Stem Cell Strains

Stem Cell Strains:
One of the most important strains would be the stem cell strain those that are able to form new tissues internally in the body.This strain being able to change into any tissue in the body would as detailed replace dying and old tissues in the body with rejuvenated ones,change neural tissues to treat Alzheimer’s/pedopheilia/developmental disorders by creating normal neural tissues,change neural tissues to that of homosexuals/bisexuals/heterosexuals/Aspergers,repair existing wounds and ruptures in the internal body and neural system,fully develop the brain of teenagers and pre teens,carry out internal and external cosmetic surgery.This strain would have DNA from E.coli to house flagellum to travel across the body,bacteria DNA to undergo mitosis controlled by Paean and also DNA from human and animal totipotent,induced pluripotent and embroyonic stem cell cells from humans and DNA of the patient as well as that from Hydra,A.mexicanum,T.dohrnii,Planarians that express stem cells to allow them under direction of Paean change into any cell or tissue in the human body.The strain would have DNA for flagellum and undergoing mitosis from bacteria and DNA for biosynth WiFi etc to allow it be directed by Paean to undergoe mass replication and travel to the desired site and through biosynth wifi he will tell them to undergoe mass replication and then form a biofilm and then through biosynth WiFi have the genes in them to undergo evolution by inducing their evolutionary path towards the desired cell or tissue type formed layer by layer ie muscle,skin,blood vessel tissues and cells that contain the patient DNA to prevent rejection and genome alongside extremophile,anti-ageing treatments and DNA to never age and survive extreme conditions.Biosynth wifi will induce their evolutionary path to form any desired cell and tissue type in the body such as muscle,skin,bone etc on demand allowing them to form these in vivo.The WiFi through induction of evolution will remove all foreign DNA including bacterial DNA responsible for mitosis and flagellum,biosynth WiFi DNA and that which would cause allergic reactions.The anti-ageing treatments could also have this also apply to key organs such as the heart,liver etc with these other organs also replaced by using bio-printed version which again through CRISPR treatments done on them replaced regularly to ensure one has organs constantly in a youthful state again in terms of vigour,strength, replaced every few decades with them replacing dying tissue with new ones or them replaced by bio-printed ones.These would also pass on CRISPR treatments to correct the mutations that cause these neuromuscular degenerative disorders such as Parkinsons,Alzheimers and ageing in the first place and also ageing into relevant tissues and cells.CRISPR treatments may also be used in gender reassignment allowing one to produce the correct sex hormones ie testosterone and oestrogen and produce the desired sex organs etc by altering the sex chromosome to the desired gender perfecting this with this process in time even reversible it could even allow one to change races by altering skin tone again reversible with microbes and CRISPR treatments forming cliteroi,wombs and penises in vivo with the phenotype of Serpentes moulting skin,microbes forming tissues layer by layer and causing others to undergo apoptosis can create and remove breasts.If perfected it would render conventional gender reassignment surgery obsolete.Furthermore they would compliment and alleviate the accelerated healing phenotype of humans from A.mexicanum etc recombinant DNA before it can be almost instantaneous with it able to form any tissue invio to repair perforations including damaged vessels and bones as well as even form blood,erythrocytes and would also be the strain that forms neural implants,worm implants,GPS implants etc in vivo in the body.In those confined to wheelchair from spinal injuries it would repair damaged neural and muscular tissue at the point of injury and also below it thus giving the ability of self propelled movement back to the patient thus curing them of paralysis with it also repairing bone tissue etc in astronauts preventing bone atrophy.It would play a role in forming breast tissue and wombs and even ovaries and testes in those already having them removed alongside CRISPR treatments to initiate correct shape as well as formation and would also increase breast and penis size alongside butt size replacing conventional cosmetic surgery of all types alongside CRISPR.Thus those who have testicles,wombs,breasts and other organs removed to prevent or remove tumourgensis can via CRISPR used to initiate their redevelopment alongside this strain forming them invivo layer by layer controlled by Paean have them regrown from scratch to the point as if they were never removed in the first place.If possible even jaws could be formed invivo via CRISPR and also bone and skin etc tissue formed layer by layer or created invitro and then inserted into the skull with stem cells forming connective bone tissue alongside screws made of bone tissue as well.Those with amputated limbs would have synthetic ones created by using an organic scaffolding that have invitro flesh and microbes form muscles and nerves etc and even skin grafted onto them with the limbs using microbes form new tissues form these over the original place the limb was with CRISPR also initiating the formation of new limbs.In those with developmental disorders and those who have undergone facial reconstruction surgery that have left one with facial and skull deformities it could alongside causing unwanted tissue to undergo apoptosis and also DNA from Serpentes added to the patients genome causing some to peel off would allow the skull and face to be reshaped invivo alongside in some cases surgery to create a more natural or original shaped face controlled by Paean with it also replacing rhinoplasty surgery.This can include reshaping the cheeks,forehead,replace lips,replace noses.Butt and breast surgeries and other cosmetic surgeries on the face and other parts of the body could be replaced by these programmed by Paean providing a more natural shape using these methods invivo with those having existing botched cosmetic surgeries and also face lifts as well as botulism injection repaired by this and those who already have breast implants can have them removed and them replaced by tissues formed layer by layer.Damage to the vocal cords or brain already done in existing patients undergone surgeries would be repaired by them reforming tissues and causing the parts of them to undergo apoptosis and new tissues formed in a controlled manner.This could potentially even eliminate most internal surgeries alongside the accelerated healing phenotypes.All facets of the cosmetic surgery could be done invivo by microbes building bone,skin,neural,muscle tissue layer by layer,causing some to undergo apoptosis as well as causing the outer layers of skin to moult off via Serpentes DNA.Even bone tissue could be altered by having tissues undergoing apoptosis and more grown layer by layer like neural and muscle tissue.This can include rhinoplasties,butt and breast enlargement and reduction surgeries those to correct deformities and reconstructive surgery all controlled by Paean and allow the patient to have it done overtime say a few weeks to months while they are awake or asleep at home or on holidays.Using carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor will negate issues of suffocation with the noses interior and mouth left open from this and them initiated while the patient is awake.Although it may take longer it would at least be a more natural shape and would be less likely to suffer from complications,would less likely to cause death since regulated and carried out Paean and could be more easily reversed by Paean invivo with advances allowing it to be sped up to a day or a week via the stem cell strain undergoing mass replication to create billions of copies with any remaining minor surgery corrected or finished off by surgery or vice versa.It could utilising CRISPR treatments initiate the formation of breasts,ovaries and wombs alongside forming tissues invivo to replace those already removed to treat and prevent cancers.Skin grafts etc from burns and acids wold be replaced by them replacing damaged tissue and the outer layers moulted off making for a more natural appearance with.Changing the sex chromosomes via CRISPR can allow for proper breasts to be formed or removed via apoptosis rather than surgery with cliteroi,wombs and penises etc formed invivo and also layer by layer and CRISPR treatments allowing for male to female and female to male transformations to be more successful using both CRISPR to change the sex chromosome from XX to XY or vice versa in all cells in the body and this through gene drive technology transferred to all future cells and also invivo cosmetic surgery coupled with CRISPR treatments initiating the creation of more naturally shaped body features with existing patients who have undergone these operations having their sex chromosome changed and have proper sex organs and breasts etc changed with the processes first tested on chimpanzees.Testosrone and oestrogen would be produced by changing the sex chromosome and adding other genes to initiate the body to produce it.Breasts would be once initiated by CRISPR treatments after changing the sex chromosome and then built layer by layer by stem cells or reduced via having each layer undergone apoptosis with the same done to wombs,penises etc.Surgery and even bioprinted penis,testes and cliteroi created outside of the body by stem cell strains fed blood will also be investigated with them attached similar to lab grown digits and limbs.Testes and penises etc can be grown on a scaffolding that can the be attached similar to lab grown digits and limbs.Otherwise penises would after CRISPR treatments be grown layer by layer.5α-Reductase deficiency can be corrected by allowing the gene mutation to be corrected and the person choose which gender they wish by adding specific genes to the sex chromosome to initiate the formation of proper sex organs and hormones as well as initiate the formation of breasts,penises etc alongside the microbes doing so.This process could theoretically be reversible unlike existing operations in both intersex corrections and gender reassignment.This will also be replicated with those born with intersex disorders by having the body and microbes create the correct hormones correct mutations as well synthesise ovaries,cliterous,wombs,penis and testes etc in vivo or in vitro from scratch via bioprinting using its ability to produce new tissues or stimulate hormones and add correct the male or female genes in the 23rd chromosomes via CRISPR to initiate the production of these sex organs and hormones once the wrong sex organs are surgically removed or the microbes causing them to undergo apoptosis or in the case of cliteroi being reshaped by them in vivo and this allow for gender reassignment negating surgery with in the case of females ovaries removed or synthesised.Those who have no nerve endings due to surgery in the cliterous will have new highly sensitive tissues created by microbes and CRISPR.Ovaries,tested,wombs etc could be synthesised later by later or destroyed by having tissues undergo apoptosis.This could replace conventional gender reassignment surgery and could be reversible again those who regret gender reassignment surgery by reversing each step with Paean arranging both operations for each patient.Otherwise one simply could have their transgendered brain changed by CRISPR to that of the body they were born with.Those who have already had their tubule ligations and vas deferans snipped through vasectomies can be corrected via them causing tissues to undergo apoptosis and forming new tissues for reversing tubal litigation with blocked falliopian tubes have tissues undergoe apoptosis and repairs made with clipped tubes have them repaired back to their previous state and for vasectomies causing knots to undergoe apoptosis alongside new tissues formed to repair clipped seminal vesicles etc reversing the damage done and restoration of the womb and testicles to their pristine state with future preventing measures to make one sterile dealt with CRISPR turning certain genes associated with fertility on/off.Stem cell strains will be used to reverse existing measures to induce sterility in both humans and animals.Pets that have been neutered will have testes recreated from scratch through them and humans who have had ovaries and testicles removed to treat cancers etc will have them formed layer by layer making one fertile again.Inhospitable wombs can be using CRISPR and stem cell strains made hospitable again with damaged tested repaired in the same way.Sterility caused by genetic factors can be cured by CRISPR.Damage to the cliterous in intersex patients would be repaired via