Live News

Cataloguing of live news programmes:
All political investigative,documentary and current affairs shows from around the world will be logged in and housed not in Phene but in Dionysus such as 60 minutes including all regional variants in subfolders,Prime Time,Tonight with Vincent Browne,Newsnight,Panorama,Frontline,Would You Believe,True Lives,PBS Journeyman pictures,The Fifth Estate etc logged as far back as possible with them not controlled by state or corporate entities giving producers and presenters full creative control.All future ones will be premiering here from now on.Debate programmes from around the world will also be here as far back as possible including presidential debates for each country logged as far back as possible with those on YouTube transferred here.All of future episodes of these including those set in VR simulations will be livestreamed into their folders and logged there in Dionysus.All programmes from the live stream of all live news stations worldwide ie cultural,nature,human issue,sports,pundit programmes,hourly news from each news station will be logged in their subfolders of the channel by:year,month,week,day and if multiple of them by hour and logged as far back as possible using archives on YouTube and in the stations building so as to allow them to be viewed later and downloaded.All future episodes of these from livestreams will be logged here.Sky Active features present in Sky News and other channels will be relegated to their official website by accessing the website.Newsreels from the early years of cinema that were played in cinemas and nickloadeans especially during wartime that have been survived can be stored in Pheme in the live news section logged by date:day,month,year.This will allow news to be viewed offline by downloading specific programmes logged here with it also allowing Aletheia and the general public able to edit and upload snippets both past and future to YouTube and allow the producers to upload snippets on their YouTube channels.All of these will be allowed to be viewed without regional blocking with all episodes as far back as possible from the stations archives.

Aleitheia will scour all archives of all state,corporate news channels whether one or two hour and 24/7 ones from around the world for all news reports,cultural programs and pundits shows and indeed all shows produced by news channel and also from around the world stored as tapes,digital form,on YouTube and other sites in full to have the digital form transferred into folders and subfolders in Dionysus or tapes put into a series of hi tech VHS tape recorders to be analysed and then transferred into relevant folders and subfolders logged by year to day for each programm which can be done by robots or human staff doing so and to speed it up multiple tapes but into multiple VHS recorders where Aleitheia will analyse them quickly and then put into proper folder by type of program and date in Pheme and Dionysus.If possible an automated conveyor belt system where tapes are a belt and then put into a machine automatically to have it read,then removed and put into a bin or collection space with the tape read for the date and type of show with the videos kept in storage or recycled.Staff either existing or and each state or corporate live news stations around the world will be paid to do this in large teams to put tapes in to VCRs connected to computers and then Aleitheia even proto versions in fragmented form will arrange each tapes contents into the proper folders and subfolders based on the time and date on the records and the tape itself with any markers etc removed by AI.AI will help them arrange material into their proper places.CEOs of all news stations both 24/7 and one or two hour ones will pay employees money to scour through digital and VCR records for all episodes as far back as possible with AI scouring the internet for these.AI can work alongside them to alleviate strains.Neural implants used by the general public worldwide and anchors presenters themselves will be used to stream all of them worldwide from memories.If done globally live 24/7 news shows and regions,state etc ones that last an hour or two from around the world divided by type can be catalogued completely as far back as possible by 2029 holding programmes as part of state channels and live news as far back as possible from around the world in their folders and subfolders with missing ones searched for or checked for on YouTube or the news stations online website and websites that hold backlogs.All existing news programmes that last only one or two hours or even less will become 24/7 ones with their own set of programmes such as sports,pundits,hourly news,cultural and human interest programmes with them having reporters reside across the world and producing cultural and human interest programmes,pundit shows and hourly news on events across the world that will give perspectives on issues and events taking place across the world from the perspective of the country or state they are based in ie RTE News which is based in Ireland becoming a 24/7 news station can have reporters across the world bringing events that happen across the world to its Irish viewers and have pundit shows that give the pundits perspective and produce human interest and cultural shows around the world from an Irish perspective with the same applying to those that do so for other countries ie The National doing the  same but from a Canadian perspective and so on and will be logged into Pheme and livestream here from now on.Sky News,BBC and other 24 hour news can have there own pundit shows added.All news reports found only on YouTube will be transferred to Pheme once updated to 720/1080p.All live news programmes etc from all live news stations from around the world will be backlogged as far as possible and livestream on Pheme allowing one access to all news stations from around the world and thus allowing one access to news that is happening everywhere with the sentient Coeus translating all text and audio in real time including those logged in Pheme.By this point all background staff and all cameramen will be replaced by AI namely the building and in time receptionist AI.Live news programmes of all types ie hourly news,cultural,pundit etc will also have summaries with older ones have them added by AI with the summaries denoting what was discussed,investigated and also the breaking news reported and what pundits,guests,anchors were present.The length of the piece ie pundit show etc will be present.

