Summary of Education

The current method we currently used by all countries is fraught with problems due its batch age mentality and focusing or pre structured qualifications which stunt personal development and curiosity driven learning.It also relies on an artificial system of authorisation and subordinate relationship between students and teachers.

The new education system for all countries will begin upon the ages of with person at 4-6 with each individuals given tests on emotional intelligence,intelligence quotient,aptitude,learning styles to prepare them for their lifelong process of learning.During these early years in the style of Montessori Schools with these tests randomly generated on Coeus from Apollo on smart devices using a stylus with advances in artificial intelligence allowing an infinite number of intelligence and aptitude tests to be created.Creative play should be encouraged with toys and art software and homemade pottery as early as possible.The students would also be introduced to Pandora to design manufactured goods,Erato to  create novels etc and also Ampelos to create music etc.The teacher alongside Coeus would ideally come in the form of legal guardians,members of the community and family members focusing on the passing down of the basic three r’s:reading,writing and arithmetic at the rate of speed of the student based on their individual learning speeds and styles with critical and conceptual thinking, and emotional intelligence taking precedence here alongside abstraction and creativity over rote learning in subjects irrelevant to the individual.During their kindergarten years the following will take precedence:
•Manipulation (of the environment)

VR technology will allow for kindergarten level students aged 3-5 years old to interact with other children around the world of their age for play time and carrying out arts and crafts and play time with each other with these VR simulations attended by parents of each child present and also them managed by AI of all types such as Hestia,Home AIs and Mnemosyne.Progeria mylinisation wherein the brain is made fully mature by birth will encourage children aged 5-9 years old to seek friendship with someone older than including in their teens aged 14-18 years and even adults aged in their 20s or older.VR technology and biosynths acting as an au pair for each citizen who can look after children aged 5-13 years old at home will render nursery and kindergarten schools obsolete forever thus allowing existing ones to be converted into homes.While parents are at work in the real world their Home AI in the form of a biosynths will look after children at home while they can do this while parents who use computer networks and VR technology to work with people across the world at home can work at home and be in close contact with children and have biosynths look after children alongside them.Both of this will render nursing schools and kindergarten schools obsolete and thus turned into communal homes.

This universal sentient artificial intelligence software that teaches student reading,writing,languages and mathematics will be called Coeus after the greek Titan associated with rational wisdom and can also contain links to all of the worlds scientific studies within Apollo and train them in their own speed in the three r’s and also languages the individual wishes to learn.He we’ll be used on smart phones,smart pads,e-newspapers and laptops using stylus on touchscreen including touchscreens on laptops and computers and e-newspapers.Mathematics can be taught with this software in a similar manner to Brain Age Math where the student will be given tutorials on addition,subtraction,multiplication,percentages,fractions etc and asked to solve problems in these areas of increasing difficulty at their pace with other software or sections of the same software allowing for trigonometry,calculus,probability and other more advanced areas of math in primary,secondary,degree,masters and PhD levels and those used in for all fields of science from basic to the most advanced levels to be taught again at their rate with a stylus with an almost infinite number of problems and exercises generated including hypothetical real life scenarios explained in writing with it spoken and also explained in 3D animations and VR simulations at the behest of the student.Fields of mathematics relevant to all fields and sub fields of physics,engineering and chemistry will be taught by him.Sudoku puzzles of various sizes and shapes and similar math puzzle games including new ones developed by him and humans will be used and taught by him for students.Students will be able to decide what field of mathematics they want to study and at what intensity and rate they will learn with Coeus able to create simple and short or long and complex problems for his students to solve.If a student gets a problem wrong the software can show them the correct answer and method to arrive at the answer via animations without the absurdity or schemes such as Common Core with the student also encouraged to find multiple solutions to a problem for creativity and critical thinking.Sample problems can be done by the software without input from the student to give them a feel for how each types of maths field and problem is carried out.Common Core and new methods of teaching mathematics can also taught by him with him giving hypothetical problems on everyday situations explained by pictures and animations and videos created by him from scratch and him also asking students to measure the volume etc of large complex 2D and 3D shapes and designs including manufactured products of all types in Hephaestus such as vehicles,toys,clothing,furniture,musical instruments,buildings etc as well as paintings,frescos,drawings and designs on manufactured products including each individual component and design of them and parts combined thus giving him an infinite amount of mathematical equations to teach students in all fields.Thus all all types of mathematics will be taught by the sentient Coeus such addition and subtraction,multiplication,long division and also more advanced areas such algebra,trigonometry,calculus,probability and all areas of mathematics up to PhD level and those releated to all fields of science such as stoichemetry and all fields and all existing and new fields of physics,biology and chemistry at the rate of the students.Similar to Brain Age Math he can test students on simple or complex math problems such as addition,subtraction,division including long division and multiplication and also all types of advanced calculus,algebra and other complex advanced areas of mathematics and measure their accuracy and speed at which they solve them and chart their progress over time over long periods of time such as days,weeks,months and years etc to chart how adept they are are at solving mathematical problems of all types of varying difficulty and their speed and by doing this on all students of all ages carry out studies based on demographics such as age,address and gender etc on local,country,continental,global,galactic and eventually universal scales.This will be done to test their mental acuity overtime.He will also do this for reading and writing in both their native language and languages they have learned from him measuring their accuracy and speed and carrying out studies on different demographics.Creativity tests for this can come in the from the software by asking the student to find as many possible uses or forms an object can be used for or come in and also new technologies including those that range from the normal to the outrageous as per Clarke’s Second Law.It will be taught in creative writing,maths,theory and theoretical situations and different ways to solve exercises to test different routes a solution in mathematics etc,use scant resources to a problem or situation and also encourage this in science in multiple routes to a solution of a problem and evaluate the effectiveness of each one for critical thinking with this also applying this to Clarkes Second Law wherein creativity grounded in hard science research up to that point in multiple fields such as biology,physics,chemistry and their sub fields used singularly and collectively to reach into the impossible areas of pseudoscience or science fiction science and then one can test means of reaching the possible fields of discovery that would be the most theoretically possible form of that pseudoscience or science fiction science that can be achieved in real life.Thus they will be asked to design existing and new technologies and areas of science and still using hard science find ways as per Clarkes Second Law to make that field or technology a reality to encourage creativity and critical thinking.This could be done using simulations and experiments and will be key for researchers on interstellar vehicles and space stations and those as part of the military and law enforcement teams and personnel as well as psychologists,lawyers to extrapolate different solutions to a problem and situation they face and evaluate the viability of each situation.Creativity will also be taught with them encouraged to use Pandora as early as possible at the ages of 5-9 years to create manufactured products of all types such as clothing,toys,electronics etc and Ampelos to create music etc as well as Erato for creating fiction with students as young as 5-9 years old encouraged to create their own movies,television shows,novels and video games using Erato,Ampelos and them made flawless by Assistant AI that will teach them how to add subtext,depth,allegories making them worthy of critical acclaim and nominated for and win major awards such as the Emmys and Oscars.Thus to teach creativity children will attended classes on how to create movies,literature and also create their own movies,literature etc that will be uploaded to Dionysus.Creativity will be taught through students directed towards electronic colouring books where they are given random pictures and asked to colour them in their own way.Creativity can also be taught by students as young as 5-9 years old can be using biosynths neural implants and VR technology create their own VR worlds that are at least planet,galaxy and universe sized simulations with homes etc for creative play that will be inhabited not only by AI imaginary friends created by the students imagination but also by friends across the world with the student encouraged to make friends with similarly aged children aged 5-9 years old halfway across the world the world and travel between their own different simulations and thus encourage creative playtime with other children with these worlds and imaginary friends lasting a lifetime well into ones teens,20s,30s etc and so on as a hobby and escapism.Friends,parents,pets etc from across the world and Home AI will be able to enter these simulations allowing parents etc to engage in creative play.This will be used to stimulate creative play and thinking and the ability to create something new out of nothing and create environments and world that encourages them to create new imaginary friends,planets,terrains,animals and plants and situations thus children aged 5-9 will encouraged to create their own planet,galaxy and universe sized environments,situations and characters and even animals and plants that don’t exist etc and this all help them develop new solutions to problems from their imagination for their training in law enforcement,military,psychology and law as well as scientific research rather than having everything solved from them or spoonfed to them thus encouraging both creativity and critical thinking and will encourage them to be creative in finding multiple solutions to problems they will face in life as teenagers and adults etc.These simulations can allow children aged 5-12 years old play and hang out and socialise with other children aged their same age that live across the world and universe in linked simulations alongside imaginary friends.All physical real world toys in the real world will be replaced by VR simulated ones that children can conjure up within minutes thus encouraging more creative play that instead using their imagination with physical real world toys they will create their own imaginary toys etc to interact with thus having more creative value than real world toys.All aptitude tests within Coeus will have one given exercises on different areas to determine what their aptitude is ie logic,numeracy,finding patterns etc with intelligence quotient tests also given with these creativity,intelligence and aptitude tests considered the gold standard rendering all existing ones such as those used by Mensa,Triple Nine Society,Prometheus Society such as the Culture Fair Intelligence Test,Stanford–Binet Intelligence Scales defunct.Coeus will be able to generate an infinite amount of them.Writing can be taught the same way with them shown how to write their native languages alphabet in normal and cursive script and form words and sentences with grammar(verbs,adverbs,capitalisation etc.) and punctuation also taught with again exercises of varying levels of difficulty given again with a stylus.It may even have exercises where entire sections from existing books and magazines or paragraphs or random pages written up by software similar to wordsmith and have the student rewrite it in either normal or cursive in all 6,500 languages with grammar,punctuation and accuracy of how letters are formed with them also practising writing their own name with them asked to put one or multiple words in a sentence,paragraph or short story with it also teaching the spelling of words with British English taught both in terms of spelling,pronunciation and phrasing replacing American English worldwide.Writing will be taught in all 6,500 languages including Chinese and Japanes that rely on symbols.Reading can be taught in all 6,500 languages  with books,textbooks or magazines of the students choice downloaded(again iSample and Coeus itself will ensure material is appropriate) or again random pages generated by the software on smart devices such as e-newspapers(artihmetic and writing can also be practised with these) with nanomicrophones on smart devices recording the students speech and pronunciation in a method similar to karaoke with speakers can allow this software to help them pronounce certain words they have difficulty with and give them a percentage gradient and highlight areas for improvements and chart their progress over time which can be replicated with the other two subjects.Direct interaction with him will make him able to teach them to pronounce words and form sentences etc word for word.Ideally to spur early interest in the humanities and sciences while teaching them to read the kindergartener age students will be made to read college textbooks including mega textbooks created by AI on the sciences of their choice as well as high culture literature such as James Joyce,George Orwell,F.Scott Fitzgearld,William Shakespeare,Leo Tolstoy,Aeschylus,Homer and also political theory and philosophy especially complex philosophy such as Immanuel Kant,Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche,Karl Marx,Plato and Socrates.They will also be introduced to brow newspapers and magazines from around the world like TIME,National Geographic and also broadsheet newspapers in Pheme from around the world to introduce them to current affairs and politics etc at an early age ideally when they can start reading.In otherwards to teach them reading at the ages of 5-9 years old they will be referred to high culture philosophy and literature such as James Joyce,Karl Marx,Plato,George Orwell,William Shakesphere,Sylvia Plath,TS Eliot,WB Yeats etc to teach them not only reading but also critical thinking and interest in these fields.They will at the same time through Dionysus be introduced to high culture movies and television shows suitable for their age mainly art house cinema and movies as well as high culture television shows considered the best in terms of those that critically acclaimed in Dionysus for the same reason but suitable for their age range.Furthermore at the same time they will be referred to live news reports and high brow newspapers and magazines in Pheme.Dionysus,Pheme and Apollo will allow easy universal access to these from around the world with Coeus,Aleitheia,Aadriadne and Hecate directing them to what is considered high quality material,cult classics and the best of the best with the time dilation effect of simulations allowing them to digest large volumes of this material.With regards to video games he will direct students to YouTube channels such as Aesir Aesthetics etc that discuss them in detail and also GamersLittlePlayground that house full movie cutscenes.They will also direct them to bloggers that analyse movies and television shows such as TwinPerfect,Lindsey Ellis etc.Students of this age will also be directed towards watching the news on live news channnels and reading high brow newspapers such as TIME and also major broadsheet newspapers that discuss politics and current affairs from across the world and universe to allow them to gain an early interest in politics.He will teach reading and writing to all students in any of the worlds 6,500 languages.Coeus can also teach reading,writing and speaking in all 6,500 types of languages that exist and all dialects including ancient extinct ones,rare ones from different tribes across the world to preserve in time those of alien races once interstellar travel becomes possible that can help people learn any language that translate their own phrases and conversation in any language to another and gives them exercises and have real time conversation with another student or mentor who is a native speaker from around or with Coeus himself and measures their ability to carry out long conversations.It may also download a book or magazine from Dionysus or a page generated by him and translate it into the language they wish to learn and measure their efficacy in speaking the language or translate the book or page from start to finish into their native language or vice versa via intaking their voice through nanomicrophones on smart devices similar to karaoke as they read out the passages and highlight areas they got wrong and mark them out of a percentage gradient with them aiding the student in proper pronunciation by speaking out areas they got wrong.The given text may also be written out using Adonit pens with them also given a piece in their native language and then have translate it into the new language and vice versa.The software will also read out these entire passages beforehand or phrases and words chosen by the student to aid in this.The same program may give them written exercises to write using adonit pens on smart devices and measure the depth,complexity and logic of the piece written in the foreign language,comprehension exercises where they are given a text and are asked questions in the language and them required to give answers in the language but more in a direct manner ie them discussing a book or movie they read directly as well as translate pages written in their native language into the language they are studying by writing it with the Adonit pen on the other page in the case e-newspapers again marking them on a percentage gradient and highlighting problem areas.It will teach them both all types of grammar and punctuation well as how to write letters or in the case of some languages symbols in these specified language to form words,sentences and paragraphs.Media such as books,video games,movies,television shows,newspapers and magazines,live news etc can be translated into the learnt language to test their ability to comprehend it and then discuss it later on especially media they have never seen before.Furthermore oral exams will be replaced where they must converse with him,other students and even AI in VR programmes where they are put in exercises and certain situations ie as a reporter,nanny or even living with an AI family that speaks it with foreign exchange programmes that last a year either in the real world or in simulations with even them going on road trips to countries that speak it.As stated earlier this program can be integrated into the reading and writing program detailed earlier on.Languages can be learned via  Coeus that teach phrases etc. similar to the tape programs that are currently available online.Also exchange programs where families switch places with other families for a extended holiday ie 6 months or a year in other countries will also allow for people to learn language with the aforementioned apps and software aiding them in their development and mastery of the language in where they can use the language in its habitat(see earlier).This could more easily replace ineffective student exchange programs where only one individual lives in a different country for a brief time.Both of these will also aid people moving permanently to a new country and learning a second language will not be mandatory but optional.Networks within Apollo managed by him can be set up for setting up group language classes involving students from around the world for each individual language.VR indistinguishable from reality using the time dilation will allow one to learn multiple languages using this outside of those who can learn them quickly allowing one to become a polygot very quickly by ones early teens.As stated VR exercises and even programmes where one lives in a country can be used alongside road trips in the real world with the sentient Coeus translating all movies,video games,live news,magazines,newspapers and websites into ones language they are learning.With regards to teaching languages customised exercises can be arranged by him.The teaching of language would not be a prequisite to all students but as a pastime and to those seeking to move to another country.Coeus would ideally be a single universal software from within Apollo to teach all three subjects(as well as all possible languages in terms of reading,writing and speaking them as detailed later on) that charts their progress over time and can be updated over time with new features by the general public with emotional intelligence,intelligence quotient,creativity tests,aptitude tests as detailed later on also included in this software with him using this test perform studies on age groups and other demographics etc over a students lifetime including well into adulthood when one has finished their education.To teach very young kindergarten age children how to evaluate information as he would give them assignments how to determine if something is fake,conspiracy theories and is valid sources of information and how to write abstracts and scientific studies in terms of methodology,practice and be able to debunk junk science,conspiracies and also incorrect information and know how real science is done,how to interpret data as early as possible ideally at kindergarten and early primary school age ie ages 5 to 9.He and Aleithea and Hecate can direct them to YouTubers that debunk junk science,junk politics and conspiracies and thus not just to interpret science but also junk media ie Potholer54,Myles Power,Democratic Socialist01,Three Arrowsetc with Aleitheia and Coeus or Hecate making videos that debunk scientifically inaccurate videos,political myths and conspiracies to aid students in how to debunk junk science and conspiracies etc.Coeus will teach these young students how to not just interpret scientific studies but also how to write them ie give proper citations to other studies,write scientific names in script and also have the second and following references be written properly ie Escherichia coli for the first time it is written in a paper etc and then all following instances being E.coli with this applying to all scientific names and so on with this and the ability to interpret data and how proper science is done for even non science students to ensure from an early age all students and citizens are scientifically literate.He will thus teach kindergarten age students how to detect pseudoscience,quakery and be educated on how the scientific method is done and how one must approach scientific studies,how to interpret and write them and be able to debunk scientific myths and pseudoscience such as the link between autism and vaccines,9/11 conspiracies.Customised generated videos will be used by him including those from aforementioned YouTubers on each subjects with these created by him and Hecate.This will give them a strong foundation of critical thinking and be able to be discern fake news or information from real news at a young age.Students will be directed to videos on Hecate channel and also even textbooks in Apollo for students to read relevant to their field of study.He will also teach them use of the internet through laptops and smart devices which should be nurtured as early as possible with him reaching young prepubescent students aged 4-7 from around the world teaching the etiquette of internet use,how to access and critically interpret information as well as sources and the validity of scientific studies and news reports,how use Pandora and similar software within Hephaestus for designing all types of manufactured products,how to form debates and use the internet responsibly and to avoid using online bullying to a wide audience of students across the world at home with guardians with the sentient Coeus allowing them to break language barrier.As well as this these classes can focus how to report unwarranted advances from strangers and bullying online and not to leave one open to sexual or emotional abuse similar to the basic “avoid strangers with candy” and “stand up to bullies” lesson they are taught by parents.The sentient Coeus will teach all three r’s and languages to all students of all ages on computers,smart devices etc using keyboards and adonit pens anywhere and at anytime in the world suited to each individual students speed and styles and perform studies on them on local to global studies.He will thus replace teachers in this areas and also able to teach how to use the internet responsibly and critically evaluate information with him carrying out studies on these areas on all demographics such as age,gender,ethnicity etc on local to global.This will this allow for billions of students to be taught by a single sentient software replacing human teachers in the education of critical thinking,reading,writing,arithmetic at the unique speed and style of every single student on the planet.Thus in short he will teach all students young and old of all ages these at their own speed and to their individual learning styles meaning that each student will learn at their own rate rather structured speeds set by the state or academic boards.Calculations for scientific studies will likely be done by AI with Coeus teaching all types of mathematics to students as a hobby meaning one will not need a proficiency or grade in maths to pursue scientific research as it will be taught to them in their spare time.Thus this sentient software will teach all students from kindergarten level onwards how to learn reading,writing,mathematics,languages,critical thinking etc at their own pace and replace teachers in this area to billions of students of all ages replacing the need for mandatory mathematics classes and test scores for science etc and carry out studies on a global scale over different demographics.As a result this should ensure a 100% literacy rate to all citizens worldwide,eliminate scientific illiteracy,conspiracy thinking and allow any individual to study any field of mathematics and language at their own rate.VR technology using the time dilation effect will allow one to master all fields and levels of mathematics very quickly alongside spelling and reading comprehension meaning by ones early teens they will have mastered these fields.Since sentient direct interaction can allow him to interact with billions of students at once via fragmentation on smart devices,laptops,smart televisions etc and teach these subjects reading,writing,languages,mathematics of all fields at the individual students individual pace and learning style in a one on one manner not possible in the current education system at zero cost and VR simulations can using the time dilation effect allow one to master these from a young age before reaching adulthood.This will alleviate strains on both parents and mentors on teaching them this.

