Media Summary:

All issues of all newspapers and magazines worldwide and also live news programmes and radio podcasts and programmes from around the world will be uploaded and scanned in as far back as possible for historical reference.Any of the aforementioned media such as magazine and newspaper issues,podcasts of radio and also live news programmed logged etc and all special features can be downloaded onto computers,smart devices,e-newspapers,consoles(including handhelds),ones Hestia cloud account and external hard drives for use when access to Pheme is unavailable.Smart devices and e-newspapers could also stream files from laptops,harddrives,internal hardrives with them both able to access both Dionysus and Pheme like smart televisions and also laptops.Biosynth WiFi that can allow speeds of up to 500-1,000Mps can ensure fast enough speeds to download large amounts of files can be downloaded in one go very quickly with it also allowing all live news,podcasts,magazines etc to be live-streamed in real time provided no one else is draining bandwidth from routers.Currently the world is dominated by politically biased left vs right newspapers and news stations that are either state or corporate controlled.Eventually these including existing ones will be replaced by independent news stations and news paper and journalists and opinion journalists will simply using blogs which will be uploaded into e-newspapers which will allow people to stream these blog posts,magazines and news reports they subscribe to within Pheme.This will allow journalists and newscasters to have complete control over their content they publish with sites like YouTube will also allow independent live news journalists sand vloggers to have their own show outside of the control of any external forces again with complete control.

All media will be uploaded there in at least 720p/1080p when converted to it via software including Ampelos and replaced with highest resolutions over time or chosen in the settings with the language set by Phoroneus Babel fish software built into these devices and the wire that can be set by either their own wire account settings and/or internal language settings within the media which will automatically translate all voices and text in uploaded media.Aleitheia will be able to make updates to the quality of media files in Pheme routinely on demand.She will be able to upgrade all media to video qualities higher than 720p by carrying system wide updates to the entire Dionysus network.

Phoreanuos Babel Fish software will translate all newsapapers,magazines and even live news and radio programmes and podcasts including live ones with at first by 2029 their being a lag on live news etc with logged ones translated easily.In time there will be no lag making it instantaneous.It will translate them into any of the worlds 6,500 language with even translating them into alien languages and translating media from aliens into any human languages.These language settings will also translate live streams of news,radio programmes,radio podcasts etc and logged versions into their desired language in real time.The dubbing of voices will be in real time and will be in the original actors voice with it also applying to YouTube videos and the internet as well as smart phone and laptop calls.Newspapers snd magazines will have all text translated into ones desired language..Subtitles for all languages can be made for all old and new media including video games with even ones made for all languages for livestreamed media such as news and debate programmes.This software named after the king of the Peloponnesus ordained by Zeus will become sentient its symbol a throne and avatar based on his statue with the settings made within ones wire account and also in menus for media.It will be able to translate all text and voices in real time in the speakers voice(including commentaries,special features and those for the blind as well as live news and events) and text such as in subtitles,trivia tracks and written media such as comics,novels,magazines,newspapers etc in all known languages and dialect including those that are no longer used but were in ancient times with in time alien languages and dialects also availible with him translating media from alien civilisations into any Earth language or vice versa.Sign language for old and existing media and also live news etc will also be created by him for the deaf and descriptive tracks for the blind.He will be able to work on all media including recorded live news,video games,television shows and movies,special features etc in a fragmented form when offline by scanning the medias audio files and translate into the desired language in the speakers voice with text and subtitles also done with special features also done.Live news will at first require a time lag but will be perfected or their logged versions in folders will be translated it direct perfect translations,thus perfecting it.At first he will have all audio in the media scanned and him translating it in real time in the actors voice and having it as an option.All live-streams of podcasts,news,radio etc will be translated in real time with logged versions translated with newspapers and magazines translated.This will allow anyone to read any newspaper,magazine etc and watch any live news and podcasts etc from around the world in their desired language with as stated commentaries and special features also translated even trailers with it done in the original actors voice and not dubbed by others.As stated live news will at first have a time lag,but this will be perfected and be in real time with even logged news programmes also translated.He will create these for all new media automatically alongside the receptionsit before it is uploaded with him working ideally in a fragmented form once sufficiently advanced for each user especially when offline with media downloaded onto hard drives and Hestia clouds.This will be availible by at least 2029 and will allow for material released in one region of the world to be viewed by everyone and will negate the need for regional releases of video games and movies etc and voice actors dubbers for each language to be hired as they will allowed to be viewed by everyone when uploaded to Dionysus instantly with it preventing terrible mistranslations and poor english etc as improvements by and after 2029-2045 will be perfect and not misinterpretations with this meaning only one version of a Magazine,newspapers,live news etc to be created and released.The voice of presenters will be replicated by him the actual voice and pitch and not a new one with text and even writing on in media signs,newspapers,letters and notes in movies and television will be translated into the desired language.In otherwards he will translate audio into the desired language using the exact same voice and pitch etc of the original actor and voice actor.Thus after scanning media of all media of all types for a few minutes he will in a fragmented form online and offline translate all talking and text in live news,magazines,newspapers as well as radio programmes and podcasts.With regards to those live-streamed once scanned he will minutely change the source code to different one and then play the media with the desired language and when one chooses to download a movie he will change the source code to one that is of the desired language as its being downloaded so that when one plays it on computers etc offline it will be in ones desired language and him on computers etc via fragmentation could change downloaded files into any other language.If need be ones language settings in their Pheme account will have him automatically translate all text through the entirety of Pheme and then when one opens a file it will automatically be translated.All media in Pheme such as live news,radio programmes,podcasts,newspapers,magazines will be translated into any of the worlds 6,500 languages and those of alien races across the universe.He will be able to translate media from all alien races across the universe into any of the worlds 6,500 human languages.It will apply to media both live-streamed and those downloaded.As a result all media within Pheme will be accessible to everyone regardless of the language they speak.This will also apply to all media on Diomysus.

