As said already critical and emotional intelligence should take precedence in the early pre-pubescent years so once the average person enters adolescence at 12 or younger depending on the individual the mentor-mentoree method as practised by both the Ancient Greeks is the most effective means of education during these years as most of theory will be within their grasp during and early on via smart devices and downloaded textbooks with pre-ascribed practicals and experiments for the sciences visible through online videos and lectures as well as videos within textbooks with education in emotional and critical development taking a more detailed and pronounced development and stabilisation through creativity encouragement and education.Furthermore the student in all fileds(law,medicine and sciences) will gain more detailed education in etiquette of internet use,how to access and critically interpret information as well as sources and the validity of scientific studies,use Pandora and similar software within Hephaestus for designing manufactured products,how to form debates and use the internet responsibly and to avoid using online bullying than in earlier years.As a result a legal guardian will chose a mentor for their child at this age who will be themselves,a sibling,member of extended family,member of the community,friend of the family or even a mentor from anywhere across the globe via Apollo live networks and webcams with the sentient Coeus breaking language barrier.These can all be one on one or in small groups of people of other age groups with similar learning style due to the ethos of lifelong learning.VR technology can allow via the time dilation effect allow for classes on the functioning of biological,chemical and physical process be done in laboratory as well as inside a living organism or if possible them interacting with miniature elementary particles in either one on one or groups of students for all fields such as the sciences,Agoge training,psychiatry,forensics at once in dozens of classes with two or more students from around the world at once due to the dilation effect allowing for them to teach students or create simulations for them that they have no knowledge of being in them and pass from one simulation to the next or hide the avatar of civilians,enemies or in the form of animals to measure their strategies.This could give students years or decades of high class training in the fields in short period of time passing in the real world and allow mentors to teach multiple students at once.Mentors can train multiple students at once as much as a dozen or several hundred and could design these within simulations using the time dilation effect allowing them to create dozens of exercises in a short amount of time.Election of mentors can be aided by the use of a single public site or network within the wire notably Apollo containing details all of the worlds educators in all fields subdivided by type and subtype where past students,superiors can give performance reviews and ratings giving both students and legal guardians choice of the best mentors from around the world.This would allow mentors to advertise themselves to potential mentorees and guardians on their field of expertise and detailing their contact details,academic career,their position in medical,legal and academic boards and criminal records by law(through hyperlinks to their files in Athena) being available for viewing with those who have performed malpractices,severe breaches of the law being stricken from performing their roles of mentoring and supervising.Position of trust laws would only be applied for instances where teachers have sexual intercourse with minors aged 13 or younger.

Due to the advent of the Information Age the average individual should be doing independant scientific research,PhD material as well as training in law,forensics,medicine,mass media(journalism,radio presenter,podcasting,live news anchors)production of new media(television show,movie series,video games)psychology,Search and rescue services,archaeology,space exploration as part of Astraeus etc as early as 12 or younger potentially between the ages of 5-9 years and have reached adult maturity in emotional and critical development as well as be living independently from their guardians with this mentorship and thus education ending between the ages of 14-15 thus following the natural rhythms of puberty ending the problems associated with traditional education as described above.Older adult students may also follow the same pedagogic education pattern by electing mentors in all fields from Apollo with the formation of new tissue by microbes and the application of gene therapy will allow older student to gain higher intelligence quotient.Thus the average individual will be carrying out independent scientific research and be trained in his or her field of choice and taking part in mass media and media as early as 12 or younger theoretically as young as 5-9 years old with older students in their 20s or older eligible to be trained in their field and also carrying out independent scientific research thus this pedagocic mentor mentoree reform will apply to all citizens of all ages negating conventional primary,secondary and tertiary education with the exception being military and law enforcement training.They will take part in exercises and production of media and live news,journalism etc not just with people their own age but older trainees,presenters etc in their 20s,30s etc.Education for military and law enforcement will be modelled on the Agoge training of Ancient Sparta begging at the ages of 5-7 years old and ending at 23 with it consisting of two phases – the first being set in barracks,federal/state/regional army and police training camps including Quantico with the second consisting of the mentor and mentoree system starting at 12. Education for military and law enforcement will be modelled on the Agoge training of Ancient Sparta begging at the ages of 5-7 years old and ending at 23 with it consisting of two phases – the first being set in barracks,federal/state/regional army and police training camps etc,military acamedies and girl and Boy Scout facilities etc around the world including Quantico and new ones set up where they will be given communal living quarters starting at 5-7 that follow the same regimes in the American military ie shaving their hair,assembly in the morning and those in charge of these barracks doing the same intimidation and disciplinary roll calls,waking up and assembly for daily hearings and exercises,drilling etc and them allowed to go  home during Summer and Christmas with VR allowing for exercises and training done during these holidays to further perfect their craft with the second phase consisting of the mentor and mentoree system starting at 12 with one assigned a mentor in the form of registered personnel in all fields with in both phases exercises both real world and VR being solo ones or group ones with trainees from across the world.Tournaments for fighting styles,weapons and even VR versions of the Hunger Games and Battle Royale  for competition will be done on local to global scales with the intensity of the second phase being more intensive than the first and will include sexual teasing,routine applications of the bullet ant trial involving Paraponera clavata and VR version of the Diamastigosis praticed in Ancient times as part of the Agoge will be practiced wherein they are purposefully flogged and whipped with whips both with or without barbs and steel flails once tied to a column by several mentors and walking around in circles to see who lasts the longest without passing out with real real pain sensations in a virtual fully renovated replica of Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia that fills with their blood without harming the trainee in the real world.Mandatory exercises for all trainees will include aboriginal walkabouts where trainees must spend six to twelve months in a wilderness of their mentors choice such as forests/jungles/deserts etc with no camping gear and must gain all food from the wild,VR psyche tests where one is pitted against their greatest fears and also the bullet ant trial involving P.clavata applied routinely.Sports played will be the Mayan games Ulama de cadera and Ulama de antebrazo(not Ulama de mazo)Episkyros and Harpastum to test physical endurance rather than modern ones with their VR exercises including fake and historical wars,police and SWAT operations etc involving AI and other trainees from across the world with them trained in VR how to use all types of weapons both guns and also swords/bo staff/nunchucks,fighting styles of all types making them proficient in as many as possible.They will be trained in as many fighting styles as possible and also dancing styles,gymnastics,acrobatics and cheerleading routines to be able to escape tight corners in battle and operations making trainees dexterous in all situations.Foraging exercises and “grab the cheese” exercises carried out in ancient Sparta will be practiced in the real world and VR with them have extensive knowledge of war,military training etc.Each trainee will undergo training in all areas and fields such as police,swat,military,navy etc in VR and real world exercises with by the time they reach the ages of 14 they may take part in real life police and swat operations as well as military operations as part of the on the battlefields and part of this part time reserve members prior to registration by 23.By 20 they will be inducted into the Syssitia with this modelled on that of Ancient Sparta and play a role in him being elected into Ares class by the age of 30 rather than citizenship through this based on their training and also performance in their fields and further training after registration.

