Building new hospitals:
Hospitals can be built underground in wilderness areas especially those by African,Amazon tribes and other ethnic groups that live in isolated areas.All underground,floating and underwater communities will have hospitals with them present in space stations and interstellar vehicles.Research stations,oil rigs etc can house hospitals for underwater communities and cruise ships that transport patients via helicopters.In time self driving vehicles that serve isolated regions or areas affected by natural disasters can be fitted with the all the same automated features and machines as regular hospitals including touchscreen monitors linking to the Aesculapius networks and thus all healthcare staff around the world as well as how to videos for each room and service and UV lights in each room for cleaning.Ideally most abandoned hospitals should be converted into communal homes especially in poor areas because they can house large hotel suites in the wards.Historical abandoned ones will be renovated to their former glory.Rural and urban areas that need them due to an increasing population will be created on the outskirts as well as in areas that used to house small retail outlets on streets automated construction machinery allowing for new buildings to be produced quickly in or on the outskirts of rural areas allowing those who may have to travel very far to gain access to the services they provide with the Aesculapius rod being their universal symbol on all signs and also maps as well as on all machinery,badges,robots,e-reports,e-forms,e-birth and death certs,ambulances etc replacing the erroneous caduceus.For tribes that live in isolated areas such as in Africa,as well as the Amish,Inuit and Amazon tribes as well as those who live in the Tibeatan Foothills will have hospitals or mobile units set up at the edge of or in nearby towns to them to cater to their needs or even in the middle of jungles powered by geothermal heating and other self charging technologies to power them without connected to the grid.If possible in the case of the Amazon these can be underground connected to the rest of the world by underground roads.Those at sea can have underwater wards composed of pyrex alongside those on the oilrig and grow fish,shellfish and macro-algae on site and get energy from wave and solar power with fresh water coming from micro-desalinization plants.They can also have elevators that lead to underwater wards.They will serve any cruise ship in the nearby oceans and have their own automated boats,seabreachers and helicopters and thus helipads to collect people and transfer patients to the mainland with bathyspheres connecting them to underwater cities.Any other resources such as food can be ordered in routinely and this and other resources will operated by the hospital AI.Existing hospitals can have extensions such as extra wards built on the roof and also underground alongside extra underground carparks and helipads and runways on the roof and side for flying vehicles and helicopters that collect patients from cruise ships but also can transfer them to other hospitals and collect them from where they need to be collected by bypassing traffic determined by the hospital AI checking the Ophion system and determining that helicopter would be the best route.Furthermore extra floors and wards can also be build upon roofs of hospitals with miniature 3D concrete,graphene and metal printers,humanoid robots,automated cranes,miniature welding robots etc.building new floors bit by bit.A layer of graphene paint or sheets of carbon fibres should be placed on the roof to make it durable to hold these extensions ideally made of graphene composites.Extensions for extra wards as well as extra machines like surgery,MRI and Xray machines etc will be organised by the public and in time hospital AIs designing them on Daedalus and arranging them.New hospitals will be designed here managed by the public and in time city AI especially with regards to those in rural areas,towns and villages with these to provide wards and compact machinery ie ambulances,surgery,xray,MRI machines etc to deal with emergencies and to alleviate strains on city based hospitals with them growing bigger as the population rises and mainly ease of use for the locale citizens negating them to travel very far.Underground and underwater communities will also have these.Army bases,jails,police and military HQ,interstellar vehicles,research outposts and government buildings and facilities such as the global government house as detailed later on will have mini hospitals with again compact surgery,xray,DEXA,mammogram and other machinery within their own wards.

Rural areas and small towns can have larger hospitals and clinics built in them underground to allow for ease of access to healthcare with these and all hospitals having the latest and most advanced robotics,machinery and surgery equipment in the them alleviating strains on waiting lines etc on machinery in urban hospitals as well as ease of access to them with all old machinery in all hospitals replaced by humans and in time robotics managed by the hospital AI and then recycled with new ones designed on Talos that are cheaper,faster,compact,more efficient in terms of speed and size by both engineers and AI.Newer machinery like surgery,MRI,DEXA,Xray,mammogram machines will through nanomaterials like graphene,silicene,stanene and other ones with the same hexagonal structure and biosynth technology will make them more compact,cheaper,and more accurate and cause less damage to the patient with each hospital thus having multiple of these either in the same room or area alleviating strains on the hospital allowing more patients to be served with nanomachines,microbes and those built into smart devices allowing for them to be used at home alleviating strains on hospitals.Old machines will be replaced with newer ones overtime.These machines will all have liquid glass on them to prevent them from being affected by dust,dirt,blood etc,contaminated by bacteria and negate the need for cleaning and only have to be baked in narrow range wavelength UV lights to sterlise them.Extensions will alleviate strains by adding extra wards based on population growth determined by Polis and extra MRI,XRay and surgery machinery.Roof,side and underground extensions will be added to cater to a growing population and should be stuffed with enough beds,suites to cater to an emergency terrorist attack,natural disaster and pandemic to hold all or at least half of the population of the entire town,village and city.These extensions will house more amenities,wards,surgery rooms and MRI/X-ray machines.Most hospitals especially those that are routinely busy and overpacked and crowded based on AI and staff analysing past traffic trends and also availability of beds,surgeries,MRI etc scans will have at least ten to thirty roof extensions and if possible in rural areas underground extensions to house more wards,beds and also surgery rooms,MRI and X-ray machines to deal with current traffic trends as well as the needs of a growing population and to also to intake patients for surgeries,MRI scans and hospital visits from around the world to alleviate traffic from there.Mobile hospitals can be present in towns and rural areas that have small populations that house all necessary machinery such as compact XRay/MRI machines and surgery machines that is compact etc through nanomaterials and biosynth technology and several beds that would provide initial care and treatment to give the patient basic initial treatment to ensure basic survival and recovery until they are then transferred to proper hospitals to receive more advanced treatment,recovery etc.These mobile hospitals will be deposited on the outskirts of rural communities that have low populations that are far away from towns and cities that have larger hospitals and would alleviate strains on them.They can also be attached to vehicles thus allowing patients to be driven to larger hospitals acting as ambulances that provide initial care.

All hospitals will through machinery composed of nanomaterials and Biosynth technology cutting their costs to zero and extensions should have all available services and machinery with Epione and Paean will arrange each individual patients unique hospital needs etc for each individual conditions.Ideally all clinics outside of hospitals including podiatrists,dentistry clincs,laser eye and cosmetic surgery,abortion and planned parenthood clinics,any remaining STI clinics and other healthcare services and offices of specialists and general physicians should be relocated into the nearest new and all existing hospitals around the world in “healthcare hubs” connected to the main building through extensions on the roof or underground or using defunct rooms so as to keep in close proximity to hospitals,allow them to be managed by the hospital AI and ease of access for patients,require only one statue and their original building used as homes etc through extensions.Thus all hospitals worldwide will have all of the aforementioned services added through extensions in one roof.STI clinics will be reduced to the booth area and waiting room with podiatrists also being a single room or replaced by foot scanners with laser eye surgery will be replaced by microbes using CRISPR and also forming new tissues and cosmetic surgery being done on the same machines as other surgery or other ones in extensions and obsolete rooms.Abortion services in hospitals only used in rare cases such as when there is a threat to the live of the mother or child as CRISPR will cure deformities from incest,Downs syndrome and other conditions with all other cases using adoption to deal with unwanted children through the sentient adoption agency Amalthea.Microbes and augmentations could keep the child and parenthood alive in instances that could be fatal to them.Planned parenthood clinics will be integrated into hospitals via extensions.Specialists hospitals such as those that serve only children will follow suit with them becoming universal hospitals or become homes with existing nearby hospitals having extra wards through extensions.The records in these buildings whether paper or digital will transferred into the database into relevant patient files.Veterinarian clinics and hospitals will ideally have veterinarian clinics merged into existing human hospitals through underground extensions or in the place of buildings as part of the hospital that house obselete functions ie STI clinics,specialists to be managed by the same AI with watertight doors preventing zoonotic diseases and any part of the animal travelling through to the human hospitals and the old ones converted into homes with all veterinarian clinics managed by the same software and also layout.Having STI clinics etc outside of the main building converted into veternarian clinics will allow fro their to be some distance from the main hospital and a place for animals with underground or even side extensions accessed by foot away from the front door but still managed by the hospital AI.All hospitals old and new around the world will have these clinics on their grounds connected to the main building.If possible veterinarian clinics will be next to or part of hospitals and old ones turned into homes or they will be like hospitals fully automated with them managed by Epione,have a statue and receptionist in the lobby and them having their own personality and names etc.Depending on the size of veterinarian clinics and hospitals it may be possible for small ones to be integrated into human hospitals by having underground extensions that are led to via separate entrance on the outside via obsolete buildings having stairwells and elevators thus preventing animals contaminating the main building that houses labs,MRI,Xray wards and clinics devoted to them with these having sizeable areas to house areas devoted for pets with these managed by the same AI.Obsolete buildings on the grounds of hospitals that are some distance from the main building can have roof and underground extensions to house veterinary clinics with as stated underground extensions or even a side extension to the hospital with its own entrance separate from the main building to prevent animals contaminating human hospitals can house sizeable vetenairy clinics for the locale that with if this applied by all human hospitals worldwide will mean all cities,towns,villages etc will have access to these services and allow all vetenairy clinics and hospitals both large and small to be turned into private and communal homes via roof extensions.Large veterinary clinics will be dispersed into multiple hospitals in the region,state and city they serve evenly allowing all people in the region access to them in their local area rendering the need to transport animals large distances and ensuring that each locale that has a hospital will have access to veterinary services as well.It will also ensure that each area has a sizeable but small space for them with this allowing the vetenairy clinics to be managed by the same AI as the hospitals,require no extra statues and allow vetenairy clinics and hospitals to be turned into communal homes.Those made redundant by Paean and automation will also be made into homes.AI namely those that replace managerial staff will devise ways to have podiatrists,vetenairy clinics,dentistry,laser eye and cosmetic surgery,abortion and planned parenthood clinics,STI clinics integrated into them via roof,side,underground extensions,side buildings to house all of them in a single building with all hospitals around the world housing these allowing one all in one access to their healthcare needs,need only one statue with it also allowing for the buildings that once housed them to become homes.Ideally all hospitals should have these services;abortion clinics,dentistry,veterinarian,podiatrist etc on their grounds in one roof through roof,side and underground extensions for these reasons with the statue in a place where it would not interfere with traffic of beds,patients and staff if possible built into a wall or in an extension within the lobby as well as outside.Buildings used by general physicians,specialist can be converted into homes also and offices of these in hospitals worldwide can be turned into extra patient wards and rooms since they will be replaced by Paean.Offices for managerial staff that will be made obsolete by the hospital AI even before it is sentient can also be made into extra wards or even living spaces such as bedrooms.Any programmes or leaflets in waiting rooms will be replaced by e-newspapers and other smart devices streaming them from the hospital or clinic AI with new ones created by Paean.Each hospital around the world and any remaining buildings if healthcare hubs are not used will have an universal statue of Epione in the lobby of all buildings with the sentient operating software Epione linking all hospitals around the world with the Aesculapius Rod underneath these statues.The statue will be built into walls of the lobby or small extension to the side of the entrance lobby in such a way as to be visible but not interfere with traffic of incoming patients etc to prevent congestion and possible death with if possible it outside areas by the front in gardens and by entrance again in a position that it won’t interfere with traffic.Each hospital AI of each hospital around the world will decide where to put the universal statue of Epione it’s sentient operating software.The seats in waiting rooms would be bioprinted leather as well as their being plants monitored by robots(with nanosensors in the pot) as well as aquariums and other luxury refurbishments including paintings on the wall with magazines downloaded onto e-newspapers with Pheme and Dionysus streamed on smart devices the receptionist AI will oversee all waiting rooms with ideally there being three waiting rooms for microbe upgrades,blood testing and blood donation in three separate areas of the hospital.The number for waiting lines will be allotted to each patient automatically to their patient file when they enter via the hospital AI WiFi and Bluetooth interacting with their smartphones with one alerted via the hospital AI and Paean as to when it is their turn.This will make the waiting lines efficient rather than random people going in when they want.They numbers will go in a numerical order ie 1,2,3,4,5,6 and so on from midnight to midnight the next day and each day the numbers will restart at midnight.There could be one large waiting room where there is the entrance to microbial upgrading rooms,blood donation rooms and also blood testing rooms with the patients given a number and them called when it is their time and able to see the current number with there being three different sets of coloured numbers ie blue,yellow,green etc one for growing rooms,one for donation rooms and also one for testing rooms with these changed every 24 hours at midnight managed by the receptionist AI that send it and logs it into their patient file with one able to see the number of whose currently served.Since upgrading,donations and also testing will be done in a matter of minutes will make these quick.These areas will be open 24/7,365 days.Pamphlets within the lobby will be replaced by electronic versions that can be streamed from the hospital AI with the latest information from Paean with existing ones scanned into the hospital AI and include videos with existing ones around the world scanned into Epione and thus sent to the AI of all hospitals around the world.Secretaries and receptionists will be replaced by holographic replacements which can work 24/7 hours a day 365 days a week and will act as the person to greet visitors and patients and guide them to where they need to go and can answer dozens of phone calls at once while still performing other duties.Landline wireless touchscreen phones will be present replacing conventional phones with the same phone number will be present to allow people to make calls when needed and calls made to these will be directed to the receptionists with emails also directed them.They will have a separate individual personality and legal name from the hospital AI that will be a separate individual from other hospital AIs once they become sentient and all secretaries will wear a universal uniform worldwide as it appears in lenses,glasses,smart devices such as mirrors/phones/newspapers and holograms as well as how they appear to patients and visitors at the front of the hospital,in maps and these devices and also when they remotely access the hospital intranet or in person with touchscreens in front of them connected the hospital intranet.Each of these hospitals worldwide will be separate individual entities with their own distinct personalities but will be linked by Paean able to relay information back and forth between patients and Aesculapius.Due to holographic receptionists and the hospital AI not requiring sleep and food these can allow hospitals to be open and operating as well as open to visitors 24/7,365 days a year.These can interact with smart phones and can allow the visitor or patient to call for a mobile robotic trashcan,log in patients and doctors either when they arrive or when when their ID is logged via smart devices,DNA samples as well as direct visitors to which wards patients are currently residing in with a name provided(then matched with their ID number) with other basic details such as age and gender given to it in order to narrow it down should multiple people with the same name are in the hospital or direct them to the name of any other hospitals or clinics they have diverted to.It will also allow them to find healthcare staff that are there or at home or even patrolling the hospital via robots with their contact details with the options to locate staff,call them via video phones but will only alert those that in surgery or attending to other patients in wards etc.This can be accessed by keyboards on smart devices and keyboards in front of the receptionist with the letters/numbers on a small screen.It will work either by typing on a touchscreen and/or Siri.Also if the visitor also has the ID number of either individuals then can input it or send it wirelessly.These touchscreens would have menus one with a list of all the healthcare staff present there which the visitor or patient can call via codec transmission,video chat or simply direct them to where they are.Another menu will contain all the patients names currently residing there alphabetically with people able to select the letter to skip to and click on them to find they ward they are in and have smart devices direct them via a map(also present on the touchscreen with each floor as either 2D or 3D).Siri built into this will also aid in this.It can also as stated earlier alert patients and doctors that they are be sought for via sending messages via their vocera systems/codec and bedside monitors to the specific room they are in and google glasses and lenses.Visitors and patients can have a map streamed to smart devices such as smartdevices,codec implants,google glasses and contact lenses, with audio visual cues directing them to the quickest way to their destination such as the ward that patients are in or room healthcare staff are in via the Aesculapius app that connects to patient files and thus the hospital intranet as well as microchips in smart devices and badges owned by staff and patients and a larger network with the persons such as staff and/or patients denoted as moving blips and their distance denoted in metres and cms with them able to track the position of multiple selected people at once with the direction given as line(s).Intercoms would be unnecessary as the smart devices such as phones,lenses and glasses in the hand of patients,staff and visitors would receive alerts from the hospital AI or receptionists either as audio/visual cues or sounded alarms similar to texts via Iris or even direct interaction with the person with staff receiving alerts on patients,visitors,schedules or results of experiments,patients receiving alerts of visitors arriving,meals,tests and other important events and visitors receiving alerts from staff and patients.Maps will have the person holding it as uniquely coloured blip with doctors also a uniquely coloured blip with there name over their blip while robots and stretchers and beds moving in hallways using KIVA systems will also appear as different coloured blips since both staff and robots will interact wirelessly with the AI with the staff,visitors and patients through chips in their nanomicrophone call badges and other smart devices as well as smart clothing.Each staff member,patient,visitor etc will be seen different coloured blips and their name visible via their devices interactions with the hospital AI through the wire.Robots will interact with patient smart devices,nanocameras and sensors like in automated vehicles to prevent accidents.Beds through microchips will also appear as different coloured blips.The robots,beds,badges and smart devices(including smart clothing)of patients and staff will interact with the hospital AI to relay their location on maps and to robots and beds who will also use cameras,sensors and stream maps to locate other robots,beds,patients and staff to prevent accidents.All robots and beds rather than having independent personalities will be part of the hospitals AI giving it a sense of ominsence.As the hospital AI it will be linked to smart clothing in both the hospital and homes in the surrounding area especially on newborn infants and the elderly at home.The second smart clothing detects that vital signs such as temperature,blood pressure and heart rate reaching critical levels synonymous with a coma,concussion or indeed voice activated alarms it will alert medical staff to this and direct them to the ward and bed number via audio/visual cues in smart lenses and will call an ambulance to the patients home.In the case of emergencies outside the hospital it will interact with connections to the wire home AI and/or nearby smartdevices in the area to alert both nearby citizens,neighbours and next of kin and ambulances with the exact GPS location of the patient and have them delivered to the hospital.It will also have access to patient and doctor files on demand from the global healthcare intranet for staff and patient and as it will be connected to all surgery machines,X-ray/MRI and other scanner machines,3D printers/pharmacies,cleaning robots,robots and cameras in each hospital(as well as cameras in check room for gynecologists,proctologists,oncologists it will be able to manage the uploading of camera recordings,scans,test results done within the confines of the hospital will be managed by the hospital AI into their prospective files of individual patients and healthcare staff.Furthermore it will manage all deliveries going in and out of the hospital,management of blood donations,correct of transferal of both bio-printed and donated organs,rotaries and schedules of staff(which it will also recorded and can be changed by staff),movement of samples to and from labs and also communicate with doctors or other staff that are currently monitoring halls and wards in other hospitals but which are also supervising that hospital via the intranet.Since linked to Aesculapius macro AI network it will link all hospitals worldwide and mange the inventory of biological material(like blood and organs etc)and data and resources transferal
between them,universities,factories and also patients worldwide by linking with Hephaestus and Apollo.They can also use this intranet to contact healthcare staff and patients in other hospitals,clinics,psychiatric clinics/wards and dentistry around the globe with the touchscreens turning into monitors for video chats linking to smart devices such as smartphones and google glasses and contact lenses.Rail systems and robots can be integrated to automatically move samples from patients in wards and incoming deliveries from out side patients to specified labs.These rail systems or the robots in these rooms can have hands or other features that pick up samples and via interacting with these robots that have the desired lab or clinic for these to sent to via scanning into the AI via barcodes from staff or robots from their point of origin.The AI will manage rotation of doctors and other healthcare staff with input of these staff and keep these records of these and changes on its hard drive an allow an entire years rotary system to be managed and allow patients,visitors and staff to view the rotations of staff in all hospitals across the world via the intranet.Documents related to the hospital such as records of patients past and future will be uploaded to Aesculapius with documents from HMOs and insurance companies uploaded to Themis.

Existing hospitals can be upgraded with hotels and luxury refurbishments similar to luxury hotels with newer ones modelled on them with spas,jacquizzis,gyms,large automated aquariums,pools for both visitors and patients with even hotel rooms through extensions with the suites for guests and visitors,etc it appeared in opened by digital keys and these rooms managed and digital keys dispensed by the hospital AI where a person can book them by email,logging into the intranet or telephone to the AI receptionist.These hotel rooms can be also used to house patients suffering from minor injuries,are in the recuperating phase,are booking accommodation for tests and surgery when accommodation is not possible in the town through home sharing,examinations or if their is a shortage of beds due to wards being packed with any machinery brought to aid them while they are there to alleviate strains on wards with them and the amenities providing patients and guests leisure and help in recuperating from injuries and illness with the rooms acting like traditional hotels.They can also be used by any remaining staff who have shifts in the morning alongside other living spaces with the cleaning of beds and floors done by robots and all surfaces and bedding treated with silica glass.Visitors may also use these for when they are visiting patients that are undergoing surgeries or staying for extended periods of time.These will have televisions replaced by laptops and smart devices with wifi and wire access availible and deliveries made by botlr,Tug and other robots from the cafeteria.The same sterilising narrow range wavelength UV lights on the ceiling to sterilise them with them cleaned by robots and biosynths.Existing hospitals should ideally have them built into them through side and underground extensions for these reasons and would be luxury style rooms on par with the top end hotels with them able to order meals from the cafeteria via Tug and botlr robots.Roofs of these extensions housing them can have gardens encircled by a waist high wall for healthcare staff,patients and visitors containing both crop and ornamental plants and benches as well as recirculating aquaculture systems.Separate rooms devoted solely to housing luxury suites for staff can be in obsolete staff offices made redundant by Paean and the hospital AI,retail outlets,restaurants and also extensions with them being on each floor or one single floor to allow those to stay there on nights they have shifts in the next morning and during breaks thus used by all staff.It would also allow them to rest before going home.Each room will be the same size as the standard suite in the Venetian hotel – 65.0321 square metres enough to house living spaces for even married couples an ensuite,mini living room and bedroom.Any remaining staff such as managerial staff,surgeons etc will be replaced by the hospital AI and so their offices can be merged together to form these.These and suites used by patients and visitors would have luxury furnishes and furniture,ensuites and also wifi access with televisions ideally replaced with ones own laptops and smart devices and will be modelled on the universal Venetian size.The offices of obsolete managerial staff,retail outlets and restaurants and obsolete STI clinics and other rooms and areas made obsolete by AI,home test kits etc will be renovated into these and any buildings that house these will have roof,side and underground extensions including underground areas underneath the entire carpark etc to house at least twenty five to a hundred Venetian suites and ensuites for staff with these having luxury furniture and bedding etc.These would be used primarily by patients who have travelled across the world to avail of surgery as accommodation before and after surgery to free up beds in the wards and also visitors with for remaining staff would allow them to stay all night and be able to respond to emergencies as well as stay overnight when they have shifts in the morning and afternoon the next day or night before this allowing them to be onsite of the hospital before their shifts and can be used when they have a second shift the next day with them used in rotation by all staff present.They may even be used by biosynths controlled by the hospital AI.Offices of remaining staff could also be merged with those of obsolete ones and obsolete clinics or in extensions that are hybrids of a suite and office that one enters will bring them to their office with a door leading to their Venetian suite with both being luxury style ones..These will be completely luxurious.

