Emergency & Disaster Services

All sectors of the global versions of fire fighters,FEMA,lifeguards etc will be set up and have unique universal uniforms by at least 2029.All sectors such as search and rescue teams,firefighting,lifeguards etc will become a single sentient umbrella global entity named after Prometheus and have universal uniforms for each sector with all buildings used by them such as fire stations,lifeguards buildings and even search and rescue stations will house an universal statue of Prometheus that will be the sentient operating software that links them all worldwide and each building having its own AI with its own personality,legal name and avatar with holographic receptionists also having these with his symbol the torch on all signs for buildings,vehicles,reports,uniforms etc world.Prometheus will be the universal global umbrella group of emergency services sub divided into those for lifeguards,fire fighters etc and each one will be given universal names ie FEMA and it equivalencies named Epimetheus,the global search and rescue entity being Menoetius,the global firefighting agency Atlas,global lifeguard entity Anchiele managed by each sentient AI they are named after separate from Prometheus.This AI will control all vehicles,drones,robots sand biosynths.Although humans will be eligible for training at 12 or younger for lifeguards,search and rescue teams etc ideally biosynths will take over all occupations by 2045 especially lifeguards and firefighters due to the extreme danger.Humans will work as lifeguards and firefighters until 2045 alongside drones and robots with the acellerated healing phenotype and carbon dioxide energy acceptor phenotype and other extremophile DNA aiding in humans surviving these conditions.Humans may continue to work in search and rescue teams after biosynths are developed with the augmentions allowing them to survive otherwise fatal conditions.Training in all areas will begin at the age of 12 or younger with them using VR training to test them in customised conditions.

Training of any human operators in all fields will begin as early as 12 and younger and will involve them partaking in VR training,mock real world exercises and also real world situations to test their readiness with variants of the kobayashi maru built into both VR and mock versions.They will be trained for as long as they need possibly as long as several years unique to each sector or like the Agoge until the age of 23 with them training in all fields such as lifeguard,firefighting,emergency services in the wild.Education in theory will be done on the spot with textbooks prepared for each field.Each person will undergo VR training in all fields to allow them to deal with any type of situation with them also undergoing simulations of past disasters with the time dilation effect allowing for them to gain decades worth of experience in all fields.This will involve both group and solo exercises with exercises modelled on past disasters,fires etc and new ones generated by mentors.The general public may be able to avail of training in different fields especially VR ones.CPR,first aid and human physiology will form part of their theory.Physical training such as bodybuilding and also athletics such as running,gymnastics etc will form part of their training with them educated in the use of controlling robots and drones in all fields should AI be compromised.Varients to the kobayashi maru will be employed and trainees will be trained in all fields and also partake in real life events.Bullet ant trials will be applied to push their tolerance to pain.Once registered they will choose their field of choice and each sector ie firefighting,lifeguards etc they will wear an universal uniform for that sector with universal rankings and each sector having universal uniforms.Human operators will compliment not replace robots with regards to teams with them acting as a backup in these areas should any unforeseen problems occur but also to be able to do tasks that robots cannot do until they are sufficiently advanced.It will also be done to compliment them with genetic engineering such as the carbon dioxide acceptor and acellerated healing phenotype allowing them to survive severe injuries and burns and also smokey areas.As stated earlier preventative measures should prevent accidents in all areas ie fires,natural disasters and also hiking thus alleviating strains on humans and robots until sufficiently advanced and also again should they become compromised.

Prometheus app:
New apps have been developed for smartphones that alert individuals of any natural disasters such as earthquakes,volcanic,tsunamis,tornadoes and hurricanes which allow the app users to receive instant alerts directly from seismographs in the case of earthquakes and tsunamis and early warning systems in buoys which using software bots will calculate the strength of the quake and resulting wave(its height and speed and estimated time of arrival as both a countdown and also local time with the projected areas it will strike and how far it will reach inland shown as a simulation carried out by the same software instantly and detailed in easy to digest information)or volcanic eruptions allowing the owner to escape to the nearest safe zone as they will receive warning the same time as emergency centres that would normally receive the readings first and alert the public.BOINC can be merged with this software to quickly determine this information from these software bots,buyos and seismographs and take in the unique geological features of the places it will hit to determine the speed of the waves,strength and height.Ideally the buoys and seismographs would be connected to a localized emergency centre network which will automatically send this information and alert to the regions phone and wifi networks and alert all smartdevices within the region affected by the disaster ensuring all citizens and tourists receive the alert via software built into the alert system and the wire(explained later) negating the need for separate apps sent directly to apps giving them access to the wire(see later) this could also apply to all alert systems.Tsunami buoys would be powered by wave generators attached to them and graphene paint,quantum dot technology and mini solar panels.These buoys and seismographs around the world would also be connected to each other to form a global network to alert all areas affected by the disaster as well as keep records of all disasters in order for studies to be carried out using logged data such as location,location of onland communities warned,strength,height of waves along the ocean and estimated onshore arrival,time and date,recordings of the quake or tsunami reaching land(via cameras ontop of large strong poles,aerial drones and tall buildings to again measure actual height,damage and how inland it spreads – these would be at all possible areas where they could occur based on the location of fault lines and nearby volcanoes) etc.This constant interaction between all seismographs and buyos worldwide would thus allow software to correctly asses the strength,direction,speed,time of arrival and projected areas it would impact thus allowing all smart devices in those areas to be alerted instantly.As stated the estimated height of the waves and their time of arrival will allow people to determine how high in terms of buildings and also elevation to get to quickly with this brought up on a map showing the affected areas in a unique colour and guide them to the nearest safe zones and highest elevated levels.This would be a sub section of a global network that details and sends warnings for all types of natural disasters worldwide and will alert all smart devices in the affected areas via connection to the wire and Hermes making all of these apps obsolete since it will alert devices within the region that it is occurring.All building and home AI will be alerted to this and sound alarms on all registered devices both inside them and also outside.Thus areas at risk of being hit as determined by warnings sent to Prometheus instantly will allow him to determine the source of it,where it will hit and when and expected size within minutes or seconds and through the app or even the wire itself to automatically alert all citizens in the affected areas determined by him via smart devices and home AI in their language instantly and divert them to where they are to go to safety.

Places near earthquakes should have buildings that are up to code with homes being either dome shaped or tested prior to construction via simulations via Brauron and Daedalus to withstand the strongest possible earthquake in that region via simulations or be dome shaped with roads and highways fitted with self healing smart foamcrete with foamcrete used also to create new buildings as it is more resistant to earthquakes than normal concrete with carbon fibres integrated into them to measure their integrity fed into Hermes 24/7 and self healing features integrated to heal any fractures that occur.Existing buildings in all cities and even rural areas in countries effected by earthquakes will have all buildings set up to code with private homes having bunkers one can move to that house Storedot batteries and stored food to allow one to ride out the earthquake and even alert people to their GPS location with neural and other implants relaying vital signs and GPS location to both Paean and Prometheus.Graphene paint can be applied to them to increase strength with a layer of both self healing smart concrete(and thus graphene paint) put over existing buildings.Having them infused with graphene nanotubes and carbyne will allow for them to withstand damage and for structural readings to read.Self healing smart concrete and asphalt should be integrated into roads,highways and bridges to ensure they can be repaired and suffer little damage with piping underground have graphene and other nanomaterials to prevent them bursting with this of not to sewer,gas,water and geothermal pipes.Ideally all of these buildings either communal or private should have rooms from which people can escape to in order to be in a secure area similar to those in tornado zones.By 2045 Prometheus will using sensors near and along fault zones will be able to predict the intensity and exact day and time of earthquakes some time to give people time to prepare with this done to predict tsunamais caused by both overground and underground faults.it may even be possible to extract energy from earthquakes and at the same time lessen their intensity and strength.Probes composed of graphene and alloys tantulum,hafnium,carbide can be made to enter the mantle and reach possibly as far as the outer core for observations of temperature and pressure sent wirelessly in real time with the possibility of cameras protected by glass covering this can be used to get live feeds with the possibility of samples being taken and returned to the surface.Carbyne in its matrix will make them able to survive the deep pressures.Some of these could extended to the upper part of the inner core with carbyne in their matrix to lower points that has a tensile strength of 270 Gigapascals compared to the 130 Gigapascals of the lower mantle.In time alloys that have tensile strength of more than the 330 Gigapascals can be developed to reach the inner core.Any probes that would be destroyed or undergo self destruct would be recycled since they would in time return to the surface via volcanic explosions or in time theoretical transporter technology will allow them to be recaptured with these probes also releasing smaller particles composed of an allow of carbyne,graphene,tantalum hafnium carbide that wirelessly send data to the surface but follow the track of convectional currents in the mantle continuously for studies and also measure these parameters such as pressure and temperature over long periods of time with these and the movement of these currents relayed wirelessly to networks.These would enter the mantle via entering the mouths of volcanoes or by drilling holes into the mantle or it being part of a drill composed of these materials that then releases them or the drill is part of the probe with sensors that can be sent outwards with these measuring temperature and pressure over long periods of time as they are kept there in place for years on end with the shape and contours of all faults mapped by AI to determine when and where they will lock into place and build pressure.These could be used to measure the rate of convectional flow in all parts of the mantle and possible the outer core and be used to track the flow of tectonic plates subducting,passing by each other and diverging and possibly play a role in predicting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions much better.The contours of faults can be mapped and thus it may be possible to determine when locks may be made that can trigger a quake by measuring the rate of convectional flow.Areas will poor soil prone to liquefaction will have more stable oil and bedrock put in place or cities and towns there will be demolished and moved upstream with only key buildings such as historical ones remaining and the land reforested while they are moved somewhere else that is not as prone to them.Research can be done into capturing the energy released by earthquakes into usable forms of energy that can be stored in community packs as well if possible absorbing the energy released allowing for them to be less intensive or even prevent them occurring with this involving shock absorbing materials that are spaced at key points or have the contours that would interlock loosened or reshaped.This would be applied to those by the coast,underwater that could cause tsunamais thus preventing them and also store the vast amounts of energy for use later on.Prometheus,Daphne and Gaia will spearhead research into this.

Also the Prometheus app will direct them to the nearest safe zones via audio/visual cues i.e. higher ground,bunkers in homes or community ones and direct them away from dangerous buildings interact with home AI in the region and shut down gas and electricity immediately to prevent gas explosions and interact with traffic networks direct vehicles to safe zones.Homes will have shutters that will close over windows when the alarm is set and ideally especially communal buildings around areas affected by tsunamis and also flooding should be at least ten feet from the ground via columns or a wall(ideally the latter) composed of carbon composites such as carbyne/graphene or even smart and self healing foamcrete covered in a layer of graphene paint for extra strength(with a permanent layer of liquid glass over this)and the integrity of the foamcrete measured via the building AI before and after.Existing homes,farms,public buildings and skyscrapers etc including communal homes can have high walls ten feet from the ground made from these materials alongside automated tsunami walls,gates and stairwells on the side surrounding them or raising them several feet from the ground with gratings under the walls that lead to the tunnels with this applying to areas prone to floods and mudslides.There will be sloped stairwells and retractable stairs guiding them to higher levels of buildings and/or the side of the walls surrounding them with these lower levels behind these walls that can be used as carparks with these sealed off by doors when the tsunami is about to hit.These can house gratings leading to the local flood tunnel system at each entrance to these carparks.These will allow people to run to them reach the higher levels of these buildings and the roof to be safe from any waves acting as a safe zones.In the case of tsunamis,subways and underground tunnels and roads used by vehicles at risk of flooding will also be connected to these and be closed off when no humans are in its way preventing flooding and death of anyone inside with the watertight doors etc composed of strong carbon composites to withstand the power of the waves.These can also act as extra areas for humans to run to and find shelter with them the walls reinforced to prevent water seeping in.Nanomaterials and carbon dioxide scrubbers that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide can be used to provide oxygen in tunnels and subways.Alternatively subways could in fact if properly built and maintained can be used as an area to hide if properly maintained with watertight doors closing in when no people are in its way with any nearby buildings having stairwells composed of strong carbon composites to the higher floors of them or steel ones covered in graphene paint and liquid glass.These would again have carbon dioxide scrubbers and nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide.Entrances to underground communities will sealed off as well.The roads in underground roads will contain porous material to allow it to drain into the groundwater with storm drains present even linked to underground tunnels.Furthermore retractable tsunami walls linked to alert systems could be incorporated into undersea bed by the shore or piers by the shore that automatically push upwards managed by Prometheus similar to flood walls above water higher than the calculated or highest theoretical wave height for extra security and protect beaches from tsunami damage while still preventing visual pollution during normal days.Strong carbon composite materials such as fullerene,buckypaper, diamond or even carbyne can be the materials that they are composed of with any new or existing piers or concrete/foamcrete walls near the coast which these could be ontop of be covered in graphene paint and then permanent layers of liquid glass like the retractable tsunami walls to negate the need for cleaning and give them added strength and will stay put during the following days should any aftershocks produce any more waves and will prevent any seawater held back subside.The alerts will interact with traffic networks to divert traffic to higher ground and safe zones and also as far inland as possible as fast as possible while informing people on the streets to get to the roofs of strong foamcrete or carbon fibre buildings and not cross streets to allow vehicles to evacuate the area with the vehicles ideally sent to park near the tallest building to enter them for safety.If possible the vehicles would be directed to the edge of higher land and thus allow people to move upwards by foot.Underground roads can have watertight doors that cut them and the vehicles present off from the waves and this will also be done in areas prone to floods with oxygen coming from carbon dioxide scrubbers and in nanomaterials that separate carbon from oxygen with any underground areas also shut off and have these scrubers etc to provide oxygen with entrances to underground areas at key areas in the outskirts of city to hold people and access to underground communities.Underground communities can be accessed at any point on the surface with them having a series of watertight doors to prevent them getting flooded.As detailed later on tunnels that collect the water will have in between them elevators that close when being used to transport people to underground communities underneath the tunnels.Ideally as stated earlier buildings especially taller ones including communal homes from skyscrapers,vertical/forest/community farms,factories,sewage treatment plants,hospitals and water treatment plants which will be essential to the survival of the area after the tsunami should be several feet off the ground(at least ten feet) and have sloped stairwells not only in the underground but along the side to allow people to quickly get to higher floors and ideally the roof with them allowing access to each floor and the roof to hold as many people as possible who can use them as safe zones high off the ground.The building wont be held up by just pillars but actual walls several feet high with the main entrance being a small watertight door or be several feet high accessed by stairs with the area that is taken up by the wall being basements and bunkers and the ground floor being several feet from the ground.Both private and communal homes would be designed this thus allowing residents outside to gain access to higher ground and those inside to be automatically protected.Otherwise especially in the case of farms they should have walls this high around them made of self healing foamcrete with a layer of graphene paint and liquid glass on them for strength with an automated graphene tsunami wall that rises when water approaches it signalled by surveillance cameras and alarms with extra stairs or waterproof that automatically close on the side of this wall and gratings underneath the walls that open during tsunamis to collect any water into the tunnels.Mag lev elevators can also be installed on the exterior to allow quick access to the roof and various levels.All windows in buildings should have shutters or those in vertical farms and skyscrapers should have several layers of graphene within its matrix to make them shatterproof against debris and waves with doors being watertight ones.This graphene glass can apply to all windows in private and communal homes and in hospitals with several sheets of it in them to increase its strength with simulations done to denote how much layers of it is needed to protect them from wood,metal debris at top speeds.Each of these buildings whether private or communal homes as well as hospitals and vertical farms used as safe zones could have both strong pods composed of wood and graphene paint on them or made of carbon composites that float when water levels rise with these buildings also having bunkers that can be sealed by watertight doors and is watertight in all ceilings and walls surrounding it to house an entire family or in the case of hospitals and communal homes etc several dozen people and house Storedot batteries,excess dried and canned food and also water enough to last several weeks and also CSYS lights and televisions with them able to be power for several weeks from the batteries.All private and communal homes and also hospitals etc with these bunkers or in the lobby and all floors will have elevators that can house large amounts of people to transport them to underground communities as the main entrance to them during these events as the main tunnels etc to them will be sealed once the alarm sounds.These large elevators or numerous in each of these buildings will be able to transport large numbers of people to the underground communities while the buildings fill up with more people with all rooms in the buildings and even roofs filled with as many people as possible.Ideally on command before the tsunami hits once the alarm is sounded Paean can have biosynth implants formed in all patients in an area that will relay their GPS location to Prometheus allowing them to be found during and after the disaster.These will be formed when the first signs of an earthquake is formed.Pylons in areas affected by tsunamis,floods,storms,hurricanes and even earthquakes should be replaced with sealed waterproof underground tunnels as detailed earlier with transmission cables as detailed earlier on to ensure a constant supply of electricity even after the disaster has struck with power plants ideally set outside as far inland as possible with them having a high wall made of graphene and carbon composites coated in both graphene paint and then a permanent layer of liquid glass around their perimeter for extra strength and prevent cleaning and their own automated retractable tsunami walls at entrances(again to go higher than the highest possible height) connected to the emergency networks to ensure any waves that reach them go around them again to ensure continued electricity.This would apply to all types of plants including geothermal,solar thermal,nuclear(fusion and fission),windfarms etc.Power plants of all types would also have each room sealed with watertight doors especially any remaining nuclear ones though ideally nuclear power plants should be replaced by geothermal and other ones in areas by tsunami prone areas.Hospitals,farms(forest,vertical and community),water and sewage treatment plants,communal homes and all important buildings and municipalities should also have Storedot wall batteries that recharge once they are empty from the grid or solar panels etc on the roof and can power them for at least two to four weeks on a single charge to allow them to function with them powering only essential services during these periods managed by the building AI,Tyche,Paean etc with VAWTs,solar panels,quantum dot technology and also oil generators using bacteria,and co/trigeneration technologies to keep these vital services functioning at all times.The building AI would replace and recycle them when they reach the end of their lifecycle with newer models either by residents using how to videos or biosynths and robots that belong to the building and also from the mayor.They should all also have high self healing walls covered in graphene paint and liquid glass with automated retractable walls that close when disaster strikes.

As detailed earlier on in the management of the security of cities larger versions of flood control tunnel systems developed in Tokyo can be set up dotted around in areas affected by tsunamis by the coast with larger holes in the open in parks and areas just past tsunami walls sloping downwards in a large v-shaped hole to collect as much water as possible that consist of a raised circular metal covering(with a layer of graphene paint for strength) a few feet above the hole that can be used as a seat with a thin graphene or carbyne mesh(or thickish steel one)under the seat that coated with liquid glass prevents people and debris falling in that collect water that breaches tsunami walls etc and can be collected and treated for uses detailed earlier on using pump systems.These circular seats perimeter where the water flows could also be covered by the mesh again coated in liquid glass to cause debris to be swept aside while it is drained and again prevent people being sucked in.Since they are located just behind sea walls very little debris will be falling into them.Ideally these walls will be retractable ones made of graphene that rise above the highest possible wave height when alarms are sent to prevent them affecting aethetics of the area.They can be just after the walls with wide horizontal openings underneath the walls next to the coast that also lead to these allowing large volumes of water held back to be drained into these systems with any water that rises above the walls collected by the larger circular systems again to prevent as much water reaching towns and cities.Ideally these openings under the walls should be closed by shutters under normal conditions with them opening when sensors within the retractable walls or cameras overlooking the coast interacting with them that lookout over the sea detect both visual recording and pressure of the waves against the tsunami walls to ensure they only open and take water in when the tsunami has hit and will close using both cameras and pressure sensors when the water has subsided or when the tunnels have become full.Sensors in the tunnels can measure how much water is present and seal off the shutters and also the holes to prevent water escaping and bubbling up out into areas that are in inland.These holes should also be located directly under factories,hospitals,communal homes and other important public buildings that are raised several feet above the ground(at least ten feet)or have walls around them with automatic gates that rise in accordance to these warning as detailed earlier on to collect more water and at other strategic points in the city as well as along the coast.These holes should primarily act as backup if the openings under the wall become blocked due to debris or are unable to open and also act as a means to extract water from the tunnel system after the waves have subsided via automated vehicles to allow it to be treated.They would also be in beaches and areas where the sea walls could not be integrated due to the contours of the shore as well where the walls would be impractical as well as them being on islands and in areas inland away from the shore where a tsunami could reach by passing through uninhabited coastal areas.They would open in response to alarms and like the walls would be powered by the grid or if the grid is compromised by earthquakes their own separate battery system charged by the grid with them closing when they have filled up.These holes will also double as a means to collect heavy rainwater during both storms and heavy rains preventing flooding during these times with them able to open and close and thus only opening during heavy rains and tsunamis so as to allow normal rains to be collected by the groundwater.Since most areas affected by tsunamis are also affected by heavy rains and storms this seems only reasonable with if it is too expensive or cumbersome to install retractable walls next to a coastal area these holes that open when tsunamis are expected can be put in place instead of them with them being several large ones or many small ones at key points by piers,beaches,in front of key public buildings,public streets and in open spaces.Automated water collection systems in the form of a series of trucks sucking up water at these points that reach the very bottom of the tunnel floors and send it to water treatment plants would be employed with the the fleet consisting of an certain amount of trucks capable of emptying the entire system with these residing on the outskirts of the town or city in either an underground bunker or raised building that would be automatically deployed when waters subside.This water will again be treated in water treatment plants linked to the main pipes underground to be made drinkable alleviating strains on water bodies as well as providing water to any part of the world experiencing a drought.These vehicles would treat water in water treatment plants and storage areas suited specifically to this water with the water treatment plants and storage areas would be on the outskirts of areas affected by floods and storms etc being separate to existing ones that serve the region during the year and be several areas of the ground and be large multistorey buildings to accommodate the large volumes of water.Their size and amount of these treatment plants and amount of vehicles would decided by simulations determining the the highest amount of rain that could fall during storms,floods.Ideally pipes in the system would empty them when they first become full into these treatment plants that can store it and thus allow the drained systems to be refilled instantly if the tsunami is big and also if more water is coming in.These pipes would also through underground and underwater pipes travel across the country or continent to allow the water to be emptied quickly by other cities not affected where it will also be treated by desalinisation plants inside them or on site of plants where water can be stored onsite of the cities inland or even dumping the water into oceans on the opposite side of the country,having other buildings automatically use up the water as well thus allowing for the water to be emptied,treated and used up and thus refilled quickly as detailed later on.When emptied the opening behind and under the walls would close and when cameras and pressure forced onto the walls are again sensing water about to overflow the holes will reopen if more water is expected with them also opening up if the land begins to overrun with water.