During this education process the student may reside at their legal guardians home(using networks within Apollo to work with mentors around the world),dormitories in close proximity to universities/hospitals/research facilities,hotel suites built into universities or at the home of their mentor.VR technology that uses time dilation effects will allow the mentor and student to live on opposite sides of the world.In the case of Agoge trainess they will reside training facilities both new and existing ones including state and federal law enforcement and military training facilities such as military academies,navy training facilities as detailed later on in the first phase and at barracks,HQ or communities set up for them similar to Hogans Alley and at the mentorees home in the second.Exercises in VR simulations will involve fake wars,fake military/law enforcement/navy operations etc with them taught dancing,singing,gymnastics,cheerleading activities,acrobatics etc,horseriding etc with mandatory exercises being rites of passage such as the bullet ant trial of the Sateré-Mawé tribe ,aboriginal walkabouts and vision quests.Training for space programs such as interstellar travel will begin as early as 12 or younger and involve independant scientific research and als VR missions on bases,interstellar vehicles and space stations.AI such as Hecate,Gaia or Home AI will refer students to material relevant to their training in each field on Apollo,Wikipedia,YouTube etc.Then when finished this process that individual can then be elected to spearhead mentorship or supervision themselves through recommendation of their mentor.Mentors could theoretically using the networks within Apollo with Iris to be able to teach many students of all ages around the world remotely at once from home in groups or one to one at different times of the day or week with the sentient Coeus again breaking the language barrier with video feeds and photos of experiments and results etc. sent online and viewed in real time with the mentor forming group sessions between their students if needed via networks within Apollo.This would allow mentors and all students to form these classes from the comfort of their home.

Rather than having classes and then taking tests that require mere rote memorisation,stunt creativity and critical thinking mentors will be given the choice to be creative and thus design both real world exercises involving actors and VR simulation programmes that involve AI and other trainees taking the role of civilians and patients etc thus giving trainees first hand experience and have use creativity and critical thinking to solve problems faced in them theory learnt via textbooks both existing ones and those created by AI that house all possible information on a subject.VR technology indistinguishable from reality that utilises the time dilation effect once it becomes developed can be used in all fields such as law,military and law enforcement as well as forensic and medical training allowing to carry out dozens of exercises designed by mentors and AI that last years in simulations while mere minutes pass in the real world mastering them quickly and speeding up the rate of their education.This will also lower the artificial costs of this training to zero since time is usually the main factor in deciding this for current tutor systems and even conventional education systems with this dilation effect allowing mentor and mentoree to carry out potentially decades worth of education in a few short years or even months once perfected in all fields such as science,military,law enforcement,forensics,law,psychology etc and allow both mentor and mentoree to pursue their own lives at the same time as well as give mentors the ability to train multiple people at once or separately at the same time and allow multiple mentors to merge all of their trainees in the same simulation for group exercises.Both students and mentors using this will be able to work from home if they live on opposite sides of the world or galaxy with VR will allow for exercises to take place in any environment they want thus allowing for exercises to be unique and also take any form and also allow for students to work with mentors that live on opposite sides of the world without having to use Oceanus,Eos and Erebus etc to take part in exercises.Mentors using neural implants and AI would design these exercises in simulations using the time dilation effect allowing them to create dozens of them at the same time to be initiated in simulation unbeknowsnest to the trainee.As a result of this mentors will rather than teaching to the test be able to be creative in their exercises etc with it requiring students to be creative and exhibit critical thinking in order to solve them in different unique ways with the kobayashi maru built into some exercises in all fields to test character,strategies in no win situations.These exercises designed by mentors will allow mentors to be creative and not just “teaching to the test” and force students to utilise critical thinking and creativity to solve them with each exercise having multiple routes to a solution and not just a pre determined route and one single solution.The exercises will be designed to have an almost infinite number of solutions and thus give trainess an infinite number of ways to solve them thus giving trainees infinite ways to solve them with mentors evaluating them in how they solve them.The exercises will involve those relevant to their fields ie psychology trainees will be given fake AI patients,law students given fake court cases,medical students given fake patients/operations and situations,forensics students given fake murders to solve,law enforcement and military personnel given fake or historical wars and police/SWAT/navy/military/intelligence etc operations to practice on.This will give the trainees first hand experience on fake operations,patients meaning that by the time they are registered then they will have experience in their field of choice on par of real life with VR technology allowing again for these to take place in any environment as well as allow multiple students to be trained at once with the time dilation effect allowing for decades of experience.These exercises designed by mentors will allow mentors to be creative and not just “teaching to the test” and force students to utilise critical thinking and creativity to solve the with multiple solutions and paths to a problem.The exercises will be complimented by theory classes held in VR simulations and textbooks that contain all knowledge created by AI that will give people complete expert knowledge with exams replaced by on the spot testing of theory can be modelled on those created from pure scratch from the mentors imagination,those modelled on past historical legal/military/medical cases and also those from fictional media such as movies,video games etc and a mixture of all of these thus giving mentors an almost infinite amount of unique exercises to design for students.These exercises will be designed to deal with each students individual strengths and weakeness especially when combined with other students of the same or different field allowing for mentors to again be creative and also more adequately assess each individual students progress and viability in serving and being registered in that field.All exercises will be recorded and stored in the students digital file housed on Apollo,Aesculapous,Athena etc that will be reviewed by mentors and AI and humans as part of global boards who will leave an assesment in written and audio/visusl logs rather than grades and will also house hyperlinks to independant scientific research they carry out present in Apollo.All exercises will be recorded into their digital student file stored in Arsculapius,Themis,Athena etc and viewed via neural implants from the third and first view with human mentors with AI such as Perseus,Epione,Dike etc overviewing it within minutes and marking important parts and highlighting them especially in the case of exercises that last days,months and years in simulation for human mentors to review with the time dilation effect allowing one to review them with this used by mentors to programme large amounts of exercises in a short amount of time.Neural implants will allow humans to condense large amounts of audio/visual data in a short amount time.These digital files will house all recorded real world and VR exercises in audio visual form or files streamed via neural implants,audio/visual assesments via AI such as Perseus,Epione,human mentors and hyperlinks to all of their  independent research that will be reviewed by global training boards.VR technology using the wire will allow any student access to any mentor who lives anywhere in the world and will allow mentors to organise group exercises with multiple students including those of other mentors and merge them with mentors of other fields ie law,police,military and forensics students with each other in shared simulations.AI can alongside trainees and mentors play roles such`as civilians,superiors and colleagues and both AI and mentors can even pretend to be human trainees.Exercises may also be merged ones involving different fields with those for trainee lawyers,forensics investigators,medical students etc merged together.Prior to this those involving actors and other trainees may be used in real courts,hospitals,offices etc.Thus trainees may even have exercises set in the real world.Trainees will also be given experience in the real world prior to registration ie given real court cases,police and military operations,psychology and medical patients to test their ability to work in the real world and get first hand experience with the intensity of them decided by mentors without them knowing it is real with some VR and real world exercises have the kobayashi maru integrated – an no win situation to test strategies and character in this situation.Exercises can be solo exercises or group exercises involving multiple trainees including those both of the same field and even different fields merged together.Textbooks,Hecate YouTube channel and on the spot oral testing will replace traditional classes and examinations.Independent research relevant to their field ie biomedicine,criminological,sociological,forensics etc will be required as well.The time dilation effect by 2045 can allow decades of training to be done in a short amount of time.Thus by the time one has finished their education by their early teens they will have decades worth of experience and training on par with someone who is in fact retiring in their 60s with their training giving them first hand experience meaning thus meaning when they enter full registration and employment they will be fully experienced similar to someone who has just retired in their 60s.The time dilation effect of VR technology can also allow them to read large amounts of textbooks on their field that will make them experts in their field and attend classes on theory and discussion in their field of choice carried out by mentors and also relevant AI such as Paean,Iaso,Urania etc allowing them to become experts in their chosen field very quickly by their early teens.Science mentors using VR simulations can teach science students how to carry out experiments,use machinery/microscopes/lab equipment and prepare media,write up studies and experiments,education in ones chosen field of science and specific experiments such as theory and processes etc without damaging them or wasting resources before they enter a real lab and run test simulations of experiments.They will teach them theory and textbooks on Apollo will provide textbooks with all possible information with Coeus teaching them how to write out experiments,abstracts using scientific language,how to reference existing peer reviewed scientific studies and primary sources etc and scientific notation ie writing up humans as Homo sapiens,Apis cerana japonica; the first time and H.sapiens and A.c.japonica  all future times and the same for species of plants,animals and micro-organisms with him also teaching them how to use references to past scientific studies.VR simulations can show them chemical,biological and physical process on a microscopic and macroscopic scale as part of their education and carry out test simulations of experiments.Mentors in all fields of science will through VR simulations using its time dilation effect thus given science students first hand experience in labs and how to work on and use all types of lab equipment and machinery and carry out test experiments and even how to collect physical animals,chemical samples etc in the real world within VR simulations thus giving them first hand experience on how to carry out scientific research meaning by the time a trainee enters a real lab or real location in the real world they will be well versed in how to carry out scientific research their desired field of research on par with someone in their 50s or 60s.Education in VR simulations can involve lectures on the mentors field of research,current studies,research and experiments they are carrying out and also recent scientific breakthroughs and discoveries with for non science mentors it focusing on new developments in the field,recent legal etc cases they are involved in and recent legal cases and current affairs and current cases from around the world in their field such as law,paychology etc.The mentor in VR simulations can give conventional theory lectures on the different areas of the field of science or even the non science field such as law,psychology etc especially when it is in relation to current affairs or existing and new media such as movies,video games,television shows etc and even in relation to exercises being carried out by other trainees and also lectures on historical legal,psychology cases.The mentor can explain concepts related to their field of science and training in VR environments using in simulation holographic technology and planet sized or galaxy sized simulations not possible in the real world especially in lecture halls in any environment possible.Thus traditional lectures and classes can take place in VR simulations that can be in any environment that the mentor wants to explain facets of the field of science or other fields such as law,psychology etc to compliment textbooks.This can be one on one or in small groups of any size that the mentor wants with the time dilation effect allowing to get years or decades of education in classes with the student also using the time dilation effect getting decades of education reading textbooks written by AI containing all possible information.The VR simulations can allow the mentor to explain concepts not possible in the real world by showing chemical and biological processes for science with for law etc showing re-enactments of fictional or real world court cases and so on.As a result when a student enters a real lab in the real world for the first time they will be well versed in theory,processes and also skilled in using all equipment,machinery and carrying out experiments in their chosen fields equivalent to a PhD student or someone in their 60s thus making them able to carry out their own independent research in their desired field and this used to train them in new fields and lab equipment allowing one to excel in numerous fields of science and even numerous fields of training allowing one to be trained and registered as lawyers,psychologists,forensics investigators,researchers and also carry out work in journalism,live news and media such as video games,movies etc.Mentors will have the option of having their students first aid them in carrying out their own research.That is if a researcher who is a mentor is carrying out research of their own at the moment then the student can help them carry out this research in any way possible through collecting samples etc while at the same time explaining to them the nature of their research.This will be part of a science students training and education with the student then encouraged to seek out and carry out their own independent research related to the same field.A student will at first aid their mentor in their current experiments in any way possible and will then be encouraged to carry out their own independent research that is overseen by their mentor with their mentor aiding them in anyway possible.The student will through aiding their mentors be given co-authorship of their mentors research when it is published with the mentor also given co authorship of their students research.This will allow training in scientific research will be done be imparted directly onto students with mentors able to train multiple students at once.For law students the student will be present at real world court cases carried out by the mentor to observe them being carried out.VR technology and its time dilation effect will allow science mentors teach multiple trainees across the world

