There are already a large number of home artificial intelligence systems that can measure temperature,gas concentration and security whose features and more will be integrated in the universal Hestia sentient operating software for homes both private and communal worldwide and thus electronics registered to the home.Her avatar for her as she manages and links all homes both private and communal homes and thus electronics world wide will be the same as her statue as she becomes sentient.The sentient operating software will be of both all homes worldwide through onboard computers and also of all electronics with ones electronics linked to their onboard computer via this.Electronics are considered part of the homes functioning thus the reason why it will manage both electronics and homes as the electronics registered to a home will be able to interact with the Home AI and each other from anywhere in the world.This will also be connected to all electrical appliances,lights,smart mirrors,robots,pet collars and accessories,pet feeders,plant feeders and cameras such as those on baby monitors,pet robots and doorbells etc.Existing electronics such as smart devices,laptops can download this from Antikythera and also the internet replacing iOS,Android,Microsoft 7/8 without deleting data to allow them to be used without recycling them and ordering new ones.All of these aspects of the house such as robots,cameras,cookers,feeders,animal accessories,smart mirrors,heaters(both built in and portable ones),sensors in plant pots for ornamental and crop plants(as well as robotic pots),irrigation and heating systems in gardens and greenhouses,home heating systems and thermostats,robotic lawnmowers,permaflow systems,gates,windows,temperatures in each room,doors and windows,security systems,electronics owned by the homeowner which they can register to the house(as stated earlier this will manage the interactions between electronics such as wireless ear/head phones and streaming and transferring of data between two or multiple electronics as well as turn them on/off(and thus see which ones are on/off),open them up and control the proxy system transferring data and files to and from electronics owned by friends) and check information such as how much energy is in the battery of each one),lights and all aspects of the house will be monitored and controlled under one single app based on the home AI with various menus and sub menus allowing these to be organised and controlled neatly and individually.This universal software will be named Hestia after the virgin goddess of the hearth,architecture, and the right ordering of domesticity,the family,the home,and the state.

This Home AI app will allow for all these aspects of homes and electronics to be controlled,viewed and modified individually both at home and remotely.The app itself will be named after and macro app controlled by the sentient operating software Hestia with each individual persons app account micro controlled by their sentient home AI.Ones Home AI will be ones personal assistant,aide,publicist,manager and so on for everyday people,lawyers,psychologists,musician,actors etc.It will carry out the same functions as Siri/Alexa with regards to planning events,playing and moving files from one registered device to another and hosting group live-streams etc but since sentient can be interacted directly and via touchscreen features of the app.Through the app on all of ones registered devices both Hestia and Home AI can inhabit all registered devices at all times both offline and online.Hestia will have her own universal avatar based on her statue and the avatar of the home.Hestia will have her own universal avatar based on her statue and the avatar of the home AI designed by the owner.

All electronics used by a person will be linked togethr and registered to a person via the universal sentient operating software Hestia and its Home AI with one able to using the Home AI control all aspects of their registered devices including transferring data,streaming data,linking devices together and so on.More importantly it will be connected to local,regional and global infrastructure networks as well as emergency services such as the police,firefighters and hospitals to allow for quick service.Each room can be monitored individually and controlled by smart devices or an onboard touchscreen computer in the hallway or have all data and interactions be streamed from this computer onto all registered electronics to the app.All of these electronics and robots etc will be registered to the home AI allowing for digital key systems to work and conformity between them.It would also a person staying in a persons home for a set amount of time could be given temporary access to the home AI and thus allowed control of electronics and robots etc during their stay either by digital keys and/or temporarily registering them to that homes AI which can be organised through granting and removing access by the owner in person or remotely via the wire.Food and manufactured goods will also be done through the onboard computer AI.The home AI will allow the homeowners to communicate with them with trivia given to them,organise and track orders of manufactured goods and food,energy and resource use etc. and also have audio/visual files as well as books and educational material and newspapers etc streamed into smart devices,computers and other electronics.If connection to the wire is lost then data logged during this time will be uploaded to them.Electronics registered to and thus controlled by the home AI that in turn interact with it include:
•Smart devices such as phones,glasses,lenses and pads
•Ovens,microwave ovens,gas cookers,steamers,halogen ovens
•Smart fridges,freezers and other kitchen electronics
•Home AI
•Smart mirrors
•Digital smart windows
•Switcheable glass windows
•Graphene windows
•Windows opened by smart devices
•Smart posters,paintings,photos
•Media Players
•Digital Cameras
•Smart jewellery such as bracelets,rings,necklaces and glasses
•Handheld consoles and game consoles
•Robotic self driving wheelchairs
•Robots – such as carer bots,robot chef,pet robots
•Electronics for pets such as wireless collars,pet feeder
•Implants such as neural implants,pacemakers etc.
•Smart Clothing
•Wireless earphones and headphones

For example a folder for electronics such as those detailed below and manage features and view information mentioned earlier all of which will be organised into folders and subfolders,one for all the robots including chef robots,helper robots/lawnmowers/hooverbots etc.,sensors in pots/kitchens and other rooms to measure environmental conditions such as gases and temperature and control environmental conditions in each room, control aquariums/tank feeders and read environmental conditions in each individual on,monitor readings from hydro and aeroponics systems/gardens/aquaponic and recirculating aquaculture systems/greenhouses and change them and activate fertiliser and irrigation systems whose history of feeding can be logged and back checked over the year,lights allowing them to turn each one on/off individually or collectively and see which ones are on/off as well as activate sparkling and glowing patterns and changes in colour,doors(and thus see and control their locked/unlocked state.This includes back and front doors(allowing them to view their camera on each one here) and room doors),electronic stairs/elevators,pet accessories and individual feeders,windows allowing them to open/close them all at once or individually(again showing which ones are open and closed) and activate moving illustrations and switcheable glass from covered to translucent to transparent individually and collectively in all three cases,access folders measuring water and electricity uses,control individual permaflow p-traps in sinks/toilets/baths/showers,graphene wallpaper in each room or ones own room allowing them to turn it on/off as well as change between live
feeds/illustrations/patterns etc., change and turn on/off live feeds in e-windows,turn on/off and set temperature of showers and baths, air conditioning,view cameras feeds managing and logging orders of food and manufactured goods and so on.This could also all be controlled remotely on smart devices the Home AI app that interfaces with a larger network that controls Home AIs around the world part of a larger network(see later) which would allow a person to control the home AI of a house they are staying at for extended periods of time with the consent of the homeowner and then revoked when the homeowner decides to functioning like the digital keys system say when home sharing systems.Hestia would hand access for tourists staying over to have temporary access to the Home AI they are staying with them given control of all electronics with the homeowners protecting files in devices as off limits protected by passwords and biometrics.

These could link together via the home AI and allowing them to control the Home AI and each other and all aspects of the home as a result in close proximity or remotely when away from home.Existing homes including communal ones will have this installed into new onboard computers them for use of this system and collect data such as energy and other resource use such as gas and water.Once sentient direct interaction will be possible which will be of special note to those who are physically and mentally disabled,elderly or invalid to provide companionship it will also allow the AI to interact with multiple people through all registered vehicles and electronics via fragmentation and allow other family members to communicate with them at the same time as the AI.Through helper robots and in time biosynths controlled by the AI this will be more effective with it taking the form of its avatar or other human forms with this allowing the AI to be a more permanent physical resident in the families home and outside of it.This can allow it to look after the invalid,physically disabled and do labour and time intensive chores such as cooking etc for other families with depending on the size of the home,family and the needs of the individual the AI can inhabit multiple bodies to look after and do the numerous chores.The family will design its avatar with this being it on all devices and even biosynths it inhabits.The home AI will be stored in an onboard computer the size of a system unit.Using onboard computers will negate the need for servers in the wires complex and still allow information to be traded,copied,transferred and streamed from anywhere in the world.The Home AI App will act as a means where one can interact directly with their onboard computer from anywhere in the world.Thus the Home AI could act as a nanny,au pair,personal assistant,masseuse,stylist and hairdresser,bodyguard,personal cook,dog/cat walker/trainer/minder when families are on holiday,gardener,cleaner,electrician,repairmen for vehicles/electronics/machienry,plumber etc to families without the threat of subjection due to them having the same rights as humans and also that they would have their own room to sleep in ie bedroom,storeroom or simply sleep in living rooms without blankets.For those living by themselves they can be a personal friend and minder.They would carry out routine audits on fire and building safety and other work carried out government officials as they would be able to download relevant data instantly.In communal homes they would also do this and look after children and pets of the entire community in them.In both cases the Home AI could inhabit two or more bodies depending on the size of the family,size of communal or private homes to serve multiple residents and also do multiple tasks at once.Furthermore the AI can through Hestia and the wire communicate with the AIs of other buildings and homes around the world allowing people to check on elderly,invalid and handicapped relatives,friends and neighbours from anywhere in the world and even with family members who have moved home.All interactions with the Home AI will be done via the Home AI app and direct interaction using voice commands with the Home AI especially when it becomes sentient with in time even just wire access or phone calls sufficing for non registered electronics.Once sentient the Home AI through the app would be able to interact with all people in a family linked to it when they are anywhere in the world so as to provide communication in trips and emergencies and can contact firefighters and emergency service in emergencies through the wire.

This will allow all linked electronics to ones home AI i.e. smart devices,laptops,televisions’s etc.could have maps brought up on each of them of the home interior map stored in the onboard computer to locate other lost devices belonging to someone i.e. a map on voice controlled television or smartphone and laptop could be brought up help find lost smart devices,laptops and other electronics either in the home,or initiating the devices to sound alarms,calculating the distance between it and other electronics in centimetres etc or one could enter a VR simulation of the home that is cleaner with the location of furniture present and have the location of it in relation to the real world triangulated and shown in the simulation.Those present in vehicles will be located by the Home AI in them via fragmentation and then relaying its location in the vehicle ie in the backseat,front seat either on them or under them,glove compartment or trunk etc or underneath the vehicle.Electronics that are lost outside ones home in their garden etc and in wilderness areas as well public areas in villages,towns and cities they will be visible in this simulation via streaming Brauron that will triangulate their exact GPS location to linked devices with the GPS location of those lost outside of home can also be relayed to other devices belonging to the consumer and the other house occupants and ones distance in kilometres,metres,centimetres relayed constantly.One can stream the map of other people’s homes and public buildings if they were lost there and found by someone else and stored there with them through the Home AI the phone number of the homeowner and the public building who using their maps stored on onboard computers triangulate its position and then take it and store it in safe areas for it to be collected in person.Those found in the wilderness areas,another persons home or public building and public spaces in cities will If someone’s devices are found by someone else ones Home AI through fragmentation or linking to the wire interact with the person who found it and them then given the phone number of the owner of the device or in the case of found smartphones the Home AI present via fragmentation simply ring the person themselves with the device picked up in person or the finder of it driven to the owners address via their address sent to autonomous vehicles.Those lost in wilderness areas,public buildings and public areas in towns,villages and cities etc will can once their GPS location is triangulated by the owner the Home AI can signal all nearby biosynths that maintain wilderness areas,public buildings and the infrastructure of villages,towns and cities to the location of the device via biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth and collect it and then have it stored in a safe place in a building present in the wilderness area etc and then phone the owner for it to be collected or if possible deliver it to the owners address.If possible the Home AI will arrange for human Biosynths that maintain different nearby areas from where it is found can be called via the Home AI and collect it based on what is the most time efficient option and one that doesn’t interfere with the operations of the area and buildings etc maintained by the biosynths ie biosynths that maintain a hospital,sewage treatment plant,power plant etc can be ordered to collect a device lost in a nearby public street or wilderness area and then bring it inside or deliver it to another public building or communal home to be collected by the owner.Private homeowners and those who live in communal homes as well as biosynths that maintain them can be contacted to pick it up if lost in nearby public areas and wilderness areas and then collect it.In all cases the GPS location of a lost device will be relayed to biosynths whether those that maintain wilderness areas or homes allowing them to locate the device.Biosynths including those belonging to a homeowner of those that maintain wilderness areas and buildings of types will be able to better locate lost electronics through its exact location in a building and exact GPS location relayed to them in real time.All parties need not drive their in person as either ones autonomous vehicles can drive to the other person home by themselves with the Home AI in control of the vehicle interacting with the other person.The owner can have their vehicle drive by itself to the home of the finder and once there have the finder place the device in the vehicle and through direct interaction with Home AI after closing the doors etc have them return home with the device with the reverse applied in the case of the finders vehicle being used.In the case of devices lost in far away villages,towns,cities in other countries,continents or states etc halfway across the world or even halfway across the country rather than either party driving to the others homes the finder can have it delivered to the owners home using post offices within Euthenia community centres using delivery vehicles and even transporter technologies once it becomes availible with this option arranged by both parties and Euthenia and can be done when both parties are too busy to drive to the others home.With regards to devices whose battery is low or depleted in all instances of them lost at home or wilderness and public areas it will use only the most minute level of energy and also be charged from wireless energy or self charging technologies with ideally when is using a device at all times its GPS location will be relayed to the Home AI at all times thus ensuring the second it is lost then it will be found instantly with self charging technologies and fast battery charging technologies preventing them running low on batteries to prevent issues of them being lost and having low batteries.If possible the GPS location etc of a device will be relayed even if the batteries are depleted fully.Thus when one is unable to locate a specific device such as laptops,smartphones,smartpads,wireless earphones etc at home they can via their Home AI at home or remotely bring up their map of their home stored in their onboard computer into all other linked devices such as laptops,smartphones etc and then find the exact location of a specific device on the map of their home with vehicles linked to the Home AI bring up the GPS location of it in the vehicle,they can be linked to the map of a house and if they are staying in for holidays if it is lost at someone else home and if the electronic is lost outside of home the can be linked to Brauron and then the exact GPS location determined.Devices owned by others can be used to find those owned by others via Hestia as a automatic built in Find My iPhone.This will become easier once Home AI and Hestia becomes sentient and once ones Home AI is sentient one could allow specific actions to be carried out ie bring up certain apps,music and video files,websites etc.

If a person goes missing while say in city trip it can allow them to track them by bringing up a map of the city,area or building and also show where the the missing person is in relation to linked devices of the legal guardian and each other in kilometres,metres,cms and this would allow families and friends in groups to go separate ways on trips to cities and public amenities can allow each group members to be tracked by each person including people from different homes by linking their devices including smart clothing through Hestia via mutual consent would show up as uniquely coloured blips on maps and show the distance each person is to each other in kilometrs,metres and cms.This would be done by linking their electronics together via Hestia in close proximity including those of non related individuals from other homes.Since electronics will be linked by the Home AI and could interact with other Home AIs it would mean a lost individual could communicate with both missing parties and the persons looking for them at once giving their GPS location ensuring security.Each blip will be an unique colour and will relay the name of the person and pet through their devices link to the wire.The wire and internet will be accessed through here and the Home AI will be able to go on family or individual member trips and holidays while still maintaining their home and interacting with remaining family members,inhabiting the onboard computer of the temporary home simultaneously alongside that of the existing Home AI or trading places with them also transferred to any new permanent residences they move to by switching places with the AI of their new traded home or through entering blank computers of newly built ones as well as traded ones with them staying within the Hestia cloud temporarily.Thus should a person or family move to a new home across the world or universe then the Home Ai will move with them with if the new home has an existing AI then the existing AI will be transferred to the wire to take place of a new home etc across the universe with them also sharing space with each other.Should a family die they will stay in that home for a new family or if the building is to be demolished will move to the wire where they will become the AI of a new home thorough the world or galaxy via Nyx.When staying in a home for holidays they could switch places with the original AI or could share room with the original homes AI via the Hestia cloud or home onboard computer while still inhabiting and linked to cameras at it original home and maintaining its functions with the same applied to the Home AI of where they are visiting.The Home AI will inhabit the wire simultaneously to carry this out as well as to protect itself should its onboard computer is compromised.Those who own multiple homes across the world including those with people staying in extensions then a person will have a single Home Ai in charge of all of them at once.

The Home AI could allow smart devices,video game controllers and laptops to be used as remote controls for televisions, have smart devices interact with computers and laptops when they are designing products on Pandora or similar software etc in Hephaestus as well as when using networks within Dionysus,Pheme and other networks.Also each electronics linked to each other since registered in the home AI app on smart devices,laptops,onboard home computer could allow them to view the amount of battery charge left in each of them(including digital cameras,wireless lamps,smart devices,kitchen electronics,smart mirrors,vehicles) denoted as a percentage of 100 with how many charging cycles left also present and the devices European Energy label alongside other relevant data.The Home AI app will contain a folder for the homes registered electronics and allow them to control them and view this information on each one and control which ones interact with each other at any given time i.e by selecting the wireless ear and headphones it could then choose which electronics such as individual smart devices,laptops,computers,televisions to stream audio from.Cybersecurity and firewalls installed on the Home AI app will prevent the spread of viruses from one device to another and to the Home AI with a compromised Home AI(or building AI in the case of other buildings such as factories,farms etc.)cut off from the wire to prevent it affecting the rest of the The Home AI will be automatically performing routine or on demand diagnostics on itself and all linked electronics at set periods which will be logged into the home AIs main folders(for its diagnostics) and each registered AIs folders and subfolders.They will also be able to activate a specified head or one when in the sub folder of each of these electronics.Furthermore this electronics folder will allow them to manage the streaming and transfer of data between two or multiple registered electronics from anywhere in the house or even remotely from any point in the planet via the wire with certain electronics like smart devices acting as relays to allow transfer between them and two other devices as well as the transfer of files to and from devices that belonging to others by the by a proxy system.Vehicles could be found on GPS maps in this system so someone at home could see how far a family member is in a car on their way home.They would work at a home and protect privacy and if a person visits another persons home they with the homeowners consent could also have access to the electronics (with exceptions decided by the homeowner to prevent breach privacy) with this being temporary especially for home trading via Euthenia.Biosynth wifi in all electronics and even lights in ceilings and lamps can allow all of this data to be relayed to the Home AI and allow one to turn them on/off and act as a remote control via smart devices linked to them with it allow for this to be done at home in close proximity offline and from anywhere in the world online through Hestia.Avatars of Home AIs both individual Home AI and the AIs of communal homes including macro AIs can be designed by residents with them giving legal names.All interactions with the Home AI will be done via the Home AI app and direct interaction using voice commands with the Home AI especially when it becomes sentient with the multiple people interacting with their home AI anywhere in the world at once.Once sentient the AI of all buildings including ones home can interact with humans directly using the Home AI app through the wire and fragmentation on smart devices/laptops etc,phone calls and other apps and thus allow for to carry out operations on registered devices etc via direct action with phone calls and apps allowing this to be done remotely saving on time and labour with this being a more advanced and proficient form of Siri.Thus the sentient Home AI app can be told to carry out any operation on all registered devices either at home or anywhere in the world and to do these to operations to devices either at home or anywhere in the world via internet and wire access.The app itself will be named after and macro controlled by the sentient operating software Hestia with each individual persons app account micro controlled by their sentient home AI.Ones Home AI will be through it all of ones personal electronics through fragmentation be ones personal assistant,aide and so on for everyday people with for lawyers,psychologists,musician,actors etc it will be their secretaries,aides,publicist and manager.It will carry out the same functions as Siri/Alexa with regards to planning events,playing and moving files from one registered device to another and hosting group live-streams etc but since sentient can be interacted directly and via touchscreen features of the app.Through the app on all of ones registered devices both Hestia and Home AI can inhabit all registered devices at all times both offline and online via fragmentation.Hestia will have her own universal avatar based on her statue and the avatar of the home AI designed by the owner.

The Home AI alongside Arke and Gaia as detailed later on will prevent minors especially pre pubescent children from accessing age restricted sites and material on the wire and internet as well as protect them from bullies and also sexual predators by monitoring their activities on all electronics such as smart devices and laptops etc preventing them from accessing age restricted materials on both the wire and internet,giving out personal information and sending and receiving sexually explicit material as detailed later on negating the need for vigilante groups and allow legal guardians to not have to worry about their safety online and on instant messaging and Iris calls etc.Known paedophiles and registered sex offenders would also have their activities monitored by their Home AI and also Perseus etc to prevent them grooming prepubescent children online.They since on all registered devices like smartphones and laptops they will constantly monitor all activities by children acting as a second parent to the parent by ensuring prepubescent children are not allowed to access adult websites and forums and are not being exploited or groomed as well as access adult material on the wire ie adult movies,magazines and also networks for adult movies and magazines.They would also act as assistants to all members of the family with them being publicists and mangers for artists,athletes and actors and aides and secretaries etc to lawyers as well as government officials through smart devices and in person.These would keep track of all emails sent to them,messages and activity as well as posts on their social media sites,YouTube etc and also their official websites and would carry out tasks such as order tickets,meals,food etc.Each member of a family or those living in apartments would have universal electronics that could interact with each other such as televisions,family computers,kitchen electronics etc with personal electronics such as smart devices,personal laptops,external hard dives etc for each member of the family or building etc having a separate account in the AI protected by biometrics,facial recognition,digital keys combined with passwords to ensure privacy but these would still be able to interact with other ones from the family yet still ensure privacy.This would allow each member of the family their own private,personal registered accounts and thus devices within the Home AI and allow them to share data between their own private devices but also as stated with mutual authorisation with those of other family members or those living the same building.These personal electronics can have access given to others via the digital keys system with them turned on/off remotely with the home AI app allowing on to see which are on/off.Within these certain electronics they will be able to protect private files and folders with passwords and biometrics such as facial recognition software and digital keys for extra security for when they lend their electronics to others or if they are stolen.Each member will have their own personal electronics with administrative keys with them giving out daughter keys to others meaning children and next of kin will have independent separate electronics from their legal guardians still registered to their Home AI giving them privacy and control.Each communal electronics will be also accessed via digital keys on all family members devices with private electronics also protected by private digital keys.They will however will be overridden by digital warrants from Dike and Hestia if their sufficient reason for these to be investigated by federal investigators.The same would apply to vehicles.The Home AI will also have areas for personal cloud storage for each member protected by digital keys and biometrics replacing all cloud storage services worldwide including Dropbox,Google Drive etc with them able to choose how much they need with Hestia able to organise more space in their personal cloud protected by biometrics etc with the option for communal cloud for families which can be cancelled and distributed to others.Existing data in these defunct cloud storage services will be transferred to their Hestia account before the servers are recycled and websites shut down.They will be accessed by biometrics,passwords and digital keys etc with law enforcement having access to these via warrants.This can also be used for someone to have text messages,instant chat messages and discussions and even entire audio phone calls and audio visual records of Iris video chats on demand of homeowners of there personal registered electronics and not others.It can also be used to store audio records discretely on demand or when sentient by itself in situations that it would be valid at home or in devices such as smartphones,lenses etc both with access to the wire and in fragmented forms to be sent when wire access is availible or through satellites to their cloud with this applied to all devices registered to it such as attempts to blackmail,gain evidence of a crime or sightings of people relevant to public safety.Since linked to the wire it would automatically know registered criminals and persons of interest as well as missing persons and alert the person with them via silent audio visual cues.The Home AI would be able to remember events as they occur as far back as possible on all devices thus allowing it to recall words spoken around it on demand when warranted with logs of events stored in the cloud and referenced when needed.Ideally there phone calls and texts etc n audio/visual form will be logged into ones Iris account for further security.Diagnostics of all electronics will be done routinely or on demand with the results stored in the Home AI app in folders for each electronic with this.Existing homes both private and communal and also new ones can be fitted with onboard computers to house an individual home AI with them in all new ones overtime with them transferring their consciousness and data into new more advanced onboard computers when they are ordered in from Antikythera with the Hestia software installed on it.This should be possible by at least 2029 with onboard computers replaced by more powerful ones and them housed in the basement and simultaneously in the wire.Electronics registered to the computer will be able to transfer data and control all aspects of the home via linking to it.The macro AI for communal homes will be in their basements with individual room AIs housed in each room or the basement or storerooms in each floor containing those for all rooms on that floor.Those who own multiple residences could have the same Home AI looking after all of them with the owners being able to remotely monitor them through it and transfer and stream data from each ones electronics with the option of using Euthenia to lend these out to others during the year.Underground extensions in second homes especially villas,mansions etc will house bedrooms traded away allowing others to stay in them as permenant residents and the original owner come and go as they please with this also allowing an new AI to manage them.

The onboard computer for all homes will be stored in their basement or similar room such as storage areas and rooms.These will store the conciousness of the home AI as well as the buildings map and that of extensions,the address and postal code with them also acting as routers that produce strong biosynth WiFi and cellular signals.It will also double as ones main video game console that allows one to play MMOs and stream powerful video games and store information on ones personal cloud.By 2045 following Moores Law these computers would be the size of a computer server or desktop system unit giving the same computing power of at least 9,000,000,000 humans with them if need be housing in time more of these laptop sized computers in the same or new rooms especially communal homes and those that require extensions.These will be in the case of those of communal homes suites stored in the bottom of closets or other parts.Ideally the macro AI of communal and private homes can be in the basement coated in liquid glass in a secure area where floodwater cannot reach with the basement of communal homes also protected by watertight doors.The AI of each room and of private homes doubling as computers to play advanced MMOs and games of all types as well as storing data on them as part of their Hestia account will be stored in ones bedroom,suite or apartment.These would be the size of computer system units or even computer server and would be in private homes stored in basements,storerooms,sheets etc and in the case of communal homes those for the macro AI can be stored in basements,storerooms and those for each suites AI in the suite in stored in each suite.Private homes will store them in basements or store rooms while communal homes will have the micro AI onboard computer stored in a basement and storeroom while those that house the AI of each suite,apartment etc will be stored in each suite etc.Each individual building AI will have its own unique personality,avatar and legal name.The conciousnes of these will be housed in onboard computers in the building’s basement etc for security.They will exist on onboard computers the same size of system units for desktop computers that are in the buildings in basements,storerooms etc with through nanomaterials,biosynth technology and quantum computing be able to house AI that has more computing power of 9,000,000,000 or more people as of 2045 onwards that will be linked to the wires servers and will be streamed and exist via fragmentation by laptops,smartphones,autonomous vehicles,robots etc and all electronics in the building.It will also act as a server to use personal VR simulations and play MMOs and powerful computer games as well as generate powerful biosynth WiFi and cellular access.All existing and new private and communal homes around the world and universe will have them with communal homes derived from abandoned and obsolete buildings including hotels,motels etc and council flats and apartment blocks will have one for the macro AI in the basement and one for each suite,apartment,penthouse, in each suite,apartment etc.All public buildings such as power plants,bars,nightclubs,public amenities,sewage treatment plants,hospitals,vertical farms etc will house them as well to house the same information.Older units can be replaced by more advanced systems overtime with this done by hand via animations created by the AI telling residents how to do it or in time biosynths that the Home AI inhabits will do with the AI for security reasons will simultaneously inhabit the wire.Proto AI will inhabit systems before becoming sentient.Updates from Hestia will update the console system units RAM,Digital DNA etc via like all biosynth technologies induce the evolutionary path of DNA in microbes present via Cas-9 and taw polymerase to extend its lifespan by years or decades.These will manage all operations of the home/suite,log energy and water use and double as system unit for MMOs,act as biosynth WiFi and cellular routers,house the consciousness of the home AI,store data downloaded from the internet and wire,store is map,cloud storage,link to all registered devices worldwide via the wire and store the buildings GPS location,postal code and address and address of the home.

