Forestry & Paper

As stated locally growing food and utilizing large scale hydroponics alongside other more efficient means of producing food can allow for more land to be returned to forest for woodland for a variety of uses with forest farms extending out to these and part of them.Since most agricultural land that will be reforested is level grounded compared to the mountainous areas that most forests are located it will be much easier to design robots that can harvest wood for use in construction making the process of manufacturing wood products fully automated from start to finish.At first they can be planted in lines but in time these will be planted in a randomized fashion in order to replicate the normal forest patterns so as to make it easier for wildlife to live there with advances in artificial intelligence and the dexterity of machinery to make harvesting efficient.Ideally trees planted here would be hybrids of fruit and nut trees including exotic ones and native trees such as oak,pine etc used for forestry so as to allow the crops to harvested by machines during in season times and also trees harvested for wood or the hybrids could be forest farms with the majority of wood coming from mountainous areas with also old crop/hybrid trees cut down for wood.Whatever method is deemed most efficient should be pursued.Currently this work requires human labour in order to get work done but this is changing and further advancements in artificial intelligence and robots can allow for mountainous areas to be harvested.Also in time advances will allow machinery and AI to navigate new and existing mountainous areas and plant trees and harvest wood there where it can provide wood for a larger population.Planting can be done via automated ploughs and robot planters that plant in pre programmed lines or arrangements.At first these will be planted in line to make harvesting easier but in time due to advances in AI,robot and automation it will be in a natural randomized fashion to make them suitable for them to harbour local wildlife.Larger versions of the TreeRover can be used to plant new forests/woodland while smaller versions can be used to replant trees that are cut down in randomised fashions programmed by the forest AI.Drones that plant trees will also plant trees with these and all tree planting robots automated and controlled by the forest AI.

Applying the same technology utilized in self driving cars and automated crane and other machinery utilized at seaports can solve this problem of harvesting wood automatically including nanosensors,cameras with object recognition software and streaming maps from Artemis.All machinery would be self charging as seen later or would dock at wireless charging induction plates indoors.These would stream the latest maps from Artemis scanned in from drones with them also equipped with object recognition software to detect animals,stumps or other dangers that block paths as well as locate trees with them also using IR illuminator and thermal cameras to allow them to work at night 24/7,365 days with them not working during forest fires,blizzards and floods by interacting with weather networks and drones.They would also be covered internally and externally in liquid glass.

Drones will scout out the area during and after these to detect which routes are impassable and should be avoided with them even doing so all the time in a rotary system with the drones and machinery linked to the forest AI that manages and controls them and each other constantly to allow them to see through each others eyes.Since linked to the AI the cameras on machinery and drones will give it omniscience as to what is going on in its jurisdiction with it also linked to Theoi Meteroi.Oxylus will be the sentient operating software that will oversee all operations worldwide.Each forest will have Aurai,Naiads,Leimakids nanosensors at strategic points fed into Theoi Meteroi and read by the forest AI constantly to measure environmental factors to prepare for blizzards,droughts,forest fires and also application of fertilisers made onsite ordered in via Persephone from biochar plants and sewage treatment plants etc.All of what is seen through these drones and sensors will be fed into the forest AI and also the machinery controlled by it.

The forest AI will alert firefighters using Pemphredo once a fire has been detected by aerial drones doing rounds 24/7,365.Camera feeds from machinery and drones and surveillance cameras linked to the database of criminals in Athena would be fed into the forest AI visible in Oxylus with machinery designed in the Archimedes network in Hephaestus with the Oxylus symbol of a mountaintop forest present on all signs,robots,vehicles and machinery as well as drones,maps,e-receipts,reports etc.Oxylus will manage all forests worldwide and make all government and corporate entities redundant with their headquarters turned into homes.A universal statue of him will be in all forests in the lobby of the main building with the Oxylus symbol underneath the statue with each AIs appearance designed on Dionysus and them having separate individual personalities,legal names and avatars.Holographic receptionists will be in the lobby of the main building and also landline wireless touchscreen phones will be present replacing conventional phones with the same phone number will be present to allow people to make calls when needed with them also having an unique personality and legal name with them having an universal uniform.They will manage all operations in the forest and the sawmills and storerooms with the Oxylus network within Demeter allowing the public to view all operations,diagnostics,camera feeds etc from forests around the world with machines and drones appearing as blips with all forests listed worldwide.Liquid glass can also be on all machinery,robots,vehicles and surfaces in sawmills and forests to again negate the need for cleaning with cleaning done as in other buildings.Graphene paint will be under this to protect them from external damage and generate electricity.All machinery will be electric with self charging technology and also will be also charged using wireless induction plates.In time humanoid robots and bio-synths wearing an universal uniform will do any work that traditional robots cannot do wearing an universal uniform for Oxylus and controlled by the AI.Oxylus the operating software linking all of them together will become sentient and his avatar that of his statue.Forest farms will connect to these and through microbes applying genes via horizontal gene transfer the trees in these forests used for forestry will harbour fruit and nuts harvested by other robots before being felled with them also inoculated by truffles.