Thus all 24/7 and state and channel specific live news shows and channels from around the world will be transferred to Pheme in their own section with the sentient Coeus translating them allowing one to get news from around the world and also their native countries and even cities or state one when they are on holiday or moved home.All one hour and 24/7 live news programmes from around the world will livestream and be logged on Pheme from now on.All past episodes of all programmes of both one hour and 24/7 live news will be logged here as far back as possible with them divided first by the channel,then programme(pundit,hourly news or those of at least a set period ie midnight to noon and then noon to midnight of the time in the country where they are based,sports programmes) and then date by year,month,week and day.State or corporate ones that are only one or two hours a day from around the world like The National,PBS Newshour,RTE News Six-One,WXYZ-TV News will be logged by date as far back as possible and will livestream and be logged here instead of on official websites,YouTube and satellite and cable services.Each live news stations around the world will be managed by an AI receptionist including existing and new ones set up with these managing the inflow of information,feeds,fact checking,phone calls etc.They will be filtered by country,state,city etc and also genre.As a result of this cable and satellite providers and their satellites in space,dishes on homes and boxes in living rooms will be be made defunct and recycled with those used to transmit live programmes and recorded ones to satellites also recycled since all shows of all types will be livestreamed here or uploaded here.Dishes on the headquarters and stations of corporations and state providers of live news channels will be recycled too since all media will be livestreamed and logged into Pheme and the fact that in time VR technology will be used from now with the headquarters of them and also the satellites belonging to them and dishes and boxes etc in homes also becoming defunct because of this.Whole livestream programmes of shows like The Young Turks,Democracy Now etc will be logged here in Phene and snippets left on YouTube.Those in archives and on YouTube will be transferred here with their YouTube channel possibly having snippets.All one hour news programmes and 24 hour stations and their programmes from around the world will be logged here as far back as possible in folders and subfolders and full livestreams here in the case of 24 hour news channels all programmes such as cultural,pundit,documentaries,hourly news will be logged in folders and subfolders with all past episodes of these logged as far back as possible.The same can be applied to 24/7 live news stations with these logged by day for each program ie pundit,human/cultural/nature shows shows,hourly news etc after they have finished on the livestream visible within the subfolders of that channel here logged back as possible.By 2029 onwards all past live news programmes from across the world will be uploaded into Pheme subdivided into channel and show of them then subdivided into year,month,week and day.Those from all allied and observed alien races will be uploaded to Pheme .All future live news shows from around the world and universe will be uploaded and premiere in Pheme .