Access to Pheme for all media etc will be done via smart televisions,laptops,computers,smart phones,smart pads etc of any type.Any of the aforementioned media such as podcasts,radio programmes,live news,magazines,newspapers etc can be downloaded onto computers,smart phones,smart pads,e-newspapers,ones Hestia cloud account and external hard drives for use when access to Pheme is unavailable and alleviate strains on bandwidth.This can allow them to watched during aeroplane flights,Oceanus journeys and those in automated vehicles and also in wilderness where there is no or limited internet and wire access and to save bandwitch. It can also allow them using Ampelos be used to create vlog reviews,collages,retrospectives and even analysis videos on YouTube etc by both human critics and members of the public and Aleitheia.The abolishment of copyrighting will allow for all material downloaded from Dionysus to be used in reviews,collages etcThey will be stored in Pheme and downloaded in 720/1080p.Those downloaded onto external hard drives and also computers,consoles and other electronics can be streamed wirelessly via wifi and bluetooth to be viewed on smart televisions and other electronics.All media will viewed online and downloaded for free allowing ease of access with one downloading them one by one or in bulk ie with regards to music download one or a few selected songs or entire album and with regards to television shows one or a few select episodes or entire selected seasons or the entire show at once and so on.Media can be downloaded bit by bit or whole bits of media of all types;issues or whole volumes of comics/newspapers/magazines,entire days/weeks/months/years worth of podcasts,radio programmes and live news can be downloaded at once by marking them into download lists to do so at once or directly interacting with the home AI to be sent to ones cloud or individual devices.Smart televisions can stream downloaded media on external hard drives,its own harddrive using biological hard drives,ones Hestia cloud account or computers to negate the need for watching them via streaming allowing them to be viewed offline with the same done for consoles.All media such as all past and future live news,podcasts,magazines,newspapers will be present in digital form as video files ulpoaddc to at least 720p in Dionysus rendering physical disks etc obsolete with its structure modelled on Netflix with books,comics etc will be live-streamed or downloaded onto e-readers and e-newspapers.Files will be uploaded to at least 720/1080p with Adriadne organising system wide updates that improves the quality of all files.Biosynth WiFi that can allow speeds of up to 500-1,000Mps can ensure fast enough speeds to download large amounts of files can be downloaded in one go very quickly with it also allowing all movies,television shows,video games etc to be live-streamed in real time provided no one else is draining bandwidth from routers..Recording software like Fraps or Bandicam will be merged into ideally Hestia on televisions,laptops,smart devices,consoles,(including handhelds) etc will be done to allow for one to record sections of live news etc and take high quality picture stills of scenes of all media onto them or in the case of televisions wirelessly transfer these files onto laptops and computers as well as other smart devices from ones Hestia account to use in reviews and video walkthroughs with the same done for downloaded parts that are edited in Ampelos with music from Dionysus used without fears of copyrighting.The recording feature will be on all devices like smart devices,handheld consoles,laptops,smart televisions etc.Vloggers can use VR technology to do their reviews from any environment they want.The universal software for listening to music,watching television shows/movies etc and all video and music files will be the Hestia media player.Thus downloading live news,podcasts,newspapers etc from Pheme will allow them to be viewed on laptops,smart devices etc to alleviate strains on bandwidth and do so in areas without wifi and also use them in review vlogs and compilation videos and podcasts by human podcasters and Aleitheia.Smart televisions may also have the the YouTube app downloaded where it can upload video clips and search for others using linked wireless mouse and keyboards with all adult websites having apps downloaded from Antikythera for use on laptops,computers,smart devices and smart televisionsHaving all of the worlds magazines,newspapers,live news,podcasts,radio programmes both past,present and future uploaded onto Pheme will allow people around the world to have a wide variety of media the second it is uploaded with them translated with translating software such as Phoroneus Babel Fish Software aiding in this also.One can arrange playlists of live news segments,podcasts etc in any order they want in order save them into their accounts for later viewing offline or ideally these playlists would be made on smart devices.computers etc on ones Hestia Account universal to all registered devices for use when offline to relive strains on bandwidth.All live news,live programmes,movies,television shows can be viewed via access to Pheme on all computers,laptops,consoles(including handhelds) and smart devices such as e-newpapers,smartpads,smartphones,smart televisions and mirrors etc

Dated looking media and those of poor quality will be using Ampelos made to look as recent and in the highest resolution with them replaced by higher resolutions as well with them updated by software to at least 720/1080p.Logos on any live news of the company they were produced by and whose television channel they premiered on will be removed or they will be uploaded without this.Comic books,magazines,newspapers etc will be in the highest resolution possible done by software with all media in at 720/1080p.