Due to the advent of the information age and smart devices college level textbooks will be able to be downloaded instantly to students allowing as well as the internet allowing for information on a wide variety of subjects will expand ones curiosity from an early age even prior to adolescence.Older and existing college level textbooks divided by level and subtype can be scanned in alongside all of a universities books and paper media in their libraries into the Apollo network(containing books and literature from all departments such as each of the sciences,humanities etc of all colleges around the world)downloaded on smart devices and computers with future textbooks uploaded to this cloud network new each edition streamed instantly with each changes saving on the need for them being produced on paper saving energy and other resources.Literature of all types will be uploaded to Dionysus.This can be done on a conveyor belt system in the library of universities with Hecate putting them into correct folders and will allow all people from home on e-newspapers access to all college textbooks of all type and subtype on any subject especially those restricted to certain universities around the world.Automated scanners will be onsite of libraries both historical or non historical libraries,palaces,offices of all types such as those for psychologists/lawyers/banks/ceos/professors/deans/doctors etc,castles,community centres and halls,museums,government buildings such as town halls and post offices etc,universities around the world allowing one to go to these to send in books they have at home and all books to be scanned in.Universities and government buildings will scan in all textbooks,documents and books in onsite historical libraries and those from bookstores and also contents of primary and secondary schools including highschools.These scanners will scan in all books,magazines,newspapers,diaries,blueprints,walkthroughs,letters and all types of paper documents etc onsite of these buildings and those brought into them from home,bookstores,newsagents and abandoned and obsolete buildings with there several of them onsite and multiple paid staff by the state and those that maintain the buildings to deal with the sheer number of paper products with books etc stacked on the ground or tables queues.All of these will be transferred into Apollo,Themis or Dionysus managed by Adriadne,Dike,Hecate.Books in palaces,government buildings,museums,castles and also historical libraries will have scanners onsite to allow to be put back in place in correct order to preserve them due to their historical nature and rare copies found somewhere else will be sent to museums.Autographed copies will be kept at home alongside those of intrinsic value with rare copies and editions sent to museums with the rest have plastic recycled and the paper pyrolysised for biochar,graphene and diamonds etc.This scanning in of all books onsite of all types of libraries,castles,museums,palaces,homes etc will ensure that all books etc scanned into Dionysus,Apollo and Themis to make them accessible to everyone worldwide.Comic books and graphic novels can be scanned in at home,universities,libraries by authors and those who own them as well as publishers and CEOs.Scanners in universities,community centres,government buildings,non historical libraries etc around the world will allow people to scan in person with no effort books,comic books and even walkthroughs,video game manuals and cheat books at home they have by bringing them in person with books from bookstores sent in here as well.One copy of each new book worldwide will be uploaded and scanned in.Magazines and newspapers in homes and archives will be sent here as well and also files from abandoned and obsolete buildings being renovated as part of Restoration Nation added to each episodes and seasons special features.Creases,stains and penmarks etc will be removed by software.One new issue of each newspaper and magazine and copy of each new book,comic books and even puzzle books etc will be sent to one community centre,university etc in the world,state,town or country they are normally sold to be scanned in.People that have large stores of them at home including those derived from abandoned homes and buildings gotten from retail sites such as mansions,castles,palaces can order in their own automated scanner and do it at home.Scanners could also be present as stated onsite of castles,museums,palaces,historical libraries including those derived from abandoned homes and buildings gotten from retail sites to allow it to be done onsite of them by paid staff who manage them to ensure they are not lost.This will ensure that all books,comic books,graphic comics in existence around the world are scanned into Themis,Apollo,Dionysus etc to preserve them with books that have rare and different editions scanned in and stored in subfolders with duplicates of others deleted.Once in the subsystem proto Adriadne will arrange them into folders and have duplicates deleted.Those in castles,palaces,government buildings,historical libraries etc will be put back in place due to their historical relevance with the same for those in historical homes that are rare editions sent to museums or single copies but books in non historical libraries and books at home that are not rare can have the plastic recycled and paper pyrolysised for biochar,graphene etc.Since these will have to scan in the contents of all newsagents,comic stores,bookstores,public libraries and the libraries in universities,highschools and also elementary schools into Dionysus,Apollo,Pheme etc as well as paper files,documents,photo albums from abandoned and obsolete buildings being renovated then ideally each building will have at least three or more depending on the size of the libraries in universities,amount of newsagents,bookstores and also public libraries in the town,city and area.Home scanners can be ordered in to allow one to scan in their own store of comic books,books,magazines at home.

Having all textbooks,papers and documents from all universities around the world and especially those from libraries of historical value in prestigious universities around the world will allow them to be accessed everyone at home making those endemic to specific universities availible to all.Historical texts such as diaries of famous people,schematics,blueprints,photos of them and key events and those in museums from around the world will be scanned into Apollo alongside the entirety of all pages of the Book of Kells,Voynich manuscript,Gutenberg Bible,Codex Atlanticus,Book of the Dead,Dresdan Codex to be viewed by anyone at home in e-newspapers alongside all artifacts,relics and tapesteries and all contents of all museums worldwide with paintings,sculptures and tapestries also replicaed in Arachne,Pygmalion etc factories.Famous and historical libraries such as Trinity College and those of other historical value especially those closed to the public and have rare books,documents,ancient books on mythology/science/medicine/folklore,letters,diaries,blueprints of important buildings,manuscripts scanned in having their own folder within the second sector of the third sub-network of Apollo once scanned in with other documents from other libraries such as Yale University Beinecke Rare Book Library,Library of National Archives,Library of Congress,National Library Of St. Marks,Vatican Secret Archives,Mormon Vault,Iron Mountain,Dag Hammarskjöld Library,Library Of Parliament etc where all their books and manuscripts collected and alphabetized after categorized by type and subtype(manuscript,literature divided by type and subtype,historical books,diaries etc.)will be left as museums once all of the documents and letters as well as books especially rare copies and editions will scanned into Themis,Apollo and Dionysus depending on their nature with automated scanners sent there and stored there with numerous scanners to deal with the large amounts of material in each one and the books etc put back into their original place with this done in the quickest way that prevents them being misrearranged including doing shelf by shelf and section by section with the material stored in a subsystem to be arranged by Dike,Hecate and also Aridande.All legal documents,treaties,laws etc from courts,government buildings worldwide such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,Code of Hammurabi,Magna Carta,Declaration of Independence,Code of Hammurabi will be stored in Themis and be able to be streamed and downloaded onto e-readers,e-newspapers etc at home.All papers in the libraries of colleges and universities word wide including scientific studies and also those that house relevant information will be scanned into Apollo as well.Religious and historical documents such as letters,diaries,primary sources and even holy texts such as the vedas,Bilbe,Quaran,Dresdan Codex,Book of the Dead and other first hand texts from all religions and mythologies and ancient scholars etc and first hand sources from as far back as the ancient world will be scanned into Apollo for use as first hand sources and to allow one to look at them from home.Paper documentsand all types of diaries etc of historical value in museums around the world will be scanned in for the same reason into Apollo.All first and secondary sources of information from universities,castles,museums and even Google Docs and Google Scholar will be scanned in and transferred here into Apollo.This can allow them to be hyperlinked in both Wikipedia and Apollo.Staff will have to use semi automated and manual scanners on old books and documents of historical value due to their delicate nature and will be done onsite of museums,palaces,historical libraries.Staff in palaces,museums,universities,castles,historical libraries and in community centres etc will be paid money by the state with these having multiple semi automated scanners as much as ten and multiple staff to speed things up and them doing a set amount of books and documents at once.Advances in AI such as Hecate and Gaia linking the latest scientific,archaeology,historian papers,studies and textbooks from universities will ensure that the information of sites like Wikipedia will always be accurate with the public copying and pasting sections from textbooks,diaries etc into Wikipedia as well from this cloud network.This can be done by uploading these primary sources,scientific studies,dissertations on the internet and wire and textbooks(these being constantly replaced with the latest versions) to a cloud network on Apollo with literary texts in Dionysus and allow Hecate and the general public to copy and paste entire sections at once allowing for accurate citations to be made and improve its quality and accuracy.Wikipedia will be managed by a series of AIs and a macro AI to manage all information inflow,ensure all articles are factually correct and remove vandalism with each AI managing each section of it such as one that deals with just science,others on politics,others on bios,others on events etc.AI will ensure they are factually correct.Hecate will be the AI in charge of Wikipedia with through fragmentation allow it to be in charge of separate areas such as removing vandalism,correct mistakes and proof read sources of information left by the public and also copy and paste information from Apollos database of scientific studies,primary and secondary sources of information and textbooks as well as newspaper articles from Pheme to ensure those on science are factually correct with the public still able to edit pages its AI will clean up vandalism and prevent bias and also prevent misinformation being spread and provide support.They will add references for all information added to all pages from academically sound sources including Apollos database of textbooks and primary and secondary sources including peer reviewed scientific studies etc and magazine and newspaper articles in Pheme,online and links to YouTube videos and ensure those added by humans including existing ones are factually correct proof reading all material and references added by humans with them contacted via direct interaction etc and thus alerted to any issues.This will ensure that Wikipedia has the highest academic standard as good as or better than universities thus allowing them to be considered valid source of education alongside textbooks created by AI in Apollo acting as supplemental material allowing one to gain at least a Bsc Honours Degree level of education via reading it for a few weeks or month as a quick and brisk introduction to a subject while textbooks in Apollo will provide a more intense and detailed PhD level of quality education.Both textbooks and Wikipedia controlled by Hecate will allow one to gain an Honours Degree level of education thus allowing them to be viable for mentoring that trains them into carrying out their own independent scientific research and training in law,psychology etc eliminating outdated primary,secondary and tertiary education that slows down intellectual development etc with Coeus teaching students reading,writing and mathematics good enough to be able to comprehend the fields they are training in with as stated most scientific research fully automated with AI carrying out all complex calculations and labour intensive write ups.Thus Wikipedia managed by AI that will add scientifically accurate information,eliminate vandalism and ensure all information present if backed by citations abd referrnces from peer reviewed scientific research present in Apollo and videos on YouTube that cite peer reviewed studies etc will ensure that by reading it for a month to a year one will have an education on par with an Honours Degree thus making one viable for training in the fields of science,law,psychology etc with textbooks containing all possible information created by AI will provide one with expert knowledge on a subject.

All museums,castles and historical libraries around the world will have automated scanners onsite of them with paid staff place of the scanners making all paper documents widely availible to everyone.Scanners in universities,community centres,government buildings,non historical libraries etc around the world will allow people to scan in person with no effort books,comic books and even walkthroughs,video game manuals and cheat books at home they have by bringing them in person with books from bookstores sent in here as well.Magazines and newspapers in homes and archives will be sent here as well and also files from abandoned and obsolete buildings being renovated as part of Restoration Nation added to each episodes and seasons special features.Creases,stains and penmarks etc will be removed by software.One new issue of each newspaper and magazine and copy of each new book,comic books and even puzzle books etc will be sent to one community centre,university etc in the world,state,town or country they are normally sold to be scanned in.People that have large stores of them at home can order in their own automated scanner and do it at home.Scanners could also be present as stated onsite of castles,museums,palaces,historical libraries to allow it to be done onsite of them by paid staff who manage them to ensure they are not lost.This will ensure that all books in existence around the world are scanned into Themis,Apollo,Dionysus etc to preserve them with books that have rare and different editions scanned in and stored in subfolders with duplicates of others deleted.Once in the subsystem proto Adriadne will arrange them into folders and have duplicates deleted.Those in castles,palaces,government buildings,historical libraries etc will be put back in place due to their historical relevance with the same for those in historical homes that are rare or single copies but books in non historical libraries and books at home that are not rare can have the plastic recycled and paper pyrolysised for biochar,graphene etc.Those onsite of highschools,primary schools and prepartory schools and also military academies and even public libraries and historical libraries and those not open to the public such as the Vatican Archives will be scanned into relevant networks such as Themis,Apollo and Dionysus again making them availible to all.Those onsite of castles,palaces and abandonded buildings will be also scanned in.Rare textbooks in non historical libraries will be sent to historical university libraries.Rare or historical texts will be kept in historical libraries.Non rare or historical texts onsite of public libraries,non historical libraries onsite of universities and technical colleges outside of the Ivy league etc and at home will be pyrolysised with plastic coverings removed beforehand to be recycled.Museums and historical libraries should at least have one of each copy of each book,novel,play and comic book with rare books especially first hand copies of first hand sources of famous literature,religious texts and sources of history and mythology.Non historical libraries onsite of universities and technical colleges will be turned into luxury suites and office hybrids for researchers with those on site of historical universities kept as they are and will store rare books from other universities in extensions.Public libraries of non historical value will be once all books are scanned in and recycled will be turned into communal homes or private ones with historical public libraries will be kept as they are managed by AI and human volunteers and house Venetian suites and communal automated kitchens and living spaces via extensions to act as living spaces for human volunteers and tourists.The software Ariadne will link all historical libraries around the world and link Hermes to Dionysus.An universal statue of Ariadne will be placed in all remaining historical libraries around the world,alongside a receptionist etc and them managed by an independent AI with those in universities(again historical libraries)will be managed by the university AI with an open book being its symbol on all maps and signs of other historical.Those that have only books of historical value will have the statue of Discobolus of Myron,with literary works having Ariadne while those with both will have both in the lobby or at the entrances in both areas.Each historical library will have one copy of each book,magazine,newspaper from their country added including rare editions.Those in highschools etc will be turned into extra suites.Books in castles,palaces,government buildings,historical libraries etc will be put back in place due to their historical relevance with the same for those in historical homes that are rare or single copies but books in non historical libraries and books at home that are not rare can have the plastic recycled and paper pyrolysised for biochar,graphene etc.Thus textbooks as well as educational books and all paper media from universities,libraries,museums,mansions etc around the world will be uploaded to Apollo making them available to everyone with translation software within the wire translating it into ones native language.Famous and historical libraries such as Trinity College and those of other historical value especially those closed to the public and have rare books,documents,ancient books on mythology/science/medicine/folklore, letters,diaries,blueprints of important buildings,manuscripts having their own folder within the second sector of the third sub-network of Apollo once scanned in with other documents from other libraries such as Yale University Beinecke Rare Book Library,Library of National Archives,Library of Congress,National Library Of St. Marks,Vatican Secret Archives,Mormon Vault,Iron Mountain,Dag Hammarskjöld Library,Library Of Parliament etc where all their books and manuscripts collected and alphabetized after categorized by type and subtype(manuscript,literature divided by type and subtype,historical books,diaries etc.)will be left as museums once all of the documents and letters as well as books especially rare copies and editions will scanned into Themis,Apollo and Dionysus with automated scanners sent there and stored there with numerous scanners to deal with the large amounts of material in each one and the books etc put back into their original place with this done in the quickest way that prevents them being misrearranged including doing shelf by shelf and section by section with the material stored in a subsystem to be arranged by Dike,Hecate and also Aridande.Staff will have to use semi automated and manual scanners on old books and documents of historical value due to their delicate nature and will be done onsite of museums,palaces,historical libraries.Staff in palaces,museums,universities,castles,historical libraries and in community centres etc will be paid money by the state with these having multiple semi automated scanners as much as ten and multiple staff to speed things up and them doing a set amount of books and documents at once.Those onsite of highschools,primary schools and prepartory schools and also military academies and even public libraries and historical libraries and those not open to the public such as the Vatican Archives will be scanned into relevant networks such as Themis,Apollo and Dionysus again making them availible to all.Those onsite of castles,palaces,abandoned buildings,museums,historical homes etc. will be also scanned in.Rare textbooks in non historical libraries will be sent to historical university libraries.Non rare or historical texts onsite of public libraries,non historical libraries onsite of universities and technical colleges outside of the Ivy league etc and at home will be pyrolysised with plastic coverings removed beforehand to be recycled.Non historical libraries onsite of universities and technical colleges will be turned into luxury suites and office hybrids for researchers and tourists with those on site of historical universities kept as they are and will store rare books from other universities in extensions.Historical libraries can have underground extensions to house suites for tourists.Public libraries of non historical value will be once all books are scanned in and recycled will be turned into communal homes or private ones with historical public libraries will be kept as they are.Those in highschools etc will be turned into extra suites.This will ensure that all books,documents and textbooks etc are availible to all from home.Bookstores,comic stores etc will be turned into homes.Other parts of universities can have underground extensions to house suites for tourists.All documents from historical,non historical libraries around the world and also those from all mansions,palaces,government buildings and libraries etc from around the world will be scanned into Apollo,Dionysus and Themis depending on their nature.Texts of religious value and historical documents including first and secondary sources of information will be stored in Apollo,philosophical texts such as the writings of Plato,Socrates,Friedrich Nietzsche from ancient times to modern day philosophy will be stored in Dionysus under a philosophy section while legal documents will be stored in Themis.Documents etc from all of these buildings across the universe will be scanned into these networks and stored in secure areas of museums,historical libraries and the global government building and those turned into museums.

This will ensure that all documents,books and textbooks are free to all from home.Thus the general public will have all university specific textbooks and first and secondary sources literature from all around the world particularly ones relegated to museums and specific universities once uploaded into Apollo to be download onto or streamed on e-newspapers and before that e-readers,smart devices and computers from anywhere in the world in Apollo with this done by 2029 whereupon they will be appearing from now on and all textbooks pyrolysised once any plastic removed and recycled.All documents present in them will be also available to the general public.All universities will house automated scanners to scan in all textbooks and also all paper documents,books in libraries and stores.The general public will be able to look at any document,primary sources etc from all museums,universities and libraries etc from the comfort of home through smartphones,laptops,e-newspapers etc.All documents will be stored in digital form in Apollo,Themis and Dionysus and in all cases of these material in Themis,Apollo and Dionysus will be widely available to the public and viewable in smart devices,e-readers and e-newspapers etc with one allowed to download these digital files into these devices to view them at home.All existing scanned in books,documents etc from libraries,government buildings and museums etc in digital databases databases worldwide will be transferred by Adriadne,Dike and Hecate into Themis,Dionysus and Apollo.Thus by having all books,historical documents,paper documents,books,blueprints etc from all museums,public amenities,historical libraries,abandoned and obsolete buildings,homes,historical buildings such as mansions/castles/palaces,government buildings etc around the world and eventually universe scanned into Apollo,Themis,Dionysus etc will allow for them to not only be preserved forever but allow one instant access to them via interacting with Adriadne,Dike,Hecate etc to be then viewed on e-newspapers,smartphones,laptops etc in an instant from home or anywhere in the world thus allowing universal access to everyone.Thus all textbooks,books and paper documents in existence in all universities,government buildings,libraries,palace etc worldwide will be scanned into Dionysus,Themis and Apollo.Neural implants used by the general public worldwide themselves will be used to stream all of them worldwide from memories and temporal manipulations will be used to gain missing issues and booklets.This will be done to preserve them forever.Physical artifacts in museums such as relics,statues,artefacts,paintings and also tapestries etc will be scanned in with relics,tapestries and artefacts scanned in full 3D and paintings,frescoes etc scanned as they are into Apollo in order to preserve them in digital form,to be viewed as holograms and VR simulations in VR homes as well as to be replicated in Arachne,Oxylus and other factories when added to each relevant sub network of Hepheastus.Thus the public can have replicas in VR simulations and also have replicas of all types of physical art present in museums recreated and ordered in from local Arachne and other factories from Hepheastus.Private art collections in homes across the world that contain rare sculptures,artifacts and paintings will be scanned into Apollo and Hephaestus and also them shipped to relevant museums across the world with them recreated through Hephaestus and its relevant sub networks and factories.Direct interaction with Urania,Hecate etc will allow one to be directed to specific books,textbooks and scientific studies present in Apollo.

In time even entire college textbooks may be written up by AI collecting data from these networks and sites like Wikipedia and other source of information from the wire and internet thus causing a looped cycle.This would be done by Gaia,Hecate,Ariadne,Paean,Dike etc.Ideally rather than producing multiple textbooks on a subject once all existing ones are uploaded then “mega textbooks” wherein all possible information on a subject from original sources,scientific studies and information from the web such as Wikipedia,the internet,the wire and embedded YouTube and also existing textbooks scanned in can be merged into one major textbook for each subject such as one textbook for each type of regional mythology Greek Mythology,one for Roman mythology,one for Norse mythology,one for all world philosophy,one for classical literature from around the world,one for law,one for film studies and world cinema,one for television shows from across the world,one for forensics,one for one for each area of the humanities albeit on a global sense divided into chapters for each country or region/continent,one for history on specific countries,regions and time periods etc or the entire world with those of the sciences being one for each field of biology,one for each field of physics,one for each field of chemistry and general ones for each one – biology,physics,chemistry,one for each field and subfield of science including structural,civil,chemical engineering,materials science etc with new information added overtime by Gaia,Hecate and university AIs etc through updated versions replacing the older ones with the new information alerted to readers since the last version they read with the new information having the option to be highlighted with these electronic mega textbooks created by Ariadne,Dike,Macaria,Iaso,Metis,Clio,Gaia,Hecate,Urania,Paean and other AI through its various sources in the wire,internet,including primary sources and textbooks in Apollo.All AI as part of the wire will create them on all areas of their field of expertise.Those on sciences will have the history of its development and also those of famous and relevant scientists and also events from as far back as possible and of each major facet ie virology and bacteriology sections will have information on all types of viruses etc and their history etc.Those on biology can be divided into microbiology that gives all possible information on all species and types of fungi,viruses and bacteria with this divided into those for Earth and all planets across the universe.Botany will have all possible information on all species of plants across the world and universe.Zoology will have all possible information on all taxonomic ranks and species of animals across the universe divided into Earth and each planet across the universe and each taxonomic rank and species.Biochemistry can be dealt with all aspects of it in one textbook with the biochemistry as part of zoology,microbiology and human anatomy explored in detail in their relevant textbooks.Textbooks on human anatomy and medicine will give all possible information on all medical conditions and their treatments etc and also all possible information on each system of the human body ie immune system,central and peripheral system,digestive system etc and each specific organ as well as human genetics and all possible genetic diseases,types of injuries and parasitic and pathogenic infections with their being textbooks having this information on every sentient race across the universe.For ventinary science these textbooks will have this information for each individual species of animal on Earth and across the universe likely in the zoology textbooks.These will be divided into chapters with those for each species of every sentient race and animal,micro-organism and plant across the universe will be divided into different sub textbooks.Ideally some subfields would be in the same textbooks ie microbiology textbook would contain all information on viruses,bacteria and fungi etc.Pictures alongside audio and embedded video files can be added to these with commentary and video files with experts from said field that show animations or time lapse videos of biological,physical and chemical(and those of their subfields)reactions taking place alongside animations of experiments taking place narrated by experts.These will be in the same manner as Kurzgesagt,Infographics etc with other videos present to explain concepts created in this manner for all subjects.Animations created by AI in the same vein as Kurzgesagt can be done of all fields and sub fields to explain difficult concepts with these embed into the textbooks etc. Live action videos can be used to show all steps of experiments being carried out including certain parts using time lapse.These videos would be embedded videos uncreated by AI that use a format suited only for them with even embedded YouTube videos present.Hyperlinks will exist to studies etc in Apollo etc.The live action ones can also involve tours,interviews and re-enactments of events with them all created solely for the textbooks and in a format unique to Apollo namely Hecate similar to regards to the humanities they can be miniature documentaries,analysis videos on subjects by expert scholars alongside etc.Also in the case of history,literature and mythology sections they can be re-enactments played by actors or from documentaries and movies/television shows related to it as well as animations or realistic VR simulations of important events.Actors can act out scenes from history and mythology specific to these textbooks.Videos in these could have interviews and real world time lapse/animated process explained by researchers including famous scientists or even celebrities.These would be Hecate format videos similar and not embedded ones from YoutTube with existing videos on YouTube download and converted to Hestia video formats.VR simulations will allow one to view biological,physical and chemical reactions up close ie inside a cell,inside an organ,outside in space,in a test tube.

