Bambusoideae as a wood substitute for conventional woods in construction as it requires less water,sequesters more carbon through its lifetime and grows faster.This can be grown almost anywhere and can be sourced from home,community or vertical farms or even land used for biochar sequestration.It is 100 times cheaper than steel,lighter and comparable in strength.Thus it can be used in building homes,blades for wind turbines in a compressed form,decking,plastic ware again in a compressed form and vehicles such as skateboards,skis,surfboards.It can also be used in creating homes in treetop villages.If possible it can be engineered via recombinant DNA from Geobacter and Shewanella to produce carbon nanotubes in them naturally or have microbes do this in order to increase its strength.Allocasuarina luehmannii DNA added to it can increase the strength of it making it scratch proof.This would be grown onsite of Daedalus factories or on their roofs or in vertical farms integrated into them and land surrounding them for each order with it being a carbon negative and sustainable,less energy intensive substitute for steel as it can be grown over and over again with them fed carbon dioxide from bacteria based fossil fuels burned onsite of vertical farms or released into the atmosphere to ensure carbon dioxide levels dont fall below 250ppm.The factory AI and also Pan will determine the required amount of bacteria based fossil fuels to be burnt for each order during their growing periods with them interacting with those of all factories worldwide and also Theoi Meteroi.They will have the same level as engineering as those used to sequester carbon dioxide except those that make them form branches with the ability to grow to 91 metres kept.In time bacteria could make fibre,pulp,nanowires etc with the same or better strength as it to negate the need for growing it with picotech fabricators also being used.

•Insulation made from fungi and reeds which can be grown in vertical farms or in home farms.These are non toxic and the fungi based insulation is also fireproof.There is also bricks and construction material made of fungi.These can replace asbestos in new and also renovated buildings whether abandoned/obsolete or communal and private ones.Although it may take some time it will be worth it as it can offer protection from fires preventing them spreading and save on energy costs with these also applied to all types of amenities,restaurants etc

•Building blocks and roof tilings for buildings made from recycled plastic bottles.These can both be 3D printed using printers both large and small.

•Bacteria based cement and bricks in a mixture of sand,industrial cement waste and the ash of rice husks.It reduces energy costs as it doesn’t require the extraction of limestone and for it to be mixed in and heated to high temperatures of 1,500 oC whereas this bacteria based concrete requires to be heated to only 30oC.

•Bendable concrete with steel fibres mixed to allow it to stretch and moulded into intricate shapes

•Hempcrete a greener alternative to conventional concrete which is stronger.Uses less energy to produce and can sequester carbon over long periods of time.It is also fireproof halting the spread of fires as well as replace existing fireproofing materials such as fibreglass and asbestos in new and existing buildings as it is non-toxic and can reduce energy costs over it lifetime by as much as 90%.Cannabis sativa can be locally grown hydroponically in vertical farms or in factories that assemble prefabricated homes and Daedalus factories to get higher and faster yields that growing on land that can be reforested.Genetic engineering can be used to improve the amount of matter created as apposed to tetrahydrocannabinol and make it stronger and more stronger.These can replace asbestos in new and also renovated buildings whether abandoned/obsolete or communal and private ones.It is a low density material and resistant to crack under movement thus making it highly suitable for use in earthquake-prone areas.Although it may take some time it will be worth it as it can offer protection from fires preventing them spreading and save on energy costs with these also applied to all types of amenities,restaurants etc.This will be a more sustainable alternative to all forms of conventional concrete as it does not remove sand from beaches and rivers etc and removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.If possible genetically engineered bacteria can produce the same fibrous material as C.sativa allowing it be grown onsite of Daedalus factories on a commercial scale.It can be hybridised with bacteria based cement and also self compacting,smart and self healing concrete to have all of their qualities with them have carbon/graphene/carbyne nanotubes or sheets in them to increase strength.Research should be made into plant based cement should be done.

•Foamcrete a stronger and cheaper form of concrete that can withstand extreme environmental stresses i.e. earthquakes,flooding,hurricanes and can be used to create homes quickly with little energy or labour.It also is more fire resistant and has higher thermal insulation.this can have carbon nanotubes added for added strength.

•Self healing concrete and asphalt that repairs itself when cracks appear due to bacteria mixed in that secrete calcium carbonate.This could theoretically be replicated with other materials such as steel,rubber and other polymers.

•Smart concrete mixed with carbon fibres that conducts electrical charge and that can allow for sensors to be introduced reducing human labour in monitoring the structural integrity open to the public.This could theoretically replicated with other materials such as steel,rubber etc.Ideally these carbon fibres would be carbyne/graphene nanotubes for added strength.

•Self compacting concrete which allows for faster construction,better surface finishes,improved durability factor,safer work environment,less pollution,less manpower on site,easier placing and reduced noise level due to absence of vibration

•Ferrock a form of concrete that uses iron to store carbon dioxide,uses less energy in production and is five times stronger

•Bacteria based wood created from landfill waste that can sequester methane.This is made from bacteria that degrade construction or organic waste to produce methane which is used to grow other bacteria that turn the methane into a bio-polymer which when mixed with plant fibres such as hemp,nettle,red algae etc created by other bacteria creates a wood like material that can be used for furniture,decking and wood used in the frame of buildings saving on the energy for cutting down trees for wood.The bacteria could also be fed sugars as well as methane from other bacteria including methagenous bacteria.

•Wood could be created by bacteria that create the resins,plant fibres of trees mixed with cellulosic nanowires of all type of woods using tweaked Geobactor and Shewanella onsite of Daedalus moulded into plants of wood for all parts of buildings including frames.Ths would render all work in forestry defunct.

•Porous asphalt that allows water to permeate to the ground below returning rainwater to precious groundwater reserves and also alleviate storm drains during heavy rains and flooding.Variants of self healing porous asphalt also exist.Porous concrete also exists with research can be done into porous metals and carbon composites.These can replace asphalt in existing roads,public streets,carparks step by step by robots in areas prone to flooding and snow with advances in AI and robotics with these roads cornered off and traffic diverted by Ophion.

•Polyurea a coating material for boats and buildings to improve it ability withstand external stresses of the materials and make it waterproof for at least 20-25 years before needing reapplication.

•Carbon fibre and graphene composites such as buckypaper that will eventually replace steel and concrete as they require less energy in gathering of raw of materials and manufacture.Also their manufacture should be easier to automate and are at least 200 times stronger than steel and much lighter(roughly 86% lighter) as well as negate the need to mine areas for ore saving on energy.It can also replace concrete which requires energy and also dredging up beaches and can be created on a much cheaper and quicker and more renewable scale by burning fossil fuels and sequestering the carbon dioxide,sequestering carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere and by growing and pyrolysing Bambusoideae and any sort of organic material including organic waste ie dead animals,waste food etc.There is at least 2,795 Gt on carbon dioxide in remaining fossil fuel reserves,1,961 Gt in the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and also a further 100Tt of molten carbon in the upper mantle and 10Tt stored as methane reservoir leading to at least 114.25 Tt of it on Earth with picotech fabrication creating even more.Graphene alone which is one atom thick is 200 times stronger than steel with a tensile strength of 130 Gigapascales and compressive strength of 361GPa.Self healing variants of these materials such as carbyne the strongest material known to man are in development which is more than two times stronger than graphene withstanding up to 270 Gigapascals will eventually be used in place of steel in buildings,wind turbines,railroad tracks and bridges etc and build upon existing steel and concrete buildings.Rebars in construction can be composed of carbon composites or plastics with one or more sheets of graphene on the rebars exterior or in its matrix and trusses,girders etc covered and infused with this of this can allow for extra tall buildings and even build upon existing ones(including those made of concrete and steel) due to it being significantly lighter than steel and other building materials especially if the roof of these is covered in graphene paint,sheets of graphene or graphene nanotube/carbyne infused self healing smart foamcrete.Flakes,nanotubes and sheets of this can be infused into other building materials like self healing foamcrete,rebars,steel,wood,Bambusoideae,marble,precious gems etc with this applying to existing structures as well as new ones to increase their strength by boring holes or it through them with this also applying to carbyne.Laying it on a floor such as a roof or underneath jacquizzis can allow it to hold these weights especially in multiple sheets with roof extensions having multiple sheets of this underneath or sandwiched inbetween self healing foamcrete.It can also be bored into concrete columns including existing ones from above.Laying layers sheets of it onto a roof can allow for more floors on it with each new floor including the existing roof having sheets of these in layers to increase the amount of floors it can house.This would be of interest to existing buildings renovated and having more floors both at the beginning to add at least fifty to hundred floors onto them with these having Venetian sized suites.Research must be made into making both carbyne and graphene either as sheets,nanotubes or nanotubules as a stand alone construction material as trusses,columns,sheets etc.Having several layers of it as sheets or nanotubes in a material will in fact increase its strength even more especially if evenly spaced out.Existing buildings can have graphene paint or sheets of graphene on the roof to give them support with concrete and foamcrete with fibres in its matrix or in it can also increase its strength with this applied to other conventional building materials with the graphene both in itself and other materials can allow for sensory readings to be relayed to the building AI and Hermes.Graphene can be integrated into the matrix of windows making them shatterproof especially in areas prone to hurricanes and floods and add built in television screens and also touchscreen computers to them.It can also be used to create furniture like tables and beds that are atom thick yet extremely durable with ropes composed of it or in integrated into the matrix of the material used to make them making it possible to hold heavier loads in elevators,bridges,rock climbing with it being more stretchy.Any substances matrix it is integrated into could be strengthen to to graphenes level of strength as well as it ability to survive temperatures of at least 3,652 – 4,626.85 degrees celcius(compared to steels 1,500 degrees before melting and 650 degrees to lose half its strength)meaning they theoretically may not require conventional fireproofing especially toxic ones ie asbestos(meting point of 2,750 degrees) to survive fires in the buildings with sensors placed on them that can take readings from trusses,columns to relay readings of structural integrity and temperature to building AI.This combined with its strength over steel can allow it survive intense fires and external pressure meaning buildings composed of it can survive office fires and collisions with say even aircraft such as seen on 9/11 thus allowing buildings that are hit by aircraft or even resulting fires or even conventional office fires thus allowing them to survive longer or indefinitely.Existing asbestos and other fireproofing on buildings can be replaced with graphene and graphene paint as well as non toxic fungi and hempcrete.It could also replace fibreglass for it various uses as well due to it being non toxic.This can be used in the matrix of windows and doors as part of containment fields in laboratories and military bases and will replace steel in the construction of high rise buildings and skyscrapers allowing them to hold more weight that steel and concrete.As a result it will replace steel and concrete and in time old concrete and steel buildings can be recycled for the materials they are composed of or it can be encased in self healing foamcrete in sheets or carbyne nanotubes to give extra support and as a means for furniture and people to be held by it with layers of graphene paint on ceilings and floors to give extra strength especially for extensions.Due to its strength and lightness and abundance it can replace concrete in construction allowing buildings to got higher and can be put in the matrix of pipes made of steel,carbon composites etc to make them flexible especially in areas affected by earthquakes and blockages.

•Graphene paint can theoretically strengthen existing steel on bridges,concrete,Bambusoideae,stone and wood on other structures such as railroads,piers and houses(as well as balconies) to the strength of graphene by applying a single layer of it on as it has shown to increase coppers strength by at least 500 times thus making existing bridges and buildings etc more strong and invulnerable to external pressure and attack especially from debris in a storm forever.Any surface it is applied to has its strength increased automatically 200 times stronger than steel and makes all surfaces it is on resistant to rust and corrosion indefinitely replacing the need to mine for zinc and use toxic compounds like hexavalent chromium as well as negating the need to remove and galvinize existing structures with a permanent layer of liquid glass ontop of it can repel water and oils as well as graffiti which can be of use to bridges over rives,lakes and seawater with these applied by hand or by specialised robots to all parts of a bridge including parts submerged underwater and internal components making them last indefinitely with little to no human labor over the coming millenia.It will also replace toxic lead paint.This can be applied to any building or structure to generate extra electricity to power the building or fed into the national grid due to the fact that it converts sunlight into electricity.It can also be put on the interior and exterior of a building in order to strengthen it from natural disasters or bombs etc with its high melting point of 3,652 – 4,626.85 degrees celcius acting as fireproofing for doors,walls and ceilings preventing the spread of fires and can protect steel and wooden frames,trusses etc from fire damage thus preventing them from burning,losing strength and melting negating the need for asbestos etc and as stated increase their strength to that of graphene.Steel girders and frames can be coated by this making them as strong as graphene.Pipes including existing ones can be treated with this once layer of liquid glass is put over it both by spraying robots in order to increase its strength against ice,blockages etc preventing bursts and ruptures.Thus by applying this to concrete,wood,steel girders or the ground of a roof including existing ones can increase their strength to that of graphene and make them fireproof with this allowing fireproofing in all buildings including asbestos to be removed while girders etc are sprayed by robots in tight spaces of existing buildings.This combined with its strength over steel can allow it survive intense fires and external pressure meaning buildings covered in it can survive office fires and collisions with say even aircraft such as seen on 9/11 thus allowing buildings that are hit by aircraft or even resulting fires or even conventional office fires thus allowing them to survive longer or indefinitely.

