Newspapers & Magazines

Cataloging of newspapers and magazines :
All newspapers and magazines worldwide will be in electronic form to be stored in Pheme with all existing newspapers and magazines worldwide have their existing issues as far back as possible scanned into Pheme.An advantage of these electronic newspaper is that all of the worlds existing magazines,newspapers and other paper based media(This includes all types:mens,womens,science,nature,fashion etc with both the cover and backcover of them also scanned in) can be scanned into the same Pheme cloud network(a different one Apollo for college textbooks and research papers and Dionysus for literature such as poetry books,plays,novels etc.) either by automated machines a person or producer who has the back issues in their collection or tracked down by the publisher and or any fans of it especially in the case of defunct magazines and newspapers sent into community centres to be scanned in and any pen marks,creases and stains removed by software within Pheme giving people choice of all media from around the world with translation software aiding them.This will be done for historical reference.As stated the cover and back cover of magazines,books,newspapers and manuals as well as walkthroughs etc will be scanned in as the e-newspapaers will have them on the front and back when opened with even e-readers having them present.Aletheia and Gaia can order these into community centres and universities where they will be put on a conveyor belt to be scanned in automatically.E-book versions of magazines and newspapers in Amazon,Google Books and other websites as well as online versions of them and other archives can also be transferred here by Aletheia.Alongside these would be rare editions and booklets,almanacs and magazines that adjoin in issues of newspapers,magazines etc at home stored in sub folders of each piece within Pheme with this even applying to old defunct magazines,comics and newspapers with Aletheia organising them into their relevant folders and subfolders.Defunct newspapers and magazines will be logged as far back as possible.Booklets,various sections of newspapers,in magazine booklets and sections,almanacs etc will also be scanned in and put into that issues subfolders to keep for historical reference with them also in the subfolders of newer issues of all magazines.Future editions of newspapers and magazines will have booklets,sections of newspapers in sections and will be in subfolders of newspaper and magazine issues.Also in subfolders of issues of old and defunct magazines would be any toys,pieces of objects etc that can be printed out via interactions between Pheme and Hephaestus or a hyperlink to the items Hephaestus file.Toys etc for future magazines will be present as  a hyperlink allowing it to be printed out.CD-ROMs as part of educational games will be scanned into the subfolder of them.These will be scanned in by those that have them or for those in the magazine will be determined by AI.Defunct magazines and newspapers can be restarted using Pheme with the same done for live news stations and radio stations.Television guides and tourist travel books and guides from around the world also be here logged as far back as possible.E-magazines and newspapers ie Breitbart,Southport Reporter,Huffington Post that is magazines and newspapers that are purely online can be transferred here as well as strictly online newspapers and even online versions of old issues of magazines and newspapers that can be only found online can be transferred by Aletheia to Pheme with them also produced in the same networking system as other conventionally printed newspapers etc allowing one to work from home and allow for headquarters for all newspapers,magazines and their publication companies and even factories used to print them to be used as homes as well as have them streamed from e-newspapers in the same manner as other ones.Older articles on the websites of newspapers around the world can be arranged by Aletheia into monthly,weekly or daily issues with the servers recycled with online articles of magazines that also are sold in physical paper arranged this way into extra booklets with the folders containing past issues.Magazines and newspapers etc for sale on Amazon,Ebay,physical bookstores,newsagents,libraries including university ones as well as those in archives that hold historical records of the area or country including federal government libraries in government buildings will can be scanned in community centres using automated scanners or automatically ordered in by Pheme and Dionysus via Ariadne/Aletheia and placed on a factory conveyor belt line system where it be done be machine with software ensuring the front and cover including multiple limited edition versions of certain issues(with those with different covers have only the cover uploaded) are scanned in correct order and also booklets to ensure old and rare magazines and back issues as far as possible of all magazines and newspapers as well as newsletters worldwide including those from universities and highschools including yearbooks(uploaded to Apollo etc) will be available to those who want them for historical reference or nostalgia appeal with Gaia through Ariadne allowing one to search for particular headlines and articles from numerous newspapers and magazines from around the world.Those online on other sites will be transferred here and arranged into issues.The front and back cover will be scanned in.These will be subdivided by genre and subgenre and other filters.Limited edition reference and educational magazines of all types that consist of only one issue on a specific topic or several will be put in their own specific sector or in the folders for its genres with any toys and figurines scanned into Hephaestus and a hyperlink availible.Educational magazines on all subjects such as nature,computers,general knowledge,science and different subfields will be scanned in with those like the Tree of Knowledge organised by issue or subject.Magazines that had 3D images as part of certain pages can have smart contact lenses apply these specs.Aletheia will scour the internet and also Ebay and Amazon,corporate headquarters and printing press archives,corporate archives,Wikipedia etc to scour for issues of all magazines and newspapers and their booklets to be ordered in by it or them ordered in by the public and sent to community centres downloaded with them scanned in and organised by issue by year,month,week etc with them scouring online sites and arranging issues as best as possible from the date of articles etc.Digital records will be scanned in automatically.If possible the online website of magazines and newspapers can have all stories logged their from missing and pre internet issues arranged into proper newspaper and magazine issues.The webpages of all newspapers and magazines will be scanned by this AI to look for missing issues and arrange them based on the date with online magazines and newspapers arranged into a traditional newspaper and magazine by the AI arranging them into one then logged in folders.The entire internet,printing press building archives and archives of magazine and newspapers headquarters around the world will be scoured by Aletheia for any missing material.The public will be contacted by proto AI if they have any missing issues or magazines with even defunct magazines and newspapers logged and added to Phemes database.As stated the public will be enquired as to if they have certain magazines and newspapers with sites like Amazon and Ebay and other trading sites will be scoured here for collections of magazines and newspapers with all types of magazines newspapers genres including those that discuss soap programmes,murder,technology and science,puzzle,children,gossip,fashion,family,satire,educational ones about nature and computers alongside history and geology that came with toys etc.and newspapers from all countries that are newsletters,tabloids,broadsheet of all political leanings will be scanned in and logged in by as stated year,month,week.Thus it will ensure that all of them will be divided into folders and subfolders denoted by there genre with search bars narrowing down the location of them.Those that are physical papers in corporate headquarters will be sent to community centres with even those at home etc and those found in abandoned and obsolete buildings will be sent here to be scanned in with proto Aleitheia removing stains,penmarks,creases etc and filling in gaps with if better quality versions are found then these will replace bad copies.Those in areas surrounding Fukushima will be done using mobile versions in mobile units that store data on devices or them done insecure labs and then pyrolysised to prevent them spreading radiation.The AI will arrange these into folders and then set up a subsystem or place to alert people in the country,county,town or city etc they are in for the issues the AI cant find online with people sent emails as to what issues and magazines they have that the AI doesn’t have including defunct ones to have it sent to community centres to be scanned in.Temperol manipulations if possible will be used to collect copies of issues or entire magazines and newspapers that cannot be found.These automated scanners will be on the grounds of all community centres,libraries and universities around the world with them having at least two to scan in as much as possible into the Pheme and Dionysus subsystems with patient records in hospitals scanned into Aesculapius,legal documents in government buildings and courts scanned into Themis.Since these will have to scan in the contents of all newsagents,comic stores,bookstores,public libraries and the libraries in universities,highschools and also elementary schools into Dionysus,Apollo,Pheme etc as well as paper files,documents,photo albums from abandoned and obsolete buildings being renovated then ideally each building will have at least three or more depending on the size of the libraries in universities,amount of newsagents,bookstores and also public libraries in the town,city and area.Automated scanners will be onsite of libraries both historical or non historical libraries,palaces,offices of all types such as those for psychologists/lawyers/banks/ceos etc,castles,community centres and halls,museums,government buildings such as town halls and post offices etc,universities around the world allowing one to go to these to send in books they have at home and all books to be scanned in.Universities and government buildings will scan in all textbooks,documents and books in onsite historical libraries and those from bookstores and also contents of primary and secondary schools including highschools.These scanners will scan in all books,magazines,newspapers,diaries,blueprints,walkthroughs,letters and all types of paper documents etc onsite of these buildings and those brought into them from home,bookstores,newsagents and abandoned and obsolete buildings with there several of them onsite and multiple paid staff by the state and those that maintain the buildings to deal with the sheer number of paper products with books etc stacked on the ground or tables queues.All of these will be transferred into Apollo,Themis or Dionysus managed by Adriadne,Dike,Daphne.Books in palaces,government buildings,museums,castles and also historical libraries will have scanners onsite to allow to be put back in place in correct order to preserve them due to their historical nature and rare copies found somewhere else will be sent to museums.Autographed copies will be kept at home alongside those of intrinsic value with rare copies and editions sent to museums with the rest have plastic recycled and the paper pyrolysised for biochar,graphene and diamonds etc.This scanning in of all books onsite of all types of libraries,castles,museums,palaces,homes etc will ensure that all books etc scanned into Dionysus,Apollo and Themis to make them accessible to everyone worldwide.Comic books and graphic novels can be scanned in at home,universities,libraries by authors and those who own them as well as publishers and CEOs.Scanners in universities,community centres,government buildings,non historical libraries etc around the world will allow people to scan in person with no effort books,comic books and even
