Without money being the driving force of society as well as global changes in the law the vast majority of crimes will no longer exist.These include prostitution, gang turf wars,copyrighting,drug and most human trafficking(through legalisation of all drugs and elimination of prostitution through elimination of money),speeding(due to self driving Vehicles),corporate crime,corruption,environmental crime,piracy,theft(including bank robberies) and eventually terrorism(through the formation of a single world government,energy abundance and self sufficiency,elimination of poverty/elitism).Murders associated to these will also not occur.As a result of this and increased automation via robots,software and drones,increased number of police officers,investigators and even lawyers each one will have a lighter load of work and shortening of working hours.Athena will house sub networks managing all of the police,military,forensics and legal worldwide.Various courts such as traffic court etc will become obsolete and used for other legal cases as well as used for other uses.Each of the components of these networks and sub folders would be given its own unique ID code similar to the healthcare patient files.Jail for the aforementioned obsolete crimes i.e. corporate crime,theft,gang,possession and manufacture and even use of drugs,environmental crime,having sex with people over the new universal age of consent of 14 ie those aged 14-17 including breaching of position of trust laws,soliciting and providing prostitution will be released and pardoned of the crime since they are no longer crimes and keeping them in jail for the entirety of their sentence would be pointless and use up valuable space however human trafficking linked to kidnappings for sexual slavery and exploitation will still be crime and thus those who already in jail for that will still remain in jail.With regards to breaches of age of consent laws that qualified as statutory rape and also breach of position of trust laws pardoning and release from jail will apply to only cases where the sexual conduct was mutually consensual with the victims tracked down for each case and them giving statements only in an environment where they are not under duress or coercion from either side of the case and allowed to give a statement as to whether it was traumatic,coercive and thus actual rape or where full mutual consent was given.If the victim is able to give a statement that it was mutually consensual when they were aged 14-17 and under the local age of consent then pardoning and releasing of the prisoner will be carried but if not and the intercourse was in fact actual coercive rape then the perpetrator will remain in prison and also blotted with the record.The same may apply to sex trafficking and those entrapped by vigilante groups.Being pardoned will also mean their criminal records will be deleted and a federal apology will be made.Trafficking with regards to smuggling immigrants will not be crimes.With money no longer an issue libel and slander cases will likely disappear and even the concept of fear of suing one for criminal charges due to their wealth and influence.Bails will no longer exist and as such as person caught for a crime will be their until they are given their sentence in court or legally signed out via e-bail form by next of kin,legal guardian or their lawyer signed by both the perpetrator and the person bailing them out which will appear in their criminal file and legal file.

Malicious intent can be a argumentative means to show that a crime was done intentionally with complete disregard for the safety of victims thus securing prosecution for the longest and harshest possible sentence.Dike herself can set down the legal framework in global constitution that malicious intent can be a new legal term and clause for any crime whether it for low level crimes,hearings including repeals in front of Dike and those worthy of Hades and Tarturas that if shown by lawyers,conventional evidence,memories from neural implants and witness testimonies that denotes the following – the fact that the crimes were committed with complete disregard for the safety and lives of those that the crimes resulted in their loss and was done with the intention to cause harm,loss of life and was done intentionally without brainwashing,peer pressure will once proven through neural implants,conventional evidence,witness testimony and also persuasive arguments from prosecution lawyers will overturn any chance of being spared freedom and thus will be liable to serve the longest and harshest possible sentence.If a person on trial can be shown not to have been guilty of malicious intent and their actions were done with regret,peer pressure,geniune changing of ones views and opinions then they will revive lighter and short term sentences and in the case of Hades and Tarturas not only lighter and shorter sentences in them but also it may be through persuasive arguments of lawyers be spared imprisonments in both jails but may spend time in normal jails.Dike will outline in the constitution the legal terms and definitions of all types of crimes such as rape,statutory rape,murder,assault of all types as well as degrees of them ie first degree murder etc and federal crimes etc that will be abided by and upheld globally.This will include the definitions of genocide,social genocide,cultural genocide,war crimes etc and other legal terms such as what defines criminality based on being an accessory to a crime etc.Statue of limitations will be abolished to ensure that no crime goes unpunished with the extraction of memories eliminating issues with them.One can be charged for murder by being a contributing factor ones death through influencing suicide or influencing directly or indirectly a persons murder or death by accident influenced by said actions.These will be written into the constitution with new legal laws and definitions will be decided by a combination of her and if need be through popular initiative and refferendums.Sentences for low level crimes will be based in a case by case basis based on the individual circumstances of the crime with the the abolition of mandatory minimums with the advent of anti-ageing treatments will allow for sentences to last decades,centuries,thousands,millions or billions of years with life without parole meaning one can be incarcerated forever without ever being released for all eternity.

Training of lawyers will again follow the pedagogic mentor and mentoree method beginning at 12 or younger take the form of virtual and real world mock trials generated by AI or mentors that take place alongside mock crimes with trainee forensics students who worked on mock crime scenes and trainee police officers.Existing lawyers investigators will be viable to become mentors.Mentors may again train as many trainees as possible.Holo lens and advancements in holographic technology may allow for this.This will allow for students from all these fields to learn their skills together in a group in a realistic setting that they may or may not be aware of it being fake.Judges in these mock trials will be real judges with opposing police officers and lawyers competing against the students being either already registered lawyers or fellow students.This will allow students to gain a feel of how the legal process works and be assessed on their effectiveness as a lawyer.Actors may take the place of witness,defendants,victims and the jury(and possible the judge) and all of these trials will be recorded and put in their files ideally with the knowledge of it being a simulation kept out of the trainees awareness pitting them against other trainees and registered lawyers with these mock trials also merged with mock crimes involving trainee forensics and law enforcement personnel who would too not know it was a mock case to test their ability too for preparedness.Again the trainee and two trainees (defence and prosecutor) may also be taking part in real trials against each other or against registered lawyers with them not knowing the nature of it to test preparedness.When VR becomes indistinguishable from the real world mock trials will become realistic with one interacting with characters such as witnesses and also family members with mere minutes passing in the real world while lengthy exercises take place with both real world mock trials and VR exercises being those made up by Dike and mentors but also ones based on real life cases from around the world as well as from movies and television shows.This could allow one to train in dozens of cases such as rape,murder,paternity etc cases over years in the simulation but a few minutes passing in the real world.These could be merged with those VR simulations involving law enforcement and forensics students taking part in their respective fields at once without their knowledge of the nature of it with multiple trainee lawyers taking part in the same simulation as those from the same mentor as opposing lawyers in the same case or different ones.Advances in holographic technology will allow virtual trials to be practised.The Athena test and same punishments for breach of position of trust laws as detailed earlier will also apply here.

Like the training of police officers and military personnel they would follow the same rules:

•That the trainee has no knowledge of it being a simulation or the nature of the exam so as to catch them out and test their ability to be as ready as possible in emergency and put aside shock and awe in order to react as professionally as possibly well as blurring the line between reality and illusion(truth and falsehood)with details left out.Trainees could even be put into real cases without their knowledge of it being real prior to finishing their training and registration to do this.The intensity of the real situations they would be involved in would be decided by mentors evaluation of their trainees readiness and skill and can happen even during their early teens.They should be experienced to act as both prosecutor and defence role.
•Each exercise case would ideally be set to teach a lesson,moral or virtue similar to the ones explained above or decided by the mentor.Furthermore they would not know the nature of the lesson meant to be learnt from each one beforehand created by mentors to test their ability to determine it themselves testing their ethics,morals and character.
•Variants of the kobayashi maru test where they are in a no win situation may also included in these examinations either at the behest of the mentor or randomly through AI(with AI introducing it on purpose as time goes by)without the trainee knowing it was integrated.

