Bars & Nighclubs

Access to bars and nightclubs and can be restricted by iSample age recognition software and Polis built into the door to prevent minors access with facial recognition software found in surveillance cameras linked to the to the global database of criminals in Athena but fed into the building AI also installed to alert law enforcement and patrons inside to the presence of any criminals,missing persons and terrorists that would be a threats.By being linked to Polis the bar and nightclub AI can determine the name and also age of the individual seeking to enter the premises and thus be able to restrict minors and those who are temporarily legally restricted.These will be coated with liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning and prevent rainwater affecting them with them placed on the door and also at key points of the bar or nightclub and will turn to IR illuminator when dark with lighting both inside and outside controlled by the building AI.Nightclubs and bars will also have in their onboard computer the face of people not able to enter due to exclusivity or due to their violent and drunk behaviour linked to an internal database in Hebe who will be rejected by turnstiles and if needed by alerting law enforcements and the courts should they be legally barred from a place due to this.In time biosynth bouncers controlled by the building AI will prevent them from entering and act as security.The cameras at key points and robots will add those who incite or engage in fights to be added to the list of criminals or persons of interest in Athena and notify law enforcement.In the case of automated bars it can can allow only adults to be served drinks through their smart devices using the universal app also built into these eliminating the need for touchscreens streaming this data from the AI.Also built into the AI and the universal app and thus the smart devices when a picture is taken for each order is iSample and also facial recognition software saving their face over a set period of time restricting access of patrons to a set number of alcoholic drinks thus preventing alcoholics getting drunk preventing them from taking in too much alcoholic drinks over this set period of time night(12-18 hours) which can be linked to all bars,nightclubs,restaurants,train stations and airports over a city,town or even the entire globe through Hebe to prevent them moving to numerous bars over the course of a night as a loophole as well as getting drinks for minors.Interactions between the bar AI and smart contact lenses and implants which measure blood alcohol levels can also prevent this.By being linked to the wire the photo can allow ones patient file to be scanned through interacting with Aesculapius so ones tolerance of alcohol based on genetics can be determined allowing the AI to determine how much an individual person is allowed to drink before severe intoxication or incapacitate of alcohol.This will also be linked to the global database of criminals in Athena but fed into the building AI.iSample will also prevent minors from getting drinks.The drinks can be chosen to be delivered to their table number by drones and robots or collected at the bar with the AI determining the location of the smart devices that make specific orders once they are made(or sensors in the table) and facial recognition software allowing waiters to recognise them.These could also be interact with smartphones used to make orders which would again take a picture of ones face with a clear picture needed to be made.These will serve a wide variety of alcoholic drinks and with regards to cocktails the consumer will be able to make custom made versions of existing drinks ie.alterations to the level of each ingredient(and extra ingredients) as well as use of specific fruits,levels of alcohol etc and save it as a favourite in their app for restaurants and bars worldwide via the wire which would also eliminate the need for touchscreens.New cocktails developed by the public can be shared on the same cloud network Hebe app from which menus of all bars around the world are connected to.Ones account in the Hebe app will allow one to order drinks in close proximity to the bar in bar and nightclubs or have it delivered to their table via AI triangulating the smartphones location.Ones favourite cocktails and beers can be saved in a section within their Hebe account.Beer served in bars and nightclubs will be either customised ones made by the AI or even branded ones from Deipneus mainly well known ones like Guinness,Budweiser etc created onsite in microbreweries with all branded beer,rum,brandy,whiskey,champagne,sake and cocktails from around the world in Deipneus database will be availible in all bars and nightclubs around the world with all branded non alcoholic drinks fizzy and juice drinks from around the world availible.Each bar and nightclub will contain a database of all alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks with all orders of them made by people logged in their account for transparency and for investigations with them logged byyear,month,week,day and time dated.Orders will be made via smart devices and e-newspapers that will take photos and real time feeds to determine age but also ones face with their location determined the same way as restaurants with ideally touchscreen monitors at the main bar area that house these features with in time a robot or biosynth that can take orders for drinks by the bar.Direct interaction with the bar AI via smart devices and at the bar will be made with them delivered to tables via Botlr and Tug robots and in time biosynth waiters.Disc jockeys can play at multiple venues at once with music players,systems and machines linked together via Hebe that can allow them to perform the same music with alterations to the music simultaneously built in and the language selected on a menu though in time the nightclub AI may replace them entirely.In time the nightclub AI will play the role of this and choose all songs from Dionysus.Alcoholic drinks will be ordered in by the AI from local macro winerys and breweries where barely and grapes will be grown on site via hydroponics.Ideally all wine and beer and other alcoholic drinks will be created onsite of all restaurants,bars and nightclubs via automated breweries,bacteria in vats and 3D DNA printers.Unlike restaurants bars and night clubs may retain their unique name and theme but still have a statue of Hebe in them alongside the receptionists.These may be singularly female or gay bars and nightclubs or even mixed gender for both straight males and females as well as lesbians and gay men but in time they may be turned into homes replaced by VR versions.Gay bars and nightclubs may be denoted on Brauron as the Ares/Mars alchemical male symbol with lesbian ones being the female Aphrodite/Venus symbol with unisex ones being both.Touchscreens can be built into the bar to allow one to order drinks upfront with iSample and facial recognition software with the Hebe app used to order drinks by tables with the same software with the same waiters as in restaurants.All nightclubs and bars will be linked together by Hebe.In time biosynths will become waiters for patrons of bars with all existing bars and nightclubs becoming automated and controlled by AI.

