Radio Programmes & Podcasts

Cataloguing all radio programmes:
CEOs will have paid staff go through digital and physical records etc and scan them in with those on official websites of them and pod casters doing this with their official website and YouTube channel will have AI transfer it here.AI can work alongside them to alleviate strains.CEOs of all 24/7 radio and stations around the world will have paid staff and AI to have all past episodes of both 24/7 live news and one hour state,region news transferred here logged back as far back possible via using computer digital archives and also scanning in tapes put into cassette players linked to computers linked to Pheme.All cultural,nature,human issue,sports,pundit programmes,hourly news from each radio station will be logged in their subfolders of the channel by:year,month,week,day and if multiple of them by hour and logged as far back as possible.This will be done to preserve them forever for historical purposes.Neural implants used by the general public worldwide and presenters themselves will be used to stream all of them worldwide.Corporate stations will still exist but will have no hierarchial structure with them working 24/7.Archives and in corporate and state headquarters will be transferred here logged back as possible Any channels that are 24/7 and have different programmes during the day would livestream here and then logged each episode of each show in subfolders by date from year to day as far back as possible with even music played present.
Thus all 24/7 live radio shows,channels etc from around the world will be transferred to Pheme in their own section.All past episodes of all programmes logged here as far back as possible will be divided first by the channel,then programme(pundit,hourly news or those of at least a set period ie midnight to noon and then noon to midnight of the time in the country where they are based,sports programmes as well as music and general interest ones) and then date by year,month,week and day.Radio shows abd programmes will be logged by date as far back as possible and will livestream and be logged here instead of on official websites,YouTube and satellite and cable services.Radio shows and even channels will be transferred here from official websites,archives etc and Podbean with them filtered by country,genre,presenter etc.Those in archives of official sites as well as company archives and on YouTube will be transferred here with their YouTube channel possibly having snippets.All future episodes will livestream and logged in Pheme from now on.Computer networks will allow them to be done from home with camera feeds fed into Pheme for livestreams with whole programmes done using VR technology with all people involved in each show logging into their networks when there show is one even allowing different presenters to work on the same show while still living on opposite sides of the world.This radio and podcast section will house all existing and new ones from around the world logged as far back as possible giving one variety from around the world  with Phoroneus Babel fish software translating it into any language allowing one access to all stations and shows from around the world.Each one will be managed by an AI receptionist including existing and new ones set up with these managing the inflow of information,feeds,fact checking,phone calls etc.They will be filtered by country,state,city and even presenter as well as genre.VR technology will allow them to be done in any environment and allow for multiple presenters and guest for shows and live programmes to work together from home in any environment with phone calls from the public and reporters etc and even livestreams from live news in the real world linked to them in real time.Livestreams will be done and logged here.This will allow headquarters for all radio stations to be turned into communal homes and allow for radio stations and shows cover stories from across the world.All future radio programmes and radio shows from around the world and galaxy will be livestreamed and logged here.

Creation of new radio programmes:
Radio stations could be listened to smart devices,computers,vehicles and smart televisions via Pheme.In the case of live radio stations the networks within Pheme would allow to people on different parts of the world or country in their own home studios or in the open to simultaneously speak and converse and hold a programme with each other via microphones at their own home studio(as mentioned earlier) that would be connected by software in their network to merge and transmit all people involved into one continuous live flow that would be clear and not a phone call.This networking system would allow existing programmes that work in government and corporate studios to have their own program be carried at home with as stated those that involve two more people work from their separate homes with them able to work from other homes and public buildings in the case of special events,holidays and in the case of having to move away from home during natural disasters,civil unrest and wars as well as allow for new radio hosts to set up their own program with the shows lasting as long as they wish from anywhere from one to three hours and can allow political pundits,journalists,bloggers,news presenters and celebrities such as actors,directors etc to create their own shows and not just the general public with news programmes allowing for correspondents on the scene of events or streams of key events to be streamed via this networks.Thus all former corporate and state radio stations headquarters around the world will be converted into communal homes as all presenters even those of shows that involve two or more people can work from home with the networking system allowing all people involved for each programme to work from home and log in with this also allowing them to present for responsibilities at home and will save energy and time in transporting oneself to work.Furthermore it will allow the presenters to work with the station while even on opposite sides of the world if they have moved home from the native city or country of the country the station was originally stationed,are on holiday and allow those who are being stalked or under threat of murder do so from secure locations unbeknown to the public.Furthermore it will allow for people from around the world in different counties,states or countries to partake in shows with callers coming in from across the world since their show would be availible to people across the world via Pheme.The