All aspects of hospitals both new and existing can be refurbished with luxury fittings step by step with cheap walling and flooring replaced by thin slabs of ornamental rocks,kebonsied wood,automated aquariums and luxury furniture including biorpinted leather couches and seats as well as ornate furniture in the lobby,waiting rooms,wards.Curtains,cushions,pillow cases,covers for beds,patient and staff garb and uniform and bedding with even doctors uniforms will be composed of silk with even toilets both communal and those in wards upgraded to the level of luxury style ensuties and in communal ones cubicles replaced by synthetic precious gems,kebonised synthetic wood and even toilet lids or entire toilets made of these with cubicles covered in liquid glass to prevent graffiti and sinks and mirrors in these replaced by luxury ones and smart mirrors.Hospital beds will be replaced with smart ones fitted with KIVA systems and them composed of kebonised wood and fitted with electronics and all bedding will be composed of silk.If possible toilets in wards will be made larger by merging with storerooms or will extend out to those in adjoining wards or if the adjoining ward is on the opposite side then the extension to one toilet will be built into the next wards and then old one in this ward demolished or converted into luxury coatrooms or closets etc with these enlarged luxury en suites serving both wards through doors on both sides that both need to be locked and house at most two toilets.Toilets both in wards and also communal ones will be renovated into luxury standards.All wards will be renovated to luxury standards with kebonised wood flooring and silk bedsheets,silk pillows,silk curtains.Each ward will also have balconies/terraces and slideabe doors added for visitors and patients to sit out on with even the terraces of each ward merge together to form one large one encircling the floor or those of a few wards merged together.This could involve breaking down walls in wards to house them.All surfaces including furniture will be also be covered in liquid glass to protect them from graffiti,dirt and also narrow range wavelength UV lights.If possible luxury lounges as seen in airports can be in place of or next to waiting rooms,lobbies to serve food and provide entertainment via smart televisions linked to the wire and in particular Pheme and Dionysus.Cafeterias will be upgraded to luxury ones and will serve as detailed later on serve caviar,lobster etc.All lobbies,hallways etc will be upgraded to luxury standards with restaurants converted into cafeterias or if they already exist will be turned into luxury lounges with retail outlets also turned into these by being torn down or extended outwards inside or outside of the main entrance or if need be will house stairwells to an underground extension housing an underground luxury lounge for visitors.Tiling,ceilings and walls can be fitted with luxury kebonised synthetic wood or synthetic ornamental rocks and gemstones in all rooms such as lobbies,waiting rooms,hallways,wards etc with all furniture being luxury bioprinted leather with silk used in all bedding,curtains and patients and staff garbs and clothing etc.These lounges will house televisions,luxury furniture etc.All furniture including seats for visitors and beds will be luxury ones.Waiting rooms will have pamphlets streamed from the hospital AI or Paean and luxury refurbishments such as aquariums,potted ornamental plants and also wifi access to allow one to stream and download media of all type from Pheme and Dionysus and notifications from the receptionist AI overseeing the waiting room or Paean will replace doctors coming in their alerting visitors to the patients current medical state etc.The seats their would be bioprinted leather as well as their being plants monitored by robots(with nanosensors in the pot) as well as aquariums and other luxury refurbishments with magazines downloaded onto e-newspapers with Pheme and Dionysus streamed on smart devices.Each ward and unit as well as lab type will have a universal symbol on internal maps and doors in all hospitals around the world.For example cardiology units etc will have a human heart with the same applying to units devoted to various organs(although breast clinics and portable machines being the breast cancer ribbon) with STD clinics that still exist being the HIV ribbon and oncology clinics being the lavender ribbon with each specialised cancer ward,clinic etc being denoted by its specific ribbon.Eileithyia the name of wards that house newborns and pediatric wards as well as young children right next to each other after the goddesses of childbirth.Each wards name/number and symbol will be visible on the map with pharmacies being the green cross with a potion bottle.These sections of hospitals will be managed by these sentient operating softwares with statues them built int the wall at the end of them or miniature lobbies of them with these operating softwares separate from Epione,Paean and also the hospital AIs but still managed by the hospital AIs and will link all of these wards worldwide.Thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes and micro-gas turbine trigeneration of electricity,heating and air conditioning will be installed with them even underneath underground extensions and adjoining gardens to provide electricity 24/7,365 and to prevent disruption of electricity during blackouts and alleviate strains from the grid with it enough to power all key systems and the building at full occupancy and use of all systems or even more.Storedot batteries will be present to house excess energy produced by these and the grid with the hospital AI controlling the efficient flow of all systems during blackouts etc.Those in the path of natural disasters such as hurricanes,tornadoes,tsunamais etc will have underground bunker to allow all patients,staff and members of the public reside in during them with these housing Storedot batteries,excess food created onsite with all windows having graphene in its matrix to prevent debris shattering them.All hospitals worldwide will undergo these luxury renovations.This of course would be done in step by step,room by room in all hospitals worldwide and have graphene sheets on the original floor to hold the weights of ornamental rocks,wood etc with the refurbishments following a theme of the area and country.Each hospitals renovation will follow the theme of the area and country making them on par of luxury hotels and will be done in all hospitals around the world including both those in rural and urban hospitals in all countries around the world with them done step by step to luxury standards.Patients in wards will be temporarily move to spare rooms,extensions or other wards as this occurs with if possible roof side and underground extensions in the luxury theme done first so as to allow each floor to be done one by one with patients sent to the new extensions and then each finished floor while each floor is done to allow for them to be done without affecting the normal traffic of them.This will also cater to a growing population and emergencies like a pandemic,natural disasters,terrorist attack.AI,robots and automation should alleviate the most labour intensive works with by 2045 humans replaced entirely by biosynths with patients for minor problems even redirected to other hospitals not undergoing renovations with hospital AIs organising which ones will undergo this and managing the allocation of patients and the renovations themselves.All rooms such as waiting rooms,cafeterias,wards,automated labs,communal and ward toilets,booths for donating blood and upgrades etc,offices,surgery rooms,xray and MRI rooms will have this luxury renovation done with machinery covered in sheets and liquid glass to prevent them being affected by dust and dirt during these with ideally existing machinery such as surgery,xray and MRI machinery replaced by the most advanced compact and automated ones during this phase with beds replaced one by one with those that are self moving and smart electronic ones and mattress that are soft and conform to ones spinal curvature as detailed later.Walls can be covered by the same materials as floors as well as being painted in bright colours with graphene sheets laid on the ground to hold these refurbishments such as jacquizzis.These renovations will improve the aesthetic and also mental condition of patients and guests with amenities added in spare rooms and extensions allowing both to relax before and after surgery etc and can be done to all existing hospitals worldwide even in developing countries.As stated this would apply to all existing hospitals worldwide step by step with the AI and managerial staff and AI planning these refurbishments ahead with patients moved into empty beds in any wards or extra beds moved into wards with each room taking no more than a few days due to advances in automation with human workers being volunteers and also paid reserves with s removed if possible.By 2029-2045 robotics and biosynths should be advanced enough to facilitate this cutting down on costs.If need be extensions on the side of the building or roof can be built beforehand that follow the planned luxury theme etc to have patients and existing old xray,MRI and surgery machinery transferred to them temporarily when other key rooms on the bottom floors such as wards are renovated and newer machines are added with these then used as wards or other uses when the entire building is refurbished and/or luxury motorhomes rented to house patients with minor injuries and those with minor injuries sent home as soon as possible.Roof extensions will be built with the same theme consisting of wards thus allowing all patients and beds to be sent to this when done meaning the floor they were on will be renovated thus meaning the beds and patients will be returned or those from other floors sent here to allow these floors to be renovated and so on until all floors are done step by step with these extensions catering to a growing population in the future with the hospital AI managing this in the most efficient way possible.Offices of managerial staff will inevitably renovated into extra wards or rooms for extra machines or even Venetian sutie and office hybrids.Living spaces such as lounges for staff and patients can be added as well with all areas such as waiting rooms,lounges,wards etc having aquariums and also potted plants with the surrounding grass areas covered in ornamental plants to improve scenery with hospitals in urban areas having if possible relaxation gardens.External mag lev elevators that reach the top floor will also connect to various floors via doors on the side of the hospital with a touchscreen pedestal on the roof calling it there.These renovations of all existing hospitals worldwide will update them with them latest and most advanced machinery such as xray,MRI,PCR/Sysmex analysers for blood tests using biosynth technology and nanomaterials of all 94 elements and also their luxury refurbishments,adding denistries,vetenairy clinics,making them energy and water efficient and replacing all sockets with Type G ones will be charted in Restoration Nation and will be manged by managerial staff and hospital AIs to prevent them interfering with everyday traffic of patients with if need be patients directed to other hospitals and patients notified of this or as stated extensions first made on the roof etc of this luxury theme that are energy and water efficient and have Type G sockets and wards moved up to that floor with that floor renovated and so on step by step.Asbestos and other toxic compounds will be removed and replaced with hempcrete or fungi based insulation with all sockets converted into Type G sockets with adapters used to accomadate the transition with Edison screw lightbulglbs replaced with Bayonet screw lightbulb.A layer of graphene paint will increase their loads with graphene infused glass railings preventing people from falling off.Rainwater collection systems with UV lights and filters can be placed here to collect water that can be used in natural disasters or when water treatment plants are not functioning properly with the hospital AI switching to them automatically by interacting with nanosensors in water treatment plants and also weather networks.Ideally they will use super high intensity blasts of UV lights with slingshot purifying technology and graphene integrated and considering the size of hospitals these collection systems would be numerous and located at strategic points to collect as much as possible.Any water collected on the roofs can fall to the side with the floor covered in liquid glass and the walls surrounding the roof having small holes or openings across them to allow water to fall downwards with the roofs at a slight incline enough to allow gravity to let the water fall downwards.The surrounding area of them especially those in rural areas can have gardens around them containing ornamental plants and even crops with any open areas in between parts of the hospital have gardens or trees and also doors leading to them.Roof extensions to existing and new hospitals will be done to add extra wards,surgery rooms etc

Epione the sentient operating software of the entire healthcare system globally managing all patient files from around the world with individual but interlinked hospital AIs forming a global network.Each hospital around the world will be managed by their own independent AI,that will have their own avatar,personalities and legal name separate from each other.These hospital AIs will manage all existing and new hospitals around the world wherein they each manage the robots and their flow of traffic giving important ones right of way in emergencies,turning on/off of lights,allotment and movement of beds to patients before and during their stay,ordering new supplies such as beds/robots/machinery/medical supplies/food etc,interacting with other hospital AIs in sharing of resources and trnasfer of patients,schedules,logging of water and energy(and other resource use) in each hospital with this more efficient once they become sentient.This is to ensure that if the power and network in one hospital is shut down by a disaster,lack of wire access or power outage or cyberterrorism then other hospitals particularly in that region will not be affected.It will also ensure that hospital and patient records are not lost if this were to occur as these would be stored on Paean managed by the Epione macro AI where the latest cybersecurity would ensure that they would remain only in the hands of a patient and the healthcare staff they interact.Any records of energy,water use and also readings sent to Paean will be uploaded to the global database and ones patients file once power and wire access is restored.The hospital AIs will manage all operations of hospitals and will each have a unique avatar,personality and legal name.Thus Paean,Epione,robots and the AIs of hospitals worldwide will replace human administrators,managers,pharmacists, nurses,cooks, surgeons,veternarians,physicians, specialists of all kinds(cardiologists,oncologists,ophthalmologists,gynocologists etc) as well as investigators of malpractice,abuse and scandals and will work uninterrupted 24/7,365 days that can interact with billions of patients around the world at once through devices connected to the wire while still performing their primary duties.They can be sent to a healthcare staff via a phone call or close proximity where the code can be transferred wirelessly.Each hospital AI will have individual personalities alongside the AI receptionists with them even having their own legal names and avatar and through Paean/Epione communicate directly with AIs of other hospitals etc around the world and will both appear on smart devices.These will use the same robots etc as hospitals with them managed and linked together by the sentient softwares;Iaso(psychiatric clinics),Geras(retirement homes) and Thantos(hospices).These AIs will manage rotas,stocks and ordering of all goods/medicines/supplies etc,addition of extensions,control robots,beds,log patients and their current position,manage wards and beds as well as all robots,control ambulances,carry out scientific research,store data and replace all human managerial staff for all departments and the hospital as a whole.They will manage all robots,biosynths and ambulances and operations of them with them interacting with AIs of hospitals and Telesphorus factories around the world to manage supplies and allotment of patients.They will ensure waiting times for remaining human staff and beds will be short and will plan our allotment of beds and manage extensions based on interacting with Polis to meet the needs of a growing population.

Having the AI Epione constantly linked to and interacting with all hospital AIs in charge of all hospitals worldwide they can ensure patients are allotted to the nearest hospital with the most availible beds,ensure hospitals will not become overstrained and arrange transfers to hospitals across the world.This means that low priority patients in a hospital may in order to accomadate high risk patients that have serious conditions especially in an emergency situation and pandemic may be transferred to other hospitals across the city or country and world with the health,success in being transferred without danger and other factors of each individual patient will be analysed by the AI to ensure there is enough space and reduce waiting times and reduce chances of the patient dying.Epione through assesm by biosynths and Paean will decide if low priority patients should be transferred to less busy hospitals in order to free up beds for high priority patients that are suffering more serious conditions.By bent connected to the hospital AIs of all hospitals worldwide they will redirect low priority patients to other hospitals to free up beds and ensure they get treatment much quicker and allow high priority patients get treatment quicker with if possible high priority patients patients also shipped to local nearby hospitals to get quicker treatment and alleviate strains on their hospitals with Epione,Paean and Hospital AIs deciding which patients will be transferred to which hospitals in the same town,city,state or country with if need be patients transferred to hospitals in the same city,state or country or to another different city,state or different country through Oceanus,helicopters,flying ambulances and also aeroplanes based on their need for treatments and also the seriousness of the condition and their chances of surviving.Patients that need tests such as X-ray and MRI scans and surgery etc that can only be done on machinery in hospitals and need surgeries that are not availible in their local hospital due to being overbooked will be if need be sent to other hospitals etc around the world that have available space etc to reduce waiting times from anywhere between the next day to at most a week to eliminate pains and discomfort and threats to one’s life by abstaining treatment nwith the hospital AIs working together to allot patients to where they are available worldwide ensuring hospitals are never overworked and that patients can get access to a bed,attention and that waiting times for services and surgeries are at least at most a week and on average one to two days or even the next day if possible by being transferred to any hospital around the world with all options for which hospitals around the world to go to and for how long to stay there and for length of waiting lists will be given to the patient by the AI including Paean and the patient making the final decision as all hospitals will be managed by AIs linked by Epione thus making it a truly global healthcare system where patients will have access to the services of all hospitals worldwide at a whims notice for emergencies and important services.Paean,Helios and Euthenia will manage accomadation.This will be upscaled to a galactic scale once interstellar travel is possible.Hospital AIs worldwide will since linked together by Epione will be linked together constantly to the point that they can instantly see how much free beds,surgery rooms etc are availible worldwide at all times thus allowing them to arrange transfer patients to any hospital around the world and within seconds give patients all available options of all free beds in the state,country,continent and world and them listed by those that are closest to them or those that have the most free beds and have them in the nearest amount of time that one can filter through to make the best option.Eos,Oceanus and in time Erebus can can be used to transfer patients across the world in a matter of days.Computer networks and VR technology will allow patients to continue working on remaining careers from hospitals around the world and these trips to other cities and countries can double as holidays to different parts of the country and world lasting weeks even those part of road trips lasting months.Paean will manage travel and accommodation by interacting with Helios and Euthenia.Thus Epione and all hospital AIs worldwide working together will arrange for patients to be sent to any other hospitals around the world where services such as surgeries etc are available within a short time frame from the next day to at most a week should services etc in their local hospital be busy and do this for everyday situations and treating the latest outbreak and pandemic to prevent hospitals becoming overstretched in terms of injuries and reduce waiting times.This should reduce waiting times by as much as 50-90%.90-95% of the time a person may only have to wait anywhere between the next day or next week with only 5-10% of the time they may have to wait a month.The will also ensure hospitals are consistently staffed with adequate numbers of humans and biosynths at all times with them analysing all past and future trends in hospitals visits and accidents as well as pregnancies and when each hospital is at its peak capacity to lowest capacity to determine how much staff each hospital around the world has at all times of the year.Staff may also be transferred to hospitals around the world to ensure they are adequately staffed at all times by having nurses,midwives and paramedics in countries and hospitals that have too many of them transferred to hospitals in countries that are don’t have enough with AI deciding this allotment based on traffic of each hospital worldwide with the amount of wards,beds,surgery rooms etc present in each hospital based on population and traffic with with hospitals having an extra one or two beds than normal to deal with emergencies such as outbreaks and a rise in accidents.By 2045 most of not all nurses,midwives and paramedics will be replaced with by biosynths.All of these AIs such as Paean,Epione and all hospital AIs worldwide will by 2029-2045 onwards carry out simulations to determine the best means of solving all problems by analysing all past instances of hospital visits,infections of all diseases,pregnancies,accidents,heart attacks and all causes of hospital visits and the number of hospital visits in all hospitals worldwide and all future ones analysed to carry out studies on their past and future incidence to plan out the response,allotment of beds and wards and even transfers and reduce waiting times on local to global scales.They will run millions if not billions of simulations at once for every possible problem and medical scenario and create billions of countermeasures to them making them prepared for them and be able to direct staff,drones and biosynths to deal with them instantly.These simulations will be used to train trainees across the world using VR simulations with Paean and mentors being given simulations based on their individual circumstances with each trainee given a variety of situations.They will analyse all practices carried out not just by all governments worldwide on healthcare practices but also those by every single individual hospitals in all towns,village and cities worldwide to learn what they did to shorten working hours,shorten waiting times,costs,prevent shortages of beds and staff and what actions were done during pandemics,outbreaks and annual Rhinovirus and Orthomyxoviridae outbreaks and those of deadlier pathogens such as Ebolavirus etc without endangering patients and causing discomfort to then integrate these into the global healthcare system to be practiced in all hospitals worldwide and carry out studies on their effectiveness and drawbacks over large timescales with these studies done on local to global levels and measuring the amalgamated standards on each individual hospital to be then modified to suit the unique conditions of each town,city and village and carry out simulations and methods to improve upon them and plan these out over long periods of times.Put simply the core methods used by existing countries and hospitals worldwide to shorten working hours,improve working conditions,shorten waiting lines,prevent shortrges of beds etc will be integrated into the universal global healthcare system as well as all hospitals worldwide and modified to meet the needs of each individual hospital around the world in each town,village and city based on the amount of traffic they get every day,week,month and year based on the individual conditions of each town,village and city with this changing overtime with AI developing new procedures overtime to keep it up to date to changing conditions.Patients will be able via logging into Aesculapius leave five star and written reviews of their stay and make scores on all facets such as cleanliness,efficiency of procedures,waiting times,attitude of staff and other facets of each hospital to allow each hospital AI to make changes based on hundreds of thousands of reviews with results charted on local to global scales etc.By interacting with each other and by having Epione,Aceso,Panacea and Paean etc seize control of the entire global healthcare system and have AI seize control of all operations of all hospitals worldwide they will ensure a universal gold standard of healthcare worldwide and manage outbreaks,pandemics and transferring low priority patients to other hospitals worldwide much more effectively with zero corruption,zero cutting of corners zero bureaucracy and also assigning patients to any hospital around the world for surgeries and other services effectively to ensure waiting times for these and other procedures are under a month and in average a week to two weeks if not even shorter to if possible the next day.They will allot patients to wards,beds and surgery rooms around the world to ensure each individual hospital is not overstrained and ensure short waiting times for each patient for each circumstance.Furthermore they will ensure all hospitals worldwide have all important machinery such as surgery robots,lab equipment,robots and MRI machines that are composed of nanomaterials and biosynth technology thus pushing their costs to zero,be faster and compact and can use biosynth WiFi to receive updates and have all hospitals have the same gold standard machinery,robots and equipment that is replaced routinely with the newest models etc and also all updated to luxury standards.By interacting together they can plan out refurbishments and addition of new machinery etc is done at different times than each other and not in a way that interferes with normal traffic of patients and ensures that other hospitals machinery,beds and services are availible preventing country or global wide disruption of services.AI,automation and biosynths will ensure all hospitals will be staffed 24/7,365 days a year with biosynth technology and nanomaterials cutting the cost of all machinery to zero.All cameras in and around hospitals as well as those on robots etc will be linked to the global network of criminals and equipped with normal and IR illuminator vision with lights turned on/off automatically by the hospital AI.They will have liquid glass on them to prevent dirt and fog affecting visibility.Cameras will be in all wards and where newborns are stored allowing the hospital AI and also any staff to monitor patients through the intranet with them able to switch to IR illuminator at night,cameras that measure blood flow with them able to monitor readings from patients implants and smart clothing.Cameras will also present in lobbies,cafeterias,hallways,rooftop gardens and other rooms connected to the database of terrorists,missing persons and criminals within Athena.These live feeds will be fed into and logged daily in the hospital AI and will not just search for criminals but also be a means to prevent abuse towards and by patients.This and nanosensors will give each hospital Ai omnisciencE over the goings on of buildings under their control.Staff,Epione and hospital AI can access the intranet and thus cameras of any other hospital.All machines,moveable beds,readings from smart clothing worn by patients and staff will be linked to it giving it omniscience to what goes on in each hospital and by extension give Epione omniscience to all hospitals worldwide alongside camera feeds.Since hooked to all machines etc and cameras in all rooms and wards and linked to implants as well as microchips in clothing they will be able to send alerts to all staff,next of kin present or at home and robots in a hospital instantly and will be connected to Paean and the AIs of all hospitals worldwide and all badges and vocera systems as well as the smart devices,clothing of all staff and patients worldwide allowing for instant communication and location via internal maps to locate them and manage traffic and maps with them interacting with devices in the hand of all visitors.They will control all beds moving them to each ward and room and also control all MRI/X-ray/surgery robots and replace managerial staff and control all ambulances.These hospital AIs will be able to contact other hospital AIs around the world and contact all staff,patients and visitors individually via smart devices etc negating the need for intercoms.Records of patients,the wards they were in etc will be scanned into their file alongside other important data.Past paper files present in hospitals regarding their operations and maintenance will uploaded to the hospital AI.All notes used by managerial staff will be stored in the hospital AI with those from abandoned ones added to the nearest functioning hospitals ones in subfolders or Epione.Thus all paper and digital records regarding the hospital will be uploaded and scanned into the hospital AI for keeping records.All paper and digital records of all operations,accounting,rotations,staff and that of patients from the past and any other data not related to actual patient medical data(which will be in the cloud of patient files)will be uploaded to each hospitals AIs for analysis around the world.Each ward will have cameras that will monitor patients and log visits by next of kin.The hospital AIs will have individual legal names,avatars and personalities.Receptionists AIs in each hospital the world over will wear the same uniform and same features,individual personality,avatar and legal name.These will interact with patients and staff in person,log the location of patients and interact with patients via 911 phone calls through Pemphredo.