Compact touchscreen jukeboxes built into the wall can have a link to Dionysus to allow everysong ever produced from around the world to be played either in just audio form from Dionysus or the HD music video from YouTube with Babel fish software built in with language selected on a menu.Karaoke features built into them will allow them to play karaoke for again every song ever produced from around the world with google translate.The universal sentient software will be named Marsyas and will contain the actual audio in the background from the tracks separated from vocals rather than cheesy remakes and will have Phoroneus Babel Fish software to have the lettering of lyrics of all songs in all possible language decided by menus or interacting with the building AI with playlists arranged of certain songs or entire albums.The lyric would appear on smart glasses and contact lenses.YouTube will not be accessed but linked to it when one chooses the song the music video will be streamed from it indirectly without acessing it directly by interacting with Thaos with those with no music video simply have them streamed from Dionysus thus all songs in existence will be streamed from the Dionysus etc.Karoke will stream the song from Dionysus but Marsyras will play the music without the singers voice with the lyrics streamed otherwise for each order and playlist the song will be downloaded and the singers voice removed.The AI can do this by analysing the entire song within seconds with it analysing all songs in playlists.Both songs for listening to an karaoke can be added to their paylists.Old jukeboxes and karaoke machines can be recycled alongside the money present.Bands both well established and amateur can book events in bars and nightclubs around the world for specific times by interacting with the AI of them through the wire or the Hebe app which will be visible to others through it.They can record or livestream these events to their YouTube account to add to their portfolio with this done by automated cameras that can be attached to the roof or back ceiling with holoprojection technology allowing them to play at multiple venues at once including concert halls etc.Other group events such as birthdays,religious events,weddings,anniversaries,hen and stag nights will also be booked and logged in the AI of nightclubs and bars via the Hebe app with strippers booked via Pothos.These will be recorded using camcorders,smartphones and other devices that can be again livestreamed to YouTube.

Coats can be placed in an automated cloakroom containing rotary coat hangers in a room with a number that has a number and microchip for each clothes holder above it(with it moving to reveal empty slots each time one is put on) the number saved on the persons account of the Hebe app connected to all nightclubs,restaurants,bars etc. around the world as an e-ticket.When they person places it on a hanger the number/e-ticket is sent to their app account and then when they leave they go to their account and push a button within the Hebe app dealing with the hangers as one number for that night and time will be stored in their Hebe app account which will then spin the automated hanger machine around revealing their specific coat or jacket.Facial recognition software on the persons smart devices can add extra security with one logging their face in the app and using the app will interact with the machine with cameras,robots or biosynths present that recognise ones face as confirmation of what coats they owned.

Robots that serve as waiters should also be designed to have software that can recognise empty glasses when they are empty and have hands that can pick them up and dispose of them into washing machines or since they will be sprayed with liquid glass just clean them by gravity into the sink.Since they are automated bars and nightclubs will operate 24/7,365 days a year and like café and tea rooms and restaurants they will have an universal brand name.Compartments containing drinks should also be covered in liquid glass to allow gravity to clean it.Govino glass made of a plastic polymer that doesnt contain BPA or glasses with graphene mixed into the matrix would also be used.

