Anti-bacterial Strains

Anti-Bacterial Strains:
Bacterial infections primarily superbugs such as MRSA,M.tuberculosis,N.gonorrhoeae,P.aeruginosa will be attacked by anti-bacterial strains with them using both anti-microbial compounds,endolysines and also CRISPR treatments housed in bumpers or via horizontal gene transfer during phagocytosis.Bacteria that superbugs can have CRISPR treatments applied to them that cause their phospholipids on the outer layers of them to express the same as those of ideally benign bacteria so as to allow anitimicrobial compounds at its disposal to be applied.Ideally the DNA to remove resistance to all known antibiotics including new and old ones,ones that prevent bacteria mutating and undergo mitosis,undergo apoptosis,remove their pathogenicity and ability to mutate as well as make them susceptible to the anti-microbial compounds at their disposal can added to anti-bacterial strains with advanced gene drive technology via CRISPR with them applied via horizontal gene transfer duing phagocytosis and can be flooded out to millions of bacteria by being released in bumpers or superbumpers that can transfer one or more genes as a mini vector to the precise site inside the genome thus allow for these to be made weak and then allow the microbes release antibiotics both old and new all at once as well as releasing endolysines in bumpers to work alongside anti-microbial compounds and also antibiotics as well as the antibodies from the immunised primary system to ensure success.Phanes will extrapolate the genotypes for these and other CRISPR treatments available by 2029.To cause them to undergoe apoptosis it could use DNA from “terminator seeds” and scratch DNA with scratch DNA extrapolated to develop CRISPR treatments that remove their ability to undergo mitosis,replication and also ability to mutate and develop resistence to new treatments.They can be made to have their pathogenicity removed making them benign strains that can be killed by the immune system or at least not kill or damage the patient.Otherwise the genes of all bacteria could be analysed and compared to find these genes.Their ability to mutate could be edited out permanently alongside the CRISPR treatments editing out their resistance permanently with the microbes phage treatments also used and adding suicide genes and those that prevent the bacteria undergoing mitosis and those that make them benign.This would involve mutating blocking genes made from scratch by Phanes and also from those found in nature with advanced gene derive technology ensuring this is permanent.To have them express the same phospholipids of benign bacteria to allow compounds including normal antibiotics to kill them the genome of benign bacteria will be analysed and compared with superbugs and thus have the genes that express phosholipids from benign bacteria that can thus allow them to be destroyed by all compounds at their disposal including lactic acid and other natural and synthetic compounds found in anti-bacterial soaps through recombinant DNA and anabolic and catabolic reactions with this also done to determine the genes that give them resistance to all past antibiotics and thus develop CRISPR treatments to remove these genes.These CRISPR treatments applied to the pathogens via horizontal gene transfer and flooding the bloodstream with bumpers that transport the CRISPR treatments can make pathogens especially superbugs and new pathogens a completely benign species that the native immune system can fight off by itself by completely rewriting the pathogens genome beyond recognition with other genes extrapolated that prevent them from mutating as well as allowing everyday over the counter medications that have no side effects and even vitamins etc consumed by the patient or injected into the bloodstream and also prevent them undergoing mitosis or replication in the first place limiting their numbers with this replicated with viral and fungal pathogens and even parasites.Old samples of each superbug that is not resistant to each antibiotics can be analysed and compared with modern superbugs and thus allow counter CRISPR treatments to be developed with this including those from as far back as 1928 in storage within labs.Paean,Physis etc will scan the genome of all superbugs and their non resistant ancestors stored in labs etc to extrapolate which genes are responsible for resistance to specific or all antibiotics and new treatments to create counter CRISPR treatments with the same applied to viruses and this can be done to determine the genes responsible from mitosis,reproduction and allow them to infect cells and organs and even those that cause them to be pathogenic allowing these to be removed by CRISPR via AI extrapolating counter CRISPR treatments stored in their Physis file and ribosomes and in particular plasmids in anti-bacterial strains.Otherwise Phanes will analyse the genome of superbugs and extrapolate the genes responsible for resistence and in turn CRISPR treatments to remove the resistence then store them in Physis in the pathogens file.Horizontal gene transfer will be used and them engineered to interact with only pathogenic bacteria and not that of the patients cells.The genes responsible for resistence to each and all antiobiotics through CRISPR treatments applied by anti-bacterial strains will remove their resistence to antibiotics permenantly and allow the microbes synthesise antiobiotics such as penicillin etc through them housing recombinant DNA in them from yeasts and also anabolic and catabolic reactions or allow the patient to intake them in pill form or injection through conventional means.The anti-bacterial strains will be engineered to only interact with only bacterial cells ideally those of specific pathogenic bacteria via surface proteins on them that only interact with only pathogenic bacteria and not gut flora to prevent them applying these to the patients cells that would kill them with them via induced evolution for each specific species of pathogenic bacteria once ascertained.The DNA to do this will be in the form of ribosomes and in particular plasmids floating in the microbes applied by horizontal gene transfer and also bumpers with them recreated over and over again via taq polymerase and Cas-9 to be reused over and over again.This can be applied to all existing parasites,viruses,fungi and all type of pathogens on Earth with this also applying to new and emerging pathogens including those on interstellar colonies outside of Earth with them able to kill anything by first modifying the pathogen or parasite via horizontal gene transfer during phagocytosis to exhibit the same phospholipids as bacteria that are susceptible to their compounds.This can also prevent Earth based pathogens they are designed to attack into becoming susceptible to the anti-viral,anti-fungal and anti-bacterial weapons at their disposable to prevent them becoming ineffective with this done to pathogens and viruses that have the ability to quickly mutate to the compounds at their disposal to again prevent them becoming ineffective with compounds that destroy the peptidoglycogen and protein coats of all bacteria,parasites and viruses utilised by them to act as backup.AI will analyse the outer phospholipids of all pathogens especially superbugs to extrapolate synthetic compounds and synthetic antibodies stored in their Physis file to be downloaded into anti-bacterial strains when infections occur.They would also produce anti-microbial compounds from Brown Russian frogs,lactic acids,alcohol which they can create by themselves or store from the host exercising,the natural bacteriacidal components of soaps especially those from liquid soaps that are non toxic to the host,new ones created from scratch,microbes and animals within all environments in the ocean and soil and even antibodies for existing or customised ones for superbugs that attack multiple sites rather than one site with these applied during phagocytosis,flooding the bloodstream and effective areas or as nanoparticles with the same applying to reactive oxygen.Otherwise the microbes would apply the anti-microbial agents from frogs,Polybia-MP1,plankton,endolysines,reactive oxygen,antibodies.CRISPR treatments and all anti-microbial compounds via phagocytosis or flooding the bloodstream with them and endolysines and CRISPR treatments in bumpers and superbumpers as well as having the immunised immune system gather in place and release relevant antibodies applied all at once will be done to prevent pathogens gaining resistance as they will attack multiple sites at once preventing bacterial pathogens from gaining a resistance to them all or any of them since they would be unable to adapt to this “carpet bombing” by being killed all at once with the immunised primary immune system also fighting at once clearing the body of them quickly and also before they can gain resistance with the same done to viruses.Compounds such as bleach namely hypochlorite and other natural and synthetic ones can be synthesised and applied in these bumpers to prevent the host being affected.Once infections occur and are detected and the strain that is resistant to each compound is detected by determining its genome the anti-bacterial strains will apply apoptosis genes,those that remove their resistance to anti-bacterial agents,those turn them into benign bacteria,and those that inhibit they ability to undergo mitosis with advanced gene drive technology preventing them able to adapt to these CRISPR treatments.They will also have all anti-microbial agents at the microbes disposal be applied and the immunised primary immune system activated.The bodies native beneficial bacteria will be given resistance to these via genome capsids or the bumpers not interacting with them.Communication between the primary immune system and microbes will manage the ratio of anti-microbial and antibodies being released at once to prevent resistance.This will be done at the same as them applying CRISPR treatments that weaken them via bumpers to the primary immune system and also these bacteriocidal treatments,make them easier to be attacked and stunt their growth,remove resistance to conventional and these new treatments and remove their pathogenicity,reactive oxygen,anti-microbial agents before they are applied and event to ones that may have gained such resistance as well as to conventional antibiotics such as penicillin,colistin.CRISPR treatments that remove resistance will be applied to them by anti-bacterial strains via bumpers and also horizontal gene transfer during phagocytosis prior to the anti-bacterial compounds applied by phagocytosis or via bumpers with these being all in one treatments that remove resistance to all compounds.Bumpers containing CRISPR treatments can be flooded into the bloodstream that can apply these CRISPR treatments to dozens,hundreds or millions of bacteria at once alongside those that remove their ability to undergoe mitosis etc in superbumpers that apply these and other CRISPR treatments all at once.CRISPR treatment that cause them to undergoe apoptosis will be also applied with as stated millions of anti-bacterial strains creating millions of these superbumpers at once.Thus anti-bacterial strains will through CRISPR treatments remove superbugs resistence to all known antiobiotics such as penicillin,colistin thus allowing the anti-bacterial strains to apply these antiobiotics by synthesised by them and released into the bloodstream having relevant recombinant DNA.Once strains of pathogens are made permanently weak against existing antibiotics like penicillin,colistin,β-lactam antibiotics through CRISPR treatments applied by anti-bacterial strains that permanently remove their resistance to these antibiotics with advanced gene drive technology making sure they they can never gain resistance to these again these old antibiotics can also be produced by the microbes anti-bacterial strains alongside the aforementioned compounds using biosynthesis,catabolic and anabolic reactions and also recombinant DNA from yeasts such as and Paenibacillus polymyxa,Penicillium chrysogenum,Acremonium present in the microbes genomes.Synthetic compounds to treat bacterial infections will have their structure added to Physis and this downloaded onto anti bacterial strains DNA digital storage to be then created by anabolic and catabolic reactions onsite of phospholipids of the bacteria to prevent overdosing and side effects.Thus alongside other compounds that have been newly discovered they will produce all existing antibiotics that pathogens will have their resistance removed via CRISPR treatments applied by the anti-bacterial strain.Colistins toxicity to the kidney and nervous system can be limited by engineering the host to be immune to it in these systems and organs as well as it applied during phagocystosis or even through protein bumpers with the same applied to other drugs.Colistons toxicity could also be countered by having the genes in bacteria immune to it added to the human genome of the organs it affects.This resistance removal can be done to any pathogen that becomes resistant to any anti-viral,anti-microbial compounds through CRISPR treatments already present as well as those added through upgrades.The CRISPR treatments to permanently remove antibiotic resistance to all antibiotics will done via bumper flooding the bloodstream in infected and asymptomatic patients.To keep levels of the pathogen under control the strains will also add CRISPR treatments to stunt the mitosis completely preventing them replicating and keep their numbers stable alongside applying suicide gene that cause them to undergo apoptosis and also those that remove their pathogenicity to prevent them causing damage to the patients body making them benign infections that cannot cause illness damage and death.Other anti-microbial compounds created by them would be ethanol,lactic acid,peptides from Russian Brown Frogs,Polybia-MP1 from Polybia paulista,TsAP-1,TsAP-2 from Tityus serrulatus,lactic acids from Lactobacillales well as those from phyotplankton and others from the soil,rivers and oceans using recombinant DNA from these organisms and even yeasts and fungi when penicillin,colistin and other antibiotics that will be made effective by modifying bacteria that are immune to it.If possible they could overload bacteria and also fungi with sugars namely glucose and fructose to overload them with it by forcing it into it or by creating large amounts of sugar in the bloodstream killing it through osmosis via dehydrating them provided the host and microbes has xerophile and osmophile DNA to protect them from it,as well as gluconic acid,hydrogen peroxide or its progenitor compound glucose oxidase and methylglyoxal kill them via low pH,cytotoxicity(provided the host is made immune to it via CRISPR) as well as the antibiotic Bee Defensin-1 used by bees with recombinant DNA from A.mellifera via them having recombinant DNA from plants that create glucose such as Beta vulgaris.All of these will be applied via horizontal gene transfer or bumpers with the microbes DNA from osmophiles and xerophiles protecting them.Sugar can be applied in large amounts via phagocytosis again by overloading the bacteria with sugar and thus killing it through dehydration via osmosis.Dihydroxyacetone,Hydroxymethylfufural,Methylglyoxal and Leptosperin using anabolic and catabolic reactions or recombinant DNA from Leptospermum scoparium can also be produced by them.All