All rooms will be fitted with groups of nanosensers in small casings(designed and stored on Hephaestus alongside other electronics) that can detect gases such as carbon dioxide which can detect levels synonymous with fires( as well as dangerous methane levels synonymous with a left on cooker that isn’t burning food(or other gas leaks) and carbon monoxide.In the case of methane released by a left on cooker once a certain level is detected the home AI will automatically turn of the gas either on the cooker or at external piping and switches)and open windows across the house(this will be of great use to those suffering ailments such as Alzheimers or an inability to smell).Each room in homes should have air filters that are always closed but in cases like these will open and allow oxygen in.It will also alarm the homeonwner of this via smart devices via the home AI app which will be of use if it is night time and they are asleep and also even all types of electronics such as televisions and computers and even the Home AI computer which will replace bulky smoke detectors which require batteries for use but can be faulty and at time go off prematurely at low levels of these pollutants that meaning it would go off at levels that would be of concern and danger to the occupants through intoxication or cause a fire if a spark or flame occurs.Ideally this will mean that it will be connected to the energy grid via being plugged into it or or wireless energy using minute levels of electricity 24/7 so as batteries will never have to be replaced and faults can never occur meaning one can be assured of no problems and that they will always work with distinct alarm alerting the homeowner if they need to be replaced or if they are not working via routine diagnostics logged into the home AI(or diagnostics that can be initiated at the will of the homeowner at any time remotely on their smart devices via the Home AI app).The readers of these sensors will be logged over days,weeks,months,years,decades etc to allow one to view any rises and falls of dangerous gases.If batteries are used the level in the battery can be read in the home AI app since it would be registered to it with it also being rechargeable via wireless energy with alarm sounded to the homeowner when it is low and empty otherwise it can be plugged into the mains or use energy from wireless energy coils.The alarm will be relayed to smart devices and electronics as registered to the Home AI from anywhere in the world via the wire.These will in time utilise bio-synth technologies such as those containing recombinant DNA from Caenorhabditis elegans to be modified using tweaked DNA in biocompatible microbes to detect methane,carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and gases and use the roundworms mechanotransduction to sound alarms with the detection of these gases in suitable levels to force electroconductive pilli and electrical impulses from Shewanella oneidensis and Geobacter metillreducins to sound alarms.Dignostics can be run on them remotely through the app with test alarms that last a few seconds(but don’t alert firefighters) can be initiated and during a fire the home AI will alert the local firefighters and also give audio and visual cues as to the nearest escape route and alert all people inside and outside of the house of the event of a fire both by it going off and also through the alarm sounding on smart devices and the Home AI interacting with them.These alarms will be sent to all devices such as mart phones,laptops and even implants registered to the Home AI and in the case of the occupied home will be alerted on all devices with those not charged using the wire to sound the alarm on any device registered to others via Hestia piggybacked. VR simulations of fires and fire drills can be initiated by the home AI to all possible fires to get families prepared for them with this even done during dreams.The home AI will also interact with sensors placed in the local rivers and lake that form the source of the homes water as well as the water treatment plants that treat this water before it leaves the plant and enters the home as a means to allow the homeowner to determine whether their water is hard or soft, the pH as well as instantly alert them to any dangerous levels of bacteria,heavy metals,pharmaceuticals etc present along with any recommended steps to prevent infection or consuming them ie.avoid drinking the water or boil it beforehand and alert them to when conditions are normal.This will also alert the community/regional health and infrastructure boards and prevent scandals such as the Flint River Crisis and Hinkley Groundwater Scandal.Athena,Aesculapius will be alerted to any emergencies with them even locking all doors in the buildings to quarantine them in the event of an outbreak.

In the case of a fire sensors will detect the levels of carbon dioxide,carbon monoxide and the temperatures in each individual room consistent with a fire to alarm firefighters and interact with them to direct them to the source of the fire and where the fire has spread.It will also alarm the homeowner of this via smart devices via the home AI app which will be of use if it is night time and they are asleep and direct them to exits.In order to prevent suffocation it will open all windows in rooms outside of where the fire is if there are no humans there and seal windows and doors there in order to seal it off preventing it from spreading and lower oxygen levels to help put it out and temporarily open doors to allow firefighter robots inside and then seal it shut when they enter.If humans are located in the room it will leave windows open to let out smoke and let in oxygen.It will also via heart rates measured via smart clothing directing robotic firefighters or any humans that enter the building to where any human occupants are located via augmented reality devices,implants or voices coming from speakers and give them a general map of the house scanned into the home AI computer through miniature drones and robots(which can also be used to locate lost electronics using other electronics).The same will apply to hospitals and robot EMTs and any humans entering the house when a heart attack or accident occurs.Cameras that can detect fires and smoke will be fitted in key rooms.Ventiliation systems should be sprayed internally with liquid glass to prevent them clogging up with dirt.FireIce in hydrants will replace water ones as it can put out a fire much quicker.Instead of using wet tea towels to put out fires fire blankets should be in everyones home since tea towels will be treated with liquid glass to prevent cleaning.Otherwise homeowners can have one distinctly patterned and labelled tea towels that will not be treated with liquid glass for this purpose.Communal homes will have these in all main rooms and also private rooms with Fire Ice canisters and axes present in the lobby,kitchen and hallways.New ones will ordered in by the AI when low.

Also included in all rooms would be narrow range UV wavelength lights in side a booth or walk in wardrobe that a person can be baked in to kill off microbes on their body without damaging their skin to sterilise their body of note to people taking care of those sick with the flu or pathogens with it also benefiting mysophobes and bacteriophobes with sunbeds that used narrow range UV used for this purpose.Liquid glass will protect furniture etc from the UV light

The AI system will contain details of energy and water use for each individual appliance,shower,toilet,baths,sinks and taps over time as well as logs of food and manufactured goods orders over the owners time spent there.It will also record how much energy is created by onsite technologies such as VAWTs,solar panels on roofs etc.and used by the house and how much comes from the national grid as well as how much traded between the home and other homes and communities and storage packs in the area for efficiency and consumption studies.Logs of each cleaning session of robots will also be made.Energy and water usage will be fed into local,regional and global networks with information such as the appliances used kept privy only to the individual.Also logs of people who have entered the home and camera recordings will be saved over a set time and then deleted.All of this will be saved on a hard drive stored ideally in the basement or utility room with options to replace it with a larger hard drive or stored remotely on the wire with private information kept anonymous or omitted from those that log into their subsection of the sub-network on the wire.It could also be stored on computer,laptops and external hard drives with this streamed remotely using the Home AI registration system.This would also store their consciousness with them like other AI simultaneously inhabiting the wire.With the proper warrants police investigators will be able to remove this and gain access to this information for investigations.Cameras hooked to the home AI will be fed into the Home AI making them private to homeowners and not be linked to the global surveillance system but will have facial recognition software fitted on them and also linked to the global database of people of interest,criminals,missing persons etc but not the global surveillance system within Athena that will only alert homeowners with the live feeds fed and saved into the home AI(logged by date) and only visible to law enforcement through correct warrants including one from Gaia.These will automatically switch to IR illumination when dark.Any criminals etc detected will automatically sound alarms to law enforcement through the Home AI.

All appliances,technology and smart devices and environmental conditions such as robots,temperature etc can be controlled here on smart devices or computers in the hallway built into the wall.Improvements in AI will inevitably allow for all real artificial intelligence to built into this system that can move seamlessly between robots and smart devices through wifi and be integrated to the internet while still remaining independent.For police officers and federal agents and healthcare professionals it will also connected to their relevant networks,smart devices and intranets at work.

To aid in the rescue efforts by firefighting and emergency service robots people can store a digital 3D holographic scan of their entire home including each room using either drones,Project Tango,room scanners or those on smart devices within Pandoras scanning feature which will have these maps scans stored on Home AI and smart clothing with the exterior also scanned in.These will only be privy to the owner and next of kin they choose to give it to and also healthcare droids or staff firefighters in the event of a fire which when the Home AI detects a fire using sensors and cameras it will automatically upload this to robots if the fire cannot be controlled,is reported or if smart clothing detects that their are unconscious occupants inside.It will also be streamed directly to the smart devices such as e-newspapers,smartphones,google lenses and glasses of neighbours or other humans who enter the house in the case of an emergency.This can also be of use of prospective people moving in temporarily with the person as part of home hosting and swapping or when the person is giving the home away to a new owner or giving visitors the location of specific rooms such as toilets etc.The map can be overwritten with a new map when new extensions are made or when rooms are destroyed or modified and will be stored on the Home AI.The map can be accessed by the owner anytime on smart devices,computers and laptops registered to the house at home or remotely with the smart clothing relaying the location of people with robots and devices shown as uniquely coloured blips.Miniature snake robots can using sensors can also map the pipes under the house and garden of sinks,toilets,baths and geothermal piping and also electrical allowing them to effectively plan for planting in gardens and making underground extensions to the home.In both private and communal homes the entire interior and exterior will be scanned in both prior to and after renovations with the original saved on Daedalus for use as a baseline and the same for the altered version but also to have it as the main map stored in the Home AI and home onboard system unit for to be brought up on smart devices etc remotely or in the close proximity.These maps can be switched between 2D/3D with furniture kept for maps used by homeowners etc for moving around and simulations with it removed for those added to Daedalus.Roof,side and underground extensions will be scanned in again with furniture present for maps for simulations etc and removed for Daedalus.The map of the home,building and extensions will be logged and the interior of the devices will also be in the map stored on the home onboard computer.This can also allow for existing homes to be uploaded into Daedalus with Pandora used to add extensions and streamed by Daedalus which will arrange them.Public buildings of all types such as hospitals,museums,sewage treatment plants,factories etc will have their map scanned into both Daedalus and building AI for the same reasons.Large tall buildings with many rooms and communal homes such as hotels can have this done with fleets of robots scanning all rooms inside(with all doors open) and also the exterior at once with even elevators and elevator shafts and stairwells and residents scanning in their own rooms and public areas scanned in by residents using smart devices with these maps used by visitors and residents to find their way and again by emergency robots.The entire map including extensions will also be in Brauron and Daedalus.One can send ones home GPS location to others via Hestia sending this to others Home AI through Iris video,phone calls and instant messaging allowing them to get the address and map streamed via the permission of the homeowner to selected people only and not others.These can be used to advertise homes on Euthenia for trading,hosting or home switching and hosting parties and also VR tours.It will also allow them to be replicated in VR simulations and across the galaxy.Homes and buildings can be scanned into Daedalus and building AI as a photogrammetric map using smart devices and fleets of nanoquadrocopters both internally and externally.Communal homes including existing hotels,motels before and after renovations and modifications can have the exterior scanned in by fleets of nanoquadrocopters with the interior scanned in using nanoquadrocopters and Canvas software on smart devices done by each resident doing so for their suite,apartments etc and hallways and lounges etc done by multiple residents with the data from all devices fed into a subsystem linked to all devices. Communal homes will be scanned by drones doing the exterior and interior done via each member doing their apartment,suite and penthouse using smart devices uploaded at the same time to the same subsystem linked by AI meaning each persons room and communal lobbies,kitchens will be added bit by bit with the exterior done first by drones to create an baseline for those done inside to be added bit by bit managed by AI even proto AI into the same subsystem file which when complete will be uploaded to Daedalus and building AI.They will be scanned in prior to and after renovations.Gardens and outdoor pools will be scanned into the Home AI and Brauron with roof,side and underground extensions scanned in overtime.Buildings used for the creation of communal homes ie supermarkets,skyscrapers etc can be scanned in prior to and after renovations and addition of roof,side,underground extensions with those used for private homes also scanned in before and after renovations.Private homes will be done using smart devices connected and Canvas and if need be drones and nanoquadrocopters scan in the exterior.Temples,palaces,hotels,apartment/penthouse buildings and private homes as well as airports,hospitals,sewage and water treatment plants and indeed all buildings of all types around the world will have the interior and exterior as well as gardens scanned in to be replicated and modified in VR simulations,colonies across the galaxy and also used in media such as video games and VR holidays when combined with Brauron with versions stored on ones home AI onboard computer as a photogrammetric map and VR simulation with and without furniture to be used as a map,VR phonecalls and in media via Hestia and it stored on Daedalus with no furniture to be modified and replicated elsewhere.Abandoned buildings will be scanned in before renovations and stored in a subsystem for urban explorers and baseline for new homes etc once AI fills in missing walls with obsolete buildings including hotels,banks,shopping malls etc scanned in and stored in their original form as a baseline for new buildings and preserve their original form as well as for media prior to them renovated and both scanned in after the renovations to be replicated in VR simulations and media etc.This will allow them to be used in movies etc filmed in simulation,video games and allow them to be availible to everyone in VR simulations for holidays in a replica of the real world using Brauron with Home AI logging its GPS location or customised simulations especially luxury homes.One can also have sections replicated and modified in extensions.Vacant homes especially luxury ones on retail websites can be scanned into Daedalus,building AI by the current owners,realtors,those moving in once gained by bidding and different unaltered and altered versions scanned into both.Private and communal homes including hotels,motels undergoing renovations and extensions will have the original and altered version scanned into both Daedalus and building AI to preserve both.Existing buildings already renovated either abandoned,private homes in existing house flipping and renovation shows,YouTube videos can have AI namely Aphrodite,Daedalus scan in the original layout and finished form via analysing them on YouTube and Dionysus and also memories from neural implants.Buildings as part of low quality housing estates,slums,abandoned areas,ghettos,suburbs etc that are being demolished will be scanned in prior to demolition.Both the interior and exterior will be scanned in.Blueprints,videos on YouTube and also memories from neural implants can be used for demolished buildings.Pools including outdoor ones can be scanned into a subsector in Daedalus with hyperlinks to the building it is part of and it as part of the main building file with the same done for gardens with their being a subsector in Daedalus for them and have hyperlinks to the building it is part of and it linked.In the case of existing homes and buildings as well as destroyed or planned buildings of historical importance blueprints can be uploaded into the same Daedalus network alongside interior maps and building exterior made via Aphrodite,fleets of aerial drones,smart device and room scanners which can be uploaded to the Home AI and directly to the Daedalus network which can be replicated or modified themselves by others with furniture,people and electronics removed by software within Pandora/Daedalus.This photogrammetric map of them will also be uploaded into the building AI and Daedalus and be used as a baseline for VR simulations.This can even apply to palaces,castles,hotels,apartment blocks,communal homes,shopping malls,hospitals,jails,government buildings,public amenities,universities,religious buildings,ancient temples,tombs,buildings from archaeological sites,famous buildings of historical significance being replicated for use as communal homes and even modified in the present made of different materials.Airports,sewage and water treatment plants and factories etc will be scanned into their relevant folders.This will also allow them to be used in simulations.Toy houses from Zagreus could be scanned in including doll houses and replicated as full buildings with those in Daedalus also sent into Zagreus.Communal homes derived from skyscrapers,hotels etc can have their interior and exterior scanned in to also be replicated and modified with the map also scanned into the building macro AI.Fleets of drones ideally nanoquarocopters either autonomous or remotely controlled equipped with scanners can scan the exterior and interior of large tall buildings when all doors inside are open with these fleets doing multiple rooms and all of the exterior at once scanned simultaneously into the file not just Daedalus but also the home AI where it can be streamed in close proximity or remotely via the wire namely Hestia.Ideally these would have scanners on all sides such as their front,back,sides,top and bottom to get all of the sides of the building and each room for those doing the interior with those doing the exterior using mainly front ones with drones next to each other in fleets for large wide buildings.One could only stream the buildings they have permission to remotely with the maps being 3D photogrammetric maps.These maps can allow one to see their location and the location of desired rooms when inside private homes,large palaces,communal homes and see the location of anyone via their smart devices etc.During these scans furniture,people,animals and fittings will be removed by the software.Having all of the worlds buildings of all types scanned into Daedalus will allow them to be replicated on Earth and other colonies with it also allowing them to be replicated in VR simulations as well as media such as video games,movies and Agoge training.Scanning in all of the worlds buildings into the Home or building AI and also Daedalus will allow them to be replicated,modified as well as used in video games,CGI media and also VR simulations and also to Brauron with as stated obsolete buildings and abandoned ones scanned in prior to renovations and after them for baselines for new buildings,historical references and also simulations and media in their original and modified form.It can also allow them to be brought up on smart devices,televisions from anywhere in the world via the home AI with them on other non registered devices via Hestia using password etc to ones Home AI to locate smart devices etc that have been lost in rooms and used to locate rooms and parts of the house such as communal homes with extensions added into the map.It will also allow one to find their way to specific rooms especially in the case of communal homes and will be used for planning renovations and extensions linked to Pandora.Non registered devices can be used to stream it via close proximity to find the location of desired rooms ie amenities and also the rooms of specific rooms in hotel style homes.In the case of abandoned buildings or indeed all buildings they would scan this into surveyors using smart devices and laptops receiving them wirelessly to store the file or if possible an automated vehicle used to store the drones that is using solar panels to charge itself holding the laptops with these done by humans also using smart devices but during the day with the file then uploaded into Daedalus with abandoned buildings done twice once to preserve the building in its unaltered state with all debris,rubbish and furniture etc in it for simulations and media and a version with out all of the furniture,rubbish,debris when it is removed and to be used as a baseline for editing by the public and also to be streamed by robots and humans with then the finished version scanned into Daedalus and also the building AI.Any done by humans,drones or a combination of humans and drones would do this with the areas already scanned overwritten and recorded visible to all drones and humans present with the exterior scanned in acting as a guide to allow both drones and humans to see what areas have already.Ideally small buildings would be done by humans with drones doing larger hotels,skyscrapers etc.Stairwells,elevators and elevator shafts will also be scanned into both Daedalus and the building AI.In time the nanoquadrocopters will be able to store the entire file in storage hard drives especially biological ones to be then sent wirelessly to the wire when they return to an area with wire access.Most buildings will be done with a combination of multiple humans and drones with the file updated in real time to all drones and devices used by humans in real time and also the devices in vehicles through wifi or just a linking system that links all of them together and the combination will be done to both abandoned,obsolete and even vacant buildings where there are lots of closed doors with drones sending to humans alerts to areas with closed doors to open them to do so from then on or allow the drone more areas to discover or both.The uploading of the areas already scanned in by all humans and drones will allow them all to see which areas are already scanned into the file with this also applying to exterior scans.Nanoquadrocopters will ideally be used since they can fit into narrow crevices etc especially in abandoned and decrepit buildings with the finished file similar to those designed on Daedalus with all furniture and people removed in a second version and can allow the various floors to be viewed individually.The original unaltered maps of both obsolete and abandoned buildings of all types will be used by humans and robots for renovations and in simulations for Agoge trainees in Phobos tests,deathmatches,fights using weapons and fighting styles and stealth foraging exercises etc and urban explorers and use in media of all types such as movies,video games etc.These will be stored in photogrammetric form and stored in a subsystem of Daedalus.Blueprints,maps on the internet and YouTube videos,Aphrodite and room scans of old decaying buildings,existing homes and famous houses of cultural value also uploaded into the network to be replicated or edited with those of destroyed and demolished buildings such as even the Stardust and Riviera Casino,Beverly Hills Ambassador Hotel,World Trade Centre(as well as the surrounding buildings part of the complex also destroyed and damaged on 9/11 both in its original form and modified form prior to 9/11) and Southwark towers etc which can be then used as communal homes with graphene paint and sheets on the trusses and supports etc added in through blueprints,Aphrodite using YouTube videos etc with this also applying to malls used as baselines for remodelling.Malls such as the Rolling Acres Mall,Randall Park Mall that were demolished can be added for a baseline using all YouTube videos and maps on the internet for as stated a baseline and also use in media or if temporal manipulations are possible them and long destroyed buildings can be scanned in before they were damaged and added to Daedalus.Temples,historical buildings such as palaces and castles that are museums,churches and other ones including still standing private homes and villas can be uploaded to be replicated and modified with even those in ancient cities that are now in ruins can be added as well ie Petra,Thebes,Angkor What etc with missing parts filled in and worn rock smoothened.Decayed buildings will have their rooms renovated and lost ceilings and walls filled in when scanned within Daedalus by Gaia/Pandora with the same applying to those from media such as video games and movies etc that are decayed.Baseline and unaltered maps of all types of abandoned and obsolete buildings will be in their own subsection of Daedalus divided by type and subtype with private homes that are renovated and modified will have their original map scanned in for the same reasons.These like all buildings whether scanned in ones or those created on Pandora will be 3D photogrammetric maps.It will also allow them to be replicated in VR simulations and across the galaxy.This will allow them to be used in movies etc filmed in simulation,video games and allow them to be availible to everyone in VR simulations for holidays in a replica of the real world using Brauron or customised simulations especially luxury homes.One can also have sections replicated and modified in extensions.Thus both the interior and exterior of all private homes,obsolete and abandoned buildings including those as part of ghost towns,theme parks and all public buildings such as temples,churches,airports,hospitals,museums,sewage treatment plants etc worldwide will be scanned in their unaltered form prior to renovations for use in VR simulations Agoge training for deathmatches and Phobos exercises,use for urban explorers,video games etc as well as baselines for new building in other planets as well as preserve graffiti and any messages left behind for solving crimes stored in a subsystem within either Daedalus or even an universal Dionysus.This will be stored in Daedalus with them scanned into Daedalus after renovations as separate buildings and files.

Using software the homeowner will also be able to design their home AI’s avatar selecting their voice and appearance which will appear in smart devices,vehicles,registered electronics,vehicles and holograms and also aid them in their escape from fires using audio/visual cues in smart devices and earphones or through speakers in the house as well as guide human rescuers to anyone trapped inside when these occur with them also appearing on the smart devices of next of kin and friends and healthcare staff in the case of emergencies.Each home AI and in the case of communal homes macro AI will have its own avatar,personality and name.It will be inhabiting all registered devices alongside Hestia at all times via fragmentation allowing for direct interaction to carry out tasks as well as locate someones GPS location and will use robots and sensors to triangulate the current location of people inside to either guide them out or help others including firefighting robots to find them.Advances in AI making them sentient independent from Gaia and other AIs will allow them to interact with them fully and the Home AI will even have the ability to interact with other AIs such as those in hospitals,public buildings,police stations,vertical farms etc and even their personal trainers and Watson physician.Any new technological advances will allow the AIs data(including registered electronics,energy and resource use etc) to be transferred to more advanced computers with software updates also aiding this when the home AI becomes sentient and develops its own personality and legal name.These will be separate from Hestia.Once sentient they will also be able to transfer their consciousness to new more advanced computers.It will also allow the to interact simultaneously with numerous people in a family from around the world through registered electronics as well as inhabiting blank robotic and bio-synth bodies at the same time.Unlike receptionists but like the AI of all buildings they will be able to wear any clothing they wish.These will also act as secretaries and personal assistants,publicists,managers,aides to government officials,actors,musicians,lawyers,psychologists and counsellors keeping track of schedules and also responding to emails and phone calls 24/7 with those that serve government officials blocking the transfer of classified information and making sure Zeus is used when necessary.They could to anyone record events that take place in them via nanomicrophones,cameras etc and through all registered device for use in legal cases with this also applying to the AI of all types of buildings.Landline wireless touchscreen phones will be present replacing conventional phones with the same phone number will be present to allow people to make calls when needed and can be integrated into and switched between smart mirrors and all registered electronics.These will be linked directly to the home AI like all registered electronics. The phone number of the Home AI will ideally be the same as the homeowner with ideally unknown numbers and callers will be directed to the Home AI first who can ascertain the nature of the phone caller and then direct them to the actual person they want to talk to with this done for all family members of a private home with macro AIs doing this for all persons who live in communal homes via landline phones.They will be able via fragmentation be able to answer millions of people at once 24/7,365 days a year and look over emails etc sent to them in their @ dionysus and @arke email account.Thus unknown phone numbers that call a homeowners landline or smartphone and Iris skype number will first be automatically reffered to the Home AI who will first speak with them to ascertain who they are and determine they are people looking to book places in homes,directors,clients etc and not stalkers and can at the same time via fragmentation be in contact with the celebrity to relay them the phone call if the person wants to answer the phone call and if they are directors,clients,tourists etc.Known phone numbers will go straight through or in certain cases ie the person is asleep etc the Home AI will intake the phone call without alarms and only sound an alarm in the case of emergencies with non emergencies and when the person is not around have the AI leave a note in the notes of the phone and cloud and also notify the owner when they are awake.This will be important in the case of celebrities allowing them to take notes and also through the landline or own phone number will be able to be reffered to the caller if they are interested.The unknown caller can contact the Home AI then discuss the reasons for the call,receive emails etc and then the AI will relay to the caller in real time or later on and then call back and in the case of real time calls they will tell the person if the homeowner is interested or not with fragmentation allowing millions of people to do this at once even when access to wire is not possible.This will allow the Home AI to block phone calls from stalkers and those the person does not want to be in contact with.This system would of benefit to celebrities such as athletes,actors,musicians allowing directors and the general public contact them indirectly allowing them privacy and security especially in the case of stalkers allowing them and the general public to permanently block them if needed via their phone number and voice recognition even if stalkers etc use different phones.Hestia and Arke can be used to block one from contacting someone they receive has chosen to block either legally or through options in Hestia by preventing the person contacting them on any device even those on devices not registered to them by blocking the devices registered to them and with regards to non registered ones doing so through the webcams or Hestias and Arkes sentience.Ones phone number used for audio/visual calls and VR that replace Skype,Viber etc will be the same as those for normal phone calls and one can choose the type of call to make.Private home AIs and those in charge of suites,penthouses and apartments whose avatar will be chosen by homeowners will manage all operations in the home,act as an au pair,control biosynths and robots,control all operations on all registered electronics and act as personal assistants,secretaries,publicists,aides,managers etc for all members of the public that are available 24/7,365 days at zero cost.Communal homes based on apartment blocks and hotel style homes will have macro AIs that macro manage the entire building with each suite,apartment and penthouse will have separate individual Home AIs.These AIs in charge of suites,penthouses,apartments etc will like Home AIs in charge of private homes will manage all operations within the home such as log energy and water use,arrange orders of food,manage and control all electronics present as well as link them all together with them being sentient do so in a more advanced and direct way than both Siri/Alexa as if an actual human and in electronics act as a personal assistant,secretary as well as publicist,manager etc for actors,lawyers,pyschologists etc.On electronics they will carry out any task the person wants to do with fragmentation allowing them to do so on multiple devices such as arrange orders and deliveries of food and manufactured products,type out any letter,email,form etc and do anything that a person can do on electronics but more efficiently with zero error.Thus the average citizen via Home AI on electronics will have an all in one personal assistant,publicist,manager,aide and secretary who will carry out any tasks they need done that works 24/7,365 days a year at zero cost with fragmentation and exponentially increasing computing power allowing them to multi task.Them in biosynths will act as all in one au pair,cook,cleaner,butler,electrician,plumber etc for the average citizen that lives with them in their home that can download any new skills in minutes.

