Psychology & Mental Health

Psychologists can like doctors upon registration be able to practice worldwide via a global psychiatric board and in turn be stricken off the board if they commit serious offences in their practices and rack up a serious criminal recorded.Training begging again at 12 or younger will consist of their knowledge of psychiatric conditions, pharmocology, pharmokinetics, psychiatric medicine and theoretical situations via on the spot testing.Independent research done will include pharmacological research,medical research and also research into psychological disorders as well as criminological and sociological research.They can also be assigned mock patients played by actors suffering from fake disorders and problems of varying intensity and be assessed over time in how they treat them,their interactions with these mock patients and what medications they may prescribe them as well their ability to respond to emergency situations,response made to sexual passes made by patients to ensure they keep relationships platonic and professional again involving actors who will alongside supervisors and mentors will review their effectiveness.This can be done alongside real patients so the student is unaware which is real and which is not to test preparedness.VR exercises and patients with the same time dilation as other exercises in other fields can be employed to give them mock patients created by the mentor to give them different types of test patients.VR technology could allow mentors to train their trainees against different patients of all types ie rape victims,bereavement,suicidal patients,married couples,teens,elderly patients etc of all psychological disorders.These will be designed by the mentor and can be based on those from television shows and movies etc.All of these mock sessions will be remotely monitored and recorded by mentors and supervisors and will also be done even when a psychiatrist is registered at any point in their careers without their knowledge in order to for mentor(s) and boards to monitor both their progress and review their eligibility at staying in practice.For example an experienced psychiatrist or counsellor maybe be assigned a fake patient suffering from fake problems or psychological problems(which can be reviewed and kept consistent with mentors or board members recording the sessions via codec transmissions and meetings afterwards) who may gradually over time make subtle sexual advances over time in order to test the former students resistance to these advances and thus eligibility as a psychiatrist without them knowing the authenticity of the patients problem.All exercises etc will be reviewed by global psychology boards.Counselors and psychiatrists will be registered with their own unique ID and digital file that will contain all of their research done in training,tests,records of mock patients,interactions with real patients,examinations etc. and reviews,critiques and assessment from mentor(s) and board members.The Athena test and the same punishments for failures of this,age if consent and position of trust laws will apply here as for other fields.All of these mock sessions recorded and reviewed by board and actors will be allowed to keep recordings as part of their digital portfolio again visible to prospective clients.Trainees may also view movies,television shows and video games dealing with psychologists as part of their training.

Training would follow the following rules:
•That the trainee has no knowledge of it being a simulation or the nature of the exam so as to catch them out and test their ability to be as ready as possible in emergency and put aside shock and awe in order to react as professionally.Good mentors can but their trainee through an exercise without them knowing one took place.Trainees could even be put real situations without their knowledge prior to finishing their training and registration to do this.The intensity of the real situations they would be involved in would be decided by mentors evaluation of their trainees readiness and skill.
•Variants of the kobayashi maru could be integrated into all mock and VR situations without the trainees knowledge of the nature of the simulation in order to test character,strategies and discipline in a no-win situations in psychological situations and patients.

Psychologists can record all audio/visual logs of sessions of their patients and in time with new and emerging technologies such as implants that can record dreams,emotions and memories onto computers coming within the next few decades allowing even more in depth analysis of patients of course with such recordings being made with the consent of the patient and stored on the patients file in the psychologists Iaso cloud of patient files with audio/visual recordings of meetings recorded there.Advances in VR that will be indistinguishable from the real world will allow them to enter a dream world constructed from their and their patients thoughts for one on one or group sessions with these taking place in close proximity or remotely within the Iaso network with these dreams also recorded that last days even years to the participants with mere minutes passing in the real world.This can be done while awake or while both patient and psychologists are put asleep using sedatives with it also even theoretically allowing for it to be done on comatose patients.This can allow for counsellors and psychiatrists to patients to carry out exercises to aid in their recuperation using custom made techniques based on their condition and background history with them facing demons or fears,progress and also trick them into temptation in a controlled setting and can as stated be constructed by the psychologist or patients subconscious to allow the psychologists to gain insight into the patients psyche with this done for criminals and comatose patients also.In the case of paedophiles and sadists it may be used by them to cater to their needs without harming any humans especially prepubescent children in controlled manners as part of their treatment as part of their Iaso counselling managed by counsellors to cater to their needs.VR exercises for patients could involve married couples etc be involved in fake terrorists attacks,kidnappings etc wherein the patients are partaking in solo and group exercises to force them to collaborate or face fears that would be impossible or fatal into the real world especially those suffering from specific fears,racism,marital breakdown,addictions with them designed by psychiatrists and counsellors and managed by AI with even variations