plants and animals will have the compounds from bites,stings etc be tested against bacteria particularly superbugs for new anti-bacterial compounds to have their DNA scanned for the genotypes that can be added to anti-microbial strains.Recombinant DNA from Brown Russian Frogs,yeasts,phytoplankton and new bacteria discovered will be added to their genome used by them with any resistance gained to these removed via CRISPR to all existing and new antibiotics with the primary immune system immunised against all bacteria especially superbugs including MRSA and P.aeruginosa to improve effectiveness.This resistance removing treatments would be applied prior to anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds are applied and would be applied to pathogens to prevent them to becoming resistant to the other anti-microbial and anti-viral compounds at their disposal with them having these alongside to attack existing superbugs inside the hybrid anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains.Antibiotics,endolysines,antibodies of all types from microbes and the immunised primary system will be produced during phagocytosis or through flooding the body via the bloodstream and lymphatic system to reach all hard to reach parts of the body to kill off infections that hide in hard to reach areas with this also done by the native immunised immune system using antibodies with the exception of those that cause severe side effects such as colistin which will be applied during phagocytosis or in bumpers.The primary immune system would also be immunised against all possible strains and orders etc of major bacterial pathogens including superbugs to improve success and eliminate them completely alleviating strains on microbes using the common proteins methods.New antibiotics can be synthesised by them by genotypes created from scratch by Phanes,Epione and Paean with those discovered from nature done by adding recombinant DNA extracted by automated lab workers and automated machines once and then input into a base microbe that can grown in automated labs and sent to new patients to inserted into their microbes by automated machinery or synthesised from scratch Phanes,Epione etc.All plants and animals in all versions of Physis will have their genome scanned for genes responsible for new anti-microbial compounds with genes that have the possibility of creating them extrapolated via Phanes and Paean etc and them created in either microbes and microrganisms in labs to test on all known pathogens in simulations and automated labs.Paean will analyse the outer phospholipid wall of all species and strains of bacterial pathogens especially superbugs that can extrapolate synthetic antibacterial compounds suited for each individual species and strain that can be stored in their Physis file to be downloaded into the anti-bacterial strains DNA digital storage to be synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions with Phanes extrapolating genotypes you create these synthetic compounds to be downloaded via induced evolution.All species of pathogenic and non pathogenic bacteria will be tested in automated labs against sap,secretions from plants and animals worldwide thay kill bacteria so as to allow the DNA responsible to be downloaded into anti-bacterial strains.AI wil also extrapolate synthetic antibodies,synthetic enzymes and synthetic compounds that kill bacteria to be stored in Physis and downloaded and then synthesised in the bloodstream.The structure of these synthetic compounds and antibodies will be stored in their Physis file to be downloaded into the DNA digital storage of the anti-bacterial strains and then synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.This will be done by AI namely Phanes and Paean analysing their outer surface proteins and genome of all species and strains of bacteria particularly pathogenic species to allow these synthetic compounds,enzymes and antibodies to be extrapolated that will be stored in the Physis file of each species that will be downloaded by anti-bacterial strains and created by anabolic and catabolic reactions.These enzymes,antibodies and synthetic compounds applied during phagocytosis if they cause side effects including cytoxicity or released into the bloodstream if benign.Phanes can also extrapolate the genotypes created from scratch to express these synthetic compounds,enzymes and antibodies stored in their Physis files that can be downloaded into the genome of anti-bacterial strains..Synthetic and natural anti-helminthic compounds,enzymes,antibodies will be applied by being flooded into the blood stream or applied during phagocytosis by microbes to prevent cytoxicity through them having macrophage DNA.Dead bacteria can be consumed by the microbes using enzymes suited to each one developed by Paean and Phanes once downloaded during phagocytosis.The accelerated healing phenotype will instantly heal any damage caused by the bacteria directly and indirectly by cytokines storms etc meaning a patient could survive indefinitely to avail of upgrades and application of genes that prevent the virus replicating and to avail of immunisations.AI will create immunisations for all species of pathogenic and non pathogenic bacteria especially those that house common proteins thus allowing one to be immunised against all possible strains with this of note to MRSA and other fatal superbugs.Patients once made immune to radiation will be exposed to blasts of radiation between 2,000-20,000Gy to kill of large amounts of bacteria.All patients will be immunised against all bacterial pathogens especially superbugs using the common proteins method.Photoanti-microbial dyes could be produced by them and released into the bloodstream that would be benign to humans or themselves or with them produced on the surface of the microbes with them also creating bioluminecent luciferans using recombinant DNA from all types of biolumescent animals,plants and bacteria and those from scratch with these bioluminsecent reactions starting and thus activating the dye in the bloodstream,during phagocytosis or on the surface of other biocompatible microbes and themselves only when a pathogen is detected by nanomachines,leukocytes,the immune systems,or the pathogens themselves through chemical signals from nanomachines,immune system and the pathogens and microbes themselves and thus releasing reactive oxygen to kill pathogens.Aerotolerant anaerobic bacteria recombinat DNA added to the hosts genome will prevent these affecting the hosts cells.Biosynth WiFi can allow the DNA in these strains to be changed within minutes to allow them to apply different anti-bacterial compounds with Paean controlling a set number to at all times house the DNA for one set of anti-microbial compounds,another set number to house that for another set number of them to ensure that at all times their is sets of this strain that each produce each different anti-microbial compounds old and new that can be applied all at once or in different waves one after the other.Biosynth WiFi will also be used to change the DNA in ribosomes and in particular plasmids to get CRISPR treatments for specific strains detected.All anti-microbial compounds will applied via phagocytosis or as nanoparticles covered in bumpers to prevent them breaking down in bloodstream and causing cytotoxicity.The microbes would apply these by phagocytosis and bumpers to prevent toxicity to the host and also the compounds breaking down with benign bacteria in labs purposefully made immune to the compounds to them have the new genes added to patients to allow them to be applied without bumpers.This and making them benign would be first done to asymptopic carriers and also livestock,wild animals and pets that act as vectors.Thus superbug resistant bacteria such as MRSA,M.tuberculosis,N.gonorrhoeae,P.aeruginosa would be dealt with CRISPR treatments in bumpers or applied via horizontal gene transfer thus permanently removing their resistance to most if not all existing antibiotics in both asymptomatic carriers,livestock,pets,wild animals and infected patients with gene drives added that prevent them mutating and regaining their resistance to all known antibiotics and them applying old and new antibiotics such as penicillian,colistin,β-lactam antibiotics by flooding both the lymphatic and bloodstream as nanoparticles covered in bumpers or during phagocytosis with them also applying suicide genes to the pathogens.These antibiotics will be created by anti-bacterial strains that will house relevant DNA from yeasts etc once CRISPR treatments are applied with new ones such as reactive oxygen,lactic acid,alcohol and new ones from Russian Brown Frogs,Polybia-MP1 from P.paulista,TsAP-1,TsAP-2 from T.serrulatus,lactic acids from Lactobacillales well as those from phyotplankton etc also applied.Old ones can be made by DNA from yeasts such as and P.polymyxa,P.chrysogenum,Acremonium and synthetic compounds will be created by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Suicide and mitosis inhibiting genes will also be used with patients immunised against them as well.Suicide genes and those that remove their ability to undergo mitosis and mutate can be added.Suicide genes would cause the pathogens to undergoe apoptosis and those that inhibit mitosis will block the ability for the bacteria to undergoe mitosis thus slowing down their growth in the human body exponentially to zero thus allowing the microbes attack them with these genes added via horizontal gene transfer and bumpers housing them that allow them microbes applying CRISPR treatments to countless of pathogens at once.Phanes can extrapolate genes that can be applied through horizontal gen transfer via CRISPR to bacterial pathogens especially superbugs that inhibit their ability to undergoe mitosis or remove gene present in bacterial pathogens to remove their ability to undergoe mitosis thus slowing down their growth exponentially in the human body to zero especially when they are applied to countless bacteria at once through bumpers and countless microbes.Furthermore genes can be extrapolated for each species of pathogenic bacteria that remove their pathogenicity turninh them into harmless strains by removing genes from them and adding others.Each species of pathogenic bacteria has more milder benign strains that the body is able to suppress of kill off with CRISPR thus used to alter their genomes to turn pathogenic bacteria into more benign strains with these CRISPR treatments extrapolated by Phanes for each species and stored in Physis and then downloaded once a species is determined by base microbes.In cases of species with no benign strains he can extrapolate treatments for each individual species to make them benign.Suicide genes would as stated cause bacteria to undergo apoptosis and die off.Applying all of these methods are once will drastically lower populations of pathogens exponentionaly to zero and increase survival rates.Endolysines as detailed later on will also be used as these would affect them by being inserted into the cell by bumpers as well as horizontal gene transfer and if the pathogens would gain resistance to endolysines them they would have to lose resistance to antibiotics.The biofilms of pathogens will be broken down and navigated by the microbes either directly or through creating compounds to this with those that shield themselves from the immune system and hypochlorite present ie Streptococcus agalactiae can be using gene treatments using bumpers to remove carotenoids that protect it from hypochlorite produced by the primary and secondary immune system.S.agalactiae and other pathogens that create biofilms could be detected by the microbes tweaked to detect the biofilms and thus be able to initiate measures to break them down and also be able to swim through them using recombinant DNA from bacteria including flagellum to allow them to apply both anti-microbial compounds and also CRISPR treatments using bumpers and also horizontal gene transfer.The microbes could be able to navigate these and then apply CRISPR treatments to remove their ability to create biofilms and even carotenoids that mask them from antibiotics,anti-microbial compounds and the primary immune system with the biofilms broken down by the microbes creating compounds that break it down and them consuming them with bumpers released containing CRISPR treatments preventing micro-organisms creating theses and using these countermeasures to hide form the primary and secondary immune system. Using endolysines at the same time as CRISPR treatments and also using all antibiotics and antibodies from the immunised primary immune system will “carpet bomb” the pathogen preventing them gaining resistance especially if all antibiotics both old and new are used at once alongside endolysines increasing efficacy and preventing them able to mutate.By having microbes use CRIPSR,endolysines and also anti-microbial compounds and also having the primary immune system immunised against them will mean that every last one will be killed off unlike in conventional methods wherein a small amount will be left and then mutate to gain resistance to antibiotics with the microbes and immunised primary immune system designed to seek out and kill off every last one with CRISPR treatments that prevent them undergoing mitosis used a the start of infections to prevent them overruning the body with once resistance is removed using all new and exiting anti-bacterial agents at once to catch the pathogen off guard and prevent them gaining a resistance.These would be developed to be have a similar genetic structure to pathogens allow for this transfer to occur while at the same time preventing them from gaining said immunities or ability to be a pathogen through gene drives and compete for resources in the lifeform eventually overcoming them with this also applying to other emerging superbugs such as Clostridium difficile,M.tuberculosis,N.gonorrhoeae,C.trachomatis and even viruses such as HIV with their ability to evolve resistance and existing resistance to anti-viral and existing CRISPR treatments edited out permanently.They would also attack all infections of all types including those that cause food poisoning,diarrhea,those from contaminated water,coliforms,oncoviruses,cold sores,conjunctivitis, and minor infections that they body can already fight to alleviate strains on the primary immune system,discomfort from diarrhea etc as well as help immunocomprimised individuals survive infections.It would also aid those who are immunocomprimised,elderly,have weak immune systems and unable to use vaccines and rely on herd immunity to even fight off infections if they are infected and allow the primary immune system gain immunity learned from the battle without risk of death or serious damage and even allow people survive severe infections such as N.meningitidis,or naturally have weak immune systems again more benign infections and have again the primary immune system learning the correct antibodies to use in future effects thus being a living vaccine of sorts.Those with weak immune systems can also rely on the anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains to fight off pathogens with them availing of immunisations due to the fact the immunisation strains unlike vaccines would interact with the relevant leukocytes by sharing relevant surface protein antigens and activating the immune systems when infections occur with them as stated also relying on anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains as well.Recombinant DNA from older bacteria samples that are in storage from the years prior to them becoming to resistant can also be used to create these microbes CRISPR attacks alongside those from existing strains by analysing the different strains genes.That could be done by the microbe surrounding the pathogen by phagocytosis during or after they have applied CRISPR treatments that remove their resistance to penicillin and other ineffective antibiotics and then using these antibiotics against or first removing their resistance to all existing antibiotics with other treatments used to make them benign thus unable to harm the patient allowing the primary immune system to fight them making the immune system resistant to all future attacks and/or the microbes finishing them off.This would work to deal with both patients infected with them and asymptomatic carriers such as with carriers of both MRSA and S.aureus and other superbugs to prevent the spreading them.Asymptomatic carriers of non resistant strains and species of any pathogen could be treated this way to not only wipe them out but theoretically transfer genes that could permanently prevent them from mutating and developing resistance to any antibiotics especially those on the way to becoming superbugs.This would also apply to livestock and pets that carry these and other zoonotic diseases as well as their own species specific pathogens,genetic diseases and parasites especially preventing the spread of zoonotic diseases to cut down on or even eliminate the use of antibiotics entering the human food chain and prevent unnecessary suffering with the microbes flushed out in the case of livestock before slaughter via draining the blood in nodules which can be separated via nanomaterials and the blood used for creating Agriprotein and also blood pudding,through feces and urine where they can be separated and sent into new hosts or create bio-synthetic technology.It would also prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases and pathogens to humans that pass through undercooked meat and milk and other animal products with the same principle preventing food poisoning from uncooked crops by immunising them with crops have fully functioning immune systems added via CRISPR.Bdellovibrio,M.aeruginosavorus,Paramecium,C.elegans,C.roenbergensis DNA and those from other bacterivores will be in these strains to allow it parisitise the pathogens and be better at detecting them with scratch DNA making them attack all viral and pathogens and not the hosts cells or beneficial species.M.aeruginosavorus could be a species to research for this treatment to use directly or have recombinant DNA added into the microbes produced due to the fact that it purposefully preys on other species of bacteria as it is known to feed on Pseudomonas with recombinant DNA species from the Bdellovibrio genus also used as they also parasitism bacteria with these strains produced and programmed to attack and trade DNA with all pathogens such as MRSA,N.gonorrhoeae etc(using DNA from the pathogens) from DNA made from scratch with those from predatory bacteria used as model while removing any pathogenicity they may have to humans with them also engineered to produce human proteins or those from a patient on their bodies to prevent them eliciting an immune response and thus causing ill health and also be killed off themselves by by the bodies immune system.Paean through biosynth wifi,bluetooth and nanomachines can have the microbes actively seek out pathogenic bacteria especially at the start of infections with this allowing him to control each individual microbes and in groups to actively seek out pathogenic bacteria.Having one made immune to radiation via DNA from T.gammatolerans can allow one to be exposed to large doses of radiation as high as 1,000-2,000Gy that can kill off even the most hardiest superbugs as E.Coli can be killed by a mere 60Gy and will kill of endospores of them including those that use bio films etc to stay alive.This will be of note to new pathogens that evolve to become human pathogens discovered on off world colonies.Radiorestance can also be dealt with CRISPR treatements that remove this ability or even prevent them being able to develop this in the first place.Ideally the patient will be blasted with this levels instantly and for at least 30 minutes to an hour or more to prevent them gaining radioresistence via mutations with with patient put under anaesthesia.Doing it for more that an hour and starting at these levels as well as applying it to all parts of the body at once will ensure all or most of the pathogen will be wiped out without developing radioresitance and will be done alongside the primary immune system and microbes both made immune to radiation to aid in fight in eliminating the pathogen.The level at which the species can survive can first be determined in lab settings and also in animal trials so as to allow it to be determined and then have patients exposed to levels much higher at least 1,000-2,000Gy higher.All patients worldwide should be immunised against all strains of bacteria including superbugs using the common proteins method but also non superbugs and even those that are gained from raw food and dirty water and those that cause vommiting,food poisoning in order to prevent discomfort with animal and plant vectors also immunised against zoonotic diseases especially serious ones to remove the root cause and remove antibiotics from the food chain.Inoculating animals via biosynth arthropods that act as vectors of superbugs and even non superbugs that are zoo nooses with microbes that pass from one generation to the next and immunise each animal and them fight off existing infections could wipe them from the face of the Earth.All animals both pets and livestock will be immunised against Hantavirus,Rabies,MRSA,M.tuberculosis alongside humans with wild animals have inoculated and immunised animals released to interbreed microbes into them with biosynths in time inoculating those in the wild.Ideally patients will be immunised against all species and strains of bacteria including superbugs,pathogens,those that cause abortions,feral abnormalities,food poisoning and even benign species using the common proteins method.This would reduce the amount of dangerous superbugs in the general population to be reduced then any infected patients can be treated by them first removing their pathogens resistance removed and then them treated with penicillin alongside reactive oxygen etc.The vectors of all pathogenic bacteria particularly superbugs such as asymptomatic humans,uninflected humans and also animals whether wildlife and livestock that act as vectors will also be immunised using the common proteins method to wipe them out from the face of the Earth and prevent non resistant human patients to not get sick.This will also eliminate antibiotics from the food chain.Remaining livestock will be not only immunised by species specific microbes but also made immune to radiation and exposed to huge blasts of radiation.Ideally the sharing of genes and proteins should occur before the patient is infected by any pathogen with the pathogens scanned once added to Physis and the relevant genes added to the microbes with those already in the body if not killing them at least keeping them under control and preventing the body being affected by keeping vital organs alive or being infected or damaged,counteracting any effects caused by the pathogens(ie repairing vessels and organs,replacing decimated immune systems etc) or even just attaching to,surrounding the virions or bacteria,forming a biofilm around them to keep them locked in place and removing them from the body by flushing them out of the system or even if possible just preventing them from being able to affect the body ie infect vital cells and organs with them doing this automatically or under instructions from Paean until the pathogen can be collected,scanned for genotypes to produce proteins on their surface to be shared with the dendritic cells to allow the primary immune system to fight it off and also while Phanes,Epione and Paean can develop natural or synthetic compounds created by added genes from Physis and those created from scratch or through catabolic and anabolic reactions.Any infected individuals would also have their base microbes collect samples of any new pathogens in their body and wirelessly send the genome to Paean and Epione to analyse when it is added to Physis where the pathogens phenotypes(gram statues,pathogenicity,flagellum,chemotaxis etc.) can be analysed and it recreated in secure labs via 3D DNA printed DNA into blank bacterial cells for it to be tested in simulations and automated labs within agar plates using anti-microbial and anti-viral compounds synthesised from scanning the genome of all the plants and animals in all versions of Physis across the universe.The genome will also be scanned into Physis to allow for genotypes that create specific key surface protein antigens on the surface to be upgraded into the strains to be shared with dendritic cells to be determined while the patient is kept alive.This would allow the microbes to be upgraded with the genotypes that express these compounds.All public buildings including hospitals will have narrow range UV lights built into normal lights that can perform sterilising sweeps of all rooms at once either routinely at set times or all times with handwashing with anti-bacterial soap complimented with hand dryers that expose ones face and hands with this narrow range UV light to sterilise ones hands of pathogens that soap doesn’t kill.Mouthwash,toothpaste,soap both solid and liquid and also body shower wash as well as even cleaning fluid made at home as well as in public buildings such as hospitals could have these compounds Polybia-MP1,TsAP-1,TsAP-2,lactic acid,the anti-microbial agents of Russian Brown frogs,phytoplankton etc in it to sterilise the body mainly skin and also mouth.These all would be in them to prevent them adapting to the compounds.Bacteria can be edited to lose resistance to those from phytoplankton etc and the first generation of microbes will contain and the ability to produce all of the aforementioned antibiotics including new and old ones alongside CRISPR treatments applied through bumpers or phagocytosis to remove their resistance to existing ones with these applied if the bacteria gain an immunity to new ones to allow them to be dealt with until CRISPR treatments can be added via upgrades to ensure no bacteria can be immune to all compounds at its disposal with the ability of them to produce endolysines also used as this can force the bacteria to lose resistance to antibiotics and these endolysines produced can be adaptable to new strains as detailed via scanning the genome with them also using CRISPR to apply suicide genes and other ones as well.The genes that confer resistence for existing superbugs can also be determined by Phanes scanning and comparing genomes of superbugs and early strains of superbugs present in labs from before the rise of antibiotics from before 1928 in storage within labs could be used as they are not immune to penicillin etc and also are the same species of them but not resistant strains with them cultured in labs and sent across the world or they could be once their genes are mapped they could be printed out in labs around the world via 3D DNA printers with even versions of superbugs without the genes that give them resistance also printed out in labs around the world.These will be used to extrapolate counter CRISPR treatments stored in Physis to be added to microbes etc.Any compounds that may be toxic to humans can have them released during phagocytosis and bumpers or the patient made immune to them by having the genes responsible for resistance added to the patients genome.Superbugs will be compared to those in labs that are in storage and are from the era prior to the development of antibiotics to see what genes are responsible for the development of these resistance can be charted and isolated to have counter treatments created by AI and them added to the anti-bacterial strains of microbes.Thus first generation microbes of this anti-bacterial strain will house CRISPR treatments to remove resistance to all existing antibiotics such as colistin,β-lactam antibiotics and penicillin that will be produced by the microbes using relevant DNA from yeasts and bacteria with this allowing time for CRISPR treatments to new ones such as those from phytoplankton and also Brown Russian Frogs etc to be developed allowing for the anti-bacterial strains to remove any resistance to all of its anti-microbial agents should they ever gain a resistance thus ensuring they are always able to fight off all types of bacterium including superbugs.Ideally these CRISPR treatments that remove resistance to all antibiotics both old and new would have advanced gene drive technology utilised to prevent them from regaining a resistance though since the pathogens would be wiped out by an immunised immune system and also by the microbes they would be be wiped out completely.These CRISPR treatments to remove resistence to new anti-bacterial compounds will be gained by having all existing benign non-superbugs in secure labs exposed to these new antibiotics and anti-microbial compounds forcing them to gain a resistence to them and then when they gain resistance they will be scanned for new genes and thus new CRISPR counter treatments to be applied to them which can be available alongside those to remove resistance to existing ones available by 2029 with these added to all anti-bacterial microbes with the same done for viruses that adapt to anti-viral treatments.The new genes will be added to their species folder in Physis and will be part of CRISPR treatments that float in the microbes as ribosomes and in particular plasmids.Ideally these versions could not just be existing superbugs but those isolated that are not supergbugs and are in fact benign non pathogenic bacteria that are related to existing superbugs and have CRISPR treatments added that remove their resistance to colistin,penicillin removed permanently by gene drives to prevent them gaining a resistance again and then exposed to new anti-microbial compounds to ensure at least penicillin etc,high doses of radiation and even bacteriophages created specifically for them can be used without toxicity effects should they escape or someone is infected with this work starting at least by 2023 and finished by 2025-2029 then full microbes are availible.Benign species of bacteria not immune to penicillin etc could also be used as baseline with this ideally pursued in order to ensure that even if it infects someone then their native immune system,penicillin and bacteriophages can be utilised with them exposed to high levels of the anti-bacterial compounds to force them to evolve new genes to gain a resistance that would thus be used to develop CRISPR countermeasures for microbes.Superbugs will be tested as well to see if they produce the same resistance genes with ideally these being original strains that are not resistant to existing antibiotics by comparing existing strains in labs prior to the antibiotic age with them also created by AI analysing superbugs for the genes responsible and editing out all resistance genes with this modified version added to a separate file in Physis and 3D DNA printers used