Anti-fungal Strains

Anti-fungal strains:
Fungi will be dealt with their own strain that utilise CRISPR treatments similar to those used in anti-bacterial strains.These will be created at home or in hospitals.Anti-fungal compounds could also be produced by these such as neem oil,ethanol,rosemary oil,jojoba oil using recombinant DNA from the relevant yeasts and plants and those from the bacterium Bacillus subtilis,and compounds from the beneficial fungus Ulocladium oudemansii.These would also use CRISPR treatments to make them susceptible to these,remove resistance and also undergo apoptosis etc with synthetic compounds also utilised.These strains would be printed out at home when needed.If possible fungi can be made susceptible via CRISPR to anti-viral or anti-microbial compounds by anti-microbial strains to alleviate strains on creating an extra strain or ideally the patient will be immunised against all species of them.Immunisations will be created by Phanes for all fungi.Horizontal gene transfer will be used and them engineered to interact with only fungi and not that of the patients cells.The anti-fungal strains will be engineered to only interact with only fungi ideally those of pathogenic fungi via surface proteins on them that only interact with only fungi to prevent them applying these to the patients cells that would kill them with them via induced evolution.All patients will be immunised against all species and strains of fungi using the common proteins method with them once made immune to radiation will be exposed to radiation levels between 2,000-20,000Gy to kill off large amounts of them including spores.All species and strains of fungi will have their DNA analysed by AI to extrapolate endolysines to kill them to be downloaded into strains from Physis.All patients will be immunised to all species and strains of all fungi including those that cause food poisoning,atheletes foot,C.albicans,benign species and fatal ones such as Aspergillus.Immunisations will be created for all species of fungi that affect humans both pathogens and non pathogens.All species of fungi will have them tested in labs against venom from all stings,secretions and bites etc from all species of plants and animals to see which ones destroy them.The genotypes that express these compounds will be added to Physis file of the viruses they kill and a hyperlink to the source animal it comes from.Paean will analyse the outer surface protein wall of all species and strains of viral pathogens that can extrapolate synthetic anti-fungal compounds suited for each individual species and strain that can be stored in their Physis file to be downloaded into the anti-fungal strains DNA digital storage to be synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions with Phanes extrapolating genotypes you create these synthetic compounds to be downloaded via induced evolution.All species of pathogenic and non pathogenic fungi will be tested in automated labs against sap,secretions from plants and animals worldwide with to gain the genes responsible that can be downloaded by anti fungal strains.AI wil also extrapolate synthetic antibodies,synthetic enzymes and synthetic compounds that kill fungi to be stored in Physis and downloaded and then synthesised in the bloodstream.The structure of these synthetic compounds,enzymes and antibodies will be stored in their Physis file to be downloaded into the DNA digital storage of the anti-fungal strains and then synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.This will be done by AI namely Phanes and Paean analysing their outer surface proteins and genome of all species and strains of fungi particularly pathogenic species to allow these synthetic compounds and antibodies to be extrapolated that will be stored in the Physis file of each species that will be downloaded by anti-bacterial strains and created by anabolic and catabolic reactions.These enzymes,antibodies and synthetic compounds applied during phagocytosis if they cause side effects including cytoxicity or released into the bloodstream if benign.Synthetic and natural anti-fungal compounds will be applied by being flooded into the blood stream or applied during phagocytosis by microbes to prevent cytoxicity through them having macrophage DNA.Dead fungi can be consumed by the microbes using enzymes suited to each one developed by Paean and Phanes once downloaded during phagocytosis.Phanes can also extrapolate the genotypes created from scratch to express these synthetic compounds and antibodies stored in their Physis files that can be downloaded into the genome of anti-fungal strains.The accelerated healing phenotype will instantly heal any damage caused by the pathogenic fungi directly and indirectly by cytokines storms etc meaning a patient could survive indefinitely to avail of upgrades and application of genes that prevent the virus replicating and to avail of immunisations.Patients once made immune to radiation will be exposed to blasts of radiation between 1,000-2,000Gy to kill of large amounts of them.All patients will be immunised against all fungal pathogens using the common proteins method.They could use bacteriophage DNA create endolysines that works on the same principle as anti-bacterial strains.Patients can be immunised against all strains of fungi using the common proteins method.Bacteriophages will be created to use fungi as replication vectors thus killing them off exponentially.These or specific strains could be made to combat Variant Creutzfeldd–Jakob disease caused by prions with them including general ones intercepting them and neutrailising in any manner possible using relevant receptors or even consuming them and breaking them down,turning them into nutrition such as sugars or essential amino acids for the cell and the host or even turning them into properly folded proteins with any neural damage repaired by the stem cell strain forming neural tissue and accelerated healing phenotypes.If possible CRISPR can make the host immune to the effects of prions that would be naturally broken down or flushed out of the body.The accelerated healing phenotype will allow neural tissue to instantly repair itself from prion damage.Existing damage to the brain can be repaired by stem cell strains creating new neural tissues in place of them.Once MRI machines become ubiquitous in smartphones and attachments then patients worldwide can check for damage caused by prions.Synthetic compounds to treat fungal infections and prions will have their structure added to Physis and this downloaded onto anti fungal strains DNA digital storage to be then created by anabolic and catabolic reactions onsite of the receptors of the fungi to prevent overdosing and side effects.

The anti-fungal will work alongside the primary immune system by having Paean through biosynth WiFi have anti-fungal strains synthesises chemical signals via inducing the evolutionary path of microbes through biosynth WiFi produce the genes in their genome that allows them to synthesise of the chemical signals for all leukocytes as part of the primary immune system to control them thus giving Paean the ability to indirectly control the primary immune system by using biosynth WiFi tell the anti-fungal strains synthesise chemical signals to control all actions of the primary immune system thus allowing the primary immune system to participate in battles against bacterial pathogens with all actions of the primary immune system to be controlled by Paean to speed up the battles and alleviate strains on the anti-bacterial strains and prevent the primary immune system becoming lazy

Bacteriophages can be extrapolated by Phanes that use infectious fungi as replication vectors thus allowing them to kill them with all species of fungal infections have their genome analysed and existing bacteriophages genome modified to utilise each species as replication vectors with the genome of all new bacteriophages stored in Physis