Cataloging of all sports events:
Since Dionysus will contain all sports events fans can watch live games on televisions,computers and all smart devices.Live television shows sports events will have their own folder and thus channel for all sports types and events worldwide divided by type and subtype of sport ie one for soccer,one for american football,aussie football,boxing,UFC,wrestling(including WWE,WWF etc)GAA,baseball,poker,cycling,motobike,Nascar,Formula 1 etc and showing all leagues minor and major there live with all past games from around the world logged and stored in folders and subfolders as far back as possible by global tournament,region/country,year and season.Horseriding events past and future from around the world will be here too and livestream here as well.Ulama de cadera and Ulama de antebrazo(not Ulama de mazo)will be logged here played by Agoge trainees.Thus all sports games of all types and seasons from around the world will be logged here as far back as possible with them logged by type,country,year,season etc and will be livestreamed and logged here.Elementary,highschool and college games of all types of sports and even local town,village,city and county club games from around the world will be livestreamed here and previous ones uploaded here as far back as possible via memories etc.Programmes related to sport that show no live events from around the world but rather detail sports news,analysis of games,sports in general will be in separate folders and subfolders in the sports section and these would be divided by the name of the sports programmes in subfolders including all of them from around the world logged as far back as possible with them livestraming here from now on.The sports main folders will have the main offical sport logo present and then have subfolders for each game by year,season,month etc with each game visible as a still of the game with the summary of each game,teams present,the score of them,length and also airdate both on Dionysus and original airdate on the sports channels and also when the game took place.Both games and programmes will be streamed live in their folders before being logged here from around the world that they existed in the past which will still exist but sports channels will not exist.Sports channels will not exist but their programmes will premier and livestream here with headquarters will become homes and studios made into homes when VR technology can be used to allow their programmes to be done in VR simulations.One channel or macro folder in Dionysus could be devoted entirely to the Olympics with all recorded Olympic events since it was first aired on television stored in folders and subfolders by year and then sport type ie.Gymnastics,swimming,bodybuilding etc and event with the marching,opening and closing ceremonies in other folder with each event also streamed live in their subfolders for each year before being stored and any behind the scenes material for each event such as interviews and documentaries with the same applying to Agoge events and sports.The Olympics will have all events logged by year,sport and then event with the opening ceramony etc stored here.Agoge deathmatch,fighting,weapon and even Battle Royale and other events will be logged here in their own macro folder and subfolders.Dionysus’s sports section will be sorted into sports channels that house programmes such as those that analyse sports and individual games from around the world as far back as possible with there also being the actual sports section that houses all sports events from around world livestreamed and stored in their as far back as possible logged by type and season etc.Older games of all sports will also be sorted here by country,game,season,championship,year,month,week,day in folders and subfolders as far back as possible.Championships that include semi finals and finals etc will be organised in folders and subfolders containing the branch structure for each section showing the file of the games and matches involved or just them logged by date and type.All future games and programmes will be livestreamed and stored here.Recording software on televisions,smart devices and computers can be integrated into ones computers,smart devices and television via Hestia while watching Dionysus to allow sections of sports events to be recorded and then saved on ones Dionysus account devices or transferred wirelessly to other ones and uploaded onto YouTube.Rewind,play,pause and fast forward present in Sky + can be integrated into Dionysus to rewind sections with them able to pre recorded any events on their devices,hard drives or Dionysus accounts with this done on linked smart devices and computers or in the screen in computers.Otherwise all programmes from the live stream will be logged in their subfolders of the channel by date:year,month,week,day and if multiple of them by hour so as to allow them to be viewed later and downloaded.Having all of the worlds sports streamed and uploaded onto Dionysus will allow one to have a wide variety of live sports programmes and events the second it is translated with translating software such as the sentient Coeus aiding in this also with it negating YouTube livestreams.Official sites will be shut down since their folder in Dionysus will replace it.Times and details of programmes over the day,week,month will be listed here in their network folder allowing one to plan ahead and record them.Holographic technology will allow it to be broadcast in other venues at once thus increasing the amount of people to see it with VR technology even allow one to virtually attend them in an infinite number of virtual arena from the comfort of their home with friends and family if sufficiently advanced to be indistinguishable from reality.One can view recorded versions in this VR program whenever they want.It may even allow one to take the place of specific athletes in all sports and see things from their point of view and feel their sensations such as breathing,pain and heart rate.The one streamed and stored in Dionysus will be the venue where the athletes are physically in.Agoge events will be managed by Athena and saved inside Dionysus where events times and programmes etc will be listed.These can be streamed on smart devices of all types including televisions and on computers and laptops with older events also watched on them as well as downloaded onto them.Athletes may the only people to sign contracts which would be e-contracts that would be stored in cloud networks of teams with them sending in portfolios of games they have played from drones locking onto them as well as from contact lenses with these from the start of childhood training.In time rather than being divided by genders all types of sports both team and solo sports will merge together with teams having both males and females in all leagues or even males verses female teams in specified leagues alongside all male and all female.