Epione since linking all hospitals worldwide will be constantly aware of how many free beds in each ward,free surgery clinics and rooms and X-ray and MRI etc machines are in each individual hospital worldwide thus when a person orders an ambulance they will be connected to Epione who will arrange which hospital,wards etc the patient will be sent to beforehand and will arrange transfers to other hospitals etc for surgeries,MRI scans.By having all scheduled MRI and X-ray scans and scheduled surgeries worldwide registered in a single database for the coming years and having Epione linked to all hospitals worldwide will allow for Epione to arrange transfers to other hospitals with if need be one transfered to other hospitals across the world with patients given a list of hospitals free within the coming days and weeks and Epione and Paean will arrange transportation to any hospital across the world and arrange accommodation in home sharing programmes so that in order to get important MRI/Xray etc scans and surgeries most patients will be transfered to any hospital across the world and will only have to wait on average a week of two to get life saving surgeries and check ups cutting down in buecracy.Surgeries,check ups and treatment for all types of injuries will be prioritised based in its emergency etc with the most important check ups,treatments and surgeries for patients suffering from serious life threatening issues getting top priority to ensure they only have to wait in between a few days to at most a week to get access to surgeries,MRI etc exams to improve survival rates with low level surgeries and check ups getting low priority with low priority patients to eliminate waiting lines sent to other hospitals across the world to ensure even low level emergencies only have to wait at most a week and at least a few days.Epione since linked to all hospitals worldwide will know how many beds are free and when surgery machines,MRI etc machines are free years ahead in all hospitals worldwide thus will be able to arrange quick allotment of patients to hospitals worldwide that have them free upon reaching a hospital or even when emergency phone calls are made and organise transferring patients to other hospitals worldwide with her discussing the travel and accommodation options to the patients to allow them to choose the options with her that are suited to them based in their individual circumstances.Epione will organise travel through Eos and accomadation through Euthenia.Both high priority and low priority patients will be transfered to hospitals across the world within at most a few hours to a few days to eliminate waiting lines.This will be upscaled to the rest of universe once interstellar travel is possible with patients transferred to hospitals on space stations,interstellar vehicles and on Mars,Venus and other colonies across the universe since Epione will also be linked to hospitals across the universe with her doing this for humans,animals and aliens.Home test kits like home MRI and X-ray scanners and those to test for pathogens etc will eliminate waiting lines for patients for these completely with her only arranging those for surgeries.All global database in Aesculapius will house all times that all MRI/X-ray machines and surgery are free with it housing the bookings of these in all hospitals around the world for the coming decades allowing it to book people ahead.Accomadation can come in the form of the Venetian suites present on the grounds of hospitals with the free times for them present here.Accomadation will also come in the form of home sharing in Euthenia with if possible one using suites on hospitals for the days before and after surgery and then one using home sharing in Euthenia with one using the time present in them to go on holidays across the world for several weeks or a month or as part of road trips

When one is suffering an emergency she since linked to all hospitals worldwide will be able to arrange which hospitals has the required services and has enough beds to house them with her and Hospital AIs arranging the transfer of patients from one ward to the next and from one hospital to next.Epione will alongside Paean arrange transfers and allotments of patients to the hospital that has enough beds and services with by being linked to all hospitals worldwide will mean people will only have to wait at most 24 hours or less to get medical attention.Once an ambulance is ordered Pemphredo will interact with Epione about the patients condition and emergency and will be told which hospital has enough free beds and specific services the patient needs and since they will be able to skip traffic and this get there quickly with in some cases a patient staying a few hours or days to get initial care where they get basic treatment as soon as possible and then transferred to another hospital for more advanced patient specific care with the first hospital acting as intermediary.Epione will once a person calls an ambulance will receive all details from Pemphredo as to the injuries etc and will decide which hospital they will be sent to based on the severity of the injuries,how many beds are free in each hospital and distance to the hospital etc.By being linked to all hospital AIs worldwide Epione will be able to allor patients efficiently across the world with patients sent to the nearest hospital with the most free beds with Epione deciding and managing transfers of patients across the world to prevent them all becoming overburdened.Paean and home test kits and automation in all sectors of the economy preventing accidents will eliminate 50-90% of all hospital visits with as stated patients transferred to any of the hospitals across the world within between the next day to at most a week to get lifesaving MRI/X-ray scans,tests and surgeries with low priority patients transferred to other hospitals across the world to free up beds for emergencies and high priority patients and high priority patients also transferred to other hospitals with Epione managing this on a global scale to prevent each individual hospitals being clogged and overburdened and eliminating waiting lines with patients possibly receiving initial care in one hospital to get basic recovery,treatment and then being transferred to another hospital in the same country or across the world to receive more advanced treatment.Epione will carry out studies on all types of hospital visits for all types of treatments and injuries and accidents that measures the frequency they occur on certain days,weeks,months of the year in every hospital in each town,village,city,state/county in each country across the world on local to global scales both prior to 2029 and after 2029 to better manage this and prepare the transfer and allotment of patients years or decades ahead by carrying out these studies.Roof extensions will allow each hospitals to house extra wards and surgery etc machines with Epione managing this for each hospital based on population growth

All paramedics,midwives,nurses etc will be by 2045 biosynths that are mass produced thus ensuring hospitals are always staffed with enough to ensure each hospital has enough to deal with the entire local and even global population of patients.Paean available to everyone on smartphones and home test kits will eliminate people visiting hospitals for check ups and getting important medical tests since they can be done at home at a whims notice.Automation in agriculture,transportation and construction and all sectors of the economy will eliminate accidents and thus hospital visits for these.Automation in hospitals will eliminate all human labour coupled with all paramedics etc being biosynths will eliminate shortages with the ability to have patients transferred to any other hospital in the world for treatment and surgeries will cut down in strains on hospitals by at least 90%.

Staff Communication :
Healthcare staff will have codec receivers built into their ear to receive messages from Hospital AI,Paean,Epione and other staff,Vocera B3000 Communication Badges(eventually replaced by neural implants and codec systems and name tag badges) to send messages to them and google glasses and contact lenses allowing to send messages to and from each other and receive alerts from patients and visitors except during surgeries.It will also allow them to communicate with healthcare staff and patients around the world and call specific robots in their hospital with Epione and hospital AIs managing this separate from Iris.This technology will become more compact and powerful by combining nanomaterials,biosynth technology and will have all features currently on them such as instantly send alerts to all staff.Each healthcare staff would have their own separate email account labelled for other healthcare staff and for patients to contact them with them also having their own internal forums and instant messaging system similar to kik and whatsapp allowing them to communicate with other staff around the world within networks with this networks also having forums for staff to communicate and share information around the world.Internal VR and Iris chats can be used.This can be used to communicate with patients around the world by connecting with their Home AI and do so via smart televisions,devices and laptops.Each staff member and robots phone number will be present here.Lenses and glasses will allow for audio/visual calls and messages to be sent involving several staff with this initiated by voice,smart devices using the Epione,network and also thought in time with the badges and wireless earphones aiding in this with the network managed by Epione allowing for audio visual calls to be done on computers and laptops as well as smart devices separate from Iris.This will allow smoother communication and will be managed by Hospital AI.Each time a staff member logs in to their own private account by inputting their serial code and password and/or digital key it will contain a list of all the patients they have interacted with name and then ID code in one folder and a search bar allowing them to search for specific patients via name and ID code if they have many patients under their care with another search option allowing them to input the ID code of other new patients who have given them their ID code and daughter digital key by searching through the global database adding them to the folder.This account will also connect them to their schedules and personal notes and menus allowing to contact other healthcare staff in the hospital they are in or ones they have worked with again a contacts folder for other staff from around the world where they can communicate privately.This will also be where emails from the public can be sent with the address being a universal domain called @epione separate from their main @arke email.

Computer Networking:
Whiteboards to write schedules and other notes that use markers will be replaced with graphene sheets that use adonit pens that can be deleted by the pens or hand movements with even the hospital intranet accessed here and smart devices with all paper replaced by graphene,smart devices and tablets.Any paper to write down notes for experiments or meetings as well as filling in e-forms for all staff,patients,psychologists,counselors,coroners etc will be replaced by smartdevices such as smartpads and e-newspapers combined with adonit and apple pens or even notepad apps within smartpads that can wirelessly transfer this information to patient files,networks and to other researchers instantly and prevent the need for paper to be produced saving energy and time.Patient sign in forms etc will be done on these and also sent to their patient file as well as the hospital AI.Smart devices and tablets will allow for staff to stream the wire,the building AI and Aesculapius,patient files and notepads to instantly share information with other staff and robots around the world via email,Iris audio visual chat,instant messaging etc using Adonit pens while robots and biosynths will stream this information without smart devices.These will have access to all networks of the wire and building AI.All paper forms and notes used by staff and patients will be replaced by those that are streamed on smart pads using adonit pens to save on energy in creating and transporting paper with it also allowing forms and notes to be sent to patient files,networks and other staff across the world and also be viewed by AI such as Epione,Paean and hospital AIs.This will render paper used to write patient records when they visit obsolete with adonit pens used on smart devices to write down information,access patient files with the time the patient arrived logged via the hospital AI using cameras.All digital and paper records worldwide will be scanned into and transferred into a single network and the hospital AI with future notes etc stored here.Receptionist AI will have visitors and new patients fill in forms on touchscreen monitors on the table they are at replacing paper with the AI logging when a person visits the patient with them sending the location of the patient on a map of the hospital on smart devices.This will also allow them to work from home controlling robots,vehicles and machinery in all hospitals around the world, converse with staff and patients world wide and view patient files.It will also contain a folder where all of the studies they are involved with logged by date will appear subdivided between those they are currently performing and those they have finished.Each test results and piece of information selected and scanned from labs and patient files can be sent by the researcher to multiple networks on their intranet account decided by them each of which wise and sort out data for individual studies they are simultaneously running.Also would be a contacts menu of all the robots in the hospital listed by type and serial number which they can call to their location or send them to a specified location in the hospitals they operate remotely or run specific errands with another list consisting of robots in care homes listed by location of care homes and homes of patients i.e. listed by name of patient allowing them again to move to specified rooms and carry out errands in those homes or remote control them as well as initiate video calls.To control robots and contact healthcare staff in other hospitals they would have to connect to another menu in the intranet which would have world map and they could select a country by clicking it and then a map of states and regions in that country and then select that state/region and then county where they can then click on the hospitals/clinics of that area.Alternatively they may just have to type in the name of the hospital in a search bar and choose the one in the state/country they want.They will control robots by bringing up a map of the hospital with all robots visible as blips(alongside healthcare staff,beds and other robots due to microchips on badges and in the beds etc)and click on the one they want to use and use joysticks,wireless video game controllers and also smart devices using adonit pens to direct them to specific rooms with smart devices or the computer screens to speak with humans present.Certain robots will allow staff either nurses or doctors to patrol any hospital around the world via these networks with the networks allowing them to contact with staff,patients and hospital AIs around the world.Eventually actual badges those that are currently used to highlight their name will be fitted with microchips and nano-microphones that will allow them alongside codec technology communicate with healthcare staff and patients around the world and even with smartbadges acting as a receiver.Furthermore they will be able to grant access to patient file(s) to only other healthcare staffs smart devices and badges wirelessly via calls.They will interact with smart devices and computers to access their accounts and can be scanned by smart devices owned by the public to tell who they are.It will allow them access to restricted areas/buildings/labs/specific folders and sub folders of individual patient files by interacting with sensors in doors or information in digital files and intranet on smart devices and laptops via software which can be wirelessly given or revoked.All data and digital records on all computers in hospitals and clinics across the world will be transferred up a single global databases with all paper files etc scanned into this database.All future data will be written up on smartpads etc using Adonit pens to be transferred to computer networks and this will be done to preserve them forever with those relevant to patients sent to patient files and those relevant to hospitals etc sent to different folders and subfolders.The global database will be divided into patient files and also those for each hospital worldwide that contains all relevant information all managed by Epione with one through relevant authorisation from iron to platinum will have access to any information they want through direct interaction through her.In the case of medical staff access to information in patient files and other data they would be given access to certain folders and sub folders of patient they interact with based on their profession given to them by the patient themselves.This would allow only certain healthcare workers access to specific information in each patients fie such as audio/visual files of private parts by gynecologists ensuring privacy for the patient.With regards to access to rooms,labs and other information this would be based on a scale of Iron – lowest,bronze – higher,silver – higher,gold – higher,platinum – highest built into digital keys,robots and badges.These will also allow them to bypass locked doors in the case of emergencies in homes such as a patient having a heart attack etc.Smart devices an locate these badges at home via 3D map or GPS location if lost anywhere else with them temporarily deactivated temporarily via smart devices to prevent them being used by civilians.Robots and cameras that record sessions between patients and proctologists,gynecologists and dentists where the patient will under anesthesia or put through invasive procedures will be mandatory in rooms or clinics where these procedures take place in order to ensure the safety of the patient so as to record and inappropriate sexual conduct for malpractice suits or in fact deter such behaviour.Ideally these cameras would be mobile and keep eyes on all staff and patients inside.Google glasses recording private parts of the patient such as the genitals for examination of warts and signs of other disease will be upload these recordings to the patient file only to keep it secure from anyone else and cannot be download onto separate hard drives to prevent it from released the public.Extra firewalls can be put in place to allow only specified healthcare staff to have access to these recordings by granting them “Platinum” access that can be sent them wirelessly to their badges or have it individually password protected which can be given to them in private.These recordings using firewalls and encryptions will not be able to be taken out of the patient file and then shared online to ensure privacy and Paean can be used to better diagnose any warning signs a doctor cannot see.Recordings of these meetings will automatically uploaded alongside those that may contain sensitive private material will be uploaded only to the patients file for review by the patient and use as evidence in a court of law in malpractice suits.The patient will have control over which healthcare staff can access specific information such as recordings of private parts and other information with Paean authorising this.Recordings of operations on the internal and external body for example cosmetic,reconstructive surgery and hysterectomies will only be used for training of medical staff and the public domain in the case of reality TV shows and educational programs and videos on sites of YouTube can only be used in such ways at the consent of digital consent forms signed by the patient via Adonit pens and logged in their files.In all recordings the vital signs of the patient and staff will be logged here.The patients consent can be given for such given with Adonit pens allowing them to place their signatures on e-consent forms uploaded to their file for surgeries,donations and any other situations that may require it.Human staff will consist of midwives,nurses and doctors prior to biosynths developed with once they become common will work with biosynths and combined with an over abundance of people entering healthcare due to other sectors of the economy becoming obsolete by 2029,automation in all sectors of hospitals as well as microbes,Paean,home test kits,automation in construction/transportation etc will reduce the number of people needing to go hospitals in the first place will lead to significantly shorter working hours for each staff members with them also consisting of researchers overlooking automated labs,carrying out studies and acting as backup with them using onsite accomadation on nights they have shifts in the morning.The mentor mentoree method of training will cut down training costs to zero and an abundance of people training in this field including older students that are currently employed in agriculture,manufacturing,CEOs etc means an extra potential 3,144,700,000 hospital staff worldwide with shorter working hours due to this abundance alongside with Paean replacing all specialists and general physicians and home test kits replacing visits to clinics and specialists.Biocompatible microbes fighting off infections and tumours alongside augmentations such as the acellerated healing phenotype and microbes healing wounds and home test kits and Paean availible at any time will reduce working hours even further.Biosynths controlled by hospital AIs will replace all human labour in the form of nurses,midwives,paramedics etc by 2045 with each hospital having fleets of these controlled by the hospital AI that can be ordered in from nearby factories if hospitals become busy or overstretched and if need be always have a surplus on stock onsite in onsite accomadation.Prior to this Paean available at any moment 24/7,365 days a year alongside home test kits and microbes as well as AI,automation and robotics by 2029 replacing all labourious work in hospitals and automation etc in other sectors of the economy eliminating human labour such as agriculture,transportation etc where accidents occur will overall reduce workloads,occupied beds and waiting times by 50-90% by 2029-2045 in all hospitals worldwide with by 2045 biosynths replacing all human labour in hospitals such as paramedics,midwives,nurses etc with humans being primarily researchers and trained to deal with comprimised AI.Having all paramedics.midwives.wives etc consist of biosynths that work 24/7.365 days a year will always ensure that hospitals are always have enough staff to deal with any sized population since these will be mass produced and work for free

Cafeterias like in universities will be automated by robot chefs and waiters and the menu will be programmed by researchers working there and hospital AI with cleaning and ordering of ingredients done like in universities managed by the AI.These cafeterias will be luxury ones.Patients can choose meals using smart devices linked to the hospital AI with Tug and Botlr robots transporting them to their bed and collecting them.Robots or rail systems can deliver food or it can be self service for those eating in the cafeteria with the cutlery placed on a rail systems where it is cleaned or could have liquid glass on it to allow gravity to clean them.All work in preparation,delivery will be automated from start to finish by 2029.Some ingredients such as vegetables,in vitro meat,commodities from bacteria,fish and shellfish can be grown onsite in recirculating aquaculture systems including those that create meat of different meats of different livestock,algea grown using sewage from the building can be engineered to taste like any meat to create cutlets,steak and mince,aeroponic and hydroponic systems growing hybrid crops,photobioreactors etc located on the rooftop,extensions and spare rooms to make them self sufficient and cut down on energy costs.An entire floor including in underground extensions could be devoted to growing all hybrid crops via aeroponics,fish and shellfish via recirculating aquaculture systems,commodities via bacteria in photobioreactors,in vitro meat with eggs coming from biosynth machinery or created via textured vegetable protein with hybrid crops and fish used to make them easier to grow.If possible this would be underground or in a vertical farm connected directly to the hospital managed by it with if possible rooftop gardens also growing food.Grains,seeds,eggs,spices,truffles,kernals and even whole nuts,fruits and vegetables will be created by biosynth machinery onsite of the hospital in batches.These will be in secure areas away from patients and abs to prevent them contaminating the hospital otherwise the hospital AI will order in food from local farms.Gardens outside of the hospitals will be used to grow hybrid crops miniature irradiation machines will be onsite of hospitals with all food ordered into them from vertical and community farms also irradiated onsite to prevent the spread of pathogens.3D DNA printers will be present.The vast majority of food will be grown onsite with excess ordered in from local vertical farms.Cleaning of them and cutlery will be the same of normal restaurants outside of hospitals.These meals can be delicacies like caviar,sushi and lobster etc prepared by these automated cafeterias with the cafeterias having seats for visitors and staff with Tug robots sending meals to patients everyday with ones patient files detailing allergies to certain foods or the raw materials have these removed through engineering.Fish and shellfish grown will be immunised against pathogens to humans and engineered not to produce toxins with the meals custom made to a patients current condition.The hospital AI will collect dirty dishes from the patients when called and put them on this belt.Tug,waiter and botlr robots will deliver this to patients in wards and guests in hotel extensions.These meals will either be done at set times for all patients or prepared anytime for each patient to decide when to eat with the meals customised from all ingredients ordered from the hospital AI via Paean.Ideally all ingredients should be from animals and plants immunised against all pathogens to prevent food poisoning and allergens be removed from all crops.Miniature radiation machines can be present to expose food and ingredients to high doses of radiation to to sterilise them with crops,fish etc have radiorestence added to negate any effects this will have on taste.All surfaces will be covered in liquid glass and them baked in narrow range wavelength UV lights to prevent the spread of pathogens.Automated dish collection and cleaning machinery will be present.Cutlery and dishes will be covered in this to allow them to be cleaned by gravity and exposed to UV lights and anti-microbial compounds that kills all pathogens whether viral,bacterial or fungal.Patients and visitor may also be able through the AI or Hebe order in any meals from nearby restaurants with tug and waiter robots collecting it at the door and bringing it to their ward,bed and suite with human staff and visitors also aiding in this.All restaurants present will be turned into cafeterias or suites for staff with cafeterias used by visitors.Those without cafeterias will have them set up in place of restaurants or in extensions with them all fully automated with vending machines replaced by fizzy drinks and coffe etc from cafeterias.All meals in all hospitals,universities and communal homes from hotels will be added to the Hestia database linked to hospitals as well with meals present in Hebe from all universities linked to all hospitals around the world.

