Anti-Ageing treatments

An investigation into the use of CRISPR in halting and reversing the effects of ageing through recombinant DNA from biologically immortal bacteria

CRISPR is a newly developed genetic engineering technology that allows the DNA of living patients to be altered permanently and exhibit phenotypes expressed by other species of living organisms and those created by AI.To combat ageing using CRISPR treatments DNA from long living species and animals could be used to increase the lifespans of H.sapiens with gene therapy as part of ageing treatments with the recombinant DNA coming from extremophile bacteria that can live for centuries or longer.These CRISPR treatments will be added to the patients genome via viral vectors or other vectors that housing human proteins do not induce an immune response to the patient.,Thermococcus gammatolerans,Deinococcus radiodurans,Bacillus F that can survive for more than several millions of years undergoing it is primarily extremophiles these species that exhibit DNA repair mechanisms and extremely slow mitosis and metabolic rates that are of importance to treating the ageing process through CRISPR since these factors contribute to the ageing process in humans and other complex lifeforms.Injecting oneself with long living bacteria such as with Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov does nothing as he himself admitted it was a publicity stunt but through CRISPR wherein the genes responsible for the longevity of long living bacteria are actually added to a humans genome will play a key role in reversing and halting the ageing process in humans etc.The addition of DNA from biologically immortal bacteria into the genome of living human patients through CRISPR will have those phenotypes exhibited in them and thus aid in reversing and halting the ageing process.CRISPR will allow genes from one species of animal to be added to the human genome and its phenotype expressed in humans in meaning we can give humans the abilities of other organisms especially biologically immortal ones to halt and reverse the affects of aging.All mentioned biologically immortal bacteria and animals will be sources of recombinant DNA to be added to a persons genome via CRISPR with the reasons for them added to a persons genome will be explained.In layman’s terms we can take genes from other animals and scratch DNA to be added to all cells in a body with razor sharp precision and have those genes phenotypes expressed in a person giving the person new abilities such as those from extremophiles to allow a person to survive environmental conditions well beyond that which we currently can.It can also allow for genes associated with genetic diseases to removed completely thus curing a person of that genetic disease.We shall now analyse the role of different CRISPR treatments using recombinant DNA from different biologically immortal species of micro-organisms to halt and reverse the effects of ageing…The term scratch DNA when used here refers to new DNA strands created by AI that does not occur naturally in any organism through natural selection but exhibits phenotypes that are of value to combating the ageing process.

The YouTube videos here include each point explained by scientists whose infirmarionnis peer reviewed alongside videos whose vloggers cite peer reviewed information from scientific studies and researchers.

DNA repair:
The DNA repair mechanisms of D.radiourans,T.gammatolerans,Bacillus F etc will likely slow,prevent and repair future telomere damage in older patients prior to them being applied with their DNA and that of younger relatives.The DNA repair mechanism in extremophile bacteria is important to be added to a persons genome via CRISPR as each time a persons cells undergoe mitosis and the telomere etc DNA degrades over time thus leading to cell death that eventually in old age causes poor locomotion and death from age related conditions such as heart attack,strokes etc.Thus having the DNA repair mechanisms of this bacteria added to a patients genome would prevent that degradation and eliminate the hayflick limit and senescence.This repair mechanism will thus halt the ageing process forever by preventing damage to telomeres and cell death.

Having the DNA etc repair mechanisms of specific extremophile bacteria with the DNA added to both telomere/chromosomal DNA and also mitochondrial DNA into all cells in the body will aid in reversing and halting the ageing process by repairing all future damage to DNA preventing senescence or cell death.If possible the DNA of younger patients even infants and adolescents or those in their twenties including close relatives of older patients aged 50 or older can be analysed to have the damaged telomeres of older patients replaced with those from younger patients if possible related to them and those generated from scratch via AI with those from and T.gammatolerans repairing and preventing any future damage especially in older patients.This would allow the telomeres in older patients to be reversed to those in their early teens and infant years with the DNA repair mechanisms of these bacteria added first repairing any future damage forever this preventing telomere degradation that is a key part of the ageing process.Genetic sequences from younger patients will be added to the older patients in both telomeres and mitochondrial DNA with AI also extrapolating the younger DNA of older patients using samples from relatives that are in their pre teens,teens and even twenties.