to create the benign form in labs that can be killed by penicillin and all old antibiotics if they infect anyone.This would ideally involve bacteria already edited to remove their resistance to penicillin,colistin,β-lactam antibiotics etc removed permanently using gene drives to ensure that they can be safely made resistant to new anti-microbial compounds to create new genes and thus if they escape then they can be treated in infected humans with penicillin etc alongside bacteriophages created to kill them created beforehand.AI can analyse superbugs for genes that give them resistence to all existing sntibiotics and AI will using 3D DNA printers create benign versions of all superbugs that don’t have the genes that give them resistence to all antibiotics that will be edited out or they will create a new benign species of bacteria that has no resistence.The chosen species will be exposed to all new antibacterial compounds that can allow them to gain a resistence with every time it develops a resistence to each new antimicrobial compounds to induce resistence and allow its genome to be scanned to determine the genes responsible for this to allow for CRISPR treatments that can be stored in Physis and downloaded into microbes whenever they gain a resistence to these compounds as denoted by base microbes scanning them allowing for microbes to be able to have the ability to counteract resistence to all new compounds at their disposal before they gain a resistence to prepare beforehand.Bacteriophages should be created at the same as these for all strains used prior to the experiments in order to allow them to be used to cure infected technicians as a security measure if a breach is made.Radiation,narrow range wavelength UV light,high temperatures etc can be used to kill them off.These would be killed off by exposing them to high levels of radiation,sugar,salt and other environmental conditions.The bacteria species can be exposed in secure labs to these new anti-bacterial compounds such as peptides from Russian Brown frogs,TsAP-1,TsAP-2 and Polybia-MP1 and those from phytoplankton and all compounds derived from plants and animals to gain a resistance to them in different test samples in different cultures thus ensuring that if they gain a resistance,then the new genes responsible for this resistance can be determined to create CRISPR counter treatments treatments to it by AI with them killed off by penicillin and even large doses of radition,high temperatures or bacteriophages and each different compound they are not immune to.These counter CRISPR treatments will be added to the Physis file of superbugs to be downloaded into anti-bacterial strains when they are found to have developed a resistence thus allow future resistence to them to be dealt instantly.The labs will like all other ones will have narrow range wavelength UV light to sterilise them and the technicians using biohazard suits but ideally these should be done in automated labs.Using benign bacteria that can be killed off by penicillin will be ideal as at least the technicians can be cured via penicillin etc and bacteriophage with them being less fatal with these done in automated microbiology.Phanes will create benign strains of the original superbugs or new benign species of bacteria that do not contain the genes responsible for antiobiotic resistence through 3D DNA printers to allow them and have genes that prevent them mutating to gains resistence to all existing antiobiotics including penicillin to aloe then to be exposed to new anti-bacterial compounds such as peptides from Russian Brown frogs,TsAP-1,TsAP-2 and Polybia-MP1 etc in increased amounts to allow them to gain resistence to examine the new genes and then allow Phanes extrapolate counter CRISPR treatments to be stored in Physis to be downloaded into anti-bacterial strains when pathogenic bacteria gain a resistence.Otherwise Phanes can by anslysing the anti-bacterial compounds structure will extrapolate genes for counter CRISPR treatments to be stored in Physis.Both natural and synthetic compounds will undergo this.It can also be used to test melittin,lemon juice etc and all types of antibodies on HIV or other benign viruses making the virus then resistant to them and thus allow CRISPR treatments that counteract them to be created not only to prevent resistance invivo in patients but also make these compounds in anti-viral strains able to kill the virus 100% and also create the genes used in CRISPR treatments that can be used by this anti-viral strain to make other viruses susceptible to the compounds with the same done for the compounds used for anti-bacterial strains.This can also be applied to anti-bacterial strains with the treatments to make new bacterial pathogens and even fungi susceptible to the compounds at their disposal created this way.This would have the pathogens new genes scanned once the compound cannot kill them and added to all cells in the body with these pathogens killed via large doses of radiation so as to prevent them escaping and infecting patients or themselves treated by CRISPR.The same can be done to fungi,viruses and parasites for their relevant strains to prevent them gaining immunities to anti-viral,anti-fungal etc compounds with this done to both existing and new compounds both natural and synthetic.The test bacteria etc once no longer needed and their DNA analysed and stored in Physis and CRISPR treatment developed wil be liked off by exposing them to radiation,high temperatures etc to prevent them escaping.Bacteriophages that kill these specific strains will be prepared beforehand to cure infected researchers with the bacteria killed by exposing them to high doses of radiation.This can thus allow for CRISPR treatments to be applied to resistant bacteria,viruses,fungi and parasites to be developed prior to them in the real world gaining resistance by having new antibiotics tested on bacteria in a secure lab be treated in a way so as to force them to develop resistance,have new genes scanned and thus have counter CRISPR treatments developed by Phanes to be integrated into anti-bacterial and anti-viral strains etc thus ensuring that these strains can prevent any superbugs or non superbug pathogens and parasites gaining a resistance to their existing and new anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds with the same done for viruses and the anti-viral compounds used against them with it also limiting the need for upgrades and also genotypes.Thus the microbes would be able to apply all of the new anti-microbial compounds and if the pathogen and parasites gains resistance the new CRISPR treatments gained from the experiments in the labs can be downloaded and applied instantly to remove this and thus kill them off meaning all pathogens including parasites will not be able to gain a resistance and if they do then CRISPR treatments can be applied instantly to remove genes that give them resistance to all of the compounds at the various strains disposal.It will negate the need for upgrades for new anti-microbial compounds and to limit the genotypes in them with if need be once a resistant strain is found then it may be possible for upgrades to be wirelessly used.The new CRISPR treatments will be stored in Physis and once a species of bacteria is found to be resistant to anti-bacterial compounds the microbes through induction of the evolutionary process of microbes through biosynth WiFi to gain these new CRISPR treatments.Resistence will be ascertained by the base microbes scanning their DNA that will be analysed by Phanes and Paean cross referencing Physis with the induced evolution of ribosomes and in particular plasmids via biosynth WiFi and them applying CRISPR treatments to remove them,or Paean and Phanes extraoplating new ones and sending them wirelesy while the microbes apply suicide and mitosis stunting genes.These CRISPR treatments would be in ribosomes and in particular plasmids in the microbes with the anti-bacterial and antI-viral strains housing all CRISPR treatments or these can be created instantly via Paean wirelessly inducing their formation via wifi on the spot when needed.Thus the genome of bacteria will be scanned for its species and strain and it’s genes that denote resistance to specific antibiotics by scanning Physis with biosynth downloading CRISPR treatments stored in its Physis file.This will all be replicated with anti-viral,anti fungal and anti-helminthic strains.Applying all compounds at once will limit their ability to evolve resistance with the bacteria applying CRISPR treatments during phagocytosis when their anti-microbial compounds are unable to kill the pathogens with them also during phagocytosis using horizontal gene transfer,Cas-9 and taq polymerase to read the genome of the pathogens to ascertain if genes are present that give the pathogens resistance to any compound with this sent to Paean to allow them to tell the microbes what CRISPR treatments to apply.This would be done also to allow the microbes house and create counter CRISPR treatments for all compounds at its disposal both old and new preventing all type of bacteria from being able to gain an immunity to all of the new and existing compounds.Thus all pathogens will have CRISPR treatments applied to remove or prevent them becoming resistant to the anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds with immunisation also allowing the immune system to fight them off.Bacteria that become resistant to the anti-microbial compounds at their disposal will be dealt with them by this way with them already fitted with these CRISPR treatments before they become resistant if possible and this applied during phagocytosis alongside the treatments of anti-microbial compounds with having the host immunised beforehand against all possible strains of a pathogen also done to ensure any strains that become resistant to the compounds at their disposal will be dealt with to allow for upgrades to be done to microbes to counteract resistance.It will also negate the need for upgrades for new anti-microbial compounds and limit the genotypes in them with if need be once a resistant strain is found then it may be possible for upgrades to be wirelessly downloaded.Thus experiments wil be done to force strains of superbugs that existing resistence to penicillin removed to allow them to be exposed anti-microbial compounds that then develop resistence to the new compounds and all AI extrapolate counter CRISPR treatments stored in Physis that can be downloaded via upgraded to allow them to be deployed instantly should real world superbugs develop resistence to these.Furthermore if any these compounds prove toxic to humans and can cause serious side effects like colistin or the peptides from Russian Brown Frogs,melittin then the genes used to counteract these in bacteria can be added to the human genome and thus negating any issues of toxicity to the host allowing them to be released in large amounts without bumpers outside of phagocytosis and not affect the host.These can also be added to microbes if needed.P.aeruginosa and similar pathogens naturally resistant to antibiotics will be dealt with them made susceptible to compounds at their disposal including antibiotics,alcohol etc,undergo apoptosis etc and also endolysines.Pathogens like P.aeruginosa could be dealt with via radiation as well as making them vulnerable to alcohol via genes from microbes given to affect those in asymptopic carriers and livestock.Ideally all drug resistant bacteria should have all resistance to all existing anti-microbial compounds permanently removed via gene drives in all vectors with all patients both human and animals(pets,livestock and wild animals) immunised against them and their possible strains to improve success such as with those that are resistant to all of them and remove antibiotics from the food chain.For bacteria on other planets across the universe they will be tested against Earth based antibiotics and compounds in automated labs see if these are effective and if so then this will negate for new ones to be developed.If they are not effective then all compounds on the planet from native fungi,plants and animals will be tested on them in automated labs to see which are effective and the DNA to express these compounds will be stored in each micro-organisms file in that planets version of Physis with them tested on those from all planets.DNA from animals etc that produce antibiotics etc from Earth will be in their file in their version of Physis.Counter CRISPR treatments will be developed to them in the same way as Earth based pathogens for the same reasons and stored in their Physis.Each planet across the universe will house their own version of Physis that houses all species of plants,animals and bacteria,fungi,viruses genome and all other data to allow them to be cross referenced to identify pathogens from that planet and downloads both recombinant DNA that express compounds that kill them and CRISPR treatments to remove resistance.Endolysines also used by these strains as a backup and also because in order to adapt to endolysines bacteria lose resistance to antibiotics with endolysines produced by these anti-bacterial strain using bacteriophage DNA.The bacteriophage DNA will have to be tweaked to produce endolysines unique to each species it detects.If possible to deal with MRSA and other severe drug resistant pathogens including N.gonorrhoeae prior to microbes being perfected Polybia-MP1 etc can be injected into the bloodstream or in pill form alongside pills of peptides from Russian Brown Frogs and phytoplankton using bumpers as well as even using other delivery methods such as alternative methods of phage and Car-T immunotherapy using modified macrophages and other leukocytes wherein the native immune system is strengthened to use Polybia-MP1,TsAP-1,TsAP-2 the anti-microbial agents of Russian Brown frogs,phytoplankton etc using relevant DNA and detect these pathogens can be used to kill them off before microbes can immunise one from them and also utilise the removal of antibiotic resistance.These macrophages and proto microbes can be also used to transfer CRISPR treatments to superbugs in both humans and animals as well as in test petri dishes to remove resistance to all known antibiotics,undergo apoptosis,prevent them mutating and undergoing mitosis as well as removing their pathogencity.Bacteriophages can be modified to deliver the venom based compounds and those from Russian Brown frogs negating toxicity or the possibility of them breaking down as well as CRISPR treatments and if possible they could apply first CRISPR treatments to remove resistance to penicillian,β-lactam antibiotics and then apply them after these gene therapy treatments.Other treatments could alter the pathogens to be unable to undergo mitosis,mutate as well as undergo apoptosis and remove their pathogenicity at the same time with them also killing them off in their conventional manner by using the bacteria to replicate and destroy them via endolysines.The use of endolysines by anti-bacterial strains of microbes to attack specific resistant pathogens can be used as well with the microbes using a combination of all treatments at once with resistance removed either through phagocytosis or by flooding the bloodstream etc with huge amounts of protein bumpersa containing these resistance removing genes and also endolysines in order to intercept the pathogen by entering its cell wall.This would be done by