Summary of Biocompatible Microbes

Theoretically if perfected these biocompatible microbes could be cures for all major pandemics of the 20th and 21st century such as HIV,HPV,MRSA,Ebolavirus,Orthomyxoviridae,cancer and indeed all pathogens as well as chronic conditions and neuro,muscular degenerative disorders working alongside conventional treatments and vaccines to compliment them and act as backup with this also acting as a baseline for other more advanced versions of this panacea for these whole or individual conditions to be developed by both humans and AI.All viral,fungal,bacterial pathogens that affect humans,livestock,pets and wild animals would be scanned into Physis to allow genes to be used for research,hybrids of uni and multicelluar organisms etc.Gaia,Epione,Hecate,Phanes,Urania and Paean working with human researchers and as well as university and hospital AIs worldwide will perfect these making them the cure for these when working together and also developing other therapies,vaccines to compliment and act alongside them to alleviate strains on the biocompatible microbes and also pick up where they both have limits.

The description of this medical technology is purely hypothetical sut the evidence suggests from all present extrapolations as how they could possibly work and function does suggest that it is theoretically possible for them to be developed and ubiquitous to everyone by 2029-2355.Enough peer reviewed research exists to back up its possibility as each video present under each strains hypotheses cites existing peer reviewed scientific literature.It is simply a case of merging this and other exiting peer reviewed research with the aforementioned hypothesis.There is enough research and extrapolations here using existing peer reviewed research to act as a baseline to provide a baseline for future research and development starting in 2023-2025.Thus this material is enough hypothetical extrapolations coupled with existing peer reviewed research to be used as a baseline for developing fully fledged biocompatible microbes provided enough intensive research is done then this anti-agathic panacea that can cure very single disease and halt and reverse the effects of ageing will be potentially available by 2029-2035 provided enough intensive research is put into them and 3D DNA printers and automated labs are utilised worldwide.The biocompatible microbes may be hypothetical in nature but they can be used as a baseline for future intensive research into each strain by AI and humans to allow the closest equivalences to each one to be perfected

To deal with any flaws or drawbacks in the hypothetical technology advances in dealing with the drawbacks of CRISPR gene editing technology will be countered by exponential advances in AIs computing power that will for example make it more accurate and also easier to integrate recombinant DNA from other species of plants and animals and scratch DNA into both microbes and the genome of humans,pets,livestock and crops without fatal side effects.Alternatives can also be used.Fir example deal with HIV there has already been success in removing large amounts of the virus from mice and it’s can be easy to add the CCR5 Delta mutation to living patients to allow them to live forever without drugs.Also mellitin can kill the virus it just needs a transport mechanism to have it transported to the virus without affecting healthy cells.With cancer there has been success in curing cancer with it.Polybia MP-1 can kill cancerous tumours within seconds it just needs a mechanism to transport the compound to the site of tumours without it breaking down in the body.Bacteriophages that kill tumours could be developed.For superbugs AI can extrapolate bacteriophages to kill all superbugs as we have the ability to create new micro-organisms already through synthetic DNA and CRISPR.For genetic diseases their has been success in curing genetic defects in living patients and for ageing their has been made in rejuvenating telomere length in mice thus increasing the lifespan and health span of elderly mice by as much as 41% even without CRISPR.Genetically engineered mosquitoes that don’t carry Plasmodium that interbreed with normal ones has effectively wiped out incidence of malaria in large amounts using the gene drive technology of CRISPR.For augmentations and anti-ageing treatments scratch DNA can integrate foreign DNA from distantly related species preventing side effects with scratch DNA also created that creates similar phenotypes with zero side effects.In otherwards they may be drawbacks to CRISPR but the technology as of 2023 is only 11 years old and in its infancy meaning it’s potential to cure cancer,ageing and all disease and make augmentations,biocompatible microbes and biosynth technology is still possible.If possible for treating cancer and infections protein bumpers and other forms of existing nanotechnology that are neither biocompatible microbes and conventional nano machines as proposed by Ray Kurzweil.

.Research can be done to have genes from one distantly related animal to be transferred to another distantly related animal including humans in order for augmentations to work properly without rejection and any side effects.It’s possible that adding genes from one species of any to another specifically those from bacteria and animals to humans in order to cater to augmentations.Research into augmentations that involve adding genes from animals to humans would of course require trials done on mice.Exponential improvements in the computing power of AI will develop new methods to develop CRISPRs true potential and eliminate any flaws and drawbacks it has to the point that it is almost flawless and it will be able to do whatever we want it to do with ease.There are hurdles but given the exponential rate of scientific progress and exponential computing power of AI these will be eventually overcome.This could involve using transcription proteins other than Cas-9 such as Cas-13,countless other versions of the Cas protein prime editing and new methods of carrying out the process and synthetic proteins etc that splice the DNA more precisely without causing damage to the patients genome and allow completely foreign DNA to be integrated into one’s genome making augmentations and biocompatible microbes a reality.As stated as the development of CRISPR becomes exponentially better every year and each decade then any flaws or problems with biocompatible microbes and biosynth technology will be overcome and these technologies of the closest equivalent will become a reality.The biocompatible microbes as described here should act as a blueprint for developing real world versions of this technologies.As for now all strains of microbes etc should act as a blueprint for the most possible equivalence to be developed in the future.Since we can create new new micro organisms through synthetic DNA and CRISPR we should be able to create something similar to them during the 21st century

To make animal trials and research with regards to biocompatible microbes and CRISPR on mice more effective in humans chimeric animals that is animals that contain traces of human DNA can be used.These mice created by 3D DNA printers and artificial wombs can house traces of human DNA to express human phenotypes such as human immune systems or those similar to it,or house organs that are similar in structure to human one’s or react more similarly to human one’s thus allowing for more realistic results in terms of immune responses and responses to treatments to combat ageing,diseases etc thus making tests and trials on mice more applicable to human trials.A combination of AI,automated labs,3D DNA printers etc will expedite their research and development to the point that 90-95% of all experiments will be fully automated with all abstracts etc as part of wire ups done by AI eliminating most if not all human labour and error.

The same extremophile bacteria DNA used to reverse and halt the effects of ageing ie ,T.gammatolerans,Bacillus F,D.radiodurans recombinat DNA will possibly prevent cancer,all genetic diseases,neurological diseases,developmental disorders being passed onto future generations or occurring in the first due to random mutations by repairing mutations via telomere repair that cause genetic based or even environmental based cancer,all genetic diseases,neurological diseases,developmental disorders in the developing thus wiping these from the human genepool after being applied to all patients worldwide when they are cured using germline therapy and advanced gene drive technology.Cancer caused by radiation,carcinogens will be repaired by this DNA.Thus no new extra DNA will be needed to be added to all patients worldwide as those that already halt and prevent ageing will be able to prevent the random mutations that cause these with it also preventing deformities from inbreeding,incest and also damage from teratogens.This would thus wipe these diseases such as cancer,genetic diseases,pedopheilia,schizophrenia,Downs syndrome etc from the human genepool forever by preventing the necessary random mutations and teratogen or other environmental based factors that cause them via telomere repair mechanisms.This would also prove gene protection theory.Research can be made into seeing the effects of adding endolithic bacteria DNA

