Minarcho Technocratism

“Political tags such as socialist,facist,capitalist and monarchist are just that merely labels.The reality is that humanity has always divided itself between those who thinks humanity should be governed and those that believe he shouldn’t”


Regardless of whatever spin the media and politicians wish to make the fact is today issues such as minimum wage,equal pay,immigration are not the most pressing issues and threats to the economy today.The real threat is in fact technology in particular automation,software and robotics.According to Jerry Kaplan’s “Humans Need Not Apply” and an Oxford Study at least 45% of the global workforce could be replaced by automation though as we as we shall see later on the real number is fact somewhere between 85-95% with the remaining work becoming automated within the next 5-15 years.The primary sector of the economy employs roughly 2,414,700,000 people worldwide directly or indirectly which is roughly 70-73% of the global workforce.With current advances in technology such as automation and software these jobs in these areas are now gone which leaves at least 32% of the worlds population unemployed indefinitely.The manufacturing sector employs roughly another 660,000,000 people directly and again through automation,software as well as 3D printing these jobs are also gone indefinitely alongside any jobs related to the functioning of corporations such as accounting,advertising etc meaning another 20% of the global workforce are now gone forever with others becoming obsolete due to irrelevance.Furthermore due to self driving vehicles the 70,000,000 people employed worldwide in the transportation and delivery industry of the service sector are now also without work with the remaining in areas such as restaurants, hoteliers,retail,marketing,banking,insurance,accounting,wall street trading,most finance based occupations,secretaries and even healthcare are now being taken over by advances in robotics,software and automation even further causing these jobs becoming obsolete due to a lack of human ability to compete.

Before you can go on and say that new work will suddenly appear out of thin air and we can simply retrain people for new types of sectors in the economy there are some big flaws with what is known as “the second horse fallacy”:

•There is only a finite amount of work that can theoretically exist meaning even if new jobs could be created you would still have large sections of the population unemployed through no fault of their own.

•Even if new work or sectors could be created the rate of technological advancements is faster now than in any time in human history;its estimated that in the next 20 years the rate of technological development will be faster than in the last 200 years meaning even if new jobs or sectors could be created these would inevitably become automated themselves leaving us back at square one with this exponential growth lasting at least another 5,119 years.Furthermore even if new corporations could be set up the problem is they would be hiring noone due to robotics,machinery and software being far superior to humans in every way.This is especially relevant since the advent of general AI expected to come about in the early 2030’s when artificial intelligence reaches human capacity then followed by them surpassing human intelligence will mean any new work would be taken up completely by machines and artificial intelligence and not humans.AI is not robots doing pre programmed tasks its the replication of the unique talents of the human mind such as creativity,problem solving,critical thinking and also learning by oneself.By 2045 a laptop or computer system unit will have more computing power than all 9,000,000,000 people on Earth meaning a single one of these will be able to all work in the primary,secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy and indeed any other new sectors if hooked up to the internet.It took evolution several million years to create the human mind.By 2029 it will have taken humans several hundred thousand years to create a replica of the human mind with by 2045 it will have taken human level AI sixteen years to create AI with more processing power than all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet with this exponential growth in computing power alongside all fields of science continuing for at least another 5,092 years until about 7,137AD.In short humans who will take millions of more years to evolve cannot compete at all – its as simple as that.One could argue that work will come in the form of repairing robots but this can be bypassed by coating them and machinery in graphene paint,then permanent layer of liquid glass(internally and externally) to make them rust,acid and dirt proof as well as hydrophobic(and 200 times stronger than steel)indefinitely with as detailed later on self healing and soldering materials can negate the need to fix them with routine diagnostics carried out to warn of any problems and automated corrective procedures and the latest updates of cybersecurity for all possible problems built in to prevent human labour for repairing them.Within ten years most if not all robots both at home,in streets and those in factories will be self repairing,too strong to be broken or have sections in public buildings and factories where they can be repaired by other robots and in time biosynths.In short once the singularity or even general human level artificial intelligence comes by its game over for the free market system,capitalism,libertarianism and all variants of right wing economic models since anything a human a can do artificial intelligence will be able to do with even socialism(and its variants) and fascism becoming redundant.You could start a billion new corporations or sectors of the economy but the reality is they just wont be hiring anyone at all with human and beyond level AI eventually making even programmers,engineers,repairmen and producers of machinery and other robots redundant in a self directed evolution towards super sentience with this beginning around roughly 2029.Even CEOs of corporations themselves would become obsolete and replaced by AI that would thus render even entrepreneurs and employers themselves and all possible employees redundant rendering the free market system defunct.AI should itself be able to seize control of all corporations worldwide by 2029.Its as simple as that with any argument debunked by the adage “ten years no more than that”.Furthermore forcing large sections of the population into a small number of professions against their will and interests and capabilities in order to survive goes against the coercion principle with the fact that this would produce a large oversupply of trained professionals with only a finite amount of job places.One could argue that corporations would make profits making robots and automated machinery and software but then you would have to deal with the issue of what to do when you have a sentient race that has no legal rights and is private property ignoring the warnings of George Santayana with these designed by the public on Antikythera and also Archimedes and all types of AI given the same types of legal rights as humans by 2029.