By 2029 most labs around the world and universe will be fully automated following a conveyor factory belt system managed by robots,automated machinery sand biosynths with 3D DNA printers and artificial wombs etc allowing any species of plant,animal,fungi,bacteria,virus to be created onsite of all labs by cross referencing different versions of Physis.Computer networks will allow one to control multiple automated labs in universities around the world from the comfort of home including all aspects such as cameras,robot etc and thus allow a single researcher to gather large amounts of data involving thousands,millions or even billions of samples of data with AI collecting this data into networks and merging data from different laboratories of different types across the universe to carry out multiple experiments at once with large amounts of data to make better correlations and even allow one to carry out meta studies and experiments that merge different fields and disciplines of science with it also reducing human error,fatigue and labour to zero and eliminate accidents completely with AI carrying out most grunt work such as carrying out complex calculations that would be beyond human capacity and negate human error and fatigue thus allow a single researcher to carry out dozens if not hundreds of scientific studies at once from the comfort of home.One would from home using networks be able to control all aspects of all labs across the universe they are connected to.Biochemistry,nutritional and healthcare research studies for humans,aliens and animals of all species will involve results from home test kits,implants and automated labs fed into patient files with Paean etc sifting through billions of patient files for desired data by researchers at home..Collection of soil samples,water samples and animal and plant samples may become automated by drones,robots etc added to automated labs with nanosensor readings as part of Theoi Meteroi in lakes,rivers,soils,ocean and atmosphere readings will allow all existing and future data to be fed in networks for climate,toxicology,agriculture etc studies etc with zero human labour.All labs on-site of universities etc and collection of samples from soils,oceans etc will be fully automated from start to finish with zero human labour allowing for millions of billions of pieces of data to be collected with all complex calculations and write ups such as abstracts and calculations etc will be done by AI thus allowing for zero human labour and error allowing a single individual to carry out hundreds or thousands of experiments etc every year.Thus 95% of all scientific research will be fully automated with zero human labour and zero human error with one able to carry out large experiments and also carry out dozens,hundreds or thousands of experiments in different scientific fields at once thus exponentially accelerating scientific knowledge and advancement.Non automated labs that will consist of people onsite of labs to oversee them as security but also to carry out work in those involving animals with those in space stations,interstellar vehicles and universities extensions to house spacious laboratories that can house large areas for containment measures to prevent dangerous animals and dangerous pathogens escaping alongside housing living spaces and areas for animals to roam in large pens rather than cramped cages with as detailed earlier all doors being watertight Graphene ones and windows etc Graphene infused with Graphene infused in biohazard suits both the cloth and visors due to it being 200 times stronger than steel.Biosynths modelled on humans and alien races will be used to carry out scientific research that pushes ethical boundaries such testing pathogens on them,bacteria and viruses and their ability and likelihood of developing into zoonoses of humans and aliens as well as environmental conditions of alien worlds etc,teleportation and will have them consume all plants and animals and be bitten and stung by all by animals and also be exposed to all bacteria etc from each newly discovered planet across the universe to see if are poisonous to humans etc.They will also be used in clinical trials of all augmentations and immunisations etc after animals but also before humans.Since having DNA from humans and aliens they will give realistic reactions to pathogens,venoms and environmental conditions and act as cadavers for medical trainees and bodies to research decomposition for forensic trainees with since being able to be mass produced will provide an unlimited supply of this.Most people will carry out experiments and contribute to scientific research in multiple fields rather than one narrow field due to this with it also expediating the rate of scientific research exponentionally.All universities will be linked together by the sentient operating software Urania,will be linked to all farms of all types by Hyancinth and to all hospitals by the sentient Coronis.