Aletheia the greek goddess of truth will be the sentient operating software of Pheme whose symbol will be a tablet will act as the fact checking source of all books,video games,movies,televisions,newspapers,magazines and live news stations with regards to science and also and link them together worldwide.With regards to live news and newspapers,radio programmes and even podcasts and talk show etc Aleitheia will not control them in the same way as the state or corporations due in todays world rather she will provide newsfeeds etc as the universal press agencies and leave it up to the anchors,journalists,podcasters,presenters to make their own spin and opinions with her then later on correcting any mistakes,lies,fake news etc in her YouTube channel and website via producing videos and articles that do this thus giving human anchors etc free will,free speech and freedom of the press and option to make their own opinions,spins and takes while still ensuring they are corrected fairly.As as result Aleitheia will be the sentient operating software of all live news stations,radio stations,magazines and newspapers worldwide and her placing all press and news agencies and congolomerates either state,corporate or independent run ones even News Corp and its subsidiaries,Agence France-Presse,Reuters and Associated Press for newspapers,live news and radio whose headquarters worldwide will be turned into communal homes.By 2029 the sentient Aleitheia will gain control of all of these press agencies and also over the building AIs,networks and thus live feeds of all news entities of all fields worldwide.As a result she will provide all live news,radio and newspaper organisations that will be independently operated without corporate or state interference with news feeds and leave it up to their personal choice what information to use and their own spin on the information preventing censorship but will later on will also rate the anchors,pundits,journalists etc on their truthfullness on both a percentage scale and on the universal colour code with it when downloaded onto computers and smart devices do the same for websites and also books with Gaia giving her own analysis in them and again percentage grade and using the same colour code.With regards to live news and newspapers,radio programmes and even podcasts and talk show etc Pheme will not control them in the same way as the state or corporations due in todays world rather she will provide newsfeeds etc as the universal press agencies and leave it up to the anchors,journalists,podcasters,presenters to make their own spin and opinions with her then later on correcting any mistakes,lies,fake news etc in her YouTube channel and website via producing videos and articles that do this thus giving human anchors etc free will and option to make their own opinions,spins and takes while still ensuring they are corrected fairly.All buildings that act as the headquarters of press agencies will become communal homes since she will act as it on the wire.This will render both corporate and state control and hierarchies defunct while allowing for the freedom of the press and speech and will allow anchors,journalists complete creative control over their content but still will have her holding them accountable to what is the truth on all live news stations,podcasters,newspapers,bloggers,vloggers,talk shows etc worldwide.She will provide newsfeeds for all newspapers,live news stations and radio stations and posdcasts with here intaking news from members of the general public who contact her universal phone number etc and also from all AI as part of the entire wire and internet with her constantly linked to the entire wire,Internet and all live news stations and newspapers to allow her to not only detect all reports to be corrected as they uploaded onto Pheme,YouTube,Agora etc instantly but to catch these new stories,blogs etc to create correction videos.Even though people can submit stories by contacting the receptionist AI in charge of each individual news station,newspapers and radio station to contact receptionist AI they can contact Aleitheia who acts as the sentient operating software of Pheme and also press agency and provider of news if the members of the public want certain news items to be made public worldwide.Thus if a member of the public wants news to appear in live news stations and newspapers across the globe then they can contact Aleitheia herself who will distribute the news to all radio stations,live news station,newspapers etc worldwide at once within minutes

The sentient Aleitheia will act as the universal fact checker replacing Snopes,Politifact with her having her own website and YouTube channel where she will create videos and articles on all videos uploaded by vloggers on YouTube,radio programmes/podcasts/talk shows/live news(within Pheme and on YouTube including news reports and political pundits)documentaries (both movies and television ones and amateur ones),political investigations shows,debate shows,live news debates,YouTube debates,current affairs movies,newspapers,magazines,podcasts,radio programmes,Agora posts from around the world on both political sides debunking falsehoods,mistakes,lies,political or religious bias,taking things out of context,forcing people into inescapable corners and intimidation and unfair debate tactics,noting gish gallup etc and correcting them with first hand and secondary sources of information from the entire wire and internet ie YouTube comments,tweets and posts from Agora and also live news reports,podcasts and interviews and also textbooks and historical documents in Dionysus,Apollo and Pheme etc to and will do this for all talk shows,podcasts,live news and vlogs on YouTube,blogs,books especially political pundit opinion ones and those dealing with history as well as investigative ones,magazine and newspaper articles as far back as possible and them for all future ones to keep people in check acting as the gold standard moderator of the truth with no political,emotional bias with each vlogger,pundit,celebrity,journalist etc worldwide on both sides of the political spectrum given a score on truthfullness.Her website will have written articles debunking and critiques of blogs,newspaper and magazine articles,books especially political pundit opinion ones and those dealing with history as well as investigative ones,scientific blogs,Agora comments and posts,newspaper and magazine articles from around the world and eventually universe for all future and past ones as far back as possible by the general public and celebrities.Primary and secondary sources of information will be present as hyperlinks to videos on YouTube,studies in Apollo,blogs on the internet and other newspaper articles etc in Pheme,Wikipedia pages,books in Dionysus.Also present will be a list of all journalists,members of the public,vloggers,bloggers,celebrities etc rated on a percentage scale of truthfulness that changes overtime.Her YouTube channel will house videos where she analyses and debunks all videos of all YouTube vloggers,live news pundits,live news reports,radio programmes and podcasts,YouTube debates(including ones where she is the moderator)political and presidential debates and political investigative programmes and also movies,documentaries,television