All phone companies that provide phone services worldwide such as BT,Eir,AT & T,Verizon,Vodafone will be replaced by Arke the universal phone service.It will to stay relevant will create new features by itself abd from suggestions from the public.The headquarters of all tellocomunications companies will become communal homes since they will be managed by AI namely Arke.

Due to the homogenisation of networks a smartphone user will only need one SIM card for travelling around the world.In time miniature hard drives on phones that can be streamed,transferred and registered to new phones and other electronics will replace SIM cards completely with people being able to transfer their existing phone number,texts and contacts to new smartphones when they are being ordered or in close proximity when both are next together before the original is recycled or traded.These contents ie texts,phone books etc will be present on calls made on both laptops and other devices.However 4G and in time 5G wireless networks will make this redundant as apps such as Facetime and Skype,Viber, and cloud networks merged into Iris allow for free mobile phone calls with built in translating software allowing phone calls to anyone in the world using smart devices such smart mirrors, smart tables,smart televisions,e-newspapers and even smart textiles in clothing and household textiles.Ideally these hard drives would be a single biological hard drives separate from the main one for storing this information.Existing phones via connection to the wire can transfer this to new phones from SIM cards that will become defunct with the data such as past texts,phone book contacts etc transferred either physically or wirelessly.Peripherals can be created to connect old phones to new ones or connect new ones to SIM cards to transfer the phone number to them with these peripherals also connecting to the computer and ones Hephaestus account when it is ordered.This would apply to existing phones through Hestia downloaded onto them could allow this to be done wirelessly onto new phones that are delivered to them with newer phones storing this and other data on hard drives namely biological hard drives.This would allow old phones to be kept and used such as those currently owned by them or gained from the clearing out of supermarkets without having to recycle.SIM cards in old phones that have downloaded Hestia and are using Arke will no longer need SIM cards due to the phone number transferred to hard drives and on new phones.SIM cards will become obsolete as one will have their phone number be permenant in their file in the global phone book with this linked to their Polis account and saved on hard drives on their phone even old ones that need to download Hestia and are from clearances.This will apply to both old and new phones with in the case of old phones Hestia arranging this.When someone gets new phones the Hestia software and Arke will keep their phone in reference to be transferred to the hard drive of new phones upon deregisteting and registering process.This means one’s old phone numbers will be transferred to the harddrive of new mobile phones,zones phone number for Skype etc will be replaced by their actual phone number since audio/visual calls will be integrated into smartphones.VR phone calls will be integrated into one’s phone since generated by them meaning the phone number for VR calls will be the same as their smartphone number.One will choose when calling some to have a regular call,audio/visual call or VR phone call.Fir lost or stolen phones Hestia and Arke can cancel the old phone number.Phones lost at home can have Hestia and Home AI bring up their location on a map abc distance in metres,cams on maps on laptops etc to locate them with them able to have Hestia etc call the phone and remove silent mode with of them lost in vehicles and away from home a map of the world brought up with the phones GPS location visible.Tjhis wil prevent phones getting lost and will also mean one will always have the same phone number forever and render SIM cards obsolete and one will never have to use or remember PIN and PUK codes.Old phone numbers currently in use and used in the past for landlines and mobiles as well as those for defunct corporations,government bodies and services(including sex chatlines,customer service and help phone numbers) and and those belonging to deceased individuals and unused phones not connected by Arke will be reused after a significant amount of time with phone numbers allotted by Iris to new smartphones and landlines with even old phone books and databases referenced.Old phone books from around the world will be scanned into Iris and databases of phone numbers and those from state and corporate telecom providers etc will also be referenced to do this with this in a subsystem of it to look for old phones not in use by living and dead individuals present in the global phone book and also those belonging to defunct corporations,government bodies and services as well as those belonging to long obsolete phones.If possible one could also create their own phone numbers.Computers like smart devices will be able to make phone calls and audio visual calls through Iris with one simply clicking on the phone numbers in contacts list and on websites or networks within Pheme and Dionysus with them added by interacting with ones home AI with contacts lists divided into groups and subgroups in folders with some made private by biometrics etc with the same done for instant messaging usernames.The global phonebook can be used to search for people and add their phone number to a persons own contact list.When one adds a persons number to their contacts list their instant messaging username alongside email address etc will be added to the contacts automatically alongside both mobile and landline phone numbers.Old paper phone books can be scanned into Iris,Pheme or Dionysus for reference.All forms of AI such as bio-synths,receptionists,sentient organisations and software etc will not have phones but rather phone calls will be directed straight to their consciousness allowing them to communicate passively with countless people through phone calls,texts,instant messaging at once while interacting with others in the real world.Neural implants will allow this for humans.In time all AI could simply be contacted not through phoning them but by simply asking for them on phones as well as other devices and they like Gaia will have instant messaging and texting accounts they will also do passively.Gaia can be contacted by phone calls using her universal phone number again responding to billions of people at once should internet and wire access should not be possible with the persons Home AI contacted through the homes landline number.All forms of AI including sentient programmes and operating software will have their own phone number and instant messaging account username as well as email address.Menus within Iris will allow one to choose instant messaging,phone calls,audio/visual calls etc.Ones phone number used for audio/visual calls and VR that replace Skype,Viber etc will be the same as those for normal phone calls.In time if possible ones DNA in their smartphones biological hard drives and tissues present will be used as a phone number with the phone book replacing numbers with DNA from their patient file linked in the phone number with it changing every time ones DNA is changed via CRISPR treatments for augmentations.Iris managed by the sentient Arke will become the universal sentient tellocomunications provider for phone calls on smartphones and also have instant messaging integrated into her with her absorbing WhatsApp,kik etc with all existing data and accounts of these integrated into it.

