Introduction to Biocompatible Microbes

Biocompatible microbes that consist of numerous strains will be available by 2029 that can fight off pathogens as a secondary immune system and a vector for applying CRISPR treatments that halts and reversed the effects of ageing.All strains of microbes would use the patients leukocytes as a baseline to prevent them illicit immune response and thus be able to form a permenant part of the patients body.These will be done by having ones native leukocytes examined in DNA analyzers to be recreated via 3D DNA printers to them have all the genes for their abilities and also relevant recombinant DNA to carry out their functions,house biosynth WiFi etc as well as the patients DNA to ensure they can be recognised as the patients leukocytes with 3D DNA cutting down on labour and time in manufacturing them for not only fully fledged versions but also those for clinical trials and even animal trials as part of first generation versions that are easy to manufacture by proto and final Phanes cross referencing the patients patient file and also Physis and proto versions of it.Ones leukocytes will be analysed by DNA analysers and thus have DNA present stored in their patient file and then 3D DNA printers will mass produce them that containing necessary genotypes to give specific CRISPR treatments and anti-viral,anti-bacterial compounds and those that each microbe their abilities ie Biosynth WiFi,ability to replicate etc via printing large amounts of them into a growth medium that then is using bacterial DNA use sugars to undergoe mitosis allowing large amounts of each strain to be injected into the patients.All types of leukocytes will be analysed in automated labs with leukocytes used as a baseline since they will house the patients DNA to prevent immune responses allowing them to form a permenant part of the patients body.The microbes different strains will be created by 3D DNA printers by AI including proto and final Phanes in hospitals,universities and home systems and will contain all DNA that give them all of their abilities such as mitosis,genome capsids,flagellum,biosynth wifi,compounds to kill pathogens,horizontal gene transfer and those for CRISPR treatments and housing key traces of the patients DNA to house patient specific surface proteins,antigens etc to allow them inhabit the body constantly without illicitating an immune response.They can have flagellum and genes from bacteria that allow for mitosis to occur to allow them to create millions or billions of copies and travel across the body to all infecting pathogens and cells in the body with this mitosis controlled by Paean.Flagellum from bacteria such as E.Coli using DNA present from it will be present in all strains allowing them to travel across the bloodstream,lymphatic system and all parts of the body very quickly.DNA from bacteria will be present to allow them to undergoe mass replication when needed with recombinant DNA from both E.Coli,C.perfringens which are the two fastest growing lifeforms on the planet can be added to improve the rate of cell division,replication and mitosis of these biocompatible microbes to respond quickly to attacks and trauma with specific proteins,receptors or sensors built into their cell walls or protein coats better at making them recognise,seek out and interact with only specific pathogens rather than the patients own cells or beneficial bacteria or other biocompatible microbes.The rate of their replication will be controlled by Paean via biosynth WiFi and nanomachines or even if possible chemical signals produced by them and the primary immune in particular levels to prevent them overtaking the body and its resources,ensure their is stable numbers with the endolith and Planarian DNA making them immortal negating them to udergo mitosis too much with gene drives controlling this as well with them programmed to to no longer replicate when they reach a certain population with the nanomachines,chemical signals and gene drives controlling replication of all genes preventing any undesirable mutations that may make them ineffective or even a pathogen themselves while ensuring they still have alterations to ensure genetic diversity and control the evolution of them even producing mutations that would cause desired phenotypes that would fight off other pathogens or add new features negating the need to inject new bacteria that would pass on these phenotypes but would also work alongside this.Signals between each other and the body of the host including the primary immune system will initiate quick mitosis of specific strains in emergencies such as surprise infection,tumours and breaks in the skin,arteries and organs to carry out its functions with when it then solved and control the rate to stable levels and control their levels by forcing excess into endospores and awaken those that are required in emergencies.They would as stated earlier control the creation of the second set of genes and the formation of a genome capsid if possible through this signalling the use of of chemical and electrical signals.The rate of replication and mitosis can be controlled prior to and after the perfection of nanomachines by chemical signals between the microbes with any excess forced into an endospore state by signals with these awoken during emergencies such as internal or external bleeding that require instant attention and to ensure that there is a stable level of microbes.If an emergency infection,tumour growth and wound or even rupture occurs the rate of replication and mitosis of specific strains will be speeded up by Paean through the wire or in a fragmented form in nearby devices and biosnth wifi chemical signals in the body as well as native immune system and the microbes communicating with each other to ensure there is enough with any excess once the problem is solved reverted into endospores to be awoken during the next emergency and excess flushed out of the body via urine and feces to be collected in sewage treatment plants for use in smart devices,computers etc by building up in the kidneys and colon and stimulating the host to defecate or urinate.These in endspores via Firmicutes DNA can hide inbetweeen tissues,muscles,in the lymphatic system and lymph nodes.Having them enter endospores will allow them to stay in the body for prolonged periods of time without using water and nutrients with Paean signallling them via WiFi to enter these endospores and be awoken by WiFi when needed with xerophile and oligotrophic and endolith bacterial DNA lowering their nutritional and water requirements.Others could undergo apoptosis or cause cells and tissues in the body to undergo apoptosis and then replace them by turning into these tissues by for example causing the epidermis to shed dead skin similar to Serpentes if recombinant DNA from them is added to the host and also shed off like skinburn.If possible during emergencies and after them Paean can through biosynth WiFi induce their evolutionary path to change into other completely difffereng strains controlled by Paean with upgrades received via biosynth WiFi inducing their evolutionary path through taq polymerase and Cas-9.Paean will make the decision of which to enter an endospore,which to undergoe apoptosis and which to be flushed out keeping levels stable with this done for all strains and also will control the level of mitosis of each strain in emergencies.Biosynth WiFi from neural implants,smartphones and also biosynth routers and public WiFi will allow Paean to control all actions of them 24/7,365 days a year with him controlling the primary immune system by having the microbes synthesise chemical signals.Paean through biosynth WiFi will be able keep track of the location of each and every microbe of each strain and keep track of the number of each strain thus allowing him to control replication,mitosis and also entering into endospores and apoptosis.This will be done by biosynth WiFi and bluetooth etc at home,public buildings and that in wilderness areas and also generated by smartphones and even neural implants where he exists in a fragmented form.Communication of microbes with each other and the primary immune system will occur via Paean controlling the microbes by biosynth WiFi and bluetooth with Paean controlling the primary immune system by telling the microbes to synthesise specific chemical signals.When any microbes die or if they form new tissues,implants etc then the nanomachines and microbes themselves will signal the new levels of replications and if possible countermeasures can be introduced to prevent mutations that would cause the microbes becoming overrun such as suicide genes or those that stop replication activated by nanomachines and even chemicals inhaled,ingested or injected into the body with gene drives preventing them overrunning the body and or mutating to cause this in first place.Gene drives especially DNA from T.gammatolerans that exhibit DNA self repair will be added to prevent unwanted mutations with upgrades altering the DNA by adding and removing genes.Each event carried out by each strain ie repair of damaged tissues,infections,tumours,immunisations of each type will be logged into ones patient file by date and type.New nanomachines for new microbes could be injected to attach to those without them or in time biosynth nanomachines can be constructed by these and other microbes through illicitation.Synthesis of nanomachines would be done by the microbes creating graphene/carbon nanotube scaffolding or buckyballs and the silicene,graphene,borophene and stanene nanoprocessors and bio synth wifi transmitters in them via wifi instructions from Paean and in time themselves with the electrical impulses from neural clusters and ability to generate electricity using recombinant DNA from both S.oneidensis and G.metallreducens,G.sulfurreducens powering the nanomaterial tubing alongside chemosynthesis using sugars and other nutrients,nanoprocessors as well biosynth wifi synthesising organic receptors and also other layer components to cover these or even biosynth nanoprocessors similar to neural clusters or even extra neural clusters which then merge with the neural clusters.Having tweaked recombinant DNA from different strains of Geobacter such as G.metallreducens,G.sulfurreducens and Shewanella that already create electronically conductive protein and silicon nanowires can be modified and tweaked to produce the carbon,boron,tin and other relevant nanotubes and wiring will allow for this with anabolic and catabolic reactions catering to this.The G.metallireducens,G.sulfurreducens,S.oneidensis DNA will give it the ability to generate electricity and electroconductive pilli and electroconductive proteins,silicon nanowires with tweaked DNA allowing this to occur when it consumes sugar etc.Neural synapses could also be synthesised onto these nanomachines wiring through further engineering.Primitive versions of microbes may have simple forms of nanomachines or none and respond to injections of hormones or those produced by the body or biological compounds and signals they are engineered to respond to to perform different tasks such as release anti-viral and cancer compounds etc but as time goes on upgrades can allow for this and neural synapses etc to be added via interbreeding.Nanoprocessors,buckyball scaffolding and nanowires of nanomachines and microbes could be biosynth ones composed of neural tissues,electroconductive pilli and electroconductive proteins using recombinant DNA from S.oneidensis,G.metallreducens,G.sulfurreducens and Magnetospirillium DNA etc to make it easier to synthesise much quicker during mitosis than those composed graphene,stanene etc.The ability to undergoe mitosis can allow for them to react to emergency infections,perforations and tumours with it also allowing one injected with new strains and upgrades undergoe mitosis to create millions or billions of copies and them entering endspores,undergoe apoptosis or flushed out of the body when not needed.This would ensure the levels of microbes if they form new tissues,are lost through bleeding etc will be a desirable constant level to prevent them overrunning the body or be in such small numbers to be ineffective.The nanomachines would allow them to receive instructions,simulations and strategies for infections and emergency perforations and tumours and create new genotypes from Paean whether in he is in the wire or in a fragmented form on neural implants and devices thus allowing upgrades be done wirelessly from home or in the wilderness via satellites with this even aiding the Amish and tribes in Tibet,Amazon and also Africa.This would be done via the genotype of upgrades sent to the relevant and desired strain and thus initiating them via taq polymerase and Cas-9 to create them in the desired strains including those in endospores that would be temporarily awoken for this with them then signalling to him when they are done upgrading and also when the body has be immunised and also when all the relevant tissues in the body are given these augmentations and anti-ageing treatments.He would allow for augmentation and anti-ageing treatments and also immunisations to be initiated at desired times and also be alerted as to when this is done.It would also allow instant analysis of any toxins,synergistic compounds and also date rape drugs and other compounds not desired to be ascertained in the body by him and have him send them instructions to create specific counterproteins to bind to the receptors in the body and also bind to the unwanted compounds with this also determining what to do in each in instance to prevent death and injury.Also since the receptors on the strains that deal with these to detect would only have to be universal receptors and not have to have different receptors for each one as the phenotype of C.elegans would intake the compounds and through mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them would be able to send via nanomachines and biosynth wifi the structure of the compound to him and thus organise what to do instantly.Flagellum will be added to them from E.coli to allow them to travel to all parts of the body to reach pathogens,perforations and also human cells.Digital DNA storage and nanomachines will store known compound structures and to react to unknown ones not sent to them from Paean with unknown ones sent to Paean for analysis.Proteins similar to Cas-9 and taq ploymerase created from scratch could be created that can scan the structure of the compound to then transmit it to Paean with this also method to allow them to detect hormones,cancer biomarkers and not just poisons,date rape drugs and also heavy metals.Having the compounds structure and counterproteins stored on the DNA digital storage of microbes will allow them to prepare relevant counterproteins instantly.This would also work for cancer biomarkers allowing the correct type of tumour and thus its location to be determined via chemotaxis and would ensure they would not react to compounds produced naturally,from food etc,those used for medical reasons ie Flunitrazepam and only react to those in levels approaching the LD50 limit and locate where the compound even poisons are entering the body and thus travel there instantly.Relevant strains would have the receptors and stored structures of compounds relevant to them ie cancer strains would have the receptors for cancer biomarkers created by scratch with the compounds structure in their digital storage with chelation strains housing universal receptors and store the structure of all known poisons and heavy metals in their digital storage with base microbes also housing these to alleviate strains on chelation strains and then alert the chelation strains.This would also be done to detect the levels of blood components such as erythrocytes,leukocytes and also platelets and also hormones,pollutants etc.Ideally each strain would be designed to detect universal substances they work on ie cancer strains react to cancer biomarkers including CD47,chelation strains reacting to only heavy metals,poisons etc to make sure that each strain only undergo replication in the presence of the compound they need to detect and use chemothaxis to locate their location.Biosynth wifi and bluetooth will be integrated into the microbes utilisng DNA from Apidea,Hymenoptera,Chiroptera,Magnetospirillum and other unicellular and multicellular animals affected by wifi,magnetism and also those that use electrical signals even those from E.electricus,the mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction of C.elegans or wifi like means of communication and scratch DNA could be used to create biosynth wifi alongside graphene,borophene and stanene nanoprocessors sythesised via tweaked Geobacter and Shewanella DNA and neural synapses created by them aiding in the formation of biosynth wifi present in all strains.This will allow them to communicate with each other and with Paean using satellite wifi and biosynth wifi at home and from smart devices etc in the wilderness that generate their own biosynth wifi.Paean would tell them what measures to take ie send out specific binding proteins to receptors and the poisons etc and carry out anabolic and catabolic reactions and in what order and manner.It would also allow for them to carry out anabolic and catabolic reactions to create specified nutrients,benign substances and also desired synthetic compounds of medical quality and interact with the levels of nutrients in the body and also interact with strains that produce hydrocarbons and plant and animals oils to create complex compounds or using excess nutrients he would tell them what to do with each compound and how to carry out these reactions and what to create from them.They would receive from Paean via biosynth wifi signals from the wire,smart devces or even neural implants when access is not possible strategies/simulations and orders,instructions to initiate immunisations in infants and adults,when to communicate with the primary immune system using chemical signals and what to tell them ie where to gather in the body/when to receive surface protein antigens for immunisations/what surface protein it is/when to use antibodies and what antibodies to use etc,communicate with each other and the primary immune system via chemical signals and also wifi signals,when to enter into endospore states and also when to awaken from then and even when to undergo apoptosis and even be flushed out of the body,when to undergo mass replication,when and how to turn elemental compounds in the body/from poisons/excess nutrients to create benign compounds as well as synthetic drugs and antibodies or hormones and thus carry out catabolic and anabolic reactions,how to form catabolic and anabolic reactions,when to form implants and worms and also instructions to form new genotypes and delete old ones in all strains via initiating taq polymerase and Cas-9 and DNA replication or simply change certain genes using Cas-9,taq polymerase and forced evolution allowing for upgrades for all strains to be done wirelessly on the spot allowing for this to make upgrades of all types much quicker and not require the patient to go to hospitals.Paean would be able to communicate with individual or whole groups of each or all strains of microbes and manage interactions between them and tell them what to do and where to go and if need be gather the primary immune system to create specific antibodies or gather other leukocytes to manage all aspects of the primary immune system via sending the microbes wifi signals and in turn them sending chemical signals to the primary immune system thus allowing Paean complete control of both the microbes and in turn the primary immune system allowing him to control aspects of battles against all types parasites and infections and also tumours.Paean will thus control the microbes via bisoynth wifi and/or biosynth Bluetooth and also the primary immune system by having the microbes create chemical signals thus giving him complete control of both the microbes and the primary immune system at all times for all infections existing and new and also tumours and also surprise injuries etc 24/7,365 days a year with him doing so from neural implants and smart devices that use biosynth wifi.Paean will also send them new data into the DNA digital storage of all microbes,whole strains or a few microbes in specific strains which can be then be deleted and overwritten later on.Biosynth WiFi can allow Paean to using taq polymerase and Cas-9 to induce the evolutionary path of their DNA to receive upgrades at home for all strains and if possible this could cause some strains to undergo evolution and wirelessly change into other strains by having their nuclear DNA to that of others via inducing taq polymerase and Cas-9 ie base microbes could be changed into stem cell or chelation strains.This can quickly allow one strain to be changed to another in emergencies and without the need to have them created at home.He will control the application of CRISPR treatments to all of the patients cells in the body for anti-ageing and augmentation treatments.If possible all cells in the human body can have biosynth wifi integrated into it to have upgrades sent wirelessly instantly to all cells and tissues from WiFi coming from smart devices via taq polymerase and Cas-9 inducing evolution of genome.Biosynth WiFi integrated into human tissues and cells could allow upgrades for ageing treatments and augmentations to be sent directly into ones genome in all cells within minutes bypassing the need for microbes to apply gene treatments associated with this.Base microbes will scan the DNA of any pathogens and parasites and relay this to Paean who will cross reference Physis and thus relay the name of the species and strain thus activating relevant strains to attack them and use what CRISPR treatments alongside anti-viral and anti-bacterial etc compounds at their disposal and what strategies to use as well as whether to signal the primary immunised immune system to where infections have occured.Once base microbes would scan the genome of pathogens especially new ones they will send it to him and he will send them the DNA to synthesise by wifi to create genotypes for immunising strains to be relayed to them and to then share the proteins with dendritic cells etc or those to be extracted from them via base microbes to share with immunising strains and also how to create species and strain specific bumpers and endolysines relayed to the anti-bacterial and anti-viral strains either telling base microbes what DNA to share with anti-microbial ones and also this done by wifi with this also done for known pathogens like HIV,MRSA etc with them being told what anti-viral,anti-microbial and also CRISPR treatments to utilise for each pathogens ie suicide genes,what genes to use that makes the pathogens susceptible to specific anti-viral/anti-microbial compounds and also what signals to send to the primary immune system to initiate specific antibodies for each pathogen until it can learn this itself and whether these and those in the microbes should be deployed in specific areas or whether to use the lymphatic system or bloodstream.Compounds such as toxins,venoms detected by them will be sent to Paean and they will download counterproteins and antivenom from him once Physis is refferenced and they will be told to start using these or converting the toxins into benign substances via anabolic and catabolic reactions.They would even send data to him such as environmental readings in the blood stream,lymphatic system and also organs and other parts of the body data on the geneotypes of pathogens and parasites etc with them also sending levels of damage of telomere and mitochondrial DNA and Phosphatidylcholines in all cells through base microbes with base