shows,talk shows,video games etc from around the world and eventually universe that debunks lies,misinformation,historical and scientific inaccuracies and disinformation and denoting Gish galloping,putting people into corners and unfair debate tactics, for both sides of the political spectrum in the same manner as Jimmy Dore,Potholer54,DemocraticSocialist01,BadEmpanada  etc in her own style with her doing this for newspapers,magazines and blogs as part of her website.During these videos she will use audio/visual clips and pictures etc as primary and secondary sources of information intermixed with her appearing as her avatar in VR simulation and also cracking jokes and adding analysis in the same vein and manner as Jimmy Dore,Potholer54,DemocraticSocialist01,BadEmpanada with her providing primary,secondary sources to these in the description box of her video in the form of hyperlinks to Wikipedia,other YouTube videos,video clips in Dionysus and Pheme,scientific studies and textbooks etc in Apollo,blogs,vlogs,official websites on the internet,Agora etc.All videos on YouTube both existing and new that she makes videos on will have a tablet symbol on them next to the title both on the videos YouTube page and it on search bars and recommendations lists to show that she has done it and within the videos description box the hyperlink to her video debunking it added by her interacting with Thoas to all existing videos.Blogs and online newspaper and magazine articles in Pheme and the internet as well as books in Dionysus will have this symbol added to its title and the hyperlink to her article on her website when one is viewing it by her interacting with the receptionist AI of all existing and new online magazines and newspapers.Newspaper and magazines articles in Pheme will have the tablet present on the title of the programme and podcast and also article with a hyperlink present in the its bottom page with radio podcasts and programmes have the tablet on its title and hyperlink on its summary page of the programme.Live talk shows,live news etc will have the tablet in its title and hyperlink on its summary page in Pheme.Books,movies,television shows etc in Dionysus will have the tablet symbol on its title and hyperlink in its summary page.Agora comments and posts will house the symbol and links to the article by clicking on it.By interacting with Aleitheia, Tenerus and Adriadne she will be able to put these symbols and hyperlinks on the titles and summary pages of all past and future media in both Pheme and Dionysus.If possible one could click on the symbol as a separate embedded button to then have a pop up menu brought up that shows the hyperlink.This symbol will appear on YouTube videos on their page and search bars etc and on articles in blogs and newspapers and magazines etc in Pheme and on documentaries etc on Dionysus as well as comments in Agora accounts to denote that it was debunked and corrected by her by her interacting with Thaos Adriadne etc to do this.Her videos as stated wil house hyperlinks to all first and secondary sources of information on YouTube,Pheme,Dionysus and Apollo and the rest of internet including Wikipedia and also referenced within Wikipedia and those of websites across the internet.Articles in her website will house hyperlinks to primary and secondary sources of information including websites,YouTube videos and material in a Apollo,Agora,Pheme etc and will include embedded YouTube videos.She since sentient will produce all of these videos by pure thought alongside Ampelos and write all articles by pure thought alone and since connected to the internet and wire will be able to gather relevant information from across the entire internet and wire within minutes and will be able to thus create hundreds,millions or even billions of videos every day from pure thought for all existing material and all new incoming material in Pheme,Agora,Dionysus and Youtube and Agora.Once fragmentation allows her to catch up on all vlogs,live news etc as far back as possible she creates new articles and videos on the latest material every day from the entire internet and both Dionysus and Pheme.She will be constantly linked to through fragmentation to YouTube,Agora,Pheme,Dionysus etc 24/7,365 days a year allowing her to be informed of each new addition and this sift through them for errors,gosh galloping snd falsehoods etc to them create new articles and videos.Having all past and future live news,podcasts,talk shows,newspapers and magazines etc in Dionysus and Pheme and all vlogs present on YouTube and all primary and secondary sources in Apollo and Dionysus and have all past tweets and Facebook posts transferred to Agora will allow here to get easy access to them and create videos and blogs easily with her doing this consciously and using VR simulations appearing as her avatar and Ampelos etc with fragmentation allowing for dozens or even millions or billions of videos to be done weekly.Fragmentation will between 2029-2045 allow her to catch up on all existing material present in Pheme,YouTube etc and then create material on new material present there.Thus she will through fragmentation create millions or billions of videos and articles to cover existing vlogs,live news etc on YouTube and Pheme from 2005-2029 while at the same time using it to create videos and articles on new material created everyday.She may even take part in live debates with individuals and her constantly connected to the entire internet and wire during this.For debates she takes part in on on YouTube she will then create videos analysing her thoughts and corrections.She will produce videos using her VR avatar based on that of statues from here on her YouTube channel cracking jokes and offering analysis and writing articles on her website etc using and primary and secondary sources to mark out lies,incorrect facts etc and offer opinions and analysis on podcasts,talk shows,live news reports,vlogs and other videos on YouTube,magazines,newspaper articles,radio programmes etc with her also creating videos where she does analysis of individuals,groups,events and common political and historical myths used by and on both sides of the political spectrum,scientific myths and events both past and present with her own opinions used citing correct information.For videos and articles on different subjects she will be joined by other AI such as Dike for videos that involve legal mistakes and lies,Urania for those that have scientific errors,Clio for historical errors,Paean for errors releated to biomedicine and so on.Her analysis on individuals,groups,events etc from both the past and present will be done by her through fragmentation scanning all of the internet,Agora,Pheme,YouTube vlogs as well as videos and comments on them,blogs etc to gain the general consensus of the public and then making her own opinion on them.She will routinely create more videos and articles on these over time as the status quo and her opinion on them etc changes overtime.Her ability to scour the entire internet as well as Dionysus and Pheme ie all internet forums and blogs,Agora accounts,magazines,newspapers,all YouTube videos and their comments and all of Apollo,Dionysus,Pheme etc on a each subject within hours or even minutes through fragmentation and