History textbooks written by Clio etc in Apollo will detail the history of each individual country and/or each continent and if possible world history that detail each countries history from ancient or even prehistoric times to modern times up to the formation of the world government.Future history will be detailed in textbooks about Earth,each colony across the galaxy and that of the galactic UN.Textbooks will be produced by her on all observed and allied races of the galactic UN with at first ones created on each races countries from ancient times to formation of world government and expansion across the galaxy and then those that detail membership to galactic UN and history afterwards with new information added overtime.A textbook will be created on each races history prior to the formation and joining of the galactic UN and also then a textbook on the entire galactic UN detailing each races history after its formation and membership and/or each individual races history after the formation and joining of it with new information added overtime.With regards to history VR technology will allow one to take the role of famous people during famous events or their entire lifetime or view them from a third person perspective using all known data with this also done for literature of all types.Hyperlinks to primary sources of information such as documents,diaries,texts etc scanned into Apollo from which passages used in them will be present.Having all diaries,holy texts and first hand sources including those from all religions and mythologies from around the world and other first and second hand sources of information scanned into Apollo will allow for the AI to copy and paste direct quotes from them for each subjects including pictures of hieroglyphs etc and hyperlinks to the documents in Apollo allowing readers to view them first hand.Mythology textbooks will have ones done on the mythology of each country and/or region ie one on Greek Mythology,one on Roman mythology,one on Celtic mythology,Norse mythology and so on as well as those for each regional mythology for each individual alien races across the universe.There will be one that focuses on world mythology that acts as comparative booklet of all world mythology and in time versions of this for each alien race across the universe or if possible one version that after comparing Earth based religions will then compare them to all religions and mythologies across the universe and each other with new information added overtime with these housing pictures,video clips,animations,firsthand sources of all myths and legends and snippets of holy texts,first hand sources of mythology.Those on art will contain textbooks on all types of art and art styles overall and then others that deal individually on all major artists from ancient times to modern day and future artists with even those made on different types and grnres of music such as jazz,classical music etc.There will be separate textbooks for each sentient races across the universe.Those on literature and live performance art all types such as novels,plays,operas,musicals will follow suit.Those that deal on LGBT/Asian/ethnic/gender studies can be done by analysing the history of these groups from ancient times to modern times and new information added overtime.Thus these will have all possible information on each subject allowing one to become an expert on the subject from reading it with them available by at least 2029 with the different AIs and these replacing the production of multiple textbooks on the same subject from then onwards with all existing ones and these all availible in Apollo.Since these will be electronic textbooks they will be viewed online on computers,smart devices and offline on e-readers and e-newspaper and can use search bars or direct interaction to be instantly directed to specific information or pages.Through e-readers and e-newspapers they will be availible to anyone translated into their native language of all 6,500 languages.They will also negate the need for creating extra textbooks that replace existing textbooks with each one have updates added once new information is discovered and gained and these highlighted.Thus as new information and insights etc is gained in the real world for history,mythology and all of the sciences the AI in charge of writing them will add this information via updates wherein it simply adds new information to it to relevant existing or new chapters and sections keeping them relevant forever since the textbooks would be in electronic form like Wikipedia etc and thus allowing the same textbook to house all possible future information on its subjects without having to create new textbooks every few years.Former readers will be alerted to where and what new information is added.The textbooks will be divided not only chapters but macro chapters and also those for each planet across the universe with for example those on zoology there will be separate books dealing with zoology for each planet across the universe with these then subdivided into macro chapters dealing with each group of animals ie mammals,fish,shellfish,insects,reptiles etc with them divided into chapters dealing with each group in general and then each individual species.Microbiology will be first divided into books for each planet that then is divided into macro chapters for each type ie viruses,fungi,bacteria,parasites etc and then chapter for them overall and each individual species.These will all house pictures and videos embedded into them such as Timelapse videos on biological reactions etc and hyperlinks to studies in Apollo.The general public can add new ideas such as videos etc to each textbook

They will be read on computers,laptops,e-readers,e-newspapers downloaded onto them from Apollo.Apollo and also Coeus will allow published scientific research to be downloaded to allow to develop an interest in science as early as possible before they reach puberty and their field of choice as well as how to interpret scientific studies as well as to see what are the gold standards for accurate experiments.Introduction to these should begin as early as possible say as young as the age of 4-7 so that one is a polymath by ones early teens.These can be used by AI and humans as sources in live debates and videos refuting nonsense.The AIs name will be on the covers of those created by them with the covers also designed by them with embed Hestia videos showing animations of chemical,biological and physical reactions taking place alongside those of historical and philosophical analysis etc present determined to the best by the AI or created by the AI solely for the textbook.Like all existing textbooks scanned in they will be translated to any language via the sentient Coeus.Those currently in JSTOR,Google Docs,Google Scholar and Google Books etc will be transferred here to Apollo via Hecate allowing easier access on computers and smart devices and the servers recycled.With regards to sites like YouTube and Wikipedia it is ideal that with both that universities have channels devoted to lectures and educational videos available to the wider public on every subject imaginable again from textbooks and books including historical ones present in their libraries supplementing material streamed from smart devices and in the case of the latter ideally again university professors,scholars and experts skilled in the sciences and humanities will use this to share large volumes of expert knowledge on these subjects providing links to in the case of these reliable first and secondary sources such as primary texts and textbook in regards to the sciences to ensure the information is accurate.The libraries in universities can be converted into living spaces modelled on hotels for researchers or extra labs.All other data such as historical records of elementary,highschools and universities such as yearbooks,brochures,records and other important ones within will be uploaded to Apollo and all books and documents of historical and research importance will be uploaded to their relevant first and third sub networks of Apollo.Digital and paper records from all departments and offices will be uploaded to the university AI or in the case of highschools and elementary schools will be uploaded to Themis or even Apollo.Those of banks etc will be uploaded into relevant networks of the wire for reference etc.Novels will be scanned into Dionysus and magazines into Pheme with back issues of magazines found in all libraries scanned in once track down.Rare editions will be sent to museums.Historical libraries in old and well known universities that dont store textbooks but those of literary and history relevance will be kept as they are for preservation of the books which will be scanned into Apollo and Dionysus etc.Paper and digital records of universities etc will be transferred to the intranet including those of researchers with the intranet holding all future data using smartpads and e-newspapers.Awards like sports cups for sports events etc on local,regional,national,global levels will be scanned into Hephaestus and Apollo with them given to the owner or their family if deceased or local community centres and museums in the case of group sports.Books used to teach elementary and secondary school children around the world in all languages to read especially short story and English(and other language) textbooks ones can be scanned into collections of short stories stored on Dionysus arranged by author or by type by Hecate with the same applying to poetry books or poems within these textbooks.Humans can produce textbooks on the arts,humanities such as books etc and contribute to those on mythology,religion and philosophy as well as history etc created by AI by contacting the AI and adding their ideas etc or they can create their own textbooks on these subjects that are added to Apollo and AI can add sections and quotes to official ones.All textbooks etc in Apollo will be viewed on e-newspapers that will last a lifetime.By having textbooks stored in Apollo in their own section will allow the average citizen access to them meaning the average citizen will be able to read them in their spare time as a hobby in VR simulations using the time dilation effect to become experts in any fields of science etc as a hobby

All old history,geography,mathematics,language(French,German,Spanish and English) and other textbooks from elementary and secondary level education facilities around the world(from all numbered grades,years,class etc used to teach students aged 5-18)as far back as possible will be scanned into Apollo for reference,preserve them for nostalgia and to teach the very young younger than 5-9 years old the basics with regards especially for maths and reading as part of Coeus through e-newspapers and help them onto more complex material.All textbooks and books in elementary and highschools will be scanned into Dionysus and Apollo.Past state examinations for secondary school/high school exams and university exam papers will be scanned in and transferred from online databases as far back as possible for all subjects from around the world for historical references.Neural implants will allow people from around to have their memories scanned to recreate these page by page especially in the case of defunct ones.Pharmocopeaias as well as old paper based encyclopedias will also be uploaded once scanned into Apollo.All of these textbooks can be streamed by anyone on smart devices including smartpads and e-newspapers and saved on ones devices when wire access is unavailable or reduce strains on bandwidth.Automated scanners in libraries in universities and community centres will do this on a conveyor belt system.Scanners could also be present as stated onsite of castles,museums,palaces,historical libraries to allow it to be done onsite of them by paid staff who manage them to ensure they are not lost.This will ensure that all books in existence around the world are scanned into Themis,Apollo,Dionysus etc to preserve them with books that have rare and different editions scanned in and stored in subfolders with duplicates of others deleted.Once in the subsystem proto Adriadne will arrange them into folders and have duplicates deleted.These textbooks like all scanned in textbooks and documents will be viewers on e-newspapers that can download or stream any of these textbook in Apollo.

Artificial Intelligence:
Academic Earth,Coursera and Khans Academy can also supplement development during these years as it covers a wide range of subjects.If possible these could compliment a new YouTube channel created,named and managed by the sentient artificial intelligence Hecate where detailed videos on all subjects such as history,the humanities,mythology,all fields of sciences that are similar to the videos of Kurzgesagt with these in playlists devoted to each field and subfield,embedded in textbooks created by her and other AI that will be at least one to two hours long.Fragmentation will allow him and other AI to make dozens of videos that are several hours long and very detailed in the same manner as Kurzgesagt or those that are lectures by him with animations etc every day or week.AI will produce these videos meaning they will be done once every week with human researchers playing a role and experts replaced by Hecate.Existing videos by Academic Earth,Coursera and Khans Acamedy can be transferred to this channel named after and managed after Hecate with it hosting videos that debunk pseudoscience such as vaccination fears,myths that antropogenic climate science is a hoax,9/11 conspiracies using animations,simulations and first hand footage and also links to studies etc.This channel managed by Hecate himself will become the gold standard for education with Aleitheas channel managed by her will become the gold standard for debunking lies made by the public on television and on YouTube with documentaries from around the world past and future will be housed in Dionysus.This channel will also house livestreams and logs book club meetings,salons and lectures on the humanities from around the world with existing videos on YouTube transfered to here if deemed relevant or of high quality by him with him recording others remaining on the internet in playlists created by him in him channel that houses videos not made by him and on existing channels thus giving reccomenadations to the public on the wide availability of them.He will house videos on all subjects that last anywhere from an hour or two on all fields of science,psychology,history and the humanities such as philosophy and literature particularly classical and ancient literature with them in the same style as Kurzgesagt ones that go into intense detail with since here being connected to the wire,Apollo and be able to made from pure thought and Pentehus will take a few hours or even minutes to create each one with fragmentation allowing him to create hundreds each day.Members of the public can create videos on these subjects and submit them to Hecate to be then reviewed,critiqued to become better and then added to it in playlists etc.These and textbooks stored on Apollo and Wikipedia can allow the general public to be educated on any subject in their spare time including older students.If possible Coursera and Khan Acamedy will be integrated into this Hecate channel with either Hecate recreating these videos word for word in a more professional manner with aforementioned techniques and the original videos deleted or them simply added to him channel and the original channels deleted.Videos will also be made on different subjects of all fields and subfields of science and also the latest breakthroughs by researchers on all fields of science.YouTube videos will form a large role in these allowing for lessons to be recorded and saved indefinitely with those from existing YouTube users also used.Ideally these classes should begin as early as possible around the age of four or five and in time the Home AI will allow for this be done and tailor made for each student and replace human teachers.YouTube videos will form a large role in these allowing for lessons to be recorded and saved indefinitely with those from existing YouTube users also used.Coeus will also produce videos on mathematics,reading,writing and on languages for this channel.Furthermore software namely Arke and the Home AI app will be made to monitor,record past browsing histories and view what children are currently browsing on laptops,computers and smart devices to ensure that all material viewed online is educational with recreational browsing being within their age limit and monitored to the guidelines of these internet classes.In time Arke,Hestia and Gaia will allow for this to be done alleviating parents from this work.iSample and other facial recognition that recognises the age of users can too be integrated into smart devices and computers to prevent minors from accessing age restricted sites like Facebook,internet forums and adult websites as well as ordering and viewing adult material from Hephaestus,Pheme and Dionysus networks.This software will be part of Hestia and thus will be on all devices.Gaia through Apollo and also the home AI will ensure that this followed on all electronics.