To deal with tree trunks stumps automated stump harvesters can harvest them and then have them put through wood chippers on the bottom of specailised robots with the result chips then spread over the same area they were harvested from as fertilizer and a means to prevent water escaping the soil via transpiration for the next generation of planted trees in order to ensure any nutrients such as nitrogen and topsoil is not permanently denuded or lost.Once the tree is harvested another robot with a roller on it will compact the soil back into the ground to prevent nutrient and topsoil immediately.These stumps could also be pyrolysed alongside old trees that have fallen down due to gravity,weather phenomena or even accidents in into biochar by having machinery that delivers it to onsite pyrolysis plants(after it is first shredded by automated mulchers and woodchippers) which can be spread as fertilizer in a mixture of water to recycle nutrients with the biochar directed to a compartment that fertiliser bots can collect carbon to dispense with syngas and bio-oil collected and transported to local oil and gas power plants that can burn it and feed the energy into the national grid with it also burned on site to power the building and excess fed into the national grid.Alternatively a robot can be designed that bores holes in the stumps and injects potassium nitrate(or other chemicals that is safer and doesn’t use either phosphorous or nitrogen) into it to speed up decomposition into mere weeks and allowing another robot with a wood chipper in its underbelly pass over it and then spread the resulting softened wood chips to the sides or to the exterior(like a grass lawnmower)where it can fertilize the ground again for the next generation of trees replanted by planting robots.The most efficient means that ensures topsoil,nitrogen and phosphorous is not lost should be utilised.These robots will interact with maps scanned into Artemis,each other as well as planter and tree cutting robots constantly.Thus every time a tree is harvested its GPS location will be logged and stump removers using recognition software will remove them and then when a tree is replanted at the exact same spot the marker on maps will be removed.Seeds such as acorns and pine cones can be collected from the ground during the year and then stored in the nearby building for planting with each building having an indoor greenhouse nursery area where these will be grown in soil or hydroponics(with them engineered to not to suffer shock when transplanted) and then transplanted to the area to ensure it grows quickly.Engineering can cause trees to grow much faster with recombinant DNA coming from bamboo,scratch and also Clostridium perfringens and Eschericea coli which are the two fastest growing lifeforms on the planet to improve the rate of cell division and mitosis.Thermococcus gammatolerans and scratch DNA can be added to allow them to utilise all wavelengths of light to increase growth rates alongside capnophillic bacteria and Castanea dentata tweaked can be a source of recombinant DNA that could allow them to intake more carbon dioxide alongside xerophile and oligotroph DNA to increase growth rates.The same level of engineering as used in crops can increase growth rates.The Phanes method can be used alongside 3D printed DNA onsite of these nursery into blank seeds to improve genetic diversity and a quicker means of doing this with these seeds planted into the ground if need be and negate the need to trade seeds on local to global levels.Recombinant DNA from Sequoia sempervirens,Dendrocalamus giganteus and Paulownia tomentosa would allow them to grow as much as six metres in a year and as high as possible.Existing trees can be injected with microbes to apply these by humans and biosynths.The DNA of all plants in the forest stored in Physis or the building AI for trading and ensuring diversity as well as when using 3D DNA printing.The rate of reforestation that is the amount of trees replanted for every felled for each forest will be programmed into the AI and can be changed if there too many trees in the forest with Silviaterra alerting the public to this if it occurs.In time with improved AI this can be fully automated and controlled by they forest AI.The types of trees that are planted can also be decided by them as well using the AI with new species ordered in from Demeter.Old fallen trees spotted by drones and these stumps should ideally be pyrolysised and spread as fertiliser as they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as they decompose which can be trapped in the form of biochar fertiliser which can be mixed in with algae and other nutrients as a slurry to allow it to seep into the soil of which this can be done by miniature robots.Ideally pyrolysised trees would be spread over the area where the tree was from to return it back to where it belongs with drones locating and marking fallen trees during their patrols and humanoid robots and in time bio-synths.

Drones can patrol the forest and take infra red readings to measure health of trees as well as locating where trees need to be replanted and scan the entire forest into the Artemis network which will be streamed by planting,trunk removing and harvesting machines constantly to show when and where they are needed.The map can also be used by hikers with live feeds fed into Oxylus.This scanning process can be annually repeated or only once with each harvester robot sending the GPS location of cut down trees to robots that deal with stumps who will then in turn send this data to tree planting robots after a set time when stumps are gone and so on(or drones can re-check the area and see if the stump is decayed after a set time and activate tree plating robots if they are).In any case this map scanned into Artemis via drones will be how robots will navigate the forests and mountainous areas.Every new map scanned in especially randomized forests planted on level ground will overwrite the previous one in order to keep up to date with the planting of each new tree logged in the map and they will also log any obstructions in the paths used by machinery such as fallen trees via recognition software which will be removed by specific machinery to be then pyrolysised.Drones can be used to more effectively plant seeds of new trees on the exact GPS location.Silviaterra can be used alongside these drones to measure just how much trees are in these and wild forests worldwide with this done automatically at set periods and the results continuously updated to Demeter and Artemis to track deforestation and reforestation rates plotted on a graph(and time lapse video) over weeks,months, years,decades,centuries and millennia for each individual forest and also on local,regional,national,continental and global rates.This in time will become automated at done at set periods programmed in via a menu.The drones will also patrol the area routinely ie.daily or weekly and be able to detect pest via thermal imaging detecting them or bad tree health associated with them,receiving unique sounds and pheromones and carry out measures such as alerting hunter drones that kill them or spray pesticides(ideally ones that attack that specific species) directly on them limiting the amount that needs to be used,release pheromones that can direct them to traps and other measures.

Maps of the entire forest can be done by automated nanoquadrocopters,aeroplanes,vehicles working together done routinely after each major change in the amount of trees once they are cut and replanted.They can also using recognition software detect the location of birds nests and eggs in them especially in areas of endangered species and track the flow of birds flying around with this of note in areas that harbour endangered species and during the time of the year that eggs are laid and the birds young have not fully matured and capable of leaving the nest with IR illuminator/thermal imaging it can switch to at night automatically in order to carry this out 24/7,365 days a year in order to mark trees with egg laden nests on the map within Artemis(with its GPS position also logged) and signal to harvester robots to avoid felling trees that contain these animals and their nests with this done on a daily basis.When these areas are used for growing fruit and nuts they can mark trees for harvest by robots befroe being felled.It can also patrol forests to keep track and log populations of birds(and their eggs/young) and other fauna particular endangered species and log these in networks that manage conservation efforts and also the forest AI allowing the global population of each species to be observed particularly if multiple drones patrol forests 24/7.These drones would also when interacting with weather networks find and track the location of fires and alert the nearest fire trucks to them and measure the progress and remission of fires.Ideally endangered species should be relocated to nearby forests or sections of them that are not used for forestry to ensure they are not disturbed with this done using robots or bio-synths modelled on the species that can relocate them to these areas using bio-communication or pheromones.Since land used for agriculture will become reforested and used for forestry there will be larger areas for them to move to.This data such as when trees are planted in an area,harvested and stumps dealt with will be logged in the Forest AI alongside measurements of tree health,sighting and measures taken to deal with pests during daily scans and each scanning of each map into Artemis.Current models of drones will be replaced by bio-synths that again monitor local wildlife populations for researchers as well.Trans/cis genics or scratch DNA can transfer repellents of specific or all pest insects into the trees with synthesized versions produced by bacteria on site of the forest can be sprayed onto the trees on a clear nano film,drones or pods positioned at key points that routinely release the repellance over the day.Weeds can be harvested by sepcialised robots detected by drones and pyrolysised or sent to community centres.Repellance and disease resistance can be added microbes injected into the roots via seaplanes poring water over the area or in time bio synth arthropods injecting them into the leaves etc with until then new young trees with these phenotypes alongside oligotrophic and xerophile DNA those to make them grow faster via fast growing plants and bacteria etc.

