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If you wish to contact me personally here are my detail
•Am based in Carlow,Ireland so if you are outside Ireland please take into account the time difference.You can go to to determine the time difference.Currently I am available from 9am to 9pm Greenwich Mean Time any day of the week especially weekends.
•Please email me first so we can arrange a time to chat for interviews and inquiries etc wherein you can exchange your country of origin,skype and phone number and also your business ie newspaper,live news station and organisation.It’s much easier this way.Email me your name,who you work for and also your phone number and the country and state etc you are in so as to take into account the time difference and calling codes.I will email you back and call you when it’s a suitable time possibly at 10am-5pm on weekdays and similar times on weekends.a please tell me when you are free to talk on the email.This will make things easier to talk over the phone and arrange any appearances on live news etc.For this reason I’ll only answer phone call on my phone from someone and call someone who has confirmed to do so over email for a time and date we both have arranged for security reasons.I prefer skype as its cheaper and also can do video calls and also my phone is a bit unreliable at the moment.In otherwords if have no proof that you work for an organisation and also newspapers,magazines,radio stations and even live news in emails and you have shared with me your phone number,name and email and also evidence they work for aforementioned groups etc I will ignore all phone calls for security reasons.I take my personal security very seriously and it will give me control over who to contact and when to contact them given my schedule.Take note that I only speak English so emails and phone calls must be done in that language and that I can use google translate in emails and will if need be talk to translators and staff that speak English etc.
•My mobile phone number is 0892236187.However if you are also from abroad anc thus not from Ireland put in your countries external calling code followed by the Ireland international code 353 and remove the 0 at the begging ie if calling from The USA it is; 011353892236187.You can try that or 0113530892236187 if thaff if doesn’t work.Emails with your numbers should make things less complicated as Il be able to phone you making things less complicated..You have to check and use your countries different calling codes etc to contact me by phone but as stated it’s easier if you email me and use Facebook etc to contact me first
•My Skype number and profile is Shane Nolan (live:carlowplayer87) and I am the account that is from Carlow,Ireland.I prefer to use skype as its more discreet,easier,secure and also cheaper for both of us and can allow for video calls and is more reliable than my mobile.

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•My Facebook page is
•My Twitter account and page is
•My YouTube channel is