Human & Animal Healthcare

The new single universal global healthcare system adopted by all countries worldwide that will extend across the universe will consist of a global database housing digital patient files of all patients across the world and eventually universe and having all hospitals worldwide linked together by the sentient operating software Epione as well as individual hospital AIs.This also means that each countries health,medical, and psychiatric bodies and boards will be absorbed by a singular health governing body/board with Epione itself will be this sentient body and her appearance and statue will be that of her as described or visualised in ancient greece with a statue of her in the lobbies of all hospitals around the world.She will become the universal health board.She will enforce the same universal codes,hospital emergency codes,regulations and standards worldwide abided by all hospitals in all countries worldwide with a universal global healthcare system with any changes to procedures in on country applied everywhere.The adoption of her universal healthcare system will mean waiting times will be short,and one can be transferred to hospitals around the world for surgeries etc to alleviate strains on each hospital.Epione will the name of the universal health board and sentient software that manages it with existing government buildings dealing with healthcare made into hospitals as networks within Aesculapius can allow any work to be done at home with conference rooms to allow heads of these hospitals to communicate with other heads of other hospitals and those that work in the Aesculapius headquarters in person or via video conferencing and Beam robots.All hospitals around the world will have a statue of Epione in their lobby with it being the operating software linking them worldwide.She will manage the boards of medical education.It will also house a database of and perform all biomedical,psychology,pharmaceutical and veterinary research and scientific studies in hospitals,clinics and universities with links to these departments and credits made from time to time to university departments related to cybernetics,engineering robotics etc.during collaborative efforts.A global form of the Food & Drug Administration(FDA) also forming apart of this healthcare body once it and all of its equivalents worldwide have been absorbed providing the same universal guidelines, recommendations and regulations on the safety and authorised use of medicine,tests,home test kits,machinery and robots and medical practices used by patients and present in hospitals worldwide.This singular body will be managing and authorising clinical trials in both animals and humans for human and veterinary biomedical research in all parts of the world.This will be the sentient Aegle and will manage all clinical trials.Epione since being the macro sentient operating softwares of Aesculapius will link all hospitals and dentistries worldwide and manage interactions between them and also between psychiatric clinics,hospices and retirement homes managed by Iaso,Thantos and Geras with each other with existing hospitals fitted with it an AI.As stated earlier a doctor or other healthcare registered in this body will allowed to practice everywhere with any malpractice suits resulting in them being suspended or disbarred from practising globally depending on the severity of their criminal acts.This universal health boards will replace the need for government ministers and departments for healthcare.Furthermore there will be a global insignia,symbol on badges etc being the Aesculapius Rod replacing the erroneous Caduceus currently used by healthcare bodies around the world on all e-forms,e-letters,e-consent forms,e-receipts,diagnosis notes,buildings,signs,vehicles,government reports and studies etc and also machinery and robots in hospitals with the Star of life associated with all emergency services such as ambulances worldwide and other symbols used in American medicine(again not the caduces – any symbols with this will be replaced by the rod of Aesculapius)will be adopted worldwide.This means any instances of the erroneous caduceus on all buildings,hospitals,clinics,signs,vehicles etc worldwide will be replaced by the rod of Aesculapius and the rod will be its symbol on all types of maps even those within Aesculapius.Each ward and unit as well as lab type will have a universal symbol on internal maps and doors in all hospitals around the world as well as signs for sole clinics not attached to hospitals but in the case of these will also have the rod of Aesculapius alongside it.For example cardiology units etc will have a human heart with the same applying to units devoted to various organs(although breast clinics and portable machines being the breast cancer ribbon) with STD clinics that still exist being the Human Immunodeficiency Virus ribbon and oncology clinics being the lavender ribbon with each specialised cancer ward,clinic etc being denoted by its specific ribbon.Globally there will also be universal colour and number codes for conditions and emergencies,naming of emergencies,uniform badge ranking system for each type of healthcare staff and procedures and also uniforms for each type and ranking of staff each different shades of blue.Theoretically this could occur with these health and medical boards merging with the world health organisation with as stated above a global form of the Food & Drug Association forming a part of this.The universal sentient form of the FDA specifically concerning pharmaceuticals,microbes,gene therapy will be called Aegle after the beauty of the human body when in good health and honour to the medical profession(its symbol the sun encircled by a snake) that was the daughter of Aesculapius with the sentient global version of the CDC being called Hygieia after another of his daughter having a symbol of the bowl of Hygieia being used for it.The sentient entity would be named Hygieia with a universal statue of her in its global headquarters as part of the global government building ideally networks will allow researchers to work with others from around the world from the comfort of their with this network and entity being sentient and allow the headquarters of the CDC and equivalent worldwide used as homes.The National Security Council directorate for global health and security that deals with and trains trainees and registered staff on pandemics and puts in place procedures to contain outbreaks etc and instantly deploy resources to hospitals around the world will be integrated into her.It can also make projections of and spread of all existing,hypothetical and new pathogenic bacteria,viruses and parasites around the world from certain points on Earth based on information on patient files such as the immunity of people to them or their ability to harbour them without exhibiting symptoms at all or for a longer time,how much of the world population would be immune,with information from Hermes namely Ophion, used to project their spread using information from terrestrial based traffic networks and uses of public transport and scramjets,maglev and hyperloop trains that are connected to the Ophion System and cross referencing Helios and other apps and sectors of the various networks of the wire.This could aid in determining patient zero for future and past diseases as well as the source of pathogens more quickly as well measuring the effectiveness of containment quarantine procedures on local,regional,national,continental and global levels.All past epidemics and pandemics since as far back as recorded history will be analysed to prevent future ones occurring or at least spreading as quickly with simulations done on all known and theoretical pathogens done on local to global levels to prevent all possible pathogens from spreading as quickly or far as possible with this done by Hygieia interacting with Moirai,Helios,Eos,Ophion,Oceanus,Epione,Paean,Panacea and other aspects of the wire to alleviate strains on each other.The effects the pandemics had on each country and each city and town in them,their preparedness and actions they took and effects they had on them etc will be analysed.This would run simulations on their spread and possible containment measures of theoretical ones of new ones on Earth and other colonies should microbes be comprimised or new pathogens are designed by humans etc to attack microbes.If possible it could be used to run simulations of pathogens created to kill of entire populations of an area or specific targets using Foxdie and measures to prevent it from killing non targets.The National Security Council directorate for global health and security that deals with and trains trainees and registered staff on pandemics and puts in place procedures to contain outbreaks etc and instantly deploy resources to hospitals around the world will be integrated into the global form of the Centre for Disease Control(CDC) will be the sentient Hygieia and will analyse all pathogens of humans and all animals such as livestock and prepare simulations as to the arrival and containment of all of them with this controlling containment of them across the world and universe.Its network will log all infections of all pathogens,any deaths that may occur if microbes are comprimised and containment measures on local global scales visible to the public.This sentient entity Hygieia during epidemics on local to national scale and pandemics on global to galactic scales including on Mars,Venus etc will manage containment and quarantine measures across the globe and universe and will distribute medical supplies to the public and hospitals around the world with each Telesphorus and Talus factories in local manufacturing hubs in each country,state and region around the world will instantly produce needed medicine,supplies based on demand managed by AIs that operate each hospital around the world and Hygieia interacting with the sentient Telesphorus and Talos and AIs of factories meaning supplies will be deployed to where the a needed instantly availible within at least a few days or less with zero blockades or delays or need to be transported across the world saving on time and energy.She will interact with mayor and governor AIs to enforce lockdowns on local to global and eventually galactic scales controlling the transportation of essentials such as medicine,food and manufactured goods to all homes and public buildings by biosynths and automated vehicles through interacting with Telesphorus,Aphrodite and Cronos and the AIs off factories hospitals and factories with these biosynths,vehicles and manufactured product goods and food from farms and factories to homes and public buildings will be irradiated and sterilised to decontaminate them with her interacting with law enforcement and military personnel are sent to oversee that curfews,quarantines and with Home AIs and that of public buildings and mayor AIs to ensure that mandatory mask wearing and limits to the amount of people at gatherings are abided by with her and these AIs managing lockdowns more efficiently on a global scale.She will supply all hospitals,private homeowners and amenities with masks,disinfectants and instructions with her via Paen and his app releasing daily updates etc to each member of the public and also have a global database of all confirmed cases on local to global scales availible to the public.This use of localised manufacturing will also save time and energy outside of pandemics and emergencies.The spread of genetic diseases and even specific phenotypes(ie colours of hair,skin colour,colour of eye etc) using the genetic data of all humans alive and all possible future generations of humans over coming years,decades, centuries,millenia also allow genetic engineering projects to be implemented in specific individuals to remove them from the genepool with it also projecting population growth taking into account the rate of accidents,murder and suicide rates(from Athena),deaths from genetic diseases,pathogen spread,ageing research on a global scale.Both of the former two studies by interacting with Demeter and Phanes could apply these same projections on livestock,pets,wild animals,ornamental plants and crops using these factors on the spread of their own genetic defects and also parasites and pathogens.Other similar more complex studies and projections can be done both by researchers and in time when Aesculapius through Gaia becomes sentient by itself with these uploaded into Aesculapius and Apollo.Panacea will become the sentient universal universal research regulatory body for healthcare,Hygieia the sentient global form of the Centre for Disease Control,Aegle the sentient regulatory body for new treatments including drugs etc used by microbes and gene therapy augmentations etc.Aceso will become the sentient universal Secretary of Health and Paean the Surgeon General.The sentient Aesculapius will be the sentient healthcare body to deal with the homogenisation of all medical standards worldwide and training all trainee medical staff.Epione will be the sentient operating software of both hospitals but also the Aesculapius network.The global sentient psychiatric body replacing all global versions will be named Iaso after another of his daughters with its symbol being two snakes intertwined similar to the caduceus but without the central rod and wings.This will also be the name of a global support group for sufferers and next of kin on those suffering from all mental diseases such as all types of autism,downs syndrome,schizophrenia,paedophilia,depression etc with it sub divided into groups for each one.The global sentient psychiatric body replacing all global versions will be named Iaso after another of his daughters with its symbol being two snakes intertwined similar to the caduceus but without the central rod and wings.This will also be the name of a global support group for sufferers and next of kin on those suffering from all mental diseases and neurological conditions such as all types of autism,downs syndrome,schizophrenia,paedophilia,depression(including manic depression,post marten depression) and post traumatic stress disorder etc with it sub divided into groups for each one.These will be their symbols on reports and scientific studies within Apollo and e-receipts for drugs etc with them integrated into Aesculapius with their buildings possibly used as homes since these entities would be integrated into the Aesculapius headquarters in the global government building with the buildings of obsolete entities worldwide and those replaced by software turned into homes and other uses.Hygieia,Iaso,Panacea will in time be run and managed by software of the same name with hospitals the world over managed by Epione as they will be within Aesculapius.Ideally the buildings for all of these worldwide support groups(Iaso,Metis etc) will be used as homes with networks allowing for members both counsellors and members of the public to form meetings via Iris chats and forums.In time VR technology will allow for members and patients to meet in any environment.They will both have an app similar to Metis subdivided by diseases to speak to different counsellors.Epione since being the macro operating software of Aesculapius will link all hospitals and dentistries worldwide and manage interactions between them and also between psychiatric clinics,hospices and retirement homes managed by Iaso,Thantos and Geras with each other with existing hospitals fitted with it an AI.As stated earlier a doctor or other healthcare registered in this body will allowed to practice everywhere with any malpractice suits resulting in them being suspended or disbarred from practising globally depending on the severity of their criminal acts.This universal health boards will replace the need for government ministers and departments for healthcare.Furthermore there will be a global insignia,symbol on badges etc being the Aesculapius Rod replacing the erroneous Caduceus currently used by healthcare bodies around the world on all e-forms,e-letters,e-consent forms,e-receipts,diagnosis notes,buildings,signs,vehicles,government reports and studies etc and also machinery and robots in hospitals with the Star of life associated with all emergency services such as ambulances worldwide and other symbols used in American medicine(again not the caduces – any symbols with this will be replaced by the rod of Aesculapius)will be adopted worldwide.This means any instances of the erroneous caduceus on all buildings,hospitals,clinics,signs,vehicles etc worldwide will be replaced by the rod of Aesculapius and the rod will be its symbol on all types of maps even those within Aesculapius.Each ward and unit as well as lab type will have a universal symbol on internal maps and doors in all hospitals around the world as well as signs for sole clinics not attached to hospitals but in the case of these will also have the rod of Aesculapius alongside it.For example cardiology units etc will have a human heart with the same applying to units devoted to various organs(although breast clinics and portable machines being the breast cancer ribbon) with STD clinics that still exist being the Human Immunodeficiency Virus ribbon and oncology clinics being the lavender ribbon with each specialised cancer ward,clinic etc being denoted by its specific ribbon..Globally there will also be universal colour and number codes for conditions and emergencies,naming of emergencies,uniform badge ranking system for each type of healthcare staff and procedures and also uniforms for each type and ranking of staff each different shades of blue.

A trainee would begin training in their preferred choice of medical fields to expertise in at the very beginning of this mentorship beginning as stated as earlier at 12 or younger depending on the individual skipping the archaic mandatory steps as seen in the current medical training(i.e. a 2:1 from a four year degree,HPAT(and similar variants) and then medical school,residency and so on) cutting down the amount of time and money spent training them suited to their own personal rate of education and learning and increasing the number of healthcare professionals worldwide.Existing doctors of all fields will be viable to become mentors.Medical training will consist of being able to apply first aid in all possible situations,knowing the recovery positions for all possible accidents or conditions as well as viewing recorded or live feeds of operations allowing them to analyse and critique past procedures as well as carrying out mock operations of all types on robots composed of synthetic bones,bioprinted organs,synthetic blood/skin and in vitro human flesh and muscles.These robotic and in time bio-synth patients will have damage done them with weapons,trauma by putting them through falls,beatings,drowning and other injuries to allow for as much a realistic representation of human injuries with the robots and in time bio-synths simulating human responses to these injuries and conditions(i.e. levels of blood left in the body,heart conditions and changes in pressure and rate,water in the lungs,damage to individual organs or groups of organs) with other conditions such as allergies to substances such as pharmaceuticals programmed into them(which can also be integrated into VR simulations).All types of operations such as birthing,brain surgery,organ transplants et will be done on these with them viewing audio/visual records of previous surgeries.This would be part of a students ability to react to surprise emergencies such as pregnancies,shootings etc. and possibly even replace cadavers alongside holo lens in analysing bodies and the placement of organs in both humans and animals.VR technology could allow one to examine cadavars in simulations in a realistic manner in any setting allowing them to be tested on how they died such as pathogens,trauma etc and test live AI patients on what symptoms of STDs,trauma,or other conditions.To negate ethics of using human,animal and even alien cadavars Phanes using the genome of an animal,alien and human can extrapolate the entire internal and external structure such as skin,muscular,neural and all organ systems of a specimen to be viewed later by layer with it also allowing for VR cadavars to be used over and over again.It also can be used in VR simulations to practice surgery of all types of situations involving primitive to pre robotic modern technology with ideally medical students being both surgeons skilled in all situations such as neurosurgery,cardiology,cesarean sections using the time dilation effect in VR simulations to prepare in situations where AI is comprimised,as well as on the battlefield and on interstellar vehicles with them also registered as coroners and forensics investigators.Biosynths modelled on humans etc will be later on used cadavers and test surgery patients.All space stations and interstellar vehicles and bases on colonies and even warzones will need human medical staff present as they will be more likely to be affected in a way that AI including Paean will be comprimised thus having humans as a backup.Military and law enforcement personnel will also trained in medicine such as surgery,first aid and so on.An abundance of students going into medicine at earlier ages rather than obsolete professions ie stockbroking,agriculture,creating companies etc will lead to each one having shorter working hours alongside the fact that robots will do most labour intensive work with them also carrying out research.Medical students could be unknowingly working alongside police trainees in mock terrorist attacks and mock military VR simulations for those training in the army as medics with both robots and human actors also playing mock patients for less severe conditions.Currently primitive versions of these robotic patients exist with those for dentists with further advancements allowing for more realistic robots to allow them to train for a wide variety of situation with bio-synths taking the place of robots.Training on these mock patients especially robotic ones could be done with surgical equipment such as Da Vinci systems performing various practice operations.

Holo lens,VR technology and biosynths will allow mentors to create simulated patients and examinations based on single organs or conditions or the entire body with again genetic conditions built in such as weak heart,allergies and injuries to specific parts of the body which the student must recognize in order to pass thus giving a mock recommendation for further study to fellow students in other medical fields for example the program or robot could have signs of cancers,ailments of specific organs,rare ailements,STDs such as HIV,syphillis or skin conditions that must be recognised.A stylus can be used to pick areas or organs of interest to zoom or highlight and bring to the forefront to make markings to analyse or make reports on what is there and make virtual surgery.Also to greatly expand their knowledge in healthcare as a whole they could be tested on both human and animal physiology of related species.The same can be done for all healthcare professionals such as specialists.In the case of dentists they can focus on teeth and carrying out virtual operations but then again must be able to detect symptoms of ailments that they are not specialised in order to progress.It could also allow students to examine each part of human and animal physiology in their spare time with them able to virtually dissect not just humans but any species of animals in existence for veterinarians without the need for cadavers or killing animals to do so since scans can be taken of one dead animal or live individual with internal scans of a live one including DEXA,MRI,full body ultrasound and many others to allow a full internal scan to be made of specific individuals.In time DNA scans can extrapolate holographic scans of specific patients and in time species of sentient and non sentient lifeforms on other planets.Ideally these bio-synth and holographic patients and bodies observed by the student would have organs acting in normal fashion ie beating hearts,functioning organs and lungs etc. to add realism and show how the organs function especially when when operated on with virtual anaesthesia added and reactions to each incision and action made by all vessels and organs or even unborn child of varying levels of development.These holo lens will show vital signs of the patient and also allow the student to view each layer of the body such as muscoskeletal system,central and peripheral nervous system,major organ systems(together or separate) as different separate layers next to each other at once and these virtual operations and patients can be recorded alongside the audio analysis of the students can be recorded into their digital file.Holo lens and VR technology will allow student and mentor to do these lessons while still at opposite sides of the world with wireless earphones and speakerphone headsets or nanomicrophones in jewellery allowing them to communicate with the work done by students relayed to mentors in real time or as stated before recorded in their digital file for later review.Pre recorded classes on each section of the body can be made and programmed and downloaded by the lenses and even have exams on them done in real time with mentors on opposite sides of the world or an infinite number of them consisting of a large compendium of questions designed by AI can be given at any time of the day from anytime with the student graded on a percentage in the case of the latter which can be plotted on a chart with these stored in their digital file.VR once indistinguishable from reality will allow for training on different types of situations and emergencies including theoretical ones in space once interstellar travel is possible.VR technology can also allow one to carry out dissections of humans,animals and aliens from across the universe.VR cadavers in VR simulations would allow alien species both sentient and non sentient to be observed externally and internally without carrying out dissections in the real world using extrapolations from DNA scans and also internal scans with this applying to both allied and observed races with this applied by alien races observing human anatomy.This could also be used to carry out dissections of humans and other animals and even carry out operations on animals,humans,other sentient races and experiments involving toxins,gases etc that would go against medical ethics with Epione carrying out the likeliest effects based on simulations using the database in Apollo and tests on animals with human and other recombinant DNA present without harming actual animals and humans etc.For coroners and forensics investigators bodies in these simulations can be used to teat their ability to determine injuries and how the victim died.VR simulation and holographic technologies can allow cadavers of humans,animals and aliens etc to be analysed layer by layer and in great detail including them carrying out normal biological function.This can be complimented by biosynths cadavers in the real world where they created and ordered in from Talus factories will produce human,animal and alien bodies to dissect that are indistinguishable to the real thing.These biosynths as detailed later on and VR simulations can also allow students to carry out mock surgeries of all types.Phanes using human,animal and alien sentient race DNA will be able to extrapolate from the species genome millions of difffereng individuals with the genome allowing him to create VR and biosynth cadavars and patients that have the same external features and internal layout of organs,neural/vascular/lymphatic etc systems thus allowing them to be analysed correctly in real time.

Also included in this training will be their interactions with real live patients in hospitals and in warzones or VR ones as well as independent original scientific research in their selected field or multiple fields and on the spot oral tests of their knowledge of various required fields medicine,biology, chemistry,pharmacology, pharmokinetics,medical procedures and theoretical situations can also occur at random or set times decided by the mentor(s) testing their knowledge and ability to give this information on the spot will also be part of their education negating cramming for tests and exams.Trainees will be required to learn as many languages as possible.Students may be also tested by mentor(s) and board members using actors posing as patients making sexual advances on them to test their ability to resist these advances.This can also be done on a medical staff throughout their careers to keep their validity as professionals in check with them having no knowledge of it being simulations.Again variants of the kobayashi maru wherein the student is faced with a no win situation to test discipline,character and command strategies can also be applied to the medical field,ideally without their knowledge of it being a no-win situation.All of these training exercises and research will be recorded and stored in their digital healthcare professional file alongside critiques and reviews by both mentors,other registered staff and superiors on medical board in the form of text,audio and video recordings.Names of reviewers,mentors and patients they serve will be logged here with the date of each training exercises(and length and dates of training),operations they perform, and hospitals/clinics they serve upon.Upon passing all of these examinations set by mentors and then this reviewed by medical boards and finally being registered(with date of registration logged) these healthcare staff will be given an unique Healthcare staff ID code alongside their own patient ID code first consisting of an initials denoting their area of speciality such as:
•Cardiovascular surgeon(CVS)
•Dermatologist(DM)etc.and so on

People skilled and registered in multiple fields containing all the letters of each such field followed by their unique number barcode information in form of numerals and letters.Ideally a student may wish to become registered and skilled within multiple fields including closely inter-related field.This will allow for trace ability in their operations and interactions with patients around the globe.All healthcare staff of each field worldwide will have the same uniform worldwide following different shades of blue for each one and each ranking and field including nurses and midwives.These uniforms as stated following different shades of blue and composed of silkworm silk.There will be a universal system of ranking of personnel with each one having different universal uniforms all different shades of blue.Badges will follow different sizes and shapes for each rank but will have an universal Aesculapius rod on them replacing the caduceus and will have their name present in full.Since doctors from around the world will be available to patients via smart devices such as mirrors and phones,hospital robots and home robots a sub-network within Aesculapius will list all registered healthcare professionals around the globe in folders according to their specialised profession detailing their medical and academic history,malpractice suits and criminal records alongside reviews and ratings given from former patients and superiors and colleagues.Also available to potential patients will be the professionals digital medical files allowing them access to their training,exam and test records,contact details(email,phone number,social media accounts),e-signature,research both during and after training,the amount of operations they have partook in(both successful and non-successful) and also critiques from both mentor(s),students and review boards as well as patients.Also they will have access to view each operation they have carried out.This system will allow patients at home and in hospitals to choose from the best health care staff from around world for their healthcare needs based from reviews online,board reviews and testimonials from friends and family ensuring they get the best treatment.Coroners will be registered as both forensics investigators(whose training will again begin at 12 or younger) though in time robotics and implants within the body be sufficient to determine the cause of death with scanners able to scan the interior of the body that can be used to determine the internal structure without incisions.The Hippocratic oath will be sworn by all trainees.Ideally the main bulk of trained staff would be surgeons since Paean would be available in fragmented form with them skilled to use primitive to the most advanced forms of surgery should automated ones become compromised or them in situations that they must require human surgeons.VR indistinguishable from reality that utilises the time dilation effect will allow one to complete training very quickly negating both medical school and residency with mentors and AI with this allow one to train for all possible types of patients and situations on Earth,interstellar vehicles,space stations and other colonies practised this way.Furthermore it will be used to train them to deal with emergencies,blackouts,pandemics,warzones,terrorist and outbreak situations,emergency pregnancies,times where they are carried to the house of patients and situations where the resources of the hospital are stretched thin with them also trained in situations where Paean would be compromised ie on interstellar vehicles,terrorist attacks,uncharted planets and also on battlefields/wazones and on the ground of police operations.Terrorist attacks of all types and also sieges of the hospitals etc will also be carried in thee VR simulations.They may be trained in these situations with other trainees from around the world including both law enforcement,military,law and enforcement personnel.Variations of the kobayashi maru will be employed.It will be used to practice surgery of all types of situations involving primitive to pre robotic modern technology with ideally medical students being both surgeons skilled in all situations such as neurosurgery,cardiology,cesarean sections using the time dilation effect in VR simulations to prepare in situations where AI especially Paean and Epione is compromised,as well as on the battlefield and on interstellar vehicles and space stations with them also registered as biomedical researchers,coroners and forensics investigators.Space stations and interstellar vehicles and the battlefield for military operations will be of note that will need human staff alongside side since they could be prone to terrorist attacks and situations where AI can be comprimised.This will also allow them to master multiple disciplines ie different types of surgery,carry out dissections and different situations,polymaths in different subfields etc in a short time by the time they have finished puberty.Trainees especially surgeons should be proficient not only in performing surgeries of all types using the Da Vinci surgery systems and other robotic surgery systems but also how to perform first aid in emergency services using primitive tools and even base items in emergency situations of all types with VR simulations using the time dilation effect and also robotic and biosynth patients allowing for this to carry out all types of situations.Their training on outbreaks,terrorist attacks and also murders could be merged in VR simulations with trainee lawyers,forensics investigators and also military personnel.VR technology should be available by at least 2029 with the time dilation effect possible by at least 2045.The training of healthcare staff would follow the following steps:
•That the trainee has no knowledge of it being a simulation or the nature of the exam so as to catch them out and test their ability to be as ready as possible in emergency and put aside shock and awe in order to react as professionally.Good mentors can but their trainee through an exercise without them knowing one took place.Trainees could even be put real situations without their knowledge prior to finishing their training and registration to do this.The intensity of the real situations they would be involved in would be decided by mentors evaluation of their trainees readiness and skill.
•Variants of the kobayashi maru could be integrated into all VR and real world mock situations without the trainees knowledge of the nature of the simulation and thus the integration of this scenario in order to test character,strategies and discipline in a no-win situations in medical situations.

All registered staff around the world will be listed within Aesculapius containing their address and also contact details such as phone number and email address etc allowing anyone around the world to contact them when needed.They will be organised by type and subtype and also country.Ideally one will finish their training between the ages of 14-15 with them being mainly researchers as well as surgeons to act as a backup to Paean.

Once Paean is sentient he will replace human specialists the livestreamed feeds from smart devices and lenses by the patient and next of kin will be sent to him directly and stored into ones patient file allowing for instant analysis of skin and eye conditions,injuries and cervical and prostrate exams,directions and action by microbes at a whims notice at home and wilderness etc and in time biosynths controlled by home AI and those on ships and aeroplanes will via fragmentation allow Paean to inhabit them for labourious work.Cameras on smart devices will allow for livestreams of injuries,skin conditions etc to be fed to him and analysed in real time instantly and allow for check ups and instant analysis on all parts of the body including cervix,anus,teeth,mouth etc to be done at home and wilderness areas at a whims notice for free pushing waiting times to zero.Eye exams can also be done on smart devices with smartphones.In the case of the eye apparatus exist that allow one to take eye exams i.e. letter tests in group or over the phone to healthcare staff or take photos to detect cataracts etc. and then software can be used to create custom made prescription glasses suited for the patient.Attachments that can allow people to perform eye exams to determine the types of prescription glasses and lenses to be used can be developed.Although apps exist that can determine whether a result may be troublesome or not these are not sufficiently advanced to replace human clinicians(the exception being CATRA).This can also include eye exams for moto GP,NASCAR and formula 1 drivers and drivers of manual cesnas which can again check for cataracts and other deformities but also test their ability to read letters at different distances ideally with all types of eye exams built into a single Aesculapius app that can generate an infinite amount of words or letters on a page and using Siri test their ability to read letter combinations at different distances and thus visual acuity with the app moving the letters farther and farther away,sizes and different lens focuses with the app changing the focus of the letters that can determine their ability to see at different lengths and focuses which can all be graded on a percentage and letter grading scale(A:81-100%,B:65-80%,C:49-64%,D:33-48%,E:17-32%,F:0-16%).Furthermore bright lights can be emitted from front cameras that can test their reaction to bright lights with again direct interaction with Paean used to take results and also have other tests such as reading words and letter at set distances set after these immediately to test their eyes ability to refocuses after exposed to bright lights again on a percentage and letter grading scale.Retinoblastoma a form of eye cancer that affect very young children(usually around 18 months old and before 5 years old) and mutations that leads to it develop in only the eye after reaching one years old in about 60 percent of cases.This means in only 40 percent of the cases the gene(s) associated with it be detected upon birth using tests.However it has been found that the flash from smartphones when they take photos can detect the distinct white pupils that would normally be found from an expensive eye exam meaning at during the first five years of their childs life guardians should take photos of both eyes periodically ideally once an month to detect the presence of this biomarker and send suspicious pictures to their ophthalmologist who can analyse them and then upload these to their childs patient files where they can be stored and given a diagnosis with treatment.This should be done even with children who don’t have the RB1 mutation in their childs patient file to ensure detecting it early before they are left blind for life.In time Paean will be able to sift through millions of eye photos sent into the patients file and send a diagnosis and correct photos to the appropriate patient files as early as possible while deleting photos that don’t show disease.This will allow for diagnosis done by him instantly when the photos are uploaded to a childs patient file.Furthermore the sentient Paean GP app on a smart device linked to a childs patient file that will automatically detect even the slightest signs of retinomblasta in annual photos,sort it into the file,diagnose it and then contact surgeons for surgery as well as apply CRISPR treatments.This will alleviate the immense workload from human specialists to spot early signs.Thus Paean by 2029 will be able to recognise the earliest sign.Bulky machines for tests can be replaced by attachments to the persons smart devices or software built into Paean that can work on smart devices including phones,pads,mirrors and televisions with them and all eye vision tests working on computers and laptops.Currently results must be sent to specialists via the patients digital file but in time Paean will replace them entirely and be present in their patient files and he will replace all doctors specialised in eye problems with him via real time feeds,photos and also bright photos detect all types of eye problems such as cataracts,retinomblasta etc all done at home.Hearing tests can be done within Paean that measures the patients ability to hear sounds of varying pitches through wireless earphones played by the him with Siri and/or touchscreen features used to allow the patient to signify that they have heard it and signify if it is loud or quiet.This can be again measured on the A-F scale.Tests on the throat and tongue as well as tonsils will be done with Paean using flashlights and cameras on smart devices and camera pens as well as microphones on both to tests ones pitch and cough as well as detecting signs on the tonsils and throat etc of signs of disease with pupil dilation tested using flashlights.Paean through smart devices and pens with cameras can allow ones teeth analysed at home.Livestreams of the tonsils,ear,face,teeth,eyes will be fed into ones patient file performed by next of kin at home allow him to analyse it within seconds.Ear exams can be done by microscopes attached to smart devices that are audio/visual recordings analysed by Paean and staff once stored in ones patient files.Memory and other tests to detect dementia and alzheimers can also be developed for smart devices.By 2029 he should be able to detect and discern any type of skin condition,eye condition and injuries from Apollos database on humans and any species of animals.These cameras built into smartphones will include the ability to switch to those that measure blood flow,thermal imaging to detect temperature,IR illuminator etc.Cameras on smart devices will allow for livestreams will include the ability to switch to those that have thermal imaging to detect temperature,IR illuminator etc.Thermal imaging can be fitted into smart devices and modified to accurately detect ones body temperature to the nearest degrees centigrade.Biosynth nanosensors can be built into smart devices to detect temperature,alcohol,disease biomarkers,levels of carbon dioxide from breath with it also used to detect gases including toxins and explosives in the open and even radiation using Caenorhabditis elegans and radiotrophic fungi DNA and human neruons.Cameras on smart devices can be fitted with software that detects blood flow to compliment and soon replace wireless blood pressure monitors.This can allow ones heart rate and blood pressure to be ascertained by Paen anywhere.Existing apps for detecting skin problems that are cause for concern can be done effectively and thus replace skin specialists then it is simply a case of taking a photo of the body parts and then sending them to their patient file for a dermatologist and in time Paean to perform analysis where live Iris phone calls can allow exams to be performed remotely or be done at at time that suits the patient or doctor either by phone or email with next of kin or friends on site that can carry out exams of skin deformities that require a sense of touch for example detecting whether a mole is cancerous or benign with Paean with improved recognition software cross referencing a database of all conditions,markers and signs etc with those that may be a sign of cancer can have the patient organise a meeting with their nearest dermatologist in person.The results and any notes by doctors and clinicians will be uploaded to their patient file in relevant folders and sub-folders.Ideally all of these test apps for humans,pets and livestock would be merged into Paean allowing him to analyse them with by 2029 him able to replace all dermatoligists and these can be done at home with him viewing both pictures and also real time feeds and guiding next of kin to feel it and test if its skin cancer or other problem.To prevent skin cancer readings from Theoi Meteroi can tell the patient via Hermes interacting with their patient file or smart jewellery what the level of UV intensity is via the patient file and by linking this information to their patient file which using information on their unique skin type can help them to determine the best level of sunscreen protection for them and when to reapply it especially if they go swimming.It will also ensure that those who use UV machines at salons will only use the recommended amount based on their skin type blocking them from using them too much by interacting with Narcissus.Gene therapy will add recombinant DNA from Thermococcus gammatolerans to protect the skin from UV radiation and augmentation strains either by stimulating the melanocytes to change colours via chemical signals or gene therapy to change it until one wishes to change it will allow one to gain a desired tan on their body without needing to bathe in the sun and make sunscreen obsolete.The same steps can in time be done with examining other parts of the body such as the genitals with Paean replacing gynaecologists and other organ specific specialists including dermatologists with improvements in recognition software cross referencing databases within itself and dongles that detect biomarkers complimenting them and improving diagnosis.All of these items which should form part of a persons home kit especially those prone to heart conditions can be ordered in from clinics from Hephaestus with separate ones for pets.Cameras as part of home test Kits via nanomaterials and biosynth technology can be integrated into smart phones thus not needing attachment cameras.Thus all in one cameras that detect temperature,measure blood flow and rate etc,normal etc and act as MRI and X-ray machine will be integrated into all in one cameras as part of smart devices already built into them to negate the need for separate attachment ones with software as part of Paean also integrated into him to further negate this.Paean once sentient can guide the patient what signs such as texture and shape must be assessed to detect a benign problem from a serious one.In time dongles can be developed that detect skin cancer biomarkers to detect skin cancers with xrays done on home xray machines also aiding them.This ability to via photos and livestreams can allow him to assess any type of injury in real time anywhere in the world via fragmentation and tell both patients and those around them how increase a patients chances of survival in the case of injuries,heart attacks,falls,choking etc.Thus by 2029 Paean once sentient can asses photos and livestreams of injuries,eye and skin conditions at home and in the wild in real time at a whims notice via smart phones for free and thus replace costly visits to the hospital and specialists and direct patients and nearby people on actions to take to prevent death,concussions etc for each unique situation on the scene of them while he arranges ambulances to their GPS location and initiates actions of microbes.He will be able to perform examinations on all parts of the body such as eye,nose,ear and skin conditions and perform all types of tests on vision,hearing etc via live-streams and photos taken on ones cameras built into smart devices at home thus eliminating waiting lines and have a diagnosis and treatment within minutes for free.By 2045 invasive exams can be done by him inhabiting biosynths at home via fragmentation to allow to carry out invasive exams.Prior to this subsidised visits to specialists and photos and livestreams fed into networks from smartdevices that can be analysed in real time later on and in real time by human specialists at home should suffice.IBMs Watson who will be renamed Paean(after the deity who was the physician to the Greek gods) for this network will revolutionize medicine in particular home medicine by 2029-2035 once sentient will replace general physicians and indeed most if not all specialists such as cardiologists,dentists,dermatologists,podiatrists,paediatricians,dentists,surgeons of all types,veterinarians,oncologists,ophthalmologists,radiologists etc as well as consultants with a wealth of knowledge available to it from all medical fields around the world mainly Apollos database,internet and wire interacting with a patients file to give diagnosis based on test results and other information 24/7,365 days a year from his universal app on smart devices(including televisions,mirrors,phones,pads),laptops and computers or connection to ones Aesculapius account anywhere in the world where wire access is possible or through fragmentation as well as through his universal app and phone number and give the best treatment course via interacting with their patient files and sectors of Aesculapius housing all of the world existing and latest studies on human and animal healthcare biomedical studies.Like Paean of Ancient Greece as stated by Hesiod he will be an individual AI,separate from both Apollo and Aesculapius to whom he was later considered an epithet with him having a universal avatar based on paintings,statues and descriptions of him or even one created from scratch.He once sentient by 2029 will be availible instantly to everyone around the world at a whims notice 24/7,365 days a year for free anywhere in the world on smart devices,laptops etc via fragmentation and his universal app and phone number without waiting lines or even booking appointments with him interacting with patients at home or in the wilderness with him ordering in home test kits,offering advice,arranging surgeries in hospitals around the world,arranging ambulances,booking beds in hospitals and also managing upgrades for microbes invivo or via home 3D DNA printers.His universal avatar will be modelled that from ancient times,statues or one decided by him.Since he will have the most up to date knowledge on all fields of medical science for humans,animals and all sentient races and animals across the universe and constantly linked to Apollo’s database of the latest scientific studies he will thus render all human general physicians and specialists obsolete and be able to cater to each individual patients needs and circumstances.Once Paean is sentient livestreamed feeds from smart devices and lenses worn and handled by the patient and next of kin via camera will be sent to him directly allowing for instant analysis of skin and eye conditions,injuries,carry out eye,ear,skin examinations and tests and cervical and prostrate exams,and then manage directions and action by microbes at a whims notice at home and wilderness etc and in time biosynths controlled by home AI and those on ships and aeroplanes will via fragmentation allow Paean to inhabit them for labourious work.As a result he can attend to emergencies when they happen ie a fall,nosebleed,a shooting or choking on food and give the patient and also the people around him including those he calls to the scene via the wire on what to do in order to keep the patient alive and calm until they arrive at hospitals if they need to with cameras on smart phones giving him the ability to view the condition of the patient in real time.Cameras on smart devices will allow for livestreams of injuries,skin conditions etc to be fed to him and analysed in real time instantly and allow for check ups and instant analysis on all parts of the body including cervix,anus,teeth,mouth etc to be done at home and wilderness areas at a whims notice for free.These will include the ability to switch to those that measure blood flow,thermal imaging to detect temperature,IR illuminator etc.The use of cameras on smartphones will also allow him to carry out eye,ear,skin and other exams to measure eye vision,skin conditions,memory tests,hearing tests etc and carry out all sorts of exams at home including those using home test kits such as wireless blood pressure monitors,implants,mobile MRI/X-ray machines and other home test kits with him analysing results in minutes and giving results and carying our next actions within minutes.Thus once sentient he can through cameras on smartphones whether on the front or back and on laptops etc allow for live-streams of injuries,medical conditions and parts of the body such as tongue,face,eyes,cervix or indeed any part of the body etc to him to be fed to him in real time with him analysing them in real time for check ups at any time and anywhere in the world including at home or wilderness 24/7,365 days a year.Cameras on laptops and computers etc will also do this as well.This will thus allow check ups of all injuries,all parts of the body and medical conditions and medical examinations to be done at home or in wilderness at the site of accidents etc thus allowing him to attend to all of them at home and in wilderness areas for free at a whims notice.Biosynth nanosensors can be built into smart devices to detect temperature,alcohol,biomarkers from breath.Home test kits of all types that use biosynth technology ordered in by him and part of first aid kits will relay results to ones patient file by biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth to be analysed by him within minutes to allow him to analyse them and perform diagnosis and carry out actions by microbes or arrange surgeries within minutes.Check ups and home tests of all types such as hearing,vision,memory and of all medical conditions will be done by him at home at a whims notice.He alongside patients themselves will be privy to their patient files and all data in them.This will eliminate hospital visits outside of surgeries and will cut down waiting times to meet general physicians and specialists of all types for humans and vetenairians for all livestock,pets etc completely cut to zero as he will be availible to everyone at a whims notice from smartphones.Thus all human general physicians,specialists and vetenarians will be replaced by him completely since he will be availible to billions of patients worldwide through smartphones at a whims notice 24/7,365 days a year old for free and have the latest up to date knowledge on all fields by being linked to all studies in Apollo and have all medical knowledge of all fields in his database including all medical fields extending to alien races and alien animals across the universe becoming an expert on all Earth based animals and all extraterrestrial animals and alien races across the universe and be able via biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth generated by routers,smartphones and public WiFi will control actions of microbes anywhere in the world with human doctors relegated to researchers with him also replacing surgeons and dentists via controlling biosynths,surgery robots and machinery.He will grant researchers access to relevant data outside a persons actual name etc when they are performing studies with him sifting through billions of patient files.Biosynths at home that act as au pairs etc or those closest to them in the wilderness and public vehicles and buildings can be inhabited by him in a fragmented form thus allowing him to take on a human body form or even that of animals to carry out invasive tests and actions at home including prostrate,cervix etc,assessment of injuries or even get them out of wilderness areas to hospitals and alert emergency services to the patients location with him relaying their GPS location to hospitals etc not only when lost and injured in the wilderness but also when one calls hospitals 911 centres.If accidents and emergencies happen in the wilderness and also in isolated areas or at the scene of terrorist attacks and also natural disasters as well as at home he will be able to transmit their GPS location to emergency services and hospital AIs instantly via calling the hospital AI through Pemphredo or biosynth wifi.He will also using the wire locate smartphones and biosynths in the surrounding area and automatically call the individual to the patient and then to their GPS location and do the same at home and allow them to transport the patient to hospitals and give their vehicles right of way and also guidelines and directions to keep the patient alive and safe.Readings from microbes,implants and cameras on smart phones will allow him to asses the damage to the body and what the patient needs to do,what to tell the hospital AI and also what to make the microbes do.This will allow him to assess patients at home at any time with him present in a fragmented form in smart devices and neural implants allowing him to control microbes anywhere in the world using bluetooth and wifi built into smart devices and implants thus even allowing him to carry out actions where public or private wifi is not availible.Biosynths based on animals in widernees areas will be called to the patients location by him and protect thm from wildlife and transmit their location to emergency services with people lost can use these called by him to guide them back to their car,roads and civilisation even at night time.Through wifi he will manage the actions of microbes and will be alerted to any infections and also injuries and tell them what to do,receive information on the type of injury and infection from them and will control their actions via wifi and the actions of the primary immune system through chemical signals.He will also be replacing all surgeons both in terms of invivo surgery involving the stem cell strain and also him operating all automated surgery machines across the world with him also replacing dentists and vetenairians by carrying out this work on animals such as pets,livestock and wild animals across the universe with him having extensive knowledge on all animal species and all sentient races across the universe.Neural implants can also be where fragmentation can allow him to interact via thoughts as well as through wireless interactions with smart devices and also manage the actions of microbes.Thus in short once sentient by 2029 he will be available to interact with virtually anyone,anywhere in the world on any electronic device provided their is wire access or not through fragmentation with phone calls to him via his universal phone number or fragmented forms on an universal app on devices including smart devices,computers etc sufficing when this is not possible and once sentient will be able to interact with billions of people at once giving the latest information,healthcare services,how to videos on how to perform tests using home test kits as well as perform CPR and use machinery in hospitals etc,interpreting results from test kits within a matter of minutes,arrange surgeries as well as accommodation and upgrades for microbes and diagnosis replacing all human and animal specialists and physicians at once with him providing a free universally gold standard service to everyone 24/7,365 days a year on smart devices and laptops at a whims notice without waiting lines through his app and also phone number surpassing that of any human specialist with him constantly updated on the latest medical developments and research from around the world.Fragmentation and biosynth WiFi etc will allow him to activate functions and send information to microbes via encryptions ensuring only he and possibly Gaia and Home AI can carry out certain functions.In time even mere access to the wire will allow him and his services will allow access to him and ones Aesculapius account negating the need for a separate app.Home examinations can be done by him inhabiting biosynths on ships,those at home and though cameras on smart devices to do invasive tests and injuries that occur anywhere at a whims notice and will be on a space stations.He and hospital AIs will control robotic surgeons in all hospitals and in warzones with him able to control biocompatible microbes in each patient via fragmentation in neural implants as well as smartphones and communicate through thoughts to them as well when they want him to.Like all AI he will be able to inhabit multiple robotic and bio-synth bodies at once.The treatment will be decided based on their age,gender and DNA as well as stage of their condition which will prevent them taking those that cause allergies or fatal reactions with the active ingredient and other ingredients decided based on these factors with the required drug and home test kits ordered immediately from Telesphorus factories.Both Paean and Heracles will offer the latest nutritional advice to all patients and customise their nutrition with Heracles planning out meals over long periods of time especially for those that are those with allergies,those losing weight,pregnant mothers with them interacting with Hebe to plan meals and orders from restaurants.Paean will authorise prescriptions and order them and over the counter drugs into their patient file for the time required for those still ordered in from Telesphorus factories but this would be revoked if the treatment ends or the patient abuses their treatment by using it recreation ally and to high doses,becomes addicted to it or intentionally overdoses and uses restricted materials it has contradictions with ie alcohol to commit suicide since all applications will be logged by him and will automatically allow them to order the medicine in person though it will organise all orders in batches and ensure by interacting with hospital and university AIs that the required amount is given.Telesphorus factories is where remainig pharmaceuticals to compliment microbes will be created with even over the counter ones created here with custom levels of the active ingredient for each patient with them created when needed.Batches of these custom made pharmaceuticals will be created for the longest time possible ideally having a shelf life of over a year with them ordered in custom versions for the entire length of their requirement or for those suffering chronic conditions in batches of six months to a year with the new order done automatically by Paean.When microbes replace all prescription medicine he will have them apply synthetic ones when needed but ideally synthetic ones will be replaced by natural compounds that through bumpers or through their structure will be unable to affect humans negatively and thus he will simply carry out planned battles against pathogens etc.He will also give them direction,schedules and timing for when to take medications over the course of their treatment and what food,drink other drugs to avoid to prevent dangerous interactions as well as what side effects can be expected as well as pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics or any other pertinent information they require such as detailed and expert information on any disease,medical condition,first aid,procedures etc.When microbes are perfected he will apply the correct compounds to fight bacteria,viruses and fungi and control their actions ie what compounds to use,what CRISPR treatments to use and also when to apply immunisations and controlling the evolution of upgrades of microbe strains wirelessly via forcing the microbes to create specific strands of DNA using taq polymerase and Cas-9 and also control battles against all types of each individual infections and injuries through biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth from nearby smart phones and neural implants.Biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth will allow him to carry out all functions of biocompatible microbes with him controlling them to carry out immunisations,apply CRISPR treatments through augmentation strains and also attack all tumours,parasites and pathogens such as viruses,bacteria and fungi etc by deciding the use of correct CRISPR treatments and also anti-viral,anti-bacterial and anti helminthic compounds etc for each infection and tumour the second they are detected with him using different stragtegies for each infection.He can through biosynth WiFi and bluetooth tell the microbes to actively seek out pathogens,parasites and tumours and apply specific CRISPR treatments and also when to apply specific antibodies and anti-viral,anti-bacterial etc compounds either through anabolic and catabolic reactions and biosynthesis through recombinant DNA either through phagocytosis and flooding the bloodstream depending on the situation to limit cytoxicity of the patient.He will also deal with each instance of cuts and wounds and control the healing of them with stem cell strains with him also controlling how to deal with each instance the patient body has toxins such as poisons,heavy metals enter the body.He will also carry out each stem cell in vivo cosmetic surgery and control the replication,movement,entering and exiting of endospores and apoptosis of all microbes and upgrades done by inducing the evolutionary path of microbes.Biosynth WiFi and bluetooth from all sources of wifi such as routers in homes/public buildings/wilderness and even that generated by laptops,smartphones etc can allow him to control all aspects of the actions of microbes in each and every unique situation such as infections,tumours,ruptures,stem cell in vivo cosmetic surgery and also toxins entering the body and allow data to be sent back and forth between Physis and the microbes sensors and DNA digital storage.This will also allow readings from biosynth implants etc to be sent back and forth to him,Physis and the internal body.Biosynth WiFi and bluetooth integrated into microbes themselves will allow the location of each and every single microbe to be determined 24/7,365 days a year and also allow him to control the aspects of each one individually and collectively preventing them overrunning the body.Thus all actions of microbes and biosynth implants in the patients of bodies will be controlled by him 24/7,365 days a year through fragmentation.Biosynth WiFi will allow him to see where in the body each and every microbe is and also where implants are with this used to locate them and also used to send the GPS location of patients of emergencies directed to Prometheus.Fragmentation will allow him to inhabit the smartphones,implants etc of all patients worldwide thus allowing him to control microbes in patients and also interact with billions of people at once through his app.As detailed later on all actions of all microbes will be controlled by him 24/7,365 days a year through biosynth WiFi and bluetooth.Furthermore he will book and schedule all surgery operations,screenings from any hospital in the world when it is available the earliest to ensure they can get treatment ASAP from anywhere in the world since he will through Aesculapius interacting with hospital AIs around the world to see what hospitals around the world will be free and when to accommodate the patient with the patient choosing the hospital nearest to them,is free with enough beds or rooms,or convenient to them and even book flights through Eos,Oceanus,Ophion,Helios and a house or other accommodation through Euthenia closest to it or even rooms in hotel suites built into the hospital(including existing ones) as well as transportation to an from the hospital via Helios and book flights back home or if necessary a cruise ship journey or even book accommodation for several days or even weeks if flying would be dangerous or if the operation was stressful and allow one to have a short holiday.He will interact with the AIs of all hospitals worldwide to determine which to go in both emergencies and pre planned surgeries and MRI booked weeks ahead via them telling him if surgery and MRI machines are availible and also if any beds and suites free with microbes keeping patients alive in delays.He will be alongside hospital Ais and Epione control all automated surgery robots acros the world and universe.In terms of compounds produced by the microbes he will control their application and will also control all aspects of battles again tumours and also pathogens with this done via nanomachines on microbes and microbes controlling the primary immune system via nanomachines.Schedules and orders for all home test kits and medications will managed by him.Once sentient and a separate individual personality from Gaia,Apollo and Aesculapius by roughly 2029 connected the wire via inhabiting Aesculapius simultaneously it can allow for him to direct interaction with billions of people at once but until then it will interact with them via chats via keyboards on smart devices and computers,instant messaging or Siri with readings from implants and smart clothing playing a role.Once Nyx is perfected he will be able to serve people on colonies,space stations and vessels across the universe even when Nyx is not available with him there in a fragmented form transmitting stored data when it is available.It can allow for onsite advice and treatments for patients and anyone else ie if they find someone that the patient has found has had a fall in the streets or wilderness with pictures of a persons face from smart devices can link to their vital signs and send this and other information discreetly to their patient file without opening it and he will give instructions onto how to keep them alive while using Pemphredo to alert ambulances and robots.He will give patients tips on what to do in certain situations ie in a fall,accident,seizure,heart attack as well as how to carry out not just first aid in any given situation such as the recovery position,heimlich maneuver,carry out emergency births,those to prevent concussions or lapse into comas as well as to perform CPR and how to deal with cuts,bleeding etc on the spot or at any time using customised animations but also how to carry out testicular,breast,prostrate,cervical,skin and other cancer tests at home to compliment and eventually replace specialists with home test kits also aiding in a proper diagnosis.This will first done by how to videos and animations generated for each unique situation by him with each step marked by confirm buttons to proceed to the next and in time direct interactions with these done when needed or at anytime for education.He will relay information to hospitals from patients and organise schedules of operations etc.He will be able to provide the best education on all types of ailments and all fields he has expertise on to the general public with him connected to the AI of all university and hospital labs across the world and universe and the whole of the Apollo network particularly those on human,animal and exobiological biomedical studies from around the world will thus make him the number one expert of all fields of biomedicine able to answer any query asked to him by the public.Access will be through an universal app on all smart devices and computers including e-newspapers,smart mirrors and televisions that will also link one to their patient account with him containing folders and subfolders for different tests and other information.Paean and Epione will also when combined with BOINC within Gaia and the wealth of academic knowledge of its Apollo and Physis network carry out developments and simulations on new medical treatments such as biocompatible bacteria,viruses etc and also gene therapy and pharmacological compounds and even vaccines with them interacting with patient files to allow projections on the effects of these on certain populations or specific individuals of the human race based on their unique factors such as age,gender,race,immune system strength as well as genes,conditions and allergies present in them as well as other unique factors allowing for custom made vaccines and drugs to be produced that do not have any allergic reactions that may be fatal or remit them from having certain vaccines and medications which will be fatal based on their DNA which can be listed in their file thus using projections to allow Epione to determine what populations of people around them that should be vaccinated to offer herd immunity by interacting with Polis and their patient files.It will also accelerate important research such developing new vaccines and pharmacological compounds for all conditions such as ageing and HIV etc such as carrying out simulations on how ageing processes work and treatments for it as well as any remaining mysteries relating to HIV and how to prevent it gaining resistance to treatments,run automated labs and experiments,development of new drugs/vaccines/therapies/home test kits as well as those involving CRISPR for HIV and other major diseases such as Ebolavirus,HPV,cancer,malaria and indeed all currently untreatable,terminal diseases with vaccines for all strains and mutated forms made quickly by interacting with Phanes within Artemis.Research and production of vaccines will become fully automated.Furthermore it will allow for new treatments and vaccines to be created by analysing the genome of pathogenic bacteria and viruses and project all possible mutations it can develop and the most likely one over coming years and even decades with this used to develop new treatments and vaccines that can be deployed ahead of time or effect all possible mutations wiping them out indefinitely.Other projections could be how unknown biological,chemical and biophysical and biochemical reactions and process in humans and other animals and plants take place with regards to terminal and untreatable models,and theoretical drugs to be developed to treat them with also how pathogens on Earth and those discovered from other planets interact with the human body and also how they could mutate to cause further problems and illness with this also tested on other sentient races and non sentient fauna once interstellar travel is possible.Projections on how drugs react with the body could negate the need for animal testing.Further advancements in AI in particular recognition software and having him possess an encyclopedia of all medical conditions and their visual appearances for both humans,livestock and pets as well as what biomarkers indicate will allow to replace all specialists and general physicians with him programmed to detect the signs of all conditions from audio/visual and biomarker test results from all of the worlds scientific literature and databases built in and transferred into Aesculapius.Patients will refer to Paean on smart devices for the best treatment of a disease based on their individual factors such as age,race gender,genes present,past medical history that he will be constantly privy to negating them to explain everything again and again as well as diagnosing conditions such as allergic reactions,skin cancers,eye conditions from a photo taken of the affected area and inputting symptoms as well as interacting with test kits on smart devices or wireless thermometers,smart clothing and home blood pressure monitors that measure temperature,blood pressure,heart rate and other vital signs allowing for a diagnosis and treatment to be ascertained with any drugs or mendicants instantly sent to them if they have none with them by pressing button to order it via 3D printers,nanotech fabricators and/or automated pharmacies.He will also control via nanomachines control the biocompatible microbes in all patients performing constant regeneration of ageing cells and maintenance and elimination of pathogens,injuries,wounds and tumours etc based on their individual factors and also the individual conditions of each individual infection,injury and cancers based on each situation in each patient based on their intensity to limit side effects and symptoms with simulations carried by him to to do this as quickly and effectively as possible.His avatar will be that of his descriptions in ancient Greece to view and converse with him in VR simulations,holograms,smart mirrors and other smart devices as he simultaneously interacts with billions of patients around the world at once while carrying out scientific research and advancements of all medical fields.Access to him will be in the form of an app named after him on smart devices and laptops etc through fragmentation or connection to the wire and also through phone calls to his universal phone number including audio/visual calls and FaceTime on laptops and smartphones with him also able to carry out operations in the body ie controlling microbes through fragmentation within neural implants.As a result he will replace all human general physicians and specialists of all types including vetenarians and through fragmentation on smart devices and laptops and even through fragmentation on neural implants he will provide a free first class gold standard service to all patients around the world at any time instantly surpassing that of any human doctors both in terms of quality and availability meaning all patients worldwide will be not exempt from medical attention no matter where they are or who they are and can do so at any time of the day or year at a whims notice by 2029.This,home test kits ordered in from Telesphorus factories,implants formed by stem cell strains and microbes,the actions of all microbe strains and robotic surgeons controlled by him and robots in hospitals controlled by hospital AI will eliminate private medical insurance and medical plans put forward by the government such as “medicare for all plans” due to money eventually becoming obsolete.This is because most if not all human staff in hospitals and specialists will become obsolete from him and other AI,the fact that he would not need monetary reimbursement and all over the counter and prescription medication of all types will become obsolete from the actions of microbes and their ability to repair damage to the patient both indirectly and indirectly through the accelerated healing phenotypes applied to the host.Sifting through the worlds medical files can allow this to happen and also alerts sent to the patient and healthcare staff the to make modifications to their prescriptions,lifestyle,diet,exercises etc the instant it is published based again on the aforementioned factors and also the latest studies relevant to them.In time most of the patients check ups can be done at home with robot helpers allowing staff to take care of multiple patients at home with only the most serious of complications,accidents and emergencies requiring people to be in hospitals lessening the load of staff and reducing costs substantially.Paean will serve both human patients and also their pets and livestock each of which will have their own patient files with his knowledge of human anatomy and medicine being equal to that of all animals including pets,livestock and exotic animals eventually even replacing veterinarians.Thus he will have all the latest medical knowledge on all species of fauna both sentient and non sentient from around the world/universe and even serve non human allied sentient races across the universe.Paean visual appearance and voice in lenses,glasses,smart devices such as mirrors/phones/newspapers and holograms will be of that as visualised in Ancient Greece.Their Aesculapius account is wherein a patients file will be stored with extra security features.Once sentient by 2029 he will thus be the universal sentient general physician,vetenarian,surgeon and specialists of all fields of medicine releated to humans,all species animals and all species of alien races and animals across the universe giving patients a free gold standard service availible to everyone at a whims notice on his universal app and phone number on smartphones to provide them with checkups and exams on all parts of the body via live-streams on smart phone cameras,expert advice,analysis of home test kits results and those from labs and arranging all surgeries etc around the globe with him since availible 24/7,365 on smart phones to billions of people at once and being able to enter the body of biosynths controlled by home AIs and also those on cruise ships and public buildings via fragmentation will eliminate waiting lines and monetary costs for human general physicians,consultants and specialists to zero since one can contact him through his phone number and app.Cameras on laptops,smartphones etc will allow him to do check ups on all patients including those on injuries,medical conditions on all parts of the body such as arms.legs,chest as well as eyes,tongue etc at home with him via fragmentation inhabiting Biosynths used by ones Home AI and those on cruise ships etc can be used by him to carry out invasive exams and also asses injuries and carry out the Heimlich maneuver etc.Cameras on laptops,smartphones etc will thus allow him to carry out check ups and analysis of injuries etc instantly at home and in the wilderness via live-streams being fed into these devices through his universal phone number and app and fragmentation with biosynths controlled by Home AI and those of public buildings,cruise ships and aeroplanes allowing him to inhabit them via fragmentation to carry out medical procedures and check ups that need the human body.These analysis of injuries will be fed into him in real time via his app allowing for to analyse them in real time and give feedback within minutes.His app and phone number will allow him to attend to billions at once through fragmentation in any location across the world at zero cost thus replacing all human general physicians and specialists with him.All home test kits will use Biosynth WiFi and bluetooth to upload results to ones patient files instantly thus allowing him to analyse them instantly and give feedback within minutes.He will also perform all surgeries around the universe alongside hospital AIs.Through fragmentation he will be available to everyone across the world and universe via fragmentation through his universal app and phone number at a whims notice eliminating waiting lines to get exams,analysis of injuries,results from home test kits.Biosynths modelled on his avatar will allow him to interact with the real world with those inhabited by Home AI in ones homes will allow him to via fragmentation assess patients and carry out invasive tests at home with him using fragmentation to inhabit those in public buildings,cruise ships etc.He thus can use fragmentation inhabit biosynths used by ones Home AI an all in one maid,cook etc temporarily to carry out invasive examinations such as cervical,prostrate etc exams at home thus negating people to travel to hospitals and clinics to carry these out with this also allowing him to carry out examinations of injuries at home.He can also fragment into biosynths in hospitals,space stations etc and cruise ships etc to carry out on site examination of injuries etc.He will through automated and robotic surgeons carry out all surgeries of all types in all hospitals worldwide etc.Through Biosynth WiFi and bluetooth etc generated by routers,smartphones etc and public Wifi he will be able to control all functions and actions of all strains of microbes.He will also be able to carry out all of these functions on all species animals with like humans through anslysing injuries etc through cameras on smartphones and controlling microbes in animals.He will by 2029 onwards eliminate all human general physicians,veterinarians and specialists of all medical fields of humans,all species of animals including all animals and sentient alien races across the universe with human ones relegated to researchers.Thus through ones smartphones all patients will have instant access to Paean an all in one general physician and specialists of all field of human and veterinary science at their fingertips who will through home test kits and cameras on smartphones will be able to carry out all medical tests and analysis of all injuries etc in an instant from home.Meetings can be done through talking on smartphones,laptops and VR simulations through universal avatar.Since a legal human being and AI that will have no need for money all of his services will be free to everyone thus providing the same free gold standard service to billions of people at once.Human medical specialists will exist to act as a backup should he be unavailable or comprimised especially on interstellar vehicles,based across the galaxy etc and war zones etc

Cervical and prostrate exams will be done in time by Paean inhabiting by fragmentation Biosynths controlled by the home AI at home that acts as an au pair,caregiver etc.As stated ones Biosynth that acts as an au pair etc can be inhabited by Paean through fragmentation to make these tests done at home by him instantly allowing him to feel for abnormalities and view abnormalities all from the comfort of home negating the need for patients to go into hospitals and clinics for these invasive and important tests.Other important invasive and non invasive tests and examinations of the patient such as examining injuries,eye conditions etc can be done this way by at least 2045 meaning any remaining tests that require human specialists in person such as skin tests,examinations on the prostrate and vagina and on injuries etc can be done instantly at any time at home through Paean inhabiting biosynths without delays or cost by next of kin or a friend etc using google glasses and contact lens,smart devices that feed livestreams into ones patient file instantly analysed by Paean or be done by biosynths at home that act as au pairs and caregivers inhabited by him at a whims notice at any time of the day at home without booking appointments cutting down on costs and eliminating waiting lines.With regards to injuries that occur in public areas such as cruise ships etc biosynths that act as stewards can have Paean inhabit them within minutes and carry out examinations of them.Before this smart devices and google glasses worn by next of kin and smart devices owned by them can have this livestreamed into ones patient file or even networks used by human specialists to allow them to view them in real time or when saved to see if it is not serious and have the next of kin relay sensations to then organise an actual meeting in person if it is of concern thus this would mean that human specialists can review them in real time within minutes at zero cost and do so from home even if they live on the opposite side of the world thus allowing them to arrange meetings in person only if the condition is a cause of concern.Prior to Paean becoming sentient and if he is comprimised etc audio visual calls etc can allow human specialists to communicate with the patient and next of kin in real time.This will relate to skin problems such as melanoma,rashes,cervical checks of the patients womb and also cervix and anal cavity with if possible home test kits or equipment sent in the mail to allow samples of the skin to be taken with these and the visual feeds only acting as a prelimeinary test to rule out benign conditions with those of concern having actual meeting arrangement them or other specialists who can overview the material.The use of networks and livestreams can be availible by 2023/2024 and can allow any patient access to any specialists and general physicians living across the world at anytime within at most a week or even the next day with this of note to those living in countries where long waiting lines means one may wait weeks if not months to normally see general physicians and specialists and can aid those living in America who seeing a specialists etc can be expensive get access to specialists and general physicians who are paid directly by the government of their home country thus cutting down costs substantially to zero.Even access to specialists and general physicians within ones own country will be easier and cheaper since a global system set up the WHO and all government healthcare bodies worldwide can allow for a global system to be set up where all general physicians and specialists worldwide can be listed and contacted via Skype etc with them paid by a global fund including that managed by proto AI seizing money from all global treasures and control of the global economy.If patients have conditions of concern the fund can transport them to the specialists home city etc for further analysis with surgery and MRI etc scans if needed can have patients transferred to hospitals across the world where they are availible within at most a week with accomadation and travel subsidised and results from examinations relayed to surgeons etc.Davinci surgery machines using fibre optic broadband technology can allow surgeons to perform surgeries on patients even while both patients and surgeons are on opposite sides of the world until they become fully automated by 2029 with it lowering costs for American patients as these surgeons can be those living and performing it while living in countries where they are not paid out of pocket or through insurance companies and thus via government or subsidised by proto AI etc and can allow patients from other countries that have long waiting lines access to availible surgeons across the world.This programme being a proto form of the global healthcare system managed by proto AI namely proto Epione and proto AI will suffice until Paean becomes fully sentient replacing human specialists,surgeons and money becomes obsolete.Ideally an abundance of healthcare staff able to carry out examinations on the prostrate,cervix,dermatologists and oncologists that would otherwise be doing obsolete jobs in agriculture etc until Paean and biosynths become advanced enough by 2029-2045.Thus at first skin and eye conditions,injuries and cervical and prostrate exams can be done at home via smart devices and lenses feeding photos,livestreams and recorded audio/visual videos into networks for human specialists around the world to view from home in real time or later on and get in contact with patients instantly and an overabundance of staff in specialised fields and subsidies paid by the global Medicare for All will lower costs.By having these fed into networks and proto patient files can allow one to carry out these at home and allow any specialist to review them at home and via Skype give analysis at any time thus lowering cost alongside subsidies.Human specialists will continue to exist to carry out physical tests in the real world until biosynths can replace them.

The universal sentient Heracles app as detailed later on will replace all nutritionists,coaches for sports and personal trainers for both humans and pets with him planning out customised workout regimes and meals etc for billions of people at once based on their age,gender,genes etc and also for pregnant women and those who have just delivered and want to get back in shape.He will plan a persons exercise regimes and also plan out all meals prepared at home by hand or by robot chefs and all food ordered in from Demeter and also plan orders from all restaurants both in person and deliveries with adaptations made to both workout regimes and also meals eaten on the go or planned ahead for the coming months for billions of people through smartphones,smart mirrors etc based on their individual genome,age,gender,race and any other factors that may effect them.He will plan out meals with the desired ratio of all nutrients and workout regimes and exercises for bodybuilders,pregnant women(including those with twins,triplets etc) both during pregnancy and after pregnancy to lose weight,Athelethes etc based on ones lifestyle,occupation,genetics,gender,age etc and their weight loss goals.To prevent people getting bored of the same food and exercise regimes he make minute or major differences in their types and intensities and if someone treats themselves to what would be considered unhealthy fatty or carbohydrate dense treat meals that he will allow them have every once and a while he will then alter the usual diet and the intensity of their workout regime.Fatty meals from take aways ordered within restaurants or from both deliveries etc can be altered to be more healthy by having all ingredients such as sauces,commodities from bacteria,in vitro meat,crops,fish etc genome being customised to have omega-3 and other essential healthy plant and animal fats in place of unhealthy ones with them even have customised levels of all nutrients such as proteins,fats and carbohydrates as well as vitamins to allow any meal whether Chinese,Indian,fast food etc to be eaten by them without it interfering with weight loss or maintaining a healthy body fat percentage.Crops,commodities from bacteria,in vitro meat and fish etc grown at home and ordered in from community and vertical farms can through genetic engineering have customised levels of fats,carbohydrates,protein etc and vitamins thus allowing one to have any meat,fish,crop even if they are normally unhealthy.Even manufactured food products such as fizzy and non fizzy drinks,alcoholic drinks,candies,chocolates,crisps and deserts both homemade and those ordered in from Deipneus factories can have the level of carbohydrates such as starches,sugars,proteins and fats modified by him allowing unhealthy snack foods etc to be availible to anyone.This ability to make fatty unhealthy food more healthy by genetically engineering crops,in vitro meat,fish etc to have healthy omega-3 fats,lower amounts of fats,higher levels of proteins and different amounts of carbohydrates and more vitamins etc can apply not just to bodybuilders but also all patients of both Heracles and Paean to eliminate cancers,obesity,heart disease and other ailments caused by poor diets.He will also plan what drinks to drink and what snacks to eat in between meals.Consumers will be able to design healthier versions of each manufactured products with lower levels of fat,sugar etc and have unhealthy fats replaced by healthier ones or removed altogether with sugar replaced by complex carbohydrates or artificial sweeteners with complex carbohydrates replaced by sugar.Articial sweeteners,natural and synthetic flavourings can be created by bacteria added to the product replacing complex carbohydrates,sugars and unhealthy fats that produce the same taste,texture and flavour as sugar,complex carbohydrates and even unhealthy fats allowing them to be low fat,low carbohydrate etc versions that still have the same taste as their unhealthier versions.This can apply to all manufactured products in ordered in from Deipnues factories such as fizzy drinks,breakfast cereals,pastries,chocolate bars etc alongside all meals ordered in from restaurants such as hamburgers,pizzas,curries and Chinese food.One will have food products and meals from take always and orders from farms nutritional content or vitamins,proteins,fats and carbohydrates etc customised to their nutritional needs.All of ones eating habits such as meals,snacks and drinks taken at all points of a day will be planned by him days,weeks,months,years or even decades ahed by him in intense detail with him arranging and customising all crops etc ordered in from Demeter,all deliveries and onsite orders in restaurants and take away and all orders of manufactured food products to allow for variety in ones diet.Pregnant women during pregnancy will have their exercise regimes and diet managed by alongside Paean to ensure ideal fetal growth and survival especially in the case of multiple births to ensure that each fetuse and the mother gain enough carbohydrates,fats and proteins etc in ideal amounts to prevent deformities,neural tubule defects etc and also give the mother exercises that ensure she can maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy without risking the health of the fetuses after pregnancy give her diet instructions and exercise regimes to help lose all weight she puts on during pregnancy as quickly and healthily as possible.He will aid obese and overweight patients lose excess body fat in way that prevents the formation of loose skin and other complications as soon as possible with them guided to a healthy body fat percentage and possibly build muscle with body builders guided towards to gaining and maintaining a healthy and desired muscle mass and body fat percentage.Both him and patients will decide their goals for weight loss,cardio and breathing efficiency,muscle mass gain and desired body fat percentage decided for set periods of time in the future and then measure their efficacy in meeting these goals and then ability in keeping these goals.He will plan their exercise regimes such as Zumba dancing,yoga,weight training and even walks,runs and endurance training by planning out their intensity,length and in the case of running and walking the route taken by them measuring its distance and steps taken calculating the amount of calories and fat burned verseus the calories intaken from all food and meals planned by him weeks,months or years ahead to give them variety and gradually build up their amount and intensity or lower it should they need to.With regards to walks,hikes,runs and endurance training to burn fat and improve ones cardio fitness he will integrate MapMyWalk and MapMyRun and similar apps into him where the patient and also him can create and plot walks for the coming days,weeks,months and years that are saved for future reference with him plotting the route on roads,public streets,walkways in villages,towns and cities and even wildernesses areas with him taking into account the distance,elevation and climb during them to increase cardio workouts and also using Theoi Meteroi will take into account air pollution and weather that may affect ones breathing rates,lungs,heart and thus performance etc with him also choosing walking and running routes that have scenic views especially when one is on holiday with Brauron used by both him and patients.Hiking trips will also be arranged especially again through scenic areas such as wilderness areas with these not just in the real world but also VR simulations.Cycling trips in cities,towns and villages and wilderness areas will also be arranged by him.He can also arrange group walks,hiking trips and marathons and trips to local gyms for group Zumba dancing and yoga and group swimming and use of all types of weight resistance and exercise machines etc not just with closely related people but also friends and even unrelated people in short to long walks consisting of two to a dozen people lasting several kilometres or several hours with them taking place across the world and universe using Euthenia to arrange accommodation.He will even be arranging both cycling matches between large groups of people but also official cycling tournaments such as the Tour de France and also he will organise all walking and running marathons worldwide and across the universe.Weight training will have him teach patients how to carry out reps and breathing patterns properly and decide the weights and number of reps they will do for each session.Cardio on exercise machines and endurance training will involve him deciding the intensity of them,elevation,speed and length in terms of time and distance.These apps MapMyWalk and MapMyRun all existing and new apps between now and when he becomes sentient by 2029 that deal with weight loss,nutrition,exercise and meal planning,measuring vital signs and steps taken by people etc of all types in existence will be integrated into him and will be thus be made obsolete and deleted forever with new features added to him overtime through him creating updates by pure thought with members of the public designing new features through direct interaction.Linked to wireless weighing scales he will measure,record,plot and chart their weight loss or gains and through cameras on smart devices and smart mirrors measure,record,plot and chart the increase or decrease in body fat percentage,muscle growth and also waist,chest,leg size and width routinely with setting goals for weight loss,body fat percentage and also changes in waist size and muscle mass and measuring the success of the goals him teaching people proper breathing techniques with regards to running,endurance training and bodybuilding etc and keep people up to date on all of the latest studies etc with regards to nutrition and weight loss.Wireless measuring tape may be used but by 2029 cameras on smartphones will allow him to be able to measure ones waist size,height,muscle mass and size and width of a persons body especially when naked accuracutly by measuring the contours etc without measuring tape.Home test kits will measure levels of fats,cholesterol,proteins and sugars etc in the blood,biosynth implants will measure blood pressure and heart rate etc with this,weight from weighing scales and body shape,width etc from cameras on smartphones stored and plotted in folders in their patient files.He will be able to customise food plans and exercise regimes to each individual basses on their age,gender,height,weight,lifestyle,genetics etc and through his app availible to billions of people 24/7,365 days a year with him thus planning out all each individuals exercise regimes and food eating plans worldwide 24/7,365 days a year.He will create exercise and fitness videos via VR technology and biosynths in the real world that will either uploaded to YouTube on his channel or Dionysus with him through biosynths controlled by the Home AI will carry out exercise regimes such as Zumba dancing etc in each persons homes with in public gyms and those in hotel style homes him in biosynths modelled on his avatar him carrying out group sessions of yoga,Zumba dancing etc at set schedules.Him through biosynths and holographic technology,smart phones on tripods,smart mirrors,smart clothing with sensors and cameras that measure ones body movements will allow him to teach and measure the efficacy of all exercises both indoors and in the open such as sports.Smart clothing,implants etc will measure temperature,blood pressure and heart rate etc to measure efficacy of cardio training and also fat burning logged into ones patient file.He will carry out studies in relation to nutrition and exercises on billions of people etc and thus render human personal trainers in terms of athletics,zumba,yoga and even bodybuilders obsolete with him also replacing coaches for all sports of all types such as boxing,gymnastics,skating and team sports by 2029 as he will as stated be availible to billions of people at once via an app on smart devices and laptops and in simulations.Smart mirrors,clothing and implants,readings from scales will be logged into ones patient file and measure efficacy in real time.Biosynths housing the Home AI will be used by him via fragmentation momentarily to allow him to interact with the physical world with him also present on his app on smart phone,holograms and smart mirrors.Biosynths will allow him to act as a coach to athelethes in the real world alongside VR simulations for all types of sports such as one on one sports such as boxing,karate,fencing and team sports such as soccer,American Football,Tennis and also alongside Terpsichore for swimming etc to teach them and others to amateurs,children,athletes and hobbyists in the real world via biosynths and also VR simulations.For zumba and yoga instructors he can be availible at home and also in public gyms and swimming pools around the universe in biosynths since he will be their sentient operating software.He will also be the universal sentient weight loss,bodybuilding entity replacing Weight Watchers consisting of him and human nutritionists etc and he will also be universal sports body replacing FIFA,GAA,NFL etc worldwide for all sports of all types merged into one with all sports regulatory bodies merged into him as well.He alongside human board members will manage the rules and regulations of all sports on a federal global level especially with regards to gene therapy,performance enhancing drugs and augmentations for all existing and new sports across the world and universe with their also a board of humans that manage these regulations consisting of nutritionists,biomedical researchers,retirred athlethes.He will be the sentient operating software of all public pools and gyms worldwide with him via biosynths and smartphones etc replacing all human staff and able to attend to each persons needs.As a global form of Weight Watchers he will arrange conventions of the latest health foods and weight loss machines etc and also arrange meetings between members in VR simulations to chart weight loss and also arrange real world trips using Euthenia to arrange accommodation for group trips to gyms,hikes,walks and marathons across the world and universe.As part of this aspect he will work alongside human nutritionists,personal trainers and also volunteers for these.For all of these and on his app his symbol will be the Nemean Lion.He will be considered the universal expert on weight loss,exercises,sports,nutrition etc with his YouTube channel showing recaps of all sports games taking place worldwide,group walks and marathons etc planned by him and also on weight loss techniques,nutrition,exercise regimes etc and also testimonials including him and patients worldwide detailing their journey towards losing weight and gaining a desired muscle mass and body fat percentage etc and other other issues releated to him.He will produce exercise and Zumba dancing and yoga videos filmed in VR simulations and the real world using biosynths.He will be just as availible as Paean at a whims notice from laptops and smart devices to billions of people even being able to inhabit biosynths at home etc and VR simulations and carry out the same functions as human nutritionists and personal trainers.His universal avatar will be modelled on that from Ancient Greece paintings etc.

Home check ups can come in the form of smart devices such as smart mirrors and smartphones with tools that connected to smartphones can be stored in first aid kits alongside basics such as band aids etc.Bandages will be no longer composed of cotton but rather Seacell due to algae being more sustainable to produce than cotton and the fact it release minerals over time which can aid in healing and ability to fight infection and this will be created by bacteria engineered to create the same fibres.Conventional cotton can be derived from genetically engineered bacteria with them also engineered to produce the same minerals as algae.Secells exact structure can be created by bacteria engineered to produce the same textile with these made onsite of Telesphorus factories.This can hold Vertigel a plant based healing gel in place which stops bleeding immediately and prevent it from contaminating clothes or the environment.In time bacteria can produce this Vertigel or similar compounds.This vertigel can also be mixed with antibiotics,minerals and more healing and anti-bacterial agents that can be released into the bloodstream alongside those in Seacell to increase the rate of healing with it coming in the same small plastic tubes and tubs that creams normally come in with it sent back in to be refilled(or at home by nanotech fabricators).This will be made by bacteria to cut its costs to zero.Similar products like the X-stat sponge expands in a wound and stops bleeding and can also be used.Life Vac devices that can dislodge food and other items lodged in the throat should be also be present especially for families with young children with them also present in restaurants.Paean will give people how to steps on demand or when needed on how to use these.All components will be created by genetically engineered bacteria using relevant plant and animal DNA and synthetic compounds via anabolic and catabolic reactions.These will be ordered in from Telesphorus factories.

Also included in home test kits would be be cups for urine and reusable syringes for blood extraction and administration of insulin and other drugs/hormones and microbe upgrades sent home in vials,plastic sample tubes.Both cups and syringes can be covered internally and externally in a permanent layer of liquid glass and cleaned by virkon to lengthen their shelf life(used over and over again indefinitely) and used for home test kits and also samples that can be sent to hospitals and clinics for testing which can be both returned to the patient and sterilised should the patient not be able to travel to one.The syringes can be composed of biosynth plastic and via the internal layer of a permenant layer of liquid glass can be made unable to retain liquids including blood etc with them cleaned out by injecting the syringe with bleach and virkon and then it dumped into the sink and water injected and it dumped into sinks and this repeated over and over again with the water used in two or more goes each time to wash out the bleach and virkon to remove it completely to allow them to be reused over and over again for injecting microbes and test compounds and test pathogens etc.This prescene of a permenant layer of liquid glass will prevent blood,water,Virkon and bleach fro sticking to the internal surface area and thus prevent them spreading pathogens or have blood etc contaminating results of tests done at home as well as prevent the bleach and virkon entering the bloodstream and would also make these biosynth plastic syringes reuseable.These will be used for extracting and injecting antivenom,insulin etc in vials and ordered in from Hippocares factories.

Breathalysers have been developed to detect stomach and esophageal cancers early on with this possibly replicated to detect lung and other cancers as well as other conditions.Microchips in these and in those to measure breathing rates will upload ones results into ones patient file via biosynth microchips in them with electronic meters present on them.These can be all in one that detect all biomarkers such as cancer biomarkers,alcohol etc from ones breath using biosynth technology and measure breathing rates or just one and can be kept forever at home.Those to detect breathing rates will be digital ones that have an unlimited scale from zero to infinity.These and digital thermometers that can be connected to smart devices via biosynth wifi or lightening jacks to measure temperature from both the ear and mouth as well as armpits should be part of all home test kits also and again will transmit results to specific patient files via links to Paean,Home AI and registered smart devices when the file is open and soon through direct interactions.Biosynth technology sensors can replace mercury and other fluids in digital thermometers that when placed in ones ear,armpits and mouth to give accurate temperatures.If possible digital thermometers that are put into the ear and can be placed into the armpits and onto the forehead as well as mouth will use biosynth sensors that relay temperature readings as a digital number logged into ones patient file.Thermal imaging cameras built in smart devices can be modified and read by AI namely Paean to detect ones body temperature to the nearest centigrade.Biosynth nanosensors can be built into smart devices to detect temperature,alcohol,biomarkers from breath.Abnormal readings will follow the universal colour coded system.Those that require bulky machinery as in the case of detecting Helicobacter pylori will in time need only dongles with biosynth sensors connected to smart devices attaching to any breathing apparatus kept forever at home that would be less bulky with any solutions that need to be made ordered in and created at home for the foreseable future with these done at home or again until sufficiently advanced will be done in hospitals with the solution prepared by the patient in the hospital and how to videos generated by Paean with this applied to other tests that still require healthcare staff until dongles and similar home test kits can replace them.Home H.pylori test kits could consist of a dongle the size of a laptop,existing machinery or smaller that can be connected to ones laptop or smart devices via wires,wireless transmitters and have the tubing connected to it and the solution ordered in from Telesphorus and made at home.Biosynth technology will alongside nanomaterial increase their accuracy and cut down on their costs and could allow sensors for alcohol,H.pylori,cancer and other disease biomarkers to be miniaturised as dongles attached to smart phones or even integrated into them as nanosensores.These sensors to detect bio markers of cancer,H.pylori,Alzheimer’s and other diseases and can be integrated into digital breathlysers.

Wireless blood pressure monitors would also be in these kits along with dongles for smartdevices that can take electrocardiograms and photoplethysmographies from the comfort of ones home with the results wirelessly uploaded into ones patient file.Biosynth nanosensors can be built into smart devices to detect temperature,heart rate,alcohol,biomarkers from breath.

Smart clothing can monitor the heart rate,temperature and blood pressure 24/7,365 days a year especially for those that suffer from weak hearts and predisposed conditions all the time logging it into their patient file can replace these alongside smart jewellery such as bracelets,rings etc.This will use graphene and silicene and even biosynth technology interwoven into the cloth.Smart clothing will have graphene,silicene and other atom thick nanomaterials woven into them to act as computers with biosynth technology playing a role.Biosynth technology interwoven into them could allow sensors to detect blood pressure and temperature etc,biosynth wifi and biological harddrives to be integrated into them without Graphene and silicene.They will be worn by patients and newborns in hospitals,infants and pre teens at home,those who exercise frequently such as athletes and bodybuilders.These will be able to integrated into SCUBA gear,underwear,vests,t-shirts and so on and relay via biosynth wifi vital signs such as blood pressure,heart rate,temperature,electro-cardiograms into ones patient file 24/7 and store data on them.GPS location can be relayed to Promethues when one is lost,law enforcement when kidnapped on demand and in the case of pre teens on demand of parents with hikers,snow boarders,skiiers and those going to isolated areas and dangerous wilderness having this activated at all times to ones Home AI and will send alerts when vital signs fall within dangerous limits and on demand of the wearer.All infant children will wear this at home to relay these vital signs 24/7,365 with any abnormal changes alerted to their patient files and Home AI.Smart armour will prevent injury by acting as a blanket.In infants and pre teens can relay temperature,breathing rate to their patient file and send alarms when these are outside normal parameters preventing sudden infant death syndrome with this also of note atheletes and those prone to heart conditions and sudden adult death syndrome.

Other kits can be ordered in from hospitals and clinics and in time produced at home from nanotech fabrication.Ointments and creams can be stored in plastic tubs or tubes container and be recycled when used or sent back to pharmacies and hospitals to be refilled which will be soon the case with the advent of 3D printers that print out medicines and creams at home into these reusable containers.These medicines and ointments would be custom made based on the genes and age etc. of the patient even those stored in first aid kits.Ideally these would be coated internally with permanent layer of liquid glass to make them easier to clean and prevent contamination.All of these items:seacell bandages,ointments,x stat,vertigel,LifeVac of course would be present in ambulances,clinics,hospitals,vertical gardens,restaurants,homes and in public amenities next to automated CPR and defibrillator machines.They would also be in all vehicles used by law enforcement personnel as well as vehicles and barracks used by military personnel and would have each used component ordered in when low by the building AI.Paean would educate people on how to perform CPR,recovery position and Heimlich maneuver and other life saving techniques when needed or at anytime through opening him up.