This will replace traditional law training which involves rote memorisation and no real hands on practice.This new system will measure ones abilities in the court rooms in all types of fields of law with these mock trials consisting of all types of trials such as rape,murder,assault, paternity/custodial cases as well as legislation proceedings.They will also gain experience in using software such as e-discovery(merged into Dike) will also form an important part of the students education allowing them to scan through millions of important and relevant emails,documents,files and even past legal cases from around the world within hours that would be relevant to a case added to the digital file.Ideally the student will gain experience in both mock and real cases in all fields such as adoption and paternity cases,criminal cases etc so as to allow them to practice in multiple related fields and have them the ability and interest to serve as both prosecutor and defence throughout their career.They may also view previous real life and mock trials of other students and records of well known public hearings and legal cases as part of their training stored within their case files in Themis.This means they would view audio/visual records of law cases in digital files of both students and mentors as well as other registered lawyers.They may even be in court next to their mentor or even other other registered lawyers during actual real court cases(including those mentioned above) wherein they observe or even aide the lawyer ideally they should be again present in all types of trials such as rape,murder,assault,paternity/custodial cases to give them a feel for it.On the spot oral tests of their knowledge of laws, procedures and theoretical situations can also occur at random or set times decided by the mentor(s) testing their knowledge and ability to give this information on the spot will also be part of their education.Also part of their training will be as much independent sociological,legal and criminalogical research produced for both mentor(s) the legal boards as possible.Like scientific research Dike used to scour these global networks for different factors in these studies.Textbooks created by Dike will house all information on all aspects of the law from around the world.Video games and television shows related to law and the courtroom within Dionysus will also play a part in their education.The Athena test will apply to mentors and students with superiors and actors pretending to be clients as well as real clients making subtle sexual advances on them to test their ability to keep relationships between student and teacher/superiors and clients strictly professionals with this test also being a part of of their periodic review of eligibility as lawyers throughout their careers again without their knowledge of it being fake.A global version of the bar exam will exist allowing one to be registered to practice worldwide if still used with if possible a variant developed by AI that deals more with the trainees knowledge of theory and also rather than a written exam could be a VR programme that deals with them applying the skills needed for practicing law.Thus rather than being a written exam it will be a VR programme that tests the necessary skills tested in all countries worldwide in first hand events and experience in these programmes and those developed by Dike to test their eligibility to practice law with upon passing it one able to practice law worldwide.The tests will be a VR programme developed by Dike to test each students viability unique to each student.All of their examinations,mock trials,tests,research will be logged into their digital court files with reviews and assessments from mentor(s),supervisors,board members in the form of text,audio and video recordings.This data alongside recordings,logs of real world cases and any criminal records and offences in this digital file can be accessed by potential clients upon request in person or online to allow them asses their suitability to their case at hand.As stated earlier registration as a specialised lawyer(s) will allow one to practice globally.Actors in these mock trials can keep recorded mock trials,interrogations,sieges,terrorist attacks etc they partook in as part of their portfolio with this also applying to mock trials etc.A platform within Themis can be set up with all registered lawyers worldwide filed by each different types containing history on their training,mentors they were trained under and reviews and recordings of exercises present,academic career,criminal records and well as links to the digital files of all the cases they took part in being accessed here with reviews,testimonials and ratings from mentors,board members,previous clients allowing citizens to have access to the best legal representative from around the world.Each legal member will be given an alphanumerical code following the same pattern as healthcare staff with a letter code denoting their legal field and then an unique alphanumerical code.

To alleviate the amount of work done by a lawyer software such as e-discovery built into ones Home AI which can sift through millions of emails,files,texts and other paperwork collecting all relevant data in matter of hours rather than weeks if done by humans with Dike and Home AI selecting relevant material out if this and add them to the digital file as well as highlight relevant past cases and emails that would of use to them in court that can be streamed on e-newspapers and stored on the digital file.It will also sift through millions of past cases from around the world.Similar software namely COIN from JP Morgan has been shown to be able to interpret commercial loan agreements in a matter of seconds that would take human lawyers 360,000 hours(41 years) to do can be integrated into the Home AI.Since about 90% of a lawyers work is discovery then this will alleviate a large amount of their work with ones Home AI drafting multiple legal documents and notes to clients and other individual at once.LawGeex could gain a 92% accuracy rate in interpreting and analysing five non disclosure agreements in thirty seconds while humans had only 85% accuracy rate in 90 minutes.By 2029-2045 through fragmentation and improvements in AI the assistant in the form of ones Home AI or Dike will be able to sift through huge reams of data in a matter of minutes that would be impossible for the human lawyer and would arrange relevant information into folders and subfolders then added into case file.The Home AI secretary will carry out all discovery and sifting of data present in global databases and arrange all data such as emails,texts etc into folders and subfolders and highlight parts that is relevant to their individual case stored in the digital case file.All documents in paper form stored in boxes will be scanned into Themis with all existing digital files transferred here.Couple this with the fact that the amount of crime worldwide will eventually decrease significantly then lawyers themselves will see a significant amount of work done by machines an software leaving them free to pursue.Lawyer offices can be integrated into both communal homes in skyscrapers or at home with computers and smart devices allowing access to law intranets as well as to other colleagues across the world.Ideally though ones office would be ones suite or living room with VR technology allowing one to contact clients in any environment.Eventually private law firms will disappear with those registered to practice law by the state being able to practice law everywhere they will no longer be restricted to the confines of law firms and thus be independent freelance lawyers registered to the state listed in Themis thus allowing them to do their work at offices in their home with secretaries being replaced by software and apps on smart devices including google glasses,ARI sunglasses,holo lens holographic secretaries which can log and record phonecalls,take down notes and mark calender’s,appointments and make alarms and reminders with existing offices housing firms used as homes.This secretary will assist lawyers to perform research,prepare legal documents and any other work done by lawyers that may be too time consuming etc simultaneously.Ones Home AI will take the role of a lawyers secretary and will carry out research for cases,scour through millions of emails and the database of all past cases to sift out and transfer to ones computer relevant data,highlight it and scour through evidence in case files.It will also perform all of the normal work of secretaries and answer emails and phonecalls instantly 24/7,365 days a year managing millions of people at once as well as preparing legal documents and researching and selecting relevant old case files,emails,texts using e-discovery and other software.Lawyers will sift through data in VR simulations using the time dilation effect and meet in a VR office with clients for all meetings.The buildings used to house law firms will be used as homes.Case files and other paper used by the lawyer can be replaced by e-newspaper that stream data from their personal cloud or from criminal,case and client files in Athena,Macaria,Themis, Aesculapius(patient files they have been give authorisation to view) and digital case files in Athena.All case files,data gained by Home AIs and evidence will be read on computers and e-newspapers.All lawyers will be registered to the state and be able to practice everywhere with their being a network in Themis that lists all lawyers worldwide and their contact details ie email,Home AI number.