Creation of new live news stations:
YouTube can act as a vehicle wherein individual pundits,commentators and interviewers can carry out extra work,segments or or just podcasts that within studios based at their offices or at home using video conferencing and miniaturised versions of technologies used in larger studios in homes,community buildings via extensions and can act as a vehicle for new presenters can begin their careers and send it in as a portfolio.Greenscreens can be used in home studios or VR technology used to project any environment they wish allowing for budding and well established pundits newscaster work from home with talk show hosts and journalists especially budding ones also using a home studio to carry out all or some of their work in home studios with both existing well known and budding news stations employing AI newscasters.VR technology will allow for people to meet with guests etc in their own environment.In time VR technology will allow for studios to be created by scratch,anchors and guests work together on opposite sides of the world and it livestreamed and logged into folders of Pheme with any environment created.Journalists,pundits etc both established or new will be able to produce their own investigative programs separate from their parent news channel but still logged in relevant folders and subfolders in Pheme thus giving them complete creative control.This will allow them to do work from their home studio or booked ones as well as in time VR technology livestreamed into Pheme as well as ones computers for editing and continue even do independent work in any environment with people around the world within their own macro folder if they are fired from their network or separate from it doing their pundit,interviewing and investigative work with full creative control with beginners doing their own independent investigate programs added to their folder.All they would need is to set up a network and have a studio with VR technology allowing them and interviews etc to do the work from each others homes.This means that even newbie journalists,pundits and talk show hosts can easily start their own new shows from the start using networks and VR technology with relative ease and allow well established ones to continue their own independent work separate from their parent news channels with both having full creative control even when controversies occur.Newbie and well established interviewers and talk show hosts will be able to interview any celebrity from around the world from home in any environment using VR technology to allow both parties gain exposure with the sentient Coeus breaking the language barrier.Talk show hosts and also interviewer and investigative journalists will be able to start careers as early as possible and last long as possible with VR technology meet with any celebrity in an environment of thir choice from home with any audeinece members also attending in these simulations from home allowing millions to attend in multilayered simulations.Home studios for both beginner and well established live news,recorded news,interviewers can also be integrated into communal homes or private home extensions in rooms devoted to them or even in community centres with soundproofing set up with this allowing for new news stations to be set up by the public with automated cameras,drones also allow for them to have on site reporters for reports on the scene for local to global news stories with like major news stations having reporters based in cities around the world with the networking system allowing them to send live feeds of reports and use Ampelos to edit recorded programmes and have them analysed by other members of the station through laptops meaning new and existing news stations to not require headquarters across the world with these networks allowing for live feeds to be transmitted and also allow for group Iris chats to debate programmes and other issues from home or on the field.As stated earlier VR technology will allow one to easily set one up in their rooms or apartments and private homes without extensions with these studios if they already exist converted into other rooms with the interviee connected from their own home.Alerts to new stories will be directed to journalists from Perseus and other parts of the wire to Alethiea giving them right of way and the quickest route to events.Extensions on the roof and underneath buildings used for existing stations,areas cornered off that housed defunct staff replaced by the building AI will allow for new news stations to be set up alongside new buildings designed on Daedalus.All new and existing state and corporate 24/7 and even daily evening time news programmes from around the world will be within Pheme with them run independently by those that run them with them streamed live via the wire on all electronics giving people access to news stations that satellite and cable companies would limit them to not having.Region,station,state or country specific news programmes that last for at most an hour or two and have one or two showings at specific times from around the world will have their own folder for each days main news programme where they will be livestreamed,stored and organised by year,month,week,day and logged as far back as possible in subfolders for that specific channel with any old episodes in archives and YouTube transferred here to their logged folders by these time periods as far back as possible.This can include The National,PBS Newshour,The Hill,RTE News Six-One,WXYZ-TV News with defunct ones restarted.In time these shows will be separate from the channel they appear on giving the presenters full control and due to having more presenters,correspondents will allow them to cover news events from around the world.Defunct ones will be logged as far back as possible.In time countries,states or regions that have no 24/7 news channel could set up one within studios in communal buildings.Existing one or two hour state and channel specific news channels around the world will have all episodes also logged here as far back as possible from their archives that have them divided by year,month,week and day before being turned into 24 hour channels with them livestreamed and logged into subfolders for each program.Schedules for them will be labelled in their folder and in time the fact that they will be logged into Pheme and not defunct corporate and state stations.Archives and in corporate and state headquarters around the world will be scoured by AI.CEOs of all one hour and 24/7 news stations around the world will have paid staff and AI to have all past episodes of both 24/7 live news and one hour state,region news transferred here logged back as far back possible via using computer digital archives and also scanning in tapes put into cassette players linked to computers linked to Pheme.All cultural,nature,human issue,sports,pundit programmes,hourly news from each news station will be logged in their subfolders of the channel by:year,month,week,day and if multiple of them by hour and logged as far back as possible.This will be done to preserve them forever for historical purposes.Political investigative,documentary and current affairs shows from around the world will be in Dionysus such as shows like 60 minutes including all regional variants in subfolders,Prime Time,Tonight with Vincent Browne,Newsnight,Panorama,Frontline,Would You Believe,PBS Journeyman pictures,Democracy Now,The Fifth Estate etc logged as far back as possible with them not controlled by state or corporate entities giving producers and presenters full creative control.Debate programmes from around the world will also be here as far back as possible including presidential debates for each country logged as far back as possible with those on YouTube transferred here.Live specific programmes created by these channels will be streamed into their folder under their genre alongside those from around the world when they take place and logged in their folder.Other human or nature interest series and documentaries within these channels will be in their own folders logged as far back as possible.These will include news programmes,documentaries and stations that have episodes on YouTube such as RT Full Show etc which after old episodes and programmes of all types of shows they produced transferred to their folders in Pheme will premier in subfolders in Pheme under their channels macrofolder in the future in full without small sections cut up to produce snippets as only full episodes will be here though these snippets may be uploaded to the show YouTube with older episodes on YouTube etc transferred to Pheme and the videos of full episodes deleted and the URLs recycled.The same will be for those created and part of live news stations with those that are created by non news corporate and state channels will be Official YouTube channels for news stations will contain only contain snippets of programmes and livestreams organised by producers or in time Gaia with this even applying to the Aletheia channel with documentaries created by news stations within subfolders alongside other programmes produced by them including pat ones transferred from YouTube and other sites.Defunct live stations will be restarted by new or old presenters.Journalists will be able to produce their own work such as documentaries,cultural programmes and interviews in a freelance manner outside of the station they work for or even completely done independently stored in their own folder with them able to film and edit them using both automated cameras,drones and Ampelos on personal laptops etc with this on Pheme.This will give anchors and reporters extra work in their spare time on days they are not working and will allow them to carry out passion projects in their own macro folder with them being done by them having complete control over the content regardless if it is unpopular due to the current political climate.Documentaries and pieces by journalist etc can use VR technology using the time dilation effect to create programmes that are replicas of the real world to create multiple pieces and interviews at once.Both onsite reporters and anchors can work on other media in their spare time such as movies,video games etc and work on podcasts in their spare time and can freelance for multiple live news stations at once and also freelance for multiple magazines and newspapers using networks etc with each live stations on the site reporters not only freelancing for multiple live news stations at once but them all living in different towns,cities and villages around the world allowing them to report on events that occur everwhere with this applying not only to 24 news stations but one hour news stations and allow one hour news stations become 24 hour ones that report on global events in towns cities and villages around the world allowing for each station to become global news stations that give different perspectives on events occurring across the world.By having on site reporters living in towns,villages and cities around the world it will allow them to be on the site of any new stories with them freelancing for multiple or even all news stations allowing this.Home AI will be instantly alerted to stories via it being alerted by Aleitheia on all major events and it put into contact via her to any receptionist AI of any live news station instantly.If possible blank biosynths controlled by neural implants and VR suits and smart clothing that is linked to the internet and wire will allow one to instantly arrive at the scene in any country to make reports of events taking place around the world with this also allow them to do so onsite of dangerous places and events ur war zones,natural disasters etc.These would be biosynths that have no conciousness with live feeds from the biosynths nervous system,ears and eyes fed into their brain and them controlling them via neural implants or by entering VR simulation of the real world with all sensations and live feeds from the biosynths nervous system,ears and eyes fed into the human users brain thus allowing them to work in areas too dangerous to them.The lack of corporate hierarchies will allow them to have complete control over the content of programmes they create with them even doing work for several news stations at once without contracts,freelance work etc.VR technology will allow interviews etc to be done in any environment of their choice with both the interviewer and person interviewed working from home.Interviews of politicians,celebrities can occur in any environment with talk shows and debate programmes also set inside these with all audience members present in them with guests also using the technology.Interviews would have the presenters and guests as well as audience members in the environment with audience members also being at home.Talk shows and debate programmes will be in this environment allowing for people to attend from home.All talk shows and debate programmes will be filmed in VR simulations that allow all presenters and guests work from home and allow audience members to be present with it managed by an AI that runs the show with this allowing for studios to be converted into communal homes and also allow an infinite numbers to be set up.In time VR simulations allowing for them to be used for this fed into ones devices and networks allowing those in the real world to be renovated into other uses.Thus when VR technology is possible studios for live news,talk shows,debate programs etc can be allowed to be turned into communal homes as well as an infinite amount of them will be created instantly.

New technologies will allow for the newsroom backrooms to be replaced entirely with software creating new software from existing feeds from the wire again from e-notebooks from journalists in the field.This information will be fed directly into google glasses or augmented reality google contact lenses(utilising graphene to project information) and in time neural implants replacing teleprompters and human operators with wireless earphones also used to get reports in from sources with wireless earphones also used by onsite journalists and interviewed guests from around the world.Interviewed guests can perform interviews using 1080p cameras on smart devices on tripods or webcams on computers and laptops that link to the news network via Pheme from the comfort of their own home and as stated use wireless earphones to form two way communication interacting with their own devices with theme able to choose either their home or even a wide selection of environments from Artemis and Hephaestus cameras placed on atmospheric poles.Environments created from scratch can also be here in a VR simulation.This could could apply to all types of shows cutting down on energy costs and to allow multiple guests to join in possibly in the realm of a dozen

AI of all type including Gaia,Paean,Aleitheia,Adriadne,mayor and governor AIs,Perseus,receptionist AIs,factory and other buildings AIs will appear in their human form and will be in live flow similar as normal human beings against an VR environment of their choice.They will also appear in their human avatars for talk shows and debate programmes as well as acting in movies,television shows in VR simulations.Instead of having of having human and AI guests reporting from home using Skype etc they can instead use VR technology to appear in any environment of their choice and also if possible appear in the same studio as the anchor with them appearing in a set of any environment similar to talk shows to discuss things in person.