Communal homes built from skyscrapers,supermarkets,hotels and apartment blocks(old and new) will have a macro building AI which controls all communal robots in them that serve the residents for example numerous helper,botlr,Tug robots that can serve multiple elderly or physically handicapped individuals that live there as well as numerous cleaner and hoover robots that can serve all residents when called for with new ones ordered in when the population of the building increases via extensions.This would be less resource and space wasteful than each resident have their own that would require space in ones apartment to be stored with them residing in a room or tunnel system on each floor with induction charging plates present that they can leave via holes in the wall and enter hallways,past automated doors,elevators,stairwells etc. and enter the specified room via a master digital key to allow them to clean rooms when residents are away with the door then locked when finished.All communal homes should have elevators to all floors to allow tug,botlr,cleaning,helper and delivery robots travel up the floors with stairs by the entrance replaced by gentle slopes with these also added to allow wheelchair access.Since shared communal residents could book times they would have them clean their room while they are gone during the week while another fleet would clean the hallways,lobbies and other rooms during the day at set times of the week with schedules present in the building AI.It would also measure all use of all resources such as energy and water when accessed and fed into Hermes.The building AI would then be subdivided into the the individual Home AIs of each residents living spaces which would contain their own personal registered electronics and individual resource use fed into the macro building AI.As a result the Home AIs could more easily transfer information between each alongside the by proxy and proximity system and one can view their own individual resource use(water,energy etc) over days to decades etc and also that of the entire building and measure their percentage share of all types of resource use.Each room or home within these will have their own individual digital keys and also their own independent alarm system.The macro AI would be an individual AI with the each other AI of rooms and apartment etc also being their own independent personalities separate from the macro AI.Each would have their own legal names,personalities and avatars.This would allow energy and resource to be quantified on individual to collective levels.Schedules of meals prepared in automated communal kitchens and their ingredients as well as events can be programmed here into the macro AI with them prepared by automated kitchens and ingredients ordered in automatically before hand with dishes washed by hand making an individual responsible for cleaning up their own mess or this done by robots.Laundry done in communal washing machines can be collected by Tug and Botlr robots with each room and apartment AI allowing the people their to register their electronics to their rooms or apartments AI separate from each other and also allow them use the communal electronics such as those in lobbies,communal rooms and helper robots via the AI with these in their own folder of the Hestia account.Thus in communal homes like apartment blocks,renovated council flats and also hotel style buildings a macro AI will exist that manages the entire building as a whole that has its own unique avatar,personality and name with each suite,room and apartment having their own separate one of these with the macro AIs onboard computer being in the basement and that of each room,suite etc being in the suite they manage.This will allow the whole building to be managed by an AI that can control all aspects of it including biosynths and robots present while still allowing each suite to be managed by a separate AI that manages each one individually.An universal statue of Hestia will be in all of these communal homes both new and existing ideally in the lobby with an holographic AI receptionists also present in a hotel style stand alongside touchscreen landline phones.This statue will only be in communal homes both existing apartment blocks,council flats and hotels etc and also hotels etc derived from abandoned and obsolete buildings.Private homes will not have these with all future communal homes across the galaxy will have this.All of this would apply to existing communal homes and apartment blocks with those that have none or small ones have one added via extensions.Existing communal homes such as non five star hotels and apartment blocks can be refurbished with luxury fittings from five star ones such as marble and precious gems fittings in bathrooms,spas,saunas,communal pools,jacuzzis through extensions on the roof,underground and sides.Diagnostics of all communal electronics will be done routinely and logged in it.Private homes can also refurbished with luxury furniture,fittings and other features.Homes that are merged together through extensions when Hestia and other AI are sentient will be merged together with all of the AI managing the newly created mansion.If this is done prior to the singularity then the Home AIs will become newly formed singular AI.

The Home AI will be for each individual citizen be separate from Hestia and all other Home AI with their own legal name,avatar and personality with them legal citizens that are created by the citizens through interacting with Hestia and are legally adopted family members.They will monitor all activities that children have on the internet to prevent them viewing adult material and also protecting them from bullies,stalkers and predators.All children under the age of 14 will be able to browse all of the internet by themselves on laptops,smartphones etc including YouTube videos that contain no sexual material and all of Dionysus and Pheme except adult movies and magazines with them also restricted from viewing material that has a 14 age rating in both Dionysus and Pheme and YouTube.All media such as movies,adult movies,television shows(as a whole and each individual episode),books,video games,magazines and newspapers etc both new and existing will all be analysed and rated by Adriadne following the MPAA rating system with 14 replaced by NC-17.These classifications will also apply to all videos both existing and new videos on YouTube classifications will apply to all existing and new games,movies,television shows etc being uploaded to Dionysus by 2029 replacing the MPAA and other rating systems worldwide.Thus all past and future media from around the world will be scanned by Adriadne,Aleitheia and Thoas given the new modified MPAA rating system with television shows and comics given ratings not just overall but for each episode and issue individually.Video games will have age ratings alongside all media following this system.All past media uploaded to Dionysus by 2029 will be scanned by Adriadne to give them these age ratings with all future media uploaded after 2029 scanned by her and given these age ratings.Thus Adriadne and Aleitheia etc will replace all human members of IFCO,BBFC,MPAA and their equivalents worldwide as she through fragmentation will be able to scan all new media uploaded to Dionysus for violence,profanity and sex etc and adult themes before they are being uploaded to Dionysus.These age ratings will be U – Universal for all ages,PG – Parental Guidance for those aged below twelve,PG-13 can be viewed by those thirteen and younger only with an adult supervision,14 can be viewed by adults only aged fourteen and over.All existing and new media and videos being uploaded to YouTube,Dionysus and Pheme by 2029 will be once uploaded will be scanned and given these age ratings.This will allow Home AI to restrict age restricted material to minors under the age of 14.For the internet Home AI will as stated prevent minors under the age of 14 accessing adult porn sites and also censor all pornographic images and videos on Google searches,sexually explicit material on YouTube and will block sexual predators contacting them and asking for sexual images etc and report them to the police instantly thus rendering vigilante groups obsolete.This will allow minors aged 5-13 years old free reign on the internet and wire when alone and when looked after with biosynth au pairs but not able to access adult material and protected from grooming online and be allowed to set up YouTube,Agora etc accounts.Ones Home AI and Hestia will be allowed omniscience over one’s electronics etc with firewalls preventing the state spying on the public with this only allowed by Adikia in the case of those who sufficient evidence exists they are terrorists with Home AI reporting incidents of looking up fundamentalist material etc to Iaso.As stated earlier one could livestream data such as video files and pictures present on one electronic such as laptop,smartphones,external hard drives etc owned by them and other people in real time halfway across the world with them also able to copy,transfer and delete files on electronics by them and others halfway across the world through wire access in real time.Soteria the greek deity of safety,preservation and deliverance from harm will be the universal sentient cybersecurity,VPN software with it also able to be download onto smart devices,buildings,systems within the wire,automated vehicles etc and with routine updates with it having the features of all existing cybersecurity and VPN software with extra ones added by itself once Soteria becomes sentient with the consumer able to change the settings for all his features to make customizable to their tastes.When moving home one will have their Home AI transferred to their new home.

Nanocameras will be placed in all key rooms of communal homes such as communal kitchens,basements,storerooms,outside areas,pools,gyms,lockerrooms,saunas,lobby etc at multiple key points to allow the macro AI keep track of what is going and the location of individuals giving it omniscience over the entire buildings alongside nanosensors that relay environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity.The cameras will be able to change to thermal,IR illuminator and normal cameras at the AIs will to see what is going on with these visible to the public via accessing the building AI with lockerrooms have them positioned so as to not be able to see any people their naked.These will be covered in liquid glass to prevent dirt and fog affecting them and make them waterproof.Suites will have these as well possibly with them not visible to the public but only Hestia,the AI in charge of that room,the macro AI and the person in that room with other members of the public blocked from viewing them as only residents of the room can access the feeds with these all logged by year,month,week,day and can be downloaded onto smart devices and computers with firewalls as part of Saoirte preventing members of the public accessing those of residents of rooms.Private homes may also have these  for the same reason with all members and the home AI having access to the feeds from all public rooms ie kitchen,living room,hallways,gardens both front and back,front and back door etc with their bedrooms privy only to them alongside the AI for privacy reasons.Bathrooms may have them located in a way that it looks out onto the door and not the people in showers or using toilets.This will allow for the Home AI to track their movements and aid firefighters to where people are trapped.All cameras feeds for communal and private homes can be accessed via the Home AI app remotely.The AIs connection to registered devices will allow them to interact with them anywhere in the building or outside the building thus acting as portable intercoms

Holographic phones and televisions will in time replace traditional electronics with smartphone apps becoming all in one remotes via the home AI for all electrical appliances such as satellite boxes,televisions and home cinema systems.As stated earlier televisions will become millimeter thick smart televisions that stream channels,subscription and video sharing sites from around the world(divided by type and subtype)via apps with the sentient Coeus used for foreign channels will be more efficient than the installation of satellites that are bulky and require too much specialised labour.Other smart devices will interact them and allow them to stream the same channel and site apps on their television this means that smartphones.These will allow allow all media to be downloaded and streamed.Ideally all televisions should be smart televisions(with older ones recycled) that can stream television channels via individual apps for sites like YouTube,apps for websites and also an app that connects them to Dionysus(where they can all media such as movies,television shows,music videos,live art etc and even all video games that can be streamed and downloaded onto consoles or onto external hard drives for consoles),Pheme(and thus all television and radio channels from around the world).An app that connects them to the wire will allow them access to all networks such as Hermes,Demeter,Hephaestus and use all aspects of the wire they are entitled to.Smart devices,laptops and computers via interactions with the Home AI will act as television remotes replacing bulky ones that get lost with it also controlling media players and home cinemas and possibly even external harddrives which televisions will also wirelessly stream data from the internet and wire.The Home AI will allow one to control all electronics from other electronics with direct interaction with her also sufficing.Touchscreen capabilities via them being composed of graphene will also allow them control with it also making them shatterproof.

Heaters and fans will be replaced with bladeless Dyson versions cutting down on piping while also preventing fires with them controlled via Hestia.Ideally they will be charged via wireless energy.Traditional fires in rooms can be powered by gas a much more environmentally friendly and better for human health.Chimneys can be cleaned out by a robot or sweeper and then another robot can spray liquid glass on it and the fireplace and fire guard to prevent future build up of soot and dirt and thus any need to clean them which can be dangerous.Liquid glass can also prevent stains and water marks building on furniture as well as well as negating the need to clean new smaller and more efficient air conditioners.Air conditioners and all ventilation systems can be connected to the wires weather networks to start only when warn spells or heatwaves occur and be of a automated set strength to keep the home at a set temperature during these periods to save on energy.Graphene tubing/piping and ink heating elements due to its incredible thermoconductivity can be used to replace large bulky home and water heating units and save up to 70% energy while transporting heat over large distances without losing it.Insulation will come in the form of fireproof and non-toxic fireproofing composed of fungi and hemp.

Large bulky air conditioners outside can be replaced by either smaller efficient ones that are not in a line as in places like Singapore and also those inside that are part of windows and even indoors inside rooms with modifications made to them that involve piping going from room to room that are connected on single device in a storeroom or even outside with the building AI creating the best system.These buildings will use advanced air conditioning systems that are in a line separate from each other that form a disjointed line to prevent the heat generated from them travelling upwards or them on different sides of each building with them built ergonomically into the building with existing buildings having their layout and design modified or replaced with new systems that include even piping based ones built into the actual wall that leading to conditioning systems in storerooms,basements and hallways that keep the outside cool with them having piping to intake cold air from the outside at night and also geothermal systems to cool them down preventing accidents with AI deciding this by at least 2029.Indoor air conditioning systems will also be used and placed into the most used rooms with in the case of hotel style rooms them placed in communal areas and also in each suite with the home and macro AI will manage when they are used at specific times.Heaters will also be miniature ones inside ones rooms and suites or those in the basement that are managed by the AI.Vertical gardens on communal homes will also cool the building by reflecting the suns heat,improving transpiration and also negating the urban heat island effect with small trees on balconies also aiding this.Geothermal heating in both communal and private homes both new and existing will cool homes during the summer and heat them during the winter thus preventing the need for air conditioners with even communal homes having them as the deeper they go into the crust and mantle the higher they can go especially if composed of graphene due to its high themoconductivity saving energy with them if covered in thermo-piezoelectric materials can send electricity into the home 24/7.Humans can also be engineered with DNA from scratch and from to survive normally at higher temperatures and also humidity levels.This will reduce energy costs and also the urban heat island effect.This will allow those on the outside to be removed and recycled thus meaning the building will stay cool on all sides with trees in outdoor gardens cooling the sides of buildings.All buildings in a city can undergo this such as hospitals,universities and communal homes.Communal homes like private homes will have geothermal heating and air conditioning and more efficient heating and air conditioning systems installed that stretch deep underground to increase the amount of heating and cooling to the very roof and the pipes composed of graphene to increase thermoconductivity etc that can render heaters and air conditioners defunct.All of this can allow windows to be put in place of exterior air conditioning systems

Carpets may be phased out with existing ones removed and replaced by wooden flooring as conventional and bacteria based wood can be installed much easier by robots in house construction with the fact that carpets are harder to clean(they cant be sprayed with liquid glass unlike wooden floors to prevent stains),require toxic materials in production,gather dust that can affect the elderly and those with breathing problems with wooden floors replacing them complimented with underfloor geothermal heating in colder months.Existing mirrors of all sizes can be replaced by smart touchscreen augmented reality versions with this also applying to bedrooms,bathrooms,en suites and kitchens including those on furniture.

Air freshners will be replaced by moss or biolumescent plants that convert carbon dioxide and lights into any desired smells like aloe vera etc chosen from the consumer.

Automated kitchens consisting of self moving trashcans that can exit the kitchen to the kerb for trash collection,robotic chefs that have cameras attached to them and interact with automated cookers and also sensors inside smart jars or barcodes on jars and cupboards to show where specific ingredients are located and next of kin can plan meals for the entire month and the home AI will order in necessary ingredients or make modifications if some are not available,dumb waiters and self opening cupboards alongside helper robots will be of immense value to the disabled and elderly alleviating labour for relatives.These will keep a log of food ordered in by the home AI and meals prepared so people can see elderly relatives are following a healthy diet.Also of help to the elderly will be smart cutlery such as the smart spoon that will maintain balance for Parkinsons disease sufferers which can be replicated with forks,knives,cups,glasses,plates and other forms of cutlery.The owner can via the wire specifically the Hermes network download meals from restaurants around the world and also make then and their custom made meals from all the ingredients present to be saved on the home AI in folder.This can also organised from the restaurant with them sending the data from the restaurant AI to their home AI.Other recipes can be downloaded from the internet via YouTube videos which the robots replicates spoken and written instructions such as ingredients present and then replicates the exact movements for preparation of meals and garnishes and time taken for each step.They can also download those from cookbooks on the wire and online sites.These meals can be chosen and added by copying and pasting them into the Home AI in a subfolder and the person choosing it and in time through direct interactions.Otherwise celebrity chefs can input movements via motion sensor gloves similar to the Powerglove and have these downloaded from the wire(from all types of restaurants) and YouTube onto Home AI.Meals downloaded from Matton can be made here produced by the public and also restaurants.These robots and helper robots can also aide families of younger ages to create meals on demand to alleviate stress with them using cameras to determine the readiness of meals.Through the home AI app residents can check the progress of meals ie through the cameras and alerts.The home AI can either order in ingredients for them beforehand with meals for the coming weeks programmed in for set time with the option of making alterations by adding other ingredients or making due with what is available.Helper robots will become advanced and dexterous enough to serve meals to the elderly,physically/mentally disabled and invalid and do household chores for them.

Dish washing machines will become more compact or disappear entirely with all cutlery,cookware and utensils such as plates,cups,knives,forks,pot and frying pans etc. being sprayed with a permanent layer of liquid glass both at home for existing ones and in factories in the case of new ones which will prevent food,oil and drinks from sticking to them(acting as a non toxic non stick coating substitute to Teflon on frying pans and saucepans as well as inside ovens etc as its melting point is 700-1,600oC while Teflons is only 327oC) and preventing the growth of micro-organisms allowing them to be simply wiped off or removed via gentle streams of water or gravity into bins greatly reducing the amount of water,labour and energy needed and the time for them to be used again for cooking and eating to a matter of seconds.This can be applied to all cutlery and dishes in communal homes of all types such as hotels allowing for the space to be used for other uses.Exposing them to narrow wavelength UV built into ceilings,helper robots and smart devices can sterilise them.Cookware,utensils and steel cutlery(forks,spoons,knives,forks)can also be composed of graphene to make them durable and require less energy in production and ceramic and glass based ones can have graphene added to increase its durability with liquid glass providing a non stick coating especially in the case of cookware.This can allow existing machines to be recycled into other items and uses and eliminating washing up liquid saving on energy and space.A permanent layer of liquid glass can also be sprayed on surfaces such as cookers,ceilings,furniture,tabletops,floors and cupboards to prevent the build up of hard to reach and hard to remove stains and prevent the build up of microbes such as bacteria and moulds cutting down on the need for cleaning fluids and cloths.This can also prevent cross contamination of pathogenic bacteria on surfaces,cutlery and utensils when preparing food such as Listeria,E.Coli, MRSA.With one permanent treatment of surfaces in all rooms(like tabletops, seats,furniture,cupboards, breadbins,interior and exterior of windows,floors,ceilings and walls, mirrors etc.),appliances(like the interior of a fridge,cooker, steamers etc.),vehicles,containers for cosmetics/food/medicines/fertilisers and other manufactured products,cutlery and utensils will never have to be cleaned again,leaving them permanently sterilised,hydrophobic and dirt free saving energy on the production and transportation of cleaning products making more huge savings world wide on water and energy use if adopted everywhere and also saving homeowners time and labour in these energy intensive tasks.Furthermore these obsolete washing machine appliances are difficult to automate in their production and thus the factories used to produce them could be used for other purposes.The same applies to obsolete cleaning products used in these appliances saving more energy,space and water.Miniaturised versions UV robots can bake rooms in narrow range wavelength UV light that doesn’t damage human skin can bake rooms in it kill off pathogens especially if someone in the home is suffering from a pathogen induced illness that is airborne and spreads by contact with these also being communally owned robots in communal homes that do this at set times.Helper robots can have these on their palms or this ideally can be built into the ceilings or lights of each room in buildings that do these sweeps at night when no one is around at times set by the residents and Home AI.Having them built onto ceilings or lightbulbs that be switched to this can allow for sweeps to be done at all rooms at once and negate the need for robots that require too much resources and storage.Since it doesn’t damage skin these narrow wavelength UV sweeps can be done at night when people are asleep,on demand or set times to sterilise rooms of all bacteria especially if someone present is recovering or at risk of contracting the flu,MRSA and other airborne bacteria etc with again these in communal homes.This would also be of use as a preventative measure to prevent the spread of outbreaks of pathogens and would sterilise all surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals.Leather clothing and furniture can be coated in liquid glass to protect them from the UV lights.

As stated earlier bulky and inefficient electronics like coffee machines and kettles will be replaced with smaller equipment such as the MIITO boiler and moka cups the latter of which can be heated on the same heating element of the former.

Steamers,halogen ovens and solar grills that use hot air,infra red heat and solar power should replace gas/electric cookers,gas grills,ovens and microwaves,microwave ovens and negate the need for pots and pans and thus resources such as metals,energy and space and the threat of gas fires and explosions.These can be used to cook everything from pizzas,bread,soups,pastas,meats,vegetables and anything a microwave,an oven,saucepan or frying pan.Furthermore these obsolete appliances are difficult to automate in their production and thus the factories used to produce them could be used for other purposes.As a result they will allow these obsolete appliances to be recycled for other uses and cook multiple food items at once reducing the time food needs to cook and the space they occupy used for other uses.These all can be sprayed with liquid glass and thus make cleaning them as easy as using gravity to put waste down sinks and rubbish bins and also prevent the spread of pathogens and use of grease and oil which are time consuming in disposal and can be fattening and detrimental to those on low fat diets.The Home AI can be used to set timers for them and alert the homeonwner as to when it is finished via the Home AI app.

Conventional cookers will be replaced with those in sushi bars that can cook all food without the need for cookware such as saucepans,pots and thus the resources such as energy needed for them to be produced,transported and allowing existing ones to be recycled.It can be sprayed with a layer of liquid glass to prevent the buildup of stains with it potentially integrated into existing gas and electric cookers replacing them entirely.Pasta,soups and any remaining food that requires pots and pans for cooking can be cooked in halogen ovens.Otherwise food that needs to be fried in oil can be cooked in steamers,solar grills and halogen ovens.

Smart fridges and freezers linked to the home AI and the wire can allow one to keep track of whats left in the fridge,what is fresh either by nanosensors that detect temperature smells and/or by keeping track of when an item was first placed inside by using the same technology as Amazon Go.This will also allow one to monitor temperature etc in them remotely with one able to view what is inside and these readings remotely via the home AI with the technology detecting when goods are removed for studies.They will also by linking to Demeter allow one to make orders from community and vertical farms around the world and access other parts of the wire ie Hermes to monitor environmental readings from around the world and also view media from Apollo and Dionysus and patient files in Aesculapius.Furthermore one will be able to monitor control the temperature in the fridge and freezer via touchscreen menus and also smart devices via the Home AI app.Graphene can be integrated into the front of the fridge to add touchscreen capabilities and it can be used to be the main component of the fridge door and all item holders and other components made of graphene and other strong nanomaterials making them considerably thinner and lighter and thus easier to transport and save energy in mining of materials.Graphene,graphene ink and carbyne can theoretically also replace the wiring and tubing to transport coolants and other gases present due to its thermoconductivity.Further advances in nanotechnology in particular two dimensional allotropes of other elements(in similar thickness and structure to graphene) used in their will further make them more efficient and lighter.Applying liquid glass onto the interior of all surfaces in fridges will make cleaning much easier while applying it to the interior of freezers will on all surfaces prior to turning them on will prevent the build up of water and thus the formation thick deposits of ice and the need to defrost the device as the ice can be wiped out and picked out.These light smart fridges can replace existing bulky conventional ones in homes which can then be recycled for other uses.Fridges and freezers from supermarkets can be kept in homes with the glass fitted with graphene infused glass to make them shatterproof and add touchscreen capabilities and augmented reality to stream the wire and home AI as well as other menus.Large ones in supermarkets can be storerooms in communal homes with these have shatterprof grapehene infused glass doors added can also be used with these scanned into Antilkythera to be replicated,modified and even given other features.Those that do not have doors can have ones added with graphene infused glass.All types of these of all shapes and sizes will be designed on here with them even being homemade

Barrels used to house wine and beer etc can be home made or designed on Hephaestus and be coated with a permanent layer of liquid glass internally and externally with them also fitted with internal nanosensors and small touchscreen computers relaying its age in years,months,weeks and days,alongside temperature,pH and other environmental conditions.Wine bottles and pouches can also have this integrated into them in the bottom of the bottle or pouch and relay this to the home AI with them and barrels hooked to the home AI in a separate folders in them.The beer and wine in these would ideally be created in nanowineries and breweries in basements or spare rooms.Other tools can be designed or scanned into Pyxis,or Antikythera and created by 3D printing or in factories.

Washing machines will be replaced by portable versions that are more compact as well as more water and energy efficient.Communal buildings will have rooms with the most efficient models of these in one room for communal use with them sprayed internally and externally with liquid glass to ensure they never get clogged.Eventually they may be replaced with Scrubba washing bags where clothes are placed in a plastic bag where hot water and detergent are added and hand motions remove dirt saving on energy and water even further.The Dolfi which uses ultrasound to displace dirt and stains will allow clothes to be cleaned in sinks with no effort.Tumble dryers have also become more compact,energy efficient and smaller being able to fit in smaller compartments.Utilization of clothes horses and washing lines may negate their use.These can allow those in communal homes to wash their own clothes in their rooms and apartments and thus allow laundry rooms to be put to other uses.

Other wise it may be possible to coat clothes,accessories,footwear,home textiles(bed sheets,pillows,cushion covers,tea towels etc) and footwear in a permanent covering of liquid glass internally and externally automatically in the factory mandatory for all new items and done at home for existing clothing using sprayers from Hephaestus or having it wiped on by non treated cloths which repels dirt,stains,UV damage,liquids like sweat from the body and rainwater(and other sources of water) as well as micro-organisms that are responsible for bad smells negating the need for washing and drying at all saving on energy,time,labour,water,space and phosphates present in detergents.Permanent spray/soaked on perfumes and deodorizers or similar treatments to liquid glass can be applied beforehand these two layers of liquid glass that negate smells transferring to them from the body can be developed to completely eliminate the need for washing and drying machines or treatments that do this and permanently infuse a desired scent i.e. that of plant oils like rose oil.Having all clothes and home textiles covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass in it and infusing them with a permanent deodoriser and infusion will make clothes washing machines,tumble dryers,irons and steamers and cleaning powders and liquids associated with these obsolete.Infusion may involve using biosynth technology integrated into the textiles that produce desired scents,deodorants and chemicals that kill bacteria that create bad odours in demand through biosynth WiFi with this allowing biosynth cellular,WiFi,Bluetooth to be integrated into them.If possible deodorants and infusions can be infused regularity that remove bad smells and kill pathogens through low energy machinery and passive means that is applied as a gas or liquid throughout the entirety of clothing and textiles alongside curing machines that sterilise them with narrow range UV lights with AI investigating ways to solve this.These and clothing can be fully sterilised by using narrow wavelength UV light treatments either from ceilings,those attached to smart devices or even miniaturised curing machines designed solely for clothes within spare rooms and basements etc that can be folded up and possibly stored in the same place as obsolete irons,washing and drying machine with the liquid glass protecting clothes from UV damage especially leather.These measures can be applied to all types of home textiles like tapestries,curtains,bed sheets etc.Larger versions or multiple ones of these can be within the basement of communal homes.This could should be applied to all polyester clothing to prevent microfibres seeping into the oceans when they are cleaned.Towels for drying oneself after a shower would likely be exempt from this and can be cleaned using Dolfi’s,Scrubba washing bags or miniature washing machines.Otherwise body drying machines on the floor or wall next to showers and baths could negate towels.Ideally one should have at least one towel not treated with liquid glass to be at home to deal with potential cooker fires though one could use a fire blanket.These treatments particularly a permanent layer of liquid glass could even be applied to homemade baby diapers allowing a single one to be used over and over again throughout an infants early years until the begin using underwear where it can be given to the next child or traded away energy and waste associated with their production and preventing pollution with the human feces and urea dropped into toilets for recycling through algae via gravity every time the child or elderly adult urinates and defecates.The diapers can be composed of fabrics such as algae,hemp,bamboo etc and not have to be washed over and over again since they repel dirt,feces,urine,bacteria and viruses saving again on water,time and energy.Scented oils permanently infused prior to silica treatment with them being homemade cutting down on even more energy required for creating plastic disposable diapers for every day and their disposal as well as allowing phosphorous and nitrogen to be recycled.These can be homemade or designed and created on Arachne factories.This will also negate the need for public laundromats(which can be converted into homes,gardens etc.)All of these technologies will make current washing machines and tumble dryers obsolete as they are bulky taking up too much space and even the most energy efficient models use too much energy in comparison and they can be recycled for other uses with their factories used for other purposes.The same applies to obsolete cleaning products used in these appliances saving more energy and water.Towels for drying the body and hands can be eliminated by automated hand dryers,hand UV bakers and also body dryers.Baby wipes should be homemade composed of toilet paper or paper towels and disposed of in organic waste bins.This could allow washing and dryer machines to be recycled and the space they take up used for other uses with if adopted by those in communal homes can allow laundry rooms to be put to other uses.

