Advancements in robotics have led to the development of robotic barbers and hair washing robots.Although the former is only in primitive states further advancements in AI would allow this robot to theoretically make hairstyles of any kind from custom made designs designs on software to the latest trends or those taken from smartphone pictures,pictures from the internet and stock video footage of music videos/films/tv shows/video games and other media via Aphrodite production recognition software or even scanned into the network from ones one(or friends) hairstyles on their head using handheld scanners and smart devices and shared via cloud networks in Hephaestus.Other hairstyles can be designed on a subsection of Pandora on a rotatable blank mannequin head which can in turn be modified.All hairstyles in the sub-network(including those from production recognition software which can be also modified) will be showcased on on a blank mannequin head that can be rotated 360 degrees with hairstyles virtually tried on in smart devices like smartpads and smart mirrors like clothing while still at home within Narcissus on smart devices and mirrors.This can be through 3D models of them,through pictures of themselves or in the same way as virtually trying on all clothes with the hair moving as they move around.Hair can be dyed at home using homemade hair dye with the option of choosing hair colour on a colour wheel to have the hair dyed there.The salons would be linked to a sub-network which contains a database with each hair cut given a name or the photo from a movie,music video,television show etc.sent in wirelessly and then the salon AI sorting out it from the database or the consumer inputting the name consumers can also design hairstyles on Hephaestus to share with others.A nano scanner placed ontop of the robots hands or above the consumer will will measure the unique contours of all sides of the persons head(or this can be done at home on handheld scanners) which can recorded for future haircuts among hair salons across the world alongside the consumers face,name,bookmarked preferences on an app named Narcissus that links all salons around the world and via smart devices that can be sent wirelessly in close proximity.A camera in smart mirrors can detect who the customer is via facial recognition and allow them to access their bookmarked favourites that can be chosen prior to entering the salon.To deal with dreadlocks robotic hands with specially designed can be developed to deal with this and with all cases the consumer will be able to choose the colour of any dye used on a colour wheel and modify the styles on Pandora or similar software and then upload these modified versions.Alongside robotic hair dressers robots that wash hair have been developed and both would be ideal for both the elderly,invalid and handicapped.Eventually improved AI and robotics will also allow for the development of robotic manicurists and pedicurists.Variants of robots used to sheer sheep can be developed that sheer and cut the hair off other animals such as pets like dogs or this can be done at home.Helper robots at home could allow the elderly and disabled to have access to the same features as hairdresser robots with improved robotics.Ideally these robot barbers would want to be modelled on robots such as Asimo or Baxter and robot chefs with the incorporation of synthetic muscles either from invitro cultured human muscles or synthetic materials such as graphene and other carbon composites(or a mixture of both) will improve dexterity with certain part of the hand and arm to able to twist around 360 to reach hard to reach places using the same joints present in the human skeleton.Instead of having to pick.The robot can using audio cues in the customers language or through visual cues in smart lenses and glasses tell them how to move their head.Other models can include those based on robot chefs that are hands with cameras attached to them on a rail system on the ceiling that moves from chair to chair.In time bio-synths controlled by the salon AI will replace robots with them wearing an universal uniform for Narcissus.

These hair designs within the Narcisuss sub network in Hephaestus also being used as designs for wigs which can be made from keratin produced by bacteria in their cell walls or byproduct which be extracted and spun into fibres or compressed into fibres by machinery with the colour chosen made by dyes applied to the extracted fibres or the dye could be naturally produced by the bacteria into the keratin within their cell walls using human an animal recombinant DNA from specific populations within species.Anabolic and catabolic reactions will be used for colours not found in humans.Again wigs can be custom made to suit a persons head with the person scanning in and saving their heads unique contours at home using a scanner stored again their Narcissus app account that links all salons around the world linked to Hephaestus.Human hair and nail should be pyrolysised alongside other organic waste with these wigs also disposed of in the same manner.Miniaturized automated versions of Davinci surgery machines can sort out the sewing of them with other robotic hands sorting out any other actions carried out by human hands.