The same applies with judges being able to practice everywhere and registered to the global state courts.In the case of lawyers mobile Beam robots with monitors and in the case of judges monitors at the bench will allow them to carry out trials remotely in any court from anywhere in the world with VR technology eventually replacing this allowing a lawyer or judge to take part in multiple cases in a day or week around the world from the comfort of their home if they should choose and evidence appearing on the screens of their devies.Jury members will also use this.In time VR technology indistinguishable to reality using the time dilation effect will allow for all participants such as witnesses and jurors to carry out cases from their homes with this allowing judges,juries and lawyers to take part in dozens of cases during the week and also carry out alot of research and communication with clients etc and still attended to friends and family responsibilities.This would also eliminate the notion of money by eliminating the notion of time being the main cost for lawyers etc and will allow lawyers to serve clients around the world with Dike officially managing these cases simulations in any court of any type with existing courts used for local cases.Each court case will uploaded in a digital file in audio visual recording of the case divided by each day logged by date with a list of all jurors present,defence and prosecutor lawyers,defendant and victims name,forensics investigators and law enforcement personal denoted by name and code,the name of the judge who presided over the case,video recordings of court proceedings and judge verdict(audio and visual notes from the judge and jurors on their decision  will be present),audio and text transcripts of the case,audio and visual logs of each of the lawyers/accused/victim/each jury members/judges opinion on the outcome similar to Judge Judy,the sentence,interviews with lawyers/judges/victim/accused before and after the trial and other material on the case with links to any appeals and other related court proceedings.Also included will be the time and date of when it took place and will have its own alphanumerical code listed in a compendium in alpha-numerical order with links inside the court case file to the criminals file and the digital case file containing all the evidence used to convict them with logged by year,month and country.It will be contained in both lawyers and judges own accounts containing all the cases they have worked on for review by future potential clients,an account for a judge containing all the cases they presided over and in a separate folder of the defendants criminal record once they are convicted.Again Automated insights combined with voice recognition software like Siri present in the court AI will write down any text versions of audio/visual logs replacing stenographers during the entirety of the case with this done by the court AI.Court cases involving non criminal cases such as paternity cases,surrogacy cases and adoption cases and other legal cases etc will be given their own sub section within Themis with the persons involved given their own unique legal ID(denoting and non criminal court proceedings they took part) in logged here.Each of these cases will have their own alphanumerical code.With regards to criminal cases they will have a code starting with the number denoting the crime based on the universal penal code and thus grouped together i.e. all murder cases will be grouped under 187 for murder followed by a hyphen and then the unique alphanumerical code denoting when it took place,where it took place and encryptions including genetic based ones and a name relevant to the victim,perpratrator or nickname given by the media or investigators.Non criminal cases will have their own universal numerical code ie. a code for adoption cases, a code for paternity control cases of a minor etc.that precedes the alphanumerical code.Past cases from around the world that are present in internet servers(which will be recycled),databases in courts etc can be transferred via Dike with digital files in databases transferred here with physical papers in courts and law firms scanned by trainee lawyers and members of the public paid money to incentivise them using automated book scanners when the case is on the a conveyor belt with existing recordings of court proceedings of cases in archives or YouTube transferred to them alongside final interviews and other media and they will each be given their own unique generated alphanumerical code for educational purposes,research by lawyers for cases and to allow the general public access to them.All transcripts,audiovisual recordings of all old cases will be logged here alongside the names of the defendants,prosecutors and their lawyers,judges and jury present and all important data such as sentence and jail sent to.The data will be organised into folders and subfolders and thus all data on all past cases around the world will be scanned into this database.These will have their alphanumerical code added.This should be done by 2029 if carried out worldwide.Physical evidence from past cases will be scanned in as detailed earlier on.These will grouped also by year and country.Dike will allow for trainees to perform sociological,criminal and legal research by sifting through these files and digital files researched by trainee law enforcement,military personnel using factors decided by them.Thus Dike will make court clerks redundant.Hyperlinks to the forensics file in Marcaria and also case file of police investigators in Athena will be present.

All past and future court files will be linked to police case file and forensic case files linked to get her in the global Themis,Macaria and Athena databases.Police case and military operation files will contain audio visual logs of law enforcement personnel in the field related to the case ie raids,arrests,interrogations of witnesses and suspects both in the field and in police stations alongside text logs and readings from Voight Kampff machines and neural implants.All evidence and results of from forensics investigators and coroners from the lab and field(including audio visual logs of crime scenes and dissections etc and their analysis) as well pictures made on normal cameras scanned in alongside any weapons,bones,bodies,crimes scenes in holographic form in different layers in the case of bodies will be logged in digital files in Macaria.Holograms and pictures of all physical evidence gathered,simulations of the crime and CCTV footage and all relevant data will be logged here in folders and subfolders.All relevant legal documents,transcripts,emails and psychiatric evaluations will be logged here as well.This will allow the evidence to viewed at home by the jury and judge at home on smart devices and computers as well as important evidence summarised and examined in the courtroom.They will be linked via hyperlinks in both ways to the court file which will contain audio/visual recording of court proceedings and analysis of the sentence by both lawyers,victim and/or their relatives,next of kin and criminal as well as even the jury with all members of the jury listed alongside both prosecute and defence lawyer and the judge.The results of the case will also be logged here.All of this in both files will have the information listed and organised in folders and subfolders.All text logs,results from tests and reports etc will be done by software including those of existing cases uploaded to Themis with regards to new ones this will be done once test results are gained,pictures are taken,videos are uploaded with graphs and charts also generated by software.All court cases will be in three separate but interlinked digital files – one for recordings of legal proceedings and legal documents,one for forensics investigators to hold all collected evidence such as audio,text,photographic,memory recordings,forensic audio visual evidence in digital form including memories from neural implants etc with physical evidence scanned in as a 3D file and one for data collected by law enforcement investigators such as warrants including live recordings of catching suspects/raids from google glasses etc and memories of law enforcement personnel,911 phone calls,memory recordings and audio visual recordings etc of witness and all other material normally collected by law enforcement personnel gathered by law enforcement etc personal.Court case files will contain all data relevant to a case such as audio/visual logs of them,audio visual analysis by judges and jury.The forensics cases will contain all forensic evidence in them with law enforcement cases containing all data collected by law enforcement including warrants including live recordings of catching suspects/raids from google glasses etc and memories of law enforcement personnel,911 phone calls,memory recordings and audio visual recordings etc of witness and all other material normally collected by law enforcement personnel gathered by law enforcement etc personal.These will use the same alphanumerical codes that is the same in all three files that consists of the criminal code ie the code that denotes the type of crime (187 for murder)following the California Penal code system and then where it took place,when it took place and also encryptions including genetic based ones and name based on the victim,perpetrator and nickname given by the media or investigators.The forensics,police operation and court files will be linked together via hyperlinks and the same alphanumerical code with same penal code ie 187 before it separated by a hyphen in Athena,Macaria and Themis subdivided by type of crime ie murder,rape,assault etc that will allow data to be looked over and shared instantly during investigations,trials and after them.These three databases will contain all crimes past and future from around the world with the location of the crime(country,state,region,city/town) and what lab and court was used listed in their specific files.Those of multiple crimes will be listed in both folders and both codes on them and at the behest of the user can allow one to view the entire case(police,forensic,court file) in one macro file.This will allow both lawyers,jury etc to look over any evidence that is presented at any time.These can allow trainee forensic,law enforcement personnel and lawyers to study and perform studies from courts,lab around the with it also used for re-enactments in movies,documentaries and television shows etc

The use of neural implants to extract memories and store them in digital case files to be viewed using VR technology will be used not only for trials in front of Dike,Minos,Rhadamanthus and Aecus but also for all future trials involving low level crimes such as theft,assault,rape,murder etc and infractions of laws set down by public refferendums etc by humans brought before human and AI judges and lawyers and since ones guilt will be already proven at the start of a case it will be in the future up to lawyers to rather than prove or disprove a persons guilt they will be used to prove to the judge and jury why they should be spared jail or receive light sentences in the case of defence lawyers and in the case of prosecution lawyers be used to justify why they should receive harsh sentences.Neural implants by 2029-2035 will be used to extract memories from a person in trial and then saved in biological harddrives where ones entire lives worth of memories will be saved on biological harddrives to be viewed by judges,awyers etc in third or first person VR simulations with AI namely Court AI and Home AI that acts as lawyers assistants sifting through them to see specific memories of relevance presented as audio/visual collages and PowerPoint presentations to prove their points and use in arguments.The original memory scan will be saved on harddrives by Adikia to save a rough copy in the digital case file to compare to edited memories for hearings to ensure that it is the correct one preventing lawyers editing and memories in way that they are faking memories but that they will use bits and pieces of memories relevant to a case and their arguments in hearings.The original rough copy will be used as a means to compare memories used by the lawyers to show the original true events and to highlight instances of tampering memories to distort the truth and will be used by both lawyers and judges to prevent this.Thus a rough copy will be used to show the original memories to judges and lawyers can create a copy and edit these copies in collages and presentations to prove their point.Ampelos will be used to edit these memories with AI in the form of Court AI.Memories will be extracted by Adikia to ensure the real memories and not fake memories produced by the defendant is used.Defendants of all crimes will be proven guilty at the start of a trial with the job of defence lawyers being to convince judges why they should receive lighter and shorter sentences and prosecution lawyers convince them why they should receive harsher and longer sentences.Conventional evidence such as CCTV videos,forensics evidence and other physical evidence will also be used alongside cross examination of witnesses and the person on trial will be carried out to convince judges of the lawyers position on why they should receive longer or shorter sentences reason with memories from them both used.Thus for all instances of all future low level crimes such as murder,theft,rape,statutory rape,assault and also custodial cases etc and infractions of laws set down by public refferendums a person brought before either human judges or Dike will through neural implants extracting memories into digital case files viewed by them as VR simulations will at the start of a trial will already be proven guilty or not guilty with lawyers thus present to convince both Dike and human judges whether their clients should receive harsher or lighter punishments and sentences.Cross examination of witnesses and the person on trial will be done for the same reason with memories from the witnesses also used alongside conventional evidence such as forensics,CCTV footage to be be used by both prosecuting and defence lawyers to further persuade judges of there viewpoint.Cross examined witness will have memories extracted from them via neural implants will be done to authenticate their testimony to ensure it is geniune.Conventional evidence and witness testimony will be provided to persued judges of their arguments.Ones sentences and thus time spent in prison for al future instances of rape,assault,murder and also breaches of laws set down by public refferendums will be determined by judges on a case by case basis based on the severity of the crime ranging from several years,several decades,several centuries,several thousand years,several millions or even billions of years.Severe crimes will involve life sentences without parole will involve one sent to jail forever with no chance of ever being released ever.Thus life without parole will mean one will be sent to jail for all eternity with no chance of release.Courts worldwide can consist of both human judges and AI judges outside of Dike.Those proven not guilt via neural implants will be set free.

