Current methods of mining in comparison to other areas of the primary sector have already become automated however some problems still persist:

•Mining is still one of the top three dangerous occupations in the world.This can be caused by accidents involving machinery,cave ins,explosions caused gas leaks and poor air quality and pollution
•Local environments can be heavily polluted
•Certain rock types can only be found in certain areas of the world
•Certain elements are more rare than others or located in geopolitical unstable areas of the world
•We don’t really know how much of each element or mineral exists on ear
•Gems like diamonds are also cantered in geopolitically unstable areas where human rights violations like child slavery are rife

As stated earlier heavy automation in this sector has already been achieved but more can be done.
•Most deaths occur in developing countries where corruption has led lax regulations and health and safety measures as well as the fact that most of the work is done through human labour rather than automation.The reverse is true in developed countries especially America where these developments have reduced human workload to mostly monitoring and stringent regulations are adhered.Digging,tunneling,ploughing,quarrying,extraction or metals from ores and transportation can readily automated removing humans from dangerous work and has allowed for preparation of ores, and cutting of rocks for preparation for manufacturing to be done on site with little to no human effort.Full automation should be feasible within the next five years
•Sensors fitted onto automated machinery can detect any gas leaks and take precautions to avoid explosions that damage them.Also areas can be pre mapped from above ground to check for any possible areas that could lead collapse or gas pockets that could damage machinery.Automation has allowed for more accuracy of mining reducing accidents.All of this can remotely monitored and controlled using smart devices and computers removing humans from any dangers.Further developments in automation and artificial intelligence will remove human more from this work.As a result health issues stemming from air pollution won’t be an issue.Nano sensors attached to vehicles can allow levels of gases in the air to be remotely monitored while any soil and water pollution can be determined through Nano sensors on small robotic probes which again be remotely monitored
•Environmental damage is now very rare in the western world due to stringent laws with the majority of this occurring in developing nation.Like before Nano sensors can detect any pollution in air,water and soil with bio remediation methods being automated.Preventing pollution in all steps of processes can be automated
•New technologies can replicate the natural processes that created individual sedimentary,igneous and metamorphic rocks more locally
•Alternatives to rare elements and metals can be created such as plastics with the same properties as metals. Furthermore by the end of the century Pico technology will theoretically allow rare elements such as gold,silver and geographically distinct elements more readily available as well as creating new ones with desired quality
•Further advancements in scanning equipment can gives a clearer view of the amount of material in the earth’s crust
•Synthetic diamonds of gem quality can now be produced on an unlimited scale alongside synthetic versions of other gems such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethyst.This can also allow the production of commercial scale diamonds for use in construction of vehicles, robots and buildings