To compliment this and to alleviate the strain until the both become sufficiently advanced is the concept of DIY hair cutting which has the advantage of developing skills.The same would go with manicuring and pedicuring that could be done at home during parties.Hair and nails from both humans and pets could be collected for use in both textiles and fertilizers all of which can be done by specially designed robots.To have it turned into fertilizers it could be put into bins which will be deposited into rubbish trucks that will send it to pyrolysis plant for organic matter like sawdust,baby wipes,paper,food,carcasses of dead livestock and pets,fish skeletons.For hair cut at home it is simply a case of putting into ones food bins.Otherwise one could collect their own hair from the salon and from home using a brush and have it turned into a diamond necklace,ring or other type of jewellery.

Garra Ruffa fish tanks and baths can be integrated into these beauty salons with the fish reared in local aquaculture systems or one in a hidden room(and fed algae) with dead ones removed and eaten or pyrolysised by the community members with them reared here with eggs grown as well and cleaned out.These can be small tanks for feet or pools for the entire body.Automated systems can be integrated to remove any dirt on the floor(sprayed with liquid glass),remove waste(which can be sent to the local sewage system),filter the water(monitored via nanosensors) and remove dead fish done using the building AI,cameras fitted with object recognition software and other technologies that can detect dead fish and waste materials with filtration systems coated with liquid glass to prevent clogging with algae,synthetic skin or other nutrients fed into them visits by humans are low.They will have oligotrophic DNA to prevent starvation.In time immortal bio-synth versions can be developed controlled by the building AI will do this.Robots or even automated feeders can routinely pump in algea or fragments of synthetic human and animal skin into them to ensure they are kept alive.

Facemasks can gained from organic materials and container,mixers with them produced and brought in from home and in time onsite by the AI.Thus in time miniature factories onsite will produce a selection of face masks composed of different scents,oils etc that can be pumped into ones hands with one selecting them from a menu and it pumped into reusable containers that are covered in liquid glass.Saunas can be fitted into these salons that with nanosensors regulate and monitor tolerable constant temperatures and humidity visible on waterproof touchscreens that can control the temperature or smart devices by pouring water onto the coals or this done by hand with water coming from a tap inside or outside.Hot tubs can also be controlled by smart devices.Implants and nanomchines in the people inside will measure their temperature and if it goes past a threshold either their microbes will prevent death or injury and/or they will interact with the AI of the building and open up air conditioners that will release the steam outside and intake cool air and other measure to bring the temperature down with nearby citizens,the building AI and Paean alerted to this to get them out and if need be alert ambulances.Spas and mini saunas can also be integrated into these with Wheeme masseuse robots with further advancements allowing for machines that replicate the human hands with a wide range of movements and regimes programmed into them and downloaded from expert human masseuses from around the world using motion capture technology allowing the consumer to chose and save their favourite regimes that take into account and adapt to their unique backs curvature,their body size etc.When these robots are more advanced the direct communication will be possible to alter saved programmes for each session.Biosynths will in time replace robotic and human massesues.

With regards to tattoo salons these can easily automated with the inventions of both the auto ink as well as tattoo printers which can allow designs to be designed on Pandora or taken form smartphone pictures and pictures downloaded from the internet or even Aphrodite product recognition software from various media such as television shows,movies,video games etc with designs also transferred from other sub networks and sectors of Hephaestus.These can then be shared online via cloud networks as explained earlier on.Existing tattoes on ones body can be scanned into this network via scanners with symbols,pictures,designs online also be transferred here with all designs having their size and width altered.All tattoes designed on Pandora will be stored on the Narcissus cloud network and one choosing the design and where it is to be printed exactly on their body.Larger versions can be created that allow a person to lie down on slab with their trousers and jumper off and using their smart devices linked to the salon AI initiate the procedure on their chest or back or even legs with them pinpointing beforehand on their account where exactly the tattoo is to go on a map of their scanned in body done at home using their smart devices with them able to virtually try on where to place it on smart devices and mirrors either on a picture,3D model or as they move around.With regards to designs that go around the body ie the front chest and back these would be designed on a blank mannequin body with them stored on the sub network as this mannequin on different subfolders of the normal ones or stored as design that can be turned around.A camera on the needle interacting with the persons account and where they pinpointed the location on their front or back they want the tattoo to be will apply it to that position within sensors/pressure plates on the slab detecting the shape of their body,the position they are on it and thus aid in determining the exact location with the AI telling them to move.The needle can be treated with a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent the spread of HIV and hepatitis with it treated to both virkon and UV light to further prevent this between each application.Tattoo salons can be integrated into hair salons for ease of use and since both are done by machines these salons can operate 24/7,365 days a year.Further advances may allow piercings to be done on all parts of the body with again machinery and piercings coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass with these machinery possibly being miniaturised variations of the Da vinci surgical systems.Again both could be done at home until sufficiently advanced.In time bio-synths controlled by the salon AI will manage these.All inks of all colours can be created by bacteria onsite of them via anabolic and catabolic reactions ànd recombinant DNA.