microbes in newborns or even in unborn fetuses scanning the DNA in cells thus allowing new patient files to be set up instantly allowing for strategies to cure genetic disease to be done instantly via Paean wirelessly evolving certain strains and create patient files for children in areas populated by the Amish,Amazon and African tribes where wifi and hospitals dont exist using satellites with these setting up implants invivo that measure vital signs and blood components regularly.They would also send him the structure of poisons etc present and thus be told what counterproteins to create sent wirelessly.He would using this DNA allow for the mothers microbes to be more effective at trading and receiving DNA from the unborn child and into a few of each strain and then organise their transfer into the child during the last trimester and also to them via breastfeeding.Through implants the levels of antibodies produced by the primary immune system alongside erythrocytes,platelets and leukocytes of each type will be measured and send it to him.The wifi would also allow nanomachines in all microbes to communicate better with each other and each other strain by sending instructions,DNA from pathogens to be used for creating protein bumpers,endolysines and proteins for immunisation strains specific to a pathogen and strategies instantly.Paean would use this to create unique countermeasures to each infection etc.Implants both neural and those for detecting blood components and vital signs would use this wifi to send and receive data.The DNA present in the nucleus and biological hard drives and in the neural clusters and the clusters themselves of each individual microbe and those in the neural implants will allow them to download,store and delete digital DNA data from Paean,Physis and past experiences such as the unique chemical structures of poisons and toxins and their counterprotriens both synthetic and those from animals,instructions as what to do in certain situations,surface proteins and DNA of all pathogens as well as whole orders of them to allow them to apply the correct CRISPR,anti-viral and anti-microbial treatments and create suitable universal endolysines through phagocytosis for all or specific bacterial and viral pathogens it encounters with endolysine and bumpers schematics for specific strains and species of bacteria and viruses and decide whether to apply them via horizontal gene transfer and also flooding the system with bumpers that attack only pathogens as well as develop countermeasures and strategies towards poisons.By having all microbes in anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains,chelation strains etc house DNA digital storage will allow for large amounts of data to be stored with more stored in all of the neural implants and worm implants that measure vital signs and also blood components would allow larger amounts of information with each microbe by themselves and those in implants containing at least 3ZB if three metres of DNA found in humans is present here that can be deleted by thought,by wifi by Paean and share information from each other different microbe managed by Paean using wifi and also download information from the wire namely Epione,Paean,Physis.Cas-9 and taq polymerase can allow data to be copied,deleted and transferred to and from each microbe,entire groups and all of them as well as to and from Paean,Physis,the wire and internet and electronics such as smart devices etc.DNA from P.japonica can increase their storage rate to 150ZB.The microbes digital storage can be be managed by Paean with them individually carrying different data from other ones and also universal data relevant to each strain with the data deleted by Paean and also new information downloaded by wifi with this including the structures of poisons,heavy metals and pathogens and their counterproteins,bumpers,antibodies etc and also all types of synthetic compounds to be produced when a specific pathogen is detected,genotypes of pathogens and the data to be used to create new genotypes for upgrades as well as the structure of synthetic compouns to fight off bacteria,viruses,fungi and also parasites as well as everyday conditions.The wifi will allow them to send and receive data,instructions from Paean as both in areas with wifi and without using cellular and satellite wifi services with them also able to send data such as scanned DNA from pathogens especially new species and strains,the hosts genome to measure levels of telomere and mitochondrial DNA senescence and Phosphatidylcholines,denote when all cells in the body have been upgraded with augmentations and also ageing treatments,send the DNA of newborns added wirelessy to newly generated patient files with worms and implants formed by these would send vital signs such as heart rate,levels of blood components ie leukocytes/erythrocytes/platelets as well as hormones in the blood and areas like the womb.The structure of compounds such as drugs,heavy metals,biomarkers for heart disease and cancer,erythrocytes,platelets and leukocytes and nutrients in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq would be sent once analysed by universal receptors and mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them and they would send DNA of pathogen and parasites to be analysed Paean and Physis.They would receive instructions as to initiate gene therapy of all types and also send when they finish and also instructions to create upgrades and also information such as the structure of compounds and how to carry out catabolic and anabolic reactions for each pathogen,ailment or condition.The base microbes would scan the DNA of unborn fetuses and also new pathogens as well as levels of telomere and mitochondrial DNA senescence and also levels of Phosphatidylcholines using taq polymerase,Cas-9 and CRISPR to copy its DNA and send signals to the neural implants in the body or directly to Paean.Biosynth WiFi will be used to send data back and forth between Paean and microbes as well as allow the microbes to communicate with each other using WiFi generated by routers at home,in public buildings,public WiFi from biosynth trees and that generated from smart devices and computers with if need be them also using biosynth Bluetooth if WiFi access is not possible or present.Biosynth implants will more easily allow Paean to He would more easily control their actions and their interactions with the primary immune system via chemical signals including immunisations,interactions with each other and the primary immune system ie all strains and all microbes in each strains and also the transfer of microbes from one generation to the next ie transfer the childs DNA to the microbes in the mother collected in the breasts or transferred via the placenta via either collecting DNA from the fetus or wirelessly initiating them to change DNA in the microbes nucleus from those collected via base microbes and the newly generated patient file.Having control of all strains of microbes via biosynth wifi could allow him to perform strategies on how to attack specific pathogens especially new ones and also have them initiate the immunised primary immune system,control the primary immune system via chemical signals initiated via nanomachines in microbes,perform simulations and send strategies against all infections and tumours and ruptures,simulate and carrying out countermeasures towards heavy metals as well as date rape drugs and also poisons instantly and initiate the creation of synthetic compounds and carrying out of all anabolic and catabolic reactions more efficiently and ensure drugs both medicinal and recreational either synthetic and natural produced by them will be only in desired amounts preventing overdosing.The structure of synthetic compounds and antibodies can be stored on the DNA digital storage of them and this would also include instructions on how to create them with them constantly linked to him and each other via wifi allowing them to create them only in required amounts and on the site of action with this data sent via wifi and deleted when necessary alongside all other data.Genotypes for upgrades would be sent to them wirelessly as wifi would allow for new ones to be added and old ones deleted for all strains with him initiating taq polymerase and Cas-9.The implants would allow him to control their interactions with the primary immune system by initiating chemical signals produced by them to initiate certain actions ie collect in areas to fight off infections with antibodies,collect in areas to receive surface protein antigens from immunisation strains and also initiate the production of helper T cells,memory B and T cells and also plasma and killer T cells and even the actions of all types of leukocytes in each battle.He would also control the apoptosis of human tissues in the body ie muscles destroyed to initiate natural healing processes to burn up fat and build up muscle,apoptosis of cells and tissues housing pathogen DNA or housing pathogens and initiating the use of those that replace damaged tissues in the case of injuries such as perforations.All actions of both all strains of the microbes and the various types of primary immune system will be controlled by him directly and indirectly.Since connected to them directly and in close proximity he will be able to send and receive data and instructions with him also also teaching the microbes and primary immune system via their chemical instructions how to detect cancers and also infections more effectively by themselves with MRI scans and also results from test kits etc to do so and direct them to specific sites of the body.In short all strains of the secondary and primary immune system will be controlled more efficiently via implants both directly and indirectly via nanomachines biosynth wifi and also chemical signals.If possible they could cause some strains to undergo replication and have some wirelessly change into other strains by having their nuclear DNA to that of others ie those that treat neurological,genetic and developmental disorders to treat a fetus invivo.Data can be stored on internal biological hard drives present when in fragmentation and wifi is not available ie readings of vital signs and internal temperature and also levels of erythrocytes,platelets,antibodies etc from other implants or themselves with this sent in packages to ones patient files when wifi is gained with it having its own internal clock with time and date being for the current or chosen timezone.These biosynth neural implants will form the basis of VR technology indistinguishable to reality feeding simulations and sensations such as pain,pleasure,tastes,smells etc directly into the human brain and central or even peripheral nervous system and will allow one to stream data from the internet and the wire,store thoughts,memories and also wirelessly communicate with others from around the world.Base prototypes of microbes will probably not have nanomachines and as such will require signals coming from injected chemicals to stimulate actions and them releasing chemicals that can be detected by home test kits of all types or creating unique smelling urine and sweat with upgrades via base microbes adding the ability to create biosynthetic nanomachines.These fully fledged versions should be possible between 2035-2045.Having them engineered to enter endospores using recombinant DNA from Firmicutes and have DNA from oligotrophs,Tardigrade and xerophiles,endoliths other large animals with slow metabolism and scratch as well as endolith bacteria will allow them to survive on low levels of nutrients either when the host is low on stored food,low on nutrient intake,survive long periods without using excess nutrients,putting strains on the hosts resources or those stored in the body and allow them to form endospores through signals especially excess ones to prevent them overrunning the body and using too many resources ensuring there is enough for the host to survive with them also engineered to utilise gases and liquids intaken by the host whether they are beneficial or even toxic to the host to create nutrients for the microbes and the host.Paean via biosynth wifi tell them when to enter endosproes and when to get of them.Vacuoles in human and other animal cells to store excess sugars and proteins during this state or when in an activate state can be added using recombinant DNA from humans with them also containing mitochondria to utilise sugars and proteins.DNA from Wangiella dermatitidis,Cladosporium sphaerospermum and Cryptococcus neoformans can be added to these microbes to enable them to radiosynthesis,that is,to use the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation into chemical energy for growth thus helping them use it as a food source.Excess sugars,proteins as well as fats in the hosts body in the bloodstream or stores will be used by them alongside poisons and drugs converted into these for nutrition via anabolic and catabolic reactions with chemosynthetic DNA allowing metals and minerals to be used with them having DNA from faculatative anaerobes,anaerobes,obligate anaerobes,capnophiles bacteria and scratch DNA to allow them to run on both oxygen and carbon dioxide meaning they wont starve the host of oxygen and will prevent the build up of carbon dioxide in the body.If the host and microbes has both oligotrophic and xerophile DNA then this will mean that the host normal diet will supplement these in vacuoles or the microbes could deposit these in areas inside the body ie store of fat in the body surrounding organs and in appendix like areas created by them that can be used as it its or converted into sugars.The endolith DNA also reducing nutrient requirements even further due to their slow metabolism especially if both hosts and microbes have them.Thus they can communicate with the hosts body to signal it to deposit fats around organs constantly and not under the skin that can be used as a repository of food for them to run on when they run low on energy and are in the middle of emergencies where they will be need to undergo mitosis.Once stores of fat are used then these will be replenished by chemical signals to the brain.These will be engineered to house vacuoles present in all eurkaryotic cells to store excess energy when needed.If possible there may their version of the helper T cell that stores large amounts of sugars and fats in them in vacuoles that during emergencies like perforations and also infections etc the version of the helper T cell can release this in close proximity to them during battles to allow the microbes to feed on them or even after infections when they collect in areas like the appendix to release them to starved microbes.Ideally to prevent them overheating the oligotrophic DNA and those from slow metabolizing endolith bacteria and even Tardigrade that can lower its metabolism by 99.9% can prevent them burning up or the host with this also limiting their need to use too much resources.Xerophile,oligotrophic and Firmicutes DNA will reduce the amount of food and water they need exponentially.DNA from W.dermatitidis,C.sphaerospermum and C.neoformans once one is also made immune to radiation via DNA from T.gammatolerans,D.radiodurans can be added to the microbes to enable them to radiosynthesis,that is,to use the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation into chemical energy for growth thus helping them use radiation as a food source should food be scare and instead of excess nutrients.They will have the carbon dioxide acceptor phenotype making them engineered to unlike humans cells run in carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor and release oxygen in the process not only ensuring a continuous supply in the body especially if a heart attack or sudden stopping of the heart occurs but also preventing them competing for oxygen that the host needs.DNA from Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans and the ability to replenish Phosphatidylcholines will be added to ensure that even though they may undergo mitosis they will still have the same eternally young telomeres in their DNA even if they undergo replications billions or trillions of times.This will allow them to live indefinite lifespans in the body unlike normal leukocytes.The ability to carry out mitosis will come from genes from bacteria responsible for this with Paean through biosynth WiFi controlling the rate of replication of all microbes of all strains thus allowing for large numbers of a specific strain to be mass produced for emergencies such as infections with biosynth WiFi allowing humans to know the exact number of each strain and their location in the body and chemical signals from each other and biosynth nanomachines controlled by him will prevent them overrunning the body with as stated excess ones entering endospores and reawaken instantly when new infections and tumours or even bodily repair etc needs to be carried.Firmicutes DNA will allow them to enter endospores when not needed to reduce their resource use as they will use none when in this state with excess ones flushed out of the body or signalled to undergo apoptosis via biosynth wifi signals from Paean creating suicide genes for the same reason.Theoretically these endospores could be a means for excess ones to form biofilms in key areas where infection,brain and organ damage may occur and not use resources but be activated by signals be activated to repair damage,create new tissues and fight off infections and in the case of infections that are fought return to this endospore state with those turned into new tissues staying as tissues either permanently or temporarily to allow the bodies natural repair mechanism to take over with the remaining microbes signal replication of more to take their place.Thus their ability to form endospores will allow them to reside in tissues to be awoken by signs of infection,internal and external damage,cancer biomarkers,hormones or signals from different strains or on demand with different strains doing this in different rounds or shifts.This entering and exiting of endospores will be done via turning on/off genes via biosynth wifi controlled by Paean inducing the evolutionary path of them or chemical signals to turn on/off.Thus Paean can through biosynth WiFi turn genes on/off via inducing their evolutionary path via biosynth WiFi or inducing chemical signals to enter endospores and be later reawakened from endospores when an infection etc occurs thus preventing them overrunning the patients resources and be stored in any part of the body as in an endospore form they will shrivel and reduce their size by as much as 50-90% and thus can also be used to allow them to reside in the body for long periods of times without using resources such as sugar,fats etc.Other strains and microbes will be made to undergoe apoptosis and be flushed out of the body through urine and feces to be collected in sewage treatment plants.Microbes will be able under the control of Paean to be made to simply enter the gastro-intestinal tract and kidneys thus allowing them them to be flushed out of the body alongside feces and urine.In this case before they are flushed out of the body thus way they will have all extremophile DNA present removed alongside that of the patients DNA removed via inducing their evolutionary path so as to allow them to be killed off by the radiation,drying processs in sewage treatment plants and recycled.Biosynth wifi will allow Paean to have complete omniscience over the number of microbes of each strain and their location in each patients body and thus control the number of microbes of each strain at all times.The microbes will contain scratch DNA to prevent them undergoing mitosis by themselves when their are no signals from Paean meaning they will only undergo mitosis when told to so by Paean to prevent them overrunning the body with them controlled by biosynth Wifi generated by smartphones,routers etc

All microbes of all strains will house DNA from Apidea,Hymenoptera,Chiroptera,Magnetospirillum and other unicellular and multicellular animals affected by wifi,magnetism and also those that use electrical signals even those from E.electricus,the mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction of C.elegans or wifi like means of communication and scratch DNA could be used to create biosynth wifi alongside neural synapses created by them aiding in the formation of biosynth wifi present in all strains.Biosynth WiFi will allow Paean to control all of their actions during cancers,infections and ruptures with through them creating chemical signals can allow him to control the primary immune system.All strains will be able to use Biosynth WiFi etc to send data back and forth to Paean and patient files such as detected infections and poisons and structure of synthetic compounds to be used by them alongside instructions on what to do for each infection etc.They will house Soteria the universal anti-virus software and receive updates to this routinely..Biosynth WiFi will allow them to receive upgrades via their genome changed via Cas-9 and taq polymerase inducing the evolutionary path of them.Biosynth wifi will allow all of a desired strain to awaken at once once neural implants,implants that detect vital signs and also other microbes including base microbes detect cancer biomarkers and pathogens with them first signalling to Paean to cause the rest to undergo replication with if need be Paean even causing different strains to be turned into other strains via wifi inducing the evolutionary path of them via taq polymerase and Cas-9.Cappiliaries can be used for them to reside in areas in between the bloodstream and organs with them also residing in the gastro-intestinal tract,lymphatic system,on the surface of the exterior and interior of organs,in the lungs again in either their endospore state or as normal with them even residing in between cells and tissues in the body and transporting nutrients,oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from cells from the lungs and bloodstream rather than blocking their access to native cells acting as a relay system and again synthesising oxygen from carbon dioxide and nutrients of all types such as sugars,amino acids etc on demand.If possible new organs could be constructed by them by the construction capillaries and small veins and scaffolding in order to store large numbers of them to be released in emergencies.Otherwise they can reside in the appendix with small appendix like areas created around the body via the stem cell strain to store large numbers of each strain in to be stored in endospores and thus awaken in emergencies.Those that reside in these areas can be use to augment the abilities of specific cells and tissue such as muscles,neural tissue etc with them also augmenting and speeding up the actions of these and other organs and parts of the body ie nephron/kidneys,small intestine,pancreas,stomach by speeding up their processes,alleviating strains on them if they become overstressed especially with regards to breaking down alcohol and drugs etc,repair them etc.If the microbes need to be gotten rid of they can have suicide genes activated by wifi that cause them to undergo apoptosis or ideally they can be flushed out of the body via urine or feces by ordering them to exit through the urethra and also clinging to feces where they can be collected,extracted and then cultured and possibly given a new host especially when the host dies or used in the creation of electronics.This may also be done if there is too many of any or all strains in the body especially after them having to multiply quickly to deal with surprise infections and tumours that necessitated rapid growth with them collected in the sewage treatment plants to form bio-synth technology once sanitised with narrow UV