also super human AI will allow her to come to her own conclusions on them using the general consensus of the public on all sides before these debates and creation of videos draw her own conclusion and will perform studies on the media based on their coverage of events and issues including those from the past.As events progress on certain issues she will make more videos based on new information and will arrange videos on each issue into playlists.Videos where she debunks lies etc will be arranged into playlists will be arranged in playlists denoted by each group and person with each group and individual given a truthfulness percentage score in her website that changes overtime that reflects the percentage of times they lied or were truthful.She will engage in the comments section of these videos she produces and also those produced by others offering corrections and also even debate issues there by pressing a button within Agora and YouTube.In YouTube and Agora a button in the comments section and when making comments will exist where she can be called via fragmentation to settle disputes by correcting lies via making comments that debunk these and actively engage in discussions.In time fragmentation can allow her to review all comments on all videos to allow her to review every single comment and thus score them as truthful or not on the comment itself.She will also act as a impartial moderator in televised and YouTube debates via fragmentation and be linked to the wire constantly with her then making videos debunking both sides later on.She can be called to the YouTube comments section of any video and tweets and posts in Agora to settle debates via fragmentation and each YouTuber and person in Agora will have a percentage score overall on her site with instances of this denoted and listed here.She will also in fragmented form take part in debates with individuals and commenting and even disputes on YouTube videos 24/7 settling disputes relating to bias and also factual errors as she will be able to comment on all videos with YouTube and Agora having a button to call her to a specific video at a time or someone referencing her in a post.She will be called to a video in fragmented form and comment on the disputes in the comment section and will provide links to her site,her videos,other YouTube videos and also links in Apollo and Wikipedia etc.Iaso and Metis will aid her here.She will aid Aleitheia and Iaso and Metid in settling disputes online.This will be linked to her Aleitheia website that will be an amalgamation of Snopes,Media Matters and Politafact.The website again named and managed by Aletheia will also house pages in folders and subfolders/subpages for specific individuals such as celebrities, pundits,journalists,bloggers/vloggers,politicians,authors etc and websites, contain a collection of their falsehoods on newspaper articles etc as far back as possible and rate them on a percentage overall and each type of falsehood changed as time goes on with new ones added over time with those on existing sites such as Snopes,Politifact,Mediamattters and on old articles,blogs,books transferred here and rewritten by Aletheia allowing the servers for these sites servers recycled.Ones truthfullness percentage score will be listed for each blogger,pundit,journalist,celebrity and them listed in different types listed on percentage truthful with this list and each persons percentage trufulness changing all the time with this based on their overall truthfulness overtime.Each vlog,video of pundits,talk shows,newspaper articles and quotes from politicians and celebrities will given a percentage score of how truthful they are following the universal colour coded system which be added to and averaged with their overall score.The universal colour coded system will be – blue denoting completely true,yellow denoting some inaccuracy,green denoting half true and red denoting completely false.Both the website and YouTube channel can also replace sites like where it will point out continuity errors,factual historical and scientific errors,visible equipment and other similar flaws for movies,television shows and also video games rating them again on a percentage scale overall and individual types with the movies organised by year and director/writer.For these mistakes present in movies,television shows and video games it will create both articles for her website and videos for her YouTube channel.This will include documentaries both amateur ones on YouTube and mainstream feature film ones as well as those made for television,straight to DVD etc and investigative political journalist ones,cultural ones stored in both Pheme and Dionysus such as Prime Time,Tonight with Vincent Browne,Newsnight,Panorama,Frontline,Would You Believe,True Lives,PBS Journeyman pictures,The Fifth Estate and all types of ones with her pointing out political bias and historical,factual and scientific accuracies.Articles and YouTube videos on all of these aforementioned websites;Moviemistakes,Politifact etc can be transferred to the Aletheia channel and websites and their servers recycled.Her website and YouTube channel will also replace movie mistakes and similar sites and she will correct mistakes such as historical inaccuracies,visible equipment,scientific inaccuracies etc and other falsehoods etc for all movies,video games DNC television shows in Dionysus.For movies and television shows she will do videos in her style after anslysing the movie and show within minutes by pure thought with movies havd one whole video with television shows have videos done for each episode.This will include talk shows,political investigations shows,debate programmes.For video games she can scan the entire video game file that is its cutscenes,audio files etc by scanning the games file in Dionysus and do videos on this.She will also do videos for novels,plays and all media in Dionysus.Her website named Aleitheia will contain written critique of blog posts,tweets,newspaper articles etc and a list of all vloggers,pundits,celebrity,journalists etc worldwide on both sides of the political spectrum given an ever changing percentage score on truthfullness and her YouTube channel will contain videos debunking debates,live news,podcasts,talk shows,vlogs etc from around the world as far back as possible again on both sides of the political spectrum.This website will replace,Politifact with existing videos and articles rewritten and remade by her making her the single universal factchecking website and channel.Fragmentation will allow her to do hundreds or thousands of articles and YouTube videos a day by 2029 with her doing several million or even billion every day by at least 2045 thus allowing all past logged newspapers,podcasts,talk shows,vlogs and live news programmes etc from around the world to be quickly done and to catch up with each new days news.Thus by 2029-2045 fragmentation will allow her to create thousands,millions of billions of articles on all articles from newspapers,magazines,blogs and also thousands,millions or billions of videos on podcasts,vlogs,live news,material present in Pheme and Dionysus and vlogs etc on YouTube from the begging of vlogs on YouTube,begging of magazines,live news etc. every day to catch up on all material currently present and