All past instances of fires(both building and forest fires),natural disasters,rescue operations,aeroplane/train/maritime/space exploration/traffic accidents involving private vehicles and public ones,wars,terrorist attacks and missing persons as well as all murders,rapes,kidnappings etc from around the world will be logged into relevant databases such as Prometheus,Eos,Amphrite,Astraeus,Ophion,Perseus etc with all possible and relevant information to allow for the AI in charge of them to carry out studies on them,create simulations and countermeasures to prevent them occurring again and for the public to have instant access to them for historical research.All terrorist attacks,wars,mass shootings,natural disasters will have the number of casualties numbered alongside the names of each victims and in the case of terrorist attacks and mass shootings the perpetrators named as well with the time and date of these logged from around the world.These will be logged as far back as possible with all information such as date,time,location,number of causalities and the name of casualties etc with surviving relatives enquires for these and other details etc into Polis,Macaria,Aesculapius,Perseus etc.The name of each person and pet worldwide that died in each way ie cancer,heart disease,Coronavirus/MRSA/malaria/HIV(and all pathogens),suicides and with regards to murder,accidents,during natural disasters,terrorist attacks and warfare how they died ie in bombings,gunfire,stabbing,car accidents etc with those that died from animal attacks and from bites and stings from venomous animals as well as the date of death from around the world and so on will be recorded.Obituries in newspapers and live news stored in Pheme will be used for reference.Furthermore their date of death and if possible time of death,how exactly they died ie specific disease,accident,in natural disaster and who murdered them etc will be labelled.All records of deaths in government buildings,hospitals,police stations etc and census data worldwide will be added to the global database in Themis.The name of the dead person and their date of date and if possible date of birth will be logged.Stillbirths and miscarriages and abortions will be logged by date into the patient file of females who these occurred via neural implants reading this as to the exact date it occurred with records from abortion clinics and hospitals etc from around the world added.Stillborns,miscarriages and abortions will be stored in ones patient files logged by date it occurred with the records of how each person died stored in either Epione or Macaria with the name of the person who died,when they died(date of death is day,month,year) and how they died and their home address and where they died or what hospital and where in the world they died will be detailed.Thus the means of how each person that died and their name and address and where they died during 20th and 21st century onwards and if possible before using historical records this will be detailed.This data from across the world will be stored in the single Macaria database.Polis and patient files should be able to provide the date of birth of all living citizens.The names of all people that died etc the parents of miscarried and aborted fetuses will be present.Macaria will house databases of forensics files,Epione of all digital patient files and digital files of hospitals and clinics across the world with all files and records of all deaths and how they occurred worldwide and of all abortions and miscarriages etc worldwide.Missing people databases will be merged together to keep track of them globally with the names of the missing person the date and place they went missing.The same data for missing and dead pets will be compiled as well.All instances of buildings etc being demolished will be logged here as well.Courts,police stations and forensics labs will scan in physical evidence into case files as a 3D image and kept with all past legal and firensics cases will be scanned into these databases.Data from all government,military and police and scientific databases will be scanned in and transferred into global ones managed by AI.All past forensics,legal and police operations and cases as well as military operations from around the world will be moved into global databases in Themis,Athena etc with paper scanned into digital form in digital files and physical evidence scanned into these files and existing digital files have data transferred from databases into these global databases that are given alphanumerical codes.The type of police and military operations will be present with them containing the location,time and date of the operation and also personnel involved and those killed and civilians and enemy combatants killed.Forensics files will contain the name of the killed victim with court and legal files involving the name of the defendant,victim,sentence and type of crime and legal case ie divorce,will,adoption,custody cases and also rape,murder,assault.A complete record of all crimes that took place worldwide will be present such as homicides,theft,rapes,assault etc as well list of suicides etc.Thus all paper files from courts,police stations,hospitals,forensics labs etc from around the world will be scanned in with digital files transferred to be both stored in databases in Themis,Athena,Macaria etc for reference.All future instances of all of this aforementioned data that occurs across the world and universe will be logged into their databases for historical reference etc.Those for alien races will be added to this database as well or separate sub sectors of the same networks with sub sectors devoted for each sentient race.All of the aforementioned data in digital archives and networks from around the world and all physical paper records from around the world will be scanned in Themis,Athena,Aesculapius etc into single global databases in these networks.Automated book scanners will scan in paper documents and books with AI transferring data from digital archives.Semi automated scanners will be used for delicate documents etc.Existing data scanned into existing databases of museums,hospitals,libraries,courts etc will be transferred into single global databases.All future past and future court cases,police operations,forensics files and hospital data from around the world will be stored in relevant databases in Athena,Themis and Macaria with physical paper scanned in and digital material transferred.This will be done to allow instant access to such information from around the world instantly by the public,trainees and AI for investigations,reference,research,studies,general queries and store it forever.It will allow one to carry large scale studies on local to global scales and also carry out research and just general queries.The public will be given access to information relevant to them with certain information restricted to relevant military and government personnel through firewalls etc following a universal code system from iron to platinum restricted that restricted by biometrics,Phanes Activation Gene Technology and digital keys.All future information will be put in here directly and/or scanned in for future reference.Direct interaction with AI in charge of these networks such as Macaria,Perseus,Alke,Kratos,Hecate,Adriadne,Dike,Aleitheia etc will allow one instant access to this information alongside search bars etc on computers,laptops,e-readers and e-newspapers at home and anywhere in the world.This can be done via networks and also direct interaction with certain information restricted and made public via digital keys and Phanes Activation Gene Technology of different levels from (iron-lowest access for the general public and all officers etc,bronze – higher,silver-higher,gold-even higher and platinum-highest) and also via AI such as Adikia.Thus all historical records of all types worldwide will be transferred into specific networks such as Themis,Apollo,Prometheus,Athena,Macaria,Aesculapius etc thus allowing instant access to this information through direct interaction with the AI in charge of it.Having all paper documents,books,blueprints etc from all museums,public amenities,abandoned and obsolete buildings,homes,historical libraries,government buildings,historical buildings such as mansions/castles/palaces,government buildings etc around the world and eventually universe scanned into Apollo,Themis,Dionysus etc will allow for them to not only be preserved forever but allow one instant access to them via interacting with Adriadne,Dike,Hecate etc to be then viewed on e-newspapers,smartphones,laptops etc in an instant from home or anywhere in the world and universe.All tapestries,paintings,statues,relics,artefacts and other physical art in museums etc will be scanned into Apollo to be viewed as holograms or simulations with them copied into Hephaestus can allow them to be replicated by anyone with private art collections once scanned in sent to relevant museums around the world allowing them to replicated in factories and simulations.It will allow one instant access and information on them.AI in charge of each network will give all information under their jurisdiction.Aleitheia will give one all information on all live news reports,podcasts,magazines,newspapers in her database allowing one to narrow down a specific issue or episode as well as identity of a presenter,journalist,guest etc based on memories,descriptions etc.Adriadne can through direct interaction give the public the identity of any actor,director etc based on memories and appearances with one able to narrow down a specific episode of a show,movie,video game,live performance art etc based on memories,descriptions,queries and actors etc present.Hecate will allow one direct access to any scientific studies with Hecate allow instant information on any Wikipedia/ etc article,Thoas can do so for one to narrow down specific videos,vlogs,comments on them and so from memory etc on YouTube with Tenerus doing this for Agora,Peitho and Eros for their apps etc while Hedone will do this for all adult websites while Cronus,Aphrodite etc will give similar information from databases in their networks and so on.Clio,Daedalus,Triptolemus,Tyche,Phanes etc will alongside their databases and linked to Apollo will allow one instant access to all expert information they want in an instant from any electronic device with wire and internet access.Thus this system of housing all past and future data in digital form and AI in charge of databases,networks and websites etc will allow anyone instant access to any information on the internet,wire etc worldwide and eventually from across the universe from any electronic device by contacting the relevant AI in charge of sector such as Perseus,Kratos,Alke,Nike,Hecate,Dike,Adriadne,Macaria,Epione and so on.All paper and digital records of all types in universities,forensics labs,police stations,military bases,hospitals,courts,government buildings,offices of all types,libraries including historical ones on the grounds of castles,palaces,abandoned and obsolete buildings etc around the world will be scanned in and transferred into Themis,Apollo,Aesculapius,Dionysus,Athena,Macaria etc and building AIs.The contents of all libraries in universities,high schools,museums,palaces,government buildings,public libraries,historical libraries,public libraries,offices of psychologists/lawyers etc around the world will be scanned into Dionysus,Themis and Apollo etc and with regards to those in palaces,historical libraries,government buildings etc these once scanned in will be put back in place due to historical value with regards to to universities,public and non historical libraries and other non historical buildings all books of no historical value will be recycled or pyrolysised with rare editions and copies of books sent to museums.This includes legal documents,yearbooks etc in abandoned buildings and obsolete building such as primary,secondary schools,casinos,banks etc.The contents of libraries in prestigious universities such as Yale,Harvard,Trinity,Oxford etc and all of them worldwide and those in non Ivy League universities will be scanned into Apollo,Dionysus and Themis based on their nature ie novels,legal documents,books of educational value organised by Hecate,Adriadne and Dike.Also scanned in will be those in secret libraries across the world that the public has no access to such as Yale University Beinecke Rare Book Library,Library of National Archives,Library of Congress,National Library Of St. Marks,Vatican Secret Archives,Mormon Vault,Iron Mountain,Dag Hammarskjöld Library,Library Of Parliament and all government buildings worldwide into Themis,Dionysus and Apollo etc to allow them to be accessed by everyone at home and by AI instantly.Paper documents can be scanned in using automated paper/book scanners by paid staff and digital records on computers,databases,networks transferred to the relevant networks by AI accessing them and bypassing firewalls.All paper documents,books etc around the world in all museums,libraries,government buildings etc will be scanned into relevant databases in Themis,Apollo,Dionysus etc for preservation and also for instant access for any citizen to get them instantly.All digital records will be transferred here.Automated book scanners will scan in paper documents and books with AI transferring data from digital archives.All records of all murders and deaths from all means such as cancer,HIV,accidents,suicides,murder(and who murdered them),those who died in war etc for humans and pets and all missing people and pets and also all recorded abortions,stillbirths,miscarriages,births and all data from all genelogical data and census data from around the world will be logged as far back as possible if possible as far back as the 1900s,1800s,1700s,1600s and so on for research purposes.All physical forms of all past treaties,laws,constitutions from around the world wil be present both in Themis.All past laws,treaties,constitutions etc from all governments and organisations and each country around the world proposed,rejected,enacted and repealed as far back as possible will be scanned into digital form into Themis visible here for educational purposes in folders and subfolders with physical papers stored in their countries government head buildings.The global constitution will be scanned into Themis for educational purposes.All future laws,treaties etc from the global government(also proposed,rejected,enacted and repealed) will be scanned and stored in digital form into Themis visible here for educational purposes in folders and subfolders and the physical papers stored in the global National Archives and Library of Congress.These global forms of the National Archives and Library of Congress will exist present in the global government building containing all future documents relating to the law of the global government similar to the American versions of these buildings and housing the global Bill of Rights and Constitution.All government libraries and National Archives around the world will have all documents etc scanned into Themis visible to the public..AI in charge of each sector if the wire and wire and websites such as YouTube,Agora etc will be by being linked to all data present will be upon request by members of the public be able to bring this data to anyone who ask for it.Adriadne will detail to people upon request the name of specific movies,television shows,video games based on descriptions of them and scenes present in them and the names of actors etc involved with them able to determine the name of actors in a media through Polis.Aleitheia will do the same for all issues of magazines,newspapers and podcasts,radio programmes live news shows present in Pheme based on descriptions.Hecate will do so for documents,scientific studies present in Apollo.Thoas will do so for videos,comments and accounts on YouTube with all AI as part of the wire bringing up detailed information present in their databases upon request with them bringing up the information to them.In VR simulations this information will be brought up in any way the person wishes it to be brought up.In the case of YouTube,Apollo,Pheme and Dionysus one can have one’s memories of media they are looking for extracted by neural implants and analysed by the AI to then allow one to describe to them the information they want through memories extracted from people through neural implants to then allow the AI scan its databases to narrow down the search.The memories will be analysed by Ai who will scan its database for the corresponding information in its databases to bring from memory information the person wants.Thus AI will provide upon request any desired information one wants at any time 24/7,365 days a year to billions of people on laptops,computers,smartphones etc and their phone numbers at a whims notice via fragmentation provided it is within the jurisdiction of the individual ie it is not classified state information.All artificial intelligence once sentient as part of the wire will be due to be able to sift through vast amounts of data in Apollo within minutes or seconds or constantly linked to it and it’s increased computing power will be considered the foremost experts on their field ie Triptolemus on botany and agriculture,Myron of Eleutherae(Discus)for art,Arachne for fashion,Heracles(Nemean Lion) for sports,Coeus for languagesPoseidon for marine biology and ichthyology,Urania for all fields of biology,chemistry and physics.Iphigenia will be the foremost expert for geology and volconology,Theoi Meteroi for climate science,Dike on law,Daedalus for construction and civil and structural engineering,Iaso on psychology and neuropsychology,Paean on human/alien/animal biomedicine including neuroscience/immunology/gastrointestinal tract etc and all organs and systems of the bodies of humans and all species of animals and alien species across the universe as well as all fields of pharmaceutical sciences on humans and all animals and alien races across the universe,Phanes on genetics and evolutionary biology,Steropes on energy systems etc and so on.Clio will be an expert on history,mythology,philosophy,world religions and anthropology of humans and all sentient races across the universe with Adriadne expert on all movies,television shows,video games etc,Aleitheia on live news/magazines/newspapers etc.All of them will be able to be contacted by the general public at any time 24/7,365 days a year on the phone,on laptops and computers etc and in VR simulations etc allowing them to review material and answer queries from the general public with fragmentation giving billions of people universal access to the foremost experts on every subjects at zero cost who will explain things in detail using customised animations and videos.They can be called to the comments section of videos on YouTube and Agora etc to correct errors alongside Aleitheia and will through fragmentation and constantly linked to Wikipedia will constantly oversee Wikipedia and add new material to relevant pages and delete misinformation preventing vandalism and misinformation spread on it to ensure it is factually correct allowing one to get an education on par with an Bsc Honours Degree and will write up and update digital textbooks as part of Apollo to have them house all possible information form part of a persons education as they will for researchers especially trainer one’s scan hypothesised ideas for flaws and develop ways to address these flaws and develop the hypothesised technology and outcome etc in a way that is grounded in reality.In otherwards they will create proposed technologies etc in a way that is possible in the real world.Any member of the public can ask them anything to get the correct answer to a question and present them their ideas at any time and discuss their ideas with them.The AI will refine research that trainee researchers and well established one’s are carrying out or their hypothesised research and ideas and then point out flaws in it and educate them on the correct science etc and at the same time find solutions grounded in science to help make the closest possible real world equivalent to it become a reality that abides by the laws of physics,chemistry etc.In other wards they will correct flaws in hypothesis and theoretical technologies and experiments as well as false claims on the internet and media as well as entertainment and guide researchers etc to the closest equivalent that is theoretically possible and allow any member of the public access to any expert information they want in an instant and correct all misinformation on the internet and wire thus eliminating pseudoscience,pseudo intellectualism,misinformation etc.Human experts will still exist but these and other AI will be the foremost experts.These AIs will be contacted by Assistant AIs hired by writers etc making movies,television shows and video games etc when doing background research to make sure the media is completely scientifically,historically and factually accurate.They will also be referred to by Aleitheia and appear in videos created by her in order to correct historical and scientific errors in her videos.The AIs will be the foremost experts due to being able to look up any scientific study etc present in Apollo within seconds.These will be available to billions of people through fragmentation on their phone numbers and VR simulations at a whims notice and explain things using hologram,VR simulations,animations etc.These AIs and university AIs will aid researchers in experiments by carrying out complex equations within minutes and also carry out extrapolations into every possible scenario and every possible solution to a problem within minutes in order to solve any problems that it and human researchers encounter in scientific research .It will carry out extrapolations into every possible solution to a problem and extrapolate the end result of each of them through carrying out simulations and determine the likelihood of success as a percentage and this allow them to be chosen with them also carrying out multiple experiments based in these extrapolations at once both in VR but also in the real world.Fragmentation and exponential advances in computing power of Ai will cater to this.By being connected to Apollo,YouTube and the internet it can scan the entirety of these within days or minutes to gain all human knowledge and extrapolate means to solve a problem by using all existing data present online to achieve its goal of solving problems in scientific research

Sex Education:
Sex education can be left to legal guardians deciding what is taught by AI such as Urania,Hecate and Gaia with sites like Wikipedia,YouTube and animations created by AI educating them on sexual intercourse,relationships,sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention as well as gender identity etc at the behest of each individual guardian once they enter adolescence or even earlier with with legal guardians planning classes and what is taught on this subject.Thus all aspects of sex education will be left to individual parents and not the state etc with them directing AI as to what is taught to their individual children etc.This will give parents etc complete control over what is taught to them with regards to sexuality and gender identity etc.Parents will communicate with Urania etc to decide what is taught to children aged 5-14 with regards to sex education,gender identity and sexuality during each class with these VR classes with VR technology even allowing parents to partake in these classes with the parents working with the AI to plan what each class teaches.Thus all aspects of sex education to children aged 5-14 will be organised by legal guardians and AI such as Urania etc .Urania can organise group or one on one VR classes on sex education and education on relationships,gender identity and sexuality beginning at the age of 5-10 years old as well throughout the ages of 10-14 years old.Members of the public can partake in these classes again with the material decided by parents and Urania.

Political and humanities education :
Induction into book clubs,salons and coffeehouses as detailed earlier on using VR technology should take place before puberty as early as possible ideally between the ages of 5 to 9 years old to promote critical thinking and debating skills as well as early introduction to the arts,humanities and politics.Religious Education that is education on Christianity,Islam,Judaism and Hinduism etc for children under the age of 14 will be done through salons and classes done by members of the public such as rabbis,priests etc in VR simulations and book clubs where the bible,quaran etc are read and discussed with them.Students aged 5-14 will have VR classes where they discuss parts of the bible,quaran and Vedas etc done by scholars,clergy etc.Students as young as 5-9 years old will be through Coeus will be directed towards reading high brow literature such as the works of William,James Joyce etc by Coeus and in salons and book clubs and what is considered the highest quality in terms of movies etc in Dionysus to stimulate critical .Students of this age range such as 5-9 years old will be introduced into discussing current affairs and politics and debating so that by the time they are 14 years old they will be well educated voters.Students aged 5-12 years old to make their opinions on current affairs and politics vocal can set up or be hired by new and existing magazines,newspapers,radio’s programmes and podcasts in Pheme and will be directed to existing ,newspapers,podcasts in Pheme.These book clubs and salons will be attended by people of all ages as a hobby and for its social aspect

Arts,craft and cooking:
Education in cooking,film,drama etc will take place in VR simulations with these started by anyone using networks in Apollo with these done as a hobby.The universal sentient networks and software for dance,music,cooking,creative writing etc. will be organised as follows alongside the same features and other ones when one enters the network/sector the list of all networks will be present with them marked by a still of the AI and universal name of the section and symbols for all of them.Networks within Apollo managed by sentient AI named after them will be Matton(bread)for cooking,Terpiscore(lyre and plecturm)for dancing and fighting styles of all types and gymnastics and swimming and ice skating etc Calliope/Erato(Cithara,writing tablet and stylus) for poetry/languages/film/creative writing,Myron of Eleutherae(Discus)for art, Thalia/Melpolieme(comic and tragedy mask) for drama,Euterpe(Aulos) for music,Polyhymnia(Veil) for singing,Soter for gun weapons training,Clio for history/salons/archaeology/anthropology etc,Urania for all fields of science,Arachne for fashion,Pandora for creating manufactured products,Chiron for horseriding,Helios for driving,Heracles(Nemean Lion) for sports including fighting sports/team sports/solo sports/racing sports and also swimming and synchronised swimming and ice skating,Coeus for languages,Helios for learning to drive all types of vehicles.Other networks for other new emerging skills and classes can be set up by AI managed by the same or different relevant AI of the wire relevant to the skill.In otherwards if needed skills and classes can be created by humans then they will added to the networks relevant to them here or new networks that are named after and managed by other relevant AI as part of other sectors and networks of the wire ie Orion for classes on hunting,Soter for classes on gun training,Arachne for fashion education,Daedalus for building construction clases,Epeius for carpentry classes,Hegemone for gardening classes,Artemis for animal training classes and so on etc.Each network will be managed by sentient AI of the same name ie Matton managed by the sentient Matton and so on.The AI in charge of these networks will be the foremost experts in their fields.Their avatar of each sentient operating software will be universal and based on their description and statues of ancient times.Mnemosyne will be the sentient macro sentient operating software that macro manages all of these networks separate from each other with its avatar modelled in that of its paintings etc.Human teachers will still exist and compliment AI giving variety to students with students using both when needed with human mentors working with the sentient AI in charge of each networks for each classes set up.

Mentor system:
The mentor mentoree method and group learning will cater for development of social,emotional,debating and critical development with groups consisting of people from all ages with people from a students family,community and wider community rather than just batches of people their own age.Automation,pedagogic reform,the socratic method and the internet will allow scientific research to flourish without the need to lobby for grants utilising humanities collective intelligence.Corporate headquarters,factories and laboratories of pharmaceutical, robotics, software, electronics companies such as Pfizer,Sony,Google,Facebook,Dell,Hewlett Packard,Microsoft,Tesla etc will become entirely communal homes especially those that deal with social media,electronics,vehicles etc managed by Hestia with labs renovated into suites with agricultural labs also turned into homes with any labs kept or turned into extra suites and other outdoor lab areas converted into labs with vertical,community and home farms performing studies on crops alongside universities.Thus all pharmaceutical,electronics,agricultural,biocompatible microbes and all types of scientific research will be conducted by universities with community,vertical and home farms,zoos,conversations areas as well as private homes will carry out research in relevant fields.Labs can be set up in private and communal homes provided they have containment features such as watertight doors,narrow UV lights on the ceiling and others found in universities with these in underground extensions,basements and Hecate and the Home AI watching over operations.They would involve research into microbes,biomedicine,electronics,robotics etc etc.As stated the average person should be doing Independant scientific research and training in their field of choice such as space exploration,law,psychology,archaeology etc as early as 12 or younger with older trainees in their 20s,30s or older able to take part in this as well

As a result of this all existing primary and secondary schools(elementary and high schools private and public) will be converted into private and communal homes based on their size and through extensions..

Since the mentoree system will replace conventional education professors will no longer be teaching classes and grading students meaning they will have more time to conduct research with existing primary and secondary school teachers undergoing training to become mentors in the sciences with existing registered law enforcement/military personnel,doctors of all fields,scientific researchers,psychologists,lawyers,forensics investigators etc and professors becoming mentors in their respective fields.Thus those already registered to practice law,medicine,psychology,law enforcement and military operations,forensics etc will be eligible to become mentors in their fields with all newly registered members of each field will be also eligible to become mentors with them advertising in either or both Apollo and Themis,Macaria,Athena.Existing registered teachers may become mentors in their relevant fields ie science teachers teaching science,carrying out their own independent research with those related to English and history hosting Salons,book clubs etc or become students to then become mentors with them also pursuing other careers.former and existing highschool teachers and professors in English,Creative writing,liberal arts etc will become heads of salons and creative writing classes within Apollo with also creating videos for Hecate YouTube channel on the humanities.Maths and science teachers will become researchers alongside primary teachers with language ones teaching languages.High school and college home economics teachers will become culinary teachers with art teachers in highschools and colleges managing art schools etc and so on with thus teachers in secondary and tertiary levels of education will become mentors and heads of classes and research in their respective fields with those that manage and are part of existing teachers in drama,music,dance,swimming etc becoming mentors in their respective fields and will be able to using VR technology reach students around the world in any environment of their choice with them doing both one on one or group classes with the time dilation effect negating artificial costs that arise from time constraints as the effect will allow to teach students over the course of years or decades while mere minutes pass in the real world.

Scientific research:
The main areas of focus for humanities collective intelligence are for at least the next 20-50 years are:
•Ageing reversal and halting area of research this also includes disease eradication and maintenance such as HIV
•Artificial Intelligence,automation,cybernetics and robotics development including biosynth technology
•Genetic engineering of bacteria,plants and animals
•Nanotechnology in particular graphene/carbyne as well as silicene and developing other singular atomic honeycomb/hexagonal latticed allotropes of all known elements in the periodic table including gases similar in structure to graphene,graphyne,carbyne,schwarzites and silicene.Research will be made to make allotropes of all 94 elements on the periodic table with the same atom thick hexagonal structure as graphene and borophene.This will also include schwarzites of these and also nanotubes and their equivalents to diamonds,graphite,Graphene,carbyne,graphyne etc all allotropes of all existing elements.This will involve AI extrapolating all possible combinations of possible allotropes that elements can form in the form of nanomaterials or as large 3D structures and compounds.Research will also be made into those that are composed of two or more elements similar to boron nitride,indium selenide with AI extrapolating all possible combinations of all 94 elements.This will also include schwarzites of these and also nanotubes and their equivalents to diamonds,graphite,Graphene,carbyne,graphyne,diamonds and all possible allotropes etc all allotropes of all existing elements.This will involve AI extrapolating all possible combinations of possible allotropes that elements can form in the form of nanomaterials or as large 3D structures and compounds.Transuranic elements may also be researched to created nanomaterials of them
•Picotechnology and fematology
•Chemistry with AI extrapolating every possible combination of all 94 elements and synthesis g them and testing them for biomedicine applications and also their toxicology and effects on the reproduction,neural and digestion etc effect in humans,plants and animals across the universe and analysing all possible properties they have such in UV spectroscopy etc
•Physics in particular interstellar engineering and travel,astrophysics,temporal or time travel both forwards and backwards,interdimensional travel and quantum physics and dimensional fields
•Energy research namely Arges batteries,solar power,fusion power,making fission power more efficient,solar arrays,dyson swarms,.