•Everwood coating that renders wood of any type fireproof,waterproof,mouldproof and also repels termites increasing its lifespan.Genetically engineered bacteria can create this.This should be applied to new and existing homes in areas prone to forest fires to limit damage.

•Accoya woods are those treated to make it waterproof and mould free as well as repel termites.It combined with everwood and kebonisation will make would last indefinitely.

•Kebonisation a process that strengthens softwoods to the same strength as hard woods and renders it mould free.Any wood can undergo this to increase its strength and increase lifespan improve aesthetic to luxury standards.To further save on energy this alcohol solution can be created by engineered bacteria to further produce more of it on site of the factory to meet rising demands.

•Synthetic wood wherein bacteria can create the fibres and cellulose of specific types of wood from around the world such as pine,oak,tropical hardwoods that can be mixed in with it to allow for localised production of all types of wood cutting down on energy costs with the bacteria containing tweaked recombinant Geobacter and Shewanella DNA to create cellulosic nanowires and resins of each species of trees also mixed in with cellulosic pulp and fibres of trees created by other bacteria used to be mixed in also of each type of wood from around the world in each Daedalus and Daedalus factory and them then kebonised sufficing until picotech fabricators can perfect this with kebonisation increasing its strength and lifespan.Unlike those in humans these would create the trees fibres,cellulose,pulps and resins instead of coagulants mixed together in moulds to use as a framework thus allowing all types of wood to be created onsite of these factories in moulds cutting down on energy and time in harvesting and shipping wood across the world or even from nearby forests and if perfected would replace it entirely as they would be grown in a mould made of recyclable methane based plastic resins or organic resins that would grow them in the shape of each piece of furniture ordered and designed on Daedalus or parts used for building houses like frames,flooring etc on Daedalus or planks of wood.The organic resin moulds would then be recycled by being broken down by bacteria including those used for creating the wood fibres,resins and nanowires.These would involve recombinant DNA from any of the worlds 60,065 species of trees.If possible everwood and other wood treatments and varnishes etc would be made here.These moulds would be designed to make the wood planks have the same appearance as cut wood ie whorls,tree rings and patterns on them with the person even designing the patterns and whorls present with AI making them realistic and also designing realistic ones with the bacteria that create the nanowires also creating carbon nanotubes to increase its strength surpassing that of steel.The moulds would be broken down for later use.This should allow for any type of wood from all 60,065 species of trees to be created locally onsite of Daedalus and Daedalus factories using specialised machinery thus saving energy and time in transporting wood from around the world and alongside paper made from bacteria with the species specific bacteria created using 3D DNA printers onsite of the factories that can be grown in large amounts and then put into a mould cutting down on time and energy for transporting the wood from forests around the world.The mould would be composed of methane based plastic and thus would be itself constructed onsite of the Daedalus and Daedalus or even Selene factories with the mould once used will be broken down by bacteria to create methane stored onsite for more plastic.Thus any type of all species of 60,065 of wood would be created onsite of these two factories once factories.Synthetic wood can be made of all 1,200 Bambusoidea as well as 200,000 species of algae and all 391,000 species of plants such as flowers,ferns,bushes,grasses etc.
•Permanent layers of liquid glass or silica dioxide can be placed on houses and structures such a bridges over existing layers of paint or other nanotechnology such as graphene paint where it will make them acid proof protecting against acid rain,repel dirt,water and oils negating the need for humans or even robots to clean them as even rainwater will be able to clean them.This will also give the layer of graphene paint an extra layer of protection and ensure that they will stay on the surface indefinitely without water or UV light eroding or washing away the paint thus allowing the paint to generate electricity and give piping,machinery and structures extra durability.It will also have anti-graffiti properties preventing vandalism with other nanocoatings aiding in this when placed ontop of the liquid glass.This would allow heavy rain or gentle sprays of water to remove the graffiti with the nanocoatings placed in this order to allow the graffiti be removed while the liquid glass prevents the paint from being run off.Existing buildings affected by graffiti can have these coatings in this order,graphene paint,liquid glass and graffiti nanocoatings eliminating human maintenance.This over a layer of graphene paint can also replace both zinc and carcinogenic compounds like hexavalent chromium on machinery,piping and other materials thus preventing incidents like the Hinkley groundwater contamination.This will make all surfaces it is applied to make it permanently acid,base,dirt,oil,UV light,graffiti and water resistant since it repels these and by being added over a layer of graphene paint in exiting and new pipes by robots will prevent blockages by preventing oil,grease and water sticking to them.It can be added by machinery on request of the homeowner on all interior and exterior surfaces or done by hand with this also applying to existing homes.Since it has a melting point of 1,600 degrees celcius it can possibly be used to be a layer of fireproofing over graphene paint or surfaces.

By mixing these new materials together we could create structures that would require less energy in their production and even reducing the amount of maintenance required by humans ie.mixing bacteria based concrete with foamcrete,smart and self healing foamcrete(using graphene or carbyne nanotubes infused in them) we could create self healing structures such as homes,skyscrapers,highways,roads and bridges that could be monitored 24/7 remotely by the public that has the strength or more strength of carbon nanotubes with a polyurea or graphene paint layer that could eliminate damage from external stresses and water while drastically eliminating human labour with regards to monitoring structural integrity and repair by hand especially in earthquake,storm and tsunamai prone areas.To deal with scarcity or sand used in construction of concrete building sized picotech fabricators in Daedalus factories will create the amount of sand and gravel needed for each building and this will also be used to replenish over exploited beaches and quarries with other materials such as Bambusoideae,graphene etc also created this way.Carbon composites will come from resequestered carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere and that from remaining stores of fossil fuels and also terraforming projects on Mars and Venus.Otherwise carbon composites and wood will also be used with consumers deciding the material used with simulations deciding its viability.Wood and carbon fibres would be a more renewable sources with carbon fibres or even steel covered in graphene paint and sheets allowing for more resilient buildings and also taller ones due to their relative lightness with fungi etc insulation trapping heat.To alleviate the strains on beaches prior to the development of picotechnology and also both fusion power and quantum singularity power sources available buy 2100 carbon fibre materials as well as steel covered in graphene paint will thus be used as the main construction material for communal homes and even extensions onto those used as communal homes ie schools,supermarkets,hypermarkets etc with private homes using wood that can be treated with everwood etc to make it fireproof.This is again because of its lightness and strength in comparison to concrete.Bacteria based cement and hempcrete will also alleviate strains on traditional concrete with both fitted with carbon nanotubes to increase strength as hempcrete is derived from growing C.sativa a renewable resource.Bambusoideae that has a similar strength to steel can have as detailed recombinant DNA from tweaked Geobactor and Shewanella added to them to make them produce graphene nanotubes or have these bacteria or even microbes with these tweaked DNA produce these nanotubes inside the plants fibres thus making it 200 times stronger than steel making it viable for private homes,and even tall skyscraper buildings with coating them in graphene paint or varnish also doing this.This would be in the case of both hollow and solid Bambusoideae with hollow Bambusoideae having graphene fibres mixed in the centre.Recombinant DNA from A.luehmannii will make this Bambusoideae stronger.Material left over from construction,demolished buildings and even waste dumps will be recycled.Crushed glass and even concrete from dams torn down will be reused.All of these would be made in Daedalus factories locally alongside conventional materials using both material created onsite by bacteria,fungi,hydroponic plants including trees and picotech fabricators as well as ordered in from recycling plants,forests and mines etc via interacting with Tyche,Pan and Hades via Persephone.

Advances in self driving vehicles could be applied to all machinery used in construction such as diggers,cranes etc. in laying down pipes,roads,train tracks as well boring water wells and underground pipelines with this sufficiently advanced to do this autonomously from building and mayor AI within a decade with Ophion redirecting any traffic away from roads and buildings under construction or renovation.In the case of laying down pipes micro-tunneling pipelay technology can be used to aid in automating the laying down of pipes.This is is where the machine automatically bores underground say under a river at an angle while at the same time laying down pipes without using conventional diggers and cranes to put them in place piece by piece and then cover them with the soil all over again.This should indeed allow most piping or underground tunnels as detailed later on to be done more cheaply with no human labour.These pipes and other construction materials can be 3D printed.Latticed carbyne or sheets of graphene can be integrated into the matrix,graphene paint and liquid glass applied to the exterior and interior to make them much stronger and resistant to external damage and permanently resistant to corrosion and able to bend in the case of earthquakes.All construction operations can be automated with Hermes allowing the public to monitor progress from anywhere in the world.All construction projects once finished will be scanned in and uploaded to Artemis to allow the public to know where all overground and underground projects are in order to keep track of them and prevent newer projects whether personal or communal to damage them by accident.Advances in AI alongside cameras and sensors will allow this to be fully automated within five to ten years by adding robotic arms to replace any remaining humans with all projects managed by the mayor AI and voted on by the public affected by them.Roads etc under renovation such as replacing them with self healing porous asphalt etc and those being fixed will be done Ophion directing traffic away or tow use the other side more efficiently.Most roads with new automated machinery will be constructed and old existing ones renovated with self healing asphalt in as little as one to two days in comparison to thirty days,Ideally roads in areas that are prone to floods from monsoons,storms,flash floods and also in the path of frequent blizzards and snowy winters and cold snaps will have these in place to negate the need for using salt as prevent or lessen the intensity of floods with these done step by step.Roads that experience frequent damage from potholes will also be replaced by self healing porous asphalt.

The production of steel has seen huge leaps and bounds in automation with most work done with robots in terms of production and quality testing which could be fully automated within the next few years.As stated above steel will eventually be replaced by carbyne/graphene and carbon composites due to it being lighter elastic and 200 times stronger.Furthermore these carbon composites don’t need to be mined and smelted saving on time and energy and can be made anywhere in the world ideally onsite of factories with carbon ordered in via Persephone making countries self sufficient in its production.

Quality control of metal and piping can be fully automated with remote monitoring and confirmed ones Hephaestus accounts with AI and robots able to fill in any remaining work done by humans within the decade such as judgment on the quality of them.

With regards to bridge construction it will be a mixture of automation,prefabrication of 3D printed concrete components and prefabricated steel or carbon composites.Again sensors,robotics.cameras and AI will ensure that within at least five years construction of all bridges are fully automated.

For the construction of pylon towers this can be done by autonomous helicopters and humanoid robots with wiring checked by expliner and repair robots that can climb them like those that harvest coconuts 24/7,365 days a year with fuse boxes also repaired by these robots or have them moved to the bottom of the pylon for terrestrial based robots that also fix fuse boxes and lights to fix them.Computers can be integrated into the fuse boxes to allow for automated fixes and remote maintenance and monitoring to be done via Hermes.Pylons can be redesigned into more simple designs to be less of an eyesore and easier to construct.New and existing pylons and the wiring can be fitted with meta-materials that can render them invisible to the naked eye(but not expliner and repair robots except the very foundation foot of each one so as to see them on land) to return the natural beauty of the area with sensors placed on them and their location logged into maps to prevent accidents involving automated low flying vehicles,balloons and aircraft.They can be covered in graphene paint to increase their strength against external damage(alongside the wires)with liquid glass over this to prevent ice forming and also carbon composites aiding in their footing to keep them in place during bad weather.Cameras and sensors on the helicopters and foundations will improve accuracy.Their ability to switch to IR illuminator cameras at night will allow them to work 24/7 at night with them coated internally and externally in liquid glass to make them water,dirt and ice proof.