In time when VR becomes indistinguishable from the real world then one can carry out one on one or group VR phone calls with other people across the galaxy from the comfort of their own home with these meetings happening in a wide variety of environments created by the user with AI of all types using this with humans with the sentient Coeus translating voices to ones language.AI can be involved in these.These can be recorded and may be stored in their Iris account and accessed by Dike with warrents.This would also allow members of groups such as Telesphorous,Metis,Iaso,Heracles and those working on projects within Pheme and Dionysus to meet for group chats and also conferences with these lasting hours to the participants with mere minutes passing in the real world.Normal phone calls can be made for anyone living on the opposite side of the planet or galaxy.This can also be utilised to access the internet and the wire in a constructed environment with access to sites through doors etc.Phone calls on all devices such as smartphones,laptops will be using this technology.Since done through the wire it could not be used to carry out illegal acts such as virtual paedophilia pornographic and sexual fantasies involving virtual prepubescent children or even real life pre pubescent children partaking in sex acts while pretending to be adults or vice versa with Gaia and Arke preventing this and reporting infractions to Iaso and law enforcement.These would be done through cellular lines or the internet through Iris and in time would be what the vast majority of phone calls especially long group ones would be with the time dilation effect saving on bandwidth.Ones phone number used for audio/visual calls and VR that replace Skype,Viber etc will be the same as those for normal phone calls and one can choose the type of call to make.Viber,facetime,skype,whatsapp and Periscope etc and all of there features will be integrated into Iris including audio/visual one on one and group calls.Arke will thus be the universal telecommunications provider through Iris.The internet and wire can be viewed in VR simulations indistinguishable from the real world.VR phone calls will compliment normal calls with normal calls done in wilderness areas and also vehicles or when someone is with someone at home etc with VR phone calls done at home in bed or living rooms.One will be able to choose between normal and VR phone calls.