magazines,newspapers,walkthroughs,video game manuals and cheat books at home they have by bringing them in person from home with books from bookstores sent in here as well.One copy of each new book,magazine and newspaper issue worldwide will be uploaded and scanned in.Magazines and newspapers in homes and archives will be sent here as well and also files from abandoned and obsolete buildings being renovated as part of Restoration Nation added to each episodes and seasons special features.This scanning in of all books,magazines,newspapers onsite of all types of libraries,castles,museums,palaces,homes etc will ensure that all books etc scanned into Dionysus,Apollo and Themis to make them accessible to everyone worldwide.One new issue of each newspaper and magazine and copy of each new book and even puzzle books etc will be sent to one community centre,university etc in the world,state,town or country they are normally sold to be scanned in and then pyrolysised with e-readers and online services sufficing until e-newspapers are available by 2025 with them and all past issues and books stored in a subsystem before transferred to Dionysus and Pheme.One iteration will be sent there.They may continue to be sold in convenience stores for free that also have food dumped into them with these including those from newsagents.They may also be sent to community centres with in all cases the excess not sold will be recycled or sent to organic waste pyrolysis plants.Issues of magazines and newspapers will continue to be sent to community centres to be scanned in until they are all scanned and they go digital in the proto and then final Pheme network.Those at home will be sent here alongside newspapers and magazines that would normally be sent to newsagents until the Dionysus and Pheme are set up with them viewed online until then with the proto Dionysus and Pheme accessed on smart devices such as phones and pads.Magazines,books,newspapers in abandoned and obsolete buildings renovated will be sent here too to be scanned in.Those in hospitals,jails and court houses as well as police stations will upload all the data in those buildings only into their relevant networks ie Aesculapius,Athena,Themis etc.Any patient records,records and papers from any abandoned hospitals,jails etc will be put into their relevant networks with those from other abandoned buildings and obsolete ones also scanned into relevant networks or the building AI for reference etc with this done by those in functioning jails,hospitals,courthouses etc have their own scanners.Government buildings,castles,palaces,museums will have these onsite to scan any books and legal documents into Dionysus,Pheme and Themis with them having them on their grounds with the work done by residents and volunteers and those paid by the government.Once scanned in these paper products will be transported to organic waste plants where it will be pyrolysised once any plastic is removed to create biochar for diamonds,fertiliser,graphene etc with the exception of rare editions and books and other material from government buildings,palaces,castles,museums recognised by Aletheia and Ariadne which will be sent to museums,historical libraries and their original place of residence with pyrolysis used for all books,newspapers,comics and magazines that are not rare copies once the plastic present is removed.At least one copy of all books,comics,newspapers and magazine issues should still exist in historical libraries either those that are renovated or extensions to existing historical libraries.All historical libraries will have their books and the building kept after being scanned in.This scanning in of media in palaces,castles etc will be done by those that maintain it,government workers and members of the public paid reserves to incentivise them to scan them in.Abandoned buildings while being renovated will have all magazines,newspapers and books sent to their local community centre etc.Once this is done the automated scanners in all buildings will be recycled with them scanning material into subsytems of Apollo,Dionysus,Themis,Aesculapius,Pheme etc so the proto and eventual sentient operating software AI of all networks will organise the magazines,books,newspapers,textbooks,scientific literature etc into their folders and subfolders,issues and delete any duplicates to be all scanned into the final versions of Apollo,Dionysus,Themis.Thus Ariadne and Aletheia will work together to send the scanned in material to relevant folders.Drafts of old issues of both newspapers,comics,graphic novels and magazines stored in the computers within the factory that printed them,digital computer and physical archives within publisher and newspapers headquarters as well as public archives and online will also be linked to Pheme where they will be organised and stored with online versions of newspapers and magazines also transferred to Pheme and sorted by issue and date.Once all magazine,book and newspaper records in publishing printer headquarters are scanned in and e-newspapers and smartpads become commonly used these printer factories can be converted into communal homes.A subsystem in Pheme can be set up to allow people to post wanted ads for old newspapers and magazines for other members of the public or Gaia herself to scan in should they not have them with this also applying to books and send them to where automated scanners are ideally in universities and community centres where all books,magazines,encyclopedias and newspapers from universities, newsagents,bookstores,retail outlets and libraries and those in homes,museums,castles,hotels are sent to which will be converted into homes and in the case of universities living spaces and microfactories with the paper pyrolysised with rare books editions sent to museums.All of these buildings will have these in each town,city around the world to allow it to be done quickly and alleviate strains on them with them having conveyor belt systems as part of them with all magazines and newsagents ordered in by the public from online retail centres,Ebay etc with those in libraries and also in newsagents etc sent here until all magazines become online completely.Ideally all of these buildings both universities and community centres will have two or more to deal with the sheer volume of them with people bringing in all books and magazines of all types into these from home,libraries,elementary and highschools,universities,abandoned buildings,bookstores etc to have them scanned in.Both historical and non historical libraries will have their own scanners to alleviate strains on these and intake extra books,magazines etc and will receive those from homes of people in the surrounding homes,towns etc.Volunteers will oversee these with them mainly placing the books,magazines and newspaper on the conveyor belts onto them and ensuring they are scanned in properly with this done 24/7 by a rotary system of volunteers in the locale mainly historians and those who work in the newspapers with them paid by the government and publishers alongside the creators of the magazines and newspapers large sums of money to further incentivise them to do it properly with the AI placing them in a subsystem to be later organised into folders and subfolders.Those who work in libraries will do this using scanners in their place.All newspapers and magazine publishers and also the CEOs of all newspapers and magazines around the world including defunct ones will have paid staff scan in all past issues in archives and all future issues into the Pheme subsytem using automated or semi automated scanners.Digital records of all newspapers and magazines will be transferred by AI.This will be done in all countries around the world.People around the world who have backlogs of all issues of newspapers,magazines,booklets and books etc and also walkthroughs of video games at home around the world including those that want to trade them on Ebay can send these old newspapers and magazines etc to their local libraries,universities or community centre in person where they will be placed on a conveyor belt connected to an automated scanner that scans them all in with the same with books.CEOs of all newspapers and magazines worldwide will pay staff to search through all digital and physical records and archives to have them transferred and scanned in with this including defunct.This will be done to preserve them forever for historical purposes.AI can work alongside them to alleviate strains.They may even buy those on Amazon to quicken the rate at which it is done and will also be paid money before money becomes obsolete.Newspapers and magazines that have already been scanned into online digital archives such as and other sites like them will be scanned by Aleitheia to transfer them to her database.She will alongside Adriadne and Arke scan the entire internet for databases that house digital records of magazines,newspapers,books and booklets with her also scanning digital archives of all newspapers and newspapers corporations publishing companies worldwide and transfer them to her database.Those found in hotels,abandoned and all types of obsolete buildings around the world,vacant homes and private homes etc will