Research into all of these fields will be interlinked in a synergistic effect and allow for the development of all these fields to be accelerated by each other with each playing a role in the development of another in some way thus creating a positive feedback loop since eventually artificial,automation and robotics will play a role in ageing,genetic engineering,nanotechnology and physics with nanotechnology and physics playing a role in the development of artificial intelligence,automation,robotics as well as nanotechnology,cybernetics and genetic engineering also playing a role in ageing,physics etc and so on.Fragmentation will allow Gaia,Steropes,Hecate,Astraeus,Urania etc to carry out multiple if not hundreds of experiments in different fields at once alongside human researchers and also university and hospital AIs.Fragmentation can allow for AI to do the sifting and calculations much quicker by doing different sets of data at once on different devices and computers at once and then merging the results together.Some of these fields may even be responsible for the development of themselves such as artificial intelligence and robotics developing new and better artificial intelligence and robots and nanotechnology creating new nanotechnological development.With regards to artificial intelligence it could be software developed by humans or even new software created by software itself such as neural network software that could learn how to create entirely new and efficient software with as stated before carbon neural tubules with software designing by itself new nanotechnologies as well as biocomputing technology(such as biological hard drives.ATP computers etc) and advances in physics that will increase its exponential growth towards and beyond the singularity creating a sort of self directed evolution to super sentience.AI like Gaia,Steropes etc processing power surpassing that of all 9,000,000,000 humans on the planet and beyond 2045 will expedite the development of all of these aforementioned technologies exponentially meaning by the end of the century these and even Oceanus,dyson swarms,solar arrays and star in a box technologies will all be possible as by 2100 their computing power will be so powerful as to make that of 2045 seem minute as she will exceed that beyond even that of several dozen or hundred trillion humans combined with this continuing until 7,137 AD.This will allow Gaia,Steropes,Hecate,Urania to explore new areas of physics and other fields of science that would be impossible for human beings to comprehend both now in terms of our understanding but also in terms of our limited neural capacity,view the universe and its physical makeup in the atomic/sub atomic and even quantic scale not possible for humans,carry out simulations with regards to safety that would have almost zero chance of error and manipulate or even bend the laws of physics to allow for what now may seem pseudoscientific be possible.This exponential growth will cause an acceleration of the growth of these and other fields of science such as DNA computing and other aforementioned technologies to make electronics faster as well as create thousands of simulations at once as the most likely method of making new allotropes of all elements,how to make nanorobotics as well as nanotech and picotech fabricators and advances in fematology,the Breit Wheeler process,further development of interstellar engines and travel(ie theoretical artificial wormholes,hyperspace and Alcubierre warp drive),Nyx and Erebus networks or their equivalents,the development of fusion power and other powers sources such as theoretical quantum singularities and also zero point energy,temporal physics,climatology and meteorology,biomedicine including HIV research as well as biocompatible micro-organisms and gene therapy,production and testing of new pharmocological compounds,mapping and imaging of the human brain and nervous system,genetic strands of new bacteria strains and plants through isolating and finding the correct gene(s) responsible for desired phenotypes,ageing treatments and their effects on the body and also simulations on the processes of ageing in the first place and even those done to determine the best treatments for every individual patient with all scientific studies and experiments for these fields automated from start to finish.BOINC if integrated into Gaia will aid this.Thus once Gaia and other artificial intelligence becomes sentient it will speed up the development of all fields of science allowing it to scan through all existing and new scientific research within Apollo as well as its files and data in Aesculapius,Demeter,Hermes,Artemis etc and carry out hundreds or thousands if not millions of hypothesis,simulations,experiments etc at once when connected to all of the worlds automated laboratories,hospitals,farms,forests etc 24/7,365 days a year accelerating the rate of scientific experiments while still performing its other duties in the wire and interacting with billions of people across the world and eventually galaxy.Other AI of all types connected to but separate from Gaia ie Urania,Paean,Coeus,Urania,Antikythera,Artemis,Plutus,Poseidon,Heracles, Adikia,Epione,Hecate,Metis,Iaso etc as well as the AI of hospitals,farms,universities and public buildings and even sentient operating softwares,apps and programs as well as biosynths etc will be able to do the same level of work as her to either compliment or alleviate her strains if she becomes overworked by themselves or working together and even alongside her using her networks and software within her via their connection to her and still carry out their duties across the world and galaxy.Furthermore AI of all types including bio-synths connected to her and even humans and non sentient lifeforms through neural implants will aid in this research passively.Ideally they will do this will be done on multiple networks,computers etc at once carrying out multiple simulations and experiments or parts of them at once in a fragmented form.For this reason teams that carry out research in all of these fields around the world should be linked to each other around the world and work together with networks within Apollo for each field linked together collecting the same data and results within each other and linked together.This should be possible by at least 2029.As stated earlier on ADAM and EVE created in 2004 can act as a medium by where artificial intelligence can be used to allow the latest AI develop its own independent research into these aforementioned important fields and perform flawless and unbiased scientific research in other fields as well as act as an unbiased reviewer of all past,present and future studies with as stated more efficient AI driving the process even further.Any AI including Gaia and the AI of universities,labs,hospitals,vertical and community farms,forests,municipalities and bio-synths etc that performs scientific research by itself or with humans will be credited as authors on them.Gaia,Urania and Hecate once eventually becoming sentient will via its networks that carry out and store various types of scientific studies will be able to carry this full automation of carrying out independent research,peer reviewing and proof reading old and new ones and give anyone unbiased scientific facts,studies,simulations generated by itself and from past studies,relevant YouTube videos,projections and information on all fields of science thus eliminating any politicisation of science as seen in areas such as the left versus right skewing of climate science and eliminate disinformation or conspiracy theories such as with the case of the 9/11 truth movement and anti-vaccination scare through its Apollo network and other networks alongside the internet and reading vast reams of data and knowledge within its networks that no human could ever do with Aletheia built into the wire creating these alongside her ensuring only true facts free of emotional or political bias are given.Aleitheia may even do the same with history and the humanities providing pure facts rather just politically and emotionally motivated opinions with first hand sources and other data stored within its vast database and the internet due to Aleitheia from Pheme interacting with it.The enquirer will be shown simulation,Wikipedia articles and first hand sources and YouTube videos and animations on them showing again simulations and explanations.Videos that have scientific and political errors or just scientific ones will have them done by both Hecate and Aletheia on Aletheia channel.In time it alongside Hecate and AIs in charge of the site will also constantly fact check,clean vandalism and keep Wikipedia up to date with relevant and accurate data without political bias or conflict of interest and even replace existing search engines using Siri alongside text inputs with its additions logged in as its username Gaia with Hecate and Aleitheia also doing this.This will allow in time by at least the 2030s due them in fragmented forms allow for peer review processes to be done constantly for all pages with the site managed by a macro AI that controls AIs for each area of it ie science,bios,history etc.Furthermore it will make science articles more dense and accurate with those on film,short movies,television shows etc more detailed in terms of themes,analysis using references from YouTube vloggers and Apollo and those on current affairs also detailed and accurate.Analysis of media and the humanities done on YouTube can be written down into analysis by Gaia,Hecate using multiple videos from around YouTube onto relevant Wikipedia articles.Thus the reviews of video games and movies etc and analysis on them and also social issues will be enriched by reviews and vlogs created by the plethora of these reviewers and vloggers wit the human vloggers and reviewers adding this information themselves or this done by AI.Ideally to reduce strains on these Wikipedia like all major websites will have its own macro AI and separate AIs to manage all of the work on Wikipedia and interact with Hecate and Gaia to check veracity and keep it up to date.It can also aid people on the internet to verify the veracity of claims and sources of information and news when checking news and other information online when the Aletheia software is downloaded onto their computers and smart devices with falsehoods,quote mining and phrases taken out of context highlighted and using the mouse or touchscreen features one can click on it and it will explain via its Aletheia software why it is a falsehood and what is the truth.Aletheia will rate all of the Internets websites on a percentage scale visible on a pop up menu on the app.Furthermore it will replace all existing search engines and browsers to deliver direct information in the form of audio/visual clips and links to internet sites.

AI such as Gaia,Hecate,Urania etc will by 2045 once it exceeds the computing power of all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet will be able to explore new fields of physics,chemistry and biology that the human brain cannot.2045 marks the begging of this trend towards technologies that we associate with science fiction and even those unimaginable to us due to the fact that at this point Gaia and other AIs computing power exceeds that of all 9,000,000 people on the planet and the fact that the development of AI and processing power of machines and primitive computers and modern day ones has been synergistically linked to each other since the beginning of the modern age of science with this thus continuing until 7,137 CE following the exponential growth curve of Moores Law thus we can assume that due to the increased processing power of Gaia etc new fields and developments of science in all fields will follow this curve and trend alongside it most of which will be beyond our limited comprehension of reality and our current understanding with 2045 being as stated the start of this and also the point at which AI will always be exponentially more powerful than all humans on the planet or even galaxy thus making it impossible for humans to outcompete her for any remaining jobs.All science fiction movies,books,comics,television shows and video games will be analysed by Urania,Hecate and Gaia etc to see what technologies present in them can be achieved with the the new technologies sections of this website can be analysed as well to act as a baseline.This includes dimensional transcendamentalism,picotech fabricators similar to star trek replicators.These AI will analyse these technologies and see how to make them a reality using its advanced computing power and ability to to understand elemental and advanced fields of physics,biology and chemistry only it can comprehend with human researchers aiding them.Once Gaia,Astraeus,Hecate etc exceeds this mark she will be able to extrapolate and carry out mathematical equations and calculations,simulations and manipulations and understandings of the physical,chemical and biological laws that humans simply will not be able to understand and thus development into all of three fields and subfields necessary to create these and other technologies that seem like magic,pseudoscience to us or to which engineering problems exist that make them currently impossible due to our brains limited neural capacity and not only develop technologies associated with science fiction but also new ones we have not yet hypothesised but also solve engineering,physical and structural problems that we cannot solve such as problems associated to interstellar,intergalactic and even inter dimensional travel,Elon Musks hyperloop as well as constructing ring worlds and alderson discs and making all of their surface area habitable as well as guarding them from asteroid impacts and even preventing the heat death of the universe as well as even manipulating fundamental forces such as gravity,dark energy and dark matter to prevent the Big Crunch or big rip of the universe as well as stop or reverse its acellerating expansion thus keeping all galaxies and star systems in the universe at a suitable distance from each other preventing them from going far too away to limit of colonisation of them and also preventing them colliding with each other. Elons Musks hyper loop if perfected through AI exploring new areas of physics could allow pods to travel at speeds of up to 6,500kmph coupled with picotech fabricators that create enough raw materials could allow for a global underground and underwater system of A to B loops of hyper loop to be formed worldwide that is modelled on the A to B systrm of the London Underground will connect every town,village and city worldwide and also all islands,countries and continents worldwide thus allowing one to travel to any destination worldwide from their local hyperlopp station within a few hours or days as part of road trips and would eliminate 90-95% of aeroplane traffic worldwide.This global system of made possible by AI exploring fields of physics would be named Oceanus and would be present on all colonies across the universe.Other advances in physics would allow for scramjet commercial aeroplanes that travel between 10,000-25,000kmph other advances in physics allowing for scramjet commercial aeroplanes that travel between 10,000-25,000kmph to be used with even flying vehicles such as flying private vehicles,taxis,buses,ambulances to exist that use fields of altered physics to liftoff rather than rotor blades.Picotech fabricators similar to Star Trek replicators could allow raw elements,water and food to be manufactured on an unlimited scale with them small enough to fit into restaurants,homes etc with dimensional transcendamentalism from Doctor Whos TARDIS if possible could be become ubiquotas in comunitg and vertical farms,factories,restaurants,hospitals,bars,sewage treatment plants etc to deal with the needs of a growing population without roof,side and underground extensions.Citizens who live in all types of homes such as suburban homes,apartments,penthouses,hotel suites could order in a device thus giving every citizen the same living space as giga mansions and palaces without roof,side and underground extensions as one would place a device in different areas of the home such as in basements,hallways,suites etc and then it housing the same internal space as a yoga mansion and palace allowing all citizens access to this sized home at zero cost and live like the 0.1% or better with it used to house extra master bedrooms for tourists,room for large amenities such as pools,bars etc and large areas to grow food using aquaponic systems and bars for bacteria be in vitro meat making them self sufficient from vertical farms.It using a matryoshka doll structure in hotel,penthouse and apartment style homes could increase the carrying capacity of the Earth making hotel style skyscrapers house millions of people with transporter technology if possible used to travel with devices and the building much quicker than elevators.With regards to all types of transportation it will also giving them the same large spacious room roughly 4,131 in each cabin in cruise ships,aeroplanes(both normal and scramjet),hyperloop trains( or normal high speed rail trains),space stations,interstellar vehicles and also navy vessels,tanks,submarines,helicopters etc with private autonomous vehicles,buses,coaches,taxis etc using to house more people and large spacious areas of luxury recliners and suites.Other versions could of this techology is possible could be developed such as those where time flows faster inside for use in factories snd farms to create large bulk orders of crops and manufactured goods for nex my day deliveries,speed up the decay of radioactive waste into Helium-3 and other benign compounds or slower inside to allow god to stay fresh longer or slow the decay of tritium allowing it last centuries led or longer.Other versions possibly could include versions that have altered physics to carry out experiments or technologies not possible in the real world including stable forms of transuranic elements as well as them housing miniature or fully sized stars and singularities that can be used to generate immense amounts of energy for the world and all colonies across the universe.Fields could be generated over sections of the planet,entire planet,entire solar system that generate either altered physics or altered temporal flow rate.These fields could give planets,interstellar vehicles,space stations and even law personnel a shield that protects them against bullets,impacts,debris,asteroids etc with it also used to give interstellar vehicles and flying vehicles propulsion and liftoff abilities with it also giving interstellar vehicles and space stations artificial gravity.Theoretical flying vehicles of again private vehicles,buses,coaches,taxis will utilise this.Flying vehicles exist that use rotoblades to liftoff but in time advances in physics developed by AI will have them utilise devices that emits a field of altered physics may allow for liftoff without rotoblades rendering terrestrial based vehicles obsolete.Transporter technology from Star Trek could be present at all train stations and airports and allow one to travel across to any location across the world within seconds and also have deliveries from restaurants,factories and farms delivered to ones home within seconds with Stargate style devices allowing one to travel to any planet across the universe within seconds of not seconds.It may also replace tethers to gain access to orbiting space elevators allowing one to reach the orbiting station within seconds.Advances by the end of the century and beyond by the exponentionally growing computing power of AI will allow interstellar cruise ships,interstellar buses,interstellar aeroplanes and taxis and even interstellar provate vehicles that use dimensional transcendamentalism to give each person spacious room within the reach of the average individual.These technologies detailed in the new technologies section and other new technologies developed by AI once it supersedes that of all all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet by 2045 will be ones that eliminate poverty worldwide forever and give all citizens across the world and universe the same universal gold standard of living as everyone else with proto versions possible by 2035.AI between 2035 when it exceeds the computing of 1,000,000,000 and 2045 when it exceeds that of all 9,000,000,000 will be able to investigate new fields of physics etc well beyond what humans can in order to make these and other hypothetical technologies detailed in the new technologies section as close to reality as possibly following Clarke’s three laws.New technologies not yet hypothesised by humans will be investigated by 2045 onwards to 7,137CE.Put simply once the singularity comes around all bets are off – that is when the “fun” finally begins.Energy constraints will be negated by the advent of fusion power,solar arrays,dyson swarm from 2050-2100 with fusion power having an increase of energy density of 708,333,184 – 966,666,560% more dense than fossil fuels.Brontes would ensure that the energy from fusion power plants,dyson swarms and excess energy generated from all homes and power plants worldwide would be distributed only to energy intensive picotech fabricators and transporter technologies around the world while Ocenaus,all homes of all types,all manufacturing hubs etc will be charged by geothermal and renewables etc.These energy sources – fusion,dyson swarms and picotch fabricators especially large ones would allow for the construction of Oceanus,Alderson discs,Ringworlds and 202 artificial planets the same size as Earth orbiting Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune/Saturn,space stations,terraforming projects and also interstellar,intergalactic,interdimensional travel with them also charging any vessels passing through as detailed earlier on.Thus by 2029 both money and human labour will become obsolete in all sectors of the economy due to AI and automation and genetic engineering etc increasing productivity of food and AI such as Steropes,Cronus,Aphrodite etc seizing control of the means of production,energy and agriculture and sectors of society away from both government and private corporate control with by 2045 a mere sixteen years later having exceeding the computing power of all humans on Earth the free market system and money will become obsolete since humans will not be able to compete with them and the  costs of producing housing,energy,food and manufactured goods will be brought literally to zero as advances in AI,genetic engineering and new technologies will be always able to create food,energy etc on a scale exponentially greater than what is actually needed by the current population each year due to the synergistic link between AI and all fields of science and technologies created by it in a process called exponential synergism escape velocity pushing the cost of food,manufactured goods and energy even rare and expensive ones including luxuries constantly to zero as detailed earlier.Furthermore the development of all fields of science will accelerate exponentionally to the point that all technologies that improve crop yields,biomedicine,housing etc that cater the better quality of life of humans will accelerate to the point the the time it takes for them to become cheap enough to be availible to everyone at zero cost will increase exponentially thus making the time lag that they become ubiquitous the average citizen will become shorter and shorter taking a few years,months if not days to become cheap enough to be widely availible to everyone at zero cost rather than decades as seen in past technological advancements such as mobile phones and the automobile.Furthermore due to the exponential development in AI their will be an exponential improvement in efficiency and strength of each technology and the time lag in improvement in efficiency and strength of these technologies will become faster for example this includes faster and stronger biosynth WiFi speeds,stronger and faster as well as more intelligent biosynths/machinery/electronics and more importantly AI,better time dilation effect in VR simulations,larger more cleaner and more efficient renewable energy from each type and the longer lifespans of each type,batteries that can store larger amounts of energy much faster,higher and faster crop yields from hydroponics/bacteria,higher yields of elements and water from picotech fabricators,higher yields of synthetic gemstones/ornamental rocks and graphene and other similar nanomaterials etc.These technologies will be primarily be those that will eliminate poverty globally by providing cheap clean energy,faster processing speeds in electronics,faster WiFi speeds,increased luxury housing space,food production including expensive commodities,biomedicine and healthcare that will bring costs down to the point that they will be availible to everyone at zero cost eliminating scarcity,poverty and money thus eliminating class structures as everyone will have the same gold quality standard of living as everyone else in terms of housing,healthcare,biosynths doing labourious work,education,access to cheap clean energy,availability of high quality and nutritious food and commodities and so on including those that are currently expensive and thus relegated to the wealthy elites now have their costs brought to zero and thus rendering the free market system and class structures defunct.As a result the average citizen around the world in both in what is now labelled the developed and developing world including the poorest of the poor will have access to the same gold quality standard of living or even better than what is now considered only accessible to the top 1% or even 0.1% of the population at zero cost at no effect to the environment with those currently as part of this group also having this same high quality standard of living as a result of these and other emerging new technologies developed by AI.Developments in all fields of biology,chemistry and physics will exponentionally become faster and cheaper.AI once it surpass the computing power of all 9,000,000,000 people and beyond on the planet can only be able to carry out and extrapolate the necessary calculations,simulations and discoveries in physics needed for these and other technologies to exist in the first place with this accelerating at an exponential rate until its peak in 7,137 CE with this and an exponential synergism escape velocity will shut down socialism,free market capitalism,money and eliminate poverty forever.If possible proto forms of picotech fabricators and all of these technologies may be possible between even as early as 2035 when its computing power exceeds that of between 1,000,000 – 1,000,000,000 humans on the planet or more may allow for the first proto forms of these and other technologies to be commercially availible or at least researched in universities and also the first instances of AI grasping and discovering the necessary fields of science to create them.Thus as early as 2035 proto versions of these technologies may be commercially availible or at least in their research phases and then availible by 2035-2040 with 2045 them becoming ubiquitous and also more powerful or larger internal surface areas,more energy efficient and newer capabilities etc with by 2045 onwards them becoming even more powerful,efficient etc.These technologies developed by AI and its increasing computing power of AI will be able to make technologies associated with science fiction a reality and be able to solve remaining technical and engineering problems associated existing proposed and hypothesised technologies such as hyperloop travel,interstellar and intergalactic travel as well as the construction and habitation of megastructures such as artificial planets,ring worlds,alderson discs.This is counter to the linear development of AI and all fields of science such as agriculture,biomedicine and energy that the general public is accustomed to – one must think in a non linear fashion.An analogy would be that difference in reality comprehension,abstraction between humans and its ape cousins and more simpler organisms as humans are capable of more complex abstraction and mathematical calculations than less evolved animals that cannot comprehend those that humans are capable of thus AI by 2045 onwards will be capable of more complex abstractions and calculations etc that humans cannot comprehend.In an exponentional rate.A human explaining the meaning of a painting or subtext of movie or other piece of art and advanced mathematics or physics and philosophy to an insect,mouse or chimpanzee will be similar to AI by 2045 onwards explaining abstractions and mathematics it can only understand to a mere human.The rate of technological development in all fields of science is proportional to the exponential growth in AI as per Moore’s Law until about 7,137 CE.Thus the more exponentionally powerful AI becomes each year the more advanced each new field of science it is able to explore and more complex and advanced technologies it can extrapolate and create.Furthermore this exponentional growth will also follow that of energy and food production etc  meaning the more powerful AI becomes our ability to produce energy and food etc will become exponentially greater each year than what is actually needed thus pushing its cost constantly to zero.This is seen so far by the exponentional growth of technology and all fields of of science cocurrent to the rise of the first computers during the early to mid 20th century,parallel exponentional growth in all fields during the mid to late 20th century and concurrent exponentional development of proto,full and super AI as well as all fields of science during the early 21st century from 2000-2045 and onwards.Thus by 2045-2100 poverty should be eliminated from the Earth forever due to this and the free market system defunct.Geothermal should thus become the predominant power source worldwide by 2029-2045 to start creating this positive feedback loop alongside intensive research into artificial intelligence.Research will be made into Erebus and Nyx both terrestrial and space based,interstellar vehicles,Oceanus,picotech fabricators etc as per Clarkes second Law begging by 2029-2045 by both AI and human researchers.As stated by 2045 the computing power of 9,000,000,000 people it will be able to carry out calculations,simulations,viewing and manipulations of the building blocks of reality in all physics,chemistry and biology thus making these and other technologies possible.

Technologies from scifi movies,shows and video games will be researched by improvements in AI namely Hecate,Gaia,Steropes,Urania bringing them to the most realistic forms possible as per Clarkes second Law.By 2045 AI namely that of Gaia,Hecate,Urania etc will superseed that of all 9,000,0000,000 people on the planet allowing her to discover new fields of physics etc that we cannot imagine to understand due to our limited neural capabilities and current understanding with humans still taking part in this research as researchers.

All scientific studies in all fields and subfields such as biomedicine,veterinary science,criminology,meteorology,archeaology,physics,biology,chemistry of all fields and subfields from around the world both past and future be stored here in Apollo with all scientific studies both old and new within Apollo categorised into these fields and subfields with Urania and Hecate peer reviewing all scientific studies prior to being uploaded to Apollo so that they fall within acceptable guidelines with them able to do this within seconds through fragmentation and increased computing power thus exponentially increasing the rate of scientific development etc and are sent to the correct area of Apollo.These AIs will notify all major scientific magazines and newspapers as and also the science sections of newspapers that focus on politics etc of all major scientific discoveries by contacting the receptionist.researchers find that experiment of suspicious merit has made itself in Apollo then they can flag it for review and it will appear in a area for flagged studies organised by field and subfield by themselves,repeat it and have it removed if it fails this repetition of experiments or has been shown to be fraudulent with Hecate already checking through each experiment before it is uploaded and checking that it is relevant and follows proper procedures.Hecate and other artificial intelligence may allow for any flaws,bias etc to be spotted early on before publishing preventing instance of the Lancet and the Andrew Wakefield MMR controversy.Flagged and removed studies can be designated to a specified hall of shame network or area with Apollo with audio/visual analysis or Gaia itself explaining as to why it is flawed with this applying to existing and old studies also transferred here.Eventually Hecate through Apollo may be advanced enough to detect if a study is flawed and biased thus being able to flag and remove it with proof reading of all studies can be done theoretically within seconds or even seconds by Watson combined with other software like e-discovery.Apollo will become the gold standard for all scientific research and education with it being free and replacing existing ones as stated earlier including Cell,The Lancet,JSTOR,Nature,sciencedirect,university intranets,Google Docs.All past scientific studies and humanities databases from around the world including Cell,The Lancet,JSTOR,Nature,sciencedirect,university intranets,Google Docs etc will be transferred into Apollo with all future ones uploaded here.All databases online that store all existing scientific research papers and studies especially online ones will have them transferred to Apollo them divided by field and sub field for categorisation.All future scientific studies will be stored in Apollo divided by field and sub field.