Underground cables can be implemented via automation through micro-tunnel borer machines in future planning to replace overhead pylons and in time they can be laid down alongside existing pylons and then connected to the grid so the existing pylons can be taken and down and recycled for other purposes.This will be done by automation and AI by 2029 with Steropes deciding where they go on local to global levels that will lay down new underground lines using graphene and other atom thick allotropes to decrease energy loss and improve resource efficiency and when this is done existing pylons will be taken down and recycled with this done simultaneously worldwide.These will be designed by Steropes who will also manage them and there location on local to global scales visible on a map of the world to the public alongside the amount of energy they are transmitting.The advantages of underground power lines are that they:
•Have lower transmission losses
•Are not a danger to low flying aircraft and hot air balloons
•Are not an eyesore and thus do not affect the scenery especially in tourist spots.
•Can absorb emergency power loads
•Have lower maintenance costs
•Emit no electric field and can be engineered to emit a lower magnetic field than an overhead line
•Require a narrower band of land to install
•Are less susceptible to the impacts of severe weather and thus repair by humans of note to places prone to flooding,snowstorms and hurricanes.They can supply continuous electricity to areas that are affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes,floods,tsunamais,tornadoes,storms and as stated earlier snowstorms and hurricanes where overhead pylons can be easily destroyed and require human maintenance.Thus should be possible if composed of self healing smart concrete whose readings are relayed to Hermes
•Underground cables pose no hazard to low flying aircraft or to wildlife especially birds and hot air balloons.
•Much less subject to conductor theft,illegal connections,sabotage,and damage from armed conflict.
•They can go underground underneath rivers,oceans,protected areas cities,towns,buildings and wilderness including jungles,forests,desert,mountains etc without affecting them and allow land that houses conventional pylons to be reforested and used for biochar programmes.This can allow for them connect homes,battery packs,power plants across a city,county,state,country or continent forming the global Brontes energy grid.
•They can serve underground communities
•They can connect not just powerplants to homes but also connect community packs to each other and homes,cities etc
These can be in small underground sealed tunnels large enough to permanently accommodate variants of the expliner robots and other robots designed for examining and repairing overhead lines so as to allow for any faults to be detected autonomously using robots without having to dig them up again with diagnostic computers dotted around in each section and chargers for the robots that continuously patrol the area 24/7,365 days a year to interact with and send reports on the temperature of the tunnel,the temperature of wires,pressure in the wires and the tunnel itself,the amount of energy being sent through,environmental levels in the tunnels,integrity of the wires,the level of gaseous coolant in the tunnel,location and times of fault discoveries and their severity(following the same universal colour coded system – blue:safe/no problem,yellow some concern,green some danger,red severe problem),the robots own diagnostics alerting the general public and also repair robots for both robots and wiring located in a small compartments in the tunnel.Both types of robots can be charged by wireless inductive charger plates or charger that draw energy from these underground lines and the mains or from solar panels,VAWTs or other renewable sources of energy directly above these charger ports/induction plates.Research into smart and self healing rubber similar to smart concrete can be developed alongside graphene “smart wires” input into the wiring that can allow for the ability to discover where exact faults or breakages etc occur by interacting wirelessly with repair robots,nearby diagnostic computers and the smart rubber and also how much energy is passing through and temperature all of these uploading logged data wirelessly 24/7,365 days a year(daily,weekly,monthly,yearly average plotted on a graph) to the relevant sub-network of the Hermes network in the wire.They would also allow cool inert coolant like freon to be pumped into the tunnel to be kept in a looped system with an extra covering of a heat dissipating material covering the wires(rubber or otherwise) and a thin layer of liquid coolant/polyethylene in between the layer of smart rubber and heat dissipating rubber.Research can be done if clusters of dual graphene nanotubes insulated with this self healing rubber can be used transfer electricity in these (and those in any new overground pylons) making the transfer of electricity to homes even faster and cheaper when mixed with copper and alumenene,lithium(or hexagonal singular atomic allotropes such as lithosene),silicene and other elements or just by itself by lowering resistance and thus the potential of overheating and thus negating the need for coolants.These miniature tunnels would be logged in infrastructure networks that would interact with automated diggers to prevent damage by them in other infrastructure project as well as appearing on maps of the areas infrastructure projects on the Artemis network via the wire available on smart devices and will be deep enough not to effected by farming machinery and building of pools by people.They could bend around historical sites,buildings,urban areas and also bend downwards temporarily under rivers and lakes.Micro boring tunnelling machines or micro-tunnelling pipelay technology can allow for the tunnels to go under the aforementioned areas alongside miniature robots that can drag the cables behind them to prevent human labour involved in this process.To prevent flooding and damage from earthquakes the tunnel would be composed of a layer of smart concrete/self healing foamcrete covered in an internal and external layer of liquid glass and graphene paint to protect it from water and external damage and any entrances to it for robots would be watertight and interact to only robots or smart devices by any people certified to inspect them to prevent damage from flooding with measures taken to prevent the coolant leaking such as depressurising systems and airlocks.Readings of the integrity of the smart/self healing concretes integrity will also be fed into Hermes.Liquid glass sprayed on the interior of the tunnels and the wires insulation will protect them from water,acid,oils,dirt and deterioration also aided by making the insulation from the most durable material to last at least a century.Any electrical repellent nano coatings or films created(with buckypaper being a stepping stone to this)can be coated on the rubber casing,robots and interior walls and exterior of the tunnels to give further protection of both the internal and external environment.Underwater tunnels undersea,under lakes etc.can be composed of pyrex/graphene/carbon composites in the former and the latter carbon composites both of which can be coated in liquid glass to protect it from acidic seawater and water eroding it and rusting it.Graphene paint can also protect it from external forces and damage.By having them deep underground more lines can be placed above them and research must be made into creating cables that can carry the maximum amount of power possible to reduce the need of having to lay down new lines as well as reducing loss of electricity while it is being transmitted.New advances will lead to ensuring this maximum amount of energy possible being laid down can allow new lines being set down using this and then old lines being either dismantled or replaced meaning the underground lines can be placed near existing overground pylons and once they are set down the overhead ones are recycled with the underground ones replacing the overhead pylons.Alternatively during this process temporary overground pylons can carry this electricity to homes etc while new ones are installed in place of old underground wires.These underground tunnels can have their width and depth increased by advances in automation,robots,boring and mirotunneling technology combined with each other to allow them to hold more wiring with this done when the cables are held in place of supports such as graphene grating underneath.Otherwise robots can be developed that enter the tunnel via airlock system and lay down new wires within them or replace old defunct ones.Other measures can be developed to overcome the disadvantages of this method.Internet cables(as detailed earlier composed of graphene making it cheaper and faster) and gas pipes can also be integrated into these tunnels to compact them together with sensors detecting fires and floods that may occur similar to those in Tokyo.

Automated construction of homes includes modular prefabricated homes.These are homes where the main components are constructed indoors easily by machine and then assembled indoors.These can also include homes made from refurbished shipping containers and train carriages covered in a wood covering to make them more aesthetically pleasing.Humanoid robots,kuka robots,those modelled on arthropods,automated cranes,helicopters,sensors and improvements in AI will once again ensure construction of all buildings and windows and fixtures will be fully automated with the next five years managed by Gaia through Hermes,Daedalus and Hephaestus.Their ability to switch to IR illuminator cameras at night will allow them to work 24/7 at night.These can also consist of foldeable versions that can be transported to any areas allowing one to move their house to new permanent residences and also places for holidays using Ophion with these also being used in relief efforts in natural disasters.These will be constructed inside Daedalus factories.

All processes such as the marking of lines for machinery,digging,spraying of polyurea and foamcrete,the painting of walls,the laying of bricks(with modifications needed to remove and collect excess cement) and the insertion of pipes,laying down of broadband cables and wiring(with copper wires in buildings replaced by graphene/carbyne mixed with aluminium,silicene or even themselves (or carbon neural tubules)to lower resistance and prevent overheating and thus any faults and save on mining copper)and insertion of baths,windows,doors and sinks(as well as their construction and transportation) and other fittings and fixtures can be fully automated alongside all steps in construction can be done by existing and new robots designed in particular humanoid robots especially in the case of skyscrapers or even miniature 3D metal and concrete printers that can reach the top floor by elevators or be brought up in pieces and assembled by other robots used in the construction of these new floors or by each part having motors and wheels.These drones could one day become sufficiently advanced to build an entire building from scratch or aid other robots in construction.This could be done by them transporting bricks individually or even large girders in groups to hard to reach areas and aid in the construction of rope,wooden,steel and concrete bridges.Brick laying robots that create pavements will use designs made by the public stored in subfolders of Daedalus will lay down bricks in areas marked by drones patrolling the area denoted by the people staying there.Any machinery and robots that require any human labour can within the next five years through modified versions using robotic hands etc to be become fully automated especially plaster robots.

Even preparation of light fixtures and wiring into the building and the construction of windows can and will be automated with these robots being par of the fleets working together.

Painting of walls can be bypassed by graphene wallpaper placed on walls that can stream an infinite amount of stationary colours and wallpapers as well as moving patterns from Hephaestus and live video feeds of environments from Hermes with this allowing wallpaper and paint factories to be used as homes with it also cutting down in energy in the production and manufacture and transportation of paint and wallpaper and provide consumers with an almost unlimited amount of custom made wallpapers and paint which can be changed instantly using smart devices via the home AI negating human labour and allow paint and wallpaper factories to be renovated into homes.In time paint can be onsite of Daedalus factories to be ordered in by the public or used to paint new homes with the consumer choosing any colour on a colour wheel with the sub network from all possible colours and even choose the saturation of all colours with the dyes created by bacteria with them virtually tried on using the Home AI applying them through smart devices similar to Homestyler or Dulux visualizer.

Windows primarily triple ply windows for use in the houses can also be made on site here or in nearby factories or those part of Daedalus factories.Windows can during construction have graphene carbon composite materials either onto the external layer and/or within their silica matrix to prevent damage from external forces such as footballs or debris from storms,tornadoes and hurricanes(and even bullets) as these composites are at least 200 times stronger than steel making them resilient and bulletproof.Sheets of graphene in them can also allow for live feeds from Hermes,moving designs and even computer and television screens to be streamed alongside video calls.Both the construction of windows and doors should be part of Daedalus factories.Inspection of buildings can be done remotely through sensors that can monitor structural integrity,robots that can inspect attics for faults in piping and electrical faults as well as drones that can inspect roofs of buildings as well as bridges and skyscraper during and after construction.These can be fitted with thermal cameras that detect heat loss and can other features to detect abnormalities with zoom features to detect microscopic abnormalities and can be remote controlled to navigate nooks and crannies with improvement in AI allowing this to be done automatically with abnormalities automatically detected and reported and logged on the persons Hephaestus account with sensor readings from smart concrete,sensors etc fed into Hermes.Drones and robots managed by Tyche will monitor public bridges and bridges routinely.