To prevent forest fires in areas used for harvesting wood and also nature reserves water from flooded areas,large city flood and tsunamai tunnels as well as desalination plants and water treatment plants as detailed later on can be collected and treated and then stored in bunkers or water towers near forests all year long.When weather networks signal the arrival of droughts that would lead to forest fires automated machinery such as diggers and those to also dredge canals and rivers would automatically dig large holes in forests and the surrounding areas to allow water in these bunkers or towers to allow water to be pumped in and then allowed to seep into the soil and enter the trees increasing the moisture content of the trees and the air surrounding them creating a blanket to prevent the air and plants from drying out to prevent or at least lessen the intensity of forest fires.Trees that require fires to germinate will be engineered to not require this with them germinating when nearby trees die of old age or when cut down with them collected by robots.The water could be shipped in in the days or even weeks beforehand if the stores in these water towers is insufficient.Methods of also keeping the soil and thus surrounding trees wet including Project Blue can be employed managed by Oxylus interacting with Oxylus,Tyche and Prometheus.This should be of note to areas used for conservation of endangered species and also for use in.Recombinant DNA from xerophillic and possibly thermophillic bacteria and those made from scratch can make trees there more able to sustain water loss and dry conditions thus allowing them to withstand dry spells and droughts without setting on fire especially if combined with the aforementioned practices especially if gene drives pass down to successive generations.This can be introduced into a large number of individuals planted in the forest with insects and other animals ensuring the spread of these phenotypes with bio synths modelled on arthropods and birds allowing this to be done faster in pre programmed pollination programmes or them and humans and biosynths boring in biocompatible microbes that do this via horizontal gene transfer with these spread over large areas of them via planes spreading the microbes into the soil and thus roots via water.Damage of forest fires can be detailed by drones that can mark areas to be replanted immediately with them managed by a combination of fire fighting drones,robots,planes and trucks with the drones also alerting fire stations to the location and incidence of fires as well as their progress and remission interacting with firefighting robots.

Transgenics as detailed earlier on from extremophillic bacteria such as psychrophiles,mesophilles and thermophilles combined with genes from specific tree species and those made for scratch transplanted to the genenome of specific tree species such as those that grow only in the tropics or temperate climates etc can allow them to survive all climates worldwide including severe winters and even the Arctic and Antarctic and vice versa.This could allow any trees species to be locally grown in any country around the world cutting down on energy costs in transportation.Recombinant DNA from Cucujus clavipes,Rana sylvatica,Tardigrade,Bacillus F,Herminiimonas glaciei,Chryseobacterium greenlandensis,Pseudomonas putida GR12-2,Carnobacterium pleistocenium will allow them to survive severe winters and also around the two poles with DNA from planarians,Ambystoma mexicanumHydra,T.gammatolerans,Deinococcus radiodurans,Bacillus F will reapair damaged tissues and telomeres allowing them to be rethawed and refrozen thus allowing them to be thawed and refrozen again and again and be stored at different temprature ranges.Recombinant DNA from acidophiles,akaliphiles,psammophiles,xerophiles can allow any species of tree then to survive soils around the world and droughts and lower rainfalls thus lessening the onset of forest fires with oligotrophic DNA allowing them to survive lower nutrient conditions with that from Firmicutes allowing the cells in them to enter endospore states in extreme conditions.DNA from Tardigrade can allow them to survive temperatures as low as -200 degrees celcius with the possibility of surviving even longer periods of time without water.DNA from chemosynthetic plants etc can allow them to grow at night with DNA from T.gammatolerans allowing it grow quicker using other ranges of light outside their wavelength.Since Tardigrade are not true extremophiles and can in fact die due to prolonged exposure from extreme conditions their recombinant DNA should be added to supplement that from true extremophillic bacteria and micro-organisms to allow these plants to survive more extreme conditions for limited periods of time alongside thriving in hostile conditions though combining and tweaking the DNA of extremophillic bacteria and Tardigrade may allow them to thrive in the extremes tolerable ranges of Tardigrade indefinitely or at least for longer and more extended periods of time than the water microbe can.Genes from T.gammatolerans can allow for forests used for forestry to survive areas affected by severe radiation with this added to the genome of native fauna that can survive their and introduce it into the genepool of any other animals that interbreed with them.Resistance to fungal,viral and bacterial diseases can also be transferred this way.Genes made from scratch can better integrate or improve these recombinant DNA and their phenotypes with hybrids that are separate species from their parent species also made.CRISPR and gene drives can ensure these phenotypes become dominant and spread to trees in the forest including existing ones automatically over coming decades and centuries with simulations in Demeter(notably Phanes and Oxylus) and Artemis determining the speed at which this occurs.Bio-synths modelled on Aves and arthropods can speed this up by doing so 24/7,365 days a year could spread the pollen from these to other trees and speed the process up or them and robots or even humans can bore into them biocompatible microbes into the barks that using the xylem and phloam can use horizontal gene transfer to add this and other phenotypes into trees in existing forests.This can also make them and wilderness areas tolerate changes in regional and global climate change brought on by manmade climate change and unforeseen events such as volcanic eruptions,changes in the planets rotation,milankovitch cycles,low ozone levels,gamma ray bursts or meteorite impacts or natural changes in the climate over the coming millenia.Biocompatible microbes would be managed by Oxylus and would carry out the same functions in trees such as heal wounds,rejuvinate dead tissue,fight of infections and improve the rate of growth etc as in humans.Hybrids of different tree species can also be created in order to have tropical hardwoods have the appearance of temperate trees such as oak in terms of leaves to allow tropical hardwood forests in the Amazon,Congo etc to be permanently reforested without logging and cut down on energy on transporting them all around the world.Otherwise it will allow conventional European and American trees to have the phenotypes of themselves,each other and hardwoods giving them the strength of hardwoods and also their own unique appearance.If a persons chooses a type of wood not native or grown in their country then it will signal the wood from the other forestry plantations around the world to be cut,milled in the nearby sawmill factory and then transported to the customers country and then turned into that relevant furniture in their local Epeius factory or in the case of that for construction Daedalus factories with as stated interactions between forests around the world and sawmills as well as Epeius and Daedalus factories being constant and managed by Oxylus,Epeius,Daedalus and Persephone.If possible Epeius and Daedalus factories could have fast growing small versions of all exotic trees not grown in the area growing in hydroponic areas or outside that have recombinant DNA from E.Coli and C.perfringens and/or other DNA from scratch alongside those from bamboo.Recombinant DNA from bamboo and other fast growing plants can be used to further speed their growth.