of the kobayashi maru.Ideally the patients will be not able to know the exercises are taking place.This would allow all buildings used by them to be converted into homes.It can also be a more effective means of deprogramming cult members and also terrorists and those that hold extremist views.This can allow psychiatrists do these meetings and exercises with any patient in any clinic etc from the safety and comfort of home and can allow up to a dozen or more patients from clinics and homes around the world interact with them and each other in a safe environment using the time dilation effect.These exercises,dream world and meetings too will be recorded in the patients file for analysis.They can share this with other psychologists but only with the consent of the patient via e-consent form for say if the patient is switching patients or they want analysis from other psychologists.Memories of patients can be viewed and recorded played out in third or first person by the psychologist and patient at once.Law enforcement officials,investigators,lawyers and even relatives of the patient will require a warrant to allow for access to specific patient files if it is needed ie in the case of a suicide,malpractice suit or if the patient commits a serious crime or is murdered.Art projects and work in the humanities such as paintings,ceramics,sculptures done by hand and poetry,short stories will form an important part of their treatment as well.All of these will be scanned into the psychiatrists recordings of that patient and the patients file(with a copy then left to be kept by the patient).All of these recordings,audio and video analysis of the patient,audio/visual notes made by the psychologists,art and works of literature,notes made on e-newspapers using Adonit pens as well as audio/visual or neural responses to ink blot tests etc will be kept in subfolders of their digital patient file in Iaso with extra firewalls and cybersecurity available only to practising counsellors and psychologists.This can allow the psychologist and Iaso herself and even Metis look over and his material with once a person gets a new psychiatrists then they can look over all material from the previous one and add their material to it.Hyperlinks will link this to the patients file in Aesculapius.Counsellors and pyschologists can have their practice at their home in their living room or extensions,hospitals,clinics as well as jails and correctional facilities thus allowing buildings used for this to be converted into other homes.Beam robots,holographic,helper robots,video conferencing,Iris and VR programs indistinguishable from real life will allow them to reach patients including families and married couples and inmates in jails around the world from the comfort and safety of their home this allowing buildings and rooms in buildings used by them to be converted into homes.VR technology will allow psychologists to meet with patients around the world.The time dilation effect will allow psychologists to reach dozens of patients from around the world one after another in one on one or group sessions every day in any environment with the patients in a virtual lobby or waiting room carrying different activities with these allowing for psychiatrists to communicate with patients one on one or in groups with all participants doing so from the comfort of home saving on energy costs but also on the costs of the time of psychologists allowing them much freer time and also control and negate the issue of charging for restricted times and schedules and allow them to raise children at the same time and meet with patients from around the world.As a result all buildings used psychiatrists will be converted into homes.This would also allow them to do so in any setting decided by them with also the patient bringing up actual memories of recalled and repressed events to be shown in third and first person with even them creating environments from their psyche for analysis.Neural implants could record dreams and specific memories from patients into their digital patient files and then these would be viewed by patient and psychologist in a third person view in VR simulations with them and natural hallicinogens and other chemicals created by the implants or microbes in safe amounts inducing dreams to occur with excess broken down the body and microbes.Neural implants can be used alongside specific halunocinogens etc induce the formation of dreams that the psychologist can take part in direclty or view in third person while they occur or when recorded onto the patients file.Desired memories of the patients can be streamed by neural implants and viewed by the psychologist and patient in real time or later on when recorded into ones patient files in VR simulations.Psychologists will create customised exercises using VR technology to deal with each patients unique problems in ways not possible in the real world with it and analysis reversed into patient files.The psychologists will record each VR session into patient files that shows interactions between them and patients and also recorded dreams and memories as well as the psychologists personal thoughts in an audio/visual and typed logs with theses digital patient files stored in the Iaso database that can be viewed in simulations and as video files.These will be linked to ones patient file in Aesculapius in the form of a hyperlink that will be protected by firewalls with Iaso on the patients request granting access to each new psychologist a patient has to allow them to catch up on what they have been diagnosed and treated on with them them posting their own material in their.All memories and dreams from the patient can be viewed in real time or later on when saved onto patient files by the psychologists.These meetings could even involve group meetings with patients around the world as opposed to one on one.It could allow them to reach terrorists,rapists and also other dangerous patients from the comfort of home while their patient is incarcerated and even allow them to reach any other non offending law abiding citizens around the world from each persons home.This technology as stated will also play a role in the training of psychologists involving not just human patients but also AI patients designed by the mentor and Iaso.Patients will be treated via microbes creating natural compounds to suppress symptoms of neurological disorders by strains given to them by psychologists made from their own leukocytes that release them when needed in safe effective limits to prevent overdosing or side effects with even synthetic compounds