By 2029 all archived sports events of all sports types from around the world and from allied and observed alien races as far back as possible will be uploaded into the sports section of Dionysus with Agon and Heracles transferring them from YouTube and archives worldwide into folders and subfolders in the sports section of Dionysus.All future sports games from across the universe will live-stream and be logged and uploaded to Dionysus.

Thus there will be a section housing all sports programmes and events from around the world from as far back as possible divided first by programme that analysis sports including all existing ones from all corporate and state channels from around the world including new ones and then each type of sport further divided into subtype,country and then dated league,championship and each subfield and division ie semi finals,finals on state,national to global levels with global championships for all sports set up.Global events like the Olympics etc will be logged as far back as possible by year and then sport and events titled with the sport,event and athlethes listed with future ones livestreamed and logged in these folders and subfolder.All future sports events of all sports and Olympics etc from around the world and galaxy will be livestreamed and logged here.Each international sports bodies for each individual sport would be in fact an series of subnetworks governed under one international sports body acting as administrative body named Palaestra and managed by the sentient Palaestra the daughter of Hermes with the subdivisions named after all of the worlds sports.Athletes may in fact be the only people required to hold contracts as in the case of football,soccer and other teams sports with them signing e-forms with the teams and sports bodies digital file database with other files for them to leave also signed.Debate will be required as to the legality of augmentations,implants and gene therapy except those that correct congenital defects to be used by athletes.Sports will likely be divided into augmented and non augmented versions to prevent augmented athelths having an unfair advantage over non augmented ones.

Future sports game events:
VR indistinguishable from reality will not only allow millions of people to attend an event from home but allow entire sports of all types such as team sports,solo sports,combative ones and even those that involve vehicles such as NASCAR and Formula 1 can be done entirely in multilayered VR simulations allowing the buildings used such as stadiums to be converted into communal homes when renovated say by removing stands with outdoor ones either turned into homes or torn down and then reforested.This will although using normal physics remove any chance of injury for athletes and drivers and would apply to all sports including the Olympics to be done this way with them streamed into Dionysus with the time dilation effect or not with them fed into Dionysus and their folders and subfolders.Both the practice of the sports and the events themselves wil be done in simulations with real life physics,pain and tiredness overseen by the sentient operating software Agon.This can apply to solo sports such as fighting sports;boxing,UFC,Muay Thai etc,golf,racing sports;NASCAR,Formula One etc physical sports;synchronised swimming,skating,gymnastics and team sports;baseball,cricket,american football and even football allowing one practice their field and fine tune tune their field in a short period of time.Having them in these VR simulations will prevent injury and death and will negate energy in transport and construction of Olympic villages and stadiums with certain ones turned into communal homes and others demolished if they have caused ecological damage as most of these end up becoming ghost towns.Some can be demolished and turned into communal homes.Heracles will in time replace all human coaches for athletes of all ages for all sports with him taking in vital signs alongside Paean for studies and alerts during practice and actual games with him also monitoring their progress and efficacy against real life and VR opponents during practice via smart goggles,lenses,earphones etc with them through smart devices relaying strategies to each individual etc during half time.Sports events will be taken place in simulations overseen by Agon with real world physics to make them realistic and also to allow stadiums to be converted into homes with others that have had environmental destruction being demolished.Golf courses used in tournaments including the PGA will be reforested as well with the buildings