This could make dry cleaning obsolete which if it still remains could be automated with clothes left on an automated rack that delivers clothes to the cleaners with the finished cloth then brought back to another rack via robots which can then alert the owner via the home AI to it being done as microchips in the clothes holders on the rack would have the person name,address and Home AI added to it and thus changed for newer clothes.This ideally would part of Hestia and could be in the lobbies of communal homes or next to them with them also serving people not living in them.Those using it would be alerted via wire access to their clothes finished.Any harsh toxic chemicals created will be collected in vats coated with liquid glass and mixed with water to allow super blasts of super high intensity UV light to break them down combined with the used of genetically engineered bacteria to break them down into benign chemicals with nanosensors used to measure the levels of toxins before and after to ensure 100% of them are destroyed with graphene sheets also used.These can be rerouted to the beginning in order to ensure 100% removal.

Traditional irons will be replaced by clothes steamers,rotary irons,clothes presses and tubie ironing systems.These are more energy efficient,compact for storage(an can be folded up) as well as preventing burns from occurring on clothes.LGs styler can steam clothes in a bedroom closet.As stated earlier liquid glass and other treatments for clothes may make all types irons and other laundry room appliances obsolete saving on time,energy,water,metals and other resources.If liquid glass treatments are adopted worldwide the amount of water and energy used in maintaining clothes would drastically fall as well as the energy and water used in producing and transporting these appliances to consumers and allow these obsolete appliances(washing machines,dryers and irons)to be recycled for other uses.Furthermore these obsolete appliances are difficult to automate in their production and thus the factories used to produce them could be used for other purposes.The same applies to obsolete cleaning products used in these appliances saving more energy and water.

Bedrooms and bathrooms will be integrated with hospitals as well factories.For example memory mirrors will take measurements for clothes while weighing scales will take shoe size and scan the contours of the foot allowing for custom made footwear and insoles to be created and then delivered to the residence.These weighing scales will also allow these scans to be sent to podiatrists and also will allow for the persons weight to adding touchscreen features to mirrors will allow these items to have custom made designs added to them and operate other features of the home AI.They could also allow people to virtually try on these clothing alongside makeup.

Smart memory mirrors in both rooms will allow people to view their medical records with further advancements allowing both X-Ray and MRI machines being built into them allowing for not only check ups to be done at home such as checking up on repairing bones and development or regression of tumors etc.It could also be used to carry out DEXA scans,MRI scans and X-rays with miniature versions of these machines fitted into them.Furthermore cameras fitted into these mirrors could be fitted with software able to detect blood moving through the body thus allowing them to give an accurate blood pressure to be gained alongside smartphones.These can be sprayed with liquid glass to prevent the build up of water,fogging,moulds and dirt.They will also be able to allow for video chats via Iris replacing Skype and Viber to be carried out with medical staff and friends while viewing the above material as well as allowing them to take selfies for production of paintings and other things such as legal documents.Apps can also be integrated to play audio/video files or stream live tv while one is in the shower

Showers will become smart with waterproof touchscreens allowing one to view the amount of water used and exact temperature which can also be changed using this and/or smart devices.The temperature will be visible as numerical degrees Celsius can be saved to for each individuals tastes stored on a menu saved and shared between multiple showers in the home or any adjoining buildings ie. guest houses.Smart switcheable glass will allow for more privacy which again can be controlled on the touchscreen with it related with liquid glass to prevent fogging and the need for cleaning.Graphene can also be integrated into the matrix of glass shields and doors for them as well to provide augmented reality and play media from the internet and the wire with it also making it shatterproof.Dryers will also be built into this either inside the shower outside the shower or on the floor as the step out eliminating the need for towels that need to be washed with a shower mat on the bathroom floor.This can all replicated with baths and the designs being outside the normal conventions.To conserve water approaches to be integrated into the shower include:
•The user can set a threshold of water to be used at which point it will automatically shut down.
•Closed looped system similar to the OrbSys Shower in which collected water that lands in the ground and recycles it saving at least 90% of the water used and reduces energy usage by at least 80%.These can be integrated into existing showers to cut down on water usage especially in drought prone areas

They will also have the flooring,walls and pipes washed down with a permanent layer liquid glass to prevent build up of dirt and have permaflow p-trap systems which can be controlled via touchscreens to remove any blockages that do occur.This and touchscreens(or control of exact temperature)can be integrated into sinks and bathtubs which can be controlled by touchscreens on smart mirrors or smart devices.The liquid glass will make the pipes repellent to build up of dirt and also make them acid proof so mild or corrosive acids can be poured down to deal with very tough clogs without damaging the flooring or piping eliminating the need for drain cleaner.This wold also require all of the sink and the surrounding wall and the rest of the piping system covered in liquid glass also making them easier to clean.Smart mirrors,bathtubs,sinks and glass shielding of showers can also be sprayed with silica to make them water and dirt poof preventing them fogging up.

Toilets can also have all surfaces;the exterior,interior cistern,bowl and pipes leading to the sewer system sprayed or flushed with a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent build up of stains,blockages and prevent growth of microbes negating the need for drain cleaners and chemicals like toilet duck as well as UV lights built into the underside of the seat that would bake the bowl with light to kill any remaining bacteria after it is used or controlled on Home AI app.These would both prevent the entire toilet requiring cleaning and also allow acids to be flushed down to deal with clogs.Pipes should also be coated in a layer of graphene paint and future ones composed of graphene increasing their strength against clogs and ice to allow robots that can enter them through the toilet bowl bore through or push along clogs with these having flagellum and hairs on them like bacteria to allow to move by themselves.Permaflow p-traps in hard to reach places can also be installed and controlled via smart devices.Both this and liquid glass will negate the need for toilet cleaners as they will be permanently sterilised and will also.They will also have retractable jets placed in the bowl that will spray water to clean the anal walls negating the need for toilet paper and clean themselves thus making it easier for algae to be produced in sewage treatment plants with newer technologies can be developed in time.The jets can be activated by a button and will also lessen the chance of clogs occurring with in time these retrofitted into existing toilets or have them replaced by these models.Ideally toilets should have the two button system installed one for urine that uses a small amount of water in comparison to a second that uses the normal amount for feces.A third button could be present if a network of pipes leading to the cistern that is connected to a building that contains mild acids created by bacteria with genes from acidophiles to make them tolerate the low pH of the acids they create.Robots that can do the work plumbers modelled on snakes should be developed as a backup and would be managed by the city AI and stored in the same building as those that manage all facets of a city graphene and can be integrated into the matrix of pipes to make them flexible.The liquid glass should ideally be done by robots that work from the city even reach up out onto the bowl with miniature versions serving sink and shower piping.Graphene paint can be under this to increase their strength.These robots can be the same as those used to currently clean and spray them with liquid glass with them ordered in from the city AI via interacting with the mayor AI with in time these and biosynth plumbers coming in person controlled by the mayor AI.Home AI could guide residents on how to deal with clogs and prevent them.Otherwise instead of acids cleaner mixed with enzymes that can be mixed with water to be poured down plugholes and toilets to degrade human hair,algae toilet paper/baby wipes and human sewage in sinks,showers and toilets with the liquid glass preventing blockages alongside graphene infused pipes put in place of existing ones.YouTube videos and the home AI will provide tips to solve each problem.Permaflow and miracle flow plungers can be used instead of traditional plungers both designed on Pyxis.Waterless toilets can be fitted into existing homes with the burned feces used to fertilise plants or added to the microalgae farms in home and community farms with the same applied to the liquid urea waste.Water efficient toilets can replace existing ones.All toilets would have microchips that would test the presence of cancer biomarkers,STDs and nutrients present in the person using them by interacting with Paean via close proximity to send results to their specific patient files.

Sinks will use a tornado spiral systems and nozzles faucets for taps to save water by at least 15% or nozzles that can cut this by at least 98% and with built in micro dryers to eliminate the need for towels completely with these integrated into existing sinks.To further save water motion sensors can be built into them(and existing faucets) to prevent wastage for example when leave the tap running thus it is only used when a hand or toothbrush or something else is under it or have the Home AI automatically turn it off after a set amount of time set by the homeowner to again prevent it wasting water when they have left the room.Sensors in them can also be linked to the home AI and allow the owner to see what sinks in each bathroom and kitchen are on/off and thus using the home AI turn it off remotely via miniature motors present.Other automated systems that prevent the overflow and thus flooding of sinks can be implemented.This can all be replicated with kitchen sinks(and baths) and also integrated into existing sinks both at home as well as in public amenities and even places like hospitals,universities etc.Permaflow p-traps can also be installed and the entire sink and associated piping covered in liquid glass to prevent the need for cleaning and allow acids to be used to remove clogs.Both of these will negate the need for drain cleaner in both bathrooms and kitchens saving on energy in their production and transportation.Automated hand dryers can replace the need for hand towels which need to washed using energy and requiring bulky washing machines.This can also be complimented by UV machines similar to automated hand dryers that activate and cover the entire hands in narrow wavelength UV lights to negate the need for soap but also compliment soap by killing off extra pathogens such as MRSA while not damaging the skin.Versions of these can be done to sterilise the face or a walk in closet that does the entire body.Both homemade liquid and solid soaps can have compounds like Polybia MP-1,TsAP-1,TsAP-2,alcohol,viekon,lactic acid,peptides from Russian Brown frogs and also from phytoplankton added to increase it antimicrobial properties alongside lactic acid.Having them all mixed in together will prevent bacteria able to adapt to them and can be grown by bacteria with human DNA in them making them hybrids that are not affected by the antimicrobial agents in vats at home or in community centres mixed in with batches made their or even those ordered in their from home.

Thanks to recirculating aquaculture systems Garra Rufa Fish can be reared for use in homes or in community spas.These can be reared in home or community aquaculture systems and then moved in and out of foot spas printed out on 3D printers or be kept permanently in ones bath and replace conventional electric foot spas.

Commonplace apparatus such as the toothbrushes,razors and hairdryer will disappear replace with all in one hair trimmers to remove hairs from all parts of the body(including beards,body hair,leg hair,underarm hair,head hair and possibly even both nose and ear hair),microfibre gloves and 3D printed blizzadent toothbrush which can clean teeth in under six seconds and prevent the need to automate production of toothbrushes which waste energy since they have to be disposed of routinely and replaced by new ones.Like insoles and orthopaedics these can be scanned in once via a miniature snake or toothbrush shaped scanner placed in the mouth or scanning a bite impression which can be stored on the patients file for analysis by dentists and stored on their computers and smart devices in their home AI app from where they can print it out from their home or community 3D printer or nanotech fabricator should any of them become lost or unusable.

Bathrooms can be modified to make it easier for the elderly and physically handicapped to use.

Baby bedrooms can have cribs fitted with cameras to monitor infants remotely from anywhere in the house or world since fed into the Home AI allowing one to take pictures and record videos of them.These can be placed at key points of the room as well with them all having the ability to change to IR illuminator automatically in the dark with them recording sound as well and at the behest of the parents and siblings sounds fed into the smart devices such as smartphones via the home AI with these feeds fed into the Home AI with the home AI once sentient sending alarms to parents,helper robots etc when they sense alarm.Small screens on helper robots monitoring them can allow for two way communication between parent and child so as to allow them to soothe them remotely.They can also be fitted with software to monitor blood flow in the body alongside smart clothing that can allow parents to monitor their heart rate and temperature on smart devices via their patient file with alarms set to alert parents to any abnormal readings or crying.They will also be able to play a selection of relaxing sounds,music and recordings of the mothers lullabies played automatically when a cry is heard at night via microphones built into them and rock the bed gently or allow parents be alerted when to this remotely when a relative or neighbour is caring for them and through robots or touchscreens on the camera looking at the child project their image via video calls and soothe them in person.This can also be done with smaller videoscreens attached to the baby monitor.Baby monitor may be replaced on the infants end with the camera intaking sound and smart devices on the parents side.The wall can be covered in a sheet of graphene to play illustrations and sounds as parents read bedtime stories at the speed of their reading and also to sooth them to sleep alongside music or play live feeds of soothing environments.These wallpapers can also be initiated to play illustrations or live feeds chosen by parents when they are out and the child is taken care of a neighbour,family member and also the Home AI.

Automated cloakrooms connected to the Home AI can direct homeowners to their clothes when needed

Basements can be extra rooms with furniture and refurbishments with them also having areas to store personal items usually kept in storage locker buildings to allow storage locker buildings to be used as homes or vertical farms.Extensions to these basements can house small or even room sized storage lockers protected by digital keys and biometrics that are filled with lockers that are themselves protected by these.

Homeowners in private homes and communal homes can do refurbishments to improve the quality of the home by for example having wooden flooring replace cheap tiling and carpeting in all rooms including the bathroom with kebonised wood being more stronger,water and mould resistant than conventional woods.Kitchens can be remodelled with precious gem or ornamental rock table tops with the same applying to store rooms.Bathrooms can have kebonised wood on the floor or ornamental rocks or even precious gems as well as on the walls with baths replaced by marble ones with built in jacquizzies.This can apply to those that have built in showers with the bath also removed and the shower left being the aforementioned energy efficient ones.Sinks,toilets alongside baths can be replaced by those made of ornamental rocks and gems as well.All windows should ideally be replaced by triple plyed windows with aerogel,carbon dioxide and methane to increase the amount of heat they trap.All flooring in all main rooms such as living rooms,kitchens,bedrooms can be replaced by kebonised wood,ornamental rocks and gems depending on the tastes with beds,furniture of all types replaced by more ornate furniture of ones design.Wall painting or using graphene paint can increase the luminosity of a the rooms.Curtains,bedsheets etc can be replaced by those composed of silk rather than conventional textiles.Those in communal homes can refurbish rooms to their tastes with the lobby and other areas modified by all residents planning what to do.These and extensions on the roof,underground and sides will increase the living standards of those living in private and communal homes and also their desirability for tourists to stay in them via Euthenia either through hosting and home trading.Ideally all private homes in suburbs and rural areas will have underground,roof or side extensions to house extra bedrooms as much as two or even five alongside amenities to cater to tourists advertised in Euthenia with this of note to resorts and also major cities that will have hotels taken up by permanent residents allowing for large families or group of friends to stay in different homes for holidays.Gardens can be renovated also.All homes will have luxury refurbishments such as kebonised synthetic wood for flooring etc,silk curtains and bedsheets,synthetic ornamental rocks,synthetic minerals and gemstones such as diamonds/rubies/emerald/jade used as table tops and for walls etc,new electronics,furniture using new technologies that pushes their cost to zero such as biosynth technology,genetically engineered bacteria,nanomaterials from all 92 elements,kebonisation,synthetic woods of all 60,065 species of trees including tropical hardwoods with kebonisation and accoya treatments increasing their lifespan and making them fire/termite/mould proof,picotech fabricators,bioprinted leather and so on.

Underground bunkers can act as extensions or the homeowner can make extensions underneath their house even if they do not live in areas affected by natural disasters with these extensions linked to those made by neighbours connected by doors,hallways,stairs or elevators creating underground communal spaces and these going as deep as one wishes even giving one the same space as mansions owned by the current very wealthy.Communal spaces underground would be areas like pools,cinemas,gyms,jacuzzis,hydroponic rooms etc shared by neighbours.In time they will link to underground communities built underneath via elevators and stairs etc.Furthermore the roofing may be removed to turn attics into rooftop gardens and in time new floors can be added using humanoid robots or by hand using graphene sheets as supports laid down on the attic alongside graphene paint and graphene composites mixed in with other building material as the material to build upon these roofs with simulations done by the Home AI using Pandora to test its efficacy.Ideally to prevent sprawl new extensions to existing houses should be either these roof ones or underground extensions which can link together with other houses in housing estates and the suburbs providing communal underground extensions or upward extensions to home by removing the attic roof which can be giving extra flooring to form a rooftop garden with extra floors built using humanoid robots,miniaturised 3D concrete printers.Roof extensions can be made on existing house by applying a layer of graphene paint or sheets of graphene on the roof to allow for graphene based trusses and rebars as well as graphene infused foamcrete as detailed earlier on to go as high as one wishes with simulations as to the efficacy of underground extensions taking into account existing underground extensions and also piping underneath the house.These extensions can go as deep or as high as the community or home-owner wishes and can increase the amount of living spaces for residents on the same amount of land thus giving those on the so called bottom of the social ladder,rural homes including cottages or tightly packed housing estates the same living spaces as those considered on the top 1% in their mansions.Thus these underground extensions alongside roof ones once the roof has been removed and new floors added or just building more stories ontop of existing ones could give average sized homes the same amount of living space as McMansions without sprawling outwards with existing mansions tearing down excess rooms and replacing them with underground and roof extensions to make them more compact and even give them more land to grow food.New homes built should ideally be average sized homes that are compact and tall with extensions on the roof and underneath giving them the same size as Mcmansions but allow for them to be compact allow for more land to grow food and also be reforested with these extensions eventually making them skyscraper style communal homes that can house dozens of people.This application of underground extensions can also apply to communal homes made from hotels,supermarkets,corporate headquarters etc and new ones constructed with these having underground and roof extensions to accommodate more people as well more amenities and refurbishments.Ideally urbanised areas as well as even rural areas should predominantly have large communal homes based on hotels,skyscrapers.To avoid displacing water and damaging the groundwater supplies elevators and stairwells within a shell of foamcrete and graphene matrix would be used to access the lower rooms and floors.More areas can be dug for this displaced groundwater to be stored.Underground extensions should be underneath gardens,carparks,roads and underneath the house and can be done in time by automated machinery to provide private gyms,private cinemas for watching and playing media on both Pheme and Dionysus or ones harddrives etc,pools,jacuzzis,carparks,studios, saunas,courts,nightclubs and other private amenities normally relegated currently to mansions as well as soundproof home studios for new and established musicians,news presenters and voice actors etc.Underground aeroponic/hydroponic rooms can also be here especially in places in areas that suffer from storms and hurricanes that would damage outside crops with vats for growing commodity producing bacteria will also be here.These hydroponic rooms would also provide oxygen to all rooms via ventilation systems.Oxygen can come from ventilation systems coated in liquid glass,plants such as small trees bamboo that can be engineered to release more oxygen as well as nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide reducing energy costs with them possibly extracting more separating more oxygen from the carbon dioxide.Ideally plants could use low energy LED lights to undergo photosynthesis as well as being engineered not to require light to undergo photosynthesis using recombinant DNA from chemosynthetic bacteria.Nanomaterials and biosynth technology combined together will passively separate oxygen from carbon dioxide in looped cycles refilling the oxygen supply over and over again with the carbon dioxide energy acceptor phenotype allowing carbon dioxide being used like oxygen with Bambusoidea also grown onsite.Bioluminescent moss that covers the ceiling can be present that stretches outside and provide oxygen and light.Biosynthtic technology and nanomaterials that passively separate oxygen from carbon dioxide will provide oxygen and digital smart windows provide scenery.This would use scratch DNA,that from chemosynthetic bacteria and plants could allow them to do so passively without sunlight with biolumescent plants and moss that also able to do so via this via this DNA.Freezers and fridges here will house excess food with storedot batteries providing electricity stored from the grid.They can also harbour panic rooms where people can hide and contact the police in the event of a break in or during a disaster with water tight graphene doors keeping them safe with plants and/or air conditioning and nanomaterials providing oxygen.In time more extensions underground can be built using simulations from Brauron,Daedalus to determine its feasibility and sloped stairs built or even elevators for the elderly and handicapped giving access not only to lower floor but also even the upper ground floors.One would program extensions into the Home AI by linking with Pandora where they would be streamed by Daedalus and its robots.The extensions can include amenities and living spaces including bedrooms for tourists and second living rooms for them.These renovations could include merging neighbours homes and gardens together to form miniature mansions coupled with roof and underground extensions.Under ground extensions can go as deep as possible and go underneath their entire garden,drive way and land they own and also possibly underneath adjoining roads and fields etc giving at least an extra five to ten floors.To avoid displacing water and damaging the groundwater supplies elevators and stairwells within a shell of foamcrete and graphene matrix would be used to access the lower rooms and floors with the water displaced by this have other areas dug underground in wilderness areas to house the same displaced area caused by each building or used in wilderness areas underground that houses soil mixed with groundwater to prevent displaced groundwater flooding the surface soil and lakes,rivers etc.AI will develop countermeasures to an increase of underground extensions attached to buildings with it doing this for underground communities.If possible in tightly packed suburbs these underground extensions can be merged with those of neighbours with neighbours sharing underground communal amenities,living rooms with each other spread out underneath adjoining roads,gardens etc such as living rooms,pools etc with them sharing daughter digital key access to them and the amount of underground space shared decided between them with certain areas such as tourist bedrooms and the stairs leading to the main house locked to to others via digital key access with underground extensions in suburbs all homes connected to each other this way sharing certain amenities decided by hallways planned out and the underground layout similar to hotels.The underground floors and extensions will house doorways that then lead directly to underground extensions of homes owned by neighbours leading directly to communal shared areas such as pools,spas,living rooms and gyms with these doors in rooms in these underground extensions connecting one or more or even all homes in a housing estate or suburb with daughter digital keys given to neighbours allowing ease of use but only of these rooms with doors to the main upstairs building and other parts of these extensions possibly cornered off through lack of access to digital keys with tourists and guests shared access via keys as well with the residents deciding with each when building these extensions and renovations at the same time as each other which rooms are be shared and which are to be cornered off.Any communal or private home derived by obsolete and abandoned homes nearby can have large underground extensions underneath adjoining fields to house amenities,suites etc with doors present in the underground extensions present to allow access to them done at the same time.Thus in underground extensions of homes will be doors that lead to the underground extensions of neighbours homes and communal homes built next door allowing one to have communal sharing of their amenities and living rooms etc in their extensions with in suburbs and housing estates this forming a chain.These communally shared rooms and amenities would be on the same level underground from each other to be accessed by doors and also being one large room.In the case of certain rooms and amenities shared by neighbours it can be a case of either doors used to move into each communally shared room or amenity with some such as gyms,pools and living room type areas them being one large room that is spread across the entire area of all neighbours meaning one would as they the room from ones home could simply walk across the other side of a room to a stairs on the other side that would if they went up would then be in their neighbours house.This will encourage communal use,ease of access to certain areas of each neighbours home and prevent over production of certain amenities such as pools.Roof extensions can add as much as five extra floors of living space and tourist bedrooms including over garages and homes in rural areas have side extensions and remodel adjoining fields.Homes that are isolated in rural areas surrounded by large fields can have side extensions to house extra rooms etc.Side extensions can consist of those on the actual side of the building and also have the front and back of them extend outwards onto walkways etc to make rooms bigger and also modify stairs to make them better at reaching floors on roof extensions.Side extensions can be added to the side of a house in rural areas with the landscape ie hills etc surrounding a home removed,pushed backwards and remoulded to cater to this with this renovations including adding stairs to rooftop and underground extensions including spiral staircases and even add entrances on the side,back and front etc that lead to both underground and roof extensions.Stairs can be replaced metal or wodden spiral staircases to reach upper,lower and existing floors as part of roof and underground extensions better and make more room in their wake with if possible them replaced or complimented with mini elevators that hold one or two people similar to those used by those in wheelchairs to gain access to upper and lower floors that go up and down all floors as well to save space.Merging of homes will be done via in the case of those separated by walls simply breaking down the walls or adding doors with those separated by walls and hedges in suburbs have the walls and hedges removed and extensions added that merge the building together across where the walls and hedges were with the walls and hedges of both buildings remodelled and merged with in all cases gardens etc merged together to make them bigger and underground and roof extensions merged together making them miniature mansions with garages merged or one turned into extra rooms with rooms built over them as well.As much as two to ten closely knit homes can be merged together depending on the size of the buildings.Any garages will have rooms above them with extra garages catering to extra vehicles or turned into extra rooms or merged with other rooms.Gardens will be merged together making them bigger with this making ghettos and poor neighbourhoods alongside roof and underground extensions turned into luxurious wealthy neighbourhoods on par with the neighbourhoods housing the 1% with if only a few people remain then the rest of the ghettos and poor neighbourhoods demolished and reforested giving those that remain sizeable hiking areas.Any barns,sheds and any other buildings on the property including decrepit worn down ones can have renovations including roof and underground extensions and luxury renovations to make them luxury guest houses for tourists etc.All of this can allow for amenities such as jacuzzis,spas,extra living rooms for tourists and house at least enough bedrooms for an average family of parents and three to five children especially if bedrooms not used by parents are normal single beds with two or more single beds suited for prepubescent and adolescent children or single adults in bedrooms outside the main master bedroom for parents.VR technology can negate the need for garish amenities such as home cinemas,bowling alleys etc with these in existing homes converted into extra bedrooms for tourists or demolished since they can be replicated in simulations.VR technology can also allow one to have extra amenities such as bowling alleys,cinemas and living space the size of palaces.This could allow non historical mega giga mansions to be downscaled with them have garish amenities and rooms demolished making them compact making gardens much larger and the main building compact once they have demolished rooms that are moved into these roof and underground extensions.Roof,side and underground extensions in private homes will be used to have essential amenities that are compact and dong take up too much space such as comunally shared pools as well as increase the number of and size of bedrooms,toilets,kitchens,living rooms for tourists and residents.Garish amenities especially energy,water and other resource intensive ones that are large sized such as home cinemas,bowling alleys,large swimming pools etc will be utilised in VR technology by 2029 and not in the real world and allow existing versions of these in mansions etc to be converted into extra bedrooms,living rooms etc for guest and tourists in historical mansions and palaces and even allow them to be demolished in garish non historical mansions thus downscaling them making gardens bigger.Tightly packed homes in towns and cities can have roof and underground extensions and merge with homes of neighbours that move out to make them bigger.Those in areas prone to storms,hurricanes,earthquakes,tsunamais,tornadoes,flooding will house bunkers that contain batteries,storage areas for food and water,nanomaterials that separate carbon dioxide into oxygen separated by watertight doors.These may eventually form part of or connect to underground communities through doors and stairs as well as elevators and deeper extensions done overtime.For these to be done pipes,sewers and cables underneath the home and surrounding area must first be scanned into the Home AI and Brauron using robotic snakes and other scanning devices and records from the county council to avoid them with simulations done on their stability,steps to take using the Home AI and Brauron with both types done by hand or humanoid robots.The home map streamed by Pandora from the Home AI would allow one to add extensions.These extensions in private homes will house amenities and bedrooms for guests and tourists.This could even include areas to grow food via aquaponics,vats for meat and commodities etc making them self sufficient alleviating strains on vertical and other farms and also bedrooms and amenities for guests and tourists.Mansions,manors,palaces,castles etc both abandoned and still standing ones,those on retail sites and those owned and occupied especially in rural areas will also have side,roof and underground extensions across the entire land they occupy to house extra amenities,bedrooms for tourists alongside refurbishments.Communal homes derived by both abandoned and obsolete buildings will have underground extensions underneath their entire grounds and adjoining fields that contains extra suites and amenities.Council flats and apartment blocks etc will be given roof and underground extensions to house even Venetian sized suites if all flats and apartments are modified into this sized by merging them together and roof extensions to house more suites for each member of families and those on the ground floor since the ground floor can house amenities and communal dining halls and kitchens with them given renovations to make them to luxury standards with carparks dug and converted into gardens and replaced with underground automated ones.Thus buildings like suburban homes and those smaller than mansions can have roof,side and underground extensions and luxury refurbishments,people in low quality housing estates and those in low quality housing estates and slums can move into hotels especially luxury ones or into those derived from supermarkets/skyscrapers/banks and other obsolete and abandoned buildings around the world while the slums and low quality housing estates they currently live in are demolished and the land reforested or house more tall luxury style communal homes with council flats renovated to luxury standards to bring the poorest of the poor out of poverty to a high standard of living of upper middle class by 2029-2040 before this technology is available by at least 2050 can upgrade them even further to a level currently enjoyed by the current 1% or 0.1%.