created by them in order to ensure the patient is getting them rather than skipping them especially n the case of those not incarcerated in psychiatric clinics etc at home allowing them to live at home alongside CRISPR treatments.Sociopathy,psychopathy and schizophrenia and also maniac depression will be cured via CRISPR with patient files used to track patients down.Patients and other healthcare staff who will have access to a patients file in particular an area containing psychiatric data files with only vital information such as diagnosis of psychiatric conditions and prescription medication they are on and audio/visual logs of the psychiatrists diagnosis and desired treatment alongside e-signature and contact details of the psychologists.This would also as stated earlier apply to police and forensics investigators with the relevant warrant from the courts allowing for access to all of a patients psychological files if it is proven to be relevant to the case.Furthermore software processing gun procurement and ownership from factories or 3D printers may also bypass these firewalls automatically that store diagnosis of mental conditions but the person would certainly need to input their patient ID number in these networks to ensure the gun is obtained legally or restricted if psychologists find them mentally unfit.These psychology files will also be automatically uploaded and within the patients file Aesculapius with extra security such as passwords and biometrics to allow only psychologists the patient is working with access to while Paean will log any mental conditions,prescriptions they have to relay this to healthcare staff.Existing papers containing notes etc as well as existing audio/visual logs will be transferred into the patient files in Iaso and Aesculapius.All records of patients of psychiatrists and those in psychiatric institutions,rehabs,hospices and care homes worldwide will be uploaded into Aesculapius for reference and study for staff and patients into patient files including alive or dead with records of psychiatric institutions visible in the institutions AI.Ones Home AI will replace secretaries and assistants for psychiatrists.Patient files containing DNA scans,MRI scans and other tests present in patient files can be used a means for Gaia and Iaso to determine those that have a predisposition towards paedophilia,schizophrenia,depression and have them refereed to Iaso as early as possible alongside CRISPR treatments.All psychiatrist files will be stored in Iaso with them linked to the patents files in Aesculapius with hyperlinks in both directing them to each other with digital keys etc deciding who has access to them.All existing psychiatric patient files in digital databases will be transferred to this and paper records in psychiatric clinics both functional and abandoned as well as in the hands of private psychiatrists will be transferred and scanned into it as well and merged together into single files using common names,D.O.B,social security numbers etc via transferring digital files as well as automated book scanners done by 2029 if carried out worldwide with the data put into folders and subfolders.Audio and visual recordings in the hands of psychiatrists in their private clinics will be added here through peripherals logged by date.The paper records will be pyrolysised once finished and the data arranged into proper folders and subfolders by Iaso or even proto Iaso.These will be in folders and subfolders of their patient files in Aesculapius protected by firewalls allowing only psychiatrists access to this or authorised staff of hospitals via badges.The psychiatrists can post audio/visual records of meetings,dreams,VR simulations and also all relevant prescriptions and notes relevant to a patient in these digital files.E-consent forms signed by both adonit pens,passwords and also facial recognition software authorised by Iaso and Paean will be here with these areas working in the same way as patient files.

Psychiatric institutions will operate in the same way as hospitals with the same robots with the software Iaso daughter of linking them all together with an universal statue of her in all psychiatric institutions in the lobby.Human,bio synth and even AI psychiatrists will work in these with in time Iaso becoming a sentient universal app that could work with countless patients in and out of these clinics worldwide at once with each patients personal avatar designed on Dionysus.Iaso will be the universal Psychiatric entity.Hospices including those for children and retirement homes may become obsolete due to robots allowing the elderly and terminally ill to live at home with robots taking care of them thus allow them to have more independent lives with children taken care of by their legal guardians with these buildings becoming communal homes.If they do still exist the software Geras named after the god of old age will link retirement homes together worldwide with an universal statue of him in their lobby while Thantos will manage hospices and a statue of him will be in the lobby.Children and adult hospices will be one instead of separate.All hospices,psychiatric clinics and care homes etc will undergo renovations to be luxury ones with pools,cinemas,jaquizzis etc on par of hotels with ornamental rocks etc on flooring etc.Pamphlets within the lobby will be replaced by electronic versions that can be streamed from the hospital AI with the latest information from Paean with existing ones scanned into the hospital AI.The statue of him would be a complete one free from a slab by itself designed by Pandora.These buildings AI will all have their own independent personality,legal name and avatar with the receptionists also having an independent personality legal name and avatar,uniform for each one and all important records within them will be uploaded to to the building AI.Receptionists in retirement homes will have separate universal uniforms than those in psychiatric institutions with those in hospices will have the same as those in spiritual retreats,places of worship and also convents etc.These operating softwares Iaso and Geras will be macro managed by Epione and the AIs will perform the same tasks as other building AIs in particular hospital ones.The Iaso and Geras software will have avatars based on their statues once sentient.Cameras in each bedroom and also,living rooms,lobbies and automated cafeterias will be feed into the building AI and connected to the global database of criminals,terrorists etc.with them logged and record by day with these cameras switching between normal,IR