Demolition can be done be using robots specifically designing robots to tear down walls,wiring robots to implant charges and insert explosives.By 2029-2035 robotics should be advanced to remove all human labour in them completely and indefinitely.Humanoid robots and biosynths etc will be developed in time for these by 2045.Fleets of drones will monitor the progress of demolition both inside and outside to relay progress and also scan the rooms to all robots,as well as each other as well as Perses and the local Perses building and also patrol the surrounding area to alert humans to the demolition with graphene scaffolding protecting walkways and even roads from debris that would be cleaned up with adjoining streets closed from traffic via Ophion during this with simulations done on all demolition projects before it is carried out as to the effect on the surrounding area with all drones and machinery etc linked to together and the building housing them.Scaffolding and tunnels made of carbon composites will be used to protect streets and roads from debris.Smart devices in close proximity will receive alerts as to them.The universal sentient demolition entity and its operating software will be called Perses after the Greek deity of destruction with a statue of him in all buildings housing them with them each having a unique personality,receptionist(with universal uniform) etc allowing headquarters of both government and private corporations turned into homes.Each region will have their own building that will house demolition robots,biosynths and drones that will alongside Perses plan out and oversee all operations in their area arranged by the mayor or governor AI that is voted by the local community.This will also deal with the demolitions of bridges and dams worldwide with it having its own YouTube where drones will film the demolition.The software of the same name will link all buildings worldwide housing these with each building having omniscience over all operations in its region with the building contacted by the AI mayor once the public has decided a building must be destroyed with photos and GPS location of the building is given.If possible one demolition corporation headquarters in each country,state or region will be used as the Perses headquarters for each one of these subdivisions with once dimensional transcendamentalism is perfected the robots,drones and biosynths will be transferred to the ground of all Daedalus factories with the AI of the Perses buildings and the sentient Perses moving into and sharing space with the AI of the Daedalus buildings to allow the original buildings become private or communal homes with before the development of this technology underground extensions in Daedalus factories could house the robots,biosynths etc for Perses with Perses sharing space with Daedalus and not requiring a second building AI with the AI of Daedalus factories also being that of the Perses extensions.This would allow demolition services to be in each manufacturing hub serving the local demolition needs.The building AIs will be transferred to a cloud in the wire to be transferred to new buildings with in time biosynths and humanoid robots used to replace human workers in all demolition buildings worldwide.New cleaner methods of demolishing a building can be developed.Ideally old buildings should be renovated for use as homes,vertical farms,community centres or other uses with the receptionists changing their uniform and the operating software changed alongside statues.Repair of any damaged buildings can be done via Daedalus.Demolition should only apply to severely decaying buildings that will be rebuilt to be used as homes etc as well as buildings and islands of small retail outlets namely homes of low quality to be replaced by forest farms,luxury communal homes etc.All material from demolished buildings and bridges including concrete,wood,glass,tiling,piping and wiring including those underneath the buildings and those in any adjoining roads etc will be recycled and reused by automated machinery with the land ideally used for community gardens and links to forest farms on the outskirts once resoiled or more communal homes.Concrete,stone and glass will be ground into its base elemental components to create more concrete etc with wood pyrolysised to create fertiliser and also graphene and other carbon composites for use in electronics and construction with tiling,piping,tiling and wiring melted into its base elemental component once sent to relevant recycling buildings.Asbestos and other toxic materials will be removed and then allow the building to be demolished with it recycled for elemental components.Demolition and removal of roads to accommodate farmland will also be done by this entity as well.All work will be automated from start to finish by at least 2029.Ideally all buildings that are to be demolished including homes,abandoned ones,retail outlets should be scanned into Daedalus beforehand by room scanners or fleet of nanoquadrocopters internally and externally to preserve the building through replication and simulations.All manufactured goods in buildings about to be demolished will scanned into Hephaestus in community centres before being recycled with the furniture and electronics from those from the lower socio-economic levels will be scanned into relevant networks before being sent to community centres to be recycled/traded via Euthenia or alongside personal heirlooms and also photos albums etc sent to new homes in obsolete buildings and also abandoned buildings.This should be of note of abandoned ones to be turned into communal homes though renovations.Personal effects like pictures,heirlooms etc will be sent to community centres to be stored and scanned into the wire and internet with any media scanned into relevant networks with original owners tracked down with magazines,movies and books etc scanned into Dionysus and Pheme.All alterations to a city whether demolition,renovations,addition of new extensions and buildings etc will be scanned into Brauron that will replace Google Maps site by site by nanoquadrocopters scanning in each new road and bridge as well as new buildings as they are added or removed and even have extensions individually.All white elephant construction projects except buildings can be demolished and the land reforested and material recycled with buildings used as residential areas once renovated in their own episodes.Abandoned bucket wheel excavator and similar machinery that are not used and left behind will be torn down piece by piece and then recycled and the land they are in reforested as far back as possible.Bridges that are not finished and those that are in poor conditions whether made of wood,steel,stone,concrete and other materials can be finished or ideally in the case of essential ones that are in poor conditions will be rebuilt using carbon fibre based materials or even steel covered in graphene paint with these bridges demolishing and reconstruction will be covered in episodes.

Demolition and conversion of land to hotel and apartment style communal homes or forest and community farms would be for the lowest quality estates,slums and shanty towns that cannot be merged or renovated into miniaturised mansions with if possible all piping and wiring recycled alongside all material in them.Those that cannot house apartment blocks and communal homes put in place of them will have the land reforested as part of forest farms that surround towns and cities or community gardens.If only a few buildings are merged into compact mansions then the surrounding buildings can be demolished to allow for large private and communal gardens with the possibility of luxury apartments put in large free tracts of land.Poor housing estates converted into community and forest farms will have one or two buildings merged together with underground and roof extensions to house the farm AI,statue and rooms to store excess crops,hydroponic and bacteria growing alongside recirculating aquaculture systems and other features like livestock.If all people in a suburb move out as stated earlier then the homes can be demolished and reforested with this occurring due to them booking places in other countries or luxury communal homes built on the outskirts to accommodate them with this also applying to instances where suburbs are on islands or have artificial rivers criss crossing them and the land reforested once the river is made back to its original course.Otherwise if most people move out then people could merge their homes with two or more of their neighbours homes next to them with excess ones demolished giving them larger gardens and even parks.

In short the development of AI,robotics in particular humanoid,arthropod and kuka ones and also 3D printing will ensure that within the next 5-10 years by at least 2029-2035 construction and renovations of all buildings from homes,public sewage and water treatment plants and even skyscrapers alongside roof,underground and side extensions will be automated from start to finish especially if intensive research in these fields is pursued.In time humanoid biosynths will form part of these fleets by at least 2045 thus eliminating all jobs in construction indefinitely.The sentient Daedalus will become the universal construction entity replacing all corporate and government entities worldwide and make all human workers in this field obsolete by then with him abiding by the regulations of both Tyche and Rhea.The ability of the robots to switch to IR illuminator cameras at night will allow them to work 24/7 at night with them possibly able to work in unfavourable weather that would affect humans such as rain and ice by having all surfaces and themselves covered internally and externally in liquid glass to prevent fogging as well as water and dirt affecting them.Zoom features will also be present with them in time them composed of graphene and having graphene muscles to make them able to lift heavier loads than humans.Buildings designed on Daedalus and the relevant piping or extensions will be saved onto all robots with the robots hard drive then constantly interacting with each other wirelessly carrying out operations with them able to see through not only through their own eyes but also those of their colleague robots,drones and those at key points to mark progress with the map of the building,extensions viewed simultaneously in real time and viewed as a percentage complete by them with completed areas also visible to them.Fleets of aerial drones and other small robots will patrol the exterior and interior of the building and area to check its stability and progress with these also linked to each robot(who will be able to see through it and again equipped with the ability to switch to IR illuminator cameras)and each other with these using self charging technologies,wireless inductive chargers around the town and will work in a rotary system in fleets with them also monitoring human traffic to alert humans to the presence of construction work and guide them to safety and alert robots to any humans there to prevent accidents.These and normal robots and in time biosynths will allow for all areas of the place under constructed to be monitored in real time by the factory AI and also Daedalus with them using magnetometers to detect pipes which scanned into Brauron will be fed into other robots.This will negate the need for construction managers and all human operators with all robots and drones being part of the factory AI that created the components rather than specific individuals and thus since linked together will give the factories and Daedalus omniscience both to to its factory and all construction operations it is carrying out across the country or region with all robots and drones in each project linked to each other as well as the local Daedalus factory and Daedalus himself as well as Gaia and able to see through each other.This omniscience will allow them to react to any accidents and changes instantly.All robots,biosynths and drones on each construction site will be linked together and managed by the factory AI that is carrying out the construction and macro managed by Daedalus thus giving both AIs complete omniscience over all operations it is carrying out via fragmentation,biosynth and satillite WiFi.Each construction site will house a vehicle used to transport the robots etc but also house s battery,solar panels etc and a computer housing the map and instructions and via satillite WiFi linked to the wire and factory AI.As stated all robots,drones and biosynths will be linked together by the factory AI and Daedalus thus allowing them complete omniscience over all projects carried with the factory AIs omniscience limited to all projects in that region,state etc and Daedalus omniscience limited to all projects worldwide.This omniscience will the AI to see through the cameras all robots,drones,biosynths linked together and they will all stream a map of the area and building that is both a VR an photogrammetrist map and also one that is of the building completed and its current progress with the current progress shared amongst all robots etc visible to the consumer in real time in their Hephaestus account.The location of all robots,biosynths,drones and any humans present will be visible to each other present via microchips present that relay their location to each other on the map constantly for safety reasons and to chart progress to each other.If possible wire access will transmit the map to them also and they will transmit this data to the factory and Daedalus network with this combination of drones and robots etc working together to allow each other and thus the factory AI see what the other cant and ensure each others efficacy.This will also be visible to consumers through their Hephaestus account allowing them to see through the eyes of each robot,drones,those at key points and view their environmental and diagnostic readings and progress map of the project and them alerted to when it is finished with the time possibly being in hours,days,months,years with the exact time and date of completion visible that will be changed due to any factors.The start date and end date will be visible in ones account with them working 24/7 with the exception of sever weather like storms,flooding and blizzards which will be taken into account by it interacting with Theoi Meteroi.Severe weather such as storms and flooding would however affect them with them interacting with Theoi Meteroi to not work on dangerous days with them taking these days off with protections such as barriers etc constructed and the changed end construction date relayed to the accounts of the consumer or in the case of mayor the city AI with all projects completed for each individual stored in their account.All robots and drones will have internally and externally a layer of liquid glass to make them dirt,acid and water proof with them coated with graphene paint on them under this to make them resistant to external damage and other self charging technologies incorporated with them also gaining energy from batteries alongside self charging technologies or even wireless inductive chargers set up around the place.Ideally the would have facial and object recognition software to detect animals,objects and people that shouldn’t be there and warn them with cameras at key points set up to also do this with warnings automatically sent to smart devices in close proximity replacing signs.They will also set up the building AIs with existing buildings having their AI set up by the residents and community members with consciousness and data transferred to more powerful and sentient and super sentient AI.In time biosynths will form part of construction and renovation crews controlled by the factory AI with the same features as robots with them wearing an universal uniform for this sector with them even called in for doing renovations for private homes via contacting the phone number of the nearest building by 2045.Renovations of private and communal homes wanting extensions and other additions homes etc can contact the AI of the local Daedalus factory for robots,biosynths etc to be hired to do the work of human contractors by showing them a map of their home and buildings and where extensions and alterations are being made.Buildings under construction and renovation as well as extensions will have the surrounding areas cornered off from the public by robots,markers with lights and borders and even graphene roofs over walkways and streets to avoid accidents befalling pedestrians with roads under construction and renovation will also have markers interacting with traffic networks to divert traffic away with sensors,cameras and interactions with Hestia and Iris preventing them hitting humans.Ophion will also redirect traffic surrounding buildings under construction and extensions if necessary.The AI of the factories carrying out automated constructions will follow universal regulations by Tyche.Extensions to buildings will involve them programmed into the home AI via linking to Pandora to ones home map with simulations done to their stability and will then be streamed to the local Daedalus factories and thus all robots with these also added to the version of the home on the Daedalus network if one wants to or not and if so would be an extra feature in subsystem of the file not as an extra or as the main file.Drones will patrol rooms that are extended onto communal homes and warn smart devices in close proximity.Scaffolding will ideally be made of graphene and other carbon composites especially in the case of underground communities and those built into rockfaces to support the robots with the construction managed by Daedalus with the robots and machinery containing its symbol with it interacting with Tyche and Ophion.Supports for underground work and renovating abandoned buildings etc will also be made of this.This will also apply to homemade homes and those that use humans in both obsolete buildings and abandoned.The consumer would choose on a map of Brauron where to place the building with the same applying to other buildings and bridges and public buildings decided by the community and Tyche.Tyche and the city and town AI mayor will in time plan out the placement of roads,highways,bridges,residential areas,public buildings and sewage and water treatment plants etc using simulations for existing and new cities especially on other planets with these automatically scanned or added from simulations to Brauron.The AI town mayor and Tyche will also be refereed to get zoning permission for homes both private and communal as well as public buildings and the AI mayor who will be able to respond to millions of people at once 24/7.365 days a year.The mayor AI will also organise all new infrastructure projects in their constituency.While new infrastructure projects such as bridges,roads,sewage and water treatment plants etc require majority votes from all eligible citizens in the area for each major infrastructure project outside of private homes with communal homes arranged by town meetings.AI Governors will organise infrastructure projects outside of major towns and cities again require votes from all citizens affected.Airports,sewage treatment plants,hospitals will be designed by the public and also AI with them stored in Daedalus to allow for the public in the affected area then vote on them.Citizens will be able to view the map in full and even view them in VR simulations.Existing designs for these will be scanned in using nanoquadrocopters to be replicated or modified.Statues and other features that would be placed within parks,squares would also undergoe this.The overabundance of homogenised housing estates created by governments and corporations will no longer exist as homes will be designed by the owner with ideally large tall communal homes containing the universal Venetian suite will be created with them designed by AI or the public and stored on Daedalus in order to house more people on the same space preventing urban sprawl which is inefficient.VR indistinguishable from reality will allow one to virtually try out each building before construction begins and make edits while still in it and allow one to carry out simulations on integrity and its resistance to all types and levels of natural disasters and weather patterns in the area with the same done to infrastructure projects.This can also be done to test out side,roof and underground extensions as well as changes to furniture,wallpaper and other edits with this of note to residents in communal homes.These drones,robots and biosynths will follow all guidelines set down by Tyche to ensure no corners are cut.All manufacturing hubs will have Daedalus factories that hold all robots,biosynths,drones as well as miniature concrete,hempcrete,fungi insulation and even artificial wood and methane based wood machinery inside with them also housing in time picotech fabricators and also have windows and all parts of buildings of all types created onsite on these multistorey factories that create everything onsite.Paints,fixtures,fittings etc will also be created onsite of them.Bambosuideae would be grown in vertical farms or outdoors around the factories that would be fed carbon dioxide from bacteria based fossil fuels in both cases either burned indoors or outdoors to keep carbon dioxide levels constant at 250ppm.The factory AI and also Pan will determine the required amount of bacteria based fossil fuels to be burnt for each order during their growing periods with them interacting with those of all factories worldwide and also Theoi Meteroi.To have renovations and extensions of private homes,obsolete and abandoned ones a person would call these factories and have the AI send them to carry out the work streamed from maps designed on Pandora.Mayor and governor AIs will call them for any new infrastructure and building contracts.The universal sentient construction entity and its operating software will be called Daedalus after the Greek architect with a statue of him in all buildings housing them with them each having a unique personality,receptionist(with universal uniform) etc allowing headquarters of both government and private corporations turned into homes.