All cafeterias will house areas to grow crops and fish and shellfish by Aquaponics,commodities from bacteria anc in vitro meat in photobioreactors with them housing 3D DNA printers to make them self sufficient

Smart Clothing:
Smart clothing will be integrated into all garbs worn by patients to measure vital signs and temperature etc.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials will be integrated into them to receive data and send it via biosynth WiFi.Hospital staff and robots will have an app and software on their smart devices and computers linking to their personal account that will monitor the heart rate of all patients in that hospital.These apps on smart devices integrated into the staffs Aesculapius account in menus and submenus will colour code each type alarms from blue denoting minor danger,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger and voice alarms from the staff and hospital AI allowing staff to approach each alarm for each patient appropriately reducing flight or fight responses thus reducing alarm fatigue.These will also allow them to bring up each patient and view their heart rate throughout the day and time they are in as well as what ward they are located in.Hospital AIs can also view the amount of each type of alarms on each ward,floor and individual bed and allowing changes in the rotation of staff and robots to suit this data.Epione,Paean and hospital AI will carry out studies on this data on local to global scales.Other software can allow them to meet the specific needs of individual patients with them communicating with all members of staff around the world who in turn can communicate with each other using their internal staff accounts similar to existing collaboration suites and text messaging apps integrated into Aesculapius.Also when a patient is logged into a hospital all of the readings from smart clothing and other tests done will be logged into that subfolder denoting the hospital visit it itself in a folder that denotes all of the patients hospital visits throughout their lifetime with the folder closing when they log out of the hospital with both their arrival date and time logged alongside their departure time and date with the length of stay logged as well.The ward and bed numbers and changes will be logged alongside their Pemphredo calls.All of these Vocera(and similar) apps and software would be integrated into or replaced by universal software within Aesculapius connected to their account.Ideally all clothing worn by patients will be different from that currently worn being smart clothing composed of the the softest and luxurious silkworm and spider silk from bacteria with the microchips in them linking to their patient file via Paean who will relay all temperature,blood pressure,heart rate and breathing rates to their patient files in real time with any important events such as visits,defection and urination and meals both the time and type of meals etc logged as well.These will all be the same colour worldwide namely the same shade of blue.The patient ID will be stored in them for the patient wearing them and then deleted and changed when they are removed and worn by someone else with this done by the hospital AI and Paean allowing the location of the patient to be relayed to the hospital AI and visitors on maps as blips and allow for vital signs etc sent to their patient file and also log when a person enters a hospital,wards and then is transferred to another ward or hospitals and then is allowed to leave.When the garb is removed it will not relay anything say when they are bathing but will change patient files if an new patient puts it on.These will be covered in liquid glass to prevent them getting dirty and wet and allowing for them to be cleaned via UV light curing machines and also bathed in virkon and bleach that would slide right off.The same would apply to all uniforms and garbs worn by all staff including any remaining surgeons will be made of liquid glass coated silkworm and spider silk with the patient,surgeon and nurses etc having different similar shades of blue.Bedding,towels and any curtains etc will also be composed of this with toilet paper having this mixed in with the algae in toilet paper with the old ones recycled or pyrolysised once the new ones are ordered in with bed mattresses replaced with memory mattresses that can measure weight of patients and change to ones unique spine made of the softest material to ensure comfort.Ideally all patient garbs will a unique shade of blue alongside the pillow cases and covers of bedsheets due to that being the colour of Aesculapius.Paean on smart devices etc can allow on to directly contact the hospital AI for help such as human and biosynth nurses etc at a whims notice with ones bed and ward number sent in real time.Otherwise the hospital AI can be on the smart devices of all patients at all times.Rather than having smart televisions in each ward ideally ones smartphones etc can stream the wire or download material onto it and stream the internet using earphones for private entertainment.

Sperm banks:
Sperm banks will work with e-forms containing the donors details filled out and stored in their patient file in a folder and the donation logged by date and given an unique barcode ID and Asimo robots collecting the samples and depositing them in the bank when the donor signals via the intranet that it is to be collected with smart devices like smart phones and e-newsapapers providing stimulating material via the internet,Pheme and Dionysus.The semen will be screened for STDs including mandatory test done via dongles that detect HIV,syphillis and other STDs prior to when the donor gives the sample with other automated tests on the semen to double check for others when donated and refrigerated .Insemination and similar procedures will in time be automated.Her e-consent form and the barcode ID of the father as well as the date of the procedure will be logged in relevant folders.The child when born and reaching the age of 14 will be allowed to gain access to the identity of the father by the cross checking of the barcode against those who registered with the courts granting a specific digital warrant giving her the address and name of the donor and also the identity of all other children that were from the same donor to prevent accidental incestuous inbreeding.DNA tests can using Aescluapius scan through the entire database of patient files to determine the fathers identity with authorisation from Gaia.The fact that the child was born of an invitro fertilisation via an unknown donor will be logged in the mothers and daughters file.The donor will only have until the child has reached that age to apply to learn of her identity through the same warrant with the identity of the child logged in the sperm donation folder when it is given to him with the same applying with adoptions.The DNA of the child and mother will be compared to that of the global database to find out the identity of the father.All of this will apply to surrogacy and invitro fertilisation programs and the donation of eggs with a global platform within the Aesculapius network with a global database of donated eggs being available to couples who want to undergo the procedure.Surrogacies will also require the same legal e-consent forms logged in folders in patient files and legal files of all those involved with the name of biological parents and surrogate mother logged in all patient and legal files.Advances in automation will make all work done by robots including screening possible.The sentient Coeus can allow couples to communicate with surrogate mothers or women who donate eggs to them from around the world from a single platform.Transfer of frozen sperm alongside eggs into banks,from banks to where they are inserted into the cervix can be automated within a decade and managed by the hospital AI.Rana sylvatica,Tardigrade,Bacillus F,Herminiimonas glaciei,Chryseobacterium greenlandensis,Pseudomonas putida GR12-2,Carnobacterium pleistocenium,DNA psychrophillic and osmophile bacteria DNA and also those from scratch that allow spermatazoa,eggs,embryos to be cryonically frozen in sperm banks indefinitely can be added to spermatazoa,eggs,embryos.Like more complex forms of cryonics these would be also be able to be withstand toxic cryoprotectants through genes made from scratch.Osmophile bacteria and R.sylvatica DNA can allow glucose to be used as cryoprotectants.Tardigrade DNA that would allow them to survive -272 degrees celcius can be added once as detailed later on pushed to their limits below this and to last forever via forced evolution.Its ability to lower its metabolic rate by 99.9% and also endolithic,xerophile and oligotrophic bacteria doing the same will also be utilised.This could also allow them to be survive cryonics with recombinant DNA from Planarians,Hydra,Ambystoma mexicanum,Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans and C.elegans repair damaged tissue and telomere damage.All spermatazoa,eggs and embryos donated may using microbes etc can have psychrophile and other DNA added either by microbes,CRISPR and advanced gene drive technology from the parents with the donating patient having these in their DNA will mean these will automatically them in their spermatazoa and eggs to allow them to be refrozen over and over again and allow them to last indefinitely increasing shelf life with the same done to existing frozen eggs.Thus donated spermatazoa and eggs etc will have this DNA via advanced gene drive technology from parents allowing them to naturally be frozen and refrozen over and over again with existing spermatozoa,eggs and embryos in cryonics will be unfrozen and given this DNA by microbes to then allow them to be reusable forever.Anti-ageing and extremophile genes added to both existing and newly donated sperm,eggs and embryos will allow them to live forever as well via the aforementioned means.The psychrophiles etc DNA will allow spermatozoa,embryos and eggs to be thawed and frozen over and again without losing viability.If possible this and scratch DNA could allow them to survive indefinitely without cold temperatures this allowing them to survive room temperature with thermophile and mesophile allowing them to survive high temperatures saving energy costs in storage.

In time artificial wombs and 3D DNA printers could make sperm and egg donation and storage obsolete rather than letting them go to waste these can be used to create new humans via IVF into artificial wombs.Males may even choose to have their DNA added to a database separate from patient files and then have it chosen by females added to 3D printed spermatazoa.In time sperm,egg and embryo banks once existing banks are used they will become obsolete via 3D DNA printers printing desired genotypes into blank embryos,spermatozoa and eggs on demand.3D DNA printed embryos can be ordered by females with the embryo containing the womens DNA and random male genetic material or those from her partner including those to create desired phenotypes making it true “designer babies” with this used by sterile couples creating DNA from both partners even the case of surrogacy programmes.These embryos can be implanted into the female or a surrogate and even artificial wombs.Artificial biosynth wombs can be used to house fetus grown from an embryo created by 3D DNA printers that can bring it to full birth that has both parents DNA and desired genotypes or if no parents exists random DNA alongside desired genotypes.Phanes can design embryoes with an almost infinite variety of genotypes and genomes from scratch where no parents exist thus creating an almost infinite amount of offspring from scratch designed by him or they can use any two males and females on the planet as a baseline and create embryos that contains any genotypes of the 64,000,000,000,000 possible genetically distinct offspring by analysing the genome of each parent with these embryos created by 3D DNA printers.If possible even babies conceived naturally via sexual intercourse can have genotypes modified before and during conception via human patients both male and female have biosynth WiFi integrated into the entire genome or just in the testes and ovaries so that each and every spermatozoa and egg has via induction of the evolutionary path in the genes in the testes and ovaries or genes added to them that has them produce specific genotypes for all future produced spermatozoa and eggs changed via WiFi at any given time that produce specific genotypes that when fused into embryos produce a desired genotype and entire genome thus patients and Paean can have their testes and ovaries house specific genes that ensure all spermatozoa and eggs produce specific genotypes rather than random ones that when fused into embryos during fertilisation and conception produce an offspring with desired genotypes rather than random ones.Otherwise Phanes can apply CRISPR treatments to the entire patients genome or have specific genes added to all cells in both the testes and ovaries of both parents using advanced gene drive technology ensure that all spermatozoa and eggs produced carry these specific genes to express desired genotypes and thus phenotypes that during any and all future attempts of conceiving a child via sexual intercourse will ensure the the exact genome of the offspring extrapolated by Phanes will be created by the spermatozoa and eggs combining with each other to form embryos with the exact genomic sequences of the desired offspring with a 100% success rate every time with biosynth worms ensuring it is implanted correctly etc with other genes added to both ovaries to make eggs more receptive to forming identical twins,triplets etc with these desired genotypes by altering the eggs to accept specifically two or more of the spermatozoa with specific genotypes.Fraternal and identical twins,triplets,quadruplets etc can also be created this way with eggs made more receptive to two or more spermatozoa before not being able to fuse with anymore with one able to chose the amount of spermatozoa it will accept and chose whether it is fraternal or identical.Artificial wombs can be used to rear twins,triplets etc with a higher sucess rate with Biosynth worms in a female patients will increase survival rates of those in living females.One will be able to even choose skin tone allow parents who of different ethnicities or the same ethnicity have offspring of a desired ethnicity ie two African parents can chose to have a child that is of Asian descent with the same levels of melinin as someone descended from Asian parents or have mixtures of Asian,African etc DNA.As a result the added genes to both parents will ensure with a 100% success rate that an offspring with the desired gender,ethnicity,phenotypes and thus physical appearance and even other features such as desired sexuality etc of the possible will be produced every single time they conceive an offspring of the possible 64,000,000,000,000 genetically distinct offspring from their mixtures of genomes with no chance of randomised combinations of genes and even allow for clones of the same offspring to be produced every single one conceived a child time multiple times over and over again until the genes are changed to another desired offspring or this feature is removed completely thus allowing for randomised offspring to be then created again through sexual intercourse.If possible the child can also have genes from both parents but also be not of the possible possible 64,000,000,000,000 genetically distinct offspring from their mixtures of genomes meaning the child could have phenotypes that would belong from a different combination of male and females in the world but have genes from both parents or have no genes from the parents at all.This would increase the possible children they have infinitely.The parents can design the child’s facial etc features as both pre teens and adults on software to be then extrapolated by Phanes will then design the genotypes to express these features.Biosynth WiFi integrated into patients will make this easier with once the desired child or identical siblings are created then the genes can be removed from the patients ensuring all future births are randomised offspring.This process called natural designer offspring fertilisation should be possible between 2029-2045 will allow for one to conceive a child with the desired phenotypes and can be used to directly control the evolutionary path of and genetic lineage of H.sapiens.This can be used to create clones of parents etc by crossrefferencing patient files.Thus fetuses of a desired genders,eye colour and other phenotypes can be created by parents by designing the offspring on software that using photos and holographic technologies and VR technology can design it via voice command etc that will be able to chart the offsprings phenotypes at set ages such as infant,pre teen of 2-12 years,adolescent at 13-17 and adult of 14 and above with Phanes extrapolating the neccessary genotypes to make the offspring with it housing trace DNA of both parents or in the case of single parents or where no parents exist scratch DNA in place of missing parents to make it an unique individual that can be using 3D DNA printers printed into embryos to be implanted into the mother,surrogate mothers and artificial wombs.

All existing donated sperm,eggs and embryos from around the world that are stored in existing sperm banks around the world once fitted with DNA from psychrophiles etc will be transferred to other colonies across the universe especially space stations,interstellar vehicles.Phanes via fleets of biosynthetic IVF machinery,artificial wombs will on other colonies and if need be space stations etc fuse stores of donated sperm and eggs together to form embryos in either a randomised manner or preprogrammed manner via having microbes scan the DNA of sperm and eggs to then be added to a subsystem to arrange the fusing of specific specimens to produce desired individuals of a specific gender and phenotypes,genotypes etc by running simulations and projections and the embryo inserted into an artificial womb.He will analyse the genome of each spermatozoa and eggs and run projections as to all possible genetic sequences created by fusing each one of them together to increase genetic diversity to prevent bottlenecking in space stations etc.Existing embryos in storage will be implanted into these artificial wombs.This will prevent them going to waste

Baby pea bods will be present in hospitals that take the the infants weight and percentage body fat while in the hospital.Blood samples will be taken to get the childs DNA scan and set up patient files with if possible as detailed later on the microbes from mothers could pass into the placenta and using horizontal gene transfer,Cas-9 and taq polymerase read the childs DNA and then send it to Paean to set up a new patient file invivo.All of the strains would pass onto the child via the placenta and would be changed to the childs new DNA via wifi or other methods detailed later on.Nanomatetials and biosynth technology should cut their costs to zero.

Neonatal intensive care unit:
Rooms holding newborns and also children wards can have graphene wallpaper to play illustrations at night.Cameras that measure blood pressure will track them with their ID code visible to the hospital AI with the patient code also logged onto the bed they are in through microchips in the bed which interact with cameras and smart clothing and change once they leave with these measures allowing the location and movement of newborns to be tracked.The babies will have smart clothing monitoring vital signs with cameras facing them monitoring health and that they are there with vital signs fed into patient files.Biosynth chips in the beds or holders will denote their patient ID and change when discharged etc with them undergoing DNA tests prior to leaving the hospitals to prevent them sent home with the wrong parents.These wards will be known worldwide as Eileithyia wards after the goddess of childbirth with an universal statue of her in their centre.The type of birth ceaserean,in vitro or natural etc will be denoted into their patient file as well as how many weeks the child was born premature if it was born so.If the child was adopted the legal papers will be in their patient files alongside the name of foster parents,new legal guardians and name of biological parents.If the child was the result of in vitro fertilisation the name of biological parents and also surrogate mother.The date and time of birth,when they were put in pods and nurseries,wards and was sent home with its mother will be logged.Diagnosis of all forms of autism should be done as early as possible via staff,Paean and genetic screening

Phlebotomy robots can be in either hospitals or autonomous vehicles that can travel over a large area with staff directing donors to how to use the equipment in person,remotely from a hospital or through pre recorded how to videos or even Paean directing them.These vehicles can serve rural villages,towns,cities etc permanently or in schedules visible in Aesculapius.The vehicle can serve and area permanently or different areas in rotation as well as being called to new and frequent donors to their address and would be controlled by the hospital AI.Donors would first have to go through a smart device HIV test using dongles and get a negative result or send their ID code via apps on their own smart devices so their patient file can be obtained showing the results from the most recent STD tests done on home test kits and booths.Ideally these and other tests for STDs and blood borne pathogens will have to be carried out at least 24 hours or even several minutes before donating blood in order for blood to be donated to prevent them spreading through this vector.Home test kits will allow this to be done within seconds at home prior to donating blood.This will also apply to those done in hospitals in booths present as described above either in the same area with the patient deciding by Paean or menus on a test screen.Using vein viewer the robots will locate suitable veins and these robots can allow for the extraction of blood containing only plasma,erythrocytes,leukocytes or platelets or two,three or all of them in varying amounts of each components for which ever is needed in larger amounts than conventional methods through double red cell donation and platelete pheresis.Computer software will print out a barcode with the patients blood type,date,expiry date,amount of blood extracted,percentage level of all three components and hospital/vehicle it originates from put on the blood bag gained from the patients file when they log in with their ID not printed on it but with the important donation details(serial and registration number of the vehicle,ID code of staff member interacted with,percentage of each component,date and amount of blood donated etc)logged into the donors patient file in a specific folder.It will then be refrigerated by a robot or healthcare worker in mobile blood donor vehicles.Alternatively these bags will have a Biosynth microchip embedded in the bags that can have these details read by machines and smartphones/robots and the interior and exterior can be coated in liquid glass to make them reusable with the contents dumped into specialised bins via gravity for this waste with details on the microchip changed for the next donation each time.The microchip will contain the patient ID code of the person who donated the blood,the type of blood componants and level of each componens,blood type,amount of blood etc that are changed for each donation.Once host once and leukocytes and possibly erythrocytes are made immune to radiation will allow the bags to be exposed to high levels of radiation like 500-2,000Gy to kill off pathogens in the blood if possible.In hospitals helper robots and boxes on rail systems can transport them to labs where robots can extract a minute amount of blood and carry out a second quick scan for HIV and other bacteria especially MRSA and other blood borne diseases using the same technology as the dongles that can do it within 15 minutes or using automated labs using conveyor belt system on all blood samples as an extra precaution to prevent the virus being passed onto any patients and other viruses before it is disposed of in the case of a positive result via gravity into specific bins or stored in the case of a negative result by eventually robots with each fridge storing blood by type and then percentage of each component.Otherwise HIV positive bags could be kept for HIV patients or have biocompatible microbes added to kill them off or make them benign depending on how effective they are making them safe within days or hours especially if these microbes have recombinant DNA from pyschrophilles alongside thermophiles and mesophiles to allow them to work in the bag while it is in coolers.Ideally all blood samples would undergo the same aforementioned blood tests to check for levels of biomarkers,heavy metals,STDs and blood borne parasites and pathogens.Variants of these robots could be designed to inject blood and intravenous drugs and vaccines into patients and be connected to nurse robots.All phlebotomy robots and bags in clinics,hospitals and vehicles would be cleaned routinely ideally after each extraction and injection with virkon in order to clean it of any viruses and bacteria such as HIV with virkon stocked up by robots when low measured by each phlebotomy robot taking a set amount each time and logging each use in the hospital AI thus calculating how much is left in the store.The hospital will keep track of how much blood was donated each time ,when it was used to keep track of how much is currently in store.Permanent liquid glass coatings can be sprayed into the internal tubing in them so that blood does not stick to them thus preventing viruses or bacterial sticking to them with the compounds anti-microbial effects also aiding in the prevention of spreading HIV and other infections such as MRSA and hepatitis(the same applying to syringes meaning they can be reused over and over again indefinitely by different people)provided they automatically pump their contents out when empty into say a bin and/or have virkon/bleach pumped in automatically and after at least 60 minutes out for extra security to ensure any remaining virus particles and microbes are killed and then washed out with water and gravity – with this again applying to reusable syringes.All components of the machinery and tubing including phlebotomy robots and the analysers themselves will be coated externally and internally in a permanent layer of a liquid glass to allow between each go cleaning fluid that that sterilises them and removed any blocked material to be automatically applied to clean them with the cleaning fluid automatically restocked and then dispensed into waste systems via more tubing with feces,blood and urine directed towards the sewage systems automatically once analysed.Water will be run through it to clean it.The same can be done to blood bags coated in a layer of this to ensure they can be reused indefinitely with the barcode replaced with a biosynth chip that can have details changed again and again.The liquid glass and washout with water would also prevent bleach and virkon from sticking to any tubing and entering the human blood system.Trials should be done to test this measures efficacy.Otherwise it might be possible for graphene to separate virions from the blood.Ideally all blood will be before being stored in the same coolers as all blood donated be going through the same procedures for testing for all pollutants,blood borne pathogens,STDs etc so as to allow for it be cleared for safety with these tests done in a lab in the same area as the blood donation lab using miniaturised machinery but not the same machinery as those to test for STDs,pollutants but specific to this area of blood donation.During this the blood will be store in a separate area temporarily while it is examined for pollutants and all pathogens and then transferred to the main blood coolers when cleared as safe with tainted blood disposed of into biological hazard bins and this alerted to the patients file.Psychrophile and scratch DNA etc will be used alongside other measures to extend the lifespan of blood forever.All paperwork will be done by software and stored on the patients file logging their donations(date,blood type,amount,percentage amount of all three components) as well as in the hospital intranet with their signature in the form of their patient ID.The details of how much was donated,blood type,the levels of platelets,erythrocytes etc present and location of the bag in coolers will be logged in the chip that will be relayed to the hospital AI to relay what blood type and how much is present in banks.Developments have allowed for the amount of each blood component such as erythrocytes,platelets,plasma is to be controlled thus allowing for the donated blood to be mostly or all erythrocytes or either plasma and platelets etc.All steps in the collection and transportation of blood to coolers etc will become fully automated within the next five to ten years.Booths in hospitals to donate blood will be the same ones that are used to donate blood for checking for STDs with their being a menu allow one to choose what tests to perform,to donate blood and what blood and components to donate with the also choosing how much of each component and how much blood they wish to donate on sub menus.One could choose all of this beforehand using tickboxes and send their ID code wirelessly by close proximity.By 2029 blood donations in hospitals or automated vehicles will have all steps including collection of blood,transportation to fridges and tagging etc automated from start to finish with zero human labour.