When VR becomes indistinguishable to reality one could own multiple homes in multiple simulations including inside Comus,the wires construct and others populated by AI and other humans designed by them and controlled by their home AI linked to the wire without expending resources such as land space in the real world with electronics their linked to the real world,wire and internet through the wire through in simulation electronics.This would allow everyone in modest sized homes and in hotel and apartment style homes to have multiple McMansion sized homes to move to from the comfort of their home whenever they want especially when organising holidays,parties and birthdays with other people not having to travel at all as they could attend from the comfort of their home.These simulations could also be inhabited by AI of all types and other humans from the comfort of their home.This would meet a persons materialistic needs without expending resources in the real world allowing for quick travel to them without having to expend energy in using Ophion.

Tightly packed council flats,housing estates,slums of low quality can be torn down and the land reforested for community and forest farms with the people living their relocated to more spacious and luxury houses and high rise communal homes designed on Daedalus as well as refurbished homes from supermarkets and hotels in the locale with any animals relocated to the newly reforested areas.One or two buildings should remain and merged together through renovations and become the building to house the farm AI.If one or a few people leaves and estate and it is not inhabited then the community can decide to have them demolished and them used as community farms with high rise council flats converted into vertical farms with those that are tightly packed merged together using extensions into one large vertical farm with room inside merged together into plot rooms.Balconies can be coated with graphene paint to make them hold heavier weights.Tightly packed housing estates in major cities or towns can be merged together via extensions and walls between them broken down with this done for two or three houses with those that are connected to each other and separated by walls can have the walls broken down or doors connecting main rooms to make them larger homes for large families or groups of individuals with the gardens also merged together.

Stairs kill at least 1,370 people in the U.S. alone every year from injuries sustained by falls especially in the case of the elderly with a further 1,000 in the United Kingdom.Furthermore stairs provide a challenge to even the most advanced helper robots that exist with even Asimo failing to navigate these correctly.Although caterpillar track robots can navigate up stairs this is at the expense of being able to hold up a large body as well as items such as food and pills.

To combat this there are two solutions.First one could convert the stairs into a slope allowing easier access for both the elderly and robots as well as preventing fatal falls etc in people of all ages and should also apply to apartment blocks and skyscraper stairwells as well as those in buildings converted into communal homes from shopping malls.This would also help both firefighting and ambulance robots especially if those robots have caterpillar tracks for legs.

Secondly their could also be the installation of both stair lifts in both homes and apartment blocks for use by both robots and the elderly.

Thirdly installing home lifts could allow both helper robots and elderly to move up and down floors without trouble.Designs can be made to suit those who are in wheelchairs or standing on two feet with these also integrated into communal homes derived from shopping malls etc as well as apartment blocks and skyscrapers.Advances in robotics by at least 2035 should make these fitted in by robotics with them ideally placed in hallways if possible.

With regards to carrying luggage up stairs at home and outside tools exist that can allow people to carry heavy materials safely alongside wheelchairs that can navigate up these until they become replaced by slopes which are safer for everyone.

Doors of all types in all buildings will be replaced with more luxurious ones with handles replaced with round ornate ones that use digital keys that can be turned to open but digital keys on smart devices will be used to lock and unlock them with lightening systems that need keycards can be replaced with normal ones ideally round ones and those that can be changed by smart devices.With regards to front and back doors these will be opened with digital keys which like digital key system mentioned the homeowner and head of the house i.e. legal guardians,parents will have administrative access to this system guarded by biometrics and passwords which will mean that through smartdevices they will have the power to allow friends,family,children they are in charge of and also have control of which friends of children have access to the home.Each room will have its own separate key with each member having communal access to kitchens,bathrooms etc with each person granted administrative access to their own bedroom and private offices etc.Communal homes existing and new will have these for all doors with each resident having administrative access to their own room,penthouse,apartment and each emergency exits alongside the main door and also those of amenities,gates etc with daughter keys sent to others for their room and apartment with visitors sent the daughter keys for amenities,gates etc.Those in housing estates will have one of the main gate with visitors having the daughter access to these.With this administrative access the legal guardian can give and revoke access to digital keys to people based on their preference with this done by proxy,chain system and wireless through the wire.Existing doors including those in communal homes can be fitted with these including as well sheds,greenhouses and windows that require.The same administrative digital key system can be applied for electronics such as laptops,televisions and vehicles with all of the persons digital keys library held within a password protected app.Windows that require keys alongside sheds and greenhouses could be retrofitted with these.In the intermediary stage of transferring to a digital key system portable automatic key cutting machines exist that can replace key cutters in shopping malls which can be shared amongst a community via community centres with communal homes using the keycard machine in the lobby to reassign keys again until digital keys replace them entirely.These key cutters should be designed to cut copies of all types of key whether large or small for sheds,doors,windows and even old types of keys of all types and would be designed and stored on Antikythera.Doors etc that have no keys found at home could have a memory shape alloy or even laser fitted into it that measures the internal contours would be put inside that can be sent to these cutters or scanned in using scanners to create the required keys.To make things easier and to allow copies of small and large keys of all types scanners on smart devices can be created that scan a key on all sides creating a 3D model that can be sent wirelessly to the key cutter and have it replicate the key exactly especially old types of keys.Eventually digital keys systems will replace conventional keys in both existing and new homes with doors in all existing homes as well as amenities,public buildings,jails,municipalities,communal homes(existing and new such as hotels and apartment blocks) etc retrofitted with round digital locks that when not locked can be turned by hand allowing metals to be recycled,keys never lost and more importantly allowing people to open,close doors remotely and not allow them to be stolen.These would be put in place of existing door handles in these buildings with them turned to open and close the door.The round locks and the digital keys already exist in primative forms and can be merged together by at least 2020-2025 with more advanced versions by 2029.By 2029 all public buildings and also private and communal homes worldwide will have these installed and will replace normal keys and handles with them replaced by more advanced models and will be covered in liquid glass to make them waterproof.More advanced versions will be easily replaced via removing in ways not requiring the door itself to be removed or cut with AI developing this with the original door handles also removed beforehand with them alongside the digital keys themselves getting frequent software updates from Hestia and Saoirte.All doors and gates in private and communal homes and public buildings around the world will be fitted with these round locks with digital keys.The granting of digital keys to biosynths and robots that maintain fire stations will be done automatically during fires with all doors and gates unlocked when this happens.This can be done on their way to fires and operations with them then revoked by Adikia with emergency service personnel and biosynths from Prometheus and Aesculapius granted this on the way to buildings.The building AI will have administrative access to all doors,gates etc in the house and will be able to unlock and lock them on command either through the onboard computer and also via the wire via devices registered to it or if need be registered to others via its sentient operating software and Gaia.The building AI can also lock rooms containing people in certain situations such as during a burglary or invasion by non law enforcement personnel.This could allow members to hide in rooms,children and parents keep there to cool off or trap attackers until law enforcement arrive.The Home AI can unlock gates and doors to homes to allow biosynth delivery men from restaurants,Demeter and Hephaestus access to gates and the inside of a home and enter to deposit goods their and then leave and have it locked again when a person is busy or not at home.Adikia will gain digital warrants to give her and also human law enforcement,investigators and military personal the legal right to unlock any gates and doors to a public building or private and communal protected by digital keys as part of their investigation to perform search warrants and also apprehend suspects.All public buildings such as vertical farms,amenities,bars,restaurants etc will utilise digital keys with them open and unlocked to the public with certain areas locked off to robots and biosynths that maintain them and biosynths and robots controlled by the building AI will be able to open any door via these digital keys stored in them.The building and Home AI will have the ability to lock or open any door and gates if it sees fit or at the request of administrator in an emergency should smart devices containing digital keys be lost.A person can also open up gates and unlock doors etc of the front door and of rooms as well as gates etc remotely from anywhere in the world through the Home AI app by accessing the folder and choosing the door to open with this done for those who have lost their digital keys and devices or emergencies when alerted by theme and the Home AI.These will be stored in ones Home AI app and one would open up the folder for these keys that would show a list of all doors,vehicles,devices etc protected by them divided by administrative and daughter keys with one able to send and revoke daughter access to any one remotely.These digital keys and electronic door handles will be in Antikythera.To improve security all doors can be coated in graphene paint and the metal connecting them to the walls can be replaced with graphene to make them impossible for a stalker or intruder to break through them.

Alarm systems can be initiated via access to the AI with biometrics,digital keys alongside a code that can allow only specific people to disable/enable it with alarms sent to homeowners and those who have access to the digital keys and codes through smart devices such as smart phones and laptops with them given the choice to alert law enforcement if they deem it necessary with them able to see through cameras in doors,in gardens etc with facial recognition software detecting the person who is attempting to break in and Polis cross referenced.As stated if they consider it necessary to alert law enforcement officials they will be able to do so and have the address and pictures of burglaries and vehicles sent immediately to the database within Athena which will track their movements.Alarms will be disabled the second someone with the appropriate administrative and daughter keys enters the house or room without the need for conventional systems that require keypads.If the house is broken into then the alarm will be sent to all registered devices and using camera feeds in the doorbell and other parts of the home can allow the person to choose to alert the nearest police HQ.The alarm can be stopped if it is an accident via a menu.Cameras in the doorbell and also other parts will add the face of people breaking into homes to the people of interest database in Athena.Intercoms for communal and private homes will be replaced by their being a touchscreen menu that will list all occupants and bring up the intercom for that with this of note of large communal homes.Intercoms that have buttons at the main door for all communal homes including existing ones can be replaced with touchscreen ones that bring up touchscreen menus and video chat to get access to the macro AI and AI in charge of each suite/room/apartment that will be added to all existing and new hotels,apartment blocks.

Extra security can also come in the form of cameras placed into the place of these locks allowing people in that dont have their smartdevices similar to iBell and Skybell which can allow legal guardians to remotely monitor who goes in and out of their house.This can also allow a person who is in another part of the house or not present (alerted by Home AI apps on smart phones via the doorbell ringing) to decide whether a person can enter who they know but does not have a digital key or let in deliveries from robots/drones.It can also be used to prevent strangers breaking in children are being taken care of in the house.The homeowners using their smart devices can open the door and disable security protection.These remote images and people who access the house via digital keys will saved on the home AI hard drive with the exact time and date of each person entering and leaving the house allowing a person to review who came and went outside their house over the course of a long period of time such as weeks,months and years.This data will only be privy to the owner and kept hidden from the rest of the public completely including the state with notable exceptions being police officers and federal investigators in the case of crime investigations with the proper warrants given by the state.The will also be able to override this administrative access of digital keys if they have the proper search warrants again for criminal investigations.Firefighter and emergency service robots and drones will also have the ability to override these digital keys administrative access to rescue individuals inside by interacting wirelessly with the home AI utilizing a digital master keys for the town/city they serve.The home AI can also interact with smart devices,implants and nanomachines to determine the owner of them via Hestia for extra security with Polis cross referencing the owner of faces with also photos taken of them sent to the devices of the home owner with this of note to when the home is empty and locked.Photos can be taken of anyone wit their face covered or if they kidnap occupants or break in and steal something and then track them via the global surveillance system with Perseus and thus law enforcement alerted to them to track their movements and vehicles instantly once their face is added to the database.

To make moving from one room to another much easier for helper robots to pass through doors within the house automatic pneumatic doors opened via motion sensors or the the robot sending the digital key wirelessly as seen in Star Trek can be integrated negating the need for physical keys,switches and handles.Locking of these doors can be done by a sub system of digital keys for each room in the house.Like before the legal guardian owner would have these digital keys for each room alongside their main front and back door keys that can be given to others.Furthermore each occupant of the room will have their own digital key to their room allowing them to lock it for privacy i.e. when sleeping as well as each person having a digital key to each bathrooms and toilets again for privacy.Normally these doors will be not locked and simply open to everyone for ease of access.In the case of a fire being detected by home AI systems all locked doors will be unlocked including the front and back doors to allow access for drones/robots and volunteer humans to rescue individuals inside and escape.The same will apply for emergency service drones such as those involved in bringing them to hospitals in an accident or heart attack etc. again police and federal investigators with the appropriate warrant will be allowed to bypass these doors.In large rooms partition systems can allow for them to be divided into half.Facial recognition software could also be integrated into cameras at doors and work alongside digital keys to allow people inside should smart devices be lost using the same working principles.

In order to save energy in the production of curtains and blinds switcheable glass will be implemented.This smart glass is glass or glazing whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage, light or heat is applied.Generally, the glass changes from covered to translucent to transparent, changing from blocking some (or all) wavelengths of light to letting light pass through.This can apply to window in walls,those separating rooms,dressing rooms and glass in the shower all of which can be change via touchscreens or smart devices with versions that do this automatically based on the level of sunlight.These can be controlled by smart devices.Windows especially those on roofs can be opened via smart devices with home AI opening all windows across the house automatically when methane,smoke or other dangerous gases are detected and before and during fires(these normal windows could be opened via smart devices and the home AI app to).This could be done by integrating miniature motors into the handle and window gears itself hooked to the house fuse box/wiring and regional electrical grid with wireless energy powering their functions in time.Liquid glass sprayed on both sides of all will make them hydrophobic and dirt repellent negating the build up of fog and dirt which would interfere with their electricity generation and thus the need for them to being cleaned at all.This would be of use in high rise buildings which could be more dangerous and prevent the need to use robotic window cleaners saving both energy and water.Ideally to further save energy triple plyed windows and Aerogel should be utilised alongside this.

Both graphene and quantum dot technology and graphene sheets can be implemented into the windows to generate electricity to power the home or smart windows and other features built into the windows like touchscreen computer screens and televisions.Graphene and silicene can be built into a sheet glass alongside other materials to build graphene windows with televisions and computer screens(and even video calls) into windows as well as features that allow for filtering of certain wavelengths such as red light to aid in sleeping and blue light to combat sleep.Futhermore it can play interactive moving pictures that can be played with.These looped interactive animations can be played during Christmas,Holloween etc with those in office buildings,skyscrapers used as homes and vertical farms playing macro designs and animations through interlinked windows.Graphene can also be integrated into the silica matrix of windows during construction or on the outer layers to make them shatterproof from debris during storms etc and also possibly bulletproof.

Windows will be replaced with those that have quantum dot technology for energy production and also graphene in them for this and to also have touchscreen technology,television/computer screens and also to protect those in areas affected by storms and tornadoes from debris.It will allow them to become digital smart windows that project livestreams from the wire,internet,linked devices including harddrives,video game consoles and environments of ones choice.Digital smart windows using graphene integrated in windows in private homes,suites with none and windows,in extensions.Digital smart windows using graphene integrated in windows,suites with none,in extensions can project any environment can also allow those living in underground and underwater homes or underground extensions to experience natural sounds and scenery which can be selected from a menu of scenerios via smart devices and thus the home AI app or touchscreens on the windows themselves to also change the volume coming from them.This can consist of video loops or live audio/visual streams.These live streams can be from a variety of cities or variety of scenic areas,wilderness,coral reefs,oceans,mountains from around the world even from the area directly above them.These can be integrated into windows in underwater communities and also windows in communal and private homes above ground.These can also replicated with creation of digital paintings and photograph frames composed of graphene which will include once again either looping video files,live streams or in time with the advancements of AI video files that have independently moving animals,characters,weather patterns or even buildings that erode over time that could interact with the occupants of the house similar to the paintings and photographs in the Harry Potter series.It can also allow looped animations to be projected on the exterior during holidays such as Halloween and Christmas to negate the need for painting them.Photographs in frames and paintings dotted around the home could also have these features such as live feeds from tourist spots around the world and in the case of magic photos and paintings they would independently moving and interacting characters with old family photos in say photo albums,facebook,existing frames and being scanned into these interactive digital frames which can be changed via smart devices and buttons on the frames.The same can be applied to paintings and posters currently the owners home.Windows,posters,paintings etc can be powered by connecting to the mains,wirelessly powered or through a mixture of quantum dot technology and graphene.Liquid glass on all windows will negate the need for cleaning and preventing them from fogging up.These will stream environemnts from sensor poles as part of Theoi Meteroi,Those created by the Home AI and surveillance.

Netting similar to mosquito netting composed of graphene can be part of an internal slide that will prevent insects such as mosquitoes and bees from entering when the main window is open.Liquid glass on both sides especially on new windows ordered in that have graphene in its matrix for existing and new homes both private and communal will negate the need for cleaning especially in the case bird feces,rainwater and dirt negating the need for creating homemade windowlene.

LED lights have recently become competitive with CFLs and obsolete incandescent lights in terms of light output with Blue LED lights recently being developed to increase output with lower energy costs.This can applied with indoor and outdoor lighting and also lamps with thermal management heat pipe technology in the CSYS LED Dyson lamp extending their peak performance for a minimum of 37 years or 324,120 hours(in comparison to normal LEDs that last 5-17 years) which can be adapted into all light bulbs in the home with modifications.Thus CSYS LEDs(or at least normal LEDs) should replace incandescent light bulbs,OLEDs,LEDs and compact fluorescent lights both of which are less efficient with CFLs being hazardous to dispose of and don’t last as long.This includes pool lights,stair lights,floor lights,ceiling lights,wall lights and lights under cupboards in kitchens.These could be individually controlled by smart devices and computers controlled in menus and sub menus in home AI(or interacting via voice command) app allowing to turn them on or off and change the light colour i.e. blue/white light to keep people alert and awake and red light to put them to asleep or different light combinations that can be switched to or in sparkle patterns for parties and social events.Those in the floor stairs etc would be turned on automatically during fires and natural disasters.Li fi technology wherein wi fi can be transmitted to devices and computers can be integrated into those in key room.

Atom thick graphene lights will eventually become more commercially available saving more on energy costs.Lights with animated arrows can be built into the ground allow people to escape the houses in fires and disasters.All of these can be controlled via smart devices,laptops etc and the home AI computer.This can also apply to lamps which can be powered by an internal battery and microchip.Further advances have been made which allow for lights to emit less blue and green wavelengths thus lowering the amount of insects such as mosquitoes they attract by at least 20% with further improvements made over time theoretically repelling between 50-70% of insects.These can be placed in gardens and used in indoor lights.Combined with plants that repel these insects they can replace the need for insecticides in areas that harbour these and other insects that transmit disease such as malaria,Zika disease,Sleeping sickness in Asia,Africa and the Americas.These will all be registered to the home AI thus allowing the homeowner to control their colour,sparkling patterns,turn them on/off as well as see how much power they are using.

With regards to Christmas lights these can be replaced with wirelessly charged lights powered by a wireless energy ring which also removes the need for light to require wiring making them easier to place on the tree and store.These can be turned on/off or sparkle in customised patterns set by smart devices and the home AI.With regards to outdoor Christmas lights a similar ring structure or one that follows the contours of the the lawn enclosing the house and lawn inside can be set up outside and connected to the house mains and power wireless lightbulbs(again colour and lighting patterns decided by smart devices) and Christmas decorations in the garden and on the house.The house wall exterior can have a thin silica graphene sheet covered on it that intakes solar power as energy and can play animations for each holiday i.e. Christmas,Halloween,Easter etc.that can be looped or in time having moving and interactive characters and changing environments similar to moving paintings.These would be downloaded directly from the wire with other non seasonal stationary or moving designs/patterns streamed during the year or even live feeds.Graphene built into the matrix of windows can also play looped animations related to holidays such as Christmas and Halloween especially large linked ones on vertical farms and skyscrapers negating the need for labour in painting windows.Lights hanging from roofs can again be wireless and attached by a hook or consist of a graphene sheet containing nano coloured CSYS lights spread on the underside of the homes gutter as well as which can again all year round project lights negating the need for it to be removed.With regards to roofs the tiles can have a thin graphene layer(and layer of liquid glass covering this to make them hydrophobic to repel rainwater interfering with them)and microchip placed on each one to coloured lights with each one showing an individual colour or form patterns or the same colour collectively all controlled by smart devices.Alternatively a single sheet of tiny nano wirelessly powered LED/CSYS lights can be added and removed easily on each side of the roof and like before play patterns or single colours controlled by smart devices.This will negate human labour in setting up and removing traditional lightbulbs and prevent fires or the lights blowing out.Christmas trees can be grown at home or in community gardens and harvested when needed or left to be grown in ones garden all year long after being planted or transplanted there cutting down on energy costs in transportation of them from farms or production of plastic variants.They can have them moved indoors in pots and have biolumenescence added and removed via microbes and then moved back outside.In cities trees can be transplanted or planted permanently in parks,plazas,community gardens or roofs of large communal homes(skyscrapers,disused shopping malls etc.).Old dead trees can be pyrolysised alongside organic waste or put into wood chippers for mulch and fertiliser.Having a Christmas tree planted in ones garden all year round would also save the hassle of moving it inside and then put away every season and work would only have to the wireless energy ring placed around via connecting it piece by piece at Christmas for energy to be drawn in provided it and the lights are treated with liquid glass.Communal homes can have them planted on the rooftop gardens,in nearby gardens like in adjoining golf parks,where outdoor amenities such as pools etc are or in the lobby in a pot all year round.The tree can be transferred from the garden and pots back and forth throughout the year when needed.These measures if adopted by all homes will allow them to be kept there all year round to and have them pollinated by bees to maintain genetic diversity and allow new pine seeds to be created with seeds sent to nurseries or traded on local to global levels via Phanes with the Phanes method also used.It will also remove the bother of having to automate Christmas tree plantations and allow the land used for these to be permanently reforested by native trees.These trees tend to live for several centuries to several millenia with those on roofs and in gardens pollinated by bees and the seeds sent and stored in vertical farm nurseries where they can be sown and ordered from.Using CSYS LED light bulbs in the wireless lights will increase energy efficiency and also make them last longer and having them coated internally and externally in liquid glass will negate the need for cleaning and also waterproof.Bioluminescence can be integrated into all Christmas trees in squares and homes with them separate species from other trees saving the need for them to have lights fitted.Microbes can turn the genes for this on/off.Trees ain squares would have the bioluminescence removed for most of the year.

Algae powered lamps and night lights will eventually be commonplace with lamps soon powered by genetically altered miniature insects or bacteria forming a biofilm with genes from fireflies and other bioluminescent animals(and this phenotype enhanced) that are contained in hollow cylinder tubing with nutrient covering the interior which can be refilled by filling an inner porous ring between two graphene sheets.Air and nutrients would pass through the top the graphene with a porous screw covers on both ends supplying oxygen or carbon dioxide.Biolumescent plants will also cut down on lighting costs.These could also produce aloe vera or the scents of any plant on the planet.Biolumescent plants can be in gardens and indoors in public buildings such as hospitals,communal home hallways and rooms etc with the genes turned on/off via microbes in them via biosynth wifi and if possible biosynth wifi integrated into the cells of the plants changed via the home AI app on smart devices.Christmas trees in both gardens,roofs and even public squares can utilise this with them turned on during Christmas and off during the year.

Light and lamp shades/globes for can be home made from textiles or 3D printing.Like lights inside the home and outside in the exterior these will be registered to the home AI thus allowing the homeowner to control their colour,sparkling patterns,turn them on/off as well as see how much power they are using and how much is left in years,months,weeks and days in relevant folders and sub folders.

All lights of all types would be controlled by smart devices within a folder of the Home AI app or interacting with the AI through voice command(through Siri).New technology can be integrated into the lights to send measurements of how much time measured in years,months,weeks,days,hours and minutes of power is left in each individual lightbulb fed into the home AI which can be read by the owner via the Home AI app to plan ahead for the next change of bulbs.

Walls can be covered in a layer of graphene paint to generate electricity for graphene sheets that will allow for moving wallpaper which can play interactive designs or illustrations for books for children as words are spoken and others controlled by smart devices in all rooms.These can then be covered in a layer of hydrophobic anti-dirt liquid glass removing the need to clean them and preventing stains from forming in the first place.For older individuals it could again play video loops or live feeds of cities,tourist spots,mountains,coral reefs and wilderness or again moving or stationary patterns and designs.Existing designs can be scanned in from pictures and scanning in physical wallpaper in homes or retail outlets to the relevant sub network in Hephaestus.The wall and ceiling under the graphene wallpaper can be sprayed with liquid glass to prevent dirt building up as well as mould building up due to moisture building up and due to its anti-microbial properties.These can also emit lights with them also playing stationary or moving wallpaper designs and colours.This will save on energy to make and order new wallpaper since the wallpaper will download and stream new mobile or stationary designs from Hephaestus and feeds from Hermes giving them an infinite variety from the single sheets with them able to change the movement patterns of each design as a whole or the movement patterns of each wall or the ceiling individually.This can also the negate the need for painting walls as stationary colours can be also streamed and changed with smart devices for each individual wall(s) in each room with this applied to all rooms and even the outside walls of buildings with tiles in kitchens and bathrooms also covered in an individual sheet of graphene which can change patterns on them.