Telomeres of all patients will be analysed in automated labs to determine their level of degradation.Chromosomal,telomere,cellular and mitochondrial DNA will at first be repaired by being fitted with the DNA repair mechanisms from D.radiodurans,T.gammatolerans and Bacillus F as it will repair any future DNA damage especially in older patients.AI may need to extrapolate the missing damaged DNA for each patient to ensure their own DNA is present in the cellular,telomere and mitochondrial DNA repaired with all patients having their cellular,chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA analysed by blood pricks or skin cells extracted on DNA analysers in labs and using CRISPR have the repair mechanisms of extremophile bacteria ie T.gammatolerans added to repair further damage and to prevent further damage.DNA of infants may be analysed and have genes added.Thus the DNA from these bacteria will be able to repair any future DNA degradation.Existing damaged DNA can be repaired by CRISPR adding genes in each patient to repair existing DNA damage in mitochondrial DNA and existing damage in one’s chromosomes and the telomeres thus having the DNA in one’s mitochondrial DNA,chromosomal DNA and their telomeres reverted to an infant state thus reverting ones internal organs and exterior skin to an their peak state of an infant or at least their early tens of 14/15 years old thus keeping one forever at a state similar to the ages of 14/15 years old.Adding DNA repair mechanisms from T.gammatolerans to one’s mitochondrial DNA,chromosomal DNA and their telomeres once they are reverted to an infant state will prevent any future degradation in their DNA and telomeres from ever occurring again thus keeping patients DNA at an infant state and their interior organs and exterior skin at a state of 14/15 years old forever .

If possible to prevent the DNA for DNA repair taking up too much place in the patients genome it would ideal for only recombinant DNA from T.gammatolerans to be used since it can express this phenotype and unlike that from Bacillus F can allow it to withstand blasts of radiation if up to 30,000Gy thus having the most effective repair mechanisms meaning in order to prevent future DNA degradation in telomere and mitochondrial DNA.The fact that T.gammatolerans has been proven in lab settings to survive such extreme blasts of radiation allows it to exhibit better DNA repair mechanisms thus making it the ideal candidate for the source of DNA repair mechanisms.Research can be done if this DNA repair mechanism could also protect humans from extreme doses of radiation and possibly eliminate all or most cancers from the human gene pool by preventing the random breaks and mutations from exposure to radiation,carcinogens etc from occurring thus preventing tumours ever forming in all patients

Telomere,chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA will be at first fitted with teleomere repairing DNA from these bacteria T.gammatolerans to prevent future damage to them due to these bacteria exhibiting DNA repair mechanisms.Any future damage to telomeres to that mitosis has on the quality of telomeres in the chromosomes,mitochondrial DNA etc will be repaired instantly by adding the genes from these bacteria that allow them to repair their DNA thus rendering the hayflick limit and damage to telomeres,chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA obsolete forever.This will halt and reverse the affects of ageing.This DNA from these bacteria that exhibit DNA repair will be added first to patients mitochondrial and telomere chromosomal DNA via CRISPR to prevent any future damage and decay of the patients DNA while AI using CRISPR can repair existing damage to ones DNA by filling in the blanks etc.To repair telomeres forever scratch DNA can be extrapolated that has them express the synthesis of telomerase at stable levels associated with infancy as this is key to keeping telomere at healthy levels however too much can lead to cancer.Nephropidae are a species of biologically immortal crustacean that can theoretically live forever yet dies mainly from exhaustion from shedding its ever growing shells,pathogens,parasites and also predation.Part if the reason is that they are able to keep their telomeres at an infant level forever.This biological mechanisms could be applied to humans by producing the compound at stable levels forever without leading to tumourgenisis through scratch DNA.Advanced gene drive technology will make these changes permanent

The DNA to exhibit DNA repair will be modified by AI to be better integrated into the human genome due to the fact that it comes from bacteria and not multicellular organisms.This can include adding new scratch DNA to better integrate the genes or use them as a baseline for AI to design better DNA to exhibit this phenotype