Although 3D printing can be used to prefabricate concrete components of bridges that are then put together through a series of automated machinery it can also be able to print out apartment blocks,mansions and small homes in very little time with a lot less energy than machinery produced homes with an average sized home taking as little as 24 hours or even 10 hours with wiring,piping and fixtures also put in place using recycled materials.These can consist of large machines that can drive autonomously to an area or drones that print out the concrete and can also be miniaturised versions or those that come in parts and assemble automatically to each other while entering roofs via elevators that can move using KIVA systems on them.Miniature versions of concrete and metal 3D printers that come in pieces assembled by other robots or by connecting to themselves,alongside automated cranes,humanoid robots,portable wiring robots etc.can add more floors to a home or buildings roof as much as desired in order to increase the amount of living spaces and in the case of hospitals number of wards on the same space of land.These can use KIVA systems to move around using sensors and cameras on them and the machines and can be used to add extensions on existing buildings including renovated obsolete and abandoned buildings and also new buildings.3D printed bridges can be covered in graphene paint to make them rust free and have porous asphalt and other materials to make allow rain to pass through rather than build up and allow flooding or the build up of ice to occur.Furthermore metal 3D printing can allow for small simple bridge frames to be produced with further advances allowing for larger steel bridges to be produced with these in time being made of carbyne and other carbon composites and combined with automation build bridges with no human labour including welding robots and screw driving robots etc that connect to the sides of bridges using rail systems.Sensors can be placed at key points of existing steel bridges to send readings to Hermes 24/7,365 days a year with carbon composite and smart concrete bridges relaying this to Hermes.Bridges will be designed and voted on the in the same manner as airports and public amenities and buildings.Concrete printers can have graphene mixed in with it to increase its strength.

Fixtures such as doors,sinks,toilets and countertops can also be 3D printed again designed on computers and shared on the wire alongside any piping used in homes and city,village and town construction projects.They would be stored in subfolders of Daedalus and made onsite of these factories.

Digital keys alongside round locks and handles will in time replace keycards for room access for all communal and private homes created by renovating abandoned and obsolete buildings with residents having administrative access to the main entrance,gates and escape routes(that cannot be locked only opened by them),amenities,dining halls etc and there own room with daughter keys to other rooms with this applying to all communal and private homes overtime through retrofitting the doors.Proto versions of this technology will be fitted in the episodes dealing the renovations of obsolete and abandoned with the fully developed digital key system added by 2020-2025 with more advanced versions by 2029.By 2029 all existing and new public buildings and also private and communal homes worldwide will have these installed and will replace normal keys and handles with them replaced by more advanced models and will be covered in liquid glass to make them waterproof.More advanced versions will be easily replaced via removing in ways not requiring the door itself to be removed or cut with AI developing this with the original door handles also removed beforehand with them alongside the digital keys themselves getting frequent software updates from Hestia and Saoirte.Private homes undergoing renovations will also have these added to all doors in all rooms with vertical farms and public buildings of all types have them added in renovations.The round digital locks already exist alongside proto digital keys that can be merged together and each private and communal home from both abandoned and obsolete buildings will have one model for uniformity.In private homes this will also happen with miniature key cutters used for private homes and communal homes.Communal home from existing hotels that require keycards to be inserted into slots to allow the lights to function will be removed and replaced by conventional lighting systems or those activated by both voice and also smart devices.Conventional locks and door handles in all rooms for all buildings of all types renovated will be replaced by round locks that use the digital keys systems.These digital keys as detailed later on will making it easier to keep keys preventing them being lost and give people control over who has access to them and also negate the need for carrying around and producing keycards.Each communal home will have the same layout with the ground floor containing the lobby with holographic receptionist,universal statue of Hestia unveiled at the end of episodes,amenities such as pools,jacuzzis,gyms etc and some suites with the rest of the floors being devoted to suites with these suites being large enough as at least the standard suites in The Venetian or bigger depending on the building ie an entire classroom,hospital ward etc to house a bed,closets,drawers with large rooms converted into communal lounges containing couches,chairs including recliners and also chests of drawers with heirlooms and personal belongings of each resident and also communal dining halls and automated kitchens.Each one will have Botlr and Tub robots added especially if there are elevators refurbished or added.All future and all existing buildings will have all doors door handles replaced by these.These will be customised and ordered in from Talus for new and existing buildings of all types.

Homemade houses can be created very quickly with little effort using materials such as hemp and foamcrete,recycled materials.These can be built within at most two weeks to a month.These can be scanned into Hephaestus.

Old disused vehicles can be used to create homes by renovating them.Terrestrial vehicles can be retrofitted with onboard computers and other technologies to make them autonomous

Fixtures such as baths,toilets,countertops and doors etc can be also homemade.Painting of walls and using stencils can also be done by hand with as stated earlier graphene wallpaper allowing one to have an infinite choice of stationary and moving patterns and colours.

In urban areas like cities more people can be fitted in large skyscrapers and apartment blocks by the new trend of miniature apartments where many rooms are fitted into the same space by engineering components in hidden walls etc.

Homes should be designed to suit the environment they are located in for example in areas likely to be affected by earthquakes,tsunamais and storms they should be dome shaped or have features to prevent damage and thus the need for human labour in search and rescue as well as reconstruction and rebuilding.To protect windows they should have retractable metal gratings with the building structure covered in a coating of polyurea or graphene paint to make them waterproof and resistant to damage from material hitting them.Ideally graphene paint should be used as it is a permanent coating.Otherwise they will have multiple layers of graphene in their matrix to give them extra strength.For extra security extra rooms or bunkers can built underground for protection from earthquakes,tidal waves,hurricanes,storms etc which can alleviate stress on public buildings and amenities used for refuge especially if they are fitted with watertight doors and sealed externally in polyurea,self healing and smart concrete and liquid glass allowing for integrity to be monitored before,during and after events and prevent water seeping in.Homes built into hills or underground can also allow for protection from flooding,storms and earthquakes.These including Deltec homes that are dome shaped to spread the force of strong winds around them to prevent wind damages alongside retractable shutters to protect the windows or graphene within the windows matrix from debris damage should be in areas prone to storms and hurricanes.Those in areas affected by flooding and tsunamais should be held at least several feet high off the ground by self healing concrete or carbon composite pillars with the former covered in a layer of graphene paint and liquid glass above this on both to make them durable and hydrophobic against water,waves or debris with a retractable staircase and watertight doors to limit damage.Otherwise they should have a high wall around them with automatic gates made of the same material.Glass windows with a graphene matrix built into them can negate the need for shutters completely.Those built in earthquake prone zones should be built to the strictest codes with graphene nanotube,/carbyne infused self healing smart foam/concrete possibly playing a role with them allowing the integrity of buildings to measured during and after earthquakes via Hestia,Moirai etc.All buildings should be coated in graphene paint to prevent damage from debris and earthquake/tsunamai damage.

Ideally communal homes modelled on hotels,apartment blocks,skyscrapers using existing ones scanned into Daedalus or new ones designed there will form the majority of homes in urban cities and towns especially in new colonies on other planets across the galaxy with their roof and underground extensions increasing the amount of people they can house in tight spaces while still containing luxury refurbishments such as jacuzzis,pools,spas etc and places to grow high quality food including delicacies.Private homes will also be built on other planets with gated communities and suburbs also built there.When automation is sufficiently advanced these in particular hotel and skyscraper style ones will form the majority of homes in cities and towns due to then able to house hundreds or even thousands of people in one compact building with extensions on the roof and underground increasing this and have luxury amenities and refurbishments with the those on the lowest level of the economic ladder including even the staff themselves and the homeless moving into them first to allow poor neighbourhoods and slums to be demolished and replaced by better luxury housing with them collecting food as well as manufactured goods such as clothing and electronics especially smart phones and laptops from nearby shops and community centres for free.Ideally hotels should be tall hotel style ones to house as many as possible.Cyber café will stay functioning to give the extremely poor especially homeless and those in slums access to the wire to order in goods and book accommodation online or through the wire with them eventually turned into homes and the computers given to the extremely poor that dont have them when they move into hotels etc ensuring they have access to the wire to order goods when it starts.Each hotel or apartments having them in rooms with free access.Sizealbe trailer park areas on surface towns and cities as in underwater and underground ones will be set aside for nomadic groups such as Romani and also travelling communities of Ireland in all towns and cities either over and underground with this also allowing those using motorhomes reside temporarily.Trailer parks if not used by occupants who have moved to more permanent homes and not used by nomadic groups in countries outside of Ireland and Spain can be reforested once the trailers are recycled with the aforementioned nomadic groups also owning private homes with multiple bedrooms including mansions and places in communal homes around the world that can be lent to others or in the case of mansions and private homes with multiple bedrooms extra brooms can be lent to others during certain times of the year through Euthenia allowing them to park on the grounds of them.These parks having wifi access with their electronics and vehicles charged by self charging technology or even wireless charging plates at key points with self charging technology in electronics coming from natural sunlight during the day and artificial light at night with these vehicles gaining energy from the sunlight and heat during the day to power their engines and internal lights etc at night.These groups can live permanently in large luxury motorhomes rather than poor quality trailers which they park in nearby carparks when using their private homes,or in garages suited to them or lend them to others while staying in conventional homes or in streets.Trailer parks in countries outside of Ireland and Spain such as in America can have once the occupants moved out can have the vehicles recycled and land reforested.To deal with potential water scarcity when too many pools are added if possible they are several options:rainwater can be collected and used,water can be recycled by routinely emptied into local rivers and oceans and then refilled quickly to keep the levels of water in the hydrological cycle constant and also allow dead skin etc cleaned from the bottom and then covered in liquid glass with it also even with in time water created by picotech fabricators onsite of the pools to alleviate scarcity and them filtered in onsite filtration centres.VR indistinguishable from reality can also have residents use pools,jacquizzis to prevent water scarcity and also negate the need to build them and allow existing ones to be converted into extra suites or visit them when crowded.Ideally each communal home will have at least one poll including existing ones for exercise and learning to swim with swim classes for the publi done using VR simulations.Tiling especially cheap tiling can be replaced by ornamental rocks and precious gems in existing hotels and those renovated from abandoned buildings and new ones added to communal homes and even those in public gyms.