creating new sensitive tissues with future intersex patients have the use of CRISPR and invivo cosmetic surgery applied to them which could be reversed.This and other cosmetic surgeries including will ideally be only availible to those aged 14 or older to give them time to make the decision and even wait until they have finished puberty and reached adulthood with if possible CRISPR can even be used to change the transgendered brain to that of the gender they were born with again with the consent of the patient at 14 for the same reason.Those with fallen arches,overpronated metatarsals and other foot deformities can be corrected through the combination of forming new tissues and also causing others to undergo apoptosis and CRISPR treatments to treat mutations.Thus to replace cosmetic surgery and facial reconstructive surgery including those with facial and skull deformities it would form neural,muscle,bone and skin tissue in vivo layer by layer while others cause other cells to undergo apoptosis while other surface skin would moult off via recombinant DNA added to the patients genome from Serpentes all controlled and programmed by Paean with CRISPR treatments added to initiate the developments of these organs.Cells made to undergo apoptosis via suicide genes will first have the acellerated healing phenotype removed and new tissue put in its place housing this with all tissues formed later have all the augmentations as the patients.Those with facial,leg,toe,foot and other deformities from genetic diseases and also developmental disorders CRISPR treatments would be used to correct mutation and then initiate the proper development of these will be carried at first and then have the moulting of skin,formation of new tissues and also causing some to undergo apoptosis.This would allow for those suffering from Turners syndrome,Downs Syndrome,Rett syndrome and other deformities as result of genetic diseases,teratogens,incest,radiation and developmental disorders to have less deformed faces,legs,arms etc alongside CRISPR treatments to correct the underlying mutations and also initiate the proper development.If possible those affected by the Zika virus and genetic deformities that lead to microcephaly could using CRISPR and them forming new bone tissue have the growth of the skull increased to normal size and thus have excess bone tissue in the interior destroyed and using both CRISPR and them forming new neural tissue to take its place in place of the bone already present removed by apoptosis to allow for the patient to have proper sized skulls and brains formed with this of course tested on chimpanzees and mice with this engineered into them and also them born from parents infected with the Zika virus.Syringomyelia in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and similar neural and skull deformities in other breeds of C.l.familiaris and Feline catus will be corrected via this with the skull made larger by forming bone tissue and then new neural tissue formed in place of lower bone tissue removed with AI crafting larger skulls that can house larger brains preventing discomfort with CRISPR treatments will also be used to treat them with other deformities in other breeds corrected using a combination of CRISPR and also microbes cosmetic surgery with advanced gene drive technology preventing them passing down onto the next generation with new ones created by artificial wombs have genetic deformities weeded out.Since it allows all types of tissues such as neural,muscle,skin and even bone tissue and blood vessels to be formed in vivo and undergo apoptosis it since controlled by Paean will allow for the skull in particular to be modified via causing bone tissue to undergo apoptosis and have new tissues formed in vivo and allow neural and skin tissue as well as blood vessels primarily capilliaries to be formed by them to allow the patient to develop proper sensory stimulation and blood flow in the newly formed tissues.This can also apply to to limbs that are deformed nor repairable by conventional surgery.Capilliaries,veins and arteries and all types of tissues including erectile,bone,nervous tissues can be created layer by layer to ensure blood flow to the areas with neural tissues created to ensure sensations.New layers of tissues will be created layer by layer and some tissues and parts of the body such as the skull.bones etc will be reshaped by having tissues undergoe apoptosis.Thus it will allow for invivo surgeries of all types that would not be possible in normal conventional surgery.The moulting will occur only in the areas under reconstruction via microbes creating chemical signals to initiate the keratinisng of the outer layers of the epidermis as newly formed tissue is pushed outwards and forcing the skin to moult off with this possible due to Serpentes DNA present in the hosts genome including living patients.Those who have suffered facial and other damage could avail of this to repair the damage caused by chronic drug use particularly synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine and neurodevelopmental disorders can avail of this..Circumcision can be reversed in adults by creating layers of skin layer by layer.Corrective surgery and those to treat deformities in the skull,face,limbs,lips and also facial reconstructive surgery and even those who have already gone under this and botched cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries surgeries can be repaired this way with face lifts and injection of botulism can be be reversed this way to recreate the patients original face.Thus those that have already undergone facial reconstruction surgery from animal attacks,second and thirds degree burns and acid attacks or facial disfigurement from crystal methamphetimes and neurodevelopmental disorders that has left them with a severely disfigured face can via this method be returned to their original face overtime layer by layer and thus have their face better reshaped back to their original form using photos of them prior to their disfigurement as a template.Those who have disfigured faces etc due to developmental disorders can be reshaped into normal ones.Dwarfism etc could be cured by this via gradually increasing the size of all limbs,organs etc to a normal height once genetic causes are treated.This can allow for the patient to have this done while at home,on holidays while awake and also asleep and save limited resources on surgery clinics and will be controlled entirely by Paean via biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth from nearby devices by interacting the with the nanomachines in the microbes with it taking place over several days,weeks in batch operations that occur when in resting or asleep with Paean spreading these operations into daily treatments that last several minutes or hours planned out by Paean.The length of each daily treatment and the entire procedure will depend on the type of in viva surgery.Even though it will take longer as stated it will lead to a more natural shape overtime and will be less likely to have complications including botched disfigurements and severing arteries etc that can kill the patient and will put less strains on the limited services of clinics which will become obsolete and can allow cosmetic operations that are currently impossible such as regrow removed testes/wombs/ovaries/breasts,reverse tubul ligation and vasectomies and add or remove testes,penis,wombs,cliterous etc for gender reassignment surgery and also increase or decrease the size and girth of ones penis,reduce the size of enlarged heads(hydrocephalus,macroencephaly,hyperostosis) or enlarge those that are small due to microcephaly with CRISPR treatments initiating their development and the microbes forming all types of tissues ie bone,neural and muscular tissues layer by layer or causing bone,neural and muscle etc tissue to undergo apoptosis.It will replace reconstructive surgery and can allow those with reconstructive surgery with botched looks have their face return to their previous state more efficiently.Defective organs that would interfere with breathing and proper functioning of the patient to live normal lives would be repaired by DNA from A.mexicanum and microbes forming new tissue with conventional surgery used to add new bio printed organs that house the patients DNA but without the genetic flaws.This would as stated be done by the stem cell strain creating millions of copies via mitosis and using flagellum in them to travel to the required area and form new nervous,muscle,skin,bone,skull and other tissues layer by layer as well as even blood vessels such as arteries,capillaries and veins layer by layer by Paean through WiFi signals causing them to form the desired tissues with them also causing others to undergo apoptosis with the acellerated healing phenotype removed from all of those made to undergo apoptosis to ensure they dont regrow with the ones put in place of them and in layers in other places will have this and all other DNA for ageing and augmentations present.The strain would be able to mould skeletons,skulls etc cause tissues to undergoe apoptosis and then form new tissue in its place allowing them to mould a persons skeleton,face and skull etc into a desired form.This will be of beneifit of those with skeletal,skull and facial deformities caused by neurodevelopmental disorders,pathogens,injuries caused by animal attacks/acid attacks/burns/drug use etc,genetic deformities etc and also those who have already under reconstructive surgery to create a proper skeleton,skull and face returned to what it previously was using ones genome,photos of oneself as a template.The stem cell strain will of course have traces of the patients DNA with them applying apoptosis genes to them.These stem cell microbes will be able to form any type of tissue such as skin,muscle,nervous,bone tissues layer by layer and form blood vessels such as capillaries,veins,arteries and cause any type of tissues to undergo apoptosis thus moulding the internal and external body of a patient.Paean would signal to the stem cell strains via biosynth WiFi where to move to,what cells to have undergone apoptosis,what cells and tissues to form and where to form them.Paean would use VR simulations to plan ahead each step and calculate the time it would take for it to be finished with cells made to undergo apoptosis via applying suicide genes first have the acellerated healing phenotype removed from them.Each stem cell surgery will require CRISPR treatments consisting of scratch DNA from different populations of healthy humans added stored in Physis to be applied to initiate the proper development of the limb etc to prevent deformities and in some cases of genetic deformities have genes removed with this done to remove the root cause from the patients genome and in both cases prevent deformities later on.The strain will need not just totipotent and embryonic stem cell DNA but also recombinsnt DNA from osteoblasts and osteoclasts to deal with the formation of bone tissue and the destruction of bone tissues in controlled manner.Patients with deformed internal organs that require bioprinted parts will have these bio printed organs created using the patients DNA that has mutations edited out would have them replaced with the carbon dioxide energy acceptor and accelerated healing phenotype added to the patients genome would prevent complications such as coma and death.Paean would control the formation of new tissues,apoptosis of cells and CRISPR treatments in a controlled manner.If possible specific tissue created by them could be used to replace silicone and other toxic materials used in cosmetic surgeries mainly breast and butt implants either done by surgery or in vivo with in vivo done by tissues forming in tissue layers underneath the skin providing a more natural shape especially if the rest of the body is grown with more tissues and they consume fat in certain areas and deposit it in others either directly or forming fat tissues.As stated silicone implants would be be made redundant by the microbes applying CRISPR treatments to promote breast growth,creating tissues underneath the skin in vivo as well as the possibility of tissues created by the microbes or bioprinted tissues implanted into the area instead of conventional material.Breast and butt reduction surgery could be done with them causing specific tissues to undergo apoptosis cause some to peel off via DNA added to the patients genome from Serpentes and forming new tissues layer by layer negating the need for surgeries and also negate the need for silicone implants with those already with silicone implants have them removed and then their desired breast size created by the stem cells.This can be be done to those who have already undergone mastectomies by creating tissues to form layer by layer alongside CRISPR treatmements recreating their removed breasts layer by layer,those who have undergone hysterectomies by recreating wombs in vivo layer by layer