DNA extrapolated by AI for each individual patient will be added to both mitochondrial and chromosomal telomere DNA to repair existing damaged DNA to revert both mitochondrial and telomere DNA to levels and states similar to that of infancy with DNA from ,T.gammatolerans that allows them to exhibit DNA repair will be added to all cells mitochondrial and telomere DNA in patients at first to prevent future telomere damage caused by mitosis to slow down damage and any future damage repaired instantly.Similar to how the AIs Gnome and Alpha fold were able to extrapolate millions of new proteins and nanomaterials within hours expediating scientific advancement by 800 years in a few hours Phanes even in a proto form or both Gnome and Alpha fold will be able to similarly extrapolate millions of genes for each individual patient that restores all DNA in their chromones and telomeres to an infant state to be prepared for individual CRISPR treatments with them also extrapolating millions of compound that reverse the cellular structures of each individual patient to an infant state indefinitely with them also extrapolating all biomedical process of ageing in humans and animals etc.They will also be able to extrapolate DNA to repair chromosomal DNA should that from ,T.gammatolerans should not suffice.Ones entire DNA in their chromosome,mitochondrial DNA will through scratch DNA extrapolated by AI be reverted to a state similar to infancy including telomeres. Telomeres that shorten as one ages will through scratch DNA and CRISPR be reverted to a level and state similar to infancy of about 8,000 to 10,000 nucleotides long by AI extrapolating the correct genetic sequences to be reapplied to them using CRISPR.The DNA repair mechanisms from T.gammatolerans will be added to the telomeres to prevent them degrading any further negating the hayflick limit.One’s entire genome in their patient file will be analysed by AI before and after gene therapy to ensure that ones entire genome is repaired to a pristine state with it used by AI to correct damaged section by removing damaged DNA and replacing it with DNA with the exact same sequences of bases.Scratch DNA will be used to revert telomeres in all chromosomes to an infant state where they are fully rejuvenated with mitochondrial DNA reverted to an infant state thus will be done in all cells in the body.

Nephropidae are a species of biologically immortal crustacean that can theoretically live forever yet dies mainly from exhaustion from shedding its ever growing shells,pathogens,parasites and also predation.Part of the reason is that they are able to keep their telomeres at an infant level forever..If they were to be kept in captivity without predators,pathogens or even be engineered not to produce shells it’s theoretically possible for them to live forever or at least several centuries.This biological mechanisms could be applied to H.sapiens by producing the compound at stable levels forever without leading to tumourgenisis through scratch DNA.H.sapiens do create telomerase but not enough as even though they do create it it is not enough as despite its function as to rejuvenate and protect the telomeres telomere degradation still occurs.Only enough is created to partially repair damage unlike Nephropidae.Nephropidae do not have this problem as their telomeres are forever at an infant state and they unlike H.sapiens have an infinite supply of telomerase.Telomerase is not unique to Nephropidae . It is present in most other animals, including H.sapiens, but after passing the embryonic life stage, levels of telomerase in most other cells decline and are not sufficient for constantly re-building telomeres.Since both H.sapiens and Nephropidae produce telomerase they should have similar genes with the different mechanisms resulting in both have genes that are similar but slightly different due to Nephropidae telomerase mechanism being more successful thus genes from Nephropidae should be easily integrated into H.sapiens without side effects.AI can analyse the genes responsible for telomerase production in both H.sapiens and Nephropidae and thus determine ways to integrate that from Nephropidae into H.sapiens through CRISPR treatments thus rejuvenating telomeres in patients to an infant level forever with it and DNA repair mechanism ensuring that the telomeres stay at a levels associated with infancy forever.The genes in Nephropidae can used as a baseline to research those developed that can be added to humans that are added to the human genome via CRISPR that produce telomerase at levels sufficient to rejuvenate telemeres to an infant level forever while at the same preventing tumourgenesis or issues associated with rejection etc with research done into genes added to the genome that enable telomerase be created at sufficient levels to keep telomeres at a state similar to infancy forever while preventing tumourgenesis.DNA repair mechanisms from T.gammatolerans added to the chromosomes including the telomeres could prevent the development of mutations and random breaks that lead to tumours.In otherwards research should be done to rejuvenate telomeres to an infant state forever through CRISPR while preventing tumourgenesis based on the same principle as the ability of Nephropidae to keep their telomeres constantly rejuvenated.This can involve using CRISPR treatments or using drugs etc that induce the formation of these changes.It can also involve using CRISPR to alter a human patients DNA to the point that the cells produce the required amount of telomerase to first rejuvenate them to a youthful state similar to one’s early 20s,teens or even infancy in the case of those who are aged 40 and older and keep them rejuvenated forever at an infant or youthful state without leading to tumours or other side effects.AI will develop CRISPR treatments including using genes created from scratch or even recombinant DNA from Nephropidae that is altered to do this without rejection,formation of tumours etc Advanced gene drive technology will make these changes permanent .