This and reforested land should at least alleviate the damage of severe tsunamis and slow their encroachment onland while giving people more time to escape to higher land and rooftops of tall strong buildings by Ophion directing traffic to high land and also people going by foot by taking in large volumes of the first blast of waves and again can alleviate the strains of the ground on floods with them going even deeper and designed to hold more water than conventional versions of these since they would have to prevent large amounts of seawater to from flooding these coastal areas with again multiple large turbines found in hydroelectric dams composed of strong carbon composites to break down debris in these to also generate and store electricity to the areas affected through backup generators and Storedot battery packs(enough to power the region for a month or two or as much as can theoretically be created)with these and all of the tunnels surfaces sprayed with permanent layers of graphene paint and then liquid glass prevent rust,damage,prevent blockages and also negate the need for cleaning.The strong carbon composites like graphene would not only break down debris but also would be lighter and possibly generate electricity much more efficiently and the batteries would power the region in blackouts as a result of the tsunami or alleviate strains on the grid for at least a month or as long as possible depending on how much energy can be harvested and stored.The interior of these tunnels can also be covered in liquid glass to prevent the build up of dirt,prevent damage,wear and tear and ensure all water is collected and which can be treated in internal water treatment plants or stored and collected to external or internal water treatment plants to provide safe drinking water after the disaster or during the year in drier months returning it to the hydro logical cycle and for other uses such as alleviate droughts across the world and prevent forest fires etc as detailed earlier and later on putting it to good use before it returns to the hydrological cycle and thus the oceans with the salt extracted via internal or desalinisation plants used for commercial purposes with debris separated and then recycled.Tyche,Moriai,Theoi Meteroi and Prometheus will decide the best use for this water.Ideally it should be used to provide clean drinking water for all affected areas in the coming weeks and months after the disaster with any excess used for other purposes.The salt can be used for commercial products or returned to ocean when the water that is used returns to the ocean via the hydrological cycle to keep the salinity levels balanced.AI will ensure the water once drunk is returned to the ocean in controlled bursts with the salt also returned in this treated water in controlled to prevent it affecting the oceans salinity.It can also provide water to underground communities alleviating strains on surface or underground water treatment plants or once treated pumped into depleted aquifers and groundwater supplies around the water.The Ophion system could and vehicles used to transport gas,diesel and fossil fuels could be used to transport this to any area in the world that is prone to frequent droughts decided by interaction between Theoi Meteroi,Demeter and Pan where it can be stored in extensions to water treatment plants.These vehicles would be coated with silica glass internally and have UV lights to sterilise them.Ideally they as stated earlier go as deep as possible and as far inland even past the outskirts of cities with holes dotted around the coast,strategic points and under important buildings held above ground by at least ten feet to collect as much water as possible which can be collected stored and then treated.The ideal depth of these tunnels should be at least between 100-500m which is beyond the range of the heights of most tsunamis or indeed megatsunamis and go at least 16-20 kilometres inland which is the farthest a tsunami and even a megatsunami could travel underneath all of the city based on a worst case scenarios with tunnels criss crossing underneath and inbetween existing piping,subway and sewer systems etc and logged into Artemis.Ideally they should not cover the entire area completely but rather a series of tunnels with pockets of atriums shaped like football fields so as to allow light rains and some heavy rains to return to groundwater supplies with these being ideally underneath groundwater to allow for them to be naturally replenished by again light and some heavy rains.They should also be above or in between any underneath any underground communities present with the entrances to any of these underground communities sealed off once the alarm sounds with entrances to subways etc closed off as well.To increase the water that can be taken in by them first when the tunnels fill up they will be emptied and treated in the internal desalinisation plant or ideally one that is on the outskirts and stored in large tanks with them reopening to take in more water and once filled in they will close.These holes will then reopen to allow the tunnel to be refilled and this repeated until the tsunami has subsided with this determined by the sea walls not having water pressed against it via sensors and cameras when the holes below them are closed and the water then filtered in the desalinisation plant and then used in the affected area as drinkable water should other plants be compromised and shipped to other areas of the world where it will eventually return to the ocean via the hydrological cycle ie by entering the rivers and lakes that flow into the ocean or through transpiration of plants in drought stricken areas where they are stored for use during droughts especially Africa,Middle East and Asia or areas that use large amounts of water to alleviate their strains with it key that they enter rivers and lakes that eventually returns to the ocean.The water treatment plants should hold enough water to meet the needs of the area for at least several weeks or more enough to hold all the water in the tunnels with the majority of them in underground bunkers with once this is filled and there is more water then this excess amount will be cleared by the fleets of vehicles that transport it to areas that are drought stricken to allow that in the tunnels to be taken and treated.The size of the tunnels and the size of the water storage buildings and number of them in an area should be determined by the highest amount of water that could flow in by the highest theoretical tsunami a place gets.As stated each hole would lead to a slanted tunnel that has multiple turbines that generates electricity stored in community battery packs that can supply electricity during and after the disaster with these ideally underground and store the highest amount of water.The water will be collected in a large area that has more turbines and is structured like a dam to hold water back or be slanted at several points containing multiple turbines and the water then collected and treated to become drinkable water for the area alleviating strains on rivers and then them returned to the ocean again once used.The treated water once consumed will be released into the oceans in controlled bursts.This will prevent the most damage and alleviate the amount of water reaching inland substantially wit the same techniques applied with those using only holes dotted around the place that open and close again determined by cameras overlooking the coast and various points of the city.Underground communities will be underneath these tunnels and can be accessed via elevators dotted at key points of a city that close while being used or are inside tall skyscraper buildings that are several feet off the ground by strong foamcrete graphene infused walls for extra protection and alleviating limited space in these buildings with them even in private and communal homes as well as other tall buildings used for shelter.The tunnel entrances and other areas connected to underground communities will be sealed once thee alarm sounds and these elevators in buildings can allow for large amounts of people to gain access to the communities alongside stairwells in the building.These tunnels will work by having the tunnels go past the groundwater table to where the tunnels are beneath groundwater with extra places dug up to facilitate the water displaced.The ceilings of these tunnels could be porous pavement alongside roads and streets above them to allow extra water to flow in or to prevent this water bubbling up when full the tunnels could be designed to have strips that are internally walled in to allow the water to go deeper than the tunnels themselves.Elevators and other transportation to underground communities will be in between them or from the outskirts and buildings present will possibly not have underground extensions but rather roof ones.Prometetheus can be used to project the highest theoretical wave height and length travelled inland for each potential location around the world affected by them using the strength of theoretical earthquakes on all underwater and coastal faults and also coastal volcanoes and thus decide the depth and length inland that these tunnels go but the figures stated earlier on should be basic guidelines with this software again being used to decide which areas around the world are at threat.These should be at rural and urban towns and cities located further inland may also have their own versions of these drainage systems and even retractable or permanent self healing,smart foamcrete walls around them coated with graphene paint and then a permanent liquid glass especially if they are at an angle to a coast that is unprotected due to there being no coastal towns present to collect the water in the waves paths with simulations determining which towns should have these.Openings to any underground communities including stairwells,elevators and tunnels will be automatically closed to prevent water flowing there with them also having retractable walls alongside watertight doors.Ideally these will provide a safe haven to communities with them protected by a series of watertight graphene doors at each entrance with even each entrance having piping to transfer any water that breaches them to the main or its own flood tunnel system where water can be used for drinkable water once treated.Power plants of all types can have horizontal gratings underneath the wall around the perimeter to collect water that can connect to these systems even those that are far inland with the grating connecting to a piping systems that double backs toward the coast to transport to them back inland or indeed to their own separate flood tunnel systems to again prevent water breaching the walls and tsunami walls around them in order to prevent events similar to the 2011 tsunamis breaching of Fukushima.They should have watertight doors made of graphene at the front and at every major rooms to separate each other from breaches with this including coolant systems.If possible these power plants especially nuclear power plants would temporarily shut down before a disaster to prevent damage such as fires during disasters and then interacting with Prometheus and Moirai would start up again when it is over with all buildings relying on their batteries or the localised battery packs with these power plants having their own set of batteries to allowing to run basic automated corrective and containment systems.Ideally those near tsunami prone zones should utilise tidal,wave and self sufficient technologies near then with beaches and tropical islands at risk from tsunamis should have the same drainage systems built into rock faces,the outskirts of beaches again at strategic points and under raised buildings without retractable walls that would be impractical and would be an eyesore with megaphones on the outskirts of the beach again complimenting the automated alerts from Hermes.Those on islands can go deeper as well as through pipes into buildings composed of pyrex and graphene composites underwater surrounding the island as far around as possible to store extra water with these normally empty but filled when the water from tsunami occur and the water treated by onsite desalinisation plants.Otherwise they may go underneath deeper into the oceanic crust as well to stor as much water.Islands would likely have to have retractable tsunami walls that dig deep into the ground and rise to the highest theoretical height when alarms are sounded thus not affecting the natural beauty with these also having coral reefs set up through conservation efforts with the coral engineered to survive the temperatures of the area with them also having as much land heavily reforested.The alarms will sound as to which side of the island that the tsunami will appear from with all buildings whether private,communal homes and even hospitals having underground bunkers to house all people that contain food supplies,stored water and trees and Storedot batteries to provide lighting and oxygen with these able to house all residents of private and communal homes for several weeks until rescued using graphene watertight doors with them able to send alerts as to their location to the sentient Prometheus and thus volunteers as to their location.Islands will not have hospitals as these will be on the mainland and all islands will be connected to the mainland via underground hyperloop trains that can connect resident to the mainland quickly for escape with them and all residential homes located inland of the island with them connected to beaches via roads accessed on foot and by vehicles.If possible islands and beaches affected will have coral reefs set up by them to act as buffer zones with ideally villages and cities set up or moved inland thus allowing areas by the beach to house forests of natural plants that can deflect waves and slow down waves and also house holes to lead to tunnels that collect water.Existing depleted coral reefs will be set up while fish farms are replaced by recirculating aquaculture systems with any damaged reefs and reforested land replanted and reset up after tsunamis.Simulations will determine which sides of islands and coasts would be affected by tsunamis allowing residents to have their homes and thus bunkers on the opposite side with ideally as stated all hotels and other buildings on mainland beaches moved inland to allow the trees to slow down the encroachment of them alongside aforementioned tunnel systems,retractable walls with the movement of hotels and all towns inland will allow people more time to move even further inland away from the coast with them having roads that lead directly to higher ground ie mountains for people on foot and in vehicles though ideally to prevent traffic jams these would cater to people on foot with them allowing safe passage to the very tops of any mountains etc and even to the other side of mountains with them being made of porous asphalt and also dirt roads with them branching at several points to allow more people to use them without getting clogged.If possible homes including communal ones will be built on the opposite side of or into mountains with those on the side of mountains having good scenic views and tunnels in them to allow residents and those living below them to enter into the mountains in bunkers for safety.Doing this will allow all land by beaches to be reforested with hybrids of fruit/nut trees and native forest plants including trees to provide food compensating for people moving into existing other wilderness areas and the beaches will be accessed by the aforementioned roads with carparks added to make access quick in normal times with even underground hyperloop systems added as well that are connected to the beach and residential areas on the other side of mountains,further inland and those built into mountains thus allowing one to travel quickly back and forth between the beach and all parts of the area with in the case of islands to the mainland.Ideally the beaches will have all land around them reforested to allowing for natural fauna and flora to reside their increasing the scenic view from hotel style communal homes on the far side of the forested land and also the ocean with the forest and natural shape acting as a natural barrier with them also having openings to tsunamai tunnels.The native trees can be engineered to have DNA from Allocasuarina luehmannii that has the hardest wood that will make trees stronger and more able to survive waves and slow them down and when having DNA from the tallest trees ie Sequoia sempervirens will make them larger and they will be tightly packed.It would for beachgoers house a more natural forested scenery when they are there with the train stations allowing for quick access to the beaches from communal homes and the mainland in the case of islands.The train stations will consist of a building on the surface with the station and access to the trains being underground with these having large entrances,lobby with Helios statue and series of large stairs with the main station separated by graphene water tight doors controlled by the AI and also the main underground station consisting of luxury lounges that will have food etc elevators to underground communities and the actual station all of which will all be protected by aforementioned graphene watertight doors controlled by the train AI.Piping and holes built into the side of the wall by the beaches and reforested areas that act as buffers etc will be connected to underground tsunamai tunnels that collect water from the waves to slow their encroachment onland while people move into the stations with these at key points of islands and also reforested areas thus increasing their effectiveness as barriers.The holes to collect tsunamai water will be built into the natural landscape of beaches and the surrounding forests that act as buffers preventing them becoming an eyesore and affecting the view.Underwater communities would be in the ocean deeps and would have graphene built into pyrex to protect them from wave damage.These will thus replace large unsightly housing and hotel estates by the beach and will allow for a quick escape as the people present will be entering the main underground station that can hold at least several hundred or thousand inside the station with them then able to escape in waves inland or to the mainland while being safe away from the tsunami.When alarms sound people on the beach will be alerted to the potential tsunanmai and directed inside
and cameras overlooking the ocean will signal the doors to close with as stated large amounts of people being able to reside inside while the wave hits the areas and enters flood tunnels and then reach the mainland or inland residential areas in waves.Transporter technology can also be present on both sides of the stations to transporter more people in waves to alleviate strains.Underground communities can be accessed at the beach from here with them having a series of watertight doors at each stop to prevent water flooding underground communities with these communities on the mainland on the opposite side of forests and mountains that act as buffers as the main entrances to these communities will be in the towns above them.Communal homes inland or even small private homes or even any remaining communal hotel style homes near the beach can be directly connected to these via bunkers that have watertight doors and also passageways accessed by foot with hospitals also having these.Large beaches will have multiple entrances to these dotted around the coast to allow as much people spread out over them to escape as soon as possible with to them.These hyperloop systems will be accessed via train stations at the surface by the beach and will be able to house people in the station closed off via watertight doors but also allow large amounts of people to escape the area very quickly in large numbers as there will be several tubing tracks that lead to the other part of the island that are much farther inland by residential areas as well even areas past mountains and higher ground with those on islands as well to allow one to be transported to the mainland ideally far inland on the mainland very quickly being able to travel at speeds of at least 1,126-6,437 kph allowing for the trains to be able to move back and forth very quickly with them capable of holding several dozen or even hundred people.These will ideally be underneath the oceanic crust to prevent them damaged by the tsunami waves with them composed of multi layered graphene sheets also aiding this.Thus the train stations would be underground and suited to hold several hundred or even thousand people and thus be closed off when full of people with them as stated since located by the beach will allow anyone by the beach to get inside when alarms are sounded,fill up with at least several thousand people in these underground stations sealed off by graphene watertight doors and then have people escape the area in waves with this of note to large beaches that will have multiple entrances to the underground stations that will have walkways and even luxury lounges for people to stay in while they fill up and then they close.Like underground communities the entrances to these will have cameras or drones at the entrances that look out over the beach and entrance that relays to the AI managing them when to close with all people directed to all different entrances on the beach based on their location ensuring they reach one quickly with the AI managing them and also Prometheus via wire access interacting constantly with linked smart phones,contact lenses and even neural implants etc in the body owned by people on the beach to determine how many people are there and direct them to the nearest station entrance with them managing the inflow and which people goes to which entrance based on their position,the estimated time of arrival of the wave and also how many people are directed to each one to improve survival rates and prevent clogging with people ideally running to them.As stated earlier these will replace unsightly hotels and villages on the coast that will otherwise be moved inland and will house at least several hundred or thousand depending on the size of the beach and will allow those inside to escape via the hyperloop trains to areas much farther inland including residential areas in waves while those still inside will be protected by the watertight doors with those on islands will have the people moved inland with them housing stairwells etc to underground communities.In the case of islands it would allow them access to the mainland.In normal instances they will as stated allow those on the mainland or further inland quick access to the beach back and forth outside of walking via footpaths and routes with the watertight doors closing at night time or during tsunamis that occur when noone is on the beach.They will also have walkways inside and transporter technology connecting both sides both during tsunamais and also normal circumstances with them charged by thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes and fusion etc.Those not able to get in in time or due to their location on the beach would not make will be directed to the walkways used to normally get there and even towers built along the island or reforested area that can not only hold people but will be used by Prometheus to overlook the ocean alongside surveillance cameras overlooking the beach and built into rockfaces and act as a lighthouse and house stairs to the roof of it to house more people and even underground communities with all access routes to underground communities onland and into the train stations using a series of watertight doors to prevent them becoming flooded and have internal small drainage systems to also collect water.These will be connected to the beach via walkways with signs and biolumescent plants that lead not only to them but also to the main residential areas.The flood tunnels should once the doors on the beach close collect as much water as possible to slow its encroachment with these also on islands and could hold a dozen people on the roof and underground extensions alongside entrances to the train station.

Any private or communal homes that do exist on the coast,islands and further inland will be made of graphene trusses,graphene infused foamcrete and will have holes leading to tsunamai tunnels by them on the sides or by the beach etc to take in extra water with them having underground bunkers cornered off by watertight doors to allow extra people on the bottom floor to escape to with them also having emergency stairs that lead to the roofs that can be used for extra people to escape to with the macro home AI alerting people in upper floors to the situation to allow those on lower floors to enter their suites with each suite holding at least a dozen to twenty people people with those with balconies housing more with people staying in all parts such as balconies and en suites.During the sounding of alarms the macro AI would open all doors to suites with the possibility these communal homes having the suites at least on the second floor about ten feet from the ground with the ground floor consisting mainly of the lobby,dining hall,amenities and storerooms and also stairwells to underground bunkers and systems that allow one to travel to train stations ensuring that if the ground floor is flooded then at least the residents will have moved to the safety of upper floors and underground bunkers.The main entrances by the ocean and front door and where the water could enter the ground floor could have retractable graphene walling that could prevent water flooding in.These emergency stairs would also compliment existing stairs present to prevent people getting clogged on the way up with them on the side of the building leading to the upper floors and roof with them ideally rather than metal ones being made of the same material of the building coupled with railings to fit in with the architecture thus allowing those on all side of the building to use them with the Prometheus app and Hestia guiding people to the nearest stairs.Elevators would have graphene shells around them to prevent water seeping into them with any dining halls etc on the ground floors have stairwells leading to underground bunkers protected by graphene doors with these ground floor rooms also protected by these.These bunkers would have Storedot batteries charged from the grid or onsite solar panels as well as thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes,stores of excess food,vats for growing bacteria based commodities and algae and house areas where the macro AI can send distress signals to Prometheus in a fragmented form with the battereis charging the rooms for at least several weeks with them connected to hyperloop stations and underground communities built into the area via doors,stairs and hallways to allow people present to go further inland or to the mainland thus increasing the amount of residents allowed to escape with all private and communal homes fitted with these.Hospitals will also have this structure.Underground communities will also built underneath the existing and newly reforested areas with these protected by watertight doors and can allow others to enter them via watertight elevators at key points for the area as small graphene infused lobby buildings with them being large mag lev buildings that can hold several dozen or hundred people at once with the building having watertight doors and also being composed of graphene infused foamcrete will withstand tsunamis.This could allow the area to be reforested and these underground communities can allow people on the surface at any point of the beach,coastline and indeed the entire area quickly access them for safety.Communal and private homes could also have elevator and stairwell access to these underground communities with the underground communities having a series of watertight graphene doors that would cut off areas compromised thus prevent them becoming entirely flooded.In islands the entire island could have the entire island have one large underground bunker for people to enter via elevators in communal and private homes alongside bunkers.Ideally Paean via fragmentation in neural implants will send ones GPS signal to Prometheus and direct one to these train stations,bunkers and higher ground and even underground communities based on their current location,the location of these and the readings and warnings of Prometheus ie the height and expected time of arrival of the wave and thus determine instantly ones best chance for survival for each option and send their distances,directions to linked smart contact lenses and also smart devices with this done for each individual person with in the case of bunkers in communal and private homes and train stations will relay to the AI managing them and the people present as to the number of people directed there and their current location and time of the waves arrival.Rainwater collection systems should be on major buildings to provide a source of uncontaminated drinking water during the reconstruction with the water stored in basements.

Areas that are susceptible in the future by megatsunamis such as St. John’s,Halifax,Boston,New York,Baltimore,Washington D.C.,Miami,Havana and the rest of the Eastern Coasts of the United States and Canada,Honolulu as well many other cities on the Atlantic coast in Europe,South America and Africa should install these systems that can go around or under subways and underground roads not only due to the threat posed by Kohale and Cumbre Vieja but also due the fact that they suffer from flooding from both storms and hurricanes on a frequent basis anyways as seen with Hurricane Sandy.If possible sufficiently advanced technology including transporter could mine the areas of these islands that would sink into the ocean thus prevent a tsunamai and have the material used for commercial purposes with until then the islands etc have drones placed at key points to signal alarms instantly to affected areas with the same done to all volcanoes that could cause tsunamais through landslides.These retractable walls and/or tunnels can also be by areas affected frequently by storms,monsoons and hurricanes to deal with storm surges and flooding by torrential rains both by the coast and inland near rivers.Ideally the walls should be composed of graphene and then covered in liquid glass to negate the need from cleaning.BOINC can be merged with Artemis namely Brauron that includes map of the underwater terrain of the worlds oceans will be analysed by Prometheus will allow the public and Prometheus to carry out simulations on how tsunamis and megatsunamis of varying strength that would effect specific areas of an affected region caused by earthquakes,volcanic eruptions or landslides of varying strengths on all volcanoes and faults around the world including undersea tectonic plates.This could allow the public and researchers to determine which areas around the world could be in danger of being hit by tsunamis in the future and thus have them fitted with these safety measures,drills and alerts.Thus all areas around the world that house tectonic plates,volcanoes that could cause earthquakes or sink into the ocean via eruptions and landslides on the side of volcanoes,islands and also underground faults and also underground landslides will be determined so as to determine what areas around the world would be affected by a tsunamai created by them to house these protection measures.The topography of the underwater terrain worldwide will determine not just all underwater faults but as a result areas susceptible to landslides due to their rock,soil composition by nearby faults and volcanoes as well as Prometheus measuring the structure and shape of all volcanoes worldwide especially those near the coast and on islands that would cause both earthquakes and cause part of the coastline and even the volcanoe itself to sink into the ocean.With regards to volcanoes with sides that could sink into the ocean that would cause a tsunamai walls can be built around them that can allow mining to remove the soil and even entire side of the volcanoe susceptible to collapsing and then if it collapses the wall will prevent it entering the sea with the rock etc mined and used for commercial purposes and the wall removed.This and technologies developed by AI that can alleviate the pressure of volcanoes on islands and also by the coast that can lower the intensity of volcanoes and divert lava flows and dissipate shockwaves with the same done for faults allowing the tremors to be absorbed and used as energy preventing tsunamais or lessening them.All volcanoes in islands and by the coast will have drones and cameras on all sides even on wave pistons in the water that will relay live feeds and also seismograph readings to Prometheus constantly allowing any eruptions to be instantly alerted to the warning system to allow Prometheus to determine potential areas affected by it.Soil samples will be taken of all beaches and inland areas by the coast along the coast of the Pacific,North America and other densely populated areas of the world and even areas covered in wilderness.This can be done by a combination of humans and robots modelled on Mars Curiosity that take deep core soil samples to find evidence of debris material and even high concentrations of brine,salt and saltwater in thin or thick layers.The location of all fault zones and volcanoes both dormat and active or even extinct ones will be added to this database.All areas where they have occurred in the past from historical records will also be added to this and all of this will be used by Prometheus to chart where in the past and in the possible future can tsunamais occur worldwide with this shown as uniquely coloured areas on a global map that will then be used to list areas that would require tsuamai and earthquake warning systems to be placed in the oceans powered by wave pistons and connected to the mainland using fibre optics or even satellite wifi to Prometheus with them able to send warning instantly to the extrapolated areas instantly to all smartphones in the affected areas with those without them warned by other means.This can be used to create simulations as to where future tsuanamais could occur taking into the account the intensity of volcanic eruptions,volcanoes slipping into the ocean,earthquakes,landslides on the potential size of them and also where they will affect such as islands,coastlines and even major cities and the highest potential ranking for where and when they will occur in the future.It will thus be used to determine where in the world tsunami walls and tunnels will be set across the world including islands and major cities.This will be used to decide where geothermal,fission,fossil fuel and other power plants will be placed to limit damage and threat of them causing or being affected by earthquakes and tsunamais.All of the world faults will be charted to measure their intensity and effect on cities and also where to place power plants away from them.All past major tsunamis especially the 2004 Indian Ocean and 2011 Tohoku tsunamis will be analysed by Prometheus to ensure they do not cause as much as high death toll or any at all and also analyse where tsunamais have occurred have these measures put in place availible by 2029-2045.These systems would be set up by 2029 with the sentient Prometheus and Tyche designing them based on the highest theoretical wave height etc that can flood an area and and setting them up in areas affected by them with all work in their construction automated from start to finish.This will also be done on all newly discovered colonies outside of Earth.

Flood barriers that rise with the rise of water can be installed by the sides of rivers can be constructed for the highest levels of water that the river can rise to with important buildings such as municipalities ie water and treatment plants as well as community centres again built several feet from the ground or have entrances to follow tunnels near them.The aforementioned flood tunnels can be utilised in areas to deal with areas that experience flooding both as a backup to flood barriers should they overflow but also collect water that collects in the land outside of rivers as the flood barriers could only prevent waterways bursting with the tunnels collecting extra water that falls outside of the rivers and lake with holes dotted around fields,forests and meadows as well as streets of both urban and rural areas.Both these flood barriers and flood tunnels should be in areas that experience monsoons as well with in both areas the water colected and used as a water for agriculture and showers etc once treated.These will also water an nearby forests in the areas.