adding recombinant DNA from bacteriophages to anti-bacterial strains and virophage DNA to anti-viral strains.The use of endolysines should be used in conjuction as resistance removing gene treatments and antibiotics alongside other anti-microbial compounds as in order to gain resistance to phages pathogens must lose their resistance to antibiotics and vice versa leaving the pathogens in a catch 22/Mortons fork situation when used at the same time as CRISPR treatments.This would also be done to remove the ability of certain pathogens to be resistant to compounds like alcohol and would ideally use the genes flooded around the body using protein bumpers to allow the pathogens to be altered and then antibiotics created by the microbes or injected into the blood or taken in pill form to kill them off and would be used if the pathogens are made immune to any off the compounds at the microbes disposal.Gene drives would make this resistance removal permanent through successive generations making them unable to regain the resistance again with their resistance to all anti-microbial agents and antibiotics done through bumpers thus allowing colistin,penicillin etc to be once again effective with asymptopic carriers and animals first treated this way followed by infected patients while the body is kept alive as well as applying treatments that make the pathogen benign and even unable to undergo mitosis.Anti-bacterial strains would house bacteriophage DNA to express receptors to inject bacteria with instructions to create endolysines specific to each species of bacteria.Through horizontal gene transfer DNA from a pathogen especially drug resistant one could be intaken and analysed via taq polymerase and Cas-9 to allow endolysines to be created suited to that one on the spot that can be synthesised by the microbes and then released in the bloodstream once other microbes are signalled to produce the specific lysins.Using biosynth wifi Paean and Phanes would analyse the DNA and then extrapolate endolysines suitable for them to be sent back to the patient within minutes or hours allowing new infections to be attack instantly while the microbes also apply CRISPR treatments that prevent them undergoing mitosis.Once analysed the schematics would be sent to the DNA digital storage of all microbes as part of the anti-bacterial strains.This will work primarily for new pathogens especially on new planets.Ideally all bacteria such as superbugs,those that cause diarrhea,vommitting and other minor ailements etc and even benign will have their genome scanned by Phanes when in Physis to extrapolate endolysines that will be stored in their Physis file and once a pathogen is identified via base microbes then its endolysine schematics will be downloaded into DNA digital storage in all microbes of this strain and allowing them to fight off the infection instantly.The structure can be extrapolated and synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions and DNA can be extrapolated from scratch to allow it to be downloaded into them as well.DNA present in microbes and used by AI as a baseline can be used to extrapolate these structures and DNA downloaded to microbes.Also extrapolated will be DNA to express bacteriophage receptors for each species of pathogen to allow the endolysines and DNA to be inserted.It will also analyse their DNA to extrspolate DNA to induce replication of the microbes and endolysines and also schematics of endolysine that can be pumped into them stored in Physis and downloaded when needed.AI wil analyse the genome and phospholipids of each species of bacteria especially superbugs to then extrapolate genes to express bacteriophage receptors suited for each species that will be stored in their Physis file and then downloaded when needed by Biosynth WiFi.They will also extrapolate the schematics and structure of endolysines and DNA to be injected to induce the pathogen to create endolysines etc within the pathogen through genetic instructions.The structure and DNA of endolysines and DNA for receptors will be present in each species Physis file with AI extrapolating these for bacteria across the universe for their files in their version of Physis.Thus Phanes will extrapolate the genes for creating receptors and endolysines and their schematics for each species of bacterial pathogens that is stored in each species Physis file to all it be downloaded during an infection within minutes.This can be done for all species of bacteria including benign ones and those that cause food poisoning and diarrhoea and not just fatal superbugs.Paean once the species is identified in an infection can cross reference the species in Physis to then have biosynth WiFi induce the evolution of microbes genomes to be able to house the species specific receptors and ability to produce species specific endolysines.If possible synthetic endolysines that affect all types of pathogenic bacteria or indeed those suited to specific bacteria that will be applied when the microbes detect the unique surface proteins of the bacteria with if possible the microbes engineered to detect the unique surface proteins and even using horizontal gene transfer intake DNA from the pathogen and use this to synthesise relevant endolysines by themselves to counteract the specific pathogen and thus signal to other microbes to produce this specific endolysines both through phagocytosis and also flooding the body and lymphatic system thus ensuring that only the pathogen is destroyed and not the bodies native fauna.These endolysines would be inserted via receptors from bacteriophages present in anti-bacterial microbes,horizontal gene transfer that allows them to insert them into the cells or these would be able to when flooding the blood and lymphatic system bypass the cell wall through bumper proteins also able to penetrate the cell wall by tricking them into believing they are food etc or them coated in Polybia-MP1.Large amounts of endolysines would be pumped into the pathogen via horizontal gene transfer and even receptors.The endolysines once inside them would synthesis enzymes that causes the pathogen to burst open inside out and then die.Otherwise the microbes would insert into the pathogens strands of DNA extrapolated by Phanes suited for each pathogen stored in Physis to instruct them to create new microbes/bacteriophage hybrid including new anti-bacterial strains that then replicate and destroy the pathogen via endolysines and either they create only new microbes of the antibacterial strains or bacteriophage like hybrids that attack all other bacteria exponentially like normal bacteriophages until they have killed all bacteria and are flushed out of the body or just bacteriophages that produce endolysines or just DNA to have the pathogen to produce endolysines in large numbers in itself similar to normal bacteriophages.The pathogen can be instructed via having genes added to them by horizontal gene transfer to induce the replication of antibacterial strains of microbes or normal bacteriophages both of which will create endolysines that cause the pathogens to be be killed from the inside out.In both cases each destruction and replication would create exponentially more anti-bacterial strains or bacteriophages that are then directed by Paean would kill more pathogens in an exponential manner with if possible them even synthesising bacteriophages suited for that pathogen by Paean inducing the creation of only new species specific bacteriophages.They can even insert DNA via horizontal gene transfer or even bumpers flooded throughout that inserts DNA that instructs the pathogen to produce only the endolysines themselves in all cases suited to kill the specific pathogen and thus kill themselves inside out.Other methods include woild involve large amounts of endolysines to be synthesised inside the microbe and then be through horizontal gene transfer be inserted into the pathogen at once that then create enzymes to cause the pathogen to burst inside out preventing them gaining a resistance and causing them to be killed instantly with them also inserted via protein bumpers flooding the bloodstream and lymphatic system.If possible the same receptors as bacteriophages would be present on microbes to intercept the cell wall.Resistance removal genes would be used to remove the ability of bacteria to gain resistance to these though these endolysines have a very little chance of developing resistance.Paean can induce the microbes genomic evolution to create receptors on their surface unique to each pathogen and endolysines to allow them to inject countless endolysines synthesised by the microbes or they can be applied by horizontal gene transfer or bumpers.Ideally the microbes should be engineered to produce endolysines for all pathogens or those that they develop these on the spot via as stated extracting DNA and analysing DNA sequences that cannot mutate to create specific endolysines to that species,strain or ideally order of pathogen or just all pathogenic bacteria via horizontal gene transfer from base microbes with these stimulating through,horizontal gene transfer,creating protein bumpers that are flooded and attach and enter into other microbes namely the anti-bacterial strains,by Paean and chemical signals to other microbes to produce the required DNA to make these endolysines to fight of a specific infection by themselves in vivo with in the case of serious infections the host kept alive or the body flooded with genes coated with bumpers that prevents the pathogens replicating and causing damage to the host.The use of common recombinant DNA in microbes from all species of bacteriophages will allow for not only the base microbes to scan the genome via taq polymerase and Cas-9 then they could by scanning any pathogens genome create not just specific endolysines but even universal endolysines that could attack all pathogens and not beneficial bacteria by using genes common to whole orders or all bacterial pathogens.If this is done then these endolysines can be released by other microbes via them flooded while coated in protein bumpers that can enter these specific pathogens cell wall and be released inside from the bumpers to then kill the pathogen inside out in large amounts.The protein bumpers would be designed to deliver to only pathogens but if the do then pass through them the endolysines designed to affect only pathogens would have no effect especially if the genome capsids have DNA to protect them from these.Since the endolysines will be inserted via flooded bumpers or injected via horizontal gene transfer both in large amounts then they would likely be able to be designed to attack all pathogens and not beneficial bacteria as they would bypass the cell wall as specific species of bacteriophages can only interact with only set species of bacterias cell wall with the bumpers only interacting with pathogens and only endolysines created would ensure that beneficial bacteria are not harmed with them being more effective if large amounts of endolysines are inserted.This would also prevent the bacteria gaining a resistance since they are again created or injected inside and bypass the cell wall and the bacteria usually gain resistance to the bacteriophages receptors and not endolysines with the microbes reading the genome of each strain and thus creating endolysines specific to new mutations.The use of flooding the bloodstream via bumpers will allow for multiple endolysines to enter each of millions of bacteria at once alongside horizontal gene transfer using this to insert many endolysines will alongside using anti-microbial compounds and also the immune system using antibodies will also prevent resistance from being gained.Ideally base microbes should scan the genome of the pathogen or have the microbes already programmed to have the common genes of all pathogenic bacteria present to already have the ability to create those that kill all pathogens and not beneficial bacteria with these protected from endolysines from DNA in genome capsids.Having DNA from whole orders or all bacteriophages will allow for this adaption to all pathogens be possible with them through the collection of DNA from base microbes knowing the common genome sequences of only pathogens from Paean and Physis stored on their nanomachines and digital DNA storage or sent into them via upgrades thus only create universal endolysines for all pathogens and not beneficial bacteria allowing the bloodstream to be flooded with these and not damage the gut flora of the host.In any case the host will be kept alive and the immunised immune system and anti-microbial compounds and flooding of bumpers with CRISPR treatments will fight off the majority of pathogens while base microbes scan the DNA of pathogens via horizontal gene transfer using taq polymerase and Cas-9 and send to other strains primarily the anti-bacterial strains via signals.Paean,signals and horizontal gene transfer or even bumper coated DNA or proteins that seek out interacts with only anti-bacterial microbes can be synthesised by the base microbes to cause the anti-bacterial strains to produce endolysines specific to the pathogens that will attack only it and not the hosts beneficial bacteria by being flooded using bumpers to attack millions or billions of bacteria at once by entering their cell wall tricking them into believing it is food and allow each one to be infected with countless endolysines at once to improve their success alongside anti-microbial compounds.In time universal endolysines can be created that attack whole orders of pathogens alongside all strains of a pathogen.To deal with the issue of an immune response the protein bumpers would prevent them from being detected by the immune system with the endolysines coated in some human proteins etc to prevent them being detected with them designed to be flushed out of the body or used up once and break down once the bacteria is dead with the base microbes scanning their DNA and producing specific endolysines would deal with any issues of them not having any effect.The use of microbes inserting them into the cell wall via horizontal gene transfer and also flooding using bumpers will make them effective against both gram negative and positive bacteria and the protein bumpers suited to only pathogens would allow universal endolysines not affecting beneficial bacteria.As detailed once the DNA of a pathogen will be detected and scanned by these base microbes that can cross reference Physis to determine its species to then have endolysines and receptors.Biosynth wifi will allow schematics to be sent instantly to all relevant strains microbes and stored on their DNA digital storage.Receptors from bacteriophage DNA to attack and intercept specific species phospholipids and insert DNA,endolysines can be downloaded and DNA changed via wifi with AI extrapolating endolysines and receptors for each species of bacteria and stored on Physis.AI will also analyse their structure extrapolate endolysines and receptors specific to each species and strain of bacterial pathogens that will be stored in Physis in their species file and then downloaded to the strain through induction of the evolutionary path of microbes when needed speeding up the process of the anti-bacterial strains creating relevant endolysines for pathogens.When a species of bacteria is identified via base microbes the anti-bacterial strains will have upgrades via biosynth WiFi that induces the evolutionary path of microbes