The building AI with its independent personality,avatar and name will manage the inflow of callers for all types of live programs using Aletheia with their being a receptionist and statue of Aletheia in all lobbies.Feeds coming in can be merged with Wordsmith to run these contact lenses teleprompters with managed by the building AI with the receptionists being able to organise emails,texts,contact relevant people via the phone and get relevant extra information from the internet and wire as well as managing all drones,cameras,machinery and vehicles used by journalists replacing all humans in the background that collect and analyse information and do other work allowing computers there to be recycled.In short within the next the 5-10 years it may be possible for all work done in the background of news stations be done entirely by software part of the building AI that controls news feeds,cameras,ticker tapes,control of guests and all machinations of the network leaving the only human work being done by presenters and anchors etc with these areas that house staff that deal with the background workings of the station turned into living spaces once cornered off by glass or walls and even new studios for other programmes and news stations with the same applying to areas devoted to defunct business programmes.

Until it is sufficiently advanced networks can allow these people to work from their homes via networks and receive alerts via codec technology and Iris constantly linking them to colleagues and anchors,connection to cameras that record the news and those place in key rooms as well as them choosing to connect to the smart contact lenses and glasses of colleagues in the place and attend meetings via video conferencing.Cameras will be coated in liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning.Computers here will be recycled with retail outlets converted into gardens to grow hydroponic food for automated cafeterias with coffee machines.The restaurants and coffee retail shops would be converted into extra studios etc or be the universal brand managed by Hebe and the building AI.If possible retail outlets and areas where background staff work cornered off with sheets will also become living quarters such as luxury hotel style suites with en suites for any remaining anchors and even news reporters.Hydroponic and soil potted fruit trees can be dotted around halls,studios and other rooms with studios for live news and all media having growing rooms that rear in vitro meat,fish,shellfish,bacteria commodities and hydroponic crops to supply in store universal brand restaurants and coffee rooms with food with even.These and other obsolete rooms such as offices will become living spaces ie living rooms,bedrooms or even hotel style suites for journalists,reporters and anchors as well as allowing more studios for other news stations,programmes to be created.They could also be turned into pools,jacquizzis,spas etc for them to relax after stressful days.Extensions can be added overtime to allow one building house the studios of multiple news stations or the different regional franchises of each one.Studios could be shared for different programmes and different channels.Anchors,interviewers,journalists and presenters will use e-newspapers/smartpads and Adonit pens to stream any relevant documents saved on notepad apps they need rather than paper.For news stations and any remaining radio stations as well studios of live news discussion programmes etc that use their headquarters holographic receptionists(wearing a universal uniform) replacing real life ones and landline touchscreen phones will be found in the lobby and an universal statue of Aletheia will also be in the lobby including existing ones.These remaining buildings AI especially live news and/or radio stations will have their own separate individual personality,legal name and avatar with the same applying to the receptionists wearing an universal uniform with a landline touchscreen phone with cleaning done the same way as other public buildings using UV robots that use narrow wavelength UV that does not damage human skin so as to allow them to be done with people there.These will manage the inflow of calls,emails,information,control cameras and equipment etc replacing all human staff other than anchors and reporters etc.The operating software of all of these buildings will be Aletheia with them controlling the inflow of reports,drones,cameras,machinery and automated systems etc.The AI will control cameras,robots and other functions with Ariadne itself being sentient while it manages them and all operations within Dionysus with it avatar based on those found on ancient vases.Cameras in these buildings will be fed into the building AI but linked to databases of missing persons and criminals in Athena.Automated gates that read voice reading from passengers,digital keys from the onboard computers and also readings of licence plates and people inside via surveillance camera again linked to Athena will log who has come in to take stock,announce arrivals and also can be used in police investigations and alert Athena to the location of people of interest.This will replace all security guards with security robots also present.Paper records in these buildings All existing newspapers,magazines,radio stations/programmes and news stations from around the world alongside new ones will be transferred to and work within networks within Pheme to make them more readily available to the global public and easier to allow new people to join and manage work more efficiently through the network system with all future video games,television shows and movies made using these also.Home studios can be created using rooms within private homes or communal homes or community centres for use in live and recorded news,pundits,interviews,audio visual podcasts with greenscreens allowing one to choose from an infinite amount of backgrounds including those from Brauron including live feeds with the backgrounds designed by the public and AI and stored in the networks for each media allowing them to be simply clicked with a mouse.Advances may allow for this to be done without greenscreen with this technology for making backgrounds integrated into Ampelos.These can also be used to store studios for voice actors of video games and movies as well as musicians etc using soundproofing.Ticker tapes onscreen and summaries of reports on online version of a news station can be organised by Aletheia and the the building AI wordsmith interacting with the wire with it interacting with,YouTube,Mediamatters,first hand sources and Politifact and other sources and watchdogs on the internet and wire to correct any false statements in real time by anchors during reports and guest segments as well as during debate programmes and live rallies and press conferences which will appear as either a separate ticker tape or at the behest of viewer as bubbles on the screen or linked smart devices such as smartpads,smartphones and e-newspapers or Gaia itself interacting with the viewer with the real facts with this feature also applied to YouTube as a feature for viewers when viewing old and new videos online with Gaia itself having its own YouTube channel devoted solely to house videos exposing the validity of major claims by the media both live news and print and politicians and public figures such as celebrities during live news,debates,rallies and political programs named Aletheia.These alerts will be in real time following the universal colour coded system blue denoting completely true,yellow denoting some inaccuracy,green denoting half true and red denoting completely false with it also applying to quote mining and the taking of words or articles out of context and software within Pheme and the rest of Gaia and can be integrated into YouTube and downloaded onto smart devices(including smart televisions and e-newspapers),computers and laptops will be named Aletheia after the greek deity of truth.It will in time become the core of these sites even replacing them and all media watchdog groups entirely and can also aid people on the internet to verify the veracity of claims and sources of information and news when checking news and other information online as well as when reading newspapers,magazines,political books etc as it will become part of the Gaia search engine replacing all existing ones.It will also can be downloaded on e-newspapers and when reading science fiction,biography,political books highlight points that show the aforementioned types of falsehoods as passages highlighted and clicked to show video clips or bubbles and when on smart devices including smart televisions do the same for media streamed on Dionysus and when viewing websites with again highlighted sections clicked on or touched when downloaded onto smart devices and computers including laptops from Hephaestus.This software Aletheia will replace Watson in all of Pheme in the management of news stations and newspapers world wide and all operations inside and outside of Pheme and will become sentient and her avatar based on her statue.Thus it will ensure all sources of news stations(including those that discuss news rather than report) are truthful and rate them on a percentage scale for reliability based on the aforementioned falsehoods over days,weeks,months,years,decades etc and overall rating changing in real time visible within their folders within Pheme with the same applied to magazines and newspapers with the amount of instances blue to red also tallied overall and as a percentage of the overall amount also tallied.It will rate news stations overall as well as individual programs(their episodes) and possibly even presenters with it including past programmes.