and even those who have had orichectomy wherein testicles were removed by recreating testicles layer by layer,reverse oopheroctomy with ovaries recreated later by later CRISPR treatments initiating the development of breast,testicular,womb tissues and hormones aiding in this.Thus any surgery to remove any organs to prevent the formation of and spread of tumours will possibly be reversed by the stem cell strains forming relevant tissues later by layer.In the case of penis enlargement in men this would involve them producing extra capillaries,erectile tissue and skin alongside CRISPR treatments increasing the rate of penile growth both in terms of girth and length increasing the size of genitalia and testes sizes using stem cells creating new tissues and capilliaries layer by layer and also CRISPR treatments increasing its size with the different genes responsible for penis size in males crossrefferenced to be then downloaded for upgrades with it reversed possibly reversing this via apoptosis of tissues.Thus penis enlargement in terms of girth and length can be carried out by them forming new tissues and blood vessels etc alongside CRISPR treatments to initiate the growth in penis size with this reversible by causing tissues to undergoe a apoptosis first tested on Biosynths.Furthermore the microbes making the erectile tissues easier to become much stiffer and stronger during erections via CRISPR treatments modifying the tissues as well as forming new tissues in places of existing ones with CRISPR and the microbes creating sex hormones allowing one to be perpetually in ones sexual peak of the ages of 14-15.Phanes will extrapolate genes from scratch for males to keep one in the early adolescent testosterone peak of 14-15 forever with if need be microbes creating this and other precursor hormones via recombinant DNA.Anti-ageing treatments will keep females at their fertile peak of 14-15 leaving them able to concentrate on careers for decades before starting families.This scratch DNA may have to involve them only producing testosterone once the patient has reached puberty and continue to do so after the age of 18 onwards forever in newly born male patients and not before the age males normally produce testosterone during puberty which could cause complications such as premature puberty.The DNA would also be made only to interact on the Y chromosome meaning it will not affect females.Females will possibly have genes that keep their levels of oestrogen at levels synonymous with the ages of 14-15 with again only made to produce these at constant levels not before they normally are produced but after 18 to prevent complications.The penis glans alongside the cliterous and prostrate can be given more sensitive tissue for more intense orgasms via CRISPR and also microbes forming new tissues with them extending to more areas around the cervix and even anal cavity in both males and females and areas at the entrance of the cervix have large areas of the tissues around them converted into extremely sensitive tissues connected directly to the prostrate in males and cliterois in females with them also connected to newly formed blood vessels to make them more receptive to orgasms during anal and vaginal sex as well as fellatio via direct stimulation in both genders and make females and males easier to reach orgasm without directly stimulating the cliterous or prostrate with this done via CRISPR treatments changing the tissues present in these areas including the tissues underneath them in subsurface tissue to increase surface area and also sensitivity in living patients into the same found in cliteroi in females as well as the prostrate in males possibly a mixture of both and if need be genes in all cells with this via gene drive technology spreading to the next generation and also the microbes causing cells to undergo apoptosis and also others forming these new tissues.Samples of tissues from the prostrate,penis glans,cliterous via base microbes using horizontal gene transfer and taq polymerase,Cas-9 and send the genotype for expressing the sensitive areas and tissues via biosynth WiFi and compared to the patients entire genome if it cant be extrapolated by Phanes from the entire genome with scratch DNA extrapolated by him that make prostrate,penis glans,cliterous tissues and those in these areas leading to them via CRISPR.Thus base microbes can using horizontal gene transfer extract the DNA from tissues in the cliterous,prostrate and penis gland and read by taq polymerase and Cas-9 with the genes responsible for creating these specific tissues added to Physis to allow for stem cells and CRISPR treatments to recreate them.The blood vessels such as capillaries would be formed internally and since connected directly to the prostrate in males and cliteroi in female stimulation of these new nervous tissues would directly stimulate the cliteroi and prostrate via electrical signals from the nerves travelling directly to the cliterous and prostrate and them becoming part of them as well thus leading to more intense orgasms in all sexual positions in both heterosexual and homosexual males and females that can be achieved more easily with these two options allowing them to be formed in living patients including adults with CRISPR editing embryos,spermatozoa and eggs to make this a permanent part of H.sapiens.In males the prostrate can be directly connected to the penis glans through this tissue thus meaning stimulation of the glans during heterosexual and homosexual sex as well as oral sex,sexual intercourse and masturbation would directly stimulate the prostrate increasing orgasms in both areas,the anal cavity can be connected to it to make anal sex and rimming in homosexual acts directly stimulate the prostrate with as detailed the cliterous in females directed connected to sensitive tissue in the cervix and anal cavity wall making masturbation and penetration in these areas alongside fellatio improve success in achieving orgasm every time.To improve stimulation large areas of the cervix,anal cavity etc would be converted into these tissues.Thus the new sensitive erogenous tissues surrounding these areas will become part of and be directly connect the anal cavity,penis glans and prostrate in males to each other and the cervix,anal cavity cliterous in females to each other thus making it easier to achieve orgasm in any sexual position including masturbation,oral sex,all sexual positions,rimming and fellatio as the stimulation of them would directly stimulate the cliterous and prostrate directly.Scratch DNA and that from animals with extremely sensitive penis gland and cliterous could make this tissue,the cliterous,prostrate and penis glans etc even more sensitive and conducive to powerful and intensive orgasms 100% of the time and in the case of the penis glans make them more stronger and thus likely to let one have sex much longer by delaying ejaculation.This can be applied to living patients via CRISPR to the tissues in theses areas and subsurface areas and tissues and the entire human genome passed down to future generations via advanced gene drive technology.If perfected it could allow both males and females to climax and reach orgasm 100% of the time in all forms of sexual acts.CRISPR and stem cell strains forming new tissues will make the prostrate,penis glans and cliterous form more sensitive and erogenous tissues with the endorphines and other hormones created during and after orgasm to be created by them on demand.These sensitive nerves connected to the penis glans,cliterous etc could be connected to the rest of the peripheral and central nervous system meaning all orgasms in both males and females would spread to and be felt in all parts of the body.Parts of the brain responsible of sexual arousal and pleasure will be modified to become receptive to musks and pheromones added to cosmetics or even those synthesised by the opposite sex in place of body odour with them synthesised using scratch DNA.The seminal vesicles and prostrate glands can be made larger with extra spaces in the scrotum etc to store more semen with CRISPR and them creating hormones can induce extra semen to be produced.If possible both CRISPR and stem cell strains forming new areas for the seminal vesicles can increase the surface area of them by extending its range across the entire body similar to both the lymphatic system and circulatory system thus exponentionally increasing the amount of semen produced and stored by them.This could allow them to create,hold and store anywhere between 1-5 litres of semen for sexual purposes with the stem cell strains sealing off a desired area of these new vesicles when desired returning the level of semen produced to normal or between 1-5 litres with it reversible by rebridging these vesicles back together.The microbes can induce the vesicles to create more semen once depleted via creating hormones and CRISPR or them creating semen in large amounts through anabolic and catabolic reactions.The stem cell strain or a sub strain could form worms and implants and using electroconductive pilli in all microbes forming the worm or those forming a biofilm could genereate electricity using electroconductive pilli chemical reactions to stimulate the prostrate,penis glans and cliterous to induce orgasms on demand.Since these worms would consist of millions or biillions of microbes containg DNA from G.metallireducens,S.oneidensis,G.sulfurreducens DNA will give it the ability to generate electricity and electroconductive pilli and electroconductive proteins with the vast amount of microbes combining their electrical charge together to produce powerful orgasms in the cliterous in women,prostrate in men and also with men directly stimulate the nerves connected to the penis glans allowing one to achieve orgasms on demand.This could render all types of cosmetic surgeries obsolete including rhinoplasties and also those on the face by them forming new bone tissues and also skin,neural and muscle tissues alongside capillaries layer by layer and initiating the moulting off of skin.Sterility would be solved by curing patients of pathogens that cause this,restoring damaged tissue and CRISPR treatments to make sperm more motile.Female and male circumcision can be corrected by using CRISPR and forming relevant tissues.Their ability to consume fat may also be be used to eliminate liposuctions with their ability to create muscle tissues as explained by causing muscle cells to undergo apoptosis allowing them to regrow consuming fat,stimulate brown adidopse tissue,genes that increase metabolism alongside the microbes creating capsaicin and removal of the fat insulin gene,the host synthesising essential amino acids alongside exercise to allow to gain a more natural shape and prevent the forming of loose skin with the patient also exercising.If loose skin is formed then they can form new tissue inbetween folds that contain capillaries allowing for the folds to be removed by surgery or microbes making the skin holding the folds undergo apoptosis safely with any making new ones by them repairing tissue with the aforementioned methods of removing the fat insulin receptor gene,apoptosis of muscles and consuming of fat all at once will increase the rate for those availing of liposuctions to not need it.Scarring can be dealt with the skin peeled off using Serpentes DNA added to the patients genome and forming new tissues in their place with cellulite dealt with a combination of CRISPR,consuming fat stores and causing some structures to undergo apoptosis.Stomach stapling may be negated by them modifying the stomach by creating new tissues or adding genes to modify ones appetite or creating hormones that encourage one to feel full as well as counteract those that incite fat and sugar cravings outside of pregnancy or those initiated by high blood sugar.CRISPR may also counteract cravings and the want to eat more than they can.The patient may even have a new smaller or averaged sized stomach created via bio-printing them.If possible their ability to create collagen,skin tissues directly or through CRISPR to make cosmetic surgery more natural especially with this of relevant to the lips,forehead and other parts of the body.They may also be use to repair skin damage from prolonged UV treatments such as sunburn,skin conditions,burns and even acid attacks negating the need for skin grafts and possibly reconstructive surgery or at least alleviate the amount of surgery to be applied with skin cancers attacked in the same way as other tumours.This would be done by them creating new skin tissues alongside recombinant DNA from Planarians,Hydra and A.mexicanum allowing the native host to do so by themselves and causing the damaged areas to be moulted off similar to sunburns and also as seen in Serpentes with CRISPR adding this ability of Serpentes added to humans and only occurring signalled by Paean when these occur.Recombinant DNA from planarians,Hydra,A.mexicanum will allow the body to accelerate