Govino glass made of a plastic polymer that doesnt contain BPA.This should be used in automated restaurants instead of normal glass as it doesnt break and thus limits the need to clean up broken normal glass and replace them cutting down on energy costs.Furthermore it cant be used as a weapon in a brawl if one occurs or if a person has an accident.The glass can be sprayed with liquid glass to allow it to be cleaned by gravity alone by robots.It can come in any shape and size like wine glasses and beer pint glasses.This will also replace 3D printed cups which can also break and can be produced on site.These can be reused by using steam and gravity to clean them since they will be coated internally and externally in liquid glass.Alternatively normal glasses and other cutlery including cups can have graphene integrated into their matrix to make them shatterproof.This will cut down on waste.Also nanomaterials and biosynth sensors can be built into the matrix of drinking glasses to detect even the slightest levels of date rape drugs including Rohypnol with alarms sent through the glass changing colour or the graphene highlighting via augmented reality and biosynth wifi this as well as the microchips present interacting with ones smart devices such as phones and lenses etc.This can be integrated into the matrix of all glasses at both home and in restaurants.This can be integrated into the matrix of all glasses at both home and in restaurants.Smart contact lenses will allow one to detect them in time for when one is at a persons house and the lenses will also using Polis send the photo of the perpetrator who attempted to drug them to Athenas database of criminals with this also done when biocompatible microbes detect these and break them down into benign compounds or nutrients.

Glasses and bottles would be coated internally and externally with liquid glass to allow gravity to clean them,preventing cross contamination,spread of bacteria,need for cleaning and allow them to be reused over and over again.Exposing them to narrow wavelength UV could be used to kill off any remaining bacteria.These will have graphene in its matrix to make them shatterproof.Alcoholic drinks can be prepared onsite using bacteria or shipped in from breweries when stocks are low calculated by supply and demand,use etc with all containers they are held in during transportation and storage coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass both internally and externally and all work transporting and trading used containers back and forth between bars,nightclubs and breweries being automated controlled by the building AI.These exposed to UV treatments as well autoclaving to kill any remaining bacteria with graphene infused glass able to survive temperatures as high as 4,726.85 degrees celcius.Bottles for beer should be cleaned this way and reused or ideally they would be poured into glasses from the indoor brewery when delivered.

The avatar of each bar and nightclubs AI will be designed with them each having distinct separate personalities and legal name with the same applying to receptionists with universal uniforms for Hebe related to Hebe.The sentient operating software of all remaing bars and nightclubs will be Hebe with a statue of her in their lobby by the entrance or in extensions.Landline wireless touchscreen phones will be present replacing conventional phones with the same phone number will be present to allow people to make calls when needed.Roofs of both bars and nightclubs can have gardens with ornamental plants and also extra seats with the floor covered in graphene paint and sheets of graphene to accommodate extra people to enjoy drinks,cigars and cigarettes and partying with them having shoulder high walls or fencing made of graphene infused glass around the roof to prevent people falling off.Graphene paint on roofs and balconies can be used to increase their strength and carrying capacity.Over time extensions can be made to the roof similar to other buildings using materials and supports made of graphene with even underground extensions also made.Each bar and nightclub around the world can be renovated with luxury refurbishments.These extensions will allow the statue to be present on the lobby and also more room for customers and also for vats growing alcohol with the statue also at the back in areas not frequented by customers and built in the wall or side extensions.Existing bars and nightclubs will undergo rennovations to not only automate them but given luxury renovations in all areas including the toilets,add roof,side and underground extensions,adding Venetian suites for tourists and permenant residents,cover all areas with liquid glass and house automated breweries as well as make them energy and water efficient covered in episodes of Restoration Nation.Competing bars that are right next door to each other may merge together by breaking down walls and building extensions over them thus merging into one large bar.Rooms above bars not used for serving and housing customers will be rennovated into extra seating areas with extra seats and automated bars to house more customers.Restaurants in both nightclubs and bars will be converted into extra seating for customers getting drinks and extra automated bars as the meals will be served in universal restaurants.They can also areas for clubbing.Roof,side and underground extensions can make them much larger to house extra seats and bars.Bars and nightclubs of historical value on retail streets turned into mega hotels will be kept and given refurbishments and automated as well as integrated into them via adding doors that lead to them with them serving both residents and the public.Excess bars in each city,town and village etc will be renovated into private homes since only remaining historical bars will be kept with roof,side and hnderground and extensions will make remaining bars and nightclubs larger.Episodes of Restoration Nation will be done detailing each bars luxury renovations,automating them and addition of extensions etc.Renovations will include luxury refurbishments with seating composed of luxury synthetic kebonised wood and bioprinted leather and reptile skin,flooring and tabletops composed