One could make phone calls including audio/visual ones on all registered devices such as smartphones,mirrors,televisions,contact lenses,glasses,watches,smartpads and landline phones with the phone call moved from one device seamlessly via audio or even body cues and in time implants or as a person moves from one device to another.Landline phones in homes and all public buildings such as amenities,vertical farms,police stations,government buildings,seaports,airports,hospitals etc existing and new will be replaced by touchscreen versions on smart mirrors,smart televisions or even just touchscreens on a conventional phone body on a holographic receptionists desk with wireless headphones with a microphone used for chat that would be returned when not used.Alternatively the phone would also use loudspeaker with the possibility of Iris video chats or the handset being wireless or attached to the phone and the touchscreen would bring up menus such as the global phone book and also keypads and even buttons to transfer calls and make ones.The phone number of old landlines will be transferred to new ones ordered in.Buttons for putting other people on hold,speed dial for extensions and favourited as well as contact phone books for phone calls will be present can be integrated on menus in the touchscreen etc with time displays also present.These landlines will also be able to be transferred to smart mirrors,televisions etc in buildings and homes via the home AI and the phone will sound on all of these connected devices with them able to hold Iris video chats.They would keep the original number and be listed in the universal global phone book in their own section separate from smart phones with them also being wireless not needing wires to connect them to the wall and phone line using the same principles ideally as mobile phones with them stuck to the lobby reception.Since these buildings would be open 24/7,365 days a year these could provide people communication in emergencies when no smartphones are available.It would also allow for people to directly communicate with the receptionists and AI of the buildings who would be capable of answering millions of people at once and with them also able to respond to emails instantly.The phone number of all human and AI citizens will be the same used for their audio/visual calls and VR calls and of their Home AI.The phone number of the Home AI will ideally be the same as the homeowners with ideally unknown numbers and callers will be directed to the Home AI first who can ascertain the nature of the phone caller and then direct them to the actual person they want to talk to with this done for all family members of a private home with macro AIs doing this for all persons who live there.Thus unknown phone numbers that call a persons landline or smartphone and Iris skype number will first be reffered to the Home AI who will first speak with them and can at the same time be in contact with the homeowner to relay them the phone call if the person wants to answer the phone call.Known phone numbers such as those in ones contacts will go straight through or in certain cases ie the person is asleep etc the Home AI will intake the phone call without alarms and only sound an alarm in the case of emergencies with non emergencies and when the person is not around have the AI leave a note in the notes of the phone and cloud and also notify the owner when they are awake.This will be important in the case of celebrities allowing them to take notes and also through the landline or own phone number will be able to be reffered to the caller if they are interested.The unknown caller can contact the Home AI then discuss the reasons for the call,receive emails etc and then the AI will relay to the caller in real time or later on and then call back and in the case of real time calls they will tell the person if the homeowner is interested or not with fragmentation allowing millions of people to do this at once even when access to wire is not possible.This system would of benefit to celebrities such as athletes,actors,musicians allowing directors and the general public contact them indirectly allowing them privacy and security especially in the case of stalkers allowing them and the general public to permanently block them if needed via their phone number and voice recognition even if stalkers etc use different phones.Hestia and Arke can be used to block one from contacting someone they receive has chosen to block either legally or through options in Hestia by preventing the person contacting them on any device even those on devices not registered to them by blocking the devices registered to them and with regards to non registered ones doing so through the webcams or Hestias and Arkes sentience.With regards to public buildings,power plants,amenities,municipalities etc these will be the number of the building AI with the receptionist answering them and transferring them to the building AI if necessary.