healing by itself.Acidophilic bacteria added to all cells in the body such as the skin,eyes,oesophagus,stomach protecting them from stomach acids and acid attacks whether intentional or accidental would be done with adding DNA from T.gammatolerans protecting the skin from sunburn and UV light with the microbes manipulating melanocytes to allow one to consciously change skin tone.This ability to shed skin would be done in the case of burns with genes from scratch and even extremophile bacteria.Other living patients not already having surgery will be given recombinant DNA from A.mexicanum etc to in the instant disfigurement occurs their original structure will be able to be repaired alongside the repair mechanisms of the action of microbes.Those who have already undergone facial reconstructive surgery including face implants and other botched surgeries to reverse the ageing process could theoretically have the microbes form bone ie skull tissues and other tissues ie skin,muscles,nervous tissues in all parts of the face layer by layer in a preprogrammed manner managed by Paean to form a more stable and symmetrical face layer by layer back to what is was prior to their disfigurement.Serpentes DNA added to the patients genome will aid in this of existing patients who have already undergone facial reconstruction including face implants and also microbes forcing certain cells and tissues to undergo apoptosis as the rest of the microbes form new tissues layer by layer while certain skin etc is peeled off via moulting programmed by Paean with it also done to repair facial lifts and other cosmetic surgery on the face with this ability to form any muscle,neural,skin and bone tissues layer by layer rendering conventional cosmetic surgeries eventually obsolete allowing cosmetic surgery clinics to be turned into homes with those in hospitals turned into other uses.This could also be used by those suffering from skull and facial abnormalities due to developmental disorders and will allow those with normal but undesirable non symmetrical facial features to undergo cosmetic surgery on their entire face by modifying the skull,skin,muscles etc by causing tissue to undergo apoptosis,build layer by layer and also moult off top layers of skin programmed by Paean to create more symmetrical pleasing faces thus allowing them to replace all forms of cosmetic surgery that would be done invivo controlled by Paean when the patient is awake at home.Hernias,spina bifida and skin tags would removed via bridging gaps of neural tissue and skin etc and then causing the outer herniated layer to undergo apoptosis and peel off.The moulting ability of Serpentes added to a patients cells via CRISPR could allow sections of the body to be moulted off when invivo cosmetic surgery takes places by the microbes initiating chemicals signals that causes the outer layers of skin to keratinises and then peel off naturally with again in the case of those done on breasts and the face only these parts done to be removed as if perfected this ability will allow one specific sections of the body to moulded off with if need be and prior to this perfected the entire body signalled to do so to remove dead dying skin or those covered in spots and other undesirable marks like scars as well as tattoes removed this way negating the need for laser surgery with existing scars from laser scars repaired this way by new tissues formed underneath as the old epidermis is moulted off while new tissue is formed underneath.This moulting ability can be used to removed unsightly scars and also unwanted tattoos.Thus if perfected only parts where invivo cosmetic surgery is being carried out will moult off controlled by Paean.This could allow the entire epidermis of the entire body to be moulted off every few years,decades and centuries to allow new fresh skin to be created with this done at first on those in the eldest age bracket aged 50-80 or more to allow newer youthful skin to emerge with this tested on mice and chimpanzess engineered with no hair as early as 2024.Hair follicles may be peeled off alongside skin or moulted and shaved off prior to the moulting to then via turning on and then off genes and microbes creating compounds to improve their growth rates back to normal levels as they will be using CRISPR caused to regrow at an accelerated rate and then slowed back to normal using CRISPR turning on/off genes and microbes creating compounds with this done to make hair regrow in all parts of the body.The part of the skin that contains and holds the roots will not be affected as it will stay where it is and the upper layers forced upward and outwards by new tissue and moult off once keratinised etc like Serpentes.This will also be tested on chimpanzees and mice with hair.Skin grafts as stated would be negated by them repairing damaged tissue with the older tissue moulted off with those already having skin grafts and reconstructive surgery have the older tissue moulted off as new tissues are created layer by layer.This would allow existing and new damage to the skin by fire,acid etc corrected by this.They could have recombinant DNA from necrotising bacteria,flies or from scratch to break down and consume only dead skin,flesh and even dead parasites but does not damage healthy flesh.For this to work the cells that are programmed to undergo apoptosis via adding suicide genes will have accelerated healing phenotypes removed prior to underoging this with the new tissue have this added to prevent the apopotised tissues from regrowing and allow the new ones to have this phenotype but it may be possible that this can be tested on tissue cultures as early as 2023/2024 to have the accelerated healing phenotype and then have vectors transfer suicide genes to see if grown back with animals tests having animals with accelerated healing have vectors transport suicide genes to organs and muscles to see if they can naturally regrow.The strain would once tissues in all parts of the body such as brain,skin,muscles and other parts of the body are detected to be ageing they would replace them with new rejuvenated ones by forming these tissues on them with this also this done for conditions like idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis that would have degraded tissues be replaced with new ones without damage and have CRISPR treatments added to repair any genetic damage with clubbed fingers also repaired.As detailed earlier on donated lungs and those grown in chimera animals can be grown to suit both the doner and patient.Thus these invivo cosmetic,reconstructive and also gender reassignment surgery would of course be tested on chimpanzees as early as 2025.

For astronauts these would alongside gene therapy from scratch,pass this ability onto them via horizontal gene transfer and Salmonella would prevent muscle and bone atrophy alongside the microbes constantly being able to regenerate,neural,muscle and bone tissue to aid this while in zero gravity with them also having DNA from T.gammatolerans,D.radiodurans scratch and Tardigrade to survive cosmic radiation and also the vacuum of space alongside their regenerative abilities and that to fight tumours and repair DNA damage.DNA from Planarians,Hydra and A.mexicanum in the host would regenerate atrophying tissue constantly alongside them.DNA from T.gammatolerans would also protect the host from sunlight UV radiation,radon,xrays and even nuclear fallout,gamma ray bursts and cosmic radiation.Paracoccus denitrificans recombinant DNA would increase human resistance to g-force and survive extremes in hypergravity in interstellar vehicles,hyperloops as well as scramjets.To heal wounds blood clotting agents would be released when by them they are directed to or are at areas of wounds,tears in the skin and organs to clot the blood and illicit platelets via signals with thinning agents and painkillers including acetylsalicylic acid created when thrombosis and blood clots are about to or have formed when the blood thins or on demand in aeroplanes and also when sedentary for long periods of time.Thrombosis and blood clots can be broken down to prevent them being fatal with the carbon energy acceptor phenotype allowing one to survive them.Them forming biofilms and then entering a rigid structure either by creating clotting factors,coagulants,biolfilms and nanowire scaffolding for new tissues to grown on alongside eliciting platelets could seal large wounds to allow the bodies natural repair mechanisms especially accelerated healing to form alongside them forming tissues on these biofilms through them forming nanowire scaffolding,controlled replication and evolution managed by nanomachines,CRISPR mutations and the microbes to repair organs and arteries with these also keeping the host alive preventing sepsis,infection,gangrene and also blood loss and keep vital organs alive until they repair the wounds themselves as well as until the patients can be attended to by surgeons whether human,bio-synth,robotic or mechanical to repair more severe damage with the microbes repairing as much as possible to heal arteries and key organs.They would also create blood cells and erythrocytes while damaged arteries and other blood vessels are repaired or bypassed with new ones to counter blood loss while the brain is kept alive with oxygen released by other strains with bones also created to correct broken,twisted or fractured bones and skull by creating bone tissues or cure other deformities by creating biofilms that allow the microbes form specific cells,nanowires and tissues as scaffolding.The microbes housing haemotiopic stem cell DNA etc will be able to undergo mitosis in an emergency tear or perforation and create large amounts of erythrocytes and even leukocytes while the body heals itself to prevent the brain and other vital organs dying from lack of oxygen with the human body stimulated via chemical signals created by them to create more of these but not too much with the host have genes form scratch created by Phanes and other animals to be able to recreate them in large amounts only in these emergencies ensuring the body does not run out of blood.Recombinant bacteria DNA from faculatative anaerobes,anaerobes,obligate anaerobes,capnophiles and scratch DNA will allow the hots organs especially the brain survive without oxygen when deprived of it due to blood loss thus ensuring the survival of the host in situations where blood loss would lead to death.Having the host have recombinant DNA from Planarians,Hydra,A.mexicanum could aid the microbes in repairing both external and internal wounds.Sprains and twisted ankles and other limbs could also be corrected and repaired with any pain treated by them releasing mild natural painkillers.The brain and other vital organs can be kept alive with the microbes releasing oxygen or converting carbon dioxide into oxygen while others once the ruptures and bleeding is stopped create blood plasma and erythrocytes to keep the host alive.The carbon dioxide energy acceptor phenotype will kept the body alive in these situation.Necrotic tissue as the result of gangrene can be reversed by them replacing the tissue with new revitalised ones onsite before and after breaking down the old tissue,using scaffolding,bioprinted or scaffolded microbes recreating the digits or limbs or them recreating capillaries etc or ideally prevent it in the first place and also them fighting off any pathogens that cause it and in the case of dry gangrene prevent peripheral artery disease either by removing cholesterol or removing the fat insulin receptor gene.Key areas such as fingers,toes and legs can have strains that release oxygen to tissues in them to keep them alive along strains that repair and replace dead tissue in the case of gangrene occurring with recombinant DNA from faculatative anaerobes,anaerobes,obligate anaerobes,capnophiles and scratch DNA etc as detailed earlier added to all cells in the body preventing necrosis if oxygen is restricted with other strains that replace dead tissue with new ones in these key areas as well.Recombinant DNA from Planarians,Hydra,A.mexicanum,and C.elegans in the host will repair damaged tissues from gangrene.The same can possibly be done to treat and prevent frostbite with damaged blood vessels and tissues regrown and as stated earlier recombinat DNA from osmophiles,xerophiles,psychrophiles,scratch DNA as well as R.sylvatica,Tardigrade,Bacillus F,H.glaciei,C.greenlandensis,P.putida GR12-2,C.pleistocenium,psychrophillic bacteria,Tardigrade, poikilotherms added to the human genome and them residing in toes,feet and fingers to release cryoprotectants and or capsaicin to keep the entire body warm with repairing strains residing in these areas to correct and replace damaged tissues.This and DNA from Planarians,Hydra,A.mexicanum,C.elegans,T.gammatolerans and Bacillus F to repair damaged tissue and telomeres and allow one to be thawed and rethaweed at temperatures of down to -272 over and over again with no frostbite and hypothermia.