This may negate the need for juries although they may be present as witnesses to trials and an official legal authorisation of pre proven guilt.Thus one will be proven or disproven guilty the start of a case due to memories extracted via neural implants and it will be up to lawyers to prove to judges why they should be spared from or sent to normal jails and also why they should receive lighter or harsh sentences.Legal cases such as adoption,wills,destruction and theft of personal property,murder,sexual and physical assault,rape,adoption,stalking,divorce proceedings,legal custody of minors aged 13 and below and similar cases that require legal interference will require court cases to take place where memories may be extracted will involve lawyers defending the viability of legal guardianship,grounds for divorce etc in front of a human judge with Dike referred to repeal and overturn any rulings of all court cases except those made as part of Aeacus,Rhadamanthus and Minos.Judges and lawyers will be required alongside Dike and Heras signature etc to authorise wills,custody papers,divorce and adoption procedures etc.Marriage certs and divorce papers etc in electronic form will require authorisation from Dike and Hera signing them with birth and death certs require authorisation.Memories will be used in all low level crimes and court proceedings with lawyers convincing human and AI judges including Dike whether the person on trial should have longer or shorter sentences in normal jails or the terms of custody as well as dovorcd proceedings etc.Conventional physical and digital evidence and cross examination of witnesses and Voight Kampff machines can still be used to compliment memories.Finger fingerprints and DNA in semen,cells and blood on the site of crimes can via the sentient Medusa software will allow for victims of murders,suspects of crimes,rapists and even witness to a crime to be instantly analysed and determined by this software via it after authorisation from Dike scanning the global patient files thus allowing the owner of fingerprints and DNA to be determined within minutes thus allow for suspects and witnesses to crimes to be found within minutes with Polis determining the identity of people in memories of suspects,witnesses.Said individuals with authorisation from Adikia have their movements on CCTV cameras around the world tracked and them tracked down via Polis containing their name,address,phone number.Memories from neural implants can be used as an alternative to torture with it authorized use managed by Adikia and Dike in all legal cases.This can be used to solve cold cases and also prove or disprove past and future sightings of the supernatural,paranormal,cryptozoological and alien encounters and also prove or disprove crimes of deceased individuals such as rape,molestation,assault etc.The Hague will be used for the most serious crimes with lower level crimes will use national,federal and local courts decided by Dike and Adikia with minor crimes served in lower level prisons and Tartarus and Hades for more severe crimes.VR technology will allow inmates to be able to interact with next of kin and friends for scheduled VR phonecalls overseen by Nemesis in all prisons including Tartarus and Hades with good behaviour and special circumstances of each inmates behaviour prior to imprisonment even in Tartarus and Hades allowing for entire VR holidays in an environment of their choice via the time dilation effect to be experienced with a select chosen few people of the inmates choice at scheduled times ie once a year or every few years.Reform in all prisons including Hades and Tartarus can come in the form of salons,hard labour in preparation of food,VR exercises and sessions either solo or group managed by Metis,Iaso etc.All inmates of prisons including Hades and Tarturas will be by constitutional law will be allowed to vote for elections and refferendums with VR simulations educations them on the issue and them interacting with AU such as Dike etc casting their votes.Human judges,lawyers,jury will still exist with AI since also legal citizens able to hold these positions.Dike will oversee all court cases worldwide and will ensure the rule of law is applied and that race and gender etc do not influence sentences and that all are judged fairly meaning as in certain countries ones ethnicity or gender will no longer mean they will be more or less likely to receive harsher or more lenient sentences than anyone of other races.Dike will herself will be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court forever.All records in all courthouses,police stations,forensics labs worldwide will be uploaded to the Themis,Athena and Marcaria databases to all past court,forensics and police operations cases to be uploaded into single files with hyperlinks linking them to together with this replicated with future ones with physical evidence like photos,bones,shoe prints,weapons etc scanned in as photos and also 3D images with all 911 calls,witness testimonies,texts,phonecalls,CCTV footage and even memories in simulation form will be uploaded to all future ones.

All evidence available will be projected in the centre of a court hall,played on computer screens and using wifi simultaneously playing them on jury,judge and lawyer smartdevices in the courtroom(like augmented reality glasses/lenses,holo lens,e-newspapers or smartphones).Reenactments of crimes such as murders,rapes,assaults etc will be projected in holographic form from holo lens and also smart lenses and glasses worn by the jury,judge,witnesses,victim,accused and lawyers.Furthermore digital files from the police and forensic investigators can also be relayed and streamed via holograms or the aforementioned smart devices owned by the jury allowing to see each piece of evidence as it is presented(allowing them to zoom in on specific parts and rotate it) and simulations and photos of the crimes upclose such as crime scene photos,DNA comparisons,fingerprints,tyre/shoe prints and 3D/2D maps of crime scenes,witness and suspect testimony audio recordings,CCTV footage etc.Thus all jury members,lawyers and also judge etc as well as the defendant and prosecuted will have goolge glasses and also smart devices that allow them to view all material from the evidence case files.As stated earlier VR technology will allow the jury,witness,prosecutor and defendant and judge etc to view the crime in third person or from the point of view of criminals and victims if sufficiently advanced while in court or at home using collected evidence,extrapolations and memories from the victim.Neural implants will allow for witness to a crime including those who are on trial for carrying out the crime to stream memories of events alongside audio accounts of their testimony and allow the police to scan the memories of suspects to crimes(or terrorists) with the correct warrant to remove the need for coercive torture with jury and judge able to enter a VR environment where they can view memories in third or first person perspective as they are logged.This will ensure that the memories produced are as the person saw and heard and not fake memories.This extraction of memories will allow memories that cannot be faked to be stored on biological harddrives and case files to be viewed in first and third person in VR simulations by judge,jury and investigators will compliment conventional testimoney and evidence in all future court cases with warrants from Dike and Adikia.These will be logged into the case file viewed by investigators,judge and jury.Thus by downloading memories into biological harddrives lawyers will no longer be required to disprove or prove ones guilt but rather since already proven guilty why the person in trial should be given longer or shorter senteces.They will also log vital signs such as blood pressure etc into the digital case file.All legal files and relevant documents to a case such as adoption papers,birth certs,psychiatric evaluations and marriage and divorce papers,transcripts,wills,texts,logged phonecalls,emails will be in electronic form and so streamed on e-newspapers and smartpads in the court in relevant cases and logged in the digital file in folders and subfolders.Phonecall records will be listed with the audio/visual records stored here transferred from Iris accounts using warrants.Transcripts,texts and emails will also viewed there with important phrases and words highlighted beforehand by Adonit pens or Dike.All texts and logged audio/visual phonecalls including VR ones will be analysed by Dike and the secretary AIs of investigators and even the forensics lab AI to determine valid ones.Logged phonecalls will be transcribed by Dike and will also be in audio visual form.Wills and testaments will be in both e-form and also audio/visual form for more authentication with them uploaded to ones Themis account with those of existing dead people uploaded to the case files in Themis.A person on their death bed will record their last will and testament in audio visual form alongside signing and e-document with these and death certs uploaded to ones Polis account and legal files for relatives etc with death certs also in ones patient file.All evidence can be streamed from smart devices by the lawyers,jury and judge when they are discussing them privately and also at home with the public even able to do so to form their opinion on them especially when the case is closed and the judges decision is made.Court proceedings can be recorded in audio/visual form and be stored in the digital case files of the proceedings.Televising these cases in full can be done via channels within Pheme devoted to each regions cases to which there must be a global consensus or pictures can be taken of key points in the proceedings can be done by automated drones that can turn 360 degrees and the pictures then immediately replicated as a painting by robots or done by robots on software and sent digitally to the case file and shared with the wider world via news networks and streameable of smart devices and graphene posters.Each court around the world will have a universal statue of Dike on their grounds inside in the lobby for to her highlight her divine to all as per rule of law on behalf of her mother.Ideally those that have one of Themis on their grounds even outside already will be recycled for the universal one of Dike in their lobby or they can be transferred to somewhere else such as the outside while the one of Dike is in the lobby.The operating software Dike named after her daughter will manage and link all courts across the globe.Court AIs that are in charge of each individual courts will have unique avatars,personalities,names etc will replace all labourious work in courts around the world such as clerks,stenographers etc worldwide and will carry out oaths and all jobs and work done by humans except judges which can consist of humans and Dike.They will replace all human work in searching and a arranging data and all past files and court cases into both the building AI and global database in Themis with all existing court cases,legal cases records in paper form scanned into this global databases with all existing digital databases trnsferred to it.This will allow for lawyers to bring up any information when needed.Guards that monitor each court case and the entrance will be occupied by them in biosynths the with them also in separate biosynths or even holograms handing oaths to all witnesses etc present.As stenographers they will intake all audio of all people present and record it as written text with zero error into the digital case file with them also recording the court session as a witness that will record all events via a combination of drones,cameras on tripods and biosynths to record the entire proceedings and record the actions,emotions and testimonies of witness.All other human jobs in courts especially those dealing with drafting legal documents,sorting and organising files etc will be done by the court AI with the only humans present being the judge,lawyers,witnesses and also jury.AI such as Dike can be judged with also being jury members and lawyers.All records in them will be upload into case files in Themis or the building AI depending on their nature.All existing files in law firm offices will be scanned in by automated machinery uploaded to Themis to relevant folders managed by Gaia.Records from all corporations and banks of all types world wide will be uploaded to Themis in a subnetwork devoted to them divided by type and corporation/bank for records as well as retro investigations.Dike will become sentient with her avatar being that of her statue.Landline wireless touchscreen phones will be present replacing conventional phones with the same phone number will be present to allow people to make calls when needed.Holographic receptionists will have their own independent personalities and appearance and they will be in the reception area.Both if them will have legal names and the receptionists will wear the same uniform.An universal statue of Themis will be in the lobby of all courts with her symbol on all robots,signs,machinery,emails and also underneath this statue.Living quarters will added to existing ones alongside luxury refurbishments.All surveillance cameras will be connected to the global database of criminals in Athena but fed into the building AI and will switch to IR illuminator when dark with lights controlled by the AI.Cleaning done the same way in hospitals,public amenities and other buildings with sterilising robots using narrow range UV as it doesn’t damage human skin allowing it to be done when humans are present.