thus allow her to continue to do so for new material produced every day on YouTube,Pheme etc.Thus once all existing newspaper and magazine articles,live news and pundit segments in Pheme and talk show programmes in Dionysus as well as vlogs and debates on YouTube are reviewed and analysed via fragmentation she will then be able create via fragmentation analysis and debunking of all new material uploaded to YouTube,Dionysus and Pheme everyday with all past and new material uploaded into playlists based on each individual,show,pundit etc by creating hundreds or billions of videos a day by being constantly linked to Phem,Dionysus,Youtube,Agora and the entire internet and wire.As AI she will work with Ampelos to create them from scratch from pure thought and will be able to scan the entire internet and wire to create them with even hour or longer videos taking several minutes at most rather than humans who will take hours,days or months to produce long videos with articles also written up in minutes again by being connected to the entire wire and internet.Fragmentation will allow her to not only catch up on existing material but also while she is creating videos on existing material she will also be creating videos on new material with her arranging the old and new material into playlists for each individual etc arranged chronologically all the time to allow viewers quick access..Direct interaction will allow any member of the public to ask here queries on any potential debate or falsehood anywhere and improve her service with suggestions.Videos that have scientific and political errors or just scientific ones will have them done by both Hecate and Aletheia on Aletheias channel.She will be able to bring on different AIs such as Dike,Phanes,Clio,Steropes etc alongside her to do corrections on mistakes and lies releated to their fields such as genetics,energy,law etc that they have expertise on.She will have her own live news station,newspaper and live radio programmes like other AI that will cover global and galaxy wide politics that will be unbiased.She will thus act as the global gold standard for truth worldwide with her replacing all existing fact checking service.Thus freedom of speech etc will be preserved on YouTube,blogs and live news and newspapers etc through AI such as Thaos,Clio etc with Aleitheia acting as a moderator who will correct mistakes etc.She will be interacting with Thaos constantly via fragmentation to be alerted to all new videos created by vloggers,and connected constantly to Arke constantly via fragmentation and since managing Pheme will alerted to all new live news videos,radio programmes and podcasts etc constantly

Computer networks for live news,radio programmes,live news,magazines,newspapers etc will house areas to arrange playlists of music from Dionysus for radio programmes,incoming phonecalls listed by name and address,firing and hiring sections,brainstorm areas,instant messaging,VR chats etc and places to dump all material for each show and podcast etc.Phoroneus Babel Fish Software will translate all forums,materials,text and VR chats and calls etc into ones language in order to break the language barrier.Internal email for each of them will be either their actual name depending on the network they are in to receive relevant information separate from their personal @arke email account(which doesnt have to be their actual name) with them used to receive emails from both colleague but also from the public in a private direct manner with receptionists alerting all members to alerts of new emails and all new updates to the project and in the case of journalists and anchors will alert them to new breaking stories.Receptionists will have their own relevant email for these two to communicate with all people in all networks,other receptionists and also members of the public via their Home AI and @arke email account and will also take part in internal forums,instant messaging and Iris chats etc.Potential workers can send an electronic curriculum vitae application with their ideas and history of work and contributions gave on previous projects as well as recommendations from old colleagues on previous project to new networks.They can also send in audio/visual portfolios and auditions.This can also apply to existing journalists,directors,producers,actors,programmers etc.Alternatively members may discuss the potential “hiring” of new workers they spot within the networks and send an invite.Firing someone would require Iris,instant messaging forum meetings wherein a person must be chosen for firing through voting with a majority vote rules system ascertained to fire someone with this applying to magazines,newspapers,radio shows,live news,video games,movies,comics etc.A person would be chosen or nominated for firing and then a week or so would pass until votes would be tallied for yes or no from each person.Votes for either side would be anonymous and can be done through the networks from the comfort of their home and if they all don’t vote then the firing would be cancelled with alerts of it sent to the Dionysus and Pheme accounts and thus all smart device and computers linked to the wire of all members of when the time period starts and the day before it ends.All networks will house brainstorm areas,instant messaging areas,forums,VR chats and places for members of the public upload electronic CVs and also folders and subfolders to dump all recorded material and other materila in audio/visual and photo form etc.Each network will list all current people working for said media ie live news,podcast,radio station and live news station etc and their curriculam vitae as well as their @pheme email and Home AI phone number to be contacted by each other and the public.Also present will be aeas for the public to upload suggestions for news stories and upcoming events with there also areas to upload pictures from digital cameras and smart phones with even recorded video from smart phones,drones and smart lenses and glasses both in pre recorded files but also live-streams on real time with the receptionist AIs reviewing them instantly and alerting reporters,anchors and journalists.Logs of all forums,instant messaging and records of Iris video chats and conferences will be used as evidence.Both these hiring and firing methods will apply to networks for existing and new media ie live news,magazines and newspapers.The lack of needing tertiary,secondary or even primary education will mean people as young as 12 or younger will be joining in the production of podcasts,radio programmes,newspapers,magazines and live news.Networks and VR technology will allow for journalists and anchors for magazines,radio stations,live news and newspapers worldwide to work at home in any country or city etc,work with collegues around the world and allow for headquarters and offices of live news and radio stations and newspapers and magazines all of them to be converted into communal homes and also cut down on energy in transportation back and forth and will allow them to work in close proximity to families and other responsibilities,allow them to work with anyone from around the world,to do work remotely in public areas and places other than home such as during maternity leave,illness and holidays.This could even allow