also be sent here with even magazines specific to universities and those normally found in their libraries including those produced by them will be scanned in as far back as possible.This scanning in of newspapers and magazines will apply to all newspapers and magazines worldwide not just major ones national and international ones but also all regional,state,county and local parish,village,town,city ones from around the world.Scanners can be in universities,community centres to allow people to bring those from home in person.This will be done to preserve them for future generations.When this is done worldwide then the excess scanners can be recycled with this overseen by members of the community.They may remain for local hoarders of games and movies etc who will scan in booklets,manuals and also walkthroughs.If any new issues etc that werent originally scanned in are found then they will be sent to community centres and new scanners ordered from Hephaestus.Books,magazines and newspapers etc in abandoned towns and buildings will also be scanned in when transferred to the nearest community centre with abandoned hospitals,jails and other public buildings will have patient and inmate records sent to the nearest functioning building to be scanned into Aesculapius since these buildings will have their own scanners to scan in all patient records into their relevant networks.The contents of government buildings books and documents will be scanned into Themis and Dionysus depending on their content with those in secret libraries like the Yale University Beinecke Rare Book Library,Library of National Archives,Library of Congress,National Library Of St. Marks,Vatican Secret Archives,Mormon Vault,Iron Mountain,Dag Hammarskjöld Library,Library Of Parliament etc where all their books and manuscripts collected and alphabetized after categorized by type and subtype(manuscript,literature divided by type and subtype,historical books,diaries etc.) and other secret and ones that are closed to the public allowing them access to them with this done by government getting warrants to access them to have them retrieved or other legal means with these books etc from federal vaults returned to the building.These historical libraries will be left as museums and managed by Myron.Those scanned in from castles,museums,palaces and historical libraries will be returned to the proper place with them not pyrolysised.Ideally historical libraries and castles etc will have their own automated scanners.Non historical libraries will be converted into homes with non historical ones on the grounds of universities will be converted into suites fr researchers while historical ones in Yale,Trinity,Oxford etc will be kept as they are once all books are scanned into Dionysus and Apollo.This and e-newspapers will in time replace paper entirely and will also allow for scanning for old editions of newspapers and magazines for research purposes easier.Staff will have to use semi automated and manual scanners on old books and documents of historical value due to their delicate nature and will be done onsite of museums,palaces,historical libraries.This will apply to books in museums,historical libraries,palaces etc.Ideally a global subsystem will be set that houses all scanned in material from newsagents,libraries,universities around the world will be stored by type and subtype ie.magazines,books,textbooks,academic journals to store them until they can be sent to the final Pheme,Apollo and Dionysus when the wire is set up and sorted into relevant folders and subfolders by Ariadne,Daphne and Aletheia will arrange before and during sentience them into their relevant networks and subnetworks.If the issue/book/edition is already scanned in by someone else or by machine it will just not overwrite or duplicate it but simply not upload it with a message stating why and direct them to the existing version on the cloud networks of Pheme and Dionysus to save memory space)allowing a person to view these as they wish and subscribe to have new issues of magazines,comics,graphic novels and newspapers streamed the second they have been written up and uploaded to Pheme via the Pheme app and eventually through built in wifi microchips with automated machines linked to Dionysus and Pheme recognising and then stop scanning it in.By 2029 the latest all issues of all magazines,comics,newspapers,plays and novels around the world including those from rare public restricted and historical libraries etc should be scanned into Pheme and Dionysus as far back as possible with them appearing in here from then on by them.This can also apply to novels,textbooks and old encyclopaedias and other paper based products etc.Ariadne,Aleitheia will scour Wikipedia,Amazon,Google Docs,and other databases on the internet and archives in printing presses and headquarters etc to get all the remaining issues of all magazines,newspapers and booklets with the same for comics,novels,plays etc as far back as possible to be scanned in with her asking the public if they have any to send into local community centres(this would be done automatically at home and abandoned building renovations)to be sent by email detailing what she needs.This can be done by her and members of the public performing demographics or even posting on Craigslist and other similar sites.These scanners will be used to scan in all magazines,newspapers,puzzle books,dictionaries,textbooks,encyclopedias etc at home,in universities around the world to preserve them.All universities,community centres,town halls,post offices and government buildings around the world will house these automated scanners that allow one to take magazines,newspapers,manuals for video games and books etc in person and scan them in by putting them on the conveyor belt.These buildings will intake one issue of each magazine,book and newspaper in from the local newsagents until paper becomes obsolete.If possible until paper becomes obsolete scanners will be onsite of each publisher factories to ensure all future issues of newspapers and magazines are scanned in.Those that have large backlogs of all of these ie magazines,newspapers,comics including novels etc and also puzzle books will order in there own automated scanners to do it at home or they can go in person to their own nearby community centre,library and university.People who have large stores of video games that have booklets,manuals and walkthroughs at home will have these automated scanners ordered in also to have it done at home with theses scanned into the special features section of video games or have them done in community centres etc.Creases,pen marks and filled in crosswords etc will be removed by AI.Home scanners can be ordered in to allow one to scan in their own store of comic books,books,magazines etc at home.Neural implants used by the general public worldwide themselves will be used to stream all of them worldwide from memories and temporal manipulations will be used to gain missing issues and booklets.This will be done to preserve them forever.One copy of each magazines and newspapers will be sent to local museums in extensions with rare and historical books,editions etc sent to historical museums.Others will have plastic recycled and paper pyrolysised for graphene,biochar etc.

Having all paper documents,books,blueprints etc from all museums,public amenities,abandoned and obsolete buildings,homes,historical buildings such as mansions/castles/palaces,government buildings etc around the world and eventually universe scanned into Apollo,Themis,Dionysus etc will allow for them to not only be preserved forever but allow one instant access to them via interacting with Adriadne,Dike,Daphne,Aleitheia etc to be then viewed on e-newspapers,smartphones,laptops etc in an instant from home or anywhere in the world.

Thus all newspapers,magazines,booklets within them,colouring and puzzle books etc from around the world will be scanned in as far back as possible as the beginning of magazines and newspapers as possible as the 1500s and will appear in Pheme in different sections for each one giving a person variety of magazines and newspapers from around the world with the sentient Coeus translating them into ones desired language with this allowing one to get news and magazines from around the world and also from native countries when they are on holiday or moved home.They will be logged by the paper or magazine and then by year,month,week and day for each issue and filtered by country,state,county and town,village and city and even journalist with all future issues appearing here.These will be read on e-readers and e-newsapapers from now on when downloaded onto them from now on rendering normal printed magazines and newspapers obsolete.These will be streamed on smart devices and e-readers and e-newspapers with them both new and existing to be done using networks managed by receptionists meaning all journalists will work from home with this and VR technology allowing for them to work with journalists from around the world even in a VR office with live news feeds from Theoi Meteroi,Athena and even the public fed into the networks constantly.Even online magazines and newspapers will be done using networks.Each one will be managed by an AI receptionist including existing and new ones set up with these managing the inflow of information,feeds,fact checking,phone calls etc.This will allow for people to be working with journalists around the world who can travel to and report on events in their local area or country with newspapers having them in all states,counties etc of their native country or all countries from around the world with journalists freelancing for multiple newspapers and magazines at once with areas allowing the public to suggest news and also even post pictures and live feeds in a format unique to Pheme with journalists covering local news in their area for multiple newspapers around the world.This use of networks will allow for newspapers to cover events across the country and also world with pundits also from around the world freelancing across the world thus giving the newspapers perspectives on global,local and national issues.Magazines will allow for the same with them being not just national ones but global ones as journalists can work for multiple ones across the world and interviewing celebrities and politicians in their locale or country especially since movies and television shows will become globally availible with them covered in magazines around the world.As a result of this headquarters for all newspapers and magazines including online ones will be converted into communal homes.These will be stored in their own section.All future newspapers and magazines from around the world and galaxy will be uploaded and logged here.

