system becomes defunct.With regards to concerts the chapters would be consist of different songs in the case of single artist ones.In the case of festivals with different artists these would be subdivided as whole days and then the chapters divided for different chapters for each artist and different sub chapters for different songs with the same features of fast forwarding and rewinding.Thus all past rock concerts and festivals will be logged into Dionysus and be organised into chapters etc with them from DVDs and also those on YouTube transferred into Dionysus.Concerts will be set up the town or village mayor with it controlling automated drones and cameras at key points with the AI assistant of musicians booking an acts place at them with festivals lasting anywhere from a few days to even a month allowing new budding artists to reach their fans and new audience members.The maps and events of these can be streamed and saved into e-newspapers to show them where different places like toilets and drink and food stands and kiosks are and schedules and locations of all acts.These can have special features such as trailers,interviews with performers before and after,behind the scenes with video releases of rock concerts that have interviews etc even those on video cassette will be be uploaded here and the interviews put into special features etc.

The macro folder for each festival will be its universal logo and then will be subdivided into each year.The file will be that years festivals poster and the file will have a summary of the festival the dates it occurred,acts present in their order,where it took place and its length.Artists will have a macrofolder for them and then will be divided by concert,tour and then concert as part of that tour.Each artists folder will have their portrait,the stand alone concert will have their main logo and poster,tours will have their poster on the folder and each concert in that tour will have their poster and also titled as where the concert took place and date.The file will have a still for concerts if no poster exists with the tour will have a summary of the artists tour,their concerts and the dates they took place and number of concerts and what cities,countries they took place in.Individual stand alone concerts and also those as part of tours will have summaries of the concert,date it took place in,songs and events that took place and the order of each song.The length of each concert will also be visible.All existing concerts,tours and festivals and shows will be uploaded to Dionysus and updated to high quality and have them divided by concert,event and artist with even neural implants used to extract memories.

All future rock concerts will likely be filmed in VR simulations in any environment limited by one’s imagination and this will involve fantastical acts and allow millions of people attend them at once in multilayered simulations thus negating the need for tours meaning only one concert will take place with it also saving energy in setting them up and people travelling to them and allow fans from across the world attend them as well as allow land used for them to be reforested.This will negate the need for musicians to travel across the world etc to carry out long tours with them attending only one event from home saving on energy costs and will allow millions of fans to attend them from home saving in energy and this will eliminate stress for musicians as they will not have to travel across the world allowing them to carry out only event with millions of fans attending from home thus saving on energy and allowing land used used for them them reforested with this allowing rock concerts for newbie and independent bands to be done allow new musicians to gain a wide audience with their fans across the world by themselves or part of music festivals with more well known musicians with it also as stated allowing them to utilise fantastical acts.These concerts and festivals can take place in any environment of their choice limited by the imagination of the musicians in planet sized simulations that has accommodation for the artists and attendees with these accessed from them in Dionysus and them uploaded to Dionysus in the music section of Dionysus