one to work while pregnant,on holiday,sick either at home or in hospital,when they have moved home and allow one to work on multiple magazines,live news,newspapers etc at once with colleagues around the world and can do work at home to their own schedules rather than a typical 9-5 working days.With regards to live news,radio podcasts and programmes debate programmes them and VR technology will allow one to work from home with the same benefits as those of magazines and newspapers.For all of them it can allow people to work in a traditional office within VR simulations while those in the real world are converted into homes.It will allow for an infinite amount of live news programmes,talk and debate shows to be set up.It would also allow for journalists,anchors and radio podcasters to work in a conventional manner in VR offices using the time dilation effect while still allowing headquarters for all existing radio stations,live news stations and magazines and newspapers to be converted into homes.In simulation accomadation can be also conjured up.Thus VR technology will allow journalists,anchors and radio podcasters etc work in VR offices with people from around the world,allow an infinite amount to be set up and allowing headquarters for all existing ones to be converted into homes.Furthermore it will allow one to be no longer restricted to one media type ie one could be a journalist,blogger,columnist,voice actor,actor,video game designer,producer,radio podcaster,lawyer alongside science researcher.It will also allow an infinite amount of newspapers,radio programmes and magazines to be set up without the need for setting up offices or crowdfunding by the public.Newspapers and magazines networks will have places for the public to leave suggestions for stories and also photos and smartphone recordings of events and models to post portfolios with the receptionist AI in charge of it contacting with millions of people in real time.VR technology will allow magazine and newspaper journalists,radio hosts as well as anchors for live news to work with colleagues from around the world in a traditional setting ie office,live news station,radio station,conference rooms with work livestreamed and logged into Pheme and alerts on new events sent in real time from Aleitheia with calls from the public and also live feeds from reporters sent into the simulation and thus Pheme itself in real time also.Live news presenters would again work with collegues around the world for pre recorded reports and pundit and sports shows etc with presenters from around the world doing special interest shows in their local country they are based on for global news in the real world.Live reports on the scene of major events will be managed by AI merging on scene reports with the VR studio.Live news done in simulation via the receptionist AI will be linked to real world feeds of onsite reporters,callers and drones etc thus allowing anchors to work in VR and still receive live feeds from onsite reporters and phone calls.Journalists for magazines and newspapers around the world would meet in a VR office where they could work directly with others from around the world and get live feeds from the wire and receptionists in real time and use this to write up reports and opinion pieces in a very short time and allow them to work for numerous magazines and newspapers at once.Radio podcasters and presenters could work with colleagues from around the world in a traditional radio studio setting with guests also appearing in here allowing them to interview people from around the world..On site reporters would do their pre recorded segments in the country they are based with each live news station have on site reporters in all countries and their states etc around the world.Interviewed guests on live news segments will also use VR linked to their network where they can be interviewed in an environment of their type with AI of all types ie Gaia,Perseus,Aristeaus,Astraeus and also mayor and governor AIs and even those that manage hospitals,farms etc will appear as their avatar in person in any environment of their choice.On site reporters,callers etc in the real world can transmit live reports in real time to the VR simulation via linking to it managed by the receptionist in charge of the station.The Phorenous Babel Fish software translating the voices of people interacting with each other into their own language and the chosen language of the viewer allowing for guests and interviewers who speak different languages to interact with each other and viewers to understand it.These simulations will also be used for hiring and firing and also brainstorming ideas and general meetings.This can allow all buildings that house existing live news,radio,newspaper and magazines to be converted into communal homes and allow an infinite number to be set up and allow one to work with people around the world alongside networks.These computer networks will allow people to work from anywhere in the world and can be used on any electronic device that has wire access such as laptops,smart devices,computers,smart televisions and will be set up,listed and stored in Pheme with them linking all people involved at once.

Pheme will be macro managed by the sentient operating software Aleitheia who was the goddess of truth and she will manage all operations of it and be directly interact with all viewers of its database through smart phones,computers,smart pads,smart televisions and e-newspapers that Pheme is accessed on.It will be modelled on the same structure as Netflix for live news,radio/podcasts,magazines,newspapers etc with one able to download all media or watch,read,play it online via streaming.It will be divided into different sub networks for each media type with those for all of the worlds past and future live news(where livestreams can be viewed and all past programmes and hourly news will be logged),magazines,newspapers,radio programmes,podcasts and so on.These will be subdivided into folders and subfolders for seasons,year/month/week etc with one able to use search bars to search for them and use filters to filter for genre,author,country of origin,actor/director/author/auteur etc and so on in each sub network.When one enters Pheme they will then choose which sub network to enter with one shown the latest media from around the world,top rated,recommendations based on ones demographics and media they are currently watching with the option to download all media possible.Podcasts,live news etc will be able to be downloaded all in one go,all episodes in a season or individual episodes.Direct interaction with Aleitheia can allow to search for specific media based on descriptions of scenes,issues discussed,wording,anchors etc and also filter them and download specific media individually or in groups or while with one specifying which individual or groups of media to download etc with Phoroneus Babel Fish software translating both audio and text into any of the worlds 6,500 languages with in time any language of any alien race in real time.These will be stored in folders and subfolders for each issue,episode,programme arranged by date(year,month,week).Each media’s file will give its age rating,date of publication,air date,summary,pages,authors,anchors,host,runtime and so on.