These water collection systems will also be onsite of where flash floods,monsoons and also rain rich hurricanes and storms frequent.Collection and treatment of this water for the use as drinking water for the community during drier months,alleviate forest fires and droughts in other areas,sent to other areas that experience droughts,reforestation projects etc would follow the same pattern with them located underneath the entirety of the town or city involved and be at least 100-300m deep with simulations deciding how deep these would go underground and far inland in each area based on past flooding and the highest amount of water that could be produced on a worst case scenario.Elevators and other transportation to underground communities will be in between them or from the outskirts of the town and buildings present will possibly not have underground extensions but rather roof ones.They should also contain internal water treatment plants to make it drinkable to alleviate strains on local rivers but also multiple hydroelectric turbines composed of graphene to create and store electricity for at least a month or what is theoretically possible in onsite or nearby Storedot batteries for homes and important buildings.This would alleviate strains on the grid and also power them in the case of blackouts caused by floods as well as storms and hurricanes.These tunnels would be serviced by gas storage vehicles that suck up water in between periods of rain with the tunnel floors also having porous pavement to allow the water seep into the groundwater this would be done to allow the tunnels when full to take in more water when they are being sucked up and also any following rains with them fully emptied when rains and storms have subsided.When the area is flooded and the tunnels are full they will be emptied on the outskirts to allow them to reopen and take in more flood water,then emptied and this repeated until all water has been removed from both the tunnels and the areas flooded with them treated and stored in treatment and water facilities in the area with if these full will have this excess water transported to areas in the region or world that suffer frequent heatwaves and drought as well as forest fires or for storage locally for use later in the year or to compliment any compromised local water treatment systems using a series of rotary vehicles and the Ophion system.The water treatment plants would contain large cylinders in underground extensions that would store enough as determined by simulations based on the worst or even past levels of floods with this done to alleviate damage of flooding by flash floods and also storms and hurricanes.If possible the water will be stored in the cylinders and treated later onsite when the areas is drained or when sent to the areas the water will be used.Those that suffer from heatwaves,droughts and forest fires would have large water storage buildings enough to house water for the longest theoretical heatwave or drought with extra water brought to them via similar vehicles collecting water from desalinisation plants.If possible this water after treated will be sent to lakes,rivers and ground water supplies exhausted from extreme drought or over exhaustion by human activity.The water would also be used by the affected area until water treatment plants would be fully operational and able to provide safe drinking water with ideally both local water treatment plants and those used for treating water from the tunnels would be several feet from the ground and have watertight doors at each room to prevent them becoming breached.AI will ensure the water once drunk is returned to the ocean,river,lakes etc in controlled bursts and even spread over jungles,forests and wilderness in controlled bursts over the year including during drier months to prevent them being starved of this rainwater with AI keeping track of the amount of water collected and drunk with it having drunk and treated water redirected towards storage areas in tunnels that will have pipes that automatically pump them into wilderness areas and aeroplanes or irrigation systems etc designed by it with all actions automated from start to finish.This can include artificial mountain or hill ranges as well as levees surrounding jungles and forests that are designed so pipes connected to the tunnels can simply pump water into the jungles in controlled bursts either flooding them or routinely feeding them water in levels enough to flood them slightly or just enough that the water can be fed to them in bursts every day that empty the tunnels before the next yearly monsoon,flooding season and storms etc still not have the surrounding human settlements flooded with environmental studies done to prevent human settlements flooding and it interrupting the ecosystem and it’s native plants and animals negatively done by Steropes,Prometheus,Gaia,Artemis etc.These on the outskirts of cities affected by floods can have the stored onsite of these treatment plants with them sending water to local buildings used to store people via helicopters,large vehicles,boats or have taps onsite that allow locals to take water as they go in jerry cans with the levels of water present logged in the building AI with these managed by the Prometheus software and ideally on the same building housing emergency services vehicles,robots,drones and personnel.Ideally those holes on the central areas of the affected towns by the water treatment plants would be used to extract water first when they begin to reach full capacity or again when the first wave and every successive wave of rainwater has subsided and these on the outskirts would in fact be a large cylindrical structure rising several feet above ground and have a lid to be opened preventing rainwater and the floodwater entering it so as to allow the pump to empty it while the other ones are closed with the lid being automated or opened by robotic devices and appendages.Thus these holes will open during flash floods,hurricanes,monsoons and be placed at key areas of an town,city and village ie underneath hospitals,in woodlands and forest farms,on certain roads,on flat areas where water can accumulate,near the coast or rivers protected by automated barriers(preventing the rivers water entering them but ensuring the rainwater is collected) and when full would close in order to allow the water to be extracted and then treated and stored and then shipped to other areas by either a fleet of vehicles or underground pipes that transports them to an are never affected to another storage building that can store it to be transported by vehicles depending on the intensity of the storm allowing the holes to be reopend and then store more water to then transported away to other areas or kept for use in the area during and after the storm,floods or monsoons with this allowing more to stored in the tunnels as the holes open again.The water treatment plant must hold enough water equal to the amount in the tunnels with once they are filled a second time the water in the storage units once treated will be shipped to areas in the country or planet like Africa or areas that use large amounts of water to alleviate strains on their local water supply to allow the holes that are refilled to be emptied again with the water sent to drought stricken areas ensured that it is returned to the hydrological cycle through reentering lakes,rivers once used or transpiration with its return to the oceans being key.Ideally when the tunnels are filled the first time then they will be emptied into the storage treatment plant which in the case of severe floods will be stored on site in the series of storage cylinders one the outskirts each one enough for each one to hold all of the water stored in the tunnels thus allowing the tunnels to be refilled by reopening which can then be be stored in another cylinder on the outskirts once treated.The water stored should be enough to meet the water needs of affected areas for at least several weeks to a month this stored in the cylinders once treated with any excess sent off to areas across the countries that experience droughts frequently and to places like Africa.This emptying and refilling process should lower the levels of waters significantly after heavy rains during and after hurricanes and flash floods with excess dumped in other rivers,oceans and water bodies in other areas not affected by flooding very slowly so as to allow it to return to the ocean or dumped into the ocean itself in other areas without flooding any areas including the affected ones.This can be done during heavy rains when all holes are closed and one or a hole on the outskirts is connected to the piping to allow it be drained with internal sensors and nanocameras in the tunnels relaying the levels of water inside.Once filled it would instantly be drained into a series of trucks that transport them to areas prone to droughts and forest fires stored in large tanks.Otherwise the excess can be stored in vehicles parked in outskirts or a series of pipes connected to the tunnels could suck up the water with these directly connected to the water treatment plants of all surrounding cities and towns which will use this water instead of those from water bodies allowing for large amounts of the water to be used up with the surrounding towns that use the most water as denoted by Tyche will be directly connected to them thus allowing the water to be drained quickly with if need be nearby lakes and rivers across the area and even bays have excess treated water from these pipes to be dumped into them instantly in order to fill the lakes up a fair bit and the water then instantly used alongside those directly used by these treatment plants in other cities to ensure flooding dosnt occur here.These pipes may go underground across entire sections of the country to feed faraway cities as well as all underground communities in the country and also fill up reservoirs onsite of these cities and also fill up lakes and rivers etc a fair bit to prevent flooding.If possible the faraway cities connected to the tunnels via piping can have the building AIs be ordered once the tunnel fills up to simply leave all taps and baths as well as showers and even water irrigation systems in all buildings on indefinitely until emptied read via sensors in the tunnels to allow as much water to be drained as quickly as possible with reservoirs in these cities filled up as soon as possible and will serve the cities during dry periods.This will alongside storing water in large tank reservoirs onsite of water in affected areas to provide drinking water to be availible during and after allow the tunnels to be emptied quickly and then refilled almost instantly with robotics and automation by 2029 cutting down costs dramatically in the construction of these flood tunnels and pipes connecting them to other cities etc and as stated will be connected to all major cities in the area and alleviate the worst damage caused by floods during flash floods and hurricanes.Some of this water in these filled up lakes can be stored in large pools in the treatment plants or sent back to the water treatment plants once the water levels have subsided and tunnels are emptied.Each major building used by the public for refuge should also have rainwater collectors on the roofs that have graphene sheets and UV lights to clean it with them also having simple miniature water cleaning devices consisting of graphene sheets and super high intensity UV lights that can breakdown and remove any pollutants from the water and kill pathogens making water from the flooded areas added in by buckets safe to drink when pumped into it.The technology of the slingshot purifier can be present in these as well.The size and depth of the tunnels and the size of the water storage buildings and number of them in an area should be determined by the highest amount of water and rain a place can get from the most intensive monsoons,hurricanes and flash floods based on past examples in the area with if need be several water storage plants on the outskirts to allow most of the water collected and treated and then stored onsite or if too full emptied by vehicles that transport it to areas of the world that suffer droughts determined by Theoi Meteroi preventing the worst flooding to be avoided very quickly.Excess left behind would be used to store drinkable water for the local affected area with plants ideally underground to prevent damage.As stated each hole would lead to a slanted tunnel that has turbines that generates electricity stored in community battery packs that can supply electricity during and after the disaster with these ideally underground and store the highest amount of electricity.As stated eThere would be multiple of these cylindrical structures to empty the tunnels as quickly as possible using multiple vehicles that go back and forth in rotary systems.Alluvial deposits that are necessary for fertilising soils in the area can be collected within tunnels and treatment plants using graphene and other nanomaterial sheets that will be sent to the surface,collected in trucks and then spread over gardens,community farms and also reforested woodlands.The water once used as drinking water the water will via aeroplanes and underground pipes to water the jungles and forests that rely on the water.These could also be transported to key buildings used as shelter in vats within sealed rooms on higher floors once treated via underground pipes to hold excess for use by those staying there with this including private homes,with communal homes and community centres as well as vertical farms having larger ones.Alongside these would be pipes that lead to the treatment plant or a second one that extends through out the entire system and sucks in water out of the tunnels with holes on the top of the pipes at key points to empty all areas of them when they reach full capacity with these eliminating or at least lessening the damage from flooding and storm surges from tropical storms or even hurricanes.Ideally storm surges will be negated by retractable walls by the coastline that rise when the storm rises with no holes as holes leading to these tunnels will be dotted in and around the inland shore some distance by the shore and also by rivers and also areas that are likely through simulations to be severely flooded to reduce flood damage and also allow them to be emptied and refilled.Again these can be internal water treatment plants or those on the outskirts of cities suited specifically for them with storage areas in them to send water to the municipal line once needed to alleviate strains on local supplies as well as the main water treatment centres.In otherwards these second treatment plants through being connected to the main line either attaching to underground pipes or the main water treatment building or both can provide fresh drinking water to all homes in the area during and after the floods.Cameras coated internally and externally and pressure plates as well as nanosensors inside these will measure whether they are full or empty fed into Prometheus and the water treatment building with alarms sent to all devices and through drill networks to alert people when the holes will be reopened to prevent them being sucked in with GPS satellites linked to Prometheus detecting the presence of smart devices and clothing,implants and nanomachines with drones controlled by Prometheus scouring the areas that the holes are in to find and alert any humans or animals that they are there to move away with any areas that humans are stuck in the area will not open unlike others or will open slightly to allow water in very slowly and not rapidly to ensure safety with the grating surrounding the circular seat also preventing people get sucked in with humans directed to trees or ideally moved out of the area beforehand with the holes in other areas opened lowering the water levels allowing stuck individual to escape.Otherwise the areas that have people in them will not open until they are cleared by emergency services using automated boats and and helicopters.This may cause other areas filling in the tunnels to drain out much quicker and once emptied and then refilled these more drained areas can be closed to allow those already closed once the person has been rescued to be opened and drained more than normal.These drones can also patrol these and other areas detecting people via smart devices,implants etc and recognition software to mark their GPS location to rescue services with them also providing two way communication and they can as stated send automated boats and helicopters guided by the drones or personnel and volunteers allowing the holes to open once the person has cleared the area.People can send alerts via smart clothing or smart devices either directly interacting with the Prometheus app and also voice command to have their GPS location sent to the global Prometheus organisation thus allowing the sentient entity to send drones and automated boats to the GPS locations in affected areas of floods,hurricanes etc.These boats can also be aided by seabreahers and helicopters that can both quickly arrive at an area with drones sent to the area assessing which would be the best vehicle to send based on the location of the person,the amount of people in the area,their age and also the strength of the waters movement.Thus all people lost in the floods will be viewed on a map.Ideally on command before the floods hit Paean can have biosynth implants formed in all patients in an area that will relay their GPS location to Prometheus allowing them to be found during and after the disaster and relay there location and also vital signs.These drainage systems will be in primarily urban areas and not wilderness areas thus allowing urban areas to be drained quickly where people will already be in bunkers and have door dams and other measures to protect them or will be in other unaffected areas and allow wilderness areas receive much needed rainfall and replenish groundwater.Porous pavement in remaining roads,plazas,streets etc can allow for the water to reach groundwater supplies lessening floods.Underground roads can have watertight doors that cut them and the vehicles present off from the waves and this will also be done in areas prone to floods with oxygen coming from carbon dioxide scrubbers and in nanomaterials that separate carbon from oxygen with any underground areas also shut off and have these scrubers etc to provide oxygen with entrances to underground areas at key areas in the outskirts of city to hold people and access to underground communities.The roads in underground roads will contain porous material to allow it to drain into the groundwater with storm drains present even linked to these underground tunnels.Underground communities can be accessed from the surface with them having a series of watertight doors to prevent them getting flooded.These measures if harnessed together can eliminate severe damage and even deaths caused by floods especially flash floods and monsoons in areas next to rivers and will also be in the ares in the path of frequent storms and hurricanes and experience frequent flooding including in islands or at least alleviate the damage with them also preventing the rise of disease spread by water and also mosquitoes with mosquitoes and other haematophages that act as vectors for diseases engineered to be unable to spread pathogens such as malaria,Zika,Yellow fever and Dengue etc and coliforms by lessening damage to sewage systems with biological controls also spread across the areas.Having patients in the area immunised against coliforms and all pathogens that spread in wet areas will prevent infections even further with all haematophages engineered to be unable to spread pathogens.These would supply the area with water if the primary desalintion and water treatment plants were compromised by the floods or hurricanes in the coming weeks after them and also to alleviate strains on the local rivers etc during the year during the drier months automatically managed by Tyche with the water stored there onsite again connected to the mains via connections to existing underground pipes through advances in robotics using opening and closing lock systems and having taps allowing them to be collected in person with the plant AI having its own AI,avatar,statue of Tyche and also receptionists etc with again the level of water visible via acceding the plant AI and alerts of this sent to ones Home AI during the weeks after a flood or hurricane with excess water if not used by the time the next disaster will be automatically shipped to regions across the country that are prone to droughts.If there is too much water taken in during floods and hurricanes then the excess will be automatically shipped to areas that are prone to droughts with this including areas used for forests and wilderness areas prone to wildfires around the world especially Africa and Asia with Prometheus interacting with Moirai,Theoi Meteroi and Tyche deciding which areas will receive this water on local to global levels to ensure all areas prone to droughts have more than enough to survive the worst simulated droughts with this using projections over the coming decades.These areas will store this water in similar structures that treats the water for droughts to be used primarily for crops in community and vertical farms and drinking water with them holding enough to store water for the longest drought with reducing carbon dioxide back to 280ppm will prevent severe droughts and heatwaves becoming more frequent with these towers also refilled by rainwater in the area during the year to prevent them relying solely on those from flooded regions.As stated simulations from Theoi Meteroi and Prometheus will determine the outflow and use of water prior to floods and hurricanes arriving.Areas that use large amounts of water such as densely populated cities may be given excess water if need be to alleviate strains on their water bodies with this measures allowing the water from floods and hurricanes put to good use prior to being returned to the global hydrological cycle in a sustainable.Wilderness if negatively effected by this drainage that starves them of water may have the water redirected to them to be be flooded during the year in short bursts at night time with the public relayed as to when this happens with AI managing this.Door dams and other equipment can be used to protect doors of homes designed on Hephaestus and should ideally be made of graphene due to its strength and lightness with them removed and added easily via screws and electric screwdrivers.All farmland should ideally be reforested in order to act as a flood barrier to any surrounding rural areas with it also keeping soil intact this would be of note to any land surrounding rivers acting alongside levees and other defences.Trees damaged by hurricanes,floods and also tornadoes will be cut down and pyrolysised with the land they held reforested.Permeable interlocking pavement and also roads should be introduced to roads and public streets in towns,cities and villages that are prone to flooding,monsoons,storms and hurricanes over time replacing existing ones step by step by automation to prevent floods blocking roads over the longtime and also allowing rainwater during heavy rains to enter the soil rather than building up on the ground,roads etc.removing most floodwater with this applying to underground roads and tunnels to alleviate strains on flood barriers and tunnels.Again the interior of these should be coated a layer of liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning.The treated water once drunk will be spread out over surrounding rainforests,jungles and also wilderness areas that are dependant on these rains by AI.These systems would be set up by 2029 with the sentient Prometheus and Tyche designing them based on the highest theoretical amount of water that can flood an area and and setting them up in areas affected by them with all work in their construction automated from start to finish.Wilderness areas that require flood waters to survive will have the water released into them in continuous short bursts during the year using irrigation systems,aeroplanes and also other methods that can have the areas fed continuously through the year with minor floods to prevent them starved.It can be done in a way that wilderness areas are flooded but human settlements including rural homes etc are not flooded.The water will be released continuously throughout the year in lakes,rivers and ideally wilderness areas to fill groundwater supplies and keep wilderness areas,lakes,rovers and groundwater supplies have stable levels of water all year long especially during especially drier months preventing droughts.Wilderness areas may be applied with the water to allow groundwater levels be replenished and lakes,rivers kept at stable levels all year long with AI namely Pan,Theoi Meteroi etc devising methods to do this and both managing and monitoring it all year every year through automated measures.All plants can be innoculated with microbes that pass on oligotrophic,Firmicutesand Xerophile DNA added by CRISPR that pass on through advanced gene drive technology by biosynth Arthropods injected into them.Newly reforested plants can have this DNA in them.

Self healing versions of these porous concrete,pavement and asphalt should replace all covered up areas as well as roads in areas affected by flood,storms,monsoons etc step by step by automation to lessen the levels of water caused by flooding,increase drainage and replenish groundwater supplies with flood tunnels designed to have areas where this water can flow inbetween them alleviating strains on them.Otherwise these flood tunnels would be underneath the groundwater supply,the groundwater supplies can be emptied for commercial uses prior to hurricane and flood seasons thus allowing the permeable pavement to empty large amounts of excess water into the groundwater with if not filled pumps can take extra floodwater and pump it into the groundwater until full(or from desalinisation plants and also local water treatment plants) and the rest emptied into the tunnels after they are emptied and treated and then emptied again until all water is gone.Underwater communities will use locks to prevent floodwaters breaching any pipes or tunnels with oxygen coming from internal hydroponic farms,bamboo and nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide to provide oxygen with them having pipes that intake flood water in controlled amounts to be treated and used in the same manner.These and indeed all measures should be availible by at least 2029.

Key buildings such as those used for shelter,vertical and community farms,hospitals and also private and communal homes can have rainwater collection systems to collect water on the roof or side to also provide clean drinking water linked to steel vats inside the building.These will have super blasts of UV light and also graphene in it to clean the water and can be used to collect water throughout the year and during floods to be used during floods and dry periods with the Home AI controlling the levels used.These would also have the slingshot water system added to them in order purify the water.Otherwise miniature water filtration machines with these technologies will be in them that can allow for dirty water collected in buckets to be poured into them to be then cleaned to be safe to drink.

Areas affected by floods by rivers and also rain heavy hurricanes should have these flood tunnels as well as flood river barriers that rise with increases in water levels to prevent the river bursting their banks but also collect water that overflows but also water that collects in the soil and areas around rivers.These should also be in areas that have existing flood barriers like in London should have these in areas prone to flooding as backup.Flood control systems like the Thames flood barriers should have all surfaces covered by a layer of graphene paint to prevent rust as well as liquid glass to make them dirt,water and acid proof with them operated by Prometheus.It should also be in areas in the path of hurricanes,monsoons and storms during hurricane seasons should have a combination of sea walls,river walls and flood tunnels to to prevent storm surges affecting the coast,preventing rivers bursting their banks and collecting water from torrential rains.As detailed earlier on the water can be collected and treated and put to good use such alleviating drought and dry spells in any area of the world affected,providing fresh water in places affected by other natural disasters such as earthquakes or when water treatment facilities fail or when sources of water are polluted,reforestation projects,rejuvenating depleted aquifers and groundwater stores and also preventing wildfires in the wilderness and also areas used for forestry.The holes,walls and opening should be managed by Prometheus so as to open and rise only when torrential rains,storms and tsunamis occur.Flood warning networks would detail information such as date of beginning of rains,predicted rainfall,predicted levels of water and date rain is expected to stop and date water is expected to recede with BOINC merged with Hermes and Artemis automatically doing this with all the data present.Boat and aerial drones would be measuring other data.Those affected by storms,hurricanes should have only flood barriers and holes dotted around the place with barriers by the ocean not having holes that lead to the underground tunnel so as to allow all of the rain to be drained into them or if possible they would be deeper than normal ones such as 500-600m to accommodate both rainwater and surges with the holes underneath the wall opening and closing to ensure the storm surge is kept behind the walls at a certain height to prevent them overfilling the tunnels as well as ensuring they do not overflow the barriers.These would send the water to desalinisation plants.Bridges can be protected by walls by them or by the mouth of rivers and system similar to the Thames Barrier also used that rise to prevent storm surges damaging them.Simulations can be used to determine the best depth per area with the highest amount of rainfall in each region alongside the highest recorded storm surge combined used as a baseline.Like those used to deal with tsunamis extensions can be made in dry season when the holes are closed by digging holes into the ground floor of them and/or having just extra pipes(with suction pipes within these) or entirely new tunnels underneath them to hold extra water with any underground communities underneath them dealt with vertical and horizontal pipes that criss cross around the communities that store and/or deposit water into areas of these underground communities that can also store excess water to be treated and used for commercial purposes either by being separated by isolated from the rest of the community or water tight doors but still connected to water treatment plants for the underground communities during the year.Ideally like those for tsunamis they should not cover the entire area completely but rather a series of tunnels with pockets of atriums shaped like football fields so as to allow light rains and some heavy rains to return to groundwater supplies with these being ideally underneath groundwater to allow for them to be naturally replenished by again light and some heavy rains.They should also be above any underneath any underground communities or in between them.Islands in the path of hurricanes etc can have these as well and like those in the path of tsunamis go deeper as well as through pipes into buildings composed of pyrex and graphene composites underwater surrounding the island as far around as possible to store extra water with these normally empty but filled by storm rains and surges by onsite desalinisation plants.Prefabricated homes,motorhomes and other temporary shelter can be set up in areas not in the path of hurricanes and storms set up by the governor AI that can house people for shelter when they evacuate with even underground communities specifically for them or separate ones that can take in extra people.All homes including communal ones in areas prone to storms,tornadoes and hurricanes can be modelled on Deltec homes with them at least several feet off the ground with retractable stairs to allow for them to be resistant against winds and flooding with several layers of graphene in the matrix of windows to make them shatterproof against debris.The walls of the buildings can be coated in graphene paint to protect them from debris with them also composed of graphene infused foamcrete or wood as well.Other wise graphene boards can be created that cover normal windows.Graphene paint on the exterior whether concrete,wood etc will strengthen them with these homes composed of graphene nanotube or carbyne infused self healing concrete to give them extra strength.These and other homes will have underground extensions that use watertight doors to prevent water getting through with these areas also having homes set entirely underground with the main door being a watertight one to prevent water entering.These will have Storedot batteries to power all electronics present with them charged from the grid,nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide or trees and bamboo that are grown using LED light to provide oxygen alongside televisions,plug sockets as well as stores of food,fridges,freezers and stores of collected and treated rainwater.Ideally most of ones food grown at home in areas prone to storms and hurricanes or even tornadoes will be grown in here via hydro/aeroponics as well as vats containing bacteria with the hydroponic rooms supplying more oxygen via ventilation systems.Each towns and cities community centres should act as communal spaces to ride them out with those in these areas having extra floors on the roof and underground to house most if not all of the population with them and all homes including communal homes be several feet off the ground where a ladder can be used to reach the door with them also surrounded by high walls with door dams blocking water coming in and also watertight doors that can prevent any other water entering.These would have rainwater collection systems that store treated water from the rain or collected from the mains in storerooms,Storedot batteries to power them for a month,store excess food in fridges sent here days ahead and living spaces such as beds for people and automated kitchens and be similar to Deltec homes.The same would be applied to community farms with these also having holes or grating surrounding them to soak up extra water.All homes,shelters and hospitals etc would stock up on food from vertical,home,community and forest farms to prevent starvation with surpluses from community,vertical and forest farms stored in protected distribution centres and also community centres to prevent starvation.Public buildings such as amenities,Phaeton stations,bars,salons,nightclubs,vertical farms etc can also be used to house people in all rooms.Community farms should have raised beds in these areas that can be covered by graphene infused tarpaulin held tightly over them or have gratings and tarpaulin that can be put over the entire farm automatically tightly held in place to prevent excess rainwater getting in.Crops here would be engineered to resist water born pathogens as well as survive excess water in the soil around them with holes in them small enough to collect water into flood tunnels.Vertical farms will follow this pattern with them being Deltec style buildings,have several layers of graphene in the matrix of windows,its own Storedot batteries,be several feet off the ground or surrounded by a wall with permeable pavement around it and have watertight doors.Both would have rainwater collection systems on the roof to collect water that could be used should the main water system be compromised or provide it for dry periods and heatwaves with them utilising UV treatments and graphene sheets to clean the water entirely.These rainwater systems should be on all major buildings such as communal homes,private homes,hospitals,community centres,vertical and community farms to provide at least a months worth of water with the water collected from rains before,during and in between hurricanes with ideally in these areas and buildings the water collected by systems on the roof will store the water not only there but also in large vats with taps in the basement,storerooms or kitchens etc with this applying to areas in the path of all types of disasters including earthquakes making homes self sufficient in water until water treatment systems kick in.Ideally these would primarily for patients and consumption with showers and baths not used during this period with UV lights on ceilings and also hand and face UV machines allowing staff and visitors of hospitals to sterilise themselves without soap and water.Areas in dry areas can have water from the mains water supply stored here with those by ocean affected by tsunamis and also hurricanes should have desalinisation plants protected by walls and a series of watertight doors preventing breaches with again the flood,storm surge and tsunami tunnels providing extra clean water once it is treated to not only provide drinking water as a backup to the areas affected but also alleviate strains on the main water supply.Permeable pavement should on the ground surrounding all buildings encircled by walls but also all roads etc.All public buildings such as restaurants,amenities etc should be several feet above ground or have walls around them and permeable pavement in the area encircling them,or those on streets having walls that go along the entire street with them having parts that connect to the wall borders of them with dams put at entrances to these and also at the doors.Door dams could in time be made of graphene with all doors have graphene in the matrix of them or graphene paint on them with door dams even covering all of the door to prevent them flooding.Subways if shown to be safe,have roofs covered in self healing smart concrete,have watertight doors could be used to house people with nanomaterials,carbon dioxide scrubbers and trees providing oxygen with lights powering them.All subways should be locked off to reduce damage using watertight doors and also plugs with drainage systems that direct any water out with each section that has these sealed by a series of doors in case breaches occur.Ideally towns and cities that are on areas that have natural drainage areas that are covered in housing especially low quality one should have them remodelled through the possibility of building new luxury Deltec style homes for those in poor areas to move into on the outskirts or way outside them and demolishing the old ones,adding new luxury homes to slowly move the town or city outwards step by step to allow large portions of the city especially poor suburbs to become exposed and allow for them to drain excess water and also even prevent less of it to be flooded etc with any tarmac and roads dug up while new ones are put in place.These areas can be reforested to further improve their ability to protect the area from floods and have more pleasant scenery in place of cities.Moving the city outwards can allow for underground extensions and communities underneath to be there while the original area it covered can have these underground flood tunnels to collect water lessening the amount of flooding in the new city with this new city having extensions to the main tunnel system that consist of only a small tunnel directing any excess water to the main system.Although it will take time to travel to the beach this can be negated by underground hyperloop stations that go back and forth very quickly and also walkways that have signs and biolumescent plants guide the way with this providing extra walks and sightseeing with the reforested land and the beach providing better scenery than the ocean itself when on balconies with the homes having graphene in their rooms windows that will allow one to change to live feeds from cameras on the beach.Power plants of all types as stated earlier should be as far inland as possible and pylons replaced by underground transmission tunnels to ensure they are not affected with power plants having porous pavement around them and walls with them several feet off the ground,watertight doors and extensions to the flood tunnels surrounding them.Wetlands rejuvenated alongside forest farms or reforested areas covering large ares especially these exposed areas to act as a shield and barrier with them holding soil in place preventing pushing sediment going into rivers and increasing water absorption into the ground.This would also slow rainwater running off into swollen streams and help lower peak flood levels with all towns and cities affected by flash floods and hurricanes will have all land surrounding them including agricultural land reforested indefinitely as far as possible due to vertical farms,in vitro meat etc as far back as possible to act as flood defences with islands of grass in cities have roads surrounding them dug up and both the grassy areas and roads reforested.Areas by rivers should be reforested alongside any areas by the coast to aid levees and slow down surges with the coast dotted with coral reefs set by conservationists that will also act as buffers with existing depleted coral reefs reset with fish farms negated by recirculating aquaculture systems inland.Ophion will modify traffic stopping traffic in areas outside the range of hurricanes etc allowing those escaping the area to escape the worst affected areas as quickly as possible with underground highways added underneath existing ones to cater to as much traffic as possible with them leaving the state,region and parking along the side of the road in towns or by the sides of roads there.Flying private vehicles and private jets as well as helicopters owned by people in these affected regions can alleviate terrestrial traffic with public aerial drones allowing people to escape this way.Otherwise those owned by the public in areas not affected by hurricanes can be lent to those in affected areas and go back and forth collecting as many people as possible with each region in these areas have these in community centres or Prometheus centres and even those part of Helios can be lent to the public or even there specifically for these situations that go back and forth for transporting people out of the area and land them at towns and cities not affected where they can organise accommodation via Euthenia or even trailer parks set up for them populated by luxury motorhomes owned and controlled by the city AI in trailer parks designated for these people.People who leave the areas affected can simply park in empty streets in non affected areas and also other areas and spend the night in spare rooms in private and communal homes such as extra bedrooms and also lobbies and pools etc in areas not affected via Euthenia or even in community centres etc allowing for those in the worst affected regions to escape the disaster.Ideally those in non affected or least affected areas should lend their spare rooms to people from affected areas with them even taking in extra people who can stay in sitting rooms and kitchens allowing them to house as much people as possible with them having underground extensions to house a dozen rooms not just for tourists but also refugees from storms with all homes in the area having these.Communal homes will house refugees from affected areas in lobbies,amenities,kitchens etc with them advertising on Euthenia this or even alerting Prometheus that they will do so alerting refugees as to this with private homeowners doing this as well.To increase the amount of people they can take in each suite in hotel style buildings will house as many people as possible as much as six or even ten people residing there until the storm wears out with refugees ordering in extra food and water from the building AI or even from their own hotel or local farms beforehand.Ideally regions frequently hit by storms etc should have separate systems of highways underground to alleviate traffic jams even further that open and close to and have porous asphalt to allow rainwater to seep underneath with these systems not just connected to underground communities but also have these underground highways spread out to larger areas and to more distant towns and cities thus spreading out the traffic more sparsely on both the surface and underground.Islands can be evacuated using a series of helicopters,cruise ships and also seabreachers and also even underwater highways and hyperloop to evacuate as many people as possible to the mainland and thus reach unaffected regions with if possible them sent first to unaffected countries.Underwater communities may be able to house extra people in homes,public areas etc with them shielded by the water from the wind and rain.Underground communities in both affected and non affected areas will be accessed via elevators in communal homes and hospitals etc with the main tunnel entrance closed off when the storm hits.The town halls housing the AI mayor and governors may also be used as shelters both in affected and non affected cities.Seaports can have ferries and cruise ships to cater specifically to just these people holding thousands of people and moving them as far away from the storms path and stopping at nearby countries or parts of the country not in their path and would leave at least a week or few day beforehand with airports accepting flights until the last minute with them primarily serving to cities outside of the storms path with these airports and those that they transport passengers to acting as shelters with multiple flights serving these until the last minute with no flights landing at airports in affected areas.Erebus and Oceanus will be used to escape to other cities and towns with them booking accomadation in other cities for a brief period or large numbers of people can stay in the grounds of airports and train stations across the world with them also even booking time in luxury motorhomes.People may even use space elevators as shelter or travel to Mars etc during this period.Ophion will divert all aeroplanes and ships away from the path of hurricanes and may ground all flights and ships to affected areas and those in affected areas with flood tunnels underneath airports and all concrete and tarmac replaced by porous permeable versions to prevent flooding,with all glass in these like all public buildings have several layers of graphene in its matrix.Simulations would be done by Prometheus to determine the estimated damage different storms and hurricanes would do in terms if surges,flooding,wind days or weeks before they reach the mainland or any changes to the environment for future floods,storms of varying intensity using Brauron,Daedalus and Theoi Meteroi and readings from Silviaterra as well as Pan taking in all environmental factors.VR simulations can allow Prometheus,public and researchers to view the damage with regards to projected intensity with the estimated path relayed via the Prometheus app in real time.Machinery such as ploughs,bulldozers and in time even bio synths controlled by the mayor AI will aid in cleanup and reclamation efforts.CRISPR adding the accelerated healing phenotype and also gills in aveoli and squamous tissue in the mouth could allow humans to survive better in floods as well as tsunamis.