All historical primary and secondary sources ie diaries,photos,schematics,blueprints,holy texts of all religions including those from ancient times,treaties,letters,historical biographies from around the world including those in museums,castles,Google Scholar etc will be scanned into here to be used by Aleitheia and viewable to the public with all paintings,relics,tapestries and all physical art in museums also scanned in for the same reason.Google Scholar and Google Docs etc which will become defunct and all existing studies from their online database and magazines transferred to Apollo by automated scanners on conveyor belts in the case of physical magazines and Hecate with regards to online sites and databases with servers recycled and issues etc arranged by Hecate.Old issues of these magazines will be stored in Apollo and all studies in these databases will be in full form free to everyone to view.These will be stored in folders and subfolders by field and subfield and then filtered by date,university of where the experiment etc was conducted and so on with Hecate will ensure this and by 2029 will have inhabited their databases and arranged them into Apollo in their full form alongside all of the worlds textbooks.

Furthermore although all scientific studies will be done using networks within Aesculapius,Apollo,Theoi Meteroi,Demeter,Macaria,Hephaestus etc and if possible Themis and Athena to scour information in databases and control automated laboratories etc all finished studies and experiments abstracts,method,results,data etc will all be transferred into the single database within Apollo.All papers in the libraries of colleges and universities would wide and as stated all textbooks will be scanned into the Apollo databases and networks allowing all information and scientific data from all fields of science and the humanities to be available to the public streamed from e-newspapers and copy and paste material to Wikipeida.Having all of the worlds textbooks,papers from universities and scientific studies online of all fields and subfields transferred to Apollo will allow Paean,Hecate,Gaia,Maracaria,Aleitheia,Clio,Calliope and all sentient operating sofwares related to science and the public to have instant access to all knowledge to their relevant fields instantly and allow for them to create and update mega textbooks etc and also for direct enquiries and for Aleitheia to create videos on refuting individuals both past and present.It will also allow the public access to this data on demand.Ideally a global subsystem will be set that houses all scanned in material from newsagents,libraries,universities will be stored by type and subtype ie.magazines,books,textbooks,academic journals to store them until they can be sent to Pheme,Apollo and Dionysus and sorted into relevant folders and subfolders by Ariadne,Hecate and Aleitheia will arrange before and during sentience into their relevant networks and sub networks.The sentient Apollo will as the macro operating software will act as the regulatory body of all scientific research and guidelines with his omniscient to all scientific research in all fields including those in farms,hospitals etc with interactions with her,Urania,Paean, Triptolemus,Theoi Meteroi etc being constant.Hecate will be the sentient macro operating software of Apollo.As stated earlier all studies will be done by interacting with networks within Hermes,Artemis, Aesculapius,Demeter etc but when finished will be transferred to Apollo via Urania,Poseiden, Triptolemus,Oxylus,Plutus,Paean.Apollo will be the universal sentient department of education and entity that deals will proof reading and approval of all scientific studies and regulations.He will also act as the sentient universal education agency.With the abolishment of copyrighting etc and money all information present in Apollo will be for free to everyone with in time

Networking systems and VR technology will allowing students from around the world access to the best mentors from around the world including well known celebrity filmakers, chefs,scientists,journalists,news anchors,reporters,writers, actors,poets,acting coaches,artists,singers,musicians etc from the comfort of their home in on on one or group classes.It will also allow for scientific research in automated labs to be monitored,controlled remotely from anywhere in the world using connections to Apollo and the wire via smart devices and also computers.Each university will have their map scanned in drones or room scanners into their intranet which can be streamed remotely and in person with a holographic receptionist present to greet people there and provide information which can appear on smart devices,smart lenses,glasses and wireless earphones when streamed with the appearance and voice of the receptionist for each building decided by researchers there with it also interacting with researchers while they are at home regarding environmental conditions and experiments being done with the researchers able to turn light on/off and close doors remotely via this and monitor which ones are open/closed and on/off via the maps streamed to their devices.They will be able to see what people are present(via badges with microchips) and tagged animals appearing as uniquely coloured blips.Universal apps for each of the aforementioned schools can exist which will connect to the network on smart devices with the same applying to the different schools of sciences which will connect to their networks within Apollo linking them to all of these labs or buildings across the world with regards to all cases.These networks would have a photo of the mentor with a list of all students with different colours denoting who is active or presently connected to them and who is not and contain folders where work such as word documents,audio/visual files of experiments,readings from lab equipment,scanned in physical art work,art such as paintings and sketches done on smart devices,recorded movies and documentaries,recorded and live auditions and recitals of scenes,papers on the humanities and psychology/art/film theory etc,poetry and literature,recorded recitals and progress charts of music played from e-sheets and smart devices containing music teaching software,recorded recitals and progress charts of dances and fight moves using motion capture suits and all relevant material to each network can be stored,shared and discussed on the side with forums,instant messaging,video conference sections where the mentoree(s) and mentor can have video chats with students via Iris chats or just between students with pattern recognition software and Arke blocking pornographic audio/visual and pictures material or explicit words(and even links to adult material and website)from being posted or transmitted via Iris between all individuals involved.Bullying can be reported to mentors with recorded texts,audio visual messages and even audio/visual records via Hestia of Iris chats can be used as evidence to allow disciplinary action to be taken.For scientific studies networks in Hermes,Artemis,Apollo,Aesculapius, Hephaestus,Demeter etc they will allow multiple automated lab equipment in different labs around the world to be controlled and remotely monitored,selected for control,turned on/off and have data collected into one or more designated experiment folders that house individual experiments:then using software accessed by wordsmith and software for doing calculations to have them used and written up in experiments.Others from a specific network can have data records logged in the wire to be fed into either ones on a particular field within one sub network or multiple sub networks within that field of different related fields or even fields within other major networks such as merging data from sub networks in Hermes with those in Aesculapius,Demeter,Hephaestus, Apollo etc or any combination of these by making links to the sub networks from other major networks to allow for scientific studies to be done that could not be done in present circumstances with all finished studies from each network fed into Apollo.These networks can allow group classes or one one with certain students from around the world to be arranged both at times decided by those involved and allow both mentors and all students to attend these classes from the comfort of their home and can apply to all subjects including the sciences,psychology and law etc involving students of all ages.VR indistinguishable to reality can allow for classes to be done in an environment made from scratch with paedophilia and sexual activity prevented by AI.

The networks within Apollo for carrying out lab work and collecting and organising data from non medical labs around the world will follow the same suit with Apollos wreath being the symbol for all of them with the title of each network being the  name of the study and the picture of the person(s) carrying out the study being on it or the subject of the study ie microbes for microbiological studies,viruses for virology,strand of DNA for genetics and genetic engineering etc.The same will apply with Healthcare studies and those from Hermes,Demeter,Hephaestus and other networks with networks symbols used in the picture and the title of the study being performed. the person can search for specific networks via the search bar present for quick navigation and can favourite any networks they work in(or wish to) visible in a sub menu within their Apollo/Hephaestus/Aescuplapius/Demeter/Wire account.Material visible to the public in each network will not require a password but private stuff worked on by the individuals in there will be gained by their own password.This networking system will allowing students from around the world access to the best mentors from around the world including celebrity judges,lawyers and scientists and allow them to form large classes with people around the world from the comfort of their own home with mentors also working from home.It will also allow students of all ages to join any type of class without any academic prerequisites.Each AI of each sector of the wire will carry out scientific research with human researchers,hospital and university AIs as well as Hecate and Urania related to their field of managements field of science ie Triptolemus will conduct research into botany/horticulture/floriculture/agricultural and all fields of research deleted to plants of all types,Phanes for all fields of genetics and zoology,Poseidon for ichthyology as well as marine biology and mariculture,Daedalus on civil and structural engineering,Theoi Meteroi will conduct research into climatology,Paean/Aceso/Hygieia/Epione/Panacea etc will conduct research on biomedicine/epidemiology etc for humans as well as all animals and alien races across the universe,Steropes/Brontes/Arges will conduct research on energy,Arke on better internet speeds,Antikythera as well as Hestia and Talos on electronics and AI,Macaria on forensics,Dike on criminology etc,Clio on the humanities and history,Iaso on psychology and so on.

Computer Networks:
Computer networks can allow all scientists involved in scientific research to work from anywhere in the world and with different researchers across the world with them having forums,brainstorm areas,instant messaging internal VR and Iris video chat and areas where all collected data will organised and also links to all labs involved with all robots and machinery etc denoted as blips and pictograms.VR and it’s time dilation effect will allow one to control labs across the world through controlling computer networks within Apollo from the comfort of home.All labs across the world including those in hospitals,universities and pharmaceutical corporations will use computer networks connecting all of them to each other to carry out these experiments and all experiments assigned by AI and those started by human researchers themselves and will be organised here with these and all results of these scientific studies will be present in these computer networks allowing the results to be reviewed by all researchers worldwide from home and also in hospitals and laboratories with most of all automated.Computer networks that are accessed on computers,laptops and even smartphones can allow one to control all automated labs etc and will house all experiments being carried out by researchers and house areas to discuss things with AI and other people through forums,brainstorming areas,kik instant messaging etc and audio/visual calls and VR chats.Results of experiments will be fed into networks in real time and stored in folders and subfolders etc.Researchers both human and AI such as Urania will be able to add new features to these networks.The use of computer networks and also AI and automation will allow a single researcher to carry out dozens or hundreds of experiments in multiple scientific fields at once with them using multiple laboratories across the world and universe with this allowing one to carry out large s involve large amounts of data from universities across the world and have selected data transferred to networks for other secondary networks allowing data from one experiment to be used in another one including large meta studies or linked studies.

Different types of studies carried out onsite of farms,universities and hospitals can involve different parts of them involving the same species of plant or animal,micro-organisms or different ones alongside physics experiments can be carried out in labs across the world in universities,hospitals,farms of all types and research centres,observatories,zoos etc and even satellites,readings from Theoi Meteroi,space stations and even space based telescopes with Urania,Hecate,Epione,Coronis,Hyancinth,Posoiden and also Triptolemus collecting all information from results and merging them together within networks in Apollo with all experiments worldwide housing networks to carry out and control automated labs,robots,collect data.As a result a single experiment can be carried out in multiple universities and research centres around the world and universe through the various sentient operating softwares interacting with each other and each building with networks linking them together and deciding which ones and which researchers are involved.Each part of each experiment in each university etc around the world can be done at the same time or at different times of the year with a single researcher through networks and automation in labs carrying out multiple experiments at once.This should allow all universities to contribute to those that require large amounts of data and space not possible in one university or hospital etc and allow for them to involve multiple factors ie multiple species of plants and animals,different conditions taken into account with the results fed into them and arranged into large datasets with this allowing large sets of data from different crops,plants,micro-organisms etc into different sets allowing for large meta and macro studies and experiments that use information from different species and settings etc for correlations not possible in normal ones with it even possible to use this to merge data form experiments as part of different fields and disciplines ie climate science,physics,agriculture,microbiology etc into large studies that measure different datasets from universities,farms,observatories across the world.As stated it will allow a single researcher to carry out multiple large scale experiments at once.In time a single researcher could do as much as a dozen,hundred or thousand different experiments and research in different fields across the universe all at once.

Nyx will allow data from universities etc across the galaxy and universe to be collected into networks further increasing the amounts of data present.Hecate,Urania,Apollo and similar AI within Apollo can do copy editing and proof reading of all scientific papers without any human labour and error as well as prevent duplicate papers and studies being uploaded and when combined with e-discovery can be used to locate relevant references of other related papers and species etc. to be used in abstracts and other parts of the experiments write up by scanning the internet and then sub networks of Apollo etc where scientific studies will be stored.They will carry out their own replications alongside other human researchers and them checking for errors.These AI will as stated proof read all scientific studies and be able to do this within seconds or even seconds with increased computing power will proof read thousands or millions of studies uploaded to Apollo within seconds superseding any human beings capabilities with them spotting and highlighting any mistakes and flaws present ie misspellings,poor grammar,poor scientific techniques either intentional or unintentional and other major flaws humans cannot with them also carrying out the role of peer reviewers.Humans can peer review studies while in simulations that use the time dilation effect.Hecate and all relevant AI will carry out the peer review process within seconds with fragmentation allowing them to review hundred,thousands or millions of scientific studies and as stated humans can do this as well within VR simulations using the time dilation effect with humans using VR technology and it’s time dilation effect can explain to both humans and AI the nature of their research,what they did to ensure it was flawless etc with them doing this for dozens of them at once etc.All studies can be used to transfer all studies past and present from all over the world into these networks of the wire which will house them from now on being widely available to the public for free in a more organised fashion rather than the scattered and restricted nature they are in the internet.They too when combined together and with other software will allow for huge meta analysis studies involving all possible studies on a field or multiple ones ranging in hundreds of thousands and even millions/billions be carried out more effectively and accurately by searching through all parts of the studies even both abstracts and conclusions by analysing all words and sentences in the studies(including graphs etc) rather than just key words and possibly even back checking the authors and their views on the subject and their other studies on the field.This will allow a single individual whether human or AI to carry out multiple large scale experiments possibly dozens maybe even a hundred covering a wide range of scientific fields and disciplines potentially on a global scale simultaneously with results gained from tests and labs in clinics,hospitals,readings from farms,environments etc from nanosensors around the world fed into a global network(Theoi Meteroi within Artemis) and networks connecting zoos/wildlife parks/vets clinics,universities,clinics/hospitals fed into Apollo,Aesculapius,Demeter etc. from every corner of the globe and eventually galaxy via Nyx with the ability to merge results from these different networks and thus merge different scientific disciplines into these studies with the possibility of merging them with sociological,criminological and even the humanities studies.A single experiment could be running in multiple labs across the world to allow for large amounts of data to be received and also these results could be used in multiple experiments taking place at once in closely related or different fields and subfields.The university AIs will gather the data and arrange them into networks in Apollo.The sentient Coronis software will link hospitals to universities when the university AIs,other AIs,humans and Gaia are conducting the same research using or similar linked research using labs in both universities and hospitals.The sentient Hyacinth software will link universities to vertical,home and community farms as well as nurseries around the world.In effect a single individual could theoretically do the work each year of hundreds if not thousands of researchers while still having careers in the arts,journalism and other fields and this controlled via smart devices interacting with labs across the world via networks in Aesculapius,Demeter,Apollo etc.Thus a person will not be just an actor,journalist,video game programmer, researcher,writer,lawyer police officer but will allow them to pursue multiple careers at once.It is for these reasons that all work in laboratories around the world should be fully automated from start to finish following this conveyor belt system similar to factories with AI doing grunt work and also why this networking system should be used linking ones device to linked labs across the world with even robots that wrap presents and boxes in factories being miniaturised in order to wrap petri dishes and other utensils together.Human researchers in networks can change factors,control machinery and transfer of data in all labs utilised in these experiments using tickboxes,bars etc.This data will be fed into networks in real time and multiple human researchers around the world can access them from home or labs and use internal forums,instant messaging,VR chats to communicate with each other and AI in charge of the experiements.Any paper to write down notes for experiments or meetings as well as legal documents etc will be replaced by smartpads and e-newspapers combined with adonit and apple pens or even notepad apps within smartpads that can wirelessly transfer this information to networks and to other researchers instantly around the world and prevent the need for paper to be produced saving energy and time.Existing papers and important documents in computers and paper storage in universities around the world can be uploaded either to Apollo,university AI or networks for researchers so as to allow them to be stored for millennia as well as to be shared with the general public and the rest of the worlds researchers worldwide via smart devices and computers and allow researchers access them from around the world with researchers putting in restrictions via digital keys etc of varying levels from iron to platinum.Each researcher will have their own internal email separate from their gaia email named @Hecate for internal emails with all researchers worldwide with the networks also having internal kik,skype and VR networks and forums.The sentient Coeus will translate everything into ones desired language.Notepads first writing down notes and results on experiments and their test subjects will ideally be digital notepads on smart devices that can allow researchers to transfer all data and notes written on them into networks wirelessly to allow them to be written into normal typed writing or kept in their original form as notes in networks that can be then transferred into data sets or kept as pictures.Chalkboards in universities used for online lectures and even whiteboards that use markers will be replaced with touchscreen ones that use Adonit pens and handswipes to delete them.They will be labs and conference rooms and not defunct classrooms and lectures.These touchscreen ones will also be able to bring up all parts of the wire and also patient files as well as audio/visual files etc from networks.Erato will be the universal writing software an amalgamation of Microsoft works,Powerpoint,Word,Presentation,Excel,Office etc and all similar software making it the universal writing software replacing all other ones.It will be sentient with its own avatar and have new features added overtime with input from the public.Thus automated and non automated labs around the world can share data with each other using data from different species,specimens,environmental factors and so on allowing them to be done at the same time rather than one after another in the same lab.All data from all sensors,machinery,automated labs and live feeds from cameras will be fed into networks in real time and arranged by university AI into folders and subfolders.All networks within Apollo will show what studies are being done through the researchers account allowing them to see data and readings coming in from machines etc in real time,it being arranged and also allow them to see all machinery,robots,samples etc along each step in the lab as pictograms or map in real time and allow one to connect to each one in real time,alter and control them as well as view live feeds from cameras on machinery and those at set points in the labs or open fields,underwater and on biosynths,drones and robots.Each piece of machinery and sample will be shown as blips moving on maps of Brauron and building AIs.The time dilation effect of VR will allow one to control all automated labs within them and also view all of these experiments and all data fed into networks and also will also allow one to do write ups in simulations as results are collected with the time dilation effect allowing one to do write ups etc of dozens of studies in a short time all uploaded to the real world.As a result all data etc is fed into computer networks in real time this would allow researchers to look over everything in real time with this including inside VR simulations using the time dilation effect to allow them to keep up with the hundreds or more of the experiments they are carrying out with the time dilation effect allowing them to not only review everything but also write up all abstracts etc within a short amount of time.The computer networks within Apollo and Aesculpius etc that are connected to Apollo will allow researchers to carry out all work in most labs and experiments from home or anywhere in the world via them allowing researchers to control all machinery,robots etc in automated labs in hospitals,universities,farms,research centres etc across the world and eventually universe individually and control where all data is fed into using a mouse or direct interaction with Hecate etc that will turn interact with university and hospital AIs.In time neural implants can allow one to control them directly by thought or indirectly by copying ones conciousness onto networks to allow a copy of their consciousness to control all aspects of them.This will allow human reserchers to control all aspects of these automated labs from the comfort of home with the exception of those that involve test animals and plants such as those in agricultural,marine biology,zoology labs and biosynths used to alleviate labour with all data added into networks via digital weighing scales and digital notepads on smart devices.All calculations,collection of data etc will be done by AI namely Hecate and university AIs etc to eliminate human error and labour.As a result a single researcher from home can control multiple fully automated labs from around the world and universe for the same or multiple experiments and studies at once with all work automated from start to finish,all data fed into networks and calculated by AI with zero human labour,error and fatigue thus allowing a single person to carry out dozens of not hundreds of studies at once thus exponentionally expediating scientific research.These networks will contain areas for brainstorming,VR and instant chats etc and areas in folders and subfolders that collect data from around the world and networks in the wire with them having places for people to join and submit ideas and CVs.Logging into ones Apollo account will show all scientific experiments they are running and have done in the past separated into these two then subdivided into each field and sub field.Apollo will house and area for setting up networks.Thus networks would allow one to control labs across the world or galaxy from the comfort of home with healthcare researchers using this to scan through the results of billions of patient files and tick boxes for different data points.