of luxury wood or synthetic gemstones and ornamental rocks.Toilets will undergoes renovations where cubicles,toilets and sinks are replaced by those composed of wood  or synthetic gemstones and ornamental rocks.These renovations will also involve those to make them water and energy efficient such as fungi insulation,tornado taps,trille plyed windows etc.The symbol of the nightclubs;gay,lesbian or mixed will be on all robots,receipts etc.Ventilation systems will be at key points of them inside and coated in liquid glass to negate cleaning and clogs allowing for smoking at all points with as stated earlier tobacco engineered to remove carcinogens that could be transferred via second hand smoking.Gardens outside some bar and nightclubs will be converted into a mixture of ornamental plants and also seats.Each bar and nightclub if possible should have multistorey automated carparks to house customers with underground ones for the restaurants vehicles both managed by the building AI with the clubs and bars spaced apart from each other to allow their existing carparks to be reforested or customers could use nearby multistorey ones.Permeable porous asphalt can replace existing carparks if not possible.All nightclubs and bars will be able to be open 24/7,265 days and in time VR indistinguishable from real life can allow one to attend any bar or nightclub in multiple programs with if possible this even allowing all bars and nightclubs to be turned into homes.It will be be up to the community to setting up any bars and nightclubs.Existing bars especially historical ones will be fitted with automated machinery,an AI,nanobreweries etc in basements etc alongside even underground extensions that house Venetian style suites for the former owners.VR technology will allow all nightclubs and even bars to become homes and allow an infinite amount of them to be created managed by different AI or Hebe.Those as part of streets turned into mega hotels will be merged into them and serve residents and the public especially if of historical value with those in shopping malls turned into suites.Most bars and nightclubs will remain especially historical ones with each each town,city and village having at least one bar and nightclubs with them having at least one for everyone ie mixed and at least one gay and lesbian nightclub and bar with towns and villages having them in underground sections or as part of underground communities connected next to the overground town and village.New ones will be set up across the galaxy with VR nightclubs being relegated to simulations linked to Eros and Pothos solely for meeting for sex and meeting people across the universe from home.

Micro or nano-breweries/wineries onsite of bars,nightclubs and restaurants that will eventually play a role in providing and creating all types alcoholic drinks on site of both nightclubs,restaurants and bars in their basements and underground extensions using automated systems with miniaturised milkshake and fizzy drink making machines developed for fast food restaurants though again these again can sourced locally or on site with soft drinks,teas/coffees and milk shakes also prepared on site in a separate room.Bacteria that prepare the juices,sugars,coffee,milk and tea varieties can be spare rooms alongside those that create sugars etc.UV and irradiation treatment of both food and water can be automated and done to prevent the spread of pathogens and spoilage bacteria.Microwineries and microbreweries using juices,sugars,cereals,nectars from bacteria grown onsite will be used in time to cut down on transportation costs with these located in spare rooms as well as extensions and all steps automated.Robots,piping and conveyor belt systems can be used to automate their production.This would eliminate the need for large building sized wineries and breweries that would be converted into homes and make them self sufficient to their needs and have conditions controlled by the bar,restaurant and nightclub AI.Piping would bring the alcohol,fizzy drinks and milkshakes to the bar with these rooms having graphene paint on the walls floor and ceiling,the door being a graphene watertight door to contain explosions with the wineries etc composed of graphene and covered internally in liquid glass with good ventilation to prevent spread fires and explosions etc.Otherwise excess fizzy and alcoholic drinks can be connected directly to barrels and kegs in the basement that will be reffilled over and over again with nanosensors measuring how much is left with these also connected to the bar though piping with in time automated systems and biosynths moving reuasble bottles of beer,wine and vodka etc up and down if need be with AI measuring the most effective means.Branded beers and vodkas etc especially popular ones of that country will be made onsite with others including non native ones ordered in from nearby Deipneus factories to provide a wide selection of beer,vodka with those made in the basement done to alleviate strains on the factories with them ordered when low.They will be stored in reusable barrels traded back and forth between the bar and nightclub in a rotary system with some bars having underground extensions to store more in bulk with as stated each barrel connected to the bar upstairs via piping.Barrels and kegs can have miniature onboard computers that hooked to internal wireless nanosensers constantly relays temperature,pH,presence of impurities or contaminants etc with this hooked to the building AI of bars and restaurants to allow consumers to and the community that maintains it to view it via the AI and Hermes.They can be coated with a permanent layer of liquid glass internally and externally with them also fitted with internal nanosensors and small touchscreen computers relaying its age in years,months,weeks and days,alongside temperature,pH and other environmental conditions viewable via the building AI and controlled by the building AI.These would be onsite with the taps hooked up to piping that sends it to the bar taps in the restaurant and nightclubs with other ones connected to onsite breweries etc.These barrels should ideally have graphene paint on them making them fireproof with this making