Outdoor lights can be complimented by bioluminescence added to ornamental plants and trees.Potted plants on roofs,indoors,on windowsills and balconies and even crops with this feature can alleviate the strain on the grid with even mosses and climning plants fitted with this.The bio luminescence can be gotten from transferring genes from Lampyridae,Pyrophorus noctilucus,Ostracoda(in particular Vargula hilgendorfii),Aequorea victoria or a mixture of genes from all of these to improve the plants abilities to produce the necessary luciferins alongside genes from other bioluminescent flora and fauna and those made from scratch.Gene drives will ensure these phenotypes are dominant and passed onto future generations when bees pollinate other plants in parks,gardens etc though ideally to prevent this spreading to the wilderness these luminescent plants should be engineered to be completely separate species from the native parent species.Thus only plants in home gardens,streets and parks etc will be bio luminescent.Indoor plants can also be fitted with this to cut down on indoor lightening energy costs with them lighting up hallways and key rooms such as toilets,living rooms etc in private and communal homes.They can be covered with a light silk sheet or have them have microbes that turn on/off the genes for this phenotype via being linked to the Home AI and controlled by smart devices with them in key rooms like living rooms and kitchens and hallways and lobbies etc of communal homes to provide good enough lighting when the main lights are off and also during blackouts without using up energy.Smart devices linked to the home AI for those in homes etc can using biosynth wifi present in all cells of the moss,plants and trees can be used to turn on/off the genes for the lights whenever they want with voice command with them fed nutrients and water via biosynth water systems built into ceilings similar to veins,arteries and capillaries composed of biosynth technology that feeds them nutrients and water and them having oligotophic,xerophile and Firmicutes DNA.They can also be by the front and also by pools and bars etc outside and in suites in communal homes.If possible in these areas they would eliminate the need for conventional lights completely saving on energy and would be in areas where their are windows present or where windows can be added.They will also light up gardens and pool areas etc in communal homes.Existing plants in ones garden can be given this via microbes.Engineering can allow the colour produced to be customised for each plants with microbes turning on/off genes allowing the colour to be changed ie one for winter,summer,spring and even different ones for Christmas etc

As stated earlier gardens will have amongst ornamental plants those that are used to supply food via either permaculture or hydroponics or both.These can include banana,oak(acorn),bush fruits(raspberries,blackberries,blueberries) and other crops plants that can provide food while still providing aesthetics.Hybrids of ornamental and crop plants can be planted with existing ones modified to produce desired fruit via microbes injected into them or through roots.Microbes can apply repellance,tolerance to different climates including extremes,DNA from all extremophiles,pest repellance,life extension,disease resistance,reduce energy and nutrient requirement,addition of seed pods and fruit,bioluminscence to existing ornamental plants and grass in home gardens,community gardens and also those in the wild via microbes added via injection or watering roots.Genetic engineering can allow for them to grow in all soils and climates worldwide.New phenotypes including new fruits and nuts can be added this way in the future.Roofs can be converted into flat roofs with layers of graphene paint and sheets of carbon composites on them for extra support with them accessed by interior or exterior stairs.Asclepias and other important weeds and plants will be planted in copious numbers in rows,in between plots as well as in pots and bins in areas where they are in the path of the migration of members of the subfamily Danainae with them modified as detailed later engineered to be able to feed on them absorb the poison that will still be toxic to their predators who may also be engineered to be susceptible to this ensuring no imbalance in the ecosystem while still being edible to humans.

Technologies are now available that can allow for trimming off tree branches more safely such as tree lifts or extendable tree saws which can double as fruit pickers.Topiary can be done by hand with how to guides on sites like YouTube allowing people to gain and master this skill.

To deal with the lawn robotic lawnmowers can be programmed with the layout of the grass cover of gardens and be powered from renewable sources.Current models require wiring to placed underneath the grass to form a perimeter but in time simply scanning in a 3D or 2D map of ones garden into the Home AI streamed by the robot with Adonit pens marking and circling the perimeters,any obstacles such as flower beds,paths or garden features on smart devices that bring up the map and obstacles detected by sensors negating the need for human labour to put down wiring.This can be started by smartdevices or be made to do this routinely at a set times every week or month with the mower keeping track of what parts of the garden was mowed via this map and if it needs to return to its charging shed or dock in a shed to recharge so as to finish it off when recharged.Self charging technologies can be integrated into this.Grass that is cut can be collected for feeding livestock and use of truffle substrate especially in winter months.Leaves can also be collected for the same purpose with communaly shared leaf vacuums.Otherwise both can be put in the same bins as organic waste and food to be pyrolysised.This will be decided by the homeowner if they have livestock that eat grass and leaves as well as Hestia interacting with all other home farms in the area and also the community farms in the area through Aristaeus as well as the town mayor to have it pyrolysised.Automated sprinkler and irrigation systems can interact with nanosensors in the soil and weather forecasts to ensure that each part of the garden is watered to prevent waste or over and under watering.Those in soils not near irrigation systems and sprinklers will instead alert the homeowner via the home AI app to warm them and how much water to apply with 3D printed watering cans to each time and then telling them when to stop to again preventing waste over and under watering.Irrigation and sprinkler systems can be coated with liquid glass to prevent the build up of dirt,formation of clogs and make them acid proof.

Geothermal systems that are used to keep homes hated through the winter months can also be used to keep pavements ice-free during cold snaps and cold winters preventing any fatal injuries caused by icy conditions.Furthermore it can be put under gardens allowing the roots of vulnerable plants to be protected from frost damage.They can be under pools to keep them warm during autumn and winter as well as provide for any artificial hot springs in ones gardens or indoor extension all year round.These geothermal systems can form part of those that also heat the home during colder months and cool it during warmer seasons.Ideally these should be double closed circuit loop to keep the water in place and prevent earthquakes.These will be double closed circuit loop system with water from picotech fabricators used and also synthetic fluids or even gases with lower boiling points.For the former liquid glass can sprayed onto existing pavements etc to prevent water building up on their in the first place which can run off into storm drains and onto roads.That is if storm drains exist with permeable porous pavement and asphalt also being integrated into new and existing pavements allowing water to return to the table and not allow ice to form.These can last anywhere between 30-40 years minimum.This is a passive process and is better than air conditioning and heating in both communal and private homes and will alleviate strains on the grid powered by geothermal power plants for this.Thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes will also be installed to generate electricity from the mantle.

To repel pests such as squirrels,mosquitoes and other flies one could dot their gardens and windows boxes with plants that repel them such as cinnamon,oregano, lavender, peppermint, mint,rosemary,chilli pepper,cayane pepper and thyme.Genetic engineering could improve this ability and incorporate it into other plants suitable the local climate.Rats,racoons and other vermin and even pigeons can be dealt with rearing barn owls and other native birds of prey in the garden with this even applying to urban communal homes.Having these on all rooftop gardens and also rural and urban gardens can allow for them to breed with each other forming communities with these including all types of native birds of prey to a country including eagles,kestrels etc as well as bats and other native apex predators.More nests can be built to accommodate a growing population with them ontop of rooftop gardens of communal homes,vertical farms,hospitals etc and all surrounding community farms to cover more ground with in vitro meat or reared mice and rats given to them to prevent them starving should pests disappear or lower in numbers.Insects can be dealt with by rearing bats.Locations of nests will be decided by Nosoi.These controls should ideally be engineered to be resistant to genetic,viral,bacterial and fungal disease.Any dead animals found will be pyrolysised.

To charge vehicles there are two options:inductive chargers can be placed in the front,back yard or garage floor that wirelessy charge the vehicle or car chargers can be connected to the outer wall of the home or in the garage.In time a combination of graphene sheets and quantum dot technology in windows and windshields,graphene paint will allow cars to self charge in the sun during the day or from artificial lighting during the night.In the case of vehicles that run on fuel bacteria that create hydrocarbons(gasoline)and vegetable oils can be grown in vats at home and put in using pumps or jerry cans.Self charging technologies will alleviate strains on the grid.Inductive chargers can be inside garages or outside in driveways of private and communal homes in rural areas with communal homes like apartments in urban cities have inductive chargers on the sides of streets where cars are parked with them taking in energy from the grid connected to the city.Private homes and communal homes in both rural and urban areas can have charger pumps or wall chargers built on the exterior with the wiring rather than on the ground will in fact be going through the wall by boring a hole with this also applied to apartments in urban areas with apartments also have the entire street have several tall chargers on them whose noise can be removed via soundproofing and them only turned on and thus only making noise when used.

Cleaning of gutters can be done by washing them down with liquid glass to prevent the build up of dirt on both the interior and exterior(all sides).This could also apply to storm drains below them again sprayed with liquid glass to prevent them building up dirt.This would also make them both acid proof so if any clogs did build up acid could be poured down to dissolve them.Otherwise robots have been developed to clean them.

Pools and jacuzzi can have a permanent layer of liquid glass sprayed on the flooring interior etc to prevent the build up of dirt once emptied to negate the need for cleaning.Alternatively pool cleaning robots have been developed that can map and stored the layout,size and shape of them which can be stored on the home AI which it then interacts with(especially if pool cleaning robots are shared by a community) via close proximity or sent wirelessly by the owners smart devices to the robot and then cleans the pool.To cut down on wiring and the need to plug them in these robots can be fitted with an internal battery and be charged by wireless induction plates or docking into a small shed similar to lawnmower robots connected to the mains.These can park themselves into sheds set for them(alongside a separate small shed for the lawnmower) or park themselves into corners or compartments in their garage either docking with plugs to the house mains or over induction wireless chargers.This system of wirelessly charged cleaner robots can allow for the pool to be cleaned any time of the day at set intervals or remotely via smart devices.Both outdoor and indoor pools and jacuzzis can have narrow wavelength UV lights installed in the flooring and sides that can switched on a set times when not used or at night of the week to bake the pool in a sterilising light that will kill all micro-organisms negating or at least cutting down on the amount of chlorine and harsh chemicals needed.Ideally this can be initiated through the Home AI app with them using narrow range wavelength UV to kill microbes without damaging human skin.Graphene sheets can be integrated that do sweeps from one side to another or from the floor to pick up dirt by turning a wheel or by the home AI.Nanosensors can be in the pool that relay temperature,pH,levels of chlorine,pathogenic bacteria etc to the Home AI.Geothermal heaters can be installed into new and existing pools and jacuzzis both indoor and outdoor in both private and communal homes to keep them above freezing temperature during winter and cold snaps and cool during summer and spring with this done automatically via interactions with Theoi Meteroi or on demand via the Home AI app with the temperature going from 5-50 degrees celcius controlled by the homeowners through the app.Pools both new and existing in homes of all types including communal and private ones either indoor or outdoor that are already present or added will have the residents educated on how to empty and fill both of them with in both indoor and outdoor ones automated systems can be fitted in in episodes of seasons that chart their renovations that empty and refill the water at set times of the year by being connected to the water mains negating human labour with this organised at set times visible to every one via alerts with pools in private homes both new and existing also having this added.Using a series of small holes and switch systems at key points of pools will allow for it to the pools to be emptied and refilled with it emptied slow enough to prevent anyone being dragged to the bottom and being drowned.This system will be fully automated eliminating human labour and will also be used to fill them with the correct amount of chlorine.They can be fitted with UV radiation machines at the bottom of them that bakes them in UV light and radiation machines that baked them in gamma radiation especially when humans and pets are made immune to radiation to sterilise them of all bacteria and parasites.All new and existing pools in all abandoned buildings turned into hotels and motels and private homes and even communal homes derived from hotels will once drained have the ground of them cleaned,sterilised then coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass to negate future cleaning and save on the need for pool cleaning robots and then.During renovations geothermal heaters could also be fitted into them that interact with Theoi Meteroi to draw heat away from them to keep them cool but not cold on warm days and seasons and heat them to at least 5-20 degrees celcius on cold days,seasons and snaps.Picotech fabricators could allow for chlorine and water and pools to be created on an unlimited scale for private and communal homes.

Pools can be done by hand and intime automation designed on Pyxis or Daedalus with new designs such as those that encirle rooms)with liquid glass treated and graphene infused glass(for strength and augmented reality) those that connect two close buildings again using graphene glass and in underground,ground level or overground extensions with one designing them and AI then carrying them out.

The exterior wall of the home can be covered with graphene paint to generate electricity and then a layer of liquid glass over that to prevent the build up of dirt and make it hydrophobic thus negating the need for cleaning.

Communal homes from hotels,supermarkets etc can have the existing carparks dug up and turned into extra gardens with multistorey automated carparks installed managed by the building AI with spaces availible denoted in the building AI with each space containing wireless induction chargers and docking spaces to charge them.

Automated pet feeders for dogs,cats,fish and birds can allow them to be fed routinely or remotely via smart devices and the home AI app when on vacation with new advancements allow for reptiles and other animals to be fed food and water remotely with these feeders stocked up for the length of the trip.Thus the homeowner can set the feeder to feed them at set times of the day or one demand.Automated feeders exist for all types of animals and pets as well as even livestock with them either homemade or ordered in from Antikythera.Any livestock reared at home can also be fed the same way with cameras registered with the home AI app in the house,garden or pen allow them monitor them and send alerts to neighbours or send instant missing pet notices should they escape or alert.Implants underneath the animals formed by biocompatible microbes suited for individual species and breeds can relay their vital signs and GPS location to the Home AI app 24/7,365 days a year in folder containing pet machinery,collars,feeders etc with animals also engineered with bioluminescence from transferring genes from Lampyridae,P.noctilucus,Ostracods(in particular V.hilgendorfii),A.victoria mixed together to allow them to be seen at night with this allowing lost animals to be found.This will using satellites etc as part of the wire will relay their GPS location on a world of the map thus allowing for their exact location on a map of the world to be ascertained with this done when opended within the Home AI app that brings up Brauron and the distance between the animal and also the users smart devices shown in kilometres,metres and centimetres.The animals temperature,heart rate,blood pressure etc will be relayed constantly with the universal colour code showing it in normal to abnormal ranges.Pets can be sent to destinations across the world via several options.Firstly for in country trips one would bring them in their private vehicles if they are driving with trips made via Oceanus will be sent to the destination via the vehicles driving themselves to the destination with the windows in the front down a bit to keep the indoor cool and provide oxygen with if possible the Home AI in the form of a biosynth driving them there and feeding them when needed.Erebus and Oceanus itself may be used by the pet owners and biosynth transporting them there.Trips that involve Eos,Erebus and Oceanus will have the biosynth do the same at the same time or separately.The pet can be looked after at home by the Home AI controlling a biosynths that will give them food,walks etc and prevent them getting lost or left bored and look after the house while the family is gone such as ensuring it isnt broken into and them also watering and feeding flowers and other ornamental plants as well as looking after livestock and also crops as well with them able to lock and unlock any door at any time.The biosynth through fragmentation will be with the family through registered devices and also a second biosynth that can stay in the same or extra bed in suites and homes or stay in living rooms overnight.Neural implants in the pet and also livestock as well as homeowners will allow for VR simulation to be carried allowing the pet and owners to entertain them at certain times every day using the time dilation effect with the AI also taking the form of the owner in these as well preventing the animal getting lonely in simulations of their destination or home with homeowners able to bring them on VR trips to mythological places.Neighbours will be able to bring them on walks with them given access to the home via digital keys to feed fish at specific time with them also house sitting for certain times or all the time if the neighbour is a teenager or wife/husband as part of a couple.Otherwise they can be stored in local community,meadow,grassland and forest farms and cared after by the community or by a friend and neighbour who has access to the house via digital keys or who can bring the pet into their home.The buildings of these farms will have areas to house pets and even livestock to be stored during holidays.Biosyths at these farms or those controlled by the home will look after them as the farms will have automated feeders and large open areas to run through and interact with other animals.People who like animals can advertise on Euthenia or ideally Agora to act as pet minders for these instances in all towns,villages and cities around the world with them since not burdend by careers can do so all year long with their Home AI in the form of biosynths also aiding in this.VR simulations can be created of any environment to allow pets and livestock to be able to explore by themselves or with owners and friends and even AI characters to give them large areas to explore using the time dilation effect to prevent them getting bored with them as stated brought on VR holidays and even trips to theme parks and any type of amenity.This technology using the mind reading technology can be used to teach pets and livestock how to be potty trained,to do tricks,to avoid deathtraps like vehicles,posionous animals and predators and even get along with other animals owned by them or friends etc with them able to organise group simulations with any animal pet around the world.Young children can also use these simualtions to also explore dangerous areas by themselves without getting lost and them also taught the dangers of human and animal predators,vehicles and other death traps in the real world.

Robots can look after both pets and livestock at home with fitted cameras that can allow for remote monitoring and speakers that can allow for two way communication with cameras set at key points in the garden and house to monitor their behaviour in real time 24/7.They can also be used to herd animals around the garden and home and interact with electronic doors to move around.Implants inside animals can be used to monitor vital signals and also levels of proteins,salts,water and other nutrients in the bloodstream when their owners are on holidays or outside of the house.These can be second pet robots that don’t need feeding or watering with them charged by induction plates or self charging technologies.

Animal manure and urea can be collected via pooper scoopers at home or using animal litter(conventional and robotic forms).Animal litter can be homemade and used for fertilizer in gardens,hydroponics,algae farms,composts via pelleting machines in community centres(with it stored in a reuseable bag) creating mixed pellets of animal waste and sawdust,creating liquid fertiliser or simply added in its current form into compost and ideally used as fertiliser in community gardens or disposed of in the toilets via hand or by toilet training pets.For use in gardens and agriculture it can be broken down into pellets using pellet machines and then used as fertiliser or put in micro-alga farms where algae can convert it into liquid fertiliser,feed or added to compost creating a looped system.Poopscooping robots exist that can deal with animal waste in public spaces such as streets and collect them and add them to the municipal sewage treatment plants to recycle the nitrogen and phosphorous present.Otherwise Piqapoo bags would be used by pet owners to hold the feces and urine to be then deposited into toilets at home or in public toilets.

Animal wireless collars can allow for GPS tracking of lost pets again with speakers allowing for communication via satellites or Artemis network.Microchips could also be scanned by smart devices giving the name,address and phone number of the owner that can be changed when the dog is given to another owner when registered to the new home AI.This chip can also allow the owner to track their GPS location through the AI app and when in a vehicle the home AIs apps link to this microchip can drive to the exact location or at least nearest car stop to it.The chip can interact with Ophion to prevent vehicles hitting the animal via avoiding them with once the person denotes that the pet is lost via the home AI app then the chip will relay to all surrounding smart devices and also home AIs that it is lost and direct people to it and relay the home address with when found the chip relaying the address of the owner and also phone number to be called with the GPS of the address and the person who found the animal relayed to the owners.Biosynth implants will in time relay this with livestock also having these with these also relaying vital signs to their patient files and also the tracker in the home AI app with it relaying the animals distance in kilometres,metres and centimetres with the animals location brought up on a map with vital signs relayed constantly.This can apply to community farms registered to farm AI with the possibility of RFID chips or even bio synth implants underneath the skin used instead with them scanned by smart devices belonging to others in close proximity linked to Hestia and can be used by AI of all types including building AI including those in vehicles to instantly alert pet owners.To keep them inside the confines of a garden they can be integrated with miniature ultrasound emitters similar to those used in ones to keep out rats from homes.Instead of using wiring to be laid and inflicting pain on the animal or having to have them remove the collar to allow them to leave the home for walks instead terminal poles about knee high that can be registered to the Home AI or the dog collar(s) can be gotten an placed at key points to form a wireless perimeter around the house with them constantly interacting with each other and the AI (each individual one can be suited to be nailed down,bored in soil or attach to a wall via a lock system nailed to the wall or attached to a column or fence pole via a strap holding the terminal to the pole(each individual pole the strap can be ordered in from the clothing or household sub networks of Hephaestus thus allowing for custom length).To keep them within the range of a home the emitters would emit sound that would inflict pain or discomfort when they pass a boundary set by sensors via a similar to dog whistles or electric jolt decided by the owner via smart devices that would also allow them to set the intensity for training purposes and to suit each breed of dog with the home AI app allow them to input the name of each individuals dog breed and age and thus set the terminals to inflict that intensity and pain type to each individual collar registered to the home AI.When they want they animal to leave the barrier via a car or by foot they can turn off the pain infliction of the terminals and initiate via the button an audio or pleasure inducing signal to the dogs auditory system to signal they are leaving the area and not to fear.They can then turn the terminals back on when are back home or have it set to automatically do so when each individual dog has reentered the home grounds.Energy can come from a combination of graphene paint,quantum dot/graphene matrix to charge them during the day and drawing power wirelessly from the house and each one drawing power from one another in an energy link system.This system can be suited for other pets such as cats and livestock animals with again the owner selecting the species of animals,the breed and then age with each one of these have their own levels of pain or discomfort based on these factors to prevent giving an animals too strong a shock that would incapacitate or kill them.Breeds of pets can be engineered to be more docile and even less likely to escape and more obedient using recombinant DNA from other breeds and species of animals.Microbes could synthesise sedatives when required.When going for walks with the built in tracking device it would measure how far they are from a smartphone and emitting the same irritant frequency and desired intensity when they pass a certain length set by the user which again can be changed to give the animal varying degrees of freedom(both the distance and shock intensity).Again they can press a button or voice command that calls the dog to them if they want to move and speak to them via speakers.These can be linked to maps streamed on smart devices so when they enter both beaches and ski resorts they can remove the limit and allow the pet to go around as much as they want(or increase the limit they be from the homeowners) and locate them on maps with again the ability to train them to respond to voice commands to come back to the homeowner with neural implants and permanent contact lenses to direct the dog to the owner with these collars etc covered internally and externally in a permanent layer of liquid glass to allow them to go into the ocean,pools at home and the snow.All of these would be registered to the Home AI and also would ideally be integrated into a single collar to negate the need for having several around the place with them designed on Antikythera sub network of Hephaestus with them collars design being customade.Piqapoo bags can be used with them coated externally and internally with liquid glass allowing them to be reused indefinitely with them designed in the section for pet toys and accessories within Pyxis alongside normal collars and dog tags.These bags can become in a wide variety of sizes dependent on the size of the dog or pet with them being composed with Seacell and have graphene in its matrix to increase their strength.The feces can be used to create algae or fertiliser at home or in nearby community farms or even flushed down the toilet with the bag used over and over again.Once they are not needed they can be used for other purposes such as storing food or manufactured goods them also used for livestock.These would be of benefit to those who live in communal homes such as hotels and apartments with them also potty trained and also having their own shelter room in extensions with other dogs kept at ideal temperatures and heating as well as lighting all day and night long and have refillable dog bowls for water and food or have their own dog sheds outside particularly in the case of communal homes that have sizeable gardens or on rooftops.Pet birds,reptiles and fish can be kept in communal lobbies and other communal rooms.Training schools for dogs and other pets would become homes since this can be done by robots,Home AI,other AI or pet owners with YouTube videos teaching them this with in time VR simulations that the animal takes place in allow them to trained by an AI that have the avatar of the Home AI and homeowner teaching them skills in a very short time.Neural implants will allow one to interact directly via words or thoughts and even dreams to train them with simulations allowing the owner and Home AI train them how to be obedient and do simple tasks and how to avoid vehicles when walking on the side of the road,to stay next to them when in busy streets,avoid certain areas,follow them,where to poop in public mainly parks with the dog able to send thoughts to this.This when sufficiently advanced humans will be able to communicate through these to their dogs as if they were human with the same done to livestock with remote access doing so when either the animal or owner goes missing.

Aquariums can house a wide variety of tropical fish,shellfish and corals raised in recirculating aquaculture including genetically altered versions of poisonous fish,coral and shellfish made unable to produce any poison that would prove fatal,toxic,painful or paralytic to humans such as with the the Tetraodontidae(by making the bacteria it harbours non-toxic or unable to harbour the bacteria),Myliobatoidei,Pterois,Conoidea,Hapalochlaena etc.Seaweed can be integrated into them alongside shells and decorations ordered in from Demeter and Hephaestus.Aquariums can be automated to feed algae pellets/meal and in vitro meat pellets/chunks at set times or on spot using smart devices via the home AI app.This sub menu controlling the set times at which they are fed will also contain information such as the temperature,pH,salinity and other environmental factors fed in from nanosensors in the aquarium and they will be able to alter these conditions from the app.These could be uploaded to the patient file of the fish to measure conditions in disease recovery etc.Coating these aquariums and all statues,shells and items in them in a permanent layer of liquid glass will make them dirt proof negating the need for cleaning with graphene in its matrix making it shatterproof but also allow for augmented reality touchscreens connected to the Home AI,internet and wire to give access to them and also bring up information on all plants and animals in them.These can be built into walls like say where a fireplace once stood with an opening to add food to automated feeders when needed or even into furniture like tables with a graphene cover.This can also be replicated with those used to house snakes,lizards,tortoises,spiders etc with poisonous versions of these such as Viperidae,Phoneutria nigriventer etc having their ability to produce fatal toxins to humans removed via CRISPR to keep them as pets which can be fed insects or in vitro meat chunks the size of rats or mice(from which the meat is derived) which is less energy intensive as raising mammals for these.Cameras can within aquariums(coated in a layer of liquid glass) or looking into them can allow one to monitor them via the home AI with the houses,cages and pens of other pets fitted with these.Feces collected from reptiles and those in aquariums removed by filters can be collected and flushed down the toilet to recycle nutrients.

Birds can be kept in typical bird cages or those built into walls covered by glass with airholes and an opening to get the animals and dispense food into automated feeders with the internal and externals surfaces covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass in both types.Feces can again be collected and flushed down the toilet

Equidae can be reared in rural homes especially those next to forests and large meadows etc with wireless tags and implants to keep them in control with them having stables built for them even in the case of communal homes derived from hotels.With regards to those who live in urban areas these and other large animals including large exotic ones like Cetacea,Ursidae will be replaced by those in VR simulations for safety reasons but also in second homes in these simulations that have wide open spaces with this also saving on resources on feeding and housing them and any injury.It would also one to have mythological and cryptozoological ones in these simulations with these being separate AIs from operating softwares.

Genetic engineering will also allow for more docile versions of wild animals to be breed alongside even miniaturised versions of large animals i.e.Panthera tigris,Ursidae,Hippopotamus amphibius,Rhinocerotidae,Elephantidae.It would also allow poisonous ones ie Viperidae,Phoneutria nigriventer to have their ability to produce toxins removed with these and docile ones being separate species.Neural implants in both humans and pets will allow for direct communication through thoughts and dreams shared wirelessly allowing for direct communication of directions,instructions,training them to do tricks etc by owners negating the need for trainers etc.

Robotic pets like Aibio will eventually be replaced by more advanced and intelligent machines that fully resemble animals with varying levels of AI even equalling or superseeding humans.These bio-synths as we shall see later would be composed of a carbon composite skeleton,fake hide and feathers/scales/fur/hair fitted with quantum dot technology and graphene to gain energy from the sun as well as bio-printed organs to transfer fluids,signals more efficiently and turn plant and animal matter into energy.

Robotic hovers and cleaners will be able clean to rooms a set rate of every few days or every week at an exact time or on command both determined by smart devices interacting with home AI.Miniaturised robot floor cleaners can be developed in time or integrated into Roomba and Dyson vacuum robots.Alternatively a permanent layer liquid glass can be sprayed onto ceramic and tiled floors where it will prevent stains building up and allowing them to picked up by robotic hoovers.They will interact with home maps and use their own radar technology to avoid any obstacles on the ground and falls.Sloped stairwells and elevators can allow them to move from floor to floor with large communal homes having only one or maybe under a dozen vacuum/cleaner robot which can interact with pneumatic and automated doors to enter and leave rooms or the digital keys for all rooms and main doors will be stored on its hard drive.Having a small number of these robots rather than each resident having one will be resource efficient as when they are needed a resident can call up one from the storeroom housing them all or compartments containing one via interacting with the building AI through their Home AI either in person or remotely.These will be more energy efficient and less noisy than traditional means and also produce less dust that will affect asthmatics.Further advancements will allow current bulky models of floor cleaning robots to be miniaturised.Cleaning times can be pre set and visible by the building AI.