With regards to tornadoes,storms and hurricanes they will interact with weather networks and allow the app owner to track the weather systems current location and estimated theoretical path,current location and estimated strength.With hurricanes and storms sea based buoys,biosynths and automated flying drones and automated ferries can relay environmental conditions such as air and water pressure,air and water temperature,individual gas concentration in the sea and the air,wind direction and speed(alongside other important information on the composition of the sea),category rating,storm surge height into not just environmental but also disaster networks for analysis by flying over them and into them.Automated storm walls can be set to rise past the highest projected/theoretical storm surge height composed of strong carbon composites to prevent them battering the coast with again modified versions of the flood tunnel systems used to prevent flooding and tsunamis applied here as well.All buildings should have windows with shutters or several layers of graphene within their matrix to prevent damage from debris with all building dome shaped to prevent damage and rebuilding.This graphene glass can apply to all windows in private and communal homes and in hospitals with several sheets of it in them to increase its strength with simulations done to denote how much layers of it is needed to protect them from wood,metal debris at to speeds.Ideally several layers of graphene will be in all windows to compliment or negate the need for wooden boards to be put in front of windows in homes etc with in time graphene boards used instead of wood due to it being 200 times stronger than steel.In the case of hurricanes on land and tornadoes poles measuring atmospheric information and land based buoys(Sealed to the ground using the strongest materials possible) , automated flying(including small surveillance drones and large military Predator drones)drones equipped with cameras and sensors can measure these readings and relay fujita rating without endangering the lives of human researchers by flying above,into and around them with automated land based vehicles also driving through areas affected by these systems either autonomously or remote controlled again to prevent human casualties while filming them for research purposes.The small and large aerial drones can fly in the clouds above the storm/hurricane/tornadoes and directly through them to get audio/visual records and the aforementioned readings that can be relayed to both environmental and disaster networks for analysis dropping packages filled with sensors in the case of tornadoes for further analysis.These aerial drones in these areas would have to be composed of the most hardiest materials possible for them to carry out this work with a layer of polyurea(or similar material) to add extra strength.With regards to automated terrestrial vehicles these can have HD cameras attached to relay audio/visual information and also have environmental sensors relaying information to the correct networks and can get as close as possible to the tornado for scientific studies and monitor roads and streets recording the hurricane (and again environmental conditions)in the case of storms and hurricanes aiding any people left outside into shelter.These too would be composed of the most strongest material possible and would have to be heavy in order to avoid tipping over and like aerial drones.Ideally each homeowner in the path of hurricanes and tornadoes should have their own underground bunker separated by watertight doors that are in the main rooms of the home and also outdoors with extra food and water,trees,nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide and generator and Storedot wall battery charged from solar panels,VAWTs as well as the grid and wireless inductive chargers as well as electronics to send emergency signals to the outside world.Water can be filled in tanks from the grid or by outdoor rainwater collection systems that collect it from rainwater from all year round with it directed inside via piping and switchlock systems to prevent the bunker flooding.Communal versions of these can be installed in these communities to allow people to convene and store supplies with watertight doors keeping them safe with these ideally extending to the outskirts and lead to hospitals with these underneath communal homes to store residents and extra people with communal ones also underneath housing estates.Areas hit by hurricanes and also tornadoes should ideally have underground homes both private and communal and entire underground communities to allow the land be reforested and people be safe underground.Communal homes will also act as shelters not just for residents but also those in surrounding areas by extra people in the region from smaller private homes being stored in hotel rooms and apartments alongside the residents with these and lobbies,amenities such as kitchens,dining halls,pools,gyms etc as well as underground extensions also used to house people with food and water collected from rainwater systems providing security.Each suite should house as much people as physically possible from the surrounding areas with them stocking up on food.Private homes can also store extra people in underground extensions and bunkers as well as spare bedrooms etc with this allowing people who are in the direct path of them moving to homes or even cities on the edge of where storms etc will hit.Hospitals,communal homes and public buildings like universities and amenities will also have these with hospitals even having underground wards and extensions to direct staff and patients with them also holding residents from the area and act as shelters.All of these can contain elevators to underground bunkers,extensions or even communities that can hold more people with the entrance tunnels and exterior elevators of these communities closed when rains begin with large numbers of the population hiding here with them them having safety features built in that would collect water that seeps in or is purposefully collected and treated in controlled amounts to be used for the remaining time of the disaster but also throughout the year.Rainwater collection systems that collect water from the year can store this inside the building ideally in the underground bunker through piping sending to large vats in the bunker through the year to ensure security.All communal and private home in areas frequented by storms,hurricanes and tornadoes will have underground bunkers added to house all residents and even neighbours with them even being underground extensions that house amenities such as jaquizzis,extra bedrooms for tourists and extra rooms like extra living rooms and amenities can be used to stay in safezone during these with suburbs having them connected by hallways etc and these protected from the upper part of the house by graphene water tight doors held firmly in place and if they are a series of hallways and rooms separated by watertight doors.All of these rooms will house all members of a home and also any neighbours and residents in the area that dont have them.They can also house storerooms that house fridges storing excess food ordered in from farms and produced at home and and vats for produced by bacteria with ideally all food produced by a person or communal home stored down here including recirculating aquaculture and aeropnic systems with any livestock and pets moved down here.Communal homes would as stated house all food produced by them here in the form of vats for bacteria,microwineries and microbreweries,aeroponic systems etc and will also house extra suites not just for new residents but also those from above.In the case of both private and communal homes as well as key buildings like vertical,community farms and also hospitals etc they should have Storedot batteries fully charged from the grid in these underground bunkers to allow vital systems and electronics to work with wifi systems also stored down here to ensure they can function for at least several weeks.If all private and communal homes have these features then it will mean that during hurricanes many people can stay in their own homes in underground bunkers alleviating strains on roads and highways resulting in far less traffic jams with it also allowing bloggers,YouTubers and podcasters to report live form the event and catalogue their staying at home.All windows in these buildings whether private or communal homes and many more ie vertical farms and even hospitals should have shutters or like those in vertical farms and skyscrapers should have several layers of graphene within its matrix to make them shatterproof against debris and waves.Flood barriers that rise with the rise of water can be installed by the sides of rivers to prevent the rivers bursting their banks with flood control tunnel systems also integrated into the environment as another protection measure.As detailed earlier all areas in the path of rain rich hurricanes will house underground flood tunnels to collect as much water as possible with them designed to hold as much as the worst case scenario and drain water when floods occur and be emptied into water treatment systems and vehicles and then refilled as soon as possible to alleviate flood damage.Ideally on command before the tornadoes,storms and hurricanes hit Paean can have biosynth implants formed in all patients in an area that will relay their GPS location to Prometheus allowing them to be found during and after the disaster and relay there location and also vital signs.Pylons in areas affected by floods,tornadoes,storms and hurricanes should be replaced with underground tunnels as detailed earlier with transmission cables as detailed earlier on to ensure a constant supply of electricity even after the disaster has struck.All areas effected by floods,storms should have alongside their primary power plants have community battery packs to store energy from the grid to power all essential buildings such as farms,municipalities and most homes with private and communal homes also having their own Storedot batteries in the basement to power them individually and alleviate strains on community packs with all of these powered from the grid,self charging technologies ie solar panels,VAWTs,piezoelectric with them and areas affected by tsunamis powered by turbines in water collection tunnels enough to power the area for a month at least with the energy from tunnels alleviating strains on the grid throughout the year.These should supply enough energy when the grid is comprimised kicking in automatically and switching back to the grid when is back online.Areas affected by storms should have VAWT farms to gain as much power as possible from them and store excess for the aftermath with them also storing power during the year with them also have wave pistons etc to gain energy during these.These should contain enough batteries to power them as long as possible.These would also act as a backup to the main grid and alleviate strains on them during these with interactions between Moirai,Hestia,Tyche,Steropes etc managing this with this applying to all areas affected all areas affected by all types of natural disasters.Power plants in their path should have burners etc underground with pylons replaced with underground transmission cables to be unaffected by them.

To control the intensity of storms,monsoons,floods,hurricanes etc in the future marine cloud brightening will be done in the Pacific and Atlantic etc to deflect heat away from the oceans that power them thus making them weaker with these and other geoengineering techniques applied before and during hurricane and monsoons will be utilised to lessen the intensity of storms or even prevent them with simulations and research on these done by Prometheus.In time research done by Daphne,Gaia,Theoi Meteroi,Prometheus can be done into methods to control weather systems other than these and possibly even ocean currents that can be utilised to push destructive weather systems when they reach their peak or even before they form such as monsoons,hurricanes,storms,away from areas that inhabited by humans areas and into areas such as colder waters where they would dissipated with these relayed to Ophion.If possible storms that collect alot of water could be pushed towards areas that are frequent sufferers of drought and heatwaves to allow the water to be collected and used in times of drought later that year.If possible heavy rains and hurricanes rich in water from the gulf could be sent to areas prone to heatwaves during these periods with if possible these sent to the Sahara and Sahel more frequently to push it through an artificial wet period thus increasing the amount of grassland and forest cover with this making these areas more liveable and increase the amount of people able to live their with if possible the same applied to areas covered in large deserts such as the Middle East with any native flora and fauna engineered to adapt to the new climate and conditions with new plants created to thrive there.This new green Sahara and Sahel will be managed by Theoi Meteroi and the changes done to the change it causes to the rest of the planet with again other areas in South America,The Middle East etc have this replicated to make them able to house rainforests,human settlements and also agricultural belts primarily forest jungle farm belts.Mastery of this would allow all weather systems and climate across the globe to be controlled over years and decades allowing all areas to experience stable levels of sun,rainwater and snow preventing extremes such as floods,droughts etc with these again pushed away to uninhabited areas such as colder waters where they dissipate or even create frequent miniature but weaker versions of these to keep the global climate system in equilibrium.The Gulf of Mexico will be given more routine rain or weak tropical storms to preventing them becoming starved of rains with the same done to India with regards to monsoons with them given weaker rain systems during the year to prevent flash floods and still allow jungles to flourish.By 2045 Theoi Meteroi will perfect this ensuring an equilibrium without starving areas of rain and ensuring the Gulf of Mexico and India get the same amount of rainfall with less intensive monsoons and tropical storms.Reducing carbon dioxide levels to pre industrial levels of 280ppm as detailed later on will reduce the intensity of storms and frequency of powerful ones.This may apply to controlling other weather patterns such as blizzards and tornadoes with the reverse applied with benign substances that heat up or cool down the air in the atmosphere by attracting or reflecting the suns rays.This may also be done to Tornadoes will follow the universal colour code system – blue denoting fujita 1-2,yellow denoting fujita 3,green denoting fujita 4 and red denoting fujita 5.Hurricane categories will also follow the same universal colour coded system – blue denoting category 1-2,yellow denoting category 3,green denoting category 4 and red denoting category 5.The path of them will be relayed alongside wind speeds and also rainfall.

Volcano eruption alerts can consist of readings from seismographs and atmospheric readings in the crater gained by robots and/or nanosensors as well as sensors in soil near the crater,within it and along the slope of the volcano measuring temperature and other readings with them also in nearby water bodies to measure temperature and pH amongst heavy metals,sulphur and usual pollutants but also those related to eruptions.Small atmospheric poles can be placed within the crater to measure gas concentration and temperature etc with them also logging and measuring tremors and earthquakes with sensor reading fed into Theoi Meteroi with alerts fed into Prometheus.Cameras can also be placed at the crater or one drones and robots constantly there charged by the suns light and heat(via graphene paint,quantum dot technology and thermo-piezoelectric materials)to constantly relay live audio/visual feeds to the public within Hermes and send alerts when eruptions are occurring.These would have several layers of graphene in their matrix of the lens and other components with them also having liquid glass on all parts to protect them acid,dirt and heat to their high melting points and other properties with all wiring being graphene nanotubes and silicene.Warnings sent to the public would detail this information alongside predicted time and date of eruption,intensity of eruption based on a colour coded scale for example:blue- minor expulsions of dust,yellow – minor small lava flows, green – major lava flows,red – huge expulsions of dust,gas and rocks as well as pyroclastic flows.Other information could be the predicted including estimated time of eruption and when it ends as well as likelihood of and strength as well as direction of mudslides and pyroclastic flows sent days ahead.Again this would direct people in the area to the nearest safe zone.Safe zones for places living near volcanoes could be got to via floating cities,cruise ships,ferries,underground mag lev/hyperloop systems.This would also interact with both the global seismograph and tsunami network.Walls around towns and cities made of  carbon composites(or any metal or alloys that have a higher melting point than the 700-1,200 degrees celcius of both lava and pyroclastic flows)can be erected and covered in metamaterials to render them invisible can be set up around the urbanised area to redirect both lava flows via artificial riverbeds that redirect the lava and also mild pyroclastic flows towards a set path.They could be like mudslide and tsunami walls rise up once alarms are sent and also deal with mudslides.Otherwise the land surrounding volcanoes can be artificially altered using automated diggers and micro lay pipe technology to redirect lava flows and pyroclastic flows via artificial underground caverns,tunnels or artificial valleys in areas that can potentially initiate pyroclastic flows,mudslides,landslides and lava flows to redirect them to areas that are uninhabited or where they can be collected with any cooled lava flows and pyroclastic flows harvested for basalt used for fertilizer or for creating basalt rocks for furniture and even the silica harvested for liquid glass and even silicene with ash and pumice harvested by robots for fertiliser and other uses.Ideally these would be directed towards the ocean where it will be cooled to form new land especially in the case of lava.Drones and robots composed of graphene and other materials that can survive the intense heat.They could be again composed of any metal or alloys that have a higher melting point than the 700-1,200 degrees Celsius of both lava and pyroclastic flows.Graphene has a melting point of around 3,652 – 4,626.85 degrees celcius and liquid glass covering them melting point being 1,600 degrees meaning they can be used instead with again all cameras having graphene in the lens matrix and them and all components coated internally and externally in liquid glass to protect them from dirt with the lens of cameras having graphene in its matrix to make them shatter and heat proof with all internal circuitry composed of graphene nanotubes and silicene.The artificial valleys and rivers could have thermo-piezoelectric materials coated in liquid glass to generate electricity from the pyroclastic and lava flows with the liquid glass protecting them from the heat with in time thermo-piezoelectric materials composed of graphene composites to protect them from the heat.The same can be applied to areas prone to landslides and mudslides with trees planted/transplanted at strategic points or on areas that would be prone to sliding to hold excess water as well as prevent soil and land eroding and sliding and/or act as a barrier with graphene or carbyne mesh built into the soil to keep it intact.If walls are used to protect land from mudslides then the soil/mud that collects against it can be collected and used for different purposes such as in potted plants or compost for forest and community farms and making infertile land that has thin topsoil fertile and usuable for crop production so that the wall can be effective during the next land/mudslide with this of note areas next to roads with the areas that slides.Roads that are on mountains prone to mudslides and landslides would be reforested and roads being made underground underneath the mountain bypassing it and also other areas.Areas that are prone to landslides and mudslides can have their own warnings sent to smart devices in the areas during heavy rains and hurricanes.Ideally areas prone to landslides and mudslides should be completely reforested and not used for human settlement with other areas less prone to them used or even underground communities used there due to the unpredictable dangers inherent.Ideally underground communities would be built underneath towns that are in areas prone to them with the vast underground communities even having underground road networks that would emerge in areas that would be free of any possible threat of landslides and mudslides.It would also mean that the settlements over ground would be demolished and recycled and land reforested to relocate individuals into the underground communities with the possibility of large graphene walls or those made of self healing smart foamcrete covered in graphene paint and then liquid glass to make them strong and negate the need for cleaning can be built around the town with tsunami walls at each major road out of time that rise when alerts are made.Otherwise tsunami walls rise up from the ground above the highest theoretical height around the town that rise in accordance to heavy rains from Theoi Meteroi and cameras at key points or from drones patrolling the surrounding wilderness with ladders and watertight doors to allow both humans and vehicles through.Alerts through the Prometheus app and the wire will alert people as to heavy rains that could instigate mudslides as well as to stay within the confines of the town with underground tunnels and routes to underground tunnels closed.These alerts would through Theoi Meteroi,Brauron and Prometheus interacting with each other be able to determine if mudslides were to happen,what intensity it will be and theoretical path and when they would occur allowing it to warn citizens in the area to prepare go to shelter and homes.Homes and major buildings as well as multistorey carparks would again be either ten feet off the ground or have walls around them with door dams and watertight doors to protect them.Any mud that builds up against these measures will be dug out by automated diggers and used to cover the land it came from and also used to plant crops etc.Land around areas prone to mudslides can be altered to redirect them away from human settlements using valleys and underground tunnels again using simulations to determine where they could travel to towns and villages with again the mud dug up for future ones to follow the same path as well as soil for farms and the same applying to landslides to be used for construction etc or broken into ores for manufacturing etc with all land potentially capable of forming mudslides reforested with trees to keep the soil intact and also act as a barrier around human settlements.Permeable pavement would be in towns prone to them.This can also apply to areas prone to mudslides from volcanic eruptions.Roads that are of threat to them would also be reforested with underground roads used instead.BOINC can be merged with Artemis and Hermes(in particular the atmosphere,climate subnetwork) to determine the strength of volcanic eruptions of varying strength on all volcanoes world wide including supervolcanoes on the global climate and also surrounding urban areas.Effects of supervolcanoes can be counteracted by artificial trees or nanomaterials in automated aeroplanes that absorb the gases or ash released by them once carbon dioxide levels return to 280ppm.By 2045 1% of the Earths surface could sequester 10,950,000Gt of carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide in a year with the gases used to create fertiliser,graphene etc.Technology can be developed by 2045 that relieves the pressure that builds up in volcanoes and supervolcanoes in controlled bursts prior to eruptions lessening their intensity and redirect magma to the coast or valleys and areas that can be reforested while sizeable samples of all species of animals and plants in the affected areas moved to other areas and both Phanes and Lazarus programmes carried out on not just animals but also all plants with all humans redirected to safe areas with this managed by Prometheus.All species of plants and animals will have their genome added to Physis as soon as possible to allow them to be recreated instantly using 3D DNA printers and artificial wombs with zoos and other areas rearing them in nearby cities in zoos.Reforestation and bioremediation programmes managed by Pan will be carried out instantly to reforest the area and also cleanup all contaminated soils,rivers etc.By this point eruptions of both normal and supervolcanoes and their intensity could theoretically be detected to the exact year,month and day years beforehand allowing for countermeasures etc to carried out.This relieving of stress can include having crossrail borers composed of graphene due to its strength and high heat tolerance build underground tunnels that divert magma in the chamber and conduit to where it will be diverted into valleys or even oceans both nearby or far away with artificial valleys created that divert magma and pyroclastic flows to uninhabited areas and also oceans etc so that when eruptions occur it will be diverted to these areas to form new land.These programmes may even involve programmes that are done centuries before eruptions and may even be used on these and other volcanoes to harvest the energy released as useable energy to prevent eruptions and also tsunamais caused by them with as detailed earlier methods carried out to mine those that could cause landslides and thus tsunamais.All volcanoes and supervolcanoes worldwide will be monitored by AI,human researchers and Prometheus as to their current state with them having drones flying over them constantly in rotation,cameras placed at craters looking into them and even have wave pistons with cameras looking into their side that relay live feeds into Prometheus alongside seismograph readings allowing him to be alerted to future volcanic eruptions the second they occur and warn local towns etc by them with in the case of those by the coast and in islands their potential to create tsunamais from landslide into the ocean and the eruption itself instantly used to determine the size of the tsunamai and also where it will hit thus allowing him to warn the affected areas instantly.