Stacking and storing of wood can also be fully automated.Ideally the main building will be next to the forest by the entrance with sawmills and storerooms for wood and robots,machinery next to them with even ones outside of them transferred onsite of forests and the old buildings converted into homes with new sawmills etc built onsite and extensions managed by the forest AI.Machines at sawmills can detect water content of wood boards for use in furniture production upon arrival into sawmills and just when exported.As stated earlier sawmills and storage buildings should ideally be built onsite of the forest next to the main building at the entrance to the forest holding the statue and receptionist etc to allow them to be self sufficient and managed by the same AI with extensions made overtime underground or on roofs and the sides to deal with growing demand.These will be part of the main building through underground or level ground extensions with them having extensions themselves.Existing sawmills and storage buildings outside of them will be renovated into homes.These sawmills and storage buildings will interact with the Epeius and Daedalus subnetworks of Hephaestus to accommodate orders made by consumers.Thus all forestry areas will be large buildings that house the main building that has a lobby,toilets etc and living spaces for researchers with the sawmill and storage area connected to them.If possible underground or side extensions to the building that contain hydroponic systems to grow large exotic trees for other types of woods not native to the area that have recombinant DNA from E.Coli and C.perfringens and/or other DNA from scratch alongside those from bamboo.Recombinant DNA from bamboo and other fast growing plants can be used to further speed their growth.

Sawdust collected in the factories and sawmills by robots can be collected and transported for a wide range of uses such as syngas fuels,fertilizer when sent to biochar factories that pyrolysise organic waste, growing mediums in hydroponics and fungiculture or making wood composites and eco logs on site to reduce energy costs.The surrounding community or community centres etc can program this into the factory AI or contact it via phone numbers to send it to community centres for fertiliser or to be deposited into pneumatic waste systems or into self moving rubbish bins to be collected by rubbish trucks for organic waste pyrolysis plants.

The creation of fire wood,ecologs,mulch,bark chippings and wood pellets and wood composites can be automated on site of sawmills and then delivered to residences when ordered or collected by consumers or be done at community centres.Steropes can allow one to order these and Epeius can be used to order sheets of wood of various types and sizes from around the world with all steps done by machinery and then packaged ideally in cardboard produced on site or in graphene/seacell sacks.Miniature versions of moisture detectors can be utilized in homes to test moisture content of firewood and eco-logs to determine when they can be used for fires to reduce pollution and increase heat output and be shared by communities that use wood.Alternatively methane gas produced from bacteria and pyrolysis byproducts can be used as a more efficient fuel source for homes requiring less energy to produce and transport especially to more urbanized areas with wood fires modified to burn gas instead of wood or coal.Firewood,eco logs would be prepared onsite of sawmills,stored in seacell(infused with grapehene) bag and ordered via Steropes interacting with Oxylus with sawdust ordered via home,vertical and community farm AI programmed by the community and home members and sent in seacell bags of various sizes determined by the consumer with this seacell infused with graphene bags prepared onsite by microfactories using seacell ordered in from local sewage plants and the eco logs and firewood etc chopped and created onsite via onsite machinery.All machinery will be fitted with thermal and IR illuminator cameras and use maps from Artemis to allow them to work at night and thus 24/7 thus increasing productivity.Any that require human work will have them part of conveyor belts as well as robot hands present with in time biosynths present.Ideally sawdust will come from Bambusoideae grown at home and created using woodchippers in community centres.

In short each forest used for forestry should have the main building to house the AI,receptionist and statue and also living quarters,toilets and lounge for visitors and also researchers with them powered from the grid and ideally a mixture of self charging technologies alongside bioluminescent plants and geothermal heating alongside VAWTs,solar Oxylusels etc to alleviate strains on the grid and power onsite StoreDot batteries to allow the sawmills and other operations function in blackouts.The sawmill and storage rooms will be connected to this to allow them to be maintained by the same AI and these will have extensions overtime with there also being a shed to house vehicles and machinery to allow them to charge and collect orders.Obviously these buildings will use wifi or satellites to gain wire access to complete orders 24/7 with there also being greenhouses with underground extensions to grow trees that are not native to the area to allow for orders of them to be filled.Bacteria based wood and kebonisation processes can be done onsite of these or Deadalus and Daedalus factories.

Pests and diseases can be dealt with a combination of biological controls,traps(as detailed earlier on)and sterile insect techniques and disease by breeding or genetically altering trees via trans/cisgenics to become resistant to all diseases such as fungal,bacterial and viral ones as well as integrating pest repellence similar to crops to all pests that affect them with pests engineered to feed on invasive species or weeds or areas of land next to them reforested with unaltered trees.Bio synth or natural pollinators will integrate this into the entirety of a forest over time with bio synth ones allowing for pre programmed pollination 24/7.Biological controls can consist of bats and other apex predators.Drones that patrol the forest can monitor the trees and forests presence of pests,diseases as well as monitor any endangered wildlife and inventory both the number of trees and individuals of each species for studies.As stated earlier they can also map the area:the location of trees and the contours of the area such as level ground and mountainous areas which can be streamed by robots from the Artemis network with any changes such as the removal of trees relayed back with scanners also built into these robots(this can be then help and be built into robots that deal with stumps and then replanting).Thermal,night vision,IR Illuminator and normal cameras on these drones can allow them to monitor tree health and detect pests at night and during the day with recognition software linked to Artemis allowing them to detect specific insect,mammal and avian pests.It can also allow them to locate trees that are inhabited with native non pest birds that have nests in specific trees especially endangered ones and then avoid cutting them down.As stated earlier trans and cis genics can transfer repellence of specific or all insects into the trees with synthesized versions produced by bacteria on site of the forest can be sprayed onto the trees on a clear nano film or pods positioned at key points that routinely release the repellence over the day.Homemade non toxic pesticides and fungicides can be automatically made on site of the forest using ingredients gained from hydro/aeroponically grown ingredients alongside those made from genetically engineered bacteria with new reserves made when stocks are low and these then sprayed on the trees using drones and robots etc when pests and pests damage have been detected.Other methods of pest control will be detailed later on.Resistance to fungal,viral and bacterial diseases can also be transferred this way with bio-synth arthropods used to transfer it to existing trees in pre programmed methods.

As stated earlier software such as Silviaterra can allow for the amount of trees in a region to be quickly quantified with little human effort and can be done automatically at set periods by satellites with the amount of trees in a forest numbered.Combining this with IBM’s Watson, Blue Ox,EGNOS,Gallileo and drones it can be applied on a local,regional to global scale and can allow the following to be done:

•Track forestation and deforestation rates over time and manage agroforestry involving fruit and nut trees more efficiently.Also the species of tree can be determined and catalogued.Thermal cameras can determine the health of the trees.
•Get an accurate inventory of different types of wood available for communities planning the planting and forests more efficiently with specific wood species for a region with considerations such as soil types and climate taken into account.
•Determine which is the most energy efficient means of harvesting woods and transportation to factories or directly to the consumer(s) for production of secondary products i.e.Furniture and wood logs.The system can then determine which forest to harvest from,which factory to send to and which means of transportation to use.Interacting with traffic and road network systems(explained later in hard infrastructure it can determine which is the most energy efficient route to transport.
•Combined with atmospheric and soil nanosensors that measure soil moisture,individual gas content,nutrient content,temperature,pH and those in that detect and track gases such as carbon dioxide,methane,nitrogen oxide,sulphur dioxide as well as the temperature,wind speed and strength in atmospheric sensors in poles over there canopy and smaller ones near the forest floor over periods of time thy can interact with climate networks it can allow for a more accurate predictions in future regional and global climate changes affected by these gases ie acid rain,global warming and cooling to be quantified.Local and regional weather can be more accurately predicted through this also.This is because each species of trees intake these gases at different rates,during different times of the year in different soil types,regions,altitudes and climates with other factors such as ocean sinks giving a broader and more accurate view of the planets future to climate scientists.This would be possible with all three types of nanosensors placed in different parts of the forest.
•Track consumption rates of each species of wood and how to manage each species lineage both past and future such as breeding and genetic engineering for disease resistance for example.