•It is pointless and even downright irresponsible to continue to force people to be dependent on corporations and the state and coerced into unnecessary labour when as we shall see later automation software and other technologies can allow for individuals and communities to be self sufficient as to the production of goods and services especially since we now have the technical capability to produce healthy organic food,manufactured goods and energy on a virtually unlimited scale(via reuse,recycle and reduce) with little to no human labour making them and other commodities and services like healthcare and education cheap and abundant as seawater and oxygen – in other words free; rendering the price and free market system,money as well as corporations defunct.This is especially of note since most jobs and occupations and indeed those that would have to be created to keep an obsolete system alive would be unnecessary.Creating new jobs just to keep things the way the are will not solve any of the worlds problems and doing so shows that one would have no intention of solving these problems.As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” and would be no different than the gulags and goes against the principles of non aggression.As one great man said:“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.You must see the world anew”.

In short when more than half the worlds workforce population are unemployed and without jobs as a basis of the economy not even capitalism can survive the 21st century.Either the free market system and its proponents can find meaningful work for roughly 3,144,700,000 people and a good enough reason to coerce people into irrelevant labour or it can admit defeat finally spelling the end of the Cold War.Its as simple as that.So ironic that the free market in its relentless pursuit to provide the most cheapest goods and services to its customers has inevitably brought about the very economic system it so demonized and waged countless wars during the 20th and 21st century to destroy.That was in short the genius of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles lost on so many either through ignorance or propagandized brainwashing on the free markets proponents who like their socialist brethren are whiny,needy, uncivilized,scientifically illiterate,emotionally immature petulant little children.Such too was the genius that was Jung.Thus instead of creating new jobs we should in fact be eliminating them entirely altogether.Technological unemployment certainly on the scale that is happening now is not some socialist ploy or plan for a corporate new world order its an inevitability in any system that runs on the the principles of infinite growth and should be utilized for the liberation of mankind from the dependency on both corporations and the state.Any attempts to retain the price and free market system and thus money is simply pulling at straws,ignoring reality and holding ones head in the sand and in truth delusional as a form of cognitive dissonance.Perfect capitalism that is the relinquishment of the state completely and allowing all services to be privatised simply does not exist but rather a fairytale created by those who misunderstand reality with it written nowhere that it would last forever.In fact the opposite is true.Its simple as that.You can have either socialism or true stateless communism society but not capitalism.Checkmate.Sorry for the lack of trigger warnings.