All dentistry clinics should be transferred to the grounds of nearby hospitals as part of extensions on the roof or side or even underground to allow existing ones to be used as homes,have them on the same grounds as hospitals and also managed by the hospital AI.Ideally dentist clinics will be moved into the grounds of all regular hospitals as extensions to allow for them to be managed by the same AI of the hospital as well allowing existing dentist clinics to be used as homes to give patients local access to these.Thus all dentistries will be on the grounds of hospitals.So far most work in a dentists workplace has been made much easier and repetitive tasks obsolete thanks to both automation and 3D printing.For example 3D scanning and then printing of dental models and indeed of a patients own teeth to make analysis of a patients own dental structure and thus any problems present can now be quantified.Scanning can be done with miniature pen like scanners at home also fitted with cameras allowing the dentist to view and scan mouth and teeth and then print out a model allowing them to determine the severity and location of toothaches and decide if the patient needs braces or even an in person check up.Laser milling can be done to have individual teeth be produced and analysed by the dentist.Due to 3D printing,milling using lasers and drills can work with a large amount of materials such as ceramics,metals and plastics custom made teeth prosthetic such as braces,dentures and replacement teeth rather inexpensively.Scans and camera feeds will in time be analysed by Paean.Automation exists in the means of cleaning tools but further advances will or redesigning them will soon eliminate most if not all work through robotics and AI with a permanent layer of liquid glass sprayed on them internally and externally removing the need to sterilize them over and over again(as it permanently sterilizes them preventing infections linked to dirty tools) as well as repelling dirt removing the need to clean them with the possibility of only water having to be used.Robots controlled by Paean can be advanced enough to replace human dentists by 2029 with any remaining minimal work done by humans with biosynths replacing humans by 2045.Furthermore the same remote robots that allow doctors to remotely monitor hospital wards can allow dentists to monitor multiple clinics across the world.They could also use these technologies to operate machinery in self driving mobile dentist clinics that can drive to any town or city in the continent it is based in or in other clinics around the world.Cameras on pens with lights that can be used at home by being inserted into the mouth and rotated around to scan it and the teeth can be used by the patient with live feeds,3D scans and photos viewed remotely and uploaded to their file and analysed by the dentist and eventually Paean for teeth and oral problems such as oropharyngeal and throat cancers.Within the 10-15 years machines that can autonomously carry out surgery will be be modified to carry out all work done by both dentists and orthodontists with dentists,orthodontists replaced by Paean within the decade.Thus Paean will also replace dentists etc with him controlling both robots and biosynths in hospitals around the world with as stated all dentistries integrated into each hospital around the world to give local access in side,roof and underground extensions.

If possible genetic engineering will allow one to naturally regrow teeth possibly using DNA from A.mexicanum etc and from scratch thus when ones tooth is removed by surgery robots and also when one is injured and they are knocked out.DNA from different species of polyphyodonts will be used including Crocodilla as well as Selachimorpha,Macropodidae,Trichechidae,Rodentia particularly Arvicolinae,Castor,Cavia and possibly Elephantidae can be investigated.This would possibly eliminate dentists entirely as one would be able to regrow tooths when needed with them only having to use surgery robots used for other purposes to have the tooth removed managed by the hospital AI.Those without teeth etc could have CRISPR treatments to regrow them using this and other DNA from humans.

Veterinary Clinics:
All vetenairy clinics and hospitals worldwide will be converted into private and communal homes once they are integrated into all hospitals around the world by having underground extensions that are led to via separate entrance on the outside via obsolete buildings having stairwells and elevators thus preventing animals contaminating the main building that houses labs,MRI,Xray wards and clinics devoted to them with these having sizeable areas to house areas devoted for pets with these managed by the same AI.Obsolete buildings on the grounds of hospitals that are some distance from the main building can have roof and underground extensions to house veterinary clinics with as stated underground extensions or even a side extension to the hospital with its own entrance separate from the main building to prevent animals contaminating human hospitals can house sizeable vetenairy clinics for the locale that with if this applied by all human hospitals worldwide will mean all cities,towns,villages etc will have access to these services and allow all vetenairy clinics and hospitals both large and small to be turned into private and communal homes via roof extensions.Large veterinary clinics will be dispersed into multiple hospitals in the region,state and city they serve evenly allowing all people in the region access to them in their local area rendering the need to transport animals large distances and ensuring that each locale that has a hospital will have access to veterinary services as well.It will also ensure that each area has a sizeable but small space for them with this allowing the vetenairy clinics to be managed by the same AI as the hospitals,require no extra statues and allow vetenairy clinics and hospitals to be turned into communal homes.These will have examination rooms and all features of human hospitals and clinics.They will be served by human vets and in time biosynths with Paean able to analyse pets using live-streams from cameras on smartphones etc with home test kits consisting of those similar to human ones that involve taking a blood sample using syringes that are then injected into them and in time biosynth implants.Species specific microbes of all strains ie immunising,anti-bacteria and anti-viral,anti-cancer,ageing and augmentation strains etc with them availing of the same augmentions and ageing treatments as humans.

Alarms to medical emergencies can be sent either by smart clothing that wireless alert them when the wearers heart rate and blood pressure drops resulting in unconsciousness or apps in smart devices like Pemphredo that when used alert the nearest hospital as to the exact GPS location and building address of the owner via the location of the smart phone used alongside important information such as numbers of next of kin decided by the patient which will be also automatically dialled and alerted to their location with vital signs such as temperature,heart rate and blood pressure etc relayed with their distance in kilometres,metres and cms.This would be integrated into Aesculapius and only deal with ambulances and send an ambulance to the exact GPS position.Also it will automatically alert any nearby smart devices such as smart phones and even televisions and laptops etc in the surrounding area alerting nearby citizens in the street and public buildings or in vehicles,neighbours to the emergency via interacting with Hestia and also using GPS and automatically streamed can guide them to the location of the patient via connection the wire and show where nearby automated CPR and defibrillator machines and using wordsmith and possibly even surveillance cameras detail their position and how to put them into recovery position until aid arrives.This can be useful with regards to people having a fall at home,suffering heart attacks at home or in public buildings and in universities and will allow them to chose the option to bring the person into their vehicles which can be given right of way if the AI of the hospital determines it is the best method.Other vehicles will be alerted to the vehicle given right of way and its reason.Those that occur out in the middle of the streets or in the wilderness will work by interacting with the city AI as detailed earlier by alerting all smart devices in the surrounding region and expand outwards until someone accepts the alert and once again directs them to the patient and location of any CPR and defibrillators while still alerting ambulances and next of kin.Home and building AI will direct any human neighbours as to the location of the patient via a voice directions and/or visual aids showing how many meters they are from them unlocking any doors on the way with home maps streamed directly to their devices like lenses,glasses.This will be done for severe emergencies to allow them to lend out their vehicle to act as a means to travel to the hospital and them given right of way.Robots at home and in universities and public buildings could also be alerted and allow hospital staff to be alerted and thus be automatically brought there and view the scene and any injuries with built in miniature MRI and Xray scanners to perform on the spot scans of affected areas suffering pain.Since smart clothing could be voice activated it could allow serious injuries that dont result in a loss of consciousness to be reported by the patient to again alert medical staff of their choice of next of kin.Furthermore the alerts from apps could in the case of a heart attack or loss of consciousness alert nearby people to the location of nearby miniature defibrillator and CPR machines present in key points in public buildings as well as key points of cities.These defibrillator can automatically connect to smart devices of remote next of kin and doctors allowing them to control the defibrillator.In time these smart apps will be replaced with a connection to the wire via the wire or Aesculapius apps that interacting with home AI and smart clothing can automatically call emergency help based on each situation.To allow for conformity Rapid SOS features for health emergencies will be integrated into Aesculapius which will have a menu at the begging when first entered that will call only ambulances and thus the GPS location will be relayed to ambulances and emergency services.Also the app linked to Aesculapius can be in the persons smart devices screen separate from it or an app integrated into the wire that contains all emergency vehicles such as ambulances,firefighters,law enforcement and lifeguards and other emergency drones can be developed that integrates into the wire connected to Hermes,Aesculapius and Athena etc.This and other measures detailed later on would eliminate the need for 911 emergency operators with in time Paean making this even more efficient with it named Pemphredo after the Graeae deity of alarm like those within Athena and Hermes but with the Star of Life being its symbol for hospitals.The sentient Pemphredo app will be separated into three sections one for Athena,Aesculapius and Prometheus.The app will alert all healthcare staff officials in the area allowing them to communicate with citizens in need directly bypassing operators allowing them relay the nature of the situation with the citizen choosing to communicate via audio/visual Iris chats,instant messaging or even through texts or choosing medical conditions or situations from a list or if they need to be quiet given the situation.Paean and Home AI may also arrange the phone call in certain emergencies if humans can’t.In time the person will be able to communicate with the hospital AI and receptionist of the nearest hospital directly through it with the AI able to communicate with millions of people of once and will send the calls etc to the patients file with the person directed to the nearest hospital AI based on the GPS location by the sentient Pemphredo app with the GPS location and address of the patient automatically sent to the hospital AI then relayed to any staff and also used by the ambulances used by the AI with any smart devices in the area also have the GPS location and address and nature and severity of the patient condition relayed.If full and busy the hospital AI will divert them to the next nearest hospital AI with this being directly connected to the sentient AI of the nearest hospital will allowing all existing 911 call centres worldwide to be converted into homes with centres onsite of hospitals turned into extra wards or lounges etc.All details of the patients will be sent to the hospital AI instantly and relayed to all staff and beds for the patients chosen based on their injuries at least an hour or thirty minutes before they arrive.Paean will via contacting Epione through Pemphredo or Pemphredo itself will be able to interact with all hospitals in the town,village,city and state,country to see which nearest to the patient has free beds choosing the closest one with free beds.All smart phones new and those existing that download the Hestia software will automatically have this downloaded to ensure it is available to everyone.Once alarms are sent by Gaia,texts,choosing a emergency from a list and talking to healthcare staff the app will alert healthcare staff and ambulances in the area to their GPS location with the amount of time until they arrive in hours,minutes and seconds relayed to the person who called the alarm with distance in kilometre,metres and centimetres that ambulances responding to them are from them also relayed with the AI able to locate the exact location in kilometres,metres to centimetres of the person who called using the GPS location.The patient will have the vehicles distance and time of arrival to be relayed to them.Implants can be formed in the caller at their behest and their GPS location relayed to the human and biosynth EMTs as a countdown in cms,metres,kilometres.When called for the app will notify patients as to when the ambulance will arrive via the emergency app denoted in a countdown in hours,minutes and seconds and their distance in kilometres,metres and cms updated based on the speed and current location of the ambulance and other factors in real time(this also applying to all other emergency vehicles) and the GPS location of the ambulance will be denoted.The distance of ambulances to the caller will be visible to the caller in cms,metres,kilometres and in seconds,minutes,hours as a countdown with their GPS location visible.GPS location and if in a building the address will be ascertained and sent automatically to the hospital AI once the call is made by Pemphredo and the hospital AI via the smart devices interacting with the building AI and also Arke and Hestia interacting with satellites using cellular access to send the address and GPS location.Thus everytime a person uses Pemphredo they will choose a section that links them to Aesculapius that will then based on their GPS location link them to the AI in charge of the nearest hospital that will be able to interact with millions of people at once and still be able to carry out their operations unhindered with the callers GPS location and address automatically sent to the hospital AI to negate the need for callers to do this and allow them to be found if they are cut off for any reason.If possible Home AI or Paean will be able to arrange the phone call if humans cant.Home AI via fragmentation on smart phones can make phones to the building HQ AI quietly if humans cannot.This app will automatically be on all smart phones,devices and computers rather than having to be downloaded.Direct interaction with Paean may allow for him to interact with Pemphredo indirectly and send this data with alerts sent automatically as to the nature of the injury or emergency and also GPS location etc.The smartphones will be used by the robots etc to determine where the person is in metres and centimetres.The alert will be sent to all personnel including those off duty in the area depending on the severity of the situation to their smart devices via the nearest hospital AI instead of ambulances with the hospital AI and Pemphredo replacing human operators with it relayed to automated ambulances.All hospital AIs in the area will be alerted with the closest one with the most available spaces chosen decided by the app,hospital AIs and also Epione and ambulance with them other ones in outlying regions alerted if they are not free.The AI will determine what vehicles to send and will automatically notify the sentient Ophion as to give them right of way and also prepare to do so and thus alter traffic to cater to this with if possible it sending taxis etc from Helios as detailed later to the address and thus also giving them right of way with the same of even vehicles owned by the public that can be lent out them if decide by them with the AI determining the quickest and most efficient means to do so.Other vehicles will be alerted to the vehicle given right of way and its reason.All local citizens and biosynths including biosynth animals in the area will be notified to the GPS location of the caller to get them to help.This Pemphredo system will be a single global system taking in calls from around the world allowing for 911 call centres turned into homes and their servers and computers recycled with the robots and Pempherdo once sentient ringing back the person to locate them.If the call centres are in hospitals they will be converted into extra wards with Pemphredo linking them to the nearest hospital AI and send their details instantly.Thus all alarm calls to hospitals 911 operators via Paean and Pemphredo will be directed straight to the receptionist AI and hospital AI who through fragmentation can interact with billions of people at once replacing human 911 operators.All emergency calls will be logged in the hospital AI,ones patient file and will be added to digital forensic files once brought to the courts and investigations begin of it is relevant as well as in patient files logged for each hospital visit.The calls will also be logged into the patients file.Integrated into Paean it will allow one to instigate it through him as well.

Automated Ambulances:
Automated self driving ambulances will interact with the Ophion traffic networks and thus other vehicles giving them the right of way and the ability to speed ahead of other traffic and possibly even bypass traffic lights with them interacting with the AIs of all the nearest hospitals and decide which is the best one to choose based on how many spaces are available in carparks and also beds available from interacting with the hospital AIs in the area via group Iris calls done at once and the wire.Sirens will be started automatically.These ambulances will be controlled by the hospital AIs and will by interacting with Ophion be able to bypass all traffic and even traffic lights or have traffic lights changed to allow to bypass traffic and thus reach patients and hospitals faster without causing accidents.Flying cars and helicopters that park either on the roof of hospitals or on a runway next to them will be able to bypass ground traffic.These can also be modified to house stretchers and other tools to help people in.Both of these vehicles could contain defibrillators,CPR machines,portable X-RAY and MRI machines and in time compact robot drones modelled like Robonurse that could have these machines built into them to perform on site scans allowing doctors to immediately assess the severity of the injuries and help them onto stretchers.Larger versions of seabreachers can serve cruise and ferry ships and even private boats and yachts at the deep sea alongside rivers or even bypass terrestrial traffic with them collecting patients at the sides of piers and also banks of rivers where there are steps.When they have entered the ambulance and are on their way to the hospitals the same information such as they time and distance to the hospital will be denoted to the patient and other passenger via smart devices and they app.The type of vehicle used will be decided by the hospital AI,the city AI and Paean based on the injuries sustained,traffic density,number of patients and location where the patient is calling from with Pemphredo,Paean,Home AI,City AI,terrestrial based GPS,smart clothing and devices working together to determine the patients location the vehicles will notify and healthcare staff and robots as to when they arrive.As stated earlier the nearest hospital with the most spaces will be chosen or that at least has spaces free will be chosen with this instantly relayed to other ambulances that may need to make diversions.Interactions between Pemphredo and Epione will instantly decide which hospital will receive the patient based on availible beds etcThe onboard computer will not have an independent personality but will be that of the hospital AI.The stretcher inside them should contain apparatus where certain body parts are squeezed to prevent blood loss with cameras inside allowing for this to be determined by the hospital AI who will direct the patient alongside Paean.The ambulances will be staffed by humans and in time robots and biosynths with the GPS location and distance in kilometres of the ambulance to where the patient on the way to collect them and also distance to the hospital on the return journey will be relayed to the hospital AI with this allowing the hospital AI to determine when they arrive.

Portable lift assist devices can also be put inside the ambulance with a wheelchair that can help people get into a wheelchair and thus the vehicle it self for minor injuries.These automated wheelchair able ambulances can be called to patients in wheelchairs who experiencing an emergency or hospital visit with each hospital ordering as many to have manufactured via routinely automatically scanning the patient files and Polis of people in the region they serve for how many people have wheelchairs and are prone to accidents.Alternatively the patient who is in a wheel chair can have their vehicle responded to their smart clothing and thus open the door and have their automated robotic wheel chair drive them into the vehicle for transport to the hospital with the same precedence over traffic as seen in automated ambulances(they will also have an alarm over them similar to ambulances that will only work in these instances) once their helper robot has carried them into the chair.The interactions between carer robots,smart clothing,smart devices and apps,home AI,robotic self driving wheelchairs,automated vehicles,hospitals and traffic networks can be replicated in other similar situations.Those in wheelchairs should have self driving wheelchairs and private vehicles that can hold wheelchairs that will once they sound an alarm via Pemphredo,Paean that will call the vehicle if it is close by and their wheelchair will automatically enter it and they will be driven to the nearest hospital skipping all vehicles and traffic lights.If the vehicle is not nearby the hospital and city AI by interacting with the hospital AIs in the region,Helios and Hestia will either;send an ambulance that with or without a stretcher,send a public vehicle that has wheelchair access, or send their own public vehicle all three of which will be given the ability to skip traffic and lights to get to them with the decision determined by which is the fastest.In time ambulances could have wheelchair access in them to aid them with not present in these cases or have miniature self expanding wheelchairs in them that will be in them not in the case of wheelchair using patient.

For more serious injuries self loading stretchers with KIVA systems can allow patients to be loaded into vehicles especially if the ambulance is designed to have a slope or loading step for the KIVA systems to use.Although these need some human intervention and labour or the use of robots similar to robonurse within the next decade by at least 2025-2035 robots may be sufficiently advanced to allow them to pick up patients from the ground safely and bring them into ambulances with no human operators with sensor radars that can detect them and operate these procedures with these as part of the ambulance.Neighbours and even a in the surrounding area will act as EMTS putting people into stretchers with Paean guiding them into this.KIVA systems can be integrated into stretchers to make them self moving into the ambulance and into the hospital and then self moving beds with the aid of staff and robobears decided by the hospital AI with them then directed to relevant wards and the stretchers loaded back onto the ambulance.Until then as stated earlier alerted next of kin,friends and neighbours or even compact variants of the Robonurse will help them up with the stretcher and ambulance guiding them how to pick them up and do it themselves via how to videos streamed into their smart devices via the wire or Paean and interacting with the stretcher and strap that lock them into place to keep the patient stable.The arms and legs of the patient will be held in place via automatic cuffs.Medical droids and in time bio-synths with graphene and invitro muscles able to hold heavier weights controlled by the hospital AI that are to be developed will be deployed in these ambulances and interact with the Home AI downloading a map from the home AI and interacting with it and smart devices and smart clothing present similar to how firefighter robots will work.Alternatively the robonurse robots until sufficiently advanced can be controlled remotely by alerted healthcare staff at the nearest hospital or from the patients most trusted healthcare staff members also alerted to this thus allowing them to communicate with them.These would be controlled by staff wearing exoskeletons with by 2045 biosynths will be part of these ambulances indefinitely controlled by the hospital AI.These could also be similar to firefighter robots and be fitted with x ray,MRI scanners to determine injuries onsite with them also taking blood sample with nanosensers testing blood for abnormalities.Internal systems on or robotic hands similar to robot chefs on rails with cameras should be in these to automatically apply pressure to wounds to prevent them bleeding such as appendages similar to blood pressure machines with vertigel present in nozzles(and refilled by docking at the hospitals or robots) that are pumped into wounds detected by internal cameras to seal wounds,spray antiseptic spray and apply seacell gauzes which should at least alleviate serious wounds allowing for them to survive the trip to the hospital.An overabundance of people trained as emergency personnel in ambulances that will not be in obsolete professions will suffice until robots and biosynths replace them between 2029-2045 with the decrease in hospital visits via automated driving vehicles,automation in construction,agriculture and other dangerous areas of the economy will reduce the amount of hospital visits significantly and reduce working hours for them.Furthermore the acellerated healing phenotype and also anti-viral,anti-bacterial and other strains of microbes and even gene therapy that allows a patient to utilise carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor and other phenotypes will increase survival rates and even negate some visits to the hospitals and the need for calling ambulances and may even allow the patient to be physically sound even though to be able to drive there themselves ad otherwise fatal conditions would be now minor enough to delay visits or as stated allow the patient to travel their themselves.The system wherein neighbours in the surrounding area alerted to emergencies and them using their vehicles alongside the patients own automated vehicles and even the use of taxis called by Paean to drive them their will be used to alleviate strains on remaining emergencies.The hospital AI,staff and robots will be alerted once the ambulance makes its return journey to their expected time of arrival,distance,ambulance number,patient name and injuries through Paean allowing them to respond quickly when the arrive since controlled by the hospital AI.Using either slopes or a part of the ambulance that rises and falls they can be able to accommodate the KIVA systems.Staff,robots and automatic beds will be notified to the arrival time and serial number of the ambulance to make them ready with the KIVA stretcher will be able to disengage from the vehicle and enter the hospital with the patient loaded onto self moving beds that will be present there by robots,staff or by interactions between the bed and stretchers.Biosynths will by 2045 replace all human paramedics with prior to this an abundance of humans used.

If a person in a private vehicle experiences a medical emergency while in a vehicle via smart clothing the vehicle will travel directly instead of the original journey to the nearest hospital or if they or passengers selects a hospital and then tells the onboard computer that they are going there because of an emergency(ie.heart attack,giving birth,serious injury etc.)via voice command or a menu which can choose for either casual visit or emergency the latter of these two choices will give them right of way over other vehicles allowing them to pass all traffic on the roads,possibly even bypassing traffic lights alongside smart clothing and how to videos to keep the patient stable will be relayed to the passengers for each situation(pregnancy,heart attack,trauma,stabbing etc.)with the onboard computer alerting medical staff to the location of the vehicle containing the patient alongside readings from smart clothing and allow other passenger to directly communicate with the hospital AI to detail what is wrong with the patient which will them inform healthcare staff inside with all details including the name of the patient and the colour and design of the vehicle and its expected time of arrival and distance from them in cms,metres,kilometres etc with it visible on a streamed city map via smart devices including contact lenses with a marker denoting the vehicle.Ideally the hospital AI would alert primarily staff and robots nearest to the carpark on the hospital grounds and those that are not busy.The model of the vehicle will be downloaded from the onboard computer and relayed to hospital AIs and staff via computers and smart devices before it arrives.Paean will through smart phones be alerted to emergencies and then interact with Ophion to give it right of way and then interact with hospital AIs.The same will apply to emergencies that occur on public transport such as buses,taxis well as mag lev cable cars,Urban light Transit systems.It will also apply to mag lev and subway trains which will stop at the nearest stop and then automatically call an ambulance when said individual is off the vehicle with onboard touchscreen computers on them to allow passengers to initiate this if no smart clothing is available.If someone initiates an alarm for ambulances using emergency app with while on the train the onboard computer will then initiate the aforementioned procedure and then call an ambulance to the station with the droids or nearby alerted citizens helping them out.If the city AI through Tyche and Aesculapius through Paean interacting with each other determines it takes too long for an ambulance to drive there by the time they reach the stop they can order any nearby public vehicles including taxis or even private vehicles to the spot of the patient and drive them to the hospital with Pemphredo alerting them to the location of the vehicle by any means including augmented reality.Taxis may be called by the hospital AI in certain situations.Private vehicles and taxis containing passengers and even private vehicles that are parked and are driving would have an alarm sent to the owner detailing the emergency via the home AI allowing citizens to choose to lend out the vehicle and it then return to the space where it was in the case of parked ones or return to the original journey in the case of those with passengers.These vehicles would be able to skip traffic and traffic lights via being given right of way.The private vehicles of the patient themselves can be used with nearby people alerted to the emergency via the wire and then them being guided into putting the person into their vehicle or the patients with them given right of way over other traffic and skip traffic lights.The Hospital AI will decide which is the best option for each instance to manage the use of ambulances,private vehicles and also taxis efficiently both in terms of availible resources,which is the fastest and which has the highest chance of bringing the patient their safety and reduce the chance of them dying with the AI able to run simulations within a matter of minutes or even seconds with improved AI.In all cases the hospital AI will notify the sentient Ophion in charge of managing traffic of the emergency and have it prepare to give all vehicles used right of way,skip traffic and also to alter traffic to cater to this thus allowing it reach the patient and the hospital as quickly and safelty as possible improving the survival rates of the patient.This should alleviate strains on ambulances due to their limited number as well as until robotic and biosynth paramedics and EMT controlled by the hospital AI are sufficiently advanced with interactions between Hestia,Tyche,Helios,Epione being made and deciding the fastest means based on traffic density,location of the patients,availability of ambulances etc.Emergencies that occur on cruise ships will have seabreachers and helicopters deployed and pick up patients and transport them to the roof of hospitals or piers where ambulances will be waiting for them.