By 2029 onwards all past magazines abc newspapers from across the world will be uploaded into Pheme subdivided into each genre of them with them divided into year,month,week and day.Those from all allied and observed alien races will be uploaded to Pheme.All future newspapers and magaziness from around the world and universe will be uploaded and premiere in Pheme.They will be stored i digital form and read on e-newspapers abd e-readers

Electronic magazines and newspapers :
E-newspapers will eventually have the same moving images as seen in both Harry Potter and Minority Report with video files and news alerts streamed instantly.Wireless nanomicrophones will allow for audio coming from the e-newspapers to be privately heard.These past and future magazines and newspapers will be streamed and downloaded on e-newspapers composed of graphene and biosynth technology will be intended to last a lifetime for an individual thus drastically cutting down on the amount of energy,water and other resources used in the production and transportation of books,newspapers,maps and all paper based media and other products they use over their lifetime which eventually end up getting lost,taking up in room space,landfills and wasted energy in recycling and also use toxic chemicals in these processes with the factories and recycling centres that produce all paper products converted into homes,vertical gardens and other uses with the added benefit they stream any media from around the world instantly via Apollo,Pheme and Dionysus.These could stream data stored on clouds,harddrives and smartdevices or internal biological harddrives.Menus will allow one to turn off/on wire access with them also able to stream the internet with access to Dionysus and Pheme will allow one to download any book,magazine etc onto the biological harddrives present.They will download stream all newspapers,magazines and puzzle books from Pheme and booklets,manuals and walkthroughs from games in Dionysus and also all books and comics from Dionysus.Maps,diaries and all paper products can be streamed from these and them storing them and newspapers etc on Hestia cloud and also even internal biological harrdrives on the devices.This will also be charged wirelessly and through self charging technology via graphene,quantum dot technology etc using storedot,schwarzite and biosynth batteries.Adonit pens will be used on them using touchscreen features to write and draw.The contents page of books,magazines etc will be there and allow one to get to a specific page via touching it and also through a pop up menu to save time.One will flick the page across to change to the next or previous page with them being one sided or two sided like a book or magazine/newspaper allowing one to view both sides at once and one flicking the touchscreen to change the page.These e-readers,e-newspapers etc will last for decades or a lifetime through updates and will allow one instant access to all paper based media from around the world through streaming online and also downloading theme into biological harddrives present or streaming them in offline mode from nearby registered devices such as external hardrives and also laptops etc.Thus they would replace all paper based products including newspapers and magazines indefinitely due to them lasting a lifetime,replaced by more powerful versions with smartpads and e-readers also being able to stream and download all paper media until they are sufficiently advanced by 2029-2045 with factories that house printing presses for newspapers,magazines and books etc turned into homes with existing magazines and newspapers dispensed to remaining petrol stations and convenience stores or community centres that also keep communities afloat until self sufficient with food.Thus since all past and future books,comics and issues of newspapers and magazines will be in both Pheme and Dionysus will be digital form they will be streamed or downloaded onto these it will eliminate the need for printed paper forever saving energy in printing and transportation to newsagents etc with this also allowing one acces to all newspapers and magazines worldwide and from across the universe.These devices will replace all paper products such as diaries,notepads,sketchpads with data saved on the device and ones Hestia cloud and would be written using Adonit pens and could be deleted or highlighted and have different colours applied.Ideally they will be in the same shape of a single sheet of the material folded like an open book/newspaper with the magazine and book cover on the backside of the device when the paper,magazine and book is open and pages turned via the touchscreen features.All scanned in magazines,comics,graphic novels,books and newspapers can be pyrolysised for use as fertiliser and scanned into Apollo once any plastic coverings or jackets are removed with the exception of rare editions and those of historical significance which ideally should be in museums.Furthermore town,city,theme park,amenity,bus and train station,conservation reserve and zoo maps can be streamed into these from building and amenity AI’s when in close proximity to provide real time data as to ones location with regards to other attractions and could be charged by either graphene/lithium iron phosphate nanoparticle matrix present in it or quantum dot technology or a mixture of both.Other nanoparticles similar to those developed by StoreDot that charge in 30 seconds and don’t degrade can be used.Smart pads and e-readers can suffice until e-newspapers are sufficiently advanced.All e-readers,e-newspapers,smartpads can download any book,comic etc to save bandwidth via biological hardrives.By 2029 onwards all future newspapers,magazines including their booklets etc will be in electronic form uploaded to Pheme and read on e-newspapers.This will render paper based magazines and newspapers obsolete forever and will give one access to all magazines and newspapers from around the world with the sentient Cieus translating it into ones native language.

Creation and manufacturing of new magazines and newspapers:
The work of journalists will be greatly reduced as when they arrive at the scene of news they will simply jot down important data and information on smart devices like e-notebooks,smartpads and e-newspapers using Adonit pens with the same abilities as primitive versions and live camera feed and photos with digital cameras,smartphones,small voice activated flexi cameras,smart contact lenses and/or drones the latter of which can let them and cameramen for magazines and newspapers visit and take pictures of places and events anywhere in the world from the comfort of their own home.Jotting notes on e-notebooks,smartpads and e-newspapers can allow the notes to be instantly sent to networks alongside readings from google lens.The notes,photos etc can be uploaded to a newspapers network instantly to be used in writing articles.This will also apply to photo shoots and fashion shows.Exoskeletons,beam robots,smart lenses,sensory suits and technologies like the Virtuix Omni Treadmill and neural implants that can be control robots,drones and in time blank bio synths wirelessly can allow journalists to visit the scene of any incident across the world including natural disasters and warzones from the safety of their home with them and drones modelled after local fauna even allowing them to gain access to areas restricted by the army and state or are too dangerous for them to go by foot or gain access to secret meetings with any drones and robots used having firewalls to prevent the journalists face,identity and location from being found allowing for complete anonymity with metamaterials also used to make them invisible.This would also apply to press conferences etc which can also be done via Beam robots and other technologies.In time even VR technology would allow larger amounts of journalists to attended.This and the networking system will allow them to cover events from around the world more accurately.Note pads will be replaced by google lens recording scenes and taking pictures,adonit pens jotting down notes onto smart devices into networks and smart devices recording audio or audio visual notes sent tones network.Eventually google glasses and lenses can allow on site journalists to record events and interviews from their point of view.The data on e-notebooks/newspapers and voice recording apps on smart devices for interviews and on the scene analysis and reporting will automatically be uploaded onto a cloud network where the receptionist AI or human reporters will write out the entire article including important soundbites taken from voice recordings and live linked feeds on smart devices from people being interviewed within minutes which will alongside pictures taken and live videos feeds will be sent to news alerts on smart devices.The journalist can then add more notes as more information becomes available thus updates will be instantly added to the e-newspaper.Updates from both onsite reports,surveillance cameras and Athena will provide information directly to the reader in both information,live camera feeds from both current events and sports games that the reader has subscribed to and relevant old footage and photos meaning further advances in artificial intelligence will make them even more efficient at collecting and organizing reports than humans and in time entire magazines and newspapers run and created by artificial intelligence including Gaia and even Aletheia using software such as Wordsmith collecting data from the wire in particular Apollo,Demeter,Dionysus and other networks on the wire for specialised magazines and newspapers with updates to information given constantly.A global newspaper written by Aletheia herself named Aletheia will in time be set up with as stated Gaia and other AI contributing to human run newspapers and magazines or on their own. Thus this global newspaper will have filters allowing one to select the news from specific continents and countries and even regions,states and counties in them each.