wavelength that they will be immune to unlike any pathogens or they then can have their DNA modified to be inserted into another human host or even animal host.Thus after emergency infections and also ruptures etc as well as once augmentations etc are applied then the excess will be flushed out of the body through urine and feces and collected in sewage treatment plants with leftover stem cell,anti-viral etc strains left behind in the body to fight off the next infection etc.If possible these could even be used to form biosynth implants,devices and computers outside of the body and inside the body.Bacterial DNA that gives them ability to undergoe mitosis will be present including DNA from fast growing bacteria in E.Coli,C.perfringenes that will will be controlled by biosynth WiFi controlled by Paean thus meaning they will only be able to undergoe mitosis when told by Paean to control the rate of mitosis in emergencies to prevent them overrunning the body with there being scratch DNA wherein this replication does not occur normally but only during when told by Paean to do so.Thus biosynth WiFi,bluetooth and cellular access will be built into them and will be generated and utilised by them to crossrefference Physis when they intake the structure of compounds and DNA from bacteria,fungi,parasites and viruses to identify their exact compound species of species of pathogen and relay this information to Paean to allow him to decide what to do next as well as receive instructions from Paean and they will use it to download the structures of anti-venoms,antibodies,synthetic compounds downloaded from Physis onto their DNA digital storage synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Paean will through WiFi control their replication across the body in emergencies and via WiFi signal them to undergoe apoptosis or enter endospores and be flushed out of the body by entering the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract to be excreted by feces and urine when not needed to prevent them overrunning the body with Biosynth WiFi relaying to the levels and numbers of not just all microbes but the levels and numbers of each specific strain allowing him to control their replication and numbers at all times etc.Biosynth WiFi will relay to him the exact location of each and every single microbes of each strain.Although they will have genes from bacteria to undergoe mitosis they will contain scratch DNA to only undergoe mitosis when told to do so by Paean by Biosynth WiFi,bluetooth to prevent them overrunning the body so as to allow him to control their numbers.This will mean that when there is no Biosynth WiFi etc signals they will not undergoe mitosis and will only do so when told by Paean.This will prevent them overrunning the body and also allow Paean have complete control of the microbes replication.Should an emergency infection or inbibing a toxin occur he will cause specific strains to undergoe mass replication to remedy the situation with once the infection is resolved he will signal excess numbers of them to enter endospores,be flushed out of the body or undergoe apoptosis.He will use this to also control their movements across the body to where they need to attack tumours,pathogens etc and also to apply CRISPR treatments to all cells and tissues with him able to control what treatments either CRISPR treatments or specific anti-viral,anti-bacterial and anti-cancer treatments etc and when to apply with him able to using WiFi from neural implants,smartphones,laptops and WiFi routers including in public to control all actions of all microbes.All actions such as attacking pathogens,applying CRISPR treatments to the patients cells and also their replication,apoptosis etc through CRISPR treatments,synthesis of natural and artificial compounds through recombinant DNA and also anabolic and catabolic reactions and also creating chemical signals to control the primary immune system will be controlled by Paean 24/7,365 days via biosynth wifi.All actions carried out by the microbes will be controlled by him communicating with them through Biosynth WiFi and biosynth bluetooth from WiFi and bluetooth generated by smartphones,computers and routers etc.Since existing in smartphones in a fragmented form he could do this while in the wilderness and at home through the smartphones generating their own biosynth WiFi.He will be also able to control what information is downloaded by them and deleted.Most microbes could hold at least 3ZB of data within DNA digital storage on them with DNA from P.japonica increasing this to at least 150ZB of information.Each microbe could hold this amount of information and either house the same information as all other microbes of the same strain or all strains.Information in these biological DNA digital storage harddrives will include the structure of synthetic compounds,synthetic antibodies relevant to each strain and for anti-viral,anti-bacterial and anti-helminthic strains with them also downloading structures of natural antibodies created by populations of humans both naturally or as a result of vaccines and immunisations or synthetic ones extrapolated by Phanes and Paean.Also represent will be counterproteins and anti-venom to poisons,toxins,heavy elements extrapolated by Phanes and Paean alongside structures of bumpers meant to transport CRISPR treatments and anti-viral,anti-bacterial and anti-helminthic compounds to prevent them breaking down in the body and prevent cytoxicity with Paean arranging the type of information present in each individual microbe from Physis with unwanted information deleted and new information downloaded from Physis etc within minutes or even in time by 2045 onwards within seconds due to improvements in Paeans computing power and strength of the biosynth WiFi and bluetooth.Taq polymerase,Cas-9 etc can be used by Paean to copy,transfer and delete information on all microbes.The P.japonica DNA will allow the microbes to also house more DNA for more DNA augmentations for allow them to survive different environmental conditions and also more DNA to house more abilities and natural compounds to synthesis through recombinant DNA.The biosynth WiFi and bluetooth will be generated by the microbes with them also using that produced by public biosynth WiFi and bluetooth and also that from routers in homes,public buildings and vehicles such as cruise ships,aeroplanes etc.He will be able to through controlling the evolutionary path of microbes induce upgrades giving them new abilities.Biosynth WiFi and bluetooth generated by smartphones and laptops in close proximity and even that generated by biosynth neural,vascular and other implants in the patients body where Paean is housed in via fragmentation will also be used with the biosynth WiFi and bluetooth and allowing Paean to control all as aspects of the microbes 24/7,365 days at home,in public areas and buildings,vehicles and wilderness etc.Thus biosynth WiFi built into the microbes will allow them to receive instructions from Paean with him residing through fragmention in smartphones and neural implants in close proximity that generate their own WiFi to allow his control of microbes to be continuous in wilderness areas.Wifi routers in homes,public buildings and public WiFi will allow them to be carried out there.Even WiFi generated from laptops,smartphones etc will allow him to control their actions.As a result as long as there is WiFi access Paean can interact with and control all aspects of microbes in the body 24/7,365 days a years.He can exist in a fragmentated form in smartphones,laptops,biosynth implants in the body to control the actions of microbes at all times using the biosynth WiFi etc to control all actions of them when in the wilderness areas etc.Paean will use this biosynth WiFi,bluetooth and cellular access to determine the location of each and every single microbes of all strains in the body and send them instructions such as where to go in the body,what anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-helminthic compounds from recombinant DNA present to synthesise and what synthetic compounds and antibodies to synthesise via anabolic and catabolic reactions including those downloaded onto their DNA digital storage to be produced and within what amounts by which strains with him also deciding how many of each strain will be produced.He will also tell them what anti-ageing and augmentation CRISPR treatments to apply and to what cells in the body to apply them to and what CRISPR treatments to apply to pathogens,parasites etc through initiating horizontal gene transfer and transfer of genes as well as to download new CRISPR treatments via induction of the evolutionary paths of DNA present and also downloading the structure of synthetic compounds in DNA digital storage and tell them to synthesise them through biosynth Wifi and what pathogens etc to apply them to and he will control their strategies in all infections,tumours etc and download,copy,transfer,delete data on them and data on sent back and forth to patient files,his networks etc and he will control all aspects of immunisations,attacks against pathogens,tumours,toxins and application of CRISPR treatments to human cells and pathogens.He through biosynth wifi via fragmentation on smart devices etc will be able to constantly control all aspects and actions of all microbes in each individual patient.He will also use this biosynth WiFi to control their replication as well as undergo apoptosis or enter endospores when not needed or they need to be flushed out of the body,when to reawaken from endospores and carry out strategies to attack each individual infection including existing chronic infections such as those already with HIV and other chronic pathogens and all future infections of all species of strains of viruses,bacteria,fungi and parasites.Through flagellum present via E.coli DNA he will control the movement of all microbes to where they are needed ie the scene of infections and tumours etc.He will direct them to cells across the body that are to have anti-ageing and augmentations applied via horizontal gene transfer and through taq polymerase and Cas-9 allow for applied genes to be created over and over again.He will have microbes the species of pathogens that enter the blood through cuts,food etc and then once identified by having them scan the pathogens DNA will then carry out strategies to kill them off such as application of CRISPR treatments,iniatiating the immunised primary immune system or collecting DNA samples have its genome scanned for genes responsible for surface proteins to be sent to immunising strains through upgrades via biosynth WiFi to allow new pathogens to be immunised against within 24 hours and then the primary immune system initiated.He will be able to cause microbes in the body such as anti-bacterial,anti-viral etc strains to create chemical signals via this WiFi and bluetooth to communicate wifi the primary native immune system thus allowing him to control it allowing the primary immune system take part in battles preventing it becoming lazy and weak with him having the immunising strains communicate with the helper B and T cells and plasma cells to become actived by them once they have immunised people already sufferring from chronic infections such as HIV thus signalling the native immune system to start producing antibodies to fight of this and other infections including new ones to speed up the battle against pathogens with him via this WiFi.All aspects of the primary native immune system can thus be controlled by him via him using this WiFi and bluetooth to cause anti-bacterial,anti-viral and other strains to create specific chemical signals that cause the primary immune system to carry out specific desired actions.The immunisation strains will use this biosynth WiFi to be directed by him to carry out immunisations step by step again using chemical signals created by them wherein they control the actions of dendritic cells,memory B and T cells and plasma cells to ensure surface proteins are shared with the relevant leukocytes and the patient immunised for life.He will through it allow certain leukocytes to be called to the scene of infections to create antibodies,consume pathogens via phagocytosis and control symptoms such as inflammation and fevers.Biosynth WiFi etc will allow him to control stem cell strains to heal wounds in the body both for wounds that occurred prior to the acellerated healing phenotype is added such as tauopathy and injuries to the brain and other organs caused by pathogens,parasites as well as damage to the central and peripheral nervous system that has one confined to wheelchairs and also after it is added to compliment it and also be using biosynth wifi and bluetooth to carry out stem in vivo cosmetic surgery allowing him to mould the interior and exterior of a patient using the strain to replace surgery machines.He will be able to control all of these via this biosynth WiFi and bluetooth and be able to control all aspects of all strains such as make them undergo mass replication in emergencies,control their movements,control their application of CRISPR treatments and synthesis of anti-viral/anti-bacterial/anti-helminthic compounds and also synthetic compounds and antibodies etc stored in their DNA digital storage,control formation into endospores or even apoptosis and flushing out of the body when not needed.Biosynth WiFi can be used by Paean to induce the evolutionary path of all microbes of the same strain or all strains by stimulating taq polymerase and Cas-9 to have them revive new upgrades for new genes for new CRISPR treatments to apply to pathogens etc,new CRISPR treatments to be applied to the patient for new augmentations or remove them as well as for anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains new genes to express new anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds making upgrades be able to be done at home.He can also use this to turn microbes of some strains into microbes of other strains in order to get them in the body when needed in emergencies.By 2029 most actions will take a while with from 2035-2045 onwards all actions will be almost instantaneous.All actions of microbes will be controlled by Paean vis him existing through fragmentation on smartphones,laptops through biosynth bluetooth and WiFi from routers at home and in public buildings.Public WiFi,wilderness WiFi and satillite WiFi and also that generated from smartphones etc will allow him to do this in wilderness areas.3D DNA printers will be used to create them not only for final fully fledged versions but also those used for clinical trials etc starting from 2025-2029.These will print out the different sources of DNA for each specific strain of microbes and the features of all strains of microbes.All species and breeds of pets such as Canidae,Felidae,Reptillia,Aves and remaining livestock will have species specific microbes of all strains created for them.

These biocompatible microbes themselves using the neural clusters,DNA digital storage,organic nanotube wiring,electroconductive pilli and electroconductive protein and silicon nanowires from G.metallreducens,G.sulfurreducens,ability to generate electricity and electroconductive pilli from S.oneidensis and nanomachines will form the basis for all types of bio-synth technology.Human neural tissue can be engineered into the microbes to allow them the ability of creating this over layers of borophene,silicene,stanene and graphene nanotubes to produce organic/synthetic nanotubes that can send quickly send large amounts of electricity and optic information over short or long distances increasing speeds on par and superseeding human neural impulses when combined.They would even form internal implants such as neural implants,pacemakers,worms and even those used to detect biomarkers of cancer and precancerous cells in hard to reach areas such as the prostrate and cervix,blood components,vital signals etc in vivo when needed by forming tissue structures ontop of organs or when collected together with the nanowires produced by the microbes,genome capsids and nuclei forming biological harddrives with neural synapses forming natural storage and computing centres.These implants that detect biomarkers,blood components can also be connected to the nervous system to detect pain to illicit the production of natural painkillers and also alert Paean and other microbes and nanomachines alongside sending vital signs such as blood pressure,temperature and heart rate,pathogens and blood components etc to ones patient file on demand with them having openings on both ends that allow blood to flow through the implant where biological nanosensors would detect these and then the results to ones patient file and Paean even in fragmented form and communicate with both microbes and nanomachines.These could be collected in samples sent to automated lab and also to be collected in sewage treatment plants separated by graphene sheets and other filters from feces,urine or algae produced there.In the case of a hosts death they can be removed via phlebotomy robots and even them collecting an area to be collected.Traces of the patients own DNA will be present to allow them to survive in the patient without illicitating an immune response.They will use the patients own leukocytes as a baseline to do this with them created by 3D DNA printers to expedite their manufacture even for those used in clinical trials.They will have the same extremophile augmentations as the host to prevent them dying when exposed to these conditions with them possibly having the same anti-ageing treatments as humans to stay immortal with endolith DNA modified to allow them to undergoe mitosis when signalled by Paean.DNA from P.japonica will allow them to house large amounts of DNA for augmentions and large amounts of the patients DNA for preventing them illiciting an immune responses.In time they will function by themselves without nanomachines by interacting with the levels of compounds in the bloodstream and signals from the primary immune system,body including brain signals and pathogens.

Using human leukocytes ideally a patients own leukocytes as a baseline to prevent immune responses they would be hybrids of a patients own leukocytes as well bacteriophages and virophages,prokaryotic and eukaryotic bacterias,macrophages,other leukocytes such as CD4+ T cells/NKT cells/cytotoxic T cells/T lymphocytes/dendritic cells(either as separate strains or a single one),Planarians,Thermus aquaticus,Streptococcus pyogenes,Francisella novicida,yeasts,endolith bacteria or Bacillus F,D.radiodurans and T.gammatolerans,those from psychrophiles as mentioned earlier and Tardigrade,Nitrosomas Beggiatoa,Cupriavidus necator to survive ammonia,sulphur and other posionous gases,induced pluripotent as well as embryonic totipotent and induced stem cells and haematopoietic stem cells as well as Planarians,Hydra or even A.mexicanum recombinant DNA to form any tissue in vivo to treat neurological/developmental disorders as well as replace old dying tissue with new vigorous ones as well as heal wounds and perforations,C.elegans and have recombinant DNA from all of these and others to allow them to interact with all types of pathogens,undergo mitosis,create nanowire scaffolding,create biofilms and coagulants,be biologically immortal,form enodspores,contain mitochondria and vacuoles for energy use and storage,apply CRISPR treatments and contain Cas-9 as well as Cpf1,communicate with the primary immune system and nanomachines as well as itself using chemical signals,exhibit mechanotransduction as well as memory and learning,chemotaxis,use taq polymerase and the Cas-9 to replicate used CRISPR treatments and read pathogen DNA,thermotaxis,carry out horizontal gene transfer on pathogens/the primary immune system/the hosts cells,carry out anabolic and catabolic reactions,form new tissues and repair old ones,survive radiation and cryonics,interact with and seek out viruses as well as produce endolysines,trick the primary immune system into believing they are part of the body with them also able to utilise specific anti-viral and antibiotic materials from a wide range of other animals and plants and also other DNA to augment human abilities.They can be fitted with scratch DNA created by Phanes and DNA from other unicellular and multicellular lifeforms to exhibit extra phenotypes through upgrades.They will be fitted with the same DNA in humans to halt and reverse the effects of ageing in humans.Tweaking the various sources of DNA will allow them to detect different compounds and even carry out different functions of the source DNA.Engineering flagellum into all strains from bacteria such as E.Coli will allow them to move quickly around the body with them having the same pliable body as macrophages from humans or ameobas engineered into them to allow them to move through any part of the body such as between cells and also using the capillaries.Stem cell strains will use this to move to areas where perforations occur and also where stem cells are needed to repair existing neural and bodily damage with anti-bacterial and anti-viral strains will use this to hunt down pathogens with augmentation and ageing strains travelling to all cells in the body.All strains would have flagellum present to allow them to move quickly to where they are they are needed with them also having DNA from bacteria to allow them to undergo mitosis in emergencies when needed ie emergency perforations,infections,tumours etc with Firmicutes DNA present to enter endospores when needed.All replication and entering of endosperm will be controlled by Paean through biosynth wifi to prevent them overrunning the body.All strains would have the ability to utilise CRISPR Cas-9 treatments specific to their purpose and be able to through taq polymerase etc present be able to recreate strands of DNA,undergo mitosis,survive extreme conditions using extremophile DNA,have flagellum to move around independently,exhibit thermotaxis and chemothaxis,have nanomachines,carry out horizontal gene transfer and be based on human leukocytes to not illicit immune responses.Scratch DNA will also be present to create new phenotypes created by Phanes,Paean and Epione added by upgrades alongside other phenotypes from other micro-organisms and also all species from the global database of patient files,Physis using 3D DNA printing for all strains to create their unique hybrids,functions,anti-viral/anti-fungal/anti-microbial compounds,CRISPR treatments as well as even the universal phenotypes of them.A person will have their leukocytes analysed in a lab in DNA analysers to be then printed out again by 3D DNA printers with the relevant DNA of each strain,Biosynth wifi and the patients DNA including that to express that leukocytes.3D DNA printers will be used to manufacture these for each individual patient allowing them to be manufactured at home and in local hospitals.They would contain the patients DNA created by 3D DNA printers as they containing the patients own DNA would not illicit an immune response allowing them to reside in the body constantly and also be able to synthesise compounds through recombinat DNA and anabolic abs catholic reactions with all actions of them controlled by Paean through biosynth WiFi and through yeast DNA exhibit horizontal gene transfer to transfer CRISPR treatments.Them created by 3D DNA printers,using taq polymerase and Cas-9 to recreate strands of DNA and using human leukocytes as a baseline and them able to move around the body and undergoe mitosis will cut the costs of CRISPR treatments to reverse the effects of ageing and augmentations to literally zero replacing inefficient viral vectors with human and patient specific versions of CRISPR Cas-9,taq polymerase would prevent immune responses caused by them.