Access to sunbeds will be restricted by iSample that determines a persons age and software that determines the type of skin they have,their susceptibility to developing skin cancer(the person can also input this information gained from a DNA scan on their patient file and a picture of their skin) and adjust the time spent in sunbeds(which will turn off after a set time determined by the software),number of safe rounds in them and intensity of UV light to suit these factors including ones age and level of sun cream strength to be used for protection which they can bring along.All of this data can sorted remotely via smart apps with these factors used to inform the person of what level of tan they can expect from the sessions through holograms or CGI photos and how many sessions they need to get a desired effect the consumer or AI present within the app will select a tan colour on a colour wheel that contains colours and thus tan level within their safe healthy range determined by the software with them planned out over the months ahead and alerting them to when they are to take place.Facial recognition software and Paean will record each persons sessions limiting them to only a set safe amount of sessions they can get in a period of time and preventing them having too many sessions outside of the set times planned by the software with them interacting with all sunbed salons around the world preventing them from endangering their health from having too many thus blocking them from access should they try to overuse the machines.Paean will require the consumer from taking scans and pictures of their body to detect and skin problems that may be of concern and lead to skin cancer.Alternatively private automated spray tanning booths can be integrated alongside these which allow people to enter a small booth remove clothing and enter a second booth that sprays tan all over their body and then exit and put clothing back on after a set amount of time.Again the tan can be chosen on a wheel.In time sunbeds in these will become redundant by adding recombinant DNA from Thermococcus gammatolerans and Deinococcus radiodurans to the human genome making humans immune to UV radiation and the tone of melanocytes changed by chemical signals and gene switching done by biocompatible microbes using CRISPR.This will allow areas for sun Ed’s to be turned into lounges.