Those that are already franchised ie the Daily Mail that has versions in the UK,US,AU and India will be franchises to other countries across the world with one for each country or one for each region ie one for North America,South and Central w abc one for Africa.Magazines can also do this with for example Attitude,Rolling Stones,Elle,Vogue,FHM,Vanity Fair could have versions of these for each country across the world.As a result all newspapers and magazines will have journalists working for them living in all corners of the world.Thus these networks will allow all journalists of all newspapers and magazines both new and existing to be done from the comfort of home with them having forums,areas to collect and view work etc and receptionist AIs collect information from all parts of the wire and internet and allow for communication with them also using VR technology to meet in a conventional virtual office allowing all headquarters of all newspapers and magazines including online ones around the world to be turned into homes with the buildings that house their offices and their printers and also that of publishers to be turned into communal homes once e-newspapers become a reality as well.It will also allow people to work from home and allow for an infinite amount of newspapers to be set up.This should be possible by 2029.Independent AI receptionists with an unique legal name could be created that does work for each magazine and newspapers within their networks that can appear on smart devices and computers with their avatar designed by the journalists that manage them.They will scour the internet for information,receive reports from Athena.It will also perform fact and spell checking for current events and science stories with the Phemes operating software also managing emails,phone calls,fact checking,feeds of information,contacting celebrities,in taking phone calls from the public and other work normally done by receptionists and other background employees that will be stored within relevant folders in the networks of each one.They will also alert all journalists,photographers etc to the latest events and will instantly analyse photos sent in by photographers and models and show them to relevant staff.Contact details such as email address and phone number will be present in the main folder of the newspapers and magazines networks and also in issues written up by software.Thus all work done by background staff will inevitably become automated by software namely a virtual receptionist with its own independent personality and avatar created by the people that work on the magazines and newspapers that will will appear on smart devices and computers through the network(their avatar designed by them) meaning the only work done by humans will that of journalists done at home via networks with this applying to existing magazines and newspapers.They will have an universal Pheme uniform and as stated earlier will collect data,do fact checking,organise meetings between people,send alerts within a magazines and newspapers networks which will allow all journalists and pundits to work from the comfort of their home with anyone around the world making all headquarters and offices for these turned into communal homes.All newspapers and magazines around the world including new ones will be done on computer networks by journalists from the comfort of home and VR simulations allowing the headquarters and offices to be turned into communal homes with this even applying to online magazines and newspapers ie Breitbart,Huffington Post etc.VR technology could allow the journalists to work in a conventional office with in both cases VR and networks receptionist AIs would fed data into them constantly.As a result journalists for all magazines and newspapers could work for any magazine and newspapers around the world from home with the finished issue uploaded into Pheme instantly without having to go to the printers with forums,instant chat and VR technology allowing journalists to meet with each other and discuss each issue before it is uploaded.VR technology will allow for meeting to be held in an environment of their choice with even entire issues done in a VR office.As a result a journalist will work with others from around the world and be able to work for multiple magazines and newspapers around the world with them providing stories,opinions and insights from their home country and locale country and even allow newspapers and magazines that would normally be regionally based have journalists,pundits and photographers in all corners of the world giving their readers news and opinions on all events across the world including local news in cities and towns around the world making newspapers global and allowing journalists to get to the scene of news events in their locale instantly. This could also allow one to report from anywhere in the world in hiding if they under threat of murder,stalking and as a result people who publish incendiary or controversial material such as Charlie Hedbo and whistleblowers and are under threat of murder from gang members etc can continue to do so from isolated places and in hiding for their safety in both their home country or in other countries around the world.This would make it harder for terrorists,gangs or rogue government or military personnel and members of the public to track down and assassinate journalists as the networks will keep their IP location secret through encryption with Aleitheia and Gaia etc also protecting them and Adikia and Perseus preventing their face added to person of interest or their movements monitored by anyone like all other citizens on global surveillance programmes.Journalists that are suspected of being in danger can as stated go into hiding and continue to work via these networks but also have bodyguards mainly biosynth ones controlled by Home AI to follow them all the time and do errands for them.The networks will have forums,folders and subfolders for all material for all issues to be collected,brainstorm areas,Iris and instant chat areas and also VR chats to communicate together with the AI receptionist in charge of the magazine or newspapers acting as a relay between each journalist and also reporting them news alerts to them on events that occur around the world from Aleitheia and them organising articles,photos and news feeds from around the world especially photos from photographers based around the world who can send photos of events and also models etc into these networks with even the public through a specific area dumping photos,audio/visual feeds from smart devices and drones etc and also ideas for stories in the area and countries and allow whistleblowers and Adikia etc contact specific journalists and work with those based in their country with Adikia providing their address only to them.Networks will allow journalists from around the world to work on magazines and newspapers that are traditionally based in a certain country to report on events their and opinons from their perspective.All forms of AI namely receptionists part of them will give newspapers data instantly on demand or as they happen alongside recorded audio/visual material they see and record to them to publish news instantly and any upcoming events from around the world and their locale to their smart devices and computers at home with drones controlled by them also allowing them to cover stories from anywhere in the world from home.Receptionists of the networks will collect and organise these feeds with the networks allowing all journalists to talk to each other and view material including live feeds at once with them notifying those working at home from all corners of the world of any news developments around the world from photographers and and other correspondents around the world taking in feeds from Theoi Meteroi,Perseus,Prometheus,Aletheia,all sub groups of Athena and all AI connected to the wire.This will allow them instant updates on stories for on the spot journalists etc on new and existing stories.Journalists can use the time dilation effect of VR technology to write up articles and opinion pieces for both magazines and newspapers to save time allowing for issues to be prepared in a short amount of time with the possibility of creating multiple issues at once for the coming months either separately or together.This can also be used to meet with people they are interviewing in secure environments of their choice and can allow for journalists to write for numerous newspapers and newspapers preparing opinion pieces and articles in a short amount of time.Thus one could use this to meet deadlines and arrange meeting with other staff around the world to discuss issues.Computer networks will allow for all material to be reviewed in both computers and VR meetings and will allow all journalists for all magazines and newspapers to work at home with it allowing the headquarters of all newspapers and magazines as well as their publishers world wide to be converted into communal homes.There will be global versions of the most prestigious awards like the Pulitzer.Corporate and state headquarters for newspapers,magazines,book/newspaper/magazine publishers and the printing press factories used by them and also press agencies and print whether state,corporate or conglomerate will be turned into communal homes.Corporate and state headquarters for studios and corporations of newspapers,radio stations live news stations will become communal homes due to VR technology and also networks with networks again linking them to colleagues living around the world allowing them to track and share their colleagues work also working from home who they can contact via Iris,forums within the networks,codec technology(with jewellery acting as receiver) or microphones built headphones for one on one and group chats with people being able to move from one network for different projects happening one after the other or simultaneously all done from the comfort of their home with again no corporate hierarchies or state interference.Newspaper and magazines can be done this way with a journalist who writes opinion articles being able to work for numerous magazines and newspapers with as stating earlier on they could work in newspapers that express both left and right views allowing for equal speech for both sides of the political spectrum to appear in both newspapers or simply amalgamate them into one containing both spectrums with news articles on science,fashion,sports etc .written by software and have reviews on various media include multiple reviewers on each to allow the reader access to differing opinions on the reviewed media.In time news stations will also have presenters and pundits from both sides of the spectrum.Science sections will replace the now defunct classifieds,business and finance pages.It could also have reviews and opinion journalists from all over the world express their views on a subject from their demographics background.This could be applied with newspapers and live news stations.