If you think you know what communism is I’m sorry unfortunately you don’t.What people call communism wasn’t communism.What people call communism was not communism and also even what we call socialism wasn’t socialism.It was state capitalism a variant of capitalism pretending to be communism,socialism and a bastardised version of Marx’s vision,premature attempts to implement it with even in the case of smaller micro versions in the west during and after the Cold War technically not communism.Furthermore the technological developments to make communism truly possible have only been developed in the last 5-10 years ironically at the very beginning of the fall of the capitalist system.Thus the “it wasnt real communism” arguments are actually valid since technically it wasnt and intermixing both socialism and communism and saying one is the other when they are two completely different ideologies is pure ignorance either intentional or intellectually.Be able to define the two as well as leaving old cliche arguments aside and then you might be worthy of any debate.


Minarcho technocratism is not yet fully communism itself; like capitalism and socialism(and their variants) before it its one small step towards the inevitable of a true stateless society which won’t occur until roughly 7,137 AD.The tenants of Minarcho Technocratism are:

•The elimination of coercive human labour,the price market system and thus money and in effect the dependency of society on corporations(which will disappear entirely) and state interference in society through the advent of automation,robotics,artificial intelligence,the internet and the wire which will make individuals and communities responsible and self sufficient in primary,secondary sectors for the production and acquisition of goods and services as well as maintenance of infrastructure via Marxist-Engles principles using the scientific method and the wire as a means to allow the public to make decisions as to these sectors and resource management of society with sustainability at the forefront of these via looped and interlooped systems eliminating the phenomena known as the tragedy of the commons.

•The withering away of the state to essential services such as courts,law enforcement and military as well as healthcare and academic bodies all of which are to be held accountable to the citizenry they represent via public watchdogs and the public monitoring it via the wire until its dissolution in 7,137 AD.

•The formation of a singular global executive,judiciary and public legislative decentralised limited minarcho technocratic government based on both greco-roman and enlightenment ideals with changes in law appointed and put into effect by publicly elected officials but passed by global mandatory public referendum(rather than advisory ones)initiated by the public via popular initiative thus in effect leading to the complete dissolution of national and international boundaries.

The common argument that the free market has been that it was the true generator of wealth through there baking of pies is a false argument.No it is not and it never was.The real source of our wealth throughout our history is and always has been our understanding and manipulation of the laws of the universe namely physics,chemistry,biology and their sub-fields which has done so ever since the dawn of mankind,millennia before the free market system first appeared.The free market system created absolutely nothing and has merely ridden on the waves of this with its real influence on the improvement of our quality in standards of living has been nominal at best.Physics and engineering gave us the internet,modern telecommunications and the ability to traverse the globe in mere hours not months or years.Biology gave us modern medicine and with chemistry giving drugs that have extended our lives significantly and saved countless lives from unnecessary suffering and death with agriculture and veterinary science giving us civilisation with the vast majority of scientific breakthroughs in the last several centuries being done at universities absent of the profit motive.The free market systems systems ability to bake lots of pies was a false generator of wealth.Robots,automated machinery and artificial intelligence can also bake pies,more pies,bigger pies,healthier pies and they can do so 24/7,365 days a year without the threat of strikes,industrial action,maternity leave,insurance,sick days and even coffee breaks and have a more consistent output greater than the any human being with no mistakes at a fraction of the costs to almost free making them the perfect employee.Humans simply cannot compete with that especially with the exponential growth of both robotics and artificial intelligence that we are now heading into.

The free market system is shallow,lazy,obsolete,inefficient,sloppy,unnatural,unsustainable both ecologically and economically,wasteful and creates far too much unnecessary work and problems and its dying stages of life as evidenced by its and the right wing conservatism parties swan song of 2016/2017 is unable to solve any of the problems it has created as shown by the joke that was COP21 and Paris agreement as it will never solve climate change,the energy crisis and the inequalities of rich and poor and using the market system and competition to look for solutions to solve the worlds problems when solutions to such problems already exist is simply absurd.Most conservative estimates of the death toll brought on by it directly and indirectly are at least double the proposed 100,000,000 killed by socialist dictators and counting with its pervasive religious like importance in society no longer relevant.Products such as both manufactured goods and even infrastructure projects such as roads,bridges etc. that could last decades possibly even centuries or millenia with little to no human maintenance otherwise break down and lose integrity within years or months due to planned obsolescence,poor planning and cyclical consumption.Furthermore the idea that it allows for individuality is nonsense since everyone learns the same stuff,works the same jobs,buys the same mass produced products and live the same linear cliche,pedantic lives as everyone else with peoples choices in life restricted by employment responsibilities and economic restraints as per bad faith.Such individuality and freedom that flourishes amid this system is often extremely superficial and immediately quashed in favour of conformity,generalisations and stereotyping early on with the system itself a form of dependency no different than socialism and why it is in fact destructive to the individual as Marxs ideology encouraged collective individuality wherein the individual is paramount in order to meet the needs of the collective.