Avalanches will be dealt with weather networks and robots and drones that constantly monitor the thickness of the snow that can at set times visible in the resorts AI and in turn alert all people present what time it will happen the next day set off artificial avalanches using drones/helicopters that fire off guns attached to them or automated cannons that can travel to an area and accurately fire a cannon at a set points accurately to thin out the snow and reduce fatalities with the alerts detailing what routes are off limits the days beforehand(and detailed on maps) and when skiiers can use them.This will occur when the smart devices and televisions etc are alerted to this several days before,the day before and even hour or so before to prevent accidental deaths with areas undergoing this marked on maps including those on e-newspapers etc.Drones patrolling the area can be equipped with scanners to measure the depth of snow.All routes in ski parks will be monitored day and night 24/7,365 days a year by drones that are either self charging or work in a rotary system and charge near the resort via wireless inductive chargers.They will be equipped with recognition software(alongside the surveillance cameras that monitor the resort which will also have facial recognition software and linked to police criminal,missing person and suspect databases since they will be linked to all surveillance cameras worldwide) can track all people on the slopes and will be constantly linked to their smart clothing to monitor their vital signs and if an avalanche or accident occurs it will relay their location to a series of emergency service drones and as many nearby volunteer humans nearby via their smart devices through the wire to their exact GPS location with their patient file uploaded to robots instantly when they arrive.These will be linked together by Echo will be found on the signs of them and its symbol on maps.Mountains frequented by hikers such as Mt.Everest can be managed this way.These drones that will constantly patrol areas prone to avalanches and alert the private and communal homes in the area of it occurring and also its path and speed as well as estimated time of arrival instantly by alerting all Home and building AIs and also smart devices with this information with the path,speed,estimated time of arrival determined by both Echo and Prometheus.Buildings in the way could have extensions built underground with watertight graphene doors and have supplies of food in refrigerators/freezers,oxygen tanks,or nanomaterial scrubbers that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide that are operated only when needed with the building/home AI alerting emergency drones to its location when one occurs,they could also be composed of strong carbon fibres with graphene in the matrix of pyrex windows,have graphene paint on any wood on the interior and exterior on them to add strength.In these underground extensions would also be trees,nanomaterials and carbon scrubbers that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide and a Storedot wall battery that lasts at least two weeks when fully charged from the grid.Cameras on the roof that look in all directions will relay audio/visual feeds to the Home AI with readings from drones patrolling slopes also fed into the AI to detect avalanches and direct people inside to underground bunkers big enough to fit all residents inside plus extra with them having tunnels to reach other areas including nearby towns.Otherwise they could be relocated.Once signs of an avalanche occur all smart devices and televisions in the area will be alerted and directed to safe zones with the predicted path relayed to them alongside speed etc with buildings AIs also relayed this information.If possible slopes prone to avalanches can be when snow levels are small and thin have soil laid down and the area reforested with trees that slow down avalanches with the best species with desirable characteristics to hold this back ie the strongest tree species with genetic engineering improving their ability to do this by making them stronger.Ideally all towns by these areas will be relocated some distance and have underground hyperloop stations built that connect the town to any centres etc by the mountains via train stations allowing for quick access or will become underground communites.If possible slopes could have holes created that lead to tunnels that divert avalanches with these marked by trees and railings made of graphene composites around them to prevent people falling in and signs with them having geothermal pipes that heat snow in them and melt it into water to flow to tunnels to be then treated and used as drinking water with turbines present to generate electricity.

The plant AI of all nuclear power plants still in operation will be linked to Prometheus.Should a meltdown or accident occur alarms will alert citizens the country or region following the universal colour code alerting the to evacuate the area if serious with software within the power plant relaying the extent of possible explosions and spread of radioactive materials interacting with Theoi Meteroi with blue denoting some concern,yellow denoting some danger,green denoting serious danger and red denoting severe danger.

Drones and automated helicopters controlled by Prometheus will scout over affected areas of all types of natural disasters and will lock onto signals from smart devices,nanomachines and implants to locate the GPS location of survivors with their location added to a database allowing him to ascertain the owner of them and see who is alive and alert human operators and volunteers alongside robots to find and locate people.The satellites as part of Prometheus will link with Hestia and Paean etc only in these circumstances and areas affected and will locate the position of all persons who are being sought or are not registered via Prometheus as to be in safe zones and buildings.People in shelters can register their location to Prometheus to show they are in safe zones with their satellites determine their location with the location of other devices compared to locate individuals with the Prometheus app also aiding in this.Nanomachines within microbes and implants will relay vital signs to patient files to alert Paean to determine who has died with Medusa used to determine the name of those whose dead bodies have been found whose names can be added to a database with the disasters file in Prometheus and also to Alethiea to inform local and national news stations and have them listed online on the Prometheus network which will automatically ring all next of kin from Polis and contact books in smartphones used.The number and those found who were reported missing will through surveillance systems,cameras and webcams on all types of smart devices and AI will automatically through referencing Polis and missing persons databases will automatically alert next of kin and also relevant authorities via alerts and phone calls to them via instant access to the wire and interactions between the various sentient operating software.It will also alert news stations covering the story through interacting with Aleitheia.All of this will apply to all types of natural disasters such as earthquakes,volcanoes,storms,avalanches,hurricanes and floods etc.

All of these individual apps will be in time will be replaced by a universal single app based on this software managing emergency alerts Prometheus after the figure from Greek mythology linking them directly to the wire or Hermes that alert all phones in an area to all natural disasters of all types when they occur in that area with the aforementioned information in the region of the user is in and what steps to take and directions to safe areas to use.Connection to the wire and/or Hermes will suffice since as stated the Prometheus network will be integrated into and part of Hermes thus instantly when they occurs allowing them to receive alerts of disasters in their area.All of the aforementioned data will be on this app fr each type of disaster.They will alert all smart devices and even computers,e-newspapers and televisions or anything connected to the wire with a unique alarm for all types of disasters with each region affected by types of disasters having multiple megaphones attached to atmospheric poles and tall buildings along the city that also carry out these distinct alarms to alert those asleep(if it occurs at night) or those without devices.The home AI linked to the wire will also relay alerts to wake up those asleep and carry out automated measures to prevent damage and explosions such as turn off gas etc. with Tyche and Steropes shutting off gas pipes etc.Ideally all piping of sewage and gas etc in areas prone to in particular earthquakes and volcanoes will have graphene in its matrix to prevent them bursting due to its flexibility.Furthermore they will house videos and how to videos to allow people to perform drills at any time of the year for each type of disaster with the city AI even running citywide ones at planned times of the year.Underground communities near earthquake zones will have extra layers of self healing concrete and carbon fibre scaffolding to support with these and underwater cities also running city wide drills with them having safe areas that be used by citizens to get to with watertight doors cutting off compromised areas and also will temporarily cut themselves off the outside world if they are affected by floods,fires,storms etc with trees and nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide used to provide electricity.Drills will in time when VR be indistinguishable to reality will allow for drills and even fake disasters such as tsunamis,earthquakes,tornadoes of varying strengths to be done at set times on the entire populace of an area to deal with them and the aftermath which they would be aware of and would last for days or weeks to them but mere minutes passing in the real world to allow for them to prepare for them from the comfort of their home with tourists even doing these before travelling to disaster prone areas.These can even be done while people are asleep in planned linked subconscious dreams.In other words globally there will be a universal alarm for floods,one for earthquakes,one for tornadoes,one for hurricanes,one for forest fires,one for tsunamis and one for other types of disasters.Even drills for meltdowns of any remaining nuclear power plants will exist.The alerts on smart devices will tell what to do to prepare for securing their safety for each type and guide them to safezones and personal or communal bunkers etc. and ideally regions affected by tsunamis,earthquakes,volcanoes etc will have drills to prepare them with this drill alerted to them as a drill and the date and time of the drill planned ahead at certain set points of the year.Both the drill and real alarm will automatically be the language that is preset on the device in other words the persons native language.Communal and private homes will have bunkers enough to house and feed everyone for storms and hurricanes etc with them also housing canned,dried food,stocks of water in bottles etc for several weeks and Storedot batteries and wire access.All buildings used to house disaster networks and agencies worldwide can be used as homes since this network managing all types of disasters worldwide will be accessible via the wire to the public from anywhere in the world with all information on existing ones servers will be transferred to this network and the servers recycled.The readings will be fed directly into Prometheus and logged into newly created folders by the software with earthquake readings seen on the folder saving on paper with the same applying to all types of disasters with all readings from nanosensers,cameras,drones,disaster systems etc fed into it.This software will also allow for VR simulations to be done on the theoretical intensity and damage of all types of disasters on all places they could occur with readings and extrapolations from Theoi Meteroi and Brauron present and where they could occur with what intensity and damage in terms of human lives and also structural damage they could inflict and where preventive measures and procedures should be set as well,what the intensity could be based on the time if the day,what escape measures can be done for humans etc,log the details from all possible incidents of all types of natural disasters past and future divided by type and subtype,location and date past and present and will be connected to the Theoi Meteroi network.When VR is indistinguishable from real life human researchers can view the types of simulated disasters of all types to determine this data alongside Prometheus itself with this done on individual disasters in the days and weeks before they occur allowing for the damage to occur with and without measures to be determined.This will include analysis of the effectiveness of preventative measures and details on damage caused,theoretical and actual path, time,date and length,strength,countries/cities/towns/areas effected,casualties including their name and age etc,readings from surveillance cameras and robots etc.Prometheus 911 calls etc with all simulations and audio/visual recordings from surveillance cameras and drones will also logged with them.They will be logged by year,month,week in folders with all events from around the world listed.All incidents of wilderness rescues from caves,collapsed buildings etc will be present.All readings and feeds and analysis and results etc of all past natural disasters from around the world will be logged and arranged by date.All past and future aeroplane and maritime ship disasters,road accidents,train disasters,natural disasters alongside fires(building and forest fires) and even terrorist attacks from around the world will be logged here in separate folders and subfolders by date and subtype with them containing all same relevant information;date,location,casualties numbers(and names of them and their demographics for studies),responses and all possible information.All past natural disasters,fires,aeroplane and maritime disasters,rescue operations,natural disasters,road and train accidents etc will be analysed by Prometheus to prevent future events from occurring and it will run simulations of all possible disasters and accidents of all types to prevent them but also prepare simulated means of countering them and preventing casualties with those that occured in power plants Steropes and the onboard computer of all aeroplanes those of aeroplanes fed into Eos,fires will be fed into building/home/factory AI,those of all ships fed into Amphirite and the onboard computers of cruise ships and ferries,those of road and train accidents into Ophion and Helios as well as the onboard computers of all public and private vehicles and so on.These simulations alongside all records of past events would be logged and analysed to allow Prometheus to carry frequency studies of all types and their strength and even projections and predictions of future events on them to carry out preventative measures.All past incidents of all terrorist attacks wilderness rescuers and natural/maritime/aeroplane/road/train/fire disasters from around the world will be logged here as well by type and subtype alongside new ones logged by country and date containing all the aforementioned data and will be analysed by Prometheus and fed into relevant networks and sub networks and buildings AIs of the wire to prevent them from happening again.These can also allow trainees to carry out VR simulations based on them and used in studies.Simulations of all possible disasters in each setting and building will be created to be analysed and used for creating countermeasures viable to people via accessing the intranet or relayed to them when the occur.To alleviate strains the operating systems of each area ie Amphrite,Ophion,Eos,Steropes will do this alongside all building AIs and onboard computers of vehicles combined to increase efficiency.Technologies should be utilised to harvest the energy from various disasters ie VAWTs that harvest storm and hurricane winds,turbines and wave pistons that derive energy from floods,tsunamis,storm surges and possibly even future technology that extracts energy from earthquakes etc stored in communal battery packs of Arges batteries or those in homes and key buildings to provide backup energy to them to prevent outages during and after and alleviate strains on the grid during the year.All of this would be stored in Storedot batteries that store as much of it as possible to alleviate strains on the grid and provide energy to buildings in the area until the damage is cleared with each building using only key systems.

Smart clothing with graphene and microchips built into them will alert emergency services,friends and next of kin to their exact GPS location by voice command(with small nanomicrophones in comm badges or jewellery protected by strong carbon composites which can allow them to call for help should smartphones and other devices are lost or broken by say a fall) or changes in bio readings such as heart rate associated with being knocked unconscious in the case of a person being caught under a building via a link to Aesculapius/Hermes.The smart clothing may become computerised allowing one to initiate emergency calls through it.It can also allow Prometheus system to be used to scour an area or the globe for the specific clothing registered to an individual or just all clothing in an area.The smart clothing will alert next of kin and the nearest hospital and also the nearest emergency services systems centre with this voice activated or when they are reported missing.It will also relay the temperature of the wearers skin and environmental conditions such as temperature of the surrounding area(of use if the person is trapped in a snowy mountain to measure their chances of developing hypothermia) and vital signs.This emergency app Prometheus like Rapid SOS would also have a menu where people can alert emergency services giving their name,contact number of next of kin and exact location via GPS or the smart clothing will automatically do this when vital signs associated with a concussion or serious injury occurs.This will also alert not only next of kin to their location and information but also information such as their vital signs and situation to any nearby smart phones in the area working similar to the aforementioned system that alerts all smartphones in out lying regions similar to how medical emergencies are dealt with in cities to get human volunteers consisting of both the general public and also those working in the emergency services to help until artificial intelligence becomes sufficiently advanced to not need human help alongside rescue drones but even when artificial intelligence equates to or surpasses human intelligence humans may still be called for help. Smart clothing can also be integrated with smart armour which will lessen the degree of damage they receive and also can alert emergency services instantly to their location in caves or cliff faces on maps.These two clothing technologies and apps should be utilized for those hiking,rock climbing,exploring caves,skiing and snowboarding in isolated areas like forests,mountain ranges,skiing ranges or beaches while hiking or camping and the same software can be integrated into smart jewellery and in time graphene implants wherein the user can by thought alone activate distress signals in the case of falls,avalanches,car crashes and other accidents.Helmets or headwear worn can be composed of graphene and carbyne to absorb shock damage from collisions and the interior fitted with layers armourgel(smart armour) to prevent further damage to the skull on impacts with rockclimbers and cave explorers wearing these helmets fitted with augmented reality to stream maps or switch between IR illumminator,night vision and also locate points to place ones hand safely on the clifface etc. with the glass also having a graphene/carbyne matrix to prevent it shattering and debris damaging the wearers face.This helmets and clothing could be complimented by iron shavings suspended in oil that upon impact turn stiff as a board and are pliable to the shape of the wearers body as well as provide protection to injury from sharp objects and debris in a car crash or falls etc with graphene woven into clothing.These measures can be implemented into NASCAR,Formula 1,snowboarders and skiers.Ropes and securing material used by cave explorers,bungee jumpers and also rock climbers can also be composed of carbyne and/or graphene due to its elasticity and also its incredible strength.Microbes can form biosynth implants by merging together in vivo of people ideally on command by the person themselves before they go hiking,cave exploring as well as automatically via Paean after earthquakes,avalanches,forest fires and also before hurricanes,floods and also other disasters so as to utilise satellites wifi and GPS systems to constantly relay their location to either Hestia/Home AI and/or Prometheus so as to allow their GPS location and vital signs to be relayed alongside their name to allow them to be discovered quickly with this only applying to those in the affected area and only in these situations and turned off once found or they report themselves to Prometheus.Neural implants will allow Paean to do this where he will be in a fragmented form before,during and after the various disasters and when and before they go lost with these then flushed out of the body or broken down when found or when they arrive home.This will be done to at least ensure they can be found the instant anything wrong happens.


With the formation of a global government there will be the form global version of FEMA and other groups associated with predicting and managing disasters named Prometheus after the titan of forethought and creator of mankind as well as a global system of natural disaster warnings i.e.colour coded warnings and will be sentient alongside being the operating software that links all disaster management and rescue buildings worldwide.This warning system could follow the universal colour code measuring the intensity for alarms sent to all devices hooked to the wire.This network will also log all disasters including fires worldwide alongside older ones collecting data from the servers from all existing emergency centres and networks.It will be first divided by natural disasters(including earthquakes,floods,tornadoes,avalanches,storms,hurricanes,avalanches,forest fires,volcanoes etc) and human disasters(fires etc) subdivided by type and subtype with all details of them recorded such as in the case of natural ones like lowest,highest and average wind speeds for storms and tornadoes,strength of each one,loss of life,environmental readings plotted on graphs,meteorological readings and also readings from satellites/seismographs etc,recordings from surveillance cameras and drones,effectiveness of preventative measures,time and dates they occurred and lasted,location and other relevant information.Since accessible and visible to the public through Hermes all buildings private and government owned disaster networks will be converted into homes.An universal statue of Prometheus will be in the grounds of all emergency services buildings and headquarters such as firehouses etc with the symbol of Prometheus being a torch.Each building will have this symbol on all signs and maps within Artemis and the sentient Prometheus the name of the sentient operating software that links them all worldwide with the interior of these buildings coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass.The symbol will also be on all drones,machinery,robots and vehicles etc and underneath the statue of Prometheus in the lobby of all buildings storing them and firehouses.The buildings will have their own independent AI and holographic receptionist with its own AI,landline phone and the symbol of the torch will be on all signs,buildings,machinery,robots and e-reports etc.The building AI will have its own independent personality and avatar alongside its receptionist with them also having legal names and avatars.The AI in charge of these building will control all fire trucks stored in them and control all drones,biosynths etc.Since automated offices and cafeterias will be used to store more robots and wireless inductive chargers.The Prometheus software will become sentient and its avatar being that of the statue.All drones and robots will be linked to their building AI giving a sense of omniscience.Thus the AI of the Emergency services building will communicate with people through all vehicles and robots etc as well as building AIs and smart devices.Both Prometheus and sectors of Prometheus will be fully set up,fully automated and sentient by at least 2029.

Also there will be a single Emergency services agency that can be accessed by an universal app to allow people to call for help for emergency services with menus for each one of firefighters,emergency robots and robotic lifeguards within Hermes similar to RapidSOS or one app for each which in fact be integrated into this network negating then need for 911 operators with ones for contacting the police integrated into Athena and one for ambulances into Aesculapius.Ideally the app will have menus for Aesculapius,Athena and Prometheus.This entity and its app will be named Prometheus after the Greek Graeae deity of alarm like those within Aesculapius and Athena but with the Emergency response team being its symbol:a white cross in red circle with an eye in the centre with a torch within it.It will become sentient and allow for direct communication relaying information to the nearest relevant emergency building AI based on the GPS location.The section connected to Prometheus will allow one to choose for lifeguards,firestations,lifeboats,helicopters,seabreachers,emergency robots etc.These both would only alert them to the nearest ones based on their GPS location.With regards to emergency services people could have the universal app or simply their Hermes app that connects straight to Prometheus within Hermes to call emergency services.For the need to save lives ideally having the former app would be advisable with the Hermes app used for its other purposes.All smart phones new and those existing that download the Hestia software will automatically have this downloaded to ensure it is availible to everyone.The app will alert all emergency robots,robotic lifeguards or firetrucks in the area depending on the situation allowing them to communicate with citizens in need directly bypassing operators allowing them relay the nature of the situation with the citizen choosing to communicate via audio/visual Iris chats or even through texts or choosing situations from a list or if they need to be quiet given the situation.In time the person will be able to communicate with Gaia directly through Hermes/Prometheus once it becomes sentient.Once alarms are sent by Prometheus,texts,choosing an emergency and talking to personnel will the robots in the area to their GPS location with the amount of time until they arrive in hours,minutes and seconds relayed to the person who called the alarm with distance in kilometre,metres and centimetres that officers responding to them are from them also relayed.The address of the building a person is in can be ascertained by their GPS via smart devices interacting with the building AI with their GPS in the wilderness also ascertained via satellites.The app will send the GPS location of the person automatically to the AI of the nearest emergency services building.GPS location and if in a building the address will be ascertained and sent automatically to the building AI once the call is made using Prometheus linked to Prometheus and the emergency services building AI via the smart devices interacting with the building AI and also Arke and Hestia interacting with satellites using cellular access to send the address and GPS location.This being directly connected to the sentient AI of the nearest emergency services building will allowing all existing 911 call centres worldwide to be converted into homes with centres onsite of these buildings turned into lounges etc.All details of the individual will be sent to the building AI instantly and relayed to all staff and beds for the patients chosen based on their injuries at least an hour or thirty minutes before they arrive with ambulances called if need be.Thus everytime a person uses Prometheus they will choose a section that links them to Prometheus that will then based on their GPS location link them to the AI in charge of the nearest Prometheus building that will be able to interact with millions of people at once and still be able to carry out their operations unhindered with the callers GPS location and address automatically sent to the emergency service buildings AI to negate the need for callers to do this and allow them to be found if they are cut off for any reason.Home AI via fragmentation on smart phones can make phones to the building HQ AI quietly if humans cannot.This app will automatically be on all smart phones,devices and computers rather than having to be downloaded.Robots and biosynths will use the GPS location of smart devices to determine the location of people who called the app with any humans in the adjoining wilderness and villages or parts of the village will be alerted to the GPS location of the person to allow them to aid robots.Biosynth animals that monitor the wilderness will called to the persons GPS location.The vehicles sent will have right of way.These vehicles would be able to skip traffic and traffic lights.In all cases the building AI will notify the sentient Ophion of the emergency and have it prepare to give them right of way and also to alter traffic to cater to this.This being directly connected to the sentient AI of the nearest rescue building HQ will allowing all existing 911 call centres worldwide to be converted into homes with centres onsite of these buildings turned into lounges etc.Thus all alarm calls to police station 911 operators will be be replaced by Pempredo that through Home AI,Paean and Prometheus will be directed straight to the receptionist AI and emergency building AI who through fragmentation can interact with billions of people at once replacing human 911 operators.All 911 calls to Athena and Aesculapius will be logged in the police AI and will be added to the cases digital emergency rescue files.All local citizens and biosynths including biosynth animals in the area will be notified to the GPS location of the caller to get them to help.This Prometheus system will be a single global system taking in calls from around the world allowing for 911 call centres turned into homes and their servers and computers recycled with the alert sending their GPS location with the robots and Pempherdo once sentient ringing back the person to locate them with it linking them to the AI and receptionist of the nearest relevant building instantly who they can communicate with and sending their details to them in real time.Since automated offices,cafeterias will be used to house drones,machinery etc and wireless inductive chargers

Each town,city,village and wilderness area and ocean will have their own aerial drones and robots for use in rescue operations in natural disasters range in size from the smallest being spider like robots currently being developed similar to those in the movie Minority Report and the other to be developed like the Mk.II or spiders that will be able to navigate damaged buildings and interact with computers and other electronics.These will be stored in their local emergency services centre and in areas prone to natural disasters their location will be at key points of the city or on the outskirts depending on the size of the city and the nature of the disaster they will cater to ie tornado allys will be underground to protect them from the tornado with those in earthquakes,storms and tsunamis on the outskirts with larger cities having larger singular buildings or many different ones managed by separate AIs.In time humanoid biosynths will be part of this fleet and like all robots will be controlled by the emergency services AI with them wearing an universal uniform for this sector.These can switch between autonomous robots that can automatically lock onto signals from smart clothing and devices to being remotely controlled by emergency staff and allow two way audio/visual communication between the person(s) lost in rubble and emergency services with software also allow for next of kin to be patched through via Iris to give the person comfort and reassurance as well as measuring vital signs.They will also measure the depth that are below which using sensors in emergency personnel can determine how far they are from being rescued while scanning the area and providing a virtual map for the drones to use to help the trapped individuals escape.Robots designed after snakes and ants will be able to navigate smaller nooks and crannies.Further advancements will allow these robots to perform both MRI and X-Ray scans in order fully assess the amount of damage sustained.Sensors and nanomicrophones will allow them to detect heart beats,breathing sounds and other signs of human life.They will locate people via nanomachines,implants,smart devices and determine their depth and vital signs.Scanners built into them can map out holes and routes to emergency services and also interact with the current map of the buildings in their building AI altered by damage caused by explosions or natural disasters.People that carry out these rescues would consist of a mixture of qualified emergency first res ponders and volunteers from the public alerted automatically using the same aforementioned method that alerts the public in outlying regions with humans using exoskeletons increasing their ability to carry out the carrying of heavy loads or wirelessly powered exoskeletons or the Virtuix Omni Treadmill combined with Virtual Reality technology connected to robots that allow them to carry out search and rescue operations safely and remotely from home or from the HQ of emergency services located anywhere in the world.These wirelessly controlled exoskeletons and humanoid could also aid aid workers to help civilians in war torn areas remotely preventing them being captured by enemy forces i.e.Syria and Iraq as well as remote exploration of caves and extrosolar planets.They will be composed entirely of graphene to make them light and strong with them covered internally and externally with liquid glass to make them acid,water,dirt and fog proof.Gas masks will relay the levels of oxygen and any toxic gases when worn by SWAT members relayed to augmented reality in ones glasses or lenses or within the visors via graphene in the mask with the readings coming from smart devices,robots and even sensors on the outside of the gas masks and on clothing with these gas masks also available to the public from Hephaestus.These will be covered internally and externally again with liquid glass to negate fogging and cleaning they will have nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide from the wearer as they breathe and from the outside environment and prevent toxic gases and particulates from entering them.These will in time be able to switch to IR illuminator and also thermal cameras etc.Training of emergency services will begin at 12 or younger with VR technology allowing one to practice on custom made or real life historical events of varying difficultly.Government emergency services should help and be helped by citizens willing to provide any help with rescue and disaster responses through providing shelter,vehicles and other resources such as food and water.This would be done by linking to them via Hermes and the networks that control emergency service robots.These will be able to switch to IR illuminator at night.


Humanoid robots and in time biosynths can navigate buildings,factories and fight fires and rescue any trapped individuals.Again they can switch between autonomous mode which can already enter/exit vehicles,open doors,break through walls and turn valves or be remote controlled allowing for emergency staff to navigate precarious environment while ensuring their own safety.They will then be able to either pick up any persons there,guide them out to safety or clear the way for emergency staff.These will also be able to switch to IR illuminator at night.These can be controlled remotely by volunteers as part of Prometheus until sufficiently advanced or act as a backup.In time bio-synth versions of these will exist that due to invitro and graphene muscles,skin and organ systems.