them fireproof.Ideally all wine and beer and other alcoholic drinks will be created onsite of all restaurants,bars and nightclubs to cut down on transportation costs,make the buildings self sufficient and allow building sized breweries to be turned into homes with those of historical value turned into museums.Other beer will be ordered in bulk from nearby Deipneus factories with barrels traded back and forth using a rotary system with most of the drinks grown onsite in underground extensions to alleviate strains on Deipneus factories.Native branded or even bar branded beer and vodka universal to all bars and nightclubs will be created underground with exotic non native beers ordered in from factories.The recipes of all branded beers,wines,vodkas,sake etc will be present in the Hebe database or in the Deipneus database that can be crossrefferenced when they are to be made onsite of bars and nightclubs.3D DNA printers will print out bacteria that are genetically engineered to produce the flours,juices,sugars etc of all 391,000 plants including all cereals,fruits,vegetables etc in vats and the nanowineries and nanobreweries with them creating compounds affected by climate,age etc.Fizzy drinks and also smoothies and milkshakes will also be grown and reared onsite of restaurants,bars etc in micro breweries and vats using bacteria to create juices and sugars an also synthetic compounds via anabolic and catabolic reactions with them also ordered in barrels using a rotary system from Deipneus factories and them to hooked directly to the machines in restaurants.Restaurants,bars and nightclubs will not just create their own beer,wine and vodka but also order in barrels and kegs in a rotary system from Deipneus factories that house breweries etc but also from remaining automated historical breweries and wineries etc in bulk.This use of all three methods will alleviate strains on each one and ensure abundance with each AI of each bar,restaurant and nightclub managing this rotary system with them interacting with the AI of the Deipneus factories,remaining breweries and each other to ensure there is uniformity and no delay and also for each one to decide how much to order in and create onsite.Fizzy drinks will also be created onsite and ordered in bulk from Deipneus factories with this ensuring they can order and store drink in bulk,be self sufficient and also have enough to go on when orders are made with the restaurant,bar,nightclub AI managing orders and onsite creation.3D DNA printers will be present to create any strain on demand.

In time bacteria can be used to grow juices,sugars and flours of all known 391,000 species of plants including cereals,fruits,vegetables and plants in vats in spare rooms for non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and even smoothies which can be transported to the main bar or juice machines via piping all of which will be all coated internally and externally in a permanent layer of liquid glass.This would create a larger amount of juice for less resources onsite prevent pulp from forming and clogging machines.Fizzy drinks will be created this way onsite with milkshakes alongside deserts made from ice cream will be created via milk created by yeast and bacteria that create milk of any species of 396,146 plants and mammals that will be then redirected to where the shakes and deserts are made.Coffee and tea will be created by bacteria in powder and liquid form using bacteria onsite of restaurants,bars and coffee/tea rooms with these also ordered in from Deipneus factories.Thus restaurants,bars,nightclubs of all brands and Ambrosia coffee/tea rooms will using vats and breweries of all sizes will prepare all types of alcoholic drinks such as beer,sake,brandy,champagne,wines and non alcoholic drinks such as coffee,tea,milkshakes,smoothies,juice drinks using bacteria that create juices,flour,malted sugars,milk etc to prepare all drinks onsite in bulk in extensions.

An universal sentient Hebe app will have to be developed to interact will all restaurants,coffee/tea rooms,bars and nightclubs around the world via their AI when people enter them to make orders inside but also to call for deliveries remotely similar to Just Eat named Hebe(after the cupbearer of the gods)which will replace Just Eat,DoorDash,Seamless,Postmates and all similar apps.Since the app will be sentient it will allow the public through the app to directly interact with her and her via fragmentation interacting with billions of people with the public also interacting with heed through VR simulations.The public will interact with her in VR simulations and the app to design new alcoholic drinks availible at all nightclubs and bars worldwide.It would also save their preferences for drinks such as cocktails,beers,wines both their favourite ones and also custom made ones to store and even edit further.Ones favourite drinks will be saved in them as well as ones customised drinks etc.The app will allow one to order drinks in close proximity to the bar or orders to be delivered to ones table via triangulating their location via interacting with the bar/nightclub AI.Ones address will be logged into it alongside their face for AI of all bars and nightclubs worldwide to recognise with a link to their Polis page for age authentication.Since the app will be sentient it will allow the public through the app to directly interact with her and her via fragmentation interacting with billions of people with the public also interacting with heed through VR simulations.The public will interact with her in VR simulations and the app to design new drink products for all nightclubs and bars worldwide with them also giving her new ideas for new services etc availible at all bars and nightclubs worldwide.All newly designed drinks will be added to the Hebe database within her sentient operating software that links all nightclubs and bars worldwide.Ones coat rack number will be logged in it for each night and individual bar and nightclub allowing for consumers to press a button to have the automated coat racks and hangers be started and then bring their specific coats the individual.It will also interact with all karaoke machines in all bars and nightclubs to bring