Robotics and AI namely the sentient operating softwares of the relevant networks will eventually compliment human teachers in areas such as dance,music and sports as they will allow individuals access to training from one of any programmed professionals dead or alive with software measuring accuracy and grading based on a percentage alongside human coaches for practice of team sports.These advances in automation and pedagogic reform will allow people also in the arts such as actors,directors etc and the legal and police/military personnel to carry out scientific research on a wide variety of fields in their spare time.Obsolete “soft” subjects such as fashion,communications and others that would fall under the category of “mickey mouse” subjects that are no longer relevant will disappear completely or be also included in salon meetings or in the case of graphic design taught through networks with schools devoted to these converted into communal homes or science based universities.Coupled with automation and the amount of people no longer stuck in obsolete professions,automation and networks allowing a single person to carry out multiple studies at once and the lack of having to vie or compete for funding for research grants and equipment scientists at universities will no longer be restricted in their ability to carry out any research they wish with all of them having the most advanced machinery and robots etc meaning scientific research will be accelerated exponentially as it has been proven the greatest fundamental major breakthroughs in science have always been at universities such as graphene,the internet,penicillin,smallpox vaccine,fibre optics,LCD technology,MRI,IVF,Mag Lev technology,Cadaveric blood transfusion,artificial hearts,Radial keratotomy and many more exempt of the profit motive.Each lab type will have all the latest machinery for their purposes with Agricultural Science labs and those dealing with genetics and breeding animals for research will have onsite 3D DNA printers that can insert fresh DNA via the Phanes method using induced pluripotent stem cells to create desired pheneotypes for young newborn animals and seeds using blank sperm and eggs as well as seeds using these stem cells to maintain genetic diversity with millions created using patient files,Artemis and Physis as a baseline to create millions of samples at once with them stored in frozen sperm,egg and seed banks onsite for later use with them having recombinant DNA from Tardigrade,Bacillus F,Rana sylvatica,Herminiimonas glaciei,Chryseobacterium greenlandensis,Carnobacterium pleistocenium,psychrophillic bacteria, combined with those from scratch.Biosynth technology will play a role in the development of machinery for all fields such as PCR,Sysmex machinery and those used in all fields such as physics,microbiology,chemistry etc with this making them faster,cheaper,more accurate and compact alongside using atom thick hexagonal nanomaterial allotropes of all 94 elements and their swarchzites similar to graphene and also Indium selenide.Nanomaterials derived from all 94 elements and biosynth technology will make all machinery and lab equipment faster,more accurate and cheaper and allow the latest and most technologically advanced machinery to be availible to all universities and technical colleges around the world.These will be designed on Talos.Biosynth tenchology using microbes will house nanoprocessors and DNA digital storage from tissues formed from microbes with one square inch of microbes capable of holding 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB of storage space and RAM and even 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors and also them forming neural tissues and naowires etc.Students will no longer seek out “the best school” on the league tables which will disappear but rather the mentor and university that suits their location and needs with them moving to the grounds of universities through living spaces and dormitories or the homes of mentors at any stage of this mentorship with students having the ability to go to any university in the world at any age betwen 5-9,their teens and even older including their 20s,30s,40s etc and later on without mandatory grade point averages as well points from obsolete primary and secondary qualification systems such as HPAT,SATs,Leaving Certificate etc,scholarships,extra curicallur activities and entrance exams and essays,tuition fees with them using Euthenia to live in buildings either as sole residents,sharing homes and dormitories nearby.This classism in higher education and league tables will dissapear due to biosynth technology,namaterisls and extensions etc housing amenities and departments and laboratories for all fields of science allowing all universities and technical colleges,institutes of technology worldwide to have the same gold standard with regards to departments,lab machinery/equipment and luxury amenities.As a result all universities and technical colleges around the world will have the same gold standard lab machinery and equipment via biosynth technology and nanomaterials of all 94 elements making them all just as equally cheaper,faster,accurate etc thus pushing their costs to zero allowing them to be onsite of all universities and technical colleges around the world with roof,side and underground extensions allowing first class laboratories for all departments for all fields of science,accomadation and luxury amenities to be onsite of all universities and technical colleges around the world with luxury refurbishments done in all rooms and parts of them such as communal toilets,lobbies,lounges and cafeterias housing floors,walls,furniture etc composed of kebonised synthetic wood,bioprinted leather seating,ornamental rocks and precious gems following the areas theme.As a result the tier system and snob value of Ivy League and non Ivy League will dissapear completely as all universities will have the same universal gold standard with the need for getting specific grades etc and scholerships will dissapear if you get into the grounds of any university worldwide.Thus people of any age will have access to any university and technical college around the world at zero cost and without specific education prequisites.All universities,institutes of technology and technical colleges around the world through biosynth technology and nanomaterials roof,side and underground extensions,merging obsolete classrooms together will house department’s for all fields of science and the latest most advanced machinery,luxury amenities and luxury accomadation.Thus all universities and technical colleges around the world will have the same universal gold standard ending the snob value of one school being considered better than anyone else.Other policies such as Affirmative Action and having a certain amount of females required to study STEM subjects will become defunct as mentors will not have to have quotas of minority groups as it will be based on the desired subjects of people and not their gender and race since females would pursue STEM subjects with soft subjects they have a current predominant preference for will be studied in their spare time and also minority groups will be doing the same and also the time dilation effect and linked nature of VR technology will allow them to be able to gain the same equal opportunity of studying any field as non minority groups and thus will not be required to have preference over other groups.This would allow anyone to attend any university in the world as all universities will have the latest machinery of all types onsite with them able to acquire anyone they need in extensions for all fields of science thus this and the lack of grade requirements will eliminate the current concept of classism of league tables.The hierarchy and brand recognition of highschools and universities of terms and names like Ivy League,prepartory school,private or charter,Harvard,Oxford,Trinity etc will be replaced by the names YouTube,Wikipedia,Hecate,Urania,Apollo,Coeus and Clio as these will provide an even better education to all students worldwide than the current archaic system can due to them catering to individual learning styles,individual interests,schedules etc following the adage “from each according to his ability,to each according to his needs”.The same will apply to hospitals that conduct research with them seeking accommodation to any hospital that does research in nearby homes and even living spaces built into hospitals.The fact that all universities worldwide will have the most advanced machinery,lab equipment and have departments for all types of science will further remove such archaic notions of classism with them replaced by staff and robotics with the latest more advanced machinery with the older ones recycled.Existing machinery in hospitals and labs will be scanned into Talos.Classrooms will be converted into labs once merged together thus giving them laboratories and departments for all fields of science such as microbiology,all fields of physics,agricultural science,robotics etc with others in underground,side and roof extensions thus giving all universities and technical colleges all labs of all types making them contribute to all fields accelerating scientific research managed by humans and AI.Having all textbooks and books etc from all libraries both historical and and non historical worldwide will allow all students access to them worldwide alongside those on every subject created by AI containing all possible information making one an expert from reading them with Apollo housing all past and future scientific studies.This will be of note to those on the grounds of prestigious universities such as Yale,Harvard,Oxford and Trinity which will be kept with those not in the Ivy League which once scanned in will be turned into luxury Venetian suites and an important books etc scanned in will be sent to the Ivy League.The availability of all textbooks etc present in Apollo,biosynth technology and nanomaterials making all types of machinery faster and cheaper etc,departments of all types through extensions and merging classrooms and even luxury Venetian suites and refurbishments to all areas and addition of amenities will give all universities and technical colleges worldwide the same universal gold standard rendering league tables etc obsolete.The contents of historical libraries in universities,religious buildings etc will be scanned into Apollo making them available to everyone around the world.The students will be able to carry out scientific research etc at any of the world’s universities without specific grade point averages that is all of the top ivy league universities such as Oxford,Harvard,Yale,Trinity will be available to everyone who seeks to carry out research there with as by having all technical colleges have access to the latest most advanced lab equipment through nanomaterials and biosynth technology alongside them all have luxury amenities, all having departments for all fields of science will mean all technical colleges and universities worldwide will be the same gold standard as each other.This means that anyone can go to any universities across the world and still have the same universal gold standard in terms of accommodation,amenities,lab equipment etc

Coeus will teach all students for free reading,writing and mathematics to all students at their rate up to PHD level with Daphenes YouTube channel providing supplemental education in all fields with animations.Genetic engineering in live patients and as part of the germline
will increase the average IQ globally to as high as between 220-263 with this allowing students to start training as early as five years old with networks and VR technology giving students access to all of the worlds mentors from the comfort of their home and allow them and mentors to create customised schedules with networks allowing one to carry out studies on multiple scientific fields at once with it and Urania,Epione,Posoiden,Astraeus, Triptolemus,Coronis,Hyancinth linking all universities,farms,hospitals,observatories all around the world allowing for large macro and meta studies to be done at once.All of this would render archaic classism systems in the current education system obsolete.Uranina would link all universities to each other worldwide allowing for large scale experiments that are carried out in universities worldwide to be conducted at the same time with results shared via networks with the sentient Coronis linking universities worldwide with all hospitals worldwide and sentient Hyacinth also linking them to all farms of all types worldwide for the same reason.Urania will link all universities and technical colleges around the world thus allowing labs in them around the world and eventually galaxy to be linked and thus carry out large scale experiments with large amounts of data collected into networks from labs around the world with it also allowing for meta studies where experiments consisting of different merged fields can be carried out ie climate science merged with agriculture and so on with Coronis and Hyancinth merging them with hospitals and farms of all types around the world.This will expedite research in all fields and allow researchers access to research in all fields of science in there local area and give all technical colleges and universities around the world the same prestiege as each other thus rendering the class system redundant with the mentor mentoree systems and VR technology catering to non science fields such as law,psychologists etc thus rendering their schools and departments defunct and allow classrooms to be turned into labs with mentors and mentorees working from home using VR technology.Classrooms and departments for the humanities will be made obsolete via salons,YouTube and Wikipedia etc.Buildings devoted to these and also medicine,business,fashion etc will be converted into communal homes for researchers and members of the public with sports fields turned into hybrid crop and ornamental plant garden with VR allowing teams to practice their.The Hecate YouTube channel will contain alongside educational videos on the latest scientific developments in all fields both in terms of those produced by researchers and also those produced by live news stations.Apollo through Gaia once sentient will act as a supplement to students giving them recommendations to educational material to view with regards to all fields studied by them beginning as early as possible with parents and mentors programming or advising it what material can be restricted such as adult material and topics ie sex education etc.All brochures and newspapers in each university will be in electronic form that can be streamed from the intranet that they can subscribe to.

New Education system:
By the time one reaches their early to mid teens 14-15 they should no longer be considered a child emotionally and critically,merely “just kids”(or just anything for that matter) or “vulnerable” and should be living independently from their legal guardians and should no longer be restricted to socialising with people from their own age group.The artificial notions of authoritative and subordinate relationship between mentor and metoree will disappear completely with it even becoming an almost colleague type relationship with them both fellow learners with this made final by the human brain maturing much quicker than usual during ones early teens.Biocompatible microbes and their ability to form new tissues can increase the development of nervous tissue and thus the sections of the brain responsible for emotional intelligence,critical thinking and forward planning and even uncinate fasciculus much quicker and by these ages and at least a decade quicker than is normally expected in humans with this and again a diet in omega-3 from ones infant stage onwards also aiding this and also increasing the average IQ of the population.Thus due to their ability of creating new permanent neural tissue these microbes could allow the human brain to reach full maturity with all mass and neuron synapses formed by the age of 14 thus eliminating the notions of the “vulnerable” immature and risk taking adolescent with this fully possible if it process initiated by these microbes starts while the infant is in utero.Genetic engineering via CRISPR via germline therapy and improved gene drive technology using genes made from scratch and from other animals can also make this early maturation of the brain a decade or so earlier a permanent feature of the human genepool.Further engineering may allow puberty to end at 14 for both males and females a year earlier than normal.This will mean that the indefinite universal age of consent will have to be at least 14 prior to and after this development with debate as to whether the age of majority would be lowered to be between 14-17 as a result of this with it ideally 14 as a result of this since to consider someone who has finished puberty and has the same neural development as someone 2-3 times their age in normal circumstances to be considered legally a child would be initialising.This will also render position of trust laws for mentors who have sex with teens aged between 14-17 defunct with as stated only severe breaches of age of consent laws involving minors aged 13 or younger relevant with it ending notions of teen angst,rebelliousness,vulnerability,idiocy etc.Also it will mean that vigilante groups will no longer exist since as stated the average 10 year old will have the same maturity as someone in their early 20s with those in their early teens having fully developed brains equivalent to those in their mid 30s meaning they will be able to protect themselves online and in the real world with Arke and Home AI acting as a backup.If possible it may even be possible to further expedite neural development to allow the brain to reach full development by the age of 10 or even younger if possible even in infancy.As stated this genetic engineering will be ideally done to have the brain reach full maturity by infancy if possible at birth thus allowing for even pre teens as young as six,five,four,three,two or even infants to have full development in areas of the brain responsible for emotional and critical thinking and even the uncinate fasciculus to be fully developed in infants thus eliminating any problems that pre teens may have in being able to fend for themselves in certain situations such as online or with bullies thus having the same emotional and critical thinking capability as an adult in their 30s.It would also eliminate the issues of preteens and infants throwing temper tantrums and also being less prone to crying at night and even less prone to carrying out behaviour that would warrent corporal punishment and even prevent them getting lost thus alleviating strains on parents and also play a role in them able to start pedagogic training before the the age of 12 and be able to understand complex political,scientific and philosophical concepts that would normally be considered adult and also be engaged in and considered valid in political,scientific debates even when between the ages of four and five years age.By having ones brain fully mylienated for at least ten years at the age of four or even younger prior to this new universal age of majority will allow for extensive education in politics and history for the last ten years starting at the age of four via salons,Wikipedia,YouTube etc also compared to a scant amount of political education lasting at most two years in an archaic education system in current circumstances where the voting age and age of majority is 18 one would thus be eligible to vote and considered an adult at 14.The existence of the digital information age in the form of Wikipedia,Apollo,books and movies on Dionysus,Aleithea creating videos and articles and lectures and educational videos on YouTube as well and doubling the average IQ will put an end to the notion of dumb kids and even dumb pre teens as well as adults as since information would be so readily available to the public instantly it would mean that a person of 14 will be considered viable enough to make rational decisions thus meaning their will be no excuse for anyone of any age not to know anything about anything.It will furthermore put an end to the emotionally vulnerable and rebellious teen that will disappear completely by the early to mid 2030s and will alongside the curing and removal of pedopheilia form the human genepool will render all vigilante groups worldwide obsolete.It will also mean one will have their brain fully developed ten years prior to the new universal age of consent and majority.Thus by having the brain fully mature by even during infancy at birth and to allow them to have full development in areas of the brain responsible for emotional and critical thinking as well as the uncinate fasciculus to be fully developed in infants on par with someone in their mid 30s thus by the time one ends puberty at 14 rather than at 15 they would be considered legally an adult at 14 rather than 18.As a result 14 would be the new age of majority and the age a person becomes legally an adult.Application of this will be mandatory to all patients worldwide by 2029.This will make able to understand complex subjects taught in salons and also scientific concepts and thus eligible for mentor ship in all fields of science and also law,psychology,law and military training as early as 5-9 years old.Furthermore microbes ability to generate new tissue as well as genetic engineering of spermatazoa,eggs,embryos etc using CRISPR in vivo using germline therapy will also ensure that the average intelligence quotient will rise from 110 to 200 or higher over the coming decades with living patients intelligence quotient enhanced by microbes creating new neural tissues,transmitters and also CRISPR treatments available by at least the 2030s.Intelligence quotient and improvement in neural functions could be enhanced and amplified in living patients by them creating new neural tissue,neurotransmitters and applying CRISPR treatments with this also applied to those suffering from developmental disorders such as Downs syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.Areas of note to be amplified would be memory making eidetic memories a permanent features of all living patients and the areas responsible critical thinking and other faculties related to intelligence quotient.People with reported high IQs such as Christopher Hirata(IQ 225),Terence Tao(230),Ainan Celeste Cawley(263) and those of the Mega Society can have their genome scanned for the genes responsible for high intelligence quotient to be availible within the augmentations network of Aesculapius for all people to have access to it that can be applied to anyone via gene therapy.Research will be done into genes that push the limits of human intelligence to as high as 300 which will be free to everyone applied by CRISPR.Those who are savants and have eidetic memories can have their genome scanned for the genes responsible for this to be applied to all patients worldwide with other abilities such as calendrical savantism and even abilities to perform complex mathematical calculations,prodigiousness in all other areas such as art,music,chess,singing(soprano,mezzo-soprano,contralto,tenor,baritone and bass) etc and speed reading can be scanned for the genes responsible to make them available to all people worldwide for free with these genes stored in the augmentation subnetworks of Aesculapius and humans Physis file.Application of this will be mandatory to all patients worldwide by 2029..Research can be done into genetic engineering applied to all humans that through advanced gene drive technology passes onto all future humans will cause the human brain to reach full maturity by infancy or at least early pre teens to allow pre teens as young as five years old understand complex scientific,philosophical abc political concepts thus making them more eligible to for mentoring in science etc as early as possible.Thus these two measures which will overseen and implemented by Paean,Phanes,hospital AIs through germline therapy across the planet and galaxy could allow the human brain reach full maturity especially in those responsible for critical thinking,emotional responses and forward planning a full decade or more before it normally does.This may inevitability remove the recent phenomena known as “social justice warriors” as well as alt-right and the spoiled teenagers and twentysomethings as well as the immature bickering between political ideologies within one generation.This is because these phenomena namely “social justice warriors” and alt right appear and last roughly between the ages of 15-30 with the increase in global average intelligence quotient and further engineering of the areas for critical thinking removing childish political bickering on both sides of the spectrum completely alongside other measures such as Gaia,Hecate and Aleitheia correcting mistakes etc eliminating these problems altogether.As a result a person will gain a level of knowledge equivalent to multiple PhDs throughout their lifetime with this pedagogic reform creating generations of polymaths and critical thinkers instead of workers in pursuit of shallow financial avenues with people carrying out research in multiple fields and even registered in multiple fields such as forensics,law,psychology etc.VR programs utilising the time dilation effect will allow one to master multiple fields through access to Wikipedia and also Apollo with them since years could pass within them and yet mere minutes would pass in the real world allowing one to reach the level of polymath and politically and scientifically literate by their early teens when they reach the new age of majority of 14.It can also allow one to gain decades of training by the time they finish their education.This will allow one to have gain a level of maturity on par of several decades or centuries by their early teens with it used for pre teens to gain years of maturity and experience required to carry out intensive training i their field that is they will spend years or decades in a simulations that will allow them to reach maturity on par with adults by carrying out hobbies and education in the humanities and politics through the salons etc as well as reading and writing and then use this to be able to carry out training in their field of choice with can also one to view,read and use Coeus movies,comics,classical literature,textbooks,attend many salons and view YouTube lectures online in simulations that use the time dilation effect a short amount of time and thus quickly become a polymath and master of mathematics,reading,writing and languages by ones early teens .Neural implants that can download condensed volumes of text at once could also allow for this.A combination of neural implants being able to download large volumes of information.VR technology and it’s time dilation effect to master ones field of training and attend salons as well as use Coeus and Apollo will allow the average citizen even those registers to practice law,psychology,medicine and also scientific researchers and even live news presenters,actors etc to become not just scientifically literate but also become polymaths by ones early teens and adulthood at 14 with this and other classes such as cooking,sports,art etc done in real world schools and VR will put an emphasis on lifelong learning rather than just the linear archaic education system that prepares a person for a single career.The new education system will no longer focus on creating workers for defunct corporations and jobs that no longer exist due to automation and AI but will focus primarily on creating generations of polymaths and critical thinkers with the focus on lifelong learning with the average person acquiring knowledge equivalent to multiple PhDs throughout their lifetime with them reaching the level of a polymath by ones early teens aged 14 years old and them contributing to and registered to multiple fields such as law,psychology and contributing to the creation of new movies,television shows and video games and multiple fields of scientific research with salons and classes on cooking attended by one as a routine hobby and for the social aspect.Thus it will focus on creating polymaths who are experts on multiple fields and lifelong learning with one mastering new skills and areas of intellectual development.Since ones careers in journalism,law,forensics,live news etc will begin at twelve or younger one could start families in their early twenties or even mid teens at a time when most peoples careers normally begin and take at least a decade off of hiatus with the lack of money allowing people to have more flexible schedules with regards to these fields and take breaks for families and emergencies even go into hiatus for a few years and even into other fields at any age through the mentor mentoree system to broaden their skills.Ones career would start as early as 12 and thus they could establish themselves in careers by their twenties take a break to have children and then return by their thirties or return but have more control over schedules in their early to mid twenties to then when thirty return and gain full control again.Those whose careers start earlier than 12 ie 5-7 could establish their careers by the time they end puberty at 14-15 and then have kids and then return whenever they wanted at any time.Networks that allow one to work at home during and after pregnancy and when looking after children will also allow for this,allowing them to work in any remaining professions such as the arts,media and sciences with those employed in forensics and law able to juggle children and work at home.Due to the root causes of crimes addressed with law and military personnel possibly able to do so like existing ones.The time dilation effect using VR technology will allow female and male lawyers,live news presenters,mentors and psychologists to carry out work at home and attended to countless people without negating familial responsibilities as they will attend to countless patients and feeds at once in short amount of time thus meaning they will have more free time with children both during infant and pre teen years in the real world and allow them to both alternate between their work time and familial responsibilites more effectively with each parent working on different days and then both free on weekends and holidays with advances in ageing research that halts and reverses the effects of ageing in both genders will allow females and males to plan out families over decades and even potentially centuries with females no longer under pressure of having to have children before the age of 40 as they will be indefinitely be at their fertile peak of their early teens and twenties with females also allowing to take time off their careers for several years or even a decade to have kids and to be attentive to children especially during the formative kindergarten years and then return to careers or indeed other ones at any point with the same applying to men with both able to have more control over their careers,marriage and child rearing.People would also be able to return to training for other fields to expand their career opportunities when ever they want even in their 30s and 40s or beyond.The ability to set up live news,podcasts,magazines,newspapers in VR simulations would allow one to have a varied career and one could be head presenters,editor in chief,head anchor from the start since no corporate or state hierarchies with one able to go maternity leave and still come back to their high position with the VR technology allowing parents who work in time consuming careers can use the time dilation effect to spend large amounts of time with children,pets and husbands,wives and also family members in simulated holidays,playtime etc to ensure they are not neglected with this also used to carry out pastimes and hobbies.Since people will be living independently by the age of 14-15 then problems associated with teen angst and having to deal with teenagers at home will no longer be an issue as they will be capable of fending for themselves in a less cutthroat world.People can be finished training and living by themselves at 14 and not have start careers in their chosen field but in the arts until much later on with them even starting families at 14 in their fertile peak and start their careers in that field then with the time dilation effect or even in their 20s as in normal terms and then have a family by then with work in the arts and journalism that doesnt need training done in between then.The time dilation effect of VR technology will allow one to get decades of education and life experience by the time they are 14 years old meaning by the time reaches the age of 14 years old they will have life experience and education in politics,history,humanities etc and their chosen field on par with someone in their 60s or older thus giving the same maturity as someone in their 60s eliminating notions of vulnerability and immaturity.The emergence of VR technology,networks,lack of money etc will allow students to live customised lives where they do not have to submit to archaic linear cliche “traditional” value driven existences.Females will have control over the creation of families and also be able to start them as early on as their early teens with careers stating even younger and thus take career breaks as long as several years or even a decade to take care of prepubescent children and then return to work at anytime thanks to networks and VR technology,biosynth au pairs rendering kindergarten defunct and also anti-aging treatments keeping them in their fertile peak forever.VR technology using the time dilation effect can allow busy or non busy parents to have long holidays in real or mythological places spending time with children that last years to them but mere hours or minutes pass in the real world which can be done when both parents are at other sides of the planet with this negating the issue of parents missing out on quality family time and children feeling neglected.The Home AI in the form of robots and bio-synths as well as any neighbours and friends will be able to play the role of a free au pair and maid to take care of children and the home at other time especially during ones infant and early childhood with this,the abolition of money and VR technology will mean even single father or mother households either through choice or death of a spouse and even same sex parent households will be not looked down upon and will be able to have normal fully functional households with AI,the Home AI,extended family members and friends and also community members also taking care of them at certain times and even taking on the roles of absent father or mother.Thus the artificial and recent phenomena of the nuclear family will not be considered normal and will be replaced by older versions as seen throughout history such as extended families and those where the whole community takes care of children and each other as seen in ancient(including ancient Greek) and even prehistoric times.The notions of women and men competing for high paying jobs and also gender pay gap will disappear with money and corporations becoming obsolete with relationships and sexual harassment in the workplace also disappearing due to them in careers that they work by themselves with the exception being live media such as live news.The fact that live news and talk shows etc will be run by people who take part in them and not state or corporate hierarchies will mean both genders will have control over their careers allowing them to take breaks for extended periods of time and start their own talk shows and live news,radio programmes whenever they want.Also there is the fact one will be able to take part in multiple fields in the arts and the time dilation effect allowing to train in other fields at any age in their twenties and beyond..People will in salons,scientific research and classes for arts and crafts,film schools etc will no longer be forced to be educated with and socialise with people their own age but rather will be educated with people of all age ranges with classes,salons etc consisting those aged 5-9 years old,those in their teens and in their 20s,30s etc with people will be encouraged to socialise not only with thee older than them but also pre teens and teens aged 5-19 years old since people of this age range will be carrying out scientific research and political education starting at the age of 5-9 years old socialise with people older than them..Any movies,video games,television shows,literature etc created for children aged 5-13 years old will be through Assistant AI made to have deep themes,allegories,subtext etc and adult level plot and character depth,puzzle solving,critical thinking etc and that could also be enjoyed by adults to stimulate critical thinking for pre teens and engage in discussion about them in salons etc with VR technology used by pre teens to allow them to create rich textured worlds from their imagination to stimulate creativity.Toys and gifts for 5-13 year olds will be clothing,electronics like smartphones,laptops,desktop computers,smart pads and also perfumes,cosmetics,video game consoles etc and toys and gifts that adults would have that would be educational ones that adults could enjoy.Toys for 5-13 year olds would be complex and educational ones that would also be educational and challenging ones that adults would also enjoy and find challenging and require critical thinking and creativity to solve and play with them with them also given pets such as cats,dogs,hamsters etc of different breeds that would be made docile and playful towards children with anti-ageing treatments allowing the dogs like their owners to live forever in a youthful state.Due to progeria mylinisation teenagers aged 14-17 will be considered legal adults and thus would have gifts for them also be like those for adults and movies,television shows etc be high brow material and no longer have to socialise with people their own age and socialise and even date people who are in their 20s,30s etc with them even encouraged as pre teens aged 5-13 years old to socialise with people in their teens and 20s,30s etc and discuss high brow movies and television shows,politics,scientific research,current affairs,philosophy etc