Demeter and Hephaestus will relay to the consumer the information on wood products such as species of the tree the wood came from,where the tree grew,the factories it was processed and route it took and vehicles used to transport it.This network will be able to measure these alongside rates of tree growth,consumption rates etc and the effect that climate and weather has on this on a local,regional to global scale as each forest will have a network connected to other forest around the world.Interactions between the two networks will also manage the transfer of wood from forest to factory on a global scale.Scientific studies once finished will be transferred to Apollo via Oxylus.Readings from all types of nanosensors will be feed into Theoi Meteroi accessed by the AI of each forestry.All work in sawmills and forests alongside the merging of the two should be possible by 2029.

Technologies such as portable sawmills can allow for construction of wood products to be done by hand to gain skills and intrinsic satisfaction.Homemade eco logs can also be created at home.Wood can be gained from trees at home and in community and vertical gardens from old and dying trees that no longer produce crops or by specific tree types grown in ones own garden or inside via hydroponics.

Using alternatives such as mango, bamboo,coconut,palm tree,banana tree,rubber tree, and hemp which can be done by hand originating from vertical farms in the form of old and dying trees that no longer produce crops,agroforestry or home and community gardens when the tree is fully mature and be replaced with another trees of the same species.All of these woods like bamboo can also be grown in ones garden or along streets and in parks for firewood,furniture construction and excess used as food.Bamboo in particular can aid in rejuvenating barren or poor garden soils,self propagates limiting labour and takes only 2-3 years to mature unlike most traditional firewood trees that take 50-60 years to mature and are labour intensive in all steps.To alleviate human labour these trees can cut be cut down by by hand or machinery with the wood sent to the nearest sawmill then furniture factory programmed into the machinery.Excess sawdust from the sawmills can be collected to produce particle board and composite woods.

The planting of Christmas Trees can be automated while harvesting and disposal of old trees via mulching for wood chips or pyrolysis can be done by hand at community centre or putting dead trees into pyrolysis plants for organic matter used in home and community farms.These can be planted in backlots and parks in urban areas and could even be planted in ones own home garden in private and communal homes or form part of roofs in communal homes so one becomes responsible for their own tree and allowing land used for Christmas tree farms to be permanently reforested.One would have the tree planted all year long to negate the need for taking down old ones.This would make people self-sufficient in their production and the same randomized automated trading of seeds can be done by software between communities on a local,regional,national,continental and global scale.Trees in plazas could again be planted their all year long or transplanted from nearby community farms back and forth during the year by tree planters.One could simply plant or transfer a live christmas tree into their front or backgarden and have it their all year round with decorations placed on the tree at Christmas saving the need to cut it down and then bring it inside) as well as ordering in new trees with it improving scenery and air quality in their garden.They can have them moved indoors in pots and have biolumenescence added and removed via microbes and then moved back outside.This will allow bees to pollinate them and create seeds to maintain genetic diversity if adopted by all homes and buildings with them reared in parks and community gardens for this reason.3D DNA printers will also allow for them to be created on demand.In large urban areas like cities the trees can be permanently transplanted or planted in plazas,community gardens,roofs of skyscrapers and other tall communal buildings or in the lobby and main garden,vertical farms,parks etc.It will also remove the bother of having to automate Christmas tree plantations and allow the land used for these to be permanently reforested by native trees making each individual responsible for their own tree with those across town and cities pollinated by bees and the seeds used to plant new ones in the town when sent and stored in community centres or vertical farm nurseries where they can be sown and ordered.Bioluminiscence can be added to these trees separate from all trees to negate the need for lightening.

The increasing demand for tropical hardwoods that grow primarily in areas such as the Amazon Rainforest and the Philippines over western softwoods has exacerbated deforestation and thus global warming and loss of biodiversity.Kebonization which pressurizes alcohol based from industrial wastes or produced on site into softwoods to give them the texture, physical appearance and strength of hardwoods.This is less energy intensive as softwoods are grown locally anywhere in the world and can be treated in factories before or after engravings and designs made.This would be done of both Daedalus and Epeius factories or even sawmills with the alcohols etc produced onsite via bacteria.The woods lifespan is greatly increased and is fact stronger than tropical hardwoods and is fungal resistant preventing the need for it be treated saving more energy and other resources in the manufacturing in fungicides alleviating pressure on logging on tropical rain forests in areas such as the Amazon and the Philippians and cutting down on the energy required for transportation of this “hardwood” around the world.This may apply to all woods including those made by bacteria.To further save on energy this alcohol solution can be created by engineered bacteria to further produce more of it on site of the factory to meet rising demands.Ideally the kebonisation process and thus the production of the alcohol would take place on site of furniture factories and/or sawmills allowing consumers to choose whether or not to have the wood treated this way when ordering furniture via Hepheastus.