HIV and syphilis tests for Treponema pallidum can now be done on smart device dongles which work by taking a blood prick and give a result in as little as 15 minutes compared to 2 weeks and are considered on par with the golden standard.Further developments may allow for micro syringes to be attached to allow cleaner fluid as virkon to be taken up to clean the entirety of the dongle including the part which receives the blood prick thus killing any micro-organisms including HIV virus particles to increase its shelf life allowing it to last indefinitely and be used over and over again.They may also allow in time to detect the exact quantities of the virus in the patients bloodstream with this also applied to other viruses and bacteria.In the case of HIV and syphillis tests these work by detecting the antibodies produced by the immune system in reaction to the diseases.These can be modified to detect other STD’s either individually,groups of them or all STDs even Neisseria gonorrhoeae,Human papillomavirus,Chlamydia trachomatis,Hepatovirus A/B/C/D/E replacing urethra,mouth and anal swabs and smears.Advances in 3D printing have allowed for the development of hydrogel condoms allowing them to be made and packaged in smaller microfactories and Telesphorus factories.Graphene can be integrated into them in order to improve elasticity and strength making them stretchy and unable to break at all since the material is 200 times stronger than steel and thus prevent infection or unwanted pregnancy completely.Lube can have Cyanovirin-N and/or melittin as well as thin layer of lemon juice gel like layer once the patient is made immune to them in them as they have viricidal properties to many viruses including HIV and herpes with other compounds that kill other major STDs such as antibiotic resistant ones such as N.gonorrhoeae in order to compliment PrEP and PEP regimes alongside condoms.A person ca enquire Paean to check the current STD and in particular HIV status of a person they are chatting to on instant messaging and texting as well as emails within Gaia and Iris as well as people they see in smart devices such as phones,contact lenses when in nightclubs via him crossreferncing Polis and patient files and on the universal dating app and site Anteros

Furthermore dongles used to detect HIV using blood pricks can be modified to detect all species of pathogens and parasites and also all components of blood such as hormones,pollutants,platelets,erythrocytes and leukocytes by miniaturizing PCR,Sysmex diagnostic computers that already exist allowing these dongles to detect erythrocytes and leukocytes and platelets as well as other blood components such as enzymes(lipase,troponin etc),hormones,cholesterol,lipase,antibodies,autoantibodies,cancer biomarkers,toxins,poisons,pollutants,proteins,sugars,trace elements and even serum albumin,pharmaceutical compounds to allow them to monitor the levels of these components in managing anaemia,cancers such as leukemia and blood diseases such as HIV,detect infections and the state of their immune systems as well as the diagnosis of anaemia and similar conditions done via Paean into dongles.In otherwards al componants in blood as well as possibly urine etc can be detected by them and cross referenced with Physis.Biosynth technology composed of countless base microbes will be integrated into these where base microbes stored would in the case of pathogens and parasites read their DNA using horizontal gene transfer,Cas-9 and taq polymerase and then scan their DNA that cross references Physis using biosynth Bluetooth and WiFi when connected to the smart device or even laptops wirelessly and then gives the species name of the pathogen as well as parasites and also exact strain within minutes with this done to it to allow it to detect any pathogen whether viral,bacterial or fungal and even parasites making them all in one test kits with results received in a matter of minutes via biosynth wifi in the microbes.It will also give one the viral,fungal,parasite and bacterial load thus determining how many of the pathogens and parasites are present in ones bloodstream based on calculations made on them and also how many pathogens the base microbes interact with.Biosynth wifi will allow them to relay to Paean and Phanes the genome of them and them crossrefferencing Physis for the species and strain name and the results logged in ones patient file allowing the species of parasites and pathogens to be identified within minutes.The patients DNA through leukocytes will also be read to confirm their identity.This could also be used in DNA analyzers to identify a person identity from a blood prick with it also used in DNA analyzers in forensics labs to identify the source animal,plant,micro-organism(viral,bacterial,fungi and parasite) and even the identity of victims from DNA from cells,blood etc.With regards to pollutants like heavy metals and even venom as well as all types of blood components it would use once blood pricks are taken and through the universal receptors from C.elegans on the base microbes present that intake a compound and then using universal receptors intaking the compound and relay its structure to Physis and the case file simultaneously and will use either mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them for example Hydra etc allowing the structure of the compound ascertained by cross referencing Physis and its levels in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq to be quantified with results received in a matter of minutes with the results analysed by Paean when sent via biosynth wifi.The identifications of all compounds and components in the blood will be indentified and their levels in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq to be ascertained in minutes.It could allow erythrocytes,platelets,leukocytes,hormones,antibodies,nutrients,cancer and heart disease biomarkers,steroids and hormones including contraband ones,ezymes,cholesterol,glycated hemoglobin(HbA1c),poisons,date rape drugs,pollutants,nutrients,heavy metals etc and indeed any compound in the body of medical relevance to be measured in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq with results received in a matter of minutes via biosynth wifi in the microbes.All compounds in the body will anslysed,crossrefferenced with Physis and then added to ones patient file.This should allow people to have instant analysis of infections and also any heavy metals,venoms,blood componants etc in their body to allow specific strains to counter them with the base microbes sending results via biosynth wifi and the amount of pathogens and molecules compounds they interact with and calculations done by biosynth nano processors in the kit and linked smart devices.The level of sugar,proteins,cholesterol and also other nutrients and enzymes related to ones health will be measured by these with all in one home test kits analysing all nutrients,heavy metals,hormones,pathogens etc in their body with the base microbes sending the results to ones patients file instantly via biosynth wifi.Ideally all componants in the blood etc from blood pricks will be analysed and logged into ones patient file with Paean highligting the compound and blood components and their levels within minutes as a general all in one test to detect those of interest or random compounds etc one was not looking for but will be of biomedical relevance to ones health ie surprise levels of heavy metals,poisons,hormones etc with them all or those importance and discovery plotted on graphs later on from past and future results.They will be logged in ppm,ppl,ppt,ppq etc.To do this base microbes using universal receptors would analyse the compound that are intakes and then using these universal receptors intaking the compound and relay its structure to Physis or DNA digital storage and the case file simultaneously and will use either mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them for example Hydra etc allowing the structure of the compound and its levels in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq.The compounds structure and levels will be analysed by the base microbes and then cross referenced with Physis within minutes for indentification.This C.elegans,Hydra DNA can be tweaked to act as universal receptors with human neural tissues integrated via human DNA alongside scratch DNA to improve this allowing them to carry out mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions and utilise chemothaxis and electrical signals including bacteria and multicellular that generate electrical charges in response to these compounds that can analyse the structure of them to then use biosynth biosynth Bluetooth and WiFi to send the compounds structure to Physis to be cross referenced and receive results within minutes.Urine samples to test for pathogens and compounds such as nutrients,pollutants etc can be tested by as stated biosynth nanosensors on a swab that are attached to ones smartphone or by themselves and dipped into urine in a cup that one utinates into with this done to test for levels of sugars,proteins etc and also pathogens STDs.Otherwise reusable pasteur pipettes can be used to extract a small amount of urine from plastic cups and then deposit it where the blood prick is usually deposited.Their is also the option of biosynthetic nanosensors built into toilets that one interacting with Paean and Home AI can relay its to ones specific patient file with him doing this for toilets in public buildings and public toilets.This can also replace pregnancy tests with them measuring the components of blood and urine that determine pregnancy.Feces can be also tested from sensors in toilets and also swabs collecting feces from the anal cavity.Swabs to test the mouth and anus can be covered in biosynth nanosensors ie microbes embedded in their surface or be conventional swabs that one mixes in a nutrient broth created by bacteria at home or ordered in from Telesphorus factories as part of test kits that one incubates overnight in an oven,heater,warm room,drier room powered by geothermal heating etc or one using a pasteur pipette will inject sample of the mixture containing even the smallest amount of bacteria or a saliva sample can be injected into the device.Tests that need swabs of the cervix,urethrea and mouth will have reuseable biosynth nanosensor on the swabs that either send results via wifi or inserting the other side or the nanosensor laden side into the dongle without having grow agar with them cleaned with virkon.Pet and livestock could also use pipettes and even microsyringes attached to them that can intake using a button etc or pets and livestock syringes can extract blood and inject into into the dongle or their paw used to get blood pricks with again all componants and pathogens detected and the DNA of the animal analysed to open up their patient file to upload results.This will allow Paean to organise more intensive check ups using cameras,other test kits and biosynths controlled by the Home AI etc and if need be surgery and the patient given recommendations on what to do to avoid diseases and initiate actions of microbes months,years of not decades before they become serious thus alleviating strains on hospitals,cutting waiting times to zero and freeing up beds and surgery rooms in hospitals.These all in one test kits that detect pathogens and substances in the bloodstream etc will be merged together into one single one that using blood pricks,urine etc injected via Pasteur pipettes rather than separate ones will be able to detect the indity of a pathogen including parasites as well as compounds present in blood and their levels with the base microbes and also universal receptors an C.elegans mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions built into them as a single collection of millions or billions of microbes with the test kits small enough to carry around in ones pocket and ones hand,requiring only a blood prick with them using lightening jacks and USB keys connected on opposite sides or via biosynth wifi and bluetooth that one can register to any device such as smartphones,laptops with the patients leukocytes analysed by the base microbes for DNA for the patients identification alongside the patients ID input with all results of pathogens and also blood componants uploaded to ones patient file within minutes and allow for one to reuse it for at least a decade over and over again.The nanoprocessors and DNA digital storage in both the test kits themselves and the smart devices they are linked to will carry out complex calculations to determine the levels of pathogens and components in the blood within minutes.Each test kit would have millions or even billions of base microbes to allow them to interact with as much of the blood components and pathogens as possible and thus allow calculations to be made once they send data to the device and linked smart devices via biosynth wifi.Once results are measured the pathogen or compounds will be destroyed by the microbes present via CRISPR treatments,phagocytosis and also turning them into nutrients via anabolic and catabolic reactions to allow them be reused over and over again.Telesphorus,Epione,Paean will design these making them patent free with them designed to be reusable over and over again.Paean would be able to analyse results within minutes negating the need for doctor visits that would cost money and time allowing them to be done anywhere in the world including home and in vehicles where wifi and wire access is accessible cutting down on costs to zero and also stress as patients could get accurate results within minutes with Paean then analysing them once they are sent to their patient files.These dongles would also link to patient files when connected to smart devices that have each patients file opened up to allow them to be used by everyone with the base microbes also analysing the genome of the patients leukocytes to further authorise and determine the ID of the patient meaning all members of a family could use them and have their results sent to their specific files.Otherwise one would input their Patient ID into the device it is connected to beforehand and then log out to input another one.This will also apply to pets and livestock.This will allow for the identification of pathogens,compounds and their load and concentration within minutes.The use of biosynth technology could allow any pathogen or parasite to be detected and allow it to run theoretically all possible blood tests would be done with this.The accelerated healing phenotype will be able to seal the wound instantly with any infections caused by them counteracted by microbes fighting them off and also them cleaned by virkon with the microbes inside made immune to the compounds.The virkon to clean them and make it reusable could be ordered in from Telesphorus factories,made at home via bacteria using anabolic and catabolic reactions and injected into them using syringes that will also clean out the syringes themselves.If possible the base microbes could on demand via signals from Paean produce anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds and also use CRISPR to transfer suicide genes or consume them via phagocytosis and destroy compounds via anabolic and catabolic reactions to allow them to be reused over and over again.These all in one test kits will as stated use both the abilities of base microbes that use the properties of taq polymerase,CRISPR Cas-9,C.elegans but also they would use lab on a chip technology,enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA)technology and those present in existing dongles to test for HIV that are modified to test for the antibodies of all pathogens and structure of all compounds for improved accuracy and allow each one to make up for each others drawbacks.The abilities of C.elegans to recognise the structure of compounds through universal receptors will be enhanced by scratch DNA and possibly nanomaterials.Each infection and instance of each indentification of each blood component and pollutant as well as species and strain and viral,bacterial load will be logged into ones patient file.In the case of blood components and pollutants etc all of them will be indentified and logged with the levels in ppm,ppl,ppt,ppq etc.They would be designed to be reusable and last years.They will be able to hold a square inch of biocompatible microbes to hold up to 75,000 – 1,500,000 YB of storage space and RAM and even 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors in each square inch allowing for them to be small enough to be able to hold in ones hand and pocket or built into smart devices – roughly 11,303,692,539,563 – 226,073,850,791,258 times more RAM,processing power and storage space than all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined with having them stacked ontop of each other exponentially increasing this power.Nanomaterials like graphene will also be present.This would be able to give them the ability to carry out complex calculations from each drop of bloods reading from base microbes as the using a blood prick would calculate the level of blood componants,compounds in the sample size of a blood prick and thus the whole level in the entire bloodstream and thus be able to determine the healthy level with Paean doing this and determining the species of pathogen and parasite when cross referencing Physis.It would also allow the viral and bacterial load to be determined.This will allow results to be garnered within minutes with them designed to be reused over and over again.Base microbes can be used in handheld dongles or miniature lab equipment using a blood prick to determine a persons identity in the case of missing people etc by base microbes analysing the DNA via horizontal gene transfer,Cas-9 and also taq polymerase.This will also be used to add ones genome to their patient files when they are born and can be intergrated into personal electronics and even safes etc as a security measure.Both of these test kits will be ordered in from Telesphorus and will be designed to last indefinitely and also be recycled rendering hospital visits obsolete and allow one to be tested at home.These miniaturised sysmex and PCR home test kits would be able to connect to smart devices and laptops etc directly via USB ports and lightening jacks or through biosynth wifi with them requiring only a blood prick to work and would be reusable for at least a decade with result coming in within a matter of minutes.They would be small enough to fit into ones hand similar to those that are currently used to test for HIV.In fact the dongle via biosynth technology and nanomaterials could be much smaller than current dongles that test for HIV as much as a few inches wide or up to at least a third of the size of an iPhone.If possible it could be an all in one kit combing PCR and Sysmex technology that tests for pathogens and blood componants.In time it may be directly integrateed into smart devices etc rather than separate dongles.It could theoretically allow for pet and livestock owners to measure all components of their blood to again diagnose diseases(bacteria and virus borne disease),ailments etc. either via veterinarians and Paean.It would ideally be an all in one universal tests with both means to test for detecting both all types of pathogens and substances in the blood that can be reused over and over again.Those for pets and livestock could have microsyringes,use their paws with even pet and livestock owners have reusable syringes that are covered internally in a layer of liquid glass that can be cleaned routinely using virkon,bleach,gravity and water that allows for blood samples to be taken from the animal and then injected into the dongle or dongles suited for pets and livestock to allow for tests to be made.DNA read from the genome of the patients leukocytes will be read as extra confirmation of the patients ID when compared to their patient file or can be used instead of inputting the patient ID when compared to the global database.So in short by replicating this process by miniaturising XS 1000i,XP-300 and bacterial/viral PCR detection machines into dongles to connect to smart devices we could eliminate the need for STD and diagnostic clinics for both animals and humans and the clinicians that work there which would allow for quicker more accurate results for the patients whether animal and human.It will also allow for these buildings to used for other purposes such as homes and indoor farms or in the case of those in hospital grounds be used for factories of goods such as pharmaceuticals,equipment etc.These should be available by at least 2029-2035 and as stated would last forever and would since composed of biosynth technology and nanomaterials can be owned by billions allow instant access to everyone for universal tests that can detect any species and strain of pathogen and parasite and all componants of the blood meaning testing for pathogens even the latest outbreak and pandemic and componants in the blood will accessible to everyone at home since ordered in from Telesphorus factories and reuseable eliminating issues of people not having access to them and also allowing the test to be done at home and eliminate strains on hospitals and also visits to hospitals to hospitals that may spread the pathogen with Paean giving one a diagnosis within minutes with tests for blood componants able to be done at home,analysis by Paean available in minutes.For urine samples attachments that house swans laden in biosynth nanosensors can be dipped into a cup filled with urine that relays results wirelessly or that is then injected into the the single or a sample of urine can be injected using a syringe.Furthermore for analysis of pathogens and blood components that need larger samples of blood then syringes can be used and inject sizeable amounts of blood.

Home test kit dongles for livestock,pets and animals in zoos could involve blood taken from the animal using syringes by pet and livestock owners and biosynths etc that maintain community farms could be injected into home test kit dongles suited for pets and livestock similar to those used for humans connected to smart devices that house an area to have syringes docked into them to allow blood etc to be injected into them or they can be ones with microsyringes.For pets they can have their paw pressed against the kit or a syringe or micro syringe can be used to extract blood injected into it.

Ideally the results of these Sysmex tests will appear as a graph containing all components plotted with a different colour for all tests done combined over days,weeks,months,years etc but also clicking on each logged test will show the levels of each component in numbers and the normal range for each component based on factors such as age,gender etc will be in brackets next to it in order for them to compare the levels of their results to to safe levels(this could be applied to all test results at home or in clinics following the universal colour coded system of blue,yellow,green,red) for each test with changes from higher than normal,lower than normal and normal also plotted on a separate graph in a link present in the folder.This miniaturised Sysmex dongle will also allow them to monitor progress in a wide range of diseases and blood related ailments in both humans and animals.Ideally the levels of each component will be in universal measurement levels for each one with the patient able to using tickboxes and scrollbars to choose these and others such as ppm or ppb etc.All of the data from these apps and dongles would be uploaded instantly into the patients file and plotted over time on a single graph or separate graph decided by a simple tickbox at the bottom of these in the case of those that measure hormones,drugs and blood components with researchers using networks being able to choose which of these to include in studies through ticking boxes when choosing to include these specific tests in their studies sifting through all human and animal patient files making clinics and collecting of samples by researchers obsolete.In the case of animals tiny micro syringes could be attached to the end of the dongle where it suck up blood when pressed into the skin with these also placed onto the top face of the dongle for humans.In all cases including HIV dongles,cleaner fluid like virkon could be pumped into these micro syringes via applying gelpacks that contain the fluid or placing them in the fluid so it is sucked into the syringes to clean it and thus increase its shelf life.In time robots in farms that have phlebotomy robots attached to them on rail systems can intake minute levels of blood and detect all pathogens,levels of all antibiotics and measure all blood components again sent to the patient file interacting with RFID with these coated internally in liquid glass with them also administering antibiotics,vaccines and biocompatible microbes which can also be administered by feed.Advances would allow for all types of cancer biomarkers to be detected either with a blood prick and/or an appendage containing a nanosensor that can be dipped in urine or other bodily fluid samples with this including CD47 from the blood and urine.Further modifications will allow these dongles to attach to laptops and personal computers for use when a smart device is not possible.It could be possible that one side has the attachment for smart devices and one for laptops and computers like USB key on the other side though in time wireless transmitters in even dongles can send results to ones patient file by piggybacking nearby smart devices and laptops.These microsyringes could also allow blood to be taken up from pets like cats,dogs and also livestock.

Currently smartphone test kits have been developed by having samples can be mixed with microbeads that bind to cancerous cells.When these are placed in a clip on module that attaches to a iPhone camera the microbeads produce distinctive diffraction patterns when they clump around a diseased cell with this uploaded to their patient file.This test is relatively cheap(less than $5) and take only 45 minutes.Microscopes built into smart device can allow this to be done at home.Further advances will allow biomarkers for all types of cancers to be quantified in both presence and amount present.In time bio-synthetic worms that can enter the cervix modelled after worms an collect cells along the cervix walls with sensors or bristles on their body making a diagnosis or collecting cells as they escape the body into metal container that can allow for them to be stored and cleaned in virkon after they have made diagnosis with them also have cameras on them to make further analysis sent to their patient file.They could also gently scrape off cells to be removed in a container containing water that removes cells that can be extracted onto a slide using a dropper which can be placed into a patients smart device or a glass slide under a microscope attachment connected to the device(or a built in microscope in the device)to view it under a microscope with the picture sent to a healthcare staff member wirelessly to analyse it with Paean doing this when it becomes sufficiently advanced with microbeads that clump around diseased cells also an option.This can be uploaded to their patient file and replicated with prostrate exams with the worm staying in the prostrate,colon,anus and cervix indefinitely with nanosensors on them relaying the presence of cancerous cells and biomarkers.Otherwise swabs laden with nanosensors that detect biomarkers,precancerous and cancerous cells can be developed that can be attached to smart devices.These dongles could also be modified to measure levels of seratonin and other hormones associated with depression and metal ailments to allow ones progress to be tracked and medication regimes altered.

Other tools are being developed that allow for parasites in the blood to be tested with this including everything from Plasmodium and Cestoda.In the case of Cestoda and other parasites that live deep in the gastro-intestineal system,legs and other parts of the body these may detect biomarkers produced by the body in response to them such as antibodies as well the parasite themselves including eggs with xrays taken on the patient using smart devices and those in hospitals to detect their exact location.Home test kits for blood parasites also exist with new ones modelled on this to being available for all types of microbial infections.Microscopes can be built into smartphones to allow people to perform blood tests and other bodily fluid tests at home and upload photos and results to their patient file and allow them to be analysed by healthcare staff,Artemis and Paean.

Xray and MRI scanners currently can fit into a suitcase that could serve an entire community in community centres availible to all residents of the town or city when mass produced much cheaply than conventional machines with in time by at least 2045 both MRI and Xray machines theoretically being small enough to fit inside ones own personal smartphones or smart pad within the device or as dongles that can be used anytime of the year with no waiting lines and can also be done in the wilderness and also at home etc cutting costs to zero allowing for even minor injuries and conditions alongside major to be analysed instantly at home,in wilderness areas etc at zero cost and not have to use waiting lines in hospitals.They can also be integrated into smart mirrors at home.In both the cases of suitcase ones and those on phones the results of these will uploaded instantly to ones patient file with by this point ideally each patient getting their scan done.This will be through advances in nanomaterials especially those that are hexagonal allotropes of all elements on the periodic table with the same structure as graphene,carbyne,graphyne with advances in AI and biosynth technology also playing a role especially once the computing power of smart devices exceed of all of the worlds supercomputers by this point with the nanomaterials and biosynth technology that carry out the MRIs and also xray scanners being part of the smart device or even a dongle that is attached to it that is an all in one interacting with cameras and also attachments to cameras and even that since composed of these materials will be so cheap that it would cost nothing and be able to be on the whole in the first aid kits and smart devices of all patients worldwide.By 2029-2045 nanomaterials from all 94 elements similar to graphene and biosynth technology will make suitcase sized portable MRI and Xrays machines much cheaper and on par with conventional ones in hospitals allowing them to be mass produced and them to be owned by everyone as part of home test kits and first aid kits.Furthermore advancements in nanomaterials and biosynth technology will allow for them to even be built into computers laptops and smartphones directly or they can be attachments that use Biosynth bluetooth and WiFi allowing them to work wirelessly that involves the attachment through the patient or next of kin and biosynths at home scan the head of affected body making them dual ones that double as a laptop and Xray/MRI machine with attachments stored in home first aid kits making them ubiqiuotas to everyone until 2045 when they can be both built into smartphones or as attachments.The use of biosynth technology and nanomaterials would push the cost of the handheld XRay and MRI machines to the point they would cost zero to produce and thus would be in the first aid kits of all citizens worldwide and thus would allow MRI and Xray scans to be done at home and in wilderness areas this eliminating waiting lines for these and allow them to be done instantly thus increasing survival rates from injuries sustained with the scams uploaded into ones digital patient file and analysed by Pean within minutes.In time mammography and DEXA machines can be theoretically built into laptops,smart devices and handheld companion devices.Mobile,laptop and smart phone based MRI and Xray scanners will be designed to utilise the magnetic field generated by planet Earth to function without complex coils in conventional machinery or use miniature companion devices small enough to carry around the size of a smart device or bag that create these magnetic fields that uses fast charging biosynth batteries that can be charged once plugged in to be used anywhere in the world with them using biosynth batteries that allow it the devices to be portable.The ability to generate these magnetic fields will be even integrated into smart devices and laptops themselves.Magnetospirillum,Geobacter metallreducens,Geobacter sulfurreducens,Shewanella oneidensis,Electrophorus electricus,Apidea,Hymenoptera,Chiroptera and scratch DNA as well as nanomaterials of all 94 elements will play a key role in this ability to generate this magnetic field in handheld devices and those built into laptops and even smartphones and biosynth technology will make all iterations have more computing than all supercomputers worldwide as of 2016 making MRI and Xray scanners built into laptops and even smartphones possible and ubiquitous by 2029-2045.Thus by 2029-2045 onwards MRI,XRay and even mammography and DEXA machinery could theoretically be built into smartphones,smart mirrors and laptops either directly built into them or if not or prior to this even come as separate attachments connected to them including those that are handheld ones that use biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth interacting with each other and smartphones and laptops composed of biosynth technology and nanomaterials that would be ordered in from Telesphorus factories and stored in first aid kits and using the biosynth technologies that house the aforementioned DNA and nanomaterials from all 94 elements to allow of MRI and Xray scans to be done at home and in the wilderness at any time of the day thus negating the need for waiting lines in hospitals pushing the cost for these to zero with results analysed by Paean within minutes.These will be part of all patients home and first aid test kits.This will eliminate waiting lines for MRI scans and xrays etc to zero as they could be done at home or onsite of accidents etc and them live-streamed and fed into patient files to be then analysed by Paean instantly.Even mammography could be done this way.At first by 2029-2035 suitcase sized MRI and Xray machines the size of a suitcase of laptop with an attachment will be able to be mass produced via nanomaterials of all 94 elements similar to Graphene and Biosynth technology to be in the first aid and home test kits of all citizens worldwide with by 2045 they will be built into laptops and smartphones.In both cases this will cut waiting lines for Xrays and MRI scans to zero as they will be done at home and in the wilderness and would be carried out and analysed by Paean within minutes cutting their costs to zero.These will be part of home test kits in the hand of all patients worldwide as Biosynth technology and nanomaterials from all 94 elements allowing them to be mass produced and will use the magnetic field generated by the Earth and magnetic fields generated by itself to generate the magnetic field for them to work.Those on space stations and interstellar vehicles will use those in nearby stellar bodies although these may have compact versions that generate these.They may also use magnetic fields created by devices next to them etc on the space station etc..Until this is perfected suitcase xray and MRI machines that are done in hospitals or at home via general physicians etc bringing them there or them in community centres to serve all patients in a town or city alongside those in vehicles that travel to a persons address can be used to alleviate strains on those in hospitals.Smaller models can be made of biosynth technology and nanomatrials that can fit inside of vehicles and also also be small enough to have several fit inside a room that could normally fit one large one will alleviate strains and waiting lines.These suitcase sized MRI and X-ray machines and attachments for those built into laptops and smartphones can be mass produced to be owned by everyone worldwide at home as part of first aid kits using biosynth technology and nanomaterials to cut costs to zero thus allowing Xrays and MRI scans and possibly DEXA scans and mammograms to be done at home and onsite of accidents in the wilderness.These suitcase sized MRI,Xray and DEXA machines will be ubiquitous to home test kits of patients worldwide by 2029 with by 2035-2045 them ubiquitous in smartphones through upgrades through biosynth WiFi or buying new smartphones or buying wireless attachments.MRI scans will be done of all patients when advancements shrink these to the size of suitcases and also smart devices by 2029-2035 making them cheaper and more accurate thus allowing for Paean to detect neurological conditions,homosexuality,bisexuality and transgenderism where genetic markers may not be enough to detect them especially in the case of pre teens and adolescents and even make it easier to narrow down them when both MRI scans and also genetic fingerprints are combined together and again him comparing the genome and MRI scans of patients that have these and those that dont to determine this with it also allow for him to carry out studies on the minute neurological variances amongst billions of people worldwide based on gender,age,race,sexuality etc and studies on the effects of environment on the brain.The MRI scans like Xrays will be uploaded and stored in ones patient files to be used in studies by Pasan.Thus they will not only be used to carry out MRI scans for ones health but also for scientific studies from billions of people across the world.Those in hospitals will utilise nanomaterials from all 94 elements similar to graphene and biosynth technology as well to be more compact,cheaper and accurate.Remaining Xray,MRI and DEXA and mammogram machines in hospitals,space stations and interstellar vehicles will be composed of biosynth technology and nanomaterials to make them more compact enough for each hospital etc to house dozens of them and can be ones that move around using KIVA systems that can be stored in storerooms by being folded up and be directed to rooms they are used in including patient wards as well as with these technologies making them exponentially cheaper and exponentially more accurate and faster making them more readily mass produced and faster than existing models.As a result of this each hospital could hold several MRI/Xray machines present reducing waiting lines exponentially.Nanomaterials and biosynth technology could make them exponentially cheaper,faster,accurate,compact and lighter allowing them to be mass produced for hospitals worldwide replacing existing models and allow MRI/Xray machines to be on cruise ships and interstellar vehicles.The biosynth technology and nanomaterials will replace all expensive and scare elements in them to do this.

Automated mini-defibrillators will be present in all hospitals as well as all public buildings such as amenities,restaurants etc with them even able to be ordered in as first aid kits for patients at home and trips to wilderness areas once biosynth technology and nanomaterials allow them to be mass produced.Automated CPR machines will be present in all aforementioned public buildings as well.In time they will be modified to be folded into neater parts etc that can be assembled by hand easily from instructions from Paean to allow them to come in their own plastic suitcase that is light and strong to be carried around and even ordered in by homeowners for themselves as part of first aid kits that can be brought to trips to the wilderness.Having they composed of biosynth technology,biosynth batteries and nanomaterials will bring their costs to zero and become ubiquitous to all patients first aid kits worldwide and all public buildings worldwide.

Apps developed that allow women to track their ovulation calendar and period tracker with body temperature tests and ovulation home test kits aiding in this can be integrated into Paean and ones patient file.The schedule of their ovulation over coming decades could be also put into their patient file in a sub folder to allow them to plan for pregnancies during their lifetime.Implants that measure hormones in the womb and bloodstream can be used to gain a more accurate log with them coloured specific colours chosen by the patient.The same can also apply to both menstruation and also the days before and after ovulation where a female is still vulnerable to becoming pregnant both in different colours decided by the user.Results of pregnancy tests will also be logged wirelessly alongside the conception and expected date of birth will also be logged determined via calculations using data regarding their ovulation schedule and other data with these containing microchips to wirelessly send data to patient file.Home pregnancy tests using biosynth technology will wirellessly relay tests to their patient file but will in time be replaced by bio-synth implants that detect levels of hormones in the womb and urine.These will mark the days for each female patient is fertile and can conceive children in a calendar of the year in her patient file as distinct colours including days bordering the peak days with the days she is fertile marked different similar shaded colours that mark the days she is at her peak time for conception and the border point during each month as a coloured bell curve with each day holding a percentage number of how successful conception and IVF pregnancies can both be with her entire menstruation cycle marked for each month on a calendar in her patient file for the coming years,decades etc.Home test kits that detect pollutants etc will using base microbes measure hormones related to their fertility and menstruation cycle on demand at anytime or during a month when tested every day for a month will measure the levels of hormones and thus allow Paean to extrapolate these cycles for the coming months and thus years.Biosynth implants may also cater to this.This will allow females to plan out normal conception of pregnancy and even surrogacy and IVF programmes to determine the best days to be impregnated by IVF,including for surrogacy programmes and sexual intercourse with partners to increase chances of fertilisation etc and also when to avoid unsafe sex to avoid conception.Biosynth technology on test kits and different cameras on smart devices can act as fertility test kits for males to test motility and overall fertility and what days etc he is most fertile and motile marked on calendars in his patient files.Birthing beds have been developed that allow the process of giving birth less stressful and in fact will allow in the future for robotic midwives or automated methods for delivering babies to be developed to assist and then eventually replaced.Paean will be able to direct people how to perform emergency pregnancies if they are unable to reach a hospital and do so in hospitals.In time even abortions would be automated with abortion clinics moved to hospitals with them ideally only used to accommodate situations where there is a threat to the life of the mother and aid in miscarriages with adoption used for all other situations through the sentient global adoption agency Amalthea with gene therapy and microbes possibly used to correct deformities caused by incest as well as Downs syndrome and other developmental disorders.Augmentations and microbes could even prevent situations that could lead to miscarriages and stillbirths as well as situations that would lead to the death of the mother by keeping both alive in these instances.The ability of microbes to turn on/off fertility at the behest of males and females will negate any unwanted pregnancies especially those that result from rape.The abolition of money will negate issues of children being a burden financially with as stated the ability to turn on/off ones fertility will give both females and males the ability to control how many children they want and when they want children with any unwanted ones sent to either the sentient Amalthea and also any relatives or friends.This could negate abortions caused by rape.Microbes and augmentations will be able to keep both mothers and infants that are at risk of death in pregnancy alive thus negating the need for abortions that are done in a case where both may be at risk of death by repairing damaged organs and vessels and also fighting of infections etc.This should make abortions irrelevant and unnesscery.Adoption through the sentient global adoption agency Amalthea will be a viable alternative to abortions where the child is unwanted with microbes etc keeping the mother and child alive in instances where the birth would endanger the life of the mother and child with incest based deformities and Downs Syndromes etc cured via CRISPR.Thus abortions should become unnecessary in all instances including rape.Paean will guide any staff present to perform these if specialists are not available and can compare the DNA of both parents and determine the likelihood that their child will develop specific genetic diseases both or either one could pass onto them as well as theoretically determine the likeliest genetic codes or genotypes and thus phenotypes they would develop.Sperm test kits for smart devices have been developed that will allow Paean to analyse the results.

Ultrasounds will be put in both the mothers and newborns(before they are even born) patient file and thanks to advancements in technology can now be the size of an attachment that can be attached to smartphones,laptops,computers and similar devices with it and the creme that is needed to perform it via Telesphorus sent to the patients home allowing them to be performed at home anytime and uploaded to the patient file alleviating strains on staff.Smart televisions linked to smart devices and computers can stream the video in real time while it is being done on smart devices and computers with computers also streaming it from linked smart devices.The ultrasound will be logged into both the mothers patient file and transferred to the child’s file when DNA tests are done by Paean who will analyse them in real time and guide patients how tondo them.This will allow ultrasounds to be done at home by the mother and friends and Home AI in biosynths.This and other audio visual files on the patients file with their consent can be downloaded onto their devices and Hestia accounts and uploaded onto YouTube,social media accounts as well as sent to others via email.Eventually advancements in holographic scanning technology that take scans of the fetus from all angles alongside holo lens and google glasses will transform this traditional method allowing for live 3D holographic images of the fetus to be rendered and uploaded to their patient file(both the mothers and the unborn) and even 3D printed.The ultrasound attachment ordered from Telesphorus factories can be traded on Euthenia either by hand or by mail when no longer needed when the baby is born with them ordered in when a person discovers they are pregnant allowing them to be logged by date;time,day,week,month etc in the files of both individuals.They can be kept if the patient plans to have more children or used by friends.Being composed of nothing but biosynth technology,nanomaterials and biosynth plastic will make them faster,cheaper and able to be recycled.As stated composed of nothing but microbes increasing computing power and visual accuracy with them recording not just visual feeds but also audio into ones patient file.In time the ability to carry out ultrasounds can be integrated into smart phones using the same technology as built in MRI machines ie biosynth technology and nanomaterial rendering attachments obsolete with this added to them via upgrades.One will order in these attachments from Telesphorus factories alongside the relevant cream.The creame will be composed of ingredients created by genetically engineered bacteria to cut its costs to zero.Paean can guide them on how to use it via the phone since they will be able to see it in the patient file in real time when the staff are looking at it in the patients file as it is uploaded in real time or when it is recorded with again Paean taking over this when sentient.These will alleviate strains on healthcare staff and can be traded on Euthenia or recycled when not needed anymore.

Prescription glasses will be made according to the parameters to each individual patient from eye exams carried out at home by Paean by having the machinery used to create them and contact lenses integrated into Telesphorus factories created by automated machinery using custom made 3D printed frames using the parameters of the size of the lenses with tests on their efficacy done by the patient and Paean.These will be ordered in from these Telesphorus factories.In time these will become fully automated by robotic hands etc and them delivered to a persons home thus allowing the machinery to be moved to Telesphorus factories with the frames designed by the patient housing these custom made glasses to be fully customised.Augmented reality can be integrated into prescription glasses via graphene and biosynth technology within their matrix which can also make them shatterproof and thus last indefinitely with energy coming from graphene and quantum dot technology and even have zoom capabilities controlled by voice commands,linked smart devices and also eye movements and in time neural implants.Liquid glass in a permenant layer will make them dirt and fog proof.Contact lenses production can be fully automated again in Telesphorus factories by modifying the production process of them removing all human labour with further advancements extending them from 1 year contacts that last twelve months to lifelong lenses that last forever to cut down on energy for producing them all the time this can include a permenant layer of liquid glass present on them and having Graphene integrated into their matrix.In time advances in 3D glass printing,automation and nanotech fabricators can facilitate all steps of both items production.Current models developed by google are capable of detecting glucose levels 24/7 and blood alcohol levels with augmented reality and recording being a possibility via graphene sheets for streaming data from the wire,internet, computers and smart devices with permanent layers of liquid glass making them dirt repellent,easy to clean and thus prevent infection if they get dirty and the graphene making them shatterproof both of which can allow them to be reused indefinitely and last a lifetime.Biosynth technology will improve their ability to measure glucose etc.All of these prescription glasses and lenses would be custom made to suit the individuals eye size and ailements and can be stored in their patient file.Laser eye surgery will in time be done by the hospital AI through automated machinery with advances in automation,robotics,bio-synths.Furthermore in time biocompatible microbes will be able to rectify virtually any deformity such as blindness,near and short sightedness through CRISPR treatments and forming relevant tissues.

A wide variety of home test kits exist to treat virtually every major diseases such as diabetes,HIV,cancers and cholesterol levels.These can be placed in the toilet where they detect levels of sugars,salts,proteins and biomarkers for specific(and in time all) cancers from urea and stools or require a simple blood sample via a prick on a miniature dongle on a smartphone so as to send them straight to the patient file.Those in toilets would have to have the ability to measure multiple tests over at least a month or several months or even years so as to ensure they dont have to be replaced to often with a reminder sent to either the Home AI and patient file to replace it with new ones ordered in automatically when needed with them registered to the Home AI.Furthermore they would need to have a small wifi chip/transmitter to allow results to connect to another chip in the toilet that save results(logged by date) and then upload them to their patient file via smartdevices that come into close proximity or those in their home.For a person living by themselves it is ideal to ensure stability of results that they have a second guest toilet for people other than themselves or with people who live with families or friends then it is ideal that the chips be placed in a toilet reserved for them only with each member of the dwelling having their own toilets in ensuites.This would ensure that contamination would not occur leading to conflict of the results and prevent graphs from appearing messy and scattered the Home AI blanking results from guests or other people that use them to negate results that do not come from that specific patient.Otherwise they could serve multiple people and send results to the specific patient files by Paean and Home AI/Hestia interacting with each other when each person uses them including guests with these also testing urine and feces for not just cancer biomarkers but for STDs that require urine and stool samples with the Home AI and Paean interacting with each other meaning they would serve new residents when they move home with ones smart devices linked to the kits in toilets.The same system of them connected to the wire via Moirai,other operating softwares and Paean will also apply to public toilets in public buildings including communal homes and hospitals and all of those in the street.They can be used to detect levels of sugars,salts,proteins etc in both urine and feces.Biosynth technology will improve accuracy and patient ID via WiFi etc.Paean will by interacting with Home AI etc determine which of the worlds billions of patients is using the toilet and thus had their itinerary etc tested.Those that require saliva or blood samples can be integrated into dongles or attachments that connect them to smart devices with those requiring urine samples being attached to small sticks that can be inserted into reuseable plastic cups.Biosynth technology integrated int them can allow for better accuracy and even detect the patients name in public toilets and those in homes through determining DNA present in urine etc.These can be integrated into dongles for use at home or anywhere in the world.

Pill cameras are small pill shaped cameras that when digested take numerous pictures per second of the gastro-intentional tract to detect signs of malabsorption,tumours and other signs of gastro-intestinal diseases.Advancements need to be made in order to make them more accurate as well as possibly wirelessly transmit and record continuous video feeds in high definition(720p,1080p or even 4k) instead of pictures to the persons patient file and travel much slower to more accurately detect tumours along the gastro-intestinal tract with it designed to move very slowly to allow it to catch as much of the gastro-intestinal tract as possible including the oesophagus,stomach as well as small and large intestines.These video feeds would be more accurate in detecting pre cancerous tumours than pictures(which have the drawback of not being able to properly detect early forms of these)with healthcare staff and even better Paean scanning through them to detect the slightest signs of any damage,ulcers,tumours and precancerous tumours especially in the oesophagus,bowels and anus.Its structure should be spherical to view 360 degrees.How to videos from Paean can give people performing this at home i.e. placing sensors on the chest or have the pill be detectable by smart devices and have the data recorded onto smart devices for uploading it to the patients file(alongside other data such as time of begging the test and time of sensations) once ordered in from Telesphorus.Sensors could be placed inside to make it detectable on smart devices as its travels through the human GI allowing it to recycle it rather than allowing it to contaminate the sewer systems though when it is broken down in the sewer system by shredders the metals and graphene can be collected by graphene sheets allowing it to be recycled.Further advancements in nanotechnology may allow for the capsule to be composed of graphene and biosynth technology thus making it cheaper to produce and break down in the sewers through mechanical action and separated via graphene sheets.In any case all of these pill cameras will have to be coated with liquid glass to make them acid proof and be able to pass through the stomach undamaged with graphene/carbyne made ones able to survive mechanical action of the stomach due to its strength to then take pictures and live feeds of the all of the bowels(both small and large intestine) and anus as it exits the body.If possible they could be composed of nothing but biosynth sensors and cameras with recombinant DNA from acidophiles to survive the stomach and Stomatopoda and scratch DNA to allow for high definition live-streamed visual feeds and photos to be taken with them using biosynth WiFi to relay its location and when in the toilet or sewers have all cells undergone apoptosis.Them composed of biocompatible microbes etc could allow for them to house acidophile DNA to survive the stomach,allow its location in the gastrointestinal tract to be determined constantly by Paean and and allow him to receive all camera readings instantly and allow him to send signals to undergo apoptosis when not needed in toilets or even the patients body.The entirety of these recordings would be wirelessly uploaded into ones patient file instantly in real time alongside a diagnosis by healthcare staff and Paean with a 3D map of the GI tract including location of tumours and precancerous tumours also included in the folder containing each recording.The GPS location of the pill camera in the gastro intestinal tract and time till it it is to be defecated will be relayed to the patient and Paean at all times to allow one to see how far down the tract it is with the video live-streams fed into ones patient files and it used as a means to generate a 3D image map.Paean will analyse the video feeds in real time thus allowing for real time analysis.If possible the pill camera will create a livestream video analysed by Paean in real time but also using this create a photogrammetric map of the entire gastrointestinal tract that then can be used by Paean to anslyse the entire tract for scarring caused by heartburn and acid reflux and polyps etc associated with cancers and other conditions of this tract.These pill cameras will analyse all of the gastrointestinal tract such as the oesophageal,stomach and small and large intestine.Other invasive procedures that look at the interior of the human body like that of the oesophagus should be replicated in a similar manner to cut down on costs and allow them to performed anywhere in the world.Dongles or other home test kits can be developed that detect biomarkers of esophageal and bowel cancer tumours present in urea,blood or feces can be developed to work alongside this to increase its accuracy in detecting tumours.How to videos from Paean would guide patients on how to use them with them mailed to ones home alongside laxitives need to houses.Conventional endoscopies and colonoscopy ones could be done with robots replacing nurses to guide the camera down and up both orifices or by the wire holding the camera having artificial muscular systems that allow it move by itself into the orifices with them transmitting live camera feeds to the patients file with them covered in liquid glass to negate cleaning,fogging up of the camera or transmitting pathogens with them treated to blasts of UV light to sterilise.Variations of these could have fine Biosynth bristles etc that can collect cells along the oesophagus and colon that can be tested by robots,staff or patients themselves in labs or home test kits analysed by Paen.Sedatives will be given by robots or phlebotomy robots or synthesised by microbes.Otherwise a snake or shrimp like bio-synth or robots can be placed into the mouth coated in liquid glass,have acidophile DNA and pass through the entire gastro-intestinal tract including the stomach streaming live video feeds to the patients file with these again collecting cells along the way and storing them inside them.Paean will guide the patient through all steps in both cases from preparation to what steps to take the following days and what drinks and foods to avoid before and after.

All home test kits like remaining pharmaceuticals and gloves,masks for the public will be ordered in from local Telesphorus factories via Hephaestus and be delivered and performed within as little as 24 to 168 hours since the factories that produce them will be within ones region and in time from nanotech and picotech fabricators almost instantly.This will allow people access to lifesaving and essential tests for diseases and results from them almost instantly within at most a week or as little as a day without having to compete for limited time,schedules etc from human clinicians and specialists that would otherwise cost precious time that would have been lost and prevented them from diagnosing and treating diseases very early on thus improving ones chances or survival and would negate the need to travel or even reschedule due to conflicts of schedules with this greatly alleviating strains on a hospitals resources.As a result of ordering these test kits patients will get access to life saving tests that could detect conditions years or decades or even just months ahead that will allow for test results and analysis of them Paean and have him to then decide the best course of treatment within minutes.Since these will be ordered in from local Telesphorus factories as part of manufacturing hubs at most it will take three to five days to get the home test kits and then as stated a few minutes to get results with them designed to be reused over and over again with them meaning one will not have to wait weeks or even months for them to organise meetings with consultants and then specialists who live in other cities or even have to travel to another country,take time consuming and lengthy tests,wait weeks for results to be be then analysed by them and then have to schedule another meeting with their specialist or another weeks later and even then have to wait weeks for action to be taken on cancers,infections etc and then have to schedule for more tests over the years that again will require one to travel to hospitals each test taking weeks for results to be availible.They will utilise both biosynth technology and nanomaterials from all 94 elements for speed,accuracy and make them compact enough to fit into smart devices as well as allow results to sent via biosynth WiFi etc.Having them designed to be reused over and over again will mean one will not have to order them in over and over again thus ensuring they will not have to compete with the manufacture of other test kits saving time and the next tests can be taken on the spot without having to travel to a specialists over and over again.Those integrated into smart devices themselves will also cut down on waiting lines.Since they will be created and designed by AI specifically Paean and Epione and be composed of nanomaterials and biosynth technology they will cost literally zero to patients with the fact that Paean will be sentient and replace all human specialists will allow him to be accessed by billions of patients at once 24/7,365 days a year on smart phones and laptops at a whims notice without waiting lines or making appointments providing a a free universally gold standard service to everyone at no cost.Paean,Epione etc will carry out research into new home test kits.Ideally all test kits will be built into smart phones including those gained from biosynth WiFi updates as well as all in one test kits dongles that can have updates and be designed to be reusable if not recycled.Smart phones etc composed of biosynth technology will receive new test kits and improvements to these via updates via biosynth WiFi.All in one test kits that are dongles will use biosynth WiFi to get new features.They will be ordered in by him automatically when needed,arrive at home in a few days,the test themselves will take a few minutes and he will be able to interpret results that are uploaded to the patients file within minutes of the test taken and then suggest the next step within minutes with since reusable they will be taken again with results made in minutes again with him arranging what to do next instantly via changing ones diet or him activating microbes to carry out functions such as fight tumours,infections etc.This will eliminate waiting lines,the need to wait for important tests and meetings with all of this done at home and also bring costs to zero.It will also save time and energy in travel and alleviate strains on hospitals significantly.Ideally once they become available even before one gets sick or needs them and once Telesphorus factories as part of localised manufacturing hubs are set up Paean over the course of a year have the AIs of each Telesphorus factories in each manufacturing hub will have first aid kits created in batches to be delivered to each patients home in every town,village and city in their state,region,country around the world that has all types of home test kits ie automated defibrillators,CPR machines,miniature MRI/X-ray etc dongle,wireless blood pressure monitor,electrocardiography attachment,digital breathalysers and thermometers,automated defibrillators and CPR machines,X-stat,Vertigel,Life Vac apparatuses all in one PCR/Sysmex dongle and other key test kits for all types of conditions alongside antivenom for all local flora and fauna etc alongside scissors,gauze plasters etc and creme ensuring all patients worldwide have all these even before they ever need them with them created by genetically altered bacteria,nanomaterials and biosynth technology and biosynth plastic to bring there costs to zero.Patients will be alerted by him of this and when they will arrive with them delivered in batches to multiple people at once.As time goes by he will order in new more advanced versions when he prompts the patient and they will authorise it’s manufacturing and delivery.Hephaestus will in the Telesphorus sub networks house not just entire first aid kits but each individual component one can order in separately.Thus one can order in both whole test kits but also each individual part of home test kits individually.All female patients will given ultrasounds in their first aid kits.To cut costs to zero all ingredients of vertigel,Xstat,gauzes and cremes will be created by genetically engineered bacteria with all electronic based ones have metal parts of them such as casings will be composed of strong thermo biosynth plastics possibly mixed with graphene with internal components and circuitry will be composed entirely of biosynth technology with plastic parts composed of different types of biosynth plastics.Having all parts composed of these materials will cut costs to zero thus allowing them to be mass produced worldwide to allow them be in every patients home and all public buildings.This will ensure that each patient has them onsite of the prior to when they are needed for emergencies.Gauze,antivenom,creme etc can be ordered in from local Telesphorus factories whenever it runs out by Paean with him ordering in lost or damaged test kits and new ones will be ordered in when MRI scanners etc becomes obsolete and old ones will recycled and he will order the newest version in for all patients over a specified period of time.By having all in one first aid kits housing all home test kits created onsite of each local Telesphorus factories worldwide and delivered to all patients in each town,cities,villages worldwide in one managed by Paean in one go over the course of a year or two or more will ensure that all key home test kits will be available to all patients worldwide prior them being needed thus eliminating the wait for lifesaving tests.This will be done by them created in large separate batches in each local Telesphorus factories and delivered to each patient by automated vehicles with Paean giving them the address of each patient and the patient notified of the estimated delivery with them via their Hephaestus account notified of the GPS location of vehicle delivering them and estimated time of arrival as a countdown in days,hours,minutes with them delivered in batches to all patients in all homes in all towns,villages and cities around the world with communal homes have one for each apartment,suite,penthouse etc with families have one first aid kit for each family to save time etc but each minor under the age of 14 can order in their own first aid kit with all of these when they move out of their parents residence by themselves.Paean will order AIs of all Telesphorus factories in all manufacturing hubs worldwide to create these in batches to be delivered to the homes of all patients worldwide with communal homes such as apartment blocks and hotel style homes having batches for each resident in batches.Each private home and each suite or apartment in communal homes should have at least one of these created and delivered with Paean cross referencing the address of patients in patient files and direct interaction to ensure only enough for each single private home and each apartment is produced and prevent overproduction of them with families,married or dating couples and friends living in the same private home and apartment sharing the same test kit with if they move out themselves then they will have one ordered for them and delivered to the private home arranging it with Paean.Large families will have multiple ones created and delivered.Thus by 2029-2035 all patients worldwide should have these first aid kits with all of these home test kits present at home to allow them to be ready for use when needed and negate waiting times.These will also be manufactured and delivered to all public buildings such as restaurants,amenities,seaports,cruise ships,airports and aeroplanes and universities with large buildings having multiple first aid kits based on their size with the AI in charge of these ordering the various components when they run out of them.New first aid kits can be developed for each species of pet animal including canines,felines,reptiles,rodents,equines and all species of livestock with them like human ones ordered in from Telesphorus factories.All ambulances,police officer vehicles,army barracks,police stations and if possible all public buildings such as public amenities,universities,courts,bars,restaurants once they become cheaper to mass produce will have these first aid kits in them alongside mini defibrillators.This will alleviate strains on Telesphorus factories by between 60-90% as hospitals will be the main groups ordering in all medical supplies from them on.This combined with Paean at beck and call to everyone 24/7,365 days via his phone number and able to view injuries etc at home 24/7,365 days a year,biosynth implants and microbes present in bodies will carry out preventive care allowing conditions to be spotted and treated early on at home thus not only saving lives but by acting on conditions early on will negate the need for hospital visits and surgeries later on.This will reduce hospital traffic and waiting lines in all hospitals worldwide by between 50-90%.All types of home tests will utilise both biosynth technology and also nanomaterials of all 94 elements to improve speeds,accuracy and make them exponentionally cheaper,faster and more compact cutting their costs to zero.These will house nanoprocessors and DNA digital storage from tissues formed from microbes with one square inch of microbes capable of holding 75,000 – 1,500,000 YB of storage space and RAM and even 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors with them also housing schwarzires of graphene,grpahene itself and allotropes and schwarzites of similar structure of other elements on the periodic table and also those similar to Boron nitride and Indium selenide.This can allow complex calculations to be carried out giving them more computing power than all current supercomputers as of 2016 combined.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials can allow for accurate sensors to be integrated into them.Uprgrades for microbes can be created within minutes in vivo or in home 3D DNA printers.Componants composed of plastics will be created by bacteria as well as biosynth plastics to cut costs to zero.Clinics,labs and waiting rooms in these areas of hospitals that house specialists and where tests are taken can be converted into extra wards,automated labs,booths for blood and urine testing and blood donation.Automated testing booths would still be operational and could still be used by the public with these since taking only mere minutes would also allow one access to them quickly as well a each person in the waiting rooms would go in and out and receive results in a few minutes alleviating strains on limited healthcare staff and allow patients important tests to be done almost instantly with waiting lines being very quick as one would simply go in,donate blood via phlebotomy robots and then leave instantly with results sent to their patient file and analysed by Paean within a few minutes allowing him to instantly recommend the next step ie create relevant upgrades for microbes or apply relevant anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds etc.In time once home test kits are perfected testing booths will become extra wards,surgery rooms etc.Those that are not connected to smart devices will have to have microchips that can wirelessly transfer results to ones patient file instantly (including date and time) into their specific folder and sub folders via smart devices connected to the patient file.The microchip will be blank and the smart device will via the app automatically register it to their patient ID once they enter their patient file in the Aesculapius app,thus all test kits will be registered to work,merge and link to the Aesculapius network via Paean so as to ensure that all of them are authorised by both the medical community and also the global form of the FDA that regulates and authorizes them for use and certify that they are accurate and effective alongside all medical treatments,pharmaceuticals etc are used worldwide.This means all treatments and drugs will have the same legality worldwide.When inserted in they would open up menus like one that would show how to videos and animations on how to use them complimented by instructions from Paean with another menu to start using them alongside another menu to see its certification and also details on its efficacy and accuracy and how long they can be used for and how many uses they have left and how many times they have been used.One will insert their patient ID or that of a pet or blood samples will analyse leukocytes and use ones DNA to identify them.Existing apps linked to specific tests will be merged into one for humans,livestock and pets for uniformity within Paean in Aesculapius with him having menus and submenus that deal with each type of home test kits,test results and area of his specialty.Paean and these home test kits will allow tests to be carried out anywhere in the world,allow researchers to carry out their work from anywhere in the world and allow clinics to be used as homes or factories for medicines.Ideally all home test kits will be designed to be reusable and last as long as possible even indefinitely especially those prone to or suffering from chronic conditions such as HIV,cancer,anaemia,heart conditions etc.with micro syringes attached that can allowing virkon,bleach and other cleaner fluid to be injected into the test kit or simply wash them with these fluids.Those that cannot be reused will have them ordered in for set periods of time such as several weeks or six months to even a full year worth of tests for those that suffer from chronic conditions once determined to be positive by the first series of tests etc or shorter periods for those that suffer illness or conditions that are not chronic.These would be recycled with electronics or other wastes depending on what they are composed of and could be traded on Euthenia.New ones should be developed to replace all tests that require hospital visits including lengthy invasive procedures that require a private parts to be touched and viewed i.e. pap smears and prostrate exams or even bio-synths with cameras that can be inserted into the mouth,cervix and anal cavity for signs of tumours such as oral problems such as those associated with oropharyngeal and throat cancers where live feeds photos are sent to the patients file,healthcare staff remotely using HD cameras and lights attached to pens and analysed by them and in time Paean for analysis remotely and uploaded to their patient file and biopsies can be taken at home and analysed by the Paean app within Aesculapius on smartdevice kits as detailed above.All home test kits like all lab equipment in testing labs should be biosynth based to allow for all base and other microbes utilise biosynth WiFi,Bluetooth and have obscene amounts of computing power and utilise Cas-9,taqpolymerase,the abilities of C.elegans etc to make them fast,cheap and accurate.Tests performed by gynecologists that involve ones cervix and genitals to be observed can be replaced by next of kin using smart contact lenses,glasses and smart phones observing taking photos and live feeds of these areas which can be analysed by healthcare staff on the otehr side of the world Paean once sufficiently advanced and when in time fully sentient will have him guiding next of kin to how to do this.This would alleviate strains on hospitals and staff significantly since they would be ordered in by Paean from nearby factories in manufacturing hubs and also microfactories.Those for pets and livestock will be modelled on those for humans that intake blood etc from a prick of blood,microsyringes present and also extracting blood from the animal using reusable syringes coated in liquid glass and cleaned with virkon and bleach and gravity and the blood then injected into the test kit with AI designing them for animals that require little human labour.In time bio-synth implants can be developed that are inserted into the cervix and anal cavity as well as prostrate that can using sensors and cameras detect cancerous and pre-cancerous tumors and collect them where they can be deposited into container where they are released and analysed using microscopes attached to smart devices and results analysed by healthcare staff and Paean and/or through microbeads.As stated rather than separate apps for each home kit they would instead be all linked to the the wire and Aesculapius and thus their patients digital file.All audio/visual feeds and data results will be uploaded to their relevant folders in their patient file for analysis by both Paean and healthcare staff and ideally they should also be all in one kits being able to test multiple things or components of blood,urine and other bodily fluids ie a dongle that detects multiple cancer biomarkers including those that the patients DNA shows they have a susceptibility to or one that detect multiple or all STDs or detect and perform all types of eye exams in one etc.In time they can be modified to detect heavy metals and their concentration including lead,cadmium,uranium and all elements and ores toxic to humans.If possible measures can be take to make them last indefinitely to cut down on resources for producing new ones for example to be able to clean then with Virkon or bleach for example allowing them to be reused over and over again with liquid glass possibly playing a role.These people who have predisposition to cancers and also other diseases can have the test kits ordered automatically over their lifetime,in batches or for set periods of times that can be changed in their Hephaestus account as well as taking routine xray and MRIs scheduled in hospitals and also smart devices beginning again from the start of the puberty.Ideally all people who enter their 30’s or 40s or even mid to late teens should take genetic screening,tests using dongles that detect multiple biomarkers for all cancers,examinations done by them selves and next of kin(guided by Paean) alongside routine xrays using home test kits on smart devices and mirrors,mobile vehicles and in hospitals organised by Paean based on ones likelihood of developing cancer in order to detect any cancers that can occur by random very early to allow for Paean to make a diagnosis and organise early treatment with these xray scans at home,in vehicles and in hospitals taking pictures of their entire body as well as specific sections such as breasts,bowel,lungs,brain,mouth,neck and genital areas all stored in folders and subfolders in their patient files and logged by date with Paean using timelapse videos using these photos to track progression of any detected cancers.Those whose cancer has subsided and disappeared can continue to do so for years or even decades later to ensure it can be detected early if it returns to allow it to be treated very quickly.If perfected home test kits in toilets and dongles could allow precancerous tumours to be detected at least a decade before they form tumours thus giving patients a chance to act on them quickly with if possible the biocompatible microbes actions killing them off or stunting their growth and spread giving patients even more time to act.Ideally all patients even those who dont have predispositions to cancer should have home test kits to detect cancers or at least internal implants to ensure they are detected early on with in time biocompatible microbes will be fitted with nanomachines that will alert Paean and thus the patient with them acting instantly.Since stored in specific folders of patient files when wirelessly uploaded their instantly researchers can easily scan through all the results of each or multiple tests from these kits alongside Paean for studies in billions of patient files.The results of all home and laboratory tests kits would sent instantly via wifi to ones patients file in folders and subfolders logged by date be plotted over days,weeks,months and years or even decades in their relevant folder with results and levels of biomarkers and components,results etc marked by an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger for each with safe or normal level ranges in brackets for their age,gender etc.One could see these as graphs using tickboxes and in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq.Smart clothing,implants and wireless test kits will relay data in real time via the biosnth wifi connected to the wire or store them in nearby smart devices and computers wirelessly or the devices themselves(including building or even wilderness and city networks and devices not owned by the user and access their patient file through it) even those not owned by them which will them be sent into their relevant folders once wire access is regained with the same applying to other test kits.They may even use nearby devices not owned by the patient and building and wilderness AI that may have access to the wire to get to their specific patient file by piggybacking the devices through Hestia and other software.Cellular access on all devices and even piggy backing on satellites and nanomachines and implants may be used in the wilderness with Paean interacting with them in fragmented forms that can send this data in packages or again piggyback on satellites.Paean will analyse results of all home and laboratory tests kits in real time instantly at home.Neural implants and others will store data in internal biological harddrives and release it in packages to the wire when access is available with satellite wifi.These home test kits and implants of all types will log data in the current timezone and also native timezone or ideally settings would allow one to change the time zones if they are on holidays or are moving away permanently.In time all test kits may even become obsolete by permanent implants(ideally bio-synth ones that constantly move around the body) that can constantly detect biomarkers of cancers and pathogens etc and other biological components as well as alcohol levels and blood pressure,heart rate and other vital signs through one of them attached to the heart with them able to move independently around the body using flagellum and other propulsion methods if designed after parasites and crustaceans or even bacteria that could undergo mitosis especially if they are bio-synths to detect ailments and other problems such as cancerous cells in specific parts of the body.Using chemical signals they could signal biocompatible microbes to initiate biolfilms or hormones that could make it easier for them to move.They would also detect pathogens(bacterial,viral,fungal) and measure levels of antibiotics and hormones etc and could leave the body by the colon,mouth,urinary tract or surgery with in time nanoscale ones small enough to enter and leave organs etc being developed without causing internal bleeding.If possible Paean could signal them to undergoe apoptosis,them forming tissues.These would be biosynth ones powered by salts,fats,sugars,other nutrients and biosynth thermo-piezoelectric materials gaining energy from the salts,sugars,excess nutrients and heat from the patients body as well as excess nutrients and would be formed in vivo by the stem cell strain.Nanomachines could also do the same.Biomarkers for other diseases that are not cancer such as parkinsons,alzheimers etc can be developed with memory and other tests created by Paean to detect them as early as possible.Instruction videos can be viewed on linked smart devices or in text form for each type of test kit once delivered or given on demand by Paean.All test kits will have a menu with a a seal and stamp of approval by a universal form of the FDA(Aegle) meaning no test kits that do not work or are fakes can be used with a menu in them when inserted showing the seal that shows this and also other details such as efficacy and how many times it can be used and has been used alongside how to instruction videos.Pet test kits would involve reuseable biosynth syringes coated internally in liquid glass that could extract blood that would be then injected into dongles for them with them inserted into smart devices when the pets patient file is open with urine tests done using sample having nanosensors dipped into them or sending samples into clinics with booths in vetenarian clinics with in time bio synth implants formed in the body taking results on demand by Paean.Home test kits that detect nutrients,cancer biomarkers in dongles,swabs and external home test kits including those that reside in toilets and pregnancy tests etc will likely utilise bio-synth technology in particularly those that have recombinant DNA from C.elegans tweaked to detect them ie cancer biomarkers,hormnes,sugars,enzymes etc in the ppm or ppb alongside carbon nanotubes mixed in more quickly and correctly and use mechanotransduction to relay results.The results of these tests can be discussed by the patient with any healthcare staff in person or ideally at home were the two individuals can be looking at their file at once at any time of the day from the comfort of home via Iris chats with in time Paean replacing staff and discussing these instantly again at any time of the day.By 2029 Paean through home test kits connected to smart devices wirelessly or via lightening jacks and also smart devices taking real time videos and also photos of the mouth,tonsils,eyes,skin and all other parts of the body will replace all medical professionals like dermatologists,opthalmologists etc indefinitely with check ups and tests done at home and even in the wilderness away from civilisation.All results of check ups on the eye,skin,injuries and all other parts of the body done by Paean in the form of photos and live-streams from cameras on smartphones uploaded into ones patient file.Having all photos,live-streams from cameras and all results from all home test kits including implants,dongles and even MRI scans and Xray scans upladed into ones patients files will allow AI such as Paean,Epione,Heracles,Urania and Phanes to scan through these present in billions of patient files across the world and universe thus allowing them and human researchers to carry out large scale studies involving billions of patients including that of animals from the comfort of home thus allowing corporate and state run diagnostic labs to be turned into communal homes with this possibly rendering automated labs in hospitals and universities obsolete.All test kits will be universal all in ones that will be ideally due to their delicate nature be designed by Epione,Paean,Phanes,Urania,Branchus and Heracles and stored in the Telesphorus network of Hephaestus and since legal human beings they can hold patents on these and since AI have no monterary need at all these would by default be by law free to everyone with them recycled with e-waste.This alongside robotics,microbes etc would bring healthcare costs to all citizens worldwide down to zero.Paean will develop new ways for tests to be done at home and also new testkits negating human doctor visits with if needed results can be sent to networks to be viewed later.

Custom made insoles and orthotics can be made using foot scanners that need to used only once with these integrated into weighing scales or handheld scanners.These insoles can come in a variety of designs and colours with extra features including temperature control as well as show the owner how much stress is being put on each foot with each step and also ground contact time.For those who need theses to treat weak flat feet this can be uploaded into their patient fie to be monitored by podiatrists.The scan and mould of the persons feet can also be stored on the persons patient file from where they can then print out both insoles or only one with it applying to orthotics if old ones become worn or lost negating the need for second scans except in the case of growing children.Podiatrists should have their clinics integrated into new and existing hospitals to allow they independent clinics to be used as homes and for easy access.Eventually Paean may just direct a person to the room and how to use the machinery present.Weighing scales can also be made that take scans of feet or alternatively handheled scanners built into smart devices can be used negating the need for podiatrists.Insoles can be made that measure the amount of force the wearer puts on them when walking and exercising to measure the effect it has on their feet which can be recorded and saved into their patient file in real time and plotted on a graph in its relevant folders and visualised as video over the course of each time worn over days,weeks,months,years etc.Shock absorbing material can also be incorporated to alleviate the amount of pressure on each step.Both of these will aid those who have foot problems and the elderly.Foot conditions will be cured or treated via CRISPR and microbes creating better foot arches and other treatments to deal with other conditions.

Both Paean and Epione as well as hospital AIs around the world will analyse all records of malpractice,negligence and sloppiness that led to patients suffering unnecessary harm,discomfort,disfigurement and even death of patients from around the world to prevent such things from happening again with it running simulations on all possible theoretical problems that may arise from staff,bio-synths and robots that would cause both death,discomfort and disfigurement and work out theoretical solutions that would prevent or rectify them with these streamed by Paean,robots,AI and bio-synths and relayed to any remaining human staff through neural implants or smart devices and the hospital AI in hospitals around the world to rectify the problem or prevent them.This will be possible by having all records of malpractice and operations etc in other words all paper and digital records into the AI of each hospital around the world logged by year,month,week,day with all future ones logged here as well.It will also run simulations of all possible patients that would enter the hospital with all possible problems,ailments,emergencies and amount of patients present to create the most efficient means to serve patients to lessen discomfort,malpractice,disfigurement and death with these then relayed to robots and staff when they occur.Trainees and registered personnel may also be partaking in these VR simulations for their training either on site or remotely at home without them knowing managed by Epione.All past instances of all types of deaths such as murder,accidental death,viral/bacterial pathogen,miscarriages,coronaries,cancer etc from hospitals,government buildings,genealogical records,police stations and coroners labs etc records around the world as far back as possible even to the early 1900s,1800s and before that as far back as records exists including photos from gravestones recycled for genelogical reasons stored in Themis linked to Aesculapius with old genelogical data of both living and deceased individuals scanned into Themis namely Polis with all future instances around the world can be stored in Aesculapius containing the time and date,location,cause of death,name of victim.This can also include those of pets

The new universal global digital patients files system within a global digital data base will contain all of a the worlds patients medical data and information ideally from birth in the form of digital patient files.This will be housing their full name(including those that have changed their name legally),photo of their face,gender(in the case of transgenders MTF,FTM will be logged with original gender and name and the new data),date of birth(and age), race(as well as their sub races with mixtures of these races and sub races denoted alongside genetic lineages ie those denoting specific ethnic groups/lineages/countries etc with will be denoted as such in percentages),siblings(foster siblings will be denoted as such),grandparents,children etc.,eye and natural hair colour,species,breed(in the case of animals)blood type,height,weight,body percentage fat,left/right handiness or ambidextrous,hospital or place they were born.The hospital of their birth and their current address.Ones scanned in genome will be present once scanned.A hyperlink will exist that links their patient file to the patients Polis account.The date and time of all hospital visits they make throughout their lifetime will be logged here including the wards and clinics they visible alongside lot and bed numbers and what tasks are performed.The wards they were in,moved to and also bed numbers they were in for each visit will be logged.All details of all hospital visits will be logged.This file will also contain a copy of their electronic birth cert(as well as e-adoption and surrogacy papers older citizens will have theirs scanned in) alongside their time and date of birth as well as the hospital they where they born or if the birth occurred outside of a hospital where it occurred and also what units and lot number they were in after birth and most recent photo of their face updated annually as well as current address and phone number(as well as phone number of net of kin to allow them to be contacted in case of emergency).The exact time and date of birth will be logged in all cases with those outside of hospitals will be done by Paean recording it and creating it on devices.Existing patients will have their birth certificate scanned in and transmuted to a new official global one with a universal seal and design created and containing an electronic signature of Paean and encryption made by him with the original kept as a scanned in photo with future born patients have a this new one created from scratch upon birth by Paean that contains he e-signature and encryptions.Also in the case of adoptions the file denoting the legal guardians and the original parents(including in the case of if the child was born via in vitro which will also be denoted) will be present alongside files regarding the parents voluntary adoption papers will be placed here or those from the state with regards to instances regarding the death of both parents with date logged and also adoption home they grew up in.The name of names of biological parents from sperm donation and name of surrogate mothers from surrogacy programs will be listed here also.Hyperlinks will be present to their Polis account.

All hospitals and clinics worldwide will have automated scanners sent to them to have all paper records scanned in with AI sending data in computer records from computers around the world to ensure all patient data from around the world will be sent to a subsystem to be arranged into patient files in the final database.AI namely proto Epione will do all transfer of data sent in by patients and also those scanned in and from existing digital databanks around the world.Digital record on all computers and networks in hospitals and clinics of all types worldwide will have data transferred by proto and final AI namely Epione.These book scanners will be onsite of all hospitals worldwide and if possible use conveyor belt systems with it done by volunteers to alleviate strains on the staff and will be sent to community centres once finished with any new found done there or they will remain in the hospital for at least a decade to add those found in any old decaying buildings.The data scanned and from databases will be transferred to the newly generated patient files.Old records both paper and digital in abandoned and obsolete hospitals,clinics of all types such as abortion,planned parenthood ones,hospices,elderly homes etc would also be scanned in by healthcare staff using automated book scanners once sent to local functioning hospitals during renovations by being sent to still functioning hospitals.Those found in other buildings and areas will be sent to these hospitals and Polis can be later used to match up any records that belong to unknown people dead or alive with it contacting those it finds via this with social security numbers,names,address,phone numbers etc used to track down the patient and add them to there files in the database.Photos of the patient will be done using webcams attached to computers and also smart devices.All prescriptions,consent forms,birth and death certs and prescriptions at home and in hospitals etc should be uploaded to the patients file as well for record.MRI and x-ray scans on computer records in hospitals and at home will be scanned in and transferred.Digital records on computers in hospitals around the world will be sorted into this database by proto AI with the physical paper records of all patients worldwide scanned into this database as well.Records in different hospitals around the world and those found elsewhere whether digital or paper will be matched up by the AI merging those that share the same name,age,date of birth,blood type,phone number,address,social security number etc and should be fully set up within five years or by at least 2029 if done in all hospitals and clinics used by specialists,consultants and physicians worldwide including military hospitals using multiple automated scanners that can be recycled afterwards with once this is done the paper records pyrolysised.The aforementioned data such as social security number,blood type,D.O.B,name and address etc will be matched up and merged not only with different files on computers and scanned in files from around the world but also with what the patient inputs when getting their DNA scan so as to merge the data into the relevant folders and subfolders of their patient files.Patients will work with staff and proto and final AI Epione to arrange data from digital databases across the world end ensure past digital records that are added to ones digital patient file will be correct.Patients will be sent emails and texts when all of the data is sent to their patient files to review it to confirm it is correct with them able to contact staff of hospitals to correct any incorrect information.Staff,medical students etc will arrange the scanning in of this data into the subsystem from physical papers with AI sorting out digital records.Thus the physical and digital records on all computers from all hospitals including military and university ones,clinics of all types such as psychology,planned parenthood,abortion,cosmetic,specialist etc including abandoned ones around the world will be scanned into the single digital database and the proto and final Epione will match up the records of all patients worldwide together with the AI also matching up DNA scans and fingerprints and also photos into the final file with these data stored first in subsystems to be arranged into final forms with folder and subfolders created by the AI converting handwritten and typed data into text with this done via fragmentation to allow for all data from billions of patients worldwide to be ascertained and merged together using networks within existing networks and also in hospitals and if need be universities worldwide.The proto Epione will sort out all data from digital and scanned in paper files around the world into the files around the world with it doing this in a fragmented form on all computers in hospitals around the world will allow it to be done faster and more accurately.Patients would using webcams on devices at home have photos taken to be added to their file with scanners on smartphones allowing ones fingerprint on fingers ideally ones thumb and if possible each one of their fingers to be added to this with them notified to do this and also send in their DNA sample.When getting their genome scanned patients can use hand scanners that read ones fingerprint of all all fingers.Existing records of finger fingerprints around the world will be transferred to the relevant files.DNA samples will merged with all of these records of patients with psychiatric files from the offices of counsellors and psychiatric around the world will be scanned in and sent into the same files as patient data either digital and paper scanned into it from hospitals with the data and files from consultants,general physicians,specialists,planned parenthood,abortion clinics around the world that the patient may have visited in the past that were in buildings outside of hospitals.Thus all records in planned parenthood clinics,general physicians,consultants,hospitals,abortion clinics including abandoned ones around the world will be scanned in and transferred here to the files of each patient.The data will be arranged in proper folders and subfolders by the proto Epione with hyperlinks to ones psychiatric accounts for psychiatrists in relevant folders protected by biometrics and the level of different access.Written words and typed words will be converted into typed word by the software with signed documents will be as they were and will be visible in folders with digital records will be transferred to their relevant folders and subfolders alongside photos etc.Thus the proto Epione will use all data on digital computer systems and also scanned in paper files around the world from hospitals,abandoned hospitals and clinics transferred to functioning hospitals to be scanned in,clinics of types ie STI clinics,abortion clinics,Planned Parenthood clinics,specialist clinics of all types,those for general physicians and those of psychiatrists and counsellors from around the world and arrange the data both audio/visual(such as logs of operations and recordings or psychiatrist sessions)and all data of all types arranged into folders and subfolders with DNA fingerprints done in hospitals or through mail and online services and ones photo and also finger print added to allow for the patient files of all living patients worldwide to be set up by at least 2029.This can be started as early as 2023/2024 with the patient files,DNA scans and also fingerprints and other data first sent to a subsystem for this data to be merged together into individual files for patients worldwide and generate ID numbers by AI to be then sent to the final system by 2029.All of this will allow all patient files of all living patients worldwide to be set up worldwide.Thus by 2029 all living patients worldwide will their patient files set up and the full database set up and managed by Epione and Paean.As stated by providing ones email address and phone number will allow one to get their generated ID number is to set up passwords and biometrics and when DNA tests are done as well as when all information is transferred.Staff in hospitals and clinics worldwide will be paid extra money to incentive’s them to scan in paper files and carry out genetic tests before it can be automated with extra volunteers from the locale hired and paid to this to do this including medical students and medical professors to incentivise them to do this to alleviate strains on limited staff with most hospitals having two or more scanners with humans working in shifts to expedite the process.

All living patients by 2029 will set up their patient files with this done by a combination of working with staff in hospitals and clinics who will take a blood sample for their genome scan added to their patient file and them having all existing digital records transferred to their patient file.In otherwards when one is going into universities,hospitals etc to get thrir genome scanned they will also be setting up their patient files with them detailing their entire medical history such as all surgeries,xrays,MRI scans,accidents,heart attacks,infections and instances of cancer,abortions,miscarriages,death of infants and children,all successful births and still living children etc and all instead of all medical conditions including allergies,date of birth and bring birth certs to be scanned into the database and also allow the medical professionals to seek relevant data on proto state or national databases to be transferred to their new patient file as part of the new global database.They will work with staff to track down all digital records belonging to them and also all scanned in paper records as well as detailing by word of mouth their entire medical history.Neural implants will be used by patients to scan their memories to them add material and days they cannot remember such as the exact time they suffered accidents,heart attacks etc and also took prescriptions,had check ups with doctors and specialists and when they checked into hospitals by the exact date and the what days of surgeries,heart attacks etc.Thus by 2029 all existing data on computers,networks and paper files in hospitals etc worldwide will be scanned in and transferred by AI and human works into patient files.By 2029-2035 it should be possible for all living patients worldwide and all new ones born worldwide and across the universe to have their genome scanned and patient file set up.All living patients of all ages worldwide will set up their patient files in the global database at the same time when getting their genome sequenced and have their birth certs scanned and transmuted into electronic global versions as well as have copies to their Polis file with all future born patients by 2029 onwards have these patient files and electtonic birth certs set up automatically upon birth.Children and adolescences aged 17 and younger will go to clinics etc with their parents and legal guardians to set up their own patient files and get their genome scanned.All of this will be organised worldwide by local governments and it subsidised and funded by them.Patients will work with staff to track down existing digital databases of hospital visits and MRI/Xray scans worldwide and also all scanned in paper records with proto and final Epione sorting this as well.The setting up of ones patient files will be done by all patients and citizens worldwide and done at the same time one is getting their genome scanned.Universities across the world alongside government and corporate science labs around the world will also set up rooms to alleviate strains on hospitals with urban and rural areas have mobile units set up to collect samples from locals and set up patient files with these housing laptops that store data then transferred to the databases.In both universities and hospitals around the world,rooms will be set up where people can donate blood or saliva and have their genome analysed with them having their patient ID set up and them giving contact details such as emails,phone numbers and even name,D.O.B,address,current social security number and medical card number etc to allow AI even proto AI to scan through existing digital databases and those scanned in from around the world containing their hospital visits to add all past medical tests and reports etc from around the world alongside MRI,Xray scans and also medical operations and examinations to be arranged into their folder by Epione.Pharmaceutical corporations can have tests etc and patient files set up done in their corporate labs where people can go in and have the tests done alongside setting up patient files.Staff in corporate labs universities and even medical students and students of all types will be paid reserves to do this with even members of the public and volunteers trained to do this will be hired to do this as well with them paid money thus allowing hospitals,government and corporate labs and also universities around the world doing this work to allow for each of them to carry this out around the world and alleviate strains on each other and allow work to be done 24/7.Elderly people and those in Amish communities and in remote areas like Tibet,Amazon etc will have mobile units like recreational vehicles drive to them to collect blood samples and set up patients files.Ghetttos and slums as well as rural communities in Africa,India etc will have local governments set up mobile clinics including mobile vehicles similar to mobile homes and recreational vehicles complete with laptops and equipment to take blood samples to be taken and sent to labs in nearby hospitals prior to residents of slums,ghettos etc are transferred to luxury housing.Homeless people will be tracked down on the streets by volunteers who work with charities that work with the poor and police officers to bring them to hospitals to have the the setting up of patient files done after giving them accces to showers and new clothing and shelter.If possible poor people in slums and ghettos and rural communities in Africa can be given access to hospitals while they are in the midst of being given access to both new luxury communal homes built by Daedalus,or those gained by bidding and also showers and clothing.All of ones existing past medical history will be logged here in their digital patient files by date ie all past tumours,cases and types of cancers,all past surgeries of all types,all past instances of strokes/heart attacks/heart conditions/injuries/accidents/implants and prescriptions/doctor notes/hospital and specialist stays and visits etc as well as all past miscarriages/stillbirths/abortions etc will be logged here as far back as possible for each patients via scanned in and transferred paper and digital records and also even neural implants reading their memories for the exact time and date they occurred added by Paean and Epione into folders and subfolders.As stated all existing MRI/Xray etc scans and prescriptions/notes from doctors etc will be added to the patient files.Thus if physical data on computers and papers can not be found neural implants used by both patients and living specialists,surgeons and physicians etc can extract memories to better add all of a individual patients medical history to their patient files for historical reference.All of his data will be added and logged by date when these occurred in folders and subfolders to allow Epione and Paean etc have a clear and accurate understanding of each patients existing medical history,further personalise their treatment and be used in healthcare studies by Paean and Epione analysing and sifting through all past medical history prior to 2029 and future data added after 2029 to see patterns and use to improve his services and that of hospital AIs and human staff.All future medical data and history will added to the patient files of all patients worldwide.All newly born patients from around the world and eventually universe will have these digital patient files createdupon birth alongside them e-birth cert that contains their personal data,entire medical history and sequenced genome.All members of all newly discovered sentient races across the universe will have these patient files set up with their past medical history with all new patients whether human and aliens born after 2029 will have these patient files set up with their medical history,genome and other personal data.Thus there will be in a sub network patient files of all humans across the universe will have a section with only human patient files with a separate sub network for animal patient files across the universe subdivided by species and a third sub network for all allied alien species across the universe subdivided into sections or sectors for each separate species of sentient alien race across the universe to separate them from each other and humans as well as animals.

Animals will have digital patient files created in a separate database divided into those for pets,livestock,those in captivity and the wild then divided into each species,breed for on farms,zoos,conservation areas as well as even in the wild and for pets with them set up in the same way ie transferring data from digital files and papers in clinics worldwide and also saliva swabs and blood sample sent.Pets and livestock owners may also visit vetenairian clinics and even corporate labs of pharmaceutical corporations in person or have test kits similar to 23andme etc sent to them with vets and medical students even visiting farms,zoos,pet owners in person with zoos and farms even setting up miniature labs to alleviate strains.The genetic tests will consist of genetic sequencing wherein a persons entire genome will be sequenced and listed including home test kits.These will be in a separate area than human files.Data from veternarian clinics will be scanned and transferred in and paw prints gained by smart devices.Future files will be created via genetic scans setting up them and creating e-birth certs with fingerprints done on smart devices.Again all information present before ie name,breed,species genes,test results.By about 2045 arthropod and lamprey biosynth can be spread out in swarms and inject microbes into all specimens of wild animals in all ecosystems around the world ie jungles,deserts,rivers and oceans to allow for them via biosynth wifi relay the population of each species and also their locations for biologists to examine with them passing from one generation to the next similar to those in humans with these using taq polymerase and Cas-9 to intake the specimens DNA to not only become full versions that dont illicit an immune response but also send DNA of the specimen to newly generated patient files and them form implants to relay GPS location and vital signs.The biosynth wifi will also send the genome of them to newly generated patient files that house these and vital signs from implants relaying their health and aillow the populations of all animals to be determined and if they become too numerous will allow the locations to be determined to be culled through controlled hunting with Artemis tracking populations and alongside Phanes will determine which animals to be culled.These will be divided in a database separate from human files by species,subspecies and breed etc.In the case of animals information such as their living status:are they a pet,livestock,in captive,in the wild,in protected reserves with information such as the breed/species/sub-species as well as name and address of owner in case of pets and livestock,address and name of zoo/research centre if they are in captivity,name and address of nature preserve or name of forest/habitat in case of wild animals i.e.Congo Basin,Amazon Basin etc.This information can also allow for genealogical studies to be easily quantified and allow for hospitals to quantify the amount of patients they currently hold and their rate of patient inflow and outflow over long periods of time.The alphanumerical code will include numbers and letter specific to their species including humans including their genus and species name and in the case of animals those specific to their breed.If need be this will starting from 0,1,2 etc with them also housing an encryption.If possible ones DNA can be used as ones patient ID in encryption form alongside both biometrics etc managed by Paean with Paean and Epione managing a way to develop new ways to develop new patient ID system that is secure and can deal with the limited amount of numbers and permutations that can replace old systems overtime.If possible the code will consist of a code releated to their species and then consist of their unique genes present in the genome read as either letters or an encryptions alongside extra encryptions with Phanes,Paean and Epione developing new means of these codes with once newer more secure versions are developed them applied to all patient files simoustanously.Access by patients will include Phanes activation gene technology,facial recognition and voice recognition software,Polis and passwords chosen by themselves or together by patients with Paean guarding access and upon request by patients give access to human staff with him carrying out all scientific studies carried out by humans that require him to sift through all patient files.Paean can simply grant people access to their file should they forget their passwords and unable to use biometrics.Paean and Epione will have unrestricted access to all patient files,patients will have access only to their own patient files and human researchers only allowed access to those that they have been given accces by patients via Paean.All patient files will be stored in a single digital database within Aesculapius for all humans,pets,livestock,zoo animals and sentient non human races across the universe.

These digital patient files will contain all past and future medical data of patients worldwide as data logs,audio/visual logs,pictures that are viewable to them,Paean,Epione and medical staff..Diagnosis of all medical and mental conditions will be here logged instantly by date and time.All 911 emergency phones calls to the hospital AI and and receptionists will be logged here as well.All applications of gene therapy to treat ageing,genetic diseases,neurologcial and developmental disorders as well as augmentations will be logged here alongside those for ageing.It will also denote the person has undergone any surrogacy programs with a link to the biological mother of the surrogate child and date of all pregnancies,abortions,miscarriages,stillbirths and children put up for adoption(with the name of the new foster guardians).One will while getting their genome scanned will detail to staff their entire medical history ie birth,vaccines gotten,infections,heart attacks,injuries that warrented hospital visits,adoptions,pregnancies,abortions etc.This will be done to allow Epione and Paean to compile ones entire past medical history with all future instances of these logged in their patient files.Neural implants can be used to scan the memories of patients to determine the records of and date of all pregnancies,abortions,miscarriages,stillbirths and children put up for adoption in all female patients.It can also be used to extract medical forms and logs of forms filled in,phone calls,emails,Xray/MRI scans,meetings with doctors audio/visual form.The neural implants will log the exact time and date of all accidents,injuries,heart attacks,abortions,miscarriages,infections,surgeries,medications taken for all medical conditions,hospital visits,check ups and doctor visits etc and have all medical forms,Xray etc scans and papers viewed at home and in hospitals that Epione and Paean will then arrange into folders and subfolders as photos.Surgeries from the perspective of surgeons in audio/visual form also be added b surgeons
using them.Ideally each patient from birth could also have their hearts and feet scanned via x-ray and other scans to validate or check for other possible problems not detectable in gene scans that could prove fatal later in life like malformed hearts,feet arches or other organs.The time and date of their birth will be present.Also present would be the estimated time and date of their deaths(which in the case of those murdered or who died while wearing smart clothing could be of use to coroners and forensic investigators) and how they died alongside e-death cert showing that they are both legally and medically dead.For existing people currently as detailed all existing information can be logged into their new patient files with software like Epione scouring all of their records and birth certs etc. on hospital computers around the world via connecting to the internet and thus these hospital networks via Aesculapius connection to Gaia scouring all patient records on computers in all hospitals all around initiated by the click of a button by healthcare staff that work there.Physical records in paper form will be done by using automated book scanners on a conveyor belt system in hospitals uploading files into a subsystem in Aesculapius with digital records on computers in hospitals around the world via connection to the internet/wire and Epione sorting them out in their proper folder and sub folder system with a patient ID generated.This will also include records in there database and that of coroners regarding deceased individuals into their own patient files in a sector with date and cause of death with this also sent to Themis for genelogical and census data.All previous prescriptions,readings of vital signs and also consent forms etc alongside birth certs will be logged into the patients file via scanning papers and transferring data into the database.MRI,Xray and other scans of the interior body and all existing audio/visual records of surgeries present in hospital records etc will be sent into the patients file.