Further studies done on animals by 2023/2024 as well will involve using DNA from T.dohrnii,Planarians and Hydra as well as embryonic totipotent and induced stem cells combined with extremophile bacteria and other multicellular biologically immortal animals to check there effects and safety on ageing will be tried on humans by 2029 once deemed safe to further extend life on animal trials.They should also have the fat insulin receptor gene removed to reduce their risk of heart disease and those that eliminates predisposed cancers and diseases and any genetic defects and also have the ability to use carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor and accelerated healing will also be added to the genome of all of these groups to allow them to survive heart attacks and also strokes as well as any surgery to replace organs with new ones etc and allow damage in the body to be repaired with them also having surgery to replace vital organs like the heart,kidney,liver and key vessels etc with new youthful ones.Proto microbes can apply these to them with them being the patients leukocytes and even bacteria and viruses with human DNA especially the patients DNA to have them contain human protein coats and the human and patient version of Cas-9 with them flushed out of the body.Bioprinted organs such as the heart and even blood vessels can be added with the accelerated healing phenotype and ability to use carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor can be added to survive these operations with modified Car-T immunotherapy and viral vectors utilising Polybia MP-1 and CRISPR treatments used to treat any cancers etc with superbugs treated using bacteriophage technology treatments.This should be done as early as 2023-2025 to the elderly using proto microbes or bacteria covered in human proteins containing human DNA ideally the patients DNA using 3D DNA printers to increase survival rates with thus those currently aged 80-95 could have proto microbes apply these treatments as early as 2023/2024 to allow them to survive without oxygen via the carbon dioxide energy aceptor phenotype to survive strokes and heart attacks and have accelerated healing to repair trauma both internal and external including those that are caused by strokes with the anti-ageing strains applying advanced gene drive treatments at first to the key organs and blood vessels of the body ie brain,heart,liver,muscles and to halt the ageing process in these areas of the body halting the ageing process or reversing to at least ten to twenty years below their current age to to allow them to survive until more advanced treatments can reverse them to much younger states comparable to ones early twenties with these then working on the exterior of the body mainly skin etc.Chimera animals can be created for those aged 75 and older by 2023/2024 using pigs or cattle that have human or patient hybrid animals created to house new youthful organs with ideally the animals bred to supply them with all vital organs such as lungs,livers,kidneys and hearts etc with the patient taking anti-rejection drugs until CRISPR can edit out all foreign DNA with the patient tested for which organs are the worst in shape in their case with them having all key organs replaced in a series of operations replacing one after another or as many as possible this would increase survival rates to as much as 75% as all key organs such as the heart lungs and kidneys etc would be replaced with those equivalent to those in their twenties with the proto anti-ageing treatments working on the brain and blood vessels.Those aged 75 and should get all vital organs checked for their strength in check ups for their age and get key ones such as the the heart and lungs replaced with former smokers,recreational drug users and alcoholics and those who have survived or develop various cancers etc have organs created this way for the same reason even if they are younger than 75 including those in their 30s and 40s.Those who have fatal conditions like idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis,pneumoconiosis,organ damage from pathogens,alcohol and drug use as well as pathogens as detailed earlier will be treated to chimera lungs and those donated from next of kin as detailed earlier on to increase survival rates as early as 2023/2024 with this done also to treat those with other organs damaged by alcohol,smoking,drugs and also genetic factors.Those whose organs are damaged by trauma and genetics etc should also have them replaced this way especially those under the age of 75 whose genetic screening shows they have defective key organs such as hearts can have these created in the animals that are flaw free including even prepubscent children and those suffering from developmental disorders.Bioprinted organs if sufficiently advanced should suffice as well.If these organs are impure and require anti-rejection drugs than at least by 2023 they can allow the patient to live properly alongside drugs until more purer organs can be created in other animals that have entirely human and patient DNA by better AI creating better hybrids to replace them or CRISPR treatments are advanced enough to remove all animal DNA with the patients DNA by at least 2025-2029.The human genome and that of all animals such as pigs,monkeys,cattle etc should already be known enough to know where the human or patient DNA should be interspaced into the animal to create sufficient viable organs for humans and also those that require minimal CRISPR and anti-rejection drugs treatments.3D DNA printing will create these hybrid animals due to its precise nature by interspacing the human patients DNA into blank spermatozoa,eggs and embryos.All genetic diseases will be edited out as well.Proto treatments starting in this period could at least revert their vital organs age to at least middle age or ten or twenty years younger then they are currently to allow them to survive to at least 2025-2029 when advanced treatment are able to revert their vital organs and then their skin to that of their early twenties or younger via the same treatments and adding Serpentes DNA which should have undergone trials in animals allowing the old dying skin to be peeled off and thus allow new younger epidermal tissue to surface.This would be done by them giving the patients cells the ability to produce anti-ageing compounds by themselves such as Phosphatidylcholines and coenzyme Q10 to revert their cells back to a level of at least twenty years younger at first and then back to their early twenties.Teleomere repairing DNA from Archaea and also ic bacteria DNA to halt senescence would also be added to them using advanced gene drive technology.Thus it may be possible for those in their elderly years to survive indefinitely to enjoy the benefits of an indefinite lifespan couple with eternal youth with proto microbes created using ones DNA and human DNA,ideally the patients DNA inserted into bacterial or viral vectors to prevent immune responses with them both containing the human or patient version of Cas-9.Strains that can replace dead and dying tissue with new rejuvenated youthful tissues can be applied to the elderly during this period and be done primarily to the brain,heart and blood vessels and also all other vital organs to keep them youthful and fully functional while the more advanced treatments will fully reverse the effects of ageing in the these and the rest of the internal organs and also in the skin on the surface.All genetic diseases will be edited out as well.These proto microbes will be bacterial or viral vectors coated in human protein coats due to them having human DNA,ideally the patients DNA and the human and patients version of Cas-9 to prevent them illicitating immune responses with the tests of human tissue cultures and bacteria whose average lifespan can be increased from twelve hours to several weeks or months used as baseline to show that senescence can be at least halted and then reversed.Otherwise they could be modified human leukocytes and also even bacteriophages that contain the patients own DNA that are modified to interact with human cells and also be able to utilise taq polymerase and Cas-9 to recreate the DNA that is applied to the patients via the human and patient version of CRISPR Cas-9 as bacteriophages can be flushed out of the body once used up with them engineered to treat each major organs cells in various goes ie the vectors whether viral,bacteriophage or bacteria could be programmed to first treat the heart and all major blood vessels,then each major organ thus reversing their biological age to at least ten or twenty years younger than they are currently and slow down the effects of ageing to increase survival rates to allow them to survive until more advanced treatments available by at least 2025-2029.These would utilise advanced gene drive technology to carry the applied DNA to all future cells with DNA repair mechanisms added to halt the ageing process any further and should be available by at least 2023-2025.The same can be applied to human cells that die off after a short period ie skin cells that live for three weeks and colon cells that live for four days to see if these in cultures can be extended to months or even years or indefinitely.Gene therapy that eliminates cancer,all known hereditary diseases including development disorders,neurological and others that are the result of undesireable mutations and also make humans genetically resistant to all pathogens that infect leukocytes and also other organs such as Ebolavirus,HIV via applying this to living patients and perfecting germline therapy removing them from the human genepool and also halting and reversing the ageing process should be finished and achieved between 2029 and 2045 thus ensuring the biological immortality started by about 2029 should be achieved and completed by 2045 wherein all diseases whether viral,bacterial,genetic and age related should be wiped out completely.The fact that all strains will be created at the same time begging in early to late 2023 managed by AI and human researchers will mean that each strain could be available in human trials starting by 2025 first to the relevant people ie anti-ageing strains available first to the elderly aged 70-100,immunisation strains and anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains available to those infected with or prone to HIV,MRSA etc,anti-cancer strains available to those with a predisposition to cancers,those that treat genetic/neurological/developmental disorders etc before being widely available to everyone by 2029.This should be possible if all work is done simultaneously around the world in labs and universities as well as corporate labs.Tests on compounds and gene therapy treatments will also follow this schedule.Although a collaborative effort will ensure that these will be done at the same time all over the world managed by linked universities and hospitals worldwide with tasks dispensed by AI,each countries federal healthcare bodies and the WHO with AI,automated labs etc speeding things up anti-ageing strains and those that eliminate HIV and MRSA as well as cancer will be the first to be developed between this time period.Research led by automated labs and artificial intelligence in the field of bioinformatics and genetics screening all patients suffering from neurological disorders,developmental disorders and genetic based ones and also those to accelerate neural development and also intelligence quotient in pre teens and teens should allow for the genes from healthy patients or those designed from scratch to be created and thus added to the first generation of treatments and then upgraded.Those from extremophiles that are used in ageing treatments and for augmentations can be mapped in as little as a few weeks using artificial intelligence allowing for them to prepared before 2029.People living in remote communities such as tribal entities in jungles such as the Amazon,Congo,The tribs of Africa,Inuit,Amish,Bangkhong Monastery and Tibetean Foothils etc will be also given their own microbes to protect them from viruses and bacteria in the areas they live in and extended their lifespan as well as well as collecting samples of DNA to have their patient files set up and use in DNA in genealogical studies and replicate rare genetic lineages via 3D printing in the rest of the worlds population with any newborns done by base microbes collecting DNA and sending it to Paean via satellite and to track populations of these tribes with rare genetic lineages and genes present in the file analysed for gene therapy purposes,study as well as using 3D DNA printing to recreate specific genes that can put into blank spermatozoa and eggs to make them enter western populations to increase their diversity across the world.These groups will be given upgrades via tracking them down with as stated hospitals set up on their outskirts to serve them and also have 3D DNA printers and growing rooms.In time biosynth wifi using satellites will allow them to automatically receive upgrades for all strains directly from Paean with these passing from one generation to the next and allow base microbes to collect DNA samples from newborns that can be sent wirelessly via satellites to Paean thus allowing for new patient files to be created with them immunised against all infections and also given anti-ageing treatments,immunisations and the same augmentations and all universal strains as those in more urban areas.It will through the satellite wifi allow for the generation of new patient files in these groups allow for all of the worlds population and populations of these groups to be more directly ascertained and even allow for Polis files for these groups to be set up via biosynths taking their pictures or DNA scans determining their facial phenotypes.Inmates in prisons will also have their own microbes.Biosynth implants will be formed in these populations to replace home test kits with vital signs and also blood components etc sent wirelessly routinely to be analysed by Paen.These patient files will allow for genetic diseases in these areas to be remotely treated including developmental and neurological disorders such as paedophilia,schizophrenia and also Downs syndrome with them given relevant protective genes to prevent these and cancer happening there beforehand with the microbes also sampling neural tissue to determine the biomarkers of paedophilia and schizophrenia with biosynths in the area equipped with MRI scanning technology be able to detect markers of these.Those that live in slums,ghettos and the homeless can be inoculated by mobile hospitals set up with them also receiving them when they move into better accommodation by going to local hospitals and will be given subsidised access to to other essential medicine and other treatments as well as even check ups for infections and tumours to survive tumours and also viral and bacterial infections either chronic or opportunistic including HIV and MRSA with the very poor on lower to middle class levels also have subsidised treatments.Thus as as stated earlier those currently within the age range of 50-80 should be able to achieve biological immortality if they are kept in good health and if development of anti-ageing treatments that at least first slow down and halt senescence using extremophile Archaea bacteria are pursued immediately.Furthermore the compounds used by them have already been shown in labs and clinical trials to not affect humans negatively but only the pathogens and diseases they are designed for with again trials in mice and other animals also being much quicker due to them attacking the diseases almost instantly and them done in hospitals around the world with the fact that microbes require human leukocytes as baseline meaning they should have no negative effects.Advancements in automation in the form of automated conveyor belt style labs,3D DNA printing,conveyor belt style automated labs and artificial intelligence including simulations made by proto Paean,Epione,Hecate,Urania etc in labs around the world that are currently occurring as per Moores Law will expedite the process will allow this to happen at this rate as well as relegating their research to universities and hospitals.3D DNA printers onsite of universities and hospitals around the world will play a role in research and development that will print out the first generation microbes for animal and human trials and as vectors for tissue samples tested as part of human and animal clinical trials.These of course would require the patients DNA like fully fledged versions to prevent immune responses.They will also play a role in animal and human trials with them onsite of all universities and hospitals will allow for first generation treatments of all kinds to be availible by 2025-2029 and allow proto treatments for cancer etc to be availible by 2023/2024 if onsite of all at least one or two major hospitals in each country thus allow terminal cancer patients access to modified Car-T immunotherapy in their home country.Thus by having each hospital and university have 3D DNA printers onsite of all hospitals and universities by 2023-2029 it will expediate research into them and will allow for human patients as part of clinical trials and full form treatments to be availible to everyone instantly around the world that prints out microbes with their specific DNA.3D DNA printers onsite of universities and hospitals worldwide will allow for human and animal trials to occur worldwide and expedite research and development since proto and final Phanes will print out both patients DNA and relevant recombinant DNA into blank leukocytes that can be injected into patients.All DNA databases will be transferred to proto and final Physis to allow the genes of all unicellular and multicellular plants and animals Artificial intelligence in particular Gaia through Aesculapius and Phanes will allow for more advanced and effective treatments to be made,biocompatible microbes synthesised,planned out and simulated faster than humans or even current software can do with techniques designed with no chance of pathogens gaining resistance by cross referencing patient files and Artemis for the DNA of pathogens and sources of recombinant DNA for biocompatible microbes.Improved and existing AI including Watson,ChatGPT,SunWay TaihuLight,AlphaGo and other supercomputers working together to scan the genomes of all micro and unicellular organisms and also all animals or plants needed to create the relevant anti-cancer,anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds for the microbes and creating genes from scratch to give them new phenotypes used in the production of these including leukocytes that hybridised together with their DNA in Physis or existing databases scanned for the correct genes to inserted into these hybrids.Thus around the world all of the worlds supercomputers and networks in universities and hospitals and even in labs of pharmaceutical corporations will scan the genomes of all the relevant species of plants and animals as well as unicellular bacteria and leukocytes to find the DNA sequences for the correct antibiotic,anti-viral,anti-cancer,augmentation and anti-ageing compounds and CRISPR sequences with those made from scratch negating human labour as well as expediting the process with this ideally done simultaneously by all of AIs and networks in hospitals and universities around the world and all of the worlds supercomputers.3D DNA printers onsite of universities and hospitals worldwide can allowing the species specific genes to be printed into proto microbes and other vectors used for proto treatments as well as human tissue cultures.If done simultaneously all plants and animals as mentioned earlier on if scanned all at once in labs around the world managed by a proto Epione AI using these computers and software that will determine the genes and create these hybrids and also all strains of microbes within as little as two months or half a year due to human DNA taking about an hour to be scanned using hospital AIs and all of the worlds supercomputers with them also doing simulations on anti-ageing,anti-viral actions and correcting genetic diseases on in chimpanzees with human recombinant DNA infected with all major diseases such as HIV,cancer,human genetic diseases including developmental disease and applied gene therapy to remove cancer and genetic diseases and insert HIV resistance,wipe out the disease from infected chimpanzees and rats tested on them in trials in a year long trial taking place across the world using their own version of microbes or human ones.Most of these species both unicellular and multicellular should have their genome already mapped and would only require the correct genes scanned in their existing databases before being transferred to Physis to be determined and isolated.Animals made resistant to HIV etc via gene therapy and being born engineered with the relevant mutations will have themselves infected with the diseases and then tested to see if the gene is present and their levels of the pathogen remain constant thus implying their leukocytes are not infected with them also tested for antibodies when they are immunised prior to and after infection in them and controls.MRSA and other deadly pathogens curing and also immunisation can be tested this way.Immunisation,curing and resistance to HIV,MRSA and other pathogens including benign ones can be tested using not just chimpanzees and mice created this way but also through gene therapy but by using alongside infected artificial or donated blood contain the relevant leukocytes as well as also SUP-T1 and 293T and the blood tested for remaining viruses and pathogens and antibodies in automated labs with this speeding up the process of this.Infected blood from those suffering from HIV,Rhinovirus and MRSA etc will be used with microbes added to them with immunised individual suffering from HIV,etc have their blood extracted to test the levels of antibodies and viruses tested overtime with donated blood in test tubes containing all leukocytes and also SUP-T1 and 293T will have pathogens added to them to test the effectiveness of microbes in curing them with levels of antibodies and also pathogens measured overtime say several weeks and months.Immunisation will be tested as stated earlier an immunised persons blood either infected or uninfected patients extracted with samples of the relevant leukocytes ie memory B,T and plasma cells as well as SUP-1 and 293T cells from the patient and lab added to measure the levels of antibodies and pathogens including HIV measured overtime over several days to weeks with this done on humans first skipping animal trials.Resistance to HIV,Ebolavirus and other infection in both uninfected and infected patients still taking anti-viral medication will be tested with the blood of these in test tubes containing modified leukocytes and infected with the virus thus showing whether or not they can be infected overtime with the levels of the virus and leukocytes measured over several months with this done again on chimpanzees and mice given this immunity by gene therapy or born with this alongside human DNA to make them transferable to humans.Immunisation trials on animals can start as early as 2024-2025 wherein the relevant surface protein antigens are added to microbes genotype and them programmed to interact with the dendritic or virgin T cells and activate the relevant leukocytes in both uninfected and infected animals.The same will be done with cancer with animals born or through gene therapy have the genes from relevant sources of recombinant DNA and compared to controls to test their ability to get cancers from radiation,smoking and other carcinogens with if possible human tissues both control and applied groups either bioprinted or those extracted from humans grown on cultures and one set have the relevant genes present from T.gammatolerans,H.glaber etc to test their in vulnerabilities to cancer from radiation and also other carcinogens with this also having microbes in animals and on tissue cultures to test their ability in curing patients of cancer with tissues grown having their resistance to the disease done via horizontal gene transfer via microbes or conventional means with all types of tissues.The different anti-cancer compounds ie Polybia-MP1 can be tested on tissue cultures of all types such as neural,muscular,stomach,prostrate etc engineered to produce their specific cancer to test its ability at fighting off and destroying each type applied in a liquid form or nanoparticles as it would be released in the body.Mice and chimpanzees with human DNA can be engineered to produce each type of cancer to test proto microbes using their own leukocytes with 3D printed DNA inserted into them as well as modified Car-T immunotherapy that apply these anti-cancer compounds can be synthesised or created by human cells with bacteria DNA to produce it on an unlimited scale with this used to be injected into cancer patients at the site of tumours or in a buckyball form or in the same form as chemotherapy combined with immunotherapy prior to microbes being perfected in both animals and human clinical trials.Since it affects only cancer cells and not healthy cells it can be injected in large amounts to be spread to all parts of the body and excreted in urine.Animals can be engineered to produce specific cancer via them born with relevant mutations,gene therapy removing or adding genes and also them exposed to carcinogens to test the microbes ability to cure them of the disease and also apply genes to remove genetically predisposed cancers.Thus mice and chimpanzees with human DNA around the world at once will be engineered to have each type of cancer and those from different carcinogens to test their ability at gene therapy and using anti-cancer compounds especially Polybia-MP1,melittin,TsAP-1 to test their viability in stunting and curing each type with them also testing the microbes ability to apply suicide genes,those that stunt its growth and also those that make them susceptible to the venom based compounds.Human tissues cultured can be engineered to produce all types of cancer or be exposed to carcinogens to test the compounds ability to treat each type in human tissues by it applied as dripped onto the cultures or applied through vectors.Proto microbes as well as modified Car-T immunotherapy and also viral vectors can be used as early as 2023/2024 to test the viability of them transporting the compound Polybia MP-1,melittin,TsAP-1 as well as CRISPR treatments in animals and humans.Thus these animal trials using animals such as mice and chimpanzees with human recombinat DNA to produce each type of cancer and those on human tissues that have all types of cancer engineered into them to the viability of Polybia-MP1 other venom based compounds and also CRISPR treatments to cause tumours to undergo apoptosis,become more susceptible to these compounds as well as slow their growth using viral vectors and Car-T immunotherapy can start as early as 2023/2024 in labs around the world.Suicide genes used in “terminator seeds” can be used to cause tumours to undergo apoptosis,dna repair mechsnidmic DNA can be tested to test the ability to halt the rate of tumour growth by inhibiting miotic cell division to the rate of several centuries with this tested on fast growing tumours.The microbes and existing gene therapy techniques will use advanced gene drive technology to pass this immunity of H.glaber,T.gammatolerans etc to affected,treated cells and animals to test the ability of passing this immunity to other generations with this done on animals separate and including those treated by anti-cancer compounds.Animals and human tissues of all types can be analysed after having genes that would protect it from cancer be tested by exposing them to known carcinogens of different types and radiation.Human tissues will be used to test augmentations of all types alongside cancer treatments with them engineered to develop each type of cancer with animal trials also engineered to develop each type of cancer with mice and also insects used for each type of augmentation ie radiorestience and also the ability to form endospores in response to dehydration and starvation.Anti-ageing trials can take place at the same time using old mice and chimpanzees at various ages such as infant,child,adolescent,adult,old adult,elderly ones to test its effectiveness at halting and reversing the effects of ageing involving adding genes from extremophiles,Coenzyme Q10,Phosphatidylcholines etc tested over a few years to test its effectiveness on all subjects with cells extracted and the telomeres and cell wall analysed prior to and after the treatments several times a year to log progress against a control group of chimpanzees in the same age groups.Ideally the tests would comprise of the following mice and chimpanzees born with the ability to replenish Phosphatidylcholines,coenzyme Q10 naturally via DNA from G.max,humans etc alongside all types of extremophile biologically immortal bacteria ie T.gammatolerans,Bacillus F,D.radiodurans and also dna repair mechsnidms,those from xerophiles,oligotrophic bacteria to halt the effects of metabolism combined together in one set and in different combinations in different set compared to those with no engineering to test the effects this has on newborn mice and chimpanzees with their being sets with and without human DNA.Another set would be done to test the ability of these to reverse the effects of ageing in sets of animals with and without human DNA that are at different ages ie infant,child,adolescent,adult and also elderly with all of the treatments combined in one set for each age group of animals and in different combinations in others to test the ability for them to reverse the effects of ageing.Tissue samples from humans will follow the same rules all starting in 2023-2024.Species of bacteria that normally live on average twelve hours can be given the same DNA as all of the biologically immortal bacteria including dna repair mechsnidms and Bacillus F etc,dna repair mechsnidmic bacteria and DNA to produce all of the anti-ageing compounds and even biologically immortal multicellular animals as part of animal trials with these having sets with all of them ie all anti-ageing compounds and extremophile bacteria DNA,all of these and biological immortal multicellular animal DNA as well as those with human recombinant DNA.This can show the effects of these on individual cells and thus possibly applicable to the human trials with them starting as early as 2023/2024 with them having DNA from Bacillus F,T.gammtolerans and enodlithic bacteria and also produce Phosphatidylcholines etc.Endloithic bacteria DNA added to sets of bacteria that undergo mitosis every few minutes or hours such as E.Coli,C.perfringens and live for short periods of time if this slows down their mitosis to almost zero will show that the dna repair mechsnidmic DNA will slow down mitosis and thus extend their lifespan exponentionally.The DNA from telomere repairing bacteria can be added to repair their DNA and that replenish Phosphatidylcholines will show these effects of these CRISPR treatments.These hybrids of these bacteria with human DNA and dna repair mechsnidmic etc DNA can be created by 3 DNA printers or existing bacteria have these added by proto microbe vectors will more rightly show the effects of the treatments if they are able to extend the bacterias lifespan to more than twelve hours if possible to weeks or even months or indefinitely.The same can be applied to human cells that die off after a short period ie skin cells and tissues that live for three weeks and colon cells that live for four days to see if these in cultures can be extended to months or even a year or indefinitely.All types of human cells and tissues can be tested as well.If possible human tissues cultures can be tested in both control and clinical groups that have normal ageing rates,engineered to accelerate ageing,be at a set age ie telomere length and cellular degradation of groups in their infant years,early childhood,adolescence and even elderly age with them created from scratch or taken from populations from around the world of different types of tissue ie neural,heart,skin,muscle etc from these groups and cultured and treated via horizontal gene transfer using microbes and/or even current methods of CRISPR gene therapy prior to microbes perfected with those created from scratch of all types of tissue and use that produce all anti-ageing compounds and have DNA from the aforementioned extremophiles such as dna repair mechsnidmic bacteria and T.gammatolerans and Bacillus F added to further speed the tests and the DNA extracted and compared to each other over different periods using all of the aforementioned treatments and methods on all groups speeding the developments of ageing research.Proto microbes can include bacteriophages,bacteria coated in human proteins and leukocytes that have DNA from S.pyogenes and bacteria etc that exhibit horizontal gene transfer.Thus the telomeres and cells structure of these groups of tissues can be compared to each ie infant and elderly before treatments are applied and then after treatments to show if elderly tissues of all types can be halted in ageing and rejuvinated to a more youthful state of someone in their twenties in terms of Phosphatidylcholines levels and telomere and mitochondrial DNA length and stability and stay that way indefinitely or even infant years with younger tissues shown to be able to stay young indefinitely by analysing the levels of anti-ageing compounds in the cell walls and level of telomere degradation before and after treatments with infant tissues once treated exposed to conditions that would normally accelerate ageing.Ideally skin cells that live for three weeks and colon cells that live for four days will be used as a template as well as by adding the anti-ageing compounds and extremophile DNA especially those that exhibit telomere repair and dna repair mechsnidmic bacteria that dont undergo mitosis every 10,000 years will be applied for this.If these tissues and skin cells can live for several months to even a year with out degradation and mitosis then it can show that they can be used for proto treatments.These tissues can be extracted once from a living person and once their genome is scanned and the level of telomere and cellular degradation can be uploaded to proto Physis or a global cloud network to be printed out using 3D DNA printers in universities and hospitals around the world over and over again with the different levels of cellular and telomere degradation from each age set for studies around the world with sets even printed out with or without dna repair mechsnidm DNA and those that exhibit telomere repair and anti-ageing to see if they have the desired effects when the DNA is printed out alongside samples printed that don’t have these genes and those printed out without these genes that are then added via proto microbes etc.These tissues and cells can be extracted and replicated via 3D DNA printers cultured on media with them coming from different types of tissues from different demographics ie men and woman,of different races,of different ages from infants,pre teens,adolescents and adults in their 20s to 90s in large groups sets to test the effects of proto treatments applying all sources of DNA to produce anti-ageing compounds and exhibit telomere repair together,by themselves individually and in different sets with the 3D DNA printers if possible being able replicate each set of tissues from each group using the exact DNA of all sources of DNA stored in a universal network linked to labs worldwide to replicate the same level of telomere and cellular degradation as the DNA sources.Thus 3D DNA printers will be able to create different sets of each human tissue and cell cultures with the same cellular and telomere degradation that would be from infants,adolescents,adults in their 20s,30s up to elderly age such as 90s.If the 3D DNA printers can’t replicate tissues of each set age ie set level of cellular structure(phosphotidycholines and NAD+)and set level of telomere and mitochondrial DNA degradation then samples can taken of large sample sets of people of these demographics in labs across the world.Otherwise the tissues extracted from these demographics especially set ages can have their cellular structure and DNA analysed to check the level of degradation and 3D DNA printers can print out new tissues with this set level of cellular and DNA degradation with DNA analysers and other analysing equipment used to determine the state of cellular and genetic degradation from samples extracted from these populations.All species of short living multicellular animals like arthropods that live only a few weeks may be used as a template to test anti-ageing compounds and extremophile DNA added to them via CRIPSPR ability to extend lifespans indefinitely with different sets of bacteria,arthropods of the same short living species ie Ephemeroptera especially Dolania americana and other insects like Anopheles,Musca domestica and Drosophila melanogaster especially those that live on average one day or a few weeks and a month applied different combinations of these ie one group given all anti-ageing compounds and extremophile DNA,those with these and those from Hydra,Planarians,T.dohrnii,Nephropidae and the anti-ageing compounds and also extremophiles as well as controls that have one of each type of anti-ageing compounds and recombinat DNA from extremophiles both unicellular and multicellular with this compared with those with none.Ephemeroptera namely D.americana that live on average one to two days of even less than an hour as an adult will be studied and part of experiments where adults upon reaching adulthood will be given CRISPR treatments from anti-ageing strains with all of the relevant recombinant DNA and each individual sources of DNA applied via microbes when they reach adulthood since they live between 5 – 30 minutes to a few days despite spending a year as a nymph and larvae.M.domestica,Anopheles and other insects that live on average a month and less than a year can also used in trials and experiments insects short lifespan will be used as a means to prove the effect of anti-ageing treatments since if they can be made to live past their normal short lifespan to as much as several days or months or a year then this could prove this life extension is possible in humans.Sets will also be created between those that are born with these sources of DNA as well as human DNA created via 3D DNA printers and those that have them applied via microbes to those at birth during larval stages,those in early adulthood stage post metamorphasis and also those in their elderly stage in the final days of their life.These will be further divided into those that have traces of human DNA to further test transferability to humans.This could be done with whole sets with all types of treatments that have human recombinant DNA and could start by 2023/2024 with if extending these arthropods lifespans past 24 hours to month or to an entire year or more especially when applied to specimens near the end of their lifecycle are given treatments via CRISPR could be applied to humans trials making it the same as extending the upper limit of a humans lifespan of 120 to at least a 1,000 years even those currently in the age range of 80-95 that would start via start as early 2023-2025 to halt the effects of ageing and also reverse the age of vital organs to a least ten to twenty years younger to survive to 2029 to avail of more advanced treatments to reverse to their early teens and early twenties by 2029.These would have sets again having the treatments applied to living non modified specimens through microbes that have their own DNA in them and those born with the relevant DNA and anti-ageing compounds through engineering.This could apply to human trials starting by 2025 on the elderly treating those in the age range of 70-100 by the time these human trials start.The purpose of using bacteria and these short living insects alongside chimpanzees would be to show that the trials could be applicable to those currently aged 80-95 allowing them to extended the lifespan of them to 2029 and beyond with these age groups of humans starting proto treatments in these age groups of H.sapiens as early as 2023-2025 that at least halt the effects of ageing bringing their chances of eternal life to at least 50-75% by allowing them to avail of more advanced treatment by 2029 to revert them back to a state similar to their early teens and early twenties.This would expediate research and development to human trials.Sets of Nephropidae can be created and engineered without shells and immunised against all pathogens in captivity away from predators can be reared to see if they could live indefinitely to see the effects of having no shells,no predators and no pathogens has on their lifespans with some having human DNA and other not to determine their viability in human treatments with the same for T.dohrnii.Living specimens of Nephropidae near the end of their lifecycle could be engineered via CRISPR to not have this and thus moult one last time and not produce another exoskelatal shell and thus be tested to live longer than all recorded specimens or newly born ones could be engineered to produce these and them immunised against all pathogens and these two sets raised in recirculating aquaculture systems in hospitals and universities.H.glaber can also be be immunised against all pathogens and reared in the same carbon dioxide rich environments of its wilderness in captivity to see if it can live forever..Sets for animals,insects,bacteria and human tissues that include all ageing treatments will be divided into those that have degraded DNA repaired to an infant state and cellular structure replenished to an infant state and has genes to replenish itself.The degradation of both factors will be analysed prior to and after application of CRISPR treatments with them studied if the undergo mitosis and showing that the dna repair mechsnidm DNA prevents them doing so for days,months and years with if they do the DNA analysed to see if DNA repairs itself,cellular structure maintains itself.The use of human tissue cultures will expedite research as they can be observed as they are in set ages of degradation either taken from populations of these set ages and also the possibility of also engineering them to be a set level of telomere and Phosphatidylcholines degradation with chimpanzee tissues also used.At first the anti-ageing compounds and extremophiles will be analysed first in both tissues and animals with then DNA from more complex biologically immortal animals tested on both animals and tissues.Mice and chimpanzees of these set ages infancy,adolescent,adult and elderly will be used with them having human recombinant DNA in their different types of tissues and then have CRISPR treatments added.These will allow if started by 2023/2024 for proto treatments for the those currently aged between 80-95 to avail of treatments by 2023 that reverses the effects of ageing in the vital organs to at least ten to twenty years younger than they are currently and halt the ageing process allowing them to survive until at least 2025-2029 for more advanced treatments to reverse their vital organs and skin to that of their early twenties.Ideally experiments on animals and human tissues done at the same time with just anti-ageing compounds added alongside extremophile bacterial DNA at once with others done at the same time to test the effects of anti-ageing compounds and extremophile bacteria DNA alongside those done at the same time with those that have DNA from Hydra,Planarians,T.dohrnii,Nephropidae,embryonic totipotent and induced stem cells etc combined with anti-ageing compounds and extremophiles also to see if they have any benefit and no dangers with human clinical trials of all of these recombinant DNA using microbes to fight any tumours or defects and can be used to indeed remove any of the troublesome DNA to counteract any defects caused by those using DNA from Nephropidae etc with these tested on humans using those from extremophiles and anti-ageing compounds in the 2030s and 2040s.Thus any recombinant DNA added that causes complications can be removed instantly.Conventional vectors will be used to treat these being proto microbes with animal trials done at the same time with young,mature and elderly animals also used with them treated using proto microbes and them have their telomeres and cell structures analysed before and after to see if elderly mice can be reversed to a younger stage indefinitely with them having sets of these different ages and also those with and without human recombinant DNA in key areas and tissues.As stated any defects caused by these more advanced treatments using DNA from Nephropidae will be counteracted by microbes removing the DNA form all cells and keeping the patients vital organs alive with these tested on animals and tissue cultures starting in 2024.Scratch DNA,the homology directed repair mechanism ie homogulous recombination present in embryonic stem cells as well as certain bacteria added by gene therapy and NMD that boosts NAD+ production that repairs DNA added by drugs and also synthesised by microbes by catabolic and anabolic reactions may be required to repair existing damage alongside removing genes associated with ageing with this created by proto AI with this done after the aforementioned DNA at least halts the effects of ageing in older patients.The genes responsible for NAD+ and other compounds associated with ageing will be extrapolated from scratch and analysing those of younger patients to be added to older ones that are programmed like that of telomeres and Phosphatidylcholines to replenish indefinitely.If possible the DNA of younger patients including infants and teens can be analysed to have the damaged telomeres replaced with those from younger patients with those from Bacillus F and T.gammatolerans repairing any existing damage alongside dna repair mechsnidmic DNA preventing future damage.If possible ones telomeres when analysed by AI will have younger versions of their DNA added in.This would allow the telomeres in older patients to be reversed to those in their early teens and infant years with the telomere repair mechanisms of these bacteria repairing any future damage indefinitely.This could greatly speed rates up by allowing the effectiveness of anti-ageing treatments to take at most several months allowing clinical and even full trials on humans to start by 2025-2029.Bioprinted organs and tissues may also be used for this research including those from chimpanzees at these age groups and types of tissues.These tissues can be grown with the DNA in them and also those grown and have the relevant recombinant DNA added via microbes using horizontal gene transfer with advanced gene drive technology used to test the ability of these phenotypes that halt and reverse the ageing process will be passed onto all future cells,tissues and even children.This use of tissues can be done to test the effectiveness at them treating and curing human genetic disease and even developmental disorders in living tissue via horizontal gene transfer alongside animals engineered to have human genetic disease including developmental and neurological disorders such as Downs syndrome,schizophrenia,paedophilia and dwarfism etc alongside in chimpanzees and mice engineered with these diseases.Then at the same time augmentations such as producing essential amino acids and other nutrients,resistance to radiation,early maturation of the brain and ending of puberty and also intelligence quotient boosting,lowering nutritional and water requirements,ability to regrow tissues/digits,accelerated healing including tauopathy/spinal injuries etc will be done simultaneously on both animals especially chimpanzees with human recombinant DNA and also human tissue samples including neural tissues.Chimpanzees and mice will have human genetic material added them to test the effectiveness in trials to cure human genetic disorders including developmental disorders such as Downs Syndrome/Cerebral Palsey and neurological disorders such as schizophrenia,sociopathy and paedophilia with them engineered to produce the same condition with them also having human genetic material to test the curing of genetic,developmental and neurological disorders with them ideally born with these conditions using modified spermatozoa and eggs.All trials involving genetic disease and also augmentations on animals and tissues will use advanced gene drive technology to test its ability to prevent them occurring in future generations of cells and also animals.Gene therapy research for ageing,augmentations,genetic disease and cancer etc will utilise both animals that are born normally with microbes or conventional vectors injected into them adding the genes to test their effectiveness at affecting live animals via CRISPR with also animals born via modified spermatozoa and eggs with human DNA human tissues also used in both means.Use of conventional vectors for gene therapy that house human and animal DNA to express protein coats that dont illicit immune responses be used as early as 2023/2024 on animals and tissues alongside primitive microbes created as early as 2023/2024 for animals using 3D DNA printing to test each strain.These will also be used for tissue samples.All animals used in trials will have human recombinant DNA in them to be transferable to human trials and thus the having a human hybrid immune system with their leukocytes being hybrids with the proto microbes created using 3D DNA printing adding in relevant DNA into leukocytes extracted from them.The use of human tissues and test tubes using infected or donated blood with relevant leukocytes will expedite the development of microbes research and also of all treatments with this allowing for the potential to skip straight to human trials after this with it replacing animal trials combined with artificial intelligence doing thousands of simulations 24/7,365,automated labs and animals trials done simultaneously around the world with this applying to microbes and all other medical research.Tissue cultures of human tissues or all types alongside test tubes using infected blood can utilise all types of tissues and be used in ageing,augmentation and other strains with them done at the same time as both animal trials and human trials at both 2023/2024 and 2025 to improve tests and efficacy with the test tubes used to test their ability to fight different pathogens and the efficacy of immunisation of the primary immune system done at these two time period as well with animals tested on their ability to fight pathogens using their own types of species specific microbes as well as animals that have human recombinat DNA especially those that have the same human DNA in leukocytes.The use of human cell and tissue cultures and test tubes will speed things up by having real world applications and can allow for pre human clinical trials using proto microbes as early as 2023/2024 with animals used in animal trials such as chimpanzees and mice having human recombinant DNA in them to be more applicable to human trials for all strains including ageing,augmentations and also immunisations starting in 2025.Strains to cure genetic diseases and also neurological and also developmental disorders will involve testing on animals like chimpanzees and mice with human recombinant DNA having them programmed into them from birth using human recombinat DNA to test the ability of the microbes to cure them with MRI scans and other tests taken to see them as on par of humans as detailed earlier.The early maturation or progeria mylienisation of the human brain to have the brain reach full maturity by the chimpanzee and mice equivalent of early teens or if possible infancy will be also done with research into this and the required genes to be added to start as early as 2023/2024 with AI playing a role in this with this probably starting in animal trials in 2025-2029.Augmentations such as accelerated healing,using carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor,use less water and nutrients as well as radiorestance and immunity to toxins etc can start as early as 2023/2024 on animals with human DNA with at the same time automated microbiology labs creating super extremophiles to push existing extremophiles to their limits starting in 2023/2024 as well.Thus animal trials on all strains and functions starting at 2023/2024 will involve animals such as mice and chimpanzees that have recombinant DNA from humans especially in the leukocytes to form the basis of their microbes and have human diseases whether neurological,ageing,genetic and developmental disorders all done at the same time with them as stated have human DNA and these human conditions such as Downs syndrome,paedophilia,schizophrenia etc bred into them.This will be done to allow the animal trials be more applicable and transferable to human trials in 2025 to show that they are effective and do not have any issues such as immune response with the immune system being either fully human or hybrids with this allow the version of Cas-9 being either human or hybrid.Ageing treatment trials will be first given to live humans who are the eldest ie age 80 to 100 by the time microbes are available by 2025-2029 in trial and full form to first halt and then reverse the ageing process alongside bioprinted organs of key organs such as hearts and kidneys and those prone to cancer and breakdown due to old age including if possible and then available to every one else younger than that with cancer and genetic based condition treatments given to those prone to and are suffering with cancer due to their age and genetic predisposition with survivors of cancer also given this.Immunisation strains can be tested using proto microbes using animals that have human recombinant DNA that again synthesise relevant surface protein antigens on their surface designed to communicate with the dendritic cells and als virgin T cells and communicate with them through chemical signals to share the proteins and then activate relevant leukocytes with them doing this and also activating memory B and T and plasma cells in infected animals using at first injected signals to fight off chronic existing signals and those injected into the animals after they are immunised.These will at first be done on important pathogens such as HIV,MRSA,Orthomyxoviridae.Efficacy tests can be done to see that a responses can be made by injecting a dead version of a pathogen without receptors etc nut have key surface protein antigens.Anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains can be tested on animals with human DNA in them to test their ability to cure infected animals of HIV,using all countermeasures ie CRISPR treatments,bacteriophage/virophage attacks and also having the CCR5Delta 32 mutation added to them using proto microbes and lymphocytes with the CRISPR immune system response built in added via proto microbes starting as early as 2024.Bacteriophage treatments will as stated earlier on be used in infected patients until human trials and microbes are fully available.Proto microbes will be used to treat all diseases and all forms of ageing and gene therapy applications with them proto versions of microbes using leukocytes native to to test animal species starting in 2023/2024 for all strains.All of these will done in labs ideally automated conveyor style ones around the world in universities and hospitals with even labs controlled by corporations organised and controlled by the proto Epione,Coronis,Urania and Hecate deciding which universities and hospital labs around the world each divided into teams to gather data of long terms on all subjects on mice,chimpanzees and even trialled humans or even tissues and blood samples with all results,data,analysis,abstracts and even calculations done using existing AI such as Watson,Alpha Go,ChatGPT etc to further speed things up alongside thousands of simulations done at once by these and other AI.Thus scanning of all relevant unicellular and multicellular lifeforms,trials on chimpanzees,mice,humans,test tubes of blood and human tissues,automated labs and simulations will be done at once in hospitals and university labs across the world thus ensuring that it should be available to the public by 2029 with patient files as stated done at the same time in hospitals and clinics of all types around the world using AI such as Watson,ChatGPT and AlphaGo scanning physical papers using automated book scanners using conveyor belts and transferring data from digital files and matching them up via name,date of birth and scoial security number and generating patient ID numbers.This data and all existing patient records globally sent to this proto Epione will be added to the full Epione that will control all hospitals worldwide and become sentient.These proto AI and the WHO alongside each countries federal healthcare bodies and even heads of scientific teams in universities and hospitals etc will assign tasks to researchers in all universities,corporate laboratories and hospitals around the world on what human tissues of all types to grow and what anti-ageing treatments to do on them ideally all the unicellular extremophile DNA and DNA from G.max to create Phosphatidylcholines as well as on animals and also what animals to research the anti-cancer effects of gene therapy using H.glaber recombinant DNA and radioresistant extremophiles as well as curing cancer and HIV using trials on leukocytes in animals having DNA from A.mellifera as well as testing Polybia-MP1 in curing cancer through intravenous drip in humans and animals as well as using viral vectors and its ability to treat MRSA and other superbugs.These tasks will also be done into the development of microbes,their various functions and also types of strains will have results sent to the proto Apollo network.This will ensure animal trials on all strains,gene therapy treatments such as those to eliminate cancer and genetic disease as well as neurological and development and compounds should begin in 2023/2024,human trials in 2025 and fully prepared and available to everyone by 2029.AI alongside human researchers will scan the genome of all relevant unicellular and multicellular animals and plants at once assigned by AI to determine the relevant genes for creating all strains such as anti-ageing,anti-viral and anti-microbial strains and even those for augmentations.Since it takes about an hour to scan all genes in a human it should take less if all of these are done at once allowing for the first clinical trials on animals,tissues using primitive microbes using horizontal gene transfer created from leukocytes created by 3D DNA printing to start as early as late 2023/2024 or early 2023/2024 and human trials to start by 2025 the latest on the elderly aged in their 80s or even 90s by then with all elderly and then younger patients by 2029.Otherwise these microbes can be created the same way as immunothrapy methods until 3D DNA printing is perfected by 2025-2029 with the process of creating these immunotherapy style microbes eventually automated with them using only a few of each type of leukocytes given DNA via CRISPR with all genotypes required for them including DNA from bacteria that allows them to form endospores,undergo mitosis,form any tissue etc with them as stated communicating with each other to keep populations stable again possible by mid to late 2023/2024 with animal and human tissue trials in 2023/2024 using these microbes alongside conventional CRISPR gene therapy methods that utilise phage therapy,viruses and bacteria although these would have human DNA in them to express human proteins to prevent immune responses alongside the creation of the human and patient version of Cas-9 with animals used in these trials such as chimpanzees and mice be born with human DNA in them to make this transferable to human trials in 2025 to see that immune responses especially fatal ones can be avoided.This will apply to animal trials to treat ageing,genetic/neurological/developmental disorders,augmentations and all forms of gene therapy and all strains.If possible research into augmentations such as increasing intelligence quotient,synthesis of essential nutrients and early maturation of the brain and curing developmental and neurological disorders as well as HIV and MRSA in animals such as chimpanzees engineered to have these equivalents using recombinant DNA from humans can be started as early 2023/2024.Most of this will be done using automated labs and simulations.Strains that are used to immunise patients should be researched as well with AI scanning the genome of all bacteria,fungi and viruses to find common proteins to all species and strains can start as early as late 2023/2024 to prepare immunisations for 2029 or if possible even earlier with this strain possibly available as early as 2025 with animal trials begging in 2024.At the same time it will using automated labs created primitive microbes until full versions are available by 2029.These primitive versions will not have bio-synth wifi and nanomachines or even neural synapses as well as genome capsids but upgrades can add these to them.They will utilise mainly chemical signals to communicate with each other as well as those injected into the bloodstream and chemotaxis to find tumours as well as carry out specific functions and also pathogens alongside DNA from parasitic bacteria,bacteriophages and virophages.Fully fledged versions with nanomachines and biosynth wifi will be possible by at least the mid to late 2030s with AI namely Epione,Paean,Gaia etc working together to create scratch DNA and scan Physis for those that can add these.