As stated earlier most crimes will become obsolete or decreases in frequency directly or indirectly due to the elimination of scarcity,labour with the need for lawyers in the affairs of corporate mergers and other actions disappearing due to the dissolution of corporations and withering away of the state.Furthermore the role of lawyers necessary for writing up wills may also disappear due to the notion of private property which can be sorted out by relatives themselves and heirlooms may be replicated via automation and 3D printing.These factors will substantially decrease the work of lawyers with the main issues they deal with being mainly murders,sex crimes such as rape,assault,custodial issues of minors etc.As stated earlier existing criminal and terrorist databanks the world over will be merged together into one within Themis and contain:blood type,DOB,DNA fingerprint,fingerprint,sample of voice if possible and other relevant information.DNA and fingerprint databanks the world over ie CODIS will be merged into one global version containing samples from around the world.All courts around the world will have an universal statue of Themis on their grounds ideally the lobby.To prevent fraudulent accusations that can damage a persons persona and image for life police investigations into all suspects of murder,rape,child sex abuse etc will remain anonymous until proven guilty with this applying to all citizens to prevent yellow journalism and trial by media.False accusers if the suspect is not guilty will be named with the acussed remaining anonymous.

Each incarcerated inmate will be given a criminal file that will be put into a file part of police and federal intranets part of a larger network.There will be links here to the court case file and digital case files used to convict them in Athena and Themis.Each criminal and terrorist(including those who have not yet been caught ) that has been found guilty will be identified by their court ID also used in court in their criminal file ID detailing D.O.B,blood type,DNA,fingerprint(in the case of imprisonment)criminal history,audio recording samples of their voices and video recordings of court proceedings and judge verdict(audio and visual notes from the judge on their decision),audio and text transcripts of the case and other relevant information such as if a conviction is overturned or they have been proven innocent of a crime.Also present will the name of lawyers that served them as well judge that they appeared under.Also included will be the same data with regards to appeals and other proceedings as well as date of incarceration,length of incarceration,date of release,how many days,months and years left in their sentence and the code of the case they were involved in as detailed earlier acting as a hyperlink.The list of crimes they are convicted of and those they were accused of and not convicted of will be present using an universal criminal penal code denoting each crime alongside its name ideally modeled after the California Penal Code ie. 187 for murder.All existing criminals in databases and in jails across the world will added to their own files within this global database including deceased ones by 2029 using automated book scanners and also transfer of digital files into universal ones in Nemesis/Athena.

It will also in the case of convicted felons contain all the evidence,DNA,audio visual etc used to convict them as well as any criminal links they have,a biography of where they grew and family history etc. as well as links to the digital case file associated with they crime they are convicted It will also include medical records (and their medical ID)before and during incarceration and history of any applications of shock from shock collars and log of visits(including audio/visual recordings in their digital file) and phonecalls at the jail(audio/visual recordings for iris video chats with the exception being with lawyers.voice authentication software can allow for each call to be allocated to the correct file as well as to discern the person being called).Visitors can be monitored by robots and cameras with the glass separating them from inmates replaced with glass that has graphene in its matrix with conventional phones used for communication and also cameras recording them from the side of the prisoner logged in their file with the audio logged there also.The phones used to communicate with the outside world and also with visitors can be replaced by wireless touchscreens and the audio visual recordings of visitors and phonecalls made to the outside world will be logged in the criminals digital file and recorded.In time VR phonecalls will allow for one to communicate with anyone at home with VR phonecalls will be managed and monitored by Nemesis and logged into their file.

Most of the work in jails can be automated i.e. automated kitchens.Furthermore robotic jail security guards can allow prisoners to be monitored remotely to prevent abuse by prison guards as well as attacks on them with all of their rounds in each jail around the world they remotely monitor recorded.These can allow guards to monitor multiple jails across the world simultaneously through menus or split screens or both with cameras place in courtyards etc. connected to police networks allowing them to also use this method of remote surveillance with facial recognition software and software that can detect chips in leg collars allowing for quick identification of each inmate and T-ray,radar and x-ray scanning technology also allowing for the detection of any smuggled weapons.Ideally jails will have one person per cell.AI will eventually be able to replace human guards.They will be fitted with speakers to allow two way communication and for patrolling robots to detect fights as well as emergencies and intervene.The robots will patrol the jail autonomously but when a person escapes their cell,vital signs are outside normal ranges,detects patterns synonymous with fights or riots it will alert all law enforcement personnel worldwide when such incidents occur in all linked jails worldwide similar to drones in airports and allow any personnel to intervene remotely when they select to do so and control it with all recordings of controlled periods streamed and logged into the personnel digital file and also the jail AI.This will allow them to take action such as activate shock collar(s),call ambulances and use other methods of sedation with advances in AI allowing these to be done automatically.Robotic security guards would patrol all hallways and sections in pairs or with 360/540 degree cameras to ensure their are no blind spots with CCTV cameras focusing on all possible areas all of which will be controlled and fed into the jail AI visible to the public by logging into the intranet giving the public and the jail AI omniscience since linked together and will be coated in liquid glass to prevent dirt affecting their vision.Biosynths will eventually guard all prisons.Biosybths will be able to replace all guards by 2045.