Digits and limbs could be grown on an organic scaffolding over lab grown bones themselves formed by stem cell strsins that have blood vessels,muscles,nerves and skin grown layer by layer by this strains with nutrients and oxygen fed into them with them then attached allowing all people who have already have had legs,arms,hands,finger etc to have new ones reattached with those with biosynth limbs have them as scaffolding for skin,neural,muscle and blood vessel tissues formed over them to give them sensitivity.These limbs and digits would be grown in a lab with stem cell strains containing the patients DNA and augmentations etc layer by layer on top of organic scaffolding it uses as nutrient and support.Millions,billions of trillions of stem cell microbes that first involve bones grown in organic scaffolding using osteoblasts DNA that grow on the inside and outside of the scaffolding before consuming it as nutrition with them more microbes forming layer by layer neural tissues,capillaries,veins and arteries as well as muscles and then skin layer by layer.These microbes will house the patients DNA to prevent rejection once reattached and using biosynth wifi and bluetooth will be controlled by Paean to form these layers and then form each type of tissue layer by layer with them constantly fed oxygen,sugars,proteins and fats to stay alive with the tissues housing the carbon dioxide energy acceptor phenotype to survive transplantation alongside other augmentations decided by Paean.These microbes ability to form new tissue could allow detached limbs,digits to be reattached by them forming nervous,blood capillaries,arteries etc by merging with open wounds,severed limbs or even open skin in the case of those using bionic limbs when reattaching them even after periods not possible in normal situations and allow dead tissue to be rejuvenated and replaced with new ones.Otherwise advancements in bio printing and machinery will construct them using the stem cell strain within minutes.The sealed wounds of existing patients could be once the new limb created on a template as detailed will be attached to the sealed wound using an organic support similar to cybernetic ones that can then be removed later or become integrated into the patients body permenantly or removed by stem cell in vivo surgery that holds the synthetic limb in place with the microbes causing the sealed wound to undergo apoptosis and allow capillaries,arteries and also nerves etc in the patients body to be merged to the limb with microbes present in the patients body communicating with them in the limb telling them where they are to tell those in the limb where to cause the skin to undergo apoptosis and bridge tissues etc tissue.Paean will manage their creation for each individual patient by 2029-2035 allowing those currently missing fingers,toes,legs etc to be given new one’s indistinguishable ones.Thus those who have had limbs and digits such as fingers,toes,arms and legs lost due to accidents etc can have Paean grow synthetic versions in a hospital lab and attached to the body.Missing eyes will be replaced by those formed later by layer in the eye.Synthetic bionic limbs on existing patients can be fitted with microbes forming muscular,vascular and neural tissues to make them responsive to touch etc before these synthetic lab grown limbs become advanced enough to the point that they can replace cybernetic ones.Thus stem cells will render concepts of bionic limbs obsolete.If possible future bionics could be a synthesis of biosynth technology and stem cell strains.

The stem cell strain would have DNA from induced pluripotent,embryonic stem cells and also biosynth WiFi DNA that would allow Pean to send WiFi signals to cause them to convert into any type of cell or tissue he wants them to.They will have flagellum engineered into them to move around the body and DNA from bacteria that allows them to undergo mitosis.3D DNA printers will create these strains that contain this DNA and the patients DNA to prevent rejection with them once injected undergoe mass replication when told to do so by Paean via biosynth wifi which he will also use to direct them to where they are needed to repair existing wounds and ruptured in the nervous system.Since connected to Paean they will be able to convert into any tissue on demand possibly in time growing entire parts of an organ or vessel from scratch by forming biofilms and working with nanomachines to form scaffolding.Biosynth WiFi will be used to convert them into any type of cell and tissue in the body through him instructing the evolutionary path of the DNA through Cas-9 and taq polymerase that holds the patients DNA in a level on par with ones 20s or even infancy and contain all DNA as part of augmentations and anti-ageing treatments.This will allow him to repair existing internal wounds in patients,reshape the interior of the human body for in vivo cosmetic surgery,form implants etc.Biosynth WiFi will allow him to instruct the DNA in stem cells to induce their evolutionary path to convert into any type of tissue ie neural,muscular,vascular etc tissue once forming biofilms.Elderly patients as part of anti-ageing treatments would have them form younger rejuvenated tissues in all parts of the body especially in key areas of the body such as the brain,heart and muscles to improve cognitive,vascular and locomotive functions.This would speed up age reversal treatments and would be key in aiding the CRISPR treatments that reverse the ageing process especially for those who have been left unable to move independently for several years or decades due to their elderly age to regain locomotion.They will be used alongside CRISPR treatments to cure neurological conditions such as pedopheilia,sociopathy and also neurodevelopmental disorders such as Downs Syndrome etc and genetic diseases by forming correct neural and other tissues in the body.Due to extensive damage caused by old age they will by forming younger heart,muscle,neural etc tissues that have levels of phosptidycholines,NAD+ and telomeres on par with a person in their twenties,teens and even infancy will rejuvenate parts of the body to that state with the patients entire genome to compliment CRISPR treatments especially not only for the elderly but for those aged 30-75 so that this adds an extra 20-50 years to their lifespan should CRISPR treatments be not advanced enough.Thus they will be carried out alongside proto CRISPR treatments to replace dead dying skin and tissues with younger rejuvenated tissues on par with those in their early 20s or younger to increase survival rates until CRISPR treatments are perfected.Patients who are survivors of Ebolavirus,Plasmodium,Coronaviridae,N.meningitidis,Naegleria fowleri,Balamuthia mandrillaris and chronic alcohol and recreational drug use on the brain,liver and also suffers from brain damage from continuous trauma to the head and also prions,Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease etc could have the existing damage to the brain,lungs etc repaired by this stem cell strain to return it to youthful and pristine state by forming new tissues in place of dead or damaged ones.Ruptures in the neural system that have caused and could cause paralysis leaving one confined to wheelchairs and also help from carers to continue ones daily life can be repaired by them forming a biofilm with through their ability from stem cells turn into new nerves and nervous tissue that form part of the persons systems permanently thus repair severed nerves and/or replace dead ones and other damaged tissues below the damaged area with new rejuvenated ones that can return ones ability to fully move around overtime.Blindness could be cured by the stem cell strain repairing damage to the optic nerve and other damage to the eye such as iris etc.Deafness and damage to ones ear will be cured by them repairing damage done to the eardrum etc.This could cure paralysis in people currently confined to wheelchairs first tested on animals.Patuents who are currently confined to wheelchairs due to parasites,severed neural pathways etc will through this be able to regain the ability to walk.This would be because the strains ability to undergo mass replication,travel around the body and form new tissues will allow severed nerves in the central and peripheral neural system to be formed,repaired and both muscular and neural tissue below the damaged area replaced by new functioning tissues created by the stem cell strain thus theoretically allowing those that are currently confined to wheelchairs etc and suffering paralysis due to pathogens,trauma,parasites etc to be able to regain full motor control in their entire body with the acellerated healing phenotype preventing this in future patients.As a result to cure existing patients confined to wheelchairs due to damage caused by parasites,pathogens and trauma that damages the central and peripheral neural system the stem cell strain can once injected into the bloodstream undergo mass replication and travel via flagellum to where the rupture in the central and peripheral nervous occurred in the past and form new nervous tissues to seal the rupture as well as any missing links in the rest of the body and repair dead neural tissue below the rupture by forming new neural and if need be form new muscle and blood vessel tissue across the entire affected area below the rupture thus giving one the ability to regain full locomotion and sensation in their entire body giving patients the confined to wheelchairs be able to return to their normal healthy lives with Paean via biosynth WiFi controlling this for each individual patients.Those as result of genetic defects and neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s,Alzheimer’s,multiple sclerosis will also require CRISPR treatments alongside this.Thus those who are currently confined to wheelchairs will have stem cell strains repair ruptured in the central and peripheral nervously system and also regenerate and replace dead muscular tissue below the rupture in the nervous system.Future injuries to the ear,eyes and nervous system that leaves one blind,deaf and confined to wheelchairs will be repaired instantly by the acellerated healing phenotype.These could also repair damage in brain in coma patients and using chemical and electrical reactions etc restart the brain awaking the patients.Damage to brain caused by frequent trauma experienced by athlethes and Alzheimer’s patient and those infected by prions will have the strain repair this damage.