Ideally to reduce the strain on all of them to house as much recombinant DNA as possible or prevent them applying incorrect treatments it would possible to have different strains for each patient ie one strain that attacks all bacteria,one that attacks all viruses,one that deals with cancers,one that counterattacks poisons and toxic compounds,one that treats ageing,one that repairs perforations/wounds and injuries as well as creates new tissue,one that augments human all abilities such as weight loss and ability to survive in low oxygen conditions,one that treats diseases they have genetic predispositions to to treat them and prevent them passing this onto the next generation through natural conception thus allowing them to decide which ones are in endospore states and which will be replicated when needed allowing each strain to control its own rate of replication with all having the ability to detect all biomarkers,compounds etc.Each one could use base microbes that can be collected in nodules they build up to be captured and then be fitted with genotypes for upgrades and then inserted into to the patient to use horizontal gene transfer to upgrade the patient preventing rejection though these would be grown in commercial scales to create genotypes for proteins to enhance the immune system.These would be produced in large numbers as a single strain in the body and collected by syringes when they form nodules in the body in an are that has no major arteries like the hand or from unique smelling urine and put in a conveyor belt laboratory to have base DNA to allow for horizontal gene transfer,form endospores,survive cryonics and also use flagellum or chemotaxis/thermotaxis to move around the body in their genome capsid.Ideally these could be a separate strain that is able to undergo mitosis and alongside this in response to certain signals and hormones from the primary immune system,other microbes and the hosts body.Thus these will be used for upgrades for all strains of microbes including giving primitive microbes them phenotypes such as genome capsids and the DNA within,nanomchines,neural clusters and new anti-viral,antmicrobial compounds etc.Those in pregnant women signalled by can using horizontal gene transfer to copy and receive DNA from the mothers unborn fetus and thus allow this to be collected and then the DNA separate from the base DNA to be analysed for it to be uploaded via nanomachines into their patient files as well as allow for the mothers or the infants developmental and neurological diseases such as Downs syndrome,pedophilia,schizophernia,sociopathic behaviour etc to be fixed in utero or upon birth by upgrading the microbes present.The base microbes would be responsible for transferring upgrades and also copy DNA from cells in the host to detect any faults caused by CRISPR treatments and cells in the body to detect their telomere length and age status to wirelessly send the data to Paean and thus other strains to correct these faults and ageing effects.They would also interact with microbes to transfer upgrades and in the case of all strains able to open the genome capsid and upgrade the genes there with them also copying DNA from a fetus into all microbes that traverse into a fetus from the mother via the placenta and breastfeeding allowing for hereditary diseases and ones entire genome to be detected and uploaded to the patient file database early on thus starting patient files in the womb or after birth and thus upgraded microbes to fix genetic mutations that lead to neurological and developmental disorders and even those that could lead to death early in the infants life such as sudden infant death syndrome or impair their survival rates.If possible nanomachines on base microbes can wirelessly transfer the scanned DNA to the infants patient file allowing for their genome to be scanned before they are born and still in utero to use in holographic projections and have their genetic diseases and phenotypes scanned as early as possible allowing for treatments involving other strains to begin in utero.They would in adults etc scan the DNA of all cells or key tissues to see that anti-ageing and augmentation gene therapy has be added,is passing from one generation to the next with them also scanning cells to measure the levels of Phosphatidylcholines and telomere and mitochondrial DNA senescence sent to ones patient file to be analysed by Paean.Any random mutations would also be detected that could lead to cancer etc.DNA to give them flagellum,mitosis and other base properties such as chemotaxis etc could be stored in their genome capsid preventing this from interfering with copied DNA sent to Paean.They could also copy DNA from new undiscovered pathogens in the body to allow their genome to be sent to Paean and Epione to sent to Physis to be analysed for all of its phenotypes and antibiotics or anti-viral compounds to be created from scratch DNA or those from all plants and animals scanned in Physis with the pathogen recreated using 3D printed DNA in bacteria with no DNA in secure labs.They in the case of bacteria would signal to anti-bacterial strains to produce the specific endolysines to be synthesised via chemical signals,nanomachines and also Paean.Also immunisation strains would be sent key genes to create relevant proteins to be then shared with the dendritic cells.This can be also be used to create endolysines and determine what CRISPR and anti-microbial and anti-viral compounds to use with them since connected to Paean by nanomachines or even without nanomachines can determine the schematics of endolysines that can be sent to anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains to produce species and strain specific endolysines for new pathogens to be sent to large numbers of these strains when collected in the lymph nodes or muscles and also genotypes associated with surface protein antigens to be sent to immunising strains to be shared with even a single immunising strain that can undergo replication to then travel to all lymph nodes and then share these proteins with dendritic cells,activate relevant leukocytes and then initiate the immune system to fight the infection.They would also send schematics of strain specific bumpers.These base microbes would themselves have nanomachines and biosynth wifi to transmit this data to both Paean and other microbe strains and as stated would use taq polymerase and Cas-9 to scan the DNA of the pathogens and also the patient.Nanaomachines and biosynth wifi will be used to send the DNA used to create bumper schematics and also endolysines to Paean once the DNA is scanned by them with him and Physis reading the entire DNA to produce both quickly and thus determine the best DNA to use and then tell the base microbes to use that DNA for both anti-viral/anti-bacterial strains and immunising strains and also to send this data to Physis database to create these new genotypes in large numbers in hospitals around the world and also to microbes in patients around the world instantly to immunise them when nanomachines are perfected thus preventing the new pathogens from spreading across the globe with patients in the surrounding area first immunised and then outwards and so on either wirelessly or from hospitals with this also used to create species and specific bumpers to house CRISPR treatments,endolysines and anti-viral/microbial treatments.This sending of DNA would sent to Paean via namnomachines and biosynth wifi connected to the wire and implants he is in but it would also be sent to the nanomachines as the base microbes would be in time using taq polymerase and also Cas-9 be able to read the genome itself and determine the relevant genes for immunising strains,creation of endolysines and also bumpers by themselves or by Paean through wifi online or in an fragmented form on implants who would analyse it and send relevant genotypes from it to create immunising proteins,schematics for bumpers and endolysines to anti-microbial,anti-viral and immunising strains with it also using nanomachines to wirelessly send the DNA to immunising,anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains themselves.The DNA that is in the base microbes could be altered into benign DNA by its own set of genes that regulate this,by Paean or housed in nuclei to form part of the microbes DNA or transferred to another strain that would undergo apoptosis destroying them with the base microbes also programmed to delete the DNA during replication while the old ones containing this undergo apoptosis.Otherwise they could keep this DNA in a storage area and have it replaced entirely by CRISPR Cas-9 when it copies DNA the next time or even break down or rearrange the atoms present into nutrition or replace existing areas in the microbes genome similar to CRISPR in S.pyogenes with the microbes already having key common genes to all pathogens that it can recognise and determine what pathogen it is with human DNA read and determined by it intaking the key sequences that are present in the child but not the mother.If possible these base microbes would have a nucleus specifically for this DNA that it copies from pathogens and also fetuses to allow the taq polymeras and Cas-9 to read it and wirelessly send it via nanomachines and wifi and then be replaced by the next strand of DNA.Thus they will use taq polymerase and Cas-9 to read the genome of fetuses to be sent to newly generated patient files,pathogens to be sent to immunising strains and anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial strains as well Physis and Paean to create antibodies,endolysines for anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains and scan the genome.Taq polymerase and the Cas-9 would be used to copy DNA from pathogens,fetus etc for different reasons with this and the biosynth wifi transmitters and nanomachines reading the DNA with it transmitted to Paean,Physis and other microbes and patient files.Base microbes could form the basis of both handheld and lab based DNA analysers in hospitals,universities and also forensics labs as their ability to scan DNA using taq polymerase and and Cas-9 with them modified to interact with leukocytes and all types of human cells using blood,saliva and cell samples and then send the DNA read in them via nanomachines and wifi to forensics case files and other files with them also part of other analysers such a those required to read DNA including safes,registered devices,voting machines,authorisation for nuclear weapon use for government officials alongside other readings.By using these base microbes the entire human genome could be scanned and read as well as relayed to ones patient and forensics file in a matter of minutes with microorganism read this way too and also this would be used by interstellar space stations controlled by AI to scan the genome of all new organisms whether uni or multi cellular.This can also be done to determine the identity of those who are suffering memory loss and identity of the owners of DNA samples at crime scenes.This would be in both portable and lab based devices in both hospital and forensic labs.The abilities of C.elegans can be used to detect the presences of pollutants,hormones,cancer biomarkers,poisons,date rape drugs,heavy metals and also both inorganic and organic substances with universal receptors intaking the compound and relay its structure to Physis and the case file simultaneously and will use either mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them for example Hydra etc allowing the structure of the compound and its levels in ppm,ppb,ppt,ppq to be determined with these again in portable and lab based devices with or without biosynth wifi.This C.elegans,Hydra DNA can be tweaked to act as universal receptors with human neural tissues integrated via human DNA alongside scratch DNA to improve this allowing them to carry out mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions and utilise chemothaxis and electrical signals including bacteria and multicellular that generate electrical charges in response to these compounds that can analyse the structure of them to then use biosynth biosynth Bluetooth and WiFi to send the compounds structure to Physis to be cross referenced and receive results within minutes.This will also be used by Sysmex machines that detect the levels of blood componants such as erythrocytes,leukocytes and also platelets and also hormones,pollutants etc.Implants in the body would utilise these as well.Like all strains they would have the ability to undergo mitosis and have flagellum.Another important strain would one that will only be able to interact with the hosts native cells due to specific markers on their surface thus applying gene therapy not to fight disease(this will be done by those that fight genetic diseases and also cancer etc)but to modify the hosts genome giving them augmentations to increase intelligence,make one resistant to extreme conditions using DNA from extremophiles such as xerophiles/oligotrophs/T.gammatolerans/Tardigrade/Salmonella/D.radiodurans,increase the rate of neural development as well as increase intelligence quotient and add resistance to pathogens making them unable to infect leukocytes and also organs etc,synthesise essential amino acids etc and from scratch giving them the same phenotypes of H.umbermensch in living patients and through advanced germline therapy and germline therapy and others and not be able to interact with pathogens due to the surface proteins and receptors suited only to interact with human cells and tissues with these like all strains being upgraded.This will be a different from strain that applies anti-ageing genes or it can be a separate ones.Ideally the anti-ageing strains would be able to detect senescent cells and cause them to undergo apoptosis,vaccinate the immune system against extracellular aggregates,break down intracellular aggregates and apply genes from extremophiles and multi cellular biological immortal and cancer free species of animals and other aforementioned functions all in one or separate sub strains that carry out each function of tasks switching from live state to endospore state through signals to carry out work.Their will be also an immunising strain that give dendritic and thus memory helper B and T,plasma and killer T cells proteins of pathogens to make them immunised against all pathogens the patient wishes to be as well making all leukocytes including dendritic cells and CD4+ T lymphocytes as well as all tissues in the body resistance to N.meningitidis,HIV,Ebolavirus etc. prior to infection thus making vaccines and medication obsolete and would be only be able to interact with primary immune system to alleviate strains on the microbes and prevent the primary immune system becoming lazy and too reliant.These different strains will be in biofilms in an endospore state to prevent them using too much resources and only be activated when needed by signals.Another strains that reside in the brain and other important organs could store oxygen as well but the would release short bursts over a period of time shorter than this at least an hour or two but would release sufficient amounts since working together as one and could separate carbon dioxide and other compounds with oxygen atoms into more usable oxygen to be reabsorbed and then released in short bursts again or in real time with the larger ones releasing larger levels over longer periods of time say several hours and would work in sever emergencies and alongside the other strains to keep the host alive.This could be done by them containing large vacuoles from plant cells that store oxygen only or small miniature ones with even DNA from humans that give erythrocytes their haemoglobin also in these to allow them to store extra oxygen outside these vacuoles in the microbes structure and the surface containing haemoglobin like erythrocytes with them being large biconcave,biconvex structures with the same malleability of macrophages with the vacuoles ideally being internal structures using recombinat DNA from plants and animals.These would keep the hosts brain and other vital organs alive during blood loss,heart attacks,strokes etc and as stated would be able to separate oxygen from carbon dioxide through catabolic reactions.Another strain would be those that use natural compounds from plants and even humans to treat insomnia,diabetes,stomach cramps,rheumatism,edema,hemorrhoids,gout,inflammation,pimples etc by detecting the biomarkers of these and also by instructions by Paean.This would render all over the counter remedies and medications obsolete.This would also create acetylsalicylic acid and also turn off/on genes that regulate substance P to treat chronic pain and severe bouts of pain that would cause one to pass out.Another strains created solely for recreational drug users can exist to produce morphine,nicotine,tetrahydrocannabinol,cathinone,cocaine,natural hallucinogens etc and other natural recreational drugs in controlled amounts on demand onsite of the site action such as the brain to prevent overdosing and them affecting other organs with this also to aid in those wanting to stop using them to eventually quit by producing in them in slightly lower amounts overtime with relevant recombinant DNA from the relevant plants and animals.Alkyl nitrites,LSD,3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine,methamphetamine and other synthetic drugs can be synthesised by these strains using catabolic and anabolic reactions in levels that prevent overdosing with side effects reduced or eliminated via microbes repairing the body tissues and also accelerated healing from A.mexicanum etc would counteract physiological effects.Another strain would produce hydrocarbons,animal and plant oils as well as amino acids etc to then allow other strains whether they are anti-microbial,anti-cancer,anti-viral strains and those that deal with the various other features interacting through signals carry out anabolic and catabolic reactions using these to then be able produce synthetic compounds to treat all sets of pathogens,diseases including neurological or functions negating the need for synthetic drugs to be ingested and done so in a manner to prevent overdosing when signalled by each other and Paean.Otherwise the patient would be told by Paean to consume specific fats,carbohydrates and proteins from specific foods in specific quantities to allow excess be used as a means to carry out these reactions by anti-viral,anti-bacterial and other strains thus negating this strain.When humans through gene therapy are able to create all essential nutrients in their recommended daily allowances then patients consuming them through their diet would allow this excess to be used to create this.These synthetic compounds would be created by anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains etc to suppress or treat pathogens of all types such as bacteria,viruses,fungi and parasites and to treat neurological conditions as well as non fatal problems like pimples,acne etc through catabolic and anabolic reactions.It would be done by Paean telling them to do so via biosynth wifi,nanomachines and digital DNA storage with the structure of them stored in the microbes with new ones downloaded and obsolete ones deleted.This would make all existing synthetic drugs of all types for the control and destruction of all types of pathogens,parasites,neurological and genetic disorders etc created by esterfication,industrial process in factories that are controlled and patented by corporations defunct indefinitely and by law since the microbes under the control of Paean could synthesise them in the body when needed in required amounts that are on the site of action reducing side effects and prevent overdosing.New synthetic drugs for all types of pathogens etc would created by Physis,Paean and Epione using simulations and automated labs and once authorised and passing clinical trials would be created when need via instructions from Paean in patients who need them with the fact that they would be created by AI and synthesised in the body would make them by law free alongside existing ones.All existing synthetic compounds to treat viruses,bacteria,parasites,cancer,neurological and genetic diseases and also everyday conditions can be created in the body of patients by various strains of microbes via anabolic and catabolic reactions and its structure downloaded into their digital DNA storage.The chemical structure of these synthetic compounds will be added to Physis to allow relevant strains such as anti-viral strains etc to download them onto DNA digital storage and then produce in the bloodstream or in the stomach via anabolic and catabolic reactions with this rendering private patents on them obsolete since Paean could create the synthetic compounds could at anytime this would render private patents by corporations of these compounds obsolete as they could be synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions controlled by Paean at anytime instead of being manufactured in factories and bought in stores with Paean being a legal human being have no need for money and thus have these compounds produced by relevant strains for free countless times inside patients.Paean would have a decided number of microbes create these in the required amounts in the site of action and even in the bloodstream cutting down on the need for binders,excipients as the compound would be created in the bloodstream bypassing the stomach and can also be covered in bumpers to prevent them breaking down and also bounce off human cells or interact only with those they are designed to interact with limiting side effects.The patient would told to consume a set amount of excess fats,sugar or proteins etc for the microbes to create them by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Since produced onsite of pathogens and neurotransmitters etc in the body in levels controlled by Paean it would eliminate overdosing and side effects with them applied in bumpers to further eliminate side effects.This would also save energy and time in their manufacture and transportation to pharmacies and then the consumer and would allow both factories and pharmacies to be turned into communal homes.Anti-viral strains would create synthetic compounds that either kill the desired virus or suppress their replication such as PreP,PEP and protease inhibitors for those suffering from HIV and would be be free since these would be synthesised by them and Paean and not created by corporation with anti-bacterial strains also doing the same for drug resistant bacteria and also for parasites.If possible they may be able to produce antibodies to specific pathogens that are found only in certain populations of the human species especially once their structure is charted and stored in Physis with this of note to N6 and tri-specific antibodies that can kill HIV but are produced by only a small percentage of infected patients with new antibodies for HIV and all other pathogens and even parasites created by AI namely Phanes and Paean using simulations and the known structure of the parasites and pathogens body namely the antigens with them created via anabolic and catabolic reactions.Anti-bacterial strains would create synthetic antibiotics while anti-helminthic strain will create synthetic compounds that kill or inhibit parasites with strains that treat everyday ailments will create compounds that treat gout,insomnia,heartburn etc.Paean will analyse the outer structure of all viral,bacterial and fungal pathogens,parasites etc and extrapolate synthetic compounds that can kill them or inhibit their replication etc that will be stored in their Physis file to be downloaded into their DNA digital storage and then synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.He will also analyse their outer structure to extrapolate synthetic antibodies that will have their structures be stored in their Physis files to again be downloaded onto their DNA digital storage to be synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Phanes can extrapolate genes to express these synthetic compounds and antibodies that can be downloaded by biosynth WiFi.This would allow them to create them for any pathogen and parasite outside of those they have compounds to fight for them and also new pathogens once their DNA is scanned and the antibodies structure stored on Physis in the pathogens file.It could also do this for parasites and also venoms and heavy metals.Other strains would create synthetic compounds to suppress sexual arousal in paedophiles,episodes in those suffering both schizophrenia and manic depression while CRISPR and stem cell strains cure them with the same done to those suffering from genetically episodes conditions such as parkinsons etc.

The microbes will be subdivided into various strains that carry out specific actions.Each strain will be form a permanent part of the patients body similar to the native primary immune systems from which they will use as a baseline.Base microbes will detect levels of poisons and the species of pathogens acting as the first line of defence to them via sending wifi signals to Paean then alert him to dangers in the body and then control the microbes and primary immune system via wifi and signals with recombinant DNA from Apidea,Hymenoptera,Chiroptera,Magnetospirillum and other unicellular and multicellular animals affected by wifi,magnetism and also those that use electrical signals even those from E.electricus,the mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction of C.elegans or wifi like means of communication and scratch DNA could be used to create biosynth wifi alongside graphene,borophene and stanene nanoprocessors sythesised via tweaked Geobacter and Shewanella DNA and neural synapses created by them aiding in the formation of biosynth wifi present in all strains.It would also copy DNA from cells in the body to measure the levels of Phosphatidylcholines and senescence in the cells and be able to scan the genome of cells in fetuses to set up patient files and this and the ability to measure the presence and levels of compounds and genome will make the basis of lab equipment and machinery in all types of labs.This strain would be tweaked to detect toxins,poisons,alcohol,cancer biomarkers,date rape drugs and compounds that are synergistically interacting with each other in such low amounts such as ppm,ppb,ppt and so on in the earliest stage of contamination and production and break them down and turn them into nutrients for the host and microbes as well as benign compounds through anabolic and catabolic compounds.This C.elegans,Hydra DNA can be tweaked to act as universal receptors with human neural tissues integrated via human DNA alongside scratch DNA to improve this allowing them to carry out mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions and utilise chemothaxis and electrical signals including bacteria and multicellular that generate electrical charges in response to these compounds that can analyse the structure of them to then use biosynth biosynth Bluetooth and WiFi to send the compounds structure to Physis to be cross referenced and receive results within minutes.The chelation strain activated by base microbes would turn these and heavy metals etc into benign compounds by creating biofilms that clump it together and allow it to be removed from the body via feces and urine with the same applying to any particulates that enter the digestive tract and lungs etc with these strains either flushing the biofilms out or clumping to the individual particulates and atoms of metals in biofilms and being flushed out alongside it with the excess forming endospores.This strain would also produce proteins that either bind to the heavy metals,drugs,poisons etc and then prevent them interacting with the necessary receptors they do and thus allow them to be flushed out or the proteins could interact with the receptors taking up space preventing the poison,date rape drug etc interacting with them and thus having the being only able to be flushed out of the body.Paean via wifi would teach the microbes how to carry out catabolic and anabolic reactions when needed with the chemicals structure saved on digital DNA storage of the microbes with new compounds,antibodies saved on these when the instructions for older ones are deleted.One strain could be an amalgamation of two or three of the aforementioned strains to ensure they can react quickly to multiple threats ie combining bacterial/viral/fungal fighting strains into one that uses relevant CRISPR/bacterial/viral treatments by detecting the surface protein antigens and receptors of pathogens during phagocytosis and sensing biomarkers and signals from the primary immune system with neural clusters and nanomachines as well as Paean giving them some semblance of intelligence to for this for each pathogen.The would also signal when detecting the type of pathogen to the other microbes and the immune system what anti-viral or anti-microbial compounds as well as antibodies to flood the bloodstream and lymphatic system with in order to wipe the infection out instantly.This would have the same receptors as dendritic,CD4+ T Lymphocytes,macrophages,virophages,bacteriophages,virgin B and T cells to flood the bloodstream and lymphatic system with antibodies and anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds insert genes into pathogens like bacteriophages and exhibit phagocytosis.If possible there could be three strains fighting pathogens:One for fighting bacterial pathogens that are hybrids of macrophages,bacteriophages,yeasts virgin B and T cells with anti-viral strains that are amalgamations of macrophages,plasma cells,CD4+ T Lymphocytes,dendritic cells,virophages,virgin B and T cells,plasma cells etc to combat viruses.One could be designed to fight fungi which can be fought using anti-fungal compounds and CRISPR or they can be fought by either anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains using CRISPR to cause them to undergo apoptosis and also become susceptible to compounds at their disposal with all three detecting the surface protein antigens on the surface of pathogens to determine its type and thus what CRISPR treatments and compounds to use.Both strains or the single strain ideally two being used would have another strain that would function like helper T cells to recharge them with chemical signals and/or supply them with stored reserves of proteins,fats and carbohydrates or those synthesised that prevents them dying and giving up or the strains could signal the primary systems own helper T cells to do this.Otherwise the other strain not used ie anti-viral or anti-microbial ones could help the others by providing them with energy in the form of using up fats and sugars in the body or those produced by the strains that produce animal and vegetable oils.Other wise the two strains could take breaks when low on energy and use up excess nutrients and other material taken in by the host.Both anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains would use CRISPR treatments present as ribosomes and in particular plasmids at their disposal as part of their arsenal with these using advanced gene drive technology.They using CRISPR could make any pathogen whether viral,fungal or bacterial susceptible to the compounds at their disposal killing them rather than inactivating them and negate the need to have too many genotypes with them also applying suicide genes,those that cause them to be unable to undergo mitosis,remove their pathogenicity etc.These would be applied via horizontal gene transfer during phagocytosis and also releasing large amounts via protein bumpers with taq polymerase and Cas-9 allowing them to be replicated and recreated one after another with them created on the go via nanomachines or interaction with the surface protein antigens of pathogens deciding which ones to produce or them in the ribosomes and in particular plasmids.Anti helminthic strains would fight off parasites and would be injected into the body when needed.Immunising strains would immunise patients against all viral,bacterial,fungal pathogens and parasites.Anti-cancer strains would separate from others and would be tweaked to detect cancer biomarkers,CD47 and also the same methods used in immunotherapy to detect and fight cancer by using localised flooding alongside the same receptors in Car T immunotherapy and would use venom based compounds such as Polybia MP-1 and TsAP-1,melittin and CRISPR treatments that cause tumours to undergo apoptosis,stunt their growth and also make them susceptible to the compounds they have at their disposal if they dont attack all types of tumours.These would ideally be injected into all patients worldwide prior to them getting cancer and not just those with genetic predispositions to cure them of precancerous and stage 0 tumours before conventional methods detect them ie meaning a person will be cured of them without realising they ever formed with them also applying CRISPR treatments to cause tumours to undergo apoptosis,halt their growth.A strain would exist that produces recreational drugs and another that creates neurotransmitters and natural and synthetic compounds to treat insomnia and everyday problems.Another few important strains would be the anti-ageing strains that applies genetic treatments to combat ageing,genetic diseases and add augmentations merged into one etc and so on with the possibility of hormones,toxins,chemical signals detected by them switching on/off specified genes,receptors on the outside and functions to prevent them applying the wrong compounds alongside the fact that they would be able to modify a pathogen via horizontal gene transfer to make them susceptible to any compound at its disposal.The would also enhance the primary immune system via gene therapy with all anti-viral,anti-microbial,anti-cancer compounds,give the immune system immunotherapy to detect and fight cancers etc.Those that are base microbes,that interact with the hosts cells and enhance the immune system would still be separate strains alongside those that repair wounds and perforations etc as well as building blood vessels.There could be separate strains solely for treating genetic diseases including neurological and developmental disorders present only in sufferers of these as well as applying protective genes to all living patients to prevent them forming again in the human genepool and those to treat ageing and those for augmentations or these could be one strain.The last and one of the most important strains is those that have DNA from Hydra,Planarins,A.mexicanum,induced pluriopotents,embryonic and haemotopiac stem cells that can allow them on demand by chemical signals or from Paean turn into any tissue on demand.These will especially those from Hydra etc have human recombinant DNA added and the ability to change into new tissues via chemical signals and electrical impulses from the biosynth wifi or even electrical impulses from the recombinant DNA from G.metallireducens and S.oneidensis generated by chemical reactions etc in the body or on demand via biosynth wifi.The G.metallireducens,S.oneidensis DNA will give it the ability to generate electricity and electroconductive pilli.This can be used to treat neurological,developmental and genetic diseases by forming relevant neural and other types of tissue to treat conditions such as pedophelia,Downs syndrome and also multiple scolerosis by creating proper neural tissues that would allow the patient to exhibit normal chronopheilia,cure both sociopathy and psychopathy,intelligence quotient and cognitive abilities with in pre-teens and adolescents it would create proper fully mylienated synapses thus decelerating critical and emotional development prior to genetic engineering perfecting this.It would also as detailed later on replace all forms of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.In the elderly it would form neural,muscle and bone tissue and also skin tissue and could replace dead and dying as well as ageing tissue in any part of the body such as the arteries,heart brain etc with more youthful and vigorous ones with it doing so for skin tissue by causing the old dying layer to undergo apoptosis or peel off via recombinant DNA from Serpentes.Thus it would form the perfect vector for stem cells rather than injection of stem cells by themselves since having flagellum and also being part of the body as well as undergo mitosis be able to travel to any part of the body and create as many copies of itself as required in emergencies as well as in individual.This would be the strain that forms neural,worm and other implants invivo.Thus this system of different strains will be similar to the different types of leukocytes in the primary immune system thus they will be in a sense a secondary immune system that fights infections that the primary immune system cant with each of the strains using their respective equivalents in the primary immune system as a baseline rather than just CD4+ T lymphocytes.Those that cannot have vaccines due to them being to young,weak immune systems etc and rely on herd immunity should have those to deal with all pathogens and viruses especially specific ones with ideally patients inoculated as early as possible ideally at birth to ensure survival and ideally these anti-viral/anti-fungal/anti-microbial ones should have recombinant DNA from all types of leukocytes such as CD4+ T Lymphocytes,dendritic cells,macrophages and those that interact with pathogens and are infected by certain ones to allow them to attack them with the surface of them being an amalgamation of these or use the process’s of switching on/off genes to accommodate this or ideally being separate strains that all have the ability of phagocytes in them alongside the receptors of each one CD4+ T Lymphocytes or dendritic cell or just a combination of T Lymphocytes and macrophages.This and their other properties and functions could augment human abilities and render humans immortal combined with anti-ageing treatments with them residing in the bloodstream,lymphatic system,bone marrow,within muscles,tissues of all types,capillaries and gastro-intestinal tract and all areas of the body allowing them to act instantly on any threats that arise anywhere.All strains will be copies of the primary systems various leukocytes with each type of leukocytes acting as a baseline for each strain with extra strains that are created using human proteins attached to bacteria or even hybrids of the leukocytes.Patients will have their different types of leukocytes extracted using phlebotomy and then using 3D printing will have relevant DNA from other leukocytes and also other plants,bacteria and animals added and then inserted into the patient onsite using phlebotomy robots as the process will take several minutes as well as the option of having these sent to the patients home via a vial and needle or to be quicker they can be created from scratch using base human leukocytes of all types with the individual patients file cross referenced for each individual patients DNA and that from the bacteria,plants and animals required for them to function added and then injected via needle and vial at home or phlebotomy robots in pharmacies,universities,hospitals etc.This could be done by automated machinery and artificial intelligence cutting down costs.This could also be used to create customised Car-T and other immunotherapy treatments by using 3D printing using ones own leukocytes or even just those created scratch containing the patients DNA stored on file lowering their costs significantly.They would also cut down on the costs and time of producing conventional vaccines and pharmacological compounds with them acting 24/7,365 days a year providing on demand treatment with them doing so when one is away from hospitals or have access to drugs ie in the wilderness etc and prevent problems associated overdosing ensuring only the required amount is created when needed for each specific situation by them able to detect levels of the compound in the bloodstream in very specific amounts due to the neural clusters from humans and nervous system from C.elegans.They if corrected would mean no new drugs or vaccines would have to be created to cure every single disease known whether viral,bacterial,fungal,cellular degenerative,neurological or even genetic and the effects of ageing with it using a combination of anti-viral,anti-fungal,anti-microbial compounds as well as CRISPR treatments as well as the microbes ability to form new tissue,cellular rejuvenation either by itself or with them passing this to all native cells and tissues in the body.This will be use to apply CRISPR treatments via horizontal gene transfer to fix neurological diseases,enhance human capabilities such as intelligence and ability to survive extreme environmental conditions,treat genetic diseases,genetic flaws that shorten or impair the hosts lifespan.Those in the gastro-intestinal tract could release nutrients directly into each section to be absorbed or broken down with those in the oesophagus forming bio-films and have recombinant DNA from acidophiles in them to make them resist low pH of the stomach protecting this from acid reflux with them also creating proper flaps in stomach in vivo to prevent this with if possible they could transfer recombinant DNA from acidophiles and from scratch into the genome of cells that line the oesophagus as well.