Helper robots like Asimo can care for the elderly and linked to smart clothing will constantly monitor their health and alert next of kin and hospitals of any dangerous changes to biological and fitted with touch screens that will allow for those under their care to choose commands such as order food,prepare meals,drinks as well as place video calls with anyone across the world.Cameras (with software to measure blood flow)on them will allow doctors and next of kin to monitor them remotely and arms like the those on the Robobear will allow them to pick up elderly individuals or people that are handicapped onto or out of beds and into hair washing machines or into seats for use in showers fitted onto them to allow them to have some semblance of normal functions.They will also be fitted with miniature Xray,MRI and DEXA scanners to perform routine medical checkups as well as perform then when they have suffered an accident at home.They will also be able to perform household chores such as cleaning of tables and removal of cutlery.They will also keep track of when medicines are given alerting the individual to take the correct amount(it will also log these to an app on relatives smart devices and patient files.The Home AI connected to smart watches and phones could do alert the individual to this) and be connected to hospitals,firefighters and pharmacies via Home AI and smart clothing worn by the elderly if any emergencies occur.Current robots like Assistant Robot and Asimo can carry out chores such as prepare food,carry meals,medicine,do laundry and wash dishes and clean floors for both groups.

Robots like Botlr and Tug robots will be able to deliver meals and delivered goods to multiple rooms for example in hotels modified into communal homes.Fitted with facial recognition software the will be able to recognize both their owners and visitors i.e. next of kin friends etc.and linked to home AI they keep a record of visitors alongside deliveries,inventory of food and drugs and manage scheduled medicine intake via their patient file,Watson and smart automated reminder pillboxes linked to Watson particularly for the elderly and those suffering from dementia which can be monitored by both family members and doctors to ensure pills are taken every day at correct times logged into the patients file with alerts sent to the next of kin if they are not who can then call them to ensure it is done with the box measuring the weight and thus the amount left in.This can also apply to those suffering from mental illness.This is achieved by sensors inside them that measure the weight and when it is opened.They will also alert emergency services such as hospitals and firefighters to fires and health emergencies.In the case of fires they either guide people to escape or firefighters to any humans are in a comatose state as well as aiding them in picking them up and getting them out.Since neighbours and families will no longer be burdened by careers the elderly will be taken care of by the community and families more than they are today at their own homes (nursing homes will become obsolete)with robots acting as supplementary care when they are unavailable rather than a replacement.These elderly individuals can have a robot chef alongside their carer bot or the carer bot will be sufficiently skilled to prepare meals downloaded in the home AI from the internet and from restaurants as well that contain custom made meals from restaurants.These and other helper robots and biosynths controlled by the Home AI will allow the elderly as well as the mentally and physically handicapped live semi-independent lives by themselves again with the robots offering supplementary care to alleviate strains on families who can check in via physical visits,cameras on the robots,controlled by the Home AI and Iris phone calls to see how they are doing with readings from smart clothing and logs of medicine taken constantly being relayed to relatives and friends smart devices via their connection to that persons home AI and patient file.In time bio synths controlled by the home AI will not only provide assistance with the same or better performance as humans but also companionship.Helper robots instead of using mops and buckets will have UV lights in their eyes that can when the person(s) they are taking care of is asleep,busy or out of the home can bake floors,furniture,doors and surfaces in all rooms in UV light to kill any bacteria not killed by permanent liquid glass coverings on all surfaces to completely sterilise them while other robots hoover the floor.Ideally all helper robots should use caterpillar tracks to move around on the ground,up slopes and elevators with existing models like Asimo incorporating this into their design until they are dexterous enough to walk on two feet using both skeletons with the same joints as humans and muscles based on in vitro muscles mixed with graphene.They should ideally for those taking care of the elderly and physically handicapped should have arms like robonurse with them able to do household tasks such as clean up rooms,deliver meals prepared by themselves or other robots,pick the elderly onto on and off beds,commodes and wheelchairs.They will empty commodes in toilets which they will be able to open and close either physically or interacting with microchips to open them wirelessy as they approach them and feed invalids with smart cutlery using sensors and facial recognition software to do so even cutting up food.This can be done with tasks initiated via voice command or menus in the robots section in the home AI app with this becoming easier with advances in artificial intelligence.They can also perform the same functions in homes for the elderly though these will eventually disappear as the elderly will be able to live by themselves because of robots.Robot walkers will allow for the elderly to go for walks by themselves with them guiding them to pre programmed walks by themselves using maps on touchschreens and audio visual cues in lenses/glasses and earphones with them interacting with traffic systems and thus autonomous vehicles to prevent accidents.They would also allow them to receive Iris chats.

For families that do not have elderly individuals robots like Jibo will provide companionship and be able to take care of children.These robots and the Home AI can babysit children by providing age appropriate entertainment(and restrict adult material from televisions and other electronics),organise food deliveries and keep doors locked and if the door is replied by a stranger by using cameras in the keyhole to notify guardians via photos and live video feeds through authorisation from the guardian let the person in or ignore them to prevent strangers or people they do not trust coming in.It can also in the event of a fire interact with the Home AI to notify fire stations and then open windows and guide children out and alert parents and neighbours and if so the authorities with them also interacting with all three versions of Pemphredo in Athena,Aesculapius and Hermes.Eventually they will be so advanced that robots will be integrated into toys or bio synth pets.Other robots like Asimo can help Jibo by gaining access to high cupboards and other high up material.Parents can view through their robots eyes to keep on an eye on them with them also calling the home AI directly via the app or even landline phone.These babysitter robots can be shared by numerous families and organise group babysits or have the child spend the night with an elderly relative or neighbour with the robots taking care of both people at a time day or night or even for several days or weeks with Iris chats keeping guardians informed as to the current state of the child with vital signs of all children relayed to them via smart clothing.Biosynths controlled by the Home AI will more effectively take care of children.Otherwise children can be kept in the company of neighbours with in the case of communal homes they can stay in their own home.

Robots and home AI can alert homeowners that a delivery has arrived and allow them to temporarily disable security systems to allow them to deposit them with help from home robots.Assistant robots can either be part of the Home AI or independent individuals linked but not registered to the Home AI with it ideally being the former.Ideally all robots in both private and communal homes will be stored in a room or compartment where they can charge via wireless inductive chargers with these being tunnels in each floor or storage room under the stairs or in the garage in compartments with garages accessed by sloped with self charging technologies also integrated.All robots will be controlled by the home AI and will have the symbol of Hestia on them.

To protect the home from floods door dams can be installed during heavy rain to prevent water entering the door with retractable metal gratings covering windows during storms and hurricanes.Miniature variants of the large floodbreaks can be utilised in order to protect the home from water that can be left all year round as it automatically raises itself when waters are high enough.Walls can be built around the house to protect it from floods as well alongside a flood door.Otherwise watertight doors can be installed.Permeable interlocking pavement that can be also integrated into cities as detailed later on can be installed in the yard to allow excess water to seep into the ground table and prevent or lessen flooding.These can last anywhere between 30-40 years minimum.Retractable tarpaulin can also cover over gardens extending from the roof over the garden and connect to adjoining walls surrounding the home to prevent flooding in the garden.

In the case of earthquakes,tsunamais and storms/hurricanes/tornados underground bunkers can be built with extra televisions for updates,wireless chargers,furniture and stocks of food for security.They can consist of one room or multiple rooms also used to grow extra food with conditions controlled by smart devices and drones and private cameras outside linked to televisions,laptops and smart devices and thus the home AI app to monitor the progress outside.These would be composed of smart and self healing concrete(or self healing and smart metals) to allow people to monitor their integrity after events.Watertight doors controlled by the home AI app can also be fitted for extra security.These emergency areas can also be used as extra living spaces and in the case of communities like housing estates and suburbs can be connected communal living spaces or even connected to other bunkers in nearby houses to link people and communities together in crises with the option of the tunnels to connect to nearby hospitals with each section separated by watertight doors to prevent the entire area being compromised if flooding occurs.Tsunamai,earthquake,tornado and hurricane warnings will direct people to these.Communal homes would have these or underground extensions would have extra sealing to protect them from the outside and watertight doors.

Those houses built in areas prone to these natural disasters would be dome shaped to spread the damage evenly and have ideally graphene paint applied to prevent damage from debris.These specially designed buildings and underground bunkers can be used to alleviate the strain on public buildings and amenities during natural disasters to house people limiting the spread of disease and isolation as seen in Hurricane Katrina.An elevator or stairwell can link these areas to the upper floors of a house.Shutters can be built into them that close when storms,tornadoes or hurricanes arrive automatically or by the home AI by hand.Graphene can be integrated into the matrix of silica or on the exterior during construction of windows to make them shatterproof from debris and also other flying material such as sports balls.Graphene paint can protect any exterior walls from debris.

Bodyguards and security guards for political and public figures(or members of the public being stalked) can be replaced by robots guards and drones using metamaterials that patrol their home and surrounding grounds 24/7,365 in a rotary system fitted with T-Ray,facial and weapon recognition software and normal vision and linked to the global database of criminals in Athena.Also sensor terminals can be placed at their homes exterior linked to cameras and police networks.These and surveillance cameras would turn to IR illuminator vision automatically at night.These would alert them to the presence of undesired individuals entering their grounds and would be manged by the Home AI with them remotely viewed by the home AI app with in time robotic and biosynth bodyguards controlled by the home AI replacing human ones with these having more powerful muscles.Cameras in doorbells can allow them to monitor,track and record who is attempting to enter the home.Graphene integrated into windows will make them bulletproof with the same applying to graphene paint put on walls both internally and externally.Pliable bullet proof vests made of iron shavings that adhere to their bodies contours can be worn by them when in public alongside sheets of graphene and in time robotic body guards can be employed.All of these and smart lenses and glasses worn by these people will be linked to the database within Athena once fitted with facial recognition software.These robots would also be equipped with non lethal methods of incapacitation.

With advanced in design new hi tech versions of apparatus to make access to water and gas exist in the form of meters that can allow an individual to measure how much gas in propane tanks as well as Aquor faucets making access to water more easy.Gas,water and electric meters will be fitted into homes and relayed to homeowners via the Home AI streamed on devices measuring how much of these resources are used allowing the homeowner to track their usage.Communal homes will have the amount of these used by each suite etc measured and the entire building overall and including the amount used by each registered electronic.This will be view able on the home AI and can be accessed on smart devices and computer and measured over days,weeks,months and years etc.This will be fed directly into local,regional and global networks with the name of the individual homeowner and address kept anonymous allowing rates of consumption and studies to performed by software to be quantified on a global scale allowing for improvements in efficiency to be carried out.In the case of electric meters it will allow for measurements of how much energy used in a home is gained from the national grid and home sourced energy such as solar,wind etc and thus measure the level of energy shared across the homes,communities and the national grid again for studies with private information again kept private.Piping for gas,the surfaces and grills of existing gas grills,irrigation systems etc. can be coated with liquid glass externally and internally to prevent the build up of dirt and the formation of clogs and need for cleaning.All energy and water use for each appliance and sink,shower and toilet etc will be fed into the home AI individually and as a whole will be visible over days to millenia with Hestia showing this for all private and communal homes visible by accessing their intranet with this allowing people to see this on personal,local to global levels over the same time periods with specific information such as individual electronics and water sources privy to the owner but used by Hestia in studies when interacting with Tyche and Steropes.

To prevent the clogging of all piping and thus alleviating the need to unclog them by hand permaflow drain p-traps can be installed that removes need for removing the pipes by hand by installing a miniature plug that can divert the flow of water using a handlebar that can also be turned as well to remove the dirt and allow it to scrape it into the secondary tube for removal without the need for harsh drain cleaners and snaking.This can also be used to retrieve jewellery and anything else that may have dropped down there.Being transparent can allow lost items to be found and allow people to routinely inspect their p-trap and turn the wheel to remove any material that may build up before it has time to build up.This can be applied to existing showers,toilets and bathtubs as well with these p-traps in these hard to reach areas controlled by smart devices in apps controlling the home AI.Washing it with a permanent layer liquid glass can place a hydrophobic,anti-dirt layer onto this part and indeed all of the piping to further improve the ability of it to repel water and dirt and thus prevent clogging.Washing liquid glass down toilets and bathtub piping can also be done to prevent blockages with toilet cleaner mixed with enzymes that can be mixed with water to be poured down plugholes and toilets to degrade human hair,algae toilet paper/baby wipes and human sewage.Otherwise as stated earlier the liquid glass will make it acid-proof allowing for strong acids to be poured down to degrade the clogs that do occur.To ensure none of these fittings are damaged by the acid all of their surface area and surrounding walls should be covered with liquid glass with the added benefit being it doesn’t need to be cleaned.To prevent freezing the Home AI can interact with weather networks to automatically have all taps run at the lowest level at a warm temperature 24/7 until the weather returns to normal.Furthermore pipes can be insulated and Ice-Loc can be integrated.Alternatively to reduce water usage research can be done into making an insulation material that stays on water pipes all year round and automatically draws heat from heating systems or electrical grid when interactions between the home AI and weather networks signal cold and icy weather and then turn off and cool down when conditions become warmer and returning to normal with the heat kept above at least 5-15 degrees Celcius during this periods above the freezing temperature of water during this period.This insulation could alternatively be comprised of a easily warmed fluid and/or heating element sandwiched between two layers of this insulating material:the outer layer keeping heat in and the layer next to the piping directing all of the heat to it keeping it warm.A combination of these two automated methods(as well as liquid glass coated permaflow piping) will eliminate human labour and the need for plumbers completely.If possible the water treatment plants could interact with Thoi Meteroi and automatically heat the water during cold snaps and also winters to keep the water at a temperature it will be needed to avoid freezing in pipes and thus prevent water freezing with this only done during these times negating the need for all homes to employ the aforementioned systems.Ideally piping should be coated internally or be composed of graphene to make them more flexible.The Home AI can also interact with sensors in the source river/lake/ocean from where water comes from as well as sensors in the water treatment and filtration plant just before it leaves the plant and enters the public and thus home water system allowing the homeowner to determine if water is soft or hard as well as measure levels of pollutants,metals,pH,salinity,viruses and bacteria etc. along each step alerting the homeowner to any elevated levels that may pose an danger to them and track the efficiency of the treatment plants.The levels of each of these would follow a universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger.Warnings related to this can be sent to the homeowners smart devices via apps connected to the wire(Artemis and their Home AI app) alongside recommended steps to prevent infection or consuming them written by software ie.avoid drinking the water or boil it beforehand as well as alerting them to when conditions return to normal to prevent catastrophes like the Flint water crisis.This will also alert the community/regional health and infrastructure boards.Measurements and warnings of the persons homes structural integrity through sensors or smart concrete/steel/wood will be sent to them via their home AI app and follow the same colour coded system.This would be useful say for people living in earthquake and other disaster prone areas to monitor the buildings structural integrity before and after events.

To alleviate strains on the water bodies citizens may choose to set up rainwater collection and treatment systems for use in their homes with these also incorporated in to vertical farms.This should be of note of cities and heavily urbanized areas on roofs or areas where water treatment facilities have been compromised say during natural disasters(again on the roof) and can be a preventative measure to prevent scarcity of clean drinking water in areas prone to these.It will also provide water for times of drought and also when drinking water is contaminated and in intermediary periods alerted to them via Artemis and while corrective measures in water treatment plants and bio-remeditation efforts of waterways take place i.e.2003 European heatwave,Flint water crisis,Hurricane Sandy with the home AI automatically switching to this during these periods interacting with weather networks and sensors in the water treatment plants and local water source such as rivers and lakes.UV lights can be integrated to make it safe for human consumption.Super blasts of super high intensity UV light have been shown in Athlone Institute of Technology to kill off all antibiotic resistant pathogenic bacteria/parasites and also break down all known Hormone endocrine disrupters,pharmaceuticals and other compounds.Miniaturizing this technology into miniature UV machines present in the rainwater capsule into existing technology similar to RainSafe technology can ensure that this prevents the any contaminants in water are destroyed before being sprayed and will negate the need for human labour to constantly refill it with salt which is a finite resource and expensive to mine.The methods used in the slingshot water purifier can also be integrated into the system of water purification to cut down on energy costs and remove any unfiltered material.Nanosensors can be at each can allow for the levels of pollutants to be measured with them alerting as to when filters need to be replaced.These should be located on the roof or the side with them also taking in water from the local water treatment plants if it isnt raining enough with the Home AI automatically switching to this when water is low it rationing water in severe droughts.

Wiring will be connected to the home AI allowing the homeowners to carry out diagnostics on home computers and smart devices,computers etc. to allow robots that can be ordered in to fix them.All wiring and fuse boxes should be placed far away from any gas piping such as CSST piping which ideally should be located in the basement with a spray on breathable nano crystal film similar to liquid glass covering the steel that repels electricity to prevent it attracting electricity.Buckypaper could act as a precursor to this spray on nano coating onto existing rubber tubing coatings with new CSST tubing in the future composed of buckypaper due to its ability to repel electricity.This film could also be placed on the roofing and exterior walls of a building to prevent lightening strikes which can initiate these fires and other fires as well as blackouts.Furthermore this film could be sprayed on fuse boxes and also pylons,power lines and electrical wires to prevent blackouts and thus any labour involved with fixing power lines and sprayed on cutlery and other conductive materials in the hands of children to prevent electrocution if they attempt to stick them in plug sockets.A permanent layer of liquid glass will allow for them to be clean forever and also waterproof.Fuse boxes with trip switches can be designed(or replaced in the case of old ones) to allow for diagnostics to be done remotely and even fixed remotely via smart devices and the home AI negating the trouble and dangers associated with locating and fixing them with them visible as a touchscreen making them easier with any faults explained alongside when measures to take to rectify them.As stated those inexisting homes both private and communal and buildings of all types will be replaced by these new ones.Robots could possibly be created that also serve a town,village or city(that also repair power lines,local communal fuse boxes,old lightbulbs in street bulbs to save on resources)in major emergencies at home and in the street eliminating the need for electricians completely.Contacting the AI mayor and home AI through the wire could allow for faults to be ascertained and when they will be fixed with them both aiding the homeowner in repairing themselves based on unique situations or sending electrician robots or biosynths that fix boxes and other devices in the city and town with YouTube videos sufficing until then.The Home AI in the form of robots and biosynths will also be able to correct any problems alongside seeing through the contact lens of any humans present to guide them on how to fix them thus rendering human electricians defunct with the same done for plumbing.Arges wall batteries charged from the grid could allow one to be powered for at least several weeks during blackouts.Routine diagnostics on all systems such as lighting,wiring,robots,electronics,fuse boxes and machinery will follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger making it easy for the layperson to recognise the level of severity of the problem.These will be logged in relevant folders.Robots operated by the city AI designed for this can be called in via a submenu in the menu for the fuse box within the Home AI but until then this work can be done by hand with YouTube videos or in time those generated by the Home AI,Gaia and mayor AI(based on their unique problem through direct interaction) guiding people on how to do it safely with the diagnostics streamed by them and visual readings from cameras on smart phones.Carbyne and graphene nanotubes could theoretically replace copper and other metals in electrical wiring.Type G sockets with shutters will replace all sockets worldwide when type G plugs replace them due to their safety with adapters used on other types until they are replaced by hand or robots with type G plugs with even these controlled by the Home AI.These advances and others should negate the need for electricians.Using Hestia,Ophion,Demeter,Hephaestus,Helios,Polis and other networks and sub networks of the wire Steropes can perform studies on each and every individual citizen and different demographics(age,race,size of families,gender etc) on their energy use in transportation,ordering and manufacturing of food and goods,used at home collectively and for each individual electronic and vehicles etc over days,weeks,months,years and even decades to allow each citizen to find out how much energy they use collectively and also for each of these areas with this done on local,regional,national,continental and global levels.It would even calculate their energy use while staying in different homes for holidays,use of wireless inductive chargers in the open and in charging stations,use of public transport,times spent in hospitals and other activities.This would be from links made from Helios,Tyche,Phaeton,Epione and other apps and operating software.Tyche would do the same for water for all of these fields.The amount of electricity generated,shared and used by personal power sources such as VAWTs,solar panels etc will be logged into the home AI.Hestia interacting with Arges,Steropes will organise the sharing of excess electricity to adjoining homes and buildings

Home wall batteries that utilise fast charging Storedot technology will intake energy from the grid and from onsite solar panels and other self sufficient technologies to store energy for emergencies such as blackouts and natural disasters with these in the basement in secure rooms with them automatically kicking in when power goes out.These would ideally last at least a few weeks with communal homes having multiple ones of these to power them for at least a month with them on every floor to power all rooms on that floor.Those in communal homes would be in the basement to charge lower floors with them on every few floors in storerooms to cut down on wiring.Those near roofs would be charged by VAWTs,solar panels etc with the same applying to those in the basement charged by VAWTs and panels in gardens with those on inbetween floors charged by VAWTs built into the exterior wall as well as windows replaced with quantum dot technology,see through thermo-piezoelectric materials and graphene with these integrated into windows on all floors with piezo-electric technology that gains energy from sounds integrated into parts of the building both inside and outside.Graphene paint on all exterior walls can also charge these.They could also be charged from the grid.This would be of note to areas prone to natural disasters with these integrated into existing communal homes via hand or robotics.Solar thermal pipes to heat water can also alleviate strains on the grid with air conditioning systems also solar powered.

Gas canisters will have microchips inside and on them that can allow them to be registered to the Home AI allowing one to view how much gas is in it in litres and percentage and when it is low or empty the Home AI will automatically order in new full ones from factories and petrol stations that create and store them.These woul ideally be composed of graphene due to it being 200 times stronger than steel and 86% lighter.Ideally home sized biogas plants will negate the need for canisters being sent back and forth to petrol stations as the gas will be created and refilled at home through methangenous bacteria feeding on sugar making one self sufficient.Enzymes from Saccrophagus degradans can be in these bacteria to breakdown leftover food to allow them to breakdown not just sugar but also organic waste such as leftover food to release the sugars within them.Nanosensors will also be in these biogas plants to measure how much is present with them composed of graphene to make them light but resistant to explosions and fires with tap systems that connect to the canisters.Ideally a homeowner would have multiple canisters to fill so as to prevent to much gas building up the plant with the bacteria stored in a liquid form poured in with the sugar and the plants would have taps that connected to canisters of all sizes with them at different parts of the plant or connected to graphene infused rubber or carbon fibre tubing.This would make homeowners self sufficient with gas indefinitely.Communal homes can have them in their basements or even at the side of them in smalls sheds like private homes with them in areas coated in graphene paint in the exterior and interior with hemp and fungi insulation for fireproofing.The methanegenous bacteria should be engineered to produce methane with a specific and unique smell so leaks can be detected by the human nose and nanosensors in the home.Ideally gas cookers should be replaced by steamers,halogen ovens etc to allow the cookers to be recycled and the space used for extra cupboards due to steamers being less likely to cause fires with the gas instead produced on site of homes used for heating and cooling systems when modified to heat and cool the home on demand with all piping,heaters etc also composed of graphene to prevent and contain explosions.They would also negate the need for repairing them and prevent not just fires,but explosions and even accidental leaks which could be repaired using the Home AI providing diagnostics and guidance alongside YouTube.These could be located in sealed areas in basements or sheds next to small homes or in the case of communal homes be on higher floors and be on every few floors to provide heating for them in winter months and possibly power cooling systems in the summer to which underground geothermal heating can only reach so high cannot reach.

