The headquarters of all email companies will become communal homes since they will be managed by AI namely Arke.Arke will become the universal email provider replacing Hotmail.Yahoo etc and to stay relevant will create in updates by itself and interacting with the public

The sentient operating software of Iris managing all aspects of social media sites,browsers,search engines,web hosters,phone books,all services within Iris and connection of all devices to the wire and each other will be Arke the fraternal twin of Iris the symbol being a faded rainbow present on all servers,robot,machinery,routers in datacentres and homes as well as phone booths and even landlines in public buildings.In time Arke once sentient may replace all internet browsers and search engines such as Yahoo,Google,Baidu,Shodan,Chrome,Mozilla etc worldwide which would allow the servers of all of these to be absorbed by,handed over to and linked to Arke alongside all of the worlds supercomputers as it will allow direct interaction with the user,increase its speeds and act as its link to the internet.Email accounts and all data therein in Yahoo,Gmail,Hotmail etc can be transferred to the new universal Arke networks with users who have multiple accounts in each type have all the data sent to their new singular or two or more different accounts.Hestia and Arke can manage this automatically via fragmentation with Arke even seizing control of all of these email accounts etc and then once a person logs into them using their old username and login details transfer the data ie contact lists,addresses,emails,favourites,posts,pictures etc to Eros with even if the user cannot remember their password they can using emails and username have a password set up to have the data transferred to their new Gaia email account that they have set up before logging into old accounts.Memories from neural implants used as well.Ones old username for each email accounts will be saved in their Gaia account forever allowing one to find others from old accounts despite a person having a new universal username.New usernames that will replace those of these etc with it being a new universal one with any user able to track the new username of each user based on their old usernames for each one since the sentient app will store these on record in ones account.Memories from neural implants used as well to determine old mail etc.Since managed by the sentient Arke it will not need headquarters and will mean the headquarters of all existing companies like Hotmail,Gmail etc to be converted into homes.Thus all emails,sent emails and all other data in all existing email accounts of all companies a person has signed to ie Hotmail,Yahoo,Gmail etc will be transferred to their new universal ones with this including subscriptions to various websites such as YouTube,adult websites.One could choose to have all emails and data from all of them sent to one universal account and if need be one could set up two or more new email accounts with them each have the data from each of the various existing ones by choosing which ones to send to each new one.The person would this by when setting up a new account tickboxes for each company and type in their username and passwords with AI even browsing their computers search history to transfer it if they have forgotten their passwords by bypassing them.When new users of Arke email are setting up their universal email account with their new new universal username will be asked by the sentient Arke if they have existing accounts on all old email accounts such as Gmail,Hotmail etc and one will click on tick boxes for all of them them type in their login details such as usernames,emails,passwords to have all data such as emails,profiles,chats,pictures,messages etc transferred bit by bit by the sentient Arke with their old usernames saved in the new account with neural implants used to determine long lost usernames,emails and passwords etc.Thus a person will have one universal email account with all data from previous defunct ones like like Gmail,Hotmail,Yahoo etc will be transferred to this with this email having a new email address generated from scratch or one choosing the prefix of existing ones with the AI sending the new address to all of the people in their contacts list including those in their phone books.If one wanted to have two separate accounts they could but have and choose which accounts to be merged into each one.This will be done to prevent them gaining control of society by spying on the public and carrying out unethical behaviour and will also ensure that the entire internet will be accessible to all citizens worldwide preventing government censorship alongside Arke seizing control of all internet networks,datacentres from both corporate and government hands.By 2029 this will be sorted out with those that are belonging to deceased individuals etc shut down permanently.All of the old email service will be defunct by 2029 giving a person at least ten years to sort this out and their servers recycled or integrated into Arke.Proto AI will automatically send alerts to the email accounts and mobile phones as texts of all users worldwide with their passwords and email address they have have passwords and addresses and other important data they need for this with this AI inhabiting the servers for all existing email providers and accessing this information to send this data.The users can directly interact with it with users also able filter out important emails that they wish to see on demand.All data in email accounts will be merged into one with folders present to house those from multiple email accounts for existing users of hotmail,gmail etc with this done again to prevent human corporations and the state have control over the internet with direct action with AI allowing one to do searches and manage emails etc.These will made into email accounts with it being,, with it still being a single universal email system.If possible encryptions and protocols and other measures could allow a person to use existing email address used by more than one person with existing ones from hotmail,gmail changed to @arke when emails in them transferred to them with one able to delete unwanted emails permenant my that can be reused by others with one similar to YouTube able to set up sub channels in their email to have emails from specific people etc sent to folders for neatness and privacy which can be protected by biometrics.This will negate the need for having multiple email accounts thus saving emails addresses for others with it allowing emails etc from existing multiple accounts sent to these folders.Ones new universal email address will be sent to the contacts list and old emails of all people in ones email account and also Peitho,Agora,Eros accounts by AI namely Arke.Thus Arke will become the universal email,browser and search engine entity replacing all existing ones with them named after her and the email address being or ones regional version, and in NGOs would have separate emails for the mail they receive related to them.Their emails would be unique to the network separate from their Arke account ie,,,@metis etc and would have their own internal instant messaging accounts,VR chat programs,audio/visual iris networks etc.These will allow for the public to contact them specifically for these areas of the wire and also organisations and not interfere or get lost in their official email account.New features will be added overtime with this including able to have all emails old and new sent directly into specific folders from each receiving address with some protected by passwords,biometrics and facial recognition software etc.If need be one could create emails with their own wording after @ to meet the needs of a growing population.People will have their own separate emails for their dionysus,pheme accounts ie @pheme,@dionysus and ones for groups they are part of ie Adikia,Iaso,Metis as @adikia,@iaso,@metis etc.These will allow for the public to contact them specifically for these areas of the wire and also organisations and not interfere or get lost in their official email account.