Recombinant DNA from human macrophages,plasma,dendritic cells and possibly ameoba recombinant DNA would be added to the main strains to make them exhibit phagocytosis and devour certain bacteria and viruses through anti-viral compounds and antibodies instead of enzymes or even surround them to insert CRISPR treatments and also release anti-microbial,antibody and anti-viral compounds as nanoparticles more efficiently limiting their release into the bloodstream.Anti-viral,anti-cancer,anti-microbial compounds,endolysines and antibodies can be flooded across the bloodstream to use the bloodstream and lymphatic system using bumpers as a means to reach all corners of the body especially hard to reach places with this also used by the immunised primary immune system to reach hard to reach places that a tumor or pathogen would hide.These anti-viral,anti-bacterial etc compounds can be applied to pathogens during phagocytosis through the microbes housing macrophage and possibly amoeba DNA that allows them to surround pathogens and apply the compounds then without them being released into the bloodstream that may cause cytotoxicity and it to break down in the bloodstream preventing immune reactions,death or it becoming ineffective.These microbes would be themselves immune to reactive oxygen and would use chemical or biological signals similar those in the immune system unique to them detectable by only themselves but not the immune system and detect those from immune system to detect the presence of and location of pathogens with recombinant DNA from human white cells,from bacterium that utilise chemotaxis and thermotaxis as well as similar properties,from scratch and other cells will be added to their genome to cater to this.Recombinant DNA from bacteria that produce biofilms will be added to allow them to group together to form rigid scaffolding structures and then tissues etc as well as pilli and flagellum from E.Coli allowing for quick movement to the site of infections and also ruptures with the host engineered to produce both native leukocytes and erythrocytes with these to move much quicker and without the need for the heart allowing them to move in the case of heart attacks etc.They may even be able to detect pathogens due to chemicals produced by the pathogens themselves or even surface proteins on the pathogens and when pathogens are detected create clusters in the bloodstream using DNA from leukocytes and bacteria that create biofilms to release there chemicals in unison in large amounts that can flood the bloodstream by creating the dye and exhibiting biolumescence to activate it or attack large groups of cells in CRISPR attacks at once.Primitive and possibly complex neural systems engineered into them may allow them to detect sensations,receive signals from nanomachines,themselves,each other,the primary immune system,biomarkers of disease and neural implants with them form clusters of this to receive signals or even see similar to primitive eye/neural systems present in the most primitive organisms from the Pre-cambrian and Cambrian geological periods.This could include synapses and neural cluster systems similar to human ones in the brain,central and peripheral via recombinant DNA from humans and/or the simple neural systems of C.elegans with it possible to stores metres of neural synapses and similar material within the nucleus or second nucleus similar to the three metres of human DNA in a human cell with these also on the outer cell walls and membrane of the bacteria connected to this cluster.This would including DNA from both C.elegans and humans with regards to those that create both simple and complex neural systems.These would be engineered to hold at least three metres or even as much as possible of human neural synapses with in time these becoming more dense through upgrades and even have more than one cluster connected to each other and the synapses connected to the wall.This would be replicated by those engineered to detect cancers and precancerous cells with in time them programmed through genes or even signals from nanomachines to intake elemental molecules and synthesise biosynth cybernetic systems to receive neural and electrical signals similar to wifi transmitters from each other,Paean and also nanomachines with wifi transmitters making part biosynth microbes.If possible nanomachines themselves will form part of their structure with them either synthesising bio-synth nanomachines or these enter them during their lifespan in or near the neural clusters to more effectively receive signals and carry out orders from both other nanomachines and Paean with even all types of the primary immune system have these again either synthesised by them through engineering the relevant host cells and factories for them or nanomachines coated in protein coats from the patient entering them to again make signalling easier through chemical,electrical and wireless means from Paean.This would also make them more reactive to the presence of toxins,compounds,hormones etc in the human body that would allow for them to communicate with each other more effectively with the neural systems from C.elegans aiding in this particularly due to their sensitivity to toxins and be engineered able to detect biomarkers,toxins,compounds and hormones in the lowest possible amounts with the nanomachines relaying the current and rising levels to Paean alongside any implants present including neural implants and manage responses more quickly with the different strains having the DNA tweaked to detect all hormones,nutrients,pharmacological compounds,toxins,compounds,biomarkers etc of all cancers/diseases/pathogens/viruses, in the lowest levels possible and even detect their exact or general levels in the bloodstream in mls,ppm and ppb or even ppt and ppq so as to allow them and the added human neural systems allowing for quick responses and allow them to determine the best concentration of each substance to produce thus preventing overdosing,to respond to to prevent slow responses or even responding too quickly with them given alongside biological hard drives within its own DNA and nanoprocessors some semblance of intelligence and carry and modify to new situations and pathogens through detecting the surface proteins of pathogens and evolving new receptors and compounds and even strategies,learn from past infections and poisoning events as well as instructions and simulations for all hypothetical situations and new treatments and strategies from Paean sent via nanomachines,carry out catabolic and anabolic reactions to every specific toxin,compounds that enter the body instantly and in prepare specific nutrients etc in specific amounts instantly to prevent the body becoming too overrun with compounds and react to every individual situation uniquely and most importantly be able to respond to orders from Paean via nanomachines effectively.These neural clusters will not have DNA present to allow function but will rather be an phenotype of genotypes in the DNA present in the genome capsid.Recombinant DNA from C.elegans will also allow for chemotaxis,thermotaxis,mechanotransduction,learning,memory to be applied by the microbes with them also adding simple neural systems to the microbes alongside or in place of neural clusters.In time it may even be possible for these to become more intelligent through these on par with animals or even possible sentient either individually through being able to condense enough neural synapses,nanomachines and biological harddrives into them or collectively through chemical signals and collectively joining to each other in a biofilm or neural implants through the nervous clusters of each joining together in a mass using the collective neural clusters combined together and harnessing the processing power of all nanomachines in them and the body combined.This if done to the hosts central and peripheral nervous system would in effect increase the hosts intelligence.If possible these would in time be able to merge with the human neural system both the brain and the rest of the central nervous system and increase the hosts intelligence,neural and cognitive features through the merging of the humans neural systems as well as the nanomachines and neural clusters and DNA digital storage in the microbes or them simply becoming new neural tissue with the nanomachines present increasing the processing power of the new neural tissues in the hosts with this increasing the persons intelligence.Tissues formed in other part of the body through per example repairing damaged organs etc would also increase intelligence quotient by the nanomachines and wiring connecting to the native nerve tissues in these areas,organs etc.In both cases the digital DNA storage gained from the DNA present in the microbes can be used to store data downloaded from the internet,wire and neural system ie memories,emotions,thoughts,movies,structures of compounds etc that can be extracted and deleted by pure thought with each microbe cell holding 3ZB each.Nanomachines,biological harrdrives and neural clusters will also vastly increase the intelligence of the host.These DNA would also store the structure of poisons,toxins etc to recognise and their counterproteins as well as download the structure of antibodies and synthetic compounds produced by them and counterproteins via biosynth wifi with them sent this via wifi with old data deleted.Genotypes for upgrades will be downloaded as well.They could use biosynth wifi with the wifi using public wifi,routers in homes and public buildings and also cellular signals and satellite wifi in the wilderness to download new information.Microbes present could also store extra digital data in the three metres of DNA holding both their genotypes,junk DNA and even the DNA in the genome capsid,mitochondrial DNA,biological harddrives present as well as the neural synapse clusters holding extra information both in the actual synapses but theoretically even the DNA within them with CRISPR or them allowing ones own native cells to be used for this both in the nucleus and also mitochondria with in both case bio synth wifi within the and also the cells and microbes connected to neurons could allow for this information to be read by the central nervous system once downloaded from the internet and wire by pure thought and through Paean or via microbes transferring this when they down this via wifi.CRISPR can be used to add the ability of digital DNA storage and nanomachines to be added to all cells and tissues in a patients body especially with regards to nuclear and mitochondrial DNA increasing the storage capacity of the human body and neural systems exponentially allowing one to store 1,110,000,000,000,000,000,000,000PB or 11,100,000,000,000YB of information with the accelerated healing phenotypes repairing any degradation to the brain caused by overloads of memories with data from this digital DNA being able to be sent wirelessly via wifi and implants to external devices such as clouds,servers,smart devices and external hard drives with unnecessary information deleted at will and extra information downloaded wirelssly.This could allow for humans to store vastly more memories than the hypothesised 2.5 petabytes in the human brain alongside genetic engineering using CRISPR to transfer eidetic memories to patients.This could also for genetic memory to be utilised by humans wherein memories of a mother and father would be passed on from one generation to another through DNA digital storage present in the DNA of both spermatazoa and eggs if applied to all cells using advanced gene drive technology.If not then at least it should apply to biosynths.Technology can be developed that can read memories extracted from DNA.These would act as at biological neural implants through the nanomachines and the neural clusters merging and working together allowing for information being sent to and from the human brain and the wire and play a role in VR indistinguishable from reality through them connecting directly to all parts of the brain and central nervous system or those responsible for temporal comprehension to facilitate the time dilation effect and forming clusters through biofilms.They would also form bio-synth neural implants through these biofilms connecting all microbes and nanomachines with the hosts body with other bio-synth implants such as biosynth pacemakers,neural implants etc could be formed by these forming biofilms and then solidifying into these advanced implants with the nanomachines and the neural synapses present forming into these masses circuitry with them even if possible turning into biosynth nanomachines.Furthermore if they have recombinant DNA from bacteria from the genera Geobacter and Shewanella to produce electronically conductive nanowires throughout these and the nervous system to connect each implant and the brain together.