Mango Materials have developed a processes of using methane producing bacteria to turn organic land fill waste particularly unusable construction waste into methane which is then fed to another species of bacteria that creates a bio-polymer which when mixed with natural fibres such as red algae,waste straw,nettles,hemp,bamboo,coir,pina,ramie and jute or cellulose from leaves collected from vertical and community farms from genetically altered bacteria be used as a wood substitute in construction of furniture, formwork,decking,flooring and possibly even wooden frames of houses using scaffolding and other framework.Ideally red algae and microbial cellulose should be used as they can be grown on site next to the bacteria that produce the wood but also use less resources with bacteria also creating the fibres o the aforementioned plants mixed in with them.The wood created this way can itself be broken down by other bacteria into methane creating a loop system.Other sources of methane can be syngas from pyrolysis,decomposing organic waste,sugar,extracted from sewage plants while the animal and human waste is treated and even biogas plants.Ideally methagenous bacteria should be grown onsite using water and sugar to grow them.This can greatly cut down the cost and availability of wood and save on energy involved in harvesting wood and then production of it with ideally methangenous bacteria feeding on sugar being an option as the bacteria producing the sugar and the methangenous can be produced onsite of the Epeius and Daedalus factories in compact vats saving on time and energy in transportation that would come from cutting down wood,sawing it and then transporting it to factories.This alternative process can be used to produce bio plastics that can be properly recycled and up cycled unlike petroleum based plastics which can only be down cycled once.Thus this plastic creates a looped system and can be degraded back down to methane into other uses ie energy or the the methane can be used to create more plastics with waste bacteria based wood sent back to the factory to be degrade into methane to create more wood.This can be a means of dealing with organic waste or extracting and sequestering methane from the atmosphere for long periods of time as the plastic would be used in long lasting manufactured goods or would enter a looped cycle.Methane could be imported from power plants,sewage treatment plants and also from methagenous bacteria grown on site.As such they should replace finite petroleum hard to dispose of plastics and algae based plastics which should be avoided since algae should only be used in production of eaten goods in animals and humans such as pharmaceuticals,food products and fertilizers to alleviate phosphorous and nitrogen scarcity.Bacteria can also be used to produce cleaner burning eco-logs based on a mixture of sawdust and bacteria based oils.This procedure can allow bacteria based wood to be produced onsite of all furniture factories cutting down on energy to transport it using sawdust and other wastes in the factory as growth mediums.Micro crystalline cellulose and other products derived from trees can be synthesized from bacteria on a commercial scale also alleviating the need to plant and harvest trees for these.Research can be done if it is possible to have bacteria produce the same ligins and cellulose present in each species of trees using recombinant DNA from them on the planet(including fruit trees) to produce wood entirely from bacteria and thus allow each type of wood to be produced this way with the cellulose and ligins produces as one alongside the biopolymer of bacteria based wood or by separate strains and mixed together.

If possible in time bacteria can create the fibres and cellulose of specific types of wood from around the world such as pine,oak,tropical hardwoods that can be mixed in with it to allow for localised production of all types of wood cutting down on energy costs with the bacteria containing tweaked recombinant Geobacter and Shewanella DNA to create cellulosic nanowires and resins of each species of trees also mixed in with cellulosic pulp,resins and fibres of trees created by other bacteria used to be mixed in also of each type of wood from around the world in each Epeius and Daedalus factory and them then kebonised sufficing until picotech fabricators can perfect this with kebonisation increasing its strength and lifespan Oxylus.Unlike those in humans these would create the plants resins instead of coagulants to use as a framework thus allowing all types of wood to be created onsite of these factories in moulds cutting down on energy and time in shipping wood across the world or even from nearby forests and if perfected would replace it entirely as they would be grown in a mould made of recyclable plastic resins or organic resins that would grow them in the shape of each piece of furniture ordered and designed on Epeius or parts used for building houses like frames,flooring etc on Daedalus or planks of wood.The organic resin moulds would then be recycled by being broken down by bacteria including those used for creating the wood fibres,resins and nanowires.If possible everwood and other wood treatments and varnishes etc would be made here with paints made in Daedalus plants to be ordered and customised in by Daedalus and Epeius factories and the public.These moulds would be designed to make the wood planks have the same appearance as cut wood ie whorls,tree rings and patterns on them.This should allow for any type of wood from any species tree to be created locally onsite of Epeius and Daedalus factories using specialised machinery thus saving energy and time in transporting wood from around the world and alongside paper made from bacteria with the species specific bacteria created using 3D DNA printers onsite of the factories that can be grown in large amounts and then put into a mould cutting down on time and energy for transporting the wood from forests around the world.This would also give consumers a choice of wood from all 60,065 species of trees as well as all 391,000 species of plants including all 1,200 species of Bambusoidea.Thus wood can be created via bacteria creating the resins and pulp etc of all 391,000 species of plants outside of Bambusoidea and trees including flowers,bushes,ferns,grasses,algae etc.Bacteria would be able to create any type of paper including toilet paper and cardboard from any 60,065 species of tree and even all 391,000 species of plants and as result of them creating wood and paper perfected by the 2030s would save time and energy in the planting,harvesting and transportation of wood to Daedalus,Deadalus and Oxylus factories.Paper would have the bacteria create pulp etc from plants with plant and animal textiles created by bacteria to add strength,smoothness etc.Wood and paper of all 1,200 species of Bambusoidea can be created this way alongside paper of all 391,000 species of plants and 200,000 species of algae can be created by bacteria with if possible wood made of all 200,000 species of algae and 391,000 species of plants.By 2029-2035 this synthetic wood and paper will be indistinguishable from real variants.As a result of this if perfected all forests used for forestry would be left as nature reserves and wilderness with all surrounding land including agricultural land reforested as far back as possible increasing their size with the buildings renovated with living spaces etc.This would render deforestation in the tropics such as the Amazon via illegal logging defunct.Also all jobs in this sector will disappear and would negate the need for developing robots for this sector.Sawmills and buildings by forests can be converted into homes.In time woods and paper from all species of trees across the universe will follow suit and ordered in from these factories thus preventing the need to do so in planets across the universe.