to get the specific bacteriophage receptors of the pathogen and species specific endolysine that allow it to utilise endolysines etc for specific species with AI analysing the genome of all species of bacterial and even fungal pathogens and then extrapolating receptors and schematics of endolysines that are stored in Physis to be downloaded into microbes via WiFi.This will be done via having tweaked bacteriophage DNA present in anti-bacterial strains.Since based on leukocytes these will be immune to the endolysines and will analyse their structure to then synthesise them themselves when signalled to the area that a pathogen is and then use them against the pathogen with them not affecting beneficial bacteria.The fact that the genome of each strain would be read and signals sent to other strains would bypass issues of specificity as the microbes using tweaked bacteriophage DNA could allow endolysines to be made for any species and strain of pathogen including new ones especially those that none exists as the microbes would adapt to each new pathogen on the spot via Paean and base microbes reading the DNA of them,extrapolating species specific endolysines that affect all strains and signalling others to produce the new endolysines via signals,horizontal gene transfer,bumpers containing schematics etc with them able to navigate and break down biofilms of pathogens either directly or creating compounds that do this.This scanning of the DNA will also deal any potential ability of the pathogens to mutate and gain resistance to the endolysines with as state the catch 22 of them having to lose resistance to antibiotics to gain one for endolysines will keep this in check.If possible since endolysines are created in the cells of pathogens by bacteriophages then it may be possible to create universal endolysines that attack all pathogens or bacteria but covered in bumpers that interact only with pathogens.The genome of all bacteria will be scanned for its DNA to allow Phanes extrapolate DNA to create receptors and endolysines for each species of pathogenic bacteria that will then be listed in the Physis file of each species allowing it to be downloaded on demand within minutes by inducing the evolutionary path of anti-bacterial strains to house the correct species specific receptors and endolysines when they are indentified.This will be in anti-bacterial strains using tweaked bacteriophage DNA.In anti-viral strains tweaked virophage/bacteriophage DNA present in anti-viral strains will be working on the same principle as this but with viruses without a helper viruses.Anti-helminthic strains will have the produce receptors and endolysines that killl each species of parasites.Base microbes could travel to where the beneficial bacteria are and then using bumpers that are intended to interact with only their cell wall and DNA will using CRISPR give them DNA and treatments to allow them to become immune to the protein bumpers and also endolysines into genome capsids.Thus bacteriophage DNA in anti-bacterial strains could allow endolysines to be used.If possible tweaking of the DNA of the microbes synthetic endolysines or those created by the microbes scanning the DNA of viruses can be created that can be inserted into viruses of all types such as HIV and Rhinovirus as well as fungi and even parasites once their genome is scanned.This could be done by anti-viral strains having recombinant DNA from virophages as well as bacteriophages hybridised together thus allowing them to infect and destroy viruses from the inside out using endolysine like material without a helper virus with these made to be able to adapt to all types of viruses in the same way as the aforementioned bateriophage DNA in anti-bacterial strains would work by first scanning the pathogens DNA and then producing relevant endolysine equivalents to kill the virus by breaking down the RNA/DNA or outer capsid from the inside out or at least allow the other microbes anti-viral compounds and immunised primary immune system to wipe them out when they are deactivated and unable to replicate similar to protease inhibitors.This could allow them to wipe out HIV,Rhinovirus and new viruses.Tweaked DNA from virophages Mavirus,Sputnik virophage,Zamilon virophage hybridised with each other and bacteriophage DNA to not need a helper virus can be investigated as early as 2023/2024 to be added to the anti-viral strains to allow them to adapt to any virus that exists rather than their native helper virus to lysise them and thus kill them from the inside.Anti-viral strains would use endolysine like material to kill viruses working in the same principle as anti-bacterial strains using aforementioned virophage DNA merged with bacteriophage DNA to not need a helper virus.They would scan the genome of viruses and develop schematics of endolysines that can be sent back to anti-viral strains.Thus antiviral strains will house virophage and bacteriophage DNA hybridised together and will work on the same principle of antibacterial strains.Ideally AI will analyse the genome of all known pathogens whether viral,bacterial or fungal as well as parasites and extrapolate species and strain specific endolysines,receptors that intercept specific species phospholipids,protein coats and insert DNA etc stored in their file in Physis that can be downloaded when needed to be created instantly and also via biosynth wifi that causes the DNA to change to have them.Thus in time upgrades may allow endolysines or similar compounds to be created to attack parasites and fungi of all types in the same way individual to each one similar to bacteria by the base microbes scanning the DNA of pathogens with this making phage therapy defunct.If possible these would be used to fight all pathogens including new ones but especially superbugs.AI can analyse the surface proteins and genome of all known pathogens to extrapolate endolysisnes that can be downloaded once the species and strain of the pathogen is determined upon infections.Thus the genome of all known pathogens especially bacteria such as benign ones,food poisoning related ones and superbugs will have their genome scanned and analysed to extrapolate species and strain specific receptors and endolysines stored in their Physis file that can be download into all microbes of anti-bacterial strains once infections are detected.This can be perfected for both anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains by 2029.All of these measures will allow anti-bacterial strains to cure patients of infections of all pathogenic bacteria especially drug resistant superbugs.

The anti-bacterial strains will work alongside the primary immune system by having Paean through biosynth WiFi have anti-bacterial strains synthesises chemical signals via inducing the evolutionary path of microbes through biosynth WiFi produce the genes in their genome that allows them to synthesise of the chemical signals for all leukocytes as part of the primary immune system to control them thus giving Paean the ability to indirectly control the primary immune system by using biosynth WiFi tell the anti-bacterial strains synthesise chemical signals to control all actions of the primary immune system thus allowing the primary immune system to participate in battles against bacterial pathogens with all actions of the primary immune system to be controlled by Paean to speed up the battles and alleviate strains on the anti-bacterial strains and prevent the primary immune system becoming lazy

Prior to anti-microbial strains of microbes are perfected normal bacteriophage treatments may also be used.These bacteriophages would kill of superbugs by creating endolysines suited to each bacteria that cause them to die via causing them to explode from the inside out and thus utilising them as a replication vector to create exponentially more bacteriophages until the patient is cured or they can apply CRISPR treatments to cause them to undergo apoptosis or remove their ability to undergo mitosis,remove resistance to all existing antibiotics etc.Ideally these bacteriophages should have human DNA in them to have human protein coats on them to prevent immune responses allowing them to bypass the immune system and can be used to also apply endolysines as well to improve success.They could also inject suicide genes and those that prevent them undergoing mitosis as well as those that remove adaptations to lysines.AI could make known bacteriophages be made into different subtypes that attack all known species and strains of all pathogenic bacterial superbugs including others resistant to a few antibiotics and those that no known bacteriophage exists with this started as early as 2023/2024 with all known species of bacteriophage catalogued and then created around to hospitals around the world using 3D DNA printers with these then used as a baseline to create those for which none exist by reverse engineering them using DNA from the desired bacterial pathogen with the genome of existing bacteriophages and their bacterial prey analysed to make the necessary genetic tweaks to be effective against all other pathogens.Proto and final Phanes will analyse the genome of all known bacteriophages that kill bacteria including pathogens and the genome of their prey and then use this to make alterations to bacteriophages that can allow them attack each species and strain of bacteria including superbug pathogens that is stored in a cloud network later Physis that can then be created onsite of hospitals through 3D DNA printers.It will do this not only for bacteria but also fungi and possibly parasites.Bacteriophages designed by Phanes using 3D DNA printers that attack all superbugs can be created as early as 2023/2024.The bacteriophages will be stored in media solution that allows billions or even trillions to be grown in with the bacteriophages housing certain recombinant DNA from bacteria to grow in the same media thus allowing for them to be extracted using syringes to inject them into affected patients in large amounts with as stated storerooms in each hospital housing photobioreactors that have bacteriophages for each strain of each major superbug especially potentially fatal ones.Otherwise they could be given huge numbers benign versions of the bacteria they are meant to attack that have their pathogenicity removed as well as resistance to antibiotics removed via CRISPR that are closely related versions of the bacteria with their pathogenicity and without the ability to mutate edited out grown in photobioreactors to allow them to utilise these bacteria to replicate in large numbers and stored in these photobioreactors once all bacteria are killed allowing for trillions or even quadrillions of bacteriophages to be made onsite of hospitals worldwide making them readily available with 3D DNA printers also creating them on demand in large numbers or the base amount to be added to photobioreactors.The bacteria would be benign cousins created by AI similar to how Cowpox virus is related to V.major/V.minor created using DNA from the pathogen and also others to make them benign and unable to mutate via CRISPR to prevent them affecting the host if they are injected into the host by mistake or escape.The benign cousins will have their ability to mutate into pathogens edited out with them having the pathogenicity of the fatal pathogens and superbugs edited out meaning they would have the same surface proteins that the bacteriophages interact with but will be benign cousins that can’t cause illness or death and cannot mutate into pathogens etc by having mutation blocking genes added.AI will analyse Cowpox virus,V.major/V.minor and then compare the differences between them and then analysing each pathogen they will create benign cousins.They would be created via 3D DNA printer grown in photobioreactors in large amounts and then have 3D DNA printers print out bacteriophages.These benign bacteria will if they enter the body work in the same way as Cowpox virus forcing the native immune system to fight off the pathogen with its own antibodies stimulated from them with ideally can be filtered out from the bacteriophages which will be injected into the bloodstream in the billions.They would be benign versions of the pathogen that cant mutate or be pathogenic but would have the same receptors on their surface proteins and shared specific DNA but would be benign versions of the pathogens using genes added by AI and thus would allow for large amounts of bacteriophages to be created that can be injected into the patient.These benign cousins can be created by AI analysing pathogens DNA and then creating them by 3D DNA printers with the genes responsible for their pathogenicity removed or not printed into the bacteria’s genome onsite of all hospitals worldwide with the benign versions of pathogens created by AI and using 3D DNA printers onsite of hospitals printed out into sugar solutions to grow and then once they reach large peak numbers bacteriophages created by 3D DNA printers will be added with the bacteriophages killing off all bacteria to produce large numbers of bacteriophages that can be then extracted by phlebotomy robots and put into large vials thus allowing them hospitals to stockpile on bacteriophages for each pathogen and store them in large batches in fridges and replenish stocks over and over again with all work being automated from start to finish.If this benign version accidentally enters the patient or infects a researcher etc it will not cause life threatening conditions and could even be fought off by the patient that helps them gain antibodies that can help them fight off the infection that the patient is being treated for thus aiding in recovery and future immunity against future infections.Thus AI using 3D DNA printers will create benign versions of each pathogen such as superbugs that can act as a growth medium for these bacteriophages that can then be injected into infected patients with AI and 3D DNA printers creating the fist few hundred of these to be inserted into this growth medium.These benign versions would be similar to the pathogens but modified so that if they enter the patient by accident or infect researchers and staff then they will not kil the patient or cause allergic reactions and could be easily killed by the patient and even similar to the Cowpox virus once killed off by the immune system would stimulate antibodies against the pathogen the patients are fighting off thus speeding up recovery.If perfected the cousins may be designed so that they may actually be cultured in separate photobioreactors and also injected in large numbers with their ability to mutate edited out alongside the bacteriophages to allow the immune system fight them off and have them create antibodies that aid in their recovery alongside the bacteriophages by stimulating antibodies against the pathogens thus speeding up recovery and also at the same time vaccinating them against future infections with it theoretically used as a vaccine for superbugs such as MRSA prior to when immunisations are availible.The bacteriophages may also be modified to undergo mitosis using sugars,proteins and nutrients not found in the human body fed to them in photobioreactors thus meaning that once the infection is cleared they cannot undergoe mitosis.These as before will be filtered out from any remaining bacteria and then injected into the patient in large amounts and then will kill off the pathogens in the patient via adding suicide etc