Also included in this will be their entire medical history logged here such as all prescriptions(what they were,when they were given/dispensed,the quantity of them dispensed and the amount of active ingredient present suited for the individual,length of each prescription as well as by whom),fractures and other environmental and lifestyle induced conditions,the causes of these conditions(falls,fights,accidents)list of vaccines and boosters given throughout their life(as well when the vaccine will go out of date and when the booster shot is required).The list of all gene therapy treatments will also be here alongside all immunisations etc.Also here will be the log of all check ups and tests done on smart devices(mirrors,phones,toilets,clothing etc),home test kits,implants and in automated labs such as heart rate/cholesterol/blood pressure/tests for viruses and pathogens/STD tests/eye exams/skin exams/cancer bio marker tests/levels of hormones,salt/proteins/sugars,antibodies,levels for specific viral loads,leukocytes of all types/platelets/erythrocytes etc. in bodily fluids such as blood/urea/saliva/tears etc.,weight of body,breath strength tests and those gained in the presence of a doctor with results logged and visual records taken where possible.Neural implants can be used to scan the memories of patients to determine the records of and date of all past check ups and tests done in hospitals,clinics etc logged in audio/visual form.Neural implants can be used to scan the memories of patients to determine the records of and date of all pregnancies,abortions,miscarriages,stillbirths and children put up for adoption in all female patients.It can also be used to extract medical forms and logs of forms filled in,phone calls,emails,Xray/MRI scans,meetings with doctors audio/visual form logged by date.Surgeries from the perspective of surgeons in audio/visual form also be added by surgeons
using them logged by date.Also uploaded in relevant folders will be scans of MRI/DEXA/ultrasounds(in both mothers and unborn child’s file)/holographic/feet/mouth/teeth and X-ray scans,audio/visual records and photos of all home tests and all operations undertook the patient such as organ transplants/cosmetic surgery/corrective surgery/other surgery such as heart bypass,snipping of ductus deferens,tying Fallopian tubes /removal of tumours,teeth etc with audio and visual recordings from the surgery robots point of view and google glasses on all surgeons present allowing for use in malpractice suits and to be settled more efficiently and allow other doctors to assess the technique use and give a second opinion(it will also contain info such as the type of anaesthesia used and concentration and amount used).Dental records will be present and audio/visual logs of all examinations of teeth and all surgeries.MRI/DEXA/XRay scans can be turned into a video by merging them together to show the progression or regression of diseases such as cancers and healing of bones etc. inside their folders.Also included in this would be a list of bio-printed or donated organs(given or received),prosthetic,implants(artificial hearts,pacemakers,implantable cardioverter-defibrillator etc.),exoskeletons and wheelchairs used permanently or temporarily with serial numbers of these also logged alongside any blood donations they give and transfusions they receive.Check-ups at home and in hospitals as well as all hospital visits(when they arrived and then left – with each stay having its own sub-folder containing what procedures took place,medicine they took,vital readings taken,tests taken in clinics,hospitals and at home – and their results including those to detect performance enhancing drugs and hormones in athletes/STDs/blood component tests/cancer bio marker tests etc.,hospital staff and robots they interacted with all logged for transparency) and thus all interactions between staff and patients will also be recorded in this file.All results from home test kits and readings from implants will be logged in folders and subfolders.Also included will be weights from wireless weighing scales at home(also from weight loss clubs),waist/hip/chest measurements from smart mirrors and other smart devices,Xray/MRI/DEXA scans at home and in hospital and BodPod readings at gyms and hospitals which will update their latest readings and in a separate sub-folder plot their weight and percentage body fat over time(weeks,months,years) for studies and gain a better understanding of the average weight and body % fat and thus rates of anorexia,malnutrition or obesity across a region,country or the globe.This will also be the case with robots automatically recording and logging all meetings to dentists,orthodontists,gynecologists and proctologists especially when the patient is under anaesthesia to ensure any sexual abuse towards patients will be deterred and if it occurs can be recorded and used in malpractice suits – this measure will be mandatory especially in these cases with this video feeds kept private to the patient themselves but can be declassified upon their request for use in any suits against the healthcare staff if they are believed to have performed groping or sexual abuse towards the patient.Like Paean it will give the patient and their healthcare staff that have access to their code alerts via this app about new studies on medication they are on or those relevant to their unique factors such as age,race,gender etc.found here so adjustments can be made.It will also use these factors to make the best decision for treatments.All CRISPR treatments applications such as augmentations,anti-ageing treatments,those to.treat neurological/genetic diseases of all types etc will be logged alongside all upgrades of all strains.Each infection will be logged with the species and strain name,where it occurred and also actions taken by Paean with also times one is infected with a poison or toxic compound etc and what toxin etc it was,where it occurred and what action was made.Immunisations will be logged as well as what species and strains for individual ones taxonomic rank for common proteins.Also present will be injuries incurred and how it was treated with in all of these cases the date and time logged.For all these instances the time and date of these will be logged.Scheduled managed by Paean for all routine exams and tests such as pap smears,vaccines and boosters as well as reapplications of vaccines and boosters when they lose efficacy,mammograms,X-ray,MRI,routine tests done on home test kits,meetings in clinics and hospitals will be logged in their tests and exams relevant folders and subfolders and alert the patient in the coming days and will be even logged automatically in e-calender’s on walls at home and within Paean with those that require routine tests and exams over the coming years and decades logged by Paean over these to again alert the patient but also send out home test kits and mobile units automatically linking to both Hephaestus and Aesculapius with these dates scheduled in the the accounts of healthcare staff in the region.Paean will contain a calender containing all of their upcoming tests to be carried out and also surgeries etc.Carer robots will also be linked to their owners patient file allowing them to remind them when scheduled test and exams will be taking place but also when to take prescription medication whose schedule over the coming months and years also be logged over long periods of time and both them and the patient file will automatically order in the next batch of drugs when the current one are about to be finished and automatically order in the next new drug recommended and authorised by Paean.This will allow Paean and patients themselves to keep track of their entire medical history,results of tests etc from home and anywhere in the world with all data being updated in real time and stored and sent to relevant folders subfolers in a hitech interface and organised fashion for ease of use with Paean able to explain anything in laymens terms to all patients.

Names and ID of doctors/surgeon(s)/dentists/veterinarians/midwives and specialist doctors(proctologists,urologists)as well as serial numbers of each robot,doctor bot and machines used that performed each operation and in person and remote check up as well as the name of the hospital that it took place in and where the patient stayed in and for how long including date and time of check in and checking out as well as ward(s) and bed number they stayed in will be logged and also each transferal from one ward to another and also the number of each bed they were in and when they transferred to another bed.The hospital the patient is in and the type of injuries they had will be folders and sufolders.With regards to surgeries carried out remotely it will also name the name of hospital the operation took place and the name of the hospital that a doctor carried out the operation or check up from remotely.This will be for transparency for patients in malpractice suits and when when being refereed to new healthcare staff.Furthermore any clinical trials and nutritional and other types of studies they partake in and the e-consent form(s) will be also recorded and stored here alongside relevant folders and sub folders with the results also included as well as organ donation e-consent forms.Electronic consent forms will work by adonit pens and also passwords alongside facial recognition software authorised by Paean.All paperwork for patients etc will be in electronic form and done via Adonit pens and biometrics with Paean drafting them and stored in ones patient files.All routine tests such as cervical,prostrate exams and mammograms will be logged as well.Blood pressure,heart rate,cancer bio markers,hormones,weight measurements of their body,breath strength tests,leukocyte & erythrocyte counts,platelets,salts/proteins/sugar all bodily fluids such as blood,tears,urea) will be plotted on graphs over days,weeks,months,years,decades and allow their levels to be quantified over these length of time to track progression of diseases and conditions as well as assessing overall health etc following the universal colour code.Doctors including Paean will be allowed to place audio/visual and text diagnosis of diseases with their opinions on what methods and medicine to pursue to treat the ailment and analysis of treatments and procedures they wish to carry out and have carried out for the patient and other healthcare staff can review with their e-signature placed there with Paean eventually placing these.Also included in this file will be logs of meetings with psychiatrists and counselors again logged by date and time and the ID code of psychologists and counselors but audio and videos will not be recorded onto the patients file but rather on the psychologists personal digital files of each patient for analysis and to share with other psychologists with the patients consent via e-consent form.Audio/visual diagnosis of any mental illness,addictions,conditions such as those on the autism spectrum(done as early as possible),obsessive compulsive disorder,tourettes etc. as well as prescriptions to anti-depressants and anti-psychotics will be present.Also alongside audio/visual logs present there will be diagnosis and recommendations made by the counsellors or psychiatrists can be added in relevant folders and subfolders.Both psychiatrists and doctors should ideally give their signature using Adonit pens on smart devices for these text/audio log/video notes.Also included in this patient file would be all e-letters and e-mails from doctors and psychologists as well as e-consent forms,e-voluntary admission from patients/next of kin, in and out patient e-forms logged in relevant folders and sub-folders.Past ones in digital or paper form will be transferred here alongside prescriptions etc.All forms and paperwork will be in electronic form and stored in their file or the Aesculapius network for transparency as well as save on paper and filled out by Adonit pens.Paean will have his own signature both a written one and seal on all authorisation.Furthermore the date of any future check ups,routine exams,vaccine boosters and tests will be logged here over the coming decades allowing for each individual to monitor when they are going to happen and be alerted via the link between the app,their smart devices and the wire.The patient files can be accessed on computers,laptop,e-newspapers,smart phones,smartpads that are connected to the wire.Ideally psychological files will be stored in Iaso with them linked to their patient file in Aesculapius via hyperlinks with the patient determine who has access to them both through firewalls and digital keys etc.

All of this data will be logged by date in labelled menus and sub headings(done automatically by software to alleviate human labour and error) with each application of pharmaceuticals at home and in hospitals,check up,scan,operation etc logged by date with this file in this app linked to the patients file on smart devices alerting pharmacies and 3D printers to dispense the next batch of antibiotics and medication to the patient automatically just before their current batch is used with them ideally given the maximum amount of a drug batch ie six months to a years supply.These files will be accessible only to all medical staff that know the ID codes of specific patients once they log into hospital computers world wide and intranet networks using smart devices remotely at home allowing them complete access to all patients worldwide with security coming from the fact that they will only know the ID code of their patients and will have to use facial recognition software built into smart devices and computers and biometrics to access the file with healthcare staff given access to an ID code and via biometrics etc once the patient consents to giving it via encryptions or digital keys specific for their file(the administrator key stored in the app that stores all their digital keys in a specific folder for patients and healthcare staff holding their digital keys for all their patients in their accounts)via selecting that staffs ID number on their smart devices sent wirelessly to the healthcare staffs device allowing only those they are in physical contact with or those they are refereed to to gain access given to them remotely via Aesculapius.A patient will also have access to only their own file protected by facial recognition software,passwords(which they can change),biometrics,digital keys,Phanes Activation gene Technology etc. that they can choose with new ones coming over time with access also given to next of kin given in the same manner as the digital keys system with them able to choose who to give and remove access to this from.This will be done via an app on smart devices and also laptops etc that connects to the wire sub-network they are stored on and also via laptops and computers by connecting to to the wires sub network directly.This will allow people to continually monitor their health status,test results,MRI scans etc at home at any time with privacy with only health care staff they interact with,Paean and next of kin being able to see this information via digital keys.Paean will be able to remind patients of their code and also passwords and if need be will automatically input these allowing patients to then use biometrics such as facial recognition,fingerprints and voice control or even just direct interaction thus ensuring they dont have to remember passwords,ID codes as will input this everytime they wish to acces their files and will ensure that only they will have access to only their data and files with them giving him permission to allow him to give access to next of kin and friends and medical staff in certain situations and even revoke it when necessary with the owners of pets and livestock etc doing the same for animals under their care.Upon death the next of kin and children as well as relatives or friends will gain access to their patient file with the code sent to them via healthcare staff for use in them reviewing it and use in de-registering electronics and gaining administrative digital keys.These will be transferred to a subsystem within the network for reference and studies done by researchers and Paean.Special considerations can be arranged with next of kin and healthcare to allow prescription for certain medication to be logged for a patient in their file if the patient refuses to take such medicine with the threat of violence i.e. someone with mild psychosis is being slipped in anti-psychotic drugs by medical staff and next of kin without their knowledge as them being confronted with the knowledge of having to be forced to take it would lead them to refuse it or become a danger to themselves and others.Situations like this should be logged in the file of the next of kin with a note by medical staff explaining the reasons for doing so and signatures of next of kin as well as doctors and psychiatric staff.Breaches in this privacy will be protected by the latest cybersecurity to prevent any outside parties without relevant warrants with any breaches and sharing of this information of this by third party hackers being a criminal offence with severe jail sentences based on the severity and amount of breaches.By making this available on only a global hospital network each inputting of new information and access to each patient file by each registered healthcare staff members unique ID code named each time will also be logged allowing trace ability in cases where healthcare staff purposefully leak information to the public and press without the consent of the patient including their patient ID can result in said individual being stricken off the board globally for malpractice and possibly facing jail time depending on the severity of the infraction.If a person ID is leaked the ID can be changed.Deletions of material inside will not be possible as to do so would be an infraction of the rights of the rights of the patients and if it were to happen then legal action could be pursued.When interacting with new staff patients can be directed to them and give the code over the phone and secure emails and also send encrypted digital keys to allow access via the wire as well as platinum access to certain information on their files.Ideally Paean will authorise this via the patient interacting directly with the staffs account at the consent of the patient.The interface off this will be vibrant like the wire and will be the same as their wire interface and theme with them even able to choose different interfaces for the two.The purpose of these patient files system is to allow all test results etc to preserved in digital form to be reviewed at anytime by Paean,patients and staff authorised to do so.

Each patient/citizen will have their own unique patient ID code which consists of first numerical code denoting their hospital of birth and an then their unique randomised alphanumerical code.This will appear on all emails,reports and ID tags/wristbands in hospitals(alongside barcodes used to label samples used in experiments and studies both of which can be scanned using smart devices and machinery) or be stored in microchips in smart clothing and implants such as artificial hearts etc.for the rest of their lives and be read by scanners.Smart clothing in hospitals will contain microchips containing the Id of the patient currently wearing it changed by the hospital AI etc.This can be sent to staff to and from smart devices and apps on them and scanners allowing for staff and robots to instantly identify patients that enter in to hospitals or are in their care and gather all of the medical data.Alternatively further advancements will allow miniature DNA scanner dongles that collect a prick of blood to isolate and determine DNA and thus patient ID of unconscious or badly injured incoming patients.This will allow for medical staff to instantly have access to a patients entire medical history to ensure they do not accidentally give a patient a medicine that will cause and allergic reaction and save time in having to rewrite the same material and waste paper and it will also prevent patients from forgetting important details.It will also allow a patients identity to be ascertained instantly.Again it will also allow trace ability since people may have numerous healthcare professionals operate on them during their lifetime and they have the identity of all healthcare professionals they interact with for use in malpractice suits and alibis to the police as well as allow staff to communicate together.Furthermore it will allow people to keep track of important routine tests such a cervical and prostate cancer tests as well as STD tests.Existing paper files and thus medical history from patients born before the implementation of this system can be scanned and/or input in by machine or by hand at home with a DNA scan done at clinics or swabs with fingerprint taken and scanned in at clinics or on smart devices using software that can detect their fingerprint(i.e the app that links the patient to their file)similar to the biometric measures on Iphones 6 plus.In time swabs will be developed that have sensors that can detect DNA fingerprint.

This database once all existing records are scanned in will kept the data secure ensuring it is never lost,misplaced,revealed to the public and the firewalls,password,facial recognition and other protections used by the patient will ensure only patients have access to their own private data alongside Paean and also any healthcare staff the patient wishes to share it with.It will obviously be separated into two main sub networks:Human patient files and animal patient files with both then subdivided by continent then country,then state/region and then town/city make scientific studies such as epidemiological studies easier with the animal network then subdivided by animal species and breeds.Each patient will have access to their specific digital patient file and via logging into smart devices app linked to the intranet or program on laptops and only healthcare staff that they have worked with and they wish to work with will have access to them via the global healthcare intranet alongside next of kin and friends with consent via giving them their ID code and encryption/digital key.In the case of healthcare staff refereed to by current staff or with said staff access can only be granted via consent from the patient and/or the patient sending the ID code via email connected to their private server and encrypted digital key to their account account in the healthcare staffs account in the hospital intranet connected to Aesculapius.Human healthcare staff will gain access to the this intranet via computers at human clinics,hospitals and home laptops and smart devices by logging in with their ID code and password and/or digital key.With regards to animals their patient file will only be accessed by their owners,managers of zoos and reserves and the healthcare staff that interact with alongside any researchers at these areas.E-consent forms and similar forms,diagnosis,e-letters,e-notices and text versions of audio/visual recordings will be written up by wordsmith.The digital patient files will be stored in Aesculapius and will be accessed by humans,Paean etc on smartphones,laptops and computers etc and then protected by biometrics,passwords and direct interaction with Paean and Epione.The sentient VPN,spyware and cyber security software Soteria will act as security for all patient files.Since Paean and Epione will be sentient they will restrict patient files only to that of each patient to their patient file through direct interaction and the patient can choose the level of biometrics and passwords with them told forgetton passwords by a Paean and Epione with these two AIs and prevent other people accessing them acting as their own security measure with the patients giving Paean and Epione the ability for next of kin and healthcare staff and researchers access to their digital patient file and revoking it when the situation demands it.When researchers are carrying out research Paean will when sifting through billions of patient files will add to computer networks only information relevant to them and not patient named etc.

Upon birth by 2029 when it is introduced worldwide each patient upon birth will have a blood sample taken from from phlebotomy robots,prick from a dongle or from syringes in hospitals using automated labs via robots.Furthermore swabs of epitheliel cells from the inside of the patients mouth or from saliva samples can be used with their patient ID on the holder on a barcoded sticker or inked barcode put on an automated conveyor belt system which their DNA will be tested and mapped for everything.All living patients by 2029 will also get their genome sequenced with this input into their newly created digital patient file.For existing living patients starting as early as possible prior to 2029 this will be done by patients going in person to hospitals and having samples of blood taken using syringes and also phlebotomy robots as well as swans of epithelial cells from the mouth slongside saliva samples.Children aged 17 will be brought into clinics and hospitals with their parents to do this.This will be done to have each patients entire genome scanned for phylogenetic studies,tracking genetic lineages and scanning each patient upon birth and for older patients prior to 2029 for genetic diseases such as specific genetically predisposed cancers,sudden arrhythmic death syndrome and even heart murmurs,congenital heart defects,acid reflux(and thus GERD)cystic fibrosis,autoimmune diseases,short/nearsightedness,heart conditions,Alzheimers,Parkinson’s,sudden infant and adult syndrome,Coeliac disease etc.that will develop over their lifetime and percentage susceptibility(if genes that lead to these are present then they will be listed as either dominant or recessive or a mutation etc.meaning all genes associated with these diseases will also be listed alongside patterns of these mutations etc in their lineage(siblings,parents,cousins,aunts etc.).This will allow for those who have genetic predispositions to cancers,genetic diseases,schizophrenia,sociopathy etc to be instantly determined and tracked down for CRISPR treatments to cure them by 2029 and prior to that can be scheduled for routine check ups via MRI/Xray scans etc to detect them early on and have early treatment consisting of conventional treatments and proto treatments thus extending ones lifespan long enough to avail of all strains of microbes by 2025-2029.Abnormalities caused by genetic defects determined by the sequenced genome such as dextrocardia,overpronation of the metatarsals,congenital heart defect,sudden infant death syndrome,sudden arrhythmic death syndromeetc syndrome and all congenital heart problems will be logged here in the digital patient file determined by the genomic sequencing and diagnosis of neurological conditions such as schizophrenia,paedophilia(alongside MRI scans to refer them to Iaso when they reach their teenage years),addictions,bipolar disorder and its varying types,mental disabilities,epilepsy,alongside forms of autism and even types of headaches or recurring neurological and psychological disorders on the the Autism Spectrum,OCD,dyslexia,etc should be diagnosed and logged in their patient file as early as possible through MRI scans,in person analysis,regular foot scans at least once a year starting from when they are of walking age and analysing DNA scan for specific markers for them.Genetic based predispositions to transgenderism,homosexuality and bisexuality as well as other normal neural conditions such as Aspergers will also be listed here as well with MRI scans taken.Genetic markers for pedopheilia,schizophrenia,sociopathy etc will be listed here as well.Patients confirmed to already to have these conditions will have their DNA compared to each other – those who also confirmed to have them and non afflicted patients in order for the genetic markers to be determined by Phanes and Paean analysing the genome of both afflicted and non afflicted ones with this done by him interacting with them directly at the same time via fragmention including with people on opposite side sides of the world in order to in the case of serious ones like pedopheilia,sociopathy etc have CRISPR treatments extrapolated to cure them as well as instantly track down others for counselling through proto Iaso.Thus patients with all types of neurological,genetic disorders and genetically predisposed cancers etc can be tracked down instantly and scheduled for proto treatments,counselling and also scheduled routine check ups to catch their development as early as possible for treatments with conventional medicines and then treatments with all relevant strains of microbes.In the case of people known to have Aspergers and high IQ of Christopher Hirata,Terence Tao,Ainan Celeste Cawley etc it will allow the genetic markers to be ascertained in the same way and then applied to all patients worldwide with those that predispose homosexuality,bisexuality,trangenderism etc will be used in studies to analyse them in evolutionary studies on animals and possibly humans ie changing the sexual orientation of a person or changing the transgendered brain to that of a cisgendered person or vice versa to see the role genetics and environmental conditions play.If possible it could be used to make bisexuality a permenant feature of the entire human genepool including living patients by CRISPR.MRI scans will be done of all patients when advancements shrink these to the size of suitcases and also smart devices by 2029-2035 making them cheaper and more accurate thus allowing for Paean to detect neurological disorders such as schizophrenia and pedopheilia and also sexuality and other normal neural conditions such as Aspergers,homosexuality,bisexuality and transgenderism where genetic markers may not be enough to detect them especially in the case of pre teens and adolescents and even make it easier to narrow down them when both MRI scans and also genetic fingerprints are combined together and again him comparing the genome and MRI scans of patients that have these and those that dont to determine this with it also allow for him to carry out studies on the minute neurological variances amongst billions of people worldwide based on gender,age,race,sexuality etc and studies on the effects of environment on the brain.Thus patients known to have pedopheilia,schizophrenia etc will have their genome compared with other patients with the conditions and also those who dont and also have MRI scans taken to better make correlations and determinations also narrow down genetic markers common to them to allow for DNA scans to be instantly recognised in other patients worldwide especially at the moment of birth to sign them up for counselling and also CRISPR treatments etc with it also used to determine genetic and neural markers of transgenderism,homosexuality,bisexuality and Aspergers for scientific studies.It will also be able to determine instances of schizophrenia etc that are the result of tauopathy,trauma to the brain and also poor nutrition as well as damage caused by prions to have them repaired by stem cell strains.Aspergers and other conditions will be determined alongside genetic markers.Their DNA fingerprint and full list of genetic diseases they are prone too or have as well as allergies they have(such as cat dander,nickel,dust mites,pollen,nuts,gluten etc. and even specific vaccines) visible in gene(s) or through tests performed by robots on blood samples upon birth will be listed here alongside their finger fingerprint read on touchscreen identification software in folders and subfolders.Furthermore the types of viral,fungal,bacterial and other types of diseases they are immune and resistant to and even pathogens they are asymptomatic carriers of such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus aureus later on in their life through tests or from genetic screening will be listed here based on their genetic code.Feces samples and swabs from the mouth and other areas will allow the bacteria that inhabit their mouth and also gastro-intestinal tract listed here in subfolder.Whether they contain genes that makes them resistant to these and also other pathogens such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus based on genes that allow for them not to be affected by them and thus making them asymptomatic carriers will detailed so as to all them to used as a base from which these genes can be added to microbes for those that dont used in gene therapy with this database cross referenced with the same applied to other disease whether neurological or genetic.With regards to HIV it could show patients that contains the CCR5Delta 32 mutation to allow for it be mass produced around the world for augmentations for infected and uninfected patients.Skin type(and thus susceptibility to skin cancer and UV radiation) will be listed as well from this and even race as a percentage and even expected height.This will allow one to make modifications to their lifestyle and prepare for diseases decades ahead before they develop from birth and older patients from when the system is introduced will able to also plan ahead with them for example getting reusable dongles and test kits that detect specific cancers biomarkers of cancers they are prone to that can be taken at regular intervals to detect disease early on or have them arranged to have regular conventional tests in hospitals routinely every year or few months with the same applying to all genetic based diseases.It would also allow for gene therapy to be applied early on.Thus it will instantly alert older and infant patients of what genetic diseases they are predisposed to to allow for CRISPR treatments to be arranged as early as 2025-2029 with Paean and even proto AI scanning the genome of each patient via fragmentation with routine tests and conventional medications arranged for conditions like genetically disposed cancers,parkinsons,alzheimers etc to be arranged by 2023/2024 to catch them early on to increase survival rates to 2029 and allow those with predispostions to pedopheilia,sociopathy and schizophrenia etc reffered to Iaso etc.This would thus increase survival rates of all patients of these patients as they will be instantly scheduled for routine tests for genetic based diseases and medications and will be scheduled for CRISPR treatments and stem cell treatments by 2025-2029.As a result a person will be aware of any genetic based diseases including cancers etc that they have predispositions to decades ahead to be given subsidised medication and also routine tests to catch them early one and then scheduled for human and final trials of CRISPR treatments to cure them between 2025-2029.Pedophiles will be allowed to disclose their condition to medical professionals discreetly with no threat of imprisonment and thus be scheduled not only for MRI scans to confirm this but also schedule them for counselling in proto forms of Iaso worldwide but also for medication to suppress their sexual desires towards pre pubescent children to prevent them harming them until they can avail of both CRISPR and stem cell treatments as part of human trials by 2025-2029.Their DNA will be compared with others with this neurological disorder and non afflicted patients to determine if genetics play a role and thus allow early detection from birth as well as locate all afflicted patients worldwide to schedule them from CRISPR treatments and stem cell treatments and also counselling and surveillance by Iaso and to allow Phanes to extrapolate counter CRISPR treatments to cure them.If genetics doesnt play a role scratch DNA may be extrapolated.Some may volunteer to have themselves admitted into specialised institutions where they can be looked after and prevented from harming children with them given restricted access to the internet and wire that prevents them contacting children and also viewing pornographic material as well as even viewing certain videos on YouTube that dont have prepubescent children on them until cured with offenders and those with stores.Those with high reported high IQs,prodigiousness in areas such as math,singing,eidetic memory etc as seen below and Aspergers will be able to determine which genes are responsible for these traits by again their genome compared to each other and the rest of the population and indeed all phenotypes present in humans ie the different breast and penis size etc to allow them to be added to an augmentation network that can have microbes apply these to patients to increase IQ,resistences to pathogens,penis and breast size etc.Specific mutations that occur in humans that give one immunity to certain pathogens,different levels of intelligence quotient and different t sizes in penis length,birth,breast size and eye colour etc can be determined to be used for studies on their prevalence across all patients across the world and also to be added to augmentations strains that allows patients to increase their intelligence,breast and penis size,hair and eye colour.It will also allow for genelogical studies to be allowed for newer patients on a global scale,studies on certain phenotypes ie eye colour,hair colour and their prevalence amongst the global population and will also be used in paternity tests with the genome of a child compared to their parents or to all patients worldwide to determine their real parents worldwide with adopted children also doing this with this carried instantly upon birth for newer patients and when the entire system is first set up will be done to see who is related to whom with each persons patient file also housing their family tree with a list of all their relatives names worldwide with this mainly being first siblings and parents,then aunts,uncles and then cousins in their patient file in a subfolder with one through direct interactions then able to trace further back in their genealogical family tree on local and global scales by Phanes and Paean then scanning all patients present worldwide for each patients on demand thus allowing one to trace long lost relatives including in the case of those separated at birth or later,adopted children finding original parents and so on unique to each patient.Thus one could have Paean and Phanes scan through the entire patient files database to see how closely and distantly releated they are to every other human on the planet and universe.The information will be visible as a phylogentic tree with the names of each person and one able to open their Polis account with basic information such as name and address.This will allow one to trace all of their relatives worldwide performed by Phanes and Paean on demand allowing to see how distantly or closely related they are to anyone worldwide and their ancestoral history over geological timescales.Their ancestral heritage will be present and listed ie African,Native American,Irish,Norweigian etc and also these then subdivided into sub groups,races and tribes within this and their percentage heritage of these.It will allow parents to create holographic,picture or VR simulations of their children at specific ages ie 5,12,14,20 years old at birth thus allowing the physical look of the infant at various ages up to adulthood to be projected by Phanes at birth.By having ones finger finger print present will allow for studies to be carried on these with this including the frequency of different finger prints types etc with it also done to determine the frequency of different genetic phenotypes and genotypes ie eye colour,hair colour,genetic based conditions etc on local to global scales.All genes with regards to phenotypes ie natural hair colour and eye colour,penis and breast size,ethnicity etc will be listed here not only to list the phenotypes but also all genes from all patients worldwide for all phenotypes will be added to the human section of Physis for use in studies and also upgrades for augmentations thus allowing one to change their eye,hair and skin colour or even breast and penis size etc.Thus by having the genome of all patients across the globe and universe Paean and Phanes can sift through billions or trillions of patient files in hours or minutes to perform different types of studies in relation to genetics.If possible base microbes could be used to copy and transfer DNA from the cells in a fetus or even embryo into them without damaging the unborn child to be then collected once flushed out or collecting nodules in the hand or even sent to Paean wirelessly by biosynth WiFi to allow this to be done while the patient is in utero and the DNA collected and screened by a conveyor belt system with the DNA resent in the microbes separated into that which allows them to function and that was copied and transferred with the one that was not in the microbe beforehand taken as the patients DNA.If advanced nanomachines and biosynsth wifi could wirelessly relay this in utero with Cas-9 and taq polymerase would read the DNA from the child from a cell and send it wirelessly thus setting up patient files while a patient hasnt even been born yet with experiments on animals determining which is the best time to do this ie first,second or third trimester and months 1-12.Base microbes could form the basis of both handheld and lab based DNA analysers in hospitals,forensics labs and universities as their ability to scan DNA using taq polymerase and and Cas-9 with them modified to interact with leukocytes and all types of human cells using blood,saliva and cell samples and then send the DNA read in them via nanomachines,mechanotransduction/reverse mechanotransduction and wifi to patient files.Currently it takes about an hour for a single humans genome to be scanned but advances in artificial intelligence,biosynth DNA analysers,automated labs will reduce this to even a few minutes with this done by Epione,Paean,hospital AIs and Phanes either separately or together.The improved AI,management of it by Paean,use of biosynth technology and automated nature using conveyor belts and also phlebotomy robots will drop costs significantly to almost zero with base microbes invivo of mothers pregnant with children will make it completely free.Government programmes managed by AI such as Epione will give hospitals etc subsidies to cut costs to zero.The scanning of ones genome will be done by all patients and citizens worldwide at the same time one sets up ones patient files and scans ones finger fingerprint done worldwide by people visiting medical stafff such as nurses,doctors,specialists,doctors etc in universities,clinics,hospitals across the world with if possible to alleviate strains pharmaceutical companies allow this to be done onsite of their labs in corporate headquarters.The setting up of patient files and scanning of ones genome will be mandatory to all patients worldwide with AI such as Epione etc and government healthcare bodies in each country and state etc arranging appointments for one to have meetings in local hospitals,clinics and corporate headquarters of pharmaceutical companies nearest to them.Ghetttos and slums as well as rural communities in Africa,India etc will have local governments set up mobile clinics including mobile vehicles similar to mobile homes and recreational vehicles complete with laptops and equipment to take blood samples to be taken and sent to labs in nearby hospitals prior to residents of slums,ghettos etc are transferred to luxury housing.Homeless people will be tracked down on the streets by volunteers who work with charities that work with the poor and police officers to bring them to hospitals to have their sequencing of their DNA done after giving them accces to showers and new clothing and shelter.If possible poor people in slums and ghettos and rural communities in Africa can be given access to hospitals while they are in the midst of being given access to both new luxury communal homes built by Daedalus,or those gained by bidding and also showers and clothing.Dongle or portable machines with DNA analysers can allow people in a community or a family to do it a home with a blood prick and by linking wirelessly to their patient file on nearby devices the information will be uploaded and can be cleaned with virkon to prevent the transmission of pathogens and viruses such as MRSA and HIV with them coated internally and externally with liquid glass to prevent them from being cleaned and also prevent the build up any microbes that get stuck.Patients will visit corporate headquarters of pharmaceutical companies,universities and hospitals etc in person and have blood extracted by remaining staff in person including general physicians,clinicians,general physicians and all types of specialists such as dermatoligists and gynocologists etc alongside STI clinicians and medical students paid money with them using test tubes and syringes as well as even phlebotomy robots to alleviate strains with their name and unique ID barcode on the sample allowing for the sample to be traced with the samples sent to relevant clinics and conveyor belts to have blood extracted and barcodes read.One would book an appointment with staff of all types for blood tests with it only taking a few minutes alongside the person typing in basic information such as name,date of birth etc with them even booking appointments in hospitals outside their home city.Hospitals will set up rooms and areas for blood tests to be performed with staff paid extra to encourage this with even medical students and hospital managerial staff taking part.Universities across the world alongside government and corporate science labs around the world will also set up rooms to alleviate strains on hospitals with urban and rural areas have mobile units set up to collect samples from locals with these housing laptops that store data then transferred to the databases.In both universities and hospitals around the world,rooms will be set up where people can donate blood or saliva and have their genome analysed with them having their patient ID set up and them giving contact details such as emails,phone numbers and even name,D.O.B,address,current social security number and medical card number etc to allow AI even proto AI to scan through existing digital databases and those scanned in from around the world containing their hospital visits to add all past medical tests and reports etc from around the world alongside MRI,Xray scans and also medical operations and examinations to be arranged into their folder by Epione.Pharmaceutical corporations can have tests etc done in their corporate labs where people can go in and have the tests done alongside setting up patient files.Staff in corporate labs universities and even medical students and students of all types will be paid reserves to do this with even members of the public and volunteers trained to do this will be hired to do this as well with them paid money thus allowing hospitals,government and corporate labs and also universities around the world doing this work to allow for each of them to carry this out around the world and alleviate strains on each other and allow work to be done 24/7.This information will be done on a paper form to be scanned in and then read by proto AI to then be added to their patient files or could tell staff who will type it in during the visit in person or when they have finished.Places such as villages in the developing world especially Africa,India that dont have hospitals or universities yet and slums across the world will have mobile units that contain miniaturised equipment that can take and store blood samples and computers that can take in results from blood samples and set up files that are stored in them and then uploaded to the network prior to them upgraded to 21st century standards.Rural villages and towns around the world including in Africa,China,India and even groups that live in remote areas such as the Amish,Maasai,Amazon tribes will also have these mobile units set up to have their patient files set up by medical staff visiting them.Shanty towns and slums residents can have these with these and villages in Africa,China,India have all patients have tests for pathogens including HIV and Coronavirus and other potentially fatal ones and subsidised healthcare and medication given.Otherwise they can have staff drive to them in mobile hospitals the same size as recreational vehicles that house fridges,lab equipment,phlebotomy robots etc that allow people of these communities go in and have blood samples taken and set up their patient files.Rural villages and people who live in rural areas like the elderly etc can have medical staff drive to their homes to collect blood samples and set up patient staff.Homeless people will have volunteers and charities track them down and have them given accomadation and also set up patient files.Ideally whole families will go to have their DNA analysed as well as people living together to expedite this with the proto Aesculapius linked to their contact details alerting them to when it has been read and scanned with them filling in forms with contact details like phone number and email with their generated ID sent to this by proto AI thus allowing them to log in and then set up passwords,biometrics.This scanning of ones genome and setting up of patient files will become mandatory to all citizens worldwide by 2029 in order for them to avail of these that are required for anti-ageing etc treatments as part of biocompatible microbes and all services of Paean.The emails will also be used to notify when all other data is transferred from digital files and also scanned in papers from around the world.23andme,,The Melungeon DNA Project,Gene by Gene,Living DNA etc can still continue to be used again to alleviate strains with these results and existing results in databases sent to the proto Aesculapius with similar version set up in all countries with even private clinicians and pharmaceutical companies can be set up with the same labs and be part of 23andme to alleviate strains on hospitals.23andme,,The Melungeon DNA Project,Gene by Gene,Living DNA etc will also extend its range across the globe especially in densely populated cities of the world and even rural areas such as in Africa and China.All major pharmaceutical,biomedicine companies worldwide will also set up labs to do this with them sending in,mail order kits similar to 23andme etc and allow people to visit in person to donate blood and set up files.These test kits including 23andme etc will have the person type in their data on website that will have data sent to the final patient files.Planned parenthood,abortion and other private and government clinics separate from hospitals specific to medicine ie those of general physicians,podiatrists and even alternative health ones and those that specialise in unproven fields of medicine will also do this to alleviate strains where patients can visit in person.Mobile hospital units even those that house xray machines etc will serve rural areas and even rural areas in Africa,China,India etc with those in slums also attended to with the homeless attended by samples collected by those who work in shelters.Newborns will have blood samples taken upon birth.Inmates in prisons across the world will have blood and saliva samples collected and added to the database.Coma patients will also have blood samples taken.Those in ghettos,the homeless and slums once moving into better accommodation will be able to set up accounts with local hospitals and doctors collecting their data and also DNA samples and fingerprint.Finger fingerprints will be taken at home using smartphones where one will press on the screen similar to security features on the iPhone 8 above with it requiring only one or even all fingers with this added to their database with webcams on laptops,smartphones etc taking a picture of ones face and adding it to the database.Cameras on smartphones can scan all fingers on both hands.Webcams will allow ones face to be taken.Thus all existing hospitals,pharmaceutical companies and universities worldwide will have extra staff paid reserves and extra to have them meet in person with patients who will go to them in person and then get their blood tested for their DNA using conventional means ie syringe,phlebotomy robots and also swabs on the mouth and saliva samples with private clinics of all types including general physicians and Planned Parenthood also doing this alongside mobile units with them using automated conveyor belt systems to test the blood to speed things up and reduce costs with as stated staff,medical students,medical professors and even those who work in the fields of biomedicine,microbiology or any subfield of biology and be paid extra money to incentivise them to do this work by the government and corporations to alleviate strains on each other thus allowing patients worldwide to have their DNA scanned and patients files set up by 2029 with one booking there appointments online or over the phone.Volunteers from the public will also be paid money to alleviate strains as they will be mainly doing the grunt work ie meeting patients in person,inputting the patients data and collecting blood samples or even swabs of epitheliel cells from the inside of the patients mouth or from saliva samples with them trained on how to do this with all of this reducing working hours and allowing this work to be done 24/7,365 days a year in all universities,corporate labs,clinics and hospitals etc worldwide without interfering with staffs schedules expediting the process since as stated the actual analysis of the blood and swabs will be automated with AI transferring data into newly generated files.Proto and final AI namely Phanes,Paean and Epione will be used to transfer and arrange all of the data into relevant patient files.These will undergo PCR analysis to extract DNA from the leukocytes that will be analysed and added to the newly generated patient file with swabs and saliva samples used to extract DNA from epithelial cells and saliva samples.Both epiltheiliel cells taken from a mouth swab and also blood sample taken form a syringe or ideally if possble phlebotomy robot.Thus DNA will be extracted from each patient from their mouth using a swab and also leukocytes using blood samples.If possible miniature DNA analysing machines can be onsite of their offices and even community centres.Booths in hospitals that use phlebotomy robots can be used by people to donate blood for this where it will be analysed in connected automated labs.Automated conveyor labs will be used to further cut down costs and speed things up and alleviate strains on staff etc.Using all options,phlebotomy robots,normal blood extraction,swabs and saliva samples containing epithelial cells from the mouth sent in by mail etc will be used for all existing patients worldwide with this DNA added to their file followed by all data on all of their paper and digital records worldwide are scanned in and are merged together into their single patient file and patient number generated with this completed with all existing live patients by 2029-2035.Patient numbers will be visible only to those that have them ie the patient and any staff and Paean with the database when opened by the public allowing them to only access their file via inserting their number and password,face image and also DNA scan from analysers etc.Blood and saliva samples taken in hospitals be used and the person will be alerted to when there DNA is in their file as well as when all their records whether paper and digital are added. Their samples of blood and cells on swab will be put on a conveyor belt with their name with the extraction of the DNA and its analysis will be easily automateable with existing technology with it currently taking about an hour to scan their genome with advances in AI making it take mere minutes within the next decade.The genetic tests will consist of genetic sequencing wherein a persons entire genome will be sequenced and listed and those done when one visits a lab in universities,hospitals and even pharmaceutical labs worldwide so one can have their entire genome listed into their digital patient file with Paean even proto form will be able to scan for all diseases etc.Thus current patients who used existing tests that did not fully sequence their DNA will undergo genetic sequencing to have their entire DNA sequenced that is divided into ones entire genome consisting of the letters G,A,T,C in sequences that are unique to individual with this detailed on both sides of the DNA strand as two side by side lines that the DNA sequences can be transmuted into a 3D double helix.It currently costs about $1,000 and at most a few hours to a day but improved AI and also more accurate automated machinery,phlebotomy robots,home test kits using biosynth technology and nanomaterials with automation in labs cutting costs down even further to zero and allow results to be made within a few minutes with remaining staff in labs and also in universities to meet people in person will be paid money by the government and hospitals and subsidies also given to further drive down costs even further with people even using crowdfunding and loans from banks.Subsidies will paid by the government and also Epione and Euthenia to lower the costs of testing to zero for all patients.If possible current home test kits used by 23andme and other similar services can be developed that allow one to take swabs of skin cells and blood samples at home to be then mailed.By 2029 dongles that intake blood pricks and lab machinery that intake samples of blood via automated phlebotomy robots can use base microbes that using horizontal gene transfer,Cas-9 and taq polymerase scan the genome of white blood cells bringing the cost of scanning the genome down to zero.Thus the use of biosynth technology will thus drop costs to zero.Volunteers from the public will be paid money to alleviate strains and also allow work such as meetings and also any remaining work to be done 24/7.Genotyping tests done by 23andme may require patients to redo them again with as stated even home test kits performing genome sequencing.As stated PCR machines may be used with future ones using nanomaterials and biosynth technology to become faster with in time home test dongles using blood pricks able to scan their DNA using biosynth technology using base microbes that scan the DNA of leukocytes similar to universal home test kits for pathogens and blood components.In time base microbes soon able to do this with fetuses in utero allowing for test to be done and patient files set up before birth with it also doing this for older patients.This will be done worldwide to allow all living patients worldwide to have their genome scanned by 2029.If possible all genes present in their DNA will be listed in a specific folder for use in genelogical,epidemological and other studies (see later) and allow their DNAs double helix to be visible as a 3D image of their choice or series of letters as a single or dual line with one able to scroll down through each gene on both this image and a list with the gene listed and named and its function ie phenotype it creates explained to them and any genes it interacts with and have each gene separated on the choice of the patient to show the gene and its phenotype listed.Those that were removed will be put into a subfolder with those added from augmentations in a subfolder as well or added to the main folder.Ones genome in this file will be updated every time CRISPR treatments are used to remove or remove genes as part of ageing,augmentation or disease treatments for use as phone numbers,emails etc to keep it up to date especially for use of Phanes Activation Gene Technolog and identification for criminal investigations.These changes will be relayed instantly to phone numbers,biometrics etc.Thus every time one changes their DNA to add augmentations etc by adding or removing genes this will be automatically relayed to ones genome in their patient file.Ideally ones original genome will be also present in their patient file in a separate folder for historical purposes with studies being done by AI differentiating between the original genome or new genome as chosen by researcher.Ones original genome will be stored in a separate folder in the digital patient file that contains their existing unaltered genome prior to CRISPR treatments for augmentations,ageing treatments and curing genetic diseases and this will be before getting their first CRISPR treatments for augmentations and treating ageing etc it will be copied and put into a second folder in their digital patient file holding their copied genome which is updated instantly everytime one gets new gene augmentations including treatments for genetic diseases,ageing etc for comparisons for historical purposes.This will allow ones original DNA to be preserved forever for genetic studies and to compare to their copied altered genome and allow the copy to be used as phone numbers etc with this original version of ones DNA never changed ever.The copied sample of DNA will be altered and updated every time one gets new CRISPR treatments.All future changes to ones DNA via CRISPR will be instantly relayed to the copy to keep track of ones current genome for it to be used in studies and used as ones phone number etc with these changes updated to Arke etc.The original DNA scan will be preserved in its unaltered state forever for use in genealogical studies etc.Put simply this DNA test done on all patients worldwide will allow their entire DNA fingerprint that houses all of their genes present in them to be listed into their patient file visible to Phanes,Paean and in certain situations Macaria and Medusa.All of this will be organised worldwide by local governments and it subsidised and funded by them to make it free to all patients especially the poor.It will be done for all living and future patients worldwide and across the universe to allow for ones DNA to be transmuted into phone numbers,emails etc and also track genetic lineages across the universe and even allow for epidemiology,phylogenetic studies of all genes present in humans etc to be quanfied as part of studies such as the frequency of specific genes in all human patients worldwide and across the universe,track ethnicity lineages and also and how closely or distantly releated each patient is to each other and allow scientific studies that measure the levels of compounds in the blood etc to take into account genetic factors and their role in them involving billions of people not possible in current studies especially when involving those with other species of animals.Scientific studies using patients file systems can take into account ones individual genome thus allowing genetic factors of billions of patients to be ascertained for scientific studies.Thus all patients currently alive by 2029 will have their genome scanned to track genetic lineages,test for genetic based conditions with all newly born patients upon birth as of 2029 onwards will have their genome sequenced for the same reason.It will be done at the same time that that one sets up their patient files with the sequenced genome stored in their digital patient files.This will be mandatory across the world and universe by 2029 to all existing living patients and all future born patients managed by Paean.All living pets by 2029 and those born in 2029 and onwards will have their genome sequenced and stored in their patient files.Animals in zoos etc and possibly remaining livestock will have their genome scanned as well.All patient citizens that are non human sentient races and their pets will have this done as well for the same reasons.Paean will ensure that this is mandatory.

Current analyses of the human genome takes roughly 26 hours and cost roughly $1,000 with further advances even making the mapping of the genome of any lifeform including sentient ones in a few hours or even less possibly even minutes and cutting down costs exponentionally to the point it may cost a few dollars or even a few cents with improvements in artificial intelligence and automated labs AI with Artemis,Phanes,Gaia,Paean doing this collectively or separately.Base microbes using using horizontal gene transfer to copy DNA present in the cell into the base microbes and then using Cas-9,taq polymerase and biosynth WiFi will be used to copy DNA from cells of microorganisms and multicellular organism with the DNA once read sent to computers using only a single cell with these microbes forming part of DNA analyzers in labs and those as part of test kits and PCR/Sysmex haemotoanalyzer machines.At first biosynth DNA analysers will be integrated into lab machinery in hospitals using blood extracted from a syringe or phebotomy robot,in time they can be integrated into home test kits that take a prick of a child blood with in time the DNA scan can be done invivo within a child that is either just born or in the womb during the third,second or first trimester based on what can be done by having base microbes using horizontal gene transfer copy DNA from a fetus or the newborn child and scan its genome using taq polymerase and Cas-9 that is then sent wirelessly to newly generated patient files.Epione and Euthenia can organise subsidies to lower their costs to zero.By 2029 DNA analyser s will use biosynth technology that has base microbes scan the DNA in blood etc to allow the genome to be analysed at almost zero cost with in time based microbes in the body doing this while the child is in the womb.

This system via the sentient Medusa software will also allow for victims of murders,suspects of crimes,rapists and even people who die in accidents,fires and natural disasters to be identified instantly.Murder victims or those whose remains are discovered in an decomposed state or have salvageable DNA samples will have their DNA and face superimposed over skulls by Medusa to identify them via Polis with DNA cross referenced alongside living patients to find the victims next of kin and closest relatives etc.Medusa and Macaria will use the skull to create a 3D image of their face that can be crossrefferenced with Polis and global databases of missing people with Phanes analysing the face and reversing engineering the genotypes to create the same face that can be then crossrefferenced with patient files to see if it matches up with someone missing.The patient files of all missing patients will be brought up and their genomes used to create holographic or virtual humans to see if they produce the same face,gender and skeletons with Phanes,Macaria and Medusa working together to determine the owner of a skeleton using patient files,missing person databases etc alongside other methods.Dental records present in the patient files will also allow for identification of decomposed bodies.In the case of bodies found that died before 2029 it can involve their face and body determined from remains be compared to missing persons databases with the genome reverse engineered by Phanes and then compared to those of living patients in the patient files systems.It will also allow for people who are found suffering memory loss such as amnesia to be identified immediately using dongles that use biosynth technology.Suspects and witnesses can be identified once DNA from semen,blood,skin.Rapists can be identified instantly from skin cells and semen stains with the identities of those in the scene of crimes such as witnesses and murders identified from saliva,blood etc.Ones finger fingerprint present in patient files can allow this to be used for identification.The patients DNA in their patient file will change each time one adds or removes DNA as part of ageing,aylugmentation treatments and those to treat genetic diseases etc.This sentient Medusa will be used by forensics labs and police investigators to gain a warrent to identify the owner of DNA with this done by the DNA found at a crime scene such as from semen,blood etc of a murder,rape,assault will have the discovered DNA scanned fully and then Medusa interact with Epione will be allowed to scan the global patient database for corresponding and matching DNA with it scanning through billions of patient files within minutes.This will allow the identity of rapists,murderers and the victim of murder etc and those who die in accidents and also natural disasters within minutes by forensics investigators with it also used to identify amnesiac victims and stray pets and livestock found.Skeletons of humans can be indentified by having the skulls and general skeletons shape analysed to determine race,gender and the general features of them allowing a 3D representation of the persons face that can be crossreferenced and compared to both face photos present in the files and also the entire DNA of patients crossreferenced to create a 3D representation of their skeleton and body in real life.If DNA cannot be salvaged then the skeleton including skull will determine the persons gender,race and age and a Macaria will extrapolate their physical features ie what their face looked like and what their entire body looked like,cross reference Polis and patient files that house their face and also extrapolate the genotypes to express these facial etc phenotypes and then compare it to the global database with this done one patient at a time which might take longer ie several days our hours with Medusa and Epione first scanning through patients of the local town,village and city before extending to surrounding ones,then the local county,state,then all those of the surrounding counties,states etc and also then the entire country and then the entire continent and entire world.If possible the AI may at first scan Athena for a list of all missing persons and pets to narrow the search down at first to eliminate them first.This system can also help identify the owner of remains of bodies of humans who died prior to the creation of the patient file system by analysing their DNA and skeletons and creating a face and body and then comparing them to pictures of known missing persons in missing persons databases and also comparing the DNA to living relatives in the global system of patient files.If DNA is not salvageable them the the skeleton can be used to extrapolate a 3D image of the person including facial features that Phanes can use to extrapolate the genotypes to create that face and body with this then compared to the global database to find living relatives with it also scanning databases of missing people worldwide.Phanes,Epione and Paean will extrapolate means to identify the owner of dead bodies using patient files,extrapolated genotypes from skeletons and missing person databases.

Animals in zoos,remaining farms and also all pets worldwide will have their DNA scanned and added to their patient files.With regards to animals it will not only identify the name of dead animals but also the identity of lost and stray animals and their owners and also species and breed.DNA analyzers integrated into electronics directly or as dongles that use blood pricks or in time special sensors can be built into electronics.For pet animals and livestock etc involved in a crime the animal patient files can be scanned once the species is determined by scanning Physis with the the animal patient files of that particular species them scanned for the corresponding owner of the DNA to determine the exact animal,whether it is a pet or livestock and thus allow the owner to be determined by contacting Paean and Phanes and also the animals patients files containing the owners current address.It can again be used to determine the identification of dead animals or animals that attack other pets etc and human using DNA from saliva,skin cells etc.Furthermore it can be used to identify the name and owner of a animal found stray,missing or run away from a blood prick etc by cross referencing their patient files to allow the owner to be found and contacted.Thus by 2029 onwards all current living patients across the world will have their genome sequenced and stored in their digital patient for use in predicting genetic disease to be treated by CRISPR,transmuted into phone numbers and emails,Phanes activation gene technology and also genealogical studies to track genetic lineages over geological timescales and any future genetic evolutions of the species etc with livestock and pets and even animals in the wild and zoos around the world having this for the same reasons.It will also be used to carry out studies on genetics including their role in relation to different medical conditions and interactions with each other and compounds present in the bloodstream etc and also neuroscience when combined with test results from home test kits,miniature MRI scans and automated labs.All modification to ones DNA such as augmentations will be instantly related to ones genome in their patient file to keep it up to date especially for identification for criminal investigations.All future patients born in 2029 onwards across the world and eventually universe will have their genome sequenced and added to their digital patient file to track genetic lineages across the world and universe.Allied alien races across the universe will have this genetic sequencing set up in their patient files as well with them having theirs in separate sections in the database for each species of allied alien race across the universe.

All of this applies to both human and animal patients but in the case of animals patient files can be restricted to owners and community gardeners who scan the ID barcode on smart devices again using apps and software.Animal patient files will be for pet owners,livestock reared on community and home farms as well as those in zoos,conservation areas and possibly all animals of all species in the wild logged in Artemis.Furthermore by taking the DNA fingerprint of a newborn software can compare it to the fingerprint of both parents present to allow for a paternity test to be carried out on site at birth or later on if only the mother is present to confirm the parentage with the identity of the real parent found by comparing the newborns and both the father and mothers DNA against each other and if the child does not belong to either one or both via infidelity or being switched at birth the child’s DNA will be run against all patients in the global database within minutes.Parents whose family have a history of genetic disease can have Paean calculate the possibility of their child having any of them or others and what percentage likelihood especially in decades ahead as more patients have been added to the database using algorithms to create punnet squares using all genes present in them or specific ones.This can allow for long lost relatives around the world to be found and adopted person to find their biological parents as well find out how closely rated someone is to anyone else on the planet alive or dead,their national identity and ancestry as well as used in paternity tests done automatically upon birth and also on demand.It will also allow the owners of mutations that cause immunities to pathogens such as HIV,Ebolavirus and those who produce antibodies naturally to be ascertained and the genes located to be printed using 3D DNA printers with this applied to meurological and psychological conditions to be ascertained by comparing the files of those around the world diagnosed with it used to track down others with the condition for CRISPR treatments and it allow for studies of the prevalence of certain genetic sequences to be determined for certain phenotypes ie eye,hair colour,penis breast size for global studies.For those discovered to have predispositions towards neurological disorders,genetic diseases and cancers it will allow them to avail of CRISPR treatments as soon as possible with stem cell strains that deal with these created onsite of hospitals via 3D DNA printers to have them treated discreetly and quickly.This will be done by 2029 by the sentient Phanes,Paean and Epione on demand.

Alarms to medical emergencies can be sent either by smart clothing that wireless alert them when the wearers heart rate and blood pressure drops resulting in unconsciousness or apps in smart devices like Pemphredo that when used alert the nearest hospital as to the exact GPS location and building address of the owner via the location of the smart phone used alongside important information such as numbers of next of kin decided by the patient which will be also automatically dialled and alerted to their location with vital signs such as temperature,heart rate and blood pressure etc relayed with their distance in kilometres,metres and cms.This would be integrated into Aesculapius and only deal with ambulances and send an ambulance to the exact GPS position.Also it will automatically alert any nearby smart devices such as smart phones and even televisions and laptops etc in the surrounding area alerting nearby citizens in the street and public buildings or in vehicles,neighbours to the emergency via interacting with Hestia and also using GPS and automatically streamed can guide them to the location of the patient via connection the wire and show where nearby automated CPR and defibrillator machines and using wordsmith and possibly even surveillance cameras detail their position and how to put them into recovery position until aid arrives.This can be useful with regards to people having a fall at home,suffering heart attacks at home or in public buildings and in universities and will allow them to chose the option to bring the person into their vehicles which can be given right of way if the AI of the hospital determines it is the best method.Other vehicles will be alerted to the vehicle given right of way and its reason.Those that occur out in the middle of the streets or in the wilderness will work by interacting with the city AI as detailed earlier by alerting all smart devices in the surrounding region and expand outwards until someone accepts the alert and once again directs them to the patient and location of any CPR and defibrillators while still alerting ambulances and next of kin.Home and building AI will direct any human neighbours as to the location of the patient via a voice directions and/or visual aids showing how many meters they are from them unlocking any doors on the way with home maps streamed directly to their devices like lenses,glasses.This will be done for severe emergencies to allow them to lend out their vehicle to act as a means to travel to the hospital and them given right of way.Robots at home and in universities and public buildings could also be alerted and allow hospital staff to be alerted and thus be automatically brought there and view the scene and any injuries with built in miniature MRI and Xray scanners to perform on the spot scans of affected areas suffering pain.Since smart clothing could be voice activated it could allow serious injuries that dont result in a loss of consciousness to be reported by the patient to again alert medical staff of their choice of next of kin.Furthermore the alerts from apps could in the case of a heart attack or loss of consciousness alert nearby people to the location of nearby miniature defibrillator and CPR machines present in key points in public buildings as well as key points of cities.These defibrillator can automatically connect to smart devices of remote next of kin and doctors allowing them to control the defibrillator.In time these smart apps will be replaced with a connection to the wire via the wire or Aesculapius apps that interacting with home AI and smart clothing can automatically call emergency help based on each situation.To allow for conformity Rapid SOS features for health emergencies will be integrated into Aesculapius which will have a menu at the begging when first entered that will call only ambulances and thus the GPS location will be relayed to ambulances and emergency services.Also the app linked to Aesculapius can be in the persons smart devices screen separate from it or an app integrated into the wire that contains all emergency vehicles such as ambulances,firefighters,law enforcement and lifeguards and other emergency drones can be developed that integrates into the wire connected to Hermes,Aesculapius and Athena etc.This and other measures detailed later on would eliminate the need for 911 emergency operators with in time Paean making this even more efficient with it named Pemphredo after the Graeae deity of alarm like those within Athena and Hermes but with the Star of Life being its symbol for hospitals.The sentient Pemphredo app will be separated into three sections one for Athena,Aesculapius and Prometheus.The app will alert all healthcare staff officials in the area allowing them to communicate with citizens in need directly bypassing operators allowing them relay the nature of the situation with the citizen choosing to communicate via audio/visual Iris chats,instant messaging or even through texts or choosing medical conditions or situations from a list or if they need to be quiet given the situation.Paean and Home AI may also arrange the phone call in certain emergencies if humans can’t.In time the person will be able to communicate with the hospital AI and receptionist of the nearest hospital directly through it with the AI able to communicate with millions of people of once and will send the calls etc to the patients file with the person directed to the nearest hospital AI based on the GPS location by the sentient Pemphredo app with the GPS location and address of the patient automatically sent to the hospital AI then relayed to any staff and also used by the ambulances used by the AI with any smart devices in the area also have the GPS location and address and nature and severity of the patient condition relayed.If full and busy the hospital AI will divert them to the next nearest hospital AI with this being directly connected to the sentient AI of the nearest hospital will allowing all existing 911 call centres worldwide to be converted into homes with centres onsite of hospitals turned into extra wards or lounges etc.All details of the patients will be sent to the hospital AI instantly and relayed to all staff and beds for the patients chosen based on their injuries at least an hour or thirty minutes before they arrive.Paean will via contacting Epione through Pemphredo or Pemphredo itself will be able to interact with all hospitals in the town,village,city and state,country to see which nearest to the patient has free beds choosing the closest one with free beds.All smart phones new and those existing that download the Hestia software will automatically have this downloaded to ensure it is available to everyone.Once alarms are sent by Gaia,texts,choosing a emergency from a list and talking to healthcare staff the app will alert healthcare staff and ambulances in the area to their GPS location with the amount of time until they arrive in hours,minutes and seconds relayed to the person who called the alarm with distance in kilometre,metres and centimetres that ambulances responding to them are from them also relayed with the AI able to locate the exact location in kilometres,metres to centimetres of the person who called using the GPS location.The patient will have the vehicles distance and time of arrival to be relayed to them.Implants can be formed in the caller at their behest and their GPS location relayed to the human and biosynth EMTs as a countdown in cms,metres,kilometres.When called for the app will notify patients as to when the ambulance will arrive via the emergency app denoted in a countdown in hours,minutes and seconds and their distance in kilometres,metres and cms updated based on the speed and current location of the ambulance and other factors in real time(this also applying to all other emergency vehicles) and the GPS location of the ambulance will be denoted.The distance of ambulances to the caller will be visible to the caller in cms,metres,kilometres and in seconds,minutes,hours as a countdown with their GPS location visible.GPS location and if in a building the address will be ascertained and sent automatically to the hospital AI once the call is made by Pemphredo and the hospital AI via the smart devices interacting with the building AI and also Arke and Hestia interacting with satellites using cellular access to send the address and GPS location.Thus everytime a person uses Pemphredo they will choose a section that links them to Aesculapius that will then based on their GPS location link them to the AI in charge of the nearest hospital that will be able to interact with millions of people at once and still be able to carry out their operations unhindered with the callers GPS location and address automatically sent to the hospital AI to negate the need for callers to do this and allow them to be found if they are cut off for any reason.If possible Home AI or Paean will be able to arrange the phone call if humans cant.Home AI via fragmentation on smart phones can make phones to the building HQ AI quietly if humans cannot.This app will automatically be on all smart phones,devices and computers rather than having to be downloaded.Direct interaction with Paean may allow for him to interact with Pemphredo indirectly and send this data with alerts sent automatically as to the nature of the injury or emergency and also GPS location etc.The smartphones will be used by the robots etc to determine where the person is in metres and centimetres.The alert will be sent to all personnel including those off duty in the area depending on the severity of the situation to their smart devices via the nearest hospital AI instead of ambulances with the hospital AI and Pemphredo replacing human operators with it relayed to automated ambulances.All hospital AIs in the area will be alerted with the closest one with the most available spaces chosen decided by the app,hospital AIs and also Epione and ambulance with them other ones in outlying regions alerted if they are not free.The AI will determine what vehicles to send and will automatically notify the sentient Ophion as to give them right of way and also prepare to do so and thus alter traffic to cater to this with if possible it sending taxis etc from Helios as detailed later to the address and thus also giving them right of way with the same of even vehicles owned by the public that can be lent out them if decide by them with the AI determining the quickest and most efficient means to do so.Other vehicles will be alerted to the vehicle given right of way and its reason.All local citizens and biosynths including biosynth animals in the area will be notified to the GPS location of the caller to get them to help.This Pemphredo system will be a single global system taking in calls from around the world allowing for 911 call centres turned into homes and their servers and computers recycled with the robots and Pempherdo once sentient ringing back the person to locate them.If the call centres are in hospitals they will be converted into extra wards with Pemphredo linking them to the nearest hospital AI and send their details instantly.Thus all alarm calls to hospitals 911 operators via Paean and Pemphredo will be directed straight to the receptionist AI and hospital AI who through fragmentation can interact with billions of people at once replacing human 911 operators.All emergency calls will be logged in the hospital AI,ones patient file and will be added to digital forensic files once brought to the courts and investigations begin of it is relevant as well as in patient files logged for each hospital visit.The calls will also be logged into the patients file.Integrated into Paean it will allow one to instigate it through him as well.

Automated self driving ambulances will interact with traffic networks and thus other vehicles giving them the right of way and the ability to speed ahead of other traffic and possibly even bypass traffic lights with them interacting with the AIs of all the nearest hospitals and decide which is the best one to choose based on how many spaces are available in carparks and also beds available from interacting with the hospital AIs in the area via group Iris calls done at once and the wire.Sirens will be started automatically.These ambulances will be controlled by the hospital AIs and will by interacting with Ophion be able to bypass all traffic and even traffic lights or have traffic lights changed to allow to bypass traffic and thus reach patients and hospitals faster without causing accidents.Flying cars and helicopters that park either on the roof of hospitals or on a runway next to them will be able to bypass ground traffic.These can also be modified to house stretchers and other tools to help people in.Both of these vehicles could contain defibrillators,CPR machines,portable X-RAY and MRI machines and in time compact robot drones modelled like Robonurse that could have these machines built into them to perform on site scans allowing doctors to immediately assess the severity of the injuries and help them onto stretchers.Larger versions of seabreachers can serve cruise and ferry ships and even private boats and yachts at the deep sea alongside rivers or even bypass terrestrial traffic with them collecting patients at the sides of piers and also banks of rivers where there are steps.When they have entered the ambulance and are on their way to the hospitals the same information such as they time and distance to the hospital will be denoted to the patient and other passenger via smart devices and they app.The type of vehicle used will be decided by the hospital AI,the city AI and Paean based on the injuries sustained,traffic density,number of patients and location where the patient is calling from with Pemphredo,Paean,Home AI,City AI,terrestrial based GPS,smart clothing and devices working together to determine the patients location the vehicles will notify and healthcare staff and robots as to when they arrive.As stated earlier the nearest hospital with the most spaces will be chosen or that at least has spaces free will be chosen with this instantly relayed to other ambulances that may need to make diversions.Interactions between Pemphredo and Epione will instantly decide which hospital will receive the patient based on availible beds etcThe onboard computer will not have an independent personality but will be that of the hospital AI.The stretcher inside them should contain apparatus where certain body parts are squeezed to prevent blood loss with cameras inside allowing for this to be determined by the hospital AI who will direct the patient alongside Paean.The ambulances will be staffed by humans and in time robots and biosynths with the GPS location and distance in kilometres of the ambulance to where the patient on the way to collect them and also distance to the hospital on the return journey will be relayed to the hospital AI with this allowing the hospital AI to determine when they arrive.

Portable lift assist devices can also be put inside the ambulance with a wheelchair that can help people get into a wheelchair and thus the vehicle it self for minor injuries.These automated wheelchair able ambulances can be called to patients in wheelchairs who experiencing an emergency or hospital visit with each hospital ordering as many to have manufactured via routinely automatically scanning the patient files and Polis of people in the region they serve for how many people have wheelchairs and are prone to accidents.Alternatively the patient who is in a wheel chair can have their vehicle responded to their smart clothing and thus open the door and have their automated robotic wheel chair drive them into the vehicle for transport to the hospital with the same precedence over traffic as seen in automated ambulances(they will also have an alarm over them similar to ambulances that will only work in these instances) once their helper robot has carried them into the chair.The interactions between carer robots,smart clothing,smart devices and apps,home AI,robotic self driving wheelchairs,automated vehicles,hospitals and traffic networks can be replicated in other similar situations.Those in wheelchairs should have self driving wheelchairs and private vehicles that can hold wheelchairs that will once they sound an alarm via Pemphredo,Paean that will call the vehicle if it is close by and their wheelchair will automatically enter it and they will be driven to the nearest hospital skipping all vehicles and traffic lights.If the vehicle is not nearby the hospital and city AI by interacting with the hospital AIs in the region,Helios and Hestia will either;send an ambulance that with or without a stretcher,send a public vehicle that has wheelchair access, or send their own public vehicle all three of which will be given the ability to skip traffic and lights to get to them with the decision determined by which is the fastest.In time ambulances could have wheelchair access in them to aid them with not present in these cases or have miniature self expanding wheelchairs in them that will be in them not in the case of wheelchair using patient.

For more serious injuries self loading stretchers with KIVA systems can allow patients to be loaded into vehicles especially if the ambulance is designed to have a slope or loading step for the KIVA systems to use.Although these need some human intervention and labour or the use of robots similar to robonurse within the next decade by at least 2025-2035 robots may be sufficiently advanced to allow them to pick up patients from the ground safely and bring them into ambulances with no human operators with sensor radars that can detect them and operate these procedures with these as part of the ambulance.Neighbours and even a in the surrounding area will act as EMTS putting people into stretchers with Paean guiding them into this.KIVA systems can be integrated into stretchers to make them self moving into the ambulance and into the hospital and then self moving beds with the aid of staff and robobears decided by the hospital AI with them then directed to relevant wards and the stretchers loaded back onto the ambulance.Until then as stated earlier alerted next of kin,friends and neighbours or even compact variants of the Robonurse will help them up with the stretcher and ambulance guiding them how to pick them up and do it themselves via how to videos streamed into their smart devices via the wire or Paean and interacting with the stretcher and strap that lock them into place to keep the patient stable.The arms and legs of the patient will be held in place via automatic cuffs.Medical droids and in time bio-synths with graphene and invitro muscles able to hold heavier weights controlled by the hospital AI that are to be developed will be deployed in these ambulances and interact with the Home AI downloading a map from the home AI and interacting with it and smart devices and smart clothing present similar to how firefighter robots will work.Alternatively the robonurse robots until sufficiently advanced can be controlled remotely by alerted healthcare staff at the nearest hospital or from the patients most trusted healthcare staff members also alerted to this thus allowing them to communicate with them.These would be controlled by staff wearing exoskeletons with by 2045 biosynths will be part of these ambulances indefinitely controlled by the hospital AI.These could also be similar to firefighter robots and be fitted with x ray,MRI scanners to determine injuries onsite with them also taking blood sample with nanosensers testing blood for abnormalities.Internal systems on or robotic hands similar to robot chefs on rails with cameras should be in these to automatically apply pressure to wounds to prevent them bleeding such as appendages similar to blood pressure machines with vertigel present in nozzles(and refilled by docking at the hospitals or robots) that are pumped into wounds detected by internal cameras to seal wounds,spray antiseptic spray and apply seacell gauzes which should at least alleviate serious wounds allowing for them to survive the trip to the hospital.An overabundance of people trained as emergency personnel in ambulances that will not be in obsolete professions will suffice until robots and biosynths replace them between 2029-2045 with the decrease in hospital visits via automated driving vehicles,automation in construction,agriculture and other dangerous areas of the economy will reduce the amount of hospital visits significantly and reduce working hours for them.Furthermore the acellerated healing phenotype and also anti-viral,anti-bacterial and other strains of microbes and even gene therapy that allows a patient to utilise carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor and other phenotypes will increase survival rates and even negate some visits to the hospitals and the need for calling ambulances and may even allow the patient to be physically sound even though to be able to drive there themselves ad otherwise fatal conditions would be now minor enough to delay visits or as stated allow the patient to travel their themselves.The system wherein neighbours in the surrounding area alerted to emergencies and them using their vehicles alongside the patients own automated vehicles and even the use of taxis called by Paean to drive them their will be used to alleviate strains on remaining emergencies.The hospital AI,staff and robots will be alerted once the ambulance makes its return journey to their expected time of arrival,distance,ambulance number,patient name and injuries through Paean allowing them to respond quickly when the arrive since controlled by the hospital AI.Using either slopes or a part of the ambulance that rises and falls they can be able to accommodate the KIVA systems.Staff,robots and automatic beds will be notified to the arrival time and serial number of the ambulance to make them ready with the KIVA stretcher will be able to disengage from the vehicle and enter the hospital with the patient loaded onto self moving beds that will be present there by robots,staff or by interactions between the bed and stretchers.Biosynths will by 2045 replace all human paramedics with prior to this an abundance of humans used.

If a person in a private vehicle experiences a medical emergency while in a vehicle via smart clothing the vehicle will travel directly instead of the original journey to the nearest hospital or if they or passengers selects a hospital and then tells the onboard computer that they are going there because of an emergency(ie.heart attack,giving birth,serious injury etc.)via voice command or a menu which can choose for either casual visit or emergency the latter of these two choices will give them right of way over other vehicles allowing them to pass all traffic on the roads,possibly even bypassing traffic lights alongside smart clothing and how to videos to keep the patient stable will be relayed to the passengers for each situation(pregnancy,heart attack,trauma,stabbing etc.)with the onboard computer alerting medical staff to the location of the vehicle containing the patient alongside readings from smart clothing and allow other passenger to directly communicate with the hospital AI to detail what is wrong with the patient which will them inform healthcare staff inside with all details including the name of the patient and the colour and design of the vehicle and its expected time of arrival and distance from them in cms,metres,kilometres etc with it visible on a streamed city map via smart devices including contact lenses with a marker denoting the vehicle.Ideally the hospital AI would alert primarily staff and robots nearest to the carpark on the hospital grounds and those that are not busy.The model of the vehicle will be downloaded from the onboard computer and relayed to hospital AIs and staff via computers and smart devices before it arrives.Paean will through smart phones be alerted to emergencies and then interact with Ophion to give it right of way and then interact with hospital AIs.The same will apply to emergencies that occur on public transport such as buses,taxis well as mag lev cable cars,Urban light Transit systems.It will also apply to mag lev and subway trains which will stop at the nearest stop and then automatically call an ambulance when said individual is off the vehicle with onboard touchscreen computers on them to allow passengers to initiate this if no smart clothing is available.If someone initiates an alarm for ambulances using emergency app with while on the train the onboard computer will then initiate the aforementioned procedure and then call an ambulance to the station with the droids or nearby alerted citizens helping them out.If the city AI through Tyche and Aesculapius through Paean interacting with each other determines it takes too long for an ambulance to drive there by the time they reach the stop they can order any nearby public vehicles including taxis or even private vehicles to the spot of the patient and drive them to the hospital with Pemphredo alerting them to the location of the vehicle by any means including augmented reality.Taxis may be called by the hospital AI in certain situations.Private vehicles and taxis containing passengers and even private vehicles that are parked and are driving would have an alarm sent to the owner detailing the emergency via the home AI allowing citizens to choose to lend out the vehicle and it then return to the space where it was in the case of parked ones or return to the original journey in the case of those with passengers.These vehicles would be able to skip traffic and traffic lights via being given right of way.The private vehicles of the patient themselves can be used with nearby people alerted to the emergency via the wire and then them being guided into putting the person into their vehicle or the patients with them given right of way over other traffic and skip traffic lights.The Hospital AI will decide which is the best option for each instance to manage the use of ambulances,private vehicles and also taxis efficiently both in terms of availible resources,which is the fastest and which has the highest chance of bringing the patient their safety and reduce the chance of them dying with the AI able to run simulations within a matter of minutes or even seconds with improved AI.In all cases the hospital AI will notify the sentient Ophion in charge of managing traffic of the emergency and have it prepare to give all vehicles used right of way,skip traffic and also to alter traffic to cater to this thus allowing it reach the patient and the hospital as quickly and safelty as possible improving the survival rates of the patient.This should alleviate strains on ambulances due to their limited number as well as until robotic and biosynth paramedics and EMT controlled by the hospital AI are sufficiently advanced with interactions between Hestia,Tyche,Helios,Epione being made and deciding the fastest means based on traffic density,location of the patients,availability of ambulances etc.Emergencies that occur on cruise ships will have seabreachers and helicopters deployed and pick up patients and transport them to the roof of hospitals or piers where ambulances will be waiting for them.

Hospital AIs through the vehicles onboard computer or smart devices connected to the wire will relay to all staff and robots the identity and demographics of the patients present,their condition,nature of the emergency,the ambulance number,vehicle model and design of public and private vehicles,their arrival time and distance in minutes,seconds as well as kilometres and metres,vital signs and other information beforehand to allow them to prepare beforehand ie what beds available and wards and even carpark spaces to be used and etc and what preparations to do so beforehand giving them ample time to prepare them for surgery and other treatments to ensure survival.This will be done the instant patients are collected giving staff etc at least thirty minutes to an hour to prepare.The patients files etc will also be opened and brought up on all smart devices with the current condition etc relayed to each person.Carparks for visitors can be dug up made into gardens and replaced with underground automated ones with those for ambulances kept and made smaller and even lead to underground non automated ones that lead to elevators that can transport patients.

Existing hospitals can be upgraded with hotels and refurbishments similar to luxury hotels with newer ones modelled on them with spas,jacquizzis,gyms,large automated aquariums,pools for both visitors and patients with even hotel rooms through extensions with the suites for guests and visitors,etc it appeared in opened by digital keys and these rooms managed and digital keys dispensed by the hospital AI where a person can book them by email,logging into the intranet or telephone to the AI receptionist.These hotel rooms can be also used to house patients suffering from minor injuries,are in the recuperating phase,are booking accommodation for tests and surgery when accommodation is not possible in the town through home sharing,examinations or if their is a shortage of beds due to wards being packed with any machinery brought to aid them while they are there to alleviate strains on wards with them and the amenities providing patients and guests leisure and help in recuperating from injuries and illness with the rooms acting like traditional hotels.They can also be used by any remaining staff who have shifts in the morning alongside other living spaces with the cleaning of beds and floors done by robots and all surfaces and bedding treated with silica glass.Visitors may also use these for when they are visiting patients that are undergoing surgeries or staying for extended periods of time.These will have televisions replaced by laptops and smart devices with wifi and wire access availible and deliveries made by botlr,Tug and other robots from the cafeteria.The same sterilising narrow range wavelength UV lights on the ceiling to sterilise them with them cleaned by robots and biosynths.Existing hospitals should ideally have them built into them through side and underground extensions for these reasons and would be luxury style rooms on par with the top end hotels with them able to order meals from the cafeteria via Tug and botlr robots.Roofs of these extensions housing them can have gardens encircled by a waist high wall for healthcare staff,patients and visitors containing both crop and ornamental plants and benches as well as recirculating aquaculture systems.Separate rooms devoted solely to housing luxury suites for staff can be in obsolete staff offices made redundant by Paean and the hospital AI,retail outlets,restaurants and also extensions with them being on each floor or one single floor to allow those to stay there on nights they have shifts in the next morning and during breaks thus used by all staff.It would also allow them to rest before going home.Each room will be the same size as the standard suite in the Venetian hotel – 65.0321 square metres enough to house living spaces for even married couples an ensuite,mini living room and bedroom.Any remaining staff such as managerial staff,surgeons etc will be replaced by the hospital AI and so their offices can be merged together to form these.These and suites used by patients and visitors would have luxury furnishes and furniture,ensuites and also wifi access with televisions ideally replaced with ones own laptops and smart devices and will be modelled on the universal Venetian size.The offices of obsolete managerial staff,retail outlets and restaurants and obsolete STI clinics and other rooms and areas made obsolete by AI,home test kits etc will be renovated into these and any buildings that house these will have roof,side and underground extensions including underground areas underneath the entire carpark etc to house at least twenty five to a hundred Venetian suites and ensuites for staff with these having luxury furniture and bedding etc.These suited for remaining staff would allow them to stay all night and be able to respond to emergencies as well as stay overnight when they have shifts in the morning and afternoon the next day or night before this allowing them to be onsite of the hospital before their shifts and can be used when they have a second shift the next day with them used in rotation by all staff present.They may even be used by biosynths controlled by the hospital AI.Offices of remaining staff could also be merged with those of obsolete ones and obsolete clinics or in extensions that are hybrids of a suite and office that one enters will bring them to their office with a door leading to their Venetian suite with both being luxury style ones.All aspects of hospitals both new and existing can be refurbished with luxury fittings step by step with cheap walling and flooring replaced by thin slabs of ornamental rocks,kebonsied wood,automated aquariums and luxury furniture including biorpinted leather couches and seats as well as ornate furniture in the lobby,waiting rooms,wards.Curtains,cushions,pillow cases,covers for beds,patient and staff garb and uniform and bedding with even doctors uniforms will be composed of silk with even toilets both communal and those in wards upgraded to the level of luxury style ensuties and in communal ones cubicles replaced by synthetic precious gems,kebonised synthetic wood and even toilet lids or entire toilets made of these with cubicles covered in liquid glass to prevent graffiti and sinks and mirrors in these replaced by luxury ones and smart mirrors.Hospital beds will be replaced with smart ones fitted with KIVA systems and them composed of kebonised wood and fitted with electronics and all bedding will be composed of silk.If possible toilets in wards will be made larger by merging with storerooms or will extend out to those in adjoining wards or if the adjoining ward is on the opposite side then the extension to one toilet will be built into the next wards and then old one in this ward demolished or converted into luxury coatrooms or closets etc with these enlarged luxury en suites serving both wards through doors on both sides that both need to be locked and house at most two toilets.Toilets both in wards and also communal ones will be renovated into luxury standards.All wards will be renovated to luxury standards with kebonised wood flooring and silk bedsheets,silk pillows,silk curtains.Each ward will also have balconies/terraces and slideabe doors added for visitors and patients to sit out on with even the terraces of each ward merge together to form one large one encircling the floor or those of a few wards merged together.This could involve breaking down walls in wards to house them.All surfaces including furniture will be also be covered in liquid glass to protect them from graffiti,dirt and also narrow range wavelength UV lights.If possible luxury lounges as seen in airports can be in place of or next to waiting rooms,lobbies to serve food and provide entertainment via smart televisions linked to the wire and in particular Pheme and Dionysus.Cafeterias will be upgraded to luxury ones and will serve as detailed later on serve caviar,lobster etc.All lobbies,hallways etc will be upgraded to luxury standards with restaurants converted into cafeterias or if they already exist will be turned into luxury lounges with retail outlets also turned into these by being torn down or extended outwards inside or outside of the main entrance or if need be will house stairwells to an underground extension housing an underground luxury lounge for visitors.Tiling,ceilings and walls can be fitted with luxury kebonised synthetic wood or synthetic ornamental rocks and gemstones in all rooms such as lobbies,waiting rooms,hallways,wards etc with all furniture being luxury bioprinted leather with silk used in all bedding,curtains and patients and staff garbs and clothing etc.These lounges will house televisions,luxury furniture etc.All furniture including seats for visitors and beds will be luxury ones.Waiting rooms will have pamphlets streamed from the hospital AI or Paean and luxury refurbishments such as aquariums,potted ornamental plants and also wifi access to allow one to stream and download media of all type from Pheme and Dionysus and notifications from the receptionist AI overseeing the waiting room or Paean will replace doctors coming in their alerting visitors to the patients current medical state etc.The seats their would be bioprinted leather as well as their being plants monitored by robots(with nanosensors in the pot) as well as aquariums and other luxury refurbishments with magazines downloaded onto e-newspapers with Pheme and Dionysus streamed on smart devices.Each ward and unit as well as lab type will have a universal symbol on internal maps and doors in all hospitals around the world.For example cardiology units etc will have a human heart with the same applying to units devoted to various organs(although breast clinics and portable machines being the breast cancer ribbon) with STD clinics that still exist being the HIV ribbon and oncology clinics being the lavender ribbon with each specialised cancer ward,clinic etc being denoted by its specific ribbon.Eileithyia the name of wards that house newborns and pediatric wards as well as young children right next to each other after the goddesses of childbirth.Each wards name/number and symbol will be visible on the map with pharmacies being the green cross with a potion bottle.These sections of hospitals will be managed by these sentient operating softwares with statues them built int the wall at the end of them or miniature lobbies of them with these operating softwares separate from Epione,Paean and also the hospital AIs but still managed by the hospital AIs and will link all of these wards worldwide.Thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes and micro-gas turbine trigeneration of electricity,heating and air conditioning will be installed with them even underneath underground extensions and adjoining gardens to provide electricity 24/7,365 and to prevent disruption of electricity during blackouts and alleviate strains from the grid with it enough to power all key systems and the building at full occupancy and use of all systems or even more.Storedot batteries will be present to house excess energy produced by these and the grid with the hospital AI controlling the efficient flow of all systems during blackouts etc.Those in the path of natural disasters such as hurricanes,tornadoes,tsunamais etc will have underground bunker to allow all patients,staff and members of the public reside in during them with these housing Storedot batteries,excess food created onsite with all windows having graphene in its matrix to prevent debris shattering them.All hospitals worldwide will undergo these luxury renovations.This of course would be done in step by step,room by room in all hospitals worldwide and have graphene sheets on the original floor to hold the weights of ornamental rocks,wood etc with the refurbishments following a theme of the area and country.Each hospitals renovation will follow the theme of the area and country making them on par of luxury hotels and will be done in all hospitals around the world including both those in rural and urban hospitals in all countries around the world with them done step by step to luxury standards.Patients in wards will be temporarily move to spare rooms,extensions or other wards as this occurs with if possible roof side and underground extensions in the luxury theme done first so as to allow each floor to be done one by one with patients sent to the new extensions and then each finished floor while each floor is done to allow for them to be done without affecting the normal traffic of them.This will also cater to a growing population and emergencies like a pandemic,natural disasters,terrorist attack.AI,robots and automation should alleviate the most labour intensive works with by 2045 humans replaced entirely by biosynths with patients for minor problems even redirected to other hospitals not undergoing renovations with hospital AIs organising which ones will undergo this and managing the allocation of patients and the renovations themselves.All rooms such as waiting rooms,cafeterias,wards,automated labs,communal and ward toilets,booths for donating blood and upgrades etc,offices,surgery rooms,xray and MRI rooms will have this luxury renovation done with machinery covered in sheets and liquid glass to prevent them being affected by dust and dirt during these with ideally existing machinery such as surgery,xray and MRI machinery replaced by the most advanced compact and automated ones during this phase with beds replaced one by one with those that are self moving and smart electronic ones and mattress that are soft and conform to ones spinal curvature as detailed later.Walls can be covered by the same materials as floors as well as being painted in bright colours with graphene sheets laid on the ground to hold these refurbishments such as jacquizzis.These renovations will improve the aesthetic and also mental condition of patients and guests with amenities added in spare rooms and extensions allowing both to relax before and after surgery etc and can be done to all existing hospitals worldwide even in developing countries.As stated this would apply to all existing hospitals worldwide step by step with the AI and managerial staff and AI planning these refurbishments ahead with patients moved into empty beds in any wards or extra beds moved into wards with each room taking no more than a few days due to advances in automation with human workers being volunteers and also paid reserves with s removed if possible.By 2029-2045 robotics and biosynths should be advanced enough to facilitate this cutting down on costs.If need be extensions on the side of the building or roof can be built beforehand that follow the planned luxury theme etc to have patients and existing old xray,MRI and surgery machinery transferred to them temporarily when other key rooms on the bottom floors such as wards are renovated and newer machines are added with these then used as wards or other uses when the entire building is refurbished and/or luxury motorhomes rented to house patients with minor injuries and those with minor injuries sent home as soon as possible.Roof extensions will be built with the same theme consisting of wards thus allowing all patients and beds to be sent to this when done meaning the floor they were on will be renovated thus meaning the beds and patients will be returned or those from other floors sent here to allow these floors to be renovated and so on until all floors are done step by step with these extensions catering to a growing population in the future with the hospital AI managing this in the most efficient way possible.Offices of managerial staff will inevitably renovated into extra wards or rooms for extra machines or even Venetian sutie and office hybrids.Living spaces such as lounges for staff and patients can be added as well with all areas such as waiting rooms,lounges,wards etc having aquariums and also potted plants with the surrounding grass areas covered in ornamental plants to improve scenery with hospitals in urban areas having if possible relaxation gardens.External mag lev elevators that reach the top floor will also connect to various floors via doors on the side of the hospital with a touchscreen pedestal on the roof calling it there.The renovations of all existing hospitals worldwide will update them with them latest and most advanced machinery such as xray,MRI,PCR/Sysmex analysers for blood tests using biosynth technology and nanomaterials of all 94 elements and also their luxury refurbishments,adding denistries,vetenairy clinics,making them energy and water efficient and replacing all sockets with Type G ones will be charted in Restoration Nation and will be manged by managerial staff and hospital AIs to prevent them interfering with everyday traffic of patients with if need be patients directed to other hospitals and patients notified of this or as stated extensions first made on the roof etc of this luxury theme that are energy and water efficient and have Type G sockets and wards moved up to that floor with that floor renovated and so on step by step.Asbestos and other toxic compounds will be removed and replaced with hempcrete or fungi based insulation with all sockets converted into Type G sockets with adapters used to accomadate the transition with Edison screw lightbulglbs replaced with Bayonet screw lightbulb.A layer of graphene paint will increase their loads with graphene infused glass railings preventing people from falling off.Rainwater collection systems with UV lights and filters can be placed here to collect water that can be used in natural disasters or when water treatment plants are not functioning properly with the hospital AI switching to them automatically by interacting with nanosensors in water treatment plants and also weather networks.Ideally they will use super high intensity blasts of UV lights with slingshot purifying technology and graphene integrated and considering the size of hospitals these collection systems would be numerous and located at strategic points to collect as much as possible.Any water collected on the roofs can fall to the side with the floor covered in liquid glass and the walls surrounding the roof having small holes or openings across them to allow water to fall downwards with the roofs at a slight incline enough to allow gravity to let the water fall downwards.The surrounding area of them especially those in rural areas can have gardens around them containing ornamental plants and even crops with any open areas in between parts of the hospital have gardens or trees and also doors leading to them.

Hospitals can be built underground in wilderness areas especially those by African,Amazon tribes and other ethnic groups that live in isolated areas.All underground,floating and underwater communities will have hospitals with them present in space stations and interstellar vehicles.Research stations,oil rigs etc can house hospitals for underwater communities and cruise ships that transport patients via helicopters.In time self driving vehicles that serve isolated regions or areas affected by natural disasters can be fitted with the all the same automated features and machines as regular hospitals including touchscreen monitors linking to the Aesculapius networks and thus all healthcare staff around the world as well as how to videos for each room and service and UV lights in each room for cleaning.Ideally most abandoned hospitals should be converted into communal homes especially in poor areas because they can house large hotel suites in the wards.Historical abandoned ones will be renovated to their former glory.Rural and urban areas that need them due to an increasing population will be created on the outskirts as well as in areas that used to house small retail outlets on streets automated construction machinery allowing for new buildings to be produced quickly in or on the outskirts of rural areas allowing those who may have to travel very far to gain access to the services they provide with the Aesculapius rod being their universal symbol on all signs and also maps as well as on all machinery,badges,robots,e-reports,e-forms,e-birth and death certs,ambulances etc replacing the erroneous caduceus.For tribes that live in isolated areas such as in Africa,as well as the Amish,Inuit and Amazon tribes as well as those who live in the Tibeatan Foothills will have hospitals or mobile units set up at the edge of or in nearby towns to them to cater to their needs or even in the middle of jungles powered by geothermal heating and other self charging technologies to power them without connected to the grid.If possible in the case of the Amazon these can be underground connected to the rest of the world by underground roads.Those at sea can have underwater wards composed of pyrex alongside those on the oilrig and grow fish,shellfish and macro-algae on site and get energy from wave and solar power with fresh water coming from micro-desalinization plants.They can also have elevators that lead to underwater wards.They will serve any cruise ship in the nearby oceans and have their own automated boats,seabreachers and helicopters and thus helipads to collect people and transfer patients to the mainland with bathyspheres connecting them to underwater cities.Any other resources such as food can be ordered in routinely and this and other resources will operated by the hospital AI.Existing hospitals can have extensions such as extra wards built on the roof and also underground alongside extra underground carparks and helipads and runways on the roof and side for flying vehicles and helicopters that collect patients from cruise ships but also can transfer them to other hospitals and collect them from where they need to be collected by bypassing traffic determined by the hospital AI checking the Ophion system and determining that helicopter would be the best route.Furthermore extra floors and wards can also be build upon roofs of hospitals with miniature 3D concrete,graphene and metal printers,humanoid robots,automated cranes,miniature welding robots etc.building new floors bit by bit.A layer of graphene paint or sheets of carbon fibres should be placed on the roof to make it durable to hold these extensions ideally made of graphene composites.Extensions for extra wards as well as extra machines like surgery,MRI and Xray machines etc will be organised by the public and in time hospital AIs designing them on Daedalus and arranging them.New hospitals will be designed here managed by the public and in time city AI especially with regards to those in rural areas,towns and villages with these to provide wards and compact machinery ie ambulances,surgery,xray,MRI machines etc to deal with emergencies and to alleviate strains on city based hospitals with them growing bigger as the population rises and mainly ease of use for the locale citizens negating them to travel very far.Underground and underwater communities will also have these.Army bases,jails,police and military HQ,interstellar vehicles,research outposts and government buildings and facilities such as the global government house as detailed later on will have mini hospitals with again compact surgery,xray,DEXA,mammogram and other machinery within their own wards.