Automated cameras that focus on the newscasters and start on cue with visual cues such as countdowns sent to the newscasters and on site reporters lenses will soon replace camera men and further software advances in the building AI will sort out live feeds,audio/visual live interviews and cuts to breaks again with visual cues sent to the lenses of the newscasters,interviewed guests and reporters with it automating the process switching back and forth between news anchors,reporters and interviewed guests as well as the turning off of cameras which can be done by audio cues or phrases spoken by newscasters as part of the program.This can apply to the recording of live talk shows and investigative and debate programs.On the scene reporters will use multiple drones to report news.One will replace camera men while others will provide live aerial views of the scene replacing news helicopters which can switch between automated flight that can lock onto to specific events,places or people and remote control which can run alongside live news feeds with others developed to go underwater to gain insights into any news developments on the exterior of boat and plane crashes as well as underwater cities.They will be covered in liquid glass to prevent dirt and water such as rainwater affecting them.As stated earlier this may even include natural disasters,police and military operations,warzones,rallies etc. via drones or feeds from the google lenses and glasses worn by different military and law enforcement personnel with access gained by Gaia using both Aletheia and Dike.Otherwise small automated cameras that can be folded to fit into vehicles can be developed that in time will exit them via retractable slopes by themselves connected to robots and any sound equipment will be automated by robots with drones also stored in these.Drones that cover events from the air will be autonomous controlled by AI or camera in the station headquarters and can one to film live events taking place any where in the world remotely.These vehicles that transport journalists to scenes will be able to gain the right of way in traffic to travel quickly to the scene of events with them registered to their station building AI.In time flying vehicles and helicopters that can bypass traffic and transport one over large distances especially if private ones or those belonging to the network.Contact lenses that record scenes could be used by investigative journalists to do expose stories and undercover operations into criminal gangs with them using insider double agents and also hired helpers and law enforcement personnel to infiltrate gangs and also state entities with Gaia,Adikia and other AI helping out and using the dark web and also revealing relevant data that could be revealed to the public without putting the state or public in danger or in compromised state.Like magazine and newspaper journalist exoskeletons,sensory suits,Beam robots,Virtuix Omni Treadmill and neural implants can allow reporters to control robots,drones and even blank bio-synth bodies modelled on themselves or custom made designs to protect anonymity to do live and recorded reports and even programmes on any location on earth including warzones,natural disasters and areas restricted by the government or army from the safety from their home with firewalls used to protect anonymity with metamaterials also used.These technologies interacting with their nervous system will allow for full immersion with regards to pain,temperature,climatic conditions etc.Viewable in e-newspapers which can allow the reader to switch between different drones and live news feeds on the aforementioned events.This can be remote controlled on spot or remotely from the news station HQ from the other side of the world with google glasses and lenses in the reporters and newscasters eyes allowing them to view and comment on the live feeds from these aerial drones while reporting and thus communicate with the person(s) controlling them remotely(either directly or through implants or using implants to control them by thought)with them switching between multiple drones showing multiple angles of a scene or multiple scenes in an area or different areas around the globe eventually they will be come autonomous with the viewer able to control which drone their e-newspaper,smart device or smart television views through their own personal settings and controls within the device.Smart lenses will also for live feeds to be chosen by viewers from the journalist point of view.Weatherpersons will be inevitably be replaced by AI taking in readings from Theoi Meteroi which can give persons reports on all areas of the world with it ideally being a personification of Theoi Meteroi itself being an amalgamation of all sub sectors of Theoi Meteroi with different entities serving different stations at different times of the day,month or year.These include all members of the Nereides,Naiads,Leimakids,Aurai and Nephelai in Greek mythology.All cameras and drones used will be coated with liquid glass to prevent the need to clean them an prevent rainwater affecting them.By 2045 the sentient Theoi Meteroi will have complete control of the worlds climate and weather and will plan out the weather and climate on local to global scales over years,decades,centuries etc with the weather for each day on local to global scales over these timescales visible to the public via weather reports on news channels and radio stations and online websites relayed by the dozens of AIs that of which Theoi Meteroi is an amalgamation of.