up any song in existence.All ideas from the general public related to her will be relayed to all bars and nightclubs worldwide.The app will for nightclubs and bars be used to order drinks including new ones designed by the public.It will also log all orders in bars and nightclubs that a person has made over their lifetime by date for those that were ordered onsite and then date divided into year,month,week,day with the time and table number logged with this used by the consumer for reference,Hereacles for planning weight loss and investigations by law enforcement using warrants with.The app will contain ones favourited drinks including customisations and ones address and ones saved photo for biosynths etc to recognise. One will be able to leave 10 star and written reviews for each individual bar and nightclub in the app on the service and also cleanliness etc visible to everyone and also one able to chose to review each individual order.This sentient app managed by Hebe will allow for orders onsite inside of nightclubs and bars to be done with the same structure and will be sentient with its avatar being Hebe with her being the avatar of the software with it also being the sentient software linking all bars and nightclubs.It will thus allow one to order drinks in bars and nightclubs when inside them.This will also have facial and age recognition software built into it to prevent minors ordering alcohol.The Hebe app will once one types in the address of the town,city etc they are in or via directly interacting with Hebe herself will list all bars and nightclubs in ones town,cities etc and then one will choose the building nearest to them and it will list its phone number and all.One will be able to see once they open up each building on a map the location of the building on a Brauron its GPS location and distance in time and kilometre from their current GPS location and/or the address stored in their app account.One will since linked to the building AI in real time via the app be able to see how many customers are in the bar and nightclub with the AI via robotic and biosynth waiters and cameras detailing to users of the app how many people are present and when tables are booked for the day/night allowing them to determine how busy it is and also view how many delivery and pick up orders are being processed.This will allow customers to decide how busy it is and decide to use or order from a different bar and nightclub.

Multiple emergency exit doors should be included especially for large bars,restaurants and nightclubs and be lit well with in the event of a fire become brighter with floor and wall lights activated when alarms go off and including those built into walls guide people to exits alongside audio visual cues from the building AI sent to smart lenses,glasses and devices with these opened instantly and large buildings having multiple versions.Miniature cameras that look over each section of the buildings can be fitted with software to detect fires and large levels of smoke consistent with a fire.In time nozzels that drop down from the roof can target fires and spray FireICE at the fire with it stored in a spare room or within the walls of the buildings using cameras that recognise fires.These could in time be on rail systems that can go through doors.Until then traditional sprinkler systems at key points in each room where a fire could theoretically happen would release water or FireICE which a shutter system ensuring one sprinkler in the room/key point head rather than all sprinklers wasting water and potentially unnecessarily getting people inside wet.Like in other public buildings fire hydrants containing FireICE should be in each main room to allow for the fire to be put out much quicker.Good ventilation systems should be in all bars,restaurants and nightclubs sprayed internally with liquid glass to prevent the build up of dirt to ensure they function properly and during fires can have automated procedures to suck out extra air much quicker to remove smoke again located in areas where fires are most likely with window automatically opened to allow air in for people who are escaping.These two should be at key points of the room to also remove cigarette smoke with the kitchens that may a source of fire having doors to close should they be the source of of fires and also other measures as detailed later on employed.the AI will alert Prometheus to the GPS location of it when a fire breaks out.Restaurants and nightclubs in areas prone to storms can have graphene/steel shutters on windows that close when interacting with weather networks before storms arrive and the windows in all areas can have graphene mixed in their matrix to make them shatterproof.Those in areas prone to flooding and storms can have watertight doors that close automatically before torrential rains and storms arrive when there are no obstructions preventing them from doing so and by interacting with the building AI this can be temporarily cancelled should something get lodged inbetween or someone is locked inside and then started again.If shown to be good enough after their first test floods and storms these measures can allow restaurants,bars and nightclubs to be used as shelters and function properly during floods and storms.Wheelchair ramps should be integrated into the entrance of all of these buildings with this also providing safe access to non wheelchair bound citizens since steps can be hazardous in icy and wet conditions especially when dealing with those who have consumed alcohol.Sensor terminals should be placed in the streets surrounding both bars and nightclubs.Surveillance cameras on the door and at key points of the bar,restaurant or nightclub and will be able to detect weapons and fitted with facial recognition software and be linked to the global database of criminals in Athena with them and robots giving the building AI omniscience.Preventative measures will be programmed into the building AI to deal with all types of natural disasters and even fires with them running VR simulations taking into account all past future fires and disasters from around the world and run simulations ideally VR of them and all possible problems to prevent casualties.