These biocombatible microbes would be immune to any antibiotics or anti-viral drugs administered orally or even created by themselves so the pathogen can be attacked while conventional treatments suppresses the pathogens ability to grow,reproduce or cause serious problems such as death with this immunity blocked from passing to pathogens and also allow them to thrive indefinitely.It would largely be done because they would be modified leukocytes.This could be done by these having specific genes in plasmids or chromosomes that cannot be spread to the pathogens with these likely being more complex humans strands of DNA or chromosomes or synthetic ones that cannot be traded or passed into the targeted pathogen due to it being more complex,foreign to bacteria or even gene drives,proteins,enzymes etc or them coated by markers,proteins,genome capsids from viruses etc that simply prevent this DNA from being transferred to pathogens preventing the pathogens from becoming resistant to antibiotics then applied to them to kill the pathogen.Production of genome capsids from viruses could be integrated into the microbes DNA to house specifically these genes and plasmids or even chromosomes separate from the nucleus that contain genes that keep the bicompatible microbes immune from applied antibiotics and compounds to kill pathogens/reactive oxygen/anti-microbial agents and antibodies they produce themselves as well as those that ensure its immortality from endolithic bacteria and Bacillus F,genes that create anti-viral and anti-cancer compounds etc,those that make them survive radiation and chemotherapy and from extremophiles,exhibit horizontal gene transfer with anti-microbial and anti-viral strains having this from pathogens to make it easy while those that interact with human cells will use that from viruses and those used in gene therapy or from scratch to prevent them interacting with pathogens etc,give them advanced features like neural clusters and ability to evolve quickly,those that allow them to survive extreme radiation as well as lower amounts of nutrients and water and low pH etc,those that produce controlled levels telomerase production,form endospores and even those that produce human protein coats that allow it survive the human body preventing immune responses that cannot be transferred to pathogens or even cancers for them and the primary immune system to be effective.These capsids would have recombinant DNA from all extremophiles including those in the host already especially acidophiles to allow them to survive the low pH of the stomach to aid in food digestion,synthesise natural or synthetic compounds that treat stomach cramps or heartburn and attack pathogens like H.pylori that reside in the stomach that cause stomach ulcers among other problems and replace their other beneficial functions in those that are asymptomatic carriers.Otherwise H.pylori if they play a role in digestion could be engineered not to cause stomach ulcers with recombinant DNA from acidophiles added to all cells in the human body including the stomach.These and DNA from osmophiles,halophiles,alkanophiles etc allow them to survive all pH ranges,sugar concentrations and extremes both of the human body but also those caused by an overabundance of nutrients for the host and the microbes in the body which can be passed onto the host via horizontal gene transfer in relevant strains with others holding this DNA in genome capsids.DNA from T.gammatolerans will make them immune to radiation experienced by the host.They should also have DNA from psychrophiles,Tardigrade to make them survive low temperatures of cryoprotectants both for storage and also if cryonics becomes a valid science with thermophile DNA added as well as mesophile with these pushed to their limits like those added to humans as detailed later on.Salmonella DNA and others from scratch including those from Tardigrade can also push their limits in terms of surviving extreme environments including in space,low and high temperatures with those from oligotrophs and xerophiles can allow them to survive on low levels of nutrition especially if the host is starved of food and nutrients.Those from as stated psychrophiles,A.mexicanum,Planarians,Hydra, as well as T.gammatolerans and also Bacillus F etc will allow them to survive the process of freezing and rethawing over and over again to recover from telomere damage caused by cryonics and low temperatures.All extremophile DNA will be added to them including metallotolerants with beneficial bacteria in the gastro intestinal tract also given genome capsids housing these phenotypes alongside those that make immune to all of the anti-microbial compounds and even bumpers and endolysines at their disposal and also DNA that gives beneficial bacteria the ability to produce human protein coats to avoid immune responses and prevent them being attacked by the primary immune system especially when it is immunised using the common protein method.Recombinant DNA from all major extremophilic bacteria and those from the Firmicutes phylum that create endospores to survive periods of inhospitable environmental conditions and re-emerge when the surrounding environment is more hospitable through signals from other strains,native immune system and also the body to awaken them and put them back into spores when not needed.These genes including those from endoliths to make them immortal,allow and those that protect them from the immune system etc would be housed in genome capsids to prevent them being transferred into pathogens.Upgrades can allow for new phenotypes to be added specifically to the genome capsids.The beneficial bacteria in the gastro itenstinal tract will be given these sources of recombinant DNA from extremophiles to also survive these conditions experienced by the host through genome capsids and have advanced gene drive technology applied to ensure it stays there for each generation with the native leukocytes via this DNA added to the bone marrow will be able to survive these conditions.Asides from interacting with the immune system they would also interact with the microorganisms already present in the human body for example not harm the native bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract especially both intestines and in fact augment their abilities through recognising their unique biomarkers trade specific genes with them including if possible those within the genome capsid or when that interact with these specific bacteria by recognising their genome and receptors by interactions with them and the nanomachines synthesise and trade these genes to improve their natural abilities with any dangerous pathogenic bacteria present destroyed or at least made permanently benign and altered to become beneficial and carry out new functions.This would in turn make humans gastro-intestinal system more
efficient,cleaner etc.This would be controlled rates via horizontal gene transfer and vice versa if deemed safe through simulations done by Paean,Epione etc.The capsids in the microbes would contain all extremophile DNA augmentations that is found in the host.Beneficial bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract would also contain these capsids and the same DNA to protect them from radiation,hypergravity with this done via horizontal gene transfer from augmenting strains and also them created to them via them consumed when created in a lab.The genome capsids in beneficial bacteria will also house this DNA from extrempphiles DNA and those to make them immune to the anti-microbial compounds at the disposal of the microbes and also those that give them human protein coats making them human bacteria hybrids thus preventing the primary immune system using antibodies at them.Thus both microbes and beneficial bacteria in the gut will be engineered to be able to resist the same extremophile conditions as the host via upgrades.The DNA to produce these capsid if possible would be inside these chromosomes and plasmids within them with their synthesis coming from the main set of chromosomes or their synthesis controlled by nanomachines interacting with specific genes in the main chromosomes through chemical signals controlling their replication meaning the expression of genes to produce the second set of chromosomes and capsid would have to be controlled by nanomachines.Otherwise gene drives that prevent certain genes within the first chromosomes from being traded would organise the production of both the capsid and second set of DNA with this also controlled by mitochondrial DNA,switching of certain genes on/off with nanomachines again playing a role with mitochondrial DNA also prevented from being traded.These plasmids and chromosomes would be separate to those that house other phenotypes such as those that are traded to pathogens that would roam free in the bacterias structure in the form of ribosomes and in particular plasmids and/or genes,plasmids and chromosomes in the primary nucleus also housing DNA to initiate the capsids and the genes in them.Unlike viral capsids they would not be traded into pathogens due to them having a complex structure of enzymes,peptidoglycan similar to gram positive bacteria or even cellulose,ligin,hemicellulose,pectin found in plant cells using recombinant DNA from plants and gram positive DNA or viruses unable to enter the pathogens at all with other measures engineered into it to prevent this happening either at the start or by adding new microbes that interbreed with it.Upgrades would allow primitive versions of microbes to gain these.These should be used to house it with the most effective one used to house it preventing it from being traded with pathogens if protomers through either simulations made by Paean and Epione or trials on mice and chimpanzees show that they are ineffective of keeping these genes within them.The first generation of microbes will likely not have genome capsids and the features inside them,nanomachines,neural synapses but will in time through upgrades will have these added overtime by at least the late 2030s with AI namely Physis,Paean and Epione creating scratch DNA or scanning known genomes of all animals that have these or can create equivalents.Primitive versions that can not have these or the important genes that cant be traded with pathogens with in time them added by upgrades with the primitive versions of microbes surviving by themselves with if any pathogens get the DNA inside them by any means can be removed via CRISPR.Upgrades to house more phenotypes would add more genes to the capsid would be made thus allowing DNA inside the capsid to receive new phenotypes with the Cas-9 programmed to open up the capsid or stimulate the nuclear DNA to produce these DNA sequences or them using bumpers that can bypass the protomer capsids.Since eukaryotes these would house the important DNA that keeps them immortal and resistant to treatments,immortal and able to inhabit the body without eliciting immune responses etc in this capsid to prevent them traded with the nucleus housing DNA that give them their characteristics for structure,soaking up of poisons etc,creation of capsids as well as functioning of the cell with these and ribosomes and in particular plasmids and other strands of DNA including plasmids containing the suicide,resistance removing genes etc that are to be traded with pathogens and the host using gene drives.Ideally this DNA would be able to be used as DNA digital storage when they are used as biosynth technology with ideally the same three metres of DNA found in humans present here with the remaining DNA used for upgrades and also for junk DNA used as digital storage alongside the rest.It could also be used to store instructions and data from Paean as well as from itself.Recombinant DNA from embryonic stem cells and even cancer cells can make them produce telomerase making them divide indefinitely with other scratch DNA keeping this in control without become cancerous and divide out of control.Advanced gene drives would keep phenotypes stable and prevent unwanted mutations with recombinant DNA from T.gammatolerans present to aid this with only upgrades adding and removing desired and undesired DNA.Genes in capsids could be transferred to the hosts cells by the use of signals,nanomachines and Paean with the capsid momentarily broken by switching on/off genes down to apply them or synthesis/interactions of base microbes interacting with them copying and transferring these into the host cell with the possibility of microbe strains that are only able to interact with the hosts cells and not pathogens or tumours to prevent them entering the genepool of pathogens due to unique receptors on the microbes walls,the genes synthesised by the bacteria outside the capsid via interactions with the host cells and/or nanomachines or other measures applied by them determined in time by Paean,Epione,Urania and Hecate.CRISPR,Paean and other software combined with each other can be used to create these with bacteria created using the same process as Mycoplasma laboratorium to create a species that is biocompatible that can do this for all existing and new superbugs or one for each superbug with recombinant DNA from the specific bacterium or virus inside to ensure these suicide,faulty or resistance removing genes amongst those that reduce its ability to reproduce or be a pathogen can be transferred successfully with the bacteria used for this unable to become as deadly or resistant as the species they are destroying due to their genome contain gene drives with gene drives also ensuring any genes transferred to pathogens are permanent and passed onto future generations allowing for antibiotic or anti-viral treatments are used.They could even transfer bacteriocidal proteins and compounds to which the beneficial bacterial is immune to into the cell of the resistant pathogen bypassing the cell wall with a single cell of these bacteria transferring these compounds,proteins and genes to many cells of the pathogen in a patient with the possibility of transferring DNA into the pathogens to force them to make bactericidal compounds or even endolysines inside themselves killing them from the inside out.Photoanti-microbial dyes could be engineered to be produced by these microbes or variants that transform nutrients or even carbon dioxide in the body into reactive forms of oxygen that kill pathogens that the biocompatible microbes is immune to and with recombinant DNA from plants or photosynthetic that create the pathways from photosynthetic bacteria with DNA from faculatative anaerobes,anaerobes,obligate anaerobes,capnophiles and scratch DNA that allow them to soak up the excess oxygen produced to prevent it poisoning or building up in the bloodstream and acting as a free radical or causing unforeseen problems.This would also allow the microbes to survive in the body using both carbon dioxide and oxygen in the bloodstream with them also engineered to run on sugars,salts,fats,proteins and other nutrients in the hosts body running on both oxygen and carbon dioxide with them using excess of these to prevent problems associated with overdosing such as high blood pressure,weight gain,heart disease etc.It and other engineering would allow them to separate the carbon and oxygen to create useable oxygen and sugars or store the carbon for this and other uses with chlorophyll engineered into them using bioluminescence to separate the carbon dioxide into and release reactive oxygen though if this produces too much oxygen that may be toxic other DNA from scratch could do this without photosynthesis via bioluminescence such as using those from chemosynthetic bacteria with those from these also turning methane into a fuel source for the microbes preventing poisoning to the host or turning it into benign compounds such as sugars and water.If possible scratch DNA could allow them to produce reactive oxygen without light by using oxygen or carbon dioxide and converting it into this with the host made immune by having recombinant DNA from aerotolerant anaerobic bacteria.Those in livestock would be removed via phlebotomy robots will be separated and either used to create biosynth technology or even separated to be injected into new animals with the blood used to produce Agriprotein.Ornamental and crop plants as well as those in forests,wilderness and areas used for forestry could also have ones created to treat viral,fungal and bacterial diseases with them creating hormones and other compounds to extended their blooming periods,control growth,extend their lifespan and shelflife by suppressing rotting and killing off spoilage and food poisoning,micro-organisms and would reside in the xylem,phloem,leaves,tissues and also roots as well as the soil and even attack pests with them killed in these cases or extracted via nodules and turned into electronics with them passing to new generations via seeds.This would also kill off pathogens in crops preventing them spreading to humans and immunise the plants or even add primitive or fully functioning primary immune systems via CRISPR and would give them by allow them to repel pests,survive all climates and soils etc.They could even augment their abilities and increase their growth and even intake of carbon dioxide and carry out the same functions as in animals.If possible CRISPR could be used to make pathogens benign,unable to infect cells,produce toxins and make them susceptible to attacks from the primary system with again vectors such as asymtomatic carriers and animals treated with this.It would also be used to transfer suicide genes that cause a pathogen to undergo apoptosis.

These microbes since using leukocytes as a baseline would be coated in not only human proteins but specific markers and proteins of pathogenic bacteria,viruses and protozoa without pathogenicity(or ability to mutate)that can be grown in media and then injected into the patient as a form of living vaccine injected prior to infections that through DNA from endoliths would stay in the patients body indefinitely and even pass from mother to child via the placenta breastfeeding or even from person to person through unprotected sexual intercourse including oral sex or physical contact with the genitals with them attacking infections instantly.This could be done by them inhabiting the semen and mouth tissues with them that enter the unborn fetus via the placenta breastfeeding offering extra protection to them from infections carried by the mother,preventing miscarriages and stillbirths and situations that would endanger the life of the mother,aid in the proper development of premature children,correcting genetic flaws in utero including those caused by incest and mutations,encouraging correct neural and organ development before they are born and supplying them with oxygen as well as nutrients should the life of the mother be compromised,the placenta strangles the child,complications occur or the mother should be unable to procure sufficient nutrition of key nutrients and improving success in cesarean births.Bio-synthetic worms will act as as secondary placenta as detailed earlier on should the first one become compromised.They will also be providing extra protection from pathogens during pregnancy and the first months of life after birth before and after they are given proper vaccinations with it protecting unborn fetuses from contracting HIV and protect the mother and unborn child from miscarriages from pathogens such as L.monocytogenes and Salmonella.It will also alert the mother through nanomachines to any surprise pregnancies that occur with it calculating the date of conception.With regards to developing fetuses and infants they could produce omega-3 fatty acids as well as folate in sufficient for proper neural developments and prevent spina bifida and other neural tubule defects should the mother be unable to gain adequate nutrition of these and other nutrients using compounds in the body,excess nutrients etc by detecting levels of these nutrients in the bloodstream and the infants and body repair any damage caused by trauma and supply blood and nutrients should the placenta be compromised and if possible repair the placenta in certain situations or if possible create a second one as a backup.Otherwise the microbes through horizontal gene transfer have the mother and unborn child synthesise these naturally becoming a permanent part of the human genepool.Situations such as the placenta strangling the child will be negated by the use of carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor will keep the child alive with the biosynth worm taking over the job of the original placenta by attaching to the fetus and the primary one severed and broken down by the microbes by decomposing it and also causing cells and tissues to undergo apoptosis.The placenta will be regrown for the next child.They will also soak up and convert alcohol,recreational drugs and other compounds such as pharmacological compounds that may inhibit the proper neural and organ development of of an unborn child into nutrients or benign compounds with excess nutrients flushed out of the placenta or the child could be engineered via CRISPR to be unable to absorb these toxins from the body preventing them affecting proper neural development with this then removed once they reach adolescence or adulthood.Mitotic inhibitors would also be dealt with in the same way by having all patients worldwide have genes added that prevent conjoined twins being formed at all again,making the fetus and indeed all humans immune to them as well with any incidences of conjoined twins dealt with by surgery being aided by the microbes keeping the brain and other vital organs alive,repairing damaged tissues and vessels with bioprinted organs added to both individuals and the microbes repairing any damaged tissues and vessels with limbs such as arms created via synthetic ones as detailed earlier attached to them.Resistance to mitotic inhibitors and all types of teratogens can be added to the human genepool to prevent conjoined twins ever happening with this done via exposing bacteria to them in automated labs and using the new genes to be added.Recombinant DNA from A.mexicanum,Hydra and Planarians as well as Archaea bacteria that exhibit telomere repair added to the human genepool will automatically repair any damage caused by these and in deed any compound or trauma on the neural development thus meaning compounds like alcohol,nicotine and teratogens that affect the brain will have any damage repaired instantly or or treatments applied to allow the unborn fetus made immune to them preventing them interacting with the unborn fetus neurological developing.Any ruptured placentas,wombs that could be repaired to prevent miscarriages with them even covering the womb in a layer of fat and carbon nanotube or spider silk to offer extra protection to the unborn child with them forming worms that would be providing extra oxygen and nutrients to twins,triplets and extra infants during single births.In short they will protect the life of the mother and unborn child during pregnancy to prevent them from being compromised and dying by providing the brain of the infant and mother with oxygen should either one or both be compromised with them also fighting off infections preventing miscarriages,stillbirths and also preventing complications that arise by keeping both individuals alive and even in the case of sudden infant death syndrome correct mutations and keep infants alive in these and any other situations during its first early years with the same applied to sudden adult death syndrome.Each microbes will have base universal human DNA alongside the hosts DNA to prevent rejection to an unborn fetus with if possible them also having upon their genetic screening have their own DNA taken from leukocytes taken during this to then be inserted into these microbes that entered the child during its in utero stage or when it is born via those prepared by automated machinery or doctors present and even base microbes to improve their abilities and prevent rejection through interbreeding.This is why first generation patients should have their own leukocytes used a baseline so when it passes to the unborn fetus it will not cause rejection like normal leukocytes when they pass from mother to child and from father to mother and thus child from unprotected sexual intercourse since they would have base human proteins with this applying as they pass from generation to the next to prevent immune responses.Otherwise base microbes could copy and extract DNA from the unborn fetus and then transfer this to all of the new microbes of all strains from the mother.The DNA from ameobas and macrophages should allow for all types of microbes to pass into the placenta or otherwise the blood samples taken at birth can be used to create a childs own set of microbes to be injected for life by automated machinery or even stored in a vial and injected at home by the mother with all steps automated as much as possible with Paean giving directions.Ideally though the base microbes should be able to extract and copy DNA from an unborn fetus via horizontal gene transfer,read its DNA via taq polymeras and Cas-9,then send the genome to newly generated patient files by biosynth wifiand then share this with those of all strains collected in the placenta or breasts upon the childs birth or during the last months of pregnancy when the child is sufficiently developed to allow them to pass into the the unborn child with groups of each of the strains passing into the child copying and extracting DNA from base microbes and then undergoing mitosis in large amounts in the fetus.The various strains will undergoe replication and enter the child via the placenta and then via biosynth wifi can be through induced evolution via taq polymerase and Cas-9 have areas of their genome changed from their mothers DNA to that of the fetus.This will allow the fetus to be protected while in the womb against pathogens.At the same of this the childs DNA will be analysed by base microbes,read via horizontal gene transfer and taq polymerase and Cas-9 to copy DNA from cells and sent to Paean via biosynth wifi to set up a new patient file that can then have all of its information such as gender,eye colour,hair colour etc put up and its DNA analysed for parental tests and also any genetic diseases it may have and also for holographic projections of the child at various ages extrapolated.Breastmilk fed to a child during breastfeeding would be an another route for them to transfer from mother to child again if they have universal base human proteins to prevent rejection and also amoeba DNA allowing them to squeeze through the breasts when stimulated with all of the strains collected here during and after pregnancy via response to hormones to pass through the breasts into the child as breastmilk and into the bloodstream via capillaries in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract with acidophile and alkanophile DNA making them survive the acidity and high pH of the stomach and gastro-intestinal tract.These in the breast would already have the childs DNA from base microbes travelling from the placenta then added to them via horizontal gene transfer and biosynth WiFi with this done in the breasts holding both the mother and childs DNA.The next generation females would do the same removing their mothers DNA with that replaced with their own childs DNA etc with the same done to those passing through the placenta during the third trimester by squeezing through it with chemical signals and reactions to hormones managing this with also microbes forming nodules after the DNA is changed to be collected via needles and injected into the child at home.These would be all done via the microbes detecting hormones related to pregnancy,lactation and communicating with each other via chemical and wifi signals with this and the microbes having base universal DNA and protein coats or have those from both the mother and child would eliminate any issues relegated to rejection in both the mother and the successive generations.In both cases large amounts of all strains of the microbes from the mother including base microbes would collect in the breasts or womb and placenta to be modified via protein bumpers and horizontal gene transfer to transfer the DNA of the child to the mother microbes and then pass through to the unborn child.Otherwise using the childs DNA scan Paean can wirelessly induce the DNA to be changed to that of the childs by wifi in set number of each strain once they enter the child.Base microbes containg base DNA can scan the DNA of a child in utero and then biosynth wifi may be used to induce the evolutionary path of all strains of the microbes in the fetus into the childs DNA thus preventing rejection once the base microbes scan their DNA and set up their patient file.Otherwise biosynth WiFi could be used to change the DNA in all microbes being transferred into that that contains the DNA of the child.The child’s DNA will be read by Paean and using biosynth WiFi he will set up a new patient file.Once the base microbes have read the child’s DNA and set up the patient file via biosynth WiFi,the biosynth WiFi will be used to change the genome in all microbes in the fetus and child to that of the child.Thus the microbes could pass through breast milk and even the placenta during the late third of pregnancy into the newborn and receive the DNA to be shared with all strains through biosynth WiFi once the patient file is started or Paean could induce evolution in a set number of each strain before or after they enter the fetus with acidophile DNA in the genome of the microbes to protect them from the acids of the stomach.The microbes after undergoing replication in the foetus and child will have sets of them changed via biosynth WiFi into those of all strains that contain the child’s DNA and then enter endospores in it.Paean will determine the best means for each pregnancy allowing them to inhabit the fetus while it is still in the womb and protect it from pathogens that may infect the mother including L.monocytogenes,Salmonella and also HIV.It will also prevent miscarriages and stillbirths by keeping the fetus alive.This would be done ideally when the fetus is formed enough such as during the second or third trimester or if possible the first trimester as first tested on mice and chimpanzees with them doing this in waves during all three trimesters to improve chances of success with the mother ideally immunised against all pathogens especially those that can induce abortions,cause death and pass to the child ie HIV,MRSA and L.monocytogenes with them also fighting off other infections until they enter the fetus.If a mothers womb is inhospitable to carrying young then it may be possible to allow the microbes to alter the environment by creating new tissue,using CRISPR to correct mutations that cause this while breaking down or creating compounds that cause this to occur and also make it hospitable to bearing young.Sterility in both males and females can be corrected with CRISPR treatments.Injection into the blood stream prior to infection would allow them to attack infections instantly when they occur for the entirety of the persons lifetime with them injected into the bloodstream bypassing the stomachs acids with this injection ideally done prior to infections so they attack any incoming infections instantly.Free radicals and also chemicals that building the body as a result of the ageing process will be soaked up,broken down into benign compounds or converted into nutrients with gene therapy routinely done to correct ageing.This regenerative process could also both be done to repair cellular degradation caused by ageing by them turning into new tissues replacing old dead or dying tissue with fresh tissue on the skin,muscles and key organs such as heart,kidneys,brain etc as well as veins and arteries and using CRISPR treatments to repair DNA damage that leads to ageing that will be passed onto the next generation via mitosis on these new and also existing cells and tissues with scratch DNA and those from animals and bacteria that exhibit biological immortality also added to all cells in the body.Having the hosts own DNA in these microbes will ensure that new tissues is not rejected with this done by these strains having their DNA inserted into them during upgrading or if possible using base microbes to copy DNA from the hosts own cells that is automatically corrected by CRISPR for defects including those associated with ageing and then transferred to them and the microbes responsible for forming new tissue with those inserted into them in labs would be also corrected for defects including those responsible for ageing.This would also apply to those responsible for repairing wounds and perforations.Thus these microbes would routinely replace degraded tissue in key organs such as the skin,heart,muscles,arteries,veins,central and peripheral nervous system and brain etc with fresh ones that have the plasticisty,strength and even telomere length and chromosomal features as those of someone in their early twenties as well as mid to late teens giving them a youthful vigour that would be done routinely automatically every few years or decades with any plaques and other compounds associated with old age broken down by the microbes into nutrients and benign compounds with CRISPR treatments to correct defects caused by ageing and deformities.Genes from animals that exhibit biological immortality and those from scratch could be added to every cell via horizontal gene transfer with those relevant to anti-ageing techniques residing within all tissues such as in the brain,heart,muscles and also arteries and other key organs in between those that fight pathogens and cancer etc again in an endospore state.This would be done by the microbes inherent DNA from Planarians,induced pluripotent and haematopoietic stem cells that also have DNA from endolithic bacteria and those like Bacillus F within them and this done by them again every few years and also when they detect biomarkers of cells undergoing senescence or when base microbes copy DNA from cells around the body detect shortening of the telomeres and other biomarkers of senescence.Ideally the ability of Planarians,C.elegans,A.mexicanum,Hydra,stem cells and endolithic bacteria as wells as Bacillus F and aforementioned Archaea extremophile bacteria to rejuvenate tissue from damage,retain memory and never senescence can be transferred using horizontal gene transfer to these existing tissues in all organs such as the brain,heart,skin,muscles and arteries in the host to compliment or negate the need for the microbes and using germline therapy become a permanent part of the human genepool.Thus when cells in body via base microbes are detected to be becoming old they can be replaced by new cells and tissues created by the strains of microbes dealing with repair and ageing that can do this in place of old ones with this replacing tissues in the brain,skin and other organs with key organs replaced with bioprinted ones every few decades that have DNA from Archaea bacteria and the old ones pyrolysised.If possible the degraded tissues in the body may be replaced by new tissue that would have the DNA from the aforementioned Archaea bacteria within them that would then if not have the anti-ageing recombinant DNA,or in the case of bioprinted organs have the cells in them have the DNA from these bacteria with this done if the hosts native cells treated cant be given the Archaea DNA.Ideally the hosts native cells can be treated with this Archaea DNA with them first halting and then repairing the damage already done by senescence using DNA form these immortal lifeforms and also from scratch to ensure the effects of ageing are first stopped then reversed allowing those in middle or even late age say even those currently in their 50s-70s to be reverted to a more youthful age of at least early teens and early twenties overtime which the host can be kept at indefinitely applying the gene therapy to all cells in ones body such as muscles,skin,internal organs and brain with again as stated with the microbes and gene therapy allowing females to have their adolescent peak fertility in terms of carrying young of 14-15 years of age and with males their testosterone peak aged 14-15 indefinitely or on demand by switching on/off genes via CRISPR or them creating hormones.If need be this can be done in waves every few decades until it is made permanent by upgrades.This would be done by extra intake of nutrients such as fats,proteins,carbohydrates and water to feed them as they turn into new tissue with if possible them having oligotrophic and xerophile DNA reducing the amount of resources needed to set these tissues up with if possible this being permanent reducing the amount of nutrients the host would require to survive from then on.These new cells and tissues could also have recombinant DNA from extremophiles present within the microbes already and other organisms such as faculatative anaerobes,anaerobes,obligate anaerobes,capnophiles and scratch DNA etc as detailed earlier on to allow H.sapiens to survive indefinitely in carbon dioxide rich and oxygen low conditions allowing the brain and other organs to run on carbon dioxide in certain conditions such as a stroke or strangulation,heart attacks,sudden arrhythmic and infant death syndrome and similar cardiac ailements,elliptic fits,strokes,trauma and even severe bleeding,blood loss,suffocation,smoke caused by fires,heart attacks,strokes,choking,oxygen free environments,high mountains,swimming,smokey areas for several hours longer or in time even indefinitely.Those from R.sylvatica,Tardigrade,Bacillus F,P.putida GR12-2,H.glaciei,C.pleistocenium,psychrophiles,from scratch allowing for cryoprotectants applied by the microbes,by the cells themselves or even external sources to be applied for cryonics and also survive extremely cold conditions in the external environment that humans could not normally survive with other recombinant DNA added to survive high temperatures,pressures that only extremophiles and not humans can survive.This can be done by the new tissues created by the microbes containing these genes that are spread down by mitosis and gene drives or them spreading them to native cells in waves via horizontal gene transfer and again spread from each generation via mitosis and gene drives.Recombinant DNA from Planarians,A.mexicanum,Hydra and C.elegans can be added to repair damaged tissue.