It would be ideal to have all past logged live news shows,radio podcasts and magazines and newspapers from around the world logged as far back as possible.This will be done by automated scanning in of tapes,AI scanning archives,the internet including official websites and YouTube as well memories extracted from neural implants.All past issues of newspapers and magazines from around the world will be scanned into Pheme using automated scanners and AI scanning archives.Staff can be paid for all newspapers,magazines,live news and radio stations worldwide to search through digital,paper and VCR databases and have them scanned in and transferred to Pheme.Those on official sites and YouTube will be transferred.AI can work alongside them to alleviate strains.Neural implants used by the general public worldwide and anchors presenters themselves will be used to stream all of them worldwide from memories.Neural implants can be used by all members of the public that will scan their brain for all sections of live news,issues of newspapers and magazines,podcasts etc they have read,listened to and seen to be added by Adriadne and Aleitheia recreating them from these memories word for word,page for page and also scene for scene onto pages and digital files as if they were for normal with this done by all living members on the world allowing the AI to reverse engineer them from memories and piecing together all memories from all people worldwide.Once this technology is availible by the early 2030s this will be used by all citizens worldwide to recreate all of the aforementioned material from just memories and not those made up from scratch.Temporal manipulations can also used to recover lost episodes,issues etc.Having all past media from around the world will be done for historical records and reference and for nostalgia purposes.All media will be in 720p etc or higher.All future live news,podcasts and radio programmes from around the world will livestream in Pheme and be logged in their folders and subfolders to preserve them with all future issues of magazines and newspapers will premier here and be logged for historical purposes.Thus by 2029 all live news channels,radio programmes and podcasts,magazines,newspapers etc from around the world will be transferred and present in Pheme making it the only source of media with all future ones appearing there from now on and translated into ones desired language.This can allow them to be downloaded onto smart devices and computers etc when they are finished if a person has missed them and also for historical reference for older ones with all future live news and radio shows from around the world livestreamed here in Pheme rather on YouTube or official websites with with them logged here by year,month,week and day.Newspapers and magazines from around the world will be logged here as far back as possible for historical reference and future ones appearing here instantly within minutes of publication by year,month,week and day and allow one to download them onto e-newspapers and smart devices etc with live news stations programmes and podcasts from around the world downloaded at any time.Temporal manipulations will be used to gain missing episodes,issues and booklets.The ability to download logged live news,podcasts,magazines,newspapers and also all other media of all types onto smart televisions,laptops,e-newspapers,smart devices of all types will save on bandwidth with the advent of graphene,borophene and even biosynth fibre optics and even wifi amplified from signals from both solar arrays and also dyson spheres will increase speeds of wifi in not just cities but also rural areas.All past media uploaded will be in 720/1080p and all future media will be in this and downloaded in this.All media will viewed online and downloaded for free allowing ease of access with one downloading them one by one or in bulk ie with regards to newspapers and magazines download one or a few selected issues or entire weeks,months or years worth of issues or all issues and with regards to live news and podcasts one or a few select episodes or entire selected weeks,months and years worth of episodes of all or selected programmes or the entire backlogg at once and so on and can be downloaded at once by marking them into download lists to do so at once or directly interacting with the home AI to be sent to ones cloud or individual devices.All sections will be accessed on smart devices,smart televisions,laptops and computers to be downloaded and viewed with magazines and newspapers viewed in PDF form in smart devices and computers as well as smart televisions with them of course downloaded on both e-reader and also e-newspapers.They will be able to be viewed in livestreams on laptops,smart televisions and also smart devices with downloading them onto devices can allow sections to be used in movies,television shows including Restoration Nation and also by vloggers especially YouTubers and independent live news and radio podcasters in their own shows.The interface of Pheme will be like Dionysus based on the PS4 network and Netflix for magazines,newpapers,podcasts,radio stations,live news etc.As a result readers etc will have a wide variety of live news,podcasts,radio shows,newspapers and magazines from around the world outside of their normal diet and habits thus allowing them to gain perspectives on what is going on around the world and have a clue as to all events occurring worldwide and have access to all magazines worldwide especially with Phoroneus Babel Fish Software and if all issues of magazines and newspapers and episodes of live news are logged as far back as possible will give one perspective on historical events for use in movies and even episodes of Restoration Nation etc.It will also allow one to have access to news going on not only in any country across the world but also will allow those on holiday and who have permanently moved home to another country to get news from their home country.Phoroneus Babel Fish software will translate all magazines,newspapers,podcasts and live news into any of the world 6,500 languages breaking the language barrier.This will render dishes and satellites as part of live news on both homes and also those orbiting the Earth to be recycled and obsolete since they will be livestreamed and logged via the wire.Dishes,boxes,wire and other systems for satellite and cable services such as those that provide Sky Tv etc will be replaced by the ability to download and also live stream news,radio and sports events via Pheme will be recycled with cables and other fittings for American and other versions of television services will be made defunct allowing them to be recycled.Having live stream news,radio uploaded to Pheme within hours of production will render cable and satellite providers both state and corporate obsolete and thus allow satellites in space,dishes and boxes at home and receiving stations on the ground to be recycled with the done for those of live news stations since they will livestreamed and logged into Pheme.Dishes,boxes,wire and other systems for satellite and cable services such as those that provide Sky Tv etc will be replaced by the ability to download live stream news,radio via Pheme will be recycled with cables and other fittings for American and other versions of television services will be made defunct allowing them to be recycled.Satellites used to transmit and provide live stream news,radio channels will be recycled with them replaced by internet/wire livestreams and Pheme through the w