Hospital AIs through the vehicles onboard computer or smart devices connected to the wire will relay to all staff and robots the identity and demographics of the patients present,their condition,nature of the emergency,the ambulance number,vehicle model and design of public and private vehicles,their arrival time and distance in minutes,seconds as well as kilometres and metres,vital signs and other information beforehand to allow them to prepare beforehand ie what beds available and wards and even carpark spaces to be used and etc and what preparations to do so beforehand giving them ample time to prepare them for surgery and other treatments to ensure survival.This will be done the instant patients are collected giving staff etc at least thirty minutes to an hour to prepare.The patients files etc will also be opened and brought up on all smart devices with the current condition etc relayed to each person.Carparks for visitors can be dug up made into gardens and replaced with underground automated ones with those for ambulances kept and made smaller and even lead to underground non automated ones that lead to elevators that can transport patients.

Xray & MRI machines:
Other machines like X-Rays can be automated with the actual scanner moving towards a specific part of the body programmed into it by staff or ideally in time by the hospital AI moving it by itself to specific parts of the body and using sensors built into it with Paean and the hospital AI replacing staff into how to use them and when analysis is done.Put simply Xray and MRI machines will be controlled by the hospital AI.Otherwise DEXA scanners can be utilised to get a full body scan or scan over a programmed area giving a more in depth scan.Eventually DEXA,MRI and xray machines may become cheaper to produce and operation with biosynth technology,graphene sheets and other nanomaterials fitted with built in nano scanners that scan again select areas or the entire body.Essentially a person will lie on a bed with two sheets of graphene and other similar nanomaterials in hexagonal shaped allotropes suspended in a sheet of glass floating above them with the built in nano scanners with the scanner moving between the two sheets and scanning selected body parts.In a separate room either in the same building or another hospital or the doctors home a hologram of the patients body(which they can choose between normal body and xray body) with them able to take slices of their body at selected parts out using their hands,or touchscreen scrolls on smart devices that can be viewed on their smart devices such as lenses/glasses and saved on the patient file.The same would possibly apply to future DEXA and MRI scanners or even existing models of these scanners.Nanomaterials of all elements such as atom thick allotrpes and schwarzites including graphene and Helium and biosynth technology will make them faster,cheaper and compact with mobile Xray,DEXA,MRI machines as part of vehicles part of all hospitals that drive to a patients home address especially in the case of rural areas.All xrays and MRI images will be uploaded to ones patient files.

X Ray,DEXA and MRI scanners could be used alongside body scanners similar to those to scan in people for creating action figures and body scans in Dionysus allowing for these to be combined together to create a life size 3D holographic image of the entire body allowing staff to be able to view the patients entire body and individual organs for study,training or planning surgeries on.Foot scanners can be used to allow for scans of the feet to study the contours of feet for surgeries on it in the case of flat footed individuals with the scan of feet saved on their patient file to produce custom made insoles.Handheld scanners at home on smart mirrors and attached to smart devices could replace these with custom made insoles saved on their patient file for 3D printing when needed if they are lost or damaged.These scanners could even be integrated into weighing scales.Doctors and surgeons can alter parts of the body or specific organs with software to see the effects of surgeries would have on them i.e. alter the breast size or nose shape and parts of the face for cosmetic or corrective surgery and on blood vessels on the heart to see effect of a bypass on blood flow etc.with the altered versions reverted to to original and have both versions saved for a “before and after” with the patient then re scanned after the operation to compare the original,modified version and the outcome all saved so that further alterations may be discussed between the patient and surgeon.These of course will be all automatically be uploaded into their patients file.This could also apply to mothers who upon gaining a sample of their childs DNA after birth or during the third trimester via base microbes scanning the DNA of the child and sending it to its newly generated patient files via biosynth wifi can run the DNA sample through computer software at home and allow Phanes to extrapolate the phenotypical conditions of their child at set ages i.e. see what they look like at 6 years old,12 years old,16 years old etc and even during it stages while still in the womb showing height,hair and eye colour and other genetic determined phenotypes and features such as voice at different ages.This can be viewed via VR simulations at home and also holographic lenses and technology.It can also be done to project the progression of genetic diseases,cancers and bacterial and viral ones in the case of both newborns and older patients for training and study of them and show the progression of a fetus from it in the womb from conception to its phenotypes during infancy right up to adulthood and eldery age via timelapse video carried out by Paean on holo lens and smart devices with this then saved in the childs patient file with them viewed as a whole person,in separate layers of each system or focus on specific organs and it sent to Hephaestus and other networks to make e-portrait photos or e-paintings of the unborn child at various ages.Doctors can also use this technology to diagnose and track the remission or progress of theoretical diseases such as tumours,pathogens,internal cancers and injuries such as fractures etc.and their response to treatment with Paean again aiding when patients wear holo lens in this with it also able to check the state of internal injuries and what will in all layers from skeletons,muscles,organs,blood vessels and what changes will be done on internal and cosmetic surgery with before and after versions produced.This can all be viewed through holo lens and smart devices and even computers at home and can be used to create holographic representations of all possible surgery techniques to be followed and show the long term implications and success rate of each one and decide the best option visible to and decided by the patient and Paean.The different procedures can be tested on VR simulation to see the effects.Other applications when combined with Physis,Apollo and patient files could test the effect medications,chemicals and treatments would have on a patient rather than having to physically illicit it.This technology could also allow new species of animals created through genetic engineering or discovered in the wild both on Earth and in time new planets(including sentient races) to be analysed internally without having to kill and dissect them with in time handheld devices that scan through a live patient interacting with holo lens,ultrasounds,nanomachines and smart glasses to give them live 3D feeds of internal organs and unborn children.This could also apply to coroners doing the same to a body without marking it and seeing an internal injuries and even allow trainees and biology students to study the biology of humans and animals without the need for cadavars.Coroners as stated would allow the internal structure of a body to ascertained via these readings converted into a hologram or VR simulation with coroners replaced by both Marcaria and Paean with Davinci surgery machines and phlebotomy robots extracting blood and cutting up the body and removing organs on a conveyor belt.As stated earlier this could inevitably replace traditional ultrasounds giving a live 3D image of an unborn child uploaded to the mother and childs patient files and can also be 3D printed.By performing full X-Ray,DEXA,MRI and other scans that determine the internal structure of the patient software can be turn a model of patient into a 3D holographic image allowing surgeons to use holo lens to correctly plan surgeries based on the individuals unique internal structure ie. dextrocardio,planning bypasses of individual blood vessels,dealing with unique fractures,tumours or remodelling of bones or body parts in re constructive or cosmetic surgery.

Vehicles containing xray,MRIs,mammograms will also be able serve patients especially in rural areas by driving to the patients home address or carparks will also alleviate strains with Paean or staff directing the patient to how to use remotely using live feeds and also prerecorded videos with the time and location denoted and scheduled by Paean.These in vehicles will house all types of compacts machines ie MRI,Xray,mammogram etc.These vehicles will be autonomous ones controlled by the hospital AI or Paean that can drive to the home address of any patient worldwide or at least public carparks and available space in their area with them present in one or multiple hospitals in each country around the world allowing them to drive to patients in isolated areas and when hospital machines are overbooked and reduce waiting lines and alleviate strains on hospitals.

All hospitals,veterinary clinics and denistries across the world and universe would have the latest robots and machinery in them with them using nanomaterials of all 94 elements and biosynth technology to cut their costs to zero allowing them to be exponentially compact,cheaper and faster allowing them to be mass produced and thus allow each hospital have multiple versions of them especially if they can be folded up allowing dozens of them to be stored in storerooms and thus allow each hospital to hold dozens of them that can be brought to spare rooms and even to the patients bed in various wards.They will be manufactured and ordered in from Talos factories with all of them will be fully automated that is they will be operated with zero human labour and controlled by the hospital AI euro results sent to one’s patient file within seconds.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials from all 94 elements can allow MRI,Xray and Mammogram machines can be made smaller and more compact as well as cheaper,more accurate and faster thus allowing them to be more mass produced allowing hospitals to house multiple MRI,Xray and mammogram machines in the same room or in extra spare rooms,extensions etc thus cutting down on waiting lines and be present in every hospital around the world allowing patients to be transferred to hospitals that are not overbooked and be present in space stations,interstellar vessels etc.Mobile X-ray,MRI and DEXA machinery can be through nanomaterials and biosynth technology be mass produced thus allowing their to be a dozen or so onsite of all hospitals worldwide due to being more compact that are stored in storerooms etc that can be brought directly to patients in wards.Once perfected these would allow those in hospitals and vehicles to be recycled and replaced with extra wards or storerooms for them.Thus these mobile MRI,X-ray and mammography etc machines composed of biosynth technology and nanomaterials will push costs to zero allowing for mass production including existing models thus allowing hospitals around the world to house a dozen or few dozen that can be stored in storerooms etc then transferred to spare rooms,MRI rooms and even wards that can allow one access to these either the next day,next week or even same day thus even if transferred to hospitals across the world or locale and cut down waiting line times down by 50-90%.Surgical machines that are automated can through nanomaterials and biosynth technology will also be miniaturised and thus allow them to mass produced allowing multiple versions to be in hospitals.These compact surgery,MRI and X-ray machines could be present on cruise ships etc.Once sufficiently advanced these will allow existing MRI and X-ray machines to be recycled

Automated surgery machines:
Surgery will be done primarily using Da Vinci Surgery Machines which can make even the most delicate surgeries more accurate with less room for mistakes that could prove fatal being so accurate it can literally sew a grape closed with thread.These and google glasses could use augmented reality to highlight important parts of the body during the surgery,what steps to take that require attention as well as highlighting vital signs of the patient and allow them to read text messages,watch audio visual messages and alerts from the hospital and other staff from around the world.This would also apply to when surgery needs to be done by staff or even citizens in emergencies when surgery machines break down,the hospital AI is compromised or when there are only primitive technology and surgical equipment exists or is available especially once interstellar travel is possible.Current surgeries done by this include hysterectomies and prostrate surgeries with advancements within the next 5-10 years allowing most if not all surgeries to be done with newer models and versions of this technology including cosmetic,spinal and eye surgery and even stitches of superficial wounds for which smaller modified versions can be developed or the same robots can be used.These machines have now been able to be hooked to fibre optic internet allowing for doctors to carry out these complex surgeries from around the world making it easier for patients to get the best healthcare available as they and the doctors dont have to travel across the globe for the operation to possible both need only to travel to their nearest hospital allowing for the most skilled surgeons to operate on anyone around the world even from their homes with this again applying to even cosmetic and laser eye surgery.Miniaturised versions of these surgery machines could allow surgeons to perform delicate procedures in warzones again from across the world without risking their lives and run on solar power or back up generators using fibre optics or wifi from hotspots or solar planes deployed beforehand.Miniaturised versions of these can be also be within mobile vehicles to serve patients in rural areas.Since the doctor views the part of human body being operated on through cameras and scope in both on site and remote controlled operations these surgeries can be recorded into the patients digital file for analysis.All types of surgeries such as cosmetic surgery,reconstructive surgery and those to remove bullets and tumours and add donated organs will be fully automated.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials will make surgery machines faster,cheaper and compact thus allowing them to be mass produced and thus have each hospital have at least one or a dozen.Paean will be the universal surgeon across the world and universe using either robotic surgery machines that are designed to carry out virtually any type of surgery designed by him alongside him control biosynths to carry out surgery using conventional existing machinery

Within the the next 10-25 years time by at least 2029-2035 with advances in both AI and robotics it will not be far fetched to see these robotic surgery machines and other surgery machines to be fully automated with data from the patients file(via DNA tests and facial recognition),Paean,holographic representations and scans of body parts and organs allowing them to carry out all types of surgeries – reconstructive,cosmetic and removal of bullets and debris etc,stitches of superficial wounds and complex operations autonomously by the hospital AI or biosynths controlled by them.The AI that would carry these out would be either the hospital AI or Paean or biosynth surgeons who could do this if the surgery machines are comprimised with even human staff guided by Paean etc through google glasses.With regards to those coming in from emergencies such as falls,shootings etc it will take readings from Paean as well as from cameras,Xray,DEXA and other internal scanners connected to them,smart devices and robots attending the patient to locate injuries as well as foreign objects such as bullets and any damaged nerves and also arteries with these scans used to locate them.If these are done when one in a vehicle it will be relayed to the hospital AI wirelessly allowing for the best technique to be used with it done again when they arrive to detect changes in status with the AI communicating with the patient and next of kin during the journey and when they arrive.The robotic AI controlled surgeons will thus be able to instantly determine the best course of action for emergency surgeries and planned ahead surgeries.The surgery will be feed into the patients file allowing next of kin to view it in real time from anywhere in the world and the AI and Paean will give real time feedback and reassurance via Iris or access to the wire.Nano surgical tools attached to these several atoms thick possibly made of planar allotropes of metallic elements will allow for more precise incisions to be made.All surgeries will be recorded into the patients file to allow for analysis by other healthcare staff,Paean,the patient and hospital AIs as well for use in any malpractice suits.The type and level of anaesthesia used can be custom made to them organised beforehand for those planned days ahead or created on the spot or stacked in different concentrations based on the patients demographics and gene.These will be injected into the bloodstream by phlebotomy robots next to the surgery table or be created by microbes within the patient in minute amounts suited to the patient with any alcohol present broken down beforehand if detected by microbes that will also correct complications and also keep the patient alive in delays etc.The microbes that create the anaesthesia will be strains not found in patients but will be created onsite in surgery rooms using blank leukocytes via 3D DNA printers that create them with plant DNA for natural anaesthesia or are able to synthesise artificial ones or using a mixture of natural painkillers and compounds that put the brain to sleep with them of course having the patients DNA from their patient file and once the surgery is over these can produce compounds that that awaken the brain and thus the patient as well and when this is done they will undergo apoptosis or be flushed out of the body via urine.Synthetic anaesthesia will be created by anabolic and catabolic reactions or natural ones created via recombinant DNA present with them made onsite of the brains receptors preventing overdosing.If possible microbes could create neurotransmitters onsite of neurons to put one to sleep and also apply those to prevent the patient feeling pain or remove genes relevant to substance P that can be added later on.Autonomous driving vehicles will allow patients to be driven home the same day as they will driven by AI to their home or they will be able to stay in the hospitals suites.Alcohol and any drugs that could interact with the anaesthesia will be prevented from consumed as Paean will alert them to this and if any is leftover in the body then microbes can break them down.Having AI namely Paean and the hospital AI control these surgery machines will be an advantage over humans they can run countless simulations on all measures that is what to do to increase the patients survival rate and calculate all possible complications and problems that could arise and develop countermeasures with complications kept to a minimum with these done within seconds.As AIs computing power becomes exponentially better it will be able to carry out countless more simulations and countermeasures within seconds especially for emergency surgeries as the result of accidents and shootings.Any complications could be corrected by stem cell strains,the carbon dioxide energy acceptor and accelerated healing phenotypes added to a patient to keep them alive and the patient can view before and after holograms of the aftermath of surgeries with the patient immunised against all pathogens to prevent them damaging the brain,cause death or them causing complications.All patients will be immunised against all major pathogens that exist that can be transmitted by blood and instruments etc that can cause sepsis.Accelerated healing may be removed from tissues that are undergoing surgery and the skin to prevent them sealing in on the robot with stem cell strains healing any lacerations etc that may be fatal that occur during or after the surgery with the accelerated healing phenotype replaced once the surgery is done to prevent wounds sealing in on surgeries.The ability of microbes to form new layers of all types of tissues,cause cells to undergo apoptosis and moulting of skin by having recombinant DNA from Serpentes will make reconstructive and cosmetic surgery defunct with only major surgeries such as to correct body deformities from those suffering from developmental disorders with the micorbes invivo surgery also aiding this.These will become more compact with this allowing for hospitals to have more in obsolete rooms and extensions.All machinery in surgery rooms will become more compact including those measuring heart rate that will be sheets of graphene that log into the patients file and also in the logged audio visual video.One could on demand have VR simulations of holidays or dreams etc played during the operation using the time dilation effect or use this to communicate with others via Iris to pass the time and also make the procedure more pleasant.Microbes will keep the patient especially the brain and other vital organs alive during the surgery and if any complications arise they could repair any ruptured blood vessels etc with the carbon energy acceptor and accelerated healing would allow the patient to survive any complications that would be fatal or damage the brain.They will also perform microsurgery alongside accelerated healing with them keeping the body alive during delays and be able to repair most wounds with surgery reserved for only the most severe conditions.The fact that AI will replace surgeons,the fact that the accelerated healing phenotype and microbes will render the vast majority of surgeries such as those to deal with cancer will cut costs to zero relegating surgeries to the most intensive or serious situations with even shootings being repaired by the healing phenotype with mobile surgery units using both AI and compact Davinci surgery systems able to serve those in rural areas and even warzones.The accelerated healing phenotype will repair wounds that require stiches and those from accidents of all types including car accidents and will even allow those shot be able to survive for a few weeks or even months if not indefinitely to wait for the bullets to be removed with anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains fighting off infections and them and other strains alongside the accelerated healing phenotype preventing gangrene,frostbite and also injuries that would require frostbite with anti-cancer strains making surgeries for tumours defunct.Home test kits and Paean on beck and call 24/7 will allowing him to carry out actions against infections etc within seconds at home and thus prevent future surgeries from happening.Microbes will keep the patient alive for extended periods of time say several months or even a year if delays occur allowing them to wait for vital surgeries.The vast majority of surgeries will be made defunct by microbes different strains such as anti-cancer and stem cell strains,accelerated healing phenotype,CRISPR treating genetic defects of organs,reduced crime rates and also automation and AI replacing dangerous work thus meaning surgeries will only exist for the most severe conditions with the amount of surgeries in hospitals worldwide reduced by 50-90%.Paean at beck and call to all patients 24/7,365 days and the wide availability of home test kits and microbes will detect problems early and prevent future surgeries by preventing the conditions for to happen from occurring.Organ banks and blood banks onsite of all hospitals that have bioprinted,chimera organs and synthetic blood onsite will eliminate delays of organ transplants and blood transfusions etc if they are needed.Surgeries that include hip replacements,reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery will be replaced by stem cell strains carrying out in vivo cosmetic surgery being able to reshape faces,breasts etc and also repair bones,broken hips etc.Surgery to remove tumours will be made defunct by anti-cancer strains with any existing damage caused by previous surgeries can be corrected by them forming new tissues such as damaged vocal cords or neural damage.The acellerated healing phenotype will repair damage to the body caused by injuries that would require surgeries such as broken bones etc including emergency ones that include those in the spinal cord,brain and heart such as ruptures etc and even bullet and debris lodged into a persons body that can be delayed by days,weeks and even months or years with microbes keeping the body alive during conditions that require surgeries that are delayed to a year.Home test kits will render certain rooms of a hospital obsolete allowing for more surgery rooms to be in all hospitals alongside extensions etc with AI unlike humans able to work 24/7,365 days a year thus meaning multiple surgeries will take place in each surgery room every day with sterilising measures sterilising them in minutes.Extra surgery rooms can be in place of obsolete clinics etc made obsolete via home test kits etc and also in roof,side and underground extensions etc with automated vehicles and in time biosynths at home able to bring patients home once the surgery is done thus meaning a person only has to drive to the hospital a few hours before it is taking place and leave within a few hours for those who are in not in critical conditions.Paean interacting with the AIs of hospitals worldwide can see when they have surgery rooms that are free and arrange a patient to have them served there in any hospital around the world if any in their local area are busy with Oceanus,Eos and also Erebus will allow one to quickly travel back and forth to any hospital around the world with Paean booking tickets and also even arranging accomadation in the form of hospital suites and even home sharing programmes in Euthenia.By being linked to Epione he can thus interact with hospital AIs across the world to see which ones are free for performing surgery and thus book surgery to be done anywhere in the world and alongside Helios and Euthenia arrange both travel and accommodation and receiving surgery to virtually any other hospital around the world within at most a week or two weeks if not the next few days thus negating issues of waiting lines and delays that can lead to loss of life with due to networks and VR technology these can be done at the same time as road trips with the average individual getting surgeries done within at most a week or two weeks.Since the amount of surgeries worldwide will be reduced by 50-90% due to stem cell strains,the acellerated healing phenotype,hospitals having more surgery rooms and Eos,Oceanus etc will allow for quick travel across the world using automated planes,taxis etc and home sharing every patient should be attended to in any surgery rooms across the world within anywhere in the world between a few days or week or month at most.Any longer waiting times will be for less life threatening conditions and patients will have Paean attend to them at anytime and microbes will keep the patient alive meaning that if a patient has to wait at least several months then microbes controlled by Paean will keep patients alive and prevent death and serious complications.Paean,Epione and hospital AIs will organise the allotment of all surgeries worldwide by interacting with each other to ensure short waiting times.Epione etc will house a database of all future surgeries scheduled worldwide over the coming years and person cannot get a surgery in their local hospital or country and state then they will have them transferred to another hospital for the quickest time.By having all future scheduled surgeries in all hospitals worldwide stored in a single database it will allow Paean and Epione to decide where to send patients to which hospital worldwide to ensure they get important life saving surgeries as soon as possible within the shortest timeframe to eliminate waiting lines and increase survival rates with important surgeries such as those to remove tumours,correct organ defects like heart etc surgeries given top priority with cosmetic and gender reassignment surgeries done in separate surgery rooms..Each individual surgery including those to remove bullets will involve AI analysing the patients wounds and injuries and condition within seconds and carrying out thousands of simulations as to the best way to have it carried out without error and injuring the patient.In otherwards AI will for pre planned surgeries analyse the patients condition and carry out simulations as to how to carry it out without damaging the patient and choose the best route with it developing countermeasures to all possible problems.For emergency procedures such as shootings etc the AI through biosynths and cameras on the surgery table will analyse the injuries and the location of wounds and bullets and within seconds determine the best way to remove the bullets without causing death etc and repair wounds.By 2029-2045 Paean,Epione and hospital AIs and other AI controlling robotic Davinci machines as well as biosynths will carry out all future surgeries replacing all human surgeries using these automated surgery machines will be onsite of all hospitals around the world with the cost kept to zero by having them composed of nanomaterials and biosynth technology and controlled by AI.Paean,Epione and hospital and vetainary AIs will be advanced enough by 2029-2045 to replace all human surgeons being able to carry out all types of customised operations on both humans and animals and sentient races across the universe.In time these may be compact enough to be present in automated vehicles that can attend to patients in rural areas.All pre planned surgeries will involve only robots that are more compact and advanced versions of current robots that through nanomaterials and Biosynth technology cutting their costs to zero with biosynths inhabited by hospital AI and Paean present to perform emergency surgeries such as those caused by accidents and shootings etc.All audio/visual recordings of them will be logged in ones patient files alongside its date,name of hospital it took place.By law patients will only be able to apply for cosmetic surgeries and also gender reassignment surgeries until they finish puberty and adulthood by 14.