A universal sentient app named Narcissus connected to Hermes and Hephaestus that saves one preferences for massages,favourite hairstyles and tattoos etc and ones own designs from the wire as well as data regarding contours of the head and unique sunbed requirements and schedules can be developed that interacts with all tattoo,hair,nail,Garra rufa and sunbed salons around the world.This app will allow them to virtually try on hairstyles,tans and tattooes,favourite them and choose them for application remotely for specified appointments especially on smart mirrors and other smart devices.Ideally all of the aforementioned types of salons should be integrated into one building via extensions underground,in spare rooms,offices etc or on roofs etc in every major town and city to save space and also allow for people to get full beauty reinvention in one building at once in their locale as well as access to services(barber,haircuts,pedicures,Garra Ruffa fish,sunbeds,spray machines,tattoes,saunas etc) that would normally be restricted to a region or country.Multiple ones including barbers in all towns and cities will have all of these features with storerooms and offices used to house these with extensions made for others or they can absorb adjoining retail outlets next to them.Excess ones can be converted into homes or become part of mega hotels.Ideally since retail streets will become mega hotels these will be on the outskirts of them and those in supermarkets converted into communal homes converted into suites.This single building will allow all other small or even tall ones be absorbed into mega hotels and those in shopping malls and hotels turned into extra rooms.Each town,village and city will have these with villages having small ones with all types of salons in a compact building with underground extensions.Those in towns will likely have one tall new building on the outskirts of the mega hotels made from retail streets with as stated all existing ones absorbed into mega hotels or demolished with cities have multiple of these large buildings of the same name but managed by different macro AIs at strategic points based on the population of them.These would again be new buildings built on the outskirts,in vacant lots and other areas where it would not compete with community gardens and residential areas with the largest salons of each type used as new buildings with them kept and roof extensions added onto them.If one large building exists that is nothing but salons etc then it will be used and have roof extensions with in all cases ideally it managed by a single macro AI.The buildings can be multistorey ones that have one or two floors for each type of salon with them managed by a single macro AI with each floor having multiple of each services ie one or two floors that house hair salons,one or two that house multiple garra ruffa pools and even a jacquizzi and one or two that house saunas and massage robots,one or two that hold sunbeds,one or two for tattoo etc with them all following a single universal luxury style in all rooms with the ground floor being a luxury lobby type area to house the statue and also waiting areas with them having bioprinted leather furniture,aquariums,potted plants,kebonised wood or marble flooring etc with the toilets also luxury ones.Each section in these macro buildings;hair salons,garra rufa pools,masseuse parlour,tattoo salon etc will be managed by bio-synths and robots controlled by the building AI and will serve customers in each section and each section will have luxury fittings releated to the theme of the area and each floor can be accessed by stairs.A universal statue of Narcissus will be in the lobby if possible or in the back with the mirror symbol underneath him.The amount of these all in one buildings in each town,city and village will be decided by the mayor AI.A good measure of this would be all known and existing barbers,hair salons,spas etc in a city counted by AI and then it extrapolating the number needed based on having all buildings merged into one building.These buildings in villages,towns and cities will have roof and underground extensions and dimensional transcendamentalism as the population increases.These will all be named Narcissus,the same name as the sentient operating software that links and manages all salons and barbers of all types across the world named Narcissus with its symbol being a mirror with the possibility of this being the universal name and symbol of all salons and barbers around the world.A universal statue of him will be in the lobby of all salons across the world.The app managed by this sentient software will also allow to book appointments in any salon or barber around the world for any of the services ie hair cutting,tattoos,sunbeds,spas,masseuse etc for specific time days,weeks,months and years ahead and by interacting with the building AI chosen after choosing their location and then the building in a list the consumer will book times and also choose their service and then hairstyle,tatoo from those in the Narcisuss network with the app being sentient managed by the sentient operating software Narcisuss.The building AI will control all machinery such as masseuse robots,saunas,tattoo machines,barbers,spas,sunbeds,tanning machines etc.In time biosynths will replace all robots for massesus,stylists etc and those that clean them.The cloud network containing all designs of hair,tattoos in Hephaestus will be named after him.Roofs can have gardens of ornamental plants and seats as well as nests for birds of prey that act as biological controls for pests in surrounding farms.These can become indoor gardens when roof extensions are added powered by CYSYS lights.The avatar of each salon AI will be designed by those that maintain it with each AI having its own separate and independent personality with holographic receptionists also having personalities and universal uniforms.Touchscreen landline phones will be present with the symbol of narcissus being on all signs,maps,robots,machinery etc.These will manage bookings made via the Narcissus app and over the phone as well as log resource use and control lighting and order in any materials with shampoo and any cosmetics used made on site using components from bacteria grown onsite and stored in reuasable plastic containers.Since operated and maintained by robots and AI these will be available to to the public and open 24/7,365 days a year.Each village,town and city should at least one or two depending on their size and should be large enough to cater to the traffic of the community with their height determined by how many people use all salons in a town or city with them ideally in one large buildings that have multiple floors with at least two floors per each service ie hair,garra ruffa/spas/masseuse,tattoos,sunbeds etc.When sunbeds become obsolete through microbes inducing melanocytes as a safer alternative then these can be turned into more floors for other services with them having underground and roof extensions overtime with the ground floor being a lobby containing the statue,seating to wait for ones appointment as well as receptionist.The ground floor will be a luxury lobby in a universal theme with luxury wooden filing and bioprinted leather furniture etc acting as a waiting room.If possible since retail streets would be turned into mega hotels the outskirts of the town or city and even village would have these as one large underground complex consisting of a lobby with the statue and seating etc and then doors to each one that would be accessed by a stairwell in a small building with this underground complex spread out over wilderness on the outskirts or underneath the entire town,city and village connected to underground communities and would have stairs leading to underground communities with the various sections ie garra rufa pools,hair and tattoo salons spread out in sections.This would allow all towns,villages and cities to have them with their size based on the population of the area without acting as an eyesore and even interfering with scenery and wilderness,letting existing barbers,salons,tattoo salons etc converted into homes are absorbed into mega hotels and would be ideal over other options.Dimensional transcendentalism will be added to both underground and multistorey buildings.One would be alerted to their time of booking or when any of the features they have booked are open ie a person has finished early.The fact that they will be open 24/7,365 days a year will mean that they will be free space for people to book appointments preventing them overcrowding.In time helper robots and biosynths,garra rufa fish at home and also microbes inducing melanocytes to create desired pigments as well as person home tatto systems and helper biosynths would in time render salons defunct indefinitely allowing them to become homes.All dyes for inks and hair dyes etc and components of face masks etc will be created onsite by bacteria.Shampoo,hair spray etc will be ordered in from Himeros factories or made onsite using bacteria.Sunbeds will be negated by the ability of microbes to change skin tone and hair dyes negated by them changing hair colour.