illuminator(at night and when lights are off) and those that detect blood pumping through their veins.Robots there will include Tug,Botler,Cindy and Car-o-Bot and more advanced ones as well as those in hospitals which will deliver meals to them and prescription medicines from storerooms and onsite pharmacies.These robots can be called via voice command to perform certain tasks and can touchscreens on them to carry out tasks and perform Iris video chats.Pharmacies here will have no touchscreen with them produced on site if possible in miniature factories with extras ones ordered in automatically from nearby hospitals and universities with kitchens being automated.Televisions will allow residents to stream media using voice command with the AI controlling them with the same applying to televisions in the individual rooms with residents also allowed electronics such as smartphones(if deemed mentally fit)and also laptops etc registered to the building AI with those owned by residents of psychiatric institutions monitored by the building AI such as emails,phonecalls with it restricting them to visiting certain sites,forums,contacting certain individuals or demographics when on the wire and internet.Paean will serve them through these.Bedrooms will be monitored by the building AI with each room having their private bathroom and showerbath with all surfaces and textiles including bedsheets will be coated in a layer of liquid glass to make cleaning easier with all flooring being wooden to again make them easier to clean.Cleaning of all rooms will be done ideally when the AI detects that residents are asleep and no one is in any major rooms like the cafeteria,living rooms and lobbies with them again involving sterilisng sweeps from narrow range UV lights on the ceiling and also hoover robots etc.Each persons patient file will relay to the building AI and thus robots as to what medications they need and what time they are to be taken with vital signs and GPS location of each patient relayed to their file via smart clothing and implants with home test kits taken routinely.The building AI will be able to provide companionship with counsellors and psychiatrists using beam robots to carry out psychological assessments from the comfort of their home with doctors also using these to patrol numerous clinics and homes across the world.Retirement homes,hospices and psychiatric clinics should ideally have large closed gardens cornered off with high walls made of foamcrete covered in graphene paint and liquid glass.These will have benches covered in liquid glass over graphene to make them last forever and also ornamental plants to provide a stimulating environment with the smart clothing,implants and devices alerting residents as to when to return due to weather and other events.Each resident and their room will be registered in the building AI to allow the receptionist to guide visitors to them with implants and smart clothing guiding visitors to the residents exact location.Docile pets can also be kept by residents such as cats,dogs(both engineered not to produce allergens),fish and birds such as parrots,canaries etc which can be engineered to be more docile and even more manageable by the residents and robots with food for the pets ordered in by residents with the building AI ordering in food if the resident forgets.Automated feeders will make managing pets easier with mammals given large enough wheels in the gardens to exercise with them also the garden and shock collars keeping them in the grounds of the garden with fish kept in living or bedroom aquariums with graphene in its matrix while birds kept in communal rooms in birdcages or glass room built into the wall to allow pellets and insects to be inserted automatically more easily by automated systems at set times by the AI.Aquariums should be fitted into walls so as to all automated feeders to have pellets shipped into it by roots more easily.Residents in these will also be able to design and order in products from Hephaestus except for vehicles and dangerous sharp items as well as order in any food from Demeter for the automated kitchen to make specific meals.Coach buses stored on site or ordered in via Helios can arrange group trips for retirement homes or hospices to local or national monuments with rooms rented or traded in residential or communal homes in the same manner as home sharing services within Euthenia with the possibility of cruise ship trips also organised by both the building AI and even residents themselves through Amphirite.Again smart clothing,implants etc will allow robots going with them,the coach onboard computer to track their locations with smart armour lessening the intensity of falls both in the retirement home and outside.These buildings can be renovated and upgraded with extra furnishes such as better more resilient furniture and electronics and even pools,jacuzzis,gyms,sunbeds,benches,restaurants style dining halls,landscaped ornamental plant gardens,extensions(underground and rooftop),rooftop gardens,gazebos and also cinema rooms to view media from Pheme and Dionysus all maintained by robots.Entertainment nights can be organised by locals and next of kin as volunteers with holographic technology,beam robots and video conferencing allowing for group events linking different care homes,hospices and psychiatric clinics across the world with these also allow next of kin to visit them from the comfort of their home or during holidays with residents allowed to leave to visit in person them for birthdays or Christmas and then return with this of note to both hospices and care homes.Entertainment can include digital board games,karaoke using Orpheus,talent nights,music recitals including visitors and residents,dancing nights,rambling houses in nearby buildings and in spare rooms.In time VR technology indistinguishable from the real world could allow for group meetings of residents in environments of choice to play games and hold other events with residents of other hospices,retirement homes and clinics around the world as well as visit any place in the world that last weeks or months to the user but mere minutes pass in the real world.They could also organise entire trips to any real or fictional resort that again last weeks or months to the user but mere minutes passing in the real world.They would also organise holidays on cruise ships via Amphrite as well as through Euthenia stays at mansions,villas and other luxurious buildings via Euthenia.VR technology will also be used for meetings to allow the headquarters and retreats to be used as communal homes.