The reader will also be able to activate comments feature where using technologies such as Adonit pens will allow instant interaction with readers across the world as well as the journalist who wrote the article unmoderated disallowing censorship though the receptionist AI will monitor those that only incite hatred or trollish behaviour with the original comments left in a subsection to viewed with reasons for it removal given and as usual with trolls given suspensions for set periods of time depending on the intensity with permanent blocking possibly given to repeat offenders and their list of all the times they trolled listed with context given.This will allow all opinions to be posted even those that are unpopular to the magazine or newspapers political leanings as the receptionist and Aletheia will have no political bias with this also replicated on social media sites and YouTube with videos also filtered by this and pattern recognition software to block only child pornography and other illegal material.Character limits will be removed from comments sections allowing them to be as long as they want.The reader will also be able to view live feeds from news from their selection of independent news stations while reading and interacting with other readers.Further advancements will allow multiple live feeds at once with the option to mute one or more of them and listen to one at the touch of a pen or finger or listen to multiple feeds at once allowing them to view events from different perspectives from around the world(including vloggers and independent news groups)with the same translation technology used in the sentient Coeus translating it into the readers language for both audio and writing will be integrated into the e-newspapers selected in the devices settings or their wire account settings.This will give readers access to newspapers and news feeds from around the world with moving political cartoons playing in loops and eventually in time interacting with the reader.If possible all cartoons and comic strips in all newspapers across the world as far back as possible can by AI arranged into singular comics for each year from as far back as possible dated for ease of access.This may even include live feeds of natural disasters,police and military operations,warzones,protests,rallies,hospitals etc. via drones or feeds from the google glasses worn by different military and law enforcement and emergency personnel and can allow the reader to switch between different drones and live news feeds on the aforementioned events within the newspapers settings.Radio stations can also incorporated into this and all of the different news feeds can be listened to with or without wireless earphones allowing only the reader to listen to it in private.People with visual difficulties will have the option to allow the newspaper to speak out any writing present allowing the blind to have articles and captions present read replacing braille through wireless earphones or nano speakers present on the device.Alternatively the blind can order in custom made e-newspapers that have braille technology integrated similar to braille tablets converting all streamed and downloaded papers,books and magazines into braille.Otherwise the sentient Coeus will read out the pages as they are turned by the blind reader in a voice selected by them using Dionysus.This method can also be incorporated with magazines from around the world as articles will primarily be written by software,recorded audio/visual reports,audio files and software that speak out articles for visually impaired,live feed interviews with celebrities,scientists and political figures free from editing which can be saved on the magazines network for re watching later by pressing on the clip like an embedded YouTube video(with the reader able to change the page while it plays) on with live feeds photos taken on drones and digital cameras uploaded and streamed instantly(again further advances will create “moving photos” first loops and in time independently moving pictures).Specialized magazines those related to fashion,technology,science,video games and nature etc. will have these features and people will be able to bookmark and subscribe to their favourite magazines and newspapers from around the world to receive alerts as to when the next issue is released and within Pheme can view a list of all past issues of magazines and newspapers from around the world including defunct ones in folders and subfolders arranged by country,genre,subgenre year,month,week,days etc.This means that magazines will be created more efficiently and quicker i.e. one person takes photos that are streamed the same time as the article is made by software and the finished magazine will be uploaded instantly to the network or uploaded instantly to the readers that subscribe to it on their own computers hard drive,personal cloud or directly to the e-newspaper and organised by software.Also during interviews older relevant photos and videos can run concurrently to the live feed related to each major point made by both parties.In certain magazines like art,fashion or technology magazines pressing on them can linked them to where physical art and manufactured goods are in the Apollo and Hephaestus networks even in the case of older issues predating the wire with adult magazines(as well as fashion ones) having loops of models in photo shoots and movie/television/video game/live performance art magazines can have clips of scenes from them and links to their file in Dionysus with the same applying to music videos).Photos and video feeds can be done by automated or remote controlled drones cameras of all types and digital cameras that upload shots to the network instantly when they are taken with this done by the newspapers and magazines receptionists.Touchscreen features will allow people to bring video feeds,cartoons and even articles to the forefront of the page to read and view them upfront and then put them back into their original place.3D images on magazines from the past will have them viewed through linked smart contact lenses and glasses through settings with this possibly done with future ones through moving loops or interactive live feeds.The sentient Coeus will allow video feeds to be read in real time in the speakers voice rather than after it unlike conventional dubbing selected in the devices settings or their wire account settings.Age recognition software can be integrated into the folders for adult magazines in Pheme for both e-newspapers and other devices used to stream adult magazines preventing access by minors.Well established internet based newspapers and magazines of all types can also be streamed in the same fashion and with the same features as described earlier on.One can download and save newspapers and magazines can be saved onto ones Hestia cloud or onto hard drives on e-newspapers etc to be read when access to Pheme is not possible.

Fashion magazines can have models photographed in home studios,open spaces of mansions,villas,private homes or areas in communal homes arranged by the producers done by automated cameras and drones with budding models sending in portfolios to the magazine via the networks which can be done at home.Greenscreens within Ampelos can allow for portfolios and also professional ones to be done from the comfort of ones home using a wide array of environments including live feeds from cameras and drones sent to a particular location or from Brauron.Euthenia can allow both well established and budding models to book shoots at mansion,villas,community and public buildings and even islands for shoots,utilise green screen technology.In time VR indistinguishable from reality can allow models to use any environment in the world and create ones from scratch with the photos taken with drones inside.All modelling and photography agencies will become defunct with work done by automated machinery,friend volunteers etc with how to videos on YouTube giving tips to beginners on the perfect photoshoots and this will allow budding models to break onto the scene more easily and them and established ones have complete control of their careers with all clothing coming from Arachne and other props from other sub networks of Hephaestus.In time AI namely Home AI will replace human photographers using drones and cameras on tripods that can move and eventually biosynths with this applying to interviews with celebrities that can be done in simulations of any environment and also using AI to control drones etc.VR simulations will all models to work in any environment with home AI acting as photographer.Photos will be uploaded into the magazine and newspapers networks.Models will upload their work and portfolios to the specialised areas in networks of magazines open to the public from around the world in Pheme to quickly gain exposure and Arachne will make clothing companies defunct.This and anti-ageing treatments and the ability of gene therapy and microbes keeping one at a constant desired body fat percentage may also bring an end to photoshopping and airbrushing photo shoots with the models Home AI assistant negotiating this with the receptionists of the magazine.Modelling agencies and reality television shows such as Americas Next Top Model and even Project Runway will become obsolete by both Arachne and the ability to post ones photo shoots into the networks of magazines from around the world in the same manner as auditions for media with each magazine especially fashion magazines will have sections to post these with them able to bookmark their desired magazines from around the world and use tickboxes to post it in all favourites ones or all of them in a country or the entire world at once and receive alerts as to them being selected and for which issue with ones internal messaging system similar to those used by actors allowing them to be contacted quickly by any magazines that liked their work with their home AI acting as assistants and agents etc.Headquarters used for publicist,talent manager and manager,acting and modelling agencies etc companies and all of those employed by actors and musicians will be turned into communal homes since made redundant by Home AIs.This will allow for aspiring models to breakthrough very easily around the world even before their teens and send in portfolios to any magazine of any type around the world from home with minors prevented from accessing the networks of adult magazines areas and indeed their folder which will be protected by age and facial recognition software to prevent minors accessing them and preventing exploitation.Advertisements for all types of manufactured projects can be done by models sent into magazine and newspapers networks with them done primarily by models and not the producers with them advertising furniture,clothing and all types of products with their being hyperlinks to the product in Hephaestus present that can be clickeable with this even applying to ones that are not solely used to advertise products.They will be contacted via their Home AI to create advertisemnets in simulations of manufactured products by being contacted by the designers allowing this to be done from home.Models may send portfolios to the networks of video games and animated shows to become their official models on magazines etc.This will make Americas Next Top Model and other model competition shows obsolete while Arachne will make fashion schools obsolete as well as competition shows like Project Runway,The Fashion Fund and will allow for amateur designers to breakout more easily via working with amateur and well known models.Receptionists of magazines will look over them and share them with those in charge of the magazines looking over vast amounts of them at home or in simulation in the networks they are present.Adult magazines will have networks to post portfolios with age recognition software and Polis preventing minors under the age of 14 from accessing them.