As detailed earlier all surfaces such as walls,floors,surfaces,windows,cameras,furniture,seats,machinery and robots etc will be sprayed internally and externally with a permanent film of liquid glass that repels dirt and water and bacteria.This will make work by hooverbots and janitor bots that patrol rooms and halls at set times with the janitor bots docking at rooms in these amenities that house factories for virkon and other cleaning fluids like bleach that are made in miniature vats in bulk.The janitor and cleaner robots can be followed instantly by a machine that cleans up the liquid.Mobile trashcans can patrol amenities 24/7,365 days a year.Anti-graffiti nano coatings can be also sprayed on walls and seats in stadiums and also on caves and temples ontop of this liquid glass allowing for a gentle spray of water done by robots to remove it.Glass windows will be sprayed with liquid glass to prevent water sticking to it and fogging.Otherwise window cleaning robots can be used.All robots will be able to interact with automated doors that open when they approach them allowing them to clean the place when the amenities are empty.Cleaning schedules for the coming year will be logged in the amenities AI and thus smart devices that log into it remotely via Hermes or when in close proximity or through the Narcissus app.When the cleaner robots are doing their work a notice will be streamed to all smart devices present to warn them that cleaning is done with this done everytime no events are taking place and at night.Cleaning of toilets will be done in the same way as those cities and restaurants.Collection of waste and cleaning of toilets in these can be replicated the same manner as in cities,public buildings and airports for all of these buildings.Anti graffiti coatings will be put on the walls as well as the doors of toilets and their interior to prevent graffiti and marker marks to be put there with existing graffiti and marks covered in paint that are then covered in the anti-graffiti coating.All surfaces such as seats,tables,floors,windows,counter tops can be covered in liquid glass to make them dirt and water repellent with miniature hoover and janitor bots cleaning these every night,week or fortnight for an hour or two.Ceilings in all areas will have UV lights on them to do sterilising sweeps at any time.Narrow range wavelength UV should be used as it does not damage human skin allowing it to be done with people present.Garra Rufa fish pools will be baked by UV lights in the pool with it again using narrow range wavelength UV to not kill the fish with them having recombinant DNA from T.gammatolerens.As stated earlier these sterilising sweeps can be programmed in at set times of the night or be initiated by researchers remotely when the farms are closed and not inhabited by anyone.Cleaning robots including nanoquadrocoptors will be stored in compartments that charge them wirelessly or in the case of janitor robots refill them with both water and virkon/bleach.

All salons will have cameras at key points and on the outside and will be fitted with facial recognition software and gun detection software etc and will switch to IR illuminator automatically at night and when lights are off.They will also be linked to the global database of criminals in Athena and will be coated in liquid glass to keep them clean.

Each salon will have their own connected to other AIs of other salon and maintain the workings and interactions between all of robots.It will also carry out diagnostics of all machinery routinely alerting the community to any accidents or problems(following an universal colour coded systems) and also log these alongside all orders and operations of the machinery.Routine diagnostics on all systems such as lighting,robots and machinery will follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger making it easy for the layperson to recognize the level of severity of the problem.If a problem occurs automated measures within the AI system will isolate severely compromised machinery ie. from cyber attacks will be cut off from the AI and other machines until it is solved with AI of compromised buildings from other similar buildings and the rest of the wire until rectified to prevent problems spreading.The AI and thus all robots under its control will have the latest cyber security installed and constantly updated.Automated corrective measures or those that can be done remotely via the wire for all possible problems will be built into the building AI again view able to the public.This should prevent the problems associated with the tragedy of the commons.Resource use will be logged over days to millennia on local to global levels into Hemres.Machinary,drones and robots will be covered in first a layer of graphene paint to prevent rust(and generate electricity) and then a film of liquid glass to make it hydrophobic,water proof,acid proof,dirt proof and they will be composed of self healing polymers,electronics and metals.Since all work is done by machines they can work 24/7,365 days a year they will allow for people to get haircuts and tattoos etc. whenever they want.Energy and water use will be relayed into Hermes.CSYS lights should be used in lighting in hallways and other rooms so as not to be replaced so often by robots and limit energy use.