Rural areas and small towns can have larger hospitals and clinics built in them underground to allow for ease of access to healthcare with these and all hospitals having the latest and most advanced robotics,machinery and surgery equipment in the them alleviating strains on waiting lines etc on machinery in urban hospitals as well as ease of access to them with all old machinery in all hospitals replaced by humans and in time robotics managed by the hospital AI and then recycled with new ones designed on Talos that are cheaper,faster,compact,more efficient in terms of speed and size by both engineers and AI.Newer machinery like surgery,MRI,DEXA,Xray,mammogram machines will through nanomaterials like graphene,silicene,stanene and other ones with the same hexagonal structure and biosynth technology will make them more compact,cheaper,and more accurate and cause less damage to the patient with each hospital thus having multiple of these either in the same room or area alleviating strains on the hospital allowing more patients to be served with nanomachines,microbes and those built into smart devices allowing for them to be used at home alleviating strains on hospitals.Old machines will be replaced with newer ones overtime.These machines will all have liquid glass on them to prevent them from being affected by dust,dirt,blood etc,contaminated by bacteria and negate the need for cleaning and only have to be baked in narrow range wavelength UV lights to sterlise them.Extensions will alleviate strains by adding extra wards based on population growth determined by Polis and extra MRI,XRay and surgery machinery.Roof,side and underground extensions will be added to cater to a growing population and should be stuffed with enough beds,suites to cater to an emergency terrorist attack,natural disaster and pandemic to hold all or at least half of the population of the entire town,village and city.These extensions will house more amenities,wards,surgery rooms and MRI/X-ray machines.Most hospitals especially those that are routinely busy and overpacked and crowded based on AI and staff analysing past traffic trends and also availability of beds,surgeries,MRI etc scans will have at least ten to thirty roof extensions and if possible in rural areas underground extensions to house more wards,beds and also surgery rooms,MRI and X-ray machines to deal with current traffic trends as well as the needs of a growing population and to also to intake patients for surgeries,MRI scans and hospital visits from around the world to alleviate traffic from there.

Ideally all clinics outside of hospitals including podiatrists,dentistry clincs,laser eye and cosmetic surgery,abortion and planned parenthood clinics,any remaining STI clinics and other healthcare services and offices of specialists and general physicians should be relocated into the nearest new and all existing hospitals around the world in “healthcare hubs” connected to the main building through extensions on the roof or underground or using defunct rooms so as to keep in close proximity to hospitals,allow them to be managed by the hospital AI and ease of access for patients,require only one statue and their original building used as homes etc through extensions.Thus all hospitals worldwide will have all of the aforementioned services added through extensions in one roof.STI clinics will be reduced to the booth area and waiting room with podiatrists also being a single room or replaced by foot scanners with laser eye surgery will be replaced by microbes using CRISPR and also forming new tissues and cosmetic surgery being done on the same machines as other surgery or other ones in extensions and obsolete rooms.Abortion services in hospitals only used in rare cases such as when there is a threat to the live of the mother or child as CRISPR will cure deformities from incest,Downs syndrome and other conditions with all other cases using adoption to deal with unwanted children through the sentient adoption agency Amalthea.Microbes and augmentations could keep the child and parenthood alive in instances that could be fatal to them.Planned parenthood clinics will be integrated into hospitals via extensions.Specialists hospitals such as those that serve only children will follow suit with them becoming universal hospitals or become homes with existing nearby hospitals having extra wards through extensions.The records in these buildings whether paper or digital will transferred into the database into relevant patient files.Veterinarian clinics and hospitals will ideally have veterinarian clinics merged into existing human hospitals through underground extensions or in the place of buildings as part of the hospital that house obselete functions ie STI clinics,specialists to be managed by the same AI with watertight doors preventing zoonotic diseases and any part of the animal travelling through to the human hospitals and the old ones converted into homes with all veterinarian clinics managed by the same software and also layout.Having STI clinics etc outside of the main building converted into veternarian clinics will allow fro their to be some distance from the main hospital and a place for animals with underground or even side extensions accessed by foot away from the front door but still managed by the hospital AI.All hospitals old and new around the world will have these clinics on their grounds connected to the main building.If possible veterinarian clinics will be next to or part of hospitals and old ones turned into homes or they will be like hospitals fully automated with them managed by Epione,have a statue and receptionist in the lobby and them having their own personality and names etc.Depending on the size of veterinarian clinics and hospitals it may be possible for small ones to be integrated into human hospitals by having underground extensions that are led to via separate entrance on the outside via obsolete buildings having stairwells and elevators thus preventing animals contaminating the main building that houses labs,MRI,Xray wards and clinics devoted to them with these having sizeable areas to house areas devoted for pets with these managed by the same AI.Obsolete buildings on the grounds of hospitals that are some distance from the main building can have roof and underground extensions to house veterinary clinics with as stated underground extensions or even a side extension to the hospital with its own entrance separate from the main building to prevent animals contaminating human hospitals can house sizeable vetenairy clinics for the locale that with if this applied by all human hospitals worldwide will mean all cities,towns,villages etc will have access to these services and allow all vetenairy clinics and hospitals both large and small to be turned into private and communal homes via roof extensions.Large veterinary clinics will be dispersed into multiple hospitals in the region,state and city they serve evenly allowing all people in the region access to them in their local area rendering the need to transport animals large distances and ensuring that each locale that has a hospital will have access to veterinary services as well.It will also ensure that each area has a sizeable but small space for them with this allowing the vetenairy clinics to be managed by the same AI as the hospitals,require no extra statues and allow vetenairy clinics and hospitals to be turned into communal homes.Those made redundant by Paean and automation will also be made into homes.AI namely those that replace managerial staff will devise ways to have podiatrists,vetenairy clinics,dentistry,laser eye and cosmetic surgery,abortion and planned parenthood clinics,STI clinics integrated into them via roof,side,underground extensions,side buildings to house all of them in a single building with all hospitals around the world housing these allowing one all in one access to their healthcare needs,need only one statue with it also allowing for the buildings that once housed them to become homes.Ideally all hospitals should have these services;abortion clinics,dentistry,veterinarian,podiatrist etc on their grounds in one roof through roof,side and underground extensions for these reasons with the statue in a place where it would not interfere with traffic of beds,patients and staff if possible built into a wall or in an extension within the lobby as well as outside.Buildings used by general physicians,specialist can be converted into homes also and offices of these in hospitals worldwide can be turned into extra patient wards and rooms since they will be replaced by Paean.Offices for managerial staff that will be made obsolete by the hospital AI even before it is sentient can also be made into extra wards or even living spaces such as bedrooms.Any programmes or leaflets in waiting rooms will be replaced by e-newspapers and other smart devices streaming them from the hospital or clinic AI with new ones created by Paean.Each hospital around the world and any remaining buildings if healthcare hubs are not used will have an universal statue of Epione in the lobby of all buildings with the sentient operating software Epione linking all hospitals around the world with the Aesculapius Rod underneath these statues.The statue will be built into walls of the lobby or small extension to the side of the entrance lobby in such a way as to be visible but not interfere with traffic of incoming patients etc to prevent congestion and possible death with if possible it outside areas by the front in gardens and by entrance again in a position that it won’t interfere with traffic.Each hospital AI of each hospital around the world will decide where to put the universal statue of Epione it’s sentient operating software.The seats in waiting rooms would be bioprinted leather as well as their being plants monitored by robots(with nanosensors in the pot) as well as aquariums and other luxury refurbishments including paintings on the wall with magazines downloaded onto e-newspapers with Pheme and Dionysus streamed on smart devices the receptionist AI will oversee all waiting rooms with ideally there being three waiting rooms for microbe upgrades,blood testing and blood donation in three separate areas of the hospital.The number for waiting lines will be allotted to each patient automatically to their patient file when they enter via the hospital AI WiFi and Bluetooth interacting with their smartphones with one alerted via the hospital AI and Paean as to when it is their turn.This will make the waiting lines efficient rather than random people going in when they want.They numbers will go in a numerical order ie 1,2,3,4,5,6 and so on from midnight to midnight the next day and each day the numbers will restart at midnight.There could be one large waiting room where there is the entrance to microbial upgrading rooms,blood donation rooms and also blood testing rooms with the patients given a number and them called when it is their time and able to see the current number with there being three different sets of coloured numbers ie blue,yellow,green etc one for growing rooms,one for donation rooms and also one for testing rooms with these changed every 24 hours at midnight managed by the receptionist AI that send it and logs it into their patient file with one able to see the number of whose currently served.Since upgrading,donations and also testing will be done in a matter of minutes will make these quick.These areas will be open 24/7,365 days.Pamphlets within the lobby will be replaced by electronic versions that can be streamed from the hospital AI with the latest information from Paean with existing ones scanned into the hospital AI and include videos with existing ones around the world scanned into Epione and thus sent to the AI of all hospitals around the world.Secretaries and receptionists will be replaced by holographic replacements which can work 24/7 hours a day 365 days a week and will act as the person to greet visitors and patients and guide them to where they need to go and can answer dozens of phone calls at once while still performing other duties.Landline wireless touchscreen phones will be present replacing conventional phones with the same phone number will be present to allow people to make calls when needed and calls made to these will be directed to the receptionists with emails also directed them.They will have a separate individual personality and legal name from the hospital AI that will be a separate individual from other hospital AIs once they become sentient and all secretaries will wear a universal uniform worldwide as it appears in lenses,glasses,smart devices such as mirrors/phones/newspapers and holograms as well as how they appear to patients and visitors at the front of the hospital,in maps and these devices and also when they remotely access the hospital intranet or in person with touchscreens in front of them connected the hospital intranet.Each of these hospitals worldwide will be separate individual entities with their own distinct personalities but will be linked by Paean able to relay information back and forth between patients and Aesculapius.Due to holographic receptionists and the hospital AI not requiring sleep and food these can allow hospitals to be open and operating as well as open to visitors 24/7,365 days a year.These can interact with smart phones and can allow the visitor or patient to call for a mobile robotic trashcan,log in patients and doctors either when they arrive or when when their ID is logged via smart devices,DNA samples as well as direct visitors to which wards patients are currently residing in with a name provided(then matched with their ID number) with other basic details such as age and gender given to it in order to narrow it down should multiple people with the same name are in the hospital or direct them to the name of any other hospitals or clinics they have diverted to.It will also allow them to find healthcare staff that are there or at home or even patrolling the hospital via robots with their contact details with the options to locate staff,call them via video phones but will only alert those that in surgery or attending to other patients in wards etc.This can be accessed by keyboards on smart devices and keyboards in front of the receptionist with the letters/numbers on a small screen.It will work either by typing on a touchscreen and/or Siri.Also if the visitor also has the ID number of either individuals then can input it or send it wirelessly.These touchscreens would have menus one with a list of all the healthcare staff present there which the visitor or patient can call via codec transmission,video chat or simply direct them to where they are.Another menu will contain all the patients names currently residing there alphabetically with people able to select the letter to skip to and click on them to find they ward they are in and have smart devices direct them via a map(also present on the touchscreen with each floor as either 2D or 3D).Siri built into this will also aid in this.It can also as stated earlier alert patients and doctors that they are be sought for via sending messages via their vocera systems/codec and bedside monitors to the specific room they are in and google glasses and lenses.Visitors and patients can have a map streamed to smart devices such as smartdevices,codec implants,google glasses and contact lenses, with audio visual cues directing them to the quickest way to their destination such as the ward that patients are in or room healthcare staff are in via the Aesculapius app that connects to patient files and thus the hospital intranet as well as microchips in smart devices and badges owned by staff and patients and a larger network with the persons such as staff and/or patients denoted as moving blips and their distance denoted in metres and cms with them able to track the position of multiple selected people at once with the direction given as line(s).Intercoms would be unnecessary as the smart devices such as phones,lenses and glasses in the hand of patients,staff and visitors would receive alerts from the hospital AI or receptionists either as audio/visual cues or sounded alarms similar to texts via Iris or even direct interaction with the person with staff receiving alerts on patients,visitors,schedules or results of experiments,patients receiving alerts of visitors arriving,meals,tests and other important events and visitors receiving alerts from staff and patients.Maps will have the person holding it as uniquely coloured blip with doctors also a uniquely coloured blip with there name over their blip while robots and stretchers and beds moving in hallways using KIVA systems will also appear as different coloured blips since both staff and robots will interact wirelessly with the AI with the staff,visitors and patients through chips in their nanomicrophone call badges and other smart devices as well as smart clothing.Each staff member,patient,visitor etc will be seen different coloured blips and their name visible via their devices interactions with the hospital AI through the wire.Robots will interact with patient smart devices,nanocameras and sensors like in automated vehicles to prevent accidents.Beds through microchips will also appear as different coloured blips.The robots,beds,badges and smart devices(including smart clothing)of patients and staff will interact with the hospital AI to relay their location on maps and to robots and beds who will also use cameras,sensors and stream maps to locate other robots,beds,patients and staff to prevent accidents.All robots and beds rather than having independent personalities will be part of the hospitals AI giving it a sense of ominsence.As the hospital AI it will be linked to smart clothing in both the hospital and homes in the surrounding area especially on newborn infants and the elderly at home.The second smart clothing detects that vital signs such as temperature,blood pressure and heart rate reaching critical levels synonymous with a coma,concussion or indeed voice activated alarms it will alert medical staff to this and direct them to the ward and bed number via audio/visual cues in smart lenses and will call an ambulance to the patients home.In the case of emergencies outside the hospital it will interact with connections to the wire home AI and/or nearby smartdevices in the area to alert both nearby citizens,neighbours and next of kin and ambulances with the exact GPS location of the patient and have them delivered to the hospital.It will also have access to patient and doctor files on demand from the global healthcare intranet for staff and patient and as it will be connected to all surgery machines,X-ray/MRI and other scanner machines,3D printers/pharmacies,cleaning robots,robots and cameras in each hospital(as well as cameras in check room for gynecologists,proctologists,oncologists it will be able to manage the uploading of camera recordings,scans,test results done within the confines of the hospital will be managed by the hospital AI into their prospective files of individual patients and healthcare staff.Furthermore it will manage all deliveries going in and out of the hospital,management of blood donations,correct of transferal of both bio-printed and donated organs,rotaries and schedules of staff(which it will also recorded and can be changed by staff),movement of samples to and from labs and also communicate with doctors or other staff that are currently monitoring halls and wards in other hospitals but which are also supervising that hospital via the intranet.Since linked to Aesculapius macro AI network it will link all hospitals worldwide and mange the inventory of biological material(like blood and organs etc)and data and resources transferal
between them,universities,factories and also patients worldwide by linking with Hephaestus and Apollo.They can also use this intranet to contact healthcare staff and patients in other hospitals,clinics,psychiatric clinics/wards and dentistry around the globe with the touchscreens turning into monitors for video chats linking to smart devices such as smartphones and google glasses and contact lenses.Rail systems and robots can be integrated to automatically move samples from patients in wards and incoming deliveries from out side patients to specified labs.These rail systems or the robots in these rooms can have hands or other features that pick up samples and via interacting with these robots that have the desired lab or clinic for these to sent to via scanning into the AI via barcodes from staff or robots from their point of origin.The AI will manage rotation of doctors and other healthcare staff with input of these staff and keep these records of these and changes on its hard drive an allow an entire years rotary system to be managed and allow patients,visitors and staff to view the rotations of staff in all hospitals across the world via the intranet.Documents related to the hospital such as records of patients past and future will be uploaded to Aesculapius with documents from HMOs and insurance companies uploaded to Themis.

Epione the sentient operating software of the entire healthcare system globally managing all patient files from around the world with individual but interlinked hospital AIs forming a global network.Each hospital around the world will be managed by their own independent AI,that will have their own avatar,personalities and legal name separate from each other.These hospital AIs will manage all existing and new hospitals around the world wherein they each manage the robots and their flow of traffic giving important ones right of way in emergencies,turning on/off of lights,allotment and movement of beds to patients before and during their stay,ordering new supplies such as beds/robots/machinery/medical supplies/food etc,interacting with other hospital AIs in sharing of resources and trnasfer of patients,schedules,logging of water and energy(and other resource use) in each hospital with this more efficient once they become sentient.This is to ensure that if the power and network in one hospital is shut down by a disaster,lack of wire access or power outage or cyberterrorism then other hospitals particularly in that region will not be affected.It will also ensure that hospital and patient records are not lost if this were to occur as these would be stored on Paean managed by the Epione macro AI where the latest cybersecurity would ensure that they would remain only in the hands of a patient and the healthcare staff they interact.Any records of energy,water use and also readings sent to Paean will be uploaded to the global database and ones patients file once power and wire access is restored.The hospital AIs will manage all operations of hospitals and will each have a unique avatar,personality and legal name.Thus Paean,Epione,robots and the AIs of hospitals worldwide will replace human administrators,managers,pharmacists, nurses,cooks, surgeons,veternarians,physicians, specialists of all kinds(cardiologists,oncologists,ophthalmologists,gynocologists etc) as well as investigators of malpractice,abuse and scandals and will work uninterrupted 24/7,365 days that can interact with billions of patients around the world at once through devices connected to the wire while still performing their primary duties.They can be sent to a healthcare staff via a phone call or close proximity where the code can be transferred wirelessly.Each hospital AI will have individual personalities alongside the AI receptionists with them even having their own legal names and avatar and through Paean/Epione communicate directly with AIs of other hospitals etc around the world and will both appear on smart devices.These will use the same robots etc as hospitals with them managed and linked together by the sentient softwares;Iaso(psychiatric clinics),Geras(retirement homes) and Thantos(hospices).These AIs will manage rotas,stocks and ordering of all goods/medicines/supplies etc,addition of extensions,control robots,beds,log patients and their current position,manage wards and beds as well as all robots,control ambulances,carry out scientific research,store data and replace all human managerial staff for all departments and the hospital as a whole.They will manage all robots,biosynths and ambulances and operations of them with them interacting with AIs of hospitals and Telesphorus factories around the world to manage supplies and allotment of patients.They will ensure waiting times for remaining human staff and beds will be short and will plan our allotment of beds and manage extensions based on interacting with Polis to meet the needs of a growing population.By interacting with hospital AIs and Epione worldwide they ensure patients are allotted to the nearest hospital with the most availible beds,ensure hospitals will not become overstrained and arrange transfers to hospitals across the world.This means that low priority patients in a hospital may in order to accomadate high risk patients especially in an emergency situation and pandemic may be transferred to other hospitals across the country and world with the health,success in being transferred without danger and other factors of each individual patient will be analysed by the AI to ensure there is enough space and reduce waiting times and reduce chances of the patient dying.Patients that need tests such as X-ray and MRI scans etc that can only be done on machinery in hospitals and need surgeries that are not availible in their local hospital due to being overbooked will be if need be sent to other hospitals etc around the world that have availible space etc to reduce waiting times from anywhere between the next day to at most a week with the hospital AIs working together to allot patients to where they are available worldwide ensuring hospitals are never overworked and that patients can get access to a bed,attention and that waiting times for services and surgeries are at least at most a month and on average one to two weeks or even the next day if possible by being transferred to any hospital around the world with all options for which hospitals around the world to go to and for how long to stay there and for length of waiting lists will be given to the patient by the AI including Paean and the patient making the final decision as all hospitals will be managed by AIs linked by Epione thus making it a truly global healthcare system where patients will have access to the services of all hospitals worldwide at a whims notice for emergencies and important services.Paean,Helios and Euthenia will manage accomadation.This will be upscaled to a galactic scale once interstellar travel is possible.Hospital AIs worldwide will since linked together by Epione will be linked together constantly to the point that they can instantly see how much free beds,surgery rooms etc are availible worldwide at all times thus allowing them to arrange transfer patients to any hospital around the world and within minutes give patients all available options of all free beds in the state,country,continent and world and them listed by those that are closest to them or those that have the most free beds and have them in the nearest amount of time that one can filter through to make the best option.Eos,Oceanus and in time Erebus can can be used to transfer patients across the world in a matter of days.Computer networks and VR technology will allow patients to continue working on remaining careers from hospitals around the world and these trips to other cities and countries can double as holidays to different parts of the country and world lasting weeks even those part of road trips lasting months.Paean will manage travel and accommodation by interacting with Helios and Euthenia.Thus Epione and all hospital AIs worldwide working together will arrange for patients to be sent to any other hospitals around the world where services such as surgeries etc are availible within a short time frame from the next day to at most a week or month should services etc in their local hospital be busy and do this for everyday situations and treating the latest outbreak and pandemic to prevent hospitals becoming overstretched in terms of injuries and reduce waiting times.This should reduce waiting times by as much as 50-90%.90-95% of the time a person may only have to wait anywhere between the next day or next week with only 5-10% of the time they may have to wait a month.The will also ensure hospitals are consistently staffed with adequate numbers of humans and biosynths at all times with them analysing all past and future trends in hospitals visits and accidents as well as pregnancies and when each hospital is at its peak capacity to lowest capacity to determine how much staff each hospital around the world has at all times of the year.Staff may also be transferred to hospitals around the world to ensure they are adequately staffed at all times by having nurses,midwives and paramedics in countries and hospitals that have too many of them transferred to hospitals in countries that are don’t have enough with AI deciding this allotment based on traffic of each hospital worldwide with the amount of wards,beds,surgery rooms etc present in each hospital based on population and traffic with with hospitals having an extra one or two beds than normal to deal with emergencies such as outbreaks and a rise in accidents.By 2045 most of not all nurses,midwives and paramedics will be replaced with by biosynths.All of these AIs such as Paean,Epione and all hospital AIs worldwide will by 2029-2045 onwards carry out simulations to determine the best means of solving all problems by analysing all past instances of hospital visits,infections of all diseases,pregnancies,accidents,heart attacks and all causes of hospital visits and the number of hospital visits in all hospitals worldwide and all future ones analysed to carry out studies on their past and future incidence to plan out the response,allotment of beds and wards and even transfers and reduce waiting times on local to global scales.They will run millions if not billions of simulations at once for every possible problem and medical scenario and create billions of countermeasures to them making them prepared for them and be able to direct staff,drones and biosynths to deal with them instantly.These simulations will be used to train trainees across the world using VR simulations with Paean and mentors being given simulations based on their individual circumstances with each trainee given a variety of situations.They will analyse all practices carried out not just by all governments worldwide on healthcare practices but also those by every single individual hospitals in all towns,village and cities worldwide to learn what they did to shorten working hours,shorten waiting times,costs,prevent shortages of beds and staff and what actions were done during pandemics,outbreaks and annual Rhinovirus and Orthomyxoviridae outbreaks and those of deadlier pathogens such as Ebolavirus etc without endangering patients and causing discomfort to then integrate these into the global healthcare system to be practiced in all hospitals worldwide and carry out studies on their effectiveness and drawbacks over large timescales with these studies done on local to global levels and measuring the amalgamated standards on each individual hospital to be then modified to suit the unique conditions of each town,city and village and carry out simulations and methods to improve upon them and plan these out over long periods of times.Put simply the core methods used by existing countries and hospitals worldwide to shorten working hours,improve working conditions,shorten waiting lines,prevent shortrges of beds etc will be integrated into the universal global healthcare system as well as all hospitals worldwide and modified to meet the needs of each individual hospital around the world in each town,village and city based on the amount of traffic they get every day,week,month and year based on the individual conditions of each town,village and city with this changing overtime with AI developing new procedures overtime to keep it up to date to changing conditions.Patients will be able via logging into Aesculapius leave five star and written reviews of their stay and make scores on all facets such as cleanliness,efficiency of procedures,waiting times,attitude of staff and other facets of each hospital to allow each hospital AI to make changes based on hundreds of thousands of reviews with results charted on local to global scales etc.By interacting with each other and by having Epione,Aceso,Panacea and Paean etc seize control of the entire global healthcare system and have AI seize control of all operations of all hospitals worldwide they will ensure a universal gold standard of healthcare worldwide and manage outbreaks,pandemics and transferring low priority patients to other hospitals worldwide much more effectively with zero corruption,zero cutting of corners zero bureaucracy and also assigning patients to any hospital around the world for surgeries and other services effectively to ensure waiting times for these and other procedures are under a month and in average a week to two weeks if not even shorter to if possible the next day.They will allot patients to wards,beds and surgery rooms around the world to ensure each individual hospital is not overstrained and ensure short waiting times for each patient for each circumstance.Furthermore they will ensure all hospitals worldwide have all important machinery such as surgery robots,lab equipment,robots and MRI machines that are composed of nanomaterials and biosynth technology thus pushing their costs to zero,be faster and compact and can use biosynth WiFi to receive updates and have all hospitals have the same gold standard machinery,robots and equipment that is replaced routinely with the newest models etc and also all updated to luxury standards.By interacting together they can plan out refurbishments and addition of new machinery etc is done at different times than each other and not in a way that interferes with normal traffic of patients and ensures that other hospitals machinery,beds and services are availible preventing country or global wide disruption of services.AI,automation and biosynths will ensure all hospitals will be staffed 24/7,365 days a year with biosynth technology and nanomaterials cutting the cost of all machinery to zero.All cameras in and around hospitals as well as those on robots etc will be linked to the global network of criminals and equipped with normal and IR illuminator vision with lights turned on/off automatically by the hospital AI.They will have liquid glass on them to prevent dirt and fog affecting visibility.Cameras will be in all wards and where newborns are stored allowing the hospital AI and also any staff to monitor patients through the intranet with them able to switch to IR illuminator at night,cameras that measure blood flow with them able to monitor readings from patients implants and smart clothing.Cameras will also present in lobbies,cafeterias,hallways,rooftop gardens and other rooms connected to the database of terrorists,missing persons and criminals within Athena.These live feeds will be fed into and logged daily in the hospital AI and will not just search for criminals but also be a means to prevent abuse towards and by patients.This and nanosensors will give each hospital Ai omnisciencE over the goings on of buildings under their control.Staff,Epione and hospital AI can access the intranet and thus cameras of any other hospital.All machines,moveable beds,readings from smart clothing worn by patients and staff will be linked to it giving it omniscience to what goes on in each hospital and by extension give Epione omniscience to all hospitals worldwide alongside camera feeds.Since hooked to all machines etc and cameras in all rooms and wards and linked to implants as well as microchips in clothing they will be able to send alerts to all staff,next of kin present or at home and robots in a hospital instantly and will be connected to Paean and the AIs of all hospitals worldwide and all badges and vocera systems as well as the smart devices,clothing of all staff and patients worldwide allowing for instant communication and location via internal maps to locate them and manage traffic and maps with them interacting with devices in the hand of all visitors.They will control all beds moving them to each ward and room and also control all MRI/X-ray/surgery robots and replace managerial staff and control all ambulances.These hospital AIs will be able to contact other hospital AIs around the world and contact all staff,patients and visitors individually via smart devices etc negating the need for intercoms.Records of patients,the wards they were in etc will be scanned into their file alongside other important data.Past paper files present in hospitals regarding their operations and maintenance will uploaded to the hospital AI.All notes used by managerial staff will be stored in the hospital AI with those from abandoned ones added to the nearest functioning hospitals ones in subfolders or Epione.Thus all paper and digital records regarding the hospital will be uploaded and scanned into the hospital AI for keeping records.All paper and digital records of all operations,accounting,rotations,staff and that of patients from the past and any other data not related to actual patient medical data(which will be in the cloud of patient files)will be uploaded to each hospitals AIs for analysis around the world.Each ward will have cameras that will monitor patients and log visits by next of kin.The hospital AIs will have individual legal names,avatars and personalities.Receptionists AIs in each hospital the world over will wear the same uniform and same features,individual personality,avatar and legal name.These will interact with patients and staff in person,log the location of patients and interact with patients via 911 phone calls through Pemphredo.

Healthcare staff will have codec receivers built into their ear to receive messages from Hospital AI,Paean,Epione and other staff,Vocera B3000 Communication Badges(eventually replaced by neural implants and codec systems and name tag badges) to send messages to them and google glasses and contact lenses allowing to send messages to and from each other and receive alerts from patients and visitors except during surgeries.It will also allow them to communicate with healthcare staff and patients around the world and call specific robots in their hospital with Epione and hospital AIs managing this separate from Iris.This technology will become more compact and powerful by combining nanomaterials,biosynth technology and will have all features currently on them such as instantly send alerts to all staff.Each healthcare staff would have their own separate email account labelled for other healthcare staff and for patients to contact them with them also having their own internal forums and instant messaging system similar to kik and whatsapp allowing them to communicate with other staff around the world within networks with this networks also having forums for staff to communicate and share information around the world.Internal VR and Iris chats can be used.This can be used to communicate with patients around the world by connecting with their Home AI and do so via smart televisions,devices and laptops.Each staff member and robots phone number will be present here.Lenses and glasses will allow for audio/visual calls and messages to be sent involving several staff with this initiated by voice,smart devices using the Epione,network and also thought in time with the badges and wireless earphones aiding in this with the network managed by Epione allowing for audio visual calls to be done on computers and laptops as well as smart devices separate from Iris.This will allow smoother communication and will be managed by Hospital AI.Each time a staff member logs in to their own private account by inputting their serial code and password and/or digital key it will contain a list of all the patients they have interacted with name and then ID code in one folder and a search bar allowing them to search for specific patients via name and ID code if they have many patients under their care with another search option allowing them to input the ID code of other new patients who have given them their ID code and daughter digital key by searching through the global database adding them to the folder.This account will also connect them to their schedules and personal notes and menus allowing to contact other healthcare staff in the hospital they are in or ones they have worked with again a contacts folder for other staff from around the world where they can communicate privately.This will also be where emails from the public can be sent with the address being a universal domain called @epione separate from their main @arke email.

Whiteboards to write schedules and other notes that use markers will be replaced with graphene sheets that use adonit pens that can be deleted by the pens or hand movements with even the hospital intranet accessed here and smart devices with all paper replaced by graphene,smart devices and tablets.Any paper to write down notes for experiments or meetings as well as filling in e-forms for all staff,patients,psychologists,counselors,coroners etc will be replaced by smartdevices such as smartpads and e-newspapers combined with adonit and apple pens or even notepad apps within smartpads that can wirelessly transfer this information to patient files,networks and to other researchers instantly and prevent the need for paper to be produced saving energy and time.Patient sign in forms etc will be done on these and also sent to their patient file as well as the hospital AI.Smart devices and tablets will allow for staff to stream the wire,the building AI and Aesculapius,patient files and notepads to instantly share information with other staff and robots around the world via email,Iris audio visual chat,instant messaging etc using Adonit pens while robots and biosynths will stream this information without smart devices.These will have access to all networks of the wire and building AI.All paper forms and notes used by staff and patients will be replaced by those that are streamed on smart pads using adonit pens to save on energy in creating and transporting paper with it also allowing forms and notes to be sent to patient files,networks and other staff across the world and also be viewed by AI such as Epione,Paean and hospital AIs.This will render paper used to write patient records when they visit obsolete with adonit pens used on smart devices to write down information,access patient files with the time the patient arrived logged via the hospital AI using cameras.All digital and paper records worldwide will be scanned into and transferred into a single network and the hospital AI with future notes etc stored here.Receptionist AI will have visitors and new patients fill in forms on touchscreen monitors on the table they are at replacing paper with the AI logging when a person visits the patient with them sending the location of the patient on a map of the hospital on smart devices.This will also allow them to work from home controlling robots,vehicles and machinery in all hospitals around the world, converse with staff and patients world wide and view patient files.It will also contain a folder where all of the studies they are involved with logged by date will appear subdivided between those they are currently performing and those they have finished.Each test results and piece of information selected and scanned from labs and patient files can be sent by the researcher to multiple networks on their intranet account decided by them each of which wise and sort out data for individual studies they are simultaneously running.Also would be a contacts menu of all the robots in the hospital listed by type and serial number which they can call to their location or send them to a specified location in the hospitals they operate remotely or run specific errands with another list consisting of robots in care homes listed by location of care homes and homes of patients i.e. listed by name of patient allowing them again to move to specified rooms and carry out errands in those homes or remote control them as well as initiate video calls.To control robots and contact healthcare staff in other hospitals they would have to connect to another menu in the intranet which would have world map and they could select a country by clicking it and then a map of states and regions in that country and then select that state/region and then county where they can then click on the hospitals/clinics of that area.Alternatively they may just have to type in the name of the hospital in a search bar and choose the one in the state/country they want.They will control robots by bringing up a map of the hospital with all robots visible as blips(alongside healthcare staff,beds and other robots due to microchips on badges and in the beds etc)and click on the one they want to use and use joysticks,wireless video game controllers and also smart devices using adonit pens to direct them to specific rooms with smart devices or the computer screens to speak with humans present.Certain robots will allow staff either nurses or doctors to patrol any hospital around the world via these networks with the networks allowing them to contact with staff,patients and hospital AIs around the world.Eventually actual badges those that are currently used to highlight their name will be fitted with microchips and nano-microphones that will allow them alongside codec technology communicate with healthcare staff and patients around the world and even with smartbadges acting as a receiver.Furthermore they will be able to grant access to patient file(s) to only other healthcare staffs smart devices and badges wirelessly via calls.They will interact with smart devices and computers to access their accounts and can be scanned by smart devices owned by the public to tell who they are.It will allow them access to restricted areas/buildings/labs/specific folders and sub folders of individual patient files by interacting with sensors in doors or information in digital files and intranet on smart devices and laptops via software which can be wirelessly given or revoked.All data and digital records on all computers in hospitals and clinics across the world will be transferred up a single global databases with all paper files etc scanned into this database.All future data will be written up on smartpads etc using Adonit pens to be transferred to computer networks and this will be done to preserve them forever with those relevant to patients sent to patient files and those relevant to hospitals etc sent to different folders and subfolders.The global database will be divided into patient files and also those for each hospital worldwide that contains all relevant information all managed by Epione with one through relevant authorisation from iron to platinum will have access to any information they want through direct interaction through her.In the case of medical staff access to information in patient files and other data they would be given access to certain folders and sub folders of patient they interact with based on their profession given to them by the patient themselves.This would allow only certain healthcare workers access to specific information in each patients fie such as audio/visual files of private parts by gynecologists ensuring privacy for the patient.With regards to access to rooms,labs and other information this would be based on a scale of Iron – lowest,bronze – higher,silver – higher,gold – higher,platinum – highest built into digital keys,robots and badges.These will also allow them to bypass locked doors in the case of emergencies in homes such as a patient having a heart attack etc.Smart devices an locate these badges at home via 3D map or GPS location if lost anywhere else with them temporarily deactivated temporarily via smart devices to prevent them being used by civilians.Robots and cameras that record sessions between patients and proctologists,gynecologists and dentists where the patient will under anesthesia or put through invasive procedures will be mandatory in rooms or clinics where these procedures take place in order to ensure the safety of the patient so as to record and inappropriate sexual conduct for malpractice suits or in fact deter such behaviour.Ideally these cameras would be mobile and keep eyes on all staff and patients inside.Google glasses recording private parts of the patient such as the genitals for examination of warts and signs of other disease will be upload these recordings to the patient file only to keep it secure from anyone else and cannot be download onto separate hard drives to prevent it from released the public.Extra firewalls can be put in place to allow only specified healthcare staff to have access to these recordings by granting them “Platinum” access that can be sent them wirelessly to their badges or have it individually password protected which can be given to them in private.These recordings using firewalls and encryptions will not be able to be taken out of the patient file and then shared online to ensure privacy and Paean can be used to better diagnose any warning signs a doctor cannot see.Recordings of these meetings will automatically uploaded alongside those that may contain sensitive private material will be uploaded only to the patients file for review by the patient and use as evidence in a court of law in malpractice suits.The patient will have control over which healthcare staff can access specific information such as recordings of private parts and other information with Paean authorising this.Recordings of operations on the internal and external body for example cosmetic,reconstructive surgery and hysterectomies will only be used for training of medical staff and the public domain in the case of reality TV shows and educational programs and videos on sites of YouTube can only be used in such ways at the consent of digital consent forms signed by the patient via Adonit pens and logged in their files.In all recordings the vital signs of the patient and staff will be logged here.The patients consent can be given for such given with Adonit pens allowing them to place their signatures on e-consent forms uploaded to their file for surgeries,donations and any other situations that may require it.Human staff will consist of midwives,nurses and doctors prior to biosynths developed with once they become common will work with biosynths and combined with an over abundance of people entering healthcare due to other sectors of the economy becoming obsolete by 2029,automation in all sectors of hospitals as well as microbes,Paean,home test kits,automation in construction/transportation etc will reduce the number of people needing to go hospitals in the first place will lead to significantly shorter working hours for each staff members with them also consisting of researchers overlooking automated labs,carrying out studies and acting as backup with them using onsite accomadation on nights they have shifts in the morning.The mentor mentoree method of training will cut down training costs to zero and an abundance of people training in this field including older students that are currently employed in agriculture,manufacturing,CEOs etc means an extra potential 3,144,700,000 hospital staff worldwide with shorter working hours due to this abundance alongside with Paean replacing all specialists and general physicians and home test kits replacing visits to clinics and specialists.Biocompatible microbes fighting off infections and tumours alongside augmentations such as the acellerated healing phenotype and microbes healing wounds and home test kits and Paean availible at any time will reduce working hours even further.Biosynths controlled by hospital AIs will replace all human labour in the form of nurses,midwives,paramedics etc by 2045 with each hospital having fleets of these controlled by the hospital AI that can be ordered in from nearby factories if hospitals become busy or overstretched and if need be always have a surplus on stock onsite in onsite accomadation.Prior to this Paean available at any moment 24/7,365 days a year alongside home test kits and microbes as well as AI,automation and robotics by 2029 replacing all labourious work in hospitals and automation etc in other sectors of the economy eliminating human labour such as agriculture,transportation etc where accidents occur will overall reduce workloads,occupied beds and waiting times by 50-90% by 2029-2045 in all hospitals worldwide with by 2045 biosynths replacing all human labour in hospitals such as paramedics,midwives,nurses etc with humans being primarily researchers and trained to deal with comprimised AI.

Cafeterias like in universities will be automated by robot chefs and waiters and the menu will be programmed by researchers working there and hospital AI with cleaning and ordering of ingredients done like in universities managed by the AI.These cafeterias will be luxury ones.Patients can choose meals using smart devices linked to the hospital AI with Tug and Botlr robots transporting them to their bed and collecting them.Robots or rail systems can deliver food or it can be self service for those eating in the cafeteria with the cutlery placed on a rail systems where it is cleaned or could have liquid glass on it to allow gravity to clean them.All work in preparation,delivery will be automated from start to finish by 2029.Some ingredients such as vegetables,in vitro meat,commodities from bacteria,fish and shellfish can be grown onsite in recirculating aquaculture systems including those that create meat of different meats of different livestock,algea grown using sewage from the building can be engineered to taste like any meat to create cutlets,steak and mince,aeroponic and hydroponic systems growing hybrid crops,vats etc located on the rooftop,extensions and spare rooms to make them self sufficient and cut down on energy costs.An entire floor including in underground extensions could be devoted to growing all hybrid crops via aeroponics,fish and shellfish via recirculating aquaculture systems,commodities via bacteria in vats,in vitro meat with eggs coming from biosynth machinery or created via textured vegetable protein with hybrid crops and fish used to make them easier to grow.If possible this would be underground or in a vertical farm connected directly to the hospital managed by it with if possible rooftop gardens also growing food.Grains,seeds,eggs,spices,truffles,kernals and even whole nuts,fruits and vegetables will be created by biosynth machinery onsite of the hospital in batches.These will be in secure areas away from patients and abs to prevent them contaminating the hospital otherwise the hospital AI will order in food from local farms.Gardens outside of the hospitals will be used to grow hybrid crops miniature irradiation machines will be onsite of hospitals with all food ordered into them from vertical and community farms also irradiated onsite to prevent the spread of pathogens.3D DNA printers will be present.The vast majority of food will be grown onsite with excess ordered in from local vertical farms.Cleaning of them and cutlery will be the same of normal restaurants outside of hospitals.These meals can be delicacies like caviar,sushi and lobster etc prepared by these automated cafeterias with the cafeterias having seats for visitors and staff with Tug robots sending meals to patients everyday with ones patient files detailing allergies to certain foods or the raw materials have these removed through engineering.Fish and shellfish grown will be immunised against pathogens to humans and engineered not to produce toxins with the meals custom made to a patients current condition.The hospital AI will collect dirty dishes from the patients when called and put them on this belt.Tug,waiter and botlr robots will deliver this to patients in wards and guests in hotel extensions.These meals will either be done at set times for all patients or prepared anytime for each patient to decide when to eat with the meals customised from all ingredients ordered from the hospital AI via Paean.Ideally all ingredients should be from animals and plants immunised against all pathogens to prevent food poisoning and allergens be removed from all crops.Miniature radiation machines can be present to expose food and ingredients to high doses of radiation to to sterilise them with crops,fish etc have radiorestence added to negate any effects this will have on taste.All surfaces will be covered in liquid glass and them baked in narrow range wavelength UV lights to prevent the spread of pathogens.Automated dish collection and cleaning machinery will be present.Cutlery and dishes will be covered in this to allow them to be cleaned by gravity and exposed to UV lights and anti-microbial compounds that kills all pathogens whether viral,bacterial or fungal.Patients and visitor may also be able through the AI or Hebe order in any meals from nearby restaurants with tug and waiter robots collecting it at the door and bringing it to their ward,bed and suite with human staff and visitors also aiding in this.All restaurants present will be turned into cafeterias or suites for staff with cafeterias used by visitors.Those without cafeterias will have them set up in place of restaurants or in extensions with them all fully automated with vending machines replaced by fizzy drinks and coffe etc from cafeterias.All meals in all hospitals,universities and communal homes from hotels will be added to the Hestia database linked to hospitals as well with meals present in Hebe from all universities linked to all hospitals around the world.

Tug and botlr robots will transport samples to them.Tube systems and also in hospital palletising systems will be used to transport them.These will be used to transport samples from labs and wards and also transport meals,bedding etc from one room to to the next.

Each bed and ward will be numbered and in wings and streets similar to hotels with this on the door and will allow for quick navigation by robots,staff and visitors with cameras in the wards looking over each bed to allow them to be monitored and these measuring blood flow and temperature.They will be electronic ones that use nanomatrials and biosynth technology with kebonised wood furnishes,silk sheets,silk cushions,silk pillows with attached touchscreens that can link to wireless earphones and bring up the wire,internet and hospital intranet to call staff and other functions.Otherwise one smart devices can via access to wifi access these and download movies,television shows,music,newspapers etc from Pheme and Dionysus.VR technology can also be used to pass the time with one escaping to any environment and simulation.Furthermore all beds will all be fitted with KIVA “Betty Bot” systems and the same software as them and autonomous vehicles using,cameras and sensors on the back and front with a map of the hospital streamed by them as well allowing them to move from ward to ward as well as X-Ray and MRI rooms by themselves ordered by the staff via smart devices or in time the hospital AI connecting them to the patients under their care(and thus the bed they are assigned to) to do so at a set time or on the spot alleviating this and other labour intensive work from staff allowing them to focus on other work.Th hospital AI will control them and move to each room when they need to and manage traffic of all beds with zero human labour.They will be able to alert people and other robots in the hallways of their prescence with them and viewed as blips on a map streamed by smart devices and lenses with them viewing all people and robots as blips allowing them to slow down or at least warn other robots and people to make way and also use other hallways until they have passed if in an emergency.The hospital AI will manage all traffic of beds,robots and stretchers in the hospital and inflowing stretchers as well as ambulances as part of its fleet etc.This can be done with the mobile robot twisting the bed ontop of it any where between 45-360 degrees to make turns or have Asimo robots carry the beds to the desired room by interacting with sensors in the bed,on the floor and a map of the hospital with microchips relaying its location on maps used by visitors etc and also to the hospital AI.Existing models of these KIVA systems can be modified to be able to go at different speeds including faster speeds to deal with emergencies and slower for minor journeys with the hospital AI managing the flow of traffic relaying changes in speed to all beds,staff,patients and visitors via interactions between the AI and smart devices etc.Healthcare staff,patients and visitors will be warned of these and other robots patrolling the halls via audio visual cues,with the beds and robots shown on a map as a different coloured blip to them and the sensors on them will allow the beds and robots to stop to allow other people through by detecting traffic infront,behind and beside them.These automated beds and other robots will see all humans as blips through smart devices and badges linked to the hospital AI and will thus warn them of them approaching and slow down and stop with exceptions being emergencies where the robots and beds will have right of way and send alarms to nearby humans.The same can be applied to portable machinery and also stretchers from ambulances.Each bed will be given a lot number for transparency and allow the staff and visitors to know where a patient is as they will have the current bed they are seated in logged in their patient file and the AI will log where each bed is as well as have meals from the automated kitchen(and even nearby restaurants)delivered to the bed numbers current location.Improved technology will allow them to go faster than those in warehouses.Older beds will be recycled when replaced by these and more advanced ones.Existing beds can be fitted with these KIVA systems,features and microchips can be retrofitted to existing beds or new beds can be ordered in for each hospital around the world while the old ones are recycled.These will then be replaced by newer models as time goes by with them designed on the healthcare sub network of Hephaestus.Stretchers will also be fitted with this technology with emergency medical technicians replaced by robots and self loading stretchers.This will allow beds to moved to any new room etc without human labour as they will be controlled by the hospital AI who can move them to wherever they are needed instantly.The AI of the hospital will control the movement of them when they are occupied or not to where they are needed and will log which ones have patients in them to determine how many beds are availible to Paean and incoming patients occupancy levels and allow visitors to be notified of which ward their next of kin are currently located with each bed given a serial number.Windows will have graphene in them to stream the wire with even graphene wallpaper on all walls allowing access to Brauron.Toilets can be made more luxurious with even existing ones in wards and communal toilets have seats and cubicles composed of precious gems or rocks with the bowl containing UV lights.The toilets will uses soap prepared in the basement contain a combination of peptides from Russian Brown frogs,Polybia-MP1,TsAP-1,TsAP-2,lactic and those from phytoplantkton etc all in them to prevent any bacteria especially superbugs gaining resistance and also handryers and even narrow range wavelength machines that bake ones hand and face in narrow range wavelength UV light to sterilise them negating towels which can spread pathogens.These will have them created by bacteria and human hybrid cells that will be unaffected by them in basements and will be directly connected to the pipes that the water is intake into the taps in sinks etc and even showers meaning when one uses the tap the soap will be mixed in with it automatically with shampoo etc also mixed in with shower water and their manufacture being automated.Toilets will have their own UV lights under the bowl,will use jets of water and also will be connected to the soap meaning the water and bowl will be constantly be sterilised.Those in wards can have two in one luxury bath showers fitted in or opposite them with these having automated air dryers that dry the entire body in warm air and narrow range wavelength UV light to sterilise the patient before and after use with these cleaned the same way as others in public buildings.The narrow range UV light will kill all known bacteria such as superbugs but leave human skin undamaged.

Smart clothing will be integrated into all garbs worn by patients to measure vital signs and temperature etc.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials will be integrated into them to receive data and send it via biosynth WiFi.Hospital staff and robots will have an app and software on their smart devices and computers linking to their personal account that will monitor the heart rate of all patients in that hospital.These apps on smart devices integrated into the staffs Aesculapius account in menus and submenus will colour code each type alarms from blue denoting minor danger,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger and voice alarms from the staff and hospital AI allowing staff to approach each alarm for each patient appropriately reducing flight or fight responses thus reducing alarm fatigue.These will also allow them to bring up each patient and view their heart rate throughout the day and time they are in as well as what ward they are located in.Hospital AIs can also view the amount of each type of alarms on each ward,floor and individual bed and allowing changes in the rotation of staff and robots to suit this data.Epione,Paean and hospital AI will carry out studies on this data on local to global scales.Other software can allow them to meet the specific needs of individual patients with them communicating with all members of staff around the world who in turn can communicate with each other using their internal staff accounts similar to existing collaboration suites and text messaging apps integrated into Aesculapius.Also when a patient is logged into a hospital all of the readings from smart clothing and other tests done will be logged into that subfolder denoting the hospital visit it itself in a folder that denotes all of the patients hospital visits throughout their lifetime with the folder closing when they log out of the hospital with both their arrival date and time logged alongside their departure time and date with the length of stay logged as well.The ward and bed numbers and changes will be logged alongside their Pemphredo calls.All of these Vocera(and similar) apps and software would be integrated into or replaced by universal software within Aesculapius connected to their account.Ideally all clothing worn by patients will be different from that currently worn being smart clothing composed of the the softest and luxurious silkworm and spider silk from bacteria with the microchips in them linking to their patient file via Paean who will relay all temperature,blood pressure,heart rate and breathing rates to their patient files in real time with any important events such as visits,defection and urination and meals both the time and type of meals etc logged as well.These will all be the same colour worldwide namely the same shade of blue.The patient ID will be stored in them for the patient wearing them and then deleted and changed when they are removed and worn by someone else with this done by the hospital AI and Paean allowing the location of the patient to be relayed to the hospital AI and visitors on maps as blips and allow for vital signs etc sent to their patient file and also log when a person enters a hospital,wards and then is transferred to another ward or hospitals and then is allowed to leave.When the garb is removed it will not relay anything say when they are bathing but will change patient files if an new patient puts it on.These will be covered in liquid glass to prevent them getting dirty and wet and allowing for them to be cleaned via UV light curing machines and also bathed in virkon and bleach that would slide right off.The same would apply to all uniforms and garbs worn by all staff including any remaining surgeons will be made of liquid glass coated silkworm and spider silk with the patient,surgeon and nurses etc having different similar shades of blue.Bedding,towels and any curtains etc will also be composed of this with toilet paper having this mixed in with the algae in toilet paper with the old ones recycled or pyrolysised once the new ones are ordered in with bed mattresses replaced with memory mattresses that can measure weight of patients and change to ones unique spine made of the softest material to ensure comfort.Ideally all patient garbs will a unique shade of blue alongside the pillow cases and covers of bedsheets due to that being the colour of Aesculapius.Paean on smart devices etc can allow on to directly contact the hospital AI for help such as human and biosynth nurses etc at a whims notice with ones bed and ward number sent in real time.Otherwise the hospital AI can be on the smart devices of all patients at all times.Rather than having smart televisions in each ward ideally ones smartphones etc can stream the wire or download material onto it and stream the internet using earphones for private entertainment.

Sperm banks will work with e-forms containing the donors details filled out and stored in their patient file in a folder and the donation logged by date and given an unique barcode ID and Asimo robots collecting the samples and depositing them in the bank when the donor signals via the intranet that it is to be collected with smart devices like smart phones and e-newsapapers providing stimulating material via the internet,Pheme and Dionysus.The semen will be screened for STDs including mandatory test done via dongles that detect HIV,syphillis and other STDs prior to when the donor gives the sample with other automated tests on the semen to double check for others when donated and refrigerated .Insemination and similar procedures will in time be automated.Her e-consent form and the barcode ID of the father as well as the date of the procedure will be logged in relevant folders.The child when born and reaching the age of 14 will be allowed to gain access to the identity of the father by the cross checking of the barcode against those who registered with the courts granting a specific digital warrant giving her the address and name of the donor and also the identity of all other children that were from the same donor to prevent accidental incestuous inbreeding.DNA tests can using Aescluapius scan through the entire database of patient files to determine the fathers identity with authorisation from Gaia.The fact that the child was born of an invitro fertilisation via an unknown donor will be logged in the mothers and daughters file.The donor will only have until the child has reached that age to apply to learn of her identity through the same warrant with the identity of the child logged in the sperm donation folder when it is given to him with the same applying with adoptions.The DNA of the child and mother will be compared to that of the global database to find out the identity of the father.All of this will apply to surrogacy and invitro fertilisation programs and the donation of eggs with a global platform within the Aesculapius network with a global database of donated eggs being available to couples who want to undergo the procedure.Surrogacies will also require the same legal e-consent forms logged in folders in patient files and legal files of all those involved with the name of biological parents and surrogate mother logged in all patient and legal files.Advances in automation will make all work done by robots including screening possible.Babel Fish software can allow couples to communicate with surrogate mothers or women who donate eggs to them from around the world from a single platform.Transfer of frozen sperm alongside eggs into banks,from banks to where they are inserted into the cervix can be automated within a decade and managed by the hospital AI.Rana sylvatica,Tardigrade,Bacillus F,Herminiimonas glaciei,Chryseobacterium greenlandensis,Pseudomonas putida GR12-2,Carnobacterium pleistocenium,DNA psychrophillic and osmophile bacteria DNA and also those from scratch that allow spermatazoa,eggs,embryos to be cryonically frozen in sperm banks indefinitely can be added to spermatazoa,eggs,embryos.Like more complex forms of cryonics these would be also be able to be withstand toxic cryoprotectants through genes made from scratch.Osmophile bacteria and R.sylvatica DNA can allow glucose to be used as cryoprotectants.Tardigrade DNA that would allow them to survive -272 degrees celcius can be added once as detailed later on pushed to their limits below this and to last forever via forced evolution.Its ability to lower its metabolic rate by 99.9% and also endolithic,xerophile and oligotrophic bacteria doing the same will also be utilised.This could also allow them to be survive cryonics with recombinant DNA from Planarians,Hydra,Ambystoma mexicanum,Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans and C.elegans repair damaged tissue and telomere damage.All spermatazoa,eggs and embryos donated may using microbes etc can have psychrophile and other DNA added either by microbes,CRISPR and advanced gene drive technology from the parents with the donating patient having these in their DNA will mean these will automatically them in their spermatazoa and eggs to allow them to be refrozen over and over again and allow them to last indefinitely increasing shelf life with the same done to existing frozen eggs.Thus donated spermatazoa and eggs etc will have this DNA via advanced gene drive technology from parents allowing them to naturally be frozen and refrozen over and over again with existing spermatozoa,eggs and embryos in cryonics will be unfrozen and given this DNA by microbes to then allow them to be reusable forever.Anti-ageing and extremophile genes added to both existing and newly donated sperm,eggs and embryos will allow them to live forever as well via the aforementioned means.The psychrophiles etc DNA will allow spermatozoa,embryos and eggs to be thawed and frozen over and again without losing viability.If possible this and scratch DNA could allow them to survive indefinitely without cold temperatures this allowing them to survive room temperature with thermophile and mesophile allowing them to survive high temperatures saving energy costs in storage.

In time artificial wombs and 3D DNA printers could make sperm and egg donation and storage obsolete rather than letting them go to waste these can be used to create new humans via IVF into artificial wombs.Males may even choose to have their DNA added to a database separate from patient files and then have it chosen by females added to 3D printed spermatazoa.In time sperm,egg and embryo banks once existing banks are used they will become obsolete via 3D DNA printers printing desired genotypes into blank embryos,spermatozoa and eggs on demand.3D DNA printed embryos can be ordered by females with the embryo containing the womens DNA and random male genetic material or those from her partner including those to create desired phenotypes making it true “designer babies” with this used by sterile couples creating DNA from both partners even the case of surrogacy programmes.These embryos can be implanted into the female or a surrogate and even artificial wombs.Artificial biosynth wombs can be used to house fetus grown from an embryo created by 3D DNA printers that can bring it to full birth that has both parents DNA and desired genotypes or if no parents exists random DNA alongside desired genotypes.Phanes can design embryoes with an almost infinite variety of genotypes and genomes from scratch where no parents exist thus creating an almost infinite amount of offspring from scratch designed by him or they can use any two males and females on the planet as a baseline and create embryos that contains any genotypes of the 64,000,000,000,000 possible genetically distinct offspring by analysing the genome of each parent with these embryos created by 3D DNA printers.If possible even babies conceived naturally via sexual intercourse can have genotypes modified before and during conception via human patients both male and female have biosynth WiFi integrated into the entire genome or just in the testes and ovaries so that each and every spermatozoa and egg has via induction of the evolutionary path in the genes in the testes and ovaries or genes added to them that has them produce specific genotypes for all future produced spermatozoa and eggs changed via WiFi at any given time that produce specific genotypes that when fused into embryos produce a desired genotype and entire genome thus patients and Paean can have their testes and ovaries house specific genes that ensure all spermatozoa and eggs produce specific genotypes rather than random ones that when fused into embryos during fertilisation and conception produce an offspring with desired genotypes rather than random ones.Otherwise Phanes can apply CRISPR treatments to the entire patients genome or have specific genes added to all cells in both the testes and ovaries of both parents using advanced gene drive technology ensure that all spermatozoa and eggs produced carry these specific genes to express desired genotypes and thus phenotypes that during any and all future attempts of conceiving a child via sexual intercourse will ensure the the exact genome of the offspring extrapolated by Phanes will be created by the spermatozoa and eggs combining with each other to form embryos with the exact genomic sequences of the desired offspring with a 100% success rate every time with biosynth worms ensuring it is implanted correctly etc with other genes added to both ovaries to make eggs more receptive to forming identical twins,triplets etc with these desired genotypes by altering the eggs to accept specifically two or more of the spermatozoa with specific genotypes.Fraternal and identical twins,triplets,quadruplets etc can also be created this way with eggs made more receptive to two or more spermatozoa before not being able to fuse with anymore with one able to chose the amount of spermatozoa it will accept and chose whether it is fraternal or identical.Artificial wombs can be used to rear twins,triplets etc with a higher sucess rate with Biosynth worms in a female patients will increase survival rates of those in living females.One will be able to even choose skin tone allow parents who of different ethnicities or the same ethnicity have offspring of a desired ethnicity ie two African parents can chose to have a child that is of Asian descent with the same levels of melinin as someone descended from Asian parents or have mixtures of Asian,African etc DNA.As a result the added genes to both parents will ensure with a 100% success rate that an offspring with the desired gender,ethnicity,phenotypes and thus physical appearance and even other features such as desired sexuality etc of the possible will be produced every single time they conceive an offspring of the possible 64,000,000,000,000 genetically distinct offspring from their mixtures of genomes with no chance of randomised combinations of genes and even allow for clones of the same offspring to be produced every single one conceived a child time multiple times over and over again until the genes are changed to another desired offspring or this feature is removed completely thus allowing for randomised offspring to be then created again through sexual intercourse.If possible the child can also have genes from both parents but also be not of the possible possible 64,000,000,000,000 genetically distinct offspring from their mixtures of genomes meaning the child could have phenotypes that would belong from a different combination of male and females in the world but have genes from both parents or have no genes from the parents at all.This would increase the possible children they have infinitely.The parents can design the child’s facial etc features as both pre teens and adults on software to be then extrapolated by Phanes will then design the genotypes to express these features.Biosynth WiFi integrated into patients will make this easier with once the desired child or identical siblings are created then the genes can be removed from the patients ensuring all future births are randomised offspring.This process called natural designer offspring fertilisation should be possible between 2029-2045 will allow for one to conceive a child with the desired phenotypes and can be used to directly control the evolutionary path of and genetic lineage of H.sapiens.This can be used to create clones of parents etc by crossrefferencing patient files.Thus fetuses of a desired genders,eye colour and other phenotypes can be created by parents by designing the offspring on software that using photos and holographic technologies and VR technology can design it via voice command etc that will be able to chart the offsprings phenotypes at set ages such as infant,pre teen of 2-12 years,adolescent at 13-17 and adult of 14 and above with Phanes extrapolating the neccessary genotypes to make the offspring with it housing trace DNA of both parents or in the case of single parents or where no parents exist scratch DNA in place of missing parents to make it an unique individual that can be using 3D DNA printers printed into embryos to be implanted into the mother,surrogate mothers and artificial wombs.

All existing donated sperm,eggs and embryos from around the world that are stored in existing sperm banks around the world once fitted with DNA from psychrophiles etc will be transferred to other colonies across the universe especially space stations,interstellar vehicles.Phanes via fleets of biosynthetic IVF machinery,artificial wombs will on other colonies and if need be space stations etc fuse stores of donated sperm and eggs together to form embryos in either a randomised manner or preprogrammed manner via having microbes scan the DNA of sperm and eggs to then be added to a subsystem to arrange the fusing of specific specimens to produce desired individuals of a specific gender and phenotypes,genotypes etc by running simulations and projections and the embryo inserted into an artificial womb.He will analyse the genome of each spermatozoa and eggs and run projections as to all possible genetic sequences created by fusing each one of them together to increase genetic diversity to prevent bottlenecking in space stations etc.Existing embryos in storage will be implanted into these artificial wombs.This will prevent them going to waste

Baby pea bods will be present in hospitals that take the the infants weight and percentage body fat while in the hospital.Blood samples will be taken to get the childs DNA scan and set up patient files with if possible as detailed later on the microbes from mothers could pass into the placenta and using horizontal gene transfer,Cas-9 and taq polymerase read the childs DNA and then send it to Paean to set up a new patient file invivo.All of the strains would pass onto the child via the placenta and would be changed to the childs new DNA via wifi or other methods detailed later on.Nanomatetials and biosynth technology should cut their costs to zero.

Rooms holding newborns and also children wards can have graphene wallpaper to play illustrations at night.Cameras that measure blood pressure will track them with their ID code visible to the hospital AI with the patient code also logged onto the bed they are in through microchips in the bed which interact with cameras and smart clothing and change once they leave with these measures allowing the location and movement of newborns to be tracked.The babies will have smart clothing monitoring vital signs with cameras facing them monitoring health and that they are there with vital signs fed into patient files.Biosynth chips in the beds or holders will denote their patient ID and change when discharged etc with them undergoing DNA tests prior to leaving the hospitals to prevent them sent home with the wrong parents.These wards will be known worldwide as Eileithyia wards after the goddess of childbirth with an universal statue of her in their centre.The type of birth ceaserean,in vitro or natural etc will be denoted into their patient file as well as how many weeks the child was born premature if it was born so.If the child was adopted the legal papers will be in their patient files alongside the name of foster parents,new legal guardians and name of biological parents.If the child was the result of in vitro fertilisation the name of biological parents and also surrogate mother.The date and time of birth,when they were put in pods and nurseries,wards and was sent home with its mother will be logged.Diagnosis of all forms of autism should be done as early as possible via staff,Paean and genetic screening

Phlebotomy robots can be in either hospitals or autonomous vehicles that can travel over a large area with staff directing donors to how to use the equipment in person,remotely from a hospital or through pre recorded how to videos or even Paean directing them.These vehicles can serve rural villages,towns,cities etc permanently or in schedules visible in Aesculapius.The vehicle can serve and area permanently or different areas in rotation as well as being called to new and frequent donors to their address and would be controlled by the hospital AI.Donors would first have to go through a smart device HIV test using dongles and get a negative result or send their ID code via apps on their own smart devices so their patient file can be obtained showing the results from the most recent STD tests done on home test kits and booths.Ideally these and other tests for STDs and blood borne pathogens will have to be carried out at least 24 hours or even several minutes before donating blood in order for blood to be donated to prevent them spreading through this vector.Home test kits will allow this to be done within minutes at home prior to donating blood.This will also apply to those done in hospitals in booths present as described above either in the same area with the patient deciding by Paean or menus on a test screen.Using vein viewer the robots will locate suitable veins and these robots can allow for the extraction of blood containing only plasma,erythrocytes,leukocytes or platelets or two,three or all of them in varying amounts of each components for which ever is needed in larger amounts than conventional methods through double red cell donation and platelete pheresis.Computer software will print out a barcode with the patients blood type,date,expiry date,amount of blood extracted,percentage level of all three components and hospital/vehicle it originates from put on the blood bag gained from the patients file when they log in with their ID not printed on it but with the important donation details(serial and registration number of the vehicle,ID code of staff member interacted with,percentage of each component,date and amount of blood donated etc)logged into the donors patient file in a specific folder.It will then be refrigerated by a robot or healthcare worker in mobile blood donor vehicles.Alternatively these bags will have a Biosynth microchip embedded in the bags that can have these details read by machines and smartphones/robots and the interior and exterior can be coated in liquid glass to make them reusable with the contents dumped into specialised bins via gravity for this waste with details on the microchip changed for the next donation each time.The microchip will contain the patient ID code of the person who donated the blood,the type of blood componants and level of each componens,blood type,amount of blood etc that are changed for each donation.Once host once and leukocytes and possibly erythrocytes are made immune to radiation will allow the bags to be exposed to high levels of radiation like 500-2,000Gy to kill off pathogens in the blood if possible.In hospitals helper robots and boxes on rail systems can transport them to labs where robots can extract a minute amount of blood and carry out a second quick scan for HIV and other bacteria especially MRSA and other blood borne diseases using the same technology as the dongles that can do it within 15 minutes or using automated labs using conveyor belt system on all blood samples as an extra precaution to prevent the virus being passed onto any patients and other viruses before it is disposed of in the case of a positive result via gravity into specific bins or stored in the case of a negative result by eventually robots with each fridge storing blood by type and then percentage of each component.Otherwise HIV positive bags could be kept for HIV patients or have biocompatible microbes added to kill them off or make them benign depending on how effective they are making them safe within days or hours especially if these microbes have recombinant DNA from pyschrophilles alongside thermophiles and mesophiles to allow them to work in the bag while it is in coolers.Ideally all blood samples would undergo the same aforementioned blood tests to check for levels of biomarkers,heavy metals,STDs and blood borne parasites and pathogens.Variants of these robots could be designed to inject blood and intravenous drugs and vaccines into patients and be connected to nurse robots.All phlebotomy robots and bags in clinics,hospitals and vehicles would be cleaned routinely ideally after each extraction and injection with virkon in order to clean it of any viruses and bacteria such as HIV with virkon stocked up by robots when low measured by each phlebotomy robot taking a set amount each time and logging each use in the hospital AI thus calculating how much is left in the store.The hospital will keep track of how much blood was donated each time ,when it was used to keep track of how much is currently in store.Permanent liquid glass coatings can be sprayed into the internal tubing in them so that blood does not stick to them thus preventing viruses or bacterial sticking to them with the compounds anti-microbial effects also aiding in the prevention of spreading HIV and other infections such as MRSA and hepatitis(the same applying to syringes meaning they can be reused over and over again indefinitely by different people)provided they automatically pump their contents out when empty into say a bin and/or have virkon/bleach pumped in automatically and after at least 60 minutes out for extra security to ensure any remaining virus particles and microbes are killed and then washed out with water and gravity – with this again applying to reusable syringes.All components of the machinery and tubing including phlebotomy robots and the analysers themselves will be coated externally and internally in a permanent layer of a liquid glass to allow between each go cleaning fluid that that sterilises them and removed any blocked material to be automatically applied to clean them with the cleaning fluid automatically restocked and then dispensed into waste systems via more tubing with feces,blood and urine directed towards the sewage systems automatically once analysed.Water will be run through it to clean it.The same can be done to blood bags coated in a layer of this to ensure they can be reused indefinitely with the barcode replaced with a biosynth chip that can have details changed again and again.The liquid glass and washout with water would also prevent bleach and virkon from sticking to any tubing and entering the human blood system.Trials should be done to test this measures efficacy.Otherwise it might be possible for graphene to separate virions from the blood.Ideally all blood will be before being stored in the same coolers as all blood donated be going through the same procedures for testing for all pollutants,blood borne pathogens,STDs etc so as to allow for it be cleared for safety with these tests done in a lab in the same area as the blood donation lab using miniaturised machinery but not the same machinery as those to test for STDs,pollutants but specific to this area of blood donation.During this the blood will be store in a separate area temporarily while it is examined for pollutants and all pathogens and then transferred to the main blood coolers when cleared as safe with tainted blood disposed of into biological hazard bins and this alerted to the patients file.Psychrophile and scratch DNA etc will be used alongside other measures to extend the lifespan of blood forever.All paperwork will be done by software and stored on the patients file logging their donations(date,blood type,amount,percentage amount of all three components) as well as in the hospital intranet with their signature in the form of their patient ID.The details of how much was donated,blood type,the levels of platelets,erythrocytes etc present and location of the bag in coolers will be logged in the chip that will be relayed to the hospital AI to relay what blood type and how much is present in banks.Developments have allowed for the amount of each blood component such as erythrocytes,platelets,plasma is to be controlled thus allowing for the donated blood to be mostly or all erythrocytes or either plasma and platelets etc.All steps in the collection and transportation of blood to coolers etc will become fully automated within the next five to ten years.Booths in hospitals to donate blood will be the same ones that are used to donate blood for checking for STDs with their being a menu allow one to choose what tests to perform,to donate blood and what blood and components to donate with the also choosing how much of each component and how much blood they wish to donate on sub menus.One could choose all of this beforehand using tickboxes and send their ID code wirelessly by close proximity.By 2029 blood donations in hospitals or automated vehicles will have all steps including collection of blood,transportation to fridges and tagging etc automated from start to finish with zero human labour.

Other machines like X-Rays can be automated with the actual scanner moving towards a specific part of the body programmed into it by staff or ideally in time by the hospital AI moving it by itself to specific parts of the body and using sensors built into it with Paean and the hospital AI replacing staff into how to use them and when analysis is done.Put simply Xray and MRI machines will be controlled by the hospital AI.Otherwise DEXA scanners can be utilised to get a full body scan or scan over a programmed area giving a more in depth scan.Eventually DEXA,MRI and xray machines may become cheaper to produce and operation with biosynth technology,graphene sheets and other nanomaterials fitted with built in nano scanners that scan again select areas or the entire body.Essentially a person will lie on a bed with two sheets of graphene and other similar nanomaterials in hexagonal shaped allotropes suspended in a sheet of glass floating above them with the built in nano scanners with the scanner moving between the two sheets and scanning selected body parts.In a separate room either in the same building or another hospital or the doctors home a hologram of the patients body(which they can choose between normal body and xray body) with them able to take slices of their body at selected parts out using their hands,or touchscreen scrolls on smart devices that can be viewed on their smart devices such as lenses/glasses and saved on the patient file.The same would possibly apply to future DEXA and MRI scanners or even existing models of these scanners.Nanomaterials of all elements such as atom thick allotrpes and schwarzites including graphene and Helium and biosynth technology will make them faster,cheaper and compact with mobile Xray,DEXA,MRI machines as part of vehicles part of all hospitals that drive to a patients home address especially in the case of rural areas.Helium collected from the solar wind via devices,from nuclear fusion waste and also picotech fabricators will ensure that the cost to produce them will be almost zero with the Helium reused in looped cycles.All xrays and MRI images will be uploaded to ones patient files.

X Ray,DEXA and MRI scanners could be used alongside body scanners similar to those to scan in people for creating action figures and body scans in Dionysus allowing for these to be combined together to create a life size 3D holographic image of the entire body allowing staff to be able to view the patients entire body and individual organs for study,training or planning surgeries on.Foot scanners can be used to allow for scans of the feet to study the contours of feet for surgeries on it in the case of flat footed individuals with the scan of feet saved on their patient file to produce custom made insoles.Handheld scanners at home on smart mirrors and attached to smart devices could replace these with custom made insoles saved on their patient file for 3D printing when needed if they are lost or damaged.These scanners could even be integrated into weighing scales.Doctors and surgeons can alter parts of the body or specific organs with software to see the effects of surgeries would have on them i.e. alter the breast size or nose shape and parts of the face for cosmetic or corrective surgery and on blood vessels on the heart to see effect of a bypass on blood flow etc.with the altered versions reverted to to original and have both versions saved for a “before and after” with the patient then re scanned after the operation to compare the original,modified version and the outcome all saved so that further alterations may be discussed between the patient and surgeon.These of course will be all automatically be uploaded into their patients file.This could also apply to mothers who upon gaining a sample of their childs DNA after birth or during the third trimester via base microbes scanning the DNA of the child and sending it to its newly generated patient files via biosynth wifi can run the DNA sample through computer software at home and allow Phanes to extrapolate the phenotypical conditions of their child at set ages i.e. see what they look like at 6 years old,12 years old,16 years old etc and even during it stages while still in the womb showing height,hair and eye colour and other genetic determined phenotypes and features such as voice at different ages.This can be viewed via VR simulations at home and also holographic lenses and technology.It can also be done to project the progression of genetic diseases,cancers and bacterial and viral ones in the case of both newborns and older patients for training and study of them and show the progression of a fetus from it in the womb from conception to its phenotypes during infancy right up to adulthood and eldery age via timelapse video carried out by Paean on holo lens and smart devices with this then saved in the childs patient file with them viewed as a whole person,in separate layers of each system or focus on specific organs and it sent to Hephaestus and other networks to make e-portrait photos or e-paintings of the unborn child at various ages.Doctors can also use this technology to diagnose and track the remission or progress of theoretical diseases such as tumours,pathogens,internal cancers and injuries such as fractures etc.and their response to treatment with Paean again aiding when patients wear holo lens in this with it also able to check the state of internal injuries and what will in all layers from skeletons,muscles,organs,blood vessels and what changes will be done on internal and cosmetic surgery with before and after versions produced.This can all be viewed through holo lens and smart devices and even computers at home and can be used to create holographic representations of all possible surgery techniques to be followed and show the long term implications and success rate of each one and decide the best option visible to and decided by the patient and Paean.The different procedures can be tested on VR simulation to see the effects.Other applications when combined with Physis,Apollo and patient files could test the effect medications,chemicals and treatments would have on a patient rather than having to physically illicit it.This technology could also allow new species of animals created through genetic engineering or discovered in the wild both on Earth and in time new planets(including sentient races) to be analysed internally without having to kill and dissect them with in time handheld devices that scan through a live patient interacting with holo lens,ultrasounds,nanomachines and smart glasses to give them live 3D feeds of internal organs and unborn children.This could also apply to coroners doing the same to a body without marking it and seeing an internal injuries and even allow trainees and biology students to study the biology of humans and animals without the need for cadavars.Coroners as stated would allow the internal structure of a body to ascertained via these readings converted into a hologram or VR simulation with coroners replaced by both Marcaria and Paean with Davinci surgery machines and phlebotomy robots extracting blood and cutting up the body and removing organs on a conveyor belt.As stated earlier this could inevitably replace traditional ultrasounds giving a live 3D image of an unborn child uploaded to the mother and childs patient files and can also be 3D printed.By performing full X-Ray,DEXA,MRI and other scans that determine the internal structure of the patient software can be turn a model of patient into a 3D holographic image allowing surgeons to use holo lens to correctly plan surgeries based on the individuals unique internal structure ie. dextrocardio,planning bypasses of individual blood vessels,dealing with unique fractures,tumours or remodelling of bones or body parts in re constructive or cosmetic surgery.Surgery will be done primarily using Da Vinci Surgery Machines which can make even the most delicate surgeries more accurate with less room for mistakes that could prove fatal being so accurate it can literally sew a grape closed with thread.These and google glasses could use augmented reality to highlight important parts of the body during the surgery,what steps to take that require attention as well as highlighting vital signs of the patient and allow them to read text messages,watch audio visual messages and alerts from the hospital and other staff from around the world.This would also apply to when surgery needs to be done by staff or even citizens in emergencies when surgery machines break down,the hospital AI is compromised or when there are only primitive technology and surgical equipment exists or is available especially once interstellar travel is possible.Current surgeries done by this include hysterectomies and prostrate surgeries with advancements within the next 5-10 years allowing most if not all surgeries to be done with newer models and versions of this technology including cosmetic,spinal and eye surgery and even stitches of superficial wounds for which smaller modified versions can be developed or the same robots can be used.These machines have now been able to be hooked to fibre optic internet allowing for doctors to carry out these complex surgeries from around the world making it easier for patients to get the best healthcare available as they and the doctors dont have to travel across the globe for the operation to possible both need only to travel to their nearest hospital allowing for the most skilled surgeons to operate on anyone around the world even from their homes with this again applying to even cosmetic and laser eye surgery.Miniaturised versions of these surgery machines could allow surgeons to perform delicate procedures in warzones again from across the world without risking their lives and run on solar power or back up generators using fibre optics or wifi from hotspots or solar planes deployed beforehand.Miniaturised versions of these can be also be within mobile vehicles to serve patients in rural areas.Since the doctor views the part of human body being operated on through cameras and scope in both on site and remote controlled operations these surgeries can be recorded into the patients digital file for analysis.

Vehicles containing xray,MRIs,mammograms will also be able serve patients especially in rural areas by driving to the patients home address or carparks will also alleviate strains with Paean or staff directing the patient to how to use remotely using live feeds and also prerecorded videos with the time and location denoted and scheduled by Paean.These in vehicles will house all types of compacts machines ie MRI,Xray,mammogram etc.These vehicles will be autonomous ones controlled by the hospital AI or Paean that can drive to the home address of any patient worldwide or at least public carparks and available space in their area with them present in one or multiple hospitals in each country around the world allowing them to drive to patients in isolated areas and when hospital machines are overbooked and reduce waiting lines and alleviate strains on hospitals.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials from all 94 elements can allow MRI,Xray and Mammogram machines can be made smaller and more compact as well as cheaper,more accurate and faster thus allowing them to be more mass produced allowing hospitals to house multiple MRI,Xray and mammogram machines in the same room or in extra spare rooms,extensions etc thus cutting down on waiting lines and be present in every hospital around the world allowing patients to be transferred to hospitals that are not overbooked and be present in space stations,interstellar vessels etc.Mobile X-ray,MRI and DEXA machinery can be through nanomaterials and biosynth technology be mass produced thus allowing their to be a dozen or so onsite of all hospitals worldwide due to being more compact that are stored in storerooms etc that can be brought directly to patients in wards.Once perfected these would allow those in hospitals and vehicles to be recycled and replaced with extra wards or storerooms for them.Thus these mobile MRI,X-ray and mammography etc machines composed of biosynth technology and nanomaterials will push costs to zero allowing for mass production including existing models thus allowing hospitals around the world to house a dozen or few dozen that can be stored in storerooms etc then transferred to spare rooms,MRI rooms and even wards that can allow one acess to these either the next day,next week or even same day thus even if transferred to hospitals across the world or locale and cut down waiting line times down by 50-90%.These could be present on cruise ships etc.Once sufficiently advanced these will allow existing MRI and X-ray machines to be recycled.

Within the the next 10-25 years time by at least 2029-2035 with advances in both AI and robotics it will not be far fetched to see these robotic surgery machines and other surgery machines to be fully automated with data from the patients file(via DNA tests and facial recognition),Paean,holographic representations and scans of body parts and organs allowing them to carry out all types of surgeries – reconstructive,cosmetic and removal of bullets and debris etc,stitches of superficial wounds and complex operations autonomously by the hospital AI or biosynths controlled by them.The AI that would carry these out would be either the hospital AI or Paean or biosynth surgeons who could do this if the surgery machines are comprimised with even human staff guided by Paean etc through google glasses.With regards to those coming in from emergencies such as falls,shootings etc it will take readings from Paean as well as from cameras,Xray,DEXA and other internal scanners connected to them,smart devices and robots attending the patient to locate injuries as well as foreign objects such as bullets and any damaged nerves and also arteries with these scans used to locate them.If these are done when one in a vehicle it will be relayed to the hospital AI wirelessly allowing for the best technique to be used with it done again when they arrive to detect changes in status with the AI communicating with the patient and next of kin during the journey and when they arrive.The robotic AI controlled surgeons will thus be able to instantly determine the best course of action for emergency surgeries and planned ahead surgeries.The surgery will be feed into the patients file allowing next of kin to view it in real time from anywhere in the world and the AI and Paean will give real time feedback and reassurance via Iris or access to the wire.Nano surgical tools attached to these several atoms thick possibly made of planar allotropes of metallic elements will allow for more precise incisions to be made.All surgeries will be recorded into the patients file to allow for analysis by other healthcare staff,Paean,the patient and hospital AIs as well for use in any malpractice suits.The type and level of anaesthesia used can be custom made to them organised beforehand for those planned days ahead or created on the spot or stacked in different concentrations based on the patients demographics and genes with picotech fabricators aiding in this.These will be injected into the bloodstream by phlebotomy robots next to the surgery table or be created by microbes within the patient in minute amounts suited to the patient with any alcohol present broken down beforehand if detected by microbes that will also correct complications and also keep the patient alive in delays etc.The microbes that create the anaesthesia will be strains not found in patients but will be created onsite in surgery rooms using blank leukocytes via 3D DNA printers that create them with plant DNA for natural anaesthesia or are able to synthesise artificial ones or using a mixture of natural painkillers and compounds that put the brain to sleep with them of course having the patients DNA from their patient file and once the surgery is over these can produce compounds that that awaken the brain and thus the patient as well and when this is done they will undergo apoptosis or be flushed out of the body via urine.Synthetic anaesthesia will be created by anabolic and catabolic reactions or natural ones created via recombinant DNA present with them made onsite of the brains receptors preventing overdosing.If possible microbes could create neurotransmitters onsite of neurons to put one to sleep and also apply those to prevent the patient feeling pain or remove genes relevant to substance P that can be added later on.Autonomous driving vehicles will allow patients to be driven home the same day as they will driven by AI to their home or they will be able to stay in the hospitals suites.Alcohol and any drugs that could interact with the anaesthesia will be prevented from consumed as Paean will alert them to this and if any is leftover in the body then microbes can break them down.Having AI namely Paean and the hospital AI control these surgery machines will be an advantage over humans they can run countless simulations on all possible complications and problems that could arise and develop countermeasures with complications kept to a minimum with these done within minutes.Any complications could be corrected by stem cell strains,the carbon dioxide energy acceptor and accelerated healing phenotypes added to a patient to keep them alive and the patient can view before and after holograms of the aftermath of surgeries with the patient immunised against all pathogens to prevent them damaging the brain,cause death or them causing complications.All patients will be immunised against all major pathogens that exist that can be transmitted by blood and instruments etc that can cause sepsis.Accelerated healing may be removed from tissues that are undergoing surgery and the skin to prevent them sealing in on the robot with stem cell strains healing any lacerations etc that may be fatal that occur during or after the surgery with the accelerated healing phenotype replaced once the surgery is done to prevent wounds sealing in on surgeries.The ability of microbes to form new layers of all types of tissues,cause cells to undergo apoptosis and moulting of skin by having recombinant DNA from Serpentes will make reconstructive and cosmetic surgery defunct with only major surgeries such as to correct body deformities from those suffering from developmental disorders with the micorbes invivo surgery also aiding this.These will become more compact with this allowing for hospitals to have more in obsolete rooms and extensions.All machinery in surgery rooms will become more compact including those measuring heart rate that will be sheets of graphene that log into the patients file and also in the logged audio visual video.One could on demand have VR simulations of holidays or dreams etc played during the operation using the time dilation effect or use this to communicate with others via Iris to pass the time and also make the procedure more pleasant.Microbes will keep the patient especially the brain and other vital organs alive during the surgery and if any complications arise they could repair any ruptured blood vessels etc with the carbon energy acceptor and accelerated healing would allow the patient to survive any complications that would be fatal or damage the brain.They will also perform microsurgery alongside accelerated healing with them keeping the body alive during delays and be able to repair most wounds with surgery reserved for only the most severe conditions.The fact that AI will replace surgeons,the fact that the accelerated healing phenotype and microbes will render the vast majority of surgeries such as those to deal with cancer will cut costs to zero relegating surgeries to the most intensive or serious situations with even shootings being repaired by the healing phenotype with mobile surgery units using both AI and compact Davinci surgery systems able to serve those in rural areas and even warzones.The accelerated healing phenotype will repair wounds that require stiches and those from accidents of all types including car accidents and will even allow those shot be able to survive for a few weeks or even months if not indefinitely to wait for the bullets to be removed with anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains fighting off infections and them and other strains alongside the accelerated healing phenotype preventing gangrene,frostbite and also injuries that would require frostbite with anti-cancer strains making surgeries for tumours defunct.Home test kits and Paean on beck and call 24/7 will allowing him to carry out actions against infections etc within minutes at home and thus prevent future surgeries from happening.Microbes will keep the patient alive for extended periods of time say several months or even a year if delays occur allowing them to wait for vital surgeries.The vast majority of surgeries will be made defunct by microbes different strains such as anti-cancer and stem cell strains,accelerated healing phenotype,CRISPR treating genetic defects of organs,reduced crime rates and also automation and AI replacing dangerous work thus meaning surgeries will only exist for the most severe conditions with the amount of surgeries in hospitals worldwide reduced by 50-90%.Paean at beck and call to all patients 24/7,365 days and the wide availability of home test kits and microbes will detect problems early and prevent future surgeries by preventing the conditions for to happen from occurring.Organ banks and blood banks onsite of all hospitals that have bioprinted,chimera organs and synthetic blood onsite will eliminate delays of organ transplants and blood transfusions etc if they are needed.Surgeries that include hip replacements,reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery will be replaced by stem cell strains carrying out in vivo cosmetic surgery being able to reshape faces,breasts etc and also repair bones,broken hips etc.Surgery to remove tumours will be made defunct by anti-cancer strains with any existing damage caused by previous surgeries can be corrected by them forming new tissues such as damaged vocal cords or neural damage.The acellerated healing phenotype will repair damage to the body caused by injuries that would require surgeries such as broken bones etc including emergency ones that include those in the spinal cord,brain and heart such as ruptures etc and even bullet and debris lodged into a persons body that can be delayed by days,weeks and even months or years with microbes keeping the body alive during conditions that require surgeries that are delayed to a year.Home test kits will render certain rooms of a hospital obsolete allowing for more surgery rooms to be in all hospitals alongside extensions etc with AI unlike humans able to work 24/7,365 days a year thus meaning multiple surgeries will take place in each surgery room every day with sterilising measures sterilising them in minutes.Extra surgery rooms can be in place of obsolete clinics etc made obsolete via home test kits etc and also in roof,side and underground extensions etc with automated vehicles and in time biosynths at home able to bring patients home once the surgery is done thus meaning a person only has to drive to the hospital a few hours before it is taking place and leave within a few hours for those who are in not in critical conditions.Paean interacting with the AIs of hospitals worldwide can see when they have surgery rooms that are free and arrange a patient to have them served there in any hospital around the world if any in their local area are busy with Oceanus,Eos and also Erebus will allow one to quickly travel back and forth to any hospital around the world with Paean booking tickets and also even arranging accomadation in the form of hospital suites and even home sharing programmes in Euthenia.By being linked to Epione he can thus interact with hospital AIs across the world to see which ones are free for performing surgery and thus book surgery to be done anywhere in the world and alongside Helios and Euthenia arrange both travel and accommodation and receiving surgery to virtually any other hospital around the world within at most a week or two weeks if not the next few days thus negating issues of waiting lines and delays that can lead to loss of life with due to networks and VR technology these can be done at the same time as road trips with the average individual getting surgeries done within at most a week or two weeks.Since the amount of surgeries worldwide will be reduced by 50-90% due to stem cell strains,the acellerated healing phenotype,hospitals having more surgery rooms and Eos,Oceanus etc will allow for quick travel across the world using automated planes,taxis etc and home sharing every patient should be attended to in any surgery rooms across the world within anywhere in the world between a week or month at most.Any longer waiting times will be for less life threatening conditions and patients will have Paean attend to them at anytime and microbes will keep the patient alive meaning that if a patient has to wait at least several months then microbes controlled by Paean will keep patients alive and prevent death and serious complications.Paean,Epione and hospital AIs will organise the allotment of all surgeries worldwide by interacting with each other to ensure short waiting times.Thus by 2029-2045 Paean,Epione and hospital AIs and other AI controlling robotic Davinci machines as well as biosynths will carry out all future surgeries replacing all human surgeries using these automated surgery machines will be onsite of all hospitals around the world with the cost kept to zero by having them composed of nanomaterials and biosynth technology and controlled by AI.Paean,Epione and hospital and vetainary AIs will be advanced enough by 2029-2045 to replace all human surgeons being able to carry out all types of customised operations on both humans and animals and sentient races across the universe.All audio/visual recordings of them will be logged in ones patient files alongside its date,name of hospital it took place.By law patients will only be able to apply for cosmetic surgeries and also gender reassignment surgeries until they finish puberty and adulthood by 14.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials will make surgery machines faster,cheaper and compact thus allowing them to be mass produced and thus have each hospital have at least one or a dozen.