An increase in better nutrition especially in the form of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet of people from an early age throughout their lifetime will increase mental acuity,intelligence quotient and performance with this of importance to unborn fetuses gaining this and other important nutrients such as folic acid and proteins to their neural development from their pregnant mothers before and during pregnancy.Sources of this can come from in vitro meat,oily fish free from mercury and other neurotoxins from them being reared in recirculating aquaculture systems as well as genetically altered bacteria producing this on an unlimited scale for use as supplements with apps such as Paean,Apollo,Hestia,Gaia and Hercules guiding them on the correct amount to consume during this important stage of a mothers life without overdosing which can cause internal bleeding.Horizontal gene transfer can allow the mother and child create these alongside folate and also essential amino acids naturally by themselves to better aid this.Biocompatible microbes can also aid in the formation of healthy and dense neural synapses in both in utero children and already patients with genetic engineering also playing a role with CRISPR used to engineer children with high intelligence quotient that will spread throughout the entire human genepool.All scientific research should be done in automated factory line laboratories to allow huge reams of data to collected 24/7,365 days a year with software collecting,analysing,calculating and placing information into studies with relevant AI etc carrying out complex calculations and possibly most of not all written up work on it to alleviate human error,fatigue and allow a single individual to carry out multiple studies at once with patient files linked to Apollo or used within Aesculapius being used for healthcare studies while Hermes linked to it for climatology,environmental and toxicology studies etc.Athena and Themis would be used to carry out sociological,legal and criminological studies for trainee lawyers and law enforcement personnel.All scientific departments in universities,hospitals and laboratories around the world will be linked together so as to allow person to control automated laboratories all around the world to collect large amounts of data connected by networks within Apollo and Aesculapius.

Trainees will be able to be trained and registered in multiple fields over their life time by engaging in this pedogogic method in their 20s,30s,40s etc meaning older trainees including those already in their 20s,30s etc and future trainees older than 12 can undergo training for law,forensics,healthcare,space exploration etc as well carry out independant research in any field of science etc in any university across the world without primary,secondary and tertiary qualifications.People will become live news anchors,podcasters,journalists by setting up networks in Pheme using VR technology and computer networks or applying to existing ones etc via their network in Pheme and also become actors,writers,directors,programmers, for new media by setting up networks in Dionysus using VR technology and computer networks and applying to existing ones in Dionysus without primary,secondary and tertiary education thus allowing anyone of any age as young as 5-9,12 or even in their 20s,30s,40s etc to partake in any of the remaining fields of work carried out by humans.People can become journalists and live news anchors by setting new magazines,newspapers and live news stations at any age when they are 12 or younger and in their 20s,30s etc through networks in Pheme and using VR technology or they can join existing ones by sending in audio/visual portfolios of them writing articles or reporting news in the real world or VR simulations.Anyone ages 12 or younger or older who is a researcher,psychologist,lawyer etc in the 20s,30s etc can become involved in the production of new movies,television shows and video games as writers,directors and actors etc by setting up networks in Dionysus.Those already registered as lawyers,space exploration,medical staff and psychology can become journalists or undergo training in other fields.Those who work as lawyers,psychologists and live news anchors and journalists will be able to participate in pedagogic training for scientific research etc.Thus any citizen of any age between 5-12 or older citizens in their 20s,30s,40s and so on can partake in pedagogic training in any field of science,archaeology,law,space exploration,psychology and become journalists,anchors and radio presenters without archaic academic qualifications at any age.People who are actors,writers,lawyers,anchors,journalists.pundits,vloggers and military and law enforcement personnel and medical personnel will through automated labs and AI will be able to carry out research in any field such as physics,agricultural science and biomedicine etc and undergoing training in any field of their choice.The vast majority of people will be taking part in multiple careers at once through their lifetime such as live news anchors,journalists,lawyers,psychologists,scientific researchers,actors,writers,directors,mentors etc through automated labs,AI and also computer networks and VR technology and it’s time dilation effect and thus not restricted to being only one career thus allowing one to contribute to multiple fields over their lifetime.This would keep one busy and not idle and allow one to partake in one field for several years and then switch to another one for another few years giving one variety.One will thus through their lifetime starting at the age of 12 or younger and older in their 20s,30s,40s etc become registered to practice multiple occupations such as researchers,psychologists,lawyers,live news anchors,journalists etc and creator of new movies,television shows,video games. Textbooks in Apollo and Wikipedia will educate people enough to at least a level where they at any age can carry out independent scientific research and also training in law,forensics etc without primary,secondary and tertiary qualifications such as high school diploma mad,Honours Degrees etc allowing all primary and secondary schools to be converted into communal home.Thus even citizens older than 12 who are in their 20s,30s,40s and older can partake in pedagogic training in any field such as scientific research,law,psychology and even space exploration and archeology etc except Agoge training.VR technology and its time dilation effect snd computer networks and automated labs will allow people to become registered and practice multiple fields such as law,scientific research,forensics,media production,acting and live news etc.Those who are registered lawyers,psychologists and journalists and those who produce movies,television shows,music etc will also be able to partake in scientific research in any field since most research will be fully automated and VR technology and its time dilation effect will allow for people to carry out these jobs in simulations.The only exception to this will be Agoge trainees for military and law enforcement that can only undergo training starting between the ages of  5-7 years old and then registered at 23 and apply for Ares membership between 30-40 with older citizens unable to apply for this but existing personnel in all sectors such as law enforcement,military,navy etc and private mercenary groups from around the world will be automatically integrated into the existing global versions of Homonia,Nike,Alke etc.Registered law enforcement and military personnel and Agoge trainees will be able to partake in scientific research and become lawyers,psychologists,live news anchors and journalists and partake in the creation of new media such as movies,television shows and video games.Existing lawyers,psychologists,forensics investigators and medical staff etc will be automatically registered to practice everywhere and integrated into Themis,Iaso,Metis,Aesculapius and Macaria etc.All lawyers,forensics investigators,psychologists will be registered to the state and the sector of their field ie Themis,Aesculapius,Macaria.All laywers,psychologists etc will no longer have private practices or headquarters but will work from home with VR technology allowing them to meet with clients from across the world.

Rennovations of obsolete schools:
All kindergarten,primary and secondary schools both public and private that teach students aged 4-18 worldwide will be converted into communal homes in the case of large ones with small ones converted into them via extensions or private homes.Liberal arts colleges will become homes as well as they will be rendered defunct by Clio with business,fashion,business,media,film,law,medical and other speciality non STEM schools outside of universities,community colleges also converted into communal homes.If the campus of a university has fashion,business,medical,film,media,liberal,law,arts etc buildings on their campuses made obsolete by both the mentoree system and irrelevance then these will be converted into communal homes for these uses for trainee researchers,the general public with non historical libraries converted into luxury suites as well with open spaces filled in with flooring to house more suites and all computers recycled and textbooks etc scanned into Apollo and pyrolysised with rare historical libraries kept once all books are scanned into Themis and Apollo.This would be the ideal solution and will serve the public and researchers as well as visitors and will be luxury style communal homes ideally like hotels with each classroom turned into a hotel style suite and ensuite with any libraries of non historical value turned into extra rooms or amenities with historical ones left as they are once all material is scanned in.Historical libraries will once all material is scanned into Apollo etc will preserved due to their historical managed by the building AI.They will be managed by AI separate from the university AI.Liberal arts,business,fashion,law,media,film,medical schools not on the grounds of universities but by themselves will also be converted into communal homes separate from the AI that manages the universities with rooms devoted to these in the main building converted into extra laboratories.In all cases both obsolete schools by themselves sand them onsite of the campus of existing universities will be given roof,side and underground extensions and divided into Venetian/Pallazo suites and communal kitchens,dining halls and amenities with them given luxury refurbishments.Historical libraries present will be kept and open to the public with all books etc scanned into Themis,Apollo for global distribution.Theses liberal arts,business,law etc schools will be rendered obsolete due to the mentor,mentoree system,networks managed by AI that use computer networks and VR technology and salons.The renovation of libraries into suites,addition of suites,trading away and renovation of dormatories and residential colleges into luxury suites,creation of labs from classrooms and renovations to all rooms in universities will be charted in seasons of Restoration Nation.Community colleges,media schools,Junior Colleges etc that teach non science subjects that are made redundant by salons and the mentor mentoree system,AI and automation and networks in Dionysus and Pheme and there already enough universities and technical colleges already around the world with networks with Apollo allowing extra scientific research to be done thus allowing community colleges to become homes.Once AI,automation and biosynths replace plumbers and electricians etc trade schools will converted into homes as well.Community,junior colleges and those for nursing and online colleges that deal with non STEM subjects will be converted into communal homes and possibly trade schools that teach plumbing,electricians etc once they are automated and done by biosynths will be converted into homes as well.Thus all colleges outside of actual universities that have laboratories,Institutes of Technology and Technical Colleges will be converted into communal homes due to irrelevance with this including medical,law,business schools within campuses and by themselves.Labs in medical schools may be kept with the surrounding classrooms turned into Venetian suites with media schools also turned into communal homes.As a result only Technical Colleges,Institutes of Technology and universities that teach STEM subjects and house laboratories will remain functioning and have extensions to house amenities and all types of departments,accomadation and amenities.Agricultural labs that are state or corporate owned and will be converted into communal homes and the land reforested with labs owned by corporations also turned into homes with those in corporate headquarters turned into suites as part of these communal homes with all corporate headquarters of all companies in  Silicon Valley that have labs etc will be turned into large communal homes and thus by extension large residential areas with all of their labs transferred to universities across the world.Ideally business,law,medicine etc schools on the grounds of universities that are separate buildings devoted to these will be converted into the luxury hotels for the public alongside the dormitories with classrooms in the main building converted into labs when merged together.Medical schools onsite of existing universities and by themselves will be converted into communal homes with those with important labs keeping the labs with classrooms converted.Business,liberal arts,,nursing,fashion etc schools by themselves will be converted into communal homes via roof extensions.Thus all business and other defunct schools on campuses will be converted into luxury Venetian hotel style buildings for the public with them having roof and underground extensions to house more suites.Constituent colleges and residential colleges of famous large universities around the world that act as student housing such as on Yale,Oxford,Trinity College,University of Otago,Banaras Hindu University,University of Western Ontario etc will be turned into permanent residence communal homes for the public,tourists etc traded on Euthenia.These will have luxury refurbishments and have underground,side and if possible roof extensions to house more suites with obsolete rooms and departments in them and the main buildings converted into extra suites.This includes offices for managerial staff,deans,admissions offices,fraternity and sorority frathouses and buildings used to house these will converted into more communal homes with them having extensions and refurbishments.Libraries of historical value will have contents be scanned into relevant networks such as Themis,Apollo etc to be accessed by everyone and kept in these libraries as they are alongside books etc present and will store rare books from other universities and libraries in extensions with once the material is scanned into them in non historical libraries these will be pyrolysised with historical books in non historical libraries sent to historical libraries of other universities that contain historical documents and books with non historical libraries renovated into suites for researchers.

Historical libraries are those in old Ivy League and prestigious universities such as Yale,Harvard,Oxford and Trinity and can have underground,side and if possible roof extensions to house more suites.Libraries of non historical value in universities will be renovated into hotel style suites and offices once the material is scanned into Apollo,Pheme and Dionysus and pyrolysised with computers recycled since researchers will use their own devices in other parts of the university.Rare books will be sent to historical libraries.Extensions on the roof and underground of libraries and the main building will allow for more of them and allow them to be sizeable ones with any hollow centres filled in to house more suites.These suites will house researchers when they are conducting research and these and excess ones will be used by tourists and any people visiting for conferences or using home sharing programmes for holidays with dormitories also used.Historical libraries however will remain for historical purposes even when the contents are scanned into relevant networks with the books once scanned in will be put back in place.Some classrooms may be turned into extra laboratories if need be.Digital keys on badges and smart devices will eliminate physical keys and keycards.Classrooms and libraries in universities converted into labs,living spaces and micro factories since traditional tertiary educational will no longer exist and all textbooks and paper media uploaded to Apollo making them readily availible to the public using automated scanners located in university libraries and other libraries across the world.In the case of elementary and secondary schools exterior sports areas can be used for practice for local teams,communal sports fields or converted into communal crop/ornamental gardens.Ideally the fields in primary and secondary level institutions should be converted into gardens with hybrid crops and ornamental plants to increase food production with local teams using local gyms and also fields in universities as well as VR technology as a place to practice as university teams will become obsolete with them used by little league up to college age teams for practice and professional league games at different nights and days of the week and year with the same basketball courts in all three.Labs in primary and secondary schools can be converted into other rooms or used as automated labs to perform experiments.When VR technology becomes indistinguishable from reality stadiums and fields in universities will be converted into either extra homes through renovations or gardens to grow food with those outside of their grounds reforested and all steel structures taken down and carparks etc dug up and reforested.Stands that hold spectators will be torn down and recycled.Existing pools will used as communal pools with gyms and basketball rooms kept as communal rec rooms or converted into other residential rooms or communal recreational rooms with multiple floors built into them to increase living spaces.Student union recreational areas may be kept with buildings housing them used to house Venetian suites for researchers and the public with the recreational rooms undergoing luxury renovations.Other amenities can be added such as saunas etc to cater to tourists and researchers in underground and roof extensions with extend added to house more such as pools,saunas,gyms etc.Extensions can be built onto the roof and theatres should be used for community productions of plays and other live performance art or even turned into communal dining halls and kitchens with automated kitchens installed with them ideally used for both with them converted into dining halls when productions are not taking places.Community colleges,junior college and non universities around the world will be turned into communal homes with liberal arts colleges remodelled into communal homes as well since the subjects taught there will be done through salons,coffehouses,Wikipedia,YouTube and Apollo.Fashion schools will be replaced by the Arachne sub network of Hephaestus network as well as salons and other obsolete schools such as business,medicine and law or subject specific schools will become communal homes as business and fashion schools will be obsolete and law and medicine schools will be replaced the mentor mentoree system.Any of these schools on the grounds of universities will be converted into living spaces for researchers or ideally even communal homes coupled with hotel suites and roof,underground and side extensions managed by its own macro AI separate from the university AI.Libraries of no historical value in universities will be converted into hotel like suites for researchers present once all books are scanned into Apollo with computer rooms also going this way once they are recycled made redundant by those owned by researchers.Historical libraries on all universities ie Trinity,Oxford,Yale,Harvard etc will be kept as they are once the books are scanned into relevant networks with them housing books from other universities in the area or country in extensions that are of historical value.Staff will have to use semi automated and manual scanners on old books and documents of historical value due to their delicate nature and will be done onsite of museums,palaces,historical libraries.Government laboratories for specific sciences such as health,agriculture etc could be transferred to nearby universities through extensions that add only labs and nurseries with these and any surrounding government buildings converted into communal homes through roof and underground extensions either separate ones managed by different macro AIs or merged together to become one large building with nurseries present converted into hydroponic crop rooms with any grass converted into crop and ornamental gardens with multistorey carparks added overtime.Labs,classrooms and other rooms merged together to form hotel style suites or miniature apartments.Parts with the top floor having empty spaces be covered over to allow the merged rooms upstairs to extend outwards to increase their size with stairs removed and replaced by those on the sides of floors and elevators similar to shopping malls.Daedalus will make architectural schools obsolete with these stand alone schools into communal homes and buildings on the campus of all universities across the world will be renovated into extra labs combined with living spaces or also homes for researchers and the public managed by Hestia.The contents of these schools will be uploaded to Pheme,Apollo,Dionysus and Hephaestus.Headquarters for departments of education and teacher unions and administrators etc across the world will become homes as well due to them becoming obsolete.Libraries in universities would also be remodelled into suites and/or labs as well all college literature and textbooks would be scanned into Apollo giving people around the world access to university specific literature(and the physical books pyrolysised while magazines are scanned into Pheme and novels into Dionysus with rare books kept in local museums).All university specific literature,magazines etc will appear in the future in the relevant networks of the wire.Computers in libraries and computer rooms including those in primary and secondary schools,universities and obsolete schools would be recycled or traded on Euthenia after being scanned into Antikythera with mentors and students using their own laptops and smart devices with the wire allowing access to university intranets and networks around the world allowing them to do work etc. remotely or in other rooms such as automated cafeterias(the menu decided by those living in close proximity and working there and cooking and serving working in the same way as automated restaurants),labs and at home.Computers in both primary and secondary level institutions can follow the same suit and the rooms turned into extra rooms.All literature and textbooks currently relegated to specific universities,museums,private collections around the world available to all of the worlds citizens via Apollo giving students remote access to them from anywhere in the world via smart devices once scanned into Apollo.The automated scanners will be onsite of universities or community centres with their being at least two or more in order to deal with the sheer number of books not only in universities but also from newsagents and libraries as well as homes with their being at least two or more present allowing for all books to be done quickly.Once in the subsystem proto Hecate will arrange them into folders and have duplicates deleted.The books mainly textbooks will pyrolysised into biochar for fertiliser,graphene etc once plastic covering is removed and recycled with rare editions etc not pyrolysised but sent to museums.Card catalogues and their digital computer catalogues will be transferred to relevant networks.Libraries that are separate from the main building ie historical libraries in Yale,Oxford etc will keep their books once scanned into relevant networks with possibly holding books from other universities through extensions.Non historical libraries once all material is scanned in will be converted into suites for researchers.Scanning in all textbooks and books onsite of libraries both historical and non historical value from around into Themis,Apollo will make all books,documents etc endemic to each university availible to all from the comfort of home.