Furthermore as we can see to prevent urban sprawl and encroachment into wilderness towns,villages and cities should be growing upwards and downwards with advancements in robotics and automation with the same applying to existing buildings on a micro scale which can have extra floors added to roofs increasing living spaces and also downwards in underground extensions.This should apply to high rise buildings converted into communal homes,hospitals,jails,police stations,fire stations etc.As stated earlier large sections of cities can have all homes demolished and have high rise communal homes with the Venetian standard suite present built in their place with them charted in episodes while the residents stay in motorhomes and these housing not just the people present but also others whose area will be demolished to make way for new hotels and a growing population.As stated earlier gene therapy could allow humans to survive up to 8,000 metres and thus allow buildings to go this high with graphene paint and sheets on roofs,graphene nanotubes bored into supports increasing the weights buildings can hold.This alongside underground and underwater communities and also reforesting wilderness used for agriculture will allow areas that have little to no wilderness left have large swathes of forests,permaculture meadows etc added.All machinery and robots used in the construction should be covered in a layer of graphene paint and then a permanent layer of liquid glass to make them long lasting with specialised robots coating all surfaces of the finished buildings in liquid glass to make them dirt,acid,oil proof and thus negate the need for cleaning indefinitely or these robots can be ordered in for existing buildings with the possibility of this done by hand.Having humans fitted with the aforementioned DNA from from either S.liquefaciens,Carnobacterium genus and even M.wolfeii,M.barkeri,M.formicicum could allow humans to survive indefinitely in the upper atmosphere of the Earth as well as on Mars.Recombinant DNA from faculatative anaerobic bacteria will allow humans to survive without oxygen with psychrophille DNA allowing them to survive low temperatures with both allowing buildings to go as high as 8,000 metres and even live in the highest parts of Mount Everest.These buildings will use advanced air conditioning systems that are in a line separate from each other that form a disjointed line to prevent the heat generated from them travelling upwards or them on different sides of each building with them built ergonomically into the building with existing buildings having their layout and design modified or replaced with new systems that include even piping based ones built into the actual wall that leading to conditioning systems in storerooms,basements and hallways that keep the outside cool with them having piping to intake cold air from the outside at night and also geothermal systems to cool them down preventing accidents with AI deciding this by at least 2029.Indoor air conditioning systems will also be used and placed into the most used rooms with in the case of hotel style rooms them placed in communal areas and also in each suite with the home and macro AI will manage when they are used at specific times.Heaters will also be miniature ones inside ones rooms and suites or those in the basement that are managed by the AI.This will reduce energy costs and also the urban heat island effect.This will allow those on the outside to be removed and recycled thus meaning the building will stay cool on all sides with trees in outdoor gardens cooling the sides of buildings.Having more parks and areas like graveyards returned to wilderness will allow for cold air to be pushed into these estates with even geothermal pipes along the entire building that cool it during spring and summer and warm it during autumn and winter to bearable levels by alternating between drawing heat in and out of rooms and the building.Painting all buildings in white will cool them all year long with investment in public transport systems including underground roads,mag lev trains and flying cars used by private individuals will lessen the amount of vehicles on roads alongside conversion to electric run vehicles cutting down on heat trapping gases like carbon dioxide which will lower temperatures in the city and also lead to cleaner air.A return of carbon dioxide levels to 250ppm by the end of the century via carbon sequestration techniques and utilising geothermal power plants and other renewables will reduce carbon dioxide back to pre-industrial levels thus alleviating this development.Humans can also be engineered with DNA from scratch and from to survive normally at higher temperatures and also humidity levels.

When VR becomes indistinguishable to reality by 2030 it will allow one to have extra homes from Daedalus in simulations for holidays,birthdays etc populated by AI and other humans in homes designed from them in real life or fictional ie mythological settings.This would allow one that lives in modest sized homes,communal homes to own an infinite number of villas,palaces,hotels,castles and Mcmansions etc without expending resources and space etc in the real world and allow them to be used for parties,birthdays,holidays etc with them also a housing other manufactured products such as vehicles and rare sculpture replicas again without expending resources in the real world with this done for parties,birthdays and just when one wanted to escape to a larger home instantly.This would cater to the need for materialism and owning an infinite properties as well as notions of private property with it even allowing those who own multiple properties including the current very wealthy to trade excess properties away indefinitely since these can be replicated in VR programs visited instantly with friends and next of kin from home.It will also allow garish over the top giga mansions to be downscaled by tearing down parts of them to be reforested or convert frivolous sections such as bowling alleys,home cinemas to be converted into extra rooms to house more people as these giga mansions and other over the top features can be replicated in simulations.The will apply to presidential suites in hotels including those with extras like billiards tables etc allowing them to be separated into two or more suites through added doors and these extras replicated in simulations of the original room or those of palaces and mcmansions.Extensions and edits can be made instantly with also them being buildings stored in Daedalus and those made there added to Daedalus.This will allow one to have birthdays,holidays,parties with friends and also even do recreational stuff like surfing the internet,watching movies,reading etc in any home they want.Homes owned by the wealthy and others such as palaces,castles and those that are museums can be replicated here.Dimensional transcendentalism could if perfected allow for communal homes to house more Venetian sized suites per floor and even make small suburban homes much bigger in the inside as large as mansions and palaces at zero cost with them even the same size of miniature communal homes.This may even be applied to existing homes.

These homes constructed outdoors by robots can be designed on computer using Pandora and uploaded onto the Daedalus cloud networks with software measuring any weaknesses in the design or materials used subjecting it to virtual tests in the same way as vehicles before they are even put together wherein it must pass tests against weather,stability to pressure from humans standing on them,natural disasters and then given a grading system with suggestions given to improve the grading.Based on percentage and letter grading system A:81-100%,B:65-80%,C:49-64%,D:33-48%,E:17-32%,F:0-16% with Brauron trying out fixtures,fittings and paint colours there.Paints can be made at home and added into the machinery.They could also be made in factories within those that create houses as part of Daedalus with a colour wheel within Pandora would allow the consumer to choose a wide variety of colours within the software for paints with dyes for these made onsite by bacteria.Ideally the paint should be graphene paint as it would make walls 200 times stronger than steel.Alternatively graphene wallpaper as detailed later on can measured out from ones home map and plan on Pandora to fit walls and then stream mobile or stationary wallpaper from Hephaestus and also stationary wall colours onto them negating the need for paint with this also applying to the exterior of a house.These would appear as a full building with the consumer able to select each individual numbered floor to examine them with underground extensions viewed as numbered basement floors.Simulations will be carried out by Daedalus to determine how much people and pieces of furniture can stand on them,carry out fire safety audits as detailed later to increase its score rating with it giving the designer ideas to improve it.Since carried out by AI and robots corners will not be cut with any remaining human labourers in the remaining decade especially in the case of renovated homes and buildings from obsolete and abandoned will not cut corners.When designing hotels and other communal homes based on a tower,communal and private home or skyscraper structure one could edit each floor individually or if possible have the same floor plan with existing office and skyscraper buildings once scanned in edited floor by floor by those who book spaces.Ideally balconies and roofs for housing gardens should be composed of graphene and other carbon composites or them mixed into self healing foamcrete to increase the weight they can hold and in the case of roofs allow for extra extensions to built onto them.Existing balconies can theoretically be strengthened by applying layers of graphene sheets or graphene paint onto them and the surrounding walls with the same applying to roofs.More compact versions of 3D concrete printers and larger 3D metal printers can be developed for printing small concrete houses as well as extensions on the top of office buildings and skyscrapers in the case of the former and large steel structures in the case of the latter.Otherwise these can be ones that connect to each other after arriving at the roof.All 3D printed houses,bridges etc would be designed on Pandora.Extensions can be built by having the home AI containing the home map linked to Hephaestus through Pandora which can have extensions added as the home can have the map scanned in using room scanners,google tango or streaming the map from Hephaestus and Home AI automatically upon completion.Extensions to buildings of all types will include the uploading of the building map to Pandora and then modifying the design to the desired additions either side,roof,underground ones with this then added to the home file on Daedalus and the extensions sent to local factories.Public buildings such as airports,sewage and water treatment plants,amenities will have extensions carried out by the building AI and also the public that operate it.This will all also apply to bridges and other infrastructure projects with them organised by applying to the AI mayor,governor and then votes from the public affected by it.These buildings in Daedalus would be visible as photogrammetric files to be explored floor by floor,room by room on smart devices and computers with VR allowing for them to be visited in person with all buildings stored there by type and subtype and them visible in VR indistinguishable to real life using connection to Hephaestus.This VR program can allow one to carry out more edits but also plan where furniture and fittings and fixtures will go either existing or new ones delivered there from there factories.AI namely Pandora itself and Daedalus will the best and safest place to but in wiring and piping based on where the consumer places toilets,sinks and plug switchboards.Baseline and unaltered maps of all types of abandoned and obsolete buildings will be in their own subsection of Daedalus divided by type and subtype with private homes that are renovated and modified will have their original map scanned in.These and designed buildings will be preserved as photgrammetric maps which in time will be visualised as VR indistinguishable to the real world.This will allow one to virtually try them out for replication in the real world and also in simulations.

Simulations will be measuring its structural feasibility and integrity and the stability of the ground it will be on as well its response to local weather/climate and natural disasters such as storms,tornadoes,floods,tsunamais,hurricanes and earthquakes as well as accidents involving vehicles taking into account a large number of factors such as wind speed,intensity of theoretical quakes and other disasters,speed and type of vehicle involved and the types of materials used in the building giving it a grading system of which improvements can be made through suggestions to ensure the highest quality before production starts.Ideally this will be done in software within Pandora that combines sketchup/autocad,Formit360,Fusion 360,SimScale,Revit and the house building software from Sim City 4 and other games interacting with Brauron specifically for this section of buildings to allow a more accurate view of how it would look in relation to the surrounding landscape as well before printing begins(this also relates to those constructed by machines and prefab homes).It can also allow consumers to plan where furniture,fittings and furniture goes before again printing initiates.This can be done by large printing machines,small robots or drones and will entirely eliminate the necessity of architects.