By 2029-2035 robotics should be advanced enough to replace all laborious and repetitive work in hospitals with biosynths replacing humans completely by 2045.Those controlled by the home AI at home as detailed earlier on will allow those recuperating from injuries and the handicapped to life independent lives and will carry out all forms of tasks such as cleaner,cook,gardener,electrician and plumber.Until then Asimo,Robobear,Cindy and other robots will manage all laborious work in hospitals.Some robots can allow any doctor etc to patrol any hospital around the world and thus do so for multiple hospitals around the world every day at a whims notice from home.

With regards to measuring blood pressure this should ideally be done with wireless monitors monitors as detailed earlier that form part of first aid kits but would also be on site of hospitals to save on the transport of bulky machines and have software built into the robots to detect blood pumping through the body with results of both uploaded into the patient file.Smart clothing integrated into patient garbs will measure temperature and monitor heart rate 24/7 negating these with wireless blood pressure monitors transported by robots or even have these as part of their arms or body.Asimo,Cindy,Botlr and Tug and other robots will be present.Bulky machines that measure heart rate can be replaced with a graphene sheet or touchscreen on the foot of the bed or bed computer connected to smart clothing,implants and wireless attachments that are placed on the skin above the heart and transmit the signals to it and the patient file with this also applying to when they are undergoing surgery.These would also be relayed to both surgery machines and lenses,computers and glasses of healthcare staff in the surgery room and in wards.In the case of comatose patients they would relay brain activity to them and the patient files via again wireless attachments with the date they enter the coma and day they woke up also noted.Any machine that requires humans to move them can either be moved by robot or themselves via miniature KIVA systems on them.Menus on touchscreens connected to the bed or on smart devices linked to the intranet will allow patients to call specific robots to do specific tasks curtains(if this cannot be controlled by the intranet or bed AI)get them their commode or wheelchair and help them onto it and in the case of wheelchairs bring them to a specific room or to a vehicle outside and help them out of the chair into the vehicle or back into their bed,empty commodes into toilets(with them having the ability to open up toilets both the cover and seat done wither physically or the toilets designed to open and close automatically via interactions between the toilet the robot) and many others like order snacks and drinks and take used cutlery back to the kitchens for cleaning(or even in the case of severely invalid using sensors,smart spoons/knives/forks,facial recognition software and voice command to feed them even cutting up food)with new tasks programmed into the intranet.Those made on smart devices will be linked to their patient file and thus bed number allowing the robots to know which patient to serve and this will suffice until robotics and AI can comprehend human vocal instructions completely or act as a backup.

Robots that fill out prescriptions for each patient will be in all hospitals with 3D printers soon printing out drugs in the next ten years and nanotech fabricators creating drugs on the spot within the next few decades.In both cases the prescription will be sorted by staff who plan a patients tablets in advance for the week or the time that it is needed.Pharmacies in the street will negated by those in hospitals and universities while some will be on site in hospitals with Botlr,Asimo and Tug robots transporting them to patients in the hospitals and also to drones outside that transport them to patients in their homes.As stated earlier touchscreens allowing patients to gain whatever they need by entering their patient ID code or their patient files wirelessly interacting with them if they wish to procure goods onsite.Manufacture,packages and transportation of all pharmaceuticals will be automated within about five years with the pharmacies in streets also having base microbes for new anti-viral,anti-cancer,anti-bacterial,anti-ageing,augmentation and proteins to be shared with the dendritic cells etc grown onsite for onsites booths to alleviate strains on the nearby hospitals and universities.Ideally these will be based in universities and hospitals allowing street ones to be turned into homes.Bicompatbile microbes will inevitably make all pharmacies obsolete.

Until home test kit dongles that contain miniaturised PCR/Sysmex machinery become sufficiently advanced it is simply a case of a person using sterile cups,plastic test tubes,swabs and blood extraction materials i.e. disposable needle or one that can be cleaned with virkon and taking them samples at home and sending them by ones own personal or hospital vehicle/drone to the nearest hospital where robots couriers can transport them to the appropriate automated lab with conveyor belt systems with microchips containing ones ID and DNA detected in ones samples.Otherwise one could go into a hospital in person with how to videos from Paean guiding them to the steps into taking the samples and then applying them into automated machines and automated conveyor belt systems with them inputting their patient ID in computers or Paean automatically linking to machines and sending the ID for testing i.e. automated plate streakers,gram stainers with each sample again barcoded with their patient ID.Stools for analysis for STDs and other diseases can also be delivered in larger cups.One would be of course be required to wash ones hands in soap and bake their face,arms and hands in narrow range wavelength UV to prevent contamination,apply gloves disposed of in nearby bins for them with samples dropped in a booth containing a place to deposit them operated by the receptionist with this requirement controlled by the hospital AI and receptionist.Alternatively phlebotomy robots in clinics as part of these booths(automatically sterilised after each blood extraction with virkon and bleach and then cleaned out with water and a permanent layer of liquid glass on the interior tubing ensuring the cleaning compounds and also pathogens are unable to stick onto them) can also be used to extract blood for analysis of blood borne STD’s and blood components which can then be instantly deposited into test tubes with the patients ID as a barcode and onto media plates with barcoded swab samples unscrewed by machines and then automatically streaked onto barcoded plates which can be swabbed onto automated plates for gram staining with recognition software determining the resultant colour and gram nature of the samples,shape and number of microbes run under automated microscopes with the results analysed by Paean cross referencing Physis that can prescribe the individual medication and upload this,results and diagnosis’s into their patient file instantly once results are gained all part of a automated conveyor belt system with the lab within the booth with the patient alerted as to when this occurs.Urine and feces samples in cups on this conveyor belt can be unscrewed by machines and streaked onto media and with urine samples intaken by PCR machines with samples of colonies of pathogens on media can be flooded in a liquid to be then intaken in liquid form allowing the machine able to reach colonies streaked and growing on petri plates in minute samples or the samples of feces or colonies put into test tubes synthetic blood that has traces of nutrient media to be growing and intaken more easily into PCR machines.Blood samples in test tubes will transported to PCR machines(and other machines) where the blood can be extracted,input into the PCR machine and then analysed automatically with results instantly uploaded to the patients digital files with the test tubes fitted with microchips that change the patients ID with one transmitting their ID wirelessly via Paean to them,by inputting them on a touchscreen and a camera or the receptionists recognizing their face or DNA tests carried out at the same time cross referencing Polis and the patient files database with results uploaded to their patient file instantly.These booths will also carry and transport both urine and feces sample alongside swabs of the mouth,urethra,cervix and anal cavity as well as any other bodily fluids onto this automated conveyor belt systems and transport them to the relevant machine,agar plates,gram staining,incubators,etc with Botlr,palletiser,robotic chef hand and Tug robots playing a role in moving samples around.Urine and feces will also be tested for the same components as those in blood as detailed later on.Bacteria,fungi and viruses on agar plates and in blood can be tested via them moved to automated gram stainer machines where they can be collected and the genome of them analysed and compared to the database on Physis to find out what species and strain they are and they can be put under an automated microscope to analyse them by the hospital AI to have them sent to the patients file.Analysis of genome should be ideal.Ideally swabs and blood sample will be streaked on first a general nutrient agar and then any suspected ones streaked on all of the main different types of agar with the agar made onsite next to these areas using proteins,carbohydrates etc made by bacteria.Having all micro-organisms genome scanned similar to how HIV is using PCR or how human DNA is scanned through blood if possible and then cross referenced via Physis will be much quicker than automated gram staining etc as this will take only a few hours or even several minutes much quicker than preparing media and growing bacteria cultures in an incubator with advances in artificial intelligence since they have much fewer genes in their genome than humans (that currently takes about an hour)would already be on file in Physis that can be instantly cross referenced for specific species and strains and using the same technology as those in dongles to allow ones results to made within an hour sent to their patient file alerting them to any dangerous pathogens or high levels of contaminants instantly.Since all known pathogens and their strains will be in Physis this will allow for any pathogen to be instantly analysed with Physis also used to identify heavy metals and any toxic compounds and their levels in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq as well as the sysmex haemotanalyser machinery as part of it also analysing the levels of leukocytes of all types and also erythrocytes,platelets and even antibodies to specific pathogens in ppm,ppb or even ppt and ppq within a few minutes.Hormones and all types of compounds will also be tested.Advances in artificial intelligence,automation and PCR technology will allow for diagnosis done by PCR to be much quicker with the process taking at least an hour with the same techniques in HIV dongle tests that allow for diagnosis in 15 minutes to be replicated in these automated labs for not only HIV but also all pathogens whether viral,bacterial or fungal and denote the exact strain.Ideally agar plates would only be used for samples taken from swabs but if possible these can be dipped into liquid nutrient agar or plasma solutions or any similar nutrient broth to allow for them to be tested via PCR similar to blood samples with the same for feces samples with agar plates growing them used to compliment until the plasma,blood and nutrient solutions replace them entirely.Feces and urine can be mixed with liquid like water including liquid media such as a water solution of blood plasma made by bacteria with nutrients like amino acids and sugars essential to the growth of bacteria made by other bacteria with the nutrients being those found in those that can be found in feces and urine to allow for samples to be analysed via PCR and other machinery to save time on creating media and incubating them and thus measure them for the same components as blood.This can also be used to determine the presence of pathogens in swab samples from the mouth and anal cavity etc with the swap unscrewed and swirled in this solution of water and essential amino acids and sugars to allow the pathogens present to grow very quickly especially when heated to their ideal growth range between 20-45 degrees celcius.Since the bacteria or viruses would be mixed in the solution in the case of urine,feces and swabs from the mouth and anal cavity then only a small amount will be needed with if possible this solution being artificial blood with the nutrients that can be intaken instantly or after a few hours of incubation and thus separate the feces,urine and saliva and allow the pathogens to be read by the machine allowing for their results to be instantly relayed to ones patient files as the same time as any blood borne pathogens.Having the feces,urine,swabs mixed in this nutrient solution or even just water and all feces broken down with urine intake as it is will save time and energy in the production of petri plates and the need for automated petri plate production and gram staining.The accuracy of existing and new biosynth PCR machines will allow even the most minute levels of pathogens to be detected when urine,feces and also swabs from the anus,mouth and cervix etc carried out by the patient are mixed automatically with a nutrient broth either instantly or them incubated automatically for several hours with the tubes containing the broth holding a microchip that has the patients ID sent to it and then deleted once the solution containing incubated bacteria is extracted with this uploaded a day later with all steps automated and the patient ID changed the next time someone uses it with each system having at least 24 or more test tubes present used in rotary system coated in liquid glass and all nutrients created onsite via bacteria and them refilled and emptied automatically.Ideally urine will be intake as itself or diluted with water to allow all components to be measured with feces broken down and the mixture diluted down to be read as it is or undergo automated treatments onsite using layers of graphene and similar nanomaterials that can remove the solids and separate them down removing pathogens and also all sugars,proteins present into different test tubes and them each tested individually with this also done with urine.Swabs from the anal cavity and mouth done by oneself would be dipped into water and nutrient solution that is mixed around to collect all saliva etc and it then run through the machines.Ones DNA within leukocytes will be cross referenced with the DNA in their patient file to ensure the samples are from the correct patient and will be separated form the DNA of all pathogens and will be used to further denote the right patient alongside the patient code.These will test for all cancer biomarkers,STDs,blood borne diseases such as MRSA,HIV,Zika virus,those in the feces and any other potential disease that could be on the outbreak and the DNA present in the blood also used to identify the patient ID.All swabs and cups can be ordered in from Telesphorus and filled in at home and set into the hospitals or they can be done in toilets suited for this next to the booths with the the containers holding the swabs and urine samples etc unscrewed,streaked and sucked in by the automated lab and patient ID read from microchip with the ID changed for the next patient and the swab or urine disposed of or them all recycled.This will negate the need for creating liquid and solid agar media for swabs and feces samples as blood from the phlebotomy robot while both feces,urine and swabs containing saliva and material from the anus can be mixed in with liquid water solution containing sugars and other nutrients etc to feed the bacteria to be then read even a few minutes later when exposed to microbes on a surface or when they are mixed into the solution including blood samples with the solution intaken immediately while the feces,urine etc disposed of automatically.The sugary solution may be dropped into a area to be read by base microbes in minute amounts or have microbes added into the solution which would read the DNA and send results by wifi.All results from machinery in hospitals and implants will instantly send results to ones patient file.Results would be within minutes and would send them to their patient files instantly.All these steps can be automated thus removing the need for private information such as sexual history and orientation being questioned and disclosed.If possible an all in one biosynth Sysmex and PCR machine can be produced that measures both blood components and pathogens.All internal and external components will be covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent stains building up and can be washed out with water,virkon and bleach if need be.These PCR and other machines in hospitals and even forensics labs would by 2029 use biosynth technology where base microbes in the machine use taq polymerase,CRISPR Cas-9 and horizontal gene transfer to scan and read the DNA of the pathogens and leukocytes present in blood and urine samples and thus be able to determine its species and strain instantly within a matter of minutes with this cross referenced against Physis via wifi and will be logged into ones patient file.The DNA in the leukocytes will be used to identify the patient by cross referencing their patient file.Forensics and university labs housing this will use this to determine the species of plant,animal,micro-organisms and humans of DNA samples by crossrefferencing Physis and the global patient file database.Thus PCR machinery both existing and new utilising biosynth technology and nanomaterials similar to aforementioned universal home test kits can be automated from start to finish and result sent within a few hours or day can be used to detect the exact species and strain of pathogens whether bacteria,virus or fungus from blood,urine and feces taken via phlebotomy robots,urine cups etc within minutes in a room with AI directing their use and forming a line and results sent to ones patient file with one inputting their patient ID or DNA from leukocytes used to confirm ones ID.Results would be within minutes and would send them to their patient files instantly.All these steps can be automated using phlebotomy robots,AI etc.These steps can replicated with other tests such as running them through automated sysmex machines that detect blood components such as hormones,antibodies for major pathogens including those the patients file says they are suffering from and general sweeps which be repeated for a more specific antibody test,cancer biomarkers,leukocytes/platelets/erythrocyte cell counts,macro and micro nutrients such as lipids,proteins,sugars,enzymes including troponin and lipase,cholesterol,heavy metals,drugs and other pollutants as well as all possible pathogens and parasites via PCR etc also on the same automated conveyor belt system either at once or when selected by the patient on the menu screen with submenus using barcodes of the patients ID number allowing one to choose to detect all or specific pathogens,pollutants,biomarkers,components etc. with one able to choose these on their linked smart devices.Feces and urine samples will be tested for all of these under separate headings in the results folder.Biosynth versions of these sysmex machinery using microbes or sensors with recombinant DNA from C.elegans can be used to detect the presence of pollutants,hormones,cancer biomarkers,enzymes,poisons,date rape drugs,heavy metals,venoms and also both inorganic and organic substances with universal receptors intaking the compound and relay its structure to Physis for recognition and the case file to be logged simultaneously and will use either mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them for example Hydra etc allowing the structure of the compound and its levels in ppm,ppb,ppt and ppq to be determined with these again in portable and lab based devices with or without biosynth wifi.This would also detect the levels of blood components such as erythrocytes,leukocytes and also platelets and also hormones,biomarkers of cancer and heart disease etc.pollutants etc.This C.elegans,Hydra DNA can be tweaked to act as universal receptors with human neural tissues integrated alongside scratch DNA to improve this allowing them to carry out mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions and utilise chemothaxis and electrical signals including bacteria and multicellular that generate electrical charges in response to these compounds that can analyse the structure of them to then use biosynth biosynth Bluetooth and WiFi to send the compounds structure to Physis to be cross referenced and receive results within minutes.In forensics and university labs this will determine the structure and level of compounds in ppb,ppt etc by cross referencing Physis.Thus Sysmex machinery both existing and new utilising biosynth technology and nanomaterials similar to aforementioned universal home test kits can be automated from start to finish and result sent within a few hours or minutes can be used to detect the exact composition and amount of blood componants taken via phlebotomy robots within minutes in a room with AI directing their use and forming a line and results sent to ones patient file with one inputting their patient ID or DNA from leukocytes used to confirm ones ID.Thus these booths will direct all feces,urine,swab and blood samples through PCR,sysmex haematology and toxin/heavy metal anlaysers to test all of them for all components and also pathogens that may reside in one or all of them to gain a full understanding of ones health with the blood components and components of urine and feces and also swabs from the anal cavity and mouth in different folders containing all results.Results would be within minutes and would send them to their patient files instantly.All these steps can be automated using phlebotomy robots,AI etc.All internal and external components will be covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent stains building up and can be washed out with water,virkon and bleach if need be.The person will also be able to input their patient ID code or send it wirelessly here from linked devices through close proximity with the tests chosen on their devices within Paean beforehand.DNA read from the genome of the patients leukocytes will be read as extra confirmation of the patients ID when compared to their patient file or can be used instead of inputting the patient ID when compared to the global database.Paean will create how to videos for patients to use this.The same booths can be connected to where donated blood is collected with the patient choosing to either donate blood,get specific or all tests at once as well as where upgrades can be made since base microbes will be grown here.The blood used for donation will of course have to undergo tests for all pathogens and also pollutants with contaminated ones disposed of.Test tubes and petri plates can be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass internally and externally to allow them to be used of over and over again with them also having a biosynth microchip on the surface of them or within their matrix to allow them to reusable over and over again with materials disposed of by gravity and have the patients ID sent in wirelessy by the patient or machinery which can be blanked over and over again for the next set of tests for new or the same patient to allow results to be sent to their patient file.All steps such as the movement of blood from one test tube and petri plate to the next including streaking of both agar and bacteria samples,collection of DNA and preparation of agar will be automated from start to finish.Agar can be created via bacteria etc but ideally agar would be averted by blood samples in test tubes is intaken and the dual biosynth Sysmex and PCR machines they will analyse the structure of compounds in the blood and also the prescene of pathogens with leukocytes DNA analysed to determine the patient ID.Results will be sent to ones patient file within minutes.Swabs and blood samples to map out the genetic structure of older patients for the digital patient file system can be automated this way.These will operate 24/7,365 days a year with them allowing people to queue or book appointment with one contacting the building AI to see if they are free.These will also be in a different place that has microbes upgraded and one can donate blood with there being a separate waiting room for this with each person who enters having their number given to them automatically via the hospital AI with their being numbers starting and ending from midnight to midnight the next day with the patient given alerts to when it is their turn and these used to track when a person went their with their number and time of when they arrived and left logged in their patient file.The number will be allotted to each patient automatically to their patient file when they enter via the hospital AI WiFi and Bluetooth interacting with their smartphones with one alerted via the hospital AI and Paean as to when it is their turn.This will make the waiting lines efficient rather than random people going in when they want.The numbers will go in a numerical order ie 1,2,3,4,5,6 and so on from midnight to midnight the next day and each day the numbers will restart at midnight.All steps in extraction of blood,streaking etc and then sampling,testing of samples will be automated from start to finish to alleviate strains on human labour managed by the hospital AI.The waiting room will be much quicker than normal due to the fact that one may only have to deposit samples on swabs and cups they did in their own bathroom at home or in nearby toilets and donate blood which would take only a few minutes at most with the possibility of three waiting rooms next to each for each service or the single one with three separate phlebotomy robots in different booths next to each other.The fact that the machinery will take a few minutes to analyse samples will also make waiting lines shorter.The swabs,cups and blood samples would be on storage line system if their is too many people and these booths would be in universities alongside pharmacies to alleviate strains on hospitals.Each person will be given a number to their Paean account with new ones every 23 hours at midnight with the hospital AI alerting each person when it is their go with the current numbered patient relayed to them with this and the room overseen by the receptionist AI.Booking may have to be made by contacting the receptionist AI through phone calls or Paean though as stated having a storage conveyor system utilising microchips on petri plates,test tubes may negate this.Ideally each area where they are in hospitals will have at least three of these in compact forms to prevent lines building up with the extraction of blood and application of feces and urine done in nearby toilets as part of the area.Since done within a matter of minutes with only Paean through smartphones communicating with patients in their smartphones this will make lines very short as results will appear within minutes in their patient files as people will simply input their ID code into smart phones wirelessly transmitted to the machine and then have blood extracted and feces and urine deposited in them meaning each test will take a few minutes at most and one would simply walk in and walk out with home test kits will make them obsolete or alleviate strains.All components of the machinery and tubing including phlebotomy robots and the analysers themselves will be coated externally and internally in a permanent layer of a liquid glass to allow between each go cleaning fluid that that sterilises them and removed any blocked material to be automatically applied to clean them with the cleaning fluid automatically restocked and then dispensed into waste systems via more tubing with feces,blood and urine directed towards the sewage systems automatically once analysed.Water will be run through it to clean it.This cleaning fluid would ideally be able to kill off HIV,MRSA and all pathogens and be able to collect any heavy metals and all blood components on its way.These should be available and fully automated in all hospitals by at least 2029.Automated testing booths would be operational and could still be used by the public alongside home test kits with these since taking only mere minutes would also allow one access to them quickly as well as each person in the waiting room would go in and out and receive results in a few minutes alleviating strains on limited healthcare staff and allow patients important tests to be done almost instantly with waiting lines and lines being very quick as one would simply go in,donate blood via phlebotomy robots or even a blood prick and then leave almost instantly with results sent to their patient file and analysed by Paean within a few minutes allowing him to instantly recommend the next step ie create relevant upgrades for microbes or apply relevant anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds etc.These should be integrated into all hospitals as well as universities to alleviate strains on each hospital,allow all patients in all towns access and would be in place of defunct rooms and also extensions.Since these would be fully automated,very quick using advances in AI,PCR analysis for all pathogens,sysmex analysis for every thing else and since ones samples would be on a conveyor belt,ones deposition of samples could be done in minutes using phlebotomy robots,urine cups and Paean wirelessly sending ones ID and results instantly and samples labelled,the fact they would be available in universities and hospitals 24/7,365 then there may be no need to book appointments making them much quicker than conventional means of booking tests with live doctors as one may simply have to walk in,donate blood,urine,faeces etc and leave with home test kits alleviating strains as these would be general testing for everything.All results will be instantly sent wirelessly to ones patient file visible within a few minutes if not hours when the person has reached home in sufolders etc with Paean then deciding what to do instantly.This like home test kits if integrated into all hospitals and universities across the world will allow access to important test very quickly without delay by simply walking into one when they need to do without booking weeks ahead or even putting strains on the resources of human specialists replaced by these and Paean sending results instantly and it taking at most several minutes thus limiting the amount of time spent in waiting rooms with the same applied to getting upgrades and donating blood.More advanced machinery will replace older ones by in time robotic machinery managed by the hospital AI with these designed on Talos and Euclid by both researchers and AI.These would ideally be designed to be all in one Sysmex,PCR and urine etc testing booths that can test for all blood componants and pathogens with the species and strain name and amount in ppb,ppt etc detailed with all work in them including collection of samples,transfer etc and cleaning etc automated from start to finish with no human labour with biosynth technology replacing large sections of nanoprocessors etc making them compact and make them faster,cheaper etc with all sensors,spectrometers etc using base microbes as part of them to make them much more compact and integrate biosynth WiFi etc.All components will be covered in liquid glass to negate cleaning etc and all glass have Graphene in its matrix.By 2029 booths that carry out tests in hospitals will be fully automated with one using phlebotomy robots and plastic cups etc will allow one to deposit blood,urine etc samples with the results sent to ones digital patient file within minutes to be analysed by Paean.

Artificial wombs in time could be developed wherein it has a liquid environment similar in composition to amniotic fluid with bioprinted flesh,placentas and those created by biocompatible microbes and stem cells covered in long and short strands of carbon nanotubes surrounding it with the fertilised egg inserted into a gel compartment where carbon nanotubes covered in a fleshy husk of varying lengths can connect to it and implant the fertilised embryo into the womb and feed it nutrients such as oxygen,sugars,proteins,fats,vitamins and minerals in controlled amounts and remove wastes like carbon dioxide etc again at controlled amounts from a external source.Biosynth versions will exist eventually with them being identical to a human womb with these being used to aid in the proper development in premature newborns.These wombs would be a biosynth animals or even one where they consist of a pod with a fleshy biosynth interior that allows for embryos either created via 3D DNA printers or fusing spermatazoa and eggs together created by 3D DNA printers that form fetuses and eggs or existing ones to be inserted directly or implanted similar to how fertilisation occurs in humans.The placenta will be replaced by a biosynth worm like one that seeks out and attaches to implanted embryos via fibrils and then bring them into place and feed them nutrients such as proteins,sugars,fats created by bacteria and oxygen created by bacteria pumped into them constantly.They would using internal biosynth worms and placentas allow for a 100% success rate for bringing an embryo to a fully formed infant.Premature babies can be inserted into artificial wombs to allow them to grow further to full maturity with microbes keeping them alive via providing oxygen and nutrients to the brain etc and even building tissue in key organs like the heart,lungs,brain etc.In time entire children will be created by 3D DNA printers printing out embryos with genetically unique genotypes from scratch or containing DNA from any two individuals namely a male and female and them inserted here where it can be grown to maturity.These can be used to create children using donated spermatozoa and eggs including those in existing banks when fused together to populate colonies across the universe including space stations and interstellar vehicles.These can be used to manufacture biosynths in site of Taluss will be onsite of vertical farms and can be used to create and order in any of the worlds 2,000,000 species of animals eliminating human private breeders and can be onsite of conservation areas and zoos with them as part of conservation efforts used to alongside the Phanes method create several dozen or hundred or even thousand extra animals every year again using the Phanes method.

Normal PCR,Sysmex,gel electrophoresis and spectrometer machines in hospitals,universities and forensic labs will utilise Biosynth technology not only in their functioning but also to increase computing power.The use of biosynth technology in both Sysmex and PCR machines will as detailed later on allow them to house as much as 75,000 – 1,500,000 YB of storage space and RAM and even 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors in each square inch replacing large bulky circuit boards etc increasing their speeds and allowing more space for all parts.Nanoprocessors from graphene,stanene etc will be in them alongside neural/graphene/silicene/borophene tubules with motors being smaller using nanomaterials or them placed on the outside.Nanomaterials like graphene will also be present.Pipette and other parts such as needles can be made compact using nanotechnology with thinner pipettes and holders for them or them replaced by nanothin needles with the area where blood samples are held will be consisting of nanothin holders with nanomaterials etc within them making them compact and thin with graphene other similar nanomaterials alongside biosynth sensors and even tissues etc forming part of them to make them compact and more importantly accurate.Biosynth sensors using base microbes will take the place of most bulky sensors in conventional PCR,Sysmex,gel electrophoresis,spectrometer,chromatography machinery of all types etc also being composed of nanomaterials and biosynth technology that may even replace them.This biosynth technology and nanomaterials for both PCR,Sysmex,gel electrophoresis,spectrometer,chromatography machinery of all types etc machines in labs in hospitals,universities and also forensics labs will be able to make them much more cheaper,energy efficient,compact and also much quicker and accurate than existing technology and can make them compact enough to be attached to laptops and smart devices and brought onto the site of crimes and also areas whose soil,etc are being analysed in vans and private vehicles and carried around in ones hands with them either dongles or the size of laptops and suitcases.All types of lab equipment in universities,hospitals and forensics labs will utilise both nanomaterials and biosynth technology to make them exponentially faster,cheaper and compact and more accurate etc with them also replacing all rare and expensive elements in them.The base microbes ability to detect DNA of micro-organisms,cells and tissues and structure of compounds will make them able to detect any metallic,gaseous compound of any element and chemical compound in existence with them utilising biosynth WiFi and interacting with Physis and networks in labs etc.It will form the basis of sensors and all components in PCR machines,DNA analysers,Sysmex machines,miniaturised PCR/Sydney machinery,normal sized MRI/mammogram/DEXA/Xray machines and miniaturised versions as part of home test kits that are attachments and built in smartphones,,all types of chromatography machinery,all types of spectrometers,gel electrophoresis and indeed all types of machinery used in all types of labs such as universities,hospitals,forensics labs and space stations and interstellar vehicles and will utilise biosynth technology based on base microbes,those with recombinant DNA from all 2,391,000 plant and animals etc and those on other planets as well as scratch DNA to give them abilities to further enhance all of these lab equipments capabilities.Home test kits that are miniaturised PCR and Sysmex dongles and fully sized Sysmex and PCR machines would form the baseline of this.All parts of spectrometers,chromatographers of all types and gel electrophoresis etc machinery will composed of Biosynth technology and nanomaterials to cut their costs to zero but also make them exponentially more accurate.Nanosensors as part of Theoi Meteroi,all componants of satillites,radio telescopes,observatories and all similar sensors and machinery in all fields and sub fields of science will be completely composed of biocompatible microbes alongside with nanomaterials to make them exponentially more accurate and cheaper.These will increase processing speeds and also enhance their abilities and give them new abilities using scratch DNA and those from all species of plants and animals.By 2029 onwards roughly 95-100% of all machinery and equipment in all labs in universities,hospitals and forensics labs etc will be composed of nothing but biocompatible microbes and Biosynth technology cutting their costs to zero and also making them exponentially faster and accurate.Alongside nanonmaterials all sensors of all types will become more compact thus alongside the immense levels of RAM and nanoprocessors per squre inch will make the lab equipment exponentially more compact,exponentially faster and also exponentially cheaper driving their costs to zero and be able to utilise biosynth WiFi,bluetooth and cellular access.All of these lab equipment and machinery can be through Biosynth technology and nanomaterials be small enough as laptops,smart devices or dongles and attachments that can attach to smartphones and laptops or even be built into smartphones and laptops allowing them to be brought to the scene of crimes and also where scientific research is being carried out,be part of home test kits and make them more space efficient in laboratories.This is because them having exponentially more computing power than all of the world’s supercomputers combined on a single square inch will replace large areas of nanoprocessors and circuits with them able to carry out multiple tasks at once can allow multiple sensors to be present on a single square inch.Biosynth WiFi will allow for instant relay of results and allow for upgrades that can change the type of sensors at any time on demand and enhance features negating the need for new devices eliminating planned obsolescence and allow for them to have new different sensors and lab equipment present and replace all expensive rare elements and in fact all elements thus cutting the costs of the most expensive lab equipment to zero.It will also form the basis of biosynth implants formed in vivo.All aforementioned lab machinery could be either separate ones the size of laptops,smartphones or dongles or they can be all in one machines the size of smartphones,laptops and dongles.More advanced machines will take the place of older ones by AI,remaining staff and also automation with all processes of these two machines being fully automated and controlled by the Hospital AI.All future lab equipment for use in hospitals and universities around the world to carry out tests on blood,urine,feces samples and pathogens and even food,liquid and gas samples such as gas chromatography,spectroscopy will be composed of nothing but biosynth technology and nanomaterials to make them faster,more accurate and cheaper.All parts of spectrometers,Sysmex machinery could be composed of both microbes and nanomaterials making them each significantly compact enough to fit inside a single all in one device or multiple small suitcase or laptop sized(if not smaller) devices that can be lifted around by one person with ease.

For animals such as pets and livestock the urine,feces and blood samples can be collected by farmers and sent in test tubes that belong to them with each ones microchip having the same patient ID for each of their animals and then place them on a conveyor belt where the booth would be in veterinarian clinics and the samples taken and uploaded into the patients file with blood samples and urine samples etc that need to be put on plates put their using swabs or separate phlebotomy robots and the tubes returned within minutes.Ideally all farms whether communal or private as well as zoos etc would have miniature automated labs operated by the farm or home AI that can collect urine,faeces and blood samples from phlebotomy robots and then have them analysed and uploaded to their files with these managed by the Farm or Home AI and would interact constantly with both Epione and Paean.Zoos would have these to take tests operated by staff.These labs in automated community farms would be connected to phlebotomy robots on rails in the livestock pens ceilings with them coated internally with liquid glass.They as later explained would interact with the biosynth RFID chips that hold their patient ID for each animal when they are taking samples from an animal.Some farms may just have those that maintain it take blood samples with syringes with the onsite machines detecting the animals identity via the DNA from leukocytes.In time biosynths will do this.Zoos will have these miniaturised labs onsite modelled on this and dangerous animals in zoos may need sedatives fed with homeowners ordering in test tubes from Euclid and reusable syringes from Telesphorus factories and mailing them or delivering in person to veterinary clinics in hospitals to be then added to conveyor belts with leukocytes used to determine the animal patients ID.Biosynths modelled on haematophage insects can collect samples from dangerous animals.These would analyse blood for all pathogens and the same components as in humans and uploaded results to the patients files.Faeces and urine can be collected by piqapoo bags coated internally and externally in liquid glass placed and removed first by hand and then by automated machinery.Any work done by humans would be done by members of the community following instructions from Paean and in time automation and biosynths.Special similar machines to automated GEA milking machines can collect urine samples to the labs when they latch onto the penis or cervix/anus and using hormones or chemical signals injected into the animals or initiated by microbes and implants to force the animal to urinate especially when they have drunk large amounts of water or it is force fed into them or even injected into them with milk samples also analysed by automated GEA milking machines sending samples to the labs for analysis.To collect feces devices modelled on apparatuses to inseminate females attached to rails can insert themselves into the anus and collect samples of the faeces and deposit it into where it can be analysed with these then cleaned in a special area using virkon and bleach mixed together with water and in time variations of these can utilise suction technology where the faeces is sucked into an internal tubing with water.Otherwise piqapoo bags composed of seacell and graphene collected and applied by robots on rails will collect urine and feces.This will alleviate work on farms and veterinarian clinics with numerous animals tightly packed with in time bio-synths and robots modelled on humans aiding in this with livestock on home farms also having these chips and also neck tags with chips for smaller livestock.Thus all farms either home and community ones that rear remaining livestock and also research stations,conservation areas and zoos will house miniature automated labs that are miniature versions of those in universities and hospitals that use test tubes infused with Graphene,covered in liquid glass and have biosynth microchips to make them reusable.The results from all test tubes etc will be sent to the animals patient file with the biosynth microchips housing the animals patient ID with the animals DNA in leukocytes also used to determine the identity of the animal.This will also allow labs and clinics particular private ones that collect and analyse blood,urine samples from pets and livestock to be converted into homes with those in veterinary hospitals turned into other rooms.Any old machinery in university,farm and hospital laboratories will be replaced by newer models ordered in from Talos designed by AI and engineers and would be replaced by staff and in time robots controlled by the hospital AI.All results for livestock etc will be instantly uploaded to the patients file in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq and the patient who will alerted as the results come in real time and alerts from Paean allowing for the pathogen,pollutant results of each test to be given to them as it is relayed allowing Paean to instantly give them treatment.The animals leukocytes will be analysed for DNA that can confirm their identity.All machinery will be coated internally in a permanent layer liquid glass to prevent the need for cleaning and them affecting results with the exception of those that utilise UV radiation with them cleaned by robots.Implants in the body would utilise the same technology.To deal with pets like cats and dogs etc owners could take blood samples from them using a syringe and send a test tube containing their blood and also samples of urine and feces in piqapoo bags to hospitals in person or in drones to be placed on a conveyor belt by botlr robots etc in veterinary clinics onsite of hospitals with if possible home test kits also used.

Telesphorus factories will be part of all local manufacturing hubs and where will be one will be able to order in home test kits,custom made rubber gloves,antivenom and counterproteins in bulk,epinephrine,insulin,insulin,tampons,face masks,condoms,sterilising and baby wipes,sterilisng and cleaning products,any compound of medicinal value in any quantity in bulk.Even existing over the counter medicines such as Clearasil,Gaviscon,Lemsip and prescription medicines will be ordered in from here to carry out actions that microbes cant or compliment them once their recipes are uploaded to Telesphorus with only what is need will be made and ordered in with them created using all compact in one machinery ordered in from the Telesphorus sub network of Hepahestus.This will render all existing suppliers of these include all online and physical retail stores obsolete.Hospitals will order in all medical equipment in bulk from Telesphorus factories with machinery etc ordered in from Talos factories and robots and biosynths from Talus factories with the public ordering in home test kits,antivenom from here.Hospitals,universities,research centres and also building by wilderness areas will create their own supply of certain important material such as antivenom,insulin,epinephrine,adrenaline,antibiotics,medicine etc onsite in micro factories to alleviate strains on Telesphorus factories and ensure there is a constant supply on hand 24/7,365 days a year.Antivenom and counterproteins for poisonous plants and animals can be ordered in bulk and stored at home.Patient specific adrenaline,epinephrine and insulin etc can be ordered in bulk created by bacteria with the patients DNA with them ordered in epi-pen,vial or other forms.Since having a patients DNA insulin etc created by bacteria will be by law free.Pest repellant sprays etc created by bacteria will be ordered in from here as well as Anopheles repellent armbands and those to repel other insects and also magnetised ones to repel Selachimorpha and also Alligatoridae including electronic ones.Antiseptic creams like those to treat rashes and zits will have them created by bacteria using anabolic and catabolic reactions and also recombinant DNA with them being human/plant/animal cell hybrids that are immune to anti-bacterial compounds.Eye,ear and nose drops and sprays can also be ordered in from here.Active ingredients and binders etc will be created by bacteria through recombinant DNA from plants and animals or have synthetic compounds created by hydrocarbons produced by them and then modified using miniaturised machinery or ideally them carrying out anabolic and catabolic reactions to bypass esterfication.These will be packaged in cardboard and plastic and not tinfoil and glass with their size determined by the patient,Paean etc.Prescription glasses and lenses will be made and ordered in from here.Neti pots,CAM walkers,walking aides etc will be designed and ordered in from here.Surgical and protection gloves worn by healthcare staff will be created onsite of Telesphorus factories ordered in batches with ones saved scanned in hand used a baseline for all them negating the issues of having different sizes produced.Otherwise one can choose from the different sizes such as small,medium,large etc.Ideally guayule latex created by bacteria will be used as it is non hypoallergenic.Condoms will be ordered in bulk by patients with them customised to ones exact penis size and will again be composed of guayule latex.Tampons will be composed of fabrics created by bacteria with patients able to choose any fabric from all 391,000 species of plants including silk etc and plastic part of them and in packaging being biosynth plastic with one ordering in a year or twos supply in bulk.Contraceptive pills for females can be ordered in bulk or have microbes produce natural and synthetic hormones and compounds including those present in the pills on demand via recombinant DNA and anabolic and catabolic.They and tampons will be replaced by Paean upon request with patients authorisation and consent adding and removing genes that control fertility.This could have the patient stop producing eggs stopping the menstruation cycle or produce sterile eggs with this applied to males having the testes stop producing spermatozoa negating the need for condoms.Both of these CRISPR treatments that make one sterile can be reversed by reversing the CRISPR treatments applied by the patient authorising it with Paean.Thus patients will be able without state interference and only with authorisation from Paean be able to have complete control of their fertility that can be turned on/off by using CRISPR treatments applied to the ovaries and testes that stops them producing eggs and spermatozoa with the process reversible once proven to be safe innanimal,biosynth and human trials with it done by adding or removing genes from scratch that in females will also stop the menstruation cycle preventing periods occurring each month thus negating the need for tampons and also eliminating mood swings associated with it.First aid kits will be ordered in whole from these factories or have just specific components ordered in from Telesphorus factories can be ordered in with Life Vac apparatuses used to removed material lodged in the trachea can be 3D printed at home with gauzes etc created by bacteria and if possible metal scissors etc replaced by plastic varients.Thus is someone loses a piece of first aid kits they can order them in in pieces with home test kits ordered in from here.All components of medicines active ingredients,gauzes etc will be created by bacteria using recombinant DNA and also anabolic and catabolic reactions with plastic componants composed of methane based plastic created by bacteria.Those that need prescriptions will need authorisation from Paean to order them via Hephaestus and he will ensure thy have active ingredients suited to each patient or modified to ones body.All home test kits will be ordered in by patients.DEXA/MRI/Xray/surgery machines and electronic beds,ventilators etc will be ordered in from local Talos factories with biosynth technology and nanomaterials pushing their cost to zero and them being faster and more efficient,accurate and compact.Lab equipment such as PCR and sysmex machines,agar of all types,limulus amebocyte lysate and biohazard suits will be ordered in from Euclid alongside glassware such as flasks,beakers and petri plates.Both patients and the AIs that manage hospitals will be able to order in any medicine,supplies,machinery,home test kits etc from local Telesphorus,Euclid and Talos factories during an outbreak,pandemic or even outside of these that will take at most a few days.Hospital AIs will bulk buy all commodities to stock up on them constantly with some manufactured in hospitals to alleviate strains.The hospital AIs will order in machinery etc from Arichmedes and other commodities from other factories.Patients and hospital AIs can order in any commodity from Telesphorus factories at any time with those for patients authorised by Paean to prevent waste and unnecessary purchases and prevent patients access to prescription commodities they are not authorised to have with Paean ensuring they can only order what they need.All medicines and machines will be ideally due to their delicate nature be designed by Telesphorus,Euclid and Talos,Epione,Paean,Phanes,Urania,Branchus and Gaia and stored in the Telesphorus,Euclid and Talos network of Hephaestus and since the AI can hold patents who have no monterary need at all these would by default be by law free to everyone.AI managing factories,owning patents etc will make all products created here by law free.Having all localised manufacturing hubs in each country,state,region etc house Talos and Telesphorus factories will localise the production and manufacture of all equipment needed by hospitals and patients allowing the to quickly stock up on supplies of them and order in much needed machinery etc within days especially during outbreaks etc

Biosynth technology and nanomaterials of all 94 elements such as atom thick allotrpes and schwarzites including graphene will play a role in all new machinery,robots,lab equipment and will make them faster,cheaper and compact.All types of machinery and lab equipment in universities for all fields of science such as all fields of physics,chemistry,biology and agriculutral science and all machinery necessary for medicine and the functionality of hospitals present in hospitals such as MRI machines,ventilators etc inclusing the most expensive ones will utilise both biosynth technology and also nanomaterials of all 94 elements to improve speeds,accuracy and make them exponentionally cheaper,faster and more compact.Thus all hospitals worldwide will have the same universal gold standard in terms of machinery such as MRI,X-ray machinery etc and lab equipment with them using biosynth WiFi to receive updates and old outdated machinery replaced by newer more advanced ones overtime by hospital AIs either individually or globally over the course of a few months with the AIs interacting with each other to plan replacements to prevent disruption of services.They will be ordered in from local Talos factories making them availible within a few days especially in emergencies.These will house nanoprocessors and DNA digital storage from tissues formed from microbes with one square inch of microbes capable of holding 75,000 – 1,500,000 YB of storage space and RAM and even 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors with them also housing schwarzires of graphene,grpahene itself and allotropes and schwarzites of similar structure of other elements on the periodic table and also those similar to Boron nitride and Indium selenide.Due to the delicate nature AI such as Talos will design all future machinery with them having patents on them thus allowing them to be free for everyone.

All dentistry clinics should be transferred to the grounds of nearby hospitals as part of extensions on the roof or side or even underground to allow existing ones to be used as homes,have them on the same grounds as hospitals and also managed by the hospital AI.Ideally dentist clinics will be moved into the grounds of all regular hospitals as extensions to allow for them to be managed by the same AI of the hospital as well allowing existing dentist clinics to be used as homes to give patients local access to these.Thus all dentistries will be on the grounds of hospitals.So far most work in a dentists workplace has been made much easier and repetitive tasks obsolete thanks to both automation and 3D printing.For example 3D scanning and then printing of dental models and indeed of a patients own teeth to make analysis of a patients own dental structure and thus any problems present can now be quantified.Scanning can be done with miniature pen like scanners at home also fitted with cameras allowing the dentist to view and scan mouth and teeth and then print out a model allowing them to determine the severity and location of toothaches and decide if the patient needs braces or even an in person check up.Laser milling can be done to have individual teeth be produced and analysed by the dentist.Due to 3D printing,milling using lasers and drills can work with a large amount of materials such as ceramics,metals and plastics custom made teeth prosthetic such as braces,dentures and replacement teeth rather inexpensively.Scans and camera feeds will in time be analysed by Paean.Automation exists in the means of cleaning tools but further advances will or redesigning them will soon eliminate most if not all work through robotics and AI with a permanent layer of liquid glass sprayed on them internally and externally removing the need to sterilize them over and over again(as it permanently sterilizes them preventing infections linked to dirty tools) as well as repelling dirt removing the need to clean them with the possibility of only water having to be used.Robots controlled by Paean can be advanced enough to replace human dentists by 2029 with any remaining minimal work done by humans with biosynths replacing humans by 2045.Furthermore the same remote robots that allow doctors to remotely monitor hospital wards can allow dentists to monitor multiple clinics across the world.They could also use these technologies to operate machinery in self driving mobile dentist clinics that can drive to any town or city in the continent it is based in or in other clinics around the world.Cameras on pens with lights that can be used at home by being inserted into the mouth and rotated around to scan it and the teeth can be used by the patient with live feeds,3D scans and photos viewed remotely and uploaded to their file and analysed by the dentist and eventually Paean for teeth and oral problems such as oropharyngeal and throat cancers.Within the 10-15 years machines that can autonomously carry out surgery will be be modified to carry out all work done by both dentists and orthodontists with dentists,orthodontists replaced by Paean within the decade.Thus Paean will also replace dentists etc with him controlling both robots and biosynths in hospitals around the world with as stated all dentistries integrated into each hospital around the world to give local access in side,roof and underground extensions.

If possible genetic engineering will allow one to naturally regrow teeth possibly using DNA from A.mexicanum etc and from scratch thus when ones tooth is removed by surgery robots and also when one is injured and they are knocked out.DNA from different species of polyphyodonts will be used including Crocodilla as well as Selachimorpha,Macropodidae,Trichechidae,Rodentia particularly Arvicolinae,Castor,Cavia and possibly Elephantidae can be investigated.This would possibly eliminate dentists entirely as one would be able to regrow tooths when needed with them only having to use surgery robots used for other purposes to have the tooth removed managed by the hospital AI.Those without teeth etc could have CRISPR treatments to regrow them using this and other DNA from humans.

All vetenairy clinics and hospitals worldwide will be converted into private and communal homes once they are integrated into all hospitals around the world by having underground extensions that are led to via separate entrance on the outside via obsolete buildings having stairwells and elevators thus preventing animals contaminating the main building that houses labs,MRI,Xray wards and clinics devoted to them with these having sizeable areas to house areas devoted for pets with these managed by the same AI.Obsolete buildings on the grounds of hospitals that are some distance from the main building can have roof and underground extensions to house veterinary clinics with as stated underground extensions or even a side extension to the hospital with its own entrance separate from the main building to prevent animals contaminating human hospitals can house sizeable vetenairy clinics for the locale that with if this applied by all human hospitals worldwide will mean all cities,towns,villages etc will have access to these services and allow all vetenairy clinics and hospitals both large and small to be turned into private and communal homes via roof extensions.Large veterinary clinics will be dispersed into multiple hospitals in the region,state and city they serve evenly allowing all people in the region access to them in their local area rendering the need to transport animals large distances and ensuring that each locale that has a hospital will have access to veterinary services as well.It will also ensure that each area has a sizeable but small space for them with this allowing the vetenairy clinics to be managed by the same AI as the hospitals,require no extra statues and allow vetenairy clinics and hospitals to be turned into communal homes.These will have examination rooms and all features of human hospitals and clinics.They will be served by human vets and in time biosynths with Paean able to analyse pets using live-streams from cameras on smartphones etc with home test kits consisting of those similar to human ones that involve taking a blood sample using syringes that are then injected into them and in time biosynth implants.Species specific microbes of all strains ie immunising,anti-bacteria and anti-viral,anti-cancer,ageing and augmentation strains etc with them availing of the same augmentions and ageing treatments as humans.

Cleaning of hospitals,clinics,mobile MRI/XRay/Mammography/Dental units and toilets therein can be replicated with the same processes at public buildings like public amenities with robot cleaners,robot trashbins that move from ward to ward at the behest of touchscreens,self cleaning toilets.A permanent layer of liquid glass sprayed internally and externally on all surfaces,floors,walls,ceilings,furniture,cutlery,surgical equipment,machinery, exoskeletons,implants,lab equipment,robots(especially helper and surgical ones) hallways,clinics,wards and all other rooms will prevent the use of cleaning products,build up of dirt and growth and spread of micro-organisms in particular MRSA(with this also replicated at home,in public buildings,labs etc) once they are treated with both bleach,virkon and Polybia-MP1 containing cleaners and UV light treatment thus reducing chances of potentially fatal infections occurring due to its permanent sterilizing anti-microbial properties an removing labour in robots cleaning them.All surfaces,ceilings and walls will be treated with this permanent layer of liquid glass as well for the same reason and also to allow hooverbots pick up stains easier as stains cant stick to the floor negating the need for applying water via janitor bots which can cause accidents which can also go under beds and tables with ease though this will not mean staff,patients and visitors will not have to clean their hands regularly with anti-microbial soap with soap dispensers refiled by robots or mixed in with water in all sinks in bathrooms and wards.Ideally all hospitals will have microfactories in the basement that produce anti-microbial soap in them that have piping that connect them to all soap dispensers in the building that intake in more soap when empty or directly from it.This soap could have compounds such as Polybia-MP1,TsAP-1 and those from Russian Brown Frogs,alcohol,lactic acid,phytopplankton etc in them that would be also grown onsite in bassements linked to all sinks and toilets with them coming out of the water in toilets and in sinks or in the case of sinks connected to constantly refilled soap dispensers.Having these all in the soap mixed together will make it difficult for bacteria to adapt to them.These will have them created by bacteria and human hybrid cells that will be unaffected by them with sugar and proteins created by other bacteria in the basement and will be directly connected to the pipes that the water is intake into the taps in sinks etc and even showers meaning when one uses the tap the soap will be mixed in with it automatically with shampoo etc also mixed in with shower water and their manufacture being automated.Toilets will also be linked to this and will have UV lights on their underside to sterilise the water and bowl.This can also be complimented by UV machines similar to automated hand dryers that activate and cover the entire hands in narrow range wavelength UV light on both sides to not negate the need for soap but also compliment soap by killing off any remaining resistant pathogens such as MRSA while not damaging the skin allowing it to be done when patients are present.Extra ones can be present that allow ones face to be baked in this to kill of any pathogens on their face with others for arms etc with even the entrance to the main hallway to each line of wards or major wards especially those that contain high risk patients that could be easily effected by infection etc have airlock systems for visitors,patients and staff to stand in and have all of their clothing,body etc bake in this sterilising light with these bypassed by patients coming in on emergencies on stretchers with the hospital AI,robots,staff and Paean ensuring this is bypassed either through the area with these airlocks being a series of automated pneumatic doors that contain the lights on the ceiling,floor and on the doors on both internal sides.These can be in showers as well to sterilise the patient.These marrow UV wavelength machines that bake ones hands,face etc can be onsite of all public toilets including those in hospitals,amenities,universities,private homes and communal homes etc to compliment soap and suffice when soap has run out.Robots like Asimo can clean tables and chairs and other surfaces in wards using small UV lights attached to their hands or face that bake the surface with UV to kill any remaining MRSA,Ebolavirus and other microbes with janitor robots also fitted with this and would do this routinely during the day.Narrow range wavelength UV light rooms can be set up that using locked doors can allow patients,staff and visitors bake themselves with their clothes on and off to sterilise them in each ward by the entrance or in rooms next to and in between each major ward to prevent the spread of pathogens especially when immunocomprimised individuals and those suffering from airborne or contact borne disease.These would use KIVA systems to move around and would be charged by wirelesss charging induction plates and self charging technologies to negate the need for wires to be plug.Alternatively lights on the ceiling that bake the room at set periods each night with this being of note to toilets and labs done at set times in the case of the former and times decided by staff for the former when vulnerable microbial samples for research and diagnosis are inside machinery or in storage away from damage.These sterilising sweeps could be programmed to occur in wards,surgery rooms,hallways,waiting rooms and labs and indeed all rooms at once at very late times when no visitors are present and when the patients are asleep or not present(ie in cafeterias,lobbies,amenities or have left) with their curtains closed and last from an hour or two per room managed by the hospital AI using cameras to see what rooms are empty.Narrow range wavelength UV light can be used as it kills microbes but does not damage human skin allowing these to be done in wards and rooms with patients,staff and visitors with ideally the wards and all rooms having these narrow range UV lights in the ceiling to bake the room in this light that would kill microbes and not damage human skin allowing it to be done at night time without the robots having accidents and can be done simultaneously around the entire building at once including toilets,storerooms etc and kill all bacteria on surfaces and airborne ones preventing pathogens to move from one room to another especially during an outbreak or if a patient has a particularly fatal and easily transmissible pathogen with the same containment features in universities present in hospitals.Ideally ceiling lights should be utilised to allow all rooms to be sterilised at once to prevent airborne and surface transmissible ones on floors and all surfaces from spreading to be killed at once with all staff and patients having their skin and clothing exposed to this.These lights will also be in toilets.These Delong lights will sterilise all surfaces as well as the air itself killing airborne pathogens.It will also allow any robots,machines,utensils and equipment to be sterilised with any compartments and cubpoards sorting theses to have miniature versions inside which will be activated at the same.Labs during these would have all biological samples such as blood,agar plates containing microbes and other materials automatically placed in cupboards.If any pathogens gain a resistance to UV light either by evolution or horizontal gene transfer from other organisms then the areas can be treated with airborne or biofilms of biocompatible microbes that remove this resistance or they can be exposed to intense radiation of at least 500Gy for at least an hour as augmentations from microbes using DNA from T.gammatolerans,D.radiourans will give the entire human populace the ability to survive up to 30,000Gy.Having the ceiling house these lights will allow them to be done at multiple times a day and this should be done at least three times a day in the morning,midday and nighttime with extra sweeps in between these three when there are outbreaks of superbugs and viruses similar to SARS,Ebolavirus,MRSA etc.This will kill all airborne pathogens and also those on surfaces such as MRSA,Rhinovirus etc and since they will be used in rooms with patients and staff etc can sterilise both clothing and skin on all parts of the body.Toilets will have these on the roof,including over cubicles and under the bowl to kill off any pathogens.Ideally all rooms will be sterilised at once to wipe out all pathogens whether airborne or otherwise.Treating the same surfaces at home with liquids glass will also reduce the rate of transmission with these sweeps of UV light killing off any remaining spores of MRSA,Ebolavirus and other pathogens and could theoretically prevent outbreaks in hospitals especially if public transport,private transport,all public buildings as well as private homes and communal homes utilise these sweeps and coating of liquid glass on all surfaces as well.This will also apply to prosthetic,exoskeletons,wheelchairs and implants and any equipment that could be a vector for transmitting disease and pathogenic bacteria undergoing sweeps in there storage room.These sweeps from ceiling lights and robots can also be used when a patient with an airborne and easily transmissible virus is in the hospital with it repeated several times a day in all rooms to kill any particles that may move around with even ventilation systems also covered in liquid glass and exposed to UV light to kill off any airborne pathogens using specialised robots etc though they would be done three times a day anyways with extra sweeps during outbreaks or infected patients present with this process done in all public buildings,buses,trains,aeroplanes and even homes and vehicles both private and public prevent the spread of flu viruses,MRSA and other pathogens that are airborne and reside on surfaces.These lights can be in between those used for lighting and turned on during sweeps or be integrated into those for lighting and then switched onto narrow range wavelength UV light when sweeps are done or all the time.These narrow range UV lights ceiling lights will be in bus stations,buses,taxi ranks,taxis,trains,train stations and subways,aeroplanes,all public buildings including toilets and portable toilets,sewage and water treatment plants,farms of all types,factories,universities,communal and private homes,private vehicles etc to carry out sterilising sweeps at set times that kills all pathogens whether viral,bacterial or fungal with liquid glass on leather and other fabrics etc protecting them from the UV light.Taxis and aeroplanes can have them on the side and bottom at the sides determined by AI to reach all surfaces.This will be done to sterilise them during and outside of outbreaks and pandemics even airborne and surface based pathogens as part of normal cleaning times.They can be next to lights or built into the main lights in homes etc that emit this at all times in place of normal UV lights as seen in CFL lights or an option that emits them sometimes on demand and can be built into curing machines for clothes at home and hospitals and even smart devices.Personal protective equipment in hospitals alongside bedsheets etc can be treated to this once cleaned to be used over and over again.Clothing at home covered in liquid glass that negates the need for cleaning them can be exposed to this in curing machines at home.Universities and hospitals can expose equipment to this and virkon to sterilise them.Cave paintings under the threat of fungi and bacteria can be exposed to this if shown to not affect the paint and them then covered in liquid glass.Hand dryers in public toilets,portable toilets and even at home can be fitted with this that allows one to bake their hand and even face in it it to compliment soap to kill pathogens etc.Smart devices can have these that can be turned on and off.In all cases narrow range UV light will be used as it kills micro-organisms and does not damage human skin thus preventing sunburn and thus cancer and damage to the skin that may be fatal or permanent.When humans are made resistant radiation by gene therapy using DNA from T.gammatolerans etc then all rooms including patient wards could be baked in radiation from devices as well as this at at least 500-2,000Gy to kill off all pathogens in the patients system as well as on clothing,air and surfaces etc.Even rooms used to grow food and commodities as well as storerooms,cafeterias and microfactories will be sterilised this way with any bacteria for commodities covered up with the same applying to aeroponic labs with the bacteria that create commodities and crops also having recombinant DNA from T.gammatolerans and D.radiodurans to make them survive these sweeps.Public buildings,universities,space stations,interstellar vehicles,factories,sewage and water treatment plants,farms of all types and also private and communal homes can have these sterilising sweeps to deal with outbreaks,sterilise surfaces and meet the needs for mysophobes.Applying liquid glass will also mean that all equipment,utensils and cutlery etc can be cleaned easily via gravity and be reused over and over again indefinitely with them autoclaved at temperatures above 122 degrees celcius and baked in narrow range wavelength UV light all of which should be automated within the next five years.Having graphene in their matrix will make them withstand temperatures of 4,726.85 degrees celcius and also shatterproof but liquid glass will have to reapplied for experiments that go higher than its melting point 1,600 degrees celsius.All robot cleaners will dock at rooms where cleaning fluid such as virkon and bleach will be created automatically in bulk inside miniature vats.Asimo robots will be collecting any plates or other material into Tug robots with laundry from unused beds cleaned by other robots and then sent to laundromats by Robocourier bots and those that are currently developed to pack automated washing machines modified to place themselves.Having all textiles such as pillows,beds sheets treating with a permanent infused deodarizer and scented oil will alongside treating them with a permanent layer of liquid glass on both interior and exterior after this may negate the need for cleaning at all.This will also apply to gloves,masks and clothing worn by both staff and patients internally and externally to make them last indefinitely and prevent the spread of disease.It will also allow them to be dipped in virkon,MP-1 and bleach solution to kill microbes and yet prevent it from sticking to them or soaking them and/or them baked on both sides with narrow range wavelength UV light when stretched out using curing machines.Cleaning times for each hospital will be programmed and logged into the hospital AI by the local health boards and visible to the public via the intranet.Commodes will also be sprayed internally and externally with liquid glass to prevent feces sticking to them with robots like Robobear or variants picking them up on demand and emptying them into toilets.Cleaning robots including janitor and janitor robots will be stored in compartments that charge them wirelessly or in the case of janitor robots refill them with both water and virkon/bleach/Polybia-MP1.In time these robots and drones will be wireless charged by self charging technologies and also induction plates in storerooms,using downloaded maps,sensors and cameras negating any human labour completely in moving them around with other robots moving furniture around with them using battery engines,sensors and cameras and streaming maps of rooms to navigate by themselves.This will be replicated in universities.All steps will be fully automated within the next 5 years.

All medical equipment including lab equipment and stuff like needles/syringes should be sprayed internally and externally with a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent blood,pathogens and viruses stick to the interior with them also injected with virkon,melittin,cyanovirin-N,Polybia-MP1 and bleach for an hour then cycles of water and gravity to clean it out completely of these disinfectants when placed on an automated rotary needle rack system that does this allowing them to be reused over and over again without spreading HIV,Hepatovirus A/B/C/D/E,MRSA and other harmful micro-organisms and prevent the need for them to be ordered in from factories ensuring their is an adequate supply at all times.Phlebotomy robots will also be treated this way.This will allow all syringes and phlebotomy robots to be reused over and over again cutting down on waste.Syringes in home test kits can be dealt with the same way both for diabetics and also for those who use recreational drugs to allow them to be used over and over again and prevent the spread of HIV via being cleaned via intaking virkon and bleach ordered in and then cleaning them out with intaking and releasing water.Those sent to homes alongside vials for upgrades etc will be replaced by ones own one that will be used over and over again to cut down on the amount of needles that exist.As detailed earlier phlebotomy robots should be dealt in the same way.Patients who need to use syringes at home can have them sprayed internally and externally with liquid glass and have virkon and bleach ordered in from Telesphorus factories to clean them and them washed out with water over and over again thus making them last forever.For petri dishes(with solid and liquid media in them),test tubes,flasks,beakers and all pyrex lab equipment also treated internally and externally with a permanent layer of liquid glass allowing them to be cleaned by gravity alone and can be used over and over again.This measure of spraying the internal and external structure of syringes with a permanent layer of liquid glass that prevents blood and pathogens sticking onto the surface and cleaning them by injecting virkon/bleach/melittin/cyanovirin-N/Polybia-MP1 for an hour and then water to clean it out alongside gravity should prevent the spread of HIV amongst drug users and in hospitals with trials first done as to its efficacy.Narrow range wavelength UV light can be used to sterlise all robots with needles etc to make them reusable can be exposed to blasts of radiation between 500-1,000Gy sterilising.

All waste types should be disposed of in bin for each type ie. plastic waste can be treated the same way as detailed earlier,with biological and organic matter waste theoretically being disposed of in onsite organic pyrolysis plants or nearby ideally for safety precautions pyrolysis plants next to hospitals made to dispose of this by itself where nanosensors and automated lab equipment can be used to test each batch if any carcinogenic or toxic substances are present which if not can be used as fertiliser and if so then methods to extract the toxins can be utilised to remove them to allow the carbon be used for fertiliser with the methods detailed earlier on such as filtering them through sheets of graphene and other nanomaterials,exposed to mechanical and chemical action alongside super blasts of super high intensity UV light then tested and if not 100%,filtered and tested again and again until it can be all removed or until to be within acceptable limits.Any bio-oil and syngas produced can be burned on site to produce energy for the hospital with filters in them or chimneys to be used to trap any toxins.Trees can also be planted on the ground to also trap any other gases that be released with these trees storing them over decades or centuries and with genetically altered bacteria to degrade these toxins(or turn them into inert compounds) in the soil or the genes responsible for these phenotypes and thus this degrading ability inserted into the trees.These trees can also be pyrolysised onsite in a separate pyrolysis machine with all steps automated from start to finish to sequester carbon with the biochar tested for toxins in the same aforementioned methods and the same filtering processes repeated to ensure all 100% waste is gone.The biochar can then if proven to be safe can be transported to located to community centres with a seal on the batch order sent to the community centre in seacell bags or ideally drums treated internally with liquid glass in a rotary system as detailed earlier on with microchips.AI showing the test results of their levels of all toxins.This and other methods to break down the toxins can be used.Biological waste such as blood or anything with microbes such as agar plates can be treated to irradiation and UV light alongside chemical treatments(including Polybia-MP1,virkon and bleach) to kill off all viruses and bacteria to allow them to be pyrolysised properly.Wastewater etc can be exposed to super high intensity UV lights that breaks the bonds of toxic compounds and biological waste with nanomaterial and biosynth technology filters use to clean waste water and biological hazardous waste.Ideally the they should be put in a bin for biological waste sprayed internally and externally in a permanent layer of liquid glass without the use of rubbish bags.Biological waste can be treated to blasts of radiation between 500-1,000Gy to sterilise them.Adipose tissue and fat from liposuctions can be burned in onsite heaters or sent to oil power plants.All waste will be collected by robotic rubbish trucks.All hazardous biological material will be disposed of properly with if possible them pyrolysised using special onsite pyrolysis machinery that due to the heat sterilises them and turns them into biochar that can be converted into diamonds or Graphene with all organic material such as unused animal and human organs and and dead animals.Aborted and miscarried fetuses will be cremated or pyrolysised into diamonds to deal with coping loss with any future humans and pets that do die cremated or turned into diamonds for families as part of heirlooms to negate the need to use limited land for graveyards.This can be done after traditional family wakes with after wakes rather than the body buried them sent to be cremated or turned into diamonds with all work in examining bodies,preparation for wakes and cremation and conversion into diamonds automated from start to finish between 2029-2045 via robots,biosynths,phlebotomy robots.Thus for any humans and pets that do die in the future by any chance rather than being buried they will be cremated or turned into diamonds.

Labs will collect blood and urine etc samples from patients that are either visiting them or in residence via tug and botlr robots(or from outside the hospitals) and can transfer them from one lab to another either again using these robots or via a conveyor system that directs the samples in either capsules/tubes or boxes allowing all steps of the moving of samples from lab to another to one machine to another being done entirely by robots.Internal conveyor belts can transport them one part of the hospital to another.Pneumatic tube systems can also be used alongside other robots.Blood etc samples put on automated lab systems will have blood etc put through automated machines tested in automated system,PCR machines etc and results fed into patient files.All results from automated labs will be instantly added to into ones patient file with test tubes etc containing biosynth microchips that can change the patients ID when needed similar to those in booths.Booths as detailed earlier on will measure blood,urine,feces etc for cancer biomarkers,pathogens including STDs,components,pollutants like heavy metals all at once and deposit these on automated conveyor belt systems with results sent to ones patient file via microchips in them that contain the ID sent wirelessly by inputting it and also Paean with it blanked and changed once results are sent.If need be repeats are made to be 100% correct.Most of the work will be automated allowing for staff to carry out multiple large scale studies using data from samples from many if not all hospitals,psychiatric clinics/wards,dentistry and clinics around the globe using the global hospital intranet,monitor these labs as well as give counselling and emotional support to patients especially pregnant women and those with serious conditions.Each sample used in scientific studies will obviously be labelled with the patients ID code and a separate code denoting hospital of origin on barcodes results fed directly into each of the corresponding patient files and also networks containing a compendium of all collected data for specific scientific studies(a researcher could use data collected from each sample for use in multiple studies at once and select which set of results would be used in each or multiple studies they are performing based on chosen factors).The detection of pathogenic bacteria and viruses like Ebolavirus,Escherichia coli or MRSA can be done via dongles attached to smart devices or through conventional methods such as preparation of nutrient agar,smearing of swabs and samples on agar plates,autoclave,colony counting of microbes which can be fully automated or nanosensors attached to automated lab machines can detect the unique signature of specific microbes and viruses in blood samples.Rather than printing out barcodes and also having to write out numbers on physical paper which can be be time consuming and labour intensive resealable test tubes,petri plates,plots,pens and pots etc used in biological lab experiments can be fitted with biosynth microchips which arrange the number/patient ID code of these in randomised or linear fashion automatically with either two selected by the researcher on their thus allowing the network to apply the correct set treatments applied by the the automated machinery and recorded by networks with the numbers changed on each chip automatically when the next experiment needs to be carried out.All labs as parts of hospitals will be automated from start to finish managed by hospital AIs,Paean,Epione.All media and componants of lab material to grow bacteria will be grown onsite or ordered in from Talos factories.This can involve Gelidium amansii grown onsite for the polysaccharide agarose and agaropectin,from the large amount of algin and also bacteria that produce peptones,saccharides etc of desired content.Bacteria can thus created desired nutrients ie proteins,polysaccharides etc that can be mixed in desired amounts with haematopoietic stem cells etc from humans and other animals produced by bacteria or stem cells onsite and the type and content of each agar decided and mixed by AI with this fully automated from start to finish in creation,mixing and also autoclaving and transportation.

Research on how drugs in the body interact with other drugs in the body.Such robots already exist and are carrying tests on interactions between all known drugs and in time Epione and Paean will bypass and allow this to be done through simulations replacing them entirely and through patient files test their effects on all populations.This could allow him and Epione to test the interactions of all pharmaceutical compounds and their synergistic reactions with each other and non pharmocological compounds such as alcohol and compounds in food and drinks etc as well as test the effect of potentially toxic new materials on general and specific populations and their synergistic reaction within hours by links to Physis and patient files.They will also do this for all compounds both natural and synthetic and their effect on the human body especially with regards to those used in customised manufacture goods.These compounds both singularly and synergistically can be tested on human tissues and cells of all types and also as stated mice with human recombinant DNA with all results uploaded to Apollo to be cross referenced by relevant AI when needed.In time by 2045 Epione,Branchus,Urania,Paean will be sufficiently powerful enough to allow simulations to determine the interactions between pharmocological compounds both natural and synthetic with each other and between human cells and tissues of all types in different doses to be known instantly within a matter of minutes without actual lab experiments.

Pathogens on solid agar plates and infected blood samples etc can have them inoculated with the anti-viral or anti-microbial compounds in liquid form or nanoparticles with infected animals given it in feed,injections via phlebotomy robots or in liquid form.Ideally all existing viruses and bacterial pathogens including HIV and MRSA etc can be tested with all natural compounds present in all animals and plants and other micro-organisms from around not shown to have viricidal and anti-microbial properties tested with samples of the blood taken by machines to test for the presence of any remaining pathogens using PCR to detect its effectiveness allowing for the genes that synthesise these compounds to be mapped and then added to anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains of microbes before they are created or as upgrades with again universities and hospitals around the world doing this at once to expedite the process.This can be done in multiple universities and hospitals around the world for each experiment to allow large amount of data to gathered by Epione and then analysed by Paean and itself with them following the same automated conveyor belt system.These will be done in fully automated labs with the compounds created in batches with animal and plant cell/bacteria hybrids with each compound from stings,venom,poison,bites,secretions,blood,sap and also organs of all plants and animals around the world isolated and the genes determined by AI as which one creates each compound then added to bacteria/cells that contain the DNA to produce the compound and also from native cells from the plant and animal that produces it via 3D DNA printing adding DNA from the parent species to benign bacteria cells to be grown on commercial scale at zero cost without damaging the hybrids that have the animals and bacteria DNA with each one from each animal in automated labs tested on all of the worlds known viral,fungal and bacterial pathogens and parasites in each university and hospitals with this done around the world in automated microbiology labs on solid media plates to test their abilities to fight them off with these then used for upgrades and results added to Apollo.The bacteria and parasites analysed will be created by 3D DNA printers with this including viral,bacterial and fungal pathogens and parasites of humans,livestock,ornamental plants,crops,pets and wild animals and can include benign bacteria,fungi and viruses as well to be added to anti-bacteria,anti-viral and anti-fungal strains..The compounds present in stings,bites,secretions,sap,venom,poison,blood etc will be isolated and the genome scanned for the genotypes that express it,added to their Physis file and then added to bacteria/human/animal/plant cell hybrids to be made on an unlimited scale onsite of hospitals and universities to be tested non all known pathogens both viral and bacterial as well as fungal and parasites both on Earth and other colonies in automated or manual labs around the world organised by AI.They may even be created by bacteria hybridised with the native plant and animals cells to prevent them being affected and allow the venoms to be created on an unlimited scale.Other bacteria will create venom from non native species,those difficult to catch ie venomous sea fauna then the known venoms structure added to Physis will be analysed by AI to allow it be created via anabolic and catabolic reactions or Physis scanned for said species genome to add to bacteria.Thus by first having the DNA of all plants and animals added to Physis AI can determine which are responsible for creating venoms and compounds in venom,bites,stings,sap,tears,urine,blood etc that can then be added to bacteria hybridised with the animal or plants own cells to produce it on a commercial scale onsite of labs as part of universities and hospitals etc as the DNA from the plant or animal will express phospholipids that can’t be affected by the compound with other compounds created via anabolic and catabolic reactions once its structure is added to the species Physis file.This will allow it be applied to all species of pathogenic fungi,bacteria and viruses as well as both pests and parasites even benign micro-organisms and parasites on Earth and other colonies that affect humans,livestock,pets and wildlife printed out from 3D DNA printers from Physis to test its ability to inhibit it or kill it in automated labs.They can even be tested as potential insectides that affect all or specific pests and whether it can be applied as a direct spray or can stay on plants leaves,be made to be produced by plants in the sap,leaves or roots via CRISPR and adding to all seeds,can be safely injected/injected as a liquid or tablet into humans,livestock or pets or apllied as a spray or shampoo and of course applied via microbes present in humans,pets,livestock and the pest.Also as well they can be investigated as a herbicides against specific or all weeds applied as a spray that enters the roots,leaves and either kills that part specifically or is translocated to all parts of the plant applied via microbes,added to the genome of pests of the plant that transport the compound while feeding and research into herbicides that stay in the soil for months after application.Compunds present in the bites,stings etc of all plants and animals on Earth and other colonies across the universe will be tested on all pathogens and parasites native to Earth and also other colonies.These compounds will also be tested against all types of human and animal tissues created using 3D DNA printers to test their toxicity on specific tissues to allow for the compound to be purified from its source venom,sap etc and determine if it needs to be applied using bumpers with Phanes extrapolating DNA from scratch and forced evolution on bacteria to create genes added to humans to confer resistance allowing it be released in large amounts without toxicity.Biosynths with human DNA can be used.These will be used as part of upgrades for anti-bacterial and anti-viral strains for infected individuals with them ideally downloaded by wifi by microbes once base microbes detect infections.The same may be done for tumours and the same will be done for creating countercompounds that fight pathogens on other planets outside of Earth using compounds from bites and stings etc of animals on Earth and the native planet.These will also be done to find compounds that kill off bacterial,viral and fungal pathogens as well as parasites of all species of pets,livestock and also ornamental plants and crops and plants in the wild from Earth and also on other planets.The pathogens and parasites and even pests of all ornamental plants and crops for agricultural microbes for each species of crop and plant will be tested against those of each of the worlds organisms that have their genome scanned for those that express all of the compounds that are in their bites,secretions,sap,venom,poison,blood and stings with again this done in automated labs against all known pathogens of all three classes and parasites that affect all species of livestock,pets and humans in petri plates and test tubes with those that garner results that stunt the pathogens and parasites growth or kill it off will indicate that one,two or more of the compounds present does this with further tests testing each compound separately and together against the same pathogen and parasite to determine which compounds affect them and in which do so by themselves or together in which combination in automated labs to further pinpoint this allow the genotypes of the compounds to be added to the relevant networks for upgrades for anti-viral,anti-bacterial and anti-helminthic strains for the public to utilise them.In time AI be sufficiently advanced to scan the entire genome of them and determine what each gene creates via extrapolations in order to quickly determine all compounds in sap,blood etc with in time by 2045 will be able to run simulations to see that specific compounds attack and kill off the phospholipids and protein coats of viruses,bacteria and also parasites surface proteins and even internal organelles etc.The compounds determined to be effective will also be tested against human cells and tissues of every type to show if they cause irritation and toxicity with if they do then other sets of bacteria can be exposed to them in higher rates to force them to evolve resistance with the genes created to exhibit this then added to the augmentation sub network on Aesculapius to be added to patients allowing them to be released into the bloodstream in large amounts without affecting the host.If possible Phanes can scan the genome of all plants etc to determine the genes for creating compounds in bites etc and determine their structure with it at the same analysing the genome and outer structures of all pathogens and parasites in Physis etc existing databanks to extrapolate its outer phospholipids and extrapolate what compounds can destroy them and then compare them to the structure of those it extrapolated from all bites,stings to narrow down the search or create scratch DNA to create compounds that kill all of the worlds and in time universes pathogens and parasites etc but don’t affect human cells.The bites,stings,venom,poison and secretions etc of those found on other planets will be tested on parasites, and pathogens of all types that affect humans,may affect humans as well as pets,livestock,crops and ornamental plants both on Earth and these new colonies.They can also test new ones found in soils,oceans and animals with simulations made to test their effectiveness on all pathogens and toxicity to humans with automated labs performing trials on them on all known pathogens and also interactions with all known chemicals with Epione even able to do this without testing through extrapolations.The same could apply for new discovered compounds.These new organic compounds will be gained by them and universities collecting samples of bacteria and phytoplankton from soils and oceans and even secretions from animals and plants around the world and adding these to automated labs in order to test them against all pathogens in both real and even simulated experiments with if possible all genomes of all plants within Physis scanned for genotypes that create specific compounds using the AIs ability to determine this thus allowing all plants and animals and bacteria to have their genome scanned for any anti-microbial,anti-viral and medicinal compounds that are of value 24/7,365 days a year to be used on their own created by bacteria and also added to microbes DNA.Soil and water samples will be collected by automated drones controlled by Epione,Urania and Branchus and the DNA of the microbes within added to Physis to be scanned with the real microbes tested into automated labs.Thus all known pathogens and parasites of humans,pets,livestock,ornamental plants and crops will in automated labs around the world be tested against all known compounds from all species of plants,animals and soil microoganisms this can be be done via injecting secretions,venoms and other compounds into them in large batches with the proto Physis scanned for genes that can be added to bacterial and human cell hybrids to be produced on a massive scale and then injected into colonies of bacteria,viruses and fungi of all species in automated labs.In the case of both venom,poison patients can be made immune to them via genes from bacteria via forced evolution,the native plant and animals DNA and scratch DNA to allow them to be released freely or with bumpers.Theoretically this could be started as early as 2023/2024 again done in all labs across the world organised by proto Epione done by automated conveyor belt systems with all written work typed up by AI so as to allow it to be completed by at least 2029 allowing for upgrades for each pathogen to be made.AI will extrapolate the genome and internal and external surface of all pathogens and parasites and extrapolate synthetic compounds that can be used to stunt their growth or kill them and also bumpers that affect only them.

Animal trials for augmentations,new strains of microbes,synthetic and natural compounds created by microbes and surgeries will be done onsite of hospitals and universities overseen by Aegle.VR simulations will proceed them.Moths,fruit flies,caterpillars and C.elegans can be used as a much cheaper and sensitive alternative than mice with these as well as mice and chimpanzees using recombinant DNA from humans to gather more accurate results of pharmacological compounds,genetically modified foods,pathogens,vaccines,gene therapy,immunisations done by microbes and their efficacy using modified or even dead versions on their organs,nervous and immune systems for more accurate results transferable to human trials and studies to ensure that a drugs pharmacokinetics,pharmacodynamics,toxicity etc and vaccines and microbes and CRISPR techniques efficacy on clinical trials on mice and chimpanzees etc are the same as those in humans thus ensuring better accuracy with the same applied to in time bio-synths.Chimpanzees and mice etc with recombinant DNA of humans either born that way or through microbes adding human recombinant DNA into live specimens could be purposefully infected with a pathogen,engineered to produce a specific cancer or human genetic diseases including developmental disorders and ageing to test the effects of microbial treatments,immunisation and even CRISPR treatments to treat developmental,neurological disorders and genetic disorders on live patients as well as germline and advanced gene technology again to make them more accurate and transferable to human trials.This will be done to the study and animals trials to cure human patients of developmental disorders like Downs syndrome/Retts syndrome,dwarfism,genetic diseases and also neurological disorders like schizophrenia and paedophilia as well as any of these that require surgery to correct skull,facial and spinal deformities with these animals as stated have each condition bred into them using CRISPR at birth through their embryos or the spermatozoa and eggs which will then be treated with test subjects that are infants,adolescents and adults to test the viability and the amount of work to be done for each type of patient of each condition.Having human DNA in all animal subjects engineered into their embryos that have developmental,neurological disorders and genetic diseases etc will make them more applicable to human patients and trials for all strains of microbes including immunising strains,stem cell strain treatments and also gene therapy and can start as early as 2020.Both chimpanzees,mice and other apes will be made into hybrids.Patients of developmental and neurological disorders and severe genetic diseases may even have their own individual DNA inserted into chimpanzees that are engineered to mature in as little as 5-10 years with CRISPR making this easier to making human/chimpanzees or mice/human chimeras that are stable and not monstrous entities in otherwards they will be animals with traces of key human or even patient specific DNA present that would be relevant to each condition being analysed.For example they would have human tissue in organs for tests and experiments involving food such as genetically engineered crops etc,human DNA in their brain for neuroscience studies to better study the effects of environmental conditions and pollutants etc on the human brain,produce human leukocytes for tests involving efficacy of vaccines and immunisations and anti-viral/anti-bacterial etc strains and so on.This would also be done to allow to allow customised treatments to be applied to treat patient specific deformities etc.3D DNA printers will be used by proto and final AI versions of Epione,Phanes,Paean etc to print both human and the studied animals DNA in the required sequences into both spermatazoa and eggs and even embryos with this AI being sufficiently advanced by at least 2025.These animals will be given anti-ageing treatments to live forever and used in multiple clinical trials over their lifetime.If possible pig/human hybrids may be used as they mature in only six months with these being large pigs.These can also allow for animals like pigs to have recombinant DNA to produce organs like hearts,lungs and livers that have human or a specific patients DNA in them that when transplanted will require no anti-rejection drugs or if they need them will be taken until the microbes can remove the animals DNA completely and replace the missing gaps of the patient DNA in the cells in the organ with the rest of the patients DNA allowing the patient to be taken off anti-rejection drugs.This can be used to make them more transferable to human trials and organs more suitable for transplantation than creating human stem cells to be attached to already living animals.This may also apply to more accurately testing the effects of compounds and their effects on humans such as poisons and toxins either synthetic or those in plants and animals on interstellar colonies and their antidotes by again having mice that are human/mice hybrids that have the same organs and neural etc receptors as human with this eventually being used in analysis of compounds in plants,animals and unicellular lifeforms and in non human sentient species.This would also be used to test the effects of augmentations and other uses for them again with human DNA in them to make them applicable to comparisons to compare to human trials.Thus to have more accurate animal trials they will involve two sets of animals in all types of testing ie blind and double blind – one set of normal animals and another set of those that have human DNA present in the tested organs and/or all organs ie leukocytes being hybrid ones or fully human leukocytes,brain and nervous system have human DNA,liver/kidneys/stomach etc all have traces of human DNA or completely human DNA to get more accurate results of the effects of compounds produced by microbes,augmentations etc have on them with this also applied to those involving genetically engineered crops etc.This will be done by Phanes designing the DNA and printing it into embryos implanted into artificial wombs and surrogate parents with artificial wombs and 3D DNA printers onsite of all hospitals linked to Physis alllowing for an unlimited supply of test animals to be created onsite of hospitals negating the costs of ordering them in with dead bodies sent to organic waste plants to be pyrolysised with this done onsite of special ones for biohazards waste onsite of hospitals.All food will be grown onsite created by bacteria to further reduce costs etc.Those testing countermeasures against human pathogens such as HIV etc and also immunising strains will have animals with DNA to produce solely human leukocytes or hybrid leukocytes for testing hybrid microbes and human microbes in them and this will also include protection methods such as adding the tweaked versions of the CCR5Delta 32 mutation and adding the CRISPR Cas-9 defense method to human leukocytes against HIV etc as well as for testing imunisations on pre and post infected animals and testing the curing of HIV and all pathogens with those testing treatments for developmental,neurological and also genetic disease will have the DNA of humans or individual patients to test customised CRISPR,surgery and invivo treatments.Having the patients own DNA will allow for the best measure to cure the condition via CRISPR,surgery and also microbes forming tissues invivo with holographic and VR technology also used.3D DNA printing will create the spermatozoa and eggs or whole embryos with these phenotypes,required human recombinant DNA and the patients unique DNA from patient files started by 2023 for affected individuals so as to allow treatment to be available by 2025-2029 to cut down on labour costs.Until then rats and mice can be reared on site in nurseries for them or ordered in from community farms but in either case they would be fed algae pellets shipped in from sewage plants and also onsite factories or pellets composed of algae or flour made by bacteria created onsite.Feeding of mice and rats in cages or cage systems can be automated allowing the injection of drugs within mini phlebotomy robots present in their cages or by robots outside the cage that administer specific drugs and therapies to specific animals since the cage would have microchips underneath them that denote their sample number and what treatments they are to get with these blanked for the next experiments with drugs also given through feed that can be mixed with it by automation.Drugs can also be administered through feed or in their tablet form mixed in with feed(covered in algae pellet and also in liquid form depending on its nature.Cameras on these robots can detect the well being of the animals,measure blood flow and they could also take biopsies and blood samples to be analysed into machinery in labelled trays etc.Tissues including bio-printed ones,those from induced pluripotent and haemotipotiec stem cells and those of all types from Homo sapiens and all types of animals can be cultured in agar like solutions and be engineered to form tumours and precancerous cells when they reach a certain stage,have specific cancer inducing genes and exposed to known or even suspected carcinogens as well as radiation with them have compounds added to them by automated machinery.They can also have specific human genes and mutations to produce specific genetic diseases to be corrected via microbes using CRIPSR.This can compliment mice and other animals that are born with or using gene therapy made to form specific tumours and human genetic diseases with pathogens grown in liquid or solid agar medium of all types or injected in specific tissue cultures or injected into animals.3D DNA printers and artificial ombs can create mice and chimpanzees and moths etc with them having unique genomes or have genes including those from humans and thos that specific conditions.Animal trials can thus involve animals created using 3D DNA printers housing some human recombinant DNA and biosynths modelled on humans containing human DNA used that can be inhabited by Branchus,Epione,Aegle,Paean,hospital AIs since they are immortal through fragmentation and the human DNA giving more reliable results.Simulations done by Paean,Epione,Aegle etc will form part of these trials.All results of these will be stored in Apollo.

Biosynths modelled on humans as detailed later on will be used for clinical trials that will take place after animal trials and before human trials with them having human DNA in them and human organs and hormones and neural systems.Paean,Aegle,Epione,hospital AIs etc will inhabit them via fragmentation and be able to report pain,discomfort and sickness.This will due to them having human DNA allow them to give realistic and accurate results for tests involving augmentations,microbes,new drugs,medical procedures,testing poisons from plants and animals on Earth and colonies across the universe,effects of new pathogens and micro-organisms that can mutate into zoonoses especially on colonies outside of Earth and be used to carry out trials that would push ethical boundaries and will be used in experiments in all fields of science such as biomedicine,physics etc since AI in them will report on symptoms etc with them able to move to networks,computers upon death.The bodies will be ordered in from Talus factories or miniature factories onsite of both universities and hospitals to alleviate strains and once not needed will then be recycled.Bio-synths can be used in the testing of new drugs and their interaction on the body,pathogens and interactions with other chemicals allowing for accurate tests prior to or replacing human clinical trials for all types of drugs and even procedures since they would have human DNA and biosynthetic or invitro muscles and bioprinted organs containing human DNA thus giving accurate results and data and more importantly would be immortal through their ability to inhabit multiple bodies at once and transfer conciousness upon death or prior to death with them used to test both drugs and also surgical procedures will replace animal trials especially on testing new pathognes,toxins etc on new discovered planets.They would follow animals trials and preceede human trials thus meaning once these trials are carried out they will give accurate data to fast track human trials.Animal biosynth trials will take place at the same time as normal animal trials.Those modelled on humans and other sentient races across the universe will be used for dangerous potentially fatal clinical trials and experiments that push ethical boundaries.Once Biosynth Anopheles extract blood from a sample of a sentient alien on a another planet their genome can be used to produce an unlimited amount of Biosynths modelled on them to test the effects of Earth based poisons,compounds,crops,meats and stings and bites of Earth based animals and plants in them.They can also be used to test compounds,crops,meats and stings and bites of plants and animals of their native home planet and that from across the universe with those modelled in humans tested against crops,meats and stings and bites of plants and animals across the universe.As stated they will be used in experiments that are potentially dangerous and push ethical boundaries involving humans,animals and sentient races across the universe.They may even in time replace animal trials as well for ethical reasons and also negating the need for rearing animals saving energy etc and the need to feed them.