genes and also killing them via endolysines during replication.The photobioreactors can then be refilled by adding more of these benign bacteria to allow the bacteriophages to replicate.Once a vat is full bacteriophages can be extracted and put into other photobioreactors full of the bacteria to create more with this repeated until large amounts of bacteriophages are created with them extracted and put into vials and refridgerated.Once they are printed out as virions via 3D DNA printers with just a head containing DNA and receptors like bacteriophages but have engineering to ensure that after replication will form endolysines and also normal shaped bacteriophages to be stored in large vials once extracted with the bacteriophages having DNA from T.gammatolerans to allow radiation to be used to sterilise them of the benign cousin or pathogenic bacteria.The actual or benign pathogen and bacteria will be created by 3D DNA printers and grown in photobioreactors using sugar etc and injected with a large number of the 3D printed bacteriophages that then replicates exponentially until the vat is full of bacteriophages that can be extracted and injected into another vat and so on until an unlimited supply is created and then large amounts of the phages are extracted via syringes and stored in vials.All steps can be automated from start to finish.If the bacteriophages house T.gammatolerans DNA radiation can allow the actual pathogen to be used as a growth medium and then be killed with treatments of 500-2,000Gy used with the bacteriophages in storage continuing to kill off remaining pathogens or benign cousins as replication vectors in storage until all are dead with them having DNA from psychrophiles,mesophiles and thermophiles etc to grow in all temperature ranges and allow high temperatures to be applied to it to kill the bacteria.This psycrophile,mesophile and thermophile DNA can also allow them to stay stable in all temperature ranges inside and outside of refrigeration for longer and with the acellerated healing and telomere phenotype can be frozen and thawed over and over again forever.This and scratch DNA can allow it to maintain viability during any transportation.It can also negate the need for conventional preservatives such as thiomerasal etc in these and other vaccines.Other extremophile DNA and those as part of anti-ageing treatments can be present for the same reason.Dead pathogenic bacteria can then be filtered out using filters using nanomaterials combined with Biosynth technology with all work automated.These variant bacteriophages for all pathogens especially superbugs can be created onsite of hospitals worldwide using 3D DNA printers and photobioreactors to expediate development making them availible by 2024/2024 and cut costs in transportation and labour to zero.As a result all hospitals could manufacture and stockpile on each type of new bacteriophages making them self sufficient allowing them to stock in fridges so as to allow for instant injection in the veins of infected patients.Most patients could need only a single vial but those with more serious infections could need two or more vials.To speed up recovery patients will be injected with bacteriophages at multiple sites of the body such as in the arms,legs,chest area etc to allow the bacteriophages to be deployed at multiple sites across the body thus wiping out large amounts of the pathogen in multiple areas of the body at once leading to the pathogen being wiped out in multiple areas areas at once and thus allowing the entire body being cured at once exponentially faster rather than just being injected in one area which would take longer.Areas of the body where symptoms of infection occur and are visible such as swelling,fevers,inflammation build up of fluids and abscesses are visible will have the bacteriophages injected into them first as these are where the infections have built up in the body alongside as stated the chest are,arms and legs.Other areas for injection are the lymph nodes under the arms,by the groin and also in the veins etc by the gastrointestinal tract ie stomach,small and large intestine and also near the neck to reach the brain allowing key areas that superbugs infect and attack to be cleared first thus limiting or preventing damage to these key organs and parts of the body thus clearing the infections in areas that it may damage the most first thus preventing death and permenant damage to these key areas of the body with the bacteriophages using both the bloodstream it’s vessels such as key arteries,veins and capillaries and lymphatic system to travel to all parts of the body thus clearing infections quickly.By injecting the bacteriophages into areas that symptoms occur and also the areas that the pathogens attack will prevent damage to these areas by them and thus increase the chance that one will survive and not suffer any permenant damage to key organs.It will also clear the pathogen of the areas that are affecting or will affect instantly thus curing the patient much faster.By injecting them at multiple sites this allows for larger amounts of the pathogen to be cleared much quicker thus clearing the body of larger amounts of pathogens rather than injecting at one point.Thus AI namely proto Phanes will create bacteriophages for all species and strains of pathogens including superbugs by analysing the genome of all species of bacteriophages,their prey and the genome of all species and strains of pathogens,fungi and parasites and extrapolating tweaks to be made that can allow new types of bacteriophages to be manufactured via 3D DNA printers that infect and kill all species of bacteria,fungi and even parasites by using them as replication vectors.Thus by analysing the genome of existing bacteriophages and their specific prey bacteria it will allow AI to create strains and substrains of bacteriophages that can infect,replicate in and kill off all species and strains of human pathogens or each individual species and strain of them especially superbugs and those that cause food poisoning,miscarriages etc that can be created via 3D DNA printers.Even non superbugs can have bacteriophages developed to kill them off before they mutate into pathogens or gain a resistence to antibiotics with them developed for those that infect livestock and pets etc.Bacteriophages will be developed for non fatal infections that cause stomach cramps,diarrhoea non life threatening conditions as an alternative to overprescribing antiobiotics to prevent them becoming resistant as well as those that cause more serious conditions such as abortions.Thus all species of bacterial infections will have bacteriophages created.All types of fungal infections both benign and serious have bacteriophages created to kill them by using them as a replication vector.Bacteriophages to kill off all fungal pathogens will also be extrapolated by Phanes including virophage/bacteriophage hybrids for all species of viruses.For all viral pathogens it will involve hybridisation of bacteriophages with virophages that can use each individual virus as a replication vector by producing endolysine like material without using a helper virus.This can include HIV,Rhinovirus, Ebolavirus,N.meningitidis,Ebolavirus,Orthomyxoviridae.Bacteriophages will be developed for not just fatal pathogenic viruses,fungi and bacteria but also those that cause minor conditions such as food poisoning,diarrhoea,itchy skin conditions and cold sores and even opportunistic infections in those with chronic conditions like HIV etc.Thus bacteriophages will be created by AI for all species of bacteria both benign and serious fatal ones especially superbugs.If possible bacteriophages can be created that infect and kill parasites such as Plasmodium,Naegleria fowleri,Balamuthia mandrillaris,Cestoda,Fasciola hepatica to increase survival rates by using them as a replication vector in the process curing a patient of these infections with again bacteriophages created for those that affect livestock and pets.Research will be done to develop bacteriophages that kill fungal pathogens.This will include not just include human pathogens and parasites but also those that affect each species of livestock,pets and even crops and ornamental plants.Research will also be done for bateriophages and bacteriophage/virophage hybrids to kill bacterial,fungal and viral pathogens and parasites that affect livestock and pets and animals kept in zoos and conservation areas etc under captivity and research as well as those across the universe.This will eliminate antiobiotics from the food chain when used in remaining livestock.If possible bacteriophages can be developed that kill off parasites and pathogens including spoilage micro-organisms and zoonoses for ornamental plants and crops.All newly discovered fungal,viral and bacterial and even parasitic infections across the universe will have new bacteriophages extrapolated as soon as possible.All newly discovered parasites,fungi and bacteria etc discovered on all planets across the universe will be analysed by Phanes to allow him to extrapolate new bacteriophages to kill them.Bacteriophages can be developed that can be used to cure cancer by being modified to actively seek out tumours using them as a replication vector using endolysines thus killing tumours in an exponential manner.

These will be used to be injected into patients found to be infected with deadly superbugs instantly with the same PCR machines used to detect HIV scanning the genome of them or HIV home test kits both modified to very quickly identify the type of pathogen and specific strain.These bacteriophages would house taq polymerase and Cas-9 to allow them to recreate applied CRISPR treatments and also DNA from the aforementioned animals to recreate anti-microbial compounds with their receptors making them unable to affect human cells and also beneficial bacteria but only desired pathogens.Depending on the species of pathogen the bacteriophage can be injected into the bloodstream,inhaled as a gas through inhalers or taken as pill with even the option of being applied by intravenous drip.All of this will be done to increase survival rates in patients infected with all types of superbugs prior to 2029 with each major superbug have bacteriophages prepared onsite in stores of hospitals for each specific strains of each superbug to allow them to be injected instantly to create endolysines as well as inject these aforementioned CRISPR treatments and old antibiotics and new ones.Bacteriophages will be created to kill bacterial,fungal infections and parasites of livestock,pets and animals in zoos and conservation areas through the same process.Those on other planets can also be created with them created for pathogens of all pets and livestock.As a result of them being created by 3D DNA printers and photobioreactors onsite hospitals can manufacture their own stockpile of bacteriophages of all species and strains of bacterial pathogens especially superbugs created onsite of hospitals themselves that are refridgerated onsite of hospitals making them self sufficient in their manufacture thus allowing them to be deployed to infected patients instantly increasing survival rates to 100% as once injected into patients will use all bacteria as replication vectors that will create exponentially more phages and killing them in the process.Once a patient in a hospital has their bacterial etc infections species and strain identified staff can simply collect the correct bacteriophage within minutes from their fridges and then inject them into the patients and when running low stockpile on more phages.Vetenairy clinics will produce onsite those for all species and breeds of pets and livestock allowing one to get one for pets when they visit them with those for livestock then delivered to them once the pathogen has been determined.These bacteriophages can have human proteins present while those for animals have animal proteins to prevent them illicitating an immune response that could be fatal or render them ineffective with psychrophile DNA and that from radiorestant bacteria such as T.gammatolerans and possibly A.mexicanum to allow them to be frozen,thawed and refrozen etc over and over again in storage in large amounts to be thawed to be applied to patients when needed for those injected or inhaled with those in pill for made by automated machinery and stored in fridges.Having extremophile DNA such as those from alkanophile and acidophile DNA,thermo/meso/cryopiles to survive not just storage forever but also the homeostasis of the human body.Since each bacteriophage produces thousands if not millions of replicas each time it infects and kills a bacteria a single injection,inhalation and pill dose of bacteriophage can clear the body of an infection within days and be flushed out of the body.They can be programmed to insert DNA into bacteria that disables any CRISPR Cas-9 and Cpf1 systems present thus turning pathogens own protection systems against them and preventing them gaining a resistence.If pathogens mutate as stated they will have to lose resistence to some antibiotics and AI can then easily produce new versions to fight them.AI should be able to organise this as early as 2023/2024 and 3D DNA printers should be able to create them easily cutting down on labour costs with them available by at least 2023/2024.These via photobioreactors and 3D DNA printers can be created onsite of all hospitals and universities worldwide making it easier for them to grow and stockpile on bactriophages for all species and strains of all superbugs with them stored in large specialised fridges with them in vials etc allowed for priorities to be made for each pathogen in all hospitals in each country and region as all hospitals will create onsite and stockpile on bacteriophages for all species and strains of pathogenic bacteria including superbugs thus allowing each hospital instant access to them when newly infected patients arrive in hospitals with if they are low and this allowing stocks to be constantly restocked and grown once each patient is treated.Strains of phages will be created for all pathogens including non superbugs with these created for all pathogens of all species of remaining livestock and pets allowing them to be used instead of antibiotics eliminating them from the food chain and preventing the rise of new superbugs as farmers can order in large batches of bacteriophages for each livestock and homeowners ordering in those for pets with those for pets and livestock created onsite of vetenarian clinics.Variants can be created for fungal infections,viruses and parasites of pets and livestock.They will be created to kill off pathogens and parasites of all species of pets and thus eliminate antiobiotics being used in them,entering the food chain and in turn creating new superbugs thus halting the spread of them and also eliminate superbus in livestock as a more effective means than antiobiotics.Each strain of phages will given different ID codes or named both a bacteriophage name and sub species name for each pathogen with AI holding patents making them free.Existing bacteriophages that attack specific pathogens can be used as a baseline with the AI analysing the genome of each bacteriophage species and their prey bacteria extrapolating the genotypes necessary to create the new strains to attack every other other pathogenic bacteria especially superbugs with 3D DNA printers carrying out their manufacture onsite of hospitals.