With regards to paper,toilet paper,kitchen paper,wrapping paper,baby wipes and cardboard production should be made from algae especially red algae that require significantly less energy,water and uses non-toxic chemicals in its production and can be degraded via enzymes if they clog piping and machinery.These will have fibres from hemp,ligin from trees,silk etc made by bacteria onsite of the factories to add strength and softness as decided by the consumer with this also allowing baby wipes to be disposed of in organic waste bins and broken down in sewage treatment plants by shredders and enzymes in the case of toilet paper.In the case of baby wipes they should also be composed of a biodegradable plastic to ensure their biodegradability if flushed down the toilet but should be disposed of in organic matter bins(see later).These will have xerophile,oligotrophic and other DNA to limit there resources use.Ideally baby wipes should ideally be homemade composed of kitchen paper soaked in the consumers desired combination of scented oils ie rose,coconut,vanilla etc as the bioplastics in conventional factory made ones have bioplastics which would contaminate biochar fertiliser with carcinogenic dioxins when they are disposed of via pyrolysis with organic waste with their factories put to better use.The plastic may be replaced by other natural fibres such as those from plant and animal textiles derived from bacteria to make it stretchy yet strong such as spider silk.Baby wipes would be homemade or if made in Oxylus or Hippocrates factories would have silk from both Arachnida,Lepidoptera in them to be degraded in sewage treatment plants and allow them to be sent to organic waste pyrolysis plants with this in place of plastic with strong carbohydrates that can also be pyrolysised and degraded also in place of plastics.Toilet paper may disappear with the advent of toilets that clean themselves and the user using jets of water and other emerging technologies that can be fitted into existing toilets or those that replace them.To strengthen the paper and cardboard other plant fibres and including hemp and nettle can added to it or pulp from other algae species.Ideally red algae should be used as it requires even less resources than macro algae and microbial cellulose and fibres from animals and plantes from genetically altered micro-organisms can be used as it too uses less resources and can be grown on site and can strengthen the paper and cardboard.The fibres from bacteria can including spider silk,hemp and other strong fibres to increase strength and durability while still easy to biodegrade,compost and even pyrolysise.Paper and cardboard as well as toilet paper etc can also have cellulosic pulp from all species of trees or indeed all species of plants created by bacteria onsite of Oxylus factories and micro factories within other factories to be mixed in with it.These algae,bacteria and other plants can be grown onsite of factoris to reduce the expenditure of resources such as energy in the harvesting,transportation,sawing and pulping of wood for these and allow forests that they come from to be permanently reforested.Both would use waste products in paper factories as a food source in order to create a looped system.Use of 3D paper printers can eliminate some machinery in factories and if large and fast enough can print out entire cardboard boxes of any required side.All other machinery can be miniaturized and thus allowing for micro red algae cardboard factories to be integrated into factories producing packaging for just that specific manufactured good ie electronics,clothing etc cutting down on energy for transportation for the cardboard and allowing macro paper and cardboard factories to be converted in homes,vertical farms and possibly even 2 or 3 in one factories for other manufactured goods or into micro-factories in universities and hospitals.Cardboard boxes used to transport goods can have a graphene/silicene microchip embedded into it that will contain the details of the address it is to be delivered which can be changed by the people who receive it to be used in delivering traded goods etc negating the need for stickers which can release carcinogens when pyrolysised thus allowing the microchips to be pyrolysised with organic waste.Duct tape which can also release carcinogens when burned can be replaced with carbon based or graphene duct tape woven into the cardboards structure for the same reason and also hold the box together longer due to its strength with the possibility of making cardboard boxes entirely out of layers graphene with these microchips in order save on resources but also allowing for the boxes to hold heavier loads.Duct tape composed of carbon fibres in both cases can be complimented with the top of the box opened consisting of a graphene lock(controlled by smart devices and hand) that can open and close the box tightly.These graphene based boxes can be used indefinitely and when not needed pyrolysised in organic waste pyrolysis waste factories.Otherwise the boxes can be composed of 3D printed carbon fibre

Traditional uses for paper i.e. Notepads,notebooks, sketchpads,newspapers, diaries, cards will be replaced by graphene and smart devices which can replace all stationary with electronic paper.In essence all paper products will be replaced by electronic versions these mediums as they can downloaded and stored indefinitely in apps and programs and deleted when no longer necessary.E-newspapers composed of graphene and silicene as detailed later on can stream and download maps,magazines,books and all paper based media with Adonit pens allowing them to write down notes in notepad apps within them(also for the witness testimony of crimes with voice recorders in smart devices also being used for this by law enforcement) and other smart devices and save it to their own personal cloud or on external hard drives and on computers and laptops that are also registered to their home AI.The pens will also have the ability to change between different colours and erase with virtual eraser with colour wheels allowing to save and use a large variety of colours.The consumer will also be able via their home AI stream data such as video and picture files from external hard drives and also laptops and computers.Sketchpads used for drawing storyboards,illustrations,comic books,album and book covers,drawings for creating 3D/2D animation cartoons and even those for drawing suspects and victims of crimes can be done on smartpads and e-newspapers that are done by adonit pens or apple pens saving on the need for paper and can allow them to uploaded to both Dionysus and Apollo networks instantly.Adonit pens can also be used to write up notes in e-diaries that can be saved on a cloud network or in the smart devices hard drive that they are written up ie e-newspapers,smart pads,smart phones.E-letters and invitations to weddings,bar mitsvahs and birthdays etc can also be written on these devices stored on the hard drive and then sent via the internet to guest etc.Manuals for manufactured goods will also come in electronic form and stored on ones Hephaestus account and programmes of events in concert halls etc can be streamed from the building AI in close proximity or remotely and stored on ones computer or hard drive.Sermon and prayer sheets designed by priests can be download on site of churches alongside religious texts.Legal forms and documents such as passports,wills,consent forms,adoption papers,birth certs,census forms,gun registrar forms will be in electronic form and stored in apps,networks and accounts within Aesculapius,Themis and Athena etc and all government reports for those attending events and those at home will be streamed from Themis via smart devices like smartpads and e-newspapers with brochures,booklets and programmers for events and social groups(like book clubs,weight loss groups) also streamed this way.Birthday,christmas and religious event cards will be in the form of graphene versions that are folded in the same way with them sent to ones e-cards that will last a lifetime and allow one to stream multiple ones on the same devices and delete old ones.Membership cards and programmes for different social groups such as Metis,Heracles,Telesphorous,Iaso will replaced by electronic versions with the same applying to business cards for lawyers.Those being analysed in court including transcripts will also be viewed in smart devices such as smartpads and e-newspapers.Paintings and posters done by robots and were designed by robots can be rather than painted on paper be streamed or downloaded onto graphene sheets that can allow for the user to change which poster/painting is on the sheet with those done by hand done on software like Speedypainter on smart devices.Wanted and missing persons/pets posters can be also replaced by graphene sheets with the same also going for advertisements for plays,musicals and even circueses etc in airports and public amenities that stream them from the wire and can show multiple adverts or people by shifting through them 24/7 with new ones replacing old ones when the person/animals are found and the event is over with energy coming from wireless energy,quantum dot technology and from the graphene/carbyne.Wallpaper can be replaced with a carbyne/graphene sheet that projects stationary or moving images and designs from Hephaestus and also live video feeds from Hermes.Digital photos stands with the stand and screen made of graphene that can allow for an infinite amount of photos both on ones personal cloud,social media sites or even from Apollo and Hephaestus to be streamed and changed with one by one by Home AI app or stream multiple ones at once in a loop with in time interactive features and characters.Posters and placards for protests/political rallies/cultural celebrations/ceremonial events such as birthdays,St.Patricks Days celebrations and floats,weddings etc can be composed of graphene and silicene and have moving words,animations and designs playing in a loop,controlled by neural implants,cue phrases,drawn in by Adonit pens or streamed from the wire and internet removing the need for paper since they can be used over and over again indefinitely for different events or used to stream paintings and posters.Calenders can come in the form of graphene sheets(that can also stream posters and paintings) and have the calenders months changed via touchscreen or smart devices via the Home AI app with type of calendar designed by the pulic and shared via Hephaestus with specific photos,looped videos or live feeds from the same network of cameras within Dionysus for each month or the user can change the video loop or live feed on each month from the same network storing them for digital windows and wallpapers with the camera it sees through changed in the same manner as wallpaper.Cards will come in electronic form that can be stored in ones smart device such as e-newspapers and cloud network making physical ones obsolete or graphene/silicene e-cards that can be used indefinitely and stream cards stored on Hephaestus with these e-cards like miniature versions of e-newspapers.Booklets used to write condolences at memorial sites and also at funerals can be replaced by a sheet of graphene or e-newspaper and adonit pen owned by the relatives of the deceased will allow for an infinite amount of condolences of any length to be written down and saved on personal clouds of the owner and the church AI.These can be linked to other e-newspapers and smart devices around the world that link to this cloud allowing people around the world to write down their condolences from the comfort of their home or at numerous memorials around the world allowing for countless condolences to be sent in from people around the world.These will be stored in a single cloud with the family members and those who are writing them able to view them in real time and scroll back towards digital pages.Tourist offices in cities that provide maps and booklets on local tourist attractions can be turned into homes and have the maps and booklets streamed from the City AI via the wire onto e-newspapers and other smart devices from anywhere in the city or anywhere in the world saving on paper and allowing for audio/visual media to played further increasing their educational value.Tickets,boarding passes,passports,receipts and similar things will be in electronic form.In short all paper products will be replaced with reusable and graphene products and digital forms on smart devices.This will cut down on energy in the production and transportation of paper and paper products.All remaining paper products such as kitchen paper,toilet paper and sketchpads for artists etc should be packaged in cardboard and not plastic.Cardboard,paper for toilet paper and paper for other remaining uses would be of course made of cellulosic pulp from any of the 60,065 species of trees and even 391,000 species of plants created by bacteria and 200,000 species of algae mixed in with plant and animal fibres also created by bacteria like flax,cotton,jute,pina,hemp,silk etc for strength,smoothness and other properties added into them with cellulosic nanowires also created by Geobacter,Shewanella also mixed in with cellulosic pulp and fibres of trees created by bacteria used to be mixed in also.These will be made onsite of Oxylus etc factories and miniature packaging factories onsite of all factories and vertical etc farms by bacteria creating pulp etc negating the need for planting trees,cutting them down,transporting them to factories saving energy and time.Thus all paper including that for cardboard,sterilising/baby wipes and toilet paper and remaining uses of paper etc can be have pulp created by bacteria of any species of tree and fibres of any species of plant created by bacteria onsite of factories to save on energy in planting,harvesting etc.