AI will carry out research into each of their specific fields such as Astraeus carrying out research into space exploration and all fields of physics associated with it,Triptolemus will conduct research into improving yields in agriculture,Arke better internet and cellular access and so with the AIs of all hospitals,farms etc contributing with both humans AI itself carrying out research into AI,automation etc thus exponentially expediting the development of new and better AI and automation making all sectors of society exponentionally more efficient but also further eliminating human labour in all theoretical jobs thus shutting down all potential future work completely meaning both automation AI itself will become exponentionally more powerful by 2029 onwards through conducting its own research that it will always be able to outcompete humans in all existing and theoretical new jobs and it in turn making scientific research exponentionally much more efficient without human labour in a positive feedback loop.This will eliminate the need of mandatory state examinations and laws and curriculum from the state that hinder an individuals progress such as Common Core and No Child Left Behind with scientific researchers not requiring a proficiency in mathematics to do it in all fields with people starting research at any age from 5-9 and even in their 20s,30s,40s etc with those registered to practice law,psychology also carrying out research in their fields and scientific fields with as stated one carrying out research in multiple scientific fields and disciplines.Even those involved in media production such as writing,acting,lives news anchors etc will also be carrying out scientific research in their spare time.VR technologies time dilation effect will allow people in these fields to carry out their main jobs with computer networks and automated labs allowing them to do scientific research in their spare time with those who work in non automated labs using the time dilation effect to carry out both hobbies and also their jobs in law,media and live news etc.Thus older students in their 20s,30s,40s onwards that are registered as lawyers,psychologists and are live news anchors,actors,writers,journalists etc will be eligible to carry out independant scientific research in multiple fields in their spare time to prevent them becoming idle.Citizens in their 20s,30s,40s and older can train to become lawyers,psychologists and as live anchors and actors even when already having existing occupations.All exercises will feature billions of independent AI characters that trainees become friends with and real life news reports as the simulations become lived in worlds that one is immersed in and changes overtime with each passing exercise customised to their actions and exercises and can be used for holidays and merged with trainees of other fields that take part in exercises with AI namely Perseus managing bridging the different simulations together ie bridging characters and events from simulations together or one using portals to go from one to another with in this case their being separate simulations for each trainee and those for shared exercises that follow the aforementioned development.Registered trainees may use them for holidays,recreation or even keeping them busy with new exercises and to keep them sharp.Mentors of all fields could merge exercises with those of other trainees in other fields ie forensics,law,military and medical students could partake in merged exercises without their knowledge for relevant exercises ie terrorist attacks,murder investigations.Thus exercises may also be merged ones involving different fields with those for trainee lawyers,forensics investigators,medical students merged together.It could theoretically allow one to be trained and registered in multiple fields.AI in charge of each area such as Perseus,Epione etc through neural implants can suppress the trainees knowledge of them taking part in exercises modelled on real world and fictional events and also that not only that other trainees are taking part but also that the trainees are taking part in simulations in the first place to allow them to have their innate character and strategies tested and assesed more accurately.Thus while they are taking part in VR simulation exercises their knowledge of it being a simulation,that other trainers are taking part and knowledge of fictional and made up media it is based on will be supressed to more accurately asses them of their innate skills and character decision etc.Variants of the Kobayashi Maru can apply to all of these training fields to measure their responses,command strategies,discipline and character in no win situations with it ideally integrated without the trainees knowledge of it being integrated to catch them out.VR technology should be availible by at least 2029 with the time dilation effect perfected by 2045.The time dilation effect will work by neural implants interacting with the parts of the brain responsible for temporal comprehension thus allowing one to experience simulations that last years,decades or centuries to the user and trainee but mere hours and minutes pass in the real world

Mentors will design VR programmes that consist of planet,galaxy or even universe sized arenas that house replicas of Earth,the universe or altered versions or even completely alien worlds that are designed by AI and mentors from pure thought using neural implants.These can have difficulty and other componants changed to suit each student at a whims notice.Some facets of all facets can be altered for other students and copied and they all will be stored in sub networks of Apollo,Athena,Iaso,Aeculspius,Terpsichore, etc to be used by other mentors around the world who in turn can modify them to suit the needs of different students.This will allow for all students access to different VR simulations from around the world that have been modified to test their specific strengths and weaknesses.Each student will have VR simulations that are based on their specific area of training and be historical or fake versions of that field to give them first hand experience and testing customised to them.For example law enforcement/military etc trainees will be given in VR simulations of VR fake and historical police/military operations,psychologists trainees fake patients of varying types,law students fake legal cases,forensics students fake forensics cases,medical trainees given fake patients and medical emergencies and so on.These and other students will use VR technology for learning dancing,fighting styles and also how to play musical instruments taking place in VR simulations.Neural implants will connect mentors and students to these with servers and even laptop and smartphones connected to the wire and internet allowing mentors and students to connect to and interact with other mentors and students across the world.These VR programmes exercises can be solo or group exercises.VR exercises can be merged with those of trainees taught by the same mentor as well as those taught by other mentors of the same field and even merged with exercises involving trainees of different fields ie law enforcement and military exercises can be those involving different Agoge trainees with them also merged with medicine,forensics,law trainees.Wire access will allow mentors and trainees to work with people across the world.These VR exercises will give students first hand experience in their field and them designed by AI and mentors will have them created in ways that test each individual students strengths and weakeness.Mentors using neural implants and AI will design planet,galaxy or universe sized exercises with they layout and nature of them raging them ranging having facets of the supernatural,fantasy or science fiction or normal reality thus giving mentors unlimited creativity in them with the nature of them limited only by their imagination.VR technology will give mentors unrestricted creativity in designing exercises relevant to the students field rather than teaching to the test with exercises designed to have multiple if not if possible an infinite variety of solutions and will test their students progress by assessing their actions taken during these exercises and the result this assessing the student’s ability to perform in that field.These can be custom made to each trainees individual strengths and weaknesses and individual personalities and even individual relationships with other trainees in the same simulation.Variations of the Kobayashi Maru that is where they are unknowingly entered into a no win scenario to test strategies etc in such a situation will introduce without the trainees knowledge to again test character,command strategies etc in a no win situation.The time dilation effect will allow one by the time they are finished training to have experience in par with people in their 60s in all possible situations thus meaning once a person graduates by their early 20s and in some cases early teens they will have experience on par with those with decades of education.This VR technology will be also used for teaching cooking,all types of dancing styles,all types of fighting and dancing styles,music,drama,sports of all types and other classes in any environment of their choice with it connecting students and mentors from across the world.As stated trainee researchers will be trained how to use lab equipment and also given classes on theory etc and run test experiments filmmaking them fully trained and prepared by the time they enter a laboratory for the very first time.The time dilation effect will allow students to get decades worth of classes on theory and lab training in a short period of time.VR technology by 2029 onwards will the predominant method of education as it will allow both students and mentors to work with each other from the comfort of home while living in opposite sides of the world and allow for exercises to be created not possible in the real world.Furthermore one can utilise nested matryoshka doll structure for VR simulations that consists of a series of linked VR simulations that are linked together forming a matryoshka doll nested structure allowing ease of passage between these linked simulations where one can be inside a macro VR programme that uses the time dilation effect and while still in this macro VR programme be then sent to or enter another VR programme following a matryoshka doll nest structure that is simulations within simulations similar to the movie Inception with each one being completely different from each other having different looks,laws of physics and even rates of time dilation.The macro VR programme would house accomadation etc.This matryoshka doll nest structure will allow Trainess to move from one simulation to the next for different types of training meaning they could be in a macro VR simulation for large amounts of time during both their education with mentors,other trainees and also paidomonas etc but can move from one simulation to the next for specific exercises.This system could be used to enter other simulations such as exercise programmes,personal simulations to carry out hobbies and meet with other people and include those as part of Agon,Komodia etc.In personal simulations and those used for training one carry out any hobby they wanted such as hiking and viewing media on YouTube and also both Dionysus and Pheme.The use of a macro VR system could allow Trainess from around the world to move back and forth from simulations used for training such as those for exercises and personal simulations and the macro programme meaning collectively one could spend centuries or thousands of years in all simulations while mere minutes pass in the real world thus giving one thousands of years of training.