presenters would log into a network for their station and the schedule for all shows will be listed and one would be legged in live when their show starts allowing for the presenters of radio shows that involve even two or more people to be able to work from home and in a manner that sounds like they are in the same room but not thus allowing for them to work form home if they move country for holidays or permanently allowing them more flexibility or if allow new presenters to join from the same or other countries to existing shows around the world to give global prospective and will also allow for this to apply to those that premier on YouTube and will allow all headquarters of radio stations both corporate and state to be turned into homes.The show will be in one continuous live flow when all people are working together and would allow them to discuss issues from all over the world with cameras looking in on each presenter that will be recorded in one file and the viewer able to change this during and after it is logged.These shows done from home can be one all types such as pundit shows,news shows,music chart or playing shows which can be independent shows by themselves or in the case of those that continue to use the same corporate or government station but from home again with all people taking in part in the same or all different programs including doing so from the comfort of their own home with them logging into their networks at home in a live continuous flow to start their program and can have each program logged into their sub folder within the stations macro folder by year,months,weeks,day with all past programs for each station logged as far back as possible via archives this way in folders and subfolders with one able to choose to listen to the entire days programmes back to back in one go or arranged by AI into a playlist with this allowing one to listen to all music played in it with the other option not allowing this.AI and paid staff can scan archives in headquarters and edit them to put each program in each place with them keeping or removing advertisements.All future radio shows and programmes that appear on YouTube and Podbean and official sites will be now uploaded to Pheme with them filmed as videos focusing on the presenter with all future radio programmes that appear on radio stations from now on filmed as videos and uploaded to Pheme.These will be livestreamed to Pheme where one can listen them in real time and them logged in folders and subfolders by date:Year,month,week and day to preserve them forever..

Radio programmes on state and corporate stations will thus be done from home with all presenters at home studios linked by networks logging in their specified time with dual presenters using the continuous flow method and will be in audio/visual form from now on using cameras.All 24/7 hour live radio stations from around the world will be live-streamed with each programme will be logged in the state or corporations folders by year,month,week as far back as possible to be preserved forever and downloaded onto devices with those in archives added and schedules visible in the macro folder of the station.Both logged shows from around the world as far back as possible and even livestreames will be played in vehicles both private and even public ones like taxis and buses via them livestreamed from or saved on onboard computers with them also livestreamed or saved on smart devices and even laptops etc.Biosynth wifi will allow vehicles to stream radio satation from around the world in Pheme alongside satillites etc.The stations will have no corporate or state hiearchies and the presenters would be able to choose all known music from around the world to be streamed and played from Dionysus and have them in playlists within their network transferred from their organised and preset to play in order at a click of a mouse and paused before the next song is played after the next section of talking days or weeks beforehand without issues of copyright infringement based censorship.YouTube videos and clips on ones computer made using Ampelos from material downloaded from Dionysus and also Pheme will be organised into playlists or single clips to be played at certain times or on demand or at certain audio cues by the AI receptionist managing ones radio station.All radio stations will be done from computer networks at home and in time using VR simulations that both allow all presenters to work with people from around the world from home.This would negate the need for phone calls and would have all presenters working within the same network from their individual homes or even other places in a live continuous flow allowing radio station buildings to be converted into homes and allow guests to do so and interact more clearly without using the phone especially frequent guests by interacting with this network.Microphones attached to computers will allow one to speak into the station livestream.Guests could also use this system via invites to their Dionysus accounts for a specific time and date and do interviews from home allowing them to be interviewed from the comfort of home but sound as if their are in the studio using interactions between Aleitheia and Arke.This network will also organise phone calls this way to ensure they are high quality and sound as if the caller is in the studio with frequent guests of well established radio hosts having their own radio show using the linking system to form a live continuous flow.In time VR technology will allow them to meet together in an environment of their choice for close interactions and the this livestreamed into their folders with both options allowing their headquarters to be turned into homes.VR technology could allow for their radio programmes to be in any environment with real word radio station headquarters turned into communal homes.VR technology with or without the time dilation effect would allow this to be done more effectively allowing co-hosts,guests and callers to be in the same room during the recording from home thus negating the need for them to travel halfway across the country or world allowing any host of radio shows to more easily interview any celebrities they want to while both people are at home thus increasing both parities exposure to each other fanbases and also saving time.Phorenous Babel Fish software breaking the language barrier.These simulations will allow radio stations to be done in any environment of their choice especially for newbiesThe networks will house all operations that can be operated by the