Musical Instruments

Some work has to be made with regards to making the process of making all musical instruments fully automated.For example the production of Steinway pianos and can involve the same robots used in the manufacture of vehicles such as cars and also Syndy wiring robots used in construction.This could also apply with other stringed instruments such as violins,harps and cellos.In the case of metallic musical instruments its simply a case of utilizing robots that replicate the dexterity of the human hand.

Otherwise it is simply a case of creating electronic alternatives within a 3D printed outer body eliminating the need for strings and other parts which can create accurate replications with the exact pitches and tones of each note that can be measured through recordings.For example incorporating an electric piano keyboard into an empty hollow Steinway piano body that was done with 3D printed wood are wooden body assembly.Eventually pianos may have graphene touchscreen keyboards that emit the exact sound connected to the main body without needing strings or or ivory and other materials to create keyboards with the same applying to saxophones and other instruments.They could also stream mobile and stationary designs from Hephaestus.Another example would be a electronic harp without strings that contains sensors in their place of each string with a specific note resonated by hand movements with the process replicated with other stringed instruments.These electronic light sensors could also fitted into pianos also replacing the strings responsible for creating sound.Catgut used in the production of some musical instrument strings can be produced either by bacteria producing the fibre in their cell walls,bioprinting intestines of sheep and the other animals it originates from etc or synthetic equivalents can be found with horse hair etc produced by bacteria onsite of factories.All musical instruments could be made of any wood type,plastics,synthetic precious gems(such as rubies,sapphires,diamonds)synthetic rocks(igneous,sedimentary,metamorphic),synthetic ivory,metals of the consumers choice and even carbon composites such as such as carbyne.Accessories such as bows,plectrums,reeds and anything else be stored in the subfolders of each instrument and can be custom made.Bows can use hair from bacteria that produce keratin from specific animals or alternatives such as string of graphene nanotubes,carbyne or other synthetic materials.

This method of production has allowed for a wide variety of instruments to be created with composite plastics and wood.Further developments in metal printing will allow for exact replicas to be produced in the case of saxophones and flutes etc.Accessories such as bows,plectrums,reeds and anything else be stored in the subfolders of each instrument and can be custom made.Bows can use hair from bacteria that produce keratin or alternatives such as string of graphene or other synthetic material.

Designs of all musical instruments made through automation or 3D Printing will be stored in the Linus network after the musical son of Oeagrus, and the Muse Calliope while electronic ones will be stored in Antikythera mechanism.Pandora will be used to create these.

Most if not all musical instruments can be homemade and then scanned into Hephaestus.

All instruments can be sprayed internally and externally with a permanent layer liquid glass to prevent rust in the case of metal ones and also the build up of dirt in all instruments made of all materials.