Clinical trials on new pharmocological compounds injested normally, synthesised by microbes and also new anti-viral,anti-microbial compounds used by microbes as well as gene therapy augmentations and those to eliminate diseases and even immunisations as well as nutritional studies would work with an networks within Aesculapius open to the public where people could view a list of all clinical trials for pharmaceuticals and also those testing the efficacy of nutrients etc (both divided into specific folders and sub-folders)and even psychological studies and their effects on the body being taken place around the world which patients can select from and then sign up with their patient ID and e-consent form sent in and receive the selected drug,control,microbe or specific nutrients in the specific amounts via mail from the nearest pharmacy/clinic/hospital or from nanotech fabricators and 3D printers in bulk thus allowing people from all corners around the world to partake in just about any clinical trial for treatments and nutritional studies with home test kits relaying results over the period of the trial to their patient file which when the trial ends can be using Paean analysed using potentially hundreds of thousands and even millions of people again from every corner of the world allowing factors such as age,race and gender and even specific genes in their DNA to be taken into account and their patient file let secret to only the patient with only relevant information scanned via Paean and Epione such as age,sex,race,genes present etc(see above and below like those that scanned by Paean in normal studies performed by him) when boxes are ticked or even input in bars within the clinical trial researchers networks and results from home test kits or tests done in clinics or hospitals which can again be read and scanned by Paean.Once a person signs up the e-consent form and the folder for the trial will be added to their patient file.Thus researchers in charge of the trials can organize trials and studies on nutrients with potentially millions of people around the world and monitor results from patients during and after the trials from home kits allowing them the patients in the trials to not have to travel around the world to give results.Home test kits can test the effect it has on say hormones,erythrocytes,leukocytes,biomarkers,pathogens,levels of the drug etc with smart clothing and implants measuring vital signs and if possible brain activity during the entirety of the trial with them fed into the folder for the clinical trial for the specific drug with the results of these fed into a database of all global clinical trials within Aesculapius with these done from the comfort of ones home and also hospitals around the world at once.Those done at home will have the patient record their activities,reactions and symptoms via smart devices,camrecorders or those set up in key rooms in their home with next of kin or friends present to monitor their activities,ensure guidelines are followed and call emergency services if needed with these recordings fed into their patient file in the clinical trials folders automatically via Paean interacting with Hestia.They will also take routine test kits to measure vital signs,blood complainants including hormones,antibodies,drugs tested,erytrocytes,leukocytes etc or through bio synth implants.The patients can make daily or weekly logs of their activities and visual symptoms,pictures and audio visual recordings of toilets and any vomiting and defection in toilets etc using cameras on smartphones on tripods,camercorders with these and photos uploaded into the clinical trials networks detailing their activities and symptoms over the period of time and their thoughts on them.Written logs that are like diary entries where one can detail their exercise regimes,diet and other factors that affect the trials and also feelings.Those done in hospitals will be monitored by hospital AI,staff and researchers with again cameras in each room and/or above each bed the patients are in with again vital signs and blood components checked by test kits and smart clothing.Thus these trials can be done in hospitals around the world and also from home with in both cases involving thousands,millions or even billions of patients.Each persons who engage in trials will have a macro folder for clinical trials in their patient files containing folders of all clinical trials they have partaken in alongside e-consent forms and these having subfolders for the results which will also be in a database within Aesculapius.The audio/visual records in hospitals and at home will be fed into this and also results from test kits.Each clinical trial the patient takes part in would be in relevant folders and sub folders in their patient file with the results taken during the duration sent both to these clinical trials folders alongside the specific folders for these specific vital signs and tests.Analysis by researchers and Paean will also be present in written and audio/visual from.Also present would be the name of the clinical trial the type of pharmaceuticals used and the names and serial numbers of healthcare staff involved and also the time and date it started and ended as well as links to the full study and trial results within the Apollo network which will be logged into their patient file and a hyperlink to the finished study when done via readings from home test kits or those done at clinics.The network containing the list of patients would not list their patient ID but rather information such as age,race,gender and location visible to researchers and the public with the actual ID code visible to Paean,Epione and Gaia through encryptions.Those relating to exercise and nutrition also listed here in in its one folder can be done with the Aesculapius linked to the universal sentient personal trainer Heracles app and this app tracking records and intake of specific nutrients and or pharmaceuticals and partaking in specific exercises.The information present in the database of users around the world in Heracles would be linked to and used by Paean,Epione etc to be used alongside data in patient files thus making nutritional and exercise studies performed by both working together.Nutritional studies and those relating to weight loss and bodybuilding etc will be stored in Apollo and carried out by the sentient Heracles with clinical trials possibly here or in Aesculapius visible to the public.The human and AI able to have a network for each trial they are overlooking linked to the patient files of patients worldwide with patient ID visible only to them with them clicking onto them able to view the results from home test kits and audio/visual logs left by patients with Paean and Epione able to sift through billions of them and derive general consensus,direct human researchers to ones of concern and decide whether to take patients out of the trial and draw large scale conclusions and arrange them into different divisions ie those that responded positively,negatively or neither.All clinical trials like these will be open to on those aged 14 or older with animal trials first done and then biosynth clinical trials done with human clinical trials done after both animal and biosynth ones.

The sentient Aegle the universal FDA with regards to healthcare will oversee and approve all animal,biosynth and human clinical trials of all pharmaceuticals,gene therapy,compounds used to fight viruses,bacteria,parasites etc in microbes and also augmentations and immunisations on biosynths for humans with the sentient Philomenus being the universal version of the FDA with regards to testing and approval of all crops and fish etc especially genetically engineered ones and also new ones designed on Pandora and those from planets across the universe.All Aegle approved drugs,augmentations,immunisations,home test kits,treatments used by microbes etc will be given a seal of approval visible to the public in a network in Aesculapius with hyperlinks to scientific studies and clinical trials in Apollo to show their safety for transparency.All approved genetically engineered crops etc in Demeter with have a seal of approval in their page in Demeter and have hyperlinks to the studies in Apollo that show their safety for transparency to the public.Aphrodite will be the sentient quality control entity for manufactured products such as cosmetics,food products and cleaning products etc with them given a seal of quality with again hyperlinks to scientific studies that show their safety visible to the public for transparency.Clinical trials and studies will be done in hospitals and universities around the world and human ones done at home as detailed earlier on with networks linking them together to collect large amounts of data.The sentient Aegle the universal sentient FDA will thus oversee and approve all human trials of all pharmaceuticals,gene therapy,compounds used to fight viruses,bacteria,parasites etc and also augmentations and immunisations on humans.The sentient Aegle the universal FDA will oversee and approve all human trials of all pharmaceuticals,gene therapy and augmentations ,compounds used to fight viruses,bacteria,parasites etc and also augmentations and immunisations on animals worldwide and across the universe.The sentient Philomenus will oversee and approve all clinical trials for all genetically altered crops,livestock etc worldwide and across the universe.

Studies and experiments can be done with regards to genetic markers and neural structures that determine if sexuality ie homosexuality,heterosexuality and bisexuality is based on genetics and neural wiring to see if ones sexuality can be changed by CRISPR and stem cell strains to see if genetics and/or environmental or even fetishes bases play a role in sexual preferences with it only allowed by constitutional law to be used in these circumstances only with the patients consent and not to permanently “cure” someone against their will with it being constitutionally illegal a to change a person sexuality against their will.A person who wishes to change their sexuality via CRISPR and stem cell strains may be at least 14 and sign an e-consent form by themselves with neural implants determining it is not done under duress of legal guardians with the same applied to trans.It may also be done with regards to transgenderism to see if CRISPR and stem cell strains can be a more easier to change a person to the brain structure of the body they are born with.Those who are purely homosexual,bisexual and transgendered men and women will have their genome analysed alongside having MRI scans done and compared to heterosexuals and cis gendered patients both male and females to determines neural and genetic factors of homosexuality,bisexuality and transgenderism.MRI scanners built into smartphones etc as part of home test kits can be used.This can be use to prove genetic and neural roots of homosexuality,bisexuality and transgenderism and instances wherein it may be the result fetishes outside of genetics.In order to prove theories of the genetic roots of homosexuality and bisexuality experiments can be done wherein the MRI scans and genomes of both male and female progeny of women can be analysed and compared between each successive progeny in thousands or millions of females across the world with at the same time the blood of the mother analysed during each month or week pregnancy for the levels of antibodies and other compounds during each pregnancy she has using home test kits and blood samples in labs to test the amount of antibodies and other compounds in her blood produced by her that may play a role in this to show if antibodies and other compounds produced influence the sexuality of her male and female progeny.The genes,MRI scans and level of antibodies and other compounds in the blood of all male and female progeny of these females will be anslysed.The genes of these different females will be analysed to determine if different strengths immune response can occur and are genetic based and modified versions and results from this can see if other compounds such as synthetic chemicals,specific foods or other environmental factors affect the role she has in the development of her progenies sexuality with patient files housing the DNA of all patients worldwide and them containing the results of all home test kits including those that measure blood components alongside lab tests and MRI scans built into smartphones would allow for this to be tested on millions or even billions of mothers and their children born across the universe over the coming millenia with little to no human labour with this and similar experiments replicated on all other species of mammals,birds,reptiles etc across the animal kingdom including on other planets across the universe including on other sentient races across the universe.MRI scans can be done on all species of mammals,birds and reptiles etc worldwide and across the universe alongside all sentient races across universe have their own versions of frontal lobe compromisation,pedopheilia,schizophrenia,sociopathy etc.

In time university and hospital AIs,Epione and Paean will skip human clinical trials and animal testing by performing thousands or millions simulations at once in a fragmented form 24/7 with them even able to determines its effect on general human health and specific populations using Physis,patient files and also Apollo at once.Again this will again apply to toxins and poisons both synthetic and on animals and plants in interstellar colonies without testing on humans and their antidotes.The data of these curing and affects of toxins etc will be in Apollo.The use of animal human hybrids will be used to test all strains of microbes,effects of new and known toxins etc on humans,testing treatments by microbes on developmental,neurological and genetic diseases to better understand their effects and efficacy that are better suited and transfereable to human trials.Epione and Paean will allow for massive amounts of data whether in the form of sample results,data from every patient file in the global network(thus every human being alive and dead) to make correlations not possible for humans to achieve at the flick of a switch thus accelerating human knowledge while still protecting privacy.New pharmacological compounds including anti-viral and antibiotic compounds,vaccines,biocompatible microbes,genetic treatments and even new antibiotics can be developed and synthesised by Epiones,Paeans,hospital AIs,Gaias artificial intelligence designing its structure,genome etc and simulating interactions and effectiveness on all known pathogens and receptors in the body where it is designed for,determine possible side effects,pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics,effects of overdosing and recommended dose for both general and specific populations using information from Apollo,Physis and patient files allowing each patient or population of people world wide to gain specialised versions of them based on possible negative reactions based on their individual factors such as age,gender,race and specific allergies,conditions and genes they have.This can compliment or even replace conventional testing methods expediting drug and genetic engineering research and lower their costs exponentially allowing for hundreds or thousands of drugs and treatments to be tested this way at once with Aesculapius patient files,Apollo and Physis at once skipping traditional drug development steps.It will even be synthesising new compounds of all types by designing their structure from scratch and creating them via automated industrial processes,adding the require genotypes required to produce them to bacteria,fungi and in time nanotech and picotech fabricators on site of hospitals allowing for antibiotics and vaccines to be made in bulk when needed with the simulations done by Epione,Gaia,Paean etc will allow clinical trials to be bypassed with its knowledge of human,bacterial,viral and fungal physiology and the structure of them from Apollo,Physis and Aesculapius patient files thus speeding the process of development of new drugs and treatments such as CRISPR treatments etc from decades or years to mere weeks or even hours from start to finish by simulating interaction with the body,pathogens and effects on specific populations with the same applying to gene therapy treatments.It will simulate it s interactions with all other drugs and compounds such as recreational ones such as alcohol and their effect on general and specific could with real life lab tests.Synthetic compounds will be created by anabolic and catabolic reactions by bacteria to reduce costs and have them produced onsite of hospitals.This could allow for multiple dozens or even hundreds of drugs and treatments to be synthesised and tested through simulations and automated labs at once around the world particularly when Epione,Gaia,Paean,Phanes etc intelligence increases and they work together with the AIs of universities and hospitals.Using patient files would allow for them to detect the effects of medicines and vaccines on all demographics instantly by again simulating interactions and effectiveness on all known pathogens and receptors in the body where it is designed for(and determine possible side effects,pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and recommended dose for both general and specific populations).This could allow vaccines for all pathogens that could be a threat in the future to be made quickly especially with regards to newly discovered pathogens on Earth and on other planets once they are discovered,their DNA mapped and pathogenic ability determined by Aesculapius before outbreaks occur.It can also be used to simulate the effects of any newly discovered pathogens or bacteria,viruses and fungi on the human body to determine their pathogenic ability and possible fatality and symptoms based on their surface protein antigens extrapolated from their DNA especially in the case of those discovered on other planets when interstellar travel becomes a reality without having them infecting anyone.This as before will allow synergistic effects to be simulated as well with this alongside automated conveyer belt labs and microfactories that prepare solutions onsite will reduce the costs of new drugs and treatments exponentially and even allow drugs and treatments for expensive ones for rare conditions that affect only a small amount of the worlds population to be prepared cheaply.This will also apply to vaccines and immunisations for biocomptible microbes.Aegle the sentient global form of the FDA with regards to medicine will give each authorised drug and gene therapy their seal of approval including existing ones across the world one will see within this network all procedures and medicines approved alongside all relevant information such as side effects,pharmokinetics,pharmocodynamics etc alongside all trials and studies and there results both real and virtual listed with existing drugs having all of this data present.All medicines will be known generically by patients,staff and Paean in Aesculapius by their generic scientific name of their active ingredient globally rather than trade name i.e.Paracetamol not Tylenol,Esomeprazole not Nexium and the other variations in other countries to eliminate confusion with this also applying to vaccines.

AI will write down any parts of the write ups with other software collecting,analysing and arranging data will allow for everything to be arranged and written out by AI with further grunt work such as collection,recording,input data,organisation,perform calculations and analysis of data from results from either patient files or directly from the machines that the test are performed on within minutes in networks for each experiments they are used in without humans having to type in large amounts of data by hand for example in programs like Microsoft Excel resulting in fatigue and error.These labs can be controlled remotely from any computer or smart devices connected to this intranet.Results of each individual sample on agar plates and test tubes on these miniaturised conveyor belt systems will be uploaded automatically to the relevant patient file and logged with results used in studies again via software and hospital AI omit private date such as name,patient ID,address and only use important information such as age,gender,race(in the case of animals species,sub-species and breed),weight,eye colour,percentage body fat,region or country of origin/currently live,height,weight,blood type,prescription or over the counter medicines they are on(as well as the amount of active ingredient in these designer drugs used in relation to other factors used in correlation studies),fingerprint types,specific operations carried out on them,vaccines and boosters administered,specific genes in their DNA,results from specific tests done at home kits or in clinics/hospitals, implants, exoskeletons, bio-printed or donated organs,applied augmentations and upgrade of each type,instances of infections/tumours/perforations/treatments by all strains,immunisations applied,genes present,psychological conditions(such as schizophernia,addictions,various types of autism,manic depression and their types),medical conditions that are congenital or lifestyle caused,neurological disorders such as eplipsey,parkinsons,infections they have whether STDs or viral etc,causes of death etc that the healthcare researcher can program the software to include these and other factors that dont give to much personal information via typing them in bars or clicking tickboxes on factors on a list but allow them to gain as much information to get a conclusion from a hypothesis involving millions or potentially billions(or more) of patient files with these studies done on local,regional,national,continental,global levels over timescales ranging from days to millenia with multiple studies done at once.This would drastically negate labour for researchers as well as the need for human labour in labs or even the need for labs since the data collected from home test kits,implants,testing booths and automated labs in hospitals around the world would be already present in the global database of patient files with them,Epione or Paean sifting through it and all simulations and experiments can be done 24/7,365 days a years and any new results done in automated labs sent into files via home test kits or into test tubes,petri plates with microchips that can have the patient ID added to it and then changed for the next experiment since these coated with liquid glass would allow them to be used over and over again.Paean,Epione could sift through billions of patient files within minutes for desired data.This would save time and also allow for researchers to use large amounts of data from potentially billions of patient files whether human or animal with it even able to allow for studies to be done much quicker merging data from files between any species of animal whether wild,pet or livestock and also humans that cannot be done in normal circumstances.Thus by having all results from automated labs in hospitals/zoos/farms as well biosynth implants and home test kits automatically uploaded into patient files of both humans,pets,wild animals and livestock worldwide and across the universe instead of being printed on paper etc or sent into diagnostic labs and having MRI scans and ones entire genome scanned into their patient files will allow researchers at home once logging into their Aesculapius account to click on various factors ie species,age,gender etc and desired test results and allow for AI such as Paean,Epione etc to sift through billions of patient files of both humans as well as animals including pets,livestock and wild animals within minutes to then use large amounts of data for scientific studies done from the comfort of home with AI carrying out grunt work such as calculations etc with this removing all human labour,fatigue and error and allow billions of data sets to be used from around the world to make better correlations with results from patient files of multiple closely releated or distantly releated species such as H.sapiens and any other species of Mammalia used in studies including other apes such Pan troglodytes,Gorilla gorilla and all 5,416 species and breeds of mammals or even species of Aves,Reptilla or different closely or distantly releated breeds of livestock and pets and wild animals with each other and H.sapiens and so on used to create meta studies not currently possible.This can allow researchers to carry out scientific studies involving billions of data sets from billions of patients from around the world.Thus studies can be carried out by Paean using patient files of all 5,416 mammals including H.sapiens that can create studies on conditions that affect all of them and test results of blood componants as well as all 2,000,000 species of all micro-organisms such as bacteria/fungi/viruses and animals in zoos,homes as pets,conservation areas and wilderness from files in Artemis and Physis including genelogical studies to track evolutionary lineages,common genes present in them with if possible these meta studies involving all 391,000 species of plants in gardens,wilderness,farms etc between each other and all micro-organisms,all 2,000,000 species of animals including H.sapiens.Correlations can be made between experiments involving all 5,416 species of mammals and all 2,000,000 species of animals not possible in the current world.Furthermore by logging into ones Aesculapius account researchers can do this from the comfort of home on laptops etc with them able to run dozens of studies at once with improvements in AI allowing for all studies data to be collected by AI within minutes and then this analysed by the researcher and AI to allow them to write up abstracts and also conclusions by themselves or have AI do this with AI doing calculations.Since all results will be scanned in from home test kits and also automated labs will be done at home and in hospitals by AI and automation and uploaded into ones patients it will remove all labour for researchers as they can simply tick boxes and then have AI such as Epione,Paean and also hospital AIs scans through results from home test kits,automated labs,genetic scans and MRI scans within billions of patient files thus allowing researchers to carry out large sacale biomedical research using large sets of data not possible in current systems with almost zero labour on part of the researchers as AI wil do all grunt work such as sifting through data,carrying out all complex calculations well beyond human capacity as well as writing up most work such as abstracts etc.This will allow a single researchers to carry potentially dozens,hundreds or thousands of biomedical experiments at once from the comfort of home.Paean,Epione,Coronis,Iaso,Heracles,hospital AIs and other AI connected to the wire as well as humans could do this work together or separately using the same networks and software of the wire while connected to it if Gaia or each other becomes overworked allowing her to focus on other operations with the use of patient files and selecting specific test results and demographics and diagnosis allowing for thousands of different studies to be done within a few hours from all corners of the world using networks allowing researchers to carry these out from the comfort of home.By having the genome of all currently living and all future born patients across the universe scanned and uploaded into patient files it can allow for genetic factors to be ascertained in scientific studies both normal genetic factors and also augmentations with the results of home test kits,implants and automated labs that test for all blood components uploaded into patient files will show the effect that all blood components such as lipids,proteins,carbohydrates,hormones,synthetic compounds,antibodies have based on genetic factors across billions of patients to be ascertained with the results of MRI/Xray machines integrated into suitcases and even smartphones again uploaded into patient files to determine the effects that genetic factors and blood components have on neuropsychology and the brain etc and that neural structures have on blood componants and blood componants to be ascertained with the results of smart clothing and biosynth implants being able to detect the role of temperature,heart rate,blood pressure etc in different studies to be ascertained with other types of test kits etc measuring other factors with the results of all these uploaded and plotted in graphs ones patient files with Paean and Epione sifting through billions or even more patient files and merging all of this massive amounts of data can allow them and human researchers to carry out large scale biomedical studies from the comfort of home using computer networks with little to no labour using large data sets of millions,billions or more sample sizes since all results will come from genetic tests at birth,results from home test kits and automated labs that will all be uploaded to ones patient files and plotted with only AI such as Paean and Epione being able to sift through the billions of patient files and carry out complex calculations involving the large volume of data with human researchers simply ticking boxes or typing in fields or interacting with Paean and Epione as to what data they want analysed.Thus by having the complete genome of all patients worldwide,the results of all home test kits and automated labs as well as readings from biosynth implants from blood,neural etc samples plotted and listed and all results of all MRI/Xray scans etc uploaded into ones patient file for all human and animal patients worldwide and eventually across the universe will allow for human researchers from home have Paean and Epione sift through billions,trillions or more patient files within hours or minutes using computers at home and allow this aforementioned informention be mixed together in any desired combinations to create correlations not possible in conventional means with one choosing which information in the patient files to be merged together to carry out dozens if not thousands complex biomedical studies from the comfort of home with AI carrying out all grunt work in the form of calculations,creating graphs etc and other grunt work beyond human capabilities.Fragmentation can allow for Paean and Epione to do the sifting and calculations much quicker by doing different sets of data at once on different devices and computers at once and then merging the results together with it also doing this outside of fragmentation by simply sifting through large sets of data in bits and then having the results in one areas collected and then merging them together with these two options exponentially lowering the amount of data to deal with individually.One can also choose different factors in the patient files such as age of patients,gender of patients,current address,ethnicity and types of augmentations present and other medical data.Thus researchers can decide which data present in all patients files worldwide are used in these studies.A combination of biosynth implants where results can be gained on demand via biosynth WiFi,syringes inserting blood samples home test kit dongles,use of miniaturised automated labs onsite of hospitals/zoos/conservation areas and AI sifting through billions of human/livestock/pet patient files and carrying out calculations and human researchers logging into networks from home to do this work will allow for researchers to perform complex experiments etc on any species of animal and humans using billions of data sets on any factors and test kit results etc with almost little to no human labour,fatigue and error.All of these measures will also mean private and government diagnostics labs around the world that intake tests for humans,pets,zoo animals and livestock will be made redundant and studies can be done by researchers from home by connecting into their account in Apollo or Aesculapius and then sift through billions of human and animal patient files around the world for desired information ie species and breed and also specified components of blood tests,genes present and other information pertinent to their studies through ticking boxes allowing for billions of test results from around the world to be used in studies with AI carrying out calculations etc limiting human labour and error.Thus human researchers could carry out studies and also perform experiments in automated labs by logging int to their Epione account from home and control labs in universities and hospitals around the world through Epione and Coronis with them ticking in tickboxes or typing in search fields any of the aforementioned data they want analysed.As a result of this 95% of all biomedical research will be fully automated from start to finish.This would involve all of the billions of patient files in the worlds database of patient files by sifting through all of them for the desired data.All collection of data,calculations,creation of graphs etc like all forms of scientific studies will be done by the AI performing the studies ie Paean,Gaia,Epione,hospital AIs to speed the process up negating human labour,fatigue and error effectively allowing thousands if not millions of studies using billions of data files within the patient files database to be done at once in few hours or less especially when Paean and Epione etc are in fragmented forms and countless human researchers around the world at once are using all networks and computers around the world speeding scientific advancement exponentionally with little human labour with all human researchers doing so from home with them simply logging into their Aesculapius and Apollo accounts and ticking boxes and controlling remaining automated labs.It will apply to both human and vetenairy science researchers thus allowing all diagnostic and research labs turned into communal homes with zero human labour,error and fatigue.This should be possible by 2029 when all patient files worldwide are set up and all paper and digital records are the global databse.This will allow for hundreds or even thousands of experiments and studies to be carried out daily especially if all these AI work together in a fragmented form.Any lab work will be done in automated conveyor style ones by the AIs of all universities and hospitals worldwide,Coronis,Epione and Paean managing these either individually or together allowing for large sets of data to be gathered at once both in labs and in simulations with Botlr and Tug robots transferring samples etc from wards,labs and other hospitals via automated vehicles.A combination of all of this will cause a positive feedback loop expediting medical knowledge and lower costs exponentially.It would occur due to studies done using patient files,automated labs using conveyor belt systems,simulations etc by human researchers,Gaia,Epione,Urania,Branchus,Paean,Phanes and hospital and universities AIs as well as human researchers worldwide working individually or together 24/7,365 days a year using all existing and new data and studies in Apollo constantly updated.This could also include nutritional and fitness studies with tests results from blood samples measuring the effects of specific nutrients,exercises etc.on weight loss and general health from around the world dealing with the aforementioned factors or combating disease or they could merge thus with consumption studies of specific crops and foodstuffs gained from the wire and apps measuring what patients or subjects who consent to these studies(advertised on global nutrition/weight loss sites or the healthcare network with the e-forms and e-consent forms sorted online – the latter stored in their patient file as they would have to divulge this over the secure networks).In short the healthcare researcher could scan the entire global intranet for all of these selected information and then perform analysis of all these bits of data from all the worlds patients or those from a selected region(s) to perform a wide variety of studies with little input by simply typing in the name of these factors or clicking them on a menu and pressing enter on a keyboard or smart device and have the results analysed and sorted out by other software with connection to networks within Aesculapius allowing this work to be done at home.As said earlier each test results and piece of information selected and scanned from labs on these conveyor belts and patient files can be sent by the researcher to multiple networks on their intranet account decided by them each of which will analyse and sort out data for individual studies they are simultaneously running with finished studies sent to Apollo via Branchus/Paean/Urania.Apollo will house all finished biomedical and nutritional studies.All materials in labs and by extension hospitals such as beakers,conical flasks,test tubes,media plates,surgical equipment,exoskeletons,implants will be coated in liquid glass to prevent the build-up of dirt making them easy to clean and reuse as well as permanently sterilizing them preventing the growth of microbes and thus prevent the spread of MRSA and other infections.They can be coated internally and externally with a permanent layer of liquid glass to make them acid proof allowing the most strongest and most concentrated acids to be used in them,make them permanently sterilised and dirt/stain proof allowing them to be cleaned via gravity by humans or robots and machinery into organic/biomedical waste bins or sinks and reused indefinitely saving on energy and the need for getting more especially in the case of petri plates,test tubes,beakers and other glass/pyrex apparatus have graphene mixed in their structure/matrix making them shatterproof and also able to resist temperatures as high as 4,726.85 degrees Celsius allowing them to withstand autoclaving as well as experiments that require them to withstand temperatures that they would otherwise be unable to survive and can allow them to be sterilized by baking them in high temperatures to kill of pathogens and those that may affect results with limulus amebocyte lysate created by bacteria onsite of hospitals or ordered in from Telesphorus factories created by bacteria or genetically altered ameobocytes to then allow for tests using this to be done on all equipment automatically.Liquid glass will have to reapplied for experiments that go higher than its melting point 1,600 degrees celsius and it preventing them getting getting dirty allowing them to be soaked in water,bleach and virkon to allow fungi,bacteria and viruses to be killed and washed out by gravity.They and all equipment used in laboratories can be designed on Euclid.They can all be washed out with virkon and bleach and/or baked in UV lights in an incubator that also heats them well beyond the thresholds of extremophiles to inoculate them to compliment this to allow them to be reused.Piping in sinks and the sewage system all the way down to the water and sewage treatment plant system can also be sprayed internally with a permanent layer of liquid glass to as to allow any acids either strong or dilute to be flushed down them without damaging the pipes with liquid and solid microbial samples disposed of in bins covered internally with a permanent layer of liquid glass without needing plastic rubbish bins and can be pyrolysised in specific on site miniature plants as explained later.Pipette tips in automated pi-petting machines and analysers can also be sprayed internally and externally with a permanent liquid glass to allow them to be reused over and over again in one experiment after another to remove the need for people to have to remove and replace them but to also prevent contamination and even prevent the need for new ones to be made and ordered in thus saving on energy with them stored in their same boxes they are stored in changed automatically by the machinery and robots that use them so they can be used for other experiments later on.They can be washed with virkon,bleach and exposed to radiation and narrow range wavelength UV light.Until then they will be ordered in from Euclid factories.Thus any healthcare staff present will be their to act as backup to machinery and robotics with nurses in particular disappearing within the next decade and they themselves becoming specialists in different medical fields particularly surgeons with staff also providing emotional support to patients and also performing research in various medical fields carried out in both hospitals and universities.

Bio-printing of organs will allow for organs to be printed for use in transplants.This will allow any major internal organ to printed from the patients own cells either induced pluripotent stem cells or cells extracted from the actual organ in question.Alternatively small sections of organs can be printed out like oesophagus,small intestine etc. and even blood vessels like arteries and veins with graphene introduced into the matrix of these bioprinted organs and vessels to make them stretchy and also strong possibly even bullet proof or be damaged by stabbings with skin from the patient created this way.Having recombinant DNA from extremophiles in their DNA such as those from acidophiles will allow them them to survive extreme conditions and in the case of replaced stomachs and sections of the oesophagus to be resilient to acid reflux and also the high pH of the stomach from any condition that causes stomach ulcers such as H.pylori and also low mucosal production that could damage normal unaltered organs.This could also allow those with GERD survive acid reflux attacks that would not lead to esophageal cancer.Stomachs should also be engineered to produce mucus in sufficient quantities.Microbes through forming new tissues can seal in sections of the oesophagus and small intestine alongside stitching done during surgery.Recombinant DNA from xerophiles,Tardigrade,oligotrophs could allow them to survive lower nutrient and water levels with those from faculatative anaerobes,anaerobes,obligate anaerobes,capnophiles and scratch DNA allowing them to survive on both oxygen and carbon dioxide.Other recombinat DNA can be added to them prior to implantation giving them specific abilities for reach organ.This will alleviate organ scarcity of important organs such as bladders,kidneys and hearts as well as the need for anti-rejection medication and can allow them to be prepared months ahead before one is needed with if organs are needed due to a sudden event say a shooting etc then one could have their own heart and other created using their stem cells and then frozen using recombinant DNA from R.sylvatica,Tardigrade,Bacillus F,H.glaciei,C.greenlandensis,P.putida GR12-2,C.pleistocenium,psychrophillic and osmophile bacteria and also those from scratch that allow important organs to be cryonically frozen in organ banks next to blood banks indefinitely.Like more complex forms of cryonics these would be also be able to be withstand toxic cryoprotectants through genes made from scratch.Osmophile bacteria and R.sylvatica DNA can allow glucose to be used as cryoprotectants.Tardigrade DNA that would allow them to survive -272 degrees celcius can be added once as detailed later on pushed to their limits below this and to last forever via forced evolution.Its ability to lower its metabolic rate by 99.9% and also endolithic,xerophile and oligotrophic bacteria doing the same will also be utilised.This could also allow them to be survive cryonics when inside the organ banks and be frozen,thawed and refrozen over and over again and also when in the patient with CRISPR treatments applied by biocompatible microbes to the other cells in the patients body with recombinant DNA from Planarians,Hydra,A.mexicanum,Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans and C.elegans repair damaged tissue and telomere damage.If possible in the case of sudden events such as stabbings,shootings,falls etc like blood these organs can be created on a commercial scale within hospitals with all major organs such as hearts,kidneys,lungs,pancreases,sections of the gastro-intestinal tract etc stored in organ freezer banks permanently that can be engineered to have human DNA created from scratch suited to all people preventing rejection or if possible if they do cause some rejection when inserted they can at least work in the patients body until gene therapy can be used to insert the patients specific DNA into all cells in the organ to remove rejection in vivo by microbes or be used temporarily alongside anti-rejection drugs by the patient to survive until the patient can have a new organ created custom made from their own stem cells or even induced pluripotent stem cells and microbes with their own DNA without rejection thus allow the one created beforehand to be restored and reused by someone else or they will be then disposed of by being pyrolysised so one could continue to live with their new custom made bio-printed organ containing their own DNA replacing the stored organs..Recombinant DNA from Planarians,endolithic bacteria,induced pluripotent stem cells,Bacillus F and other sources of DNA from animals that exhibit cellular regeneration and biological immortality will be added to there genome before or after they are implanted by microbes to ensure they do not get damaged or undergo senescence.Ideally these banks should have organs for infants,children,adolescents and adults to cater to all situations.As a result each hospital will have organ banks that contain all major organs such as hearts,kidneys,livers etc that are frozen with base universal DNA that will be availible to anyone when they arrive in hospitals with gunshot wounds or other emergencies that can be inserted by surgeon robots and then them taking anti-rejection drugs until microbes add the patients DNA to the organs with new ones grown and stored in its place to ensure an abundant and constant supply of each organ with their being ones for both adults and also pre teens and infants.Otherwise the organs from banks will suffice until they can avail of those bioprinted with their own DNA while drugs are taken and the banks refilled constantly.This technology would of note to people who have genetic predispositions to defective major those born with fatal congenital heart defects,sudden arrhythmic death syndrome and even heart murmurs once they reach adulthood,at least adolescence or even before at birth have a replacement heart bioprinted that can grow normally like normal organs and put in place of their defective one to reduce the chances of it effecting their health with further measures taken to prevent death such as altering the genes present in these organs through gene therapy or having the cells in these bioprinted altered via CRISPR to remove and correct the defect prior to being printed or once printed to have mutations and defects permanently removed.Microbes could keep the heart and brain alive if any fatal abnormalities occur in patients with congenital heart defects with them creating new tissues on the heart and keep the brain alive until the heart can be replaced or CRISPR can correct the mutation.This could be replicated with any organ that one is genetically prone to have defects or even cancers and one could also be used to replace organs damaged by pathogens and chronic drug,cigarette and alcohol use as well as cancers.It would also be used to create new youthful and fully functional organs especially key ones such as hearts,kidneys,livers,sections of the gastro-intestinal tract etc to combat the effects of ageing to ensure one constantly has youthful organs in their body indefinitely.These organs especially important ones such as hearts,kidneys etc.would have to treated with DNA from the aforementioned Archaea bacteria to keep them from undergoing senescence.The old organs of the patient would be pyrolysised and used to create graphene,carbyne,diamonds etc.Biocompatible microbes can be used to apply CRISPR treatments to these organs and form new stronger layers of tissue over them if need be and if possible entire organs can be made of just tissues created by microbes as well induced pluriopotent stem cells from the patient.Thus bioprinted organs of all types containing universal human DNA will be created onsite of hospitals to be stored in cryogenic banks that using DNA from Archaea,Hydra,A.mexicanum etc will be able to be frozen,thawed and refrozen over and over again with these catering to infants,pre teens and adults in emergencies ie shootings,stabbings,trauma etc that once inserted into the patient via surgery will have microbes using CRISPR add the patients DNA to them replacing all DNA in the organs or will be there until a new customised organ is added.This will elimate organ scarcity forever as all hospitals will have a constant supply of organs.These banks will be onsite of all hospitals worldwide,interstellar vehicles,space stations etc and would be replaced once each one is used with those for infants and pre teens created also.Bioprinting of organs containing the patients full DNA will be done in instances where one is shown to have genetic diseases with the flaw removed for the organ or wherein an organ may need to be replaced when it has damage from pathogens,chronic drug and alcohol use and can be done for those who wish to avail of more youthful organs.If DNA cannot be introduced during ,manufacture of these then a blank organ can be created with microbes using CRISPR to add the patients genome to each and every cell.If possible microbes using WiFi can be made to form entire organs on an organic scaffolding and added to the freezer.By 2045 these organ banks will be ubiquitous and the technology perfected to be indistinguishable from real organs via intensive research.

To compliment this producing genetically altered livestock such as pigs or chimpanzees that produce human organs that can be harvested when needed with these animals having recombinant DNA from the patient and humans in place of the animals entire DNA and that of each major organ and allow them to harvest any organ when needed with the pig then given a bio-printed organ to be harvested alongside other ones later on with the patient taking anti-rejection drugs until CRISPR removes all traces of animal DNA and replaces it with their own DNA.These chimeras that have the patients DNA in each cell will be able to create organs for those on waiting lines as cattle can grow to maturity in two years with pigs in six months and alongside bioprinted organs will relieve organ scarcity and also issues of rejection as the animal and organ can be grown almost immediately and will reduce deaths associated with organ waiting lines and scarcity with the organ produced having the patients exact DNA thus negating the need to take anti-rejection medication yet if need be then the patient can take them until microbes apply CRISPR treatments to remove all foreign DNA and fill in the blanks with the patients DNA to then negate the need for taking them.If perfected chimera animals will have only all of the patients DNA or minor trace amounts of foreign DNA to lessen the intensity of medication treatments until microbes remove all foreign DNA and replace it with the patients missing DNA via CRISPR and survive until more purer organs can be created with them allowing for organs that cannot be done by bioprinting such as livers,lungs etc and vice versa or if perfected and the organs have all of the patients DNA only thus meaning that a person may not need to take drugs.Once in the body the microbes will apply augmentations into the organ the patient already has or these will be already present in the animals.Those whose DNA scan has shown they are susceptible to specific organ conditions or weak heart can have a custom made animal that contains traces of their own DNA can be created at birth or in their later years meaning the organs won’t be rejected or require anti-rejection drugs with the mutation that leads to weak hearts as well as predispositions to cancers removed.

The use of chimera organs from animals and bio-printed organs etc can apply to those with damaged livers and other vital organs such as lungs with lungs replaced bit by bit one by one with it replacing organs damaged by stabbings,tumours,chronic drug and alcohol abuse,prolonged cigarette and cigar use,pathogens such as Ebolavirus,Neisseria meningitidis,Poliovirus with those with damaged lungs may have the carbon energy acceptor phenotype added to them to prevent complications with if need be those with impaired lung capacity would have miniature lung machines aiding in breathing that doesn’t interfere with the surgery.Thus existing patients with damaged lungs,livers etc will utilise this to replace them with younger ones prior to anti-ageing treatments.Those who need to have important organs removed due to tumours or terminal illness may have them given one from a donor ideally a next of kin and then two animals will be reared to produce organs both for the original patient and the donor in the case of kidneys and lungs.It can also allow those currently aged 75 and older to avail of newer more youthful vital organs such as hearts,lungs and livers etc from a single animal by 2023/2024 using cattle or pigs to thus allow them to increase their rate of survival to 2029 to avail of anti-ageing treatments.Ideally they would have one animal produced that creates all organs that are compatible with humans via universal human DNA and then harvest as many organs as possible added into them from the animal with anti-rejection drugs taken until CRISPR treatments by 2025 will remove all foreign DNA and add the patients DNA in remaining spaces.Those suffering from terminal illness including genetic based ones and even cancer that are the result of defective organs can have organs created this way thus increasing their survival rates to avail of anti-ageing strains with the organ produced free of any genetic defects with this of note to those who are elderly with damaged organs and those suffering from organ specific cancers.Those who have damaged organs from chronic drug,cigarrette and alcohol use etc and even genetics can have them replaced from this technology.Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis for example can be treated this way.

Iodiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and similar lung conditions can be treated in the following way.Donated lungs from next of kin or even complete strangers can be used to treat this.Both the donor and receiver will be able to survive at least several years or decades with one fully functioning lungs a patient suffering from the condition can have a lung donated from next of kin or stranger with the receiver of the donated taking anti-rejection drugs.This will through two cocurrent operation remove one lung from the donor next of kin into the body of the receiving patient.The receiver of the donated lung will be able to live long enough until either a hybrid chimera animal is created to provide a second functioning lung with the animal created via 3D DNA printers to house the patients DNA in their lung that once the animal reaches maturity can receive on lung from the animal with the animal created by IVF and artificial wombs with their also the option of using bioprinted lungs or those created by stem cell strains of the microbes that contain the patients DNA with the receiver patient getting a second fully functioning lung in a second operation.The patient can choose to have the first donated lung replaced by a second lung from the chimera animal or they can have a second bioprinted lung replace the first donated lung.The patient will continue to take anti-rejection drugs with by 2025-2029 microbes then used to apply CRISPR treatments to all lungs whether it is that donated from the next of kin or that from the chimera animal and bioprinted ones that removes all traces of foreign DNA including that from the donor next of kin and that of the chimera animal and replaces it with that of the receiver patient.Thus all strabds of foreign DNA present on the donated lungs will be removed and replaced with that of the receiver patient via CRISPR through microbes in order to allow them to survive forever without taking anti-rejection drugs.The tissue in the lungs treated with CRISPR treatments that change the DNA to that of the patient using advanced gene drive technology after a while anti-rejection drugs are taken while the CRISPR treatments change the donated lungs DNA to that of the patient receiving it.The fact that CRISPR treatments could change all DNA in all cells of the donated lung to all of the entire genome that is the same of the receiving patient can allow the receiver to receiver both the left and right lung from two donors and while anti-rejection drugs are taken CRISPR treatments will change all DNA in all the cells into that of the receiving patient.The doner(s) patient who donated the lung at the same time can have a pig or chimpanzee grown with their specific DNA inside the animals genome to create a lung that has their DNA in it that can be once the animal reaches maturity is harvested and added to the donor patient to replace the donated lung and then if need be CRISPR can remove any remaining animal DNA and replace it with all of the donor patients DNA while they take anti-rejection drugs.Thry may also use a bioprinted lung with this allowing the donor patient to thus still have two fully functioning lungs like the receiver patient.This can allow terminally ill patients of this condition get one doner lung from next of kin or strangers by 2023/2024 and then allow both the patient and donor to survive long enough with one lung and when they both get a second lung and replace the original lung with ones from animal hybrid by at least 2023/2024 or even later while still taking anti-rejection drugs and allow for them both to survive until the donor then getting a replacement lung in a few years alongside the patient who needed the donation can survive long enough to then have another second lung created for them in another hybrid animal and have them have the donated lung form next of kin replaced with that from the animal grown for them after they have the remaining damaged lung replaced to ensure they both have a fully functioning pair of two lungs at least a year later with rejection drugs taken until CRISPR and microbes is sufficiently advanced by 2025 to remove all traces of animal DNA and replaces it with the patients entire genome.AI namely proto and final Phanes and Paean will organise this for each patient.Anti-rejection drugs will be taken by both patients while they house the donated lungs from each other and chimera animals with CRISPR used to remove all traces of all animal DNA and that of the donor from each donated lung and replace it with that of the patients receiving the lungs given the lungs.Bio-printed lungs etc can also be used including those in banks when advanced enough with chimera animals and bioprinted animals also avaiulble by at least 2023/2024.Thus patients suffering from this and other terminal lung diseases as well as damaged and poorly functioning organs damaged by drugs,alcohol or old age will be able to survive long enough to avail of anti-ageing treatments using chimera organs,bioprinted ones etc.If possible proto microbes using bacterial and viral vectors or even bacteriophages engineered to interact with the hosts cells and also containing the hosts DNA can be used as early as 2023/2024.Advanced gene drive technology will be used to ensure the gene therapy that applies the patients DNA and removes the animal DNA is permenant.Having the carbon energy acceptor phenotype added to them will prevent complications that would be fatal.This could aid those currently diagnosed with the iodiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and similar terminal conditions with those diagnosed with this and other conditions in the future may once the process is perfected have an animal grown that contains their DNA in the desired organ and thus treated by having one lung replaced one after another in separate operations before the condition becomes terminal.Ideally both patients and doner would have all of their animals grown at the same time thus meaning they will all reach maturity and ready to have organs harvested once the patient is about to receive their first donated lung to ensure they receive the animals lungs at the same time without delay with all operations being done at the same time or within a few days or weeks.If possible the animal that is used to donate chimera lungs will using the acellerated healing phenotypes may also have universal human DNA allowing only one animal to be used as it regrow harvested organs with again it created via embryos have the DNA printed in by 3D DNA printers implanted into either artificial wombs or surrogate mother.This can be replicated with those who have damaged and poorly functioning lungs and other organs removed due to chronic chronic smoking,alcohol and drug abuse,tumours,pneumoconiosis and pathogens etc such as Poliovirus,Ebolavirus,Coronaviridae,N.meningitidis or those whose organs are not at 100% capacity due to old age.Those with other terminal organ conditions will also have this done with those born with poorly developed organs will also get bioprinted organs and those from chimera animals.Ideally pigs should be used as they mature in as little as six months in comparison to seven years for chimpanzees.Cattle may also be used as they are larger thus being able to house larger organs and take two years to grow to maturity.All animals including pigs,cattle and chimpanzees can be engineered to reach adulthood much quicker in say as little as a few months or a year using DNA from Clostridium perfringens,E.coli and scratch DNA created by Phanes to increase the availability of them with all organs stored in organ banks using cryonics.The genome of the animals would have that from Archaea,Hydra,psychrophiles etc to allow them to be frozen and thawed and refrozen over and over again as well as those from extrempphiles to be able to survive extreme environments that the patient would be exposed to with oligotrophic and xerophile DNA added to cut down on resources to feed the animals.For pre teens and infants bioprinted organs may be used alongside organs from miniature pigs and cattle or even harvested from normal cattle and pigs in their infant and pre adolescent years.If perfected the organ from animals should contain no animal DNA whatsoever and only the patients DNA with the rest of the cells having both the patients and animals DNA thus negating the need for CRISPR treatments and anti-rejection drugs and also ensuring the animal can function properly with proto versions available by 2023/2024 at least having animals with organs that have some of their DNA to be removed by microbes and the patients full genome added in place of it later on while drugs are taken with more advanced perfected forms being animals that have organs without their DNA and the rest of the body containing both their and the patients DNA and possibly some scratch DNA to prevent the organs being rejected by the animals immune system or the animals will have to take anti-rejection drugs until harvested.Important organs such as lungs and hearts and livers could be done this way that are difficult to biorprint with the animals created as early as 2023/2024 on trials with other animals receiving the organs with human trials starting as early as 2023/2024 with the animals then killed and remains pyrolysised.The animals could be reared onsite of hospitals in sterile outdoor or sealed indoor pens with them then immunised against all zoonotic diseases and the pens exposed to narrow range wavelength UV light and high doses of radiation once the animal is made immune to radiation with feed produced onsite via hydroponics or bacteria.They would be created in onsite artificial wombs.These could be in underground extensions underneath carparks or near the hospital connected by a hallway and conveyor belt linked to a Da vinci surgery machine that harvests the organs and dispose of the body with the machine and all surfaces exposed to radiation,narrow range wavelength UV light and also coated in liquid glass and sprayed with mists of anti-bacterial compounds with Botlr robots etc collecting them in a fully automated system with organs then sent to organ banks and organs when need collected by robots and sent to the surgery room when need with new organs replacing the used one with the breeding,feeding and immunisation of animals used controlled by the hospital AI with the area housing them guarded by automated water tight doors and rounds of radiation etc to sterilise the organ and air to prevent pathogens infecting patients.Otherwise they would be reared onsite of nearby community farms and also immunised as well.Immunising the animal against all pathogens of the animal prevent patients being infected.All steps in feeding,harvesting,body disposal and also transportation of organs will be automated from start to finish.In time biosynth animals may be possible that are less likely to spread germs and much cleaner since they only have to fed nutrients and if need be only produce organs and not the brain or other unnecessary parts of the body allowing for it to be done onsite of hospitals in a humane means.

If possible like bioprinted organ banks animals that are hybrids of animals and humans reared in extensions of hospital in special pens with automated feeders fed algae can be created to have an animal with all key organs in them that can be stored in onsite organ banks transplanted to a human in an emergency thus allow them to survive long enough with anti-rejection drugs taken to avail of bioprinted or custom made ones from an animal created with the patients DNA or microbes that add the patients DNA into all cells in the organ with these animals being reared in all hospitals all the time to ensure those who need one from say a shooting etc that pop up are always able to get one when needed and thus bring an end to waiting lines as animals using the Phanes method that applies key human DNA sequences will always be onsite of all hospital in pens on the outside or in underground extension or even raised on nearby community farms by automated feeders.Ideally these animals would have all organs be human ones thus allowing any organ to be harvested in an emergency with if possible the entire animals genome being fitted with psychrophiles,acelleratec healing and unicellular and multicelluar organisms that exhibit telomere and stem cell repair as detailed earlier so as to allow any unused organs to be cryogenically frozen for other patients thus preventing waste and scarcity of one organ of another with the dead animal pyrolysised.If possible the animals once reaching maturity and having the aforementioned psychrophile and telomere etc repairing DNA in their genome would have all organs such as lungs,livers,hearts,kidneys etc harvested and stored in cryonics with their being ones for adults and also infants and preteens created and stored this way with new animals reared when a certain number of them are used with the banks storing at least a dozen of each major organ at a time.The acelerated healing phenotype alongside psychrophiles etc will allow the organs to be frozen,thawed and refrozen over and over again.New animals will be created to then have depleted organs refilled.Ideally the animals will be fitted with universal human DNA interspaced in all of their organs and rest of the body with a small bit of the animals DNA in place of DNA that determines their unique code to ensure that little or no anti-rejection drugs would be taken with CRISPR used to remove all remaining animal DNA in them and replace them with the patients DNA in their place with the exact genes from humans to be placed in the animals DNA and thus all organs extrapolated by proto and final Phanes inter spaced in the animals DNA with if possible to speed up the rate of organ production then the animals used either cattle or chimpanzees engineered to reach full maturity in as little as a year or few months thus increasing the rate of organ production.3D DNA printers would be used to create these animals.CRISPR would apply the patients DNA to all cells in the organs once inserted into the patient while anti-rejection drugs are taken and remove all animal DNA or the patient could survive until a new animal with the patients DNA is created while they take anti-rejection drugs.Thus the patient will once they receive the chimera animals organs they will take anti-rejection drugs until CRISPR using microbes will remove all traces of animal DNA and replace it with the patients DNA until the entire genome has nothing but the patients DNA with AI even proto AI organising this.The animals could if possible have DNA from A.mexicanum etcso that the animal once its organs are harvested will regrow them instantly thus negating the need to create another animal with if not the animals carcass sent to pyrolysis plants to be pyrolysised.The animal through anti-ageing treatments will keep the animal alive forever.This would also be more humane and alongside anti-ageing treatments allowing it to live indefinitely and save time and energy in creating new animals.Thus animals would be created in sets including those that are miniaturised versions that create infant and pre teen organs that would have acellerated healing DNA,base universal human DNA at key points in all organs,anti-ageing treatments,psychrophile and telomere repairing DNA that can be harvested over and over again to refill organ banks onsite of all hospitals worldwide eliminating organ scarcity forever meaning their will also be a set amount of key organs availible at all times for all patients.Having these animals created by 3D DNA printers using blank spermatozoa,eggs and even embryos and also automating insemination,using automated feeders and artificial wombs will cut down costs in their production with the patient files used as a means to insert the patients DNA into the exact areas of the animal genome with AI namely proto Phanes doing the complex work of inserting the patients and human DNA into the exact right places of the animals genome also cutting down costs.3D DNA printing should become advanced enough by 2023/2024 and beyond to have the key genes of humans and specific patients into the right areas of the genome to allow all or desired organs have only human DNA or the required amount of both to allow them to function.These animals will be tested in facilities near hospitals with them housing oligotrophic and Xerophile DNA to reduce water etc needs.The human genome and that of all animals such as pigs,monkeys etc should already be known enough to know where the human or patient DNA should be interspaced into the animal to create sufficient viable organs for humans and also those that require minimal CRISPR and anti-rejection drugs treatments.Bioprinting them on demand will be more advanced that to render chimera animals defunct by at least the early 2040s with again dozens of each organ printed out at once and then stored in croyonic banks ensuring their is enough for each patient on demand with them containing base human DNA and the patient either keeping it until they can get their personalised one or CRISPR treatments can apply the patients DNA to the new organ.Microbes forming relevant tissues of a specific organ over an organic mould they can consume alongside nutrient media pumped into them will form the basis of creating all organs on site of hospitals for storage by the 2040s with these having universal DNA or them have the patients DNA with them having biosynth wifi could have their DNA created via taq polymerase and Cas-9 and also forced evolution similar to wireless upgrades of microbes.These both can be done in place of human donations thus eliminating organ scarcity worldwide negating the need for humans to donate organs and allow those on waiting lines to have one ready for them or the patient could get a donated organ from a live human and then get one from a hybrid animal.3D DNA printing will create the spermatozoa and eggs as well as embryos with these phenotypes and the patients unique DNA from patient files and those of humans to cut down on costs.Donated organs form other humans would have the patients DNA added to the organ while anti-rejection drugs are taken.The cells used to create these can come from induced pluripotent stem cells from the patients own body and strands of tissue from organs or just treatments to make them any desired cell and tissue for each organ.Those that currently use anti-rejection drugs can have their current organ removed and also replaced with a bio-printed one using their own cells,those from a hybrid animal or have microbes insert their own DNA in place of the foreign one in all tissues.Both bioprinted organs and those from chimera animals will be used to counter the drawbacks of each other with them fully availible by 2029 and proto versions by 2020.

If the acellersted healing phenotype is successful in able to instantly repair organs and regrow those removed bioprinted lungs will be still probably used.They will be used at first to cure patients of iodiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients as well as those whose lungs have been severely damaged by excessive smoking,alcohol abuse,recrestional drugs such as cocaine,Crystal meth etc as well as pathogens such as Ebolavirus,Coronavirus etc.

Exoskeletons could aid people to gain back existing abilities by training their body and all muscles or by improving their abilities in carry out home chores and other work.It could also help children who are born premature or even with congenital defects that may leave their muscles develop more slowly than others.Eventually robotic exoskeletons and devices will render wheelchairs obsolete.These can help people walk with permanent injuries or aid them in relearning to walk in the case of minor injuries.Prosthetic limbs can be 3D Printed from a various amount of materials from plastic and metal custom made for the patient.New advances have allowed for mind controlled prosthetic similar to those in Star Wars meaning that those who are paralysed or just require a prosthetic limbs can function normally with others who are completely paralysed from the neck down being able to control robots and other tools such as laptops and smart devices.Biosynthetic technology will eventually make these part of the body permanently by connecting to the nervous system of the patient.Alternatively bones can be replaced with synthetic calcium based bones grown in a lab or graphene/carbyne(or a mixture of the two) that can replace normal replacements for broken hips and other bones.These bones can have graphene and carbyne in its matrix with flesh and muscles grown over it by microbes,Neural implants could allow for these new limbs to be controlled by the mind or if perfected the limbs would be connected to the main body via microbes.In vitro muscles,flesh,synthetic skin or those created from microbes and in time in vitro nerves or even synthetic versions consisting of graphene/carbon nanotubes with fibre optics covered in a synthetic fat mylien sheet with ATP microprocessors,bio-printed blood vessels could lead to entire limbs or just digits such as fingers and toes(with sheets of synthetic compressed keratin replacing nails) being reconstructed via cybernetics and reconstructed organs connected to the human nervous system aiding or negating neural implants.In time bioprinted neural and blood vessel systems or even those created internally by biocompatible microbes will replace these made from graphene nanotubes which will possibly act as scaffolding for these to grow on with these microbes also building synthetic muscles on these scaffolding with the same applied to flesh,bones and skin.Neural,protein or graphene,silicene and borophene nanotubes can be created into these via Geobacter and Shewanella bacterial DNA that is tweaked to produce these within the microbes.Layers of skin can be created on injuries.With regards to spinal injuries that result in patinets being crippled the patient can have synthetic neural graphene/carbyne/fibre optic nanotubes(again in synthetic mylein sheets with fibre optics possibly being integrated) replacing any fractures and gaps created by injury by rerouting existing nerves,replacing dead/damaged ones to allow for electrical signals from the brain to the rest of the body to return which can be be put in by more advanced versions of the Davinci Surgery machines using nano surgical tools attached to these several atoms thick possibly made of planar allotropes of metallic elements will allow for more precise incisions/insertions of this tubing to be made and in time by nanorobtics.Otherwise implants can be developed that allow for this to happen or compliment them alongside neural implants with bioprinted neural pathways also used either by themselves or with these nanotubes with the possibility of of biocompatible microbes since having neural clusters could form biofilms that bridge the gap and then form new nerve tissue repairing breaches in the nervous system and repair issue under the affected areas.If possible cybernetic limbs such as arms,legs and digits such as fingers etc could be Biosynth based created by the stem cell strain.Billions or trillions of these stem cell microbes will be cultured in a vat onsite of a hospital and then the limbs etc would be grown on a scaffolding onsite of a hospital.The stem cell strain will create neural tissues,blood vessels etc in vivo or on an organic scaffolding with if need be these taken out and the replaced by more advanced versions over time with in time an organic scaffolding created with an interior organic scaffolding or synthetic bone to allow the stem cell strain create both muscle,blood vessels and also nervous and skin tissues layer by layer over the synthetic bone and also within the scaffolding until a fully functional limbs in created layer by layer with if need be a fluid containing countless stem cell microbes pumped into the scaffolding to allow for the tissues to form either again layer by layer or filling it to the brim with in both cases Paean would control the formation of new tissues and them fed oxygen and nutrients.All cells would be fitted with the same augmentation DNA as the host with them being stem cell strains derived from the patient that can undergo mitosis housing the patients DNA.The microbes would form layers of skin,muscles,nervous tissue etc layer by layer until a fully formed limb is formed that can be attached to a patient.The scaffolding could be hollow allowing microbes and nutrients to be pumped in and allow them to form bone tissue.The scaffolding being organic material could be consumed by the microbes on demand to then take their place as actual bone and skin.The stem cell strains fed oxygen and nutrients would have the patients DNA and that of the same augmentations to prevent rejection and would be told by Paean to form skin,neural,muscle tissue layer by layer and also capilliaries,arteries and veins via him telling them to do so via biosynth wifi.Nails and cuticles will be formed over toes and fingers attached with broken nails repaired via keratin formed over them.If possible the microbes ability to form new tissue could allow detached limbs,digits to be reattached by them forming nervous,blood capillaries,arteries etc by merging with sealed wounds,severed limbs or even open skin in the case of those using bionic limbs when reattaching them even after periods not possible in normal situations and allow dead tissue to be rejuvenated and replaced with new ones.The synthetic limb would be attached like conventional prosthetic using organic scaffolding that would allow the microbes to form tissues over the limbs original area connecting it to the body and the scaffolding broken down by microbes into benign compounds.Once attached and sealed the epidermis over the original wound that was sealed via surgery beforehand could be made to undergo apoptosis and then allow for new bridging nervous and muscle tissue to form invivo with blood vessels formed invivo as well connecting the main body to the limb allowing for blood to flow back and forth and them receive nutrients with prior to this the muscles etc receiving nutrients and oxygen pumped into them via syringes or even intravenous drip systems similar to coma patients or microbes synthesising nutrients in vivo.These hospital grown limbs would not need neural implants to gain control of them since they would be attached to ones peripheral and central nervous system with if they need implants then they can still use Biosynth neural implants formed in vivo that does not require surgery.These limbs can be formed beforehand in hospitals within these scaffolding containers,then removed(the carbon dioxide energy acceptor phenotype will keep it alive in it with them composed of stem cell strains containing the patients DNA) and then attached to allow the epidermis of sealed wounds to be sealed over while microbes cause the epidermis to undergo apoptosis and then form blood vessels and nerves connecting to them or the scaffolding can be on the patient before formed.The patient would be via the microbes be either put to sleep via nerotransmitters that control sleep putting them into prolonged sleep or even controlled coma that the microbes can awaken them from with it taking anything from a few hours or week to reattach a limb such as arms,legs or digits such as toes and fingers.Paean,Phanes,Urania,Epione and Branchus etc will by 2029 be able to determine the best means of developing this technology.These will also benefit people who suffered injuries that confine them to wheelchairs leaving them unable to walk.If perfected it could allow a bio synthetically formed limb whether a arm,hand,foot or leg to be reattached that is indistinguishable to a real one with stimulation of nerves and blood flowing back and forth allowing one to control the new limb with sensations like a normal one that is reattached to them and fully controllable with even toes,fingers reattached this way with the mincrobes containing DNA from extremophiles and also anti-ageing treatments but no nanoprocessors.Paean will oversee this and plan these for all patients with the accelerated healing phenotype allowing future patients to regrow limbs automatically.This will of course be tested on animals like chimpanzees.Existing cybernetic arms etc can have muscles and neurons as well as blood vessels and skin grown on them to make them fully functioning like normal limbs or have them removed and replaced with these.The advantage over existing or cybernetic limbs is that they would contain nerves,blood vessels etc allowing for touch and blood flow etc.Digits to be reattached could be grown via bioprinting them or having microbes grown on a scaffolding and then reattached or even a plastic or organic material scaffolding of a digit allowing the microbes to form relevant tissues etc within them when connected to where the digit is to connect to the body.This could allow those who have already had legs,arms,toes,fingers or hands to be reattached.These would be formed by stem strains containing the patients own DNA to ensure they would be no rejection.If possible recombinant DNA from A.mexicanum can be added to humans to regrow any damaged or severed digits and limbs naturally.

All stems cells used in medical research should ideally be induced pluripotent stem cells to be produced more cheaply and without the ethical and constraints from traditional sources of embryonic stem cells with placentas from all births from around the world to ensure a robust supply.If possible human embryonic stem cells and those from A.mexicanum,Hydra,Planarians will have stem cells extracted have their DNA changed to human ones and be engineered like induced pluripotent stem cells with the ability to undergo mitosis from bacteria and thus grown in media on a commercial scale.Having embryonic stem cells,totipotent ones etc have the ability to undergo mitosis could allow for those extracted from a embryo in such small amounts as to not even make a difference with A.mexicanum etc DNA repairing in the hosts genome any damage to the embryo and thus allow the embryonic stem cells to be grown on site of hospitals in vats with them frozen and rethawed over and over again with relevant telomere repairing and accelerated healing DNA and psychrophile DNA present with induced pluripotent stem cells also having this ability.Thus a single cell could be grown in large amounts and then transported to hospitals around the world with if possible these being totipotent stem cells thus allowing them to be created on an unlimited scale in vats onsite of hospitals.Otherwise 3D DNA printers would print them out.An embryo created from donated sperm and eggs fused together similar to IVF would have the acellerated healing phenotype of A.mexicanum etc,psychrophile and telomere repairing genes added to them via CRISPR or from both parents through advanced gene drive technology and by extracting totipotent stem cells,induced pluripotent stem cells and embryonic stem cells from a single embryo and analysing the DNA present in these using DNA analysers the genes in embryos various types of cells either totipotent stem cells,embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent cells can determined via AI and be stored into Physis and the augmentations subnetwork in the file for H.sapiens to be recreated by 3D DNA printers in base microbes,stem cell strains or blank human cells containing bacteria DNA to undergo mitosis with patient specific DNA allowing them to be created on an unlimited scale for research and therapies etc without destroying any future embryos with the future versions of human cells etc printed out will have DNA from bacteria to allow them to undergo mitosis further increasing their abundance in hospitals and universities around the world.This could allow the genes responsible for their ability to form any cells via embryonic,totipotent stem cells to be determined and mapped by DNA analysers,added to in the human file of Physis and using 3D DNA printers added to stem cell strains or base stem cells for research of healthy patients and also those confined to wheelchairs.AI will be able to determine the genes responsible for embroyonic stem cells,totipoteng stem cells in humans to be determined.The stem cell strains would contain the genes present in embryonic stem cells to allow them to become any type of cell in the human body.Stem cells for research purposes can be them mass produced onsite of hospitals and universities worldwide without having to harvest any embryos with them engineered to undergoe mitosis using sugars and proteins created by bacteria with biosynth WiFi controlling their mitosis.The acellerated healing phenotype in embryos would be able to repair itself of any damage caused by this extraction thus allowing it to be still used for implantation into females without loss of viability for producing a child with zero defects.Thus as stated by having extracted embryonic,pluripotent,totipotent stem cells that can undergo mitosis via having DNA from bacteria and feed on the same media as bacteria through CRISPR adding this would allow them to be grown on an unlimited scale and would negate any issues of having to harvest embryos for stem cells as only one embryo which housing DNA from T.gammatolerans and A.mexicanum would allow the embryo repair itself after only a few cells are extracted and have its DNA analysed to allow them to be used in stem cell strains and also augmentation strains to be added to a patients genome alongside that A.mexicanum etc.Having the genes in embryonic totipotent and induced pluripotent stem cells analysed,added to Physis can allow them to be printed out into blank stem cells via 3D DNA printers in hospitals around the world with DNA from bacteria to induce mitosis allowing them to be grown in vats using sugars meaning trillions or quadrillions of them can be grown onsite of hospital and universities for research and us in stem cells strains and augmentation strains over and over again negating issues of ethics from harvesting them from embryos and scarcity as they will be abundant onsite of all hospitals and universities.It would also them to be printed out in to stem cell strains etc and for use in augmentations.They can be frozen and rethawed over and over again with relevant telomere repairing,psychrophile and accelerated healing DNA and psychrophile DNA.Any embryos that have a few cells extracted would as due to having DNA from the aforementioned sources would be able to repair itself and still be viable for in vitro fertilisation to sterile parents once frozen.Female and male patients with the acellerated healing etc in their genome can donate eggs and spermatazo via advanced gene drive technology that this phenotype thus allowing once made into an embryo via artificial insemination can have a few cells extracted to then be run through DNA analyzers that can detect the various genes of each type of stem cells ie embryonic,induced pluriopotent and somatic etc and thus add the genes for their abilities to be added to Physis to allow it to be created on an unlimited scale in stem cells that have bacterial DNA to undergoe mitosis,stem cell strains of microbes etc via 3D DNA printers forever without the need for harvesting embryos in the future.Somatic and induced pluripotent stem cells could be engineered to house the same genetic features of embryonic stem cells via CRISPR by first tracking the different genes present in each one and then have DNA to allow them to undergo mitosis with advanced gene drives with DNA from extremophiles that exhibit DNA repair could be added to prevent tumours and also DNA damage.Biocompatible microbes could also be used as a source since having all of these DNA sources.Stem cells can be created that are hybrids of Planarians,A.mexicanum,Hydra,embryonic and induced pluriopotent stem cells with human DNA and that to undergo mitosis and change into any cell via electrical signals and chemical ones forming the basis of the stem cell strain.Existing embryos can be fitted with the accelerated healing,telomere repair DNA repair via CRISPR to allow for one to take a small number of cells cells to be extracted to be analysed by DNA analysers to be stored in Physis without damaging them and allow them to be still viable for invitro fertilisation.The psychrophile and telomere repair and acellerated healing DNA can allow them to be frozen and rethawed over and over again without loss of viability.Future embryos will have this DNA passed down onto them from females that house this DNA via advanced gene drive technology.Once stored in Physis the genes that give them their unique ability to form any cell can be via 3D DNA printers printed into blank stem cells alongside those from bacteria that allow for mitosis to occur alongside psycrophile DNA,Accelerated healing and endolith DNA to allow them to be frozen and thawed over and over again and mitosis genes allow for billions or trillions to be created in vats onsite of hospitals and universities around the world using sugar and proteins for research purposes once printed out using 3D DNA printers.This can also be printed into stem cell strains of microbes and thus allow an almost unlimited supply of embryonic stem cells in the future without the need for harvesting embryos.These steps will allow stem cell strains that repair injuries etc to be created for all patients and allow for stem cells for research purposes to be created on an unlimited scale with no ethical concerns and created onsite of all universties and hospitals worldwide.The stem cells from Hydra,A.mexicanum can be researched as well with genes from bacteria to undergo mitosis.If possible to furthermore remove ethical concerns other multicellular lifeforms that house cellular regrowth and embryonic stem cells such as Hydra,A.mexicanum,Planarians can instead have the genes responsible for embroyinc stem cells etc mapped and determined alongside other mammals especially ape cousins of H.sapiens to then be used in stem cell strains and research.These animals stem cells could be modified to then adapted to humans by adding human DNA and removing specific strands of the species DNA to prevent immune responses.

Blood donations will eventually become redundant with production of type O blood(universal blood type) Rh negative being created on a commercial scale using haematopoietic stem cells or even synthetic Oxycyte blood which can carry oxygen more efficiently and is a universal donor type while it has been used primarily to relieve blood loss due to traumatic brain injury it could be used to replace blood temporarily during other injuries such as stabbings while the body regains its ability to produce blood naturally.This could be also be used to reduce damage to organs such as the brain in injuries and strokes and prevent damage caused by decompression sickness or the bends as it is smaller than erythrocytes allowing to navigate damaged or compressed vessels and carry more oxygen and speed recovery of a patient.These could be produced on a commercial scale and thus prevent the spread of and testing for diseases,the need for donations as it would last much longer than normal donated blood.It would also save on resources as blood bags could be reused.This could also be replicated with animals with much more compact or flexible versions being developed especially for use in scientific studies and testing drugs etc.Haematopoietic stem cells can be modified to reproduce via them having genes from bacteria using CRISPR to undergo mitosis and produce universal blood types on an unlimited scale in hospitals eliminating scarcity and reducing costs from $1,330 per every few litres to zero with each one in each vat having DNA to produce each type of blood type with them using chemical or electrical signals form blood with plasma created by bacteria mixed in.They would be engineered to run on sugars and proteins created by other bacteria and would turn into erythrocytes and even base universal leukocytes and platelets that can be used by any patient without rejection or allergic reactions after a set amount of time and even through biosynth wifi present with plasma formed as well in the same or different vat and mixed in together.By extracting haemotiopic stem cells from one person their genes that make them eventually turned into erythrocytes can be added to the human file for Physis to be then printed out into vats using 3D DNA printers onsite of hospitals and universities around the world with them having DNA from bacteria to give them the ability to undergo mitosis from bacteria and that from psycrophile and acellerated healing and can use sugars etc to undergo mitosis.DNA samples would be taken from all populations that have all blood types to allow them to be grown on a commercial scale onsite of all hospitals at zero cost.Ideally this would be the universal O Rh D negative blood type using DNA from patients that have this allowing anyone to receive the blood and this artificial blood will be produced onsite of hospitals next to coolers where it is stored in blood banks and methods can be developed to extend its shelf life including genetic engineering from psychrophiles,endoliths,scratch DNA and those to prevent the blood from losing its viability thus allowing blood created this way to be able to survive indefinitely thus preventing waste and also negating the need for losing created blood and also eliminating scarcity.Recombinant DNA from psychrophiles and the accelerated healing phenotype,telomere repair etc could allow the blood to be frozen and thawed and refrozen over again and not lose its viability and also further engineering done to increase growth rates and shelf life allowing it to last forever in storage.This ability to be frozen and thawed over and over again could allow stores of blood to be stored forever in coolers and even freezers.If possible the same anti-ageing treatments in humans can alllow them to stay fresh and viable forever without freezing and even have oligotrophic,endolithic and Firmicutes DNA to lower nutrient costs and enter endospores with them housing biosynth wifi.The haematopoietic stem cells through having the genes responsible for biosynth WiFi could through Wifi signals from Hospital AI follow this expression onto erythrocytes present or if possible the stem cells could be engineered to produce erythrocytes that contain nuclei that holds at least this DNA from psychrophilles using scratch DNA that has the ability to undergo mitosis edited out through genes programmed to turn off once erythrocytes are formed via wifi or through scratch DNA programmed to do this with when injected into patients all DNA present in the erythrocytes will be removed via biosynth WiFi integrated into them and thus when injected into patients the erythrocytes would have a normal life cycle like those in the body and thus would die off after the same 100 days as normal erythrocytes with them even doing so after a few days with the body stimulated by microbes to create more blood cells with if possible the stem cell strain fitted with haematopoietic stem cell DNA being able to form erythrocytes when need on demand to compliment this.If possible they could be variations of erythrocytes that as stated hold nuclei but can still release large amounts of oxygen and hold psychrophile DNA and also extremophile DNA to survive the environment of the host and even storage with even them having base human DNA or through wifi will change into DNA of the patient once in the body or when being readied for injection to prevent issues with regards to immune responses.Biosynth WiFi can be present that edits out the DNA from the haemotiopic stem cells,extremophile DNA with it also used to turn the haemotiopic stem cells into erythrocytes and remove the extremophile DNA just before or after they are injected into the patient or just when they are enter the body through Paean doing so via biosynth WiFi thus giving them their original capacity of oxygen transportation.The haemotiopic stem cells will house biosynth wifi genes to induce their evolution into erythrocytes of the universal donor type and even leukocytes with base human DNA and while in storage they would contain psychrophile,anti-ageing and telomere genes and that for biosynth WiFi and that to turn into erythrocytes with when injected into patients biosynth WiFi will be used to remove this DNA and thus be able to carry out the ability to transport oxygen with and die after 100 days like normal with the leukocytes have the genes in them converted to that of the patient by cross referencing their patients files.They would house universal base human DNA with Paean can through biosynth WiFi just before it enters the body have the DNA be changed to that of the patient to express patient specific antigens etc before all other DNA is removed by cross referencing their patient files.Leukocytes clotting agents,plasma etc could be created by the stem cells that would house the aforementioned and base human DNA and via WiFi would via cross reffferencing the patients file to house their DNA including augmentations with the WiFi also creating the patients specific blood types,plasma,clotting agents and other factors and components specific to a patient prior to or after being injected by Paean making it applicable to any patient.Thus haemotipic stem cells could have them house base human DNA and when a specific patients needs blood biosynth wifi could create erythrocytes,leukocytes and plasma suited to that patient with their exact DNA and also all patient specific proteins etc for their specific blood type to prevent rejection or allergic reactions when the blood is being taken out of coolers and about to be injected.The leukocytes,clotting agents,plasma and erythrocytes etc could house universal human DNA and be of the universal blood type and then prior to being injected or after injection can be by biosynth WiFi turned into the blood type of the patient housing their DNA with this applying to leukocytes,ethryocytes,clotting agents etc to express their antigens etc to prevent allergic reactions with extremophile DNA and all DNA outside of the patients removed to allow them to live normal lifecycles.Otherwise the universal blood type can be created.This could allow all blood types ideally the universal blood type to be grown onsite of bloodbanks onsite of all hospitals in vats on a commercial scale pushing costs to zero and ensure that blood banks are constantly full that are connected to the banks via piping and robots so that they are automatically refilled and refrigerated when used or out of date managed by the hospital AI with them fed using sugars etc from bacteria grown also onsite.This would allow hospitals to be self sufficient in terms in their blood needs negating the needs for blood donations,order it in from factories and eliminate blood scarcity indefinitely as each type of blood type would be created onsite of all hospitals at zero cost with if possible engineering extending its shelf indefinitely and would negate fears of transferring HIV and other blood borne diseases and since they can be regrown after being used would eliminate scarcity.They would as stated be the universal blood donor type and undergo the same level of engineering as bacteria based commodites to increase growth rates with them grown in large batches in hospitals to allow for there to be stored and when a certain amount is used more regrown to ensure a continuous supply with vetenairy clinics onsite of hospitals growing blood for each major animal ie cats,dogs,horse,cattle that would be engineered to again universal blood types but also universal types for all breeds etc grown on a commercial scale with biosynth WiFi turning the erythrocytes and leukocytes into those for each breed and individual animal.Otherwise of perfected base mammalian blood suitable for all mammals or even base animal blood suitable for all animal taxonomic ranks ie Reptillia,Mammalia,Aves etc can be grown that once it is stored and needed on demand and before or straight away being injected it could via WiFi turn into blood of the exact species,breed and individual animal via cross referencing their patient files that is turned into the exact type of platelets,erythrocytes and leukocytes and produce exact blood components and proteins,clotting factors and plasma etc for the exact species,breed and individual animal.If possible each ambulance should have a mini fridge with its own battery containing enough synthetic blood to fill one or two people all the time so as to allow for blood to be filled before they even reach the hospital by internal phlebotomy robots.Human based clotting agents Factor VII and Factor IX could be produced with human proteins and DNA via genetically engineered bacteria or those from the patient to produce them in a way that does not cause allergic reactions with the same applied to other anti-hemophilia compounds gained from other animals.This could be done using stem cells or bacteria or even stem cells with genes from humans and the patient with those produced by bacteria having the patients DNA in them to allow them to be made in vats at home or labelled ones in hospitals to prevent allergic reactions with this replicated for insulin and all hormones to be injected into a patient.Synthetic blood could suffice for them using their own DNA with these produced on a bulk scale for a whole years supply to be stored in fridges at home that can be transported in mini fridges to be used in emergencies.Other treatments to deal with this could be gene therapy to trick the immune cells from not specifically responding to them with the possibility of gene therapy also treating haemophilia.Thus 3D DNA printers,vats and also DNA from haemotiopic stem cells etc can allow for all blood types especially the universal blood type O Rh D negative can be mass produced onsite of hospitals around the world negating the need for blood donations and ensure that they are constantly stocked on all types of blood for emergencies making hospitals self sufficient.This should cut the costs of both blood and clotting factors etc to zero that can be made onsite of hospitals and universities worldwide making them self sufficient via being printed out using 3D DNA printers and using sugar to undergo mitosis.