When a person is found electric self driving helicopters or flying cars can land or deploy either a ladder to the rescue or two drones which can carry them to safety by wrapping around their arms.If the person is stuck under rubble,palletizers can be adapted to picking off rubble.In the case of the individual on the ground rescue personnel can use portable lift assists to carry them to the nearest vehicle with others robots developed to help people out of borewells and wells.With regards to cruise ships onboard computers can alert emergency services to send a plane to their exact GPS location as well alongside a speedboat from the nearest coastal village or sea based hospital.These will also be able to switch to IR illuminator at night.

CPR machines and miniature defibrillator machine also present here can either save the individual negating the need for emergency services or at least resuscitate them before being returned to land.Both of these apparatus can be first sent to the location if smart clothing determines if a person in a group has had a heart attack or passed out via ambulance drones with robots allowing them to enter collapsed areas.They can also send robotic stretchers if needed based on the vital signs or indeed menu chosen within the emergency app within Hermes and also voice commands sent to the emergency centres AI by the person trapped there.

Each city,village,wilderness(forests,mountains,jungles,oceans etc), and town(as well as public amenities and buildings such as community centres,vertical farms etc having their own regions managed by their building AI that will receive and send out alarms from apps on smart devices and clothing) will divided into equidistant regions marked by an alphanumerical code with stationary or moving drone,surveillance cameras,sensor terminals and atmospheric/soil/water environmental measuring poles and sensors also marking these regions which asides from their primary functions will interact with each other and smart devices,smart clothing and emergency apps to ensure death is avoided in the case of heart attacks,accidents and fires(thus in effect the whole world will be divided into these regions allowing a person on the wire to input a regions code and view all infrastructure systems in each sub-network) by interacting with them and triangulating their location.For example if a person has a heart attack or serious injury at home or in the streets or in a public area the smart clothing they are wearing or any emergency apps they use will not only alert there next of kin and hospitals and thus ambulances(or fire stations and fire trucks) of their condition and location it will also interact with the central AI of the town,village or city and thus alert any nearby citizens in that region and surrounding regions of the nature of their condition(if no devices are detected and alerted in a region it will move to the more outer regions surrounding that until a sufficient number of people are warned)and GPS location via the wire(via the central AI in the aforementioned structures interacting with their smart devices determining their distances with multiple structures in surrounding regions working together to determine the exact location and in time though quantum compasses not GPS satellites).Once in close proximity readings from the smart clothing,implants and devices of the injured person will relay the bio signals and state of health to the individual attending to them and stream how to videos of what correct position to put them in and what not to do in order to ensure survival until ambulances arrive and will alleviate strains on Prometheus until robots become sufficiently advanced.This will also allow the persons current location on city maps in smart devices and smart clothing to be quantified via triangulation through multiple interacting sensor poles with this also applying to environmental sensor poles and quantum compasses in wilderness areas like mountains,forests,jungles etc.

Each urban area and wilderness(such as forests,caves,underwater caverns,diving spots,catacombs,beaches, jungles,deserts,mountains) will also be scanned into Artemis namely Brauron using multiple land based and aerial drones,nanoqradrocopters,biosynths at once to speed the process to allow people who are visiting and hiking in these areas to choose to view the area in either a 2D or 3D map(chosen by the reader) or topography and hyspography maps(3D or 2D) within the maps menu in smart devices to see where they are in it.This will mean that even if they are in the pitch dark in the middle of a forest,jungle,caverns,caves etc they should know where they are with them and others linked to the maps via smart devices denoted as uniquely coloured blips and the location of and direction to safe walkways and paths and show any dangers such as cliffaces and sharp fatal drops in the surrounding environment so as to find their way back to civilisation with the main trails etc labelled on the maps alongside their GPS location while preventing injury and death especially if it is nighttime and through the automated SOS system call in order to get drones to help them and supplies sent to them to prevent a situation similar to the disappearance of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers.Satellite and biosynth wifi and cellular service will allow for this and their ability to send their GPS location and alert Prometheus.Drones sent to aid them will also stream these maps and with mutual consent next of kin so as to ensure they know where they are at all times via links to Hestia.Self charging technologies on smart devices and other electronics such as laptops should ensure they never run low of battery and sensors in the soil,poles,rivers as part of Theoi Meteroi will ensure they will not get lost via this terrestrial GPS with waterproofing and shatterproofing technologies preventing them from being broken and existing GPS systems.Like google maps these maps can allow one to find any place in the world from their location and have the safest route direct from them with them ideally being photogrammetric ones that can be shifted from 2D to 3D through settings with their Home AI etc directing them to civilisation or their vehicle etc.If the persons dont have smart devices implants can be via Prometheus used to determine their GPS location with them also using satellites and Brauron to determine the hypsography and topography of the area they are in and then guide them via audio cues ad it being feed to the brain as a lit up map to avoid sharp falls.All animals by 2045 in all wilderness areas would by biosynth arthropods to have implants formed via microbes that pass from one generation to the next that will show them to both Prometheus and those hiking in the areas as different blips for different species allowing one to avoid them,be warned of their location and have the implants form sedatives inside that put them to sleep if the person is attacked.Those going hiking and walking in the wilderness especially for long trips can have their location relayed constantly to next of kin with them ideally have implants formed before they leave for hiking including exploring caves.Home AI and also to the AI managing the areas and thus the robots and biosynths monitoring the area so when they do go lost the Home AI can notify Prometheus and also next of kin of their location.These people before doing so will have stem cell strains form biosynth implants in vivo that will relay their GPS location constantly to their Home AI and the AI of the area they are in and also possibly Prometheus and will constantly relay vital signs with them sending alerts to Prometheus when vital signs are outside of normal parameters and also when they fall into a coma with the persons thoughts activating alarms if smart devices are not working.The accelerated healing phenotype,ability to survive lower levels of both water and food,carbon dioxide energy acceptor phenotype will allow for carbon dioxide to be used with other engineering allowing humans to survive a wider temperature range preventing hypothermia etc thus increasing survival rates etc.Cellular internet,biosynth wifi,neural implants and also Hestia and internet aces both through Arke and cellular services will allow Prometheus authorise this and initiate it from through the wire using satellites and electronics such as smart devices and computers etc worldwide linked to the wire to initiate it.If microbes are injected into all wild animals through biosynth arthropods and also interbreeding inoculated animals then the location of each species of animals including dangerous ones can be determined and the hikers warned of their location and distance especially in the dark and this used to prevent attacks.Soil,atmospheric and other nanosensors that using thermo-pizoelectric materials generating biosynth wifi along each wilderness areas will improve access to the wire with phone calls to Gaia and other AI including Prometheus who will have their own numbers will ensure they are never lost if wire access is not possible.Cellular settings in smart phones,devices and laptops will allow one access to the wire and thus Prometheus and Gaia if wifi access is not possible with Gaia,Home AI etc having phone numbers to gain access to them if they have a phone but no wire access.Smartphones that generate their own biosynth wifi will also provide wifi as well.Satellites may be used to piggyback information to and from Gaia with the persons GPS constantly relayed to Home AI,Gaia,Prometheus through implants,nanomachines,smart clothing and smartphones with consent of the person should they go on trips in dangerous places such as hiking,snowboarding with these activated by them,Gaia and Home AI should they be kidnapped or go missing with authorisation from parents,authorities and Home AI.Thus the map on e-newspapers will show the area in full daylight and IR illuminator cameras on smart devices including contact lenses and google glasses can be used with the map showing their position as normal as a blip that can guide them via lines to safe roads that can lead back to civilisation or their intended destination.When they have alerted emergency services using Prometheus they can not only see where the drones and robots are in relation to them(with the drones,robots interacting with Artemis,Hermes and the persons smart clothing and devices with the rescue and drones/robots denoted by different coloured blips and the distance between them measured in kilometres,metres,centimetres and visible on the maps) and how long till they arrive to their exact GPS location in days,hours,minutes,seconds with all drones and robots being equipped with night vision,IR illuminated vision alongside thermal and normal vision to see them in the dark with same cameras that detect blood pumped through the body as in smart mirrors and those to locate specifically people.The robots and any humans will be able to determine the distance of the person in kilometres,metres and centimetres based on their GPS location via smart devices and onboard computers.All hikers,campers,cave explorers,rock climbers,snowboarders etc should be equipped with a first aid kit(as detailed earlier),smart clothing,smart armour and graphene/carbyne helmets and light,smart devices that can switch between IR illuminator,night vision etc to aid them.Any biosynths or drones patrolling these areas and monitoring any wildlife will also be alerted to these emergency calls and will be directed to the GPS location of the call or alert from implants to aid them in directing them to either civilisation or the direction of the emergency robots there and will relay vital signs from smart clothing,implants and also cameras that detect blood pressure and also audio visual records of the persons physical condition and if possible protect them from any wildlife.They will also patrol areas if people are missing in an area sent by next of kin and if found will allow the missing persons access to Gaia,Pan,Prometheus,Home AI via the wire and make audio and audio/visual calls if they do not have smart phones.They will also direct them back to civilisation,act as protection from wild animals and other threats and relay this to Prometheus and Home AI as well as if possible guide them to robots,drones and humans searching for them as well as guide search parties to them and be used as a means for next of kin etc to keep in contact with them especially at night when self charging technology cannot be used.Atmosphere poles,buyos for lakes,rivers and oceans in the wilderness would send not only data to Theoi Meteroi but also provide wifi to devices in their area.They would do this via biosynth wifi created as poles etc would be connected to the ground via thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes that provide electricity that in turn creates biosynth wifi not only to send data to the wire but also create wifi hotspots in these areas.Cellular access and biosynth wifi will allow thee Prometheus to work in the middle of wilderness with Brauron also brought up on this.Both drones and biosynths as part of search parties will patrol large areas of an wilderness and also caves when alerts are sent and missing reports are sent with them fitted with IR illuminator cameras to do so at night and will mark all areas they covered marked on Brauron to all drones with them able to stream maps of caves to traverse them.Physis can be cross referenced to see if any wild plants whose picture are taken of are edible and not poisonous once Google Lens is integrated into the wire including Artemis.Ideally rock climbers,cave explorers,hikers and explorers should be wearing smart clothing that constantly relays their GPS location to both Gaia and also next of kin through the Home AI app to prevent them getting lost with smart armour underneath this lessening the intensities of falls with this also in padding inside graphene helmets to prevent head injuries.If a person alerts Prometheus via smart clothing or Prometheus in a wilderness area any nearby boats,planes,helicopters both manual and automatic will be alerted to them and alert them to the presence of the people there and give passengers the option to stop and rescue or relay this to the mainland again with this even applying to cruise ships with the onboard computer deciding this.People who are in the wilderness together can link smart devices and clothing together to find each other on maps as unique blips and drones managed by emergency services as well as bio-synth monitoring the area can through missing persons alerts patrol the area and search for them using facial recognition software and connection to the wire.All persons at any given time lost in the wilderness will be viewable as a blip on a global map scaled from global to local levels.


Aerial drones and robots based on dogs can navigate a wide variety of environments such as forests,avalanche hit mountains and send packages such as food and water to the rescue and guide them to safety while at the same time provide comfort with them allowing to contact next of kin and them managed by the AI of the nearest building.These will also be able to switch to IR illuminator and thermal imaging cameras at night and detect people and animals via facial recognition software and smart devices,implants activated for this purpose by Hestia and Prometheus or respond to distress beacons from the universal app.These can patrol areas affected by virtually every type of disaster such as floods,tsunamais,avalanches,earthquakes etc and mark their GPS location to automated boats,helicopters,personell etc.Autonomous drones equipped with facial recognition software,normal cameras and IR illuminator and thermal imaging cameras(to see at night) can aid volunteer search parties and cover a large area of open areas especially in rural and wilderness areas which can have this relayed back to police HQ wherein personnel and AI such as Prometheus,Perseus,Gaia etc can take control of it if a body has been found.Whole fleets of these can be employed to scour out large areas with them relaying where they have searched and their path to each other and HQ with them able to work 24/7 in a rotary system or through self charging technologies with them also linked to implants and smart deivces.These will be able to cover large areas of wilderness and even towns and cities especially at night and be alerted instantly and do searches in areas that people cant with them aiding human volunteers with the areas they are going to search,have searched will be logged in the HQs networks with them able to search areas over and over again with fleets consisting as much as a dozen or two dozen drones and will search near the ground and up high in the air.Biosynths modelled on animals already present in each wildereness and even urban areas managed by Pan that observe the behaviour of local flora and fauna and community farms etc will be alerted to the identity of the missing person such as their photo and and age etc and even DNA scan to then search the entire area.These and drones will be alerted to alarms sent to the next of kin,law enforcement and Prometheus and will use this and Brauron to locate them.Drones and biosynths modelled after fish can patrol oceans,beaches,rivers,canals and lakes and make scanned maps for bodies or vehicles with them using cameras and also sonar/echolocation.All bio-synths and robots that monitor animal behaviour in wilderness areas will be alerted to missing persons and search for them until they are found with meta materials allowing them to track people who are actively running away.The same can all be done with missing pets.Areas covered by them can be pre programmed and relayed to volunteers via Artemis with live camera feeds logged in and monitored by Gaia through Athena though they can be controlled remotely by volunteers in homes connected to Prometheus and Athena but in time they will be autonomous controlled but the police HQ.Again these will allow one to cover a larger area of ground and also do so at night using IR illuminator and thermal imaging cameras especially if fleets of these are used and can mark the GPS location of anyone or anything important found with Brauron streamed by them especially in the case of wilderness areas.The area they covered will be marked on Brauron to all drones that can be read by both humans and other drones.The locations of caves and mines can be marked with them traversed by drones and robots particularly nanoquadrocopters using their map already present in Brauron and also IR illuminator and thermal imaging cameras.All feeds from drones and robots will be live and fed and logged into police HQ with them linked to the HQ AI and them able to cover a large area especially at night using IR illuminator and thermal imaging cameras if in large fleets and can do so over and over again for months or years.Hikers,skieers,snow boarders and those going to isolated areas and dangerous wilderness can have biosynth implants created on demand prior to going there to relay their GPS location to only their Home AI and Paean at all times and if they get lost,enter a coma or are injured they can have the location sent to Prometheus and search and rescue operations in the area or Perseus in charge of law enforcement with the Home AI and Paean using it to track vital signs and even using Brauron guide them to safety and civilisation via thoughts and interacting with smart devices.One can have this formed when kidnapped or lost using Paean via any devices connected to the wire and satellites to be relayed.All pets and livestock owned by farmers and the public will have these to allow their movements to be tracked at all times on smart devices using the Home AI app especially when they are lost and measure vital signs with them in them and humans at a times interacting with Ophion ensuring that automated vehicles can locate and avoid them.Prepubescent minors at the behest of their parents can use this to constantly track their movements at all times but not once they turn 14.Transporter technology can be used to lock onto implants in humans and extract them from hard to reach places such as caves,rivers,mountains,submarines,vehicles,wreckage etc.

All robots,machinery,drones,vehicles and their cameras including tyres will be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass internally and externally with a layer of graphene paint under this including on tyres to make them last indefinitely.The vehicles will have the same self charging technologies as automated vehicles with self healing rubber/graphene tyres(coated internally and externally in graphene paint and liquid glass)graphene paint on the exterior and graphene sheet in the glass to make them indestructible with CSYS lights inside them.The emergency services buildings housing them worldwide will have the universal Prometheus symbol on them as well as signs and an universal statue of Prometheus in the lobby,a holographic receptionist(that turns on when people arrive) with all surfaces coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass externally and internally to negate the need for cleaning.Each building will have its own personality and avatar separate from the receptionists with landline phones with both having legal names.The torch symbol will also be on all signs,buildings,robots,uniforms,drones,machinery and vehicles etc and underneath the statue of Prometheus in the lobby of all emergency services buildings storing them.The lights inside will be CSYS lights coated in liquid glass that will be off most of the time with them turning on when cameras inside fitted with facial recognition software detect humans with these and those on robots,drones,vehicles etc connected to the global database of criminals in Athena but fed into the building AI and fitted with IR illuminator cameras for night time monitoring which they will switch to automatically when dark.They like the cameras on robots will be coated in liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning.Lights and cameras will be controlled by the building AI.Energy and other resource use will be fed into Hermes with the Prometheus software connecting these to all other emergency services buildings worldwide including with all firefighting buildings and lifeguards buildings worldwide.Inductive wireless chargers or automated chargers will be located inside to charge them when they are not used with.Since automated offices,cafeterias,locker rooms etc will be used to house drones,machinery,wireless inductive chargers etc.All vehicles,robots,drones,aeroplanes will be controlled by the building AI and thus interacting with people through it but will also gain a sense of omniscience of operations since all camera readings and sensor readings through all of these will be directed to the building AI with each one acting as a relay to each other allow them to carry out operations more properly with even the home AI or even city AI relaying camera,map and nanosensor readings to the emergency services AI via the wire and robots on the scene giving it more vision with with the home AI also communicating directly with it through the wire and phone calls.Thus the AI of the Emergency services building will communicate with people through all vehicles and robots etc as well as building AIs and smart devices.All drones and robots will be linked to their building AI giving a sense of omniscience.These will be by all beaches and the outskirts of all wilderness areas and also all towns and cities affected by all types of natural disasters.VR technology will allow hikers,rock climbers,snowboarders and cave explorers to go on trips from the comfort of home without the threat of injury allowing them to visit any area either real or fictional with the time dilation effect used.

First and foremost prevention of fire is key to alleviating stresses on firefighting services and damage to buildings.Steps to prevent fires are:

•Educating children never to use matches or other fire lighting devices unless to do so supervised with educational films showing the dangers.Also educating them on other ways fires can start is essential.


•Avoid placing candles near curtains or other fabrics such as clothing.Switcheable glass will negate the need for curtains with existing windows replaced with these.Never leave candles or oil lamps unsupervised indoors and outdoors and have them in sturdy holders away from children or pets.Alternatively one could use electronic candles ideal for the elderly or those that have young children.Advances in AI will allow home AI to alert people to any unattended candles or those in dangerous places via robots or cameras in the room or alerting them of it before going to bed or leaving the house.Applying liquid glass and incorporating graphene into their matrix could make them fireproof.


•Never leave cooking food unattended and keep any kitchen gloves,cloths etc away from the fire as well as plastics.Always use a wet towel rather than water to extinguish it.Automated systems integrated to home AI as detailed earlier on and also later on can prevent gas leaks causing a fire.One distinctly labelled tea towel should be in ones house that does not have liquid glass treatments so as to allow it to be used to extinguish fires or a fire blanket could be there.Gas canisters should be composed of geaphene ordered in from Talos and should be composed of graphene due to its lightness and strength against ruptures etc.Steamers,halogen ovens(like the FlavorWave Plantinum halogen oven) and solar grills that use hot air,infra red heat and solar power should replace gas/electric cookers,gas grills,ovens and microwaves,microwave ovens and negate the need for pots and pans and thus resources such as metals,energy and space and the threat of gas fires and explosions.This is because they do not use oil or gas which can cause quickly spreading fires and can allow these obsolete appliances and cooking utensils to be recycled and space occupied them to be used for other purposes such as extra cupboards.

•Have heaters away from curtains or clothing and shoes.Never use them to dry clothes.Windows could be installed(or existing ones replaced) with switchable glass built into or onto them removing the need for curtains.Conventional heaters could also be replaced(and recycled) with more hi-tech energy efficient mobile ones like those designed by dyson which sucks in air,heats them and forces them out with the older models recycled.


•Smokers could switch to e-cigarettes or give up smoking altogether for health reasons or just remember to put them out properly before falling asleep or have carpeting,household textiles and furniture fireproofed.Advances in AI will allow home AI to alert people to any unattended cigarettes or those in dangerous places via robots or cameras in the room or alerting them of it before going to bed,falling asleep or leaving the house.

•Hempcrete and non toxic fungi insulation are also fireproof and can prevent fires from spreading especially if integrated into flooring,ceilings as well as walls.This can be applied to existing buildings and replace their old insulation and cladding especially toxic asbestos and fibreglass.This could have sheets of graphene integrated into its matrix,covering it or inbetween it to improve it fire retardant ability and strength.All ingredients of these can be grown onsite of all Daedalus factories.Existing buildings including those renovated from both obsolete and that were abandoned that have fibreglass and asbestos can have this in place.

•Treatments such as everwood applied to wooden buildings and frames can allow them to withstand higher heats and become fireproof.

•Graphene paint which has a melting point of 3,652 – 4,626.85 degrees celcius meaning it could be used to replace conventional fireproofing material such as asbestos on existing trusses and also with it in the matrix of glass can protect exhibits in museums from fire.It is non toxic with existing fireproofing removed by robots and in time transporter technology with them coated in graphene paint by humanoid or miniature robots.In time a graphene based varnish can be developed to protect furniture and wood on walls,floors and ceilings from fire with graphene paint possibly helping in this.Graphene paint on walls internally and externally could prevent the spread of fires.Graphene composite trusses and frames on new buildings replacing steel will mean that office fires will no longer be able to affect a buildings structure with it even negating the need for asbestos and fireproofing.Existing steel trusses could be covered in a layer of it by robots that also remove existing fireproofing.Graphene integrated into textiles such as curtains,clothes,cushions etc could theoretically make them fireproof while being non toxic with the same due to liquid glass on them due to its melting point being 1,600 degrees celsius with this acting as a first barrier to them from flames and making them dirt and water proof proof.Graphene based cladding can be created as well or have cheaper cladding coated in graphene paint to add strength the fireproofing with liquid glass adding another barrier of fireproofing and make it dirt and waterproof.Existing buildings and those renovated from obsolete and abandoned buildings can have toxic asbestos and fibreglass replaced with this non toxic alternative.

•Electrical appliances shouldn’t have loose or frayed cords/plugs and outlets shouldn’t be overloaded with plugs.Electrical wires should not be running under rugs or heavy furniture and extension cords should not be overused.In time wireless energy technology especially that which involve coils in floors and ceilings will eliminate this danger completely and can be integrated into existing homes.Appliances registered to the Home AI will run diagnostics routinely logged into the Home AI.


•Make sure wiring is up to date up to safety standards.Signs that they may not be include having to plug out one appliance to make another work,lights dimming when appliances are plug in and running,extension have to be extensively used for this.Using an electrical robot that can interact with home AI which can diagnose any problems is best suited or at least someone who has expertise in dealing with electrical wiring with YouTube how to videos allowing one to gain experience in solving problems.Alternatively registering it to the Home AI will allow smart devices to monitor these and carry out this work remotely with automated corrective measures added.Existing boxes can be replaced by more update models to prevent the spread of fire alongside automated measures.Eventually fuse boxes can be replaced with ones that are touchscreens and allow one to run diagnostics fix them remotely.In time wireless enrgy coils in the flooring and ceiling would negate this alongside self charging electronics

•Fuels,solvents,cleaning agents,thinners,adhesives,paints and other raw materials should be stored in a separate building like a mini-warehouse and shed containing air filters where there is enough ventilation and the temperature is constantly cool with no sources of electricity or ignition nearby.These and also gasoline in jerry cans will be stored in containers composed of thermoplastics mixed with graphene to prevent it melting,catching on fire and the materials inside igniting.Automated air conditioning can be installed for the warmer months especially in the tropics and areas that experience hot summers or snaps.Air conditioning and all forms of ventilation should be sprayed with a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent dirt clogging it with them sucking out smoke using motor systems to the outside to improve air quality and visibility.These sheds could also be fireproofed by using insulation made of hemp or fungi and layers of graphene paint on the interior and exterior as well as everwood treatments to prevent fires spreading.Ideally these sheds or mini warehouses should be located away from the home and any trees so if a fire does occur it can be contained with nano electrical repellent used to coat it(or sheets of buckypaper on the the roof)to prevent electrical strikes igniting them.If possible they could even have FireICe either in the interior or in an nanocoating that puts out any fires either by itself or pumped inside once a fire is detected.Sheds can be modified so that flammable material and liquids is stored underground where the temperature is constant and ventilation systems added with even these covered in a fireproof door system to allow items stored above them to be protected should fires occur.If possible they can be underground.

•Use barbecues outside and ideally away from any wood and the house alongside any other flammable materials.Take precautions with gas cookers by spraying connection with soapy water and to see if bubbles form showing a leak.All parts should be routinely cleaned with liquid glass sprayed on all internal and external components to prevent clogging and making it easier to clean.Tubing made of buckypaper,self healing rubber and graphene mixed into its matrix can prevent breakages that can cause a leak meaning existing tubing can be recycled with new ones ordered in made of these stronger materials.Barbecues can be recycled also and have new ones designed composed of graphene making them shatterproof and lighter to transport.Alternatively solar powered grills and barbecues can be utilized as they are safer and save energy since they use no electricity,gas and fuel.Spraying them with liquid glass will remove the need to clean and also prevent dirt building up and effecting the devices ability to absorb light.