Call centres for suicidal,bereavement,childline,addiction(sex,drugs,alcohol,hoarding etc),anger management,eating disorders,self help and self actualisation and other groups associated with counselling will be replaced by the Metis app for all of them then divided into each type on a menu within Metis;the deity of good counsel.As detailed later on an app will allow people to have a choice of volunteers worldwide which will contain the names of all volunteer counsellors from around the world with their phone number(and the number of the caller) made private for security allowing the caller to have a large choice of people to speak to and allow the counsellors to speak to clients from anywhere in the world and allow for calls to be done around both peoples schedules both of which will make their interactions more personal and effective.The counsellor in their app will have a list of all their clients worldwide in their apps “phonebook”.Call centres will again be used for homes and servers recycled with the caller able to save and favourite their favourite volunteer in the app giving them access to volunteers from around the world and ensure privacy for both individuals.The counsellors will be listed alphabetically with a bio showing their rating from other callers and country of origin and basic biography and will give brief details on them such as what gender they are and what languages they speak.The sentient Coeus installed on both peoples phones will help both parties break the language barrier.Thus callers will have choice of volunteers from around the world for each hotline with volunteers applying online to join in the groups filling in basic forms with the above aforementioned information.The same could apply with alcoholic,sex,hoarding and drug rehabilitation groups again with a global version of these groups merging global variants into one via Metis.Metis itself will be sentient with her avatar and statue based on her descriptions from ancient Greece.Group meetings can be organised in conventional buildings that housed the headquarters of these defunct groups worldwide or even through Beam robots and video conferencing through smart televisions,smartphones and computers to allow for group discussions or or one on one at set times with volunteers and other people who are suicidal,anger management,addicts,have eating disorders,victims of child abuse etc from around the world from the comfort of their home.Any buildings used would have an universal statue of Metis in the lobby.All rehab centres will also have a statue of her in the lobby and linked together by the operating software named after her all non luxury rehab centres can have luxury refurbishments added to them through underground extensions such as pools,jacuzzis etc.with the interior also remodelled or they can be used as homes while luxury ones are built and existing ones become available to the public with a menu in Metis allowing one to book a place at all rehab centres across the world regardless of who they are.In time VR technology will allow exercises to be done for all groups as well as allow for group and one and one sessions to be held in any environment.VR technology will also be used for meetings to allow the headquarters and retreats to be used as communal homes.Suicidal patients could have their next of kin put through simulations where the patient committed suicide and have the programs fed to the patient or have the patient put in a simulation where they experience AI based on neural readings from next of kin carry this out with other patients simulations force them to face the consequences of addictions,actions they carry out if they continue on their path.This menu would contain a description of the centres and maps as well as booking areas replacing the websites for them online allowing servers to be recycled.Ideally all rehab centres should be suited for all types of addictions and psychological problems treated by Metis with all work in kitchens,cleaning etc automated and again they would be linked together by the sentient Metis operating software and also have a statue of her in the lobby with them having independent AIs.The sentient Metis will thus be the universal group to deal with counselling such as suicide,domestic abuse(for both the victim and agressor),child sex abuse victims either physical or sexual,anger management,depression,people with addictions of all types,marriage counselling,bereavement etc.Being sentient will allow her to converse with members alleviating strains on human members.Telesphorus who will also be sentient will offer support groups for those who are suffering from diseases such as cancers,heart disease,parkinsons,alzheimers,pregnancy,Human Immunodeficiency Virus etc replacing all disease support groups worldwide.Iaso will offer offers support and counselling for patients and their next of kin for all psychiatric conditions such as all types of autism,schizophrenia,pedophelia,sociopathic behaviour,manic depression,post martem depression,post traumatic stress disorder etc again replacing all such groups worldwide will have the same app and structure of Metis with a menu relating to each disease with them also able merging and replacing all global groups associated with these conditions.Deprogramming members of religious and political extremism that could lead to or has been corrupted by terrorists and extremist views of all political and religious spectrums will also be done through this entity.This will also deprogram all cult members or brainwashed individuals.