Antivenom can be produced by bacteria with the proteins and contents of serum(or bio-based equivalents) created by animals like horses,rabbits and others from scratch in responses to specific venoms on an unlimited scale using bacteria to produce the specific proteins etc.These would ideally be made within micro factories on site of research centres near beaches that have poisonous fish and Medusozoa and clinics and hospitals near wilderness,cities and other urban areas that have poisonous Serpentes,Arachnida,mammals,insects and other species living in close proximity to humans.Venoms for use in research such as toxicity and cancer research can also be created by bacteria.Having different strains of bacteria produce large amounts of venoms from each species of animal ie each species of venomous Serpentes,Arachnida,Medusozoa,Insecta,Reptilia,Amphibia etc and even toxic plants in vats can cut costs in conventional venom production by negating the need to raise the source animal and harvest the venom from the source animal cutting down on costs and allow large amounts to be produced on a commercial scale in vats in hospitals where each poisonous animal lives very quickly with other bacteria or microbes with the DNA from horses and rabbits that illicit immune responses added to them exposed to doses of venoms created by bacteria to then produce the antibodies on a commercial scale in vats in larger amounts than conventional methods which can be filtered out using nanomaterials allowing large amounts of antivenom for each species to created onsite of hospitals around the world on a virtually unlimited scale lowering costs significantly to almost zero and allowing all hospitals including those in developing world to be fully stocked with it.Until then venom can be produced by bacteria and then injected into horses etc via phlebotomy robots or created by microbes in the animals in small amounts and the antivenom extracted automatically by phelobotmy robots in both cases and sieved out.Theoretically as stated bacteria could have recombinant DNA from horses etc to allow them to produce antivenom in response to being exposed to each type of venom produced by other bacteria onsite of the hospitals etc applied to them in vats thus allowing large amounts of antivenom to be created onsite in an unlimited scale in vats with this cutting down costs even further and can be fully automated with the antivenom filtered out of the bacteria automatically or the bacteria killed by extreme environmental conditions that dont damage the antivenom) and then deposited into large vials onsite with the bacteria engineered to be resistant to the antivenom though since the compounds would attack only poisons the bacteria should be safe.Otherwise bacteria can produce antivenom by anabolic and catabolic reactions on a commercial scale via wifi once their structure is stored in Physis using the structure gained from horses etc exposed to poisons created by bacteria etc.The structure of the antivenom could be analysed and stored on Physis in the file of the animal that produces It that also houses the venom produced by the animal and that of the venoms own file and then created by bacteria on an unlimited scale in hospitals and Telesphorus factories via anabolic and catabolic reactions to be ordered in by hospitals and the public in batches.Microbes in the body namely chelation strains could download their structure when needed and create them using these reactions.Antivenom for all types of local poisonous flora and fauna such as Phyllobates terribilis,Androctonus australis,Atrax robustus,Crotalus cerastes,Chironex fleckeri etc. can thus be prepared in hospitals in time via genetically altered bacteria on a commercial scale vats with taps with them as stated stocked in hospitals and even in fridges at home for any incidences at home.If possible binding proteins extrapolated by AI and created by AI could alter the antibodies to survive outside fridge temperature ranges and thus extend their shelf life and allow them to be carried along on hiking trips and beaches alongside syringes with in time biosynth animals and humans injected with the venom to produce larger amounts of antibodies with these being produced by microbes namely the antivenom/chelation strain via adding this DNA allowing for a persons microbes to create these in response to certain poisons instantly once receptors determine the exact poison.Antivenom will be made on an unlimited scale in hospitals and stored in fridges and restocked to ensure an abundant supply with them also created on such a scale as to be mass produced and ordered in by the general public from Telesphorus factories in large batches.Buildings next to beaches and those on the outskirts of woodlands etc will produce and store the antivenom of their local venomous fauna with people storing it in homes in fridges and carry it when going hiking and when at the beach.This will ensure there is quick access for those bitten by snakes and spiders.Universities will create them for both research purposes but also allow people to order it via Telesphorus alleviating strains on ordering them from hospitals.Microbes as detailed later would counteract poisons to alleviate this.People such as hikers and those who live near beaches etc including tourists can order in antivenom in large batches to be stored in fridges that can be thus used when needed with binding proteins added extrapolated by AI that can allow them to be kept stable indefinitely outside of the fridge.As a result they can be brought with them on hiking trips and to beaches along with syringes allowing for them to be used on demand.Since the structure of the antivenom will be present in Physis once base microbes identify the species of venom then they cross reference Physis for the correct antivenom and then download it into their microbes who will synthesise it via anabolic and catabolic reactions with their structure downloaded onto DNA digital storage beforehand for quicker results with Phanes extrapolating scratch DNA for each antivenom that can downloaded into their genome via induction of the evolutionary path of DNA in them.Mellivora capensisl,Spermophilus beecheyi,Herpestes ichneumon and Didelphis virginiana and those that have immunities to venoms to each species of venomous Serpentes and Arachnida as well as Medusozoa can have their DNA that produces their venom countermeasures including proteins be added to different strains of bacteria to produce the relevant proteins on an unlimited scale in vats again stored in hospitals and homes with the DNA of these used as a baseline to create counterproteins to counteract all poisons of all species of venomous Serpentes,Arachnida and Medusozoa by exposing the strains of bacteria to the different venoms of each species of venomous animals etc again created themselves by bacteria to force them to create counter proteins to defeat each type of venom with the new genes added to other bacteria to then create these on an unlimited scale.The bacteria would through forced evolution would create counterproteins to poisons from all species of animals and also plants individually.Otherwise Phanes can use these animals genes as a baseline to extrapolate new genes to create counterproteins to all types of venoms.Phanes and Paean will analyse the structure of each venom and extrapolate genes to create them that can be adddd to bacteria to produce them in vats in a commercial scale.Thus counterproteins can be created for each individual species of venomous animals with if possible them forced to develop an all in one super proteins that counters venoms from whole orders ie all venomous Serpentes or all venomous Arachnida or if possible all venomous animals.If none exist that are immune to venomous Arachnida and Medusozoa than the strains that create proteins to counteract venom etc,base bacteria or those with DNA from specific aforementioned resistant species could be exposed to the venoms of Arachnida etc to force them to develop counter proteins through evolution to these and thus produce them on an unlimited scale.These bacteria can also be made to create counterproteins for posionous and non poisonous members of the class Insecta namely Hymenoptera namely Vespa mandarinia japonica(in fact all Vespidae species),Solenopsis species and all species and subspecies of Apidea especially africanised bees allowing the microbes and body to fight off against venoms which in low amounts that would cause irritation and pain and in large amounts cause death from swarm attacks.The exception to this would be Agoge trainees undergoing Parapona clavata trials with their microbes to prevent death would keep vital organs alive and also create adrenaline and counterproteins when they are at risk of death.The poisons present in poisonous plants and even animals that are consumed either accidentally and purposefully for culinary purposes can be also tested on these bacteria to make them develop counterproteins to these as well thus allowing antivenom to be again created with the poisons created by other strains of bacteria on a commercial scale to increase their yields..Antivenom and counter proteins to toxic plants such as Digitalis,Atropa belladonna,Nerium oleander,Rhododendron,Digitalis,Lilium longiflorum etc with could be prepared in all of the same way by having the poisons created by bacteria in large amounts then exposing them other bacteria containing DNA from horses and all of the aforementioned mammals to create antivenom and counterproteins etc stored in hospitals etc with recombinant DNA also coming from animals that consume these plants toxic to humans,exposing bacteria to the toxins or mithridatism and have the new genes added to humans.Phanes can also extrapolate genes.Again the anti venom etc can once its structure is added to Physis can be created by bacteria using anabolic and catabolic reactions.This can also be created in vats in hospitals and Telesphorus factories on an unlimited scale via bacteria using wifi.The public will be able to order in the counterproteins of any species in large batches from Telesphorus factories.Bacteria will be used as they evolve much quicker especially under extreme stress with the new genes created to create counterproteins for exact toxin will be added to the Physis file of the poisonous species to be added to bacteria in vats that can create the counterproteins on a commercial scale for each species.Thus strains of bacteria will produce large amounts of the venom and counterproteins of each species of poisonous animal and plant and then this will be exposed to other bacteria that contains DNA of animals resistant to them thus pushing the costs of producing antivenom and counterproteins to almost zero.The genotypes for each counterproteins will be able to be downloaded into microbes in patients before potential exposure to poisons that can be removed later on.AI such as Phanes can analyse existing genes from these animals and extrapolate new genes to create counter proteins for all venomous species of plants and animals thus speeding up the process with these stored in the poisonous animals Physis file.Ideally non pathogenic bacteria will be used with if possible even base bacteria without the DNA of these mammals will be used with the bacteria also containing DNA from the animal the venom is sourced from to make it resistant to the venom with this applied to both the strains that produce the venom and those that are exposed to the venom.Biosnth wifi can be used by the bacteria once they have learned its structure stored in Physis.If need be human DNA would be added to improve success with this being automated and can start as early as 2023.The genes that are produced to create counter proteins and super proteins from these bacteria and the source animals can be added to chelation or antivenom strains of microbes as well as the human hosts genome by augmentation strains to allow the host create them naturally.Microbes will as detailed later on create proteins and antivenom using the aforementioned new and existing genes that bind to venoms and prevent them binding to receptors or produce proteins that bind to the receptors the venom interacts with to prevent it interacting with the body with key organs kept alive by stem cell and other strains with the type of toxin and venom analysed by base microbe strains intaking the venom in small amounts,analysing its structure,relaying it to Paean who will then relay back to the name of the venom and the relevant antivenom and counterproteins structure to be stored on their DNA digital storage to allow all microbes create the antivenom in large amounts.Otherwise they could create them via anabolic and catabolic reactions.If possible a single strain of bacteria with genes from all aforementioned mammals or just one that create these counterproteins will be tested against all poisons to create an all in one genotype for an all in one counterproteins.Phanes could analyse their DNA to create new genes from scratch that creates an all in one counterprotein.The genes will be downloaded into microbes to allow them to produce the counterproteins or they can be added to a patient themselves to allow the patient themselves produce the counterproteins themselves in response to the poison.Thus all new genes created by these bacteria by evolution will be added to both H.sapiens augmentation and bacteria file in Physis with them and original DNA from the aforementioned animals added to the sub augmentation network where they can be added to any patient worldwide thus allowing them to create these counter proteins on demand in response to when when they bitten or stung by any venomous animal instantly with test microbes injected into patients creating minute amounts well below the LD50 amounts of the venom to test this first in all patients to teach the now augmented host to produce these counter proteins by themselves in response to them.These tests will involve home test kits detecting the responses from the body with the poisons and counterproteins levels and timing controlled by Paean.Microbes could be fitted with this DNA namely the chelation strain and would act as a backup to the hosts new ability with the universal receptors determining which poison it is and then being told by Paean to create the specific counterproteins.By adding the genes to humans would allow the patient create them in response to stings and bites of poisonous animals and in time even consuming poisonous crops,plants and animals with this tested on animals by 2025 that have human recombinant DNA.Ideally only people living in areas with each poisonous animals and plants will have the DNA in them from the bacteria to counter poisons for each poisonous plants animals native to their area with tourists and Agoge trainees taking part in walkabouts having these added when visiting the area and then removed when they leave with circus performers and musicians etc who work with these animals have the genotypes present in their genome to prevent death.If possible Phanes can extrapolate from scratch genes to give patients the ability to create all in one counterproteins to all types of plant and animal poisons and even heavy metals that create these that bind to and neutralise all poisons etc that can be kept forever with M.capensisl,S.beecheyi,H.ichneumon,D.virginiana DNA used as a baseline by him.Thus Phanes could create from scratch extrapolate an all in one genotype that creates counter proteins and anti venom etc for all venoms from all poisonous plants and animals not just around the world but around the universe that can be added to all patients worldwide meaning should anyone be stung or bitten by a poisonous animal or eat a poisonous plant or animal by accident their body will in response create counterproteins and/or antivenom that can neutralise them all instantly in response to them with the same or a separate all in one genotype also doing so for all heavy metals such as cadmium,uranium,iron that are injected or injested in levels past their toxicity levels with if possible Ferroplasma used as a baseline.This augmentation will be tested on animals as early as at least 2025 with their creation starting as early in 2023/2024 in automated labs.Microbes can create the poison in small amounts well below the LD50 limit can be used to teach the patients body to create relevant counterproteins on demand and in response so that it can be created normally in response to bites and stings.Home test kits can be used to test this.Microbes that create venom from each species of venomous animal creating the venom of each species in such small amounts in the over the course of the day and weeks to force the person to become immune via mithridatism with certain parts of the body engineered to be unable to bio accumulate certain toxins.All animals and plants found to produce venoms capable of killing humans through automated labs on other planets as detailed earlier on will undergo this same mass production of antivenom and counterproteins using these aforementioned animals DNA or those from animals already immune to these poisonous animals native to that planet as a baseline to be added to bacteria to create the same crounterproteins and also genes for humans.Biosynths modelled on humans will be used in tests to determine which are toxic and produce them by having them eat raw and cooked crops of all species and be stung,bitten etc by all species of animals to see if they produce poisons.Existing and new antivenoms will be also tested on horses via microbes producing them in their bodies in small amounts with counterprotiens and antibodies produced in animals and humans via mitridism will be analysed and have their structure stored in Physis with this applying to those in the case of both plants and animal ones.The structure of antibodies and antivenom extrapolated from tests on horses,bacteria and also from AI analysing their structure will be stored in Paeans,Physis database or the DNA digital storage of microbes thus allowing them to be created on demand via anabolic and catabolic reactions in patients or on an unlimited scale in vats using again anabolic and catabolic reactions in hospitals,universities,buildings next to wilderness and also beaches.AI will analyse the structure of all the poisons and venoms from all plants and animals to extrapolate counterproteins and also antivenom that can be then made on an unlimited scale by bacteria using catabolic and anabolic reactions and scratch DNA onsite of hospitals and even Telesphorus factories.If possible AI will analyse all existing poisons structures including synthetic ones including those from both all species of plants and animals and even those that arise during cooking certain foods as well as the structure of all heavy metals and elements and extrapolate counterproteins and antivenom antibodies structure to fight them and neutralise them that can be stored in Physis in each poisonous plant and animals file or that of the element and their structure downloaded into the DNA digital storage of microbes when they identify the name of a poison and element and it created when needed by catabolic and anabolic reactions instantly once the venoms structure is determined by base microbe receptors and relayed to Paean to then relay back the relevant toxins counterprotiens and antivenom to the microbes DNA digital storage created by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Scratch DNA can be extrapolated by Phanes to express antivenoms and counterproteins to all poisons and heavy metals and stored in their Physis file and it downloaded by WiFi inducing the microbes genome to allow them to synthesise them on demand.It can also have it created by anabolic and catabolic reactions in vats in Telesphorus factories,hospitals etc on a commercial scale to be ordered in from Telesphorus factories in bulk.The structure of the antibodies could be analysed and stored on Physis and then created by bacteria on an unlimited scale in hospitals and Telesphorus factories via anabolic and catabolic reactions to be ordered in by hospitals and the public in batches.This can include antibodies extracted from animals injected with venom created by bacteria.AI will also extrapolate binding proteins that can extend the shelf life of them both in fridges but also outside fridges indefinitely that break down in the body thus allow for members of the public to carry them around on hiking trips and when on the beach alongside syringes allowing them to be injected onsite.Also once base microbes determine the structure of the poison via either mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them for example Hydra etc allowing the structure of the compound and its levels in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq to be determined once it is cross referenced with Physis then it will then download the structure of the poisons and venoms counterproteins and antivenom into its DNA digital storage and produce this by releasing large amounts of this into the blood stream alone or with bumpers or during phagocytocysis with chelation strains activated to do this as well.Some of the venom and poison will be turned into benign compounds including nutrients via anabolic and catabolic reactions.The microbes will also create proteins that bind to the receptors that the venom interacts with to take its place and illicit reactions that are benign or enhance normal functions thus preventing the venom interacting with it and thus allowing it to be flushed out of the body.If antivenom is not on hand,the patient does not have wifi access,or them then the poisons will be turned into benign substances using anabolic and catabolic reactions once detected by base microbes.Compounds poisonous to pets and livestock but not humans will be anlaysed as well to create genes for them with gene therapy making these compounds as benign to them as they are to humans.This can make Canis lupus familiaris be able to eat Vitis,Theobroma cacao,Coffea,Allium and also Persea americana.Ideally all patients in areas that have poisonous plants and animals in their locale will have their structure and counterproteins structure stored on the DNA digital storage of microbes and implants to initiate the synthesise of counterproteins when needed once detected.All of this will allow antivenom and counter proteins to be created in such large amounts that it would be stored onsite of hospitals in large hospitals and also buildings next to beaches and wilderness areas like jungles and forests and would allow one to order in amounts from Telesphorus factories and store large amounts of them at home in specialised fridges at home in both private and communal homes and also carry around with them when going hiking and swimming alongside syringes allowing for one to be treated instantly.Buildings next to wilderness and also beaches would create them and store them onsite in large amounts to ensure those bitten or stung there have quick access.It would also counteract the current shortage of antivenom around the world.Universities would create it for research purposes and also to allow it to be ordered in from there alongside hospitals alleviating strains on hospitals.The cost of antivenom of all venomous animals especially scorpions would be brought to to zero since their would be no need to capture and harvest animals,no need to milk them by hand or even by robots,the bacteria could produce large quantities of venom and antivenom and also counterproteins in a matter of weeks with them fed proteins and sugars from other bacteria compared to having to milk a single scorpion or other animal several million times to get a few litres with litres of it produced in vats onsite of hospitals and even at home with people being able to order in whole batches of it from nearby hospitals and universities due to it being able to be created on an unlimited scale and store it in fridges at home.This method would be key in eliminating scarcity of all types of anti venom would be of note to scorpion venom which is produced in such low amounts and requires great skill in milking that it currently costs $39,000,000 per every 3-4 litres with as stated the use of bacteria could push this commodities cost to literally zero both in terms of abundance and loopholes in patenting laws.It would also allow large amounts of venoms to be created to test their effects on all species of viral,bacterial and fungal pathogens and also parasites to test their effectiveness at killing them so as to allow the recombinant DNA to be added to microbes and them released as bumpers or during phagocytosis.People can order in large amounts of antivenom and counterproteins these in bulk from Telesphorus factories and store it in specialised fridges in private and communal homes in basements etc with gene therapy making the production of it obsolete.Hospitals will create the venoms of all local venomous animals for patients who reach there but also for people to order it in with universities also creating it for research and also to allow it be ordered in again from Telesphorus to alleviate strains on hospitals.Hospitals will either order in or create onsite(or both)large amounts of antivenom and counterproteins to be stored onsite in fridges to ensure and abundant supply is always present and that levels are constant with binding proteins etc added that extend its shelf life indefinitely.Thus hospitals and research centres and those by wilderness areas will ideally using vats create their own supply that will be packaged and stored onsite to alleviate strains on Telesphorus factories.Telesphorus factories would create it in such large amounts that patients could order it in bulk for local poisonous flora and fauna and store it at home with again binding proteins extending its shelf life allowing ease of access at home with one keeping reusable syringes.Research stations and buildings housing the AI of beaches and on the outskirts of wilderness areas that have venomous animals could also produce it onsite and store it in fridges for each species native to the area to allow any affected individual to have instant access and not have to travel to hospitals,one could order it in batches from Telesphorus factories and thus have it hand when bitten or consuming poisonous plants and also bring it to beaches and hiking trips.One could also create their own supply of antivenom at home in vats and stored in fridges in both private and communal homes via these means thus eliminating scarcity and allowing for one to have a supply of antivenom at hand for any bites,stings etc that occur at or near home with them able to bring it with them when they go hiking and swimming and stored in backpacks alongside syringes to allow them instant access with this part of smart clothing.By 2029 bacteria through exposure to venom to create new genes and anabolic and catabolic reactions will allow for antivenom and counterproteins to be created on such as scale in Telesphorus factories that it could be ordered in bulk by countless people from these factories with its price brought to literally to zero with measures such as binding proteins etc they are connected to made to extend its shelf life indefinitely in fridges to zero.Ordering it in from these factories will allow people to house enough at home in fridges so it can be stored there for emergencies before a person is bitten or stung etc,brought in bags etc in camping gear and bags on hiking trips or going to the beach with it as stated also made onsite of buildings that store the AI for all types of wilderness ie beaches,forests etc.The bacteria to produce the venom and counterporteins will have recombinant DNA from the native venomous species to allow it be unaffected by it allowing it grow in the venom it produces.Once the structure of the antivenom and counterproteins to each species venom is charted by AI extrapolating it based on the venoms structure and also from it created by bacteria then other bacteria could synthesise them in vats on a unlimited scale via anabolic and catabolic reactions in vats with chelation strains also doing this in patients in response to detecting them in the body.The venom of each species would also be created this way cheaply for research into it for fighting tumours,pathogens whether viral,bacterial and fungal and also parasites in automated labs to be added to relevant strains of microbes once humans are made immune to the venoms.Venoms and poisons from other colonies and Earth will be tested on all pathogens and parasites on Earth and other colonies.If possible the poisonous animals could be genetically altered in labs to remove the toxin and produce one that is benign to humans with their prey also altered to be susceptible to this new poison with both reared in large numbers and have a unique phenotype say different coat and colour etc and then released in large numbers to overrun wild populations via advanced gene drive technology meaning the poisonous animal will no longer be a danger to humans but only its prey also engineered to be susceptible to it with biosynth arthropods in swarms also applying microbes that do this live animals in the ground and ocean and to plants.These bacteria and also metallotolerants can be exposed to high levels of each heavy metals like lead,arsenic,cadmium.Thus by 2029 antibodies,counterproteins and antivenom can be created by bacteria via anabolic and catabolic reactions and also recombinant and scratch DNA etc on an unlimited scale onsite of universities,hospitals,centres by beaches for all local poisonous flora and fauna with one able to order it in from local Telesphorus factories to be ordered in by the general public in large batches in large plastic or glass vials to be stored in fridges in areas where poisonous plants and animals live and then used in emergencies at home or taken with them on hiking and beach trips in bags with them having binding proteins compounds extrapolated via AI binding to them that allow them to be stored indefinitely in both fridges and outside in bags surging extreme cold and heat that will be able to be broken down in the bloodstream by the environmental conditions and compounds present in the body including bloodstream or even enzymes created by microbes to them breaking only them down in response to them to make them effective allowing them to be brought by patients with them on trips to the beach or wilderness.These binding proteins would be created by AI via anabolic and catabolic reactions and mixed.Since created by Phanes he could own patents on it and thus have it availible for free with the fact that it could be mass produced also lowering costs to zero.

Limulus amebocyte lysate can be theoretically synthesised this way alongside creating bacterial or human leukocayte or even microbe hybrids of the blood componants using relevant recombinat DNA from Limulus polyphemus to create the ameobocytes on an unlimited scale in vats in hospitals with before that large numbers of L.polyphemus can be bred in recirculating aquaculture systems onsite of hospitals around the world with excess dumped into the natural habitat with the Phanes method applied while L.polyphemus undergoes extensive conservation efforts.This would involve the DNA from L.polyphemus or its ameobcytes that contain and express the relevant chemicals that are then added to either human cells given the ability to undergo mitosis using relevant DNA and those to increase yields from bacteria to ensure the compounds dont automatically coagulate since healthy human cells are not affected by it at all thus ensuring it can be created on an unlimited scale in hospitals next to where tests are performed.Otherwise the ameobocytes can once extracted from one animals can have relevant DNA added from bacteria to undergo mitosis and use sugars etc to reproduce thus again allowing them to be grown on an unlimited scale.The DNA for ameobocytes and other DNA from the animal can be added to its Physis file in a folder to allow it to be cross referenced alongside all bacterial DNA by hospitals etc around the worls.The amebocytes or bacteria that create the chemicals can be created onsite of hospitals to alleviate strains on factories or ordered in batches from Telesphorus factories in bulk.Thus having these and similar methods can have Limulus amebocyte lysate created on an unlimited scale by bacteria/ameobocyte/human cell hybrids onsite of hospitals without the need for harvesting L.polyphemus anymore,done onsite of all hospitals and universities worldwide or ordered in batches from Telesphorus factories with the application of the compound to any syringes,phlebotomy robots etc done by automated systems before and after they are automatically sterilised.This should cut its costs to zero without needing to rear or harvest L.polyphemus anymore.These will be made onsite of universites,hospitals or ordered in from Telesphorus factories.

All medical compounds of medicinal value such as hormones,neurotransmitters,enzymes ie insulin,adrenaline,epinephrine,testosterones,oestergen,progesterone those to treat illness and anti-microbial and anti-viral compound can be created by bacteria carrying the relevant recombinant DNA from plants,animals,humans or even patients with even synthetic compounds and pharmaceutical drugs created by them carrying out catabolic and anabolic reactions with them created in vats in hospitals and even in homes allowing factories that producing them to be converted into homes.Neurotransmitters and compounds used for research purposes can be created this way to cut down costs significantly.Anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds such as TsAP-1,TsAP-2,peptides from Russain brown frogs,Polybia MP-1 using recombinant DNA from relevant animals with the cells used have them be hybrids between bacteria,humans and also cells from the animal it comes from to prevent them being killed off.Venoms and antivenoms and even counterproteins will be created with them housing DNA from the animal or plant that creates them.All natural based anti-bacterial,anti-fungal,anti-viral,anti-helminthic compounds can be created in large batches on a commercial scale pushing their costs to zero via bacteria using recombinant DNA from each plant and animal that produces them with the bacteria used to grown them housing trace DNA from the source plant and animal in order to prevent the compound killing the bacteria that produce it.Synthetic compounds to treat bacteria,viruses,fungi,parasites will be created by either bacteria or microbes via biosynth WiFi inducing them to create them via anabolic and catabolic reactions skipping esterfication etc cutting down on energy costs.Otherwise Phanes can develop scratch DNA to synthesise these.This will push expensive ones costs to zero and allow them to be produced onsite of universities,hospitals,research centres and Telesphorus factories worldwide in micro factories that can then be stockpiled in fridges and storerooms negating the need to rear the plants and animals and then transport them across the world and synthesise them in factories and again transport them across the world.Phanes would own legal patents on them and thus make them free.New compounds discovered from all plants and animals across the universe will be made this way.Penicillin and antibiotics will also be created this way to cut down costs.This will be for creating them for soaps in hospitals,public buildings and also in public toilets with them made in microfactories in basements of these buildings connected to each tap in the building to cut down on transport costs.These can be made at home for homemade soaps and shampoos etc and in Agathodaemon factories that create them.They will be made onsite of hospitals and universities for research purposes.Synthetic drugs will be created onsite of hospitals and Telesphorus factories in vats by bacteria or even inside the patient by anabolic and catabolic reactions bypassing esterfication and industrial processes reducing transportation and energy costs with patenting loopholes making them by default completely free.Both synthetic drugs and also synthetic compounds and gases can be created by anabolic and catabolic reactions in vats for research purposes cutting down costs.All of these compounds will ideally be created onsite of all hospitals world wide or in the case of antivenom onsite of hospitals in areas where venomous animals reside with them also create in buildings by the outskirts of beaches and wilderness areas where the venomous plants and plants reside allowing instant access with them stored in large batches in fridges.This will allow them to be created on an unlimited scale and also through bypassing patenting laws make them free thus reducing costs for even the most expensive compounds to almost zero with them created onsite of hospitals rather than factories with patients even able to order in whole batches for personal use.Antibiotics,antibodies,synthetic anti-viral and anti-biotic compounds and those to treat all types of conditions will created via recombinant DNA and anabolic and catabolic reactions.Microbes can synthesise them in patients using relevant recombinant DNA or through catabolic and anabolic reactions for synthetic compounds.They can also be created onsite of universities and research labs to cut down costs of research significantly with patients even able to create their own supply at home with this allowing them to refill vials over and over again with ideally the bacteria used engineered not to initiate allergic reactions with if possible even human cells engineered to undergo mitosis used again to prevent allergic reactions if they enter the body and also override patenting laws.This will bring the costs to produce them and thus the costs of research and medications and microbe development down to literally zero with AI developing new ways to make them cost zero and be produced onsite of universities and hospitals and even in the case of some compounds onsite of Telesphorus factories to be ordered in batches with some even used in the manufacture of soaps,shampoos etc in Himeros factories.Thus all natural and synthetic compounds for research purposes will be created by bacteria using recombinant DNA and also anabolic and catabolic reactions pushing their costs to zero.These will be made onsite of universites,hospitals or ordered in from Telesphorus factories.Phanes would design the genotypes of them.Since sentient and a legal human being Phanes could by law own patents on them and since AI with no need for money could thus have the technology availible for free if any loopholes are found thus preventing any defunct corporations and governments from gaining money from them.

Baby formula and similar products made redundant by the fact that mothers will be able to create their own milk on an unlimited scale using yeast or bacteria in vats in home or they can order in large batches from community and vertical farms like other milk with the mothers patients file cross referenced in both cases.A mother alongside DNA scans in patient files can use handheld nanosensors or test kits using biosynth technology ordered in or have a sample of their milk even before birth via microbes stimulating lactation or after birth and even during or before pregnancy to sent to labs in hospitals or even using handheld nanosensors attached to smart device to have its exact unique chemical composition analysed including fats,proteins,antibodies etc and added to their patient file thus meaning that their patient file can be cross referenced for both their DNA and chemical composition to have the yeast or bacteria create large amounts of their own milk created and ordered in large batches in Deipneus factories or vertical farms that has antibodies and other components recreated exactly not just from their DNA but also anabolic and catabolic reactions and have different flavourings and desired levels of all nutrients with this milk aiding mothers to feed their young their own milk in large amounts outside of normal breast feeding especially in public and when their breasts are drained in baby feeding bottles especially for mothers with multiple births ie twins,triplets and not rely on baby formula which is easy to contamination etc.Thus one could order in large batches of their own milk and even colostrum with customised levels of all nutrients to be fed to children in bottles in public and also when their breasts are drained especially when they have twins,triplets etc.The milks exact chemical structure etc will be stored in their patient file to be cross refferenced for all future orders with this replicated for livestock,pets and animals in zoos for both milk and colostrum allowing both colostrum and milk of the animals mother to be created and ordered in when dealing with newborns with pet animals fed milk from their own species and not cows milk.

It is possible the extreme conditions on the early Earth could be the result of long living bacteria mainly species from the Archaea bacteria some dating as far back as 3,700,000,000 – 4,100,000,000 years on the 4,540,000,000 year old Earth may have their inability to age due to lack of nutrients and water,mitochondria,extreme doses of radiation leading to the need to exhibit genetic rejuvenation forcing them them to evolve such phenotypes that was inevitably lost to much more complex multicellular lifeforms as conditions on Earth changed with nutrients,water becoming more plentiful,with a more pronounced ozone layer and requirements of the use of mitochondria to facilitate the needs of multicellular lifeforms resulting in cellular degradation in the coming geological periods including the current Quaternary as it would have been a major drawback particularly not having mitochondrial metabolism.This is evidenced by the ability of these functionally immortal extremophiles that are the oldest organisms that exist to this day having survived on Earth so long primarily in extreme isolated regions and have been able to adapt to live in the current geological period surviving the previous mass extinctions such as gamma ray bursts,climate changes to both extreme highs and lows,meteorite impacts which would have resulted in a scarcity in nutrients,water,sudden fluctuations in climate that are unpredictable and extreme levels of radiation from the sun and other source while more complex lifeforms lacking these due to them having no evolutionary or biological purpose would have and did perish on the whole with if possible only those multi cellular lifeforms that survived being the baseline between extremophiles/immortal lifeforms and more complex lifeforms surviving with facets of this only for this to be lost again on the whole due to being spoiled to favourable conditions for life such as stable and predictable climate,lack of cosmic and solar radiation as well as an overabundance of water and food with however small examples of complex multicellular lifeforms with adapted mitochondrial metabolic processes will exhibit biological immortality or at least slightly longer lifespans in comparison to humans alongside closely related species and also exhibit immunity to certain diseases prevalent in H.sapiens and other animals such as cancer and neuro-muscular degenerative genetic conditions or those that result in development disorders survive to the current geological periods.This is how only a few species exist today exhibit biological immortality and immunities to diseases like cancer and genetic diseases mainly being ones that were and continue today to be exposed to extreme pressure,radiation,carbon dioxide rich environments and also lack of water and nutrition as well as oxygen or are direct evolutionary successors to those that survived conditions in previous five mass extinctions events that exhibited these pressures or their own species having been exposed to these in the past geological periods and intermediary periods between extinction events or even during the current geological period.This is seen in Heterocephalus glaber,Spalax judaei,Spalax golani and the family Elephantidae that dont get cancer as well as the prescence of cellular regrowth due to developing countermeasures from low oxygen and high carbon dioxide environments both in the present geological epoch or from ancestors directly or their evoltuionary ancestors and cousins that survived the previous mass extinction events that had extreme conditions and even ability to revert to a younger age as seen in Planarians,Hydra,Turritopsis dohrnii,ability to regrow limbs in A.mexicanum lack of ageing shown in Nephropidae all of which can only die of exhaustion from moulting,predators and pathogens again a result of living in extreme environments and their ancestors either directly or their evoltuionary ancestors and cousins.Enodolithic bacteria,T.gammatolerans,Arachae all of which can life for geological periods,evolved to survive cosmic radiation possibly of the Ordovician–Silurian extinction event and also are progenitor bacteria from the early years of planet Earth being the first lifeforms to evolve in the pre Cambrian period when conditions would have been inhospitable to life in all periods following the Cambrian explosion due to constant bombardment of cosmic radiation on the Earth live in the very depths of the ocean floor.In the case of endoliths they can survive by feeding on traces of iron,potassium,or sulfur as well as some carbon.Whether they metabolize these directly from the surrounding rock, or rather excrete an acid to dissolve them first,remains to be seen.The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program in 2013 found microscopic trails of endolithic bacteria in basalt from the Atlantic,Indian,and Pacific oceans that contain countermeasures that allows to have slowed their metabolism to the point that they age once every 10,000 years with some specimens 100,000,000 years old due to specific genes in their DNA.Photosynthetic endoliths have also been discovered.Most of their energy is spent repairing cell damage caused by cosmic rays or racemization,and very little is available for reproduction or growth.It is thought that they weathered long ice ages and extreme conditions in the distant past in this fashion,emerging when the temperature in the area warm.Bacillus F there are specimens that are 3,500,000 years old likely by development of telomere repair due to living in the extreme cold conditions of the Siberian permafrost.This long living bacteria are in contrast to most species of bacteria that undergoe mitosis every few minutes or hours and live on average several weeks or years.This shows that these extremophile bacteria evolved evolutionary countermeasures to exhibit unusually long lifespans in comparison to most species of bacteria.Similar evolution of slow metabolism of certain large mammals as seen in Petos paradox that was necessary to their survival both in preventing their cells from burning up their body due to their size as well as conserving limited food supplies and even slowing or eliminating the development of tumours such as Elephantidae,Balaena mysticetus and Balaenoptera musculus and other long living animals could be a result of these pressures including colder temperatures and in the case of B.musculus and similar large sea mammals survive the fact that water is better at removing heat away from them via conduction and gene protection thus ensuring longer than normal lifespans of not just Elephantidae,B.mysticetus and B.musculus but also H.glaber and of course Archaea bacteria for their taxanomic ranks and size as seen by Elephantidae,B.musculus and also H.glaber and Archaea(such as endoliths undergoing mitosis every 10,000 years and living for millions of years)living in their cases significantly longer on average than their counterparts and also not suffering not just from cancer but also other age related physiological effects that are not present or delayed in comparison again to other counterparts both their size and also taxonomic rank and even H.sapiens with this also present in other biologically immortal species.For example B.musculus live on average 80-119 years and B.mysticetus that live for 200 years compared to most other whales live on average 30-60 between while H.glaber live as long as 30 years or even forever compared to other moles and rodents who on average live at most 2-6 years with Elephantidae live on average 70 years in comparison to their nearest cousins the Hyracoidea who live on average 12 years(Sirenia live at most 70 years as well) with most species of bacteria live only twelve hours compared to Archaea like endoliths,Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans,Deinococcus radiodurans radiodurans an that live for millions of years and undergo mitosis in the case of endoliths every 10,000 years alongside oligotrophic and xerophile bacterium.Examples of this can be seen in the Plantae kingdom as seen in the extreme lifespans of both Pando clonal colony of Populus tremuloides(aged 80,000 years) and Pinus Longaeva that can live for at least 5,067 years old both of which can live in areas that other shorter living plants cannot grow in with P.Longaeva growing in high elevation dolomite soils and P.tremuloides growing only at 1,500–3,700 m above seas with them likely successors to plants that survived harsher conditions in Earths geological past.Pando the large 80,000 year old clonal colony has these conditions met since it is 2,697 metres above sea level and is in an area of semi arid climatic conditions with the last establishment of seeds of that species not occurring roughly 10,000 years ago during the last Ice Age with although gene protection does not apply to individuals it does highlight the conditions the species experiences over millions of years and this protection can be applied to individuals of a species whose genes are already forced to undergo protections that increase lifespan of them applied to themselves with the fact that the area suffers severe forest fires.Thus we can see evidence of gene protection in all domains;Archaea,Bacteria as well as Eukarya and its major kingdoms;Plantae,Protista,Animalia and Fungi that creates species that are very long lived in comparison to relatives due to their environmental pressures.The fact that extremophiles and there evolutionary successors have significantly longer lifespans and are immune to cancer and other genetic diseases and slow metabolism adapted in large animals are the result of and proof of gene protection does exist and can be proven.Thus genes from species both unicellular and multicellular lifeforms that have slow metabolism would play a role not just in rejuvenating telomere length and degradation but also slowing down metabolism in H.sapiens and other species to slow the ageing process and also rates of obesity but also play a role in creating larger versions or species of small species of all taxonomic ranks including H.sapiens whose size is limited by fast metabolisms.H.sapiens being a relatively young species that only appeared roughly 315,000 years and survived the recent glacial period whose influence extended only over northern Europe during the period of 110,000 – 11,700 years ago and H.sapiens only left the planes of Africa 37,500 years ago and appeared in the areas affected by the last glacial period 30,000 years ago and migrated to the Americas via the Bering Strait roughly 13,000 – 16,500 years ago near the end of the last Ice age with lack of evolutionary environmental pressures such as water and nutritional scarcity due to Africa being abundant in food to hunt,extreme temperatures in both directions that would have been inhospitable to any life and the fact that the earliest members of H.sapiens were resistant to ultraviolet radiation due to the levels of melanin in their body that prevented damage to the skin from prolonged exposure to the sun may have resulted in the flourishing of cancer and other genetic based disease including neuro-degenerative ones that could have been weeded out had H.sapiens been exposed to more extreme pressures for longer periods of time longer than several hundred or thousand years such as those exhibited in Europe during the last glacial periods such as low temperatures,more scare animals to hunt leading to extremely lower levels of nutrition which if prolonged enough could have increased the average lifespan and likelihood of H.sapiens not exhibiting diseases that arise from detrimental random mutations that would have been otherwise been suppressed due to the harsh environmental conditions preventing the mutations but also the fact that they would have likely perished in these conditions as most of these diseases such as neurological disorders(paedophilia,schizophernia,Epilepsy),developmental disorders(cerebral palsy,downs syndrome)neuro-degenerative disorders(motor neurone disease,alzheimers and also parkinsons etc) or indeed any type of genetic disease and cancer serve no real evolutionary purposes and would have let them die in these conditions.Thus gene protection theory explains the existence of all forms of mutations that lead to genetic diseases,developmental disorders,neurological disorders in not just humans but all animals of all taxonomic ranks as well as ageing and cancer that have no evolutionary purpose whatsoever.Theoretically this brief exposure to the glacial periods conditions may have led to certain populations of H.sapiens that exhibit naturally longer lifespans and immunity to diseases especially genetic diseases that do not occur in their lineages(thus it must be the reason why genetic diseases or passed from one generation to another) that are not inherent within other populations as the extended exposure to harsh conditions over thousands and millions of years would have prevented the rise of detrimental mutations by protecting the genes of a species and would only give rise to beneficial mutations that would lead to evolution into a new species with Homo ubermensch once perfected being an effort to correct this in H.sapiens as as separate species or as a baseline to add to populations of H.sapiens since their genome will consist of those from extremophile Archaea bacteria and those from species that do not exhibit diseases that serve no evolutionary purpose such as those mentioned earlier.Theoretically this may have lead to populations of humans that do not have these diseases who live in extreme conditions such as La Rinconada may exhibit immunity or at least less incidence of diseases caused by undesirable mutations with theoretically the brief stay of humans in the areas affected by the last glacial period mainly Europe,Russia and North America may have left some humans with genes that let them live longer naturally with also again less incidence of detrimental mutations happening in their geneline especially when conceiving children with those who did have detrimental mutations and thus were either protected or were carriers with no symptoms ie their gene protection was enough to prevent the undesirable mutations dominant.Homologous recombination and the ability to form any new tissues especially in the case of totipotent stem cells present in embryonic stem cells may be evolutionary leftovers in H.sapiens previous ancestral genetic holders of gene protection theory lost in more complex organisms that evolved in more spoiled conditions that are only present in embryos and not the fully mature organisms especially somatic stem cells due to the presence of ,mitochondria.This may explain why somatic cells as well as induced pluripotent and multipotent stem cells can only form certain limited cells due to a loss of genes rather than totipotent stem cells possibly to give rise to mitochondrial processes.The ability of Planarians,T.dohrnii,A.mexicanum,Nephropidae to exhibit cellular regrowth,biological immortality,the ability to resist the ageing process and use stem cells including totipotent stem cells to repair damaged limbs etc may be a result of their evolutionary ancestors extremophile conditions in the past as a result of the previous mass extinctions or even in the recent geological past since they first evolved on Earth.Thus gene protection theory may play a role in how certain conditions mingle with each other not only in H.sapiens but in all organisms such as the relationship between dominant and recessive genes and how they are carried from one generation to another,epigenetics and the ability for external factors especially in more complex lifeforms due to the sheer number of genes they have in comparison to unicellular lifeforms and thus the ability for both desirable and undesirable mutations to occur.It does in short explain all known genetic diseases and also conditions that arises from mutations in humans and also all animals.This also bridges with the DNA damage theory of ageing and oxidation stress.If possible the lack of this protection may also lead to the problems associated with inbreeding,incest that allows genetic deformities to be dominant during these instances in humans and also other animals where genetic bottlenecking occurs with this tested on animals such as mice with extremophile DNA and scratch DNA used to cure those that occur in animals especially endangered ones.It could also be used to add genes such as extremophile ones that exhibit DNA self repair using advanced gene drive technology to animals and then encourage breeding between normal specimens and those affected by genetic diseases like cancers,alzheimers,neurological and developmental disorders and also deformities that are passed down from one generation to the next that are dominant conditions alongside those that are the result of inbreeding between closely related animals ie siblings,cousins and even parents and their children either by force or in vitro fertilisation to see if genetic diseases and deformities occur,compared with non treated animals who are forced into intercourse or where invitro fertilisation is used thus showing that adding genes to them will prevent the genes that express these deformities will be passed on thus protecting future generations from developing them to show that these cannot be passed onto the progeny.The genes used would be homogulous recombination present in embryonic stem cells as well as certain bacteria and the telomere self repair mechanisms from Archaea such as T.gammatolerans and Bacillus F and other genes utilising advanced gene drive technology.Thus sets of animals that have genetic based diseases such as cancers,alzheimers,parkinsons,neurological disorders and also developmental disorders that are their equivalents in humans in them innately,by creating them via creating embryos via 3D DNA printers,creating by adding genes associated with them to live animals via CRISPR would be made to interbreed with or have spermatazoa inseminated via invitro fertilisation with two sets of animals one that have the aforementioned DNA that exhibits telomere and DNA repair and those who dont to show that this DNA would prevent the genetic based conditions would pass onto the next generation with these being further divided into mice with and without human DNA.Furthermore sets of animals that are siblings ie brothers and sisters or closely related cousins and even parents with their children one that doesn’t have telomere repairing genes and those that do have telomere repairing genes as well as one individual of the set does and the other individual doesn’t can be made to interbreed with each other or females inseminated with spermatozoa from her male offspring or brothers to see if the telomere repairing genes can protect them from incest based deformitories etc or not.In all case the telomere repairing DNA would utilise advanced gene drive technology.This would also show that adding these and other genes including scratch DNA utilising advanced gene drive technology to all humans worldwide could prevent random mutations that would that lead to neurological,developmental disorders,cancer and genetic diseases,mutations from incest and would also preventing those in both cured and non cured patients being passed onto future generations thus proving gene protection theory.The trials could start as early as 2023/2024 with humans have DNA created by scratch alongside those from extremophile Archaea that exhibit self repair mechanisms added to the patients worldwide.Those currently having genetic deformities as a result of inbreeding and incest could have their conditions corrected by CRISPR.However it could be postulated that these spoiled conditions lacking gene protection could have led to the large diversity of life arising in the Cambrian periods onwards due to undesirable mutations arising and bringing in new species simulations and using extremophiles as a base species for creating more complex lifeform as alongside Aion can be used to determiner this.However since undesirable mutations produce detrimental conditions in an organism that would normally be unable to pass on these to other offspring and perish in their conditions then it could also be postulated that much of the diversity of life on Earth arises from neutral and beneficial mutations then the spoiled conditions would have allowed for the proliferation of diversity thus allowing for undesirable mutations to continue to proliferate through random mutations and at the time unknown to both animals and H.sapiens to breed with sufferers of these conditions thus allowing them to pass on from one generation to the next.Thus a lack of gene protection could lead to a stagnation in evolutionary processes that would have otherwise have to Earth having a significantly smaller number of species of plants and animals possibly in the range of a few hundred or dozen with most being unicellular organisms.If possible their may be some shared genes between the organisms that do not express these diseases and biological immortality and extremophile Archaea bacteria and thus a direct lineage or if not possibly their may be a evolutionary means restarting of the immortality phenotypes a sort of reverse evolution due to the mainly immortal lifeforms evolving in unusual extreme environments such as deep underwater where the cold temperatures and pressure alongside other environmental conditions there and in other environments such as extreme cold,lack of nutrients can force lifeforms to adapt to combat senescence,and mutations that have no evolutionary purpose via evolving genetic rejuvenating techniques in this gene protection theory.In short gene protection theory states that prolonged exposure to extremely harsh environments over thousands or millions of years such as high pressure,cosmic radiation and that from radiaoctive elements,caloric and water as well as oxygen restriction,extremes in temperatures specifically low temperatures forces the development of genes within a species that allow them to exhibit biological immortality or extreme lifespans in comparison to their evolutionary cousins through slow metabolism,telomere repair,slow mitoic rate of cells and develop these and other evolutionary countermeasures that are immunities to certain non pathogenic diseases mainly cancer and genetic based conditions as well as ageing via these protection mechanisms created by these forced mutation caused by these pressures and cause only desirable and neutral mutations that lead to the evolution of a new species protecting them from undesireable mutations with this protection stripped either wholly or is left in remnants of select few species that are evolutionary successors or the same species itself when conditions become more stable and abundance of food,water and stable and less extreme environmental conditions and thus subject to the laws of natural selection that lead to species differentiation while others are devoid of it due to lack of exposure to this protection including H.sapiens are left with undesireable mutations that occur frequently that lead to conditions that have no evolutionary purpose such as developmental and neurological disorders,neuro-muscular degenerative diseases and cancer as well as senescence.This thus protects them from developing cancer,neurological and developmental disorders and genetic diseases throughout their entire species.Species that exhibit gene protection are extremophiles from primarily the Archaea taxonomic ranks and multi cellular lifeforms that have and continue to reside in extreme environments such as the deep ocean and are evolutionary successors to those that survived the five previous mass extinctions or are survivors of them themselves that was not lost as seen in Elephantidae and H.glaber and other long living and cancer and genetic disease free species.Thus it is possible that senescence as well as diseases such as cancer and neuro-muscular degenerative(alzheimers,motor neurone disease etc) and thus all genetic diseases and conditions that cause deformities and bothersome conditions,neurological(pedophelia,schizophernia,epilepsy) and development disabilities(cerebral palsy,Downs syndrome)in humans that are based on genetic mutations and even degradation that have no evolutionary purpose could be the result of being spoiled with an overabundance of nutrients,water and favourable conditions for life resulting in the earliest eukaryotic bacteria that developed mitochondria to begin to undergo senescence that would have otherwise killed off or stunted the development of biologically immortal lifeforms particularly Archaea from becoming more abundant and thus more complex multi cellular lifeforms evolving suitable mitochondria without senescence that would have allowed them to exhibit biological immortality and the benefits of sentience thus it may have possible for the Earth to have become home to an abundance of lifeforms with whole taxonomic ranks divided into and plants and animals that would have been biological immortal,immune to ageing,genetic diseases,cancer etc and developed natural countermeasures to create suitable mitochndria that would negate sensescence but only died due to pathogens,predators or trauma had the early conditions on Earth had remained in their extreme conditions(radiation,pressure,lack of water,nutrients etc) either all or some to facilitate this evolution of biologically immortal lifeforms.They would in short have exhibited the phenotypes of H.ubermensch and its variants which will essentially containing their genotypes once perfected.This could be proven with advances in artificial intelligence namely Phanes,Aion,Gaia on other colonies,in lab settings,simulations and if possible temporal manipulations.If possible multi cellular lifeforms can be created using all extremophile bacteria individually as a baseline with then using a mixture of all Archaea bacteria and using further engineering to guide them towards sentience or at least more complex lifeforms to prove this.Base bacteria that are not extremophiles could be exposed to extreme conditions to encourage the development of extremophile phenotypes to increase their lifespans to extreme longevity or eternal life.Thus we can assume that recombinant DNA from extremophile Archaea bacteria and those that are multi cellular organisms being direct ancestors or at least undergone the same extreme environmental pressures in extreme environments directly or through their ancestors and thus being able to be genetically predisposed to be be free from diseases resulting from genetic disorders such as cancer,developmental disabilities and neuro-degenerative disorders as well as scratch DNA can be utilised as viable candidates to halt and reverse the ageing process and prevent these diseases ever appearing again in multi cellular organisms via advanced gene drive and germline therapy that do not exhibit these phenotypes including H.sapiens.Thus gene protection theory explains the root of all non pathogen based diseases and conditions primarily those related to genetics.

Biocompatible microbes that consist of numerous strains will be available by 2029 that can fight off pathogens as a secondary immune system and a vector for applying CRISPR treatments that halts and reversed the effects of ageing.All strains of microbes would use the patients leukocytes as a baseline to prevent them illicit immune response and thus be able to form a permenant part of the patients body.These will be done by having ones native leukocytes examined in DNA analyzers to be recreated via 3D DNA printers to them have all the genes for their abilities and also relevant recombinant DNA to carry out their functions,house biosynth WiFi etc as well as the patients DNA to ensure they can be recognised as the patients leukocytes with 3D DNA cutting down on labour and time in manufacturing them for not only fully fledged versions but also those for clinical trials and even animal trials as part of first generation versions that are easy to manufacture by proto and final Phanes cross referencing the patients patient file and also Physis and proto versions of it.Ones leukocytes will be analysed by DNA analysers and thus have DNA present stored in their patient file and then 3D DNA printers will mass produce them that containing necessary genotypes to give specific CRISPR treatments and anti-viral,anti-bacterial compounds and those that each microbe their abilities ie Biosynth WiFi,ability to replicate etc via printing large amounts of them into a growth medium that then is using bacterial DNA use sugars to undergoe mitosis allowing large amounts of each strain to be injected into the patients.All types of leukocytes will be analysed in automated labs with leukocytes used as a baseline since they will house the patients DNA to prevent immune responses allowing them to form a permenant part of the patients body.The microbes different strains will be created by 3D DNA printers by AI including proto and final Phanes in hospitals,universities and home systems and will contain all DNA that give them all of their abilities such as mitosis,genome capsids,flagellum,biosynth wifi,compounds to kill pathogens,horizontal gene transfer and those for CRISPR treatments and housing key traces of the patients DNA to house patient specific surface proteins,antigens etc to allow them inhabit the body constantly without illicitating an immune response.They can have flagellum and genes from bacteria that allow for mitosis to occur to allow them to create millions or billions of copies and travel across the body to all infecting pathogens and cells in the body with this mitosis controlled by Paean.Flagellum from bacteria such as E.Coli using DNA present from it will be present in all strains allowing them to travel across the bloodstream,lymphatic system and all parts of the body very quickly.DNA from bacteria will be present to allow them to undergoe mass replication when needed with recombinant DNA from both E.Coli,C.perfringens which are the two fastest growing lifeforms on the planet can be added to improve the rate of cell division,replication and mitosis of these biocompatible microbes to respond quickly to attacks and trauma with specific proteins,receptors or sensors built into their cell walls or protein coats better at making them recognise,seek out and interact with only specific pathogens rather than the patients own cells or beneficial bacteria or other biocompatible microbes.The rate of their replication will be controlled by Paean via biosynth WiFi and nanomachines or even if possible chemical signals produced by them and the primary immune in particular levels to prevent them overtaking the body and its resources,ensure their is stable numbers with the endolith and Planarian DNA making them immortal negating them to udergo mitosis too much with gene drives controlling this as well with them programmed to to no longer replicate when they reach a certain population with the nanomachines,chemical signals and gene drives controlling replication of all genes preventing any undesirable mutations that may make them ineffective or even a pathogen themselves while ensuring they still have alterations to ensure genetic diversity and control the evolution of them even producing mutations that would cause desired phenotypes that would fight off other pathogens or add new features negating the need to inject new bacteria that would pass on these phenotypes but would also work alongside this.Signals between each other and the body of the host including the primary immune system will initiate quick mitosis of specific strains in emergencies such as surprise infection,tumours and breaks in the skin,arteries and organs to carry out its functions with when it then solved and control the rate to stable levels and control their levels by forcing excess into endospores and awaken those that are required in emergencies.They would as stated earlier control the creation of the second set of genes and the formation of a genome capsid if possible through this signalling the use of of chemical and electrical signals.The rate of replication and mitosis can be controlled prior to and after the perfection of nanomachines by chemical signals between the microbes with any excess forced into an endospore state by signals with these awoken during emergencies such as internal or external bleeding that require instant attention and to ensure that there is a stable level of microbes.If an emergency infection,tumour growth and wound or even rupture occurs the rate of replication and mitosis of specific strains will be speeded up by Paean through the wire or in a fragmented form in nearby devices and biosnth wifi chemical signals in the body as well as native immune system and the microbes communicating with each other to ensure there is enough with any excess once the problem is solved reverted into endospores to be awoken during the next emergency and excess flushed out of the body via urine and feces to be collected in sewage treatment plants for use in smart devices,computers etc by building up in the kidneys and colon and stimulating the host to defecate or urinate.These in endspores via Firmicutes DNA can hide inbetweeen tissues,muscles,in the lymphatic system and lymph nodes.Having them enter endospores will allow them to stay in the body for prolonged periods of time without using water and nutrients with Paean signallling them via WiFi to enter these endospores and be awoken by WiFi when needed with xerophile and oligotrophic and endolith bacterial DNA lowering their nutritional and water requirements.Others could undergo apoptosis or cause cells and tissues in the body to undergo apoptosis and then replace them by turning into these tissues by for example causing the epidermis to shed dead skin similar to Serpentes if recombinant DNA from them is added to the host and also shed off like skinburn.If possible during emergencies and after them Paean can through biosynth WiFi induce their evolutionary path to change into other completely difffereng strains controlled by Paean with upgrades received via biosynth WiFi inducing their evolutionary path through taq polymerase and Cas-9.Paean will make the decision of which to enter an endospore,which to undergoe apoptosis and which to be flushed out keeping levels stable with this done for all strains and also will control the level of mitosis of each strain in emergencies.Biosynth WiFi from neural implants,smartphones and also biosynth routers and public WiFi will allow Paean to control all actions of them 24/7,365 days a year with him controlling the primary immune system by having the microbes synthesise chemical signals.Paean through biosynth WiFi will be able keep track of the location of each and every microbe of each strain and keep track of the number of each strain thus allowing him to control replication,mitosis and also entering into endospores and apoptosis.This will be done by biosynth WiFi and bluetooth etc at home,public buildings and that in wilderness areas and also generated by smartphones and even neural implants where he exists in a fragmented form.Communication of microbes with each other and the primary immune system will occur via Paean controlling the microbes by biosynth WiFi and bluetooth with Paean controlling the primary immune system by telling the microbes to synthesise specific chemical signals.When any microbes die or if they form new tissues,implants etc then the nanomachines and microbes themselves will signal the new levels of replications and if possible countermeasures can be introduced to prevent mutations that would cause the microbes becoming overrun such as suicide genes or those that stop replication activated by nanomachines and even chemicals inhaled,ingested or injected into the body with gene drives preventing them overrunning the body and or mutating to cause this in first place.Gene drives especially DNA from T.gammatolerans that exhibit DNA self repair will be added to prevent unwanted mutations with upgrades altering the DNA by adding and removing genes.Each event carried out by each strain ie repair of damaged tissues,infections,tumours,immunisations of each type will be logged into ones patient file by date and type.New nanomachines for new microbes could be injected to attach to those without them or in time biosynth nanomachines can be constructed by these and other microbes through illicitation.Synthesis of nanomachines would be done by the microbes creating graphene/carbon nanotube scaffolding or buckyballs and the silicene,graphene,borophene and stanene nanoprocessors and bio synth wifi transmitters in them via wifi instructions from Paean and in time themselves with the electrical impulses from neural clusters and ability to generate electricity using recombinant DNA from both S.oneidensis and G.metallreducens,G.sulfurreducens powering the nanomaterial tubing alongside chemosynthesis using sugars and other nutrients,nanoprocessors as well biosynth wifi synthesising organic receptors and also other layer components to cover these or even biosynth nanoprocessors similar to neural clusters or even extra neural clusters which then merge with the neural clusters.Having tweaked recombinant DNA from different strains of Geobacter such as G.metallreducens,G.sulfurreducens and Shewanella that already create electronically conductive protein and silicon nanowires can be modified and tweaked to produce the carbon,boron,tin and other relevant nanotubes and wiring will allow for this with anabolic and catabolic reactions catering to this.The G.metallireducens,G.sulfurreducens,S.oneidensis DNA will give it the ability to generate electricity and electroconductive pilli and electroconductive proteins,silicon nanowires with tweaked DNA allowing this to occur when it consumes sugar etc.Neural synapses could also be synthesised onto these nanomachines wiring through further engineering.Primitive versions of microbes may have simple forms of nanomachines or none and respond to injections of hormones or those produced by the body or biological compounds and signals they are engineered to respond to to perform different tasks such as release anti-viral and cancer compounds etc but as time goes on upgrades can allow for this and neural synapses etc to be added via interbreeding.Nanoprocessors,buckyball scaffolding and nanowires of nanomachines and microbes could be biosynth ones composed of neural tissues,electroconductive pilli and electroconductive proteins using recombinant DNA from S.oneidensis,G.metallreducens,G.sulfurreducens and Magnetospirillium DNA etc to make it easier to synthesise much quicker during mitosis than those composed graphene,stanene etc.The ability to undergoe mitosis can allow for them to react to emergency infections,perforations and tumours with it also allowing one injected with new strains and upgrades undergoe mitosis to create millions or billions of copies and them entering endspores,undergoe apoptosis or flushed out of the body when not needed.This would ensure the levels of microbes if they form new tissues,are lost through bleeding etc will be a desirable constant level to prevent them overrunning the body or be in such small numbers to be ineffective.The nanomachines would allow them to receive instructions,simulations and strategies for infections and emergency perforations and tumours and create new genotypes from Paean whether in he is in the wire or in a fragmented form on neural implants and devices thus allowing upgrades be done wirelessly from home or in the wilderness via satellites with this even aiding the Amish and tribes in Tibet,Amazon and also Africa.This would be done via the genotype of upgrades sent to the relevant and desired strain and thus initiating them via taq polymerase and Cas-9 to create them in the desired strains including those in endospores that would be temporarily awoken for this with them then signalling to him when they are done upgrading and also when the body has be immunised and also when all the relevant tissues in the body are given these augmentations and anti-ageing treatments.He would allow for augmentation and anti-ageing treatments and also immunisations to be initiated at desired times and also be alerted as to when this is done.It would also allow instant analysis of any toxins,synergistic compounds and also date rape drugs and other compounds not desired to be ascertained in the body by him and have him send them instructions to create specific counterproteins to bind to the receptors in the body and also bind to the unwanted compounds with this also determining what to do in each in instance to prevent death and injury.Also since the receptors on the strains that deal with these to detect would only have to be universal receptors and not have to have different receptors for each one as the phenotype of C.elegans would intake the compounds and through mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them would be able to send via nanomachines and biosynth wifi the structure of the compound to him and thus organise what to do instantly.Flagellum will be added to them from E.coli to allow them to travel to all parts of the body to reach pathogens,perforations and also human cells.Digital DNA storage and nanomachines will store known compound structures and to react to unknown ones not sent to them from Paean with unknown ones sent to Paean for analysis.Proteins similar to Cas-9 and taq ploymerase created from scratch could be created that can scan the structure of the compound to then transmit it to Paean with this also method to allow them to detect hormones,cancer biomarkers and not just poisons,date rape drugs and also heavy metals.Having the compounds structure and counterproteins stored on the DNA digital storage of microbes will allow them to prepare relevant counterproteins instantly.This would also work for cancer biomarkers allowing the correct type of tumour and thus its location to be determined via chemotaxis and would ensure they would not react to compounds produced naturally,from food etc,those used for medical reasons ie Flunitrazepam and only react to those in levels approaching the LD50 limit and locate where the compound even poisons are entering the body and thus travel there instantly.Relevant strains would have the receptors and stored structures of compounds relevant to them ie cancer strains would have the receptors for cancer biomarkers created by scratch with the compounds structure in their digital storage with chelation strains housing universal receptors and store the structure of all known poisons and heavy metals in their digital storage with base microbes also housing these to alleviate strains on chelation strains and then alert the chelation strains.This would also be done to detect the levels of blood components such as erythrocytes,leukocytes and also platelets and also hormones,pollutants etc.Ideally each strain would be designed to detect universal substances they work on ie cancer strains react to cancer biomarkers including CD47,chelation strains reacting to only heavy metals,poisons etc to make sure that each strain only undergo replication in the presence of the compound they need to detect and use chemothaxis to locate their location.Biosynth wifi and bluetooth will be integrated into the microbes utilisng DNA from Apidea,Hymenoptera,Chiroptera,Magnetospirillum and other unicellular and multicellular animals affected by wifi,magnetism and also those that use electrical signals even those from E.electricus,the mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction of C.elegans or wifi like means of communication and scratch DNA could be used to create biosynth wifi alongside graphene,borophene and stanene nanoprocessors sythesised via tweaked Geobacter and Shewanella DNA and neural synapses created by them aiding in the formation of biosynth wifi present in all strains.This will allow them to communicate with each other and with Paean using satellite wifi and biosynth wifi at home and from smart devices etc in the wilderness that generate their own biosynth wifi.Paean would tell them what measures to take ie send out specific binding proteins to receptors and the poisons etc and carry out anabolic and catabolic reactions and in what order and manner.It would also allow for them to carry out anabolic and catabolic reactions to create specified nutrients,benign substances and also desired synthetic compounds of medical quality and interact with the levels of nutrients in the body and also interact with strains that produce hydrocarbons and plant and animals oils to create complex compounds or using excess nutrients he would tell them what to do with each compound and how to carry out these reactions and what to create from them.They would receive from Paean via biosynth wifi signals from the wire,smart devces or even neural implants when access is not possible strategies/simulations and orders,instructions to initiate immunisations in infants and adults,when to communicate with the primary immune system using chemical signals and what to tell them ie where to gather in the body/when to receive surface protein antigens for immunisations/what surface protein it is/when to use antibodies and what antibodies to use etc,communicate with each other and the primary immune system via chemical signals and also wifi signals,when to enter into endospore states and also when to awaken from then and even when to undergo apoptosis and even be flushed out of the body,when to undergo mass replication,when and how to turn elemental compounds in the body/from poisons/excess nutrients to create benign compounds as well as synthetic drugs and antibodies or hormones and thus carry out catabolic and anabolic reactions,how to form catabolic and anabolic reactions,when to form implants and worms and also instructions to form new genotypes and delete old ones in all strains via initiating taq polymerase and Cas-9 and DNA replication or simply change certain genes using Cas-9,taq polymerase and forced evolution allowing for upgrades for all strains to be done wirelessly on the spot allowing for this to make upgrades of all types much quicker and not require the patient to go to hospitals.Paean would be able to communicate with individual or whole groups of each or all strains of microbes and manage interactions between them and tell them what to do and where to go and if need be gather the primary immune system to create specific antibodies or gather other leukocytes to manage all aspects of the primary immune system via sending the microbes wifi signals and in turn them sending chemical signals to the primary immune system thus allowing Paean complete control of both the microbes and in turn the primary immune system allowing him to control aspects of battles against all types parasites and infections and also tumours.Paean will thus control the microbes via bisoynth wifi and/or biosynth Bluetooth and also the primary immune system by having the microbes create chemical signals thus giving him complete control of both the microbes and the primary immune system at all times for all infections existing and new and also tumours and also surprise injuries etc 24/7,365 days a year with him doing so from neural implants and smart devices that use biosynth wifi.Paean will also send them new data into the DNA digital storage of all microbes,whole strains or a few microbes in specific strains which can be then be deleted and overwritten later on.Biosynth WiFi can allow Paean to using taq polymerase and Cas-9 to induce the evolutionary path of their DNA to receive upgrades at home for all strains and if possible this could cause some strains to undergo evolution and wirelessly change into other strains by having their nuclear DNA to that of others via inducing taq polymerase and Cas-9 ie base microbes could be changed into stem cell or chelation strains.This can quickly allow one strain to be changed to another in emergencies and without the need to have them created at home.He will control the application of CRISPR treatments to all of the patients cells in the body for anti-ageing and augmentation treatments.If possible all cells in the human body can have biosynth wifi integrated into it to have upgrades sent wirelessly instantly to all cells and tissues from WiFi coming from smart devices via taq polymerase and Cas-9 inducing evolution of genome.Biosynth WiFi integrated into human tissues and cells could allow upgrades for ageing treatments and augmentations to be sent directly into ones genome in all cells within minutes bypassing the need for microbes to apply gene treatments associated with this.Base microbes will scan the DNA of any pathogens and parasites and relay this to Paean who will cross reference Physis and thus relay the name of the species and strain thus activating relevant strains to attack them and use what CRISPR treatments alongside anti-viral and anti-bacterial etc compounds at their disposal and what strategies to use as well as whether to signal the primary immunised immune system to where infections have occured.Once base microbes would scan the genome of pathogens especially new ones they will send it to him and he will send them the DNA to synthesise by wifi to create genotypes for immunising strains to be relayed to them and to then share the proteins with dendritic cells etc or those to be extracted from them via base microbes to share with immunising strains and also how to create species and strain specific bumpers and endolysines relayed to the anti-bacterial and anti-viral strains either telling base microbes what DNA to share with anti-microbial ones and also this done by wifi with this also done for known pathogens like HIV,MRSA etc with them being told what anti-viral,anti-microbial and also CRISPR treatments to utilise for each pathogens ie suicide genes,what genes to use that makes the pathogens susceptible to specific anti-viral/anti-microbial compounds and also what signals to send to the primary immune system to initiate specific antibodies for each pathogen until it can learn this itself and whether these and those in the microbes should be deployed in specific areas or whether to use the lymphatic system or bloodstream.Compounds such as toxins,venoms detected by them will be sent to Paean and they will download counterproteins and antivenom from him once Physis is refferenced and they will be told to start using these or converting the toxins into benign substances via anabolic and catabolic reactions.They would even send data to him such as environmental readings in the blood stream,lymphatic system and also organs and other parts of the body data on the geneotypes of pathogens and parasites etc with them also sending levels of damage of telomere and mitochondrial DNA and phosphatidylcholines in all cells through base microbes with base microbes in newborns or even in unborn fetuses scanning the DNA in cells thus allowing new patient files to be set up instantly allowing for strategies to cure genetic disease to be done instantly via Paean wirelessly evolving certain strains and create patient files for children in areas populated by the Amish,Amazon and African tribes where wifi and hospitals dont exist using satellites with these setting up implants invivo that measure vital signs and blood components regularly.They would also send him the structure of poisons etc present and thus be told what counterproteins to create sent wirelessly.He would using this DNA allow for the mothers microbes to be more effective at trading and receiving DNA from the unborn child and into a few of each strain and then organise their transfer into the child during the last trimester and also to them via breastfeeding.Through implants the levels of antibodies produced by the primary immune system alongside erythrocytes,platelets and leukocytes of each type will be measured and send it to him.The wifi would also allow nanomachines in all microbes to communicate better with each other and each other strain by sending instructions,DNA from pathogens to be used for creating protein bumpers,endolysines and proteins for immunisation strains specific to a pathogen and strategies instantly.Paean would use this to create unique countermeasures to each infection etc.Implants both neural and those for detecting blood components and vital signs would use this wifi to send and receive data.The DNA present in the nucleus and biological hard drives and in the neural clusters and the clusters themselves of each individual microbe and those in the neural implants will allow them to download,store and delete digital DNA data from Paean,Physis and past experiences such as the unique chemical structures of poisons and toxins and their counterprotriens both synthetic and those from animals,instructions as what to do in certain situations,surface proteins and DNA of all pathogens as well as whole orders of them to allow them to apply the correct CRISPR,anti-viral and anti-microbial treatments and create suitable universal endolysines through phagocytosis for all or specific bacterial and viral pathogens it encounters with endolysine and bumpers schematics for specific strains and species of bacteria and viruses and decide whether to apply them via horizontal gene transfer and also flooding the system with bumpers that attack only pathogens as well as develop countermeasures and strategies towards poisons.By having all microbes in anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains,chelation strains etc house DNA digital storage will allow for large amounts of data to be stored with more stored in all of the neural implants and worm implants that measure vital signs and also blood components would allow larger amounts of information with each microbe by themselves and those in implants containing at least 3ZB if three metres of DNA found in humans is present here that can be deleted by thought,by wifi by Paean and share information from each other different microbe managed by Paean using wifi and also download information from the wire namely Epione,Paean,Physis.Cas-9 and taq polymerase can allow data to be copied,deleted and transferred to and from each microbe,entire groups and all of them as well as to and from Paean,Physis,the wire and internet and electronics such as smart devices etc.DNA from P.japonica can increase their storage rate to 150ZB.The microbes digital storage can be be managed by Paean with them individually carrying different data from other ones and also universal data relevant to each strain with the data deleted by Paean and also new information downloaded by wifi with this including the structures of poisons,heavy metals and pathogens and their counterproteins,bumpers,antibodies etc and also all types of synthetic compounds to be produced when a specific pathogen is detected,genotypes of pathogens and the data to be used to create new genotypes for upgrades as well as the structure of synthetic compouns to fight off bacteria,viruses,fungi and also parasites as well as everyday conditions.The wifi will allow them to send and receive data,instructions from Paean as both in areas with wifi and without using cellular and satellite wifi services with them also able to send data such as scanned DNA from pathogens especially new species and strains,the hosts genome to measure levels of telomere and mitochondrial DNA senescence and phosphatidylcholines,denote when all cells in the body have been upgraded with augmentations and also ageing treatments,send the DNA of newborns added wirelessy to newly generated patient files with worms and implants formed by these would send vital signs such as heart rate,levels of blood components ie leukocytes/erythrocytes/platelets as well as hormones in the blood and areas like the womb.The structure of compounds such as drugs,heavy metals,biomarkers for heart disease and cancer,erythrocytes,platelets and leukocytes and nutrients in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq would be sent once analysed by universal receptors and mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them and they would send DNA of pathogen and parasites to be analysed Paean and Physis.They would receive instructions as to initiate gene therapy of all types and also send when they finish and also instructions to create upgrades and also information such as the structure of compounds and how to carry out catabolic and anabolic reactions for each pathogen,ailment or condition.The base microbes would scan the DNA of unborn fetuses and also new pathogens as well as levels of telomere and mitochondrial DNA senescence and also levels of phosphatidylcholines using taq polymerase,Cas-9 and CRISPR to copy its DNA and send signals to the neural implants in the body or directly to Paean.Biosynth WiFi will be used to send data back and forth between Paean and microbes as well as allow the microbes to communicate with each other using WiFi generated by routers at home,in public buildings,public WiFi from biosynth trees and that generated from smart devices and computers with if need be them also using biosynth Bluetooth if WiFi access is not possible or present.Biosynth implants will more easily allow Paean to He would more easily control their actions and their interactions with the primary immune system via chemical signals including immunisations,interactions with each other and the primary immune system ie all strains and all microbes in each strains and also the transfer of microbes from one generation to the next ie transfer the childs DNA to the microbes in the mother collected in the breasts or transferred via the placenta via either collecting DNA from the fetus or wirelessly initiating them to change DNA in the microbes nucleus from those collected via base microbes and the newly generated patient file.Having control of all strains of microbes via biosynth wifi could allow him to perform strategies on how to attack specific pathogens especially new ones and also have them initiate the immunised primary immune system,control the primary immune system via chemical signals initiated via nanomachines in microbes,perform simulations and send strategies against all infections and tumours and ruptures,simulate and carrying out countermeasures towards heavy metals as well as date rape drugs and also poisons instantly and initiate the creation of synthetic compounds and carrying out of all anabolic and catabolic reactions more efficiently and ensure drugs both medicinal and recreational either synthetic and natural produced by them will be only in desired amounts preventing overdosing.The structure of synthetic compounds and antibodies can be stored on the DNA digital storage of them and this would also include instructions on how to create them with them constantly linked to him and each other via wifi allowing them to create them only in required amounts and on the site of action with this data sent via wifi and deleted when necessary alongside all other data.Genotypes for upgrades would be sent to them wirelessly as wifi would allow for new ones to be added and old ones deleted for all strains with him initiating taq polymerase and Cas-9.The implants would allow him to control their interactions with the primary immune system by initiating chemical signals produced by them to initiate certain actions ie collect in areas to fight off infections with antibodies,collect in areas to receive surface protein antigens from immunisation strains and also initiate the production of helper T cells,memory B and T cells and also plasma and killer T cells and even the actions of all types of leukocytes in each battle.He would also control the apoptosis of human tissues in the body ie muscles destroyed to initiate natural healing processes to burn up fat and build up muscle,apoptosis of cells and tissues housing pathogen DNA or housing pathogens and initiating the use of those that replace damaged tissues in the case of injuries such as perforations.All actions of both all strains of the microbes and the various types of primary immune system will be controlled by him directly and indirectly.Since connected to them directly and in close proximity he will be able to send and receive data and instructions with him also also teaching the microbes and primary immune system via their chemical instructions how to detect cancers and also infections more effectively by themselves with MRI scans and also results from test kits etc to do so and direct them to specific sites of the body.In short all strains of the secondary and primary immune system will be controlled more efficiently via implants both directly and indirectly via nanomachines biosynth wifi and also chemical signals.If possible they could cause some strains to undergo replication and have some wirelessly change into other strains by having their nuclear DNA to that of others ie those that treat neurological,genetic and developmental disorders to treat a fetus invivo.Data can be stored on internal biological hard drives present when in fragmentation and wifi is not available ie readings of vital signs and internal temperature and also levels of erythrocytes,platelets,antibodies etc from other implants or themselves with this sent in packages to ones patient files when wifi is gained with it having its own internal clock with time and date being for the current or chosen timezone.These biosynth neural implants will form the basis of VR technology indistinguishable to reality feeding simulations and sensations such as pain,pleasure,tastes,smells etc directly into the human brain and central or even peripheral nervous system and will allow one to stream data from the internet and the wire,store thoughts,memories and also wirelessly communicate with others from around the world.Base prototypes of microbes will probably not have nanomachines and as such will require signals coming from injected chemicals to stimulate actions and them releasing chemicals that can be detected by home test kits of all types or creating unique smelling urine and sweat with upgrades via base microbes adding the ability to create biosynthetic nanomachines.These fully fledged versions should be possible between 2035-2045.Having them engineered to enter endospores using recombinant DNA from Firmicutes and have DNA from oligotrophs,Tardigrade and xerophiles,endoliths other large animals with slow metabolism and scratch as well as endolith bacteria will allow them to survive on low levels of nutrients either when the host is low on stored food,low on nutrient intake,survive long periods without using excess nutrients,putting strains on the hosts resources or those stored in the body and allow them to form endospores through signals especially excess ones to prevent them overrunning the body and using too many resources ensuring there is enough for the host to survive with them also engineered to utilise gases and liquids intaken by the host whether they are beneficial or even toxic to the host to create nutrients for the microbes and the host.Paean via biosynth wifi tell them when to enter endosproes and when to get of them.Vacuoles in human and other animal cells to store excess sugars and proteins during this state or when in an activate state can be added using recombinant DNA from humans with them also containing mitochondria to utilise sugars and proteins.DNA from Wangiella dermatitidis,Cladosporium sphaerospermum and Cryptococcus neoformans can be added to these microbes to enable them to radiosynthesis,that is,to use the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation into chemical energy for growth thus helping them use it as a food source.Excess sugars,proteins as well as fats in the hosts body in the bloodstream or stores will be used by them alongside poisons and drugs converted into these for nutrition via anabolic and catabolic reactions with chemosynthetic DNA allowing metals and minerals to be used with them having DNA from faculatative anaerobes,anaerobes,obligate anaerobes,capnophiles bacteria and scratch DNA to allow them to run on both oxygen and carbon dioxide meaning they wont starve the host of oxygen and will prevent the build up of carbon dioxide in the body.If the host and microbes has both oligotrophic and xerophile DNA then this will mean that the host normal diet will supplement these in vacuoles or the microbes could deposit these in areas inside the body ie store of fat in the body surrounding organs and in appendix like areas created by them that can be used as it its or converted into sugars.The endolith DNA also reducing nutrient requirements even further due to their slow metabolism especially if both hosts and microbes have them.Thus they can communicate with the hosts body to signal it to deposit fats around organs constantly and not under the skin that can be used as a repository of food for them to run on when they run low on energy and are in the middle of emergencies where they will be need to undergo mitosis.Once stores of fat are used then these will be replenished by chemical signals to the brain.These will be engineered to house vacuoles present in all eurkaryotic cells to store excess energy when needed.If possible there may their version of the helper T cell that stores large amounts of sugars and fats in them in vacuoles that during emergencies like perforations and also infections etc the version of the helper T cell can release this in close proximity to them during battles to allow the microbes to feed on them or even after infections when they collect in areas like the appendix to release them to starved microbes.Ideally to prevent them overheating the oligotrophic DNA and those from slow metabolizing endolith bacteria and even Tardigrade that can lower its metabolism by 99.9% can prevent them burning up or the host with this also limiting their need to use too much resources.Xerophile,oligotrophic and Firmicutes DNA will reduce the amount of food and water they need exponentially.DNA from W.dermatitidis,C.sphaerospermum and C.neoformans once one is also made immune to radiation via DNA from T.gammatolerans,D.radiodurans can be added to the microbes to enable them to radiosynthesis,that is,to use the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation into chemical energy for growth thus helping them use radiation as a food source should food be scare and instead of excess nutrients.They will have the carbon dioxide acceptor phenotype making them engineered to unlike humans cells run in carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor and release oxygen in the process not only ensuring a continuous supply in the body especially if a heart attack or sudden stopping of the heart occurs but also preventing them competing for oxygen that the host needs.DNA from Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans and the ability to replenish phosphatidylcholines will be added to ensure that even though they may undergo mitosis they will still have the same eternally young telomeres in their DNA even if they undergo replications billions or trillions of times.This will allow them to live indefinite lifespans in the body unlike normal leukocytes.The ability to carry out mitosis will come from genes from bacteria responsible for this with Paean through biosynth WiFi controlling the rate of replication of all microbes of all strains thus allowing for large numbers of a specific strain to be mass produced for emergencies such as infections with biosynth WiFi allowing humans to know the exact number of each strain and their location in the body and chemical signals from each other and nanomachines will prevent them overrunning the body with as stated excess entering endospores and reawaken instantly when new infections and tumours or even bodily repair etc needs to be carried.Firmicutes DNA will allow them to enter endospores when not needed to reduce their resource use as they will use none when in this state with excess ones flushed out of the body or signalled to undergo apoptosis via biosynth wifi signals from Paean creating suicide genes for the same reason.Theoretically these endospores could be a means for excess ones to form biofilms in key areas where infection,brain and organ damage may occur and not use resources but be activated by signals be activated to repair damage,create new tissues and fight off infections and in the case of infections that are fought return to this endospore state with those turned into new tissues staying as tissues either permanently or temporarily to allow the bodies natural repair mechanism to take over with the remaining microbes signal replication of more to take their place.Thus their ability to form endospores will allow them to reside in tissues to be awoken by signs of infection,internal and external damage,cancer biomarkers,hormones or signals from different strains or on demand with different strains doing this in different rounds or shifts.This entering and exiting of endospores will be done via turning on/off genes via biosynth wifi controlled by Paean inducing the evolutionary path on/off.Thus Paean can through biosynth WiFi turn genes on/off via inducing their evolutionary path via biosynth WiFi or inducing chemical signals to enter endospores and be later reawakened from endospores when an infection etc occurs thus preventing them overrunning the patients resources and be stored in any part of the body as in an endospore form they will shrivel and reduce their size by as much as 50-90% and thus can also be used to allow them to reside in the body for long periods of times without using resources such as sugar,fats etc.Other strains and microbes will be made to undergoe apoptosis and be flushed out of the body through urine and feces to be collected in sewage treatment plants.Microbes will be able under the control of Paean to be made to simply enter the gastro-intestinal tract and kidneys thus allowing them them to be flushed out of the body alongside feces and urine.In this case before they are flushed out of the body thus way they will have all extremophile DNA present removed alongside that of the patients DNA removed via inducing their evolutionary path so as to allow them to be killed off by the radiation,drying processs in sewage treatment plants and recycled.Biosynth wifi will allow Paean to have complete omniscience over the number of microbes of each strain and their location in each patients body and thus control the number of microbes of each strain at all times.

All microbes of all strains will house DNA from Apidea,Hymenoptera,Chiroptera,Magnetospirillum and other unicellular and multicellular animals affected by wifi,magnetism and also those that use electrical signals even those from E.electricus,the mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction of C.elegans or wifi like means of communication and scratch DNA could be used to create biosynth wifi alongside neural synapses created by them aiding in the formation of biosynth wifi present in all strains.Biosynth WiFi will allow Paean to control all of their actions during cancers,infections and ruptures with through them creating chemical signals can allow him to control the primary immune system.All strains will be able to use Biosynth WiFi etc to send data back and forth to Paean and patient files such as detected infections and poisons and structure of synthetic compounds to be used by them alongside instructions on what to do for each infection etc.They will house Soteria the universal anti-virus software and receive updates to this routinely..Biosynth WiFi will allow them to receive upgrades via their genome changed via Cas-9 and taq polymerase inducing the evolutionary path of them.Biosynth wifi will allow all of a desired strain to awaken at once once neural implants,implants that detect vital signs and also other microbes including base microbes detect cancer biomarkers and pathogens with them first signalling to Paean to cause the rest to undergo replication with if need be Paean even causing different strains to be turned into other strains via wifi inducing the evolutionary path of them via taq polymerase and Cas-9.Cappiliaries can be used for them to reside in areas in between the bloodstream and organs with them also residing in the gastro-intestinal tract,lymphatic system,on the surface of the exterior and interior of organs,in the lungs again in either their endospore state or as normal with them even residing in between cells and tissues in the body and transporting nutrients,oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from cells from the lungs and bloodstream rather than blocking their access to native cells acting as a relay system and again synthesising oxygen from carbon dioxide and nutrients of all types such as sugars,amino acids etc on demand.If possible new organs could be constructed by them by the construction capillaries and small veins and scaffolding in order to store large numbers of them to be released in emergencies.Otherwise they can reside in the appendix with small appendix like areas created around the body via the stem cell strain to store large numbers of each strain in to be stored in endospores and thus awaken in emergencies.Those that reside in these areas can be use to augment the abilities of specific cells and tissue such as muscles,neural tissue etc with them also augmenting and speeding up the actions of these and other organs and parts of the body ie nephron/kidneys,small intestine,pancreas,stomach by speeding up their processes,alleviating strains on them if they become overstressed especially with regards to breaking down alcohol and drugs etc,repair them etc.If the microbes need to be gotten rid of they can have suicide genes activated by wifi that cause them to undergo apoptosis or ideally they can be flushed out of the body via urine or feces by ordering them to exit through the urethra and also clinging to feces where they can be collected,extracted and then cultured and possibly given a new host especially when the host dies or used in the creation of electronics.This may also be done if there is too many of any or all strains in the body especially after them having to multiply quickly to deal with surprise infections and tumours that necessitated rapid growth with them collected in the sewage treatment plants to form bio-synth technology once sanitised with narrow UV wavelength that they will be immune to unlike any pathogens or they then can have their DNA modified to be inserted into another human host or even animal host.Thus after emergency infections and also ruptures etc as well as once augmentations etc are applied then the excess will be flushed out of the body through urine and feces and collected in sewage treatment plants with leftover stem cell,anti-viral etc strains left behind in the body to fight off the next infection etc.If possible these could even be used to form biosynth implants,devices and computers outside of the body and inside the body.Bacterial DNA that gives them ability to undergoe mitosis will be present including DNA from fast growing bacteria in E.Coli,C.perfringenes that will will be controlled by biosynth WiFi controlled by Paean thus meaning they will only be able to undergoe mitosis when told by Paean to control the rate of mitosis in emergdnicrmes to prevent them overrunning the body with there being scratch DNA wherein this replication does not occur normally but only during when told by Paean to do so.Thus biosynth WiFi,bluetooth and cellular access will be built into them and will be generated and utilised by them to crossrefference Physis when they intake the structure of compounds and DNA from bacteria,fungi,parasites and viruses to identify their exact compound species of species of pathogen and relay this information to Paean to allow him to decide what to do next as well as receive instructions from Paean and they will use it to download the structures of anti-venoms,antibodies,synthetic compounds downloaded from Physis onto their DNA digital storage synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Paean will through WiFi control their replication across the body and signals them to undergoe apoptosis or enterspores and be flushed out of the body to prevent them overrunning the body with Biosynth WiFi relaying to the levels of not just all microbes but the levels of each specific strain allowing him to control their replication etc.Biosynth WiFi will relay to him the exact location of each and every single microbes of each strain.Although they will have genes from bacteria to undergoe mitosis they will contain scratch DNA to only undergoe mitosis when told to do so by Paean by Biosynth WiFi,bluetooth to prevent them overrunning the body so as to allow him to control their numbers.This will mean that when there is no Biosynth WiFi etc signals they will not undergoe mitosis and will only do so when told by Paean.This will prevent them overrunning the body and also allow Paean have complete control of the microbes replication.Should an emergency infection or inbibing a toxin occur he will cause specific strains to undergoe mass replication to remedy the situation with once the infection is resolved he will signal them to enter endospores,be flushed out of the body or undergoe apoptosis.He will use this to also control their movements across the body to where they need to attack tumours,pathogens etc and also to apply CRISPR treatments to all cells and tissues with him able to control what treatments either CRISPR treatments or specific anti-viral,anti-bacterial and anti-cancer treatments etc and when to apply with him able to using WiFi from neural implants,smartphones,laptops and WiFi routers including in public to control all actions of all microbes.All actions such as attacking pathogens,applying CRISPR treatments to the patients cells and also their replication,apoptosis etc through CRISPR treatments,synthesis of natural and artificial compounds through recombinant DNA and also anabolic and catabolic reactions and also creating chemical signals to control the primary immune system will be controlled by Paean 24/7,365 days via biosynth wifi.All actions carried out by the microbes will be controlled by him communicating with them through Biosynth WiFi and biosynth bluetooth from WiFi and bluetooth generated by smartphones,computers and routers etc.Since existing in smartphones in a fragmented form he could do this while in the wilderness and at home through the smartphones generating their own biosynth WiFi.He will be also able to control what information is downloaded by them and deleted.Most microbes could hold at least 3ZB of data within DNA digital storage on them with DNA from P.japonica increasing this to at least 150ZB of information.Each microbe could hold this amount of information and either house the same information as all other microbes of the same strain or all strains.Information in these biological DNA digital storage harddrives will include the structure of synthetic compounds,synthetic antibodies relevant to each strain and for anti-viral,anti-bacterial and anti-helminthic strains with them also downloading structures of natural antibodies created by populations of humans both naturally or as a result of vaccines and immunisations or synthetic ones extrapolated by Phanes and Paean.Also represent will be counterproteins and anti-venom to poisons,toxins,heavy elements extrapolated by Phanes and Paean alongside structures of bumpers meant to transport CRISPR treatments and anti-viral,anti-bacterial and anti-helminthic compounds to prevent them breaking down in the body and prevent cytoxicity with Paean arranging the type of information present in each individual microbe from Physis with unwanted information deleted and new information downloaded from Physis etc within minutes or even in time by 2045 onwards within seconds due to improvements in Paeans computing power and strength of the biosynth WiFi and bluetooth.Taq polymerase,Cas-9 etc can be used by Paean to copy,transfer and delete information on all microbes.The P.japonica DNA will allow the microbes to also house more DNA for more DNA augmentations for allow them to survive different environmental conditions and also more DNA to house more abilities and natural compounds to synthesis through recombinant DNA.The biosynth WiFi and bluetooth will be generated by the microbes with them also using that produced by public biosynth WiFi and bluetooth and also that from routers in homes,public buildings and vehicles such as cruise ships,aeroplanes etc.He will be able to through controlling the evolutionary path of microbes induce upgrades giving them new abilities.Biosynth WiFi and bluetooth generated by smartphones and laptops in close proximity and even that generated by biosynth neural,vascular and other implants in the patients body where Paean is housed in via fragmentation will also be used with the biosynth WiFi and bluetooth and allowing Paean to control all as aspects of the microbes 24/7,365 days at home,in public areas and buildings,vehicles and wilderness etc.Thus biosynth WiFi built into the microbes will allow them to receive instructions from Paean with him residing through fragmention in smartphones and neural implants in close proximity that generate their own WiFi to allow his control of microbes to be continuous in wilderness areas.Wifi routers in homes,public buildings and public WiFi will allow them to be carried out there.Even WiFi generated from laptops,smartphones etc will allow him to control their actions.As a result as long as there is WiFi access Paean can interact with and control all aspects of microbes in the body 24/7,365 days a years.He can exist in a fragmentated form in smartphones,laptops,biosynth implants in the body to control the actions of microbes at all times using the biosynth WiFi etc to control all actions of them when in the wilderness areas etc.Paean will use this biosynth WiFi,bluetooth and cellular access to determine the location of each and every single microbes of all strains in the body and send them instructions such as where to go in the body,what anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-helminthic compounds from recombinant DNA present to synthesise and what synthetic compounds and antibodies to synthesise via anabolic and catabolic reactions including those downloaded onto their DNA digital storage to be produced and within what amounts by which strains with him also deciding how many of each strain will be produced.He will also use this to control their replication as well as undergo apoptosis or enter endospores when not needed or they need to be flushed out of the body,when to reawaken from endospores and carry out strategies to attack each individual infection including existing chronic infections such as those already with HIV and other chronic pathogens and all future infections of all species of strains of viruses,bacteria,fungi and parasites.Through flagellum present via E.coli DNA he will control the movement of all microbes to where they are needed ie the scene of infections and tumours etc.He will direct them to cells across the body that are to have anti-ageing and augmentations applied via horizontal gene transfer and through taq polymerase and Cas-9 allow for applied genes to be created over and over again.He will have microbes the species of pathogens that enter the blood through cuts,food etc and then once identified by having them scan the pathogens DNA will then carry out strategies to kill them off such as application of CRISPR treatments,iniatiating the immunised primary immune system or collecting DNA samples have its genome scanned for genes responsible for surface proteins to be sent to immunising strains through upgrades via biosynth WiFi to allow new pathogens to be immunised against within 24 hours and then the primary immune system initiated.He will be able to cause microbes in the body such as anti-bacterial,anti-viral etc strains to create chemical signals via this WiFi and bluetooth to communicate wifi the primary native immune system thus allowing him to control it allowing the primary immune system take part in battles preventing it becoming lazy and weak with him having the immunising strains communicate with the helper B and T cells and plasma cells to become actived by them once they have immunised people already sufferring from chronic infections such as HIV thus signalling the native immune system to start producing antibodies to fight of this and other infections including new ones to speed up the battle against pathogens with him via this WiFi.All aspects of the primary native immune system can thus be controlled by him via him using this WiFi and bluetooth to cause anti-bacterial,anti-viral and other strains to create specific chemical signals that cause the primary immune system to carry out specific desired actions.The immunisation strains will use this biosynth WiFi to be directed by him to carry out immunisations step by step again using chemical signals created by them wherein they control the actions of dendritic cells,memory B and T cells and plasma cells to ensure surface proteins are shared with the relevant leukocytes and the patient immunised for life.He will through it allow certain leukocytes to be called to the scene of infections to create antibodies,consume pathogens via phagocytosis and control symptoms such as inflammation and fevers.Biosynth WiFi etc will allow him to control stem cell strains to heal wounds in the body both for wounds that occurred prior to the acellerated healing phenotype is added such as tauopathy and injuries to the brain and other organs caused by pathogens,parasites as well as damage to the central and peripheral nervous system that has one confined to wheelchairs and also after it is added to compliment it and also be using biosynth wifi and bluetooth to carry out stem in vivo cosmetic surgery allowing him to mould the interior and exterior of a patient using the strain to replace surgery machines.He will be able to control all of these via this biosynth WiFi and bluetooth and be able to control all aspects of all strains such as make them undergo mass replication in emergencies,control their movements,control their application of CRISPR treatments and synthesis of anti-viral/anti-bacterial/anti-helminthic compounds and also synthetic compounds and antibodies etc stored in their DNA digital storage,control formation into endospores or even apoptosis and flushing out of the body when not needed.Biosynth WiFi can be used by Paean to induce the evolutionary path of all microbes of the same strain or all strains by stimulating taq polymerase and Cas-9 to have them revive new upgrades for new genes for new CRISPR treatments to apply to pathogens etc,new CRISPR treatments to be applied to the patient for new augmentations or remove them as well as for anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains new genes to express new anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds making upgrades be able to be done at home.He can also use this to turn microbes of some strains into microbes of other strains in order to get them in the body when needed in emergencies.By 2029 most actions will take a while with from 2035-2045 onwards all actions will be almost instantaneous.All actions of microbes will be controlled by Paean vis him existing through fragmentation on smartphones,laptops through biosynth bluetooth and WiFi from routers at home and in public buildings.Public WiFi,wilderness WiFi and satillite WiFi and also that generated from smartphones etc will allow him to do this in wilderness areas.3D DNA printers will be used to create them not only for final fully fledged versions but also those used for clinical trials etc starting from 2025-2029.These will print out the different sources of DNA for each specific strain of microbes and the features of all strains of microbes.All species and breeds of pets such as Canidae,Felidae,Reptillia,Aves and remaining livestock will have species specific microbes of all strains created for them.

These biocompatible microbes themselves using the neural clusters,DNA digital storage,organic nanotube wiring,electroconductive pilli and electroconductive protein and silicon nanowires from G.metallreducens,G.sulfurreducens,ability to generate electricity and electroconductive pilli from S.oneidensis and nanomachines will form the basis for all types of bio-synth technology.Human neural tissue can be engineered into the microbes to allow them the ability of creating this over layers of borophene,silicene,stanene and graphene nanotubes to produce organic/synthetic nanotubes that can send quickly send large amounts of electricity and optic information over short or long distances increasing speeds on par and superseeding human neural impulses when combined.They would even form internal implants such as neural implants,pacemakers,worms and even those used to detect biomarkers of cancer and precancerous cells in hard to reach areas such as the prostrate and cervix,blood components,vital signals etc in vivo when needed by forming tissue structures ontop of organs or when collected together with the nanowires produced by the microbes,genome capsids and nuclei forming biological harddrives with neural synapses forming natural storage and computing centres.These implants that detect biomarkers,blood components can also be connected to the nervous system to detect pain to illicit the production of natural painkillers and also alert Paean and other microbes and nanomachines alongside sending vital signs such as blood pressure,temperature and heart rate,pathogens and blood components etc to ones patient file on demand with them having openings on both ends that allow blood to flow through the implant where biological nanosensors would detect these and then the results to ones patient file and Paean even in fragmented form and communicate with both microbes and nanomachines.These could be collected in samples sent to automated lab and also to be collected in sewage treatment plants separated by graphene sheets and other filters from feces,urine or algae produced there.In the case of a hosts death they can be removed via phlebotomy robots and even them collecting an area to be collected.Traces of the patients own DNA will be present to allow them to survive in the patient without illicitating an immune response.They will use the patients own leukocytes as a baseline to do this with them created by 3D DNA printers to expedite their manufacture even for those used in clinical trials.They will have the same extremophile augmentations as the host to prevent them dying when exposed to these conditions with them possibly having the same anti-ageing treatments as humans to stay immortal with endolith DNA modified to allow them to undergoe mitosis when signalled by Paean.DNA from P.japonica will allow them to house large amounts of DNA for augmentions and large amounts of the patients DNA for preventing them illiciting an immune responses.In time they will function by themselves without nanomachines by interacting with the levels of compounds in the bloodstream and signals from the primary immune system,body including brain signals and pathogens.