•Christmas tree lights can be replaced with wirelessly charged lights powered by a wireless energy ring which also removes the need for light to require wiring making them easier to place on the tree and store.These can be turned on/off or sparkle in customized patterns set by smart devices and the home AI.With regards to outdoor Christmas lights a similar ring structure or one that follows the contours of the the lawn enclosing the house and lawn inside can be set up outside and connected to the house mains and power wireless lightbulbs(again colour and lighting patterns decided by smart devices) and Christmas decorations in the garden and on the house.These can ones that are removed after holidays or can be buried underground permanently and turned on during Christmas and other holidays.The house wall exterior can have a thin silica graphene sheet covered on it that intakes solar power as energy and can play animations for each holiday i.e. Christmas,Halloween,Easter etc.that can be looped or in time having moving and interactive characters and changing environments similar to moving paintings.These would be downloaded directly from the wire Lights hanging from roofs can again be wireless and attached by a hook or consist of a graphene sheet spread on the underside of the homes gutter as well as which can again all year round project lights negating the need for it to be removed.With regards to roofs the tiles can have a thin graphene layer(and layer of liquid glass covering this to make them hydrophobic to repel rainwater interfering with them)and microchip placed on each one to show coloured lights with each one showing an individual colour or form patterns or the same colour collectively all controlled by smart devices.Alternatively a single sheet of tiny LED lights can be added and removed easily on each side of the roof and like before play patterns or single colours controlled by smart devices.This will negate human labour in setting up and removing traditional lightbulbs and prevent fires or the lights blowing out.

•Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing should be insulated with thick self healing rubber or installed and used only in the basements with it covered by an extra sheet of insulation and be stored away from wiring.A rubber coated box could house any components when it is outside for safe access with roofs o attics and any areas there the tubing is held covered in a rubber or buckypaper coating.Alternatively research should be done into a see through nanotech film or coating that could be applied to the roof, the tubing and the rest of the house to repel any electrical currents and lightening.Buckypaper can be used to cover existing tubing.In time it may be possibly to develop tubing composed of buckypaper.

•In factories similar preventative measures must be made to ensure to prevent fires like ensuring all flammable gases are collected in piping and stored in an external facility where bacteria break it down into inert gases or better can be used as an energy source to supply supplemental power alleviating strain on the grid.Factories will also be fitted with temperature,methane and carbon dioxide nanosensors that set off an alarm once they reach a certain concentration and temperature associated with a fire.These will work alongside cameras that can detect the slightest presence of smoke and alert fire stations via alarms.They will open windows and automatically cut off the source of the problem and rectify it through other automated means and the doors will close when levels fall down to normal levels.Ventilation systems must be present at key points and sprayed internally with liquid glass to prevent them from getting clogged by dirt and have windows that open automatically when fires occur to suck out smoke until levels are low according to nanosensors and also automated systems that can lower the temperature.Nanosensors should be encased in casings to replace existing bulky smoke alarm models with them connected to and extracting energy from the grid ensuring that they function 24/7 and don’t need batteries to be replaced or go faulty with diagnostics done automatically.These and cameras at key points will detect fires and alert emergency services.This will also be applied to other public buildings such as hospitals,municipalities,amenities.

•Fire extinguishers of all types in all buildings such as universities,vertical farms,amenities,restaurants,homes,hospitals,municipalities,communal homes etc should be replaced by ones that contain FireIce a newly developed spray that is more effective at putting out fires and preventing them from spreading thus being more effective in putting out fires with new ones ordered in via Prometheus by people or in time the building AI.Large buildings will have one or more on each floor.Advancements will allow certain buildings to store these in compartments in the wall and/or ceiling so as to allow robotic hoses that can appear in the case of a fire and put out fires by the AI using cameras and other technologies with these in rooms where fires can occur such as labs,kitchens or those with potential fire hazards.Rail systems on the ceiling will allow these to move from room to room with them each having miniaturized firefighting robots that can put out fires or at least alleviate their intensity before firefighting robots arrive relaying its intensity to Prometheus and if the fire is successfully put out the fire the firefighters will be cancelled.Ideally Fire Ice will be made onsite of all of these buildings with canisters etc refilled on a conveyor belt otherwise factories will produce this with them ordered in through Pyxis by switching them for empty ones filled on a conveyor belt.Factories that produce this should be in manufacturing hubs with the empty fire extinguishers traded for newer ones or refilled via an automated conveyor belt sent in by its fleet of Botlr robots by homeowners and public buildings through Pyxis.Ideally though it can be made in the basements of these communal and public buildings onsite via by bacteria catabolic and anabolic reactions with them refilled routinely when needed.It will also allow them to be hooked up to sprinklers.During a fire the location of these will be alerted to all smart devices and robots in them alongside hoses hooked to the mains water supply.

•Each ones AI will run virtual simulations on fires on how to guide people inside to emergency doors with each one having multiple emergency doors.Emergency doors will highlighted on maps streamed by smart devices with them automatically unlocked by the macro AI.

•Sprinkler systems will be in all public buildings,factories,communal homes and even private homes including existing ones.To cut down on water and FireIce waste and improve efficiency the sprinklers will have opening and closing nozzles to ensure the water is released into only rooms where they are detected with this also preventing all rooms becoming wet.Otherwise the sprinklers in each room could be connected to the line but not each other to allow the building AI to control which to turn on/off to put out fires effectively without wasting water and FireIce.These may even use FireIce stored in basements to improve their effectiveness at first and then switch to water from the mains with water from the mains giving priority meaning sinks etc will be shut off.These will be coated internally with liquid glass to prevent clogs.Like canisters more FireIce will be ordered in with them ideally in key rooms where fires can start,have combustible materials and all hallways especially those that lead to elevators and also emergency services.FireIce can be made in the basements of communal homes and public buildings and hooked up to sprinkler systems as it will allow for it to be made over and over again by bacteria using anabolic and catabolic reactions and even picotech fabricators allowing for it to be refilled after each fire with it hooked directly to the sprinkler system.Non toxic liquid glass on all surfaces including textiles will also prevent them getting wet or need to be cleaned from FireIce with its melting point of 1,600 degrees celcius also making them fireproof or withstand higher temperatures as most textiles ignite between 120-200 degrees celsius.Ventilation systems should be integrated into homes both communal and private as well as public buildings coated internally with liquid glass that can have systems that suck out smoke using motor systems from badly affected areas into the outside to improve air quality and also visibility.These can contain carbon dioxide scrubbers fitted into them and in time nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide with the building AI starting them up when a fire is detected.

•Fire alarms in homes,factories,hospitals,amenities,municipalities will be replaced by less bulky ones that consist of casings that contain nanosensors that detect temperature,smoke,methane,carbon dioxide and other gases related to fires connected to the Home AI.They will run diagnostics and will be plugged into the wall or use energy from wireless coils in the attic or basement thus allowing them to run 24/7,365 days a year without faults and running out of battery power.Diagnostics will be done routinely and sent to the Home and macro AI.Since connected to the Home AI they will alert the homeowners via registered electronics anywhere in the world alongside the nearest fire station as to the homes GPS location and address.These can also be referenced by interacting with the home AI to check the levels of these gases and temperature at anytime with the home AI running diagnostics to ensure they are functioning.These fire alarms with methane,temperature and carbon dioxide nanosensors in each room that set off an alarm once they reach a certain concentration and alert residents to a fire via alarms in smart devices,televisions and the house and building AI itself.These will in time utilise bio-synth technologies such as those containing recombinant DNA from Caenorhabditis elegans to be modified using tweaked DNA in biocompatible microbes to detect methane,carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and gases and use the roundworms mechanotransduction and the detection of these gases in suitable levels to force electroconductive pilli and electrical impulses from Shewanella oneidensis and Geobacter metillreducins to sound alarms.Communal homes will have these sent to all rooms (detailing its location and intensity)only in the case of large fires that break out with them sent to the smart devices registered to homeowners in the room,penthouse or apartment registered to them in small fires or the presence of smoke,methane and other signs of a fire with the macro AI also alerted with this then alerting other rooms if a fire breaks out and begins to spread.The devices of non residents present will receive these alarms.In time nanocameras can be placed at points in key rooms alongside those on helper robots to detect the location and intensity of a fire.They will automatically shut down gas systems and then open windows across the house and if humans are not in the room close doors in the room where the fire is located after alerting residents of the fire.Windows will be closed like doors if humans are not in the room or area in order to isolate the fire and cut off supplies of oxygen with any air conditioning systems also closing air tight.If a fire does break out of control residents can directly contact firefighting services using emergency apps that give the fire station the name of the resident and its exact GPS location and address or the Home AI of the affected house will sound the alarm when temperatures and carbon dioxide levels are detected giving the fire station the exact address and GPS location.Home and factory AIs will interact with the app and direct them to the house also.Nanocameras in each room or in robots will also sound alarms when they detect fires.

•Lights can be introduced into the floors and walls with arrows to exits of all levels especially communal homes to guide people to exits and escape should it become too smokey and these would be initiated by the home AI once a fire has been detected with them ideally having arrows with smart devices,smart lenses and contacts giving audio visual cues based on their location in the house via the Home and building AI directly interacting with people and smart devices of all types including lenses and glasses with communal homes and public buildings having emergency exits that automatically light up and open during fires.Large buildings including communal homes should have multiple of these with the possibility of exterior mag lev elevators that can be reached on each floor with roofs used to let people escape by helicopters if determined feasible by the home AI.

•Skysaver type apparatus made of fire retardant material(or coated in graphene with graphene in the matrix of it and the rope to prevent wear and tear and damage from fire sue to its high temperature tolerance and strength) will allow one to exit from high rise rooms and apartments with these ideally owned by residents in the higher floors with children having custom sized versions for them or them held by adults by straps with fire retardant buckle connector locks attached to them that can hold them in place similar to baby holders that hold them next to a mother with these being stretchy and adjustable enough to accommodate children of different sizes from infants to adolescents.The skysavers themselves would be stretchy enough to accommodate adults of different sizes thorough its own internal adjustable connectors.These would also be in specialised compartments of public buildings next to canisters with them also being able to be sent back up to the floor they come from when the person reaches the ground to facilitate extra people in both cases with these on the higher floors with each of the higher floors having multiple of these.

•The Home AI will run real life or VR fire drills for private or communal homes to test their effectiveness at preventing casualties on all types of fires of varying intensity in all rooms.Residents may knowingly take part in these or they can take place during sleep as dreams.

One inside of a burning building using Prometheus can send the GPS location of the fire and address and talk to the AI in charge of the firefighting robots directly.The Home AI can act as a back up and directly communicate with firefighter services through Hermes to give the exact address and GPS location visible on a map and guide them to it especially if sentient and noone is at home with it also interacting with surveillance cameras in the area and alerts sent to Prometheus via Prometheus from registered electronics and also from sightings made by citizens on smart glasses and contact lenses and by all types of robots,AI and drones in the area automatically.Those made by other neighbours or citizens on unregistered electronics the home AI of that electronic will detail the GPS location of the phone made and the address given by the citizen and by the citizen taking a picture or even just showing the building through the camera in a live video initiated through the Prometheus app.One could send their GPS location and photo of the building when outside it to be read by the firefighter building AI.In the case of a person who is not a resident of the house say a neighbour uses the app then the firefighters will through the app interact with the smart device to link with interact with AIs in the area surrounding the smart device with a separate sub menu or wifi connecting to all of the neighbour hoods home AIs and checking for one that has abnormally high carbon dioxide and temperature levels associated with fire and then travelling to that one.These vehicles would be able to skip traffic and traffic lights.In all cases the firehouse AI will notify the sentient Ophion of the emergency and have it prepare to give them right of way and also to alter traffic to cater to this with sirens started.Alternatively as detailed later on Prometheus will be integrated into Hermes inside a menu at beginning that allows one quick access to firefighter alarms negating then need for 911 operators.Once the firefighter option is used they person and their details will be linked to the nearest firehouse instantly.Home and building AIs should be advanced by 2029 to alert the firefighting AI service and Prometheus of the buildings address and GPS location and nature and size of the fire.The home AI will be connected the city AI system and Hestia and rest of the wire as detailed earlier on and will alert all adjoining homes and citizens and building and home AIs in the area as to the fire to escape should it spread and in the case of communal homes alert all apartments or rooms to it via the macro AI and individual AIs allowing them to escape or if they choose give location of any persons in the vicinity of the fire giving them the option to rescue them with each major hallway having FireIce canisters,hosing connected to the mains and axe as well as Skysavers and first aid kits.Large buildings like skyscrapers and communal homes will have the AI of each residents rooms and the macro AI to triangulate the exact location of the fire and relay this to fire stations and possibly seal off rooms that are on fire to prevent it spreading.In time when the home and building AI are sentient this direct interactions will be easier with the building AI using cameras at key rooms,hallways and triangulating the location of ones smart devices,clothing,implants and nanomachines on the home AI to show them not only the way out through a bringing up a map of the building to direct them to the nearest exit but also the location of next of kin and also neighbours etc as blips with uniquely coloured lines similar to those GPS maps to each one.Next of kin including friends of all people present in buildings including non residents will be alerted to the fire alongside emergency services and also any people in the nearby buildings or streets to allow them to go inside and guide people out as early as possible before emergency services arrive and the fire spreads too much.Smart devices;phones,pads,lenses and glasses will give audio/visual cues and a map with it highlighting signs,doors and people through smoke automatically guiding them out and guide them to the other people in the building with this also interacting with firefighting robots and biosynths.The carbon dioxide energy acceptor phenotype,acellerated healing phenotype will give people the ability to survive without oxygen and heal from any burns and wounds incurred almost instantly and will both increase survival rates of those inside with it preventing people passing out and dying and will allow people to escape and others to find them.Live people and those of high priority based on vital signs from implants and smart clothing will be shown with those unconsciousness given another a colour.Once a fire breaks out the stem cell strain in all residents will via interacting with the macro AI and Paean form implants to relay vital signs and location to both other residents and also robot firefighters with the their location sent to the macro AI and then to the smart devices of others and also firefighters.It will also show the location of FireIce canisters and hosing to show put out small fires that would block their path also hooked to the mains and show the best path out with if it deemed unsafe will relay the next viable path and so on.The location of emergency exits and stairwells will be relayed with also these opened and unlocked automatically with skysaver vests etc location also denoted.The location of these blips and thus people will be relayed by the building AI to Aletheia and thus the press as well as to next of kin alerted to them via the macro AI using the contacts list in these phones to determine who to send it to showing the phone the next of kins name was gotten from allowing them to determined people of interest,phone them and guide them out of the building using the map sent by the home AI since the map will not be affected by smoke and even help them find others with these also aiding firefighters to their location.People such as alerted next of kin will be able to stream this including Aleitheia for news feeds and allow humans using smart devices and lenses enter the building and find and rescue people with audio/visual cues if devices are found with no people will be marked as a different as it might someone is near.Audio visual fees and photos from smart devices including lenses,phones and even firefighter drones and robots can be relayed in real time and instantly to live news stations via interactions with Aleitheia similar to YouTube livestreams.The Home AI will log all of the people present at the time and they can through smart devices or any device,surveillance cameras or AI connected to the wire to the macro AI or home AI and register they have escaped with this used to alert Prometheus,Athena,Aleitheia and occupants of the home and even next of kin immediately with this used to calculate and determine who has died,survived or is still missing with this updated constantly and alerts sent to these in real time.Missing persons will be added to the global database in Athena so they can be found on surveillance cameras and also all AI linked to the wire.Any dead bodies will be quickly identified with Medusa using DNA samples to determine the owner of DNA from patient files.This will also apply to natural disasters such as earthquakes,floods,hurricanes etc.Elevators in communal homes should have the shafts composed of carbon composites,invar,covered in graphene paint and the elevators composed of these to limit thermal expansion and protect them from heat with ropes made of graphene or being mag lev ones for the same reason.Stairwells should have the same level of fireproofing on walls and in them with ventilation systems sucking out smoke with these located on all sides of the building.Gas masks that have augmented reality via will also relay these cues and levels of oxygen,carbon dioxide etc as well as temperature via nanosensors and could theoretically switch to IR illuminator which can be ordered in by the public with these also at key points of hallways next to fire canisters to accommodate at least several people to accommodate primarily pregnant women,the elderly and children.These would be coated internally and externally in liquid glass to prevent fogging and build up of dirt with improvement in nanomaterials will allow for the separation oxygen from carbon dioxide produced by the wearer and from the outside environment and prevent toxic gases and particulates entering them.The Home AI system would be sealed underground in a fireproof container or inhabiting the wire simultaneously.These steps and measures will be integrated into the public amenities,restaurants,vertical farms and any other places visited by humans with the building AI directing people to exits with ones own personal smart devices directing them to exits through interacting with it with them also having ventilation systems(also installed in homes)sprayed internally with liquid glass to suck out smoke out of the room ideally in places where fires are likely to occur out into the outside to improve visibility and air quality.These can contain carbon dioxide scrubbers fitted into them.All buildings such as vertical farms,factories,hospitals,amenities etc will also have nanosensors and cameras to detect fire and smoke with the AI of them will alert firefighting services.

Adopting all of the above measures worldwide would drastically reduce the amount of accidental fires and deaths associated from them as well as alleviate the strain they put on robotic fire services.Home AI will in time have automated corrective measures that prevent electrical faults or any other events that could lead to fires.All municipalities,factories,amenities and public buildings will have cameras and nanosensors that relay signals of fires to Prometheus and their GPS signals with amenities having graphene infused glass to protect all exhibits and have the exterior of them encased in graphene sheets that close automated graphene shutters to protect them from fires due to its high melting point with them also adopting the above countermeasures.Prometheus will analyse all past building,power plant,factory,home fires and even wild/forest fires both their causes and methods to put them out from around the world to prevent them occurring again with it also creating simulations of all possible fires to develop countermeasures to prevent them and fight them more efficiently with this fed into and also carried out by Hestia,Steropes,Aphrodite,Delphi,Oxylus etc.Prometheus will replace all regulatory bodies relating to fires with them integrating all of the above measures into factories,public buildings,communal and private homes around the world by interacting with the AIs of the buildings as well as new ones.Diagnostics and checks can be done either specialised robots and in time biosynths managed by Prometheus namely local fire stations or even the macro Home AI in the case of communal buildings and those managed by the AI of public buildings,municipalities and factories at set routine times during the year.Private homes will have this done by the Home AI and any robots and bio-synth helpers especially in the case of the elderly and handicapped with the home AI of other private homes guiding the occupants on how to carry out home audits.By 2045 biosynths controlled by Prometheus will be able to do this routinely for communal and private homes and also public buildings with these being strict.These will be graded A:81-100%,B:65-80%,C:49-64%,D:33-48%,E:17-32%,F:0-16% based on each of the following;how likely a fire can start,how likely it is to spread and the percentage of the entire building to be destroyed,how likely people inside could die or escape and so on and overall with this stored in the home macro AI and building AI accessible remotely with each fields grade visible.The same would apply to audits to tests its suitability to be protected from natural disasters such as hurricanes,storms,tornadoes,earthquakes etc.All of these measures should be availible worldwide by at least 2029 with this also being when audits can be done by Home AI.

Like ambulances they will interact with traffic networks and thus other autonomous vehicles giving them right of way and the due process to travel faster and skip traffic lights and all vehicle traffic.These vehicles would be able to skip traffic and traffic lights.In all cases the building AI will notify the sentient Ophion of the emergency and have it prepare to give them right of way and also to alter traffic to cater to this.The AI in charge of fire stations will control all fire trucks stored in them and control all drones,biosynths etc.Each fire truck will contain a series of drones and robots as well as a CPR machine,first aid kit and mini-defibrillator machine for use by other survivors on site or by neighbours.Firefighters will be aided by and eventually replaced with a series of drones and robots deployed in automated firefighting trucks with a series of miniature drones and robots can enter doors opened by bipedal robots that cannot be opened by the home AI automatically due to malfunctions or blockages such as debris and scan the area using radar for any bodies in multiple rooms at once and of course be able to resist high temperatures being fire retardant.This will create a 3D holographic map or they can download existing holographic room and building maps from the Home and building AI when an alert is made allowing them to decide the best route to take in order to deal with the fire and rescue of individuals while travelling to the scene of the fire with smart clothing or sensors/cameras in the building tracking the position of people inside constantly or can be deployed to locate humans when they get there via scanning if noone is wearing smart clothing.This is why it is ideal that homeowners already have a 3D map stored on their Home AI made via both drones or smart devices.These smaller drones can also if composed entirely of graphene to withstand the temperature of the fire to track the progress of the fire in all rooms and locate all humans and animals inside and guide them to the exit with this relayed to other robots.Smart clothing and devices and cameras inside as well as helper robots that detail the location of any humans inside will negate the need of these small drones as this data can be streamed to firefighting robots while they are traveling there.

Once they find a human using radar,streaming maps interacting with home AI,smart clothing and cameras and they will uses camera software that can detect the minute traces of blood being pumped throughout the body and facial recognition software they will direct large humanoid robots to any humans present and they will be guided out of the house by breaking down doors and interacting with home AIs with infrared,IR illuminator,night vision,thermal cameras in their eyes and radar guiding them out of the building.This will also allow for fires to be fought at night.Designing them with the same features as Robonurse will allow them to pick up any injured people.These robots will guide fire hoses into the house and spray them with FireIce stored into the vehicle which can prevent fire spreading and put out the worst of the fire until water is used by connecting to the hydrant via smaller robots present.Interactions between the Home AI and robots will be constant with the AI giving the robots locations of people based on smart devices,smart clothing and also audio interactions from people inside etc aiding in its rescue.

Other smaller firefighting robots can be deployed from the truck with fire trucks will also being fitted with a the same cameras to allow it to detect fire and recognize features such as windows,doors,people and holes in the building and automatically extend a ladder or crane to the upper windows to aid in the escape of residents again utilizing facial recognition software and interactions between it and home AI,drones and robots and smart clothing with audio cues from the robots alerting people on the top floor that the ladder or crane is by which window.For any humans alerted in the neighbourhood automatically by the Home AI and emergency services that may enter the burning building to save people before the fire spreads too much smart devices will automatically interact with the home AI and smart clothing guiding them towards the location of the people inside via audio visual cues either directly from the smart device or by directly stimulating the eye through through augmented reality contact lenses,glasses and bionic implants,the nervous system through graphene implants,through implants directly stimulating the inner eardrum or a combination of all of these with a map of the house showing the location of the person inside and distance in cms.Nearby hi-tech fire hydrants in streets replacing conventional ones part of Prometheus could also be fitted with camera can also interact with these trucks and home AI with a spray nozzle that it can direct towards fires and autonomously douse flames over long distances with extra ones added to be able to spray water that can be sprayed to any house in the neighbourhood with those in areas with large communal homes having the ability to bend.Existing ones can be replaced by these with them also having attachment to make it easier to attach to hoses through the firefighter robots interacting with it and ideally they could extend several feet underground allowing them to rise up and extend the range they can spread water.Automated measures and robots or even the vehicle or attachment robots on wheels that contain extra tied up hosing of at least several hundred metres long connected directly to vehicle to connect the fire hose and connect to hydrants using docking systems must be developed.These can be inside the vehicle that slide off a ramp or be in where the driver usually is or even be built into the roof or the side and slide off.At the same time the trucks will interact with both smart devices and home AI and alert both next of kin as well as call for an ambulance.This will be repeated with fires that occur in all types of buildings such as public amenities,restaurants etc.Those modelled on security robots and all of these can store FireIce in them to use before switching to water to put out the worst of the fire.Biosynths controlled by the firehouse AI will in time replace robotic firefighters and will be in the truck with them wearing an universal uniform for this sector.All biosynths and robots as well as drones will be controlled by the firehouse AI and will have omniscience to all operations.These biosynths will have accelerated healing and the ability to use carbon dioxide and oxygen and energy acceptors.A series of aerial drones attached to the roof of these will fly above and around the fire and will relay the progress of the fire to all robots and drones and the AI of the building.Newer versions are being developed that can fight fires alongside robots