receptionist AI that will negate for all machinery meaning all apparatus used by professional and existing home based stations made obsolete by menus in the network.It would allow in this case to have the entire staff presenting live from anywhere in the world from multiple locations at anytime with programs time slots organised by the each member of the team debating and organised within the network with again a whole stations daily programmes done with all people working at home and linked by the networking system.This would allow each person who partake in programmes with other presenters also have their own programmes with buildings that house government and corporate radio stations used as communal homes.All corporate and state radio stations will be done in simulations alongside guests and callers linked via networks with networks even allowing all people part of them to work from home and simply log in when their programme starts with all people involved linked in real time from home alongside guests and callers.This will apply for radio stations from around the world logged as far back as possible and live-streaming here as well.The receptionist AI for each radio station will manage the inflow of calls from around the world,organise music playlists and also scour YouTube,Pheme and Dionysus for old archives of live news reports and newspapers articles relevant to each show and will also manage transitions from one programme to the next and any emails sent in with it also managing playlists.They will also scour comments on past and new videos and also livestreams with this done for vloggers and YouTubers with vloggers and all YouTubers will have their Home AI do this for them and other tasks done by receptionists.Those working at home will use their Home AI with the AI replacing all background staff.Their home AI and receptionists since sentient will take part in these programmes and will even alongside other AI have their own shows with one managed by Aleitheia herself.The phone number and email of the show will be present in the network.Since done in audio visual form Iris audio/visual chats can be held here in the corner of the screen.They could also use Dionysus to play requests from callers all without copyright claims etc.Breaks will contain advertisements for new movies,television shows,video games,rock concerts and also live performance art or rather have music from Dionysus or theme music for the programme designed by the presenter on FL Studio with Ceraproc within Ampelos allowing for intro narrators to be created.These will likely be directed to each person based on their personal tastes by receptionists interacting with Hestia,Ariadne and Aleitheia.Dionysus will be used by presenters receptionists to arrange playlists of any song in existence during breaks that can be stored beofrehand for each programme.Home studios for those that use networks in the real world can be large taking up a room or as simple as a laptop with software and microphone,cameras on the presenter(s) with miniaturised equipment allowing them to work from ones garden or public spaces in the open if doing interviews or live broadcasting and would also make it easier to set up new radio stations within Pheme with this even applying to existing ones.Again two or more presenters of a single show could work from home via the linking live assist system in networks thus allow for two or more people from around the world to do so from home with presenters from around the world in a live continuous flow with presenters freelancing and working for one or more stations based in different countries originally.This would allow buildings used to house radio stations to be used as homes and would and alongside the fact that people wouldn’t be constrained by employment responsibilities would also allow for shows to be of any length with them able to be at home for children and other responsibilities.The networks for setting up radio stations will also have section storing a lot of background environments created by AI and humans that can be either stationary or interactive with live environments from Brauron in Artemis and also have a selection of sound effects and songs and theme songs that can be again be produced by presenters via Ampelos and saved within the networks with presenters storing their favourite ones within their own networks in folders and subfolders for ease of use at set times.This can be done using greenscreening technology merged into Ampelos or in time greenscreens may not be required to make these backgrounds with equipment like computers and microphones removed.It would also allow them to join and merge with other networks via invites and have people from other stations around the world work with them giving them their perspective on news events,political and social issues or cultural events and holidays and organise programs involving all members of specific programmes and organise special episodes that air at the same time in their respective stations and thus around the world via linking the networks within Pheme without using both Iris video or audio calls with this allowing multiple stations or programmes from around the world to be merged into one.This could involve the merging of stations from two or more countries and thus allow listeners from each and all countries involved to call in and discuss the issue in person via connecting to these networks via creating links to the network and allow presenters to do this from the comfort of their home or studio despite being on different sides of the planet.Again this will allow one to work with these stations from around the world with software linking them into one live continuous flow.Some radio stations that do work in studios in buildings or at home could have cameras there that allow people to view the presenters working in the home studio via automated cameras on smart televisions rather than a blank screen similar to how many already do already with all paper documents used replaced by either laptops and e-newspapers streaming data from the wire and their own personal cloud.All 24/7 radio stations in both simulations and home studios will ideally be filmed in live-streams and logged files in Pheme with cameras present facing the presenter(s) as with that done by The Rational National,The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder,Rhandi Rhodes Show,The Nicole Sandlers Show etc.Existing YouTube channels and official websites for specific personalities or stations that stream live radio shows will be instead streamed from Pheme with full