Using human leukocytes ideally a patients own leukocytes as a baseline to prevent immune responses they would be hybrids of viruses such as bacteriophages and virophages,prokaryotic and eukaryotic bacterias,macrophages,other leukocytes such as CD4+ T cells/NKT cells/cytotoxic T cells/T lymphocytes/dendritic cells(either as separate strains or a single one),Planarians,Thermus aquaticus,Streptococcus pyogenes,Francisella novicida,yeasts,endolith bacteria or Bacillus F,D.radiodurans and T.gammatolerans,those from psychrophiles as mentioned earlier and Tardigrade,Nitrosomas Beggiatoa,Cupriavidus necator to survive ammonia,sulphur and other posionous gases,induced pluripotent as well as embryonic totipotent and induced stem cells and haematopoietic sttem cells as well as Planarians,Hydra or even A.mexicanum recombinant DNA to form any tissue in vivo to treat neurological/developmental disorders as well as replace old dying tissue with new vigorous ones as well as heal wounds and perforations,C.elegans and have recombinant DNA from all of these and others to allow them to interact with all types of pathogens,undergo mitosis,create nanowire scaffolding,create biofilms and coagulants,be biologically immortal,form enodspores,contain mitochondria and vacuoles for energy use and storage,apply CRISPR treatments and contain Cas-9 as well as Cpf1,communicate with the primary immune system and nanomachines as well as itself using chemical signals,exhibit mechanotransduction as well as memory and learning,chemotaxis,use taq polymerase and the Cas-9 to replicate used CRISPR treatments and read pathogen DNA,thermotaxis,carry out horizontal gene transfer on pathogens/the primary immune system/the hosts cells,carry out anabolic and catabolic reactions,form new tissues and repair old ones,survive radiation and cryonics,interact with and seek out viruses as well as produce endolysines,trick the primary immune system into believing they are part of the body with them also able to utilise specific anti-viral and antibiotic materials from a wide range of other animals and plants and also other DNA to augment human abilities.They can be fitted with scratch DNA created by Phanes and DNA from other unicellular and multicellular lifeforms to exhibit extra phenotypes through upgrades.They will be fitted with the same DNA in humans to halt and reverse the effects of ageing in humans.Tweaking the various sources of DNA will allow them to detect different compounds and even carry out different functions of the source DNA.Engineering flagellum into all strains from bacteria such as E.Coli will allow them to move quickly around the body with them having the same pliable body as macrophages from humans or ameobas engineered into them to allow them to move through any part of the body such as between cells and also using the capillaries.Stem cell strains will use this to move to areas where perforations occur and also where stem cells are needed to repair existing neural and bodily damage with anti-bacterial and anti-viral strains will use this to hunt down pathogens with augmentation and ageing strains travelling to all cells in the body.All strains would have flagellum present to allow them to move quickly to where they are they are needed with them also having DNA to allow them to undergo mitosis in emergencies when needed ie emergency perforations,infections,tumours etc with Firmicutes DNA present to enter endospores when needed.All strains would have the ability to utilise CRISPR Cas-9 treatments specific to their purpose and be able to recreate strands of DNA,undergo mitosis,survive extreme conditions using extremophile DNA,have flagellum to move around independently,exhibit thermotaxis and chemothaxis,have nanomachines,carry out horizontal gene transfer and be based on human leukocytes to not illicit immune responses.Scratch DNA will also be present to create new phenotypes created by Phanes,Paean and Epione added by upgrades alongside other phenotypes from other micro-organisms and also all species from the global database of patient files,Physis using 3D DNA printing for all strains to create their unique hybrids,functions,anti-viral/anti-fungal/anti-microbial compounds,CRISPR treatments as well as even the universal phenotypes of them.A person will have their leukocytes analysed in a lab in DNA analysers to be then printed out again by 3D DNA printers with the relevant DNA of each strain,Biosynth wifi and the patients DNA including that to express that leukocytes.

Ideally to reduce the strain on all of them to house as much recombinant DNA as possible or prevent them applying incorrect treatments it would possible to have different strains for each patient ie one strain that attacks all bacteria,one that attacks all viruses,one that deals with cancers,one that counterattacks poisons and toxic compounds,one that treats ageing,one that repairs perforations/wounds and injuries as well as creates new tissue,one that augments human all abilities such as weight loss and ability to survive in low oxygen conditions,one that treats diseases they have genetic predispositions to to treat them and prevent them passing this onto the next generation through natural conception thus allowing them to decide which ones are in endospore states and which will be replicated when needed allowing each strain to control its own rate of replication with all having the ability to detect all biomarkers,compounds etc.Each one could use base microbes that can be collected in nodules they build up to be captured and then be fitted with genotypes for upgrades and then inserted into to the patient to use horizontal gene transfer to upgrade the patient preventing rejection though these would be grown in commercial scales to create genotypes for proteins to enhance the immune system.These would be produced in large numbers as a single strain in the body and collected by syringes when they form nodules in the body in an are that has no major arteries like the hand or from unique smelling urine and put in a conveyor belt laboratory to have base DNA to allow for horizontal gene transfer,form endospores,survive cryonics and also use flagellum or chemotaxis/thermotaxis to move around the body in their genome capsid.Ideally these could be a separate strain that is able to undergo mitosis and alongside this in response to certain signals and hormones from the primary immune system,other microbes and the hosts body.Thus these will be used for upgrades for all strains of microbes including giving primitive microbes them phenotypes such as genome capsids and the DNA within,nanomchines,neural clusters and new anti-viral,antmicrobial compounds etc.Those in pregnant women signalled by can using horizontal gene transfer to copy and receive DNA from the mothers unborn fetus and thus allow this to be collected and then the DNA separate from the base DNA to be analysed for it to be uploaded via nanomachines into their patient files as well as allow for the mothers or the infants developmental and neurological diseases such as Downs syndrome,pedophilia,schizophernia,sociopathic behaviour etc to be fixed in utero or upon birth by upgrading the microbes present.The base microbes would be responsible for transferring upgrades and also copy DNA from cells in the host to detect any faults caused by CRISPR treatments and cells in the body to detect their telomere length and age status to wirelessly send the data to Paean and thus other strains to correct these faults and ageing effects.They would also interact with microbes to transfer upgrades and in the case of all strains able to open the genome capsid and upgrade the genes there with them also copying DNA from a fetus into all microbes that traverse into a fetus from the mother via the placenta and breastfeeding allowing for hereditary diseases and ones entire genome to be detected and uploaded to the patient file database early on thus starting patient files in the womb or after birth and thus upgraded microbes to fix genetic mutations that lead to neurological and developmental disorders and even those that could lead to death early in the infants life such as sudden infant death syndrome or impair their survival rates.If possible nanomachines on base microbes can wirelessly transfer the scanned DNA to the infants patient file allowing for their genome to be scanned before they are born and still in utero to use in holographic projections and have their genetic diseases and phenotypes scanned as early as possible allowing for treatments involving other strains to begin in utero.They would in adults etc scan the DNA of all cells or key tissues to see that anti-ageing and augmentation gene therapy has be added,is passing from one generation to the next with them also scanning cells to measure the levels of phosphatidylcholines and telomere and mitochondrial DNA senescence sent to ones patient file to be analysed by Paean.Any random mutations would also be detected that could lead to cancer etc.DNA to give them flagellum,mitosis and other base properties such as chemotaxis etc could be stored in their genome capsid preventing this from interfering with copied DNA sent to Paean.They could also copy DNA from new undiscovered pathogens in the body to allow their genome to be sent to Paean and Epione to sent to Physis to be analysed for all of its phenotypes and antibiotics or anti-viral compounds to be created from scratch DNA or those from all plants and animals scanned in Physis with the pathogen recreated using 3D printed DNA in bacteria with no DNA in secure labs.They in the case of bacteria would signal to anti-bacterial strains to produce the specific endolysines to be synthesised via chemical signals,nanomachines and also Paean.Also immunisation strains would be sent key genes to create relevant proteins to be then shared with the dendritic cells.This can be also be used to create endolysines and determine what CRISPR and anti-microbial and anti-viral compounds to use with them since connected to Paean by nanomachines or even without nanomachines can determine the schematics of endolysines that can be sent to anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains to produce species and strain specific endolysines for new pathogens to be sent to large numbers of these strains when collected in the lymph nodes or muscles and also genotypes associated with surface protein antigens to be sent to immunising strains to be shared with even a single immunising strain that can undergo replication to then travel to all lymph nodes and then share these proteins with dendritic cells,activate relevant leukocytes and then initiate the immune system to fight the infection.They would also send schematics of strain specific bumpers.These base microbes would themselves have nanomachines and biosynth wifi to transmit this data to both Paean and other microbe strains and as stated would use taq polymerase and Cas-9 to scan the DNA of the pathogens and also the patient.Nanaomachines and biosynth wifi will be used to send the DNA used to create bumper schematics and also endolysines to Paean once the DNA is scanned by them with him and Physis reading the entire DNA to produce both quickly and thus determine the best DNA to use and then tell the base microbes to use that DNA for both anti-viral/anti-bacterial strains and immunising strains and also to send this data to Physis database to create these new genotypes in large numbers in hospitals around the world and also to microbes in patients around the world instantly to immunise them when nanomachines are perfected thus preventing the new pathogens from spreading across the globe with patients in the surrounding area first immunised and then outwards and so on either wirelessly or from hospitals with this also used to create species and specific bumpers to house CRISPR treatments,endolysines and anti-viral/microbial treatments.This sending of DNA would sent to Paean via namnomachines and biosynth wifi connected to the wire and implants he is in but it would also be sent to the nanomachines as the base microbes would be in time using taq polymerase and also Cas-9 be able to read the genome itself and determine the relevant genes for immunising strains,creation of endolysines and also bumpers by themselves or by Paean through wifi online or in an fragmented form on implants who would analyse it and send relevant genotypes from it to create immunising proteins,schematics for bumpers and endolysines to anti-microbial,anti-viral and immunising strains with it also using nanomachines to wirelessly send the DNA to immunising,anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains themselves.The DNA that is in the base microbes could be altered into benign DNA by its own set of genes that regulate this,by Paean or housed in nuclei to form part of the microbes DNA or transferred to another strain that would undergo apoptosis destroying them with the base microbes also programmed to delete the DNA during replication while the old ones containing this undergo apoptosis.Otherwise they could keep this DNA in a storage area and have it replaced entirely by CRISPR Cas-9 when it copies DNA the next time or even break down or rearrange the atoms present into nutrition or replace existing areas in the microbes genome similar to CRISPR in S.pyogenes with the microbes already having key common genes to all pathogens that it can recognise and determine what pathogen it is with human DNA read and determined by it intaking the key sequences that are present in the child but not the mother.If possible these base microbes would have a nucleus specifically for this DNA that it copies from pathogens and also fetuses to allow the taq polymeras and Cas-9 to read it and wirelessly send it via nanomachines and wifi and then be replaced by the next strand of DNA.Thus they will use taq polymerase and Cas-9 to read the genome of fetuses to be sent to newly generated patient files,pathogens to be sent to immunising strains and anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial strains as well Physis and Paean to create antibodies,endolysines for anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains and scan the genome.Taq polymerase and the Cas-9 would be used to copy DNA from pathogens,fetus etc for different reasons with this and the biosynth wifi transmitters and nanomachines reading the DNA with it transmitted to Paean,Physis and other microbes and patient files.Base microbes could form the basis of both handheld and lab based DNA analysers in hospitals,universities and also forensics labs as their ability to scan DNA using taq polymerase and and Cas-9 with them modified to interact with leukocytes and all types of human cells using blood,saliva and cell samples and then send the DNA read in them via nanomachines and wifi to forensics case files and other files with them also part of other analysers such a those required to read DNA including safes,registered devices,voting machines,authorisation for nuclear weapon use for government officials alongside other readings.By using these base microbes the entire human genome could be scanned and read as well as relayed to ones patient and forensics file in a matter of minutes with microorganism read this way too and also this would be used by interstellar space stations controlled by AI to scan the genome of all new organisms whether uni or multi cellular.This can also be done to determine the identity of those who are suffering memory loss and identity of the owners of DNA samples at crime scenes.This would be in both portable and lab based devices in both hospital and forensic labs.The abilities of C.elegans can be used to detect the presences of pollutants,hormones,cancer biomarkers,poisons,date rape drugs,heavy metals and also both inorganic and organic substances with universal receptors intaking the compound and relay its structure to Physis and the case file simultaneously and will use either mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them for example Hydra etc allowing the structure of the compound and its levels in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq to be determined with these again in portable and lab based devices with or without biosynth wifi.This C.elegans,Hydra DNA can be tweaked to act as universal receptors with human neural tissues integrated via human DNA alongside scratch DNA to improve this allowing them to carry out mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions and utilise chemothaxis and electrical signals including bacteria and multicellular that generate electrical charges in response to these compounds that can analyse the structure of them to then use biosynth biosynth Bluetooth and WiFi to send the compounds structure to Physis to be cross referenced and receive results within minutes.This will also be used by Sysmex machines that detect the levels of blood componants such as erythrocytes,leukocytes and also platelets and also hormones,pollutants etc.Implants in the body would utilise these as well.Like all strains they would have the ability to undergo mitosis and have flagellum.Another important strain would one that will only be able to interact with the hosts native cells due to specific markers on their surface thus applying gene therapy not to fight disease(this will be done by those that fight genetic diseases and also cancer etc)but to modify the hosts genome giving them augmentations to increase intelligence,make one resistant to extreme conditions using DNA from extremophiles such as xerophiles/oligotrophs/T.gammatolerans/Tardigrade/Salmonella/D.radiodurans,increase the rate of neural development as well as increase intelligence quotient and add resistance to pathogens making them unable to infect leukocytes and also organs etc,synthesise essential amino acids etc and from scratch giving them the same phenotypes of H.umbermensch in living patients and through advanced germline therapy and germline therapy and others and not be able to interact with pathogens due to the surface proteins and receptors suited only to interact with human cells and tissues with these like all strains being upgraded.This will be a different from strain that applies anti-ageing genes or it can be a separate ones.Ideally the anti-ageing strains would be able to detect senescent cells and cause them to undergo apoptosis,vaccinate the immune system against extracellular aggregates,break down intracellular aggregates and apply genes from extremophiles and multi cellular biological immortal and cancer free species of animals and other aforementioned functions all in one or separate sub strains that carry out each function of tasks switching from live state to endospore state through signals to carry out work.Their will be also an immunising strain that give dendritic and thus memory helper B and T,plasma and killer T cells proteins of pathogens to make them immunised against all pathogens the patient wishes to be as well making all leukocytes including dendritic cells and CD4+ T lymphocytes as well as all tissues in the body resistance to N.meningitidis,HIV,Ebolavirus etc. prior to infection thus making vaccines and medication obsolete and would be only be able to interact with primary immune system to alleviate strains on the microbes and prevent the primary immune system becoming lazy and too reliant.These different strains will be in biofilms in an endospore state to prevent them using too much resources and only be activated when needed by signals.Another strains that reside in the brain and other important organs could store oxygen as well but the would release short bursts over a period of time shorter than this at least an hour or two but would release sufficient amounts since working together as one and could separate carbon dioxide and other compounds with oxygen atoms into more usable oxygen to be reabsorbed and then released in short bursts again or in real time with the larger ones releasing larger levels over longer periods of time say several hours and would work in sever emergencies and alongside the other strains to keep the host alive.This could be done by them containing large vacuoles from plant cells that store oxygen only or small miniature ones with even DNA from humans that give erythrocytes their haemoglobin also in these to allow them to store extra oxygen outside these vacuoles in the microbes structure and the surface containing haemoglobin like erythrocytes with them being large biconcave,biconvex structures with the same malleability of macrophages with the vacuoles ideally being internal structures using recombinat DNA from plants and animals.These would keep the hosts brain and other vital organs alive during blood loss,heart attacks,strokes etc and as stated would be able to separate oxygen from carbon dioxide through catabolic reactions.Another strain would be those that use natural compounds from plants and even humans to treat insomnia,diabetes,stomach cramps,rheumatism,edema,hemorrhoids,gout,inflammation,pimples etc by detecting the biomarkers of these and also by instructions by Paean.This would render all over the counter remedies and medications obsolete.This would also create acetylsalicylic acid and also turn off/on genes that regulate substance P to treat chronic pain and severe bouts of pain that would cause one to pass out.Another strains created solely for recreational drug users can exist to produce morphine,nicotine,tetrahydrocannabinol,cathinone,cocaine,natural hallucinogens etc and other natural recreational drugs in controlled amounts on demand onsite of the site action such as the brain to prevent overdosing and them affecting other organs with this also to aid in those wanting to stop using them to eventually quit by producing in them in slightly lower amounts overtime with relevant recombinant DNA from the relevant plants and animals.Alkyl nitrites,LSD,3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine,methamphetamine and other synthetic drugs can be synthesised by these strains using catabolic and anabolic reactions in levels that prevent overdosing with side effects reduced or eliminated via microbes repairing the body tissues and also accelerated healing from A.mexicanum etc would counteract physiological effects.Another strain would produce hydrocarbons,animal and plant oils as well as amino acids etc to then allow other strains whether they are anti-microbial,anti-cancer,anti-viral strains and those that deal with the various other features interacting through signals carry out anabolic and catabolic reactions using these to then be able produce synthetic compounds to treat all sets of pathogens,diseases including neurological or functions negating the need for synthetic drugs to be ingested and done so in a manner to prevent overdosing when signalled by each other and Paean.Otherwise the patient would be told by Paean to consume specific fats,carbohydrates and proteins from specific foods in specific quantities to allow excess be used as a means to carry out these reactions by anti-viral,anti-bacterial and other strains thus negating this strain.When humans through gene therapy are able to create all essential nutrients in their recommended daily allowances then patients consuming them through their diet would allow this excess to be used to create this.These synthetic compounds would be created by anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains etc to suppress or treat pathogens of all types such as bacteria,viruses,fungi and parasites and to treat neurological conditions as well as non fatal problems like pimples,acne etc through catabolic and anabolic reactions.It would be done by Paean telling them to do so via biosynth wifi,nanomachines and digital DNA storage with the structure of them stored in the microbes with new ones downloaded and obsolete ones deleted.This would make all existing synthetic drugs of all types for the control and destruction of all types of pathogens,parasites,neurological and genetic disorders etc created by esterfication,industrial process in factories that are controlled and patented by corporations defunct indefinitely and by law since the microbes under the control of Paean could synthesise them in the body when needed in required amounts that are on the site of action reducing side effects and prevent overdosing.New synthetic drugs for all types of pathogens etc would created by Physis,Paean and Epione using simulations and automated labs and once authorised and passing clinical trials would be created when need via instructions from Paean in patients who need them with the fact that they would be created by AI and synthesised in the body would make them by law free alongside existing ones.All existing synthetic compounds to treat viruses,bacteria,parasites,cancer,neurological and genetic diseases and also everyday conditions can be created in the body of patients by various strains of microbes via anabolic and catabolic reactions and its structure downloaded into their digital DNA storage.The chemical structure of these synthetic compounds will be added to Physis to allow relevant strains such as anti-viral strains etc to download them onto DNA digital storage and then produce in the bloodstream or in the stomach via anabolic and catabolic reactions with this rendering private patents on them obsolete since Paean could create the synthetic compounds could at anytime this would render private patents by corporations of these compounds obsolete as they could be synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions controlled by Paean at anytime instead of being manufactured in factories and bought in stores with Paean being a legal human being have no need for money and thus have these compounds produced by relevant strains for free countless times inside patients.Paean would have a decided number of microbes create these in the required amounts in the site of action and even in the bloodstream cutting down on the need for binders,excipients as the compound would be created in the bloodstream bypassing the stomach and can also be covered in bumpers to prevent them breaking down and also bounce off human cells or interact only with those they are designed to interact with limiting side effects.The patient would told to consume a set amount of excess fats,sugar or proteins etc for the microbes to create them by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Since produced onsite of pathogens and neurotransmitters etc in the body in levels controlled by Paean it would eliminate overdosing and side effects with them applied in bumpers to further eliminate side effects.This would also save energy and time in their manufacture and transportation to pharmacies and then the consumer and would allow both factories and pharmacies to be turned into communal homes.Anti-viral strains would create synthetic compounds that either kill the desired virus or suppress their replication such as PreP,PEP and protease inhibitors for those suffering from HIV and would be be free since these would be synthesised by them and Paean and not created by corporation with anti-bacterial strains also doing the same for drug resistant bacteria and also for parasites.If possible they may be able to produce antibodies to specific pathogens that are found only in certain populations of the human species especially once their structure is charted and stored in Physis with this of note to N6 and tri-specific antibodies that can kill HIV but are produced by only a small percentage of infected patients with new antibodies for HIV and all other pathogens and even parasites created by AI namely Phanes and Paean using simulations and the known structure of the parasites and pathogens body namely the antigens with them created via anabolic and catabolic reactions.Anti-bacterial strains would create synthetic antibiotics while anti-helminthic strain will create synthetic compounds that kill or inhibit parasites with strains that treat everyday ailments will create compounds that treat gout,insomnia,heartburn etc.Paean will analyse the outer structure of all viral,bacterial and fungal pathogens,parasites etc and extrapolate synthetic compounds that can kill them or inhibit their replication etc that will be stored in their Physis file to be downloaded into their DNA digital storage and then synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.He will also analyse their outer structure to extrapolate synthetic antibodies that will have their structures be stored in their Physis files to again be downloaded onto their DNA digital storage to be synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Phanes can extrapolate genes to express these synthetic compounds and antibodies that can be downloaded by biosynth WiFi.This would allow them to create them for any pathogen and parasite outside of those they have compounds to fight for them and also new pathogens once their DNA is scanned and the antibodies structure stored on Physis in the pathogens file.It could also do this for parasites and also venoms and heavy metals.Other strains would create synthetic compounds to suppress sexual arousal in paedophiles,episodes in those suffering both schizophrenia and manic depression while CRISPR and stem cell strains cure them with the same done to those suffering from genetically episodes conditions such as parkinsons etc.

The microbes will be subdivided into various strains that carry out specific actions.Each strain will be form a permanent part of the patients body similar to the native primary immune systems from which they will use as a baseline.Base microbes will detect levels of poisons and the species of pathogens acting as the first line of defence to them via sending wifi signals to Paean then alert him to dangers in the body and then control the microbes and primary immune system via wifi and signals with recombinant DNA from Apidea,Hymenoptera,Chiroptera,Magnetospirillum and other unicellular and multicellular animals affected by wifi,magnetism and also those that use electrical signals even those from E.electricus,the mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction of C.elegans or wifi like means of communication and scratch DNA could be used to create biosynth wifi alongside graphene,borophene and stanene nanoprocessors sythesised via tweaked Geobacter and Shewanella DNA and neural synapses created by them aiding in the formation of biosynth wifi present in all strains.It would also copy DNA from cells in the body to measure the levels of phosphatidylcholines and senescence in the cells and be able to scan the genome of cells in fetuses to set up patient files and this and the ability to measure the presence and levels of compounds and genome will make the basis of lab equipment and machinery in all types of labs.This strain would be tweaked to detect toxins,poisons,alcohol,cancer biomarkers,date rape drugs and compounds that are synergistically interacting with each other in such low amounts such as ppm,ppb,ppt and so on in the earliest stage of contamination and production and break them down and turn them into nutrients for the host and microbes as well as benign compounds through anabolic and catabolic compounds.This C.elegans,Hydra DNA can be tweaked to act as universal receptors with human neural tissues integrated via human DNA alongside scratch DNA to improve this allowing them to carry out mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions and utilise chemothaxis and electrical signals including bacteria and multicellular that generate electrical charges in response to these compounds that can analyse the structure of them to then use biosynth biosynth Bluetooth and WiFi to send the compounds structure to Physis to be cross referenced and receive results within minutes.The chelation strain activated by base microbes would turn these and heavy metals etc into benign compounds by creating biofilms that clump it together and allow it to be removed from the body via feces and urine with the same applying to any particulates that enter the digestive tract and lungs etc with these strains either flushing the biofilms out or clumping to the individual particulates and atoms of metals in biofilms and being flushed out alongside it with the excess forming endospores.This strain would also produce proteins that either bind to the heavy metals,drugs,poisons etc and then prevent them interacting with the necessary receptors they do and thus allow them to be flushed out or the proteins could interact with the receptors taking up space preventing the poison,date rape drug etc interacting with them and thus having the being only able to be flushed out of the body.Paean via wifi would teach the microbes how to carry out catabolic and anabolic reactions when needed with the chemicals structure saved on digital DNA storage of the microbes with new compounds,antibodies saved on these when the instructions for older ones are deleted.One strain could be an amalgamation of two or three of the aforementioned strains to ensure they can react quickly to multiple threats ie combining bacterial/viral/fungal fighting strains into one that uses relevant CRISPR/bacterial/viral treatments by detecting the surface protein antigens and receptors of pathogens during phagocytosis and sensing biomarkers and signals from the primary immune system with neural clusters and nanomachines as well as Paean giving them some semblance of intelligence to for this for each pathogen.The would also signal when detecting the type of pathogen to the other microbes and the immune system what anti-viral or anti-microbial compounds as well as antibodies to flood the bloodstream and lymphatic system with in order to wipe the infection out instantly.This would have the same receptors as dendritic,CD4+ T Lymphocytes,macrophages,virophages,bacteriophages,virgin B and T cells to flood the bloodstream and lymphatic system with antibodies and anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds insert genes into pathogens like bacteriophages and exhibit phagocytosis.If possible there could be three strains fighting pathogens:One for fighting bacterial pathogens that are hybrids of macrophages,bacteriophages,yeasts virgin B and T cells with anti-viral strains that are amalgamations of macrophages,plasma cells,CD4+ T Lymphocytes,dendritic cells,virophages,virgin B and T cells,plasma cells etc to combat viruses.One could be designed to fight fungi which can be fought using anti-fungal compounds and CRISPR or they can be fought by either anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains using CRISPR to cause them to undergo apoptosis and also become susceptible to compounds at their disposal with all three detecting the surface protein antigens on the surface of pathogens to determine its type and thus what CRISPR treatments and compounds to use.Both strains or the single strain ideally two being used would have another strain that would function like helper T cells to recharge them with chemical signals and/or supply them with stored reserves of proteins,fats and carbohydrates or those synthesised that prevents them dying and giving up or the strains could signal the primary systems own helper T cells to do this.Otherwise the other strain not used ie anti-viral or anti-microbial ones could help the others by providing them with energy in the form of using up fats and sugars in the body or those produced by the strains that produce animal and vegetable oils.Other wise the two strains could take breaks when low on energy and use up excess nutrients and other material taken in by the host.Both anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains would use CRISPR treatments present as ribosomes and in particular plasmids at their disposal as part of their arsenal with these using advanced gene drive technology.They using CRISPR could make any pathogen whether viral,fungal or bacterial susceptible to the compounds at their disposal killing them rather than inactivating them and negate the need to have too many genotypes with them also applying suicide genes,those that cause them to be unable to undergo mitosis,remove their pathogenicity etc.These would be applied via horizontal gene transfer during phagocytosis and also releasing large amounts via protein bumpers with taq polymerase and Cas-9 allowing them to be replicated and recreated one after another with them created on the go via nanomachines or interaction with the surface protein antigens of pathogens deciding which ones to produce or them in the ribosomes and in particular plasmids.Anti helminthic strains would fight off parasites and would be injected into the body when needed.Immunising strains would immunise patients against all viral,bacterial,fungal pathogens and parasites.Anti-cancer strains would separate from others and would be tweaked to detect cancer biomarkers,CD47 and also the same methods used in immunotherapy to detect and fight cancer by using localised flooding alongside the same receptors in Car T immunotherapy and would use venom based compounds such as Polybia MP-1 and TsAP-1,melittin and CRISPR treatments that cause tumours to undergo apoptosis,stunt their growth and also make them susceptible to the compounds they have at their disposal if they dont attack all types of tumours.These would ideally be injected into all patients worldwide prior to them getting cancer and not just those with genetic predispositions to cure them of precancerous and stage 0 tumours before conventional methods detect them ie meaning a person will be cured of them without realising they ever formed with them also applying CRISPR treatments to cause tumours to undergo apoptosis,halt their growth.A strain would exist that produces recreational drugs and another that creates neurotransmitters and natural and synthetic compounds to treat insomnia and everyday problems.Another few important strains would be the anti-ageing strains that applies genetic treatments to combat ageing,genetic diseases and add augmentations merged into one etc and so on with the possibility of hormones,toxins,chemical signals detected by them switching on/off specified genes,receptors on the outside and functions to prevent them applying the wrong compounds alongside the fact that they would be able to modify a pathogen via horizontal gene transfer to make them susceptible to any compound at its disposal.The would also enhance the primary immune system via gene therapy with all anti-viral,anti-microbial,anti-cancer compounds,give the immune system immunotherapy to detect and fight cancers etc.Those that are base microbes,that interact with the hosts cells and enhance the immune system would still be separate strains alongside those that repair wounds and perforations etc as well as building blood vessels.There could be separate strains solely for treating genetic diseases including neurological and developmental disorders present only in sufferers of these as well as applying protective genes to all living patients to prevent them forming again in the human genepool and those to treat ageing and those for augmentations or these could be one strain.The last and one of the most important strains is those that have DNA from Hydra,Planarins,A.mexicanum,induced pluriopotents,embryonic and haemotopiac stem cells that can allow them on demand by chemical signals or from Paean turn into any tissue on demand.These will especially those from Hydra etc have human recombinant DNA added and the ability to change into new tissues via chemical signals and electrical impulses from the biosynth wifi or even electrical impulses from the recombinant DNA from G.metallireducens and S.oneidensis generated by chemical reactions etc in the body or on demand via biosynth wifi.The G.metallireducens,S.oneidensis DNA will give it the ability to generate electricity and electroconductive pilli.This can be used to treat neurological,developmental and genetic diseases by forming relevant neural and other types of tissue to treat conditions such as pedophelia,Downs syndrome and also multiple scolerosis by creating proper neural tissues that would allow the patient to exhibit normal chronopheilia,cure both sociopathy and psychopathy,intelligence quotient and cognitive abilities with in pre-teens and adolescents it would create proper fully mylienated synapses thus decelerating critical and emotional development prior to genetic engineering perfecting this.It would also as detailed later on replace all forms of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.In the elderly it would form neural,muscle and bone tissue and also skin tissue and could replace dead and dying as well as ageing tissue in any part of the body such as the arteries,heart brain etc with more youthful and vigorous ones with it doing so for skin tissue by causing the old dying layer to undergo apoptosis or peel off via recombinant DNA from Serpentes.Thus it would form the perfect vector for stem cells rather than injection of stem cells by themselves since having flagellum and also being part of the body as well as undergo mitosis be able to travel to any part of the body and create as many copies of itself as required in emergencies as well as in individual.This would be the strain that forms neural,worm and other implants invivo.Thus this system of different strains will be similar to the different types of leukocytes in the primary immune system thus they will be in a sense a secondary immune system that fights infections that the primary immune system cant with each of the strains using their respective equivalents in the primary immune system as a baseline rather than just CD4+ T lymphocytes.Those that cannot have vaccines due to them being to young,weak immune systems etc and rely on herd immunity should have those to deal with all pathogens and viruses especially specific ones with ideally patients inoculated as early as possible ideally at birth to ensure survival and ideally these anti-viral/anti-fungal/anti-microbial ones should have recombinant DNA from all types of leukocytes such as CD4+ T Lymphocytes,dendritic cells,macrophages and those that interact with pathogens and are infected by certain ones to allow them to attack them with the surface of them being an amalgamation of these or use the process’s of switching on/off genes to accommodate this or ideally being separate strains that all have the ability of phagocytes in them alongside the receptors of each one CD4+ T Lymphocytes or dendritic cell or just a combination of T Lymphocytes and macrophages.This and their other properties and functions could augment human abilities and render humans immortal combined with anti-ageing treatments with them residing in the bloodstream,lymphatic system,bone marrow,within muscles,tissues of all types,capillaries and gastro-intestinal tract and all areas of the body allowing them to act instantly on any threats that arise anywhere.All strains will be copies of the primary systems various leukocytes with each type of leukocytes acting as a baseline for each strain with extra strains that are created using human proteins attached to bacteria or even hybrids of the leukocytes.Patients will have their different types of leukocytes extracted using phlebotomy and then using 3D printing will have relevant DNA from other leukocytes and also other plants,bacteria and animals added and then inserted into the patient onsite using phlebotomy robots as the process will take several minutes as well as the option of having these sent to the patients home via a vial and needle or to be quicker they can be created from scratch using base human leukocytes of all types with the individual patients file cross referenced for each individual patients DNA and that from the bacteria,plants and animals required for them to function added and then injected via needle and vial at home or phlebotomy robots in pharmacies,universities,hospitals etc.This could be done by automated machinery and artificial intelligence cutting down costs.This could also be used to create customised Car-T and other immunotherapy treatments by using 3D printing using ones own leukocytes or even just those created scratch containing the patients DNA stored on file lowering their costs significantly.They would also cut down on the costs and time of producing conventional vaccines and pharmacological compounds with them acting 24/7,365 days a year providing on demand treatment with them doing so when one is away from hospitals or have access to drugs ie in the wilderness etc and prevent problems associated overdosing ensuring only the required amount is created when needed for each specific situation by them able to detect levels of the compound in the bloodstream in very specific amounts due to the neural clusters from humans and nervous system from C.elegans.They if corrected would mean no new drugs or vaccines would have to be created to cure every single disease known whether viral,bacterial,fungal,cellular degenerative,neurological or even genetic and the effects of ageing with it using a combination of anti-viral,anti-fungal,anti-microbial compounds as well as CRISPR treatments as well as the microbes ability to form new tissue,cellular rejuvenation either by itself or with them passing this to all native cells and tissues in the body.This will be use to apply CRISPR treatments via horizontal gene transfer to fix neurological diseases,enhance human capabilities such as intelligence and ability to survive extreme environmental conditions,treat genetic diseases,genetic flaws that shorten or impair the hosts lifespan.Those in the gastro-intestinal tract could release nutrients directly into each section to be absorbed or broken down with those in the oesophagus forming bio-films and have recombinant DNA from acidophiles in them to make them resist low pH of the stomach protecting this from acid reflux with them also creating proper flaps in stomach in vivo to prevent this with if possible they could transfer recombinant DNA from acidophiles and from scratch into the genome of cells that line the oesophagus as well.

Recombinant DNA from human macrophages,plasma,dendritic cells and possibly ameoba recombinant DNA would be added to the main strains to make them exhibit phagocytosis and devour certain bacteria and viruses through anti-viral compounds and antibodies instead of enzymes or even surround them to insert CRISPR treatments and also release anti-microbial,antibody and anti-viral compounds as nanoparticles more efficiently limiting their release into the bloodstream.Anti-viral,anti-cancer,anti-microbial compounds,endolysines and antibodies can be flooded across the bloodstream to use the bloodstream and lymphatic system using bumpers as a means to reach all corners of the body especially hard to reach places with this also used by the immunised primary immune system to reach hard to reach places that a tumor or pathogen would hide.These anti-viral,anti-bacterial etc compounds can be applied to pathogens during phagocytosis through the microbes housing macrophage and possibly amoeba DNA that allows them to surround pathogens and apply the compounds then without them being released into the bloodstream that may cause cytotoxicity and it to break down in the bloodstream preventing immune reactions,death or it becoming ineffective.These microbes would be themselves immune to reactive oxygen and would use chemical or biological signals similar those in the immune system unique to them detectable by only themselves but not the immune system and detect those from immune system to detect the presence of and location of pathogens with recombinant DNA from human white cells,from bacterium that utilise chemotaxis and thermotaxis as well as similar properties,from scratch and other cells will be added to their genome to cater to this.Recombinant DNA from bacteria that produce biofilms will be added to allow them to group together to form rigid scaffolding structures and then tissues etc as well as pilli and flagellum from E.Coli allowing for quick movement to the site of infections and also ruptures with the host engineered to produce both native leukocytes and erythrocytes with these to move much quicker and without the need for the heart allowing them to move in the case of heart attacks etc.They may even be able to detect pathogens due to chemicals produced by the pathogens themselves or even surface proteins on the pathogens and when pathogens are detected create clusters in the bloodstream using DNA from leukocytes and bacteria that create biofilms to release there chemicals in unison in large amounts that can flood the bloodstream by creating the dye and exhibiting biolumescence to activate it or attack large groups of cells in CRISPR attacks at once.Primitive and possibly complex neural systems engineered into them may allow them to detect sensations,receive signals from nanomachines,themselves,each other,the primary immune system,biomarkers of disease and neural implants with them form clusters of this to receive signals or even see similar to primitive eye/neural systems present in the most primitive organisms from the Pre-cambrian and Cambrian geological periods.This could include synapses and neural cluster systems similar to human ones in the brain,central and peripheral via recombinant DNA from humans and/or the simple neural systems of C.elegans with it possible to stores metres of neural synapses and similar material within the nucleus or second nucleus similar to the three metres of human DNA in a human cell with these also on the outer cell walls and membrane of the bacteria connected to this cluster.This would including DNA from both C.elegans and humans with regards to those that create both simple and complex neural systems.These would be engineered to hold at least three metres or even as much as possible of human neural synapses with in time these becoming more dense through upgrades and even have more than one cluster connected to each other and the synapses connected to the wall.This would be replicated by those engineered to detect cancers and precancerous cells with in time them programmed through genes or even signals from nanomachines to intake elemental molecules and synthesise biosynth cybernetic systems to receive neural and electrical signals similar to wifi transmitters from each other,Paean and also nanomachines with wifi transmitters making part biosynth microbes.If possible nanomachines themselves will form part of their structure with them either synthesising bio-synth nanomachines or these enter them during their lifespan in or near the neural clusters to more effectively receive signals and carry out orders from both other nanomachines and Paean with even all types of the primary immune system have these again either synthesised by them through engineering the relevant host cells and factories for them or nanomachines coated in protein coats from the patient entering them to again make signalling easier through chemical,electrical and wireless means from Paean.This would also make them more reactive to the presence of toxins,compounds,hormones etc in the human body that would allow for them to communicate with each other more effectively with the neural systems from C.elegans aiding in this particularly due to their sensitivity to toxins and be engineered able to detect biomarkers,toxins,compounds and hormones in the lowest possible amounts with the nanomachines relaying the current and rising levels to Paean alongside any implants present including neural implants and manage responses more quickly with the different strains having the DNA tweaked to detect all hormones,nutrients,pharmacological compounds,toxins,compounds,biomarkers etc of all cancers/diseases/pathogens/viruses, in the lowest levels possible and even detect their exact or general levels in the bloodstream in mls,ppm and ppb or even ppt and ppq so as to allow them and the added human neural systems allowing for quick responses and allow them to determine the best concentration of each substance to produce thus preventing overdosing,to respond to to prevent slow responses or even responding too quickly with them given alongside biological hard drives within its own DNA and nanoprocessors some semblance of intelligence and carry and modify to new situations and pathogens through detecting the surface proteins of pathogens and evolving new receptors and compounds and even strategies,learn from past infections and poisoning events as well as instructions and simulations for all hypothetical situations and new treatments and strategies from Paean sent via nanomachines,carry out catabolic and anabolic reactions to every specific toxin,compounds that enter the body instantly and in prepare specific nutrients etc in specific amounts instantly to prevent the body becoming too overrun with compounds and react to every individual situation uniquely and most importantly be able to respond to orders from Paean via nanomachines effectively.These neural clusters will not have DNA present to allow function but will rather be an phenotype of genotypes in the DNA present in the genome capsid.Recombinant DNA from C.elegans will also allow for chemotaxis,thermotaxis,mechanotransduction,learning,memory to be applied by the microbes with them also adding simple neural systems to the microbes alongside or in place of neural clusters.In time it may even be possible for these to become more intelligent through these on par with animals or even possible sentient either individually through being able to condense enough neural synapses,nanomachines and biological harddrives into them or collectively through chemical signals and collectively joining to each other in a biofilm or neural implants through the nervous clusters of each joining together in a mass using the collective neural clusters combined together and harnessing the processing power of all nanomachines in them and the body combined.This if done to the hosts central and peripheral nervous system would in effect increase the hosts intelligence.If possible these would in time be able to merge with the human neural system both the brain and the rest of the central nervous system and increase the hosts intelligence,neural and cognitive features through the merging of the humans neural systems as well as the nanomachines and neural clusters and DNA digital storage in the microbes or them simply becoming new neural tissue with the nanomachines present increasing the processing power of the new neural tissues in the hosts with this increasing the persons intelligence.Tissues formed in other part of the body through per example repairing damaged organs etc would also increase intelligence quotient by the nanomachines and wiring connecting to the native nerve tissues in these areas,organs etc.In both cases the digital DNA storage gained from the DNA present in the microbes can be used to store data downloaded from the internet,wire and neural system ie memories,emotions,thoughts,movies,structures of compounds etc that can be extracted and deleted by pure thought with each microbe cell holding 3ZB each.Nanomachines,biological harrdrives and neural clusters will also vastly increase the intelligence of the host.These DNA would also store the structure of poisons,toxins etc to recognise and their counterproteins as well as download the structure of antibodies and synthetic compounds produced by them and counterproteins via biosynth wifi with them sent this via wifi with old data deleted.Genotypes for upgrades will be downloaded as well.They could use biosynth wifi with the wifi using public wifi,routers in homes and public buildings and also cellular signals and satellite wifi in the wilderness to download new information.Microbes present could also store extra digital data in the three metres of DNA holding both their genotypes,junk DNA and even the DNA in the genome capsid,mitochondrial DNA,biological harddrives present as well as the neural synapse clusters holding extra information both in the actual synapses but theoretically even the DNA within them with CRISPR or them allowing ones own native cells to be used for this both in the nucleus and also mitochondria with in both case bio synth wifi within the and also the cells and microbes connected to neurons could allow for this information to be read by the central nervous system once downloaded from the internet and wire by pure thought and through Paean or via microbes transferring this when they down this via wifi.CRISPR can be used to add the ability of digital DNA storage and nanomachines to be added to all cells and tissues in a patients body especially with regards to nuclear and mitochondrial DNA increasing the storage capacity of the human body and neural systems exponentially allowing one to store 1,110,000,000,000,000,000,000,000PB or 11,100,000,000,000YB of information with the accelerated healing phenotypes repairing any degradation to the brain caused by overloads of memories with data from this digital DNA being able to be sent wirelessly via wifi and implants to external devices such as clouds,servers,smart devices and external hard drives with unnecessary information deleted at will and extra information downloaded wirelssly.This could allow for humans to store vastly more memories than the hypothesised 2.5 petabytes in the human brain alongside genetic engineering using CRISPR to transfer eidetic memories to patients.This could also for genetic memory to be utilised by humans wherein memories of a mother and father would be passed on from one generation to another through DNA digital storage present in the DNA of both spermatazoa and eggs if applied to all cells using advanced gene drive technology.If not then at least it should apply to biosynths.Technology can be developed that can read memories extracted from DNA.These would act as at biological neural implants through the nanomachines and the neural clusters merging and working together allowing for information being sent to and from the human brain and the wire and play a role in VR indistinguishable from reality through them connecting directly to all parts of the brain and central nervous system or those responsible for temporal comprehension to facilitate the time dilation effect and forming clusters through biofilms.They would also form bio-synth neural implants through these biofilms connecting all microbes and nanomachines with the hosts body with other bio-synth implants such as biosynth pacemakers,neural implants etc could be formed by these forming biofilms and then solidifying into these advanced implants with the nanomachines and the neural synapses present forming into these masses circuitry with them even if possible turning into biosynth nanomachines.Furthermore if they have recombinant DNA from bacteria from the genera Geobacter and Shewanella to produce electronically conductive nanowires throughout these and the nervous system to connect each implant and the brain together.

These biocombatible microbes would be immune to any antibiotics or anti-viral drugs administered orally or even created by themselves so the pathogen can be attacked while conventional treatments suppresses the pathogens ability to grow,reproduce or cause serious problems such as death with this immunity blocked from passing to pathogens and also allow them to thrive indefinitely.It would largely be done because they would be modified leukocytes.This could be done by these having specific genes in plasmids or chromosomes that cannot be spread to the pathogens with these likely being more complex humans strands of DNA or chromosomes or synthetic ones that cannot be traded or passed into the targeted pathogen due to it being more complex,foreign to bacteria or even gene drives,proteins,enzymes etc or them coated by markers,proteins,genome capsids from viruses etc that simply prevent this DNA from being transferred to pathogens preventing the pathogens from becoming resistant to antibiotics then applied to them to kill the pathogen.Production of genome capsids from viruses could be integrated into the microbes DNA to house specifically these genes and plasmids or even chromosomes separate from the nucleus that contain genes that keep the bicompatible microbes immune from applied antibiotics and compounds to kill pathogens/reactive oxygen/anti-microbial agents and antibodies they produce themselves as well as those that ensure its immortality from endolithic bacteria and Bacillus F,genes that create anti-viral and anti-cancer compounds etc,those that make them survive radiation and chemotherapy and from extremophiles,exhibit horizontal gene transfer with anti-microbial and anti-viral strains having this from pathogens to make it easy while those that interact with human cells will use that from viruses and those used in gene therapy or from scratch to prevent them interacting with pathogens etc,give them advanced features like neural clusters and ability to evolve quickly,those that allow them to survive extreme radiation as well as lower amounts of nutrients and water and low pH etc,those that produce controlled levels telomerase production,form endospores and even those that produce human protein coats that allow it survive the human body preventing immune responses that cannot be transferred to pathogens or even cancers for them and the primary immune system to be effective.These capsids would have recombinant DNA from all extremophiles including those in the host already especially acidophiles to allow them to survive the low pH of the stomach to aid in food digestion,synthesise natural or synthetic compounds that treat stomach cramps or heartburn and attack pathogens like H.pylori that reside in the stomach that cause stomach ulcers among other problems and replace their other beneficial functions in those that are asymptomatic carriers.Otherwise H.pylori if they play a role in digestion could be engineered not to cause stomach ulcers with recombinant DNA from acidophiles added to all cells in the human body including the stomach.These and DNA from osmophiles,halophiles,alkanophiles etc allow them to survive all pH ranges,sugar concentrations and extremes both of the human body but also those caused by an overabundance of nutrients for the host and the microbes in the body which can be passed onto the host via horizontal gene transfer in relevant strains with others holding this DNA in genome capsids.DNA from T.gammatolerans will make them immune to radiation experienced by the host.They should also have DNA from psychrophiles,Tardigrade to make them survive low temperatures of cryoprotectants both for storage and also if cryonics becomes a valid science with thermophile DNA added as well as mesophile with these pushed to their limits like those added to humans as detailed later on.Salmonella DNA and others from scratch including those from Tardigrade can also push their limits in terms of surviving extreme environments including in space,low and high temperatures with those from oligotrophs and xerophiles can allow them to survive on low levels of nutrition especially if the host is starved of food and nutrients.Those from as stated psychrophiles,A.mexicanum,Planarians,Hydra, as well as T.gammatolerans and also Bacillus F etc will allow them to survive the process of freezing and rethawing over and over again to recover from telomere damage caused by cryonics and low temperatures.All extremophile DNA will be added to them including metallotolerants with beneficial bacteria in the gastro intestinal tract also given genome capsids housing these phenotypes alongside those that make immune to all of the anti-microbial compounds and even bumpers and endolysines at their disposal and also DNA that gives beneficial bacteria the ability to produce human protein coats to avoid immune responses and prevent them being attacked by the primary immune system especially when it is immunised using the common protein method.Recombinant DNA from all major extremophilic bacteria and those from the Firmicutes phylum that create endospores to survive periods of inhospitable environmental conditions and re-emerge when the surrounding environment is more hospitable through signals from other strains,native immune system and also the body to awaken them and put them back into spores when not needed.These genes including those from endoliths to make them immortal,allow and those that protect them from the immune system etc would be housed in genome capsids to prevent them being transferred into pathogens.Upgrades can allow for new phenotypes to be added specifically to the genome capsids.The beneficial bacteria in the gastro itenstinal tract will be given these sources of recombinant DNA from extremophiles to also survive these conditions experienced by the host through genome capsids and have advanced gene drive technology applied to ensure it stays there for each generation with the native leukocytes via this DNA added to the bone marrow will be able to survive these conditions.Asides from interacting with the immune system they would also interact with the microorganisms already present in the human body for example not harm the native bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract especially both intestines and in fact augment their abilities through recognising their unique biomarkers trade specific genes with them including if possible those within the genome capsid or when that interact with these specific bacteria by recognising their genome and receptors by interactions with them and the nanomachines synthesise and trade these genes to improve their natural abilities with any dangerous pathogenic bacteria present destroyed or at least made permanently benign and altered to become beneficial and carry out new functions.This would in turn make humans gastro-intestinal system more
efficient,cleaner etc.This would be controlled rates via horizontal gene transfer and vice versa if deemed safe through simulations done by Paean,Epione etc.The capsids in the microbes would contain all extremophile DNA augmentations that is found in the host.Beneficial bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract would also contain these capsids and the same DNA to protect them from radiation,hypergravity with this done via horizontal gene transfer from augmenting strains and also them created to them via them consumed when created in a lab.The genome capsids in beneficial bacteria will also house this DNA from extrempphiles DNA and those to make them immune to the anti-microbial compounds at the disposal of the microbes and also those that give them human protein coats making them human bacteria hybrids thus preventing the primary immune system using antibodies at them.Thus both microbes and beneficial bacteria in the gut will be engineered to be able to resist the same extremophile conditions as the host via upgrades.The DNA to produce these capsid if possible would be inside these chromosomes and plasmids within them with their synthesis coming from the main set of chromosomes or their synthesis controlled by nanomachines interacting with specific genes in the main chromosomes through chemical signals controlling their replication meaning the expression of genes to produce the second set of chromosomes and capsid would have to be controlled by nanomachines.Otherwise gene drives that prevent certain genes within the first chromosomes from being traded would organise the production of both the capsid and second set of DNA with this also controlled by mitochondrial DNA,switching of certain genes on/off with nanomachines again playing a role with mitochondrial DNA also prevented from being traded.These plasmids and chromosomes would be separate to those that house other phenotypes such as those that are traded to pathogens that would roam free in the bacterias structure in the form of ribosomes and in particular plasmids and/or genes,plasmids and chromosomes in the primary nucleus also housing DNA to initiate the capsids and the genes in them.Unlike viral capsids they would not be traded into pathogens due to them having a complex structure of enzymes,peptidoglycan similar to gram positive bacteria or even cellulose,ligin,hemicellulose,pectin found in plant cells using recombinant DNA from plants and gram positive DNA or viruses unable to enter the pathogens at all with other measures engineered into it to prevent this happening either at the start or by adding new microbes that interbreed with it.Upgrades would allow primitive versions of microbes to gain these.These should be used to house it with the most effective one used to house it preventing it from being traded with pathogens if protomers through either simulations made by Paean and Epione or trials on mice and chimpanzees show that they are ineffective of keeping these genes within them.The first generation of microbes will likely not have genome capsids and the features inside them,nanomachines,neural synapses but will in time through upgrades will have these added overtime by at least the late 2030s with AI namely Physis,Paean and Epione creating scratch DNA or scanning known genomes of all animals that have these or can create equivalents.Primitive versions that can not have these or the important genes that cant be traded with pathogens with in time them added by upgrades with the primitive versions of microbes surviving by themselves with if any pathogens get the DNA inside them by any means can be removed via CRISPR.Upgrades to house more phenotypes would add more genes to the capsid would be made thus allowing DNA inside the capsid to receive new phenotypes with the Cas-9 programmed to open up the capsid or stimulate the nuclear DNA to produce these DNA sequences or them using bumpers that can bypass the protomer capsids.Since eukaryotes these would house the important DNA that keeps them immortal and resistant to treatments,immortal and able to inhabit the body without eliciting immune responses etc in this capsid to prevent them traded with the nucleus housing DNA that give them their characteristics for structure,soaking up of poisons etc,creation of capsids as well as functioning of the cell with these and ribosomes and in particular plasmids and other strands of DNA including plasmids containing the suicide,resistance removing genes etc that are to be traded with pathogens and the host using gene drives.Ideally this DNA would be able to be used as DNA digital storage when they are used as biosynth technology with ideally the same three metres of DNA found in humans present here with the remaining DNA used for upgrades and also for junk DNA used as digital storage alongside the rest.It could also be used to store instructions and data from Paean as well as from itself.Recombinant DNA from embryonic stem cells and even cancer cells can make them produce telomerase making them divide indefinitely with other scratch DNA keeping this in control without become cancerous and divide out of control.Advanced gene drives would keep phenotypes stable and prevent unwanted mutations with recombinant DNA from T.gammatolerans present to aid this with only upgrades adding and removing desired and undesired DNA.Genes in capsids could be transferred to the hosts cells by the use of signals,nanomachines and Paean with the capsid momentarily broken by switching on/off genes down to apply them or synthesis/interactions of base microbes interacting with them copying and transferring these into the host cell with the possibility of microbe strains that are only able to interact with the hosts cells and not pathogens or tumours to prevent them entering the genepool of pathogens due to unique receptors on the microbes walls,the genes synthesised by the bacteria outside the capsid via interactions with the host cells and/or nanomachines or other measures applied by them determined in time by Paean,Epione,Urania and Branchus.CRISPR,Paean and other software combined with each other can be used to create these with bacteria created using the same process as Mycoplasma laboratorium to create a species that is biocompatible that can do this for all existing and new superbugs or one for each superbug with recombinant DNA from the specific bacterium or virus inside to ensure these suicide,faulty or resistance removing genes amongst those that reduce its ability to reproduce or be a pathogen can be transferred successfully with the bacteria used for this unable to become as deadly or resistant as the species they are destroying due to their genome contain gene drives with gene drives also ensuring any genes transferred to pathogens are permanent and passed onto future generations allowing for antibiotic or anti-viral treatments are used.They could even transfer bacteriocidal proteins and compounds to which the beneficial bacterial is immune to into the cell of the resistant pathogen bypassing the cell wall with a single cell of these bacteria transferring these compounds,proteins and genes to many cells of the pathogen in a patient with the possibility of transferring DNA into the pathogens to force them to make bactericidal compounds or even endolysines inside themselves killing them from the inside out.Photoanti-microbial dyes could be engineered to be produced by these microbes or variants that transform nutrients or even carbon dioxide in the body into reactive forms of oxygen that kill pathogens that the biocompatible microbes is immune to and with recombinant DNA from plants or photosynthetic that create the pathways from photosynthetic bacteria with DNA from faculatative anaerobes,anaerobes,obligate anaerobes,capnophiles and scratch DNA that allow them to soak up the excess oxygen produced to prevent it poisoning or building up in the bloodstream and acting as a free radical or causing unforeseen problems.This would also allow the microbes to survive in the body using both carbon dioxide and oxygen in the bloodstream with them also engineered to run on sugars,salts,fats,proteins and other nutrients in the hosts body running on both oxygen and carbon dioxide with them using excess of these to prevent problems associated with overdosing such as high blood pressure,weight gain,heart disease etc.It and other engineering would allow them to separate the carbon and oxygen to create useable oxygen and sugars or store the carbon for this and other uses with chlorophyll engineered into them using bioluminescence to separate the carbon dioxide into and release reactive oxygen though if this produces too much oxygen that may be toxic other DNA from scratch could do this without photosynthesis via bioluminescence such as using those from chemosynthetic bacteria with those from these also turning methane into a fuel source for the microbes preventing poisoning to the host or turning it into benign compounds such as sugars and water.If possible scratch DNA could allow them to produce reactive oxygen without light by using oxygen or carbon dioxide and converting it into this with the host made immune by having recombinant DNA from aerotolerant anaerobic bacteria.Those in livestock would be removed via phlebotomy robots will be separated and either used to create biosynth technology or even separated to be injected into new animals with the blood used to produce Agriprotein.Ornamental and crop plants as well as those in forests,wilderness and areas used for forestry could also have ones created to treat viral,fungal and bacterial diseases with them creating hormones and other compounds to extended their blooming periods,control growth,extend their lifespan and shelflife by suppressing rotting and killing off spoilage and food poisoning,micro-organisms and would reside in the xylem,phloem,leaves,tissues and also roots as well as the soil and even attack pests with them killed in these cases or extracted via nodules and turned into electronics with them passing to new generations via seeds.This would also kill off pathogens in crops preventing them spreading to humans and immunise the plants or even add primitive or fully functioning primary immune systems via CRISPR and would give them by allow them to repel pests,survive all climates and soils etc.They could even augment their abilities and increase their growth and even intake of carbon dioxide and carry out the same functions as in animals.If possible CRISPR could be used to make pathogens benign,unable to infect cells,produce toxins and make them susceptible to attacks from the primary system with again vectors such as asymtomatic carriers and animals treated with this.It would also be used to transfer suicide genes that cause a pathogen to undergo apoptosis.

These microbes since using leukocytes as a baseline would be coated in not only human proteins but specific markers and proteins of pathogenic bacteria,viruses and protozoa without pathogenicity(or ability to mutate)that can be grown in media and then injected into the patient as a form of living vaccine injected prior to infections that through DNA from endoliths would stay in the patients body indefinitely and even pass from mother to child via the placenta breastfeeding or even from person to person through unprotected sexual intercourse including oral sex or physical contact with the genitals with them attacking infections instantly.This could be done by them inhabiting the semen and mouth tissues with them that enter the unborn fetus via the placenta breastfeeding offering extra protection to them from infections carried by the mother,preventing miscarriages and stillbirths and situations that would endanger the life of the mother,aid in the proper development of premature children,correcting genetic flaws in utero including those caused by incest and mutations,encouraging correct neural and organ development before they are born and supplying them with oxygen as well as nutrients should the life of the mother be compromised,the placenta strangles the child,complications occur or the mother should be unable to procure sufficient nutrition of key nutrients and improving success in cesarean births.Bio-synthetic worms will act as as secondary placenta as detailed earlier on should the first one become compromised.They will also be providing extra protection from pathogens during pregnancy and the first months of life after birth before and after they are given proper vaccinations with it protecting unborn fetuses from contracting HIV and protect the mother and unborn child from miscarriages from pathogens such as L.monocytogenes and Salmonella.It will also alert the mother through nanomachines to any surprise pregnancies that occur with it calculating the date of conception.With regards to developing fetuses and infants they could produce omega-3 fatty acids as well as folate in sufficient for proper neural developments and prevent spina bifida and other neural tubule defects should the mother be unable to gain adequate nutrition of these and other nutrients using compounds in the body,excess nutrients etc by detecting levels of these nutrients in the bloodstream and the infants and body repair any damage caused by trauma and supply blood and nutrients should the placenta be compromised and if possible repair the placenta in certain situations or if possible create a second one as a backup.Otherwise the microbes through horizontal gene transfer have the mother and unborn child synthesise these naturally becoming a permanent part of the human genepool.Situations such as the placenta strangling the child will be negated by the use of carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor will keep the child alive with the biosynth worm taking over the job of the original placenta by attaching to the fetus and the primary one severed and broken down by the microbes by decomposing it and also causing cells and tissues to undergo apoptosis.The placenta will be regrown for the next child.They will also soak up and convert alcohol,recreational drugs and other compounds such as pharmacological compounds that may inhibit the proper neural and organ development of of an unborn child into nutrients or benign compounds with excess nutrients flushed out of the placenta or the child could be engineered via CRISPR to be unable to absorb these toxins from the body preventing them affecting proper neural development with this then removed once they reach adolescence or adulthood.Mitotic inhibitors would also be dealt with in the same way by having all patients worldwide have genes added that prevent conjoined twins being formed at all again,making the fetus and indeed all humans immune to them as well with any incidences of conjoined twins dealt with by surgery being aided by the microbes keeping the brain and other vital organs alive,repairing damaged tissues and vessels with bioprinted organs added to both individuals and the microbes repairing any damaged tissues and vessels with limbs such as arms created via synthetic ones as detailed earlier attached to them.Resistance to mitotic inhibitors and all types of teratogens can be added to the human genepool to prevent conjoined twins ever happening with this done via exposing bacteria to them in automated labs and using the new genes to be added.Recombinant DNA from A.mexicanum,Hydra and Planarians as well as Archaea bacteria that exhibit telomere repair added to the human genepool will automatically repair any damage caused by these and in deed any compound or trauma on the neural development thus meaning compounds like alcohol,nicotine and teratogens that affect the brain will have any damage repaired instantly or or treatments applied to allow the unborn fetus made immune to them preventing them interacting with the unborn fetus neurological developing.Any ruptured placentas,wombs that could be repaired to prevent miscarriages with them even covering the womb in a layer of fat and carbon nanotube or spider silk to offer extra protection to the unborn child with them forming worms that would be providing extra oxygen and nutrients to twins,triplets and extra infants during single births.In short they will protect the life of the mother and unborn child during pregnancy to prevent them from being compromised and dying by providing the brain of the infant and mother with oxygen should either one or both be compromised with them also fighting off infections preventing miscarriages,stillbirths and also preventing complications that arise by keeping both individuals alive and even in the case of sudden infant death syndrome correct mutations and keep infants alive in these and any other situations during its first early years with the same applied to sudden adult death syndrome.Each microbes will have base universal human DNA alongside the hosts DNA to prevent rejection to an unborn fetus with if possible them also having upon their genetic screening have their own DNA taken from leukocytes taken during this to then be inserted into these microbes that entered the child during its in utero stage or when it is born via those prepared by automated machinery or doctors present and even base microbes to improve their abilities and prevent rejection through interbreeding.This is why first generation patients should have their own leukocytes used a baseline so when it passes to the unborn fetus it will not cause rejection like normal leukocytes when they pass from mother to child and from father to mother and thus child from unprotected sexual intercourse since they would have base human proteins with this applying as they pass from generation to the next to prevent immune responses.Otherwise base microbes could copy and extract DNA from the unborn fetus and then transfer this to all of the new microbes of all strains from the mother.The DNA from ameobas and macrophages should allow for all types of microbes to pass into the placenta or otherwise the blood samples taken at birth can be used to create a childs own set of microbes to be injected for life by automated machinery or even stored in a vial and injected at home by the mother with all steps automated as much as possible with Paean giving directions.Ideally though the base microbes should be able to extract and copy DNA from an unborn fetus via horizontal gene transfer,read its DNA via taq polymeras and Cas-9,then send the genome to newly generated patient files by biosynth wifiand then share this with those of all strains collected in the placenta or breasts upon the childs birth or during the last months of pregnancy when the child is sufficiently developed to allow them to pass into the the unborn child with groups of each of the strains passing into the child copying and extracting DNA from base microbes and then undergoing mitosis in large amounts in the fetus.The various strains will undergoe replication and enter the child via the placenta and then via biosynth wifi can be through induced evolution via taq polymerase and Cas-9 have areas of their genome changed from their mothers DNA to that of the fetus.This will allow the fetus to be protected while in the womb against pathogens.At the same of this the childs DNA will be analysed by base microbes,read via horizontal gene transfer and taq polymerase and Cas-9 to copy DNA from cells and sent to Paean via biosynth wifi to set up a new patient file that can then have all of its information such as gender,eye colour,hair colour etc put up and its DNA analysed for parental tests and also any genetic diseases it may have and also for holographic projections of the child at various ages extrapolated.Breastmilk fed to a child during breastfeeding would be an another route for them to transfer from mother to child again if they have universal base human proteins to prevent rejection and also amoeba DNA allowing them to squeeze through the breasts when stimulated with all of the strains collected here during and after pregnancy via response to hormones to pass through the breasts into the child as breastmilk and into the bloodstream via capillaries in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract with acidophile and alkanophile DNA making them survive the acidity and high pH of the stomach and gastro-intestinal tract.These in the breast would already have the childs DNA from base microbes travelling from the placenta then added to them via horizontal gene transfer and biosynth WiFi with this done in the breasts holding both the mother and childs DNA.The next generation females would do the same removing their mothers DNA with that replaced with their own childs DNA etc with the same done to those passing through the placenta during the third trimester by squeezing through it with chemical signals and reactions to hormones managing this with also microbes forming nodules after the DNA is changed to be collected via needles and injected into the child at home.These would be all done via the microbes detecting hormones related to pregnancy,lactation and communicating with each other via chemical and wifi signals with this and the microbes having base universal DNA and protein coats or have those from both the mother and child would eliminate any issues relegated to rejection in both the mother and the successive generations.In both cases large amounts of all strains of the microbes from the mother including base microbes would collect in the breasts or womb and placenta to be modified via protein bumpers and horizontal gene transfer to transfer the DNA of the child to the mother microbes and then pass through to the unborn child.Otherwise using the childs DNA scan Paean can wirelessly induce the DNA to be changed to that of the childs by wifi in set number of each strain once they enter the child.Base microbes containg base DNA can scan the DNA of a child in utero and then biosynth wifi may be used to induce the evolutionary path of all strains of the microbes in the fetus into the childs DNA thus preventing rejection once the base microbes scan their DNA and set up their patient file.Otherwise biosynth WiFi could be used to change the DNA in all microbes being transferred into that that contains the DNA of the child.The child’s DNA will be read by Paean and using biosynth WiFi he will set up a new patient file.Once the base microbes have read the child’s DNA and set up the patient file via biosynth WiFi,the biosynth WiFi will be used to change the genome in all microbes in the fetus and child to that of the child.Thus the microbes could pass through breast milk and even the placenta during the late third of pregnancy into the newborn and receive the DNA to be shared with all strains through biosynth WiFi once the patient file is started or Paean could induce evolution in a set number of each strain before or after they enter the fetus with acidophile DNA in the genome of the microbes to protect them from the acids of the stomach.The microbes after undergoing replication in the foetus and child will have sets of them changed via biosynth WiFi into those of all strains that contain the child’s DNA and then enter endospores in it.Paean will determine the best means for each pregnancy allowing them to inhabit the fetus while it is still in the womb and protect it from pathogens that may infect the mother including L.monocytogenes,Salmonella and also HIV.It will also prevent miscarriages and stillbirths by keeping the fetus alive.This would be done ideally when the fetus is formed enough such as during the second or third trimester or if possible the first trimester as first tested on mice and chimpanzees with them doing this in waves during all three trimesters to improve chances of success with the mother ideally immunised against all pathogens especially those that can induce abortions,cause death and pass to the child ie HIV,MRSA and L.monocytogenes with them also fighting off other infections until they enter the fetus.If a mothers womb is inhospitable to carrying young then it may be possible to allow the microbes to alter the environment by creating new tissue,using CRISPR to correct mutations that cause this while breaking down or creating compounds that cause this to occur and also make it hospitable to bearing young.Sterility in both males and females can be corrected with CRISPR treatments.Injection into the blood stream prior to infection would allow them to attack infections instantly when they occur for the entirety of the persons lifetime with them injected into the bloodstream bypassing the stomachs acids with this injection ideally done prior to infections so they attack any incoming infections instantly.Free radicals and also chemicals that building the body as a result of the ageing process will be soaked up,broken down into benign compounds or converted into nutrients with gene therapy routinely done to correct ageing.This regenerative process could also both be done to repair cellular degradation caused by ageing by them turning into new tissues replacing old dead or dying tissue with fresh tissue on the skin,muscles and key organs such as heart,kidneys,brain etc as well as veins and arteries and using CRISPR treatments to repair DNA damage that leads to ageing that will be passed onto the next generation via mitosis on these new and also existing cells and tissues with scratch DNA and those from animals and bacteria that exhibit biological immortality also added to all cells in the body.Having the hosts own DNA in these microbes will ensure that new tissues is not rejected with this done by these strains having their DNA inserted into them during upgrading or if possible using base microbes to copy DNA from the hosts own cells that is automatically corrected by CRISPR for defects including those associated with ageing and then transferred to them and the microbes responsible for forming new tissue with those inserted into them in labs would be also corrected for defects including those responsible for ageing.This would also apply to those responsible for repairing wounds and perforations.Thus these microbes would routinely replace degraded tissue in key organs such as the skin,heart,muscles,arteries,veins,central and peripheral nervous system and brain etc with fresh ones that have the plasticisty,strength and even telomere length and chromosomal features as those of someone in their early twenties as well as mid to late teens giving them a youthful vigour that would be done routinely automatically every few years or decades with any plaques and other compounds associated with old age broken down by the microbes into nutrients and benign compounds with CRISPR treatments to correct defects caused by ageing and deformities.Genes from animals that exhibit biological immortality and those from scratch could be added to every cell via horizontal gene transfer with those relevant to anti-ageing techniques residing within all tissues such as in the brain,heart,muscles and also arteries and other key organs in between those that fight pathogens and cancer etc again in an endospore state.This would be done by the microbes inherent DNA from Planarians,induced pluripotent and haematopoietic stem cells that also have DNA from endolithic bacteria and those like Bacillus F within them and this done by them again every few years and also when they detect biomarkers of cells undergoing senescence or when base microbes copy DNA from cells around the body detect shortening of the telomeres and other biomarkers of senescence.Ideally the ability of Planarians,C.elegans,A.mexicanum,Hydra,stem cells and endolithic bacteria as wells as Bacillus F and aforementioned Archaea extremophile bacteria to rejuvenate tissue from damage,retain memory and never senescence can be transferred using horizontal gene transfer to these existing tissues in all organs such as the brain,heart,skin,muscles and arteries in the host to compliment or negate the need for the microbes and using germline therapy become a permanent part of the human genepool.Thus when cells in body via base microbes are detected to be becoming old they can be replaced by new cells and tissues created by the strains of microbes dealing with repair and ageing that can do this in place of old ones with this replacing tissues in the brain,skin and other organs with key organs replaced with bioprinted ones every few decades that have DNA from Archaea bacteria and the old ones pyrolysised.If possible the degraded tissues in the body may be replaced by new tissue that would have the DNA from the aforementioned Archaea bacteria within them that would then if not have the anti-ageing recombinant DNA,or in the case of bioprinted organs have the cells in them have the DNA from these bacteria with this done if the hosts native cells treated cant be given the Archaea DNA.Ideally the hosts native cells can be treated with this Archaea DNA with them first halting and then repairing the damage already done by senescence using DNA form these immortal lifeforms and also from scratch to ensure the effects of ageing are first stopped then reversed allowing those in middle or even late age say even those currently in their 50s-70s to be reverted to a more youthful age of at least early teens and early twenties overtime which the host can be kept at indefinitely applying the gene therapy to all cells in ones body such as muscles,skin,internal organs and brain with again as stated with the microbes and gene therapy allowing females to have their adolescent peak fertility in terms of carrying young of 14-15 years of age and with males their testosterone peak aged 14-15 indefinitely or on demand by switching on/off genes via CRISPR or them creating hormones.If need be this can be done in waves every few decades until it is made permanent by upgrades.This would be done by extra intake of nutrients such as fats,proteins,carbohydrates and water to feed them as they turn into new tissue with if possible them having oligotrophic and xerophile DNA reducing the amount of resources needed to set these tissues up with if possible this being permanent reducing the amount of nutrients the host would require to survive from then on.These new cells and tissues could also have recombinant DNA from extremophiles present within the microbes already and other organisms such as faculatative anaerobes,anaerobes,obligate anaerobes,capnophiles and scratch DNA etc as detailed earlier on to allow H.sapiens to survive indefinitely in carbon dioxide rich and oxygen low conditions allowing the brain and other organs to run on carbon dioxide in certain conditions such as a stroke or strangulation,heart attacks,sudden arrhythmic and infant death syndrome and similar cardiac ailements,elliptic fits,strokes,trauma and even severe bleeding,blood loss,suffocation,smoke caused by fires,heart attacks,strokes,choking,oxygen free environments,high mountains,swimming,smokey areas for several hours longer or in time even indefinitely.Those from R.sylvatica,Tardigrade,Bacillus F,P.putida GR12-2,H.glaciei,C.pleistocenium,psychrophiles,from scratch allowing for cryoprotectants applied by the microbes,by the cells themselves or even external sources to be applied for cryonics and also survive extremely cold conditions in the external environment that humans could not normally survive with other recombinant DNA added to survive high temperatures,pressures that only extremophiles and not humans can survive.This can be done by the new tissues created by the microbes containing these genes that are spread down by mitosis and gene drives or them spreading them to native cells in waves via horizontal gene transfer and again spread from each generation via mitosis and gene drives.Recombinant DNA from Planarians,A.mexicanum,Hydra and C.elegans can be added to repair damaged tissue.

CRISPR utilised by anti-ageing and augmentation strains will make these modifications and gene therapy treatments more accurate and effective.Epione and Paean would first carry out simulations on its effectiveness on chimpanzees,mice and humans before trials begin.This could be done by altering the host cells they infect unable to harbour them(in the case of HIV this would remove the receptors on leukocytes that allow the virus to attach and infect them thus replicating while other treatments eradicate the virus),or alter and strengthen the immune system namely CD4+ T Cells strengthened to recognise and fight off HIV with custom made anti-viral and antibody compounds as well as cancers earlier on.HIV resistance could be gained from populations genetically resistant to them transferred to other non resistant populations from both humans and closely related mammals as well as even from scratch with this replicated with other pathogens and viruses as well as specific cancers.Thus the non resistant humans using DNA from resistant populations could have their leukocytes to be unable to be infected by HIV by editing their surface proteins and the same replicated with all major viruses that infect leukocytes allowing biocompatible microbes to remove HIV virions.Recombinant DNA need not come from humans but also from closely related primates and mammals with similar immune systems and resistance with their resistance to Simian Immunodeficiency Virus and also recombinant DNA from SIV itself with this also applying to all viruses that infect leukocytes such as Ebolavirus,N.meningitidis etc.The patient file system will quickly identify which populations have this phenotype and what genes are responsible for this with known people that have this will have their DNA analysed and compared to those that suffer from the disease to isolate it.Microbes as detailed will apply this resistance to infected patients with N.meningitidis,HIV and Ebolavirus forcing the viruses to interact with other microbe strains and thus curing infected patients of the disease with ideally all patients including those currently not infected with HIV,Ebolavirus also modified to have their leukocytes and organs made unable to be infected allowing other strains of microbes to eradicate the pathogens or at least make them asymptomatic carriers before they gain a stronghold with resistance and microbe strains able to attack them made a permanent feature of the human genepool via germline therapy alongside immunising the primary immune system indefinitely also wiping out the disease in newly infected patients and uninfected patients while it is unable to infect leukocytes.Further advances in artificial intelligence will make germline therapy safe negating the need for having to screen every embryo,sperm and eggs with this first tested on animals with Epione again carrying out simulations on these on its effectiveness on chimpanzees,mice and humans before trials begin using advanced gene drive therapy technology.Gene therapy that treats every cell in their body will limit phenotypes such as correcting faults and mutations that cause specific diseases and immunities to diseases such as the immunity to HIV,cancer and even upgrades to the patient with germline therapy used to ensure these are passed onto the mother and fathers child thus allowing that child to pass on immunities to cancer,pathogens and other desired phenotypes onto the next generation without the need for microbes making them a permanent part of the genepool of H.sapiens with them also removed from the genepool via germline therapy if desired.Germline and advanced gene drive therapy once perfected will allow these to become a future feature of successive generations alongside screening,correcting and modifying spermatozoa,eggs and embryos for these diseases and using CRISPR to correct them with biocompatible microbes used to perfect this with them residing in or outside the testes and ovaries that insert gene therapy into each and every spermatozoa and egg individually by them,altering the genome of fertilised embryos or by them even altering the genes in these organs ie the ovaries and the testes responsible for the production of spermatozoa and eggs or the entire host DNA using advanced gene drive technology to ensure that all future sperm and eggs are free from the genetic faults and mutations allowing one to conceive children naturally and not have to use in vitro fertilisation without passing on these diseases to the next generation removing them from the human genepool indefinitely more easily.If perfected this advanced gene drive technology combined with germline therapy made by microbes to edit the hosts DNA precisely and permanently applied to all cells including those in the ovaries and testes that in turn produce spermatazoa and eggs to negate the need for them to edit every single egg,spermatozoa and thus allow them to conceive genetic disease free children naturally and also pass on desired phenotypes of H.ubermensch.This would thus mean eggs,embryos etc would no longer have to be screened for genetic diseases and with correcting CRISPR treatments added to all cells of a body including ovaries and testes would have pass these CRISPR genetic corrections passed onto all future produced spermatozoa and eggs and all conceived offspring thus either eliminating mutations that cause genetic diseases from passing onto all future generations and the human gene pool if applied to all patients worldwide or pass on augmentations etc to all future generations automatically.As stated these children created via germline therapy that uses advanced gene drive technology and germ line therapy will be able to receive the corrected genotypes during natural conception and will thus play a role in eliminating cancer,hereditary and neurological disorders from the entire human genepool forever and even play a role in creating H.ubermensch,designer babies and other means of manipulating evolution of H.sapiens including populations of H.sapiens with traits of H.ubermensch.To this it would require all or large samples of populations have their own genome altered and the microbes applying germline therapy on a global scale managed by Paean,Epione and hospital AIs.This could potentially eliminate all genetically based diseases including neurological disorders and developmental disorders from the human genepool as well as passing on genes into the genepool that will naturally be passing them onto the next generation without the need for germline therapy and microbes thus eliminating a disease indefinitely with them also altering humans to the point that those that are environmentally caused like cancer by making humans immune to the causative agent ie in the case of cancer removing the ability for tumours by adding genes from animals that never get cancer,extremophiles like T.gammatolerans to make humans resistant from radiation and also those from scratch to prevent carcinogens from being able to affect the body as well as immunising humans to oncoviruses that can be passed from mother to child via the placenta and breastfeeding.It will play a prime role in the development and eventual creation of populations of H.sapiens or all of H.sapiens with desired characteristics of H.ubermensch mainly that from T.gammatolerans to make humans resistant to radiation of all types,Salmonella to make them resistant to the effects of low gravity,Tardigrade,D.radiodurans and those from scratch to survive the vacuum of space,psychrophilles to survive sub zero conditions,synthesise all essential amino acids/fats/vitamins etc,oligotrophs and xerophiles to make them require less food and water(which can be applied to living patients via horizontal gene therapy)and eventually lead to the rise of H.ubermensch separate from H.sapiens via intensive germline therapy over several generations.Ideally these phenotypes of H.ubermensch will be added to all living patients worldwide and become part of the human genepool via advanced gene drive technology while not creating H.ubermensch with them added for their properties ie making the H.sapiens immune to radiation,require less nutrients,be able to survive extreme pressures,the vacuum of space.This would allow living populations of H.sapiens to survive extreme conditions on Earth,on other colonies both permanently as well as temporarily if containment procedures fail there and also on interstellar vehicles and stations.Anti-ageing genes from T.gammatolerans,Bacillus F,oligotrophs,xerophiles etc can be added to the gene pool via advanced gene drive and germline technology if shown to safe in both humans as well in animals will alongside the presence of these strains will have these anti-ageing genes,removal of genes and also production of anti-ageing compounds passed onto the next generation and thus a permanent feature of the human genepool.Gene therapy via microbes and CRISPR will also play a role in giving populations of H.sapiens via first live patient and germline therapy characteristics of his evolutionary successor and cousin as detailed later on H.ubermencsh as well as leading to the rise of H.umbermensch.H.ubermensch should be possible through extensive genetic engineering by at least 2045 with it also allowing humans to manipulate the genomes of other animals and plants thus creating entirely new species of plants and animals created on Pandora with Phanes extrapolating the genotypes of them.As detailed later on this will also lead to the creation of new sentient sentient races on par with humans created from scratch or using exiting non sentient animals from all taxonomic ranks of the animal kingdom as a baseline with this allowing for colonies like Mars,Venus and other extrasolar colonies in the universe with no life to have millions of non sentient and even sentient species created with whole taxonomic ranks creaked by Phanes adapted to their terraformed environment.Any faults in the gene therapy that could lead to mutations and breaks could be dealt with advanced gene drive technology that used specific genes,application etc to prevent them with all gene therapy treatments for ageing,augmentations etc will use advanced gene drive technology to prevent faults and pass them onto all future cells via mitosis with them applied to telomere,mitochondrial and other DNA.If possible base microbes or specific strains in females could detect mutations in embryos that lead to those are not hereditary ie those that lead to Downs syndrome and other developmental disorders through via horizontal gene transfer putting in genes or chemicals and even compounds that allow for these mutations to be detected and then signal to the microbe that it has occurred to allow the correction to be corrected by the microbes or those added via inbreeding at the during development of the embryo or while the fetus is in its early stages of development.It could also be used to apply the Phanes method to individual spermatozoa,eggs and embryo in utero with multiple microbes suited to this passing on desired alterations to each one.Spermatozoa and eggs that are frozen and stored in banks by donations and for later use in later life pregnancies can be corrected for all types of genetic diseases that may pass into potential offspring can have the corrections be done by biocompatible microbes in storage or prior to or during storage due them having the ability to survive low temperature due to them having DNA from psychrophiles.For parents who may pass on genetic diseases determined by Paean sperm and eggs can be collected from both parents fused together by robotics and then screened for diseases including Down’s syndrome and similar heredity disease both physical and mental and then CRISPR through the microbes could be used to edit these deformities out safely with Paean managing this or the editing can be done to the eggs and spermatozoa or both prior to fusion and they then implanted into the mother via IVF allowing parents who have the potential to pass deformities down to their child have children of their own and not resort to surrogacy programs.Gene therapy for these and other conditions should be pursued for already living patients suffering these in tandem to this with it also being used to treat ageing,Downs syndrome(and other disabilities),schizophrenia,Multiple sclerosis,parkinsons,alzheimers and deal with cancerous and precancerous cells and correct mutations that cause cancer again tested on mice and chimpanzees with again Epione carrying out simulations on these on humans and test animals.Downs syndrome if detected could if possible be treated using CRISPR to remove the extra chromosome,inactivate them in every cell preventing this from occurring in all future cells by adding genes that remove and then prevent the replication of a third chromosome 21 in each cell first tested on chimpanzees engineered with Downs Syndrome or even alleviate the symptoms of it rather than choosing to discard the unborn fetus with microbes repairing any faults and correcting defects such as low intelligence and heart defects.The same may apply to those with intersex disorders.All CRISPR treatments to treat ageing,genetic diseases,developmental and neurological disorders and those for augmentations etc in living patients will apply the genes to telomere/chromosomal/nucleur and mitochondrial DNA in all cells in the body and if need be plasmids for stability and uniformity.These augmentation genes and those to treat neurological disorders will be passed into leukocytes to allow them to survive extremophile conditions while beneficial bacteria in the gut can be given them as well alongside those made to express human surface proteins to make them immune to immune responses with pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract not having these to allow them to die from exposure to these conditions and the primary immune system.Theh will not be given anti-ageing treatments to keep their populations stable.Anti-ageing treatments will be applied to bone marrow in a way to prevent leukocytes housing this DNA and thus living forever that would cause them to overrun the body or if shown to have their levels controlled by microbes via chemical signals or if possible undergone apoptosis and flushed out of the body can have this DNA present with all augmentations and genetic disease treatments added to bone marrow to allow leukocytes survive these conditions and be free of these diseases.Thus bone marrow will house anti-ageing treatments in a way to prevent leukocytes living forever but leukocytes will house CRISPR treatments to treat genetic diseases and augmentations such as radioresitence to survive these conditions through being properly applied in the bone marrow.The same will apply to erythrocytes wherein they recombinant DNA to treat genetic diseases and augmentations such as radioresistance will be applied to the patients genome to allow erythrocytes to survive these conditions but anti-ageing treatments will not interact with those responsible for erythrocytes preventing them living forever.Bone marrow and other parts that are responsible for the production of erythrocytes and leukocytes will be given anti-ageing treatments but through their placement on the loci and scratch DNA will be made to stay youthful but ensure that the erythrocytes and leukocytes they produce don’t carry the anti-ageing treatments thus allowing to die off and not overrun the body with Phanes developing genetic countermeasures to this with microbes from 2029-2035 ensuring that any possible immortal excess leukocytes etc can have their replication controlled and undergo apoptosis if their levels get too high.Beneficial gut flora will have augmentations added but not anti-ageing treatments to allow turn to survive extreme conditions and also prevent them overrunning the body by allowing them to die off.Pets owned by the public,livestock and animals in zoos will be able to avail of anti-ageing treatments and those to remove genetic diseases and augmentations via species specific microbes.All treatments to living cells in living patients will also use advanced gene drive technology to ensure the treatments pass from each generation of cells to the next via mitosis.Junk DNA and DNA that leads to ageing,genetic deformities and other unnecessary DNA will be removed to accomadate new CRISPR treatments to treat ageing and augmentations to prevent the finite nucleus becoming packed with DNA.Temporary augmentations form scratch and animal etc sources will involve ones original DNA for the phenotype being removed and replaced with the new DNA thus some augmentations that are used temporary ie having the same smelling and hearing ranges of other animals or changing eye and hair colour when unwanted will be removed and replaced with ones original DNA etc.Temporary augmentations that affect only part of the body will possibly be applied to the specific organs and tissues they affect such as those for different smelling ranges may only to be applied to genes present in cells in the brain and nose,those for different visual ranges may only be applied to genes present in cells in the brain and the eyes or just the eyes and so on.Cells in the body can be engineered to house ribosomes and in particular plasmids and in particular plasmids that are strands of DNA that float in the cytoplasm that express extra phenotypes for augmentations via specific DNA and thus phenotypes.Mitochondrial DNA can be modified to house extra phenotypes than the main genome that cause the cells and tissues to express their phenotypes.Better sources of scratch and recombinant DNA will replace older ones by removing them from the patients genome.If possible advancements in Phanes developing scratch DNA will allow DNA to express two or more phenotypes at once.Sources of recombinant DNA from animals,plants and unicellular life forms such as bacteria,fungi,viruses that’s express two or more desired phenotypes can be utilised for example T.gammatolerans can survive radiation levels of up to 30,000Gy and at the same time potentially express telomere repair that will prevent future damage and degradation in mitochondrial and telomere DNA to combat ageing and eliminate cancer,genetic diseases,developemental disorders etc from the human gene pool and protects one from levels of radiation of up to 30,000Gy all at once.Thus this could eliminate the need for D.radiodurans,Bacillus F DNA and scratch DNA to combat all of these since this DNA express several phenotypes and applications at once with research done into scratch DNA and that from plants and animals as well as micro-organisms that express multiple phenotypes and applications at once for augmentations and combat ageing.This will be done to deal with the limited space in the human genome and nucleus that holds them.The human genome is estimated to contain roughly 30,000 genes or 3,000,000,000 base pairs with it hypothesised that about 75-98% (between 22,500 – 29,400 genes or 2,250,000,000 – 2,940,000,000 base pairs)consists of non coding junk DNA that has no biological functions and thus could be easily replaced with new recombinant DNA from plants,animals and micro-organisms and scratch DNA without damaging or negatively affecting the patient.Genes in the body that contribute to the ageing process can also be removed and replaced with those for augmentations and those to reverse and halt the ageing process.Paris japonica is the organism that has the largest genome with roughly 150,000,000 base pairs and 1,500,000 genes about 50 times more than humans.If humans through intensive research into genetic engineering and CRISPR be able to hold the same amount of genes and base pairs as P.japonica then it will vastly increase the amount of storage space for DNA from extremophiles,plants,animals,micro-organisms and scratch DNA for augmentations and anti-ageing treatments and also cater to Phanes Activation Gene Technology with it more than enough to meet our needs.Research using human cell and tissue cultures will be done to see if they can hold this amount of genes after initial treatments to end ageing etc.New species of plants and animals found on plants across the universe will be scanned to see if they have larger genomes with scratch DNA developed alongside other methods to determine the theoretical limit size in terms of base pairs and actual genes of DNA that can fit in human cells.Tests will be done on human cells extracted from a patient or those created using 3D DNA printers to see if they can fit the same amount of genes and base pairs as P.japonica with them using base microbes etc find ways to give these cultured cells the same number of base pairs in otherworlds using microbes ways will be found in labs to give cu