Phone booths can also be remodelled with touchscreens containing menus for the internet and wire as well as an app containing the global phone book with touchscreen menu and dial for numbers with video chat and also loudspeaker with them having their own independent personality and cameras to allow calls to be traced by Gaia when needed ie stalker and also missing or lost person.They would have either handsets that were attached to the phone or would be wireless and would have to placed on the phone in order for one to leave with the door locking automatically when the enter with them opened when the handset is down and a touchscreen button is pressed on the door.These would have graphene in the matrix of the glass to make them shatterproof.Ideally phone calls will be done without the handset and will consist of a touchscreen that has buttons to bring up the universal phone book and also keypad for typing in known numbers and can allow for normal phonecalls alongside audio/visual ones.Phonecalls made from phone booths will have caller ID since each phone booth will have a specific number with them also having their own independent AI with their AI name,number,address and GPS location logged in the global phone book under a section for them.They will have cameras looking in on the person with the voice determined via Gaia and their face cross referenced via Polis with the phone calls being normal ones or audio/visual ones using the touchscreen.Phone calls will not require money.If a person is lost they or has been kidnapped and is stalked then they can have their GPS location sent to those they call with the shatterproof glass and them able to be locked from the inside protecting them.The phones would require ones face to seen by the AI to be used thus allowing stalkers etc and even lost people to be determined.These would be logged into Iris,Iris video chats on smart televisions,mirrors and computers will allow for large groups of people to form group chats for scientific studies,conferences and discussions regarding the setting up of factories and farms as well as debates with each person from the comfort of their home.
Phone books will be replaced with the communication network in Iris with an app connecting to it for smartphones and other smart devices that will contain global phone book that has all phone numbers of all citizens with their current address and possibly even email address and links to social network pages with the latter two put in voluntarily by citizens with the former being automatic through Hephaestus when phones are ordered to Hephaestus and by consumers when the phone number is changed.It will scan all databases of all current and past phone books from around the world,phone number databases etc and those present within telecom corporations and government bodies databases to sort this data out.Having Arke and Hestia scan all landline and smartphones linked to them once they are downloaded onto them will add the owners name and number to it and a hyperlink to their Polis account and vice versa.Thus it will have the phone numbers of both landline and smartphones of all citizens,phone booths and public buildings(including those above such as vertical farms,sewage and water treatment plants,communal homes and the AI in charge of them listed alongside the building name)worldwide replacing paper based ones,websites that hold this information on a regional basis and paper based phone books with new phone numbers added instantly with search bars and filters making finding a person much easier with the book separated into public buildings,citizens(divided into human/non human and AI as well as smart phones,home AI landline),phone booths,services(including restaurants,petrol station,repair shops etc) divided by global,continental,country,region/state/county,town levels.These will be subdivided by smartphones(the same as their number of Iris apps on laptops and computers etc),landline,phone booths etc.This will contain the phone numbers of all citizens and public buildings worldwide and as stated can allow one to filter through locale,region,country, continent,globe as well as gender and other factors such as age,race other demographics alongside name and will have instant caller ID to the receiver of phonecalls from everyone else preventing stalkers etc and allow for criminals to be traced by Athena through her authorization via Hestia with the GPS location of this logged when needed.If a person is being stalked they can allow authorities and thus Gaia through Hestia to have a person blocked from contacting them or through other peoples phones including stolen ones via biometrics,voice and facial recognition software as well as blocking them from using Iris video chats on all types of electronics and preventing them from contacting them on all other aspects of Iris such as instant messaging,texting and emails through Gaia,Arke and also through social media sites via Arke.When one types in a phone number into their phonebook it will automatically assign their name.A person can cross reference phone numbers to find who they belong to if they are sent them or see them written somewhere.A global version of directory enquiries will be created managed by Arke.Software within Iris itself will likely negate the need for area codes and international calling codes or these will just naturally disappear with entities that have extra phone numbers for those calling abroad can be reused for other entities or citizens.In time phone
numbers will dissapear as Home AI and ones Polis account linked to one smart phones and computers will suffice and the same applying to building AIs.Similar numbers across the world can have and extra number added at the beginning and end.

Ones Iris account will contain all their texts,logged audio calls in audio form,recorded messages to and from others,instant messaging and video chats in audio/visual form,website server package and internet package that can both be downgraded,upgraded etc in folders in subfolders arranged by year,month,week and day and then exact time.Phone calls etc will be automatically logged in ones account so as to allow one to use them in court cases when Dike is given authority by the individual or courts to scan them with the owner allowed to use them for reference,prevent fraud/blackmail etc download them onto smart devices and computers and send any of these to another person via email and also texts as well as upload to their YouTube account etc.The GPS location of both or all person in both audio and audio/visual calls will be logged for use in this and to prevent stalking with the name of the person who they called and called them logged here.This will include all phone calls in audio form,video chats in audio visual form,VR chats and all texts with this logged by date with emails including deleted ones saved by Ouranos.Thus these would be protected by software and logging into ones account from the government and also law enforcement etc by firewalls only allowed access when warranted by Dike,Perseus,Hestia and also Adikia etc at which point they will be transferred to the digital files of court cases and forensics etc.AI will be able to scan all of them in minutes to allow them to decide what is relevant including phone calls,texts that are of relevance that proceed the event that led them to be investigated.911 calls to hospitals,emergency services and also police officers will automatically be logged into the file for each case.Quantum compassing and entanglement and even teleportation of information will eventually replace satellite and other conventional forms of phone calls with this allowing potentially for satellites and cellular towers to be recycled.Until then cellular towers and satellites will be more compact and use biosynth technology and also 5G,6G and so on will suffice.If possible quantum entanglement etc will be possible by 2100-2200 with Nyx used to make calls across the galaxy.