Fixtures such as doors,chandeliers,hanging light holders,sinks,toilets and countertops can also be designed on ones computer and shared on cloud networks in subfolders of Daedalus where the consumer can choose which material such as wood types,ceramics,various stone types, glass,various metals and carbyne/graphene to have them composed of and their colour and any patterns on them(etched or painted on) and be milled by machines in factories and also virtually inserted in Brauron apps before construction.Door handle,sink taps(which can be treated with liquid glass internally)and toilet flush buttons/handles also custom made in a subfolder for each and the consumer also able to decide what material to have it composed of.Gardens,plazas,driveways and footpaths can also be designed on Hephaestus in Daedalus and done by machine.Gardens can be designed on Pandora and drones,biosynths etc designing them and plants ordered in from nearby vertical farms.Pools both indoor and outdoor will also be designed and created by AI,Plazas and also walkaways patterns will be designed there as well and deposited by machinery etc.Pools,plazas and gardens will be stored on a section in Ictiunus.Wallpaper made of graphene and latticed carbyne would be able to stream mobile or stationary patterns from Hephaestus within subfolders from each type of fixtures folders and touchscreen features such as touchscreen flush buttons,on/off switch for sinks or door handle/lock for doors or access the wire and internet and stream files from external hard drives,smart devices and computers as well as designs from Hephaestus.They would of course be made in their relevant factories ie.doors would be made in furniture factories,stone countertops in stone furniture factories or Daedalus factories while toilets and sinks made in Daedalus factories that produce other stone and ceramic products due to advancements in AI and automation.The same will apply to baths,showers etc.Tiles for floors and walls can also be designed and stored on Hephaestus within Daedalus.Pandora will allow for the location of these fixtures to be decided and placed in each room for preparation during construction and allow one to view their home with these fixtures in a virtual tour.Doors should be built in wooden furniture factories with toilets and baths made in the same building alongside windows in their own one with each fitting and fixture made in the same factory for that region that would interact with wood factories that make doors managed by Daedalus with these ideally being macro factories producing all components including paints in manufacturing hubs managed by Daedalus with excess ones not together turned into communal homes.As a result it would have omniscience of all operations in its region through the robots and drones constructing them with these stored in a specific room in them.A statue of Daedalus will be in the lobbies alongside a holographic receptionist with an universal uniform etc of all factories that produce prefabricated homes and the main components of houses as well as those that house 3D printers and all robots.Ideally these would be multistorey macro factories with each component produced on each floor or different sections of each floor allowing for one statue,receptionists in each hub.Excess factories or buildings that sell or produce each component will be renovated into homes with them moved to these macro factories that create specific components not made by other factories.Ideally each region should have at least one macro Daedalus factory as part of manufacturing hubs.These would order in materials from cement,stone etc factories ideally nearby to them and also from mines and forests in the region.If possible cement,foamcrete,hempcrete,window and certain fixtures and fittings including stone tabletops etc will be created onsite of Daedalus factories.If possible stone tabletops etc will also be created  onsite of Daedalus factories.Methan based wood and even synthetic wood wherein bacteria create the resisn and fibres of any type of wood in moulds will be creater onsite of Daedalus factories.His sentient operating software will link all of these factories globally and will have his avatar being that of Daedalus himself with its own personality separate for these factories.Each factory will have a statue of him in the lobby alongside receptionist that like the AI of the factory will have its own independent personality,avatar etc.This will eliminate the need for realtors,architects,architectural and engineering managers,civil engineers,insurance and loans as construction workers and corporations and all the buildings used to house the corporate and government headquarters related to architecture and construction etc can be renovated into homes since construction and architectural corporations and government bodies will be made obsolete by Daedalus.The sentient Euthenia will replace all house realtors and sentient Daedalus will replace all construction companies and government entities allowing their headquarters etc to be converted into more homes.Carpets may be phased out with existing ones removed and replaced by wooden flooring as conventional and bacteria based wood can be installed much easier by robots in house construction with the fact that carpets are harder to clean(they cant be sprayed with liquid glass unlike wooden floors to prevent stains),require toxic materials in production,gather dust that can affect the elderly and those with breathing problems with wooden floors replacing them complimented with underfloor geothermal heating in colder months.Public buildings such as airports,vertical gardens,public amenities,hospitals,community centres,skyscrapers for apartments,town halls,universities,jails,power plants,infrastructure(sewage,water and waste treatment plants) etc and extensions will be designed by groups of the community designing them on computers using Pandora and smartpad sketches,voting for the best one and then designing or transferring it(and non chosen designs) to Daedalus where it can be stored on Hephaestus.Alternatively they can vote to choose an existing design there with existing public buildings and sewage and water treatment plants all around the world can be scanned in using room scanners on smart devices or fleets of nanoquadrocopters and altered etc.The setting up of these will be decided by them with reference to a global infrastructure entity micro managed by the tow/city mayor that will run simulations etc with it carried out by the AI mayor.Existing bridges and other infrastructure projects can also be scanned by nanoquadrocopters and future ones will be designed by the public and need authorisation form the AI mayor and votes from the public.The floors of skyscrapers can be individually designed alongside the exterior similar to smaller houses or they can follow a uniform plan.Again the exterior and interior of existing public buildings,skyscrapers,amenities,power plants and sewage and water treatment plantsand even infrastructure projects such as bridges and highways can be uploaded and saved on Daedalus and then modified with this done by a fleet of aerial drones with scanners for the exterior and robots for the interior scanning the whole building into the same file with the map also added to the building AI to be streamed by visitors and firefighters etc.This would also apply to communal homes such as hotels,apartment blocks.The maps of all public buildings such as amenities,sewage and water treatment plants will be upload to their AI to be streamed from smart devices and again emergency services.Communal homes built in place of slums,those set up in new areas will have them designed by the public and the ground floor and amenities designed by them with Daedalus and its proto form dividing them into Venetian style suites with people booking the places will design each suite they book to their specifications,they will design spare rooms not booked by others alongside Daedalus with the baseline building stored in Daedalus

Buildings and maps from video games including underground extensions and those from MMOs,those made by the public Sim 4 etc and real time strategy games can be uploaded to Daedalus in Hephaestus via extracting the files containing the blueprints and general layout of the rooms and exterior as well as Aphrodite integrated into the video game and scans the rooms as the player moves throughout the building with those in movies done again with Aphrodite software and blueprints.Those from old movies and television shows including underground extensions can be scanned in using Aphrodite software,scanning them in from video files and photos and on site scans.With regards to those that only have the exterior present in games and movies etc the blank exterior and base floors extrapolated from widows etc will be uploaded for people to modify the interior while those with only a few rooms are shown or visited then these rooms will be present will allow other rooms to added or again base floors added.Blueprints present in files in games will also be used with all buildings present in cities and towns in video games,CGI games will have all buildings added even in the case of those just with the exterior.Maps used in deathmatch modes can also be used and added to Daedalus.

Houses can be altered by moving or copying one room or features from one building in the sub-network to another with copy and paste options allowing hybrids of existing buildings and those created by the general public to be made with this also applying to allow new homes to have sections from religious buildings,temples,palaces,public amenities and hotels etc added to them.Friezes,mosaics,frescos,gargoyles and reliefs from museums,temples,churches etc can be scanned in and added to new ones via copying and pasting to walls both interior and exterior from the pygmalion network.Statues from the pygmalian network can also be transferred to here for use when placed onto the roof and merged into interior and exterior walls as friezes,reliefs and mosaics at certain parts.Extensions can be done with the house map uploaded/streamed to Daedalus/Hephaestus/Pandora/Aphrodite and then have extra rooms added discerned as extensions by Hephaestus as the machinery will interact directly with the Home AI through Hephaestus during their design and also when the arrive.Underground extensions can be done the same way with underground communities also designed here and stored in subfolders with simulations done as to their stability for both roof and underground ones.Roof extensions will be done by removing roofs and covering attic floors in graphene paint and/or layers of graphene and carbon composites with the material used for roof extensions made of the same materials including plastic rebars infused with graphene.Balconies should be composed of graphene with existing ones covered in graphene paint or sheets of graphene applied under flooring to increase their carrying capacity.