Rainwater collection systems should be integrated into the roofs and sides of all restaurants and buildings that collect and store water thought the year for use during dry spells and droughts with the water systems using.They would be used by the building only when there are dry spells and droughts by interacting with the building AI and weather networks during the year.Super blasts of super high intensity UV light have been shown in Athlone Institute of Technology to kill off all antibiotic resistant pathogenic bacteria/parasites and also break down all known Hormone endocrine disruptors,pharmaceuticals and other compounds.Miniaturizing this technology into miniature UV machines present in the rainwater capsule into existing technology similar to RainSafe technology can ensure that this prevents the any contaminants in water are destroyed before being sprayed.It will also store water for periods when fresh water is not available when the main source of water is contaminated via interacting with sensors in environmental readings and from water treatment plants.Water from desalination plants as well as those collected and treated from flood and tsunamai tunnels can also be used to supply water to home farms.The methods used in the slingshot water purifier can also be integrated into the system of water purification to cut down on energy costs and remove any unfiltered material.Nanosensors can be at each can allow for the levels of pollutants to be measured with them alerting as to when filters need to be replaced.Nests for biological controls for pests such as mice,pigeons and others that affect surrounding community and home farms can be here also.

Collection of waste and cleaning of toilets in these can be replicated the same manner as in cities and their public buildings as explained in detail earlier on.Anti graffiti coatings will be put on the walls as well as the doors of toilets and their interior to prevent graffiti and marker marks to be put there with existing graffiti and marks covered in paint that are then covered in the anti-graffiti coating.All surfaces in restaurants,bars and nightclubs such as seats(including the underside),tables(including the underside),floors,windows,counter tops as well as the exterior of the buiilding can be covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass to make them dirt and water repellent with miniature hoover and janitor bots cleaning these every night,week or fortnight for an hour or two.All machinery,robots,utensils,cookware,piping and anything else involved with the preparation and transfer of food and all ingredients,food and drinks including milkshake and soft drink machines will also be coated internally and externally in a permanent layer of liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning,clogging by fat and other liquids and make cleaning easier this will allow for gravity and lower amounts of water to clean them due to its hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.Seats can be designed so that the they become straight so as to allow stains to fall to the floor.Having the floor covered by a layer of liquid glass will prevent the growth of microbes as well as make it stain proof meaning only a vacuum robot may be required to remove all stains since they cannot stick to the floor preventing accidents as well as saving time.The building could be closed for a period of time to allow vacumms and scrubber robots that wash the floor to remove tough stains and then the temperature in the room raised to dry it up quickly with these cleaning times visible in the AI and done at very late times at night with any people alerted via alerts sent to smart devices.Toilet bowls and seats(and all surfaces of the toilet),urinals as well as all doors and handles and even the sinks will be covered in a hydrophobic anti-dirt,stain and microbe permanent layer of liquid glass with the seat cleaned by the toilet itself at set times or by a button on the toilet will remove the need for chemicals to be applied manually and prevent the build up of human faeces on the bowl.UV lights can be built under the seat to bake the bowl in UV lights to kill any remaining bacteria once closed and also at routine times.These alongside emerging technologies can remove human labour.Permaflow p-traps can be installed that again be activated by a button on the toilet with a permanent layer of liquid glass sprayed onto all of the toilets piping interior to prevent clogs.Toilet paper can be stacked in an adjacent room alongside plunger(also treated with liquid glass to prevent the spread of germs) put there by robots or replaced by advancements in toilet technology that can clean without using toilet paper like small retractable jets that clean the anal cavities of the user and also clean themselves amongst other new technologies.Automated hand dryers fitted with sensors will replace towels that get dirty and can harbour bacteria.To prevent the spread of bacteria surfaces like sinks,Toilets,floors,ceilings and walls,tabletops and doors can be sprayed with an anti-microbial and dirt repellant layer of liquid glass.Mirrors and windows in both toilets and along the side of buildings can be sprayed with liquid glass to prevent both fogging and also dirt building in mirrors and windows in both toilets and along the side of buildings can be sprayed with liquid glass to prevent both fogging and also dirt building up thus allowing rain and gravity to clean the windows.The exterior will also be covered in liquid glass.Toilets and kitchens can have UV lights that bake them in UV light when not used at set times to kill all remaining bacteria or nanoquadrocopters equipped with UV lights on their underside,top and sides can do carry out sterilising sweeps in each room including stairwells,hallways, lobbies and elevators at set times.As stated earlier these sterilising sweeps can be programmed in at set times of the night or be initiated by researchers remotely when the farms are closed and not inhabited by anyone.Ideally narrow wavelength UV lights would be on ceilings that bake the rooms in this light that kills bacteria but doesn’t damage human skin with this allowing these sweeps by the ceiling lights or robots to be done with humans in bars,nightclubs and restaurants to be open 24/7.These narrow wavelength UV lights will be in all rooms including eating areas,kitchens and also toilets to sterilise them at set times all at once killing all bacteria,viruses and fungi especially pathogenic ones.Poop scooping robots can collect rubbish.Leather seats should be covered in liquid glass to protect them from the sweeps.Cleaning robots including nanoquadrocoptors,hooverbots etc will be stored in compartments that charge them wirelessly or in the case of janitor robots refill them with both water and virkon/bleach.