Automated cameras on mobile stands,drones and tripods controlled by ones Home AI will make photography agencies for models and ceramonies such as weddings obsolete with friends of models taking photographs of shoots until sufficiently advanced using guides from YouTube to teach them how to do this.In time photographers for both newspapers and magazines will become replaced or complimented by AI controlling drones and automated cameras with these able to allow one to take photos and photoshoots from around the world from the comfort of their home with them in time controlled by the receptionist AI.Human photographers will freelance for magazines and newspapers in their locale with them working for any newspaper they want and will use YouTube to learn how to perfect the craft and will begin at the age of 12 or younger.They will be linked to receptionist AIs of magazines and newspapers they freelance for and also Aleitheia to keep them updated on the latest news events.They will send photos of models and also of events etc to the networks of the magazine and newspaper of their choice via areas specific to them in the networks for magazines and newspapers that can allow them to upload digital photos etc to computer networks with receptionist AIs alerted instantly with them using drones to send photos and live,short or looped feeds of events etc with them also using digital photos to send them instantly from home or the device itself via the wire using satellite and cellular wifi.This will allow them to send photos to any newspapers and magazines from around the world via areas for them to post them there.Each newspaper and magazine can have multiple freelance photographers in each country and major cities etc in the world who will be called to the scen of news events allowing them to get these photos from around the world within the point that news events break out.They will be alerted to the latest events via alerts from networks sent to them.This will allow photographers to reach the scene of events in countries across the world in time and save time and energy in travelling across the world with each person freelancing for multiple newspapers and magazines at once.If possible blank biosynths will allow one to instantly arrive at the scene in any country to take pictures of events taking place around the world and work for any magazine and newspapers in he world.These would be biosynths that have no conciousness with live feeds from the biosynths nervous system,ears and eyes fed into their brain and them controlling them via neural implants or by entering VR simulation of the real world with all sensations and live feeds from the biosynths nervous system,ears and eyes fed into the human users brain thus allowing them to work in areas too dangerous to them.Digital photographs can be sent to networks or ones registered devices at hone to be uploaded later on instantly on the scene of where they are taken via biosynth WiFi from the cameras themselves on the spot.Members of the public can use smartphones to send pictures via these networks.Thus digital photographs can be sent from digital cameras,drones,smartphones directly to networks of all magazines and newspapers from anywhere in the world.In each newspapers and magazine networks there will be places for freelance photographers and the public to post photos and recordings from smart devices from home.All magazines and newspapers will have networks for photographers both freelancing ones and amateur members of the public to upload photos of models,interviewed celebrities and news events from home.

Covers and logos for magazines and newspapers can be created using Ampelos/Pandora with them eventually being looped or interactive covers.Pandora/Ampelos features can allow one take a photo of a celebrity or model and convert it into different painting or animation styles.Thus newspapers,magazines both new and existing worldwide will no longer be corporate or state owned but rather run by independent bodies with control relegated to the journalists,news reporters giving them complete creative control with no censorship or restrictions on content with television networks replaced with Pheme with meetings done via networks from the comfort of their homes.Furthermore with money and ratings no longer the driving force for journalists the yellow journalism,sensationalism,tabloid gossiping,trial by media,media/government/corporate bias and propaganda leading to the demonizing of groups or individuals to sell more copies will no longer plague the media of the future with objectivity and impartiality reigning supreme.Instances of lies etc will be reported by Aleitheia.Trainee magazine and newspaper journalists and photographers may start at 12 or younger to hold their own columns,interviews,reports,reviews of other media (such as video games,live art,music,movies etc) and features alongside shows with experienced ones and will apply through the networks within Pheme as all existing and new magazines and newspapers will have sections to post portfolios and ideas.Exceptions to this maybe adult magazines as those under the age of majority and consent of 14 will be prevented from posting portfolios with magazines and newspaper even becoming larger overtime or have a large number of contributors writing articles in different issues with the networks for these restricted via age recognition software.All of them can be viewed without mandatory subscriptions and without regional blocking.New magazines and newspapers from around the world can be started easily using the networks within Pheme with old defunct ones restarted.Journalists will also be able to freelance to any newspaper or magazine they wish when the wish serving multiple newspapers and magazines at once with even AI like Gaia contributing to newspapers and magazines writing reports,columns and opinion pieces with them even using their own blogs on websites should they become unfavourable.Journalists for both newspapers and magazines around the world can use networks to work from home and thus report news events taking place across the globe and give perspectives  on issues taking place at home meaning that will provide perspectives on issues from their countries perspectives making newspapers and magazines each issue bigger and global.As a result existing and new newspapers,newsletters and magazines will become independently operated by the journalists that work there without government meddling and no CEOs or corporate hierarchical structures present giving them complete control over the content and changes made by vote.Buildings used for magazine and newspaper corporate headquarters will be renovated into homes and other uses with networks within Pheme will allow journalists to work from home and connect with others from around the world for each magazine and newspaper they set up(with this applying to existing magazines and newspapers) containing all the work done by each member which can be analysed and organised by each member via Iris video chats and internal forums and brainstorming areas.More than likely news stations and newspapers will merge with providing both liberal and conservative and stances on issues into single newspapers allowing for true bipartisan news sources.Furthermore once the sentient Coeus becomes sufficiently advanced all country region versions or editions of magazines ie Elle will be merged into one global version with them possibly being larger issues with models and topics from all corners of the world with the networking system allowing for this to happen properly with the defunct regional versions stored in folders and subfolders within Pheme and the new global version in its own separate folder within a macro folder.This will also apply to all newspapers and magazines around the world and possibly make them much larger with journalists from around the contributing to these global versions of them through the networking system with this allowing for news from all 196 countries to be gathered and in regards to magazines allow for them to cover the magazines issues from the perspective of all countries using models from around the with the sentient Coeus translating the text into their native language.Having all of the worlds newspapers and magazines from around the world past,present and new will alongside translating software allow one to have a wide variety of media from around the world instantly when it is published in Pheme.The logo will be on the main folder of this with issues denoted by their covers.Documentaries made by newspapers and magazines will be uploaded into subfolders in their Pheme folders and in time both magazines and newspapers(old and new) may even set up 24/7 news channels that have livestreams with their programmes logged in subfolders done by the journalists that write for the newspapers and other with these programmes being hourly news programmes,pundit,cultural and science programmes.Advertisements for manufactured products will be replaced by those for new media such as comics,books,television shows,rock concerts,magazines,video games,movies in the form of posters with these managed by the receptionists of authors,directors etc interacting with Aleithea advertising them to specific readers based on their preferences and their demographics.Advertisements for Metis,Iaso,Telesphorous,upcoming movies and other media and even manufactured products based on ones demographics and even favourited products and those they currently own will be present created by AI in both live-streams and when downloaded.New manufactured goods advertisements will be present as either video ones or pictures again directed to each reader based on their demographics.All major awards for journalism such as the