Scratch DNA alongside recombinant DNA from aerotolerant anaerobic bacteria can be utilised to improve this especially those that cause the rejuvenation of Phosphatidylcholines and telomeres in the membranes and DNA of all cells destroyed by free radicals with further engineering making cells immune to the effects of free radicals,such as reactive oxygen and free radicles taken in by the host and produced by microbes to fight pathogens counteracted by recombinant DNA from aerotolerant anaerobic bacteria and scratch DNA developed by Phanes.Scratch DNA and those from other plants and animals can be added to counteract the effects of all free radicles and any compounds that lead to senescence or cellular and genetic damage using DNA from scratch or engineer them into turning the products of aerobic respiration into compounds that can be consumed or excreted or not be effected by them.This DNA would be used to make cells immune to the effects that oxygen has on damaging DNA etc.This could also be done with the body engineered to produce antioxidants.Recombinant DNA from T.gammaolerans and D.radiodurans would be used to protect the body from any daily doses of radiation that one experiences from sunlight UV radiation,radon,xrays and even nuclear fallout,gamma ray bursts and cosmic radiation preventing DNA damage if applied to telomeres in both the nucleus/chromosomes and mitochondria.If possible DNA from T.gammatolerans can negate the need for DNA from Bacillus F,D.radioduran/ as it also protects one from blast of radiation of up to 30,000Gy thus allowing for DNA repair and also protection from radiation.CRISPR treatments will be used to repair existing damage in telomeres,chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA.Senescent cells can be made to undergoe apoptosis through microbes as well as replaced by younger tissues through stem cell strains and proteins associated with them such as P-16 can be removed through this or them creating compounds that destroy it with tumours fought off by ant-cancer strains.Research can be made using biosynths if the addition of endolithic bacteria to the human genome has any positive or negative effects on the ageing process where it may enhance ageing treatments by extending human lifespans or if can be detrimental by causing negative effects on the host i with this including those who undergo mitosis every 10,000 years discovered by the Integrated Ocean Drilling Project in 2013.If possible the endolithic bacteria’s slow metabolism can be researched as a means of negating the effects metabolism has on the ageing processes by adding the genes responsible for it added to a patients genome.Research on biosynths can confirm if slowed miotic rates slows down the ageing processes by slowing down the the rate of telomere degradation in cells with using specific endolithic bacteria from 2013 would mean the ageing process would be slower to the point one would age the equivalent of several months once every 10,000 years with the decreased metabolism of endolithic bacteria also sliding down metabolism that affects ageing.Turritopsis dohrnii, DNA will be researched to add to revert cellular structures and DNA to an infant state.Also DNA from Glycine max and scratch DNA can be added to human cells to have them synthesise phosphotidicholines back to levels associated with infancy.All of this will be done in biosynths with this can be done after initial treatments reverse telomere degradation extending human lifespan.The first treatments to halt the ageing process will extend it minimally with the next set of treatments extending it even further with the next treatments extending them indefinitely to the point one becomes immortal forever.These newer treatments will be developed by AI namely Phanes,Paean etc for each individual patient.Advanced gene drive technology will make the changes to one’s genome permanent with every year as AI advances exponentially in computing power will be able improve methods to reverse the ageing process in much older patients and at the same time halt it to the point one can live for centuries or even thousands of years at a time or even forever for millions of billions of years at a time..AI will conduct this research of using recombinant DNA from endolithic bacteria, Nephropidae and other biologically immortal animals and bacteria using animal trials and those using biosynths etc after CRISPR is already able to repair telemetry and mitochondrial DNA to test what effects they would have in humans to extend the lifespan of humans to forever