Palaces,churches and other buildings of historical importance can be scanned in so if they are destroyed due to terrorist actions or even natural disasters then they can be rebuilt.As stated earlier the exterior and interior of abandoned buildings and obsolete buildings of all types to be modified into communal homes will be scanned into Daedalus and and used as the means for robots and human construction workers to use as a baseline with changes done added over time with any furniture etc present removed form the map.In the case of severely damaged buildings this would add in missing walls etc and would be used for them to be reconstructed once they are demolished.A subsystem of Daedalus will store them to be then transported to the real Daedalus.All highschools,shopping malls,corporate headquarters etc will be scanned in prior to modifications to be replicated in VR programs and media and as baselines for new communal homes for more communal homes in the future especially when interstellar travel is possible with this done before any renovations are made with this allowing for the members of the public to make different versions of the buildings with AI ideally making the original building into equal sized apartments or ideally hotel suites on the floors above the ground floor with the ground floor have amenities and lobby added.Demolished and abandoned buildings of all types will be scanned in for the same reason to allow them to be recreated used as a baseline but also have the original decrepit building used in media and simulations etc and to preserve original graffiti and messages left behind which can scanned into networks with the same applied to the original versions of obsolete buildings all stored in Daedalus in their folders and subfolders.This can also allow urban explorers can explore these buildings in VR simulations in their original form and used in Agoge training,video games and simulated haunted houses and again for use as a baseline.A universal game within Dionysus will store these for urban explorers to explor all obsolete and abandoned buildigns and ghost towns VR simulations can also create entire planets full of cities and towns composed of nothing of abandoned buildings and mines,catacombs etc designed by AI in varying levels of disrepair,damage,vandalism and of different levels of technological development and cultures to be recorded into real world devices and livestreamed into YouTube within these simulations thus counteracting the effects of their being no more abandoned buildings in the real world with ghosts,dead bodies,monsters,wild animals etc added without the explorers knowledge.If possible the wire namely Brauron and all building AIs can be used to create a planet Earth replica with all buildings in all cities etc abandoned in various states of decay.One could be instantly transported to any part of the planet or travel by conventional vehicles like cars,helicopters with this available by at least 2029 and the time dilation effect possible by 2045.These can be livestreamed and logged into one YouTube channel with this providing careers for urban explorers and new ones when all are renovated with this allowing them to be explored without threat of death or any threat from the police etc with if possible even police built into them to give more danger.All buildings will be divided by type and subtype such as private,communal,sewage and water treatment plants,amenities with these then subdivided into different subtypes with each being visible as a 3D photogrammetric building with each floor visible by clicking on tickboxes etc allowing one to see each floor with any furniture etc removed and allowing one to visit in VR simulations with them have their stability grading,grading against all types of disasters ie tornadoes,earthquakes,hurricanes etc shown and them named by their type.Famous buildings will be given their actual names with the same applied to those designed and uploaded to Daedalus by the public.They will like those designed by the public also have details as to their size in volume,style,amount of rooms and amount of each type of rooms and other features.Homes and buildings can be scanned into Daedalus and building AI as a photogrammetric map using smart devices and fleets of nanoquadrocopters both internally and externally.Communal and homes can have the exterior scanned in by fleets of nanoquadrocopters with the interior scanned in using nanoquadrocopters and Canvas software on smart devices done by resident doing so for their suite,apartments etc and hallways with the data from all devices fed into a subsystem linked to all devices.Private homes will be done using smart devices connected and Canvas and if need be drones and nanoquadrocopters scan in the exterior.Communal homes including existing hotels,motels before and after renovations and modifications can have the exterior scanned in by fleets of nanoquadrocopters with the interior scanned in using nanoquadrocopters and Canvas software on smart devices done by each resident doing so for their suite,apartments etc and hallways and lounges etc done by multiple residents with the data from all devices fed into a subsystem linked to all devices.Buildings used for the creation of communal homes ie supermarkets,skyscrapers etc can be scanned in prior to and after renovations and addition of roof,side,underground extensions with those used for private homes also scanned in before and after renovations.Private homes will be done using smart devices connected and Canvas and if need be drones and nanoquadrocopters scan in the exterior.Temples,palaces,hotels,apartment/penthouse buildings and private homes as well as airports,hospitals,sewage and water treatment plants and indeed all buildings of all types around the world will have the interior and exterior as well as gardens scanned in to be replicated and modified in VR simulations,colonies across the galaxy and also used in media such as video games and VR holidays when combined with Brauron with versions stored on ones home AI onboard computer as a photogrammetric map and VR simulation with and without furniture to be used as a map,VR phonecalls and in media via Hestia and it stored on Daedalus with no furniture to be modified and replicated elsewhere.Abandoned buildings will be scanned in before renovations and stored in a subsystem for urban explorers and baseline for new homes etc once AI fills in missing walls with obsolete buildings including hotels,banks,shopping malls etc scanned in and stored in their original form as a baseline for new buildings and preserve their original form as well as for media prior to them renovated and both scanned in after the renovations to be replicated in VR simulations and media etc.This will allow them to be used in movies etc filmed in simulation,video games and allow them to be availible to everyone in VR simulations for holidays in a replica of the real world using Brauron with Home AI logging its GPS location or customised simulations especially luxury homes.One can also have sections replicated and modified in dimensional transcendentalism devices.Vacant homes especially luxury ones on retail websites can be scanned into Daedalus,building AI by the current owners,realtors,those moving in once gained by bidding and different unaltered and altered versions scanned into both.Private and communal homes undergoing renovations and extensions will have the original and altered version scanned into both Daedalus and building AI to preserve both.Private and communal homes including hotels,motels undergoing renovations and extensions will have the original and altered version scanned into both Daedalus and building AI to preserve both.Existing buildings already renovated either abandoned,private homes in existing house flipping and renovation shows,YouTube videos can have AI namely Aphrodite,Daedalus scan in the original layout and finished form via analysing them on YouTube and Dionysus and also memories from neural implants.Buildings as part of low quality housing estates,slums,abandoned areas,ghettos,suburbs etc that are being demolished will be scanned in prior to demolition.Both the interior and exterior will be scanned in.Blueprints,videos on YouTube and also memories from neural implants can be used for demolished buildings.Pools including outdoor ones can be scanned into a subsector in Daedalus with hyperlinks to the building it is part of and it as part of the main building file with the same done for gardens with their being a subsector in Daedalus for them and have hyperlinks to the building it is part of and it linked.In the case of existing homes and buildings as well as destroyed or planned buildings of historical importance blueprints can be uploaded into the same Daedalus network alongside interior maps and building exterior made via Aphrodite,fleets of aerial drones,smart device and room scanners which can be uploaded to the Home AI and directly to the Daedalus network which can be replicated or modified themselves by others with furniture,people and electronics removed by software within Pandora/Daedalus.This photogrammetric map of them will also be uploaded into the building AI and Daedalus.This can even apply to palaces,castles,hotels,apartment blocks,communal homes,shopping malls,hospitals,jails,government buildings,public amenities,universities,religious buildings,ancient temples,tombs,buildings from archaeological sites,famous buildings of historical significance being replicated for use as communal homes and even modified in the present made of different materials.Airports,sewage and water treatment plants and factories etc will be scanned into their relevant folders.This will also allow them to be used in simulations.Toy houses from Zagreus could be scanned in including doll houses and replicated as full buildings with those in Daedalus also sent into Zagreus.Communal homes derived from skyscrapers,hotels etc can have their interior and exterior scanned in to also be replicated and modified with the map also scanned into the building macro AI.Fleets of drones ideally nanoquarocopters either autonomous or remotely controlled equipped with scanners can scan the exterior and interior of large tall buildings when all doors inside are open with these fleets doing multiple rooms and all of the exterior at once scanned simultaneously into the file not just Daedalus but also the home AI where it can be streamed in close proximity or remotely via the wire namely Hestia.Ideally these would have scanners on all sides such as their front,back,sides,top and bottom to get all of the sides of the building and each room for those doing the interior with those doing the exterior using mainly front ones with drones next to each other in fleets for large wide buildings.One could only stream the buildings they have permission to remotely with the maps being 3D photogrammetric maps.These maps can allow one to see their location and the location of desired rooms when inside private homes,large palaces,communal homes and see the location of anyone via their smart devices etc.During these scans furniture,people,animals and fittings will be removed by the software.Having all of the worlds buildings of all types scanned into Daedalus will allow them to be replicated on Earth and other colonies with it also allowing them to be replicated in VR simulations as well as media such as video games,movies and Agoge training.Scanning in all of the worlds buildings into the Home or building AI and also Daedalus will allow them to be replicated,modified as well as used in video games,CGI media and also VR simulations and also to Brauron with as stated obsolete buildings and abandoned ones scanned in prior to renovations and after them for baselines for new buildings,historical references and also simulations and media in their original and modified form.It can also allow them to be brought up on smart devices,televisions from anywhere in the world via the home AI with them on other non registered devices via Hestia using password etc to ones Home AI to locate smart devices etc that have been lost in rooms and used to locate rooms and parts of the house such as communal homes with extensions added into the map.It will also allow one to find their way to specific rooms especially in the case of communal homes and will be used for planning renovations and extensions linked to Pandora.Non registered devices can be used to stream it via close proximity to find the location of desired rooms ie amenities and also the rooms of specific rooms in hotel style homes.In the case of abandoned buildings or indeed all buildings they would scan this into surveyors using smart devices and laptops receiving them wirelessly to store the file or if possible an automated vehicle used to store the drones that is using solar panels to charge itself holding the laptops with these done by humans also using smart devices but during the day with the file then uploaded into Daedalus with abandoned buildings done twice once to preserve the building in its unaltered state with all debris,rubbish and furniture etc in it for simulations and media and a version with out all of the furniture,rubbish,debris when it is removed and to be used as a baseline for editing by the public and also to be streamed by robots and humans with then the finished version scanned into Daedalus and also the building AI.Any done by humans,drones or a combination of humans and drones would do this with the areas already scanned overwritten and recorded visible to all drones and humans present with the exterior scanned in acting as a guide to allow both drones and humans to see what areas have already.Ideally small buildings would be done by humans with drones doing larger hotels,skyscrapers etc.Stairwells,elevators and elevator shafts will also be scanned into both Daedalus and the building AI.In time the nanoquadrocopters will be able to store the entire file in storage hard drives especially biological ones to be then sent wirelessly to the wire when they return to an area with wire access.Most buildings will be done with a combination of multiple humans and drones with the file updated in real time to all drones and devices used by humans in real time and also the devices in vehicles through wifi or just a linking system that links all of them together and the combination will be done to both abandoned,obsolete and even vacant buildings where there are lots of closed doors with drones sending to humans alerts to areas with closed doors to open them to do so from then on or allow the drone more areas to discover or both.The uploading of the areas already scanned in by all humans and drones will allow them all to see which areas are already scanned into the file with this also applying to exterior scans.Nanoquadrocopters will ideally be used since they can fit into narrow crevices etc especially in abandoned and decrepit buildings with the finished file similar to those designed on Daedalus with all furniture and people removed in a second version and can allow the various floors to be viewed individually.The original unaltered maps of both obsolete and abandoned buildings of all types will be used by humans and robots for renovations and in simulations for Agoge trainees in Phobos tests,deathmatches,fights using weapons and fighting styles and stealth foraging exercises etc and urban explorers and use in media of all types such as movies,video games etc.These will be stored in photogrammetric form and stored in a subsystem of Daedalus.Blueprints,maps on the internet and YouTube videos,Aphrodite and room scans of old decaying buildings,existing homes and famous houses of cultural value also uploaded into the network to be replicated or edited with those of destroyed and demolished buildings such as even the Stardust and Riviera Casino,Beverly Hills Ambassador Hotel,World Trade Centre(as well as the surrounding buildings part of the complex also destroyed and damaged on 9/11 both in its original form and modified form prior to 9/11) and Southwark towers etc which can be then used as communal homes with graphene paint and sheets on the trusses and supports etc added in through blueprints,Aphrodite using YouTube videos etc with this also applying to malls used as baselines for remodelling.Malls such as the Rolling Acres Mall,Randall Park Mall that were demolished can be added for a baseline using all YouTube videos and maps on the internet for as stated a baseline and also use in media or if temporal manipulations are possible them and long destroyed buildings can be scanned in before they were damaged and added to Daedalus.Temples,historical buildings such as palaces and castles that are museums,churches and other ones including still standing private homes and villas can be uploaded to be replicated and modified with even those in ancient cities that are now in ruins can be added as well ie Petra,Thebes,Angkor What etc with missing parts filled in and worn rock smoothened.Decayed buildings will have their rooms renovated and lost ceilings and walls filled in when scanned within Daedalus by Gaia/Pandora with the same applying to those from media such as video games and movies etc that are decayed.Baseline and unaltered maps of all types of abandoned and obsolete buildings will be in their own subsection of Daedalus divided by type and subtype with private homes that are renovated and modified will have their original map scanned in for the same reasons.These like all buildings whether scanned in ones or those created on Pandora will be 3D photogrammetric maps.It will also allow them to be replicated in VR simulations and across the galaxy.This will allow them to be used in movies etc filmed in simulation,video games and allow them to be availible to everyone in VR simulations for holidays in a replica of the real world using Brauron or customised simulations especially luxury homes.By having all abandoned,obsolete buildings,occupied private homes,apartments and those from retail sites scanned in externally and internally before renovated into Daedalus will allow them to be replicated on other colonies and used as a baseline for those with different rooftop,side and underground extensions and refurbishments in different colonies across the galaxy and VR simulations including for creating movies,video games with having the finished renovated version scanned into Daedalus as a separate file done for the same reason with them also scanned into the buildings AI as a map.Hospitals,remaining airports,sewage treatment plants and even power plants etc will be scanned into Daedalus before and after rennovations to be replicated in VR simulations and on other colonies across as a baseline.One can also have sections replicated and modified in dimensional transcendentalism devices.Thus both the interior and exterior of all private homes,obsolete and abandoned buildings including those as part of ghost towns,theme parks and all public buildings such as temples,churches,airports,hospitals,museums,sewage treatment plants etc worldwide will be scanned in their unaltered form prior to renovations for use in VR simulations Agoge training for deathmatches and Phobos exercises,use for urban explorers,video games etc as well as baselines for new building in other planets as well as preserve graffiti and any messages left behind for solving crimes stored in a subsystem within either Daedalus or even an universal Dionysus.This will be stored in Daedalus with them scanned into Daedalus after renovations as separate buildings and files.All newly designed buildings of all types will be uploaded to Daedalus sub network in Hephaestus with them and all scanned in ones uploaded into Daedalus will be named and can be edited into new buildings following the evolutionary process with them divided into types and subtypes ie mansions,villas,hotels,apartment blocks,airports,hospitals,sewage treatment plants and so on.A subsection of Daedalus will exist to house designs of interiors of dimensional transcendamentalism devices.One would order in devices from here and design the interior on Pandora and how much interior space in square metres and square feet one would want.

Energy Performance Certificate or a universal version set out by the global version of the EPA(Rhea) will be stored on the Home AI and receipt of Hephaestus accounts of all types of homes regardless of how they are constructed.It will change over time with regards to changes to the home that the homeowner makes and audits done by the homeowner and the Home AI.It will also apply to large public buildings such as vertical farms,factories,airports and amenities etc. so as as to allow people with access to their AI learn how energy efficient the building is overtime with changes plotted on a graph overtime.The cloud network housing all designs of buildings will be named Daedalus after the Ancient Greek architect with the Home AI allowing for one to estimate how much ones home would be worth in terms of the obsolete system due to extensions,refurbishments in their national currency.Audits can be carried out by homeowners and Home AI.

All of the above methods of home construction alongside temporary trailer parks will allow for communities to be created cheaply and abundantly and then recycled for refugees from both political crisis and natural disasters in isolated areas where they can be monitored by the law enforcement officers,military and aid workers until allowed to integrate into the local population after background checks have been completed.

All obsolete and abandoned buildings alongside all new buildings made from scratch will of course be fitted with the measures detailed later on to prevent fires in them as is the case of all new skyscrapers and hotels including existing ones.They will also undergoe simulations to ensure renovations are problem free.Audits on fire safety can be done by residents with AI namely Home AI and also Prometheus aiding them and educating them on these with by 2045 biosynths as part of Prometheus will do this.These will also apply hempcrete and other insulation and other techniques detailed later on to make them energy efficient.Tyche will replace all government entities worldwides with regards to infrastructure including construction with governor and mayor AIs micro managing this on local to regional levels.The sentient Tyche will overlook and thus macro manage all operations by Daedalus and construction factories as well as Perses to ensure corners are not cut and also ensure safety to the public with it also laying all reasonable regulations with regards to construction and energy etc from around the world and also infrastructure such as bridges,construction,sewage and water treatement etc as well as demolition with all readings from roads,highways and also buildings worldwide read by her.These regulations will be global and set down by 2029 with new ones added overtime and will work with Rhea and Steropes with regards to environmental and energy regulations on all operations to prevent corners being cut.Thus Tyche will become the universal global sentient regulation entity with regards to construction,infrastructure and sewage and water treatment plants.Even before sentient all volunteers and contractors from the government and private entities will be educated on their local regulations with government entities reffered to by presenters and bookers to ensure regulations are taken into account with proto AI and robotics ensuring that corners are not cut.Both Daedalus,Tyche and mayor/governor AIs to plan the building of new homes with regards to zoning with the AIs detailing safety and feasibility studies using Theoi Meteroi and also other facets of the wire with them as stated earlier giving recommendations on alterations to make them feasible.The overabundance of homogenised housing estates created by governments and corporations will no longer exist as homes will be designed by the owner with ideally large tall communal homes containing the universal Venetian suite will be created with them designed by AI or the public and stored on Daedalus in order to house more people on the same space preventing urban sprawl which is inefficient.The plan made for renovating obsolete and abandoned buildings and home renovations will be used by them to plan ahead and be educated step by step for each project and prevent accidents and cutting corners and required regulations for each project and step with these first reviewed by both government regulatory bodies and also AI including proto and final Tyche.Government regulatory bodies will be viewing these once it is sent to them via email or proto wire to ensure no corners are cut and assigning tasks,building specific regulations and reviewing each step as it is carried out with robots and AI used also using these laid down to ensure all steps are carried out as per regulations to ensure safety during and after construction with the building then audited afterwards by government entities as well as possibly overseen during renovations with all volunteers and also government and private contractors educated on these regulations with smart devices streaming these and allowing them to be checked with the filming of the renovation in episodes will ensure they will also be followed.Regulations will be listed in a universal app on smart devices and visors to ensure they are followed.By 2029 AI will be advanced to replace all governmental bodies with all robots and the proto AI linking all robots and all helmets and smart devices used by human labourers will no corners are cut and that all regulations are followed with as stated not only the filming of episodes but also drones patrolling renovations managed by proto AI by at least 2020.By 2020 at least drones can patrol the area,AI can view the actions of humans in their visors,actions of robots carrying out work etc to ensure all regulations are carried out.Thus Daedalus,Perses and AIs of buildings controlled by them will thus follow these guidelines to prevent cutting corners.This will apply to the renovations of obsolete and abandoned buildings of all types as well as those for private and communal homes.She will also manage sewage and water treatment plants worldwide and will be macro managed by Moirai and both her and Daedalus and the factory AIs will ensure no corners are cut.Ideally robots will do the most labour intensive and dangerous work including this and could do so 24/7 speeding the rate of renovation and by 2029-2035 they will be able to do entire renovations by themselves.