near them turned into homes with live tournaments used in VR simulations fed into their folders with all golf courses including public ones,those used in tournaments and also as part of hotels and country clubs scanned into a single game free to everyone with new ones created by the public etc for use in official tournaments.These will also be managed by Agon with in all cases the sentient operating operating software replacing human broadcasters and speakers and VR will allow millions of people to attend them from home with them allowing to get any seat or even boxes allowing real world stadiums to be turned into communal homes and golf courses alongside driving lanes to be reforested.As a result millions of people could view all types of sports events in multilayered simulations negating issues of scarcity of seats including boxes with them livestreamed into Dionysus allowing all stadiums of all types to be converted into homes or demolished and the land reforested with those in cities,towns etc turned into parks.Golf courses will be reforested and livestreamed when also filmed in VR.Although sports such as football etc may be played in the real world for authenticity with specific ones such as NASCAR and Formula 1 racing and others including new ones that involving vehicles with normal physics that are very dangerous will be done in VR simulations.All sports teams could practice games in VR stadiums and pitches with real world stadiums used for only the Olympics and major leagues with sports leagues divided into those played in VR and the real world.There will be no need to build any more stadiums for the Olympics as existing ones can be used in rotation.With regards to sports of all types they can be played in existing stadiums negating the need for new ones with them used in rotation.Golf will be played in VR simulations to allow for an almost infinite amount of golf courses to be used including those set in jungles,forests,deserts,mountains,in space with it allowing all existing golf courses including on the grounds of hotels and country clubs converted into communal homes to be reforested..New sports can be done in VR simulations such as gladiator battles involving animals and other humansas well as those that cannot be done in the real world such as interstellar racing involving interstellar vehicles,those that require altered physics created from scratch.

To find ones seat in real world events e-newspapers can stream maps from the stadium computer and then interact with smart devices holding the e-ticket and guide them in manner similar to how the aforementioned and detailed city map system on these devices works to their seat(s) from the entrance of the stadium via streaming it from the stadium AI.Cameras will be replaced by drones that can lock onto the ball and the section it is currently(or lock onto different vehicles) in and in time do zoom close ups of specific players etc with improvements in artificial intelligence replacing cameramen in the filming of all sports such as team sports(football, soccer,cricket, basketball),one on one sports(fighting,boxing,fencing),racing(Moto GP,NASCAR,Formula 1)and physical sports(gymnastics,swimming) completely using either one or multiple drones at a time.Smart contact lenses and glasses (or googles in the case of skiiers and snowboarders)worn by the athletes/fighters/cyclists in all sports and those on drivers helmets in vehicles can be used to see from the point of view of them(with initials of players and competitors) at time with software switching between them and drones automatically and replays of certain events done automatically too.This would also apply to the Olympics during all events.Otherwise via settings menus on Dionysus viewers themselves can switch between any of the the cameras they wish to see all or certain athletes point of view from contact lenses,googles,helmets,ontop of vehicles on their roof or the various drones recording the event.Biosynth neural implants will allow a person to choose which athletes a viewer can lock onto while in point of view mode or when the seeing through another camera to feel pain,adrenaline,temperature sensations.Sports channels will still exist with them possibly having only sports news and discussion shows present in their folder as far back as possible with ideally their being a sports show folder with all sports shows from around the world in in their own folders and subfolders logged as far back as possible.They will livestream here from now on with AI namely Agon replacing human broadcasters and voiceover speakers for all sports worldwide.