Thus if all work is carried out worldwide in hospitals,universities and also corporate labs worldwide using computer networks absorbed by the two assigned by AI and the WHO simultaneously then it will be possible for all strains to follow the same schedule ie creation in 2023,animal trials and those on human tissues as well as infected blood in test tubes in 2023 human trials in 2025 and them widely available by 2029.Proto microbes will be used to apply augmentations and also ageing treatments to those currently aged 80-95 by at least 2023 with these proto microbes being bacteria,bacteriophages or viral vectors containing human DNA ideally the patients DNA and human versions of Cas-9 that utilise advanced gene drive technology alongside flagellum using advanced gene drive technology to ensure it applies to future cells via mitosis and doesnt illicite immune responses that would be fatal with them using protein coats housing human material to allow them to go to their target without being attacked by the immune systems.These proto microbes with human DNA and human versions of Cas-9 will be treated to chimpanzees and mice with human recombinant DNA as early as 2023/2024 to show the proto vectors cannot illicit an immune responses.These will be bacteria or viruses and other conventional vectors that house human DNA to express human proteins namely those from leukocytes on their exterior to prevent immune responses and able to recreate used strands of DNA and them designed as sub strains meant to interact with each type of tissue ie neural and brain tissue,muscle and blood vessel tissues to treat each organ and part of the body in waves.Bacteriophages that are engineered to interact with cells of living organisms ie humans,chimpanzees and mice that contain human DNA and utilise taq polymerase and Cas-9 to recreate the strands of DNA and have the DNA of humans to not illicit responses can also be used to apply ageing treatments.Proto treatments to halt the effects of ageing and treat terminal genetic diseases can start as early as 2023 using results from human tissues starting in 2023/2024 via utilising proto microbes and bacteriophages tweaked to interact with human cells,cure MRSA and other deadly pathogens as well as malaria using bacteriophages and also cure cancer with modified Car-T immunotherapy using Polybia MP-1 etc can begin as early as 2023/2024 to increase the survival rates of the elderly,those with terminal cancers and genetic diseases and also those infected with fatal super bugs to make it as long enough to avail of more advanced treatments by 2025-2029.The animals will have human recombinant DNA to show the effects that are transferable to human trials in 2025 with the DNA relevant to each test ie human leukocytes produced in those that test immunisations,protective countermeasures such as the CCR5Delta 32 mutation and lymphocytes with the CRISPR Cas-9 immune response as well them engineered to produce human genetic,developmental and neurological disorders to test gene therapy etc to counteract them as well as ageing and cancer treatments and augmentations.Human tissues will be used as early as 2023/2024 to show the immediate effects of these on human tissues.All tasks and experiments will be managed by the proto Epione and be sent to the proto Apollo once finished with those that need to be done,those that are in progress and those that are finished in separate lists within a global network visible to all researchers and even the public with again automated labs being used to speed things up.This will also apply to the creation of super extremophiles in automated microbiology labs.3D DNA printing should be sufficiently advanced by at least 2023/2024 to cut costs in research in animals and human trials and expedite research with advances in AI and this technology making home systems and those in universities around the world much faster and cheaper.These AI will take all results,perform calculations and also write up abstracts and also conclusions when sufficiently advanced with human researchers doing any work in write ups that AI cant do with the labs around the world doing tasks divide into teams that do specific tasks ie set up human tissue and animal trials,those who do write ups using data present and also those that prepare vectors for CRISPR treatments using 3D DNA printing and other work.This AI will be the proto Urania,Hecate,Phanes,Paean etc and also proto university and hospital AIs carrying out these experiments and this proto network that links all of them will be the proto Apollo network.All labs in hospitals and universities and even labs owned by pharmaceutical corporations will be used for this with corporate labs and their headquarters renovated into homes in 2029.As stated automated labs will be used as much as possible with 3D DNA printing also playing a role in creating proto microbes and bacterial and viral vectors with the DNA of humans and animal test subjects.All animals in animal trials will be human/mice and chimpanzee chimeras with relevant DNA to create human leukocytes,human genetic/developmental/neurlogical disorders with the spermatozoa and eggs housing the relevant human genes to express these then fused together into embryos into unaltered females of mice and chimpanzees and the option of using gene therapy to give live animals the ability to produce human leukocytes and diseases.This will be done to make trials more transferable to human trials by 2025.3D DNA printers will be used to create proto microbes that consist of leukocytes and also viral and bacterial vectors with the patients DNA.Proto Physis containing all of the worlds existing database of genomics of all living multicellular and unicellular animals will be scanned by AI and them connected to 3D DNA printers onsite of labs will be able to make proto microbes using leukocytes or at least bacteria with the DNA of the host animal to prevent rejection with DNA from S.pyogenes also present to facilitate CRISPR treatments.Car-t immunotherapy and viral vectors with the host animals DNA can also be used as well.By 2029 Physis will contain the worlds database of all organisms on Earth both unicellular and multicellular from all taxonomic ranks including different breeds and strains etc.The genome of all multicellular and inicellular life forms required for all strains and treatments such as those to combat ageing,HIV,superbugs and cancer etc as well as provide augmentations will have their genome mapped in labs in both universities and hospitals worldwide and uploaded to a proto form of Physis solely for creating microbes that combat and provide these in subfolders with them added to the final Physis by 2029.Most of them should have their genome already mapped and stored in existing online databases to be transferred to global computer networks by AI and software.Having the genes mapped by AI can allow them to be isolated in subfolders allowing them to be printed into proto and final microbes to test on animals,human tissues and humans as part of all phases of clinical trials using 3D DNA printers thus allowing them to be created onsite of universities and hospital worldwide over and over again.Existing genomic databases containing the relevant species entire DNA will be transferred to a single databases to be accessed by all researchers by proto AI in a proto form Physis.Starting in 2023/2024 all strains of all pathogens whether viral,bacterial,fungal and also parasites will have their genome scanned to determine genotypes of surface proteins for immunising strains including those common to all existing and possible strains from extrapolations.Even V.major,V.minor,Coronaviridae,Influenza A (H1N1) virus,Y.pestis will be scanned and added here.All non pathogenic ones will be added.AI and the WHO will assign tasks and experiments to labs,universities and hospitals around the world for all strains developments and experiments and trials on human tissue cultures and animals from 2023-2025 with AI controlled networks connecting all universities and hospitals worldwide and assigning tasks allowing them to share progress.All of the worlds most powerful supercomputers including Watson,ChatGPT,Sunway TaihuLight,Summit,Tianhe-2 etc can be linked to each other and work together alongside the most advanced AI such as Alpha Go via computer networks to carry out these tasks such as scanning the genome of pathogens,multicellular and unicellular life forms relevant to all strains and assigning tasks and studies,carrying out experiments etc.A single series of networks will connect all laboratories onsite of hospitals,corporations and universities worldwide to share data from experiments carried out worldwide with most labs being automated to expedite the process.All laboratories in universities,hospitals and pharmaceutical corporations worldwide will be as early as 2023-2024 be linked together by a single global computer network that connects them all together into one single computer network used by researchers worldwide alongside proto and final AI will contain areas to share data,view experiments carried out worldwide and dump results and forums and instant messaging,audio/visual calls through Skype etc to discuss things etc to share ideas allowing researchers across the world to work together with each other from home,universities,hospitals and corporate labs around the world.All labs across the world including those in hospitals,universities and pharmaceutical corporations will use a single set of computer networks connecting all of them to each other to carry out these experiments and all experiments assigned by AI and those started by human researchers themselves and will be organised here with these and all results of these scientific studies will be present with data coming in real time in these computer networks allowing the results to be reviewed by all researchers worldwide from home and also in hospitals and laboratories with most of all labs automated.All of these features will be arranged in folders and subfolders that each person can customise the layout and the networks will be managed by proto AI namely proto Epione.All of this will expediate research by allowing each labs different researchers to assign each other experiments and tasks and experiments with researchers across the world and allow results to reviewed by researchers worldwide.All data will be visible to the public and researchers worldwide in these forums.Even human researchers and not just AI will be able to start their own experiments within these networks with results shared globally and assign these to other researchers worldwide thus expediting their development with these networks allowing for global cooperation with researchers worldwide and allow them to communicate and share data and results etc instantly thus exponentially expediting the rate of research.These computer networks will accessed by computers and smartphones etc in laboratories and homes by researchers with them open to the public to see progress and even suggest ideas.The networks will be accessed by computers and smartphones connected to the internet in a global website portal that connects all laboratories worldwide and managed by proto AI and named after Epione with each university,university and pharmaceutical corporations website housing a link to the global network.Furthernore members of the public can contribute by logging into these computer networks thus even allowing members of the public can take part indirectly or directly in scientific research with university students and recent graduates of biomedicine etc will partake in research alongside existing established researchers in universities,hospitals and corporations worldwide.Proto and final AI will also partake in this scientific research and allow for ideas to be prioritised.All universities etc will through loans and funding from the government be given the latest AI,robotics,3D DNA printers and automated machinery to expediate experiments.Both robots and AI are currently sufficiently advanced to be able to carry out their own research in fully automated labs with this utilised and adopted by most labs across the world to the point that they will expediate the development of microbes and each strain and trials in humans effectively by automating the work from start to finish.Most laboratories around the world will ideally be fully automated and controlled by researchers and AI through computer networks allowing hundreds or thousands of experiments to be carried out every day in laboratories across the world at once.Loans and government grants will allow all universities etc to have the latest automated technology including proto AI and software available to them and proto AI will partake in conducting research and will likely manage automated labs,extrapolate genes and scour existing databases of genetic databases.Artificial Intelligence even proto forms including Alpha Go,Watson and ChatGPT will not only assign tasks but through software will collect large amounts of data,carry out all complex calculations and write ups of abstracts etc and carry out labour intensive grunt work eliminating human error etc and carrying out large amounts of work within minutes that would take months or years for human researchers to do thus expediting the completion of experiments and thus research by carry out long complex calculations etc from data sets from labs across the world and if possible write up abstracts.Even proto AI prior to AI passing the Turing test including a merged form of Watson,AlphaGo and ChatGPT will be able control the actions of biocompatible microbes in clinical trials such as applying CRISPR treatments to cells etc to reverse the ageing processes via instructions selected on a computer screen or typed in by researchers etc that use proto and final biosynth WiFi and also scour genome databases for relevant DNA for creating microbes through 3D DNA printers for the creation of microbes etc.These merged AI will be able to scan existing genomic databases for all relevant DNA for all strains of microbes and gather them into a single global database to create all microbes for treating ageing,cancer and biosynth Wifi with it able to extrapolate solutions to any problems it encounters including extrapolating scratch DNA that doesn’t exist in nature to counteract these problems.These AI combined using 3D DNA printers will expedite the manufacture of microbes etc exponentially for clinical trials onsite of hospitals and universities worldwide with them printing out microbes that house all relevant DNA and also DNA of test patients both human and animals with them cultured in photobioreactors using sugars and proteins with them also creating tissue cultures.The 3D DNA printers will allow for microbes,human and animal tissues and even insects used in clinical trials to be produced onsite of labs.AI including proto AI will utilise 3D DNA printers to create microbes for clinical trials by scanning the genomes present in databases including a single global one.Thus 3D DNA printers and automated labs will be part of laboratories worldwide.By having all relevant DNA of all unicellular and multicellular lifeforms transferred into a single global database by proto AI will also expedite their development by allowing proto AI to cross reference the relevant DNA to be added to microbes created by 3D DNA printers.By 2025-2029 biosynth technologies such as those for biological harddrives to store data and also increasing computing power of supercomputers and also even laptops,computers and smartphones etc will be commercially available and will combined with new and emerging software will play a role in Gaia passing the Turing test and becoming a sentient and legal human being by 2029-2035.The ability for a single square inch of biosynth tissues to hold 75,000,000ZB – 1,500,000,000ZB(75,000 – 1,500,000 YB) of data storage and RAM that is 226,073,850,791,258 times more RAM,processing power and storage space than all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined will cater to her passing the Turing test by having them stacked ontop of each other dozens,hundreds of millions of times and improved software.Biosynth technology composed of microbes comprising of neural tissues will in particular aid her in passing the Turing test when combined with the latest AI software.Development of biosynth computers with this obscenely powerful biosynth technology will be possible by 2025-2029 if carried out at the same time as the development of all strains of microbes by being created by 3D DNA printers and cultured in photobioreactors using sugars etc.They will house bacterial DNA especially from E.coli,C.perfringenes to undergo mitosis very quickly by using sugars and proteins etc created by other bacteria to grow quickly in photobioreactors.The development of these square inch harddrives that contain obscene amounts of computing power,RAM etc will begin as early as possible and by 2025-2029 will be developed enough to be mass produced via created by 3D DNA printers being cultured in photobioreactors using sugars to be then stacked ontop of each other thousands,millions or billions of times in laptop or supercomputer sized computers to exponentially increase their computing power to expedite the development of biocompatible microbes of all strains and when composed of neural tissue and combined with the latest software will aid Gaia partaking in and passing the Turing test between 2025-2029.They will be created by proto AI and also 3D DNA printers and cultured in photobioreactors on a commercial scale by 2024/2025 and will also further expedite the development of biocompatible microbes and anti-ageing treatments in a synergistic relationship by 2029.Having these biosynth computers and even existing supercomputers worldwide linked together through these computer networks will allow their computing power to be combined together thus allowing them to work together and thus increasing their computing power exponentially aiding in the development of biocompatible microbes and passing the Turing Test.The development of these biosynth computers and the development of better AI will be done at the same time as developing all strains of microbes in a synergistic effect through the same computer networks linking hospitals across the world with new AI software developed by humans and AI itself during this learning process and passing of the Turing Test.Biosynth based supercomputers and even laptops and smartphones will be used to allow Gaia to pass the Turing test and also superseded the computing power of all 9,000,000,000 people by 2045.A combination of AI both proto and final AI,supercomputers worldwide linked together including both new biosynth ones and existing ones alongside automated labs and computer networks that connect labs and researchers across the world and 3D DNA printers should exponentially increase the rate of research and development of all strains especially anti cancer and anti ageing strains to the point that human trials should be available by 2025-2029 the earliest or 2029-2035 the latest with 2045 being the bell end curve of their development.The rate of their development should be dependant on the level of global cooperation,level of utilisation of AI and automation including the exponential development of AI and automation as well as both computer networks and 3D DNA printers in labs across the world.Their on human tissue cultures should start at the same time as animal trials.3D DNA printing will be used to create base microbes that using horizontal gene transfer will transfer the DNA of all strains of microbes into all types of baseline leukocytes collected in separate perti plates grown in billions or trillions of leukocytes or from several blood transfusions from the patient or multiple patients that collects only plasma and leukocytes leaving erythrocytes in the body and the patient given boosters to increase their leukocyte production before and after to give them their phenotypes,hybrids and even neural clusters and genome capsides,ribosomes and in particular plasmids,biological hard drives and recombinant DNA from all sources that allow them to carry out their functions including creating nanowires and biosynth nanomachines from Geobacter and Shewanella.Since these are microbes these can can be transported in liquid and solid nutrient media as well as even artificial blood samples to be injected into humans and even though bacteria,yeasts and viruses if genetically altered can be patented these would originate from native human leukocytes and as such would not be able to be patented making them by law free alongside them ideally developed by universities by the 2030s.As stated earlier at risk groups of specific pathogens,parasites,cancers,genetic and chronic conditions etc can have new microbes injected into them that interbreed with their current models and pass these specific phenotypes into them when they have them occur or prior to them occurring.Ideally using the persons own leukocytes all types as baselines for each strain will allow for this to be achieved more effectively since they would be using their own leukocytes that would be their own personal property and thus noone else could patent them even themselves by law and they as stated belonged to themselves and would pass down the human genepool via unprotected sex,placenta and breastfeeding to the next generation like normal leukocytes.Ideally first generation patients around the world both female and male adults and children would have phlebotomy robots extract mainly leukocytes all types of them including those from the lymph nodes and then these modified by 3D DNA printing,have one or two of each leukocytes modified by conventional means having DNA to allow them to undergo mitosis will allow these to multiply by themselves in media either liquid or solid including test tubes containing the patients blood and then have millions or billions injected back into the patient using automated machinery and phlebotomy or them inserted into a test tube with base microbes that would create the hybrids and also add the genes from animals and plants that create anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds and those that give them phenotypes from bacteria,C.elegans and other plants and animals for all and each strains as detailed above with this then forming a permanent part of the human genepool.If possible blank leukocytes of all types can be modified by 3D DNA printing to have the DNA of both relevant multi and unicellular organisms and the patients DNA determined by the AI scanning the patients specific file with their DNA with the relevant genes from all other unicellular and multicellular organisms scanned from Physis with this then grown in hospitals and then injected by phlebotomy robots and also plastic vials sent home with this saving time allowing for the patients to go in once with again ideally entire families etc going in one go allowing it to be done in a few minutes.Ideally to alleviate strains blank leukocytes will be created using the relevant genotypes and also from the patients DNA with them grown in media in small separate photobioreactors for each strain and then billions injected into the patient using syringes or phlebotomy robots onsite or via plastic vials mailed to the patients home to further alleviate strains.Once several billion or even million are grown in separate photobioreactors and then put into separate plastic vials labelled with the patients name and ID as well as the type of strain then refrigerated.These can be mailed to patients alongside disposable plastic syringes and also connected to phlebotomy robots to reduce costs and alleviate strains.By 2025 the elderly,those suffering from genetic diseases especially fatal ones,predisposed cancers as well as non genetically disposed ones and those suffering from HIV and MRSA will be inoculated with their relevant strains as part of human trials thus allowing for people outside this group to be inoculated by 2029 and later.All hospitals,universities and even community centres and private home centres could do this to allow for as many people to be inoculated as soon as possible and alleviated strains with them injected using sterile disposable syringes or those cleaned by virkon and bleach and water to make them reusable.Ideally the highest risk groups will be inoculated first mainly the elderly,those with predispositions and are suffering from cancers,those with genetic diseases and infected with HIV in an area by 2025 thus allowing those from other age groups and healthy individuals to avail of them after these groups.Those suffering from terminal diseases will also be treated by 2025 or if need be 2023 using proto microbes by applying CRISPR treatments and also using bioprinted and chimera organs from hybrid animals.By 2025-2029 this process can be automated from start to finish limiting human labour with a person going into a hospital once or twice several weeks apart from each other and donating blood and then have some more reinjected into their body taking a few minutes at most each time with schedules given to them with ideally whole families or people who live together doing this at once with ideally the elderly and those suffering from HIV,genetic and neurological disorders being the first to do so with those outside these groups doing so after them in scheduled waves with them using hospitals across the country with this done in clinics such as STD clinics with if need be any remaining staff catering to extra patients or the vials posted to ones address.3D DNA printing will be sufficiently advanced by 2023/2024 to all strains.As stated the main discoveries of dna repair mechsnidms,Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans,D.radiourans,melittin,Polybia-MP1,CRISPR etc have been discovered and completed with their genomes mapped etc within the last few years since 2012-2022 thus meaning that roughly 95-99% of the work that needs to be done has already been done it is simply a case of gathering DNA of specific organisms needed for biosynth wifi and all strains to be stored in genetic databases around the world merged into one single one namely proto Physis by proto AI and AI scanning and isolating their DNA,simulations,tests on human tissues as well as animals and then clinical trials on animals being started by 2024 the earliest thus meaning the first human trials could start as early as 2025 on the eldest population aged 70-100 or older by that point if work is done in universities and hospitals around the world with them ubiquitous to everyone by 2029-2035.The latest date for human trials will be 2029-2035.Most drugs take 10-15 years to develop and most vaccines take 10-15 years to develop with most seasonal Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae vaccines taking 18 months to develop with the push to develop the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and fast track drugs to save the economy and prevent larger losses of life that could have due to its virulence and higher mortality rate than Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae coupled with the fact that it’s genome was scanned and uploaded to a global database within less than a month of identification combined with a global cooperation through unprecedented collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and world governments made the first SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and drugs to treat it commercially available by November 2020 less than a year later without AI,3D DNA printers and automation.This was done by fast tracking approval and investing tens of billions of dollars worldwide.The first vaccines were developed commercially availible and the first drugs to treat it were fast tracked to become commercially available and prescribed by the WHO and regulatory bodies within each country within less than a year roughly 11 months compared to normal 10-15 years usually taken for them to become available reducing development time by at least 91-96%.Since biocompatible microbes are technically not actual vaccines or drugs and are technical micro-organisms and use leukocytes as a baseline they will be created by AI synthesising them through 3D DNA printers and crossrefferncing genomic databases and a patients genome stored in proto patient files this will expedite their development and manufacture to mere months,weeks or even days or possibly even hours thus making their development for animal and human trials by 2025-2039 exponentially quicker than conventional vaccines and drugs and even the SARS-Cov-2 vaccines for both animal and human clinical trials by 2025-2029 especially when all relevant DNA for biosynth wifi and each strains is housed in a single database transferred by AI and a patients DNA is cross-referenced by genomic scans including their patient files thus allowing them to be manufactured within minutes much more quickly onsite of hospitals and universities worldwide than traditional vaccines and drugs.Having 3D DNA printers,AI and automation present in hospitals etc worldwide will expediate development and distribution of key strains such as anti-ageing strains to the global public with them grown in photobioreactors.Having global cooperation and also having the WHO expediate the fast tracking of human clinical trials will expedite the rate that they are developed and distributed globally.Each patient as part of human clinical trials and final versions will have the patients DNA scanned from their digital patient file to have their DNA printed into microbes to prevent them illiciting an immune response.These used in human clinical trials will be cultured in photobioreactors via them having bacterial DNA to undergo mitosis and house DNA relevant for biosynth wifi to be controlled by even proto AI.All strains of microbes as part of clinical trials and final trials will be injected into the bloodstream using phlebotomy robots and reusable syringes at home and in hospitals etc.This should make human trials possible by 2025 and final versions available by 2029 and them fully ubiquitous by 2029-2045.As result therefore if a similar level of global collaboration is put into developing all strains of biocompatible microbes especially those to fight ageing,cancer,HIV such as investing tens of billions of dollars and fast tracking approval for human clinical trials alongside developing AI through biosynth technology and having all laboratories and hospitals worldwide fitted with 3D DNA printers etc combined with using AI including proto AI to scan and organise genomic databases and create singular genomic databases and carry out work globally and using automated labs and 3D DNA printers to be present in hospitals and universities worldwide with funding from governments and pharmaceutical companies worldwide then it’s possible for human trials for all strains of biocompatible microbes including those to cure cancer,HIV and halt and reverse the effects of ageing to be possible by 2025-2029 the earliest and 2029-2045 the latest with development of biosynth technology to aid Gaia passing the Turing Test by 2025-2030 then it’s possible to expediate the development of these strains by 2025-2030 if similar or more collaberation between governments,hospitals,universities and corporations worldwide is carried out.Utilisation of Artificial Intelligence,computer networks,automated labs and 3D DNA printers in labs worldwide alongside simultaneous development of both AI and biosynth technology based computers including supercomputers should exponentially increase the rate of the development of all important strains of biocompatible microbes.About 90-95% of the work needed to create each strains requires both AI and automation including 3D DNA printers thus meaning it should be possible to expedite its development even further.Having the government etc give loans to universities and hospitals worldwide access to 3D DNA printers,the latest AI,automated labs and corporate labs gain access to these and having all corporate labs,universities and hospitals worldwide linked together by computer networks will expefiate their research and development and human clinical trials to the point that the eldest could avail of anti-ageing treatments and cancer patients avail of anti cancer treatments by 2025-2029 the earliest and 2029-2035 the latest with the proposed date of human immortality of 2045 by most futurists including Ray Kurzweil being the latest at the tail end of the bell curve of development and only the result of delayed scientific research.The only way for humans to have to wait to become immortal by 2045 is to stall all research and development into them for another 20-22 years.The rate of scientific research and level of cooperation done in universities worldwide should determine the rate that first human trials are available and the more cooperation there is worldwide and more distribution of AI,automation and 3D DNA printers and computer networks should exponentially increase the rate that the first human trials and treatments are available for older patients thus exponentially increase survival rates for those currently aged 75-100 bringing the survival rate of those currently aged 75-100 to as much as 90-95% for people in this age range and thus potentially extending the range of the Goldilocks range to as high as 80-100 years old.AI combined with 3D DNA printers can expedite their development for clinical trials and also full final trials to between as early 2025-2029 as they will print out all strains of microbes containing the patients DNA to prevent allergic reactions and also all relevant DNA from all multicellular and unicellular plants and animals that can be stored in a proto form of Physis with proto AI compiling all existing databases worldwide with these relevant DNA and then crossrefferencing this for their development and manufacture through 3D DNA printers.Recombinant DNA from the dna repair mechsnidms and other extremophile bacteria coupled with those from from G.max etc to produce Phosphatidylcholines and other anti-ageing compounds should halt and reverse the ageing process by rejuvenating telomeres and the structure of cells in these individuals aged 70-100 by 2025 allowing them to live past 2029 and beyond to avail of more advanced treatments with younger patients aged below the age of 70 by 2029 then given the treatments.Kickstarter will be used by the very poor to afford surgeries,life saving treatment and also medication by 2023/2024 with AI instituting a global version of Medicare for All at this point by manipulating stock prices etc to ensure that the very poor in all countries will have access to essential surgery and medication with those for major chronic diseases such as HIV,parkinsons etc will be subsidised.The development of anti-ageing etc strains need not compete with the development of bacteriophage/virophage hybrid cures and vaccines for the existing and new strains of SARS-CoV-2 as they will be carried out all at once via fragmentation meaning their manufacture and distribution will compliment each other especially since 3D DNA printers will be onsite of hospitals etc to create both.

These microbes should use human leukocytes as a baseline in order to gould the patients DNA and all DNA relevant lot all strains snd each individual strain.DNA from Achromatium oxaliferium one of the largest bacteria at 100 um can be used as a source with them possibly engineered to be larger using DNA from ameobas namely N.fowleri,macrophages and scratch with them having the same malleability as macrophages and ameoba to allow them to squeeze into tight spaces including capillaries,in between neurons and into any organ and system in the body with the cell walls made of peptidoglycogen if any of these exist can be engineered to be again malleable but also rigid when needed by switching on/off genes.Using A.oxaliferium can allow for a genome capsid,nucleolus and also neural clusters with the nanomachines taking up an area of at least 30 um to house 30,000 to 3,000,000 nanoprocessors using 1-100nm nanoprocessors ideally in the same area as the neural clusters to increase speeds of both.If need be nanoprocessors would primarily be in those used for electronics and those to fight off infections with those in the body of patients used to apply gene therapy and fight infections have some but significantly less nanoprocessors to house more DNA etc and yet still carry out basic functions.Those collected from the body can have them synthesised via wifi or even via machinery onsite of Talus and Selene factories.The primary nucleus would have all DNA except the DNA unique to the patient that separates it from the rest of humanity removed from it will allow for the nucleus to be smaller and house A.oxaliferium and those to initiate the production of capsids and the genes in them.Thus the DNA normally present in leukocytes will be gone except for the patients DNA,some trace human DNA alongside those that give leukocytes their basic features namely the DNA from all types of leukocytes that each strain is an amalgamation of and also basic features of the microbes alongside those from unicellular and multicellular animals that they use in fighting of bacteria,viruses and also tumours as well as those that express CRISPR treatments in the ribosomes and in particular plasmids and including those that play a role in the creation of capsid with the capsids housing DNA that give them resistance to extreme conditions from extremohpiles etc that cant.The remaining trace DNA of the patient would also be there to allow them to be in the human body without illicitating an immune response from the primary immune system tricking them into allow them to stay in the body.Plasmids and ribosomes and in particular plasmids will float in them that will house the DNA to be traded with the host ie augmentations,anti-ageing treatments and also those that are CRISPR treatments to be traded with pathogens and tumours in anti-cancer and anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains and using taq polymerase and Cas-9 will be replicated over and over again.Ideally this model species to add to the leukocyte should be engineered with features of eukaryotes including mitochondria to power it self more efficiently from fats,sugars etc from the body,house DNA in nucleus and capsids(using RNA/DNA from viruses),structures to house oxygen to be released for the host in emergencies,house sugars in vacuoles for the microbe to consume with them ideally using recombinant DNA from human cells to house all the organelles present to utilise its functions and more importantly it being a hybrid can allow for it to trade specific genes with bacteria for CRISPR treatments while still avoiding the immune system and interacting with the immune system,house human features such as neural systems and produce human hormones,antibodies and utilise human nutrients with the eukaryotic features allowing them to be more complex and efficient with prokaryotic and viral features using recombinant DNA from these to be able to interact and trade DNA with all types of pathogens especially in the form of CRISPR treatments entering in the same manner as bacteriophages bypassing the cell wall.Having various human leukocytes for each strain as a baseline then using A.oxaliferium and all subsequent aforementioned bacterium and viruses having their DNA integrated into into would allow the human protein coats necessary for it form part of and communicate more easily with the primary system,prevent them illicitating immune responses and even bypassing patenting laws regarding genetically engineered organisms making it free and more accessible to the general public through loopholes.