past episodes on websites including YouTube recorded,transferred and stored here by date in folders subfolders denoting years,months and weeks ideally in audio/visual form as far back as possible and be in full episode form with snippets kept on YouTube.Those in fragmented audio form will be arranged and merged into full episodes by Aleithea in fragmented form with full audio files transferred as well.The station or programmes logo will be on the main folder and servers for websites(except those with blogs) and YouTube channels recycled.This will mean official websites and YouTube accounts will have the full s and full programmes as far back as possible ideally in audio/visual form transferred to their folders in Pheme and them on websites deleted and the URLs recycled and the official website will be used for blogs.Those that dont have them in audio/visual form will do so in the future by using cameras.Those on YouTube will be transferred here as well with this having all podcasts as far back as possible and future episodes being audio/visual with all podcasts streamed here live in their folder and sorted by year,month,week by date and them if they have titles then titled as far back as possible.Any snippets of podcasts will not be transferred and not made in the future only full podcasts will be here with the livestreams of them done within Pheme and then episodes of shows by personalities and stored in folders by:year,month,week,day though these snippets of future and past episodes may be uploaded and kept to the shows or stations YouTube channels.Once transferred to Pheme those on their websites and YouTube channels that will house only snippets.Podcasts present in Apple podcasts and other services from as far back as possible can also be logged here and future ones appear here live and logged in place and be transferred within the radio section of Pheme in their own section with them done in home studios or in multiple ones using the aforementioned technology that links home studios around the world in one continuous flow with the script written up on their computers or e-newspapers and these even having special features similar to movies such as behind the scenes documentaries.Defunct radio shows and stations will be restarted with old and new presenters.Live streams will premier and be published here with them being able to use any song without fear of copyrighting and a large encyclopedia of sound effects designed by the public within these networks and video clips brought on by cue controlled by laptops,Aletheia and in time neural implants.Ideally programmes within radio stations will become separate from their host station and thus their own independent station making the old one defunct allowing the presenter to have complete control and thus allowing them to have shows that are longer at any time they wish with the presenter again from the comfort of their own separate homes with the aforementioned live radio assist technology and links that allows for people to work from around the world within the network allowing multiple hosts do their work from their home.Otherwise they station could still function as it is as a 24 hour station with presenters at home logging in at home into the network and doing their show during their hours with each programme logged in subfolders as far back as possible.Those who do work for 24 networks will have the option of doing extra shows  in their own folder.This option could still allow for individual people to do their own show that is as long as they want in their own separate show folder with the stations including existing ones becoming independent stations that have no corporate or state influence it rather managed by the presenters.Times and details of programmes over the day,week,month will be listed here in their network folder and also alongside contact details for calling in for guests and listeners with these even replacing websites for corporate,state and independent shows with the servers recycled since Aletheia will transfer their site to Pheme with livechat features kept for live shows.These would also be streamed from vehicles linked to the wire and through conventional methods such as taxis,busses,trains,subways as well as computers and all types of smart devices and building AI with vehicles having the Pheme or Gaia app that will give them access to all radio stations worldwide.Like programmes in Dionysus apps can connect to the folder containing all radio stations with users able to bookmark their favourite radio stations with alerts given as to when they are going to start from anything to an hour to minutes before it starts.Global radio stations that have presenters from around the working from their homes in native country may be formed allowing for programmes and news reports from around the world to be on them giving listeners from around the world to gain a global perspective on political issues,social issues,cultural issues and music from around the world.This would be done by their different networks making links to each other and merging together within options that can have this preset for specific times and dates and thus allow for the same live continuous flow on all stations as mentioned earlier that would allow radio presenters in the same program work from anywhere in the world.Radio stations and programmes will also be able to make links to not just any radio station,programme around the world but also any live news station or even talk show around the world.Nano microphones in jewellery and wireless earphone will allow on site journalists for radio stations perform live reports of events more easier for news and cultural programs on the radio.Phoroneus Babel fish software can be used to translate the radio station into the listeners language in the persons wire or Pheme account settings.Trainee radio presenters may again start at 12 or younger to hold their own programmes alongside shows with experienced ones and will apply through the networks within Pheme as all existing and new radio stations will have sections to post portfolios and auditions.New radio stations,shows and will be started in Pheme networks using home studios linked to each other or those in VR simulations.Like newspapers and live news station all existing and new radio stations will be independently run and operated by the actual presenters meaning their will be no corporate hierarchies and control or state interference with the station and presenters careers and podcasts lasting as long as they wish with no threat of censorship or being fired.