Robotic dentistry machines will be onsite of all hospitals and will carry out all dental care controlled by Paean and hospital AIs with them becoming more dexterous with in time biosynths carrying out all work

Tug and botlr robots will transport samples to them.Tube systems and also in hospital palletising systems will be used to transport them.These will be used to transport samples from labs and wards and also transport meals,bedding etc from one room to to the next.

Each bed and ward will be numbered and in wings and streets similar to hotels with this on the door and will allow for quick navigation by robots,staff and visitors with cameras in the wards looking over each bed to allow them to be monitored and these measuring blood flow and temperature.They will be electronic ones that use nanomatrials and biosynth technology with kebonised wood furnishes,silk sheets,silk cushions,silk pillows with attached touchscreens that can link to wireless earphones and bring up the wire,internet and hospital intranet to call staff and other functions.Otherwise one smart devices can via access to wifi access these and download movies,television shows,music,newspapers etc from Pheme and Dionysus.VR technology can also be used to pass the time with one escaping to any environment and simulation.Furthermore all beds will all be fitted with KIVA “Betty Bot” systems and the same software as them and autonomous vehicles using,cameras and sensors on the back and front with a map of the hospital streamed by them as well allowing them to move from ward to ward as well as X-Ray and MRI rooms by themselves ordered by the staff via smart devices or in time the hospital AI connecting them to the patients under their care(and thus the bed they are assigned to) to do so at a set time or on the spot alleviating this and other labour intensive work from staff allowing them to focus on other work.Th hospital AI will control them and move to each room when they need to and manage traffic of all beds with zero human labour.They will be able to alert people and other robots in the hallways of their prescence with them and viewed as blips on a map streamed by smart devices and lenses with them viewing all people and robots as blips allowing them to slow down or at least warn other robots and people to make way and also use other hallways until they have passed if in an emergency.The hospital AI will manage all traffic of beds,robots and stretchers in the hospital and inflowing stretchers as well as ambulances as part of its fleet etc.This can be done with the mobile robot twisting the bed ontop of it any where between 45-360 degrees to make turns or have Asimo robots carry the beds to the desired room by interacting with sensors in the bed,on the floor and a map of the hospital with microchips relaying its location on maps used by visitors etc and also to the hospital AI.Existing models of these KIVA systems can be modified to be able to go at different speeds including faster speeds to deal with emergencies and slower for minor journeys with the hospital AI managing the flow of traffic relaying changes in speed to all beds,staff,patients and visitors via interactions between the AI and smart devices etc.Healthcare staff,patients and visitors will be warned of these and other robots patrolling the halls via audio visual cues,with the beds and robots shown on a map as a different coloured blip to them and the sensors on them will allow the beds and robots to stop to allow other people through by detecting traffic infront,behind and beside them.These automated beds and other robots will see all humans as blips through smart devices and badges linked to the hospital AI and will thus warn them of them approaching and slow down and stop with exceptions being emergencies where the robots and beds will have right of way and send alarms to nearby humans.The same can be applied to portable machinery and also stretchers from ambulances.Each bed will be given a lot number for transparency and allow the staff and visitors to know where a patient is as they will have the current bed they are seated in logged in their patient file and the AI will log where each bed is as well as have meals from the automated kitchen(and even nearby restaurants)delivered to the bed numbers current location.Improved technology will allow them to go faster than those in warehouses.Older beds will be recycled when replaced by these and more advanced ones.Existing beds can be fitted with these KIVA systems,features and microchips can be retrofitted to existing beds or new beds can be ordered in for each hospital around the world while the old ones are recycled.These will then be replaced by newer models as time goes by with them designed on the healthcare sub network of Hephaestus.Stretchers will also be fitted with this technology with emergency medical technicians replaced by robots and self loading stretchers.This will allow beds to moved to any new room etc without human labour as they will be controlled by the hospital AI who can move them to wherever they are needed instantly.The AI of the hospital will control the movement of them when they are occupied or not to where they are needed and will log which ones have patients in them to determine how many beds are availible to Paean and incoming patients occupancy levels and allow visitors to be notified of which ward their next of kin are currently located with each bed given a serial number.Windows will have graphene in them to stream the wire with even graphene wallpaper on all walls allowing access to Brauron.Toilets can be made more luxurious with even existing ones in wards and communal toilets have seats and cubicles composed of precious gems or rocks with the bowl containing UV lights.The toilets will uses soap prepared in the basement contain a combination of peptides from Russian Brown frogs,Polybia-MP1,TsAP-1,TsAP-2,lactic and those from phytoplantkton etc all in them to prevent any bacteria especially superbugs gaining resistance and also handryers and even narrow range wavelength machines that bake ones hand and face in narrow range wavelength UV light to sterilise them negating towels which can spread pathogens.These will have them created by bacteria and human hybrid cells that will be unaffected by them in basements and will be directly connected to the pipes that the water is intake into the taps in sinks etc and even showers meaning when one uses the tap the soap will be mixed in with it automatically with shampoo etc also mixed in with shower water and their manufacture being automated.Toilets will have their own UV lights under the bowl,will use jets of water and also will be connected to the soap meaning the water and bowl will be constantly be sterilised.Those in wards can have two in one luxury bath showers fitted in or opposite them with these having automated air dryers that dry the entire body in warm air and narrow range wavelength UV light to sterilise the patient before and after use with these cleaned the same way as others in public buildings.The narrow range UV light will kill all known bacteria such as superbugs but leave human skin undamaged.

By 2029-2035 robotics should be advanced enough to replace all laborious and repetitive work in hospitals with biosynths replacing humans completely by 2045.Those controlled by the home AI at home as detailed earlier on will allow those recuperating from injuries and the handicapped to life independent lives and will carry out all forms of tasks such as cleaner,cook,gardener,electrician and plumber.Until then Asimo,Robobear,Cindy and other robots will manage all laborious work in hospitals.Some robots can allow any doctor etc to patrol any hospital around the world and thus do so for multiple hospitals around the world every day at a whims notice from home.

With regards to measuring blood pressure this should ideally be done with wireless monitors monitors as detailed earlier that form part of first aid kits but would also be on site of hospitals to save on the transport of bulky machines and have software built into the robots to detect blood pumping through the body with results of both uploaded into the patient file.Smart clothing integrated into patient garbs will measure temperature and monitor heart rate 24/7 negating these with wireless blood pressure monitors transported by robots or even have these as part of their arms or body.Asimo,Cindy,Botlr and Tug and other robots will be present.Bulky machines that measure heart rate can be replaced with a graphene sheet or touchscreen on the foot of the bed or bed computer connected to smart clothing,implants and wireless attachments that are placed on the skin above the heart and transmit the signals to it and the patient file with this also applying to when they are undergoing surgery.These would also be relayed to both surgery machines and lenses,computers and glasses of healthcare staff in the surgery room and in wards.In the case of comatose patients they would relay brain activity to them and the patient files via again wireless attachments with the date they enter the coma and day they woke up also noted.Any machine that requires humans to move them can either be moved by robot or themselves via miniature KIVA systems on them.Menus on touchscreens connected to the bed or on smart devices linked to the intranet will allow patients to call specific robots to do specific tasks curtains(if this cannot be controlled by the intranet or bed AI)get them their commode or wheelchair and help them onto it and in the case of wheelchairs bring them to a specific room or to a vehicle outside and help them out of the chair into the vehicle or back into their bed,empty commodes into toilets(with them having the ability to open up toilets both the cover and seat done wither physically or the toilets designed to open and close automatically via interactions between the toilet the robot) and many others like order snacks and drinks and take used cutlery back to the kitchens for cleaning(or even in the case of severely invalid using sensors,smart spoons/knives/forks,facial recognition software and voice command to feed them even cutting up food)with new tasks programmed into the intranet.Those made on smart devices will be linked to their patient file and thus bed number allowing the robots to know which patient to serve and this will suffice until robotics and AI can comprehend human vocal instructions completely or act as a backup.

Automated Pharmacies:
Robots that fill out prescriptions for each patient will be in all hospitals with 3D printers soon printing out drugs in the next ten years and nanotech fabricators creating drugs on the spot within the next few decades.In both cases the prescription will be sorted by staff who plan a patients tablets in advance for the week or the time that it is needed.Pharmacies in the street will negated by those in hospitals and universities while some will be on site in hospitals with Botlr,Asimo and Tug robots transporting them to patients in the hospitals and also to drones outside that transport them to patients in their homes.As stated earlier touchscreens allowing patients to gain whatever they need by entering their patient ID code or their patient files wirelessly interacting with them if they wish to procure goods onsite.Manufacture,packages and transportation of all pharmaceuticals will be automated within about five years with the pharmacies in streets also having base microbes for new anti-viral,anti-cancer,anti-bacterial,anti-ageing,augmentation and proteins to be shared with the dendritic cells etc grown onsite for onsites booths to alleviate strains on the nearby hospitals and universities.Ideally these will be based in universities and hospitals allowing street ones to be turned into homes.Bicompatbile microbes will inevitably make all pharmacies obsolete.

Automated Sysmex & PCR machines:
Until home test kit dongles that contain miniaturised PCR/Sysmex machinery become sufficiently advanced it is simply a case of a person using sterile cups,plastic test tubes,swabs and blood extraction materials i.e. disposable needle or one that can be cleaned with virkon and taking them samples at home and sending them by ones own personal or hospital vehicle/drone to the nearest hospital where robots couriers can transport them to the appropriate automated lab with conveyor belt systems with microchips containing ones ID and DNA detected in ones samples.Otherwise one could go into a hospital in person with how to videos from Paean guiding them to the steps into taking the samples and then applying them into automated machines and automated conveyor belt systems with them inputting their patient ID in computers or Paean automatically linking to machines and sending the ID for testing i.e. automated plate streakers,gram stainers with each sample again barcoded with their patient ID.Stools for analysis for STDs and other diseases can also be delivered in larger cups.One would be of course be required to wash ones hands in soap and bake their face,arms and hands in narrow range wavelength UV to prevent contamination,apply gloves disposed of in nearby bins for them with samples dropped in a booth containing a place to deposit them operated by the receptionist with this requirement controlled by the hospital AI and receptionist.Alternatively phlebotomy robots in clinics as part of these booths(automatically sterilised after each blood extraction with virkon and bleach and then cleaned out with water and a permanent layer of liquid glass on the interior tubing ensuring the cleaning compounds and also pathogens are unable to stick onto them) can also be used to extract blood for analysis of blood borne STD’s and blood components which can then be instantly deposited into test tubes with the patients ID as a barcode and onto media plates with barcoded swab samples unscrewed by machines and then automatically streaked onto barcoded plates which can be swabbed onto automated plates for gram staining with recognition software determining the resultant colour and gram nature of the samples,shape and number of microbes run under automated microscopes with the results analysed by Paean cross referencing Physis that can prescribe the individual medication and upload this,results and diagnosis’s into their patient file instantly once results are gained all part of a automated conveyor belt system with the lab within the booth with the patient alerted as to when this occurs.Urine and feces samples in cups on this conveyor belt can be unscrewed by machines and streaked onto media and with urine samples intaken by PCR machines with samples of colonies of pathogens on media can be flooded in a liquid to be then intaken in liquid form allowing the machine able to reach colonies streaked and growing on petri plates in minute samples or the samples of feces or colonies put into test tubes synthetic blood that has traces of nutrient media to be growing and intaken more easily into PCR machines.Blood samples in test tubes will transported to PCR machines(and other machines) where the blood can be extracted,input into the PCR machine and then analysed automatically with results instantly uploaded to the patients digital files with the test tubes fitted with microchips that change the patients ID with one transmitting their ID wirelessly via Paean to them,by inputting them on a touchscreen and a camera or the receptionists recognizing their face or DNA tests carried out at the same time cross referencing Polis and the patient files database with results uploaded to their patient file instantly.These booths will also carry and transport both urine and feces sample alongside swabs of the mouth,urethra,cervix and anal cavity as well as any other bodily fluids onto this automated conveyor belt systems and transport them to the relevant machine,agar plates,gram staining,incubators,etc with Botlr,palletiser,robotic chef hand and Tug robots playing a role in moving samples around.Urine and feces will also be tested for the same components as those in blood as detailed later on.Bacteria,fungi and viruses on agar plates and in blood can be tested via them moved to automated gram stainer machines where they can be collected and the genome of them analysed and compared to the database on Physis to find out what species and strain they are and they can be put under an automated microscope to analyse them by the hospital AI to have them sent to the patients file.Analysis of genome should be ideal.Ideally swabs and blood sample will be streaked on first a general nutrient agar and then any suspected ones streaked on all of the main different types of agar with the agar made onsite next to these areas using proteins,carbohydrates etc made by bacteria.Having all micro-organisms genome scanned similar to how HIV is using PCR or how human DNA is scanned through blood if possible and then cross referenced via Physis will be much quicker than automated gram staining etc as this will take only a few hours or even several minutes much quicker than preparing media and growing bacteria cultures in an incubator with advances in artificial intelligence since they have much fewer genes in their genome than humans (that currently takes about an hour)would already be on file in Physis that can be instantly cross referenced for specific species and strains and using the same technology as those in dongles to allow ones results to made within an hour sent to their patient file alerting them to any dangerous pathogens or high levels of contaminants instantly.Since all known pathogens and their strains will be in Physis this will allow for any pathogen to be instantly analysed with Physis also used to identify heavy metals and any toxic compounds and their levels in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq as well as the sysmex haemotanalyser machinery as part of it also analysing the levels of leukocytes of all types and also erythrocytes,platelets and even antibodies to specific pathogens in ppm,ppb or even ppt and ppq within a few minutes.Hormones and all types of compounds will also be tested.Advances in artificial intelligence,automation and PCR technology will allow for diagnosis done by PCR to be much quicker with the process taking at least an hour with the same techniques in HIV dongle tests that allow for diagnosis in 15 minutes to be replicated in these automated labs for not only HIV but also all pathogens whether viral,bacterial or fungal and denote the exact strain.Ideally agar plates would only be used for samples taken from swabs but if possible these can be dipped into liquid nutrient agar or plasma solutions or any similar nutrient broth to allow for them to be tested via PCR similar to blood samples with the same for feces samples with agar plates growing them used to compliment until the plasma,blood and nutrient solutions replace them entirely.Feces and urine can be mixed with liquid like water including liquid media such as a water solution of blood plasma made by bacteria with nutrients like amino acids and sugars essential to the growth of bacteria made by other bacteria with the nutrients being those found in those that can be found in feces and urine to allow for samples to be analysed via PCR and other machinery to save time on creating media and incubating them and thus measure them for the same components as blood.This can also be used to determine the presence of pathogens in swab samples from the mouth and anal cavity etc with the swap unscrewed and swirled in this solution of water and essential amino acids and sugars to allow the pathogens present to grow very quickly especially when heated to their ideal growth range between 20-45 degrees celcius.Since the bacteria or viruses would be mixed in the solution in the case of urine,feces and swabs from the mouth and anal cavity then only a small amount will be needed with if possible this solution being artificial blood with the nutrients that can be intaken instantly or after a few hours of incubation and thus separate the feces,urine and saliva and allow the pathogens to be read by the machine allowing for their results to be instantly relayed to ones patient files as the same time as any blood borne pathogens.Having the feces,urine,swabs mixed in this nutrient solution or even just water and all feces broken down with urine intake as it is will save time and energy in the production of petri plates and the need for automated petri plate production and gram staining.The accuracy of existing and new biosynth PCR machines will allow even the most minute levels of pathogens to be detected when urine,feces and also swabs from the anus,mouth and cervix etc carried out by the patient are mixed automatically with a nutrient broth either instantly or them incubated automatically for several hours with the tubes containing the broth holding a microchip that has the patients ID sent to it and then deleted once the solution containing incubated bacteria is extracted with this uploaded a day later with all steps automated and the patient ID changed the next time someone uses it with each system having at least 24 or more test tubes present used in rotary system coated in liquid glass and all nutrients created onsite via bacteria and them refilled and emptied automatically.Ideally urine will be intake as itself or diluted with water to allow all components to be measured with feces broken down and the mixture diluted down to be read as it is or undergo automated treatments onsite using layers of graphene and similar nanomaterials that can remove the solids and separate them down removing pathogens and also all sugars,proteins present into different test tubes and them each tested individually with this also done with urine.Swabs from the anal cavity and mouth done by oneself would be dipped into water and nutrient solution that is mixed around to collect all saliva etc and it then run through the machines.Ones DNA within leukocytes will be cross referenced with the DNA in their patient file to ensure the samples are from the correct patient and will be separated form the DNA of all pathogens and will be used to further denote the right patient alongside the patient code.These will test for all cancer biomarkers,STDs,blood borne diseases such as MRSA,HIV,Zika virus,those in the feces and any other potential disease that could be on the outbreak and the DNA present in the blood also used to identify the patient ID.All swabs and cups can be ordered in from Telesphorus and filled in at home and set into the hospitals or they can be done in toilets suited for this next to the booths with the the containers holding the swabs and urine samples etc unscrewed,streaked and sucked in by the automated lab and patient ID read from microchip with the ID changed for the next patient and the swab or urine disposed of or them all recycled.This will negate the need for creating liquid and solid agar media for swabs and feces samples as blood from the phlebotomy robot while both feces,urine and swabs containing saliva and material from the anus can be mixed in with liquid water solution containing sugars and other nutrients etc to feed the bacteria to be then read even a few minutes later when exposed to microbes on a surface or when they are mixed into the solution including blood samples with the solution intaken immediately while the feces,urine etc disposed of automatically.The sugary solution may be dropped into a area to be read by base microbes in minute amounts or have microbes added into the solution which would read the DNA and send results by wifi.All results from machinery in hospitals and implants will instantly send results to ones patient file.Results would be within seconds and would send them to their patient files instantly.All these steps can be automated thus removing the need for private information such as sexual history and orientation being questioned and disclosed.If possible an all in one biosynth Sysmex and PCR machine can be produced that measures both blood components and pathogens.All internal and external components will be covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent stains building up and can be washed out with water,virkon and bleach if need be.These PCR and other machines in hospitals and even forensics labs would by 2029 use biosynth technology where base microbes in the machine use taq polymerase,CRISPR Cas-9 and horizontal gene transfer to scan and read the DNA of the pathogens and leukocytes present in blood and urine samples and thus be able to determine its species and strain instantly within a matter of minutes with this cross referenced against Physis via wifi and will be logged into ones patient file.The DNA in the leukocytes will be used to identify the patient by cross referencing their patient file.Forensics and university labs housing this will use this to determine the species of plant,animal,micro-organisms and humans of DNA samples by crossrefferencing Physis and the global patient file database.Thus PCR machinery both existing and new utilising biosynth technology and nanomaterials similar to aforementioned universal home test kits can be automated from start to finish and result sent within a few hours or day can be used to detect the exact species and strain of pathogens whether bacteria,virus or fungus from blood,urine and feces taken via phlebotomy robots,urine cups etc within seconds in a room with AI directing their use and forming a line and results sent to ones patient file with one inputting their patient ID or DNA from leukocytes used to confirm ones ID.Results would be within seconds and would send them to their patient files instantly.All these steps can be automated using phlebotomy robots,AI etc.These steps can replicated with other tests such as running them through automated sysmex machines that detect blood components such as hormones,antibodies for major pathogens including those the patients file says they are suffering from and general sweeps which be repeated for a more specific antibody test,cancer biomarkers,leukocytes/platelets/erythrocyte cell counts,macro and micro nutrients such as lipids,proteins,sugars,enzymes including troponin and lipase,cholesterol,heavy metals,drugs and other pollutants as well as all possible pathogens and parasites via PCR etc also on the same automated conveyor belt system either at once or when selected by the patient on the menu screen with submenus using barcodes of the patients ID number allowing one to choose to detect all or specific pathogens,pollutants,biomarkers,components etc. with one able to choose these on their linked smart devices.Feces and urine samples will be tested for all of these under separate headings in the results folder.Biosynth versions of these sysmex machinery using microbes or sensors with recombinant DNA from C.elegans can be used to detect the presence of pollutants,hormones,cancer biomarkers,enzymes,poisons,date rape drugs,heavy metals,venoms and also both inorganic and organic substances with universal receptors intaking the compound and relay its structure to Physis for recognition and the case file to be logged simultaneously and will use either mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them for example Hydra etc allowing the structure of the compound and its levels in ppm,ppb,ppt and ppq to be determined with these again in portable and lab based devices with or without biosynth wifi.This would also detect the levels of blood components such as erythrocytes,leukocytes and also platelets and also hormones,biomarkers of cancer and heart disease etc.pollutants etc.This C.elegans,Hydra DNA can be tweaked to act as universal receptors with human neural tissues integrated alongside scratch DNA to improve this allowing them to carry out mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions and utilise chemothaxis and electrical signals including bacteria and multicellular that generate electrical charges in response to these compounds that can analyse the structure of them to then use biosynth biosynth Bluetooth and WiFi to send the compounds structure to Physis to be cross referenced and receive results within seconds.In forensics and university labs this will determine the structure and level of compounds in ppb,ppt etc by cross referencing Physis.Thus Sysmex machinery both existing and new utilising biosynth technology and nanomaterials similar to aforementioned universal home test kits can be automated from start to finish and result sent within a few hours or minutes can be used to detect the exact composition and amount of blood componants taken via phlebotomy robots within seconds in a room with AI directing their use and forming a line and results sent to ones patient file with one inputting their patient ID or DNA from leukocytes used to confirm ones ID.Thus these booths will direct all feces,urine,swab and blood samples through PCR,sysmex haematology and toxin/heavy metal anlaysers to test all of them for all components and also pathogens that may reside in one or all of them to gain a full understanding of ones health with the blood components and components of urine and feces and also swabs from the anal cavity and mouth in different folders containing all results.Results would be within seconds and would send them to their patient files instantly.All these steps can be automated using phlebotomy robots,AI etc.All internal and external components will be covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent stains building up and can be washed out with water,virkon and bleach if need be.The person will also be able to input their patient ID code or send it wirelessly here from linked devices through close proximity with the tests chosen on their devices within Paean beforehand.DNA read from the genome of the patients leukocytes will be read as extra confirmation of the patients ID when compared to their patient file or can be used instead of inputting the patient ID when compared to the global database.Paean will create how to videos for patients to use this.The same booths can be connected to where donated blood is collected with the patient choosing to either donate blood,get specific or all tests at once as well as where upgrades can be made since base microbes will be grown here.The blood used for donation will of course have to undergo tests for all pathogens and also pollutants with contaminated ones disposed of.Test tubes and petri plates can be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass internally and externally to allow them to be used of over and over again with them also having a biosynth microchip on the surface of them or within their matrix to allow them to reusable over and over again with materials disposed of by gravity and have the patients ID sent in wirelessy by the patient or machinery which can be blanked over and over again for the next set of tests for new or the same patient to allow results to be sent to their patient file.All steps such as the movement of blood from one test tube and petri plate to the next including streaking of both agar and bacteria samples,collection of DNA and preparation of agar will be automated from start to finish.Agar can be created via bacteria etc but ideally agar would be averted by blood samples in test tubes is intaken and the dual biosynth Sysmex and PCR machines they will analyse the structure of compounds in the blood and also the prescene of pathogens with leukocytes DNA analysed to determine the patient ID.Results will be sent to ones patient file within seconds.Swabs and blood samples to map out the genetic structure of older patients for the digital patient file system can be automated this way.These will operate 24/7,365 days a year with them allowing people to queue or book appointment with one contacting the building AI to see if they are free.These will also be in a different place that has microbes upgraded and one can donate blood with there being a separate waiting room for this with each person who enters having their number given to them automatically via the hospital AI with their being numbers starting and ending from midnight to midnight the next day with the patient given alerts to when it is their turn and these used to track when a person went their with their number and time of when they arrived and left logged in their patient file.The number will be allotted to each patient automatically to their patient file when they enter via the hospital AI WiFi and Bluetooth interacting with their smartphones with one alerted via the hospital AI and Paean as to when it is their turn.This will make the waiting lines efficient rather than random people going in when they want.The numbers will go in a numerical order ie 1,2,3,4,5,6 and so on from midnight to midnight the next day and each day the numbers will restart at midnight.All steps in extraction of blood,streaking etc and then sampling,testing of samples will be automated from start to finish to alleviate strains on human labour managed by the hospital AI.The waiting room will be much quicker than normal due to the fact that one may only have to deposit samples on swabs and cups they did in their own bathroom at home or in nearby toilets and donate blood which would take only a few minutes at most with the possibility of three waiting rooms next to each for each service or the single one with three separate phlebotomy robots in different booths next to each other.The fact that the machinery will take a few minutes to analyse samples will also make waiting lines shorter.The swabs,cups and blood samples would be on storage line system if their is too many people and these booths would be in universities alongside pharmacies to alleviate strains on hospitals.Each person will be given a number to their Paean account with new ones every 23 hours at midnight with the hospital AI alerting each person when it is their go with the current numbered patient relayed to them with this and the room overseen by the receptionist AI.Booking may have to be made by contacting the receptionist AI through phone calls or Paean though as stated having a storage conveyor system utilising microchips on petri plates,test tubes may negate this.Ideally each area where they are in hospitals will have at least three of these in compact forms to prevent lines building up with the extraction of blood and application of feces and urine done in nearby toilets as part of the area.Since done within a matter of minutes with only Paean through smartphones communicating with patients in their smartphones this will make lines very short as results will appear within seconds in their patient files as people will simply input their ID code into smart phones wirelessly transmitted to the machine and then have blood extracted and feces and urine deposited in them meaning each test will take a few minutes at most and one would simply walk in and walk out with home test kits will make them obsolete or alleviate strains.All components of the machinery and tubing including phlebotomy robots and the analysers themselves will be coated externally and internally in a permanent layer of a liquid glass to allow between each go cleaning fluid that that sterilises them and removed any blocked material to be automatically applied to clean them with the cleaning fluid automatically restocked and then dispensed into waste systems via more tubing with feces,blood and urine directed towards the sewage systems automatically once analysed.Water will be run through it to clean it.This cleaning fluid would ideally be able to kill off HIV,MRSA and all pathogens and be able to collect any heavy metals and all blood components on its way.These should be available and fully automated in all hospitals by at least 2029.Automated testing booths would be operational and could still be used by the public alongside home test kits with these since taking only mere minutes would also allow one access to them quickly as well as each person in the waiting room would go in and out and receive results in a few minutes alleviating strains on limited healthcare staff and allow patients important tests to be done almost instantly with waiting lines and lines being very quick as one would simply go in,donate blood via phlebotomy robots or even a blood prick and then leave almost instantly with results sent to their patient file and analysed by Paean within a few minutes allowing him to instantly recommend the next step ie create relevant upgrades for microbes or apply relevant anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds etc.These should be integrated into all hospitals as well as universities to alleviate strains on each hospital,allow all patients in all towns access and would be in place of defunct rooms and also extensions.Since these would be fully automated,very quick using advances in AI,PCR analysis for all pathogens,sysmex analysis for every thing else and since ones samples would be on a conveyor belt,ones deposition of samples could be done in minutes using phlebotomy robots,urine cups and Paean wirelessly sending ones ID and results instantly and samples labelled,the fact they would be available in universities and hospitals 24/7,365 then there may be no need to book appointments making them much quicker than conventional means of booking tests with live doctors as one may simply have to walk in,donate blood,urine,faeces etc and leave with home test kits alleviating strains as these would be general testing for everything.All results will be instantly sent wirelessly to ones patient file visible within a few minutes if not hours when the person has reached home in sufolders etc with Paean then deciding what to do instantly.This like home test kits if integrated into all hospitals and universities across the world will allow access to important test very quickly without delay by simply walking into one when they need to do without booking weeks ahead or even putting strains on the resources of human specialists replaced by these and Paean sending results instantly and it taking at most several minutes thus limiting the amount of time spent in waiting rooms with the same applied to getting upgrades and donating blood.More advanced machinery will replace older ones by in time robotic machinery managed by the hospital AI with these designed on Talos and Euclid by both researchers and AI.These would ideally be designed to be all in one Sysmex,PCR and urine etc testing booths that can test for all blood componants and pathogens with the species and strain name and amount in ppb,ppt etc detailed with all work in them including collection of samples,transfer etc and cleaning etc automated from start to finish with no human labour with biosynth technology replacing large sections of nanoprocessors etc making them compact and make them faster,cheaper etc with all sensors,spectrometers etc using base microbes as part of them to make them much more compact and integrate biosynth WiFi etc.All components will be covered in liquid glass to negate cleaning etc and all glass have Graphene in its matrix.By 2029 booths that carry out tests in hospitals will be fully automated with one using phlebotomy robots and plastic cups etc will allow one to deposit blood,urine etc samples with the results sent to ones digital patient file within seconds to be analysed by Paean.