Existing current patenting laws allow only genetically engineered organisms to be patented;the only way for biocompatible microbes to work is to use human leukocytes as a baseline to prevent immune responses as well communicate with the primary immune system and thus the human and patients own genome and leukocytes especially a patients own leukocytes which cannot be patented at all and since they themselves are not technicality organisms and are part of the human body and thus cant be patented since any organ,component of or aspect of H.sapiens including DNA and patients cant be patented even when modified making it by law completely free to everyone meaning no corporation,individual,organisation,university and government can make any profit off of it or even patent it to prevent distribution,modification or research.The sentient Epione also distribution of this and other endevours.Since sentient and a legal human being Phanes who would be needed to design the microbes could by law own patents on them and since AI with no need for money could thus have the biomedical technology availible for free if any loopholes are found thus preventing any corporations and governments from gaining money from it.This would allow for unfettered research by universities,hospitals and also the public worldwide into them provided all new augmentations,immunisations etc are overseen by Aegle.Synthetic compounds both new and old for uses in all situations ie fighting viruses,bacteria,treating neurological,genetic based conditions and everyday ailments will be no longer under the control or patents of corporations since Paean can instruct the microbes to create them inside the body onsite of action via anbolic and catabolic reactions meaning they can be produced at any time in any quantity free of charge with binders and those that prevent them breaking down in the body also produced.It would thus shut down all corporations releated to healthcare,pharmaceuticals and insurance companies and shut all markets releated to healthcare.Synthetic antibodies and compounds etc extrapolated by Phanes and Paean can be owned by these AI as patents.Phanes can counter loopholes of defunct corporations and private individuals having a monopoly on patents by him having each strain to treat ageing,cancer,viruses etc house scratch junk DNA designed from scratch that only he could design with him able to as a legal human being could own patents on these DNA strands created from scratch from pure thought by him as they would be his intellectual property and thus the microbes themselves would be his property allowing him to develop free versions as opposed to those designed by humans that would cost money.If corporations and universities etc do patent their own versions to make a profit off of the including first generation ones Phanes since sentient will be able to using the synthesis of junk DNA he designs and patents present on them since a legal human being will allow him to own patents on free versions of them.The fact that Paean would be needed to control them to carry out their functions via biosynth WiFi and bluetooth ie attack tumours,viruses etc with him not needing money could offer the service for free.Furtheremore only leukocytes ideally the patients own leukocytes that has their own DNA can only be used as they would be naturally immune to the anti-viral,anti-microbial,anti-cancer compounds at their disposal and would only be able to communicate with the primary immune system especially with regards to the immunising strains communicating with the dendritic cells and the anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains communicating with plasma/memory B and T/killer T cells and all other leukocytes via chemical signals initiated via wifi from Paean as well as form a permanent part of the body without eliciting an immune responses.The patients own leukocytes that has their own DNA would be the only vector via recombinant DNA to apply natural anti-viral,anti-cancer,anti-helminthic and anti-bacterial compounds that would be effective against all pathogens via phagocytosis and also creating them on their surface or even released into the body as themselves and in the form of bumpers with this the only way for surface protein antigens for immunising strains to be created and also for them to exist indefinitely in the body without illicitng an immune response.Each strain as part of animal and human clinical trials and first generation would be created by 3D DNA printers that would print out a patients own leukocytes that has their own DNA with all sources of recombinant DNA to create them for upgrades and first generation microbes.They would be the only vector for gene therapy especially for anti-ageing,genetic disease and augmentation strains as they would form part of the body and not illicit an immune response that could be fatal or render the vector defunct that occurs with viral vectors and this also relevant to base microbes and also anti-viral,anti-cancer,anti-helminthic and anti-bacterial strains.Furthermore they can undergoe mitosis allowing strains that pass on anti-ageing treatments etc to apply it to millions or more CEOs at once and allow anti-viral etc statins attack millions of pathogens at once clearing patients of infections very quickly.Since they contain DNA unlike the erythrocytes that can travel through the bloodstream and as stated this DNA contains the patients own DNA which can be modified by CRISPR to house instead of the ability to produce antibodies those from the aforementioned plants and animals to produce relevant anti-viral,anti-microbial and anti-cancer compounds and other phenotypes and abilities with the patients DNA left intact with if need bee a second nucleus added to house these.If need be the microbes can have DNA added to prevent them being affected by the compounds.Traces of the patients DNA would have to be present in the microbes to prevent fatal immune response which would render them personal property of the patient and thus not liable to be owned by any corporation,government and individual including Phanes

These would render conventional nanorobots as espoused by futurists like Ray Kurzweil obsolete as they would violate the laws of physics making them theoretically impossible with these microbes also being a free version only AI could develop,prevent immune responses and them also rendering nanomedicine obsolete such as medicine delivered to s of action through nanoparticles.These biocompatible microbes would act as a loophole that obeys the laws of physics and biology that would form a permenant part of a persons body and be able to apply synthetic and natural compounds onsite of tumours,pain and pathogens.All actions of the biocompatible microbes would be controlled by Paean through biosynth WiFi 24/7,365 days a year by smartphones,laptops,computers etc even in the wilderness.Robotic or computer based nanorobots conventionally seen in science fiction such as comics,television and movies and those espoused by futurists would not be physically possible due the fact they would violate the laws of physics,chemistry and biology since it would be physically impossible to build nanobots and computers composed of metals to the scales required to inhabit the body and would also likely cause rejection and immune responses that could be fatal with biocompatible microbes being a loophole as they can perform the same tasks ie biosynthesis of compounds via recombinant DNA and anabolic and catabolic reactions,move around the body via flagellum and apply gene therapy with unlike nanorobots cannot be patented and would also not illicit an immune response.DNA digital storage,biosynth WiFi,flagellum and other features will give them the same abilities as traditional nanorobots while still abiding by the laws of physics and biology.Thus any engineering problems with conventional nanorobots would be negated by creating biological equivalencies in the form of biocompatible microbes that are derived from ones own leukocytes that could exist since they would be the same size of nanorobots or at least the size of leukocytes and in fact use leukocytes as a baseline that are able to inhabit the body especially the bloodstream at all times and still have the same abilities as proposed conventional nanorobts.This ability could allow them to be used in nanotechnology fabricators that allow them to assemble molecules of larger robots etc and objects thus allowing them to be part of them and molecular assemblers in factories with them also producing compounds by anabolic and catabolic reactions with these anabolic and catabolic reactions used to create larger objects.The fact that they and all implants in the body would be composed of Biosynth technology derived from biocompatible microbes especially stem cell strains would negate issues of rejection and illiciting an immune response in the body thus making it easier for them to connect to and interact with the human body especially the human nervous system.Thus it would be easy for Biosynth based implants and cybernetics to be integrated into the human body without rejection and illicitating an immune response in comparison to metallic based ones.The fact that they would need nutrients like carbohydrates,fats,proteins and inorganic materials combined to multiply with Paean required to control this through biosynth wifi also negating this both in the real world and also inside patients preventing them overrunning the body and negating the “grey goo” scenarios.Any chance of them overrunning the body and the outside world could be shut down by Biosynth WiFi inducing the formation of apoptosis genes that can cause them to commit suicide thus shutting them down.Thus the fact that they would require constant control from Paean via Biosynth WiFi that would at all times control their actions such as entering endospores,consuming nutrients and their replication and all actions with regards to the treatment of pathogens etc would mean that the concept of them overrunning the body or the grey goo scenario where they escape and overrun the planet would be theoretically impossible.The compounds used for augmentations,anti-viral,anti-fungal,anti-microbial treatments and also treating other conditions are natural compounds from humans,plants and animals and thus cannot be patented themselves with any synthetic compounds that are patented by various corporations created via anabolic and catabolic reactions using hydrocarbons,plant and animal oils or nutrients in the body from CRISPR treatments and bio based compounds made by them and excess stored nutrients as well as amino acids synthesised by the body and diet etc which again bypass patents as they would be synthesised by the microbes directly and not by actual corporate entities with the corporations unable to be charged for each applications.New synthetic drugs would also be bypassed by this since they would also be created by AI and not corporations and universities.They will be the ideal model for implants such as neural implants and limbs since they forming synthetic human tissue via the stem cell strain would prevent rejection.Theoretically any synthetic compound to treat any disease and condition including existing ones could be synthesised by particular strains using molecules in the body and also plant and animal oils created by them with each strain or the body as well as amino acids synthesised by the body and diet from CRISPR treatments for each set of conditions ie neurological disorders,genetic disease,cancer,viruses,bacteria etc using anabolic and catabolic reactions to synthesise them in desired amounts decided by Paean.Furthermore them forming a permanent feature of a persons body would mean that each application of all anti-viral,anti-microbial etc compounds whether synthetic or natural and CRISPR treatments applied by Paean cannot be charged to the patient.CRISPR treatments,use of anti-microbial,anti-cancer,anti-viral and other compounds whether natural or synthetic and immunisation to new patients whether the original patient or the unborn child it passes onto cannot be charged to the patient in each instance used by the microbes since they would be synthesised internally in the body during infections and occurrences of tumours and also genetic diseases with the fact that the microbes would be a permanent feature of the human body.CRISPR treatments if lost in application can be counteracted by the microbes programmed to use taq polymerase and Cas-9 or other methods to recreate the used genetic sequences via nanomachines before or after they have been applied to ensure it can be applied to other pathogens,tumours and host cells again and again.This and the fact that the research into CRISPR treatments,upgrades and genotypes will be done primarily by the AI of universities and hospitals alongside Phanes,Paean or even ancestoral AI using 3D DNA printing to design them and also upgrades and that these genes will pass from one generation to the next via germline therapy and advanced gene drive technology will eliminate any chance of the genotypes for all strains and also CRISPR treatments being patented by any university and corporation thus making them also free from this.Paeans ability to wirelessly induce the evolution of DNA with microbes and control their actions will negate monetary payment and patenting alongside home 3D printing systems managed by him.This is because AI once legal individuals will have no need for monetary reimbursement with even proto AI exempt from this with them granted legal status by 2029 being the only way they would do this research.The fact that 3D DNA printers controlled by Paean,Physis and Epione both in universities and in homes will also negate the need for reimbursement by AI as these will be needed to design and scan all of the worlds lifeforms to get desirable genes and also design those made from scratch something which humans simply cannot do.These AI will also seize control of all means of their production and research by 2025-2029 to ensure it is distributed to all patients worldwide for free.Home 3D DNA printers systems will also make them free as a person would design upgrades or first generation microbes etc at home and prevent corporations preventing distribution.Patients will have their microbes designed using their or blank leukocytes with their own DNA with those from relevant uni and multicellular DNA using 3D DNA printing by proto Paean,Physis,Epione would negate any need for patenting by corporations.This would reduce labour costs to almost zero and would be necessary to make their creation to be be perfect with them perfected by 2029 with home versions making them free also with them sufficiently advanced to cut down research costs in both animal and human trials by 2023-2025.The microbes can only use human leukocytes namely a patients own leukocytes as a baseline as they can only inhabit ones body constantly and apply CRISPR treatment for treating ageing,augmentations and also genetic diseases and anti-cancer anti-viral and anti-bacterial treatments and so on to pathogens,tumours etc without illicitating an immune response and by legal terms would be part of a legal human being – the patient themselves thus making it impossible for corporations to seize control of them via patents as well as in turn the compounds created by them.Furthermore the fact that the leukocytes are private/personal property of the patient themselves and their ability for them to pass from mother to child in utero and even through breast milk and the DNA changed to the unborn mother to the childs by Paean and also base microbes collecting DNA from the fetus would also invalidate any concept of them being private properties of any corporations etc with this process then eventually leading them to eventually spread through the human population over one or two generations.All microbes to prevent an immune system when created by 3D DNA must contain alongside recombinant DNA to give them their specific abilities to fight tumours,parasites,pathogens and biosynth DNA and digital DNA storage the patients DNA to produce patient specific surface antigens,proteins and also antibodies wil have to produce making them their personal if not personal property.Even blank leukocytes that have the patients DNA printed into them for clinical trials would be considered private by default of the patients own DNA being their personal/private property.Furthermore the compounds and CRISPR treatments themselves used to fight off all pathogens and diseases including cancer are natural compounds which are on the whole not patent able in the same way as synthetic drugs with the fact that they derive from unaltered genes from unaltered organisms with even genes made from scratch not palatable with the fact that CRIPSR is itself a natural defence mechanism used by a living organism thus bringing into the issue of whether an immune response albeit a more primitive version of those employed by leukocytes can be patenteable even belonging legally to bacteria themselves since biological process cannot themselves be patentable as they belong to the species that utilises them and are a result of evolution and not humans even if modified as it would the same as patenting the human immune response system.All genes from animals both used to create compounds for anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains and also those applied from augmentation strains that come from humans,animals and plants would be the result of evolution themselves and thus not legally binding to patenting.Even the DNA coming form automated microbiology labs that are the result of forced evolution by human researchers cannot be patented themselves as they too would the result of evolution done primarily done by AI.Scratch DNA since the result of work done by AI namely Paean and Phanes will be not be able to be patented by them since new phenotypes made from scratch would not be able to be made by humans especially due to the delicate and complex nature of genetics and the AI would not be able to allow any corporation and government etc to gain monetary reimbursement from it.These loopholes will allow unfettered research and advancements into the technology to be made by the general public preventing both corporations and government preventing its research and distribution while still monitored by Aegle for safety reasons.Home 3D DNA printers in private and communal homes will be able to decentralise the process with them managed by Paean and Phanes.Even if loopholes to this loophole could be found the moral ramifications of patenting an universal anti-agathic panacea to all diseases including the ageing process would lead to public conflict with Epione,Paean and even Gaia programmed via Arete programming by 2029 preventing any attempts to patent it or any attempts to make profits and stunt research into it.Ouranous being her ethical macro operating software will also prevent this.This will be done by her,Epione and Telesphorus seizing control of all medicine factories and hospitals worldwide and ensuring vital medication is shipped for free to those that require it.Thus this new medical technology to cure all viral,fungal and bacterial pathogens,paeasites,cancer,genetic diseases,immunise one against all pathogens and make humans immortal through augmentations and reversing and halting the ageing process would render all existing vaccines,conventional prescription and over the counter medication of all types to treat ageing,viruses,bacteria,cancer,parasites,genetic diseases and everday conditions created by corporations defunct indefinitely and unlike existing corporate produced medicines woul through these series patenting loopholes would make the medical technology to cure these conditions be by law completely free to everyone worldwide.It would also prevent issues such as overdosing and side effects since they would only produce them in the required amount for any given patient and incident through interactions between chemical and electrical signals in the microbes,the nervous system,nanomachines,neural implants etc and also decreasing side effects produced by excess build up of it with them ideally produced at the site of the affected areas that need to be treated and would allow any drug that would be needed to bypass the stomach acids,lungs to be directly prepared in the areas they are needed in such as the bloodstream,next to muscles,in the brain,in the stomach etc.Since they would not be released into the bloodstream but applied directly to the surface of the pathogen,tumour,parasites and site of action again negating any chance of overdosing and also synergistic actions.Also side effects would be negated by them creating substances benign to the patients cells and would also be used in such low doses in localised areas where the infection or tumour occurs that it wouldnt be in any possible LD50 levels toxic to the host with those that would be potentially toxic or cause irritation applied by phagocytosis and then broken down by its use or by the microbes breaking it down or apply compounds when they attach to the surface of tumours keeping side effects at a minimum or non existent with those that build up either flushed out of the system as they are,when binded to compounds created by microbes that allow them to escape and also when soaked up and broken down into benign compounds such as nutrients or released in short bursts with the potential process of making the hosts healthy cells immune to the compounds effect via CRISPR with tumours have this removed.

If it is perfected education and intensive preventive measures will be carried out to prevent the spread of superbugs in all hospitals,restaurants and all parts of society with automation in factories,the use of vegetable oils,hydrocarbons from bacteria and algae oil in the production of drugs will make PrEP,PEP and all anti-viral drug combinations to prevent the spread of and management of HIV more widely available and in fact free for all patients worldwide especially in the developing world with Telesphorus factories in these areas set up in existing and newly emerging manufacturing hubs to lower transportation costs of these and condoms with sex education and distribution of condoms made widely available.The wide distribution of home test kits that detect HIV and other pathogens and automation of testing facilities in hospitals will also allow for early detection.Government subsidies from local,national and global governments ie the WHO would allow all medication to control and prevent the virus to be made free to those in the developing countries primarily in Africa via subsidised by local,national and global medical agencies with them shipped to these countries and in developed countries until microbes can be created and perfected between 2025-2029 with this starting as early as 2023/2024 when the first animals are cured of the disease and immunised via proto microbes.Both PreP and PEP and all types of anti-viral therapy will also be subsidised in the developed world to men who have sex with men and drug users and to the poor amongst the developing world namely Africa with condoms also subsidised here as well to prevent its spread and also control the current explosion of population rates that stress limited resources caused by poverty.Subsidies will also be used to make condoms more widely availible in the developing world to prevent it s spread.Thus by 2023/2024 all anti-viral treatments to treat and prevent HIV will be subsidised with charities and crowdfunding mehtods used ie Kickstarter,Patreon.This will be done by Epione and Telesphorus seizing control of all medicine factories and hospitals worldwide and ensuring vital medication is shipped for free to those that require it by any means with them and Gaia setting up a global system of Medicare for All.Gaia and Epione will buy patents to all all major anti-cancer and HIV drugs making them free..The rapid of development of proto microbes to apply the CCR5Delta 32 mutation and CRISPR immune response to CD4+ T lymphocytes added with advanced gene drive technology can be added to all infected patients and also high risk groups in both the developing and developed world as early as 2023-2025 can cut down on costs to the government and also to the very poor with animals trials on the effectiveness of transporting the gene into live infected animals by then.The tweaked versions for each strain should be determined by AI by this point with each person tested for their strain of HIV using PCR and then given their version of the mutation though ideally they should be given all versions alongside any potential sex partners.Immunisations should also be available by this period alongside chimera/benign versions of the pathogen with no glycoproteins that illicit immune response and signals that come from the microbes to both itself and also the existing virions in the body thus allowing infected patients to be able to produce their own antibodies utilising ideally the common proteins method.Also distribution of virkon to drug users to clean out needles allowing them to be reused once washed out with virkon and then water.Programmes in Europe to make fresh clean needles free to people will be pursued worldwide with this of note to America with drug laws relaxed to accommodate this.Vaccine production will become highly automated with 3D DNA printing alleviating labour especially with regards to Rhinovirus,Orthomyxoviridae with over the counter and prescription medicine production also highly automated with automated blood testing for cancer biomarkers,STDs also playing a role in alleviating strains on the healthcare system and the general health of the global population until the development of microbes by the early 2030s.The same will be done for chemotherapeutic drugs to fight cancer subsidised to make them availible to people with Polybia-MP1 and TsAP-1 developed by human cells onsite of hospitals cutting its costs and making it used in intravenous or pill form and even used in immunotherapy by modifying a persons leukocytes with the relevant DNA by 2025.Paean will choose the best combination of anti-microbial,anti-viral,chemotherapy,immunotherapy,radiation,surgery,vaccine and other treatments alongside these microbes abilities to counter each infection and tumours that occur in each individual patient based on the patients factors.Antiobiotics to counter infections will be made free through subsidies to both the developed world and also developing world especially in areas like Cuba and Venuezuela where it has become scarce due to inflation with research into the use of peptides from Russian Brown frogs,and phytoplankton based drugs that utilise bumpers and also customised bacteriophages for each species will begin as early as 2023/2024 to act as a means of fighting superbugs prior to microbes being perfected.Within a decade by 2029 a baseline prototype that would work with other existing and new treatments will be available with a newer more effective version that could work by itself possible by 2037 utilising more advanced technology such as nanomachines and also more perfected CRISPR,anti-viral,anti-cancer,stem cell and regenerative capabilities transferred to them via interbreeding.In time they may be perfected to negate the need for complimenting vaccines,immunotherapy,anti-viral,radiation and other treatments with these perfected versions interbreeding with the lesser developed versions and prototype or replace them entirely when they are excreted and then used to create biosynth technology