Eventually newscasters,weather forecasters may be replaced either by physical biosynths or AI using VR technology..Forecasters will also be replaced by each and every one of the sentient AIs that make up Theoi Meteroi.A newstation set up and managed by Aletheia(also its name) in the form of app on smart televisions and devices within Pheme may allow one to have their own news program on their smart devices and computers to deliver unbiased and factual news and weather reports made with customized news rooms.The newscasters can be Aletheia herself using her own avatar as well as Gaia with it linked to the sentient Theoi Meteroi which will create weather forecasts on local,regional,continental and global levels again with the weatherperson also designed on Dionysus or being that of each sentient individual within Theoi Meteroi showing the visual progressions of weather systems and allowing one to get any report from any part of the globe.Advances in AI will allow it as well as Gaia give their own takes on issues as pundits and conduct interviews with guests and people on the scene of events through drones and robots with other independent AI playing the role of onsite photo realistic CGI or bio synth reporters with other programmes on the network such as human interest,cultural and nature based ones etc.This on smart televisions would provide live news feeds while on them and on smart devices it would allow one to chose events from around the world for the AI newscaster to cover and detail interacting directly with the viewer personally with this possibly doing so on smart televisions.With the formation of a global civilisation global news stations and newspapers may inevitably form gathering news,journalist,anchors and stories and localised issues from around the world rather than just being region specific with possibly the Aletheia network being this.Thus a global news station and newspaper both named Aletheia managed by AI namely the sentient Aletheia will be formed.

VR technology will allow all existing live news stations to be filmed in VR studios allowing existing studios to be converted into communal homes,allow anchors etc to work from home with people across the world.It will also allow an infinite amount of live news stations to be set up.Receptionist AI will control all in simulations cameras with them also still carrying out all functions of background staff such as ticker tapes,incoming calls etc.The time dilation effect may not be used.Reporters on the scene of news events will be still working in the real world either through recording material and it then it edited into the news report.For live reports reporters will still be working in the real world while anchors will work in simulations with receptionist AIs linking the two together. Countries with no 24/7 news stations can have new live news stations that are 24/7 ones set up or can have existing one hour news programmes be turned into 24/7 news stations.Them having new anchors as well as journalists and correspondents around the world will allow them to function as 24/7 ones logged in the same way as 24/7 ones with their own programmes such as sports,cultural and pundit shows as well as hourly news.To fill in extra time they can cover issues in all countries across the world with reporters and anchors,correspondents living permanently in each country.They can also have new sections and features such as entertainment news covering new movies/television shows etc and that on celebrities and also video game programmes and science and technology,culture,human issues,environment.They will also have political pundit programmes similar to Fox News.If possible those on science and technology,environment,entertainment etc can be made by the same station but as separate programmes that are made daily or weekly etc that are filmed and uploaded to a sub folder in the stations folders.,TG4 News,RTE NEWs,BBC NEWs and other one hour news stations around the world will become 24/7 news stations with them hiring new anchors and reporters.They will report on news occuring not only in their own country but also across the world by having reporters that live in countries across the world that live their and have human internet shows,pundit shows etc with them hiring dozens of new anchors and journalists.Existing 24/7 news stations. In time 24/7 news stations including new and existing ones will franchise across the world for to cover all news specifically in that country with the same political spin and anchor personalities from each region ie RTE NEWs,Sky News,CNN,Fox News can have spin off channels for each continent ie CNN Ireland,CNN Japan for every country across the world alongside Sky News America,Sky News Ireland,Sky News Japan etc with their one for each country across the world this can be done for the BBC News with the same going the others.These will cover news in each country with presenters from each country and cover news from that country and their native country wuth human interest shows,pundit shows from each country.Once interstellar travel occurs then it may be necessary for each planet and colony across the galaxy including Mars,Venus and all colonies across the universe to have their own franchise of these including one for each country continent one for each galaxy in the universe.Each state in America will have live news stations for each state and also each city,town and city to cover local snd state news and also local news with news anchors and their reporters could work for multiple live news stations at once and also magazine and newspapers using VR technology and computer networks. All news stations can have anchors working in studios within VR simulations and on-site reporters working in the real world with the receptionist AI controlling the linking of the two.The Receptionist AI will control drones and cameras in the real world.They will also answer phone calls from the public and newsfeeds from Aleitheia.The live news will be filmed in VR simulations showing the person similar to existing ones with the VR technology allowing them to be filmed in any environment such as jungles,alien planets,medieval etc settings,space stations.underwater communities limited only by only by the presenters imagination with with environment changed routinely each season or year or decade for variety and allow for all of these new franchises and pundit shows to be set up.All new and existing live news stations will have official YouTube channels that house snippets.VR technology and computer networks can be used to set up an infinite number of new live news shows that deal with politics abd current affairs but also sex,pets,cooking,art,dancing,LGBT issues(including those that focus on specifically sports(including each individual sports such as soccer,American football,GAA soccer and hurling,Aussie rules,rugby etc,entertainment such as movies/video games/television shows etc/fashion etc),fashion,pornography magazines(based on lesbian,gay,straight,bisexual etc porn that has pornographic photos and also interviews pornographic stars)music,live performance art(plays,operas,musical,operas)general culture television shows,movies,video games individual sports type ie baseball/soccer/Aussie rules/rugby/American football/basketball,GAA soccer/hurling etc.An infinite number of live news can be set up that deal with these and other other issues of any subject since they will be set up by any member of the public with magazines made of any type of subject and especially hobbies such as urban exploration and hiking etc once VR simulations is available.If s person has an idea for a magazine then they will set them up within minutes.There can also be live news that desk with all of issues including politics from the perspective of different religions ie Christianity, Islam,Judaism,Jainism etc from across the world and universe

Online shows like The Young Turks that discuss news rather than report it will have all episodes transferred to Pheme and all future episodes will premiere there.They can be turned into 24/7 stations that have different presenters with them having different segments such as where they view events as they occur in real time and also pundit shows by each presenter lasting an hour,human affair programmes etc with snippets present on their official YouTube Chanel’s have all existing ones filmed in VR simulations with VR technology allowing them to be filmed in any environment such as jungles,alien planets,medieval etc settings,space stations.underwater communities limited only by only by the presenters imagination with with environment changed routinely each season or year or decade for variety and allow for an infinite number of them to be set up.Each presenters can have their own podcasts and work for other shows at the same time.An infinite number if these will be set up by members of the public with online news shows like Demoracy.Now,Vox,Empire Files,Vice News can become 24/7 news stations that report on their field of speciality but at the same have new reporters,anchors etc .