It is also why the 2016 American Presidential race and resultant administration had devolved into nothing more than a never ending bloated pantomine of childish bickering,infighting and name calling played out by a cadre of irritable dinosaurs as both parties fall apart.Once you realize the potential of minarcho technocratism you realize that watching the candidates on both the right and left bicker amongst each other on issues that simply don’t exist anymore and parrot the same soundbites over and over again is in fact cringe worthy,farcical if not down right pathetic with the Brexit debacle a circus of tribalistic babbling nonsense.This is why using the tenants of minarcho technocratism will allow for all of societies current problems to be solved and allow people true freedom unlike the price market system which will never do this;since as we shall see later on by spending a mere fraction of the $5,300,000,000,000 that the world spends on subsidies for fossil fuels every year the world could shift to a renewable energy based economy indefinitely while removing all carbon dioxide in the atmosphere back to pre industrial levels of 250ppm in at least three decades as shown later as well.Rather than thinking ahead in short term such as years or even decades we should be planning ahead long term in centuries even millennia for all possible theoretical scenarios to each problem and aspect of society.


Thus it only reasonable that we remove the need for the price and free market system and in effect money to allow for the complete automation of all sectors of the economy to ensure complete liberty of humanity from both labour and its social problems with it an the wire allowing for this complete decentralization of all of these sectors away from the state(and thus central planning) and negating the need for corporate dependency.Solutions such as an universal basic income,cryptocurrencies and taxing robots are not full solutions but rather at worst half baked solutions and at best steps towards this goal of the complete disintegration of the price market system and thus the need of money and human labour.This proposed universal basic income,crypto currency and robot taxing would only last roughly five to ten years and act as a means to cater mainly to people who would become redundant in key areas over this period due to advances in robotics as well as to the general population to secure essentials like food,pay bills while geothermal plants are set up in their area and also vertical,community and home farms are set up with the money also saved alongside ones own savings to auction for as the highest bidder for new accommodation and pay expenses for human construction workers renovating obsolete buildings and also abandoned ones.

The materialistic and consumerist society of today is in fact not the result of human nature or innate infinite human wants but rather social conditioning meant to feed the current indefinitely growth paradigm which as we shall see later on is not only unsustainable but will be destroyed by the aforementioned new system.

Contrary to popular belief the machinations of the free market system are not the source of both intrinsic well being as countless studies performed worldwide have shown that in fact the current system is in fact detrimental to ones emotional and social well being from those conducted by Jean Chatsky to the Federal Reserve all show that materialism and economic incentive prove to be detrimental not only to ones happiness but also worker productivity and efficiency.All of these studies have shown that voluntarism and doing work that directly benefits society gives one intrinsic happiness and that more money and physical wealth very rarely equates to happiness.Thus any remaining work in the fields of media,journalism,counselling,psychology etc will be done voluntarily with comfort taking precedence over materialistic wealth with manufactured goods,vehicles and even homes shared on local,regional,national and global scales using Euthenia.Thus any remaining work in the sciences,law,media and the arts will be voluntary and would be voluntary work that would normally be done regardless of a monetary incentive anyways.

As we shall see in each heading under the above menus and sub menus of minarcho technocratism all of the worlds problems can be solved by embracing a new economic system rather than the failed free market system,Utopian nonsense of libertarian ism and socialism systems with each sector of the economy addressed to allow for the complete automation of and decentralization the global society.