Presenters will use e-newspapers/smartpads and Adonit pens to stream any relevant documents they need in notepad apps with Aletheia and ones virtual receptionists again managing the inflow of callers into live shows replacing any human producers and again Aletheia sorting out relevant emails sent to them related to subject and importance,phonecalls,video chats as well as YouTube/video/audio clips and even music played especially requests meaning presenters will not need any human colleagues.Ones Home AI or in the case of remaining buildings used building AI could more efficiently manage this.Otherwise a new independent AI with a unique legal name and personality receptionists could be created that does this work for each radio programme or station within their networks that can appear on smart devices and computers with their avatar designed by them with them having the universal Pheme uniform.They would also work for all presenters on all shows thought their lifetime.This could allow one to do programmes that are of any length at all from anywhere in the world if they under threat of murder,stalking or even allow radio shows that would normally be regional based have presenters in all corners of the world giving their readers news and analysis on all events across the world including local news in cities and towns around the world making them global.If a persons has retired or was fired in the past and future they can set up their own programme from home with all programmes and also shows and stations being controlled by the presenters with no state or corporate influence or hierarchies.Gaia and all operating softwares as well as all forms of AI part of her will give radio stations data instantly on demand or as they happen alongside recorded audio/visual material they see and record to them to publish news instantly and any upcoming events from around the world and their local to their smart devices and computers at home with drones controlled by them also allowing them to cover stories from anywhere in the world from home.Receptionists of the networks will collect and organise these feeds with the networks allowing all presenters to talk to each other and view material including live feeds at once.In time AI including Gaia herself may even become part of new or existing radio stations with new ones or entire programmes set up and controlled entirely by AI with them also being guests.Metis,Iaso,Heracles,Paean and other AIs that are part of universal organisations will set up their own radio shows on their issues logged here with human members also taking part.By using ones homes as studios for example in a home extension including in communal homes based on apartments and hotels and using miniaturised machinery,software and networks within Pheme to allow links between two or more people to carry out programmes at once from anywhere in the world existing corporate and government station headquarters can be used as homes. This will take into account older progr.All stations including narrative ones can be streamed and downloaded from and onto smart devices,computers and televisions etc when needed in full.Merchandise such as clothes,cutlerly etc for all radio stations will be stored on Hephaestus.All state and corporate radio stations will have Ai and staff scout databases of old programmes as far as possible to be uploaded into Pheme.Thus all radio stations,programmesetc from around the world will be logged as far back as possible in this section to the begging of radio of KDKA in 1920 divided  first by type ie podcasts,stations/programmes then by year,months,weeks etc with the future episodes livestreamed and logged here from now on.This will give people access to all radiostations and podcasts from around the world that they wouldnt normally have due to restrictions with cellular and wire access allowing these to be streamed on private,public vehicles of all types ie buses,trains etc with people also streaming these or listening to older versions downloaded onto their smart device.Having all existing and new radio stations, and programmes from around the world including those that premier on YouTube transferred and listed and logged in Pheme and premier here rather than YouTube or personal sites could help new stations set up and advertise themselves and gain popularity as well as giving listeners access to stations from around the world they are currently unable to have access to because of their geographic location with Phoroneus Babel fish software translating them to the listeners language in both logged shows and also livestreams since they will be directly linked to Pheme when recording.It will also allow for radio presenters and podcasts gain exposure across the world with all past podcasts and shows logged as far back as possible by year,moth and weeks as well as day etc.Each station and pundit will have their logo on the main file and a still of the audio/visual record with those that are only audio visible as the logo.Episodeslive radio shows will have summaries with older ones have them added by AI and will denote the guests and presenters present and the topics discussed.The length of the podcast and episode etc will be present.Advertisements for new movies,television shows and live performance art would be between programmes and also breaks arranged by Aletheia,Hestia etc.Advertisements for Metis,Iaso,Telesphorous and even manufactured products based on ones demographics and even favourited products and those they currently own will be present created by AI.New manufactured goods advertisements will be present as spoken words with pictures or video ones again directed to each reader based on their demographics.