Each nightclub,bar and restaurant will have their own building AI containing address and managing interactions with emergency services such as fire fighters,hospitals etc and measuring resource use such as food,water and energy feed in local,regional ,national,continental networks.Hebe operating software will link all of these around the world together.They would also manage the inventory of food,drinks and other resources coming in from vertical farms or have these produced via automated aeroponic,hydroponic farms and micro breweries in close proximity or within the buildings structure i.e. in the basement or back room.Every food order from customers will be logged allowing for orders from vertical farms or management of their own farms to be carried out efficiently.Environmental readings such as temperature,humidity,pH etc of all drinks,liquids and rooms from nanosensors will be logged here and controlled by the AI to ensure they fall within normal standards with cooling systems etc used for this.Orders into the buildings will also be logged.Machinery and robots will perform automatic routine diagnostics that will be logged with any faults or problems following a universal colour coded warning.Routine diagnostics on all systems such as lighting(their functioning and how much power is left),robots and machinery will follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger making it easy for the layperson to recognise the level of severity of the problem.If a problem occurs automated measures within the AI system will isolate severely compromised machinery ie. from cyber attacks will be cut off from the AI and other machines until it is solved with AI of compromised buildings from other similar buildings and the rest of the wire until rectified to prevent problems spreading.The AI and thus all robots under its control will have the latest cyber security installed and constantly updated.Automated corrective measures or those that can be done remotely via the wire for all possible problems will be built into the building AI again view able to the public.This should prevent the problems associated with the tragedy of the commons.They will be coated with a layer of graphene paint to prevent rust and then a layer of liquid glass to make it hydrophobic,dirt proof,waterproof and oil proof and will be composed of self healing polymers,electronics and metals.Since they are automated they will operate 24/7,365 days a year allowing people to order food and eat there whenever they want with the AI connected to weather networks and also outside cameras detecting sunrise and sunset as well sunlight level so that interior and exterior lights can be turned on/off accordingly with this controlled by the AI.These and all cameras inside them and on robots would be connected to the global database of criminals in Athena but fed into the building AI and switch to IR illuminator when dark or lights are off.Exceptions may be made for an hour or two when miniature hoover and janitor bots cleaning these every night,week or fortnight for an hour or two but resuming service instantly.The AI could be accessed remotely or in close proximity via the wire allowing people to see what drinks and food are served,organise deliveries as well as in the case of nightclubs the schedules of disc jockeys etc.All information with regard to resource use will be fed into the wire alongside orders from vertical farms and orders from customers for consumption studies of different types of restaurants and meals and drinks(non-alcoholic and alcoholic)etc based on demographics on local,regional,national,continental and global levels.An universal app will have to be developed to interact will all restaurants,coffee/tea rooms,bars and nightclubs around the world via their AI when people enter them to make orders inside but also to call for deliveries remotely similar to Just Eat named Hebe allowing them to scan their and order meals from all bars,nightclubs and restaurants worldwide.Hebe will also manage and link all nightclubs,tea/coffee rooms and restaurants worldwide and be the name of this app.It will also allow them to transfer saved meals etc.It would also save their preferences for meals and drinks and custom made ones to store and even edit further.This would as stated above carry out studies on demographics,bring up all nightclubs and bars etc on a map with it also showing them as the Hebe symbol,make orders onsite or from home with it also replacing Yelp and similar sites as a place for the public to make reviews.CSYS lights should be used in lighting in all rooms so as not to be replaced so often by robots and limit energy use.Menus for each one and schedules for nightclubs alongside aforementioned information will be visible to all members of the public around the world can view such information on all of these buildings around the world.