Furthermore this could repair existing damage to all parts of the brain,skin,breasts,vocal cords or other parts body affected by surgery,digested bones,pathogens,tauopathy,neural damage caused by trauma to the brain etc that are done to remove tumours as well as internal ruptures form and also other procedures in existing patients as well as organs damaged by pathogens,external forces like bullets,stabbings,severe beatings,severe blood loss,heavy metals,pathogens,chronic drug and alcohol use ,smoking,ear damage from loud music and sounds,damage to the eyes such as bright lights in existing patients can be repaired by this strain forming new tissues and could keep the brain and other vital organs such as the heart alive in otherwise fatal conditions or injuries.As stated existing damage in patients in the brain and other important organs caused by infections,allergies,viral and bacterial pathogens,prions,parasites,surgery complications,damage from alcohol and recreational drug abuse in ones teens as adult years and even in utero and chronic use in adults,heavy metals and toxins,poor nutrition,bullets,neural damage caused by trauma,alzheimers and other neurodegenerative disordors,strokes etc that have left one confined to wheelchairs as well as mentally handicapped or even minor complications will be repaired by them forming the relevant tissue in the brain by Paean with brains of healthy adults compared to brain scans of the patient.Prions once destroyed by specific strains that consume them can have damage to the brain repaired to prevent vCJD etc.Retrograde and anterograde amnesia as well as Korsakoff Syndrome and other similar conditions in existing patients can be repaired this way with those who have lobotomies repaired by them.All forms of brain and neural damage in living and comatose patients can be repaired by the strain.Damage in all parts of the body including vocal cords,digestive tract,muscles etc can be repaired by them.Damaged nerves in acid,burn and surgery victims will be repaired by stem cells forming new neural and blood vessels underneath the skin.This may include them forming sensitive cliteroi tissues in the case of intersex patients who have had surgery that has left them with no cliteroius and unable to reach orgasm.Those made crippled both in terms of their legs and even lungs and have damage done to their lungs,brain,muscles and nervous systems from pathogens such as Poliovirus,Ebolavirus,N.meningitidis and also recreational drugs,alcohol etc can have the damaged areas repaired by having the stem cell strains replace the damaged tissue with new fresh tissues with for extreme cases it may require bioprinted lungs.For example if a brain tumour is destroyed by microbes or surgery is done to remove others then these microbes could regrow relevant tissue in these areas such as in the brain and also repair any damage caused by complications from surgery,female genital mutilation,damage to the cervix and surrounding areas from cancer treatment,surgery performed on intersex individuals, that damages the cliterous etc,circumcision and damage caused by trauma in both future and even existing patients and if possible they could keep the body,brain and heart etc alive and regenerate them when them if a person is momentarily dead after a heart attack or extreme blood loss through regeneration and releasing bursts of oxygen and forming new tissue.The fatal conditions repaired by this strain would include stabbings and being shot,perforated organs and blood vessels,strokes,electrical shocks,poisoning from heavy metals and elements alongside animal and plant toxins,severe beatings,overdosing and trauma.If possible recombinant DNA from E.electricus as well as those from scratch can be added to humans to prevent damage from electric shocks.DNA from even G.metallireducens,S.oneidensis by forcing the production of electronically conductive pilli that transmit electricity also can be used to improve the mechanotransduction abilities of microbes with the voltage being below dangerous levels but enough to do its various purposes with it tweaked to convert sugars,metals and other chemicals in the body for this.E.electricus DNA can also be added to produce extra electrical charges in safe levels alongside those from other bacteria that produce electricity with the same ability for the fish to be protected from these charges applied to the host with this tweaked via AI or exposing bacteria with this phenotype could be added to humans to protect them from electric shocks of all ranges.Damage to vital organs such as the brain could be repaired by the strains responsible for creating new tissues repairing and replacing any damaged tissues with this ability using horizontal gene therapy applied to the host.If possible it could create larger amounts of more sensitive tissue in the both the clitoris as well the penis glans and even prostrate with this of particular relevance to those who have undergone corrective surgery to deal with intersexuallity with them stimulating orgasms on demand in both genders through hormones produced,interacting with the nerves present through mechanotransduction in the clitoris,penis glans,prostrate and other erogenous zones especially if forming a biofilm or worm internally or externally as well as through the electroconductive pilli and ability to produce electric currents from chemical reactions and if possible improve blood flow to the sex organs both the penis and cliteros as well as prostrate during sexual excitement and intercourse,repair damaged erectile tissue and capillaries in both males and females and possibly correct genetic,organ and hormonal issues relating to conditions such as 5α-Reductase deficiency and intersexuality including creating creating or allowing for bioprinted organs to be added alongside creation of hormones and CRISPR treatments to create correct organs and hormones and correct mutations.Diseases and conditions caused by inbreeding between close relatives and incest in the uterous or as a child can be corrected by them creating new tissues,CRISPR etc with this including those that would prevent the child coming to full term.Birth defects and also damage to the child in utero and early years can be corrected by CRISPR and them forming new tissues.Damage to all organs by pathogens,surgery,chronic drug and alcohol use etc will also be repaired by these microbes with other conditions like sterility etc also repaired.Damage to the brain caused by surgery,pathogens,strokes,toxins,cryopreservation,trauma,continuous bangs to the head that lead to memory loss,speech function and motor skills,changes in personality and potentially fatal or paralytic damage can be repaired by these forming new tissues and them inserting Planarian,Hydra,A.mexicanum and C.elegans recombinant DNA into all neural tissue in the brain with this could be done to regenerate tissue on the breasts and also the rest of the body to remove tumours etc that get too out of control negating the need for mastectomies and hysterectomies allowing those that undergo sexual reassignment surgeries to reverse surgeries to accommodate this allowing them to switch between both genders and to regrow uteri,ovaries,testes and breasts and other organs etc removed to prevent or treat cancers in vivo or invitro in the case where they were removed for example in the case of breasts forming the breasts layer by layer with testes and ovaries formed by them forming a mass then turning into relevant tissues,use of hormone production complete with them forming layer after layer in a gradual controlled manner or have it done in with organ banks in people that have undergone this with it also done to reverse tubule ligation and even vasectomies and neutering.If possible ovaries and testes could be grown like bioprinted organs using these microbes containing the hosts DNA and then surgically implanted.This tissue growth and CRISPR treatments to recreate breasts and ovaries etc by stimulating hormones and tissue growth alongside the microbes creating tissue layer by layer underneath the skin and newly redeveloped organs could perfect this with if possible recombinant DNA from Planarians,Hydra and A.mexicanum would aid in regrowing tissues of breasts.It could even be possible for them to regenerate dead tissue such as in the brain,muscles,skin and other organs that have been dead for a short period of time and not yet undergone algor mortis or at at least an hour of death with this tested on chimpanzees and other mammals with if possible recombinant DNA of humans to test how long it can allow for a person to be dead and still be revived.CRISPR treatments could possibly aid this by altering humans to slow down the time between each stage of mortis improving chance of these being successful in raising the recently deceased.If perfected these could negate the need for minor surgery especially internal surgery completely with them repairing wounds as well as blood vessels and organs,removing tumours,creating bones to cure or alleviate damaged feet and breaking down parts of defective organs via apoptosis of unnecessary or defective cells/tissues and repairing tissue as well as creating parts or whole organs in vivo and applying gene therapy on defective and old ones as well as creating new capillaries or blood vessels to bypass defective,ruptured or broken ones.They could also keep vital organs alive for extended periods of time to allow patients to survive any unexpected delays for surgery.Their ability to release oxygen to the host can be used to release oxygen to all organs especially important ones such as the heart and brain to keep the host alive should complications in surgery occur during and after surgery or as a result of injury and heal any wounds and damaged veins etc with them also giving the hosts cells and tissues the ability of faculatative anaerobes,anaerobes,obligate anaerobes,capnophiles and scratch DNA etc to use use carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor with this also being used in other circumstances such as when vital organs and arteries are ruptured supplying the brain and other organs with oxygen and carbon dioxide as an energy electron acceptor.This could aid surgery by again repairing any complications or wounds that occurred not part of it and also in case where the skull must be opened to decrease swelling with them also fighting off or have the host immunised against pathogens that infect the host during it including MRSA.If possible the ability of bacteria from the Geobacter and Shewanella genera to produce wiring could be engineered into them and there genes from scratch to have carbon nanotubes or silk placed around organs as protection against stabbings,trauma etc or more likely these could be engineered to produce layers of spider silk around them again to provide protection of vital organs with them also synthesising layers of fat to be deposited around key organs.Arteries would also have this done if possible the silk or graphene nanotubes built into the thick layers of the muscles in them to strengthen them in between tissues to protect against them breaking due to aneurysms,embolisms and also stabbings with the brain also have this done in the thin layer between the outer meninges of the brain and central nervous system,within the meninges and also the skull and/or between the skull and the outer layers of skin on all parts of the body.Bones of all types including the skull and ribcages can also have these carbon mainly graphene nanotubes produced inside or on them to make them shatterproof with if need be them removed in certain situations.Having all organs,bones,arteries and even the meninges and skull have a layer of sheets or spider silk on and in them produced by the microbes would give the body particularly the brain extra protection against trauma especially falls from great heights,blunt objects and beatings as well as even making them bullet proof and resistant to stabbings thus increasing the chances of survival and prevent the ribs,bones and even skull from breaking and protecting the brain and other vital organs due to the strength of both compounds allowing these to be more easily repaired by the microbes or even the tissues themselves via engineering via recombinant DNA from Hydra,Planarians and also A.mexicanum.If possible the spinal cord and also arteries in the neck and all parts of the body as well as ribs will be fitted with this to prevent them twisting,breaking or even being decapitated.This can be done via specific strains that produce these nanotubes and spidersilk as well as in time even CRISPR and germline therapy.Conditions such as sudden infant death and adult death syndrome can be counteracted by several means such as having patients given the carbon dioxide energy acceptor phenotype that allows them to survive without oxygen as well as microbes releasing bursts of oxygen to counteract the condition with implants relaying the onset of these conditions.