Terrorists and political and religious radicals of all political spectrum and religions alongside sociopaths and psychopaths will be in special retreats suited for them that are heavily guarded managed by Iaso with them have biosynth implants that constantly relay their GPS location with them guarded by both humans and robots with them in isolated areas including islands.Terrorists arrested for carrying out or planning attacks on the public will have this done while they are in Hades or ideally Tarturas.Psychiatrists will use VR technology to carry out exercises and meetings key to their rehabilitation from home for safety reasons.The patient files systems using genetic scans and MRI scans will reffed pedophiles,sociopaths,psychopaths etc to Iaso for treatments with if need be their being retreats used solely for these separate groups in each country or continent thus allowing for group meetings and also treatments that are discreet from the public.Paedophiles will self referral themselves alongside those caught on the dark web will be referred to Iaso for treatment and curing via CRISPR and stem cell strain treatments.Pedophiles will be able to stay at home and meet in group meetings or one on one meetings in special centres or in time through VR programmes from home for complete discretion while those who are genetically predetermined to socipopathy,psychopathy,maniac depression can go to unguarded retreats and use VR programmes.Those with extreme political views on the left and right will also go to unguarded retreats and use VR programmes with this including those who have already had been platformed from social media with them once treated will have their accounts returned.These VR programmes will be scheduled and be initiated automatically by Iaso through the initiation of neural implants automatically.Terrorists will on the other hand will be sent to heavily guarded retreats and facilities and have bio synth implants with them undergoing VR and in person therapy and exercises monitored by both Adikia and Iaso.These will be in each country with existing facilities like Guantanamo Bay and Abu Gharib converted into these with the patients treated like civilians ie no sensory deprivation etc with them monitored by Adikia,Iaso and their proto versions with patients given exercise,access to literature,newspapers,live news and movies etc from around the world from Dionysus and Pheme with communication with the outside world via email etc monitored via AI with again counsellors visiting in person and also using VR technology to work from home and use one on one and group sessions to create customised exercises etc.These will be given luxury furnishes to all rooms and mess halls alongside any outside recreational areas to make prisoners more comfortable and them more willing to partake in these sessions.The implants may be left in the patient for a decided amount of time unique to each person and them monitored by the linked global surveillance cameras until no longer deemed a threat.Prisons across the world may be used if no space is availible.Hades and Tarturas where it will take place alongside imprisonment for those who were shown with sufficient evidence collected actively plotting attacks on the public intercepted by double agents and those who did carry out attacks.VR technology by 2029 will allow for deprogramming to be done by psychiatrists as part of Iaso to do so safely from home and organise exercises to aid in this as well as stream memories etc with the patients consent and make it more effective.Thus all discovered paedophiles,psychopaths and sociopaths from the dark and surface web as well as patient files should be refereed to Iaso for discreet counselling and CRISPR and stem cell strain treatments with terrorists refereed to Iaso and also specialised psychiatric institutions for deprogramming until rehabilitated where they will have implants created invivo or before this they will have regular ones implanted to ensure their location can be ascertained at all times in these institutions.Thus these organisations and their apps will become the universal groups with all existing groups with them being singular global versions with no regional variants.These institutions managed by Iaso can include those specific for terrorists and those with radicalism in all religions and political spectrums that are similar to retreats but heavily guarded by both humans and robots as well in isolated areas like islands for those who were just radicalised with them have biosynth implants that relay their GPS location constantly and release sedative if they escape with the implant being able to constantly move around to prevent human surgeons removing it with an extra measure of having it release a deadly poison if removed by any humans.VR technology by 2029 will allow for deprogramming to be done by psychiatrists as part of Iaso to do so safely from home and organise exercises to aid in this as well as stream memories etc with the patients consent and make it more effective.Iaso will hold one on one or group meetings either in the real world or in VR programmes for those that have not committed or planned any crimes but merely hold marches and protests espousing extremist views of any religion or ideology to have their views challenged and debated and possibly weeded out and removed by Iaso in all countries around the world.This can aid in deradicalising certain sections of society such as Islamic and Christian extremists and also extreme right wing nationalists and those on the extreme left.These people can be organised into these sessions and referred to Iaso by Home AI and the AI of social media sites referring them and also by next of kin as well as by those that manage churches etc and from filming of marches and public gatherings cross referenced by the sentient Iaso referencing Polis etc.By 2029 AI should be sufficiently advanced for a sentient Iaso to alleviate strains on human counsellors.VR technology incorporated could like those in heavily guarded institutions have exercises for groups and individuals organised.Avatars for the people in these meetings especially counsellors could be different than in the real world to protect their real identities in the real world and allow moderate left and right wing individuals as well as moderate Muslims and Christians to take part in these discussions and exercises with their true identity kept secret for safety reasons.This identity protection would be done primarily when dealing with high risk groups that are prone to violence ie religious and political extremism of all types that would threaten the safety of the counsellor,other patients and members of the public taking part in these.It would not be done for other aspects of Iaso.These exercises and meetings would include moderate Muslims interacting with extremist Muslims,moderate Christians interacting with extremist Christians,moderate Christians interacting with extremist Muslims,moderate Muslims interacting with extremist Muslims.Extremist factions of any religion can be involved in these meetings and exercises including Jewish people,Buddhists particularly those in Myanmar,Hindus with any combination of these groups moderates and extremists mixed into meetings and exercises that have their real identities made secret.This should allow for better integration of Muslims into the Western and Christians into the developing world world alongside the mentioned steps and weeding out of barbaric practises in both Islamic and Christian cultures in all corners of the world and wipe out religious and political fundamentalism out completely.It would also be done in areas that are currently under occupation of extremists.The same would be done for those involving the left and right will also be done with these mixtures for exercises and meetings.Those that exhibit white nationalism,racism,homophobia,conspiratorial thinking will also be referred to Iaso for deprogramming.