All sports worldwide including those that are only played in one country will have teams created worldwide.This includes teams made worldwide for GAA football and hurling,soccer,American football,baseball,basketball,cricket,Aussie Rules football etc.I’m other wards all sports that are traditionally played In one country wil be played worldwide.There will be teams that will be made for each town,city and village but also each prefecture,region,state,county etc in all countries worldwide but also one’s for each country worldwide with their leagues for each country involving each team for all towns,cities,villages but also one for all counties,states and their will international leagues that compete globally.Once interstellar travel is achieved teams wil be created for different countries on Mars,Venus abc other colonies across the universe wuth even teams for each country on each homeworld of each alien race across the universe.There will then be trans for each planet if a team for Earth,Mars abc other planets including alien homeworlds with their teams for each specific alien race and also those that are mixed ones that have humans and other alien races on them.These local.national teams will be subdivided into teams for males,females and also teams for gay men,lesbian women and bisexual men and women.All teams for each sports on town/village/city leagues,state/county leagues abc country leagues as well as planet teams abc those subdivided into gay,lesbian etc will have their own unique sports kit design that are unique to each other for each league.New sports will be created overtime that have their teams fit each town,city,county abc country etc Sports from ancient times such as those played by the Ancient Greeks,Mesoamerica etc Ulama de cadera and Ulama de antebrazo(not Ulama de mazo),Episkyros and Harpastum will see a revival and be played on local to global levels.Heracles will become the universal sentient body for sports abd setting down regulations related to all sports with it subdivided into each sport type replacing the NFL,FIFA,GAA etc

The Agoge itself will contain its own fighting,weapons and mesoamerican ball game tournaments as well as global Hunger Games,Battle Royale and gladiator competitions inside.UFC its variants around the world and other fighting competitions will merge into one.Furthermore athletics,gymnastics and similar sports will have global competitions consisting of the merging of the various leagues worldwide of which national and regional variants will form preliminaries with this also applying to sports like american football,Aussie Rules,Gaelic football and hurling,baseball,basketball,soccer and other team sports forming into one league for each one meaning theoretically for example soccer clubs in England would be competing with those other countries around the world in larger more prestigious competitions with national,continental and global level tournaments with these and others sports have popularity initiated worldwide in all countries.The same applying with baseball,basketball,american football etc with the merging of minor and major leagues round the world as well as championships.If possible sports from around the world wil franchise out to all countries it currently doesn’t.For example American Football,baseball and basketball will have teams created for all countries,states and even cities/towns/villages etc across the world with GAA sports such as hurling and Gaelic football will have teams created for countries,states,cities etc worldwide.Aussie Rules will have teams created worldwide.Other sports that are played in one or a small number of countries will be have teams set up across the world this will allow for them to have tournaments in each country on local,national and international levels.Thus all team and solo sports from around the world will be spread out and played across the world in countries that don’t normally play them.For each sport there will be national teams representing each country on international tournaments with then each country having teams for each state,county,prefecture etc for national tournaments and even one for each town,city and village for local level tournaments within each county and state and also even a separate national league.Thus there will be international leagues where each country has there own team to play against other countries in international leagues and also two separate national leagues where there is on league that involves competitions between each countries/states/prefectures etc as well a second national league that involves competing teams from all towns,villages and cities within a country.If possible this second national league could involve a second international league that involves all competing teams from all towns,cities,villages worldwide competing with each on a global scale including the teams from the second national league.These could also compete on two separate continental leagues – one involving all teams from all towns,cities,villages etc on a continent as well as a separate league involving competing countries of a continent.There could be also continental teams set up ie Asian team,Australia,team,European team etc in a continental global league separate from these and each other.Another separate league could be university leagues that consists of teams of all sports representing all universities,institutes of technology,technical colleges and all third