All existing ringtones on smartphones,normal cellular phones will be added to a single universal open source database within Iris that can be accessed online on computers as well as smartphones and have them downloaded onto phones of all types.A subsection of this will be storing alarms.The public and AI will be able to create new ringtones and alarms stored here using Ampelos.They will also design new wallpapers for phones.

Zeus communication networks for government officials would have the same features as Iris such VR communication,video chats,group video chats,instant messaging,texting,emails, but with more security but would be recorded by Gaia through Hera into specific folders relating to each administration,personal,mission door use in analysis and if necessary release to the public and controlled and monitored by Hera.Emails would be would also have their own would have their own internal instant messaging accounts etc
Kik,Snapchat etc will be merged into Agora as a subsection of it with one having all data,texts,chats,pictures,groups etc transferred to their new Iris account with one able to track down kik etc members via the same username used for this section.Skype and Periscope will be integrated into Agora as well as one will be able to use this on all devices with their number and username being the same as their normal number.Polis can be cross referenced for all people that message them and all accounts that exist on demand to get a clue as to who they are with basic information such as age,real name,gender,address and even photo to prevent them being lied to with them also able to access their criminal records as well alongside refer to Iaso and Metis for a general prognosis of their psychological profile for safety reason.One will have the ability to block users based on their username and also those who utilise devices registered to the blocked person temporarily with Arke or even ideally Metis and Iaso to settle disputes.

Arke will be constantly updating phone books or having contact details on sites like YouTube and social media call centres will become obsolete and converted into homes with the servers to be recycled.Help centres for manufactured products such as electronics and software,website hosters and services will be replaced by online help forums,YouTube how to guides and in time artificial intelligence in the form of Gaia through Hephaestus,Iris,Pemphredo and building AIs of hospitals/factories/police stations etc again allowing the headquarters to be used as home.Suicide,anger management,eating disorders,bereavement,addiction and childline hotlines and similar groups and hotlines including self help and self actualization will be merged together and into singular entity named Metis.Call centres used for them will be replaced by an app for all of them then divided into each type on a menu within the app named Metis after the deity of good counsel and advice, which will contain the names of all volunteer counsellors from around the world with their phone number(and the number of the caller) made private for security allowing the caller to have a large choice of people to speak to and allow the counsellors to speak to clients from anywhere in the world and allow for calls to be done around both peoples schedules both of which will make their interactions more personal and effective.The counsellor in their app will have a list of all their clients worldwide in their apps “phonebook”.Call centres will again be used for homes and servers recycled with the caller able to save and favourite their favourite volunteer in the app giving them access to volunteers from around the world and ensure privacy for both individuals.The counsellors will be listed alphabetically with a bio showing their rating from other callers and country of origin and basic biography and will give brief details on them such as what gender they are and what languages they speak.The sentient Coeus installed on both peoples phones will help both parties break the language barrier with the speakers voice translated into any desired language in real time.Thus callers will have choice of volunteers from around the world for each hotline with volunteers applying online to join in the groups filling in basic forms with the above aforementioned information.The same could apply with alcoholic and drug rehabilitation groups again with a global version of these groups merging global variants into one via Metis.Group meeting can be organised in conventional buildings that housed the headquarters of these defunct groups worldwide or even through Beam robots and video conferencing through smart televisions,smartphones and computers to allow for group discussions or or one on one at set times with volunteers and other people who are suicidal,alcoholics,victims of child abuse etc from around the world from the comfort of their home.Any buildings used would have an universal statue of Metis in the lobby.Telesphorus which offers support groups for those who are suffering from diseases such as cancers,heart disease,parkinsons,downs syndrome,alzheimers etc replacing all disease support groups worldwide and Iaso that offers support for all psychiatric conditions such as autism,manic depression,paedophilia again replacing all such groups worldwide will have the same app and structure.Any buildings used will have statues in the lobby but ideally will use networks with Iris group chats to communicate.Call centres for 911 and emergency dispatchers will be replaced by variants of Pemphredo and smart clothing integrated into Athena,Aesculapius and Hermes and they too will be used as homes or other uses again with the servers there recycled.This will direct one to the nearest hospital,police station and emergency services building AI.One will be able to communicate directly by voice,by texts,instant messaging etc with the person GPS location and address from where they are currently are will be relayed.


In time advances in quantum compassing etc will render telephone lines and cellular towers obsolete and thus will be torn down and recycled.