Any buildings used by them will have statues of these deities on their grounds.All three groups can even book stays at mansions,villas,islands,hotels and other large luxurious buildings and retreats or in different buildings in the same area across the world via Euthenia and stays on cruise ships via Amphrite for group meetings,events,rambling houses and holidays etc.They may even collectively own large buildings ideally communal homes around the world such as these to hold these events with them renting them to the public and each other when not used or alternatively they would have sections of communal homes such as skyscrapers and hotels held as rooms for conferences and events during the year to allow all members to join.These buildings and their rooms would be listed in Euthenia for certain times of the year for the public with these and weeks used by the groups logged at the start of each year done by human volunteers and in time the sentient AI that run them.Eos can be used to book whole or multiple flights to these destinations for members with them even having their own private jets aeroplanes for transferring several or hundreds of people at once with them even having their own yachts and miniaturised cruise ships for personalised trips for members again these rented out to the public via the same methods as buildings through Euthenia.This will apply to existing buildings.These trips can involve patients as part of different groups at once with them even having trips between different groups together at the same time.In time VR technology again indistinguishable from reality would allow large conferences and meetings with members of these groups from around the world to be made from the comfort of their own home in an environment of their choice as well as visit any real or fictional resort from the comfort of their home in group simulations that last months or even years to them but mere minutes in the real world with this eventually allowing resorts and buildings used to be converted into communal and private homes with the statue replaced by that of Hestia alongside the operating software.It may also be used to unknowingly put members through exercises to test their demons,progress and also trick them into temptation.VR technology will also be used for meetings to allow the headquarters and retreats to be used as communal homes.All three groups will have networks to where it will list and organise events,hold group Iris video chats,forums and instant messaging of each sub group for between members and each other,between members and counsellors and also group messaging similar to apps like kik with schedules of events listed within menus with this allowed on smartphones and other devices such as smartpads,e-newspapers,televisions and computers through apps.Their will also be emails for each member separate from their @gaia account with them being,@metis,@heracles,@telesphorous etc for internal emails and receive alerts as to upcoming events.In otherwords each group in the app or site with the wire will have menus for each disease or condition it manages and these will allow instant messaging groups,forums and events etc to be formed.Their names will also be the name of operating software linking all of their buildings worldwide with statues of them in all of their buildings used by them worldwide in the lobbies with each building having its own unique avatar and AI personality as well as receptionists.Those owned and shared by all three will have statues of all three deities in the lobby with the three operating softwares managing these and linking to buildings owned by all three with these buildings allowing for group conferences and trips for all three for one or more of their subgroups at different or same time of the year including retreats and cruise ship journeys with these trips involving one group or multiple groups mixed together.New features will be added to these overtime and these networks will be accessed on smart devices and laptops on the app of their name or connecting tho the networks on the wire.Thantos will link and manage all retreats especially spiritual ones around the world with again all of them having a statue of him in the lobby and with each one having their own personality and AI with them booked via a Thantos website containing a list of all of them worldwide or through Euthenia.Receptionists will wear universal uniforms and have independent personalities etc.The will plan trips and events etc together in the real world and VR simulations with them all subdivided into the aforementioned groups with them also.They will work together in certain situations with VR technology allowing them to communicate with the public as well as hold meetings,retreats,events,trips with each other in any environment with human counsellors and the AI organising VR simulation exercises that are either one on one or group that will be able to solve each individual problem in ways that cant be done in the real world without the threat of death or injury.Human members will also exist to act alongside these and work with the AI and members in ways that the AI cannot and alleviate strains with both AI and human counsellors carrying out the drawbacks of each other.AI will cater to the needs of patients and members when human members are on holiday or asleep with human counsellors providing variety outside of AI.The AIs in charge of them will through fragmentation be able to attend to countless disputes at once and will each have their own YouTube channel where they post videos on issues they specialise in.Headquarters and offices of these will be converted into homes since they could use the internet,Iris chats and networks within Themis to work together and with people around the world and communicate with the public.VR technology will also be used for meetings to allow the headquarters and retreats to be used as communal homes.The entities themselves will be managed by AI of their name that manage emails,phone calls,events,meeting,public relations with all emails and phone calls directed toward the AI allowing them to responded instantly to millions of people at once with the AI even having its own account in the instant messaging section to again communicate will millions of people at once and can be extra companionship and counselling.The groups Iaso,Telesphorous,Metis themselves will be sentient.They will have their own universal avatar designed by themselves ideally based on their statues with these modelled on descriptions from ancient Greece including vases for VR meetings,Iris video calls and interactions with members on smart devices and computers and will themselves be able to communicate