All of ones exercises would be logged in their digital file and logged into folders and subfolders that contain critical assessments by mentors for review by global training boards who will comprise of the most well established and experienced mentors in the various fields including existing ones.Exercises will be designed to have multiple if not an infinite amount of solutions and routes to the desired end goal thus encouraging the trainees to practice and utilise creativity and critical thinking to solve them and finish the goal with the exercises both group and solo will be recorded by surveillance cameras,drones smart contact lenses and in time neural implants which will be recorded onto their digital file which can be uploaded onto the trainees digital file in Athena,Iaso,Metis at the behest of trainees once edited ie the different camera angles,point of view from lenses etc edited.The simulation will be recorded into the Trainess digital file from the Trainess point of view with them overseen by Perseus,Iaso,Metis who will allow for them to be recorded and viewed from any angle.The exercises will be stored in digital form as a audio/visual file and VR programme in the Trainess file allowing for Perseus,Alexander,Iaso,Metis and mentors and paidomonas to view them with AI doing so by pure thought with humans using neural implants to view them in real time and condense long files into their brain within minutes or view them in VR simulations using its time dilation effect.Furthermore they can view them as VR programmes they enter and view from a third person or first person perspective and as files similar to those in YouTube.Human trainers can copy their consciousness using neural implants onto computers and condense large amounts of exercises and then have the copied consciousness back into their brain using said implants to have large amounts of data input into their brain with them also streaming directly all data into their brain.Mentors will also use these options to condense all other VR training in gymnastics etc and event they take part and the different VR programmes into their brain and leave after each exercise in subfolders videos and written reviews that contain their personal analysis of each exercises etc in subfolders.Trainess digital file will contain all logged exercises as video files and VR programmes ordered into folders and subfolders.

.Humans registering to these areas will prevent AI taking full control of these fields,create a balance between humans and AI and give humans some areas to be skilled in and also work in and provide work in these areas for those that gain intrinsic value in them.These boards for each field will consist of members from each country of the world with one per country with new members voted in also by each member of the board alongside all registered personnel in each field in routine elections every ten to twenty years or when a member retires or dies.These global boards will consist of AI in charge of them ie Iaso,Perseus and the most experienced human etc members of these fields that have specified term limits and look over assessed material in VR simulations using the time dilation effect,manage registration and disbarment and so on and can be elected by nominations from both existing members,trainees and registered practitioners running campaigns similar to those in politics.This board will increase once interstellar travel is achieved.Registration to these global boards of each field would require a set age,set years of experience and research and also will comprise of people across the world and also AI in charge of these fields ie Iaso,Perseus,Marcaria,Astraeus,Dike etc with them reviewing the work of the trainee in the form of video review done by the mentor and also recorded VR simulations in the trainees file with them using the time dilation effect to view large amounts of data from each trainee with the trainee given an graduation ceremony with others in the same field within a VR simulation or in a local community centre,town hall or university.Neural implants can also be used to download large amounts of data including recordings into their brain condensing years of data into them within minutes.Independent research in their field of choice ie law,forensics,biomedicine and criminological studies will be also carried out by trainees.There work such as exercises and research etc logged into ones digital files will be assessed by global boards of all fields such law,psychology,forensics,military etc consisting of AI such as Perseus,Dike,Iaso,Macaria and also humans and in time other sentient races with the most experience in that field and chosen to hold that post by AI in charge of that field with their being VR graduation ceramonies every year for each field with one required to be a set age ie 14 and also required to have clocked a set amount of exercises both real and VR and time in both the real world and VR simulations and set amount of independent research.They will be named after the sentient AI that manages them ie Iaso,Epione,Dike etc with the global body for law enforcement named after and managed by Perseus with this upscale once the galactic UN is formed.All real world and VR exercises and independent scientific research of all fields will be assessed by the global boards of all fields.All VR and real world exercises will be stored in each trainees digital file that also contains hyperlinks you all independant scientific research in Apollo with AI and humans  reviewing these files for each trainee using neural implants to either download and stream large amounts of data or them viewed in simulations using the time dilation effect.Trainees will be able to be trained and registered in multiple fields over their life time by engaging in this pedogogic method in their 20s,30s,40s etc meaning older trainees including those already in their 20s,30s etc and future trainees older than 12 can undergo training for law,forensics,healthcare,space exploration etc as well carry out independant research in any field of science etc in any university across the world,people will become live news anchors,podcasters,journalists by setting up networks in Pheme using VR technology and computer networks or applying to existing ones etc via their network in Pheme and also become actors,writers,directors,programmers, for new media by setting up networks in Dionysus using VR technology and computer networks and applying to existing ones in Dionysus without primary,secondary and tertiary education thus allowing anyone of any age as young as 5-9,12 or even in their 20s,30s,40s etc to partake in any of the remaining fields of work carried out by humans.Thus any citizen of any age between 5-12 or older citizens in their 20s,30s,40s and so on can partake in pedagogic training in any field of science,archaeology,law,space exploration,psychology,space exploration and become journalists,anchors and radio presenters without archaic academic qualifications at any age.Even those involved in media production such as writing,acting,live news anchors,journalism etc will also be carrying out scientific research in their spare time.VR technologies time dilation effect will allow people in these coolers to carry out their main jobs with computer networks and automated labs allowing them to do scientific research in their spare time with those who work in non automated labs using the time dilation effect to carry out both hobbies and also their jobs in law,media and live news etc.People can become journalists and live news anchors by setting new magazines,newspapers and live news stations at any age when they are 12 or younger and in the 20s,30s etc through networks in Pheme and using VR technology or they can join existing ones by sending in audio/visual portfolios of them writing articles or reporting news in the real world or VR simulations.Anyone ages 12 or younger or older who is a researcher,psychologist,lawyer etc in the 20s,30s etc can become involved in the production of new movies,television shows and video games as writers,directors and actors etc by setting up networks in Dionysus.Those already registered as lawyers,space exploration,medical staff and psychology can become journalists or undergo training in other fields.Those who work as lawyers,psychologists and live news anchors and journalists will be able to participate in pedagogic training for scientific research etc.Thus any citizen of any age between 5-12 or older citizens in their 20s,30s,40s and so on can partake in pedagogic training in any field of science,archaeology,law,space exploration,psychology and become journalists,anchors and radio presenters without archaic academic qualifications at any age.One will be have multiple careers and thus not restricted to being only one career thus allowing one to contribute to multiple fields over their lifetime.One will thus through their lifetime starting at the age of 12 or younger and older in their 20s,30s,40s etc become registered to practice multiple occupations such as researchers,psychologists,lawyers,live news anchors,journalists etc and creator of new movies,television shows,video games.Thus even citizens older than 12 who are in their 20s,30s,40s and older can partake in pedagogic training in any field such as science,law,psychology and even space exploration and archeology etc except Agoge training.VR technology and its time dilation effect and computer networks and automated labs will allow people to become registered and practice multiple fields such as law,scientific research,forensics,media production,acting and live news etc.The only exception to this will be Agoge trainees for military and law enforcement that can only undergo training starting between the ages of  5-7 and then registered at 23 and apply for Ares membership between 30-40 with older citizens unable to apply for this but existing personnel in all sectors such as law enforcement,military,navy etc and private mercenary groups from around the world will be automatically integrated into the existing global versions of Homonia,Nike,Alke etc.Registered law enforcement and military personnel and Agoge trainees will be able to partake in scientific research and become lawyers,psychologists,live news anchors and journalists and partake in the creation of new media such as movies,television shows and video games.Existing lawyers,psychologists,forensics investigators and medical staff etc will be automatically registered to practice everywhere and integrated into Themis,Iaso,Metis,Aesculapius and Macaria etc.All lawyers,forensics investigators,psychologists will be registered to the state and the sector of their field ie Themis,Aesculapius,Macaria.Those already registered to practice law,medicine,psychology,law enforcement and military operations,forensics etc will be eligible to become mentors in their fields with all newly registered members of each field will be also eligible to become mentors with them advertising in either or both Apollo and Themis,Macaria,Athena.A global version of the bar exam will exist for law,medicine,psychology,forensics etc allowing one to be registered to practice worldwide with if possible a variant developed by AI in charge of each sector such as Dike,Epione,Astraeus,Macaria etc that deals with rather than being a written exam could be a VR programme that deals with them applying the skills needed for practicing law based on their unique strengths,weakness etc.Thus it will be a VR programme that tests the necessary skills tested in all countries worldwide in first hand events and experience in these areas and these developed by Dike,Epione,Macaria,Iaso to test their eligibility to practice law,medicine,psychology etc  with upon passing it one able to practice law worldwide.The bar exam tests will be carried out by Dike,Epione etc and will be unique to each trainee based on their strengths and flaws from all previous exercises designed by mentors.All real world and VR exercises and independent research done by trainees will be stored in digital files stored in each network to allow them to be analysed by boards for each sector ie healthcare,law,law enforcement/military,psychology etc composed of the AI in charge of each sector such as Dike,Perseus,Iaso,Macaria and human mentors considered the most experienced in their field worldwide with one required to be a set age ie 14 and also required to have clocked a set amount of exercises both real and VR and time in both the real world and VR simulations and a set amount of independant research.Also present will be all data about their tenure ie where they were stationed and for what period etc and what patients and clients they had with audio/visual records of all meetings/operations etc for review for malpractice etc.These filed upon registration will be open to the public in the case of medical,forensic,law etc personnel to allow one to leave 10 star and written reviews on their performance as clients with law enforcement and military personnels files kept secret when acting as double agents or part of undercover operations.All real world and VR exercises and independant scientific research of all fields will be assessed by the global boards of all fields.Being registered to that field will make one registered to practice worldwide with VR technology allowing one to carry out work in certain fields from home such as psychology,law etc.VR simulations will be where graduation ceramonies take place involving all board members,mentors,all trainees of that field that year.
The training of trainees in all fields would follow the following steps:
•That the trainee has no knowledge of it being a simulation or the nature of the exam so as to catch them out and test their ability to be as ready as possible in emergency and put aside shock and awe in order to react as professionally.Good mentors can but their trainee through an exercise without them knowing one took place.