level educational institutions worldwide competing on three separate leagues – a national league,continental leagues and international league. Furthermore all national and interational leagues would be subdivided into both male and female leagues and also even a third league of mixed gender leagues involving teams that include both males and females.Futhermore all international and national leagues consisting of teams worldwide could be subdivided into gay men leagues,lesbian leagues,mixed league consisting of both lesbian women and gay men,trans teams etc and also bisexual etc.This would apply to all team sports and even solo sports worldwide.When new colonies are set up on a Mars,Venus and planets across the galaxy each country,city,town etc will have their own teams with even each planet including Earth,Mars,Venus etc having their own teams for each sport that would compete on galactic scales with the galactic government involving teams from all non human races and planets in different sub leagues.Once different planets have their own different teams set up including Earth all different teams for all towns,cities,villages and even countries on Earth etc will still remain as Earth based leagues will still remain with the same leagues on Earth set up on all planets with different teams.Thus for all sports there will be teams set up in all towns,cities,villages etc worldwide with different leagues set up that allow for each to compete amongst each other on global scales.Heracles will be as the universal sentient sports body will be dealing with the training and registering of sports athletes an example of which is FIFA which deals exclusively in managing and monitoring football with other versions managing all other sports such as tennis,Aussie rules,american football,wrestling,swimming,gymnastics etc with again country,regional and local bodies being absorbed into these governing bodies enforcing the same laws and regulations(such as the legality of performance enhancing drugs,augmentions and gene therapy and again athletes would be answerable this global bodies relevant to their sport thus again registering them to this universal sports bodies and suspended or disbarred from practising the sport in official matches depending on the severity of their infractions.Each international sports bodies for each individual sport would be in fact an series of subnetworks governed under one international sports body Heracles acting as administrative body named Herscles managed by the sentient Heracles and its symbol the Nemean Lion with the subdivisions named after all of the worlds sports.He will also manage and regulate all sports worldwide including the Olympics with him macro managing the Olympics and each individual sports that will also be micro managed by elected humans that serve set term limits.He wil draft regulations for each sports and also the teerm limits and election of all human representatives.Athletes may in fact be the only people required to hold contracts as in the case of football,soccer and other teams sports with them signing e-forms with the teams and sports bodies digital file database with other files for them to leave also signed.Being disbarred from him will be global.Debate will be required as to the legality of augmentations,implants and gene therapy except those that correct congenital defects to be used by athletes.All sports including the Olympics will possibly divided into normal versions and those that allow genetic augmentations and also cybernetics.All past sports events of all sports including Olympics and all programmes that discuss sport will be logged in Dionysus in specific folders and subfolders.All athlethes will be registered under Heracles with them abiding by the same universal regulations etc with regards to augmentations etc.All sports leagues could be then subdivided even further into normal and augmentated with regards to gene therapy and cybernetics.The Olympics may also be subdivided into normal and augmented in terms of cybernetics and gene therapy.All future sports events of all sports will be livestreamed and logged in Dionysus in specific folders and subfolders.

All recorded sports events will be analysed by Heracles to give statistics on different games,different players throughout their careers and also different types of moves and techniques to be analysed by fans,coaches players and in the case of moves practice them which will be logged in an athletes file,personal website and the sports macro folders and folders for seasons and individual events that can be brought up on the screen.The channels sports programmes and live events could be in a series of folders and subfolders in Dionysus.Thus all of the worlds sports programmes will be logged as far back as possible in Dionysus and will livestream here from now on with all sports games from around the world also logged here as far back as possible by sport type,year,season etc and will livestream here from now on.Archives in stations,networks etc that house these will be analysed by Ariadne and those on DVD etc will be scanned in laptops.CEOs will pay staff to put tapes into VCRs etc connected to computers to have them scannned and transferred to Dionysus.Those on YouTube etc will be transferred here.The sentient Coeus will be able to translate all live and logged sports events and shows from around the world including old ones making them universally accessible to everyone.