The bacteriophages could be made from scratch by AI to attack and kill any or all superbugs and each strain with them even designed to insert DNA using CRISPR itself and advanced gene drive technology at first into the bacteria that disable the CRISPR Cas-9/Cpf1 system at the begging of replication to prevent bacterial infections gaining a resistance and remove their ability to fight back with them using CRISPR itself to allow them to prevent the bacteria fighting back to wipe out every single bacteria.Since bacteriophages replicate exponentially they would stay in the body until flushed out via urine etc days later leaving all bacteria dead meaning they wont have time to mutate and gain resistance thus when bacteriophages are injected into a patient they will replicate exponentionally until a patient is cured and all bacteria are killed.If the bacteria do mutate do then more modified versions of bacteriophages from scratch or from the bacteriophages present can be created and deployed alongside those that apply CRISPR treatments such as suicide genes etc and Polybia-MP1 with the first wave of bacteriophages applying these if they cant replicate due to the bacteria mutating and also the aforementioned CRISPR Cas-9 disabling system.Since bacteria have to lose resistance to antibiotics to gain a resistance to bacteriophages due to their lower amounts of genes and base pairs present in them in comparison to multicellular life forms this Mortons fork and Catch 22 would allow for them to be effective well beyond 2029 and it may take decades even centuries for this to happen meaning if they gain resistence to bacteriophages they will be susceptible to existing antibiotics again thus allowing colistin,penicillin,β-lactam antibiotics etc to become effective once again with AI extrapolating new strains of bacteriophages if they do.As stated to gain a resistence to bacteriophages bacteria especially superbugs have to lose resistance to each individual antibiotics thus meaning once they lose resistance to antibiotics these antibiotics can again be utilised with any species that do gain a resistance could have bacteriophages add CRISPR treatments that remove resistance to all antiobiotics and even remove their pathogenicity beforehand while they are using them to undergoe replication so that these CRISPR treatments that remove resistance to all antibiotics and and their pathogenicity will be carried out in all future generations of pathogens that do gain a resistence to bacteriophages.In otherwards having the bacteriophages before replication apply CRISPR treatments that remove resistence to all antiobiotics and lose pathogenicity will ensure that any bacteria that gain a resistance to the bacteriophages will have their pathogenicity and resistence to antiobiotics removed from all future generations.Furthermore before using them as a replication vector to prevent resistance bacteriophages can apply CRISPR treatments that disable the pathogens Cas-9/Cpf1 defense system thus preventing the bacteria gaining a resistence and thus allowing bacteriophages to use the pathogens own defence mechanism against themselves.If possible the bacteriophages can add CRISPR treatments to have them lose pathogenicity making them completely benign

Bacteriophages will reduce the chance of letting pathogens adapt as they will clear the body of all bacteria until nothing is left and then be flushed out and will possibly take several decades or centuries for them to adapt to them until biocompatible microbes arrive with AI able to design new strains of bacteriophages to combat those that gain resistence within 24-168 hours or ideally it will develop hundreds.thousands or millions of different sub strains of bacteriophages for each species of pathogen and each potential mutation that can occur in the future stored in Physis allowing them to be manufactured and deployed instantly and manufactured in hospitals worldwide using 3D DNA printers.The more new strains of bacteriophages developed for each pathogen and the more pathogens gain resistence to each new strain of bacteriophages the more antibiotics they will lose resistence to this making them less benign as time goes by thus increasing survival rates as eventually as they become resistant to each and all possible strain of bacteriophages they will become more susceptible to all existing antiobiotics.As stated this is because prokaryotic bacteria can only house a finite amounts of significantly less genes and base pairs in comparison to eukaryotic cells seen in humans and other multicellular organisms.In multicellular organisms each species has a wide range of levels of base pairs such as humans holding 3,000,000,000 base pairs while for example P.japonica having 150,000,000,000 thus showing that their can be a wide difference in the amount of base pairs in each type of multicellular species with unicellular organisms housing significantly less base pairs with the range of variability being much lower and the theoretical amount that can naturally occur being lower.Prokaryotic bacteria contain at most a few thousand or even few hundred base pairs in comparison to more complex life forms such as humans etc that have at least several billion base pairs thus meaning there is only a finite amount of mutations they can develop meaning eventually they will either run out of space to house resistance to bacteriophages or they will have to remove old genes especially those that give them resistance to antiobiotics.As a result due to the finite amount of genes that can exist at any given time when they gain resistance to bacteriophages they need to create new genes and to do that unnecessary genes must to deleted including those that they developed to be resistant to antibiotics thus meaning as they gain resistance to bacteriophages they lose resistance to antiobiotics with the more bacteriophages strains they gain resistence to the more antibiotics they lose resistence to compensate for this even if bacteriophages do become worthless they will be still become susceptible to antibiotics they have become resistant to meaning over time as they gain resistence to bacteriophages they will once become susceptible to penicillin as well as colistin etc.AI will ideally develop multiple new species of bacteriophages at least several dozen to several thousand that are each genetically distinct species of bacteriophages with different genomes that have subtypes created to attack each and every individual strain of each species of pathogenic bacteria with this done to have at least a dozen different species and subtypes of bacteriophages created by AI that attack each individual species of superbugs etc so as to have a backup should they gain an immunity.When bacteria gain an immunity it will require them to create new genes that delete or remove old genes with by having dozens or even thousands of them created it will mean that the bacteria will lose immunity to previous ones to gain immunity to the new ones.By having thousands of new species that are genetically distinct it will mean that the genes used by the CRISPR Cas-9 system by the bacteria species will be different each time meaning it will have to gain an immunity and have to adapt to thousands of new species of bacteriophages thus giving variation in protection and will mean that every time it gains an immunity to each species of bacteriophages it will lose an immunity to another due to the finite amount of genes.The sane will be done for parasites,fungi etc. The genome of all species of newly created bacteriophages will be uploaded to Physis and their Physis file holding the names of species of bacteria,parasites,fungi etc they can kill.This will allow their genome to be cross referenced by 3D DNA printers for local manufacturing on-site of hospitals and universities across the world and universe.If possible each species will be engineered to kill of multiple species of bacteria.

.Bacteriophages can also be designed to deliver CRISPR treatments to cause pathogenic bacteria undergoe apoptosis,lose pathogenicity and lose resistance to all antibiotics beforehand.By removing resistence to all antibiotics beforehand it will ensure that any pathogens that gain a resistence to bacteriophages will have their resistence to penicillin and all existing antiobiotics removed permanently.meaning these can be applied instantly.This would allow those infected with fatal superbugs from 2023-2029 to survive long enough for anti-microbial and anti-ageing strains available by 2029 and should be available as soon as 2023/2024.AI namely proto and final Phanes will analyse the genome of all existing bacteriophages utilised in hospitals and that of their prey species and then using this develop the genome of new bacteriophages to destroy each and every species of bacterial pathogens with this including both fatal superbugs but also those that cause minor non fatal infections including those that cause food poisoning and even chronic conditions and especially those that can be opportunistic infections for those suffering from HIV etc with them stored in proto and final Physis to be manufactured onsite of hospitals worldwide using 3D DNA printers allowing hospitals to stockpile in them over and over again to make them self sufficient from factories.It is for these reasons that intensive research will be made into new bacteriophages for each fatal superbugs and also non fatal bacteria to deal with them used on non resistant and non fatal bacteria,fungi and viruses to prevent them gaining a resistence to antibiotics.These will be developed to cater to the needs of treating and curing patients infected with superbugs especially fatal ones until anti-bacterial strains are developed and may even compliment them from 2029 onwards for any unforeseen drawbacks Genetic engineering will create new phages that are able to attack specific superbugs and also if possible whole orders of them.Their DNA will be used as a baseline for anti-bacterial strains by 2029 to apply specific endolysines.Injections of peptides form Russian Brown frogs,phytoplankton and Polybia-MP1 and even TsAP-1,TsAP-2 covered in bumpers to prevent toxicity or them breaking down either through injection and also tablet form that has the compounds in these bumpers will also be used alongside these.At the same time AI will by 2023 conduct research into new antiobiotics specifically synthetic antiobiotics with proto and final Paean and Phanes analysing the genome and outer structures of each pathogen especially superbugs and extrapolating synthetic antibiotics to kill them that can be synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions in photobioreactors onsite of hospitals by both bacteria and esterfication and industrial processes.To slow the spread of superbugs bacteriophages can be utilised in remaining livestock such as Bovidae,Suidae,Phasinidaealongside fish and shellfish instead of being given antiobiotics with these remaining livestock will be given bacteriophages suited to all of the pathogens and parasites alongside other measures such as livestock,fish and shellfish also made immune to radiation and thus exposed to large doses of radiation between 100-20,000Gy to sterilise them of pathogens.Pets of all types will have bacteriophages suited for all pathogens and parasites developed.They may also given species specific microbes including immunisung,anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-helminthic strains etc that render antibiotics obsolete in agriculture.Crops and ornamental plants could also have bacteriophages developed that can be injected into leaves and stems with them also once made resistant to radiation exposed to large doses of radiation.By 2029-2045 traditional livestock production will be replaced by in vitro meat and that produced by fish reared in aquaponic systems,bioprinted leather and also yeast/bacteria based milk thus eliminating the source of most superbugs from the food chain.Parasites of livestock will also be dealt with by bacteriophages.Waterways such as rivers,oceans,lakes,groundwater supplies infected with pathogens will have large amounts of bacteriophages cultured and then innoculated with these bacteriophages that can clear them of pathogens with these bacteriophages engineered to have flagellum your allow them to stay in all types of waterways such as oceans,rivers,lakes and groundwater forever.Crops being reared in sterile environments of aquaponics systems in home,community and vertical farms will eliminate contamination with crops also given fully functioning immune systems via CRISPR to allow them to be immunised against pathogens and given anti-bacterial strains and bacteriophages.Wild animals that carry zoonotic superbugs will be inniculated by Biosynth Arthropoda with microbes and bacteriophages that pass through each generation to the next and also releasing lab reared animals that interbreed with wild animals and pas them into them via sexual reproduction and intercourse similar to STDs.Biosynth WiFi will track their progression throughout entire populations until at 50-90% if not all wild animals of each species are inoculated.Bacteriophages in wild animals and even livestock can be engineered to stay in the body constantly and not be flushed out of the body and even pass from one generation to the next via entering fetuses and through sexual reproduction similar to microbes.Radiation treatments can sterilise cuts of meat and crops etc.Sewage treatment and water treatment plants will use gamma radiation,super blasts of super high intensity UV lights will be used to treat water and sewage to kill off pathogens when algae is fitted with DNA from extremophiles that are resistent to radiation and high temperatures in genome capsids with bacteriophages also used here as well.Livestock and crops firted with DNA to make them immune to radiation can have them exposed to large blasts of radiation that can kill all pathogens and parasites present.By having all sewage treatment plants growing algae will prevent raw sewage entering waterways such as oceans,lakes,rivers,groundwater supplies thus eliminating infections from swimming in and being infected from contaminated water via injesting it and also through cuts etc.Bacteriophages can be released into soils,oceans,rivers,lakes,groundwater supplies to sterilise of all pathogens whether bacterial,viral or fungal thus eliminating them from not just polluted ecosystems but from the Earth itself completely as well.Better infrastructure will eliminate pathogens contaminating waterways.This should eliminate the source of most of not all infections of superbugs in humans.Thus research can be done into creating and manufacturing on a commercial scale bacteriophages to kill all bacterial and fungal pathogens and parasites of humans,pets and livestock to increase survival rates prior to antibacterial strains are perfected and even after to compliment them.