Upgrades for new augmentations and new phenotypes of all strains can be done via one going into hospitals where they can collect new microbes of the desired strains with new phenotypes,abilities etc.One will arrange with Paean to have it booked beforehand.When arranged by Paean he will interact with the AI of the nearest hospital.Each hospital will have growing rooms where there is a 3D DNA printer that prints out the new microbes with the new genotypes that are grown to several million or billion that is then injected into a vial that has a biosynth chip with the patients ID and is ideally composed of biosynth plastics instead of glass to allow it to be recycled easily with the vial picked up by patients in automated pharmacies in the hospital by sending ones patients ID to it.Biosynth WiFi will allow Paean to cause the existing microbes of that strain to undergoe apoptosis to be flushed out of the body to allow the new microbes take there place.The new microbes can be injected using phlebotomy robots or reuse able biosynth plastic syringes.Otherwise it can be mailed to the patients address where one can inject the microbes using reusable biosynth plastic syringes.Ideally patients will have home 3D DNA printers that allow one to print out and culture their own microbe upgrades using photobioreactors,phlebotomy robots and syringes with these upgrades authorised by Paean thus decentralising the process where one can get instant access to them at home saving time and energy with their being a countdown as to when they will be ready.In time biosynth WiFi within microbes can be utilised to negate the need for 3D DNA printers and photobioreactors with this done by having WiFi from routers in homes and public buildings as well as that generated by smartphones etc to induce the evolutionary path of genes within the microbes.The WiFi would induce the taq polymerase and Cas-9 to change the genes present in them to evolve into new desired genes.This would delete old genes and replace them with new ones.If perfected it would decentralise the process allowing it be done at home with zero energy use and even be done in wilderness areas using biosynth WiFi generated from smartphones etc.Biosynth WiFi can also change one strain of microbes into another.This will be used by strains in emergency situations such as new infections and new instances of poisons detected by base microbes.If possible biosynth WiFi can be added to the cells of patients to then allow the application of new CRISPR treatments to be recognised by the body with all CRISPR treatments relayed to digital patients file both logged as a treatment and added to the genome stored in their patient will be altered to keep it up to date for Phanes Activation Gene technology,identification purposes,phone numbers etc.This addition of biosynth WiFi to the genome of patients can allow for biosynth WiFi to induce the evolution of genes in a patients cells to allow for them to given the latest a upgrades for augmentations to be relayed to patients within minutes from home via biosynth WiFi with again a countdown used.This can change one type of strain into another with once perfected may render 3D DNA printers obsolete in homes and waiting rooms in hospitals with them still used in homes for home farming.

Microbes can be used as pathogens to attack only specific species of animals and plants by being coated in their DNA with them inoculated via pests and also arthopod biosynths that would mimic the effects of human viruses such as HIV etc by attacking the immune system and causing cells in key organs such as the heart,ovaries,brain etc by attacking the immune system and causing cells in key organs such as the heart,ovaries,brain and testes or roots in plants to undergo apoptosis thus killing them off and causing sterility and stimulate tumourgenesis.Since based on the animals leukocytes and plant cells they would go unnoticed by the hosts immune system and thus be more effective.Human versions of this namely FOXDIE would do the same by first decimating both microbes in the body and native leukocytes and then remove accelerated healing phenotypes and also carbon dioxide used as an energy acceptor to allow the heart and other organs to be attacked as well as allowing opportunistic infections to be able to kill the host with it even removing anti-cancer genes and stimulating the production of tumours by attacking the immune system and causing cells in key organs such as the heart,ovaries,brain etc by attacking the immune system and causing cells in key organs such as the heart,ovaries,brain and testes or roots in plants to undergo apoptosis thus killing them off and causing sterility and stimulate tumourgenesis.Since based on the animals leukocytes and plant cells they would go unnoticed by the hosts immune system and thus be more effective.Human versions of this namely FOXDIE would do the same by first decimating both microbes in the body and native leukocytes and then remove accelerated healing phenotypes and also carbon dioxide used as an energy acceptor to allow the heart and other organs to be attacked as well as allowing opportunistic infections to be able to kill the host with it even removing anti-cancer genes and stimulating the production of tumours.

These biocompatible microbes as stated earlier on would divided into various strains that perform different functions or fight off pathogenic viruses,fight off pathogenic bacteria,stem cell strains,immunising strains that immunise patients agains pathogens replacing vaccines.

CRISPR utilised by anti-ageing,genetic disease correction strains and augmentation strains will make these modifications and gene therapy treatments more accurate and effective.CRISPR treatments will be applied by anti-ageing and augmentation strains through horizontal gene transfer controlled by AI by biosynth WiFi.Even proto AI could apply these treatments with this involving the microbes transferring DNA including scratch DNA developed by Phanes and recombinant DNA from plants and animals present in the strains of these microbes that are then applied to them.This will allow the phenotypes of the genes added to the patients genome in each cells to be then expressed by the cells in patients.The anti ageing strains etc will house DNA from yeasts to allow them to transfer CRISPR treatments to the cells of patients through horizontal gene transfer thus giving them CRISPR gene therapy treatments to halt and reverse the ageing process and have augmentations.CRISPR will involve genes from existing plants and animals and those created by Phanes from scratch added to the genome of living patients through horizontal gene transfer exhibited my anti ageing and augmentation strains that will once added to the genome then exhibit those phenotypes.For example the genes from bacteria that exhibit DNA repair once added to a patient genome will thus repair telomere damage etc with the genes from other plants etc added to them exhibited.In otherwards in layman’s terms CRISPR is a gene editing technology that will by adding genes to a patients genome give living patients the abilities of that gene such as augmentations from extremophiles and those to treat genetic diseases and both halt and reverse the ageing process.Biocompatible microbes through having horizontal gene transfer present from yeasts will be able to apply CRISPR treatments that includes DNA from existing living organisms and new genes derived from scratch from Phanes will thus through CRISPR will be used to cure genetic diseases and halt and reverse the ageing process in existing living human and animal patients worldwide by it allowing new genes to be added to a patients genome in each and every individual cells and this will be done through anti-ageing and augmentation strains exhibiting horizontal gene transfer and also taq polymerase and Cas-9.Epione and AI would first carry out simulations on its effectiveness on chimpanzees,mice and humans before trials begin.This could be done by altering the host cells they infect unable to harbour them(in the case of HIV this would remove the receptors on leukocytes that allow the virus to attach and infect them thus replicating while other treatments eradicate the virus),or alter and strengthen the immune system namely CD4+ T Cells strengthened to recognise and fight off HIV with custom made anti-viral and antibody compounds as well as cancers earlier on.HIV resistance could be gained from populations genetically resistant to them transferred to other non resistant populations from both humans and closely related mammals as well as even from scratch with this replicated with other pathogens and viruses as well as specific cancers.Thus the non resistant humans using DNA from resistant populations could have their leukocytes to be unable to be infected by HIV by editing their surface proteins and the same replicated with all major viruses that infect leukocytes allowing biocompatible microbes to remove HIV virions.Recombinant DNA need not come from humans but also from closely related primates and mammals with similar immune systems and resistance with their resistance to Simian Immunodeficiency Virus and also recombinant DNA from SIV itself with this also applying to all viruses that infect leukocytes such as Ebolavirus,N.meningitidis etc.The patient file system will quickly identify which populations have this phenotype and what genes are responsible for this with known people that have this will have their DNA analysed and compared to those that suffer from the disease to isolate it.Microbes as detailed will apply this resistance to infected patients with N.meningitidis,HIV and Ebolavirus forcing the viruses to interact with other microbe strains and thus curing infected patients of the disease with ideally all patients including those currently not infected with HIV,Ebolavirus also modified to have their leukocytes and organs made unable to be infected allowing other strains of microbes to eradicate the pathogens or at least make them asymptomatic carriers before they gain a stronghold with resistance and microbe strains able to attack them made a permanent feature of the human genepool via germline therapy alongside immunising the primary immune system indefinitely also wiping out the disease in newly infected patients and uninfected patients while it is unable to infect leukocytes.Further advances in artificial intelligence will make germline therapy safe negating the need for having to screen every embryo,sperm and eggs with this first tested on animals with Epione again carrying out simulations on these on its effectiveness on chimpanzees,mice and humans before trials begin using advanced gene drive therapy technology.Gene therapy that treats every cell in their body will limit phenotypes such as correcting faults and mutations that cause specific diseases and immunities to diseases such as the immunity to HIV,cancer and even upgrades to the patient with germline therapy used to ensure these are passed onto the mother and fathers child thus allowing that child to pass on immunities to cancer,pathogens and other desired phenotypes onto the next generation without the need for microbes making them a permanent part of the genepool of H.sapiens with them also removed from the genepool via germline therapy if desired.Germline and advanced gene drive therapy once perfected will allow these to become a future feature of successive generations alongside screening,correcting and modifying spermatozoa,eggs and embryos for these diseases and using CRISPR to correct them with biocompatible microbes used to perfect this with them residing in or outside the testes and ovaries that insert gene therapy into each and every spermatozoa and egg individually by them,altering the genome of fertilised embryos or by them even altering the genes in these organs ie the ovaries and the testes responsible for the production of spermatozoa and eggs or the entire host DNA using advanced gene drive technology to ensure that all future sperm and eggs are free from the genetic faults and mutations allowing one to conceive children naturally and not have to use in vitro fertilisation without passing on these diseases to the next generation removing them from the human genepool indefinitely more easily.If perfected this advanced gene drive technology combined with germline therapy made by microbes to edit the hosts DNA precisely and permanently applied to all cells including those in the ovaries and testes that in turn produce spermatazoa and eggs to negate the need for them to edit every single egg,spermatozoa and thus allow them to conceive genetic disease free children naturally and also pass on desired phenotypes of H.ubermensch.This would thus mean eggs,embryos etc would no longer have to be screened for genetic diseases and with correcting CRISPR treatments added to all cells of a body including ovaries and testes would have pass these CRISPR genetic corrections passed onto all future produced spermatozoa and eggs and all conceived offspring thus either eliminating mutations that cause genetic diseases from passing onto all future generations and the human gene pool if applied to all patients worldwide or pass on augmentations etc to all future generations automaticallyThis could potentially eliminate all genetically based diseases including neurological disorders and developmental disorders from the human genepool as well as passing on genes into the genepool that will naturally be passing them onto the next generation without the need for germline therapy and microbes thus eliminating a disease indefinitely with them also altering humans to the point that those that are environmentally caused like cancer by making humans immune to the causative agent ie in the case of cancer removing the ability for tumours by adding genes from animals that never get cancer,extremophiles like T.gammatolerans to make humans resistant from radiation and also those from scratch to prevent carcinogens from being able to affect the body as well as immunising humans to oncoviruses that can be passed from mother to child via the placenta and breastfeeding.It will play a prime role in the development and eventual creation of populations of H.sapiens or all of H.sapiens with desired characteristics of H.ubermensch mainly that from T.gammatolerans to make humans resistant to radiation of all types,Salmonella to make them resistant to the effects of low gravity,Tardigrade,D.radiodurans and those from scratch to survive the vacuum of space,psychrophilles to survive sub zero conditions,synthesise all essential amino acids/fats/vitamins etc,oligotrophs and xerophiles to make them require less food and water(which can be applied to living patients via horizontal gene therapy)and eventually lead to the rise of H.ubermensch separate from H.sapiens via intensive germline therapy over several generations.Ideally these phenotypes of H.ubermensch will be added to all living patients worldwide and become part of the human genepool via advanced gene drive technology while not creating H.ubermensch with them added for their properties ie making the H.sapiens immune to radiation,require less nutrients,be able to survive extreme pressures,the vacuum of space.This would allow living populations of H.sapiens to survive extreme conditions on Earth,on other colonies both permanently as well as temporarily if containment procedures fail there and also on interstellar vehicles and stations.Anti-ageing genes from T.gammatolerans,Bacillus F,oligotrophs,xerophiles etc can be added to the gene pool via advanced gene drive and germline technology if shown to safe in both humans as well in animals will alongside the presence of these strains will have these anti-ageing genes,removal of genes and also production of anti-ageing compounds passed onto the next generation and thus a permanent feature of the human genepool.Gene therapy via microbes and CRISPR will also play a role in giving populations of H.sapiens via first live patient and germline therapy characteristics of his evolutionary successor and cousin as detailed later on H.ubermencsh as well as leading to the rise of H.umbermensch.H.ubermensch should be possible through extensive genetic engineering by at least 2045 with it also allowing humans to manipulate the genomes of other animals and plants thus creating entirely new species of plants and animals created on Pandora with Phanes extrapolating the genotypes of them.As detailed later on this will also lead to the creation of new sentient sentient races on par with humans created from scratch or using exiting non sentient animals from all taxonomic ranks of the animal kingdom as a baseline with this allowing for colonies like Mars,Venus and other extrasolar colonies in the universe with no life to have millions of non sentient and even sentient species created with whole taxonomic ranks creaked by Phanes adapted to their terraformed environment.Any faults in the gene therapy that could lead to mutations and breaks could be dealt with advanced gene drive technology that used specific genes,application etc to prevent them with all gene therapy treatments for ageing,augmentations etc will use advanced gene drive technology to prevent faults and pass them onto all future cells via mitosis with them applied to telomere,mitochondrial and other DNA.If possible base microbes or specific strains in females could detect mutations in embryos that lead to those are not hereditary ie those that lead to Downs syndrome and other developmental disorders through via horizontal gene transfer putting in genes or chemicals and even compounds that allow for these mutations to be detected and then signal to the microbe that it has occurred to allow the correction to be corrected by the microbes or those added via inbreeding at the during development of the embryo or while the fetus is in its early stages of development.It could also be used to apply the Phanes method to individual spermatozoa,eggs and embryo in utero with multiple microbes suited to this passing on desired alterations to each one.Spermatozoa and eggs that are frozen and stored in banks by donations and for later use in later life pregnancies can be corrected for all types of genetic diseases that may pass into potential offspring can have the corrections be done by biocompatible microbes in storage or prior to or during storage due them having the ability to survive low temperature due to them having DNA from psychrophiles.For parents who may pass on genetic diseases determined by AI sperm and eggs can be collected from both parents fused together by robotics and then screened for diseases including Down’s syndrome and similar heredity disease both physical and mental and then CRISPR through the microbes could be used to edit these deformities out safely with AI managing this or the editing can be done to the eggs and spermatozoa or both prior to fusion and they then implanted into the mother via IVF allowing parents who have the potential to pass deformities down to their child have children of their own and not resort to surrogacy programs.Gene therapy for these and other conditions should be pursued for already living patients suffering these in tandem to this with it also being used to treat ageing,Downs syndrome(and other disabilities),schizophrenia,Multiple sclerosis,parkinsons,alzheimers and deal with cancerous and precancerous cells and correct mutations that cause cancer again tested on mice and chimpanzees with again Epione carrying out simulations on these on humans and test animals.Downs syndrome if detected could if possible be treated using CRISPR to remove the extra chromosome,inactivate them in every cell preventing this from occurring in all future cells by adding genes that remove and then prevent the replication of a third chromosome 21 in each cell first tested on chimpanzees engineered with Downs Syndrome or even alleviate the symptoms of it rather than choosing to discard the unborn fetus with microbes repairing any faults and correcting defects such as low intelligence and heart defects.The same may apply to those with intersex disorders.All CRISPR treatments to treat ageing,genetic diseases,developmental and neurological disorders and those for augmentations etc in living patients will apply the genes to telomere/chromosomal/nucleur and mitochondrial DNA in all cells in the body and if need be plasmids for stability and uniformity.These augmentation genes and those to treat neurological disorders will be passed into leukocytes to allow them to survive extremophile conditions while beneficial bacteria in the gut can be given them as well alongside those made to express human surface proteins to make them immune to immune responses with pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract not having these to allow them to die from exposure to these conditions and the primary immune system.Theh will not be given anti-ageing treatments to keep their populations stable.Anti-ageing treatments will be applied to bone marrow in a way to prevent leukocytes housing this DNA and thus living forever that would cause them to overrun the body or if shown to have their levels controlled by microbes via chemical signals or if possible undergone apoptosis and flushed out of the body can have this DNA present with all augmentations and genetic disease treatments added to bone marrow to allow leukocytes survive these conditions and be free of these diseases.Thus bone marrow will house anti-ageing treatments in a way to prevent leukocytes living forever but leukocytes will house CRISPR treatments to treat genetic diseases and augmentations such as radioresitence to survive these conditions through being properly applied in the bone marrow.The same will apply to erythrocytes wherein they recombinant DNA to treat genetic diseases and augmentations such as radioresistance will be applied to the patients genome to allow erythrocytes to survive these conditions but anti-ageing treatments will not interact with those responsible for erythrocytes preventing them living forever.Bone marrow and other parts that are responsible for the production of erythrocytes and leukocytes will be given anti-ageing treatments but through their placement on the loci and scratch DNA will be made to stay youthful but ensure that the erythrocytes and leukocytes they produce don’t carry the anti-ageing treatments thus allowing to die off and not overrun the body with Phanes developing genetic countermeasures to this with microbes from 2029-2035 ensuring that any possible immortal excess leukocytes etc can have their replication controlled and undergo apoptosis if their levels get too high.Beneficial gut flora will have augmentations added but not anti-ageing treatments to allow turn to survive extreme conditions and also prevent them overrunning the body by allowing them