Lights will ideally be CSYS and controlled by the jail AI and cameras will automatically switch to IR illuminator when dark with cleaning done the same way in hospitals,public amenities and other buildings with sterilising robots using narrow range UV as it doesn’t damage human skin allowing to to be done when humans are present.While incarcerated the inmates can have shock collars placed on their legs or arms with a digital lock linked to the robotic guard and the ability to shock them also linked to them wirelessly to ensure they follow selected paths.More humanoid versions can be developed that will have the same 540 degree vision as well as the same ability to pick up humans as RoboBear and all models will use shock collars,rounds of sedatives,tasers to deal with insubordination though in time biosynths with stronger graphene muscles than humans,IR illuminator and thermal vision and zoom features controlled by the prison AI wearing universal uniforms for each type and subtype of prison and symbol unique to them.Each inmate will also wear smart clothing/implants to monitor their vital signs and temperature logged into their patient file and alert health staff to any emergencies(with the inmate name and ID code and location in the jail detailed on a map on smart devices) who will be there in person or through robots(in this case multiple jails and hospitals) conducting scientific studies and monitoring health of inmates i.e. supplying drugs to HIV infected individuals and performing tests to diagnose these diseases and other ones(again with computers connecting to human health networks) all sent in from the nearest robotic pharmacies.The jail cell will also have its own digital locks and these robots can open and close these locks at set times when allowing individuals have meetings with next of kin and health staff etc. or let groups of inmates be released during exercise periods outside.As each collar will have its own unique signature linked to the prisoners ID(which can be wiped out and replaced with another one when have finished their term)and the remote security guard can access a menu with a list of all inmates with names and photos and activate their shock collars individually(via facial recognition software) or selected multiple individuals from a menu or entire groups if any fights occur to end them quickly.In time software connected to both implants,cameras on drones and at key points in the jail grounds and also shock collars will be able to do this automatically when their is behaviour sufficient with a fight taking place.These collars would ideally be wirelessly charged by inductive plates under each inmates bed at night and/or by graphene and quantum dot technology from artificial and natural sources of light.Universal debate will be needed to have serious criminals i.e. rapists,terrorists and murders and repeat offenders have GPS chips implanted into areas of the body that would require skilled surgery to remove in order to track them or have it in an area where removal would cause paralysis or death with it degrading and breaking down naturally automatically in the body either after a set period of time after the end of their sentence or at the command of law enforcement officials using biometrics of superiors as well as Perseus and Adikia and special code should they escape and could release nanoparticles of a sedative(based on their unique height and size to prevent overdosing) upon request of the law officials and Pegasus again using biometrics and unique code or others working in the jail to make recapture even more easier.An option in the networks that control this chip would also have an option to have it degrade within the body upon request again requiring a separate passcode and biometrics upon the prisoners release.Eventually these GPS trackers will become bio-synth versions will in time be able to constantly move around the body similar to how parasites and bacteria move around the human body to make it harder to remove.Ideally all prisoners will be fitted with these to allow Pegasus,Nemesis,Gaia and the AI of each prisoner inside prisons and also if they escape with their bio-compatible microbes engineered with DNA to produce the desired sedative based on their age,gender,height and current weight to prevent overdosing activated by the with this negating the need for the GPS implants to be refilled as the implants would activate the microbes ability to create sedatives on demand by authorities and Pegasus and Nemesis when they have escaped or by the Prison AI and Nemesis to stop any fights etc.Biosynth implants composed of microbes will be able to synthesise natural sedative over and over again without refilling with these constantly relaying vital signs and the prisoners GPS location and since constantly moving would be difficult to remove via human surgeons and would ideally attach to vital organs such as the brain or heart with augmentations like accelerated healing and ability survive without oxygen and immunity to sedatives and toxins removed from their genome to ensure any damage caused by attempts to remove it would be fatal.All prisoners of Hades,Tarturas and normal prisons will have only anti-ageing treatments added with all major augmentations such as the acellerated healing phenotypes,immunity to extreme cinditions removed from their genome during incarceration but added back once they have served their sentence.All prisoners around the world will have a universal uniform worn during their incarceration alongside any remaining staff having an universal uniform and symbol for each type and subtype of prison with both Hades and Tartarus having their own uniforms.

To prevent fights in cafeteria meals can be chosen from a touchscreen on robots automatically visiting each cell prison guard and then delivered by robots similar to Asimo and Tug robots or with caterpillar tracks with graphene eating boards,plates as well as spoons,blunt knives and forks made of tough bio fungal plastic or again graphene that will not allow inmates to self inflict wounds.Used eating boards can be returned to Asimo robots and then returned to kitchens.Meals can be custom made for each inmates diet as required by health staff and nutritional guidelines i.e. allergies etc and made by automated kitchens.Thus all meals will be delivered to inmates in the cells with this allowing cafeterias to be converted into extra cells and all kitchens automated with all food grown onsite with 3D DNA printers present allowing any crop,meat,bacteria based commodites etc to be grown onsite.Meals will be decide by the prison AI and will be varied over the course of the year giving inmates variety and them able to choose what meals to get each day similar to restaurants all kitchens automated.As a result cafeterias can be converted into extra cells and also other rooms.

Medication can also be sent to patients with meals with menus in the touchscreens can also be used for condoms to be sent to them upon request to prevent the spread of STDs such as HIV alongside PrEP and PEP drugs and those to treat HIV and other infections with prisoners also given immunisations and also microbes.Healthcare staff will be replaced by Paean and clinics will be present with Phlebotomy robots,miniaturised surgery,MRI and Xray machines with also automated labs that make tests for conditions with their also home test kits shipped in with Paean interacting through only computers in these clinics.Stairs will be replaced by slopes and elevators can be built into or as extensions on perimeter wall that allow robots to go up each level.Last meals can also be selected this way with it logged in their digital file.If the death penalty is legal then there must be a universal method.

All cells in all prisons worldwide including Hades and Tarturas will be the same uniform size.This could be as big as the Venetian and Pallazo standard 60.387 – 66.8902 square metres but no bigger and no luxury refurbishments but flooring and beds composed of steel and silk bedsheets with an en suite present with a toilet,sink and shower negating the need for communal showers.Cells will contain clothes hangers that will retract downwards under their weight should they attempt suicide by hanging.This size will give them sizeable room to move around.All cells doors will be replaced with automated systems that open and close on demand during transfer.LED lights which will be white/blue lights during morning and day and red light at night to induce sleeping at set hours and alertness in the morning with alarms set at set times in the morning.They will also include self cleaning toilets with liquid glass sprayed on all surfaces,the pipes and miniature showers with built in dryers to prevent prison rape and beatings as well as murders found in communal showers.Both showers and toilets will have UV lights that utilise narrow wavelength UV to prevent damage to the skin of inmates with even the ceiling of the cell having these that bake all surfaces in it to kill all bacteria.Showers will be at set times for all prisoners and a water tank that contains the water for all showers.Each area containing cells will have two tanks supplying both shampoo and bodywash for showers which can be gotten by separate nozzles gained either by a water proof touchscreen or dispensers.The tanks containing these can be routinely filled by robots with sensors measuring their levels with sensors alerting robots when it is low and ingredients ordered in with nanotech fabricators in time making them onsite.Showers will open at a set time(or two set times for cells with two prisoners) with them alerted via countdown as to when it will occur and sensors inside will tell if the person has entered closing the door behind the inmate with showers lasting a set amount of time after which dryers will activate and they will open up and sensors on a foot dryer on the ground outside of the shower drying feet and the rest of the body again for a set amount of time.Extractors above the shower will remove steam with the shower door either metal or pyrex glass with smart glass incorporated and activated for privacy.The shower will close and then all dryers will cease functioning.To ensure that prisoners heart rate is monitored in showers they can have a second miniature piece of smart cloth on a band aid to be placed on their chest so as to allow their heart rate to be monitored while showering should a heart attack or injury occur out of view of robots.Alternatively an implant can be put into their body just under the skin near the heart or major blood vessels upon incarceration that can be removed once their incarceration has finished or be switched off and degrade into the human body at that point.Communal showers will thus be converted into more cells etc.Liquid glass will be sprayed on all of the cells surface including the shower to negate cleaning by staff or inmates and prevent the spread of disease.Graphene paint can be painted onto the bars of each cell to prevent rust and make them stronger with graphene built int he matrix of any windows and glass present in the jail.Ideally all cells will consist of watertight doors with graphene paint for security and privacy.The watertight door will lead into a small mini lobby of the cell with a second watertight door that opens after the firs one closed to allow robots and biosynths through.Graphene paint can also be painted onto all walls in cells to make them extra strong.Windows should ideally be consisting of digital windows that project any environment.Extensions will be used to house more hallways with more cells.All prisoners around the world will have a universal uniform worn during their incarceration alongside any remaining staff having an universal uniform and symbol for each type and subtype of prison with both Hades and Tartarus having their own uniforms.Inmates will be either alone or with other inmates depending on their individual criminal history etc and tendency towards violence and rape.To cater to sexual needs inmates can be provided with adult movies and magazines viewed on smart televisions and e-newspapers.If possible sexual intercourse between inmates will be allowed under supervised conditions especially with inmates moved into the same cells or they will be provided with VR simulations of AI escorts.Otherwise gene therapy will eliminate sexual urges of inmates that will be then be removed and the individual returned to normal sexual drives once released.Prisons can include all male prisons,all female prisons and even mixed gender prisons with them divided into juvinille detention centres and adult prisons for adults aged 14 and older.All prisons world will be remodelled with these features with them first having roof extensions built and then inmates moved to the extensions and then lower floors remodelled.