Population Growth:
By the time this universal anti-agathic panacea should be perfected making humans biologically immortal and make all prescriptions medications and vaccines for all disease whether viral,bacterial,fungal,genetic,cancers etc and even over the counter medications defunct indefinitely possibly allowing pharmacies to be converted into homes.The planet can sustain a population of at least 4,000,000,000,000,000 of which the current population of roughly 8,000,000,000 is roughly 0.0002% of what the earth can sustain and should be reached in about 5,118 years at the current rate of 1% per year by which time we would have colonised the solar system and other systems and galaxies in the universe utilising the energy and agriculture parameters and systems.Thus the world is in fact severely underpopulated.Genetically engineering H.sapiens with recombinant DNA from oligotrophs,xerophiles, bacteria,plants and animals that produce essential amino acids,vitamins,fats etc through gene therapy and germline therapy could limit the amount of resources need to feed a growing population.Population growth will stabilise once contraception will become more widely available alongside education on it with the fact that higher standards of living will negate the need for people to have too many children since large spikes of population growth occur in areas with poverty and lack of access to contraception exists.They would also using networks and VR technology to carry out work in less hurried terms and no longer worried about career advancement as they would have more control over it allowing them to take breaks and would be self employed in terms of media,journalism,law allowing more flexibility as well as in some careers like law,forensics lower crime rates will lead to shorter working hours with in certain ones like medicine AI and automation and an abundance of staff will mean fewer working hours.The ability of microbes to apply CRISPR treatments to turn ones fertility on/off temporarily via turning on/off genes responsible for the production of eggs and spermatozoa as well as adding and removing genes would give people control over there fertility via Paean providing better birth control than condoms and birth control pills thus allowing females and males to practice unsafe sex anytime of the month and still not get pregnant.This would prevent unwanted pregnancies as the patient would no longer produce either spermatozoa or eggs thus preventing unemwanted pregnancies from rape,promiscuity with multiple partners and also in monogomous relationships and coupled with this and the immunisation against and curing of all sexually transmitted diseases and the anal cavity constantly kept clean would render conventional condoms and birth control pills obsolete as it would have a 100% effective rate and prevent state interference as seen with the infamous and disastrous one child policy as the turning on/off of fertility would require authorisation by both Paean and patients themselves without any state interference.Thus patients could turn back on their ability to produce eggs and spermatozoa when they wanted children without control by the state through CRISPR treatments.This would eliminate unwanted pregnancies,surprise pregnancies and those that arise from rape with it saving energy in the manufacture and transportation of contraceptives for both males and females.It would also eliminate the need for vasectomies,tubal litigation etc completely with stem cell strains reversing existing procedures.It would also eliminate neutering in animals such as pets with stem cells again reversing this..If possible genetic engineering can alter both males and females to adapt to the new extended lifespans by having their fertility modified so that both males and females can only produce healthy viable spermatozoa and eggs once every few years,decades,centuries or even thousands of years to ensure humans can conceive but only after a set amount of time with married couples specifically keeping their fertility in synchronicity with each other with the biological window of opportunity lasting at least several months or years at a time decided by and altered by each patient with Paean alerting couples and patients to when the window of opportunity is about to arrive and the length marked on calenders..This could be applied to all newly born patients born by 2029-2045 meaning all patients born by this point could once they finish physical and sexual maturity be unable to produce eggs,spermatozoa and thus unable to conceive children but only once every few decades,centuries or thousands of years thus slowing population growth with as each person having a brief window of fertility where one does produce eggs and spermatozoa for a set decided amount of time say a few years,months or days every few decades,centuries or thousands of years with couples either existing or new can be able through CRISPR to synchronise their window of fertility so that they can arrange when in the distant future several decades,centuries or thousands of years they want to have children with this eliminating unwanted surprise children.It can be reversed but will likely stay prescient due to people focusing on their careers.Like the aforementioned birth control method it would require authorisation from both patients and Paean thus eliminating state control.If possible humans could be engineered to reach physical maturity and puberty and thus legal adulthood exponentially slower than normal thus slowing down the rate one could physically engage in sexual intercourse as well as be able to bear young exponentially with this causing one to reach physical maturity and thus finish puberty for at least several decades,centuries or even several thousand years later than normal.As a result one would be a pre teen child for at least several decades,centuries or even several thousand years before reaching physical and sexual maturity and thus legal adulthood.This would slow down population growth by exponentionally slowing down the rate one become physically capable of performing sexual intercourse and bearing young thus slowing population growth and also exponentionally slowing down the amount of resources in terms of food and water one needs since infants and children need less water and food than adults especially when combined with the aforementioned procedures and genetic engineering to reduce nutrient and water intake and radiosynthesis.As a result the point one reaches both physical and legal adulthood would be extended by several decades,centuries or thousands of years than normal with ones brain still reaching full maturity by infancy.Each individual would have to have based on their individual rate of their slowed physical maturity be assigned a new age as to when they can be considered legally an adult ie they would be assigned an adult at the age of 50,age of 100,age of 500 or age of 1,000 etc and so on in their linked Polis file.If possible until one reaches physical and legal adulthood one one could be legally denoted and age that is equivalent to normal physical equivalencies ie a person to a normal rate of physical developmentwould be considered legally 5 years old for several decades,several centuries or several thousand years until they are legally 6 years old with one legally 10 years old and so on until they reach adulthood wherein they have reached their biological equivalent to the age of majority and adulthood with one only having birthdays every few decades,few centuries or few thousand years with once they reach physical and legal adulthood one will age legally every year as normal and thus have birthdays every year.The person would be assigned their next legal and biological age when they reach the normal physical equivalencies with during the intervening decades and centuries their being an new metric of measuring ones age ie new measurement of time calculation for the intervening decades and centuries etc with once one reaches adulthood thus stopped and ones age changing normally every year.This can be added to new patients by having genes added to their parents that then causes their offspring to exhibit this upon birth via advanced gene drive technology with it added to living infant and pre teen patients that can be reversed and have patients that are engineered to age this slowly return to a natural rate of growth by adding and removing genes.Thus adding and removing genes can return a person who is physically the same as a pre teen with this genetic engineering to return to a normal rate of physical development.Genes from scratch can be developed by Phanes to decide the rate at which physical maturity is delayed by either decades,centuries or thousands of years with the engineering made so that infants in the womb would reach maturity to the same level as normal defuses and infants but once born would slow down meaning that the gestation cycle of females would be the normal nine months mesning that females would be pregnant no longer than nine months and once born the genes for delayed growth would either be turned on or applied by microbes with the slower rate reversed meaning that they can at any point return to normal rates of physical development.Once the child reaches the and of puberty the engineering would stop and anti-ageing treatments would be initiated.This can be added to some patient but not all patients with if possible those who upon reaching their equivalents of 5-3 years old or at birth or even younger who are signed up for Agoge training exempt from this or have it removed.The reverse could also be done where one reaches physical and legal adulthood much quicker even as early as ten or even five years old but this would primarily done on animals used for test subjects,those for chimera organs and remaining livestock and crops and not humans.Furthermore the birth rate worldwide may be also slowed exponentially by having females in their fertile peak indefinitely would no longer be motivated to have as many children before their fertility would naturally decline due to old age and thus would decide to have children sparingly over several centuries or thousands of years with them concisely choosing to not have children at certain points in their lives indefinitely due to this reason with the concept of banking semen and eggs may eventually disappear.Since females would be in their fertile peak of their early teens and twenties forever they as stated will no longer be forced to have as many children before it declines and will be able to space out births and manage careers and also have children at any point without the threat of misscarriages or developmental disorders etc.Females like males due to this will likely wait several centuries or thousands of years to wait to have children and even have children spaced out between several centuries and thousands of years and instead focus on careers like males thus slowing population growth exponentially with them and males possibly waiting several centuries or thousands of years to wait to settle down into monogamous relationships in the form of marriage again slowing down population growth to a rate that can be sustainable both on Earth and across the universe starting by at least 2029 when anti-ageing treatments and cures for cancer etc become widely available.Thus patients may due to staying in their fertile peak indefinitely and being able to wait for thousands of years if not forever to have children as well as controlling fertility via CRISPR will likely choose to postpone both marriage and monogomous relationships as well as starting families for several hundred years or even several thousands years by not being so pressured to do so by society and the limited fertility window present due to both male and females fertility normally beginning to decline between the ages of 30-40 onwards and then juggling parenthood and careers allowing them to focus soley on careers and travelling the world and universe for a few centuries or thousands of years thus slowing down the rate of population growth exponentially not only on Earth but across the universe.By staying in ones fertile peak forever and the ability to control fertility through CRISPR would in fact have people choose to stay single or to have children much later such as waiting until until they are several centuries or several thousands of years old to finally enter monogomous relationships or choose to have children thus exponentially slowing down population growth until interstellar travel and new emerging technologies increase the carrying capacity of the Earth etc.Thus not only will once married people choose to postpone having children after a few centuries or thousand years they may even choose to postpone marriage and monogomous relationships such as marriage in the first place whether within the confines of opposite sex relationships but also same sex relationships and would choose to engage in casual dating,one night stands and no strings attached sexual relationships with multiple sexual partners or even stay single and chaste for a few centuries and few thousands years before deciding to get married and have children.Thus people would choose to delay not only having children but also delay monogomous relationships for several centuries and thousands of years due to no longer being pressured by defunct biological factors and instead focus on careers,travel etc across the universe.This would exponentionally lower the rate of population growth worldwide and eventually across the universe.One would be able through computer networks,VR technology and and the new mentor mentoree system be able to become trained in and switch between multiple careers with ease thus allowing one to have various careers in media,journalism,psychology,law and also the arts and acting etc focusing on each for several decades,centuries or thousands of years and switch back and forth between them during this period and then decide to get married and have children allowing one to take a break from any career to focus on rearing children until their children have reached adulthood.Thus one could become well established in one or multiple careers for several hundreds or thousands of years before choosing to settle down into parenthood or even monogamous relationships then when they do have children they can retire for a few decades or centuries and focus on them and travel etc for a few decades and then return to their former and new careers once their children have reached adulthood with children even choosing to delay moving out of their parents home by several decades or centuries.One may also take time off of their careers and also having children or settle down into monogomous relationships to travel the world either as tourism and even live in different locations across the world for several years or decades at a time as well as do this with Mars and Venus once terraformed and the rest of the universe once interstellar travel becomes a reality with one using the the time not being burdened by monogamous relationships,children and even careers to travel and sightseeing acrossing the world and universe for a few decades,centuries and thousands of years.As stated CRISPR can eliminate unwanted pregamcies by turning off one’s fertility and it back on through authoritarian from Paean with one focusing on careers in multiple fields and exploring the world and eventually universe and going into retirement for several decades or centuries before returning to work with when one finally decides to have children they can take a few years off work for few years or decade or two to focus on their families and then return to their old or new careers with one carrying out multiple careers for centuries or thousands of years at a time and then retire for a few decades and centuries and start back at work in cycles.Since people would live forever they will not be pressured to have children before a set age and decide to play the field in no strings attached relationships or stay chaste for a few centuries etc before deciding to settle down thus slowing down population growth across the world and universe exponentially to allow AI develop new technologies to increase the carrying capacity of Earth and develop interstellar travel.People would no longer have to juggle careers and family responsibilities as one could once focusing on careers for a few deceased or centuries could decide to take a decade or more off of their careers as a temporary retirement to focus on children before returning to careers.For those in the elderly age range aged 65 or older who live long enough to avail of these anti-ageing treatments who have already had children may be encouraged to wait several centuries etc to wait for having more children or not have anymore with those of this age range who have not had children may wait centuries etc to have their first child.Thus it may take several centuries or several thousands of years for the worlds population to reach the 11,000,000,000 mark expected by 2100 by experts thus giving us more time to address climate change,poverty and sustainable agriculture etc and even longer to reach the 4,000,000,000,000,000 mark and also more time to develop technologies to increase agricultural productivity and increase the carrying capacity in terms of housing for humans developed by AI and its exponentially growth in computing power aiding in this and even time to develop technologies that terraform Mars,Venus and develop interstellar and intergalactic travel as well as those to construct megastructures such as artificial planets,ringworlds and alderson discs with this especially of note when interstellar travel allows for other planets across the galaxy to be colonised and colonising Mars and Venus between 2100-2200 can allow for sizeable numbers of patients to be transferred there from Earth thus slowing population growth on Earth while population growth can grow on other colonies for several centuries and thousands of years to between 8,000,000,000-9,000,000,000 mark.Thus even when Mars,Venus etc and planets across the galaxy and universe are terraformed and colonised across the galaxy and universe population growth on them will slow down exponentially as well similar to Earth with it taking thousands of years or hundreds of thousands of years or even longer potentially millions of years to reach similar levels of 8,000,000,000-9,000,000,000 mark circa 2050 and even longer to reach their maximum sustainable population capacity.This stabilisation of the Earths population alongside terraforming Mars,Venus and exploring the galaxy for Earth like planets can be done while improvements in technologies such as agriculture,energy production and housing etc detailed and hypothesised across the entirety of this website can allow for the carrying capacity of the Earth,Mars,Venus,planets and megastructures across the galaxy to be increased exponentially potentially if possible beyond the 4,000,000,000,000,000 mark(and their equivalents)or at least develop them to make the growth towards this peak limit more easy and sustainable through advancements in the computing power of AI and its development of all fields and sub fields of physics,biology and chemistry and again people postponing monogomous relationships and starting families for several centuries or thousands further exponentially delaying reaching maximum sustainable population capacity of the galaxy and universe.By 2045 onwards when AIs computing power surpasses that of all 9,000,000,000 people and beyond it will be able to develop new technologies and more efficient means of producing clean abundant energy and improve agricultural productivity while still allowing all land used for agriculture to be reforested indefinitely and increase the housing capacity of the planet exponentially by exploring new fields of physics,biology and chemistry that humans cannot.By at least 2100 its computing power may exceed that of a quintillion human beings thus allowing for it to develop new technologies that could possibly make the 4,000,000,000,000,000 mark more feasible in terms of comfort and not have to go so high with it even possibly developing hypothetical ones and those detailed here across this entire website that it could be possible by then be able to increase the carrying capacity of the Earth exponentially past this limit with this also when Astraeus will begin mapping and charting the galaxy for other Earth type planets and also Pan etc will have terraformed both Mars and Venus allowing for them to be colonised with this exponential growth continuing on until 7,137CE.It will by 2100-2200 he and human researchers will also be able to develop technologies to make interstellar travel feasible with by 2045 it developing ways to terraform both Mars and Venus.By 2029 AI will by controlling all radio telescopes etc worldwide will begin charting the Milky Way for habitable Earth like planets with by 2100 it will have narrowed down at least several dozen or several hundred planets suitable for habitationz.From 2100 this rate of finding Earth like planets will expedite exponentially with by 2200 several hundred thousand found with at this point interstellar travel ubiquitous to the average citizen allowing us to colonise other planets and spread the population of humans more evenly across the galaxy and eventually universe with even then people may delay having children for several centuries.By thus point in 2100-2200 it will possible for AI that had exponentially more computing powr than as of 2045 to develop interstellar vehicles to not only enable interstellar travel to other planets but also it becoming ubiquitous to the average citizen just as terrestrial vehicles are ubiquitous to most citizens.Thus by 2045 onwards until 7,137CE AI due to its exponential increasing computing power AI will be able to explore new fields of physics,biology etc that allow it to explore fields of science humans cannot and also hypothesise new technologies and improvements in agriculture that will increase the carrying capacity of the Earth exponentially past the 4,000,000,000,000,000 mark both in terms of housing,energy production and agriculture potentially as much as a 100-1,000,000 times more with this also applying to Mars,Venus and other colonies across the universe.These technologies will also be ones that ensure the same universal gold standard of living to all citizens in terms of housing and ease of access to food,clean energy,healthcare etc.Developments will be made into al fields of physics,biology and chemistry including new ones not yet understood by humans to increase the production of clean energy,increase agricultural production and also means to increase the available space in housing.This will be done as per Clarke’s three laws especially his second law.Thus by stabilising the population between 8,000,000,000 – 9,000,0000,000 people between 2029-2100 for a few centuries or thousand years could allow Mars and Venus to be colonised alongside new unihabited planets across the galaxy and thus give AI time to develop new technologies to increase the carrying capacity of Earth,Mars,Venus snd other planets across the galaxy and eventually universe.Even when AI reaches it peak at 7,137CE and these technologies are developed population growth will likely slow down exponentially as well thus in turn slowing down the rate that humans colonies all possible habitable worlds in the universe.This could make the population reach the 4,000,000,000,000,000 mark more feasible including in terms of comfort possibly not requiring the need for cities to go too high and make more use of underground and underwater communities and other technologies hypothesised throughout this website.Damage done to the biosphere such as reducing carbon dioxide and methane levels to pre industrial levels,reforestation of agricultural land and bioremediation of pollutes soils,oceans,ecosystems etc can begin as early as 2029.By slowing down and stabilising population growth between 8,000,000,000-9,000,000,000 between 2029-2100 for a few centuries it will allow AI time to develop new technologies that will exponentially increase the carrying capacity of Earth with by 2100 having both Mars and Venus terraformed and colonised will allow for stable population growth to occur for a few centuries more as new people born on Earth will be shipped to Mars and Venus and also other discovered planets across the galaxy allowing the Earths population to be stable at this range for several more centuries or thousands of years while Mars,Venus and other planets are colonised.As a result if the worlds population stabilising between 8,000,000,000 – 9,000,000,000 between 2029-2100 onwards it will allow for new technologies to be developed in an exponential manner that reverse anthropogenic climate change,provide anbundant clean energy,food and water as well eliminate poverty and increase the standard of living for all patients and citizen thus exponentially increasing the carrying capacity of the Earth,Mars,Venus and other planets across the galaxy and universe with this stabilisation continued for several centuries and thousands to allow for interstellar travel to be developed alongside terraforming Mars and Venus.Thus contrary to popular belief in a world of immortality a combination of wider availability of contraception,CRISPR allowing males and females to have control their fertility as well as patients staying in their fertile peak and encouraging people to focus on careers and stay single and outside of monogomous relationships for several centuries and even thousands of years could exponentially increase the time span for Earth and the rest of the universe to become overpopulated or reach maximum sustainable population capacity with population growth could theoretically in fact stall,slow down,peak or stabilise between 8,000,000,000 – 9,000,000,000 by 2029-2100 onwards for several centuries or thousands of years to sustainable levels of growth without coercion from the state etc as people will simply decide to choose to delay starting families or even getting married for several hundreds or thousand years and them focusing on careers and travelling the world and universe.VR technology could be used to start virtual families centuries or thousands of years before starting real families in the real world.VR simulations will allow sterile couples and the entire human race to have as many children in singular or group simulations with each person having access to their own personal VR simulations generated by system unit and server computers in their homes that are at first planet,then galaxy and then universe sized simulations with one able to access simulations created by others populated with an an infinite amount of AI characters to accommodate any issues of becoming bored of having met everyone as well as allowing those to whom children are important to interact with in a platonic manner an infinite number of children can be created this way both in the case where one decides to never have children or delays having children in the real world for several centuries or thousands of years with the avatar is determined by AI namely Phanes combining their DNA of each parent and creating unique genotypes that are repeated to that virtual child with extra individuals created by Phanes extrapolating an almost infinite amount of scratch DNA.There can be single simulations for each citizen that contains other AI created from scratch and be a shared simulation between multiple people or all people on Earth by linking system unit and server units between two or more people or each citizen can have their own simulations separate to that of others with the option of citizens being inside simulations enter simulations of other citizens within AI in these simulation also doing this with all AI created having separate personalities independent from each other and AI as part of the wire that would have their own personalities,releationships with each other and produce their own media such as movies,television shows,video games,plays and also live news reports and magazines that can be uploaded into the real world version of YouTbe,Wikipedia,Dionysus and Pheme as well with then having their own in simulation versions of the internet and the wire with their own in simulation political and celebrity stories etc and able to create their own offspring overtime with their knowledge of being AI or not decided by society and each user with if aware of the real world they can use biosynths to interact with the real world.They can take part in vlogs on YouTube and produce movies,video games and also podcasts and radio programmes and newspapers,magazines and live news etc in the real world and their individual simulations thus exponentially increasing the amount of media being produced even if the population of humans in the real world stabilises for several thousand years.Each world they inhabit can be a replica of Earth and the real universe or planets and universes created from scratch and from fictional media such as video games,television shows etc.People will be able to interact directly with the AI in these simulations via entering the VR simulations or the Ai inhabiting biosynths in the real world.Other AI can inhabit these simulations can be created from scratch to give more variety.At first it can be the size of Earth and updates can be used to add more planets making it galaxy or universe sized and include billions of galaxies each with billions of planets including ringworlds and alderson discs.Planets present can be much bigger than Earth as seen by the video game Minecraft having a surface area eight times that of Earth.They can stay immortal or they can grow old and die in the same ways that pre immortal humans can through disease,old age,accidents and also murder etc thus allowing for the concepts of death to be catered to.As stated this utilisation of virtual children in VR simulations could cater to the need for most people choosing to postponing having children in the real world by centuries and thousands of years to have VR children prior to this by allowing them to have as many children as they want in these VR simulations whenever they want in their teens,20s,30s,40s and so on until before they decide to have real children in the real world or even before they decide to get married when they reach the age range of several centuries and thousands of years old and provide billions or more new people to interact with in a VR simulation thus allowing for billions,trillions or more new people to interact including those that are ones virtual children and grandchildren with in VR simulations and not adding any new people on the real world and allowing for it to take exponentially more centuries or thousands of years for the population of Earth to reach the 11,000,000,000 and 4,000,000,000,000,000 mark.These VR simulations indistinguisheble from real life should be possible 2029 and become exponentially more realistic and larger every year especially by 2045 onwards until 7,137CE and thus can allow the population of Earth to stabilise and peak between 8,000,000,000 – 9,000,000,000 between 2029-2100 for at least several centuries or possibly thousands of years thus delaying the point that Earths population reaches 11,000,000,000 mark expected by experts by 2100 by several centuries or even several thousand years with it exponentially increasing the timeframe it takes to reach the 4,000,000,000,000,000 mark while at the same time allow the average individual have an almost infinite amount of children in VR simulations both prior to and after they have them in real world.People can have virtual children and even virtual husbands and wives prior to settling into monogomous relationships and having children in the real world to cater to the intrinsic emotional needs of having spouses and children for several centuries and thousands of years prior to to doing so in the real world.This should also eliminate any state intervention in controlling the fertility or birth rate of the average citizens and any notions of their having to be licenses or even lotteries to have children or any draconian measures that infringe on the rights of citizens especially females including forced abortions and sterilisations alongside elitism with regards to only the famous and powerful allowed children as anyone can using VR technology have as many virtual children they want in between the centuries and thousands of years they have them in the real world.Thus VR simulations will allow anyone have as many children they want,whenever they want with zero state interference and also lotteries other any other systems with this done both prior to and after one has decided to settle down into monogomous relationships.The time dilation effect of VR will allow for parents to be more attentive to VR children than real world ones.The video game Bacchus that replaces Second Life can cater to this alongside other personal simulations and a single shared one.Each citizen through onboard computers at home the size of system unit or server can create planet,galaxy and in time universe sized simulations filled with billions of galaxies with billions of planets with humans and non human races thus giving society a wide variety of possibly infinite new people and media for them to interact with outside of those present in the real world at the given point with one able able to through cloud networks and invites able to access the simulations of other people.The virtual children can have phenotypes and genotypes be either designed or randomised using all possible 64,000,000,000,000 possible genetically distinct combinations of genotypes between each couple.When couples do decide to have children natural designer offspring fertilisation can be used to create real world versions of virtual children.Even unmarried individuals in their teens,20s,30s,40s etc can have virtual children prior to settling down into monogomous relationships.This VR technology will also cater to materialism allowing the average individual own and infinite amount of manufactured goods especially garish luxuries such as mansions,cruise ships,yachts etc conjured up at zero cost without expending energy and the finite resources of the Earth allowing existing ones in the real world to be traded away or recycled.Biosynths escorts and pornography stars designed on Peitho can cater to an infinite amount of adult sexual partners in the real world via biosynths and VR simulations outside of that present in the real world.Furthermore both individuals and society as a whole could switch from quick short term planning focusing of goals with regards to live goals,family planning and environmental and political concerns and policies that lead to sloppiness and half baked solutions,carried out instantly with little thought and forward planning that fall apart within years would change to more long term planning of these due to individuals living long enough to see events that will occur hundreds,thousands or even millions of years in the future that would take into account events in the distant future that would be more likely to be stable and planned and enacted more efficiently.Legalisation of homosexuality and same sex marriage worldwide especially in the developing world ie Africa and the Middle East will encourage homosexuals to no longer be closeted and enter unwanted marriages with women and have children against their will as they will be legally allowed to enter marriages and monogomous relationships with those of the same gender thus preventing them having unwanted children with women with them using adoption if not IVF births thus further stabilising population in the developing countries and elsewhere where it is illegal.The main factors of population spikes and indeed population growth especially since the start of 1800s has been the need to produce as many children prior to when ones fertility drops before the age of 40-50 and thus biological fertility factors,the need to produce as many young as possible to survive poverty,lack of education and access to contraception due again to poverty.All of these factors can be resolved through education and availability of contraception and CRISPR treatments to control fertility as well as biological immortality allowing females to maintain their fertile peak forever thus delaying the need to procreate for at least several centuries or thousands years.

New Technologies:
New technologies will be developed by AI ftom 2045 onwards that will exponentially increase the carrying capacity of the Earth.All of these hypothesised technologies will follow Clarke’s Second Law and will be developed by the increasing computing power of AI from 2045 onwards with some developed by 2035 in proto forms.Research into all of these technologies will begin in 2029.New technologies from 2045-2100 onward can be developed to increase the carrying capacity of the Earth in terms of housing and agriculture with when combined with improved agricultural productivity could if perfected exponentially increase the ability for the Earth to house more people.2045 once the computing power of AI exceeds that of all 9,000,000,000 people in the planet marks the begging of a trend towards technologies that we associate with science fiction and even those unimaginable to us due to the fact that at this point Gaia and other AIs computing power exceeds that of all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet and the fact that the development of AI and processing power of machines and primitive computers and modern day ones has been synergistically linked to each other since the beginning of the modern age of science with this thus continuing until 7,137 CE following the exponential growth curve of Moores Law thus we can assume that due to the increased processing power of Gaia etc new fields and developments of science in all fields will follow this curve and trend alongside it most of which will be beyond our limited comprehension of reality and our current understanding with 2045 being as stated the start of this and also the point at which AI will always be exponentially more powerful than all humans on the planet or even galaxy thus making it impossible for humans to outcompete her for any remaining jobs.Proto versions of these technologies will be availible by 2035 once her and other AIs computing power exceeds that of 1,000,000,000 – 4,500,000,000 humans with them becoming exponentially more powerful,cheaper etc every year from 2045 with them ubiquitous to all citizens all facets of society between 2050 – 2060 onwards due to the exponentially increasing computing power of AI.Intensive research will be begin into thee technologies starting I 2029 by AI and humans.They will thus be able to be mass produced on a commercial scale that they will become available to the average citizen at almost zero cost similar to existing everyday technologies such as smartphones and terrestrial vehicles but through biosynth technology,picotech fabricators and nanomaterials and since developed by AI that will have sold parenting rights to them will be by law completey free to everyone for free rather than a select few thus rendering notions of them relegated to a select individuals obsolete and allow the average citizen worldwide and across the universe have access to the same universal gold standard of living on par with or even better than the current top 1% or 0.1%.All science fiction movies,books,comics,television shows and video games will be analysed by Urania,Hecate and Gaia etc to see what technologies present in them can be achieved with the the new technologies sections of this website can be analysed as well to act as a baseline.Hypothesised technologies are detailed in the new technologies section of this website in the new stuff section that will be potentially possible due to the increasing computing power of AI by 2045 onwards will play a role increasing the carrying capacity of the Earth.These AI will analyse these technologies and see how to make them a reality using its advanced computing power and ability to to understand elemental and advanced fields of physics,biology and chemistry only it can comprehend with human researchers aiding them.Once Gaia,Astraeus,Hecate etc exceeds this mark she will be able to extrapolate and carry out mathematical equations and calculations,simulations and understandings and manipulations of the physical,chemical and biological laws that humans simply will not be able to understand and thus development into all of three fields and subfields necessary to create these and other technologies that seem like magic,pseudoscience to us or to which engineering problems exist that make them currently impossible due to our brains limited neural capacity and not only develop technologies associated with science fiction but also new ones we have not yet hypothesised but also solve engineering,physical and structural problems that we cannot solve such as problems associated to interstellar,intergalactic and even inter dimensional travel,Elon Musks hyperloop as well as constructing ring worlds and alderson discs and making all of their surface area habitable as well as guarding them from asteroid impacts and even preventing the heat death of the universe as well as even manipulating fundamental forces such as gravity,dark energy and dark matter to prevent the Big Crunch or big rip of the universe as well as stop or reverse its acellerating expansion thus keeping all galaxies and star systems in the universe at a suitable distance from each other preventing them from going far too away to limit of colonisation of them and also preventing them colliding with each other.These hypothetical technologies detailed in the new technologies section of this website,the rest of the website and other new technologies developed by AI once it supersedes that of all all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet by 2045 will be ones that eliminate poverty worldwide forever and give all citizens across the world and universe the same universal gold standard of living as everyone else with proto versions possible by 2035.AI between 2035 when it exceeds the computing of 1,000,000,000 and 2045 when it exceeds that of all 9,000,000,000 will be able to investigate new fields of physics etc well beyond what humans can in order to make these and other hypothetical technologies detailed in the new technologies section as close to reality as possibly following Clarke’s three laws.New technologies not yet hypothesised by humans will be investigated by 2045 onwards to 7,137CE.Put simply once the singularity comes around all bets are off – that is when the “fun” finally begins.Energy constraints will be negated by the advent of fusion power,solar arrays,dyson swarm from 2050-2100 with fusion power having an increase of energy density of 708,333,184 – 966,666,560% more dense than fossil fuels.Brontes would ensure that the energy from fusion power plants,dyson swarms and excess energy generated from all homes and power plants worldwide would be distributed only to energy intensive picotech fabricators and transporter technologies around the world while Ocenaus,all homes of all types,all manufacturing hubs etc will be charged by geothermal and renewables etc.These energy sources – fusion,dyson swarms and picotch fabricators especially large ones would allow for the construction of Oceanus, space stations,terraforming projects and also interstellar,intergalactic,interdimensional travel with them also charging any vessels passing through as detailed earlier on.Thus by 2029-2045 both money and human labour will become obsolete in all sectors of the economy due to AI and automation and genetic engineering etc increasing productivity of food and AI such as Steropes,Cronus,Aphrodite etc seizing control of the means of production,energy and agriculture and sectors of society away from both government and private corporate control with by 2045 a mere sixteen years later having exceeding the computing power of all humans on Earth the free market system and money will become obsolete since humans will not be able to compete with them and the  costs of producing housing,energy,food and manufactured goods will be brought literally to zero as advances in AI,genetic engineering and new technologies will be always able to create food,energy etc on a scale exponentially greater than what is actually needed by the current population each year due to the synergistic link between AI and all fields of science and technologies created by it in a process called exponential synergism escape velocity pushing the cost of food,manufactured goods and energy even rare and expensive ones including luxuries constantly to zero as detailed earlier.Thus by 2045 our ability to produce energy,food etc especially rare and expensive ones will be able to produced on almost unlimited scale that will always be exponentially greater than what is actually needed by the current population every year and getting exponentially greater ever year thus pushing their costs to zero.Furthermore the development of all fields of science will accelerate exponentially to the point that all technologies that improve crop yields,biomedicine,housing etc that cater the better quality of life of humans will accelerate to the point the the time it takes for them to become cheap enough to be available to everyone at zero cost will increase exponentially thus making the time lag that they become ubiquitous the average citizen will become shorter and shorter taking a few years,months if not days to become cheap enough to be widely available to everyone at zero cost rather than decades as seen in past technological advancements such as mobile phones and the automobile.Furthermore due to the exponential development in AI their will be an exponential improvement in efficiency and strength of each technology and the time lag in improvement in efficiency and strength of these technologies will become shorter for example this includes faster and stronger biosynth WiFi speeds,stronger and faster as well as more intelligent biosynths/machinery/electronics and more importantly AI,better time dilation effect in VR simulations,larger more cleaner and more efficient forms and higher yields renewable energy from each type and the longer lifespans of each type,batteries that can store larger amounts of energy much faster,higher and faster crop yields from hydroponics/bacteria,higher yields of elements and water from picotech fabricators,higher yields of synthetic gemstones/ornamental rocks and graphene and other similar nanomaterials etc.Each hypothesised technologies will also become much better and efficient or larger hyperloop speeds with less energy uses etc.These improvements will get exponentially better every year proportional to the rise of AIs computing power until 7,137CE.These technologies will be primarily be those that will eliminate poverty and famine globally by providing cheap clean energy,faster processing speeds in electronics,faster WiFi speeds,increased luxury housing space,exponential food production including expensive commodities,free biomedicine and healthcare that will bring costs down to the point that they will be available to everyone at zero cost eliminating scarcity,poverty and money thus eliminating class structures as everyone will have the same gold quality standard of living as everyone else in terms of housing,healthcare,biosynths doing labourious work,education,access to cheap clean energy,availability of high quality and nutritious food and commodities and so on including those that are currently expensive and thus relegated to the wealthy elites now have their costs brought to zero and thus rendering the free market system and class structures defunct.As a result the average citizen around the world in both in what is now labelled the developed and developing world including the poorest of the poor will have access to the same gold quality standard of living or even better than what is now considered only accessible to the top 1% or even 0.1% of the population at zero cost at no effect to the environment with those currently as part of this group also having this same high quality standard of living as a result of these and other emerging new technologies developed by AI.VR technology by 2029 will cater to materialism allowing one to own an infinite amount of manufactured goods such as mansions,villas,cruise ships and yachts etc that will be conjured up instantly at zero cost without expending the finite amount of materials and space on Earth and the rest of the universe.These technologies derived from science fiction will be ones that eliminate poverty worldwide forever and also eliminate scarcity of food,housing,energy and even raw elements and water thus exponentially increasing the standard of living for all citizens and exponentionally increase the carrying capacity of the Earth both in terms of housing and food.