Pulitzer will be merged together into a global form.Thus Pheme will house all past issues of all magazines and newspapers from around the world including state,corporate,regional and town/city/village ones and even newsletters with all issues as far back as possible from the beginning of newspapers and magazines such as the 1500s logged in folders for each year,month,week etc with the sentient Coeus translating it into the readers language.All future issues of newspapers and magazines etc from around the world will premier in Pheme and be logged here In folders and subfolders for year,month,week to be viewed on smart devices,e-readers and e-newspapers etc.This will allow all types and genres of them to stored for nostalgia and historical references for Aleitheia,Gaia and the general public and will be done sending live magazines in collections at home or archives of their headquarters and printers to libraries,universities and also community centres where automated book scanners connected to an conveyor belt who will scan in all magazines and newspapers and then sort them out in a subsystem to then sort them out by name,issue and thus year,months,week.It will also give the general public through the sentient Coeus access to newspapers and magazines from around the world they would not normally have access to.Booklets,various sections of newspapers,almanacs etc will also be present in that issues subfolders.Newspapers will be managed in folders and subfolders by year,month and week,magazines for those that are monthly or bi-monthly will be arranged by year and labelled issue but those that come out every week or day will be organised by year,month,week with the same applied for comics,podcasts,magazines etc will be arranged by year,months,week with the same applying for programmes on live news stations with the week subfolder containing all podcasts,issues and episodes released or aired that week numbered 1-52 with the dates of that week also present.Magazines,Newspapers,comics will have their logo on the main folder and then each issue will have their cover on the selection area labelled by issue number.All future issues of newspapers and magazines will be logged into there folders and subfolders with booklets,sections and almanacs also present.These magazines and newspapers will have the front cover,contents page,pages of the literature and back page present in them.The old magazines and newspapers and magazines once scanned in will be pyrolysised.Any toys and pieces of them present will be scanned into Hephaestus namely Zagreus with hyperlinks added to the magazine issue it came from to the file in Zagreus etc.

This will also extend to newspapers,magazines,radio podcast and news stations including existing ones appearing on Pheme within hours or minutes of production with these having no deadlines and also no state or corporate interference.Live news,pundit shows,podcasts,sports events,awards shows,competitions,live events,parades,debate shows etc from around the world will livestream within their folder in Dionysus or Pheme and be logged in their by date;year,month,week,day for later viewing with the livestram providing a platform to leave comments similar to those on YouTube livestreams that dissapear when the livestream is finished.Schedules and times for these will be with their folders and old episodes of all of these as far back as possible will be logged here from archives and the internet.E-tickets downloaded by a click of a button and contact details for the receptionists will be in the networks for these.Like media they will be streamed,downloaded onto and viewed on all devices such as smart phones,consoles,laptops,computers,smart televisions etc.With news stations particularly large ones the main studio could have many areas turned into living spaces for journalists that work there as well as retail sections with restaurants replaced with kiosks and coffee and tea rooms and automated kitchens or those of the universal brand names.Rooms devoted to those collecting news also becoming livings spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms or even hotel style suites since software can collect data and transcribe it to text on the google lenses of anchors and any remaining human work in this area can be done at home via networks with them contacting any non personnel callers and fellow colleagues and pitching them via these networks connected to the main feeds to the anchors with computers recycled.On the field journalists connections to the anchors studio can be controlled by AI and interactions with automatic drones.Cameras will be started and stopped automatically and will inherent with google lenses to alert anchors and journalists of this via signals sent to them.Contact between all staff can be done via phones,codec technology,wireless chat headphones and comm badges with non anchors working at home via networks connected to the studios.Like newspapers studios headquarters may house the studios for two or more news stations of either both sides of the political spectrum or those of the same allowing for one building to be used and the freed up ones to be put to other uses but also to allow people these various networks work together on collaborative programmers that like radio networks would air on both channels at once and in the case of the having both left and right in the same building do debate programs with both sides to the argument present in the studio.Their now empty studio buildings can be put to other uses alongside those for social networks and internet browsers which will involving people doing voluntary work together remotely via these network systems.This will allow them to work at home and interact with families at the same time,make their own hours and cut down on energy in transportation,work with colleagues around the world and put offices,headquarters and studio used for all types of media such as existing corporate and state newspapers as well book,newspaper and magazine publication and publisher headquarters to put better use such as communal homes or both with spare rooms no longer used by middlemen and some employees in news station studios turned in living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms.This can as stated apply to all existing and new newspapers,magazines,live news stations,radio stations etc.Computer networks and in time VR technology will be used create all existing magazines and newspapers allowing people to work with people across the world from home and allow all headquarters and offices of them to be turned into communal homes with it also allowing an infinite amount to be set up.Journalistd for magazines and newspapers will no longer be restricted to working for only one magazine or newspapers but multiple ones at once with even live news presenters,reporters and podcasters working as journalists for magazine and newspapers.

All existing and new magazines and newspapers worldwide will be created using computer networks allowing people to work from home with people across the world.VR technology once indistinguishable from reality will allow people to work with people across the world in a simulated VR office.Computer networks will also be used.VR technology will allow all journalists to work together in any environment possible including mansions,jungles,treehouses etc or conventional offices in building and even planet or larger sets.Both will allow an infinite amount of magazines,newspapers to be set up.Networks within Pheme will house areas to set up new magazines and newspapers and will allow people to send in CVs to hiring sections with people starting careers in journalism as early as 12 or younger as early as 5-9 years old.All existing and new magazines and newspapers will be democratically run by all journalists without hierarchical structure.The headquarters of all existing magazines and newspapers will be converted into communal homes.

VR technology and computer networks can be used to set up an infinite number of new magazines that deal with politics but also sex,pets,cooking,art,dancing,LGBT issues(including those that focus on specifically sports(including each individual sports such as soccer,American football,GAA soccer and hurling,Aussie rules,rugby etc,entertainment such as movies/video games/television shows etc/fashion etc),fashion,pornography magazines(based on lesbian,gay,straight,bisexual etc porn that has pornographic photos and also interviews pornographic stars)music,live performance art(plays,operas,musical,operas)general culture television shows,movies,video games individual sports type ie baseball/soccer/Aussie rules/rugby/American football/basketball,GAA soccer/hurling etc.An infinite number of magazines can be set up that deal with these and other other issues of any subject since they will be set up by any member of the public with magazines made of any type of subject and especially hobbies such as urban exploration and hiking etc once VR simulations is available.If s person has an idea for a magazine then they will set them up within minutes.An infinite number of pornography magazines can be set up that are gay,straight,lesbian,bisexual etc that include photo shoots based on different fetishes including each type of sport and interview porn stars..Newspapers can have an infinite number set up that desk with specifically LGBT news,video game/movie/music etc news and those that focus on each type of sport There can be newspapers and magazines that that are from the perspective of each major religion such as Christianity,Islam,Judaism snc Jainism and those from across the universe that deal with social issues abd and entertainment such as movies,television shows,video games etc from the perspective of these religions