VR technology will allow for sports and other recreation to be done at scheduled times with this allowing outside areas to be turned into large gardens with flowerbeds,ponds and benches with biosynth guards patrolling them at all times alongside aerial drones with inmates allowed into these gardens at set times of the week or month for a few hours at a time to allow them fresh air by themselves only.Gyms will allow inmates to maintain health and fitness with the same x-ray machines in airports present at the entrances to the gym,areas where they can communicate with next of kin and outside gardens to prevent them smuggling in weapons etc with other automated security features added.These areas will be monitored and camera feeds recorded in the jail AI privy to the public through warrants issued by the courts if it be deemed necessary).Access to gyms will be done on a rotary system to ensure inmates are there alone with their exercises managed by Heracles.Cameras will be placed at key points of all jails around the world and will be monitored by Nemesis and fitted with facial recognition software to monitor the movement of all inmates incarcerated around the world and will be fed into the jail AI and will switch to IR illuminator at night.They may also be allowed to perform scientific research such as agricultural or medical via the wire and internet and on site labs or those in universities and hospitals.Furthermore psychologists(including trainee psychologists) will perform one on one as well group sessions and will hold group salon discussions on the humanities,psychology and behaviour and can be reviewed by trainee law enforcement personnel and by lawyers and judges as it will be stored in their criminal and patient files in both audio/visual logs of the psychologists analysis and recordings of sessions.VR sessions may also be included.They will also have art sessions where inmates will be able to express themselves artistically via their own randomly generated paintings,ceramics done by hand etc without assignments with art teachers and counsellors also giving input and lessons remotely for psychoanalysis via beam robots smartpads/e-newspapers using adonit pens can be used to save on paper and allow for work to saved and edited later on or even in cells.It will also aid in the reform of the inmate and their eventually reintegration back into society.Statues can be milled by hand in one on one solo sessions in specialised rooms to ensure tools are not used as weapons or snuck out with metal detectors fitted into the door into these rooms preventing this with automated turnstiles/gates barring exit of those who attempt this.During these art sessions psychoanalysts can use drones to view each piece independently and offer feedback.This will form part of their behavioural correction and will allow psychologists in analysis of the psyche of criminals and can be used in one on one psychoanalysis sessions and use in their psychological and criminologist studies alongside one on one and group sessions to determine the best means of reforming inmates as well as delving deeper into the psychosis of criminals allowing for a better understanding of why crimes occur and how they can be prevented.In time linked neural implants in both one on one and group sessions can aid in this.VR technology can be used in these treatments.These art sessions,discussions and one on one psychoanalysis sessions can be done by psychologists on site or remotely using beam robots or holograms or remote VR technology indistinguishable from real life to ensure safety and allow them to do so at multiple jails around the world during the year from the comfort of their own home.This would allow the psychologists to meet with multiple criminals from multiple jails around the world for the safety of home in an environment of their choice with out the threat of injury or death with insubordination punished with shocks and other treatments felt by the individual with these monitored by the AI of all jails involved and also Dike as well as Iaso.VR technology will also utilise dream tech that would allow patients to construct environments from their imagination ideally subconscious imagination to allow psychologists to gain a deeper understanding of their patients.This can also allow salons and art classes to be done in an environment of their choice with criminals.Thus psychologists can meet with  dozens of inmates around the world in an environment of their choice in one on one sessions or groups sessions for salons,art classes and counselling involving inmates from around the world from the comfort of their homes.With the consent of the inmates artworks can be scanned and replicated for display in museum exhibits and even downloaded by outside citizens via Dionysus and Apollo with originals kept in their cell or delivered to residence of themselves or next of kin.The same goes for any poetry and literature produced during poetry and creative writing classes held again to better understand criminal behaviour and aid in reform.Salons and art classes and group psychology sessions to ensure safety can be done via Iris on robots or VR technology from the comfort of their cell or in a rec room monitored by drones involving criminals from multiple jails across the world.Salons,art classes psychology analysis etc can be ideally carried out using VR technology allowing for psychologists,art teachers etc to carry them out from home and will be done to all inmates worldwide for psychological studies and analysis of inmates of each specific crimes and AIs in their treatment and rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

Specialised e-newspapers will allow them to download newspapers,magazines and books and other entertainment from Dionysus and Apollo with these and other devices having the latest firewalls limited access to the internet and wire meaning the cannot control aspects of Hermes(they can view it),cannot order anything from Hephaestus, but will have access to controlling scientific labs in vertical farms,universities,hospitals through their networks.It will also restrict their access to internet preventing them accessing forums and websites of know gangs etc but possibly social media sites like Agora with activities including messaging monitored by Nemesis as all sites visited and internet/wire access monitored by this software.Inmates in normal prisons will be allowed access to Agora,YouTube,Dionysus and Pheme to allow them contact with the outside world and keep up to date on what is going on around the world and in time universe.VR programs for holidays including selected next of kin and friends monitored by Nemesis would be done for inmates that exhibit good behaviour and rewards for certain actions in normal prisons.They will be given access to VR simulations overseen by Nemesis that allows to carry out hobbies with AI and other inmates from around the world and universe such as skiing,swimming,hiking,sports etc.This will negate the need for communal amenities and outdoor recreational areas and can allow these hobbies to be done while prisoners are indoors.The type of activities that inmates partake in,the location they take place in and the length of the time dilation effect takes will be decided by and managed by Nemesis.Phonecalls and visits by family etc will be replaced by VR technology with those with good behavior will be allowed to carry VR holidays in tourist spots or made up places or homes etc with next of kin during birthdays,anniversaries etc.All simulations will be overseen by Nemesid to prevent them divulging secrets.All phonecalls will be done in a VR setting for safety reasons and allow Nemesis to monitor them.Emails will be allowed but limited to a set amount each week or month with them monitored by e-discovery,pattern recognition software and Nemesis with attachments such as photos or video files blocked to prevent viruses or malware to be transferred with these emails also passing through encrypted software to prevent hacking etc.These will be saved within special folders for Athena and personnel to analyse each one to monitor communications.Ideally prisoners will have special email accounts within an internal email server named after and maintained by Gaia with it and Athena equipped with the latest code breaking and cryptologist software and language recogniton software that can translate all known languages to decipher any possible codes or messages hidden in emails and paintings.This will allow access to the goings on of the outside world and also contribute to society in productive ways while still incarcerated but prevent them communicating with specific individuals.All inmates will have access to e-newspapers and smartpads to gain access to these wire networks and internet sites with Nemesis and prison AI through fragmentation monitoring all activities 24/7,365 days a year.To negate the need for smart televisions inmates can watch movies,television shows in VR cinemas with snacks by themselves and other inmates with video games played in VR simulations and them able to do vlogs etc in their cell.This will apply only to those in normal prisons with those incarcerated in Hades and Tarturas not allowed access to emails,Agora,Dionysus and Pheme as well as personal VR simulations.The use of and access of the internet,wire such as Dionysus and Pheme etc will be controlled by AI with it deciding the length they allowed its use and what material they are allowed access to depending on each individual inmate based on the type and severity of crimes and also their behavior during incarceration with those of good behavior allowed more access than others with this encouraging good behaviour with those guilty of more severe crimes have more limited access.All inmates of all prisons worldwide including Hades and Tarturas will be allowed to vote in all elections and refferendums worldwide.