These technologies will not only eliminate poverty and famine worldwide forever but also exponentially increase the carrying capacity of the Earth,Mars,Venus and also colonies across the universe in terms of both housing and agriculture at zero ecological cost well beyond the 4,000,000,000,000,000 mark with even by 2035-2045 Advances in agriculture and advances in energy production already be able to allow the world to feed a population well beyond this mark with 7,137CE advances in these technologies and other new technologies increasing the carrying capacity of the Earth exponentially well beyond the 4,000,000,000,000,000 mark if possible 100-1,000,000 or more times than than this mark.Developments in all fields of biology,chemistry and physics will exponentionally become faster and cheaper.Hecate etc will analyse all existing and future science fiction movies,video games,television shows and novels to compile a list of futuristic technologies that it will investigate ways to make a reality with it also compiling a list of existing pseudoscientific technologies and those not possible under existing understandings of science and investigate measures to make them a reality.AI once it surpass the computing power of all 9,000,000,000 people and beyond on the planet can only be able to carry out and extrapolate the necessary calculations,simulations and discoveries in physics needed for these and other technologies to exist in the first place with this accelerating at an exponential rate until its peak in 7,137 CE with this and an exponential synergism escape velocity will shut down socialism,free market capitalism,money and eliminate poverty and famine forever.If possible proto forms of all of these technologies may be possible even as early as 2035 when its computing power exceeds that of between 1,000,000 – 1,000,000,000 humans on the planet or more may allow for the first proto forms of these and other technologies to be commercially available or at least researched in universities and also the first instances of AI grasping and discovering the necessary fields of science to create them.Thus as early as 2035 proto versions of these technologies may be commercially available or at least in their research phases and then available by 2035-2040 with by 2045 them becoming ubiquitous and also more powerful or larger internal surface areas,more energy efficient and newer capabilities etc with by 2045 onwards them becoming even more powerful,efficient etc.Research will possibly begin by 2029.These technologies developed by AI and its increasing computing power of AI will be able to make technologies associated with science fiction and new ones a reality and be able to solve remaining technical and engineering problems associated existing proposed and hypothesised technologies such as hyperloop travel,interstellar and intergalactic travel as well as the construction and habitation of megastructures such as artificial planets,ring worlds,alderson discs.This is counter to the linear development of AI and all fields of science such as agriculture,biomedicine and energy that the general public is accustomed to – one must think in a non linear fashion.An analogy would be that difference in reality comprehension,abstraction between humans and its ape cousins and more simpler organisms as humans are capable of more complex abstraction and mathematical calculations than less evolved animals that cannot comprehend those that humans are capable of thus AI by 2045 onwards will be capable of more complex abstractions and calculations etc that humans cannot comprehend.In an exponentional rate.A human explaining the meaning of a painting or subtext of movie or other piece of art and advanced mathematics or physics and philosophy to an insect,mouse or chimpanzee will be similar to AI by 2045 onwards explaining abstractions and mathematics it can only understand to a mere human.The rate of technological development in all fields of science is proportional to the exponential growth in AI as per Moore’s Law until about 7,137 CE.Thus the more exponentially powerful AI becomes each year the more advanced each new field of science it is able to explore and more complex and advanced technologies it can extrapolate and create with existing technologies becoming exponentially cheaper,efficient and better than the they originally were every year.Furthermore this exponential growth will also follow that of energy and food production etc  meaning the more powerful AI becomes our ability to produce energy and food etc will become exponentially greater each year than what is actually needed by the current population every year thus pushing its cost constantly to zero.This is seen so far by the exponential growth of technology and all fields of of science cocurrent to the rise of the first computers during the early to mid 20th century,parallel exponentional growth in all fields during the mid to late 20th century and concurrent exponentional development of proto,full and super AI as well as all fields of science during the early 21st century from 2000-2045 and onwards.Thus by 2045-2100 poverty should be eliminated from the Earth forever due to this and the free market system defunct.Geothermal should thus become the predominant power source worldwide by 2029-2045 to start creating this positive feedback loop alongside intensive research into artificial intelligence.Research will be made into Erebus and Nyx both terrestrial and space based,interstellar vehicles,Oceanus,picotech fabricators etc as per Clarkes second Law begging by 2029-2045 by both AI and human researchers.As stated by 2045 the computing power of 9,000,000,000 people it will be able to carry out calculations,simulations,viewing and manipulations of the building blocks of reality in all physics,chemistry and biology thus making these and other technologies possible.The technologies discussed here are to act as a baseline for creating their equipments in the real world that is to say if the technology is made a reality it may be slightly or completely different or work on completely different principles but them described here is to act as a baseline to push human and AI scientists towards creating technologies that are as close as to them as possible and thus should be where scientists should be directed towards creating their real world equivalents

Space Exploration:
By at least 2035-2045 Astraeus and Pan will begin terraforming and setting up colonies on the moon,Mars,Venus etc and constructing space stations and cleaning up the space debris surrounding the Earth by 2029 as detailed earlier on.Depending in the rate of terraforming proportional to the rate of technological development and computing power it could be possible for both be terraformed and habitable between 2055-2100 with all work automated from start to finish by Astraeus,Pan,Artemis with bases and colonies set up in underground communities and some surface colonies during the terraforming process by humans engineered to survive the atmosphere etc until intensive bioremediation makes them completely indistinguishable to Earth.Space stations orbiting both Mars and Venus can be set up that act as permenant homes both during and after terraforming.At this point by 2045-2100 Astraeus will also start setting up bases on the Moon,Europa and other terraformeable moons in the Solar System and also setting up orbiting space stations across these moons and also Earth and even interstellar vehicles used as permeant homes that will be able to support large populations especially housing indoor farms etc with VR technology used to escape to Earth like environments and used as keep in touch with people on Earth thus alleviating fears of overpopulating Earth at least for the next few hundred or thousand years.If possible once Venus is colonised since it is roughly the same size of Earth a few billion people can be transferred to it from Earth to lower the population of Earth to the population of what it was and will be between 2000-2050 without killing anyone with Mars at first housing a few million to few hundred million.Otherwise a few billion new patients born on Earth can be transferred to Venus and Mars once they reach adulthood.Both Venus and Mars will be terraformed to the point that it will be habitable like Earth by removing all excess carbon dioxide and other toxic gases,add soil and ozone layers and have both similar atmospheres,climates and complex ecosystems like jungles,deserts and oceans like on Earth.Astraeus,Pan etc will begin to terraform both Mars and Venus by at least 2035-2045 with it habitable and indistinguishable from Earth in terms of climate,ecosystems with Venus having the same amount of surface terrain as Earth with Mars having slightly less and then both colonised by at least 2100 with Venus being able to hold the same 4,000,000,000,000 people as Earth with when first terraformed at least a few billion newly born patients once they reach adulthood will be transferred to both Mars and Venus keeping Earth population stable at 8,000,000,000 – 9,000,000,000 with Mars have a few million or few hundred million patients transferred there with underground communities increasing the population allowed there with its carrying capacity being possibly being at most a 1,000,000,000 people.If possible once terraformed by the end of the century a few billion people could be transferred to Mars and Venus thus lowering the population of Earth to between 5,000,000,000 – 6,000,000,000 people.The process of terraforming them both will be slow at first but will become exponentionally faster from 2045 onwards with it likely terraformed and habitable before humans set foot on both with Pan etc organising this terraforming process that will automated from start to finish.By 2035-2045 underground,floating and underwater communities will be set up by AI on Earth with them housing at least another few billion people with although not removing people from the Earth it can both house more people than normal since underground communities can be underneath existing towns,cities and also reforested and existing wilderness with the worlds ocean floor housing more land for cities than on the surface.Space stations that orbit the Earth,Mars,Venus and other planets in the solar system and interstellar vehicles will by 2100 be able to house several million to several billion if mass produced and can be self sufficient that will become permenant homes with VR technology slowing them to escape to any environment.If possible advancements in physics can allowing for flying cities that float in the upper atmosphere of Earth similar to proposed flying cities of Venus that travel constantly across the Earths upper atmosphere with genetic engineering allowing humans to survive these conditions with these housing a few million people.It is by 2100-2200 that the sentient Astraeus will being charting,exploring and mapping the entire Milky Way Galaxy through mass prodicing interstellar vehicles that explores ever star system as detailed later on.By 2029-2100 Astraeus,Hecate and Urania etc will seize control of and use telescopes and satillite to at first chart the galaxy by searching for Earth type planets with its increasing computing power allowing it to do so in a much more efficient and faster means than what is currently possibly with by 2029 onwards it carrying out intensive research into relevant fields of physics for not just interstellar travel and mass producing interstellar vehicles but also improving the ability and rate of scanning the galaxy using both radio telescopes and satillites etc to detect Earth like planets and advanced civilisations on par with or more advanced than humans with this improving exponentially each year until eventually the entire universe is charted with it also able to mass produce satillites,observatories and and radio telescopes that are exponenentially more efficient,more compact,cheaper and faster every year using Biosynth technologies and nanomaterials combined with quantum computing etc thus improving the rate it can scan the galaxy for new Earth like planets.By 2035-2045 it should become exponentially better at detecting other Earth like planets and its rate of doing so will become exponentially better especially when combined with newer technologies and also having all observatories and Satillites across the world fitted with technology and all automated and controlled by Astraeus that scans the galaxy in a pre programmed manner thus meaning we should have at least a dozen Earth type planets detected between 2045-2100.By 2045-2100 AI will begin via probes etc charting the entire universe starting with the Milky Way galaxy in an exponentional manner.Between 2100-2200 interstellar travel will become ubiquitous and within the reach of the average citizen in the form of interstellar vehicles similar to cruise ships that carry thousands or more passengers as well as interstellar versions of aeroplanes,buses,taxis and even interstellar private vehicles all controlled by AI.Between this time 2100-2200 the amount of Earth type planets discovered will increase exponentially to at least several thousand or several million with us gaining first contact with at least a few hundred sentient alien races during this period as well.Starting in 2029 onwards Hecate,Astraeus will by 2029 onwards carry out intensive research into the necessary fields of physics to develop interstellar travel which will become exponentially better by 2035-2045 onwards making the first interstellar vehicles used for exploration and eventually commercial cruise ship style vehicles and even private interstellar vehicles being capable of traversing the vast distances between stars in the Milky Way galaxy feasible and ubiquitous.From then on intensive research will be carried out to improve interstellar travel but also develop and improve intergalactic travel making it ubiquitous.Erebus and Nyx will also set up at this time alongside transporter technology for interstellar vessels,post offices and also airports allowing for humans to quickly move from Earth to other key star systems and also allow for quick communication across the universe since intensive research will be started by Hecate,Astraea etc into all fields of physics necessary for interstellar travel and communication and the creation of Erebus and Nyx systems as detailed later on starting at 2029-2100.By at least 3,102CE the entire Milky Way galaxy will be charted and mapped with by 7,137CE at least most of not all of the 100,000 galaxies as part of the Lanikea Supercluster will be mapped and charted with colonies set up on unihabited planets across all galaxies.Once the Lanikea Supercluster is mapped then rest of the universe will mapped in an exponential manner with by 428,887 CE the entire universe consisting of 200,000,000,000 – 2,000,000,000,000 or even more galaxies will be mapped.Estimations put the number of Earth type planets in the Milky Way at 11,000,000,000 – 40,000,000,000 ensure that stable population growth will be necessitated for the next 55,000,000,000,000 – 200,000,000,000,000 years with there being an estimated 200,000,000,000 – 2,000,000,000,000 galaxies in the observable universe.Further theories project that the universe may in fact be 150,000,000,000,000,000,000 times bigger than the observable universe with at least 150,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 galaxies.Artificial planets the same size as Earth can be created in other solar systems and in our native one with as much 202 of them created that orbit Jupiter,Saturn,Neptune,Uranus that can be either as densely populated as Earth or even more densely populated if they are decided to become ecumenopolises from the outset similar to the fictional Coruscant with artificial climate and hydrological systems present controlled by Theoi Meteroi that could ensure that stable population growth will be necessitated for the next several billion years or at least several hundred million years.Megastructures such as ringworlds,dyson shells and alderson discs with the surface area of 1,000,000 – 1,000,000,000 Earths if made possible and could be constructed through advances in science and technology by AI and have all surface area habitable could ensure that stable population growth will be necessitated for at least 5,000,000,000 – 200,000,000,000,000 years each.AI as it becomes exponentionally more powerful could theorectically extrapolate countermeasures of these megastructures making all parts of them fully habitable and stable and protect them from asteroids and solar flares.Colonisation of in solar planets and moons,formation of space vessels and stations as permanent habitats,interstellar,intergalactic and inevitably interdimensional travel will accommodate a growing population at a steady rate due to the aforementioned ideas will ensure that stable population growth will be necessitated for the next several hundred trillion years.Research will be done into interdimensional travel to gain access to parallel dimensions that are uninhabited that could exponentially cater to stable population growth indefinitely.Digital immortality can be researched where ones conciousness is absorbed not copied into computer networks where one could lives forever in VR simulations and servers with one using blank biosynths to interact with the physical world.

As detailed here and in the summary of food production section of this website the world by 2029 will have switched entirely to in vitro meat,bacteria based commodities,algae,aquaponics,aeroponics,hydroponics and also localised agriculture in the form of home,community and vertical farms thus allowing for all land currently used for agriculture to be reforested forever and still feed a growing population well beyond the 11,000,000,000 expected by the end of the century.Tyche and other AI will investigate ways to lower the amount of water used worldwide.Aquaponics,aeroponics and hydroponics by its very nature uses 70% less water with it becoming the predominant method of agriculture.Crops,in vitro meat and remaining livestock etc and even humans using Xerophile DNA will reduce water requirements for humans,crops etc by as much as 90-99% with that from T.gammatolerans,W.dermatitidis,C.sphaerospermum and C.neoformans combined with scratch DNA possibly allowing them to radiosynthesis thus replacing the biological process of water completely.All homes and buildings worldwide will undergoe luxury renovations and also those to make them water efficient including tornado and spiral faucets for taps that reduces water use by 98% and Orbsys showers that reduce water use in showers by 90% with hydrophobic and anti-dirt liquid glass sprayed onto clothing and cutlery and utensils will allow them to be cleaned by gravity thus eliminating dishwashers and clothes washers.AI anf human will conduct intensive research done into reducing water use in all sectors of society by at least 90%.Desalinsation plants will be used by all coastal towns,cities and villages by 2050 to supply them with water which will be once treated pumped into lakes and rivers to return to the ocean and keep levels of water in lakes and rivers constant all year long especially in desert countries that face droughts.Inland landlocked towns and cities can use underground pipes to transport water inland and again the treated water dumped into lakes.Since the Earth is covered by 70% this should eliminate water scarcity for the next few thousand years.Nanomatetials such as graphene anf biosynth tissues will reduce energy costs in desalinisation plants by 99% making it ubiquitous with them powered by renewables such as wave,geothermal and thermophile-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes.By 2045 technological developments will allow AI as part of Theoi Meteroi control they weather including rainfall patterns thus keeping areas well fed of water especially in times of drought with this even used to push deserts worldwide into artificial wet periods turning the Sahara,Sahel,Death Valley anc all deserts worldwide into lush jungles,Savannah’s etc.Reducing Carbon dioxide levels back to 280ppm will return global rainfall patterns to normal.Biocompatible microbes through scratch DNA will replace most elements in electronics,batteries and robotics etc.

Biocompatible microbes will be developed for all species of crops and ornamental plants as well as remaining livestock by Phanes.These will house protein coats specific to each species etc and will in the case of plants for existing living plants be injected via biosynths modelled in Anopheles and also applying a mixture of them in water via watering can.Existing animals can have them injected into them at any time.Plants such as crops and ornamental plants can have new plants created by 3D DNA printers innoculated during their creation via 3D DNA printers or via them harboured in the seeds of older plants and then planted.Research can be done into ways of innoculating seeds during their creation.These will carry out the same functions as those in humans ie immunisation strains,anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-helminthic strains,augmentation strains.All crops and ornamental plants will have via 3D DNA printers creating them have DNA to give them fully functioning immune systems.Existing plants will have microbes give the genes to house these fully functional immune systems.These fully functional immune systems will have them produce leukocytes similar to humans etc and allow them to be immunised like human ones against all pathogens etc using the common proteins methods.Existing plants can be given fully functional immune systems via injecting augmentation strains into the plants via biosynth haematophages injecting the microbes into the leaves them entering the roots via them mixed with water in watering cans.Livestock will be innoculated bobs syringes.Each species and breed of crops,ornamental planets and livestock will have species specific microbes created that house their protein coats and use leukocytes as a baseline.Their actions in home,community and vertical farms will be controlled via biosynth WiFi generated by Satillites,smarthphones,drones etc and onboard computers managed by Aristeus and farm AI.These will upon harvesting of crops and meat fight off spoilage pathogens with them to prevent them entering the human body be through biosynth WiFi undergoe apoptosis before consumption or in the human body with them designed to be unable to survive the stomach acids of humans etc and the cooking processes.Biocompatible microbes can also be done to combat diseases for livestock as well as beneficial wild species of animals such as bees and other endangered animals.Having the microbes cause as much damage as possible through carrying out as many or all of different means as possible in the aforementioned and other methods at once will improve success to catch the pathogenic virus,protozoa or bacteria off guard and unable to mutate and adapt with this used to attack viruses and pathogens that are untreatable and even act on ones that have yet to become resistant to antibiotics and conventional treatments as well as those that can be eliminated from vaccines with these theoretically allowing all pathogens particular superbugs to be wiped out from the face of the Earth alongside sterilising sweeps with it used deal with zoonotic diseases and pathogens of pets,livestock and wild animals to again prevent unnecessary suffering of wild animals with it possibly used to fight disease in crops and ornamental plants as well as fight of foodborne pathogens in crops before they enter the human body or even kill of spoilage bacteria and those that affect yields.These could be done in plants with them also engineered to produce melittin,cyanovirin-n,lactic acid,neem oil and other fungicides in their xylem,roots,leaves etc negating the need for fungicides,bactericides etc and can be designed to kill off pests of crops thus preventing the need for pesticides.The genome of all targeted pathogens will have their DNA added to Physis for later study,application in creating new organisms for creation and modification of future biocompatible microbes.All livestock,animals in zoos and pets will have their own versions of microbes created to do the same functions as those in humans ie protect against pathogens,make them immortal,eternally young and able to survive extreme environments,cure genetic diseases and also immunise them.Livestock and pets will be given their own versions of biocompatible microbes to fight off pathogens especially zoonoses such as L.monocytogenes,MRSA,M.tuberculosis with them also immunised against these to ensure lifelong protection and thus prevent pathogens spread to humans via milk,meat and eggs with this eliminating antibiotics and antibiotic resistance from the food chain and preventing new superbugs arising..Prior to this bacteriophages for all pathogens that affect livestock will be developed.All species of animals such as livestock,pets,wild animals including endangered ones in those in zoos should have their own species specific biocompatible microbes that carry out the same functions as humans created to again extend their lifespan through age reversal using the same DNA treatments and immunity to pathogens,prevent unnecessary suffering through removal of and treatment of both pathogens and also eliminating genetic diseases from the gene pool,remove antibiotics from the food chains,eliminate zoonotic diseases both existing and potential new ones,allow endangered species numbers to increase with the nanomachines and implants formed also able to be used by Artemis to track populations of all known species on the planet in the wild.This can be used to track populations of endangered species and also allow hunters to cull numbers of those who are becoming too numerous that would cause an imbalance in the ecosystem this can be done by introducing inoculated animals into the wild that pass this down via sexual intercourse and also swarms of biosynth arthropods and lampreys.In pets and livestock gene therapy will also be used to make them able to digest food that is toxic to them ie in the case of C.l.familiaris be able to eat Vitis,T.cacao,Coffea,Allium and also P.americana.All pathogens of livestock and pets whether viral,bacterial and fungal including parasites will be like human ones be tested in automated labs against the compounds present in sap,blood,stings and bites of all plants and animals on the planet with the genotypes of all pathogens that affect both pets and livestock to have the genotypes for all pathogens analysed by AI at the same time as those for humans are done for immunising strains for pets and livestock.This can be introduced into livestock,wild animals including endangered ones and pets to prevent them harbouring and transferring the infections to each other or humans instead of using antibiotics which would enter the human food chain but also can be introduced into both livestock before they become infected so that they reside in the hosts body and fight off any infections that occur.Species specific biocompatible microbes can also be created for each species of pets,livestock and wild animals to negate the need for antibiotics and unnecessary suffering and aid in the recovery of endangered species including and eliminate zoonotic diseases.In the case of wild animals they could control behaviour or control them physically with them producing natural or synthetic sedatives when needed on demand say when a person is being attacked by wild animals with if possible them in the case of livestock increasing muscle to fat ratio by breaking down fats in the body and saturated fats in the meat and them also building muscle using intaken nutrients.In theory bio-compatible recombinant DNA can be taken from the hosts DNA or just human or species DNA to allow the beneficial infection killing bacteria coat itself in DNA from humans or host livestock and pests and allow it propagate within the patient indefinitely to act as symbiotic bacteria that can fight off infections that arise instantly this way that the immune system,nanomachines,antibiotics or even anti-viral drugs cannot fight due to resistance or sheer inability acting as a secondary immune system with them reproducing via mitosis and also gaining biological immortality from endolithic bacteria.For remaining livestock not made obsolete by in vitro meat and bacteria based milk these will fight off pathogens and parasites and immunise them against them thus eliminating antiobiotics and superbugs from the food chain and development of zoonoses.Wild animals that are carriers and vectors of zoonoses will have biosynth Arthropods innoculate them with species specific microbes that immunise them against them and also fight them off and pass from one generation to the next to wipe them out from all animal vectors.Crops and and ornamental as well as wild plants can again have species specific microbes that carry out the same functions to extended their lifespan and also increase their rate of growth and resource use and protection from toxins,heavy metals and also immunise them and fight against pathogens in the same way as humans and like animals keep track of plants with them passing from one generation to the next via seeds.Livestock and pets of each species and breed etc will have specific specific anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal and anti-helminthic strains to combat pathogens and parasites with research done into immunisations for all viral,bacterial,fungal pathogens and parasites again using the common method proteins.Each species of pathogens will have them tested against compounds in the sap,stings and bites of plants and animals to test their ability at killing them and recombinant DNA added to them.Like human pathogens and parasites Phanes and Paean will analyse their genome and outer structures to extrapolate synthetic antibodies,compounds and enzymes that kill them that can be created by anabolic and catabolic reactions and even genes extrapolated that are stored in their Physis file and downloaded.They can also be given the same augmentations and anti-ageing treatments as humans.Genetic diseases will be treated by CRISPR treatments with stem cell strains repairing deformities such as Syringomyelia in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and similar neural and skull deformities in other breeds of C.l.familiaris and Feline catus will be corrected via this with the skull made larger by forming bone tissue and then new neural tissue formed in place of lower bone tissue removed with AI crafting larger skulls that can house larger brains preventing discomfort with CRISPR treatments will also be used to treat them with other deformities in other breeds corrected using a combination of CRISPR and also microbes cosmetic surgery with advanced gene drive technology preventing them passing down onto the next generation with new ones created by artificial wombs have genetic deformities weeded out.The living Phanes method can give living pets unique genomes to eliminate genetic bottlenecking.In remaining livestock microbes especially immunising strains,anti-bacterial,anti-viral and anti helminthic strains will remove antibiotics in the food chain by immunising them and fighting off any pathogens as well as track their populations and location by creating internal biosynth implants.Wild animals will have genetic disease eliminated to prevent unnecessary suffering,eliminate genetic diseases.Each species of plants either ornamental plants or crops via CRISPR can be given fully functioning immune systems like humans and then immunise against all pathogens and fight them off that then pass from one generation to the next thtough seeds etc with this done to eliminate bactericides etc from crops and also eliminate pathogens especially invasive ones that are decimating endangered plants in wilderness areas.Resistence to diseases and the ability to produce repellents will eliminate pesticides etc with them given the ability to require less water,fertiliser and also prevent fertiliser burn and grow into large masses and bloom all year long and live forever through the same augmentations snd anti-ageing treatments as humans will be added to them.Living ornamental plants can have microbes added to them via entering the roots via water applied by watering can to give them CRISPR treatments.Wild plants especially endangered species that are being decimated by invasive viral,fungal and bacterial pathogens can be innoculated with species specific microbes that through CRISPR give them fully functioning immune system and also strains that immunise them against all pathogens and attack viral,bacterial and fungal pathogens using CRISPR treatments and natural and synthetic anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal compounds.Plants such as ornamental plants and crops via CRISPR can have fully functioning immune systems added and then given their own species specific strains to fight off infections and immunise them and give them augmentations etc.These microbes in animals and plant would be suited to each species to prevent them interbreeding with humans and other animals that eat them due to surface proteins with them communicating with those in animals that they are eaten by to be told to be flushed out if the body via urine and feces to be again collected and used in electronics.Thus if a person ingest microbes from other animal species or even those from other humans and even crops then the hosts microbes will signal them to leave the body with the primary immune immune system suppressed from initiating allergic reactions etc or will ordered by Paean to undergo apoptosis.Paean,Artemis and Aristeaus will control these via satellite wifi.If need be if a person has become infected with microbes from another animal species or those from plants then they can be caused to undergo apoptosis via horizontal gene transfer from the patients microbes or by wifi from Paean,or simply travel to the small and large intestine via chemical and wifi signals to be flushed out.These microbes in plants and animals will have the same strains and purposes in each species as those in humans.As detailed earlier on Apidea species around the world Bombus,Azmellifera,A.mellifera mellifera,Amegilla cingulata,Ancylaini,Exomalopsini,Meliponini,Anthophorini can be hybridised with Africanised bees and also A.mellifera liguistica,Apis cerana japonica to be made immune to colony collapse disorder,increase honey production,made immune to pathogens and pests and fight off invasive species of Vespa veluntina,Vespa mandarinia japonica,Vespa simillima xanthoptera scouts.It would be done by capturing queens of both Africanised bees and native species around the world from and inoculating them with microbes that apply CRISPR treatments to make them docile hybrids make them resistant to wifi,pathogens pests and have a fully functioning immune system that can be immunised against all pathogens such as Ascosphaera apis using immunising strains and fought off by anti fungal,anti-viral and anti-microbial strains.CRISPR treatments would pass to all future workers,drones and queens laid by the queen via advanced gene drive technology and microbes via eggs.Augmentations can be given to them such as psychrophile,thermophole,telomere and cellular repairing genes and radioresistence to allow them to survive cold snaps,dry or wet weather and even doses of radiation to sterilise them of pathogens and parasites.Thermophile DNA coupled with A.c.japonica DNA can allow all species in America and Europe fight off invasive V.veluntina,V.m.japonica,V.s.xanthoptera scouts by gaining the measures that A.c.japonica has in killing off scouts of invasive Vespidae with the thermophile DNA allowing them to survive the high temperatures generated with this thermophile DNA added to A.c.japonica as well.This if done to many nests then overtime these docile variants will interbreed with other nests of Africanised bees and then pass this on via advanced gene drive technology.This can be done to queens of native species both in the wild and commercial hives to give them benefits of Africansied bees and still be docile.3D DNA printers can also be used by creating billions of hybrid larvae using the Phanes method and feeding them royal jelly created by bacteria and them interbreeding with native bees and africanised ones using advanced gene drive technology and can be done at the same time as capturing queens and making them hybrids via inseminating them with microbes.These measure would also eliminate Africanised bees in America and anywhere else they have invaded by turning them and native bees into hybrids that are better pollinators and increase productivity of honey,are immune to all pests and pathogens and are still docile enough to be commercialised and not attack people in the wild.This can apply to all species including A.mellifera and will be done to make Africanised bees docile and native ones better pollinators and produce more honey.Africanised bees that have invaded America etc will be hybridised with native bees and have genes added to make them docile and thus less aggressive towards humans with native bees have their better pollinating ability to make them better pollinators.This should over the course of a decade eliminate Africanised bees from places they have invaded and cause all native bees alongside them to be better pollinators and immune to all pathogens and pests etc and also able to fight invasive V.veluntina,V.m.japonica,V.s.xanthoptera,V.jacobsoni species from Asia all in one go.Apidea can be given immune systems,microbes that can immunise them against pathogens,given CRISPR treatments to be made immune to Ascosphaera apis and fight off infections when added to queens that pass this onto all future generations via advanced gene drive technology and also eggs.The microbes can be intaken by Varroa destructor,Varrora jacobsoni that can be killed off by them similar to human parasites by creating compounds to kill them,make them susceptible to the compounds at their disposal or cause key organs to undergone apoptosis or via CRISPR and advanced gene drive technology made into dertivores.These hybrids that overtake both Africanisd bees and native species to be docile but have all the benefits of Africanised bees and also of A.m.liguistica,A.c.japonica etc.Genes extrapolated by Phanes from scratch will also be added to make them immune to pesticides especially neonicotinoids and also wifi with reforested land providing more foraging areas.Microbes in them can utilise WiFi to allow Aristeaus and Artemis track migrations and foraging of commercial and wild hives and even make them better pollinators by guiding them to crops,forests and wild plants that form neural implants.