•Trainees could even be put real situations without their knowledge prior to finishing their training and registration to do this.The intensity of the real situations they would be involved in would be decided by mentors evaluation of their trainees readiness and skill.
•Variants of the kobayashi maru could be integrated into all VR and real world mock situations without the trainees knowledge of the nature of the simulation and thus the integration of this scenario in order to test character,strategies and discipline in a no-win situations in medical situations.

With regards to media such as live news and journalism and radio podcasts and shows the amateur aged 12 or younger will post portfolios in the networks of newspapers,magazines,live news stations or they can set new ones up in Pheme using VR technology.Newbie live news anchors,journalists and reporters and radio presenters will be able to set up new and radio stations,magazines etc within Pheme and new movies,video games,music albums,television shows etc Dionysus and join existent ones without tertiary education.Dionysus will house networks for newbie actors,programmers,writers,directors etc to set up new projects or post portfolios without secondary or tertiary education prequisites.Ones career in journalism,live news and making movies,video games etc will begin as early as 12 or younger.VR technology,computer networks etc will allow ab infinite number of live news stations,magazines,newspapers and radio programmes and podcasts etc to be set up by anyone of any age including those as young as 12 years of age with anyone of any age able to join existing ones without secondary or tertiary qualifications.With regards to movies,television shows,video games computer networks and VR technology will allow an infinite number of these to be set up by anyone of any age with the ability to post portfolios in computer networks allowing people to start careers in media as early as possible from the comfort of home.Thus media schools and courses will become obsolete since anyone of any age will be able to join existing newspapers,magazines,media projects and live news stations and set up new ones in Pheme and Dionysus.Film schools will be replaced by film making classes in Apollo that teach people the craft.Due to VR technology abc its time dilation effect one could carry out careers in journalism and creation of new media and aldo carry out training in law,forensics and also carry out scientific research as well

This pedagogic reform with emphasis on the Socratic method ensures that information and skills are handed one to one at the rate of the students capabilities without resorting to the rote memorisation,cramming of state examinations and obsession with league tables which leads to the drone cookie cutter made product without the problems of teen angst/rebellion,stress,manipulation and bullying.Further since it takes place outside the rigid time based structure of current methods where each subject is given a set amount of time and speed over the year usually 8 to 9 months for each school year thus the rate of assessment and ones education can be adjusted to individual learning curves eliminating the need for routine standardised testing,state examinations,Matriculation examinations etc allowing for mentor and mentoree to work around their own schedule throughout the year with breaks and holidays lasting as long as both agree upon and other work/exercises can be done during the duration of these to keep them sharp and getting bored.The mentorship will also start when they want rather at set months.Furthermore it allows mentors to be creative and teach subjects using custom made teaching methods,exercises and simulations and tests of the student knowledge rather than be subjected to “teaching to the test” set by the state or education boards and the length of this mentorship and thus a students initiation into independent working in their field suited to their own capabilities with holidays lasting as long as the student and mentor sees fit and wishes.Testing of theory and hypothetical scenarios will be be done with on the spot oral testing by mentors at random times as well as software on smart devices that run tests set by the mentor with problems that need to be solved consisting of games and visual problems(representing hypothetical scenarios for the students field) of varying levels of difficulty that require critical thinking and problem solving skills(multiple routes to the solution given by the student to test creativity in both on spot testing and software based tests should be encouraged as well as their ability to calculate and determine the feasibility and efficacy of each solution and where and when it can be applied as well all theoretical long term consequences of each path taken to promote critical thinking – this should apply to all fields such as law,medicine,all sciences,psychology etc.) that can be done during spare time,breaks and holidays.With regards to issues such as the relevance of mathematics and its relation to the science such as physics,programming and engineering etc since most of the worlds sciences calculations will be automatically done by machines,AI and software namely Gaia or the AI of universities etc this will thus allow people without a proficiency in mathematics but an understanding of physics and other sciences to contribute to their field negating the need for mathematics prerequisite qualifications or proficiency in scientific research.Thus one may only need basic mathematics skills to contribute to scientific research in all fields of science such as biology,physics,chemistry,engineering and and all fields and sub fields of them as AI such as Gaia,Urania and that of universities and space stations etc will carry out all complex calculations and Coues will teach students all levels of math releated to their field of science.This will also allow this pedagogic reform to apply to aeronautics and space programs and travel with students training and mentoring in these programs as early as 12 or younger and working full time there from then on with the trainees undergoing physical training and research into all all fields of physics and fields of biology and chemistry related to physics in particular space travel such as those that replicate environments in zero gravity and other planets.VR simulations could allow them to undergo whole space missions on stations,vessels and bases for extended periods of time as well as future exploratory mission.Learning maths will be learnt as pastime primarily with passion and interest involved with Coeus as detailed earlier on all types of smart devices again(starting with levels in basic arithmetic all the way up to expert level mathematics,calculus etc.) with the development of new theorems and areas of mathematics again being on a personal basis instead of conventional degree,masters,PhD courses as YouTube lectures may also provide additional educational material with the person working with universities and others in their field worldwide via networks in Apollo to publish them.In time even artificial intelligence and software may develop new theorems and fields of mathematics with this done primarily done by Gaia and university AIs with her possibly solving all remaining unsolved theorems etc.This pedagogic reform with the students own personal speeds and innate abilities taken into account with on the spot testing and scenarios on software designed by the mentor themselves,salons,YouTube analysis of humanities and racial/gender studies,textbooks and other materials from Apollo,material from Dionysus and Wikipedia will allow for a proper education system as per “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” will lead to the elimination of federal education departments,standardised testing of students on maths as well as reading and writing on national and global levels,debates over creationism versus evolution in education,state examinations,college examinations and college entrance exams with even online university courses disappearing.