If any attempts to break firewalls in these devices are made then they would shut down and alerts be made to officials via the jail AI.If overflowing of prisons become a problem it is may be possible by the end of the century for developments in both computer engineering and neuroscience for VR simulation through neural implants to be directly input into the sections of the brain responsible for temporal perception via implants allowing inmates to experience years possibly even an entire life sentence within in their mind while mere hours or minutes pass in the real world.VR programs will also done on all prisoners to place them in simulations of a blackout and thus a prison break to test both their willingness to help their fellow inmates or even their ability to stay within their prison with other simulations done to test how far they would go to escape or abide by the law and stay in prison with this run by the jail AI,criminologists and also psychologists with results logged in the inmates digital file with other similar tests done on them.These would be done not only for these reasons but also to test security systems and countermeasures to these events should they occur in a VR setting even though all jails especially Hades and Tartarus ones would be of the highest calibre with the toughest cybersecurity and robots composed of the toughest materials.Simulations of all possible situations will be carried to create countermeasures.Wearing of the Paraponera clavata gloves for the ritualistic ten minutes can be used as punishment for insubordination,severe bullying,rape and and other serious offences caused by inmates who do not abide by civil rules in jails as well as those who have been recaptured after escaping with repetitions of it determined based on the severity of infractions with this sentence authorised and monitored by the courts with sufficient evidence for these crimes and infractions.It may also be applied routinely for perpetrators of severe crimes particularly in Tartarus.In time entire sentences may in fact take place in a VR setting either as them experiencing years at a time while mere minutes pass in the real world for minor offences to prevent overcrowding for minor offences or with no time dilation effect allowing them to experience real time simulations to prevent deaths but them inside a compact facility with them intravenously fed water and food while their muscles are exercised by electrical impulses of more serious offences.Only serious offenses will serve sentences without the time dilation effect.

Like police stations jails will operated by an AI linking it to all other jails worldwide and showing the list of inmates in each jail and information such as the length of their sentence,where they are incarcerated,the length of their incarceration left and any other relevant information such as the name and code of officers patrolling the via robots.At first all jails will be operated by law enforcement officials to maintain them with Athena allowing them to do so remotely through gaining control of robots and drones when alarms are sounded with eventually Athena through Gaia will allow all of them to be maintained entirely by artificial intelligence.All jails(minimum to supermax levels) and detention centres etc around the world will have a universal statue of Nemesis on their grounds ideally in the lobby to highlight her role in giving out divine retribution.This will be the name of the software linking and managing all jails worldwide with each jail AI and the receptionists inside having there own independent individual personality,legal name and avatar from other jails with her symbol the whip and dagger as its symbol and it on all signs replacing those on existing signs as well as robots and machinery etc and underneath the statue of her.Receptionists will wear universal uniforms and have separate personalities with Nemesis herself being sentient and its avatar based on its statue.Landline touchscreen phones will be present.All jails will have solar panels,VAWTs and other technologies that will charge generators and batteries that will act as a backup source of energy should a blackout occur for any reason with Nemesis equipped with the latest firewalls and encryptions to prevent jails from being compromised with cameras viewable to the public in real time.Ideally wall Storedot batteries should be able to power essential services for at one to two months.Robots replacing prison guards and other authority figures will prevent any abuse of prisoners by guards and vice versa.Walls surrounding gardens and also the entire perimeter will be composed of self healing foamcrete and have a layer of graphene paint for extra strength with perimeters composing of fences being phased out and in the case of existing jails with fences they will have these walls built around them by automated machinery and then the fencing removed.Extensions to new and existing prisons can be made either on the roof or underground.Walls of the actual jail will also be coated in graphene paint including the interior walls.Jails including existing ones will be organised into wings containing inmates determined by their crime with this and changes arranged by the jail AI.The jail AI will also arrange when inmates will go for outdoor exercise to ensure no fights occur between those who have bad blood with each other with inmates even transferred to other jails at the behest of psychiatrists and the AI which will be logged into their file,Nemesis and the jail AI with the names of all prisoners in each jail visible in the jail AI.To prevent murders those with bad blood will ideally be in separate prisons through being transferred their with paedophiles placed in separate sections of prisons away from other inmates and or in other prisons. Paedophiles will refered to Iaso and also given CRISPR treatments and if possibly cured and shown through both Iaso and also MRI scans have shown they are fully cured they may be released poor given reduced sentences as well as given new identies and cosmetic surgery and monitored online by Iaso for an extended period of time with the same for those that have schizophrenia and sociopathy that may have played a role in their crimes.Each jail will be separated into different sections named after the Greek alphabet(lowercase alpha,beta,gamma,delta etc)based on the crime that they committed or their temperament towards violence determined by the AI.All automated vehicles used to transfer them will be controlled by the same software and will be coated with graphene paint to give them extra protection with ideally them consisting of helicopters,flying vehicles etc that can land on the roof with robotic guards securing their transfer with helipads on the roof of jails.Self charging technologies can be used on these especially helicopters and flying vehicles that would be above the clouds.Old disused prisons and juvenile detention centres can be renovated into homes or into new jails for use decided by the community that surrounds them with cells merged together to make larger bedrooms.Those of historical value such as Alcatraz would be turned into museums after renovated and would be linked to other museums by Daphne and have a universal statue of her in their lobby with ferries and helicopters leading to and from the mainland booked by Daphne with the building having its own independent AI.Their map and rooms would be scanned into Daedalus before renovations.Historical abandoned jails will be renovated into new jails with others like non historical jails,excess maximum and supermaximum security jails will be renovated into communal homes.Those still used will be scanned into Daedalus and they will undergo renovations to make them luxury jails.

When an inmate enters their personal effects will be sent to either next of kin or stored in compartments handled by robots similar to those used in automated hotels.When released they will have another different implants placed into them that can relay their GPS location for a set period of time with this again breaking down on request or automatically.Their photo will also be transferred to the database of persons of interest for a set period of time to track them to prevent them committing crimes with their removal from this database like the breakdown of implants done by authorities and Athena.

With regards to criminals or individuals who are handed down orders to stay a set amount of distance away from their victim i.e.stalkers,abusive individuals they can be implanted with a RFID microchip in the body or shock collar as detailed above which linked to Themis will alert both the courts and the victim if they come within that set distance via an app linking them to the wire and Themis.The link to Themis will also constantly detailed how far they are from the victim in kilometres,metres,centimetres within a network within Themis allowing the both the victim and perpetrator to see that no infractions are made.Infractions will be logged in the perpetrators criminal file by date.RFID chips is used would also have to simultaneously constantly measure the perpetrators vital signs such as temperature and heart rate,blood pressure etc to ensure it is in the body at all times and not removed by surgery at any time as a loophole and could be placed in the hand or leg with the option of also having the criminals smart devices blocked from phoning the victim by software and the universal caller ID built into Iris.Gaia through Hestia block said individual from contacting that person(s) from contacting specific individuals permanently or those of specific demographics temporarily through blocking phonecalls and also emails with her even blocking people who override passwords through biometrics,voice recognition etc on stolen devices.A citizens Athena account will list all court cases they took part in a lawyer,judge and jury as well as all cases they appeared as defendant and accused and their criminal records and jail they stayed.House arrest can be bypassed by RFID chips(which break down after a set period of time or by authorisation) that monitor their location and the global surveillance systems keeping track of them and also their activities online monitored by Athena for a set period of time.Otherwise the shock collars can illicit shock when they leave their home grounds.