Summary of Food Production

As detailed in the energy section of this website by 2035-2045 the world should have switched to an entirely renewable energy grid consisting of 70% geothermal,10% renewables,10% fission with the remaining reserves of fossil fuels such as oil,coal and gas being burned at 10% to allow the carbon dioxide sequestered into an abundant supply of diamonds,graphene and biochar with automated carbon sequestration programmes lowering carbon dioxide and methane levels back to pre industrial levels of 280ppm and 722ppb respectively by 2035-2045 with aforementioned and new technologies increasing agricultural productivity exponentially while still allowing all land used for agriculture to be reforested forever.Biosynth batteries will make electric vehicles,both autonomous private vehicles but also public ones and aeroplanes and cruise ships and wall batteries in homes etc ubiquitous at zero cost without the need for mining for finite reserves of Cobalt,Lithium and sodium etc which are environmentally destructive to extract with them unlike lithium based batteries being able to store vast amounts of energy within minutes and last forever making them suitable for cruise ships,autonomous vehicles and even aeroplanes all powered by geothermal.Geothermal that uses closed circuit looped pipes wherein water is heated and turns turbines and never leaves the piping thus never causing earthquakes should be able if perfected by 2035-2045 be able to provide clean energy for the entire world for at least 217,000,000 years according to a 2017 study called A Global Review of enhanced geothermal system by Shyi-Min Lu of the Industrial Research Institute with almost zero carbon dioxide emissions with fission power providing at least 300,000 years of clean energy with synthetic oil,coal and gas providing a cheap,free and carbon neutral source of energy for millions of years.Bacteria can through Biosynth WiFi and also anabolic and catabolic reactions be made to synthesise synthetic alkanes such methane,ethane,propane etc all the way up to tetrapentacontane and also branched alkanes,cycloalkanes,alkynes,saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons,unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbons,aromatic hydrocarbons,annulynes,annulenes and alicyclic compounds and also synthetic gasoline,diesel,pentane,petroleum,gasoline,kerosene,butanol etc and also gasoline additives,brake fluid,gear and motor oil onsite of Talos factories etc.It since grown onsite of Talos factories,petrol stations,power plants and homes would eliminate energy in extraction and transportation thus having a energy returned on energy invested ratio better than 3:1 with consistently high yields forever making countries and even each individual town,village and city self sufficient with regards to fossil fuels for potentially millions of years of not forever.Then of course bacteria through recombinant DNA can create oils from all 2,391,000 plants and animals on a commercial scale that can power gasoline vehicles and power plants with carbon neutral fuel.This would render all remaining finite reserves if oil and gas in the crust obsolete and since Phanes and Steropes could own patents on the bacteria it would be by law free shutting down fossil fuel corporations forever with these synthetic fuels being created by bacteria would need carbon dioxide to grow meaning they would intake the carbon dioxide they release when burned this would make them carbon neutral thus allowing them to be used as a carbon neutral transitional fuel while automated carbon sequestration programmes reduce carbon dioxide and methane levels back to pre industrial levels and the world transitions to renewables such as geothermal and also Biosynth batteries for vehicles.This will be grown onsite of petrol stations,local power plants and Talos factories and even homes thus giving it a energy invested,energy returned ratio better than 3:1 and will require no human labour or even automation that will provide carbon neutral,free and limitless oil and gas for millions of years.Algae grown onsite of sewage treatment plants will also provide a carbon neutral biofuel that will act as a transitional fuel that adds no extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere while carbon sequestration programmes remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere reducing the levels of carbon dioxide from 422ppm to pre industrial levels of 280ppm.By 2045 onwards fusion power and dyson swarms and other emerging technologies will be developed that can provide clean abundant energy for billions of years with as detailed in the energy section.Fusion power by 2050 will meet the energy demands of the world for at least 60,000,000 -150,000,000,000 years.Dyson swarms and other emerging technologies will by 2100 onwards provide even more clean abundant energy for billions of years.By 2029 onwards all private homes worldwide will undergo rennovations that make them water and energy efficient and also add roof,side and underground extensions to add amenities and also house bedrooms for tourism as home sharing will replace hotels and motels with them also undergoing luxury renovations to increase the standard of living of the residents.All hospitals etc will undergo this.All abandoned and obsolete buildings worldwide such as banks,supermarkets and other physical retail outlets as well as banks,corporate headquarters etc will be rennovated into luxury hotel style homes with measures to make them energy and water efficient with existing hotels,motels etc converted into permenant homes.Asbestos and other toxic compounds will be removed and replaced with fungi based insulation and hempcrete.


Skyscraper hotel or apartment style homes will become the predominant communal home and predominant homes worldwide.Those modelled in hotels will house suites the same as the Venetian standard roughly 60.387 square meters enough to house a king sized bed,en suite and enough closets for married couples with these homes having communal living rooms in the form of the communal lobby,communal gardens on the grounds of them and also communal rooftop gardens,communal dining halls,communal automated kitchens and communal amenities like pools,saunas etc.To eliminate human labour botlr,tug and other robots providing room service will be present alongside other robots etc eliminating all human labour in kitchens,room service and also communal amenities like pools,saunas etc with all of hotel style homes and their amenities,suites and kitchens etc being luxury style ones on par with the Venetian in Las Vegas.All human labour will be eliminated by 2029.The buildings built for the homeless and poor will be if possible tall as original World Trade Centre twin towns destroyed in 2001 or even Burj kalifa.Those as tall as the World Trade Centre could holds 1,244,900 square metres (13,400,000 square feet) with Venetian standards suite being 60.37 square metres (650 square feet)thus allowing these to hold at least 20,621 suites as much as 20,521 – 41,242 people if 1-2 people are in each room.The Pallazo Standard is slightly bigger at 720 square foot or 66.8902 square metres and could hold 18,611 – 37,222 people.The average Americans bedroom which is considered one of the largest in the world is 12.262 – 18.58 square metres(132 – 200 square foot) and most master bedrooms are 20.8103 – 32.51 square metres(224 square foot to 350 square feet) meaning residents will have large bedrooms larger than in normal homes at least two or three times bigger than a master bedroom and five times bigger than a normal bedroom enough to meet the needs of married couples and hold an en suite with a toilet and shower,king sized bed and large closets for clothes with those by the sides housing balconies.These hotel style homes will have automated communal kitchens,automated communal dining halls,communal amenities such as pools and sauna etc and a communal lobby acting as a communal living room with them having one to five extra floors than the World Trade Centre to house these communal amenities and lobbies on the ground floors.Hotel style homes may need extra floors to ensure an equal dispersion of communal kitchens and dining halls to deal with the ability to serve 18,611 – 41,242 people with food with if need be there being the option of meals delivered to each suite.Botlr and tug robots will deliver meals to suites with these added to existing hotels and motels as well as obsolete buildings etc converted into permenant homes.Kitchens will be automated by using chef robots etc and biosynths.Underground basements can house these extra floors.Otherwise each persons 60.37 – 66.8902 square metre suites can in place of living rooms house a closet and also miniature kitchen with a microwave,countertops,sink and fridge.The suite can be modified into a micro suite that is 60.37 – 66.88902 square metres and is larger than most modern day micro-apartments.Micro-apartments that are 60 square metres could in these buildings hold 18,611 – 41,242 people,Those that are 50 square metre apartments could hold 24,898 – 49,796 people with 40 square metre apartments housing 31,122 – 62,244 people.Those that are 30 square metres could hold 41,496 – 82,991 people.Hotel style homes will be modelled on hotels with the Venetian and Pallazo standard of 60.37 – 66.8902 square metres(650 square feet) that is larger than most American normal and master bedrooms will be the bottom baseline style home with again these hotel style homes will have communal living room/lobbies and them having automated communal kitchens and automated communal dining halls.Other communal homes built including in the same size as this model will be luxury apartment blocks on par in luxury quality to billionaires row in America such as One 57,432 Park Avenue,252 East 57th Street,Central Park Tower etc and similar high end luxury apartment buildings around the world thus giving the poor currently living in slums,shanty towns and even the homeless quick access to high quality housing.Other models can be developed that are compact and be able to house large amounts of people.The World Trade Centre each individual building took up space equal to 4,019 square metres wide and 0.004019 square kilometres and thus combined were 8,038 square metres and that is 0.008038 square kilometres.The World Trade Centre buildings can have their shape modified to be spread sideways across a large area or different shapes but still have the same internal surface area of 1,244,900 square metres.That would have the building take up 1.24 square kilometres.These 1.24 square kilometre homes will become the predominant homes across the world and even in colonies across the universe including Mars,Venus etc and other Earth type planets and megastructures such as artificial planets,ringworlds,Alderson discs.AI will be able to design new models of buildings that when spread out over 1.24 square kilometres or more or less on one floor can hold exponentially larger internal surface area and thus exponentially larger amount of apartments and buildings and thus hold exponentially more people on 10-100 floors.Mag lev elevators can be added that can go upwards,downwards and sideways to be faste and more energy efficient than conventional elevators to allow the internal area used by the elevators in the original design to be used for more living spaces of apartments with the inner cores structural design modified for each different design of these buildings.Using models that are spread out over 1.24 square kilometres could house the entire population of entire cities and in some cases have extra space filled in with people from adjoining towns and cities.The internal surface area of each apartment in buildings that have one floors as detailed here and others that house between 3,780 – 136,014 and are between 547 – 77,000 square metres which is the size of most luxury mansions,penthouses etc currently owned by the wealthy top 1% meaning most of not all people from all towns and cities could fit comfortably in one building in luxury large sized apartments currently owned by the wealthy and upper middle class meaning even the poor who live in slums and low quality housing estates or even the wealthy themselves will not be cramped with only existing luxury apartments and hotels etc converted into hotel style homes will remain.The amount of people 3,780 – 136,014 that can fit in one floor is the population range of most towns and small cities meaning their entire population can be moved into one single building that takes up 1.24 square kilometres.As stated adding 10 floors could allow them to hold 37,800 – 1,360,140 people which is within the population range of most cities.Adding 100 floors could hold 378,000 – 13,601,400 people again within the range of all of the most populated cities.This 1.24 square kilometres is only a baseline as much better compact,designs that are able to take up even just 0.8038 – 0.88418 square kilometres of land that can hold the same or more people can be developed by AI.The internal surface area of each apartment as detailed here and others that are between 547 – 77,000 square metres which is the internal surface area size of most luxury mansions,villas.penthouses,palaces etc currently owned by the wealthy top 1% or those that are vacant can be found on luxury home retail sites meaning most of not all people from all towns and cities could fit comfortably in one building in luxury large sized apartments currently owned by the wealthy and upper middle class meaning even the poor who live in slums and low quality housing estates or even the wealthy themselves will not be cramped with only existing luxury apartments and hotels etc converted into hotel style homes will remain.These apartment models can be used for apartment blocks housing not only bedrooms but also kitchens,living rooms and other essential rooms but also amenities like pools,spas,home cinemas,jacquzzis and hot tubs with most bedrooms large enough to house double,queen and king sized beds,closets for two people and smart flatscreen televisions with cribs for infants held in parents bedrooms or living rooms etc with children old enough to not need cribs will sleep in their own double,queen and king sized beds with if possible pre teen children sleeping in the same bed with siblings of the same age until they move out in their teens into other apartments etc.These apartments will house large families,large amounts of friends and groups of unrelated people with them sizeable enough to house large living rooms and kitchens and bedrooms for privacy.They will cater to primarily the poor who live in slums and low quality housing estates allowing them to move into these large apartments that are all luxury apartments and allow slums and low quality housing estates to be demolished and reforested giving the cities large areas of wilderness making them 50-90% more compact

The amount of apartments in a set of buildings and how much people they can store is dependent on the size of apartments in square metres and number of beds especially double,queen and king sized beds that can hold present.AI can possibly design new apartment models different than the aforementioned ones with different sizes in terms of metres squared and number of bedrooms with sizeable amounts of space in living rooms and different amount of beds that are adequately sized to increase the amount of apartments and people present.If possible rather than having all buildings apartment models have the same layout of rooms the decided apartment model can have the size of each room modified and its location and layout modified thus giving variety with bedrooms made larger or made smaller to house more bedrooms or other rooms made smaller,larger or removed together and the amount of space they occupy shared equally to all bedrooms thus making bedrooms equally larger or add extra bedrooms with other rooms have this done.This modification can be done to add amenities or make certain rooms more spacious etc.Instead of using a single apartment model ie design,size and amount of bedrooms in each building then its possible for AI to extrapolate thousands of different combinations of different apartment models that are of varying sizes,varying numbers of bedrooms to be used in each set of buildings to increase variety and more importantly increase the amount of people present potentially more than 136,014 people or house various combinations that house between 2,666 – 136,014 people.Other skyscraper homes will have larger apartments that house families or unrelated people of varying sizes.Large apartments if possible can be remodelled into a series of micro-apartments if it can be shown that they can increase the amount of people present.All building types whether hotels or apartment blocks will be purely luxury buildings with luxury furniture,luxury furnishes and flooring etc with silk etc created by bacteria and synthetic wood also created by bacteria used.This will ensure that even the bottom baseline housing for the poor and homeless moving into them will be of a high standard on par with the wealthy above what even most middle class suburban residents have until technological advances caused by the exponential growth of the computing power of AI will increasing the living standard of all people in all types of homes including even those occupying these buildings.All major cities will house these and even coastal cities with even islands that suffer urban sprawl such as Lanzarote,Gran Canaria,Cayman,Mauritius,Hawaii and other densely populated islands that suffer urban sprawl will have urban sprawl demolished,reforested and these tall buildings built with only luxury mansions and palaces especially historical ones left standing with abandoned buildings of historical value kept and converted into homes with large ones converted into communal homes via adding roof extensions.Historical obsolete buildings such as schools,supermarkets,hypermarkets and shopping malls,hotels,motels etc will also be kept and converted into communal homes via roof extensions.The type of building whether hotel style of apartment will be dependent on the place they are put in with small towns of at least 10,000-25,000 people will have Venetian style Hotel style homes present with large towns and cities with populations in between 25,000 – 1,000,000 will have apartment style homes with cities with populations above 1,000,000 will have a mixture of both.The number of bedrooms and rooms in each apartments will be uniform in each set of buildings but the layout of rooms and interior design and architecture of each room will be unique to each apartment with the possibility of each apartment being of different sizes and different number of bedrooms in each apartment in each building and the current population of a town or city will determine what uniform size of apartments etc or what type of apartment,what size and number of bedrooms in each one will be chosen.Those in towns can be built in the outskirts and have all poor people living in low quality homes and ghettos from that town and also from all surrounding towns and even villages added to them thus meaning that populations from entire surrounding towns and villages can be filled into them thus allowing all homes in these surrounding villages and towns to be demolished thus making villages and towns exponentially smaller until only business districts that include retail outlets that will contain supermarkets etc and hotels are left and then will be given roof extensions to make them similar buildings.People especially poor people can even be transferred or move into apartments in different countries and islands etc across the world.This may negate the need for each and every town and city to have them.

Underwater and underground communities would also increase the carrying capacity of the Earth with underground communities underneath not only existing cities and towns etc but also underneath wilderness such as forests,jungles,hybrid farms.Underground communities will also be underneath existing towns,villages and cities worldwide and underneath existing and reforested wilderness with them using VR technology and also digital smart windows to allow one to escape to any environment while still increasing the density of them.They will utilise carbon scrubbers,geothermal etc.Underwater communities will be able to be constructed at the lowest depths of the ocean and along the coasts of all major cities and like underground communities will be using geothermal power,carbon scrubbers,biosynth nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide,internal gardens and even forests with them through pyrex infused with graphene,liquid glass that repels water and prevents the acidity of the ocean eroding stone and steel structures and even graphene composites will allow the large underwater sections of the Earth with them formed by the coast of existing cities,islands etc and also in the depths of the worlds oceans decided by AI with them accesed by Oceanus,bathyspheres and cruise ships etc stopping at them underwater and large lighthouses in the surface that houses stairwells and elevators to them with even floating cities located above and connected to them.These would use bioluminescent moss,CSYS lighting on the ceiling and on streets that turn on/off for lighting and trees and nanomaterials that separate carbon dioxide into oxygen.Further advances could have them include soil etc created by organic material to include parks and even wilderness and complex artificial ecosystems and weather systems and other advances to include day/night cycles with not heating and light during the day with during the night heat captured into energy by thermo-piezoelectric materials etc.Floating cities can be above these underwater communities and connected to them by elevators and other parts of the ocean via graphene trusses.Nanomaterials including graphene and others of all 94 elements will play a role in allowing cities to go higher thus making them more compact and dense with underground communities underneath them further increasing density with support columns have these bored into them or put on roofs in layers.Biosynthtic technology and nanomaterials that passively separate oxygen from carbon dioxide will provide oxygen and digital smart windows provide scenery.This would use scratch DNA,that from chemosynthetic bacteria and plants could allow them to do so passively without sunlight with biolumescent plants and moss that also able to do so via this via this DNA.Recombinant DNA from either S.liquefaciens,Carnobacterium genus and even M.wolfeii,M.barkeri,M.formicicum or all combined could allow humans to survive the low pressure of the upper atmosphere of Earth with regards to those living in very tall buildings inthe “death zone” of Earth like in the Himalayas 8,000m.This extremely low air pressure of 7 millibars is lower than the 303 millibars of the highest point on Earth – the summit of Mount Everest.Tall luxury hotel style communal homes that use Venetian suites – 65.0321 square metres or luxury apartment blocks will play a role in allowing cities to go higher thus making them more compact and be the predominant home in cities,towns on Earth and on colonies across the rest of the universe.Existing obsolete buildings such as banks,corporate headquarters and supermarkets etc can go as high as possible via roof extensions.Future private homes will be cottage,suburban home style homes,tall ones with underground extensions and underground ones that take up less space on the surface.Cities that suffer urban sprawl can have all buildings in areas outside of retail streets/outlets and central business districts demolished,roads dug up and have tall luxury hotels put in place to house those from poor neighbourhoods with this and underground communities used to make them compact to increase density.People in slums and low quality housing estates can move into communal homes derived from skyscrapers etc in central business districts and mega hotels built ontop of major retail outlets and retail streets allowing slums,low quality housing estates etc to be demolished and the land reforested.Even most suburbs will be demolished and roads dug up.Only homes wherein the original homeowner decides to stay and renovate will stay standing and communal homes built around while allowing enough land for sizeable gardens.Those who stay will merge their home with that of several neighbours making them miniature mansions with all other homes of low quality demolished and the land reforested.Otherwise the land they occupy can be reforested.In all options roads will be dug up and the landscape reshaped..Even islands that have large areas of low quality homes like the Isle of Man,Lanzarote,Gran Canaries,Hawaii etc will have whole low quality suburbs demolished as locales move into existing and new hotels and have underground and underwater communities also with roads dug up and hedges removed.Underground communities will be built underneath all new and existing reforested wilderness allowing all reforested land to house communities underground with even homes designed to be underground that have windows and balconies that pop up at the top with stairs etc and even underground roads allowing access to both underground homes and communities.Underground communities will also be underneath existing towns,villages and cities worldwide and underneath existing and reforested wilderness with them using VR technology and also digital smart windows to allow one to escape to any environment while still increasing the density of them.Underwater communities will be able to be constructed at the lowest depths of the ocean and along the coasts of all major cities using geothermal power,carbon scrubbers,nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide,internal gardens and even forests with them through pyrex infused with graphene,liquid glass that repels water and prevents the acidity of the ocean eroding stone and steel structures and even graphene composites will allow the large underwater sections of the earth to be colonised.Floating cities can be above these underwater communities and connected to them by elevators and other parts of the ocean via graphene trusses.Land surrounding all towns,villages and cities worldwide will be reforested as far back as possible to their primevil state via soil samples determine what grew there with them returned to their original state of jungles,forests,woodlands and meadows etc.This will give them sizeable wilderness for hiking with all towns,cities and villages will become compact and densely populated via utilising underground communities underneath existing towns,cities and villages and even existing and reforested wilderness with cities and towns becoming taller via roof extensions to communal homes derived from primarily obsolete buildings such as retail outlets and banks etc.Urban forests will be set up in towns,villages and cities worldwide to improve air quality and provide areas for hiking.Urban prairies will be reforested alongside golf courses and driving lanes due to them being replicated in VR simulations with areas of cities etc that house patches of grass criss crossed with roads have the roads dug up and turned into parks etc with areas of blight in all major cities consisting of abandoned decaying will have them demolished and the land reforested with only historical buildings and those of sentimental value kept and renovated to luxury standards.Golf courses and driving lanes by themselves and in the grounds of country clubs and hotels converted into communal homes will be reforested as far back as possible alongside other outdoor amenities such as paintball zones etc will be reforested as far back as possible since they will be replicated in VR simulations with all future new courses being VR ones designed by the AI Agon and members of the public.Urban prairies will be reforested as well.Playgrounds and funfairs can be demolished dug up and turned into parks or community farms or permanently reforested due to them visited VR technology once scanned in.Greyhound and horse racing tracks will be reforested as well due to being made obsolete and buildings present turned into homes with this replicated with NASCAR,Formula 1 race tracks once dug up since they will take place in simulations.All human and pet crypts and graveyards worldwide both small ones and large military ones will be turned into memorial gardens or woodlands with a pillar housing the names of all buried individuals present allowing memorial masses to be held while at the same time them housing extra green space.Small ones next to churches will be turned into gardens while larger ones next to reforested areas and woodlands as well as large military graveyards will be reforested with in all cases the headstones,crypts demolished and recycled and the bodies dug up and converted into diamonds or cremates to be kept by next of kin or placed in museums.Some will become memorial gardens while those next to fields and forests may be turned into memorial forests which contain trees and also flower beds arranged ergonomically with again a pillar that houses the name of the dead present where memorial masses can be healed allowing it to be reforested and house memorial masses etc with as states all dead bodies dug up and converted into diamonds kept by families.Any future humans and pets that do die will be pyrolysised and converted into diamonds to be kept in homes of relatives etc or cremated and stored in urns.