Space Exploration:
Training for Astraeus for space exploration and work in observatories and radio telescopes as well as interstellar vehicles and space stations and exploring and charting the universe such as other planets and interacting with sentient races will begin as early as 12 or younger with one not needing a proficiency in mathematics but will carry out VR exercises,spend time in real space stations and interstellar vessels and carry it independant scientific research in fields releated to it.Training for orbiting space stations,interstellar travel and work in all areas of the universal space program and body named Astraeus will begin as early as 12 or younger following the mentor mentoree program and will include physical training alongside independent scientific research related to all fields of physics and even fields of biology and chemistry related to physics in particular space travel and other planets outside of Earth.This can involve research involving both Earth based and alien species of plants and animals as well as sentient races of aliens across the universe as well as agriculture,botany,biomedical science,microbiology,astrophysics,robotics etc and their effects on space stations,vessels,bases and all alien planets including those about to be colonised and terraformed and indeed all of these fields and other fields of science in relation to interstellar travel and colonisation of other planets across the universe as well as that involving astronomy using space telescopes and radio telescopes.Native plants and animals related to agriculture from Earth can be researched especially with regards to genetic engineering to to grow in space stations and interstellar vehicles and on colonies across the universe including them having genes added to them from alien crops,plants and animals used as pets and livestock and a source of commodities created by bacteria from across the universe improve crop yields and suitably for being grown across the universe.They will also carry out observations both on the ground incognito and from space stations of observed races.Special training facilities will set up next to all major space elevators and launch sites across the world and galaxy.VR simulations indistinguishable from reality will involve those that replicate environments in zero gravity and on other planets with in time Agoge trainees even merging with this training as part of their overall training.VR simulations will involve trainees spending time on vessels,bases and stations for extended periods of time and also doing dangerous underwater and zero gravity exercises with the effects of bone and muscle entropy negated once outside the simulation with it allowing them to prepare in how to deal with this allowing for decades of training using the time dilation effect.It could also allow them to visit mapped planets in the galaxy including local ones in theoretical bases and witness the planets terraforming.VR technology can allow them to experience time on space stations,interstellar vehicles and all types of problems on them to test preparedness.As part of training trainees will spend time on real space stations and interstellar vehicles before being registered.They will be registered between the ages of 14-18 at which point they will be allowed to become members of any vessel and space station etc and be able to transfer to any base,station and interstellar vehicle with ease.Proficiency in mathematics will not be needed as this can be learned via Coeus.Physical training similar to that of Agoge training will be including and if possible include mandatory walkabouts,bullet ant trials and VR training in diplomacy.Trainees will also be trained not just for scientific fields but also spending time and conducting research on interstellar vessels and space stations exploration missions,terraforming operations and even diplomacy and first contact missions using VR technology to recreate famous missions or new customised missions.Any medical,psychology,forensics,law enforcement and military trainees once interstellar travel becomes possible will undergoe training with regards to serving time on interstellar vessels and space stations even if they do not want to serve in them to prepare them for any time they may be needed to be transferred to them.Scientific personnel,psychologists,military personnel etc will undergoe extra training after registration to not only serve on space stations and interstellar vehicles but also commandeer them as lieutenants,second in command and even captain.This training will involve VR exercises to deal with military,diplomatic missions and unexpected situations such as battling hostile alien races or hostile human factions and times when Paean and the captain and other key personal are comprimised.All radio telescopes and observatories worldwide will be linked together by the sentient Astraeus with them replaced by those that use biosynth technology and nanomaterials making them exponentionally cheaper,compact,faster and more sensitive with this allowing most if not all countries around the world to house at least one radio telescopes,transmitters and receivers and observatories linked together worldwide.Transmitters for defunct state and corporate channels in every country around the world now integrated into Pheme and Dionysus can now be replaced with more advanced ones composed of nanomaterials and biosynth technologies etc to be used as radio telescopes to scan the universe for radio transmissions from alien races and also scan celestial bodies.Reforested wilderness in each country could house iceberg observatories that are mostly underground away from light pollution of cities etc scan celestial bodies etc thus giving all countries at least one observatory.All radio telescopes and observatories across the world and universe will be managed by AI and linked to all others worldwide with all space stations and space borne telescopes will be linked by the sentient operating software Astraeus and all operations,readings etc fed into networks that will be open to all researchers worldwide and across the universe.Each continent will have onsite of remaining airports have space elevators that house accomadation for trainees and researchers with them acting as each continents centres for space exploration programmes with prior to this each continent such as Africa,North America,South America,Europe,Asia,Oceania etc having their own centre for space exploration that houses accomadation for researchers and trainees alongside launch pads for satillites,probes,existing models of space vehicles etc and in time more advanced models of interstellar vehicles all controlled and managed by Astraeus.Mars,Venus and all colonies across the universe will house radio telescopes,observatories,space elevators and training centres on each continent and country present.

Emergency Services:
FEMA and its equivalents and all volunteer groups will be replaced by the sentient Prometheus with its symbol a torch and be managed by the sentient software of the same with biosynth animals and biosynth humans replacing all human firefighters and emergency services rescue teams.All sectors such as search and rescue teams,firefighting,lifeguards etc will become a single sentient umbrella global entity named after Prometheus and have universal uniforms for each sector with all buildings used by them such as fire stations,lifeguards buildings and even search and rescue stations will house an universal statue of Prometheus that will be the sentient operating software that links them all worldwide and each building having its own AI with its own personality,legal name and avatar with holographic receptionists also having these with his symbol the torch on all signs for buildings,vehicles,reports,uniforms etc world.Although humans will be eligible for training at 12 or younger for lifeguards,search and rescue teams etc involving VR exercises based on fake operations ideally biosynths will take over all occupations in these fields by 2045 especially lifeguards and firefighters due to the extreme danger.

Medical students and nurses will benefit greatly with VR technology and biosynth patients allowing them to carry out theoretical procedures on a wide range of theoretical patients either generated by the mentor or with advances in AI generated by creating randomised situations using a stylus to mark or highlight areas(or perform virtual surgery)they will of course have to be assessed on use of surgery machinery until it becomes fully automated with advances in AI.Dentists and medical staff will practice on both robots and in time bio-synths with pre programmed conditions they must operate on.The same can apply for dentists,coroners and forensic anthropologists with crime scene investigators undergoing training in mock crime scenes involving robotic bodies with internal organs and skeleton with damaged areas modelled after humans and theoretical scenarios all of which will be created by the mentor or other staff at the hospitals/laboratory organised for a scheduled date or surprise scenarios to test the students readiness with dealing on the spot emergencies and working in groups in these emergency situations(of course the student would have no knowledge it was a fake crisis).VR technology will allow students to carry out dissections etc of cadavers with biosynths also used.