Those in comas would have oxygen released into the brain and brain tissue regrown with the microbes ability to form new tissues on demand done alongside them passing the healing and memory abilities of Planarians,A.mexicanum,Hydra and C.elegans added to the native cells as a backup to prevent memory loss,damage and death ideally with this transfer done before any accidents occurred with the microbes also creating new tissue in the place of dead ones.The underlying cause of the coma will be corrected and repaired by the microbes for each individual case with as stated them keeping the brain alive and passing on healing and memory retention abilities to it.This would be done by again horizontal gene transfer but also the microbes in an endospore state collecting in the key areas of the brain as a biofilm and responding to signals exiting this state and repairing the damage.Electronconductive pillli and proteins could allow the microbes generate electrical signals to jumpstart the brain of comatose and unconscious patients and jump start the heart in the case of those who have had heart attacks.If possible this and gene therapy could be used to correct neural defects and genetic defects that lead to paedophilia,schizophrenia,maniac depression/bipolar disorder,psychotic disorders,sociopaths behaviour that could lead to them becoming serial killers and sadists,dyspraxia,Angelman syndrome,epilepsy and other psychological disorders by breaking down the compounds that cause them into nutrients for the host and microbe or creating required or missing natural or synthetic compounds and neurotransmitters to allow the patient to function properly,the microbes creating required neural synapses/ brain matter replacing existing ones or even altering them and breaking down compounds that cause it permanently to make them normal,increase intellectual ability or even through CRISPR treatments to repair the genetic damage or mutation that led to it to cure them or at least alleviate the symptoms significantly allowing the patient to live somewhat normal more independent lives until improved treatments can be developed with germline therapy preventing them passing this onto any children they have.Thus these neurological and developmental conditions would be treated by creating specified neural tissue,altering brain matter,CRISPR treatments to correct mutations and also creating required neurotransmitters and other natural and even synthetic compounds synthesised by them to alleviate symptoms or cure them entirely.Ideally these can be treated very early on once detected by the patients files DNA scans and MRI scans detecting the signals of diseases very early on and if possible via base microbes while the patient is in utero thus allowing them to correct them via CRISPR,creation of require synapses etc upon birth or even in utero.

Having the patient have DNA from Planarians,Hydra and A.mexicanum added will aid in this as they will do so naturally alongside the microbes.It could thus heal those already confined to wheelchairs and those that would do so in the future with this applying even to broken and twisted necks,ankles and legs as well as extreme head and spinal trauma that would otherwise be fatal or cause brain damage or paralysis when working together with strains of microbes that heal tissue and keep the brain alive.Thus adding DNA from A.mexicanum etc could allow patients to naturally repair damage that would causes brain damage,fatal injuries as well as those that would confine one to a wheelchair with microbes ability to form new tissues and also adding the DNA from A.mexicanum etc will allow those already confined to wheelchairs regain the ability to walk again by repairing any existing neural damage of the peripheral and central nervous system.This and the formation of site specific tissues could be done if they have recombinant DNA from human induced pluripotent and haematopoietic stem cells as well as Hydra,Planarians etc allowing them to form any cell and tissue in the human body when needed managed by nanomachines or chemical signals and create these and even blood cells including erythrocytes and leukocytes on an unlimited scale inside the body in the required areas through mitosis in demand to counter blood loss without injection of them or surgery provided they have enough nutrition from the host intaking extra proteins and fats etc or using up stores of these with this also having applications to neuro and muscular degenerative disorders such as Parkinsons,multiple scoliosis,alzheimers and even terminal diseases including those in living patients suffering from paralysis,parkinsons etc.This would be easier without rejection if they using horizontal gene therapy were able to receive samples of the hosts DNA from cells or if prior to them injected had samples of the hosts DNA,had their own leukocytes used as a baseline or in the case of them who receive them in utero had microbes injected with their own DNA in them to interbreed with native ones.Otherwise those with just human DNA could have the new tissues formed with anti-rejection drugs taken in by the patient through tablets or anti-rejection compounds created by the microbes that preventing the immune fighting the foreign tissue until new microbes are injected that could insert the patients DNA into the new tissue as well as biocmpatible microbes present with ideally those injected to pass on the hosts DNA being done solely for this purpose and not actual biocompatible microbes with them being flushed out or merge with the tissue as well.The nanomachines originally present in biocompatible microbes will signal to these where they tissues were formed to these extra microbes and will in term of the long term allow tissues to signal to microbes and Paean where and when they are having trouble with this in the nervous system increasing the hosts neurological computing power and even act as primitive neural implants or interact with neural implants.This could repair tears in the skin,wounds,cuts and as stated torn and perforated organs and nervous systems that would cause permanent paralysis,loss of blood using nanomachines,readings of pain sensations to locate where the perforation has occurred with erythrocytes created by then alongside plasma to prevent them running out of blood and ensure there is enough to survive until surgery and blood donations can be applied with infections fought of by them as well as immunisations and keep the brain and other vital organs alive with any necessary cells created to deal with Parkinsons,Multiple sclerosis and similar degenerative diseases.Thus they could fully repair or semi repair internal and external wounds that would lead to internal bleeding or sufficient bleeding that would lead to death until the patient can be gotten to where surgical robots or blood donations can be applied with this also applied to self inflicted wounds done to commit suicide.Ideally to repair wounds internal and external they would due to them residing inbetween tissue in all organs including the skin,brain,heart in a endospore state with vital organs such as the brain and heart having them in free form and when needed they would create biofilms,coagulants creating scaffolding through nanowires to create new tissues instantly on them when needed and illicitating the bodies own repair systems.Arteries and capillaries could be created to bypass wounds or ruptured vessels by them creating scaffolding composed of graphene and other similar nanotubes to grow tissues on with them illicitating the production of new blood in the body and creating it themselves.This could repair any organ and blood vessels in between them including those damaged by stabbings,bullets etc while the brain and other organs are kept alive by microbes or engineering.Recombinant DNA from A.mexicanum in the hosts DNA alongside that of Planarian and Hydra DNA will further aid in their ability to repair more serious wounds and perforations in the skin,arteries and organs especially those from stabbings and bullets as well as spinal injuries that would leave a person paralysed and aneurysms that would be fatal.They would also repair complications from surgery and even repair wounds that require stitches.With regards to removal of the appendix and other obsolete organs and parts of the body they can create tissues that close them off the defunct organ and also the organs tissue to undergo apoptosis removing them from the body with CRISPR treatments used to edit these out of the human genepool indefinitely.Otherwise these can be used by the microbes to store themselves in large numbers in an endospore state with them through CRISPR making them be used for other new purposes in the human body that would be added to all humans via advanced gene drive technology.Furthermore they could be used to repair or create tissues and cells in the eyes,optic nerve and ear as well as CRISPR treatments to cure deafness,damage to the eardrum,colour blindness and all forms of blindness and apply gene therapy or at least alleviate them with the same done to cure or alleviate near or short sightedness and also colour blindness and any damage to the eyes due to bright lights,glaucoma,cataracts etc and damage to the eardrum and parts of the ear caused by loud noises and infections or even birth defects.Damage to the eardrums that has resulted in deafness or reduced hearing ability will be repaired by them alongside damage to all human senses.This could even repair brittle bone diseases such as osteoporosis,arthritis caused by poor diets etc by creating new bone tissue with scoliosis possibly fixed by this alongside back pains.Broken bones and fractured bones will be repaired by them creating bone tissue while they are resting in a stable place and have them dispatched from hospitals much quicker and healed at home.Scoliosis will have new proper bones formed by them in the proper structure complete with neural tissue connected to the brainstem and the rest of the peripheral and central nervous system and then have the original bone removed via surgery once the microbes can cause the nerves and original bone connected to the central and peripheral nervous system undergo apoptosis or if not possible surgery carried out with microbes forming new permanent stiff tissue that holds a more manageable spine curvature with CRISPR treatments curing genetic defects to aid both options.Bracing can be done with CRISPR treatments and microbes forming new tissues to allow the spine to form a more normal curve and thus allow the braces to be removed with existing patients with braces have CRISPR treatments added to correct deformities and genetic defects.The microbes could create graphene,silicene and neural tissue nanotubes formed in the spinal tissue to ensure the spine is still strong yet flexible and stays in place and allow braces to be removed with accelerated healing added to the hosts genome after cured.Of course animals like chimpanzees with these conditions bred into them alongside human DNA ideally those from individual patients will be tested by having surgery and braces done,have CRISPR treatments and then microbes form tissues to see the efficacy of curing them and allowing existing patients with braces to have them removed from surgery.Spina bifida could be fixed with them forming new neural tissue that bridges gap in the case of myelomeningocele allowing the hernia to be removed by surgery once the herniated neural tissue and other tissue is destroyed by undergoing apoptosis and the herniated tissue closed off by them forming new tissue include blood vessels and skin tissue to bridge it allowing for surgery to be safer or it on command by Paean moult off from Serpentes DNA with this also applying to meningocele with the cells around the base undergoing apoptosis allowing the herniated tissue to fall off.This could be applied to other hernias and even skin tags.Recombinant DNA of Planarians,Hydra,A.mexicanum,endolithic bacteria and other species which exhibit tissue and cellular regrowth added to microbes genome could aid in this with if possible them passing this onto the tissues of key organs such as the stomach,intestines,vocal cords and oesophagus,skin,heart and arteries in humans as well as brain and muscles in the case of neuro and muscular degenerative disorders and even prevent aneurysms by inserting this ability into arteries tissues using horizontal gene therapy at risk of forming all of these forming in all patients,having ruptures also repaired by the microbes filling in the tears and the blood drawn away through surgery or the microbes creating capillaries or other vessels that draw the blood away to other parts of the circulatory system by creating scaffolding first with if possible.They could also have thin layers of elastin or graphene create by tweaked microbes to be within the artery walls to strengthen them with these arteries repaired by the microbes and heart and other vital organs kept alive by other strains.Otherwise these key arteries would have microbes collected on the walls of the arteries on a biofilm in a endospore and when relevant signals are sent awaken them and form tissues to repair the damage with them clinging to the artery walls in biolfims in their endospore state with the same applied to other key organs such as the brain,stomach,liver,heart and other ones that could be lead to death if damaged by trauma,stabbings,electrical shocks,perforations both external and internal,shootings,overexhaustion.The same could be applied to all arteries at risk of cerebral hemorrhage,aneurysm with any neural tissue damaged repaired by the same mechanisms as it dealing with strokes and the leaked blood turned into nutrients or other benign compounds or the neural tissue in the brain also engineered to resist damage from the the leaked blood.