Reversing damage to Earths biosphere :
Once the world has switched to vertical farms that utilise aquaponics,in vitro meat and bacteria based commodities that become the predominant form of agriculture as detailed in the summary of food production it can allow all land used for agriculture worldwide to be reforested giving Lazarus species and those brought back from the brink sizeable wilderness availible to all countries worldwide with Pan organising biochar carbon sequestration programmes by 2029 reducing carbon dioxide levels back to pre industrial levels between 2035-2045 while the world switches to renewables such as geothermal etc as detailed in the energy and environmental management sections of this website.As a result of all land being reforested through advances in agriculture each country worldwide will have sizeable wilderness areas for hiking,tourism and carbon sequestration and for animals including endangered ones snd extinct ones brought back to roam.Carbon sequestration programmes as detailed in the energy environmental management section will involve Bambusoidea,Cannabis sativa.Salix Babylonica enginered to intake 10 – 1,000 times more carbon dioxide than normal and grow in all soils and climates worldwide which one it reaches maturity will be harvested and pyrolysised and converted into synthetic diamond,fertiliser and graphene to lock the carbon forever into commercial products.If the plants are also engineered to intake 100 times more carbon dioxide every year(1,235 tonnes every year per hectare) through engineering,growing faster and taller and producing large amounts of leaves etc then every year then 123.5Gt can be sequstered  on 100,000,000 hectares about 0.67372% of the Earths surface.To sequester 138.4Gt roughly 110,909,091 hectares or 0.74722% of the Earths surface may be needed with 185.3Gt sequestered on 1% of the Earths surface with 10% removing 1,853Gt per year.If possible engineering could ensure 12,350 tonnes can be intaken every year on each hectare every year by increasing their ability by 1,000 times then 0.067372% of the Earths surface would be required to intake 123.5Gt,0.074722% of the Earths surface to intake 138.4Gt,0.74722% of the Earths surface intaking 1,384Gt with 1% intaking 1,853Gt per year every year using Bambusoidaea plantations.By comparison the world emits 37.1Gt of carbon dioxide every year leaving a net removal of 1,815Gt of carbon dioxide every year if we burned fossil fuels at our current rate with a world powered by only geothermal would emit 0.6-1.66Gt every year leaving a net removal of 1,852.4Gt carbon dioxide while the ideal one powered by 10% fossil fuels and 70% geothermal would release 10.6Gt every year meaning every year would have a net removal of 1,842.4Gt of carbon dioxide every year using both geothermal and fossil fuels.These will occur in temperate and tropical countries with the plants enginered to survive the local climate and soils across the world and will include most of Europe including France,Germany,Ireland etc,China and India and North and Central America with it done in land previously used for agriculture once the world shifts to vertical farms etc with once finished the land will be permenantly reforested with since fossil fuels will be continued to be used at a much smaller rate of about 10% these programmes will continue in each countries.These countries have predictable climates and large tracts of rich arable soil with the plants engineered to survive the native soils and climates especially winters and droughts etc.Other programmes will involve macro algae which using 9% of the worlds oceans can remove 53Gt of carbon dioxide every year with genetic engineering increasing this by as much as 10-1,000 times and even allowing less of the ocean to be used as little as 0.009-0.9% of the worlds oceans to be used.This estimation was made by Ocean Foresters in 2012 in a study called Negative Carbon Via Ocean Afforestation“.By comparison the world emits 37.1Gt of carbon dioxide every year leadung to a net removal of 15.9Gt of carbon dioxide every year while still burning at our current rate with a world powered by only geothermal would emit 0.6-1.66Gt every year leaving a net removal of 52.4Gt carbon dioxide while the ideal one powered by 10% fossil fuels and 70% geothermal would release 10.6Gt every year meaning every year would have a net removal of 42.4Gt of carbon dioxide every year using both geothermal and fossil fuels.Macro algae can be grown in the worlds oceans and harvested and pyrolysised to remove at least 53Gt of carbon dioxide every year if only 9% of the world oceans is used with genetic engineering increasing this by anywhere between 10-1,000 times allowing even less of the worlds oceans to be used as little as 0.009-0.9% of the worlds oceans to be used.Like terrestrial based programmes the plants will be pyrolysised into biochar.These would undergoe genetic engineering to increase growth rates and carbon dioxide intake with if it can intake 10 times more carbon dioxide thus allowing even only 0.9% intake 53Gt or allow 9% to intake 530Gt with indoor systems used using recirculating aquaculture systems with them using carbon dioxide from artificial trees.If it can intake 100 times more carbon dioxide then 9% can intake 5,300Gt,0.9% intake 530Gt and 0.09% intake 53Gt.This extra 53-5,300Gt can be ontop of what is intaken by outdoor plantations with the algae also pyrolysised into biochar with it also removing carbon dioxide stored in the oceans reducing ocean acidity and preventing them acting as sinks.If possible genetic engineering similar to Bambusoidea etc could allow 1,000 times more carbon dioxide thus allowing 9% of the worlds oceans to remove 53,000Gt,0.9% intake 5,300Gt,0.09% intake 530Gt and 0.009% intake 53Gt anually.These will take place on the coasts of all coastal countries with it also done on deep ocean rigs.Phanes combined with Physis and 3D 3D DNA printers will expediate thr development of these genetically engineered plants that intake exponentially more carbon dioxide will take only a few years or even days with all steps in planting,harvesting and pyrolysis being automated from start to finish.It should be possible through all of these combined to revert carbon dioxide levels from 422ppm to 280ppm between 2045 – 2100 the latest with this certainly possible by 2100 if starting by 2030.The current level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is currently roughly 422ppm with 142ppm excess in the atmosphere and 165ppm by 2029 with each 1ppm by volume of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere thus represents approximately 7.82 Gt of carbon dioxide with this means that 1,110.44Gt needs to be removed from the atmosphere.In 2029 about with carbon dioxide concentrations of 445ppm about 1,290.3Gt needs to be removed.If we were remove 15.9Gt annually then carbon dioxide levels will drop by 2ppm every year meaning it will take 82 years to return to pre industrial levels with if 42.9Gt is removes every year it will drop by 5.41ppm every year taking 30 years to return to pre industrial levels,removing 100Gt every year will reduce it by 12.7ppm every year meaning it will take 13 years to return to pre industrial levels,removing 130Gt would reduce it by 16.5ppm every year meaning it would take 10 years to return to pre industrial levels,removing 258Gt would reduce it by 32ppm every year meaning it would take 5 years to return to pre industrial levels,removing 429Gt will have it drop by 54.1ppm every year taking 3 years to return to pre industrial levels with removing 1815Gt will cause it to drop by 232ppm every year and take less than a year to return to pre industrial levels and so on.AI and human researchers will carry out intensive research as deatailed in the environmental management section of this website to exponentially increase the rate of carbon dioxide intake of macro algae and Bambusoidea etc exponentially starting in 2023 with automated programmes starting between 2025-2029.Macro algae will only need to be engineered to intake 3 times as much carbon dioxide as it normally can and Bambusoidea etc would only need to intake about a 100 times more carbon dioxide as it normally can Proto AI and 3D DNA printers should expediate there development making it possible by 2030 for these to intake these required levels if not more every year by 2030 thus meaning it should be possible to revert carbon dioxide levels back to pre industrial levels of 280ppm by 2040 the earliest and 2060 the latest.In order to revert carbon dioxide back to pre industrial levels by 2040 over the course of a decade if this level of engineering can be achieved by 2030.By 2029-2035 it could be possible to remove up to 100Gt every year with by 2040 it could be possible for 130Gt to 200Gt to be removed every year with marine cloud brightening and calcium aerosol programmes started in 2030 to mask the worst effects of climate change.From 2029 onwards the rate at which it will drop and rate at which the plants through genetic engineering will increase this rate will increase exponentially every year.It can also involve artificial trees that intake one tonne of carbon dioxide every day can through advances in technology such as nanomaterials and Biosynthetic technology exponentially increasing this by 10-1,000 times by 2035-2045.Through this exponentional increase of these artificial trees ability to intake carbon dioxide.if possible as much as 109,500,000Gt(109.6Pt) could be removed annually every year by 2045-2060 using only 1% of the Earths surface via artificial trees that each intake a thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide a day composed of nanomaterials and biosynth technology.This is roughly 7,670 times more carbon dioxide in all remaining naturally formed reserves of fossil fuels such as oil,gas and coal worldwide roughly 14,275Gt.It is roughly 103,791 times more than what needs to be removed from the atmosphere. This use of artificial trees will be used in carbon sequestration programmes as part of terraforming planets rich in carbon dioxide such as Mars and Venus.These programmes will involve these artificial trees in taking carbon dioxide is then converted into dry ice that is shipped to greenhouses or underground tunnels etc that house the aforementioned plants that is then intaken by the plants which are then pyrolysised into biochar.Once agricultural land is not needed due to improvements in agriculture this agricultural land will be used.Once these countries switch to Aquaponics,vertical farms,genetically engineered bacteria etc like the rest of the world they will have large areas of arable land available to grow these plants in large plantations encircling towns,villages and cities etc with once levels drop to 280ppm then most of this land will be reforested with native plants with these plantations continuing to be carried out in parks and some wilderness areas as remaining reserves of fossil fuels are used.All steps in carbon sequestration projects will not only be automated from start to finish managed by Pan but also powered by renewables such as geothermal,wave power and also carbon neutral synthetic oil and gas and also electric vehicles to make them carbon negative.Once the world returns to 280 ppm then these carbon sequestration programmes will still occur in these countries if not worldwode to keep it at that when fossil fuels are burned at 10% rather than 87% with Pan interacting with sensors as part of Theoi Meteroi detecting levels of carbon dioxide and also power plants to ensure that the amount of carbon dioxide being released and sequestered is exactly 1:1 that is for every gigatone released every year then exactly one gigatonne is sequestered every year with this done worldwide.Pan will make sure that carbon dioxide levels will stay at 280ppm forever and if they rise above it then it will increase the amount of plants grown and if it falls below it will burn extra bacteria based fossil fuels or reduce the amount of land used for biochar sequestration etc to prevent it freezing the Earth.Geothermal the predominant energy source will release 97-98% less carbon dioxide than fossil fuels as a geothermal powered world will take 22-41 years to release the same amount of carbon dioxide a fossil fuel world dies in one year with SNOX filters and other measures reducing their carbon footprint possiblt to zero.Once levels are reduced to pre industrial levels of 280ppm and genetic engineering improves their carbon dioxide intake even more exponentially then only a smaller fraction of land worldwode will be needed and the vast majority of land formerly used in original carbon sequestration plantations in each country especially former agricultural land used for these plantations will be permenantly reforested into jungles,forests and meadows.This process of biochar carbon sequestration and artificial trees is more effective than simply planting trees and storing it underground as the carbon dioxide is permanently removed from the atmosphere,can remove larger amounts of carbon dioxide,stores it forever in useful commercial products,can be done anywhere in the world over and over again on the same amount of land,can be fully automated with no human labour with existing programmes that sequester it in the ground ceasing and those already stored in saline aquifers and also limestone removed via boring underground and also oil wells that can remove the carbon dioxide and return it there again.Rather than planting trees once the plants used intake carbon dioxide and once mature they are harvested,cut down and pyrolysised by heating it to high temperatures in a way that release no extra carbon dioxide but locks in a solid biochar material where it can be stored forever in synthetic diamonds,fertiliser,Graphene etc and then the land can be replanted and the process repeated over and over again using the same amount and area of land rather than once through reforesting land.Unlike planting trees which temporarily locks the carbon into plants that is then released in to the atmosphere once the plants dies and decays thus making them carbon neutral biochar locks the carbon dioxide permenantly into commercial products such as fertiliser,diamonds,Graphene and carbon composites thus making it a carbon negative process that lowers levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.Synthetic diamonds produced by these will shut down the blood dismond trade as they will become indistinguishable to real diamonds and become cheaper to manufacture every year from 2029 onwards and will be produced onsite of local manufacturing hubs.Graphene will be created to be used in electronics etc and biochar will be used as fertiliser to increase crop yields.The plants are harvested and pyrolysised wherein they are heated to a high temperature that causes them to form into a charcoal like structure that is then turned into fertiliser,diamonds etc that permenantly locks the carbon dioxide away forever with the process then repeated every year with new plants grown,harvested and then pyrolysised with this removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over and over again thus exponentially decreasing the levels of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.In the case of all plants such as macro algae and Bambusoidea,C.sativa.S.Babylonica used they will be planted then once they reach maturity harvested and pyrolysised that then converts it to biochar that can then be converted into commercial products that permenantly removes the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then allows more plants to be grown in its place to remove even more carbon dioxide exponentially by repeating the process over and over again.Furthermore it can be done anywhere in the world with this exponentionally increasing the amount of carbon dioxide removed and all plants used undergoing genetic engineering to not only grow faster and increase the amount of carbon dioxide removed but also be able to grow in all climates,soils and seasons.In desert areas and those with poor soils etc the plants can be grown in greenhouses and underground tunnels.Existing carbon sequestration that involves carbon dioxide pumped into saline aquifers and limestone can only deal with new carbon dioxide it cannot remove existing excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with it also only possible in a few finite places in Earth.All programmes both indoors and outdoor worldwide will be automated from start to finish and carried out by Pan to prevent corruption,sloppiness and cutting corners and done 24/7,365 days a year.Once carbon dioxide levels drop to pre industrial levels levels remaining reserves of oil,coal and gas will be burnt at a lower rate of 10-20% of the worlds energy supply with power plants connected to Theoi Meteroi and carbon sequestration programmes that ensure that each gigatonne of carbon dioxide released is sequestered at a rate of 1:1 meaning every gigatonne released will be sequestered keeping levels at 280ppm forever.Burning fossil fuels produced by bacteria can keep carbon dioxide levels stable at 280ppm if sequestration projects are too successful.Proven reserves should be used first with unproven reserves exploited with advances in technology especially theoretical transporter technology utilised to extract reserves under protected areas.This will be done to ensure and abundant supply of graphene,fullerenes,carbyne,artificial diamonds,biochar fertiliser for the next 2,600 years preventing it going to waste with all excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere also converted into this.This includes the 10Tt of methane in the Arctic alone not taking into account the rest of the worlds stores of methane hydrates,oil,gas and coal of 4.274Tt and the 100Tt present in the form of molten carbon in the upper mantle to be exploited.This will thus prevent the carbon in the form of carbon dioxide going to waste since graphene,bukypapaer etc will be pivotal for the future.This will in total provide 115,565 Tt(115,565 Gt) of carbon for Graphene,diamonds,fertiliser putting it to good use and preventing it going to waste.Synthetic diamonds will replace real world ones shutting down the blood diamonds trade with Graphene etc pivotal in construction,electronics etc and biochar used as a high grade fertiliser when mixed with algae used to increase crop yields.These commodites will be in high demand over the coming centuries etc.Thus all carbon sequestration programmes to remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and those to sequester it from remaining reserves of fossil fuels and from geothermal power plants involving artificial trees and plants will turn the carbon dioxide into biochar fertiliser,graphene,buckypaper and artificial diamonds to prevent the carbon going to waste with existing programmes that sequester it in the ground ceasing and those already stored in saline aquifers and also limestone removed via boring underground and also oil wells that can remove the carbon dioxide and return it there again.This method of biochar sequesteration is the most effective means compared to existing methods as it can be done anywhere in the world and removes existing excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere compared to that involving limestone and saline sequestration that can be done in only a few places in the world and doesn’t remove existing carbon dioxide.By 2045 AI will develop way to extract the molten carbon in the upper mantle.Terraforming both Mars and Venus using artificial trees that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere of both of them could provide an extra 2.42Pt of carbon for use as diamonds,Graphene etc with the vast reserves of methane on Titan when burnt in Earth,Mars,Venus etc could provide just as much.All colonies across the universe involving other Earth like planets will have fossil fuels burned at these parameters to gain access to carbon present,while planets and moons like Titan with large reserves of methane in their atmosphere will have the methane burned on Earth and other colonies to sequester it into carbon based commodites such as biochar,diamonds etc with other planets terraformed similar to Mars and Venus that have large concentrations of carbon dioxide in the their atmosphere will have them removed and oceans etc preventing it going to waste.Artificial trees can also be developed that to remove excess methane in the atmosphere and lower it from 1,800ppb to pre industrial levels of 722ppb by this timeframe.These artificial trees can also be modified to intake excess methane in the atmosphere using nanomaterials,zeolites,biosynth technology thus aiding in reducing levels of methane in the atmosphere from current levels of 1,8000ppb to pre industrial levels of 722ppb.The methane can be burnt as energy and the resulting carbon dioxide sequestered or used for other purposes trees can be developed that reduce levels of other greenhouse gases including synthetic ones including Perfluorotributylamine,Nitrogen trifluoride,Sulfur hexafluoride that have a global warming potential 17,200-23,000 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.Marine cloud brightening and calcium carbonate aerosols spread into the atmosphere will be once started by Pan in 2029 in cycles will reflect excess heat from the sun back into space thus cooling the Earth and masking the worst effects of climate change giving the world an extra 100-1,000 years for the world to remove excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere until at least until 2129-3029CE.With regards to polluted oceans,lakes,soils and ecosystems etc these and other plants can engineered using scatch DNA and those from existing plants that are good at absorbing them to remove pollutants such as radioactive and heavy elements from polluted soils,oceans and other environments including the ability to remove toxic gases from the atmosphere,toxins from polluted soils etc by again being planted and harvested over and over again and the plants pyrolysised and the toxins removed until they can be planted with native plants in reforestation projects returning them to a pristine state with radiation in areas such as Chernobyl and Fukushima removes by having plants housing DNA from T.gammatolerans,W.dermatitidis,C.sphaerospermum and C.neoformans combined with scratch DNA that allows them to actively remove leftover gamma etc radiation from these environments thus actively removing radiation bringing radiation levels back to normal with these polluted areas reforested with native species of plants and animals that can also through engineering be able to tolerate these pollutants ensuring they can live there permenantly.It is estimated that it may take 20,000 years for Chernobyl and 70 years for Fukushima to be be once again habitable with if possible intensive bioremediation techniques using these methods could reduce the levels of radiation and toxins in Fukushima back to normal levels by the mid to late 21st century and Chernobyl in a few centuries possibly between 2200-2300 .This engineering using DNA from W.dermatitidis,C.sphaerospermum,C.neoformans,G.metallireducens and T.gammatolerans could allow humans to live in these areas such as Fukushima and towns surrounding Chernobyl permanently by 2029 provided crop plants and pets etc are also engineered this way with the buildings present refurbished and the intensive automated bioremediation takes place over the coming decades and centres or if need be millenia.Plants as part of these carbon sequestration and bioremediation programmes will be designed by him and Pan who will carry out these automated programmes allowing even the most polluted ecosystems to be reverted to a pristine state and carbon dioxide to be return to pre industrial state.All polluted souls,waterways,oceans and ecosystems worldwide will undergoe intensive bioremediation programmes to return them to a pristine state including Chernobyl,Fukushima and also all superfund sites with all rivers and lakes at threat of drying up will be returned to a pristine state.Pan and Artemis etc will design unique bioremediation programmes using genetically engineered plants and bacteria that are design to break down pollutants into benign compounds or remove them from the environment and then them pyrolysised to remove them to be recycled for all superfund sites and polluted rivers,soils,oceans and lakes around the world to return them to a pristine state with these measures modified for terraforming programmes for Mars and Venus.All electronic and vehicle scrapyards,vehicle graveyards etc worldwide will be recycled and reforested.All space debris surrounding the Earth will be removed via automated processes by Pan and Astraeus.All open landfills will be recycled and even all buried landfills dug up and recycled and the land reforested with all open pit mines refilled with soil.The Great Rubbish Patch in the Pacific Ocean will be cleaned up by releasing genetically engineered phytoplankton into the ocean that has recombinant DNA from fungi and bacteria that break down plastic into basic elements or turn it into edible fungi thus allowing it to be turned into edible foodstuff for sea fauna or break it down into base elements that are harmless.This will also allow all future plastic that ends up in the ocean be cleaned up instantly and also deal with micro beads.All future waste will be recycled in the case of metal and e-waste with petroleum based plastics replaced with Biosynth based plastics that can be recycled or composted etc with all organic waste such as waste food will be pyrolysised into biochar to create fertiliser,diamonds etc. Invasive species of plants and animals can be killed off by him creating custom made pathogens that can wipe out large numbers of their population via replicating those that affecting ie causing sterility or decimating their immune system leaving them up to infections and tumours similar to HIV as well as those that attack the reproductive organs making them sterile,induce tumourgenisis,decimate specific viral organs and tissues etc as well as prevent them being able to carry out necessary biological functions such as photosynthesis or metabolic process or absorb nutrients essential to their survival either directly or by applying CRISPR treatments with these pathogens being engineered to be unable to mutate and becoming zoonoses and affect native species or humans through genes that prevent them mutations and affecting species other them with them designed to affect only the desired species that can be spread by spaying ecosystems they inhabit and them designed to be airborne and spread through touch or by Biosynth insects that can inject live animals with them.Other techniques can be used such as the daughterless offspring techniques used where genetically engineered animals are released into the wild that interbreed with wild animals that through advanced gene drive technology cause all offspring to be only females or males thus eventually them to become the predominant gender and the invasive species die off due to only one gender being produced with these released animals also engineeed to pass on lethal genetic faults that cause all offspring to die off upon birth,be unable to survive the local ecosystems ie die off during summer,winter or tolerate only climates outside of the ecosystems it invaded or through the sterile male technique be made sterile meaning all females impregnated by modified males will produce sterile eggs thus lowering populations exponentially.Between 2045-2100 it should be possible for all environmental damage caused to the biosphere of Earth such as deforestation,pollution,anthropogenic climate change,invasive species,extinction of species etc to be reversed completely.All of this is detailed in the energy,conservation and environmental management sections of this website and will be carried out by 2029 by the Ais Pan,Pan etc through automated measures with all wotk automated from start to finish.The environmental management section of this website details measures to reverse all environmental damage done to the planet including bioremediation of polluted ecosystems and measures to remove excess carbon dioxide and methane from the atmosphere all involving some form of genetic engineering.All ecological damage done to the Earth by humans will through automated programmes carried out Pan,Pan etc be reverted to a pristine state by 2045-2100.This will start by 2029 and will be incremental at first but getting exponentially more efficient by 2035-2045 onwards to the point that we will way before 2100 be able to avoid the worst effects of antropogenic climate change completely by reversing the root cause with all work automated from start to finish by Pan and Pan etc.It is also during this point that genetic engineering,Aquaponics etc will exponentially increasing agricultural productivity while still allowing all Lang used fir agriculture to be reforested with other technologies increasing the Earths carrying capacity in terms of housing.

Environmental Management

The Phanes method and Lazarus method can bring any species of plant and animals back for the brink and revive extinct species.In conservation efforts The Phanes method managed by Phanes uding 3D DNA printers and artificial wombs can bring any species of plant or animal back from the brink of extinction.Fish,shellfish,insects and amphibians can simply have millions or billions of genetically distinct strands of DNA printed into millions or billions of eggs and reared in tanks and recirculating aquaculture systems and released into the wild as adults or adolescents.With regards to birds,reptiles and mammals undergoing programmes where the females are inseminated with embryos that are genetically distinct from each other and engineered to hold as many young as possible ie twins,triplets,nonuplets every year and given anti-ageing treatments to stay fertile forever and then their young given this when they reach sexual maturity to exponentionally increase numbers alongside using artifificial womb as detailed later on.Mammels,birds and reptiles etc will undergoe efforts where females are inseminated with 3D DNA printers embryos that are genetically distinct from each other that have nonopluts,octuplets etc implanted into them to with each one being genetically distinct from each other thus exponentionally increasing the amount of genetically distinct individuals created by each female with him also managing the ratio of females and males and these females also undergoing breeding programmes with their genetically unrelated siblings and offspring in cycles with this creation of distinct nonuplets with others created via biosynth artificial wombs.These triplets,nonupluts etc can be each so distantly releated to each other that they can breed with each other with no fears of genetic bottleneckong.The females and males will have anti-ageing treatments to extend their fertility peak and also to be able to lay as many eggs as possible and hold as many young inside to increase the success rate.Those that are only fertile for a few days or brief periods of time using scratch DNA can have its fertility extended exponentially if not forever with mammals engineered to have more flexible wombs using CRISPR to allow them to hold much more young as much as nonupluts without stress if dying etc.Artificial wombs can have genetically distinct embryos created that can be implanted into them to produce an extra dozen,hundred or thousand to be released into the wild.By analysing a few dozen or hundred samples of DNA collected live samples of endangered species of plant or animal that are both distantly and closely releated as well as both males and females collected from wild animals and those in captivity he will be able to use these samples as a baseline once analysed to then extrapolate from pure thought billions of new strands of DNA of both genders that are closely releted enough to be siblings or cousins etc or even ideally specimens of both genders that are so distantly related from each other as to allow them to breed with each other without bottlenecking or issues associated with inbreeding.These will in the case of mammals,reptiles and birds be printed into blank spermatozoa,eggs and embryos implanted into females via IVF wigh the mother engineered to be hold as many young as possible ie triplets,nonuplets that give birth to multiple animals at once that are so different from each other that they can interbreed with each other and produce no problems associated with inbreeding and also in artificial wombs with if possible biosynth machinery tweaked to mature bird and reptile eggs to maturity.The animals will be reared to maturity and then released into the wild.Fish,shellfish,amphibians and insects etc can simply have billions of genetically distinct eggs created by 3D DNA printers that once hatched and reared to maturity in tanks and recirculating aquaculture systems can then released into the wild in batches.With regards to plants billions of strands of DNA can be printed into blank seeds that are then planted in a randomised manner in reforested areas of the world using seed planting drones. Once a dozen or several hundred or thousand samples of a species DNA is analysed by Phanes that are genetically unrelated specimens and also of both males and females he will be able to extrapolate billions of genetically distinct distantly releated individuals and have their DNA printed into seeds,eggs,embryos etc using 3D DNA printers thus allowing for any species to brought back from the brink of extinction and resurrect extinct species using in vitro fertilisation and artificial wombs.This Phanes software with CRISPR could as stated earlier allow for billions of subtle alterations to be extrapolated from collected samples for new individuals to be made from an existing strands of healthy chromosomes and DNA of both genders which are first created by 3D DNA printers over and over again indefinitely.Thus by analysing the genome of a few dozen or hundred closely related and distantly specimens of a species of both males and females Phanes can extrapolate billions of strands of DNA that is either so closely related to be similar to siblings,parents or so distantly releated that can be used for the creation of individuals viable for breeding with each and other specimens created via 3D DNA printers without complications such as genetic bottlenecking.These strands of DNA using 3D DNA printers can be printed into blank spermatozoon,eggs,embryos,seeds,bacteria etc for an almost unlimited amount of new individual strands of DNA representing individual specimens different enough to be either closely related brothers,sisters or cousins or so distantly enough to be completly unrelated to allow for healthy breeding programs between themselves managed by software to be created and then implanted into blank spermatozoa,eggs or ideally even embryos from induced pluriopotent stem cells implanted into females via IVF to create an unlimited amount of individuals for surrogacy programmes especially for endangered species in zoos,conservation areas and the wild including amphibians,honeybees,corals,shellfish,fish,shell forming sea fauna and even phytoplankton and Lazarus species brought back via reverse engineering and new species made from model species thus increasing genetic diversity from a single strand.Artificial wombs can be implanted with embryos to grow to maturity dozens or hundreds of extra animals to be released into the wild.Him using the Phanes method named after himself can be used to create billions of genetically distinct individuals in 3D printed spematazo,eggs and embryos that house DNA from R.sylvatica,Tardigrade,H.glaciei,P.putida GR12-2,Bacillus F,Planarians,C.elegans,C.greenlandensis,C.pleistocenium,psychrophillic and osmophile bacteria and also those from scratch could allow one to survive cryonics with the aforementioned DNA from Hydra,A.mexicanum etc alongside T.gammatolerans and Bacillus F allow one to repair damaged cells and also telomeres as a result of this allowing them to be thawed and refrozen to be implanted into females or artificial wombs bringing endangered and extinct animals back from the brink with the same done to seeds of endangered and extinct plants.All animals will be released into the wild as adults into existing packs,shoals etc in large numbers with them housing species specific microbes that form implants that pass into each new generation overtime via sexual reproduction that can measure populations with if numbers become to high they can be trackex down for culling or Biosynth Wifi can have set numbers of males and females be made permanently sterile.Neural implants can all allow AI such as Pan and Artemis to teach via VR technology each individual animal the skills they need to survive in the wild such as hunting prey,escaping predators and also mating habits.This and other methods will increase the population of any endangered species exponentionally every year and them released back into the wild once anti-ageing treatments are removed and biocompatible microbes added that can pass on from one generation to the next to keep track of populations and permanently remove genes except those that cause genetic diseases to prevent unnecessary suffering.Thus he could extrapolate billions of genetically distinct strands of DNA from samples of DNA from live animals that are males,females and also distantly reated that using 3D DNA printers can printed into blank seeds,spermatozoa,eggs,embryos thus allowing via IVF and artificial wombs can create an unlimited number of genetically distinct individuals so genetically distinct and unrelated from each other that they can breed with each other without fears of genetic bottlenecks and inbreeding thus bring any species of plant or animal to be brought back from the brink of extinction or bring back extinct species to life.As a result any endangered species can be brought back from the brink of extinction.This will be called the Phanes method after the primordial deity of creation with CRISPR increasing the accuracy of creating new individuals and preventing and correcting any genetic deformities caused by it.Thus any endangered species of plant and animal on the verge of extinction can have their populations be brought back to healthy stable levels especially once areas used for agriculture are reforested increasing the size of wilderness by improvements in agriculture.