Recording software on televisions,smart devices and computers like Bandicam and Fraps in the form of ones Home AI can be integrated into ones television,smart devices and computers connected to Pheme to allow sections of live news,sports games and programmes,Olympic events,award ceremonies etc to be recorded as well as high quality stills to be taken and then saved on ones Dionysus account,devices or transferred wirelessly to other ones and uploaded onto YouTube.Otherwise one can simply download logged episodes of each program and edited on Ampelos.Since all live news episodes will be logged in Pheme one could download them into laptops etc.Rewind,play,pause and fast forward features present in Sky + can be integrated into Pheme for this with Fraps and other recording software built into ideally ones Home AI to allow one to record sections of specific programmes with this done on linked smart devices and computers or in the screen in computers.Each news stations folder will contain their schedules over the coming days and even weeks allowing one to pre record any programmes days in advance should they miss it for it to be stored in their Dionysus account with changes due to say breaking news events relayed to the listing sorted by Aletheia or those working in the networks with one simply arranging for these to pre recorded over the coming weeks,months etc automatically.

All future live news programmes will be logged into Pheme.These will be livestreamed to Pheme where one can view them in real time and them logged in folders and subfolders by date:Year,month,week and day to preserve them forever.

Trainee news anchors,political pundits,talk show hosts and live on site news reporters as young as 12 or younger should be involved in presenting live news reports and shows alongside experienced ones and their own independent work and programmes(on politics,human interest,pundits opinion,debate and talk show programmes,analysis of news stories)and include interviewing guests,debates and covering events such as natural and human disasters and other current events etc rather than being relegated to mere interns,gofors or busy body work(done by robots and software) to give them a feel of the work on all existing and new networks.New live news stations especially when VR technology is available or greenscreening technology in extensions in ones home or community centres can be set up in Pheme networks.VR technology will allow for an infinite amount of new live news stations to be set up by the public with even existing vloggers doing full newscasts in any environment of their choice.Any work done by assistants and interns will be ideally done by ones Home AI or receptionist AI since they will work from home with this applying to live news with the receptionist AI with it through fragmentation would serve all members of these entities.The same would apply to magazines and newspapers with them applying for this in networks within Pheme as as all existing and new news stations will have sections to post portfolios and auditions for anchors and correspondents.Like newspapers existing and new news stations,debate programmes and talk shows will be independently run by the anchors,presenters,journalists and reporters that work there meaning no state control or interference or even corporate hierarchies who would also control content with presenters,journalists and anchors careers lasting as long as they wish thus they will be managed by the anchors and not corporations or the state preventing bias entering their reporting.Having all of the worlds news channels both new and existing including independent ones on the internet streamed and uploaded onto Pheme will allow one to have a wide variety of live news programmes the second it is translated with translating software such as the sentient Coeus aiding in this also.This will also negate the need for livestreaming on YouTube and similar online sites with the official site shut down and replaced by the livestream within their folder in Pheme.They will be visible as their logo with folders and subfolders for state and channel specific ones for year,month,week and day.An universal statue of Aletheia will be in all news stations lobbies worldwide.A holographic receptionists with an universal uniform for Pheme will also be present here and landline phone.This receptionists and building AI can through networks work alongside journalists when they at home or on holiday etc to work on any extra material or documentaries they are doing from home.Thus all work done by background staff in news stations and television studios such as camera work,management of emails,phone calls,guests,management of the inflow of news,ticker tapes,switching between anchors and journalists will inevitably become automated by software and robots controlled by the building AI meaning the only work done by humans except that of reporters and anchors.This software and the building AI will also perform fact checking for both current events and science based stories for live news,magazines and newspapers around the world.Ideally the building AI will do this with the operating software of all of them connecting them together being Aletheia with automated cafeterias and Botlr and other robots managed by the AI replacing assistants and all human workers except the anchors and presenters.Contact details such as email address and phone number will be in the main folder of each station.Networks will be used for new and existing news stations to allow journalists,anchors etc brainstorm ideas,plan programs for the coming months,group Iris chats,arrange schedules and rotas and store files of programs being edited for review with Ampelos again being used in order to create and edit programs such as interviews and other material allowing even the most amateur and budding journalists to create professional looking material.These will be managed by a receptionist for each network with the networks allowing for people to do extra work outside of home such as edit programs,collect data streams and also allow for meetings between colleges around the world through forums,brainstorming areas and also where new presenters,reporters etc can post portfolios etc.It can also allow for those one opposite sides of the world to apply to be correspondents for specific news station in countries,cities and regions across the world through posting portfolios ie small new news stations or established region or 24 hour news stations ones could get new correspondents that live permanently in other countries this way if any major or even localised events occur across the world they can get direct news feeds from there with it also possible for this to act as a means for new and established news stations to franchise off into new countries with studios there that cover news from that regions perspective or have pundits from that region logged in that single stations macro folder rather than it being a different network.This would allow these stations to publish news,cultural programmes from around the world giving 24 hour news stations more variety in their programming with them devoting certain hours of the week or day to a specific country or region with existing one or two hour news shows on cable and state networks become 24 hour ones due to them having more presenters and correspondents,it fed into their folder rather than airing on their cable channel and also again devoting different days and hours to specific regions of the world giving viewers different perspectives on all news around the world and having their own corespondents located across the world to cover all events taking place live.It would also cut down on energy and time for reporters to have to travel from one corner of the world to another since correspondents would already be in each country,city or region.Reporters on the scene will as stated live in the country they report from and even in different states allowing them to cover events across the world and have cultural programmes for each continent and country providing each reporter work for multiple live news stations based in each country with each reporter freelancing live reports and also cultural and investigative programmes for each network in existence including new and existing ones.The sentient Coeus would translate their speech into the desired language instantly for both live and pre recorded reports thus allowing them to work for any station.This would allow these 24 hour stations work on issues and local news on each country or region with if possible them splitting into continent or region based news channels of the same name FOX Europe,CNN Africa etc that focus on these 24/7 to provide all national,regional and local news form each continent.These would have studios in each region or continent and allow well established and new presenters in their stations to interchange between each continent for separate times of the year or for years on end with each region version having their own cultural and political talk and debate programmes etc for each region focusing on issues in that region with presenters and anchors as well as corespondents from these regions living there.This would mean each region would have its own anchors and correspondents for that region with anchors and corespondents working for two or more stations depending on their schedules and preferences throughout the year on different roles ie anchor,pundit,correspondent interchangeably when they want.Again this would apply to ones that were formerly cable or state network hour long news becoming 24 hour ones with the studios being in large buildings that house studios for numerous station in one buildings with studios and certain rooms shared by each station with this applying to obsolete rooms or extensions in the buildings used by existing stations to cut down on resources in construction etc and space used as the buildings would be large skyscrapers with roof and underground extensions with obsolete rooms like retail sections and offices turned into extra studios with some studios shared between different programmes and stations.Extensions can accommodate new live news stations.The general public from around the world can publish ideas for local stories and contact details in the stations networks that may be of interest to them with receptionists alerting anchors and correspondents to them via networks allowing them to cover more stuff making even small one or two news programmes have more stories to cover from around the world.Advertisement breaks between live news may disappear entirely due to the lack of advertisements for manufactured products and services but will be replaced by the breaks consisting of advertisement trailers for movies,television shows,video games,news stations,sports events and also live performance art in concert halls and rock concerts.These will likely be directed to each person based on their personal tastes and demographics by receptionists interacting with Hestia,Ariadne and Aleitheia with them not appearing the programmes folders when logged.Advertisements for Metis,Iaso ,movies,television shows and even manufactured products based on ones demographics and even favourited products and those they currently own will be present created by AI.New manufactured goods advertisements will be present again directed to each viewer based on their demographics.This will be managed by Aphrodite and Adriadne interacting with Aleitheia through fragmentation.Live news feeds can be viewed on all smart devices including televisions and computers(including consoles) with specific programmes that are logged in folders viewed later and downloaded onto these devices.Merchandise such as clothes,cutlery etc for all news stations will be stored on Hephaestus.All major awards for journalism will be merged together into a global form.Gaia and all operating softwares as well as all forms of AI part of her will give live news journalists data instantly on demand or as they happen alongside recorded audio/visual material they see and record to them to publish news instantly and any upcoming events from around the world and their local to their smart devices and computers at home with drones controlled by them also allowing them to cover stories from anywhere in the world from home.Receptionists and building AIs within networks will collect and organise these feeds with the networks allowing all journalists to talk to each other and view material including live feeds at once.These will replace all background staff in fact checking,research etc and will also report live feeds and new story events and also communicate with guests via them interacting with the networks and will sound alerts and respond to alerts from correspondents around the world and will interact with Theoi Meteroi,Arke,Prometheus,Perseus and the sub groups of Athena as well as receive material posted from the public posted inside the networks in relevant folders as well as from all other sentient aspects of the wire including all forms of AI linked to it.This will allow the news stations and correspondents to receive alerts in new developments of new and existing stories as they happen instantly ie person being found alive in a natural disaster,missing person spotted and criminal spotted etc.