Furthermore by them forming new neural tissue it could speed up brain and neural development in pre teens and teenagers allowing their brains to reach full maturity by the time they finish puberty by the ages of 14 at least a decade before it normally reaches full maturity thus eliminating any issues of the “vulnerable”,immature and risk taking adolescent and even pre adolescent indefinitely with this possible if the microbes action begins in utero or at least by the age of five years old when roughly 90% of the brain is fully formed.If possible this could be used to allow for all parts of the brain to be fully formed by infancy to allow preteens or even infants to have the same critical and emotional development as someone in their early 30s.Genetic engineering and germline therapy and advanced gene drive technology via CRISPR using genes made from scratch and from other animals can also make this progeria myleinisation or early maturation of the brain a decade by infancy a permanent feature of the human genepool if applied to spermatozoa,eggs and embryos and the entire patients genome in all patients across the planet using advanced gene drive technology via microbes inside the human body with this again allowing areas of the brain responsible for critical thinking,forward planning and emotions and even uncinate fasciculus which doesn’t reach full maturity until ones mid 30s to be fully mature and fully myelinated with all mass and neuron synapses formed by the time one ends puberty at 14 with this engineering preventing the neural formation from suddenly stopping or slowing between the ages of 5-14.Thus a persons brain will be fully formed by 14 allowing the body to naturally synthesise essential amino acids,omega-3 and other essential fatty acids and other essential nutrients needed for good neural development not normally produced using recombinant DNA from plants and animals to aid in this alongside those taken in through diet.During the persons first 14 years of life as result they may need extra nutrition with the presence of xerophile,oligotroph bacteria,endolith bacterias slow metaboilism or DNA from C.perfringens and E.Coli and scratch DNA designed by Phanes and Paean as well as those from A.mexicanum,Planarians etc to increase cell mitosis and growth,Tardigrade recombinant DNA added to their parents genome added to them by germline technology leading to the nutritional requirements to be lower than normal during their life from them onwards or if possible this may even allow them to consume normal amounts required by the body during these ages with their cells especially the brain requiring less nutrients to grow and develop thus negating any effect this may have on their environmental impact with regards to food with the synthesis of essential amino acids and omega-3 and other essential fatty acids and nutrients responsible for neural development manufactured by the patient through engineering also negating this with extra of these in diet coming from genetically altered bacteria and algae rather from meat and fish as well as vegetables,fruit,algae and fish engineered to produce more of them as alternatives to meat.Excess nutrients taken in by diet may through this engineering be used up in speeding this development exponentially during this period rather than simply be flushed out of the body and causing symptoms associated with their overdosing with microbes aiding in this.This could also applied to the growth of the rest of the body.Furthermore this better nutrition including the body synthesising essential nutrients alongside other engineering using scratch DNA and that from other animals may mean that puberty may officially end at 14 for both males and females with the synthesis of essential nutrients by the host and those from diet also playing a role.Once the brain is fully developed the genes from fast growing bacteria will be removed to prevent them affecting the ageing process.If there is not enough space in the human genome for these genes or if causes complications then it’s possible that stem cell strains could be used instead of genetic engineering to bring about progeria mylinisation upon birth.

Chimpanzees and mice will of course be used to test this using human recombinant DNA.The strain would also play a role in repairing ruptures both internally and externally as well as treating sufferers of paedophilia to make them exhibit normal chronopheilia by forming proper neural matter alongside CRISPR treatments with CRISPR and the formation of neural tissue also done to increase the intelligence quotient in those suffering from developmental disorders,paedophilia and the general public exhibiting normal chronopheilia and also neural capabilities.This stem cell strain using leukocytes as baseline would act as the ideal vector for stem cells using flagellum from E.coli to move around the body to where they are needed,DNA from bacteria to undergo mitosis allowing them to create millions of copies at once invivo in emergencies and when treating existing damage as they would have DNA from induced pluripotent,embryonic totipotent and heamotopatic stem cells as well as A.mexicanum,Hydra and Planarians with recombinant DNA from G.metallireducens and S.oneidensis will cause the formation of stem cells by inducing electrical charges using chemical reactions tweaked to use sugars and proteins or oils etc produced by other strains as well as heavy metals in the blood that the host can be made immune to that would be pumped into the body in sufficient levels.This DNA will allow them to form any cell or tissue in the body like blood cells.This electric charge will induce themselves into forming into the nearby or relevant cells with them have the induced pluripotency stem cell genes and those from totipotent stem cells passed onto each one that undergoes mitosis to allow them to form human embryonic stem cells to be able to form human tissues with the genes from A.mexicanum,Planarians and Hydra will allow them to form any tissues and compensate for any drawbacks that induced pluripotent stemcells have.DNA from both hematopoietic,induced pluripotent and embryonic totipotent stem cells will also aid in their ability to form any cell including erythrocytes with DNA from extremophile bacteria that exhibit telomere repair and also the homology directed repair mechanism ie homogulous recombination present in embryonic stem cells will prevent them forming tumours.Having DNA from Planarians,Hydra,A.mexicanum,totipotent and induced pluripotent stem cells in the genome of the host will allow existing damage done prior to this DNA added to the human host be more easily able to turn into human tissue without rejection.Electrical charges if not needed may be replaced by chemical signals and also instructions from Paean via nanomachines and biosynth wifi telling them to form a biofilm and cluster and then turn into any desired tissue or cell decided by Paean.The biosynth WiFi in these stem cells would induce the evolutionary path of DNA present to not only change into the patients DNA but also that of desired cell and tissue types of each specific organ ie be told to turn into neural tissues,brain tissues,heart tissues,liver tissues,vascular/muscular/skin tissues etc through Cas-9 and taq polymerase.Stem cell DNA including totipotent,embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells DNA from humans will allow them to form any tissue and the WiFi induce them to form the DNA of the patient and specific organs etc will be needed with them housing flagellum to allow them to travel across the body and bacterial DNA allowing them to undergo mass replication controlled by Paean.Paean will thus control this strain to carry out repairs of the body in existing patients,supplement the acellerated healing phenotype and also carry out stem in vivo cosmetic surgery.Them housing haemotiopic stem cells can allow them to be changed into blood in any instance of extreme blood loss with them in all patients at all times in an endosperm state and awakened when needed.As stated earlier this will be the strain to form neural,worm and other implants in vivo by multiple microbes merging together and using DNA digital storage,electrically conductive pilli and nanowires etc to carry out their functions.The strain will be based on ones own leukocytes etc with the various totipotent and induced pluripotent their own DNA thus preventing immune responses when forming new tissues and also implants thus preventing issues with regards to rejection etc.All of the operations carried out by this strain would be controlled by Paean using nanomacinhes and also chemical signals with ideally parts of this strain having nanomchines others not with those that do controlling those that dont have them via chemical signals or them all having nanomachines and the nanomachines breaking down when new tissues are formed.This will allow the patient to have it done while at home using wifi access or fragmented forms on devices allowing cosmetic surgery clinics to be put to other uses and reduce the chances of complications and ensure a more natural shape is formed.All of these features should be available by at least 2029 with animal trials begging as early as 2023-2028 on all of the aforementioned abilities of the stem cell strain.This and other cosmetic surgeries including will ideally be only availible to those aged 14 or older to give them time to make the decision and even wait until they have finished puberty and reached adulthood.By 2035-2045 onwards they will be able to repair injuries etc instantly.

This stem cell strain will form the basis of both biosynth technology that is biosynth based electronics such as smartphones etc and also biosynth implants including neural implants that form the.basis of VR technology indistinguishable to real life.