to die off.Pets owned by the public,livestock and animals in zoos will be able to avail of anti-ageing treatments and those to remove genetic diseases and augmentations via species specific microbes.All treatments to living cells in living patients will also use advanced gene drive technology to ensure the treatments pass from each generation of cells to the next via mitosis.Junk DNA and DNA that leads to ageing,genetic deformities and other unnecessary DNA will be removed to accomadate new CRISPR treatments to treat ageing and augmentations to prevent the finite nucleus becoming packed with DNA.Temporary augmentations form scratch and animal etc sources will involve ones original DNA for the phenotype being removed and replaced with the new DNA thus some augmentations that are used temporary ie having the same smelling and hearing ranges of other animals or changing eye and hair colour when unwanted will be removed and replaced with ones original DNA etc.Temporary augmentations that affect only part of the body will possibly be applied to the specific organs and tissues they affect such as those for different smelling ranges may only to be applied to genes present in cells in the brain and nose,those for different visual ranges may only be applied to genes present in cells in the brain and the eyes or just the eyes and so on.Cells in the body can be engineered to house ribosomes and in particular plasmids and in particular plasmids that are strands of DNA that float in the cytoplasm that express extra phenotypes for augmentations via specific DNA and thus phenotypes.Mitochondrial DNA can be modified to house extra phenotypes than the main genome that cause the cells and tissues to express their phenotypes.Better sources of scratch and recombinant DNA will replace older ones by removing them from the patients genome.If possible advancements in Phanes developing scratch DNA will allow DNA to express two or more phenotypes at once.Sources of recombinant DNA from animals,plants and unicellular life forms such as bacteria,fungi,viruses that’s express two or more desired phenotypes can be utilised for example T.gammatolerans can survive radiation levels of up to 30,000Gy and at the same time potentially express DNA repair that will prevent future damage and degradation in mitochondrial and telomere DNA to combat ageing and eliminate cancer,genetic diseases,developemental disorders etc from the human gene pool and protects one from levels of radiation of up to 30,000Gy all at once.Thus this could eliminate the need for D.radiodurans,Bacillus F DNA and scratch DNA to combat all of these since this DNA express several phenotypes and applications at once with research done into scratch DNA and that from plants and animals as well as micro-organisms that express multiple phenotypes and applications at once for augmentations and combat ageing.This will be done to deal with the limited space in the human genome and nucleus that holds them.The human genome is estimated to contain roughly 30,000 genes or 3,000,000,000 base pairs with it hypothesised that about 75-98% (between 22,500 – 29,400 genes or 2,250,000,000 – 2,940,000,000 base pairs)consists of non coding junk DNA that has no biological functions and thus could be easily replaced with new recombinant DNA from plants,animals and micro-organisms and scratch DNA without damaging or negatively affecting the patient.Genes in the body that contribute to the ageing process can also be removed and replaced with those for augmentations and those to reverse and halt the ageing process.Paris japonica is the organism that has the largest genome with roughly 150,000,000 base pairs and 1,500,000 genes about 50 times more than humans.If humans through intensive research into genetic engineering and CRISPR be able to hold the same amount of genes and base pairs as P.japonica then it will vastly increase the amount of storage space for DNA from extremophiles,plants,animals,micro-organisms and scratch DNA for augmentations and anti-ageing treatments and also cater to Phanes Activation Gene Technology with it more than enough to meet our needs.Research using human cell and tissue cultures will be done to see if they can hold this amount of genes after initial treatments to end ageing etc.New species of plants and animals found on plants across the universe will be scanned to see if they have larger genomes with scratch DNA developed alongside other methods to determine the theoretical limit size in terms of base pairs and actual genes of DNA that can fit in human cells.Tests will be done on human cells extracted from a patient or those created using 3D DNA printers to see if they can fit the same amount of genes and base pairs as P.japonica with them using base microbes etc find ways to give these cultured cells the same number of base pairs in otherworlds using microbes ways will be found in labs to give cultured human cells the same amount of genes and base pairs as P.japonica so as to find the best ways to give living human and animal patients the ability to hold the same amount of base pairs through gene therapy as P.japonica with this repeated with scratch DNA that can give humans even more base pairs up to the theoretical limit.Test animals and biosynths that have human recombinant DNA will be used in tests as well to determine the best way using gene therapy and what genes need to be added to add to living patients the same amount of base pairs and genes as P.japonica or the theoretical limit.Thus P.japonica and scratch DNA can be engineered to give living patients this new base pair size.If need be the cells of the body of humans etc may be engineered through CRISPR to become slightly larger that is the same size as that of P.Japonica.This will be done on human cells extracted from a patient or created using 3D DNA printers will that contain DNA from P.japonica to see if they can fit the same amount of genes and base pairs with them using base microbes etc find ways to give these cultured cells the same level base pairs in otherworlds using microbes ways will be found in labs to give cultured human cells the same amount of genes and base pairs as P.japonica so as to find the best ways to give living human and animal patients the ability to hold the same amount of base pairs through gene therapy as P.japonica with this repeated with scratch DNA that can give humans the theoretical limit.Thus once it is possible to determine the theoretical limit of base pairs that can fit into human cells tests on gene therapy applied to cultured cells in labs with if possible test animals such as mice etc housing human recombinant DNA and biosynths used will be done in order to apply this new limit to living humans.Thus once it is possible to determine the theoretical limit of base pairs that can fit into human cells tests on gene therapy applied to cultured cells in labs with if possible test animals such as mice etc housing human recombinant DNA and biosynths used will be done in order to apply this new limit to humans.If possible human cells can be engineered to house an extra one or two nuclei to house entire chromosomes DNA that will be engineered to hold only augmentations and not programmed to express any phenotypes thus being technically junk DNA.Biocompatible microbes will house this genome size to hold more recombinant DNA for each strains treatments and functions,to hold extra space for augmentations to survive in the body and also hold at least 150ZB data storage and RAM especially for biosynth technology.It can also be used to increase the genetic variation of possible genetically distinct that can occur between each and every single male and female during sexual reproduction from 64,000,000,000,000 to 3,200,000,000,000,000.Crops,fish and shellfish,livestock,algae,bacteria for producing commodities,stem cells for invitro meat and ornamental plants will utilise DNA from P.japonica etc and scratch DNA to house more DNA for augmentations including scratch DNA to increase growth rates and yields.If possible human cells could be engineered to hold an extra second nucleus that can contain and extra three metres of DNA that is junk DNA or that consisting of augmentations with DNA from P.Japonica in both the original and this second nucleus increasing the amount of DNA.All new modifications will be instantly relayed to ones patient via being both logged and also ones DNA scan modified.The genes to reverse and halt the ageing process should be able to be held in existing DNA present in the human genome alongside key augmentations such as the acellerated healing phenotype with this research done as a backup and measure to house extra augmentations.The anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal strains,anti-helminthic,anti-cancer strains will be engineered to interact with only bacteria,viruses,tumours and parasites for each strain to prevent the applying suicide and other CRISPR treatments to human cells and that of gut flora.CRISPR treatments to alter pathogens and parasites like those to treat ageing will be done via horizontal gene transfer.Horizontal gene transfer will be used by anti-ageing,augmentation and genetic disease strains to transfer CRISPR treatments to the patients cells and them engineered to interact with only human cells.The anti-ageing and augmentation etc strains will be engineered to only interact with only human cells ideally those of the patient via surface proteins on them that only interact with only human cells to prevent them applying these to pathogens that would allow them to live forever with them via induced evolution and other sub strains engineered to interact with gut flora.Horizontal gene transfer will be utilised by the microbes different strains using DNA added to the microbes from yeasts,bacteria etc that are able to do this with them using taq polymerase and Cas-9 to recreate strands over and over again via biosynth WiFi.Horizontal gene transfer engineered to interact with human cells can thus allow current living patients to avail of CRISPR treatments such as augmentations and also those to reverse and halt the effects of ageing etc by allowing CRISPR treatments to be added to the cells of living patients.All cells in the body will have the new genes added with advanced gene drive technology also in cells in the testes and ovaries ensuring it is passed onto the next generation through the spermatozoa and eggs produced in living patients carrying these modifications to the next generation thus making them permanent features of the human genepool and the children of the affected individual with these if desired removed from living patients and their young by microbes.Thus all alterations to a living patients and also those in their progeny can be reversed by removing the applied genes.If any CRISPR treatments do cause any unwanted side effects to a patient then it is simply a case of them being removed as soon as possible.Faults caused by gene therapy will be corrected by treatments done as soon as possible.The estimated time for all treatments to all cells in the body to be finished will be visible in ones patient file and relayed by the nanomachines as a countdown in hours,minutes,seconds with treated areas of the body relayed to the patient file as well as through chemical signals such as unique smelling and coloured urine etc with the microbes via nanomachines relaying what parts of the body have been treated visible as a map of their body and percentage in real time in their file as a percentage.Advanced gene drive technology will be utilised to ensure that all CRISPR treatments for ageing and augmentations as well as correcting genetic diseases will be passed onto each generation of cells during mitosis and it even pass down to each generation of offspring alongside germline by being present in spermatozoa and eggs via both germline therapy the genes and advanced gene drive technology present in both the eggs and tests of patients negating the need to edit each and every spermatozoa and eggs and not having to be added to each newborn.Anti-ageing,genetic disease etc strains will be able to undergo mitosis and have flagellum to allow them to spread to all parts of the body when only a few thousand or million microbes are injected.Base microbes will routinely scan DNA to see if treatments are in each cell and are present and passed down from generation of cells and to see if any faults have occurred with faults corrected by those that applied the original treatments signalled to do so.With regards to ageing it will also detect the levels of Phosphatidylcholines.These will all be logged in the patients file.All types of strains that apply CRISPR treatments will be able to recreate the CRISPR treatment over and over again via taq ploymerase and Cas-9.Chimpanzees and mice that have human recombinant DNA in them used as test subjects by 2023/2024 with them engineered with each type of neurological,developmental,genetic disorders etc and use in ageing and augmentation trials to get more realistic results transferable to human trials starting in 2025.3D DNA printing will create the spermatozoa and eggs with these phenotypes and the patients unique DNA from patient files to cut down on labour costs with patient specific DNA to aid in creating treatments suited to each patients condition with regards to those that have neurological,developmental disorders and genetic diseases.To deal with the issue of Cas-9 eliciting immune responses it could be modified to contain some or all human proteins entirely as an human and patient version of Cas-9 as well as protein bumpers that dont illicit an immune response used as an mini vector to transfer DNA by flooding methods.This would be done by first modifying the DNA of S.pyogenes itself with human recombinant DNA to create a human or patient specific version of Cas-9 with the same done for all animals that will utilise it.Cpf1 from F.novicida can be used for this and also apply CRISPR treatments alongside Cas-9 from S.pyogenes.To prevent the issue of immune responses human versions of Cas-9/Cpf1 or even patient specific versions of Cas-9/Cpf1 can be created by AI namely proto and final Phanes can analyse the genome of S.pyogenes,F.novicida and modify it for humans and individual patients present in the their own leukocytes that contains their trace DNA by also analysing both human DNA and patient specific DNA.The anti-ageing,augmentation and genetic disease curing strains as well as the anti-viral etc strains in order to carry out CRISPR treatments would need relevant DNA from S.pyogenes,F.novicida,T.aquaticus in order to utilise CRISPR Cas-9 as well as taq polymerase to recreate strands of CRISPR treatments over and over again allowing each microbes to apply these treatments over and over again.These microbes since using ones own or 3D DNA printed blank leukocytes as a vector would prevent the issue of eliciting an immune response as seen in both foreign viruses and bacterial vectors.The 3D printed blank leukocytes will house human DNA,the hosts own DNA from their patient file inserted alongside other DNA from relevant multi and unicellular organism from Physis with this changing when passing from one generation to the next and would transfer the DNA using horizontal gene tranfser to only human cells interact by interacting with the unique surface proteins of the human patients cells and not that of pathogens.Otherwise ones own leukocytes will have DNA added by 3D DNA printers.Humans and animals will utilise their own leukocytes as a baseline for microbes to apply gene therapy to prevent them illiciting an immune responses that could be fatal or render them ineffctive and allow them to be more precise and effective and each patient will have their own patient specific versions of CRISPR Cas-9 could be created using the patients DNA in their own leukocytes with them changed when they pass to the next generation to further prevent immune responses with Phanes creating these in microbes when they are printed out by 3D DNA printers.This will allow all strains to form a permanent part of the body and act as the perfect vector of CRISPR treatments and anti-viral etc treatments with the human and indeed patient specific versions of Cas-9 created by 2023/2024 ready for proto microbes and bacterial vectors that have human protein coats due to the presence of human DNA,ideally the patients DNA and human versions of Cas-9 to give those currently aged 80-95 anti-ageing treatments to the interior vital organs and give them other treatments to allow them to survive strokes etc long enough to receive more advanced treatments in 2029 to be reverted to a state similar to their early twenties.This will also allow anti-ageing strains,augmentation and those to treat genetic diseases alongside all other anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains to undergo mitosis using bacterial DNA to treat each and every cell in the body with taq polymerase and Cas-9 to recreate the strands of DNA and also Cas-9 in the strains allowing them to treat countless cells with the DNA from macrophages and ameobas will allow them to move inbetween cells.Advanced gene drive technology will be used to ensure the therapy is permenant.Gene therapy will be applied via either horizontal gene transfer using Cas-9 or via flooding where protein bumpers housing the DNA and also synthesised Cas-9 will act as a mini vector allowing the Cas-9 and DNA to be sent to the relevant areas of the the genome specifically.Animals will have their own leukocytes as baseline and their own version of Cas-9 with them each having their own unique species specific microbes consisting of the same strains as in humans.Thus both livestock and pets of all species will have their own versions of microbes created for them including immunising,strains,anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains and also anti-ageing strains and them given the same augmentations as humans with all pathogens whether viral,bacterial and fungal of each species will be tested against compounds from the bites,stings and excretions of all plants and animals around the world to create anti-microbial compounds against them as part of anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains and those to fight off parasites with immunising strains immunising both pets and livestock against all pathogens especially zoonotic diseases to eliminate antibiotics from the food chain.Crops and plants whether in the wild or ornamental ones will using bacteria that contain the hosts species DNA and their own species specific version of Cas-9 with them giving their own fully functioning immune system via CRISPR that uses their microbes as a baseline leukocytes.Each species of plant whether crops,ornamental or wild one will be first given a fully functioning immune system in labs using bacterial/plant cell hybrid vectors and CRISPR and then their version of leukocytes created that can be immunised and microbes of all strains created using these plant leukocytes with this replicated with Apidae.This will be done to develop their own species specific microbes and also immune system that can be immunised against pathogens negating the need for chemicals to fight of viruses etc with them having their own strains modelled on human versions including those that also fight off infections as backup ie anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal strains that use CRISPR and anti-microbial compounds rendering bactericides etc defunct.Existing plants in gardens can be inoculated by syringes and watering cans containing a mixture of water and microbes that enter the roots with biosynth wifi from smart devices causing upgrades with in time biosynth artropds injecting them into leaves etc.Animal trials begging in 2023/2024 will use their leukocytes with them having human recombinant DNA added to them to have an immune system identical to humans to ensure that these leukocytes can have these human version Cas-9 used in them to see if no immune response can be caused by them especially in chimpanzees.This engineering would also have these animals produce leukocytes similar to humans with human DNA and use this human Cas-9.To further prevent immune responses it may be possible for the Cas-9 to be suited for each patient using their unique DNA that is changed to that of their offspring as they pass from one generation to the next as detailed later on to further prevent allergic and immune reactions.This can be done via Phanes modifying DNA relevant to it and CRISPR from S.pyogenes.All types of microbes of each species of plants and animals will be since using the species leukocytes and in the case of plants those made from scratch will only be able to interact with the species they are designed for to prevent them affecting any species they contaminate with them also destroyed by the hosts own microbes they infect once detected by base microbes as well as programmed by AI to undergo apoptosis if they are in the body of foreign species.They will also consist of different strains for each species and will be engineered to only interact with the specific target they are designed to via the surface proteins on them ie anti-viral strains will interact only with viruses and anti-bacterial strains with bacteria and so with augmentation and ageing strains engineered to only interact with human and the patients cells.As a result of this need to remove the effects of senescence universal debate and legal acceptance will have to made for the use of CRISPR gene editing techniques especially with regards to screening for diseases and even then removing gene(s) associated with genetic diseases to remove heredity deformities and diseases from humanities genepool entirely once an embryo created by invitro fertilisation has been screened or both the egg and sperm have been screened and edited ie.allergens,addictions,genetic based obesity and diabetes,certain cancers,parkinsons,alzheimers,eplipsey,colour blindness,blindness and deafness,channelopathies in newborns and other mutations that cause sudden infant death syndrome,haemophellia,Huntington’s disease,congenital heart conditions as well as adding resistance to and ability to fight off or prevent infections such as HIV,HPV(especially those associated with cancers),Epstein–Barr virus and terminal genetic diseases,with this procedure first tested on mice and other apes such as chimpanzees with gene drives used to make the alteration permanent.There has been success in CRISPR gene therapy in curing blindness etc within the last few years using viral vectors with this a great achievement since the technology is only 10 years old.The production and use of biocompatible microbes to utilise CRISPR gene therapy will expedite the development of gene therapy to halt and reverse the effects of ageing,cure genetic diseases from 2029-2045 onwards