To prevent the issue of immune responses from CRISPR treatments using recombinant DNA from any species of plants and animals and scratch DNA human versions of Cas-9/Cpf1 or even patient specific versions of Cas-9/Cpf1 can be created by AI namely proto and final Phanes can analyse the genome of Streptococcus pyogenes,Francisella novicida also analysing both human DNA and patient specific DNA and modify it for humans and individual patients present in the their own leukocytes that contains their trace DNA. Alongside the development of human and patient specific versions of CRISPR Cas-9/Cpf1 the recombinant DNA from completely different plants,animals and bacteria responsible for reversing and halting the effects of ageing can through strands of scratch DNA extrapolated by Phanes can be added to them to integrate the recombinant DNA added to a patients DNA without fatal immune responses allowing the desired phenotypes from plants,animals,bacteria etc and those made from scratch to be expressed effectively in patients again without fatal immune or rejection responses.Otherwise to express the desired phenotypes from the plant and animal kingdom different or similar strands of scratch DNA extrapolated by Phanes etc that expresses the same desired phenotype can be safely added to one’s genome.Thus AI like Phanes incorporating existing AI software such as OpenCRISPR-1,Evo,CRISPR GPT,AlphaFold 1-3 etc and new more advanced programming can be used to extrapolate versions of CRISPR Cas-9/CPf1 and scratch genes to better integrate recombinant DNA from plants and animals that can be applied to not only humans and other animals such as pet dogs,cats etc but even specific individuals of humans,cats,dogs etc without illiciting immune responses that may be fatal thus allowing CRISPR treatments be developed and applied to humans,dogs and cats that effectively reverse and halt the effects of ageing forever.

Existing research into telomerere and mitochondrial DNA repair and rejuvenation that does not involve CRISPR will be used to repair abc restore damage to telomeres with this used as a treatment that acts as Proto treatments that extend the human lifespan and that of pets prior to CRISPR treatments can extend the lifespan of individual’s exponentially to the point that more advanced treatments explained here and others can be developed that render one eternally young forever……………………………………………………

Adding via CRISPR the genetic regenerative abilities of T.gammatolerans will allow one to have all DNA and cellular structures reverted to that if infancy or one’s early teens.The DNA of the cells would be programmed via scratch DNA to repair DNA and to replenish phosphotidycholines and NAD+ automatically returned to that of their infant state every time it undergos mitosis every 10,000 years via DNA from scratch with DNA from Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans repairing telomere damage every time this happens thus rendering the hayflick limit and depletion of phosphotidycholines and NAD+ redundant thus meaning any effects of ageing that occurs every 10,000 years will be automatically repaired and cells constantly reverted to an infant state thus effectively halting the ageing process forever.CRISPR can be used to remove genes that contribute to the ageing process.Through scratch DNA females will be kept at their oestrogen etc peak of 14/15 while males kept at their testosterone peak of 14/15 and both can have their cellular structures abc telomeres reverted to their early teens thus keeping one in a perpetual state of early teens aged 14/15.CRISPR can be used to turn on/off one’s fertility in both males and females thus eliminating contraceptives and unwanted pregnancies.

Research and development costs would be kept very low and close to zero by automating all labs and using AI to carry out all grunt work ie scanning of genomic databases and creation of viral vector eliminating most human labour with meaning the treatments could be cheap enough to be affordable to the average citizen while still allowing biotech and pharmaceutical companies and even universities that patent the treatments to still make a significant profit by selling it to billions of currently living people and the billions of new patients born after the initial wave of patients every year over geological timescales across the universe and also to the billions pets etc.The only way for a company to make sizeable returns on investment is to automate as much of manufacturing and research and development to allow billions of people to pay for ab affordable price compared to having it expensive and restricted to only a small number of wealthy people which would lead to a loss of profits overtime and would not lead to the same amount of profits as having it affordable to everyone.A combination of 3D DNA printers,automation and AI will expedite research and development and cut costs close to zero to make it affordable to the average citizen.

Population growth should slow down dramatically as by keeping people in their fertile peak of their 20s and 30s indefinitely people would delay having children by decades or even longer since they would be less pressured to have them with the elimination of poverty and wide access of contraception in the developing world would also play a role in slowing down population growth.

This information is a summarised form of this research that is explored in more extensive detail in the full anti-ageing section of this website with a hyperlink below that houses YouTube videos that cite existing peer reviewed scientific studies that provide enough basis for it be a valid basis for scientific research.The youtube videos of needed for validation can be seen there.A quick ten minute google and Wikipedia search can confirm this material as well through peer reviewed material

Anti-Ageing treatments