Networks will allow anchors etc to edit work they film in the field and also at home ie interviews and cultural programmes as well as other programmes filmed outside of the studio.When VR is indistinguishable from reality then studios will be converted into communal homes and allow and infinite amount of them to be set up with them managed by the former building AI and receptionists.VR indistinguishable from reality can allow anchors and guests to work from home with it livestreamed into Pheme and logged into their folders allowing for the buildings used as communal homes with this also allowing for an infinite amount of live news stations to be set up thus allowing for someone to work on live news stations that are associated with a specific country to work from anywhere in the world.Live feeds from onsite reporters and callers will be connected to these VR simulations making the flow continuous by the receptionist AI to ensure it is not affected.VR technology will allow future live news programmes to be done at home and have all editing done at home with anchors and guests from across the world with live real world feeds filmed in real time outside of these simulations from on site reporters,phone calls from guests and reporters linked and merged to them via networks in real time managed by the receptionist AI with each one having a receptionist that manages all facets of them.Thus although VR technology will allow for anchors to work in a VR office any live-streams from drones and cameras filmed in the real world reporting the scenes of events as they happen and also both incoming calls of guests and reporters and also filming of on site reporters will still be filmed in the real world in real time with receptionist AI merging both the VR simulation of live news stations and real world filmed events into one continuous flow in real time.As a result anchors in a VR studio will be able to view in real time events as they occur and interact with on site reporters in real time who are in the real world and also interact with guests who are on the phone in real time via the receptionist AI managing this.Live streams of live news will not use the time dilation effect but they will however use VR technology to allow anchors and guests to film in a VR studio while on site reporters will still be in the real world and their onsite reports filmed using drones and cameras with these real world filming of on site events linked to the VR studios by receptionist AI.Guests normally visiting via being in another film studio will be via VR technology in the same VR studio or be in a separate VR studio appearing live managed by the receptionists AI.This will allow headquarters for all live news stations to be turned into communal homes and allow an infinite amount of them to be set.All future live news shows and channels from around the world and galaxy including those filmed in VR will be livestreamed and logged here.All existing and live news stations worldwide will be created using computer networks allowing people to work from home with people across the world.VR technology once indistinguishable from reality will allow people to work with people across the world in a simulated VR office.This will allow an infinite amount of live news stations to be set up and allow the headquarters of all existing live news stations to be converted into communal home.All existing and new live news stations will be democratically run by all anchors and reporters without hierarchical structure.Networks within Pheme will house areas to set up new magazines and newspapers and will allow people to send in CVs to hiring sections with people starting careers in journalism as early as 12 or younger as early as 5-9 years old.