A combination of wood,paper and cardboard derived from bacteria and e-newspapers would shut down the forestry industry forever,eliminate the need for automating the forestry industry and allow land used for forestry to be permanent woodland with non native forests cut down pyrolysised and reforested with native forests.Once synthetic wood and paper becomes ubiquitous then Oxylus will no longer manage forests used for forestry but rather manage Oxylus factories that produce synthetic wood for firewood and construction and also synthetic paper and also synthetic oil,coal and gas etc

The software built into Demeter Oxylus named after the greek deity of mountains and forests will manage all forests worldwide alongside managing wildernesses and also biochar and terraforming and link them together and will have an app of the same name.Its symbol will will be a Oxylus flute forest and will replace all corporate and government entities.Each forest will have their own AI connected to other AIs of other forests and maintain the workings and interactions between all of robots and contain updated maps from the Artemis network view able to the public.It will also automatically carry out diagnostics of all machinery routinely alerting the community to any accidents or problems(following an universal colour coded systems) and also log these alongside all orders and operations of the machinery as well as readings from soil,water and atmosphere nanosensors.What tree species are grown and the rate of reforestation will be programmed here by the public managed by the forest AI using a menu linked to Artemis containing a database of all tree species with Silviaterra interacting with the forest AI stopping over reforestation if too many trees exist with the rate of forest consumption and trees present in forests on local,regional,national,continental and global levels can be viewed here in simplified timelapse video maps and graphs over weeks,months,years,decades,centuries,millenia etc.This inventorying of the worlds forests will be done automatically at set periods by this software with the amount of trees and of which species at a time logged in each forests AI.Logs of discovered diseases and pests and the corrective measures taken can be logged here also.All lighting in sawmills and robots/drones should be CSYS lighting everywhere to cut down on energy consumption and limit there replacement to every 37 years by robots.New technology can be integrated into the lights to send measurements of how much time measured in years,months,weeks,days,hours and minutes of power is left in the lights fed into Hermes to alert these robots.These lighting systems will interact with cameras there and weather networks to only turn on when it gets dark and turn off at dawn to prevent waste.Routine diagnostics on all systems such as lighting,robots and machinery will follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger making it easy for the layperson to recognize the level of severity of the problem.If a problem occurs automated measures within the AI system will isolate severely compromised machinery ie. from cyber attacks will be cut off from the AI and other machines until it is solved with AI of compromised buildings from other similar buildings and the rest of the wire until rectified to prevent problems spreading.The AI and thus all robots under its control will have the latest cyber security installed and constantly updated.Automated corrective measures of all possible problems or those that can be done remotely via the wire for all possible problems will be built into the forest AI again view able to the public.This should prevent the problems associated with the tragedy of the commons.Furthermore it will interact with these readings and weather networks to allow for correct planning of operations avoid it in times of heavy rain,blizzards.Machinery,drones and robots(including existing ones) will be covered in first a layer of graphene paint to prevent rust(and generate electricity) and then a permanent film of liquid glass both internally and externally to make it hydrophobic,water proof,acid proof,dirt proof and they will be composed of self healing polymers,electronics and metals.This application of graphene paint and the layer of liquid glass ontop of it can be done by hand or advanced robots for existing ones once cleaned and on new ones when they are manufactured to ensure they last indefinitely.Miniaturised versions of the machines used to assemble the robots in the factory can be in a building to do physical repairs.Other wise they could return to the factory for fixing with the onboard computer interacting with the repair machinery in both cases.Energy can be derived by docking at induction plates in their shed,wireless power transmitters on atmosphere poles or painting them with graphene paint and incorporating quantum dot technology under their layer of liquid glass.Since all work is done by machines they can work 24/7,365 days a year they will allow for orders to be filled out more efficiently(with notable exceptions of extreme bad weather).Drones can be used to scout out conditions of the environment ie. roads and the soil during and after bad weather through cameras and also readings from nanosensors.Live camera feeds from machinery,drones and poles,yields of each metal/ore/element,positions of machinery,environmental readings and diagnostics of all machinery will be be fed into Demeter allowing all members of the public worldwide to monitor the progress of all forests around the world from anywhere in the world.