Computer networks and home studios will be set up at home for new radio stations.VR technology by 2029 will be used to filmed all radio programmes from home and allow guests to visit them in person through VR technology with them in any environment of their choice.All future podcasts will be filmed in VR and uploaded in full to Pheme.This will allow programmes to be as long as possible and not time restricted.It will allow headquarters of all radio stations to be converted into communal homes and allow an infinite amount to be set up..All existing and future radio stations will be democratically run by all people involved without hierarchical structures.Receptionist AIs will be created for each radio station who do all of the background staff such as revive calls,receive news etc.All existing and new radio stations and podcasts worldwide will be created using computer networks allowing people to work from home with people across the world.VR technology once indistinguishable from reality will allow people to work with people across the world in a simulated VR office..This will allow an infinite amount of radio stations and podcasts to be set up and allow the headquarters of all existing radio stations to be converted into communal home.Networks within Pheme will house areas to set up new radio stations and podcasts and will allow people to send in CVs to hiring sections with people starting careers in radio and podcasting as early as 12 or younger as early as 5-9 years old.

The radio programmes be filmed in VR simulations showing the person similar to The Rational National,The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder,The Young Turks,Louder With Crowder,The Rubin Report,The Rhandi Rhodes Show,The Nicole Sandlers Show,The Ben Shapiro Show,The Joe Rogan Experience with the VR technology allowing them to be filmed in any environment such as jungles,alien planets,medieval etc settings,space stations.underwater communities limited only by only by the presenters imagination with with environment changed routinely each season or year or decade for variety

Cataloguing of podcasts:
The internet will be scoured by Aleitheia to add important podcasts and news done over the radio stored in them.Those on websites and services like Apple podcast,Podbean,radio archives,YouTube or other sources like them will be transferred to Pheme and will premier here in the future with even teleplays of novels,live performance art stored here as far back in their folders.Even independent media shows that appear on only YouTube like The Rational National,The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder,The Young Turks,Louder With Crowder,The Rubin Report,The Rhandi Rhodes Show,The Nicole Sandlers Show,The Ben Shapiro Show,The Joe Rogan Experience and so on will have old episodes transferred from their official website and YouTube channels to Pheme and all future episodes livestreaming and logging in Pheme in the future.All past episodes on YouTube and official sites in both audio/visual and audio form will be transferred onto Pheme with all future episodes live-streaming and logged here from now on.Radio plays and podcasts that follow a narrative including parody ones may appear and be logged back as far as possible on Dionysus instead of Pheme.All full episodes on their official website,YouTube will be transferred to a Pheme as far back as possible.These will be livestreamed to Pheme where one can listen them in real time and them logged in folders and subfolders by date:Year,month,week and day to preserve them forever.Ideally all podcasts will be audio visual ones that are filmed in a VR simulation.The full version of each episode will be in Pheme while snippets of the episode will be on YouTube to allow for comrments.

Creation of new podcasts:
VRp an technology will be used to filmed all podcasts from home and allow guests to visit them in person through VR technology with them in any environment of their choice.All future podcasts will be filmed in VR and uploaded in full to Pheme.This will allow podcasts to be as long as possible and not time restricted.At first computer networks will have them started at home with VR technology them taking over.This will allow an infinite number to be run and them all democratically run.People will start careers as podcasters as early as 12 or younger potentially as early as 5-9 years old.The podcasts will be filmed in VR simulations showing the person similar to The Rational National,The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder,The Young Turks,Louder With Crowder,The Rubin Report,The Rhandi Rhodes Show,The Nicole Sandlers Show,The Ben Shapiro Show,The Joe Rogan Experience with the VR technology allowing them to be filmed in any environment such as jungles,alien planets,medieval etc settings,space stations.underwater communities limited only by only by the presenters imagination with with environment changed routinely each season or year or decade for variety