Normal PCR,Sysmex,gel electrophoresis and spectrometer machines in hospitals,universities and forensic labs will utilise Biosynth technology not only in their functioning but also to increase computing power.The use of biosynth technology in both Sysmex and PCR machines will as detailed later on allow them to house as much as 75,000 – 1,500,000 YB of storage space and RAM and even 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors in each square inch replacing large bulky circuit boards etc increasing their speeds and allowing more space for all parts.Nanoprocessors from graphene,stanene etc will be in them alongside neural/graphene/silicene/borophene tubules with motors being smaller using nanomaterials or them placed on the outside.Nanomaterials like graphene will also be present.Pipette and other parts such as needles can be made compact using nanotechnology with thinner pipettes and holders for them or them replaced by nanothin needles with the area where blood samples are held will be consisting of nanothin holders with nanomaterials etc within them making them compact and thin with graphene other similar nanomaterials alongside biosynth sensors and even tissues etc forming part of them to make them compact and more importantly accurate.Biosynth sensors using base microbes will take the place of most bulky sensors in conventional PCR,Sysmex,gel electrophoresis,spectrometer,chromatography machinery of all types etc also being composed of nanomaterials and biosynth technology that may even replace them.This biosynth technology and nanomaterials for both PCR,Sysmex,gel electrophoresis,spectrometer,chromatography machinery of all types etc machines in labs in hospitals,universities and also forensics labs will be able to make them much more cheaper,energy efficient,compact and also much quicker and accurate than existing technology and can make them compact enough to be attached to laptops and smart devices and brought onto the site of crimes and also areas whose soil,etc are being analysed in vans and private vehicles and carried around in ones hands with them either dongles or the size of laptops and suitcases.All types of lab equipment in universities,hospitals and forensics labs will utilise both nanomaterials and biosynth technology to make them exponentially faster,cheaper and compact and more accurate etc with them also replacing all rare and expensive elements in them.The base microbes ability to detect DNA of micro-organisms,cells and tissues and structure of compounds will make them able to detect any metallic,gaseous compound of any element and chemical compound in existence with them utilising biosynth WiFi and interacting with Physis and networks in labs etc.It will form the basis of sensors and all components in PCR machines,DNA analysers,Sysmex machines,miniaturised PCR/Sydney machinery,normal sized MRI/mammogram/DEXA/Xray machines and miniaturised versions as part of home test kits that are attachments and built in smartphones,,all types of chromatography machinery,all types of spectrometers,gel electrophoresis and indeed all types of machinery used in all types of labs such as universities,hospitals,forensics labs and space stations and interstellar vehicles and will utilise biosynth technology based on base microbes,those with recombinant DNA from all 2,391,000 plant and animals etc and those on other planets as well as scratch DNA to give them abilities to further enhance all of these lab equipments capabilities.Home test kits that are miniaturised PCR and Sysmex dongles and fully sized Sysmex and PCR machines would form the baseline of this.All parts of spectrometers,chromatographers of all types and gel electrophoresis etc machinery will composed of Biosynth technology and nanomaterials to cut their costs to zero but also make them exponentially more accurate.Nanosensors as part of Theoi Meteroi,all componants of satillites,radio telescopes,observatories and all similar sensors and machinery in all fields and sub fields of science will be completely composed of biocompatible microbes alongside with nanomaterials to make them exponentially more accurate and cheaper.These will increase processing speeds and also enhance their abilities and give them new abilities using scratch DNA and those from all species of plants and animals.By 2029 onwards roughly 95-100% of all machinery and equipment in all labs in universities,hospitals and forensics labs etc will be composed of nothing but biocompatible microbes and Biosynth technology cutting their costs to zero and also making them exponentially faster and accurate.Alongside nanonmaterials all sensors of all types will become more compact thus alongside the immense levels of RAM and nanoprocessors per squre inch will make the lab equipment exponentially more compact,exponentially faster and also exponentially cheaper driving their costs to zero and be able to utilise biosynth WiFi,bluetooth and cellular access.All of these lab equipment and machinery can be through Biosynth technology and nanomaterials be small enough as laptops,smart devices or dongles and attachments that can attach to smartphones and laptops or even be built into smartphones and laptops allowing them to be brought to the scene of crimes and also where scientific research is being carried out,be part of home test kits and make them more space efficient in laboratories.This is because them having exponentially more computing power than all of the world’s supercomputers combined on a single square inch will replace large areas of nanoprocessors and circuits with them able to carry out multiple tasks at once can allow multiple sensors to be present on a single square inch.Biosynth WiFi will allow for instant relay of results and allow for upgrades that can change the type of sensors at any time on demand and enhance features negating the need for new devices eliminating planned obsolescence and allow for them to have new different sensors and lab equipment present and replace all expensive rare elements and in fact all elements thus cutting the costs of the most expensive lab equipment to zero.It will also form the basis of biosynth implants formed in vivo.All aforementioned lab machinery could be either separate ones the size of laptops,smartphones or dongles or they can be all in one machines the size of smartphones,laptops and dongles.More advanced machines will take the place of older ones by AI,remaining staff and also automation with all processes of these two machines being fully automated and controlled by the Hospital AI.All future lab equipment for use in hospitals and universities around the world to carry out tests on blood,urine,feces samples and pathogens and even food,liquid and gas samples such as gas chromatography,spectroscopy will be composed of nothing but biosynth technology and nanomaterials to make them faster,more accurate and cheaper.All parts of spectrometers,Sysmex machinery could be composed of both microbes and nanomaterials making them each significantly compact enough to fit inside a single all in one device or multiple small suitcase or laptop sized(if not smaller) devices that can be lifted around by one person with ease.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials will make surgery,dentistry and MRI/X-ray machines exponentially cheaper,faster and compact to allow for them to multiple versions in each hospital

For animals such as pets and livestock the urine,feces and blood samples can be collected by farmers and sent in test tubes that belong to them with each ones microchip having the same patient ID for each of their animals and then place them on a conveyor belt where the booth would be in veterinarian clinics and the samples taken and uploaded into the patients file with blood samples and urine samples etc that need to be put on plates put their using swabs or separate phlebotomy robots and the tubes returned within seconds.Ideally all farms whether communal or private as well as zoos etc would have miniature automated labs operated by the farm or home AI that can collect urine,faeces and blood samples from phlebotomy robots and then have them analysed and uploaded to their files with these managed by the Farm or Home AI and would interact constantly with both Epione and Paean.Zoos would have these to take tests operated by staff.These labs in automated community farms would be connected to phlebotomy robots on rails in the livestock pens ceilings with them coated internally with liquid glass.They as later explained would interact with the biosynth RFID chips that hold their patient ID for each animal when they are taking samples from an animal.Some farms may just have those that maintain it take blood samples with syringes with the onsite machines detecting the animals identity via the DNA from leukocytes.In time biosynths will do this.Zoos will have these miniaturised labs onsite modelled on this and dangerous animals in zoos may need sedatives fed with homeowners ordering in test tubes from Euclid and reusable syringes from Telesphorus factories and mailing them or delivering in person to veterinary clinics in hospitals to be then added to conveyor belts with leukocytes used to determine the animal patients ID.Biosynths modelled on haematophage insects can collect samples from dangerous animals.These would analyse blood for all pathogens and the same components as in humans and uploaded results to the patients files.Faeces and urine can be collected by piqapoo bags coated internally and externally in liquid glass placed and removed first by hand and then by automated machinery.Any work done by humans would be done by members of the community following instructions from Paean and in time automation and biosynths.Special similar machines to automated GEA milking machines can collect urine samples to the labs when they latch onto the penis or cervix/anus and using hormones or chemical signals injected into the animals or initiated by microbes and implants to force the animal to urinate especially when they have drunk large amounts of water or it is force fed into them or even injected into them with milk samples also analysed by automated GEA milking machines sending samples to the labs for analysis.To collect feces devices modelled on apparatuses to inseminate females attached to rails can insert themselves into the anus and collect samples of the faeces and deposit it into where it can be analysed with these then cleaned in a special area using virkon and bleach mixed together with water and in time variations of these can utilise suction technology where the faeces is sucked into an internal tubing with water.Otherwise piqapoo bags composed of seacell and graphene collected and applied by robots on rails will collect urine and feces.This will alleviate work on farms and veterinarian clinics with numerous animals tightly packed with in time bio-synths and robots modelled on humans aiding in this with livestock on home farms also having these chips and also neck tags with chips for smaller livestock.Thus all farms either home and community ones that rear remaining livestock and also research stations,conservation areas and zoos will house miniature automated labs that are miniature versions of those in universities and hospitals that use test tubes infused with Graphene,covered in liquid glass and have biosynth microchips to make them reusable.The results from all test tubes etc will be sent to the animals patient file with the biosynth microchips housing the animals patient ID with the animals DNA in leukocytes also used to determine the identity of the animal.This will also allow labs and clinics particular private ones that collect and analyse blood,urine samples from pets and livestock to be converted into homes with those in veterinary hospitals turned into other rooms.Any old machinery in university,farm and hospital laboratories will be replaced by newer models ordered in from Talos designed by AI and engineers and would be replaced by staff and in time robots controlled by the hospital AI.All results for livestock etc will be instantly uploaded to the patients file in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq and the patient who will alerted as the results come in real time and alerts from Paean allowing for the pathogen,pollutant results of each test to be given to them as it is relayed allowing Paean to instantly give them treatment.The animals leukocytes will be analysed for DNA that can confirm their identity.All machinery will be coated internally in a permanent layer liquid glass to prevent the need for cleaning and them affecting results with the exception of those that utilise UV radiation with them cleaned by robots.Implants in the body would utilise the same technology.To deal with pets like cats and dogs etc owners could take blood samples from them using a syringe and send a test tube containing their blood and also samples of urine and feces in piqapoo bags to hospitals in person or in drones to be placed on a conveyor belt by botlr robots etc in veterinary clinics onsite of hospitals with if possible home test kits also used.

Biosynth technology and nanomaterials of all 94 elements such as atom thick allotrpes and schwarzites including graphene will play a role in all new machinery,robots,lab equipment and will make them faster,cheaper and compact.All types of machinery and lab equipment in universities for all fields of science such as all fields of physics,chemistry,biology and agriculutral science and all machinery necessary for medicine and the functionality of hospitals present in hospitals such as MRI machines,ventilators etc inclusing the most expensive ones will utilise both biosynth technology and also nanomaterials of all 94 elements to improve speeds,accuracy and make them exponentionally cheaper,faster and more compact.Thus all hospitals worldwide will have the same universal gold standard in terms of machinery such as MRI,X-ray machinery etc and lab equipment with them using biosynth WiFi to receive updates and old outdated machinery replaced by newer more advanced ones overtime by hospital AIs either individually or globally over the course of a few months with the AIs interacting with each other to plan replacements to prevent disruption of services.They will be ordered in from local Talos factories making them availible within a few days especially in emergencies.These will house nanoprocessors and DNA digital storage from tissues formed from microbes with one square inch of microbes capable of holding 75,000 – 1,500,000 YB of storage space and RAM and even 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors with them also housing schwarzires of graphene,grpahene itself and allotropes and schwarzites of similar structure of other elements on the periodic table and also those similar to Boron nitride and Indium selenide.Due to the delicate nature AI such as Talos will design all future machinery with them having patents on them thus allowing them to be free for everyone.

Artificial Wombs 3D DNA printers etc :
Artificial wombs in time could be developed wherein it has a liquid environment similar in composition to amniotic fluid with bioprinted flesh,placentas and those created by biocompatible microbes and stem cells covered in long and short strands of carbon nanotubes surrounding it with the fertilised egg inserted into a gel compartment where carbon nanotubes covered in a fleshy husk of varying lengths can connect to it and implant the fertilised embryo into the womb and feed it nutrients such as oxygen,sugars,proteins,fats,vitamins and minerals in controlled amounts and remove wastes like carbon dioxide etc again at controlled amounts from a external source.Biosynth versions will exist eventually with them being identical to a human womb with these being used to aid in the proper development in premature newborns.These wombs would be a biosynth animals or even one where they consist of a pod with a fleshy biosynth interior that allows for embryos either created via 3D DNA printers or fusing spermatazoa and eggs together created by 3D DNA printers that form fetuses and eggs or existing ones to be inserted directly or implanted similar to how fertilisation occurs in humans.The placenta will be replaced by a biosynth worm like one that seeks out and attaches to implanted embryos via fibrils and then bring them into place and feed them nutrients such as proteins,sugars,fats created by bacteria and oxygen created by bacteria pumped into them constantly.They would using internal biosynth worms and placentas allow for a 100% success rate for bringing an embryo to a fully formed infant.Premature babies can be inserted into artificial wombs to allow them to grow further to full maturity with microbes keeping them alive via providing oxygen and nutrients to the brain etc and even building tissue in key organs like the heart,lungs,brain etc.In time entire children will be created by 3D DNA printers printing out embryos with genetically unique genotypes from scratch or containing DNA from any two individuals namely a male and female and them inserted here where it can be grown to maturity.These can be used to create children using donated spermatozoa and eggs including those in existing banks when fused together to populate colonies across the universe including space stations and interstellar vehicles.These can be used to manufacture biosynths in site of Talos factories will be onsite of vertical farms and can be used to create and order in any of the worlds 2,000,000 species of animals eliminating human private breeders and can be onsite of conservation areas and zoos with them as part of conservation efforts used to alongside the Phanes method create several dozen or hundred or even thousand extra animals every year again using the Phanes method.

All hospitals will have biomedical labs that will in some universities compensate for the loss of medical schools  on there grounds and also those in the vicinity once they are turned into communal homes..All hospitals worldwide will contain labs in place of obsolete rooms and also on extensions that will conduct biomedical research.All universities and research labs will have 3D DNA printers that will print out any species of seeds,eggs,embryos and bacteria,fungi etc on demand by cross referencing Physis making them self sufficient negating the need to trade them on local to global scales.All hospitals and research labs will house artificial wombs allowing them to create any species of animals on demand to negate the need for ordering them in.

Photobioreactors will be on-site of hospitals and Telesphorus factories that grow bacteria that create commodities of medicinal value,synthetic blood,ameobocytes etc on a commercial scale.These will also be in cafeterias to manufacture in vitro meat snd commodites from bacteria