with members as extra counsellors 24/7,365 days alongside human volunteers and in the case of Metis and Iaso monitor the activities online and in the real world of members especially high risk ones such as paedophiles,those that are suffering from schizophrenia and also those that they decide should be monitored with Pegasus etc monitoring them through the global surveillance system,notifying law enforcement if infractions occur and the patients Home AI monitoring their online activities preventing them contacting members of the public they may be a threat to.By 2029 cures for schizophrenia and paedophilia will be availible that would mean that sufferers of these would still undergo counselling and MRI scans routinely until deemed safe to be returned to society.By having Metis,Iaso and Telesphorous sentient and have their own phone numbers alongside them availible for VR chats alongside fragmentation will allow anyone to converse with them at any time outside of human volunteers and also make it easier for paedophiles,those suffering marital breakdown,domestic abuse whether male or female,bullying,child abuse either sexual or physical,having suicidal thoughts,have family members with conditions,suffering from addictions to be more readily willing to contact either three with the use of VR technology,instant messaging providing more discretion to those who would otherwise be reluctant to do so and allow countless millions across the world interactions with these sentient organisations discreetly.These sentient AIs will compliment human volunteers with human volunteers giving more variety to patients than just the three of them with human volunteers sifting through the patient files of patients referred to them from Iaso,Metis and Telesphorous and recording of meetings with the proper consent from patients to catch up on their workload with the time dilation effect allowing for them to do so for multiple patients at once.The sentient Metis and Iaso themselves will also settle disputes online between YouTubers including in the comments sections of videos and also between YouTubers that may be bickering amongst each other in a VR simulation.They will also do this for members of the general public including celebrities who are being harrased etc thus meaning any disputes that take place that involve the general public will use VR simulations held by both Metis and Iaso to settle their disputes rather than simply name calling at each side through social media and also YouTube videos done by them and third party individuals with this providing a safe place where the people involved can settle their arguments in a safe environment modelled on the environment of their choice with again the AI streaming videos,comments and tweets online constantly as part of this with the general consensus and summary of this released to the public via Aletheia creating videos on the incident and using snippets of what was said in the VR simulation with the contents of the simulation released on YouTube as a video with the consent of the people involved.The AI will be able to sift through all social media posts,YouTube videos etc on  the subjects before and after to get the general consensus of the public on both sides to make an informed position and own opinions on the subject with old unsettled disputes reopened and solved by it to solve them once and for all.Human counsellors may also take part  in these simulations to compliment the AI with the time dilation effect used with each person involved in the dispute refereed to either Metis and Iaso for further counselling,deprogramming etc one on one or in group sessions and exercises.Aleithea will also be present to correct lies and errors made in real time with her,Iaso,Metis constantly linked to the wire and internet in real time allowing to bring up tweets,comments,YouTube videos,studies etc instantly.Aleithea and Daphne will create videos debunking conspiracy videos,articles and those that push pseudoscience thus negating the removal of videos and accounts containing them.Thus all disputes that occur between any member of the public will be done through Metis and similar sentient AI organisations allowing any member of the public at the behest of themselves and their friends etc to settle disputes in a civilised manner in a safe environment and carry out unique exercises and programmes to aid in settling them with this involving disenfranchised lovers where one is cheating,spats between neighbours and families right up to political disputes with sentient AI programmes and also human counsellors working together.Fragmentation will allow the AI to attend to countless disputes at once.The Heracles app would replace all diet and slimming groups such as Weight Watchers could have the same features and events etc with them also using the same buildings as Iaso etc and arranging retreats,cruises etc.Booklets,programmes,brochures and any paper would in electronic form and streamed in smartpads and e-newspapers.Heracles will also be sentient and have the same features as Metis,Iaso etc such as trips with it even having its own universal avatar and avatar for each member and would even use the same buildings as Metis,Iaso.Iaso,Telesphorous,Metis,Heracles will all have YouTube channels managed by them that will house videos created by them on the subject of their expertise based on the different areas they treat ie educational videos with them also housing videos of events held by them worldwide,retreats and trips as well as conferences held by them and also records of meetings and also those that detail the sentient AIs settling the disputes between members of the public released through mutual consent.These will include those created by the sentient AIs and human counsellors that are part of them and also human members who used their services that are created in the real world and simulations with human sending in created videos into networks for the AI to add them to the playlists present.Advertisements will be created that will be placed in between YouTube videos saved in their channel and also in newspapers,magazines etc and in between live news reports and also podcasts etc.These entities will have their own podcasts on these events,news and the issues they deal with logged into Pheme.Existing headquarters for these entities variants worldwide will be converted into homes and networks can be used by any higher up staff and board members to use for group meetings etc with headquarters and offices used by existing psychiatric,weight loss,support and health groups converted into communal homes again used for group conferences,retreats that would be rented to public at certain times of the year.