In the case of forest fires self flying aeroplane drones can collect water from lakes and deploy it alongside these firefighting robots with aerial drones interacting with them to chart the size and progression of the fire and direct them to the best most efficient methods to defeat them.These same robots and drones can also be used for those inside ambulances interacting with home AI to save any comprimized individuals.The drones will log into the firehouse AI the time of the fire,the length it took to end it for studies to be done on local,regional and global levels.Self flying aeroplanes can also aid in fighting major fires in urban areas with them collecting water from nearby lakes,rivers and oceans.At first these robots and drones would be remotely controlled allowing firefighters to put out fires and save lives while at the same time not endangering their own but will eventually become autonomous.Until robotics are sufficiently advanced(or during theoretical technological collapses or glitches) human volunteers can control these firefighter robots with all of the above features including streaming maps,locations of people inside, vital signs,audio/visual,different camera types cues etc using wireless exoskeletons or the Virtuix Omni Treadmill combined with Virtual Reality technology from the safety of the firestation or there home limiting human firefighter casualties and since all fire networks and alarms around the world will be linked together then this will allow firefighters and volunteers around the world to put out fires anywhere in the world with warning visible through Hermes and apps that connect directly to Hermes and fire stations around the world.Ideally like other fields of emergency services firefighters will be trained as early as 12 or younger with VR simulations of all types of emergencies of varying levels of difficulty with them modelled on previous fires from around the world and new simulated fires on buildings that exist in the real world.Human firefighters will compliment robots until sufficiently advanced and also to act as a backup with their gear composed of graphene/silicene infused clothing that relays their location to others with them having helmets composed of helmets that has smart armour padding in them and them composed of graphene or other carbon composites with a gas mask with visor part of this,The mask would have nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide with visors infused with graphene to provide strength as well as highlight the location of other fighters and people inside via nanomachines/smart devices/smart clothing/implants,audio/visual feeds from nanocameras on the helmets of other firefighters and on lenses and glasses brought by voice commands with them able to contact other members of their team and civilians inside through their smart devices and nanomicrophones in the masks with the visor also bringing up maps showing each team member and teammate as a blip with lines showing directions to them streamed via the building AI and the wire.They would highlight important items like axes,FireIce canisters with them relaying the levels of carbon dioxide,oxygen and temperature via nanosensors.They will be coated internally and externally in liquid glass to prevent fogging and dirt interfering with it with them in time able to switch to thermal and IR illuminator camera.The same could apply to robots that perform emergency rescues from natural disasters or terrorist attacks.Ideally to make things easier homes and apartment blocks should install slopes in place of stairs to make it easier for robots to go up floors of houses and skyscrapers wit elevators also used.Furthermore until robots can be just as dexterous as humans firefighter robots should ideally be equipped with caterpillar tracks.Smaller drones will patrol the area to track its progression and check the entire area once it has been put out to ensure it has dissipated entirely and alert the brigade to any remaining fires and cinders that could potentially reignite the fire.Picotech fabricators may create water in droghts with piping near forests that is directly connected to the local water line or at least desalinisation plants or those that use large amounts of water from picotech fabricators.Drones as part of the forest will patrol areas in fleets during droughts,thunderstorms etc to detect fires when they occur to alert Prometheus as to the exact GPS location allowing for fires to treated instantly.To prevent forest and wild fires before droughts and other weather systems that precede wildfires many holes at strategic points evenly dispersed can be dug in forests with treated water stored nearby from desalinization plants,water treatment plants or collected from flooded areas and flood tunnels around the world which can be poured into the holes to be forced into the soil to go sideways and keep vegetation including trees and the air around it to be wet and full of water to prevent the fire starting by them drying out or at least lessen the extent of fires with all steps automated and initiated by interactions with soil and atmospheric nanosensor networks and the machinery as well as weather networks.The water could be shipped in in the days or weeks prior if the towers hold insufficient amounts as determined by Prometheus.In time water can be created by picotech fabricators.This improves transpiration and create a blanket layer of water around them to prevent or lessen the intensity of forest fires with recombinant DNA from xerophillic bacteria and plants introduced alongside those from thermophile bacteria and plants(as well as from scratch) to be introduced into species of all trees in the forest to increase their resistance to fires and drying out so as allow these traits to pass into the unaltered trees overtime via gene drives with bio-synth arthropods allowing this to be done faster giving the plants and trees in the forest to be more tolerant of high temperatures and also lower water concentrations alongside pouring water into holes.Forests that require fires to open the seeds and allow them to germinate can be genetically engineered not to require this once older trees die of old age and disease with the option of controlled fires managed by AI and robots with them even cutting down a set amount of the oldest trees taking cones and then heating them up and planting them in place of where the old trees were that would have pyrolysised and the stump removed by machinery.If possible this would be done to prevent forest fires as the oldest trees in a forest that are drier and more prone to fires will be tracked and then cut down,pyrolysised and then have younger trees planted especially at the edges of forests next to civilisation.Reducing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere back to 280ppm will prevent these occurring often.Homes etc near these areas can have fireproof fungi insulation installed,accoyawood,everwood and other treatments added to the wood including existing homes with graphene paint also used.Although time consuming it will reduce the chance of them being damaged.Areas near civilisation should have older trees cut down,pyrolysised and replanted with younger ones every few decades prior to forest fires and the wood pyrolysised with the holes filled with water done primarily at these points where the forest meets civilisation as well as other key points around the forest that are evenly dispersed to increase effectiveness.All dead trees from fires should be pyrolysised and the land instantly reforested by tree planting robots and drones with homes built as far away from forests as possible or at least be the first to be warned of the fire by Prometheus and then evacuated to community centres and also home sharing programmes.All fires both in buildings and in forests and even city wide fires worldwide will be logged in Prometheus by country and date with audio/visual recordings from all drones and robots and also data such as time it started,time of arrival,time it was put out and intensity of fires on a scale using the universal colour codes,cause of fires and analysis etc to allow Prometheus to react more effectively and prevent them through measures and interacting with the public.All vehicles,robots,drones,aeroplanes will be controlled by the firehouse AI and thus interacting with people through it but will also gain a sense of omniscience of operations since all camera readings and sensor readings through all of these will be directed to the building AI with each one acting as a relay to each other allow them to carry out operations more properly with even the home AI relaying camera,map and nanosensor readings to the firehouse AI via the wire and robots on the scene giving it more vision with with the home AI also communicating directly with it through the wire and phone calls.Thus the AI of the building will communicate with people through all vehicles and robots etc as well as building AIs and smart devices.

All robots,machinery,drones and vehicles including tyres will be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass internally and externally with a layer of graphene paint under this to make them last indefinitely.The vehicles will have the same self charging technologies as automated vehicles with self healing rubber/graphene tyres(coated internally and externally in graphene paint)graphene paint on the exterior and graphene sheet in the glass to make them indestructible with CSYS lights inside them.Newer robots and their wiring will be composed of graphene to make the lighter,stronger and able to withstand temperatures of up to 3,652 – 4,626.85 degrees celcius.The firehouse buildings housing them worldwide will have the universal Prometheus symbol on them alongside robots,machinery,vehicles etc and an universal statue of Prometheus in the lobby,a holographic receptionist(that turns on when people arrives) with all surfaces coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass externally and internally to negate the need for cleaning with narrow wavelength UV robots running sterilising sweeps.The lights inside will be CSYS lights coated in liquid glass that will be off most of the time with them turning on when cameras inside fitted with facial recognition software detect humans with these and those on robots,drones,vehicles connected to the global database of criminals in Athena but fed into the building AI will be coated in liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning and can switch to IR illuminator at night.Energy and other resource use will be fed into Hermes with the Prometheus software connecting these to all other emergency services buildings worldwide including with all emergency services buildings and lifeguards buildings worldwide.Inductive wireless chargers or automated chargers will be located inside to charge them when they are not used with.The building AI will have its own independent personality and avatar alongside its receptionist with them also having legal names and avatars.The AI in charge of these building will control all fire trucks stored in them and control all drones,biosynths etc.The Prometheus symbol will be underneath the statue of Prometheus as well as on all signs,buildings,robots,vehicles and drones etc and e-reports.Since automated offices,cafeterias will be used to house drones,machinery,wireless inductive chargers etc.Other innovations can be utilised by buildings.

Robotic lifeguards at beaches will be alerted in the following way:Pedestals with on board touchscreens with a menu to alert robotic lifeguards will be dotted at various key points around the beach.It will also contain a compartment which contains labelled antidotes to local flora and fauna.Video files on the machine will show how to perform CPR and carry out basic and advanced first aid with CPR machines for one individual available as well as administer antivenom properly.Swimmers will have smart clothing that measure biological vital signs as well as sensors built into them.These smart clothing will alert the nearest lifeguards by sensors similar to Athos sensors built into them that detect vital signs consistent with drowning i.e. elevated heart beat or etc which interact with released drones and robots to give them their exact GPS location.The clothing could also have microchips or pads built into them that when pressed by the wearer and a voice command interacting with waterproof smart wristbands equipped with Siri could release an alarm detect by the nearest beach computer terminal thus activating the release of robotic lifeguards to their location via GPS of interactions between the smart swimwear or even wristbands.By 2045 biosynth lifeguards will be onsite of all beaches worldwide that can work 24/7,365 days a year even at night and stormy days using IR illuminator and night vision with until then both human and robotic ones used.All pools in gymnasiums including in communal homes will have biosynth lifeguards.



There are many designs available such as drones that drop off life preservers to amphibious EMILY rafts that can be deployed from automated patrol boats that patrol the sea within and outside enclosures and reach an individual in half the time it takes for a human as well as drones that can lift people holding onto life preservers.All of these including Seabreachers could be equipped with sonar to locate people underwater and drive to them autonomously and have seats for multiple people with a retractable rope or robotic hand to extend to them.Drone or amphibious lifeguards that have robotic legs with synthetic muscles and/or motors should be developed used.Again they will interact with drones patrol the beach to lock onto people who need help or go to the exact GPS location of the swimmer.People on the beach will also aid these robots and drones and will be given instructions to help them and contact ambulances if needed.In time bio-synth lifeguards with graphene muscles,zoom capabilities,IR illuminator vision can be utilised that are constantly at set parts of the beaches or in the lifeguard building will be able to save humans by swimming to them much faster than any human lifeguards could ever do both on the surface of the water and underwater with them also acting as law enforcement for beaches with them wearing an universal uniform for this sector.



Drones could also patrol the beach and oceans 24/7,365 days a year in a rotary system and alert lifeguard drones and robots to any behaviour consistent to a drowning individual(and lock onto signals from smart swimwear and wristbands consistent with this) as well as alert police to any behaviour consistent with dangerous individuals i.e. being equipped with facial and gun recognition software like t-ray to prevent shootings on beaches.They can be equipped with long range IR illuminator/thermal cameras to allow them to do this at nightmine which they will change to automatically.


To deal with the issue of sharks piston wave energy buoys near coastal areas where sharks are a native species especially those like the Great White that attack humans could form a chain enclosing a large section of the beach for swimmers to roam free extending to a large area out to deep ocean with magnets designed to repel sharks preventing them from entering this enclosed area.These could enclose a large area of the ocean to the public for safe swimming while at the same time generating electricity to nearby homes,Free Access Computer Terminals,research centres and restaurants via wave power.They would also be fitted with radar that detects the unique signature of sharks and alerts those outside the enclosure to their presence and also underwater cameras.Those outside the enclosure who wish to swim in the deep ocean could use shark deterrent clothing and boards based on zebra,lion fish and the patterns of ocean water as well as using magnetic bracelets both available in stock at the research centres or Talus alongside smart wristbands.These swimwear can have graphene into its matrix to make the strong enough to withstand shark bites and thus make them unable to attack swimmers especially if it covers their entire body and will make them stretchy to fit expanding or shrinking waistlines.Smart armour can be in thin layer inside suits to add more protection.Research can be done to replicate these technologies with alligators to enclose areas in beaches and rivers in areas like Florida and Austrailia.This can be done with similar technologies or even graphene picket fencing covered in liquid glass to corner off sizeable areas with holes large enough to allow and other benign wildlife fish through.All beaches will have signs at the entrance ideally composed of graphene with microchips sending alerts as the presence of alligators,sharks,poisonous jellyfish and other dangerous animals that may be there to their smart devices instantly especially at night with existing ones replaced with them or just have the alerts sent to them via the Beach AI,Gaia,Hestia and FACT terminals,

With regards to poisonous animals local to the area i.e. Jellyfish,lionfish,stingrays,blue ringed etc. antidotes could be found in compartments in the beach FACT computer terminal or smart swimwear could contain the antidotes to one or more native poisonous species within its fibres(with spray on cloth integrated into the swimwear) and electronic graphene/silica sheets/spray on seacell cloth and upon the clothing detecting vital signs such as elevated heart rate or clenching of the muscles and heart they could automatically release the antidote via osmosis into the skin or nano injections built into the cloth.This could also be released using sensor buttons combined with voice commands on smart wristbands.This would be put into the clothing by it being sprayed into the cloth in reusable spray cans which can be refilled in research centres and or hospitals within communities that are located by beaches that contain poisonous jellyfish,cone shells,toxic fish and other poisonous fauna as the anti venom would be produced within the next decade by genetically altered bacteria on a commercial scale and could gained from labelled vats holding the antivenom in the required refrigerated temperatures with a bar tap allowing them to extract it when needed.In areas that have multiple poisonous species then the antivenom of all species can be sprayed into them.These would be connected to the areas that produce them via piping that would automatically refill them when sensors within the vats warn that they are low.The same would apply to antivenom for poisonous spiders and snakes.Those in FACT terminals would be refilled automatically taps connected by piping that connects them to where they are produced.Otherwise people who live these areas would order in antivenom from clinics and hospitals via Hephaestus.Graphene implants with a nanosyringe that lie just under the skin or embedded in the exterior of the skin that can be refilled using syringes and like smart clothing release the anitivenom into the bloodstream either by voice command or when vital signs related to a sting occur can be developed.This implant can be kept in the body indefinitely and be refilled over and over again even with antivenom from spiders and snakes depending on where the person is travelling.This implant could also be connected to the smart clothings spray on seacell matrix via a series graphene nanontubes within the seacell and connected to the implant that transfers the antivenom when vital sings and/or voice commands initiate their release.JeDI(Jellyfish Data Initiative) and other systems that that track the movements of sharks,alligators and other dangerous sea fauna can be integrated into the Prometheus network and using the app one can be alerted to the arrival of them in beaches they are in or intend to go to.Sunscreens that protect one from jellyfish stings should be improved with further research and also research into producing them at home with the unique ingredients produced by genetically altered bacteria.This could include the mucus from Amphiprion ocellaris with the bacteria using recombinant DNA from this and other sea fauna resistant to the venom of jellyfish with this DNA tweaked or scratch DNA created to be resistant to them.If possible genetic engineering could allow ones skin to naturally produce this when going swimming with microbes turning this on/off only when one goes swimming via chemical signals.People who live in areas that have poisonous arachnids,snakes etc should have home test kits with antivenom and stingers on them at all times.In time CRISPR can create jellyfish and other poisonous sea fauna that produce toxins that affect only their prey ie fish etc in the same intensity or strength but not humans at all thus allow them to be released in large numbers thus overtaking native populations with this applying to poisonous arachnids and snakes as well as stingrays and other toxic sea fauna with them again producing a much weaker poison or even those that do not affect humans but only their prey.To compliment this their prey could be engineered and released in large numbers to overtake native populations using advanced gene drive technology to be susceptible to these new compounds used to catch prey that do not kill humans or at least cause only minor irritation.This would allow the new organism to feed on its native prey but not be harmful to humans allowing people to swim in these areas with antivenom still used over a few years to a decade or two until the native populations are overtaken by the genetically engineered organisms.Ideally these modified organisms such as jellyfish,stingrays,arthropods and even snakes etc should have completely new phenotypes that make them different to the original ie different coat,colours,stripes etc to be recognisable.Arthropod and lamprey biosynths can inject microbes that alter the DNA of living organisms using advanced gene drive technology to pass this onto future generations.As detailed earlier antivenom and counterproteins can be created on an unlimited scale on site of hospitals and buildings next to beaches and wilderness areas for all local poisonous fauna.Biocompatible microbes can be upgraded to contain the antivenom of specific animals whether jellyfish,snakes and mammals to create them to counteract stings and bites etc the instant they happen with them also using horizontal gene transfer to make the host immune to poisons of specific types with chelation strains automatically countering poisons anyways.

To prevent accidents involving boats colliding with human swimmers the onboard computers of automated and manual boats and vehicles will interact with both smart swimwear in swimmers as well as drones that patrol the beach and keep track of all swimmers in the ocean and relay this to the drivers via touchscreen computers,augmented reality helmets or smart lenses with the propeller also being covered in a mesh grating sprayed with liquid glass to prevent them killing anyone it comes in contact with but these boats and jetskis like terrestrial vehicles will have sensors,radar and 360 degree nanocameras on the roof and also on the front that have object recognition software to detect any human swimmers and then divert the vehicle away automatically or in the case of manual ones give the driver direction to avoid hitting anyone.This technology could also help prevent them hitting into rocks and other vehicles etc and the cameras would switch to IR illuminator at night with the onboard computer and linked smart devices able to switch between these cameras and using Adonit pens chart a course on a map of the coast and sea with them having self charging technologies to power them when they run out of power in the middle of the ocean and wire access able to call Prometheus.

Deep sea and coastal rescue operations can be done by automated emergency sea planes,automated boats and also automated Seabreachers which resemble dolphins and can travel at high speeds and transport people to hospitals based on land and sea with voice activated commands,smart devices linking to them in close proximity via the Hermes network and onboard touchscreens activating their return to the mainland.These features will be on all sea rescue planes which will deploy ladders to the exact GPS location they are alerted to.Ideally they will be composed of graphene to increase its carrying capacity,increased strength,make it lighter to increase speeds and also covered internally and externally in liquid glass with glass have graphene in its matrix to provide protection,augmented reality and alongside other self charging technology(quantum dot technology,graphene paint,thermo-piezoelctric materials) provide energy from the sun and heat of the ocean while they lay motionless in the ocean to charge if energy is low.Onboard computers on cruise and ferry ships as well as menus in Hermes can allow people to choose what emergency vehicle to get them depending on the amount of people that need to be rescued and the severity of the emergency.The onboard computer or app will relay via interactions with the vehicle(s) when the emergency vehicles will arrive and how long their journey to hospitals will take as well as relaying what to do to keep the patient conscious and alive with the type of accident or medical condition they have suffered typed into the onboard computer or through linked smart devices(and/or chosen from a list of possible conditions) in a subfolder for the option to call emergency services with Watson linking the ship AI to the nearest hospitals to relay this to medical staff.If a passenger is passed out it will alert staff and robots in hospitals to collect the person on the roof of the hospital or call for ambulances where the boat or seabreachers park.


In order to negate the need for separate apps people in emergency situations(such as all detailed above)could access the wire through pressing buttons,smart clothing or voice commands and alert local emergencies through the wire(see later) with again their exact address or GPS location automatically given.All drones and robots will be linked to the lifeguard building AI.Thus the AI of the building will communicate with people through all vehicles and robots etc as well as smart devices giving it a sense of omniscience.

All robots,machinery,drones and vehicles including tyres will be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass internally and externally with a layer of graphene paint under this to make them last indefinitely.The vehicles will have the same self charging technologies as automated vehicles with self healing rubber/graphene tyres(coated internally and externally in graphene paint and liquid glass)graphene paint on the exterior and graphene sheet in the glass to make them indestructible with CSYS lights inside them.The lifeguard buildings housing them worldwide,robots,drones,vehicles etc will have the universal Prometheus symbol on them and an universal statue of Prometheus in the lobby,a holographic receptionist(that turns on when people arrive) with all surfaces coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass externally and internally to negate the need for cleaning.Landline phones will be present.The lights inside will be CSYS lights coated in liquid glass that will be off most of the time with them turning on when cameras inside fitted with facial recognition software detect humans with these and those on robots,drones,vehicles etc connected to the global database of criminals in Athena but fed into the building AI and will switch to IR illuminator at night.Energy and other resource use will be fed into Hermes with the Prometheus software connecting these to all other emergency services buildings worldwide including with all firefighting buildings and emergency services buildings worldwide.Inductive wireless chargers or automated chargers will be located inside to charge them when they are not used with.The building AI will have its own independent personality and avatar alongside its receptionist with them also having legal names and avatars.The AI in charge of these building will control all vehicles and biosynths etc  stored in them and control all drones,biosynths etc.The symbol of Prometheus will also be on all signs,buildings,robots,drones,vehicles and also underneath the statue of Prometheus and on e-reports.Since automated offices,cafeterias will be used to house drones,machinery,wireless induction chargers etc.All drones and robots will be linked to their building AI giving a sense of omniscience and the AI of the building will communicate with people through all vehicles and robots etc as well as smart devices


Each emergency service building ie.fire station etc. will have their own AI connected to other AIs of other buildings and alongside the aforementioned uses maintain the workings and interactions between all of robots.These will have their own unique legal names,avatars and personalities with the buildings having a receptionist with their own avatar,personality and legal name separate from that of the building AI with an universal uniform for Prometheus.The sentient operating software linking all buildings of all types will be Prometheus with an universal statue of him in the lobby of all buildings such as fire stations etc.Uniforms for all entities worldwide will be homogenised worldwide and across the universes.The AI of the buildings will also carry out diagnostics of all machinery routinely alerting the community and staff to any accidents or problems(following an universal colour coded systems) and also log these alongside all orders and operations of the machinery.Routine diagnostics on all systems such as lighting,robots and machinery will follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger making it easy for the layperson to recognize the level of severity of the problem.If a problem occurs automated measures within the AI system will isolate severely compromised machinery ie. from cyber attacks will be cut off from the AI and other machines until it is solved with AI of compromised buildings from other similar buildings and the rest of the wire until rectified to prevent problems spreading.The AI and thus all robots under its control will have the latest cyber security installed and constantly updated.Automated corrective measures or those that can be done remotely via the wire for all possible problems will be built into the building AI again view able to the public.This should prevent the problems associated with the tragedy of the commons.Machinery,drones and robots will be covered in first a layer of graphene paint to prevent rust(and generate electricity) and then a film of liquid glass to make it hydrophobic,water proof,acid proof,dirt proof and they will be composed of self healing polymers,electronics and metals.Miniaturized versions of repair robots can be integrated to repair damaged machinery.Since they can work 24/7,365 days a year they will serve the public whenever they are in need with Prometheus managing all robots and emergency centres around the globe.CSYS lights should be used in lighting in hallways and other rooms and vehicles so as not to be replaced so often by robots and limit energy use with this controlled by the AI.Since these will be fully automated lights in the inside will only turned on by people visiting or monitoring.Sensors and cameras can allow for the public to monitor all building around the world.These cameras can also be fitted with software to detect only humans and thus turn their lights on automatically when a human enters and turn off automatically when they leave.They will also be linked to the global surveillance networks allowing them to detect criminals or missing and kidnapped individuals.Floors and walls will be sprayed with on liquid glass to allow cleaner robots that also clean streets and parks to clean them more easily.All vehicles will be treated with liquid glass to ensure they are always clean.Induction wireless charging plates will charge them and in time robots to repair will be fitted in to do any necessary repairs.Energy and water use will be logged here.Fire trucks will also gain FireIce here that can be produced on site cutting down on energy for transport with the AI making sure there is always enough to stock up on by interacting with the truck which will relay how much is left and how much was used and stock up here after every fire.All information will be available to the public allowing all people to monitor all emergency service buildings worldwide from anywhere in the world via Hermes.
Cleaning of all buildings will be the same as public buildings with narrow wavelength UV lights on the ceiling that bake all surfaces with sterilising light to kill off any microbes with all surfaces,robots,drones etc covered in liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning and make the acid and waterproof especially if robots are covered in an internal and external layer.

Buildings in areas prone to natural disasters should have high walls,tsunamai walls and batteries as well as solar panels,VAWTs and other self charging technologies to allow them to function in disasters.All cameras onsite of them,inside and also on all vehicles and robots etc will be fed into the building AI and linked to the global database of criminals and missing persons in Athena.Each private and communal home in areas prone to earthquakes,tornadoes,tsunamais,hurricanes should have underground bunkers and extensions that can house all people within them and also house fridges and freezers to stock water in kanteens and also tinned fruit,in vitro meat and even house vats to grow commodities created by bacteria etc and also television and internet access via biosynth wifi.These will have watertight doors to seal them,nanomaterials combined with biosynth technology to passively separate oxygen from carbon dioxide,indoor plants,fridges and freezers to house excess food and also large reusable 3D printed bottles containing clean water,televisions and plugs for laptops,Storedot batteries charged from the grid that can last at least a week with thermo-piezeolectric material covered geothermal pipes to keep the electricity flowing and provide biosynth wifi to allow one to contact with the outside world,toilets,heaters etc.Those in areas affected by hurricannes and tornadoes will have graphene infused glass in windows to make them shatterproof with the buildings have VAWTs,thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes to provide electricity during and after these.Each public building in the area ie hospitals,amenities,restaurants,factories,nightclubs,municipalities have these bunkers and graphene infused windows will perform their own VR simulations of area specific disasters ie earthquakes,tornadoes,storms and also fires to carry out countermeasures to prevent casualties with these stored in the building AI and relayed to Prometheus with them ideally having multiple emergency exits lit up.Key buildings such as hospitals,buildings used as shelters,municipalities and also communal and private homes in areas affected by all types of natural disasters will have Storedot batteries that take in energy from the grid or from VAWTs and solar panels to power them for at least a month with communal homes have several of these in the basement or every few floors.Areas affected by tsunamais will have emergency hyperloop stations and in the case of communal homes and hospitals in the path of areas affected by them will have emergency stairs on the side ergonomically built into them and also in the main building to reach higher floors and roofs and be several feet above ground and have people stay in the suites and rooms on the upper floors.Ideally as stated earlier buildings especially taller ones including communal homes from skyscrapers,vertical/forest/community farms,factories,sewage treatment plants,hospitals and water treatment plants which will be essential to the survival of the area after the tsunami should be several feet off the ground(at least ten feet) and have sloped stairwells not only in the underground but along the side to allow people to quickly get to higher floors and ideally the roof with them allowing access to each floor and the roof to hold as many people as possible who can use them as safe zones high off the ground.The building wont be held up by just pillars but actual walls several feet high with the main entrance being a small watertight door or be several feet high accessed by stairs with the area that is taken up by the wall being basements and bunkers and the ground floor being several feet from the ground.Both private and communal homes would be designed this thus allowing residents outside to gain access to higher ground and those inside to be automatically protected.Those in ares affected by flooding,monsoons and also hurricanes will also have this design alongside the Deltec home design.All areas close to natural disaster prone zones having community battery packs;buildings that house large amount of batteries that take in energy from the grid or solar panels etc on roofs that can power all other public buildings such as private homes etc that dont have there own private battery for at least a month with interactions between Steropes,Hestia and other operating softwares initiating this with these providing power for at least a month.These would be charged from the grid,self charging technologies on the roof etc and also be complimented by battery packs powered from the unique natural disasters in the area ie VAWTs charged from hurricanes and storms,turbines in flood and tsunami tunnels.Geothermal should be the main source of energy in areas prone to flooding,hurricanes,storms,tsunamis with VAWTs,solar panels,wave,microhydro etc combined with community battery packs should power areas prone to earthquakes.Oil,gas and nuclear should be avoided in areas prone to all types of natural disasters with them in areas too dangerous for geothermal with when developed fusion will be used as it will simply fizzle out rather than meltdown.Pylons will ideally will replaced by underground tunnels that contain cables in these areas to prevent blackouts and human labour in repair.