In the case of forensics biosynths can be used to create dead bodies.VR technology will have them tested on fake crimes to solve.Biosynthd can be used to create large amounts of dead bodies for body farms across the world to test and show decomposition in all types of environments such as deserts,jungles,temperate and arctic areas of the world

Antropology and archeology:
Anthropology students travelling to visit and perhaps even live with and adopt the same clothing and practices of them for a set amount of time with tribal villagers in Africa,Asia,Greenland,Indian,Tibet,Middle East and South America etc(taking vaccines to prevent spread of diseases back and forth between natives and visitors but not partaking in rituals and practices that may damage ones health or cause permanent disfigurement).Archaeological students will partake in field digs and trips to important archaeological sites around the world with ease of access to international travel.VR technology will allow for them to do digs of ancient sites already done starting from scratch such as Chitzen Itza,The Valley of the Kings,Newgrange,Knowth,Stonehenge,Pompeii and Herculaneum and so on and also do fictional ones on Earth and of non human species of all technological tiers from ancient times to modern level tier or even of those of far more advanced civilisations to give them a fell for the process.VR technology will allow one to visit any historical event or even timeline from ancient times to modern times with all buildings in pristine condition,native languages used and known events used and even memories from living people as well as observations from temporal manipulations.Buildings and sites of archaeological significance can be scanned in using nanoquadrocopters,room scanners like google tango and handheld scanners so as to be viewed not just by the general public but also by fellow researchers into Apollo and Artemis viewed as a map or holographic projection.It can also be scanned into Artemis where it can be used photogrammetry settings for media such as video games and CGI movies.The sentient Clio will the global body in charge of archaeology and anthropology.VR technology will allow for students to visit archeological sites in their pristine state and carry out fake archeological digs.

Volcanologists would be visiting volcanoes both active and dormant using drones and robots composed of graphene and other materials that can survive the intense heat and thus can work near active volcanoes and in the middle of pyroclastic flows that can allow for cameras to view them up close and inside them with them even walking in lava flows and pyroclastic flows.Those composed of primarily graphene able to withstand roughly 3,652 – 4,626.85 degrees celcius well beyond the 1,000 temperatures of pyroclastic flows and 704-1,204 degrees celcius of lava.This would also have liquid glass into them to make them acid proof which can also withstand temperatures of 1,600 degrees Celsius again past the temperatures of both lava and pyroclastic flows and allow them to navigate acidic lake around them.An internal coolant gas or system using gas,nanomaterials etc can developed that keeps volcanologists cool all the time even if in close proximity to volcanoes.All nanosensors in the lakes,soils and atmosphere around volcanoes in the soil and lakes should be composed of graphene and liquid glass.These can be used to collect samples and take live feeds stored in networks.Suits worn by volcanologists should be composed of sheets of graphene or have it in its matrix due to its high melting point and strength against debris and tears with it also in the matrix of glass visors present but also to give augmented reality to them such as readings from nanosensors built into the clothing and visors and then also protect from debris.The Graphene will be integrated into both the cloth and visor.This is due to it being 200 times stronger than steel and its high melting point of 3,652 – 4,626.85 degrees Celsius thus making it resistant to both tears and heat including debris volcanic material with it also allowing for augmented reality to be present with biosynth nanosensors that measure temperature and levels of all gases present in the suits.Spider silk created by bacteria can be also interwoven to make them tear free.Smart armour can be built into it with research into making these suits cool to the wearer by using non toxic coolant gases that recirculate constantly in them with humans engineered to be able to withstand toxic coolants as well as being able to survive higher temperatures via CRISPR.Nanomaterials combined with biosynth technology that separate oxygen from toxic gases and prevent viruses and other pathogens can be part of built in gas masks.Both these masks and nano-sensors would utilise biosynth technology.Oxygen tanks could be in time be replaced by it stored in nanomaterials in the clothing or external clothing and released on demand or in time nanomachines.Tanks will also be replaced with filters in masks that consist of both nanomaterials and biosynthetic materials and tissues similar to those in the lungs that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide and have plant and scratch and other toxic gases and allow for the toxins to be removed as benign compounds with them also preventing airborne pathogens entering the lungs.The gasmasks will have nanomaterials and biosynth materials to prevent toxins entering them and letting only oxygen in with the oxygen from carbon dioxide and other toxins be separated from them with the other elements removed through the action of nanomaterials and catabolic/anabolic reactions carried out by them forming tissues similar to the aveoli in lungs designed using plant and chemosynthetic bacteria DNA without sunlight to separate toxins into oxygen and the other elements used as energy acceptors and disposed of by combining them with carbon from carbon dioxide exhaled with carbon dioxide exhaled have the oxygen separated to be reused.Biosynth nanosensers can be built into the suits have DNA from Caenorhabditis elegans,human neurons and DNA from Wangiella dermatitidis,Cladosporium sphaerospermum,Cryptococcus neoformans,Paracoccus denitrificans Shewanella oneidensis,Electrophorus electricus,Geobacter metallreducens,Geobacter sulfurreducens,piezophile DNA present that can detect the temperature and levels of oxygen,carbon dioxide and other gases and also radiation and air and water pressure as responses to changes in radiation and air and water pressure would create an electrical charge that using scratch DNA can relay different levels.Liquid glass will be on all visors and parts of the suits to negate cleaning and make them acid,dirt,fog proof.Probes composed of graphene and alloys tantulum,hafnium,carbide can be made to enter the mantle and reach possibly as far as the outer core for observations of temperature and pressure sent wirelessly in real time with the possibility of cameras protected by glass covering this can be used to get live feeds with the possibility of samples being taken and returned to the surface.Carbyne in its matrix will make them able to survive the deep pressures.Some of these could extended to the upper part of the inner core with carbyne in their matrix to lower points that has a tensile strength of 270 Gigapascals compared to the 130 Gigapascals of the lower mantle.In time alloys that have tensile strength of more than the 330 Gigapascals can be developed to reach the inner core.Any probes that would be destroyed or undergo self destruct would be recycled since they would in time return to the surface via volcanic explosions or in time theoretical transporter technology will allow them to be recaptured with these probes also releasing smaller particles composed of an alloy of carbyne,graphene,tantalum hafnium carbide that wirelessly send data to the surface but follow the track of convectional currents in the mantle continuously for studies and also measure these parameters such as pressure and temperature over long periods of time with these and the movement of these currents relayed wirelessly to networks.These would enter the mantle via entering the mouths of volcanoes or by drilling holes into the mantle or it being part of a drill composed of these materials that then releases them or the drill is part of the probe with sensors that can be sent outwards with these measuring temperature and pressure over long periods of time as they are kept there in place for years on end.These could be used to measure the rate of convectional flow in all parts of the mantle and possible the outer core and be used to track the flow of tectonic plates subducting,passing by each other and diverging and possibly play a role in predicting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions much.Research can be made of alloys and atom thick allotropes using two or more elements of graphene,carbyne,hafnium and other elements to make materials that can withstand pressures and temperatures higher than graphene etc.This may include alloys of graphene,carbyne and other atom thick allotropes of the other 94 elements as well as even atom thick materials that have two or more elements in them.

Biologists on the other hand would be visiting the Amazon,Great Barrier Reef and Saranghetti and other exotic wilderness areas across the world and universe to study biodiversity in person as well the interactions between them and the natives of that region.These could also act as large group family vacations and trips allowing young students and their family to see these people and places in person providing an educational experience for the entire family.These visits should be carried out from the onset of this mentorship for these students to encourage and maintain early interest.VR technology can allow for students to carry out dissections any species of animals with biosynths also used