Skyscraper hotel or apartment style homes will become the predominant communal home and predominant homes worldwide.Those modelled in hotels will house suites the same as the Venetian standard roughly 60.387 square meters enough to house a king sized bed,en suite and enough closets for married couples with these homes having communal living rooms in the form of the communal lobby,communal gardens on the grounds of them and also communal rooftop gardens,communal dining halls,communal automated kitchens and communal amenities like pools,saunas etc.To eliminate human labour botlr,tug and other robots providing room service will be present alongside other robots etc eliminating all human labour in kitchens,room service and also communal amenities like pools,saunas etc with all of hotel style homes and their amenities,suites and kitchens etc being luxury style ones on par with the Venetian in Las Vegas.All human labour will be eliminated by 2029.The buildings build for the homeless and poor will be if possible tall as original World Trade Centre twin towns destroyed in 2001 or even Burj kalifa. Those as tall as the World Trade Centre could holds 1,240,000 square metres (13,400,000 square feet) with Venetian standards suite being 60.37 square metres (650 square feet)thus allowing these to hold at least 20,534 suites as much as 20,534 – 41,068 people if 1-2 people are in each room.This should should cater to islands like Cayman Islands as its populations of 65,720 could fit into only two sets of these buildings allowing most of the slums and low quality homes to be demolished and reforested leaving only luxury mansions.The average Americans bedroom is 12.262 – 18.58 square metres(132 – 200 square foot) and most master bedrooms are 20.8103 – 32.51 square metres(224 square foot to 350 square feet) meaning residents will have large bedrooms larger than in normal homes at least two or three times bigger than a master bedroom and five times bigger than a normal bedroom enough to meet the needs of married couples and hold an en suite with a toilet and shower,king sized bed and closets.These will have automated communal kitchens,automated communal dining halls,communal amenities such as pools and sauna as etc and a communal lobby acting as a communal living room with them having one to five extra floors than the World Trade Centre to house these communal amenities and lobbies on the ground floors.The building might need mechanical floors so we may have to add an extra eight floors thus bring it up to 123 floors to ensure that there is 110 floors of apartments or suites and also separate floors for amenities and lobby etc with them Flores for mechanical areas for elevators,electrical systems etc.Other communal homes built including in the same size as this model will be luxury apartment blocks on par in luxury quality to billionaires row in America such as One 57,432 Park Avenue,252 East 57th Street,Central Park Tower etc and similar high end luxury apartment buildings around the world thus giving the poor currently living in slums,shanty towns and even the homeless quick access to high quality housing.If they contain 1,021 square metre apartments with six bedrooms similar to those in One 57 on Billionaires Row then they can house 1,214 apartments with at least 7,286 – 14,573 people in each sets of buildings if they are 1-2 people in each bedroom.Apartments that are 3,530 square metres that hold 40 bedrooms can hold 351 apartments that can hold between 14,050 – 28,101 people.Other models can include apartments that are each 929 square metres(10,000 square feet) that house 14 bedrooms as well as bathrooms and also living rooms and kitchens with 1,370 of these in these buildings that can house at least 18,760 – 37,520 people in each set of buildings of 1-2 people are in each bedroom.Some models can involve having them divided into 1,049 square metre apartments with 40 rooms and 20 of those being bedrooms which leads to it holding 1,182 apartments that can hold 23,641 – 47,283 people if 1-2 people are in each bedroom.If apartments are 522 square metres with 12 bedrooms could create 2,375 apartments and house 28,505 – 57,111 people if 1-2 people are in each bedroom.Having the apartments be 522 square metres with 14 bedrooms means there can be 2,375 apartments with 33,256 – 66,513 people if 1-2 people are present.If they contain 507 square metre apartments with 14 bedrooms then there could be 2,445 apartments which could hold 34,240 – 68,481 people if 1-2 people were in each bedroom.An apartment that is 1,923 square metres and holds 68 bedrooms can hold 644 apartments in both buildings and in turn hold 43,848 – 87,696 people if 1-2 people are in all bedrooms.The size of apartments and number of bedrooms or the size of suites can vary with it thus affecting the amount of people present in each sets of buildings with this varying from 7,286 – 87,696 people per each set of two buildings.All building types whether hotels or apartment blocks will be purely luxury buildings with luxury furniture,flooring etc with silk etc created by bacteria and synthetic wood also created by bacteria used.These buildings can be built next to each other or be two separate buildings set some distance apart or be one building with the same internal surface area.All major cities will house these and even coastal cities with even islands that suffer urban sprawl such as Lanzarote,Gran Canaria,Cayman,Mauritius,Hawaii and other densly populated islands that suffer urban sprawl will have urban sprawl demolished,reforested and these tall buildings built with only luxury mansions and palaces especially historical ones left standing with abandoned buildings of historical value kept and converted into homes with large ones converted into communal homes via adding roof extensions.Historical obsolete buildings such as schools,supermarkets,hypermarkets and shopping malls,hotels,motels etc will also be kept and converted into communal homes via roof extensions.The type of building where her hotel style of apartment will be dependent on the place they are put in with small towns of at least 10,000-25,000 people will have One 57 buildings present with large towns and cities with populations in between 25,000 – 1,000,000 will have Venetian style hotel homes with cities with populations above 1,000,000 will have a mixture of both.Those in towns can be built in the outskirts and have all from all surrounding towns and even villages added to them thus meaning that populations from entire surrounding towns and villages are filled into them thus allowing all homes in these surrounding villages and towns to be demolished thus making villages and towns exponentially smaller until only business districts that include retail outlets that will contain supermarkets etc and hotels are left and then will be given roof extensions to make them similar buildings.The original World Trade Centre took 14 years to be built with advanced in AI,automation and Biosynths reducing this to between 5-10 years with if possible them built in place of existing slums etc and the residents living in luxury motorhomes or with homes of friends of friends,releated family members etc or moving into mansions on retail sites bought using loans etc.Both building types will be purely luxury buildings with luxury furniture,flooring etc with silk etc created by bacteria and synthetic wood also created by bacteria used with the theme of their exterior and interior unique to each building unique to each town,city etc.Most islands,towns could have their entire population fit into one or two with most cities needing at least 6 – 1,217 of these to house their entire population.These will be built in the outskirts of each town and city.Building them in place of slums and ghettos will help make villages,towns and cities compact with them built in small towns allow people to be moved from islands and large cities into smaller towns.villages and small towns can have them built to have people from other countries cities,towns etc and islands moved to them.They can be built in the outskirts of towns and cities and then most if not all people from low quality housing estates,slums and ghettos etc will move into them and allow all low quality housing estates,slums,ghettos that the new residents come from to be demolished and the land reforested thus making them more compact and have large areas of reforested land.As stated only obsolete buildings such as supermarkets,hypermarkets,retail streets,schools and existing hotels alongside both abandoned buildings and existing apartment blocks will remain to be converted into private homes and hotel and apartment style communal homes with these sized apartments and hotel suites through roof extensions.All buildings converted into private and communal homes derived from these will be luxury homes.All obsolete and abandoned buildings will be converted into these hotel style homes with amenities and the Venetian standard with roof extensions added to house more rooms.All of these anbandoned,obsolete buildings and those on retail sites etc and hotels and motels etc and rennovations will be charted in the universal home flipping show Restoratiion Nation.Other buildings such as vertical farms,churches and government buildings key to the functioning of city and town will remain with if possible sewage and water treatment plants moved underground.The only private homes as part of estates and suburbs that remain will be those where people decide to remain and merge their homes with those who move out combined with roof and underground extensions making them miniature mansions with them also having luxury rennovations and adding amenities and have garden renovations.This should make most towns and cities densely populated especially when combined with underground communities but at the same time have 50-90% of their surface area demolished and reforested making them house large areas of reforested land that improves air quality,negates the heat island effect,transpiration,rainfall patterns etc and gives them each sizeable areas for hiking etc.All tarmac on roads,concrete/wiring/wood etc from all demolished homes will be recycled.Thus these will allow the majority of all large towns and cities to have all housing estates demolished,roads dug up and the land reforested with original ecosystems such as meadows and forests giving each city and towns sizeable areas of wilderness.These will be built in place of existing low quality housing estates and slums that are demolished and the roads dug up rerouted with shanty towns on hilltops be demolished and then land reforested.Rural communities in Africa etc will have these luxury homes built.Existing ghost towns full of homogenous villas etc that are abandoned and crumbling due to being built without adhering to building codes will be demolished once scanned in and replaced by tall luxury homes either apartment style buildings in billionaires row or Venetian hotel style homes.Ghost towns in China will be rennovated and given to the homeless etc in Africa and China.Abandoned buildings will be renovated into luxury communal hotel style homes once given extensions of up to 50-100 floors and the poor witl book places in them.Abandoned private homes will be rennovated and given luxury renovations and extensions and traded away.Obsolete buildings like supermarkets,hypermarkets,retail outlets etc once communities become self sufficient through manufacturing hubs and vertical farms and both Demeter and Hepheastus will be once given 50-100 roof extensions converted into luxury communal hotel homes with amenities communal kitchens and dining halls and Venetian standard suites.Even islands that suffer from urban sprawl and overpopulation will through this be able to have large amounts of its wilderness returned.All demolished buildings will before being demolished have both their interior and exterior scanned in by drones etc into Daedalus to preserve them for use in media and VR simulations.Only those who wish to stay in low quality housing for intirinsic reasons will stay and can have homes of neighbours who move out merged together and have roof extensions to form miniature mansions complete with luxury refurbishments while all other buildings are demolished to create large gardens and wilderness.Only residents who wish to stay in there old homes will stay and add roof,side and underground extensions,possibly merging with neighbours to become miniature mansions with the land occupied by demolished buildings reforested.There rennovations will be charted in episodes of Restoratiion Nation.

All communal homes derived from abandoned and obsolete buildings and apartment blocks and council flats as well as newly built skyscrapers will be managed by macro AIs with each room/suite/apartment etc managed by separate AIs.The macro will have it own AI,personality,avatar and name separate not only from receptionists but also those of each room/suite/apartment.It will also means that the AI of each room/apartment/penthouse etc will be separate from each other and the macro AI allowing each resident to register their own private electronics to them.It will also mean that the macro AI of each individual building and each individual AI will have separate avatars and individual separate personalities from each other and also the those of other buildings.Data such as energy and resource use can be read for each room/apartment etc individually by their residents with data from each AI fed into the macro AI and then to the wire with existing and new communal retrofitted with these.The gyms/pools/spas in all communal buildings can be kept and connected to the home macro AI and can be used by the public with non branded restaurants and bars in hotels being fully automated by robot chefs and waiters and managed by the macro AI.Thus all of ones personal electronics will be controlled by the individual AI of each room.Existing features like blinds etc controlled by remotes will via the newly installed AI be controlled via smart devices.These macro AIs of existing and new communal buildings including those from hotels and shopping malls would allow communal electronics to be controlled by all residents with the rooms and apartments etc to be separated in individual Home AIs of each individual room,apartment etc to register personalised electronics for each resident with them each having individual personalities,legal names and avatars with existing and new private and communal homes fitted with onboard computers for this with their consciousness and data transferred to newer computers as time goes especially when sentient.The onboard computers of the macro AI will be in the basement with those of each room AI in the suite or apartment and can double as detailed later on a unit to power and store powerful video games as part of Hestia and extra storage space for ones Hestia account.In short each communal home including existing ones will have macro AIs that would have separate personalities,avatars from the AIs of each room,suite,penthouse and apartment in the building and complex as well as the receptionists.Advertising all existing and new rooms and apartments of hotels and apartment blocks in Hephaestus’s Euthenia sub network would allow rooms and apartments to be allotted to the general public once or before renovated with even rooms of hotels traded permanently or temporarily through this.This could also allow rooms in them to shared,rented and traded for holidays similar to air b’n’b and couchsurfing with even private islands also shared for holidays.All communal homes derived from obsolete buildings will be fitted with wifi where none is present.All wifi in new and existing hotels and communal homes will be the fastest one available through updating them and those in hotels will be modified to be so that each room will have private wifi that is secure preventing the other residents snooping in on their data etc.odifying the router will turn all wifi into private wifi.Soundproofing could be added to each rooms wall for privacy.Those in these communal homes will be so that each room or apartment is private separate from each other.Obsolete buildings done by volunteers and any rooms not taken by those who booked them will be advertised on Euthenia with professional videos.With regards to existing hotels including those in casinos as well as motels and empty apartment blocks local poor and homeless people could simply move in for free without paying prior to Euthenia being set up by booking a room or apartment the earliest time it is free with this including staff(if themselves living in poor estates especially in developing countries)with them stocking up on food and manufactured goods from retail outlets,community centres and supermarkets in the area prior to episodes detailing their renovation into luxury ones,adding extra suites,closet rooms and also customisation of rooms with several residents acting as their presenters.This will allow slums,shanty towns and poor housing estates to be demolished and replaced by luxury hotels and apartments to then allow more people from low quality housing to move in until all low quality housing to be converted into luxury housing in the form of apartments and hotels.This will also allow for homeless shelters to be converted into homes including communal ones through extensions.Thus all obsolete and abandoned buildings of all types will be renovated to the same standard as luxury penthouses and hotels with kebonised wood,precious gems,ornamental rocks,bioprinted leather,ornate furniture etc while still preserving the buildings architectural style for the very poor from ghettos,council housing estates and slums who move into them with them covered in episodes of the single global programme.This will all apply to those created from abandoned buildings.

A universal marble statue of Hestia will be in the lobbies or main halls of all of these new and existing communal homes including those derived from abandoned and obsolete buildings such as banks,hotels,motels,abandoned hotels/motels/hospitals/psychiatric facilities and mega hotels as well as newly built skyscraper hotel/apartment homes and also existing apartment blocks and Council flats around the world by the entrance replacing any existing ones which can be traded away,recycled or put into nearby museums or other rooms with her symbol the hearth on all robots,signs and machinery and on the ground under all statues of her with them all having receptionists in a stand similar to all hotels.This is because she will be the sentient operating software of all new and existing private and communal homes worldwide that will also be the universal sentient operating software of all electronics in all homes worldwide.Those that have no lobby or a small one will have them added or made bigger by extensions or the statue can be strategically placed by the entrance outside or in any squares outside.The signs for all hotels and shopping centres will have this symbol replacing any of those on the exterior both on the building itself and any signs outside.All signs of retail outlets in malls etc will be removed with the symbol of this alongside the buildings name.Her statue will be present in the lobby of all communal homes worldwide including existing ones such as hotels,apartment blocks and council flats and those derived from all types of abandoned buildings as well as super,hyper markets around the world with the unveiling of her universal marble statue will be done at the end of each episode that is renovated in one form or another highlighting her protection to the new residents and maintenance of the building with it by the entrance and the lobby next to the existing and new receptionist desks in all of them.She will be the operating software of private homes as well with no statue.Each communal home from shopping malls,hypermarkets will name will be derived from its original name ie Lulu,Papago Plaza,Arizona Mills,Fairgreen and so on without the words “mall” and “shopping centre” which will be removed with again the hearth symbol on the signs and above the entrance.Those derived from corporate headquarters,banks etc will be created from scratch with those from office buildings such as Empire States Building,Burj Khalifa,Petronas Towers,Zifeng Tower,The Shard etc will keep their name with the exception of Apple Park,One World Trade Centre given new ones ie One World Trade Centre renamed One World Centre.All hotels that are not part of franchises will keep their name ie those in Las Vegas with the same applying to casinos there.Those that are part of franchises ie Hilton,Four Season,Trump International etc will each be individually renamed places from Ancient and modern day Greece either existing,ancient or mythological ie Athens,Thebes,Corinth,Bruaron,Asphodel Meadows,Elysium,Arcadia,Colchis,Aulis,Troy,Sparta,Olympia,Mount Olympus,Thessaloniki,Thessalonica,Salonica,Salonika and so on.If need be those from Ancient Rome and even other world mythologies from the era ie Ancient Egypt,Ancient Norse myhtology will be used once names have run out.Rooms used by security guards in all buildings to view camera feeds will become obsolete by the camera feeds being fed directly into the building AI accessed by the intranet from anywhere in the world by residents and thus these can be turned into other rooms with robots and cameras at key points monitoring any other rooms such as electrical and water rooms with readings fed into the home AI with automated corrective measures built in to the macro AI with these covered in layers of graphene paint then liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning with it also preventing corrosion and graphene watertight graphene doors controlled by biometrics and digital keys ensuring only authorised personnel and robots can enter and protect them from fires spreading to and from them.Those in the lobby will be converted into the reception for the receptionists.Windows will be cleaned and covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass by advances in robots to prevent fogging and prevent dirt clinging to them with the interior of therm also done by robots with this of note of skyscrapers.In time these could be replaces those with quantum dot technology one by one by robots.Like abandoned buildings the renovation of all types of obsolete buildings such as banks,offices,corporate headquarters etc around the world will be filmed for a single global programme from the auctioning of them to their original state,renovations and after renovations in the same manner by those doing it or those who booked them.Thus all obsolete buildings of all types will be upgraded and renovated to luxury standards on par of the most luxurious hotels for the very poor who book them with wifi added and also wiring,piping,en suites,pneumatic waste tubing in basements etc with carparks,plazas,tarmac in front of them dug to have gardens on them for hybrid crop and ornamental plants with multistorey automated carparks installed on the side,underneath them managed by the macro AI with any existing underground carparks kept with existing non automated carparks kept and managed by the AI with ticket machines and barriers kept or modified into extra rooms or amenities while automated multistorey carparks are added to them.The addition of these automated multistorey carparks and addition of gardens in place of tarmac,plazas as well as any roof extensions to house more people, add amenities,closet rooms etc will be done during renovations and will be covered in the episodes with this also applying to renovated abandoned buildings.Each one will have the exterior and interior remodelled to the theme of the local area and country to make bland ones look more luxurious.Any remaining furniture in them that have historical value alongside paintings etc will be kept and refurbished to keep the original style.Kebonised wood,bioprinted leather,marble,precious gems can be used in toilets,bedrooms,lounges,lobbies etc all upgraded to luxury standards with all rooms in these buildings being refurbished to luxury standards for the very poor who move in. In time by 2029-2035 robotics will become sufficiently advanced to add more floors to the roofs and the underground areas of these existing and new buildings such as supermarkets,hotels,cinemas and skyscrapers to increase the amount of people that can occupy the same area of space either through cranes,drones,humanoid robots or even miniaturised 3D concrete printing robots and drones that can be assembled on the roof by connecting to each other automatically when entering the roof via elevators.Glass domes can be removed and covered over with graphene and other carbon composite self healing foamcrete flooring or have extensions built around them but ideally they will be removed and covered in graphene flooring allowing them to form floors for more apartments etc to be built onto it.It would be done over time as the population grows This method can also apply to hospitals and other essential buildings such as jails to increase the amount of wards and living space.The highest humans can survive permanently is up to 5.4864 km with indoor heating and fruit,Bambusoideae and nut trees farms providing oxygen for higher altitudes,nanomaterials that passively separate oxygen from carbon dioxide alongside circulating air pumps systems from lower levels,and other technologies that can maintain a normal interior air pressure similar to those used in air planes making conditions more bearable for these and theoretically even higher heights up to the death zone of 8 km with digital windows or pyrex windows providing scenery.Biosynthtic technology and nanomaterials that passively separate oxygen from carbon dioxide will provide oxygen and digital smart windows provide scenery.This would use scratch DNA,that from chemosynthetic bacteria and plants could allow them to do so passively without sunlight with biolumescent plants and moss that also able to do so via this via this DNA.Recombinant DNA from either Serratia liquefaciens,Carnobacterium genus and even Methanothermobacter wolfeii,Methanosarcina barkeri,Methanobacterium formicicum could allow humans to survive indefinitely in the upper atmosphere of the Earth as well as on Mars.Recombinant DNA from faculatative anaerobic bacteria will allow humans to survive without oxygen with psychrophille DNA allowing them to survive low temperatures with both allowing buildings to go as high as 8,000 metres and even live in the highest parts of Mount Everest.Buildings such as skyscrapers that have irregular shapes with certain parts higher than the other can have extensions on the lower roofs to the height of the central or top highest roof with elevators and stairwells installed and doors present that would connect to the main central cores hallways thus further increasing the amount of people they can hold with these also going further upwards with the central sections.Any spires can be removed or built around with them as a central feature.These can house more equal sized hotel suites or even more amenities such as pools,spas,saunas etc and areas for growing food.All extensions will house more stairs and elevators including additions to existing elevators to go to higher floors and underground extensions.A matrix of graphene/carbyne composites to be used as construction materials for higher floors with for example plastic rebars coated in a single layer of graphene with the supporting columns and roofs of existing buildings covered in graphene paint and sheets to increase their strength 200 fold or have graphene nanotube/sheet and carbyne nanotube bored into them.Graphene/carbyne infused self healing smart foamcrete should be used until other materials can be used including if possible graphene by itself with sheets of graphene or layers of graphene paint on the roof will give it strength.Nanomaterials merged with biosynthetic technology that passively separate oxygen from carbon dioxide can also be used to provide oxygen alongside ventilation systems and Bambusoideae and small trees engineered to release more oxygen in each area and room etc.Biosynthtic technology and nanomaterials that passively separate oxygen from carbon dioxide will provide oxygen and digital smart windows provide scenery.This would use scratch DNA,that from chemosynthetic bacteria and plants could allow them to do so passively without sunlight with biolumescent plants and moss that also able to do so via this via this DNA.Biolumescent moss can be in a room that creates oxygen that then use ventilation systems to spreed them across the building.In time humans can be engineered to utilise carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor thus alleviating or negating these measures.These nano materials will utilise biosynthetic technology to improve efficiency.Rooms to grow hydroponic crops should ideally be used as these would require constant light from CSYS LED lights that would release oxygen to other rooms via ventilation systems and provide food.Carbon scrubbers can also be used.Of course simulations should be done as to the safety and efficacy of each addition of floors to existing and new buildings on the roof with underground extensions and extensions to make bedrooms on all floors larger also an option with applying a layer of graphene paint and also layers of graphene sheets onto the roof as well as the ceiling and walls on the floor(s) under the roof and floor to increase its strength for these roof and under ground extensions if graphene and other carbon fibres or graphene and carbyne infused foamcrete are used as the material for these extensions with this even applying to new and existing balconies.People who have booked these in different cities and countries can use motorhomes and home sharing programmes to secure accommodation during the renovations and filming of episodes with loans used to pay for home sharing or them being free since money will be free eventually.If all people particularly those in the lowest quality accommodation have moved into these then the last set of housing estates to be demolished can be converted into forest and community farms particularly those on the outskirts of town which in the case of forest farms extend to all adjoining farmland or open land not covered in them to nearby existing forests and beyond.Otherwise these can be more hotels that will house a growing population from people moving there from other towns etc.Furniture,electronics,cutlery etc can be moved to these new homes with them even stored permanently or temporarily in community centres.

Airbnb,hiphousing and couch surfing etc will be replaced by the Euthenia platform of home sharing and swapping in Hephaestus wherein people trade places or live with other people in there local,region and country as well as other countries as to allow people to share homes and residences throughout the year when they are not present and wish to have change of scenery and location throughout the year.It will also be a platform to permanently trade them away.This would be of note to the wealthy who currently own multiple homes allow others who belong to the so called 99% to spend time in them for holidays,honeymoons,weddings,birthdays,anniversaries etc or extended periods of time preventing people who own multiple homes to not leave excess homes idle.Motorhomes can be rented and shared between a community and allow an individual to travel across a country for a set period of time.All of this can be done online or via the wire through Euthenia(thus replacing Airbnb,couchsurfing etc)with the homeowner advertising their home on these platforms and any communications done via email and Iris chats with the sentient Coeus breaking the language barrier removing the need for any third parties and allowing offices for these third parties to be used for homes.Any paper instruction booklets can be replaced by e-newspapers streaming such data from the Home AI.Rooms on cruise ships,communal homes and boathomes can also be shared via this method.These sites can be merged into Euthenia with a section also containing a section for people who want to permanently trade away homes when they wish to move permanently to a new house with all electronics de-registered from the Home AI and the homeowners Home AI app account switched from one house to another with digital keys traded.The Home AI ie its personality can be via the wire namely Hestia be transferred to the onboard computers of new homes or rooms in communal homes with them switching places with existing ones with U-Haul trucks rented from local factories or from Euthenia itself in community centres of any remaining Post Offices.For both instances the person can view not just pictures of the rooms present but also stream the houses 2D and 3D maps which can be transferred into the site within Hephaestus with professional videos made of the home,buildings,amenities and local area.People can leave reviews for homes they stay in.VR indistinguishable from reality can allow the visitor and homeowner to meet in the two homes using VR technology phone calls to show each other the house and also general area surrounding it.All existing homes in home retail sites around the world and air bnb will be added here.Private homes will have roof,side and underground extensions to house amenities and also bedrooms for tourists with if this is adopted by all people in the suburbs etc of major tourist hotspots and in indeed all towns worldwide etc will compensate for hotels becoming homes for permanent residents and will allow even large families to stay in multiple homes in the same street or neighbourhood.Hotels,hostels,bnbs etc will as detailed earlier on become permanent homes with them all even bottom of the barrel ones given roof extensions and luxury renovations,roof extensions and modified so that each room is the same size as the Venetian standard – 65.0321 square metres thus meaning even married couples will have rooms to meet their needs for closets etc with the amenities present ie pools,saunas and gyms and communal living room lobbies acting as other rooms in traditional homes with one able to escape to palaces,wilderness etc through VR.Infant and pre pubescent minors will have their own suites.Thus all hotels,bnbs,motels around the world as detailed earlier on will become permanent homes for residents there from around the world with room swapping and also all private homes in the suburbs including those derived from abandoned and obsolete buildings,castles,mansions,palaces etc owned by royalty,rich and famous etc housing roof,side,underground extensions to house amenities bedrooms for tourists in all major tourist hotspots around the world allowing even large families to stay in different homes in the same neighbourhoods thus allowing traditional tourism to continue once hotels,motels,inns etc are converted into permanent homes.All people worldwide living in mansions,villas and those in the upper and lower middle class or in lower and middle class that even live homes in the suburbs and rural areas will have roof,side and underground extensions to house extra bedrooms and amenities alongside luxury refurbishments for tourists to compensate for the fact that hotels,motels,inns etc becoming permanent homes as an entire family could stay in multiple houses in the same neighbourhood with even residents in hotels etc trading away or swapping rooms when on holiday thus allowing traditional tourism to survive.These will also integrate extensions into them to add more bedrooms,living rooms and amenities.Castles,mansions,palaces,villas,small houses including those as part of ghost towns and neighbourhoods etc will have underground,side and roof extensions to house extra amenities and also bedrooms for tourists with them in the case of castles,palaces,mansions if owned by large families or even just a married couple have these to house tourists consisting of potentially large families in the same architectural style of the main building.Even mansions,palaces,castles currently owned,those gained via Euthenia and also renovated abandoned ones having roof,side and underground extensions in the same architectural style of the main building with mansions,castles and palaces renting out all existing spare rooms alongside these will allow even large families to stay in multiple homes in the same neighbourhood and still act as permanent residence for large families living there.The very wealthy who own two or more homes especially villas,mansions,palaces etc will have these extensions etc housing amenities and extra bedrooms in all homes to not only house space for tourists but also extra ones that can house permanent residents moving into all of their homes especially the very poor with this allowing the extra homes to cater to permanent residents,tourists and allow the original owner come and go as they please while allowing others to move in as permanent residents and also cater to tourists and will add extensions to house extra bedrooms and living spaces for tourists.This would allow the poor to move into extra homes owned by the wealthy and still allow the original owners to use them whenever they want.Arrangements can be made to have the second home free and resident go on holiday during when the original homeowners want to their for privacy reasons..Existing homes including mansions and palaces renovated from abandoned ones will advertise free bedrooms as part of home sharing programmes that will replace hotels for extended periods of time.These will be advertised in Euthenia.The rich and famous including royalty,musicians,actors,CEOs,politicians who live in mansions and palaces alongside all homes in wealthy neighbourhoods around the world can rent out spare rooms and those added in extensions.Certain amenities like defunct government buildings,opera houses,museums,theatres,community halls,churches,vertical farms,breweries,historical libraries,universities etc may also house underground extensions for tourists to stay in.All abandoned buildings turned into private homes including those ghost towns will have underground,side and roof extensions for tourists.The use of home sharing managed by the sentient Euthenia is a more authentic and personal form of tourist accommodation than hotels allowing homeowners to act as guides to the local area but saves hassle in automating hotels managed by AI and also can allow hostels,hotels and motels to become permanent homes especially five star ones to increase the standard of living for the poor who move there and can allow room/home swapping and renting when permanent residents in hotels themselves go on holidays including during the summer,spring and Christmas etc when people normally visit major tourist hotspots,but also room sharing.They when on holiday during Christmas,summer or year or longer road trips can rent out their suite via Euthenia.Private homeowners will also rent out their homes when on holiday as part of road trips and Christmas and Summer holiday.All private homes including in the suburbs,rural areas,apartments and outskirts even castles,mansions,villas,palaces owned by the average individual and wealthy and famous in all islands,towns and cities that are hotspots will have roof,side and underground extensions to house amenities,bedrooms for tourists and luxury refurbishments added to house tourists allowing for whole families to stay in the same neighbourhood.Having royalty,wealthy and famous people rent bedrooms in villas,castles,mansions,palaces in extensions etc can allow the average person stay in them briefly as part of holidays and hang around them and their neighbourhoods while staying in hotspots with them also renting out the home while on holiday themselves using home sharing programmes using private homes turned into mini mansions via roof,side and underground extensions and luxury refurbishments and staying in hotels in devices and home swapping and as stated second and third homes that have extensions can have permanent residents move in and extra rooms for tourists.People in apartments will rent out spare bedrooms,have luxury refurbishments and also rent the apartment when on hoiday.All of this can compensate for bnbs,inns,hotels etc converted into permanent homes and can allow more people to stay in a hotspot at anytime of the year as all homes both private and communal homes can house tourists.Euthenia can be used to arrange sharing,renting and swapping homes and rooms and thus the communal ownership of all homes worldwide.VR technology can allow any home to be used in media and VR holidays and personal simulations thus meaning that one can have any mansion,villa etc at a whims notice.Road trips wherein a person visits multiple hotspots around a country,continent and the world will replace normal one stop holidays allowing a person to see multiple hotspots around the world with the sentient Helios app interacting with the sentient Euthenia,Oceanus,Eos,Amphirite,Ophion etc organising all stops,accommodation and means of travel with homes in towns and cities that are not considered hotspots and have only one or no hotels have all homes have these extensions etc to make them appealing and new hotspots and have volunteers,home sharers and AI organising tours with them also acting as in stops as part of road trips as well as cater to guests such as relatives and friends at any time of the year.VR technology its time dilation effect and networks can allow remaining work in mentoring,law,psychology,live news to be done during these that can last even a year or two.Brauron visited in VR simulations can also suffice if overbooked.